Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 23, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 23, 1860 Page 2
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roya' forces are beirg concentrated. It Is aatd the King w ill f om there to Gael*. At Naples, at the date of the dot. otch io the Mmtit'ur, the author tier constituted by the King remained en Jot.uum. Toe Kiug will hare two horns to his uil< tutu* wbcu the time for hla forcod departure arrives. Be bad received an lot Itation from Kraocia Joseph, of Austria, to come to Vienna when leav ing Naples; he haa now received one from (Jueen Isabella, of Mpaia, to make Madrid bis future residence Which In l tallou will be accept! General Lamoriciere la getting ready for a bruah with Garibaldi, and you may expect to hear that he baa attacked the liberator's forces in your next deepalcbae. Should he do so, I hsve reason to be lieve that the Sardinian government will at once inter fere, and it thee remain- to be aeon what action Austria Will assume It has leaked out that (ha has most impor tant reason.- for making an attack upon Garibaldi. They ar? as follows -should Garibaldi succeed In driving Francis a. from Naploa, an insurrection would spring up In iwim.ii. and Croatia. In Uosnta and Herzegovina one would then be imminent, supported by Servla. The Wal lacbians, we are assured, have an understanding upon the subiect with the Hungarians, and we are told that they openly apeak of Klapka with enthusiasm. General Gari baldi has several Greek officers in hla service who would thro detach themselves from him and hasten to the fron tier o Tbcsaaly Austria ai-es in all this destruction most certain, unites she stops Garibaldi, do you may judge she will must likely attack huu aa soon as be aiiordt her the shadow of an excuse for so doing. Tha Austrian official lournals are even now arraigning Victor Emanuel tor his attitude towards Naples; they say ho encourages Gari baldi. and show In the violence of their articles that Aug trtahaa determined upon her future oouiae. General La morlciere has Issued a proclamation to his troopg, urging upon them to treat with the greatest severity any town that should rise against the Papal government This, when first announced, was treated with disbelief by those who know the General ; bat It Is but too true. The proclamation was mode, sod General lamoriciere is determined to sack sod pillage those who rebel. Will the I now Tree, look on with lndifierenoe ll t-ucb a course of actios Is attempt ed? Certainly not, and .Sardinia wil attack the Papal force* the moment they moke au effort to comidy with Lamoriciere a proclamation. What all this will load to uo one can tell A perron, on whore discretion and discrimination 1 can count, assures me that In Prussia, from whence he hot.nut returned, a feeling of alarm and Irri tatioo against France u un venal, and that were the 1st tor to interfere is Italy an attack would be made upon toe Preach Rhen.rh frontiers by the 1'ruselnoe How would England then act? She will join In the coalition against France provided Russia does, else she will remain quiet. For she well knows that Prunes and Kossia combined can keep the rest of Europe in subjection. Kossia, as I know from the bert authority, will not join any coalition agaiut franco Napoleon III has, with his osu U ability, provided against that. You may d> pood upon the cor recineesof my Information as regards this most Impor toot foot. A few day* since the Minister of War hero went to 8nvoy to moot the Emperor In hie triumphal march through that new proviuoe, to arrange plans with his Majesty whereby 280 000 troupe might be transported In ton days to any pari of the French empire This looks ominous for Prussia, and Is the result of the F.mperor'a fear that Austria will force him to interfere hi ltaiy. The 260,000 troops are to keep the Rhenish frontiers safely la Ov Dieppe Corr??poBd?Bee.l Ingres, I ranee, Sept. 6,18fl0. fhthumaU* Continental Watering Pla <u?/V/mlartfy of thru*-It* Advantage*?Appearance and Ilalit* of the Fatrrms of European Watering Flacet? Their I'ait. met, 4c , 4c You must not Imagine U"*' Newport end Saratoga and Caps May, ana Wagon Falls and tha Whits Mountains, absorb aU Um visits, balls, hope, woolnge, b lrtai ions and fotllas of the entire creatloo. No, air. Whatever may be eald of Baden-Baden and Hombvg.and Heidelberg and Spa and Iff tiers, and the Bwtoe Alps and Nice, and Oomo and Btnrnts, lor n seaside "watering place ' Dieppe te the most charming and roost fashionable In all Franoe, If not in all Europe. The fact that Dieppe Ikes in almost an ex set Une between London and Paris, makes this?with Its coot.ngvct railways and stwnthir line?on the shortest Ml mast direct route between Um I we greatest capitals m the world. Directly oppnaite, on the English coast, Is ,h,i fashionable?once royal, when George IT. wag King?and vastly popular town of Brighton, the bright brimstone of the days of Pope and Farquhar. where muny an oil lumbering couch aud-elx used to repair?a weary two days' tourney from London, now reduoed to two bourn?and where thousands now go weakly tor a few shll lings. vhen formerly there were only scores, and who had to spend hundreds of pounds for erery family. A few miles eul of Brighton IS the Small town and seaport of New liar en, whence there are dally steamers to and from Dieppe, keeping up the communication between london and Pnria The distanoe across Is soma eighty miles, and thejvoyage six or eevon hours, "hick gt'f the routes by Dover to Us ui* and from Foikstoos to Buolougnt, the advantage la a short sea passage. But when a more direct railway, new building, has materially .borlenad lb.dHNnU Paris and (asier steamers are put ou, It is anticipated tnat Una will be the quickvei rvuie between tne twooapl The piurocy Is now performed the entire distance 10 ten or eleven hours b> Dover and by Futkstowe, and la th rt-cn to dlteeu buuis by New Haven and Dteppe, and ?o loci as we Bud there are ?X? 000 travellers annually, with immense and frequent mails, every additional facili ty either tn time, on tan re comfort or scenery, becomes aAObject. A iew railway * U> oe buUt to Calais, ??rejF la) save hiity or eiittty mibaWi only So far U Um> !>? t rrase of irmrel tft cooowxed. Ifee route b; Pieppt hii Ifet ta*hw*er tiroes, when an awkward duel had laksn Disc* sad is bota fuiroer and prereut times, when one's Ecjtiah creditors are too aseiduous in their attentions, Ho ilcwae has always been a convenient retreat, where shears i thorn could ro t approach, and where a sight of the chalky cuffs of old Kogiaad tare a poculmr signlfiaan c- loth* povi's description?"'fieuuxance lends enchant meat to the vuw " B-ulogne. however, has lew r> sources ruin pared to Dieppe?a U.?n of noire than 10 Of# Deeoto? and 'altem this baa become a very taabvooable r-?ort not only to bvAeo lows dandbs Sul on their travel* " but to aU of th?t motley and heterogeneous wvierxbiase that one nweis at Ih'te piacm whore some make health, and others break it ? In topography Dieppe is charmtsg. fancy to yourertf n ion- straight sea, formed of s perpendicular end broken c ill id cfcuk from ? ne to three hundred leet high, but with a gap to ibis cliff about a mile in width, where la.- 1 approaches the sea Is a gentls Slope, nearly a nisrn rlear to the pebbly b.wh ito this plan stands C, ud el the eastern ^tloo is the mouth of the n ? and the harb- r and ducks This breadth of nearly ?m .e? sand and rhiogto forma owe of the roost de ight ful t ares for s,a bathing in the wertd.ewd the ys? ham bes of bathing marbmcr glses some idea ?d the number o> s alters Dieppe wsa ant a dccMsaivPmhlowabiaptocs mm; a few years since, wton it received imperial patron ?