Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 29, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 29, 1860 Page 3
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1*11 for a plttanoe which scarcely pays for lh? up mb* victuals they and tb* lafbetious d? ^ the* tirrp, a U*7 would oome to T- '?} " , i?<? Kl(a mAn ?Kqii)?4 Witt 000 'ttCt f *Jr "*ou -, mould aooa proa sir wot, aa I raid betohr. uronea. drunkards and dSboo ot waoat will take hot lea that hero they m no? wanted A meeting of the frtenda of Mr. D-jUgiM wUI bo hold la this oily on the nth Inst, ( ?jr purpooe of placing an electoral tt'kot elimination They *111, In all proba bility, luoeftd In fating with the Baltltea; but even so, pa my estimation, Breckinridge and Lane will carry the Mate by a hear? m?jor,ty. I will duly advise yon of the result of the meeting on the ITU, and will than bo able to apeak more authoritatively of the complexion of Teun politico The louf continued dfought ^ tutorlallv Virectod the which the late ralm thnughou?. the State were too lata to remedy. The assail grains and vegetables amy yet prove remuarrattve to the planter, and, lafeot, we are not half as bad off financially as we mlgbl have been. The different rallroede oeo'orlog In thle etty are that progrrsktug toward cam pie* loo, and are already doing n remunerative business, Property steadily and rapidly {?Treason In value In Houston city atone the lnoreeM aes been fully 1br\v per cent In the Wit four years Front Ula yen can jidgc the probable increaM in the next tour years, when we will have railroad oowmuntoatioa with New Orleans, San Antowto, the Bio Brando and Norther* Texas. Ike yellow favor haa net yet made Ha appaaraaoa la UtneHy, and by many eld reeideutera K la believed thai we will, thle season, entirely escape the usual villi of that meal dreaded of all deetrcyera. OUR WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENCE. WsjgBuraroH, Sept. II, IMS, Eftt <f OvufUu' Norfolk Speech?Want qf Ibcf?toeemieH tfUio F. tew da Organised Oppomtion u the Repubkiami fiUti Ntr?Coercim of the Statea /mpoiiaic?Popularity of Me Ifemh Hatred of the fepdUcsm-Mknhm /or BrecAirjridft, <tc., ?fc., tfc H cannot V doubted that -She cause at Breckinridge and lane haa received an immense impetus torward by tbe speech* of lodge Douglas et Norfolk. He a acknowl edged by bis friends to have efcown an otter want of taet and disc am ion in responding to the qmwtiou which waa pat to tMm. Hta annunciation of a resolve to aid In the oeerci ea of not only a sovereign Hate bat at aay number of so arraign States In this confederacy (which la the eesvrtaacUun pat upon his answers throughout Urn South), to ease Lioeuhi's election should prompt them to teoede, baa created ? Ore of resentment and indignation against htaa whiqfi will not soon or easily be extinguished. U has turned thousands against him, Including many prominent man in every election district. Bet it would be Car wiser and more practical If those who are racily anxious to-defeat l.inoota would, instead of (Mating what ought to be done In ease of his eleotkm, unite their beet efforts to make the question unnecessary ay carrying the battle States against him. Instead of dtacMSlng the constitutional point as to the right of the psaaraigovernment to coerce a State, would it not be much better so to labor and so to harmonise all the elements of apposition to republicanism everywhere ait to render It Impaaeible fur the question on tha right and duty of nstng forcing against a sovereign State, or against even tbe citizens of such State, ever to come up? Time and talent and labor enough have been already wasted upon potato that may never arise, anl on some which sannot possibly arise?such, for Instance, as the fasaoua Territo rial slave issue. Let us deal with realities. "Ooereion" will never be other wise than hateful to any portion of tbe American people?scarcely leas odious to tbcee who Stay differ from the section or the State against which coercive measures may be proposed than to tbe objects of such proceedings?scarcely lees repugnant to the sen tlsMnta of those who never maintain the constitutional power of the fedora government to 'coerce" a member at the confederacy than to iboee who deny any such right. The popular feeling Is ngalnst It. We want no civil war?no streams of American blood shed by an American army?in a struggle to oompel our brothers to give obe dience to the federal government against the ordinances of their own Stale. No statesman can sustain himself In a single county, Iowa or village of a single Southern State, taking the grounds which Douglas is assumed to have taken at Nor' (eta. I merely prewot the fact without undertaking to dtacvi It, for which 1 have no time or roooi. itof I* " nootasary. The whole discussion is utterly worthier General Jackson's proclamation In 1833 did not make the doctrine o' ooereion at all anoeptable to many of bis lead tag supporters. None bat ultraiau of the federal school really wished to eee the strength of the ;.Uor*i gororn mat tried at that crista upon South Carolina mere Is ae doubt that, had the Kurce bit. b <u carr.od out, South Carolina would have resisted it to the death. Uualu Is net tne greatest evil to men so resolute, so sincere, so nailed ae tbe Soutbroos are on tbe slavery quest ion and an the question of the equality of the States iu the I nkon. Tbe people of 1833 were unwilling to give a pr - _ practical so lution of the question of federal coercion, even on a tariff measure Tbe people of I860 will bestl.1 less disposed even to raise tbe ia*u* when It may afloat, not ooe amy, but Afteen States of tbe confederacy. Why Indued brtrg It op eowf What possible good can sueu a Journal as tbe .ViMiofval InteUiaeacer do by us pouuerous autumns of essays on tbe right of "Cuerclua ' f llow much mure neb v ami behellcieutly oould eveiy journal sa t erery writer and every orator be employed, If each and a'l ould exercise tbitr talents, ibeir ingenuity, their InJuatrr, their good nature and patriotism ?nil tbeir rseouronn In tanking It Impossible that any usee for coercion should ever occur Tbe flxsAi d has commended Itself to all classes of coo sen at I vea. in the North and ttoulb, by uniformly treating the critical tsaue In this way?jual as Clay treated it, Joet as Buchanan now treats it Douglas has shown his a'Molute unillness for tbe pines to which be aspires by his want of tact and eweretmo in th s Instance. It has arrsyul the whole ftnath against him. There will be, you raty depend upon U, a united Booth again ?l Douglas as well as against oota In expressing Ibis up moo to the half in ill ton readers uf the Huuui 1 speak what 1 do know If 1 cculo into a few paragraphs the intelligence net reliable emiroes to the which 1 receive from the mo Booth and Southwest your readers would apprreiato In eema degree how intense is the hatred towards rcpub lieanlsm?how little hold tbe ehulyanJ repulsive B.