Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 28, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 28, 1860 Page 4
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na hgnluat tktir rrcopqiwst hj the Austrian leg'mt Oj wbai gri.nn ? ('*u * t'"'U ?':i I??se that a null. i*l in >ve moot? 'i?ct;y tin ?r In cr, equt'.ly into:. ^ from it* > 'U. i * and rquallj national la IU etl ? < la Icwl to any thug tttore than u aura f <i oul pint -i, * i it ever may the l?rm, frt.ra tlx* g ivernmrTii ?>i Nc J III y If Ngp ileixt III were si rl > My opp ?? I I ? U" I cy of K11 ?t \ L'uanucl, lu ? ap ????r i. "* ?: * eurjii J em-it 00 the Sardinian lr- ..IWf *!'?' 1 be a uiurj oerta j itud alguUh ant uvxl t ?f 1 >' 2 i'"" ' with Iraw-al orati imperial dipl'i">.t v tiTu i Mil cow ume j mucu ?h ? iour? ??? ' 'V 311 "J likely to takn la lit, UifcbM ban 1 '< ? leariy MMMB, If no mere tli'rct'ial steps bav: " . ti . >t" "octroi ti ve tea) sa'ely o-Bumo ih*t t' 1 W. 'a* h.awv ntrro MBortfion Aw eaer I'ra ? 7 ' '; it/j the L-*]?r <' ? wi tnch. _ THK FRENCH PRESS OX ITALIAN AFFAIRS. Several of the Far;.- Journals remark on the proclaim, tlou Of Kll'g Victor |Km?UU' l and U10 CUH .it:'o of ?!:?? PledBonii.o'troop* into the SutU* 0! the Church Wo Subjoin a lo* cxt act* ? [From tho Sicc.e, :Vpt 14 [ " The Importance of thie d. i?ion cannot ercape tit a' taction of any one 1 it U lUe comoiencomeut of a u)w phase of the Italian qu slion. We olfer np 0.:, ardent prayers tLai tb. ;atervoutloo of Pieiaaont may not lea 1 to any other The plan of the ltaluu counter-revolution, an we have lie pji utly ixootcil out, was precisely by it* ex erat< ? tc l uce Piedmont to a-iumc a decided portion, had wib ber coca! chlvalric feeing* the 'tss no# don* so Be tween jit'r and the adventureri of oil nations who have place t tbcmaelve* in the pay ol Ita'. au counter r 'rotation tb ' qua31toe cannot be doubtful itany j :uaait''.'ii rclviH whether it would not have been better to lure il lowe<l the people to have effected their work of etuancipa tion, and thus have not glveu any pretext for foreign in Wrvcntlou? Kuro.o lias, however. witnessed all the f*:* * as they have taken place She knows from which si lu the pr jv cations have corn'?she la nw arc who tits con pared the rn rotation to Iikaki, and who has preach-1 up a crusade against the tufi ancblaem'nt of Italy. We hope that ah - wal kuuw ho ? to make duo allowance f >r the which so many provocations have created for King Victor Fir onuel, and lor ths dangers wht :h Ita llan order and Call oltcirm iltelf would have Incurr d, f a regular grvi rnm ut had not pr .sited lb ? dis^rl rl>' slrup'glu which was necessarily at rut to oreak out a ru mor is generally curreut that cert ilu Powers would not regard ? Hh dUpka- ure tlso later vent Ion of Hie kluu, w 'o'ch would appear to thein ' f a nature 10 lead ra rj sp cdtly tc a European under*taudlng. It Is true tb it Iks ratrie, has niren the mot forntU cotilrarti Hon lo tbo It J:j,n lan ? of Br us sels which gave this report, no t usiirms tuat all the Pjw era coDslir tho cot ran e of Pi.-din ut 1 ito tic P1 al Stales as a vio'allon of iht law cf nations NeyortV! If It Is so Isolated as the Patrv says, no one can eteUiu to h lose;I shy Pii :m>utb?d not watt-)i patient y uulil the lotce of events had brought ?b "it a couil ct o. tweoa the troops of (> ueral Uarlbal '. a id those of General d? 1 ABioricnre rdnm'ght, tf rhs had only liateued to tho diclaVrs i l the narrow Insll ct of self preservation, have rentaiiied a spi cutor of that struggle, and prottn-1 by It at her e??e Very powerful moral luti-rests must have decided her to Interfere Uvea's will explain what those lot rests are. rhe motives wbi:h have determined the Kli in or the Sa'dtaiaii army In ths Marches are pilnti-d out by lae proclamation of Victor Rmanaot to b s sildiora, and (wt cu arly by the repetiti >n of the scenes of Peru gia at lfo,s >mborne. [From the Purls IVbalr^ Sept 14 ] As It ? ?- 1 H-y to foresee, the prophetic objurgations of the Omititxiti nnrfbave bwo c-timated at their true value In Tartu If there ?|.ii re .1:1 ; I t'i - 1. ? -1 st.a : >w .-f doubt as to Vlotcr Koianuol's d rigns it Is n >w dissipated. A despatch from ft |.<gra, date-' tbo Illh. announc s that General CtaMinl ho- passed the Ro usu frontier. We can not yet til the motiuut when this passigo wal effected, whirl) will be In Us com"qu"iire? one of the graves', facts In contemporary history II it should leal to A' strltn In terrontlon. oud "D? of iho most Importiut in the hiit-iry Of the world tf it should ultimately lead to the ruin of the temporal power of the Pop?s The revolt of the towa of Fots- mbi 1 ue, and its repnssion by the i'oatifical troops, ?ppeai to hare ilete. nilneil General Cialdlni's advance, ater brs.tativg two or three days If it should so turn out, Kniombronr, the Jorum scmprrn.Uot the 1 if the smalirst towns in Italy, will hare twice wltnesvol in the course of centuries even's of inc ilodlab e Iwp >rt ance, slcoe It was there that, more than 1 000 years uji, the crfta' of Asdrubal secured the safety of Pagan R >.no and sra'rd the rutn of Carthage, as tne fate of Catholic Rome nisy perhaps be drclCe I tlieie In Our day B.'foro the I'irrtteontese in* ps inv wl?d lb Papal territory, they mutt have had time to receive the decisive pro-limstnn which Victor Kmaruelhad adons-rd to his am/, and which we have received by telegraph from rurin ll'ri m the Mtnueur de Is Finite. Sept. 14 ] Fronts bare marched with Incrediule rapidity. The ?xpedition let" Sicily was ?>ns Jerei au act of foil/. Few people believed In Ujo success of a descent on the nu-iiland, lUe icsurra;>ioe m the ronliUctl routes ap peared a wild dream, and yet no# Sicily ta aJmoil an oeitd to I'lcdinoht. the K i.g of Naphs h.i* a'jtudiMi-r-l his throne, the Pontifical Iron pa fall back belore lb wlclorions revolutiuo, and Garibaldi keeps Austria on the alert In Yetctla To go to Venctia 11 for him a dang<r, or as tome nay, II will h* a fault; but, w beUtor fault or dagger, wt do not think that the Italian movement can ba checked If a defeat tf probable at Venice a victory ts prstalble. and It I* Garibaldi's game to run the risk By the aide of this bold project there la the qaaatlon of European f care. which la lncontcatab y at atako. Up to thui moment it has bee 1 said and repealel in the dtplo matte world that Aualrla would maintain an rapaclaot altitude and remain on the defensive, that the would not attack, and tutll e nfine hersetl to defending her positions and ber Italian puaseasiots. In the present stated thing*, however, II seems pi us difficult for her long to continue thu |wtsive conduct, she will be obliged to abandon her riser re We fear that, but, (or the Sake of European peace, we do not wish it. OPINIONS IN SARDINIA. (From the Turut Optnloce, (organ of Couat Carour,) fept ll TLe Krench government ought ail to look oil the .nter ?entloa of Piedmont in the I'. <mu rtiau-r at no acyroravm, but rallier u no net of legitimate defence Pioltooul bm no other purptwe thna to combat foreign Inter too Hon in Italy, cou.'i'rmnbly to the policy proc n'anl by the Kmpe Tor KaprU-oc. The latest ereul* that hare oonernd la Uir proTiocea in dependence oa Centra! Iinoriciere OM col be yet ku?wn la 1'wru Probably people are atlll ig nor not thai ?? that the tnaarrectlon M annul'.anroua and ?e< <>? a. nod that It progresses to the ary of "Vira F tto ri? Kan man i.?:e, ooetro K.- " Meu don't dlacuai anu-xa tlou in lb'- H-mian proviocee Th ? question te lean that of ?n ting ibrmaelraa to another Hi\te t'lan of shaking off the yoke of Ibroaralic power, of pro Maiming the sove reignly of Victor finance!, and c xisttlattng Ut'y. The tin. ana bare bitberto bet followed the Cluneal, fall of aulb >r ty. uf the Kmperur Napil-m ' L'uila yoor aeirra. antd he, la his metn.irabla procihnaatloo of the bu. of June, 1?M. "I alto yoeraolvaa with one cole Idea, the deliverance of yoor country. Orgaatte yoarnalvaa w.itarMj Hasten to the atanuards of Victor fmanuei, Who baa ao aubly oprncd to you the path of honor " Have thay done anrthiag ir.nre than antia i be meet r re, militarily organ ix? Micmaatv**, aud haaten to toe atnnd ard| of Kieg Victor heauool- Our government, tf It wished to, could not beeiue I >r laotant to pr> ted the population* of tie Mar-Ua and I n >r'a, and ac ovj*? their vow? By so doing it wool I fall fn m pomp, and abend* the direction ol the puilic wm! to the ua i of soma parties. to ine amb jauodea of others and probably to anarchy, which wou it prepare lb* way to foreign mtrrtrain n. ? b ch liat would lead to the lam of all ibr a Iraalagea bilh?rtc obtained tt bru ibr anm laiii-n of iu>can f waa aboot, the (biwfi fwrwetnn''or.taw di-cc.tlooa, cainota, bitierat-aa lb* ?acranitov of fuacany *aa a ui-c-ari.y, aad It becam* a tart It baa facilitated the anion of Ilia reat of Italy, It May arm eo raid that the uulva of Toecaay hai b mo real pri < .pie of llal-nn u-uiy. Juat ao w# bar* eoali do. re thai ib* pi.