Newspaper of The New York Herald, 2 Ekim 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 2 Ekim 1860 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD WHOLE NO. 8790. MORNING EDITION?TUESDAY, OCTOBER 2, 1860. ' PRICE TWO CENTS. IMPORTANT FROM EUROPE. Arrival of the Glasgow Off Cape Race. RapM Movement of the SiHiiius in the Papal 8Utoe? Decisive Battle Between Victor Emanuel's Troops aid the Pope's Army. TOTAL DEFEAT OF GEN. LAMORtCIERE. SBETCIE8 OF TIE TWO COXIAXDBU. Inmaaae Preparations of Garibaldi for the Venetia Expedition, Si. Jonm, N. F., Oct. 1,1MO. The Eteamat-ip Glasgow, from Liverpool on Wsoneeday, UM.NU alt., Tin Qaeeustown 20th, pMMd Gape Rnoe at tws o'clock en Sunday, September 30. Sm woo bearded by the now* yacht of the prem, and a oummary of her newt obtained. Tbe nowc la Important. The Sardinians had taken Perugia and Spoletto, and tho la toot adolcea by the way of Queenstown are that they had beaten General Lamorlclero, with (rent km Tbe woathor In England had baen rainy, bat wu tenia finer at tho sailing of tho Glasgow. An official letter from the foreign OOoe mya that Mr. Lladaay baa no authority to nefotlale with tbe Amerloon porerajneat relative to anipplag interecti. The Groat Eastern had bona aafely placed on the fr id tma at Milford. It wao reported from Toulon that Napoleon woo fired at by aa laoaaa man In that oMy. The man'a aim waa averted by a bystander, aad no barm waa dona The French journals ware silent on tbe subject. lbs attempt to lay a submarine cable between Touloo end Algiers had Hilled. Tbe mlee of oettoo at Liverpool on Monday and Tnaoday were 16,000 bales, at unchanged prices. Wednesday'? aalse were 10,000 bales?the market cloeiag firm. Tbe Liverpool breed stuffs market was firm, and all iaaerlptlona had advanoed sligbtly under tbe lnfloeooe of eafiavorable crop weatber. Ibe Liverpool pro vis loo market was quiet. Consols were quoted on Thursday at 93 V a 03'{. Tbe Perls Bourse was heavy. Rentes OIL 00c. OPERATIONS IN THE PAPAL BTATES. m cai-tcrr of ffrtoia, spoibtto ajcd othbr ITALIAN TOWN" PKFRAT OF LAMOR1CI1R1, AND Msnronos o? the pope's armt?sketches ok C1ALDINI AND LAMOR1CIRRB. According ?ok prevloua Intelligence from lb* Pep*| Males, It appears thai U>e troop* of Victor Kmanuel hod eaotnred i'srugta and were marahlng on General Lamorl etere*e division, with whom It wm expected they would haves battle. We have now accounts that the Nerd main took Perugia after a hot tght.aad mod* fifteen hundred pi lemma, including Oenutmi Hehmidt. An wan prevtowty Mated la the Hsbald, Perugia K noted w helnf the city In which mvaral American cltl tena, hyd-Mf Mm ftaaaity of Boston, received groan TAif.itfe at the hands of the Papal troops some thing like a year ago. These troops were then command ed by Orion*1 Schmidt, who was promoted to be a Gene ral, and Mated aboye, Is a prisoner to Victor BbmauqI. The citadel of Spoletto bad capitulated, and the garrison, in hundred strong, were taken prisoner* Its is a city of Oentrnl Italy, In the Pontiiloal Ntatee, capital of a l?atloo, and formerly of a l/xnbardy Docby, strongly placed on an isolated rocky hill,twenty lour miles north of Rieti. Population at last census 6,116 It is connected, across a deep ravine, with en adjacent begbt by a noble bridge and aqueduct sis hundred and erteeo feet in height. It has a maaslre citadel, a cathedral, with interesting works of art, a Roman arcn, and remains of a thousand other antiquities. It In an archbishop's see of eery early date, and baa manufactures of woollens end hats. Coder the Preach It wm the capital of the department ef Threeysaeoe. The Sardtetans had also occupied numerous other places. i.eoeraJ Clatdini was adTaactag agaieat Aroooa, an 1 the late Naapolitan nest had armed to amuit blm is the attack on that locality. The place ww the headquarter* of nee. Larooroere U van bo doubt ie lbs triangle formed by Perugia, Spoletto and Anooea that the decisive defeat of Laasorletere took place. on the entraaoa of the Sardinia* troops on this c*e peign Viator Emaauel imoed the following proclamation, which explains b,a polity la the preawt position of Iteliea aCairs ? 11 i?i Yt enter the Marches and I'mbria le restore etril order in deaoleted towns, to glee the people liberty to >teres" their own wishs". You here not to fight pow erful armies, but oely to dallTer unhappy Italian prortaees from the preewoe of enmpnnlee of foreign adreelurerd Too am not to avenge any Injur lee done to me or to Italy. bet simply to prevent popular hatred from breaking out she upprswora Toe are to leach by year et ample the pardon of oSeneta end Christian totaraUoe to these whe compare the lee* of our Italian country U> lilamMm. Being at peaee with all the grant Powers, and everss toell proT.veiioo, I intend to make a eonllnaaJ cause ef disturbance and discord disappear from the oeotre of Italy. I imhmd Is "wed fto Area# tf Ito Ckttf cf fto rv<n*,?* "hem / em <ti?wes rmdy to ptw, m? xmmrt w?A the allied and /hmto P~*n,. sf I tkm fwerae/am "? drprndme, ami mwrS, K*to* MsWmd edstorrs tsr> m rein toped frem fto fmmaHMm '4 fto pmrwrm T* ovuptowwatowf my eoftawflp sad (to l%rm < fto nefam Nnidier*?famiaccused of ambltloe Tea! 1 have that of resteriag the prieclptoe sf sscml order In Italy, sal of pi im rvtag Fi.rope from Ui* ooetinual dangers of revolo Hog ka4 wv. BUTCH OP 0KNBRAL CIALDINI. Be li a active ef Modeaa, a soldier of fortune, sad baa rieea alrnsm from the raaka to the eosrasaad of the fourth dIV,aim la the Bardletae trmy.beleg promoted lo the gredeef Ueetemmteeaeral oe the Setd of battle. Being rompalled to leave hie native country from polltioei ceases,be wentto gpeie, where beeepoueed Umameeof there lor erven years, sad fought ee bravely that be ww promoted te the renk of ootoael. aad row)red from lb* gueee the order of " laalxlle the Catholic." la IMS, re turn iag ta h? ewe eouatry. he engaged >n U>* struggle age est Austria IB the quality of a colonel. He ww dan geroosty wounded at Ttceam. la s battle with the A us tr ies, sad tar a lime his life ww is grant danger, la IMP. si Mortare, at In Nporaseen. sad at Novum, be oo wered himself with glory, chargiag at the heed of hie regiment, though Mill suffering from his severe wooed. Ue the breaking out of the Crimeaa war hie tmss mare sgals celled into requlMtlos. sad again he d latin ge'ibrd himself. M ss Brigadier Coiouel and tsen w Major General of Ihvtoioe, to whlek reek be ww| pre mstcd by Victor Fmaaoel for the brsrery ttoptoye-l ta the revsthl mcouaters sf his dlvtotoo. ? IkNEBAL LAMOnlCtlRB. Tkt* Fretch General, wtmae name has of tats beoooM fsmii'er to the public is ooaaecttoa with military opera terns a Um "apal States. ww bora st Naatee on lbs \?h ef February, IMS. Receiving his education st the Poly technx Behaal, end comyletter his military slodiee et Wets, be entered the corps of Refusers sad bed me s lie .learnt is ISM I.ike many of the Frweb generals, be owes bit early advancement to