Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 25, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 25, 1860 Page 2
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OUR ECROPEA1 DESPATCHES. L*\m? fr m Our London, Paris, St. Pct<r>l>iirg and Florence Agents. THE C&XSXS XXV XIALX. Xteported Tripartite Alliance Against France, *?.. *o-t En?r:ith U'l R lap lut are totb at Turin. They lire very ret* <t. Kwsutb was o leave !n a day or two for Loo Am G>u >< T?l?ky w all" there. The Looion T m-i of Monday, Sept. 10 eayi ? H ta under.tod that the Oourt will leave Balmoral for <Mtnburg on the 16<h and remain at Rolyrood until the 17th. when her Majesty and ibe royal family will proceed ?o Of bom*. It is tbe Queen's intention to embark on tbe jgd at 'irnreeend for Antwerp, tbe royal party will pro ceed at ooco to Coburg, where tbey will be met by tbe Prince and Prlnrnea Frederick William and their infant Prince. Ibe Queen will prol>ably remain at Coburg ten to fourteen days. Her Mavsiy will rlalt tbe King of the Self tana on her return to England. Tbe fV* uaderstanda that it la In coctempialloo to organ ze a great demonstration in honor of Garibaldi at the Crystal Palace. Tbe Comr. Journal lays : Tbe gambling table of Hamburgh wu twice taken In one day, last week, amid tbe eotnuslastic of the company: one of tbe anccsssfnl players, M-mele ir Carets, a Spaniard, has left Hamburg, carrying with him CM,000 of winnings. ths London Times' Par s corresponded, rays ?The Em peror la about to bestow o? tb? Parisians another magni ficent garden. It is formed out of the ; irk of Uorceau.v, which or .finally beliug-'d to tbe Orleans family. Tbe en tire park covered a surfaoe of 190,749 metree. Ibe Par:. Cmjttfufimne! poeltiveiy contrad'cts the Statemeot that French oW.cert bad been lately permitted by tfco!r government to serve is the army of General Cagcertciese. The nam i'er of 11 rangers Is Paris at present is unpreco Winj large. There la talk of ths ocoetnetlon of a large theatre, to contain til thousand persons, at the corner of tbe Boule vmru D une Kouvslla and tbe Rue du Faubourg St Den's, it Is sail that it will be celled the Tbentrs Anglo Fran A ls??J sum of money has beer tent to Damascus from Ootstac' nople, subs' r.b-'d In that city to support chart table Institutions organ l.ud by Pasha. Tbe correspondent to tbe London /F-raW says ? Tbe of the Belgians w I short.')- visit several of bis provincial towns?Coutrai. 1 jirew, Verriers, L.ego, Sc. Tbe London .Worrit-/fa ' eays ? Ms Impe?:\l Highnew., tbe Prince Napoleon (with s seme re suite), fa prolonging his stay at the Rruncwuik 'Cpisl. 'run r i h H'? imperial Highness entertained a fihrthguah d party I > ilii-uer on Monday at his hotel. Tbe "or* son junres that the Emperor has ?ashor zed tbe estab'mhment of a national shoottrg aoaa b. !t WU! take place In tbe woods at Tlncecncs, ??feigners will be allowed to shoot. There will be a ?pand prize of W;TW francs. This year tko wfcootu g tll'.on will edtameooe on September 3d. Oar L-rsiU? larrtipondccct. Lowx, Sept. 10, MM I. car." ?:4i at -VsfVt? HO futarr I" aiu? TKr Auitre Km wn Alliance*-Thr UrlAi'm* Frilling fl-'wr. the Jr,^ ifcp.'-torl PMUj?The Crnpc in Entfind? tfei'.ine of '.he Papal Poorer?I*? Primx of Wal-i, etc. Tfe<- Kite's farce at bapks la playsd out. Otrtba 41 ant *or J U-u: be wooi<l be at Naples *.n the Stfc, and on lbs (Trn.of of the Cih all thers remained of maje, ity ?aft for Uaedn, fit log the hero a wide berth. On Sat ir Cap, the Kt, at noon, (lirlbeidl, tree to hie eisrion and fen nppoiat stent, entered the town, acorn:pan.eC only by fen star Oh terrain : tbo j art Eed fro* tinge aedpensto can. fusricg patriots I Toe iMMoriwlaa f > epics -baa created at HtU?sainatl?.nhere in !<ocdao,cet wttatar ding itUaa fen anticipated for some tlaie. another arC larger eel ?( the Atoms will anon opes by ibo search of the "oawi let-tig hero" northwardly tta wretched do nnioaaef the yet mora wretched rape. Very sign d-anl Mars oomea 'rom Austria to day, that an mT ual ilea pi WQ feM been sent from St Petersburg ta V cans, requesting tfesMroogeat alliance btiwern the two c:sntries, and appe oltrg a meoln* between the two tVperor*. Siaul taaeoualy * :Ch tais we dud here the eheagaat dealre on the par l of Kraaoe to draw as dowdy as p<ar. le the boyla Sf fries Jab p w ih Ureal Brlla.a. Ad ll.te Indicates to it Rwaaia and ?anc? art at loggerhead* about affairs n TWraey and Syria, and no etch treat Honor a falling ba ll aw the nearest Ir irnda. If peace is not broiien among the grrat IV,were until John Bull aniens, lb -u lbs gates of Janus will not be opened cat yet. fouls diapoleoa a < urney through bit new transmuctane d unl Mass has i.?t bean eiu>g?th. r a tr.umpi-*l ntfefafes SSry match, aloelt imnerul Courtiers would glare the owrht,b*l*r? It all eUrur du root. Mir-or dissatisfaction aad decided oj Ultra* nave been npresrtd by both Swlra asd saTutard.'. but what bind dT a demonstration lii* MU. arda make remains to be seen. The future imperial programme point* towards b'g sraa-s at the loutbaard It la said that .1 ous Ntpo'ena baa A Klarrd that if lbs Bavarians, or ofb?r of the (Jer ?ma .FrtscipstiUas. or Pr issla, mtkea a sign to ward! aaatrnng Austria In Vcoetit. Ib'-n he (bail at aa.' isterfera. It la rumored lurtfcar tint b? More n.'lbs "ansg" for aikiwti g Ueribal 11 to take pr.* sssalnn .-f a rotten, dcrayod empire, that ceald n 1 h i't Say, '.her will be the Island of Sardlalt. the port of te ns*. naJ another territory on the mainland. A m > le t wwh thai Klogr and r*|>eror* bare an odd way of do ing thing*, and they sometimes hare singular lieaa of ami and '.t* Th? shore arrangement la all right, yswhabiy. but erery oar may not see It in U at light. Taw mua: glra up all idaa of selling more thaa the are rwga v|<isr u:y of kwrca to Mr Bu.'l Ibe com: tig year A WOO"' "t of t.*bl of t?s die Jay 1 has d cHsl ma'.tara fer the bar 1 hr no* bout the k lagdom. and furthar thaa that large trdsri for wheal bars r?e nut to tbe ?set Sea. 1 am rery yorry to report anytbing that thai) make your railway share* tumble dnws, bat " fore wnrnod, forearmed The corn apeeulalloa la a mighty -smsstUtn oat, fwsttrularly 00 lime, and for distant SMffeeW I hawe 90 doubt bat the war la Italy wlU ceo 11awe fortune tine, end oa a m ien larger arena than harrtofora. Ureal W.kt of Ir*** are moving anutb from Turn an that we moat eipeet t? bear 1a a few day* af a mart,a a batwaaa the favosa of t wtor It annuel at I Mm rope. The drlvaltlag oM Mint at the Va" .-an f lycta fee Is going to bold the reiaa of power. aftor all the el! lwtm af bia own rata, and lbs aammary euaaplas art by ?ha Subjects of bis papal neighbor, the Kiag of Map Ira rrrhajw be wHi Yon may ?<oa rtnert to near af a meeting between (fee Faperor ?' the breach and thr Klag of tferdlnth There may be more Sofflmthns Ih store (or a rotqre campaign I see autbiog thai aas srrreot a revolt u VearUa. lbs northward march of mar'baM.. ami probably a stmultaneout rise 10 M ingarr ?vaat arecu are la alorw, but ahrra nctory will rvat awl he decided by Urn (rod of buttles. The mother oouatry and the mother family art mostly gratifeed h aw Ik cordial wsieome sxtended ta "Eng. lasd s bqpa" oa Hie west aid# of the Atlantic t scpert the rereptlno girth the Prtnoe at New Tarfe will aellyaa ererylhlng era* anah Ih your amy Rsally, ibe New Yurksrs are hot Ihrftlog astp ci? of reciumaat Una aeaaoa As IhealtlciJ my, you tea baring aotbtag but a suootmi w of aorall.e* He rarefal aad ool aspand all yoar eatharl ham, fbr yea may waal aome of it another ear 11 W barer Bbk there may >-e ??? ("rieaui Amhaam.|ors. a sew *s Ark, or s > aropena Price, to Mir vou up ta tha year of grata of IMI .lhat la, p-ev.del Hr Ouwmiaga' MMMsm ?* eraattPu does sol ohm to* to.a . and catch ? i ?hfpmg If H yhoubt tha unafertrea sinners would ba ' o.. Tory a ".mere .* yaw, * mtgMy beat of tbem. * Oar Forth Ctmapshdahra, Paam, fept y, iw | T*ar WemthT in /Vwwar?Ccrg rrmywg for (A* CVopa? ? Tb< .Veayw .'i si QuetHm? Tor Jfwr.u Pynmotp, At i Ma art all tilemiag Ood tor the obangs m the w?albar ! w# can aimoat burnt of a weak a anl as the 1 prou *? *f lbs earth Man been mors thaa usually abun ' Oat, ** ?"??'tl'Staadlag the dastrristloa M , greai *A"' hll, hunethlag like an storage harvest w,il The grapes are la prodtgkxr* WMstiii' ?? siHhing wig reader th'm svuilahts the the 1 gla lags r "*?? of almost napes os.