Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 24, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 24, 1860 Page 2
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DRY GOODH, AO. ^ T 1,117 BROA D * A 1.U i5on ? T vrctv fl!"lh ?tr*rt. Onpoette Xadteoe paik fc'xl Worth Motriineoi. J. A. BLCXOMR B.PUANT GOODS. NKW STYLES. AGAIN NEW LDT8 THIS WEEK. RIBBONS, RIRl.i >NS RIBBONS, r.-oo? Auction. RIBBONS, At la. per yard. From Auction R1BBOKS, At lie. per r?i From Auction. RIBBONS, At 13a per yard. From A ucHon RIBIl INS, At Sic. per yard. From Auotinn. RIBBONS. At I3c. per yard. Frow Auction. RIIiBOHS, At 31c. per yard. From Auction. RIBBONS, At 37>ie. per yard. From Aucllua. RIBBONS. At tic. per yard. From Auction. RIBBONS, At I rum Wc. to SI SO per yard. J. A BLL'XOME. ^RNOLD, CONSTABLE A CO. Will offer at retail, MONO AT, SEPTEMBER 14 AN ELEGANT ASSORTMENT OF mirra CASUki.UK SHAWL3, IK NEW AND BEAUTIFUL DESIGNS. J net roodroJ pa. ateamer Acta. rarai ernirr. imuu or avium At tii uroadwat. UB8LELL. PEIRSON A LAKE. KMBROIDI $10,000 worti of Ike above iroodc, pttrciaeed at the recent auction mire, AT VE ET LOW PRICES. At enberson h. mi sixth avenue, cornbr or Twenty errand atreet, ORKAT HARGAINR from auction. Needle Wort Seta for it, worth SI The beet Eld G levee for S3 crate. Joel received from anrtiou a l.trre lot of tari.etgns tor dresses. vest low. out Oteep for dreae Inmuuis. and aJ ttnde of Lecea end J^V ?Tt BROAD WAT, ^ t'BSDKLL, i'EIRSON A LAKE trill offer at retail. On Monday, September 24, Ntl EMBROIDERED FRENCH LAWN H ANDkKRCHIEFR, . i mm H to 13. r? above iroode pnrrt.aaed at the late ancilee mlea, la* forty per rent beknv the cost of importation. T <71 BSOADW AT. L'USDELL, PEIRSON * I.AMW KZ HON DAT, SEPTEMBBR IT. i lara# and varied rank of NEW FALL DRESS GOODS, At very low price# , T 471 BROaDWa* I'BSDKLL, PEIRSON A LAEN 1 Offer at retail, on MOSDAT. SEPTEMBER IT, i lair* and varied nock of NSW FALL SILES, i all the latent aoveltiea NO tn BROADWAT. CSSDKI.L. PEIRSON A LAEN. LADIES'S AND CHILDREN'S "" MKBrNO UNDER OA! CLOTH AND DOKHKIN O AC NT J .NTS AND ULOV1 MEN'S AND BOT8? MERINO SHIRTS AND DRAWERS OOTTON AND SII.E HOSIRRY OF ALL EINIML NKW SHADES IN BIJOU'S RID GLOVER ^N IVNKNHN STOCK OF BREAKFAST CAPS, __ From Auction. At half the uetml prieea at R. WILLI ANN A CO .W, l-etr Peter Roberta. 421 Broadwny. 'it tT a orkat REnrmoN, A mutt be auid ou ai > oent of eolargttv; lite Were. |NQ1 I ("ARI'V fu OIT/T >r -o PAPER HANOINOR., WINDOW SHADES, Ac. ERA VI rt? Tnrrain and TNr> ? ?!y I'erpetr, lie. tn 80c. H kr l. A- aru li Krn-- , < r.-cu $1 ir?r yard, uaualiy cold in 37 ?!?? Iltrr < < * of K . -Si OJelothc. Wc. per yard;, Leo. I.IAW i air Sue a"-hi WINDOW S)' tDER $1 per pair, ttenallv e>4d at R ; aim. SIOWO north ef Sne F KK N H -t TIN PAPER ^ Ir. P"r ml leuaDv ?.<.< a. IC-. aat Mr , One Oeld Pap<-rM fcA per roll en alt* tnl- ?l $1 and PI M. rU 1 COkTKS 14 I! r.daen etrr-t. alsnu Spchif. ) NO. U? BROADWAT, I R. WILLIAMS A OCX, late Peter NHiena. Have j net epnaed irr/ rgiiKw W?ir wme tr. Ren' fWat Leoca. Dnlere Va HaadNemMeW iu I traa Hariem I tepee ee.1 I BSAnTIFTTt. ANHOP.TMENT OF ILLUSION LAP* ?ton\aa leu Ural v new wyle . Alan, wnt en itwiAoeet I aed vniaaciraaee a N | ^ ivoadway. IAN CLOARS-FTTR DOLLARS. A CLOAKS .. ?? iR CLOAKS IB OLOAKB T? at w k~" rwrtON's, N?. ?4 BOWKRY. ? > ne band every aruce oem.wiiln for EAMILs ; li S IPG Partly lar a renin* la ea'M tn our monk W p, ha. wn Saeeeu. ? '??aha. V?.aed tenn ilerka a _ w? have received, per i?e etraaaern, aa tmmeoee l of Iwlrai le Drraa 'Ajede. g . ? Mtemana, < samaaa t ? a naeae hreon. Km ram O.the II.-annua and M . -.aa?, Cemel e Hair CKHlm trithaed rtaach Pup Ma i aaer new matevwia terv daArnhtM mera w.ll pimme eall'ed emialee __ Man n tf JaiXmG lee?W edHawwIei N<, kM Nruadway bwtne-a *pri?d aad Kit , AND ENINO DRMtSRt at LORD A TAYLOR'S. Nam Ml to ?? BROADWAJJa AN El AO ANT ASSORTMENT RICH PLAIN AND FA.NCT SII.KR awn PARBt!AS lABBlOR. ?wNahle far RALL AND IT ESI NO DB WISES BHaBOAIB*. IaR'I A INR. H4MIAIKR. k um.rKi.nBM. WM?n?. Ur?<?nm?<r W1 p?i Hit AMI <"U Kla ? *-? M r?-M <1nn*a M% ? im III l**(m ?B to nil KMllwR aaurff ^aMlK. Srss.r sa Sfenrai wl tb*kp cuas ootm J. J. BBBAOA. 'I* ? 'AaAl TAX. Hap iwr -?Mi Mi r?U u4 f?* M) Mi M-iRaik I " TARTAR PL4I0. 7r*r ? MTRtrn, a.MT'11 PLAID* kju*ta;ra ooktun. c. o uk iiai? a ixp., M) 1TL. MM THOKS cheap U<'l CUAT AI PR, WW1C H UAVB IWJ_ ^ 0""* ?"ttltfiftw All Uy w* AR!> T AMI' 'R A >ut ?rn? r ?r ?A? mm IW KN1M.MW V aRIITT aru at ?odSbmM PRirm una Pa l faa IT Ml! ? Ml milt- I ? (KB TW&m f MM M ??? par ??? tamar ??; nU)AU (LOAKA. At TVOIAaIA noonra TALL ARO Wl.'fM CUPAIR AAA Ri.a hAADT. ?MMn > .r*r? ?ra pereruiwtf flerlleA w ?iamii PoilAll bafTTA maAiia rvMmm U i'aiaai rtrbvt CBBAi' A ILK BOBBB TR.iB ACnfwA. C. C. ? AK< II ART A ?X>.. MA RAOAOWAT. WR opar. AA MiilAT.Ifca BLACK MII.A KOIHM. Rrrra Ao-.aMA aI AM ClUiRIP MU ROMA. *?iai 'napii AM. mwlA AM. RAW aIIJTB. BLACK 'PIMPVBO. >1 tl A par | aH DRY CKHIDC, AO Bl.ACK THREAD Lai'K VKIM PR M S3 M AND YIN warda H1?c> lbr-a.1 jfa'pn"" a*"1 FrAAcb lemea. Lasca '"ltd 18 per >iud Aixl uow;trdu. E W-tlJ.l AMi> PP.. m Brwlinr DAMAGED BROADCLOTHS, CA88IMEBBE PLANNltN, BUoki-ta fr'nu, Mualui*. Table Cloiha, Nam Idee, Dlaprr, At . lor "*lr by WH. M A? HkVT.t, No. M Oatiianiie aL T.H)WARD UAMUKHT A CO., Pt ?41 11road way, oppneUi- Mr..- *><vi*u Hotel, will i-pen ou Moudey, September 'M ? I arte laaortaMut of Kurlnh an! ' mnru eu iiLANKBIB. Alee, a full Use of SUAKI.R FI.ANNHA, UL*dr t iprrealy for oar retail trade. TOA1X EXPOSITION. ARNOLD, CONHTAHLB A 00. WILL or** oe TUUBSDAY, OCTOBER A THEIR. PABIS CLOAKS All D MANTILLAS. Toceth*.- with tbOM of their own nuofartara. AIAO. A CB0KS COLLECTION OP REAL INDIA CAMEL'S-HALE SHAWLS A SCARPS. CANAL, DOR* EE (0P~MER0KB STREET. F ALL HOSIERY. ARNOLD. CONSTABLE AND OO mu. arm* tm eosrur, nraraa H, A LABOR ASSORTMENT LADIES', OKNTLIHXh'A AND 03ILDEKN0 UNDER GARMENTS. OobMMIba 01 SUk. Scotch WsoL Basil* Lamb'r Wool. ??