the African conquest, in which be Bret a-rved w captain of UieZmiavw Be j wllcipatet' In eighteen campaigns, row rapidly from grade lo gitde natil 1MT, whee, aa ww suppneed, he i oeipleted km military career by e euueteMbl strategy received la the capture of Abd el Kadcr. ?WtS< I bread ' row of the leg us ef Honor ww ewferred^nn him. la W* he wee sent le the Chamber ef Itoputto* w 'be rrpreewtatlve of * Celeia. te the departmwt of the (tribe. Be leek hie oeel oe the oppwillm beaohw, ami wee the intended Minister of War Is the eembieetlee proposed by Thiers, Mo** sod Parrot, ie the event of the eoecwe of the overthrew ef Leo la Philippe. Tkm ash erne, however, did eel prove ?soctMfnl. Oe Um M h of Fsbrnsry, p>wlli| hlmae'f at the mm of the rovolt, In the unorm of a colons! of l bo National Guard, be proclaiassd tho abdication of tb? King and the regsncy or the Duchess of Orianaa; bui b a bono was killed, bjnself wounded, and he was on y tared by tbo Intervention o' mm workmen, wbo protected btm from the fcry of their oomradea. Be refoaed the poet of War liinlaur under the proviaional government. During the terrible daya of June he fought under Geo. Cavaignao again it the tnsurgenta, and on the 28 th of that month accepted tbo portftuMt of the War Dapartauenl, which ha held for i x montha. He remained faithful to Oavalgaan ?ad attached hlmeelf to the aaoet moderate feotioo of the democratic party. Be offered bat little oppaattlon to Louis Napoleon on bia acceaalon to the oontroi of govern ment aa Preeldent of tbo republic, but disapproved of the course of events then transpiring In Maty. Afterwards, becoming one of ibo representatives of tbo people in the General Amenably, be was one of tho stauncbeot defenders of tbo republican constitution. In Jnly, 1849, at tbo moment of ,K? intervention of tho Russian arms In Hungary, be wan ... upon an extraordinary mission to the Court of St. Petersburg, where, notwithstanding the defeat of the Hungarians, he was wall received by the Czar; bnt, on hearing of the dismissal of the Odillon Barrot ministry, be demanded his recall. From this lima nil bis power In the Assembly, of which be wet several times Vice President, was employed in counteracting the designs of I-outs Napoleon. On the morning of the fid December, on the occasion or the famoos coup d'eiai, he wan accordingly arrested, sad confined for n time In the fortress of Ham, but subsequently waa transferred by the police to Cologne. Refusing to take oath under the aew constitution promul gated by tbe President, be became an exile, and from that time resided in Germany, Belgium and down to 1867, when, on tho death of one of his children wbo had remained In France with hie wife, the Emperor granted him permission to return. His connection with tbe Papal army la a matter of more recent date, and la consequently familiar to our readers. It appears that he reoslved the pro forms consent of the Emperor to accept tho command offered by hie Holiness, and be has since acted In that capacity. Tbe battle recorded above, la which be has been worsted, Is the first in which be ban been engaged la tbe Papal dominions. What else will fellow la bin chequered career is yet to be developed in the dally enfolding chap ters of Italian history. Tbera was an unconfirmed rumor that tbe Fops had fled from Room. Tbo event waa generally speculated upon. There ware also unconfirmed rumors that LamerlcKre, with 9fiOQ man, waa marching toward! the Neapolitan frontiers with a view of effecting a Junction with the Neapolitan troops. Proas our latest despatches it will be observed that a battle had taken plaoe aad resulted In tbe defeat of the Papal troop*, by tbe force under Cialdlal. The steasMhlp Nova Booties, when entering the Heresy, at eleven o'clock on the morning of the 19th, grounded In Boole Bay, aad remained when the Glasgow left Liver pool, while lighters were taking out bar cargo. Tbe VanderbUt arrived at Southampton on tbo 19th ult. Tbe steamship City of Baltimore, from New York, ar rived at Liverpool on the 20th. The Glasgow baa flfly-oae cabin and three hundred and fifteen steerago puaengers. She experienced heavy western gales all the | IMPORTANT MOVEMENTS OF GARIBALDI. It was reported that Garibaldi was exclusively occu pied la organizing an army and navy, the former to ooo iist of 180,090 moo, while five hundred vassals are to bo made for war purposes. There wars indications that be intends going to Yeast la. Kossuth wm expected st Naples. Tbe only foreign Hmlstara remaining at Naples were tbe British, French, Sardinian and American. Tbe latter a as very unwell. Geo. Scltorl waa appointed commander of the army In the Dictator's sbsenoe. A Russian envoy bad arrived at Vienna with a formal In vital.on to tbe Emperor of Austria to visit Warssw. Several officers of high rank bad been shot at Damaa cue. Tbe Bombay August mail would probably be forwarded by the Arago, from Southampton 19th, for New York. The news bad oot transpired. THE VEBY LATEST. Lrmtrooi, Sept. 30,1W0. Tbe steamship Nova Scottaa floated off yesterday Tbe stramsbip City of Baltimore, from New York, ar rived at Liverpool to day Central laaaork'lere and troopa bare been defbate I Willi (real toes by the Sardinian*. coM.MiuciAi. intelligence. LONDON MONEY S4UET. The Loadoa mutiny market was qniat but steady. OouaoM closed oa Tuesday at OS a 3S.', for money, and a 33 4 for aoooont. ambrx-ar it am as. Hie latest quotat.ooaare for UiiaoiaCentral ebaras, 17X d.asount do. Beren per ceat bonds, 76., Brie shares, 38X a 2t v United State* fives, 93; Now York Central share*. 79 a 79*. Unroot, Sept. 19, I960 LIVERPOOL COTTON MARK NT. The sales of cotton on Monday sad Tuesday ware 16.000 bales, iar I ad lag 1.000 to speculators aad exporters. The market was unchanged, closing qntet but steady. STATS or TEA DC. Tl.c advices from Manchester are favorable. The mar ket was 'utet, but producers were firm. . iwrpool BMADflrrrrn market. The weather bae been unfavorable for Urn crops, bat Is Seer at tbe cloSS. Wakefield, Nash k Oe. and Richard ?oa.Ppeooe* Co. report Soar firm, aad lower qual.ttee fid. s 1* btgtaer tales st Ms. fid. s 81s. fit. ivbset firm; fine red 3d e 3d b igber, aad ooatmos red Id. S 3d higher while uaohanged Corn 8nn, sear as, aad Is. blgbsr mlsad and yellow 36a a 84a. fid; whtls. 378. a 88e. Lnnrooi raoviKioN stun. Brof neary and buysrs demsadlag a redaction i'.rK Irm Hsooa tteady. Lard sisady at tb a figs. Tallow q*Mt bat steady urnrooL rmoncci market. Aabes steady pots. t7n fid. a 39a : pearls sot quoted. Room steady, common, Is. Id. a te. 8d. Fplrlt* turpaa ttne dull at 31* ltd. e 32*. Nagar etee ly Coffee dull KM quiet LONDON Mtfinr*. Wheal lirm for good, and bolder* demand an adraam of Is a 3* per quarter oa foreign islbrtor qualities na saka.iie. Sugar qulot, and aoate dsarrtptioas earner, but qootatioee unchanged Coffee buoyant. Tea la but litUe inquiry, sad prior* weak. Rice firm and 3d higher. Taiiow quit! at Sfe. 3d. a It*. 