Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 24, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 24, 1860 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 87821 MORNING EDITION-MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 1860. PRICE TWO CENTS ARRIVAL OF THE ADRIATIC. DEE BATS LATER REVS FROM BCIOPB. Entrance of Garaboldl Into Naples. NTHUSIASM OF THE FEOPLE. tot or Emanuel Proclaimed King of Italy. lore Insurrectionary Meveneats fa the Italian States. ERE CROPS HI OBRAT BRITAIH. it WEATHER FAVORABLE FOR THE HARVEST. mubimiwfs Btu-cvrra mi, to, Abo.. toe. Ike steamship Adriatic on the lOLta of September from uihampton arrived here at half paat twelve tbia morn | with three day* later from Europe. She Load oo mye ?"Our circular ooatalna a num |r of reports from English oountlea regarding the proa Icta of the harvest. There are six from the Northern Biles, three from the Midland and fifteen from the hero. They indicate, on the whole, that wheat will ) a fell average and of fine quality, and alio that the ?po of barley and oata will he mifcfhetory." Both wheat and Sour declined In price In the Parle mar It last week, but particularly flour. The prices of wine a advancing. The Florida, from Tegaazo, for the Caited Kingdom, Mh wheat, which (truck as a rock near Gape Bale), oo ?guil 17, la reported to have heat abandoned by the enter. Kertach, Aug. tl. A submarine cable bu been successfully laid between msU:e-, Cor* ?a and Algiers, bo that the Emperor eaa ttmnnieata directly with Paris. The coat of the cable 4 the laying down Is 1,000,000f. A new pamphlet bee Just come out, entitled the " Em rcr in Algeria," by W. De Folrrtelle. A letter from Madrid apagkl of great preparation* mak g for the Journey of Queen Isabella, whoae suite will mprise more than 150 persons without reckoning eer mis, footmen, he. In addition to the numerous royal triages, fifteen dellgeacm hare been ooatracted for the art and ministers, sad more than 1,000 borsea and ales will be required for the ordinary asrrlae. The Neapolitan nary has refused to follow the King o* spies to Ga?ta. The Pari* correspondent of the London Morning Pox yi ?The Emperor of Austria la reported to hare made I bit mind to .-rant serious sad important reform, with * hope oT conciliating the people of Hungary, Croatia id Veoetia. The King of Naples, after a short halt for oath at Gaels, is to prooecd to Bavaria to Join In a aoci ?le way ibe family circle of hie royal father In law. The cholera has appeared at Malign, Spain. The forest of Boodi, which belongs to the State, has re ally been divided lato 1,800 lots, which will bo ruo srively acid at auction at the Hotel de Villa, in the me manner as the Park of Neullly. Oa Monday Captain Hampton proceeded to Manchester ?s Liverpool, and previous to bis leaving again, at Ave go- a In the afternoon, forty-sc-en perrons had offered emer vee a* excursion tin to Naples and bean co pied. Ad Bberfeid paper rays that It Is the Intention of the Isce Regent of Prussia to confer on the Queen of Eag id the notn ual command of the Second regiment of agoens of tl Guard, aa well as the order of the Btaek gts. Tb.e decoration, the highest Prussian order, s hitherto hero coi ferred upon only two female aovs? gD(. IheLordon M ining i\*t my ? ?The Journey or the aperor to Moscow bad for Its object the personal Intro ctxm ef the (caarawitch, the Grand Duke Nicholas, to t ancHTt captal of the empire on th < first onomlou of I Imperial Bl|haem' visit after attalaing his aaaJorlty. rt.o Etna arrived at Queen*town on the 10th of ?'opt fbe North American armed at Londonderry on the lb Vt PaKH, Sept ?, lfiflO, i Pnrle Patri' and Payi publish a cotumunicaUxl if of which llM following ?? a summary M foreign Jillnab bare incorrectly re l*y of France li Ituly. Prance, aim* the pew ? of Vlllafrancc, has not altered policy, but, true to the principle of MB Intervention, left the Italian* to dispone of themselves aa they led, coiifln-ng bWMlf u. pointing out their danger* d rem t ding them that in pursniaf the prijact of na Witt v they arc art ng at their own riak and peril ? hat aloo shown them what (rare eooeequeaces ([tit r<w :t from an attack on \ enelta or Rome. Patrv adds --Uf hare reaaoc to beliere that *lrla ha* declared that rhe would not intervene >o Na m wbde the revolution la confined to that state, and re not threaten other frooUem. bat up to the precenl WD- III her dec lar*t too* (o no rentier " Fekif r(-ndi ha* received lefbrmatlvo by tetefraph it hit full power* for the gnat a re of the convent tow ? n rw/< fer I'aria. far;? advices of Ptaday, September t, a vert that the each government ha* madr representation- to Bard is In stoat any entry of n Sardinian army Into the Marc baa ?Igaor Manna, before ret or* lag to Naples, bad a can en e w.Ui ?rear* RoUmr.bBd relative to thn Neopoli tnen, for which they are the contractor*. It# Jfimfhi r *ay? that the 1 mperor and Emprem were irywhrr* on their journey received with eatbneteam Puma. Sept. 10,1N0. Ite Mtmi'ror, la a deepat' h from HaraetUea, italea that I'ltaat J, n have tafcm place in hmor of their Majea a Ite Pari* Omtii' lownrl. m an article signed by (?rand lot ?p?ak ng of the intention of ?ardtn,e to tnterv*oe lb* SHfisa ol Its Uinrch ear* - 'e ?b< ? hi grieve to ?ee Piedmont awovnpltvh an aggres n whvl won id locooiret .Mr separate ber from the Im * po iry I mnor be n; the protector of the Pop* at if-, SIMM Mdtenpprwm that any armed aaatataaoe mid be f Ivan to the tnwii ill** I* I be prevtaean. We le that Ptcdmoet will not ranonnee the wind ptea of rw rt den to lot'rnatMeal rtgM, vrblcb atnee oen I rawern 'a; lane with bnr We also tro*t that the King will i d a po ttoal fbolt which would be a mtsfortauo foe ? I ... 1 I Idc parts Plr\t pcbltshe* a telegraphic despatch m T-rtn. 