* Merlao J8HIET8 and BRAVPERR, (Aloe Daloa Prooooa Aloe, a rary Iar?o anortmeot oi Koxltah. Pleach oad Owoe Haak-ry, all atylea and drea. CANAL STREET, CORNER OP MEB0EB. OPENING AND CLOSING BA1.K FOB till MONTH OF HHTTTMBKR. nan"* TUV MA NT BABuAIBB W Jibe weld durlawttes oftaMD CLBARIVO OCT SAIMf ?rrnmovt UMBitni AT7EV1 ION we OMCN Birr CALL TO OCR WBLL BKLKTTPM STOCK OP ASHIOltABLB I MWIK ABL.K I ui 8HAS0NABLR 1MB Wunu qOALtTT. Rjle mad leaaonsblo Price* U our (Mi tmr HEPRRIOLITT. We hope to are or o 70a* eteaemed By supplying 7VB with Fashionable OfoArof the iaeet (laand Terture, at REASONABLR PAL'BS. OCR RTORF Is Nob. MM- bo J :J06 SIXTH AFKNUK, sae door froo- KounaeoLk slraol ONB rsroi omlj will be uud. rrou which (Mr derlstfan will be nude. OCR BTORB Is well stoekad with Goods, u Assort bed ?IBBON81 Our Ribbon Dt nutment Is be for the Urird snd best assorted of say ui this city. Prices SI OP down to Ida. * ^Unboas of any klad. quality or color yoa will always SoA at MACVb STORE, outb arcaue, aM doer froa Peurieentb TO OCR RtOH STOCK BMBROIDBRIRS AND SPLENDID LACK OOODS, WK BRTBUlAldLT OaLL TOl'R ATTRNnoN. AS OCR BOTKRS of the KMHRiHDKBIRS, Ala*, OCR BUT KKS Of lb* LACS DMPABTMRMT, hare wllhln Che last week dons SONS SPLENDID I t 1 T Bnytas la the way ef rentes hetd Of ehoioe AKTTfTLES at HaROAINCI We sbaU sell " W.'?> at LOW flUL'KCA, to make quirk moras i LADIEd. If you wteb for LAHRR. aoaae Is OUR STORK, tor w* hsrs them, and Uar* the? npht, lout LA 1)1 KB, do yea wish say"prICK or kind of PWREOIDP RV r lr eo. please eMteo'inir stock aad you wtii ?cd it, it WORTH ARKPINO. at s reeeoeabl# CRICK I NOW WK PONE TO Ol'R ?OVERT aad QI.OTE DEPARTMENT. AIM. LADIKS OKNr* MISSES' aad ROTS' ?rUKK VESTS aad OR A WKIt . Is erery size. la ersry quality A1SO, A OOOD I.IMS LaDtR-f AND CHILDREN? unio n ni'UiiUNU. In ipe -ktof od Hiruiyrr aill say we sell L*DIES' AND Minus* HDAIRRT. of erery daerrlpUoa. la all the faroi-hr 1 Aae OBNTLXMRVS AND bol*' HOKIERT, from tfce serf beet tnaaeia la It# wortd 1 at low price* I Led lea aad 1 lent 1-aaen?Tan bar* now found a prt-e, wSen fn. aad a *1 we !.ke K. II MAOV a. where you can get Bus ted!* U OVERT ta every aire. color qaalAy and ens* I UNDER vRSI* as- DUa W SKS In erory are. qveKly and prlee 1 OLOTW la every ui. quality and pr ee I ONB WORD ABOUT OCR KID GLOVES for ledWa ~Wm bare 1 riparS arUota of ladles' 1 real 1 IN >ae We warranl n?-j t a - t* h* a soil ariata. W* bare rier) all* aad cwtnr Our prtea la AS owuu a paw '.Si reals M reeu U area. U mall I A 1.1, tiTURR BHDS "up 'olotbs. AN WW.L ?OBIKRT. CN9RR VKNTt AND DKaWBRS we do aal >a CHEAP as we do aur RID KlAirSB ABerwInrNsdlo tall aad eitmied for ynarae rwa If we baa* wapeikr route are apeak of, why. lhaa. eO> us sat WHITE (TOOI* TKPARTMBNTS roaalW of A PULL I INK IRISH LINKS*, froat ID t*M rente. PCM. LINK fCJCAffiKP aad MROWN MCSLINB far fa ?uynsr. PULI. IJNR KLANNEXA I. eery color tnd-qnalhy. ot he . a tech we tuatl art) at eoa, a lias tear par TABLE COV1RS end ODTB*. ta every taw aad quaMky. DAMAN KB by the yard. 1 key are a Jeb let and rknp NAPKINS and DOTLBS -all a ?* aad 'maltttes. ROOK end M?IM MCEUNH. In job late, rbaap. PSPBR CaMHKI A, eiery odor TOWRUKo* and TuWBi.* by I be doi?a. a new tea A PIbB UM WINDOW DRtrMKI. ah qanUuM. no R ALHORAL SKI p. TP SI rite K, they em testes HOOP > RIRTN "Wbnt *?? win" and Wten are ?**> with <nt lb*' All onr H >? ektna are ?? <rr tcruaso. Pirate 1 (or o. row* asraii i?aa. Ova 1 is wsssped span hy 1: a maker Raw la waaared opee I Batter What ?M p*W le yea lenei bare a i orr (batin rlsbt fee aae pm tenet n< e east IS 4prm?-a. St M AS etea* terra te tee nam* plop.owe (Mam (tearsn (team f.w led m SI irH,|i i..,ev 1 oa mfir adw* aa IS* Wee Ira. ?< Mr iTeaa la*, a* lit 'b*? 11 ate 1 Vet* La*. THREAD STORB A BTIil.tb of rvary Had. I OP Ptt?<M lb t?S0R4 OMIT OELi oRI.V ONLt Mr a pew CSr iter u> l|nr ISr I pair Wwraeted a prone a terte W? rante* a sr ate antrte. WBLL teoRTR M eaate' WKLt WnRfH M irate These 1 iweata are ? pi Iter hww? 'IV. tjnee . .. r? pneteaa Mte. Hhas?BB l|A. Usee IhHMMML WNl Ideas team. TSa. SOB ta (temhrtr Bdstasa and Sand*, laetlru 1 ten dap. SOB la Cambrtr Oattar* end awrea raralrtd this day. JOB te 11 te"' NteM Cbp* ah pfteas JOB tsItevTitetanta^ teat cheap JOB te Cteterhsi Pnnsas! _ JOB te Taebse NateoM tetear rheap JOB te Prtexw leaw Tads (teey are ehaap.l Bt AND W* Mlfll AT*?U? _____ uNS MM PKOB rJf BTKSNTR SM AND tel atlTfl tVBNNB. _____ l?BSI>oO*rRoN Pi?TSTERNfH STR^RST ^ ^ /r IB AT NAVtalNS If 1*rred teMxiai .?pi M. In RliW f ABUT SII.KN. te IS aanta and Si per yard. ^ ^ ^ ^ p^ |IM Iww addibnes wiil be teadr < 1 w*ea <W Dii'SLB M'TuiBf Route*. ?SIIart Ste ______ . ? A f STBWART A 00 DKT GOODS. SBC GRAND BKTAtL CPKNIHO or new and bju ant cloaks Bj BULPIN. URKMON A BLLIOTT. an Hroadw?y, Ow CWllre WHOLESALE HTOt K WUl now be offered at RETAIL, ? ?iiaw SUPERB LTONH YELYYT CLOAKS. blboant BLACK HKAVKRCLOTH CLOAKS, BLACK VKLVBT AKaBI AMI, Bi At K CLOTH ARABIANS OOLOKRD CLOTH ARABIANS velvet and cloth aoUAvft VKLVBT AND CLoTU BKLHUJINB, Aid IIW) other novelty of tie mmol B0U1 Lin ported mid oar own B?u(u(<trA er to ttaa public At mud Mow iml bit ail Pricks. BULL*IN, ORRUSOI k BLUOTT, Ml Brood WAT. TOST RKOKIVKD.PRR HTKAMKR TKUTONI A. t) THKKK CASES BICH KANUT DRKS8 8ILKB, ^WufVlBTfLATlST PARIS NOCVR ASTER, L^AURIPKRR and JARDINIERE llaar bolus exoluahre * jrlee. A1%wc 70 CASKS RICH PLAIN POULT DB BOIR8. All daw ibviefl, ?It: "Bolferlno," "Mascota." "Petunia," "Puehala," "Mar Cuertte," "Mauve." do , WUl bo eihiMtod MONDAY, Seplambor SA A. T tfTKWABT A OS. T~oiu> A TAYLOR ~ j Noa. Ml to M7 BROADWAY. WILL OTTER ON MONDAY, SEPTEMBER M, MO PI BOBS RICH DRKSS 8ILKR At ft, worth BI 7< per yard. J^OKB A TAYLOR, noa. mi ?o mTuroadway, HATE NOW OOMPLKTRD THKIR ASSORTMENT or CI X) A KB ANDMANTLES POR THK K a lL OP 1060. And an enabled to Oder MANY NEW AND KLIOANT STTLRS, Manufactured to tba bart manner por orri retail trade, DOLUDINO ALL THE POPULAR SHAPES WHICH NOW PREVAIL IIP PARIS. J^ARD A TAYLOR, Noa. Mi to 167 BROADWAY. HOUSE PURMaHINO OOODS. LINWN SBKRTIJfOR, LINKN DAMMBKR, MA PEINE, TOWRLINUS, COUNTERPANES BLANK ATS, Ae., An., Ac, LABOB ASSORTMENT" AY LOW PRIORS. AT STORES Neat Met* Ml ORANB SI BEE I Noa. 47 end 49 OATH AB.NM STRBETJ N*" OAMFMTM TMirrr oaapbts KKUHSKUi CaRPBTR, tiiwiir OAKr*T< la ?aw rw?iiD?Mtr ahlpa Reaotat# Ml Luc* 1W. i TL' A*D OAiMrlTR. ? ?WcbrbaIRp, toaan/actarod loonW. for aala at ratalL 171???. tbraafh to JUIo'Srid % T. V*W OLOAXM, 41 RR? cbOAxa, w. d. bjjot* a or. <?1I125I?,55iS2S lorann^^MMen ?oTBLnta, MldMTlhM- " am. or raui nromoi. And IMr o*? o "anafcataM ro* citt RrrXrLtlAW A LI ftrto slaaa OaaAa AadlatrtaUy. LADtm radn nm, N? ajipXw MILLER a oRaRT nrtaaadww. . - ?p*~* Uda ^r^-"* A ?