81. Idnased oil fils TMR LAT8T MitUnT*. Liesaroot. Nspt 90 ltfifi I lott" n?The aaies rasterday wers 10,900 lialas. in r adios 4 000 to sposulatorr sod esportor*. Tbe amrket Ckwod Arm at fall prtoea Reradstu t tteady aad Irm. Ptottalon* quiet. Rtwm dull el te. Ibr common. Loaoos, dept. 40?A. M. Consuls 98 . *93 AM fisr Ik* Nyrlam NmWerert. Tbo ( warn it toe for the Roller of the neatitete end 8 if Ibriat M Syria acknowledge Ike receipt of lb* IbUew ag euma ileo* the last report ? Oeorge -? II 00 Haiti* kraagelioalCh. Lev H I.V Ward 8 08 1 vrm cgtun Mas* ftff 00 Alexaodr? 30 00 Trsa. Cb . tuf jete.t I h 09 Ftoeeie N. Y 7 90 Jem't .<*. Wulle.Aaetin, D., Baltimore.. tO 00 T?*ae ... 8 ;,0 8em?fl N Kilgoro, Re' lintel (h ft?r L'r CbancefoH, P* . 1 09 H ntnst, Wash eq lit 67 Mrs R. A R?r I. Ixiwer fhriet ? in, Prrm. Chaenefnrd, II ... 1 09 purl. I*. Y 10 00 ft, f. f ? 6 09 J.r.B 3 W y. j. M 3 W fifths Reetd I 99 j. M M 8 90 A lady 2 00 triend*. Augusta. ..13 00 J 0 2 00 T. N. P 8 on Firm tvmgi ftwtsiy. W., IMtri 1 6 00 Williamrtowo.Mai-t Sfi 43 P. W. Bmcir. Mbsr- tHauetoo, V* j no burs 10 00 Tallmadge Beaov.SSi. JS SO HL Jame* (fipie) CM., O JKolsott 10 00 Newtown, U f.... 23 23 Ref Botch Ch , New First Csag'i Ch. aad tow t,l> L SO 00 Mee v Rpr'gTd.lHAT 33 Tataj SlktO 46 Provtoatly ackaowledgsd 1S.6I0 77 Totfi| ... 910441 33 WM. A. BOCXB,Troa*ursr,MFfvWtr.n SOUTH BWAM'S TIUK IN TIE WEST. Mr, Inmd'i RtMpllM am?f Sp??ckM ?t ?t? Loan sad Springfield?His lat?r ?law with Mr, Llacala-lktteh of " Old Aba," die., die. Chicago, Oct. 1, I860. Mr Seward reacted St. Lou.i on Saturday night, and wu escorted by ibe W.dc Awakes to Qara-im'a Hotel, froai tba balcooy of which be spoke. He said Uiai be bad sot ootee to see St. louts or tbe peoole of Missouri, but to see Kaotaa, which was eatitied to bis (railtude and respect. Missouri oould .take care of herself, sbe did act care for republican prtaclplee, but warred with theos altocetber. If forty years ago Missouri bad choaeo to be a ft Slate, sbe would now bare four millions of people instaad of one million. He was a plain spoken uua, and bare wan talking treaeoa la tbe streets of St. Louts. Be oould n?t talk anything elae if be talked aa an honest man, but be found himself out of place hero. (A voice? "You're at home.") Here, said be, are tbe poqplo of Missoarl, who aak me to make a speech, and at the same time there are laws as to what kind of speech I may make. Tbe first duty that you owe to your city and yourselvea la to repeal aad abrogate every law on your statute bce k that prohibits a man from saying what hla honest Judgment aad sentiment end heart tell bin la tbe truth. (Mingled surprise and np probation on tbo part of tbo crowd.) Though I bave mid these hard things about tbo State of Missouri, I bave no bard sentiments about It or St. Louis, fori have great faith aad hope?nay, absolute trust?In Provi dence. What Missouri wants Is courage, resolution, spirit, manhood?not consenting to take only that privi lege of speech that slaveholders allow, bnt Insisting on complete freedom of speech. But I bave full trust that it will all oome right In tbe end; that In ten years yon will double your population, and that In fifteen or twenty yean yon will bave fonr millions of people. To secure that you bave bnt to let every man who comes here, from whatever State or nation, speak out what be believes will promote tbo welfare and Interests of man kind. What surprised me In Kansas wss to see the vast improvements made there within six years, with so Ut ile wealth oryrtrength among bar people; anl what sur prtfisd me In Mlanouri waa that with such a vast territo ry aad ancb grant resources, there waa so little or popu 1st ion, Improvement sad strength to be found. (Faint manifestations of approval ) I ought not, perhaps, to talk these things to yon. I should have begun at tbe other and of tbe story, though e citizen of any other .-tat* has aa much liberty here aa the citizens of Missouri; but he baa leas liberty than I like. I wast saote than you have. I want to speak what I think, Instead of what a Mlasourlan thinks. I think you are la a fair way of shaming your government into an enlightened pooltloo. Yon era In tbe way of being Ger manised into It. I would much rather you bad got Into It by being Americanized instead of Germanised; but It la better to come to It through that way than not to some to It at all. It was through the Germans Germanizing Great Britain that Magna Charts waa obtained, and that that greet charter of Kngliah liberty oaaae to be the charter of tbe liberties of tbe sons of bglaad throughout tbo whole world. Whatever Ilea la my power to do to brtag Into sue cesaful aad practical operation tbe great principle that tbta government la a govern meat for free men and sot for .lavers or siavehoidem, aad that this country la to be tbe borne of the exile front every land, I shall do as yoa are going to do by support*"* Abraham Lincoln for President, ana Hannibal Hamlin for Vloo Prosldcnt. (Clmcrs.) Mr. Seward aad party Ml St. Louis ibis morning 'or Chicago. At Sprtngtield, where Mr. Llaoola reeidee, there was* crowd awaiting tbe arrival of tbe traia, aad a salute was fired as It approached tbe station. There waa a rush into and about tbe windows of tbe car In which Mr. cteward waa seat' d. Among those who premed r >rward to shako him by tbe hand waa Mr. Lincoln himself H<s portrait, bear a sufficient resemblance to bim to make MOfignUkm easy . and yet be la not by any means so hard leaturod and almost repulsive looking as tbey represent him un the enntrsry whil- 110 one would call him a gonl I 1 ikla man neither would anyone l>e repelled by bts aspect The good humored expression that lurks ahont his clear gray eye travels theoue long, deep curvel farrow down bis rbcck. and makes its home somowhors ia the regMu of his capncions motub, must always make blm friends He <lros?s in the ordinary stylo of Western Itwyors, black elolh swallow tailed coat, and panti Siting lightly to his kmc. bony frame; the iueviuble blank I aa.ln vtsl, i>pyn low down, and displaying a broad Heel of stirt boron, Uie ool .ir being turn' l down -iter s black silk neckerchief. H.s manner I.Mr Sewarl wae marked rather by deference and respect than oordullty and Mr Seward himself seemed to avoid friendly ad vsores?a little unusual for him The crowd i-oaamete ed to vociferate for .Seward . and final y succeeded la getting btm out to the platform. After alludlag to the extent of bin trip, be said ? I am bappy to eipreen, on behalf of the parly with whem I aan travellleg, oar gratltede aad>w 1 lodgments for tbie kind aad teneroua receipt;>n at the 1 heme of your distinguished fellow eilizee, our excellent and honored candidate for the Chief Magistracy of the l otted State*. H there a in any part of ?he country a deeper interest felt In hw election than there is In any other part, It must of course be here, where as bts 11 red s life of usefulness, where be 1* surrounded by the mm pun tors of lis labors and of hla publli terrier*. We are bappy to report to you, allhoagh w* bar# travelled over a >arg* part of the country, we have frued no doubtful Stairs. (Applause ) Too would naturally expert thai I should my aometblrg about the temrier and dlspneiliou of tbe .