Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 25, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 25, 1860 Page 4
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TIE LITE Gill O TIE GULF. Additional Fartltalari of the Il.e (?ale at Bmllne, l?moc*Mmela. Wo"1"' and KlMWHtn-SlattmaU of t ktr and Mr. H?nd.r?oi>-TMHr?J" LItm Known to llan lle?? Orleans and Vtctstlcy-Tise Towin of ?M loll n lleap of Raln?"l?"'lf y ? House aitbe Belize Uwaa "'"Tf* [Iron tlie New Orleans Picayune, l''l The news thai comes to as from 1119 DeWllUMWOCl loun..? ?? ' , ^ .*,rri. ^t??Ld w'turmu!"1 X- dmtraMtoaof properly thuafbria wn greater than that by tbe ???'? I h of August,Md.i^bwe__h.r.^ot heartof a. , know n the lltli ^Vr^?Tsr"'r^;rwm'^ * ^ many mart' wboa our returns are completed. tub lake. xw* ?w yesterday a report of the damage done at, 'Ke Pandit 0 due last Saturday, only came tn *22*? *>?> was ? Maadevllle M^Tdaymon.'ng at: o'clock, with her passengers ah-eady wT board, Captaio Holtman foreseeing the ter rtblc a torn i that *? brewluf, would not leave, and watL ed at the wharf In hope# of a lavorable change About 10 o'clock .1 bice se strong that the passengers were put aahore, and the boat ran back to Uwnburg, where ahe could get better ebelter. Sba returned to Mnudevilla yes terday raornlng early, and arrived safely, ashtaled. On that part of the lake coaat, the storm was strongly tell, but no damage was nuflrred. Tie Oregon, which left lor Mobile at one o clock tn the midst o' the storm, got into the Kigolels, where she wea thered It, and Is reported safb The Alabama left her wharf on Saturday afternoon with j many passengers; among others, Washington fire Com , pauy No 20, on a pleasure excursion. She rr turned this morning at half-pest four o clock. Cant Bonrdtnan'e raport la a tale of (rightful disasters. He stales that on the whole lake coast there is not a whan or bath house left standing The village had not eultered much, hot the town of Blloxl la a mass of ruins, '?look at the unseemly pile of mint left by the late lire in Royal street, from Custom House to Bienville Urtel, aava ae eve witness, "and you will form an Idea of ?be SSSiSmSl.? ?~of?n"? th; ! The long wharf sran covered by nine feel of water, and, In (net tbe approach to Uie lata oeauliful iiule town eras a mnm of water, elresn with pieces of timber and rami- | men. This gale was considered far worse than the fear- ; fUwT^r0h^f one low of life at Biloxi-that or a man' killed by the railing o! Brown's Hotel. We could not lewrn hti name. The Alabama picked up seven men Iron the scb,?oer Oregon, completely worn out. Tbesfooouer ; Is a complete wreck. THE ngLITE AN'P TH* P.tsJK.-J. The towboal Junius B-ebe, Onpl Andrewe came up , yesterday, and brings another fearful account trom ths **Tae gal1, was fell there on Friday night. Nearly every ' house at the Bcltse was blown down. j Captain Kinney, the well known pilot of the New'i nrk ; and Havana steam packet ships, together with t Belize nllot whose name we did not not learn, were in ueorge Osgood's coffee bouse, at Psse a 1'Outre, were washed away and drowned. Mr. Osgood'? coffee bouse and renidenoe | were blown and washed asray. Mrs Osgood and ber ehil dren drifted out on a bed which g* onogbt in foe limbs of a email willow tree; there they remained until S.turday m?mng when they were remraed Trom their peritou. el teat ion A really providential escape. The only buildings eft standing at PawAl Outre, are the Pilot Boat Imnr I a 11 ~n house, Riley Kelghi e b rase and uT?TErcir:^e.? Uth instant, was blown nsbore inside tho Pam, and Use ieaveo feet water at her bows, and tour at ber etem, *%U?blpBlebardeoo^bence for Iejr horn wae driven ashore, and lien on her beam ends. She has A ve rest of water in ber held. Caota os Lowr)' and Klohnrrtsoa came up to town to get assistance and the ships will probably be got off lo day and brought back to the city. _ . ? Th, 11?1 ptvi wee cleared by A. Ooheu. Her cargo con elate ot 1 400 bales of cotton, 224 hbdr , (1 bales and 62 SS? haieiwbocT. 160 balsa rope cuttings, 47 bairn skins, ^L^.M#b*L, 40 pltcra wood,end 194 packages "rhecargoof the Sheffield, cleared byOammack *!*>? eerae, coSiated of 6H hogsheads tobacco and 16.300 A schooner went down under the Galena's bow, sup posed to be a pilot boat. The mee on ber were probe?ly The ochoooer letac Toucey, Hsaeoa, heace for Greclis A Dtoe, Honduras, cleared by GtAdsabow h Insparre was blows ashore, asd lies hlgd and dry is the mar b, to gether with the brig Wmt ladlan, Capt Tbompsoa, for 5,w"e^2"3?S?"-?". -w? port ?Captain Hanson, oi the schooem Isaac Toucey, bene* for H^dures, reporu that,ou rn^ mondak l?t, ?a ha was near Pass A Itratre, bound oat, the wind cam SeiVS to blow from the airtbesst, which shortly in creases to a violent gala. The achJiM wm rldlogat anrbor sixty fatV~"* on one cbain, sod forty u\ e fathoms oa the other. At terra o'clock naxt morning, the wind ablfted aad venae! oummeeevd to drag, aad aarowly as caned runs tag fbul of ship l,eleae, which was at tho time aahore Mom chains having givea way, venaal weal ashore aod workrd herself op lato four fast water, Where ahe now Ilea. Ha name to towu thla morulas lo iwocura asswtanoe Capta'a Hanson alao report! that the brig TKcal Indian went ashore at half past four the same morn ing tta vh subsequently towed into the river yester day morning by the towaoai ivy. the Weat Indian anhaequeuUy waattoeea The etramnbip Oalv-ulou wae slightly damaged by a ooliu on with th* Sheffield, and weal arbors. The tow boats Sh Uiarl*e and Oneaa were alao driven aahore; also, "tt&ltfniZi'SS. KwrtrtU. ?w. ".?? ... W,? dsmaee 1 bv MUliatoe with the Ualvasura. Ha lt Captain Kenny, we hear of tba loss of a eoa ot Mr. Osgood, and John Arkennan, son of oso o? tb* Ualize pilots Borersl ttsbenneu are also rei"'rted as foet The fouOWlng report, by Mr J- T Holmes, of who was at Pam k POstre through the whole gale, will ba t?Uo! l#Mhe srorst etorms eiperlenoed for many years valtcd tiootbs 14ib aad 15th tost It was aeenmpented with large halts!rnW and heavy rala. 11 commenced on } ia rvtamg, the 14lh, and oentiaued usld Saturday, attAmVSik A M Tho water rom this time elt (ert ZMere eV.v. h gh valor mark and . away nine hJ3*M -MW.des three lockout houses, msih boatt aod *hTbU? were f-rar lowboats blows ashore ; but two, came.