Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 1, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 1, 1860 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERAT.D. WHOLE NO. 8789. MORNING EDITION-MONDAY, OCTOBER 1, I860. PRICE TWO CENTS. TIE PRIME OP WALE8. TBS OmOXZflfATZ The Japonicadom of Ptrkopolis ia Full B1oob? The Partners of the Royal Light Fantastic. THE PRINCE AT HIS DEVOTION3. la IxrlMD DtH?dut *f tk Hkt of fork Prt-cnti kh CrckMltbf DEPARTURE FOR PITTSBURG. Remixuccencea and Realities of the Royal Visit to America. YANKEE INDEPENDENCE, a<? i ks*, a* CfCWHiTi, Sept. 20, 1800. The ball in honor of ihe rrlnce it the Opera House, got lea up under the superintendence of Mr. Pike, has been a brtlitani feature of the ruyil visit. Curds of invitation tm the occasion, gotten up In the highest order of Ame rican typography sad ornamentation, were issued and ?enI to the prominent citizens. The managers of the affal r, by the phraseology of the ?? cards," seemed to adopt the Hfuui'i plan of discard ing the uneophou.ous name applied to the royal guest, af Lord or Baron Renfrew, as thoir tickets expressly slated that the ball was for the 11 Reception of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales." The Opera House, where the ball was held, was most brilliant'y illuminated, and the parquetie was floored oxer to the stage, open to the wall and decorated with natural tlowera. In size the hnUdlng is almost as large as the Academy of lfuile In New York. The Prince's headquarters at the Burnett House were besieged from the time of bis arrival by a large bnt or derly assemblage of citisens, all anxious to get a peep at his Royal Highness. Long before the Prince's departure for the ball, his hotal?the Burnett House?was literally surrounded by a large, patient sad anxious arsemblage of cltlzeni. Now and then they were "sold " by bias reports of the de pasture of the Pr.ace; bnt the chagrin and dlaappolnV aaaat were t ran af armed into good humor. Talking about "orcwde of people" brtage the application of the term to the Cincinnati Opera Houae. Long before the Prince made hie appcdraace "very avenue leading to it was oiled with human ly . After many cheeri and mistakes on the part of the crowd, the Prince at last arrived, prceimly at ten o'clock. Tho Ball Comm. I tee held a brief conference with him is regard to partners, and the whole party were then taken into a private bos. Be was dressed In evening dress, with white neckcloth, an ware all the suite, la the Qrat dance Lord Hincben brook danced vis a its. About one thousand richly dressed were pre beet. The ball room was atr.Singly beautifel , the utei Men stage was arranged wltb oolonerte eonery in tbe baebgrrend, and the front of the rarquette was r.ohiy nraamanved with evergreens and natural flowers. Tbe scale in the parquette were occupied by the ere me U la trtmt of Cincinnati society. Arter a new momenta at lay tr.e oau w as c with the old ruLtuoe 1 promenade The Prince men spaced the bell, the royal party and others dancing upon the atage, a rcw cthera on the pnrquette. The P.rat dance wan the "Jubilee" quadrille, the Prince taring tor hie partner Mr*. Col. Pike, wife of one of the committee, the proprietor of the Opera He nee. and the originator of the ball. Ha danced the accond quadrille with Mies 'iroeabeck, daughter of t e Hon. lohn Grorobe k, 01 M C, and one ef tteoommittee. the third quadrille with Mine Taylor, of Newport, Kentucky, that State largo!/ represented; aad the fourth dance, the Lancers,'' with MiaeH. Mc Gregor, of M<>oat Aubnrn, nlno with km HHon, the daughter ?T one of the ?tate Judges. The company wet rery mcch oon fnnee In the dan cm, hy not having tie figcrm Jallnctly aaaounced. Thia duty devolved on the lender of U>e orchentra. bet aa hta votes waa either weak, or moid not be dlat'.actly heard, the Piiace wna very mtch bewildered and none what wneil by the dedcleney te whioh we hare alluded. At firm h a Royal HlghnaM ottered late the eplrit of the aJhtr rather slowly and formally, but by digreM became quite animated. The Priaoe tx>k n partaer for a wnltx; bet dliecveriag that the lady eould not walta, he refuted ho take another partner, and waited for tha nest quad rfla. The programme wan girea to the Priaoe for a selection of dansM, ad be adhered strictly to quadrilles, with the aa mptlea of tha Hat. The Prince, though apparently very as eh ? bammed at timet, chatted with hta pnrtaara, led tbam te their guardians, aad promeaailod around the room, to the la leant mtiefoetioa of all. The Prince alao made several mtetaien, am being aw /Ml la American style, hut he aoou recovered htmneir, hud enjoyed himseU In hie oaual style. There wne no mpper pro*ided, and the royal party left at half pant twelve o'clock. Altogether the affair sould neither be oalled n grant tailors nor a great laocem. it aaty he ranked between them two ntnaw No GouM the Prtam raised it aa a rehearsal lor the great ball at the Now York Academy of Music. This morning the Prince aad mite netted Si. John s church. There wne u large crowd of M*etatora at the hotel aad in the rlclalty of the church. The Priaoe co lored the elde d mr to avoid any demanetrnt oa on hie aooouat. Be waa dreamd M oaual, aad oocepled aa allgt Ma Meat seat. Some people ray he Is looking Stady. but be la probe My mi i| hie "beet ctotbm" for hie New York rim Pew perroee were admitted to I be church; nobody eaoepe the pewhsidero and their :rtends. Siebcp Mc lira toe preached the eermoa, from the Orreeth ebepter ef the Mrok ef ffevelslioiie, ?'nth aad tenth Mrs No ailus>en waa made ta tee oourm ef tha service te the IVtacee pra am ee. The (Jama, h e mother, m incidental; awr l>ea(d, at well aa the Utiu ef tha Chief Magistrate ef tha t'afoc, la the prayer la behalf ef national rulers. ftmrrsl More wne the oe y pere n in the royal mfte that kneeled gar lag prayer. The ooagrofst'.w wne very attentive aa 1 dacoro m, and awarded a pleamat ooatraat te the mordants di?| ny and bloater cahlhited on the Prtaoe'a tour through Canada. At the close of the amvteee the Priaoe ahonk hands with the ventral-e hhhop, and m-beeqoecily retirel te hw hotel, pntttrg through a elde doer. At e rht be dined w <H ti e Mayor aad r-thsr off<5 ale. Ii ta ari. oced that the Pr uce wouli go to Chrut chcrb. hat, thewmther besg stormy, ha bad act decided whether te go er tot Aa dtd Pag -h e l -r via ted the Prio-e -w Saturday tact, ard a long aad pk \saat latsrviee earned. Tim old veteran g?va tha Priaoe throe tbeers en bis departure, the crowd ccu de the hotel am.etlag. A I ? y tw< Iva y-niu ef ag? aim called on the Prince, aa I rei>r***ai?d h.mmil m a Janoaadaat of the Duhe ef Tort The boy protected dec uvnta mtablhbtag hts chit Tb* Pr cm nod iieaeral Mufo listened to the little fol low"! Wory, ucd It In believe-1 thny ragarled the whole tntsg m 1 tral dam boa* Mr r.