Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 27, 1860, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 27, 1860 Page 7
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democrats?to puna* & course which their cwn common sense must suggest is certain to result in the dominance of a party whose elevation to power will be fatal to the prosperi ty, commerce and peace of the country. What the people in all the Congressional districts Should do is to repudiate every one of these nominations of factious politicians, and put up some men who really represent tbe issue before the country. The only organization which seems to act with any sense at all is the Mozart Ball wing, and it might almost in future be Celled the Union party. Tkt Import*are or Oar Local Kltfttoai WU1 tbe People Look to tk? Candi dates 7 The inhabitants of the rural districts scorn to be absorbed in the Presidential canvass, which they look upon as beingcf far more importance ?Han their State or local elections. The local election ot this ci'y. on the other hand, owing to the numerous venal combinations in all of our party organizations, are of more consequence to this city than the Pr.-Mdential issue. The question that the people will have to decide upon is, v hetiier they will be governed by the dregs of our grogshops ar.d tho worthless scoun drels about town, or bj honest men. There are four or five party organizations, And as nnay subdivisions of the parlies, in the field, quarrelling for the -'vc ral offices to be filled this fall, from the members of Assembly down. The several party machines have been put in motion, and hardly a day will now pass but that we shall have the announcement of ?oine person being nominated for this or that Office. The movements of these cliques ought to be closely wutched by the taxpayers of this City, who should see that there are not foi-ited opon them men of the lowest order, and the government that has so long been a standing disgrace to the city continued. We shall watch the movements of the several partie*. and, when the nominations are all made, delect out the honest men from amongst them, If by chance there should be any, and labor for their election. We sfcai! pay no regard to the party that nominated, and care not which of the several organizations put them forward, but single ont tho?e who are worthy of being trusted and labor for their election. Not one ? Of the plunderirg set that have disgraced the City, or any person put forward as the tool of the barroom cliques, shall receive cur sup port. And we trust that the taxpayers and property holders will second our efforts In en deavoring to take the city out of the hands of the menials of the grogshops and the drunken Yagaboads who have so long disgraced us. ? In regard to the Presidential struggle the public can rest assured that there will be but one electoral ticket run in this State against the republicans?thus bringing the direct test Whether we are sectional or national. With this assurance let our citizens turn their atten tion to the local candidates and eee that there b a reform brought about in the City Hall, so long the reproach of the city. Let no repre sentative* of the numerous corrupt party com binations. the buying and selling coalitions, the grogshop leagues, the mercenary cabals of this city, find a resting place for the soles of their feet in any office In the city government Or at Albany to be filled at the next election. The offices to be filled this fall are of vital Importance to the city, and we shnll do all ?rtthin our power to keep the Ignorant, worth leas and drunken vagabonds emanating from the brothel; out of th? m. Toe Wealth or ma otatti?Tub Manto rouiAX DioTxicr Owm Halt or It.?The State Beard of Equalization, appointed by tbe Leg is lature to settle upon an equal basis the value of real and personal estate In all the counties, have just concluded their labors, and they re pretent the whole valuation of property In the 8tate to be tl,419.155^20 nearly fifteen hun dred millions. That portion of the State which comprises the Metropolitan Police district, In cluding the counties of New York, Kings, Rich mond and Westchester, offered the richest plaoer Co the legislative plunderers who created it a Metropolitan district, aod hence these four oountlea were selected as the victims of the grossest corruption and robbery that ever a Sovereign State submitted to. The Metropoli tan district has no rights, privileges or govern mcot cf its own; they are all in the hands of tbe rural despots, tbe leaders of the republican party, scattered all over the Stele; yet this dis trict actually represent* as much property as the whole of the remainder of the State put to gether. Let us look at the figures:? Tola! valsatl m In Um dials 81,4U?,U6,?? Hsir-psMUa dWtr.ct? New York sue 071 nt W1b>osier 4 oil 738 VtBfS IWI 2?6 Ml RMawd t iSl.MJ ;:U! HoVopoilUa 1 str'ct 70S 6'*,008 Tclsl rema.ador of tbe Stats 8711.