Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 2, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 2, 1860 Page 2
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SAiiBa At AUCTION. A MORTIMER OKIFKlN \ CO., ATUTI'iNKKKK - . Household Furniture u imiiV am-ilo*, outel* day I'm* dayl. at the elegant urtiate rustdarc* of Zeu> Hurnbtm. ?*?! , 46 Wm Min-m th ilrct-l ^IfltVMQ fifth ml 1 HUtkBTIMMi ?ml* ommrtictug at 111', <?'? kvk ih? ? utlogu* comprising lite largest an.l richest tsaortmsni ol Household Furniture to . Ofl etnd at auctl in II,m ft<Hi Ike K urullur* all male to oroei by eat ushers. sod I* of the beel daTj'nn vi/ ? dag ultiocnl net** kl fun I'm-.* the richest luat-ument nrt'wre 1 at aucl on this season ? ipertuy carved leg* and ? me- round ctr ners. fu I Iron itlate. imrdrunt rune ?u ilie ill 'laru Improve menu made by oily maker*. i oily tea ed b) couip-t*?t ju gss ?ltd pruaonncewl * superior instr ro-nt. rosewood Canterbury, tl". biool nor er-ii id biocBde. French cloih Odfar Huohnnae ?tad recrv t*ry Km o.gneurs lad) a Work table Writing De?k. French pla.e Fier M|rr ra. inarbla Ma', and itraric M. two laipe Mamiel Mlri"ia rl*b'y < *rved trams*. embr lere.llac* t/urtaiPk. Fran 'h Klteilr*. Oorwea* two mtnm '? Drawing furniture rovered In thre < r il.,red ssun rad* of the rirhea1. dearrlpliOD. carved in a Mid rosew "y 1 *'? fete a tele * ,lae two arincha ra r*cr| tl >u andId orai.batik Chal'a, Centre TablM stuuary "V*" match the anna Ktegercs. line 1 whh saunwnod . ~?*. mirror dnora and back*. King a patent lie., nrtig kasy I nail*, pier, ?ar<1 add risneus table*.?HI Paintings "y t-e*ra?d Oole, lomeo. RiHiaae 1, eel], res gglsw and other enaineut artists Amuxnpti. 1. Virgin Mary. fl* celabrstad pain ;of In Liiuvra, Part* et rm at ra. ? riugarnag e Ian atuperb mabkMit Uiga nwrwn-l Waahalnud* Chairs to match. Oilcloth Mnlrs. ? 'a- pet*. K.wl?, Ac Cham iers-;lC:;gUsh Brussels war p*l? marble top D-.-aaln* Hureana. Be'ateada and i'.Binitn to match T-ulet Table* Phasing Stands. Rook f?w IX.UIHMI Arm and oral hack Chain covers t la mreiust; Hernia and hair Mattress**, Tedstsads, Feather Heda, Blisters Punas oral Mirror*, pastel Palatini!*, decorated Cum* Tim eu broeatel Curtain*. A) Upper chamber* - Mahogany and black walroit Bureaus. nofaa, Backers. Waahatanda. Dining Room?eolld ear.ed oak Hudet atatuary mnrble top; li*rt/. * patent Itlnln* Table, extend* 16 feet. Conohea Arm Chairs, elegaut ten crystal and ruby pita* Decanter* itobleu, Winwt, Champagnes, lemonade*. Tumblers, oalerv. fruit and pre arrrr stand* Ftuger Howls, ruby and (old Ll pr r Het* (old band china Dinner Hat. Mil piece*; richly decor tied Tea Set* *4 piece*, eoltc atlrer Dinner and f*a Hots. HUvarware. C-oflee Urn, fCaaters Cah* Raeaeu, Napkin Klaus. Huooaa Fork*. Irory handle Table Cutlery Alan, basement KUrban enrol Hue?Si.,ue Iron llo. Wncdware Bar then ware and Copper I tenaOa; lea Pit-bars. Halters. Aa N. H ?stranger* aut'og lu attend this sale can take the Fifth avenue, rtroadwsyor both avenue and car* at the A*tor House St. tU* nnd the Metropolitan II ilela. and bring th-m within a few doors of the hi tiaa. A c- n,.)etent person will be In attend ante to pack ship or can the go id* at a reasonable charge. N. H?'the house to Ut or lor sale, poeaeasi n Immediaie.y. Foj fartbrr paeilciilar* Inquire of the anvil'oeers < arKa sale of elega- t llotiaebold Furnitura to morrow. In Tweuty ?iith street. Dear