Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 30, 1860, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 30, 1860 Page 5
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ftcUgloit ImUUl|tM?. CITY CBrRCO?8 TO Dir. In hi. Ann's church, E-gbteenth street, nesr Fifth ave nue, Iter. Tbomu Unltnudet, rector, services today at u?u*l; with the voice at half past ten A. M. and half put ?even P. M , and la the ? gu language at tu'f put three P. M. Rev. F. C. Ewer, rector of Grace church, Saa Francisco, will preach morning and evening. In 8t. Timothy's church, Fifty fourth street, west of Eighth avenue, the Rev. Dr. Muhlenberg will preach at Lalf-put seven o'clock. The Ror. 8. A. Corey will preach In the Murray Hill Baptist church, Thirty fifth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues, at half-put ten o'clock A M , and at half put neven P. M. Subject in the evening, "Absalom, the Progressive Young Man." In Brooklyn Tabernacle, on Fallon avenue, near Hoyt ?treet, preaching by the putor, Rev. William Alvia Bart lett. Bervicea will commence at half put o'clock A. M., and at half-put seven P. M. The Kew Jerusalem chuith (Swedenborglan), will hold public worship at the National Musical Institute, TOG Broadway, at half put ten A. M. * * The Right Rev. George Smith, Lord Bishop of Victoria, will preach this morning, at half-tost ten o'clock, at St, George's church (Rev. Dr. T< ng'e). The Rev. Benry Blum-hard, pastor, will preach in the Church of the Restoration, corner of Monroe place and Clark street, Brooklyn, this morning and Ser yices at half put ten and half put seven o'clock. Mr. Henry Bellinger, from Sharon. Schoharie county Picw York, will preach In New York on Tuesday and Wednesday, (ttober 2 and 8, la the room soutbeait oreer Of Broadway and Twentieth street; also on Sunday at Piermont Rev. William P. Corbtt wlli preach bis fl-st sermon Since his arrival home from Europe, this day, September 30, st half past ten o'clock A. M. and half past seven P. M In the York street Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church. The church has undergone extensive alterations. An addi tion hu been made in the number of pews, thus making accommodations for quite an additional number of visit ers; and the building Internally has been thortughly re novated. The friends of Mr. C. and the publio generally are Invited to attend. The Protestant Episcopal Mission church, Clinton Ball, Bslor place, in charge of the Rev. Robert G. fMskson, mill hold Divine service at half p?=t ten o'clock A. M and half rut seven P. M Is Retribution or Reconclllat'on the F.nd of God's Government??'This question will be Considered st the ^Twentieth street Universalis! church, betwean Sixth and Seventh avenues, this afternoon, by Rev. E. G. Brooks, putor. Bervicea at half put three o'clock. Sermon in Abe morning by the putor, on the "Vital Imt>ortance of an Acquaintance with the Bible." In the Christian chapel, West Seventeenth street, Im mediately west of Sixth avenue, Dr. S. E. Shepard will preach at half past ten A. M. and half put aeven P. M. In lbs Memorial church, Hammond street, corner of Waverley place, the Rev. E. T. Remington will preach Ibis evening. Services at half put ten, half past three, and half put seven o'clock. Mr. Frotbinghaa will preach at the] hall] northeut Corner of Broadway and Thirty second street, this morn ing ant evening, at the usual hours. Subject for the morn ing, "The Respoulbtliltes of the l iberal Believer;'' for Abe evening, "The Spiritual World." The new building erected by the congregation or Emmanuel church, corner of President nnd Smith streets, South Brooklyn, will be opened with appropriate servioea at half put ten o'clock A. M. The sermon will be preeched by the Rev. W. R Plckman, of the dioceu of Misuari. The evening servtee wilt be at hair-past seven o'clock P. M. Sermon by the Rev. Morgan Dlx, assistant rector of Trinity church, K. Y. "Fallen Angels." In the Bleecker strut I'atverulist fchurcb, corner of Downing street, services at halfpast Aeo A. M nnd half put aeven P. M In the evening Abe above subject will be considered by the Rev Moses Bslleu. Eglise Fvengeliqne Fmncatse, an coin del rues Grand et Crosby. Monsieur le Ruler Vivas (de Lausanne), prF chera dans cette kgllse dematn (Dtmaache), el to us tee Ptmmrbe sulvanta, A 10 bcures du matin, ct a 7>, hears 6a aotr. In the French Evangelical church, at the corner of Grand and Crosby atrecta, the riator (dr. Ktraa de lAueann?) will preacn at bait pan ten o cloea a. a. auu at half paat seven P. M. INVITATIONS. Rev. Mr. Tort In, or Washington city, has received a Ball to a church la Mississippi. The Rev H. C. Bart, of Baltimore, baa accepted the call t>r the Seventh Presbyterian church la Claclsnatl, and in a few weeks will take charge of the congregation. Rev. Chae. T. Halsev baa accepted