Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 29, 1860, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 29, 1860 Page 5
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THE WAR IN CHINA. Itidmras of the Etpfdilioray Force Id the Bay of Ta-lirn-wluu. NO PLAN OF OPERATIONS AS YET FIXED. PROGRES8 OF THE REBELS. iidreM of the 8haoghae Mer chants to Lord Elgin. A Vigorous Policy In the north Recommended. RBSIPATED HABITS BP THE EMPEROR. Bit Celestial Majesty Publicly Bebuked by the Censors, Ac., Ac., &c. |Troa u.c Sbangnas CfrwepunJccoe of lbs London Tins'* ] Sit anorak, July 5,1861). The whole British force bus reach,d the redez tons at Ta lien whan. No casualty whatever oc ?wrrrd among the large fleet of men-of-war and transports, rave that one of the latter, the Mer chant man, ran ashore in a fog and escaped without damage. The Centum-, which 1 reported to have grounded In the river through the carelessness of a pilot, (tot oft iu two days without injury. 1-et its hope tliut no long time will elapse before the com htaed expedition nails for th?Tl'?iho. The Manda rins have driven all flocks and herds into the inte rior, and no fresh meat, and few supplies, can be procured for the largo British force which only waits Use signal lor a lien, lip to tlus moment no blow has been struck, do blockate enforced, no hoatile measures taken against "the enemy," aioce the 26th of June, 1*61*. When me news of the disaster at the Takn forts first reached England it was felt that the intermit tent state of peace and war which had lasted since 1840 must cease, and for ever. Well did tbo L)uke, apropos of this very Chinese question, declare the topossibility of England's engaging in a little war. Begardlesa of his advice, our government waged one little war after another, tirst nibbling at one extremity and then at another of this enormous empire, subduing * Own or occupying an island, but never even attempting to reach tiro capital, nntil laird Elgin's "happy audacity" carried him to Tien tain in 1H6S. But the force whi ;h accom panied him was small, and made no impression on U>e old toiy party now ruling supreme at the seat i ?f government. They did not believe in our power, , Mia determined to disregard tho treaty and pre- 1 vent the English Ambassador's nrt i .nl at Pekin. > How they succeeded for the moment at the Taku j forts 1 ist year is matter of history. Various plans were suggested for bringing the Chinese Emperor to reason. In 1H42 Lord tJough sailed up the Vang tee, took Cliingkeang-foo, occu pied the Orand Canal, ent off the supplies of grain from Pekin, and advanced to Nankin, which he was about to assault. In order to save the ancient capital of Chins, and restore communication with the r>outh, the Imperial court came to term# and the treaty of Nankin was signed. Here was ft pre cedent to follow, a policy to pursue. That course which succeeded in IsiJ could never be wrong eighteen years later. Alas! the legislator who advocated this hopefnl scheme forgot that Nan kin has been in the possession of rebels sin* e lts6J, and that the occupation so anxiously contended for would be the greatest service we could render to the Emperor. Then nature baa anticipated us nt the Crand Canal. In 1861 the bellow river, which had long threatened this splendid monurm nt of Chinese -kill and perse verance, burst its embankments in the province of Shantung, aud destroyed tke canal for a consider able distance. This" disaster occurred some two hundred miles north of Nankin. The cnnsl has ?ever been repaired, and the enormous traffic be tween the Yong-tsc and Pekin is now transferred to the dangerous Yellow Se? and the treacherous tiulf of Pechele. So much for the precedent of 1842. Another -uggestion-supported I believe, by her Majesty's governments-was to divide China into two districts, north and south, the Yarg tae form ing the line of partition. In the southern division are all the ports at present opened to trade? Rhanghae. Ningpo, Foochow, Amor, Canton and Bwatow. Here it was proposed that business should be continuad as usual, while the north should be declared In a state of blockade. At first sight this ?cbenie s"ern? plai.-iMe enough, but it is open to , many, and, in my opinion, fatal objections. The i Imperial answer to the allies' ultimatum was not received nntil early in April, and no blockade conld have been eflected before the end of that month. By that time nearly the whole of the grain junks from the sontk had artived In the Peibo. and the supply of corn for the year was secured at Pekin. True it is that after that period enormous quantities of rice and other produce are sent to the capital from bhanghac and Ningpo. The Shanghac Chamber of Commerce reported to Mr. Bruce that thia trade afforded employment for no less than 3.000 to 4,000 junks, manned by 100,000 sailers, the capital invested in it being apwards of ?7,000,000 Stirling. All tkesa junks aud all this capital belong to inhabitants of this very southern district which It was tbcnylit desirable to spare, and tho MM,000 sailors form part of the population with Which we wish to trade and whom we are to cou- der as our vi ry good friends. They would have been utterly ruin ed by a lengthened blockade, and tn^ht have enased serious disturbances nt aix ports. Again, though we hare hitherto had trading re late '.'"O.OMi.'siO of human bciugswlr, inhabit the northern division of Ciena, the treaty of Tientsin opens two ports in the district, and be fore long we may hope to till this enormous field which has so long lain fallow and which offers such A prospect for merchant and niau'ifkettircr. While if* south i* a |T odtK mg and exporting country, with a tropical clinw1* and a soil teeming with vo iiJ.vth.n. the wealth of u'C n?th mainly consists in Btnb*T. Li metals, woo!, (HI, ? *<? T!?e south exports the necessaries <h' Ufr. and the north re- ; celvfs and requires them id enormous quantities. . In the north the winters are set"***' tanta are rompolled to wear the .""srmest clolhuig that can be procured. Tliey bring ^aflniactures ,^.im Nijni Novgorod, thousands of miles' git and Mongolia, though we. wlmn the . '?"? ; bvin M ratified. can lay down the woollen* o. ( ir ? s ' Eeeda at their very door* through . Swilled 1m."* cf ?"? Tang f how. nlioRwd blockade ^ ^WhtM auflerings on this kamilers i^pulaUon whue a* t ,e ?eir v cram nupp'j wa* aeuui q u\; T ? ? avr prodm ed nn< Ab<-t on thewai *?nrty whichnow rules triumphant at the rapttal. f*i ?< defss'tiv sv'fs-rboe ai?oi.|tl sorely be our due d. w duct here. To blocksdo the coael f-V U"t?U* before an e|p - tnsl blow woe 'ttuck *'? : i 1... .0 .',rly en C waged Sang ko-lin-sln in his r?*.-'an e. Iti-plred the Mrn tsrtns with a belief In our wtaVnese, and finM'l' , .-<] the |r 1 lings of the people against t:-. Ho as |if l!fUC$ knew the troops were on t ha miM> *??elv awaited their Uieirwavfoi 'una. "* mo* r . . , am. il and forbore from inatttwii,* I etn,* * We arc now ready to atrike, anJ t, si.ike bard. A ? res'-'-re* w','1 e^x'olvbs mad* an I 1J"*'rab ? vtiaT'ii ?! 