- ? Uie .'uaios Heebe aad Ivy?got od bWore ths wate?':tll. the other two, lbs P4. Cnytm aad I"* are at p^aeat lying higu and dry. A snip J" asb"** la s,da the bar. and the bark dbofheld IS oa the bar Tbe brig L-wtraru Is uigh and try la the marsh, likewise tbe p lot bSfciBelia The steamship tialreetoe IS ashore art are of tha Ooeaa. ? .... Tha houm aext to the lighthouse.beloet'og to Mr (lea. .?4 diem fm est ll V IM HO JJm Bsas MV wasw "P-v? I Un| was oomptoteiy weaood ssray and tbe family. roaaist >g of mau. wife aad four children, earely escaped with their lives by eec ring tbemeelvee t> Buating logs, tbe fatb-r being op to b? sec. in water and holding ON baby above hie head They were rescued Irom e watery grave by Ibecrww of the Inaien foobe.tbaeapuia of sail heat receiving them tn a kind aad moat genUcniaaly A cwflw house aad grocery heinoglsg lo fosmm* fen tie man. ta charge of hi* eldeot aoo. Jobu. aad a man by tbe nam. of Kennedy, was completely wnaoed away, aad tba I fro men nre tuppoecd to b? tail . ? . K l%f|# C*Uh*u, oocopW*d by l hew lookout bouae. were eompleUly belong in g to tha said boat was picked op allvt at 11 u'elors AM _ , To the telegraph bouse so particular damage wae done excepting tbe k.icbea being blown down sal the telegraph *Tbe Towh'wrs Compasy 'i lookout bouse was deotroysd, aad the storm greatly damaged tbe whnreed. The if? -"?? ? iwkout house was emo deatroyed. and tbe boat ?he<f , will! all their boata are gone AU the outbo srs au>. galleriee are likewise destroyed. Tbe flat boot bel -ogmg to Juba Ctmrad. aad nlsely tiled us ga a dwelling, sraa iteetroyed. witb bit IW. coo tents tb* f ?? larv ita?? be'ti H nb<?T# 91^00 wr* (.mi. ad barely rwrapsd wttb ber life. A new build leg bo longing (4 tbe -ante gratleamn not suite Onuhed. was '^mVlT .ae"s gpiendld large bou?e. mere (baa half 6s Ieti aSs fated aeay. and lumber, nbtaglas, Mo., ready for building, belosiglng to Mr. Barton. aU Hunted ggr The Custom House received co particular dsmsge, but tbe four water tasks belonging u> it 8<mted away. Aiti an. tber gulls dnlsbed, near tb* i>tstom Heu-m. was daatroyed Two mor-belldlbgs, belonging to and oceaptsd by iehermen. were deatroyed Jlmm lb* Ken 'ItIwm hrtfiw Sept It | WTkTKnrvT or ctrr. r tig* or tmjc urhok. CtM lle?*r,ih# war kMti and eij?*eteoo* I niltir of lb* I 0.1*4 i-iomo ma I tt?aia*r Orngue, which nrrlrad thil warning from V ih:>, fqrawbea to oo in? Inlawing la ter,"' li a of lh? ??rrim* eflceta ot t?* lot* 4MM troon gtle at Mobile, and ail along lb# (loif and I ik* Tb# gala ww irry ??T*ra m Mobil*, and a nninber ef rleoe etaotrirre wrr* dnr -a Dgh on abora, aod no far up Ibat it would coat am than lh*jr ar* worth In pi tb*<n off. Aovmg tbcni waa the liula Arrow, which, bowerrr, wan left la a good |?nilkw t? ho Inarched To* rod* li.a gala out at aarbar.and report# a prom lent ?! romp* '-ow a whiriaiad prartwijr in* a w*i*r ?Mat. Tho ahtp Di?*f, rapt* a (N?*y. f-ow Saw York, ran ln?id* taa bar. and waa hirerd la aw bar. bat bad net dwtnoce *aon<h t? ran merh < able and Mrwh en Uw anal ? da, an t ??a w*at to p.eeea AH haaee egeept the mat*, plot and imo mm, vara loet Oapl H.i'y'a body waa band i?ah*d to a pan of the wraca. and taken to Mobile for iat*rai*et Tbaah.p Am*rleaa lelow lay ? mlaule Mobile Point during the bemoan* and rata it out, with IM folh-wt of rrtio thai l W p Peaduebjr got laaHe, bo? n.iding ah* r "ild not lb the aacboraca, lack-d and etnod If to a*a aga n. tad no dmibt wall r gfat fh# Oregon had the w.?r?i o tba gal* at the pier, but ramrod but little dam***, which ww all repaired in tear boar# la M ?bila After aba lalt the pier aba bebarad Btely in the lake, although tb* aaa waa tarj bih la the Kigfeu (be raw* to aadbor and laid aa* act!) bail part tlaraa .' V , wh?u wa prt* wdad aa tir emira*. arrtrwg at Mobile tb ? lim, el alert a A M The wharf at i'aaoegnule baa aetbrag wbabrrar left bat tba Habere lb* bo ?## eat plaak ar* ail gam Taa beam w*it of ma hotel ware ?iao end?nnla*d; ftraat'i liland W prattp waU wwbad away, Baarna ? ale- and fma tba i.ght * ?- - 11 ma* am Cbartkw P ' nl to M tbna la but a oaeweef ratea I beard frow a paaeaagar that lb* k**p-r of me ?hi bo a#on I'.owad laiaao Mat crerythiag be baa and oaip wtred b ? llfb aad tbaa* ot b ? wife and git c'> tr*a bp tail ig rafiga la tba lifhibou?a tttt owe b->-?- ww wwh*l ?wa>. bad crarjrthlag h# bad in lb* * t.i ? ?*??( w.tb It?cattle aad all Th-re w im I ?bl no t *l I* ? ? and tba pfgMWfBfcm ;? th?t taa lUnthonw w wb ?' r gnwe. The Hgbtharw- at Paaa Chrmttai ?? a.l rigK. batag>u.:t oa iron ptlaa W*?*1 lata megreied f*. ?jardaa - botaf, I fenrd. waa gom*?Wowa <ta? i ft* Oregon <t d am ttnp am thia ran n w# ka?? *?tn ig if lb* rut* of to* wdarrw and fb? etram*- might near -a ear red tMkff wtt^l being able to g#i tb* (>??? - r<"? i. bete l It ww aian report** thai IbW laUml ? >*? lad it nwtr but Ihtl ? rot ?> Th? ? 1*1" ??"???* P-oa Mr Seeon. of Mob its, I 1 'urned I tut the schooner Independence, ot lfobUe, mi loit oa Ship Island. Tbe crew were all saved Kb" *u employed In gelling tbe lumber out of the English a. .op loit in tbe former hurri cane Ilia*, ship bad 'teen driven into (even feet water, and U in a better poaitlon to aave the cargo than before. Bo also informed mo that two water ciaks and a blanket, marked ?? Cuba." bad ocas toahore, but it wax not known to what vesaei they belonged Htloxl suffered very severely during the gala. Tbe iigbtbouae was completely undermined and la ready to (all. Toagardrn's botel was b.own down, and the wbarf destroyed Barnes also suf fe-ed severely, and Anally had to get a lugger to take him to Paacugou-i. TUg GALE AT POINT CLBAR By tbe arrival of the Crescent last evening we bad nows from Point Clear. Tbe water rose up to tbe mile of the main building et Point Clear, and flowed under tbe house. The whole south wharf was carried sway, leaving net a wreck behind. The only place left for landing la at Bathe's wbarf Tbe eocond cook of tbe hotel, with two companions, got a sailboat on Friday night, and mat before starting bought a bottle of whiskey, saying that, as there was a fresh breese. he was going to see bow quick time could be made around the stake and back. Not one of the crew, nor any vestige of tbe boat, baa bees teen or beard of smee. AN INCIDENT 01 THE HTORM. Inst Friday evening several young gentlemen, Messrs * Wm" ~ ?anley Bell and Walter Weaver, of Mobile; Gabe Buchanan, of Aberdeen, Mtaaiaa.ppi, and John Hichailsou, of Okolona, started on tbe yacht l'ai iime oo a pleasure eicurslon to Point Clear They bad proceeded about twelve miles when the lively breeze under which they bad been sailing, stiff ened a gale. The two sailors who male up the crew, prophesied a big blow, auJ aooordtug to tbeir advice the vessel was turned about to retrace her course. About two and a balf miles from Choctaw Point, wbile rushing at the rate of Afleea miles sn hour, tbe yacht struck a beacon lisbl pile aud store in her bow. Kbe rapidly flilrd and in a short time suns in twenty feet water. Tne hatches were secured, and each man held them with one band and with the olber oluug lo the rigging Tbe storm iQsreased its fury and tbe toamtng billows at every targe ?wept over the unfortunate r.\curtioolsl*. lo a short time Mr Bell and one of the sailors concluded lo try to reach the shore. Takings batch lid, three feet by six, they bagan tbeir perilous vo- age, aud after two hours bard strDgslmg, accomplished tueir object. Night drasged Us alow length along, but daylight brought no prospect of rescue, and tbe strength of those remaining with the wreck was well mgb exhausted. Seven or eight hours spent in clinging to ropes and bits of plank, and being exposed to a flerce storm, rasing sea and s coin beating rain, are trough to exhaust tno lorti tude ol the most enduring After waiting in vain for Sum- of relief, Major Paehardjon and the other sailor also took a hatcn lid as a buoy. and started for the light hoti**, distant some one atd a halfmili-s. This was deem ed a hopeless venture, In tbe exhausted rondit.ou of ths parties, hut fate and tide were propitious, and they had nearly reached their deatiuation when the propeller Neaffle, Cttj't Keys, came along and took them on board. The Seattle then went fur Messrs. Weaver and Bucbanan, who bad stayed wth tbe wreck Tbe young men lost many valuabbs In the wav of watjhnt, money, Ac. Cspt. keys deserve* the highest credit for his prompt and vi gorous action lb rescuing* number of his foil >w beings from a water) grave. We ivaru it is tbe