-Hale of New York Tbe State of Mew Turk win give a gtaeroua and cheerful aad elective support in your neighbor, Abraham Line-la. 1 hare heard about I ombnat.ons and ooabtiona there, aad I here been urged from the beginning to abandon this >"<aey and tars back on iny footsteps Whenever I shall tied any rtanon to suspect that the ran or ly which the Plate of New York will jive for the Republican caed date, will be Ism than 00 COO. (Cheers) I may do so. The State of i New York aerer fail*?terer flitcher Sbe has been asm- I milled from the beginning, as she will be to the end. , utder all rrcon," Usees, 10 tbe great pr sc.plea of the Republican party. Sbe voted Is establish tklas lead of 1 freedom for you la HOT. iHm sustained the ord nance of I '17 till yoa ware able la take ear* of yourselves | Among the drat acts or her government, "be , abolished slavery for herself -he has knows j nothing of compromises, nothing of condition or qualifies lion o the great principle, and she never will .-he will sustain your distinguished neighbor because she knows that be IS true to his great principle, ami when sbe baa helped la elect bun. by riving *a large e taaportly as ran be glean by any half doaeo other States, then you will dad that sbe will aak lean, exact less from htm, and sup port him more faithfully than any other fbafis can do. That is Ibe way she did with John ' i n. v Adams, thai is Hi* way sbe unta.osd Gen. Taylor, aad that is the way sbe wih sustain Gsa. I.lnxda (looJ ulnars ) There were load callt for Osu Nye. In wnlel They etpreasrd eirrt m Mr Lincoln said?Twelve years ago yoa told me that this cans# would be *oc eesfni, andsver since I have he imved that it wonlJ be F.vea if it did not succeed 00a my fhitb would not be shaken. ' Aa tan tat loo was exWndsd to the party to go to anas* pises not dedn itely uaderatood. They left the car for the ??"psay. but dad lag tbst the H***.w0** ?'J ,top s fbw moments tbry turced back tMtfnr^r. H i 'WwMl'lwiwI througb^thr ?***"" wm,, broro. m the train .wept MR. SEWARD'S RKC'EPTION AT CHICAGO. rwKAOO, Oct. I,1W M' reached Chicago tbia ertntag. Be *n reported t? the Tremoat Hcu*e by Wide Aw?k?. An iBBscnM i??.*mbl?fp m ronjregated la froot of M? hotel. Among lb* la-lie* on the balcony ?u I ady Franklin, to wbnm Mr Reward pa 1 hi* ruepert* Mayor Weat wf'tih prenaated Reward lo the audi?ac*. !? IM entire of h1* remark* h? mid lbat the " ,rr* prem.b'e conflict began w th the fall of man. aad wta brought lo thia country when the frco nollort landed at Hyatonth Rock. aad when the ataTeboldam put their bank into Jameetown The people demanded that the lefialattoti of the country *hould be reform" I. and that the t nr..illation ebouid hare an hornet, old ranh.on?f lairrpretalioti <i heer* ) They alan tailed that M*. Reward ahoold *1t in the Renate natll they ehonH taaa blai out of it four yeaewhenoe, and make him tte ettneea ane of an bone*' and able itatetman Mr Reward made a brief add re-?. la the onorte whirl he eeld?Veither yon nor T hare any power to diet era timer of our felkrw eit'aee* In the Ronlhern r-dalee who maintain tlarery, and hartag no power we hare ne rewpooeibitlty, We need not feer thet r"ght, and iMttce. and humanity will not prerall In tbte world, eren though we are not In the field where baUlen Itor It lit to he fought or where Im truetioan for It are to be fir en. There bare been *1* of the thirteen alare dlatee of (he cnofbderaey r-deemed by the elt wei of tboor Rtatee tbemaelren with out nterfbrence or interrentim from abroad All the "there that remain may be Mfl under the lacreatlaf la "nenam of Christianity, to my nothing of policy, to de hrer themarlree .Iron* the puree from which w- hare been aared Von inderrentlon In the Rtaten by freemen la but half of the mothre of the rwpnhlltan party. Not! nterpentine by Mar* holder* in the territoriee of the t ailed dtnmn r* tba reebV* (Cheer* ) . Mr Wwnrd epenftn be** t? ??**??., CITY POLITICS. THE MOZART HALL CITY AND COUNTY CONVENTION. SB "AT MhTHERINfi or TUB ROCSSS OrTF'DR?A Hnove TOUtK FORCE ON HAVIL "HO.'KFDI I -i Of TBI CONVENTION?NOMINATION OP OKOBUK 6. > AHNAKP IOK 81TRRMK COl HT, A11KAHAH V. RCH 8BLL FOR RECORDER, EDWARD C. WB8T FOR SCR RO'i ATE, JOHN C. Ji'CCNlt FOR CirT JCDCR, JAttES LYNCH VOK W.l ilR AND CHRISTIAN cCHWAK/AII DIK FOR ^rPBRVD-OR. Tbe meeting of tke Wood Douglas city ud county Con vention last evoRtsg was the means of collecting about Moxart Hall sad rtcinity oso of th* moot form) dab Is crowds of "roughs" and muscular Christians it has ever been the lot of our reporter to wltaem. The nhoolder hitters were mostly the hirelings of Tnmmaay, sent espe cially, tt Is supposed, to occsskm a disturbance at Moxart Hall, and, If poosiMo, to gain possession or the Conrea tion. But it appear* information of the Intended demon ?tration of the "Ooal Hole" puge had been obtained early yesterday, and ample preparations bad aocordiagly been mads te meet and quel) it in a sery vigorous manner. A very large police Poroe was on band, under the personal direction of Mr. Superintendent Kennedy, who appeared on the scene la citizens' attire, and wan observed moving around ib a very vigilant and suspicious fashion. The rowdies were snot out very systematically, and the en trances and stairs were kept free from all Intrusion. Owing to these well-timed measures and presauttons, perhaps, no disturbance took place and the prooeedings of the Convention went cB very qulotly. By half past seven o'clock nearly all the delegates, Mayor Wood and bin brother Beojamin amongst them, were In attendance. The Convention organised by the election of George C. Genet, of tbe Fifteenth ward, as Chairman, and Messrs. P. Kerin and 8/lvester Nolan as 9ecretsrtes. The list of delegates was then called, and two nets of delegates reported from the Eighth and Seventeenth wares. Some discussion took place as to the oourse which ought to bo pureuod relative to tbe oontestants. It was Anally settled in a satisfactory manner, and the onvwntion thereupon immediately proceeded to the chief business of the meeting, to-wit, the nomination of candt dales. A gentleman, whose name we could not ascertain, pro posed Mr. James Lynch for tbe otliceof Register, aud proposed hie aomluatlon by acclamatioa. This was car ried without a dissentient voice, and the result was hailed with shouts ot enthusiasm on the part of the delegates and numerous lobby c utaide. Mr. Ray, of the Third Ward, next moved the nomina tion of Recorder! George 8. Barnard for Justice of the Supreme Court by acclamation, which was carried in pretty much the same style as lbs Domination (tor Regis ter. Ma. Sauna. D. Williams, took