Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 23, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 23, 1860 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 8781. SUNDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 23, 1860. PRICE TWO CENTS. BABQH BXIFEEW AT TH1 WEST. The Mavam lupMto te Grata KUnlw EiWMH Himself to the ChlMf* tore r?tca?, aad Start* tor tht Huttaf Graaada, die., die. Mayor Wralworth proposed to chug* the Prince's |HF<a* He wished the party to leave Chicago to toy for * tew bouro' shooting at Kankakee, returning In too evcing in order to attend ehareh to ooorrow. Ho too propoood that o* Moo day Um party ohould prooeod to K. Looio, aad ibeacc to Um MI-mootI cosntry, hunting prairto wolf aad boffalo tamed into a fenoed field, with man to guard oattete, nnd then dow a the Missouri to 8L iMla The Prince, however, could not comply with the The rrmoo rial ted one of the immenae grain etevaton tMo morning, aad then drove through the eity. it o*e o'clock a email crowd gathered a front of the hotel, and, aooordtos; to the pregraman pobliahad a the paper*, the Prince game out, bowed, and aarohad up and town to exhibit hlaontf, like a dwarf at a oountry air, toe people all the whUe cheering and clapping their heede. He then drove to the Hydraulic Vorka, aad teto a apa etel train at Brighton tor Dwight'e PaiVrm, where bo to aata* hunting natU Wedaaday. tori 8t. Germains and the minor membore of the outte Itop her* till Monday, and attend 81. Jamea' ehareh to Pwu.irr ItiiiM, 111., Sept- 23. IMP. 1/tfi Renfrew end euite arrived her* at P P. M. Lord ltaalrew m the go oat of J. C. Spencer, at whoee residence he will remain over Sunday. Mr. Spenser'* aooommoda not being sufficiently ample for the entire royal party, the other* are the guests of Mr. Roedright and Mr. P. Morgan. Sr. Lopa, Sept. 33,1 MO. No arrangement* have aa yet been made for the rooep tten of Lord Renfrew aad euite in UM city. ' Oar Ilanalttoa Corrospoadence. HiStrLTOn, C. W., Sept. 30, 13M. She Bali at Homtotm-The Bod ArrongemmUt end Worn Oior cftte Afrutinent? li* Demetmg /ntwnfwaffwi to cidfiUt, dc., do. the citizens' hall given hurt night in thia town wee, in one *r two reepecte, the wont that baa been offered to the rriaoa of Walee in the Brillah Provisoes. Owing to the hurried meaner in whteh the room wae ballt, naao |of the arrangement* wore complete. When I visited It at yesterday, the workmen were mill buy about it, a* n oooaequeace there wae not time enough to allow of the floor being washed. It wee, spotted With tobacco juice, like a bar when the company bagaa to assemble. More there was a moat offensive odor, which wae ^t first mtd to be gee, but afterward* admitted to come a sewer, rising la peetlteroto puff* through the |boardmg, and when the Prince aad party arrived, at o'clock, this stench had become almost unbeara ble, end everybody complained of it, while some want aw in consequence. The room wae large end square, end draped with rod M white bales, so that its appearance was light aad bat owing to there being at ao time store than six hundred people preaeat, the general effect of the hall was People. sick with the unwholesome vapors, repaired to * refreshment room to recruit enfeebled nature; but *7 were told by the doorkeeper that none were to be knitted till Tan ahotxt, oe m fr;vc*. Ihte did not ooeur till eleven o'clock, wbee a rah was course male after him. Hut all who can-, lad tee alike ?with gentle men, had to (Mirer up the check Out was lln to them in exchange lor their bail ticket before ?hey were allowed admission. This was to preveet any w going Into the sapper room more than none daring e whol. lime at the ball. Many bad augioetoff mess In exchange, aad were turned back uncareaaoal *|y. Those who succeeded la sett ng In?and the nrtn ent was only capable of holding a am ul portion of sea present lound Uic supper nanus i my luteal and the aanpagne laueumlly bad. Re toyal Higboces only remained th-re abort "re outre, and tben reoumed danru.g tlU a<?aartor to nuee. yhejjijhe left, T*s ILLCMUiaTlOXr meau t, T?L ~r uil sloree ware meau frmt of tha public . ?^kma wooing * charge to throe to seven ina Ml Umm boudi~ i^Dt* mm-. **J<1 ?hbi , and had to ,lruT* W lti" *^s tar noon to Ml' h"T^gy Tr.sre was anlmmnse tttio aad r.rmaay op^ d hooted the ~ u>e 0omAo ac.MiixiiBs, art ateA ta a mannerwnj*haad Hie mmM? * | The pablt- were debarred admittance to the Interior of baildiag during the royal prreeecy, and. aa . tqeore, they pushed aacb other about ouiaide I a maaaer which betrayed anyth ng bnl rsilnemeel. -d lately after the Inspect tea ol the home aad car cattle and pigs, sheep aad farming tmplessceu. s, aad left by spocin! to* party drove te the railway station. MM tw>> o'clock, under a salute flrum lb- volunteer bat f, and cheers from the crowd aaesaeblad. I are well, ahitieoe any!" I fling this to the satlan master and off to Detroit la the midst of a dull abowi r. May um sate brighten before the torch,>g..l pn-ee. kit, bright the city we are bound tor. Canada, adieu I ?isr Parttealanefths Merm In New ? Jersey. ? | rrom the Newark Advertiser. Rapt 31] ? jam of yreter ley ezreede I n quaatlty that of any ?.nee Vovsmlrer. Miff Thre- MMi reached the the greater part of which frll between seven aad ?locloci.A.11. Half aalaeh more fbti le t night. This Log a northwest triad dissipated the rioade, aad tha lihtnsa brightly, but the atmosphere is de< Modly >? Lai The vlalsaoe of the item eeame to have heaa ? one. ad to thia vleteily to far aa we can lean, ?flue were roraged e l day in pumping Ml ^H^^Hbars sad < Moras The uspieaaaat waast. I however, retarded operations, aad hoc ekeepara, I have hern eu tier ore, earnmtly dcitre a bright eon to have hated of several eases of salens damage wrrow eeeapee. A baker in the upper I .rt of city had hie basement filled and lost a large stity of doui.h, ready for tha "Ten, bwuls " barrel* of flour. Orscrrs ia earl n* plaote Bo suSerera by the dosirurt ,os of motartte , n'.l I other artletae genera'ly stored In reflars. The rail l from (ireea street to Chestu .it strwl a as completely I. sad the trsiae ruaatng through a were obliged 1 slowly. rata caallaard throughout the sight, la <*r%age ~ " la the Mrthav weal there wee e heavy fell of rate recce. This shower ateo eerrml sway a eulrort oo (antral I'eilroed. near Bsuadbroak Rome port tee ? this city, who had been aim ling Um Third Ivstrtct Ooaeaatlna at dowwrv.lle. aad e- pactad to i bnoMSi aiae .,'otocfcgwarr detained by tha d.earner, I did not get home till aear mtlnlghk ,Ast s'eerark, te the mornlhg.lhs mcadnwe were rd the lower fioore of peroral bouese wti ch bad i built aa the low lauds hatsrr. e Uk railroad eni the I reuideaoa of J. Morgan, oa the ntUerillc tump ka, tb? "<>rr?T mtaee. was ?ir v? by luring | steem The fluid entered MB MStoMM ot tbc hoiase, ti the parter aad - t M the Sfptelto side, ether boards, saebee and sbclt'-rs wore com e"i.rhod fnrne half dorro p?reone wera te'h? > at toe l ice, hut etriage te say aoaa were eer.o.Aly o?n..g.- to the houe* of Mr Walter T. rvt-oe, t i street, seer High was more rrrtoue Man ot firot Tha field est the hooee oa firs, aad kaaeted es ia the chimney Mr* 1 nan was sUaaed, [atirthele (be eflert of the 1 ghtolng. Mreera .Isums with rod i Vaaderhonf. who lire a Um vlrlo'ly, knocked down by UM ehook end M qterar ly of freight depot ot lbs Morris aad Fabps Ra leoed ? y, in Una city, was alto struck, b it oeiy a tee i were re<?