intention of the young gentlemen to present to Cspt. Keyea some suitable tcetimomal ot tbeir gratitude We have out beard of a solitary instance of toes Of hu man 1 ft- about ibn city Somebody had a camel, which ul'j t oAtely got drowned down on Royal, beiow Madi son. TH* TOR* rr THg OOCNTJtV. The TV.ev arrived last ev.niu%, U'.d up at drat's lauding Saturday o'.ghl fn-j report* rata from Seima down coos-leiable w.nd, but the last nothing like wo Lad here. 7be Rescue also arrived yesterday evening from the B gbre *b? met tlie aiortu at Wood's Blcff. and reports heavy raius, with high winds, calculated to do serious lsmry to the cotloa crops Tse Salur-1*) dotrn train met rain at Scooba, which In rrcaard all the way. without notiooable hoary wind. The train U.d by at YVbisl.rr, sad came n yesterday morning We bare ascertained Hie exact be ght of the water here at Mobile, aa compared with August, 1152, to be 16 S inches leas [Prom the New Orleans Creaoeol, Sept. 19.J Accounts of the disastrous effects of the gale of Satur day last, along tba Golf shore, coetlnuwto pour ia upon us. Ail accounts now satisfy us that lbs hurricane In Its fury far surpassed the memorable one of 111B, forty one yrars ago, whilst its disastrous effreta wore too times as great, the Golf shore being so much more thickly popu lated now than than. Wa published j sot or day a brief aooousl of the rula along ataore. from Oman Springe to May St. louts. More Ertiruiar arononis of the aisoster at Oosan Spriaga, lost. Mtmissippi City, Pane Christian sad Bay 8t Louis base yet to coma to hand. Not one.half of the oad story bap yet hero toid. ?ACT PA90SOOCLA. Messrs. Henderson and Prarot, who arrived on yesterday* mail boat, have farnlshad us wtib many iuterestiag particulars of the gale ia sad around fcjtfi hfeCi^oulA. There fee woret of t*wgaie was during tbo m.ddlo of the day. All P?ncsguu!a wan siibm?r|ed to the depth of several feet, and moat of the bouses wore blown down and washed away. The bole! aloud its ground firmly, hut was ahorn of aU ltd surrouodmat General Twiggs' house, netag firmly bollt on n high launiuuioa, weathered the tempoat beat of all, and received a number of famtUaa who lost their housea an i all. and cueatdrrtd tbrmsefrr lucky In as raping eun ih?tr lives Geoeral Twiggs, with the gvoe runs huinanity wblsh ever oairariertr/s the trno aoMier, did much, witb the aid of his negroes and of bla boap ia. nio roof i? aftovMfi tor diitrees, ui his neighbors. Mr. .''..Irs Freret, a young gonilomnn of inn oily, acted with the most death defying energy la succor' ag others dunsg tb.- gale and tl-xvl He w.ll long be graieluli. re mrml'ered la l'eeeaguula and honored in thia c.:ly. lor he did all that a man was capable of doing, and did m<re lbaa nay other two men during fee whole terrible viaIU tioa. Be was staying at Mrs May's boose. Next to this was the residence of Mr krarwte Blanc, of thlr city Mrs Way s liocsr succumbed first to the wind sed wares, sad Mrs M nod hi r children were Iran 'erred to Mr Hlaoc'a by Mr Freret Xooo this h i'?" l>e?ao H. -r Mr BUu was MMl and cr>ui I do OS mure Una neve himself The or arret refuge was uearrai Twigjs' rea.deu.-r. seve ral squares ufl In the tuidat of the bowling tempest the rs.n drops sir k tug like hai slooee on Ute tare Mr kreret carried Mm May nod a. r children one after soother. through waist deep wale- all wavra and blinding spray to Uvue ri U f ?' I turn r : and hurt 'nm 'if against the hiddrt old true Hoc v. and t early tailing asrrrai times Alter saving Mia May and her children, he ?mtstrd General Is ,gs negro** la lavlag the Blsc- tnmiiy. Hit exrrltona sud nis accidents in Use water aim-at i routed him and when he carried la hta arm* the lavt young may, aa<j set nsr down -o a place of safety. he bad t. re tire ontu rlntbee con In be procured for b m After that be assisted la carrying trunks and other pr..j- rt? 'rem Mr R I'ail.-ur's tottering res. trace to toe safe lunur of II- Mrt, inalhan 11--- Outworked the ne arose, and b<s thoulder It ail bind* an J Mat fn m the btrdei s be bore, wading through watei up to hia middle For thia brave work he was afterwarda rewarded by bearing that stories were In circulation that be bad p*ua ar-M *r I'eateur's hoaae (>o Mun-iay morning he trace 1 Ibis aulrsgw*.* slander 11 a fellow who had been nno*ia ble c the town, and who slope! for parts unknown Ju l la time to eecape the peawhmeut lbat be no richly After at MstSng la *av m Mr I's^tenr's prvviy, Mr Freret kept on at work M-? May and ber cb . lreo ha ! aavnd r -thi-g but the clothes thry had oa T?--ir b >ute, ta a wrecked gnedlti. a. was still ridmg the were aea' its original pneiti w Mr I waded tr the bouce. entered It, and wts rung about picking up all the old clourag he rosM find, wbrn the bouse Ml tn sitngetber A (Vang liesni raked Bis nose, and he wa* Uirewa Into the water and bs lly brutred by the Habere around him He Inst hi* senare, and did not recover tbem tUI be found b.oaeir laid cut In Gen Twiggs boose, la the midst ' as ?,ind and grsteiu! s ret ?f ipfeSIM and MM as ever waited upon a suffering man. Me ba I been mi ?*? Ing several boars: flea. Twiggs' negroes bad searched for him ia every direction, be wan gives up fbr lost, bat at matoasof tbe aegress found bim wad lag lb U>? water up to bla ?a?t. uacuevriuoe of anjthing, at a d stance of sevaral squares from tea Twiggs' booee If* was utterly wove < nt ant badly brume.! bat aa Pun-Ivy morning, ' Rtrbmrd was bimse.f ngn n ' Before the flood reached its worst, Geaara! Twiggs, standing oa ba gallery, saw a cartoon loosing h neb of Cleth-rg tumbling past la the waves. He sent one of bs nrgrwra to eatrh ft. It proved to he an old oogrn wo man. who had lost bar about half a mile off and could art recover herself. Sir was half or twvtli.rds drnwseo. and after soar trouble was wrong out and brought in life again A well li n, welt off and very pious res lent of Pas cacouia ridh'l up ha syev aad beid br hta riant. during the gal?, sod riaguivtr.! "Thm M Go-faJedgmeal tt ts t i-am of Ha wrath an-J displeasure fur the people here drink hi mocti ?treaty, play oards too mocli, and arver inot oot for themselves ? B?n after this suf barrt W p ?fy the gru! email pfibfipsd ? wreral botes of c aret and a wlnte let of sordlnet which ha l hewn ?wM aetj :rem lbs wreck of lbs utile eoif.w bo re by lb? wi art and stored Uivtn away ia a back room of ha borne for aw own f>itnr? cms Tae ittt ? eoff-o he are belonged So nap AatotM, a poor aud gbo-1 otd fbllnw wh we fries** had ret bim ap. and who a as drawing F. prr mceitb from the govern mm t fbr taking rare of tbe '?arracks, or old bo- res, whtrli were ured dnrtag the Mvvican wa- c J Antoine w utterly r laed, yet b ? rich am p-o- a ov ghbar B<pttsl picks up hwcaret and an dtars a-- rop- ?te? ih. -n, "deei to help n ?? dy ,n tbe groernl ntstr- ? and a ?<?!? tn maslder b.taseir one ef fee Lnr.i'a nao ntel Tbe name of oar nfniwart -ei ta t po at is at the aervwo of nay one who may want it, an l it -nay bs bad from as. 5" what e-e hare t -Id M ao fancy ak 'tea Premt Mr Ren leruvu we have HP- MloW ag acmuata of dwreeaee at ae ! aee*.- ? a ? A pare nysw-r -nan named Bpaeg"-ihe-g, w th a w-fb aa l fmrorflv et id-en, rea too atapotaton Barwi < ? re >t a. rrra o- n lev Faeengre. a Tm- ten. .rat d . a rata# th - nre-re was wave -i away The w-f.- s. a t" , )i' tf'tiS !.u ber eb?>bl''r? the buAhand i ok t>|.