'tatirg thu, oe the *nppoeltioo that Pled r.t ?o iid decile upon sending n Par tin tan eorpa i'sr ? Bio the Papal State*, the different Power* have ad SSed eBeff. us representation* to .Sardinia, declaring it tb* Pontifical m vert mett h** aflor led Ptedmont no tell fhr this uptaie. It is not kn wc. ??y* the rttrU ether to * attitude of the ihiwera baa modified the re me ns of tbeSird .ntan government 'p to the latest date*, however, no Psrdlnmn MM " tiCM the R wnan frontier Prune isolated ban la. heir vying to the regular army, had alone entere! the m of the church be v me mrnal ad t* ?A rtate af siege has been pro ved at anc i,a be K ngof Naples I* etili at r.a'U. and it wit reported I be would shortly em bar* for Spain lie Time* Pari* eorre*pood*nt any* ?The general slate trade in Fran-# remain* unchanged. MerrhaaW and r ialor? > etog mvre oce-pied 1a watching the march event* la llaiy than n making entries in their day lb# cot ton market of Bsm was St. fee.tally an nated I w*ek. fiUllfi. be Rmjcmr ha* received Count* Sorecbcn and Appon wto err . ned the h.?torl?a? right* of Hungary The prror proomincwu himself in favor of the Hungarian gramme, winch. It l* mid, will be edoplod, with an eadment i-reeeaitcd by Onint Hartlg, and concerted ween ite latter and U.e Hungarian delegate* Never (?em. ? *t I evpected thai the flrst pi-narT Ilt,g of the RetcUreth. an autograph leuer of the Eo. VIr Will be read. eoUhlieMac U? prtactpte of the an neey ol the pnvlnssc mad ennonnctag the reform* to ?MMlately pr" -onlgaied, jm It Sgurter MpMsbMby tb* Austrian emhaaay at Part* Ived here to-day with the mimttw rwawMmtbt ilr* nf Syria, which arm eigned M the &th This ma ?Hoc r#pri?'ucee almost mtanfiy the pmtaeot of the of Anf *t. with Urn addition of an article stipulating of five weeks for the awehange of ratifications. Fiona, RepWmbar 9, Mk fe nt MUM ha* Irwlrooted the deptemeUe agents o? ?ria abroad, to sHre every opportunity Pw do daring felaity of the reports that the tamer tal cabinet In tee* face -leelfat the band of a oenltuon againet Prance ?t Rechberg my* that Austria ha* no other ob Ml (hat of her state *f isolation by naaai of. b iiatory policy, wblfib would nttew ber U mateuI* ??<! y relatione w th Frnnee, ae weU as with the otbei It n)llf| AtntrUt *ed RfiMlm Fwwna, Wfet. f, I w I b gh y irpcrtert cfecfei dfWfatcb !rvm St T tea bury m rmin< here yeetarday 1 follvwa ? TIM Mapersr H?Isr aad hi* gev or rely a p?ri?rt (MnaMMni with T?? food naderstnadlag between taia mt A mm* ought never to nave Im hiq i spaad fbe iiiiwry mwi|w on tor ? ?1T> M?m ito two nsperor* will be Mdc without d*Ug, and mmm will bv tnkrn to p?t u ?id Wlto [iron Mt* of thing*, which ?* do longer tolerable. Paa?, flepi ii, im? The Ptri* *?)?:?It to pes.lively bent thai m mm view between the Emperor* of Rueato u4 4 totr to and the Prince Kef eel At Praam was to take ptoaa. Eatraatt af UaHhaMI late layUe. XAH.r.v, repi 8, ItMM ? Garibald. Blto be sarin** into Naples at aeon this day with b i atoff atone 1%? joy :a intense. A provisional government baa baa* formed Naplc* ta traaqail. (iartbalai baa cons gaed the dart aad arawial at Nayto to the charge of Admiral Prraaao, aad pro a mrd imanoel King of Italy. The Dictator baa cooS-med Romano aa Hit star af ttoa Interior, and aj >iaW Ardlti Dtrrotor or Pt oa, ??ataerel Ooaeaz Minister of War, aad PiiaatUi Minister mt Inat * The capitulation at the forte to expelled to take puce to morrow. numi.Satot It, 1M8 the dardmiaa Dag tra li had toead NM MB letter* from Naples (tale that flying from all the forte, Garabaldi I lire in the Bank. After the flight of the K >u a (mat rtta ?ook place In tbepoblte fuuds. The tow u of rrb.aohaa been fortified. The prorlooe af T'rblao baa baaa pro claimed ann' zed to .Sardinia A state of stage has bene proclaimed at Fano, Staigaglia and Psaaro. b.OSb A tut- i ana in the Papal service hare arrived at iMaigagtm. The Papal Mist tea. Bounuu, Sept I, IMP An laaarrect ooary mavameal ia the provmaa of Psaaro haa taken place. Poor buadrel laaurgeata have attacked aad repulsed the Papal troops The telegraphic oommoaicatloa with Naples la inter rupted. The Opitmme SmUmml* say* ?The flirt oolema wt vnlua teera, under command of Roaaelb, entered the Maribea today. Bouhima, Sept. #, 1MB. Insurrections bare broken out In MonWfeMrs, I'rbmt, sod ia otber towns of the province of I'rbioo. The tri colored flag was hoisted to tb* cry of "Long Uv* Victor ] Emanuel." The Inhabitaata of Pergola, the revolted disttiets of ' ginigaglia and other parts are baatoniag thither armed la order to support the movement Delegates from the Marches have left for Tarin to soli cit ibe protection of Kmanael. Otber towns in the Homey u* have revolted to the cry of "Victor Emanuel for aver." The telegraph wires and bridges have baaa destroyed In the province of Cmbrta. Urbtao to free. Tram, Sent 8. ltM The manager of the Southern Railway haa beta re queeted to prepare for an extraordinary transport of troops. The Third, Fourth, Fifth aad Eighth corn* d'ana.' are about to be placed on a arar footing, aad toe soldiers on furlough have received orders to Join tbsir regiments. Train, Sept. 9, ISM. The insurrectionary movement in the Marches aad ? Crnbria la extending. The provisional gov ataman ?, w hich have been established, have sent depatotigas to the King of Sardinia. They are m rente for Turin. Ibe report that Sardinian troops have already passed lbs Roman frontier to unfounded. A reply to the ultima turn asat to Cardinal Antooelll, ia awaited. Ron, Sept 8, lMfl. A panic prevails hers. Frost oooe baa baaa declared .a aatote or siege. The entry of Gartbaldl Into Naples h m thrown the Papal government late a state af consterna tion. Damn**, Sept 11, MM. The Cabinet; of Vienna. Munich and Dresden have ad vised the King of Naples to take refuge .a Germany, ;.nd not m Spain Tkt Crops of Gnat Brttala. (from lbe l/oodaa Bur, Sept. 11. J AccoasU from tbe country allude federally to the ae tlvlty with which harvoel operatloaa are hetBf pur he. J forward. At the provincial market* prtoca stnoe Friday are tor the meet part much lower. At Mark lane thla moratcg the supplies of English fraln ware short, and those of foreifn moderate. Trade was doll, but prices were not generally written ' war than on Friday. Kng lish wheat was a alow sale ' otto, .otloed on Friday. Foreign was alao * a vtoas de cline. Floor wu quoted 2*. to 3k. v a os Mon day last. Town made redaced 3a. p> Oats were la. cheaper on the sales of Monday lrst. ku.i told with out quotable alteration. Barley is quoted la. to 3a. lower on the week. (From the 1 oadou Tlwtee, Sept. 12 1 Bni Tot_ Sept. U ?At our market te day there was a fair attendance of buyers, and there wai more Inquiry for wheat and some considerable sales made at rates