Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 27, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 27, 1860 Page 3
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Irautor, ud J Un T Rave*- , ?nd RpiBOle, Mid Cnptani tondere, mi- Jroesweil. and 'art, bat by no mo&ss least m power, obarnoter ?ad u.'oenoe, 3r*?'.aii Coram* 1 bear )u tnia beauU/'-d end sonny Morning a gentle north-am br. r i cooling the fcrated atajspaero, the sounds of idle witou* voices or tt??3 men, u 1 one eight brer toe ror-a of those who have parsed from ?b'.s ?Mkl, but whoso memories lUi imgor w.tb us. And there uu No. 2 is tbo Tecnefsj j dclegai ion, b'..?y oa tonatroeting s oompr uniae pUt.'.-r? .n No 3 is K?n tnoky, bo.d and pstrloiloj a Na 4 a Vermont, tbe Plate ml ti/een iSu-atuna?bat e atedow parses over tor dell lous, it is the shadow of oatb, ltd M it pcrses Vrport*^ .n No b H jiooob'ji ; is No. 9 Yirg.cla, the good tod Dominion, the mj'.ta.r of ifutos, e'?tesna'a and good kwdtmg colored pertonc, .a >'0.19 e Fennsirlvanle, acd bare there ie Ibc mischief to pay aril no tar Lot. What trouble doth environ those who rat Hiio with toe' and r in! With fe asylvac.a, ta tbe lauguago of ocr. 3anksof Mrau.'.'.Nks. "laooese .a a dcty" on coal and iron. No. 11 m kiane,ei:d be: o come . oaiing pon ?T the ve.:-ee cl tfeejakuto Shepiojr, '-be pUiiJ ? pleeeant featured Sabaon, and ut&ora of that elocuent stamp, .n No. l?are Uio gallant M.aairsU'pkim, ready, pile* md pongeei, ready for a strike, qu.ok is motion ead eUostire jd action?line tbo berooi at B-ana '."eta. wttb tbe boro,3 iiev.s at tbeir hoad. AuiwitbN'o 12 eeda tee sad, eventiew I'story, so far cs tbo M'.Us Bocse ?d the Char eeton National Democratic uocventlou are sraseenxd. The oor vocation '> m man cod .n sadness, oon Uaavd m racL/sjig, and ended eventide Tbe ..edge war intended to l.as3.'ee tbe democratic party was miterod, and that was all tbe Oooveot'oc accom h* cad yet I no bad in tbe/oet/.j.e Building stlil re _ ii d itatu ip*, tor 1 have just visited it through tbe aoMMsese ut Kr. k.mar, tbo superintendent of tbe build rag. and steed cpon tbe spot on which denerai Cutfclng Aickred thai11 the Douglas men were era.7." POLITICS IS VIRGINIA, era Richmond ooeuikponsinc-b. *i -xmoyn, V*., Sept. 10,1800. Wit v; TXctyV c/in Virginia?lljm lb it Re garbed fUkU-.xly taSrxard? TTW it Looked for fro* Adni^iXrtU^n jjL\ Seward at llis Secriltry of Stair?TV Cry <f Disunion in BsJtrtAte to BrcM-.ridyt JS't Loup* IIwued?Fohi^l i'l Rkknumd?lloui (\t T\r>-_ Pariia are Vieing?lhe Bill and R-xretlMen Urultant? Tits Br<Mnrilyc at* Do.glatMen Retfur V%skenrten-:d? Tie Rral Aim <tf ike Different Parties?An Bx'.ra Session of ike Lijuia'.urt to be Coff-d Becacte rf the Protpec ft ui. tcuin'i Election die. * ltorox'r election, If indeed ha ahull be elected, led ger*i,,U)J to uke tba of efl'ce, la esteemed in Vlr. |hbU.o greatest c.rse that will ever have bafilien, or cm Mil, the country, Th'.i opinion ia founded do teas upon ha at nexsous po. tical Bent meets thaa b.a incapacity to Itaaharge tbo dul^a of tte Presidential office, and Ma MHaouant UabJlty to be controlled by the rampant gbebUon -.if-? *bo will surround him. ^The rears reault tap front, this copvictkn are lncreariag day by day aa tae proepe-.ta of hia elecUon are developing. And joal in proportion aa the public mind ia realizing in advance thia tarribie recall ie the baatility to hia election increasing, ?ad the opprobrium which would attach to tba South in tae coed lion of Tiaaalage to whi:h - ho would bo reduced by the taxation to the Pre-idency of a sectional caadt tatae, more keenly felt. The more contemplation of such ia event arouS'* the South to a pitch of angar bordering IB fren.y. There are thousands, even la Virginia, who, imtil recently, could not realize the poaalbllity if such an event Now, however, the convtetion If KB probability, nay, certainty, aeema to have ?tae 1 mazy of tbem, and thty are already eerioualy dell heralxg aa to the proper courae to be pureuod when that md calamity thai) come. 1 iniiiuaiod la a letter dated yesterday that Lincoln ?oud he suddeuiy cut oil by eotno Poo thorn youth, cither before cr aa soon after hia inauguration aa an opportunity mould offer. That belief I strongly entertain; nor will it be changed until bo shall have occupied the White House U best for a year. Hia immunity will not depend upon IB Impartial adminxtratioo of the Presidency. Ho will Save to aoek it la other safeguards, ?ueb as obnoxious Browned beads at e aceuatomod to resort to. Hji avowals ta hoat'itly to the South are doomed sufficient already to sender him ameuabie to all the rengoance that could hcdal any public ma>ef*:tor. He is aasaUlng the dearest ret U of aa noble minded a people as any on earth, he may well presume upon evil ccose',ucucee at the Bo tar as I am ablo to ascertain, Seward*e election would be deemed tar kee objectionable in lie South than that of Uawit. &*ward is known to be a r la lor man of d^tiao Uen, with an emarged ezpericnoc in public adairt, and Bmrexirs fully competent, with any disposition, to be ?at, to administer the affairs of the nation in a ?aliafac Airy, It may be, to all St.'.Ions. Lincoln p ? .-Me# Has rnb I hostility of the aage of Auburn tc Southern m Blmtiooe. sad all Me disposition to do outrage to them ?hboul ihotc reatramis which, 11 must be presumed, re MR from ar, enlarged oonrtilutlotial know ledge, a cuitl gated inU.lie I and long political experionc, a .oh aa ?award poteeaaea. Hence ?? Old Abo'a" election It deeiaed Lr moro dangerous to Southern in teres a tuna Would b ihai of Beward. Aaeuirr and a r trocg oojection to bi election ia f und L the probability of Reward bring Mr chief ndvisera ^c- rvtavy of J iatc. It l? prcauiur 1 t tl sk ward I. ndn: eobor imate oiiico, and nut directly reepooeibie (or the la of the tl imatration, would wroa% veng-tuo--, Lro-igh Lis chief, upon tha SonUt for Ik hostility to him f. the pvt. It fc- farther intimated that he would purwne I poi y in order to Involve Lincoln in did. Jtiea. thus be revenged on him for hi elevation above L.m tl at Chicago. Three roasoca operate wilb peculiar I e to reader Unjoin ? election h tbiy object,', table at ?Sooth. Pitt lit- tar tge t ?? ' i b. : v.. ?-t--t. r.-ch, (b Pof disunion in reference b I. ? , wb'cli waa parauel much t> lu disadvantage previously, ha* materially jsh d lie la new esteemed n good I' man. though B Still brradiy L.ntel that he Is ia bad company. I ..en hear the maxlr-, cf ''tell me your company and TII all yoa who yon are ' applied to him. The ibar^c ? Wer A rendered tota'. y luoocuoua by Mr. rrecu.nrulg' '< Ian >u mi rent meita, aa they were gii en ui his Speech k levmrt R. Pji'i ib Richmond are in rather a ?? lupl'.cated new. gch iart j baa a rr\ its', some three oi four l.mee a WW lle.r r-?jwctlre bcBdMuarlors to w.t the Ure...inr . lg< tarty at tl-tmp.iiitaii flail, the luagi i party in li.e frtraa church, ard u>e Boll a'-d Kverott party in their real wigwam, mcaanrlag one tualrcd by alaety M. The structure was r erectly crectod spo BUy for this campaign, and Inaugu aWd fcw n.<hu ago will. 4 grand precession, mi. .c, Iran spa levies .naumrrable, wTln a son.e of ap, ?u n >: s, and a nte eterllcat from Cutta.a W. If. n git, Pmb'entof the Bell and I rcrrttClvb Mr M seed, of I yochburg ex Governor Morthead.of North groliat, a., i Mr I urr?r. of Amelia coi'.ety The Ball and t ereu rcen are '.a decided y Bsc ?? if at the pro*,-**! of klrea ry ng dcrnrv rallc old Virgin a 1 ban- so Idea Wy w. l be dec-tved this time aad really they .<ugUt m; for any oll.'r i?rty ec otiCL doumod to t<ci.u! tor kulo in the ool 1 vgims at lhel.?a1 wrvt'-re of Malt r!-rr tr it bare had its ardor c? .