|Mrt MtattB la mv akifii aai 4m^b#. V?7 lAiiJl*""8 ooom A* A T. niWuTl oo. wti! apn aw ftTOHDAT. A*pCra?b?tr at ? ailmdld MMiluifliM o* uUia bo# Kroci*'TafcMr pWo Md aaabmidrrar. Pop Ik* ??**? OU??i ? OI(W I) Afd'OUIti kmbkoii.rrkp awrutm<aumm. VKUtU* annpapx "ai* amd prirtbd frkm -u nrriitomr. rra^A prtto.d ^ ?i aataetod aipraaai'r for nur retail aim, ' FALL [IBM- OOODIL rOTLINR. OTTuRAW TWLOOE.S. FRKKi H MKKINORB, TAUBfOtAT I* ORBAT T ARIRTT OF RTTMB, JaM rac?l?*d froa aceLoe, at nr; tow petnw W K rwrroK. *#? wo^p i j, oMf Hftn ini airaaC? lyVHRO WB aa ratiri ?r 0011 "?W "OR* RKW FTOCR ?Z rtX)AK8. ARarS, D^RNOOI I ouonU, ***? iiaKTL*?' 8aCK\ Ac. Ae la aU Iba latoal faAnaa mkriroa. rorumi ALTACam 1>? I AIFBR. MoRilu porbor' * "* D?T"LaDomno W. R RlttMTfl tM iMlWwR* Ratataa fnar*wad "i na pafKcB or rai r. IT Aa lavntra nf taa rMreaa ?HRT LACB FLOVKOKS. trtU W (fntt oa Monday, frninatu M. FOlWir. Ac . a. T. ?w? art i oa R" 1T.V.*?r?* haa parrro H - Li J ** wanttai' *Wr gvttxff irr 1,l*d " am: he aoallnd to to* ?to*h||?b fti' Pn?*:E*? *" fU mor* PWWBlAaa .T^ n 1 te"? rirrnwaa la tlx tra'a, ?,k* ptoaaer la It. (am lb# finar qnniHiM of k<< %a* _ Whit* I aa prt-nr u< Mww a tatoMad by Ux mantaaMr' Ifcw aa r??ao?ti..r baa pal txm ,?d? a, ttrr - JralmSr atit tlx pradwrttpna that U? tnr rrara tM ?x ??T|. iZ. Alarrmlaa, atthouaa ih m'iidia.1- ?rr aV^cs1?,is,l'n?r * ,hr ?< ?*? ?r JtJTTJ rIRuav r .<**#*&? Oa mrnta to order Ar CT*A*0. ADRlARrt R OO . O Ml itROADWAT. U adalUne to Ue r lar*? and atlrarUra i FtlL MMIIMt. w^srajjasB1 r0E IvnrTJ,? ??*?. IRUB fi*ruRR otTon it nrt/wRR, BRfRRW mm. RB t.AIRRR. rAOHWBRRA ARM BBRIRoRk ? ' U>THS WOOI. PI.AIINI, V?i.RR<Ta?i "'h.WbIt A"n '"'^(HRRRIR". CNOBR OARMKtrra Am ouvm 8IIAW|> Ac. Ar. Al nrj tow prtrea "? ??ww taro wmt THKhcn cauoob lRptoraa TARD WIDB ( HIRTI FRBnI V? oTftF-MW^ ""SSVE/.#. ;fRTPTB WORCTKP Iim'nn TO ik crmir mm vr^:w mr ?^ ^ 35#? J? TarTn^r**' *"?"* "all'"" "*?' * ^ BWi wad way. R R -Imi Rda a*?r ir..Llg7^L mttbuT A TLATIO UOl'RV, " " ^ Oproilto Timrn Park. Rawpnft, R I. .P* *RW*a? and rapar. aaiah.'.i.^?nt ?R*r a tooal aa? y^**??A ?? COBUB.:# opaa ua?l Rnodar. Roptomfctw Wtl?MAB RBWTQR. frwprtotaa. eOTB. FT Tt)Wf?l?rarti.u IRaXe IMaad m> <irani I'JMI * (mm wUbmtaa" waft Cl J* i" '?* Rta wiaxr. rmtufnr 'wrnJax ?BRla aWaaaaa, with aaaala aa d?aa-?d, ^ "d | R ARIHIBaoR. frvanaaw. Vf* * nnj Roya*. rxiitn turn armm fflaad r.yitoto drwt Tto abnaa S<xaa aawa ?wap'52 r"**' ^ fa" ?*< 1 tar boatrxaa haOa ?at awTw !*f?>"lIRf>W 'M <to0"t?7 wR| An wall mf mSLm Wto T"* n^tf W'tTtB R ar rbrm truiii pur I Mm.ant. 'be rXw of to -AlaaN a a.xwai?T f > (xMia SLm I ^i*" TtBat "'ma to a at to*r?to prtoa *a'l An wrd to rati ?t Ih, ah^e hnpaa. IM frlana alraat Raato tm IRAFB.LMR. DRITI TMR*T . _ "? *** aWTTWROinAR R-m-W r.WdRWaf flir mm ?a We R?r? *? R ?? AO. prwmaa ?A MOKTIMHK UKirPIl A W , AOOTIONMMBB. MaOMFICKT BODRMHOLP re Kin turh, BABE AND OCPTLI PAlNriNoH, AND WOBKfi OB ABT, To be peremptorily sold at PUBLIC AUCTION On Bond*!-, September 84, At the elegant Mansion of Zeco Horn^iUD, K#q.t No 4H w< it 10th between (kh A OUi arentiea. Rule eooiiatotiiifc- at 10 o'cook. _ hupcrb seven ooUrs Pianoforte, Driwlnr Room Ktute, OU Punting* by eminent Alt Ma Artistic Bronte Staiuary, Revre. and Dresden Chut* Creamants, Bronre and Oimulu Ghsudoliors, Velvet Mrdalilo* Oarpete, French Plate Plrr and Mantel Mirror*, Brocade and Lac* CorUtaA Rosewood Chamber PuraMur* eu suite, hobd Oak Bullet and Extension Table China, Olaaa and Silver Ware The FuruitreMl maddtO ord^r-jHy Weit A Roth. DBa*IMO l Magnificent roeewood 7K ne jtve Pianoforte, The rirhast taatrumrrt offered at auction Una aeanm. oarred leg* and case four round ooruni. oraretrung beat, lined with satin wood, Inlaid aith pearl, finished all ronnd. solid pearl keys, mare br clip makers, and 'ally guarantee'; Prenok cloth) o^ert etool covered In brocade, roaawood vlanterbury, Becre'nire and Bookcase Holt de-Rose marqueterle Cabinets, lady'* Work Table and Wruing Desk, Inlelrl with pearl; English, Urumel* and meo?l'k?a t'arp?te, mnaalc Ruga. Freuch plnie Pier Mirror*, marble Hlahs and Bracket*, two large Mantel Mirror*, richly carved frame*; heavy embroidered l,?oe Our lama, Krvn h Hhalex Cornlrea; two taagaWnent suit* of Fertw Furniture, covered in three colored aaUn brocade of the rtoheat deacrtplion, carved in aolid rosewood; two Tetea-Tele Hofaa, rweptkm and oval bank Chain, roaawood Centre Tab Ira. Grecian marble top to match the autta; Etc Korea, marble top*, lined with aaUnwood, Mirror door* ned bank. Kits'* patent Chain; quartette, pier and Dllnsv by Went, I-egrand, Mb Bglaw, Table*. ( II Ptirllos* Ineot artut> Aeanmptton, Virgin JUFfg-M celebrated patnPng la the Louvre. Parte), Worm Poena (by FtBgenragte), Ac ; oak Hatetnnd, Chair* to match velvet atalr Gnrpete, Miser Rials. Ollclnt*. Chamber*? Wilton and Ingrain Carpet*, roe* wood marble top dressing BoreaaA Bedstead* and Commode* ???cr a Glace. Tod eta, Wardrobe*. Table de Mok. Couch)?, Rocker*, arm and oval back Chain, ooverad ml Imoquet; b*lr and *pnng Mattresses, Bedspread*. Feather I bed*. Bolster*, Pillows, Oral Mirrors, 1'aMel Paintings, de ?ooratedchina Totlew breostel Curtains, Ac. Up per clamber*? Mahoganv and enamelled Bureau*. HcdWrmd* Wmhsunrt*, hofaa. Rockers, Ac Gin ng Boons ?Solid oak Buffet, estenelna dltuug Table, emend* IS fart; Oouehr*. era Chain, elegant ?et? crystal and ruby OUaaware, vtr: Decanter*. Goblet*. Champa gee*, Lemaeadea, Wtnov, Caraga, Fruit. Oellary and Preserve Mtanre Finger Bowl*, partes marble and noy Punch Bow*. Liquor Sol*, gold band Dinner Set, JM piece*; rioh deouraled Tea beta, id ulecee: aottd silver Dinner and Tea bete. Mirer ware Caster*, (We Bubal*. Ivory handle Table Ontlery, bpoone, Fort*. Napkin Ring*. A3 Also, general u aortmeot of Basement at d KBeben Furniture, Terms of aale oaah, In hankabl* mooey or eerUSed check*. Action noti k kith aor din ami. Magnificent Household Furniture at pit bile Motion. A nr* opportunity for purchaser* The ertlre rtrhand enstiy Fu-oVvrr onntatee- In theeiegaad feat Twenty firm street. prime rcMoeuce, No. UZ Waal Twenty at* door* weal oI bevnalh event Ob Mow ay. kept. Si, at I0'? o'clne*. ROttrRLL W. COST, a uclkneer. will sell by owaiogue u run*, over foar hnnrred lou uf elegnet rose wooa Fnrniture cemMned wNh a splendid aollec-tnu of rare and valuable work* of art, la brans* and marble. Thw whole artil he pnafreiy mid wRboat roarer*, rain or ih oa, ooaatettego> auguMmatcarvea rosewood Plan* forte mad* by Ambler, used out (oar monies, wttvvtn mm Parlor