> 1 xrat jouet-ws the lareer ehtid-ea. >-p la in ,r nreks in wat"r, b 'a en t, H,. ^ par at? an t that tbsy *U'-?d t ? tssde tbn the m ?#? so the son "ft * ti" , tw.i ' m ?* < " A' - >1 t r e Idrti *ud tb - r 'em a ad I lio.i-s arrawe d lie the > a-s sad ?V..o* Wbtca -b* I wal.-f frier- ale f 'i-i v?f< vow prusr' I u-'b ag but tbe str rgle ft.f vw wt ? ? e ah -d ih m tv '? fec-r way To add to t'stfrnbe Mrs fi was - at. f u -h. t ? vtCq^liir >t,so vbe ??<*- w ih per ?, egret i h ? - .1 fiee sMw-n-tsr so- wre e. w wmfespara* ' - Mhe sas ba*r' ab's ta ?<re heere - - m < . % . i- ?? - and crest >g H?f b- ah? ' iwoofhte ee-t with heath-v rbtldre-' .e?i he- f# ?? aed if. ? eg,-*) | th? b? ias tb.y f.v.1 ?tarf? i ' " The oa *?r c' the bouae 3H M V*t ? wi dfttre don-rwgt]thing 'or feetn fetf :it ? . ?a-*1. t. a..A a i-reiiel Frsurbwsai she ba- iv ?? ' to- (. s thre> bo* or *ee ' fhrm W -ads o ?? .? A r%rfw? if- f if NMf A ft * r ifl' w Tmt m-f cm vg % f n K ? ?? -rut ft ? f i n& In bf ? "-I iff* f1! 1ft IA t TIP"**' At A#*' ?'1 heart bigger fean bit boue, aid welcomed end sheltered the unhappy wanderer* Poor Mrs. Hptugenberg's critical period came on befjrs ehe could be lined out of the water. She bad hardly been put to bed when ehe gave birth to a dead child drowned perhaps?and at the last accounts was herself hardly expected to lire. Ctn any one imagine greater distress to a woman than this* Oystermen genera !y hare boats. Bpangcnberg bad to wade with his family, because the gale blew his boat away before it blew his bouse down. The llghthv.iae keeper on P.ound I aland barely sared his family from destruction. Be carried bis wtte and children from their residence to the lighthouse, a distance of a hundred yards or more before the water was knee deep. Returning to eeeure all the fool and clothing pos stbte, he bad t J abandon the attempt In order to asvo his own life, for the water roae seven feet in lose than twenty mlnutea. They remained cooped up tn the lightboute till the atom was over, and before succor came they had passed thirty tlx hours without a moulhtul to eat or s drofi of water to drink. Captain Johnny Clemens, the well known yacht man, and Mr. Bodge, of Mobile, were out in a One new schooner, half yacht and half oyster boat, built at an expense of 11,700, and just launched at flack Bay, behind Biloxi. When the gale struck them, they cast anchor some ten utles from l*aeoagoula. The gale increasing in fury, they cut the anchor loose, went several miles before the wind, end tin ally oapeised in the surf and went ashore. With tbstr crew they clung to the boat, aa their greatest safety. The gal* supplied the water to float and tbe wind to waft the wrecked schooner Inland among the trees to a distance of over a mite from the shore, Hodge, Clemeus and Urn crew clinging to and guid ing tbe boat as It went. One of the sailors in wading cut his foot badly. Mr. Hodge drew hie handkerchief from his pocket to bind up tbo wound, and la so doing jerksd out bis pocketbook, containing *300, which fell in the water and was lost. He let the money go and attauded only to hit sailor's foot. All liands had aa awful time of It, sad had they not been regular si* dogs they would have drowsed through ex haustton and despair. They were Anally rearmed by the erew of aaother boat that heard or iheir disaster and went in search or them When rescued both Hodge and Clemens were half insensi ble and suffering from cramps They were taken to tbe nearest convenient place, laid out on lore, rubbed out and taken to Biloxi. where Bodge, generally prolific of cloth lag, was reduced to the necessity of i>or rowing a ehlrt Tbe schooner lies now in tbe woods dry enough, bat It would cost more to get her back to the water than to build another achoonor like ber. U' r?. ABPITIOKAL FHOU mobile. | From the New Orleeot. Crescent. Sept 13 i .?J? "f"0""'!! ?'"??"J published of the dolus* or the' ?orm ?loo* the coaet gives fair Mm of the character end extent of this calami tout visitation, end we hone at ?? ZV^.K 'V befor* ??r reader* complete mTuou 5^3^ISSISMS" ""rew"d~l" ***???? The lower etrceu of Mobile preeeot ua interesting and peculiar appearance, moet of them brief blocked ep with driven in ^^SUL^'The w^tm^^I ?.Tbe*/ubewlu? w"ei" lffl "our eteemore to wit Bngal^v hlehUt,d If1 Arrow> the Kirn and the r*?T.Jl' h'*h M<4 ?T upon the pilee of the dis SS^irtTMS w^b ^ "1 SJISJI^.KSS. EVi.'SS .fT-.12S the ootton presses and wwbousee r.DffLl5S damage ,0 t** afoP'e will be largo. M.rchsudlae u,c ctt'- - "p?". r 2??l0H ?( 004,00 bF ?re during the flood In Goodman L ? "*r,'houee?the oonflagmtwu havlne arisen from combustion Mused by the wetting of lime :n the ed on a?*i ZF?T*lLSrVrr * "arSali?wee two thousand ' i? balm. The eeoond cook of the hotel i? Clear, with two rompaalnna and a boltii'of wulekey, started out for a eaU duritif the prevalence of ronn'^'lo-'"aJELII** connted Ion, though they any have been driven far up Ute bay and escaped with their liven. Numbers of small fJIiinlh'* ??'Mob !* and m the river rlfla op protruding masU of a forty or flfty ,he woUr *;v? tjknn that the hull ? reposing far in the mod below. r, OdtUdg Br TITI STORM. . [froat tho Mobile Advertiser, Sept 19 1 In another place we have made an eatimale oi the Im of cotton in consequenoe of the Ute flnol. To thU the Smitinnni?ntltol^,bU"Mtfc* "Mod ?? that of the ?C*T?' "bicb te vaguely est:. a|t^ Wil,COO Tbe damace to wharrM v? k/?a M? atgtijwo.and the lee. ofg^i. jTK V 1S2 et^ee, lomber.Ac.may be 960.000. Pom wo y A Mar ?bell ? warehouse and stock, and Goodman k Jones' Java S^r^b%?dMl*JErt0f tM'000' and "" Arro?? Bl?. Wavwie7aoT^^i * ^ Mpertsio, tad ii patting it at $fc> 000 25?-i?<22!"?<,or ^ "?ark- We thus have a to laJ or$,SI,000, wbioh may require lob# lacrewd to tb? mm i*?Jln 01 *"w oo# to rorrr miscellaneous items which canaol be enumerated wuwi _. _ COTTOK LMSU. -JTT ^.^a^ obtain s tolsrsbly cvrreet sstl *V 01 ??? amouat of loee la oottno caoaod br the ram a?rr~JTr^:l^UH'7 *' ?* omiro.. out of tL qu2u2? At Goodman k Jones' warehouse i ttObtiuof eottnn nmt k w-blcb 1 Ml balm wore old. eetimated at ?,i?. ?? tif' ?**' at IM, and of the remainder about two thirds is supposed to be new. g vtng *?? r^tton, 1JM bales, at 960 per hale |d? 264 ruttoa. 1.814 bales, at 940 p?r bale 64,(W0 ? ?? ,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,?,?? 9134 gu | dnl? o-<J,VU*T b'. r4t<"r " lf0i aaaily eiaoe'ruised W the amount burned, there was some M 400 bsisa ' of-hich, perhaps. 40.000 ^Teew. ??p^T I ln?vi a ? kalm tobe-n t.ero, leu high, ae uLal 4.U00 ha.'-s would be submerged, aod rouid hsrdlr be dsmated lees lliaa ffl a bale, whilo the o?*>,l tier of 4 000 vnoild Bot auflbr more thau 92 a ba>;of tae 14 ! I OOOmuch was beaded sad wet to ths height or threerouw i or more ana must have bMo damagudVlM aS^Tf l muS&'l haL'Unt,? ^ JiSfeirS;::::::;;:: Tubals., * 9. ??;?S Totsl idT?Se This, However, u but oee estimate, as we beW Imwd It reprjseated that at Ih , time of U.e year tto eottSTu gmerally overhauled to ancerteta whether It S demand or not, and moat of It la oa end,and some believe ihatloi lew. than 90.100 balm hare 'thus SJTd?w^ S rxUmx W a bale?msaiag 9bu 000 Taklu* the medium betnuea there statement*, we roar -eaeooabl f lh? 'f* bT Ore end water as eometh or a the ae *ti hornood of 9309 0O>. * " ' Ta9L| or t>?-TUNCV-. f ti rf; ^ ^ : rt Mi ? * ? ? \t N^ I -9ttJW - L . ?? U M0 Ala . its 4 trwa ? 