-we, of Portland, tlatae, had aa latervlew It day with ta* nuke of Newcastle la r*foresee to the future radvrmesu lie Prince, aad mora enpactally m ragarde bia vt?tt to Uet ity. Mr. Poors waa laformtd that the priaoe would remote but one day in Ifortlaad. The Mar-,-h of Tmadoa arrived from Indianapolis yea lerdny. There was-great turnout to rooetva him, Ike paapie mstek ag km fie the Priam. The Margoit, Lord ?1 aebe'bfoob aad Hoc. *- Elliott will travel with the Priaoe, bet act la the ot -.iai mite. The n-oyal party wiu leave for t ttaburgat nevea o'clock m Moods) sevgirg The royal rmtmt upwil Mm selves well Leaned with lie./ i.azler# at the B.rnetl Bout*. THE PRiJJCE OE WALKS AT ST. LOUIS. UIK hT. LOUd COKKB-rOM'BM.'B. Br. Lout, Mo , Sept. 27, 1800. The Fniic? En KnUe to the City?The Character of Albert Edward Generally?I hi DulAe of Ore.ode?The tgr\ fi itural fkir?Fvrchaie of * mensan Horn* by the Duke trWI Frinee, At., Ac. Ob the City of Alton (learner yesterday bis Royal High M poiltnly accepted tbe invitation of the capUlo to look at tbe engine and other machinery or tho boat, ao J after relenting fh? the inspection be 'ipretsed hit pieamre at tbe opportunity afforded him. B? hat, at I hare often had occeaaioa to menikin, a qv.Sck eya tor the picturesque, aad from tho miscellaneous crowd auemhk I at the Alton landing place to the month of tbe JAstoir!, aad tbaace onward to tbe St. Leult levee, tbe ra-itd tceaea aad tcenery by tbe way were objects of lib cl w ai ten lion. The nature of Albert Edward, rrinca of Wales, la or'a highly sensitive order, and there la a timidity about hint wblcb makes turn shrink from contact with a large and tnmultnoue crowd, ouch nttbat wh'eh surrounded bit ctr riage cn the occosioe of hit landing yesterday. He is of delicate organ: rat ion, tbe temperament mu?t atllod to ge atua, and to htaa the patha of peace are moat welcome. Tbe turbulent manifestations of a mob, however well meant or dictated by good feeling, could notfbll to grate barebly upon one of to much natural ant acquired refinement. Therefore the lower Mrata of the democratic element may prove "omewhat uaoongenlal to him. Bat I am happy to ray that the people of the United ft a tee rene rally, and the superior order particularly, have studied B e eomfcrt, pleaeure and wishes with a delicacy d!> tated by that good sense which is their pre-, nlllng characterist e, that has not railed to impress i.lm and his suit* with a very favorable Idea of American cccderatioo and courtesy. There bar been i a un.venal desire to pay him reapect and do him honor, and the ajfttiloni have been widely enlisted la hie wol fare. The enthusiasm baa been even greater than was displayed by the people of the British P-ovluoes, al though, frcm tho fket of bis aisuming tho iocignlt >. tho usual pageantries of royalty have beer dispensed with, In deference to his own expressed wishes Today is almost a scneral holiday in tbe c.ty. fur mast of tbe wholesale ? tores, reading rooms and pubic ofl.cee are closed. This as much owing to tho visit of the 1 Prince as the circumstanoe of Its beinj; tbe fourth aad great nay of the Annual Fa j of tbe St. Louis Agricultural and Association. This Is bald la aad around a large amphitheatre sue ' ing la the centre of forty acre* of land, the whole being enclosed by a paling provided with galea. All (arts of bones, calilo and farmyard live stock, farming imple ment:, fi#M sqJ farJen products and arts are there . a?Lll.!faA a*. J a Mm K..?.Lia* *1 ?mm I .k l..iaa .1 .? exhibited, and a goodly lumber of prose nave been die trtbuted among their owners Bj Royal Bigbneea and suite left tbe hotel in carriages this morning at aleren o'clock, for tbe rurpose of visiting tbe principal slghtn of the city, including tbe fair, Tbe C.ty Ball, the Custom House, the Court Bouse, the Poet Office, the I'nlrerslty of St. Louis end the fe ted Steles Arsenal, a grand structure in the southeaM part, were among Uie objects of attention, as also somo of the churches and Lafayette Square. The weather, although very wet in tbe early morning, had by this time become quite fine. The ommiltee of leading citizens, beaded by tbe Mayor, ar o as pan led Lin Royal Bighceee.wbo received from tbo latter full information or paces by tbe way. Oa arriving at tbe fair grounds tb* party were cheered, to which the Prince, an usual, responded by bowing and raising his tat. He accepted the invitation into tbe pagoda In the centre of the amphitheatre, and inspected the stock on exhibition, tbe gaze of tbe forty thousand being meanwhile lull upon him. One of the trotting horses, Silver Heels, attracted tbo Dues of Newcastle's attention, and was purchased by b.m. Another, Wide Awake, cams in lor tbe Prime'* admiration, and lite bis friend, tbe Dulse, he became also a purchaser at the (air. Both will be sent to England. The pai ly, at the lnv.tatieu of tbe ommlttee after wards partook of luncheon in a reserved portlna of the bull', ng The eight ol the immense maltilud'- on tbe ftoucda ? .a d-ring this time ver> grand, and the enthu siasm ran blgh. Tbe drive around tbe city was return, d a little later, amidst prolonged cheering from the cltueee, and it was near all c clock before tbe illustrious visiters retjraed to the hotel, much pleated with their day out. Tbeee nre busy times,for at o ne to morrow minting there .J traia is to start on the long journey to Cincinnati. MS TBir DOWN Tilt l!)m rKOM ALTON'?an HI II TIJUN IN THK KftlKU CITY. From I he 3;. Loo la r<emxTdt Sept. 27. J Han J by Hl rr recti and princely. Democracy il U>c cordial ri gftitkm u. thia tact.aud iwlg tot to .ib crowu mm. except by crowning til mm. Lit aces meant I mark icl for ? r?* of king* aod <i"?ena, prir. ?*? and I prince care, and lo realize (Fat end la the aim of demo racy la agee of rodeeeM, homage to tbe royal char t ? I Ur of tome nun waa a atop toward* the general culture tA e.KTb rltarae.Ur. la o ;r time and la in* oouatry n o rlalra to ban emerged from that period of pupiUgw?lo ' turn dene ad? atuif?ami to bare become ~ ktaga Bit t icluairo royalty I* part of tbe biatory ul human pro rreee a aalutary aetl not dial.ooorable part, and aaau -b r-omn.?n<" otrreat 'I am a man, ait 'ajnad the an cient aage, "end whaterer perUiar to men if of iatrrcat t< M." tbua a an n.iereat in oonreutional royalty not oe'yjuatillab'r, bst honorable. the more iate'hyeot and v. i .a! tbe ctti/en la, tbe deeper will be that taWcal Nor a eurtnail) B> lieell tneao or nw< rtby. Wa are ao made | that we ore to are and learn an i when an object ' le art male Inter-rt baa for ua I be cbartn of norelty. eur aal I ty 1a : rinaaortby la proportion aa it ia latmaa. Than* rtmarkr ara made la Ttadtoaiton of tba Intelligent .a trrrat 'fit by tbe Am- r an public on tb o? ? anion of Uta I 7Hit of the Frlnoe or Walea to our eboroa Without a Biele of undemocratic defbrenoe, oar peopi* may at ly rrit'fy tba w tab lo row two heir aroapectlva of the Brit lab throne. S'or need nay, ?are wb" eel that Ui' ir d"moer?ry N dy'ny, aaak to ?tlioolate It by la duiytnf la depredator cr Ittclarr a ion a yeatlaaaaa bo I rauae bc bappena to be called a prino I Bar' a Renfrew and aalte arrived |n Bl. louia at half pant flrr o'clock laat tern .ay, and will probably 'nave aa Friday mot i. ay b rrioriolbis boor expeelbtlow way nfte :f! that tmall Cite, and by tl.t * o'clock rrowda were to tba landing place of tba biloa St. l/fim Packet C m i*i v. where tbe acptrb ft earner City of Alton I waa to re?< ire tbe rlaltrra. Wbea (bo boat cam* ? light, at interra* clAchnry'ng a cannon n boaor of bar expected guaet, tba troc^a of mea, bora, worn? and yirla rapidly neraaaed, while tba opan window* of tba iatraa rtorra Piled with fhlr facet. Aa aba neared tbi wharf, tbe lb roof* rretard forward aa If tbe Prince were already on board, and wbea tbe gaby plana waa arranged, there weaagtaera: moTrmaot to bar deck Bom* a.aty or ?rrccty g*r.lloirea and ladle* rmbarkid to accompany ibe royal party to 31. (onto, wb'.l* a number ofc tlzeaa or tba Mound CUT appeared la bara com' up on tba beat for lb* pt:rpo*? of yc'ay back oa bar A tmall oowooura* of altoa lad re honored the -able aad dc:ka with their pre at nee, who, aa Ibe re-.uel proved, bad ooma only to re oelre the Pr nce, tad thro return to their bomea. Bap pity, for tbo felicity of tbe ooraaioa. tbe akieatbat had dnrrged tbo atreela during tbe aigtt and threatened more ram all ibe mornlcg, now cleared, and were lnapirtngly bright There waa not a I.tile comparing of wntchse oa aa to tbe probable punot .a'lty of the train, many ertketama upon u.a demcratie nature of tbe oroaataw. be , ba , ad of which waa at length interrupted by a ruab of people lowarda tba rail way "He'a coming now,aura,"' "Look, aae I" aad alml lar eaclamatloaa rreouwded, whilepitl.'e waa dwoernlble ri-ept a k-cfmot ve and car, nad a grand rn*b of tbe rrdW-l toward* ant arowad it. Sundry geaOmer a rray ?win tad while oata aoow emerged, with aome bla iraoeee and aonceeded la moeiag Utrcuyb tba away .oc ? ad a company . br ay Autoes thaw, tbe slander ?nd meet uwbir| i, *a who a .vanned aa If oayer 1 ewape the polite atlart caa paid b n , waa rotad lo ba l it iT.iiir. From 'he ?? jre to tba deck the paaaaye aaa kept free and tbe ?jntew'g WW raacd on b ard t it i amgie pompaaioa. ir advowee of bit party, and thaob tcrnd ef all obaervart ? Tba ewyrrnrm and k~?wwea> with wbl< h lit?p<re -a ttd faa'iren were. fro.n oa all aide*. - aimed ?eemrd ratbrr to dlaoomprwe h m. nod ho (O'lybl a Itmp wary relief by napaclmg tba cleat rlei k? of the df k. By iU"Od waa, bowerer, to a mprowed by tba rayrrcraa of a tmail 1*1, who rc?brd oa*wed into hi* Hlybaeai' m,<et I r?i -1 ate preter t. aad pawed upward Tato hit fkati rr* With an ?in eiryly (!a??f acrutlay, uattl removwd. a coc'ctoua rraa rf the hidlrro'i* ttcV cr?r tbr royal ecuntawanre and be r*?e1 hM Urge blue eye* half w;etfu'l r aad half rur,to the yr ?? ;pa *i?ore lad around him Uia parte betni ell oa bonrd they rewu aed a 3>w mom-'ito "n t?e t wrr deck, enrb a,parantw "taking noma"? mentally?r"r bltnaelf. whl.e bla fflybtr*" wal?