-1I bee upon the hearts of even those who agree with blm la eptaian?hew disgusted are true men, and hew distrust ful are even partisan! about Douglas, after bid reoeul ex hib'Hons From the Uganda uf gentlemen of property and Influence. wb< bold the purse airings, there comes up a unanimous set timet,t of loathing and disgust for the ?'l ittle Giant" and his demagogueiam. Among the homes of the Amtb and lha Southwest the footing fur Breckinridge haa been intensified by Una tone ofTtouglaa to a degree of which it would be difllault to give you any ooneptlon Tliees, after ail, art the quiet springs of Sooth rrn anddtouthwestern opto ioo No mure perfect I Independent or prosporou* life can be eouoslved tban that of tbe planter, er ins landed proprietor, b* hit aorta many or fbw And from these m -n and their fatal IM, with all their influenoe, end all their high pride of uptatoe end delnrui I nation of purpose, oases the Impera ttae declaration that they will not have Lincoln to rata over Ihem. end that they will concentrate their votee open Breckinridge Deng lee wl I bo iron bee i la the Electoral College Bell will not carry even hid own Bute Dreckiori'ige will sweep the whole Smith These are the oacliuiomi justi fied by a severe analysis of the informal Ion I get from the " rtttap: MS. SXWABD Of X All AS. Mr. S?w?rd'i Bpeeeb at Lawrtate-Kaa MM (ha JaraMlam of Krcadaaa, aad Lawraaca (ha Imi?4 Cltjr. Ijuraawoani, Hrpt VI, 1M0 GoTSrnor Sewnrd addiroaed a crowd of Bra or (Li tbouaaod people at Lawnaoi jrokrday. Be eiprnaaed gratifloattoa al the fniatmeet of a long ehertabed dealre aad datf ha owed to the people of Kan am to rtait tbem la their awa hornet. I dealre, ha aatd, Id apeak la yon here, where t hare renewed the nmmoriaa of the coateet waged upoa thla Bail, where I aee around ana brokea tin piemen ta with whwh that oooleat waa waged by the apyreaaora, eader the plea of popular aoreretgnty, which left the people perfectly free to do aa they r leaner. nuhiect to the ooontltutKw at the UnHad Ma tee, whwh IV y ware left perfectly free to latarprat ae they pleaaed, which the aotborttlee el Waahlactoa had aeeer heea able to Interpret to their owa nalialacliua or that of the America a people While Kaneae ta the yoanyeat ?late, aad leaat farored with political power, yet the la tha moat la fit 11 hie and met eooeteat The two rtcheet BMtre are New Yorh aad Maaaaeboaette, aa I they are an merely becaoae they ere the freaot, wteeet and moat liherly loetng. The caw of all the tale reel I hara felt la yon baa heea merely thla that yoa ocenpy a pten'al paaltmn ,n the faiie'l ?tatet with regard to freedom aad alarery There m aa eon teat ear dlddreaoa oa tha tuh fact along the Mae of Nortbeaatern ftetee, for they are alt for freedom; aoae oa the line of the Bonthcra Btetea. far they ere ell for eieeerr; hat there .? en eternal etrtfe for the eatabliehaaent of fTeeeom or elacery la all the r?et of the foiled BUIea. from the Kiaaiatlpid la the Pnclic If freedom waa to Irtaarph, there waa no potat where the ootid etpnet to meet the eaeay earapt the place where aha haa met it here If yoa had V a (atoe. tie eery would hare ewept throngh tha Territory of Mew Metteo tad the whole ooeatry to the PnciBe. Call Mme wee Imperfectly teenrad to (Vend.on, end with a oemproml-e /oa opened a new campaign hare and crowned It with a complete rtctory, Heaactoeth the battle a eadad. Haaeefhrth the free hthorera from aeary lead on the earth can pareae thla onward path to the Beaky Moontalne Toe not only occupy a pi rotable pant. Uaa, hat thW enterprise wae attempted at a er Itieal parted, la mm ell gaaraateen of freedom were ehandoaed, and Kaaaaa, that bad for forty year* been free from the foot Bhape of aleren, wn pronounced aa much of a alee# Bute ae Booth enrol inn At Ihle ertele the people of Kaaaaa appeared en the atage, reel led, de-piaed and hated, nap lifted the hanoer of liberty oa high end counter acted paaaeabiy all tha efforte made to euhdoe them. In tbrta yeara they not only secoroa freed im in Iu? but In all the Territories of the Lulled Bute*. So oilier ooo hundred thousand people tare contributed so much for freedom an Kansas Before It la people, then, appearing for the am time, I bow myself, aa I hare never done before to any other people, and, In profound revvreotfj, I aalnte you with gratitude and affection, Alluding to the flrouebt ^ there wlU be no fa mine la If beoenne there la wealth and credit ?""la to carry her through. If these will notd^gg adrinot aa appeal to friends in the East. Alluding to the "irrepressible conflict," ?, wi<t the people of Kansas settled It there in favor freedom. In Sew Mexico they tried to Settle it '.a favor of slavery but found It impossible. Ho then reviewed the history of Slavery extension at length, and mil the territories must bo reserved for the free labor of over populated Europe; Missouri has loot this immigration; bad she been whs the population now ia Kansas would have settled la her borders. She must look to Ksama for de liver an eo. She M made richer by mllhooa by the settlement of Kansas by freemen. Ho concludes as fol lows:? Henceforth, if my oonfldenoe In the stability of the American felon wavers, I shall come here to learn that the Cnloa la stronger than human ambition, because It la founded in the afffeettoue of the American people. If erer 1 shall waver In my devotion to liberty, I shall noma up hero to renew it, hero, under the Inspiration of the sympathy of 100,SOS freemen saved from slavery. Henceforth these shall not be my sentiments alone, but Mm sen t>m en Is of all men v. ho wiU come up to Kansas aa they go up to Jaruialsns. This shall be the Sacred City. The Coventor and party leave for the but to morrow morning. MB. DOUGLAS Of IBDIABA. Imuxaroun, Sept. 98,1K0O. The Douglas State maea meeting held to-day was the largest assembly of the democracy held slnoe 1860. The precession, composed of wagons, footmen, bearing ban ners, ho., was about an hour passing a given point. Mr. Douglas received the demonstration of the ms,sieo from an open carriage drawn by four white horses. The most Imposing feature of the procession was the young ladles' oar, in which stood a young lady attired as the Goddess of Liberty. This attraction elicited praises and applause from everybody. A desire to so# Mr. Douglas was mani fested by men of all parties. His speech was of the sane tenor that has characterized all hut speeches during the. presect campaign, lie spoke about an hour and a quarter. He refuaed to answer the question! propounded to him by the Indiana Journal, saying they should the same to their own candidate for an answer before offering such to him. He alluded to Mr Breckinridge In severe terms, charging blm an 1 all those who snntained him, aa abandoning the principles of democracy and forraklng the same plank In the Cincin nati platform upon which he and Breckinridge stood shoulder to shoulder in 1866. The crowd la variously estimated at from ihirty-flve to a hundred thousand, .ncludlng a large delegation from Kentucky. NEW JERSEY POLITICS. NEH KMT AH PK-'RMY NOMINATED POM 0ONORES8. Nxwaxk, Sept. 38,1800. The Douglas Fifth district Ooogrsssinnsl Convention mot st Elizabeth to-day. Ex Governor Price presided There wan a strong struggle for the nomination in the Convention, but Anally Nehemiah Parry, of Newark, was nominated by a vote of fifty to forty two. Mr. Perry la a fusion man lbs Breckinridge and Lane Convention meets on Mon day, sad wUl endorse the nomination of Mr. Perry. MARSACHU9ETTS CONGRESSIONAL NOMINA TION. | Bowes, Sept. 38, 1800. The r?public*i>i o' the Fifth dutrlet to night unani mously nrmtnated Anson