deru iniproveme.y three eu >erb fall suite raaewoed Furniture. ? erred In n> id roeewood, eoeeved m Crimean am* mariawi br vaiei w\tb slip c 'vara, ail le perfect er?*r: ten* ufinwn uf'tAw r]wniv v ftwm, mu ? frmrimv* snm. tww ova wood mark* tap ?b rare*. with mirror doom and baek; Main?rv marhle tspcmxre, e'er ana ao'a Table*; Ibre* an Pier Mirror*, with gilt and marble base. Table* and and nrvmel* Carpels, Tnrblab Lounges, In Mlk velvet a. d tapestry, with At m chili* to mateb: s>U) roeewood hen pure Chairs, in ?-tin and velvet; French WHw Tabieat rich vm'retetiwd IK' > 'wrt sins, two superb sruns* and Is' h?D.leilera, French Esrrr.tetre lined witb satin wood, superb their. Art arnsur Brcmres of rbibacd the III, and ltd ward adnc and retehn^ ?*' * nun tacbua, Mtiwrs, Hbakspere, Venue at the bath, Ac , > er of value -Ic pal "t lor*; richly ??rvert rosewood eMb large 'Air Retires*!*. PARralma* perb Beds and Keddtn r. seMd vee wood Wordrobes witb rr door* f?u suutarv merbl* top d-rseslrg Hareeu*, marble ?~ del arts ova' ~ toilet itU oral Mirrorm. Coma I fs^F^G^?t^^#iM^AeV*V tTtamber salt pearl lateid notlnge Cbslra brousr cideea. gold borderel Ktisdes. Voltnlre (Stair*. Hrtiserl* Onrpe e, Ac Dining room Oek svtanMre Ta ble, opens Id feci msrbl* (op oek Bidebrerr-i oek dining roam I ham. hofen. rich out (km uf ovary desert mos, silver War* of ftngereaad Brother* manufacture. Pren.* akiiia Tea seta, Ac., wttr every deecrlpUou of rich parlor, dtaing room and WiamberPMrmture.alsoeuwrri r mahogany fArnRure not bare Imentlene . N. H Partle* .'rom a dlvtaace are assured that, the roods Is tbte house oorrnauood with Urn adwrtnemael. and moot will be peremptonly told ed no-t regard to weather Deecnp Uve ankelogues will be at the Ibmae oa mamlngnr stle?Terms of -h? h will be * deposit t.-orn all pureianir*?nod oaah In A I. M.ROKKS, tDUTIONm. A. QUIT AUCTION MAUI UP IK TiUABU um On llth IM 19th aaa . 77?b. Kb sad 79U ato* halnafltok to (to daUW af Praooro UAddMahA deretue-d. a. J. BxKBCKhK -dih A CO., add aell at axretkm. on Taeo Aay. Bept It Hi 11 o'clock, hi tha farchaola' Erahanoa-? <M llih nr.. I low on w. c. between TTlh cad .Nth Ma On 1Kb ar . 8 tola onv.i. ttowaee T"U aad M Ma Oh 19th ar., 8 lotana a a . ha.weep 7Hxb and "Ahna. On IXth a* , 8 Ma<iu e a, ba'.WHHo 77lb and JM MA On lieu an , 9 kna aa the a e. jwnai al 77th at. On 77th at M iota n. and A a , betweea llth and 19th CCA On 7?h h.. 49 lota n ato A A. batwaan Ulh to JUhk a*A (to* ii mi ) On 79thM. 94 lota on A A. Itoweea llth aal ISMnm On79that. T int. oa a a. luOIV anal or 19th aa. Ti a abaca anktahla ump""7 toa barn la tha aaaanaMaa at the Urudrloha fatoiy for yearn and la all elljflbly aMnatad for toiaar dlata ana. The land hopes boautifuilr to tie rtrar, the waler rtton which, rmbradnj a front AI IK blanks, ecaod <LwaM of 19th a?. are o? txameuae Tahta. and arlU be ^?toaaednan. 79that la 1?ft wide, andtoopaeto, graded enrhed. eaharad and Staged to tha rtrar. TUa b pnMMr one of tha tmrodeol treetoaow for nalo la tha sAy. and baa to thr rrar af BarahaM'a Hotel and adjetnlaa the lard at Mayor ?oad. The terms will be liberal, aad large arti'.laaaa wUIto ad I a ad to puiahwarn Tha title la aneioapdloaaLto, aad aaa at the ableat am the latato. I MALI ARWH4JTM. Napa aad fall pardonlare can I n bad at Ha 7 Tha brant. AH J. RLXKCKNB. Al'OTKiN BB&. n A Hi.It IJCAHKIHiLll ON BAROl.AT 8TIRT. a J Hi.Kdt KICK HON d QO wMaaBaAtoMtohaa m>? da jr. Hoot 94, at 11 u'oiook at the Mrraha <u' daMa aa. the three ato7 aaarble front brtah Nti'ldtoe. aad al-eaa yearn' naex ptred leaaa of Int. No. ? Ban la/ afreet, near Oraeawtch aant Tha leaaa aeplraa l?pt I. LWI, at a grooto rant at one pepper earn oar aaa oat, tataanad aaaaaanaaU Uoaaa r llito with a ooe atorr aatoaal w rorrrtn* entire tot tot 21.11 aad 9Ui74.IA. KecA for 99.190 par nanam. aala poaMre. Mane, tanaa. to,, at No. 7 Pine A LRRRT H NIOOLAT, aDCTIONKKK, A toll aad IhM te? (Mnndar. Kept. M at 11H Waiock. at the and aal aaa mat. Mo MWOLim street. near Audi. M aha Uototoweth Bank 99M W aba < toaunenul Btok Btoi 99 Imp A Traders Beak UM 40<'hathan Bank*. 95 ?9 artMaaa' Beak. leu hi Kaet Klr.r ttaafc 14 BHaaelM UM BHronera' laa SO WUma IMaad Iak 89 19 WaabutMea laa. 99 VUMWlArd laa... It 19 too kTradxra toa .. 14 4d MwaAiin that Bit ... 80 1 IlicaiK Adt laa Lai (M Minn toe 10 Bta telegraph 4V. 100 4x. Howard laa... hi Ml Kutee A Walertewm BRUM IS AO-ar lna UH 91 Commerce Ida >00 90 litem laa hi BOomm Mar lna 100 V "aaihea lna .... 10 1* M. T (Inn Mtn ..... 91 ?I Mwmpotoan Tn? UN 91 teraey CUT laa 80 7* Prismatic Tag Oa 10 94 <>t WMt a da.