>40 0*4 Here, then, are the four richest counties in 1 the Empire State, owning within a fraction of half the entire property subject to taxation within lie boundaries, virtually deprived of self government, and made the prey ot a set of harpie* from tbe rural districts. We seo on all sides that tbe very same men who composed the Infamous Legislature ot last year are being put in nossinatiou again, and we may therefore expect to see the same scenes enacted In 1860-fl, and the same corruption practised, only more boldly and impudently than before. These fellows will continue to go on makiag an annual descent from tbe Llslderberg Moun tains like Rob Roy from the highlands upon the Metropolitan district, levying black mail upon Its unfortunate Inhabitants. Tff* Rst or West***- Crmm.?Western cities appear to spring from the earth like mush rooms. which are said to be nowhere at sun down, but to be rich, ripe and juicj when the Sac ruing dawns. The whole rest West where S few years ago no white skin but the Indian ?gent and a few aotdiera was ever eeen, is now audited with cltlej aspiring to all the lux uries of metropolitan wealth, and harboring thousands of industrious citizens. In the neigh borhood of Ftke*s Peak, for example, lying un det the shadow of the auriferous mountains thereabouts, (bare is now a thriving city known fr- Denver. A few years ago who erer heard Of Pike's Peak, except In connection with some possible or impossible pathway over the Rocky Mountains, or who ever dreamed of a Denver City In that dreary region? Yet there It ?tends to-day, like a creation of magic, ?rith its bustling population engaged In ?11 kinds of commerce, living as we live in this great metropolis, and aiming after the enure prosperity that all its sister cities of the quon dam wilderness are so rapidly attaining. Pen tcr has Its stores and factories, lit lute'.i and restaurants, Its courts and lis corporation; aye, nod its newspaper, too; for we received yester day the second number of the Daily Rocky Moun tain Ktncs, dated September 7. What would be thought, a quarter of a century ago, of the idea a daily newspaper published in a gorge of the Rocky Mountain-* Some notion of the business of Denver City may be got from the fact that the News has nc less than seventeen columns of advertisements out of twenty-four, and these comprise nearly every branch of business and am< ->ement known to large and full grown cities. Hero we have express companies advertised, and billiard sa loons, banks and auction rooms lager beer breweries and jewelry stores, machine shops and book stores, cabinet factories and icehouses, sawmills and livery stables with grocery and liquor stores ad libitu'm, together with any num ber of lawyers' and doctors' cards, of cour-e, for wherever pecple live together in communi ties there must be litigation, and wherever peo ple eat and drink?especially the latter- there will bo work for the doctors. Nor is Denver the only example of the sud den rise of cities in this region. All over Kan sas and Nebraska this mushroom growth ie manifest There I- Nebraska City, and Omihu City, and Leavenworth; in fact, at ?imost every point where a military post was established, and a g^eat many others where one was net cities have sprung up. It almost realizes the story of Aladdin's lamp?so fascinating lu one's boyish days? where the youthful possessor of the lantern had bi t to rub it and pah.ces would arise from the earth. Here we actually behold a number cf adventurous young tren emigrat ing from New England to the Western wilder noss, and straight upon rubbing their Aladdin's lamp, v hese dame !.* fed wltb the burning fluid of enterprise, cities rL-e up from the ground at their bidding. lf'.eCl'LAT. Cuulstu^ - IN Lim to.?Abcut Biz wesks ago the good people of Boston were shocked to hear that a prize tight had taken place almost nnder their noses?that two of the letter lights in the pugilistic world hud mst on on Uland in the harbor and pummelled each other luatll/ (hiring an hour or two for a matter of fifty dollars. While the fight was in progress the police appeared in boats. The spectators made a hostj retreat The principals were captured, and hare lately been tried, convicted and sentenced to penal servitude in the State Prison for one year. Justice, in this case, Las triumphed, and the solid men of Boston breathe more facely before. We call eepecial attention to this circumstance, because of its rarity. Almost every State in the Union ha? a spe cial statute against fistic encounters, and many gentlemen of the prize ring have been tried, and a few convicted; but we remember only one instance, previous to this late caae in Massa chusetts, (that of Lilly, who killed McCoy) wherein any punishment more than a fine was inflicted upon the delinquent. Massachusetts, a State which abides by all the laws?except such as are mada by the federal government and are distasteful to the negro stealers?has led the way in Inflicting proper punishment upon persons who give disgraceful and dan gerous exhibitions, and we applaud the prompt action of our Eastern fbilow citizens. Wo be lieve <hat prize fighting per ac should be put down, and that all the people whe make their living by It should be compelled to serve the State. Stone breaking is excellent training for them. At the same time there are other exhi bitions, such as rope-walking at dizzy and dan