do. to 6s. por quarter below the vary highest point marts An Impression teems to gais (round that the old fbreign wheats will tot go lower, owing to the very bed oondltton in wbtch new Keg Hah is owning to hand, thereby eaoaiag a large mixture of old dry wheat to be necessary. Grind lag liarley scarce and price* fitly maintained. BsgglB trade In new Irish produced at easier rates ijtmw, bept. 11 The weather durlat; the past week has continued toe, but eold, with little laterruptt ?. The oneaeqnenre i?. on millers boy merely for their im mediate ere, and oM wheats may ho quoted 3c lower ?lore (hi* day re'onigtl A few sampus of new wheat on tb<- market. lb? q.a ty lufrr mr, and sane One that we Lave fen The prices vary from '2a to tola, par quar ter. No SNanoMBS in the v? as of ether article* Niwiumia rsnsa I.rss, Sept 10?At thts day 's com mat Set there was a limited ahow of wheat, wbieh met a ?iow tale ,.i a red'ictioo of 9* to Sn per quarter oo the rates of the week previous. white, Ma to 67s ; red, 60s. to gn? per Ml stone, several samnlee of new barley were shown, which sold at Irregular prices, the quality being varied, data steady at low rates. Beans not materially changed The harvest in ibis dittr :t it prngreanog io s sat Is factory maaaer, wheal and barley rotUng having be come general The floe weather of the pent weak has much matured the crops, sad about a average yield is an ticipated The yield of oeta will be more abundant than was expected. Ben as have a very bea'tay .appearance. Oakham, Sept. 10 ?The show of wheat at onr corn mar ket to-day was about an average far the season, and the trade ruled ciati at a decliae or 2a. to 3a. per quarter. There was not much change tn the value of barley, the supply of which wee email Uata were a moderate ahfw. and rumples raa.olauied their lulue. Brans were id meagre supply, and quite a* dear as laet week. Throeiboul the county of Rntlaad lbs floe weather baa greauv eeeeteratet harvest operations, end. should lb* gonial temperature continue, In a abort time there will nm be any wheal or barley left steading. Neither of lb* above plan It has unseed so severely as ires expected, see bow It Is eeastdered If the grata sea be wolf got the yield will be excellent Many SeMs St oeta here been out end led. Put reports vary m to the prebe We quality of the crop. Blast took exceed,ugly wall. Fsmros, Sept. * ?The harvest |usspiote are beeomtog mora cherful. end aa a eoserquroor prices of grain are decllBtof. W hat old wheel there wml at marker to day oou'd ooiy be sold at a reduction of from la to 3k par sack ? There were t few par rts of new wheat offered to day, but they wore in poor eovdttim. bet of better qua Uty than was expected ten days ago. Other grain was without alter at la price. White wheat; 26* dl. to 'lit. per wiodle of SCO poind* red, ?_?:?. tA to 2V? new. Me. to Me id.; beans. Ma to 2JB. . oeta, 3*. Hd. to ta 41. per bethel PHimowi', to-pi. I ?Barvert le creeping on. hut evan with fine wrather, there will be do great bulk of core tut le this neighborhood for t woek or mora To day * market, which wee poorly enpplied. wen dull. Wheal, bushg), rets, la St toi eWy, 4s to Is 61 l, 7s to 7a M . berley, Hnurosn, Hrpl IS ?There woo a as id* ling ahow a< wb<-st at market to day, whlcO 'orludsd srvera' samples of this year's growth, the quality betag on the whole tolerably good. Old samp)** eold si Sa. par qy reduction oe fornaer terras, while eelilng at Ska IS 00* . red &6s In aile. per M stone Barley the same as lent week The nnt trade wee Arm et no material change la prior* Beans full a* dear as heretofore. Owing to the gonial ntate of the weather a iarge br-adtb of wheat hat bero est during the past week, a one! lerabte portion at which has beeu led la fair condition Many fle'd* of bar ley bars also fhllen tn the scythe end been boosed in e saltsfhrtory state Oat* have dona pretty well, and, on the whole, a fair crop a expected, *itli ?h the quality will be rarted Brass are well *f<okea of. and a balky crop It is thoi.ght will be gathered Bt l*ne, ept 10 ?Here to day the supply of farmers' wheat wee amain umited, bat buyers were not much die posed to transact business , and a re t set, m of fully 2?. E quarter mcst be quoted There wee a ereaty shew of ley, which, for Hie moat part, moved od at unaltered rates. ' Xber kinds of grain rams to band sparingly, and store took place at recent rates The com cut ties is this locality ba* much Increased since last work, the propitious weather ha - lag Induced farmer* to carry on harvret work with vigor. The wheat steal el tbwu h telored to fora# exter 1 ny the rencot atnrwm. hm much im,roved and. while In *ome ptores II Is _ revs la others It look* very betotby. and the vield ? erpeded to be nearly aa average Ha-iey and oat< are proerr?s>to ?teadily towerde maturity There is u > to fear * itb respect to the bron crop FlhflBflBl end Cemmerrlal Ixntiov Mo.SI MABKst. i-err 16?The Eaginh f.aJs opened with a dull tendency tots morning, and eioasd at a deeiM The tormal announcement of ine entire raren riHatlna betwree Aoslrle aad Buesia had no marked in fucoce, but aome disquiet was occammed by tbe state mrnt that France to dete-mined to npbold tl>e govern meet of the Pope, and to torn Hard la Is if she ?Mould attempt to relieve the people of ttie K>*naa ?taxes fkom tbe pi assure ef lemor r icre and bto band of Freeeh, Austrian and other m*rrenarice CVmeoi? tor money opened UN, t ?, and ctoeed at 93 n k, erd ?<??, a 14 tor the acroent The kawmad ta tbcetmnunt market baa slightly ta ereaaed, but to attll soedyrake Atwot CM .BOO m m eed gold was bought by the Bank to day. American HnesrHiet have further r~ lapsed, especially tbonr Of use New Yerii Omlrto. New Tork end K?W, ?sd Illlaoia Central. The Doadce papers mention cos or two small Ik,lures, arjtong eut ef femtlh, Ptnetoir * Co. ? "-The tegHel funds opened with eontls isd hens Ma Me meretog, hot were rather firmer at the elene, chiefly Ikom Me iaPenan of aa iacrroriag aupp'y * iCbneetg wore Br?t qeoted BB a *, aad they left od at M14 aw. Far the aenoent they left m at *414 ? %? The aewe ef tha daath ef Mr Wilson, of (Mootm. trneepirsd after ''seioeee hour*. In the dieem? marital ? vp ? nm** i fc** *!*.*????? _? - ?? ??>? I ?? > 4 MW ?(l. ?? JHT? *2? "" *' "? ? """"J ****"'*??