#J w'tb amiable patiraca to ba dallrered frwa In part lathe ?bt w lfranwbiir tbe r um'at'ooa, exr.Umat.^l'.n tloua refiminaa, *1., df lb? r rreylty apectati-e. were loor-mnt and etci'icnt?aoch aa, "Bit a ae U F.- man " 1 IVby de l be look upf "Be ??w fayyad." " He lwka jie?aaat," 'He' bow lr,,ftd ' "Watch !* her* "If* tie oae w ih tbe caat la hie aion'h '' ' I*' !? Hint Ibe i Tine I tbnr.gbt ha batr waa lighter," ? Ain't Ua tump ah -u.derf.dr" "There. b? a U K ug to the ' y Wl Urfrd man ' n, f rej'|mr f>q|rh ' " Tnrre'a n? barm'e him, aure " ? That ran# " Woa't he wake aaiwech Ac , laOnOn'teiy irathfnliy, tie Impreaa ia made eppi, roeai Ir ate '.baereeia by tbe yo'^sy Beroo, ? that h' ? ?o *m,iMe *r 1 atne'NIe ynttrmaa Tbe cewpaalowwav hainycle "wrf, the royal party pt?*ed to tbe rah a, during which hat* were leferwo.iaJ,y rained to by liyhaeaa, ? ao qulakty perorired nad aatiact.rely roep >aded u,r ?o.:rir? h? alaratlay bie bollrar. Toe Whto gr>"T aoan ream eared upnw tba "ttxa*,' but the rr.r. e be w- n atepped late Urn pilot hoc sr. wh'tw he re ma net dcr.iigtbc moei at the trip lo 81 Lou a. The other nmwtvre of th* party api nrently ?> ght to din la tbwlr tlae between hiaB ghan* aad tba rirrr aoenery. Hir Orare tba fhjka .f Vewoaatle waa especially interest ed ;? nbeerr'Bf tbe chai g ag r,Urmaf tbe at-earn, the waetitny awayjard til ng up o' tbe baaka, Ac. .wh.lo a ge neral tlteettow wan girew to tbe entrance of the grand If aroirl. Fa eh of ibe royal party wan perfectly ap pronehabie aad r crereed adabiy aad will evident plea nre wv'h tba tpr lemon aroun L T<ord Konfraw acccpn^j gratefuty tba mv tauon of (Apt. Bailor to la )k at tba m g ne and mach.nerv of tba boat, and tba* fir a tied Id <Ad wrp'y i '.d a# fair vgea as opportuifty which *m not suffered to psss unim proved, of sddltlenhi]y feasting thsir vision with hta prinesly person. Ob returning from thin tour of inspec tion, he expressed himself much pleased,and graciously remained with hi* party and the accompanying gentle men, on tba upper deck Be marked with evident inte rnet the tracitlion of ecenery, and rather Itatened to than actually engaged ia the conversation of kin group. The following are the names of our coble visiters ? l-ord Renfrew, hie Grace the Puke of Newcastle, the Earl of ?t. Gcrmalne, Major General the Hon. R. Brace, Lord Lyons, Or. Acland, Mr. Englcheart, Major Teaadale, Capt. Grey. Mr. Jenner, Mr. Wnrre. and their atlendanta. An eldrrly Eugllnb lady on board wai, at her part icalar !y urgent n <ia*et, introduced to Mrd Renfrew, by whom ?he wen welcomed cordially, and the sigat of * bom af fected her deeply, even te tearn. ller history eeemed to have peculiarly oonaccted her la aome way with tbe reigning family of tbe Brlttnh lalen, and the had come from a diatant town in Illiooia, on purpose to aee and ?bake bands w'lh tbe young Prince. The intereet of the voyagere evidently Increased at tbe flrr t eight of the greateet city of the Went. Tho waters and eburce?not excepting Bloody Inland, of which bin Highnrea had read or beard?and tbe aspect of the near trg metropolis, were keenly Ecauned. Sawmills, lum her } *rd*, quarTtee, steamboats, the load all Hotel, the site cf the fair g loond?as Indicated by the lofty ensign, the Court Houro < ome, from which also tho etara and itripea were streaming, Harnrm'a and numerous other fomta. vrrre rapidly noted by the timelons gentlemen, he Miming cannon of the City of Alt-m spoke loudly as the gay steamer aped past the augmenting throngs on the levee. Tho place, already crowded, wh.Ie mul etudes were seen hurrying thither, next absorbed at tention, and the young Baron seemed ahgbtiy perturbed at the prospect immediately before b in. It t a eentt mect of interest and even of amusement ev.dcnt'y pre dominated; in fact, it wan plain that be was cooiideranly pleased, and that he tunc or el y acknowledged tho oomp'l n.ent paid htm in the waving of bate, kerchieft, ho., by gracefully raising bis bat in response. An Immense multitude congregated, rwarmed. at the landing. With eome difficulty a passage was kept by tho police, through whlco, preceded by cue of U.s companions and followed by the o Iters, the Prince pissed to bis carriage, constantly elcvatlrc be hat n ackbow hidgm'-nt of tbe greetings that met htm. From Bar Bum's five elegant chaises were In waiting for tie party The lYinco alone gained hit vehi-le with vuyth.rg like facility, the others found considerable difficulty In tr* vere.Dg the eager crowd, come little effort wa. also In dispensable beiore tbe horses could be driven through tin swaying mass a or humanity. Tne feat wee at Tongth a 'compTiehed, and the royal party four.d themselves lux i rioualy at real btnuath the b-wpttab.'e roof of Uoecra. Barnr.m 4 Fogg, It is certain that these gentleman will spare no peine to entertain their tuosta in a style worthy oi the duetn City of the Weet. Several ludicrous incidents occurred during the pro gress of tin' party to their quartera and after tueir arrival there. Not the least, in the estimation of tlu UUsrloue crowd wan tie ari ivaJ at Barnue's, at about the same t.n.e, of a partly oovered wagon filled with eegro men and women. Certain facetious ones conceived the ?lea or treating Usees helpless"black folks" as thcroysl party, and nacordingly saluted the team with !-, id chuera, that only increased itn embarrassment!-. which, in turn caused lu tier burrnha. The police at length pro.-sued upon tlie good natured people to let the colored Indie* and gentlemen drive on | HOW ROYALTY TRAVELS IN AMHRICA. The Western railroad! have made extraordinary ar rangement* for the passage of tae heir to the Britith throne, oa bia tour to Washington. The train ia to be a ?pectal one, under the control or the royal party, and the route 1* to bo via P.ttsbuxg to Harrtsburg, and thence by the North, rn Central road to Baltimore and UVhiogton. The Baron will have the uae of the royal car to Baltimore, and perhaps, to Wniblngton. The following raguiatiaaa show the amount of care be stowed upen him, in contrast to that takes of ordinary no\ ereiapt of oar own land ? 1-ord Renfrew's special train, the pilot engine forming n part, a to have the oicluaive right to too track over everything, sad every other engine or train must be en tirely out of the way of tbo pUot engine at least Ave Buivutes before the card time, (and car taken that switches are at once placed upon the main track) and be kept out of the way until lord Renfrew's tram has be kept jeaerd. Station agents at nil ntalioni will exhibit n white Sag at the entrance switch, er at a point more diet ml from sta tion if tbe twitch la on a curve, at leant Ave m.nuies bo fbre tho I me upon tbe card, sad fag to be shoarn until after the paaaaga of the a pectal train, ind.eating tbat all la clear, care being had that road creasing* at and about tialkoM we properly gnarled until alter tbe pssaage of the special train. f oremen or track repairers wilt nee that no rails ere tat cn out of tbe track, or the treck otherwise disturbed on tbat day until after the peerage nf the train, except to remedy abaoi-ite defects that would endanger the train In paeeii g rn pis-log tbe proper signal at a safe distance, aid tbey will distribute tbeir men an aa to guar : all h gh way crosalrga to protect tbe trala from the possibility of accident at the ciowungn Particular attention tuuai be ( .to tc acc tost there arc no breaks in the fencec thai w.U admit of the encroach meat of trims'* upon the track. Truckmen will aleogive extra attention to ace that the t?