-. Ina .. .100 B standard lad......... hi .10 I axaaari. Htorl IV> .. SO 97.80a hew lor a A New Harm KK In moiuarr oooda ? UOO Tintnnoa Hani A KB to monrnee 'onla. Hi ISO <hlaam. Alton and HI Id 4 (MO daetor (Tty (Wla I 7 P*r < 9000 Mi Ternan KB (1U) lal 10.000' hH-acn 1 Peal aad Poadn nee BB 7 per aeat bond a, UtUtniaB and tod ML lal ?aMpaoP baa da. Baal ran alar aala on Thnradap. nmd 97. Karrnlar anadan nw at ahwka and bonda wwj Bandar and Thorn Mr. * nrntf day whan mtdral at' Ut( n'rlock, al tha Ptaah aalawaant. bn m wntai., atreet. rr at tha ttamhanu P.trbnnan. aa pra fbrrwt. Mee aae! K.wdi bwt-?k4 and WSJ at prWaa and at ue Brokera' Hoard * I.HKK r il N :< < iI.a f AUdUuaer and Stock Broker, n Whha ateeeC A toOUTT* HA1.K. ON AOUOCNT 09 NNLJJS00MHI1TO AM BiVeaUK'SB A E t OP PONT77NITT PON HU09R KBdPKAH. /. W. POBTHB. Mdtof will aeU to MnnAap. Bepiewber M. aeanmiil MH #>rlork. the eplaadld raeenend odd aad nab cat > Pufnaarr to the Ire atary netoaam MO Pear laeeih 01rrwi, a frw dm.ra from Kiebtk arenae, Um whola roei pltoBi real.j tha liw< aaaartor.u "flared al pnMie aala for aaeac rnara (mlj a a??l| daOPrlpMto la (P*?a la thU edrar UMmaret P-arriKc ru,la?i? for porraaaara arr ana raad> at thr knew vw - Mrraat roral fOMB Oarroda la bdh , a--!, r. aaild natwo-t Kelu la aatia ,rr?4a rtalnary aaar lie top "Vnlra a> d fltde fabtoA aarrpd rnaaw tad RMcrroa aed Oararr Maadr larpe liar aad Mantel Kirrora. rteh lean and broante < <<rtuoa. china faeen i.'InrkA Tarkuh aeay aad re raphna Ihalri n aatla ??d rape a larpe reUerdna <ln? ? HI I'vwtie.r. tea and dh>ia| T.b a?. M.laa Tea aad IHnner Heta. haa?TCto ??laaawara. Irorr aad hirer Octlrry, enlil dllrrr warn, dr Alee a ewtondll iaae a nod BOOMh Men! and ) brow nod of thr epleadld Inrtramenle for tone and lalah raer wade la thu ronau7. i.hfenip deenad and third ate n?a r (data bau.iMnl Krnaenlt aad Inerala Car rata, a.: il rmm emd and natntta- Hedatoada atatnarr nartitr trrr ?LAradt ataxnarr uartite lor Oraahafl ???? ? idtllto "nda and Baddl^. pnrd Hait datrasMA au-rorn. <-rr-*e PalalldMI. Aa kiwi Reap, mrat and KNehpa Ct-naUe- 4BBB HaJ IE d. athartai < hairn, ~ fna. Irmnpna Anahern tada Bed Iwator bona <W, larfr onktac Htore 'ma, 4rax ro Ac , Mdh whtrk .he aala will memrai* Tk?a aale la pnhdaA aad WW? article in bo anld I he ebnae Pnrnltnrr I* id the m ex ehxpnat deem ..una and i carlt new, hariod cmd wwMOH Ho latiniierr will ?to K adranuflc i a m the enaen AHC'TION Ml/TICB-OT \ 1MTU1 OP A ?7HtrriL ? winnpnfle. S" H a BI> M ALTditA. .aitlaain, wdkeeXl e. Wmwiar and War 04th and BO> Wet . M M A to. pee r-aril enrh dai. ihc -.die t ornxtnre at the Northern Hood, r-ncr of Onrtfctol and Wan a /net. ha eontonlne a# MOhae ? rntner Hade H? d" Hair and other KaXtriw-a >ranch aa > war) Wialaui. tron aed plain BtonaadA ajnantltr ?f Hlaa tHa C.Mfortrra, CJaxlu toec.o* rtllown. dolaupn, dlrrwa, Vtblca I ' atotcr > rrvkarr, An A ton tha Par tor I "nlaa Hxrna aad W ilrbea 1 ornKnrn rte RrnaaeK threw pit and Itirraln Itorpetiaf b?ato aad Ple? plate Bxrrora -ofae >>? .a. tonuw. marble tnp leaf, eetrohee and nthcr Table* Hd? anna. Onnaaaee. Wantrobm. OUetnfhA Aa Alan i He Mar Her Plain roe aad PnrnPxwA with no# anprrdnr No I t--K l/rr Pawn, wi b rnadln. ronea and oNaa Pnr .torn 49 H .11 re Wild Wtuioax dm it no ibe irm darn, and aaaak bo re ' x* day 'ollneiiia WadncAUy Till aala to well wtrth tha auertkm ft fnrelxnto Payment* to tie leal money, dale ate pnMUre. A CCTION NOTICN-B. DOPOHTT, XM<*B< vfUB, ndil Mil. Monday, NoeletoHer M al MM o'etoek. d ?on. 89 Maman wreak, the entire PnrnAnm at a family. ?? If reorrnicneo at .ab> and hea btma to tMe only hare Hay ton rnmprlhaf roaewood aad aahtotdhdny pvtop Pxtrnltiiro ''arpaarv T?e a hdaa rota, parter anil ina Antra. Pi-rora atteonaia aad centre Tchto* hirer alaled Warn, itot toy. drename Bnrea m Waantlaaxta. H?detenda. hair Mad men. Htonketo. eheeto, Oton'oru Wardroben. [ AN * 9NWIN, AUCTION Bit B. . N* BANOa. NNRBIN A CO., Irrtofl Btodtnea, M ato Nt Broadway ' aad Thnr?dee teaeltoh we,,i. M ato V. ai 7 o'nlnck. Choice Priyaoe Ubrar, of rain tele KaeUah and leanieea ank. r,Hni,-1M?t a mriety of rbo.oa amrba and Many nvm Broke, in Indlafleane of 9rn c'tdcMa, Aa Par pnrtlenhra Auction NOTiii-pmup n. van antwiar Am tMhinr ?^t'roflkif*. Ac. at tto> hore of W A A K Nanbcwa ITS Pearl nrcol. will tell In on In aid city aad erneiry denlrra. oe pon day. H?ue later 91 at 10 n'clor*, all tenia of WhMe itrnoNe ato iVmmoa Warn. Aa. Acl Hnrn Am-no* MOTICB-CNOCKTBT **1 iri.tkdWaar - Hy J 9 II B*Bfl,Nrr. Au.iioiwer.?Tn?niKy. 'Nk *1 91 lock, at 1*1 Henri ehort. Hrpc . n.rtnr .( wb' c Irtatte, i-emi fare.. dipt ato 7*Dow War?. in ton for city and rtuxdry trade a CCTION 8 kLB "op CR^'i'BdBT Atl> ilttv. - fV lilt a Y x? ?y \Mk, will roll. In lax t > ??'t danl?-? on Tnead** hept B at tan o'flcra. at to Maldca lea- Wide (ramie ato or am Ware. alro . fail aaanriiaani A itromra axfl Prencti ximtdf wmthr Ik- MiroLoo >< Ac to a. ?? ? maMr* aw' wtihact roa*r*9 O mm cafafaBy rapa tai < r MAX, ICR AT MHTTIOB. HHlOftKB'H : A ~ IM de; 'U md*f), at MX o'olsek. Elegant cost g Rosewood tad mt?iliT nousaaoui furbitur*. Rosewood Pianoforte. Suit* of Parlor Furniture, Enootgnures and Baokceta, Pier aad Man lei Mirrors, Rosewood chamber. sad dining room fafttore. We will aau at pabtte anrtlon, this da;, wlth.uu regard to weather, and by catalogue, all the superb OoAeehuld Furniture contained in the elegaal roaalrtce latel; occupied and be Long lug to the estate of WfAliTOM WHITMBT. RRQ., Mo. 6H West Klerenlh etreet a lew doors (roaa Fifth arenas. All tbe Furidturu was new on the Bret da; of Ma; last, aad Is la excellent order and of the vary beet description PARLORS?Three euitr of carred la frutt ttjrle of Parlor Furniture, oursred with eatta maroon of tbe moet expensive description; Tele a late Mofaa, arm, antlgue, mad allien aad oral bach Chairs, together wltb rlto 'torero. PIANOFORTE. One of the best finished instruments In the country, made la this ctt;, elegant and elaborate!) carred less, four round cor ners, solid pearl ken, cost WO rural ralvet Carpets, taosals nam. cages of HtuUed birds, rosewood Btegeree. with French plats wdrn r doors aide aad hack eiaeantl; carred la the style of Louie XIV .was made tr Bodom, and onat 1300; Pier, Man tel and Oral V Irrore, lace aad brooalel Cnrtnlne, gold Ooralcea, relret teasels. bands; rosewood marble top centre and sofa bide labiea, satin Loanae and see; Ohalra, real Artistic Hronrea, ele Carmniu Cloak (rose 30 da;i), ulobs, Ac.; Parian aad ns Figures. On. PAJNTIKOS Will be found tbe choicer! selection of rare Oil Paintings rrer tbe public, nil b; esntnsnl (oretga artlsu, LMrane, DINIHO BOOMS-Fine oak extenrim draw Table, oak Hlda Board, with marble . lop asd Mirror back; Brussels Carpet. Chain Sofas, corner Stands, ivory