* ~r:r ?t*w **?<** , %. ?,_-*-TTwr ? ?*? ^vn** ???r> "?*? ? *? ?? MM* l?M| ... M -*T * >*????? CcMMl, zSSl&^x -sss sa >Mk> -r i?miT i*77i ?L^kUT!^iti~r *??*??* vSTi am ?*? es., *. *ri!irsir?1ip*'^4h*hw *??* " TT - -- *? 1M ?r^TTl!Slr ITCrrST *C T H Ml in I M. ? m 4 - M4 *. JXm, *ia =12* 'rrrvvr ,"**"< ????. >**' **Tv7?* * im.JTZJ^Ji JZ ? ??M riMlli *to ,2f*tot?; ?"? fMMdiflna Ho... .* It -1 M ,? toT.? *"** **"' ?? *? ?*. *M* TH* LtTKir IKWi, l**. N? If, 1M? p. AWe, i? ?>*??*-nn It. ma "?* *?mt Pirn IV ?mrt... "If* - Tktfil Cm*, * i m *??#?**??.,?* ,s4 _. Tr* ., tof* Sl!^" *** *" *^4? ?"* ?K M.? ?*-. tolltoaii bf to. *!!..?? ?? MMr to* i^rJSrriB^'' ^rC5S IM tomJtoi. *""?+? < V? ? wimwq 1W1IM ii mummm m tl* Mil ik. - ;?**?. i ?m !?,* ImJZt uTT 2r?12J' T42n"L ??*?*??* mm ? A. MM - i w ?M*n I (m ?-.?r tMi !? ? rr , ?'?? ? ("M, rwrnU pMlMM M MMTTIt .!<* ? ^ ??" <? MM taM I > tli i ?-? wt M. .mTm .fcTtTL ? IV* Ml I Ml III ? to V M mUiJA. sr&K^?*?raS3?5 IHM. 709,! Lit? <m *M>. 4-j f _ ~ ? i^T rr?- ^ *? THJ U, fM IfMH u.M ? ? *? . ?"?; '?T -T tlfi * Itk t blUrfT.\I U ?' Ml IM -?' 1 1 Z . . ** 9 M 4m4 u ik riT^Z WOUBdfd ?.r? - - - fl' MIM|WI ^mmmmm "M>II?*MM Bm h A ***** .Mvurr en mJSSZi Lll i Mr. oo-nrrrd t()U< tb , ^ <? b*T* OOCUI r?l a*.! ^ . :: .****? MIMH ?kipptof * " Mto to* mwto. to c?is* ?im ir**. TWrbrn ^ , t. B lfc, ?r. hMJUn T:.? T?k? . 1 l'""|i aOlh of J?ir. M. to to .tMr* M m to. gflfe ^ JSB"' ^ tr.r?^ ARBIViL OF TK Ml iBtcresUn Km mm truuL BHIt?b Cihnbii, \?w liraien, ^?itfc aa9 r?iiru IimHtb. OVER ORE MilLMW OF DOLLARS M SPECIE. ^ ictorie* of the (?otframriii in ^?W (*l?IIJI?lM. United BUtes OUimt Afalatt Fem ?till Ubm tiled. TMiMMmtolp AnH,U|i Mtoto. fM. to. IIS r *?Mto? fMto to. iMtolM M IM toi ML *rrirM u it. port jmut*., TV Mloviaf M to. w n?. . rw. r*tAmZZ 12* m ^ P. -V.SEr U ^ ? ?? M1 ??*? J. U. w?ir *555 iE Ilto. w.mSLv6;::: 4*2 ??-?? issrtx* c io n. ^ to.?M. 442 ??? A?to I Mm. Mi mm* >lp?togw i oi ^amm V V? *0. lr .M* fc2kMh?<v''i^!^ ileMliMliOi liiH ^ ?2nE.*0, 11 nt ?UneVtoetoT^ ii 2? y?A, fVyo A 0. tT?JM 5 Ma^vr" ?s ssrrrr^ss *??... i*,aoo ? ? tJW fcr'7.rS*^ *dr^"W "?'"?to IV |<?rwr M to* IrM j UTKRSSTOQ FROM J AFAR. Katmrm of tho JM??m ('?mtu Om dlnmtrrah Hwi H?r Fummi CuMll llrMMI aoae AMI A mmrtcmmm? Ul?wla| | la .lapmm or tk? llMplukl* RffNpttMi ?I the BakMtjr la tH? lalM Wain The Political luapedt la Japaa PHar? Koto the Oroat?Poaoo Ko-Kotwfc RilMlkf lot woe a Jm paaiM OMclalo ana Native Norrkaato* Tko Poiiagaooo Nook a Troatjr, 4m. I Tko ahlp What Cboor art.cod at Aaa 1 rmactscn Aognat I 51 r in jt|4a. ? th iaiea from . ai.ama to Jaly II Tho following extract from a letter err Item the day af ker 1 departure appear* in the Altm ? The Japan rte ttaaacr Qaadtaaaarrak. wk.oh Ml tko pnrl laat February. cader charge of faptata fftuoka, el t ire Fralmnre Cocptr. flcavoymg Ik* faudltgwnre of Ike d< lanure of the Japaaeee Aaibaaaadora in America, j arrived kora from Bocolaln. after a paeaaye .?f eigMMM I 1 dav*. From tbe A met Icio* ?ko cam# !> ber wo learoal that the Japanese conducted Ibeooalrea admirably m ' board, taking ike poaitina of tbe veeaat dally by the wia, ' an>l brought ber. la eaamaaltka oieaaer loto Ikli bay i without accident Tbe eppearaare of the Japan ear aleamor from A mar tea. I with aecra from tbe Ambamadcre created a great eoalii j , meat both amoogat tbe amartaaaa aad Japanese Ike , forrtgnera ? ere anxlooa to hear boo tbe Japaaeae had beea rereived ta America, and the lapaaeae were feartwl keat the Am? aeaailme would not turcica tko great trtp arm*" tbe road However, all doubu were dispelled obca tbe (ieat mall woa >f.atr1bnt*d briagteg New Tort alakoat witVla be mg dtataace with thw oat af Ike way corner M tbe world. For Ike trneUect omaaer ta obtA >w> treatea the cottar* we are amialy tadebtad for Mm i-ooetderai oe wttb whtcb we hare beea laaalni at tha band* at the Japaaeae fine* their rotor* te Ute tnna>t| tut ronim tou> oe itmuri. tbe rrporte of tko gorgeeuaaem die played >a yoar rite, eep't tally jotr greet dlaaera, have labeo tbe people by mrpc tee and wonderment Tkree dot tare for a laser I w?? to ihrm a marrello ia and fabnloan nn to pa) aad | llier aaaert it waa impassible to davoar lb# rakm at am | meal Hera a dianer ta tketr beat etjte now aa ibmbe There weie many striking aad waadirfbl ? gbla wblak ; tbejr aao, aad It oka not toeg before tbe whole low n waa mane aware of the moat celebrated voyage tbe Jaraama I ? ??. I r undertaken, together with ail the .actdenle oea ur<K?l therewith All exntrmeat. however .to ted aad tba Japanese expreaand a nolreroal dew ire to Bee the reti re of their officer*. aad to receive from them a report in fall with properly e? than Urn led arrows ta, ta bo pah I laird aad apreod over the empire, (bow tor to tho pwwpte bow lor* ign great aattoae looked upon Japanese adfeMb. raera aa any >r xcru t? reran. The returning Jammed- wore much aorprtaod M lad men of war mat mad la Ike Urtev, ooteaotbly to yrrtmt fcreigaere from tka attack of Pt bco Meto the groat, hot lately be baa pm?l kvnr with tka gorwraamat, aad moay privitegaa have baaa acceded la him. ?enow ad rrmalaa satei. fnrelgn gecrdo patrol mg Ike tree la ? deemed uaae eamtry. aad Tmn bare boon allayed by bearing so rumor* of ooof lots with tbaaovara! prVaaof the, Tba official* maoednd the advisability af naaeentrat rg *11 appnatar tertian* aad aatmfytag tka e demand*, s crder to itrcpgttfc tka power of tbe coven meet fod appear more fbrm Jeble 1b tbe eves of lb* fo tefobi'H TH government la one of tbe old feudal cht'l I mifolag pw pride, and renting la tbe better tb^M iur*i(B pjwwMpW ar? unworthy of consideration^^! fore i(i 1b por tat iocs are obnoxious to government ctn ciaM, aad the principal goods brought by merohinta, especially tbe flnrr arttiles, ere forbidden to be worn \7j\aj7 la very aetdom, tb*y reverse the ordar of things, by UiBMiMMiiaiMHilHM through tha (Dpi re to Jed do, and atreeta there preaentea