-iegiepb wire Is unoSetructod and In good wcrk.og con dition In corclua ca, it la of vital impirtanee tbat f ord Ren frew and auite should pass over the tine in (slaty, and <>o time, and it behooves nil emidoj ** to exerelaw the utmost vigilasoe, to the <<nd that th - )>osalbll<<y of an accident U> thesjecial Iran.-hall not rxwt, aud li st It shall not be delayed by aoeWant to or detention ol any other It. .0. The Prince, on Thuiiday arterx001 , laaugt.rt'ed the Wiautn Anoi'rir* uf arts at ttt. 1 enta, aid In the even tag received a serenade from tire satire ftre Department 01 tbe city. Yaatrrliy meri. sg U-left for Clncinaat on a special train The tra'n was detained Severn! ho :ra by a freight train oR ibe track and blocking it up cheat preoautt n was taken aga.asl SOCl i-ipt*?men w.lh algnal* being statloprd el every mile, other train* b?'ng warned by telegraph, Ac A rey- ar train, which pre. rt-led the Truce, wa? supposed by tbe people along the route 10 rootaln Lisa, ai.J waa chaarcd ny im pa--pie The iwaeengtra kepi ip the delusion. ?i r? iwttN* op raMKit im-f t-fnimm a. ?om p-opic, when tbey go fiom one place to another, calculate upon tbetr In k in putting thrm '.hro- gh, other* travel on thc'.r ' muicte," otaera on their beauty othera on their tal nti (eer) few q timber) th-rs on their mpudewee. and otherw 00 dead head 1 telt but with I onl K- nfriw it can be empbat caily ?? d tbat be trawls on fa* money. From Cincinnati to Pltteburg he rays Ibe modest earn of two thousand dot Iain for a spec a 1 train; but while be peya in accordance with royalty, he aspect* to receive Immunities not granted to ore .nary men. The trn<a which bearshla Highness baa the right of the roods, an engtxe specie ly detailed precede* the trsm to keep the track clear and look out for ary imperftoetiam in the road that would jeopwdUr the mlhty of the train 000 tatalag the Prince and royal retinue * Tee ageat of the Trince, who ia a cousin to h'm on Al bert's latee I consideration, shall any person ? trnln exoept these neoenaory to amn^e It: end them era prohibited from entering the royal car, but ride by thru aelvee ia a forward car. When the bargain was made with the Superintendent oT the l ittle Miami rend to convey the Trince to Mu barg, the egret eadrarerad to incorporate m ili? contract II at the Feyer iteedeat ahotrld ride -a the front car, and as ?g' Vl ? we rriao*, woo ia a cuuaia hi d m oa ai l's hide, arranges all his travailing matters, end stipv ? In the barge a wtlh railroad companies that, en no itderatlea, mall any pesnen bentlewed or beard the when there wen anything <if taterent to he neen on the and potat It eat to the Priam hat the rr?<i to go book and point Ruprrlateadent gracefully ecllaed, whereupon the odVoa was tendered the AselMaat Pnpsriotea lent, who likewise declined, and at Inst areo-ats as ladlridual witling tu no Mpt the position wns being searched for TIIE rnWCE AND THE HBIlfBT. 11 rem the I * troll Tribune 1 X" clam "f ritlaraa were more 'wtetero-ie asd entku ? art ,c u ibeir greeting* of Bnroo Renfrew tbnn the ? is Of the Fmerald late -en dlegnat" way they bad of fol low'rg the akvlce of a wr 0**r'ui?, that adr ed them to have no pert or M In the mallei When ibcPr.uee wes seated In tbe car yrsterlay m-ming. r*ndy for ha d'terlurr, an fr'*hmao was obeerre-1 r'virg rent to b 4 ftelmgi la a maoc?r thai showed tha he wae fa.r'y ever 'ome with en thus laawi Afr-r show, r,ng a acorn of c ,m pi menu 'a ibe Prince, he gave the -wnpdr yrmv by sw'rglng his bat and ahout'eg. "Be 'ad, act comi heck bete fc ur jcar* from now and tccU run you for Presi dent'" Tue r ynl unite were greatly aaaoot l at Ui'.s un ?apa Mid Bvilet.oa, and the Trinoe came near lun.niiug from hie ml in t psrotyem of Im.g ur THR PRINCE AT WASffTllOTOJf. frrm the UoMt tot'nn, i*wd. 3i ft is now definttluly settled thvt the I 1 ec? of Wales will he In this city on th* Sd of ? *-to?wr fic will arrive here ab -ut Six P M , leav'rg Baltimore at flees m autnd part t' ree T. M., In a special trw.a. I'<{wtJl he wetamcd by s display of Artworks, by order , 1 the government. 1 hem have oer a prepared at diearaena here S<i?e of Item, however, har? been brongbt fr*?m Tew Vork. The 1 oilrd Rial-a dropstrh stemBor A aa?wt a 1* being flt*?d up at the Navy Xard to eneort bis Ifigl: i?w. togcihar with the royal tarty ai ,1 Uir g<>T?roinetil edMnk, M Mount Ttrnno, Anno of the harr*(? hotonftng ?? tbe r?.ynl parly, me'adlng that of hut Roys' Migiux - * has beta re t< lend here by Adams h Or a Eiyn -? THE pniNf'R TO VIHIT J A WElTO^'N. 'Fr-un tbe Balt'more Pntrtot, ^*pt 74) ft a anwouaerd odtclal jr by the RrltMi Onomal at R.< h n.nnd that the Prince of Males w,11 rial, tiiaurlty oa Ratrrrdny week, a:,d thence prr> *wl to JaaMdfrwn, i'^ first aetuewmi In BriUab Aisteraa "P M*v IT, 1**07, (aptele Smith end k j onmpmitow* pteatvl at Jameetoww the aee<i of Anglo Raxon elvtttantlon. This wsc one hun dred and nine yearn frwtr the dWervery of tbe North Am - rtren continent by Oalx>t. nod thirteen yearn her ire th} laad'Dg of the Turitaa Pilgrim* el FTymouth Rook. Capt. Rn? th may. It soma reeee, be colle t the rather of New I agiaad aa emit aa of Tirflr a, Ihe b* arduous voyages. ?' rrrja and exploratinne In that oouatrv, and hM vaTis Me aufgestlma in regard to lie ad van I age* fbr taper ee, nrovedof tbe traatast practical beneu'. to thoer by wh xn H was willed tie y*ry rsme of Xew_fi gisnd wee gives to It by the Kteg at the e ggeetion of Oeptsln Rm th lamwtown is on the north tide of the Jem-a rlrer, about fifty miles from its mouth. The plate so aaiied la sa uninhabited point of Mad projecting late the river, whtoh mama to be constantly gaining upon it ft belong* to Mr. William Altai, tbe wealth last 0' the Jam*# river proprietors, wh> mors very good wheat on tbe spot where Rmlth fhund It eo dilhoult " . dlPVrult to Initiate the oelo niste ia agvlcullural laimr Kothing ronsaiaeof the an ciunt eMMmnt hut the mou'dertag ruin of a rkurcb tower, surrounded by a churebyart. It is not kno*n preetaly when the huroh to which thle tover belonged was hunt. Ton year* after the rmt e* Ten.?t t of JaaMB ttwn tdert w?re ut rchei cmtr*7?d by ire jt 'g snrmlasl that lb* tower may havebetocged to tbskseoad starch, ud m that cue it hu been alahdicg about two fcuadrtd mJ thirty year*. in all this neighborhood are objects of In terest ooooe -.t M with our early cok.ti.el h story. Seven miles from .!? mea tows ia Williamsburg tta aesoed metropolis of Virginia, to which the colonial government wu removed fro n Jam stows in 16t'8, on Seconal of its gi eater beautiful, nesa ud ooaveoi* noe. It ia sitae tod on a ieval plain, be tweu the York ai d th? James rivers- It renamed the capital of Vlrginta until 17T9, when tbe seat or go Ternstent wu removed to Richmond, fifty eight miles die tut. In its palmy days it had a population of about two thouaand; but though small, the poliie and brilliant circle which surrounded tbe roynl Governors gave it an unwonted degree of grace and animation, and nitracted thither tha taahion and wealth of the provlnoa. la other respects TYilliamaburg ia the aama u la colonial days. A description of it, publlahed by an Engliahaaan a hun dred itJ twenty yeara ago, would answer, with few ei ccptioee, for the present time. Moat or tbe private buitdinge were erected before the Revolution , tbe w'nge of the royal palace sti'l remain; tbe church and other object# of hiatorlc latere t. An air of profound quiet, u provocative of somnolency u the atmosphere of Sleepy Hollow, pervades the whole settlement. Twelve miiea ftom lYilliamkbt'.rg is York tows, lit sled -o that angel Bceut river, the York, about cloven miles from tta mouth. It now consists of about thirty dilapidated dwelling* 'hi tbe banks of tta's broad and glorious stream stand the ruisa of a church built one hundred an t fiiiy years ago, ud near it the ud can la of arm* of the Net ;>on family, 10 illustrious Is tbe and revoi ittin ary hist- rj cf Virginia. On this nsrruw strip of lard, tietweon two Virgla.a rivers, ud t'. a dieiaaco of about eighteen milts from each other, is tbe (pot on which be gan ud the spot on which ended Ibe British d-muma in osr country. THE ITALIAN OPERA AND TTIE PRINCE OF WALES. J (Frrm the Philadelphia IVoaiylvauao, Sept 29] H The new season of Italian opera to commence oa the 9th of the ensuing month, will, r.ndor.bted'y, be (he moat brilliant on racoid In this or uy other city; for wi'.b it w I be connected an cTent which will he ever an-.