a call to the pastor Ship of the RuseviUe Preabyterlan church. Rev. Dr Martin, of Chicago, Illinois, has accepted the Ball of the Lutheran eoogregmUaa of Martlnsburg. Vs. INSTALLATIONS. Rev. Arthur Strase* waa installed as pastor of the Third rreab/terlao charih m fcb cego, on the 3?th Inst. The Rev. David T. Packard was Installed as pastor of the Orthodox Googregallooai church, SomerviUe, Mass., m the list last. Rev. Albert O. Brebe, formerly of the mission to the jArmtotant, baa been installed pastor of the cbarchas In Mount Pleasant and L'sloaualt, Pa , by the Presbytery of Montrose INVITATION MtCLrVXD. The Rev. Henry M Scuduer, of EilstvlUe, Ky , has de ll lined the call of the Central Presbyterian Church of Cincinnati. ?KSIli NATION. Rev Charles B. Data, for many years pastor or Christ fehurcb, at Alexandria, oae of the oldest parishes la Vir ginia resigned bin rectorship on the 30th last. PRATITX IN Tilr. MIVIATRT. At the home of hla lather, ta Sparta, Wlseaoaia. on Wednesday, the 13th last., died the Rev. Robert Mc Bride, aged M years, of hemorrhage of the stomach. Rev. Wm. J. Zlmmer. late rector of St. John's church, City Point, Vs., died at WiUiamaburg, Vs., oa tha ITUt It ta a ith much regret, says tha Charlotte (8. C.) Bul letin that we aaoouaee Uw death or that greatly batovsd aad truly pious servant of God. tha Iter J. a. Watt, ?onaeeted with the Preebytertaa danom last toe, and miato ger at Steel Greek. He departed this lift on the lfth task, Biter a severe illness of severe! weeks, of typhoid form, n*w cHinrire?. A new Roman Catholic church, at Fairfax station. In Alexandria Bounty. Ta, was dedicated by Ritbop Mag.11, Of Richmond, on Sunday last. The sew Methodist church South, at Lewlshof, Ta, eras <tod touted oa last Sen J ay. The Rev. W, A Smith, D D , President of Randolph Macon GoUego, preached the dedication sermon The corner stone of the nrw Kpleoopnl rhnreh, to he averted near the corner of (ieorge aad Thayer streets, la Providence, was laid on the Slst Inst, by the Right Rov. Bishop Clark, accompanied by the religious service! usual upon such an occasios. The comer stone of the Children's church (Presbyte rian), at St Aane, 111 , waa laid on the 0tb lost MIsCELLANMOra. Rev. Dr A C OM. or Baltimore, has declined the Pre bidenry of Trinity College, of Hart! rd, to wb'rh he was luisalmsnMi elected at a recent meeting of the trustee Wltain the last t wo years there have ben n less than ?Our r burrhre erected la ibe county of Greenbrier, Ta , besides raising 110 000 for the mecties of s I -male InftI kute la Lewlaborg, aad glriag $10,000 to the Allegaay College The fortieth anniversary of Rev IV Magie's eeltle tnetr over the Second Presbyterian church, at Elizabeth, ??. J , will "ocor on Ruaday, October S. I'r Magie is the only pastor the church has ever had, aad lb s church be only charge. On Toeaday, the 2d r>f October, commences the dft.etb Annual meeting la Boston of the largest and oldest Mil ?tooary Society In the couatry?the American Board of Commaalrmsn for Foreifn V as loot Tha Jubilee gather lag has been anticipated w lb more than ordinary Inte rest by the numerous members and friends of the socle ty Extraordinary and successful off rts bare been mite ho cancel Its heavy Indebtednees, that ao daanriai cloud might dim the brig bio em of the occasion A liberal in vitatioa |^i beoa encoded to tto fri?nde aad pMroos all over the land, aad the teeponse ban been so universal no to cauae embarrassment, lest eren Boston boepltal'ty Should prove Inadequate i < the demand Two tbou?anl mertnat have applied to tbe Commute# of Arrangements tor s temporary borne of three days (from Tuesday to Friday o< tbsitreek), be* dee probably three tbu mnd more wt.o base been tented by friends aad relatives. As tateeenttat raltftoea movement is m * advaac ng Ames ike tree to Oaaat? s inhabitlac ibe northern sec it * '4 c<ds Many id iti.w tn Cn.cngo uave renounced tke IL-mSB ibercb n I SM ab>ut to erect a -us r *4 Nematginr vbawmivre BxtoBwastera Preebyter in ebcrcb. Old Arhooi.ta Pbila-letphtb, auuiiiweat coram of Tsrentleth and Fltf water mrsstn. ta?s ty a unanlmoos rots, determined ta appt> to tha Third Presbytery, Nsw School, to on token aider tbetr care TheOtd Trappe <*urch, m >llt<WmT CTiety pa , erected fee the Lothernne ta tut, by nary Ifeleh of *1 u b lea berg, their patriarch, has bam bag dr-eetod for a Letter house oa another si to. aad mw??f the osagrMa ttQB desired the old strueture demoitehe out othere, however. mys the Mimtnomry, heM itwta its hallowed aad oxtoaded asseclattoaa tn too high ratoom to permit this, aad at a meeting of tbe cherrb a r-remittee waa appointed te have a new roof aad rot bag pin ta tha betiding, aad every other repair made that wasneeaaeary to Its preservation Three repairs rant tbe company be to it* puem ratten Thane repairs rost tbe eompanv be twees ell sad seven hundred del I are. a large p,rt of which was oootrlbaled by the Muhlenberg family, eape dally that branch of it maiding in New Tor* In con daily that branch of it residing btderalion of th ? and many Hher reaaaaa, the r>n,rxiU>e extended an htvltotiea to Rev. Dr W A. M th'eni-efg reetor of the F.plncopal church of the Holy Oommttoloo. *n New Vork, a great granJ? n of tha patriarch, asJ gran 1 eon of Hon. F. A Muhlenberg, first Speaker of Quagrem, to preach ? discourse reo^l^ ^ tbe^d b^UdlBl The invitation w ^ywotod. and the Uh aod fith of Bsp temper were aet apart ooaaect#<' with the reopening of the ?. hureh. A Ooevierrr Prcium ? _!" vIT^A Tick ants?On Sunday, say* "?