-g-ceiKH ol ilia ft-riMti alumna! regarding the movent-at la th* ttarriim and ib t'abria wlU Bet b* >i aliha*. The Kmperor v-*pokm know* th* ooadit.on of thor* fior oca bettei ibnii ant other locroninit of t iro^a B< bat an led theai g-irved over tbelr sorrow, and at lo. nier perloda tDdeavoid ty r< Here thro .Vow the fruit la ripe. II must br gttberv.l. car girerom-ot baa adraaced and coud-h retreat Kurope i* now called upon locboioo hatwotn Victor I'm*nuol and the rev .lotion. botwero mo *r-by nod anarchy, Oatw.ra lie ontiooa' i.rg a In tba croa* i < Met iy and the rod flag lb* ebotc* cannot ho doubtful, Italy liaa made ban Itit'pr caa but *rprt>T* of it, b oww tbat choice gut raatro* g?orral order and tranquillity. while uaeertttaly for th* future would expo** ur to t re uioat arrtoua d aor Mara. Franc*. wb.rh gaoeroualy Irat aneh rnlorcu* ant pe In t aaalatano* lo Italy, will r*c"ceiae that tba ailaati-m of ?eir govrrnwat do?* not prrreit It It rafuae or delay the euro* which the*# p pie* I era the right to demind of it, aad ah.rb It la an .>alir iimn ua II V' a i >rd Thag errsmeot will lake lb* responsibility of !'? we farW la the froa of Italy. of t'ruaee, ant of Europe and We are quite perouadr.1 th .1 w caterer m?y be the opt aioo the Importol go*<i. mt.iil may aow form ?>* ibarraoia that r I*a accavf d in the It ou pr.iriahae, th* alliance win aot ba a.akaued N' ta irial Italy la la a train to ?oertltuir brrrelf, rraaee ai l tot be willing lo brent a* al. anor thr aim of which oaa prailacly that ronalttu Una ? a a a a a * The Ihterigaar* from V ipia* b?* pre laced tba m-at aireeable *.-ii*atWa at Tuns Tar u><.slant,va of the to inter* PiaaotM, Bctaloi* an I t < r-oa, al' wall known bore, bar* b?. a applau !*?!. Ihe banding or?r lb* f ret and Ui* aravtial to ?<lu rnl i -r?aoo i# alaoaruiat im par Ian I foci. It i* th* n,?at ?!<aiVact of all. b'lng ? ?Met eJcqueat re|.'y u< th# Icainaotload of in*- ubt U. -d of ttwuBdvr land it g b t rrra Ji m I our BOvrior.ieat Agree! r-c lb aod, tl-f eeqld B'it lit oa ao oa lo tbr wrack b.#i Ice. (. >aeral i.tribaUli wn ac qua ntr>1 ? lib th* view# of our g ????tain it aid With the po ry thai pmo*aca r-iunoritrd him to tuiinw f 'uuat da tarour m aai.l, la a ru-un i.-miai lat er, to hav# tra'.ided to him Ui# ? oad :enr ? he frit iQ nri.aal l i drain- that they ahvulu no Ojwrat# I Igel ?r for in* trtum a t>: the na: uoai oaoa* Tt irat a at Naf-lr provr that he ><aa ngbpy j i-tgei th# rttaai. , wants of the country. Twi nly tarn mlliinaa o' lie ana adovt the aaraa i>rngramuie aoropt l bo aim ? pr li p.i hoi! Uia ?? i ? pirirei-a It mow dei-eada o* (?* Wlac. ta, lha forreigbl aod the energy of th gnrera ti.aat to ouoatitute tb< gun t ? im ftirve* and d r?at it* moremaala Tba f?M- of Italy I* wb'lly la lb. Una da o! Italian* - tiik LAtiir mwi. Ti wa, pj.-d U itso renrra, Fatti rotervd Prmr'a y. Merdhy. Th# town waa ukea after a hot aght which waa cm t<*B*d la all It - >trecta. The troop# of th* e^eiy w th-'raw nto '.k? f0,trec?. wItch surrendered toward* eraa ng Our troops male l&- <r aouerv, tmiag whoa 'yfl ral -kjhmiJt. Oar. .!*?*? are ingfga.duaot. A Wo Ira in ( ulna. nuti! in# vo.'e enahuutt c hrritu. thiiN a ta. Jul) |? laAG The rahal fo'oa# gti'l tmi th ir di mac* from dboaf hoe. aad altbcxgb th* aatlrro are iraa ridled tbar a raw month* ago, Mill buocneoa it (hr fr. m ?#'ag th as. m?r%*d imp-? \?v c..ii. ti.m. Tli* ai 1 ?<. ) troop< uoled in our lost ?a re .11' ward* S'kiiUuor, b*ve returned, ool encounter If g Ibe It t n'.a <*0 W4S Wlllil|IAWlt. T t > o' '<??! rebel clue's luve b.-fu taken by the uipjri #pti L< J Wy . U4 Bsrttu Gioa fctive arrived, aud 1> ft ogam for 'hf u >rili Mr Ward ea'ied on mo 9.U imt , in the L. ud ruVitl tusablp ilar.furJ, and .bo ilu-w. tu lliu.a tor i n Um I .'i, la UwftmUsM I'i 1.1. h. .?.'<? lo ro|i it but a STiait liu<i0"0< (In i*. Ihf it v. crop coml it lorward Kle.ilj no i in K.aill parcels, 1 i ilk iid bj t'.e unsettled stale ol iho country la Ibi iol. i. r Ture Lad be< n a little doing m E? glint, gray sheetings. drliu, dui'lug tbo past fortnight, ?Ioiik t entirely 'ii bailer for p-os, uruui and b an cako, tab ib r :m tan i f ur price* at Nuigpo ill too Soutaeru port* which a;o .rou of me rebels. THE HAEVEST3 IN ENOLOD. The London ami btverpjul Camiueri lal Circulars. jatits mwirr and co 'a circulas. livamvoL, Friday, Se,.i. 14, IStJJ n-oaJstuf!- ?N t.fitbKUuJbg tbo c nttuualiou of Una wrath r throughout tbo country. the extretce dullness oollocl in Ibis day week hoc given place to a mare chreiful footing, mm choice wheat bis improved sligbUy Ui vi I.e. b.lug wan tod fur mixing wt.b w * r. .ginh, Vtblch is coD'ltg to mat bet in poor coudlli >n Flour lo ralbcr iirmer, but ?ilhout sltetalion in quotations, and the fame may be said of India , cm. The continunta! market* aie sgalu rather lower, a hub ta alt. nut t lutrtly to tbo good wowthcr g-neroliy p ovaillng, but ii owing mainly perhaps b> syinpilby with tin heavy de cline which took place last a .ok i t this country. (JOOPLIU E AND HMXH'i'V KKKI'IH f REPORT. Itoal) i.v, dept. IS, 18*) Immediately f .'loving tbo date of our last report a very favorable i bm yo look pace in the weather which baa breu ait ce n.oa tuila do for bar vest opjrati ms; this caused a water ,al reaction in our corn market, sad pricoa recede 1 oliDoet toibelr kvel b fore the exoitemetit; no', boar, everir'- i? a pnurr . and ?t should not bo surprise.1 to r i rteudlci ?.?, if cot improvement, more pvtlojlarly m the pnutnet yr the hsrac-l become* loatrd by lh-<wb leg out; this I-a Is as to anticipate tbst a 1 freigh's con no.'oil ? ith grain ? ii. bo luslnlsii rd, sn l that iudirrct'y the iltip( u.g interest ?riu ne generally beueflttfrl l)u, leg the |.asl week, mere paiticularty, we bare bad an active trade in eharp-rli g, tbo e If no very material alvacc b) rote in any braLeb, it'll the loudcncy Is upwards, and there is u ?< rcduudancy < f lone age on the mantel ROBERT MlklN AND EONS' CORN CIRCb'1.18. Livr.kl-o ic, Sept 11 lSiiO A week of un'.liter optr.lly fine weather has enabled farmers to m>ka rapid progress with harvest work,and a large breadth of the cer al crops in tbu lie ghoorh >ol baa been cut nowti, but v? ry little is yet cared, lbe saniplis cxhlblte 1 bltbertohave heoa very uaaatisract >ry in ftuality and eoodltion Tbe deprrssiuo wbioh has pa thn n turn of tine weather has ut length given plans lo a firmrr feeling, holder* bring c >i vmced that whatever the ro?uU of the harvest may be as lo quantity the ootidlliow ot the new wl eat will cams an i extensive drmi ;d i.-r good dry foreign wheat t for mixing, wbirh raonot h ? met al prices lower than present cur rencies, ai d will most probably leal t) an upward reac tloa At the provincial markets hell during the week there has boon more disp<>aiiioti to do bnainesi at the de rllae previously noted, and the samplea ol go>J wheal ; cllrrlcg bave been very limited, llore we have had a dccidruly strut-gor tuLO In tbo trade, an.l tine wheats i l ave met a fair ci-mand, and In aoms inaUueea realiz-d a Might advance on rmataj'a curreuov. In flour anl In dian corn very lltlla business is reported. We have a fair supply of Am-ricin wheat and flour, and a U'ge quactily uf French flour arrived aluoe the beginulrg of the week. Tno only other BTival U 1 BIT quart, ra Indian corn from tbe Medtterraoean The Gautte returns uf wbrat for the week ending 8'.h 1 lost, are fli.UT quattera, being 11,977 quuters leas than the previous week's return. BKiLAND, ATliTA AND OO.'d CIKCfl.AR. I.IVXHI-OOC, Nipt 14,1880 The wntber du'irg the witk lias bceu uuiuterrupislly flue for bar vi at w>rk, but today it looks unsettled and stoimy . most u( the wheat in tbia neighborhood is cut, but very little tut secured. Furtber luvptaictanno with the now crop only atrergtbec* the Conviction that even ?hou'd the quantity prove sn average (which is doubled! tbe quality w .11 be great \ Mrlfg lu tbtl of late years, and that a vi ry large pr >|ioitioa of foreign will he re qu red for mixii'g. the aloes of old Kugllsh iu tbe country beu.g greatly roduv.rd ; it is probable, therefore, that wo tball sbo-t'y ac-? aiune reaction from tho recant smart de eliue lo prices The reports of the potatoes grow more unhvorabte from a'l parts of tbe country. Tb i depression in the trade ropoi ted in our last circular (almost am>.nitlug roa panic) subaldol early In t'.e seek, and at Tttgrday >| maikit a 'air retail bu- re. was don In wheat at prims that were ooly nominal oa Friday Flour aaa bet litu > Inquired for, but holders were not m pressli g Indian corn sn I s alow ss.e at a declino of 01 per quarter. Since Tuesday tbe trade has ruled quiet but ft'-a ly, and at to day's market s more cheerful moo prevail -d, atid a fair consumptive business was done in wheat si tbe foil prices of Tuesday Very large arrivals of French floor made buyers pause, bul prices were no lower (HUM corn wis In better demand, and the decline of Tuesday wax recovered the market closing stroog for this arllcl* BAMKO, BKOmKHH AND CO.'S CIBCTLAR. Liaso*. dept 14-6 P. M. Oar colonial and fbretgn produoe market* bare boen steady during the w?ck, with a fair business. Sugar, col fee and cotton firm Breadstuff* dull Miner e**y OPB.soln Iran off 93 q; for money, l>3 l? a W3 , for the ac count Bar aileer, 4* IS I' Mrrtoaa dollar*. Si 2 '.d en?Tr, Td< 2 Si Ponbloona?Spanish, 76* C 1 , Suulli American, T?