-d l-mg ag , and its a*tira gni literally i iluvurt 1. Aa to IbeBrocklnr.dfcand tVvugtaa bmd they are growl I at aa. h other in e spirit of rr.m' on and Uwr nsu.uai boetllity, whl n can oily be OS imeit upoa the r;, a that eath man Ma the other reeponeibie for shuttlag it but mi the p ib'..c er b As to the pres et of e fetkn the two fact ica, that is fast as poa bk as to tnra th< tree of the noon. They are arrayed tr ei chdiviiy Mi illy to each other ar u> rouJor a fu* ox net ^u'y 1st ? ibie w Uiln the short peviot now Ut bvfurc th' day eiecifoa, but for an egs. None oi tbe^arlles aas d illy entertain the remotest h^j-e of aueSMi mitontAi oskt'.wt, 1 oare not what the) maj say tc th slrary. real aim and nb rl of the dt.Tsreat part''* ? ? maJaaoy. w it a v w to s?vcrr the ?acti?" nto.Sc iD. M. Maonsi ia the I. led Mvales Beaate Mo l<?g M > dwtmct vo party I'ai*, as they are aow drawn, arc A tamed, a-itt,. v of th m cat s . I; ? II i. ? ? a abinsibw cf hsot twoof t! ? iwrtioe t m-mm-aui a i irt'.y, an of th s I can only s e a rroapxt betw or i ."Vragiaa aal Bail m e tr. the leg's..turr The" It a nog s |Minting already toward! IMS consummation, ikh, if oarrtef nt, must reeu.t tn the certa.n en ow oi Menatu. II is->o I have heard tte r.a-.. of '? ?nor LwhJww pr mincnily iBMntioE'-d in ectaacrt ou A tele ae'tina and It S'rrrs t be very favorably r< red by mxasb-r of all parttea H? i* mat ng b.auulf Mstty prrystir If htaUBd SBd aflabie manner, aad. T iM nit, w.j .ta., th- OoventortLip a very g.LC* arH? overacr 1 eh ever As I dctarre'.oral to re' aa estrt see i ef the Virg ?ia Legis'at-re. to p'or'de (be toe emiw ey of LJMola's*?* or V ry ? wt die ?n th i of 'ai.uary avid, art ?h la ore* a month later Ibar f n?t ad H L MS art i Ibis rv la dsterm u?<f epor ia ardor that the l*g> ?tuM' r ae in fuh blast shoe the IDeetarai CuOeye meets t. it the i rea^enthl got* Bel) uc it, a torrlbi* crtt.C MMBta ? rttOta BOrgttrKTd. '''tsssr, Va., sept, 3* ItdO |)'x c t 1 e V remit Vee ct both w nga o( tbe de rrucy ateet bere or the Athef Or toher next and w.U Lvov tc effect a f. ioa. Xbt totnim hopes that too a of the two * tag* will ba efooted by the with rai of Mr. Do ylas, hat feare that thia prepaatUoa ?a toe late Mr Yaaary addresses th" nettoaai deotu. y oh M- .day aoH MASSACHUSETTS POLITICS. , vr BOSTON cokhwron?><c?. . tawwow, Bept 13, l*et> JVvei in Jfarr ' -L?A KepsMiem* VitUxy At Mrrrtnt ridy. BmU OwkbM** aad JB?jkm h M e'i ? Cta \iiuj and 111 Urti?Tkr Mil Rtabrnfaei Wcrxe'rr?T'ioDotA;'.M M ni Spriiff/U, A'. m m j be ae oo a taaseact.tette th.f tali U the . AJ> JTtwkiias. Tbg rrj C,i4.dwh!i? ehanoe of ctiryiag the ?t*te off.-rod to the entir7ul've a??D by tbe aomieatxw of IM r ad real A1 fr?*, has betn loot, apparently beyond my bore of re eovtry. Tee hopes of many bonnet, ttoosblTul mew bare boon raited, only to bo J aappo atod by tts actwn of the three a-weanl/ons whteb aeeemoied yesterday, This f? ?art, boaever, was entit'-pated in the ^ Brat n :crres]<ondeaoe. Ths Breekmr.uge man ware avertr to the fusion, md touid cot bare boon indoced tc touch it, except with the stovers of the pffjttt scoured beyond a doubt, and the formation or e-.cb a Usket a* ewM cct have oftendod my of the .eaat of tr.e.r party rrediiao;. ai The Breckinri ye democracy cf liteeac'-ceotIr .? ooa joeed largely of the '1 o.d C-D- ere ?a h^dy cf nen wboee part eocree bar been .,.*tjt(rc.ahed for fidelity to Its national democrat/0 lattb, act posit/on to ali ooei.t onn and tceee comblnnl.-oaa which e"ect the sale of pr ne.plcs for p.aro. T? e B^sk lnr/dge ieadort lb ibis stale are too ei tireiy aware of the val'e of a pure md indefiied party cryani-ut. *. to ru. ary hatardous r'ake for the take of a*temporary evpedi en-y. They would be to tee abolitocana rote vc a rbeca In the state, lot tf.ey wo-ld tot pav the prise of degrading U.e.r party organisation to aoeomr'iob even ns deeirabie as -red. bo tbe men rtooi aloof from partlee that could aceompiiet nothing witbc .t their aid and were unwilling to o2er them such terms u tbey could accept with tcncr. Hoc. John U. afford, of Sew Bedford, it :-y wc-aid have oordally rep ported cad be name been o' erod to ;bem by the Bell md Douglas organ 1 uliene. for there baa been nothing in tea polil.sal career to deter the xoat scrup..<cus md extra democrat.: cf de mocrat! from voting for him in tbe prcrect position of ?ay State politics, although he la remembered ae one cf the moat inhuaatlal of the old time wh y party. Kir. Ol?ord declined to permit tbe nee of bit came, and tbe friends if Mr. Ereta nridge of course could net ?o for for get their oppotitlon to the prescriptive tenem of Know Nottag'iia at t) be willing to tapper; any one with catiTe American antecedent*, ncr could tbey, au tbe other hood, throw their voma for my tepp rver of l?r. Douglas. T!?o BcJ party wiored them it re inviting than a straight Bel) ticket, wb.cb tbey co. id, by no conceivatla possibility, be indoced to swallow, while tbe D c agios mer o'Tjrci tbcm nothing but abuse. Njtfclng be aoccmplabed seen la the way of an honorable league, an t the friends ortbo ga IantKectooklan breathed ratbar more freely when they found that they couil pi case themsolvec by m under lading sad uccom promising support of the repreaenuttrea of tbetr peculiar vtewe without aaaumlag tbo responsibility of a defeat of the Union project. Tbe rost, speaking for the BrockInridge men, for a con siderable time prevkr.a to tbe conventions repeated its declarations of a desire to see cfiectod some pirn of union on common or naticnal ground against the republicans, but la yesterday morning's editloo acjf ?"If a more liberal md courteous spirit do not act . ate tbo procMUugs at Worcester md Springfield to-day than bar yet been in dicated by the principal men of tbe partiea there repre sented, they will eSecl precious little toward* putting down John Brown Km In If asaachusctta." Tne more ??libe ral md eourteoua spirit'' did not appear. Tbe Bell and Dougiaa parties threw away tbe opp.-rtuulty, md the Breckinridge men have a <iean ticket, wnuh tbey will .oalourly support, though tbey cannot bop: to carry IbeElato. Before the assembling of yesterday's conven tion in this city tbe,Mate comm.(tec bad declared itself opposed tofuakst. md the nomination of (ten Batter for Governor^ was universally and enthustaetically voted long before tbo delegates gathered In Tremont Temple. Tbe Convention was large, numbering near eleven hundred delegates, md including the beat possible selection of tbe brains latent md political experience of the MonMcbusottu democracy. <-en. Butler having been nominated fey ac clamation. Gen. Whitney wen called on to respond in tbe absence or tbe nominee, and to addrem the Convention as a member of the dale git too to Charleston. After a grace ful allusion to Mr. Butler, ( en. Whitney, in a manly md convincing etyle of reasoning, proceeded to defend the nominal on of Breckinridge aa-ILano, md the cocree of the majority of Ibe Massachusetts delegation in the Charleslou md Baltimore Conventions, md in a few dig nified md furctl/le words repelled the charges of bis po litical enemies that be bad Wn influenced by unworthy motive* in his individual action. The Convention wan also addressed by Dr. Lories md Col. Wright The bust neas of the day wis comnloted by tbe selection of two candidates for electors at largo, an 1 filling tbe remaining plac's on the State ticket. Tbe appointment cf district electors wa- referred to the separate dKtrtetn. A dec .d-d repugnance to my fusion was evident through all Up. pro ceedings. In the evening a mass -BPfication meeting, provided over by Mayor Saunders, of lawrooce, was held in Trc moot lomj le. Caleb Cuab.Dg ml B. F Hallstt addressed tbe aud.onoe, wfeieb, notw.thstaadlng s very severe storm, was ta*g?