-norab e n the total* of the lyric stage of America, vie: the visit, for the first ud only x the United Slates to no Italuso ci rra, of tbe rrlnce of Wales?the heir apparent to tho Br .tish crown?who hu axepted u in . tattoo to attend a performance at our magna cent Academy of Mutac, ud also tipressed his plvuure at doing so in preference to a ball, that he will I'.nd grar.d opera can b-- produce! here in as i oc style u st home w* have no d- cot, aa no ell'urt will be vpsrrd to reader the entertainment worthy of the occasion. The whole of the magnidccat troupe of artiste now performing in New York will oe sent over hore? ud combined with tbe corps recently performing here? Including the foil chorus and orchestra ci bota eetahllsb ments?Ibe united forces appearing sot only x s>me splendid revivals, but oca or two grand operas new to Philadelphia. THE PRINCE AT ALBANY. At a late meetlag of tbe Common Ooecet) of the city or AlbacytUayor Thacher subui'ttal ti.t following communi cation from inventor i'orgu ? Eewttiv* Mr i TisnxT, Aiwavr, Sept. 20,1W0. How. (iaoR- s It. THi' I'm, Mayor ? I man Sin?Absence trom the city, ud pressing official duties since my return, have prevented an earlier re) 'y to your favor of the 20 ib instant, fn m which 1 learn that you deem it ' proiwr that nome den, oast ration or respect should be made oa the part ol the Stale ud c.ty author itiea to tbe Prince of Males," and you inquire whether I will ' Wad or join yon in a letter of invitation to ibe Pake of Newcastle, or what course I would adviser" Permit me In reply to say that m.mediately on the arrival of tbe Prinoe at Wales at <>u*b*c, I despatched one of my itah with a letter of Invitation to the Prtace to visit tha cap! tal ud to become my guest. Hia arrangements had uot then beta fully determined. I have aiace received a letter from the Duke of Newcastle in which I am happy to laiorm yon tbe lBvitatioo to Tialt Albany ia eoceptcd. Tha same tetter informs ma ha will arrive about the 10th of October, ud will niuain x Alt'mv n portion of tbe day only, l ader these circumstances, and in view of the comae Lord Renfrew baa adopted aieoe bis arrival m tbe I'nitad Stales. I do not perceive that either tbe suie or city authorities are to have the pleasure of ealerlalolng him In uy formal or public muner. But if I thai) subse quent! v Warn tberw iae it w dl eford ma great pleasure to have the city authorities oln with those of tbe -late m sellable demonstration* of respect Meutirae, ia reply to >c r last in.,utry ' wbat co rne I I would suggest tb" propriety cf ex'endug u invitation on tbe rrt of tbe city. I bave tbe honor to be. very respect l.y, your obedient servant. E. 0. MORGAN. Aider man IM-ohaaly moved that ibe May orb* autho rized to extend u lav l let too to tbe Prince to vi ill tbe city as its guest, ud the amne was agreed to. Brooltljrm City News. Okmm. or a New Cuts'a ? Yesterday morning Kjna nuel (rrotaatact Episcopal) church, newly orectcd at tha corner of President and Smith streets, was < oeoed for public worship. M .mirg prayer wan said by the Rev. Thomas Towell, the rector, aar.kiel by the Rev. Charles Little and the Rev. Mr. B'irg. There waa nothing of n special rherachx in tbe services The 10th Select toa of rralme was read, 0".<ria Pa'ra, 'Tloria is tt.'liti, sad tbe eantl' Iea being cbauted by a small but efficient choir ud tbe ruiigrspnlinn In general Tbe church was we ' (tiled but uot uncomfortably crowded. Tbe t rmiu km pr< .< d by the Rev. W. R r>ukmu, of lf.aacuri. ir m t'd (or , V chap., 29 and 31 is., on the m.nt'ry 1 of t'-ooat i tatwm whioaheebcuo comn.'.led to men, as t."d'a anibaaiador, in Christ'* siund Tbe aermon u? l ?t<Bed to attentively a* the readier ekv, isntly dseit on the love of ?.o>l In committing to man the amOaeeado ral omen to bla fallow man. a at uis'ry wb'rb the angels would feel bonorud to be estriwted with At the coacfu ? ion of tbe eermon the rector add,eased the u-og.-egat. ,o, ihsnkiac lOem. especially the ladies, for thei- ro own tkm in erect leg tha beautiful liitlediiilldtag, which be "garden .j an earncat lbs' u ? i u e - . .Id wv>u arrive ??"? tbey would be enabled to eree'. a m we moo ting edt.tce on tbe opposite corner, roncladtng with aa earnest ?pp<al to the liberality of the eongregitlon, toward* I nMating tha outatuding debts age oat the church The ct.'-rtory waa thea auni by tbe choir, wb.l* a enlleettow was mods, fibs result of wb'cb showed that tbe rtctor a appeal bad eel been la vela. Tbe p*ayer for the clir.rch mtlttut was then mid, u-i the awrvice e'used With tbe bewedlatioa. The new church bat been erected for tbe eeromtamU'.Ma of the rongrtyaUoe formerly wor sbipp'rg ia tbe ball oo lb* coraer of Court ud I'nloa ?treels, which baa bees occupied by tbeni for about eight years. It la talendad that tb* prewant bu.ldiog ?ball serve aa a chapel to a parish ebnrcs, to be erected ra the opposite corner, f<? which purp<wa four lota of land id owe hundred fret squnre have Oesa pure Baaed fbr M,(C0 Tbe pretest buiMlsg la aevsnty four feet long bp thirty two (bet wide. It la of stone ud brick, ud ooeatat* of a simple nare. of tbe early Eagliabstyle. At one sad a pert low has bapa railed of! for a church, oa rlthrr sMe of which art the liana for the clergy, with a 1. i rn >a tronl, from which tbr leeeots .rv to be read sad tbr sermon preached, for there la no putplt Tits rhaacel la Mgblrd with a baadaume w'ndow of fru*led glass, en 11 chad In asaberq BSSM nppropr ate ec tlesioloa leal fgiirvn m atelned glass Tb* other windows f tbe build ?g err r,f the seme '?bera xr w thout U figurwi, but with a blue border of stained glean all reuad. Tb* lata rtor of tbe roof is palsied to represent the starry rrma mast Tbe seats and other frraiturr art of black wa'ant, with cuahioaa of red aacft lbs greater portion was re moved from U.s bail (ormrrly iu . .p r ; by ihr o. ngr - a tiea. The coat of the church is about Si.oto, of which about oa* half has brva paid. A* aooa as be debt is Itqcidamd II rn presmnsd tb* bsiMtsg will be solemnly oonaseralad, aa ws believ* ia lb* lYstaslaal Pptecepal rburch thai i srsmiey ruaot be perform *4 la an ladebtH cbarrb Tbr arcbilert la Mr. Henry Dudley, wbo la also Ihe see.or wardes of Ibr ebnreb. Prevloas to tb* sermuu lbs rector gave aetior thai a ?t.wm.ou u rlrrgym^v will prrw.h *a tuaday r van legs, of wbi. b dueartM* wir be givM by advert** mrnt. B amjiM ?At about half peat e* o clock yesterday mora tag tha dwell ag huuas of Mis. Caaavey, la Clarw moat arm *, arer fwKaih arrucr, waa burglariously rn leted by two mea. Eortuaataly U.e t Uden wakiag of tb* lady 6 starbad tbe ibirvca at their work, ud caused lu?m to decamp without uy mora variable booty than oae dorrs of porArt bsndkercb.oia scd a cbeaille ahawl, aHho'igb tb' promisee prve-mtod tb* apiwertnce of bar lag born prrlly tburu' gb't ruaackad -">i Satnrday aigbt thwdweinag hruae | I ultoe ftreet, occaptad by Mr. tflll am Utile, caught fire Mwrlmeats of a Mrs. Darety, on tb* fourth story TLr i <m'S were ecOduod bet ore a larger am (rial of Um agr tliaa >74 w aa dans. There I so issurucs 1'irMiil Intflllftarti I Colnoal Hardee, of Want Pwiat, la Hopplaf at lb" Bra rooet ilouaa. V? Praatdeat Ftlttaore and lady, OmmmMmw Rtorar, J N Colour I W. W. I. wtof.!'