<?ats>? ' ''ewecally at this llm, w ..JVu Mk'li t I"1**' with them, aad tha streets af I'aria are abstract* * ** "* *vmervm (*?4<*flS led** ?.tk ||t law-ie is fru * "**' ?"""*> or swh,t. ts ha *eva ol *** ?u' Fippllas eah tiled at tl.? ahtpa art Sv ^ ^ ^ot. rtaes aad pane, a, " TWT pJ*",!fbl ? ?*"/ homiaal pricaa. A* a corny, ** ">T aborto?aa of ears, lb* amrmat of winter food ,or c*4i;? pfodaced by the stlraor- j d I nary humidity of tha ? be takes lato aosal ?aren a Turu pa. mange. sad iHUae (packs of ' feast root, sabbagea. clarer a *? 1; Htsrniiy oppress Mm grswad sad perhaps at 1. * 'ormrr period did lbs , ?kmtry present an appearaacs u T**' rsrdars Tba raHmad, a* It pa*sr? thr gh the 1 *"?'?'* is plal a 10 M. ! (idmala ea Lnrge, yrasests ts tha v *? '*r ? ays a pom. Itaa wbish, for rtchnusof berbags, t "lJ,y af asawery aad magnifVwa' egpaaseef water, woon' *?d vinsclad feUl, cannot be excelled by any coeatry. Ail palltkal latarcat la absorbed is the Vee P '!Un -,osa tisa. Nsrsr befere sfac# U S Ftrst femaparts . xmcdsd t ? j ?Mferatsfe ItaUa* sawpa^u, ward tbg fcouvpa <J ? oug. ? nueror ao enib-s.sntlcaliy acted aa these tf Garibaldi. ; rery mtrrnumt, bis lightest word, the expression of bis rye, Ia ponitiveiy tormented bore. Nothing also la talked | of or thought of. HIS csptnre of Kaggto, notwithstanding ] Mweoris failure at tba forte of A iiaQnmara and Bagnard; tbe of the Karo Point, resulting in tba capture of eight Held piocei, six 82 poondera, eighteen (una of po alilon, and 800 stand of arms, with tba accompanying ac cessories of coal, ammunition and provisions; and than, again, hs admirable capture of General Brigand's division, ending In tba ' atarnnation of tbat General and his whole force?are In every one's mouth. Such chlvalri: ardor, euch romantic valor, combined with such masterly fore thought and calculation, have a wondrous charm for an enthusiastic people like the French. And It Is not too much to say that were any evil to belnll Garibaldi at the present moment, the whole nation would be alliiued. Indeed, disaster ts never dreamed of In connection with him. and every one is straining for the despatch that shall announce his secure Instalment at Naplen 1 say every one; but of oourve there are some excep tions. Tbe legitimists, to a man, are indignant at what 'bey term auch underhand violence to a brother on tbe throne. Admitting, for argument's aaae, tba tbe father of the reigning monarch wat wrong, what has the son dooe to morit such a dastardly combination agatnet him? Has be not been guided la all things by tbe popular will, yielding concession after coo cession, and so forth! visa, alas, when wtli that great party which, spite of ail that may be Justly brought against It. has its claim* to the gratitude of man* .no, Itarn to read, mark aud digest tut significant aror la 1? mortallned In the revo ultou of I8t8?'? rr<y> Ibrar" But there is nrctbT party widely different from thsf of legitimacy which watches the gigantic strides of t.? Iu. lian liberator with noxious, cot to nay jealoueuy eij j mean that which, for amao time past, tuts uevn awe ,mlu? aroond the descendants of King Joachim, tuo Kaiiaut tabrrur of the First 1 have irom t-uaf vo time, in ibtse ielb re, kept you "posted up ' oe dologtj and sayings of lbs Murals, when others Sottas ^ tr^Qi to rtpoee Id it-c;r Ids fict la, I kuowa for ft locg time of tbe fwrct mftCblxuUioDt* ? Qf de lVsgram, whoso only laughter is marr ^ l*c1oo Muni's ton. This young man is the gr of King Joachim, now abo-jt thirty years ol ago, and It '.a under stood that all Lootes's?bis father?orto ila toward* the throne or Naples are simply tn tt>e so* ?, f?TOr, neiiner Luclen nor hit wife, a ho, by the way ^ a0 atn- rican, considering themselves suited to sue q rfga| elevation. Prince dc Wagram, son of tbo fhmor s Ueneral ft.rthier, is immensely rich, and tb< great tort of his soul is the difllcuily of pushing his ambitus d prospects for hs daughter,and keeping at the same times tight hand on hts po?lt''t. For some time he bar he?n bgh dudgeon with the Kmpetor for not supix? .p,g tbe Murattsii pre tension, aa a word from htm w beaald. tune on v isted all useless expenditure of mooey. Froat Napolcoo nothing, however, was to be g<4 noi eves something tee lamount to the "pear not beiaf a, yet ripe,'' till at laat, driven to desperation at the lt? ,Ughl of Garibaldi ?.u4 its: King of Piedmont tbus rcaptn; the whole harvest, de Wagram stimulated Loclsf to write tho letter wtrob was so immediately snub!** |,y the MomUeur. Lotion had consulted the Empens > before his departure for Chambery on the subject, an<j |g Was understood fcnd given .tip the project whir n he subsequently adopted, the snubbing of tho MvnUt xr has been followed, as you know, by another letter, if , which the argunaent of tbt t- puiar suffrage, so often f ut forward tn the Sa7oy and Nice questions, is clalmes M admissible in the onee of Mural end Naples, and tl is said that in coneequemo, M. Thouvenol has had an in i-rview with Prtnoe I.uctec Ma rat, the effect of which ? mi be to put a vete on any mere letters containing his at uature. When, however, a * <ao or family has even n remote chance of being elevab *1 to the dingy height of echrooe, there wlU always be ' found swarms of adventurers wbo are ready to pin the ? own abanoea to hte sleeve. I-lttle have they to lose, as d great will be the price la case of tucor-as. On the v urooe of Frauce, at tbo peasant mo ment, there alts ?? , who Is a ItvlDg beacon in the darkest times, and It ts ax wundor, then, lliit the ansloae eyes of many Frenchmen should, at the pre ent Juncture, look for a sign from a 11 rat. Kmiaaaries supplied by the Prince de IVa'^rW m's gold have been ptaetog back*, arda and forward* from Naples with great diligence, ever ?tace the Irate utb-.ek of the Italian question, but more especially since oaribaldi'a expedition, distributing iheutelvwe wmoug the principal tra 1 sg eta#acs of Naples, yrramlsing all aorta of good things should Ma ret tbe ret & mud by tbe popular rate; and whether the reports they bring hack are true or not I don't know, but It n oertain that here ait the family behcre that at the fitting time a vary large and powerful parly will be far turd in their interest I be Marat*, however, have one msnri mm table obstacle te contend agaiasw they have not a real man among them Lucien Mural Is as dwarfish of spirit as be is phy?tcaKy gigantic; and his and Joachim la a mere summer bird, wbo has never known trial or hardship, and whose gonitis te altogether wore tutted te a legitimate successor than a slender pretender. With two such men before them as Garibaldi and Victor Kmanoel It la hardly possible that tha Neapolitans weuld be con tec t with a mrrt popinjay Marat. With the af nonce of tbe Court and the fitting of nil the principal families snd foncttoomrles to inhale tbe s ift brteztm of September, there la little gxxtg on of Immedi ate interest tn Taris. Cobdeu and ('errand are bere-?the genius of frre trade si.d the firebrand apuelle of pro t JUn tn the British Parllamaat are both hero- ? tbe format tho even tenor of his way, and with an rnthu: unn all tbe more deep that it la Still. Colwleu m a true betttver, and b a faith n com mrrctal Intercourse enables him to remove i ountains. Ha ta a tra?, also?who ran doubt it wbo exchange* a wirl* will* i.Unt?,.f ar"*t l.h tieUir,<(iy. .l-'f rard, formerly tu-mbcr t"r Knarsborough. and the as an put forth by (he Ca. 'ton Club to do tb" ruagh work which ail iwrtlea piact're, Is the .inpcrsnoati o of try Ism run n ad tt'hioi (he great free trader la quietly exorcising his vr rat ton here. IVrralid ts h.vorlng , a lis flank, I'ke the dross, k when It psiwrte was oonteDOiog aitbtbe snows if Hi as is B-t the contest ta no Cgbt. Got. den, like ibe hull, stakis his .-sal aides ml a huadre 1 F rraml grata t ?ke wing and bus tu tho sir. Ferrand, boa ever, is an honest believer, also. Ha really thicks be dies the Mate some service. and as ha la a ready stump speaker mil 1 ??? an enormous swallow for marua' nests, the Chrltou Club arc very gla>t to put h.m for ward on ail orcaehna when at elections It valla their Interest to harrass the why party. He la a man for more useful to bia party out of the house than m It. Mr Ferraad is a gentleman of r?od fortune, coenectod by trarris** with I or,J Itlauij re's family an advantage wht.