the floor Immediately to! lowing Mr. I laniard's nominal ton, and proposed the noml nation of Judge Abraham D. Russell by acolamatioo, as the candidate of tbe Convention tor Reoorder. Another delegate proposed en an amendment, the neme of Mr. Charles A. May, ex-Public Administrator Acer tain amount of discussion succeeded, some delegates pro posing that tbe vote should be by ballot, others favoring men we, and still mors moving tor lbs appointment of tellers to reoord the votes. lbs Chairman decided that no teller* were needed in a inoa sore vote, and in accordance with tbe destre of tbe majority tbe Convention proceeded to vote viva wet with the following result. Abraham D. Roseau 76 votes. Charles A. Hay 16 " Mr. RumeU was therefore declared nominated, and the Deminatlon was mads unanimous, with no smaU amount of beart.nem on the part of Mr. Russell's friends. Ex Judge Pbar rose to propose Mr. Kdward C. West tor the Surrogates!) tp. Mr. West, be said eras the present able Surrogate, had discharged the onerous duties of his office in a manner which had aflerded the fullest aatisfac Hon to members of the bar sad the community in gene ral. The nomination tor Surrogate eras the moat im portant before the Convention, as It involved the adjudi cation of property to tbe extent of millions of dollars. Mr. West had ailed one term with distinguished ability, sod It was the duty of the Oooventlon to reward so deserving an officer with a reoomtnattoa. He had be Come faiuiHav with the duties of Surrogate, e faiuiH*' with tbe duties of Surrogate, and, es a seary coaeeq-jenoe, wan thoroughly qualified for the a. In roacliitioa, Judge Dean moved the nomination cdfinm of Mr. Wee*, by aoelamatloh. This moiion was heartily responded to, and Mr. West was accordingly nominated by acclamation Colonel John C. McCona, the famianny nominee, and Colonel Christian Schwartzvraelder were next nominated respectively, by acclamation, for tbe offices of City Judge and Supervisor. An attempt wen made to enbfttitute Mr. Faith Ely's name tor Mr. Hebwartxwaetder, but by an almost uuat.'mo ih vote the proposition wus tabled. Thti completed the full ticket, and the Convention ad journed tine die, cheering for tbe candidates, Fernando R ood, Nteoben A. lUuglas and other favorites of th>< Moxart democracy. mqUL AID EVERETT CITY AND COUNTY CONVENTION. SAl'i T AND ?rr*KT ION?ADJOURN MKWT CNT11 FRIDAY, KTC. The delegates oft be Co >oa party met laat evening al the comer of Broadway and Eighth atroct, for the pur pure of nominating a city and county ticket. The Con rent.on wan sailed to order by the aieetkm of General John IJoyd aa chairman, and Jan. Forbes aa aeeretary. The roil waa sailed, and It wan found that delegates ftrmall the wards bat the Third, Fourth and Twentieth were present. A long controversy waa had upon the admittance of the delegate* from the Second ward. The rvxed icstion was Anally tetlled by admitting toe dele galea. nr. Kiawr then rnored that tbe Convention adjourn until tbe lutb of <>cu>oer, and aaid in support of bl* mo tlon that be wanted tbe party to look about before I bey acted, tbat they might retain the mMM of tbe p. pie by moving cautiously. Gnu W Armsvroxi; alao favored the adjournment One dekgate from hla ward waa abaeal front atokneaa, but would be present on the lOio Mr Gsasnnaav. one of the manager* of the Central ?ell Ctab. opposed adiourameat until they exchanged views open what waa tnelr duty to do. i no A. Eeurr objected to an adjournment and move I that a committee ol rot.fer. n ?? be appointed to confer with tbe other national parties, with a view of uniting on one ticket. His met Ion waa declared out of order, wbn Dr. NrFaaiaan movel tbat when tbe Oaveatioo ad jsurn, H adjourn to me. t on Frl lay cv< u ng A longeontrorersy sad oonatdaraoleoonlualon followed, at ona time, a general break up the [ueation. however, waa Anally adopted A motion waa mads by Mr. Qthi of the Fifth ward, that the CoBveat'OO do adjourn. Another genera!. rp-ey and aaurj time foltowe<l Tbe motion waa at icngtii put. and there were about as assay yeas as nays. A call waa made fhr thS yeas anu nay* Rverybod;. wanted to streak everybody knew more abcat the 'location Hun anybody eln*. The result was that a general orimtaaiiaa and re crtmiBUtea took pta< e. delegates calling each other re publicans; there seemed to be aa impression that a squad of "rau splitters' had found their way into tbe Conven ttea, and every one Instated that all bat blmsalf were dis honest The Chair lloally denied that tbe call for the yea* and naya was out of order Mr Qulg appealed from the declaim Another decidedly racy time ensued oa that quest ion Tbe jtaa and naya ware called, rceultlag la ?astalalag the Chair?yeas AS, naya IA Mr Hauwv then renewed his motion to appoint a com milter of conference Mr Alarm opjvwed tbe motion, and desired the Con venlloa to make their summation* at once. He had an objection* to it, and did not believe in moving, aa though they were In the market to be sold out. Mr. OkisaesaT then moved to nmendptr HalMf* mo tkm by ipi?'Biing n committee to confer with all other national parties, aod report tbe raenlt at tbe next meet Another delegate waked t0 appoint a - ommittec of three to seiact aomlaatioas, and report to tbe nett meeting. A dozes gent 'men jumped to the door to apeak but a gentleman in the rear of the ball sue tee led In obtaining tbe ear ot tbe chair, md moved to lay the whole que* tlon oa the table This aroused Die ire of a portion of Um delegate*, sad a decidedly apuaky t ma followed Tbe teas and ?*>? ware Aaally lakes, sa l the was earned. Oa mottm of Mr Wmjmb, the Convention then ad onmed uati Friday treeing. TAMMANY CONGRfSSIONAL CONVENTIONS. r FTM t OWHUtsaiOWAL Manucr. Al ad loaned meet, ag of the Fifth Congressional district Conveatioe van bald last erasing, at the corner of <,rau I and Ridge streets, Charles A. Dsnike In the chair As boar was apmt In examining the credentials of delegate* from Wiltianwburg, but no definite rasult was azrred at, aa lbs Cnnvritioa, with a view of effecting a union the M- rart fall organlratlon, adjourned to me t tbl* (Tnotday) evening, at half past aeven o'clock, in Wash tagton Hall, rvtrnrr of Fourth and South Seventh streets, Wdliaowburt. *HTH OOtO'HtSstOVAt. PTSTRfCT. Tbe Coovrtl rm Mr this district met last evening >a Dnfly'a aa'ooa, base-rent of lbs I.tfargs Route, fhr tb' purpose of r imlnating a repr?weoUtlva to Congress. A Urge crowd lathered .a the neighborhood, whesaemed to take a g'cat Interest In what was going oa, sn 1 who received tbe announcement of the result come to with evident ?at 'factItn John Wlslhrop Chanlsr waa no minated by aoriamaiKHi agnotm (tNktwWMdL manticr. IWlegate* 'rom the Math, Hmeeoth aod Twestath ward* aseem Had laat sight to nnmmale a Coagreaamvn for the Revsilh OongreusHoal district. Alderman Wll ham 1 Perk af the Twentieth ward, was appointed chair man, and Mr James i.rwham, of the Niath ward, aecre tary The naatlsg w?s orgmared at eigbi or lock, when the following candidates ware mil in nominative ? l.dc'pho Wolfc, Bl ab Ward, and iVjtllam L. on#, editor of the IrUK Amfrimn, Tbe result ot tb* Am rrwular ballot was s* fullowa ? t'dolpho Wolfe, nine votes; Wil liam I. Cole, eight votes, and PJijah Ward, fbnr v isa. Rose of tb* raadldaAss having received n majority of the votee, the delegates proceeded to ballot a aeeood lime, which resulted as fU)ews<? Bijah Ward, two rotas, l doiiho Wo fe, twdvs rotes, asd Wll'lam L Cola, eevea ytdtt Mr bays*! rooefysd tb* majority of thg votes, *11 declared duly nomjiiUil as candidate ,or **? Bevenih Congrcmioaal d.sUict. REPUBLICAN CONGRESSIONAL CONVENTION. sixth vomirkk-ional Disrmi :r. Tt" rrovent'.on ueid ? proiracud moe.'