fifth atenue A. If. GRIFFIN. Auctioneer A UCTIOK SALE OF BOSKWOOD. KATIN^'^yA^KUT MAHOOANY H'HTSKHOLD KI RVITURK AT 1*1 ML.1C AUCTION, At th* reel,!,'nre No HP West Kleveeth *tr?et. h few door* 1/om Frfih nrnue, west side, eommenctng THIS PAV iriESDak), OCT. 1, >t IPS o'utook. HAllBIFirENT I'KaRI. KEYKD ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE, BOIR PR Hi.UK KlkuKRK. ? HOICK lOLl.BCTION OF RARE OIL PAIKTINOS, K Jti.AhT AND COeTLV SUITS OF ROSKW. ClD DRAWlNti HOOK FURNITURE, Pier, Mantel and Ora. Mirror*, BSCRKToIIlK AND HOOKCAHK, Real artistic RrtutSk, ROYAL VELVET CaKPKIH. ORMULU CLOCK, LACK AND BROC'ATKL CI RrAi.Vd, W AKKI.K STATU A Kt, roman vases, .tr.Ar Tb* maewnod part of aald furaltara was made ur order hy Bodlaa, V anile |n?l k On of tbu dtr, only tad fall, therefore we shall fully guarantee every article to oe Aral ?!%*? and in nerfeet order Eerwrn* desl-ou* of securing lor I he liar Ire* fashionable and durable furniture should not fall to s'brnd ttu* Cat! sod iiuportsht isle, *s every arlicls. fnm the hil'h?n to autc. will miat positively be told without one particle oi reserve Hotel keeper* and private Individuals will find this to be an Opportunity se'dom tret with Cats jg rs ronulnlns a fnll and reliable descriptloa of every lot. can be hs.1 at the door. DKAWINtl ROOMS Cnnlaln three enetly aulle of carved anl plain maewnod Furnl lure, made by Hodlne: each suit consista of nine pieces, s id will be sold'separately in euils, tbey are coven d with the moat espeoalve dsmass as tut. green and (old. crtme-m and blue; Tele a Teles, oval, antique meda'ltoo end easy Chairs Divans and oanasna. satin I si u ages, with Turkish aatln ilbairs t, maleh. royal velvet Carpets and Mosaic Rugs, Knc ilgncor of bole da knee and Console, PI amOPORTR, With all the Ane roaewood. mshogsuy and walnut Furniture In the house 1!) Older of JAMKi HFaCLDINU, Receiver. AC. TUTTLR, AUCTIONEER-\8Ht<lNKES RALE ? of aeelitnrl mauulsitnrer'e Htock. rmorarlng anas aortment not usually found at aurU ia A 0. TITTLE will esT., to wHwro* Wednesday. October S. at im; o clock, el li3 fulloa street end Sft Ann street, by or It r of sutgnna, the en llresiwfc of Furniture ? In part of blacs Mm ma b. gssi) aad rosewood parlor Hails, covered to hair rbsh. br? est i aad moiuet, all of which are fally warranted, rose wool and mahogany library and aecretary H.. .scutes, mahogany ' Roche is i hairs anal Tele a Tefa. m arMe top centre Tsnies, ' lacra<n aud BniMss , arpsts. Mirrors aliens on dining Tab lea, \ 10 aad 12 feet loag. oak aad black walnut di log 1 Chsirs black walnut asarbie top Hull eta. at..rM* ? tap dressing Burvaus. in msswood and nahywio, i Wasiistanla. Comat.wlea French and Elizabethan tied 1 aii-sda, hair Mattresera. I'lJows. Pa basses. Ward robes. Lounges. Ac . Ac. i.o-da oan be holed and ehippsd 1 Irotn the prem ses at a moderate charge Catalogues reads early on morning of sals Houseknrpars aad dealers wbl And the above sale worthy of alleaUuc. A Ut.TION NOTIt'R A PAWL A MATHFWH. AurUioerr. llOU) A HP Blt.VBR W*Ti'lie?. JKWBI.Kr. A.'