-h !? never ton upon a public mania Ixgaad. Mr Ceixten may have been, as he says, a bagman, but nature has stamped htm one of her own gentlemen auJ Mr 1 errand would do well to confine hi* abuse of him to matters of pubi c intrust If C< bden rtdrs about tn lord Cowley's i riagr. it may well be said no man is entitled to sa /.oft a cushion. raw*, Sept If, 1S*0. TV Kalian Imb<*)lU>?I'i?diivmim Irooy-i /(toed* tV? 1'ajml uiona?,%m rad of On KuwreXtm?Pnmm raited CVutddiei of (V I'apnl Armp?Horn tail Safe Iran Act.'?Omfpira y in At . fc. Tbe Intent ad v icon from Turin abow that Um Mrtiggl* between rinrttinla and Rom bar begun. Tb* troop* of Victor Emanuel hero man-nod into tb* PwpaJ IrrriMf, and we are that the K'af will blanlf tab* tb* attpreme c<trmna<! *f tb* foroc*. Sereral cilia* to lb* Marches bar* openly thrown otct tb* dominion of Fib* IX., and bar* bottled tb* flag o. fktrdtat*. At Pemraro foor fcnodrrd ln*jrg*et* attacked tb* Fapal garriaoa aad drove Umd away. The cltiarae of Pergola ar* la anna, a* well a* tb* tababltaate ef PtatgagUa. Do not mteuadantaad mm a* meaning that tb* war baa actoal'y begun; wbat baa be*a don* la that mrural hun dred Fled aontea* troop* bare marched into the Papal dimtBlon*, b<can** that imrawtl baa not aa pet gtr*a an aa*w?r to lb* ultimatum of Ootial Chrotir, wbiob waa a- nl a r*w day* back to Cardinal Aatoaellt. Thia turn waa a* folic a* ?The Pup* waa to diaeolv* bte ban da ot hut if a meromarhe. aad om no account allow ajuacttoa of Ue Fapoi fbrcrw with tkooe of Kraaria H. lb low do maad no anaw?r ?a* made, and aa a hlal to Flue IX aa I ? iafntiinu i r ??laaallura, a few hundred Piedmont*** aol ?BWPUPPli?W dtere barn atrraly let a ted tb* Papal dominions. Nut ima*iae* fur * ??< meat that tb* Pop* will 1 la tea to ran torn he will blindly rnah *? to bla fete. UmorteMr* will attack i arit-aldi. be Wal**. aad at oaoa Ibe Reaaaa* wtu clawnr fur tbe i-moral ef tb* rape la riaw ef the ax prrrama of celT-ran' popular 'rcling, the Emperor Napo l*4i will advin* U-e Pone to withdraw from Room, be wiu recall bin troop#, aid Jul* will forarer b* (read from a pri'tity reipa Wb i can tell to ?bat greatness fb* may net tb* i r<?> t la my let t letter I n'.rmel yoo that lb* Q een of ."tain bad In riled tb* King of N?pie# to uuwr to Madrid, were be forced to <i>iit Li* d >.ntel.*s We now know P>.r t t 11 baa n*erp?*d this tarttatiea, and tbat be baj left \apie* nod gone to tlaata, wber* he awaita the Mao* of a ?ti ugatr between bin troopa aad ilaribal 41 a fiction. It tb* r->jr*ttat? ar* "taiea tb* jowrg King wilt itoam ?all fb* Spain. Car'baldt entered Naples oa tb* ereatng l>r tke Ttb; be w?? to at leek the royal force* at Ubpaa, whrre tfcey ar* entrenched. By >onr aevt Bt?a yon will, Ko on* doubV how it will *u den at, bear of lh? irault. tenMaat*; tb* Kir* # trunfW era only too aaiwua to gl** pa Mraryl* they Stem bop*'*a?: they will make but Itttl* ?*? etar>*, and the* (?artbakll will encounter hW fret d*u rmli -d aorerrary, Lim irkiter# But the latter, though brave and oapa'.ilr. baa but few noUtiera at hie dta preal whom be ran meal upon, aad be will Had tbat mar wear tea rennet rag *t?nd egalaet aocb me* aa ?#bi# un der tb* bana*r* ef tb great l-IWatnr Rut all ta'e ear or* will, I ft a*, H c Uarthaldl leor* a latria. idle will al'Stk liiat Witt ItOO.fOf otrked troop*, rimy ar* tb* beat tbe bee, lor rbe tee coed iaM year that mere nam here sou <1 not avail against tit* trio deter-nination of krar* and ot?ri, lined troop* 8* ab* aaafla U.W lit** tb* Wet tm*i? th< baa Of om iae they will be mure than a match (or llartbublt. Wil. I rear* aid him, a a q ieetloo M a q<i btrd tnaaaarrai prranat No na* car hail, for Nawinoa 111. keep" bl* cwa couiWM Tbe Kin* of Sardinia bee aent to Abd ul lader the grand cnut or Ft Maurtoe aad m. Inrar*. What k l*t of er-wnm for tbe iafld*t I m i*t a?w apeak of a ?> at Mnrtllig rumor lb it ha? r-arfcr<t brr* | am tldd by p. rrona whom I bar* PTtr fe.nd well laforui?d Ibel at iv.remntiaop'* a mmotrmi-f k ?!t throne tb- Paltao of Tnrkey and plaee bl* bratber in hi# Head ha* he*a dwonrered. and tbat "lr Henry Briber ?|Ukj Ambassador at tbe Pert*, la mixed op m the ?Pair ! do ant a* y*t banw to ebat ettent or under what etrcuni taarea Tbe ta*t la kaowa here 'rata Onant lie Rerhbeag. the 4 la'rtan Mlaleter of l oretgg AlTair* at Vienna, who laArmed it? guTernmeat *f tbe fkrt Otr St. Ftknkat^ r*T**j?c?>, a?p?. a, i?ao n?r -ft ? ?/ M ir- '/fH.n '?"??* rkei iWM tkt ?f Onrni H -mrnn'-f in ikt Fi-*ii:* '<n (?? rv <c, wii ^ y?. ??i> IV f>? <* AuHU-4 Oilil ?* t rr?| JWl/y-fV Kmfrw't k> HVm-/mi ^ A* Am Jr., tfe. JtUM M wii I ?rl vwVMt ?< UiMtl WVT*, conomaing which the most extravagant aad oatocndod reports >rt circulated and meat with tmpUett belief " dor lag the Crimean ?v Um Preach and Engileh ' * were tiled with raw bead-and bloody bonta r' the Ruaalan barbarians, this may not ab "'' much from Ignorance u from a daatr * 80 the national hatred against us; b * ancl ?"10' motive, eilat, It la rare to Or 4^^ "Z . ? . . ... ^ 4 ^ ^ *uihenuo or impartial information about this emPtr? ^ ^ We recollect reading a dessm* ? of 8l by . French tourist, In which W iU) Mrlou4ly vh?t, In the winter imon, ^ ^ ^ trom the adjoining dmerta. ^ promenjH,0 mrougb . C streets of the c ^pu^, mahlng whom they may de *?d ***" auch fib. are propagated on matters * d?Zt ' A sdaHy ascertained, It is aoarcely to be * hw ,l ' 444 *** wll<,c*t rumors should be spread on *?"!? .1 cannot bo Immediately contradicted by oc cuter denw *" * nstratlon. re team by a despatch from London that ' . China r auxlf ant ^all baa juat bronght the intolllaoaoe tbat a R ary corps of 5,000 men has been Jet Jt the Celestials ln recapturing the city of aouolio * , uich baa fallen Into the hands of the icbels; and It ap pears that no little sensation has been created at Hong Kong by Una important piece of now*. Tfce fMI la, thai apart from tbe weighty rcaeoni which Should prevent Rum A from interfering In fovor of tneChmuM at a inetncut wb'a tbe latter are engaged In hoatllltlea with Uto Wcrfrt Ifowesa, t litre la one tttD a ore dcctgPrn obstacl j to ber :o doing?at keaat with a oorpe of fc.000 men?and Kiel it that at prcMWt the faaa notf ot 1,1100 men to <1 la peso of a that quarter. It la tbe want of bands, aritiog from tbe ?perne papulation of tbatom Siberia,'.bat ro f.-ratlj em barraeaen Coral MoeravleQ Amnorsky In bit hifty plana '<* extend lug and cocaolldat'og tbe dominion of Huraia o itioee regions: and though be b? succeeded, by dint of tbo meet vigorous and ludefntigstble eaertieoa, la forming a body of iroope, under tbe nacne of TraraabalcolUu Co# oaehn, for tbo occupation of tbo bow country on tbe Atsour, tbeyaro only just numerous enougb to gari ?<n tbu line of forts erected on that river and on tbe tea beard; and It would beqa'.te out of tbe question for bim to detach any considerable force Into the Interior of China without baviag first received reinforcemi ute from other parts of Russia. Farther wcit, In Sorgtria and on tbe nor'.bwosierw borders of the Celestial empire, the operations >f oar commanders are fhctlitatcd by the prea?rce of the Oren burg and Poral Cot sacks, and of warlike native it.bee in tbe pey of Rurala, who hare aaeleted in extending cur frontiers to the Oxue and tbe bait k il; but Esrleru Siberia la ehtely Inhabited by peaoeful nvmads, wbo are <1 j.te unfit for military s-rvio* and even tbo ilenc.-udanto ?f tbe Ruesian conquerors?tbo bra.