_ ^,,4 basted is the 'suns of royalty Napoleon and rS Kiupress rams bare fiw a l*w days, and their tUlsstlSS ___ u, gal is h ted that the Emperor gave orders lor Build uT.??rbsr??ai fk'uig the .Mmch I ought to mention that tbe I'rtl n-w ot bourne (Befog the water are palatial residences and bote Is aid bet errs llxwe and the beach the (round for e?r two or three hundred yards IS breadth is divs ed Ms.en Dower gardens, shrub i^,- ,1, grass plots ass brtstd walks faese are Ibroiged W lb fis lers?ladlea, gentlemen, rbulren, curat* aid all ctowwe of his Mexwly a lieges (?a the eoge ol UHs, end ro-?r lbs water's edge, m tbe Cr -iial Paum, for btili, ?A?oo?rUi, main* room-' an i pfwwaadc II ^ eobecrllWF of forty franc, tor the mswos.wana gives admission to all Ike balls 'in. coacefts, he . sad is Bl.-o open to the pub He, etcepi oa U?e uroasi-m of bails at as admissi o of half a fr%nc?f c?* dime ? la bathe- awo have the mo ruing hours, and the ladles later is the fjreroum Tne bathing cumurne of lb# gen I is n-1 anany removes from the sty Is that we see tr,, A r eas negroes adorned la la ite pictures illustrating l.-s 'iu os tne i'wet *f Uomea ItsdMs, however, inks it, ,f, s style WM-rc wovthy of their rank and position as tl" leaCinz. or at n ast the ?' htlier half of creatlsw Bat t see the ?' ?arl?" you roust ffr? to the afternoon anl evening " *eu fr w. every dime here make rerust," anl eusies Is. TV-rt is that eitreme of lasbma, UMt vast rflort to " rut a splish," and " reJl(?e crsa tlon " that yroi are si Str tiegsaad Newport Oi courss It Is'a very unpa ste?bte Irot, aud a very rude staiemcol to make Is an American ) ho t very mildly, that only taayom/sad ouriwratirely anew wustry,asamoag upstart families, a bo have only lately approached tbe tea- swstdc?di> we e< ? th ree w< rolerf il attempts si dlspisy, that sup-r auterlatlvr spnkeo cf in the descrip tion of the art tier; of ar? wi.iry theatre ?"got up ut tar'y yr1 urolm- td etpeese or taste." <* cw-iris there Is a treat deal of usie ta America and aay quaatity of "fashion " but m a F.urepr-an watering plane, as in a Ku rcpeai. drawing room >ne rneeqa miwe >.( Urn "quiet," the p sua the oral and the rich, an . Wea sf tbe ?? riunmng " , and atari' ng that so often rtar/tee the eye amoag your ?' Upper tea " la the whirl of whswbooe and etaod ont of steel, there is not thai tremendous periphery thai coe-eeseverr day IB New \ork Barege dreeem erwa to pred,m4Ml. msr other fst",,,. s fsv-tde ^ J?eiag a sort of gray or small dark figure la a light ground, made w lb C'-uneew and with the new and m we faeh losuebie color. gr.m?c This Is a brighter lag rotor then mnwee. being e n. srer spproro h to s, wnar tot t? ere.rue i our eit> readers ka-W aU ahou. to, but they w'H sot la all ptro-e sbwe the Hansin elreulat.s Itom n worn, shawls t a>tw, also.quite nwinkling "f Irish fMprias? the tartan and ihr ehamr <k patterns being the isvovltee. the fail honiwte are l-eidadly la advance of their F?d eems'we. ajipmerhiiz Us face so meir as to almost sort ? the fo-r-baad On Thrsds. even log Is s children's hall, oe Wednesday a cosrwrt. and every t'alerday evealsg a very fs?h'..cable hail at the new Ito'b retabliaawwmt. To this mat acme go evoept those tovlle-l by the committee, at the hero I of Vl,tad b tbe Msynr of tbe tcwa Daares are extemporised en otb-r eveainge ef the week, one of wtrtrb I witness <d no Hun lay eveuleg last In fart. Sue day is lbs day is the wen* h?re. as It to Is Farm.all iar?s,/rf?? and maa> eoooeeta being given re that day Al' the disturbs met mir tankwl aot'oas, If b* btw est but every thiag has sorb kn cpee, light and Inaoornt air sad mam rr, that 1 lor oeeeaanm hut draw a favorable entires, between UHs laeoreni mrrratlon and hilarity and tbe g* t-m and goo ish meat ofa hasdcB ffsa dar or Um Bubday in Inrot -u. with lis fi re then sand rum U-L. Ud so n-ivwfe I'Seim of Crystal Palace, or erv-ce a garden opee fie the raoyraerl of the pmyk. O ' ws may II g I - urn* it. we bee* no right to br'ngeeevyUmg to OS' own standard, abaters* that starolard may 1m. I gM t say a* ft.orb f w the N-ewrh meu as toe the wo nr( n Nt| rleon I. tn* '?? a dreadful draught on the i b >tb in physique st<: intellect?wbt* be sisugbUTed near ly a million of ibi unesl of ibe meu m bU wars, and left the aick, Uic I aire, itie stunt au<1 the ciiSorsbU at borne 14 ke. i< up tbe si? rk A Due looking man bere, of litre feet trii, ii a stuki g figure,one ol ill feet a rarity, ona of all leet two a prodi*} , atd one of all feet four or all a gtact Had Gem-ial Win field 8ei tt beeo born to thisoiun iry be would have been a t . oai of Franco at twenty - one, and Cumu ander in Uilti f the army before be wag taett) five jeers of ago Porter, tbe Kentucky giant? wbo to my'pergonal knowledge waa aeven feet acres ?.cb< a in N igbi?would bave boon at tbe bead of tbe Na t onal Guard?a very Saul among the military prophets of Kon pe?and Ben Gaunt w till bave been tbe Prefet of Pbhce IM Ia n in Napoleon abollab tbe paaaport system, bold out indue mines tu emigration, and Invite overcome of } our tine slalworth fellows?not forgetting tbe Heenana e alliances with tbe Mid oi the day?and invite alliances with tbe Mid aMate, and he will do more for bla country than all of bla at tempt* to import A:e borne, sheep or black cutue. Let turn ibuik of It. "Blood will tell," and ao will muscle and bone. But there are Rome lovely women bore. See that brace of black eyed ones In brilliant Lyons ailL<* Tbey are tbe da<gbtere of a French marqula, and tbe bappy mamma alia bere near u?, watching tbe dear creature* a* they march ep and down and reoelvo the almtrieg glance# of tbe gentlemen. Tbe mad am e la wealthy, but tba young bird* are not to be easily caught Nothing abort of a millionaire or a French nobleman of the old school will be loaked at. Bere le a Spanish beauty, with tbe look of a queen or an empress, with Um rosy and brunette com bined?to favorite a oompleiton 'ho world over There are two English women, mother and daughter, and aonear alike, that but for a riper etyle of beauty one would be almost puzzled to know which waa tba elder. Their One forma and healthy complenona send our Imagi nations back across the Channel tu tbe porter and ale and the " roast beef of old England." Here are three Peruvian girls, the belles of tbe crowd, sod each a most rat tubing beauty. At first all tbe gentlemen were dying for them. but their great reserve and haughty manner* bave driven tbe butterflies of larhioc far away and eeat ti red tbe Irgioas of bar gcis on. There am two elegantly dressel ladles of an unmls takably tiglisb air?albeit, one comes from north of the Tweed and ibc other from tbe Green Inle. Tbe elder, with tbe sensible face and die figure, dressed In a figured Bplm, U Kiss ?.niece of L-rd ?, an Irish peer. e other, with the fire eye and enthusiastic bearing, la Miss , her protege, a bit of a blue stocking, but not enough to spot! ber. See that Uati, broken down dandy, with tbe bold, dark eomplez toned, vulgar looking gtrl by bis side. lie Is Lord C, brother to an English duke, sod she is at the drmi memde, or rather a demi rep These two parties have a frigbtful history, aOdrl In gone of those bad exumplre Incident to the artificial society of England, where some are born to wealth, power and pneltios. and ol ten without strength of character to steer clear or tbe chasms that are placed ao thickly before tbe " fkvored classes." let us aot draw Uie veil further. Among all these gadflies of Ibn dav there are many true womanly hearts, and some few?very few?rair spe cimens of manhood. At tt o balls any geotlemsu asks any 'ady to