Burllnjame for re dectloi to Coo grata. NEW YORK CONGRESSIONAL NOMINATION. PchmxcvaDT, Sept 38, 1880. The Breckinridge Congressional convention for the Eighteenth dlatrict waa bald at Anthony Rail, at tw6 o'clock to day. Itordeeal Myers, of Schenectady, waa nominated for member of Congreea, and E. J. I-overtdge for Chairman of tb* Dlatrict Committee THE CLUBS OF THE CAMPAIGN. The Wide Awakee and Hat 11 Splitter*, Minute Hem, I a Ion Laagae*, L. It tie Olaalt, Little Dongs and Bell Rlngera, Ate., Ate. On* of the peculiar onaracteriattca.of the American politics la the universal tendency of the followers of each party, aa the party str.f* beoomea exciting, to unite In Borne organization or club for the purpose of making a formidable ahow of their numbers. The same mode of organization, however, loeea Its attraction* at the end or one campaign, forcing the manager* to invent some new name and mode of equipment for the neat occasion, to draw the attention of that clans who seek such channels to give expression to their party spirit. It Is thus that aarh Presidential campaign furnishes a new and nai'ioe feature which applies exclusively to the incidents and characteristics of the state of affairs at that lime la ex la trace, which Individualizes each Presidential struggle sad makes its history new and attractlr*. One year this material la all absorbed la raising hickory and ash poles; the next national political struggle they are building log cabins?ths men, women and children killing themselves drinking hard elder, he. Oa no former occasion has there been so large a variety of orgaatsa tioos or so many different earns* aa ? characteristic of ths preeeat campaign Kent of ths names, however, carry with them some party significance, that enable* the public t? place them In regard to the several political armwe, of which they farm the different regiments. Every pnatble device ban haen adopted this year to attract the young men Josl entering span their poll!leal career; the most noted In the torch and military drill, started by the Wide Awahee, and since Imitated by aeerly all other or gaaioutooa. The ex peaces of nearly all are paid by anme person wbo Is leoking after aa office, and looks open thee* club* aa the machinery to pot himself la ths Una eras** precedence. Tb* moat noted political organimtloa of thin caartsn la THK WIDE AVAXM. This organisation in, perhaps, ths mot numerous of any, although oooQced exclusively to the Northern Stales. They are found is almost every ward, village, borough and four corner* la every Mat* north of Mason and Dixon's line, and can be area almost every sight going through with their military drill, with n thin rail, aarmouated with a lamp, epoa their shoulders aarh wearing a green oilcloth cap* end n glazed fatigue cap. the officers dtot sgutabsd from ths rank asd ffle by aarvy log a lantern Ths caps are of various color-, but always glased. It Is utleea for as to my that ibry are all far the election of I.mooln and llamlus. la Some portions ef ths West they are called LiiecoLirrm, and may, la anme minor detail of their equipment, dlflfier * little from the Wide Awake*, but are essentially the mm in their general organization aa J *l>|eet4. nit tan. sn.rrnmn la also a breach of the Wide Auakeo. being aa auxiliary to the general army. From their nam w* would tup l?*r that they are to be the ptoaeers of the republican army. or the parlies that are to pr-pare the material Ibr freeing La tb* Both la the event of I.lncota's electro. rat nan. MArLtaa Is another tame applied to lb* same class of organ nation. the name euggee'.lve, we suppose, of (be position and labor to b^ performed In lb* great struggle of subduing lbs tooth ' The republicans have, basMaa thane, I.laeoia aao Hamiin clubs, exhtlag la tbeae Idealities where lb* mil'tary drill asd torch** are not aexamry to make a man republican. Kl.I. Kivoxwr. The la Ion party area to bars the largest variety of caters to their organisations, sad, strange to my, tbay have Imitated the etyl* of organization In Its moot Im pre tan I feature of the Wide Awakee, wearing a different colored cap* and another shaped bat and torch The " Hell Ringers," w* believe, originated la Baltimore but ex *t hot* North and tooth, principally by thai nam* ia tb* toother* Plate*, and always take with them la pro crealoe. bsatdea their torches, a large variety ef belle, wblcb tbey continue to ring aa Ibry marsh thrmigb the streets Tbey are deroted to the electron ef Meear*. Bel1 and Everett. TH* ?FM.-ffVKRRTTThff I* slen a breach of tb* came army straggling for tb* trl' "*ph of the lulost ticket, asd are to be found la large elttsn North and tooth tin cttrrsnrms la another name appims to the Southern regiment of tb* toll and Fveroti army. They are organized in the am way as the other dub*, hit are eeataed to Lotataaa sad ll>? adjacent SUM They or gfoated, if we are n >t mis taken, la New Orleans Probably the largest ergnnlzn 11 Mi of Ute BeB men Id that locality la TBI UNION lliOTI) They aye rdpreneoted M bei-g exceedingly numerous ta Brooklyn, w&w/to.t, nunbera are said to be rapf ^ lucre as ic? They woar alight oolored oilcloth cap 4 cap with a gold ban J, and carry a torch, ? M of which ta bell shaped, and hare bell oarrb ? ln company They turned oat in large numb- jrt great Cnbn demonstration at the Ooaper ' juntale, and pre aented a line appearaece. THE liflOH sr^TlNKLB. Thii organization, one of 'toe r? gunnels of the Bell and Everett army, we be'.ieve, had lta origin in thia city. | They were orgnnlf d about the thir l of September, and 1 now number abtnt three oi four tbouaand They, llhe tne olhcra, call their otflcera captains, lieutenant! and sergeants, and bare a regular military drill. It ta an id they Intend to make nominations for Oongreea ant the legislature, or rather aelect from theothegfoickeu placed In the Held the members qual; Jed for tBd^ew tloe. Tbe nest organization ia TBI MINUTB MEN. They form one of the most important brigades of the Bell and Everett army, and are perbape aa well drilled ea any olher orgaalzellou In the Held. They are equipped In nil essential particulars the same as the Union League. They are also reported to bo a large and numerous oody In tola city, probably the strongest org toizaltoo to the Bell and Evarett party They are to parade about the *Xh of October. -The party machinery of the conitllutioool Cal'Ht party ln iblacity la worked, we understood, by then. The regular party nomination! are to be announced through their organization. They are, therefore, really the body guard of the party for this latitude. THB CONSTITUTIONAL union men is the name applied to a political club of tbe aame pnrty, who do not go into the ezpense of arming and equipping aa the law direct!. There are alno the Bell and Everett clubs organised on the aamo bail!, without going to too expense of buy fog torches. They are composed mostly of men who do not fnncy n niroet pnrndo, but organize for tbe purpose of having lomo mode of circulating political documents; and are mostly mon of Influence and In. teiligenca LITTLE OIANTB. This Is the name applied, not only to tbe body guard, but to the bulk if the Douglas sad Johnson ormy. They ore not in this locality n very numerous body, but as for as they do exlrt are organised with their captains, lieu