*ed off the roof Pbhwi'i iMqtoaWt. ' rononit Cta-Cwmr .-.-tairtoT ra <*.**4 yaaUrday to hoi* u m^nMt at N'o. 1 Cl ?ln? ttfwt Um Mf at Laaito Kate. a toairV* wito**, who a I to tora M?a poaowto. IVmaaU, tt appeared, tot-n I W to ?owntl**a??t r-irfinp and, aJtooufh mm f"-a*ptlp mailt bp a phyefelaa. -be ctotiaard let raptA'p, a*d -i.rd .? lanathaatourdapeafVrah* UM ? - Tt-? feotor.BAt u Int n,t that tuor* l.nj tr teal ahc t th* near. pn a cwrt.Bate of i, bit to* CMy lapMlnrlmMuaaitoaMU * ion* **? a*d reCuan* m pnitoMMtotoW .u A pxto mnrtoni rum MlM of Um bodp made r. Beaton aNmod th* praeaoe* *f ntotoMM p.,i ? ?u maob; bat tb* toeter a to aMtoto to ?jr, tor to .air, wnat too eharacurr of to- pnlane wan uatll mi atoto * rbnr tl anal ?a a toa parto A* M Witt wrara dope to maiflfta to* aatojraw. to* Oweeor ht prt-jwr to ad ?< r* U>? l?a ?to aatU fx* l a> to *-t? at 'A tto raa y to repeat. Th* h<mb*n*ar tor I aajt utot fc'? m to tad twae partially iraaee tor forr, ire art ttat - - w-Toral 0*3* <wt? wmid **??-* m:*i ?i* H-? almlto* tfcat bit I red m -r toi <py -?raa ? tb to* atwa, to > to oftee ~ ? b- r ?<a. ?th*nW-;i!y Daitoaid we* a ^-weiy. aa<* wairtoJlf-eTryaaftolA JE On Bmw ?ram ina, & A., Jnly 27,1MB. JMiettm-JVaMMMl VwUm ftJtasI toaufurmtim Xe? I'rofcaL OMmtt Ckanga?Ommtrcf, dc.,<Me. The part mouth baa been om of onlaterrapted festivity. Tbe preeeeoe of Goo. Urqultsa, President Derqul and bia cabinet, aad the Mlaiateri qf tbe United Stales, England aad France, with their Secratariea and man/ other at tendants, beeaaaa tbe oooaaioa of thaee fiutat of which tbe Spaniard la eo (bad. Tbe rqfotainga all bad a polltioal air. Tbe ruling Idea waa tbe onion of tbe Argentine pro mote la a confederation. Thla idea found expression ia Tartans naps, aome of wblcb I will enumerate. Tbe foreigners of tbe city got up a ball, and for the pur pose aecured (be Colon theatre, the finest la the city. The decorations, tables and furnishings generally were all that about 20.000 Spanish dollars oooid aeoaro. Frenchmen here aay that ia all Fmnoo it could not bare been excelled out of Paris. It was attended bv upwards of 3,000 persons. The occasion was taken te inaugurate an educational Institution. Tbe Secretary of State, D. F. Sarmtaato, who ta aiao Superintendent of PabUo Instruct! te, bad prepared the aew edifice of the Model School for open lag. It it alter the style of the Free Acadmy of Mew York, and It rcrnlsbad with saats, deaks, charts, btoka, paper, black boards, he., from your own city. These all are of the Ant quality. The dedication waa atttndad by the Prasl- ' tentan^^^^taet^a^UortMefefoqet^^hejllat*, and raaay atattngatahnrt irtt lame public and prl man,*0s thr narabar of MS, rata mte than 8,OSO of pupils and teaohera, msrohed in ph> ceaatan to the aew edtlce. A proj,<ct hse reoeiTed the attention of the President for i a railroad from Roenrio to Cordova, it ia propoaad by an Engltah company. It wm oordially approved and only I awaits the Mmallty of s charter trotn Congress to be put I ia immodlate execnti.-n. Tnc company bind themeelves, I undar a forfeiture of ?20,000 sterling, to begin tbe work I within eix months of the date of tbe charter. They are I to flniah thirty m>lee per annum. Tbe government gives I them immunity item taxation, a bee grant of right of I way and land stations, and uino per onl interest on n I capital of seven sod a half millions of Spanish dollars. I This is the grandest scheme for these countries ever I undertaken. Gen. Unnira has endorsed it by already I taking ateck to the amount of three hundred and twen- I ty thousand Spanish dollars. I Upon the departure of oar guests one steamer of tbe I Confederation, one of Bueeos Ay res aad one of Spain I formed tbe escort. President Derqui w.ts on board the I last. Salutes were tired from the snipe of war in inehar- I bor and answered thorn the abore. I This Visitor theae functional iea hag traded greatly to I cement the national union aad to remove that personal I bitterness which existed apoa both sides. I As a measure ladtcattug a happy future, I may add that I Seoor Don Norbeiio do la Riestra, a prominent merchant I here, ana long the able Treasurer of tbe Mate, baa bean I otiered and bae accepted the office of Minister of the I Treasury of the Confederation. Thla is deservedly pro I moling a good man and complimenting the long recusant I province. I The.'eifas have greatly lnterfored with businaae, but I there is hope sad contldenoe everywhere, exports and I imports alias have not attracted attention. Goods have I not abated in price. There ia a good demand for Hour, I rtoe aad sugars, and prices are slightly advancing. About I 60,000 hides bare gone forward to the United nates dur- I lug tbe mouth at 4t rials, aad 70,000 have goes to Euro- I pean markets. Payments ire good, the hank rates going I continually lower, with tbe prospect of s tang pesos. I During the month 18,000 animals have been slaughter- I ed?a much lower number than usual. I Owr Port ?? Prlmeo Carreapomdrnce. Tort av Pauica, August CO, IMO. *Vru Reread Pry* from Ae Cha* to the JVine*, dr. There Is nothing o: political lntenat t> ad Tine you of. The country la qaiet, and bat little dong. The government hare now cnder ooMldemtlon a plan of the greatest importance to the Aland. It la nothing more nor Iran than a railroad, to connect one at the southern parts and the mines r -Gently dWoorered. An far an I ran as erU'n, the p an meeta with great fo. vor, and nothing :s wanting to carry on the but foe neccHary ni.-aas. Are foreign capttal'eta dlapoeed to look into UiJ matter" If the rotd * proper.y conducted It ia sure to pay, and to pay well, at thai. ??art-to rema n aa at my hwt, with, perbsae, aomewnat gr.-ate- animation, allhougb ao mrruTsmsoi m priam. Smmth tmcfteaa and West ladia Mie _ , 'tllaay. Tbe l-oundary treaty b. reen TtawwU and Br nil la thusjc ,m m led en ay the Ussier*,. of ln,roayr?. *r Jnly . T.'1" "?> . jbe^-ember ul, Bpclieo wppr-.v I tne >oondnry trrrry WTBi Bra^.i. Venezuela h?s feat * Sue ii.iT.tor> and its right to Ami.zoa'e. Bui never mind other* liasc gamed. It app an thai in printing alono nrar.l tun ex e-.ded m?r? iluui tiro i boo .and dollar* ami H meeli more in clerk expose*. Yet. more lii-m that A deputy of high n soiling u aaid to hire rcoetred an nonyii.oua letter snti but the so! tary word, "'Grail tn.le " bo hrb o tin ?>. ? .ve bunk b.!ls o'ai oou u? b Tbe r'ty of ,-%n 8a Its-tor wan etstfei by aereral very arret* rl.nrha "f earthquake on the -JIM, kid and AJlor June, which did oon*>aersble datniie to b'u'ding- but ?Imagi-to si. , no one was injured beta child ?a- 'threo yearn old, who ana knocked itown by |iart of i fall in v wall. These ah <cka were the aevereiii that bar<> been ea I*r rnocd there in th.rty year* General Mem, of San falrador, war killed in a skirmish at Jtiwana, no the fr mt.ert of Guatemala an July 1 H was or'g na -?y from New Granada, and funght with Bot rnr In ibe war of odcr?nden ? The (hnvso Mmr v'i*. of R.o Janeiro, July 10.publ.sbM the foli-wt..g oonaun uotl m ? " ' j On the ilh int., lh? .Uinmom-tl and Hydrographtcal Oommlsr n, it sen, near Ihltia, ottermg in the woet after auaee:, a brlUian: romet. at (be h ght of thirty de gree* o? north mcl nat on it wa* vts.ble when the cm wee eomethiBg lihe eight degree* nclow the borisoo. Ita 14 dcgr.u-s |ung The tiuclena had tbe brilliancy of a War e< the second magmtnde. ? m tbe lib TZ* >.