* f1ssrheatafi England, T.nrj, Mr Riohard Wearer, a 8U"infBr',Pr~^ eU the drat of four Sunday eraau ? 111 ' . tori* theatre, Waterloo read, Umdv >o- The Urge edidce waadeoeely crowded by a real won l?? el*u coograf* lion, and hundred* were unable to obl?l"i sdmlasioa. tor upward* of an hour the preacher dia"?uraed with tre mendous c nergy, aod much dramatir ach on, pa the words la the Book o( Genesis, relating to Noah, "dad the Lord abut hint in." Mr. Weave!1 subsetuently ataw?d thai bs bad been preaching in Terti ail last week to thousands of people, and that large number* bad beea converted *1 every meeting It was also announced that be is to vreaeb in londou erery day dur:og the ensuing autumn aod winter, if b'J health and strength do not ft:! him l! may he observod that Mr. W eaver appear* to be shoot tb.rty live years ol age Be is below the middie he.gat and thin, bet teems to possess mucb pnyt':a! power The Rev Baptist Noel, wbo waa, we beltere, the cause of bin coming to I-ondon, relates that be waa a noted pugildt in Sta.Tordsblra only eight years ago, <nd that he was known by the nama of "Undaunted Dick," because be was never beaten. WHtT THE fOCTHERS AIT> SOCISrr ri VCrVO. The Correeponding Secretary of the Southern Aid So ciety, in a letter appealing for funds to carry on the operat.ous of the society, says ? By the contribution of a few hundred dohara we have enabled two Presbyterian churches in Delaware to ertri cate themselves Imm most serious embarrassments Ic Virginia and Marj lan I we all not Irsa than th rty churches, several of which are hp!sco;>al, all of whoee m a iters are faithful and excellent men, as are ml. the others, and give mucb attention to the religious Instruc tion of the slaves and free colored people within the ?pberesof their labor We aid several churches la the Carol loan, Georgia Sen tucky and Teunocaee, ten or twelve ta Miasjilpp:, and tnire ir. Missouri. In Arkansas, a pastor, to whose church ws have ren dered some aid, in an account of a preaching tour wbirb be made in the season of vacat.on, or absence, which his eburcb allows him, says in a resent letter ? "la Dvc successive Rabbaibs I have recently held four aa crmmcntal meetings, performing all the labor myself, some continuing three or four days. I found people of all classes, characters, grades and denominst'onj, ready and desirous to hear I truat that mucb good was done. And now I am about to set out in aaolher direction, to speud the Sabbaths that remain of my rurlough, wbieh expires on the 1st o( September." In Texas we have aided several churches, among them a new one in lb* valley of the Nueaes, forty live mile* from Corpus Cbrtsti One of the missionaries la New Orleans, whom we have aided, devotes all his time and exercises to visiting the sick iu the boaplta's, tl.a accuae-l aud the onvtctx in prison, as well as the poor from house to house His monthly reports are literally filled with facta and inci dents of a most Interesting nature. Our society is doing a go>d work, and Is antagonistic to no organization, whether ecclesiastical or voluntary. We rejoice la the good done by others, and shall be content tf we can do no more than help in thia good cause ta one way It furnishes a channel by which many in the Noi thern States that have no other may convince our Southern brethren of tho deep Interest which they take la them and Id the great and peculiar work which the Saviour has ca'.ed tnem to perform. It forms not only such a channel, but serves as a precious bond of union in these times of political excitement. We recetvw continu ally most cheer,ng words from friends North aod South. "Love, tad not bate," Bty cue whose nama and fame are now coextensive wttb thsclviliaed world, in transmitting bis donation, "is the Gospe. weapon foi overcoming all the evils that sin has brought upon man. My sympathies are strongly with the South, especially with the Christian slaveholder, who t* made th* target at which all the Pharisaic and infidel abolitionism of Europe and America alms it* bitter shafts. " Nevra from Harut. ARRIVAL OF THK STAR OF T1IK Wfcii'?MAREZr IS TALLIOENCE, ETC. The eteamehip Star of the West, 0 W. Brown command ing , from New Orle?n?, Tie Hereon, tea New Orleene September 21, Arrived et He woe 4tth, And lea eeme der for New York, arriving At Sandy Hook At eleven o'clock on Friday night The heelth of Heveae wu excellent for the aaaaoa. The augir market continued dull At S}? a II,' for No. 12 D. S.; there wee little doing in muecovAdoe, the etock being needy cxheueted. The etock of cleyeil en tire at HavAoa and Matanzae, 160,000 boxee, 30.000 ledi than same date laet year. Ex porta for week ending Sep tember 22. 