tenants, foe , and go through with the military drill. They are quite numerous in other localities, especially in the Western cities, and in many plows aroosoelltug to their drill that of the Wide Awakos, the orack companies of tho republican army. * TBE I.ITT LB DOJ'Ui Is a came applied to them in certain localities, both or ganizations are essentially the some. THE CULOBOFOBMEBS Is a name applied to an organization started In Booth Brooklyn as one of the auxiliaries of tbe Dong las sad Johnson army. Their object sea announced as befog to put toe Wide Awakes to sleep; but we are unable to dis oover any place where they have made any headway, al though the youthful appearance of many of tboae In the recent Wide Awake parade would tndioate that the task would not be n very hard one after sundown, tbe hour which their rr?' usually put youths of their age to bed. The chlorolorssert have recently announced their platform as befog for anybody to defeat Lincoln, and therefore endorse tbe L'slen electoral ticket. There are hut comparatively few organizations ln tho Douglas ranks?their machinery Is principally Douglas sad Johnson clubs, or Douglas campaign clubs. The Little Dongs and the Little Giants are composed of tbe yconger portlofoof the party, who must have some way to work off their extra steam, and If not provided by their own party, they will go over to the Wide Awaken to have, as they call It, a " little fen.1' There is also aa organisation colled the EVER BEADTS to some of tho Western Metre, but ea to their political proclivities we are unable to state. There Is springing up In this city an organization calling themselves TBE YOUNG MEN'S UNION CLUB. They are the ell spring of the new electoral ticket, and are composed of men entertaining all shades of polittoal opinions, ln opposition to the election of Llaoola and Hamlin. They are for anybody but Lincoln. Toeee several organisation* do not teem to flourish much south of Mason and Dixon's line, and are principally confined to tbe Northern claim, although toe excitement for Bell end Everett bos brought into eaiaunoe severs! strong organizations and clubs In Ute South, which are the only exception ?? the general rule. The mode of conducting the canvass In the Southern States Is by barbecues and stump speeches, the caodi* dates for the different parties travelling together and dis cussing the political Issues of tbe day before the as sembled multitude, representing all parties. It lakes the unnMy materiel of tbe Northern Mates to seek an outlet In a military organization, and a torch to ventilate themselves with. Happily for our body politic, the very motive of the organization disbands It on tbe day of election, and loaves the Held open lor another mode of electioneering. The di.'erenl clubs have laid down ia their programme, as a portloa of their duty, to guard the poles on election day, and ta this we miy have s few belligerent demonstrations before lbs polls are closed for tbe day. We doubt If future campaigns will present so large a variety of organizations as have been characteristic of this, the nlneteesth Presidential election ?UCSLLLIMCI r*LIT1CAL UTCLLMttCS. Tna Witmn or ihm?iuini ?Ths black republican parly, like an Invalid la Um last stages of consumption, Is rapidly wasting away. Oaa by om It It losing Its hold upon the Northern Stairs, and befors the dtb of Nowm ber Its oaar wlU bo declared hopeless. The fusion ticket la this Stats has settled the question, and prooouaosd forty thousand majority at least a|tM Old Aha. Iks concentration of all ths conservative threw la Rhode Island has rendered that Stale certala for one of the can didates who stands In opposition to lbs irrepressible oaa diet party. The union in P.bod* Island In April last elected the demoeraile candidate for 'to rem or by nearly Oflr?a hundred majority, and n moeh larger aaajoetty will attend the del rat of slack republicanism is Novem ber srxt. We learn, als>, I bat Illinois has bsen given op by lbs followers of OM Ab*, and that they art now sand leg their money and stomp speak ore into Indiana. la re fereace to thin, the W. I/wis ftryoVtwa ears ? We have Isfhrmalloa fr?m SprlafdeM thai the black republicans have given ep all hope of carrying the atata against tha activity, the pa*rtutlsn> sad tha Imprest*hie enthusiasm of the democracy |.>r (Vug las. Seeing this, they are now withdranieg their orsiore Cram llliss tie, sad eotlrettag mo oar irom U??e who are suppose J to have a deep interest ta the election ?f l.ioeoin, an I send tag it into lo tiaca Very rensat'y, John /. O-ndneh, of Meii'lrC-. use of the met active m-n>hera of the blaek Republican Centra! OtramlUne al Washing von, and read mate the eame ticket wiM Aadrew, the sbSi lumtet, In Maasarhiuu its, naa laRpru giWkl, and col ? cted |T 00S in money, whtrhsrsa lam" 1 lately rent to Indians l?'i's fur di?ir,bull to UK-re, to he used la defeating tha election of the demur alio inket la Mnber Ilwtl re Bmealed iliat. on their See.-ma in rsrry lag the sutm of diana sod pruusy tenuis mm et lor Uoooln mm, deprnded the -lectH u of the blac- repuoll-au lieicet for President In November. It was demanded last Cnu-a* > should ale- be put iodm- contribution tor mooev to t>? used U Indiana, sad aisn iirtsrm ssf that the Slate of Indiana vhnuld be Invaded by the feeding fllloole ?lump oprakers. there to rms 11 anlll after the Sth of October, w ben the election is to take place Rnoon laLtan IwaefSuiT ?The Democrat lr 'tale Ow reel on of Rhode Ittand, it unsms, is net called Is the name of say caadi late fcr offle the membern of the Convratlin are to be committed to a<> poll-y, and the aiector* to be named are to he pledged to the support ef n ? particular candidate bat, If elected. are to voss In the way bast caiealatsd to tsrere the defeat of I wools. This looks sensible, sod If carried out la the right sptflt, and with the aid of Um Bell sod Evar>lt party, soother mate w.ll drop from the block rrpahlloao embrnoe. Pat llUla Rhola down as opposed ta the rn.i splitter. A Pnovsnngat (Jor siwn?> r ran tub .torta ?Ths New Orleans Bur- in publishes s plan fur a provisional govern ment for the Ronthera P Intra It aajs It was el moisted through I be South some month* ago The schema la to secure. If posaible, a peaceable separation from the Psion and equal division of all Um Tsrrltoriea, and for this par pens it recommend* the immediate fbrmstlea of s greet Southern party Tn Umoa Panrv Dseosnvnavio* i.e PniiaDSi rwu ?All the newspapers of Philadelphia admit that the grand Bell sad Kvarall demonstration and t rrrblight proosevian In that city on Tuesday night was the moot uagnldoeot aflhtr of the kind since ths groat campuigm of 1??0. The torches sad trans jnreneies were numberleaa the number of participants Immenpr, nod the enthusiasm an bounded h'Wrrv amp Rnrmunow ? We Bod the fbllowtBg tn Um Montgomery (Ala ) Moil ? If the North elect I aoola, an It may pomlbly do, ths am chants of thst lat.tnds mart trait lor thslr Sou thorn dt?hMi or- ~~ " " '? ? rir "u":' ??.?? our ^,?u, -o? J sin7..,? "/i *" " ",Bd f? ". ?fc?t t' *' ?o?u.o "inr- ? , " ,,ut ?t that til- other rr^'Vu'T:^,r ,ho *,a h? merchant* u. th? N.rth iCv n ,U>l"'y ,,u*' ?"r ? Id eventual,, ,,ul lv 1^B^l^a'"t" ** l; 11 Wl" ? of our i,?i J i .. ? 181 * "1 un"1 *!l ">'? 'Iigen. UI.HI we .re **"*?'-" pmeldod ? ir_ - * Mill ixck. u w ?"?til *'fui Of?.p* brio* ih# ^?uin ,.wrs ol ted the *?,lha,| uw.'du.L^ ??",Vn*!0,1? Mgleet III the ere. .. . '",,,<38 10 wniott It OHlUOt ?. ..MMW.U <t one n,u ?Z'ZrraD"'U hiVB Bkjl a>d k?vkhki r i iii-tifMAM /? ']*1 ****** (>?)VKHVOKMinr IM V?A.*U r IT" " *Uto "????? Corn u.ueu of ? be I moo party have nomUmUa lienr.e Ma,at,a M thalr ?'Midmole lor Governor, in pa .of F.dwwd Diiimioo, who dociiutrd. K?c?moji or Jubo J. CRimcDwr m Namviu. ?ten, '"ibooiiy of NMb.lllr, Mm , on the 24th Intent, by . ,?-g? pn>oa, ? on of citizen. and ? g,.ud put.llcdi.pUy. la ??.wer to *" ?d,lr"88. Mr Crittenden made a atiort apeecb to the people, of which the following .. the aubeUnoe _ "v 55? i sSSt