.ac, tad dually adjourned wtbout roro'.rg U> any reealt. An adjourned meet .eg A CxeJ for Friday even eg next. ASSEMBLY CONVENTIONS. REPUBLICAN ASSEMBLY CONVENTION. Tn.iriH tnmiRT ?Adjourned until Thursday, meet, eg to be be Id at No. a ayenne D. TAMMANY ASSEMBLY CONVENTIONS. Finer Thermo* ?Tbla Oonventlon met Hotel laat evening, and adjourned to tbe PewUr Mug, wt.iro uonaldereble confusion Ux lt place, several .rem opposition wards seeking U> :real?ia dlaturba^e. After I great deal of trouble a be.lot wa.I taken, when Mr Hayes received sixteen voles, and a oertiOcate waa tigced to the efl'cct that he ia the regular Tammany can d ?M^csTH Piktmci?This Convention met laat night at the cwner of Broadway and Thirteenth street, but ad jonrned until this evening, wltlamt effecting a notation. Trent Dwnucr ? Adjourned, to meet next Tharadav evening at Smith's, corner of Firat avenue and Eleventh nreet" BRKCEOmiDCK ASSEMBLY CONVENTIONS. Kiav?TB Diwbky -Tbe B*aekli^? Aaj^Wr niilng Convention of the neveotb district met tat. ajren | ing corner of Ninth avenue and ; | journed until Thuraday evening next, at the aaaae place. KINGS COUNTY POLITICS. Sixth Ahmklt Dnrnuci.?At a Convention of the oon atitutlonal I'mon party, bold B*MSfoutb Fourth street, V iiiamahurg, laat?v?>?e, Mr. Robert D. Woom?id wan unanimously nominated aa their uaadtdwm for the Sixth Alterably district. Board of Alderman. This body met last evening, Prealdeat Peck In the chair. Several papers were received and referred. By the Auditor's report it appears that the disburse ments from July 1 to September 80 were aa follows ? On truat *1 am aw On city accounts ? r ? -.v;; J." ' ' Aireuted and 400 copies ordered to be printed. ^rsrsxrst'sffssissss cording to tbe returns of the Chamberlain and Oouuty Total "gffl Payments. _____ Balance, September tub chasoss ruomuuro ?v vaa matow amnt rn iiiimr BKiivamt asd AsewiAXt coMHiwshm? *?' (noroa Aucsnicr boabd- thb ooh*ittbb Barons that tbi* <MAM? All RDtTtD. Xhe following report wmt recetrod. Tbo roadlng was ?oapeaded and oat thousand oopiea ordered to bo print ed ___ TO THS HoSOSABUt THK BOASO OF Al-DBSMEX ? Tbe undersq-ued, the special committee to whom were relerred the message* of his Honor the Mayor, dated the eleventh and eighteenth days of July, 1M0, asking the ?mmaca of tbla Board la the removal Craven, as Engineer, and Thomas B Tappeo, as Assistant Commlasloner of the Crotou Aqueduct Board, respectfully rTS!t"7oor committee held ibetr ttmt meeting on the tenth dav uf September, ult., whan they were attend "SfiZiZTStSSS'n*rs^s: note bad been addressed by tho committee to hislHoaor tbe Mayor, requesting htm to appear before thorn on the investigation of tbo chargee preferred by him, with whtohlrequeet hie Honor refused to comply. That on the second meeting of your committee, held on tbe tlevenlh day of September, ult., Meesra. Craven and Tannen both appearvd before your committee and road thatT^written ^answer* to tbe iharge. coot HnedI in tea message" of tbe Mayor, which answers were vorltted by them under oath, and are hereto annexed. That tbe said answers having been read, each of salt vil.cere expressed bis desire and anx ely to have tho charge* preferred against him thoroughly examined. That bis Honor failed to attend this meeting of the com "?That your committee thereupon directed their clerk to | serve upon bts Honor oopiea of ll.e answers of Messrs ( raven and Tappen, and adjourned to ttie seventeenth ult , In order to give his Honor an opportunity of dtapet mg ihe truth ol said answers If be desired todo so. That on ibat day your committee again assembled for tbe purpose of proceeding Willi the isveettgatlon. but ilnding thai owing to some overallh. of the clerk the arasM bad not been delivered lo tbe Mayor, they again adjourned in order that aaervlce therein might be mads. That the said ans?cr* were eerrcd on tiie Mayor on the eishtaenth day of September, alt.,and tliat the next meeting "f your committee waa held on the twentieth oi ^fbit at this and the previous meeting Messrs Craven and Tappen were present Ibe Mayor, however, failed to attend. It a thus apparent, that while the parties accused by tbe Mayor have been ready on every occasion of th? meet lag of your committee lo confront the Mayor, and enter upon the investigation of bis charges, his Honor has steadily refused to appear before your committee, or to take a single step towards the substantiation of those ?^fhe sworn answrra presented by Meters. Craven and Tanceo are. In tbe oplnloa or your oommitlee, thorough refutation* of the charges of the Mayor, and cast upon blm the burden of proving hla allegation* This he has failed to do. and your committee ean there fore draw no other inference than that he baa become ?aixfled from a perusal of tbe answers that the charges contained in bis two mees.xgee were erroneous and un "l* la at all events, the opinion of your committee that there is Dot a single charge in either of those mt saaee which is not thoroughly explained by the parlies accused, and justice to them demands tnat your committee should express their sincere belief that ibe charge* were unfounded, and that there te not the rl'gblest ground for supposing that either lbs Engineer or the Arsistanl Commimloeer ha*, in any rewpwc*, failed lo discharge tbe duties or hla position with ability and Bdw'ltli reference to Ihe charges of the Mayor lo relation u> tbo reserve*, year oomaMteeatoo Beam it thoir duty to state that, In their op in loo, there never has been an instance In wblcb tbe estimates by aa engineer of the probable quantities and of the coal of the work required lor a work of this character, have so closely ted lo the actual result, and that Mr Craven, so far from being snbject to censure roe hia professional actum ta that matter, is dreervitg of tue highest commendation In conclusion, your committee would report that the r..urges of hi* Honor have not only not been proven by him, but that tney have been thoroughly disproved by the answers of tbe excused, and your committee therefore present for tb* adoption of the Board tbe following reaolu ll?Rafotved. That Hits Board da not concur In tbe removal of Alfred