gerous elevations, and foolhardy ascents in Are balloons, which are Spea to the same objec tions as prize lighting. In both cares people risk life and limb for a Uttie vulgar no toriety and a few dollars. Why not, then, award to Blondln and Coppla the same punish ment which has been meted out to the muscu lar Christians by the authorities of the Old Bay State! tsaswri' Aire Craair ? S asw theatre Is buUding la CBreUut street, ratlsdaiphia, for Mrs. P.P. Bowers, IBs hvorIts actress cflba Qaaker City Adeline Pall!aai Brtgaoll art st IBs frost Street theatre, Baltimore. Mas J. M. Da res port a not gotag to Australia, as soma of Us papers sap. She win sail from Ban rrsacisoo tor Near York albs tttof October, sad a aogaged to play la November at Us Howard Atoea -am. Hiatus. Mas Maggie Mitchell a at lbs Loalsnlla tbeairs, which opaaad last Moods? wash. The Boa von papers aaaouaced the debut, at Ue Howard Athene?, oa the 29u lost , of a Biros of tbs late Sumner LIbc.u fairBrdd, "a vary beautiful youag lad? wbo bar arm aome reputstlea la Utsratsrs." We bear that I Be yuuag lad? takes tor bar mam 4t lAemtne Ue ? .mewhat sigh sounding UUeof "Gsrtfade Argyle " MlmMary MeVlokar, a child of tea years, Baa mads bar debet at Caters as Hamlet There Is ec truth la (be eWlen*c.l that Mas Gamaalfs Bas besom# MeSame AlfelWe Carl forma* asd l llmaaa bars Ballad from Llvsrpvul (or Naw York. - fumNQK?Onrmar ?In Ue late Do wafer UOiutess of Crareo, wbo died a few dayt sieoa at her nwioeoce, Hraiiua Marehnll, sear Newherr, B-.-rks. we hare loel Ue last (with Ue e'efle ?ire;.r<*i of Lad? Keeejtl ol those onriioettsd lwiieu wbo were f. met ? o.unectet ?ib Ue public etagr it# ,?u ( NHlmS of Crarea was we., known u j??. the l.aodoo boards aoo.e half century ago, is oca of u>e met piputor favorites ? A the day, nailer aer " ' jfcs was mam en tame of Mum buaisa Br.mtou -<be waa Ue daoglter sf a gentleman ooaomed wiU Ue theatre at Norwich, asd b? the lata earl of Craved a he had a family Of Uuer euea sad a daughter, of whom the pr>ewl uu-i of Oaare and hi* yoergeat brother alone ear* I re An htofltoh paper anauunr,* it. death of Mre. Vales, as totlnwi ? We regret to ana mens the dreeaae. after a painful asd linger lag itlo<-aa, of thia aoouoii iiaheu and ?ta> nwd lady, tor many year* ah oroau..-ut of it? dra matte pmfrsatos sad In pr ?aie life so deaerred'y ha loved. Mra Vatas waa a daughter of John B> .at >o. !>.) , of Ni rwlrh, and niece M ib ? Dowager Omateae of f>area the mads ber debet at t.eaa, In i be ehara iter of Dwwirmora, ac : ber Srai app.ere/ ? e la Utidx at uoreat bardie, -h pun.her 13 MlT.wUliU llvjy AtUovenl Cardin the OuallautJ to pie? lesdii > high 0>'O.e y ontll ISSt, when aha waa married t? Mr treuertck Yet-*, who died Jn IMS lea* it g an on I) em, bora lull After the deeib of her huabaa I Mia Yarr* remained at the Adelpbi, wiU Mr Webster, but played for nee aeaaim at the f.y. Oram wiU Madame Vretrla, aed Saallv retired from the a teg about elf ren years ago. Her trlum.he aa aa act r< aa ?re frrahly renn mbereu by two p-neeauona of ptay goers, hut U< memory >d ber domestic virtues m perhaps more prwma bvrtage to Ue nearrat and dearest of Bar man? mourners Parmasl Imtelllgeace. The Hoe Joseph Barbiere, who was seat to ?ar, ,e la Jure 'wt, aa remmMat'aer fr"tn the ftteta of Tea:, -sera, oa Ue guaatloa of "Direct Trade,'* was a paeeeeger by Ue Adr'alle. had baa takes rooms at the fearer I House We lean that m> tor aa the laitrntira te ooaoraed, the mtmiea la a eompiete suoema; Mr Itorblere waited over twa hundred sad fifty maauraci in Be^,.m so I Germany, and aocr?eded, by p-rvoeally prv-julioj iif subject Is the maautorturera, la trdoo'hg lh?m to make a trtai ahtpmrat Asaordlagiy, Ue Hear? leaves Aatwerp UM moaU tor Savesaab, Georgia, ,e its a cargo of aa aortad gouda of Bslglaa asd Irurmaa aaaauiacture. Ttwee fabrics WIU be eabUitrdat a fair to be be id la December neat at Maeoa Tfiiue, tfces, ibis seat commer cial me rem set amy be regarded aa a flved (bet. ft re tafia it. The Man u la and March loams of Ctaadoa, Mr. fiaotal Bad tody, sad Mtoa Earl, of England. Hoe fleorge *. fogg asd p. R. George asd tomiiy. ef Nad Hampshire, Dr. Livings** and family L Mass , had Mr*. A a. bougies, rings** and family, Mm Tela CBtnagoaa theMIB I Has AMBhsder knag, mam bee ef the House W Dam _ioh? tor Tnvtfgrd, ki | and. whu is a ooitoio ol U,ru Aab benoo bus.- the Hoe Wil 'are Ware?, wew.nerof dar Hie ee leivereuT I M IMewart, Hon lima A C'tet.i. -el A * Poeipben, Oorsellue Wrcdeii, Heue r? C-mg- I* Morvti. f>.