- md wb< lly enthusiastic. Mr. tfcshtng's Speech review -.! IhS ptMlflsa if pSTltSS through I t it.. States, md gave bis resnona for support ng md advocat ing the "lection of Breckinridge ml I ane. At oe.-cW- ir profound, ? I/vr.eet and oonv.n log. it la on" of the ablest political v-lb-rU of thin learned and distinguished states mas, md must be of groat value as a doenmoot for un! von ?i clrculati ji, North and Bouth. Tbo campa gn hti not produced anything Mar, Mr. Italian's remarks wero ;uat what his aodlcnoc expected fron him, f. r , tboy were rigorous, diroct. racy, and wholly democratic The imprseaiou prevails that while the fr.ends of Mr ?reck In ridge hare not appeared SVlrmilly sollciloot for a coalition, there has beon more of a tendency to wards mutual abserptiou maudort ,n the B.-ll md u>ug las par. os Fuco of the 1> ug'as men sro* >l th?in reives strongly is fbvor of fusion. Tin Boston O .rier aptearcd to be in earnest about it. But ?i h r.-le wnhed i the beet places on ths joint I set, md neither would on | rtdc a jot to the other m U.-.k dismteri -tea attemtHv si mutual arrommoiiation. Tbe Boil mcr wco very b vb heels, '.gtng of their strength by the.r hop s wlnie tue ItougLo; nitj, sure o! a loiorebls vote ti. rtloket, were reasonably incredulous with regard to the B il ? sti I mate-, and im It ?n,|? SSiblo to S I to what lb y j considered tue unwarrnnt Ms dletnt i at of U r | proposed partners. S? ths R1 men eschew itoug'soccra cy.and.tne disc'plct oft)- Lithe t.jnt sneer at hn"w Nothings. But tbcru is y-it n sppoinMMtet among , tlioi-e mantg- re who had b- ped to effect the bargain. Tue j ] DongMs men wanted the G vornor the BeU ir. * re , gntnaisintaMhsa tmpmtmaat - jxuu, Mm ; ! tbeir democratic friends that they knew of a gentleman I In their own organ. >t >n who count accept thenomlna | tioa. Tbe rrpreseuletive men tm oa:b SMS WCTStO* i i mach airii 1 ol Up - party feUMl to ytaM nrysrn i ding spirit of tbe M\i,c-ter CoavonUwt tnaBy md fully i d^. aarlenr-d thoe-- B.stau Bell iron who were owrnestiv dee IT lag a better ar a I lanoa with the !>/urlas!teR. for notbiug wo .id give aatlsfaetoMi to tbat aascmbiaga bi,t a Ktth.gbt tiikft, w.U- AuM A. lawtancc, a itoaton iu?r ci.stt, Nuc* Noth ng, and ir t- lu- '. tr - at IMS ? gnat Aid Foc.vly sftiuil, a candklata f >r Oovarnor. Tbs HvU leaders were all apyereaUy eeget t > decliae tit* cm ? , which **> ins . rj fwugv, as tm-jr proii-ss to bate fa.Ui in the ab.l.ty of Ihctr crgaii.^liou to carry tbe ?tale. I vir candidate.. .nclu Mr Iawrence. deci.ned tbe-nominal r. ia adranoa. In the l-ouglae toeroct. r. tin difficulty was not apparent, for from the mult.lode <>t . .i. a ar-iee wraagi.ngs and bitter csateiilioa. When, ho c\,r.tb> t >i '?p~ giro them thefiaal sadassorancr. , Whteh lor marjr uirs bad t oer impending, that Uterr was no Uo]<e of ab amw with tbe il-pa. ty,tn,y ptooked up u Msstnte Mr. I rg bcruatoriai iijm.oee Two years ?.uoe Mr. 1' vb was the j admlni-tr ,t.(? caedidav I >r U.e ? -uremortkip hjtb i lb-tc coov?ul">o? wero large md ,ulte * A i -n .. . * .v.r* .? j for some yeirt past would m > per. ucc 1 i.,km diS i Cutty ,n s'.umpt ug t ntsp es tbe Lruglan cwvrnt.oa ? S> a dcr u, - bi v f/no. Uh> absence of ab ths o.d i ?rt t -.mitiri The feaaor of lUing the vacant ptoses t-1 those t- whom tl ey lorn. - -.use war ? -ial!> dt r.ri 1 by a crjw.t of amai ?? .JuJi, aud it... Ooaveatioa was hardly i ? > , . g od fferUag. NvWthat tlrcoe get tirmen hsve ao rgaji.-at.oc all to tbemaalver, It Is a pity they ehowld quarrel in it. Tbe Beii Oonreatloc, fron- the names tbaracter and deportment of those pr.m nt, remteded en Cf ??. wh/n tbe wL.aS aase ..bk -I la o^lsmm coa clavi to the boaars sad esnetemsr.ti ath th Stat:. Tbe Dousbss party, yi t desirous, la-, tbe str-ng fiict <-f tne co.d anoulder they bave already receive- I' nt ? ? m,-thing out of U.e "latm L. n gnve U.. J tale Ooa. -.tte- power to i ft!, vncmte s in their t. :.rt i.oj'J any occur, ' w th a tic t ihcvnimo' aat'.oaia! men. he., a: but ? tbe Bull orvar.nat.oo put (-rward a fuJ! eicrttral t ket, s- 1 id in- ? ? di st i SLli ir ty le. tit,. rbacgre U> that or th. i*t? Ikld for tbe sake o' my a-1 aace whau ? ? the elect) -n In Malae In s damper Is the ardor of ths friends of Dc-ugtas. In ust Puts, nt least, the den - tts 1..- el gr"joii under hu I-ad. Tbe fes'.xg in favor el Mr , ? .i, 't t cr i? ng I m utl? u; Vb" dckMssacy, sad it wiJ grow t II November, The Matt men over eetimatc their etrswgth prodigiously, in Haass ibxetuat M TV y any get jo ,ooo votes hare, but they ore countuig oa #0,000. An opponent of all tu rn u>nr< rvnll c < .oa^ rrj .blicm A'al tn4 B't ? d-.clarvs that "B -l er w"J get ae many rstoe ns either Imsob or li?r?t.:r '' Wei, we thai ere what we almu et#- tarnmalw doc t amemnt to mash bofbre eiecttea. Bo-roi, Soj>t 54, !?M IK ttt- n. A**- ?? 'M KtftoKumt ?" M ??acSxirrtl? A - I. Lr f-roa* etd /?JiC Br n?Du'ltr A hit ?V<*-im> ?A ? A ZK'.in' llxt?Thl S-rm'h C V?4 ft'l W? If' ?*< ' </'A? Br'rm /*r;| r?jF ?. TV retire Aro- :*? ei> meet of ibe rer.bllcac t?riy i? dtveiWO'd w.tb Ibe e T?.o*l .oc of Andre* , end *? m* Of Ux? * ft re*, re Bflr.U wbe romort) wrote K. N. i''lv tt*ir Mm ar? trytrg V tftect B0B1 Ui-s ifLBt'. lb' Action Of U>el hybrid orjr*jj;.m. >* (.ovBnior B?n? heel 1 tbo AJnerioen reel. ?* of Ibe republican party a )t>u* bu.*' tt? u.4 h , unexpected w.Uidrawaf Ure* th?< wbolr ctx.iy n. Mi Ui'b?o1?? f i,? red..*] fre? w .ere. fbe or* ne! aitra Ka<w? N?U..r*f, wb> ?( ooureo, were la fealfc. r 0 otto or i .? i edm n.etre. tton, were e< \ em weU p.?aaed with tbe mild neee of lb' ?>!? of tbe entire Amerleaelean iafaerd ml- Um SUte (orercjnei t and log oa by Ooreraer nan ?, aid ore now a 4 Igfon at be nf atterly lyaorwd bj Uvc ywrty tbey here fce'ped tn create. He a circular UHtrr uaa fine about *t?oc| I be l a*Tooted, aeekia* for naaea to be appended to a end for a Kate Oevnt or te be be! 1 at en ear'p dale to aoai'oate caadi. daiee for btate nToee Mr Jawreeoe, U.e 9aU ear l.daie, bed tomtrtf ? Know Htbiaf, W I pro** J b? fteetM fey tb?m. They object A the eboltt'oclim cf Andrew, bat Mr. iAWTenoe, u the guardian and muniflcent benefoctor of ?h? Sharp s rtfle furmebing Eta, greet AM Soo'.ety, ? for?v u obj -cronabie on this reor* u "boaart John" himself. Be did not oaaia oat boldly in public to leclar* hi* belief is John Trown, bat after learning his purposes la conversation with him in hie (Lawrenoe'e) own boose, u a member of the Emigrant All Society, he toted him the arme which went with him to Kansas and Virginia. The prime movers in this ant! tsdrow boslnoee sr? Mr. F. C Baker, who voted for the Pereonal Liberty bill, and Mosee 8. Cobb, governor Gardner'? pol'.t *1 engineer and fo-t<num The mcvement may nc-eaae lAwrenco's 70td, tot it easn 1 prevent the aidCtioa of Audio#. Genera} Botler, In a well i letter, ac'eple the nomination '.-en 1 red blm by the Breckirr dge party, de ? iaros.i as ae-eptableae an election cou'.l be: rpposss coalition* as dis'ntegrating and demoralig og; avers h.s belief that a ma, -r.ty of tne voters of Ursaa-h isc'.ts are abollt'.onlced, and '.bat ;he Douglas and B J po.