Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 27, 1860, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 27, 1860 Page 8
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DliMtroai Fira In 1?w OrUaai, A BOMBAH or UVBH UHT AND OKI HUNDRED AND 1 rirTY ihuimand dolaaim woai'h or ruurKMrr mbsthoym*. [?>? wi Ik* New Orleans Pte-ayone, kk?j't 22 ] Ubl u gr.l, *'? about a quarter to etghi o'uA/ca, ? t!ra ?>??*< ont tu KfitrndieA AOu.'i large liq our *?" .booses, Sm 101 anil lOd loboapiuula* Street, b< twevii lw.ayet.uj | aatl tairod streets, running bock to K-.u- ir ' street tli* two wnreu msec, lour atoriee high, d"?1 ,J," >r ?i re toon tu flam a, iroai lb' groun I BoBf W thl , if, and CIUh-rtf.iM t< III *!>? I a* lt,?" Ure '' " 1* ?d no * net s < f whiskey or b'eu<i'- r&e ?"""I I toof ?i ie bound. i at the corwr of lwfayelte street ?vats' aarehouse, a Ihrs* stury bjiluiug, Uldy Uuod Wtut Hoar, whiskey and other rHKi8 tabfeg'ag w *2 ban, and oo tiie opp-r *i la by the s.lora of Moesrs. w A Wursth. H, wholesale grooerSL Tueie was t?c immediate 0A?g?l to VVans wvboaw) town U.? faol of ibe OJildtog b'.iog miica lower trjau too Barbing tine, but ll r tiwuefa of th, <,?wn wi n/'f?je anl ?Be ins .iai. i ac.'nis employed a gang of m.u to roll out |fc ?-???- M-nriwhile toe e? >rtn nI We dreinea were waiol] I rooted to Bresdow A WurethtdTn ami to the warehouse* on the opposite side of FoaBhtr street Too ure reailitd ibe ruurlA story of Karstoudiek's ?tare, ??> hero a larg ? ?t of l.qurr wan piled, uu I a tern bit- esi k mii took i d o rite tall wall shook autl toller ad and !? II * dh * nAw *Ml oti the corner ware house Tbe force of the i ipk hiq at the s?tne lime l^ai- ' cot tfl<> partition wall, *n I Uie wareh rune, yet uo feuth"' l> the, ennue dowu, fi rming nan tntsa of robin froci elievl to ill t.'t No battle Bold, no ft- imboat eoplnabio. oould e*oe*i tbeborr.r oflhr scene. rtiere, nudes that enormous ? I m,"king ruin*, tuir y or lo'ty men lay our ed. 9be stupendous cry that arum frotu the crowd *t? torrl Be. It wan fol'owid by a dtalhliV.u etlenee?? hre t .nlcal eoapi r.Ko of a ininule; and boom brave moil?Uve or *i| ?rt men?iuatitm to itin BmokiOg p>.?, calling up >0 other* ta fallow them ftaeru were man/ rtiooy arms *0-1 will tail hem In, hut the atti mot waa in it to lafwDklt; h*n dr. da ruBhed forward, and had to ruu btok ecorched and tinted. w> :r,terse sii the heal. The bail dr / n brave prime movere, nerved to their ?oblo lark, did uol Be. m to I'-el Uie h at, tut went to ??*h pnlline oot tbe hot brtcka and br>..*ing the half ?tarred tln.bere Ttiey were followed ny o'neni, and *a tta great heat tuhaideit the crow I of w irkmrn increaanii Ihe Brat man tak- n oot waa kiik" SO. t an, i member of IU He waa badly cut In the forehead in bnro ?allow atmok ofl the dual and a.-ttr* that wrverod turn, and AW lr nt wefdl .? ?ro, "7Ii*m *rw others ih. it' ! Willi tala he to-' ed to In l|i throwing out the arKt*, but bad In give np all. r a while fiv. ry ne w *ud iheu the rr-iarip of the tuBorew would MVeal where they were lo be foun i. o Hie rubbish wm ?leai' t nway, tpokn aid told their ua u-a Knelt new annuiiiieement was r -o tved w.lh gUlaout-' cheers, ana gave n- w courage t > the u We will '? the nunwa we bate been able to get. A. Ifelarorioe, a young man who w.ut a voiunl".? In gelicai' Hor.k and I-older No 1 w.n pulk d eat -lead. Ant her man, wbor .? nane i .old not be awcei tA.ued, dka immediately after beiug taken oct ward llw> , clerk el N Vigniu'a, who wak Handing nan tbu oes-r oi the war,houwo, wwa ukeu out ba.iy arnsb. I IK* wa* plac > In a cab, and <11* d upon reaching lb rwltaM o* IOiiim kiolda Third diatrici. A Gtentger, of PelkM, No 4. w.?* utk.'u oot badly Bart He at.* t keo to Dr. Uerccr'B hospital, and, ll m said, will pionalily rccorar. ? W legate ai*.? of No 4 was seriously hurt. . Arthur Oornu, of the sa. o oom|uny, wo* i,portal kill OB; but there are eoutralte-tory rtori. s abmt In* being taken out, and he la supposed to bo buried under the ram*. Mike FV;'.?eia'J, badly hurt. k'Bi k nig? iald, nrv. .boy. taken out af. r remainh.c ?n hawr under the ru.os, dm not *,.p"*r lo be dangerously Bart. ? Oahlll, second swlBUal of Hook and I/older Nu 2, feark-d i.u.u r the ru ' ?, s,ip|iO'">t to ie dead. Walter U i . air") of No 2, mi's eg, rnxirted klllod Aleaat.di'r StrawbrWge, o? the lir u of A. B citrawbri Ige A f , i n pel led crutliesl by the. tailing wails IIsi body bar i ii lie o found y J Hirteisea, of Far?man'a Iron tie ag< ccy, Is also rap...-'*u k lie ! ? 0. (g... r -eiian if LA^tyett kt.gme No. 2 was hurt, bat M t rsrli ..siy ? Clarke, luedl.iel sludeut, ts badly hurt A! ihOtCO, af MuiBifcaippI N.> 2. uAn uis leg hruaea. ? Keuuody, Badly hurt arm brtUcn McMchko, lib Nt watchman, ha>!lv hurt. Oai t Jo.k Acnma wao BlighUy hurt by aita* brkikafall kg i d hie ljrut. -faqoers -c-y :>ear!y earaped be lug killed, a brick felling on Ba to ad, hot out t jriii g biui Bar i.iualy Maoy.maoy more remain burled uiil-r tlie ruin?, as we loi the w . ne two ha i been beard lo speak but oocld eel be reeched, and, horrible toytlate, ti"y stit.-d that ?be , Ore was burning tbu limbers nndrrneilh nad g.iiuing upon inem A la ge ciowd lb aorg, aoJ every rrtort Is male to save th. Cr fellow*, out it ? iM ouly be latu to ? ay that the uu n of lives i >st wli Ire asr, rtauied Iksi'ltb the auinVr ?f wrrkmea rogsged in out goods, uisro-j fenny *? i t'i m? i. about the preuiise*. voerah .ut- <w e.v*. who had imerebt iu the goods, and their fate *t !l remalii* ?nnscortnined. Whilst tt i* ten ible scene oT SiilTertng wuj going na the Bre proeirdnl with Its work of distraction. Tii" shire of feetlow A WnSim.T was t" wily de'troycu. Tin! dro was ftopi..: on that side by a vacant lot On Kouc'Kr nr ? I the beat war so tnte e that, after bnrririg the wooden br,dg<s acri?s th ? 11 c ', the Dames nMarkid a ware'i use i!. ,-end!: ? i f MiU.o'.'b I queirsmrs nod situate 1 in us rtar, and Im ndy-utiiig m . bouse, norc r of lwfatctt" au.t Foocber, owntsi by 'A k'turance, nod aacnpkd by the K. CArver Company of mlUs, An ,d ?. flillman, BigST.t A large quantity of pork ami whiskey wc tiro sum's 1 fe this armri 6oa?e Dah ware damaged.t'iornnc * ?u?uiy and Maillot * mom oitensirtly. hot ih?y * .aaotde ?asoyed. Bcyoud Malliul'a war. house i* a largi' lot wuere n new bandit a is In oourse of con*trucli<>a. The Bre pro needed no further Ani'tim nv a Mi utno ? Tlo l'iurslieirg (Tn /ffr/. vdof Ur 24ih lost csnlao * lbs f illowlag nov. I rjwt it two " PubiM Address ?We are requesfd tu slate thai Jams* CVwwp. a mulatto man, tervact of Mii rA-ddon, Kef , of PtafTud, and who rspecta *h >rtlv to go tu l.iiisrta a* a fetsvbirary, wl'l CrMvfr an adlrrt in the banoanent Of the Tabu rlrtet rrceTytrr aa chtuch. this evening at 7 ?Vlork " rRMCII ADVEKTIIKNKX'I'I. kH Pan AI?l?E-t !?K JBi N* FNANl'AfSd l-A li kHT U soartrr. par taut I iukIm m rrr "Inakrat et impels d'rs BStfarr aa lanrw K kJrfkk r da 10 k 1 h.- ira ? !* i ham'.ro ?a. M trrlM Honsr an ootai do Broadwar ride la tiiu rul. Mrcnm demaada-a "JTNN TILLS FRIHCAI?B PMRK TR -ffTK* PVR |1 .? povr m(*Mr 'M ci f rt p ?ir (Midi? fe adrt-av r ai Ho < KTua rut. ILUr la ?mr M loo art. TTHK JKIKB PTLLK FHAV''*!"? K?<" H*rvr IN rtf da France ddairc a plaorr r-rurru >uu-<! d'?u.'iiit Madman raaM I rank ? I ?u ^jh* t aw boh a i cqvumuiE rn axcaxbs no kk ar plarar dirt una V*vi? fnui'llr alia aj.t IfH Mam pALiar-la. r: alto paria an* ato b .'rraaer pour (to n foura aa Ho. 3 lu.r rua near M a*, brer meat V ? I FRAMCAl/IC. rAtl.AHT Tlt'IR LAM'ICE'. PIC repabla i. tt.rrmtr too ?r??tora t. ?rck? < i'. !u ?t. n. a p?j' wr i? . n ..i re eatoaai* auo-i. b adrs?? r M Wkl' at 1* 10 A I hauras. ?ITVATIONN WAV1 KU-rRNiLM I.AItT, I.KAVIHd THH CUT WIuHlto TO I'RO. nra a m??t i'l~ra for a nrpi riaaa anamaura* aid Irttt m. Akii'jailU?rd lukA TOVTO I.APT. WH" SritAEH FRBWH A NO BH<? Bah ' uam'r. <*a?