**** tgmtd near Rat urn: then it receded coeeiderah y tram the sue, and tie brtlliaaey beaaww. In coi?t<?qu??n:e, frntiiy diniiajhtd. IV tail aitrntiW to i -?uDO laM lh'rl ? preeeuled tl.? jfo, and Ifec ao> Ace wae nut brigntei thau a star of the third or fourth magnitude A enrtooo in Ri- bee romp ed statu tin of pianos lm. ported into that nty from isao to life the whole n.m ber waa 3 Ml font paring that timber with tbe free ' "*u ror raHlT,uto? ,.J* ?* July coufers sepeclal prnlne on the nMi an and crew of the corrrtle ttoaaa Isabel, for the ,TU?-".",'eh ,h* >-* ! the ship Jacob a. Woslerrslt, wnea <m Are la New York The /Hart* do H- lis any* ?The reternaaef H 1mm ^IM>, iOfd preeentiag tu ate Mi-eety the Impernr aa crown mode of foollirra. I 'er nen who bare area ibe i rewa aeecrc us that it In a wort ef nnparaileied brmrty and etrgano- t me ef the veterans will he charged * lib Use duty ef preoetii ng it to h.a Itnt> M*Bnty M?'14 many .Hoods and admirers of the lateCWV. R beyr 'Jan. Vdb nat re and foreign, m Hie, to erect n spier,d d meucmewt to ht? mem or r Arum mltlce ben been formed for the T*.n*m, r!*^ ml of tbe meet d: t .ng- tsbed m--n in the conatry. On Jane 3 Ibe 1 berty, a small rort. eumr isms n. ^ Wand of Han Migne), oar of ibe Aewee ost b-r eoyage fom fow^'l to Lie hoe. with ftftytwjpaa ?JJboard, tereml ef whom wee- Wwi a negro brZwT!22^'12L 0!W! T?la? ^rfbemed , of braerey and meed msae pemooB. amuagnt tb-m aa la font only twu lnyauid. wbs-h fo- ara(>p-d u> ? baodksr. chief aed swam mb .r W.Ui m ids isu The asme of the braee lad Is Anme m Jue> Maur icio. The Jrrmlja /Ukui. He nil. g.Tee the fo low ng _ : On the dtb m Hey, in the Ity .s l.mnrtn, Mr Ale- ia-ier lh* "*?t of a sereaet In a pm-o. ?tme, and ia the laat an had to commit sulc <lo by ah >ot ^ ?:i* ? ni'Aket I tber throwb onre^nem or berry, he actually ,1 scLe-ed the n?Mket y * j* h m~4 % imrritil# wwmi. Though It coat ime.1 uuth ug l. i ,meder. bl* imgne was fooWB to pieces, m.wt ? bis l-eth. a th of ?w Nme, Imboi ml * b paste, and bis m th -lit arc* ahniotfo lor wr A woman a Bali is, sc the pap r? sum. gars birth to a eery Hrge we' rwtoe 1 boy, after nii. .?cn t>. * ihe i-reg nancy Tbe Ob!Id died. ' The dotage of moder< dee* has not yet swept errr ?nr',l ?? camp etety ss u looer* the barber'a g aap rrvm the pineer*, or shake tbe laacet from h.s nimble Cagrra. and, ao oefipg'y, he may si ll be aces ply eg ihoes in the notnsiee pmilrg. of h.s prutm ?vmthe world orer, before lenoratioa easnaoh ?d upon to many I me-brmorsd roatoms ?ed pest -rat re* We ieetfs to think that It was Juat ae well to airust hwth draw lag to other bsada, .( the lone,. rjaJ frnteenlty were no more Htilfr.1 than tbe knight ef j the hnmh and mam ?k. drew forth Uic To* owing iinwtne 1 and not errr nnmplltnentary adeert mawat, which wo I Cad In swe ef the Rio papern ? "To the lUontrleae barber In the atr-n ef Pwi IVdro ? Yea am a greni aae : >oe ar? f*!y ft draw teeth from 1 donseyr, act fr m men. and I am sure you do not know which tat your right haad .? aaorely y<. *e, A.V f a 11 ft' " A ben*Tois*t nnriety was "eganirod at Tito, July l by tbe American rretdent* A man named Carta* Ami-je rersim d ed at f'.lo ! JalyM. aged lk<i ys*r* Tbe Ptarts dr I* Mori ??, of naeana, aiys We are ??cured that a person hm darovered in Ibe letand a mineral snhetaace which can be o*nr1 as map. with the pecul ar ty that It may be wd for waabtng clothes la Hit sister, and that Mr Bita is now hmI la ?iyxing it. We hare been fold, bes dae, that the ??IHlmaale in *aah ng which hnyn been made with thin mine**! nonp here been mt'sfbetorr; and finally, that the gjg* thie si balance win be a moderate se to place It ? H?1* *hn ?Wh a of then of tbe sienderest menne. We *T"* i* regard to tbe propnrtien of the mineral seep, smee wc eapeot to eee the retail ef the ana ye s by foe abort rr .it io id chHlet pnblished to the our 1. irY'Cj .LtrH^T^ r,mm* ? i ll 31, J **?**' at l? IVswh, el that . Tbe wpopts into Teoeroen for th? 'est three <rcetha of1869 amounted to 1234,287 63. lb# value of exports, ?646,738 07. UI (Awta, of Havana, la tu mm of 1ml N, pub lishes a hit of entries into that port from the lit of No vember, I860, to the end of April of Um present rear, with Urn comparative dinerenoe between tbat end tbe ?erne period froia 1868 to I860. From November 1,1868, to tbe end of April, 1860, tbe number of reeeele wee I.170; tonaage 301,616. From November, I860, to April, 1800, tbe number waa 1,230, and tonnage 328,873? In creaee la veeaele 80, ia tonnage 27,766. We obeerre aleo an tnoreaaa in trade with tbe I'nitod States and Ibglaad and a fblllng off In tbat of Spain. Of tbe entries spoken of In 1818 and 1869, 246 were from Spain and bar paaaea aiona, 187 from North Ameriea, 116 from Em: land end 71 from ports In Cuba. During tbe same period Dram 1860 to 1660, 301 were (Tom Span and Spanish poseemtoos. 617 from North America, 148 from tbglaad and 66 from island ports. Ibis shows a deer erne In Span lab entries of 44. sad In home ports of 16, wltb an increase la those from North America of 66 aad 38 In those from England. There ia a falling off In those froui France and a consider ble increase from Buonae Aprs*. The Ccmtrn.1 Park Comecrtai TBI RUSH TO TBBM COWnKtTCNO?BOW TUB SWABS DEPORT THBMSBLVIS?TEE MVSIO, ETC., ETC. The concerts that have added spinach to the aOraotlons of tbe Park during tbe rummer are hat drawing to a dene, gad it can safely ha mid of them that, like the fabled dying awaa, their last notes are their sweetest. It ta possible that they may be continued during the month of October, but the r ban run are very alight, as the air la very keen la (bat aapmad region, and the alghlhll oomsa se hastily thai it is dark betore the tarmiaallou of the perfurmanoos, wbicfa are of tuofa a character that It la al most impossible to tear one's self away before the sweet sounds have utterly died out. It baa be* suggwtod that, aa (bo end la drawing m near, consorts he gives twice each week, my on Wednesday! and Saturdays. Some of the railroad oompanics have promised to bear a portion of the expense, aa they reap large profits by the oooeerts, but others bare refused, aad the willing oaes are not going to pay for a thing that will materially Increase the revenues of the non-paying companies. Let us hope that tbe matter may be amicably arranged, aad our citizens treated to ooaoarto every Wednesday and Saturday. In foot, hereafter It should ho mads a perma nent thing. The concert yesterday proved no exception to the gene ral rule, It being listened to by thousands of prisons, from the aristocracy down to the little democrat, tans coat, jam ?hoes, mm almost everything, but with an expremioo that dearly demonstrated hie republican end independent spirit. For some time previous to the beginning of the musio the people were scattered through the Park, ram bling through the Bamble, or watcning tho graceful movements of the ewaas; hut scarcely had the overture coamenoed when there wee a grand rush, aad in a few moments thore were at least tv# thousand persons gathered around the performs! s, while outside of these srail were stationed an immense number or carriages, the largest number that has ever been there on a Satur day afters cxm. As tbe owners of vehicles eelmm lesvo tbms. It forms quits a pieaeaat feature of tbe concerts to em ?o large a number of carriages grouped about, Ailed wltb the beauty and ftahion of New York. There are ono or two unpleasant features of the con certo, that they would bo greatly Improved by doing away with, vis: babies aad smoking. The former do aot improve tbe music with thc.r cries, and the latter ia ex tremely annoying to lad.a. As the police have no power to Interfere In the matter, we respectfully draw the at tention oi the public to them, and we here no doubt they W.11 bo reclined. Tbe following U the programme of yea terday, which wee listened to with greet attention, end received frequent applause ? MRv t. 1. Overture-Festival aad Triumph March Hot to 2. Polks- ' kinder Ball" straw 3. .