Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 29, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 29, 1860 Page 2
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THE COMING STRUGGLE The Plat b, the Talk, the Hopes and the Efforts of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. What 11 ill the South Do if Lincoln be Elected? iilereitmi Interviews with Senator Toombs sod the Eon. Alex. II. Step ens. Impend n? Sanger to the OS ?t Pros perous Nation in the World. Immiuonry of a Dissolution Of tMfe Union, &o.. Ac., Ac. THE GOME OP GOH. ILEX. fl. STEPHEN. ?ptcU) Corrttponit cnce of the Vtw Vor Ucralil. AFTBEireKilOM FOB TIE 11 il KK OK TITS COt ;.TST 17 LINCOLN'S BI.ICTKD? AV ATTXVIT AT 8UCKS- | WON AND KEVOLCTION r.'.SV'TAPLK?HIS VlKWS ON HLAVFKT? HIS PI A.VTATION?HIS VISKYAKIIS? HE AFANHON9 PI CMC MPS, AND BEPCDIATHS TIIK RMAt HOI EN OF TliS noi'K -A VISIT EKOH TUB tiHP.AT HOI'TIUCRM Al..TAT<iK, SENATOR TOOMIW? SU AT W.I.L HAKE THKA-ON ALfil'KC * ACLL .' B.C., Cmawkokdvillv. Taliaferro Co., f?a., I Sept. -?i, IviO. f leaving his luggige at tli<s L?inLle inn in this iinle village, which numbers but Rbout three hun dred ^habitants, wl ite and black, your corres pondent inquired the direction to tho residence of the ll<>n. Alexander II. Stephens, the lust beloved pcliu, ian in the fc'ate of 'ieo-gia. Walking to the tornrr of a strict, a short distance from the inn, ?or informant pointed in a northerly direction, and ?aid, "The re is Mr. Sicphcns' Lonse, where that white gate is, where yon see that light"? for the son had set, and the cttrtaina of nigat were closing around. In a u-w n.i'uuWa your correspondent loom) I -u-elt within the enclosure and walking np a brt d aventie toward Mr. S:?ptaena' boov. Upon n capacious pot H in front of the dwelling, a line Lound dog bayed deep mouthed warning that a*r was approaching; but cries of "Dawn, pup!" " He qnlet, ] ip!" quieted the deg, and we entered the h? ,-e. The first ubii-ot that met ou." view was that ct a person, apparently a slightly formed youth, walking thoughtfully through a wide pas sage way that extended from one side of the dwelling to the other, and < pen to the air and sun aktae at either end. Ou appro# thing this alight, appar<uly fragiile persouag", we discovered at ?ana, fiom bis deeply marked and careworn fea tar*.?,l ? broad forehead, his intelligent and elo quent bla s rye. that it wa? no youth who stood l?f<te rs, b it Mr. Stephens him-:lr'. He n.<w weigl> ninety-two pounds, and weighed but eigh'y ioai * uer be ommt need lav* pre ti -e iu Crawfoi J ?die. The 'rei cny of introduction passed. Mr. ren.-iiked. Lei me s?n' fco he hotel for your Inggagf. and ttop with me while you tarry t"re." WV thanked him, and accepted his invitation. It *L< d Ic here mentioned that tlie residence of Mr. huphrt.a is called "Liberty Hail," aid wbtthf i Mr. v. be at hurue or uot, the at h string ? invariably hung outside fur visiters s.nd friends, aod servan'a sic always at hand to extend the ho? pitahti's of the r.:ar ?rom v:vr v or u in. a. it .-T-rrxsv* ns *or.rncai. mill" I t I I AH- aso I'RaDlcts IN alTLSCT AT . aso axvoLrnoN if Lincoln isklkctxd. Aliht gh laboring under a ?ev< e attack of neu ralgia .n the head, Mr. Stephens at en engaged is eonver-ation, and plunged into u? -object of the dangers that now imperil the I'i.Ijo. "The Northern people," he remark J, "do not knew what danger* threaten the o .Krj.. pi,ej app?i.r to I i: k lightly ol what is *u J at the South, and to with contempt the j r< *ests the South em' r* n.ake against the continn il n a. fare the abo tttx m-*-arc m king upon their o-ial In tituti m. They do Dot know what slavery Is, and are igno rant of i's tirst principles. At the same tine the pro-slavery "n'fcieni to in strength. I believe that ninety per cent of th? republicans of the N< :th are as pro slavery in ib Ir opinions tuw as Lir.ety per cent of Sonthern slaveholders wcrs thirty jcars ago. The popularity uf slavery has in errand and not diminished within that tim?; and ?ourn tlie pemsncnee of the iim'iiu'ion is con cerned. 1 have no objection that Mr. <cwsrJ-? jr. repress,) le coef'i-t' doctrine aBuulJ be p it to the test, lur i ; elieve it would eud iu the tri mph of slavery." Mr. 8. recapitulated the Lis'ory of anti- I nlavrry movements Ih-o Wllberforce down, said ' the sentiment of the Tnglish peopbv i i c >n?e.t icnce 1 nfthe laiiure of emancipation in J ;i? * to pro- ' dime tie sr.* ipat' 1 bcrcfl :?1 re- lv tv the black | race, wis I :?Tii g a pro slavery tend-1: -y, sn<l that ' U?a lan.don < had already taken an attitude la ^hat direction. No government has sue ssfully pro|>o*cd a substitute for African -'ave la' ir. Die apprenticeship system hag *<.?,? rieJ so l failed. J The coohe systaiu has beta and fa.le<l, and AfHcan r'arery continues to flourtA. Ilermnaik- ' ed that the dcd.i ri- ns of theaboti'<onira horn their aund; .r,ts sere corre t, let th*t tn ir stand points were wrong and erroneous. rANATICS sofm AS WILL A? VOft*. "If you iL.'i.* tl e popudaiifyr of -lavcry is on the (?crease," we ventmd to in<( !lre, ' wl/uo yoa apprt) end danger to the firuth ' klr. fitirusv- Nut to the "ooih a'on?. but to the whole ( 0-tLfre. There are ranatict 8oa'h as well r? North. 1!?rs at# mm here wh->w >nld break ,p the country as tiny Laro broken up tie democratic party. They fceve no*hing bv seldah a n,? and obj" ts. They s?<k p'a, o, pidferai-at and j wer. Knowing they could not obttln either ao loLg a* the democratic party e\ sk-d, tlicy set about the work ol destroying the party, a*-1 th?y have a on.pliahed their purpose. The u .roe I ksve aken in opposition to these rr- n is v.hst I be lieve to he the course of d ity duty to my -'a'a and to the c .ntrjr: and altho lgh i orgia may cast b?r vrte f?r the disunion! tsan *s, I shall still n.aiats a the stand I have taken. I tave no favors to s?k from any pohf! al , irty. 1 ban retired from political lifr. an I there is nj p ib He off) e that would tempt ms to re-enter H. Tis cor.r*e I am taking In th" anv??t |, die tat* <1 by a desire to do all 1 ran to pr. \<-nt a caUs trophs wli. h I believe to be net onlyh nvincnt. brt certain, in case of Lincoln's election. Toe country it now ruled by demagogue; the race 0f and patrloU has run out: politi< a In the m*ans resorted to by sordid men to obtain their- | ends, at the sacrlflce of principle and honor; and I do not vl' dre to keep such company. rnro*r?:*-I<o you believe Unjoin s election ?nre*' Mr. ?rr.rttjo?*?I *-an conceive no other resn't, In ' slew of the discordant condition of the oppo ing elements N? rth and 8outti. Itxr.