. A.' HUTtJIK MtlHCLTZ A MaTHRAM will aril at auction, lu naormw < Wadeaeda>" , ml 10 , o'clook al mInhmv No. til Cc ilv ?:r?4t cpitosue Ihe foal idla. A nnmyr n! IIoe *->14 and a. Ivor h'Uitlna till npao faoe Watflra. rf thi WiimiR^ra. Alan. m turpi* M?inmni of Bar .Irwalry. rlf ? H-wcda* Har riott, Hrarrlru 'Ml and fiard I'haii.a. I/* kata. arel and amua Hio?? t'.rrTA, Stiula. Ac Alao Mirer plalr i im labia and tiaaaan t i-ooua. Purka, Hiklta, Caatara, cakr Haa !? .a At At IT o'clock, for aro.nt of whom It mar ronecra. ?W OM (rnulne Ilk. ana na(?re rhntcr braadaP -J . mm f>; 'Una MrrrwhAam Plwea. Cat tlugura aid *0. da Marly ou morning of aila DOTIUN NOTtCR-A PAMII.T PRni.lNINH IIOTKA karpina. arlll dittr'ar of, at prlrata aala. all tkatr narlor, ?i ? ?a?~?-|rnI?a, aaaaa ?-?? , m> viirwar- ?" l> ?a I H?t , chamber aud diinaa nana Pure It or* at a *TWAt aar-tllOA, r >a autinr of a aucarf PtaO'doriA taadrbrarnj makrr aa-1 fully . ?. ..... ... - rfclM , - ? - miaraotrM ???'. #>?' ?II' be aolJ forUSO, Inrlu-ltaa aU?>l aad rorer "or Htwi'tl drawtna room Hint. c irarrd in arrra aad fold brwaieL T pUeaa. r wt $Nh> for $1*1). one d o la blur end r"ld brocatai. 91V, ki't-rr. crutrr lain* Haafeaaaa nianuil Mirror*. ?i*r rta. t.'arvrta. 41 Paiolmaa, m?nt< wra*m -ib, prtH ?*) hr lota Hu i Bureau, ItadaireJ. i'?n?>l? Jo i?h, arm ? hair oak Ha ?? 9A'?I, 1 "I* dial, oak nimu *i Tabla, root ?oB f. r Ml) a'ao ail tha Plana and tlifaawkra Tha fur nuurr bar barn in low a'?nt Bfr mouUta. aad la In eotuplrte ordar lna"trr lor thr?A data at 71) Waal Twenty am a MMit. nAar Miih arcane. tuith areuue car* aud ?'-?(??? paat near Ibe k >uaa AN RICHARD* Al'iTTONRKR ? 79) i'ABK4 BOOTH, ? Tel ? 'A8K4 BOOTS, n-Uon bT KK'II ARII4 f I al Nk o'nioo*. at ~ i larKrat an i baa arlar ? _ Shora Ho (ana ard i lalirra. at auction d*n!TIN?l. no Wolcreday. ' >rtob?r ?tor* || Oertiaodt mi"t. ? tMprtaiii( tar lararat an bee ? L o of (1?,|> Ih.< baa b)-A? oi! Arrd Ika* a*ae n lo wbi a ?? ? all '.be attaalkxi of ettj an 1 r hid rj dealnra. Oalal ul tee and madjr ua> moroiad of aala. AflTT.'N NAUl OF fROTKRRT. fRIIRA TOTN Ar ? IIBNRT <1. K\ ANN will aril, la k"atoanltdeal era. on Twraaar. Orbjfcrr t al 10 o'clook. a I (IB M.lmxna a f 11 in a a lm al of wbiw tiranita a id ountil wi War* I'hlaa FanirTnra Fraarb 1.1 na i| .aatrarr. A d* na * p It* and vltkoul roa< rte. U<>?U carrfinljr r-vackr 1 for ah p pmd KOTICR - WtU. Bt NOl.D AT FRIT ATI ?*,* for en ah. two adtd r wawood aulla of Parlor Feral lorn, cuiai M with the bawl Prrm h broaalai. warranwal aottd taaaiaf ?n1 aphnharrrd ui Ihr irrr brat meaner Oba autt ?til be aula for Ills and the othrr for II10. Alao < _ i oaa double 1Mb aaH rxrrrrra with (i aau aflk plnah. mnalatlna of |?n> Trtr a Trtre. I Arm ("hair, I Beermtoa. and ? modal 1km bark ?UI 1t>a aoid for llkb. oa<- an Baa ruia *01 nm anld for llhb oa>' da Bnile tali oorarM witfc i pluak. prmr file Aoplf lo K. MaiTII. Na 71 ihiih ?? m# door.bAlow Warrrly plaor. ADCTtUN NOT1CR-OANir. A MaTIIRWH, At'lTIONPRR. ?UTLim, ?emn.TT. A VkTHK<rd ?H' aait al aofion tn morrow iWolnrrdat at 10>, o ekirk. al ibr , iraar <af Im la> and tuoiaiii atrrr'a. Hrra.k ta. lo par at.ra*# and raar(<w. BINS ?RfAUJO I.I?a If ? A Tn. TBWaHIIKKikT's FaTRNT. Tarma v* NalA rowUrw. CtTIO.N NUTICR. M 0. RPIT AnrUooaar KARA LrritOW Jr.. will aril or Wrdnawdar. OrC 1 al U o'el wk. la froat of aklea ro ma No <4 tWdar B>r*i, n p rnir Ihr p.tal dir. a Bar ??\r hareo U>4 ban la lath, wi raw* old. wmad. kind and flmUa la at' hamraa and rtrrllrwt uad*r ika aaddlr. rarp atytiah drtror aad faat IraroUrr. aad or rr*al aadoraear aad maiAd hie mOr in ihrr* minotAB. nod eoot ?><?) leal aprta(. Bold or If aa tha owarr haa no further oar for bim. rtTWl NOTirRi-ll. D?