4XO - _ _ gisw ,,22 j V emsu r r IX - $5 S? Ifuloa.... J?. | eo _ _ . ' ?' Ji *<! Est*.1*';... "-I Z - IW0 ? gscz*r--::*?*3* z - 5*5 tg Atoa (bsctlued). ? ? 4 3(0 ? Z " Jv!" II we. S T. ? -4,J - }?" Kstebe'rrns T > - _ I,m - if*! 9. Maiuelttln.1.. - - - Z gg Z **? ts*-' *'J' '* *? It 'Oil If AM 6 Hu f u IV* 1,1 The mercha... Imuran w timspsnv bi "a (alt, amount nol aecerU.aed. w>A j mar taa-juaa :u lossro to $te .000 mo.uansita Mrfeorwlagt|est] Reliefer. The aMesed table a bows the temperature ef the I ?ospbere in >h a city daring Ute week sad uig September 1 the range of the barometer an 1 thermometer the va twm of wad car rue H sad the state ?? u< wsalher three per ods such day, M at 9 A M aad I a. 9 o'clock P. M ? _ UMAKXS. ^TgZ-ZZ **- *-r and PM.. ?T#"rMt ??. hotdty ?uvfTcuet a. day. v#-v I gbt J^dey-Mo-nitg car aftermKu, e sar a ght ever Wedne^diy?Mom ag. orweast aa?! *bt r? a v tight, ever. as? 1 * r" ? **r T fb r day ?M rainy orwrrwt an I 1 gbt rain ear v nft-rnooa. benvy rain n'gbt mis f' mrl'vVbTVn a,, f^1; artt.e'ew bttarJay?f : *ar a day t gbt. r'M- a.d awv-Btight f ? s f i it to lacs (i ? Tae leg sgtoa ft e woom"^ ,,/,-*?r?H't.b.ia1 arr.e won no of r?Wr twrntv two ye\*? of *er who was en v,e r.w-1 b) toe w t e' the ate V, ? 1 . , ^ T'r- th.'r Ur ..V " b''" ' ?? ??"' Pth'^t a",M ' f Ttne"h' 1 ' ""Mhr art i C Vaa .vVm Tyf l ** ?Vc0 ?'>?">rl?e. the ?roei > *i?. fcl ' ;re? ne.rwv ^b, w'wW ? . , ,V? , r ? T*-,"r "?? .?. rare v.. .* rMr: ,s" 'V ? '.e,ta,V: I ? . II IV' 4M ? ? apip/ ^ ???*#. . ??, s- ttrr trtatm* it I X- ? ' ' " ; *f V ? whrb.V , oe- tnst . ,r re'-re* e* ?, r I ? <h-'iw'-o? ghoer n-o.,? , _m -.t en ? . n-ve *?V. u . , ^ , <? ?' ? ' ?' ,w, , ,f ? ? Mlh ? te- to <st *.U> Cr-rttbs- tb * W.n ?n m''i,'TS?t b w W!? the VUNSmu lbs* i s,.? n-i sivs -me y Court of General Benton*. Before Judge Kueeeil Sbpt 21 ?The flnl jury trial thU morning wee a charge of larceay preferred against George I'enaon, who was tried for stealing a pockelbook from Juaepb K. Phelps, No 3C Broadway,containing promissory notes for nearly SI 000, ou the 21st of February. The accused was Jointly Indicted with Henry Shaw, who waa subsequently accepted as State's evidence. Be testified that Penaon gave him the pocket book, which was found In his (thaw's) possession when he was arrested. The jury <114 not place Implicit confidence in Shaw's story, and there fore acquitted the accused. A young, reckless looking fellow, named W. A. Tomp kins, waa tried sad convicted of grand laroeny in steal lag a pockelbook, containing 968 in oank bills, on the 21al of August, from James L. Kieruau The gentlemaa from whom be alolo the money gavo him shelter for the night, when he repaid his hospitality by stealing his poutst book. On the following morning Mr. Kiernan saw young Tompkua in the Metropolitan Hotel, aad caused bis arrest. When he wee searched 984 of Use money wee found la hli poaseulon. His defonoe wet that General Somebody, a filibuster, who had gone to join Garibaldi's fortunes m Italy, gave him the money; but aa he offered no proof to sustain that asser tion, the Jury, after deliberating for a abort time, ren dered a verdict of guilty. The City Judge sent him to the Stale prison lbr two years. In the afternoon the Grand Jury came into oourt, aad the foreman having informed the Judge that they had finished all their business, they were discharged for the term. The argument on the application of the couaael of Charles Jeflerds (who is charged with murdering Mr. Welton) was to have been resumed at uooa, but the couosel on either side were not present, aad the matter wae postponed till the nest term. James McGill and John and James Tnompeon pleaded guilty to en attempt at burglary in ibe third degree, having entered the premises No. 838 Washington street, on the lftlh of September, end stealing 91 worth of cop per coin. Met ill was sent to the penitentiary for two years, and lae TUompsons one year each to the tame In stitution. Thomas McGlbney was placed oa trial, charged with bavieg stolen drttus and pantaloon* worth 960 from the house of Mrs. John Jeffries, 879 Eighth street, on the 23d ot August. The only evidence which pointed to the de fendant aa being the person who committed the robbery was finding a leather bag in his possession which Mrs. Jeflriee identified as hers; jet she would not positively swear last the bag wet- the same as that wmcu was stolen Irom her house. She described It as hsvmg tobacco slams on tne Iwlng of U, which, upon examination, pro rod to be the (act?at lna:tl, certain stains were visible. Tne counsel for the Oeieucw produced a gentleman from New Jersey, and ot >cr Witnesses, res.dents of this city end friends of toe accused, all of whom gave a minute description of the leather bag, and two o< the female witnesses arc rant ed for the siaius ou tne inside by stating toal the defond ant brought some fruit from New Jersey, and the isu'e reuoe wee that toe stains were made in tins sray, and an apparently suspicious oncumstance, awurn to by the ofitoer who arrested Mr. McGtbuey, was satisfactorily ex plained MuGibney remarked to the vfiiuer, when he arrested htm. *1 suppose you think 1 am oonnerned in the Eiguih street robberyV It appeals that the detendaut's aunt wae at market in the morning, where she met Mrs Jeffries, who informed her ot the roberry, and on her return she cautioned young McGlbney from going into tlw street with the baa la his hand let he should he charged with the larceny, tie did not take her save*. but went out, and us has been already stated. was arrested. The jury acquitted the a reused without leaving their seats. A laige number of prison* r were arraigned, aad plead ing not guilty to the charges preferred against them, they Wi re remanued tor trial till the ntxt trrra John Farley pleaded gupty to an attempt at grand lar ceny . and waa send to the State prison for two veers. The following s a t am man of the amouet of buatnom transacted by Judge Busted during the term that has just been brought to a close?There were 42 trials, M convictions by confession, and IS acquittals. There were 49 person* sent to the state prison, 27 to the penitentiary, ana I to the House oi Betuge. Poiic* Intelligent'*. Urvwna> ros wo* ?Charles Dartrsca, who was ar retted by Fire Marthal Baker ta June last, on a charge of wilfully setting ftre to his [fremises a? Nu 201 Broadway, bu been indicted by the Grand Jury tor arauo ta tha ftret degree ?lobs SoharT, William M Johnson and Emile ftargur, have *'-o been Indicted for araou Tne. are cbargad with fir tag ibn unooenpad building No. 146 Church atreet in August last. Cunts or EMMtxuHmxT ?WtUlam Head waa brought belbro Juatloa Coaao'. y, on charge of enabezziiag small sums of mooey from but employer, Tbompaoo W. Decker, milk dealer, of No 166 Eaat Twenty aoranlh ? treat. Tha accused, It in alleged, made a practice of eoUnettng bills for his employer, and appropriating the mooey to bla own use. Mr. Decker tsva that the own use. Mr. Decker Say a that the prisoner authority to mafia such collections, and that bla business waa solely to dellrer milk to the rarioiia customers of the complainant Committed for examiaatla* 1UMU Inannnma.1 Uorm ?Mery K. Pont, proprte wees of en alleged dWnroarty boose ta mast way, be tween Fort) eighth and Farty math atraeta, waa arrested yesterday and brought before .fustics Ouanolly. Horatio Atkinson, of No. MB Thompson atreet, appeared as com plainest against the defradant, soft made the usual afflda elf In nvcti raass