aa Mpact net dtaalmilar to our own, aa American woollens ?ad much were fhnctfhlly displayed for sale from storm ef the priaefpaJ merchsals At ?? day the official role Is all powerful, and all r'aaore are bound to obey say and all orders of govern ?est, tern to the Banner of dreea to be worn ; but the day M net for distant when the mercantile ciaaa of Japan ?a etam rogarrtid with sueh contempt and derision by the aBeiaB?wUI rtee up in full cuoMtcuaneea of power, tod ?mart a right which has for centuries been denied tbem. So great s the frnr ef the government of the mer oSaaB that every precaution is taken. Spies In myriads M areaad them, enormous tanaa are extorted, and awry mesne employed to reduce their Income, in order that thry may have no wealth, the moet powerful lever to maBtatn their stand. JAVAX S>D r.>B*l(;X?n!?. ' la af fbrmer letter, written at the time when this port wee opened, it was Mated that tha Japanese government weaM ever ree tha day they allowed foreigners Into their imphe Thee all wee peace and happinres?all classes wt re presided for by government with parental care? * 1 bar atreete w?r paraded ber atreete with their misery, sad every th sad trnahles barr'^i^1 Sf**) fonD government, I ?r e? say ??mm! an a Sat ? be bMMbed u the pX oT^,'^ WCak ?0Twn asto a wmmmmnor wwui mean. Hits country, wbeo Prince Mefo was trying to wreet the role from (he Emperor, the jowrsBmt prafoaed to do everything In Its power to protest foeeigwtrs. goBr In far ss to barrloade the ?tresis, b?iiJ watch hooere, Mop nil treveners SPBKS -aw"" fort seers. This baa bees the official atory, bat that *h?ca toea ' " ' foeaed taeff upua the ? ads of all thorn who have ?Matty of enavervlDg with the people tham mat rnece Mefo was oppaed to the Km re retire oaantry waa not thrown open to eves thai sine* tha fwetgaare, few In L. . .I?tu bry arr have WW gbt wonderful g ??!, u lb? ^??arias brnwgbl rest width for which to purchase taste! havBff I b? ft?at earetue prcdveu ef th >U,sad having Instilled ate the peeper a I eptrtt ef freedom and an ambition to y never pnmi hi 1 before, and that ha waa desman ei a shaage la tha state of the go Ihat ? ? ?a?y reaaee for net roBmaaicatlng but prtael pfoe B he In I igaeti en* prgrr wee the foot of their kn ag aaabte to mmyrfomrt ?M was written, sad only art Lg b i i t.4u.rr . mb by awl of hwpert?1 allies. MRan> IMH s i Burr The fartuewwe eme ar war hi Joaa bee arrived hare ?m (km, feiiy prepared to rater la to a treaty af ?ere wttfe is a country At Met advices they we were at Ow ag w the t bv bar ag rrptred for the exchange o* re foe iMabue by tt> government. the value or oar l"Bt 111 Moahue to US a 11, aad trade m e ennui mm. l ee barn willed -the oaly sad aaW ifoifoai way te tor ah off nfort < <urae with foretga ?eeat preparatmaa bare here mad* by the Mvh end 'aphah te aarry ea the ew a Chita. aad at hurt ao eaaaw a dpM was B have tease piers ea the Mth June, tie I wed w I as other U iarr fr.m foe let hues<wo ef tha sea em tad the aagiigtar, ?? d*my every* t erne foe vegiteh aad f reset give foe Chmaee a tbo reugb foreehiag, we id Japes wdl be dntea forth, not he ap sbte B aad are for beeght.aeB of foe udiciart 1XW? nun CXBTKAL AMERICA. fierUafotiea Agelart Welben-rebteet thsBgee ffB Itearffghe-WsaMh ad Pre Meat MfoXffmea Kitra ?raalafo ef Ute the fwaama Nastruad Campaap's steam "v Beat emale armed at Peaaaa ? foeta aa., frem -ma Jwwde Bar hvea As| swell lur Saw ateUigaaas 1MB aa em Hi rhaaprwdecB rotd?v -. -a-Kdf ****^, *f its eepwhtra > ?-JSt'sssr-ii* - DMiaj****" erammmil? foe pwpfo ta arms >d ta ?? ih-w. t? dafoad ??am i Bmuwa, iridte, ha . ead aapW U> fftit? ami from foe aaawtry ?m t- ?? day b* reert twe darret,. tb* #r? W1 .Ifbi, Mel'.rw ll'W lufoea t t.ilf yean old, excepting puhtw vWeerv >? i rfoefo fo take ap enae. or e- 'it f fore* to ahrmdea all for rule, (ear jwoe fobm praams* a ef hp foe resary, and le n move er foWfy all tmuMteae pe? arty h* dfftfoh aright he eg aervm* fo aad arte a- a. ? ear w>. > i?Bfoe war o say fowftf forwpb for waahy are repaired fo have I p> te ? ft ad by fo* pri'fiee ?????' Mr* The aeeead de or** ue <e a foe.ed foa* af ?" ere a Buath from the tap m- eu at foiaderae eatff foe war a aenaladed KK'A?A(JCA tga pm bewv ? Kvatva i spitrr i wav re, rrr. rwteeidtar fo* beat ef affaire, ere Kimdrwl Mertta*i heiag as Meaaya B Aa mpatrad aad a la sard foat he u oka at ?d b~anr ead It aeeid foat he thlaka ef foaforiag h> nalgwi.n whaa t'wpree foaste >? Ipaary A mmamrar arrived at I Mas ?? foe fftth at Aip.wt eifo the arariamaihm ef the hrretdrat af foea. dee* reBlivwfo foe tfodleg of Wafow at TrviiMe. The peapb rt S aragua da ??4 ee*B fo h* much exerted abavt ad a enema hp Walk a* They ?*eB te be asere B Bear *f a fo II /'p-aa bee netii wi aimed MWlstar ef Fev ft APaiee, JaBfor Ar ffoa Seeaae Alveree. Mia wtw at f? aad le* fotgw I (hrdvaae llBiefov af Mat* ? uatJ thai/ appmaiabrefo are aoaffrBad by ttrrria Dae Mvar* Chetufo will tu all theaa nfoaea for l?Bitry, I artad dtatm ??a?er a at Maaagn* i* ~j?z ."2t - ?*-c a.-.xrrs r>ifot Irt I |B(I ? ?aa, it fo Mi, erreforaBg fo ATFAUI a raw 01AIADA. (Mr Mmm C?ri?p? F?uu, Btft. it, iMe Afmtn Mi Ai?M<rr?/Vi-I -r l*?Jer? ? |p (to t ?l iieiW ftutt M '*? IT?i "lltowary Oiteret # MMf *1?M a trtmm?tU iMI ?? taa JMrla a (Wu a? MMftrMW Amu ) r?n?Mi ?f 4#Wn-aanaeM M /*"?? im ^ ?' BiwM . riKi I Y'A- G-'>naar y raa???<W? Of ail I > # tt# OUrtfi n "y CreW-.ttopa??M (ffiwiai (Me f- .v?a i?u Mmmmm *i (MM Mat* r?a /vmBiittel fla i.m A . # ii ir?fik ateimaaea iae fcwa raina (Mai Me la leviav rampart ?ep lie e^parettaaa e( iae peearatae^it eel rametatieeery IPrwa, Ml Mr aaait.eteera m laMIW tery aae iiaiaiaaj Mel 4 a (KMell to IwKi ato-0 . party Matea raatppe yraoat al yraetet, Miagfc I aa ? ri.aa4 M to'avp Mat aa awMara <<* mm tae (??rare , ami party w*t M atraatopa aai if ?t Mtear up < IVir aaaiiaw * ?tl M a vary abart laae toart tfea ra il g in?hi aaaaaat a* Ma eafapnwate Mat Mra lafeaa ptow !a toe Matter tea taator raw aa* at aaptaanM fp , tha !**)?* naiww tarvaat. frwp farMafaa m Ma j ? ciMrrav. el iw toe* * a leapt rata i? ?wy : aw par pruei a aal May al Mm mm I r aaaa-a eat aa Mr tot *' a??wt a M? -4 int li i .. Mra. aba teat mi ?aa attache# aaa .tftatee n mi im biatf't aa4 My p?to??eia <m r aaa <M ftna, ? ta Ma ta mat will k?a ateteai repa^ae. la CM Mat* ef < ama MM ? ?' "*?< auaui M tap ?* MflB toa* af a ?'?? rti'ilMlaaai j Meat, ?*a al Ma iwjto aaaMM aa# ?arebiap apa *at Petiepete, am peappbly -SP toe Ma*ravataMaawy iraapa at MMMW ifa'aet tMB. Berne. ?FaparaajaMaae Mi b*M at Mai piat* aartap ito -pawn ?? fhepaaara ???