. S A Jaw ? H 1,0* aad family n* Now ??rlraea; Will am Rtnhard oa, R X.-, Jd.a let,iba>l and .dawiie! Arrhboid, b?\h of tbe S'ary 1*1 <>l, Wa b.aftoa. aad W. W. Wood la aad Durily, of ( Nor.* laiotlaa, are tiopp a( at tbe T .fit* Hotel. A. B. firnpa, of Sao ! roaetaro; J. I, Taylor, of 0?l!?; J. Kifiyaf- rd ao.l fiarty, of 0*wrao; J F. 1 liar aad wife, of IVatw. Dr. Tirker.ofXew York MmU.mmndoreflUll Mir* Hart both r Philadelphia, aad I K I'raayHt, ef W'*t Cambridge, Maa? . ara *t?| ping at lk? Kreratl Rata*. | Judge Waiaal aa<t lady, of Marylaad, Dr J. D. H HI* I t< b aad lady, of Baltimore ?. R White, of P ttebirg; f. Kelly erd lady, of Brat.*. C J. 0 'man, of Ma:a?, and Hat ry Karavm. of Chi ? *f", ?ere am-nj lha arrlralt at the ?, Vrho'ai Hotel y rater day, Pa'-lo Heather, 8 D Arerado, Pietro Ag<wtfal ar.d Poa Rafael la Aarrta all of I aba. B. J Hart and fain 11/, of New * Tirana, F. dark aad fbwtly, of Mtiae, /. I, M bitakrr aad fair ily, of Saw ftrleana V. W Maano and wife, ol \ irgfala, I leuteaaat R. D M aor, of tb# lalted Rtatra aerr, 8 W. Hotr.hinena.of Now Orlaioa, F W diiripana, of Ba Fraaciooe, Hmitk Harford, of Miaaiaalppl, and F \. Talbot, of ladwaapolw, ara eioppiag tba Metropolitan H?tai 0. W. Cbrr, I". 8. A., O. W. Cam. rraaidoet Pittabor*, Fort Wayne aad Chicago Railroad; lam? Robb aad with, Sow Orleaii?; How. T Rodwwald, Saw urlaara C. W no rmal Albany. Hoa. J. 0 Brooke. Albaay J. B. Klbby, Waaalagtoa, J R Wright, Kew York; J. H. Wright Raw Yorkfawt Rattallark Ragiand M. Croaby and wllM, Pari, S. A., ware ta C b cage oa tbe 2btb all Hoe b. C Mordenei, of R C.; Obi Rnarto, O R A , aad Capt H. R Hod 0. ? *?., ara la Waabiagtea Cbar ea W lldHB Dabaay ba? baaa apw ntad ' eenl of OfWKt at MMM, Ma*a Ovt Stidlcri la Obrrfam. tbh i:irn at bkblob's ifLAf'D. The Fifth reg -meat, Co too el Sefcwarzaelder, are pro gressing fte y in their duties n garrison at Fori Wood, Bedlce's Island. Tbe now and important fealuro wtlch they are now .aav, in o-.r vo'aalear military or ganization mutt be Ttewedaa a great ex ppr intent; b it we are coabrined n ibe belief, frota the etriCt discipline enforced at Fort Woo J bp the officers of ibe F.ftb, and the readiness and real of tbe troops 10 make their (tap profitable in acquiring a knowledge of the of a garrison, luit Uio experiment wilt prove ague'cai, and we hope <o eeo t) e example followed bp otber regiments in the Fire: D-v.s-un. Tbe Fifth hare already acquired a pretty g r.oral knowledge of toe deta.le o garrison duty, and, wbut is stiil more Important, of lb use and maui.'rof op? rat og sea coaal artillery. In Ibe latter feature ihey arc aerated by an officer of the regit lar army, wb? .a an accomplished instructor In tho nol orco of tbe artillery arm. Yeeterd.iy being ? indey, tbe usual drill was dispensed w dh. Di ring the day tbe steamer < Hirer VI Petit made several trine to tbe is and, bringing thither large numbers of the frleeca of tbe reg'ment from tcisett/. At bulf i art eleven o'clock in Uk forenoon tbe troops in tho rarrif'-u were arrembkd ou tbe "par;?le ' Inside ibe tori, when C'b..plain Edey read tbe morn'ug aervic- of the Protestant Fpiacopal church. The ohicera of tb" regiment were prea- nt. The Chapla'o read tbe lessons .n a clear and dtfctincl voice, which was listened to by the troops with tbo ? timet re*j>-ct mid -itonton. At half past two o'clock in tbo &{.crDoca tbe regiment made a full dross p trade, in which ' Tory man m ga' rieon, officers and soldiers, not employed oa guard d ity, pa.-i .sl pated. Tbe rortn la of tfcia ce etnoojr in quite Interesting, both to tbe export and novice in military m itlcra. After tbe parade Brigade Major S. V. Alford inspected the arm* and accoutrements of tbe troops. The loapenton was something more than a mere Ivrtnal afiair. as ea-U m is k<-t wae minutely examined, and commend avion aid -on dcmcalion placed where tbey respectively bel tged. Among the proni.i oi.t luilllary genttenten present not Fin t Lieutenant W. A. Webb, I fin rtg mei.t t utted Mates .o'actry; 1. e ? enact Affix. I . Ha* oil, First regi ment United i-iatc* nfautry; Mriteoubt R- H. Ja-'- o. f irst regiment lolled Matea art.llery; Pol. Joseph C. I'lnckney, Llerutart C?! Zone and Surgeon Wade, of the Sixth reg meet Now York Stale tfUltia; .fudge Adv, ztu Arthur, Mcond 1-r trade stall Captain B irger. Twenty e'gbtb rrg.meul.Cmnuiitsary ScTgoaul OlWtWHa, of ir ? Sev< u b regiment, and Capta.n Lua, of tbo E-evenlli re,; meat. CMS Tbe troops will drill to -lay at the b g guns, ana by rqrads and rompaaiee. "n Tuesday tbe lorenoon * ill bo devoted to comiany drill, and in tho afternoon tu move merits of the baual.on. Tbe regiment wiil return to tbia city on Thurs '.ay, and will oe received and earorted by tha I ae '.'r regiment. Col. Bj terCeld. Tbe Ku'tb a.11 arrive at Whitehall at had'past four o'clock P M. yon tha'. diy, Both commanda will pay K?r>r Genera) Sandford, I'.rig.i dler G'ueril Yates and Mayer Wood a maribing salute id front of the City Hall, as they pass c/t routs from the steamboat, rt .vKKA! or t rwTurvt) urwwnt. t tub fi.imevt. Drummer Itoawaeiler of the fifth regiment drum corps, died on Saturday last, after three months' painful itinera. He was burled yesterday, with military honors, at tbe Fvergreena (emctery. The funeral of the decease I was attended by company K and tbe drum corps of tho Fifth regiment. The latter acted as a guard of honor, also by the Seventh regiment drum corps and tho Turner band. !aa?|?ratlo> or m Now ?aaU. EXHIB11 ION BT MONK. BKKiiER, TIUI DlfTlNOl M1ED FRENCH FHOFB-eOROF BILE1XRUO. Mom. Berger, who arrived from France a few day* age In the Adriatic, gave hta first nihiWtion in the United StaUaat the roooun of Michael Phelan, corner of Broad way and Tenth etreet, on Saturday eren'ng. Toe e xhibi tion wan of a private character, ttuee pr*oeot numbering eome aixly or eerenty, being there by private inr ration, and many of them diatlngulebed amateur* in the elegant and delightful game. We bad expected tfaxt M Berger woo id play with Mice one (elected to cope with him for the ocean.on, and whom, of oouree, he waa to knock a iJkojtecu Ut rotCcr in lean than ao tkne; hut we were duwppolatel Altera little opening ape rob, la whtrb be eorapltmented America tad hit American friend#, who tad, aa he (aid, " ra'.lrated b.m with klndueaa," he proceeded to rvpla n the etieoce of bliliardn, and the lire principal alrokas, preetloally llluxtret'.ng hie remark! on the table at a hi :b be etood. ilia lecture did not teat over half an hour > r three quartern, and the tlluatratlona were cortatnly tplen did epecmcna of hi* aklll ia the garre. It a er'dent be understand* It sc'entlilcally. There waa nothing very remarkable In bin manner of playing, except that when making the (tmke called It weai* he held lbs e.J I erjcndlcv.larly and (truck down on the taale, rearng the griding hand, and very often bold'ng it unau i'ported, lie played with| angular oaae, which waa more j^roeptible sbit ?.rising La bi 1 In the ordinary hor' or.t*. mauu*r,whi n Leeway d.d .l muk'ni Ibc mux' rafnp a?Ic Be made aimoel iup<.-?. < etc. ace, u>? La's at>|?ieai!y ? Llm nke a net 01 well iraim-d doge He w . : ally ?:ea n very d BeaN one. hut nwvye :?*?. ere 1 tUl be bad aocmptlabtd It. an.'. then a am.lo of grail oust id wauld break over b h large g..ol humored face, and b.a ejo light uwith jr. ic aa the com;any ajvlauied hie r COCK The profeaeor ie a tall, portljr.lirlel man of pr.belily fifty year*, and aa he meeed lightly round hla utb.e, m tereprrecd bba ."tare with little pleeeaatrita. "Ctmpariaoar, ' ae the late Mr Dogberry anil Manage, "arc uuoroua " t>ut eveu if they were nut eo dsn. ratable aa it*I ? Mo ? their., we : find t I did malt in draw xmpartnow* wwu v.