- What will follow ? Mr. HtirnKN-s?Indoubtedly an attempt at *e CMBiun and revolution. I have viewed with pa'a- ! ful apprehension the approaching crisis for years ' pas-, lifteen years' experience in Congress has qualified me to become somewhat intimately acquainted with tha temper and feel'ngs of our ! people: and I am satisfied beyond a doubt that, In ike event of lAtcoln's election, there will b? at tenet an attempt at revol itJen. Th -re *11) be blood pJ?os e?j b' lut hat a ' the at tempt will be made I am certain. I cannot fore tell the end, Vat I hold revolution and civil mar to be inevitable. The demagogues have raised & whirlwind they cannot control nor utand beforo, and a- much iw 1 deplore the event 1 cannot close my e. es to its consequences. M . Stephens spoke with much earnestness on this sub eet, and tuat ho religiously believed what he snid was manifest from his impressive manner. I'i r.?Hut Mr. Breckinridge, who is supported by the disunionista, is a Union man. Mr. HTtrrnicNS?I know that, and it is for that "cason, I suppose, one of his supporters in this Bte.e was led some timo since to say that he (Breckinridge) would probably be the fii?t man the d unionists would have to hang. a PAUFATU VORNTNQ RTT>* TTTSOCOH m8 PLANTA TION?Bid VUNKY ARD, RTC. Bo'ide his home residence in Crawfordville, wlikh c vers about thirty acres of land, includ ing a fine peach and apple orchard, a garden in which the pomegranites are now bursting with their luscious sweets, and tig trees overshadow the ground, and roues of the finest varieties are in full bloom, Mr. Stephens has a plantation about two miles distant, embracing some eleven hundred acres of land. A portion of this plantation belong ed to his parents. His grandfather died and was buried on U.c spot; his father and mother lived and died there, and the property failing into other hands, it was not until the expiration of many years that Mr. Stephens was enabled to achieve the proudest object of his life s ambition, the redemption of his patrimonial estates. He has since added considerably to its propor tions, aud by improving its culture rendered it one of the finest plantations In the county. It was to tins place that the biggest-littlest m\n in the State of Georgia Invited your correspondent to take a horseback ride yesterday (Sunday) morn ing. Our equestrian education had been somewhat neglected in youth, although we had the advan tages of an intimate acquaintanceship with Dia brow and other eminent professors of the equine art, and our situation on the back of a horse at this time was quite a novel one. f-TATKsMAN AND COHRKSPONDfTNT. Ar.d now behold us, fit ctucal, pasting through the gates tow ards tlie road. But what is this white building?what is this crowd? They are within the limits of Mr. Stephens' domain, aud the people regard him w ith evident respect. Tue one is a mod. st looking end yet goodly sized B ptiat meet ing house, and the people, yoo see, lmvo cornea distance oi five an 1 ten miles to worship there. They are both w hite and black. Christ s blood ha- sprinkled them all alike iu the South, so far as 1 have seen. There are a number to he baptised, and this, with the knowledge that the Rev. Dr. Hillycr. of Pcufield, is to preach, has attracted au unu-ually large arsembUge. Faming along, to quote a famous novelist, "two horsemen might have been seen" risi-ig on the crest of a hill of red clay in Taliaferro county, Goorgiv, en a calm summer's morn. They were apparent ly engaged in earnest conversation. Oue 1? his horse as if he were waxed <o the saddle, and the Other didn't. It seemed that the latter did not know of which of four evils tomake a choice?whe ther it were best to p p over the horse's head, tumble off to the right or to the left, or sli le back over Lis tail. The movements were uuique, un doubtedly, but without accident we p-oce?dcd. All along the road were vehicles, and horsemen, and horsewomen, going in their neat Sunday at tire to meeting. Kvervwhere was Mr. Stephens painted with re-pcct, even the negroes would st ?p, and, taking off their hata, cry, "Good morula', ma?s' Aleck;" and Mr. Stephens would respond by kindly inquiring after the folks at h >t.9. Going down a hill a one horse vehicle wa? drlv >n toward n?. Well, squire, I knew you, but I dilu't know wlo tlat man was." Lid fce not take the ??, Jre for a man? He was a butcher, and Mr. S e plena oid-rtJ a beef to bes'aughtered and carried to his house for the uses of "Liberty Hall. ' The conve.sation during the ride was interesting and to me Instructive, at it opened anew volume en the subject of Southern lile, manners, rights and duties. At one point niy horse was about a length in the rc. r. when Mr. Stephen* oWrvod, "Black* betry is rather lazy this morting." We gave Black berry a crack, rud Blackberry came near making blackberry jam of ita rider. In the course of the com "nation Mr. I- tephena reiterated Ids apprehen sion! for the future of the country ?? vld that the 1. a den di.l not know what volcano* we re rambliog beneath then, and, | inting to a large oak whose r.p^er branches w?.re decayed, said that, like thus# l .anchee, the leaders in the country Lml become conopt and rotten, ar.d that the in ducts poi >n was fast ha-ten'.ng to the trunk the mo e* of the country. Pur r.g the ride through Ids plantation Mr. Etcphen* pointed out vineyard, comprising f .ir acre* of laud. The vines are of the Catawba variety, la healthful condition, nr.d next year will produce, Mr. S. calculatea, about a thousand gal lots of wice. He haa also near Uia residence abo rt an acre ofland, in which he haa planted what be Intends shall be a model vineyard, and from ha fne situation, the thrifiinesa of the t'rst yeai'a growth, and other significant reasons, there Is no dvubt Lis < xpectatjona will be realize 1, Mr jjerc'ta considerable of u* time to hi* p? intatian, etd a day or two since might have been seen so* in - rye in one of Lis flelde. He boa lntrod J.ed the practice of sub'Oil pi iwing In Lis cotton and corn fields wUh gTeat ad\ anUge, and the system la being adopted by the planters generally in the neighborhood. A VISIT ?R04 SKN A TOR TWOMRS -SB AT IS "VSrXC TAiLf fRISSON? Afcr retnrnirg and c:tending Pivlr.e service, 1 w U'd '.ha' it was likely --eBttor T,. 'aba would stop in pa?-ing on h . way h urfeward and take tea with Mr. ;? pbens. With the evening train from Acgr-ta a.i i.g came the great Southern a ;;lt it or. His na'ur ?. in the pictures hear ? strong re?'iu blanre to Lin. but tin y do not date* like tl.o?e of tbe ulgiral. Mr. Toombs la of an active, and I si* -Id th'i k o' rather a joP? temperam-n*. lie lc V* as If be could ling " Widow M*. Urea" wi'Ji n? n .. h ?!> ?? a* Join Brougham, to whom, by the way Le b?ars a strong re*embl*n>e. And, I ke one of J- l n's favorite characters, Toombs la erldeni'y waiio X for "Something to torn up." tte arks"What So yo i Intend d-iet: in case of lint ol&'s (lection? Mr. Toowr1?ReeW Liw. 1 *e Wit a out waiting for an overt ac" Mr. Tswua* -Ws have hal overt a U en ugh ah'adv . the | er*on.vl liberty bills are s ilffcient. I?