1 f r ' < 1" t ' w " ' """ our titc?tlge be first ta lUfllMlll Bn< Uere i. cverv t eon lot thlnklrw that ttie war will be sboit nn.i 1 ve Ba n, Wit lilt Ms . .. - I nnd il. ? i>eople spared, with oui rip-: - r'? u a-ju our 1 ? ' ? Jo manifest we ai.v h. pe to tenrs which will place t*e rrlatfnns between the two countiif*on a satitfa^tory tooting and injure a j | IaaIi l c#rC. %'r s?-?f-n's as *o tlie nuntl-er men at the Tiki forte. These rvpnrta hart b--en received hen varioue quarter-, and thny agiwincslusatine tke CUaena force at not mors taau ... men. A? to the army at Tien-1'In and I'tk- . 1 .< re ha# r' liable m...t?,on. Tin Russlaa Mint ?er. ,'ntral fl. ?atfH that tli- 1 '? believe we have an army, and are pr< panne for an attack from the fleet alone. V, 1 i.s ? ?. t..>u"q lieaersl IsnsWeira name, I msy ?av that at aw in te,1 tiad with him rwaleria. report* wlu h prevailed in fiiglaud.ait, r Uie 1 aku diaost. r last J. ir. tluit Iln.-ian-. w,: ia ?? ' fr,i < ?.,<siinr the Oilne-e. He arrive.I at P' kin tw ? I . ? t ? ? e c "sir ha- ---g tr 1 '' ! post for the pnrpo-e of reaching the capital st the same tint- as Mr. Braae. kiiaost irauiedistely alter bis arrival be heard of qit d-f'St. r?fused to beli'vs it, and wrote to his 101 ci nment, stating thst the report must be fslse s ,me four monU.? iiftevwsrds he read lettsrs la the I undon 77u.e?, whleh averred that the Rus ?lens co-operated with the Chinese. His tiret thooakt was to write to Admiral Hop" "poo the ?SStt, and as?ri him that there was not the aiigbW ' ? ? : t .' v,' seeing that th>- l.ondon Tun** erooted the idea, he "fan mtief' 1 ?' at T ui-'i, opinion in England would be net t rh' m the , " ' have il my bosl ?im *? fnqnlre. and f-'o not believe there is the |es?t foundation for the? reports. The BnvHsti wavy was naturally slow to eonte-s it could hsve be, II b ,-ed by the v hit > ? n " ' M, a U?, -? I about Int., the origin of these reporte for a cauee ami ?? . of n ar':. 1 lc lared that when within Jprty vs. is of ',?e f -rts he btkf j *% '' l_Kiv^n_ig___ in to pans along the powder. It iainore than probable that, amid the din of btMe anil the roar oi oannon, the ear* of the offl , <er in question may bate deceived biio. Tbe ! Huaeiane conhl harlly have anticipated the result I ?* bn.'h occarrad, and they are too astute to have ? rnn tbe risk of a war with England and Kranoe for | the (sake ot defending the Talia forte, where defeat ? wuh all but certain,and where defeat would proba bly h,i\e left them prisoners In onr hand*. rhat Knena ia pursuing a su3oe**tul policy in North ( ? hina is beyond qucHtion. This policy may be de scribed un peueeftilly agprensive. Before many months aie over the Amour will he conuected with PeteiNhurg by telegraph, and the southern t?or uon of Siberia has lately received an important ex I t? usioij at the expense of China. Bosnia baa gained her successes by diplomacy, a science in which her utents are fecond to none. They are not the men to make the blunder imputed to them. In truth he KuaaiJii bugbear has been held up long enough before the English public. Constantinople is safe. Kussia m f mancipating her serfs and constrneting i mi railways. There is every reason why we should bo as good trends .is of old. The Chinese have succeeded in raisin* the Cor morant, sunk in the Peiho. They built a boat into which they transferred the Cormorant's en gines. But, alas! they would not work, and no one could set them going, rto Sang bo lin sin sent down four watchmakers from IVkin. "You are accustomed to machine*," said he; "set that bar barian machine to work, or I will cut off'your heads.'' The unhappy watchmaker* succeeded in lighting the tires and inducing the smoke to ascend through the tunnel. This seems to have contented their taskmaster, fcr, thongh the engine* are not w01 king, we have 110 account of the watchmakers' decapitation. 77,? E?,jteror ia in n state of drunken, fwlpUm imbecility. Among the many curious institution* ol ( liiua. that of tin Censorate is entitled to a high place. The Censors are intruded with "the care of manners snd customs, the investigation of ali public offices within and withont the capital, the discrimination be'ween the good and had perform once of their business, and between the depravity ai d npiightnees of the officer* employed in them/' Tin se officer* exercise the right ot reproof with extraordinary candor and plainness, though it is to be leartd that their remonstrsuces are frequently unavailing. Some month* ?? the Censor protested (Igain*{ the conduct of the Emperor, against his <ti Miketmtsa and dissipation, his attach,xent to tutors, and love of line society. This reproof to Majesty <eas published in the I', kin Gazette ?,?( circulated throughout the length and breadth of the empire. Shortly before hi* {degradation, iio ktvei tsing, late Coventor Ceneral of thi* province in conjunction wi'h Wang-vn-liiig. addressed a long niemot in) to the Emperor. They described in piteous terms the state of the district, with the regular U-oups tM- handed, the rebels victorious oa every side, and Shaughae oniy preserved from as-iiult by tbe presence of the allied forces. They then discussed the dispute between England and C hina with considerable freedom, and in a manner which might have convinced Mr. Bright that there are two sides to thi* Chinese question. Hang-ho lin-sin they denounce, a* "only thinking ol de fence, and not vernal in the history ol negotiations of peace. AVhlle the commerce of Chin t with the fortiguer is a source of advantage to both parties, these quatr-U mo on the contrary, a source of dis content to both. That the foreigner ha* no deep feeling* of hostility i* evinced by his affording troops to protect the city." They describe the trade as ruined, the Customs' revenuo not forthcoming, and the local banditti "roaming through the coun try eager to try con. lnsions." The only resource they have to suggest is in negotiation of peace with out loss of time, so the English and French may utterly out away hostile feeling. They would then probably lend their troops, with whose aid the empire might be relieved from danger. This ud drevs was forwarded ou the l.'i h of June, since which poor Ho has been disgraced and remains at Slianghae a prisoner and in chain.*, awaiting the ar rival of hi* -nceessor, who will send him to Pekin. There 1- no chance of this remonstrance being heeded. It requires blows, uot words, to hammer conviction into the heads of the Pcliiu Cabinet. The rebels are making steady progress In this province. Indeed, there is no authority to oppose tlnm. 7 hey have taken the walled city of Tsing poo, on the bank* of the rtter, about thirty miles from Shangbae. Both Imperialist* and rebel* ra vage and pillage the country in every direction; but they will stay their hand* before they reach hhanghae. The European* are too strong for them, and there is an armed force of some 7,000 men available for the defence of the settlement, independent'}- of the Furions and one or two gun boats. Ihe merchant* of Fharghac yesterday presented Lord Elgin with an address, signed by all the lead ing lirms in the place. Nothing can be more tm stilish than thu sentiment* expressed?nothing more disinterested than the courno recommended. If i* clear tha^the interests of these gentle ruc-i are identified with peace, but they aee Uiat peace can only bo secured by vigorous