-election?'!? Pardon do l'loermfl" Meyerbeer t. vulekstep?"Sicilian Yeapore" Verdi PART it, 6 seieetien?"Anna Boiena" Dour-til <1 Strgenbrecker Waltz Strauss 7. song?"Why do I Weep for Theer" Wa'laoe 6. ccherzo Symphony, ; Mendelssohn raBT ni. 6. Overture?"Ih FlUe da 'higiment Donizetti 10. Mnewrkh?"La Vtaiella" Faust II. Muiek Mareb?"II 1'oIuiU)" Donizetti l3~#lHll to Overture? -WiK.ura T?ll" ...Kjuunt Nat an .1 tore, he. swwaa i* enlly w? vr,| (rem England have been pm a ?* ???ds; o.:t there appears to bo a strong feel tag to < ty between th-m and tho flamb irg wans, se lb -r are eimeUriUy fighting. But as thusw are over forty o? the aew importation ?rd only Hires of the o d r-stn>-??? Mas sympathy of tho psopto is deutdetly wisa Us Bamberger*. Tl.o swans arc rod every morning at eight o'tioek, n wet oata and gram, and appear to thrive wonderfully on that diet. In winter lUcro Wit! he a pond el wator lor their nm apart from the largo pond, wniob will leave tbe large MM entirely free for the akatars A proline of skating, the led lee are about getting "P * iwtttloe to preeent to the Commimioneni. wiring for the large pond at the lower end of tbe Park for their exolu I.TO Uke during the winter. We hoj* they may get it. Tbe boats are sow runelng on the Iske. and a person for tbe Sum of ten cents can make a tour of it. Our boat oaly ia going at present, but as tho dv.aand increases tbere will beaddit.oes madn. Boats are a'lowed to carry six paneugera, and nod Wave the land leg at regular hears. The trip occupies n srly sn Itour. Yesterday a auiaUr of lad ,oa were being to wad about, and lbs boat - ?us waa eevrr idle. Maw Hooka HntUtd. The <rtng I* a IWt of new pub Ilea tloon race trod at this <l)iea atar? the 19th of August ? A Cnmprrb<-M ve Dictionary of tha English Leaguags, bjr Joseph Worcester, 1.1..D. 8ra. Brewer A Co., Boo low. Bawd B?* of rairerml I. II-raters, from the latest Author .Ilea, by Aaoo C jack Bo tba. Derby A Jask Oltkwi aad MlaaeUaaeewa FWmys aad roemo. by T. Bahioftno Macau tar. P. Apptetoa A Co. Cuba tar laralida, by R. Glbbee. To oar aad A Ob. Report of tbo I ourth Aaaoal Fair of tba Agricultural aad Mochaateal Aesuctatioa. tieorgo Waepp A Co., St. LsaH. Aaaoal Rapirt of tba Chamber of CeanMfsa of Now Tort, fbr the Tour 1I9M0. J >aa A merman. History of the BlMa, tar tha Csa of Bchoola, by tba Rot. TV- ? Noethom Wood, raraaaa A Co , Albany. The Doner ho Id of fcarrrto, or the Elixir af Odd; two roB., by a Southern lady, Derby A Jackaoa. The t.roatseoa aad Pocllae of Cvsar Btrotlooa, by H. Hoaore da Mmc. Kadd A CWrMaa. lectures oa the Physical Powers, by Michael Parody. IJorpar k Brothers. Morris' roaaw, by George P. Morrli. ("baries Beribasr The Eagllah Crtcketara' Trip to Caaada aad the CaNad state* la l ib, by I red. MTtywhlW. KoatACfc, Lea doa, England. Italy Traas'.Uoa. by William Arthur Harper A Bro thers. Tba Wild RporU af lada, hy Capta.n Hoary SbaAsper*. T.ckaor A 1 elda, Boatoc. Iaey Cbofloa, by Mia. OtlpAaat. Harprr A BrotAera History of the Dragua. by O. U. Stacy. Hargrare White, niahmoe-l. Va SWbrat aad Ear#-, auher ohnows. Harper A Brother* The Wuaiaa la White, by W^kto Cell as. Harper A ?rotbora raaraun amd maoaaimbs. Harper 1 Monthly Msgastae for September aad Ootobsr. The laa loa Qaarlerly Renew Imuard, Poatt A Co. Huat s M?r heats' Maga. ne tar .drptember flaerge W. A J do. A. Wood. The Atlaai* llocthly tar Octsbar. < ibaerratioaa on Street Railways. by Gaarga t'raacta Train Maw-poos law A Soaa, London, tngkad. M*W MTSIO. Perry "? V -ctory Mart b. P. Braiaard, Oerelsa.l Oar Hi ileal FrVad, Ka. M. C. I. Seymour ? Co. Pallra latelllgoare. Pii i *. llltl is Mruwaai ?rsaat ? Aboutsterna (> clonk J rater-lay a stabbln : affray eerurrsd at tboIVtsnr atom I'M >hoiaa Murray, Me. % Mulberry alrwet, which t'l! probably result (Many. A mar named .Mia Hoy. It niai, waa lyat aateop la the back part of the stare, wfees xaaeooe da bed bw tape with tempbleek, by way 'f a jobs, aad Ukti rev red, without ewsktag the 1 pen >;ng arm.eed ?mie m,outre ater i, bowerer. aad d anrertar tlie pra<-Uoel. >ke that had beea plarH npnn blw. Hoy bream# cure ed, aad t ickle.-up a rtita, swore be wo .d klU the pe rson wh? blankac-.i l, i*'face. .lust thee I, ? <y cl.anoc.l f r**t uiwa s yosn. sMWiJaemed Tbom.v Haysa, aad be'lerlag him to 00 the person who plated the trtff. npea h m. he ruebr at htai aad stabbed him Mi the neck. hrseM and abdeaiea, tat:..-tag three I earful wouuds Hayes waa cuerrjed to the Maw 1 - rk Heap.lal with all p?w?ble do ?natch aad placed uader the can of tha hoaee ?ur .ana. Psiloriaea Keaoody, af the Birth precinct. arrested Hoy aad coarsyod fatm haiore Justles WaWi, who oommilted him to tha Tomb* Tho arleoasr adm Hot that he stabbed llayao. but saM be rmsidered htaise!' j milled, le ooae* qeeaco of the jet o that had beea ptaye I uprn I. m. T .a .ajsred maa la daa.-erouAly wocaded, aad. from what tba doctor atys, there to little hupa of tic recovery. Tarsi lartelMisaea. Tbo laitod "taba roam or Cr seder, tain Lfee -oaat rf Onba, arr*rsd at Key Wm lit, .est., tar coal. OCgNt aad "*cw aJ wc ' tUllflrai l>ttUlg?n(?i cirr cbubcuis. In the Twentieth atreet Universalis* church, between Sixth and Seventh avenues, Bar. S. Q Brook*, pas or, will pvaaeb morning and afternoon,at tho usual hours. Rot. John Dowllag will preich in tho largo tent at tho Junction if Broadway, Eighth avenue and Fifty eighth ?treat, at throe P. M. Gorman protchtag at hair paot four p. K, Preaching, alao, at halfpaat ton aad seven o'clock, t ha followed by a prayer Boating. The Bay. Sidney A. Corey will preach at Monray BIU Baptlat oh arch, Thirty fifth street, hot ween Fifth and Sixth areaoea, at half paat ton A. If. and half paat aoToa p. if. Sahtoot ia the oyeaiag, " Absalom, the Pragma sire Young Man." St. Timothy'? thuroh (Proteatant Epiaeopal), la Fifty fourth atreet, weat of Eighth avenue, will be opened to day. Morning aarrioa at halfpaat ton o'clock. Samoa

