Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 26, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 26, 1860 Page 2
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THE GREAT CONTENT. ?OVEMUTS OF 8EIIT0R SEWARD. Ill SPE1CH IT IT. Pill, mUEMTA. THE DESTINY OF THE UNITED STATE8. Irrepressible Conflict Between Freedom and Slavery. tejb VALLEY OF THE MISSISSIPPI. Absorption of Russian, British and Spanish America. lUnlts of the Two Systems of Slave* ry and Freedom. SLAVERY POWERLESS AND WITHOUT INFLUENCE. TO HOME OF HE1SCHEL V. JOHNSON. Serenade to Governor Banks in Ckicage, As., Sc.. Ac. MR. SEWARD'S SrEECH. VMM TBS 6PKUAL RETORTKl OF THE NEW YORK ? herald. St. Pail, lltnn.,8npt. 19,18?0. Sraator Seward spoke yesterday rrom the portico or tha! la lb la city to aa audieace of eomo alx thou ?tad people. He sail:? Tint vAitrr of tub mwiarm. rmu?w cm/.ws-One need, to have had something of the eaper.encc that It baa boon my fortune to have, living m a State at an early period of lta material develope maot and tocial lmrrorement, and growing up with lta wowing greataepa, la order to appreciate the feeling with Vhtab I am oppressed on thia, my first entrance Into the ?aaltal of the State of Minnesota. Every .top of my pro Mi itace I reached the Northern Mlestwippi baa Loon T"r~.i..i by an agreeable and gr-at .urprlae. I had early ?ead the work* In which the geographer had described aha scenes > a which 1 w.ts entering, and I had studied these eoenei in the Uneet production or art. But .till the grandeur, the luxuriance, the beneficence, the mtolel'ty of thie region were entirely unconoelved. grbao I saw theae eentmel walla that look down on the MMMlpph teen aa I behold tbem In their autamnal ver Mr* Juat when the earliest tlngea of the fall give rartety to the luxuriance of the foroet, I thought how much of laate and geniua bad been waited in celebrating the higb fcada of Scotland before civilised man bad reached the hanks or the Mississippi. And then that beautiful Lake 1>M scene at aunaet. when the autumnal green of the hhtawa. loat in a deep blue hue that imitatea that of the hsavcaa. The genial yellow atmoaphere reflected the ?ayaM toe letting aun, and the tkiee above aeemed to Htoe dowa to epread their gorgeoua drapery orer thia aeene. It wea a pleoe of upholstery such aa no hand but Itot of nature could hare made; and It was but the ventl hula to the capital of the State of Minnesota?a State which I hate loted, which I ever shall lore, for more ruMMS jw*" time would allow me to mention, but chlefy oecauae it la one of three Bute, which my owa voice baa been potential in bring eg into the federal Outoo within the time that 1 hate been engaged la the lateral councils. Every one of the three wea a free toaie and 1 believe, on my aoul, that of the whole three MWtt? ie the freest of all. (loud appiauae.) I find If low, for the first time, on the high lands of the of lbe oontmeut of North America, equldlatant mm the waters of Hudson's Bay and the Gulf of Mevioo, gjom the Atlantic (icean to the osean in whlto the nun tola?here, oa the .pot where eprlng up, almost aide by jothat they may kim each other, toe two great one oi which, pursuing lta strange, oaprl moos majestic, vivacious career through oaacade and M,/rapid, lake after lake, and river after river after a course of twenty-five hundred miles, brings nmmwee halt way to the porta'of Europe, and the __ while meandering through woodland and a distance of twenty five hundred m lea, tafcfeg *? tributary after tributary from ibe East and from tha West, bringing together th" water, from the western declivity of the Allef ban lea end lb?w w bich trickle dowa JSW. s-dm of th. Kooky Mountema, finds the Atlan tu ocean in lbs Gulf of Mextoo. (Applause). Here* too central place where the agriculture of the richest re ?U? of Nor'.h America must bear its tribute to th# eup Bimscf the whole world. ( Applause). On the lent all tbe shore of Lake Superior, and oa the Weal stretch amis one broad plain. In a belt quite acrorn the south ?tot is a country where State after Stale is yet In rise. ? the productions for the support of human socl w Other crowded States must be brought forth. This tomtom a commanding field: hut It ? a. commanding In rtmr* to the de?tlaim of this eootlneat ss It is in re tort to lta commercial future, for power is not to re to, i-raurfDl'y on the em tern elope of toe Alleghany Mountains, nor la the seaports Bmports have always been overrun aad controlled by the ?Mi of the aterior. Tbe people of tbe inland and of tocVrpiand?limae who nbabit the eourcee of the mighty -Wsru-er* they who ntpply them with wealth aad Th, power of this government hereafter is not to be established no either the AUeattc or the Paoiflo cast The era ports wlU he the mo,, the by which we Ml commuatceta and correspond with Europe, hot the tower that shall speak and shall communtoals and ex to?e the will of mrn oa Lb la comment la to be loenlad la ttoMtoimippl Valley, and at th# sources of the MMb atm>' aid the SI lawrenoe. (loud applause ) la other ?Zr? studying what might, perhaps, here seemel to ?there trifling or visionary, 1 hare rwet about for the ftoure tbe ultimate, central seat of rower of tbe North ptopn. J bad looked at Quebec aad at New ?? vs aehtagVm and at San Franotnto, at Ctactn ?adl and at St. l-oula. and it had been the result of my bant conjecture that the seat of power for North tmertoa wwutd yet be found la the valley of Mexico, that the glo glas of U>? Altec capital would bo reuowed. aad that elty ?tot become ultimately tbe capital of tbe I atted States af Am-rl a. But I haw corrected that view, aad I now lT that the ultimete, Inst seat of power oa thin great valiant wlU be found aotoewfcrre within a radius ad vary far from the very spot where I stead, at the head of Mv?at na oa the Mlmlsalppt rtwr. (Loud appta >* ) Fallow cit reus, 1 have often aeen, hut never with grvat aarpr ae that oa the occasion of a great revival of reli gion in a oomtr.unity where 1 happen to live, tbe oldest, toe m<wt devout, toe moot religious preacher, be wheoe Mb bad seemed to me and to toe world to bo better or tored, according to the laws of God. and lu affection to too mterrvta of manktad-toat such aa be dlecovor to, in the beat of thia raiigloua evitement, toat bo bad beto entirely mwtaken la bM torn experience, tod that he now found out, to hit mat grief and wtoaiehmeut, that be had never before ^?to converted, aad that now, for the first time, he had bstotoe a Christian, (laughter ) While 1 stand bora I ?Moat foil into (be notion that 1 am in the category of toat p re sober? (laughter)?aad that, although 1 cannot Marge myself with having boon rnaily a sediOoua, or 0tm a disloyal cttlnen. or aa naobwrvant public man. I haw yet never exactly u.dewtood tbe duties that I rnf to satiety and the spirit that belongs to aa American ,, This ?beuauao I had never, until BOW, ocru. Ito that place wheaoo I could take la and grasp the ? hot, grand panorama if toe continent, for the hnppoew to whose prueret people aad of wb<*e foture mi.u?oa It M too duty of aa American ilaieoman to labor. I bare toVa said, aad Indeed thought, toat one would get h wry adequate, a very high Idea of the g'ealneaa to tola Americas republic of ourfi If he stood, to I hove done, oa toe dork of aa American chip of war to torn orwaed toe Mediterranean, aad. pawing through toa Ionian Island., wrest*-! toe Adriatic, Lear lag at toe ?Mh"a1 the stripes aad .tars, that commanded rwpeet aal aspired fear eqaally am- uf the anl LarW,?n. of sim aad the meat pctlte'wd powerful ef tbe aatkms of ?,ooc-1 beve often it ? is" tost 1 sou Id lift myself up tTtheVT-aceptioa of U?