13,867boxee; elnre let January,765,792boxee, 10,092 hbde.of which, 220,000 boxee and 0,780 hbda. went to the l oited State*. Molaeeee?Muecovado and clayed very aearoe. Of clayed there were 2,000 hiide. In MeUniae,none la Ha ta li i r.ce r 4 rlale. Frrighta are low, owing to duUaeen or rw market aR cob tinned arrlvaie. Ratee for United State* Northern porta $1 per box. A cBarter of 1 TOO boxee, for Fa! mouth and order*, wee taken at C3, aleo, brig Young Republic, to load at "..medio* for Breton, at 86 per hhd. Fk haage?New Y >rk, rhi'ade'.|ibl? and Boeton, elxty <jo7f4ir(e:AitfMH.',*;?,?1ri>'T'!*?W'We?ii, tlxty daye, 6 per cent do 7Le Star of the Weat brtnge a fun carp. era HAVANA COIiaxarONDtNCZ. Havana, Baft- 22,1960. Mutitun to fx Sent Horn*?TV ExptdUin to fera Cnu? MarktU, dfc. The caeca of muttneere, of the eeveral imesle reported thia morning by the rteamahlp Mai in Be, hare been oon ciuded, and the partite are to be eeat to the I ailed Statee r>r trial, If it ean be tafeiy done, by the veeaeU to which tbey beloog. bat the captain* of the three rBeetle eeeui to think that their eafety will be endangered by thli couree, and refute to take theaa, even with Itom, oa board. Thia difficulty with the imperative provia.on* of the law, that eueh (hail be the coarae where reaeela are returning to home porta, wtU hare to be ad jutted by the Ooneal General, eo that the property aball not be Jeopard ir-d, and he will probably conclude to tend them on board of a at came- to the United sante* Marihal for the Di?trut of New York I have to con6ns the determination to make an example befnre Vera Cm fir whi -b everj preparation 5 being tnvle. and, poevbly, only delayed to hare the advantage of oce more >? termer from Oadlt, with the latest view, of the Spamih g. vernmeat at Madrid Our bue nvw. k doll No action m the augnr market? No 12 at 8.4 rials, boblera 4 more Fa change on Loo ion today, 18'<lollS\ per cent; New York, St; to 8 do ; New Orleana, 8 to 8 do., short eight. Uei'ih good ee erer. Brooklyn City Rewfc C-nm 0-axvr ro Dnatg ?On Friday evening, aa a pretty Ktle child, about fear year* of ege, the daughter of Jamee Carman war playing With matchee la the upper part of bar parrel*' boaaa, bar dangeroua plaything tg n.ted, and the Sre extended to her clothing The p?: little girl wae ee horribly barat that the died, netwlth a landtag the efferte of Dr. Tucker to ear* her life. Coro ner Horton bell an tgqne.t yeeterJay, and a verdict la accordance with the foregoing facta wae returned Came h or i Sewn.?Ae oome workaea were en gaged working en a eewer la Second place, at about two o'clock yreterday afterneor.. the earth cared la, bury lag the la bo re re engaged on the work. Fortunately aw. at anc* wae at hand to extricate th?m b*fore tbey were euf for? ted. Tbeee aoc dente are becoming rather too 're queet It la to be hoped that greater care will be taken to prevent them armeca ?The eewerage of Braoklyn la progreaelag to the comfort of the eit aena. Pipea are bring laid along maay of the principal atreeta, eoxt of which are la a chaotic atele, from the 1 mattty of earth thrown ea the aldrwalka, leaving by no manna the proper apace for the pretv "eg breadth of crlaeHne to pom aloof Degrnw atreet, test above Oourt, la being aub.ect to th.a aoooynare. while below the p'pre or the new can com paay are bring laid Tbeee Incouvn, encae, however, w :, not laet loag. though, .a the meant of, they are somewhat annoying la fact, Brooklyn bae neve- been known to hare bad eo maay evrarattoue connected with ?itietantial improremeate?g ta. eewere, water?aa at preeent Army Imtelllgomce. Col. Ditoa S. Mliea, *000 I Infantry, now etat oaed at Jeffbrioe Barrack*, In ordered to proceed to Fort Kearney, K. T., With the regimental ataS and band of hie rag meet, an<l c<tab!iah ble headquarter* at that ;>o*t. Company H. tocoed artillery, Capt Br-.oka, now on a ecout m tbe In 1 aa country, la ordered to proceed to Fort Ixarenworife SBd lt?e p*M at that rut on 1 ir og writer An exteaatoa of leave of absence tor twelve moethe hae en grv ted by the War I "part men I to Brevet Colonel A Set * C. A May, Sec nd drag-ram a ee an extaoeloo of leave f r fear motitba baa been jpnr.ted b^tbo aamr authority to Am otaat Surgeon P. 0 S Ten Breeck, Medical Depart meet Arrf rale tad Departeiree AMU V ALA. Nrw OxrtuT" irn n in. Ntr .