action in tbe north. Their addrcsa is as fallows:? Nst It Puuaa Tom Cxcbllisct? In approaching your Excellency oc tha prsseni occa s on we beg to asaure you that we are tally sensible of tbe dsltsary of tbe position which yon tars been colle t upon to Bil. We recall to mind, however, we are adilrrastag one who, to bis tret visit to China, was plea.cil of bis own accord to invite the ax reasioo of ear eploii tit, and we cannot doubt th?t ws shall be excused U at Uita more critical cooiuactore ws restore unasked to lay 1* fore }eur Excellency our views regarding the policy which we conceive would be most to the further aim- of our permanent totcreata In this r sentry, liepee dent a* three interest* are on e itate of peace, It Is never without reluctance that we coo template the neneeslly of a remit to buettiltlee; U raaaot. however, hove eaoaiwl Cir Excellency's penetration that our position in China always In tunes past been prejudicially aTeclrd by a belief no Ux part of tha Chtneae that we are rooty to submit to any sacrifice for tbe soke of trade tod per suaded as we are that all socrlOcee of tbe kted, it not vholly nugatory, are productive of but m-uentary beti.n*., we believe it not to be beyond our province aa uimbsate to deprecate aay con roe Unit might perpetuate this daagrroua tradition la tbe minds of the Ghinaae, or that bv c including too hasty a peace may now tbe eoed* of a future war at no <J let an l period Tbe treaty rendu ted by ymir Pxeei l?n:y at tien tsio two store ago pro sines us many ad ventures The *>:ocres which has attended tbe perfidious attempt to deprive her Mafely'r Mlnttter of tbe treaty right >4 free emcee to t'ekln w? muat think will cacour one tbe Imperial government to "ppoee th.? Mf.lmret of whatever alipulat*ma do not s. coed with iu protsM -ne lo supremacy sni sxrius.vensts awl its opposition to tteee. If nucerarful. win, we reotuie b> predict, be lly ?tUndixi to the acw uoatnsrcml privilegsa It ia pledged to cored# While, tbersTore, we do not aoi'ime to question the wbdo* of tMlwyk goveremnot In entri.rfing tbe ? ettterwot of ffl* dittleiittien Dow existing to or i.mcev of greater rank and power* than thnee pna tcescsl by the Minister who so aMy ripe smite fear tUr* f In thb f"iinir>. we t die upon ns to expieui e Lopeinei tlk* r yorets polity, u-hlefc wv fed a waat af meaoeetoo- I Uw rcndefcd frt tbe 1,naoocuatftri, will be or any sdH red to, and that no cm reieratmn for what may ap- i pear to b?' Dure Iromc iitlely .w tntereet* as a nereaa t lo r mmuntty wl'l d'lcr your ^>C*ff*ney from tt.e pre ?Statlea of Uwse mesrerry ebxb, u 'though they tempo ra/ iy interiupt our uade. will in 0? red necare u* ?scninit a repettti r of three Int. ma i.^bmoJerylaiid- | Inge, "hlcb more ?re<T*i*ly ami permsaeutly 'nture It i Jardine, 4 L" 1'isnr, Ilanfcury k Co. tieot K Co fait. Tatl fe Co I.?. ?a> * Oa. W. Dimoroa (far J Men 1 W. K. Adsax xi *. C<s rri< ff, flrdvr k Co.) T'rrnrr k On g Belt (inv ths Oiartered ' : liar itrntberf k Co Mercutlllo Insula of igalV I t bh. P lvtsgstou k Co he.) ??s*t A. fV . I'.lett k Ce. J *hti!*ira * Ca. J WhiUo* (lor P hUmi- i - - iViCmiOs.) La.. ^1 re ?"#? W I Pf ?v T^7. Wurthia. - ? V Tnwaelketfesl^" A-Co. t*? " ^ (? Baioe't k W. N. . R O Vskw f If Csma A fb hsi'Ato. K H UasfrsSUi y i'*oii h t'o -all. uafiaog*r k Co. i f?tl* T,nCti Si? .Co J.I-'no Bto* ft Oo I Altai M Ufelaw* k Co I. 6 Malta fe Cd d f Ca-ier. P A 0. N Cam gee A To his Ever'lsney the E.sft ur Itilis and Kw??>i>S : K. C. B . her MsierurW I'e-. puteptlarv, k: , Rhanghsi Mifln. iu u'- rcpl/. ab'ainsfrurn dl" the line ol pnli' y to be pt.i ;ied. but bit reference to tie large amooiealr avnt by Eoglaml si. I Fiance, "v.i*h the loteation of pi*' ng tie rdt lions between their rouDtriea and China op on a pin.amntly leatsfnl suti nath.faru.ry fimtMf," baa i ectiHttr ugfei% sfec* at th? pr< *?-ut momtnt. Hi* (urdrfiip's answer !? as fWJowv? Muss.H.t, July a IMO i i..Mii*ts-l have rreTteatly oa fermer orcasioaa,'s if* disifcvse e* mydnti'sts tots rs.-"-?try, tviffed m? si if of tafrwmotlre furnPhril by yec st ir r rMmt; and Ism yiid that at the prreeet re# wture ymi ahmid have r. we rpmitjeres?'v frvwipd ts ce?- *1r*tehsmt je-ir i ewt and swt'jnreU th rrfrrrore m matters in ? t '.ih >ec n.uit aeccssArtiy tret the m ist V t My late mt V'itUn.t fepartlrg from itae re*?rve ?b eh it Is ity iii tyt, 1 iAtn?ii, as you wttt so d"nM at -mne remtvv, d renss the' iretews of public po *cy which sru r? rtd in )t t addr< m I may. however, rr mark that t'w** of Ees'omt a#d Eifev bare sent large arma In thw <!<iarter With tlei latoollua of p snog th* rrlaUeui hsiwrea ffesir countries aad China crmr a p?r m*t #? lly praeefr- ar.d aat.stactnry frsrttng: aad. ar a first ? !? i town.d* that end. aiili the itm ladisle purpore of so fiic rten tit# r?4in Crurt resfert Ibf the ?fell*a?|nti of tr ati.s It is hlihly (veouabie to yosr pairtottc and publ*. i) rlt tl-M yon sh-v." l br willing. In your i %pa< ty f-f rrbaa'* te tnaks any tacrlfest Wfelrb yen may t ? rvkuirtd te bear la order to rtudrr this hsnnn sdertu*1. ! ><? refer alth ?crh cs!'oner yet la language of whwh the mptit rannnt bo mfrtaksa. In th* en fed sue* and tilirn with wbi i tli* Ooadwct of bet Miyilr't llmtster ut It ma. nnder , irv:m*ta"#re ff rmat dlM-nWy and fas "apirtsl iti'rt wi.o hare bad the bret means <4 wstrbi. g ;ud spp extol I g it Tl is its V?pfe otsm which, (t r msnv nfewiidii res*out, It HI Imj wible fr>r fne It j ulai# i may, k wsret. tlsi" tl>at his Exoeiler.iy lias 1 a ed iihten rvtdiy at try oisj '#al ?" ?'* tnt r nat m nee- wary to enable me to ftimat* rightly th* vrenent , 'tat. of aiiali* r Chief, and thai I better* there Is no *? i i is of opto'' n between a* as to the eoui *# srhtch octll to be purs .id. I bare lbs brnor to t". y* lie turn. As-. ELGIN and KTKCAHOl.Hi: I P Fndfe Cyvunrt, ; .etit?vart c'??##' f'stary 8"*re I-ord Elgin i-a:lu in the Ferore to-day for the En? i linh rendezvous at Ta lien-whan, wbeuc- my text i letter wttl be dated. Baron (iruit take* his d.-p?r j ture on bowed the L>u Cluyla tomorrow to j >m tbo Fieneh at Cbelwr. __ T* iikn-whav, July 13, lttrtO. Thin bay ef Ta-lien-whan lit"* open to the south east, aod is completely landlocked in every other quarter. Fully nice in wi Idi and flft? oil or sixteen n/iles in length it affords an excellent an chorage. There are no sh"g1*. and Uie miniinnm depth is five lathonis. Morning W duwning as hor Majesty 'a ship Ftroze, with the ensign of the English Ambassador at the main, ?te ims slowly past the islands which protect tiie entrance oi tliia natural harbor. All e>ea are on the lookout for the fleet, and at length, tar away to the west we distinguii-h the Chesapeake, vvi'h the ling of Aduiiiitl Hope at the lore, while that of Admital Jones Hosts from the niizs-n of the Impd rieose, at the eastern angle of the hoy. Fourteen thout-and uules from home thin splendid fleet lien, ready to ar.M-rt the might and protect the right of Fnglard. lly the aid of a good glass we inako out sixty pennants. Here is the stately Chesapeake, with her fifty-one gnus. Under her lee leashed tu like hounds and waiting to he slipped, are tho venomous little gunboats, ready for any mischief? the