the du,,,,. J*?,. .T 1 be"??? tb.l .hoy we awake J, the otlT 'hre8tfu the in, and in tbeir ddelitt i. country When therniTi""1 C"U(Jltl'>n "f ">? mm d"Tnep"U .Jiy rr,. arsg ^.t'^T^ vri0*. r.^ri "T:,oa,'" uo Ki-tiloc. v u >? .1. nl I aded, ?ir, to vatlve reeilDfD Of tre ^ooni^ Th"*"0? ^ the cute, upon them .. uvin , 1 lou* looked Blent. It hE W ^"L "! lnM ?to, thnt M long m thoy itwio Joiner'fti ?**'m "ln b?m By?poMtlrWU IT' tiotMm; we we .uk- * ?^ ^ <u,<1 bl'idrod ,w bo. n brotbet. I'nited |Q 11J",'llutlon"-?" were oot-rtitntlnn and foverument thm"?"1 a""nu:u illu enter into . pol%lo.l .rrUm?, ,lh" '* 00 ftcc*8l"u gratitude I feel-1 t-^uu'i J,"""!""1 'be much I eel indebhti u. j,.u U ti! r., 7 ?"*t ??"? t. God I vu more dererr'ni of I?ee h t"?0 ' *u,h Or my w*nowMretneuu Ii.e Im .k. '"' A8a,u 1 ,,r bewt for y .,ur cordml reception ?>n?e"lr of my Brotum. ? OumiitMu ?>Abuoo I'. Morrill, member of Slna' m'C[u,fr0m W'e F?UrU' d-81^1 ?? Maine, .od a Morrill, re elected ia the Stusonl dlulnct of Vor moot, are brother, and both r-publloau., ..I^rn tMJm>au -Hon Wm L Vance, latend. u. ?lump the SUte of VlrgmU o. u. return from New Tork and New England. le^ Benjamin f. Bub ler in bie letter .oceptlng the Breckinridge nomutanoo for Gorernor of Maeeachueoii. ?- \ ? * ?? TuBr^TT^Z^Z t^idlty and . reluctance to comm., them^ve. upm the alavery bueatmn, and charge, the Bell pwty whh endcarorla, ? oonc.lute the populw sentimenW ill ebuaette by nontlnatm, the '? who kenT^ rTKrkat M*aoc,#4y'" r?r Gu' .Toftb ? of ""*e p*r,ie# he ????>? hi. wL er? : rrar70a? ?**" n0a,,Uno? "?,ch Would V*e eran the poor merit of tuoora." sstsssr?4,w ?^ do^t^a^t'j^V ,upr*n"' pol.n^ being' A J Clety ft ^dacrt^Slf ^ Wl<1# *? nltb couductoi- ,or the .odetgr "J to 'tt' the day f ,\ n'ijT T"W>ae of :fVr-rd '-,t ^m^bTaTu1^*' thi?^1;,#k "S,r? A ' nni paaaiooately fond of W- U >ou are admllte.1 a. a member if Hit. m..i .. ^ you prom tee V. love the I,,rr,,-h JV^ do laata and water rune f A All thla I ''fe PeMorm.aohelpme-AbrahL ' prom.wi to j wiSvSSSr" cbuecue, baa dechoed Mr. ?14 Thaye, . .notation uT? I ?**e b"OM P??P* of the act era! town. Mb 1 nr- repuhhon... In regwd to Ihu dblrxt, Ue Worcaaie, n^i'V'' ddr' bMwr'l,<?n?o*o "Oof b:e cm, Thayer ^ Cil7> ?dV*',lD, tUem r '?? ^ Tnn rb.rjttoit Ihr,r.-J Knoi Walker, of Mmeeeee iZZlTh? " * MrmbPr ^ .7^ ' t*nor,tb nr ,bal h? ??"w. aaytbiogah^t ?? "" oolllr*rr. ho ?aj? that he haa been en rxtd for eome mot,th. paat endeavoring to uuite the di mocray.^ Tenure. ?lpiwrt lnJ ma utenaud of naumal princplee and nation, men. under Unmmntltn. tiOn of our country m a united ,?ople, and U, cihurt all food men of either party to do hkewAe. CITY POLITICS. PRIMARY ELECTIONS OF THE UNION PARTY. Tb? primary elections of the Ml Everett party for lb* elect loo of delegates to oonrentloaa for the aomlaattoo at candidates for Cnnrreaatooal, Areembly, aad city anl county i iitora, tnufe place laat night id arrerai ol the wards >.f the city. tvtry thing paaae-1 oil anally. REPUBLIC IN NOMINATIONS. PIXTH COMlMWUi MKT. A aocoo.l rna uof at the Repobl.-an Som oat ng Cna seniles of lb* district waa bald laat evening at No (It Broadway- The dlatrtet -mbrarca lim Klerealh, Flf. Meats and Vreal-ealb warda, bat the delegations of only the two latter barr been an far In aeanl-n Two acta of deb-vale* hare preaented tbrmsel. na from the Meeeolb ward, called r ape-tleely the lewie aad Watte del-fa tiooa, and each ola mleg to bo regular The nonreelmn latt lighter-neutered their em*- aod ep?intrd a commit tee of two to tirr.-at . ate matiwr* aad brlac abm.t a aatla factory compromise, after ? blob th: mo it of adjourned to Monday evening aeit ELKVis Til A-'*E*1ff.T runtTiT. The republicans of this district are dlyided lata two factlona. atyted the Mberty Hall and Turner's Hall par Uas. The former oa Thursday a If hi Dominated Joba Hooper as their candidate (or the *?m-mbiy The other larit m.t SB ib- ??me night, but adjourned to Friday araaicf neat without mablaf a sommatloo. TAMMANY OONIIII?IIONAL CONVENTION. Tha deyasth District Coareatina met at Baiptnl, oor ner of Ninth areaoe aad Haraaterali (treat, aad ad jounad over to Monday aranlnf sett. THE OR AND WIDE WVARE DEMONSTRATION. A meeting of the Oatial Committee was held last even try at Na 61* Broadway?lbs Praaldest, Mr. PlfcM ? Putrbrr, la the . balr The Finance fkanmilMe reported that a large number of tnbamptlnaa bad here renelyed to defray the Mpenaea Ot the deaoaoWatfcm on neyt tv.-dneadey alf bt, amounting in all to about M '>40, of wbMh !>*) be I been contributed by one gentleman The committee thee ballot led for Marshal of the Foortb lltTiSion Wide Awaki-e. which ba<t by the reetgnatlrvn of BeUMf Jab??, aad elected Robert Murret to that pest The i ? mnattee ? '-Wide Awake Tacttai at tha Polls oa EH 1Hah Day" reported progress. Adjourned. BROOKLYN CITY POLITICS. tHIt'OBA* it I'll f AL SOniUATHIb*. The Donf lae democrats met at the 1 Otpttnl," la Jorale iroa etrret, yesterday afternoon, for the p-irpwe of mak inf ap a Douglas democratic judicial Heart The reeull we* a* follows:? fVy .Awfpr- - tame# True HtiHr* JutHcf ? Iieorg# I. Fog Juth'-t of IWi Flfht district, Mlcl.ael fYatah; ?ecoad distrlet, Zarbariah Voce hue Arrivals aad D?panares. AH HI V AD*. , Ll?F*r00t?Fteam.Mo Rd'nbnrtb ?Mutton ffotile*. I?ad> T.rlnr Heeek Hen ?bi"a, lefty Ketly. Miu.-ka Klrhareaoo kretner Kelly, Campbell U ieloa and f.w'lr rB? t'ie? end lady. Billarky, i knee llall orr Aepiaw.ll. I emu aware, her J Moyao. Mora terrant. f'ndBsp, Morbe-t rimn Haddock, kl lee. ('ofawell. Henry la Cameketl end ehHd, Mr Mil'dWVm end lady, Mr MrHlmey aid led) Mr IfteyUa, He Reitlew. Mr Middl-Wwi. Mr Donlop end led- Vine lle e? geoalmUka Mr Iretaa. Mr Lowe. Mr Melnl'e Mr c.efl Mr Jaekano. Mrs Aaderwm. MrUray end family. Mrs Met Use* Mr O'Hett. Mr. Mew and tf* m Weeraae I at vnnin-nteamablp Florida -Thomas ?