Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 28, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 28, 1860 Page 2
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wnian rl peaoe. Itey tay, wh..e U-/ Nsf-.incii jlu panne pr.-Ciaima peuct Mil f rati* .arg jy ol ihe heinCm *f fNM, ce prepu^* "?t war and R'm war. nutc* tendered certain ibat the deepafch 10 the ixntet a we. ? apt? tt 8 i ?rem V tm, rtpoc' ^ng t p scudc : Jb*rt "h. P foreslv blowing as nlliawe ai d m t-?i good vtdmiand.og between the two g>re/u | ?m is, wt a canard?a Bh"er t'ctton. Ma: 4y b?. I re, and i ? .u,, ->?.d i tasoo. that It wng a concocticn ui it tl.ildr f t !i fur stock ebbing purpo-e?. v ?vs ii\a u .irlit tr th* Mtnmdl thav ou-n ?i v ? I? I? I?'- 1 ? t e v* - , Ui Skim i - F'Wmm r-there a good rnder-it.n* between Austria au F r> i, t -vaoc wou!d j Bitboit ^ tlrocr ally. 4,;J ir'e i Ul ut pence vro . d be aire ?gvh.-o<-d. Huiuua ,:n derid?L.litig may be brought about yet. ant Fraoio ,b* Irwaial. bui no cale. .i^iiooa ran ba uiade r IU?.> c*. vut r ( an to Uf future uat.l /? me It' jum-r mores on th" u 1, -H ,if wr.t.'h nL Ql' - Ukl.l tfr-t-mt to the ecd, of ohi.'h jubl no w ribald, aeema to be the Mcrpfy b J>"te*hu? beg jr it? croak of warning, n V V> k.h t ik inloi cation of r ?Cvttn to cariy bim to the nrltlo come Into ?'< ? jnu with Auetr.a. The domt a lie ?f tb? lirpv ?r(t|! H .b" cabbago gare-n, lb" pr va e mate, the i b. the rtoaneial de.d an pocu ,*aj ntfl.gk of 1 one'' e Kottiacbiid, ihe AitlrVau Baron, aoo l t- i"i ifreret In /ace, r.d j u aad '*iiaau le. Ul Vae. ,f ar oald Jbn-dd bo "tound poaching on that it, be geta the leaner oe ? ll be wt j!rwi 0n in lac'., be geta the warn |t. \ uLCfi ,4. K Lg or 9sr glcia hM aent an army >nto the Vt/. rev?Vapai su M.uj a collision t? daily eipec'.td sciaren r .r troop t lamorici. re. I-oun Nap? eon tui Lit kt tb> I- jUrei. events are lakihg, and Vbe anow b? . r,- nar <-1 ' , the olbrr of the AU s a year ago tr Rti'i -i ue 1: >rg,.r ttjau pe deb.rea. There aeeuie very rem oent dan, r 0r a cnlljaton between Vichir Emanuel UK. A .nna 01 , the north, and with the l ope and the frrn a .n nt ,r nr jmty. ibe llaliars certainly are in grot, uatper t f be og swindled out of all th?y bave ga u t*> bv ibe vt?! j, aod genius of i. arioalili. ,r. . me f j'.tica are quiet. Tb- campaign In Cn na not gr' , alcpg very 'ant but in New /.ealau I th" ^ o r'wta have ?el ^itb a bad repulae by a naraie ch eiU n -?.1.. .1 Kir #mA t Pi it PC fl urn-* jUifl n ,ir K UfcU rrjuicr vj - r #K 9T?r soiri g reirwlar troupe, commaoiled by (?ne or loo rca tA|* iriA? iineU of the Brad'1" < ao?l PAkenham sepoo.. - r li< cry Bulwer, ibe Brit.ib Ambawad .r at f">nt:Un; two,or. tJ- ^ tot ? ??.' d,r. race, !??? ' L.UJ COl iDI ' BWl U.r, -? ? never /,cover nolle at (hat court. arrei. ? . tHe bec< me ?> comm in at Hie Korle, that the r v a ur. hae' lly been able locall t\d soul, m ud, Soil e.,1? hal. e . ' '? rer h.s *0, to f Uly have they tow-b ,1 ai.'ket i rg of il p.omatlo knaves of the Stratford S * wlcN'e at amp <r allly pedanw llk^ir H. Bu.wer. He r rn and- of the Sullau that a certa n I'acbashould be imi i,ree.' tbe only crime that he was guilty of, It aeema, , wae the holding tlic said Kngjiah baronet I > very great Ml b it to tbi? tbe riu tan eald "No." He iben ?' .1 -P a great Una, became some tradesmen, country m a. of Dir. d d not get a certain goveiameut coniraot. A i d,*o t t i. utaell in communle.vli in with the vu!tvn I V vtb-r, be.r apt*renl to the throne?a complete vio.a t' an i l all ot q 'eite and rule, and, altogether, the Ambas i ??..( ao tr* to be g.-lllng deeply in tbe mire and drag 1 ana h a nation along with tiim. No one, probably, r?, f av.uaed r=lr Henry Bulwer of belog a man a rmcie touch above medtacrlty, h.a only merit _ " ? . ? r. - i .r ku V. n , a.. t. kaI Hoe t/v ? f) i Jn V FmtMH' lOUf'il ?OOV? luuiitwi 1*/ , ?? " J U heme the ac. .dental fact ol bia brother to a nlgh.y wooj^r KBgi LOVtl rl. He became noted in Ma?biog tot* i ipw if0 ?<?rno very aiHy aQu vo _ .771- ...tdewio . !??:? iarffc v fn t!ebt Wav r.g tbe ( lare very suddenly v. hue largely In debt ?o rar - e tradeemen little tr Uteri that be has quite lor r got >? l.quidale to this day. hlif.U chat's ler bec<me patent l<> my I/ird 1 al.nersW n and tbe ?MWitM r? of tier Mifity 8 g..vernmtnt? , Ibi.h g ot ambaa?ador8, eon?'dorable talk has been cre ated here touching th- iuir?i >o ol Mr l.lndaay, M. I Who I a* cone to tbe tolled staler .determined to act, at me< ? r bit owl behalf, and that of ?ome ihipowoer*. to ?CUkin m< rtciprocily from tbe I'nitod Stab* 10 me m?H< " M Ito? c- aotiDg trale. J-reetraieHft ?rand -I. Ug no doubt, but io loug at you want to hold si. nr. iiu B"uu?i ?- j ?- -- , ?wer . on u the trade to California and tbe South, keep * _ _ a . _ la aatl,,,* than lal '.I Sit tA fhtt ,l tr*re o your own handi, rather than lei it go to tbe m ri Ite world So 8ion ai a BrllUh iblp can leave f iverts < er london, loadtd with Br tish goodi, load and ?nV?d *i New York, and reload there tor California or N-W I rkrana. pint to toon will you throw Into the hauls at th - ?h p owning net >n a m'Wl proOtalne hrancli ?f the arrylng trade. They have the ?to*'n. ?a l and pae t-rger trafl c acroat the Atlantic ?OW k n,.et enlir-l) u their own i.andt, and let tbom t?- e ihe eutt. o trade and the Call omia trade?a? they WOW l ave that to India. Cn na, Aurtralia aad South ane r . ?r t where will your ehipowoeri be- The far.', it, (,.wn: tacea betareea yo aru net equal, and you caa a<. '?-- rroette on eqo'table t-rme . V, , fn< I r... vble I vt Wi tjn.tbe nuperlateodeni ? -p. - ear a. depa'Uaewt of tbe Indian gorernuneat, j etrd h .era al t alculU, junt before the de par time ot ' lant taall, and S.r l.enr/W?ri .vern .roi B?mity, ; b?. ... I ? the lame lime The Im* to India, in tao A?ia el Mr *MWoa, m tbougbt u. be nearly rrepvrabl* , ? w ?, t, * .? and career hat heeu a ? ngular ocg- *l ta? *je l! rty eerea be **? a bankrupt ? rr t al ir- a 1. lie. -and be th. n turned h <s attention Me r?.K ^re wrote teveral sue* Mful paraphleta, ettab^ i M ?: 'A< I a-.oe newt paper, m.J ta a few year* to.nd ( iw. * re. mi-ef of l-arl.amml and Vise I'ret.dent of , t*e Ika-Il of Trade. He wan n*ht ..-it to ludla to nwiaci- | Mrf and ft -P the ftnanoea of that cuntry, to long Mttked ?. d i aJ. red and ked to u tam.?be t ake'.etoa bv it. rv nr. - rl r ilr of the I JV India c..tni*ny He Ml wd ae'y u>?u.eee-l when he *a- remorwl by dettb, aad i? t yet flyretitof age Tb? t va act ub uiv .Jt Yankret hare not fliown WWh fwuwutar br moeyd r * -e- I?. few weak. ,n ?real Br la t Mr Ten Kr.-v k ran i mpire for the .1. <r" f liu.c ?e:?e and caret out?now hero. Ttuirmia a,' r. ware, is tb-!>e'by ke[rt him romt>?uy. Howet h fwn <i propr.elort of n great American circus, htre . |. v a < ? ry epeni at ? n< tcr-iy by a cuetemptible sq^b b<k a' refr . * -re they were performing Tbey ? # it n.lf ? W ' rr II CI WVIW I" ? ev - v ? n_i_ - . miwlbs w nny oow who would rideaoerum 1 , - UWited at rearing, klchiog and throwing ?jm r .'-tbdatoy n youthful retrey, 1 vlng tn stahiee, A* e ? ' ' . i r-k.n ?),? .real u m . ' - yid b ?* i ? t nmnui ' kb. i. to n- rve tr vat. performed the i.-nt wb?n the great . tcarear, d ? ned to down with tbe rt I * rat made the caee partio larly aggravating was, tie nor a very popular one m Ihimfrien? William a. t r % ( me- won Ihe varo*- In tbe tame way, of Ibe earn* pan ee last year ?od-to use a h-rm known to aw. ? - b ? Kb sanui m all IlAr A Fflff ?MP PUi r |?f' ? wr vmm* / k? . M-- wan b i d by them n the aan.e mahuer A row m-v d "i a we .? br.kkn.lhe n.anag-r cleared out w .. av .e,. when tbe boy, asnaU-1 by bin cum rwAiv x -d l' e mute and to-dt blm borne, al the . mbm ? rev ft h.g one of the cimut hands into ti -t ard rkw N th. INntemi n being nine I bk'iv . ue law. H.wre a Cuth.og btn.led over Ibe n.'ri la ned tbeir animil and wake.1 up tbit * .bIKkb lafari, . IS [k, r,| ta ard tbeir animtl and waawi up toi* Meet I., ft t ?hemaelvev '?u. ? r rather Infam .J?, b> a t rti il rwsnr I tn tt Tistev. Hai'y TWeprapa. and the HMbtw vf u*r isrgfil w*'* cirtulAiikHi in ib? kuiK v, Tie thaw h - ni-t, Metart H ?*>< N Cuthiug M?t. an w. ran be earned oo in at booorable a maimer ? u, .ibe*. and. wore bet their oqaaMrlaa career in tbe m .ill tl* AS L If ?p ftf i . urr . ?h>'. w 11 ? ?-'? wmm- .. - j- ? a i go. ? (Ttrr. and d .graev l by eeveral arU uui}? an lat.1 rablo.l w. . Id aoi pat tbia ndair on reoorl If ane. tea u?ng buk.wi ahrua i bare r<> aeif reepiet nor m WT * a al lhs.ll M."l a. I lllfr i hrl is n? t anwww n?i"w ? ?? ? - ? ?* oonro fee atwf rnimtnfioo i em* . u act an m I*4 i- tbr r c :i?fry ?? U?r tame tlm?