>C (I HTT, AUCTIONRRR. ? win an) Una Sar. Tuaada*. Oek>bar t at I0>, o'rloak. mm lima, a Naaaaa awwak. a larpa awanmani or bnuaahold Furnttura,<erpau. inahoata; and riwrwood Parlor Aula, rit Tata a TXaa. arm aad r?w' ?*lra oaoww Tahira rin fraaar ptAr aad maalai Mirror*, aab aut -wd Tahlaa. ntl Palabapa. ptar aad maalei aur .ra, mmm imnj ram i ariaa, oh ratauafa. ailanatm klnlra TaNaa, dhua( t"halta. ?rr-rra^ !rrw<aa Burr, a Waahekairta, lierla'-ada. hair N?u i man. Pal:mart. ft 4r bra l^oagwa rramrUad '"harn'r-r bulla Aa.. Ac Th ai*, r to be innmpmrtlr arid m tar hiahaai baddar fur rank. A OlTIOB NtrtirR - NURNH AM N FCRNITCmC RX A i rraa aad ladni Fm dant HI aad 1U ITaal R rrarth Hrrrt bafwran Firth and NUth armuaa. llouaahoM fiimi'.nra of ?rmrj dtwrrtpp.m t-oaal mad ah'raad to all pane of the world. Furniturr .if (wnl iaa rmwiri with thr utmml oar* Harp* -orwrad waaam far rwa.aiaa farmitura k> the eueatrr kk rara for fureitura. 1 MHOPIX-f BAI.I-'OH!* T Arf'niWi-I.ONR ACP ii utaar. ? Tha aal* .<? Pap?r Har,ior?. Win low Nh%d?a {Waira awd I'plc. atari I T->a w an ?"aa to Her- 'atan n a a 0 rmar al tl " ' '*? a'-rrt wi.l I ? a4.| Utla dar r ai fa hr him al I "? a N at U.a aaraa plaaa. N U ?more B?i traa w ill h* ? ? atrl at >ra ;a ,rk Hr Tdrr of ?? H miuiiuf, Aidawa ACC'HBt'I.>>aM A Raltft'OP. Au-Onaa-ra A CfWIOR NAIJI t?F RBkOI M AI>R t'U ?TII I h I IMT Hrdl Ar - A M fRISTaUAB ?ts oaar At Bowrra. aali' aad. oa Wedorwla Jd twat . a' If, ? *!??*. a 'art* ?*?* mrati of pike. talt. paaarahem a' h raaw awe a?! eat-at Fn? k baak Hid i'r>r?tli, ailk. aetin. ralaaf aivl rttaiwrrr T?wa no peir raaamrrr end war net PaaU. of i w*tt Wrra era> I Vaba Valaata. bell a ltd Nairta, Praarwr*. Maiiaat Ae A r<"T|f>N NAt.R f'F rjfiXAtWRP B t<l(l AOR-F ROW ? FrmAi Hntel ? A M t.'KIST tl. t B ao-umaar tl lv>wrr will wtU oa Wa>nae1ATt 51 tear al II o'rktrk about ITbult tuua aud < arurt tleae roi'Va nj wrarna mv parol. Ar . from abut a boaar, h> pa rlalma Ae A connn MOTI -K PHIT.tP II \ Kt AMTWV.RI* J\ ?!r*kar7. A at lb* ??woof W T. A R Wattaawt ;*t Faerl wwrt wtl. aril IB . fa m ?oil ri't ?tl ?< iaui te. * na Turelar Omkarl a' l?' ' 'I k atikmta fwh. ? ?> ,?.... And rotnm a Wara. Ar be .a p wiuta ItrWITR A ncmf ADmORRRR9-4Al.RaR.Bin ,11 at art -Wat .?tkl?r ? ti t a ...... Bnaarr. ?artoenw ?tiaa* Furoi'ifw. H?l? rt-1 ta*wi>.* Alia)a 'Im K vitrao .??. t BTHp I' -m No IS lb r-rr J^i dtn? H Mi ard Tabtra. ?wt.f wmh' ? ???- "" ? ?- el I. .ak V jlnau ?i Sttnw rfra'aT an I PFpa IWara. >A t hai/* aad I nt"'ari T . . r? arrar *4* l/> I n| < aaaaa Aaahaieilv 9 Oaa P'n iraw f Wrir t Bowl it Adrra r.ree.rtr with It ...a and tea k'rtlUlit fabira Aa A Hr ordrr af 1 ..aMRA it C.kNl'lAR A'tjrbff for M ?rtiatp? 3ALK* at auctior. FMIMSTKATOK h HAt * AL "ii" tit t'IKH AND OOSTLT ROSRWGOO rOMNI'OUK MAONT?lt?KI*T KiteKW' ajD I'! AN jf i?RT v t'ARVki* K''Mt "I'i'It OF fAliUJjl FOttMTUSii, Plereiui Rental Ml/rors, lJnias sis and Tap'Stry Gary da Riwawood KbftvM, > entre end Sofa Marble lop Tables Pun .ran. search of fl/C t l*a> reuaole Furniture are rur-ial!) requested ui ri?mmr the Kurn'turs cunt Unci in this red dnire Every article ? .