(-ere wife aad danthter. kr< aad Mlae Flllaloafa, .1 B atd K V >r ?o OotUe and wife, M Ourmrd, W H M-Kay. 4 Frew*' Oapi Bernea aad wife aad one la the etoaraga. Cairn wro* ?l earn, bin Marlon - Mien V I/--en I l/vean. * A Bull. X Hawmoad, If O r.iTert, o ilarl w itle-kneo. ?' Werbhora. ft a*ihh. W Formal W Thompson, in ? en cm, A c lb maid, r Me ormfch?aad t la the (Murage. Military lattlllitae*. THE FIFTH KKGIMKST AT UKDLOK's ISLAND. Tbe Filth regiment of our city volunteer troops, which proordtd u> rtedloo's Island oil Thursday, for a week's tour of garrimu duty, bave entered fully upon tbair labor* with a zeal and food will which IllaiUaU tba fact that it* officers have formed the determination to make tlelr itay profitable to tbemaalrca and the men under their command, m the acquisition of a thorough know ledge of eea ooaat defence The men are snugly quar t? red, have excellent accommodation* and a oom miraariat of the moat satisfactory character. On a trip to the island yesterday we were pleaeed to see the good order and discipline that prevailed throughout the garrison. The troops wero drilled from nine o'clock A. M. until unoo; and in the afternoon from one o'clock until fotir o'clock. In tbe forenoon Company A was under the instruction of Ll> 11 tenant Sinclair, of tbe United States u my, who is specially Detailed at Instructor to the regt on nt. The troops were Instructed to the manual of the puce (thirty-two pound guns), by first being taught tbe technical terms of every part of the gun and Its car riage, tbeir positions at tba gun and tbe manner of loading The instructor aaa very minu e and careful in his elaborations and displayed much talent ae well aa ?lining tbe munition of hla pupils The remainder of ? In'troop*, not on guard duty, ware required to report ihrmsetvee to the company otfloer tor exercise In squad and com pan*, drill. No Idlers were aUowed about the camp; from tbe Colunel down to private, all were obliged to lake an active i*rt in the duties of the garrison. Major Burger, Lieutenant Fearing, adjutant Meiuof, each too* command of a squad of men and did duty In oom mou, an it during the tame hours as tbe ilue officers. Bri gade. Major afford, of Gen. Yates' staff, who la the guest I of Oil scbwarzwaeider. of the Fifth regiment, also took j command of a squad of troops and drilled them both in I the forenoon and afternoon. at bight the entire Island, to tins n military term, la covered with sentries; tbst Is, they are postfd at aush pun ta aa to form a cordon of sentries around the island, so that no lngresi or egress can be bad without thsir cog I nlzanoe ? apt ?eppenbeimer, of Company F, was tbe officer of the day yesterday, and Lieutenant John Held tbe officer of the guard. To day Gapt. J. Maoder will be tbe offioar of tbe day. It is ibe intention of tbe commanding offi >er to b?ve an afternoon dresa parads at live o'olock, but in const queues of the blgb northwest wind which blew yesterday, it was dispensed with, a drill of ttte offljers and iion commissioned officers being substituted. Lieutenants Webb and Wood, aud two olaer offioera of tbe regular ai tny, stationed at Governor's Island, visited the garrison din iog the day, and were huspitably enter tained by tbe Add and staff officers of the Filth regiment. They ex pre wed their approbation at the dtscipllnu of tbe garrirou. Major Hobert Anderson, of tbe First regiment 01 United Stales srtillery, was ordered by the Secretary of War to act as chief Instructor to the Fifth rvgtment during its stay at Fort Wiod, but be has not yet reported himself for duty. SERENADE TO K-T COLONEL IHTtYEE. A wortny compliment was rendered In tne above effl cer nt bis resldeuoe. West I'blrty eighth street, on fnurs day evening, in the sha(>e of a serenade, by a dumber of bis military friends in the Sixth. Eighth, Ninth, Twelfth and Seventy-first regiments. Dodworth s full band, of thirty-five piece*, di<oours?d the following selections in a beautiful manner ?Overture to " /.amps," some se lections from " Lnrline,'' W F. Watlaoe; ?' Leap Year Folks," II B. UudwiMth; aclictiou* from " II Gieramen to," Mercadeute, Feet Murco, from " Oer ranhauser," R. Wugner; national airs, ?' Ilaii Columbia," " God ,-tvve tbe Queen,'' " Star Spangled Banner" and " Yankee Doodle " A Urge coni ' Uire of citizen* nnd military men were present, aud three time* three cheers were given for the ei Colonel At the close of the serenade tbe Colonel en tertained the asfembiag'in a kind mauler, and sentl meat and goed feeling prevailed FALL IVSPEI TIONN. The military throughout the rivals are now preparing for fbeir annual inspections, drill and reviuw. the First Division, comprising our cl-.y troops, by ngtmsote, will mspect during tbe ensuing inooih. Subjoined are some of tne official orders tai urd by the commanding officor*.? UkaiMl artbks Bkiuadi, 1 Ni* Tom, dept. 27 ldfiO j Tbe sevrral rrgimcnta of ibis Brigade will parade, fully uniformed, armed and equipped, for tbe annual Inspection and review, at tbe following times and placet:? The Fourth regie <-nl on Thursday, the 11th of October nrvt. at Hamilton tquare, at ten o'elock A. M. The I iflb rtglment at Brdloe's Island, on Wednesday, the 3d of October next, at eleven o chick A M Tbe F tth regiment, at Madison Square, on Tuesday tbe lOtb of Oi tob*r, at one o'clock P. M. Tbe Tweiilb n gum nt, at Hamilton square, oa Wedneo dav, the lTtfc of October next, a', one o cluck P If Tbe Brigade staff will assemble at Madison square, on Tuesday, the 18th of October nest, at a quarter before one o'clock P M , fully uniformed armed and equipped. By order of Brigadier General Charles Yates. F M. aLI'ijKD. Brigade M?j and Ins. J. god P. HrBsau, Brigade Engineers. GaxsiuL ? iklissu, No 13 N*ro*aL Caners, qvnr Surra Rnhiussr, 1 Hathqt AHrsits, New York, Sept,2i. lsflO j This regiment will pvrade fully uni'otmed, armed and equipped (winter trowsers, 'stigue caps slung behind, and provided with one day's rations) lor ios|>ecti<io, at Hamilton square, on Wedneu iay, tbe 10th day of October next. Line wl I be form" I, right on e?at Bide of the church enclusuic, at half past n.ou o'clock A. M. pre oiaely. Field and tlaff will report (mounted) t? tbe Command ant on tbe parade ground, at a quarter (mat nine o'clock A M Noa cnmmissinosd staff, band and drum corps will report to tbe Adjutant at the tame time and place. Tbe troop will report (fully mounted) to the Com mandant in tba parade ground, at a quarter past nine o'clock A M Sergeant Standard Brarsr* will receive their Colors at tbe Colonel's quarters, at half past e ght o'clock A M (baplatu Iktmel N Pugan, having resigned, be la at ble own irqueat honorably uiscbarg cd from further duty in this regiment L.ruteoAiit Patrick M Masters.*, resigned, be la at bia own request honorably <]..-charged from furtner duty la thin reg'ment Quarter master ft, F. Sullivan, iiavlng been appointed Chaplain, vice iM.gan resigned; sod J tsepb H Tully, having beeo appointed Q'iart<-rin?"ter, vloe Sullivan pro moted, they will be respected accordingly. By ordtr of Colonel Michael Oatcoeu JOHN M. {Dif, Adjutant. Obituary. COI.. TUBOrillUH B AII HEN BROOK i Pied rnddenly, on Friday mere lex, the 38lh of Sep Umber, of dtf*e*e of the heart, Ool. Theophilua Har drabrook, aged 69 y rare, 11 month* and IS dajra Oil B. ?u a iiliu of ibe etty of New York, and tor the leal forty year*, and up to the time of hia deeerae, held the fx anion of Haaler Cooper if the Brooklyn Nary Yard, reeprcted fbr bio etrlet at ten t on to doty and the faltb'ul dmcliargc m Ibe trualIBM t" blm ill* (Tirana and arquaiotau'm. the member* of the " Veteran Corp* ol the war of 1611," and the Mtmuic fraternity, are respectfully invited to attend hia funeral, from hia late reeidrooe, No lie Saada eUeet, Brooklyn, at two o'clock P H., on Sunday, the 30tb of lU ivmnber Hut remain a trill be cooreyed to i.raeowood Cemetery for Ui Uiuwat. New Orleaaa end H. John (N. B.) papere pleaa* ropy. DR. B. K. MAUTKHM, AT