-e coraredcs ef Yermak, who, like CorU-z and Plzarro. overran, in tbo sixteenth century, tbe whole North of Asia witb a band fill of follower*?bave almost ion Ute martial ctarncter of their nneeetora and settled down Into indfoAgtee cole nltts, arouatomed to no other onQicta but with their ?tern climate and witb tbe d. nIrene of tbe foreet Conaiderlng what materials he^d to work witb. Oouat Ifucravi.ff deserves tbe bigbeet credit for what he has accocnpliatied: but U must be recollected that all ble S'lO ceeeee were obtained. nor by force of arms, bat by pi)icy and diplomacy, and tnat he has annexed a country larger In extent (ban asy European kingdom, without spilling . ue drop of blood. It wat je rbaji* fortunate for blm that tbe sliest loo of the CeJestiata was dial/acted by internal dissensions and bv tbe quarrel tbey were ao uacxpeotodlv Involved la -witb Fog Ian a lor ciberwise, Dotwttbaiandieg their character let ic poecianlmity, tbe dlaproportloa of numbers M so Immense ihst an attack ef a Ohineen boat upon our Amooc colon Its might have given ue aertoun trouble, end It la evident, therefore, bow mistaken tne English pieis Is to Imagining ibat we would suppurt them eilber agaisst tbolr dumeatio or foreign enemies, when s victory over tbeee aould nsturally eur.iurngo tbem to turn tbolr arm* against ourrelves. It was seen oven last year that after tbe defeat of tbe aillte on tbe Pelno. tbe Pekiu maa dsrlca instant<y assumed a higher lore; but tbe tact and energy of our Ambassador, aided perbaiia by reports of the enormous preparations that were be lag made by Englat d sod Prauae to retrieve tbepreatlge of tbvir arise, soon induced tbem to lower It; and, aa Count Mooravtell baa now got a rerpectable steam Ah Ilia on tbe Amoor and In tbe adjacent waters, we bave leas to apprehend from ibelr hostility. Tbe results of aa rxneJltlca planned by tbe late Ge neral Katsrvin have now become known, and Increase the regret generally frit for the k?e of tbe distinguished officer. fWrmg hie fhort admin let ret ion cf Orenburg, Katevia bad carried out witb great .iilalllgeare and soo ceaa tbe policy beqneatbed to him by his predaeeenor, tbe lamoux Count [Vr< Ilkkr, wntrb consists in gradually eur roubdlcg tbe ucanuiloiis of Run*.a .a Central sslawiUia girdle of half vestal Lslf luti-p-uilant, but wholly friend \j states, attached to her \,y the b?mda or interest sod fear, sue eervtng as a petit' il styit for future operattooa. in ret|<eet to ibe k ngiicms us Kbiva, K< kaad and do kbaia. this has been In a great meaauia attained by toe treaties of commerce and alliance con cluded with tbem sieve 1Mb, and last yesr aa em bassy was sent to Kaihgsr for tbe pirpnaa sf opeolag . >o?in.? with that country, woteb sasee now to bv d? a "> in.'ept-ti lent of China This minus was entrust*.! to s f'S| t. Vsli'san' 11 the so cf e *ullan of Kiribati, sad a Mahometan by religion, and vbo wan, ther- me*, peco . V a. a I'd tor a negotla Ion with Mussulman Obiefc H?- irarrllrd with a caravan when pruervae was often im peded by tbe duhcudtee or the mouaialDoaa region through which they bad to paaa, and by tbe rasilaa of the bordea that 'nfeet It; but be arrived safe at Ksrbgsr. where be met ? ith a b<epitahle reception, as a follow hrlicver and tn rnroy of tbe White ' tu TLe inhabitants are we I to-lined towards Rue ale, whom they took upon as their actual ?liy aga'tit tbe tfolnree and tbe Kegltsh, aad wttb whom they ere wlliiog to enter luloa friendly ceo ne.'llr.D The hatred of England in ports te inteoae, erd has been Insreaar J by the unnappy fate of the tlraau Mogul, to whom the Mahometans r>i Central Asia bow as the .accessor of the Prophet, and whose nl ha* excited Ceep commie, ratmo aid Ibe moet e to leal atae 1 prrallon against bis infidel oppesaeorm- Tbie feeling la nourwbed by tbe fegttlvsa from ladle who bare eougnt an ary lorn la Kaahgar and Yarbevo. aad it was the (IW pUinti of Ida being a British emissary that caused tbe murder of ibe unfortunate German teaseller idnglal volt Accounts foam tb* aoatb of Russia speak of aa oanaual movement among Ibe troops stationed were, and the rem ' mand of wbtcb baa beeo con for red on General Alexander Wrasgel, who Asetlag jlshel him*..if la tbe lata campaign tn tbe Caucasus under Prince Hariatinsky. It la mid tlmt taquirkee bave bean made ef tbe directors M tne Hasetaa Steam Navigation Compaey hoe msoy of the r bus they would place at the disposal of goeerrmeoi in aaae the.r , server lb. 11 Id be reqelred to transport troops scram tbe Rtark Mm, aad a bint baa bean girro tbem to bo.d tbem selves la r radioes I for sucb aa event Tbere la a general Impremion that a crfcrs, similar to thai which considers cyia, m rapidly eppr.wchlng In lurapeen Tuikry. the nerthern pravooew of wbtcb ere in estate t( ibe ulaseet agitation, and although tbe action of Rivsia will, of course, bo regulated by tbe negotiations that are going forward wttb tbe other Powers, there eon be uo doubt that measures ore being silently taken to glee effect to bar laSarvealteo when the proper moment for M baa amend. Tbe Emperor's Journey to Warsaw will be etgnaileed by the Inauguration af tbo now railroad to Witaa, wbu-h I* almcot ha lahed, aad w111 be th own open to tbe pobtlc Immediate) altera aids. Tbo d 1st tone from our capita) to Wllna it about TOO rerste, aad by this liaaa next yrar It la hoped Ibat lbs entire line to Warsaw, I OTI taenia la fer gib, will be completed On tbe line foosn Mooeo* to Ibeodsmie tbe pragreas la much leae entrnfootorv to fort, tbe w?rks bare scarcely begun, aad ibe dim fortaene exhibited by tbe ?raod fcteie dee CW m ?a <* biiler oommZZ? ealorallyT^tiry 7c, '7b. ^ TpTd'r f'trJFjz rmUtmd from Mamsrw to Nijnll Normrod M rwl^t u. i.??i iT;,?' Oar PI?rtB?? Cwwiywlww. ruawi, 8?pt. 1.1M0 Prym rf fhr Mia /femfwfi a? rvn will OanAoMi Atop '?I am on ricrt i Brutal pr >cimmattm l%? Papa fi?u m the Want Bntem if Jf ? H*tkkt, the I'oaif iMAMMPriNi ibmaa. in Km"]*? Ufa tm Fbrmat, Italy a ooi Mir tbo tbnln of ? tnufcl, bat of pro (TM? Tba PeoIntuit to ? camp fr?m iba Alpo talk* Boutborn copo of flpartlrooto 1tebonMtulplMlkb( M botdiag ftraly hM ova a tho North, aud tho "MtMaao I?inU" a tho hrmth to wtutog oov iwiken to bo added to bto aorortiga't domtonr.e H>w tor vtlt thto career of ronqueot bo allowod to art ranee? to tho oovttoo which to bow eoootaotly uJ oerionriy Hkto At'what print will Atotrto, for ber own oreanty, U aot oalrtiMa, bo fcmed to aartore' or, at what uwmoot to tho aoe cooofnl ooworO ma-eta of tho rcrotatloa wtR Praooo tool oalled opoo to lay "Xo'-' For a loog timo Italy hao aot boon to profboodly artwood to at tho | Otot norma t. AU too* to tool thai tbo yrrol balaooo to which tho toottatoo or tho cooalry am we'ghed to at aa com potoo. Tieoouro aaJ llraa art fooorvualy thrown ato tho troto by noba pair Mo. aoA it a tbo bopo aa I eowA- | Aoat bolkf of tho frlendo of Italy tbr-m^hoot tbo wwtd that llborty, jotttco aad aattoaal rl,ht will notwotfh tbo wrrtrhed iat?rrtto of deopotto farlnao, aad Ihrtntoh alat of kinpo The eery eitreme and crool meant to which laraorl eiere troaa dttprood to renorl. to ttriko terror lato po taaitooa ladlaod to robot, thowt tbo 'tcoparato atato of thtnga with wh.oh ho >a<lo bimoelf ohlifod to motoad. It to rooorred Tor tho maaMn 'or of tbo military ft>rr<w of tho Vicar of thrift to rorlro a mod# of tarrying a war which It wao Ibo'ifht bekuged only to barborlar.e and aaroco, no a Chriatiaa Mnatnoa, t rallod. to tho km , ?lolltatd pat*. Bot tho rroach eaptala to paid a at i pood of Hd.OOOnyonr tor (secret. aad ho to dotormlaod to | bora It. coat what it oiay, of barer. <lroiruct.i<o and , blood. F hao oow under hit command aooaMbing mora thaa 90 OOP aon. Ibroo ibnu<aal iroopo from tbo email orrr.y, MtU Kopt op, <0 tbe e* Dskt of Modaoa, haro Jutt | hct* at Aacooh. A* locg u that iIcdt to h^pt upow I Kcrutts may tome IB from the directloo of Austria, to nreoftben more and more the Papal military trmj But hit HakoeM, with oil the old which he reorteeafrom ehroad, hold* hie temporal power by * very preevloue tooure. Strangely enough, hie morel Influence ever * targe pert of hie eubjeou U elm tat entirely gone. Hortuoe te the centre lowerde which at the momeot. are leuuing reverai conspicuous actore The most efficient end justly dialinfutahed Minister of the Interior, ferlut, ta bore, with Con oral Fault, Chief la the Department of Military Attain. The Count of Syracuse is hourly egpecl ed, moving once more towarde the South,alter paying hta n-gpecie, and declaring, in pereon hie tevotion to the King at Turin. The conjecture U indulged that It liee with Karmi and 3yrecuse to eavume an active part In the administration of attaint at Naples, ae noon aa too revo lution, under the moat?ttlcient directlm of Oeoeral Garl bald), (bah have cleared the way The power of organi zation slrtady displayed by Fartul give* full ooatdenoe la hie ability; and oertei'ily nowhere eiae, m a Held no more extesslv ould superior ability be put to ?> sever 4. test tee General Fsutt coatee to maintele^ u lbl male ' ? - -eight ol the movement of troops now ^rqcl ' -a arue the Marches and Umbrla The ts ear 0' tbe plan ta dvtermlaed upon to p** ttta border a wtruk from no*, and nceepy Mens Vmvlnora of Me . ?pal dominions. aooiiHkj. with the Voops *ndnr Laino riciero X iburtfore itriu otil lb? Homes commander ha* 5 ?fi urea at Meotmfta, the Wane aeaiher between Kioto and Bern), 8 00b at Aboona, aad 1,600 ?t Her of la, ?fetbur.boinewbat tse* tbau half bta army. An equal or Isr^er v.umber of TVdmooteae troops are already oou ceatrwte5 on tbe border, and tbe eember la daily iuoreaa mg H ta ?aay to foresee Mat tbe advantage trill be found greMfy on the akte of lb* attacking party b?