-wali.n Star of ih? Weal? '"?o! e X lan-er, Nnan'ah M*>y: * <? i'?rtv.nn T ? ra w ' S H dc, Aim, J dutch rr Mre Haowteh?aol other* to ateerage. MP AMCllSB? T,r? r.rom?Stennwh'p Rangaran?Mia S rear. Ana Crab tree Oury. Mia* Bona. V A Nwilh, J TDurgvi, Jae wWe,"" I r. A -idem, ? r Hllna wtfe. (Bran rBlldrwr and ae-r.n ileorge (MrbueB. wtfe rktkl Bad aerrtm . Ham ie: Dnl.n and eon I Boat lire. $ Haw**, A Janus M Bart C jmuer l?>-g. J H Hlrrl. W <? T -apBtae ? P tVoka, ' (v. Hewn Ida, HerT J .?forplrier. P Mobefth and tee ia the etearag?-feUl M. Spatoe, 81 ?r ?nn *:i nf New Tn.fc ? One I N.f "-mm Theodora de ViHebute. kr<k of HouOe. Ala. ta Tea L Prabe werk. of T taota. Baary arhmeder lady and ekltd. (ton Praa rlaro Hre Fr 8rbaei4?r aad OaugMer. Wwoaain, M RaeOaa Bid ladr OBflTliiber Wtea Ougtar Frledr Halir. lady and Ure. +~ Jonnev M, Jnbaaiie finllmaa and twnehildrea, all or New fork Mr* f hpraea, tgvnar, til fnaepb B M .hUag. Pnagteeu, II 2; .prnea. Vln-nar, tit loaeph I Mukliag. Paigrawt H r?lr'?k Tody Newark, N J John <ln^?n*wr, lady and 1 Parte, Ry, Chri?topher Hughe., Jaaea T cbaritoa. Pron deoee it H rg..6oi-N. ^ar'eaton. g ft Dr I/rat* Alter. fBntr n?f.ra MO Aug w Itolilag. Una? Mam Mr* l aroUne p. a'ttanene* New TorH. Marita K.irB, Pail, irlphta, a d 71 ia tbe Mrerage?T?tnl. 116 8*21 788 la ?r'ete S. ? . 1 Ar - - >*11111.10 Torktowa? O B Blum. <1 W ?'n?. 1 ' II Knarb I P-!?a and lady, Ml? It J Prime Wg ? u I -n r' ? r-irb. Dr Taylov, J OrlHn, A RieBianal, it t ji rj -1 H Ett' tiger, I, t. wl-wlon. *la? MarvAfaen. j h Smith *nd two dvightera J P <?oodira, DO (Vwmd yiu. p - n Mia Van (\>?;and, * * Allen and 1. MraajT- V ? Hecnet B-.emiUj Ma'ltld Un. M-* k Btba, H?Ak.> 0 Sfcarmuoy. .Mm BuahiAdy aal K-i*i*rd, K A Thompaoa?14 ic lie stee/ece. PftWtMl or tie* muweri State riea -WOOD, KDDT, A CO , Manacers of the dujwiu, KwrruoiT uro sueooai mn umm Dslawabs?Extes Cias* 4S3, Narrsiusa 19, 1800. 5, 9, 8, 30, 34 , 37, 39. 12/-26, 69, 43, 65 , 33. Duawaaa?Gloss iot. Iinnuu 2j. 1*0. 43, 3, 37, 64, 61, 63, 6. 77, 8, 22, 66, 70, 24. Circulars mm free of charge, by addreaAag either to WOOD, EDDY 4 DO., Wilmington. Delaware, Or lo WOOD, EDDY A OoT. Su Look. Hlaaurl Drawings of K, Franco's Delaware Lotlertei ? Sense Cotnrrr, Pian 133, tamim 19, 1390 60. 75, 41, 2, 67, 16, 73, 19, 33, 31, 47, 29, Uiimi UonouDareo Lorrxar?Clam 43, Sarr 99, 1*0. 17, 6, 44, 46, 68, 27, 22, 11. 69, 66, 25, 39. (Arc-hare eeal free of oharce by addressing R FRANCA, Wilmington, Delaware. norm or Dneoaertoy or Ooraamueir ?The am here Wo.* en beleCti# imdrr the ovate of PRANCH, BROAD RENTS A CO., Is this day dissolved. The Delaware anJ Kea ?? eky LuUerlss will to Lrreta'-rr drawn by Itomidehlgned aa a. f rance. WiunaSTO*. Delaware, Sep*.. 8.1338. I.ale Importations, St*. We are now to recelf. of oar larj-e haportatlons Is the way of COATINGS, V KsTf NOS, FAMTALOONUY ** ruBNissiNQ ooooe, rOR FALL AND WTNTSR WEAR. tt ?y are the choices: selec;mna to be found la the Preach, German and Krxtieh markele. We a. jo invite aiteouoo lo our rery arseaAve stock of faehlooab'.e Clothing for etea and boy* D ooataina a great variety of styles and fabrics to oe louao nowhere else. All of which we oler at eil rmety low prices. An early eelec'-oo is rrsyectfuily recommended, a* the demaoJ le already rery Ur*? DEVLIN, HUDSON A CO., Hoe. 2Jd, 239 and 2S0 Broadway, Corner of Warren sued. 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Phalon's ."> agar "Show Wbita Oriental Cream " Prtee SO rente ear bottle Married. Wrrt?Arnn ?On Saturday, aptember 19, by Edec w. J rjtk ae. H- Citaui ?i Wa ra to hie* VUktu* Vati' r, on / child of Mr i Martha Arc na, both of Brook

lyn city Dlsd. A'.woir ?At amrlaeton. t C.ot Wednesday, Septom her IS, Joear i Alsto*. la the IM j ear of hh age Baktos ?<>o Thursday BayuiuWr tT, of roneompAloa, Mart Sartor lb- beloved etotor of Wiliisn aad Robert Barton, (gad as yean ah 1 10 icosthe. Alter, thou wael mild and lovely, Oeatle aa the lunnwrT breroe, Pleaoatit as tbe air of erealng. When t| 3nets among tbe trees Yet agata we hope to meet thee, Whim the day of life Is Bed, Then in heaven with Jiy to greet thee, Where no farewell bear la Shad Me Wends of the art respectfully le riled to at trad her funeral at he'! past one o'clock Vbh (Sunday) aflernooo, Worn I0S A Tien etmet Cr>ort ?In It ooklya, oa Trtday mora lag, September M, Maot, widow ef the tale Edward Or>pe, la tha Slat year of her age ^^?relal The relatteew ard fMeede of the ramlty are rewpeetlhrty tarned to attend the bmerat, Wen the reatdenoa of her ?oo la law, Jaaee W. Brodle, td naadt afreet, this (Sua day) afWraono, at three O'clock, without farther notion Orpr nrr ?f>0 ft'day. September >1, Mrs. Mast Ccb bnrr, in the Mth -ear ef her age Ber meeds and tboee of her brother, Mtehsel, are re ?pectful!