* f"^" <* tohrmrubLc ?-our, as tak rf my stand on th- terrace of the ttpitol at ?r?a.r.uw id eoutwop .tleg the ooo-erlrwtioo f th i mdmeaf power of too Amerlewi people, through folk-wing nTrr?M'?IK* ,h* d'spatchw by which that wl I. lAee hiTa. ?!nrfi?ed bv toe evwutiw end legMetu. ^apaneeete, ?? !?? ?***> BMC** for tha government of ? great people. But. after alt, bo trocb place aa eitker of then* la equal t* that which 1 now oocupy. ^ ?""* *"?? no mn? or m narrsuc. I seem to myself to stand nore on Ibis emtoenoe aa the "*> climb. to the dome of 9t "kr ? SJiV and there, through the opening m that dome appeara to he m almoat aiwci ^ ooauaSuoaTlSr^tS i* i P^wer lb*1 directs and oonirols th - notions " w>."* ">?>? ?? ?>? looks down from that emi nence on the prieata and votaries who vainly try, by nor EUreir 8^t,l?wi?!'*rV0 ,l0<ljr 001 U# o f ">8 a , . * *? Willi me. | can stand here and Innk fma> ofl into the Northwest and see the Russian aa he boaUr occupies himself in establishing aeapmta mo^,? rt.flcaUons tpoets of the empire of St. Petersburg, KtrSiT''. 10 ?*leod civilization of tho t'oltod Kt,,BUnranr&: anl !AS ?uveru^?llt,*0pl0, and ? capable, enlightened fullron^ Md't(f0Upl^? wllh brl<,*'?* rivers and making llrond* and telegraphs, to develops, organise create the EZ^^rgrL*}1** pro?~ *** or (hSLku1 ... Lawrence and around the shores of Hudson's hay, and 1 am able to say ?? It la verv.Iif you are building excellent StaUk to be harMftor ^im?j2i toto the American Inlon^Ap&So"? southward and see, amid all the convulsions tmlt ? br?kklng UP 'he ancient provinces of Spain the Sowinah > mcrlcan republics?see la their decay and dissolution StraiSLM f?' thSlr rf organization ^n fres) AniertmL ??>,*?!, members of the I'mted States of wUh that 5?"?, ,f ?n ,oth " eminence and looking down?L?5. or Tl,,on< 1 ?? now look the P??Ple of 'ho Atlantic coast?of ">d Stw York and I'eon.yl *^'5 Md tbe Carolines. and Georgia to *nd round b' 0,8 ''"ciOc coast rf.^K M ^t"0?' can hear their disputes, their fretful controversies, thfir threats that If their own sepa rate interests are not gratified and consulted by the fede ral government they will separate from this [%ion?will 3?2?s& ?^iast3 e:?sx^we^2^?k??s ?? v^raT^SWa."!* , people?the whole of them?amino mm the /"7'Z? f?Ui',litan?ing that ** U <h' ??"< "f ^ f,r frtt men?*!** it it the land &"L,rr?5S' ..r JiiSteTas; ps\2zs,z<sz as Jss^si? ^wssrsssrtii^ssrS Tm TZ*"?Lfi ^ckl^VaZ^'esu?L Sntmn 10 be' not W ?d m. S&^3a&z?>3S h&&igsss!s& arc,ai?tSKKS sJA^Kr'iaail^JSSMSis1 andI tormented with the rivalries and ana me irishman, and the Italian, and tho iVan .k ? H?H We me i'Xl! ?&^^ntty','lather ITds^tha! tlorV ?!"' Md C#n,P-' ?* 10 constitute, noTman'y ua onlv /.ni?,Iiy Pe0P.1'*. bnt 0D8 Mtlon and one peopio asssrr.,"^j?r?s Itely for the same rolief. Now you see the valetudinarians of the whole continent from I frozen North and from tha burning South resort to the I ?f.lbe ? stmosphure^ShEhrtSd I relnvlgorate and restore them to health. (AppteMTl Do you not see and feel here that this atmosohe-e h?. men from Mk fr^? Carolina and from Mlasnsippi and from Vow H&mMhip* "d f">m ihthsf and Ireland Md H^tSid ^ "d ^ ?? ?,b8r Portion, of ?? plaXrt^^be' ? ''M? kSi^^IsSs aa 1 bar* done the aievmn!! Of soul which pervads'tha n^opte^rTSl^ffd it Is the only region of tha In.ted atatefHTw blTh H^>rt| i^d^.UlU*1 C?*rlt' fuUy j8^POd. (Applause ) M^LtoS^rmy foot lb* raltoyVuiTcW Mif.issippi I have mtt mm of all b*im *** w gloss, men of tbe republluss party and of tbe democrVtui iwr.y and of the American pirty' "d I wVSTwiS on. reproachful word, oss .llwlalnful tont^ISt ^ seen th.t you can diflirr.nsd yet not dis^^Ll**? -ernV;? tb^'UU 7?p~ZZJ}gl2U men of j our ' botoe, and yet toys still more the and It. rulers the people-th. ZrSiJ? r-iuatter soveretgns, scattered so wldeSmt^^ dummt id remote TerrUorie. which you are seyeTto ?u!r^id^ cfin of Mv^tgSrrj ?gjgg?yg s s wtd&nw?!iBw,? t. but . mil, Ibbbf?ttTttLlL;?"!1.' *t with each other, a little more rentable il^he ^'^I j and spirit iif thui nstion orranizre itsrir tni ?? tJ Jsartaasas'! u''sEEH r'2 T*? BAttD o? Mfrurr 1 ene here how little you and I, and Umm who ara wtaar and btttar and ncaur than yw or t, havedone, add bow little tbty ran 00, to prodaoa tto very political ooadllioa for IM prop la of Ihla continent which they are aoaamiag, and under which ttoy ar* permanently to remain?an 1 that la tto condition of a flea people. I ana that while we neemi i to MMllW to hare hero try eg to do much and to do everything, and while many fhnry that they hare done a great deal, yet what we bare been doing, what we aow are dotaf. what we ahall hereafter do, and what we and ttote who mar come after on ahall ran tlaue to to do tg, la joat exactly what waa n vmearv to be done, whether we knew It or not. for tto intemta of humanity on this globe, and therefore it waa cerlala to he done, bWMNM neceatity la only an. tber MMhi or name for the higher law tiol ordama that what .a uae ful to be doer Bal be done (Api lauee) When I ?ur 3 tto Amerljan people aa they are dr ft!oping them ret folly aad perfectly tore, I are that they are dotog what tto eilgenctea of political aneiety throughout tto world have at leal rendered It aeoertary to to done So clety tried for all thouaand yean bow to lire aad ia prove, aad perfect I tat If under monarchical and ariato cratic ayetetna of koreramoat. while practit ng a ?ya tea of depredation aad alavory on each other aad the reeult baa been, all ertr tto world, a complete aad a toil ale fbilore. At laat, at the elooe of the ia?t century, tbc failure waa dlaeorrred. and a rera IhtlNWM mad# of the nereeelty of a fjttem In whloh ,i. men nhoul I ceaee t.. enalar each "thrr aad rl.ouid govern themaelvra (Applanr* ) Nowhere In Africa, in Aeta or la Europe, waw there aa open Held where tha ureal new work of the reorgannation of a po litical cciety under more favorable forma of government rouid to att? mpted They were all occupied. Tbie great and unwcwplrd continent fumlahed the very theatre that wae aeeeevary. and to If come all tto bold, tto brave the ftve men tbrougbont tto world, who fori aad know that l.eeew tr and who have tto pourage ihr aaatoad and tto biuaaity to labor to produce Ihl* great oegaaimtioa Providenet aet apart tlita moment for thie work, and, ae I tb nk. ett apart and deetgnated ti le particular iooality for the ptoe whence ahall ?. forth noatlnoa'ly the tree rcpewlrg rpirtt which (bail bring tto people of all other |ortlena if tto roatinent ap to a c. atlaual advaaee in tto relabilabmeal of th.r ayftem. I w II make myaeir totter nader?i<?d by aaytag that, until tto ' eg'nning <f tto preaent rentnry, mra had lard th. m duntary ? ihjecla of politienl gov.