-lies, by their Don-cmmiUallsm on the eatery foesiioB, show that they are tainted by the prevailing jafee'.li i, bell':. ee the repnUi-iact ha-e rtrongJato elect tb .r candidates against any com bins; 'on; and is for a direct dv'larnticn of pe'.n ipl-e and the *?e;t on of Br?rkxr'.dgo and lane. The letter ie a manly production. A letter has also been written by Mr. Bca-Ji, the Doug.aa candidate for'tover nor, In which he Informs the committee author bed to oorrespond with him that he docile w the nomlnu,: on. Be favore a union against Andrew. Coalitions will undonbL edly take plane In oertaln Congresaioc-al district to defeat the republicans K1 Thayer, In the Ninth distr ot. will be supported t>y mutinous republicans and the Bell party, and possibly by the Dong as men. In the Seventh a union will take place aga:nit D. W. i.'ooeh. Wolefc, of Walth-tm, Is the candidate spoken of by the conservatives. This tort of thing u ill be attempted also with reference to many local matters, n mbtrs of thi Legislature, ic. wm aajnvtuis. u'.iiiwsin vi aaa j sA^uyiwiut wt asc... Oar Post (cft'c bis onoe again commenced, acd, It la hoped, Onally termnatcd,lis peregrinations. (On Hatarday last iho pap re and desks, clerks and dead letters, llituree and m< viable*, i, pigeon bole* and lust, In a etrag g'ing caravan, marebod or were carried, iu accruing con melon bat with the moot perfect ordor, out from tho base ment ai d attic o: the old Merchants kachsngo, on Hiafo str-et, into their new, convenient end conical location, c-rner of F miner end Chauncy streets. It wia out of d .rknees into light in more than one seres, for behind them were left tho gloomy, rueful faocs of tho'-solid men"?Blato atreel real es.ato holders?whose money and Infisence had proved unavailing la a center against common tense and the spirit of progress, wh.le they wsre -in, i great saliafa.tiou by the inhab. ants and hue.nets men of the heart of the city as they took up tl.o.r quarters in that locality. This con test seems now terminated. The change in location wan demanded for the Do tier accomn.odalioa of the population and tij? near iut- rests of the aa well as lor tbo coo vcn!enc?o( the Department. It hoe been opposed, from the ouUet, by evrry tr-ort that could be made here and in Washington, by wealthy men hoiduig property In Btate street, who were determined to Weep up the value of their rente even at tho espssss of tho loss of a groat public improvement. The administration has appreciat ed the precs* position of the matter, and from the he guming baa sustain, d Postmaster (Japan In his prao.owor tby undertaking. The o' >ce on Hummer street has boen groatly latprov d in many important respects amce the ?hurt sojourn of Uie Dep.i laMDl there hist year, and It ,s now a model institution. Tb* tone of the local press In regard to this mat Mr Is somewhat I alerts ling. Tho Tratueriyt. a paper whoso namby pambyt-'m 1s only reliev ed by an occasional exhibition of malevolence, louche* upon the removal In a characteristic style of marling. Tho Advert **r, proverbially behind the times, ""is Is not Just the time for thinks this is not just the time for tho change, Tho Courier, which has boon very ferocious in lis attacks upon the Postmaster in times past, is now letting Itself down a little, and on Saturday?wonderful to relate?tried to unbend Its dignity with a juke on the matter. The at tempt was as awkward as unnatural, but the eolemnity of the wit was relieved by the ludlcronsness of the effort, and It pawed. To day the Cot. ri- r seems to have been brought to a realizing acuso of the fact that It baa a character to sustain, and a three line gro-i! appears In Its cojomns. Toe i'otl praises the manner in whioh the removal was effected, nctices the improvements of the new building, and bows very gracefully towards Mr. Capen and bis now comfortable and elegant quarters. The Be*, tells State street gen Lieu en that they did badly In not paying the agents employed to visit Washington and lobby In their behalf. Ui not acting with good faith towards the government, and la Qu.eying that they had the quality of brains neoesssry to manage such a contro versy. The Ik. says that the question U settled. that the solid men are dually beaten, and It has no pity for them. BILL AND KTtRBTT COKtfBM810NAL NOMINATION"!. JVvtov, Bept. 2fl, 1840. The Mel] and Everett Conventions to-day aaade the fol lowing nominations for Congress ? Flrtt Dii.riet?Daoiol Fisher, of F-garlown. Third Du'.riit? F-tmund P. T'.leatos, of Dorctoeelcr. Sixth ZHttrut?Oils P. Lord, of Salem. ScrmlA DutrC:?Luther V. Hell, of Char lest, wm t yktk Ihttr.ct?Wluthrop Faulkner, of Acton. Judge Version, of Bsrnstable, has received the Bell and livorctt nomination for Lieutenant Governor, In plaoo of Fdward Dickinson, declined. Tbo Boil and Everett men to night nominated lies. Wm Applet on for Congress, frcm the Fifth district. KEN A TOR REWARD'S WESTERN TOUR, (in ST. riCL CORRWrONDDiCI. Pr Pact, Minn.. Kopt. II, 1M0. I'f At Mlwtmiffi Fsctmrttm to MinmSaKa, MutnccpoUt and ft. ArlKeny?Pf( Jtvflinp? XVMcrvv* Infttenc* of l^ii ia?SjvtcA oC Jiinr.eAi*iit?StrtnaJt a4. St Paul, tic, Scn*u>r 'ownJ and part) reaeho<'. this city at an early buur oa S.uisy mernin,. and ware iVrtunate enough to let to tUe.r bote)?the International?without any da ?MBStrtfifcn by the way. At iiSemit point* op the rl?or, where tJ.c boat made landings, crowd* were gathered on the lerees await.a* her antral and wbw t tm time per Bi tted. Mr. Reward had to go ashore and make a eptech. Tlit* was so at tVenooa, lake Ctty, ltedwag and other I laccB.'^t Tory where htsreeeptioa ?aa hearty aod en thus art a: Where a community did not p-mtn a can loo wilk wb,.h to fire a feu itj-At in honor of hi* ant ral, It generally fell hack ojon that primitive piece of ordnance, an anrU, and thus, no far u noise an l powder burning could do It, the peopk teatiftcd their admu atran of the author of the mepr<-r*;ble eoafi ct. The eo-npll meet wa* acknowle<tged on oar part by salutes from the adanutntlue ilpa of Uarry B.o*uam * gua,"Yooor Ameri ca," whir* we had anaered to *or party at Malison. Tlit day aw* dreaai'.y beaOVul, aad oar program up Ut<; Mlsa-M ppt, diversified with tbe*e oecae mal tactd-ale, was ao piea. tnt that i.voet of st would hare wtahed St. Paul to be at b ut a wock'l ouraey. The U.nue- Alaue who m l Mr. (toward and accompanied him here were Senator Wjktnuou, Mr Aldrlch, member of Oingre**, and Mr Goodrich, formerly I'n.tod State* Dtstrlet Judge, the firet federal oincer of the Territory, appointed by ueaeral Taylor Mr Seward had the rat; faotioa of rojoylng a day of unit terrupU u *ulet and re> I on Si.nday Mo polltt-tan? called epoa it lie, no Wide Awu~ ha urSod him. and no pcerhr were eaprrU d Rom h'.m. Re nltonded Striae err ice at one of the Episcopal chnrehm. t?n Monday th* puny rat off, ucdor the gc Idanoe of M sit. M ,:k a .n nod &?dr K h, on ao ?HB? ton to riett lh' (hmoua I rt in. iltag. Minnehaha and the rail* of St. Anthony I ort fuelling I "?me are miles Rem this elty, oa the confluence of the Mhuxeou or St. Relent rirar nith the M. >t--ipfl. It 'lands on the extreme pou t o" the otrrMe 1 p'nlanu to which It glv It : erne. Tbelert| la now er.i.rcly deported and d! manl.ed. No i.try | p?nr.. alvt g lb gra 'grown eou (yard. No gr* frown from lb rr, t Tit Iran bolted gale 1* ewuug ears- , k ?.y Oper, and trery whore within the cnotnmre are < u.g .ct and decay. Tne amitude of the place Is only br-a. a bj the eoran onad rts.t of strar gin. who, .a p*a tog t'HWf ii bl. Faui and M-nciM'* '.i*. ran iy la., to k>di to at the fort whi b ha te-c >me no fhrn us o o cnect. a will, it* na i'-r t ?? what smftci.iw clK.a*lmM* ?. to its ton*** v.tiier, Mr. Frank H- oie: aad, beetdee Ui's. there Is n 1-uaoilfol view oi the surrwdlog country from an obeemtery at the rear of what oaos a?s th* cut matdaat'a t uarter*. Mr. Steele's bouse, h r sf rlable frame buildUiff. tastefully seat aad ciena, stand* within a few hundred fed of the fort. Whether there bo any troth or ant la the rl.