(atk acniLn'1 la a dnra llca< of rafa *a tea ?a ?'?jnad Adtrraa Visa II H . 7? K??i la H to N BTTI'AYK'H WAHTBP-BT A r R "CXCM aiNU AH Jk. rbambnrmald, In a "'ras'li or (r?.MAfamJr B?o'tas IB do Bar scwtpg Cao at 91 f iaoUm to. B YOt'HW WO?AH WAHTH A HIT 'ATI >H AH l.A'.'K Jk Arm nr ir. da . ? .ahr; .ork, >kn d > tine waahmr and Ml ?tow k. a Ita cent ?I rrlan j. a Uas Sa Mao for lax Bar* si tfl *fc ar . ae\r iNh to L Pf.l.riHKP r.AlbPNLoH A.V;? Oil AM "AAV Alt' ?aula a ritual! a In a prirato faaulf fool. i> rafrnao. a atre lor M. * at 1*1 Mr .-err to . batorBSB ABI'jr aal krr Abtvi-iiTaiiii' vottm ovrmah oibu want* a ? tau a aaBMtoau-aa 0?a do all k "to ar a n, Btod aat.r. tartar ha* uo ot ? 1MB to *aaiai to Ikt :!katoV-r AddltoP U * , In 18111a.. oh la. '.(cm I 181 I la i at HBAM8TRBHF-frANTTP HT \ BBHTftTTABM ynuns ? iri a a.ldMlua at ?? <??.aaa, r?>A ai .1 mka todtoa aad roll . i. ( i.-.-aaasaad I ? alt a.add d taaa | ttt mm ItoJI at HI k'.a totk to . n ?r I at %? n AD KBtCB* Hri-'.HB 1 AIM T- rr. " ?tanao > totktar a a inaAma aa h? arkaat ?r: wkl.>?a. a A do mat O, U. f . aattoa k tot Ho t.AI T IIAYIH ? f?\K nr wnf, ?? \ \ wva- ? ?. ? .? t "?? ?! ?nu Ilka to vasal krtba ar rr aaah ia fria Baa. thomudklf I'aMaidi wal t <? ? ? ?an n a ?"r ,u?a at lk?< ra. au,?. lOI at Ilk a* J^W AM? Alt A ? WIT' H'?ir?* A PTtttoaaT.b* HITt*. Bp Bka Bihar ?111 ' h a#*a *> 'ar a f a %a> 'rf .?? * ii ... a ...? ApB'a tkw d.r aa J to toornna ml jui Mio B WA11BR 8 P'ff ATlOK W VHTBP I> A I f kTI ? fan. . m ? . . ? . an.*;* i aa udararpda I ? b iton aa llaa a..! ,?f rr a*Bntoi Adl -na H .? I.< ?to>a ?#y f<wt? a?ja Aht rwtAH.i TPTHo OIRL wriMrii \ Hitn* tbto aa m nm aodan ?" > .,d? .v f' ? iflr a?T ?a? and fit r.n a' If* . A -k ?r*a'.'<tr?Mr< aa drrat.ada aa nirrstorr. ton r r . . pp,r, r*r rr'arrara. Ik *?ra at Id . r ? mkr P'?to to Boa*, fir |<r. ?. a Amr^f.-rAB, r to; no woman MimnBt ? a;ti-a . Mm ? ? ? aU la r?pa Tr o< rai'.rar a-d ftoina laotor drraw. rofnra r? ?l.?o Cki" at T o 1 ft B r* HAk it. 1 PKBPfrrAHl r IJIFT, W.NTH A HIT. AT1 a I J?o .' ambrr rnrk or tokr part-a rr .ir' n <nka tor* (nvl nSr rr'aran ? <"ai, at Ho T IBar?n at . Britmiya n Wtvatio* waht*p-kt a b oT'Ti i :nr^ a At ' haabaraiail and o> d-> plkJUkau-s. Qa_ f r .a^i.ia *' 'to ara . batasaa ttk and Iff! IB, to Uir toorr AHITTATIOH toASTin-HT A NNPPMCTA HLN Jf'.np rr aa r..?r ?tod aH Vadraaa 11 ma " Jr2"B r r. aa eaatoi. -Od sod valtraaa or to takr CBaria nf ait d an! dn r'itoa Makj. Ihn urrt of rBforra* B rtonfafiTin t>i " for rr. - <ai ai I ? Bait 17b k A HKbi Bi-1 v. ' TO' b'l Willi. BimtTn I PITTA J\ "itif ? ?r- >d anl w .tr- ... t A* r,. ,r*| t .? Hrp1*" tryrH"** ,m" ^ ?4,1 *f ,wb <?n at ib? is PRBHAMAUh TlK itH It. p |t i ar r? tub .v.::. ?. - ABKATBi T a rtl B t<?( 8.J WI MaH WAHTn a bn ." A ' .* ! . ' V ?a ( and tma r:? ^a*??? t.?3??llkllto 4 TOTHO WiTaF Wim T " 77 ,~oa.? TmHTC ? ?. or to lira 'n Ik- <n ?). >>. oan r . ik* hral of ISAnr I t? Ma *B f?* t?od?j' - nlln.p S ATA nn-rATio** WATrrD-FE^iAiiW* , ', |. UN 4 Vlim^ WM'I Ht-i ! |V*l? A f<v m* J >?? r. w le-ly'* ?M to England wao-a * -I uv ;!in III irm-l'' en <*r t.? %. ?ft Of* 4b bid U'1vi ?*?? Jj* Ih'im*v bH WiIn'b'i d/riari n:?l ?? ?r*t* m * li??Wr -I it >rwirr o*%f bur C?ll hi *** Wetl Alb it. flbt **cu dtil ?imi 'libiVi^^lld.r froolmutl. 4 B|T\IaT|ON ?A8*EIr-HV A YOUNG GIRL, 4S ?t / iatxi C'fc wuImt ?i><1 Irooer- u in eiae'lmt <>f mid to oh.#H**>?n in a r*iifwttvhW? powm Orod r?fcr?uoe Ktvf n. OaU it Ut 7ib *t , u**r ?te .L ft* n? Kn 6 A r 7?"'.W? ?*NTH A situation kg ?.d I? ?r wooli ,lo II m , ul ?t 118 k.U 17t1k'?t . crt mV*1*"1" Bvtrrmm *'Yta- A?'*T I PITT ATI^N *AK'K) ? BY A YtfCNG WOM AN WHO A naderalniMle French. Fnghah and German <k? k'n?, In % prtvwi- fairl v -.on obj'etli'O t ? b' l'l R?*t of chy-*ffence run Ie iken for two uay* kl ZJV Kaat 2tMi at, bat*, eon Ulnv. and ?v. A ARI8I'Et f APl.K WOMAN WAN7N A FIT1TATI0N \B g* -*1 plain link: la en excellent wrrher ,nd Iriroer: hi* lt>? beat of city relercucen tali t>e tarn uutU la.led ul 206 Weal 20ib at _ A OOMPETBNT DRFS-tmaKKR. WANTS KMPI/JY J\ mat t 111 'lit day, In f.mi1ll?a, lu cut and Qt adieu, drrnaee. Ai ply (r Kant Idtb at., oomer ol lib a*. ABITOAT'ON W\NT*n?RT A RRFPUT 4 HI,* young wanian. U> do chamberenrh and ltn? warhlug an t Ironing. Krat city re'ereo .eA Can be a.en for t'odaya at 187 K?al 28th at. AREsPYCY ARUE OIRI, WANTR A RIFT4TTON AS a-nmtre.*; can cat and Stchlldrct'? ttlnik'ng; no nb jerikm lo do i bamr erw rk and la wl :iri? to make bewtf gmera'ly urefnL Good reference I mm bar I art n tea. wb*re ahe Itvee (or rrdnr on ftie veara Uhii he *ewi f.m I- -ida'cat ab? llnec for rolnr on Hi J 2.13 7th arc , between 25;h and 2tkh eta . third i'.' m front rnoia. ARKrPbtlTAlll K VOI'hO WOMAN WANIH A BfTlTA I no to cn eb*raherwn?k and wal ler Gall at 78 Warren at, between hmltb and Hoyt eta , Brooklyn. _______ ARK-l K' TAHf.E TOM NO WOMA? WANrt A tli.u in do rbMUberwort and w.utlna. no objection to art ?l-? in itr waiblrjr o? muke hcraclf frrm ially naeful. Uool city referrncn. fall at j*l Jd areuue. P1TUATION AP KIKST HATB COOK WAM KD-BV one woman , hna ro obj?ctloo to n?aiat In w ? eVne AYOr.NO OCRMAN OlRl, WANTS A PIiA'"R IN A air .H Atn-rlcan family, tn do cral bonaewnrlt. In qmrn at 51 In rent n., near llmome rt AKITL'ATION WANTK1 -R* A TOPNO OIRI,, AS clKU)l?"lti*ld and artmat.'rM. or na chitnibmnald a*d waitrtsa, or nou'd do rbniaDerwork and aa<Ut in tin washing and inning K. at < V t tr refrr ercra. Apply at <4 djthK-, betweea Broadway and bib nr., for two day*. ARkPPRtTABI.E YoUNQ WOMAN WldfltS A PITr (Hon aa cbanihcrirald and wattrcaa In a email prlmtn fi'njll/; no objector, tnaalat In the watliln* and Ir tS*y rel>rentiagl\en from her laat place lnqnlre at 111 26tb at , >>et .cen'Yib and 7th ara. tccouJ atory, front room, for two data ARITCATION WAKTin BY A K RDFRCTA flLK yoiuig weman. to do i bamberwork ard wniung. or rbam berwork a a let lu ? a-1 i . and; tba tree, oi city reference hi r l i?' p'a-e HhjI f r two day*. If net en gaged, at lib Weat Wth ft , between Jib an! 9tb av?. ? PITl ATION W?NTCP? BY A RKHPVTABI R JV yonrg woman, aa cbanibermtld and ton-r at In pie waab log .od lu lling tbe t of city rr-crene-' gl?en from her latl place, inrjnlri for two <le> a at 1J7 Paat llkh at AFITraTI' N W??TII> -BY A PROTECTANT YOlTNQ wi ip* r ?r r< tm.t" -i.i lu r ii and lit chHdrvn'a ? lntb?a ard do rll kipda oi family anwlng and rnbltMad would art object lo U< light chaw v-re ork or rniad grown RHldraa. <*an b- tnui for two days at bo. 7 Uouglaaa a'., Brook jn lo the A I.Al'V HE REFINEMENT ANI> ?I?CrATl".V, WHiiPR UY 'He bt.n been paraeO H)uth la niloua to obtain a p' a ? i v 1st, h uaekeeper, or la a ?i<ire; nala'y not ao -uch an ohjrct aa a pitaeant h -me. A .drea i E A. c , t i i*C Herald i Uici" i K *N?U?II PH' F8TANT GIRL W SHKH A RI1UA t oa to do goner-1 honerwork Inamru'l "rtraie fumlr. t i?l ler i wo i*a; a at Sbn 7ibav , between 810 and ,&1 ata., In (be ri air firtt tug. KA-'iki rAHI.E ?OI NO 111 iM IN WANTS A BTTl* A U-ai aa cooA iho-f nghiy nr.drralanda her b ia'ne??; la r.? pable i f lakl. g ci lire cn i gr of a A Ichen nnd-'v'- 'ida roe-'*, " al blnda of iliuwwita; la *l*o n I:"d baker; beat or paalrica and af kin '.a of di-e-erta. la a!?o a | 'd nab?r-. beet ray referen ce <a'l?t No. 1 UuIjU u.