dance without an Introduction, all standing on an equslity. There Is a kee|>er of a hardware shop dancing with a very aristocratic looking lady, one of bis b<?t customer*, and here Is a barber who baa for a part ner a niece of a due. Bay what tbey will of republics, tbe French revolutions bave left In the empire s great so cial equality, more so, by far, than we find in England or America. An amusing anecdote Is related of a proud English girl who declined dancing with an offloer of the British army , wbo waa stopping for some weeki bere at lueppe. Hhe declined, as she had "not the honor of an introduction." He watched ber movements, and aooo perceived her dancing with a very smart appearing frenchman, whom he recognised aa bis grocer ?the man that sold him tea, sugar, candles, Ac. At a pause in tbe quadrille tbe discomfited Itrtton went up to the bnutiqvtiere, and speaktng*very pla nlv , so ble partner could bear bin, begged bim to send bun seme of the tea, candles and soap early tbe next day?the same that be bad been In the habit of buying ol bim. "Out, ami, Mmtieur, cer tainment," said tbe polite Frenchman, while Mademoiselle bluabed to ber temples. A watering place la not the worst locality In the world for studying character Here at I'teppe can be seen some of the strong national trail*of tbe French, aa wall aa some of tbe "outside barbarians." ??film CcrrupoBdtac*. fcku*, Sept. 6,1M0. ?ottfmnce Utween Oit Prince Regent and Emperor <f Portpcmed till after the Aocotuhmeut of the Em Frru~" The Emperor if Austria Expected to Attend? (hunter Reports?Count RaMerg't Policy?Position of Austria and Russia?Will there be ar. Alliance'-JV Prussian Military Si Aem?Prinae Prtdrrick Ckarles Awtiemef BumUIACs Literary, Remains, <tc -Bis Col lection if Paintings, Drawings. Coins, Ac Ac On Saturday lest the Prince Regeo, returned from O. tend, to be preecnt el the greet mana-urre* of the Proa eian army which generally take piece about thte eeeeoo of the peer. Double here been lately erpreeerd whether hi* meeting w ith the Emperor of Kueete, which bed been eo conBdeally announced come week* etooe by the qneei offlcial peprre, would actually oome oil; It appear*, how erer, that the propoeed interrlew hae eot been gtren up. but only poatpawed from the beg In. tag to the ?td of tow month. 1 undent tad the Kmpreee of Ruaeta la la aa la tcresting condition; and the Car being too anxtoua a hueband to la re her till after ber accmchemrnt, hi* Journey to Warmw bae beou oeoreearlly deterred for a week or two the Prince Regent will be aocompanl.d by eereral of the younger member* of hi* family who hare been melted to am at a grand battue to one of the Immenae Hbllrb foreeu, where the au o* and the oik are "I" Parted for the delectation of the royal .uoceaaore of Ntmrod. Tbe Prince'* rlalt, though eot without political ttgnlflcaace, may be partly regarded a an act of ouurteey to the Car, who came to meet him laat year at Bre*lau but if toe Emperor of ku.trla ehouldjola the li'urtriou* party II would of couree acquire much higher importance Account* from Vienna elate poallieety that be ha r# oel red a ipeeial inrlUlion from Ale*tedrr that apart moot* are being prepared for hi* reception at the chateau of Laaieekl, aid to., tat will proceed thither by way uf Ooburg, where he uUl pay hi* rw ?peel* to Quae* Victoria, who i* e.peoted there la the couree of this month a a ooutlneolal tour a. ,k .. had, I. w all.rmiu U,., ^ the two Km wrora ha beee ?<?, dm glee umbrage to loan Kepole m by ^ coalltloe egeiat bun but that n.VrrttluL -? Cfltere of rrueet. bar, mooted le trangrmeni the! hem lore rilrtrft beto^I . In < (feciu-g aa agreeairnt on all the prion,ml qurato".^} ??fr^s. {LastsSKSsr1 bettor term* than the* ha?a that of I concraalot. to Roam la rrtot? " gX eo doing he eaa gain her .upp.rt agalnai the ilinitoi^.i menace Auatrta la the Wrat hot .Iwrera? u?*?i!ZZi to ?>*** r*l,oort to eo low a ebb that It le estrewM-ly problematic*; whether the ehrrwd MnL-o rite. wu. outsider the .lltoooe ofta.d mI^-u^ST, for the chancer befit out to lb--tii by their onnorr.i.c won "lH be 1,ur'" " M^fcuTdera wcg that they were only plating elf Auilrta ar.lnm Eranee, la inter to etrlie the je?|.>uay of the latter and ss> & xn Ibe Prl, or ? "V ,'??"'"?"Mr any ambltloue , " ? IDr "rti.or K .net renounce. the meat temnti.. adraaiaero for of eo'rracbinr u joi LhTrIT.E7.ri5 MtweerrarMg, Wl<| ? to ?tom to.uiywtul.Pt.wer .b4 bar ma.,, nll".^* a allpprry frb nd or an tan le rale mete.*! rTf 'Itorr It wUI not meet nth the rr'wor | it I.7 I The military mano utrra J2SS I* 01 U* Kl*??*??g, about two aiilea from ftoiIU.,marr more interrmng ilut year than osoal u ih UTi Sr^ ^ *"** *ftAf l" morgantratioa *f .Tl r! r.bOtiiMigtol minpj Ltfm* oTa^a" lh" "r 'WW of praetloa.' utility On rueb 'txeeioti the troots are dlrideil Into.-u corpo. rrprriwtiiitg hoot.le ar mi.VVho perform atortrarf uporat^toprwen-wd brforrhaad. to ?bmb ^^lS ? rWW rtotw .ud the other drft'?led thkf2Li2LCu2 ''wi It Ocrurtotn* the eotdier* to the idra of dehrel, and prt rtne. to ibe raoyiun t' imm u wwrar Uwit ,area Li" ?'"! lay oowa e!TL.^r .!r * pr. tended cmpjerote, which ar cmetf flor the alacrity dwrlayed (i, the I'ruerlaa. la ?!, rraatormg a..-r ,hr'hatu, U & .hm vzzzz ;r y -,r'b,,ud toe mm. of I be iTtuwiaa ar mV'int. eft^rat K'.0^ - c. ^xTtsK ^ ^ ?"?* f..?J2r ilp -.J.-. daclered for the treneharm. 1^. !*'!T ,b" ,br roW"'r' to-II.^l' e*emded<t' | am^o*r?Vr#Cwm,|h! ntJ*]p%***r ? ?wrefully tlMP MillttTV hi thf eitiaa t ma? . - . IB^Wl. M.t, ,4 wmfr%rifwj m n .k!iiniin.f^ to tb# u0 to mipre or to ftlpii ihht irf kII ih,, B. f ?*. %0H!w lo m?*ni!or the ooty one thai l?. ***7" * nn iTki? ?Wi'* m toent*. and who may he *1 ?eat part in the ereat of a-h^i.nJL"11 * pfT>"' AViaedtr tow RupKoldf, 17,^1,1^.. main*, with Ibeetorption ? ,h, ? beogbt by Meeera Aaber. h<?Ai?l^r. ,/ihT. i I^ !TT" dtoprwelof by awetnei at a, r- f jT'l* nee mrg Ptr^. tbr m?e imenXTl^a/ ?t to 'etna kid list ar tho? Ibe Prn-.i, *ey ilermen or ft.relgr artewtlhc inet i it.,.iThaaton il. ^ to1*tor?t tmel wTL, to Ihto to glee order* ibr purehaalsg toe oh to of it rv? ptnorty ? i n by Ibe Utere*e<j to h,.o?| wrr?B, f2f Wrl' ? ?? h" -Id. and the fr^V. ?d BnmNldl wtl thne hare.,,^J ?"inl/u^ ?orh artoh* ar Bull their tar I . an I lb. r one. M.tr1 ;T1T ?>"'?"? ^ 'be de^: am , ^ ?7. --.*7!rr*T."***' ,r*r" t?rem-uel in U aeorn. to- rgTe ^ h,"-? -?Nwlt?- ??< peer ol-flrd ,r to beenr*e*| 1 want of publieity g'roa to an latorrat ag rale like the ?bcv( A catalogue ought to here been pub lished several moolbn before it took place, ao as to hero beti distributed ell over Europe and America. Hi i" Levi' afforded the owner the advautsge of the competition which would undoubtedly here urisen from rerioua quar tere; 1 tie trad of which, only e meagre nottoe wee given to ihe Heme newspapers about a week ago, end no do tailed prospective* have an j et been circulated. From ihta notice, which contain* a few partioclara, I will ex tract the mort prominent object*. In the Bret place, there ia e collection of 13A Sue engravingi, etching* ml wood cuts, amongst which are some br the moat cele brated matter*. Next to theae follow drawing!, one of which la particularised aa representing the tree of Cortez, at Tscubaya. In Mexi o, tketched by Hiklebrand. A menu script note by liumboldt mentiona that under this tree Ooru i- collected bla retreating forces, drircn out of Mexi co la the Kocht trUte. A collection of water oolor paint lugs of much tntereit comprises the likeness of Hum boldt, taken by Signora Gugliotti, In 1866,and a portrait of the venerable philosopher at hie writing dank. Among the lithograph*, fifty-tour in number, a