*rgm >( Rail anl OoBaMoa to freely made agalr.M Brcfcttfy Ikryd la co..Bccti)n with the -ah. ? fcrl Saallkg, II m vary r rtain that a lu.r^aaow aland Mr stor e j,; not ma.r a rtry r *>d bargain. H: lu-V. ivm t hare attcuCcd 11, for wh.ln therein a cotisi i- rat ? setUeaieat oe the op posit* tide of th- rtv-r. not the urtt bah ling bu -on ap here. The BP Halation wm tor a gre;.t towr e tc and the aituafiioh of Fort ifeelllag. at the c. a oencoof the tw rirare. might w. 11 warrant the be 1 cf that a urn would grew up there that a xM ?"n -*? ttrgutrh St. Paul e t i nt gr. ,ta?m. But the u at of fraud atk^.?-i to It tms e:i-rtasily kUlrd the fair land of pr mhe The wcrrt of It Id that th iacd tMf is re tarded e: Werthk m for egrtcuitoral purjet-' and wnuM n t proha y aall for Iw- doi ar* on aero. Stee.r ha* not met hi* eogtsemcau to the gorernmeat. o dl under I land a Suit has hctu brought aff nst htm tor the reco rsry of th* purdbase mmey. On th- oth tt bund, be rin.i:i<t dar xp* to lb' an "? "i of KOO 000 en th ground thnt b? did ucd rmire pnnsj rloi nt the time Mipulnted, nor fer three nxinths UwTa.'Vr an I, m ie U.r meect.nw the *p?r ilatlvr foi er Nmi ? b- ie<! h? ?* unah.e to d* j-oee of it at the imtaenae pr >tA ubeiu he ha at firet erery reesm t anllcipe.t*. We ha\n BOt. th-r.-lbre, by any mease heard the last of the Tort rt). .it* g *? lit lie. J dr r? of aow i f ur mdrt teres* th* Dmir's brov.ghi * to the pr-csful uuie waUrfh l of Mlnr^k?(.?-Uts W^tsm Thentl) :* not moro tua t.?c fifty fast .n depth it.4 probably soma twcr ty in wiJt i, but It Mi oiWcmety pleasing and pv-turesqoe. flvo naHce further on and <t :ium to Mtoneepoil'?e

pr ?cock -4 Utile town, wbl?h imbiiloaed to be tfet oaytttl of the Ptate, and missed the priac by a "mglo vole. Hero tbo party were b mpltabiy ent irtain od at to bouse of Mr. Aidrluh, and n number of tbe '.L'JieotiJ men A lLo locailty wore rd to Henator Seward. Minneapolis k>o*a act as tbe telle of it Anthony to ?ta sister town on Uie oppw u Oluis, whjcb a ao buses the name of Uut good ai i wbo, resisting all other tempts .ions, at lart foil a rloti a to hla suacept bUHy to tbe tender pteaioc, and vm br:od to ooafsaa that? A handsome waman '.tughjg eyos la thu great.*', devil of all. M'.nneapc'iaand fit .'n'.hiey ?jtapa'Jtl.oin catbxberh mleiort .uts. Though not yol seven year* old, Utey are in a state ol deoay, and on their rsspo:i:ve sites might nppiOi>r'?t.'y bo rartaO a column w ih the ,tj script** raid to be carved somewhere on a child's : umbe'.one? When 1 ao vary axm waa done for, I wonder what I waa begun for. The whole population jf M.uueapoiis might new be ?edged and boarded In the splendid howl, the Niooliet Boone, whlib stands there n monument to the epee^at-vo genius of the age. and the aatno la Irnc of cik Anlhou/ and 1-s great aoici, the Wlaatow Ho .je. built and for r. ehed at a coat of >1T>,000. The latter nan been, bow ever, for the laat year or two, qclte a favorite Il.e icaortof doutbernfaal. ee. rtere are epl nJU eccnory, bracing air, and agpltal aborting ana fisting to be ei>>oved here, and then t la ao very accessible from the Houtb One haa only to rtep on board a Mississippi steam boat at any point from New Crlonca upward, and without any .otig io or d.jooinf.,rt be is landed at St. Paul, which in within nine rakes of St. Acthmy. I waa aland leg y wterday on the baioony o' the ' .collet House, with Us proprietor. looking down iowards the suepcniloa bridge, wc saw a crowd gathered around n liberty pole, waiting for Mr. Seward's arrival, and ivory now and then we coald gee the bash and bear the roport from one of thane rude pleocs of ordnance that 1 ha re before alluded to?a eharsiterletij anvil ehorrs? for there were some half a d>zeu of Ibem ttcs err p ayed. After Indulging in some melaneboiy uk?e about IDS sod den rice, decay and flail at Mlnaoapolln, oar biet remark ed opon lb* inaaro folly rf tbo l'ttle politicians of the town. Said be, "Aler that Idn tola and Hamlin banner waa spread->at, no .-lutberner wo-id put tie foot in the town, and all bough the W nsiow House was so crowded tbat guests bad to sleep a the r.oor, sot ore of them would ereaa the tuspe&sirn bridge and come ever tore." He went on to say that be had remonstrated with the politicians, and relocated them for tiiolr own sake and hia sake nod the sake of the town, to foibear boU'tim; tbat banner until rear sleo: oo t ice. but in vain. Ho wouid havo given >600 rut of bis own poehet to have provenled It. Thet uro palttlelsnt, how ever, wore not to be thwarted by any fish eor.l 1 or pro drrt al motives. To tbcm the glory of seeing a 1 ocoln and Hamlin flag wave from the Summit ol their .iberty polo was dearer t'mr. any penona! MgSSM. H tatthough trade did languish, and stores were . bred, and butter and eggs were unsaleable, an 1 the corridors of their fee hot <1 echoed only to the solitary footfall ef its ruined propria tor, so long as tbat stripe of b -Ming boated such dis tlngulshed names to tho breeze ' A* Rydney once ?aid In regard to another plo? of political fbily "Erin go ~ ' i, Erin go | bragb 1 Nonsense Erin go broad and cheese, Erin go pan teloons without bolea lu tbcm." I commend the say eg to the noisy politicians of Minneapolis. The J toolkit man estimated the coat to b.m of that piece ef banting at >4.000 "And tben," said he, "to cap tho t ', i ome aboltllonists stole and ran off with two c i.ored servants from fam'.is steppxg at the Win slow boose, and the conancence \aa tbat wlthina week all tboSouthcru fhml'iea had ic&. There vanished our dreams of making a sort of ffanagu and Niagara oot of this place." ??Hurrah for Lineolal three cheers for William U. Seward.'' shout the nosy politi cians gathered aronnd the liberty pole, and at s ..oh tails manic words bow eoold the complaints of tho impover ished host of the Nicollet be s i'lered to linger in patriotic ear*? Hang goes a discharge?over topples an anvil, iihe a porpoise tumbling in the wavos Tho smiiby artillerists keep it up for eomo time. At length a county orator mounts a cart, and, w itb Impassioned gestures an 1 fierce enunciation, appears to bo letting off a terrible speech at ' Bewaro, who stands up la his carriage, an t with poor I meek demeanor and becoming humility apiMtrt to listen to this tribune of the people. It turns out to be an ad dress of congratulation. and is closed by the orator calling lor "Three cheers for William H. Reward." Mr. Seward appropriately acknowledged the compliment Ho said tbat forty year* ago there appeared a nooomity for the great political revolution that waa now going on. He bad ban no doubt of its ultimate raccem, because bo believed tbat that success waa an Imperative necemity. He bad, therefore, never suffered himself to bo discouraged, even In tbe darkest moments, because lie knew that a r- action was jjst as certain and inevitable In the|! >o<]s and ebbs of politiral opinion, as it was 1r> the floods tad o?ba of the Missis ntppi. The cause of truth and of virtue waa aver ad vancing?ever going forward; and If, mid ho, 1 am able to tend anything of tbe eigne o( ike times, that revolu t am is sow on the .very eve of u tococssful eoosumtna tlOft* The party subsequently visited It Anthony, where It was received by a company of Wide Awakes, lforo Mr. Reward again npoks fYoin the portico or the Wlnalow House In the evening he was sercn^h 1 at tho Interna tional Hot. 1, when nceches wcrs ma4o by blnuclf and by Judge Uoodrich. mssouiu rouTies. Rt. I.otw, Ropt. 2d, 1M0. The Pouglas and Brccklnrtdge w ing* of the democracy held mass mcetliga in th n city last n.gtit. While Judge Halliburton was ad trees In g the Breckinridge fathering the Douglas men made an attempt to break up U?e moot lag, and during the meise tbat ensued two Breckinridge democrats wars stabbed. Tbe Bullttin calls upon lbs Bkeoklsrkigs democracy to hold UaemsoJvee prepared for like deaaoactiailoas is the fotore, and to shoot or arrest all those who neck to deprive th' ns of their prlvilegrc. NBW JETWEY POLITICS. COKOJUM-IOI-AL NOMINATION. Tasvr.,w, i%pl 28. In a Augrtta* Grees, sf Mercer, was this iiay unautmoor iy comli utod by the dcawrata, as caodldate for Congress, for tbe Second district, campusedof tbe couik of Ocean, Monmouth. Burlington and Murusr. NEW YORK POLITIC*. tU.