<urt, I mirereUy place, bciwrcn llth and lath ale ARTFPPfT I HT.R WOMAN WAN'S A Sim AT ION A8 go.'I t ut and 41 aid laker: nr?ler..t?nJa ca.kl'.g ami toak leg It a I U b ai.cAra U'*id cl y rcter. on < all at 87 Writ 24tb at . ne.?r thb av., ar-'-'uid tinor, front room AS "RAT Abl> PASTRY TOOK, ANP OH A* SkKMAIO ard laimdrree ? Sltiiwikira wanted, by tw<i a'a'r-m, tn the a'-<''.? - i - ? o- a .?? vber they w.l! be f.taud 1 e> mi e.rrt belli In eyriy parilcu ar, beat of reference: ronb I ieel w. to a reapactab'.e buardlhg lwiuae. Appiy al 3i" lib av., 1 hi%i floor, fiont IC(? * n PI fTAHLE <1IRI. WAN TS A ?ITUATI >N TO f*0 il pie 1 r? i.Alrg w??t g and Irunlrg, or chambcrwork and aeal?t w lib the waabini. w. lid toe ml ling toco he an newor* Of nwut'l private farrlly; her of Clly refer* lice. Call at 112 Ut av., betwte-t 8th and Vtb ata ? nlT 1TA1 Itlb ? AN1BI>?HY HtUMAN aNP RRITtE3 . Y 'I male hep. f..r private 'amlllea hole'' and boarding t i.eea al Ji L I.l'Kl ink A Ctr *s General Knipl'.vment In tlltule, 14 (treat Jonca at, ne al the Bowery, opp 31 at ATI.CM') WOMAN WIrlUS A SITUATION AS plate cacA. waebei and 1'owrr. or to do general b iuaa w 11 k I ail at 85 Warten at, *ec-nU h luae truaa lluyl at., up rtalra. FreokCn Ap VJVKOTAVl N YOt'NO OIRI, Wlslf gn A MITUA turn In do rbamberwrb or waning or to take mare of c-Va'rro B< <4 of citj it lerea ca veil be aeeii for two tU>? at 8a A log at. A VOl'NO GERMAN PRorNRT?NT ttlRf. WANTS A J\ ? i.ja'btw, 10 d<. renerwi h "iae??.iA. w taking and uoolng. G-a-d re!?r?e?ee. Call at 4-rib av . e*c ird fl r r a RWtPF WaBI B YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A HITCA il taw. In rnnh. waaa and trvsi, m a (mall . ovate family; p.. ofhere need apply. Fcir veaea' cltv reference from bar Uaatpl'cc t all al lt>7 Waal 2tlh at. nmarBtb nv. RFKPF'TABIE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A Rirr at km to c?'a i? * Ural rale waaUar and In mar. 11.od rrferenee. lad ft the ?' iiaeaat oornerof Hr.wdwa and ABK-PBCT Aitl.B MTMH.K AGED GIRI. WANTS A iltnaUni to doemAlpg. waabing and tprolng Hcwtvltjr refrren a fr. m bar lae* p'are Call M 141 Kaat 14lh at A CXNNEiTICCT WOMAN WARfB A SITUATION Aa aaboueAeeper ?? wnubt take care of a child or a aiek pro a. Good Call at M Front ?L, Bra k.ya. Afitu ition wantbd-ht a young girl, ar rbamhertrak; and car. i'i?|i, ne al nurwe ar J n-amatrraa hnrae knowledge of tne Wbre er Jl Wiiaoo eemag nu ? bh e. eity reference given. IMn be *een for two day* at 71 ff-t! Ttnh d . In lie rear. 1 KYR A *t.< RgRFK' TAR I PRirTFKTANT WONaN TVI'IIBR A "alksarnayr r?r'*A? full charge of a 1 ahy from fa bir h t-nfrr* In go ra nk or lo tbe roentr* . the Ng of 1 ity refnen-e 1 01 be Mm for two day at T, t W. vl > 'h it , be tern a 1Kb and It lb av* AKKFFg. fABI.B I Ri?T AST ANT lilHI, WfRltRR A Ulua i n o do aeneral Aiueewi klaa r it'll private la mi'y I* a g<?al nook and baker, a > 1 an ? 1 < it ?? d . ? ,5 |r net. boa'he reel"? ro r reierence ' 'a? for two day* at bit ret 28 h *1, bet ?? v n ta and litb av* A SITUATION WANTRIS-BYA YOUNvi AMKSTGAN l\ r'rl, to - ralM lo rbairb. rw rk c d waiting cr to take e*rn of rblwirra Hoi city r*'erei.ra Call a', Ud Faal 1Mb *C, between 2.1 and Al *va ARRMI'FiTT aHIJI GIKI. IT IS MRS A NITUATTON an'w rment nr to aew'f tn be* waakinf and Imatlng Five venra rtfyreoce given. Uall for two day* at *M '.T?*4 I7tb *4. ?rtcan r'rl. 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In r im :1 u-.afe r*m:!/ Good rify re/e ? tr WnM ITtM ?? . 8rrtfh?r A e MII'Di K A -ir> PNOntRTANI W< M.lN WTSGpn A ?taaMon aa sblU'e ewi# rod plain *ewer, I* capable *f lit Fit CAT ION WAFi'MP?NT A TO'.INO WOMAN AR m in a prfvwt* fan 17; hae Ike treat of rnfereuce 4 all at TT Weft fob *1 A ^ ^Nhg ?'*" ^TcmTrrt A'? ?'jegl .atawnog. . . . . , I -awsmrk and |* aa'e^ OTlllMrrg 1 Vf>r%*a iroiiAW witnr? to oktat!? a FtTr% . 1 lw?r ? ? < lOhh'ttT - * %it. ? 4 ? t.?# n MiJl.,,ff Bald ir WUBf, If W llr ' * H C f J ff ?? r?B?wb h#f l** ku it *4 (j*ir * inmjtb i'4iU b; 12 I *+> l*^i i, Mm 1 tiu'iih | ;?r# A VI n?mnv>T woman *A*r* A?ifn 4. tW? t! ? ' hf V'.AidHB, k RUriCTABiJ r< ?1 V-. tOKAH WAMW A Hill i\ ll*?r Mrkv. #m',y lr 1 trM.-tKB r>f ia* ?A%i%% wrr?( ? JH . . ?#1r? AN IB fU'.f fbpfct'.l A#r I'Btt cKi rtf#n bc?. C*U f -r Xm > d%j? i t\mr rd 4| . Itrr'Ali 0. An wi r? at ?a kfh, co*rirrK3iT ta cr K^r; tbtrfftAi' ibt Bo Uf ff 4*r %rtai'*ft'. 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A??,> annaM ? ?,?????'??<? g. f<-j( ./ ra'r aiif Olt Cn.'l gt .11 Hart l*!i *. ?rriATitwg w ?<msiw>i^k?Ai<Rs< Ah' TP k ? rMTMUN 4IIIU. #dh"TII A alluatt* k? a |ir?? far. II. ua rh.mbtruiakl and ???u> atrera l att?iS0K?t fid at, Iitirl bar. A YOUNG WOMAN w?. T? A SITU YTloN AS ?"'>D f pk.h rook; klan ta*> lWn iraahrr an/ tri rer; ?flail -lb Wnir-w ik In ? email nrlvaie (*n t|r la ?lllloa tal oMtiu. no'dtl rt'on a ifcflfTItolAiM la theinmtrv; hastbree ? omau .'.'"n 'of** a at' n ci.aun la Iban nnlrv; IW'V"" T v??e'rl?rit*riffl. Can tf aeen for two daya at 26il I twa in# ai . near SXMUun, 4 rk^p?; tab- k woman wants a rttuution AR J\ u. i-v ? ?. hur and .roper. Good city reiarrnoe. Call M DO Wert V9.h At A I *>TM TAUKK WON an WISHES A SITUATION IN a private 'amity an ? A; would ha w Bitot: to tarud wttb I wivliuv and Imrinc. Bf?t of ally rrferto * pivea tro>a bar I laat place, call at 191 36tb el , war 8 h ave AUK' NAN TROlKSTANr GIRL WARTS A SIT IA Sou ?' chaml*" ma'd mil ?alir?a" or to 4' penerai honrewnrb In an Amnlom of * reach i.uully Call at 1J8 7ia avi. between rid and Uih Ma AKK*1'KCTABLK trotyrtakt GIRL W1.UE8 A ?Una mo. to do peuarv] h"uie?o'k, In a ??nail ir.vato ihmilv, c ' d rt if r? lira if re<iulred. tin be aeaa for two day ? at 118 Tf arl tl. Brooklyn. A >. ESPRIT AH1.K GIRL WANTS A JlirUATloW A* J\ p.It cara lanodvdpa. ahe oao do all kioda of tinting Call ?i ?i\l b in, between S2d and Stu Ma \ HIGHLY RKSUBOTAMLM PROTK4TANT Y >UN?J woman wlrbea a altu.t'nn. la the nty or eoniitr/. as i> k wm'e* *nil trooar. la an err. llent baker; or a? general hnoarrr-a|<I, nine elands ner bualofaa tv <?ri?ni;blv, baa k''id rln rrfarrtco. Call for two daya at AU6 itroouic at, drat ttoir, fr<" t riaini. AHkFI'Kt TAH1.E YOUNG GIRL WI81HCF A SITIM . Hon I j J\ lloi. aa chambermaid and exeeMrnt pi.tin teamalreae, Id da a lool'eal a aehrr an4 Iron* r, arid doee a nat la rcfiT-d of har r&errfnlly and ?illlo. 1?; baa rot iha bret of r'fer-noa from btr uat i-la *e It. i Ira at 110 KuatSd it Is Iron . A -YOUNG WOMAN WPIIKS A SITUATION tH rbamhermal.1 and to aitlal tu tba washing ml a ruing. t a'l at 16B kill fid M. A BITUATION WANTED-BT A OtlMPRTRNT YOUNG ?tm.u aa rbamiieruiald ur..t wai'ioaa, of areuld do i-miD N rwrrk and aaalrt In tkn a'aihlair ar.d troninp, baa tba br.t ol city rei'erwuioa. fas b~ aors lor tan .'a>a at t>) lltb at., between !h1 and Sd uva Ioijui ? on the MCou I 0>jr, froot room. A REPrEfTABI.P YOC"Cl WOMAN WAIT! B A BIT HA .a V U< ii 'a plain rook . b-i t o oh.larti * to ta?b' i? Dm v^hitg kin Imiind. t a'l 11 51 I .hit. OooddHy fwf Tdd f ARKPPRf-TARI.E woman wants a situation aa s. i- ; iff ? n- drrKtarda rnttto|r and tlttlnd I .dwa' a'd cl ildrer 'a di erara |r the am' wt, a..d dan do alt . Hta illimilt plain a?wtr?. baa a" d raff ranee can I" ?r ? ? If i t? n dajf at No 16d av , belwtu a 14to and 17t'i ata., in the atore AREfI'BCTAPI.R VOUNtl WOMAN WANTS A HITUA t.on to Jo ret i ral kouree ork; It a iroial <?<?*, vaabar and Inner aar k'nd Iwiker, bad pood eky rrleien. > ivil at SB Unroll at, litartfa I'litla hv and 4luauph'iy at. It 3f rau ATOt'NO OIR1,, IT YEARS 01,11. OF REf.PKCTA',I.B pairntt, Wiabra a eltoolkio aa i hl'droa'a ' rae ai. 1 eaa do plait aewlnp. b?a had eipcrir of# t. tb children. It n nnlijr of p'kli e rv. e , f ili?m; ihi beet of city rolei. itoe f in be pin n t .eum o*lJ at 1120 .to .fry ARE8P1C-. ABI.K YOUN i GIRL WANTS A PtTUA hot, in a prltaln family; la a pood ulatu ro A and ? ttr. t rute aurlrr and troner and In will op Ml obliplnp; C4o k? ?rn for ihrrr daya. ennd leleranco Uailal dti AUanilu M , nr. ir Willow th. Brooklyn. APKOTISTaNT ?1?L DBS RifiB A SITUATION AN (lilMT nnr?e and deamatreaa or %? e?kir 'trf?a by the thf ' eek or tunntb call for t no daya U 19 Oo.lepe place, raarol tli- Maidtoa Hr ore J{r?