-rameatf. and that the time bad c. rue when maakiad c uld no Irwger < anneal linrng. vernwd ey force. rra nuncm* or tup txmnunrarr The timc bad come when men ware to tier voluntary C l rena and aovorelgu th> maelvra of tto Hut<? whloh they pcewaecd and that w the principle of the gorernOMnt ewtablwbed tore. It bee only one vital principle All otben are renolved into It. That one principle, what w u? It m the equality of eewry man who le a member of tto ."Sate to be rnrevved. If there to not aheoiute pollll. al eqanilty, then name por tico of tbe people are governed by fjr.-e, and are not vol untary cit tear and whenever any portion of the < lnma are govirted by force. then you are oarrtod no for back ward agaia to??rd tto old ayatem of involuntary -'tinea ?t. p, or a government by king, fordo and atandtng army. Th awao the great ae. .walty, not of the people of the t nilcd (Mat.-* a <we It wae not 'van the original i ucep t .on of tbe people Of tto 1'aited Htaiee that a republican rrcr- meet w.e to be eetab,abed for themeeirew a ne t tl.? ?'tah!-?hmrnt of the rer ibb-an rrotci of the failed .?lalrf of America wae only brief eg'out and tw due tag to actual paction the tdoaa and optaioaa whloh men had nlf udy formed all over tto civil Ired world, aad If joe will rnfor to tbe m ticn of nor foeofetheee. you will gad that wh!W Ihey labored, an ttoy might well labor, to tecurw thie f vtrnir. (M in ft* reputtoao form for lb'mar r<w and il cr rceferlty. yet ttoy wre coner?ou? tbvt th-y were ? retting It a? a model for tto people of every nation, kin ?tod and tot.guo or der baavea. Tto old Oonttceaui don (t>?a of 178T drrlarad that tto intoreau of tbe l u ted Maieo were tbe ir terewte of human nature, and that It an tto political i>df|i|ioa of human nature thai w?i tg be worked oat on tbe continent of North America uil, MI have said, It Is to be brought to Uo innmnn here ll th* v. Ue *JT IK. ? ?."l r. " hr,b*??e7 of the MMHippi. Nww. follow citizens, they assumed thle high rospaseibility. They never coal! hnve dow. so except for the oriels ef the Revolution, whtoh kindled enlightened patriotism wlUun the bosoms them, for n brief period, to elevele UirsMlvin ap xbove tempornry end ephemtTel interest* end prejudices, end to rise to the great urk of nod constituting n free government Tbe people understood the grent principle on which It ni to be fooBded?the politlonl equality of the whole people? end that tbey did to nndereund It you wlU pee in the Deelnrnttoo of lndependmw# In whleh, beginning to Iny the foundation of thle grent republic, they laid ihetn on the grratiiuth that all men are oreatod equal, and have Inalienable rtghta to llfo, liberty and the pursuit of hap F^?*- Bul. ? wan not the food fortune of our forefathers to be able to And full and ample material*, all of the right kind, for tbe erec tion of the temple of liberty which they oonalructed. Providence basso ordered It that all the materiala for any edlfloe which the human bead * required to derire and the human band to oonetruct cannot be found any where. If you propoee to build a limestone houxe you mar excavate the ground on which It la to be placed, tod take from tbo bosom of the earth tbe stones and lay tfcem all away la their proper place la the founda tion* and walla But other materials beeldes the lime stone enter into tbe nobleat structure that yon can make. There must be some lime and some sand, and some Iron, and some wood, and yon must combine materials to mske any human structure. Even the founders of a great republic like this, wishing and Intending to place it < n tbe principle of tbe equality of man, bad to take such mat*'rim la am fhow fe.ivwf ? ... mat. rials as they found. They had to take a sosl-ty In 'DiCQ k/tnta wasa fua ? - . _ ? # - *?/ wm a buop'iv ui r..nV ?fnie were free and some were slaves, and 10 * Lb1?" J" whi^ xome were free Stales nad some were slave States. They had toe Ideal before them , but tbey were unable to perfect It all at once. What did tl.ey dor Tbey did as the architect docs who raises a struo ture of stone and lime and rand; and where there .s a weakness cf tbe material, and where tbe strength of the ed ticc would be Impaired, he applies braces and props, !n .. ?!W*rL' b?tttomenle, to strengthen and fortify to as to make the weak part combine with and be held together In solid (connection with the Arm and strong. That la what our fathers Intended to do. and what they did do, when they foamed the federal government. 8e? tog Ihis etement cf slavery, which they oould not elimi nate, they said, "We will tako care that It sh.iU not weaken the ediflce and bring it down Into ru u. We will take care that, although wo may allow slaves now, the number of slaves hereafter shall diminish, and tbe number of white men shall Increase, and that ulti mate y the element of free while men aha/l be so strong that the element of slavery shall be inadequate to i-r? duce any serious danger, calamity or disaster " How did "a*>S>ML?? L "y "UK^pg _ ' * / ? ? V mmM SB Wiusp.w way __ _ OssgrassUi prohibit and practically by prohibiting, the African slave trade after the expiration of twenty years from tbe establishment of the ccustitu" irom tbe establishment of the constitution, suptweing that If no more slaves were Imported the America! psoplc?then almost unanimously in faTor of cmanclpa tias?would be able to ellmlnal e foom tbe country the small amount of slavery, which would be left to decay and 1 h?^?wlZISi 0t.*>Y*0n!Fl by th? Afrk*D k'tve trade. tT.1inn^.h^Ciu-lL8t?^T.^r..J^nien onl7' .deelMlni that neither slnvery nor lnvbl?^Vrv tide^f ever eater on Its toll. Tbey did one thlst marl Tbev declared that Oongrem about* w? if na,/ radiation, so that when the tm'^^TJAfrSn.Uvi rbould ceeee voluntary emigration of freemen foom all other lands should be enoonrsged and stimulate 1. Thus while unable to exclude sltveryfrore the system they provided for the developement and perfection of the pruT foSi?Rdrrj^'7,pproKi,i,,? ^ nxsr-TTs or mi two srsmn. And now. fellow cl.liens, we soe all around as tbe re sul Certain of the Suiee concurred L h !k" pollcy ?r th? '?"><*?