* made to order by Rodlne Kmi A h. ib. of LOU cny, and wilt there) ire be fully warranted as rep resented. ARTHUR. hTKVKNd A 00 here the bounr to innoiiiice to their numerous fnmci ami the public. Ihit they sill art! ible day, wiieout any rneerve when or, oy order of he ACimulslret ir, (tot Win. ntanley. This I A T, TU OrtT J. AT 11) O'CLOCK it the novate reel.trnee Ne. IIS West Fifteenth etrert, between ttith and Seventh aviouee. rROMT AND HARK PARLORS 'ontatr. nee suit of antique style of rosewood Furniture eight pieces. and covered with green and goldselln frntirh .roc* el, me en t beartly purred, ten plecrn. and entered wits mm* n MtMlj also one en t of seven t-lncee, cove red with green sue plaeh feaeh eult will be eulo reparate raid eulia wwiw eaedn by Hodlne, of thle city. and cannot hr anrcaaaed. K'lHKMo'JD I'lAtiOP <RTB. Onn of the beat ttnlthed Inatrumenla In Ken Tork, made to order by Rietarray A Oo. ?haa solid maewoo.1 frame carved leg*. doub a rouad comers pearl keya; Uanterbary ?tout, ma etc and ooyer. (Will he offered between the house of It end 1 o'clock.) Parian in*rule i Wnauu-a's bisque Figure#. broom Clock, valuable thl Paintings. beautiful >? uifrai tnee, Kighsh Urinaria Carpets, lace and brar u,-l ilurialaa. Hkadre. Ac. uHahhrkh. Ka suite roenwnod, black srwUut and Utah or any He letaada marble lop Dressing Huraaua W*?lui?u.L. -loinmodes, hair Mattresses, lea'i.rr Pillows. BUnk-ta. B?*l Linen. Lnuugoa Raey Chairs. Rortrnt. Tab ra de Null, eight day 01 >ck Meulel Iflrror. Arnoire de 'Ilace ? jnug aeat t hai.-e. Hti'aeand Hota Bede three ply, Ingrain and laoestry Carpets, dogs, Onrtalne, tingle Bedsteads. cane seat I'hrlra DIN IN (I BOOM Oak btenal o Diking Toile. oak Buff * oak Arm Chain, Crockery anil Glassware. Table ?'utler* rt.ivtrsrare. UahKMKNT AMI KfTCHdN Dining an 1 Tea Tsbira'Crocktry, T?i Bets. Knlree and Forhe. Table ar.d irt Spoons, Bird and l int Rarpat, Chairs, Ki.gravtopa Ac . ,tc. .. N. ??Sale *!'? be pnaltlre wlihoiit regard to weather. Gnuce aan remain t? uie house for three dave after sale E I1WARD 8CHJCNCK, ACCTIGNKRR A RARE OPP<-"*kBl*rr? roR l'KRHDNS IN WaNT OP f _< . :mm cabinet Furuluue or Household ? sooda ol auy a,. ..puna, the content* of the superbly fu.nuhed esblence Ro. 15 1 'hoion place. In Kighth street, a tew doors weet of Broadway, will be arid at prrate salt at one-half lu value The aseortiueut embraree everything neoeeeiry and unslrable for a genteel and private family. *11 Urst claae go >da lu line nrriw. A few of the leading artiriee only can be mnnu <ned. Mevec octair roaewond Piano. Pi r and Mantle Ornaments, velvet and other Oarpeta, rosewood, black walnut and maho gany Parlor, Dillju l room and . hamber PurnHnre; r ch Win dow l raprry, Rantel ("In. ks, llron/.en s id Drcnratiiina, Oil Palntinge, eleganl table Wareo' all descrlptsiae. Ac Term Is no end to tee catalogue Nothing ess be asked lor that we have not got. Rail and see from ! A. M. to 6 P M. BKOWNK A MOHOLH. AUCTIONKHRtl.-THUR.SDAr, Oct t at 1 o'clock. In front of our ?eleerooeae. 3& Nassau street a eorre. H rest. 7 vearsuld. I? , hull hi;;h. warran rd aound and kii, in all bailees and uu ter ths eaddle, aired by the well known horee Mr uenry mt of a J)on fn.un mare, and raised in Vermoot; wae brought h?re Let fall, and trotted in ? 