*m)er, is pledged teguard ibeMreeftttlea of Hofte. Viurbc and CIvlU Veortna, and lemortctere tnuat dated, aa bvwt be can, Me nan ?r um territory of Ma Hope. 03 army of-TO.COO men ta txrety an emoleet fume to bold 1b aubjwAieu a popui -Una <rf *w> mlliiooa eager lor revolt, and ?*lk t suoceiscul revolution driving neighboring mien from Melr doartfon# Tbe Kuia <d Naples, u ta aald, baa been counatirrh by hla alltea of Home and Aua trta to resist w> tbe lam, and If lb* ad?toe w carried out, It la probable that ibr .loal struggle elll be made some where in ibe dlatriot of country 'y log along tbe maat of tbe full of (facta, aftierea on ton of tba tr<aipaof Naptea and Bon.e may betaade, and where tbe King, suffering a Baal defeat, might safely embark. Tbe atrong fbrtreaa of Gceta la near, aed in that port la a tat Mined a portion of the Neapolitan #r?t Loiters fr? m'Jeracany inform ua that our young Ameri can prima coona Miaa Hick lay, who ha* betu receive I with very great Ibvor la various cities in the north of Su repe, ha* Jtufc concluded an arrangement to ring In Ameri ca, under the direction of Mr Ullmau rthn will appear Brat at tbe Academy of Muaic ta New York, early la No vember. m tbe rota <>f Ijxna, or Locrei'a, or la tbe opera (f Ibe '-Barber of Sevtlls." AfteraSMaoo offrur toon tba, tho limit of tbe rreeent arrangement, the will re turn to Turope to fulfil engagement! aiready ma,la Toe tab ul and nduslry rxli.mted by ibie jaalg m iger while piirf .lav her studies in Florence race-, red merited praiie, and daring the Interval ainoe tba cumrnencement of her can er a* a public nuger, tier aucceea ha* been evea greater than bar war meat frtends had dared to hope. Fawrvri by youth and a handsome pereon, ta addlttou to talent and energy, aba may yat attain au elevated position la ber ait Tbe Florentlnra are looking forward to a eensoa or nn oommon gaiety, aad what-, t* of|bo little Interest to them, of piont to Ibe.r purars. the coming winter The tin* tab I ir hid cord lib in of every lb mg to Me sooth of the per insula will keep th<?e who Mink of spendlug the win ter in Italy a say from Naples and Homo. A sojourn may be made la Florence wiMoirt tbe experience of nay feol ICg nf uneaeibea* or tnweourlty Toe city la so well fur nished with hotels and respectable lodging houses, and rented apartments, iB?i a large umVr may be aacom modaieo. For fam Hies the plaoe la. oa many accounts, mist convrnlent and agreeable to reside In, for a limited or any extended period. Handsome young ladles who btve an ambition in smash Prinoea with their charms will find here Me Prince of Oarymano, an unmarried man oi about fortv four, who will keep open house In ibe Hull pelaor . with dmctrg, brttliant lights, good eat ing and ariiikiiig, and other more artistic at ractiooa. IWidea. polished mwiet?. tba galleries, the 0,wra and tho gardens are permanent aMracunue of Florence. Alter an unusually moderate summer, September bag commenced wuh a lew days of heat, si extreme as to be not lb worthy if Ally in our climate. The season baa he<r a favorable mm lor tbe harvest* o' grain and of, and tb* grape tuts year will yield mors abundaut ly tbau for a leu a Aim* before. Tbe eimUutim are par euaued by Mis Met the hull of excommunicaoon directed by Me Pope agalisi Me revolted provlnoea baa aotod ratbt-r aa a hlmaieg than a curse. THE CRISIS Ifl ITALY. Tk? Polity at 1oidUia~Wor wit* Htm-lkt P?|Mi Iumi to b? T?*ta Iroun tkt Ac. IV'ruai k Genoa b-uer (t*pt 4) la V Nord ] 4e w? <?i tbt Mt nf great evejna and I truel poor Mn'y will r- me outvtrtniouo, but Pledmott Itit?right ly or wrongi) ?a determined atta:k from AoatrlA. Cuo CI cnt bupen an-pw?J u Irauee. ? ilher aa a powerfal tup}.'it. >r el leaat -m uou IrUrvcutiou. Tbe Interview wbMb M Farmland General Cteidtoi bore Ji?t bad at (bembrit wto tin I ni;?To' we> be ootat wred aa I be ?iarlit g puwl ad a now ai:i b..leer lion of inlioy. Plod nrioot explained that kb* would He aubiorrged la Ibe whirlpool "f era*11? If ten rial not berarirneiso ibe rudder with a bt-lai baud Inmed'airly after tbo return of M Fallot various Cabinet .ciia worn be id under tbo di rect prao'dntcv w I bo fcit r Tbe troupe arc (bat leaving ibe luwce. either for ih? carapa under lormaltoo or for the fiiatu r. and em r. filer, a by tbo bietpiual Guard at rur'u tia-repc*, Miter,fleece, he. For Ibe laat two dayo detachments of li?op? a lib bando piayl;jr, are c ntinu ally peirirg my wind< w to embark lor .Napbw. Fester oay a laiU.inu lefi no N.v. i tbe laero. aud a body of Me i ibaidwi.t tailed a< lh<ian?- n tie no board tbo Amaaooe Tbe cyaai.evr of furiu, of I'm (in, darotao a leading ar Mile to 'he Homer qrmi.ifi, tbai 10, to tie enrolment of < r?*?n frurtlera H) Ibo fiipt After r? mtrlli.g that the aucr tEpliebm- L t of the ri-roluliuf) at Napleo will render udmi'rrtun.1 numb mure frequent tafore In lite p*|?l Sien a, It ray. ?I au ?# r? wain indlgareiil Probers on oben toe maaaaciro of Perugia am * out In be re uroeet Were tte" governlanut to tiand ottll tba people ? i uM lit. We hare ceen ?be trouble i?w >nH ny M. !*wx<Grs, wlib hlo l>nga'e of vobwtecrs, who did not <n p.y the oympatby of die pnpotatinut. Turn expe dition ban I" ru pie ran led, but o# Ibe oi bar band, nor govtrimitl bar In ? naequeeae, ututinl n oarr <d duty tnearni ibe mnple of I'mbrit aan tba Merohas, ? Hn. boit g ?ub>et to a military dictatorship, wblcb in lb* more tjraui owl oo It w rkareteed by h foreigner and enforced by foreign ?? r, ?oar*a, bam au other hope of delireraace but firm our Mate Can wo refune them our aid ui tbe bout of parti. A oafliot may bo arolded If the hruliboal gov*-MS* St be eWa mmogh to under etabd ibat 34 MO fnr.'gn mrrnenarlm oannrt H? allowed to rnrnmp ?n tbe very b. ait of ltay, with Ibe aectlmoDta of batrrd and arete on wh ch aaimote them against tbo Hal tan people. There to i.o otbr government lo ICurnpn ? hlcb daiK to prop iieelf up wth kircign miroeberi-d, end oar porertimri'l ben undrmt?n that ? .<-b a Olluvt'on nut real e at aay < 'OV -thua'd oew euoiplioatloaa be In evitable, tt may be aa errII aof to delay, but to aaavune the rrapmalblllty of araaurro wbieh it onmld bo loo lata to adopt were ore pi wait until wo are aitwiM. Tbe Turin oorrespnodeul of tbo Par la Ithtm avyo ? Tbe maibtrnanre rf tbe temporal piwrr of the IVp* In tbe rtty oi Rome or. j, and tbe i.ipiveerloa of the puatOoni army , art Ibrta of no lilt e ia i <?taarr la whatever light thry may be rwwed <m Uj- In oar tale that the anurra ton of tbe rarobea aad I'm Or la la ulaeo luteiy ied apeaaab.., if Vapleo ami Pielwoet are to Ibrm ote t li gdotn It M equally rertaln that the government tateuda, by nocepy i?? lb one per wren with Mm regular nrwiy. to put an end to Gerthaldi'a mteaioo, anlroa bo ? bvul.l be n lap. ecd lo make-var on tbe ?eerb at Rhdo. or Ibe Aualruua In TfneltA Pi luteal r?annua, tbnra fore. ar* not ?Mti.g to "lida.n. If not to j'WUfy. tbo on to pa' on of tbe Meribet aud Co brie Kreryooa her* on u a lo tbiak Ibalworwth Aortrlt la n it unlikely to be the reanlt of all thia, w twithntnadrng the awuraanra of roe intern uttong IV gnynrnmont has Haan War mod that tbe Aeetrmue. durirg the laat two day*, hhrn been convent rating conablornnle fnrrm at Bnrgnfvrte, from shirk |m at Rnmagon and the dwhy of Nudenn am eqoal ly n eraord Military pr>, oratioua am . ooaseqaoatly puobnd on with tbe nlrovhi activity [Trim a Rn It I#tl#r of Rrp? 10 J Tbotifh Ibr public < ujbt by thla lint* to foal no tor? l>r?r u toyibiDf U?>/ mm ar# la tb# aaani ofltclnJ prtata, ibar Wmu warntaa t? Victor taiaaoal. |?M?M In tbr CrmMvHti'mnH thla m Tn'nf. mated grnal aaaaatwa. M t.raoriya'ilot la prrfreiiy aborted at iha idaaof f*M Tmti.rlaw to annex wj portion of tb# Watra uf iba ttiurrb or tin kttydnaa of Nap r* Tb# puoltc bar* nry bad tor n:ort#?, or Uh y woaM irawnir that lent tban a twrtrrmoctb ago tb* ? If 'aaM Oiuftiatiawmt foratnll tbat diradful ibinya wool* bafall Italy tf lb* <iocb>?a and tb# Ibisagta* war* nnacxrd Tbra# nrllcl#* an la ??rt#d in tb# am. ? flu ui I 'lnu f * lb* vary obatoaa purpaa* of enabling tb* fovrroaaant acbaeqeaailv to pro ' cJalm tbat It ta not raapmalMa *>r tb* "nfgrmadiarwaat of rvdaxat ' t p to ihia ttaaa, bowavar, It due* no appear tbat aay ml reaulia la Italy or Victor taaaoa' ban toilawad tb# ernnactauaw of lb# Oauti aHand Wfcrtbar kia liaab nubural of indignation will bar* nay of tb* drtadfel tlhtum whir* ba aroaa* to aauclpat* n maiaa to b# aoao. bat If M <lmndg*llluia proa* ba tb* oaly atua aaaptuyad by tba taparor ta abacb Victor fm?rn#l. tb# aaaaxatma of Mapla* and tb* fapat (ft*- * (?m a, of crura#. Roan# and a garden j, may ana now ba leobro upon aa a /at a. any It. Tb* foUa Tb* foUawlag la U. Bread yutliol'a Wticl* lo full ? For ton ? i paal Uw Mint Tram Italy Md tba Ian frage at Um pirdwiaatona j uiroala oaaaad aa eatiraly Mir and (impi?uiy uaeipewtod attitude on the part at Sardi nia In be foreaeea la the ilKlrf of UM Italian penlaaula. 