* am tabic tkt lleplafed b| Mom ilerger BcUnk ; art -.v ., explain ertirytk.jg to tie audience; caret-illy led .? through the wuaderni Intr ceclea of U nuuw, aad carried uiaal'ly thro< g I the iaby r, tithe of IcfNUf.. xbowo bait ooald rua aioeg the top of the c rnhlon, leap dewr. at the proper plaor and rua to carr m on *a< tber bait aad .n bta I I MM ma ol J< ? luare rrfrrpvidr, rbowe.1 what can be d icbf thai which " Kak^th ; "rfest.'' ? e the i r. r .Deluding, Merer# IX. Ian as.) Wh.te plartd a gxave, aad then aa elegant (upper, erred in aa adjoining room, formed a very piraaant ending to the Lighfa work. The health of Mr Berger wae pmooeed aad duly honored. aad hn replied brlel'y a* ? "lioruiiv?I itaovld not lay gentlemen, 1 rbo ltd say riienda, for the manner in wb.cb my nam'- haa been re coired given me ereiy eeeureace that I am amug r.ende?you haic re ne ibo honor I > aaaoclate my name wtth that of my trlead, Mr. I belaa?not limply friend, hut more than brother in hie generoua ktadaem I tome. I would prop**, la return, not only the health* of you, my frier.Je, here nr?eont, hut that of all Amorl cam. aad the proaperiiy of their country, which I admire. I'tee rdmerfeiie/ | Mr FheUae health wae aleo proponed, and ke returned thank* a a few words. Then there waa a good deal of Eva- hot e< i.Mng and finally, after the good th:ag* had d a little more just toe done theaa, the company gra i dually w.thdrew, wry much pleased with what I bey had area. Varal Vmcalllcenr*. Captain Ward, commending the Tailed netee ably North Oroi.M, oa Saturday Isat made as exparimesui trip to the neighborhood of Seedy Booh fhr the pur pea* of testing the i(E. secy of the sew rWe rau*k?U lately adopt*.I la the marine oorpa, una holsg oee of a eeriee of experiment* tried heretofore. Thla naaful arm .jf the eervice waa prepared, Oder the dlroctioa of tbe'trlnaaoe Tv parlmeat. by F.. 8. tllea, mMter armorer, and ado, ted by the it ir Department lor the gnreenment of fa ted Btetea troops, October 16.1*47 A pirtioa of tb best tbota oompoaed la the crew of the Catted S tales ah ip North (krone, under tb* command of Captain Ward, ware detailed fbr Ihe eaper mental trip. The main obt*. t, brwever. of the expert menu to he made waa to aeoerta a i which of three aahehnae had the rreateet nesting pewer?wool, coltoe or naid?at tt'lmi rwagen. (Vamose to four hundred yard* distaaoa. The flret trial waa an a I i bag of aasd, at one, two, U,ree aad four hundred yarle, and .1 waa XuSd that the bell* did not penetrate more i than aeren tnohr*. The eeoosrt w*? at wooi aa I ratine ? i ikiaama IMhi in imilr'irmr?t' tt a thick canvas* bag, about one f?* M ibicknear, aad tb* tall* rwn?~l mediately thrcigb. pfrln* Uiat aaad had the grealT ra a si ng power. The bells of these meahala heisg con.oai ia ahape. the eitertur* made on thslr IIrat atrikteg an , obfet wae bread to be even and in perfect rug. hirTy of J 1 gsHhm, M that an meek eo (bat on* would almoet m nagi cfic aporl .re made wggent w'th a kl ' ->**.01" oibar 1 harp .retmmeet, hut after the flret reetet sg euh ataece bai hern neat object they encounter ed ehasged their smtiee to e rotary *?*, ? thing that impeded fhefr r"v"" Into p'eoee f-roe of the bad Heonmee 'xbaiated Th* Otpioatve tec. I desey of thena balk act aearir oa the mno prinrtpm of that *f a (hsU, the oanae being the' at th* butt ef the ha I 1 ? rr * ? ?"?? ?r**n re, at* whteh th* p sdrr aeaeee iter belwg rarame.l e*pe tig r ak rg te power m * leeiriMllfk I Vkt pi . At mcextreUd that on* of lbs a* ba'l* wo-'t , , lime* ort of **T?ety two, at * rang* ef (hnr hundred 1 yard*. Cnpt Ward, who ha* mad# evt*r? laprovw mesM aad writ toe onme able auggeat oaa 'r.r< ad erd | nance,eern* t" r *w the pr****t lerwntica eeaelin prorimeni te copyirg from wt or other of the r : 4 rmail ertne. that a. th* dm of a ryl'.s > - act'lea eerdlag ?? U.e III/ pattern, w th more gl'Mfeg aad ad d luteal amount of te'at Th* ball or projecti.e ?" 0 ? the bore at the m itrlr of thee* pie a* gone bowin . aa ' era* aa I what diochsrges espsade order the farce ef U." eapbmios, en a* to become * t the bore. 0" rg tt.c . "a groover, thereby etak rg ia l? ?trnrttv* Ttal Ms# more fnrwildabs. Thee* ietorwatlag ??pertmen te will be ?mtinned. The felted Ftatee dearner Water W tch, Lwelenaal enmmaadtag flartort, from a cruma ta the QeV ef M*?ton. via Harass, arrived at I eaeretto, below ruiadeiphie, ? ? i'.Ttrf ?? ? '-n r?i ti?" r* purification. Ptv ol U.e rew. 1 k w tb yrUew fhrer, here bees re rno. ed from on I n#rj to the V> ? 1i e ia'. at ike I >>* retto. Aa l>pi? ae?i* (r- -v ?la the ae rwr-let tg the sale of erteat ep'r te a Vebmnha ?# tf* 'ollew ng r ae-ar tn*rl fbr r>osii.on?The Jmtioe ehs.'l render ? rwsert fre the ? Vile arr et of fre ard ?#,a I'lNtnti I ted tc vie c??asjhtrtMUhll sfwd. THE fHWSTIA.1 RELICI01 n CHH1. IsttsrestlBg Service at St. Uear|?'i Episco pal Church?Sermon bp aa English Pre late* St. George'a eburcb, Bluyvesant afitrc, waa erowitod yesterday muring l>y a bi fhly respectable an! f.vhion ablc congregation, must of v.hem, apart from -be regnar worshippers at thla church, were drawn together to bear a discourse from tlio Kifbt Hev. Geo. Smith, Lord B.abnp of tl.e gee of Y.ctoria, in Ibo ilritiah Hstilom nt of Uicg liori', Chita. Among the audience we notited the Fev. Edward Uohsero lulls, of the Pro tea ant Epucopa Church m the laiund of Jamaica Ibo services Uejun at half past tcu o'clock, and were conducted wttii all tbe aol'-mu simplicity jocular to 'be Aoghoaa Chur b. The Hi v. l>r. Tyg, enlisted by a young clergyman, deducted the c> mmunioo aud more og service*, and tbo ;bc.r was parti- ulaily ttfrcthe. Ttie Itlght Revv-rccd Birbop Swmi aacended tbe pu'pit, and selected bit> loat from the thirteenth chapter of the Epistle ?f Paul tbe Apoallo to tbe Hebrews, the tenth verse:?"We hare an altar where >. they have no right to eat that serve tbe tabernacle." The tint part of the <La courac was to ibow the connection existing between tbe Bciic u! Leviticus aud the 1 p.atle to the Hebrews? the miterial and ordinances of tbe first tccelviog Ibeir fuliimcnt and accoutpUo mtrt to the other. The Epistle to the fie brews was addressed to those Jews who had b? Ccrr.c converts, without altogether losing .heir old attachment for the.r ancient ceremonial ratio, and the ordinances of tbe levltical law frequently became great obetaolv* to their proper no lerHtauding of ttop'.a.D, itnpl' and m-rcifut provisions of the '.aw. The wr ids of tho k xt were directed to there wavering people, who were tbua inslrucUd that those who served on the tabernacle had no rrght to paruhsor tbe al>arof the >n?lhi Christian prtv.lrg)* b ng above all ouers En m th'? the tt'shop proceeded to examine, fire:. lute the crtitrad tinction and contrast between the Jewish taberoatl' and the Christian altar , aud, s condly, to ds veltpo and ei| Utu the gnat truth which la eoat'tjied in the text. Tbi* He right reverend feul'men acoomp.ebed a a truly powerful manuer His words were truly slo uuent.aud his dear and silvery voice pealed like beds through every part of tba chure.b. Alter a e asterly ttrol glcal exposition of tho precise meaning vt tbe words "altar" and "tabernacle,' and the app!. tattoo of tbe words of tho text toall protesting Christians, tne Bshop Incidentally adverted to the condition of English and American Protestant m ssloos in China and .Japan. AS a member of tbe eider sister church of lbs mcthsr country, ho could bear bis testimony to the seal everywhere mam'ested by the r.srr.ooeries in tnese dta tact lands for j-romotrg pure P.oWatint truth, which furms the grtaUsl hood between the two churches. The two churches are daughters of tbe reformation and the gretl bireWs ul I'rotestant Cbri.-t.