* anraaat 'ertew Matw Mat all ito ri .ittnaary anay af M* auw tf twiaalii aaa imi ii i at (aaaiirt . ?Whatta, Ma MaMaMaT Mai am al Ma Mate, laayrMmaai MMeMtMaf Me MM la a Mae# r ?*? I leterwa# aaa that Ma i n ilii?at i tor*. ar tee ww?(lhMto..tow ay ? vara pvapar?r la taaaa ft* BaMe M MMa aa awM a mu Parte *Mk wae la Ma aa4MatV*te ?r tea Mat# ?r a?t var, weaii mm* .. t'l? At*** "?ly. w Ma MM at Al ? V>re arr rat al -Mia Mar'a Ml ? _ - ? va tea -r m% ? aa>ari a. ? Um ? rai er rViPf la tt? itnmMt aaoaaat, May am 4** palled to abandon tber peaiii, as at ibs point of the bayoaet. Colonel Arbulnda, Viom F read en t of the t *> federation and Commander In Chief of Uio Atlantic ftircet, reached Bull Maria from Uiia IiUtmna on the 26th of Angus!, and hie presence among the federal troops la raid to UN exerted the greatest eeibuaianm. On Uw other stated by the revolutionist. tha* newt wan ra ?e>?ed at Carihagenn, on the Sd Inst., by expreaa, that the federal troops in Santa Maria were abut np to the cathedral and were expected to surrender at discretion, having been ",re"K> b* unlucky result of a sortie tfui* V? '?? which the* officer la oommand wat account state. that the war acboooer 001 by Governor Nieto, wan to ?au from Cwrth*f?oa on the 4lb lost, for SwnU MarU to rerolatlanieu. it Is proper to state that thin ac J****, * n?tgenerally oredited here, an it IS thought to? 3d lnat. could not ,7?. *1* ?? Carthngena when the eteamer Derweol *fcd from there on the 4th. TOetolkwlag bulletin,' iaued by Nieto, the Governor or Bolivar, given the revolutionary version of the enxare meate fought In Santander between the revoii.tlotiiHts of that State and the federal troopa. which nhouid be re celved with many graina of allowance ? orncut bcxictiv, xo S. N?w Graiupa, SovKxxiav Biara or Boi rvAk,) m _ _ Cxanuuiwa, August 29,18?0. j From official and private aorreepoodence received lent 1 tOFlt Ivnm UnmnAa tk a . , .? ... - ? ?- r. ? .ww wi i?pw??wt? icceiYcw iwi night Irom Mompoe the government iearne the follow after the triumph of the government of Santander in Agon Duke, It obtained another at a place called Ja BflBPi in <ti ?arKir>K fWa... I ru *T__ . ... . T? : ZI CZT ?mnavrwaawi ?* ? TOUQU if? boBcilio, to wbicb General Uago. who served under ibe ordeie of Br. Oepina (President of the Confederation), was wounded and taken prisoner, Thai the troops of the go vernment of San lander have the Important departments 'j?"1?"1* and \elex, and were engaged In fol lowing up the diapereed remain a of Sr. Oapinni army. The Jefe of the department of i leans assures the Governor or the province of Mompoe, in an official note of the lfith of this month, that the armed people of Santander will sail their banners at tbe foot of tbe statue ot Bolivar, la tution republic, on tbe square of the eonati Im Plata, Jigante and Nleva (State or CundiM maice) bad pronounced in favor of the cause of tbe States. The forces of General Moaquera occupied tbe first named of tbeae pMeee; and those of General Paris and Sr. < spina baring left tbe aeonnd named, they were attacked, between Jigante and La Plata, by General Ixipez, with the foroea be bad raised in STleva, which resulted in tbe complete overthrow of tbe forces of General Paris, and In ble being taken prisoner. That between the Aotioquiaa forces stationed at Man xaki and those of Cnuca, there had been a tight, in whkh tbe latter were rirtorlous That previous to U?s tbe troops in Meanlxaies had ar rested a Br. lines, with orders for General Mnsquera, amongst which was one from tbe mercbaata of Medellln. ^tr^!.l.e,.nC,Utr!i.'tr.?f Antl0'iul?. Willi maniieetations and pretexts of adhesion. ?JSjlfT1*- *" tb**? that on the 31 rt of this public n? Uofc?lueia wiU be in tbe capital of tbe re il the govern men t's account and that of Nieto. of what bM laken place in tbe Btate of Santander, arc to wildly *>' Hxk.iu) must be content to "wait a little longer" until more positive and reliable ac counts are rectved. ^ By theerrlral at tbig part on the 11th lnat. of tbe Ora aadlan Schooner Florida from Tumaco in tbe State orGauca ^?hl5 CV* >*ft ?* the Jth. Intelligence has been re-' reivedlof tbe enooees of the government troops at Barba co?. The P|ece was taken on 31at of August; the revolu l oalets loci fifty men in killed and a number taken prisoners amob, the latter was their commander, Colonel 1 leza, a ho, together with some nine privates, was brougt t to ibis place, where they now are in close con ? eon of General retired from tbe place, leaving It in tbe pomes M>n of the fOTereoDfot forces, tikioc with him b*?we?ntUlM?tJ^ ?lber munltioM. Communication ?<*. .Tnmaco baa been reeetab ^hi* P**"? ,0,D? lt?? u i* stand, have been forwarded from tbo Thl fw tbe nee of tbe government forces. Tbe pert of Buenaventura was not blockaded on tbe 4th Inetaat, when the Morula sailed from Tomaco, tbe Gra "?^Mn war schooner Clio, wbijh ban been Mppoead all !*!!* 00 Ji!* ?Bt,*nc* ?? lh? r port, wm suluti Goverror oi the of Flteat, to which 1 referred in my last, aril which 2? th? Assembly on tbe let lost sat, has at last made its appearance in print. It is a f.?*L rtb * krff? portion of which lade voted to the diacumion of tbepr entdMracted state of af talre throoabout tbo cob feds rat ion. Tbe Governor coo *[?".? t,rm? tt* acta of the revolutlonleta In tbefStaUa of (Mora, Han Under. Magdakua and Bolivar, and eLV?r Intention of destroying tbe eoolederat.on ? u 1HSH. Jn tbe event . the i evolntlon succeed .ng, be reoommeods that Uw Hate, lieual or netting in the formation of an ? f >..** '|.r?solut lonary ty ttem oi govornment, should separate Meelf I rem all tbe other Hubs whih oomtttute se- mmgen rat.on and o- ofne jiU^vd lent, under the mrymUTWmCteM'lted Ptaua, [ , , ~ _ "" W ? " a ww nam mi gm i Dllffl .Mil' 11 Inglaad and Irance, acd says that a single word from ary "' these three ontlwu' wcn!d prt an end rthe do. awns of tbe revolution lata as r-rprcta till* isthmus The Ouvernor advaaone many goad and cogent reason.- to (on port km position in Ikror of a separation. He recom wrsde. ta rerruitlpg sold ?r? In the mate for the federnl army, that Met sb . la be erlltUi except ragrtrta snd , tib?r as. less h irons, and that tlir mdnatrioua and labor I og 'lasses should be let alone No troubles id any con I stanmoe have taken place during tbe year, except a few "'SUiUareaol tracing importance. Th* judklary ? osnenrsd r?r em pun,shir g ade<ioatcly crim, ? commit | ted vrC. r |*>llllesl pretexti. Ib#4?bi of U?.s yui(. on the ,11?