aeries of view* by Count Schlk th-n, and a panorama of the H:ma layah Mountains, taken on the snot, and forming a grand tableau, are the most remarkable The oil painting* n clode portrait* of the royal family of Pruneta, of many distinguished author*, staler mec artists, Ac., and par ticularly of Humboldt himself at various periods of his lite The photographs and penotypoa also contain many unique specimens of art. Of this works of sculpture, a colossal hunt of the deceased tn marble, by David D'An gers, deserves especial not.oe; there are so casta of tt extant, and tt has been valued at over 2,000 thalers Then there are medals and coins of great price, chiefly Cresents from the late Kmperor Nicholas of Russia: a lock of malachite, weighing 1TK pounds, presented by Prince IkmtdoOr, Humboldt's desk, with his writing ma terlals, Ac., a* they were left at bis death; a oollaot on of 100 diplomas of all possible aosoi mtss, unirerslUra and learned societies; finally, toe mathematical instrument* which be made use or personally tn his extensive *. .en title labors and travels Letter from Abd-el-Kader. The followu g letter (literally translated from the Ara bic), so highly characteristic of Use Illustrious exile, bat been written by Abd-el Kader to Ootonci Churchill, at Beyrout:? After the usual compliments? Begging you to accept the express :oos of my great re gard and perfect consideration, as well aa of my longing and aflectton, 1 acknowledge your dear and welcome let ter, which I, your Mend, have perused, offering thanks to the Almighty for the newt or your desired preserva tion. I have, indeed, been flattered by what you have alluded to, and upon it depends, no doubt, the well being of all I hope that tranquillity will soon be ratored. I must nevertheless confess that all I have done must be considered as falling short of what I could have wished. My only object wa* the preservation of life and property, but tbe raging flames consumed all that the bands of my men could not reach, which u a source of the deepest re gret to me. At present things are quiet hare. People are waiting an opportunity to ton,.rate, for srant of lodging In the meantime a euflirteut security Is bein;; sflurde 1 RstrtbollH cannot surely be far oil', for the Imperial just ice on every accoi-nt calls lor It, as by It alone can the empire be maintained ai d consolidated. Procrasttamtion, how evtr, should not be allowed to delude the musses I hope you will favor me always with your news. I beg you will accept my heartfelt thanks, favoring ma with what ever I c*d do for you I pray the Almighty to preserve and guard you. Tour sincere and devoted friend, ABO EI, KADER, sm> of Mebl FMaen. (L. 8). D*kA'<TB, 2b Mohurrum, 1,277 (August 10,1800). The Dmrleit Carnal. to MB BDrron or thb iLbonnaTTO london kzwb. N,.wrows rvutm, Lososord. Ireland,) August 29, I860 / I obaervo In your parliamentary report for last Ibara day that I ord Palmeratoc, In answer to a question on Ike subject by Mr. Brady, replied that there was no political diflicuity whatever to the execution of a canal aoroan the Isthmus of Darien, hut that, on the contrary, the British, kreucb. and American governments were very dee Irons that a ranal should be cut across that isthmus Hla Lord ship, however, further stated that the officer in Charge cfthi surveying expedition of 18(4 gave it aa his opinion that the project was Impracticable Having be> n engaged on the expedition aa surgeon of her Mkjrsty'e Ship hpltgle, and having on sevoral occa ?Iocs accompanied Commander Patsnoe, of ber Majesty'* survey log ship Scorpion, on bis survey, I beg leave ta stale a fact of which his lordship was cot aware namely, that after the officer In charge bad left for F.ogland, la Aisil, 1844, to report on tbe tmpractkwbllity of tbe canal. Commander Parsons discovered and took toe bearings of the valley, wbtcb the ecptnecra bad fklled to discover, end laid tt down in bis chart of Caledonia Harbor and Port Ksc eaes, published by tba Admiralty tn September, 1844, and to be bad at Mr. Bates', tbe cbartaallor, 51 Poultry. The verification of tbe existence of this valley, the 60 trance of which looks towards tbe north wee I end of Lis ten!; Islands, in Ckledouia Harbor, completely removes all doubt of the practicability of the canal; for, with the exception ol about three miles, which are crossed by tbe CbrniMera, he rest of Ike line presents every facility for the eicavattoo of a canal. Now, since tbe Uordiuera, though appearing aa a backbone,from a dlatanoe, is really interwecteo, apposite Chicdmta Bay, by a valley, all Im practicability, or even difficulty, disappears; sad tba statement of tbe eslstanoe of a valley In that position, published by Dr Cull ? In It 2 as tbe result of bla peri our and persevering explorations ta 1349,1840,1M1 and 1842, ta proved to be true. Having myself dtatmctiy seen the valley, sad baring tested Dr u. lea's orginal statements, wbtoh led to tba organtsa>too of tba expedition, and always found them to be strictly accurate, I have no brstiattsu tn repeating tbe opinion I* long since expressed, that. If Dr Ottttm bad been pmntibd to guide tba exploring party, the result of the exploring etpedlUoo would have bnco completely suorsmful WILLI tM MciWKUOTf, PVKMMIAX. MY OMR WltHIIN'l TO ADOPT A HRALTRY MAUI nan bear of f* in* Ihalr XV child, o?-a taaak old o! A mar nan parama*# oaobrarnf ? -at thai wtah by addrrB n* A B. 0 , attuoa R gtvli 4-YOrR NOTR WAS HOT HR<"1U VRn CNTU. . laturda;. rcsarq'iBiUj I di not *o to thf M ?cum Writ* a*a?i auon T. FflKR 111 BAUD nOPPMANM. PKOM BBC Mum OK (OKA nan>). la brraby rnquaairl In makr Ma waaraabnatt knoam to tha <mdarat*c*d. who haa raeatead tm porta, c tiawn far Ma. Wbrn I at brand from, a UM. ba Hand In K4U Ah arrrua, M. Y. Aar tnfiwmattoa la rrfiH tolbaal I Baas ?tU ha thankful!; rm#4?*d bj K Row-Bank. 140 dnadwar IP oath a rink ok Hannah drmcol wiul call Id Fourth atraaAtharwUi aaa lhatr aid (MM fraa Ma Rrtrm. | NPONM ATION WANTBD-nP OATHABINB KINNA J arMir nf h'lprnkoa, Bounty l-lmartak Ir*mnd Wb*n l?? bran] o? ab* rti?a*rd aa a domr.ti , about 11-a* a alba a*o, tntn lb- taB r or tha Htalara lit M??r , Mnu inn nrM ? lib a niaa wht r*rr tbr nam* of Palrtrk KrMna. *M fair IJ third mnrt who la onl lo b* fcua* hi tha n*t*h <orho>?1 tnf Information rm>r*r:itn? bar *111 ha thai kfnilr racrlrrd al tha ?K.yr toMitntlnn. or by b*r afflicted uoalf. Mlrbtel, aloppta* a lib Mr Mnrtna 401 Ninth ?tm*t Notick -IP IJCWMI B jonrn. nbpbrw op iobm Brhnhiftoil. of h?wb*ru. North Onroilnn. will adtrrm a taiiarloA B boa 6*1 Nrw York I'md idtae. Maitaa hte wbara ahmtta ha will ba Infi raw nf a matter a'aalli to Ma luti r?aA ORAM KM. WH WAN ON BOARD 11IR t'RU* a >K A. 0 whrn abr rapt* rod tha Bo*nta p'eaia ctU oa lhaa. L Bra?:ard. II Wail unrrt. w 1U. KB OH A ALBA OB POBBAB BONBB NBRD Ma i i*i ? k? tha Park Hotel Baw fork A. D IA ANN ASTRO LOOT. Am bona ftdb abtboohuht. that ikbat oka oak ? da,.rod oa. w Madam WILNON. whn la I la tha ouaat o> MiBMMBMMMflBBMR Wflbap k rtaM aa anno aa MR aolar aar rrowi li'aa Wii raaiaat aatmlorlw that r??r waa know*. Mba will i^^H Ma powara of bar wonderful aatanaa. aad tell ?U tha anH roar wh->lB llfa Han praahalotw arr ar> Irar that tha ainyi-i* a*?ry of that anaaail bar. R-tea ladtaa aa; rat a BtUa UHK thumb tha; raad am faar Mr aha craahiai amhlaa >.