- I need not tell you what Mutes they were. Tbey were llasaachusetts Ver mont Jtbode Island, Connecticut, New York, Nrw jersey and Pennsylvania, nome other Slates did not. I need not tell you what States they were. Tbey ?rifl' .1 ^7 ?sU D8oulhern States of th* Pnton. The six Southern Stokes said:?"Although tbe constitu tion has wrested the slave trade and Invited immigra 1.K1. *doP,0j "'s policy of making a>l tbe men of Ibe Stabs tree and equal, yet we will adhere to the sys ? .K m"7 V ? ? M&*t is the result! You see It In tbe citire of Boston, New York and Philadelphia. Too see it is the wheat folds of .New York, of Ohio of Indiana, of lllinoia. of Wisconsin. You aeo It In 'the of sheep in Vermont and New Hampshire. You f??'lmultiply and abound upon n thousand hills. Ton see It In the millions of spindles In tbe mat factories of the last, and In the forge* and fornecrs of IVnntylvaala You see It Is the ^S?wd3 shipping of New i ork, and is her palaces and towers ambitiously emulating the splendors or the Old WorlJ and grasping to herself the oommeroe of the globe V on see, even In (blllornia and Oregon, the same results! ^ on see them in the copper dug out on the banks of lake Superior, the iron In Pennsylvania tberviaum in v?. sndkihihv?*11 *" *?* v?V the lead In Illinois, and the silver and the gold In the free states of the N^tterCmfL?l5.ali **"? ,0U ,eo lh? ,ruiU ?f Policy. Neuter in forests, nor mines, nor manufactories nor u ork. ?I*> !? Uiore one African slave that turns a wheel or *uppl"s oU to keep the machinery In motion. (Applause ) ?rh LI i yiLi ,ee ?'?lons of frueasen orowdlng J ears. (Cbeerv). You see here the fonlls of ev Itot j?? *? oomes of n wise poli cy. But do not let us mistake It for policy, ft JVot y7? f1"? mwtoke II for policy, ft i. .0i f'.'n.i'i. a kimple national practloe of Justioe of ZX2tE?&21Lm nr-,or u,ta wh.^ "* J**! *? bl?6,P. whloh we lore so dearly, and so imt ly, which we prater shove every other earthly food and without which earth la unfit for the habitation - ?has ISHI Notnieg but you allowl^^X my rto^T '' ** >"? kqual rtghta?every man having < sactly bit own, ibe right to decide whether he will Ubr? or per Oh, whether be will labor aad ib*Jd'? d,l?~"d " h* w,u labor, for what be w|U tobjr and for whom be will labor, and the r'rtt IS. lfl tr'? L" employer, Just exactly aa the emploftr *T. ("***'? ) Von sec the fruits of this policy is ant tbev way. Go over tbo Americas continent from one end of It to tbe other, wherevertorSu.J equality lias been retains I, aad every ettlaea of a lute ens every cltirnn of every other Stite, end !Wy frem a foreign natloa, may write, prist, speak and vote? wton he acquires the right to vote?just exactly as be plee-wa and there Is no maa to molrai kimTicTuZ to terrlly him, no maa even to enmpiala Aad now reran* ! r?r *? 4,10 **' 8tou wt>lch has retained the principle of the inequality of man, and determine l that ft wl.l rnamtai. it to the it, ^ "will ^ ^kkoknven the native bora cltiaesi and slave bolder or rertnlely none but him, can express his oplalon on the' uvietloo whether th* African - ?JriTootn fceSdSi anTif T5r.lhrr !'e " ?qu*J * lo'ciw to th* White maa ft !k? 'k'"1?'. whether It I* not then the duty of i<* mxn to enelnre him No, "mum e the word" for freemen wherever eiavery Is retained aad cherished ?! 5?*' absence of freedom of speeoti aad of freed, m T'TT*?- ^'?**'"<'0' freedom la ibatf la there a n-n la If.nnrveta, who would for on* dav eooa.r,i^fi^ In It If be were net indulged m the exereto* o7 the riilt lev fovvdem rn U hurrah fir toavery. I think that them fertile vSteJ. if ^^wer^o^^or^dTvllin^ld dV '!??? jou need oaly look .r ^/th^iigh of American cttiaena aa 1 can ree before me .i'l , ? go over all tbe rrae State. ,0 Una L .ton, ?d wTll 72 them every day of tbe week SomewhatM ? n r^r. ?*' *'y"11, opto tone, and pre owing tn decUreThelr will, (net exaetly e? you are doing. Itje. this iom. tn he f? J' " "r*"* w"rk. w tfevloe, or contrivance t?It on tl.W of tbo great 'lakre. on ihlswdo^itl a? fontlc Ocean, on IhU side oaly of tbT Pacific^ o?Zi ntL may all meet or may all etay apart, may all toeak think ?ft.print, write and n te justriartlr ar thrvHmM wh.t.' there m,nootbor land on the ?T?J ^ ???wnblfd t<fftb#r lo stcrcin ih? - mx * 4??ported by aa armed band of ?ol Of raora and of Miio^e c?"lr,'l"?? tbo perfect bare what I have described"4*tbe ir??* tm. of SWMy, of a mif.orara^ equal and atari nstlce amoa* each otfolr'? ? rUw lU"" * d'Tl* f It is a sup-ror ?? rtiapre our Bough hew tb< m bow we may." rami ?awe or m rtoeui Now, fellow cttlieaa, while we tee how obw'eeely thla in the rreult of coetrodlag neceaalt j, bew oferioualy we read thai It la in accordance with the eery purpoee of a brneflr.-nt l*ro\ Idtwee. bow lingular tod linage It li (bat t<> ir.wh pa lot hare been taken to defeat aad preeett I be organl/atk* aad perfecting of thla eery tyotem of go Tertmrat tmong oa What hat wot the nation aeeo dooe tod permitted to be doae at WtahlBflor,' They bare per mitted eta let to be made, and xtdgmeata to bo rendered la their nam#, doclartag that earn aw aot frtenioo, bat that id oerlata eoadltloao and .a certain pleura they ire merrbaadtte The Hnpretr* Court of the lilted -da tee aerer rleea without recording iudgmenta aad dlreetlog taertilloar lor tbe tale of meo. women aad children to tnrrrhaadtte Aad Una la dnee la your name aad mioe. Tte rocetltol oa aerer declared, aerer ntended to de clare, wm aerer by III f'amert i.nderatood to de clare, that aay man roald be a chattel aad rrbaa d te (Applaoae. ' Three eheerr for that declaration ?') All that it did declare waa that ail men I hoe Id harerlgbta In peroral lecertty aad peewmal liberty wltbla the aa tica of the federal goreramrnt Yoo eee bow we hare bad aew rellgtooa tj -tema r?ta>!l*bed among at, loach tag that the A ft man tiaret nmoeg on, all Afetaaae. are the children of aa areorted parent, who waa rnraad aot oaly in bla owa prrtoa aad la bla owa day and generation, bat In til hit gene rat loot, ted lea-hing that erorybod y had a r'ght to r arte hit general lor? We hare bad rellgVoua ryateoM ottahlwhed aaanag at, Kwnblag that it la oar daty to raid are aad retam to elaeery llama eanaplag from their rntlert became M Pant teat back Oaetitnu , aa tbey ?ay, to bit matter? rehgkmt tyttecta erea teaching that it la tbe daty of meo it a free Plate, aot oaly to tnb mit to lawa patted for the porpote of etleadlai humaa b' ri*tfe, hut erea p?r?nrally to ere-ote them Ton hire teen la a portion of the IVoe how the great goveralng race, the while men actually deprire themteiret largely af the adraaugw of tdanatloa aad mtiraaUoa fjr the greater eioarity of kreplrg tlarot m Ignorance, to Ibat arlinnle find Qettegae rod onlreralliet, aa tbey nre or gin I red aad perfected la Ilia free Main. aad bow la *><et of the Wnet of Wrttwa Bacpe, are laraptble of being bal or mini Hoed la the tiare matte. Ten hare reB how wr bare, in .wder to c<?i- teract the policy of oer forefather! oa tbe aabjw.l of alarerj, turret J- red la 1*20 the Mate of ?lltao.iri and all that part of the terri tory of Idtatana that liet ?n?lh of 3fl 30 to ilarery. and one tea ted oorwirre with taring t? freedom whu lay aorlh of that llae: aad yon bare teen bow, oaly foe.y yeari tVrwarda, la order to counteract aad eatlrely do hat tbe policy af the father* a mtabliibiag toeh inttitu thmt it tbote, wt =arrtadered aad gare up the whole of what wa had ami ta 1M0,?.rreoderag Kaaaaa aad the f"1'" oh. end of tbe continent ti ?toar, ?? ?. slave colon as aad atave "?