BFBWrnA. [Fi?m the Bcrmiutiaa, hapt 10 | In Petnbrote partah. on Monday m irnlng laat, et bte mother'e re* deuce, after a eery painful lilneaa. I ?r Beiia IVee* Maerere, ynungeal eno of the late John J Bantere, to* , aged thirty three yetra, leering an aged mother. a widow aad two otalldrea, a ater, rereral brother* and many other relatlrea and friend* to lament hie early re moral The deeaaaed Or. waeter* pnaeraamt the happy charartertelle, of winning lb> reteem and one01 none of all with whom be become arqualaled, not only here (hia natlre place). bat la that wider aad m'ire erttioal ein,? Where h e proleeeional lot wae oaei, the atty of Bete Yart He grnd laled about tea year* ago. with undoubted eue ore*, et the New York Medical Collage, and immediately alter earde rerv it ad the appolatment of aeetatanl phr elrlaa to one of the public Imep'tala Buheequently he waa fought for aad oflerrd a eorgenary to toe Tanaoia Railroad Oimpnur, which be accented, but hia health having rafWrd In that Inhnapltohle region, be returned to New York, end entered none prlntl* practice, for which he waa remerkahly gtaaJIflcd, both by profra?i?n* I fklll end experience and the gentle** and k Indent of manner* He a loo Bllrd with great eatwlaclioo and credit th* office of rnrgenn to one of the m?*t humane and lm|iortaal public inei intKN* of tb' - ity of New York, the Aeylum for Ibe leaf end Dumb Having been forced a few moalha Maea, by the rapid progrcen of an laaidioiM dmrane (enlvg* men! n' the lirer). to nuepend profreeumal work, be left New York (or the Wr?t Indian, in tb* hope that th" ee? Toy age and charge of air might prodn<* I meed i. No Imprcremral. bewrrer, occurring. he cam* to try the effort# of hi* natire air, hut after only eight ibort weka with hi* friend* hi# life baa cl"*ed, end with f'hrietlan ecrenity be ha* paeeeil away to the "Urard Inheritance of the emote ia iigbt. '? Jura* C. Rt Tirtec '*ri died la thla etty, on the t7lh talk., at th# early a*c of thirty *1* year* Mr. Rutherford wa* a nalir* of Ireland, hut emigrated to Una country when a child In 1946. at the age of tweaty four, li ? rrtio ?e? tod It* city in the Mate I ??gialelur*, aod again In 1*16 He waa a Omrn'mlouer of Mncatioe. rep eeeotlng the Nineteenth wvrt for aereral year? la *U ihcae cepacitlee b* proved hlmeelf a man of .otegrlly, induct-y and Intelll grant. No pervna waa m oe esteemed by hia friend*, and ao prrfon wa* mm* fbllbful and generou* in reelpro ratlrg Ibe kindly fcrltag* ? nt< rta'r" | toward* him Mr Hotberfnrd'a <1'?*a*e wa* eoemimplluw, and he hore hi* long and dreary ejcaaeaa with (.bristles fortitude aad rveig nation. The fi 1/mta fv*>e-eaf of the 224 I net annouaoea the nddin death of Ju*'<ce Annan Ia*i i?, of that elty. He eaptred while * t?>ng la the chair of hi* o?irt room, Immediately alter deciding a ca?-- brought before him; be bad Jtwt algned Ibe *ec eeery official pupae la the cap*, wbra he w*a ? red with a hemorrhage of the lutgt, aad died before medical aaaiatowoe could be given htae I'nlferl Htatea District ktteraty'a (Iflle*. A#?tW*? ST* at TUB t'fTT ON t NITRD WTATtf rBO rgRTT. Tb* fatted Ntata I lisiriot All >rney ha* bera aotiiled of a???eamer.u< on tke court rnniat aad ofTlom (formerly fhirtot, # thieire), In Chamber* (tree* Ihr wprorementa IB IVadaend Chamber* ?f#ct*. amounting In (I*'MO By It' lean* It appear* that th# Irwnee* are Pi pa* all "or dinary ant extraordinary lair* or aaemam?"?*;" there fore 1 oe'e Raid, bcawte* paying 611,00a per aanum rent tor (Ifleen year*, tuant t mmy ap nearly 619,000 for pre eent ***e**mrai , ent fleture "im.woremraln' alone mwt toll how much more th* federal court* will bar* to pay tor ally laiartte. __________ lalted Itatee Dlatatct Ceart. IVfire II n Judge (MM Harr Si ?fWrfiew yw ?Deter Dellee uaa tri"d aad coavicied of onuatorfcltlag 616 gold pmoaa He*trace deferred. The Turf. fecund pay ok tuk k all h ai m ox eh the i i-inot COl'REE?A HOOD DAY AM) HOOD TH \<k ? ruilthl RACKS? TMKOOS NBCK BKA1H OLD VlhOlMA. Yesterday wm the second day of the full races over ths Fashion Course, long Island Tne weather was clear, bright and jual ? llivle cold?admirably tutted fur racing purposed. The rwors were lalerertiog rather llua eiolt lug, end the attendance wm limited to gentlemen who Ufce a real lute reel in buree ikeb aistmoi from turf gambling. The South M well as tba North was well re presented on tbe grand atand, aul many ladlee lent tbelr brtgbtret glaooee to add lo the gayety of t to scene. Tbe meeting wm tbe more lnlercanug frum tbe fee. that the larger number of the borara entered were bred m thin neighborhood, and when we conaider that it la ouiy latterly that there hat been a revival lu blood stock breeding, the show wan very good. And ui all the races, It will be noticed, New York wm victorious. TIIB ENTRIES. The following la a syuopaia of the entriea lor tbe day, with the pedlgreee of tbe horses: ? BACES OVEH THE FAMMO.N ' 01 SHE, IOSG I8LAWD, 8EIT 28 IS80. 1 Mudoy Uooo and rbroga Neck Match race, three Alio beats, for 81,000 a si' e Muddy Cuon.a mahogany bay. 15 ban la and 1 loolt high, 4 years old Bred iu Virgiuta. By <?rilf Edmonson, dam l-ucy lare by tuipu.ted t'riam, out of Fan tall by dig Arcbey UrilT Edmonson by CbiMa Harold, dam Mar/ El 1 label h by Andrew Rings Nock, a light trou gray, 15>? handt, 6 years old. Bred iu New Jersey By Cracker (by B MMd), dam Sally Ward by Jobn K. Gry mea, out of I..sboi Maid by Napo Iron. 2 Pweepatake, two year olda, 81 000 eotranea, half for feit C'loaed wtib tbrsa subscribers Milo beats. Frank Morris, Esq , Asalanrh, t bay coll by Ryreaua, dam Sally Ward (pedigree above). J B. Moorot, !><] . Belle Aineriealne, a owtnut flile by I/>*an (by Imp. Trust.e), dam National Maid by imp. Gien coe, out of a Medoc mare. P C llu.Q s Young Rorenue, a hay colt by Revenue, dam Whistle by Mariuer, out u! Patsey toil. ny by imp. Priam All tbe entries bred lb Wcatch. ster county, N V. 3. Match race, mile beats. 8300 a kUe. Fueling Moments, a bay UUy, four )eara old, brad la Ireland, imported and owood by R. W Cameron, trq , uC Now Yoik, by Bo tugbroko, dam Qieeu of i'.prus. Aurora, a cboMuut Ally, three yean old, by I/>(an( dam Mary Bldd e, by imp Gleucoe, out of a a-"loo marc, bred ana owuod by J. B. Monnot, Est] , of Wesldhtiter county, N. Y. riR-T HUE. Tbe flrkt race wm the swcepelakt* for two year olds, Tbe bors<t?Mr. Munnot'" Bell Amerlotitie, Mr Morris* National Maid and Mr. Bush's Revenue c ill?came to th? atand In flue order and weut off at a slashing ptoelha Belle leading, which she held during tbe beat, beating Avalanche with appareut ease Tbe Revenue -oil barely saved bis disiame. (We un crsia.ui tins horse baa only been In training three weeks ) rtai 1 51^ Tbe second beat changed the apinuia.c o of thlnga som .what Mr. Monnot s b irse had becu hard pus hod in the first beat, aud .bowe l signs of fatigue bef re the halt mi oof the second had l.ceu touched Thu Morns hortn seemed the fresher lor his wm W. and sou iho u ?t .a 1 fB>, Tbe U< lie second, and Young Revenue third. During tbe interim between the eeuooo and third beata a colored mau of tbe name ol Jacks >u, ompioye i as a ser vant at No 62 I.Dpensrd street, aocidonta ly shot him Belt. He was alighting from a carriage win-n tne trigger of a pistol, which he carried in hw