* 4 ptai*# . _ ,-K.: Leer phrvi lu|ials Irem Broadway bare com i Mbvl a tear In the sir r lota, but J. hn Boll ta loo know I las a ?*? In hn ? a*M m so thallow n trap Tney htre tn i vd pv r pa ly to empty be. cues in tmatl pruv a ?M WMMk The game, sn a pneo of .lioertnl moon*- j Ma a Mfr. M T ^ 3kf *4 Wll TV, K?I K n. >v ra feel va tt Woeeefler hat just romo j tn ? it fi at .< at. git eg larger ret.iron and drawing B.V a . ev than -o try '. rm?r ?ora?.oo Tto *'? a barevvt tl tl e.wnuen, aoil favored with al ? <?1 p.atvrr .pled gtal wealbef The crop promt** to f "p ?*? Wfe* 4f4f444 ?>?t I'atU Cor i e?|i.>n<lenr r. I'**"', Pept. IS. I MO. la ./ I <-??* r- ty ft. I.' ?ri.'ir 44* j i Sr H\i T *f?Pa'ui ' etfjf Ha dm'Vii?IV War #V-er? fit tn: nm CkfAM /Ma i J^-ataa Jtl An a O .* Tkr v. i'*t ? ltd <imm th\i the r*pal f rcM have al ia ?? : ? aa Im?, and tkn< tfltr lb* mtui ?? ' tkr atiah ueta the m< toecarMa o( It ra ter # ? f ??- r t? ar tn-1 I ha i?m? fearful mtmcraa u m rtr faiui yrar (feseral C ildial croeeel into the ' afa I ? t? ? r< ? tk ? arf* P * moateee ?]D r?rai? u ??? t aa I ' beard of u. a outrage * from Tula we t ar Mat kfea K f haa re-* I Ike dnptUtloaa 'row tl.a Mara. - MtO t aibrte ea-l I bat at tfcelr eo.eltatioaa hia ?v? ' 4 tk. vd tod pr teetioa and thai ?a aae < rdetaa kia traoyk to tab* pi* mi of iboaa pro ? MW# \ <??? r Ml lelhM Meg to La t- v,p, ar following >ra ?Tea eat?-r ?*>? Warrheaaal l ?br t to restore er r-' - ilaadU'wa i flta p-'.Xe liberty be ??#**?# ta- r owe wiafcae t at, ks't ??>i |,. flgfct p>w aefw. ere a k t t, y t? ?? -ar aauap y lialau pro, .m-al ae r??a.a?a ?* (vaapan ?? M kw?gn aire tu -era I a are ? at e*-?f a-y ,? nee ikuaa te m>- or le at; a%taaii- /?- pe?r I ;an?i ar hatred fr-<m br-xu ?eg r aga eat Ike apffOM ?? \ >? are ? i lea h br yo-jr aae tee ???#? .* e*M to t nun u t vrai -a to ?law at- ?Mf*ra taa tore a oji I la aa eonatry to la ?ae Mr I-* ag at far a t: . im |- at Pnwera, aad MMi M ai kperaeMtee, I at'ott. *aae ? yoalioiial a ax 4 t m -rba>?a I <t e el ta?-;-?a- (Taa Ike een tea df 'taty I MM t ta reap-el tkr tnr-a- <4 la. r? ^ '' t*? t ft, ka ?k? : a-n a'a?-? raaly to ,-'ae it .a Ik 'ka a ?-? aid fi eadly r-we-i, a I :? a . ?t are at aa 1 a> ? '* at* 1 a ? e t ae> ?? Maa a ra-a k ee ?> -ta t?? fkMIMaai of tba ier ??ear-<w? b r-a-fitm aga.oal aty ? ita-f ly a-> 1 ta? barty ?#??. ia< ? ?a -I(Mae # ar^att oe l>?' ? bare ?a *4 r, tk> (?? ??, 1 -a at MaMi freer la Italr aa<? >1 MM ? n 1 ar'f# tfwm Ate -at a ?al <a?g t ? rarol t -? a* I ear Taa aitimti tkat t rt ? toaairl * m aaraagi, Ml tkat let ?< ,tf ? a. ? yr gr-aa. r r 1 /at a aad MkaM geaerai ag* aat tyra cy ar I ?opr??t't-oo uat mm m't * ? e rat Mm atoMoai aktM a am a a I ka at *aer ?aterraee IM .,14 mm m ipm eaa* < xr-an >*r takMe aad the v wee Mk-Miae#Of lata" agas M traaekaO a tk ?? a iea a? kaM v??? a I atd ika peep'e. mt ??' w i? lee p 1 a*ai artn ;>retert iua agkkMMe r ?g ir raetap v. a -aa Mil? ? tke BapNt Tapa era w fi a-t a Karapa 1 <M ?. ?? ?' ?"??? " * '' *? Mata Ml a . ?y gg? ka-r ? * -??*?? ? M* N aa .1 u aaaO, votUd at ay -e i# n ? M al "Maa* t. ?aa i?. ar 4e? raa ta Ika I/i?. ?oagee i . re af Veil twaee .4 ?4 g im k t* r*? ?e?. at ay Mat pariki|g fnena h at ic aa aet aba p.rk ? t a- f,? tkal alkerwae >,# y.tlMOl .i'Tiaegaaa, r?f-<a'a: ag MN ?? -aa.aM an Maaaef 1 Maa < re-, aa ?tpy?k Il> ?? ??"?% "r* ?a* afkeA, *? ?? ?? the ai ? .. aa ?# a fn** 1 I M- i ijMItf * i I w ,f? i yea *a m l'"*? '*??? *? ?#s* nWr . J a* f? ? i? ? ? I ? i?t \\b ta ? a# a# tW at * * fc.eaa* , Mb'J M4 II.f a * ? ?? " I <?*?n r#?i (|i j* iu>arh it if**; Va?.? ???:?*? ? u Mar . o r_'B i ttat tnaay a a ? tM Car* 4 ,?<!* Im, ] i'wi b ?*.! t.e . ?fe?fc ?? iiimm i ji ! era trad i*l '>f a!' part ? ? saps i- ?? ?-??* ..<a?oeca?*.| j Austria < *?? p it M* inmm>wi a ????? ?-t u> apile af the a a?c<, aataa- 4 Mi <? avu <m ? a f?r.. ata Ibitoad f ? ? * .: da t?ad n ?tm>| ate yi ibt *nJanger k?r g * 4 re'? uti'u n .? fhe fello* U( d a rr ?L.? I I ill tfc, ?ia frar-io? ic Ilia i apel 4>?l ii tit ? The u. ..tiii'i,'. o. *i at >'.?ars. aa4 Im.t baaflni C't.ieta draft t ttw u ops at I*M?I 4* aoo* ir? Tbia war ite tjaal f * a strapgta ? a 1 the darotea At Hunt feltro, I r aieo aa i aaa-ra* p ? *, tii oa^r rict.ooary <ta<id*rd w ra'*?d an..4* < rve tor u y a*. J V ctor Ebibcim-! The ctW of the rralta a rrtaat ?Mm nam. a larga la&Jc.aaer, aa4 the a?U?b)r? rpr-rled |t '.?? tea kaJi-a k? has Nt Jil timo pact *?ei i>-4 at B. ?aa elme he aaa cLat a dep'jiv a~. the kaal atacl* M Aa aaca aa Ida agttaelaa c nimeccd ,o be own ootatry ba tbo 4bt it fell duy to M ;n l, at I >? jimi- atal) Ua?u. i-4 alo Iba aiati ot the p ,?!?,*? ho, JI ft to x. ? u*.t?s, would perhaps bin '? f ro :?? it,, t auitatoot 1a >r ofvanrdar and do*, ah.oh but a i. r ty ,<>na WtM pmal . aibri* t>*a a'.t. ady fo..oa. 1 tkmmumfSk of the llArcii'a Tt. a i?o oa.D'.rtra .t- w> m m< r a tu ba boitrxl tegetlhir a nmraa ty af r. i r u* u4 ? f bo|^-. lh>: naurr-v.tiOB ft'aihr a Lrt ?li. i la- i at Ot vietn, arbleb .? at >i.iy atarjr?bort i ?t ???? friaa ih* Tuscan fr< ui *r f I'.eOrj. at Tb?|*. ? it* at< y bad txaa Us"d fi r Ih.? 14tn i t. !lu<i*r a ,??rett/t (!ar balfli Laa t*ot 'ounbr rn-ra t in* ??. !? ,-ta. rite | retla, who tatoraPjr i't'it t r? ??. ha'4 ria'ia tbat bit mlttivu w li tlf toraim. * at R- 'i ?? ?kd Vnuaa. He it dtl,rCi. I f -vn I rf b,n.-? < f ll.a ft ? .i.?. a '? b the kita; ioat of tl.o T*'i ~'i .. > ' ji a*; to 'u a that Object, wbleb, be mi>?, be (*iui J never to irimiJI tl Iba ai t laliou took plar* aaaMdlately, ft r all i.berty of a I ou would then he nIndicted to h rr In my nrvt I ?' a.I bave t.i et mj "jrlati uiormat ot to ooavty so do i t. Passe, Sept. Part: :kt of A roe?Political Gottipo/tht Da'j? The Ja'iin i -Lr <j< t-<?7'?< 0/<n:n# </ A' Greof /)min<i?Gartoahlt \<A to bf C't*ci>n4Unl?fl'f . wil ta (An /Vnds, ?fc , rf 1 will rot imitate a habit of ccrtu u cirregp indents from our ride the At'anttc. which seems to be received with mor< Indulgence than 1 should hs\e anticipated no youis, sl:1 pretend to give you intelligence from Naples, end even Syria, provided by special messengers su<l despatch'* for my own peculiar use. Where all are '? straining on the et.irt"?where governments are wstch '.eg wUh i.uspoaltable eagerness each shade of a shadow of Uie turn of events, and calling Into evrclee the cost liest machinery at tbtlr disposal, be Is a bold American cornspocdcnt who " keeps bis letter open till the last moment," In order tbst be may give the I'ntled States the bcnellt of h s own special despatch from Palermo, Naples and Be) rout. Ixtters of tb.s kind unfortunately retrace their way back again to Europe,and It is amusing tcmetimts to read the ingenious transposition of Ibe words of a despatch that, In Its authenticity, mutt have found its way to America In the ordinary course, and to see broad statements of the looeest reports, which expe rleiice hs flatly contradicted, put forward ss secret .n. formation rr vstely communicated from an Intimate | Iritnd of the Fog I nit Premier, tea, clenched wtlD Ibe j ftrcrg :b unction '? to put that la your pipe and rem.m i ber It was 1 who gave It you." Living at Paris, the great ptgot on wb-oh the moat eg cilirg events of the day revolve, and among peraoos who, while tbey receive ibe earlte-1 information, are able to form a shrewd gue#? at tbe direction which aflairs are likely to tako. a correspondent, without Indulging In thee playfnl fancies, may ba very useful to a dialaat pub'ic ia mparticg poltlietl goaaip, which, while it does not travel upon sources of laiormation patent u> all, ta I often of a nature to show the future tacltcstl >n of events, j It is rot required of him that coursers, with panl'ng ti-lea acd breathk i horsemen, should throng his doorway m his b i rl'-d goose <,utll darkeos his hssty sheet, nor that the electric wire should do that for him which deepols eannct command The distance, tba still Imperfect )ioetal iv-mmun cation outstripped even at tbe last mo ment oy urh leii graphic agency as the>, regard less of all coat, secures at tbe last European point of land, dispenses with all such l.owy qualifications. and b.Ja us enact an humbler bat, perhaps, hardly Irtw Important roU. We live m times when speculations on the future makes I one almmt dtr7y. The King of Naples, to accordance with wliat terg since 1 was able to tell you was tbe gen I era! anticipation beie, has gone out of the back door of i Naples while Garlbal-ll has entered It at the front. In | fact, there was only sn interval of six hours between the two events, ;ind I see tbst the Mian' ur at this morning srnouncri that, In presence of exlktiog affaire at Naples, the Emperor baa withdrawn Lis Minister from Turin, icar.i g only a Charge d'Afialres. Of course thU refers to tbe bold itep tuken by the Pledmontese la following up events at Naples and crossing the frontier. The ?eml Cni' iffionweJ had whispered *<>m* gentle monitory ac cents, and. for the sake of conalatancy, the Emperor withdrew b > Molster, but no on# lor a moment supposes here that Victor Emaiuel la or has been dciog anything hut such as a previous programme?perbupa not graven In marble?perfectly Justified It la thought that the revolt of tbe town of Foesombrone, and its summary sup) res son by the troops, rather b*at*o"d Uea-ral Ctaidial'a (tbe Sardinian i-caeral) movements Oj the I art of I rauce an .mportanl reialorcemeut u? the Koinaa garr son has been despatched, as you will see. sad In every reepect the plot mey be le.d to thicken A tigutfirunt featjre in tbe opening of the drama ta a letter appear* lh>s moralng la the ail but ofiHIal r- .'