> Invited to altend the funeral, fron the real deece of bee n >thtr. No 104 Weet fortieth etreet, this (Banday) afteroo n, at two o'clock Her resnlsd will be taken to Chlrary Ormatery foe tntoreieot CaaSAP ?Cm Friday erentag, .September 31, ( intae ra Caosas, dangb'er of J?mee and JDIiabetb Uarmao, aged 3 yeari, 9 nrw?k? aed II dajk The relatire* ar.d rrleede of the faml y are reepeetfolly Isrltrd to Attmd tbe funeral, frra the midenoe of her parents, 19T Deffteld gtreel. Brooklyn, tbId (fuodsy) after, noon, at half part two 'clock. Camiapt ?On Rat ;rday morning, * ptenber 29, Mm Me it CarRART. aged Ao years Tbe friends or the family ore tsrited to attend the fks?rxt,from the rtR'4enc4 of her bro'.oer in lew, E. 9. W?Xr'' th* (Sunday) after ssSSSr58,- sw .wb L1tJrSjrex,is?^1' ^*ir?? *iGTT . . *"? friends of the family are mwi ^K*k?httaV'ff4 * ltboul f"rU?r notles. 1 ?fed e4?ia7, *rida7' 8pPU!"?'w ?? nAMCO Di'asom, UU^Xo^r110 Mlwd f.">m hit T? i.?!;,!' 8 M?oroe street, this day (duodor) 24 yearo? 71 9tl'U)Ulber ?. Miauii. Dt .^figed trWKSL-4 rrlfn<u ?f ">0 family, also the frleada S":Tta;s!; arrjs:atuad ** (Sunday) afternoon, at tw o?i?t '"??? two o clock, without further notice afternoon, at ???5^s?krtsas further cot iro rV re,ide.')fe lB "heater, without JuMM Ml. Mb ?? roifc, 10 .oiSVVSSL. ? u5 Koiam ?Ob Friday, September IS l>ni Enwann Ma Mar7 Fouu' ^ */???. 2 the (uoeral, ihle Aay) tSon at Court at^i. h? *?? re,1(too?). corner of Church and Cemetery^ lb Brookljn, from thence to Calvary _?a FrlJ,F ?wnlng, September 28, Roimtr years. 800 ?f lbo llU? ?,at0b f;r:B??a, aged 19 erP'?iii?d7 or tb? {^"T- ,lj0 ""*? or hie late employ, ert, MtMrs. Grovia, Miortbrop & Taylor, are rmoeotfullw invited to attend tbe tanaral, thta (Sunday) afternoon ft K?x.s.???i^srs"a" Harjiwhhoiok?Suddenly, on Friday room i or Sen. tembtr 28, of diaeaae of the heart. Colonel Thio' ui u* &te??i'n0K' ?ged 99 y?af,?11 montha and 12 days. * r*.a8*Mt,T*0f the c"y of New York, and he h.n ?i y veBr8' *l,d up 10 'he time of h la decease v.r?'v 5 P*itioa of master cooper of Hie Brooklyn thV/LoKft i' ,rc,pectod for hl? strict attention to duty and n^rf d;?charge ot the trust confided to h .n: Hie friends and acquaintances, the members of the Veteran Corps of the war 18U, and the Maeoc c fro from hi* r*P*ctfull)r, lev 11*1 to attend th funeral o realdencc, 118, .Sands strut, Brooklyn, this ene?e?ei *^rD<K"1' ?* 'wo o'clock His remains will be Conveyed to Greenwood for Interment r?qurotedio^p"d*" Jot<u' New W*? ?'? E llrr*~Jr 'm'tha^kfr S*lurdl'r' ^P'cwher 29, Jans Jv i * e Catk ye:ir ofbi&are. at^TO" *?*? 0( tbe family are Invited to I JdRh n? L'.'M l? r?8,dence of his brother, No. 4 Firth street, Brooklyn, E. I).,oa Monday afternoon at two o clock, without further Invitation. * Miu*r ?On Thursday evening September 27, after SsSy^ lift ST"""'wlf,0,J^ T. ..Z^r ll'*"?" 01 flunllr "? rokpectfully Invited to !l? BVtaJk r?e .1 ' (Sunday) afternoon, at ha'f put one o clock, from the res denes of her mother, Mary Foley, NafOSherlfl street. Her remains will be taken to Greco wood for interment. JMotteb?On Friday ovtmiuy, September 23 But*, wtm, the ooly daughter of P?i?r and Bridget Jllnster a^ed 4 years and 1? days. * ??s*er, The Irlends sad acquaintances of tbe rsmlly, sad those of her mother In law, Mrs. Butler, are resi>?ctfully re qunted to attend her funeral without further mviUUon froni tbe residence ot her )?rsnta, No. 143 Kast Fo-tv' first street, thla (Sunday) afleraoon, at two o'clock pis. T*?ld?ro**. N. Y., on Saturdav. September M yS2 ' Wlf? ?f J?Lu B' Mor?' 01 Ul? Papers of the Christian connection ptease copy M.Hb*MKr ? "" I The retativee and friends of the family are resDectfuliv insti?d to attend the runeral o? Mo^y^Trn^S tiro o clock, from her late rceldenee, No. 171 CI nton atreet torm?rlU,WUlb?l4keU 10 for hi: 3?pleml,?r 21' Not biJi.? ^ "d rel8"T?* of the family, also those of 7' Thomas sad John, are rsspectfully invited to ""'t' V ? (8ttmd*') ?f?*noon,sl two o'clock nTIJflooe. OHulou pUce. M w . ?Suddenly, on Friday morning, September 2T Maav O'Haiu, s native of Cooiassy, connly of Sldro lre land, in the kuth year of her age. th?enoroi^,??^tad.^^^li,n,d, *r? l*<>UM??d. without fur ther not ce, to attend the funeral, this (Sunlay) afternoon, at two o'olock, from 100 Worth street ' J P^~i^iVii! ?* l?l.dV' 3T, Rmoca Ji \ ?#?d 18 froro sad 8 day*. parents,M Flghth avenue, this (Sunday) aftersooe L ?e.k'^lU>oul furthtr feltatlon. ?sr rsuiauu wm be taken to Grsaawood for Interment. ?r. ?liLT0?.B,l,urd*r' Sn'lMnberTO, Mrs Stum Ptrr. A ^.Cl,,r' ?fed M/rore, 11 atontht and 14 days. Further not ios wiiJbs given of the font ral. """"?"?I iSSfi. i^$,ZiZrT!L p?t (5r"iS,1""1' ""? Mir tli'JSi? ?**" (hroday) aTUrnaan at to n^ siKt^t'1' "*bWb/ 'aT"td RcfSSS?0 ???