40 to a road way on. for atyle and bntffla cannot be aiu paaeel: Ltoid on account of the nresent owner's I' health hr JCMRPH n>; 1RM ?N -LAkdl haLK >P PAPKIt Hangings to the trade; Wednesday and Th iral?y, f?r>ber5 aun A. all) o'olis'B A M. preili.'ly, Alt Hurray street near Broadway, N Y., a Urge and aenrra. *a-inuirot Of rtrh wall Paiwre trench Decorauone, gold and 'elrei Pa E. Borders, laoeidlng a variety of low or ced aatbi Papers, ike, Ac. The sale is peremptory, without re-erva, and Wtlhoot n-gard to wea her. and the goods wlli ha e?ui In tola toenlt purchasers, with A privilege to dealers Catalogues ready and the goods on view on Tuesday afternoon MORTUAi.R SALE OP RTTPKKrt OIL PAINTINGS. I,AT* Til* 1'ROPKRTT OE T!J* 1ATK MR. LOUIS PKKIPPBR. TO HC SOLD AT AUCTION HV K A P H. hRHRNOK AT Tug UaLI.KKIkS OF I HR RATIONAL A 'ADRMY OP DRalON. RO. ? TK.HTIl STItKKr, IIK fit aKN IIROA.'M AT AND THE KOCRTH ATRNL B, ON THE 1VININOH OP WuNDAY AND TUKSD AT. Ol'TuRKtt 9 AND #, Onmmeneing at 7S o elock each evening. The collection oomo'ism a large altar piece painted (I57D> by Kraamus l) lU.nue Taonoi trelta undoubLalH Dy Kvoa'o auoi. purchased at the lata King of Holland s sales Landscapes end tlgurea by Berghrin, llo'y Family attribaked to Ruyeus, fruit by Van h. Ac , Ae MODERN PAINTINGS By Henry P SchsettehL la the style or lajnia XIV Rattle Piece* b? Dielmsn and Tchaggerny Marine Views by ? lias, De, l ord landscapes Tab'eaui and Ogures by* Yen Ifoog. lie heys.-r Nobeus. Leciat'.e, M > rel, Fatl--, llsnmes Is a" ?aon. otto, a ever Relnhard Gerard, Hontbnrs and many mher celebrated mas err I he shove raluabla calle. '.nn IS now on exhibition *t the I.alien-S o' the Naimal ASadem. ui Design, froui 1 o'elick a M. -:nt:. Id o'chick P M . every day a .d e. suing until the sale, when tbev srlll be pod'.lvely sold ?ilho'U any reserve to Us hlgkesi but dr; N B ? Ths shove offers an oppmtually never neTore art with to pmchaeera to obtain real) Una works art sod me nnbln ere rvspecl'ullly Invited to mami ir thrui. as they will be p.euive,y laM as ainve without raawva. INWARD 8CHKNRK. AUCTIONEER.-KLRGANT SOR. !s ret llove* by B A P. H Bi'HKNil*. this day, N1 last . at 1 o clock, at their snlesroosn. No. Ill Broadway, a corral Hor*e, lottK mane and tail. 16 hands high g years old. warren ed per treli\ soiird. kind and irenlle (n every wav; as I, aa.1 die horse, haa been drum by the oaur In less than I minutes. Botd only I or wan: o! use. gDWARD BflHERC*. A"i'TIONKKR -nARP.IAGKP. .a Wagons ssd tlarneea by K AP H BfTHENRK .Rnaday, lid inat , at I o clock, al ibetr salesroom No 141 Bevel * ay, t wo new Korkawsy RaTlagea -me Jagged Wagon, n?w ?a1 a? cond hand Top s no Road Wagons. douMe and aing> Harueaa, Ac HEN** II I.BRIM ? IMI AITTIONBIKIL bPUCNnni mijiluini) hitks nm *ikht clubs IIPlMKI .HEATH. AT NKWBtTK.. RPI'KBMR COURT HAL* IK PARTITION. BBHKT a l.KKDB i OO <rtll Mil bi auotrm, on Um ?rem lam At Nrwhurp, am Wadc-KUr, Onto bar .1, at U ?> Hur-k MM. by order of ibr Hapnaa l!< itrt In Partition, witaoui adjt imi rr -Klfbt oniandtd tmlldln* H'*a lor flrat e'raa nouotry ?ram baloAirm* to tbr ertai* of Wlttlpjai Tkayrr daopaaad Without rmrrrn H W. PuIJarton. it, Kt.| rafpr*a The pr pcrty W mulol Iwomlir. oxtb of Ua fl-lapr of Nrw'rnt, M thr ban* of the Hii-lam rivrr r?,l r*.-h MM <"rnim%..tin ? > a Irn llu Orwnf ih- rn#- *r..I Pirr.mni.r-p countro It morr than tbiny tnllra Tber* era two baa of Id inw ?vh. two low of A aerr* MU h nw of tt{ Arrna. ou of T Arm, on* of M ant-ar. A ad on* of 1* pert*. oaprAni .lr?r. m m up n pad Inland irrnpry Thr i <?? 1* *\kl bf coottirtrn jodp.w ?? MM anith.n* on lb* llulam rlier Tu- it ,t #rmn norm contain* a Ttir yard of about 1.9UU C*l*wb* nod IrA - A grHtlPTIIir# In Kill bAATIAA Tbr Ul ata lot ha* a Wona farm bona*. barn. And a larpa arch am. Thr 17 arm kt baa a arvar falUa< r.raam of wabar Ihmaah lb* aonlra. Thr pmmlaap am aar mnariadby tba aplmdld eoaaArr aaata of Warrrti Or ro >, if., i. Morton. O A. IUUoU. Mr* Waddall. Mr* P*a*. * ll M ward*. P Owning and olbar* Aa lb* rl*w la anprdor u? any oa tba nrar. la a #r*t claaa nrlbhhnrVmd aaay of arena* and tba land ta tbr vicinity yearly larmataA In tajua, an .report* any la nffarad to par*ma aaakir.g a la* loratton for a -ma try aaat on tba IIuWon rt**r. watch may aerar *?