* klyn LR PEAMSTREPS?RT A VKRT ('? MPETKNT GIRT., who ean rot and fit ladlei'dr-wen and coUlfeo'a rlo .i la a lb roupb laaul) i -auiairerf II, ? ^.a b'at "I riiy errea fall at or ailVrnr. r. uaitmaa k'W W it S->.bat ^ lorifl nUL, JUPT PRO* THE rOUNYBT, a Irl.f a a alio .tli.o aa i hambermaid or mirdlnp I'hii.'ri' . In a rmall lanilly; U la brr Ar?t Una at bvltp i.nA. Apply at 42 K<. ry a' , in 'he rear. a SITUATION WANTEI'-IIYA REePF, iT A RI.E TOU.V T A. w trim, a* cbnubetinaid a"d aal're a, ar l aontd nks at In wri-hirt: and Iroi lap, cr world take rare of rh Mreo. Nod rl r rrftoenca from ber laat place fail at CJKaaauat, iiiNiiiP _____ A BITUATION WaNTKI>-IIY A TRfBf WORTHY yi ii up au to take care of an l.ifant or apmauip . . . . ? j. 'bewty ant doplMnaew np; be?l of ehy r?fe-mre for b ?' 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Apply for tao daya at < lark'a bo iae, corner rd 2M at and ?? a third fl'ir, b rh romn V A NTKD- - BY A RRSPKfT A RLE ??*?? I'll, re Itofal waiMl ead MileMI WMtklkM nraa otlM]a I urer and in do ,Uin i'mIbk bee pood Y "T l"f w * NT',. a BrruATinn-TF oovrETENr to -V lite '! ? e i ; ? rrr . i f, b?b> . a mi,i d.i li^-hi rha u hrrwnrk and r?re for cbll'lren: la a pood dm arerer. baa lued lenyeara aaauree. heat of ? Uy rrferrmw irtfu. fall at 313 l"t are t < 1* ?er leb an' lFb ate . third B wr, front rornn. AYQUXO AMKHICAN woman WANTS A HTl' L tlrn e? rhlld'i riT'e ?n4 ie? ??row la rapahle of taklep tbr ii I ue ihaiye ol en tot rut; b?e no obieetion 11 like care or an lLialld bu ? ; ?I al l prefrr pntnp f oath or to (ktllfnTBit; n? drntanda operallnr on elnper a aewtrp m whine tn inlre tb jt week t No I 2<; at , eoruar H"?? ry, over the drop at -re. AN IXPEltlKNCXD YRrsm PERRON would myi lo Cod a fr.rnlT re'np North. r? ?hwi ?be might alter, t, or to take rare r,f rhi'drra rn he w ape; ike ir oar I to travel llnp, i nealan drman ted for two n.oi.Uia Hert of referrn wa fr.m the family la wtirh ab ui at , meet. Adlrcaa IN Kiel 1Mb at ?mTATT?K WA?TICr-HV A RESPECTABLE H_ jnor.f ?? r*td plain <??* <im4 mVrfiir* from Vw? |'W? ('*11 a* ITf Hrllyeai , Brooklyn. la Ito rear, lor two 4*)* A rHCOR -BTTTATI >K WABTEP 1M A PEITATS PAW1 I y If a r-inpti* gt w man. aa t r?t 'lam "<? A and family b*k*r. m^lun *11 klinla tf K'pi Gait rami* twain** mad* dick** aad game. n'akr# ?? Stir p*a'ry Ml ua'tllack, ?nd * -oral lailrty rr*?ra j*!Im and Km*. km fiwd with mrmr i thr b?m fac.. Ir? In tin e"r and emmtry, ran fire uar broi ?.f rrlerrarc MM tUrwwrM ability. 0*11 i!HI? r"?b.NTISMfN h WAhC!K? TV.VK IK Til* 11ET HAW T in by * nr-nrr, ? fc< i* it tb* bo! il of wntklny ft* UK" brio at rt* *i r nr rail at 1.8 bui?rt, fe* tinora of HHorrFRf Pr>H -A WIIK>ft WTTHOTT Hull'*. I ?r r?-f, wlrlia ? a ? ?.l b> f In r .' "Mb. (-ml aft. r t la lb* * vai.lny, r* adtlrra* V. If , II', la* SI ?| it. Hoc?*k***ir'n*i?i athik wamteo-bt a cob ft ft ?-ona ?t? 'Iran arutnar lady.wh ?b?% haw* *"?W V i , rd to r?v*1 ?t? ? ?? aad fa*la r?n?W* nf dMrharglad *11 tkt dat r* m a wV'.war'a family; wwd aoromb Want a loOai Icrrla Addrraa for two day*. B. 11 n llr.aidrg,* Jlfl'ATlOSf WAKTWl-A 1.ADT Id m^llOr* OP O "H.ilnl'yaaHoa.t ?* f * a r rl a* flam' am %U and yhi* *. anatrri*. or to artdai In ih? wamj .* j*t olafl ref'iwrrr* gtrrr. Ckt.1 at tM Km l&i at Srtl'ATIDK WABTEP-BT A VC"Wf? WO'dA*. A* r . IB o. nr to dA part r*i b~t >?? ??* I* a air,all family, Int.' rlly n-fa-rn * iVll at !fll Kaat atrwO, baiwaea IntaN B and r. for two day*.' uirrATioK *a?i.:d-*i a rk ri<-T(ii:jnro*A*. t< r(wd a*'1 and In*. In ? ? ? yrli at* family. km no r*i(a* ' a r? 11? 1 bt arf in* h m t an ha amn fur two tlar* 1 Ml lltrr < '* at . II. A# and OolnrabM 4 . Br mfcl; a. C TrArr-N w.\sttn ht a toi .v<j i.apt, as l ' ? ? tait* pil ai- f.-n.Uy. ha* g ??'. rlty miarraw ft n )*?'. ta.pli.yrr. A.rrwor m'l on Iwhlla Md Eaai Iktk at.. Mar lat ir OIll ATlt K ^ AKTTD-BV A TOrKll MA*. TO t.ITI t' ?i'k?'?1? * family, to trV? rarn f a tawaa nr work ia a ,-ar -rn far. tmra ;t* > ? *t nf r> 'rrrama 'rnm hla lam *?? *a * mat *??-*<* > aw i *i rrrRrry r<w fim I *m f m ? , , ? ,t-? b* 1.? .;??<! .? ?*.-a Addraaa H yh Vaary, mr*?r rf t-rard at aid lw*?!b *? . Hr?t Alt*. 0 iTr ATTON WAKTEO-Mt A BP-ArEfTAHUC TOUKd 1 :*dy ?a Pkamtwrtnald and anurWr. aa. nr aranj*rr?a ant ?? i'd'a ?1 r?- In a prorata .'ainNt b-<rt i-tti rrfprrnna gfatm. fa I ? 'an. dai ? al llf> a I ?rM!? a: ttr ? *r? C1TI AT O a'hi AT1DK WAKTKD- A HMART, IKfKI.UOKKT _ 'h W?a.k oaati a*d !r>m 'R-wl nr firmer* rar. !?* ai". i an Urr laat t .j*. Arply at Mr ltd I la* A fltni * aibrtwrr* M'ttlaajad rart. CI'. Alt"* WlMIP fit A KK -tf-rAllI.E AVER! O <w* ;.?*?* wa nana, aaiklld a nurar **1 a**Mlr?* Tka Wat nf rfty rrlam.t r <U . at IU flamaar ad E. Sitt*'tio* wtirtrr-fr a Torsd wiiiiak ar . bam 1 I ? at**m*d rrrt ti aar al .n warhmr ami Imolrr <* ?a rheehrteeM and pit in fwrr, ha> I'rr i arm yrara . brr lat'r*" br.'injr tfr.-mM. I kali at in Kaal 4Tllt at. b* fwrrn ltd a*d 11 ar* Sm AtiOK W.'MHI T AN I \ r SI, MfKTTuCKil ttr'. In tU. rbaan'. twnrk at ,t-ir aitd nWp nab Itian ? atMr# . ar t m* wti'nmrrnr.*' l*d Apply far two dan *1 1 ? I I "Jm\ M.. third . a* hark ? ? ?a. OlflATV* WA>T?I> i.T A ns?l- fATi.E ftinf* O Jr i. Ilf h. ? a rt v 'I... r,.ala an:1 f. haa th-ra j y art' e'lf rrfdrr ? from h?r laa*. Call at SB S'.lrartrA tt. f.rtt "'?r ' p atair* bat ro m CTTrtl r* ji*' ?Atinv vr ',*111 TiT A V aT KdfCEOTtP.B )ijrl * wan. In an armmr-r?' 1 h>- -*-rk (.* armal. fa p -y Can hran.-n for Iwn da<* |a |j*k ?*., b?tw*a* ilat an 1 dtd at. third h-Hirr ff. ll 4 at. TfATJOK WAKTrTV-Rt A K k-i'S T A BIJC WOK AM. t> in r A wwhaad irr*. Omd rlly rrfarrnm Oall *1 b-> ?' 1'iinri ? rit*d >r f'Otn Slba/y ?t . I'riKtk'y*. i ^* ?rtKS'W aTTTATfTK WAJPIPtb-PT A POEIMI irnt tprmr. rati . :? ti t ft ltd''W >? r rhlldrtn'* dr. aa?A ai d dn all iintta of vn 'y rv * on th< m?. hrK; bat pnr.d r "y rr'?inrr (?.< t* nta .a*, at* rd At Bo I Km ltd ai, brtarr* lata a*d at A la t i n* . rr?*' ?. waatk a attaalrai by lb" ri mtknrw??k, i ll * r wtlh of Wtlbrmi b?r Owl, n a hint'. At ply at SU Ei*t l?l at . nt AT CM WANTAII- l;r A h Ed'r.T \81 E UTRIt. AS s *>* pf V a?ia* In tb waak'** i'dlrn?i-'f, luabertof ? f*r 'M* Cal. al h* baa -n?ai nf ,1., *?*. EJU ah hrnrAUOK WAKThO-BT A Sl flfTtSM (>IRf? o aa r rt ?a> nr ar, h' . m In a ... S|J fur It ran ?1r* 11 a hi rd ? ty r?frrflde. Ai ?!j *. lar pr?tpt fi*rti'T?r'?. UTtAnOHfl WKnuB.rBMit.Kl. Situation wtm^Bu Rg*rw?T*BUi woman, to do gmorwi J*> ?> murk ?a a >ut<l ? ivr.e f??Uy, M a pood watbv r ond and o rood plain ew * bo?t of elty Can bv?keen (ot two dayiat M4 West JMh at, near Mb st. SITUATIOH WA*r*l>-BY A MIDDLE ACER W MAN. lnn?.k >>>b and iron in o rcapaetabM prtra'a fasal y; tbe beat chw *ejVm :io* ?D b* gl*en. Apply ?i 2f?i Urldga ?L, Hni klyn, o?lwe?u Jobwun nod liliory t.u , tblid tlnr, from MITUATinN V.AHTID- BY A OOMPET'NT I1P.KKH IO mater lr a prlvbt 'tirlly, Is * lhnr"'i?b ?evi.ns'r.'fe; out# 01 d fll? how' i eg si d c j< do every *>nd of sewing. Con be seen ot hrr prv ?ti t (It .itton, 25 iri tag plooe SITUATION WAIT"Kn?TO DO OKNFRAI. HOUSE wort Uuodiltyr.- ereuce. Coll ot 212 Wtai 26U> at., in tbo b*aem?nt. SERVANT rOR M(IHIL*.-AN IRISH <hru well rr.'i'inm?'idrd, wlahli r u> rrtnra to Mobile < d>r? l.?r aervir. s to . nv family reqiurlng them. Appy to Cuohran A l Co , 4 S Hruedwav. TWO fit HM AN GIRLS WISH SITUATION*, TO HO rborelH'r?ivki>r housework, in o until imnliy. Apply ot J24"> Lri ? -il ? I , '|| ike *t?ro. TWO KKSPK AT YOUNG GIRLS WANT SITUA tii no; i'lt ?* cook. wub-r and Irooer. the other aa ebam N-rmo'' and to asaiat In tba wavfctrg and Irontug, am wilting and ouilaliig. and no onm* we'd rrv-'tnm ended frm 'not piare Call at 9] Kul 19th at, Oral door, id ihe rear, for tiro I da a. I ? ? TO TBI Sim.