Slaney, LeveD, Algerine, Kestrel, Janua, Clown, Woodcock, Drake, Watchful, Ilavock, Fo roster, Opossum, Hurling, Firm, Staunch, dan terer, Bustard, Flamer, Bouncer and Shap? stinging mui-quitoes of the waters?which will -oon buy./.about the Taku forts. The Nimrod, Uocbuck, Hpsrrowhawk, Rcnard, Ringdove, Pioneer and Beagle, of larger size and greater draught of water, pray for a good tide to lake titan ovnr tlio i'ciho bar, where more than one have old seoret to settle with the celestial braves. The Chesapeake. fmpo rienst, Fearl, Hcont, Encounter, Cruiser. Kerooz, Sampson, Odin, Furious, Magiclenne, Centaur, ; Sphynx, Inflexible, Fury, Cambrian and Acteon, ore too large lor the shallow coast of Fccbele bay, but they win u-nil a hand with the boatexpalidon, ' and rend tlieir blue jackets to the naval brigade. j Add the war troop ships Simoom, Adventure, Vulcan, Urgent and He per, and the steamera of the Bengal government, and you have 60 pennanU i Hying in the bay, besides 16 on detai'bed service, and seven hospital and troop ships at Ilotfg Kong. 12- transports arc waiting to convey the army and field train to the scene of action, so"that neurly 2l)0 vessels can be counted from the cliffs. Admiral Hope anchored in the bay on the 2.">th I of June, and found the English expeditionary , lorn-sembled and ready for action. The ditu of June was the anniversary of the disaster at tho ( T?Ku Forts la-t year, and both Admiral and dene- j ral would gladly have been before them again on , that day. But they could not ud .ance without our I Allies, and the French were not prepar I. They I are not ready now, bnt have undertaken that be fore the 20th Itlft Lucy will naiuu a time by which their preparations will be completed. Their men are doing all in tlieir power to mnko up lor lost time, but the end <0 the month will arrive before they are inn sedition to atari, and thoy will tako the" ticbl with ^ ranch smaller fi.r-o than was anticipated. They brought out no artillery horse*, and the ponied puichuacd In Japan and Manilla have never seen a gun. They have just been d< ."patched to Cbefow, where every exertion is made to render them efficient as speedily as pos sible. Their gunboats were sent in pieces on board the transports. Home have turned up and nre hc ing nut together, but many are still wanting. Now, let there be no mistake on this subject. The sum r/i rr it ironing font, the limn for prompt o,n( /.o-J Uiitr artion hat arrived, awl yet our t/p^H tiunary force, ichich cvtft at hunt a million nutiU/f ly, it lying idle at Ta lirn-hrran, II rouhl I ^V'C c;n | boiki a ami nail to-morrow. It hot bet n ready for dnyx. Tue iklay IU t with the French, a.oi irith. tin ia aim it'. I icadily adu/itthc difficulties encoun tered by our allies at sueh a distance from here, and with no depots at Hong Koug and in India. I make every allowance tor the Increase in difficul ties from the loss of many of their transports. But the con-cqutncea of delay may be so serious, and the larU are ao unquestionable, that i should tail in niyduly did I omit to state them. This Lay was intended as a rendezvon* only. It was never imagined that the troops would discm baik. When Hir Hope Grant saw we should bo kept back for some weeks he determined at once to get the men and horses out of Lhe abips, and put the nun under canvaas. This was accordingly done, and the whole force?horse, foot and artil lerv?is now encamped on either side of the bay. The effective force of tki* army ton i?U of 6,347 Biitish and 2,176 native infantry, 1,012 cavalry, 1,1"3 artillery, 4to engineers and 2S8 military train?making a total of 12,111 men. There are two batteries of Armstrong guns (12 pounders), three batteries (lb pounder*), two and a half Madras monnt iin train batteries and a siege trsin, consist ing of light 32 pounders and h inch UuwitAcrs; l,6?n horses ate in camp, besides a number ol ponies and bullocks. The first division is encamped on the west, the Ffcond division, and the artillery, cavalry and land transport on the east side of the harbor, looking over the hilto which surround Uie bay, you can hard'v believe that this is the furthest raat. Appro/ibing from the sea, the roeks rise high and precipitous, mu h like the ditto ol J-nsli water. Ascending the bay the hills recede from the water. be< one terraced, and bear a striking resemblance to old friends on the west coast of Kcolland?Mull, lor inxtauce. Hand and shingle form the beach on the wrstern side. Between It and the hilla ia a large platean, varying In width from two milea to ton. Mount the height, and undulating slopes meet your eye, scantily covered with short sweet grass and'wild thyme. The very piaro for a sheep walk," eriica a friend of no small experience. Mcrinoea would be the thing here, for they don't like yonr rich, fat herbage, but prefer taking a constitutional between mcal>. At the honj of the bay, and all along the promontory which form* the eastern side,l? a mag nificent plain, well and carciuily cultivated. The iiiLabitanU are culouista from Hieing tung, who have supplanted the lu/y. thriftless Matichoos. Lord Elgin pio-.oi.tiers them I' c finest men he has sr. n in China. Many are six Icet high and stoat ia pro portion. Tl.iir hnsb.irdry is excellent. Vie are beurdtd wheat, barley, led,an corn, millet, beans, peas, uwrruu, tuinips. yams, sweet potatoes, cab oages ami'ettu/e. The corn U in straight furrows, evidently -town In drills. The gardens contain apri cots, | caches, nectarines, plums, pears, cb< tries and art.all grapes, none of which are ripe, lurluuate ly for the British soldier. Carnations, ph.ks, rosea, and hollyhocks form part of the Manchoorlan flora, and in the few hedge row a dog rosea, and honey snrkles abound, with furget-me note and aucmo nle?. 1 here are thistle* rnoi /b to please th? mow entiiosiastlc H< otcltman, while suck familiar weeds a-i'?nd( lions, dockena. and brier* spring np in rlacwa which hare eluded the care of the farmer. IwotpaUis Intemect tbe fields, the swallow skims by. an 1 the lark "can scarce get out bis notes for Joy" ?? we take onr quiet evening walk. Small villages dot the plain in every dtrcctiM. Near ruort of them is a clump of trees fir. dwarf oak. willow, birch, poplar, aracla, walnut and yew. There is bnt little gams. A? few V'titon* Have bcrn potted and one hare h's been shot at by half the British army, bat sh* is too 'or them. Tbe cottages an- good and wubs'ari'/j.1, o.' '?rgc ston,, , pla^ncd over wtth mud mortiTT- *nd t. *? ?* ' t.iStcfied tiU sea weed. Kuh house contains 'w? rooms, and a large spit of ovan to wa.m the pUc?.' ^ aurtcr. F, w agTlcul'uril labprtM in Ebglaad Iff lodged: bnt I f-af Ottr in^i,**t^? Vhinsrnan pays little attentive to clear.lines*. far a ^Uauoo- l/ad 'null aaluUsyou on mUili/g U.e doorway. fo a coMnge c.-nrjled by Brigadier L..ti e's or deriy ia a ' binewc pr/nt, cnt out of the HbairaM pf the coantry, and poskJ on Uk- wall. Ik j^. r/varit3 thf defeat of ffie "barbarians at tht t ' -i forte. The Biavea ere bmv* indeed. In bia n apprt on bis ?vn' gallst'trv. f/r he Is waving on bis men re gurdle/s of the ehower of bu'leta most lilv rally be stowed u on him. The guii out list, a augaifi-eai mefatop. irto which a ItTpotradcr h -I oat >wted. Its shot falls hem,..