* 6 1 Cocoa ?470 ban at aurtloa war* chiefly Might la. Tlia portion aold waa at 08* a TO* for rrlallad, 02* a VI* 6J for Granada, and 70* for Guayaquil Tin?Block*. lSda., bar*, 137*.; rained, 13m ; banca. 1, ? ; atraitf. 132*. Com* eery Orra The quantity duipnaed of am runU to 690 carta. 79 barn It. 169 baga plantation Orion,at TO* a 74* 0d. for low middling to ml Hilar. and 76* 61. a 77a. 62. for pood middling 166 caaka, 1 093 baga nalira <>}? Ion, nl 62*. 61 a 64r , for good ordinary to good ordinary well picked 134 c*?<*. 16 baga Calicut at 71* a 72. 61 917 big* TellIrberry at 70' 61, a 71*. 61 6T caret Neil (berry at 64a 62. a 66a. 369 baga Singapore Java at rtla for g< od brown, and Mi 6t 11for black and mixed. 379 bags Ualaliir at 66* 61. for flna ordinary. 300 bag* tlc.atema1* brought 62* a 65a 61 for good ordinary ml t ed to good ordinary 22 paakxgon Jamaica aold nt 61* a 66* for good to Bur ordinary, and 69*. 61. a T6< for flu* line ordlaary to middling 49 baiea Mocha nolo at 114* a 120* A Boating cargo uf 2,460 big* Santos aold last wrek at 60* for a tear pork Tax market qc..ei. Common Congou, Is St. all 8i;l par lb. Coirnx ?A fur.her adranca ha? taken place of t^d per lb. on raanulaclurod ?ol ?2 10a par tra on unmanuf* - lured We quoie *b< xthtng 11 V' '? tough cake and tile, ?102 10a 5 beat relected, ?105 10* , yelow mtltl ah -alb ing at 9-4 Cot* ?lb ere wan a good nipple or a aw Yag!!?h wheat nt narxet at the begun, of in* e ? k, the quality eery warioua, but generally iiidtftorcnl and in poor audition. Prior* ranged from 42'. a 62*. lor rat and from 44* a 511 fur abita. The a rather baa beea fine, and the trade roe aequeatly Jab la 'oreign tbe bnalneaa baa baeo limited at a decline of 2* a St per quarter Tbe aat areraye price of l.nirlieh ?bo?* aat 02* 10-1 on 66 117 qi*rle-a return**!. We quote wblta Amtri <*a whaal, 56* a 60*.; red, 64*. a 61* per quarter; fl >ur. 2b*. a 80s. par bbl. Conrne trm sad prVc I 1,1 a t?d dearer wale* for the work x K.0 hales At l.laerpnol the demand haa be>n large, an* for lb* weak 116,000 bales: midJI'.ng Orleana b , i a 6', I per lb |jui' rteady . bmrnen pig, ?21 6* a ?21 10* I?Kroa ? 210 caera cam 'iur b night la at ?7 14* * ?1 i 23 ba'w* j*lap chiefly aold at 3* 11" a 4* 41. llawm* Ipeiar auba acid at 4? Ti a 4* 92 dearer 1 211 park agf* mil ul.ied> aold at 12* a 14* 61 100 b <ta* alar aalareo?a ftw aold at TBa fur rather msiily aad broweti 2U. ram Japan wax botigbt 1.240 e**ea cat tor <>tl r&.tfly aold at .VI. a 9.Sd for pair at raw in Bar bwtng fully t? 1 per poaad dearer. 119 bait* rmoeretlr a aoa rh rflc eold at 3 Vd. a SI for ordinary to fa.r 89 rcra Malabar ra-tani >ma aold rathar daarer 4* a 4" ltd for ordlaary to goad. 94 ca?#e gum antmi noM at ?9 16a. for fair email to medium 846 began eutck boated aold at lb* 61* baga taraaerte bought la. 69 kagu Kast ladla atom* aotw Poootrla*. ?9 a ?W. Htpotrl ?4 9* a ?6 Morha SO* a b*>< Gambler, 17* 61 ill*, "plum 11* a Mra Balfom. 66*. llanr ?Kinaian dull at. Paterabnrg clean C29 n ?29 10* In Manila nothing to report Jute without change*, of 2.140 balia i Br red about 2 809 were rea.lx*d rrom ?14 a ?15 6a for com am to good oommoo, from ?16 10* a ?16 16a far mi I tliag to good fair, an 1 rrooa ?20 a ?21 for g ?d to One quality. Iffiduo ?The next quarterly aaieu are now 8>ed ,_>r 9<h (irtober The quantity at present declared la 10 800 CtkMU lenn quiwi. ra.'a and bara ?9 Sa a 89 1(? f. o. b la Walra. stcotcb ptg* 61a. for mixed Sua. oa Ciyd < lumoxr ?I.nil" offering on the apot. R>mbay la w irtb 67*. and CaknitU 69* 91 a 99* 91 for arrlral upaarda of 16,000 urn. Cblratia aotd at 61* 91 a 94* , 9 f and I, and three ca'gnes of Aaar at 61a . dallrered Import up to this date 342 799 qra , agamai 879 239 qr* earn* time lad yaar. Cut mm*' quiet 94 hag* Hoodaraa all Ukee. a at 3a. Id a 4a I i.uetap Cxtxa eteady, without much b itinera New York in barm* ?11 a ?11 9a , Bn*t?a in bag* tie 10* Mm ?w?*.< ?About 110 puncher*, Anl'giaaolt at lf< . 10 Bar baloe* at 80*. aad a email qoautlty of Di .oir';* at m irut ?flab aciet teller* of rperm at ?106 a ?107 pale eeal to I rod ?64 10* Otirt tteady. at ?40 for <l?il!n?ll, ?57 10a Tor M< tlha, ?66 for T.inta *n I ?*f >- Mogad >re Rare In fa ? demand at a HdueWou la peine* brown 43* 91 and reflned 49' 9 a 47* !.?? ueeJ caa b? bur, hi at 60* oo lb# or I t monthly t. 'iref-re up to iwcembrr. I'tra nl ,a;'t,r.<blt 49* 81. a 49* , Ceylon 47* Palm?Hue l.?* II Ra * dull al a decline of ab rat id from tb# late highest |> -I Abrv I 6 09# bag* bar* beer rMi.|r? *1 Pit. 6d. a 11* 64 f'f ?u g,*r' Uoky, a id eo*. sew white ll-ngtl al 14* 61 a 14* 61 if mlig cargo of I TOO t<*? I logicm Waa rep,>rtal *ol I *? II*, WittMct guaraatee of q*?' ty 6p#it*r quirt, at ?*0 7* 6J a ?20 I0r ?tm ?'?tbout ebaa.-e. 160 pufl-heoc* *..;t at 8d. 9d m fair mtdaiieg ul (< 61 for g >1 t f of.-r ?orta abwwt 1M poaebeon* aold *1 If #s' a 1*. t?>; 1. tor Iwaiarara, and I* 61 for tVuxug. M bhd, tla.rl iJn* eold at 1* 61. tor pc!? and brown fumni ? \OOWI 1,706 h?fr d ura: r>!1 It fx' '( firmer prices 39a o fla. fi^r if i . 6,, p?r r?,t an tt< fir l?; aad t\ |>r c -at 621 o*^ r ?r ?irtp.3 aold at 36 61 a 37* 91. for 61 to 41', iwr erat ro'ra" tea "rirmt?Pepper?Abaat 800 bag* renaag aold at I'M a 8\d , a f#w lot* urtrapwe at S',.! tiy, , ygg bag* Ma.ahar at 4\d. Oamia tdgnre?169 t,lr, ,,q 9f? for toe -lyut. Clwfy*?8t? baga 7?ur bar broogat 8 Sd. Rr .*?* ?it* ratrk. I l? ateady , WHbout rbfge in priee* t>f Itr tieb t? Ir it 2 600 hhor bare tw " ao'd 'i.e'o i l-f . at ttilakf. fed tat lint'na, bra 99* 6* *41* 6 I , a t! 36 eaega r.-cMa * fteritear* from 42* a 41* 6 1 12 86* bag* Msurii.j# wee ehlefly A *,??1 o Ml' a Ha. far If I rood brown. 69* 6t a 60' > I for b r ? . low ml9d?og yellcw, 49a 61 tor * <fl geiery gray. 49 for gtod pile cr>>-taJ:z*-<l, ant 4Te. for fine <14. 8 JOO hag > | Ik ii^ui lol i bt 4le a 43*. 6J. for lo# togood yellow titirpul- i tab, end 46* 81 a 46* lor good grainy. 8,?17 '>?** u? liv Uadra<-wore-peril/realuM: luto at Sua. a 324 61., | lew (. gu.l brawn c.auo,31* a 31,., ami lo?r to food yellow do., 36.4 a 37k.; 1601) bags Jaggery brought i ?1*. 01 Privately, 1 600 bugs Briyd tiwo oh m . Ml Laud* Inwhrrwn i>ite at 31m, and do Kti?ur at 324. i fortifi., 945 Utads., 15 Ucroea, 248 bbla l'orto Ri? i>*rtly solo *l 38 ?> 0 i a 40,. kgr middling to good bro?a, 60i 6J. a 41s l?r middling gi ay, ami 40 81. a 41s. I >r lo v t > n >? yellow; 103 bhd? , 17 tieroea Cuba muscovado sold si t ill prut?,o7a 0.1 ii06< (it lor low middling to good mid dling brows, 89.,. 81 fur l>w yellow, aul 40i. a 44' i<r low IO good t ale ) el o? ; 1,481 baskets Java part!) ? ' at 42* 31 a 45* lor Noa 11 to 14 ,1 mid iluig quality; 1.531 botes yt-l'ow Havana were with lrwwu at b'gn ra.?< pri ta'tiy, about 1.0C0 bug* Havana have been disposed of al 40a Cj a 46* lor good brown to gaol ytllow, 4 odd bags clayed Mmnlla at 38, , and all >at a arg , o1 3 0v0 boit a No 11 Uoretia, tally usurtd lor tu.a couutry, at 38a Tallow Arm; St I'eterebunf Y C. on tho soot 62, 81 , October to Heocruber, 63, 91. and Januiry t, March, 53,. 3d | St. Petersburg advices report V ice iJri S R . tiport u,> lo jtsur'ay, #5 CIO casks Kxuhtuge 86 4 Tt'ki' quiet al 8s 31. a 9s.; American spu 1U 31, a 314. 0u. I Vt AKLl IJ-.l.b, NASH AND CO.'8 ClHtThAR. ljvkiirtML, depi 14, 1860 ConoN ?T'u' market bis r ilod very active throcgiio't tbc whole ol ibis week, owing lo the ooliuu mo* ot lit, w< atbrr soil better re.x.rU Iron Manchester, sol a largo* bas resulted stau improve men t cm last wed. t rati a of >,d per lb , but closing ratber quietly, and a large q autity (till oflerlng Nile* to lay 10,ul<0 bt'ea, Clcnug quietly, Mascbcrter accounts to day being l>*a fa vorable. We quote middling Orb am, 6'gd ; onddliug upiands, 6|-?d : middling Mobile,6*44.a fl3 16d l-nport, ? bll week. 12 342 bulea Total aslcs, 116'220 bt'ea. of which speculators lo. k '21.720, exporters 14,29J, leavtug lo the trade 78 2l0 bales Ashkh ?liuaistFK quite retail, 200 bbls In ai!,at274 8<) a 27, 91. lor pots, and 28i. 6 i. a 29,. Tor pearls t'xu(ni.oN Hakx.?310 bags Baltimore have been soil I hi 7a 31 to arrive, and Ti 91. ex rtore; And to day 8,. pas been ids te f. r ?00 prime. Transactions in Philxdei ! pl.ia uu.mpcrlatt. II ai.v ?There bas bren lew ool:,g, bul prices are 8rtu I the tales, w Inch tm mot to 4 000 bb;s , ooomst of com it on at 5, Id a 6s 21 ; medium *i 6a 41 a 9,. lor low to lit \ ai d a a mail lot of virgin al 141. per c?t. ri Ki'KSTiM. ?T i ? market Is quiet for spirits, with (ace ' ol.MO bbli at 314 9 1 a 31*. per cart , lo arrive and el quay. In LWbdmi tbe market is juiet at Sit 61 a 32,. j per cwt Btca?Tra1 ,actions in Corob ia very limltM, about SO ' llerceatbid.l og quality at '24, per cwt. Oejiaud very ' ?li w. ' Laxr, ?Oel) a moderate business, 60 tons, mostly at | t'2 '. u 6-is. pe r est f.,r fair q u.ity. Tallow ri mall ? ve-y steely, but without nurli ac tlvliy , lulcX 50 casks N A at '23,. a 631. 