-A LONU EXPEUENCSD LADY* moothlv m rae In the haVit o' uthK e*r? of Itjva'ld la dl?* and gtnilemao ia uiw dlaengaevd. Call at or addm" 11 6th as a. one aa aei matraaa and to a^iat m ih* " hair.heawo-h or aa rhamhermald end waltreas, Iheitbera* inA *?nd t* naabtia Hi westing and Imrirr fun ke seen *t 9? lfhh at. between f 1 and 7th ftva , In the rear. Beet city reference given. YlfAPTBP?BY A BESPIOTABtA OIRL A SITUATION In a small private 'aroily. aa good pliU-" c<v>k ? aher acd lronnr. Il ea tl * best of city rel*rrure from h*r lent place. Call at 176 Weal did at, uecond floor, front r nan WAN! AD?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE toi ng ? man. u? chambermaid and wal'.raai In & prl r**e fi?U?; h?a tbe neat of city fc m her last oince. Call for leo da}a at 116 1th av., corner of llibat, Id the fancy alore. Tl AbTID-4 SITUATION. BY A RK^VEC* A IILK <11RT, ? t o ?rneial bmiaeir'rk to a >n-sll fcmilvi 1* a flrat role waahcr and trone' a food plai- ?nd ?iv?< brnvl !*?? ker; baa Ibe heat of d.v lefe-etcei a her ieet plane Call at II' Weal IStb at. tn the rear, aemod Boor, front roam TXTANTVIr-BY A YtTNO IrADY, A HOMR IN SON! 11 re?| ecto i|e fnirl'.y * bare'lhev won'd t'eal bar aa one of th"lrn?ra If willtog to moke heraelf it* fo. in aaalailor to'o an > Ihn r Pay no ohjc*.. Addrem hlnelaJ-, Broukl n Poat office TITANTID?BY A R*H*EiTA RI.E PROTEST ANT TV v' nny womua, a ritua l >n lodupbainberwirk and aaaiat itTaan'ny or to do chnmherwor* ?nd fine waahlnr; I- a r??l I ]?in >.e? i r ?nd rnit>r"1il?'a n?atlv: ia wllbny ana obllnng; be* 'he beat of re'arenoe Inm her I art place. Can be ae?;a [or lb' er daya at 1H9 3'h ave Id lb* rboe il re. WANTKD-A GOOD SITUATION. RY A TOCNO I1NR mau np' ibecarv, who boa a coii?lder?>'l? ?ip*r' oe* in all the drpcrtirenU of tbn run bnalnem. he apeaka the Emr lint latrrnape well end rsu pb e the beat reioreneee. Apply ? ? 1?. Savhrd at cornrr <"br- aHa. WANTKD-BY A PROTESTANT SCOTCH OIRIr A ritna'ion aa cook, can do most a'.l ktoda of eonktor an I la a good wanhar and Ironcr beat city rrfer- noe cao be glren. Call at 90 Ren-' btk it, betweeo Cauai aod Spring WASH INS WANTED?BY A RESPECT A KTJC WOM IN. al her own reatlerc*. or w.rnld work b? the day. Call on or addrera Mra. Konrke, 256 Kaat 15th ft, betwpi o ava. A. and 'I. T\^ ANTED?A SITUATION. RT A EES PEC T A RLE PRO TT tea aut gtil, aa gisrd cook and to aaaiat id waahlng and 1.1 re brH city r-fererce. Call f;r two ilaja at 217 Weat 1 di b a?, between lib and Mb a vs. TT* A NTPD? A PlTUATTCiN. BY A R It-ip* "!T*NL* TT girl, aa good p ain emA waaber and Ironcr. baa tbe b* >t eUr refr rercc frrni ber laat plane. Call lor two dayi at S7 Mr nroe p are, Brooblyn. TEcANTED? A FIT*" ATTON, BT A TOCNO WOMAN. TO TT cy,k waah and Iron, In a p/irate lamilv; beat of city referetee. Call at 427 5U ar , between Slat and 321 eta ; ring tc'l bo !t Wantei? a situation as chambermaid and to naa'at In tin; w aebtrg and Ironing or tn wke the enure ebtipe of children, ran Co all klnda of famil* aewing; or aa w*>irrae lu a amrll private family, by a reareotabla yonag ai n-er elib the beat olty rcfrrenc* rrotn ber 'ait j laei;. where at e h ta lived three j an. Ca'l at 129 Beat 3Sd at, corner of 7'.b uv . for two dr.j a 1ITANTKl?-BT A RKSPECTABI.E YOUNG WOMAN. A Yt si ii- tirai ra Brat elm ? nok and to aa?>?l In tbe woabiag god Ironing ol a rrrill ra?p-e: ibia family. la a good co>k and in k< r 112* itr brrtof ay raferrnca fr>?n bcr laat olac*. Itoardlrg hnni* keej *rs rr-ed not apply. Call at 217 Kaat >31 ? srr I ? d l or. fr .ut room. WANTKD?.4 SrrrATION ASSTRkTCl.YSPWAITRKSS, by a rrapt*' labia ronog girl; la ful y eapali'e o* fitisillog bar ak nation II. eve y brat of cby r e'ecvie i.ta be given, h I re bnl a private fan ly need app.y for two daya at 19t gut ITihe*. T|TANTFI'?> IHTUATTON AS SEAMSYl.ESS. CAN ?? o.Kk boji' c* tbe?, baa no iibiecU n lodo I h im'<erro?k o tike .are or <bn inn Ooag city reference. Call ai 1/U * cat sub ?. rear i?h ?v? In the rear. EYTA*TED? A SITUATION As flfwn rr AIN C^O* V< and i< avals' la wsahinr and t*onuig il ?id city refe rtbee. ' all it 250 * en ltob it., la tba baaamcuL glila ran of cUl<!r?n tbe i?her la wiring to yp bob I flooi IBfMWlAE CwlotlUEs on.l >?' ava YEVAf.TND-A SfTUATfoN. RA" A R KSPKcr A RI.K ? younr girl sa chairl?iirvR ard waifraa and aaotat wflhTw wiabbigar. lli-or.hig; fc ? the be?t of c'ly re ference aod wt mala bereelf t<wiev*#y oae'nl Oaa Mi*n f..r I*odays at 2b.'. IV.uin -la at. tolwecD Atlar.Jc and State ila , BnoAlya. YXTAKTBD?A HIIUAT'ON AS HOUSEKKKPRS, BT A Yt re"pe?tabla fc a.-h paraoa; one wbo mider?t*n(ia the btidtwiv Iri|mr? at 404 orand at, Brooklyn, 1. D. WU itn alinrg prrlerred OTASTID?BY A REsPRf'TARLE ENOMBII UIRIa A YY in*a Ion e? nurre or 'a maid; woo d go So il*, to Call forr.ia, Cnlw or Kar pe lately from BngiaJd. Aikreaa lit Spriag at.. ooraar of Wojalrr Tl* AYiTTD?RT A REPPEt TARI.E OIRIs A SrrUATTOW YV tn di a" eral kcaaawork In a mall r 'i' ale fanuly: fiad fit/ refe m e Call far two da;* at lib Simtb iL, lrr< ilpB IVAHTtD- A E1TUATIOW. HT A TIOT JWM OIHL, TT tr -or*, weak Mi.) tron. nr I" do lb* jroara! boimawort r4 a email pfliilf f?U|; yr.?1 r-ieraoc? frrra b?r Jmi plae*. Oal. ?t Xtl :?I eorwr of Bv. x. WANTED-A IITOkTRW, HT A REaPRTABUI jrung arnnm, aa aaan a*d imM la chamber wt* Her rmid HIT r*fae?..?e Call Mr two da; a at *1 19h M.. Www Ok Mid Tih at*. IirABiro-A fUTPATTOtf, BT AW AWRRTCAE OtRL, TT In do chambrrwnik and Vftaf, or honaraofk in k*ni'l prtt?ieff%m.l?. ha? head 'mil C?u al 7f TUJiry r , <.f ar of Jur X . Br.. k'..D, for two day* TV-Aitnro-A srrrATinE as rikt clat* waiter, ? or ft* rkt^'rrrnrt nl watt'ay two tr?ra'r?faraaee ti'iiikvlMir uti lAli it HI Vm kA kv 0 <v, freW rrnwi. WARTEP?BT A VfKY REBPB* TABLE GIRL. A MtnaUoo aa rktlJrae'a Bnraaeod ea**MOa*? marqtirl fit tWrw'i' nil", ku it" oh aril t to tneel, ,?n produce ?hr bar! ?a?-:aif>r>late aa to L.-r rat ability aad ckarartw 0*3 at or ?y.lrr?? for two auja fit B-? ltd A WARfBP-A PITCaTIOR AE REANHTRBIN. IE A prl- ?|a fatal y. box of . It? rrf orotic* kaa no ol ,-ottoa tr do r' ur harrork. Call l r two da' a at 40 Raa. I >ih at, arm tha c*'f? worn WASTE I>?A frriATIOW. Br A TOCBH WOW4W TO do aeaerai k. nawwork, f<w a amah prt< ate ran .1; la a fowl oak eed an riralkaaA waafear at 4 Inner. tea for raf* rearo from bar taw plaaa. what* aha kaa tired fir* yarn Daa la aaar f..r two day a at M arr , oa* none Irnwi th? mruer < I 13d at ARTE 1*?A R.1TATIOE am WAITRENd. BT A ym.r.? woman who kit I red lh?#? raan la her 1aM r'aa* 'altrraa Tka t-aat ? I my rafaienc yirca. (L.u4?m ?t In tka rear TVAhTRP?A MTl ATT??E, HT A RKARWTa HI.E TRO ?l trataoi aimii, ?a (took, weaker trd Irwor la a r wpecta t* pfiral* family; r "d <My n termer* frna kar Mat ploea Call tot two . fa hi llo A ral Sill. at. WARTRP-RT A PROri-SKP WON AH OOOK. OWE whr baa bran head . ink p, rrat r'.-wa *<*?'? and atao ?rare of tt.a hew pn> au faun ? ??* for tka Wat 11 yrara. wo iid lake ro'trr ch?ryw of tka n e?i a rl t.aatry of any lar?* ?MC? I i'biaar.t Tk wa wti wtak a flrat riaaa e ok. on* la arary ro arart. tear apply for Ikrro d?ja at lit ?tk a< . trar LAI at, ia tka laary alura TVARTBP-A Rm ATIOR BT A TorBO WilBA.W. AM TT rkunCarwii d *nd a ullraai or waltraaa rn'i In a prtralo family in. ob.WaLooa M f< aala n rwtanr* La tla aootMry, brM of rtty ralrran a 111 at 11} Vaa: 1X1. X, la IX rear. WAKTBP-A ft.lTATIOE A* VAITEBR4, BT ti.i-r.? Worn Ml who k>? . ?rd ih-aa raart ia krr !*?t r't a? walk lit a r TtrAETr'i- A ftiTTATTOK IIT A TOPWO WOW LW, AE fr rm? 4 a-.-d aaamatr -a. w ?# nn> utaa-. o?