Sarah Ward and Klizabalb Wall ware detained as witnesses. Brooklyn City Nawt. Conno> Cot mil ?Tha meeting took phM last seen lag la the room of the Corporal ion Oatmeal, ta niiwa qrrireof toe chamber of the Board being eUU la the hands of the workmen. President KalbSautch was la the chair. It sat oderatood that, pending the Siting up of the Oouacll Chamber, which will be ready for business on Monday next, the proceedings of the Board would be ooataed to such busloera aa wan absolutely necessary, namely, tha districting of tbe neeeral wards for election purposes. This programme was agreed to by reeolntkie, suspending all other bualaese The districting of the Fifth and Eighth wards waa the* proceeded with, after which the Buerd adjourned. Co*(i>*jr? Imj' iw ?Ob J*nnday morntng Arnold Mc Doe aid. who year-rally slept la a butcher a abop. was to .ad dead ta hta usual quarters. Ne. 137 Brtdre atreet. Coroner Rnrtce held en inquest yesterday, when, from the nature of the rwtdeix-e adduced, a or '-Died from coogeetloa of the brata" wen returned. FINANCIAL ANO COMMERCIAL. Movbat, Sept 14?ft P. M. The bank kUtrment of to-day comparts aa fol low with that of latt week, ending? fan- *)ari? Oirrttlm/im OfMk MHJN ftept. 16 $187 001,781 II MO,749 ? tM^lkt T6, Sept U.,044 IIJBS.ftM ? .4*6,471 71.T54 Ml ? 01,601 1,104,424 57,8*4 _ ? The banks really bold $1.340.000 more specie than ta shown above, aa tbe California steamer which arrived yesterday brought over 11.200,000, and 1120,000 arrived to day from New Orleans. Looking at tbe condition of the exchange market, it would seem quite likely Unit the lowest point of the specie reserve for the aeaaon has been touched. Gold is now coming forward pretty freely from the I South, and the export from present appearances promise* to be pretty light. The redaction in the deposit line is accompanied by a corresponding de cline in tbe lone* column, and the aggregate ta now comparatively moderate, though ntiU far above the figure of the rorrespondiug date last year. The ease re marked in tbe money market on Pet ttrday ta quite as noticeable to-day. The rate for call loans ta 6 a 7 per cent, with n good many trntu actions at Gift edged abort paper may be quoted at C\ n 7. and the beat 4 a <, months' paper 7 per cent. The advices per Adriattr are more fh | vc rable for money, and some of onr influential au thorities predict a further relaxation in the market before many days. Tbe demand for money ta far lam than Las been generally expected. Tbe bad ness at the bub-Treasury to day waa moderate: the receipts for duties were ftftVOOO. the totnt receipts being fl6*,902; tbe payments. I20G.79G; and the i balance this evening IS ,44)-.#79. Foreign exchange opens dull, without change of rates. The leading bankcis. aa Messrs. Belmont ami Brown, ask 109| for their sixty day bills on London, but we hear of first clam bills going at 10",. and some very fine bills at 109J ? }. For Iran s tiie asking rate but in these again bf.vnssa is done freely by some of onr banking bouses at 5.14] a 5.15. At these rates U does not pn.i to ship specie to F.ngisnd- some parties con tinae to ship small amounts to Parta, but, after allow. ;ig for freight and Inanrancet It is not easy to ftgi -e r< profit on the operation. It looks i< though the drain of ape< ie to Europe had ceased for tbe season. The *to< k market showed more strength to day In the \>w York shares.but w as weaker on the *>st ttn list. New \ork UentrMl and Krie appear to be in cor unt demand. anw^te advance, though mora fa; d i:i the latter than t\e former, is stead , and They closed to-day at 99J and S.i bid, I re-;i' * ve'.., against nnd 87 on Jtatirdir: ' H;v' Tii, both kinds, and Hodso* were aim i fir at the o etatioas of bit rdsy after no n the lat*e- m'.d up to f.4 and closed at ?3 hid. ' Tke V r u aeares sere'<-wer, withwatexceptloB. ' Tii report ' tea ten I em ? < h HlmntaCentral, ; wt was Ita**' on t > * ? ? v eraentaf a res-f'OM j of t <*ee pvt ee < -r " r 'n- wMhthefa o vhie | >?-vfst news ta g ml. wf-r j?ed by the heirs to deprtm prices, and for the day the effort waa successful. A rumor to the eflec that a heat war had broken oat between the Gale is and ite com ptutors also served to encourage the sellers of that stock. We apprehend that there will be no very sharp competition among any of the Weitern roads thi.- fall. Neither the Galena nor its rivals have equipment enough to do the business that legitimately offers; any fights which may take place will bo of more consequence to the bulls and bears of Wall street than to the roods themselves. Rock Island. Toledo and Illinois Central were all sold down below | Baturday's quotations. At the afternnou session stocks were all better, and the market closed firm at the following prices:?Virginia 6's, 914 a 92; Miioouri C's, 794 a {; Canton,'ill a 22; Cumber land Coal preferred, 14 a 16; Pacific Mail, 804 a 81; New York Central, 89J a j; Erie, 39 a 4*. Hudson River. 631 a 64; Harlem, 19$ a J; Harlem preferred, 494 a j; Reading, 484 * i: Michigan Central, 691 a 70; Michigan Southern and Northeru Indiana, '23 a 4; do. guaranteed, ?48j a 4; Panama, 123 a ?: Illi nois Central. 86} a 4: Galena and Chicago, 77} a J; Cleveland and Toledo, 47,' a 48; Chicago and Rock ft I and, 78] a J. The President of the Panama Railroad Company has issued a card to his stockholders in reply to our article of Saturday. He does not deny the ma terial statements of that article, bat takes excep tion to some minor points. He does not deny that the business of the Panama road is thirty three per cent leas than it waa at this time last year; that the company's charter will expire in fifteen years, and that the road will then become the property of the New Granadian government; that Mr. Saad ford'a mission to Bogota to obtain a renewal of the charter has proved a complete failure; that the in creasing security and popularity of the overland route are diverting from the irthmoa a large and an nually Increasing proportion of the California travel: that the war in Ne w Granada is operating prejudicially on the business of the road. While ad mitting by his silence the correc tness of our remarka on these vital points, the President labora at some length to prove that the freight traffic derived from the New Granadian confederation is only one per cent of the whole business of the road; that cochineal comes from Central America: that the freighting business of the road is steadily increas ing, and that, assuming that the business of the road does not fall below an estimate of $122,288 a month, the company will next January pay " its usual six percent dividend, besides the regular contribution to the sinking fund, and two per cent surplus." We have no wish to engage in n contro versy with Mr. Hoadley. It is natural that he should think well of his road, even after others, who arc perhaps better qualified even than he to judge, have had their faith shaken in its future. We will not, therefore, dwell upon the fact that only a couple of years ago, at the time the Nicaragua route was about to be opened, this same Mr. Hoadley published n card, in which he showed that the Panama was independent of the Califor nia business, and that its mainstay was the traffic it had built up in New Granada and the a^aceat countries?a traffic which he now insinuates is n mere nominal part of the business of the road. Nor we do more than give the actual figures with re gard to the next dividend,so confidently announoed in advance by the Preaidcat. Six mouths' earnings. at $182JM a Booth, five a total or $763,728 Operotiaf expenses aix months $230*6 New materials 40 681 New tirmaefia lax oe maila. 