-'ulo ime/, giving an account of events at Naples, and total'y opposed to the enlh'ieiaatic narrative* fur nished to the I on Jon lOnrnaia AceorJiog to this, nothing eould peesibly l-e more tame and nolselevs. more entirely neenth isiastic, tl-an tbe reception of the two great events which at Iht* moment are egllatlog all Europe tolls centre. Tbe King went out aad lbs Delator came .a? er tin tot (?nothing oould be so little Imposing Whether It was that the Llbtretor waa earlier tba a waa es pec ted. and that tbe tnd.flerence which accompanied the roya' tsit r .og lie shadow oa It* ea1llype,b?t,aecnrdleg to the Nrapi I tan correspondent, not the tUgbtrat etc item- ut pre vailed. Ye*, there waa some, tor when the tint | |?vie was p ante J n the fort, sal a aalvo of artillery ac I m m|?nied the oer.-m-ay. tbe normal characteristic of the j V ipo'itans, fear, se sed them la full foroe, and every c> e scudded to his bouse We are told that all ths diplomat:} sgeais, except those of Fig land and France acim pan led tie K rg to Gaeta, and that M. Hornier, while remaining simply as a private Individual, expressed a hope ta tha praviamaal authorities that be should not be prevented (rem " walking about '* Now it la Imp ws.ble to belp soap-cling that a damn og tar ratios of tht* ktad is either the result of a Jaaedteed mind or baa been written ta order. If tbe laat surmise be correct, wbat Is the motive' Is It now that 11* royal mpedimeet to ulterior events Is fairly ramorud, to blet that other pretenders may be at least as acy-apubis to the Neepol.tart as Victor Emanuel I* tbe e'oven foot of dysttlic asplrstmue pocpng out' We have, infect, a most inter it..ble man. who holds tbe destintee of the e rid in b ? heads, aud It is worse than melea* to indulge In specu'atlaa. II Gar bald! ia oot stopped by Victor Fa>anuel,th? geea ral opinion la that be will manfully play out tbe game of Orser t ; ftullat. Friends of h*, who thoroughly i-aderilanJ bis character, say that he will boldly argue it at the n stioo h? has undertaken * aot to be mtmsured by ofd i.ary tves ttnlllles, and that there la ooth ng. unJer b>s peculiar circumstances. mire unpwaiblc in Rome and teas tie than >n Hetty and Nnj lea "1 hare a host heb nd, be has been heard to ssr, " more form I Jable than tsn thousand ri led < anoon What is the govt el fort.Wlti us when the garrieon is against lis own g r ? A notion is gainisg ground that France will r cset tbc t'opt s withdrawal to Avignon, n presence of the d ?' rnltlts that sn- -vnpaa h m I'opm have, ere this, a critics - irvciratancr*. taken to their beds aed " slowly get " V hat f th-? t?wr old Father of the Church should fled tb? world l<v> much for him to fire place to another sneci es-r o? ? ErU-t Ws know there a s Sons parte b? *| n* to the Parred College. and why shonl I not h? and tbc I'spacy together take t p a permanent abode at Av gn- u The I peror haa j-rst brea to visit the pa see. acd seems pertoctly eon tent with :t ?t'-uld ml be doisg 'usth-e to my vocation. ss your Im jurt at *orr?rjs<adrat, did I not notice oome sympt <ms of a r? oetionaty sent meat ia favor of the rejected Neapoli tan King - rri hta proclsmatlon. wherein sre the w ords ' a war. h?>th nt ust aod roatrary to the law of eitlocs, ha* slta' k l ray r"tates, although I waa at peaoc at the t me with ail the l'nwert of gurope.' bee been d saemi aated. it * furtota to hear of mtny deelaitcrs against Keapelltaa taraaay being suddenly roavtoeed of tbe truth of th-.e 1 r. l.wt It is tree, ttawyr say. that tbe government of FVrdtnaaJ II was ah oaisaMe. bat when one r>mas to S.wak tf It. we do DW ?e? what argument RTeetshiiah'*! lb s underhand .nra* n of La roa's The _.e_uf r., "r.s ;s as the ;sw of i^d. Ihtl f#. move yc ,r nc gb^trs' iaadmarks. A- ynw lh,f s atrs. pr-eer ? n, ovt. nnily from tb, leviimtftt. ts* rT r sly sa ? fh.e- boeJhyaeeru sel.guetrf frmstwilni. strvsgfy kwa eoeg with the hope, of I-uc, n MuJm sod may or mar not be couateoanoed by the Oourt to? Will hare seen the report, subsequent y coutratlet ed by lb. M. Ill(0 ytogf, ,a sllmoce h?j bc-n made be w?B Austria and Iruss a. the ob ect of wh -?h eras ?. p-event any (Isrtber aggrandlsemaut of t|w ??!??* of I ranee Now. Wrlhotrl ^-eter TgTu b. \uc tbTwlta.0!^ *? bmin that Vmbaseiea is that though the jf.-7-w'i i \ !r * 'T true in denying tbe P.p>n ,r-? i k; !W \ ird, yH, mortltf. ib? f?vt tmii I s ' gtit ' "Uiag of the kind haa basa stgrc-t, b t bat si t*a<-jt'atu aiMumlM ""tj ' 'i ?' '""i. f". tnoea'ry, the art named m.r llijL ! "tbiag of the kind tea basa stgrej, i, p ; j,,. # W-Jg ars UN John RuanUY nm, a y jm Mas mi?? to the M Qsbinets of Acttria Md ~m. ?. i the v eJ viiiw are re?o \ l ? ;h a verbal standing wlii bo brought ?? t . mmi?. The progress of the Hmpnior at ;nw. bens trale oy him, is tpo'-.aa of a a r i l e 3 *r ay ->a tia port, of the P?"I ?r il bar* it M Majesty and his people st ? . s . ... tan. By the way. whtM I think of it, I nr.ay a w?: a aim that u.e IM tr corrects a verba: laai i eur? y l ike Emperor's rprecb wuen st Marseilles la 1 ite?<i 'i tk? >e om {halts of another age, bis llolesty la. i iW< i ? Jmus vaioa'S ol another age, "lu f\nuUi ji? !?*? i'' V< tfawrur of this morning has a long letter from lb a, la wt ch t d sua upon the perfect accord between Ik* t'res'h Ml ' it. that distant ,carter of j t*? w?r d,ud tbrn to a erntence which looks very Use as t*ri- ki. o, adds ?"Ihus, while the world Is full of J is- . e.toitar nt?r?st of the two greatest nations in , ttoa wie.J, they are here prtu t.oal.y exhibiting an aimoet tiSSni'ldsotod icwir tw and ty." The aorunnts of the i Ytn. h n Pyria are ?tmewbal H4*1 "It >s extrs-rdnary, .1 ? Hid, "the dNSdSS h i* eed by the Mshomedans of the French, netwith kitj ng Ihe.r bravadoes in pr?a*n-e of toe Ctrie tsate They hare en -lea that tbe French only want an ?ppMfcaaUy to bortt isto tbe.r har- Tj and ~?rry ot tce'.r w.res nd da< . btera No; S U'tiki-- .* altowsd by thetc to a-t* ar lt> lbs bu. .ar?, or : t leave her to ;se on any pra te.* atafirr Tbey here (Ten ?? c? so far n their pas su: t.. as to n'Skr stioog doors c rssee 1 with 'roc st tbe ? i ti. lo> u? some n tbe email lar <s lesd.rig to their quar t r i ? a a v. -rd to tar-cads iheinse.res or rather their a .rlota i atm-r of tbe ee atge of 1 ranee :? gives, by whK-h.* lb* f rat republic, it ppeare that tic ni i. r-.r Sapoie-1 i '-ar!y -lobbied the amount mjiM by !. j fb- |.fH> ? atmettlng .ess than naif his reign; h.s am eat j 7*7 ?to.ilu irmms. utile louis Ph iippe e, tfce argot -iher* e?. o the catalog e, is 1,117J,86113d Isaacs Tbe Bi t?e i terr y Tbe unccrta n state o' af a . r<?a i, i li m events n Italy a r. ch- uk to ai! specn. 1st us Tbetbrr?p?r etis y-'tertlay were at fl9f.60c., a cr pe l| thas tbey bare recently touched. U?r Kertln I arraapondciiee. Br. mux, Sapt. 12, ??00. GanTuMt'i 8 - u*e^-TV;r In it* Cyon thr Public MinJ </ Pr ita?fi Pr-'inj /?''?.1? .'.yj'siu end Rut tia?T'>? i^vUianuf /alien Vnuj .'pproscMnf fit Solu lun?J'nnt ci :Vr llf \m /.Vur?