*r. Who will commence the revolt';<?n ? Mr. Tixiwe# I will. If I have eno igh to back me to n. >ke trea?on reap" table. Mr. Tooffib* is bound for n split if B can pos.i. bh be iibtelwr 1 end deserves the merit of shu cetify. Ills e< n in law. Mr. Pti Bete, of A ign<ta, Is strongly ett'lsted in tbe cause, an J so are h in Irrds of ether*- with whom 1 have conversed. Mr. Toombs, although satisfied that the State will eventua'y go f>r Breckinridge, is no', so well aa'.ia f.ed that he will rafTy it before the people. I am obliged to omit a sketch of Mr. B'ephens' early life and stiupgles, and his final triumph*, for want of spi cc and time lie leaves to night for Atlanta, fn ro?'e for the np country, to deliver n few speeches. Ilis hea th is not good. It ehould be stated that while the personal rela tions of Mr. Ptephen* and Mr. Toomba are of the moat friendly natore. they differ as widely as the p. lea in relation to the course the State should adopt in the event of Lin:oln'? election. Mr. Toombs take* the ground the' the State ihould for cible Mr. Stepb?na tbe reverse. As the ft t re so pregnant with momentous events, develops itsc.f, Mr. bene irt te fo od, a# he In row, on the fide of the Union, the constitution *nd the country. Mr. Toombs in end has been for disunion. That ? e is in earnest there is no reason to doubt, and that he has a strong body to ba :k him is equally true. That there will be hot work in Wash ington when IJncoln is inau urated there is no doubt. Five hundred men can be enlisted in Atlan ta to morrow under the disunion flag. The move ments of the Northern Wide Awakes are regarded with interest. i THE BATTLE Dl THB CENTRAL STATES. The (tHcnsUtc Bum Entertaft the Ceil" test-Oar Albany, Rye, Borltagton and rbHadelybla Carrespendenrc, At., *c-. *?* NEW YORK. QTB ALBANY C0HRE8P0NDWNCI. Albany, Sepi 20. 1860. The Central Railn-ad After the Omgreimen-Their Oktli ti<m u-if* Weed and the Treawrer qf the Republican Sate Committee?l inenIn and Kelly on the Reyeney'? State, dc. A flood of light Is thrown upon surrounding events by your timely expert of the plan of the Central Rsilr m>. to compass the control of Congressional as they now do of State legislation, and especially In reference to the PaclOc Railroad. For a couple of weeks pest the friends of Oastus Corning hava t een canvassing th^ county nud beseeching those democrats who aidod la his i< i^at at tha last fCongrersiocal election "to gl?o the old maa a chance" to retrieve his defeat and get himself reinstated by a rent m mat ion and election to Congress nex' all, that he feele very sore about It, na I hie only cure will be a re election. The "sore" spot, however, turns out, accord ing to your iTpote, to be the great Pact tc Railroad scheme. C. Vlbbard, the chief Superinteudeat of the Central Rail road, Is canvassing the adjoining district n! Schenectady for Congress; and 1 am credibly informed that along the lino of the road and In every district In the Stale where It Is possible to succeed railroad candidates are to be nominated. The republicans?some of the leaders of whom are to share in the Coogre wional and Paclflo Rail road ai rangement?are to aid this scheme; aubstantal evidence of which Is furnished by the Uct thtt Gilbert C. Pavidson, the partner of Owning, who a year or two ago was dropped from the RepublleaB Stat. (.on-mtttce on account of uusouudneii aud political Infidelity, has agtir, through the aid of t\ ecd .V ('o , not only beet reinstated on the committee, hut is new one of the executive body and the treasurer of thtt orgaplnxtl a Of course, if OorntCK, Vlbbard or others of his partners or frterds are nominated by th- democrats, "Gil" will spend an awful amount of fund* to defeat tbem In return for all th:* the politicians really believe that I nan Richmond, Vice President of the Ceutral Railroad, who held* the gey of the s .ft organization in hi# breech, s pocket, Is to pre ?, nt ll.? union of the democracy at all biza-d*. and give li e Slate to Lincoln, who, If eh cted, Is p'edgei to aid and approve the Pacific Railroad or other scheme 10 be g"t up at Wat'ilDglon. Tha D- an also has got a promise that If it can be done quietly, Kelly shall be elected Governor. Solther Weed nor (ir. rley nke U-irgan, and ha was disposed iif without much bargaining. Gov. Morgan's warfare on the Cent, tl lull winter, In endeavoring to procure the passage of tho Toll and Pro RaU bills, has provjrcJ Tor hi? too rrr rt bltt?r enmity of that concern, and now tiff sre golt g til tave their revei ge R< publlyana and -*em"-rat? int.rested in the fat pi. kings of the rosd a* agr*-d on this, for with th m. when there is any clnsli'fg h la'een the inter.vt of the road and political la'th, thvy readily Igt.ore ibt latter srd rtand by the road In addition D-hii swears (yo-ikaov he seldom docs tb:i ) that Kelly I# * damned good friend to the (Xn '.ral , s' d of rn ii iads :n general. lor voters of tuevvli'vo the ri-M, ebatna, who sre pre ally embi't re | sgatnst Gov y, rK,n K,r bis veto "I the Albany aod Su?q lebauua Rill ria-1 bill last wiuU-r, an he'rg applied to, and wlto g-eal (Sect, to loin r. the scheme to slaughter their g-eatewt ?ltn,y. 60 the other baud, tVjan rrpreicnti Kelly r.s so out-Mid out y'.sqarhuma Railroad mao, acd says if tr.y .ont tHhcve he'll kiss the Bible on it Hie wle )r n Lexe ts now ticrav '.ed The r?*aov why R'ch coed ft Co refused point biartr. *ny f * n whatever with the Freckle ridge ro-a li new explained. Po ir Ik 1 as If to be a cierc to a-lvsnco the tel.- n- r. of a pow. r' I m'wopnly, and those who vlo for biui r t only aid them in their plan*, but help to rlict Lincoln. Is tt p raihle that, the ryes of the people ul the -'late betrg now ooen to tuewo stupendous ? ih-cvs and combinations, they wtll not rls* a" one man for tt.e take of romuioi hoaesty and the character of the Statu and crush this mo. tlsr coalition? AvnxT, ?ep'. 25.1h#0 Qa/vrum efth' L**tof 'he Fu- i?.V mn\ ' f,.-ri </ 'he Jjialtrt W l.-\ ' L-yuhafore? TV Cor r' j 'i w of la* Winter?H?n J M. dtewM., d- ,<te l\ iii.rlata art b*gttnirg li real *0 that there la a piwcr chore tbrro?that power which resides with the peep e at large. Therefore the recent protracted hut flnal y ucccsaful movements locking to a union of the rants gainst the sect iccal'.fts S'orih and South 'while tn?y con q- rar.rt ore',laugh the R'chmond and Ogger R*g*Dny. Tli.v at the same t.rae amaze and confound the Weed Re gency ted the whole train of o.rruptlonlfta. Richmond ret if led to the erd a unos of the misers, bocatsolt tKtrhed U.e maiL ncry by which he Controlled the do merret'c ;arty. Weed Is confound* 1 became stch ? nr Ion pt rtetds vywedy scd certt n d-wtnictimi to all hit tch'Bica (.f corruption and terminates his power. Mean wb'Ie all patriots re> lce and Uke new .-ourage. The ann&cnccn.ents that the c.imm .'.tro of the people la your city had agree t 00 an e'octoral ticket v be supported by all who sinoere'/ dcolre tho de'eat of Lincoln had the same UTeat that attend# the cry o' "land t after ? long and tempest joua paseage, and whan the ticket was smo iueed a totally eew lace w?? at orre given to tho caarais Lvcry one felt It It waa seen la the aew life, the increased energy.the cttfldeLP* manifistsd by all, save those who are dashed down and ilrstiued to defeat They *h 1 before wjre hop left a'f now bopefel they who before mere do ibl ig art new ctnftkcct. Thus, as the g'orioun news 11 iwoc'aim*d thzengh the ftafee, tbouaa of v tcs a'e sided to the grand army of the Vnten I ?? all th# while been wanted ? tow Suppl ed? ?ble probah. lly of sac reee, a m an'fet tat loo of a chanos, a rlaihle pmapett. through ccnc rtel ect.w, of defeat'tg Lincoln. Th* st .00 hat beer, eflkcted at th* right m'<men*. It flo ls lh* Vi n nnr heft, re* .y and L peful, the rsp-jhh cans, hav'.i f already s|*ut half th*ir ?ner|>er, u l ?.?