6 l pcrrwt. la Loud 'O there i., a better inerknt closing at 62*. 01 oo tbo (pot fur P. Y. C , 62b 9 t la-t throe montna, S3,. 61. spring I is -rap Cjkx ? About CoO bags good thin oblong sold at ?9 1 a ?10 hi?: ?ihe icq Cry has becu a little more geners' Ibis Wvtk, aul scrae ot the durst brands of I. M bave been taken at ?tl0 In l/mdou the market continues very s.ack for al! descriptions. Iork ?Ihei. bas been relber more Inquiry, bat only 200 bbla have betu (oil, at 67* 61. for old to 80s for very 8ne tew. lu Ponuon holders continue Tory Arm, which lathe, cDrcka busiuets. Bacon ?There n but little doing for w*ut of stock, tome Inferior 0 C utiering at about 60s. la London the market it ralber taster. Ciixtak?Nali" e chicee having giv< n way 6* per cat., holders of American hare also been obliged to on cede 34 a 4* per cart Hi iTxa ?Hare'ly anything doing; floe would sell, but the bulk ol what is here is only ao-'omlary, and worth ahcut 60s a 66s. per cwt. t.*Ai6 ?Tbe weather eiuce our last had been line until la(t bight, when r.,me little rain fell, and since which It eppear* unsettled. The grain trade has rnled qatetg but Aim, with only a moderate business passing. Oellrertes of wheat fiern our own farmers for tbe past week CM tilt 0166.117 quarters, against 92 821 quart's corree pending week last year; avrrare price this year 62s. 101 , agai(.al42a 90 earns time last year. At ot r market this morning, with only a am til attend aiii'** of country millers aud dealora, there was a fair re tall bunco, in wheat at tha extreme rate- of our Iswt. flour add slowly at farmer prices India* corn waa sparingly dealt In, bat prices were unaltered since Tuet. day. tats li Mr 4', lbs and oatmeal 6i. per load Cheaper. Ecyptien beans unchanged. Imports from other mouths, seventh to ninth month 13<Is loclutlve, r. inelat of 22 672 que. wheat, 1,697 qrs Indian corn, 17,823 aeckr tuul 6.425 bbla. Ilonr. Exports for rame period OMtM of 7.494 qrs. wheat, 946 qrs la diati corn, 2 904 sack* aud 628 bbla flour. Wluat? anurican wb ie, 10*. alls per 100 lbs.; do. new do , extra, 11 a a 13* ; do red, ?i a 10s ; do new do., extra, 10, 64. a 12,. Flour?Baltimore and Phila delphia, 29<. a 30i per 196 loi ; Obto, 2vs aSli ; West ern canal, 27*. *30*. Indian corn?Mixed and yeiiow, 33* a 34a per490ioe ; white, 36s. 6J. a 37s. Markets. Lusdox Movrr Mirnxn, Repl 15, Oae o'Cloek.?The Bsok of Kogtand returns for t'ue w?l( ended Wednesday tost ere again favorable, bat ? \htbtt do itrtklng change Tbe lucres** to Uie etock of bunion la ?63.1it, which makes Uie total new amount to nearly sixteen and a quarter millions, wUilit the riser re of note* Is upwards or Blue in ill tin. a alerting The other securities abnw no cbarge The reserve of noUa ha* inoroatod ?662 Ml, pohi.c deposits ?346,616, and other or private deposits ?31,164 The ri al is ?6.710 mors. Thf i.iflciM. elalemrm of the m.rement* of the preelouo nu-laS lor the week eadiag Wedeesdav (tvet the follow ing result ?Total imports, ?367.116, total exports, ?ltl, 266. Tl.e supply of mooey t* augmenting, whlllt lb* demand In most quarters oonllnues moderate, and the rate* our rent for dratclaaa paper tsnow 3i; alV per cent Owing to the la ge supply ol capital seeking employment, the prlLOtpel discount bouses bare reduowl the rats for m<?i y at Lotioe to 3 a ?>?' |>er cant No mora gold ha* Been stmt into the Bask The market for the Knglish funds IS quiet sad prices steady at toe closing qu otations of yesterday. Consols art tlj', a tor mueey. and 63', a for the see glut, hxcbequtr billa art la a 4* premium Udtatlook 216 a Ik. ditto fl\e per cent loan lol A a Ove and a ball par oeul rupee papei 102and tbe firs per cent 06 a Radway aliarta are generally Arm at tbe farther tm croeemeut ol yrtlerday, especially Great Westers sad K.diand Other daacriptlou* of abarea exSlblt so sink lug chaoge Ciowt or m Hiitn There lias been next to on business transacted ut the Krgl.ih funds to day, and prima el jar J without Change, Console btirg M , a >? for mousy, and a >, for the account e>.reign etocki are ateady. Mexican hare bees dona at 2i a-d Bueao* A) rca deferred at 30 Pacific Telegraph. [From the Unciunall Uim morels!, dept. 21. J It ec< ma that tbe contract for a line of telegraph to the decide coast a to be aerarlud I) Hiram S.hley. 6>q , of 11 icbeeler, N. Y , who represented tbe Western Colon Telegraph company Tbe its;<nruaee and magnitude of tbla work, and tbe Interett georr* y felt In tt, aaturehy aaough land Y> some li-quirv Into the character of the parties undertaking it, aao luto ic.-lr disposition and ability to carry M through h mcaUy and ineceaafui.r. although the name if ibis rvrporetlno Is fam'iidr In every oue, jet few have any dlstUKI IJea of lust ab?l It stands for, many thinking fr>n its title and from It* a. rreo l? Comluite aii toe <> I opposing telegraph tiitermU, that It i* ui assurtalioa of coatpau as. The la but by any nieau* the rur Tbe or gins' style of tbo or ganlxatiuu which is known as lb- "Western Colon" w*a tic ? \'ew TMI mid Miss is* pp i taliay I'natiog Tele graph Company," and it owned sad am pin rod oaly the House j -ml ng matr. mrnt Aomttlmr la 1664 it par riiMii of J. Tt Wade and J. J. Spent, Jr., all their tof grai-b igtc ret, which included the Morse paten I, oa ail unoccupied metes In ?ome seven States or Territories Shortly a'ter tbe nan e a( th* organisation wet changed to it* preset I oss Mr Wade boosae- niaaging director. Bluer that l:mr all increaee of its tactiiliee. aucb as U* i p. -rhale nod r-mstract uD of eddtlK)??l Uu*a, has baea > mad* nut or tbe legitimate earnings of Ute concern, with ! out tbe ror.traettag of loan* or any cnnaideeehla sears* meat of stockholders. At present tbe Westers Cum Com; any baa between fecves sad twelve tb-nmasd mils* i of wiree?nearly rnnigb to reach tea I mee the spau of tbe * Can lie rablr?sad own* c-'OtmlJiog stock la th* I l.o-a weet of tit loots, now being res'-My extended, tin I o*r tbe maaagi mat of Char lea M. Stebblca, toward ball | foer IS. A somewhat nsasvnl fsaturs of this corporation, and cr.e that pr./hably furnishes some key to lb.- secret of its ; socee<?, is ILe elrcumstaue* that nrarlt all of tbo stork is he'd by its d restore ai.d rfhoere. sr that itosMsom* ta oitcr mined b; persons nl>o are % itslly mtarsstsd Is I? ' welfare Htraii stbiev, if R che tor. X Y. to I'ree teal, Isaac R Hwnod, rf tbe asms place, IS s*f rrtAry sad trraeerer, sod i H W ade of Cleveland cent nuts to be the geosra! ! sg"bt iTb* geoaril ii.p'r.atrndrrt is Anton P lifer formerly of ClacluLntl, now res tot at Oevtond. noeot the m *4 accomplish.(d t*>?re|t?n of the time 1 Cobb.afCtu Ctpo, sod Charles Imvmpert, of Cincinnati, arc aealsteal stjerialeoJents Tie fart Uial ll.e eoatraat for the psymeat of the forty tbn-isass dot lars per anaim fur tru years cr. tli? part of the fsltrd Rletee gi'rrri.mrol forth* ccnrejanreaf Its d??, t'ebi# hetwren the ant rn borders o' Missouri and tbe I'm lie coast, to not to be exec ited unlit lbs liar to C-'Ibptrtrd, baa err irtd Ibis great undertaking fro it fell lag lau< the bands of s? b parties as am anrietomod t* ?l<wr 'ate upon government root-arts, and una given 14 talc the rhswa i f tboie leg UmaMy eogtg<d sod la to fated In lie bus'nesi of teir.-rapb'Dg Fr >m sneh mscr vitrnn a* we bdve been eb'e to make for a timbre of yea s of the maragrmret or tie atTnlrt of tbts muiaiir. and from 'ta arSnowtrdgrd reputat'nn lor a sort of sturdy prur eaatrn rnnegf, wr caono! sut 'nal strnngly diapnrnd I - .urnd theadgmrbt i f ftocritsry C-bb Is making tnr award. W? '"are that't Is wtlb the eiprc?**d foraeot and np p'ova; of mil th# tmportaol tr'<wrg:.h It tares is of the country the'(be W?str-p l>'.>r Ompa- ? bas assumyd Uie mcr -tiidtohmial of th'.e splcnd'd pr>' ?cV M vi Te* Ui i- rat. ua Mi to t in f?w W.rS ? Wd bntr that lUr, lib:y Ru Ige, wbe ran arr<wsed ant ' mmi'tt ago, la Irwb cdo.ity. < n suspieii o or msrderlac bis wtfr, a d auVeiqucotiy dtoubarged, Ui? C"rooar's Jury lalllrg !<? (tod f I? guilty, las heat latlrHU by the Grant Jury. It * I he fi m? rnhr red ihat Mrs. Rjuge was found o ?e mora tt-! dead U ' < r lied, tod w lb her throat ttorrlblr cut