-?7- ,r slave owners could make them *0. iaJ ill mini that we J5J*" reoeive them into Lbe Union, aa wo feed already for ?frreed 10 rwiTe f(W slave States oofi of Toxaa, to the end that thla govva meat aatrbt net continue to he and develop. ltaolf to he, a govern meat founded oa the equality of man, bat ehould be and remain forever a government founded on the principle of K^E7.?,^ Yo* seen.fellow citizens, within stTiiir iB U7 hoT 0,6 &*wress of the United Htatee, In order to defeat the great policy, baa auppreeaed for a period of nearly ten yeara freedom of debate and the right of petition on the sabject of alavery la the Houae of Representatives aad la the Senate of be United ?ow bow the malla of the United Mates are subjected to eapionage, to the end th*' any SL72"?* ** sh,n f" freedom against alavery, zhall be abetranted and withdrawn, In order to fortify the power of alavery. You have aeon the federal government connive aad 00 operate and oomblna with theelave party In endeavoring to force alavery on the people of f inal whan they hau refused to acoeot it l'ir 2? T ah thmw things dime, uT s??Ts? that moat of you have, at aome time In your lives, given your oonaent that they abooJd he done The American pe >ple have consented to aU thla action of to oounteraotand subvert the very u'.V^ ??tobllahed by the constitution reeolt n iff ^f*? d0,,?? "* "?? >? toe f !L ?what advantage has alavery got, and what baa freedom loot, while we have for forty yeara ????l that freedom should be Stripped withinli.. * ^ dhtvery should be Invested with ail power. Why, thejr ha re arretted the march of emancipation at tbe line of P?npyTvi^and S^elt the ancient r la very atUl existing la De'aware Ifarvland w?rtta ?liro,,n?> Scuto Carolina ami Georgia1 ami^10 thfm ?*?? or nix slave atatee m the aoothweetern ar le of the Ohio and the Mm 'I*?t is all that the> have done. Ami no the other band, thla great vital principle of tbe republic, this ft "i1 equ*Jlty; wh?* It has abolished alavery In seven of the original States and baa produoed new aad strong and moat vigorous and virtuous States all along the ahorse of the greet lakM aad fiTff to*hs Valley of the Mlealeelppt, mftthHS, lhehec^ta1f?^^SctteW ?f b"l?f ?TerUlroWn 00 rorcrrr i.vD uw otzrthrowv ,loc* w? oen lay so tiuie claim to having produced these reeuita by oar own week, or wtedom or Vhick'hIwf 22il.<L*eee ^ .6ut tKat Power wAtch, {% uj Maker law, controls even the perverse wills of *? ^'forOi art J artrer. at it wot eitabtuhed in the beptnninj, a land, /rffew c1?A7' b? ? <f freedom!* (Cheers) Artfew cititent, either in one uwy or Ike other uhether you agree with me in attributing a to Ike ylirposvion Of [Hvint Providence or not, OUi battle hat l*tn fought, tku victory hat been won. Sladeru today it r,t'"**> "ot onty powrrleet, but without influen t in ike American republic. The 1 err led ranks of party ?Iterpariy, which rallied under it to sustain and dlWolv*d nndar the preaenre of the march?the great aad powerful march?of the American people, determined to restore freedom to Its original and just position In the government, for tbe r ?lai2? to vA1*1?!3! ofth* United States, no man is s fr<H? SUte cto be bribed to rote for iltv?rv ?nrss., ???Of tb. United Stahn haa WKT5U5T5E good a bribe or a seduction by which to make andoon T , to support slavery. (Applanee.) for the frit time hi the kiitory of the republic the 1lave rower hot not m. the power to terrify or alarm Cfr^LS^TaeZ state him tulmii, and tcheme, and coi/u ide, and compro mut- "rule now with a feeble voice, as It thaadered in our ears for twenty or thirty years past. With a feeble and muttering volte tbey'ery ml Ihat they wl* "" -10 Pto*s. (Derlelvr laughter.) into 1 afraid f (langbter and cries of -No one?) They 00m f * ' ' *? will not surrender our prtnoiplw and our system, and our right-being a iaforitv nta^u*thJf r,nW!" Bo1 ai*pt toelr system and neb rulers iu they will Klve us. they will go out of the Union Who ? afraid? (Laughter ) .YoboCb t afraid, nebodu can be bought. Now, fellow citizens, lot me ask you since '??,y?,?? prompt at answering?suppose that aay time witbta toe last forty years we oould have fotmd America^ ?rorywhere Ju?t aa they are eve rt where in the free States now?in such a condition that 'I'?}? *** D0 Ptoty that eoold be bonght, nobody that ccnld be scared?how mu:h sooner do you think this re t olutlon would have come in which we are now eneall?' I do not believe there has been one day sin* 1T87 ^StU ?eZ SSSSZ'yi"OT ??w#r " lh' governmon^ev ccpt what it tforlTcd from buviof op moo of weak Tir loo, no principle Dad great cupiditj, ana terriff toe men -f Wf"v D*rT? >n rr#? SUtoi.' (I*ughter and?c planse ) And now I come to ask what has made this grant political changer How la it that the American ?1!!?, ^ I0004 "d kPPccled to Ihem for ^d^ead Imlp and sympathy, aald,' Ut Kansas shriek "how lot lpiei ^ /?**? Too hare ail ^ocome?th? Iwrlh aad of the Northwest the wbotapeopie of the free mates-have become all at 'om? ?o how eat that none of then can be bonwht en Km** lKa* no.. ?f tbtmcaa be mmred" nJialtoO^'ThJSSSSS visuinariee on tbe Atlantic coast, who of all TmIu the word were aataM from tbe myailon of^Uv.r^?d leaat to siHer from It, while these prairies and lields and wlidernemea were as yet being filled up and oremn'iSi could not be convinced of tbe immlaeeoe of the danger' U has been next to impoastblo to oouvlnce tbe maTTho llv.s on the si le walk of an AUaetic ? ?vam the fhrmm m hi. urto. or Oayuga or Berks, or ta air ,i to. ***?**?? Zd^'tS^ ^ aavml ta ?L peace of 1TI7, aad, appreciating ita value and imj every maa furhimael'. that he neither s-EASi'r^:SSSSSSSs seen of 1TI7, and the virtue of the Imeritms peopie^Td now since you were so determ.sed that alaverrahouAbi arrested ami that freedom should hsacetoetn hT^SoL^ andslavee,roaiy mctloaal, becoming Juat aa boaeetaad uat mbruvoT (Applause ) fellow elti ??. I lm! hot j. mwiual!