-aaa I! .a tk? twai "f it'r rr'aranoa fn a kor'aMalaea. ebara aha k?? llrfd tUm yaara Call at |7 Waat If-a X. 11*11':' llf A El "K1ARI.E TOC Til WOE A B. A T? ' II ttna aa ft* tt> ir.d ?nd waltar wo d do rtai a. ? .r* and lakar .ro of rt .? . apaMa Tka baal of ra;? at a fc.tas. I ail at *Uf * aa: IXL X . iat?Ms Vtk and Oh fl'ART?P-A ITtl ATTOW RT A TpfWO OI1U A J " nnrra. !? aap*?|a of taalry r ra of cMldraE Aipyal Ra till Wax l!Mi x . ; #r.w, n>. two lay* It'AVfBr -A EITt, ATIOR. BT A TIRfT CI 1 W OOOE. 1' u, apt iaf? fan.. } U an ra. r Hri root nn.lrrx.a 1. all V ida .< .!?>aarW a np? yai'nw and h?An r. aad l> a y ?ane of i'.t*r Mrady la'1'a.ti d ta.'ali nwipdtani to id* Uvyasf I *? tftnan'l LRft-ra H?? tkf Hart of a||y ya'*raraa A Ho, hr ? I ndaauti *!? xidiaiwirod or In (t > rlamtwrw wtt M S aw.ii' I, It aa<a.'rrt!?. nd.-ara Ba? tka haat of .1 ri.*r ? ??ki rl .-anap ?n/t rap .Mlity. i aa la area '.. tan dajt at <v kaat lUd at , eaar no a?. IVAHTHP-t AfTCATIPW. RT A dLEBPRf TAEt.W f? y. hi rwrir, aa rhamt-n.? d aad to a-#t? .a bo Wfiktor or I., dc rh-n.b?rwiak oo.' . viun*. Had four yoare ip.M.a. Call >i En Wax Be a IA'AR : KP A Sfrt ATiOir. AR PltAifl'KEW Alp AWD "I wattiria by a rrai a. t v> y'rl. ?rb ? tVwm.ikly :?dar r rda i ar 1 ialr ra? li*ot r.i? r*far*'>r? fr. M koa ju. pix* t alt it IM Rdk it, brl?ran Uk at.J Btk ar. W 'ETEP?A RTTrATH'E, BT A jror* ?? mar. aa - ?'plain a.?d 'f rn ' 'lit n Inkrt ai ?' u ? tr. I r?. rlty rrfaiaiaa from bar WE f .fit <IW, Cam '?a fiu lor two day* at DM Boat Uta E., brtwtr- Lat aod 2ft ara ANTTP-A RITCdTlOW AR RTRdT, HT A OATA t lawowaa. 1 t . f mtaraiar.'a ait tr a f 'Mntly?awin? a dfutl-ta dnuliyt 1 .a ami ttrla t-'oti ua t.?il lor t* (taj * M 31 Bmirr rt, ltm k yi? \\!Auinr a ttrrcAt- .v ht a fir t clarr nrvur. "" ihort u*k'T 111 drr?t?6i'f h.f-f ? .-.f. I* *1.1 * twin. Sao ?;!?? ! In ha warklsa tf fa rail, baa OffWyr^Waadd fur hir x p'aoa. Ca 1 f<T t?o da; a at Br, dtihx, frowl b<w" rat w w AA'tEP-A RfTTATl' W >d rt t? ARp TO ASAtltf I-, Ika wa?h nfl art .*f?-h.r 0>fl citf r* aroacd tall . Baa' 1TA c inrll ?? BfTT VTlUNfc W ?HKO-rKi WAHTED-a B1TCAVION AH fK4W*?>w RT i.NN who tinde aia' decultbgand fliuug. pl?io drt*s*tn><Kb>g, |(idd eHy r?'er?) m Coin her lost pl*M Oall at 127 CUuluo 1 it. Hi ooklyn. betweer 10 and A WaMEl>-A FlfATION BY A REBPEiIYAW-W J*1'*''* girl, xa JTillrail ai d chsmberpald i r i-hiunVr maid and In "ollne washing; grnd re ? r?*i-e fmrw her place. Call at 28b \\ o*t 14 h at b-tweeL 7>?? aud 8th A'B WANTED?BITUetlOhS, BT TWO BRSPFt T a BLR fr la pna as good cr nk. sraeher an" 1m alar, Itrdeeel in da herhnslnsse par'eoOj; 'ha rrbar aa chunOaruiaid and w.It reaa, grrvt cltv reference < ?'l 'or two days at 93 WeTl Ml at, la iwe* D tkb and 7 Lb aw., lip t fl<*-r. fmul iwhh ?a SITUATION BT A girl to do plain c i-klng, is a g<?d lately an'?" * " " - Brack ly a. RK*PKi TaBbE washer and Ifu* er; WAMID?A BITTJATJo* AS OH.AMHKRM AID AND waiiraaa In a small nrtva'a fa nliy or aa wallr-'sv la willing snd obliging Kcfi m e? tf required Appl- for t iro dayaai-17 lit a?e. Pen* Ink at, aeenud floor, front room. UJTANTED-BY A BRbPET ARI.K GTRl, A 81TU aTIOW TT to do general booaewurk or aa oenk and laic, dress la a ?mull prliata family. Call for two data at Id lat ave . u iruer at l(Hh at. WANTRD-HY A RkHPEC'ABLII PRO?R8TAhT tonrr \wioian. a alt <ailoo aa chambermaid an 1 nurse, oi aa I'Lamlx >maid and to asset a b the washing and Iro n*; ran give gend cite rvferenee. ''an be ? n:i for two day a at her prevent employer'*, 263 Wait 3d at., between 8th and 9th a renus a. lA'APTED?BY A RKHPEOTAUI.R YOUNG WOMAN, A TT suction aa ? aitrraa and parlor maid In a u-lvate 'ami ly . baa tte boat ? f city reference, whrro ahe 1 aa lived ilie lust live tear*. Can be eeen for tao day a at 163 6tb av , corner of 1Mb at. WANTKD?A RmiATTON, BY A YOUNG WOMAN. to do cbam-erwork sod swdst In wishing and IroMng; la a rood plain tower. Call at 101 West 19th m., DTiwven 6th and 7ih a?a. WAP TED-A hlT U i TION AS WRT NURSE. BY A Tvvpei-uble young weman who lost ber ov:u baby; rxn alvr the heat of re/ci once. Call at 236 Molt it, laird floor, bath mom. w ANTRD-BY A NKAT RRAVUTRRRH. WlfO CAN cut and ill tmldrtn'a d'<-tea and Jo all kind* of family rente. Can be seen at her pro ?cuing, kualho led rlty refrren. tent employer's, 171 Mad Hon sL WANTRD-I'.Y A COHPETRFT OIRU A STTUATfON aa chambermaid at. J a aitrraa, rr *a regular wuiirees and In take charyeof the alivrr an ' dlelnir room; w?*?a$7, al-o, a c ok and laundress. understands maata tud poultry, baking and paalrlea. w?;,n Id <'all al 216 Kast ilki at. WANTED-A fl'TflfaTfoN, AS LAVKDRBSB, OR TO dncfcambvriri rl'or bur wathlng a-duoilng Can be M en for I v o days at 916 broad*ay, bet aeeo flat and 22d eta. A lly reference ? WANTFD-BY TWO RKFPECTA BI.R TOUNO WOMEN, eltuaw re. tba one la an excellent fan. lv c. - >i and b aker, the othrr as fra) clara waltirm or rhumliermaid. Both em proci cr Ibr beat i f ellT refer* nee. Can be seen for two uaye at 107 P.i at 16th it, par let av. WANTKP?BT A RESECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation na chambermaid and aeamarraa. or aa wait reaa ai d to arnlat ir the washing 1 he very lest of elty refe r> nee ran be given < an be eeen from Itoiociocaat 239 V> tat 86 h at , 'or two days WAPI ED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG OIRl,, AH lau'drrae with a private family. Alan be teen lor two days at CI We?t IWih at WANTED?A BTTl'ATION, 11T A YOUNG WOMAN of leanectah'e Mandlrg, na cooh In a a eall ftmliv, or M do b"u?i #ork in general, ibe bvtl U reference. Call at 11 Grand ct. Jeraej lYty. Ilf AhTRD?BY A KTRAf'Y, ACTtYK PRI iTIPT ANT TT woman a utioailon as pmf.-avnl rook; nn* erataodt meats In ail Its brwnrh*a; na?te rp di?hM; .-inpa of all xli.d<. paalrv. nd all kit d? of dea?erta. h*h the h?it of elty refer en id. Call for two da' ? at SAU Kaet l.Yili nt. WAPTKI?A > ITU AT ION, BT A YOUNG AMERICAN girl, aa ch'ld'e mirae or b> make herself generally useful. Apply at 33 3d av. YlTANTKD-FITr ATIONd. BY TWO RRSPEUTABU TT an Is; one as no k and to aa vat In the w a* en J Iro.lrg, the < iber aa chainbermald ond to do ihe fine washu.r. The tut of city rrferenee glv*n Will go separate If required. ? 'an l r sere In the bak*iy I'dHtb av "tRTANTlD-HT A COMPKTKHT P?RrON. a HITUA* TT nor aa w Mrera or uh*Uiv'**'n Hid. una aa'iafHCtorv dly rvfervv" f" m i.vr '*?t employer, where *he 11 r*d laro years. < all at 178 h tsl ?Ah at, between 8th and 9-b eva , Ural floor, back. ?YTfAPTID?A SITUATION Ad Nl'Khlt AVD SRAM TV nrvta and la able to take charge of an lnfs"t from !t? birth. gol d city rafei core given. Cal, at 80 West 3Wh at , be tween 6:h and 7th av*. IT ANTED- A PITUATJON TO DO CII AMBEIlWORC TT and w ali ng or thamberwo-h and taking care of chil dren. Ccd rlty reference. CHll at 1M Kast 19vn at, between lai av. and av. A. ! ?fR'ARTRD?A SITUATION, BT A RKhPBCTAW.K WO? TT man. aa 'ir*i rur cork. Is willing to atnat le plain wash j leg and turning, the brat of elly reference giren. Cell for taro | day* al ISA Weal 9Cth at. TVAATKP-BY A RRSPR^TABT.P WOMAN, A SITU A t T ilno aa nii'se; la capable of laklnt Ihe enbrw eha'ge of ? baby I rem He I 'rt?. Ih- oe?t of r* fer*ace fnim her last place, where she h-.s served a number of yearn. Inquire al 110 Weal iiilh si , served floor front ruren. TTLrANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RU-PKUTABIJI TT fbn'ohgtrl to i-o" k. wash ned Iron or would do rlism* bervrork I n I at 1663d av., between IJta and lt.h it, 111 the rear, as cord 3<>or. YhTAPTRt*?BY A REHmCTABLR YOUNG WOMAN, A TT ?ti nation as i bambenunl-l nr vewttrraa. Beet of refe rence |lrtr Call for two caya at 372 3d av. HfANTRD-A PtTl'ATTON TV A PRIVATE FAMILY, to di- chamber* ork ami ganersl bvns- wrck and ami on ?he table Call I or two day ? at 29 Monroe at. WANTED- BT A ARKPrVTA IUJE UIBU A EiTtJA TTON ? ? lanitdeeai nr tbimlertr.?U