balance ban lie dinner Knit t-s aad Forks. French chits Dinner Betef 300 pieces;rhma Tea bet. Glassware, Orooker;, Bohe mian and Kabr warn. Curtains Ac OKAMUKKb?Bearwood carved Bedstead marble top As geree. bureaus. Amour da Rises. Tables da Halt, carted hair Met troves, feather Pillows lied Linen, Lounge and Ob sir, spring medallion Chairs, Patntlnrs, French chtoa Toilet Set. Ipper Chambers- Walnut and enamelled Furniture, Bedding, Carpets to ever)' room, three pi; ingrals and tapestry; Mir ran, Cluck. Chairs, Hofas, stair Carpets, stiver Rode, hall Hat stand, it Alec, nursery servants' room, basement and kttcbeu Furniture. Hale will be po-itire Br order at PHILIP VaKDTKE) arc > J HORACE DAT, ) ALUM Q. hTRVKMB A GO , Auctioneers. Ware *90 Broadway. A J HILNOB, TAYLOR ft CO., AUOTIOMERRP. A. RLROaNT ROfRWOOD, SATIN WOOD, WALNUT AJt* MAHOOANT HOUhKHOU> rURNITURI AT PUBLIC AUCTION, At the reoldenn* M Weal fejghuealh itreel. a few doom From fltth ereot.e, wrg! side, (Vnawdw THIS DAT, AT U O'CLOCK, If AO WIFICN* T t'XARL KNTID ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE, ROSEWOOD R rKOKRR, CHOICE OOLLRC1 ION ON RARE OIL PAINTINGS, KLR?aNT AND (OlTLT BUITN OP ROSEWOOD DRAWLNO ROOK FURNITURE, I'rnr. Miiul end Oral Mirror*, Rrvi AHMk Brooreo, ORMOLU CLOCK, TEL VET, BRUSSELS AMD INORaIN CARPETS, LACK AND RROCATRL CURTAINS, Wltft rartooi other article* usually fouod !? A drat cine* reel fear*. too puroertm* to meellno talkie ad 111 lliiaaawf Oete cgura at haute. Ma ptdpoamrat on enooeal of weather. ACCTION NOTICE.? HOUSEHOLD AT PIIVATE SAUL AU the Furniture af a private family will be aold at pri vet* aale. thia day, at a arret aaerlde*. for eaad, ooeataUng of one cfcy mad* ant octavo roeaweod Plaaoforta coat whan aea MM will beeoid Aw DO oae aolla rnaewnnd parlor aaM. oorarad la Knock iialtB bmnanl. eaet $33S. wtU be aold far MAO oaa aid!, oorarad la areaa rilk plueh. will br aold for $' 1A, twa apieodid martrl Elrrova, eoet wbre new rack EM. will be aold each for SIS; elan, a lot of raaaw.nd, ma SnaanT, black walnut oak parlor, bedrests aad dining mom PoraMurt. Ac " * katwaen Sixth ? TornHurr. Appl^lbUday. at No. 146 Weal Fifteenth street. Auction n tice -a fa milt drcunino house I heroine will timues of at -rival# anla all Ibrlr Parlor, chamber aad Llalna Inot* furniture at a greet aeeHfire. A " era mnewond Plaanforte, earn SMB. for EMM. loelud aad eorerAnwe Parlor sodr. aottd raaewoad framea, mm ad he France KmoateL ooal $300. for $1A0 ; oaa do. far $Ut. Hook nana. Ktagcrea, Oantra Teh lea. ItlrroraftLhO* Car late* OU Fatnttega Uroaxea, Oarptea. Vane*. -mffet. Extern ?ton Table Har**oa. Bedateada. RiMrcrai e. Ae.. te at oaa half the original onaL Inquire for three data, at Ha 7$ Waal Twenty etxih street. near Sixth artwaa Auction notutr-oroorrw, liquors, fish, Bneu, Shone. An - HENRI uRRRN will a*U tkla dey, at I0l; a'c'oek, at 194 William etreei, Orocerlri, Cendlra. Raleltie. VermlnelE. Corke. Blerulta. Herring, Shad, Ftrfclad Herring, Iron Safe, Brandy. Ola act whlakay Alan a l*-ra M of Banta Shoaa and Calient; lot of White Load, 47,0$$ Auction 8aijc-*silvbr and cold watches, a. M. CRISTA LAR, Auctioneer ? Bowery, wtllaall th?a day, ilaaL, at IS o'clock, Ofly ceo aid hand Slfrer and CoU Pat ant Lerara. Implae*. Detached Larnra English Bull'* Bye aad verge Watch** Ateo, a M of Htnda, Bteava Button*. Ac., the ateakof a " A UCTIOW BALB?BBADT MAD! CLOTHING. DRT A Uooda. fta.?A. K CRIBTALAR, nuteiooear, 2$ Bowery. Tkte dap M'k tnaL, at Valoek. One cloth idiot raur Aam aad warmer* fmck, naok aad over Onetr, madmen* and ammat Paste, rafrrt, plush. dlk. aatln and iwcMmere Vaate. Atea, a arpa lot of Hate. Cap*, Traaka. *a.. As. Atea, dote, QlMBMBSMM* BilfllftOB, q BDOWNR 'ft NIl'HOLR, AUCTIONEERS?WEPNER dar. Brptrmher W. at ooa o'clock la frnat of oar Rates niai 3$ Nassau atraek a blood bey Kara, I ysar* old, kaada hiah. ere/ raatad aaamd aad Mad la nrary rnature The a acq aatind far atria and aedna aad elm la war laatd? of three te a wawea ShalaimM ?? aad haa barn driven by a lady, the eaa be twa daya pievVxia to the ante oc appllraUoo to the aue Iccm Edward nchemck. auctioneer. WAOONa. CARRIAGES and HARNESS I y E AP H. N TIEN OK, oo Tuesday the Mb laolaal at oaa < 'cluok at their aateareoa. No. Ill Broadway. nnn new light Rockawny Carriage, oae niegaai PhaiU* Wagon. balN to order by Brnwateritem eeeuad^and lop Wegoaa; new light top aad read wagons. Daakte aad Magto Herwam, ft*. tOOLTON, AUCTIONEER-SECOND HAND PUKNI tern, rarret* Oil tenth* PnloUage. Mirror* Ae P. Tow JalldralBw Tern day. September M at 1st; o elook at Nr. IS Beehmaa awasL the aaUre fainlturs of e email family ramorlng from the city, end come rising every artini* la the bo<ianknnptng lie*. fn?n hnamement to eUie Alai at Ike aaaan i ale, a let of dimagad fnrndnrn byline removal fmre US Fulloa atrnnC Alan aa Inrote* of OU cloth*, nearly aew, ?uh night or tea Onrpela, ftc., Ac. Kara ftUl parttealara to rNB AETR-LABOR ftALBTJP PTOTURBK?HRNBT H. LENDS ft OO will ka?r their great aawil annual sate of Mat dear Pleturna. at the Nadnaal Aoaiamr of D?*iga. aa the eraatag* nf the SM lath and Mth of 'KAoyrr. Flnrura* will be ranetrad oa aad after Ike 1Mb October, at akera Oal Ury. They wH ba exhibited a wtak befor* the aate. TTRNRT U LRKDB. AUCTIONRBR 11 BALE4JUM.M, n Nassau sirrrt. i tar.