|usel N C Oalboree. of Mo ; llut .'uU?i C d n h.w Uai , A W Mart ??.u< N J ,U?ut. byleiei r ef Arlert i\' OhethlD t 1 flu-toe, of W alia * aim is T . Unkpui Juha R watte, aa.. Iframiis 9- litui, E- 4 , *?rt ta fit. tvuia os Ut MU uart. ACTIVITY D TIE SLAVE TRADE. Captor* *f Two More Blaven?Tho Erie and Storm King. Nearly Fifteen Hundred Negroes Fonnd on Board# A J?jepaWh Lm been receirjd f-om horf >ik, beartag date September 26, staling that a br'g, name unknown, but supposed to bn the brig Storm King, had arrived at that port, ta obarge of Lieut. A. K. Hughes, Lulled MlB Nary, thirty one days fans Moarorta. She waa captured by the steamer baa Jacinto, on the ttih of August, ah eat two hundred miles off the Coojr river fche had 016 negrota on bcarf, who were all landed at Monro via. The eaicc despatch state., that the prlre ship Erie waa raptured by the United States steamer Mohloaa, on the StU of August, end had arrived at Monrovia with over 103 nigroes on board, bhe waa ta charge of Lieu. Donegan United Mates Navy TUe f.Lowing a e tbe facts connected with tbeee ves sels, ss far sa oaa be gieanod from our near las Hate and shipping register ? The Erie Is a chip of 4*9 tone, was baut ta Warrem, B L, in 1M6,and Usupposed to be cwaed In NewToefc She oltared from Havana seme time during the month of April lest for the River Cot-go. At the time aha was commanded by Captain Knudeoa. Tbe Storm King, provided that ia the name of the ether captured vessel, Is the brig that our readers will recollect caused such a set satiuo here in the ewly part of last May. La conaequcnoe of escaping from the charge of twe of our Deputy Marshal* or, as waa allege J at the time, bribing the Ma.-sh.tU to report that they could not find her, alter they had been sent to search for and stop her On toe 3d of May Deputy Marshals Theodore By more and Hoary Munn were seal tc overtake and oapture the brig Storm Bug, whioh had cleared from thla port under circumstances t*at led to the belief that the wsa about to proceed ca a slave voyage. Ths Mar rbals went hi arerch of a proper person to sign the doca meot to enable thro to selee or detain the vewel. Not finding the part, they wore in ?earch of, they pro cured the steamtug Relief, and prooeeded down the bay, when th?y found the 8-orm King at the Narrows, going to aea. Ifcc Marshals bcar'ed the brig, and a e ight altercation took p'ace between the captain of the brig and the United States officers. At last matters cooled down, and, very emg arly, the venae! was permitted to depart, and more singular still, the Marshals retur*: -d and reports ! at headquarter, to Mr. Dwlght, the Aeal.tant L'aitM Slates District Attorney, that ths supposed slaver could sot be (bend. The Batter via Judiciary In realise ted u to why the wil vm permi tted to proceed on her aappoeed u&ivfai voyage. I'r.riouj tj the lnreeligatioa sufficient evilenie vm elicited from private to tmpr?a? the thee act . irg Coiled States Marshal with theoeceaaltyof d lam tiling the tvc <?rccJiog lodlTldnale. aod they were informed that their eerrloco were no longer required aa Aasietaat U niter State* Marthale. On the day of the legal lareatignt on, which tovk place on the lib of May, Mr Dwlrbt made aa affidarlt to the elect that he ha 1 aeoi Ryndere had Muaa to capture the Storm King, and that they reported to hla that ahe waa not to be rowad. F. H Brooke, captain of the etoaajfij Ral ?f, svora that La had pr weeded down the bay after the Storm Kief, having on board with him Marecali Render* and Munn that hay lag overtakes the Storm King, the Mar sLaw bearded her, and, after rena'.alag en beard a abort time, they returned to the Relief, ten or the captain that they bad made a m.aiake, aad n-yamtlng him uot to uy anyth Lg about the af'a r. Other avid race vm takra tending lc implicate them, acd the actlor rf the Acting Marshal n d^ctarrlag the 1 two mew wm endorsed i The Storm Kiag cleared May Z fro? thia oily fbr Rio i Zaire and a market, bite wee coaamaadel by Captaia Lockhart. hoe U a vaeao! of t2d tone, waa b ill k Tel hot county, Mary tad, In 19M, aod is auopoaid to bw own*! In Orerr.po-t, lac% U.ard Kte wee thoroughly overheated aad rafUad io April, IMC. The Slaves and Slav* Trade of Cab*, om ciarrcaoo* coakgirroKMNca. fvtwrwooa, Cuba, Sept I, ItdC Jfmtof retcM*? WTtorr A# Stgrw. An ^nnn^mUf fen if ed?Tht tW y a "iM' Trade dense and JYtece n^K?a- c'. Ggp&M .'n.jltrd?fronted, Jb/fy Thnuanl Ifrgmt, <fc. I are It aeaetyd that the majer'ty rf the citron laad their carter* on thla aide, wh'le It la a well kaowa fket that ant one In U cornea bare, and tor a very good real aw too. la the Bret place, all, or aaarly at, of the capital it vetted la by r?? deoia of Havana aod MaIwujm, thea re thia aide there are hot com aratlvely fbw eetatee, and tenet of them are www aad of bat extent, and there lore fewer crg-oae are required, while lc fern ah the p'ant attune is the ulterior regains every a*1 rapid t of arcrm. which tbey bare not got on Uila aida except ta a very few places It would not he a very pros table nn dcrtaktrg to attrmpt lc march a cargo of a thoiaaad ce groee throvyb autre i f the uarehea aad wuoda ch?? are ec omaaon al?ag tan ooaat. it would be tmpcws'bte to watch the whole of them, and the natural cooarqueace voald he that not ot w half would rearh the place for w hi ah they were deetlcevf ilavaaa a the grand depot, or Wave marl, aod mrrohac^ on thia e do, u a general thiag, mod there whecerer they moire elavee to flu aa order bragiag tavmorrrtead to B?tebano,aa1 frnm ineooe by enaiw?r Thermit ufan* -roby the timr he arrivMhere * be near U I res And out, eix bsiidied l illare, aad the ta' Cludra, Br*' .set, 'reoa; iriet; <o and "hush money," Um latter heiug aa meat of aa lieu M any other, and w e requlrbg the anal prompt attention 1 am cridibly lulr.i uied that a "lot" waa recently brojgbl here fn m Menus, aid trat they coet. delivered at the warehouse of u.