*?> b., ri if tte.r mrtfy, X a Bottday cam;wlgn of m nths la du-utica, are is a poor coalition f. r the stern *et to to wfc' b tb*y are unexpectedly summ wed. To?y have re .Ltfd cu an ea->y victory. They aowaequsaiiy bars, up to th * l i.e, emitted rau-hoXtbe sever# labor w^ich ah.ic In a strrn c*l can maur* victory. Breakci arc #> ic ah ad. H. tic th# Arrmnp Jmrnal'l cry of dl# trrsw. M-d quick word of n umtud tumm" all haadl on de<k, in the hopa of retrlerlng the ground I it and a rspet.l in #*ti#?'e?i parales. t'p to within a few <*\? no cm Is* fell d 'pored tc bet that Llnooln would tot rarry the Atate; hu. alnce the remit of lh* labir? of the I tiou CoeimitUc wae mads knows, Lum-rout o-lt I av* 1-en Rate thvt S>w Y>>rk will go araltak Unooln, while others are ol! red withmit lakers Va:?. probably letter that anythicg else, icnotra tb* drift of popular grttiawvl. Sit only I* the ur .p electoral ticket C csummatioa twi)ortant tc S>w York, but H leof the higbcet mpoc Ui e M. accuwOt of the elb-ct that will be rt.-rtc 1 on the ei, test 11. fetinayIrai. a ft 1? believed that it will g ve lb. ui ied* of vov?a to d. sur. wh,w# election neat tn ?itb woiitt) ?* in lk">6. pf'tgarc th* fr*ekl*nlia' re ult, ftau Puile lh-- ceniw, 1 is hit f r tbirty date looser Wet 1. a pract oed gjatioeeaol mtunt-wrr. t th*r*l*?.t# a. v*bUg>* wbuh?at IL* op?uitg ?f this ttf?|a man'b. during whh-n th* fat* o' pnrties if not of ou- c . :utry It to b- leeide*?tbe "mbat wit< |oa*vea?the me it led by seaaeleor mar. h*? ur.d ceunti rwu-'h?t. <t*n. ral.sed an t I 1 i,,. unfit for r*vere rerr'c* l.y vk'ngl- rto-i# ooof. . It.* < tber fre?'. and inina'od by tbat ' ci -'.tee tiMa.oeJ by a ?ic?o*?ful emergence fwta a .ere id d.fl.c .it.#*, du .bls and guv m fu h is tbe re ati?* rendition of the ccmnatanU abci.t to be .ucaaaroe-l in tl,. i'.osI ceniert. S' -r .# tha alone the ot'y ?eurre of wee'- *?a of tb. rer ,bi rati in tb ? !>ta?* local dlspite* and Intrrsal fuarrrlt of ail torta *r* ar< uniulatsd iu tbelr hands, te ,lr ggleS cf th# I'g Mstlv* jobber# tod enrrap lion.sts to rrtula p..acr and iv?ltw>h are 1 -on thr e?erg.ea at 1 drctpite* of th* party at the tnc sad if th# place tfcey are nsoled mn?t R> reton. nbttrg ' dtteyhJ. Mcv ltd*, wml otb-r well knmsn obstan. a tb* republican party v Uki-s n. Par-1 load* If tt ran stagger through lh* neat I rty day# under lb?-m t wtll proee Its ctpo* ty to ftand nr utdrr tn)thing. Hie cry tbat has b?*o r*i?*l iraloat a large number cf m.-mb*r* of the last LagitU t-re ha* iktvcd them all "B tbe defcaSir* under Indict r ent as corn.pttbnlsW Net all of them, ss might b? si prrsrd, ars cout. ot to lay down without an alt-mpt la vito'cate thcmeelve* (Vws-'i leully not a few of the al legrd corrui tiontsts wilt stalk into nnr l*guiat rs balls get of Jsrutry re*t. Th* rerown,a? -n of Onremir Mctg.ii as tb* "upright F.*.--ifv?," wb '* tb?y Br* d* 1 twinrrd a? th# "corrupt lcg," ba? 10 #. -n* quar lets rt'Nii a roafl.ct that Is not llksly to prove mate r try tdvatiagt i? t* hi# Fxeelieney. There is not the slightest p*oi.ab(llty tbat the next I *g sisi .re will be materia..y dill'rsel fro? tho lm? N?w men er* not ne-?*?artlj- setter men. Tbe oo-rnp I on nmi'laioed of result# from a variety of cause#, chief among which ts tbe Weed Regency, which eilsts ma.nlr for sad by Lcf'tlatiae iibhinp sod official br k'rago It is a n anirrwt fact that, i*ci*rt Weed from the lobby, and *?p? I from one to half a d ten members and f?*n*tors, a d you would i? a me isure rnnora th* evil eom 1 *t is understood that tt* Hon J Tl Reynolds, who, two years ag". a* boiling sou iew.myton democrat supported by TWpeblVcaaS ant' leciwif loeile*. Aaaer.eaas, tnd a'l fr ris, was elected to Urgrss# cvsr Mr Cora .ig. will But be a rand,dale frr r*r->n..natiow A rum r prevs'a that Mr ivwnlag w '1 be the d wniratic p m'uee, sad tbat b* w II b* cordis.Iy siypcrleg by Mr. R'ynr'. ls "be m irrttiCB | rer ails that n eb a < as* Mr ^ -t -g # s ec ts w :i bs to.'sraby ccibb, r# H ?t*mt ts M uMsr stood that lbs republican candidate win r# scleotnd with re err nee to inch a result. OUR RYE (N. T.) CORKHFONDENCR. Rts, Westuhester County, Sept. 17, 860. "3 A Union OalAtring in WtttcKuier County. <fc. Our little taws was greatly excited last evening, the true friends of the Union party having Used upon toe nlgbt of the tttti lor a grand rally la opposition to the spirit ot sectional mm which wan making such bold and audacious strides all through the North. Tbe prepara tions lor the meeting had been going on for several days, and when It had convened the scene that presented Itself was animating In tbe extreme. All meeeot had sat one object lo view, and that was a faithful carrying out of the principles of Washington, Jefferson, Webster and others of like precious memory, and a united endeavor to asaint In cruahing out the fanaticism of the day. The people llickad for utiles around, an l .t'n safe t J say that at least one thousand strong Union men were on tbe ground. Tbe chief speakers were lion Hiram Ketehuu, Richard Lathers, Hon. James Hoy t and George Woodward. Their remark! were briaa full of cheering, and received a noble and heartfelt reaponae. T think you may aet down tbe old and wealthy town of Hjt as sure for the I'uion ticket In November ueit. Tbe call for tbe meeting was signed by tbe bulk of the bone and sine*, tbe wealth and power of the oommunity. WHAT IS TO* PROSPECT IN TOT STATE? to run editor or ran saw yore herald. To assure our friends that with a united determination the conservative massee of thy State of New York can de feat sectionalism and negro equality, we give the follow ing figures Whole number of votes cast In I860, Presidential election, was SSH5,60S Of a hlch were for? Fremont 274 007 Buchanan 195,890 Fulmore 124,004 Mtjority oppoeed to Fremont 44,496 Who<e number of votes in 1859, Stale election.. ..603,728 Decrease (votes not polled) 92,771 Of the votes In 1869 were for Secretary of State:? Jones, democrat and Ame-lcan 2 )2 .180 Leaveuworth, straight republican 261,139 Leavenworth leas than Fremont. 24 848 Jnes more Iban Buchan-i i 64 091 '? lees than vote against Fremont 07 913 The vote fir Comptroller wan :? Dentition, republ.can and American 275 952 Church, straight democratic 827,394 Denrlstcn less than Fremont 66 Church more than Buchanan 31,400 reorleton more than Leavenworth 24 818 Junes more than Church 25 256 From be foregoing It Is evident that while the straight d*m< cmllc vote cast for Church Increased 31.400, the straight republican role decreased 84 808. and although Filltnore bad 124 004, yet only about 36,000 Americans voted tbe half and half ticket which had been nom oated to Insure tbe defeat of thi Albany Weed Junta, but which ticket was objectionable to very miny of the Americana because of the nomination of Dorshelmer. 1; Is apparent that tbe greater portion of the 92 000 votai descent from the Tote of I860 was if this class, and wbo can doubt that while there is r.o eei .iy that L'ntoln can regain