by tho Bactar, Boy. 0.1. Gear. Evening aorrtoo at half paat aoyen o'clock. Swaon bf tho Bay. Wm. Taiiaok, Blatant aain later. In St. Ann's church, Eighteenth atreet, aaar Fifth ayaaaa, Bar. Thoaeaa OaUandet, Bootar, aarrtoaa to day aaeaaal: with tho yoioa at half paat ten A. M. and half paat aevea P.M., and In the algn bmgnagi at half paat three P. ML Bey. William Marrla, LL. D., wdl praaoh ia the asoming, and the Rector in the evening. See Protestant EpiaoopaJ Mlaaion ah arch, Cllntoe Hall, inter plaoe, in chargo of the Rot. Robert G. Dickson, will hold Divine aervioe to day ut hall-paat tea i. M. and half paat acTen P. H. Ray. Mr. Frothiagham will preach at the Hall, north eaat comer of Brood any aad Thirty aecond etraet, thia raomlag and area leg, at tba usual hours. Sabjecl for the morning?" Who la the Wleo Man/" Subject for the erentag?" The Caen of Prayer." Boy. William Alyin Bartlett will preach In tho Brooklyn Tabernacle, on Fulton aranue, near Hoyt atreet, to-day. aerrioes will commence at half paat ton A. M. and at half paat aatan P. M. In tba Christian chapel, Seventeenth street, immediate ly weat of Sixth ayenue, Urban C. Brewer, pastor, will preach to day, at half paat tan A. M. and half past seven P. M. Subject ia the morning?"The Temptation of Christ." In the evening?1"The Mission of Lire." "Eternal Fire." In the Bleeoker atreet Ualversaliat church, comer of Downing, services at half past ten A. M. and half past seven P. M. In the evening Jude ith will be considered by Rev. Moecs Ballon. In the Memorial church, Hammond atreet, cornor of Waverley plaoe, the Bev. J. A. Maaaey, rector of Trinity ohorch, Mobile, Ala., will preach this morning and after noon, and the Bev. Dr. Morgan, rector of St. Thomas' church, will preach la the craning. Services at Lull past ten, half paat three aad half-past seven o'clock. The Protestant Kpiaoojw! French Church da St. Esprit, oorner of Franklin and Church Ureela, will reopen for Dt rtae service to-day, at the usual hour, hall peat too o'clock A. M. The New Jerusalem Church ('wedenborgian) will bold public worship to day at tho National Musical Institute, T6t Broadway, at half-past ten A. M. OKS/NATIONS. Rev. Alexander M. Thorb'ira (grandson of ('rant Thur bum) baa just been ordained and Installed aa pastor of the Presbyterian church in Malta, Saratoga county. Rev. J. W. Jooes, cr Louisa county, Vs., has been or dained aa a Baptlat missionary to Japan. INVITATIONS. The Rev. S. Ueiberl 1-anosy, late of Uia Union Theo logical Seminary ia thia elty. has been called to the pas toral rtmrge of the Baptlat church at MamUloa, Ohio, as suci inair to the Rev. J. Carroll ftark. Bev. J. B. I lav j, recently paw or of the Freewill Bap tist church, In Lowell, Maw., has accepted a can from the Elm atreet Freewill Baptist church m Manchester, to became pwalor of the society. He will eater upon Ola dutiescu the first of next month, but will not beta stalled tint A the lirst ol next January, i Rev. Milium C. Inmue, ? ut the late R shop rv>.?t>". . l,u r??elv at a v aastaMMW eel Vc the reotui Uip oi Ht. J iUr> a ahar.ii. t 'toaveo,lt.J. - -w Rev. A Mcl w tr. ' :'e last slf jears pa top of tho Open legations! rl -ir h, ta y'l'-rbor'n , n$w York, his .10 aoptad a ca| b> the I irrt Presbyterian dm oh In I'ry.icn, Tempi r.s . owuiy, Now Vc rk, and inters upon Uia labors Uamc-iiaicly. The Third 1*1 (.?!>> tor :au clt rsb. T oy. K- V.,bsvc lea d- red a nn .Simons c U to r R. ii. H medal., of Pilous u>ii, v> bit a it is underaijoil ho will accept. unrrFATio* MCHxm. P.-T. Ahxiiulcr Reed. lew tta'Ujr of the PrMbytortaW oner gati'O of purkc-ebtirg, \4 , ti?? declined i ca'i to the Onlral church,Clncu.ikM, ?f waioti U'. N. L. Ktoe tm f<>r e hag time pastor. ?ltI?NATION<. Ree. Or. TW'cuy lu r<> jn -1 tut position ,ne ptalor of lb* A *o> ate f'.'.'toi roed church In it Itimon an . lu<t ac cepted *11 inv.ietloa to became (u*u>r of a Metbudlat t ptaonpel church I* Chicago. Rot. Etroy Cants, paater of too daennl I'renbytertao church. .it Fori Wayne, ]r. to*, ha* ngnl'iou to nl? oiw I regal i ? hie ti.teati ? tu n i,(n ttu pastoral charge, aad enter u[?? an liter ucul M labor. pptnis m raw tcrornTmr. Iter. Henry >'Nail, of X*~hiaa. Mo., who in Nanboryixrt. Ilea . on Friday. 14 tb Intl.,oo n yialt, waa found uc*J a Mm Batunlay morning. The de rnarl probably diail of nn an ictiaa of the ncnrt, a* be health ? beu be retired. Ha wan thirty c gU a too: l ? of ago. the 1* <-raace (Taaaa) TVne Jmut of the 33d nft. ehrawicM tha mU of rather HajTM, a well known aad highly reaper iod Mathodlnt < largyman. at tha age of 74 ytam. lie bad been a aa niatar in tn church for n half ata lory. Roe. Alfred H Bella died at Brownhela, Ohio, on So lardny, the 1MI. 'oat , aged 74 year* Bee. J. R Watt, of tha ' roabylsnaa church, died near Charlottr. V C . no the 17th '.ant. n*w cm netire. Tha faton Chapel ooagngniioo (l*rof Mailman'a), bavo aecaredtbr>a Iniiad groawd aw VWrtp-Bnl Mrwat, no*' Sixth a ten o?, and bare rrHnmenerd the arocticu of a church edthee It la In be af hrtok, la tha >lomaae?|oe sty le, with lecture room aad iaaa room ib tha rear, aa Urn name leva!. and tha whole to coat about ?16,000, ez eluatae of toe ila. The madi aodtaaoe mom will '?> M by 76 f??t, with and galmry oaly. aad will neat ahaut eight hundred pereuaa ST. Hater'* eharch, In Albany, npco?d Tor the .tret time for lhrla* ?crrtre oo -sieday. Taeaemoe waa read hy tha re?tor, tbe Bar. lir. lilt la, aad tha lent ma by tha nar. Mr Mdrrlfonh ?f R* liBn'a rhorch, Ifnpa.M. J. The Rigid BtWIg* ' pfdd, Btebnp of lodlaaa, preaabad lb? >1- alag dkmoorao. Tb* new 1MMat rin-nih e>h$ce la Bergen. N J , w*a dedicated an Sunday MM with a| i>rti|iri*te r?llglc m aer rlram. Ti e opening ? -neon wa* pr< ? bed by Kte. Dr. >?h.of Newark, ned <1 .ring I he -lay aarmooa erera alao t*. ached by Rer S Itmtlartcn. nf New Tor*, aad Rer w. n. Parm'y <; Jerwy ftlty. the aw* odltoa ta eligibly aHnatad n er tb" p'anv mud. and wreacota t handaomc ?*? ter or, ?h le .t i-r.ollyant t**i ,-enhy Ontabod within j 11 v-rnmmolat' - al pMrMahont .TOO peraoaa, and will be rn'argr-i >oo>* t.otn h< uce by a> a tn*ia trout bn.ldtng The cat of tha ed i' a na It aow (tnada la I about $10 Of/) The new flenran t'rt rtcroa clmrcb la Newark, N. J. wan dad rate 1 Ml S ilay laat with appro|>rtate aer I rlni. The tii" eipecaa af badd/ig this chjroh tea been paid 'tn ? 640U, or> lecth -a to rale* whitU bare b*?ti take* r;< In cario-A char be*. Toe -i*aU?r, R.'?. , Mr iluratli r. w U ?* laatallm: ou Rc lacwday rreaiag Trinity Mri rdhit Fiira-ognl r um h, la Cm nnnlt, w*? na the ldt n?t- aed t-ai- 1 to liia woraitlp nf tied bjr the Dae Biaho*. eiaMW*a, aa/iatod by nt iar cierv yman of tha I Method at t-mtwafB. tm tba Ki'i aft. tha metier at me of tha aaw Trinity J rreat-ylerlan <' rrb, corner af rranW.'urd road aad Cam. . hrta awcet, .n If 'adetphta. waa lad with tba >aual oore- I mcr -a, la ti t "rtneaot of a b??. e number of paraona. T d ouraer stoua of the New Method M Rrotralant , chart fc at R id rtou, X. J., wan laid tm Ibanday la- t. , A new c. *r'i edifice in Hi-deon City, K. j known at glie I'.ilidid. V tin? i i?l 1 ptac ipa) rhttra ?. aituatel oa I ?alt- | Md< a rawer. ?aa dede atad oa fuaday laat Mh-t g?.r.A\Mom. T etrfolcf Rer. Mr flwbby, tt .leraeyClty, la wboee ehtirt b there were rrswitly IrtmbM, wat c included on Rr-Jneadat erra.iu by I ha Preabylere of Naw \or*. aad It fit oaaaimoueiy dacided that thd charga* had not hsna tuntx oed Steeral of hia a cuaern Ihrn rtmUrarl their pneittoee wi rrvmbera aad ?Idera of the cliarcb. aad db atandbl thai/ cert Centra. The km* Bar CorCaad Van iieanatdnnr Baa lafl to tha prerbytcr at cU' rrb in Rurllagv>n city, N. J , a lagaty of $0,600, of eh/h hedfatdwl K ooo tobn aipc idad la the ptin bate at a < araoa* re, 62 000 tor tha aepport of the aahoei aMach?