^' a; vaCSrr*: guwsSisaiBtjatfais [Ttnetplet into Iheadmtaietratlehcf lb- ?o'Ai-f. .A Provided you stand by bim la blr adnfrjT^Ti^l ^u aball be, aa I trust It shall . lll de^er that an that ban WwT^i^ " *,u tk?. . w ? rxanh There w She danger reaaelelea una oalv ? - new now force iteeir or be fo^wd. eih!. amoogo., into the Terrlior^ of the be euptdMy of Uade, and tbe ambit,^f .a Urea La are mUbihua .10 .1 ""'"n or thu 1 tha Territories; and CUpK,,t' " to. patrAS rotjnrai, 1 own or 1 yourarlrea M Men v. bo. altbongb to* bare nchi. Ticlory ud are entitled area now, It mmm, to lanb, barn rollelcd lor I bo war nod for you r natural Itcan. Yoa IN ? mm lled to ma id la n lb la tntl policy oalll It ahail bare bona on firmly re aotabad la tbo admin'.at rat .on of tte goeemmeat, and to firmly artab iibed la lb* bean* and will* and a "bet* mi of lb# American people, that i bote (ball nerer be a fa la a 1am orail/attoa front H.w peal woek. We look lo yoa of Um Nortbweot Whether ibw a to be a laad of aiarery or of freedom, tbo people of lb* Northweat ore to be the arbitratore of II* deoltay IV \ Irtac that M to ?a*a Una notion aaoat reatd* la tbo Nortbwoat, f?r IV umple roaaoa lb at II to not tbo people ?V lire cm lb# aldawalk*, nod wbo deal In laerobaaiHaa oatba Atlantic or tbe raeidj no lo, that rieecWethe pow.r of fOTtrnataal, of aororrifnly, lotbe Cat tad Btatoa. IV political power of tV raited 'Hatea reehian la Um owner# ef the laada of tbe l"n 'ted Male* TV owner* of ibe worfcaVna aad of III bank* am la lb# Kaat. nod Um owacre of the gold mlnea ara id tbo far Went: bat Um owaero of IV Mad of tV foiled state# art to b* Ion ad alone IV oboreanf IV Mwewaipyl rteer.ftom Now Orloaaa to tbo toamoa of tV great rieer* aad Um great labee Oa both eldeo of Ule riraam art tbe people who hoM la thrlr deatlaiea of the repab ic. I bare b?a arked by mart of yo# what I th r.k of Minaeoou I wJI not mlarge further ibaa toaay that MianeaoU moot be either a great Mat# or a meaa mm. Juat a* ber people ?hall have wledowi aad rlrtoe to decide That aoaM treat mat** are to be bollt op la tbe Yaitoe of tbe Mlrowotppt I know Yn>i will no laager bear herranrr J the " lAd rt?miBloa" mate dominion haa paraed away from Vtrglala long ago Pann >> Nam w ao Mage? tbe kryotone of tbe AmerVwa V ntoo, lor tbe arch ha- bora eitended from ibe Atlant a <?at to I be Pacific <x*aa, iad ibe centra of tbe arch I* mi red wettward A aew kej etnne la to b* bollt la that trrb. New York will coaae to be tbo Kaaptr* Mate aad a new rtaplre Slate ? ill grow ap la a northern latltode. ? here tV laada are rich, and where tbe people who col tlrae th. m arc all frte and all rgoal That mate which ?ha.I be trumt to Um great fundaarntal pelaolrde of lb# g.'TcromeM--that (Hala which abali be moat Witbful, moot rig.roue, la deroloptag aad perfecting anclat* oa Ibio pelnrlpi*?will V at once tbe aew [torn In Ion male, the new keyetoae (Hate, tV aew frapt'f Out* (Ap t'laoie ) If there la any Hale la IV North went that baa been kindrr lo ar Ibaa the Stale of Mlnaeeota aa I if aarb aronatderalloa coald Influence me, tbeu t might perbafw, bare a reeling of emulation Ibr acme other Hate T will ooly My, thai eeery nan who haa an boeeot hedrt and a 1 olenr bead ran re# that there arood die Had lone are within the graft of tie people of Mlnaceota. aad ereey 11 or root heart will V willing la girt hrr a fair rhaac* to acenre It (t??d orplnnm ) t ij> Y. IM-The rmaton Tromtt'ift eaya ? Wo i lallkc to aptdl oay of IV harml-M .torlea that bar their ma tVongb tbe vaapopei*, but we ahotild really like to knew Vw aaeo wV are to* eighty to ninety year# of ite eonld TOtc fhr Washington at tb* find "lection for K.r drat, a* tVy were only lad* front eight to eighteen 1. an aid at IV itnM. We apprehend that Tory few of tb* hgal T. tr.* in UM failed Haleo la 1TM ara now llw i, g, a they oaaaot of worn V lean Ibaa MMbAw year a old. GOV. JOHISQH'S PLABTATIOB. The Home of Horn Herschel V. JekHM, the Democratic OtMU?UU for Vice Pw QUI iriCUL GEORGIA COBRERPONDEHCB. Bras'* Ttbnoct, Jefferson Oo., Go., Sept. IS, ISflO. Tke Gmner'i Maniion and ill Sumnrndingt?His Plan taUo* and iti Oaeemaunt-Uit family and tkeir Hoepi Mily?The NoUut Matron of Tktm All?SuulXmn Lift in an Inlatid Mitritt Xumort of Iniurrtction-MeUtg of tke Slaeeo?rkt Political Position of Ooa Joknton-Hom Will Ike Mala Oo??Apprtken?*oni at Negro Stealer* Being Around?The Comity Under Patrol, dtc., <fc. * Elglbly situated on s rising point of land, about Ore miles sooth of this Utile stopping place, an the Augusta and Macon Railroad, ore the plantation, mansion and resi dence or the Hon. Hersebel V. Johnson, democratic candi date for the Vice Presidency of the United Slates. The hones hess the northeast, la large and commodious, and admirably adapted?as moat residences in the Southern country are?for the free circulation of air. It hen lately been enlarged, by the addition of a eouple at wings, whieh hare added much to Its appearanoe and oonvenlenoe. In front are a number of high trees oak sod hickory?and a large flower garden, already laid oat In walks, which will in doe time furnish agreeable objeota of view from the frent plassos, and at the same lime affbrd an appear ance of loveliness to the approach to the mansion, which Knot now to be observed. Surrounding the boons are largo groves of oak, voeal at times with the voieea of the songsters of nature and the ringing laugh and merry cries of the jolly little black Imps, who have nothing tn the world to do but have their fun and grow fat, If I exoept to listen to the Scriptural teachings of their beloved mis oormeoB johxson's flaxtatiosi ooniitts of 3,962 sores of land. It li peculiarly adapted to the growth of the products of this latitude, particu larly oo t toe. In the aggregate the land la vol nod at 826, 009. There are upon the plantation 117 negroes, as likely a set of boys and girls as yon will son south of Mason h Dixon's line, and valued at 998 900. The increase of ne groes In twenty flv* years has been 200 per cent. The number of mules and horses Is thirty-eight, worth 93,800; value of cattle and implements abont 91,000. This will make the aggregate value of the fkrm and stock 1128, *00. From this Investment there will be raised this year 260 bales cotton, valued at 912,600; bushels or corn, 7,000, valued at 90,600: giving a dear income of 910,000, besides supporting on th* tkt ol the land, and In sumptu ous sty is, about 160 persons, and raising any amount of sweet potatoes end garden track generally. The planta tion Is under the Immediate dfraction of the eldest son of the Governor, Emmet R Jahneon, Esq., who, with his brother, Winder P. Johnson, Esq , are among the most promising young men In the State of Georgia. TBI FAU1LT or Govmuok .'0W80W? 1BKK BOSTRAUTT TO A (rrHA.v-.ia. The family of Govern* Johnson consists of his wife, who Is s blood relation of the Isle Kx President Polk, two younger mm, besides those shore named, and three daughters, one J oat budding Into woman* hood, and the others, two pretty damsels, Southern young ladles who are destined to figure with brilliancy la Washington or any distinguished society. The Governor Is now absent on a Northern political tear, bat his ihailj is well presided over by his lady, who, of all the ladies I hare seen, possessing varied political knowledge, is the noblest aaatroa of them all. Her Infor mal km la regard to political events in the North Is as oleer and profound as that of most of the noted Northern politicians. In regard to Southern polities, the