the 24 S<8 votes lost from the vote of F rem Dot, and most of whom were doubtless froe soil democrats, and wbo, with maDy thousand more of the o! 1 school Van Burro dctrc< rats, will probably vote for Douglas, ihere can be er little ijufatloo that the patriotic national Americans will rully and cast thtlr full vote for the onion electoral ticket I', then, we take the vote of 1(69 as the basis of our calculation, we hart? I eaves worth's vo e for Linco'n 361,139 CI areh*n rote tor Dcnglas 227 301 Free si llers i< st iron. Fremont 26 000 Nbtluiutl Americans lor union 07 000 Btiaight American vote, 1669 23,(00 T'tal union vote 341 304 tin rlty over Lincoln 93,106 1 rom this ra.irm.1 ?, as endangering the sac os o.' the uniti ehctoral lickrt, we must deduct tbe vote for tbe Br< ( 'iriri?* ticket, if one should be matnta o*l ui this Siatc. which at th s tl uc sppetrs to be ex r<-nely tm probable. II certalu lea * on defeat ibe demand of tbe people, they cannot contr I tho action of the voters, aud as U>c a'mlnrtratlon has given lo tbe oeje ,tv, tbe backb te and tie judgment of the a ?ceesitnais mill both be weak if the* purcu* suct a suicidal si'irae la icrb a c se tb :r aek < f J i lgmeat will p*ov? th" !a"k of nuBiteis when tbe b?d >t hot reveaia the truth, and wc would s- giest to all nat; >pai d- mncrals? Fiiet?swat tbe racrldoo of th -tiato aud the U-..on la cr< UK g eat to !>? made I ? party I aSin ft ecnc?Teat M.?ar? HardiLetl ar.d t flthell ha I bet ter postpone thtlr Dm i t quarie' until luino mo.e Utting c-mirtu- ty. Fit in thcie fg'iret It a, pears ? First?That 30.C09 votee may oe scared to lb* Br?ukla li- av ti*%e|? the g*f ..'est t..imotr tho moe' sa -guto* can clt'.a frr tl. m. ' r.d?"ay 10,Old Airersons wht Tote! fh* Fll1,woee 'bruld Volt lor Lincoln, tbia will only atf- .t the national vote 'hi > ? Kaj . itj?Ooneervatlve vote in reserve., 93 oca I/?e Ef.clitnr. ??'ucket 30 oo? l.ravtrr 63,000 Dtdurt irom But ouai rule 10 000, aud and to Lin ci It, U-aklog 30 000 Nat on?! voWa in exr?et of #ectl">oat 4? 000 Hut ire coat ?lii?rtf fill both the foregoing eatimalc I Br- fcit.f '*?? and eec'.> .ti?; vote from the Americaae are, at heat, i! aWf that which will be probab'y ylven an ?third, eud th?ie la every rrwioh to believe tn?t, not ?lth?Uhd,i>g the obetlcacy of ttie democ-alic party leal cm. aii'l tbr tieftciUn of >v-r?tca and Oil man, wbo broke Use bjrk of the Americas crfen ration In trylrg to olimb trUidt e. that the rati-rial union ticket will heat Lin coln in thra mate, tinder any and all eiroumruuree by at nidi JU.WO. and with every ronton to h-pc mat thle, by batmobimia action and patriotic aarrlAcea to def'-at aac t; i ..'iir.n.i) be .nc-iae. 1 in 100 000. IT bat tay yon, ?nl? men at tbe Sato of New Yrrh, to Phall the work be done? I. forty Ave counlke the repnblloaa ticket In 1UI loet ot the vote of Frem rit, and tbe d- av crane tlctet pa oe-l ar.' i- ereutd the vote in every oue of theae rvni:<t ex e<| I 'Vj - mlrp The M M in ice la which tbe demo ie waa MMi a 1*4#, an (ivea to Buchanan, were Erie, Kiega, New York, Rockland and Wyoming, aud It la only Eccer< try to rally tba mtasea in ltr?? roubliea t redeem the Bute. At to the radical democracy. Van B i*en exceeded the vote of Car* In thirty one counltee. la all of tbete ex -apt awe (I'iotor) tbe republican vote In 1M9, aud iu a'l of thett the democratic vote waa locraaaei esoept one, Wyo muig. Ft latrrrnre oounlT mar ihow the rlloot of tfcia chunf* Van B .raw rear red e 033 ta Utia oik. In lift Fremont re?Ivtd 0 *04 *? Buchanan 1 #M ? Fdimora " 1331 Frrnio t over Bicbanaa 7.74# In 146# Lcaetnwortb had orcr Cb ,r?h 4,6## Nmocratlc jatn and republican loaa I.MS The America* ev-ie edected I'.te rea-vJt aa between tbe vote tor Jx.ea and Church 161 CVar democratic gala S Ml let c? examine tbe vote of I be en where Umt re tnibl.cana In l?l? fa red on the vote for Fremont la 1444 they v oted aa lollowa _ JWrhwaaw. New York 41 #1# Kir ft 14 174 Erie 7 (Id Rockland 1,436 Wyimtij 1.9U Total #7,060 84.447 87 34# Total you Ibifl 130 roe The row in three count,ee in 1#4# waa aa foliowi?the tote of tbe American betbg the diflereoc* betwi-an Jooea and Cburck, daabocraia, Jnoe? receiving the Ameri can veto cat t I oorratc Antrim New Yolk ?i#4? 18,278 3 ?0t K:r?ta It 441 7 #71 1 611 trie 7 ?M 7 ct 3 311 Rockland 1 iff 7t? 344 W}i ailwg 1,717 3 11# 36 Total 4# 404 87 4*6 a,07# Total vote U6# , 103 060 Ncrraee of you 17,740 * b?h waa, aa oomimred * h 1846 ? Democrat* 10 Ml 27.63# The republican vote inrreeerd 334. abow of that there '? Is tbrae oooiitiea 3? 000 national voter* wbo die ao4 caat tbeir vote lu 1(4# NEW JEn?ET. or* trRLiHorow coram POBMPCB. Ih attmifot, Bept 33, 1*40 P.. (ltd lint trtipr Living lAvtr Mrj?A>!. a* .tilte*?Bk* B id* Ai'wVet red FVeeOnm '/ 3;-" fkc fiuinn f'? wpfa* SraifAt Out*, <Fe. For many weekl the " black repiMWvnf. or abolition lata," aa IYuglaa terrra then, have bad pretty m ob their own way In thtt portion of the Flat*. Meter* Ten Kyck aad Ftrattnn, being eoatdenta of the county, bare not trgiected the cppnrtun'ty lo puab fewer t tbe ludl cront prelt natoua of tbe rail eplltUr aiT.iJed by the pa ra'jua of the democratle party after tba braakiag up at Halt.mere. The only eaaryanoe they have b'tberto ex pi ill need hat been la lb* orgaalxxtloo of tba Union party, mrwtly couponed of old line wbpa, la flavor of Bell and Everett, but hitherto oo operating with tbe op poaltion. They voted for memberi of tbe Legtetetnre wbo elected T*n Ejck Heoeto'. end for Ftmt'on ?e their r< pre era tat I re; bat they did ton whiga, Americana or tba p*.-pte'? party,'? not ar Dutch Sob-: i democraty, and ??bUck rcpabiieana, rr abolitlaaiata " And now, eiooa Ten Pyak ?at Flratton have made the Ada) p!uagn Into the camp of l.iaoblc, Feward, Fimeer, (ll'Miaga, Ra'a and (iree ley. they ahan laa Uitm to tbe fate of actloo rliita atid traitora. It thla tn-vasblp there are nnme one b '.adred acd Ifly men, who ripporUil Ft.attoa, aow ra ?olrcd t? vote apaioat h.m. No d?