* purrhae-r, the above emouat, aad pat the* reoeivvd from ibe p'aever, w thout nay demamnx ew Lie port, eleven buodr* * dollars per h-wl Mo wonder that tfci rr are ac many wllllrg to risk to. Ir merry in the eiare trade, wbea, If at all eoonaweful. the prvtu are ee cootmoua. aad yet, 'a the tee lance, they mist hare bene reduced e grow* dial by ?? of t rasa p. rtal.i-a aad extra brib?? to the i Trials at Batahao' aan tbie pteoe The trade bug active, aad prima range eery bigb at taw t'me, awlv,g t" ?be eupply apt B?a? reaching ttii* demand betatrw are btug olearwd ':p enostarlij aod old owee are rvptdiy Uirvee ug tbr.r dimaaaloca. the cousnqueace of watch t? a e??iUtual rry 'or more n-gmae. not uulf by Uiv (..eatera 'n. ..en i.y It, we O'r. i.a.^e wto are re gag'd In lb? a.igar bur'oate, all rf tbem barleg targe ?i>me ta I be tj?n *a of the p'ar.iere 1 know ?f cue firm In U W plane that at ine p<wwl tint bae an tree than twelve hundred tt aaad dollar* in the ban'ta wr piaot re. wbite aaetber bar nine hun dred thouMWd do iare, ae1 olb-n uisa la proration to the b jfioene they are dr.tng aad If ttr *lave trade were to oe crushed at caer tbey would c it be ah..- to recover nt# beff of it. Tber- arc over d'ly tf iiwand eiavne reeded ber* now, and that lumbar no'.id he intrvwacnd without mat- riai y afftullag the iue'?.l price, aad ec valuable bare they become, I bat every oare ? taheo of Uum and every p'ncauline need wbue tbey are aaderr Iv.g acvi mat n Fur ine Srvt yvar Ibry are i t rr q.ure1 gn cut |r tU fi-M or 4n ana hard w.<rfe, cod ev.vy n>>as* la reeovted In to get toem n gvmd ouedi'tevn Tt*vre an but few of Uie Her* re of i ?r ry tu W w e nfl a Cuban pi acta V. uw at the prneaat day, toe im|?rty u loo vaiuab e In be ikijel, and It I* i a,y tbe ,u at uu f j|y rrquira the laah A pitta w.ld me Ibat in tb* cairoi td two yne.a he h*. run lea nemraad urate th main.and fr m tho fray ted'iaa lava, rbaen ban ted beeu a raae of nowrtt- In Ibla n'ar# Ibi# nwa, lad bi> apprabi Mitw o! its being Lav ptpni away Tliw Chargne Apwlnat Paymailer Abbot. TU TUB UllTV'R OP 1MB f w.xapairwia, Sept 21. lddO fr ytsr pw^r of the lit a?t yuw aotMad e uaarge made la thl* etty tga aMfhar ? w Abbd, Paymaster of tbe Cmted ?utee Vary, and a -w du bad,t-< tba Paw ate, of an ?rpr<a' ng anowey to hi* .wo a** or lb* vm of j an ther, with luteal to defraud Tie money refrrrad to I waa aa amvant atbaerlbad wrtnei ally by tbe erew of the j luted -natte I'gtuk Uwrewee, during ber taat wuim, | 10 I if- tea the far-by rf tbe cr-czipialiiant, fe^d Carter, I belrve iig to a relet ea Of 'V-tun... |ne> Purrret. Tbw btiiovut *aa paid ue*r by Mr. lb rot, in b?y, 1ASP. to Cumiuud' r? Pnertet, then In r? a>M?aidul th' *V lawrenoe, it ba by bin applied la ' " ' ii waa a^bM r.hal Tb* ran* a an heard ihi* morning beftre Ute PreeMent Judgu uf uj? Uuirt of commoa t icae uf thia aouaty, aad Ur Abbot waa dl*charg>l .the f>nirt b itdVig that th* eeuiawne did net ahnve My in lee I in derma ' Tow Paeea* druppcd auwa I -??? Iho Nary Yard about noon b> day,and Mr At>wrt,*n Itevlng.r-qitele me, as m?e of hi* couneel? the matter hheiog base airawdy meatioowd in your pw Br?to ark jo, to publish th* dev ei-ia uf tbe Court Aa > matter haa been alleded to la th* petetnj ei mat* Mr Abled i* oaturai y anvlnua that I in frtawtla, evpedthMp lg lb* naey, lr whatever part of tb* world tb?y may be, a be u id know th* rewuH. atf ha feel* that the mtet cartels way of atteiaiog bla w tc bar* it atatv i in y >ur pw(wv % LOWBPR PTw.lna Dbaiirrt. B?t ?,?td M ItdO Tb. arbenwrj Raymnn<1. fWwn Albany for M-eten. nap aired yteterday la the bar. Crew *arvd An uahhviww brig wm id l ^hiand Light te dPg dia t.anted, M1 drifted to *eq 9XWS FBOM WASfflAGTOff WuuujHiron, bept 16,1?90 ?aval wovwnwn. tbu t*?7/ Department received intelligence ymUrday from AApLnwu thAt thf Laaoaater, the Sag ahlp o' the Pacific equadroo, at the requeet of Mlnlator Clay, had gone to (Ma* fee what pur-oee j not eUlet* Mr Clay had no authority from Uie government to order any tncrsaae of naval force to Oallao. The Uneaato# wtU, Uwr^or*, by order of the Savy Do pertinent, return to her otatioc. Th_> Buquhaua, waa recently aaat to the ftti.f, haaboeo ordered to proceed to the Mediterranean aa original) 7 In toad *1 *w mvi oowmarc* Leopetobee Mr* hot received (rem Captain Kng-e, Chief of the Chrle1'1 Cooaralaa. >a. The hydr< graph.eel party, under Lieut* .tjederi, had completed the a\.r veyi at the Ohlriinl lagoon, and proceeded to Ari'.nva'. la Ua Brooklyn, arriving there on the lilt, of September. On the 1Mb they left the Brooklyn and oroaaed toe tatCmua to be convoyed m n govoenmont vea?? to the harbor of Gelflw The 3roofcyn then returned to the lagoon. Beforo the dept. '.ire cf the B?