<i to the church, and 61/100 toearia dia charging the debt oa the latter Mtiding. Rigid duel; I aarlwta la the tney era oflta annoyed by Urn religion* real o'? brittlaa iiMart, hct great rer-rah know bow tn I ira thl* real to nod nerrton. Hera la a gBarartarlatic nanrdotn of ? .wail .inekaoa ? An odlrer ivmplalaad to flaarral Jachana that - atno ?oldera ware making a ao;aa a their teal. "What are Uiey dalrg " "They ara praying now. hut bare been alngng, 'waa the reply. Aad le that a prim" " tha 6en?m! damaaded "The art elea of war ordar paajhment for aay nuaoal BoM*." waa ttie r?ply ? tod forbid tha' pray'ng ihould be *r caoBotf nutaa a my camp," "aid a-xcoa, with aodb feei ng, and aft ead the offloer to joia Udw. 4 r atttar had a inarrwl with oaa of bh pa- et cwara by tM name of Hardy, who showed xcaUerable ? mbL _ On lb* succeeding Punday too divihe preached fros the following text, which bo pronounced with (rant emphasis, and with a significant took at Hardy, who w.s proses!: "Tbora la no fool lika Uta fooi 1 lardy." Iba Northwest Indiana Conference of the Methollat Episcopal church convsnsa In Torre Haute on Thursday, the 11th day of October next. Biabop dimpaon will pre side oyer ita dellboratlona. Ray. J any llsaoar? A yenerabte though eccentric Methodist minister?time describes tus personal habita ?I have endeavored to circumscribe my wanta by IITing in nplnin.aalf-danylng wny. having uaedno animal food of any kind?except when in Africa?neither tea nor ooffae, for nestrly fusty years; always rising at four o'clock, win ter and summer, and yot few men have enjoyed bettor health than 1 have been bleated with, and not many in modern times have preached oltener, or used more physical labor. The Washington Star states that Waugh Chapel, Capitol Hill and But Washington (near the Navy Yard) Method let Episcopal churches have recently taken action in favor Of holding n convention of laymen in Staunton, Va. daring the box; ssulnn of the Baltimore Conference, to ex prose the staae of the ohureh is thin region respecting the now ohejiter on slavery inoorporated into the c"sctp llns by the late General Conference, end against the hold jig of such a convention in Baltimore in December next. I There are are tn the patresMS of the sovereign- that is, virtually, of her MajetSy'i Ministers?about 200 dtgnll ties (such u arehbwboprtes, bishoprics, deaneries, dm), and 290 livings, of the annual value of $1,770 000. The lTtnca of Wales has the disposal of tvontynlne llvlu.fS, worth (30,320. The Lord Cnanoellnr disposes of 788 dig nities sad livings, of the value of (8M,000. The Duchy of Iancaster baa forty-eight livings, value (66.000. The archbishops and bishops, the deans and chapters have the dispneel of 4,00adignities and living*, of the value of (4,440,000. There are la the gilt of the University of Ox ford 482 livings, value (tkMOOO Cambridge bas 307 liv ings, value (444 000 The livings under private patronage are 7,0<!3, with an income of nearly (8,880,000. This gives for tha Church in Koglund 13,215 dignities and liv ings, with a gross income of nearly (17.700,000. The Irish branch of the Church bas two archbishops and thir teen blahops, with 300 dignities sod 2,000 livings, pos sessing an annual income of nearly ( 1,410,000 The total number, therefore, of dlgnltius and livings in the United Church txf iiigland and Ireland >t 16 600, realizing ou ag gregate income of more than (17,000,000, or nearly ?5.000,000 sterling. Those calculations are based on lite published values of the various dignities and livings, tha actual valuo being in very many case* much greater. Some t'me since sa appeal was made to the Catholics of the Diocrcaof Baltimore in behalf of the Papal fund for the relief of the cturcb at Rome Thus far re sponse ? have been received from flfty (bar ooagregallons, whose aggregate ofl'Vlng Is (11,931(1. Of this amount (10,1(6 48 wad contributed by Oileen congregations of this city, as M ows:?Catnedrni, 91.836 98; St. Peters, (1,800: St. Alptionsns. St. James and Holy Cress (unitec,. (1,600; St Ignatius. $1 464; ft. Patrick's, (1,300;St. Vin cent of Paul, *720; St John's, (615; St. Michael's, (350; St. Joseph's, (980 26; Immaculate Conception, (249 60; St laurence'n, (72 26 St. drldget's, Cautoc (66 60, and Vlsita'.ton Convent, (26. ADDRESS TO TOE POPE BT THE BISHOPS OP THE PRO VINCE OP BALTIMORE, AND THE POTE'S REPLT. Holt FY tusk?We have often bad occasion to declare by letter tbe reverence and ? fleet km which we baar to* year person and your See. Wo wrote from time to time to see* favors for ourselves sno for too flocks committed to oar chart#, or to implore you to confirm, by your au thority the laws enacted by na. It was meet that we should express the deepest feelings of respect when, u suppliants, we approached your throne, seeking tbe aid of your wisdom or authority. A weightier sad more pressing cause bow impels at to express, In writing, at least, (would that weenald do It orally'.) ot r b gh reverence for your prrses and your See, and oi r Uteosc sorrow at witncsasng the storms which Urns too sacred bark of blemedPetot. lor we know well, Boiy iathsr, toe wrclcbedaeM of tbe times. We know the evils, troubles, duties*, dangers, which yoo have already un forgone ortthich at thi? inomcut beset you, aa also the more direful calamities which seem to Impend, cad we shudder In contemplating them. We have neon abandoned men, unmindful of y uur clemency, revolting against yon. their father and Prtnoa. Wo have scan others. oominratlvely few in number-, led on to revolt by wicked artlAoea Bad incentives We have seen your faithful subjects, whose number was great, violently withdrawn, against their will and inclination, from tholr allegis*-*, sud prevented from render ng It We Uavo soen ' o irishing eltiea and provinces separated from your dominion by bas--foaad or by forte of arem. Tha Slan der, raillery, contumely, v. lth which imr oni m-n, coun tenance! by lYlnore who claim the name oi Catholic, venture to aread your person aod yonr ottice. are not ua knowR to us. Tbe ma. L calioaa and nel iriuut plots airesdy forsie-1, and partly executed, are, within' oar knowledge, directed lo strip tb" Chi f I'It Ishop of the patrimony of St. Peter, lu order that, belr.g reduced to want, he rosy be an ob, sit oi acorn to ibe world, or may opp ?r to depend on the raprielous f* . >r of earthly prtnure, U> tl.e detriment of his dignity .\nd r.utuorlty these fuels b fire R, bow could we, Holy IVh'T, be without lo l og intense sorrow and ,) lit In dignstK.o agu'npt the nut lore of iktSS ertssssf I no bond oi' charity, a bleb MMSSts all the members o' this mvsllc body, over wiieA you preside, is so strong, that si! have <?>? m.od, all share lu ihr saura suftanng*. Nire-in the Head be rmittes without pain to all the members. It Is, howorer, specially to be dapiorod that these wrongs are p. rpctrsled against you. Holy Father, not by tbe ceclared enemies of um *ailh. sod n;'your dee. but by andntlout men wlto bea of lb Mr Catholic prvtsaion HtoSS we vrcally rejoiced when, ews Ms otoaatos, you drew forth tb ? sword o" tbe Spirit. which you wear by Divine appointment, and rut n 1 eul rely from toe Gstfolc commence these hatncfoen men. lir this a *t you have showed that there still remains in tbe Cathv no SfcSMl fiat DNtMESWtr, by ?i: oh she can oblige bcr cbihireo to wadt rightly in tbe I .rd, Lod'T penalty of be leg poalsbeD for their rebellion If tb?y prefer dleohedi esce The event will dm:hi res show Uiat It is easier to asock this cxerct e of thorny than to escape Its effects. Wepray, aevrrlhalees Holy Father (which we know Is Boat la arorrdaaon with your nan paternal feeling), tout these members bow rut on may soon be healed by Pi vine gmee, and restored to toe body?that wTet'bed men may repent, and evince by toeir actions ?Is a the happy change of their ditoCBttfonO?in a word, that they