<?in Au.;:, ian #V v4:? WerUk* Frtj-r re. . its, 4 . iCe. Wh.le tte I'rataiana are play .rig at foldlcr*, and the Pr oca Kcfct 'I erpr?e 'rg bis *atl?fact on with the be havior of h;r troop# and tbe.r commander* at tbe "grand mar" uvrea," events In Italy arc programing a', a rate which threatens to ?"j-eracde tbrae mimic foot# by tbe stem reaiitiea of actual warfare. Tbe brilliant tuc:caac? ol Garlbaill, th- dowofhll of tbe Noepolttan B-jarbona, and tbe lamtrrect.oiis break ng out e'muilaueously n ver oua parte of tbe Papal te-rt!"ry, eeem to protnine the veied quuatioaof Italian un.iy a more rapid aoiutloo than was anMcpa|e(l,aiid to bring tbe proepect of an attack upon Yenet.a, tk a crow ting ex plo'.t ol tL# great tlllbustdr, within the compaT of a lew wcekt, poesbly of a few day*. The Austrian* bare taken th" alarm, and are pr"par.rg to de fend tbe rail,* of the r dontin on In tbe per cauls to the laet extremity; braidec tbe army c.1 occ pat loo that haa ber-n itatioaed there ainoe the truce of YUlafraoca, four en t. re corps bar a been mobilized, tbe ra.iwiya arc en cumbered wilb toe transport of art ilery and m mitlona of war, and to secure the do btfu! el og'.aooe of tbe H in garl.ina in thie ? aerinry, tbe moat e\ten?lTO con .usee : vr.a bare been ohered thorn be the Imperial government. The reonncillat on of Austria and Ralt i, so often ar - nounced and aa often coutrad.cud. ..ppeera a. erjtb to bave bean a fm a -mip'i. and a coalition between the tbree Feetern Powers, the i asen of which were agreed on atToplltz. la about to be r.gned and sealed at Waraaw. F .rope ia evidently on tbe ere of a glgar.t'c (trufgls, In which the ( divine r gbt and the sovereignly of the rope will once more be opposed to ea ib other, and whirl: mu-t decide the fate of the Continent for the next Far, altbo cgh Lot le Napoleon orlecaibiy de clines all reipcua.b.ltty for tbeSLtt or the Italian pair' its, although he pmPaace to JuapproTC ol the cond ;t ol fir d.nla in the initiative aga nal Auitr a, the force of circumttaucc-a ultimately c> repel him to eep-i mo a cause which if. In reality, .dent.bed with h.a own. It cannot ecape the cbaervatioo of no acute a politicise U at in its laat reaultn a roe. tion formed for tbe mu.nt-.aac of Austria's rule In Italy is rmrtittaily dire ted aga'nat blmf-lf A despot at home, be la tbe catu" rel r< irrek^nlat ve and champion of tbe revo l> lien abroad, and If it la put do vo by an allance of legit.male monarch! la Italy, tbe Unure by by which be bo'da his owe throne v...l be nerloca y me tacrd A* long aa he continued on lerma of decent rtendal.lp with Fruaala. and or apparent Intimacy with be Czar, be could altera to alnk Uie character of war at iu lu that of the colleague and associate of kings; hut now ihat both lh?ue I'nw-m have gotie orer to tbe eneruy. he will have no b it to fall ba k on bin orig oal poal "ion. acd to Invoke toe assistance o. ibe revolutionary spirit that exists In Hungary, in FoJand and ever u Germany. H *re In rruwla, the critical aspect of ad airs great anxiety and d serrangeiiient. Ysalerdayslier* wan another pan.c on the Bourne, which chiefly sheeted Austrian lands, hut extended t? and oib?r wrurltiee. Notwlthvtaading the liatre I foil egaioat Ionia Kanoieue. a war with France would be ? xtrrnicly unpopular. eapecially If undertaken In con en: tier, with A atria and Russia Such a league re-'slis t ? forcibly the tra iitiocs of the Holy Alliance to be Mew-d without unrastbtas. and although the orfias of goveinmett k?cp rrpcattrg u/qw ad na-wau, that fir 'roan having an oat.ward fleet upon the internal p ' cy of rruaala. the < xampls of this country would aovve to urge Austria forwa'd in ibe pelh of reform which she baa >*l ? uterid upon The Ml p^ e very 1 Itle 'a th In aueb aaacrancea, being aware from ? ?r witi a connection between Austria and I'r :aa'a lr va-lnoly tend* lo nrfaae the m' leare of tbe turner end to dtirtn.eb that of tbe latter And*, the pregt't ef reform In J*r .asa bemlf haa not brea ao wonderfully great aa to .uat.fy 1 e? In r?t ting up Ibr a modal to other nations and lr the t.rmotl of war It le very likely to be etopprl altogeth-r, or to assume a retrograde dirrcl.oe Aires ly tbe r*?rgar ?? lioe of tbe army by v rtueily elim.oat ng tbe .'a. <fw ' ? popu'ar -lewo-nt, has introduced a pr.srip'- enfar .rxbte to the maiaUnaoce of elvii liberty, tbe aoidler la rr .re and more separated frcm the cltlren and let gbI U> c n aider blaeeii a aupenor, .ely a ?ooi.ntacle to his military ci.raf. and not to tbe lewa of tbe oocalry Tbe crnarquenci* ere sppareul in the eicieeie oomrr.'t cd by the inldiery IB various parte of lbs k'ngdo r. and whicb. tbougb not without pi .-cedent under Uue prev.ou* *>?t- m. bave even brcome of elm<ot dally oe-urve*oe. At 1 aster burg a troop or li ilana made a regular attack 00 a village, and took it by storm, in tVeotphal a a alm.lar eoeue was reacted, with the exnepi ao I bet tbe liiLabtuate armra thrmaelvre with rail* aa 1 p.trhf. r?u, at d finally drove off the eaeaiiauiU, w lib no larva*.,We bl* W re in wounded and prisoeeti at ? c re was a ff hi In tie strreta between tbe garrleoa and the towns leople, after which the OmmerUan! 4e pfoc , Co. Gor doe uturd an order >4 the .lay. ord?rlas h a "iee t r cut dowa any tnr that laaultrd them, and to rumab three that showed themselves ram.m in do as 1 bare not beard that the gallant co' .oel his bet rspr mno lrd. and II must be>.vse.l, thcr-roee. ihat bis conduct la approved of by hla s:?a riora l"rople rrmimber. Lowcve*. tl at a kindred spirit wa* manl'ettrd by tbe rrnaalsn i " -*ra and sold era pr# vtoria to U-r battle of Ject, and are by ao means ? .re that IIic intrepidity rxblbltei by Ibeoe tiaroaa aga.cst peac si. . . I araa i* a guarantee for tbe r ? :r w? . . na arraet enemy. Tbe Frizes Hrgrrt left town for ^trel 1/ early this morning to attend at the f literal of h.e uheie, the Grand In kr of Merkienburg. who died on the ?th kataar. la the nzhty acrend year oi his ag' The .1 ceaasd Gra-.d Hake was the ol lset sovereign In Germany, having rei. oel ap wards of forty four rears Ha was bnthar It tbe late rjueea U>u .se ot Pr tie .a, whuea htemnry .a atitl c her .shad b> her vublrrts, ard nephew to Queen Charlotte of Fog lard, otherwise called "Old Snuffy," the w fe of George III and grandmother nf i>aees Tctvrta Although la h's younger days be had him ?e.f by abol eh'ng the laet remuaatt of v.lloaage n Beck iinburg, be had aiace the rrvnlattoa ef 1S4h dttptayed the mvel nrrompront'tlBg bsttiiity to , beral, and nowhere in a l Germany tad the spirit of rahct.oa bssa carried to (ucb an erw ut as tu h i dimiaat.ra |iinm as The old rataus, mmpoeed exnluively of theoobil.ty. w lb a few delegates ol Ibccitiea, were real, red, the peasant'? again aubieeted io the jurmdlctHia of their Hgv..j corporal puaimhmWt reiatroduced, the press mi jriad in abort, a r<.irate wa* ralabllabed which, though hot (o cruel aa that of King IV mha and the Iteetor of Ilaghe darnel? l*rt,ape because It met with leas oppoatlloc?was nu te aa lawless and drapvtie in Its ? hsractar. Tbouaao<1* at the inhabitants 'migrated to *?ek tieyoad the Al.aat u a refige from tbe annoyance of Uiewe petty tyranti the remainder suflrrei in ailneee, with the ?tn< .1 res gaitim peenliar to lt>e German race A happier pr. <p?wt is do* . prnrd lo these victims "f oppress vu the eidaat ao? and auccr eorrd' the late Grand Ps ell blind, but It la boprd, notwithstanding, that be wIII show mire mental perspicacity than his father, and replace the medi. ral avw irm coder wbl-th hla aubjecu hare ao kmg groaneI by catNrrtlan mora la actor laace with the spir tof the age and the dictate* of common sense H<- ? mornod tr aa Fr glut. Princes*, a smer of the Duke of Caaibr Ige who la aald to twrne** considerable tafnenr* near he- buaband and by whom lie haaaa only son and be r The k use M> kienbcrg la on* of the moot anc eat ib Germsr.y ibey ?re the deecehdanla of a tlciavoa ichiefU n who ?o* voa quered and ccarerted to Cbrislianiiy by Hurry tbe I o? and are the only family of pure Sclavonic origin mat atilf X lie tmosg tbe reigning dycaatlea of Europe. Our l lortair iorreipaademi, Fiona*, a, Sept It. 1MI I'ret ptci /ee ao Foiled flofy? KnUkuHa-n </ !\* TfjU? Ptliry <f Fh.f ee f'mtiu I aid G' -. 'ii'di?' 0.1, v of lie /"ope- T%' /VigorJar Ct rrmf Starspfop oil fl/ere Jt?Ti* OvtfiwtUal Poenrn *1 ;V t *rpg </ War, rfe , <fc. We are tha near wltnewaea of great areata. A procan rira is at tbld momeot paaaing before our eyra. w th ?rlon sad objects so heroic and aobie as to win oar la tereat sod our applause l? !? ? *p*ctaal? at oaos loyful and aotemi; M la that of a people which tea been cast down tor centnrldd, uaddr tha humiliation nf a foreign