>ehlyu for Aopln nail in formation hat b-ea reoo.vJd of the aafe er-'val of t.lent. Morton and bU party at Celd?m, hev'ag oremed the mointaina la Uvj dayo Te n of the core# had -tea aent to Colege fir juppllea, and would meet Lieut. Morten at thoB?,jette, from which pout the aurve/would cm menoe tomardo ctcu ocean. The/ were In ftc. health wed aplrtta. The geological party end* Dr Kmna were prooec .t Laj thru- wort with auoceoa on the river GhangaLroie. The harbor* oi Chtrigu aroreprooanled aa lncompara bio Thi lacda eurroonding Uya are of the llrai ordrr, and require ool; cultlvatoM, who amy be certain of wc oreiBow ng reward. wiur l rto'-r.ov <y roe ?rtro* r ~vr. The admlnntration endoroe the fuilon tloket an v rnngwl by the Oommittoo of Fifteen. They cto not think that the Brecklortdgo interest ia aa fully repreaented u It ought tr> be but that unlc ? thb clrcuaatauoeo, and 1: the hope of ore- entlr-j what thaf ccnalder would be, a caivn.ty to the country?the election of Lincoln?tbey w ill urge the r fritada throughout the State to go for '.t. The I'-se ideal will novo Ut from ootdlero Heme to nurtow. UaBttal Wftlkir Md Colonel Rldltt Not to be Hhoi. Na t 0?-Aasi, H*pl Id, 1160 The whr-oee- TA/'.sr, from Tr iitUo, repcru iLai ieae*a! Walker U safe, aid will reUra tome t; the cerl steamer Both ha aad Colonel P.-jd'e? wo-ild have been released Ira medlAtaly IT the 7 had claimed Amortcna clUi-tiahip or Brit -h 1 -atectlcJ It is certain that neither of them w li be ehat, th* Brlt^h dec, that they would not per mit It Another taki Duantr, CmoAUo, Sopt. 26, I860. Th re is enry reason t: belie?; that oc the Light of the d taaeter to lot Lad7 Egi n another tame.' was loot, with at oa beard. The eehooaer at Mary left hers ?n that Jap ho aad (or Oedar riser, aad has uot been heard from since. She bad00 board eomo lady passengers aad d-o moo, Oaotaia Seosett, mate and cock. P ace ehe left another rasas! his bem to Oedar r'.err, bet hoard k UilLg of the scboonar Mysterious MuxJer !a Itrksaass. Van Brum, Ark , Sect 16, UK. Two irarellere, supposed to be from Teias, names un known, were found murdered and thrown orer a bluff tea snliue doi U of taia plao* Tiiey are auppoaed to hart been diad a week. Partes are U pursuit of the mur dered. The eletJns were traes.llaj to wards 8t. Louts, and (t la thought, wer mu-dvel by a man aaJ woman whe were seen with them. Lew of Use Btebaaer k. ?> Chambers. F*. loots, Kept M, 1666. /The ateame* A. B. Chambers, ooaad hither with a mi cab,0 cargo, sack oa Hue da/ oghl near Us saoau of ths Ulster r! rtmr. The boat and cargo are supposed to be a tetai Iota. The beat was mined at tli.300, aad la la eased far t?0 006 ta Philndnlphin nod Barrlabarg He I .rea were lota. A marker wss eosnm'tted on .the fair grotads yester day The cause principally was liquor. Daniel Baiard wss arrss'nd on ths oharge of committing the crime. Bernard fliiihaa was shot oa ffnnday eight by Battel Qalalaa. Ha d'sd an Monday from Us effects of Ue monad. The murderer saeaped. Hatcher haa been neuU need at 3t. Joseph to Imprlaoc meat In ths penitentiary for eighteen years for suite leg s fret negro woman from IT inset and try leg tote;: her la Mlwcnir'. (.alt* A BtBtrs Cowrt. Tumn-ow, Sept W, IMC Ths argnmmt on ths motion la the BUiett rs Vsa Vorst sane was ooaer. led, sad Us Court took cp a Jury ease bet were Us mm* parties, which It ttlU befbra Us Court The Grand Jury hare bees engaged all day 1c the raan.aai.0-1 of a largo cumber of witnesses, camel/ Gapt Joans Webb, of ecboooer Thomas K French Cnjt Thomas Benefit, of eehooaer Gem. Oapt. John P. Oo> of sosp Homatos. Chpt J. B. Gadaey, of ska p Republic; Heary W. Wilson, John P. Daybook Dr. John h Golkar, ttpeoosr Poote, Jsoeb I. Marinas. JameeM. Ayrts, George C, ClarS., Wm Jacobci, James Ta!image, Thomw artwork, Fl mbeth Schrnce, William Wearer Pin dug that Chpt Preach, or the sloop La eaada, was not la atteadaaoe, aa well as aereral wit LMMWfrom Brooklyn, K. T .UeGraad Jury appi.ed tc the Court, who directed process to be larued for said wit nrraee, and Urn adjourned to Friday want. Sercrai cf Ue w'.tntaara being aged and sick, and llrlag at ecu ?iderable a mucosa, It la thought Uey wl'2 act be abi* to auaod una term, and that a special tons hare tc he directed by the Court for the trial of U.a case. ImBlmm Plghi. Omasa, N T , Sspt U I86P It J rumored here that the Pawnee aad dioux Indiana hare had another flgbl near Us rawnse Itwn n Thlr tsre M<>ua aad oon Pneuw are reported kUed. Agent own has gone out to -jele't the dlaturbaaoe Tbi Tmrf. TBI 01JAT MATCH ASALKrr TIM 0> T3I CBKTSB ftllb coram. This sn -moec rv-'? Temple will aode-Uke the dIB alt feat X heat kg the l.w make by eld Dutchman u hia celebrated Urea o- tle tret orer the Beacnn Oourse, la 1828. The Urea miles w re trolled In ? 21 , aad there ... men no car approach to It alace by soy horee m puhlie Should Unre tueceek m ker use. sbe will then hurt fully earned her hppsUhUoa of shifts of the Trotting Turf. ____________ The Hwrnaohwim Jemrmal, Weck.i e; ibre? reow. for rwwit u4e? -el enee is l?erel-re BOS Mu?k- ewrda uneyunl nrf le 4? weld Hud ererywhere. I'sitrr flnrmrati for ihr IW ill torn?Plem. ? -ti-e end rhJkrej, * Mel.AUl?HLIN'8 ektrt Depot, corner cf Oreeeeieh e? d w-irrer A l*stfe< t Ptwllf hr wing IMnrhlNe ftor |U asru-i wei ck. .Tnvaos A ?ki . tM l<ro?dwef. l.tiOO Phniogmph Cnnt Poifrnlte taken dailf.M fnr $1. Iuu-?e nre, eolorek, ft. u Uoklla , SM Freed wer _ ___ _ _ Barssm'o Hmirom -Whwrtr will rwnSl the e1??r.wmer; n? thnmi w m in our selumaa wleeo a wantilrwluu ul uurelusn wel wjsmiki nckly worth USur nuenttou tklrfl Mndr t > Order from Imsnrw* O. r. hlLLfeC* * ff?