11 tu fam that Ktrg Vx-tor Kmaaoel'a rnrcraiaeat, bring on witling to abandon tbo dictation af tba Italian ?n Trmrat in tiarlhaldl, waa about la M)ow km la Ha rm la orerrtle bta tcilia, and to prorr latitat la thw Rla 1m to rf'^aat bla tUa-k Taa pro Inl of tola atraafa paltry aaa Ibarrfora lo rherh tba tajntolloa. and to pi mam tka oaaao of Italian !??i*wtollre from lata growl port la?aa attack ?galoot Roma, ? Mai) la pcoteetad by tba award at Franco, ud aa acrrraama agairn V ntca, which might porhapo bring back AnMrla Into l->tnbardy. At the moment at which ?? write, thai pnllay baa probably almady been anted aa. An ItaiirrtatHia baa brokaa oat la Um Itarabaa, and tba mm of King Motor Fmanuol la eecd aa a rally lag cry. lb.- Ran)lata* army Id la moTrmeal, end wa mial eg peat Iroaa oaa mowMWt to toolbar aa act of Ftadmonlaao in Wrrraltoa in the Fneildoal territory. It la withanrruw that ?r ana ?ba Kingl goeemment engngmg tn a path la vhish it ran only meet with deagaro Tblt aggr enavn, If : 11 ba arcimpllabrd. Will lac mteotably a-parato It front tba Ftaperor'n policy. Fraaca, which prirto-ta ?be lupa'a aothnrity at Rome, eaaaot do oui?r * it# than blame aria of wblcb the trowed ob)oct M to dethrone bun br an armm eo op-rat'oo firm to la tum, liaa la the prut mora wblcb bare hitherto rcman-1 faithful. lu thm adrrnurnwa policy, to which tba baa bora led by tore Ida atelUllaaa. wht h, bowrrer, will not be l diewtd by any auppcrl, t ednx u.1 will be mm to ba to ited. It la net by aeoondtng mmi that aha oaa put down rerolnUoa and ta arece Had It to day ahe la tura to b. lad away by It alerwarrft If, UiereAire, fbeea be Mill Ha*, w* hope that Fledmnot. nblch nwaa to macs to I raere, will act depart from iba prlocip'ea aa.. ra r,eel of intnmatlaaal law which can alooa pmae-ro .'a bar aor atiMooa Wa hope that tba toraiif of K lag Victor bMdMto caaaa bl? to proytM -- f ifiti mm committing ? fhult wWch wouli be a milftjrVattu mr Italy Id the Pvmtt lb* "euu** Neffi/ ,>j?ra aomeeenal fci^w^?^3Ki^ ? ^lnD, ,rt y Ifcia article baa lMPH? .aeellon lo farm, bit fie qoeitkoo wbeiher HwlM prod ^ mJctl ,ftot ia imljr Tbe Oomtwuuoimd baa eery jru.n gU M Viliatrauca, cTTl eg upon tb* Itaiuaa UJ >Wr (u ' c^f bui up ^ tte ptfki'bl V? blV? 0**1 bfl ? lVj1ja>rta|i|Ly of dlSOOVHf 1M aleo be yjdee U>at t 0UBMS,0U, Umvo??U whicb it baa dae ' far ' *h?n (ureigu afleira are concerned Tbla very (j)i .at lance, it alludea to Holland and Belgium. ;unt | ?h? r were Uie Htl-fian Momteur,nr the aeml olbolal print, Cologne CazcUe, it aaya, "altb an object that can be , .rlned, vokmiily aunounoee that an oflen?'?a and defec alee treaty baa been ooncluded between Bel?lnm and Hol land. Nothing aan be more antrne." We do not mean to say tbal It la true, and we bare beard nothing about the treaty In qneallon,but wbat we any la that tie CbruNtu (uimtl doea apeak with mora authority on the subject than It la entitled to. NaplM ud 8I< tljr. Before Garibaldi's entry lato Naples Um Sardinian Admiral bad tbr. atoned to Bre upon any Neapolitan Tea eel wuich should attempt to proceed to Gaels. A ft Drum ban been celebrated la the cathedral by Fatter Gsvazzi, ibe people abutting "Hurrah for Victor Dna nur-.l I" "Hurrah for Garibaldi 1" tbe people ware araod, some even with p?k?s and aticfca General UJumiaaHona bad taken place. The Pa al Nuncio, tbo great part of the ambtraadi ra, and Count Trapant, bed folTowod the King to Gaela. Tlie King bad appointed ^lgaor UUoa, brother of General t'Uoa, an bin Prime MinUter, and bad leaned a proclamation. e Ron (rla Marseilles), Sept. #, 1M0 A panic prevails here. Mgr. Merode has left for the Neapolitan l'on tier. Tbe town of Froelnone ban been de clared in a a tale or alege. The new* el an Insurrection at Pea tenor ro > -a been ooeflraaed bard la lan troupe are ad ratting through Tuacany nod Um fteinagna, to be In readme** to abler tbe Papal Htateo. Uaaerai Lamortciere bat ooncentrmud bin troupe at Spoleto, and baa denied the alleged order of tbe day in wblcb be was said to hare di rected bis soidlern to plunder any town which should rlae la Insurrection. Tbe following M tbe article, which baa all the appearance of being at least semi official, published la the Contlilu tivnntl, ah the head of its column*-? For acme days past tbe lettera from Italy and the lan guage ol the Iltdniouteee journals caused an entirely new and completely unexpected attitude on tbe part of Sardl n ta to be loreeeen m the aflhtrs of too Italian peninsula. H was said that King Victor Emanuel's government, be ing unwilling to abandon the direction of tbe Italian movement to Garibaldi, was about to follow blaa to Na ples to overrule hie action, end to preoade him In the Ro man matt* to prevent his attack. The pretext of lb la strange policy waa therefore to check tbe revolution and to preserve the cause of Italian independence from two great peril*?an attack against Rome, which la protected by tbe aword of France, and an aggression against Vealoe, wblcb migbt perhaps bring back Austria Into Lombardy, At the moment at which we write that policy baa probably already been anted on. An Insurrection has broken out in tbe Marches, and the name of King Victor Emanuel ta used aa a rallying cry- The Sardinian army is In movement, and we must ex pec i from awe moment to an other an not of Piedmoutene intervention In the Pooti ?ral territory. H la with sorrow tbat we eoe the King's government engaging In a path in which tt can only meet witb dangers. This aggression, If tt be accomplished, will lnootiutrtlbly eeparate it from the Emperor's polKjy. France, which protects tbe Pope's authority at Rome, cannot do otherwise than blame acts of which the avowed object In to drtbrooe bun by an araaed oo-opera tion given to laeirrrnotion in the provinces which have hitherto remained faithful. In this adventure on policy, to which she baa been led by foreign excitation*, wbtch, however, will nut bo (allowed by any support, Piedmont will be aura to be isolated. It Is not by secondary revdt thai ah# aan pot down revolution, and In preceding It t> day abe m euro to be led away by It afterwards. II, there fore, there be still time, we hope tbat Piedmont, wbtch owen moeb to France, will not depart from tbe principles and tbe respect of International law which can alone pre serve to bt r our alliance. Wa hop# that tbe k?alty of King Victor Emanuel will cause htm to prevent his gov ernment from committing a fault which would bu a mis fortune for Italy. The flirt U has the following observations oa Garibaldi's extraordinary carrer with la the last few mootba ? A man, accompanied by a few volunteers, sails from lb* environs or Genua tn the night of the 6th of May, on bardof a vrrael which la not even bia own property. Br goes to liberate as vera! millions of oppressed people, - ^ ^ and to overthrow a powerful monarchy; ha la stigma tised as a brigand, and all the penalties inflicted cu pirates are Invoked on his devoted hand; the cry la raised that both ho and his followers might be banged from the yard arms of their vessel. On the 7th of September tbi* man baa almost accomplished the task be bad undertaken; the monarohy fee emailed M 4t facte overthrown. A nation w delivered. Now, which are tbe wtee counsellor if Those who ad* tea sovereign* to make Conors* km* to the spirit of the ago, or the flatterers who promise them a protracted reign If they will bui rialst all program? Tbe ana war Is easy new. Tbe King of NapWe ta a fugitive. Another dynasty has foUev, though sureoanded ny soldier* sod wed provtoed with cannon and gold; another hope of tbe countor rer> 'utk olaU baa foUen away. But the mew beet on tl e mm of prince* still persist in giving tbe amns per nio. c< - i*. "Tbe King of Naples baa fel on," say Ibev, 'li - ' .raid# lAmoriuiere still remains; fee will flght, he ? * ready, and the revolution will ba over come " w -iv: ?d rounaelkw* ! They are not yet sal la ?rd w'th their work; they want more eateatrophew. Nov-the!rev bow eaay tbe eynaaty of Naptao migbl bava mca.wd .??ir. < tx p J Warning! wars act wanting Four yeai?