<a wha la rwrairllaabla to phlVwnphara All ah. mid wmwall tMa W? w-mdar ul aad aanlartnaa ad; Han ?drn* baa M hi fall, aaa aha air an > aa; oa* who aaa aqnal bar la tha ab>wa wdawaa N . IB I luu Of Ik. aa lab man* Ml la na< i la lhatr air act Tmlt i iwact Trnli our Ma b* aa. BtMilaaap ifip Allaa atnwA. br aaap. <ww Ma bah aar *m i. ^?fONINHINO.?MADAMS MOBBoW aBTBNTb A |04I?1 bar* with a aaa! aw* *ln of foraawht lalla ha* ?nan and Btea pea wRI marry. and maa aa-wta. a?a* you am HNM (YLAIhVi TaNi'B-MRN btYBOl R ? WAOIPal J CiaTTOj ant Rraw.a MB Por.'th at-rat two b o< ?a w?m of Ri'oadwat Tba moat rrtti o irMlnal and - ula' ?? a.wn'a tmnadar aud arnrlaa aa* parfeat taUaftedno nvwlna* al war*, or no p?r tab?n MADaMK RaNTRY CAR INPO M IIKR 4 A AT frtai*? aa* (ba rttb'l" on all tha ?rrnta of ll'a, tha aaaA bfraant aa* f..torr to lhair antlaa aatMp-rtmn -d>a '-?ia a~ Man', ohahaann.qoal If ; nu wtnh tea tr> lb ?t*a bar ? aaO. at No M Tanth ?rarnia batwaan ;bnt> f.innb an* FMrlr fifth atraate la 11a* S3 a*?ta pantiantru not adwntnt M ADAM BURT BAN RRMOYBO PROM M ATTORN BY _?n~x In 11* II. ? a w ?r?? a p tela Lb*bra Nha ?UI eomtInnaa In tell of ln*a. n?r iari tha munhar ka5b Do am fnrpai i KB?WHO li A h BOY HFaBD op THR OTLKNRa . te* Nndaeia PRRW TR f b-a baa barn cr w .'u*I h? thrawnaaa In imp an I mbar rdWa ?Hh amir. annWv-uo< Nha . faalp mwlldant *ha ha* aoaa al Ma th> o?mr V fntnr* wtfr nr hna'and. alan thai of bar *ttetar If ;< ?: * tab tba Iratb *lta bar a rail al 151 rap* aaanpa ai n rwts.; Iw atraat India* hi naRta faotlamaa ?| THB ??! iTRNT WtiNPFB I* TT1R RO||,fi-RAB r*la? ?an?*loa al Lba 11 teat (at to Taa Wi-ahmaa O'l bod aaa lba h*Banna aalaaa! 1 ? aa, Wlraa Urn -taa, pirur aid P-o*hlnna Otia b ndmd lhr?*and d.iUbm w nth arid arart waak at antelon p-toaa YHOVn* A AO A B IF. Mil fi-wrn. i aad Ml Mitarar a raata RIPHKfikRA AMRNIOAN. B1 ROPBAN and WRNT INDIAN U prr*R Noa 4 aad ? Rrnaifwap, <Y* *wr from Wall Pnaha*aa aad Pt-aalae' a ! drorrir too* frrwnntad hrrrar* ?teamar lo all parta -1 Ron j a tba W"f?t In t'aa Afrtra and hf tba martanid n-.ta to tha Rad IndlOA 'Tma and ?c<>itba KaaRi nrwrriml from ?ttrnpa and f-t.aral %grr,rj b- aaNkB eoawoelad em lha moat aanttaha trrma MltNTBPTt.RB. BIbW A SDN TO PRRWIN,, ABOtTY RRYOYINO-WTU. FI"D IT TO Nha!r a'?a?"?t? V'i*l| ? !>???? artr t rllt.n*** Noa MS and T btop Wtaa ord No to \ ?rta* *t-aat pmirhoaaa Wapona for raBo.Ht* famliiaa In is# a , i.itrr or rttt i'*rm at ? !1 !??>:' khtda ?f at at ft |dat.' '?-ta< InoAIn- (i.aaaa and La* paioltopt "irw>1 -*tb aa-a nod nt oar Haa *1 kind* of fiirhlltira | arkfd and ahli - ?d to all t aria rf ife mnr\ 4 ' ' T OOGbflHMItH. ?Irraan fn* ftirMtuflh T OOCbftHMI 11> Prqirtattw ? PDI(T1Nf> rtANCT* NTTT.KA No I rK.'K NI.fF Haa THb

larpawa and ahidoar tanritroi <1 |vw* n tba w aid ><41 f r ante nod ?ri NtMrr'a lofa-t'dhl* Mn- ra Or* nod flat Bttrrnaltakn- *P nanta oar hoaala Dopn hoaraad trajntel hr MftWlMR PIOPON BATON TOR ?llO ttrrWRYV TAYIOR A?D Rattr. on Wrdtta-dn- Raptaanhar M. a d (lr*a>? ort rnra f raar W?* '? Hmal <'<?*; la'and raad SYhiHtewr. ba ?R tha |ro?w. w JO araaaarh far nai BOARDING AHD LODGING. a SPLENDID hl'.T OF BOOKS TO LET-WITH PK1 A vale Uvble, also k frw Mingle Ho mi. for |ilIlM W. with Or dlUtnal bwmt, u 1,124 Br? e. ? ?y. bet? een T worn> illtA end Twenty fcUiii iCienU, urn. Fifth Avenue Hotel. A FINK BACK BOOM WITH OAS, PANTRY AND bath, (iu second llnor, to let, furnithej or uafor OlAc-d. also, k flout ltoom. on tli.rd floor UenUeiucw fk:..* q ,. t, coiufn table home# for the winter. csn secure Ureal y c?'lirjr At 120 Greene street, amonii door trom Prince. A private FAMILY OP THKFK PKI'.SONR. OrTUPY tuft on Enirloti basement Loa n in A do? rtht? neighbor hem- would Add to their l wllvteo more persone. eitn*r ? gei.l.rmAr. r.nd w ife or tvo eu,"!e gentlemen of social du>p i i Ihjua, who would like u home In ttfc true hecie. Ttu- object of the advertiser le more for socio blhtv than gain To those weo Ait m eeerrij of the uhovw a note AddieeAtd to bat 1.M8 PoM ( tfi e will meet with Attention Ah rri or h an doomkly furminhid BOOMS on Broadway to let to mnttemeu, also Angle rooau. Hot And cold wAter, gee, Laine, Aa House tret cIaaa tn ever* KKgaulAr. Good Attend mow. LocaUoo unsurpassed, 833 between Twelfth etui Thirteenth streets. Akew viby desirable nicely ruRNisHBw Rormg to let to gentlemen with or without partial Boon# The bouse contains ell mfxlcrn NtMltMt Apply At SIS Fourth fctreel, near Lafayette pUce. A I AROK ROOK. O* THIRD PLOOB. TO LET-WTTH Hoard tn a gentleman and wlew two Angle gentlemen, At it Irving o ere eoruer of Fifteenth street A PRIVATE FAMILY Ha furnished, bslroov. psnL-v i genlletnen, without board Lresiti HAS A HABnnOBK ROOM. __ ' And gge. In let, to one or two genlletnrn, without board" break lost tf desired, location unci orpin able. Apply at SI Went Twenty etits street, & few door* from Sixth evenue. Term moderate. A FN ALL FAMILY. WHO OWN A HOmt* WITH THB modern im nocwiciiM wish to let for the winter com 'ortably fnrniabed Rooms with or without Board, to gent'e mro. or gentlemen and their wives. Inquire at 241 Madison mree- between Jefferson end CUnion i A LABOR HANDROWJC BOOM ON THB SECOND floor with put try. na Re., tn let, with Board; two par am s t? Hmiaa firMelsn,; rood table Also, more Rooms If required reiuenahle. No 149 South Eighth etreei. oae dnar went of Stx'.b street, Williamsburg, only three minutes' walk from ulllhe femes A PRIVATE FAMILT, having MORE ROOM THAN Uiey require, would lets few'Rooms to single gentlemen, or grnUrmen and their wives, with full or partial Board Gas anr Lath in house. Apply at 128 Christopher street, corner of Bedford. Aprivatr famit.y, haying a FURNIAHKD boom sod Bedroom, erisbeeto let it to a gentleman sod bit wif ' or a couple of slr.glr get tlemen, without board LncntlOM pleasant. Terms moderate. Apply at 2*7 West Tbtrtlsth St. Apkiyatk family haying mors room than Ibey require, would lake n few single vreUrmen, or a genl.HiPA'i sou wfe to board, or would let pari of the house cheap in k good tenant Cad at 12b Christopher street, oomsr of Bedford street. a PRIVATB FAMILY WILL LET A HANDSOME FUR A rwbed Itedro m, with gas for $? per week, by applying at L*f> Wnoater etreeu References excbanged A LADY AND OENTI.EMAN CAN FIND LARGE COM fnrlablT furnished Psrlore. on first and second doom, with partial Board for lady, gas, pantries, and all the freedom of an own home No boarders or children. Apply at 172 Greene ?treat, near Bleecker A WIDOW LADT, HAL TNG MORE BOOM THAN SHE A. i requires. would let one Room oa the fi -et floor, and one Boom and two Bedrooms on the second floor, furnished; hot ardrold water, gas. grates; In a genteel, quiet boose. Can give lbs bWheat reference aa to respectability. For farther particulars li quire at Y7I Wast Twenty third street A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE. DESIRING A QUIET A geou-el borne, ran be aecomm vised with a Pari r sad Bedroom, and private labia or provide their own table If they wish A lac Rooms for gentlemen. Apply at 37 Baal Twenty ?evtnlb street near Madison avenue. A SUIT cr HANDSOMELY FURNINHKD APART mroia, auitable for two gentlemen and wlv an. or a party of staple eentlemen. with Boat) in a select family; situation pleasant convenient nod terms moderate; reference required. Apply st It . rx'ngtoo avenue, corner of Twenty math street FRONT PARI .OR AND TWO BEDROOMS, WITH board, one be obtained by aingie gentlemee or a gentle sad wife i the bouse bus ell the n " ? _ modem Impro references given and required. Apply at IS Ureal J< ? ?'per week for a handsome Parlor and Bedroom, with full or partial Board may And a pleasant home wkk a email private family, la a modern house, pear corner of Twenty ?awn d street end Seventh avenue Add rem Delia, bni 178 Herald office A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE FAMILY HATING leased a very fine Aral class hones, an* having i room than tbev require, wnu d like to have one or two geetl- - men who could appreciate sueh with home comforts. Onll at 91 Macdougal street, above Bleecker street, soon. A HICK FLIT OF UNFURNISHED BOOMS TO LET, with Board, In n beautiful IncaMoa up Iowa, ea I able for a email genteel family. A en one or two Booms, farutehed or unfurnished suitable for a gentleman and wife. Apply at 124 West Forty second street 4 NT A BK* OF ROOMS TO LKT?SUITABLE FOB families, with Board, ie an English basement bouse. I driver et t o'clock. References required Aesly At M Weel Twelfth street (late 10T. between Fifth and Mitt avenues. A RRANOKMBRTS CAM MOW, BE MADE FOB DE A suable Rooms, with Board, at'107 Waverley plena, near Woehingimi square Ah gentleman and wtpb wish am untue | nAhed Bern with Beard, bms-tm .from Thirty llik to Flitieth vlreeia end Fourth V EkgjUi aveouret terms mode rate. Add rem, for throe days. Is. Herald office. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, OR A COUPLE OF A Angle gentlemen may be arrommodated with Board sad ink of Rooms in e private family, refercxiwe required. la ? _ . ^ ? " "* quire st IS West Twenty eecuml street Imeeee SUth and Seventh avenues HANDSOMELY fiFTRNIBHBD PARLOR AND RID I room In rent, Board for the wieter, also deetraMe Reno ? for single gentlemen Is Lbs flrvt olaea house 96 West Tw'i'lh street, between Fi/ik and Mils aveousa Dtaner at Mi o'clock. A I.A DT AKD ORWTLBMAH, OK A PRW SIHOLB ?Mliamaa cm t * vrmnoltiM W.u Board Luiuhtrrowt nppnAta HL Jnhna part. AFI.I ABAFT i.T PURHISHKD ROOK, WTTH If A A b> mart*. and Irretn. no tha Am Voir of a hoops wNb mod or i lap ininopoto. to l?t toon# er lira i> all aw as; taraaa aerf reaeoaefcto. Apply at l*t PlrA arawur, oaar tU. Marti plana A* ll.HOAflTl.T PTKHIBHRD SUIT Of ROOMS. OH armnd Annr nf a Aral elaaa bo-an. will ba tot Inula or ap?Mrlp aod with Board Mwbbt at At. Apply at Ha Ul (naw munbrr IIP Klalh atraat. wtal of and naar Broadway Aladt utiho alomr, hamro hofk booh than aba reqntrwa would Ilka to a-monnodata a paatla map and lady with a furnl bad monm Hoard far Um lady ' n'r Address Qulatudr. MM odlnr f r two days 80ARD-A PBtTATl PAirt.Y C AH AOOOHHO dalra faw pa-tlaman wllb saaiiy fan. r.,*.l It?l aitb*r aiib rr wbbnA partial B ?rd be:h. gap Ac ,lr rpirrnapps a.rbauaad 11' Bart Shiny drat orat* Board.?to let wrrn board, a bach rook op erenod fonr. wiih Sadroeto, watar aod paatrr,* Wrrto bedroom, ta a browa swwr fro*: bnnar. I LI Waal Pit tiaih AraM.nrlS wan BtpMhapd Htotb era nana Tar ma modarato- Rafaranraa riehatpnd. Board ,-w ?frt pourtrrrtw ptrrrt. hhtwrkh Plflb and Milk rraaam Haodmma auMaof Rouma far laaUbaa Alan, atopto Rooms for gaallamaa. DO AKD ?JFRT TACATBD, A RCTT OP ROOM IH A IJ Aral ebu bowaa ta Pounaanth atraat. batwaon Wraadway aad mitb araaur Addraaa X. t. X ., Oatoa square Pm ??re Board -to urr, wtph or without hoard, ih a pnrAs ftoaHt a larpa blab Haaamaal acKahla far aphr ?urtaa. alaaa toww tar a Am* paillawaa Apply ad BIS Ptfbk Hoard -to urr with board, two bhd eookr, nor parlor and attopAna. aad no* larpa beat roam. ? nltobla for a pai Oamin and wtfa or Aa?ia t??i>ma. Par lira waking lha mm* a 111 plaaa* apply at Id Iw ~nrli lalb Arnai. I-too*. ai f> P. M Vrma ?*r? mndrrato. Board?a uuTavn ard win, or two or thraaTC r? grnl'rwnn nan oMala fi rnlahr-i Rrauinl Rnard u 11 ? .ra' Araat, la a rasp a Valor Amrrtran faaUly. Trrma mndrrato OaR|*-aT JS PTUT\P*ART bTRRKT. oomwrA i Una of Aemrplav Two nr thrap Anplr r*a?l*m** r?B a anr -"rmnd.'nd wbh atopla nrVoubla R nai la a naw hfliwa. wb*r* Ib.wa or.i nf a irmrran bp found aoatrmllWto r?re and A?r' ? Al*u aynnnt lady B lOAHP-A PA PUT Of TTIRhR OR POrR PRR I a na ran b? anromwndadari la Iba baA si; la with R mrd. an1 ParUr and Itndmnaa timet. with ? small family, ao nAar hnertlnre lakm apply A SB Warrriay ptora. near Rpppptoap. BodRMRO -ma WR*T# tabwtt third PTRRBT, fiir*iab*d Knriwa t* tad vtihboird for pawUaaaaa amd Wif* mum old n'atort. Rnr*r*noae arrhasfPd BOARDIHO? UARiR AKD H VPDSOMB ROOVB OH Iba anon d and Iblnd Annr- snwah a for pan upwd bad rorma to Irt ri bar f imtaaad rr ? fnrelaaaM. wRfe I i aad tbatr ?traa nr toainpla pantli ma Unqapa imaMa rrfamanaa fftora aad rpqiurpA Apply ad Ml BaadbA Bn?PPTJ?f?-A PK All, PAW I.T. OOOUPTIHO A hmiaa rapiad* with owlaan 'mrn.i nmaaW. would n'aadia lam (xnilrmrn wbn alpbt ba dlapnaad to pay llbarally for b?mr nntolnria Tt a 1 rxUna la r? Iba ro-na of bolb rarp aad ii<f ? brra bwi aanai rrapmiaSIa pantaa pa*d aaoarar Tito i M A naa raraly nOarwd. AddPPto t, Q Ifwald IPN IoaPH AT "TORI TO UtT-RRRT UOW, HO. BM, bn|. w !i'0>ann rnraad, a tr*l rlaaa Raar. wbb taro la fo B plain plaaa ab m aladowa and mlltof ima ah't. _ Ai pty na iba p.-amaaa rr at IS Raatou Araad, room U HOdRD Df>WR TOWH -HO 8 RRn aDWAT. OPPORITR RrtAimt Ofton P'nyla r*i', Irmrn nr famll.aa allbar prrmanml rr iraaAtoit. naa ba ?. romatnda'nd tt talifaba (mirnriuAa rklaRr of matoo Island aad Rr Ah farrlaa aad aapw Ru-iaa. Board wartht-por a mtjioij aohd btkolh lad*, In i i rtralr bna dlnr n ? a* In ba r.pjmr pari A iba eRr; rafrraa-ra nabananA add aaa W.. Hadwaa f? Poa idiira. Boa Rb WaRTBD BT A PaRII.T op hioht phb anna, f rr ad'iba l?" rbtldran aad a watttap maid; Ihay wimM A* In Inrato to Rmnnd ar**'i?, S**??a M*?h aad Pnnriaablb air**!*. Addraaa Baraaat. A Olwwpa'P bnnbAara, m IIroadway ^ HOARD waatrd-rt a rorwo ?Rim.RHAR ahd b'apwdbr- in a abiMlr P?ii*l? faiallr; a Parbwaad law Hadranpn pwrH? fnrwlabaal. laraia not In atanrd STB w m wth nrbidiop |? aid Ar*. rafararapa atnbaapad Addraaa far ?brandayaH * Oaratd 'dim Board WaNTRD?Bf A OBHTUHBAf ARD hik apn for tbrwiator a^W fPnd partor and badmaii na >mi At* In a ?ra* ?#l# b vardmp boa or b b?*l, rrMl aririia.aid p-na'a labia Adnraaa atoilap panto clan pad liiwi h.d.t Hill I'AnA* ___ JOaRD *?A?TRP-PoR TPP TTRTAR RT A LAPT * witata" nl. ran a-drf'id'a r na* ta Bmnplyw. Obfl ?** a#r*a ?<*? a-d ? fab aa* rlab! taaiw Aarr*aa fn? ana ?ah J. ? " Brno lyo or Una Ho 3 0S7 Raw rah PnM rffl'a I A RD WaRTPn?POR dflPWTl.RVAR WTP* AWn told rlrb- ya?.n nid a larpa B'rnaa-1 <'bpm?aa and aaaall A.'dolnp R'aw Add?m ft, P. R . Rot ROll npM pHpr. wtto ?PmaaW PABRR Rwa? B ^Al iMRO ROD lil)?OP?! BOARD WANTkti-TN A PRIVaTK FAMILY l'RB ferred. by ? grnl'.vtuan, wl(?, dei ? hler tee nial wrvauu' urtrii ( e of washing; two or three would be wuited, price 100 month. ACJruas U B-. Herald offiic. B'VARD WANTED?BY A OBNTLEMAN, WIFB, OHIU) and L?T?, laralan. between Twenty Udrd at d Forty Gflb Htrw ta and FK A and kiyhth avenuea. Addreaa with rwerma and 'ull particulars *s regards locatiun of Booms end term#, which n uat be reasonable. T. W. K Herald office Board want*h?m a small pbivatk family. by a young married genllnuan and kit wife; a well fur Dlal.ed Kacui and Bedroom la reunited. with fall Hoard Infla tion n uat be between Fourteenth and Thirtieth streets and Fourth nid Sitih aveouee. Reference* exchanged. Addreaa Trebor. Maoiaon square I'oA office BftO EI Th .-FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET, WITHOUT board, comfortably furnished. with a> eoauaoaatlooa far keeping hour* anil cooking. In a privals house, Mo. 31 Ulcka ?tree I, a few minutes' walk from U>e Fulton ferry. Board in bboobltn -fibe. pleasantly situ eird Rooms end aond Board arttliln Ive mlnutei' walk of rl ker Wall street or Fulton ferry, oaa be bad by early ap plication at 147 Uleka atreet TJOABI) IN HROHKLYM.?ONK OR TWO UKNTLKMBN D can be accommodated with pbaaant Kooma and partial Hoard, on reasonable terms, at 44 Naaaau atreet, trat bouae from War kin* loo atrret. Befercneca required. ? Boakd in bboobltn-at n btatk htrkkf' between Clinton and Henry atreeu; Ave minutes' wa'k Irwin Wall nreet and 'outh ferrlea, a front Parlor and Bad ranoi adjol line na aoeond toor unfurnished or newly fur niabed. until May next and longer, If dertrad. Belorenoea given and reounied Board in Brooklyn.?a married couplr. or two airfie gentlemen can obtain Board by applying at ?6 Hickj atreet. Brooklyn BROOMK STFBBT, OONYBNTKNT TO THB BEOOND and Third arcnue and Grand atreet Magna, Board for gentlemen and their wives aed aingtc gentlemen, a'ao a few day boarders. Term moderate. Apply at 2W Broome atreet. Board in and their wlvea or a few stogie gentlemen can And plena ant Kooma and good Board at IM South Oxford atreet. Convenient to B Board in Brooklyn?a obntlrkan and his wife, or a taw a login gentlemen, may And dealrabla Bonma. wlib Hoard at 108 CUnton atreet. eornar of State, noove nient to Wall atret and South ferrlea Kefereooea required. OABD IN BBOOBLTN?A PRIVATE FAMILY, RE > airing In a handsomely furnished house within Ave ml autna' walk of i he Mouth feiry, can accommodate one or two in mates for the w inter No other boarders taken. Apply at M Cougreaa atreet. four doors from Heery. BOA BP OK BBOOBLTN I1KIQHT8 ?A OBNTI EVAN and wife and two or three single gentlemen can be anoom modalrd wHh Monti and pleasant Bonma, In a email family, at 18 Willi,w Street, lirooklja Heights, between Fulton and Wall street (emeu BROOK1TN HEIGHTS-A UHOIfTB OF ROOMS TO let. vrl h "ivi'O, auitahle for a family or gentlemen; the bouee |a plaaamM ly livated. haling been newly painted, and will be neivlv furn shed throughout. References exchanged. Apply at 87 Henry street BOA * PINO HOIISBK BKPKRH?NOTK'R.?FURNITURE to rent, for board In return, sufficient lor a four atwy house. In a commanding location. A suitable party will be treated with liberally. Please aldrens ?. H. H.. Herald office, giving your addreaa DBPIRABLB FURNISHED ROOMS. WITH BOARD, ?unable for gentlemen and wlvee or single geatleaaea; a bo a pie .sent hall Bedroom The bouse has all the modern Improvements. Apply at 407 Fourth street References et ekanged. DESIRABLE HOMB NCR THB WINTER -PT7RNTSHBD Apartments with or without Hoard from S3 to M, la a ?tie three sU>r? high gloop bouae, with modern Imurovamsota. wel. located In South Brooklyn, Ave minutes' walk from the ferry; a handsome suit of Rooms coeaaUng of back pari*, eiteosbai, lea room, drnaalig room and small bedroom, with Brutaela carpet on all, to let. to a respectable couple or two gentbwen, wita Board, at tio per week for both. References gt\an and required Addreaa B. W^, Ilerald offioa. BLBOANTLT FTRNItHBD PARLOB AND BEDROOM, alee a single Room for a gendeman, with or without par tial hoard House in Aral clam locatim, wHh gas. bath. Ac. Bo 4# Twentieth street, bet wees Fourth avenue and Broadway. ART BROADWAY, NO. S2S.-A QBNTLBMAN AND wife, or two single gentlemen, ran obtain furnished ~aa and Board, at t? Bast Broad way. House furnished. artth all the modern Improvements. References inquired and ; JJIURNTMIKO ROOMS. "^toJSnln"; ^?}S3:a yXTdnb. Apply at 1? >UUi aranon. , ,n uTcTTTn r no IK 8 HO IaBT.?A FKW VIET OEPTE ?UJ Board, oab be obulnad b] app?y1*? at U? *?? ? lew door* w*?t of Sroadwa/ ks^gBmaaasr --"' i ^?SSSSS is^A'ass'Jsnt hma GUmRMKN AJHJ W1VBB OB ?IN<?1 K QENTLBMBN Wtibr?dtabla ?? .ray. ??d muraApply at U Aahlaat ptaw. (Is dooid fldPi OrddddMB Viua Ml?r?ww''>'M't . i u iiitRI'T PARK, NO. 80 BANT TWHITI-filOT it M^ -lbaknMily furnlabad .u*oj Room. oa anooad 5?r. wuTprl'^ UbW. II damrrd. a'?n * ''?'??, P*?* Emm for rnylr yaotiaiMB. Bcardan bar* prtrilaga of part. HKfiwm rrgairod ___ ?rLNA?Aim.T?rnr H Wrm T wanly ni?U r ata<fo gnatlrmaa; tha Xratlrmm, tba mproreaaarta; S^Tof bnuartaapta? aad laMa KOHL* DBMBABLB AOpOlfMOnATIONN TOR FABT l^.rin^rC??Sik?al UHA*Mart'a plaoa, ati daon Mtkl MSt of Kaeood aaaona. Mr* NArrwro nATtTO J*^J2?VJm22? and araaaandlnoa boaae. 1M Btoartar^iaa^ tw^awea and! of Br^aaway ta ana ?*?<** TTdEE3 ? | ? ? boaidara. or Bocma wftkool btaid ? ?r?ma Ptnaar at t ir.s?S&3&333S& sac was s8?SAat?;?ja>? fataa?a a*w aad ta^awad. o"^vr?o~-?S V* wttb a larpa rtjr..STlt,uwj knard: a a-at a aaa ran ?^ff^'JIJ!^S5Lato- Far fanA-r pwitcuUr. apply *^ru -it <0 Nlatb aitaa _____ 0"*,. oa TWO TOO Nr. NKN. OB RRPPBOTARI.R LA r Ira ran b? a-enmmodawd wllb a otraaaal Iroat K mm. r_V" ? brrr ihrrr ara bat ?amr ta faaaUy Tana. m.*t+ ^un OaU at R'H Flrat atraat, tAlrd dnor. /^mToRTWOPINGLB MBNOAN BB AOCOMMOnATBP ( ) with a fprbakod I ?au51 Galbartoa mraal Taraa mo a?aln El RaPaRT WKU. rOBNTNHUn NO IT OF BOO** TO li^-To a (rotiraMB nr twa OW. famUyprtrV-. ?7\ J Ji bath. WaaAfml If daalrad Apply at U rat FA*ANT ROOK*. WPTH TOABO pan BB OR P Jwad.. a M*a ZZT'JEL r?wr? n?prt?>f ?ba labia. Ibaaar at o"Wora u m? -? rr?p,rtl"f U, NrraM rWa* ^antbp-rt a ,ws,^ anai^^or aJ^Ri^a^wanJB.a a aad TbTO ^^wXbtaT-raom. Xd^l?"bri'rrfr-r-rra aa v? "WWWtabWy.**? JJJulnlZ Addraaa for -h?ap day* A. U, dM Braadwa*. 'a ?*? rira Rrfrrwwwa riraanywd _ ? W*T'I la It BO. TO A OBRTIJCBtK t*0 T^J'T^a tarTTha-dw-nlr Am b\ m m**il famlH h?l f#w Wf^rxJM Mj*?. rj ST iSb N* 1 AWa?do? miaara. corarr of Ma.a aad Rlrarkar I ? ? rw 111, PRBWOH FANT1.T, THB TUli 2-/WSbb ? ??< fnn,^U: m iLinu- dSU* ?Mr ?w Ik'H rt-,1, r'.U*w- w ^ |? ?ar am iaAna tbalama* w-ain.v-n piaA NaJ*?r* r> *? W?d Niwmnlb *"* - -nv. n I AROR APT RIOKI.T U R*f*T*? RfK???", T^j?HwV?5.W a WOiy "IKJJ . aRNTIBMFN 0?LT. ROONd NBtTt.T r/S^LT^^iysStiiJ^W tydiatdNat'- ? ? T?, "? jfpggignar^"*8* ^ r'jfi-iaa'C'-nfaSrR-r'-s" VrCTpt r Apply ? ?*? *n?M?"?_ TTRION BOTK1. ANI> RBWTAOR*NT. 1W.O'MM ssssfesj#' OTgas sr?ar2taTOa??s!?.Sis L rwFrir bb wwi ? , 4 k fwAWiWfiB >**m t* Ite A1 <? wraia-ytnloa wtib IVwr-*. la % ^T^TL-jKtTad. b?a f.mllr. wbora <b? ^ if Mi l?-n Orteby of p*tiy 4rff*rif I? WW |JM" I -.ljliubBOH'Iiii n bo a nor* Wmm A*rri> BT TWO TOIT*^ wfc^rB^ rar maka ? a P'baly pr-*^ fa-nlif rrr'arrrd Tar*a tz?? sjssyAJSB? <?a */. i rar a PTBP? A FIB*T OR NWVWO "?l^a ? family If ih'iMiaKt aprnnahla Ad imp BWR Rafi-mwd-at MUUHBO AID umono. wantkd-a* rMruttNixuED room ro?tTw? ?l?lfr? who II* ru?i|j?d oat nil day, ?iua Board no HmZ. dor fo-ooe, full Boon) f<>r tfceiAher, terms tn be ? ? - - lorottan I et ween Fourth sad Thirtieth streets and Fourth Zl Forth nvwram. Address bremmaker. Ml Wool BiiieeaSh 16 WANTED IK BROOELYN-FOR A ORNTLEWAW ood wife wlibnut children, a furitlahad if *? with itrrahfaai. Apply at dot. Schmidt, ISO t?i~ - - Booth Brooklyn. ^ WAKTKD-BT A GENTLEMAN AND Win BOARS In a prtroar ramlly up town, with large Ron? ?a hi at 6% o'clock Price moderate. Bute location and larma. n drew F L, W., Herad o?cc. 5 BOND STREET?TO LRT, FURK18URD without board, to pontiff n only. HAMMOND STREET. HIAB WAVKBLKT PL AOS? Hecotid floor of a modern house to lot, with Htm' moderate terms; bouse 'coupled by * am all ton tool fa rnfereuors exchanged. Ittnocr at an o'clock, ootrania cara and stay. ? qn DNrvKRsrrr place-furnuhmd rooms is ZU lot, without board A autt partora. Nda wwiiad ids ?too. hot and oold water In aide room. and all nloely furniahsd, for two gmulwnco, or ytlemau and wife. Oil WKBT FOUR1SSNW 8TKRRT. VRAM PUIS Juu s*mue.?Board with handaome'y farptahnfl Snnam.In atiHaor stegla, bonaa Am elaaa brownatoee. UaaampRm abit mforaooe required QQ WEST ONION BQTJARR?TO LIT, WITH?* 00 Board, a large Roaaa and Bedroom "M"?i-r luiilaima ly^orniahod, both raoma fronting Onion square. MRU together or aaparately, and alao other Hooma rro tenth btrbrt near fifth atenwr 1 Double and stogie Ro->m? to lot, with Board, to rrainit able partita. Dinner at do'chuk ?' QQ ORKKNR BTRBRT. ABOVE BPRINO, 11 111 ? 