rale, rtdtsg from ltd loaf *!wr.berf, tt t raldom dad da. cay. takiag oaca mora Into its own hands tha control of its dratinea, and mov ng oa to asnm* a plaod aaroag living aatioa* Tha tympath ?a of .nil s*rai m rda am ?nh tha Its-las pd?f *. Is# profrasr it,* Pi-f ca re wJ^ be wnt:r.ed w.ia Increased .surest and its success: J ocas. inat.oB, M ? moment now perhas lotvsry rs mcie will be bailed Wilt general , jr. K have u. t ycl rece! end full partifuiars of 1 ?'e entry .nto the city of N'apl**, ard thss'.yieof reception accorded to blio, b ft we know well enough what It was telor" we r 4d tbe ettended a joontn. Inat ovurgro *o and t rb?cnt capital tu exchanged a chief?the meat abaci idftlftfcxlb.e and creel which can be traxed .a the school of '?epotinm?for one amice tbe most geteroos and hero : which thia age hai produced. Gar.bu'd!, as soon as he hae red .ced to organization, under h-a own | better tystem, the conf .ted material! wtieb bare tame I into l b banda, will be at liberty to more towards the AbrJi 1 to effect a vision with tbe army of Piedmont, new boil ng out 'ta band to bim, acroan the narrow reck of Tap*! territory rear tbe Adriatic sea. Thia junction, which ;i '.he pc.icy of Piedmont, once eilected. it may be coca.dcred that tbe convueat of tbe Roxan Tower will be more nan half achieved. The door of Aneona?the meet important for Auatr a? as an entrance into Italy, alter Vtn oe. will be closed or in the keeping if tbe Italians. It will be diflicalt for Austria, despite the ecUbiiabed doctr ro cf non-intervention, to keep out "f the struggle for the pctarfs.oD of I'mbrla and the Marches, which is now impending. *ce is now Introducing her eoidiera in ttio isacd* lu> the sir..' i towns along the coast, north of Anccaa. "hat sort oi a stand Francis iI. will be able to make in bis position of Gacia, we shall, undoubtedly, n a few day6 see. The friends of Austria and toe old order ol Ibices, in Ticw .f the course a"airs are taking, are nearly over who mod with m.ngled ind gnatieo and despair. Tne Co iini gnaw their tails In their rage, but they are impo tent form'scbicf. The day of ?overeat ifal for the mill tery b erur-by of Rome bae come at length, and its powers of cord.need resistance to reasonable progress and tem perate reform are about to be put to a final lest. The pi bile opinion of tho world has beet brought to bear w tb all its force upon the Court of Homo, to influence it, .1 ; of blc, to yield to the me lerate demands of tbe Italian people. The journalism of tb.a port.on of the country freed frcm detpolic rule, and where it has grown into energetic and vigorous lite, has exercised all its power to influence the Taracy to adopt a liberal policy, to reno nee fore gc ail vane es and embrace the national cause. Bet ail tb's tllort, p it forth with "so much zeal an i sincerity, wt.le it has had its due effect to influence and win over tbe Italian people, iiaa made no mpreea.on upon Rome. N' itber to entreaty frcm its own people, nor to pressure from without, has it y elded, or will if yield, a sn gle one ol the much needed changes. It has preferred to rely up<ui force raiher than moral influences, lor Its seenrity and the prcscrvat.on of its power and now that al! other mtana have failed, it is about to be confronted by those as toes who have striven t? be its friends, and armed with military weapons, since rich arc the weapons which the prelacy electa to nte. It .a h.ghly probable that within forty el(bt hours Rome and the Ite'iin king-Vm v:iil be in a state of war. The gr'-at camp which hae been forming for the past ten days, 1) ilwem Arexaoand Rlmln1, has already ewriled to a force of cons durable magnitude, and It la said that .t will be carried up to 70 000 men. When this ..rmy takes the field It will be under the totnmsnd of the King. The time end tbe direction of Its movements will be governed by the reply given to the note said to h?v ? been addressed by Count "favour to Antonelll, tbe Cardinal Secretary of .<>ate. If Ibe nature if U.ia cote ie what is reported, tbe First V!mister of \ ictor Rmannel has exhibited bis cha racter .etic boldness. The Oount aaks nothing less from the Roman authority than that tbe mercenary forces which Inmorlcieie has gathered shall be at once dismiss ed, or much reduced, on the pUa that rucb an army a a rtaiid.ig menace to the peace and good l?ik>w?bp of the or gtborng provinces. If the rerju?*t not witn. th" Riedmonteec troops will at ooce occury the lurches and I mbria. Meanwhile, half a dozen or more towns just over the border have dec.ered thc.r indppenrter.oe ,,f p m*. and have sent deputations to the King, b.m to a oept thi.r allcgiaiicc and give tuem protection. L rhino? glorious ae the plios which birth to the greafeet pilnter of the world?hae b^en Srst amocg tbe rovoltcd towns, ttd Risano, Rrrgoia, Moctetcltro ami other plana bare loliowed. I.tmorlcicra has his eoidlers alroady .n motion, fur the purpose of reilncing tbem to subject on. The Ricdmontefe soldlere stai >ned in tbe neighboring valleys will not look on and ??.? the atrocities of Rereg .a repeated without f y >ng to the tuccor of their distressed brother*. All. not too much tarr ed away with entbui.aam. con templalicg tbe brilliant aucorasew>r tbe patrlotca .se,, an conauntly foroed to ask the quMtion, la this good work to t a.lowed to go on to its deeded and leg,t.mate 'id- Many a bit;b .1 baa cnoounWred, and many others, nit to he avo.Jed, it must experience. Uul la no vioieol, j i ? 1.1 .oca u.oc* to r< me from ah roan as will saw ilia, there are so many Jealousies existing, so many selfish mererts to be icrveJ, and ao many bad sou m ach avb-oa pasa.ona In play, that the cause is ex posed to all aorta of damage. Italy also baa her Ucl.ons, ai d even at a lime wbm the of tbe country, for pcrbtpa a l<-Bg future jire being aba;>ed, and principles < f polities i u|e estab tbed, which will bare a vital la ; jin.c )| r the welfare f tho peo, .<? fnr lensiat ns there are iboee who strive with ail their might t > binder or oounlbi cd th" counsels and the plans of the wisest mm ami tbe lr.<*S patr.ote of tbe country. Hard y a Midler of tbe regular army now remalcs in Florence. The city Is in the Sanaa of tbe Municipal or National < uar I; a part < f wbt:b, In Tuscany, a* in tbe otbir provinces, may ye; be mobilized, if it should be den. j.Led by say new agencies. Oar (.men Corrctpoailtact. oav?u, Sept. n, i<*o. (??ami IIIi mi infiem at (.' nan fn //jnor nf Gertbc.M'i t'i trim ? i'ta Sa+lm Im mphal Mar k fi>im Hnoyta to .V.,1 ?_ ?<Aw?ta?m rf 'V I'tnpU? T\< Atfil't&e ef Axu frm?7* /'.ijagr of th? CurCc <j Mom* C< uto, rfc . A tbe harbor waa gay with Cagt, ail lut night 'be city iu LrU'eat with thouanade of ligbte. tinr.beidl A in Xapiee. On the Tib mat. the King oparted to' acta, u Uerihnld: entered tbe city. Be wan m tbe wilderl eotbae'ean. Re ben taker poonmloc of the go vernment, and now ie ityled ''Dictator of tbe Two Sic! lien." The Neapolitan i.eet be bat giver In charge to AJmlral Prrtaco, of tbe fard.niae navy. H e bullet m ?re hmded '-I n.ted Italy and Victor Emac el." Tbe late King i farewell to hie people epreara in tbe name paper ?itb Oarlbaldt i trot bulletin. Tbe march from Reggie to Niptei hoi beer one of tri umph Cltlea opened to bin their gatee, and eppaaing arm'ee. down tbe colore or their kingdom. ruined to Join hie rank* And Naplaa ltaelf. the city of the Bour bon, it bM approach, poured oat to meet him. tad he wea eecorud in by two buadred aad fifty thociaad people, abo ?h atcd "Vtva (lanbaldi, viva Italia I'na, Tlva V.t torio Ewanaele." It tow men ce lo reorganize Ibe government and con t ltdate and confirm tbe victor tea Annexation will now take plaw i?? Tbua far good: bet H er ? will be ootn pi cat on* and difficultwe yet. Thiagn have beea drifting tnneoll>e:<n between tbe troope of Victor i ieanuel and tboee o' the Pontifical Siatea far aome tea daye The paper of Turin announoee that bvdny the fnrdmiao tr.ope will mar :b Into the Platee of tbe Church. I lappeee tb e thing will be done with n perfect under rtan<l:ag with France. If not there will be trouble, and Anatrm baa threatened, it the Neapolitan k.ngdom on Ibe mt.afaad be Invaded by Oar bald I, abo weald at once march through the Romogna to the aa*'.otaoce of .Seple*. Vow Nappe la la poeorrelon of tier'bold I, will Austria march to defend tbe Papal Matea, or w I ebo await Oarl held' at Van we * From ail nccc.unia the win not have to wait long More the end of out am a tbe cam pa ga to liberate Teniae may be uadertoken, and tbe new year j cper upre an united kingdom of Ita.y * A I ttle ft tecde will ebow tbe run mod rtate of mrn'a wadi beer About two w?k< er\ tbe eteemrr Orwell, bekwgieg to no log.ieh company, woe about proooadiag tc Meeetae le be oold eat detrecrd lo iter'bold I fbe evee'ng before ebe wne to bare tailed, wt at tbe c?ptala wo* oil there, ? -me Oar I bald one who bod token peeaiga for Beeeina aboard put tbe craw la tront, cempeAed tbe rrgmrer to r?We ebam, aad weat out of the harbor TV- fourth or fifth day net. they got ebart of prortat me TVy tended el IV Mined or Hoete Omto eeievrefe-d by Turner, now principally owned by aa r-gf-b genua n en by the aemeef Ibylov, rabbet hiehouee end gr < nd? nf everything eatable, ? lied hie eaAle aad waatoely de ?trryrd wba they coo d n<4 take away I met week, the Engl lob fee. hating beee a ' - aed a' the elf' iwetdMoe. the iJrweil wea le?re \ mmwe of by thrm in Mr II we wot em, eed the tlb-eterv w it be pretty ept to receive ened go puefbmeet at tbe hende of fnbe Bali I tears tbear fbcw from an I ag'nh pa meager on tbanrwaB wbe mod# bW rarape from the etoamor at M--v te ? "r 1a*? Br my? that twa llal one. PaleMi and da tftiibrln'. wvre tbe rmghmdem the. ? hey refuted nay focd to the pnaaraaera oat be.?ag e< to tbe r nartr, i t er*v ibat, cat robbed tbem of their money aed atothae h waa thcigl t that the ohwrt at theae omw la making tbe owp of the enptere ef the OrweP woe to go to Xapiee ? lid cot oat aad capture a Neayni too frigate hut M deee ret ? iTear that thoy mode any attempt ?