*h* occ-ir wHa arial loduopaacpil*. Tula parfret ? I arm*, thma .yoartar* of lb* purrhaac monry ma remain on t?md ac t m rt**d* f <r B*? yearn, III par rant mi tbr :l*r of pair and thr balaor* oa Ibe tat Nuvmabcr, wbaa Ibr dead* Will br drilrrrrd Maoa of ibr propertyena ba obtained from lb* anrttoaenr*. oro* J iboH Thayer, Bay . at Hawbttrc Train* Irara chamorr* aa rrrry day al T o'eiocfe. 111 A. M . and w*>p at 1'iabblll. "in>?tr, almiar.- Ira?** fool Jay at, OT * War ,1 Mi^V iawatii| y- yd* ^ . w^w mr aaw - ' a rm itnw a* w J I T o'ci wk rark lay, and tba alula al half pad 1 o'ilork. arrlc In* id llmr for br at r ran ram by air am rr or rv.rotJ >: aim M aar boar aftar tba aalr. Tbr atramrr TV* Poaall taaraa wary aftaraooa at tH o'clock. font of Jay alrr-at. HRNRT B. LBBiV AUCTIONEER -HBNRT H. l.Eirm A OO. Will a*U at auction oa Wad tralay. Oct ? bnr 1. al 10 S o'clock at thr aa irw ?on ,Nn XI Na***- atrrrt, *p#Demi*ai?>r1in?nl M |mM| Furn't-ire N*WN for raranrtcaof rata r>m at n* of Hraaael* and (atr*<a 'lar. prta, marwird Bull, mrr rd m rrlamoo rrpt, do rorrr*d In prtnmon bmratr: rah r ?.rna'm liniog Tablr oa* ''b?lr*. rorrrc-t In *rr*n laalMT. do.*. mah ,aar ?to*ea*r. ronrwml mar'!a top drraaln* H -rvi*. malnitnr da , at b<?Air Bo'b? ant Irtr a trtra. mali >*?*) i'?*d Ta <lrt ran* oral t'bafr*. rwrw??1 lladatra.(* mahoranr do, m?bo*?*' marbl* top Waabrtaada ilatr Mattraoara Moriara and Pillow*. Imliau.ri oak rtuc' Huim. . dill Irani- Mirer*, mtn'r do, ttandriiar*. tipathrr adtk a larya **aortmrn! .>? ?br furm turr and bitrbaa ' .rail era. wbirb will b* fuuwra ct la Uio aatalapa* BU RT H. l.KKIM. AD'tlONkkk HBNRT li. I .BUM * Oft wtUaatl al aortioa. oa Wrdnrnda... Otto V at 11 a'rloob, a ''aroap. la pond rtoain# oracr HBNBT B. HBRTR, JR.. AtN-nONEBR BKI'BITRB'R RAirK KI.BflANf PfRNTTTTBB. t#Nt By ord*r of Una. D. P. im.RMlAB.Jada* Of IM k prrm# tkmrt. Oa Wadarpday. ?. ?* ,0'r o "lork. At Ibr ralaamna* *A 11* P"nr otrart. (Vanpr-alrf Or rnUrr of b Arm r'aab hoop* ? Aoaa wipio prrrn iwttra Plbb'?f ?rta, ralubhl* uOctoal Ou ra nun** by *m naul mm*?-a. rtraly fib Praarb Plate Plrr Mir- ira. larr I Iir>?.na Vrim, Hraapr.* and lairata ' arpri. r-bly carrad nnraanl parlor pulu. la bmrat*! aod rrlrat pluah. rcarwond R'rfrraa t'mtr* and Work Tab:**. War 'r-.Sr* Rrd da. IIin hi VTaabatanat. **.. aiw> a lark* lot of Crook* tr. a t'bina, Clap*. ' ? irry aad ailrrr p'aird War# '"ard TOiim i Bad* Hrddir.r lJ?rn. Ar Tkip aalr la aril w.wtkr lb* aWaa honarb* MM of krmarbrrpara. aa lb* faraltiar* M all la prlmr .rf-r, bad will bp arid Wt'hmil aay rrprrrr by , rdrr of catabwoaa rradr a*-It oa of oala. T " *1 . do HI RI.BT, ACCriONKI R-WU.I. hKI.I. TMIR . day at UHd r , k* k. al^lM Arm Ho r. * atrrrt. b? ??ail AiUllraa and Ward, yal Krrat ib? . mMata iM a four dan bir.rr m?Aop .<f M ***?!* Hp lrtrwla. t^air*. Waabo.oti I* h ir on.1 tbr, Malt-rrara. H-dduip, TaMra. Hr iatalp and tb?r tv-prtr Pirrrpa, Oa# Plrt rr# II Pal rr a K lb brn F'.rtiMi.rr, Ar wwipnatBA a rood oaa-rtui at lir dvalAr* and k on tramp *r*. Tbr a* hi let. rBRtmrroiiT ArcTioji halb OP oo-ji Ajrn aU'rr Watrbra. Hrb dlaot-r d ard r'ld 'rwalry A* ?A CBibTtl.tR *? *i.,urar 21Hor*rr willBbll. An h rllAT, Oct. a at IU', r'rkrl ibr ri.