I *rt <s amualitul *i-i tbe family ea | i m Mr sua Me* 0 bad not l.ved t getb r r?r| btpp lr, sal th?t Mr B bad rI an aor. Mtoutten to i Mwr friaiiaslban traa r >m 1 ?uMe allli MV'prtetj S rer bu.rat y believed Uitl abe tad I'i k'i .d. ahlto My B stoutn averred that Sb< t * ; < ru.itid shir its. lie was baai,/ eremled, Irlod h i -< a OoTotei'sJu.y and ae.y iiued fte onto rreatod <N" Table i s -de ncot Nsarl' all the pwoplo la tin r mtita arrayed Ibemar ret en oae sidf >r tbs IS r, an t itui* U It pm and cm we c printed and wltlsiy sir mist ?4 It was s ipptsed hy lt,ne* lirtag thu* far awav from the arer :r*r tr? n attw tad bsew dr<t| psd, bat tbs aasw Jtsto rsopshrd and mor.- ibof ighly tnrmttgnlod. I'tuboal 8k(lchti uf Iluyalty?'Tlir (|ucrn of Engluit Mil the Prince uf U ulci. Mr J 11 Mddons recently delivered a leture ta th<? city, 1m v hich be gave a sketch ot I tie Queeu aud Priuee, ae follows:? A'trr a glance at bcr geue&'ogy, au allusion to the g"u? ral popularity of ? omen in r lira in t.ugland, and l> tu.< die ppointmeu'. uf the Ilrilt?h people ou the death of too Prlucues Charlotte, If Sid fou? tut.: i that tj iceu Vic to l la wu& ex,>res*ly educated by ber mother, the Ouch at ot Kent, with a vie* t9 hnr future positim Whcu very yout g the VUI rkkrtly at. t w.-?k ta the nnklec ubl ecmeu|>pr< heoilou existed that the iniiftii inherit the in jo tal itiOrimly of George the thinl. 11 altby training pre vented this, She ana brought up at the act aide, at Rsmsgate, ber an dtlcB pumj>ed on, aud so* bathing re sort, U to Hie rode on h-iitebadi, vtsitsl the p.wr?>?? leg suppled with uiuLcy fur the purpoee ol relieving them, She wax u very bentvol ul Princes*, waeu the rude abroad, ber poise, however plothoiic, always returucd empty. tihe hal a good appetite, which bbe retaiua to ibis d*r. Her u lellecluai aad m >r*l edunatiou was as soeud as her phjsiial one tier mother caief jily inculcated In ber a love for the Protes tant religion, German was almost ber nursery laagutge she I. arui'd I rench and Ittlun per eclly , and kasw a little tqwoUh. She was also au accomplished inasldlau ml vo callst. At Ibe age of elgbP n. uu June 'AU, 113", ha" lis came Qui en, Id c?n*cqueuue of th" death of ber uncls, Wdllsm IV. Tbe lecturer described the aacomblage of the privy council, aid red ber M?j sty's speech t> th ?n, iu wblcb ibe declared her love tor, and dezotioa hi, the Hriltsh roue tit m ton. Twenty lbr< o years have elapsed that time, and la do i>uu Instance lias she swerved Irom it. the wis fortunate lu btr Ministers Thoagreea biiity, tact, goo I tulo and worldly knowledge or Lord M llviurne wcro deservedly eulogised. 11a and the Duke ol VTuilU-gloa proved excellent advisers to the young Qui en They dined with ber every day, aad. being eld geutltmen, would comet: ma drop asleep ovar their wlue, when sbe would inkle their noses Very toon Lord Melbourne thought it a-lv,rable tbtt she ifcould be married, aud on bis tlatiug it lu dip.') uia'lt language .he did tot nlmttit aim, aad re 1 pl:ed, "la t me bave 111" Duke of Wulliugt in ! Kaplan* lions hi tug odetcd, sbe ubjocted several y to ber cousins l ol Cumberland aud Cambr idge, and Suggested "po>r Ai I beri." It proved a happy choice, as iu< young Prince of Suae Cuburg an 1 Golha possessed all the qualification* uececanry to make au excellent husband Hehxiagsol | understanding, aud knew bis wile's weak points. It was raid that tbe Queeu manifested a penchant for Lord F'pbiustone, but olijaction b< ing rx'sci to such a mar ru ge be received the government of II ulral |.i git tilm col of tbe way, On lb" Q recti's union with t*r:nc? Albert It was proposed to g:vo him an income ot ?09 099. but cn tbe mclioii of Joai'ph Hume it was red i rot by one half. The young couple started in life with a mutual ? i ! MM 000 It was hot I io mash; tb"y brought up their family ou it without calling for a s- paratc allowance for any ot tbem Mr Siddnns described the coronation and ecumerateil the remarkable men there assembled, leillrg sn anecdote of Marshal Swill aol Lint (Jill, oil foes, who met on that noeasiog. He then depicted a day in the Qu.fU'a life She rose at hat! past sis in summer. s< ten in wiuter, and always wall, -d abroad, return eg to morning prayers and braak'ast, at j? she at" heart. ly, and aubstquently apeut ball au^hour la tbe ours?ry. Sli" rest received the Must?r of the H >u?oh rid aud do n'ed what Invitations should be uncorded forth-day. and then skilled ber aviary, meaag<*rla, aquarium or stables, bbe was passionately fond of borsis and a good rider. At eleven she aooorded uudtearu te the S-virotary of War, tbe Home and Foreign Secretaries, at twelve she received general visiters, lunched at oue, when she drank Alsop's nalo ale At ihree she entore-l ber car rlage or rode on horseback, either visiting or ou sim-j ?i rand of charity. An arecdBte was related of her kind n. is and liberality toward Mrs. Warner, the tct'ess The Qocen gave a medal to Florence Niqtatingale Returning from ber drive or ride, her Majesty dined In Rtste, which was rather a dreary affair, no conversation being a.cwed But that over, et'queite wan dismissed, In the drsw.r.- room the Queen played on the piano and indulged in German garnet At elevea abe retired Tbe Queen appeared fond of American lallos. the lecturer knew tbe wife of s New York editor who had it tuned in the same quadrille with ber. Of the Prince of Wales a very erroneous 1m preen lot prevailed. He was neither dull nor stupid, bet a youth of the noblest dispo sition, and spUu educated. G'.ko bis mother, be ap Kared ricketty and delicate la youth; It was feared that might not survive He carried his bead a little oc one tide now. He spoke French, Genua, Italian and Mpaaith with fluency, betides being a good Greek and Latin scholar. He was well acquainted with law and tbe hue arts, a good toldler theoretically, and a good horse man; no wall or brook ever stopped him when on horse back; he was what la tecbnloally termed "a bralilog rWer." He danced enormously, like most of the Ksglisb youths of tbe day, aad waa alwaya guided by personal appearance la his cboloe of partners The Iscture terminated with aa allusion to the friendly relations between Great Britain aad tbe United States, which be thought the Triage's visit would stUl further establish. Omr diplomatic Agemta Md tbe Irroprco ?Iklt RlgfWi 11m obtrodeo of the " Irrepressible nigger" m ou Kts'^tor la England, by Lord Brougham, by bo bmbm constitute* the only attempt that has bees made to annoy, IT not Insult, our Mlalston abroad by the advocates of negro equality. Our Coasul General la Ecypt, Mr. D* Leoa, baa lately been made the subject ot auch annoy aaoe br the "Afriona Institute" of Parle. The ties I queaoee, as wtu be sees from the eubjelned oorrsepoa deooe, were aot precisely the same to Mr Oe Leon's case, lie did not submit tn si once to the Insult ? [translation ] Arnicas Isetir n Ixtxxsatiobai Eoctsrr roe m a bo: mo.v or tss *jn Thai.* aao or 8lav*?t, Fortran is ISM, Pahm, April 80, ISM. "Go ye forth, ead teach all the people." Pre?We have the honor to Inform you that, selected by the votes of the Superior Council of the A'rlcm Instl lute, through their Committee of Presents!tan, you hare been choose honor*'7 Vice President of this society We congratulate you the mere on your nomination, as the Afi icaa Institute waa (bunded with e view to the aocom pliehmeut Ot a great work?the r?K'-uera .inn of the African race by U? abolition of rtavery and the slave trade, and the citilltstiue of Africa On tbeoth.r ha ad, Algeria, conquered by Wood and eaormoue sacrldces fur Ibcaacc Of Chr *1 au.lj >!.> new ywftm of the Fval ant ihe da da) more eit''t.deu?of the commercial coot** twos, asd tbe regular establishment of steam Hue. over the whole shor uf the Med tier rase u and, laatly, the tnduKli ai as wet aa the suenti'i ao I so;ial more meet* which tad minds always watchful lithose start:ug points tf civtlis tttoe, these all are principal reason* that hew caused us to lay the foucuat.ou stone~ uf our society. H.e Afrit an inal.tute has elrvuiy obta.ued the support of Civllieed government*. nut still it l? only the tid of philanthropists, ot pxi'tioal eCTmntrts. of traveller*, end ot m 1*1 lunacies, that it ena erer nr.- .mpUah It* o yect. Tne Council, uo the receipt cf your written acceptaooe, will Deliver ) oar diploma and wll cause It to be s*ul you fne, art . mpaoH-e w it the eooaui of the aoeirty. Be at- d euonxb. sir, to . our sending this rtrrn'ar; but the aaU thai sre Bare aswdn Is al' quarters of the globe, I on all mea worthy So bear end to ruapoad to It, ranuot b" ? mad* loo poai'c. and when so nuaj generous roiee* are rained ta be bad, of Ibta soured cases, ?? would wian also to have ouia 1 ? wound, la order to gala fir the black stares friawds sod protrrpiva Acnept. ?:r, lb? amura-icrs uf 1 ear m >rt die ogu.shed ecus Isrei.oe. P'. KC fit rALWTt.VJl, fttldm of Uw ihiwi IsNitiib. bip (n ar AMTao.vru. Chevalier of the legion of ti MOT. Dir. Pa ft Armnsrs Secret*: General Aorarr am Oasmr' in '.kjbxai or ru) l arrsu dtarasor ?aaau* i? Cum. AUT avntlA. dune M, lido ) To mi Cns A-:1* Hir-oi: IX DS str irmsn. Sorreierv 0enseal, A'ru-aa lovtliula, 21 P'eoe Vmdsatn, Par . ? tiaor IBe receipt of your letter of April 30, aa eounetap my arruioatlua aa H more') t ier Praasdait of | the Institute tl'Afplqise, of Part*, founded Is MM by many nobis and Jw'ngulafced oe.