*.ltfi -IONAL N9M1NAT10V. attAvu.s* y ,^t? w. two. Tbe Odd- of V,C Tl.rt.eth Cuogronsioael district, oocr .ntieg of (looseee, Wyoming and Allebaay counties, m?t at Warn* today, and uaatim u?ly renom.nated Bon. Augusta* Frttk >jr acclniuetMO. Aii ot lio oouutwe were futh represented. BrrvAut, s pt. ca, leoo. flon H ' mm 0 Baron was to day nnn mated by ac clamatlun f >r Cocgreae fr m tUo Thirty ? coos J diMrict, by tb? d'-mocracy. CITV POLITICS. ANTECT.nENT9 OF THE C \NT>tDATBB. We gare a !? w days air :c the actor .tent of the Tam nsasy an t ?recttrtdge city and i ^unty ticket - and that our reader* may bo able to aelert vbo .r cand daua (rum U>* nu?<'roun gcaUotcoo ytao"d in nomination, we V day fVirelab a aketch of tit* bArk r publican anil Tam many Irregular ttckcta, nominated uudtr the b<, ea rail engineered through by J. Aug etna Page, for the p .rpone of obtaining lb* nomtaatina for longrrer govs or stTKEtiii ootur. Roe). It Floeory In tbe preterit oce lpant of that pant tloe, and now renominated by the republtcaaa. It a, we bil.ere. Urge!/ off :e that be artr brM. lb > aomtn.e of Ute Tarnica?y irragi-iar eonreat,an a t new man by Ibe raw 'if John M Harbour, a Wali ureet lawyer. Inn; aome one tcay mlataxe blmfora l?-r?on by I o> uaw.e nf Harbo .r. once rep tor of the ffuprrni* Court, enbnrr rtat that b? a auutuor pec-. ? NRM. 17,r rep. bl ran nomine# f<w th e o ? -e a tbe ?*Seb-atari aplrttwllrt Judge J ha w. f. maoade. He Las beua be Awe U.e p He In nome earagty far a ! mg t mo an t a about ? *ty yean of agi hu n thin looking counts r anee, art art glanri, lorg balr, but no wb.aken. far wm at ouo Una C.remt Ju ly, i.ppotnted, wc heliT*, by i.or A" ? A wet allerwnrd* candidate for tbe noml nation for tit o ' nnder the at spleen erf Ihmnaaay Ha',, tat ft d to gel It. He wan at a later period t Ml rated and elects 1 at J. tge of tbe tcpeem- Court?e poet t u U at be b d f r one t- rm. Blac that t me the pub 1 >? bare kt< *? * un only ae a lawyer, refer*' a -pirtual trt Itct'-ref nnd e?tb<r. Be fennerly belonged to tbe barnbmaer u :.g of tbo democratic party, but ape* bit r .v*r ion t rplrlt allem Ury chopped b m, and be ? gbt tbe embnoe of the repebti-ane Be a new em \ -yci w'lb T fin Tan Snrea on the Fwrent d.r WW eaar e alee Jam ? B layo r e lawyer tn tbe Waet Washington market t ft Abraham P. F well it tbe Tammany trreguiir notr.aoo for thin jonft on. Ilea at rroeeattb' City Judge, tin only off-a tint he bat erer hell; bat hat tor n ng time been known ee t trim um lawyer of oowidoraMe arte tn tea city CITY JfTWiC. Jot m Bodg* '"'A, tbe person troWd out by the republi can* to Bll the ?r w now administered 1 y Jud,-? Abraham D Roserll, In foe a tong been Iwpnty D-'trict At torney. Be ? *a But appclntod by A. Oakey Sail, repub ;iran, reu nod by IWtor ?. Bwo<n?y no bUei<-etton to that off re, and einoe pjtlnte,! by Mr. Wnterburp, the present Mitr'et Atturney. Altbongb e republican, be wm kept in the on a count of bit htaem for tbe poe.tton. The Tammany irregular nominee for thia p M* a PraderlekA. Ta imvig^, cue of the let.ding Bet) Kverett men of tbe t.ty, who baa been .a public l.fe in rartou* and r.umercue position*. He wa, memb r of the UAe Senate from 1-27 to 1I3T, Ircluelre, aad rr, rraanted the F rth Congremioeal dietr.ct In tbe Tbirt etb (.eagram. Be held the <en of Recorder for two term*, anJ <rae oe r.ipymg that pelt ion at the time of tbe Aatuf pace rkrtt In tbe fhU o# l*4d, aid read the act to tbe rid #rt, w? vweril ffpertat?dent of tt? fN>M ^ft lb *ppcAia??nt of Pllabury, and the flrsl ttat bed that poartiofj under tho bow lew. S7SB00 4TB. DtvVi R. Jaqnoa, UiC repnbll *a noxuioe fop ttie^poei tkm, la B mftji obon; thirty seven years ot age, and * graduate of Yale oolleg*; reeeivee his iaw instruct an In lbs Dftse Law school, Cambridge, Mam. Be was a clerk in tho Harrogate's oc.oe durxg Alexander Hradford'e term; was also a member of the last I if islature and oame out with a thir record, ojjwslng throughout the Cty IU-1 roads and the West Washington Market bill, but was lbs champ km of tho CommMkionen' of Haoord? claim frvss its first Introdu .'lien art .1 its deal d.spoeal. He was also opposed to the new Aitrscocse bill, or rather to the mode of its passage, tad advocate! the Sanitary bilt Edward G West, the Tammany rreg no.-.nee, ?? the preeeat incumbent, and aiec the regular Tat.mtcy nomi nation for this office. kEoIfiTB. John Keyser, the republlsan oom-nee for tna office. 1s a new mar and a bu.idor by prof or km, ail 4>o. before the pah he for an oiBoe the first time. The only r .son that we have bo*n able wo Seurs why i:e was .innlrated wss the fact that ne has wh /wen ct-idren; ccrtax.y s.hd rseaona, BtrxBYi&on. WJllam R. Stewart, the republican cahdViive for thU office, Is the present ln:unbent, and a bthd. r by profes sion, and :* an active x the r-pubiiiaa ranks of the Weed school, is urialiy tho delegate to the state Conventions frost his ward. Be !? at present Prea.Tuat of the Board of ?cpervisera. The Tammany irregular la the same as regular com lea tfOt for tela office, nameiy, Sir lib E3y, Jr. DEMOCRATIC CONGRESSIONAL NOMINA TIONS. noETn msthict. Thr Tamaary Conventlori of this district h?M an ad journed meeting at the corner of Fourth avenue and Thirty ee end street, last evening, to make a nomination fir CongTces. bat after balloting a number of times with, out tSeetlog their object age n sd.ocrned unt'l Tie- lay oven is g neit. Tho names presented to the convention were Anaon Horrlck, ea-Alderman J. J. Brae y am! David R. Jatkson, the frionde of the latter bo! log a balance of power vote, which they refaaed to yleM to Ibo other candidates for tho nomination. The Brock lor , Jge Convent m cf this district ft'so met last at the cj.-Der t Fi.rtli avenue Bad Twenty reventh street, an l put in nomination as eand date for Congress James C. W,ilet, ex Sheriff. REPUBLICAN CONoIlEe&lON AL CONVEN TIONS. The republican aonvenUona for the nomination of can did aire for the representation of the Third, Fourth, Fifth, Blxth, Seventh and Ftgkth Congressional d strict* met last evening. The mult will be (bund In the follow ing accounts of our reporters ? THIRD DISTRICT. Amor J. W lUiamaoo wen aosnxated in the Third dis trict, by oec-a nation. FOURTH K6TRVCT. This Convention, composed of the Fourth, S.xth, Tenth and Fourier nth wards of tho city of Now York, met at half past seven o'clock last evening, at No. 436 Broome street, and, after proceeding to the election of officer*, an informal ballot was taken, and the Convention adjourned to Thursday next without making any nomination. FIFTH PTSriUCT. (The Republican Convention for lbs F.ITh Congressional district, consisting of the Seventh and Thirteenth wards New York j and tho Thirteenth, Fourteenth, Fifteeptb and Sixteenth wards, Brooklyn, met at tho Jaoon, Williams burg, for the purpose of nominating a Congressman for the district. The Convention having organized, it was proposed. with the view of eliciting discussion relative to the merits or candidates, that an Informal vote bo ta ken niua -oct. This was done, and resulted as 1'oUona:? William Wall, Tbirtovnth ward, Williamsburg 31 Jasoas K. Freeborn, Seventh ward, New York 10 ? ? ? I "wU jl - V V VII MS VI W U | ?WW I wlB i ? ? * ?? I t I" Samuel T Kinney Seventh ward, Now York 1 This led to a lengthy discussion, in the course of which George W. Field