* t*? Fere* w*? erweer ef Lfrerty SL "The btflosel Ou?rd"-Th? f.ea.lln( Bat of the eeeanr for wis oety ?* IF'fk-a, 111 Bruakwey B.nmo Ki press Agrnfi ned Towns. nnnu-d In PTIMh .k'h hli'Rkoe ht(A faT 1668. ra' Ushak ?I Tied*mrwi ?t. Lualn, Bept Hit. SI (be Feu.-nel P.l. WW day the Ilk pwil ia was awerked to the nllbVH A WAtik-t n??in Mncmueu. 0rMfclf? -MliiUllf1, ft Tur'^l. I.'f* *'**< CHAJ. tt. WTV LihMaOH. Bmabu b?S Ittl. Ml Pine ISlrti fwv m-Wnrrsatsk ts gi. ncx'PT W m.r Bwiufsercrr, M Breekwey. Late Importation#, kk*. We nre tow la rseeljt of ow large tmpor-jH. HU la ths Vkf of COATTKrj-. V ALOOIfBBT rrvwumina ooont. FOB PAU. AKI> W1WTBB WBAA Ibrr *re <k> eh GW teWrt. nu to be fo ad la U? 7rsntk leermsneek UsUhmarbew O, ele> lr? i ?>r lhn to our rery eitenkl-e elrek fw reebfoeehia ll-khlnf foe awe ?nd boy* It e Welle n wee* veiwit >4 rt> lee eua f? rtw to b? Ixm e wbere elee. Ah e* *btrb .rifinirr-wdllfie pHere at eerly eelreUon le r.epect'uai reeowmeo-'?k na the dwewd to already wry krtf nv^n ^ ^ ? e ttn ms and tan Fr-edwey Uwrnei tf Farren stree Dt*? lufi of Ik* U?U?kN SUU Lotte ?** -WOOD, KDDT, ? 00 , ll*?i*fi of Ik# Mutai, imrif urs naoni irin wmua. beiaetsa? Eeiae (u? 4tf Berrttafcae M. U? 6C, 61. 32, 1, 64, 84, 16, 38, 13, 41, 44. ?, 83. I * 'ioi -C- am 40 Ivtimii * 1MB. 71, 5i. 26, 85, #2, 46, 46 , 21, 42 . 6o, 01. 16, 2,13. ItreelAre iw: free of cUsmm. br fcJd"eeRBI either to WOOD ED1>T A CO , w'.'mjjjrtoe. Dakirvf, Or .) *002, KI'DV A COTSi owl*. Mlaeo D>b?1?|i of K. FrMtf'i Delaware LoWr-lr*1? *wn Oocyst, Cua Bill Htmmu H, 1300. 3 \ 46, 69, 66, ST, 17 64, 15, 42. 63, Tl. OW-HOU 4H'I lomir-H-abu L'O Mfnuii '.26 UN. 23 C7, If, l?, 23, 78, 74. 21. 8, 42. 17, 79, 26. Olmtla e wci r.-ee U ohtoi* bj eddrcuu r feasor. WUalajttoo. DaUiriM. Frsre or Pmatefiow or OorAmoreefirre ?Win tno heretoforem bebiUu* under ike is-une of, BROAD BKNT8 k CO ielSji dfty dlaetiTOd Tb Pel*w*--e and Ken t .oicy UIMo ?b". be hereafter di*m> tj uu _aJ,r?ltfu?d aa Rreowee A FRAJIOE. Wunuatw, DeAwere Sep'.. 8. 1360. 1 8kiad*n' Mntal llr Tablet Strop for kMetae Resore o perfect ord-r, can be ot.fc.uad ?t No. 7 Aaor Ho ee. tal at ike JtT-reuC aceua thn jbo- t tie cV.7. 5* Hlte'e Fall Style of Oenta' Dreee Hate Arejufjrj, ?ll u Rts.por.uiB of Faakloua, 11. B.-jtulwe/, cp potato a*. r?u ? ebcrek All Raae of the Seaeaa la London, Fadeena See Irrk-lee Ret .'raw bo*' BR.ti DE*"OE8. 3>T drofcdwfc). oeer Walker itreet Bhlrta-Nklrt?-Blxfor |?i Made from the be*: ABsebeoR fcud Waaeuke kou.t Depot i*i Chatham arret, oornsr of PearL ?tetaway & Sana' Or?rttnin| Or anil end eoetre Plnine Are -vre oonddared the beet mAanfaei.nrwd; fcte warranted for Are feare. Wereroaow 81 Afcl 44 WeLear H-rrlnjr'e Patent Champion Fire and lio-tier Proof beiee, 111 Bruedwei, ooraer at Afamtr eureei, Sew Tsrk. Grovcr <L Bakir'i Celebrated .IvlieleM Rew-n: Xerkt. ee, the tea la cm fcr f?ml!r eew(a.{. IX B.-oedwi/, be# tore, nod Ul Fuld/n etreei, Rroo4_/a. Alfred Hnnrae 48 Co. are Haw Prepared tc ii'i p.y uketuU of v.tM *re purohnilcr tear fell atd winter tfrshnr fir men aid be ye Men's PlnthlDgof ell k'.ntle kcj ? CiotA'uu far boy* of ell tree fr-ae taree yrnre to tuAa hood. ALFRED MU R ROE A CO. KIT KrrAdsfcj, under At. Mlohtla UoteL nronrhllli -Thli S?'t ForarBBBe* of swrs r iKffi?r-ss OW which Bra J ViT H Tbi u-.'-u( ulee o> mnj pr.-rni swar# ^b^3c<?&?131 p-,,,,u-' i\-oadwi7. *3*1 *?'? drtfflii*. 1 4?a ct?fiT OonpHiloB" t* Oeilrtd toy ? aacw w^^onaa* Cr*?? "Lmdlil' BtBStllltO" Ph?lo? A SOB ? ?^v^,v?rr-.-a*." ** >x *- m*** ?lUBntiral tomplaxtom." ,,'ul.D,l , ?ea&w ?_c 'jrtealel' Prvjo fc. ceae D?r botue. Rodlral Car* of HorBlB. or Ryjjrfc vw ii m MARHH of U>6 wfU known hO'iM of itkrifc AOx, J* *? *?* ^W"'A^r H uie, oppo*U U* ciurc*. <***?? | ? jj SSLLTw ?????'.<* ^ <? ?? | 7n? ? n.uoitnrk'1 Hair Drt?W'81 BBd Twb? | o?-?. ~b? t'?'. la the wo. "- wiiilee.i^ aal :sia~. bad Uj apatiad. "<*?? fT. M old Ran* Br PIhmm iBale dim; to the oe.-ind of leelhior ^pBLOiri ZTvr_ne Fir U cecie, la ih. for* a* Mr* WIHBhUW i ioouui>7tv - *rrormla.-A. raw Bottlaa o f KaBBodp's *g?i8^SM?? w-icweaae Thf iiomllnc Proptrilu of Holloway'i rs^cc^e. s rTT^cSr ?>n'. ta 'itmri't" ul eartoln. Cllrr???*>'? S'lirJwwSS ^^olaa-.e ?o tumlai up b?h^ ?> Hroadway. oprmie A. f. iMwut A to a ot-roar ?' Roade atre*<. > >jt ?4 tacury. 1* Botd ????* usaraad'a laproTMl DruaUl f^ ro,. toilr n 1 n*l bolUO SO ceale W* Y. r WeUar Break Jtewareo. aat-aUrfett. IIin. iaiBitabU Collar of Hdlr ??* Wkkhen Hair Dja. K caala. black or broom. Vx I Bar ui Brae lUrmld, or RBptBre, HmccBaafBUr Treat ed by DrT' CBnvrf*??fc^_ ?r Taylor. Wlaaaktr aad L^dtaa* H*lr> ? dremrr 8JBroadway. terra T'wajjJj- *- Pha.oo. Prtraia i ijnMi for ladlea. Hair Uye.aa up ?*ua n/i?.vw Tti ?Oa W*Mwday. 8e?te?be-J*?* tha bMd?? father, by the Rer T. W Raakla, TwS? ???(? ? ^ - V?. *7 Ho1mM,?0^nw> SSU^^w Yaiw I*?, *M^ar of Archibald ? rTy^UoTR -l? Broollrn, on ^relay. 