-ihl an old liar whig will be no by ti-m?C>l. Allen, K B Hr flcfk race (am of the Jmlgc, author of Hal Oolnm fc a"): ?.ad with ilewviral'c arppcrt be w.ll be -lerte.1. =fea ICC T?V J tbr Fbcrtran, ibo ec,i-raar of H- i?r. ibe c?llegoa and school# of his district are largely pair<1,1 led by Southern slaveholders and hta re-cle:t)on and advocacy of Lincoln wouM be a cruel bio* at the U. erefU of his constituents. It will be a mournful day la Jersey when intercourse censes with the South. Tlio grass win oven uo her r< a le au<l her raila. Tbe Bon. David Paul Drown addressed the Union men here a short time since and splintered the rail splitter. On the next evening, while' pcatlng tbo operation in Philadelphia, the meeting was assailed by the repobheana or abolitionists with rotten egge, atones and bullets. The great orator, Judge King, and other distinguished patriots wera wounded, and the Onion man wera driven from the ground. This occurrence baa produced a profound see ration here. Oonserratlre people, languishing for the tranquillity of formsr days, ask themselves if such repoat can be restored by the triumph of the republicans or abo litionists? Will the agitation oease by tho success of a reotloosl party which will not allow freelom of speech even to David Paul Brown In Philadelphia? Can we have pesee and pcoeperlty urder tho yoke of an Intolerant military organization of Wide Awake*? Their short reign la over. The fusion Is hailed with Joy, and Douglas men, Breckinridge men and Bell men are combining against them. The question Is not wbo shall win, but bow to beat Lincoln ? It *tll be done. Like the >ong obstructed waters of a river, the gushing streams of patriotism will sweep all before them. A verv flew Dong! as men say they wilt vote a straight ticket, but they will do no such thlug If tbey be really tbe frisods of Douglas For such a ticket not oue-tenlh of tbe Douglas men would vols, and the result would be a mortifying exposl Ion ot weakness and a fatal blow at Douglas him self. Besides, if these straights should throw the State Into tbe clutches of Lncolu, what would bo their fato hereafter ? What are prlncip'cs when country la destroy ed ? New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania must bo neutral ground, as between Douglas and Breckinridge, because tbey must be carried against Lincoln. In other States, where the result cannot be aC ?cted,the two wings of the party may measure their strength without endanger leg the Union, and .light each other to their hearts cor lent. PENNSYLVANIA. or? mil. A DEI. I'll! A CORRESPONT>ENC*. Philadelphia, Sept. 34, I860. The C<nfeuttm If Mc Michael and Ouneron in Regard to (he Stale EleUumt? Creal Change in Public Sn ti me-,U? Practical fusion' in Penmyheinia?I mm me En (Anria.m of Ihe Maun for Pjtt.r?Attitude of the f><n lertativet? Philadelphia Sure foAto GOO Maj.rrfj?Beli? Detent Propensities of the Wide Aioakes, da., <tc. Your editorial, beaded "Gloriousnews from Pennsylva nia," which appeared in last Friday* Hbraid, has been extensively read in this Ixttituds, and has contributed Immensely to Incrcate tbe |v rplnitlew of tbe 1 Inocln and Curtln leaders. Tbey awaken at last to a realization of ttctr true poellton, and discover with alarm that tho masses at large have taken tbe Issues or the grest contest In bund, regardless or the Intrigues or interested and de signing politicians. Thus, ilo.-lun Mctliohael, editor of the AVrtA America*,% sbulliing political aheel, is reported to have alleged, some weeks alnce, that Ccrl'ji would come to this city with 30,000 majority from over the Al leghany Mountains. More recently, however, bvth be and Simon Cameron have delivered themselves of the fol [ lowing sigamcunt language ?"If it were not fcr tbe Pre sidential contest, In tbe Immediate rear of our Governor's election, Foster would beat our man by 3t,OCO" What a confidence of success In the fbrmer statement, and bow much of dubious hesitation In the latter? The fact it, that bath wings of the democracy, and at least rite tenths of the Bell and Kvcrelt men, are eulhusiaati ca ly for any course which will tend to best the rail-split tir and hut higher law surrouuling*; and they know full well that tbe true way to eutnpasa the desired result Is to v^ta for Foe tor in the important election which is to fore shadow the greater coat, at a motth later. There it no mlstakirg the symptoms Our merchants along Market and Third streets are putting forth herculean eacrgies for the success of the practical fusioa against Curtln, and rar ccDfcquecce, vs. Llnco'n. Gay Hags, bearing the ramet of Bell and Everett, Dniglas and Johnson or Bretklpr.dgc and Lane, Boat upou the brevas ail a!< a* tbe busy commercial mart, and whoever may be thelndl vlduul predilections of tii<>ie whj tl ing them out thev are situated by a ccn<mon purpoo?'.b. election of Foilcr ai d tie <1'fist of sectlowai'tm. ?. ri*ft|l.tlC.<'tlra1ir*liS M?m^? in October, and ti e now dlrcordant tkments mill quickly cume to ?i< " thj con moti basis of the cwallt rtion versus the bigbtr law doctiisis of Gre*ley, UewjrJ I ccom * izr?' ' " chcerlc*' B,w*ovir1 to cote the arc unts ?Au ??? Bc?J^vS d'SS T?S5k?J;' ?.?. >'" , ? &:??&.?: TStT-SSSS, hocks, .arlwm, 4c , there ire nnmlatakeahle y -nnstui tioss tf immense major It Ira for Foster. Tn<: sturdy jtimairj if ilioee agricultural d.itrlctv who (urmerly vr t?<I a!m< si solely fii.m a eerUia prvoucelvid without adultng their patea conccrolcg tin quest.cos at bam ?have awakened to a keen rensa of the dangers In cltent n an eventuality aa the triumph of b'a-k republicanism Able sptakeir bave ett before them the monitro a injustice of tbe anti s'avery dogmav a txp<undH by Seward, Liscolr, Greeley ^ at 'and the n.n.iabe abat/artioa of sq ialkr sovereignly'; and these e i uc to a tiers have a? kened a*, inverse desire among the bomit ramus to eruah movements so dlrefully op. posed b< the peace and quietude of tbe couutry fh?v comm. toe to rea Ik that there Is an unprint?d republic in p alh.rm wh ch alms at the eventual eitinrtloc of slavery upor. this COklleeat, and which tbe ka1ers of the tvarlv from p< lute motives, dare wot promulgate at lbs p'saeat Juncture Under these rlrtumataoc a yon will net be surprised to find enormous mayoritlew from the eu'tern counties i of this Mate for Fester, and tls -lection through them bald electlen, murtover, followed by such a fusion of the opposing ek meits lo seetl mallsm at ths'l drive "tone! old Abe" cllrctua'Iy to the wall. Certa'nlv ao far aa demonstrative <lf .ru are cowoereed here la this city, the republicans would seem, to tbs casual observer to he hading Jcely Not a right hat Is ma ie hideoai and d scordatt with the rumbling of drums and the g are ef trrchee There are ao ices than tlx distinct clubs, ar gaaiard u la mtikeirr, constantly parading the Cobble stoat# of the eiip. Tb< se men ah'ect to be "aoldieT# on tbe side of freedom" of a verity, and It Is dimusti.-.r to bear them prating, lath* iaoguaga of U Irk man. about tbs ease with which ibouaandt af tVevmen oan sad will put down s "few vaunting slaveholders " What olbsr into, rsace thor. that the toiehee which lllemlos an brtshitv Ue"<?Sly Pretext, ti The rtpsMteaaa had a grand mass mectlrg In lbs time benortd city ofLaaeestcroe the IPth Inst Vu-<?,iTe. porta place tbe nrmher Is attendance at (0 000 90 ooo iC 100, lJ.W* sad 10 (CO-tte latter prohably^rr^?, ? Trr7 f? matter to convoke a larg ? meet ng in a county whkh has ever esblblted such s one sided bias ?gainst the democracy as Lan-jster-ttsaversge maj wity ^ 1 n*'?' or fire tbciUfid. Bui the iipcr!^ of th# r?ft Bit prwo \h 4l fix b fntbff logs. InjitMd of Bik n# toy cooTtrto, it brrt merily cod firs Ttulrnt DArlMaoo in to airrtgy Imblbtd fulfil lo l?*lb?0Mr ,1^ ?"??H1*!** All &1Z toa rribihrri of Im OAm^Atgu. Tboj U4 Llof* Utoto of the prist sdvncat'ng their saute, held the lirrret meet lags, had an the volsa o?