-/. ?n.t?nbsr 27, J Altai a FiJl,rif?7 !?onh roar Ieilngt^^vs^ST'iiim (^sday) afleraoon, at two o'olock. without further' inrl vros, aged J year, g months and 6 days. J*!, "dfr'?'t'.?7 'nslted to attend his fht? 5SSSS5' Ti&f. ^?y;^447, HI. remain. wt? be inter SaETiTVA*" nii r.afss'- nsn'* ?d"' >?<'??? 5fd roqnslnlaaoes are respectfu l- Invited te^stWd the Ihssrai from bis late reaideare. No" 121 H d ootlcTZry?u? n "TO*'' wlthosl further notice, on Monday afternoon, at half pul sne o clock ?7' *. Qutinsnow, years od years, 3 moaths aad ? days ^KCiriM,trhl2 n^c liZ'or^'7 t^O0d ,,rf?1' """ (tewtay) afw" smt3,J"?Bab"' m ?' C ntrevllH, ^"fS'x^hwa;;" 8l"WA,"'r'? Froeroi this (Sunday) afVernoon, at two o'clock A ^tZ rf Tm*J*7' 8rPu'mb" ?. J"UA her age ^P1*10 " Ullaa W. Stone, la the 03d year of tthfornta r*r*rs pleaas copy. Tsoaraow ?On Friday, September 28, Mian tUar Jan lk "*? TUj0,^a' C"'F. one oi Clock, from the rrotdefice of her fathe', 1M CTOShy UrmZot 'rorolna will be taken to Greenwood for ib v.lAJL'!T?~00. ^?ord*r. Scrxeraber 20, Csoit.s W R, of btolS'*?? 8 Vm "J8'.'??* Tth year the CmTdcI'M JX"'10 W*' anl? ^ '? Th# frf^Bdn of llw fBfnlfjr tf#? rrppTtf l?Y In^tM to ?t N^Wpw? a"'urda7, 2?. Waivm WAica tavBed M lb* fMBl1' reepsctfully UTit^d lo attood ib? fuaerai. ibli odtr) ari?>mAi.n at oce o-lock, from the residence. 707 Second even ?' between Fortieth asd Forty Bret street* Wsainv ? <w Friday, September 33. of consumption Jogif* Wmtsy, in the sUt yeer of blr as- ' rv^neiehera*/!? bhb th* m*">h?TS aad r? members of Pntnam I lose Cbwinnr, No 31, are rs ?peetfulty lavlled to attend the fnner* froni h'? lave real l?tw?'fWkU *"* ,bl" (^Bd,i > ?? half fkllfhrsla [?pers pleeae copy. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Bart-anar, Sept. 2??6 P. M. The ate amshlps Kangaroo and Bremen MUed for Europe to day, the f'.rn-rr with fit" r t' n |.,<tor wttb ?.122,7*8, In specie on freight ; making the total ahipmeut of the dayf.iM.WO, agnlnst HB0.679 ahlp. ped on tha same dap last year. A large portion of to-day'a ahipment waa silver. Etching* rloaed quite dull, though without any chanice in ratoe. Money waa rather more actire; the Inquiry among the broken waa lively at seven per cent. Blocks continue to exhibit an irregular move* rr.ent. At the opening the whole market was rattier tame; at the close of the board things were steadier; between the boards fresh concessions were mtde by sellers; in the afternoon prices were about steady, and thq market closed una tiled. Leas business was dene to day than yesterday c: day before. Erie continues the most active specu lative stock on the list. It fluctuated this morning between 41 and 414, sold in tlie afternoon at 41| > and closed 414 bid, against 414 bid at the close yesterday. Central was rather stronger at first, but fell back afterward; it sold at 901 cash between the boards, and closed 90} bid, against 90} yesterday. The Western shares were gene rally lower. A rigorous attempt is being made to depress Ilock Island and Galena, apparently by parties who have sold out and desire to replace their interest. The absence of the friends of some Wetrtern stocks, and the apathy of others, impart strength to tire operators for a decline. The busi ness in bonds this morning was light, and also in State stocks. At the close to day the following were the quotations:?Virginia 6's, 91j a 92; Mis souri 0's, 7i?j a 4; Canton Company, 22 a 4; Cum berland Coal preferred, 14 a J; Pacific Mail Steam ship, 82 a 62; New York Central, 90] a J; Erie, 41 a 4? Hudson Hirer, 03j a J; Harlem, 22J a J; do. preferred, 63 a J; Reading, 48} a 4; Michigan Central, 70] a J; Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 23 a ]; do. guaranteed, 494 a60; Panama, 125 a 126: Illinois Central, 864 a Galena and Chicago, 774 a Jc Cleveland and tToledo, 47} a j: Chicago and Rbck Island, 77} a 78. Our Philadelphia correspondent writes aa fal lows:? A little later than this time last year Mr. Robert McCal? roont.the iondon banker, who holds several ml'lions ? Beadier Stall road a bares and loans, came over to this city, where he ren.ained tiil after the coiupany'eolectlon. wht-u the old President wag succeeded by a wortby gentleman entirely new to the business, and whose policy it is t? get all be can Tor the road, without reference to the interests of the nod's customers. In other words, he construes bis duty to br the care of the interests of his English const itujnte, rather than of the miners In Schuylkill county and the shippers in this city. And being a very aged man, end of strong prejudices, the proupect is that the operator* will hava to continue to pay huih rates aad en joy email proiits. The fact la the government of the .lead ing Rr.llrctd it not easy to undervtan J, for In this city It has absu! three heads?a President, a Vice Prcsldt at and a nun official, but alar led, consulting