< the kind It te to be Vfed thai J?ba BoB wilt haag them oa tuey freer re le prevent any feinrv alien pt dmgrnoef^ to is# giorl ma eaaae i f llal Wo freedom by Wrannv'rg adwe tore re 1 wee .hd'ghied to dey to reeo're tbe Hanii* f tbe g?ik if Aug at thirteen darn from Wea Vara le^ea ? j ?a feat travelling. (Jar < ematamtlmwple rerveepam?tem<e, Onwonwowertfi. bej t 1, IMS K '<r-m> <? 'k' * yeJ II aa W4.1?fit hfariai tMtwmt - Jf oW'Ml fWtdt fbwipe?Adfedr* ta Ipt"-!*' fooii ta '.oeer aaenf Bwm'P-e it) f eper Cm <w y. A: Tbe idtomee government a natively carry ng tut te new plana 4 rig .eeee aed pn vrattee The * .Mae g vee bid mmc ee to oil the meeo.roe prepwed by thr Ptprotne ( mcc.I ef flat* aad, It te end, beevomd it aeveral timce nccgr to Indeed, bid Impor t' Mieotyr-me ta hev# nwaktt.od up r m a eag lethaeg ; apefl at baram l.feto the etrra maliltea rt b-e poo l ea aad grant hoped me be'og entertained ef ha c water ee e eu m .e te adexrat oaten I e wom?i are gite i ^ega r. and abhor tbe wry rate# at Donee eed Ifeea tn The en peteen ef the raynl betgnhu d tare Mn rt .eept a the* miam-m all ea.ra t'.rvu.ia have Mb put slide cm rsaali i-tc*.una until tetter ? m*# and tte j-a show of ArnbaL* and ev.gnchg tu ajnoat <1 sappeared. Tbe latter team jbj fe0| tLa*. tnrbr ocrjptiMD A L*' J I1 rA in tine, iLe S_. lao !e titling ID ex'.cileut (lump .< m frugality and economy, which it conformed to t>7 ? j1 cf L.i in.n.etert led public f-act onarite. There m a , hotter .i* among the teen of the capital cow it. i. turn been ib? one for a cert cry. Private dirsec | ( LWiivWtu. le, aod several persona, against I whom tte re baa been an n-m amongst tbe | m.i.Aters, have been placed in ttatloea of importance ana reaped,btitt'y. Tbe fain.Iy of '.be lata illus trious t talesman of thia occetry, r.*d*ctld Pacta,and that of Uustapha Tacba, of Ite Island of Candle, bolt very wealthy, her* been taken agn.D into favor. Tbe eldest ton of tbe latter, Yely I'acha, formerly ambaaaador to Paru, baa been c?imd Gcrercor General of Adrlanople. Ail of tbe troops about tbe capita!, am runt.Eg to aome oO.CuO, are kept constantly under drill, and tbua out of mAcb.ef. Nutmeg is beard bu tbe sound cf the dr'ra and tbe daily d.scharge of blank cartridges. Tbe Minis ter of War, li.aa I'acha, a a an of ^onr dershle military aJu nAtratlve ijunllflcaUoae, la ?:p early and late 'n the decbarge or bis duties. lie i* tbe saltans favorite, and baa more inCutnce with b.m tbaa any other ] Arson, from the fact that be twice hi ed b a lifts, i ?. ,once when tbe late Sultan, Mabmoud II , m a fit of soger and mtoxicn t oo, ordered b.m.bia son, to be dreamed in a garden reservoir, from which Riza facta, men R./.a Bey and a ctamberlaln cf tbe palace, w.tbdrew Urn is lime to pre vent drowning; and secondly, when a year or so ago he discovered toe conspiracy wb.;b bad been formed again*I tbe Saltan by some officers of tbe army. Troops are tlill being eent down to Syria, where some Id,000 are sow stat.ooeil. There era 20.CC0 at Bcyronl and C.OOO at Aleppo. Kuad I'acba tuct.nue* to send new* of bis active operations in Syria, wbere, by tbe latest accounts, be had already arrested more than 1,J00 persons. The land eg of tbe French troops bad already beta elected at E;y rout, w.lbout dleord t. though it was apprehended it be lbs uooman soldiers bare proved faithful and loyal to tbetr' sovcrslgs and tbs officers ia command, and it la not feared that there would be say further outbreak In the meantime a royal trman baa been lasacd to tbe Governors Ucnerei oID.arbektr, Khan poor, Krseroum, Toeat, a Asia Minor, com manding tbem to ?ee that there ba eo negligence abowu .a checking any dispusit.on oa the part of either Mc.-mal man or Christian '.o attack tbe otser, which violence was not to be apprehended, for tbs Mussulmsna there are not *0 Inimical to tbe Christian population as they are to their own co-retigionirts?i. Catholic, Grewk or Protes tant So long as these peeado Chr .stians keep the peaus among thenn 'res there need be ao alarm or fear from the followers of tte Muftis. No wonder that tbe Mos lems ei terta c such an abborrencnof Christianity. Tney see It in its worn torma. Wretcnel uh .rubes, intempe rate priesu, ignorant of everytb.Bg that is good in tbe.r own fhitb, setting tne worst example to tbsir parish on ers for love of bakkt and wine, card playmg aod ?f a morality which ia worse by far tbaa polygamy. Tbey have not .mprovel since tbe of tbe t'ropbei, whose Divine m.anon wee aga.nn Paganism and de graded Christianity. Tbey sew their cburebee adorned with miserable pictures of tbe Deity la tbe Gird<-n el Eden; cf Cbi At, the spirit of Cod aid tbe prophet, who im mediately preaeoed tiiei* own of salnta, whose Uvea little commen ted the.r sanctity, and tbey well know that la private life these Christiana are far below ibslr owa daily standard of b n*sty and probity. 1*1 Cbrtattaatty one vince Itself to the m od of tbe Moslem, and there would root) oe a belter state of feeling between tbe fol lowers of tbe re'ormer of tbe Armbiaa world and tbe be lievers la the d.T'.o.iy ot Christ. for uatll such be the case the latter muct aiways remain dtprivtdof tbetr reapeet No American traveller In this part of tbe fleet can be otherwise than imprrmed witb tbe vast taper Arity of tbe Mussulman maum over the Ct.ral.nn preel ? tb<- n-orrl face of tbe "old Turk,'' and tbe aly,cr.nglng demeanor of tbe t reek and the Armenian, and tne fa.r manner la whiub tbey are trentad by tbe former. Deeelred, misled, eom by tbe Christian, the Moaeulmae In office Is peina to regard bm aa an inferior I ? .eg in punt or pr.n Ciple, though not m tbe w .adorn of tbe serpent Sixb are my own Impress cur, and I bare plea sure in tbu* expoamg lboa wbere I am sure the Museulman .ill be treated with ,mpart.aiil) and gain hit due, trre*i<eci:ve of bis relig.ous tendency CemmiMiot.ers, aa 1 predicted :a one of my previous I letters, have been sent by 1 raooc, England, AMtrla and Ku'tta, to join E'tad lAclia to Syria. Beclerck and S bac fi'-r Urou ?>ante. Tbe former a tbe Consul t.rnrral for Egypt, and tbe latUr the pr.raie secretary of tb - Emperor. luird IiuSerla Irom Rogland. It* A a itae youe* Irish nobleman, wboee cruise in a yacht, a few years ago, attracted some attention. Hlr mother is tbe author*** of tbe pialcttve ?? lament of an irltb Km-grant." Count 1 idoil, .Secretary of tbe Austrian legatee and now aclmr ar Char,? d 1 (fairs, is a One young gentleman, of much character end capacity and M Nevtkoll. owe of tbe seerrtariee of tbe Ku-man legation bare, reutarkable for noti ng in part'eular that I knew of, though I do not doubt be will - play well bla part." Rueela will have plenty other (secret) agents in >yr!a, to "beat tbe bueb" for bun i uad Pacha will. It is nel.eeed, know bow to transact bis own b<i- .nea* without tbetr aid. Tbe Greek gownmeat, la concert with tbe Czar, lias tried again to lomeut diffioultlea Is Ceadta, and seat proclamation* end lhe*portra.l of tfeoera Kal tgy there to try and ketp np a ferment amoag the Greek* This :s well known to tne Br A Ah government, sad it bee a twenty lour gun skip atatiuned off lbs Aland. It has long been *upi>ueed that, under certa.n ooetingeaciee, IbA Aland might be worth tbe at teat Km of tbe British Ev< rnmetit and 11 At la its baada, France would bold ypt to seme dead vantage Tb- re a ant, I ha, tare, ,uat now, any dApusitioi to revolt against tbe Saltan u tbe island. Tbe plan of Greece a to rat H is a stir, and, wbta tb* tumult ia stifled, to bave it eodowed with cer tain priv.iewee coder tb' guarantee of another Power, from wb'ca tbe atvt phase would be aanneiioe lu Greece. 