** among the brnves. N<-t ao the gim* fioiu the fort, tine of these is pointed tl a ctitu r containing two Bii;Uh naval and two mili tary effects in fn'i imifbrn. The shot streams full upon the<r faces, which exhibit Uie moat turkoM cxpress!an of pa sive endurmice. A regiment of Tartan due to the imaglnati n of the p -inD " * in the sat.res the msrint a and blue iscl.eta in tbe tnn?l. ~| while three tnnndariti in a lofty chair of slate look serenely upon Uie fight. It ia a ct.ri .ua print to find, for we are 600 fliH' ? ftom t'ekin by 'and, and then-1- little or no trade. The c uiatc to delicious. The tLcitoometer in the shade ha* nrT*r onreeded M. and a fine hree.s springs np In the evening. Angnst among the Liiis will give a fair idea of it. I'tuUin Haul, in Ithe Kinip-. n. anrveyed the bav last winter. There were la degrees of cold In th* worst wea ther. hut the north wind swept sharp and keen over the bills. The villages are peaceful, unarmed, and well d'?pnecd, though terribly frightened at seeing the large foree. Boon a ter our arrival half a do/en of our fellows got into one of the vdlage*. and during a "row" <-ne of the pes-anta w %a necl det.tal'y shot. Next day three olficerw, Ignorant of this, lauded at the same village. They had revolvers in their htlts, ar.d tbe pea-sot* stt^;kcd them got tbetn down, and took away their ^apon*. Tl.ey , then eonducted them to their boat without inflicting j aty injury. Mr Mope lirant the follow ing morrtlnc *ent an Hldr-de-eamp and Interpreter to reqnire them 10 give up their aims. Thla dem.tnd they at r ii< e c< n'l/fi' J with, explaining lliat they meant no turn*, hut, ???ting three armed men, they f.-ar-d a rr petltl. n of *1 A scene o| the preriotis d.l" V?i I I kUnlht It hewf to fUttm IkffigfllT# flC tiir pkr. /to. Moat stringent order* have been issued by the Ad miral and general against looting or annoying the people. There orders have been well carried out, and .-applies a>e oom-equeiiiiy brought freely into ramp. Yesterday afternoon two manderiiiH arrived from Tiug-ehow, a walled city UurU'i 11 mil' s hence, and chin chinned <?en. Crofton. They brought sheep, eggs, fowls, and tea. General Croft on received ihem most gra ciously, tried to dispel tlreir friars, and gave liieio a bottle of sherry and another of brandy. They admired the wine glusse* so much that they woro added to the gift, and they went away rejoicing. Excellent springs of water have be n found in Odiu'a bay. The place is so safe snd convenient, so near the l'eiho and the scene ot future opera tions. that the navnl and military authorities liavo determined on making Ta-lien-whan a depot for stores, provisions and munitions of war during the expedition. The engineers are erecting two small 1 forts to command the landing, and a battery of aitillery, with some infantry, will remain behind in charge whtfri we sail tor the l'eiho. No plan of operations has yet been settled. Hir < Hope Grunt went to t hefow on Tuesday, and re- i turned yesterday. The French Admiral and General ' are expected to-morrow, and we hope they may be able to fix a day by which they will he pre pared. This much, however, seems certain the French will land to the south, the English to the north of the Tnku forts. The pluco selected by us is 1'oli-tung. about eight miles Irotn the l'eiho, and nt the mouth of the liver which Mr. Ward, the American Ambassador, ascended on his late journey to I'ekin. A naval brigade will prohubly be formed from tlic blue jackets and the murines, which w ill act with the army, and while the troops attack the forts in the rear, the gunboats will tackle tin m in front. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. ? I Fjudat, Sept. 28 -t? 1'. M. | The money market is generally easier to day i than yesterday, though it is hardly possible to j quote any change in rates. The brokers arc ge- ; nerally paying seven per cent, and the best papor over sixty days does not go under seven. AttiJ very choice short bills are readily passed. There j is no complaint in any quirter of a wanto' mo ney, though the wants of the West prevent the 1 demand falling so far below the supply as to cans* j a decline in the rate of interest. Money continues to arrive from the South and from the near by i States. Some money is coming from England 1 likewise, for investment in the Erie and other rail- | way stocks.^ Foreign exchange continue? dull. The leading bankers continue to o<k 10t>4 for sterling and 5.134 for francs, but very excellent bills may be had be- ' low these rates, and the demand is quite light. ' The stcauicia tomorrow will take ont something over half a million in specie, part of which will ! be in silver. The business at the Ptock Exchange to day waa very large indeed, but the tendency of prices waa downward. The large advance of the pa^t week in New York Central and one or two other stocks lias tempted holders to sell out, and the quantity of Central, especially, now on the market is so large that speculators look for a c onsiderable de cline, notwithstanding the large earnings. The Western stocks are depressed, on the other hand, partly in consequence of the apparent diminution in tiaffic.and partly through the manoeuvres of parties who are operating for the decline. It wa? thus reported at one time to-day that the Rock Island directors proposed to p?es the October di vidend. What prospect tin-re may be of this may be gathered from the following statement of the financial condition of the company, which appear ed in a tranapo?td aud unintelligible shape in this morning's IIsiuLr:? Cash an<l uncollected rt vecua. June 20,1859 ... $279,983 i Farnlrjt R?r mn? months ending Mar -h 31. 1330 801,331 Kitu mi Fame lluie, 66 per cant 1440,COO fettered, Bite tr.otith? 73,343 Rent Burton Valley Railroad, nine nioribs 03 760 Sirklrg fund, tine moMbs 31600 683 503 Net earnlrga for nine month* 8103 733 Apparent eaah m. tuw ap.kl 1, I860 441,713 Frim which deil'ict a 3 rer nut dividtud In Apill, I860 138,000 ."orpins cadi moans, April 1.1300 6374,033 Add *ia DKcLtha' earning* to Pept. 80, 1800, (part of Repli ruber estimated) 030 331 lied not aix months' oparat :n* expnom* 8310 000 Duducl six motilha' rent B V R H 61.600 Deduct *13 months' Interrat 43 806 Jtatci t tlx mosiUta' linking fund 21 000 442 306 Ret earning! for sis moatba 8190 800 Dividend fond "nlobev, 1*00 1471 410 .1 4 | r cett di? lend nculd almurb . 814X40 Wh <h would leave st III en unexpended Hulance of 8347 239 ?Or 4 41 per era I. iVei.lue ibun r ?ourcca th? conipaoy own 1,016 -bares of it* stock, valued eow allhl .200 The prcarrt annual n.rlrihullon ol 842 000 to tbi sinking fund, if tut rated at 7 |*r real. wil. atnk all hut 6410,000 of the booda at their maturity in 1870. The strongest stocks on the list to day were Erie and Harlem, both of which, until the clone of the day, were pretty f.rra at yciterday'a quotations. Almost everything ? lee was lower, the offerings of some of the Western shares being quite free, and the demand alack. This afternoon the market was tame, and stocks closed at the following quota tion*?United Slate* j> 1074,1024 a 4; Indiana Mute, 93; Virginia G'a, 91J a 4; Tennessee G's, 90| a 01; Missouri ?'