fountain of information posses red by the wife of the democratic can didate for the Yloe Presidency Is overflowing. And nalt ed with this large amount of in tar sating and valuable In formation Is a degree of high toned tatelllgeaoe, mind and reeolutenem seldom found arm la the most prominent public men. Her hospi tality end that of her fomily Is unbounded, as your correspondent has had ample personal and reoeot reasons to judge. I bad soaroety placed foot within the threshold of Gov. Johnson's bouse, when I wss wised with symptoms of en illness prevalent In some of the pleoeo through which 1 have just passed. After a walk of about as boor through the plantation, in company with Mr. W. P. Johnson, the sickness overpowered me, end on returning to the boose I was obliged to retire to bed. The household was is e com motion at onoe. Mrs. Johason, with asetsrael hie in am, was among the first la her mtmto tmtlees; the sans wars ell aetlve and hind, four servants were placed ai my command, and my innliwtwast or request was compiled with with the utmost alacrity, and daring e part of my lileem the young ladles of the Dually played, la an adjoining parlor, aire upon a brilliantly toned piano, that came like the notes from golden stringed harps, swept by angels' fingers, soothingly end gralefoUy upon my fovcred brain. Tor over three days I was prostrated os my bed with a distressing niaem and during all that time, Instead of dim la lab tog, Mrs. Johnson end family in or eased la their gratefully re membertd end touchingly tendered kindnesses. And there was the recipient of those hospitalities, e stranger and unknown, ocmlng from a for distant section of the oountry, where plots asd midnight ooaeptraciea ere ooa oocted to bring upon this foir lead the horrors of ssrvlle insurrection sad Civil war. As as evidence ef the ex tot ?see of a great moral, social and Christian Ilka principle, the bounteom hoepitality of Southerners can he imitated Is advantage by thoee la the North whs prate so much about the " barbarism of slavery." no sarnie or oovanaoa gammon, at home aid abroad, ere of e pious end the mam tem perate description The story that he was nominated for the Vies Presidency over e bottle of wise in e barroom, in his pi semes, to as void toes of fouadalloa as the sanr ttoa to calumnious and uajuet. Be dorn sot drfnk lntoxl anting llqeore, ner dees he enceerage their aaeatboam or elsewhere; asd so for from wise having anything to de with hto neastnattaa, tt may he not generally haewa, hut It to aevertheiam a foci, that the aamlaatloa wee tendered to him before Jedge ntrpatrtak wsa se lected Jedge t. deal is lag, the Cxeestive Committee urged in the most earnest manner Governor Johnson to ac eept it, end be threw himself late the breach for the pur pose, so 1 have from undoubted authority, of arrvetli^ the rtorm ef dtouatoa which threaten if to overspread the South, and destroy the eoetel rotations sxtotlaglshto ?stive Piste, hi tbu ifforta he has had to esoounter the most Intense opposition. Pome of the Georgia pellti etase, In order to he la at the death of the democrat la party, repudiated their former ground is fovor ef Pottos ?ad uen tatervuattoa, hop!eg thereby is aeeure the fovor of the ?outhsra party that weald, is eueh as event, rally tor the pretention ef ftoutbsra rights, asd place is power these whs were the meet ultra, vlotost asd laeenstderato is support of them. Hut s rvssttaa to eitoaUy gofog on is Georgia, asd although G over use Johnson was bung la rffigy la Maooo only s tow weeks tgo. esd bis followers oould teeroely be ? umbered by tans, sew they can he counted by hundreds asd thousands, and the pereeua la Name who committed thto vile Indignity to ana ef the purest ana ef lbs meal pair teste cttisaas of the Mete, have sot dared to avow publicly that they peef* rated the sot. Bat those whs parsonaHy know Mr. Johnaen know thnl he wseld aot bribe any men, eves with egtomof whMtsy or champagne, if it were te scours hto ekcttas te the Presidency. nevernor Johaaou to not only sincerely hetaved by hto fomlly, bnt hto aervnnts ell revere, honor MM love him; end it to the etgM! tor Joy among hto negrom for them te beer the cry that "Mama has come' Mama has eosee!" Hto ktodaem end humanity towards hto mrvanta have won ell their hearts, asd so HtUe concern has the TT mi am about their ddelity, that he bee so foer of leaving hto fomlly etaee under their proteetton. Oe one oooeeioe Mrs. Jchneon wee futimly stone. Her huebaod and all the male members of the fomlly wars ewny, end she wee without say protection whatever from whites, the nearest neighbors living some Ave m las dis tant One day rumors were circulated that at* tloams end other negro rimless were ie the neighborhood, md that danger wne te he tpprehended on the plan tat toe Mrs J. ceiled the negroes together, told them of the foot, mid she was alone end reltai a dob them for protection She tbeu dismissed them with her Meestug, All eight long the benaet follows kept up e petrel over the piaata lks . sad sot eves one of their owa number osaid peae taniher without sxrhaaglsg the proper signet. Any one found suaptotoeely prowling shout the plan HI tea was te be snrrounded. no vtotoaoo being permitted, asd Mrs Johnson was to he Informed of the circumstance. The edy had e carrtsge reedy, and weuld have risked the re S| oeslhlllty at herself eoowylsg the culprit to lewis v to. the eeoety seat, about tee mike distant. B. i anus of the russele appeared let year 1 Northern wives end daughters imagine tbrmneirss In lurh n petition, end think what they do when they eu eonrage man, or rather demoas, to tof oeace the ?'eves to meurreelton and the eotomtonton of the most horrible atrocities. sow wtu aanacu oo* There to hat little pruhshUlty that either ef the esndi. dateewiU receive a aufflelent number of votea to ovrf the Bute, a aaa^orlty of all being required. In that event the aleotioa gee* U Dm lagWatare, which was ohoowa laat year?and from promt appearanem the vole of thin Bute will be mat tor Breefclaridge and Lute. Butthmd la hardly any knowing what may ooour in a few mociba, considering the ground Douglaa and Joinoa are dally gaining. From here I pap a vlalt to Hon. Alaxan 'ar H. Stepheaa, In a d a tant part of the Bute. noun nmoaa or blavu aimtuaa, ma Rumors are to day abroad of the exlateaoe of ? ooopie or negro Honiara In Washington ooonty, Georgia, wbo have already had midnight oooaulUtlooa with slavea tor Ute purpoee of inducing them to ran away from their maaters. The namm of the vlllalna are known, and bote of them have recently eaoaped Jail In BnndemvlUe. Dm patrol are aware or their dolnga, and the Inciters to aor* ?lie revolt wiU be summarily dealt with If thorn on U?el? track are fortunate enough to entrap them. THE UNION ELECTORAL TICKET. Nnw Tom, Sept. 36, I860. Jon 1.6nD, Gk)., Chairman of the Democratlo 81a Committee:? 