6.000 Do. M dividend 8 M6 Dividend, etx per cent 208.600 Sink lag fund 60.000 latereet 84,000 722,308 Surplus 14, Sit These figures will not be questioned by Mr. Hoadley; should any accident occur, or any outbreak take place at Panama, the expense account would be proportionately increased, and ahould (he traffic continue to decline, the revenue will in like manner be propor tionately diminished. Whether, in its peculiar po sition, with a war raging aron ad it, exposed to a variety of accidents incidental to a tropical cli mate, three rival routes to be opened sooner or later, and a large amount of capital invested in that most precarious sort of property?ocean steamers the Panama company's directors will feel justified in paying away the proceeds of half a year'a business, sou to leave themselves only $4,336 in their cheat, every experienced finan cier can decide. We repeat that we eeek to injure no interest, and desire to nerve no speculating scheme. Speculator* who sell Panama abort are quite likely to lose their money, as the stock is scarce and its friends strong. But if It be true that the road ia about to fall from the high ra:tk it has occupied as dividend pajing property, it is of the highest importunes that the owners of lots of ten, fifteen and tweaty ?hares, who rely upon ths dividends fer nn income, should be warned In time, end should be enabled to avail themselves of the present premium In sell ing out. The public must remember that Michigan Southern too. once paid twelve per cent dividends and sold at 1120 the share. The exchanges at the Hank Clearing House to day are $.70,683,230. and the resulting balances $944.407. It is reported that the two KnglUh directors of the Krie Railroad, Messrs. Kvaas and Hplatt, are on their way to this country. It is understood that the object of their visit is connected with the ex tension of the second mortgage bonds and the prosecution of the work on the Atlantic and (irea* Western KUlroad, of which Mr. Rvans has recently been fleeted n director. The following are the latest quotations of Ame rican sto< ks from the London 7- ? ??< of Sept. 12; Maryls?<t 5 per cect 93 a K Patted Starm 9 per crot . 1974 9I?; S 9|i? Virginia Sate & per rest SO a St tto 6 ntr cast VI a S4 nilaols centra.' ? per real 147# M a ?o Do 7 par rest, lift *9 a 91 Do t-rwUed 7 per caat.ltO... 9i<i a M1, Do $!08 shares, SSO paid ts a 17?. rv, .in (. j 71 a M Michlgaa Contra! ? per coat cone.. I960 .. SS a 94 Do do do 1449 .. 9e a W Do l?t ns f p r ? okiag id. "84 94 a 94 Do 9100 sbarro 99 a A. Michigan ftmthtra 7 p r tisklag fuae, 'U 11 s 74 Da StOOahareo ?o a 25 Now Vurk Caatral ? p c. stasias fuad. S3 ?t t Oil Da 7 per reat, 19M 94 a 94 Do. 7 per roat alakiag fd , 'TO 94 a 9s Do 9100 sharea 79 a 04 Now York aod grle 1st as. 7 per real, ISO? 9" s |P> Do Mm tpr cent, 11A9 99 s 91 Do. r.dar Tp f.. **s. oaon 4 94 a M Do h*B, 7 p r 0a,"71. '76, as 94 a M Da. sborao. * p. C , a*mated 17 S a 34 Panama R R. 1st ml* 7 per cool. l?d,...10l a lo;: Do *d ntg . 7 par peat 19*3 t?? a 101 Oaa'aCM. hde . lstmtg iporeoai oaar to s ta Do S>< mtg . e per cent, atari lag .. 0.; s 95 Do. 949 share- .14 a 40 rhaad'a aad 1 lead tag b ts, 4 per coat. 1SO0 79 a so no 0 tier cent. 1970 T? a so Do. MS shame H a fd The Chicago Democrat of Friday last say* of the activity in trade at that point TV receipts nf from a mllllwi to s million aid s half towboto of grata ta lets city every woe k bare re mo sled all classes at baoUMsa bars t> s woiderfc! dagreo. OdT oterrhaats bar ant had en prospermia s trade sloca 1999 The a b<derate dry ponds. cloth.of. eiitttoery, hat aad cs?. boot aad shoe, rockery, hardware aad gieuory eotaeiue neaU are sei'tng mora gondi ta tea daytime tSaa they oaa pack al bight, and all heads, saleaeiea sad proprie tors, have t ? bitefelr to aad week early sad late tt get through w lb their ardor*. TV Sates or* most I- for osah aad the old aneooeu tea batog saltMd ap with a prompleaoe and wlUlageam tbs* ts aory refissaiae The Xew Orteave /Vnyiw ef Thursday tost re ports:? In lb* seorrsl market In dsj thoeo was mora dtapna tioe ?"?! thMi? w* tiror Ur. W tM ItV at pari-bases nf nottoa yeat-Mar st?l toi?..cj rHaifa ts aoDaalaf, aad tV market lor Ml daaaripli wr leads dnwaasrd. Bankers' stgbt told at and b.ak c*?-ke tride SI 9 18 p-enVnm Tb* baalc* rt:< sat V St ?*<? nanwr. bat ta ? rata rrirk * to bo oa nSantr.r oaetnwaren* At dm 'km* g>?o p-i-su hills w-m t n>e brint ont ?. W*t? doja ras llkra ?# r-oMal. sod rW ha glint** SOW <U 1 ? 11, -in ?<ist, tb 1 uh omot-a ?*? <'t "ji a l*nm- atee'iog i- i \ Jortj I at at 1* 9\ s tf*1^ a. I ? ?<d tan ? who Out hi ?? b- ag 19'.' a 1<9 , fuses rasrotmmrr ts?, a l !.*.?( TBs .w-mrt kt-.d hie p?t re? " . t'i ji <?,v at J a- -O (of Vta-ifl ts i ess 91 11 .q - .? sacl t? tsr Very good paper mawM Mi/ till uo momexception** at 10 for January aecurtUae. Ai bank. the oSbrlaw ara heavy, and the rejeetloaa partially hod their way la to the street. Should the a or sweat la cettoa program m it hM done since yesterday, the attest must be to beoudt tie Stack Excfcaage, ?MOO U 8 re. IMS... 108 w'^UM^HUgg ^^ 31000 Tena ?*, '00.. IW% 20 do 2 Virginia re.... 91% 600 Harlem RR? lew 66000 do 92 200 00 blO is2 7000 N Caroline0'e.. as luo do urn lai 17000 Missouri 0's... 70% 100 do fZ5 10000 do 7814 100 Hirlem Rpr..b30 49 k 1000 California 7*?.. 83 80 Reading RR ... 4*2 1S000 do 94% 1M do ?,? : 000 ERR 2mb*K slO 88 10 Mich Cent KK.... To 8000 Erie RR 4 m he M>4 100 do nOO 89k 300 Erie RR be, '73 66 108 do b30 78 SCO Rod Ki? RR ltn 108 130 do 88k 5000 Hud R.rKRrb *0%' .SO Mioh 83.VIgi.lKW 48k 2000 MCSpclm.fcb 102 360 d? b08 48 1000 Mich So In be. 87% 300 do 48k fOCO Kl 8 Sat bs.b30 88 30 do elO 48k 8300 111 On RR be.. 88 100 U1 Oen RR scrip . 88k 300 do 8914 100 do ,...a88 80% SOOOChlc &? N Wlm 80 100 do slO MV 1000 Gel&Cht Scabs 86 700 do 86% 12604*01- J. W2s> be 47 200 do bSO MV 1000 Clev & Ibls f be 78 100 do e60 MK 1000 do 78k 62 Clevo. OoliCmRR 88k 2000 do 78% 13 Clove * Pills RR. tf CO ?he Am Ex Bk .. 10*% loo do 13)4 10 Hanover Bank... 01 100 do e80 14 C0 Pne Mall SB Co... 80* 8*0 Gal I; Chi RR ... T1% 24 N Jersey Zinc ... 68 1075 do 7T% 1400NY OenRR... 88V 10 do bJ <50 do 88*4 100 do *30 n% 60 do 080 88 V 200 do b30 77k 500 do elO 88\ ICO do bat 77% iCu do bSO 88 108 do b88 78 k 2(0 do boo 88k 150 CleveJrTWRRWO 48 6 Erie RR 88V 60 do b80 48k 275 do 38% 800 do blO 48 100 (to 30% 900 do 47k 150 do ??0 38k 16 do 47% 150 do 36% 1200 3ht*KkIdRRb30 78 % 560 do ... 37 160 do bid 78% 100 do *80 57 750 do T8% 100 do >60 37% 68 do bOO 78k 60 do b50 37 % 650 do 78% 100 do b30 57k 1M Ch, Bur AyumBR 83 60 .do ?1% 36 do 03% 1700 do 57k 60 do *30 9S 60 do a 57 k 120 Mil w k Mia* SR.. 14% 60 Brie RR as*'d stir 8% 100 da bOO 16 68 HudRivor RR.bS0 83% 20 N Jersey Geo RR U8 sicokd bo tin. 35000 Missouri 6*8... 79% 1 hi she Mi 8 & N" la RR S3 8000 111 Oen RR bds. 88k <00 do *08 23 260 aha N Y Urn RR . 89'., 90) do b60 33k 600 oit 88% 150 do bSO 38% 160 do b.'0 89% 100 Ml 3 Si N U gu elk 48% 100 do (60 80% to do 48% 900 do 1)8 69% 26 Panama KR 1**% ICO do b5 89 k 100 UOen RRevip.. 86k 600 do 89% 200 do 86% IkO do ,...b60 M 200 oo *19 86% 100 d<) bie 89%' 200 do b6 86% 200 Erie RR 58% 400 Clev 3: Pitta's RR 14 300 do 38 , 150 Gel 3 Chicago RR 77% 300 do 5875 do TT% 2UU do *60 38% 60 do t>30 78 400 do *? 