-s.oa of all oou.iiriea. fl>r tbe ahoiltltm of tbe siare trvts and *f a'avery, I ht**v carefuOy examined the statute) of lost aaeoc atiou, aul am cumpiile I IB tNBM Mm prnlered honor aa it, do .a pel. ble with my principles and opm: MS At the asm. tine, 1 I moat beg you to t it 1e? la* (Vmmlllee of I raeenUt ea, who have paid tr.e this -.nan r.tuu tam, '. xiest, the esaur. Alices of my gri cfUl regard, and 1 pray yua also, Str, to arr-pt fur jreelf my BdkWWtMgaaaBW "r the otter 1,1 which I no r re*p?n 1 la my nss my asm < has been much cotio*rt#1 with this eery fi act, but at ray* ui oppuatltoe to a ui.stakoa pb;.?uthru ay, which Is my JudgiBtul. bar assumed to hi wiser toaa froti laec i? ?trot ger Hod ?and wh ch, wot re far triumphant, hae hrcught f.Tth weed*. a?hr? tad btn,?l as it* >uly fru ?*. as wltesss the emsuci|*n- a of k ISitn ago aeu in- Ac. Hah W.*t ladtrr. aiid the Lurn ra if the ooulie traih, la red *k His to sabatlluta for the !>la* It la ao r. prut-h to ? be na uee that Agar* la j our uaeeclatien t, env that we, whu Uf* under lh? sy.i. w must romprehtal 11 osttsr thsn ihoee who either draw 1.,- r, th->t imi?ioa hois or their fkcts, it eceept tnem frens tb ? p ct ? ied lips and psaa of our aalire trad men, vieaserleea uq 1 ally ignorant or br dlrr* uf the truth 1st tbrm r?f! ?1 an* large r mm.n',1.1 wield w ill lug ly and ch^rfuly lire la ajl d.e fur thii pecaa nanrw uf ao P ftl'. jtloa w'.lrh real, was at otse* a ostd lurtune anu a cr me, and a oilagteg Same to Ms*SMe.r*e and th' tr chi'drtu auw the apcutest* 1* prws : >d to th* wcrld ? f etghl mi il'.ns ?' white fr?. w n iic.,be lalel) ilarurtu^ the dlirjpttoa of ? bekvrd coa' Jeracy. M an a trrcu.r* to be preferred to Iba ah >uImu of ?lavrry is the Pouiberia ftatas of the Amarleao CaltB. Pbla aione rrould oocvinc fhrelga pblUuihrupisis of th* l.opeleeaci?- of tbe task tliey have udde'taken, lu unltt nan ot the bar: roleat ladle* la X >op't teute?? toacrah the }ih:op ?-hit?"?even lid nut all jprevio.e eiperleeoe teseh the same lessen. Nor a-? thi** tet t meats sirs' re ascotmr 1 an American rit.dee. The (siaers uf >ar republic re?used to recognise either an eqaai or aeru-ie I. the tryro. Thry left ah., to that foelii .?u whi di he baa ever oecuniod since the hieroglyphics ware en 'ravel ni-ia toe Kick lableta o' Kgypt?(whore be <1- iriw ivar *e a l'*arer of burdens sever as a Conqueror or a k ley) ? does to the pre nt day, when yrea.w eeeke' npp. cn. tier*," nod America retains awvrw In his dsaoeadeats. With regard to tbe e't r tfad >. 4sa*r[?a dr?t d*) *'#l it piracy ana at this m naeet hsf Veaa. 1* are baay Id i ip prssrlng the trafllc Hboull not en AMlrta pref. r tt .hilow |i. ib* lootelep* ef the eagw and patriots of th* K- t oi.ii 10a, rather Uian la Ibos* of a fhetioe, srhieb u bie i?i. cuurtiy has as its chlrfpcophrui au elderiy f.mau ruma.cev and a male " Bel wari us," who U?^> para te I U.eir ' stars' and their ' stripes over Furope for th* din*race and cpiaaatwa of thc.r nat'.e land Fiow these rees-tia, whlrh I murht. but ertP aot. maltlply. yon will proci ive, sir, that I could aot oonaiHcitly or i. her ably, *t'0?r aerwpt or be etieal under Ike *mhirra*?isr circumslaecee in abmb your Cowrtanlealton p!a-*1 ms , But while responding with p.-rfeet francnem, | have eonght to do ?. wltb at', import to grutiem-n wtiesi me Uve* 1 do irit I-notion, and remain, with eentlm-ul' of high cvhO' lera;. ?o, y m- ehcJirt t eervant. ? OWIN PE Too Jam rtur; WrwwrV m Captain F'vna, pww 1 our ? ?die*on Useie anneal etmirefou fb-y o.mberal euty nu Arte, aed were am'mp*a>d by * very to* bind of aid 0. tOlUtftOK StHAUH'i WbsiLitl TOUt. Oar bt. Juapli St. Wo , aept lb, XM') Tuo 8}*;ckei in Stuowx?tiranl H ttp'ij * at S Jurp .? Jbturuta'im qf the ftnrl &ucc&~ qf I'ri/i'jt! Th i oiiQlumt the' ifni-tti, <te Governor bewara and party let'. I>uV:jue uuFriUy evening tn route tor Kansas, and arrived at this point Im night. The Governor #a* somewhat surprised lurewlve at one of tbe way alalioua ou the Hamilton ant St Joseph Railroad, a despatch iu tbe following words:? Bki OKum.n, by telegraph front ChiltothS,) Bept. 22, XS<50 J To Hon, W m. H. SaWAKD, on excursion ?'mi - Wt>, tbe i.uderaisued, on b.bat of ourselves and the eltl xene of Cbiiicolhe, respectfully requenl tan you address u* up o any topic teat may be ajreeublo l i you, during Ibe tiiue tliat tbe cure will ntop at our depot this evening With uiucb ret,r>ert your lellow cllix ins, F. f 1IKARVE, SMITH TURNER, J AS A SHIRLEY, J A BELL, E. B WaPLEJ, and thirty othrra. KkMAltAM AT CUIUCOTUl. Of course be did not expect tbal be would have been allowed, mucb Una Invited tospeak in a titve State; but, being Luvited, be wax too polite an t lo o fear lite to de cline Tbe cart did (top a few momenta at Catlicolbs, and a couple of hundred perrons were assembled at the station to tee and hoar bitn. He came out ou tbe pAlfoi ui of tbe car, which wat specially assigned to himself and party, and Ipoke to them in a familiar, free and easy manner. He told them Utat be bx 1 been makiug po'llical rpeccl.cs, and hardly knew on what subject, except that of politicr, be could talk to them. He wis afraid that ou the subject of politics they would no: adopt hit views. Tbry were divided between tbret 1'roaidcutlal caudi Utea, 41 r Douglas, Air. Breckinridge and Mr. Bell?all able men, aud rtapotlel frletda of bis. But, for bis part, he was tome what in tbe ca e of the man wbo asked another for cno of bit daughters. Tbe Intended father In law was agreeable. "Tiui," laid he, "which of lbom_ do yo j meant" "Ob," eaid the other," I never thought of that, and, at all events, I don't care if I have her." So with l iii?be did not care muoh to make a choice bet wren say of the three candidates named, and would Just as soon hare all of them. ' And cow,' and he, In a go d humor ?d sty le, '? Suppote you lake my manf My uiao U Abe Lincoln, and I guess he'll nuke a very good Prenidon'." (Laughter ) Ho tUn said acme very c >inpliinenlary tbirga to tlrrm about the beautiful portion of tbe country which they occupied, aud recommended them to improve their breed of burses, suggesting that be had just bad brut to h.tu from Syria two horses, one ot wuich bat txi n pronounced by Mr. Harcy the beat item in tlia counliy. They listened to bim with evident pleasure and rihU humor; and, as tho train started, Son I him off with three encorv. LAAD Cf mi OKAYIiCovt. As we parsed tho next stall ou, a miserable tittle ham let, I Inquired or the brakemau what its name was. "Tbal is L'tlca," said be; "the graybacks live here." "Gray backs! What are they t" " Well," aald ho, "they arc old settlers from Virginia wbo have got that nami. Tbera are K]?cimeiia of them," polntiog to throe or four lsxy looking lellowa, lilting listlessly oo their mules look lug at tbe train t peed Leg by. "They don't like the railroad, and would raltwr hitch up a yoke of oxen, aud ride too mules with them, than pay twenty flre cents 'are. Some time ?go they burned tbe railroad station, and afterwrards burned a settlement btlooging to some Ktitsrn people, and, even now, they are constantly pi icing lias on tb? track to upael the train We never dim tho u gat trains jsui this ptsce Itwter than four >i bour. ' 1 msde some remark shout the excellent lanu through which we w?ie passing, and waslold that some ui the lai men in Una region would have six or seven hundred acres of crops, but tot having capacious barns they auflered tas crop to rot in tho (round. The acnoolmaster ougnt cur Uinly to be soot to tae cooniry of tho gray barks Rscu-nox at br. loawn. It had been the Intention of Mr. Seward tJ proceed direct to Leavenworth, bat be chaagsd hta mlad and dir. termlued to IUJ over Sunday tn St Joseph. To oar (rsbt astonishment we fraud a company of wide awakes and a largu crowd of citiases assembled at the railroad station, the; (rested Mr. Seward with eulbusiavtle plaudits, and exioried bta to the false Hou<??aepleaatd hotel. Un ihe balcony be was (uraaally introduced aad presented with aa eddreee of weicotno 0/ Mr. T. J. Orja too In response nesald ? tmn it ST. rosara. Ma. Caaiawas, Garrutaax axo Fit low Ctr '?vi?I think that I hare, some time before this, said that the meet to Wresting sad afrssaMs surprise tbat srer human being has had on this earth was that which Columbus fell wbsh?after his lenc and tedious voyage la a ear oh of a ooaUaeut, the esUleaae of which was uakhown to hla ?all, as to nil mankind, and the svwisocr of whose sals uuoe was nothing hat a suggestion of hlsowa philosophy, tut rounded as be was by s mutinous craw, who wars de termlaed oa the destruction of his own If a if be should ODotinua I be royage uaeuoosmfully another day?na waat out hi night on the deck of his HUte ec-srl, aad there roae up helots htm the dark ahadow of an island, lighted by hamaa beings like himself. Tost wee the moet inte renting surprise that ertr occurred to aay man oa earth. Aad >et I do oot think that Columbus was much mora surprised than I and those who are with me hare be?n to-nlgbl. We hare been travailing 11 a lead of friends at d LrvtUres. through many civstiv, Irorn Maine to Mta aourt?along the abortt. of