| of r*ef/Hnber 1S69 ???? U lh. #49 *4>, U? m^l which wm io Ibo ! ?rrt?. t) ie?r $4r? hi# lo? awMr v a <9rtft?-|t of $4.1 Ma ig Tht iir>f t.,t t <rf fj4 ((4) ddf en !i?arit lant year ha# bevn | ri"? ^ "f" 1"' T.? meet tneso and ollior demaoda * P**1* hM had t.. ri#t?ae of rome of t'g property - assiax prtarfpaiiy ol r?l.|ir bnlldlnge. ThVaa ttufcai onrres. m i yet oecidad upon the petition of 'he le.iaiaiure of last year to bave tlx- amount derived ir.m in* l anatna Ra.iroad Cr mpan/ divided be tnsee tbe Hat* tad tbe gttrral government, and tbo 1 egiela!life ? r?., ?stcd to renew the applicat.oa Tl e ?.o? ? rnof rec, mm D,a that tbe letialalure petit ion (Vr esse to hare the Mate authorised to .le.-re.- forced li?v. to l-revarre or rstute pnb'.ie order. Tbe Governor ruers I., the relatK-rs that ffM be'wren hlmseirand the meet, a tonsni* ret.dic. .a lbs porta of lb' Kute as belm. re the moat barmenfeiua rliara. lev. aad tuat tbe drmaada ywharaalwnf been ,?< and mo.ier.ts .CT^" a.1.* ?"0 magistrates . h^v1" 'he Mngoageoi tbe mesaage, .-aused tbe "??I sessdai to lb* nut* but still tbey have n.-t tteee e*t mpt fr.-m frauds, wh , h fart baa aalurallr eageadered ?we feel sgs. aad 'ha hop* ,* eTpremed thai tba acru - iU.k<* pWS? to-dey (tbe lilh), will oea tesaanm tha neual alarm aad dletarbanesa 01 'h* ""*?? ?? rS' voted to the dlaroeeloa ef the privilege n nredsd to A W. Thetapson, ol Naw u? dd', b,.wb" lefiielature of .?T,"r' 'blrisjnl. for I be inastrnrtma or a -arr-axe ?*" * ,b? ?"?'?"?/ of New Granada Ae.. whw-h the Governor .oesldrra anil aid void. Aficr drrlsloB of tbr Hrpreme Owrt of tba . wlTSrir1'"* SC*"** lhr *r?",? Gevaraor sars ? <" 'Feaklng of .be 7oLn MW or lb# c-w UpMiiab I??r $? gentnU, J Will Ofilr memIrm that the royal ndel? of the 341b of Aug<ial 1 ~:rj en larra U' "" ^s^ '-riba ^f u^ I. y** be dWovsred. aad caaaot be rran tea or 7msi?ITTt^T'?irrb<m "******* hlls ^L^ Vio- Tbrrrtor? ,b* pw?t*e have to pur 7 taT* ? 01 ? * ?feme SM baiee ? f peruvlaa leather, of irx) pounds ' f^'lee-f here per liigl.ah -t/amer on l?w?J???'^ N*W YWk U u ?? be of 4??h? ^""k'ys arrived at fines ?1 "? Au**, with tbe Com m laaioner from it* Smij <ir;+, imffii on hewrd, aad en ih? lat toat ibo "vvey lag |ar?ystaH*d 'or the IMcHk aide, orarMad * 'be? are lo be g,l,:?d by another party, wboWlll * ,; '"'.--Hs.-, SteLer'sa^; s*tl, wb rb la hourly expected from tallao. TbeBrooklrak 'W ?' M"h?oli. n.e ( ailed ?^.tes .loon ^lnt 1 wmah 'a ran at Asp.awm.'l. ? under order* to repair to Verm j (r- , aad is ex part d to sail to lay. Tbe felted Stales sbo|.af war st Wares, aad rtore ?htp Warrea, are 1 Jb* ?ei.r Ae.ertr*. t.-aaala of war la thla port 1*1 . ** I a Beast sr aad steamers Wyoming ?e4 Sa .sgaairti ? Cta..wo, aad. at last aceonits the P.1" " *?* ?? Hoaolnlo.lhe l*rare rmlslrg along I**",,J ,fc* ?M?aar at Ware Island, uader BW'*- "f New York cleared th* pen oa tbe I ask astaal fep ihe t.nlf of OallfornH, to load vaMfor .bale'fed stales, 'eons one of the elan da he ???lag Is (MfSa n J It Q Isbam . P* lor l-rrs.Jeel of una rapubtk lake. Puww I befteer. th* moalh aad ahautg the rerolntmn not aorcswd <">Barrel H*^' rtma" i semoay aad reeafabteb pohbe or dee than aar other man 1a tbe . <m G-aerotma, sat a.t rkn 00 taerWore ia greatly to be dm IBWf FROM THE SOUTH PACIFIC. Tkt Awtrlru ritlMlMl l>*r*-l(r|Mr) mf III* (kll'i* Nlklilir ?f Nkrlkf-Tkr ?a*y ia4 Hirtkaat Nn |*??A HaaMa* IIIUfiajiKafa PrrarlaaC*a*altm ilaa-caaaa t ?a?ra*t*_Th? ftaralallaa ?a Rra*4ar?.n*rM' LaM U?iary-Vla? Mi?i ky ikt Ua**raai?ai la 1?w ?ra? ai4a 4b*., 4b*.. 4b* Tba >*fi*a Iiiaa MMa* '**m Vaiparaas aa4 taur ariin prnm, arr?*4 *? raaaaa aiUM laat. wttb MM Mb a **?*?? aa4 IM a* he hrayaal tba l'a.t*4 Mnmb lata ba* |iaan??? ??* Mr w w Rf?taaaa, aba Mnaaary m iba (MM ftaaa Lf>iaa m swi^e, a*4 aaac taaa m rbaaa. *k* pn? a i ba*r* I* Ma rvaaaaa* Nar 4a*aa a** **tpaf*a? i^a || r?nx nam raiLian matr-m rtsarr IU I ? Mil kpn i at t? ****** i*a a UMtarfrv 4* '?? Mb ?M? if IM f* fta ?*? i rtar |* tba a*,: if *f lb* * >?' "atbyiha KiNMM sat**** Vf(< m.f.i.b hart had ?ag?t**d wttokotHtt.^u - w I ?" I*"1. *"' tA*** ?? '?llMr ItUl ? 4m ? to lb* shipping ?" ? On lb* ?tb at o S<b of Angus! thi-ty <?* *?? .-? a tot-rtd Uh port of V./p?...M ^ ? ,fr , " ?it Mm wtflb valuable rgora '%? it..' ?.?,* ., (orgre.a la ? nit a miaa at iwina>' ut .,M.j JS2i? Tha Mir.totrr of Marie* baa m4 Ma m* atl ant ftum which it aiprar* that lb* lAikwa wit ....TuVi ?to reseda CI *ar, of .1 rb *??-"*' "* ?* to all fifty tight guM. n* number < f, tfVorr* a' tb* irf of U.r. rttt ,auk la thirty wt SSTITLSS ' "**? the Biariaa corns cnraiwa of fin pftfiteK, difldi d into two brig*J?*? rotli ?* mtuadM h? & ?V>r. The amount *vpenrf7d J?,; dnmg ihe ,r.r If* Wafifiao CC* tv ' ,, ?.722? view oooawt* of UW, Tfrntla, ?|?M Msr!^. , ,T^Tm flO.fod ;.nd which i.r* irnpl, )|.| U lok.i _|n i. ?;? iw. ">? ?r?it?a?* toBoap^ .4 .rirt^rr? ifi tUe I nr. i tic ud * titera coftit bt a m#? r w?. M . ? 5XV3.T??' SESnru^; ssss w;r IW.LIJ "O- * IWI A e?w Insurance rompuiy, with a caoltal of ?-n noo baa beta catabllabcd la \ almaaiao t*0fifi, J*8SoprfBia Court of Chile baa Just decided a ooaalderablo itoportouce. It arp*2Tu3T2r \ZZ?i person of greet wealth, who di*d m * ?* qo'*Ud ^ *DtB ol" MO.000 for tb* esSow men! of a found 1 tog boapltal to that city, on ou*,diikStbai thcmuelcfpnHty would contribute towards lb* eanta^b ?et an fqual amount. Mrw Dlaa Sally, dao/buTST^ Btoad, brought suit agiioit the executor of her f-'L - ?? "'J*? muDictpeljty. The o^urt beg decided agnail llrr Hilly i petition Mr a the amount bent v?E? to the city of Valparaiso, u4i Lhe groom f thnt the befre of had ?'t"*Ki .*!E!* cl8lm bUi peraoeal estate, which ba bad a right to dlapoae of aa he thought proper- bulthal **? '"titled to her proportion or the real eauu whlih ^ lof'ttolou of acme $40,000. ' Tue Ibdlana of Ar?uoo ooottoue nulet. An eatabliabment for the maaufbetore of raner to ahnnt tocotometce operatlonam Chile. "about -V"".'}* ??'.bl" b,ror? Copgraaa. and which haaa/reatv paae?d the Sroate. which provide# that theConanto of ihJt witiMry reaidlng abroad shall render aaatatance to lid and diatreesrd Chlleaca, and to MhMMM^Saa^ZI" derptcunlary aid at the eTne'l f.f 7!!f wnoi<lS ! m?