* XXB ooeri.r twrwww or WO PAOkauBS OF JAFANRdR OOODS. Jmt Imported direct aad rereading la olrgnowi auythtag ever imporie > from Japan. IIKNKT H LEE04 A OO WW ?n0 by an-"km Hi Ike large WAleaerana of lb* IRVIRO Hirll.DINOS. Mt HgOtOWAT, OP HTaIRS, (Neil d*aw above the MMmwnttlaa Hatell Oa O* Gtk, *th. Khk, 11th UU aad l*b<Mtohar. at MS Telooh eerh day, the enure Importaltoa of WBTMOHB, CRT DRH ? oa, OF THIS OITT. da way* mtamad by a partear la lha annra > Ma mete baaatiril aadawdly gartnara akdl lira a faS 4mil It mm 0 them la a few day*. Thary will ba Bsexhlduoa t or ahaat lip tet Ordokar. TTRNRT R LRRDR, AUUflWRRRR. IALRSROOT II So. 9 samap itteeL?WMDT N. i.HRns A OO win MM* ~ ~ ' rHd It Vetera, la fraat teal Hnra*. ahetn Id be pa*featly aonad; gentlest u To b* U ?a S Naaaaa mraaL?HWIT H. aaM at aaaNoa ra Monday. September $4, at pi tear* No ? baaapu afar PL a dare iihmtii kaada btgb, aanat 7 yaaraoM. baHwrad to I la aacirodm aaddte Uuaaa Mr a lady or TTBERT H. LRRDR, A CCTIORRMI?S A LHBROOV, RO. II M Neman atram. HBNRV H LRRDd A <*?.. w<U tall at Aarueaoa Wad bandar, Baatmater R a II c'ateok oa the raa. m* laara and (aaraa of aollara Ma 14 rad 1$ Mart*, anraar of Sudiaioe end Front a ream Tha ?an *UI b* raqadrad te gir* radtafamory mmnrtty to lha 2DOR1ASTT, AMOrONERR, WILL RRLL AT HIS ? tteea in tmalham aqaara, at ISM n'clrek tkte d?L Sa L laiitag" Teblem. Win Strro-e. tlheka. LMoil F*l*tTnr* wtednw * aitatea. Oaraate feaJa?r Bed* i nter; lllaawd* dry aad teary tenoda, ateo, opoa Uamago wul bo and at U T HOORE. AUCTIONEER. OORRRR OP NEW BOWrST V ? aad okrar Wram, eette at oa* o'rterh. tAmatera Oyater Staada, Paman, Kara, Oaeka. teraaaL DaaMt Sofa*. Wt Bate* Chatra. <%aate, TVefc. amsa'a ftaltewa Rirrata. Pate her Bad*. eaamaMad aad rartoaa Mad* of ParnMar* UOITIini SALR--PT "VIRTUR OP A CHATTEL in mortaaca I wSI axpom for eato, at pabMc reader, >m Hon day, fit H ISIS el No 4B4 Bmaiaee. etc BUS art Ta btee, with Batte, ft*, M twoa'ateafc P H By ordar nf FRRIPK C EL AUK. AMerawv. TK'BLiC SAi ? UP OOAL RIVia LA e Dd Ml By rlrtoe af a drarae reader ad na the M day cf J aea. Mth M Ik* Kaaaab* OraaS Oaart, M Ma Okaaeery ma af Ahaabam R tkark ra. T*a Oaal Rarer tad Kara whs Mining aad Mean'a>*a-teg Cbmaaa* M a|s, lb* aaftwatgaad. a It* atel itamaMerr, wl'l cdlar for rate M Fa aim A aad ii In the Mgbeat Mddar, te from af the oaart kaam daor af Kaaawka KRVD\Tfei' PtRdT DAT CP DWCTHWS1R REX t, U$9. Ma foiinwbm ralaab * o??i prmatey. to * * - AH that irnet or paraal nf Lead beioagteg to the a*M ilaM Rivet aad Eemwka Pmteg aad Neaefeotariig Oeaqraa;, ra FmUS THOUSAND ACRM. inn*, hater and tetnrded on tha water* nf Briar rreeh a t??>n ?ary af Bag Cnal river, and te tee i maty of K naawha t matter wllb all the Hull nag* Henna* aad Pixturaa Ibarana end a* purtenaore* and beevdheaiael* to ear ?? heme*lug er - - r unto a open aialng Which adt irate of lead baa na lb* aarlgabte weiart of Oaal river, ahnM tweira auiea below tb? fay town ro*l ml no*, bad contain* retra .< r? ?l r *1 nf aptint r tet aad nf btet ate tad eoal. the Mtnabna nal tie tag of a vary raaartev , uMi Ssss tbt* tra * nf lead are * oteaiu saw end retn'M. mterr* h.?ie*? ?*l mrainaa. cnal *.|te* ae and b? m at ermekera uf a b* tbiaaeaf dnUera tkte an a any anald ?y>e bp cat la e rraidlu m far the imatag end Mipylag uf eoai te lb* Winter* bad Feat bare mtrkate For aa amuatr deanrtpUea of the mate* end bound, of tha raid treat of lead reference may b* had lo IP ir i . . ?> deed* mi record la lb- ilawk'a otope af lb* Ooneir t'aart ?? Sanaa he orfnty lo wS ae* deed from ltd r*M K - e* an t wife InUtemlttViel Steer and Kesawha Ninive ned X n nrlwg I arnipanr iUi<dtb* M?b A?rU. IWl, aad reeordeu ooa Q. pagatTl. aad the otbnr dmd kna tk? > avawh* [ tvmipany I > lb- (Vyal hlvnr vod Kac, . - . a I BMsrli r Comoaay. dated ton t$to Jaaaary, I Mi. aad r* I to Soak S. page MS TBKWN OP SALE Ptra par mitof ike pn'nka** owmey In end aad lb* r adua ?karaafm three annual tnaal went,,lb* perrhaanr (1>lag kaada with awnremd aeeerky for the d.f-raad caitwaota. ray abte la oaa, (wo *i.d Ihrae rem 'mm lay of rate l-HOKAS I* SRJUs, SpaMal OammlaSm r Aaguat I, U$$. -pAWNSRORER'S SALR -WR O HTOniNR. AUC'ION JT aw. wl! veil thtaday, ISoadayt ai M o'aionk at ?L1 "?l awaaae. near Thirty anooad atree, a large marram ant of "Ik, da latne aad alter dnaata brorbe wo?t!*a pad other ebawlo; tteam Paste Igull.a t.aakein fUtewa ftc W. (1 RltlHtWS. Uraoaid Pawohinbar. paWNRIOKBRW SALE?HIS DhT, JOHN WORTL r MRS No lh Ram tonal wag, onrnar CatMwta* MeaA. mil (mint, ?en< hi _ .ISpw# Ink nbvaA Wat tea aad Jaeamy Sraaaa Oalbteo Bin ma, awl teh-r artt Olte tot. mierewr to rename P. IIANLT, *7 Dtete.**, veil, ai M n rloek. a larga ararrteMM of wnwee'e Ot abtuq. ,aed PIS PH AMNHKttEKwR'N BaLR ? R. LETT ft <NJ, aUC t-oneer yy t-Siberia# *u aaL will aail MM dey* ai 1"^ a terra, awn . end aem-a a tlotblag QaSw. Bin am*, Hbaate. Ltrrete bfiawte S at* aad Shags. An, Sf eder of H. BttRETf. II ilraaawteft eraaoa B?wwy, wffi red, thtr i?T, Mik i*at_, at It o'clock, a lam Efo.S?^i75?*VlfcJ?3 ?oft tlal*. of rarloua qua'ltle*. Alar, ploah, rnlret, clock --* oaartmerr < ape la rrral rartelt, together vftk atora Wt?. aanataHiig uf Sfcjw 0*?w, Stand*. kaahcn. Hide Oaaaa, Ai ll CI I J. HOOART, ADOTIOM KF.R8.?TURBD AT, HRPT. n. It, at U '< o'olock. el Ike auottoo room*, No I North WR. lLita Brnl. mortgage *?le of Household Furniture, oamdaMni of oak marble top (wuje SuH, do Sideboard, floras, Tibia* Chain, Urinaria CarpeU, Mirror* iu?iio**dy Bureaus, Bed ?trade and Bedding. rueewood marble lop Centre 11 litem Kifc ben Fnrnitui*, two wataaa, two Horses, Ac. A J. BOOART. AUCTIONEERS.?MONDAT. . , 24, at U o'clock, at Ike southwest ooroer of Hxth a i Tantk etreei. mortgage aala, Mz BUltard Tablea, k Balk, Core, Barker* Am JAMR8 ttUl.LIT Al?. Attorney tor mortgagm SMHKRIFF'd SALE?V ALU ABL1 OIL PAINTINQ. ?? CHAMBERS A, Auctioneer*, will aelL an Wednesday. September 2d. at eiarea o clock, at tkelr aalaa room, 1LS Nuaau atrart. one valuable Oil Painting, entitled THE HOOaTTBRM. Ato> the Marl plate copy ol io saaaa. The akora wtltkeaa exhibition at their salesroom. JOHN KKLLV, Sheriff. OHBRIPFS BALE ?FURNITURE, FANOT GOODS, A* p CHAMBERS A FaIKCBILO. aooUonears. will Moednjr, Seplrm oar 24. at I0}{ oe oek, at Rx IIS Namae atrart. twomiuof etagaatpwlur Furniture, ktegrrm, Centre 2"!?*0*.."1 IWktjhalraaed Tables, bloek Ua iTiaSag Dkkea, Coffee Boanlara, Baler Cooler*. Ac. Alao a qnwUty of fancy chin* Ware. JuHN KKLLT, Hhrrtr * tettlliar wittrbb, AOonoinRR?will brijL oar V? Monday, at IW Canal Arm*. at 2 o'clock, tka min Furniture, Ac., of a Urn Drat elaaa Hoarding -am or lioteL Bofaa. Back lag, Eaay aad other (Ma Centre aad ?xteaatca TaUaa. ptar and other Una ee, oil Pataiiug*. Use aad iliankr Uurtaim, perUr Butta, elegant relent. MadaHiaa and nlker OarueU, halLbaa* meat and ether qHatoS-Pmeh and cottagafip 'u^lket^M Wardrokai, dialog raw aa4 kHoken FarnHwrr. ftoi tb* whole eomprtamff a Bar aaanrtment for faaoily una. WEflhAWUlAA* OHMMICAL BaNK. BMW TURK, UffPT. 