W Craven, Chief Engineer, and Thomas B^Tap pen. Assist int (torn miss loose of the Croton Aqueduct Card, aa requested by the messages of hla Honor, the Mayor, dated duly elevealb ? mghtoeat^W^ppto " V' r J. A. BOOLE, (,W> STARR The report of tho Commutes on Baiarim and omorn, la (hvor of coacurriag with the Board of Ccuacilmen to la cress* tbe salary of the firat Aasialant Auditor la tha Comptroller s office to 11 K0 per aaanm. waa adopted. The report of the Committee on Finance, in favor of concurring with the Board of Oouacilmen to appropriate B&00 for the einee?ra of the funeral of tho lata Mfo?r Morton Faircnlld, was recoramlftod, because a bill of particular* waa not furnished The report of tbe Committee on Finance, In favor or dnnafng W.000 to tb* Five Points House ol Industry, was "'tb^Hoard adjourned to Thursday ne*i, at five o'clock Tn Woxtjt* Lh*a*t ?Thl? loot it l oo, which bubco recrotly organ ?d md opm??il, wa? formally inaugurated lift even IB | at Ibe church of Ro*. Dr. Chap.n, on Broad way. A large a dleaoe wae In att.-ndinr, antw ttutea I lag the inclement eond tlon of the woalhcr. TV meeting wo* railed to order by th? Hon Heary J. Ra> vtd, l"re?. Idrtit of the Bnar l ??f Trade-*. who m ? le aa nddresn, and reported the oaitrractory toccrw* of the undertaking The laotituttob * ia organ 7 d 1 nder a ?p>rial charter of the state legtalature. under which tw.-lee gentlamen well >n<>wn to the ontnorialtv for their iwrtleipat ton in V-atll reat enleiprioeaof th ? < harnct-r w-ra app.nt.-l tr atrea. (V.ntrihut an, both in b< du and m iey inr*b en Itbe -alh mad r mtnod, m librar. rnonu bare haaa .peoc I In 1 Birrmtty place, wber bcautifnl picture* cmVsiuh IV ?< .U*. rod 1 Vnre and attract re rol nn al 1 a the table* tad ehelrre, the apartm-nto n . vary re?pe. t being mai.e an attraction piece far ail women who ot.y t ik ? ph aenre ib tuch a rcaort. I altera were read from mn of Dm prtoripal publmbera and merchaataof the 1 ty offer leg fi rtber .et' laser n the abaiw of book* and the . a terprtre la re|iT(Weate I to be in a ri-hmg c a dtion. AddrMww wore after .art* delivered b- Her H* irr Ward Beerbrr aad llBll T Brady. R?d , wher th? m?i lag adjourned. Among the ch tra. t^. t?tic cmtrkaof the former ap< aker, he rtatad that It ought to be tV tea tag id'* of ewery Amet lean, Grtt, to fo a l a home, that .a 10 get matr ted. ??toad tofou:i I anora ry tad third, to (mad a library, In wbi. h V ahonld add a aheiri II .if new book* with trtrj new baby. N .t a bad thing to "do" a I a n i?.i. I'ermaal Intelligence. (Jen ?too galea and family, of tooth Carolina. are Mop ping al the Now York Motel Col (torlag, of the Inlted -talea Army Or Smith, of Philadelphia H W Brook* and lady, of Florida J II Lowe and lady. of Now Orleanr J. C (ieorgr town Vf H Rnoe, of Mobile. T. fwrerinon, of Maryland, and W. R. Branch, of Ylrgloia, art atopptng at the fifth Arcane Hotel. W. Byata, of Philadelphia J. R. Oilman and fbmltr, of Baltimore H tohnfteld, of Saraloga; E ft. Smith of MM aland. Mr Daring and lady. of Fogiand H. R Paywwi and W. B. Ogdon, both of Chtmgo B Hart ram. of Owoeetl col, and Mia* PoUlt, of Virgtalo, ace etopptag at the t'aloa Place Hotel Oat Tltue an ! lodge lrwla, both of Arlrooa, aid W. Rmhardooo. of the Royal Mary. "? at U>o St. Michotao BotoL DEATH BEFORE DISHOIOR. SiBfllar aid Dtatrcaslag CaN of Suicide la Wcat Thirty-Sixth Street. A peculiar and truly dlitresalng tragedy occurred at No. 321 West Thirty-sixth street uo Am day evening. The particulars of Ute caae, aa furnished to our reporter yesterday, are aa follow* 'n the month of February last, a young aad realty beautiful girl, named Josephine Clifton l.yon, waa forced to quit the residence of her parents, m First street, in ooeeequenoe, as aba says, at the repeated and apparently determined efforts of her father to Induce her to lead the life of a common courte san. She Hod to tb? residence of a friend of here named Jennmge, where ibe remained In safety until -be could procure a suitable boarding house Subsequently, in the month of March, she went to Use with a married lady la Macdougal street. Here she remained until Jnan, when her father, dltsovering her place of conoealmeat, bad her arrested and brought before Justios Quackenbuah. She refused to go to the house of her pa rents, however, and notwithstanling she waa to-iced up in a lonely cell all night, in the morning her determina tion was not shaken in the I oast. The magistrate, Hading that all eflbrts to effect a reconciliation between the tktber and daughter were useless, discharged Joeephinn and told her to go back to her friends. Alter staying a few months longer In Maodongal street, the girl by invi tation went to the residence of Mr. Kooch Griffith, a mar ried gentleman residing at 221 West Thirty sixth street. With Mr. Griffith's family, whom abe bad known from her infancy, one would suppose that she would have lived happily a-, -on ten ted; but, unfortunately, such was sot the caae. At timee become quite melancholy, aad cry aa if ber heart woum when naked what was the matter, ber Invariable " I am afraid my blackhearted father will come here some day and lake me away, and I would ratber die than live with bias." The commrncemeut of a civil suit lor abduction against Mr. Griffiths by Josephine's father, served to increase her fears, and so heavily did the affair weigh upon ber mind that she pemeencd herself of a revolver, and threatened to shoot ber father, and herself too, ;f any at tempt was made to deprive her of her freedom. Mrs. Griffiths used every means to quiet lbs fears of the heartbroken creature, but in vain; despair took pos session of ber soul, and .be determined to end all bar earthly troubles in a suicide's grave. On more than one occasion she purchased laudanum for the purpOsv of self destruclion, but ber love and respect for the family of Mr. Griffiths prevented ber from carry teg out her desire. A day or two ago, however, she thought abe discovered an agent of her father's lurking about the bouse, aad, fearful that an effort would be made to abduct ber, the determined to carry out her original mten tlon oi suicide. Accordingly, on Sunday evening, when Mr. and Mrs. Griffiths were sitting in the parlor, Josephine retired to the priracy of her room, and pro curing t pistol from the bureau, plaoed the muzzle to her chest and pulled the fatal trigger. The cap did not ex plode, however, and It was not until she had tried a se cond and a third time that efts oould euoieed m firing off the weapon. The report of the pistol soon brought the satire frunily to the room, and on entering the apartment they found poor Josephine lying welterlrg in a pool of blood. Dr. Burdick, of writ Thirty sixth street, waa teetently summoned lo the relief of the dying girl. Be found Jo seph ine lying on the bod. in a state of syncopt, but by meant of stimulants and hot applications to the reel and lower extremities be soon succeeded in restoring ber