the ocean, along the shores of the grant lanes and the bauks of grant rivers?and 1 will not urny mat our fnoiale,., oars bees male pica, tot br kind aad friendly and rateranl greeting* We colored the sou nf Mtaeour! Ua mora lag, at teu o'elooi, listing that, allhnogh wo had a right to regard the people or Mia soart ma our brrihrtn, and although wa were lb air brethren aad friends, yet we were t? be regarded by its cittaeue an strangers, 11 not aa allenr and eaemlm.' but U.i welcome ttai greets us bore surpass* 11) tli ng tbat ws hare osperteneel la our aqfeuraiage from Bangor, la the Utile of Maine, to tbla place. The <nscoenry mat bare there is so much of kindness for us, ao much of respect and ronsldemtran, tatra ua hy sujprias. (Applause) I Will not deny that It afrcts ua with de? p am mint/, lor wa did not prwpoae to rtstl at Joseph Taore .s a land boyond you?a land redoemel and -aved fir frse dum, throi'gh trials and aufTertaga that hare com mno< ed He y meg and growing prop e I? I be rtapact of mankind nod to our peculiar sympathy We propenad lo be qolet Ira Telle ? ? through the dial Missouri, hoping and at peeling, without stopping hsre, lo rrat this sight an the other siua of the siaaouri, whrra wa kosw we wnnld be weicoms. (A Fetee?"W? won't hu t you ") No, 1 kuow you wiai 1 hurt me The mau who rarer worked evil to aay human brag, tad wb 1 challenges enomica as well an fri-usi t ? show the wroag with which nay being made la his own firm can arcu* I.101 whra he romea evfore the bar of Jurt'oe, liu no fear nf beirg harmed la the country of his hlrth had of Lis aAeeiwa Hut 1 staP-u that toot fur the purpxse of showing hoe agreeable is the fraternal wnla<>int It Is fu.l of promise. I pass ou r all thai aas beea sa'J to tee of ooaalderatioB for ma. There are aslgsMs oa wbica I lake no verdict from ray Gils* citizens I choose le lake the approbation, M I can gat It, Of my ooaaaleaco, and 10 wall Uil a future MB ler the r?epecl an I cons! ler. Hon of mankind (Applaaaa ) But I will dwail for una mem*at an this aatm-wdtna. y aaene, full of aesuraacn oa mnsy potato,and latereettag to every mi of you aa It Is to me The most cheer las foot, aa II ? tba moat atrtolag one la It, la that we who are rtoitars aad to Kan aas, beyond you, gas that we hare reached Kansas already oa the northern shown of tte M aaoarl nror (Uerreh ) Mow oosw Bp b?rs you?If there are aay eaah before me whs are esouatoaed lo aouud an alarm a v?ut l be ganger of a dbautaliun of I he L't. ???#; t una up bare, end look at thlaaarae of Kanaaa and Missouri, ao Ut?ly boatlla, hronght togeihar oa eiih.r shore lu the bra to e' fraternal aflectuo and friendship (Imud Cheers ) Thai is esactly what ell. aleays norur wheneeer you altera* to divide this people aad to set one p Ttiea agaiast another. The DouMht you hare brought the people t'lh* rulnl, where there >a even the lenai degree af danger to tb? oa tmaai eatotraee toil, then thorn whura party or party arabltma hart arrayed agaiast each ether aa toe rales will embrace rack other aa rrleods and brethren (katt .stasi c applause ) Let me te.l you thla simple truth that though yrs Ilea la a land of slavery there Is eotamea araoag yrra who does not lore slavery l e than he lows the I alee (Apple .?? ) War hare I erer net the ru*a who loved freedom so ranch enter aay of the aspects involved la the prt e. nl I'rsatdcat'ai isn'iea aa ha laved the Is bra for It la milf Uroigh lb* e'ablllty and of this I'skn. ibal aay bi-osier? whatever may be ripened in il. eoead oa la* Amef at prop's (da?ra ) And n ?w, fellow r ? z-n*. there Is oth?r laaaoa eLlcn Vh s occasion ao-! tola <iaa; .netrallor. teach They teach teal there la no s herries whatever la th? 1 ato. e, sat atituttoa or character et the petple of tar aerentl MM. ? of hi* I'a'os or ot tb? severe e.c't.aa of lha t'aloa. Tb>}' are til n'< i r nnrre erru 1' lh*y are aat ail aallve born end eduvi'l ta u. ? aame sett I>'? k.ibn>igh raaay < f them eume from tlatant tada at. thr r.r; tll.-m of b- tDg an kasrrioaar t f I. it to mtke th?ai all alike I wlil tell yai why this Is r" Toe reason le simply (Mr the .lemocrat.c prlnr pi* tha' erery ma. '?gbt lot* lbs owner 1* to soil thei h? c llratta, aad tire owner <?! the lirrh# and ire head the the appllce In ih?t roltare. has bvea adopt d ta rem* of the Id ? e?rl-rihes Ivan otlwe, and where It was ad >pird earttbhl It bar w?wt ad oat the fruits of h'zher edtan wraeot. of greater prr*fe rlty , ef gnater enterprise Wberd It l.av not heea adapted, antospruw aad ?aduatry bare Uniu:?S 1 la pro P"flic?. ?vu (fit fsfeg ihmiph, gWfifft ?tornd to p lAvraioA AlV i t. slo if y./'t nfl e'jA're ntp.r'.? f the t'niim, ?C(i Imivf to pr 'hr -tigh ?'< ft" tfS*r ff ?*u. P ti frdrad fe y* tAr all flic tS'-'fArrr gtefcv 'rfthf f'at(ra,/nr Me ?wa.**t fks' t ll ?vtng f >apA 'Ar I'-acfd. (Ijh.,1 appraoa*?Vei. fa " fhat is so ") I again rvturn you my t> >..<? foe tb ? a. <1 un*?fus't<t, as ti la uadrai-ved, cotrplMMti, aad I v .eh prvvparity to aB af you Mr Pvvsard ret'ffd amid loud cirsva. General Kys had f-oevraor Patteraoa we*e afterwards called wot, and de livered abort MMM To day Governor 9e??rd attemled the Kpiwopal ehnreh. To morrow he acta out for Iswrenne, call.ig at [earen worth on the way Ba epealri ta Topcka oa Tac'ay ha J la Lawtstinv cm Wedaeeday tm hit return trip be wit visit <t I grata, aad wtU spvak tajUiliags oa Taesdae tbe 2d of Oct bee. Twit Waiaw* Ifiin Oravn, a dre r ?npany ef yo-ng mew. turned uot ?eeterday on thi <r auntai rarvlr They n irabrrro forty are a- skets ewto-aan Ic1 hr Cvp'ul*. ("bartee mteltoy aod preveatod agnel %ppca-?uc* Ke'r |.riv" tatrtygig In anraVr. were pi'r' ralnta'* 'hw aurh pt'tes tvmral'y me Tlte? Pilot Ciiumliiluttii and Pilot Btsi- ' TO 1 UK MH10R OF Tills KFW VOM HKKAr.D. Th.t c?6i* Leu elicited much comment from tuu prom, withoU thai piojwr understanding of the subject winch would lend to piece so bonoiable, Industrie and grossly pei setuleU ludivldual In a position to content the usurps It u i f bis rlgbta us a citizen against a wealthy and power - (ul combination, whose authority and acts a-e violative of every principle of constitutional justice, as applicable either to himself, his professional brethren, or their em ployers. In the first piece, the professional qualifications of Mr. Kiigiuo have not been questioned, nor has but private r harecter been assailed Au experience of forty yoera la Ui aruuuus duties of his pro usstou bus estsbltsuod the oec, and his standing as a good citizen is beyond question. He therefore meets the Commissioners on equal grounds ot rerp-ctsbiitly aud poailu-n, except so far us they pon sesa tbc money, power sod li-fiuence to baraas him To q-KSo an article on this subject which appeared la the columns of a New York piper "Three of the Oom mittioof-rH arn apjiomted by ibe Clumber of Comtnarm. while the Board of Underwriters appoints two. The oom mltsion thus constituted is suitl; eatly unjust, the pllotn baring no repn-ientatica in lire Hoard; but the injustice la ti.aae more msalfe<it by the fact that, as far us the Under writers are concerned, tiny buve no representstlm what eter. Nor is there r,n? member of the commission com l*t< ct to examine, practically, a candidate for appoint ment, or 10 i -i-.-nct stK-h examination upon any bxsia ex <ept that fain ?... .d by the toast survey churls of the har bor. Abci.t one jesr since the Board of Underwriters, oo? rtneed that their Intrrints demanded a fair reproeeola tK'i , elected twooUbcir Inspectors?both seamen, and one- au arknowtpdgW pilot, for this portion of the ooast, ejecting therebj two of the p*e?enl commissioners This action of the Bmrd produced a perfect ferin-nt in this close corporation, and too result of the commotion was the swallowing, by a portion of the Board, of tho previous votes, and the retention of the present occu pants, who arc all members of the Chainoer of Com merce. Thus, therefore, Is this B >ard of Commissioners consti tuted , and cloth- d with judicial power, from which tbag bold there ia no appeal, exo pt back to the same tribunal, and these are t be mod or u S?luui who dony the author ity of any tribunal beyond taeir own. That slnpmaa ere approaching the coast, and arrlvlag within the I'mils of pi otage station*, should be require* to accept the services of the ilrst duly accredits t pi let who utters, is unquesiionsbljr just and proper, and for tb? simple rees n that the lives and property entrusted l* their charge might l>e jeapordixed or lost by refusal; but the case is quite differed when the vessel is in safety sad outward bound. It is not desired that the owner should be required to provide a competent and daly constitute* pilot to conduct the veese-l to sea, bet bo certainly cboeM enjoy the privilege of p'acing bis property m the custody of these of bis own selection, and in whom ha repoam confidence. What effect would It have upon the interests of some of those gentlemen, if the law required that the same captain* who bring their vessels safely inti