*.-?, during the Ouafereeeea of Parts, did nxl Eu rope, ? > Um- voice of her dipiobatiste, uwaalmouaiy de t'are to tue h> rg >4 Naples that be wan courting dcatrnc ti"n by ba ba g vrnmrnt, that be waagatherieg around him all the < lcn.< ut* of revolution? Waa be not In a man aer .irplorrd to adopt a different po ley? Wan be not duly lnfirmtd of the abyvs that lay heiore him? The general metres of tne Italian leader la thus summed up ?7iv<> marvellous ttagvs?tiaraala, Palarmo. Miiazw, Kegyio son NapW?lur'ormed lo tbe abort apaoo of three month*, have been all that Garibaldi required, supported as be I* by tbe natxroal arntlmnut, to over throw a monarchy diemed immovable, wbtch, not yet four yrnra since, defied France an 1 England; which la the lace of the naval preparations of the two greatest Fowere tn the world, bail determined to peraerar* la Its rr sis tsars Infernatloaal ArbttraUww. A dff palrb fiotu Tf m-?m ataica that thu l otted Statae CocjuI ntral at Alexandria baa protested agatnat the creation ?t an tatrraatiooal tribunal fur Km Mlliawt of all dwpuiee w a > ich foreign aubjecu ar? loleraetod, and la which U?r am raft larolrwd exceeda 60.000 pt latere. Half lb# ireinhrra of tbla trlb isal were 60 be appelated b) the Cuoaola General of the grrat Powers,aad the other ha'J bp if e ?. j: v. ri.ji, ? The < -n ? u 1 liuoeral of the Colled States daelarod tbal be rmiId Dot rer.wDlae the ooirpeieeee of eocb a trlbona) uElrea be abooIJ bare tbe aame righ'. to appoint menbora aa tbe tOaeote OeneraJ of tbe (reel Europaaa Power*. Aawtber Alllaaee Agataat Fraare, L* Awnd, lb* Ruaaitn organ la Belgium, pualiabaa tba to. low leg ta prom (mat type:? We bare beea for acme aajra ta paaaamtoa of aa tmpor taat cueawlailM watch wa bar# kwlttM a.uterlo to pobllah, deepite the eaaMaaoe we plaee ta tbe our impuu oral who fbrwmrdei It to nr. We peblteb II aew, baring rtceirrd from tbe tatter the ooaOrmatt w ef hi* exert 1 tode. Hoeeorar, it appears to a* soluble to the praseet a late of aObtra. It ootreiwa aa ar-engamint aa three potato which la ?aid to bare been agreed npoa quite reoeellp heteaie ' England,- Auetria aad Pruaale, and tbe oh)?ct of wblob would be lo prtnol aop ulterior laterreniuio of t'raaie, b) force of am.a either la Italp or ctaeebere. Tba three potato ere aa ft ilea a. Tbe Uuee Powere engage tbem retvrto? 1. To nppnte asp aHHtorp tatereratlaa of Fraaoe la Ital), uader aop pit lrxt wbateoerer. S To eppoee tap other aiilitarp u,tsrrnittoB of Fresno lb Puropa, without a piaUmiaarp under aland lag with the Powaia g to oppnae anp territorial exteeetae of Frwaoe, -liber hp totaaa of eo*<|neet or aegoatattoa If wo pahlleh thle toftrmattoa to dap. adds U Hbed, a bleb we bare bad tor acme dope ta rmr puoraalia. H la beceorr we bare rraaoa 11 beliere that we are aut tbe rel) pei woe togmaanl of the facto, aad that the prlaeipal rah la eta ef Eaiepa are alraadp laforaaed of I ham. Akethtr iMHh from RtptltM. The Wk.wiig la a fall uuiUuxi at Mm Emperor's ?!????? h at Maiarill w, aa publwtb d ta lb# bnmnna-TlH banq-iet offrrod by Urn Chamber of Paniw |iT?a Bra ib* happy opportunity of publicly lhaakla| Ibe oily of Marat 11 Ma for Dm warm raceptliw It bar flora u? tba Em prow aad ta aiyaalf. TV# oaaai moot demnaitratkwh of altaebmrai wbteh wa bar a recclrrd tit or tbe eommcanrmeat of oar Jour Bay touch ai <toi ptj, but 4a not m?ke ma mora or a4, tar my oaiy mar it bta boaa ta hara fail foilb lb Itrlwa nailifW, m wail at It tta pal riot Wat and pood araae at tba rrowab people. It la Vina intimate uoiua between pnfla and I'lvraift which coaftitatee our strength at hi?a aa wall aa abroad, aad whtab baa esablrd ua. ButwIUwteadlBf (raat OiSV altiaa, trrar to paaee la oar prafraoBlre march. 1M 4oalra for what M food, thw eathaetaam for ail that m aobla aad { otrfal, aaaaot abate aaw, a boa ^icaairteaooa ara atora 'a* crablr aad tranquillity M tha wMh of all I he woe M If rarlora truraiuri nbould reach ua ham afar, Mmanl ha dial or bad aa Ibal aanoaatt they will break Maoat our lautVrreara llha tha warra of tha uoaaa aa our ahorea. lot aa labor, thaa, with all oar straiflh, ta 4a , rrlope tha rteoorree of our aouatry- Um worka o{ I proro barr, la riy ryre, oroma at beautiful at tbnoa of laarrl. la ibv future of proeprrlty aad treatama which I (i*t<lBpialo for France, Maraelle* aalara) y hoMa a large | lacu froat tu n arry aad tba latelllferor of ita to Lab i in la, aa well aa from lla gt'-rraphlcal puaMlaa. Owe to tbe ?Hilary port of Twibw, It apprare la m la X^hpii oa ita abrroa the pealea of fraaoa, botdwg aa braarb la use baud, bet foellag lla award at ita aide, lather rttfa la praaa upon that ara, tbe f"i * ? is city, by the eaim laHueiiM of o nimarra, lat hrr rlrlllgp bar tattrwa by I?rrT>?-4 truffle, lat her draw ol'War tbe benda if einltead tailaaa. Lat hrr laduoa tba poo p>ra id Fvrr-pe to rrwre aad abate haoda npon tha poetical rhorra rf thw ara. and link ta tha depth of Ita water* tba jreh na fculta ?f a poet *g r riaally, lat llarrelllaa alwaya abew b??ae f braailful aa I aow behold her?that la to aay, ta tr# pie a with ftiad iwt tniaa of Freoer? aad oaa of my moat a><eat wlebre will be acoompllBhed. 1 driak tba health uf the city of Maraailira. RiHla ?d Aattrla. Ttio Tmrln* THrpritjh nf t*a Ifih t?M Mf|y.W?ir? ? aahlad In ? at* r>n rellal.ln authority that Ike deapawb ? Mrh "ipfn-arad tn ?ba Iwnatno Mnn 1a? , affirming that a ipoorti al'i n bad taken p'aea kelawn Rnaaia and \.j* < a, had that the two rraeta had mm* hi an arrange ??hi, ? hereh) th* praMat "latnMrabla Main of iblaaa'' ? ?? M> ha mitigated, la In Wall inform" I nrM haiierad In ha an lava*una of Tr"?r* or gin, an t tit. ndad u. afl t ilia |?.llrj of iba Italian* ta tbatr aperati ma <n tV p?n*l M.I ? we aaad only lefar hi I ha t, iw* of mir ftntitn IM vtaara M in !*? and 1 eater la* tn tbt.a thai lha mffmSswunt tpnkrn of |g, ere* now "II pmhiaiaatwa/. aUtn-ar goug** aeUtioai tretu ---' <a** to IMmtfttf Woa* , U "?? ?TEBE8T0V? FROM MEXICO. Twrntj nwm UNrah Barchtog M Cfte Capital?Active Preparadw far Dcfcoee? Tb? Clergy Setting Nn tke Cfevafe Plate- racfceres ItlHMt-lk Pi^iQal Clergy Chlefe hi tke Cky?SgelOeael M> Ov City of Mexico Correspomde?ee. Mexico, August ll, UN, Tke 81 at* of <*? Spanuk Difficulty? Tke Maria Cbncqt .?Um?I'a Aeco'i Determination?Frifkt/ul Slaufktm i? Coid Blood by a Clergy Ckirf? Alarm in the Gapilil, d.v The late disasters bare operated to disgust Scoor Pacheco about bta schemes for Spanish intervention. , 9tlU It la well known be baa not abandoned tbem. Tho loll which exlata, after the fruitless (Aorta made at Vera Cruz to bully President Juarez into the surrender of the prize ablp Maria Conoepclon, ariaeafrom conalderetloa for the pecuniary intaieeta of .everal large Spanish houses who hare conaiderable amounte of money la the coaduota now on tbe road to Vera Cruz. Both Senor Pacheoo any the ten lor naval cifcer at Vera Ores bare been over whelmed with repreeentationa made by affrighted Spaa larde, who clearly aee that, if the Spanish policy be car' rled mueh further, they will be In a lad ha with the en raged natives of Mexico. However, Senor Pacheoo bao declared that ha dots not care foe the tears of a lot of re negade Spentah shopkeepers, bta policy being above that. He yesterday said that so soon as tho conducts la shipped he shell see to It that Juarez la made to pay for his " Im pudence." Hostilities will oommtnoe at oooe. It ta Im possible to my what effect all these late disasters of tho clergy will have upon the schemes of Peoheco, but I be lieve he will proceed against Vera Ores. Wo bava a moat shocfclbg story of butchery, that comeo to us from the South. Tho forces of Diego alvarea were beaten by Vloerlo, a clergy chief, near Cuernavaee, and four hundred prisoners were made, ell of whom were shot in cold blood afterwards. Can any reasonable pernor wonder If, with such horrid atrocities coming from the H pan ah clergy party, the natives should occasionally tako aweet revenge upon Spaniards T Here ws are la the greatest alarm. Ifca city la com pletely disorganized, l'nere la much talk of a movement on tbe pert of the foreigners to arm. for sail preservation. It M herd to make aay oonjecturee aa to what may turn op, but foreigners are clearly destined to speed e bed time of It here until this wretched party is broken up and destroyed. Tbe ootUucta had arrived a ear Perots at last dates. Urns roo, August 28,1880. Prttatiatim qf the Span UK Ambaumhr'i Credentiala? The Putt and Excitement? 