*fmovt ment, and the t'nlted sutea would do well to profit by the example of raiu rcapect. Aa It la the Conauto or the r??Li .. . 11,18 only atl'ord rooror tTte^^ I*#* ?? f>^Md^wijL,be toxerDmcut, whT^gbSd" fYance and other oattona prorlrfe for all olaeaea of thet* ?ubjerta who may be found destitnu to foreign oa> nirtea A n?w paper, to be called the Jndrp??Tt rX make its appearance to Valparaiso ' A daegeroua diaeaae of the throat, known' la Ch,u b? the came of menbrana, haa reappeared at %ntltro with . . j'l f 11 " '"PIWMd to originate m a uerUm state of the atmoaphere. The moat healthy ?d ??? are suddemy attacked with the dS VthoaT^ iligbUstprtmonlUoo. w.wous the Intelllgirce has reacbad Valparaiao of the I<m t>* lira .< the Belgian ship UhaUe.un WutelJ? Tmi " iut ^r1 t?88" lavrd. W'?- A ?maI1 P?flton ?r the ourgo tis o?l?? a?Wicm 'hip Chatiwarth, 1,1 IT tooa rectotar of Beaton, Home, master, wsa kwt oa the 18th jnfJTaTi^. roaat ofChU.^60 mile, south of VafpJSJ to*! ^ !T .? ^be went ashore and broke h Dimww m? TregullDa. The tfflrer. and crew, with I be eTOptioaof ?T- ""l tbemaeivfs by'ronntog a wbkh wu Timdo fiift to n rock. The rime of the lost vm Jinti Dnvif, of Eoglaod. The only ihinr mt?i wagthe log book and a^w ^ic^ oTclJi^ ?wptaln, who came passenger from Valparaiso In the Km*. tlah steamer, proceeds to New York to the Ariel TTM c??,i".1 cU4ree of by the L'D'^ There waa considerable animation In the V^mmm marto. during ihe fortslght whVh ctt^o^*h??T br^sr".'1?.^bara, to quoted at SSO cash, f lour--outheni brands 13 C? a 33 12, at tlx months, stock on hand aamli - several lots purchased for Kngland, Australia and Par 11 ' .aTT*, 8occurrK? ?* flotilla, some forty m.lee tkmfhof Ta.rahuana, cnSOth July, which destroyed hha mo e at that port, the cost of Wh^L V? ?4?!Sw ISd t^S Chilean vessel*, a bark and brig, which went' ashore. Tbo crew of one, consisting of tbiriaaa man, war* ail loot. 1 JnI?rV T*wcl* 1<mdln*f with flour at fame for Aoa ^7 *. 'n "ofe^ueDCe of these heavy shlpm-nta flour has ccnsldcrably advaacrd at the South. BOLIVIA. There la no new* from thia republic. Tba <krree ct ma nter. curse with Peru la still to force. and traM^ bls^n peaded! counl^^*,?lB ?m??ltoeooe, ia almost -otlrtiy acs PERU. * /?'n'CAK vi-Aiw i nFrm rr~ or rvo con to^,rwTv,u try ^?2t oitul.' b?,r.,Md^^ ?oucd He rc<fe out 00 ?be^ ??TV^T b" K;n""1 iime- W tbc A^18- wth ?. tooorw f " 8 proposition from ll.e Peruvian aovernRu?nt ii? nature ol w to not known W> dIZt'v^ZTl' r.*|Cr*.,U. s' rum,r'" '? "wtll kuowif thiU^PresiJqat t ssij a adfcerrs to bis original nnrnoan m . .moment unlera the lu?M fltSSTSr^ i 1 "|"tlore In dlg, ule 10 a third fr /ndlv re^T The Cong km of Peru is still in so salon at 1 ma. A p.ojv ition requiring all guaD? rontracls to b* submitted !?. .d"r* t* '"r ?w'w. wbwh iiui^rri ? sliieraiion for Seversl weess.t.M m*n re^ed by a buJ e ms majority, this leaves tp.. rMttJ^VbcM ,rSi a ?%;ib<cfi,iD \b* hiadi of the rtmiMt tw sai ito he upwards of tweny bidder* for t'ba^MtrM^ r^'r:^ to lb* amount of $h #00,000. Tble it ji tSmlaT ?oeure the er atrset to this bona* f?r many ri^Tfo Uli" | The Prealdeut of tb* Assembly, who m theMtoZTS 1 tV * ^ krot'ghl fi-rward a proKct of i mv roMtT^ m,8T ?f 'to fsstur*. are ruurnkmr for tairnc ii 1 rov d<s thai lb* Catholic religion shall ??* tba Mtafc! Itolod religion of lb* Bailor end a I w'l. ? M- r.. a,, ba ,egu!TUd^ wl2 i.e. 01 11 p me, and 1 he 1 terrias of all other rsiisns 1^ ? P" tv I. d the Clergy ?.J ulTmIl^Jlr2"?* ' r,r ''' v ' r ? "n b*fir+r itoti tb*1"'l' n Hd?jlr."k I*- 1# r"*rU 01 ,b8'f ST 1 " "d fhatea at ram rorretta v irraniiasli ws tof .be moramraia ?"* siuadr. ? ft ear safari arrived at faila oa^E^Jt and proceeded the same day to CbUao ^ r?A r0rr,*Po?dent of tb* f anama Var and gz; rssnsip-?a TrsSfH |1 <f?, S a ?. CTS.mSSi ?K.tgaic* aa uiaad sxltadiag aorth sad south^ah?I?ar '?s.tTy!^2P """"ii. ras rtTaii: lb* r '.cd ear ?y*"*t^^1" Td10^ ^ * ?hfc RCtJADOR. KCvmiNT* or tio*Bf i-hapco'* roam?*- on toaprrr thi i.atk iMisnim, wrc. Tb* inly arte*-** r*c*tv<d Trnm thta coaniry ar* ? HhUl.nia.lll Inglleh rtmitfr ?f-l Mt'.rf triopped at tiuaji'iUl i/O h?r writ trip General fWe* n ? 'tbt a rDort dW.litre of U.e r.tty, and be bee probably etc th.r taken pore*** too end driern f ranco therefrom. Tt * teller he* attaallt failed to eallet lb* eympathtee <4 the reaident* of t.nayanall In hie ranee He reottaeeo 10 crmtrlt all anrte of outrage* Awrg ntber ih'0*a, be he* ren krd the r rrqoatnr ol Mr OareaoTa. lb# t ailed Meter Cent' I at Guayaquil It I* raid that all tb* faralga toaeu a. r ? oejl tbet bl'ran. inteeted agaiMl tb* art. lb* Or til bee gone to (allac V. meat the Laecaeter aed hare na taieretew a lib lb* Sag officer of tb# Catted staled far.fe rqaedroe la tbe i?t ett engagement between the fareen cf Dored rati f raarr. an aorot at ol wbkh I forwarded to tbe Rn etfi, the trivcr raptured 1X0 Itoreea, three held pteeM f ft CIO trmbaeof ?, worth alt dollar* tbe arroba at Vilo. hem Krlilth t'elaaibla. Tbe eteamer Ooetea art I red at San t raerwra Aagcat II, with late near from Oregon aad Br it ah tolaaabta. Ac An ertran cilltea ranted Young, reaident at Victor la, aa> ti aawd ee a ;urywn*. bat declined to neren. Ibn jM.eln i# a fre of Ili6, or imprieot meet. It Id tb*. trnebte wttl grow not of lbe matter T< r Ml ct< I* U net I of Kew Weetm niter? <Wle get t be ? ab't heb'cd tbe legtelailee Aammbly rn inert tea* of ojalt? aed attachment to tbe betr imareet i. tb* tbreee?bare roted aa gtddreaa to lb* Preen af Taw* "b- V? lorta Cefie eaye that tbe mining papulation at |?r tab roiowht* t* now reeeie'ng ruppher eteoet dddfd girelf from lbe American TerrI tar y OttfgM. A anal mine bit beta diaoorerrd fccrtena MUM l/MR r or t land < a tt.r jtttb nit. d riant pad* one act ed frcm tbr Ort|tR ?tat* prtaon Four ran* lata made tbetr raerp*. a rt anery fett oa the bead of Mr. P. GUI, at MIMI, ol tb* ITtb, T.ltir lag him Mlgblty _ tb# mn'tad Arei ray* that nafaroa *!th, lABitaf Btont.M f. lead/, J. W. been lib, ?#o Jttm**, Paetd 1 t?n and f K Babar are iheraadldatra Mr ratted Mateo Pewatcr Tb* aUnggle wlU be t bofy eenMMad i part tea?tbe aettoaal d?icraey.ib* fraa tb* gi?dera ryrtaa ?f part lata RfiM