ant Pub vulv and Irnoer; e rd city relejcicc Can te mri for t?o dtyau Ifj 77 h at ^"ANTED-A IITPATIOW BT A TOrNO WoMil*. TO w, ck. nraab and Iron 'or > btt.i'1 family; beat of re.c rrnce. fall for la# daya at 224 Weal 17th at. Wanted-a bttcation, ht a respectabi.i young fclrl. to do ehairberwork and waiting U a email pi UK fan II) . baa the beat of reference for Ave year* froa hrr hut blare, fall lor lam data at 1*3 Weal Itth at, bat a a? 7ib aod bh a .a , Biat Boor, fnatl root*. TBTAKTED-BT A RKrPBCTAHLM IR1MH OI.tT,, A ? altuatVai r? nnrae nnraa nr r'.aanherwiald: ah- baa the heat reC*. rrree frost l<er hut [ lac* Dan be area Wndnaaday aod Th ira da* at M Atlantic at., aroucd (fry, fruet now Tlr> hTFD?NT A BKe-PRCTaBIJI WOMAN. A PTTtTA It ttor. aa ttrat claaa rorl. ran rooa steal aonpa and Mb ty od ail html, b aa rire'.lenl taker, beiat of city rrfereona yiran c*ll for two daya at at Waat ilih at-, betweaa h-o aod Mb are*. TENANTED-A RITP/TfON. NT A TOPEO WOMAN, ?T ar o.?ik, w'thrr ?nd lit a i.r .'y. so tar e'eadr hrr bu/tneea wa'1. Call for two da) a at 1 li Kaat 75th It . fi'vt Poor, bark en m WAVTND-ANnrATlJlN BT A PBSPNTTA Nl.t PNO. truant TOtut aroma-, to da gnnrral boeeiwort to a axa'i l>rtT?v funny. Ay ply it XI Oteeaaleh ar . In iba rear, for tare daya. TA'AWTND-BT A REITABLE TOt'NO tllRt., A NtTW It albs t? do general bonerwort tn a good an. ata'astir, tiood rtty relrreaoB gtys. fall a* 111 Wdat NBA, laths rrar, for two .lay*. H TE*AN! ED?UT A fOt'Nfl OIBI* METERX TRiRlinp TT are. a >? .at'on la a r?wpert"ble family, to tabid chtl dren ami ron of erraial* Hea of ru, referee re t*?U at )j| 1? b at, bmtrtei. 7ii aid Nb area , rear boore, for (wo daya. w ATI PI'?A EfTCATION. NT A YOLMfil W( MAN. IN a 1.1,rate 'aiat.y. ?e a <ie<d plait mob, ? Vt aa waabl a ar.d Ir nttc If reyalrrl llat r?1 "t'y rid Ir the waabl g bad Ir n't | rer> rei re frrst her taat rliee IWII for t* n day* at J't ffim HA >t between Ah act Mb area, fliat Aaor. Irani rra>a. WANiEP-A MTI'ATTON AM COOK, NT A OHM. all at derattnda f*>d enohl*g. warhlng ltd troolnf; erilllrtg etx* nt-lli.tig; a a g"<d baker, bar the beat of city reda *-nee. Cab be ares HI aw tad at 1U TUlary it. aear Rrvlge, tborklya 11TASTED-A PLICATION. NT A VOONO WOMAN. It aa chamber**:.!, wou'-l do the Poe waahlag aod irontag, the brat of ?*te rr'errarr raa b* gieec Call at brr - rrar at p are ft Kert INh at XE,rANTID-A STTTATIiN BT A NESPK "J A Kl.t <(IRU TT ?e V rr'-msiald aad waPrepe bar thr bed of rrfareaor frrea bi r-erent pkra Call al <0 Plarrepoat at., e-v-md .laar Ir-ar I'trke Hraoblya VANTED-A ?ITrATIitN. TO PO CHAVREN WORK ard tabr rare M children: good ?tr Pp'rrrrra foe arrca yearn Call at No Tf Weal 3 th at . between ? h and Tib AT* TV*AXT*D-A R TTAT'ON AS EXPTRfEN 'Kit COOK; TT ua loml baaar of br- .d aad hiar ut Br* c.ty rafr rmca gives, (htU at or aldreaa T7T IDA ae. TENANTED?A NfTCATION BT A TMBT BVNPMdTd 11 ' > I'ro'rdtant rul. aa ehasthee*akl and aaa aatcraa. nr wuWt do t-ea> ral booa-work Ibrt a?ab ?*otlly. la not aDai I rf a net bee the beet nf itte nfeirt re. t ?n tie per- tor two daya at He Waat 17th ?4 . bat?tac fx *all vl a- ? I tijnr, front ronat. NX'ANTED A BITrAT10N, NT A RNdfanT*BU? TT j.-oeg wnati.ktm* waah .nd trot ca* gtreih*b>ad of edit ro'ermce. Chi! at ?'7 7th be# . oat area Mch and Tl' A NTT*"?A TITrA?ION, RT A PT'PPTAPt.l TT young a.aaan, la a prlrata lawUy m %i . .v|?|a rf-A ae? R*e; rate ?aab? and Ironer r* idu,.bw-t refer/*, # aalc bearuy wi rtety aod rapabli'.y Call a. >y Do*- a at , armud hot. (a fro* Paatflr. Nc?th Nr c.klya. ANTED-A *rrr*TT<'N, NT A BT' PPCTAl?tjl t .-onggirl aa b'.rar ?B?! era It,i?-rm est M :n (h-barnt of (Ott ..I a r!-Idrr* ",oal rtty relareore la. M 1M Waal IPb at betwrer . th asd Mh ar*. \V ANTT.D-I.X TWO PEcrWTAET TOVNO WOMBN, ?T I DM) i-b.i.o'e.niK ; r,d ?? M SI Ihd other a c*aa bermatd ad aann atnaa; ttndaretaode ail ttiada of lamlly atd etnbr. hiery both M wlhirtg l*< taakr tlvati ae->ra geneeat y caefn' and bare the a#*i rl.r _ mtr-eni a* fr a? tbeir *r> | vw (tail far Iw* dact at Aj T. -at Uab at.. iMtwem Tib ard Pth art. TT* A NTNP ?- A PTTT ATT'lW ?T A HE JPP TAItf.B ' ' fi * Tb" , lo ro,h#*e-? .??, ? a o - . e-ath a*d liwlt: hie paid d'> rrferrtiee. aee aall a; (77 (th ar., cor rer Ktb at *l'ANT-:j-BT a NT?rNrTAB*.B TOCNH WOMAN. A TT Ai"u "a aa (haiabrrmato or waMrm In a pryeate lanti !y. t he ntr. .1 br bUllAg to do the fine wulnog tootiii; or to to1* ? P ' t 'otirn Apply at Ml llrary at . t-tareu Sf* hroraof lOaad 1 T\* ( NTTD?NT A ItliRPltCTADT.K TOCN9 PTRta A TT e tna lor a* nor!lent r-rah: undreatan/e *11 btrVr' ree klar. ?*< h aa ???ta. ec^ya ate-l paa'-y no o*- m*tine, %* etet in the y i tin war irg. tlond rrfrrrwrr. y?'l *t l\v.? 'A* ?IV-A TITHATION TO DO CN.AM Hit* i~ * nf ehlVrra: oooh U'A* l EIV- A TITCATION TO DO >1 - ,?!-e < r i-.wlpg art! take jr. ti-n t, go a aoort dMun-a laiherottcf ?TAKTTD-PT A EST? TA";,I r.INU A ATTOaTION aa r? |r traabee -d tfivrer ta ? : n-kfe'cir'i . c't> rtf.-rea # 'WJl for tw - day* At M Bi/i tvarr-a ? jrroArions wn\uu-r?.4ALa<i. w; ASTIrlV A SITUATION AH STAWTWRHH ; NO et>j> cpon t.i ?wwt u ohui ermaM, or any tight emiiliv merit; good etiy rrferenne Tail tor two call la runnanm. aecuuu door [runt JoriUemri,, Brooklyn, w T ANIkP- Bf A Hk?lB<TAItl.K YOl'K I o)?ls . * ?!tnanoo aa (anndreaa or chambermaid a"d (Ino warher at.a troner4; heagood city cef^rencee from bar laai ulitc?. ? an be a?m for two daya at 89 ?Ut av., teoood Uooa, toanird-bt a joiNu Wuhan, a ?ituation ' *? **"? otirda paatrv roup*, p.villrv, game. boning larding baking. Aa.: ?>-?! <,r rUj reference [rum bar law rmpWra. addrm 111 7tb aa., between 19th and tlhh tta , ib:rd floor, from room. WAN1RP?A BKFPE T AR1.F TOUNO WOMAN WANTS a litnalioo a- rh.La.U rnub, ard plain aeamatrem or chambermaid and take care of hue re n. Can be men fur [wo da a at SI l> l*t a*.. lop llotir. rout room WANTKD-A SITUATION, BT A RKSdKCT ABL? yet " ' " ting woman aa tlr t ratebook and baker In a private faml'y; will aarlat lr tbe weahlrc and Ironing If m.ntred Tho ben' of cliy rrfrren e ?rom her la> t place. Call for two day* a' 9B 6th av., accord Hoar. h? k room Xt'ANTKli-BT A TOUNO WOMAN. A SITUATION Yl re chambermaid tinf neametiean, or on lanndreaa. Heal ot cltv reiertnce given. Call (or two daya at AO Kcnmmel at.. New York. WANIKD-A SITUATION TO DO UP STAIRS WORK ai d a*rt*t la the w ahing and Ironing, 'r le do chamber wo: k and waiting, no objection to fo honeework in a private family City reference. Call at 79 TUlary el., comer Jay. breotlyn. ? WANTID-A SITUATION AS CI1AMHKBMA1D AND wallet ra: good ctlr reference given from ber laat em ploy er. fall t i US Laurena at.. in the rear. WANTIP?A SITUATION, BT A BKWRCrABL1 WO a an. aa nnrae. fan be teen for two dava at her lar' place at Mo. it Orlont-roy place, cm 3 th at- i eat of raferenoc | ANTED?MTU ATIONS, BT TWO RBSl'Ef B ABL1 i T? young glrl?. one aa tlr?t cluax nook and to a**ist with f ?* warhlng: the other aa cbrmbarmald and aeama rcafl. Boi.. bare I't beat of city reference 'rum their la* I place fan bo ?run at 224 lat av., between 11*h and 14th ata , top dour, back , room. WANTED-A SITUATION BT A RK.-l'?7ABl.T yoong womar. aa platncnok. waaher an l Ironer O. od rrferenoe. Call (or two daya at 211 Kaal 14Ui ?L. third H?di , bark ri?m. WAM'A AC ANEW KN3LANI) YOU J10 I .APT, OK EDUCATION acl ratnement, aabcnackeeperln tbe fan<Heof a wt<orrer with cbt'drrn. living out of town; moat be accrtsV'ti-rd to lbs I beat snc-rtj Knd be entirely .vrmi:eiriit to tbe whole oh tree of ? boaar W" ?er uti Address, with full partiOuDia, L. K. X., j Uereld kttie. M ew York All families and oboD SERVANTS WILL riUD the largest and beet oWre In 'be cttf at U8 11th at. adrner i of 6th av Good to uatlcws In mediately; alao, good, civil, ca. I pe'-ln help to anil all abo call UMa lata y laaded wan tea. ? Ua<1 bin nil girls in ftood, r**iiportAbl? plac** A' NTS HER OF GIRl-H WANTKD-IN OOOD 8ITUA U'f? ar.d poo' m'l ea a short dtntancn out of town, ti | good w?ges: ?