?, 7'*i a 4: Canton, 224 a 4; Cum berland Cos) preferred, 14 a I'.n itic Mail, 83 a J: Now York Central, So' a 91; Eric, 414 a J: Hudson river, tl| 1 4; flailctn, 211 a J; do. preferred. 64g a}: Heading, 434 a I; Micl lgan Central, 70J a Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana. 23) a 22|: do. guaranteed, 48) a j; Panama. 12'J a J; \ lllinoia Central, ftn; m ?; Oa'ena nml Chicago, 774 8 7s; Cleveland and Toledo, 47) 8 J: Chicago and Hork Ldund, 77* a 79; Cldrugo, Ifurliagtou and Quiacy, Ms); Iliiuoia Central bonds, 190 a 4: ? f'elawarc and Hudson Canal, 934 a ft. Tlie sales at the Mlulng Board to-day were: ? #00 she Isle Royal r |3i; 10 ?hs Ulntesou .... 33 M do 18)g The exchange* at the Clearing Home to day werr 422,780.404, and the balance* 11,033,976. We i.adersto-iU that one of the heaviest dry goods bouses In Broadway has suspended payment. For tome days their en Jit has been suspected, and fo day It Is and? rtood mutters bare come to a pi fair. The liabi'itirs are brieve d to He !ar,?e; what Hie a?aet* will prove rental'.'* to be ascer tained. The f< How!tiff divider, la have bernthr*?rt The Hunk of Mutual nfcmptlon (New laud), a dividend of 2 pef cent: the Mm' chants' Bank o( Kt? Urdierd, i acwiar:- 1 ni.a1 dividend of 4 pef cent; the Mechanics' Jwiik, 3). sr..'. the Bedford Couimarclal."); th- Had ley I'al's Bark, a diviil'tdof 4 per cent, payable j Oc' ber 1; BiigMon Market Bank, 4) p.r cent; rrtiuirgham Bark. 4; Bank of Cape Ann, th* Mill rry Hank Mllbary. a dividend of 4 percent. The divMetds of the Springfield bank" art:?Chi popee. Agawam and PyBchcn, 4 precontract): Rprtcgteld. M: John Hancock, not declared. The Cabot Rank,Chlcnpee. paya 3) per cent. Tl.a following waa the basinets ol the Huh Trea- | surj to day: ? Krorlpts 8210 0C5 ? 1 -Kcrnvten* 11-000 00 Pajn.eut* 174.iter 60 iJu' 8,871.949 01 I! will be lecn by the following table that the tolls fcr the. third week in September show a great tncrce e, being nearly double those of lail year: ? 1Mb 3y UilN *4Hl It Ikf*(ak7.1W4 .. ?12C 40fl 03 1)0. ,u 1869 M,908 08 increase in 16"0. ? -W *90 67 ?p.ll* fr r tana srtk* laK-ptembvr. 1300 .... 348 371 99 |x>. in is#t> 174.123 33 trenare la 1600 8174,24 . 61 Amour i rewired from the npcnlr* of n*\ , i ti<,o to sod including the Uilnl week la K p teiuher. 1?30 81 912,104 41 Do. In 1869 1.009.202 67 fr.eres?e li 1**0 . 6342 974 34 We lenrp by tel rraph from Iowa thnt the Mil sisslp; i aod Mi-sot.ii Hni'rna.l haa h?en opened to Marengo, This will add considerably to the bn*i nesa of the road, and will open np ?oice of tb : finest and ia Iowa. The Chi -ago P\ ? as of Wednesday rep >rt*: ? The wrather during itie week lia? b eunool butplewaiit, With uamrH>tal ram and wind Storms. Tb<j .-tv i.e> from nil pun ill lb* North mi,at are to tbe rind that the corn crop k Hfii bryuiid miy oonlinrerry, and that the > will * pord, with (ha oicepim ? of hoik1 rpols la tun southern port <n ibm Htale The wealber hu hem. Urorahle fur ilii' 'all operations of agrsinlUin.t* lti re i,,t* .u.d sbti nifOln ol flour sml gr*su cl thn past wen wore an lolkiwa:? ti* 'i |V.< .VAurni'a'j K our, bl>ia, $24 025 21022 V heat, bob 020 MM lot o07 t orn SU7 208 44$,480 tktte 68,128 33 4.20 R>e 118?1 18 254 ?3 4i6 13 357 Tbrre turn bti ii u lain:..' oil Iti lire receipt* from Ui -e of the week previous nl 4 0* 0 I'lil* Hour, aert aoout 320 <00 bii-lo 'n ?lieat Tie abiparentn Hhov. an Inert spent about 25$ Ot 0 bushels in roru iiud a ec MM of f 20,000 bu-)b- is wbi at anil J 040 bbla. hour. Th. receipt* an I sbipm-'iits i I flour Mid grrtiti sitco the let of January cumpare with 1859 ua follows? , lUctiptl . , Shiptntiiii > IfflO. ' IStO. iHfl't 186M Hour, Mils.. 38u 239 ;1H9 K13 3?l 893 317.383 win ul, bu.b. 8 386 ,70 4 110 381 7 024 041 .1 438 01$ t"" 13 913 210 3 900 281 11 940 05:) 3,241 700 ?>*?? 1,049 629 mo 4b7 807.438 574 158 Rve 140 970 114 All $8 177 42,437 Bsrley 270 007 186 844 74 -112 67 461 The Cincinnati Gazette ol'Wednesday says of the money market:? Hold la In good demand, at 36 a 37\'o premium, selling rales. Dealers pay 26, and in some >-4*441 V) W - quote debt drafts as follow*, the rnaide pelltngtutc representing the price cbargi d by U,u Valley Rank Buying StUing. New York sigbt ? a pretn. 1 W prem. Drr-lon 25 a 30 prr-m. 1 ,4 >rem. Pbllarlelpbia ?<?$ tf prem. 1 i; preto. Tlallimore 25 a 80 preui a prera. New Orleans ?a % dis. |iur. American (oM..... prem. G prem. The dlicount on IMiloIs, Wier-ooalii and luaacuireney has been tncrcsntd 10 1 |>er cent , owli>,q to an advance iq exchange at Obleago to 1 premium. Missouri oantiurna to fell at % risciunt The counter r'emor-il for all W?>tei 11 currency continues greater than th<? sup.iiv, f'rs prrei s being 1; below the baying rule In aoine ca-ee lill nc 1* is 8.11 bought at an I sold at >?. fttoek Kuiiini*. ... >'Klluv, Sent 23. 1440 IfffO D H 6 a 1814 e. 1(2', 600i>.gllar KI4..t>30 21 1 lOtObTVnn O't, SO.. 800 do b9o 21 ?KOO Virginia 0 *... 9i ', 2*0 do.. .. Ii20 24 X 130(10 do 01 '; 600 do. ...180 21 '< "o 02 60 liar RR p'd.. .40 64 15000 Miesoiiri 6'a .. 79 ?; HO do .. J|> 3000 Bro, k ell> w I. 103 1 j 200 do OHO M ' 3U0 Krte KR 2i'mb? 99 260 do.. ' ? 4 t,' 1W.00 K PF3dn.bl8#3 loox 200 d<, .... tijio 66'' 1CCCO K RH 4 tub. I 30 37,',' 410 do .',4> ((CO Kbit con b, 71 67 ? 60 MicliOou UK.... 51 * ldCO lln I R 31 i;.l l)H 91 X 100 do ?it? ;,)v loco inti H.( l mif.. 97 V 60 do beo ti SClXi H;ulivii 24 liat|f 9?>J 100 do >00 70' , ?000 MCtKlmcfib.. 102 160 do 70'. 4000Ml. i 82 ml bill 67 60 do 70'? 8CC0 111 C?l. KR bda loo 60 do i30 70 V 1000 UClA Mil I 24 10U III Cer. RR scrip 67 10? 0 ' ,tl ArChl li dK. 96>; 100 do 160 87 1CH0 CI *Tol H hi f. 7l?X 60 do hdO 87'," 14)i0 V. f A. Mo leu b 18 %' loo do c HO' 10 ahe Rank of N Y. 103 376 i"i v A: I'iti'Rft. lf,u 60 Mechanics'RkgAa lpO 60 Oil fc Cbl RK.sOO 77 V 10 (lo an think t? no do 7H 68 Ik-I ? Hud runO) fcfl t60 do MO 7'iV 231Yon Coal Co.... 83 60 do 78% ?0 do S2,S' 3(0 do 78(2 60 rvm Cnal pr<f .. 14 100 d.i | 30 7m. 15 Bi bi i( lt) I. Co. 8 160 do >60 76'. 914 la CreaaftVIIIRR so do ... bio 78'. ICO NY (en KR 81 200 ReaJmg KK r50 48 V W 'lo MO PI 40u ll.cb ;"o 5k N 1 KK 23 t?0 do h30 91 100 do.... b.10 21 6 loo do 160 90J< 100 do b30 23'6 1200 do 90 <; 160 do 22'i 260 do blO 9T\ 100 Mich So A: N I z a 4s ICO do b4 90 V 100 do 48 >. 100 do . 90 'i 100r?n*u>n liR. adO 126 1?0 do blO 90200Cleg fcT<?1 RR... 48*." 200 do (60 90,'; 200 do 48'. 38 FrtCRnlroad. ... 42' 5X0 do 130 48'' ? *-'< ?oo do...:;..., 48i< 1-00 do 42 >; 200 do HO 48'6 WO do blO 42?; 400 do bS 48-6 160 do ISO 42 100 do bOO 48% 60 do.... *]0 42'i 160 Oil k R 1 RR.... 78% ICO do... ...b4 42 V IOO do b<? 78 272 Erir P.It kMi'd (Ik. 40 200 do b?0 76 V 60 Mod RlverP.R blO C6 2"> do b30 78'; 500 do i.'IO 74 \ 2*'0 do 130 78 300 d.< b30 ts; 200 do blO 78% 6481 do 7*'4 200 do 1(10 78 100 do 100 78 V 260 do (10 74 U SO do Tin, 20 Cal,It'ir(i4)iiin KR 90 V, ICO do ?30 90), 2(0 do b30 60% 130 Mil .Win UK bflO 14H 100 do 14 % 99 do M 260 do.... 06 V 11,0 do 86 1(0 do 61'.' loo d>.... M', 150 do 04', 100 do.... . (30 MX UO do.... 64'. 10 do.... . tfO 64'( HO lUrlem Kit. .130 24 1 ???CO do 24 36 do .... 23 V 1M0 do.... . HO do.... . ?30 23 . HO do.... bl6 24 140 do... 24 '? 