>s steamboats and railway oars. U tsoid tnately and all that; sad yst, when tbs si Is at dlvlxlllss nf tbs ballot box told lbs trus stats of affairs tbey fslilato a disgraceful minority, bot sven ttta o'.ng le oas half the vote ts.'led for Fllimora. There wma deep oonscrvattre feel log at work, which, though snob "trui .vs through tbe rsmpaigt, spoke to thunder t< nes oa el. < vine day. Even so It Is now. You see the same sua parading, day after day, wltb Irm tread and much enthu i Asm bat, after all. tbey are the same facie saoh time, ar d many ef them ao youthful aa to eacite serious doubts of their qnali?cat i-a to vote Tbey ere to. <miUr msrehteg I cm tbe Iwltware In tbe Rnhuylsill, aud from lb* latter tixwt lo lb* fo? mtr, and a gtranm avgbt tbiak Uwir waf trgtoa i?rcaiimaiir, to tb*lreethusiaam ever "'Ad AheV aatic.patad triumph, tbme mbilsal widi Awsfcia taaarurste a row wltb detwrbed partted of Bill kcvi. la wb rh ih#y burl brickbat! aad oibar at socb liko reapictsble elt asaa aa David Paul Brown Hob FN klag aad others The poor Bslliisa Pee is die' order from tbe rofflatly asaaslt, aad after bar ns their mictiag tana ruthmsaiy broken up, have imaiease ?f abuse beeped ep? n lbe? in sddlttoa from repu'dican LewvpapvAS. which are bosad to ableld their own narii ?baa ia azy twas of i Ight or wrong. ^ stew Orl'ZL'4 *!! U"',b** *?" ^AAamase practical fa ?k? of ??acrvutlve men gotse aikatly oa. Meet whom ?!?, ?.*' i lh* rtrw'?-,h* la ratably ta " I am tor Mil. f? r Bre-fctsrldge, oe fur Doogkm," aa lbs cms may JT- "4? to" E?ter as tbe raly sure way of d-fswtlns | ??" splitter." Many met, who soarceiv mis . M "td*r "Cdiaaey clroumston-es, bare sa tersd the preseat guberaatertal oar vans with all tbe tods. ia^e aad means at their command. It ta coaQlaaiir are dieted by eloas eak ilalors that Oea Foster will reach Um a. egbaaies with W CC0 me>wtly. Now. admitting the r<i ub.ieea tlalmad plurality of 30 000 , which certatoly J* eviggvialedj aga r M bim. w. e of ilk-mo. aUlaa acd be jII heel# fol Cnrtla by t.OPO. Make a nou of ib'a and Me wtelher 1 atr tar rr.wn the truth a prophesy*ns 1 F<ekr_s iACt.<a and the amount of his ma .rttrW-H may Gem ley. In a m-mint of btlkr dwap.ototmert Ibroogb tbe ohsagse of the campalga, bawl aasDeratelv' to our WMe Awabje.' Men of Pvoneslvaaia. youT^/at the Ihermepylie of tkta oontest ' ? The bow. r of ?v ne the Uatoo owe# more reels with our ?ate 4 rsi'ar.aumx, h-pt 3? ]mo. f*? State tleefint <w /'??wetyleswds TV Votert A. rang ing n.rnt.i~, for the Cmtett?Th* Orp?nnation taken OnI ef the Hands ef the Isdi'.# temders?TV Philndeh /Aid C,mtr*ntemal Otnleif? faneey Abandoned by r%? PhOad.'fk tan*? J he Ptluical Pule Se ring In foe /".g. 'er?The Attitude ?f the hem end Chat Men. eh , dr. I Owe wtek frc.m Tuesday neat, October 9, tbe c-uat hat ' tie cornea < ff la this Flats, tor ao owe who is fam iiar with Ha politics of rraasylvaaiadonbla that if Certia be da- J feated la October Mnonln wUl be pat Wf <f< c- who' in No rember Tho eoaockmenraa of this fact pervades the wbele political aommnalty. aad ,t dlvldiag the rnters Into I two coa tend lag parties arraigning on th- s;da of Eorter I all who *preesls tbe elevation of Libboin lo lbs Preal I deeey.aad on the side of Cnnm all womb-p tN ?lava negro of tbe South aad shun and neglect the fro* ne gvo wbo piasa ia went aa J cold to tbe cities ? the V ,ta Tour years ago, nae month before the f .?kef rlee-ioa, there cams over tbit mwmurtty a rtsnge I as papshe aa the cbasge wb h, ir>v lm j u gbt, marks tho ssurioa. Ivory sm?*al I Mt 11, ?ud every republican wil mad# to w It, Hideo, from present eigne, will It be again. I 16ie lie republicans in lhSO enterod tao vigorously 4 the cairpa yn too I org anterior to tbe election M Working tb?.r material to a white brat before Ibey rtady to strike, their Area are beginning to languish,? tbe metal on the anvil to grow cold; wbi'st, on j other baud, tbe voting maeeea ol the democracy, aro* ' by tbe clamorous preparation or the enemy, net to ifc \ to organize for tbe oomlng struggle, so restraining I t'-al that tbelr enthusiasm shall not onlcuinato be.'ort day of battle, bat on tbe geld at battle, hence it Is that, whilst tbe captains ax 1 , llsstecents of tbe fbctions wrangle o w ?, nke points, tbe massee, taking tbe canvies Into I ewe bands, are arranging the details of organ z^ w'tb to vote tbe tickets nominated no lor usagee atd rulrs or tbe party. True, there may be i; . esreptiona to tble in localities, where, tn ooulJeratioi Bell and Everett vote* caal fir Foster, the frlen. j : tboae national oanlidatee mar be given a reprovr . < en tbe tl ;ket TLen, In thia city tbe deaire ol tbe 8< i| Everett party is to consolidate the nonrepublioa.] upon Henry M. Fuller for Congreae, io | Peered district, which comprises the old ulty, an wraltb of tbe community. TVs place* Mr lobn bead, tbe democratic no' In the Second dintrJt ?n embarrassing position; (or. although Mr. R m:> fire tbe defeat nf tbe republican candidate, it <? no matter for a i>o itlcal dthuiant P> retire before tbe i cf tbe first battle and yet tbe certainty that if i trd Rrodbead both remain in the canvaes, both w defeated end Morrla elected, will, no doubt, sogg plan whereby tbe doc republican vote may be cast for oie candidate. Mr. Hiodbead, having rendered j telf popular an Precident of the lamdea and Alluilii* toad, w ill not depreciate hie ??.?'itlcal atatus by a mam moue rarrlflce for tbe party's rood. In tbe First district, where tbe Irregular bo ; ng e date of 1858, against Florence, baa become tbe re nominee of 18C0, over Florence, it Is alleged that <n? r eetlsfaetlon ebiti?tbe cominatlOD of judge Kiag b Bell and Everett party ('tiering to tbe discontents opportunity for mischief, Judge King having always More scted 1 with the democratic part?, and being wise alloyed with tbe tincture of popular aovcrelgui In the Third district there are but two candidate ree, republican, up for re election, and Kline, demur man of nerves and waxends, equally strong In thi trlct, In certain localities, an a'arm of Ire or a b; aacersi'in is sure to rover tbe bouaetope with so m. tbe sous of St. Crispin that to a stranger they bet greater attraction than (libera euefiagratloa or a b? They are good and true frlenre of Kliae, however, ? they associate with Roger -lierman; and will lei*1 (lap) stone unturned to elect Tbe Fourth district Is intensely republican, and In* course, Judge Kelly, ibe nominta of that party, wi elected. In tbe Fifth d'strlet tbe nominees, Dsvis, rep-;' and Ingersoll, democrat, both reside in suburban Tns lutter Is a son of lion. Charles Jarcd logerioll, r Icie Intellectual, Is not loss eccentric than be be fat i.. r Tbe son and nominee, wboaa baptism tl on 'Harry," derived bis first notoriety from a suit br by blm agalret a railroad company for stone, witb to build a wall fronting a lane which crossed tbe ra at right angles Io tbe progress of the suit it wa (ISMd that the chief ecgineer of tbe road construe trrbed bridge of dreseed store over a dry run on t prrmiffs, to improve tbe Undecape view from bis race," at a cost of SI iOO; also that the local.on road was charred 400 feet out of its natural site to l that mnch farther away fr< m bit terrace, toe cbn location a sting the railroad company an extra ex* other cm ibe c reaper the pig the cheeper lbs bar a id n be mssufheturod. Tne | " ' ran be maaufbeturad. Tbe cnel trade in this PL Eagiand bis pot vesn profitable to the miners, the mmf ~.M. .. ? .pruutmom w toe mioerv. the of Ibe advance is prices having been rak-d mtoihef of tbe carrier*. The Reading Railroad and Rc J rlers. TEXAS, or* hot?tom iO?t?rpoxerx.