pooaet, ctugbi. an t tbe weapon was discharge-d. rbo ban enturud the mtn'a thlgb, Inflicting a serious but not dangerous wound lu tbe tblrd beat the contest wsa altogether between Avalanche and Revenue Tie form.r, a'ter a rather splendid brush, won tbe heat, ami beat an l race la 1 68>?. Revenue second, and the Welle Americatue distanced. The Revenue colt ran very well In this last heat ?CTBUBT. Mr. F Morris' b. e. traiancbe 2 1 1 Mr MuddoI's cb f Belle Americane 1 2 'list. Mr. Bush's b c Revenue 3 8 2 Time?1 68 ;,i?l 5d , ?l ow SECOND RACK. The second rsce wm the match between Flaetiag Mo menu sod Mr. Mounot'a Aurora. In this race the bitting WM 100 to do on the Monnot horse before tbe start Aurora won tbe flrst heat eMtly la 1 65, ami the arcoml wm simply a repetition or thu flrst, with the exception that Fleeting Momenta wm cot ,n:te so badly boa lea. Tbe time wm the same. SKMMARY. Mr. Monaot'e cb. f. Aurora 1 1 Mr. Cameron's b. f. Fleeting Moments 2 | Time?1 66?1.66. THIRD RACK. Tbe tblrd race was the three oilier, and was expected to be tbe great event of the day In tbe betting Neck bad the call?tbe cull being la bla favor at two Xo one He went elf at a rattling pace, und was never once beaded, though occasionally bard pushed by Muddy ? on. Ths IDs. mile wm rou in 1 M',, the two miles in 3 5J>s> aud tbe beat by ab'.nl a length In 6 51 Tbe second h*at wm inly a repetition of tba first, tbe gray leading Irom the start and doiug tbe (Irak mile in 1 66, the two miles in 3"o4J.? and tbe three miles, winning heat and race, In 6 66 arawAEY. Mr. Moirta' g |. Tbrogs Neck 1 1 Mr. ??'? b c. Muddy Coon 2 2 Time? 6 51 'j?6 55'?. The throe ml lo raoe endnd ths d;i> a sport, which, If not particularly remarkable for anything else, swum of the pi asantest meeting* that has ever takeu place oa this course Tbe shsenoe of tba rowdioa aud roughs and lbs bigb toood and gen'.lemtnly way In which tos bual ncsa of the course wm conducted wars especially ra Trashing. Treatment of Admiral Marin. TDK TMATMKNT HI HKCKIVU) UN BIN CAITI IIB -HOW HI THKATKO AMKKR'AN rilHU.MUUl DCKINU TUB THAN WAR. We translate from lb# Dinrio it la Marina lbs fellow* leg letter of Don Thomas Mario, late commander of the Tree.'la captured near Vera tYuz, which that (< r?r>naga addreared to the editor of i> /Vijwpaleur VaVu-itqut at New Orleans, on hit departure from thai city ? Obit! ? msn?i in abeentlng myeeir temporar ly from this city, I caunot do lira man razees my ennui gratitude lo thegrralee part of Ita nhabiiant*. htrauae, notwitbrtond log It was atuioucoed beforehand that pirates were being t?.cn 111! re not tiie aligliteit losolt was perceptible from tbe moment i f our arrival Ou the contrary I. personal ly, hare been treated by many dp>llcgol?li"<1 i* r*>.* and of Ugh wirial porHion with the wi'l gratifying lemon ?tratione of rr sport end esteem entirely opposite to ibn unworthy. dienourtooL* and atrocious treatment which 1 received, togrlbrr mlita Urane who aeo- mpamed me, from the ? flkerr with lew eiceptioo* who warily atiackrf and captured the eteam< re at Anton I.'tardo. ? briber through com pi 1st c* or in toorari with the unoatural RMi iicasa wbo ooneected sod lent tbelr sld to lh? com mies ton of an unbeard of an affair, soro druakew follows, wtlb savage N>y complimented the Am- ricao saral lore* In lbs Bay ni Vers Ou/. with a serenade, tniiigllng hur rahs ?tilb loud thouta of ? Dtnth to tbe pirates:" Bach was sol the manner In which I and my onmpaal'ini In arms tfatisl Mr. Wheel a right, com in an dag "I llie T.i*n war r<!. ? w Indrpeod.-iire and bar officer*. ahem l made priw ners la the water* of nalrtaton, >n Hie year lMd, after a gallant ? xnbat, like thai Who h I ba<l rubee-menHy w th the T* tan vaaela, theaorvette llooaton aad nr. a an line Colorado, under Ibs onmroaad of Commodore Moore, m lire wat rn ?' Cam* peachy, m tber of ableh was like tbe affair of Anton l.i aar dn Many of lbs crew <>f that gstwer are at ill living, aad u> y will My wbvtlmr ? r not the ilb. ? r# a> ro lodged in rati.! a aid sat at our tables, ant ?i -ther t treated them aa pirates, wbtoli my government eonaidared tbem, I saw ad of beatowlag on them tbv in l .U-uco esnaidrratlna eaoaJly arc -rded to priaooora of aar. fJaa arnortitiy, I r*peat that Ilia dorr oetratkxa of este<m wlotlil urn efw II rrmaia ? ngeaved on my maary, for they bavr greatly leasei ed 11|? mesial and physical rnfferlrgs of whieb I ha ve h-e# a vlot'm and Ml org h I Stao.ld have ai.fh red a.ib r< .gn?>lcn and pb <iao.?hy the roBdact of ihlt govrrami nt an i b * tUi irir a eh eeaa daloue aria. aid. h trae Au.ricari* hod toe lm artial preaa of tbe country almost uuaidmnualy aoadnaaa. yet I rball m ver feign the In) uman aad nam. r.l> -I treatment we taoelved on ah'pbeard from the moment the *t??rnerv Bin Mliamoo and ?'a pica :e la Ha 'ana were eapturad. Bn pbar d in maerl Una in your ra'uahl p*;<or, aad ar. i pi the gratlt'. le of yoor faithful servant, THfiHAd MARIN. The Heftortoal Alllanr* tgalait franee, [From the L"aden font, Kept 13 (ibs f vernm- nt or gas) ; It may he laid down aa a rate af Royt'ah policy that wa endeavor to h old oararlvc* free, eo aa i-> employ our poa ? ?r to the Nat advaatage wh- a toe loroa of em -jmalsncea may r<T-re our nrfioo. It tt no |?rt "f our l)?l< m to rntrr into proer-rtiv* enge*?! >eota Tha glory ot la to etuon promtm in ? has been given, g therefore euaurd flur rititr oporary , ret-adn that Kbp'.nd. Austria an t Prussia hare form-id small lion again*! France, and that lliey bars lo etnaly agreed U|?n three points abtrh ore Utm daly enumerated ?. 1 To op(?ee am miliary i .lervaallon of France la Italy, aacar any pn-tetl ? ban- <c-. r. 3 To ? any other military lotrrvnt .*t of I ftto' in Baraga, without a prellaatuary aaderMeadlng with ibs Powers 3 To op|ce any terrltorlil fit ua'oa af Freres, either he noane of conaaeet or nep>tlat>"0 We he i>< ve we shall na borne out is giving the fullest contradiction to this atalemei i rf our routetuporsry. City Intelligence. TnaCntrwru I.twer i tAsn. of fewth Brock Iyn, mm* Banded hy Oapt Joha Hb-wt, pursed oerotn-w on rseedap eat, amom pained by an enellenl band, oo tbalr aaaual ? arnraton Their apprareem allcftod general appr >ba ttoo They proceeded to "tatea telaad, where a large number of valuable pun were dietrlbutod aaoog lh-l nxwarlkl markrmea. of whom, Judging from the ywr.'o rated turret wlneh they carried no Ibatr returu, there must hare been a ooaalr rrabM Dumber Imp aa* At Aefneu ?Cumber Mlghto, of AaUtrls, was called to bold an Inquest na U>e body of an utknoea ?aa found na lbs shore of the last river, bear Astoria, or Friday, tbe 2mh Inn The deeeaard had a a red ffanael ehlrt. a etrfpe t ehirt, and a brown coat so I put tr, roflon g.ode In one ..f K ? pvkd* awa fbend a nrer wtlch aad || IT la ? nay He was about ufty ywra .f Irhtrv < o?vt Mrrnohirr* ?The member* of I'a no Cha, el far let y. New York, formally or ran I red aa an Ind*yen dent M'tbodurt rburcb oa Tbara.ay evealsg tatt. Md natal. moaaly Invited Rev H Matt lace to become iter pastor. They adopt/d tbe arttcle* of ftdb set genrral role# f the Vptaropa' church, wlth-uit tlteraUM and a ao tha dtnetpllee and -iaay<? of aaid chnreh, m ceerytb eg but lb* itinaraa/f and pnaiding alderabtp. The r sew nhureh cdltoe M g - og rap lly forward.