rpoke highly in favor el Mr. Wall's quali fications as a member of Cocgrcm. Taonxs Warn wanted to know from Mr. Field whether Mr. Wall wee an associate of George law In the ferry bu siness, to which Mr. Field rcphudln tho an,rotative. Mr. Bnowir, after a disparaging remark on Mr. law's oonduct Inwards tho poor, wanted to kno <* whether Mr. Wall drank ruml1 Mr Ftkld had no hesitation in saying that Mr. Wall did oooeslonaiiy drink a glass of rum, brandy, g.n, whiskey, or anytbiftg else fit lor a decent man to drink; but ho dm nkd that the gentleman was an Intemperate man. Altar some turtber disc-iasl'in, Mr. Wall received the comuialkm bv acclamation. A oommttlee of five woe then appe nted to on Mr. Wail an J Inform him of Lu 1 nomination, alt r which the ikmvontlou adjourned. MATH I?i"TRlvT. The delegates to tho Sixth Congressional Rep ;bl can Convention mot lust evening, at No. 618 Broadway, to nominate a representative of tbe Sixth district, composed of the Of re nth, Fifteenth and Seventeenth wards. Col. Plackney called the meeting to ord-r by moving (liar lee A. Dana, ei the F'ftevnth ward, to the rha'r, which was ? nanlmoi.sly agreed to. Mr. H'ra h. Mrliunough was 'hosrii ..-crciary T < sets of delegate appeared from the neventh wnrd, to a it. tho Walts delegation and tho lewis delegation. After bri ning to the of the runtrsunitp the opposing 'o'ogatc* and roporiers we-o re?jiK?tod ui r>ave the room nt I the ormcution tdtocld arrive st r\ drcUi.'O. I p t ) 111 o'clo k the vote etood 7 to 7, or a tie, so that an aJymi ntuenl a as ugrved up j uli next Friday evomng. FtVUXTH Dl-T IUCT. Tbo Republican Confrere utal ('-onvouti-ii, c mp^od t >lcl<'gal<.* fr m ILo .V olt, P.xlc?0b and Tweali tb warJa, u-tBtbud at Uic republican bcadqiartoxa, No. 241 Kipbtb ar?nue A>xa; dcr Mot" id, Cha.r.:. n .ud J If. tarr Secretary. Two win of d 1' f.utc* pr< , ated ll.imaelTcr from It' Twpnt.'th uvrd; on* beaded by Vm. It Ptuart and tte otter by I*. C. Hucky. Tbc Ut ter bw 1 tho.r fUUn n it - nr. I that tb* rr-raal a? waa never prof*, !y oryan.vNl. ai d did not {It* a f.>.r chance t the of..or r publteanaof the ward ttt they failed to malm |hia i.ppar< it to the Ooavealioii, and tha former d?Kh-ut. jo wore cot.,'-q> ntlj aJmltUal Tho Coo ret t Ion tten prw foil to u<e drat ballot, whrf h war informal with tb- follow nj rerun ? Angurt . I' la?w P i aar Dayton. I J. II Luckry 7 Tha Brat formal ballot ur-led i, the MMM. On the wcourt bail.|4>w r Tired fourteen *i?'> ?? veo votra. upa which, a-,. 1 the chert ef the iMopMi l and artambtad frien a, Mr. I< w wa UMBlaMClty da elarcd the nomine*. A comrant* ttw ' watt'd ''-of 4Keatt*aaaB,ard he ?H ?raced and auulo a |M <!'. rrtumtnq thank* for tha tenor coalerrad ope n him and itccopiinc tha non.... .t.un Kb-ftTil m?TKICT. Tha Republican Coogrc* ooaJ Nominal eg Con oi Ibla diatrtet. whieh comprint* tha 7 wfifth, Eighteenth, Nlurtoantb. Twenty flrat and Twcut/ aoootu! wards tart laat *vrnley at No. 4..1 lourtti nvtnuc, and ? ...uatel i Wakoman. Abraham THE rOCHTH COXOnn-jfilOSAL DISTRICT. Naw York. s?pt SB, I>< o Boa. Daaift r t tar Data for?ITo, tha underalfned dM?gat*? to tha Dam i CfMUfl Itejnii'l,?aB Unvnt.^n f >r tho Third Onfrtai onal dMriCt, dieiro to aacertaln, be'.ire prooocd'.nf with the b.itinera for which they have baea e Itctdd, Til to noaal> n .ta n rand, late to repraadad our d*tr ct In tho next Coign.a, nbriber a rc aoirtoali in to that poa.i n, bow ?o aatufaotorily ai.d al iy C d by yoo, would meet with your approval aid acce ptance, erWMMMN are to re yard with any dr, rro of lortcuf alh r.tkn tho MUnatl r< winch wc bare bad from verier quarter* that you do not deriro to he a candidate for rt elect.on. and yocr friend* wofod cot, ther'lore, b* c-walt.uB your w ithoe oi pinciof you In tiAt p-jtUioa. Awning your reply, *e tiro tha i.nuor to rirantn, viry report fully, your frlanda and ftnalltoenu. John I! Will amr i.arahon Cuk >n, fobn BTlldey, Edward Cooper, CI arte* Dam*. f. MotUboa, ? >. 1. Naaraood, IU-hard Haley, dame* Naleon, P. MoCntr*. C. Jobnron, (itaoa Mayer, ?ohn Ha'tr. Wnr.. J' nihil, dan. m Water n. A. C. Wl'J.aiaa, MJt. eiCKLk" lOtrLT. M* Yonn, Hrjd. St, lam. ' tar ?i??Yoar yratlfymg Utter of tho hi 1 laat. ha* juat now I ren placed t Tore a>e lb re o.ra as . ?.phat,r tadorrf* nt af my eouiw? an a rcprwentatlrn f. <m ro larje and uiiaentlal n botly of three Iclr- ted by ay eonrtlt ientn will lb' duty of 'eimind ?f?tw r l? a aiaflMat which I ihu, uot lab to ehervh tmoar the ?Ml afieca.lo re-oil'' t on.' of ay political CHMT. With merer, e to your friendly Inquire aa to my wej^fc nana to reeona dar m> dew mn na' um to ad theIhM I of aiy prr-'-nt u-ra, horatofore' tpr* *ed toyr.i in eon rfr*nt.oa, 1 am c uatralaod f) a>)ha hi the Purpaaa leuR ? nre for?.-l. Of rwualoR the m re art'.ra datiea o ny prof' eaior, niter tha nd)uumaant of the nr it aom H ? foi f rt a 1 muat, therefore, r< pant to yaa the ana .nnea already rnik verbally that In no erect will it be ifroea bio tone eon iderrd by ti.e OmenaMan aa "naof tho ? tram am< at wboaitba naodidnto lor the appr wchtaf ian ra<? 4 to oa eh' *4 n. It la to b< hoped that t*T .ro the frnat at-ifaio, an ?oon to be dec i"d, ap. 'onchfd the mennaM eflnal arfcitra meal at tbo bafloiboi, the wiaa orjuneiv of ibofe wbt, faror ibo ' union of tha fri nda oi ihr Tn.on f-r tha an*? of tl a I nimr may prevail, and that Ui- a tbo treoal Kute of S'jw V ell h^y, in IMO, contribute m rii-n i *nU> to the overthrow of the ' nemlan of lb.- o*i?i tul.iB u It ?aniatcd to oatahlab the democratic party by the elect on er Tb ma* ' rvn In 1BQ0. Tbo prerenl coat.wt Inrolre* thdf ndamtifO yr'ne [4?n upon wh^li tha grjrfwni.i?r.t of tl?a o'untry tfenli be ad BAtornd. If. rot f ee tho urea! oad ji| !?*? of oveon ftdemey ha> baer to lanre to arery common,ty tt.i fr.' m iroltf I* .notltet.nna, and to rrery ; pnanibla control < _ tho mritdBt' herty aona*owl wih oka order. Wrknva w ?aaw'd. bow at or, ta our day yW* nttnmjHa to irgwntto ntolernol *u J proscrl-rttve part' s wb??;o tint it cm been in make IC? r local pre, .dices, * their f? v?w. of publla eououmy, ibe bu:? at law* .or tho g. .orumcnt of other unci distinct ootn. acui ties. Boii'c-tuues lh.1 I'lomrDt hu called Itself the U tnprranoo pai ty; tonvtimos It ha - sought to esCinSa those who profueaed a pnri.oiUor religious fatib, or per 0008 of fuK'Igu bulb, fro i an t .Al vofay In public at* faira; now It has undertaken to 4? mr" that tbo systew of labor which we und adrsniagcoaa at the North. tba> supersede in our sister tffat<? Hn.iii.-r kyetein which lc cucval with their hi#lory aud i. .parable from tho pros perity \A tho country. The republican party ia Puritan or proecnrAive. Th# conservative party 11 Catholic or .olerunt. Vho durllan, who If generally romarkahlo for bit aaa! end .uteli.genoe, al way h seeks to Imooee btsown Idea of ri|ht aa the rata of aci'-on for othera. Tbo liberal statesmen wbo or'gl oated our pol.tical aysh m have secured, by moon* of our admirable system of Plate and federal constltnone, la every citizen, community or State, perfect toleration and freedom iu their appropriate apbareaof action. If the North porilbts In forcing luj system of labor upon Umj Kouth, tbo ay rrtalon will of course lie renin tod joel ne we would repel a eyntematto nttrioptto fore# nlavery back again t.)ieu the sUtnlea of New York fcvery democrat naya lot ua mind our own business and leave tbo poopte of other Ctotea to fogulnte their affairs for themselves. Iha republicans nay tbey do not like eluvo labor anywhere, therefore tboy will attack it ovorywhero. If our poiMiea are to b> coino 1 "union, an lb y will with tbo roi?iolisan party In power, the whole vyet'm of the go rernmenb will and> ryo a radical change which murt resort In re volution. If our principle of legislation aud adminlatnt tlon are to remain tolerant or..! free, un I hoy will uuder the eoutrol of tho democracy, tho country wUI contlnot peaceful and proeperoun. I'omul rue to express the hope that your deliberations may retail in the union of the democracy u?' the district upon a candidate aaoeptahlo to all who regard the repub lican party as the enemy of the city of New York. Wtthi this icoouH'liabcd, my ancscanor will bo accredited to the Dona-' of ReprcronUOvca by a majority which will give an tmprce iro e&notiou to every act of publio duty b? will bate to perform. 