7\e sflkitk Flag the Only One to to Seen?Pacheco't Sentiment* and Beoigm thai ? co a Spanish Cokmy?Meeting Fbreign Ministers?Mr Matheui't Declaration? Recognition ?/ Miramon?lie P rot and Com?Advance */ the Literati?Ortega't JVu merical Strength?The Church Plate Sacrificed by the Clergy to Furnith Meant?Active Preparation in 'Jin City?Foreigners in ? light Place, dc , dc. Yesterday the Bpaclah asiba?rtnr preaaatad his cre dentials to Mlramon. The event excited m much alter Hoe a> baa been beatowed a poo any trlupk of the clergy' in the laat two yean and a half of eirtl war. The pala:< waa decorated in a style surpassing anything of the k'xd." since the days of the vleeruys. OBrrlagee, with all and four bones and lackeys la bright scarlet livery, filled up the grand preeaaslea fro n the Spanish Embassy to the j pahtee. Drams bestead the whole towa was out to wit ness the laapoelng spectacle la the streets. The nob and clergy ware eaobaated, tad all pawed off to the ulaaost satisfaction of these who had brought about this moot stupid and saoat bombastic ceremony. It waa, however, observed, by the observing, that while all this grand oercmoay was taking plans the only flag .waving over Mexico was that of Spain. A rich fiag was unfurAd to Ikeffpaaisb Eaibmdy, buv no flag waa dMplayed opoi the national pal tea nor epos any of the bulldlnga where the Mexican IUg baa been alwaja ran up on the moat frivolous pretext, raraona ?bo attempt to explain thta paaallarltr la the proceed ing* at yeolordoy tall, more at lean, la to the aama ooooic iton, which la that, aa fftr aa Secor l'aoheoo and Klramcr and the (' turned I e clergy are concerned. Mat loo baa virtually re i to the oohdltkm of a npannhoolooy. This Info baa r xoltad aoaaa aft tat Ma already, which ] ooaatder la likely calf to be quieted by knowledge of the facta, and this knowledge la uot IbMly to be imparted until either Seaor Recheco faja or the city la taken bv the liberal forqaa In the oddreaa mat" by decor Pacbeco, on presenting bla oradeotl tla, a hope a rxpreaard that peace may be aatabiiabed securing tae excicmtaces of the Roman Catholic rel gloo. in rep r ibf, Itlraanon; arowi bla datarmlnatloa not only to Jo '?f f ???amvtij aTW**B "* "*? aww f' t*v fend the Chtbolla reUf^on, hut alto to protect tat latareatn of ibe clergy. Aa thaae are the point* upon which tho dttpute at preeeatraale, the Impartial observer may ten I ow tlootre Seer IVhwci la la pro oMlog to be air bitiona la brine about a rreoooilietton between the two I artite Hla prolhmloct are Ihlae, and bla deaiyna are on unetttonably to bring Motion to I be condittonof a Ppac'.tb < eiwudency, eecurtug to the Roman Catholic clergy tto ? urc piate and entire control of the country Caa I to failed M tea and England be blind and Indifferent to tho dttiyia of dpala upon Hoik*.? For the take of bamantty and ciTiliratloa it la to be hoped that at laatt our ^cv sramrnt and people will not remain Inactive wb V# Ppa o la taiabllablng a moat perntctout monarchical guTcrn m?nt la oar very midat. The foreign mlaatevi had a meeting day before yente day at which (tenor IVb-o attended aa a gee*'.. .'he ob M "f the meeting waa to rouatdir the Mat* of tbngn lb tbia capital sinae the election of Mtremoa, by alne urn of bla own creature*, to the Prealdeacy. Mr. Mattew waa the chief actor. Be declared moat posit rely that be would not rarognlae Mtramoa.aad volunteer* t bla opinion that under BO dreuamtanoaa would England rrcogaina aa President of Mexico a man who baa commit ted no many air ecu lee, aa Miramou baa, upon British sub jects. Be rurtbermore gave ootloe that be migbt pro bably wl -bdraw bla legal low from the aaplutj until aac' tlma aa be could receive urdere from hla goverument tbeonly thing prwantlng bim (Tom taking Ula steps* i a dealre to give eoch protection to h'n folios country mew aa ba could In the price at btwleaa aute ol affaire here Tba little Pruaalna, becoming nae at tba deeWua of Peebero. baa pot bimeeif und* deeVgna of Feebeeo. baa pat b tba direction of Mr. Meihew, end theref ire reftaeea I re cog nine Mtramoa. Ibe French CResp* alao refused i reeogelae, at leant will act compromise hla government, uatn be receives further orders. The poor old imheeil Mtalater of Onatemala, wished to roooiptse, but aa tb orders be received from bla government some tan year ago Initructed bim toe:t with the mtjwily, be jooli not do aa ba wished, if tho Freoobmao, however, rema nice after the arrival of the eaxl mall, m la will go with the minority Tba Ml meter of K:n.i4or'l been tbreotaaed with bM paoaporta if be rafuoea to i nice, aod aa bla rOlo* it on* of honor wti itUtoni t aa bo bat bla family here, it la moot likely ba will forced to rewngaiae lbs diplomatic eorpo, In f*ot,i "(OwTan that: Spaa, trance, Onalamala and Ecuador, suing, or to rooogamo Miraaeua, Eaglaad and rrumin i fuiltig to renege tae. Mould tba capital ba labaa by t liberals, Mr. Matbaw will recognise their government but I di-ubt if be willba foilowod by any one but I Mialalor of Ecuador. Tba Pruaaian, will I think, r bob! off under all olroamatanoas. Tba ? UPH Hibifl government to oaabto tham to pull Ibrragh, with Use hostility off Fpem and tlii rest of tba Calbolt. countries. Mexico baa no gmd to hops from them aay circumstance, aod it la butt ir they take the f et oooe of uoen soemMs The liberal foroea arm tnortag alowly la tela < fro* tk? later lor. they bar* a largo train, and i parifclly out dbpeaed In lay theaaelrr* oyaa to rarte ca tea road. Yaatenlay teay wore aac ":noad Qarrrlaro, a bar* tbay are moot lik*?y at!U. Tory ha adrsncaa at Aimjrcnrao. 11 la prohabla teay will aol I before tela city aatil abavt tea Mb or tte ofBoat i tea |.lan apprara la bo Incompletely aarruaad ten la), aad It la aaernary lo hara all teair tnram to 4 tee Irnone tinder (tea Ortega, art awiitiaf tho Droit of tea ITbrrmla on ter aoate aad sort or the 1 Urn Moreoo, It tarapo'UI. har called Col lamofma Craa to lafea tea aaoood in tvaaael npder Mat. L all) bo of root atrrwo to tea aariaiwi >m iha n of tea city, aad ktt^f 7 tt raaaa aa*Ma?oaa.J < B.<tal atateaient joat out flroa tho foroao 00a a* ot ft on tea taterlor under Urn. Ortega f roB 7acalrraa, J,SOP, Mtoaoacao. pJPO; Ooasahiat. J ?W) Mextcn, t.MO.ttaa IdiM, 1,000 Total, 12, 00 1 ten l?raa a>ay ho added 8 OOP reoru.M, oI very utt ?orIh la reality. FVbb tea I'uabla *14a ?* hara, actor Itg to tea bob* official atataatart, tea follow of for DTtag la thd dlroMKD.?rrom Vera Oram,? 0?) ijaj* 3 100 1't.cbU, 1,000; A(*a aad Trwoco, 1,09). To 1 10 .too Tu tela Bay be added tea foreao under Cetera! Po fart.?an. about 3 *00 men, now at Ooatit* <* do ?t n,e ft tbeaa aiay Ml out of llao, but It ?>ti**rb i 111lain teal la lha neat forte 14b* we ah?li harai ?.OHO liberal torcoa. with abual 100 piece* of eri.l he ft re oar walla tb dafiatd tea plan* tftraaoa ?L ab a to get together about #000 aea. the a .eg*, in 1 et ntcn, will be a Iaa? and rery taJtout alfc r. clergy bare Bado prortakoaa for It to laal dart. the ttaryy are noting in entry poaalbla dIra-tint rtlre tea nor we ?4 ?ar. Tory mare (Iron tip a be atmtmtuf cbarr.b p ate, ai>4 alw.gctv r hare rtiae I , hard raab one million of dollar* When the arr.l to the laa* gtrnggt* iher will douMleat maaaeetei atlfUan or ?a Bnri I "*:*? the 1 o*raf ft rora. tea I gnrcitircnt tlnmlu at once declare ail tho clergy 1 wb ? allll partial In earrj If* 00 tela horrid m alter M lake gond <*rt lo bang all tbnao who da aot I brc.r , i|. r Ihrt t'B Tbe Conduct of tho Mb in- 1 ? at I early all I heir prl?".t*r* out be oal'ed 1 lt*> atneaa, for nrarly erery oae of Ih a* Idterat. t'let the ban la f ibelOJi Inateot are already aga 3 (lie art rue la ibb c'ty Nolwihetattltr* rrrrythtrg ooteltte tb* ?* * of my *pf-a?e lo %ror the itbrratt, here tea elTgy acl t* ard ortrrin'ard to rreiat to I be laal Mar lie butcher i f Ttn-tibaya, baa not oaly hern liberate 1. 1 ? ricooct|.?t!rn ha* tekra piece be*aeoa It m im r . at? bo r 1 ? bent'' I aei.tod In rum . f f any tma*loe. art foreigner ta Mericu nan look upni nvr er.aia ?ItboBt feeling* irf fertile alarB. f? *b M | libcreb be b>-*t*r hadr oar coadttma bare trill ha 001 tbii $ irnet a.olacrbnty. The TTbeeala bare r*tt tb* PkdMa mad, an' a* hay 1 , a ate Vara urea anapt by prtTU4 ,# I

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