1C0 do ... too 24 a WBcown po*8P. $6600 liMourt lid... 79 100 (ha JUrlcm RR.. 5114 3C0C do 79', 200 do b30 21', 2*0000 Tenr 06.*80 b3 81 300 do 2V," .8.00 KiRl llJ m'J.188J 1(0(4 200 do 21* SflO Mich H (f. bd 6. 811 j 10 ITarlein RR pre.. 66 (00 III lea UK bo*.. 100); "00 do...,.b3J 54 'i 100 rae M 8 H Oo.b30 81 100 Mich On RR. .. 70* 360 N V On KR 90',' 60 Mioh !?kNI |( fdO 44 200 do 130 91 150 dr 48^ 100 do (10 90',' 700 do 623 44'; liO do 90', 20 Panama RR 126',' 900 do bSO vl , I0OUC00 KU Mrip wl ?. ICO do bOO 91 IOO rieefcPliRR b.10 l.l^ 460 Lrle I'.R 41',' 260 Or&Tol KR b30 49 100 do 41 4 SCO Ulc* (URR. .. 77X 100 do 130 41 li 160 do.". 74 200 do MO 4t)( 100 do 77'ji (0 do (SO 41110 do. ... bOO 74,v; 1M do (3 414,' 100 Cble,B<ir*<7RK.. 90 60 do b30 41'4 100 do 6(81 90 260 Ucdac-n RKR.. . W; ICO do bOO 91 CITY COIH 51 KltC I * l? RKPOKT. ? wrnAr, S-pt 28?0 1*. M. j A bw ?Tbe rr(rVi-t wil (letlj, w.lh . tlc( of 60 bblc. pels at (<;e. and 26 bh',6. pearla at ft?;o. Bv>Abrii kk?Hi ur?llic rccoipu wire largo, witte tbo market waa buavj and cloaed wltb a tendenojr to tarda lowor pnoaa Tbr a Jta , mhra ?d a>' >ut 16,0"0 bbla , rloelrf within the fo'loar . g range of prrce ? Roperflno Plato 96 24 a M 30 r.tlra btalo. front old aoJ u? a boat 6 60 a 6 00 Pt'perftic We?torn.. ? S 2'6 a 6 30 Omm (? aboloa Waaicra ctira. 6 60 a 4 76 m. Lovk extrn 5 15 a 0 76 M!k< t to (tralrlil Krithem IMI a 8 10 Straight to gi ? extra do 6 16 a 7 60 CTioirc extra f*ini > bid baiters'brand!.., 7 30 a I 71 P.jre tour 8 60 a 4 DO Core meal, Jci y and lm>.6y* iaa 7> 60 a 3 91 ?Onadlan tcr til In ti fr*'rate C'i'P1/, wbilo the aaler imyrarrd ala^ut 4T0 libls. ritra ai M 60 u 17 SO F .all iro wan to lair demand, willfta. w of t xul 1,600 bblc.. Hoetng w'llita the rai yr of tbc abnro pnotc. Rra li ur waa ainady wit in u,? range at our Igori*, with aalec of 340 bble. Corn nxal waa Inru llio, whlii anx.'l ? Uca wore maJa at nor qu. tatnr.a trtioat?The rmip'6 *?< 16 to; 'arte, and tbe market waa dall. and cl'*od at a drriwe of 3t a 4- buabol At Uilf rot rm?ii>n the niarkot waa aollro and aaWa warn ra porlrd to the ? Ttmt < f al8>ve 260 04" bo?hrta, h< rr and to arrive, riltfljr on rp> rLiailoc, at 4134 ft r b-t drotna amber colored liong lalaad II 42); for rbotco M t v, ?n, |1 44 'or rbr'?? wbtb- Tana fan. fl .30 a II 40 for c mm 1 to clx>it.a white (')ilo ar.d Indiana 91 HO for riioi.? am*?ar V m..nalti, II 22 a 1124 for (.liwaokeu rJab. II 21 a ?1 26 ft r 1-1 tl arn. ?1 27 a 11 30 for r? >1 Ptat- |1 IS a ?1 19 fir bo 2 < hrago (prlng. aril 91 19 a 11'.r (>>e No 1 do. Oft o;??< t wttb a r 1 w lib buogani r at homer ralet. Tue aalea emhrwrod abnat ?0,CC" a f " W t.iioti-.e, at 17c. a 88c lor Wind 74 ytoara Bi aod atd at 88',r.. for uiieoend. 80< a 70 do, tor kitt ui store, aud at 72*. a lot tor 70 tow. Rye wa? qnt't ai 70.' Rarity in fair ?'< t ,x-d, will. (SUr el 11 CM) buiheki at Tie a 10' for f r" rowed State, ai d at 82c a 83c f r Canad vti?t (>?t* wi re la rrui'l reqneet. ti 'rnpplha IHibt, af.b txlta of Aa,vork at 39He , nod el rtal>'(l f9',r a 44x C?'rr?? ? Tbc rahe eml.rar?o f, 000 t'tga Rto. -?eg > of the Adetdde ty?do(ra?d at p I Inrlndod to wb'-b a- ? (4 hitg? at 14 ;c. V *101 the caf4l rdd at II ,8.; (4 btjalt Ikqntngo at 13e. ti'itog?Tit n nket wat flrtn and more aottre. wt'b ?a cf abi'i.l .I.CcC ban. , ti.a. g al 10 V' * I1' ? : >r iaaii ' ?9 -r' * n ' r* <?.irt!c?tc of - beat lo T'ror.-nol ro-vaenl lo bTHbersT a. b'UjB;r,V^d?":nKtnW 1 'k and It (h p ? bt( ?? '**<??. ' b !-(6t 13<1 2 SCO bbla. S.'ttr at 3i ?d . ?W i>f c .it o al 7 32' To Loudm (CO boxes CwT**>?***? ? ard SCO nw'ea hop* at d to Hrrmoa TOO ri-oa Jntmoeo al '?'i , and fit balta rotun at ,1. A brig (Uie Aflnnld Mdter 1 war taken for Ma to toad with baarjr r>ipe alavet at 9(6 Po ?"alts o! 1 0(0 '"'mi w -re mnda at 7(c a 16; , lor ab'nmi nt, llii so ?The market th t ren lie* be?n aetiTO ard Uie aa re are Lrc. toe market tioe'r i teiy firm, with an ac lire I qolrj-If m (be IMde Tbe r?-eiplo ere fa'r.*b"t U ea^a aic large, end lb" rue k a reduced to 2*27 000 hld?? Til f?l?* ??' (SI to 08 C"0 hides, and recelpta 57 (00 The ??lt? bare been - I" 0C0 dry Rwiew Ayr?S aad Mot let idi" IS ,e a 24 ,l."00,do urt inoo. kh , Imentt' O.lcO ktl ' i?, ?n rrl?al? lerma ." ?C0 Trux lilc,9l< S ri.-mtbf: S Mb das loan, do do , l.lgo Meii pr'Tnic te n 1 dcO R.rto CSbello, do.; 9,800 (hlle do : 1 toWelly e'eoyhfr s- ??l,e r**b. 1 in nta ? Tbarc bar L nan ac'.ivt leqntry for hem U?tk h-etb? r Ibis wotk, end prices erf i itn, mib an %p ward Urdeiey. Jjwi wat i in at 7S* ft r C'.mmeS aad II ft* rOd ? ? ?< > ? A rale >; 26'hhda cUtmI Co a waa made at 230 , and l( do Cttb i aaure/itrado at 2So lal?S of 200 bble eplr ld t'TpentlSO, It jirw York barrelc. ?'Te n.ade at 4?-, and 900 to rh vi'it K oedar. at 41c. li ain taaa ta etead/ demnsd, with r* ea of 1 20C ' Mr at SI 46 a It 47 r f 310 lb? de llrarrd __ ,? . ProTi I *a-r. Ik-tv demand ??* aalna rmb'eoed Ito't 4.*0 H'H to Indtof ?M" ? ??" a 111 87 S, ah* p?l?? 1914?*I4 12X to'Twieat erd is ?i.?*l deaard, while thoaori' / wia ni<?,erale tho rates en.h raced about i 56 bbln. at Me ff /'T.. VZ rr eia. 98 a 99 ,6 for repaid fd do , ao^?. Ill a 911 ^ extra lb.,r n and e t r .""trr- qcM ai.d fHm, _beld^ 1 ard wia atefy and In p'- d nqu'et, with aalea of M0 bi, a at 13i al3',e U tl-r ard i b??ae i'? on hanged 11KW ?Palrc nf 78 lle-e. ? waff r ?de at 4 He a (n Mny*a ?7be werktt wiu ' tewdj:. with a enrddimant : ffrm iha irtd and Rr ref.r, n(. lb- ?ale? in.hra?s?8 ebon 1690 i ftd? Ca?a m?9eSTs0< a HMhtb the ruga ?f?.?? 7 >,<?. t?r h, tf. grade* dc I bdg. V'lnlo at 3Vc.,atd aboct Mb' *60 uoief, good pnit high grade*. at ?jS'! bri'Tu - ny, iMg niacd were fold at 3*! a 40c. ^tuirn ? 3t0 rage I mtihy a ere (old at fi 60, and 100 bag* Baa ?e?*i at $1 oc a $1 60 Clover winqiwl at ?; a 10- la'cu'U llnaetd wag a ij ,t (1 78 a 61 80 it iiu*hi t ?* mk hf It* r a i more a'tive. wiib galea of oOO a 1 100 tab la. at 28 a 23 ,e. ?The market > aull, tu. I weha\o nothing to report from flr*i hanor. TV* buainea* hw twen dr*?n to Mr ia<'cl|ibia. where a publw >ul.< cauve . IT on ib*2eib, the pertcu'ar* of whlcb will appear lu o ir unit W'o report Lonalf ? oi importance th.a week TilK DRY WOODS THAOE, Tbo following ,? a comparative alatuinnul of the .mporta of foreign dry goooda at .Vow York for tbo week and g.r.eo Jan car > 1:? >1 rlkeuxtJc. IStfS IBM ISdO Fillered at ilie port. 61 kPfi 477 I 680 862 1 661,619 ll '. wn on lb* market. .1,418,684 1 667 887 1,617 622 .Ftper Var.uory 1 Ki o t-d at the |Kfi t,. 47,768,913 88,457 957 86 091 946 Tl roan outlie n.ark.t 66,320.306 93 617 267 06 600 717 K will be ptroelaed from the above table of dry good* entered at tin* port the past week, aa well a* the amount thrown upon the market, giro* an exeat* over the same ptn jd in the two prt ceding ) ear* of 1868 and I860. Tltu apg'fgate t idcc tbo lal of January last approxi mate wlthn 013 of the en trie* tor the ?amo l: mo laet j? ar, and wltblu 17.910,660 of the value or lb<*e thrown upon the m.?rket In 1888?In which year tbo amount* largely eooet ded tboee of any previou* period, Uf the value of goods introduced lor eociumptton, wool k l* amounted to 1501 380. c< tton gojd* to 8151 001, nlkl to I! tie i 46. flux to II2d 134 aud moualamee go al* 10 7146,031?total, $1,483,591 l.nU r. >1 for Voisumptuin. eh* Value Plot Value. ITfol? f>tiv_ Wool <n?... 165 ?12*i 397 Shawl* 64 $49 797 f'ai|Mttrg.. 