1 i.e lirtEd virter. it H Kit-rtali 1'acba, M (till tbeeat id Bosnia aua tb? pro? ince of folooicn, no a loor or m m nation nellgated by the complaints of Rum;a. He baa done h good, aid acted with much booeely aad can dor. Il l caraar la a atsg'.lar one, though, tadaad, ao< mora to tbao tbat of Many prom id eat men Id tba r t. : He la a gfaluale of a mtltUry school of France, wbere be bad bean aaat aa a youth by was lata Saltan. Oa bla return to Coaitai.aopla be entered tba army, sad aar\?d with out much progress until be attraited the attentloa of the lata (Iraad Ylzler, Rrdacbid raeba. H la know lodge of French and aom- Knglwh. fo<' and gentleman'.* demeanor mace bia lortuae. I'rnaiotad to tba rana uf (ieaeral, Rrdtchid ffocbaaent bim Ambassador to London. While tl.ere tie .. ,fe, ex-Mr*. Ifi>Imogen, and a Wreak, ?Wangled ?i old eunuch m be bairn , aa>l ao coodoctad heraalf ae to render bia peril,oo at loadoa an uaptaaaant one I*r Uillengaa bad diaorord thle, hie ftret ? ifa, fbr m aooo'-uct, or, ee it 11 oalied hare ini-?tj-afibtfi'? de am urt. she wee extremely handsome ana attract re, and by liar own tale found sympathy and favor a lib tba handsome Mabemed Klbrlall Bry (ton Pbciia). tailed to Brroea, la Koatob, aba found fa tor with a Mullah, and, It M eaid, la living at examplsry lira with bar third hatband .Jior< blr return from l.oodoa, Klbrlall Pacba baa filled ??e off- re, aarrlag Oaeodaa Pacba aa Mln latar of Marina during the visit of tba Saltan to the t oiled -latee rr gale Wabash, which. a few years ago. cauaed so much ?tir bare, end etc.lad so ttroaly the ire of I<erd Stratford do lledi life. He is of aa hr urrty ant probity tbat bare never bene tarn abed aad will ' n, i h 1. r the link lag state of bla coontiy Thr?? very tra'ta bate beret of ora prevented bla lot*' ooolmuaooe in aad tt it aaid tbat the rrankneea witb which ha trkl tbe Pu.tan of b* evil oourat and Its rulaoua results lo the empire oai. aad bla Mnatty to re mora him, wnan be bad Aral rased bim t.rand filler a year ago Hia nam- ? If-hem"d l acha, and Ibat ? f Kibrlsi !? from bis name, place or island of Cypress. Some two reaia ago Pi ince Manlelo. of tbe patty peeudo re pub he of M< ntriugro (Kara Iisgbi, caused tba aaeaarl nation of one of tbe pr'.Eclpul d-puli-a of thli place, tbea oa a visit lo the capital A brother of the deoea .-d, ac cording K tbe naagra of tbe Monleaegrtaa, devoted him ?elf to brlag about tbe death of tbe Pr'.nos, and lately, hariag'c:nd a htltng tpporlualiy, abet him dead In tba mountains Tbe Prince's ton, quite a youth, baa tuocesd ? d b.m ac li e (teveruor of the petty republic The Ottoman poveram- nt la still endeavoring to collect la al of dta paper currency, to tbe am "Tint of 14,000.000 of piastre*. <ach mm four ceota, bow la circulstioa to tba apitale It bellerra that tba rulaoaa condition of the finances if tnalria and Rueait a dre to tbe unlimited ? i f paper money leauad by them To effect tba, tt la selling iifl tbe airtrea (cecbersl of tbe prortaoaa to ra r e eper .??? f o a.vai. e ' -r l??b. and vl.ieet.og the nrutta tr this p-rpoee. rhere la no doubt that tba ml cf aa .al tn-ted |Uper eur-eoey, wholly unredeemable, ,* a grtat pub"- - *n and cannot be too soon arrested but, ee ihle baa drtrea all of the epecte out of tba capital lbt? lbs i r- rlncer, I cannot sea how tbe pub've can carry oa lu tr?v> r' ???rf fu life without eome such a me dmn. Tbe Na Ilea's litu aad tboaa of bla ha rem I aaa are dt-wa V fifty right aud fifty nine piastre* par hundred. It Ii eald that la tbe new of the peru r j of tba girera twat. Mrk n.ed Kibrbdi Paaba baa bean destined to a mwdioti u C* gland and 1 raaoe, la tba bops of making ibee a new laux C? ??f *? are being made her* and In fouynm for the relief r> the pour enlVrart af Syria. The Sultaa b * fives largely for the earns purpose, aad all tbe officers ?- N I I- a n |i,-n for Ibe m-ne pnrp<*m I ratri l too atrongfy ?commend tbe present ooodltion (4 Ue?r ?- Harare t. my Am*rlcaa oo iatrymea m tba 1-11 stake ?vi;i ? at beet a |wor and tbrlflleaa covin try, -mprvai Ah?-t by m.arule and religious differences Tbe re-ga al Cltr M had certainly not aa yet oommenrad theft? the aad of Hia aativity, the eceue of 0>? gkwiosa career, that of tb? enuaclallau of tboue i-ufe principles of bias, ptuiai 'br.-py aad humanity wb rb.ander Hia rnepel, are Sviprrtor la ail ether boo.,a True benevoienee goes bey ad tbe eauoea af tbe m eaty wfeleb loudly nalla fw It* us *ui re, aad when Its band is stratohad forth to terra tba a daw end tba orphan, it aeeka not to know by what > Mar. what dispensation of Providence, thane ham been red- ead to poverty ?nff'- eat M it to know that the I bat 1 <-f nod ha# banc there, i tba paonle of hit onoa betrmd .aad af I', aad tbat tbatr blood Calls out frtm tba gr?. ad, not far rev race bat for bread sod cloth of. food ami m-meat. for inraa wbo bare been da rrired c-l huh by its rvitblesB avflg of fanatic am ant vlo lecoa ?. ve it, tbarefora. for the leva of ChrWt. and tba at, I ef Ha brib, ??"?' ng and tenth, ard if tb*re be a arm w r** ???*?. He may. a tbe boar if your own e.bforfme foe ibe mora ovaly imd prnu paaaau las-, wb k la tss frv yn, rrKgakar yeu.your w fa* wd/tu i ttr.;. THK CRISIS IN ITALY. The Halian Kcvelntkm at w? Zenith Eotry e* CarlkaMI Into \aplec The flight or rbc fclsg, and InuMKc Enthaelasni ?l the Peeitle?Scenes and Incident* The Itag'? farting Words ? Garibaldi in a ted Shirt Ophhoi of the Press, Ac., *o.. Jke. [Frcm Naples Correspondence to the Irondon Times ) the to ma citt. We remained at La Cava long enough to tacerLvn that tbe 13 000 men gathered tot-ether at Nocera were aboet to raiae their camp, that the foreign troop* refuted to tight and that the work of d^solutton was a* complex about the capital aa it bad been in tbe province*, when we rode back to Salerno, and a IHtle before six o'clock we joined a long tra.n of carriage* on tbalr way to meet Garibaldi. Tbe General bad lit'^ulctu in the worm),.'; he bad balled at Kboli, where. ^prised of the real tia'.c of things by our deepalchee, and by tlioec of Genera) Tra Colll, who crme to Salerno several hours alter v.s, e prepated to make bin entrance into its lew-' Wo camo Into Salerno in a cloud of dust, l "t> aa Southern Italy alone can boaat at the cloee of the fourth month of cloudleas drrugn . and made our way into the palaco of the Inienlenzs fighting our way llwoug h a frantic crowd which the verv bnyrnela jf tbe National Guards were unable to keep back. We again left Salerno for Ia Cutu soon after ncsclng that tumultuoua acene, with a mind to proceed to Naples Ibe MM night But we found it acre ? nve nlent to rest for a few hour* at Ia tlava, an 1 travelled to tbe capital by tbe early train of the Vietrl and Nap <-e railway, Ibr, such baa been tbe progressive character this Neapolitan campaign that Garibaldi arid hisctUacrs walked through the first stages; they rode aa aooc ui they won sadole horaaa; took to private carriage* wco their chargers were knockr J up; then ha.nened ir.e r speed by posting, and Dually ended their march by At every step, aa we atvanced from or.e to another of the frequent stations of this e.owest of railway lines, we fell in with the splinters of the broken reeo upon which tyranny bar for so many years propped Itself. At every station we found swarms of disbanded, sullen, d.f btarieoed soldiers We saw tht-ra by buodreds and thousand! quitting tbe vast barrailts and tbe forte with which the whole of this blent Campania and tbe smlllrr bay was lined. The King left In tbe afternoon at fonr o'clock, acrt embarking In a Spanish frigate, with aJ tbe treasures he could smuggle away, has, aa we are told, bstaken himself to Gaeta, ordering his army to follow him. and leaving behind him a protest by which be inti mate* thai, alt' ouch compelled to quit bis metropolis, he I iully intends to prolong the strugglo out of it. .be , troops arc follow log to the beat of their speed ard incli nation with their matin*! hut tbe iliaorgsi. ret on .e com pit-te, and It .* doubtful whether they will muster in sufficient numbers and In such tolerable spirits as to enable them to make a stand even behind tbe walla ; of Gaeta. All the ureal ports in the town are in tho ? eaowhi.e still occupied by them, though the Na tiotal Guard, everywhere mustering, marching, mar shaling. are (reparing i> take upon Ihemse'ves the charge of uio place and the maintenance of order. The, ever since tbe promulgation of the constitution, bad been placed beyond the control of tno public force, but which a* yet has only been frett ng sod murmnrtng w tboul a maturo plan or deliberate a.m. be gins now to show some symptom of action. Carriages, filled with young men bearing aloft tbe Italian dig, tbe trU-olor w ith the croM of Savoy, are driving furiously up and down Toledo, amid deafcn'.og shouts of ri.