*olty thru. gho..t the world. As a laborer In tbe Held abroad, and sa s w.tasss of tba Isbors of American missionaries la china and Japan, he could also bear bis testimony to the roc a J Lug of these, bit brethren in tbe great cause of lan sing tbnec unrnllghtened people. Ho than ad . irJ to the iiihicultlrs which are enonuntersd by tbe m-selona rirs to Cblca and Japan, In oonsequacco of tbo jealousy and exslusiveneas of tba nai ve go vernments, who are not favorable to what they regard as the .onovallons of foreigners, but oidtg strongly to tbelr own traditions of nearly three thousand wars ago ; and yot, who could foraee that when, fifty three years ago, tbe first Protestant missionary left the tbores of England for China. stopping by the way in tbe city of New York and recetvlog tbo kind bosp.taiily of his .uuiri'ji brethren, tbe misaloit to that country would have been productive of even the smed res.Jta wt.lcb bav* follows] v Tbe ever booored Morrtnon, a* tbe pioneer or the great Protestant movement for the evan gslization of China, undortook his work under clrcum rtsncf of serious difficulty and oppasllioa, not only from tbo Chinese government, but from his owi countrymen It Is scarcely half a century since the bagian.of of tbe rr srlon; and although Morrison has jaased into b ? rsat, the seeds be plasted are g-owing into mrenptt n tbe face of all kinds of opposition an . d jcourtgemi ols. not tbe least of which are tbo tvll example) of want ern nations, and the prostltutloa of tbe hags of England and America la oarrying opium to promote sn tuahty an.i Immorality amoeg the people. But :(??< Word of God baa not gone out in vain; and, at tbe present lime, there are about U.000 baptised Chinese convsr'e an tbe ; i t of the.r labor. This .? but a email cumber; but wber It Is viewed as tbe first drop of tbe full abower when God shall p'liir out H.a spirit ou all flesh, It * cue for which we may thank cod and tako courage. Tbe right rev ervud t > ntlvman next alluded to the wonderful progress Of tho rebellion .u ( and ssplamtd tbe causaa of an outbreak that, for many years past, has attracted tin- elteution of the civLll&ed world Emerging from the southern Runrtalns, tbe rebels, or wliatever thoy may be railtd, bave at eddy adi-incl i iware* the north and as y i t there waa nothitg tockack lheir progress. Fur seven wars and a La'f tbey bavs occupied Nankin, the ancient csptiai of tbe empire. They have Irani i tied |>arl? of the Holy StrMori), asd but vary reeentiy lbs city of Poo Own not rir from Wianghae, otd fa'leo ti to tier hit 1s. All this iad ?l,e htstx p to rer.aien that V.,.unseal m.arions laU. u tut not ?? banssduJUv* ot .vs.. Us, for itiisa. people pn'-eeot a faith wuicb, inmah abcundlrg .n < i ror, was not altogether deatllcte r f truth Tie ailuJirt to ihe Argto Tr< ich nrpeditlou 11 s ippert U>e f.' rn Maatcbou djna-ty.h t sa'1 that th e woud mt check Ike IfVMM ef Pr-teataut trvlb. TliS rght PeWir end genlleii.aa utxt gave a suvcu.ct account of tb? sue cess of tba 1'roUslant mlasioc to Japan, show ng that th< tssk of ci overling tba people of this oountry wen even more ififilcslt 'ban Urn former lie made a bcant fhi and s i'ict.rg ippcal "n behalf of (he noble bind of English and American ladies tahnving with devote.;n*ss and Christian s al In these Kolwn lands for ihscaansnf our blrssed tsvionr, and .barged the Chrst-us of America, who are in the rnjoyasnt of eg-ritual ant temporal sbundavos, not to forget their . ta'.ous titter*. who bave divided their lives to ihs grant at cause thai can innvhls man s nature In uocFuaioe the bisbop gave the i-oogrrgnliou Lit beued' it. m spoke s few eloquent and torching wcrds of the a0? : oo which o .gbt always to rsiat between the ..buscb or bin uelTVWd country aid her nister of America prayed ifcut tbey m gbt long continue to shtne forth brtgnt and unl.mxuad, and exhorted bin hearers Bo to profit by tba r great spt ritual advanlagen that pastor and people may all at last meet in the conusor Joy. Btsbop smith ta a tail sad raBersble man. H a ba r bas been silrsred by the advance t lima, but be s as ba'e asd hearty to all appearance sa be waa is earlier day a Tbe lermoa be yesterday preached waa t an of the noblest tb to togVw I dtscouraes that It baa heaa our K for .una to bear; aad aay oar wbo waa p strut yas ty we are certain would not heaiuta to go asy da unc# to l.etea to such words of boaaty and eloquence a gala Ha fore Pa Ilea latelllgaaea. r?wo Coi nwsi Horn ?A aheamaher, Ahmed WU tUua White, waa arreeted aa MinUj awrvtog by < ffloar l'.o&r, or Iba .Vlaib praciaet. charged with g.v'xg ? coaatevlbit Ira dollar bill aa the Baak of the Interior la Mr. Jawaa Rodgera. of jM Budana (treat, la pay*eat for a pair or geld altera haltoaa. Mr Rodgera iaataaUy da t-cuxl iba aoualarlblt, wbaa Iba pdaoaar niimptal la oh It from him, but foiling la hla jrorpoee raa off raa purvued aad caught by iba offloar. aad lahaa be JuntioaOwaoily. who commuted biai la default of tea tbouaaad dollar* ball. Aaoibar charge waa wcfhrrad agn i at White by tbmoa Hailey, of No. 3t7 Bread way, of eh' m White had purthMtd a thraa dollar bat. paying lor It with aootbar lea dothw bill of the Baah to the Interior White waa repaired to |.ra baJ lb cue tbouaaad dollar* ea tbid charge elao. Snit Aforrnr* Caw ?late an <Mlurday n'.gbt W.Uto? "?nail-y, Margaret Ottrgard aad Ellueeth McChrty waat Into the (tare of Korea an New maa. 1M (tract, *ad bo'ighi a abirt for $1 2b, giving a ronaterfe t tea Jai ler bill oa the Raoi. of Iba lateiior la payment. ? mean f taoa and Kennedy. o' the Pi*lb ward, war* aalad IB end tor e the three wonld be ruetoa*era iato aetody a cmBfog before J eel Ire K>nr the women dee ed all knowledge of ibe cbaraelar of the blB. tlsey ware de lataad for riaoiiaallea. flow at a Waa* ?fh rvr-m C??* or WW* Mimaa.? A* a diaordarly crowd ware wabiag tbe rerpaa af a Mr* Anna, at about w o'ebw "naday morning, la tba rear af l>e bo ,r? 112 Kaat forty drat a tract, offlaar Kayaar af iba K'aeleanlb ward col load the paaftf 40M?f ?r.t 1. ;?'ng t< odly, and appartatly *? ttlog lata a daaparata row While clot e* the dlct irT-anoe Iba no:oar heard -nocgli lo} .aiwy biaa la arrratleg I be boater d ef ibe .ir-eaaad woe,an The pt laoner had been prnvlem!J arreeted for uaau'tlrg b'a wife, and lb- mark* of rftac~e or bar bt-dy rn 1e?'-l a aplrlon that the bad heea aafa.r!y lenit with a r?n. ly pie a.bla haae waa loeced p to await the reault ?f the Onrnaarfo agoaat Joha Cowie.i waa elan art< tad ea the cinpla.ul of Kaae, wbo charg d h.m ? hba rg made a f' bI .u* aern I on blat r?ral ibor i-trace* were alia arrarely u jured la iba new ll"?d BfBMBaa A**rerr> ?Ofl>ar Saliag af tba Twaa I] third free act. aa RMorday laat arraatad two aaaa, aaflte l wiMaia Kennedy ar ' Tb 'iraa Clark. <to a charge MMMlbl a borae and wagon wiwlb l?3d, the r^perty o( Ceorge rinuagaa, corner of N naty eighth ar.<t N atb lib* Tbe property waa re.-orerad. tbo-'fti 4 had been *i?p?e4 af to a man to nmoRtyn. I oft toe Ifrowne'! locked b<i b'dk Iba pro >aera for enaa'Dal'ea Ma? Toran BMBMb ?A maa uoaf David Raera, a re Ivrntd lb ef from I arkweii a ir.and waa foaad lytog om the a dewalk of Chatham at reel, near Mulberry, aariy reatarday worn eg Be waa takca to tba New V rt Boa pital. where br aow Hm la a vary preonrioinioied!! oo Ha aatr tome aan folio wad h a mil af oae of the relreabaaaat ? lo.*# la l*nlira nmrtnt, no ftatnrday n'^ da m an led money from htm wbaa, on big refuang to mm Ply With their demand* ae of the p%riy *t?b>?d t m, la cling a vary <i*aff*rou* wound oa tba left a da Amvna Kraa* wi Arra.v ? Ag Thomae Welch, aa Eag l.ab hoy twaaty year* af age, and another boy nam tot TrcJ. I.i.acy war# matob ng prnalea oa tbe p ?r? Ibe foot of Cortland! at rant, yeetarday mora lag, n bir named McChrty came along and began aaaanltiag I ua"y, hatwe-a Whom aad biaeelr wma in fooling e*!atad. Tkumne Welch cnamenred to lalei fere, wheo Modarty atnhbad km n tba cheat with a rwakn >, inf. let tog a very dan eerava wired Thomae Wetcb ram lahaa to the Nan Yurtl Bear *#J

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