5JO Houae ? Menu? furnished aulta of Rooma; aa OMm and rrrry onerrnittoee fur bouarkreptnc economical^, m Ocularly suitable for am all respectable f?or Agl) mmr Uemen. Rent tow to permanant trnanta m EIGHTH STREET, THRRR DOORS BART ? Broadway?Tn let, two large Partora, with ?? Roaaa attached If dretrad, fumiabrd or unfarnlabed; alan a nambar of other neatly (orniabad Rooma, with or without Board. **lfi fence reqnlrrd ICO PRINCE HTRKKT.?ELEGANTLY I III lllllll ? ii)U Parlor and Bed rooma, withy bath, Aa, to awn W two gentlemen; frun M to 16 jO per week. BLXECKRB STREET, OPPOSITE DEPAD ROW.? A baadaoma bark Parlor aad am all extension Rama wBh Board, farnlahrd or unfurnished; also Rooma tn iheTjourtb story, for young men; houae drat clam, raferawam 1Q() BTFEOKER BTRIET NEAR MAODOVOAIr ICA Bandaomaly furnished Rooma. suitable far famSton and Mart* yUamen, to loL with full Hoard Location piaaaawL with all the eourenleuoea or a hotel and the emfmia of a homes Piuner at 6. 210 BLM. NEaB SPRINO RTRRRT?MARI Houae.?Nicely furnished A paramenia, with 1^? oooktor utensils, arranred for eronoaalnal houssknaahm. ar suitable for atnrle gentlemen Meala furnlahad KAMI? xas tn rooma Rant na Wi reaoartahla tenants. 264 EAST TENTH STREET -TWO OR THREE 8TT Ung Rooma, with Bedroom attached, ml table far a yllaman and wife or two irni'lrmrui all m drni Imprntn menu. Pries W and ltd a week, lndudlag Am and lights. 405 767. FOURTH STREET. BETWEEN BROADWAT _ and Seooud areaue.?Two handsomely furnlabad auita of Rooma. on Arm and reeond floor*; alan hmlmma Rom for single (natlemen to let, with Board. Dinner at A o'clock. BROADWAY?EUROPEAN HOUSE.? 1PAMT _ _ mania in nutta. for families. and Mmgle Romas (or !?' Uemen are now ready for the wiuter aeaaoa Table d'hote al six o'clock. 659 BROADWAY ?TO LET. A VERT DRSIRABL second (loog, la enod repair, suitable for btudnaa aluh or fam fly. A most eligible lonatton. J Apply from A Is I A. M.. to Prwr. D. IJtOBOlX on the premSei BOTH L?. William mewtom, - , !,>? ABTOR PLACE HOTEL. BROAD WAT, OPPOSITE A Anew p ara?Thle hotel hubem neatly ctlirnl hw aa addition fronting oa Nellaoa plan, affording many trtow elegant nude of rncnta There la alai connected wfch tha hotel a fine carriage houae and alable. affording ererr facttkw hr Uwae wtrblog to keep their eetabllahaeata. Partin a l^tag to make arrangement# for the winter are deatrod to call aad examine three apartmanto FamUtoe Barret wtth piliato table# tf deatrad. WM.L-F1BM. Proprietor. ipOBT OBOROE HOTEL. WAffiUKOTOM FEflRIE-A JP new drtrr, a new road, houae located oa the axtraaaa aad of Tenth aeenne. the directooatlauatloa of Klnoahtgdale read, out beyond High Bridge A fine foreat rand tbrangh tha ao clnded aad rplendldly wooded rldgea at the tioperand af the Wand. Do tha autre day'a rule. HROUGHTON'R tat tieorge Hotel rtrah la catering and all proper ooaafartt aBE other road houae oa Maw Tort Inland H^hotel RT JTTLIBM, TOMPEIMHVTLLH. ? MMtoi ?Biil?? |?? 11 ftiT ?hwlaa* inBi I>1 the firat leading. To let for the winter, rooau for fMaiita tto ataglo gaaUemaa, with taenia aa deatrad. t Aittnon, n H^hotel board ?the proprietor op OWE OF H ? beat I "Gated turner, up town dratrtoa to aeenrn a Mm Red number of permanent (MM* oflero elegantly ruratahad Pto on aad Berronma. ha ring all the modern I'lWMialaatto wtto nil Hoard, at the rate of BU to fit per week f jp each parens. Table aad attendance find clean AddiRto P. T. B., Et M ETDEEAT HILL HOOBE. OOBMEB BUTE AllBf IWend Parttetb Mint ?Tbo aboro Hoooolaaawtoagtomtoto repair for fall aad witter boalreaa Paialhre Md Magto pear ?ana returning from the oratory Wtu da wed hp atHR iM PHAURADRPARK ?THK DNDRRHKINEn PoRMBELT ? pnf rtr*o? of Jraro' Wood, la be/py to rnf.wm Ma frtaaae ard tbo pohHr gecaralL that ho baa epoaed tar their rnu pM? Own * Price" ? wall hnnwn ranMoa"# at W tuba when. ?, me harbor aad toty af NFw Inrfc. The ondarMgned atoi recaH mmda hla ebetce Hnunre act aegaro; refratomaito raodTV all hcara of lb* da?. the dr< aruaent attended to bp MUmWrn waMoro. The enahlobmeat la alao well adapted for ?mtaij eraopaatoe. aad ootomoe a hiaahfal ahootag gallery. dWha and daechig aalaon. Pan lea of two haailradladwo ond |Titi ?ALEMTIMB IAOBL TH IP RT TLtnt H'TRIC U*R reenrmcrmtlt tub | n'nbed. with the rlow of aa.ktogh aaponahtt for inti men MBHMRR .taking Nmma at a to drr'lr prion wmid do weH In rail at the abort ho tea. Iff Prince Ml art Matoh rfSRATELLBRd. DR11E DIRECT 1 to twr atnTBRoirTAR nopm Rroadway, oomer of Ho* Mao Mi tot. cwdnated on lbs Mem pooa ptoa. R. E HEAD. Prop rioter. WEUIITTIMJL AH EASE OPPDRTTN ITT PGR PRRROHH IB WANT Owl ? drat oiaaa Ce hlaet ParnKara or Honaebnld Gonda af am I .irmpiinn The crate to of th" euTbly faramhad reWimmal No 1*CUuioa place la Kir hi* Mreet. a few don wet f I Hence, prime aale al mm h?'f iw^^H The aanjiluiani r j-rm for a gemeel and nri.Ale fan By. order A few of the loadtog article# Heron omaee '??"-d PUno Pwr aad Mtmol "rM??all rrjm ml,i otherOarptoe luaaamd. hloafc wataut aad mah? eaay Partrr. Dtatog ma aad Cham be- ParnKara rtah Win dow Draper", Mantel Otoaba. Reontea end DemreMnw. (Ml Patollaem. elegant Table Ware of all deecrlpMa w. Ac Ihaa K no end to tha catalogue Mnlbi g ana he aebed for font aw hanonot got, tan and aoo foeae 7 A. M todP. M. Ah fair psioMomuf fob rwiond hand mm M ??? ami (Wd> .to raady money All eaUa omaaaWp to dtotod to* AddramMi fafaa atreej, aarnar Perry A BEDROOM POTT OF ENAMELLED riBHIHWW A for MM to an oobwe af warranted manwforama Ahm tolM ghnatont r*?m ~?r Btoto, ptata aad nraaaaahM. to P*L RI MilTON tmrwewa li Uanal Mraat, oppoaMa WatotoM AH NT ONE WHO H AR PCPPfOIBNT PrRNTTDRg FOB ? a drat etaa. bmwe ard wwaea In dl-ponr ,f Soardlag R rmt. or br takti, a nurtjk'agr on It aad reoei rlnr the rahw bp mrtaheenla. monbly or aaartedr, won id had a pwehtotr. web the baMof aMp rafeaeucea. by addnaatag L H. R., He rald otoee EHnaMRuJd CflAMBEE H-iTR OF rdlNiroRfli la all erdnrs and Kflee el whnleeale aad retail At BM and uewae^a alao Natl-?a? and Pafotoato. WaRRKN Ward WT I aaal atreet Vhur drawn earn af Hmed wag EHpRNrrriB ?pcwwt TOE rbadt~monbtZa ^? ralne gtren In read* money for To re nor" C.rpoba ^fra. Ar., al 113 WatA ataaim. betwaea Ntatb aad Tooth Ma. $10 000 PuraRare wanted la eirbaago far half da Pwworty Bgob ST Part row N?w Tor*, i LI A . Ml jn??^ W1 a 11 -miiar Naagatnt t and Now rR BRIDOEPORT?PARE PtPTT CENTR. meaaier Brtdownnet Pan* -dip Root rt*o?. Mnrday. Wediwtoar and Pftday at IS o'elnrk. anoa. Nl Al. AKFdIRh CIORPORATION NOTirm- THE OORNITTEE OR FIRW ) DtoOdtomat of the Hoard of Aldermen w?l meet no Wed a*ndoy, the SWb mm , to t n'ainrh P M . la tbn ebam her df ton Hoard af Aldermen la take farther tetoaaoay to the mattor af the Foreman of Rnglre iVmpanr No M All thaaonhoen leMtowmy bao town taken pnihnM| aaad ant appear. Aa thto win hn tea torn meettag. ibe rtamtoa would r.roeto'T repaeat thoto who bare ant bee. bafton fob Oatoatoaa ta bo puaatoaL JOHN T. WENEf. /OTN H RHABT. JaMER baolbt. Oommhtee aa P'-? rVyartmeal of the Hoard of Aidarmaa N""" RR MM GARS MEN IX r* BREMEN AND wm IT NEW THrTr UCBNRMH. Mctom ? hmeb* ri-en that RenewaK af II Mi to pabta aorta and ?>: ~m wagnna, aad to ho pnbtto oar will be (nred .lUiw m* . ootweoa too hoan Of IB A. I daV.The mth iwar, l e newly t tinted on each tola af tot gun wd at I P. M. dtoly. enrn MONDA the row twr meat tot ?r ?rm to..eiMng to law and ihe m-t? -ad iiaiaaa f rti h? to toe Path. R -?t of Ibe rity Hall rd. aad toe oM Rcea-e after betng cheeked hp ?net be preaenled |? toe Firm Narahnl for ram Bo lArerae wtU batenewea after ihr Mot dhgnf (AMtotok Hp toe Mayer J C RCRNHAjCPhWIMordhto. Itrnat i ertry hp. 14 IHNI ARTTRh HR * hil OR IHTHBP-TED l> J BWF'EETf PARTTRr- OWN.All <? INTRBF on Worn Prowl way, bain mm I ?tone H are he re >7 -wjnoMad to oaf aw I ? VWRH .? the toreet I'm.ltowf' "Mee to Ibe T1oma SnBdMU and NaHRM ? plan tar rwtoirg 'toroV of toeoaa the. - < i" Wr" 10"mot to her avi-eo. toat aiert.