may nerve for example* of IMvtar i-iem ncy rather than -,f justice, for one ur tb* other must be to* cam. It becomes n* not. Iloiy Father, to ex)tort yon to bear with 00 uorod) tkmtmmUm wblcb t.od has willed to fall oo tbe aburrh and on your person. All who bare bad '.be (and ItillUR* to aee or bear yoo agree in MMMrs Is your tranqui l l; , say joy, am'Ost so great suflenagt Be side-, aP know the fortitude and patiaorc with which yen bore too oe mrei,en ea of fogbt aod exile tea years ago. We shall rather 'hi piers with rente,Hares Oar 1st, the corner stone and invisible fouodatioa af tbe church, whose perena you reprearat, to pr?erve yoo firm and ciDstant to the red, to change for the bettor tbeae wad and calamitous t men, to save yoo lrom tha power of your enemies, asd to grant you aad your Hre glory ami tri t.aafib even before tbe world, so that the sMiaory of the avds stay be entirely .dared Prostrate at the trei. nf your Hnllarss, we subscribe ourselves, Your moat devoted children, KfUNCti Patrick kesrick. Ari.bli.sbop of Halttmtr*. RICHaRD VlXCF.yrWHB.bN. Bishop of Whorl lug. JOHN Hi-tbop of Ricniaoad JOfl KM V? MB, Biabop of Fete ? JAMES r. woor>, Bishop of Philadelphia. P. N. LVNCH, ibshop ot Cbarlsstoa. AK*wm of am wor.iwknii. To > ur bre Jireo, Fraaci* ralrict. Archbishop afRailimorv RMML H.thopol Uliec: ng .lohn. Riab"|. of Rldunoad J'?ue. B'.fb?p ?r t'.rie. iamea, dtahop <>t fti tadrlpbia. and Ibitri*, lstebip of Charleston ? VB*to*"iA ftaatimr*, Hium asp AI"W>ijc Hi mm l\<?la our axlrc-ne distress we bare expories ed the I"/ In read.Bg yrmr Irtirr iMMMN 1 to o* Of) Ike Mk of last m?alh Vot la It Is arrrvwherc Beat, vaaarahic brethren. your <lt?i .agtiNheo faith, toe, k>re aed ..rem oa. to nt and >oie Obair or Peter; aa.l ererywhare is nan tested y?ap iiitaase sorrow, pain aad Inuignai ion la record tn the wicked sod sacrilegious aliaa>| ta .B>] impewt auwB aaUnoa of those men who. beiag u.wtil-1 aad opposed tn tl.e i islbolie church aad l<> ibia Apualnli'' Sea especially, aod b-.of enemlee to ail justice, do not has I tale to innwlc, usurp, orrrthro* oar civ! t/. which i? stia.hol to the same dee, aad ia the patrtwsay of B e?aaii lfe:*r, aad to tramp'* under foul all lar'ae aa well a? human. Tear eaaekeaa aeetuneni*. worthy of all pratae, hara irreat.y <lel cbted ua, allh"cgij Ike* were aot sew or aa> nxpnchd, ali oe we well know reoerakle hrethrea, the extraord nary aStmtma aad seal which you cherish for ua aad H ly Hoe. Crate uot, It najunilloa with your clergy and laitkful people. In jmur out moat torrent i prayers to tl.e ittd of neuri t, tbai He may at III this Ureal and riolMil atorm. and tora away Irm He Holy Ch trek eo tnaoy aad a" r?. amdi-a, aod rraut it saw aod mora apfendtd tr'.mpba rota day to day from the rutty to the aetttag of the too, and that lie may aula! ua aad comfort ua in all oar trihulathtt. and (hat fie may eooc.tsa'e in lu ng hark all Ike wm a ?f th> Charca aad of ttla A .>?V>lin tan lo tka pitba or truth, Jualice aad talralu n And dace jroti ?bpw tlie direful war wag"d aca'aet nor dlelae rtl too In lliea* aad timna. we doubt act that, rnlyttc oa btrlae aid, la eor.furmity with your d ?tli>ga.*k?l piety and epiacopal seal, you will oaa t r"thing for Ike fesi Wwe defence ?r rehgloa, with to. rett-d r.gtlanoe and .wrneataese. aad list yptl will prudently and wisely for the safety of your Sock, aad eg Bi Ike siphuant rafolc the errors, .ad renal the at ? nf the enemy. 1 .aally it a i .a ?f all hearenly giftt. and aln.ati'd the ajwriat ar-ct.oa w >trew th wa embrace yon la the I ord. Wa aTeettnnatnly mp.rl from oar heart the aimatolte Bmaeng to yn rselree, renorabla brethren aad to all the clergy aad laity entrusted to your oare. fllren at ftorr* at Ft. rettr'e, on Mm 11.h August. la tha year lsdi, in tba ifleenth year af o,,r I'rnitil-ata. to; p. r. ix. OusNarrctT Oarwrr I'aim ?Fain in Coaa ticut will ha hald aa followa ? TolUad couaty, at TTyde Park la Rackr;:'*, dtptemh"r Tona af Woodbury, Fnptemher Jf, and 27. Windham cm-aty, at tirooi l/a. Snptamh r FT aad 3. II ddlassi cocaty, at V.tddlelown, Octnh r 3, 4 and A. Xa* Loadoa orttty, Si Norwich. Ottoher a, 4 aad t. I..tohflal 1 on aty, at LftebMd, (Maker 1 and ? I noa flair florkboattVI, Ot-brv*, New liar Cord aad TarT ngtaaHa'. r'tohcoeb* e, ?>**? hsr 3 ?ad 4. lawn of Call ord. i-tobur 3. To.lar.d oowPty rtc? at Rot* #, Oykahee 3 aid 4 AFFAIRS IN EUROPE. Our London, Paris, ZMoppo and Berlin Correspondence. Owr LoKdoB CtmipoidMH*. . Los Don, Sept. 9, 1100. Progress of Qa>HaUi?TU Fattens Question? Policy of KajpoUon?Financial Condition of Austria? Favorable Weather in Englaisd?Pro$rm if Street EaiUxsgl m England, itc. The two volcanoes at Naples or riUur tbe moral and political one?no thoroughly abaorb the fooling ami paJee bare la Keglud that minor events sad domestic newt art quite eclipsed. Two day* ago the King Had to (facta, and this day Garibaldi baa appointed to dine at N'aplee with a .select party of friends The wretched King teemed to be poaaaaaed with the spirit of Macbeth, and diapered to "try tho last , 'bat "pale Fear!'?the inflexible maaiar el' the tyrant baa aeat him off, with his beeda, his woman, tola roKartae and his docsts, to brcatbe the sainted atmoa phere or Father l*to Nuto. t'p to ymterday, it ww be lieved bore In I^ndoo that there would be at ioaal a show Of a balUo uodor tbe brow of VctuTlus, b t now Iba prospect Is thul the hero will have a triumphal march along the ahorse of that beautiful bay, by Caateilaaaare and ProeMa, to the walls ol' St. Elmo. We m tt dm, however, bo loo confident. The nowa that Garibaldi ? flag floats proudly over Uw beleaguered oity will bo a re lief to bis friends everywhere. The movement m^de by Victor Emuuuel lately showed a- certain amount of jea lousy In tho kingly breast; but the conqueror sad, "Us, stand aside I do everything In your name, but I am not to bo foiled, throat aside or interfered with." So the King held back bis arms. Tbe possession of Naples will only commence tbe war, for not three days will elnpss before Garibaldi will bo on bis march tor the Papal States. Affaire In the fast wrv the same aspect of cloudy un certainty that we have seen for the last six months. It s not believed tlial there are oerakoai points of agr-.-emeet enough between Austria and Franco to beget a ieagvie and brotherhood that will menace the peace of Europe. Prune desires territory on the Rhine ind a strong foothold on the shores of lbe t.ovant. In Kgypt, Abyssinia, ?yr a ar t Palestine, while Kuesta kiugt for Constantinople and as much of Turkey as can be obtained. The nsxt re uexen of the Emperor Napoleon that we shall aee, now be a on n visit to bis new trans moo tans provinces of Savoy acd Nice, will be a personal moating between hie Imperial Majesty and tbe victorious Sardinian King. The visit comes most opportune, and if Napk-s falls at once, and all seems clear before Garibaldi, it will be very easy for the nephew of bis uncle to shut one eye ud say to the l.Ute king, sow grown large ud powerful, I will shut both eyrs ud let you march from the Alpa to the Adriatic, pro vided you shoo Id consent to a transfer of tbe Island of Sardinia to the imperial ilag. A very coarer lent arrange ment, no doubt, that would be, ud one that would pay the oosqueror of Polferino. The of Austria HMms to be retrograJ'ng. Rink rapt to intra* bankrupt la credit, bankrupt .a Lonor ?ad retaliation, the crowned spooney who lUi n; .hebo.m ?rem* to be going in ? round gallop on the mm read ?