<a Q*r&al rfi ' and I am told It la dangerous to pass before that na tional elan lariArilhout duffing one'a hat. ?n TWO rAHTIK* m ITALT. Ths < omllato dsU'Ordtne, s set of nvxioritc patriots, belonging to the Intel lgent and honorable classes, here sent a depitu'.ion of eighty distinguished persons to the General a. Sakrmo to Invite bim to eater tbe.r town, while the to railed Comitate d'Azione e d'Unlti, made ur of oat and out revolut onis's, have long since endeavored to bend the mind of the Dictator to their v ewe. For here, aa inSleily.the country la aplit Into two boctile factions, consisting of the partisans of immediate annex atlrn. of expediency and compromise on tbe one ? de,and, on the other, of tbe so called thorough Unitarians. who Ave set their art against all diplomatic conaiderat.ona. and are determined to conquer and unite all Italy by the mere force of popular revolution, regnrdleu of the war tbe.r rebeme may in voire them in with the French at Rome, and the Aualriana at Vemoe. The former party, which waa represented la Hlcily by La Farina, and had 'la head In Turin In tbe CaTour cabinet, numbers here among its leaders those Neapolitan exiles lust returned from Turin and Florence?I'Ay ola, l'laanelli, Bclietll, Bella, ?paven ts, Leopardi. Ac ?who are wedded to whst are called I'ledmor l< i-e Una, Tbe latter boasts at its beat Doctor, now General Her lam the fitter out of Garibaldi's expedi tions, and is led m Naples by Rioc.ardl, Agrosll, and other hrs d rtlnguisbed individual* lud ned to domo rrattc tf not republican notions, and who now repudiate Ma/rta'though they once beloogod to hia association, and, to a great extent, atiil share hia views. Three two lactioe* profess to have a common a m?tba i dDib or unity of Italy under Victor Cm an net of Savoy; but ibe moderates wish to alia , n their object by cieh progressive Brians as item lu tbetii practicable and as ? bey adrlf'd Ibe imm<-dtale annesatlon of to ibe North Italian kingdom soon after Garibaldi's entrance Into Palermo, s>. they now tblnk. after the del.vcracce ol Napoa. ao delay should o< i nr In the unl ju of 'die whoi* (uibem to tbe northern kingdom The revo.'utioolsts, n the other band, though they act la ibe name of Victor tmaauel, and tbleon to >-ru?a h:in as sovereign of tbo wboln pr am uta, i-refer to keep their <?on.pints ,n a pro laienai rule, to govara them by dictators or pro d:eta ore of their owa choice, Ml such lime as ibe wools ? alien t*i rloty may be utterly tree; when toe re pre rttallvia of the wr o* nation, meeting la the natural ? lertal Italian metrepru,# (Rome), eba | by tbe tree c*o nl of all, pror-ed to tbe corooatlnn of their ra >narch ekci. Tli# real tt.MTet.cA! point at issue between ttitM par ties li rnbordlaa'o to tbe'.r rerperttve notions of what Menu to them i.ra.ticebie or |v??tl.le but a gree. leal of par-iem and prejudice <>f personal ambition an it r..crest, mingle* w.ib tbe.r (relief. ant |!tn rim to mutual grievance end b.'.ler reeriminnfioe*. Bartani and hi* revomnemiM (rieada. elated by the asiouadiag ricceae cfr (laribaldi. repro . h larour and b'a Cab mat * at tbe.r I it ltd faith la the aad ability of that feat loadar; I try char*r them with thwarting tba t.?ro of Vareae Id hla projected attack apoa the Marcher aad Imbria at (attulloa laat a t .ma ai attack by which tbe emaaciia ik.a of southern Italy would lmv? beet anticipated by a aboia twelveteorlb. lhay scene* them of remwrnete la aid lay baiJ t achrnto at the lime of an laming la Hlcly. aad dunag lb* whole of Um bow at> trrmiaaiag cawpa'ga la the Inland aad the mainland: tboy fori aurr that the rtoere* waiting upoc ijarihald) la BW lUuggle stalest the Bourbon will ?u-ally be faithful to bias agaiaat laaorx i>re. aad rreo agalaat It* at i arate or combined force# of Austria aad Kranee. They onotrnd thai I be Italian oalloa . an w.a tta own, tan retorw Rome aad Veale* la spite of tbo op poaittoa id al< the Powrrd la, for the I'owera are nothlrg without thoir proplr. aad the initio* of thatr rauae aad the traatcwadant gtalua of (iartbaldl ealiat all B^Hlar aympathlea on their aula. Herten< aad bid ?fa. it would be Taia to dray, poMraa the try to thw haartof (iarlbeUdi they are almost exclusively roaad a heal hlw. ILcy aggravate the fceltajt or d tpleegitrw which thai great and gund aiaa harbor* agalnat Cavow; uwy dwell < a the baartlaaa, unpnactpled eecr.flce made by Ibat Het(*man of i.arlbaites ownnat -..- -ly.N *? refer,to the nnaeeraaary ?rahaete i aad indignity with which the Minister treated the blunt soldier pttr.ot in Parlwweat. they dwell upon the ahortooaiiage of tba i'ledwion teat | rernnxnl, who oouM hero doe# eo aneh aad did ao lut:* lo aid the Mribaa raterpriar. aad ooa i-'otbr la l i| II.' r aih-giai.i ? P> ; !,r person a., nc of the King boar.i man rapudlatlug aay conuactwa or good un dtralaadiag w.u. hi* preaeat advisers The weuleratea, of eourar, reply that in ibe waller of Nice Chfteai waa acting under Ih. prate ire of aa .rreala tible aeretetty. low bleb all aeanible patriots equally bowed that the Sicilian and Gniabriaa etpedr owa were aided h? lli. m ua<l< rbai. . by ail m.aua winch tie law of nations allov rd aad, Indeed, that more oowJ.l not bar* been dot e w ithout lacurrb g aa open war with Austria, and per hap*. alao, with I ranee, (or which the ruatry waa not preiarad aad thai lha anneulioa of tba Two Rtctltrt to > nrth Italy, if It can be aocewnpliabed wtb the more or leas rel ciant coeaent of J urope, ought le> aa! sfv patriots for ibe pnaent aa d corn 'natation which wonl4 allow the eounttv to organize .1*eU aa.l ta die t ate aad under favorable eircomatancra empower it to pot fortlt ltd farther cla.m* to Rome and Veaelia. My familiarity with most of G.irlhald1'* offl cere MBN aae to thick that hi far the grw teat number, If act all. embrace extreme, ucsontiTeam ing rlewe, and I bare alee, no doubt that their pr w riplee arc virtually adopted hy thrir ndt.-et iron* leader bimaalf T aro drpetiea from lha Uwnwi ttee of Ur der, Pr T< mmtel aad ITofeaaor Pitta, hota peraaeal friecda of (iarlba'dl, were Bent out yesterday te greet him, and met him at Aulette whence they fol'uwed h a to Ehol. and Raierna. Their muaioo waa te baaeech .be I delator la the name of the Moderates to pro-red te 'be imiridtale annexation of Naples ai 4 Sicily to the Wilt llal'an Stale Uetr baldl rectiied the mudMagera hm wonted cemrteey bad affability, bul b* devsluiwd vww* totally at var'ance with thn?. ( f thr r party. lie ax* preraad the utmiat coaSdeace la tba aatire eu.-cea of the whole acberne. feitaure (list Nap.leoa b.naelf could aot wmea I ? lard both aga'oat Italy aad the unpopularity whw-a km PIeeltloi. to the Iteliaa cause would raise aga'uet him Ml francs, be (poke ff Court Cav >ur In no measured terms, and. ;o fa, t ?fc, wad to what extent Doctor, sow Jaaeant I ertem bad inoculated him with hla own riewa Tommw and Plvla came back from their mtteiok th f gh j g g. pirited. Nor do Um> lonient oompla nt? of tbe mo-loiU p arty a-orely tarn opoo wltrnol abetrart prtaclplea la S? Ica.aa la toeily.tbe appointment of pro di laioea ard thcr ri.lrr of IM provlaceo ha* faliea. and tela ?? moo f whom tbe moderate# ?p< at la the very wn,.? te-mv. l'?a< qaaiatad with peraona tb.j My. ibaMi promotes BrrUnl't oreetnrne only, and th- cninlry fella >oln the beada of tB' n equally aeatttnta of intelligeace end charac ter. They complain that the rerolu.oa ? only Or u|.? ?'the dren ?? tl.a aurface ,a> if tbal oouid be avoided in any popular commotion . ard anticipate from thla provl ?tonal atat' of Unapt an tf$r?\allor ratbrr than aa alta rial too of that arareby which onttlt itad the wortt fea ture of tbr rierpotk porr rnmrni now departed 1 eimplj Met* the poaltton and itpoeiiion of tbeaa par tica.ahrir k:np from the rr ponalhlltty of giving aa opiates aa to their respective merit . I do believe me evtla of division wii: prove far leaa per.out than either of the boa tile faction rrpreacat them The faith of the whola conn try. both In the Kltif and t.arihaMl. W iaeha?eo it ia not to be rhakrn and If Victor Fmaaoel ooota he inapirrd to eome to Naplet without delay, takiug oaaa to Ware Co nt Ihvor behind him, or even taking lata bis Council tor Nap lee Ifattairi and aome of thoae members of tbe oppoeitioo wboee to utility to Oavour la af ao long date, and admlta, prrbapa, of toture reooacillai on, no doubt bot erenta would prooeed without aay Irreparabi# breech between hnneet patriot* of Tha baa been the moet eventful and the moat marvel lone day ?? tbe recent he lory of tbe Two, aad I can anarce y repllae whet I beve witaeeaed Kvay naa waa oo me toert la Uta m?rai#f af to the r-por\tf ^