Preuidout. At Reading, OTty r.illoaod, are Us great shops and tbo head quarters ot Its transportation department. Its chief Superintendent having his office at that point. Tl c com pany tu .i has two seat- of government, and no single recojnlzcd, efficient, cfllcial head And herein is a source of future difficulty. Meantime It In not known whether Mr. Ucdalmont will visit this country again the coming winter or not. After be turned out the President, who was his own agent laat winter, a personal misunderstanding ensued between the Knglnh millionaire and the leading financier In this community, the latter of whom inten tionally Insulted Mr. MoTalmont :a writing. The Head lag Retinoid has wonderful merits aid resources, but really Its policy seems to defy Intelligent comprehension. Every year, too, It becomes larger by accession, and tbo neat fir! to be engrafted upon it Is tbo East Wwsylvantaroad, to which, under the Influences at Reading ally, the Leba non Valley Branch is maJe secondary and tributary. I'n til, therefore, the English owners of tho east Pennsytva n.a Railroad prevail upon tie I-iailroad Corpora tlon to merge the Koat Pennsylvania Railroa I Into their own work, it will be carjd for as at praseat. The following was She buBlncsj at the Svtb Trea surer's office to-day: ? Total receipts ?1?T,721 39 ?Customs 181'!)S4 00 menu 8M '-'It 63 ce 6,223,182 36 The National Bauk has declared a dividend of 34 per cent, payable on 10th October. Stock Exchange. Bati-hiht, Sept. 29.1890. 88000 lenn 6's. '90.. 01 100 ahaRead' 48 1000 Virginia 6'!... 01T| 400 do 48 12000 do 08 6M> Mich Crn RR.... 70.X SOCO N Cnrolica 6'a.. 08 >; COO do bflO 71 3OC0 M atouri 8'?... 79>; 200 do b60 71X 8100 do 70?. 100 do.. .. ? .bCO 71 6C0 California 7 e.. 04 X 280 Mich Bit N IndRR 22* 6000 Mt'8pcl(tmafrb 102 200 do 22 X 1000 Micb Bo 2d m b 400 do bOO ? 1000 111 ("?n PR be.. 100 X CO Panama RR 125 X 6tC9 1 F.rieAW2<lmb 48 140 Mil & Mlie RR... It 1000 T, W&WRPlmb 6T 16" Mich 8 AMgdIt 4S'? 26 Ihs Bank Con... 101 2*> do ?60 48'i 6 do... 10060 do *00 MX 10 Am ExBeok .... 106 800 do 40 26 Metropolitan fflc. Ill 700 do (90 40 400 Cumb Coal pref.. 14 60 HI Gen RR (cp .. 64.X 60IXcMS3Co...b5 K3 100 do (90 MX 10 do 82 100 do MX 1442 N YCtn RR ... 01 l?o <*> *9-. S&O do blO 01 100 III Geo RR 6', 600 do M0 01X 200 Clerk Pitta RR.. MX CO do ?00 00'< 200 do IV' 100 do 0OT4 100 do. b30 16,X Iftaneitatrena.? \\X i*7& ?!?? SO 4* 77 7.' 200 do bVO tlx 100 do 160 77X 600 do 41X 160 do ... 22" 100 do alO tl'i 100 do *40 77X 250 do (90 91 TOO CMre A lbl KK, ? |T,X | 69 do,..,,.(10 UX 500 do blO trx ? J?9 3o bCO 41.x <8? 60 4T* 60 K RR (M'd (t b90 M'* tW 4<? 1T,'< 100 UuJson KR. .bl6 94 '4 200 do *10 47 100 do blO 94'? 700 do I?90 48 436 Harlem RR 23 260 Cbl A R I RRb!0 78 100 do M0 23X 600 M 77 X 200 do b?0 23 260 do 78 (0 do 88 X 1W 90 ?C0 78 1C0 Harlem RR pref.. MX 26 do b30 78'; 60 do......... 63', 116 Cbl, B & <4 RKU30 00 100 do 63 100 do bflO 00 12 Nor ft Wor RR 48 60 do (10 00 18 do 45X M do MX 60 etonlBgtoa RR.. 10 100 do... MX lei osd bo am. 21000 Tens 6'e, 90.. POX 600 aba Harlem RR.. 22X 6090 Mtf.ourl 6'a... TV, 80 do 12 2000 Brooke e a 1 106lOOOnl ACble RR. .. 7TX MOON V Oa ?'(,.. 07 Id 19 Uer A Tol RR .. 47 X 2C00 lrieRB4thmba. 17 100 Harlem RR pref. 63 8000 T'l Ceo RR be.. 100 X 60 do *90 63 10C0 HiehSoaf ba . 81X 100 do MO 63'; 2OC0 Itnr 24 m be .. P6X 100 do. 69 X 26 tht MrUop'n BS lit 200 do bCO 63' 16 ov Ccmmerce... 101 loo do too 63.x iroraMo-iCo 23 x 260 Reeling RR .... it. 60 N V ten KK .... 00x 100 MicU 8o A N I g a (0 230F.ile RR tlx W do 4# ; 10 do. 41 130 do ?<>X IjO do *30 41X 10 Cbl( A Rock I RR 78 X 100 do bCO 41 X 100 do 78 260 do 41X 60 OhIC, Bnr A <1 RR 80X SCO do bCO 41V 100 do... t>30 00 160 Hadaoo R RR.. .. 63X M Mil A M?( RR .. 14 160 do bS4 64 Office of the Assistant Tre nearer of the (.Ultra State*. New Vark. Arcrwti and PMerimeill. Hep4"mber 1,1890?By balance 82,431,383 09 RecelpU during the month? f 'n aocouBt of custom* 88,009 094 93 Palml rm* 0.108 11 Poat ottiee Deparuamt 191 JIM 61 Miscellaneous 40,190 TO 3 249.960 27 78UI 86,979,033 33 Payment*? freaaurr drafts 03 921,118 19 PoatOTeedo 401,211 37 8,912,339 93 September 19. 1890-rtalanrr 82.099,003 99 By balaoce.Or , dubura'g ac'la.08 681,751 39 Rectlntf during the month ... 1.679 074 89 4.26T.M4 r to paymentd. 81,423,732 73 Batooor 82.M4.1M 69 Bj balance, Cr., Interest aooooetd 864 897 60 To pnjmecte 6.112 20 Balance 248 0(4 30 Rr rtce'pta for cortonaa, September, I**) ..87,006,094 03 1)0, *>. do. i860 .. I 804 484 96 Increase In September, 1890 8201,470 28 Be balance, Cr , bellioa end expense account f, r A neap (>'l.ce 9161,429 39 Ontn received during the month 9190 14 09 Fine bare 9o. do 348 244 31 398,603 97 T-UI 8660,027 71 lb payments tn eota ........... 370.327 98 Do. 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