pwt should carry them to sea again, without their being eea ?ulted on the subject? The charge that Mr. Msglnn laid la wait outside, si certain points designated, to Intercept particular inward bound su-ainers, is simply ridiculous. As well mighl they charge that Mr. Murpliy laid la wait at Liverpool hr Ibe Oreal Kasteru; or that every pilot who is sett abroad, for the pnrpice of piloting vessels on their arrival o* pilot ground, is guilty of vtolatlcn of law Ildoeoap pcar that the selection of those msn by the par Um mom deeply inter eated I* the aafity of the property entrusted to their charge furmshee the atronytst evidence of their lnts|riiy and profeasioaal akill. The pilots of this poit bare m> superlora for iatelN geoce and profesaiooal ability, and justice would appsag to demand that lhay ahould be fairly represented In the Board. The law affixes a penalty to the employment ot un licensed pilots. Why, then, due* not this tribunal insti tute proceedings against the merchant* who employ Mr. Meg Um, instead of against him? They are fully compe tent to reply to this Inquiry thomseirrs. But the selective or Mr. Mag ton, as an example In till* arbitrary exercise of uncoosi.tutlonal power, w.r.lJ appear to havo orif meted in bitterness of feet lrg engendered la toe breast of au Individual member of toe Board. maay ye ire since, vheo Mr. Meglna was engaged In defending the interest* of U>e New York pilot* beTnre Congress, sad where hi* natural abilities wars the subject of comment by maur Senators asd member* ad the Home, and ia which contest be proved himself more than s match for bl* autagoatst. Why do not the oem misstoners maintain thtir original position, argue the quistioa of jurisdiction, set aside the injunction granted by Judge Sutherland, and iaslnt upon trying the ana Ihsmosirsn? Do thoy feef that they have assumed untenahie Cround in this matter? or that this last act of OAmimg U arrest by criminal proccm will orush his energies ?ad ?riag him at their feet ??foresting from flnytl. TBI ?tm or JOHN MOWN -PBB3IDBNT AMB MASAMB OEff KABB?THE JOIIN BROWN PCSD. WTO. [From tbe Bosun Traveller of drpt. 30 ] I'OAT AC PRUKI, AugUtt IS. IBM Th* fbllowtwg extracts are from a private latter re ceived la Una cfty by tbe 'arah Burtoe I arrived bare aafcly and la good health Friday Mot last; oe the follow lag Tooaday I had aa interview with the President I weal op la the palace with Mr. Actor mane, at wheaa wttet house I May (tor aa bets* a wtltla man oaa hoM co real estate) and amvieg there, we ssat ta oor tarda. Wo were iovlted Into the Coronation Reh of which yoo may possibly remember that I spots to my lettersj, sad had not waited long baft-re tbe Pr*ai<teot stared He is ? atlghtly built man, a little taller this I am, nearly black, although ha haa oaa * jar tar white blood. He woo droMod with good taste ana wore oa bio head a blue velvet amok toe cap, richly d see rated with gilt embroidery. Ha recojnlsod me at once, sad came forward and shook hands with great oordiallty. Ha nakee If I had received the letter In wblch the govern ment offered mo aa asylum in Hay I la c tae I ?t> xild ho obliges to leave tbe I'atted States tor a time I thanked htm lor that honor, at tbe earns tinea Intimating that the ban of the Senate nil been re moved. Fie cordially welcomed mo to 11 aytl. I loid him my double obj -u la visiting the country at this time: to prt aeet the portrait ot John Brown and to gala aoea rate lalbtmalloa and perhaps offer propnttUoaa ta reiw 1100 to the ssploratum of tnr tale of liayli. He gave oa a irvotiuna how to proceed with respect to the last ob ject, personally charging himself with the doty of eeeiag my profoeiluwa eoterUlard We had col been there tew miDuP a before at. officer entered and art I that sums owe eat waiting for aa interview; the Pre*.dent replied that he would ha engaged for aa ho-.r or two. t expeoted, the.-ft/re Una this would be the length of the Interview; oti i anted I rum three P. M , tl I nine or ten We re pea-eXly offend to leave. nM wtsh.og ta occupy so muoh if bis time. but. with that poiiteoaas of pbrane whtoh only irr at. : Hajtiioa poaseoe. he insisted that werhnullauy After talking an boor or two, I toid blm I bad two favors to aek of aim Brat to *>e that the proper officers ackaoolndgad the receipt of the bust ef lobn B'own, that Mrs Metros h.xJ ami to blm. aad aeeood, to off r to Mr? Usa-y (the wife of tiu wiorsd rwaa who Ml at Uarpi r ? Ferry i a special lavtutloo ta rusita lite home la lUyti. I sale thM I hardly knew aar, but thought It would be rendering a deserve] h?w to the m<-m?ry of Mr lewry, to make the offer ta bua wire His tour ta the North, be said, had oa,y pre vented the ackaowledgeinvt.1 of lbs bust of John Brtwo, wblch he highly p Irad aad hat placed la bts private saloon (parnr); for the see ad, he would be happy to racogwiae, by suit aa laVtatloa, hit appro i-.iotioa of tbs davuil* to the saosa of liberty which lad Mr L/*ory to aa uatimalr end I don't pretend to giro ha exact pbraaoa. hut tba aubstaaor only, for ha apaaM very last, and I on y aaderauad French whan aiowty aw nou'ioad Tal?u>geb>ut emigration, the prejudice of eofar (not oely la tha Dotted States but Haytl), the conditiow cf the country, Fetlabna of the rural population, the dtf ?cuUlao which beset the work of reform have, ha own history, the state of affairs ta America, tha polity of lbs r , .b ?-*r. parti, as to whether it would reeogolae the tadepeadeoce of Haytl. sua other loptoa. II was anew time lor sen per Ha naked u? ta diss wlih blm. Vo w ct Into ih- mala body of the palace, passed throMB the "Hall of tbe Generals'* (whera tbe partraiu af the ? aiaeal soldiers of Haytl are) nod then aoterad the pri vate raktae Cedar a great mirror, oa a marble slab, was Brajketl'a bust of John Bruwa. crowned with a laarM wreath It lainc o tha wreaths beought by thv glrk attcas.ig the pablw anboots wtooe tbay to retisMato bun oa ft a return from tha N'.-rth. It had heaa put aa Ue head of the bust, be said, "la b mar of the martyr ?* lbs die .j room adlotea tha perl Re Introluced aa ta Madame Gvffreid. who Is a on; ired wumaa, hut an white tha' to owe waold snapecl that ah ? haa African Mood ta her vaica. rfte took* like aa Kaglbh womaa la bar baBd. aha did not diac wita ua, this IS ooe of the peculiarities M Baytiraai?le?y TwuOf tbcaldra de camp, drested in hand some military e*atnm<o sat at table maklag Irs of as la all We remained till abut nloe i. ff ar l haa hat sow want; or. el pa cert, aad del'tbu la lb-- c mpaay af latol llgeel farelgoer*. Tba Prcetdsat la very eat >ua to pro mote at> ed rated emaaelpat on from the Northern -letaa, aad his mmtatoro are about to Initiate vigorous measures to Inform tha colored people of America ef tha advantages af Haytl as a how* Car the AT rloaa race. 1 hal aa latervlew with l.aiwntbe mt r. a nance. Secretaries of Prnte, aad both af them aiaa, ?prke with iaterewl oa the same (abject I draw up a programme for them, of measures nun wary ta he adapted sod pledges aad guaraawuato ha gives, aad they vl carry || oat Ttiey hav-i raised avwt 14 000 (American) la Fort no Pri?M ft* the ,'ul.i Itr< wn ft,n 1 b it Rfff be l-n,maar hi tu dloeover bow mcob baa baen ra ted ia the repuMW for a weeh or two. Tie portrait or Joha Br-?a. teal by Mr Hyatt, has eharmed every ooe. it is p ar-4 in tha Blare, an.l tbe Tree <l?wt Us* eipreasr.d his .auetioo af ring portraits of C'pc ani Chaveaaa, tb grat mariyiw of Haytl, painted la a rorrvopou ng atylo. I am Ih dinner of l-eiag lionized hero I h<mr It M prop> md to offar ma a pubi c ilinter la honor of tha John Brae a two r iena Onmmitlee But they wilt hive toaendout aome other ripreovoutiro, for I abal. sol accept asr humor vatU t tl ink 1 bars deserved II * ' IvTvutBnwe Cimoaist. xr Bol-mbbs' llowx -The Frml dcuaod MM iAaa.aay* the Wash agtoa ??- of the Kit Inst , oa Atturdar 1 at *.* tallied their approaching At Hurtarr frcm ll-ntr plewwtat rural ratrael at " Bsidtero' Uoww' by giving a farewell awterUiomeal to thatr MMbbm ar-ica olaacg ia that a< ghiioihawi Tbe ow wion was ma of h ash acciahlllty and ao.ojsaaht The fartLors aid co atry gvatlenaa ?ho were peeewt With tftclr wires and ihmiliea entered w ih epirlt (eta thh fcetlvitiea, and wtll toog remember their bnpaebw treat meat at the bands o- tbe rramtuat aad a? siaaa M peramt ears Invited frorn the o!t? a-o?p? mombevo of the (abloot, rf whom the Hrvratary*of tha Tfoaecrr, tmo Haerotary of the toteel r anJ the Atto-oay Oeawrai were rreOfBt, and entered loto tbe aptnt of the ncroama wim tree democratic cordiality IBs earlier saft * ? ?aa (awed la Mwreraat oa amoagai the goeata, lolar r-pted ft? a visit to urn Asylum to atMasis a auri verities Vy r aa of Ike lL?otee fwroavWg fives at Brew. Thla was proronarod a Backte*' ouccMs, and moefc aym {ithy waa expreoeod la the 'aodaMa affarta of tlye old va larwc fcr trafc'sg It krrwr V the rmbtlc Tie later h ere tf the afteraoon were wpawt ?? deaclag he The r-em MM w <B mmmr ft.? rao"taooa at tha White Biawe aw Batla/ aaxi