39 100 dev 8 Tol RR.*30 41% 100 Chi, Bu'u 4 (Ju RR 92 COO do b? 48 100 Hudson River RR 83% 100 do *80 47% 200 do .... bOO 84% 300 do 47% 1(00 Har'.en* RR 19% 200Chllt R1 RR..b80 78% 1000 Harlem RK pref. 49% 100 do *80 78% 900 do *60 49% 100 do rSO 78 k 200 do bOO 49% 354 do bSO 78% 800 Readme UP. 48% 100 do b30 79% Hew York Bank*. Sept. 39, I960. Banks Loam Spri* Circvl n. Jfcawdk. America 83,064.245 1,374.781 147.918 3,003,888 Artisans' 1.S68.S21 309.200 96.399 1 047 837 Ararr. /Tcaange 7 577 452 1,149,401 ? 36*.A56 4 145 086 Atlantic 688 032 101.818 88.689 S13.43S Butcb'a It l)rov% 1,768.063 337,404 394.688 1 A3lj986 Boll's Head 608,990 64.390 117.831 463,483 Broadway 2.689,908 473.270 380,301 1,887.883 Commerce 12.755.634 1,482 638 1,876 5,169JOB city 2.245 143 892,422 ? 1 488 131 Chemical 2.201413 725,068 865,006 2*77*98 Chstbsm 356.837 07*88 127.767 608 4X2 Citizens' 833.937 162.313 167.023 682423 Oorn Exchange.. 1.802.811 222 966 121,388 sit isa Qnntioeotel 3,211,376 317.605 216.147 1*66*71 Common wraith.. 1414,961 216 635 282,280 086 636 Dry Dock 446.268 60.843 144.224 288,287 Seat River 579 096 63 244 96JM 288.086 Yultoa 1 486.203 240 641 227.2M 1*87.628 Greenwich 817.784 68.528 173,4*0 6M.217 Grocer*' 686.816 102 443 68.446 424 MB Hanover. 1*23.675 142 761 85.808 886 *76 Irnog 823*58 128.17* 111 881 684.*86 Imp* Trader*'. 2,611 910 259*62 192 161 1.432MB Leather Manure 1,967*59 246.808 279.074 1 887 *88 Market 1 088.088 241*70 201.722 1*78,44B Metropolitan.... 4 900 808 824 463 243 187 8 981*88 Mercantile 2.480 856 426.835 29*24 1,796*64 1.034.707 126.916 146*17 *14 927 Mech'9 k Trad a. 1,128 670 166*8* 164 977 870*88 Merchants'Kx. 2*61.563 *71*61 181*8* 1*72*88 Manhattan 4,806,663 088 288 *28 228 2*48.1*8 Merehaaw 4*8**74 *18*1* 204.110 2*5*1* MlMsslW..... 3.528408 686 119 817 016 2.198 *8* Merb PkgAm'a 788.188 80 881 112*6* 398.413 Maaf. and Meeh. 831 352 86.071 143 63* 481*87 North America. 1 685 560 298 811 76*12 836 417 1.866,638 234 *83 152 831 1.941 942 National.. 2.116 21* 234.279 171 802 861.9U J*'!* 4,661*01 154*19 413 826 2.644 484 Narth River.... 869.01* 85.833 76 *24 484 8*4 Now York Each. 314.896 80.788 101 *2 m.m N. Y. County ... 441 653 8S.S30 M 454 316.623 Of**" 1*86*45 816 695 129,886 1,252 480 <*?>?*' 66*88 108*88 404*8* P*rk 4 768 932 1.008 *44 174.28* 3 741*88 1,074.618 191418 127*5 843484 ?**** 145 267 131 083 184 170 M1.88B P"S" 3821888 367 *7* 141.349 1 12* 211 8819.287 624 818 >21*32 28724TB Hevsath Ward.. 1*08.68* 186*83 250 190 6208*0 State. f 821 127 004.76* 27* 30* 1 224 888 ? Nicholas.... 1,106.468 186 872 97.278 747 871 ikoeh Uathar. 2811.23* 18')364 298868 1,229810 Tra6e?'8..w 1.472*71 1*2 968 309*73 776.S81 2 628,012 896,it* 117,773 1,779*74 . tatal^. .1126*02 8*418*68.008 8.4*8*71 7*.754*51 CITY COUBRGIU REPORT. Mom at, Sepc 34?4 P M Afw wore Maady, with nail mtaa at 0';o for pota, un i-MAfc. tor ptotirk ktotntr.? -ftoir-lto fbrrlp new* by ttt ilrw tic. ehowtag continual Im wraibrr, hod mm aatiM patrd is the raeeat deciiae and prtooo la day. aad hoaoa the roactkaa <? moderate. Had oho hroagbt aa Hinat of had weather priced would ham malar lolly tgpmud ood aatoa largely ncroaoirt Tha taqairy tor Soar today TO food, with aatod of 11,000 a 00 000 bbta., mostac wtthm the following range of prlcta:? beptrflae Siale 00 06 a 00 10 Extra Mate, from old aad oaw wheat 0?0a IM Snperflae Weetera 0 00 a 0 10 Oommot to choice Wcetera extra. 6 30 a 010 01 Loateetua 0 TO a IN Mixed to straight Bnethara 0 TO 0 000 Otroight to good extra do 010 a 0T0 Ctootoe extra family aad hakere' armada ? SO a 0 TO Rye floor I 00a 400 Our I, meal, Jerery aad Broad? viae 000a 400 ?Canadian floar woe gatot, with oojaeof000 bbta. at MM a 07 00 lur extra iota Beaton a floor woo ta pood fohoot 0.000 b ofaboatfl ekemg witb a the raageef the obore quota! lose Rye woa la flair drmaad, with eatoaet 000 a M0 " ebore qu del load Cora meal era market woe etrody. with Itmited a brat?The market at the opaatoc lor b.i the tern aad liapreecd aa the day the market cioeed ateady at deUrday'e prtnae Taeaalm were large, toeiudlag onaeidermbte goaatlUce w arrtea, end footed tip abuot 300 0(0 bumheW at $1 411< far mied ? >1 40 a 01 43ii for chelae Mwbkna white I1U tM li f<w fair to oxfe Okie white M 30 a 01 '?*> fur red Wratera. aad 01 31 a 01 S3 f? Milwwuare rWi aad 01 It for No. t Gtsieega epria* aad 01 30 do for No. 1. (ore wee mire beary em! the rcceipta Otolerele. aad the market ni grmer, v:ih r.i'tm of about i.'> 000 booheta at OA- eG4Vfc tor Wetter'i raited odd Ml toe chatod. dad Tint tar choice TOutw Wratera Birler eras rtaedy, wita ernee of 9 C00 beebeie laaariten i*o 3 et ?b?ul OOe e OOr Barley omit wee ta fair regeret ei ?i- e OOe uele were tuady es t ta fbir oemaad, with a limited etora. with e.'ee ef Week m, an 1 (Onert an et 8T>, > a 0014c. ea t at St V a Cer fur eatra Weatera coma ?The market wee qntet hot euely, while eaiea w^e limited, e email etafMiuwae made at *Ma<a lam wrt k*a range nf quntaii?oe, ead a eatell parwel ef hi Ito e. i gn amd et 12 Ho CcerToe ?rte market exbik.ted aew* |ne? e nre the newa. the relee were hetwe-e S ?00 a O.Otta aeiee, iHe market for eoeet grmdea uf ndJ.img episode "ee called an ,d better I et-oirte ? Reue etnaat the qeotatteae ?f Sa turday . ea t about TO W a 00 000 bueheia of waeat ware reeiged inr Urerpo- el 111,0. .a be*, ood 104. la l>aga. tad ecrcai ro|agemecie ware mode la adeaoM <w arri ve)* wllblo 'be asm* re**- ef prr-*e. SJB0 Mi (Mur at 2a 9" 300 be Ire of at T i 0t a S ? le nomiewatod aad siwatpreeaed. I.OpO awxee rearer HtM.ui M par .-gkr# b iter, by ea emrr. av SO. . -Vn able recta at W 0<t The ftoilr nf toe ftreaa waacbartotod la Lirarpuoi W ?2 000 TVt I 'wdtrn wbaat teaa at 141 la efiy a bo?a. ead 4e. demanded tor Hour T? Bre<eea 1 000 Libia bear were encaged at 0e. 4?fil. Ratea to the (V at,*, at went flronm W Beat l?> Be?re woe at Sic per basket Ti Hem tor*. b f rc em - S COO bbto roaiu were .nree-d at Oe 41., IM btlft tel a at <1(4, chenee at 4i? . 000 butee cxtrwl aa ;e- . aad 40 tone mecoureme >f rente el ta ct woe eternity, with en*, of .bout 1.000 bald* at Me. ebon* obipptag do et fr Mm *???? wet ft-mdr ei 31c a 30c for clayed, lie a IS-, tor hiuawmc >, Sf?. a 40 fur Porte Rton eed ton a the far *ew Orncuc The .lurk .ten ia about ae IW ?w* ?.7 Ooo hbde Cuba bmikk, 4M hbde eiar?4. 3.MHI hhU. Pnrtn Rico,: 4M bid a I .lade T >IOi, ?,7to bbc* 7 4fo ba:? N*c*t ?TV market flw epirlt* wae etoadf. with eaiee 0.' 110 bVa ctraigbt et to)fe. aad 100 4a W?w Tifk barraie at 40 S,r P.t.ri- ,.?? _ivr*?The m?'* t woe earedy oat the 4e me- i to- ?ua n? il c 000 bbte . Isnm.-tow ndw laeac. ?t 010 37?, a Olo 44 aad eetr prim-at 014 a 014 04 Beet waa lu rood rumor 1 ami et eteedy pr .tee the mtee emlif irwi timet 400 ?,!? t a' 0* e H Un wmetry aw-a, 0? SO lur rcpoeae-j and ?I1 1 *11 to tor extra. Lard woa Ortr w lu iln i f 4M bbl* et U ?r tor d?tod tteewra, mi n? krge at 12c a U ?<k Butmr aad ehrdee war-ua? fiAHMMPdU Pa e?04 reek* were aeld at 4 Ife a 4'i? ll?? 1 a Tie ;l wjw^toMy^Maaeea^^toe^^aa^^gitod ^ I The t ?b?artl' t> tontwd re about 1 to-. UM bt>d.. Ouboe. a.lbie the -wage ?*?<" ? "Sc . ?i?b kNe ' (ht > ?wi -nr. or 1 of e-di'd q? U-twm abort tare, ga-tot toe 1 id* ? gar- ererg eold at 04%? W neetr -ftoe Jwnan f wed ??4m?, ? U emm if tto >fr-e*of *S'

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