8m?The undersigned are Instructed by the enraalttM appointed by the Colon meeting, held at the Cooper Insti tute en the 17th lnit., to communicate to you the result of their consultations in respect to the union of all the opponents of I.lncoln and Hamlin upon one eleotoreJ ticket la this State. Anxious to secure the united net loo of the masses with the oononrrenee of the organisations, we hare unanimously agreed to reoonsmend the subjoined ticket lor electors of President and Vloe-Prentdent, and ask you to submit it to the committee of which you are Chairman, and in behalf of those whom we represent, to request the assent and support of that committee. Yours, respectfully, SAMUEL F. BU ITER WORTH. 8. L M BARLOW. JOSH OA J. HENRY. SAMUEL J. TILDEN. EDWIN CR03WELL. At the meeting of the committee appointed In pmsn anoe of a resolution adopted at the Union Mooting, held eh the Oooper Institute on the evening of the ITth of Sep tember, I860, to adopt such electoral ticket as ths crista end the oonntry now demand, the following resolution wan unanimously agreed upon, every member of thooommlt tee being present:? Resolved, That this committee recommend to all cttl sees of the mate of New York who are opposed to the> election of Lincoln and Hamlin, and who are in fhvor of preserving the Union of thane States upon the baste of the constitution, the following ticket for the eleotlon of President and Vice President of the United Stales:? FOB STATB ELECTORS, frames. Residence. Politia. Bemsn J. Red field Gent see, Douglas. Henry B. Randall Oortlaod, Breckinridge. DISTRICT ELECTORS. .Vsmes. Raridenos. Politic*. 1?Seiah a Strong Queens, Douglas, B?John H. Browor Kings. Breckinridge. 8?J. A. WeetervelL New York, Bracktartdps. 4? Elijah F. Purdy. New York, Dooglaa. 6?William A. Rob be New York, Breckinridge. 6?J. Depeyeter Ogden.... New York, BelL 7?Wm B. Duncan New York, Breckinridge. 8?Stephen P. RueeeU New York, Broeklnrldgo 9? Abram a Conger Westchester, Breckinridge. 10?Daniel a St. John Orange, BelL 11?Ellaha a Strong Greene, Douglas. It?William Kent Dutehees, BelL 18?Martin Springer Reomelaer, Douglas. 14?James Kldd Albany, BelL 16?Isaiah Blood Saratoga, Douglas. 16?Henry H. Bens Emax, BeU. 17?David C. Jodaon Bt. La wrenoe, Douglas. 14?Char las Goodyear Schoharie, Douglas. It?George C. Clyde Otsego, Douglas. 10?Edward Huntington Oneida, BeU. 21?Ambrose a Hlgglna..... Cortland, Douglas. 22?Luclua B Crocker Oswego, Douglas. 2)?Plertoe If nod y Jeflbeeon Douglas. 24?John M. Strong Onondaga, Douglas. 26?Edwin M. Anderson Wayne, Douglas. 26?James a Pulver Ontario, BaU. 27?Miles H. Pram* Tompkins, Bell. 26?Charles a Carroll Steuben, BeU. 29? Addison Gardiner Monroe, Douglas. 30?John a Skinner, 3d.... Wyoming, Douglas. 31?I orenso Borrows Orleans, Bed. 82?William Williams Kris, Douglas. 33?Stephen D. Caldwell... Chautauqua, Douglas. asurrmaTxm. Douglas men 18 BeU and Everett men 10 Breckinridge man ? Total 30 All of which we respectfully submit. CHAS CCONOR, SAMUEL r. BIT HER WORTH, a CROJWKLL, HENRY GRINNELL, a l. a baridm, WILSON 0. HUNT, SAUL. J. TILDES, PETER a SWEENY. DANIEL F TIKMAMN, JAMES MONBOE, DANIEL dsvun, A. MOUNT, CHAR A. SEOOR J. J. HENRY, fTlslrrn? JmnsL Ram. Secretary. New Yoaa, Sept. 24, 1860. | A copy of with la aleo addreaaed to Dean Btobmond, Fbq., Chairman of the Democratic State Committee. I BEKENADH TO 00V. BANKS IN CHICAGO. [Erctn the Chicago Preae aad Tribune, Sept. 21 ] Agrernble to order*, the eereral Wide Awake omanles of the city easembled last eight oa Waahlngton etreX/for the perpeee of attending a serenade to the Hon. N. P. Banke, at the Tremeet House. Forming on Waahlngton ?treat, the proem ilea, es It started, oenelsUd of the Lin coin Rangers, Sooth Bide, Booth Chicago, Oaatral, North and West Bide Wide Awakes?In all amounting to nearly five hundred accompanied by the Light Guard ad Union bands, and ???""" -- eonretag most excefimit muric -easwuue die Very ease after their arrival Mr hto I safea-1* ? -" ~>S!KS,ta r1-' s: caption Which bee been glrm mTln Mm wJS! being"welcomed m tohT^Tb^ ^L-"P*CUUo? 52T n,ttir lo mymlt a homm ^Cham Aod although, under other -"T S,'^, bly as I are before me, with such fnore'^Lh.a Mitale the people of the ounUy et sSi? syrssw Y.irfrirarvsEr.S ana ??r???sSRs5 *.ui W chiidren, a heritage " myatff young and old, For the tanf j*t kwty yttre, they have bean the ploow^Z. j of evwy pert of the Amerleen ooaltamiTw! TliiT ohereh yard or bearUwtoee la all New ?SrtSrt rnJTL *?yW|"Mj trtu the living endthndT?^ Cf.1 m>n ??*????* WTlnek eneTlL that has bees evtaeed by ita peoptelihe ZZltU pertly that has tallowed the SSoMthefoEEIi^" Py meet* in the foeadatlae of Stolen^ L " P?"miSiim of elvllimtlee. and these timi en it?m is., i M,| , ~ "???trt? ssas^SSKSSSr sens or praneete the Indus trial yiuepiillj of the onuak will be i iuIwiI with a cheerful heart and with t Bagging will and tadastry. (Cheers.) I cannot bet that einSiver M done te promote the Interests of pet! of oer common ooentry is for the benefit of all. earl that by this Interchange of Mean, me ring shout among he people of the different perls of the euptmaai, we ar tiding tn pleat Irrevooehly apee their Mned ftxiadetlea 1 i he metitatioee of freer on which hnve bare eo aoonenfei4 > ad which bee Mcured te MM muoto of the prosper)! ted beppleeee with which H?vid?nce hen farnred u?< kadi treat that the anMn af thmeStotee. as well u tb) I rreperily of the pedfU, may be as saderiog ea to J i rmamret above ue, sad forever threw Ita broad prrj art It g rgb ever ear people end their deeoeedaeb1 Cheers.) Fefiow ettleeee, 1 thaak yoe for thekledemg nd the ooerue/ with which 1 have bees honored. and , met that with three lew words yoe will allow me tl aha my hnve of yea ea tola occasion. (Great *tl leeee ) The crowd m ettoedenre about the Trnnoet Bouse i very large, eotwlihr tend teg which the taKWt good or I revelled tbrongWt the whole time. It wm a g?m reraeton the Wide Awake di-i ?y being the largest er. made in thu ? ily, while tbrir recrdlrwoe In drill en gtnerel tine eppraraooe wad a matter of much cowmen HOW THE REPUBLICANS INTEND TO CARI7 TEXAS. rik* AND FTKTCHWnn. Fr-m the <;a'v?e'na News. Brpt. !? 1 T? ? ' > i rinue document thai revealed the plan of ? '?t?n -1 nixilltioo eoclety agttaat lh* pease of this vu . I Uvea and property of ita ettieenn, appeared i i I ' ?? * th? the A net r tfftt' "f 'be ? 1 It bed i??ee la the posernire of tee vlltor of the nriu | Pimntl ll for over three ereebe. ?n?ler the ml of U Oeenty mirt n( Tarrant r 'inly, end he In n "rat: with a rrwbr-r of the lewdlng entases of Bell eouet I rrmmuelteted the oont.'au ef the letter to reliable m<J la eighteen cfuotlee. with a new to tarn the reflating n th e Irtirr u. arcoent f<v the IMerilnn ' the -miaJ rtee it named in this Stole -Wampler, Isake. WoodJ^M Bvane. McIfoaM, Vlokery^ote. Nugent. Shew, Wbl?' GiMord, Ashler, Drake, Ifimhs, Bbuhe, Newman, Web

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