to consciousness. I'pon probing the wound the physician found that the ball bad entered the epigastric region, a little to the left ol the modeau true, wounding the dia phragm subsequent discoveries showed thai, besides cuttirg through the diaphragm, the hall bad pteroed the stomach. The patter, t, after rallying, vomited a large quantity of blood, but did not complain of any ptln. Ffoe seemed averee to basing anything does whereby her re covery might be effected, saying she was determined to die and that if she got well she would make a second at lempt at suicide H~r manner war quite cool, and in a clear and distinct voice she related the canes which impelled her to the nommtssloo of the rath act The story of her wrong-, IS re couuii d to Dr. Burdick, Mr. Griffiths sad otb-rs, rum this way ? Her fattier s? one time was engaged in the livery busi ness, and well on, but of late years by reverses 01 fortune he wss reduced to jieoury. Driven to deeporal on, be resoi ted lo vbo moat unnatural means to obt* o a liveli hood, eaimiy tbe prostitution of bis daughter. But Josephite. who according to all accounts wss a good ant vnuois gli I .-mimed the bsn oroprwal with --ire, and threatened to leat ner parent's roof if tlio rffer wen re posted. 1.credulous ?? it may appear, Joseph:no says Ibsl every artifice was used to make her hula life of Shame by lum wb<> ilotild have been her guar! Is a and protector At night she was lorced to | lace ber bed Bgai.ri the bedrcom door to guard against ntr-- >n, and m en oration she said an effort was mad-' to de prlvc ber o" Icr ? uses by moan- of chloroform Tied eg that her fatlu r waa determined that at.?? should become a waaton, on tbe 2dtb of February isit tbe !? .1 her patent's r -and soot t that pr?b '.Ion amoog stranger* which was der. ed her at borne. With tbe re. t of ner history our readers are a'ready lain isr. Josephine stated that sbo w>a about Seven teen yearn of age,and that (tie attempts on tbe perl of h r father lo forco Iter lo l?ecotne a eoerteean oremenced fully three years ago It was only wtlhle tbe lest year or so, how e ver, that hm conduct became unbearable, aad rtadertd her flight a matter of dire necessity. r*. Caruoehat: waa :u ai tendance upon tbe wounded glil yesterday, and after holding a consultation with the other physicians, the ease was pronoaneed bopelww. Latidwainf when our report! r visited tbe scene of the tragedy. Dr Burdick tnf.rraed him (bat, although there wa- iw visible change in the pat-nt, mil tbe ebancea were ten to one agaiaat ber recovery. If the bait bad not passed Out of tbe siomhcb, and had only made one wound la thai organ heibovgM there waa a chance Jot ber reonvery; but he waa afraid the hultrt bad pasted through and through the atomscb. and lodged tome where In the aplnal region, In wbKh ease death wsa almost carta n Jose; hlne rrqnrktu that ber father may not he per m'tted to acc< mpany her hi the r last resting pltoe, and also says the does eot wish to be buned in Greenwood Hhe did not gtve the reason for ber dnltke to tbr cemetery in question, but it tt supposed that she has a horror of being interred to the family burying ground, where she might some day lie beside the author of her beteg and destruction alike The case is a very remarkable one. aad wbea It comae to be Investtraud by the Coroner many additional foots of Interest will he devcloiied. Alleged Harder at Or?ni?M> A < OLOItRb WOMAN ACCITO Or MIIDKBINO fl** Bl -BAND?f.RIAT Ki ITtMINT?ARKf-T OK THE AClfkH?ILLKiAL rmO< KKDINtM. The inhabitants or the township of flrareoeod, Look Island, vera thrown Into ? ntnteof alarm and rmvemeni oa Runday morotof, from a report that prera,led Utat an elderly, reepeetnbl* colored man, well knows la the community, named Frank Nltboln, bail bees murdered liy bia wife, a colored woman. Nicbolo bore tbe character of an Industrious man, of quiet and pmoeable die poet i on but bo la natd to bare been tor mented wltb that curae ot the marriage elate, a dl'aoliite and disreputable partner, wlooo often a rowed object wae to ret rid of tbe old man. I'afbr Innately for N boln, It would iee>m that bo wouil ooca ?looally frequent public bounce la company wltb bii wife, wben lbey would drink together, and on Saturday nlgbt tbe couple were time eagnged in tbe grocery of Hater Ibi mone, which they both left sufficiently Inter Minted to fight wh<n tbey reached their home, a email bouM la tbe wood* in tbe rear of Char lee iouee hotel. Poring tbe ?ebt, t would eeem, tbe woman (truck her hnabaad a blow ultb a tumbler, cutttan hie temple la two place* and breaking tbe flaaa U> fragtnenta. Ope of tbe cute opened au art-ry. and, tOr yh the around war not Ibte! of neceaaity, yet being anhtlwded to all night, the old Ohio hied to 'eatli It further appeared that tbe woman, who had retired aa If nothing unurcal bad occurred, alepi till m rnteg, when ahe ar ec and proceeded to a uelaboring tavern for br r are. etomed triornin, draught, -'<> un secloon wae ehc that there wae anything wrong ab< it bar. that ? be did not even obeervo that ber hande and clot bee were lalr.rated with blood. The r rmmatnn-e en, however, noticed by person* preeent. who communicated tbera to an t (beer, who immediately went over to vichols- to are what wan the matter. On the feouM > barribie eight waa pre ?anted to bla view. Tbe old negro wae f cad tiling dead in n cba r. eurro tided w tb a pool of Mood, while 'Fig ment* of the tumbler with which the dred had he<s evi dent y perpetrated were MaMgred about the ""or Mro. KMi< a wae ?nbeeq eatly tat > a late ? uetod> hy tbe -<m e'ab'u. n a ne.gbb >r * rhanty When arre ted,rt? ?d mltteu having at? ? k Iter iuseasd with ber hand d inap a quarrel, but denied that *be bad uned a t mbler an a weapon. On Koidnv alen ooo, ' etic dlilweii b<-ld an 'mjuest on the body, when tb- iury storied a verdict that Mr bote' death *"? .aimed bv wooode indlcte-l by hie wife lire Niehoi* waa then committed to kill to await the action of the i.rand dory. he, me oho* tiou* have been ratted on tbe action taken by Justice ???Iw II. In aittlng ae Oorooer in una raw. The law provide* that wliera a (oroonr for tbe dwtrict in which * soddea or ?'Wp'r\ou? death take* piece i* absent, tbe Obrooer for tbe neighboring dletrtet ehali be called in to h. >d an mnneet If Mr tHilweil * act in boi the inqiie*! '* 'legal, be ha* been guilty of Taiee mpren* meet, tbe laonrenieaer* tbat might arlee from *b oh ? re ebrlono. Tkt Won Wahuwito* linn Govwr At wort IMti tn ?The tenonta of Weet Wenbtngton market have, by concerted actios. nettled. at leant tor a sblle. tbe qoet Hon aa to rightful laadlordablp Tbey all pay real* into the city treasury, through tbe collector ot city revenues. Yeeterday tbe *um of Hid wan paid for bach ranln, and It la hoped tbat matters will be ad rooted eatiotoctorily <o a !0w day*, to that no more difficulties may o?*r res pocting tfci* <j*0tro reaofrr

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