1 havo Uu: honor to be, gontlcaen, Tory reeoootfoilr, your meet obedient ton-ant, I). L. SJCKL'ki TAMMANY HALL ASsEMBLY CONVENTIONS. Tbo Alterably Conventions electod pursuant to the eal of tbe Tammany Hall General Committoc, mot In Ibeir rcspoctlve districts last evening for the purpoeo of aauu uating candidates. It will be seen mat several neauaw Hop were em whi .> u other ranee the Convention? adjourned for further consideration:? Milt rut. i ? a Mourned to this evening. k.?William WuiHh. 3 ?Joseph Woodtrortb. 5 ? A .yrnrned to October 3. tl ? Ad .ourned to October X. ? ?Samuel T. V>Ulster. 8. ? Oscar H. B?gart. P?adjourned to October 8. 10.?Ad)ournod. 11.?John Hardy. 12 ? Andrew Smith. 13 ? Aujourn?l to October - 14.?Adjourned to Octo'?r 6. 18.?Adjourned to October 3 1C ?Adjourned. It.?Jay Jarvia Jones. TIIE nUUTRESBIBI.E CONFLICT. BOW IT A HKFTAUCAN MOrtVO ? WGAOHHIINT BB TW0NTHRWII4 AWAKK8 AND THA bkll tvmjtt MBS?A nut! FIGHT?RWCAT OF THH BAIT LA, ITC. On Tuenday evening last, at the cooclualon of a meeting of the Repnbllran Campaign Club at the republican head quarters, "?l Broadway, a disturbance occurred, which might have boon attended wtth ncrioce oonneqoonoee. It est ma that the meeting wea bold for tho porpokn of rale lag a banner across the street, and that thoro had bee* a a great deal or muaic and speechmaklug, wHh a iHUe feaattog. At the eonolunkei of the proceedlnge, the WIda Awakcr, who liad muitered la forte, emerged from too headquarters and formed in a line In front of the build ing, at about half pant nine o'clock. They wero accoutred In their usual uniforms, with lorcheeat the ood of eUvea. Kl ?ho game time -other lbiily to Cfty meu, soaring g?ay c?pa, panned up liroadway and ranged UteajnnH? ?u the^_*jf polite Klde, In front of J-ba N?* STahaSm of A Urge number of porr.ona, oonsAlttA of ail shnden or _.iui u were rtinciculctl od tbo liiiowilkij oo bo4h Kl V of the l>reel. On fronting the Wide Awaken, tho uooo' a intr ay caps and eecril of Uso byamndem gave tbric rheerslor Ik II and ITrreit A man ouIhe con aid.- of tiiortreet joined j w??OM MM ^7,or conspicuous, lor whloh Le wa* nlnad byt ba mray Fveiwtt man, who happtnid to be mar us-* ide Awakem The line.,In man atrml the inlrud?r a Tha returned with inter*-1. A trouble aB*"*<,K^?f*^Tr^ nkrticF *u.d a uuiubci of gWklkroWl ru*hc<l f Jf^ara to (cparat'et Ue cr" i bat ?u is, when the word wan g'v-W 'rhwrio " from the Wide Awakis. who, on the Instant, ritihed Into the thlCA ol the rtgut, and the became t'ner.d. f'. *wr wo o troo'.y f-tT?u Mid rw turntd, the wide Awakeafn ilv er>ug their laaVeeea.and iU>caaa<>Hu(ialve weapma. n., pJltco hero ln'orlcred ?ud art *1- a U*r<* ptr w?l, OO 4? f *' fcom wil ?utr^i>eul lv lil rm-'d on his i*roio by huperrtaor Kennedy, who went to Uw sviAKcuth piectuct elaitou bouau fur thai pur '"lbt r art lea r<m brum ht i-efore AJ.lo.-maa Rredy,* the abac nee of JuJxe Connolly, at the Jomweoo Market IVllce CV rt. yr-ti-ribiy, when two were dtnehygednw laying adnool giO ruid Co r r-*etiv.-ly, and Urn other i,u 1,71.1 to bail in tbo ilbi ol rlui to answer a charge of e ullln; an t ti ter lu tke rieeutlcB ef hla del/. Be vend .? black eye received by ore of Ihe part ice akea into war nol*e.n that any peraonal damago waa?v tu nod by any of Uic comba.i?ati. Tb'r<- were oUter vtralot - of Urn '.r ain of the Bgbl, r.-meof which meke out lb-- Ik-11 and Everett pctf | a va I- en the Bggreeeors; hut all agree lu the fact that tb ? row became general afW tho word "wh*/. <: had been uth red in the republican ran?a I'SIOS CLUB Di HARLEM. Tb< Young ilon'e I'nfcm Cub of the Twelfth ward met and ori?txed at Dope'a lbiUi in llarl-m, on T.e?iay evening under the banner of ?-China for the I nice. The club alron 'y uuuioei upwarda of rlvty memheri, whose ihi'.ut.-n it ia to Imnrndlately hrrin tLomnelvea Into e ccmpai.y tf mluuie w-n Fhce the f irmatiaa af the I nb n ? I otoral tlaket the dormantelein-ateof lion to bAck r'pobh-anitro havebor .u>e aroueod in every ward in the r'.ty.aud the rceult will bo the met crushing Urfiat of tis ikJualAta di Nov u?ber that ever party < i per kneed. i erm from juixil w-tpu. n> Tiil tbiTOtt or tha hi?ald. Si w Yuijc, Sept. the? Ir the report of the proceed ;rgs of the Repr.blrrwn Ja dicary Convention In yo .r raper of to i' y ! am rcyorV td aa "ting tunc larsh evprcMemi Wwarda Mr treaoer Such wwa not n-.y int?sV. w, nor wak It the fhet, w the contrary, I rfab'l Mr fpeiveer war my re-aoaAl fr .iid again t wboat c^arerUr an<i .uUgrity 1 Anew na Ihihg, but lu whoa* I new much rnter ?-?> I Of aeew.r.?... e. I vu. '** r'^ra7 that mT nan I is th?r?-ir?e of my wmnncs, u?aa mr > KtWi^Uoe, UVi|M- prin.,-11, U.c c?, :u, wh..a It would maho aodhkm^aaoa w tin tho-v who knew him, by lb uaaada ?ho d?d not he would be cbarg 1 a th a ' lomb* Xwy r !?'>?? in t Jilz^lv ? iiy outs wi>ri U? wjuf^ tfte ftxutiJiii of sjaacaur^or to deirtc? from h., woU nmmed Li' iabo. a. ? criminal lawytr. I'le?e .aaert thin ? an acted b-glce to Mr ?penc?r aa wch aa to tuyaalf, and ?T ohau.nat acrvant, _____ *? .tiwipapcr Iteaitara l? the fiatdwUh le landi. irrom the ll wol-u Aivertlier. Aug*! i.? Few t*e ?Jilt atv awar: ?d tho .urge riuitW ef I reigw i me. EiSl?, when tho r.dtO cet 'v.- * and perl-ape twme that uuuibtr of parere. arrlt rig ten-, a month, coaarrinud all U>- ma'! mattir rec. '.red. ? v - k^.? cn.mim ro^kahk''"'fU,-l.M' l - Y isSJ.*v*::: >?'?'* *** Vlri It fca taowv! ettalily.tUiaow i.-any 20,t?? pa .er? m.(i i < ut2uoo r<iif*5.,*i? w? by l..m to rubtcj-'bert throufihout tho Wiar.da^.Ahov one third of tl-er pap< r* and "^JSw j i ?d at or near the actua. e? *1. m.. fHB?^ftw erw b-ew I the coat. Three Mrtodteale ; > . *t ? end are tiere distributed te eub-ci '" ft. ? lUnee o-vr mall tnMUr ha- lo c >? / v,? York and 10 COO mIr m .cmdm) aaf wm lei aih of time Itrf olree to oMala replete to eay cew 5^?re. the itian <? eow yeeecea "WtaMe^ 1 re IU terelfn eewe. unci nJed by th? ma.i (hoix lit, Aert.-alla.Chut"W to*le, er AoyciA*ri,crm *r ih? ??. th Atiicr ir. c v' A- * < rmniy ? a??*, U?. i un 1 ? ?-f p.p-rt re- ,ved. I.a .H a 1 ? * > u.v on the .Clr perl-nical *s -?<' e ? _ . ludlng Engl sh, ? m r cms aud ^ ? u, 2,^7i rr Ha iat te le ..4 ar uiy merehcadle i. whO-h, ^ i t> si-m H-ee. woald pay 1C pm I^Tditv.Vterate .Wkleu,. naata pay . the,, *5S?!J.b1r!,...raft?i'. rar*t ? ? I'd the i.riy?ae.ata rJt^d wiu beeeea by the amrte rcfort wewtjgtre mil one I. ?tanfc of the ? y the law < p rates. Rev. Mr I i*m< r r.? KO moat if eli. f W*r?r .? <me ,-nac ;,e ; ral'.ItO'A dh'rii-iit.T jvtheHotoei abbatb I M-a. The coet (if three 100 pa mi# Mu New tor* la 1 cm.J; Aiarritea you e f?r hue r. ii HO The Be wallah poet te on the reme I twu real* on each ptpw, or gill cor aaaam. fech te the operefVea of the law. ??_ .??a.1'4 U. impeged law umhteg a.difleroagn gi lt, an tinted by U liftg>, It would wlth tb* teMlalr <d tl. * |?|-r alone o gP?. ?c.< > "g ii.leraUC amount W th eafSi (f the nth.-r ' n,^r od Dei aay ?(>po" Uiat .oeh a - dured" Tl at th o( Awl can^ m/wuw, the of dei.Ter ng afew i FTvIt. Vn^ . tir hvUlhb i-ib??FW? ,cn