8jot?a'*r M bytbr Bar H Oarixba. \?A.c PaiaKO, M. D , ?o Kiutw, Tuwday Brptrmbe K by the Rrr William Parkar, ?f-JfWu New Tnrfc. t? Miaa Ur:ra L . dau|hter of (BarW C. WU cox.bM^.otUaakakaa.Ihlaoia. , fM#da Arrrt -Ofcoaromptin^oo W^ra4aj%!?Tf?nk?f -e> ??SBKSttw. - ^L^"'T,> ?? reapeet.'o'.:y laiiied t?atuart VbMu^a.^Mi^^adey) ar. l.Tltad to allwd thrfu JiT ^?la latTrreMlaio.. No ? MtklatwB, Broo. iiacartaf UlSSTlbirrTueaf Wm r ttBaoall. ^ 9? yew. tfiviuui io BiLMid ibc fuuerm., irtfm n?r i*m rwawr, !5lX^"wrmiU?reet, Ula (Thcraday) aftamcoa, *V-"aa??C^<x Wrdaeaday moro nf, Beptembar 8?, iafter ? it xszfz MWAta sr^gr s?Sr^i??!S *T/ir -Co Towdar, "epltTiber 2?. EsWt> paUTN a mIV^'the town land C BaJlyahea-oo, ecuaty Uaar^l. la, ted UJ aUee* Md7?^rT?#oba'. nrja'yo th ? ^Uy?3S^r- Mr. o oloek. without fwrUw ~ -At b't iwMeaaa, No tr Bartr* itreet. oa ^'o^'^rr^t'T'- woua. a Pptui-'.* Wrdoraday. !*? -A*' ^ ?xwo?:crk TUe ''le'U teod tb. ruorral, Irom ??' \T7_i- o'akce.. Ha ?at Twelfth wart, oa 1 -- ?>>i v,? t\k*a t? Flalbi.aa t??* "r. . ^ow J-O0 rt^umolay moral?|. ?eV -Btaj ? ,A?B n' .>"?? rr X^aWraiaU Jtu' 'b. eaaoa laUwor of Pltuburg. wtwynw "" **fT\rirat^Oa*W?doreday, hoMembw R at the r.C SSK^fifeKBR md. ar.i ar twl.t*a~. cMbr fa fatly lanted to auaad the faaeral na Inaay aftarwa . at Co.. eh?h. wllbout f?'th?a_t^w j?r% -On WWawday. IBplember ?. wry toddm J. * ft?Trt" ar ",^ ^V"rtV WMhe to 'T t" rryotfn^T ,.rui.r AilbrM r?ii ft#f ia!f r ' %nt*\b tlr t, 5r T rr.rrrj^s, m sr:'.."7^r.r.r^r^r-??-? I>r Rubry ? o* Wealyarl. ?aaa. rjtlJ?2K3fLSllSI3 "? <-?' "? "? .iTrl^dto Wtuad the toaerr.: perrlr ea at tha ^^."y^oriw-d,^ Otteo^ ^ n tjfit eon eirreia lb I. (Tbarwtay) altao.ooa, at eaj paat oaa -1 thTw to drrirtw A'? IB **7nt?V ?i(h mr> .oT 'Wday, <0.^itamber 34. aHar a 3-" s 'ii' Ju 1 is d ooa, ? eiWirttr-tt. Fr %J awaBj, ? balf oar. tight o'docl.. Her rfnuiaJ will be toksa M Cw? H'.il Oe wurj fcr Interment Bikson.?Oe Wrriaceday, September 29, after a MIC tLat?*, Jc ?> HAavm, only *on of Feler and Ailoe MM mens, ??'<11 year, 3 mo. Uu and ? day*. Th- mail-, ea and frltudB are mjprclfalljr In rlted to It toed the ftneral, Iroai <t>?- rraxdeace of bli pvreoU, Nta 13 rhompem etreet, th;a (Thurgeeyl afternoon, al bhK l?M one oWci Sjcelm. ?At hi* 1 ate rwudeoce, comer of King aad TMi Brunt street*, BteshHa, Jwjgntw, uf th* pert** 11 oca, oouity Mon*gt*n. lmiaad. The friend* aad a. qualatamea are earnestly regu'Wek to attend the funeral, on Friday aflemooe, at two o'etMttt Bytumi ?On Wodnreday, a*ptemb*r M, An-?uui* Fuh P.Eirw aged 1 year, T mouth* and U day*. The friend* of the fkmlly are respectfully lorttad to a* tend the funeral, on Friday afternoon, at una o'emca. Mr remain* will be ttkea to Greenwood Cemetery Tsa*:**.?On Wednesday nonilil, September ?, hi a q sorter paat twn o'clock, Hoar Amr* Tao*r**., agud M '"rh". re! at ire* and frlood* of the fkmlly are reepectfalc Invited to attend the funeral, th** (Thursday) afWrc^w. at one o'cloca precisely, from her late *esidenoe, Ho. lie Hevcnlh avenue. Her remain* will be taken to New York Bay Cemetery for ioUrment. \ As Ba.mauoa.1 ?In Brooklyn, ok W odnendey, fceptdkk* ber 2* tt-e Eunaa B.. wife of Hnmael Van Betacoolek, aged . # yrare, H months and 10 Snye. The friend* ft the family are reapeotfullr Invited to ei t?nd the funeral, from Iter late residence. No 3M CnrUem avenue, on Fndny afternoon, kt three o clook, wllheer ft* tii^p notice. r Watt** as ?On Wednesday, September 09, Hnwnr U W Armutas. altor{n iihort but eerere Ilinea*,aged ig 7earn. The n atlvrc ind friend* of the fkmlly are respectfkMF lAflted to alter.a the funerki, en Friday aftnrnoon, at two o'clock, from Dm late real dene ?, 81 Lauren* atreet HIRCILliANEODS. Aranos ham or FiNC ofomo fort wis* and x ok',at Brand!, Imported by JOHN UUDSN, U Beaver atreet, Ou Tb-rtday, aa.iea.ber IT. UtW, at U 0 cloth A. St U M. HOFTMAH A OO.. A! ihetr itnrA, til Peart atreet TIN* GROWER* OV M fOUWAV BKAHUT el VAjge ladudluf ft fow cmU oC Uu- ?eA?b.i**4 '* i>TW' LHRNNK?T A KIS'iIWI 1.1 bkaslit _ HFohTO FORT WlWRh-Red and WhMA-W OA** Md CMS*, J the fbUowtn* well known bi^adA, rli ? "OMHORF A OO." ?TH* QlRHJf'd FORT." "TRAM OF TBI DOt'RO." A*. FTnraHri*. fine kudtow grade, CATRMa DHRA. JAMAICA RCM, from 1-rmdon, WKHDItllWSIJe. BOOTH AOU.'H No. I LONDOg OORDIaJ. til*. WKHT INDIA RCM. euperlor, fran London. Ail lii ftbore fnuiled to deboot'ipft. (tempi#* W w ^ ?petted At th* dure of the importer at any Uma puikmf day of taie. TtUR FIRE. 10 AND U AMW BTREM-BOOTE AMI Oboe* ollrhUy ootle: by water, for aate otear, at /OIWl Uland IS Aaa street At uiM?aiu>R'g-vncnoiMo cum arp urrm. .-^ar**" Wylaa, hod tba boat nu oiy at A,Th'^*n,u'/'^ wbddtro ahdb, rotrb. ao ? _-ji tuirmTed ou onlj ba had aft mi g^MAmww. aorwr nf Dum <mi 7 **? ?* ? A WHKKLIJI A wiLbOM BIDING MACHmB, Ex m**< E?T wuit Of tbataGy, ? draJ?l"..Tf3ft 9tt*r a vrat mReror ? UlbTiStto fritS of u. rrt& sSfg A MBRIOAX ARB POREIQR If KUCHA NTS I inn -flL Md lortind to aiain? i? Lr ?25 ?;m?ihs*uy. 'wp:?oocia 5S51,T?2;rJ!!uf qanrrdAr.lnaa < urSnatiiaa Ae |0 tbla OfUfltfT ?* nwm. Iadu_, liioeaa wtl r.rbch F^s ^ *** _.. POURTAIRB Iadla Btorp, SB HfpWwi/. | A card! " ~ " TL. pAoJor-Afi of tba Prtarr of Walaa, by Iba Los ^CSTfE. hZ??' "T' 'V ' V "??????**? 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