1A IMA? Dividend.?The Pfeatdent and Iitreetnr* of Ihte Bank, have 1Mb day declared a quarterly dlrtdead of As par awL payable to stockholder!. at and altar Monday, tka fid dap ?l October nut. By order of *a Baud O. O WTLLIAMB, ~ " Lajtd vauakti BOUGHT AMD BOLD B,tatlor BBOTHKBB, It Wall aunal, lie Ink, vronoB to bondholders.?thi bonds or n i> Raw TaHt and New Hay** Ralkoad flwaaaay. An I December. 1MB, will ha paid, with accrued Intarnat, on pa aeatahan aad anrrandar. at the Tt neiwia'e adtoe. aoraar i ^a^rn^^vco^w^^^oimb ar^m Raw Tout, Aagaat 7, UR. NHRW oblrab* abd morilr funds booobv m M ADOPT BRLMORT A CO.. W Wall Mreet. IVTKW TORE CITT SIX FIR CHJfT FLOAT1NA I In Dabt Fend Black. due Iff?t, taiareat parable qitartartr, for sale, In euan to mm purekaaara. by. WaLLACK A liktMB HBAD, ST Rnhaajr* p'nen. VTRW TORE. 8KPT. 21, IMS.?TUB IRTRR.1 ll due October 1, upon the mortgage baada of Iba Maw Tort and Raw Huron Ra'lrnad > oanpanv, will be paid on ar render of the ooupoua an end afw that data, at At Bank af tka Republic, or at tka odtoa of tka oumpanjr, earau af twentyaeranth atraat aad Foarth annua. W. RKMBNT, ERMITTANCnBI TO RROLA RdI ' IRELAND. SCOTLAND AND WALK Sight Pill* on tha UMIUB BARE OP ItOHDOR. NATIONAl. BANK OP ROOTLAND BBLPA8T BANKING OOMPaNT, ikELARW. h anna from ?1 uawnrAh b* TATLOR BROTHERS, Bant 71 Wall atraat. New IIHURD AVENUE BAVIN OS BANK. A Ounu Third araaaa aad Taantf WW akMt flbnrterad tma Rrz PpnOnrr Iwranzar iBauut on all annm fmn (to* dollar to ana tknaaaad datlara AB depotou made ?? or bafora thetutkaf Oalnker drew In term from Octotww L ? Beak open daily from 10 to J alao on areata* of Wedaaaday and Ratarday from ? to 8 o'clock t-. It Cattn. Saaredary HPENOMB K. ORRW. Pan. mo (tn/l WORTH OF GOLD AMD 8ILVRR WATOHRR ru.UUU and tkaaame amount in towalry are wantodtn anhnage for half good city note* aad half real aetata. Aa toto jewelry la wanted Tor a rtlalaot amrkat, a cloak that la h HBto ?XII at ante wo aoawCT put ?t a Ira prior DATTON A JONES, Property K Park row, Rrw^^l *rn nnn to loan on bond and mortoaav JPOU.UUV aa Naw Fork city tanprored proparw. to ?ume to anil Apply to BENEDICT A THORN, 31 Wfttaaa aior nnn ^U}AK *r p|tR rn"rr iirT* BlZo.UUU reat, on trat oton city araparty; WAfftff, at 1 7 per eant, aa Brookln property and on farm* In Ik Is Stat*. Apply to JOHN P OOPRBT, la ike ofhsc af tha PnpWR Pkrelnanranoa Ooazpany, 6< Wall atraak (onn nnn monbtb-to loan ?? aZuU.WU. bond and mortgage In aim from BAgn to BlffM Apply to JOHN B. BfSfHNR, Traatom fCTV 5.000.000 sssBlsnf.VnSSr:" *?? to4H urrioM T It OBilHUU 8TRKET ? ROKKT TO MU lto Rahnntoya. Apt aroma or DiuioHwirun, w*Tont JBWRI.RY. PAII(TINOR.>lANOK DRT OOOtA, ?R, Or will bar lb* mm* for aaaato Ma prtrtoaaMaa. ull I P. M. | ^Tlt. BaRBIROBR. 170 Broadway, raara to. ? ?a. MORRT. ROKRY.?PAKTIIBi Ml WART OP TRMPORA ry loaaa. In rami of fmaa $10 to IIO.Off.oa onllalaral m aaa. aaa ooUto iba sa*a of ?*Tw. PRBHOM MP ill oat war, Mod foar. batwaaa Routt? ant I JUDICAL. ARRDICAL TRrUMPU -DR UNQ0MT, THE RWM ? ttob pbyahcUa. ai hr enoauMrd w7?<Vaaby wren, ear aar oI Wprtri ahrarv ira a0 tltoi ? r?akt? MIR. yaitojk A WORD TO THI WIRR-DR. RPARK OAR BR OOH atatotoily caaaaltot to IB Rro.raaatoaK.aa MM?, aar raf IboAi. or Mpar* fuutato* a apcndy aa4 yarraa to ?a wAbaci raaraary. f aatbtoai to URR Adobe?bp to harried aRD biroul?dr. war RUR aa Itoatuty Aa, wiu ?I?Hal platoa aat tor l?a. "tto baal wma for iU aaa pt?aaatoaal rantar ?*?Bp ttoai Rartow. PitoaM. aato by <Wtoa RUtor. Iff Br?a wa*. R T? aito *y Mr aatonr. to ttt Irnai al? aaaaaR btoaa wato al Krnatway, waata ba may b? aar?Bat ? aktM (aaMaaa af a sanaia nlaaa. tea? f A- ?? to f P. R. AR ORiniRAL, WORK OR EBRVOUR DRBTTJTT. ARM mbnr aAcrimna at paaullar unporanea to Ma acxaa. rtalifWi? oac'aocn? ?*?M 1 llswa Jaaraal By to D bwaato. H I> Curator r Profcaaor of uarar to Ma xiraaiwa MadtaaJ t^j|r-(?. ?n A Prt? II. Till! rraa bait by ROM* A TOInKh. 1st laai ah?at, UKIR. DATTOR ft JU'arlBo Zt Aaato?to. I.A WRfr-'k. HaTl Vraaj fcuaat, Aahnr riuua (rOlibRPT. AM B ay R T.; Thhkc WITE lit bm?k lb Ira al? IVI. 111 aMa.atobto'? antr?a. tot Hroitway. ecraar af Hnot ai?at. R. T., Mas f to I. apt f tot arrauf. (rwaakatma aa Pructo T\R JOHKMIR. II on ARB 8TB CRT, HAT RB OBM U aakiit aa alf Maaaan af a cartola otoaa. fkijr ywarW aa aaa to ana apnctaJky aaabtoa Ua to rmiaRR a mtaR itoal wbo ?autowbiaibirpa. OMaa apaa tol 1 rwR. uaoorta. thb aoor?pul PRRROB PUR 1' *a carat a aw?to Mr at Aaaaaa aaMy Mto wWb Mlntonf. R. LARMOETW WORK?40TR BDITIOR-DPOW Bar? ttobRRy ant ail "pert*. Inaaaaas aaa Ma Aral to naa aawrtuhl ?. ant pmra by Ma curat pauaato Ma tuto rs*- Tba hnak Muni I ba to Ma baa to af arary paraaa to anaito or tlaaaaa Tboaa wbo bat aaRnat rraai mi rakt iraaitonal of toaa aaa ail?uat pbyalilaaa baaw Ma ralaa af Hp aaa itoaa. ' Rnalla toT iwaailway lap toalrai, Rww ftoto baa rat to f, tat 7 tot Tka?Any mala? Itoofe II ttoto fr?by tor aahbnr ant rl o i.aWrEBi'K K? I Vaaay at Dr. oRBrrr. hat ro twrrtt rioht tiar a or faa practice, to aa?akto to toO?Arc ah?at, aaar Bawa frato ? A. iTtofr H. ?TRKRT MAT HB OOto f\R cooper. i? no ark if aukat oa afl tua?to af a to all itoito Tbc ?M? al atortor at cuattoeae to aal pmatwi ana call. Mt a oartatoty of bat? ~i tti ltor It. ar ? pay. | nR. RALPH. AUTHOR OP TTTR "PRACTIOA1. PBf > ato Trcattoa." fa. oMm IIB ? Vnaha toraat. aaraar at Hnaal?. Iimica, IfS till t and I MU t (taattya ctr ?ntoto. Tbnac wbnaaply to Ibaaar't toaacaaf ibaaa matplaiabr wto ttototoftototo nptRr utlMR Mr aura .1 R rbtclf, bnwarrr. M -c I'lfrcnr _ nana o r ata.?Hna c??ca. Aa . wbo ran traal ?pcartato haw atoaa. nR. R OOBBBTT HAS RRBOTBR PROM HIR Otto oMaa to If Daaaa atari, in Mr piaatni " ana rt rtocra to RlOnlcaah?ct. btointa (Mnaab aowctt. harlat a frtrua anlcaato to Aa I CRy RaR | wbarw ba aaa ba aa?ibiaA wab anaatannr ? a aatoaR nfayatoto Win aaa R. R-Ilr n. m a totoir at fta Tart Ltoiltoy (Matlaai Qall?al R? Mi i 12*OR THR PRNRRRTiTIOH OP HUB AR UPR-PM r ?to imaaalato?.-OOOWIR BUWTRR b? ?w itoy Q8&b&b8B9BBmiBh|b M I v: gHUR AP R*RCT by Or