-r? Hocsra*. Tesaa, Bept 18, End rf (he InrmdUrf Frriimmt tm It?s ff v fh tf f%? Incmdiarim were XMseenewtad?5V? >-v fimf gad Other hsfims tf (he F<g?**r? Cbetn , fund-Pimm tf (helmU/hrsms Jdrtw to fun (dp The Ebd if Mm JfafiMred b Tkrie '1 stage Aywfed Is Clarvy Ihnsi The Ompo?Cvmf ^ fhe Rail rtmdt? lncrmm in I he Trdtu rf Erf, 1-rat?lUaUA rf HtuUm, de , dt Flaw tbe August election the Lnssndlary rx-i has ectlrely died sway, though beyond a doubt tb-1 a regularly organ I.-*d plot for tbe pleader and dove of all Northern Tesaa. Mat first thasuap'cloas ni fall upon abolltloa laceadiaries, sad upon tbs s* ?est of Tlg'.laaos Committees and sight patron were arrested la different portions at the Plate. m being uhipped, agreed in their rsvslslions of n sselurtrg ptet, dselgred te do lis fbil aaseet.on s>* 1st of August W Bit. happily, the ammyt a cur eltisrus arerted the storm, which wo .i l , . bars swept Its oat old horror* ever a country ae nature ae aay under the sum A nnrntwr at white seen, travelliag pedlary ax BM mnadicaal*. wvre arrrsted, and where the i* g been with tbe aegroee, th-vi "'-w beyond aay reassaabic ?<.> ?>I t. f unreel 'be penalty ef it < I sad Instaat dismissal .rem t' ? of abmitlonlam was aot to c J rlctlng waa positive l? some lattanoec Id others fiofglrg Where tbe proof reasonably so, Um f f -xdera were quietly aly'eel tl the state. No men ' ture (f 170,0<K) Tbcae and other curiout facts publ.tbrJ In a report of the oaae, taken tn bend, by order of tbe then President of tbe rosd company, who waa a'lerwards, for bis tea Mown "higher than a kite" by tba F. F.'l of lar.a. Pill there is tbe Jek lane out, costing 8 rxtrs; and there Is tbe stone aroh view all fro. Terrace " and th- re Is Hrren lane, macadam<*.-1 fxpette of tbe railroad company. The farmers ( vicinity query, that if a railroad company was tr do all tbr?e thlnga, and a President was ousted fur < |ngtbem,wbat may not bo obtained from Congr tLr dletr.ct by such s representativef In t me of the Legislative dlatrlcta there Is mud | Irr and blt'er strife; but as tbe next Legislature e. elect (for. Blglei or choose s suecessor for his sea' ? Tbltrd Fta'es Senate,existing diarattsdbotkw at part dldatcswlll be qolvted by election day, fur It In time wben tickets can be cut with Impunity, be .. Ices cf a single reprseentative district mlgbt tm;e coalrcl c f tbs House at Haniab^rg. act tbe qui ? Senator It Congress Cucseq lently, aay caodidato minority osrty In any d,etr;.-t, who by pere nal .? ticx and befigiug may strive to overcome the do tert<n ?rl, will be sure to reap only disapp-lutnv bis pains Bowev.r, ui may hope for s d.lkreut ci s?h In aty special ease. Tbe cottrr! of fi nds for the canvass M Just sew e> limctaik. lha f trslghtout TVjnglas exeC'itlve c?m cskii.g loudccmplalnts tbat the fundsalisged loUt ctiected from tne ho don of oflloe under iei gottrbment are not banded over fbr distrtb i J tbexi. Tbe beauty (f Itb ctmpla'nt Is fbrelbly ; Is tbe fact tbat tbo tacumboou of tbe eltlce if K. <t Detds. be., In lhe"Hnw" are stralgbto-jts, ir.i io be taxed a per rentage on their lawite, wt -tenuous and vastly prrrocderinl over toe si I eldrre ef rlnee order Trele Sa-n Ccecerntng ibe "Row rff, -ea," it Is believed ttsi ' srstatdli g has been (fioctcd between tbe dens .r-j Eel! end 1 *creti nomiLeee Tbe buuglas men hi rottrolef the femocrntlc City Convention, p t I men r.n Ibe tl'Sct, two of wboaa are abDox oce iT'ld* .! Br- < klsridg.- a'lllaue Witb th - ' baigfd fr-r two nf ibe Bell aad Ewrelt nom'nece, ill Icket can be ele itcd If n? fusion be mndt, tbe -1 . f success p??rocdernt? oo tbe side of Ibe rep it) lbs mov(n-< nl to br *g Sin.l, Tsncy to 1'b . to sdcrrtt a mass meet1' g baa wlaaly, we lb <.? abardened Mr Ysney would d? oo good bcr* time, bet m'ght do barm. Bla recent part la tc , g tbe prpulsr remcmNratc* It is rutlcus, but It Is nevertheless true, that P. vac la is again tbe battle gronnd of Uta Presidency the issue will be of coarse M not knows; what Um- . | l'( ' to < s h'e tontd'nary f.tscrvatloo. T:..-, ? mere and more plainly 'ndteate Gen. Feeler's el t?ct? her. anl a grand fatinn in November sgwovt I F.( rent advices from Erg laud represent tbe Irr oral trades as lasgnisblnf and doll, especially U.e r ? tr* V. witb a dewuwar t lexdeacy In prloea. R tbefrrn?'( owners in thia Bta'e have beev "ev tbe Kelt I product of tbelr fbrnaees. by borrow or uprn cords rf pig eltee last Ml, under an expe i. * mod t Beat loo of tbe tar If What win be done by, fiaal'y. sfcoe, instead of going up abroad. ptg tr g g >trg ti.iwo. remalso t ? bo area Several fa.I .r< - irtsterskava reoeatly ooowrad Is Eugliad *? Waieg. Fer tbo rolitag mills, thopessgoot Is bent ap their affairs sad leave lha State No man suOrel emu*, sod It IB certain that there ar ? large irtry 'ocmdlary rharaetrrs wbuac prc-esce f an treat prd to the Bute Yen may remember thU Ibe developemente ? f ? ib aad tbe ooale-ikr* ot m-mberv of the l tig of |b*ulbweetarn Mbd plrtU*. rev* . I a ' (f predatory pperuttanetimilar It thoer lately p' 'S Ihl* Hale. Tbelr system war raet'y rorapl'tt IrMMO IB IIS ramiOrut'ooS. A rr, oe of oprrar e be se'rrwd? Ibe rlebttt rterv and tbe prehth.e Moty tererta.Eet*?idisnct w mll thee be ii ibe gasg, tbe richest t oda carried off and tt.< fired. iHirlcg tbe eotifusive (saved by the fire 'boegh lest vtloable articles would be S#o iro-V tbltS* In readiness the proceed* of the r* ?sd ?fff*gi*ti"B would be tafely tranvm ;.c-l , ?p?cfs of Ifce gtnp, whose butlnesa it was to conv. lU rath. Nrgioes were also run -df, .nder pr?;s b< rg carried to a free wtttr, hut wee* told by tl ctlnrs, who travelled sader the various gulfs <? rtst ; ntiters, eoiiotuurs, In., and were f -.1 cwplecB, en emrpleta war- their dlag .1 to fr'ret tbelr bjieoriiiml t nab Now th>.R r*< it t that tbe late outrage* in Texas reer'tad - ? m.itr t atd of Mgro and borne thleeve. *bo hi i tbrixtet pita of rperatlcte of the larger gar* the rake rf tp trial In and (If seepMtad and NaelL'-rn Vtate) protect.<m from o*trag? I mtnagrd to throw tbe odium of their derdt ? g u t'oBlr*. N" matter bow fbaatleal the r?c :h e*. Nertb may be on the ruhjeetof negroslivury. I d-J Iwve they would rltk their preetoae neck* nr.-l ??.?ct ii.kte actuated by stronger m i _ I t.i'antbropy. Whraer they are bltmabie iw n,.t# m mtr.v outrtge* Taaane bave vuffrred dvr ng U.w Vf Cm r'ttbe, no abolition tie nre wailed In Texas, - f *? woi,!d enesslt their beta tatermt by giv rg Tes ^ Krth. . T>xts ? lbs worst eoi-stry '* tba w fid he *nd frutt ards. aid dlvboneet m?a ki' fos no imreral* aid b-?Mt men 1 doubt wbett *r act >.<n ar tw tmmd Tour and str-e