88 3."'698 I.hi ea 19 11974 Total 608 $666,046 Max Total... 1.312 6601,380* 514 868X04 Cotton? Hdkfo 3 1.712 Oetlor* .... 118 $23 316 Turead* 75 1SX32 Cohrrnd .... ?>o 7 016 l.m. * col.. 100 30,9#? Km n.ualliia 7 3 067 ?? 1'rln * d 762 Total.... 692 $120,134 lAce* 16 4 l*d 1 <'kit ..... 6 2 427 Mlsci-llaneou*? Coxee 17 1 563 .-'t-aw gooda 256 $38 402 Ml"' I 672 7 , *93 Millinery.4 i 620 Hon? 246 '29 821 Math.Allow 43 9 616 Clothing.... 34 6.633 T< tel.... 1,oca 1161,101 Lav g.ovce. 31 35 697 Bilk? Kuvbrold'a.. 41 36,110 M k* 211 $222,471 Kid glovea.. y 8 720 Ribbon*!... U3 91432 Swpeudera.. 7 0 524 Cmvaw 4o Jflh'O -? PluabU.... 13 8 701 Totnl 430 $146,0J1 Withdr. u Hfrom tfiarukeUI*. Woollen*... 46 >20 9.11 Silk* $ $-< 507 t'< r| ftlng .. 40 ? 4t'i Ribbon* ... 1 931 W i rated .., 62 26 *09 II. *e 2 1 876 c? t itwem. 36 10 434 Shaw's . .. 9 714 Sfi wig 6 1 h57 Brain and b ll 6 286 ft. ?1f ?, & b. 1 *81 ? ?? tE. .. 32 3 9ft 1 Total 24 $14 454 Bom 8 2 712 Flax? ? ? l.inera 61 $9,323 Total .... 281 $75,993 Thread 1 211 Hon? Lin. & cot... 2 400 MM ? .. 3-4 *8 468 ? - ? Colored 20 3 2>-J Total 54 $9 $43 1 mb mual't 1 166 V itreoanooua? <;iovia .... 1 804 Straw 63 $9,610 rnl 64 9 fl8 kin broidery 8 1,260 lilt.. . . 3 S36 Mailing.... 0 331 Total 118 $22 540 Total 67 *11 101 JCMr red fir IVarrhoutinf Wool? Bilk Woollen*.,. 5 $2 820 fa-peltry 32 4 247 Clot 5* 1 668 Wonted.... 63 27 i>62 IV'atnrf.. . 31 14 568 ( ot. h m ortt 40 17.P02 Shawl* 11 6.777 Total 173 673.168 Cot ton? t or ton* 148 $4C 479 Colored 24 r> t,78 l'r.nt* 6 1 641 Sprol 18 2 UJ Li<fg? 29 8 497 Shawl* 6 $836 Veiling*.... 2 1,086 ToUl ~ $T$30 Max? Una os $2 $19 935 1 n k ooC .80 6 726 Total 112 $26,640 lltacellanroua? -truw goode 88 $12 831 l.n, hrotd'f.. 9 1 617 C?ir?.U 8 1.912 Total 232 601,0*4 T.tal lit tic 60 Ntxaj ttNlafton Entered for coniumptlon? rkffi Value lUiiufaUureo of wool 1.312 $.>01 ,a?0 I to. cotton 1UU0 in Ml no. eilk don see Mb no. $?x MS 1*1.134 Mtrcellaucoux 430 146.031 Total 4,00$ $1,483,601 TCHlulrn?n from warrhnuec? Maotifecturtd of wool 311 $76 003 to. i otti.u 113 22 640 l)o. a ilk 34 14,464 Do. Uax 64 0 043 lluoellancoui 07 11,101 Tidal 480 "0 $134 001 Kr.leird iur Warr bouairg? lUnuftii'tureiuf wool 173 $73,Ut Do. notion 233 01,AM Do. ellk 0 1 0)0 Do. fla* 112 36.000 1*? Cil!?acOO? 116 14 680 Total $40 $170 32$ Tl.c < *|orU duriip tbe (art meg Lata bfo tali: of, nti'! contort to Incoiii dcrnble (6 | to South .tner: ran porta, Acrtralta ted Went India lalande The ti,. rt, of cotton dotarrtlc gnode from the jw rt of Nee Yor* for the nrtk rndtt f ?cpt 20 180$, were aa fl/lowr ? i'Ofkagm l"'ifwr Y(t,>--1* 06 $.1444 H.VI 161 1.1162 HrH"h Atilrnlle 36 1 (Ji Dan lab Itwt Jiidua 16 $1$ Total 242 $1* 694 Sti treported 7fl 033 Htaoe January 1...... 76,316 li e trndc- m the kuoii adt *uc>i becomeo ra'-rt Irregular. Tbe bulk of the fell tra>t-> will, the <I atari'. W. at ia toward* Ita cl ?c, and will hare pw? <l lu height du-ug the onuilt r month of (V tober. The bueioee* doing oao day lo artire aid another doll. Them waa a reported fall.ireef a bonne lent weak, hot wb"-b, Mtaoa 4, wan oat; a temporary flMpoMlaa The ho'iae hiring ea lad Itacrrdihirf tngetbar, evblbltel a large am-inI of relia ble aaarta over and atom Ita llabtlltlee. and bem-e veil on aa tanal. Tlila ?u?paaa>oa art* the ?ubject of noma W) Ml timed aad immM reiaarka ia I be IWl of tail city, which charged that the alureaaid booae U ?ed mi ac count of dntrg a HouUn-m trade. It caatlcead Itr nvr'in t ie rredtr* aga'Mt thli trad", and Intlm -ted that tn mo irdntgtr.g in It generally come rot at thi air. .ft *tid of tbn born. We bare an" giapoelltia to do injoe? oa to the teW' <4 any arotrm or xir wttaty extended , >u?try, ard are ifpeol to the di>n a; m of pnlttlral m*t'> re in maud ' o with trade; kot the m?i rny of the mm-baata mi the dry f<da trade will btar ua out .0 the m >. umb tl at * tie re one booer crptgid |? tl.e itatWa liale l,?a tailed wiiblh tbe peat thr> e f earn, a dnreo ? agar I la the Wratern trade hare broken. The e?ubli?he<t MMB tt r oroibera trad" ere am nag the o'deat and elr"iigc?t 'n tbe city. Tbe re'erre t 10, it t? onppam I, wit la teadi 1 III W'.uad the' tlaria tar or credit of ho wee wVao atRMl |MIMt to the tr patriotic I'n >o rtt'cnu at tbe leijer it i.tute I n aa awnth-g. Whi.c the boat era trade becani* miaamably reaper led for two - corn ?o II * rf the |?e:r of H47, to wbteh Ituur ? In the 'ojei Contributed. It t? but fair to *'.vti> (haft th?' towitb, hiving 'u that 11 rioil made tan taorw ae orajw jf cotina, tor nhlcl good p?;,?* w.r# i, bland, ooulr t led to r'tlKin lh>' dry good* trade, t<> gee eit> p.1 )n * at to rl, i-ping, He to the flaem-iel ??. ilmif ? ai'i,tcdi. much b' vrrtl ?nl to jr . M mare- i lit retulta 'ro* the break town 91 1657. There I aa b, a a rum r tbia wrtkof an thar tuoaoooioa .a the lrai.''. tbe nart - nl farti.' larf of wb.ih we ? .uot trace Tli' late forelfit adrker kp> nk famrah'f cf ihertttanf tradr in Maatl.etter. Ibt i, Biteraoathl* * da are wtil Im| h red. ant) prodrring f odg pftoijr well ap w tb- Jo mwfl Aw maay kmd' of c<?et jirnd- ti n? It dttf' iio g"i?da Ibn bue.reaa bad beer, a iboal rl?t|i ?t B,*""#bt, $g ? grneral thlag, in pr eee Ihc d<v R -altr ere.lien Wt.1e 1 a.* htCB iPW tiT" thlt we-fc, wMIW j ricee b?ti atniwa bo jrieet chant * ) **rJ "1 Wer l'en ai d ti ti'n ri a ware n fair rep?? eat, "tapta colt" a't. 'ee ?erer*e?dy Wo qeodebrnwif ??$rrt?g$$hf' rbtitii tr to? tt n.tkee, at $*? a TS'- and TtfO. for m* dh ? 1 .an brow at w< re aai tanged, liietchr t gootr eero ??r*e Irn aetiu nr d prif?rwill. .1 alterat m ofaawoai. tit tea i ark ww i,. *.-I .tmiaud. and Mr ttho nul?| at fui i riciw < 'I'd *w4tnt>? wera qatet. Fine caaai Ber<e ?? re quiet -at nit* of favorable co-ir* wnro introble tt *t adyjwtaea. iwttie were in c to d'Toaa-l are rtrrk Ipbl The ablpwteata wtaklng were chiefly to ii m aad 11h.uih annr.reo porta, "ther deorrlp i M* of 4'ateotle tocda, both ef wttw and of wool, word with >'t ?' Sfewot rl n *e t? rrqotre detailed notice In (i telgii goodo a fa r * 'i*ta>M wm doing, enpentnltw la iin ai.t <>it:r.i'I- M)l? nf nik and ilrtra g.ton. Fine new Mid ted nter Injib nr>t rlbbott were doing welt, but tbe narkrl wag w?U infq Ileal nltb nit bindt, aait prmaa ftw meet ?i"njii'0? werodnll. low prtne I block ailkxi ? ? re in ?? ,n<?t Mao ?tyl?o of Hnglinb baavy n ? <ii rtit tr fair drrnabd <let*no woollen gooM wrrr n' i .i tmn ??!<' have l>e*a held tb ? weee.thO ?Tin lea' ol nb 10 00$atfN to dny, aait ti mprlawl a if*- $ r *1 ??' 'f Fntib werrted |? ef nt the imporiaDna "Cm M??i' tt ;r re. tiall ?rd k to Tbe natalegw* fowiprWM II-., i- t, h drew a good enaapoM. Altbimgh tho ? , ,(?( ' 'n n| wrrr tot fnt'J *P toJh ae of prirloM , i tit crw roifl$1vt!y ftw V !? woMToeeto. A in torn , re I r l rqi ate ?'|| nrvrt ert ?'* weelcld yeaterdoy. .- ,1-V'e rn4$ eeit 77" brorbe n?re rather I ? ev ? A- nff.'t ? f r 'iVni f wt? bold 1$ $$ft $t lb. r r ?* at ' re- TV.?'? laekej Iho ?f I i of r? ? et" ? M ?* otitvre hrnrod IM . -I- tl

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