> pertlnacloualy travelled by bin roynl tricul ?'. Sap! m. It c.iaga to V? notm as to nmethlng thnt (It? It a icmblance of power, white tbo province coals for more then It brings lu. Krery o rtlcioua oot?ldc ndTieer stcpg in ana urges the lltpeo.rg io*!ve up ttie prorinoe or sell oat. It-* powerful cred tor, the lUHhkubild, hoe tendered the tamo advice In b e dully bulletin, known ae the h-iul >n run. last a ad rice that If not to be rcoff -il at. It perhaps m?ant, "D> thla, or I will not let you bare any mors tin." A M ac pa per?the I'untfii?gives the lollosmg as a pari of the material lossea of the empire that Auairta put# on Ui'.o i,i tia ? Emigration coil* the province* *1)00,000. it. lake* from V cn- la hum a falling on in production, - Ox M0,. , taaea for illegal ilimce, OJ7,OOOf , capital put under as tral oi,, li CUi i.fOI ? niuoriplun fuint, 10 000,000.., d'?cha??<-I ? ? '? t?ii ooo ? O.Otm toOi. su|iptr??aiB ?>? llui <uminlssfwia I ?r remoiaa leg lbs catairy, lT>o.000i. .extra military bll.ots. JSO.OtWi., extra t\pei,n- lor Bariackk, 6M,tOOf; oiprop'.ai!ot> ol laaos. S.dM.OMT.; i > liat , ? ? ira ?teres. a.tOt.OVOi . or: i m inltur Instalment lit, 760,0001., total, 60,dOT.OOOf. Ordinary and av.raor.1 jury late*. acc truing to a rcj ort Ot lbs crutral c i yr".,i- ?n Vrnice, 70.0Co.OOOI , making a grand total of 1 J.' "67,000.. Tnoae are ll.ritis, not francs, and Sfjaaf to fom? $66 too.000 ot'yonr currency. A late letter ir u, ll nrary glrta an account of lb-- rtsn't of amie very mporut. r ate trial*. Tbo loading p. i??r was a |?i'l n.uel laciK.cs. who waa ?en l-ne'-d to llftero years Impr ?tr 1111.1 a uh bard Mber, llie nth' r prison' It br'ng cleared Tbla Is wid to be a irmarkabiy lenteal aantawce, ouar. derlng it- alalc ol the law and th? horrlhlo nature o toe oil*-ci i*. A letter from Hungary gives the fdOr * Mf as count of tbe alialr ? ?. lamalra. an old |I <rt. who haaukna to pe'-| , r.t wltk a rardhMk'uary pampk at In the Magt tr t nit ill I < oreatlrs fvul'iea nopowrrlully ?.?na-d as to be im. led to ionium la tbouakis to pWWWW I hsrn MS ma $1 a u.i rwa, where a number of his 'nator mvp. loiau re aiw 1*4 by fuM to pat h.m a runt 7he 5 .nnrsi"-?-?uk np wha' .? "sTora asm. and. yeinah.g the pre neat pnal* riioo, aig'ttfy :aetr great. p pluhatkia O* .Or n inhs so murk so tool iv* iau> uveaae-uy lakracopy or te<> arhlrh t'ie> carry home as. p anu tae-narlvra to treetuira <ip as . rr.t-a.cbi? nf the p ink mat Hut now the lorrmaarm shp al'i Having been -.farmed or the orearreart hr ->aae uukiitsn my. the a ilk man wrest writer and renders and, after aproning sit laual, ? In ths a eaauaall- n of so hrl-mus a * rims, tnaily pruanunead. pigment la Ik - laa'.hm ab'iTa menttr ue l Tanest-a, tor wi '.log ilea hkrnragkte a ad allowing a few ecpleato be taaan by Sana bora at Ilia ecI auuaars. la u the aaa of Wity, soodwmnad u> pass tba lam iseu years at hia ilia In a hoowi si <?rrseuaa, aaa with so anla'-a lo rbeer Iha weary hours b t that o oak am plehing. at some kiicl* eligible tmploy meet for As mlsd of as edseated man. Tba writer gees on to say thai the eenl?nr? snm paraliveiy mild, and might readily feara bean capital puniahmeat Wast most bs the position of s HUts thnt dictates or repulrta such s punish meal for s man writing noma political v* rsta. let the iaah coot.otm to dao swd Tbr dsvil will nine day g< l bis own. He a not to be always rheaUd any more than any other -redIter. I ram England, the beat?or perhaps I might my the worst?sows is a run tin nation of seven or eight days of uaisterrupted r < . weather, glvisg aasuru is of a boon i harvest Titers ia no misuke abo*it it. Irre, a Sac o*i * mo of loatmued bad weather might grsa' y marfare with harvest oprrat mo-, sad Una reduce the vales of the crops but I aaa no chance whatever that there will bo acyibmg I ke that dsltriency wh.rh has lie-? loosed i t, and which baa ? real- 1 such an upward t-adea-y to tna rican railway ahiri-a There ? sow no urnapoct that Uw> impoftatioo of hrradatul.a alo the kingdom aaolhsr year will mash >l ssy eaceod the *svcrags o. the ant five years. laot'oo ia dull. The metonahlee haws grata. trades men took dispirited and idle, and Jsoktns sad .frames ar* having a lary lime of It. The 7\nn haw coats out with an cd iorial urging the sdoidHm of Iran's borer railways hero la Loadoa. and llwr- seeaaa a U at rrwpwt that the ever crow ten rUrela of I ondoc may hy a woe >nvar loo meet with a it tie anieiairalino. It a tba war* i planned, worst bmA ai t t* oat irregular city :n * braft. Com, and no plnce needs g*?rl strreu, good vt etas sad gssd Umsa of noatsysnos ac bally. Tnerw la now going on the erection of several Mora or meiroi > tan ra! way. logo by atrwm lorv?no?lvaa bat llieoe art no. aaoagb. uh| will only ndlera the tram- A g -I share of Ike diaUcre <?),# a, thaw M to ran aaderrr,> ad. It i nmmimma at the Padwingtrm atattow tlrsnt Western Railway? at the rvtrame west 'h i of I oaduo, and ecdn under the wide alroel known aa lbs Saw mod, to tbo ? rr .t surtheru t ? Inar rtatl- o. alMMit two miles north west of the ItaDk. and Ir-er then- it will ran on are hot to i alts sear th<- old haHMal-1 martmt. ant fhr from the l ensral Post tCioe, An'rther line ia to ran from 'hr Lon don Bridge lla .say rial "i * to tbe WatarldO atktioc ? Soathwaatars Hai way ?and acrum tba Tna mm no a B it pSMtaa brtagc to Charlag Oraae. A breach oi te a ra way will cross uh> Tliaoiea oa or near Biari frara Bridge, sal *otn the <me Irani the wrat at . aeitMaM market. Btdl another la about opeelsg In the In-art of Belgians?I'imlteo?aad w.H cross tba Thames and to - ' .wiaurtn near VMM, ?ad cosnart with the (ryetal Pa'are Railway !t la aaltcipstrd ibat. avtclually, tnara will be as ambtet aarat no the Thame?. aitowTag or a railway from Plmltoo in Iharmg < roaa. and *1 rrctly ilowa Ilia Thames no the Df-rUi. nr r ty ? dr. rnc- iig cr-<r the Bank, aad ?nect tng at leaiharcb street with Uw North I/widow Railway Tbit last can f I railway l.eea la opera! no arrsrai year", aud tcrffroen I'nrhareh ttrret (aely M* yards warn the Bank) by w cirraitoaa route thro- rh the aorlh part of 1/indon Bow. I lack oa v Klagrtand, Mtagum, Highbury, the * ew cattle market. Om km Town, Kentish Tuaa Ham,stead and Idgraare rood, ts .iciew. Raw, Bamrorr?m.".b. Rictimnrd and fwlckawbam Tbeaada tails, however ? r I - ! much uae without a mapnf loarfr, unless owe w a-.oalata.l with the i -a I] TV 'talrmebl, Itowev-r, will show that tba Inodowara are at i??at allre to tba i-eurtte of ft Iwaya a cit-m. Umogh Ittmk traay ywtra after coaatry rat'ways were in faeh <m to oenmeuoe the work, as*! many mora will ei-ipar betor the actual baacOtg will beg'a to be of much nr VI tea I tire Tba aawi imt Jc*l arrlrad Ibat the em inert Vaapoi taw Oenrral Noarlaante. baa rreigned bU p-slt km A the h t ? army, and MtMd a prialcd pmolamat oc 'avitlwt all I) ,*?ia i-ard'Sldl _____ ? far Pwrla t'arrnyewdawae. I'kB a. 'Wpt. 6,1M0 OmnUith ! Aih incr fpm .Tgy'<??JfenwwawN of Homnn. WW*I Am:rim Troy Tk' Hrvofufiow RJrrewtinp? rra$W? 6flifvw y A bifid aw hCrrtmUm ?w ftw'g IfTiwA y / mmm. Muff* wwi frnali, dc < .arlbatd I ta nrar Nap tea, or rathsr waa mm avewmg mi d'c'ock, an la anaowweed by the da^wtchee of Jfowf/vrr.wb h state UmtlbcOw?eralwM at halt,' Wa.erao To day V ia mewt likely Iw NapBa, ar the baa Ml tbel c!4> awd gawo lb tbpf1, wh'ck pt