>meto ck, w nab and roo In aunll f ami Ik- ' e.-nie i.i i h:ireb?r*ork or wwtUr.g Ia-|Uire at the Large lMki' tale. ISM iltb at., comer of 6th a*. Am h i-k ?WANtton, an experienced ncbsi one wciuti-nn-.l to Ukuy cure of rmiug children, the bj?; city reference required. Apply at 321 Mb *?. A' I.ACNPRIRS.-WaNTRO A LAUNDRESS, FULLY nnaaprle t; mtiat brine good city reference. Apply at 321 Kb ?a, Ah cook-wantyp, a woman of kino ani r.hltglng disposition. aha will have very llitle ?tablng | but tp o-t i' r derate tid cook leg, bnkiuc, Ac , city reference will be rmnirer for rleanlin-'?. hoi ,--iy and ataaa ncaa. Oa. I between JO aud 1 o'cl ck, at to A eat 211-1 at A V 11.1 FRY 8 vLRb'W M A N W ANT Kl>?AT NORTH'S lift Fuluin ?t . tiro kltp . tnint be a e.per .-?d h in ' 1 M't Nil LAPY WARTID-WHO 18 HaNLDOHE A. lute In it nt and xetlned. U. aaalat a lade In a bifibly reaoe-t .,??> 1 ? ? re w:?t h l? tot lafxirl'-a ' tic wh nr-tta w 1th h - treetrd ea a dauihtT or ooiepanion, aitd will b*vea go h n.r ann liberal salary. *n??'i? iniut attte erb- ?? an taiar !,teu can be bi t. ml-' -h. if t : nrneplvd, will be returned Addieta Ilemr, b x ltd lie;alo'.dee. _________ flOC'K WANTED, I V A FIRST CLASS CO >K. A FTTJ A atloa In a hotel, restaurant or hoardlog hontr la either lb ctl or etc i.try; nndetttanda c k'ry It: h'I tie branches. 't either English or French atyle. apply at No. 8 Howard at. CYOOt WANTED.- r 11F. Mb ST UNDERSTAND ROUPP ) Frruth t' abea. guv r tlx oeaacrta, and bring nnd-tubte l rrf'-reneet 'rrrni fanll'r a in the nty. Applv at the l-aaeotec I door of XI Weal lAtb at (1LOAK MAKK.RS WANTKP-K1KTY GOOD HARD: ) w ill receive steady rmidovmeat and the beat wagaa, b; ! applying to 1>. B nabeoek A Co , 46 Murray at, up atalra. (tU)Xl MAKERS-WAVTRD, FIRST (TLASB CLOAI J Irak-re Nona bit f'>d band* neeo ..pply at Uoorg j Rrodlek. 3lU Oanal rt i gRHAMSFRM\m WAVrKP-'NE wno CAN froduc: V, ttretclaaarrnon.mendkil.u a Irom her Ual place may ap 1 ply at l'fl Th mpaon at near VleechCT (TOOK WANTED-AT 127 1TR8T ?5TH STRRBT, TI J rook maahand Iror. oia'amil;. of four, no eh:!,tree. DSFSSMARkRH WARTRD.?300D BA*PB. STEAD ?- rk. Apply to .'ar..ea A. Ilearn A con, 77b Broadway IiMRST CI.AR8 DRh.f8MAKF.R8 WANTRD. NONM 1 rood eewera newl apoly at 21 Mnruin at. /A IRMt WANTED?TO (lOTO A MANUFACTURING TTI y tare. (Ira bnura' ride (mm thK elty, In Oonneettent. i aboaa er-, lo/anent r 111 be glew be year r -und, at remnnert tire puree For farther tafjrmattou apply ah 0 Broadway, u Wall k for two areka- __________ V WANTED ?FKVKKAL GIRIA TO GG ROUTE to a Uiwn ? be-e ih-re er. C famtliea and a goo cd tircb. Baleranoea ak to a'i Hi and character re-inlrod. It | quire at 17? Mroateray. rartn 4 L^HADY 8 MAID AKP KCAMSTRKFR We "TBt-1 moet nudera.aiid b-trdr-ernng, and fnin'ab nty re far em aa to characle r and capability A uca like and none other ca a; pie at bo 3 Drpa t r w. IMA b.eeokrraL. batwmn 9hod o'ahek. la tha murine g MlTROrOLITAN IbTET.l lIRAiCE AOE.NCT. ldSand'tll SUdealaae, N T. OBice bonra from IP A. M. to 4 P. *(. Eeraona In aearrh ra aerrar tr. either mala or female, ope *be? > bei.ral) at d I. tegrbj they ran rely, wbe'ber Kagtla Erer. h, German or Liah, will c -aau't tbrir own Intareat t ca'ltng at cor ' Bee. We ricrannteut: none bnt tboae wl r. ma me ! reo.?tme<ded |a oa. and chart* aoUdag li the a) pi tanl la eot at Ited. telve u? a 'rial. Mr LIS ERA WANTKD-TWO OR TURFE FIRST H.Ah a I It era and tdn mera. To artcb grwtd we tea ?ad aiead work wl<l In given K Mem Bnr.emteA willaall aha will I engaged in-me. lately. Call et X! lilt a<". 11ANTI1 LA ( 'T1KR ~W?NT*D, A E'RST CI.4S irl ?? ntllla toiler (a lad)/ for one of the beet atnrea to U I ul'ed > U'rw. b- n- tut :h w of cnduuVr I laltteatlor need aptly. Addrew by BM-. airing refereaee aid arp rtrnrc.' t*U and YUatlcaa. box 74 Hrnadway l*<w iA-n. MILL.NF.RR WAMKP-tW" OS THP.I ?1 MRST R tT wit'' neea: magea frl. to good hands at Mra. Weal a, em nrr of I nt n and I ' ;al>ia >u . nronklyn. lUKSIf AND SEAL I * EMM-WANTED, A tlF.RM A I g'rl aa aurea aid at amatrm*, to (oto Rlatae lalaad. At gly at 273 Broadway. N' PROTESTANT K1RTANTS WANTED THIS DAT nnrae lady 's maid, and w* reae all moat ba Aral ela< aervat :a Employer to 1? are it at the dervarta ln??l"rta, I l raad weet Alao, touts, and cdta. war her, and ir mora. Tw- ?";?mt class MILLINCM wantkd immed I rtely, at 14* AUaetly et. Uruuhlya. Ate. a toy tori en ardc TWO OIN1A WANTED?ONE TO OPT AND MAR children's "irAb"<a. the cdher to lake care of rhlldras aa O- ? r,.ir.hrrv. rk mnat boo. :'s t-j and wllllug to wort. A ply at N ? Id Warren plw. Irrre. fllj rlt OIAI.R WANTED-frNE AR (YIOK AND LAU1 Crete the other aa rhambermatd and a lira- m aims pr'-.e'. .ml'r >er ? r ? ?l I 'd m peer two reareofad brth mt w ?r fnl y .-ape la and hova hvat elty reforanaa. U at 48 fe?' ?>h at WANTED?4 TOUNG WOMAN TO DO THE OOOI lag. waahlrg knd Iroatag (or a small rHvata faaall ?wat ba wall raaotnweoA it tpply at 10* Kroot street. nr ANTED- A ElERY nt AT* OOOE WANDER AN I TY im-r ? ? k > p??m w.tbroodr lty refet eo.-ea, te ?; rly At ho T ller-e, ? I ?: I'" ??' t it fr TO VI to t. M-ANTF!' an A'lb E tvr Alll.t G'RU AR ClIAl FY bonne Id earl wal'er ?'k th- intrS'y nndeewand h h-jAeeie. refereo-e re-.n'reo fa-tuira at 1*7 lleary a Nt nklro, brfween Iflard if e K. Wtetey ATKD-A FN ISA WOMAN. AR Nt'RRK AND SEA .ie.. m .?? it -r 'ft . uUutad with hordu'it l?r,al-e at 1?3 1 ev.r.gbit. ar. V?VANTBD-A NEAI' Y FIRST I "LA He NtLUNEE A* II trimn.r r terwa. a Sbeeel a.Dry, aerman'ot aNoatS aid e wtonnbD homo. Ayp y tr|Araalrnag A B itUerly, i naaa ak w A."TIP- A TIDY, YtJI.l.Ibrt GIRL E'lN LIOl then.I er? . k ? ? Lac kite eewb>g. msal fce a rnolcfla girl Airly at IW R*a' FSgateei th atraei. WANTIli-A NMAU. l.IRUTO A.RSnt IN UOI ?T b leaork f.fv IL'oi ops ? M ?t -.f Man log tight, fa oy rrvi-. tab e hue ?? A e y at Idl nr-b-rd at Want -a RE8Pe<tari R woman, to coo e d at: IC t ? ' 1 fefr- r-A, a;, I d . br f ff ge et -' n-mei.det a a Ar" ? at (At W eat I9lh 4. It' AN'- ? nO'tti.lAl. ff' TEND A RAKIRT1 YY th- -tuiry rtfetrnea re -'Ire- , a pe-rniA-eut at IIor to n e ib,i en: a An , oet e rea ? aa I U a M . ?? DaWSM'a 171 LEA ?e. t T\?*N"AD TVMRDlATELY- TWO EYPeRIKN' YY yo-iar wouen, ran aa croft, "'ahtr an' trusa*; m ' ?m ?f W C nma r.. BraoUr API .y fr. 10 la II A. N. en I7'b aedjDthlnaL H eh k I" * '?'M AKII.Y. A YO. NO . 1 I?'? ? e V v. ?',e- ? 1 Ir - r Three wl . Ire n f". ?n." ** . e . Jre d era (r ? A- ; ? baarmeat door from 10 to 11 *a'A*TFD-A TRfTENTAKT LIEU AR WtlTNE" Y* a'eo aPv-Ae.-ent aa Kir '*e?a-tnd th ?i'et b-kb bate g ? A 'Ity ??frnerm Apply o? 1 h trtda be'w> re. Id .idle n stork at 37 Mf. IFCte Of ANTI ' FT I Yt 1 N'i MARRIED LAPY. A NTA YY ,.b' ? t . ,,r rerel hounatar-th aad aewltf; It llBrar* aha. .a for * good huotc Apply at la* A Jama ? lire* lis. I WF.15TMD RRTEW DOLLARS A MONtT. WILL Ft glfea to a g I girl to do ge*nrat lionsaaaor* for a te far !!j err mem-ng hi''tahaarWE AsNBNBw BNMM pi ferred. App y at a* Navy et. Bvot-klys. 11* AN TED?EON THE OfTNTRY, AJK^>""-A: >> , r,! toS' " " the ?""v ?jJVii? r - -m. 1 an lwal'-c rnkt bmwatf gewnraap .nnf t let I.. M G-rtrta I. " *2.1 at aad Br*4w*y, roo Inwrvrt I and f or Thursday ___________ XT' ' FTtr A ERNN.TT l-ATT. Ml"** La?K Y?' - to Mr err a me ihi gefurboard^ Oi?? ? e. -. e??a I good c?" orveDf ahal may rn Areas Ltr at H e'ed a- I T a loo, llr rahl vf- e?. ?tlTANTFD-A RT*?nT WOM *N TO OpOg, WA' Vr 1'- , ri ITti'l et'Sto 'ao'T Goodrf'Tea l . a II Emi DdM , r" "?*T

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