-jr* ?iork of an imp vtr- aad dratrr rranp"aln? a larr# aawinmmt of Mfluib f ml *w*l ad patrrt an.1 , pbur 1*-ar*. ta 'ahir 'w b* Aotitb am*^ ? and Ha aar inar at* Ala i. pea 1 bn u.nd Hparat .k? la tUa* nirbr. aw???nnt !ao*j* ni-ka! wtrmrnt Cbron artcra aat or.f w i.dlM I-rrrra fpo-n it* r?|?er*|nd m?nufft-rtr? r* R-*lltBan A On. l-?ad- Hrr'-lr* Prarr* ipt-a Brrp|*T. R ttuarn and ?b*r? I adtrt < J b-ntnt liaa nl tad rnimri.rd kt tn ailrrr yltr ut Tt-ta-br! Ir-r-t, lar<* rr anrtmrnt of Km rb pi.rrr hnattm ' ... irwrl>.| Pal**: lexer* A a *' rr li'iu ei! open fa * , ri Ib- arbri err p and < y'twlrra ' pathar wa* ? rtrh hit* nf ii <-ni?1 * Ai .p - * btowr and pfr r r a-on* di tot nod r*w aoo WihrHlaAk Pit*, h arrirm, binda mtai r??i ajt-i, |>> r?- <M Aiat) . ana ra n. ? ?rw ? ?ni rrra H- -. p r? iraf (? n rhaarn unkwwri rn t , Anrw Tbr I- tdr wr tm-f-J ly WtuPd rankfiHti mortunr of *al* EAWAIIRtiBPHH RAI.R f>? MR* * ANt> WOM KM <* OMMm A M CRIltf AUdR a ictt- r*r ?1 R.aari, wlR aril i* O iralti t % lor- *1 li'n -> r' ? *1 ..-<**1 mr-u of PmcA Hwk ind Ilrrrrui. Pa it- bad V.>.|, . 4 . |y?rap*A f'nor#. MrnM r* hf?? l?r * t arnpa n twldt Obit ir pantHn*-* ? <Hk. Mina itatiu*. A; My -rlaro A 'flit HOB. Bl fa.kar rtrnpt SA J HTOARf. At TIOkl-kR* -TTT'-MOtT, O- Tc . bar ?. nt h' * ?a n -'.ntf r tbr . .. -? ?- H > ?.. II H ?? ?ry. m -rtpap* aalr. II oaab-i 4 P-r -?v B-ttanl h* 14 ar Bt, I iMbilim .if 77 MMB f, bu- Kntrraar* 77 ?Prr.. d ? apnnp Mat'. --#**? l#4 P1U.'<m ? l?*^# ?*4t H mkna. Ho.-Ptl*. rtlinw i ran# Waabr.anto f>MM Rw< Ho*!* *ni Pittbr-a Oarpna M btl 'br fo ?t "-'*'*1, I too* a* I i?#a*. Tabl**. Be- Ar JOHN * HOBRKibl'VRR *1 y 'of M Xprr-r O II BOO ART. ArcTTOPRPRH * 'M'^tT <),? Op IBBAr v tl w' o'pWh. at ?b- u tyor ? ?< It 1 IMI tf Iran ?*-?? t C ? rrb .M '-lit ? *fi f?i-r. 'na -n t'arppta < rntapr p i*. Hrdw.radi I rl ? I rn * y, Trapr. nti r or yrk.*;: ???5-Rk.w t*7i Aapiad b*p4 ? R TMOK"*?b. anctloor*- ? f? rw<r MW Of *1 1 ,n < a: l.nurlp ?l fl V prr in Hrra..| taii<rnic ' i a ? ? - . . ?*? -?? ul - or ku '? 'f mpo bandipr fu, lurmp c; if'? a ?pu rd lBMWB#fBn ?ALU AT ACCTIOH. Si ? HOG ART, i00T10IIIUl.-tUIH DA*. AT 10', ? o'aioek. ?i the auction modi. No. 1 North Wil'l im -Trent, ximini?tn>u>r'a sale. tb? stoek of * variety store, Hardware, tuita anl e? fftljiwt. 1 Jewelry ittfa, Ac. rM WITTKKg, /. UOTIONRBK?WILL KILL THIS il?y, at Kitj o'okck, at HI Thompson ?t "e?t, all the gerteet Furniture of a three story honar. ?ait?;>rialn* Hotan, i, marble t ip rentrr, and Mher Tables. umbo cany He steads, wuihM'Dra. hair, and mb-r Mattresses, splendid Mirror* lei* a late* uiartile top dressing and other bureaus Obesdn li<r? large Frcnrb Pillows and Unlat?rt. Spread* and Blan kets. thrre ply. aiul oher i arpots; one Rang* and ten stoves. K tcben furniture?Kvtrylhlng uaefu! for housekeeper* anl others WILLIAM ABBOTT. A0CT1f.NKKR.-A FIRST RATR | coal Yuri at aui'tton this day, October 1, at 11 ' retook, at W7 avenue h with a lease of Ave yeersi U? looatloa 1 la .loao'pasaed; planked and Itted no In the beat manner, with new ertck staple* and ufBce, alao oAoe Furniture, Hoeles, Ac.; rent low. . WKDNKSI1AT, OCTOBER 5, 1880. ?PA WNHROKRR'S sale of 400 lota, this day. at 10>. o'aioek. by JOllN MOB T1MKR. AurUoorer. No IS Rast Broadway. constating of Bnla, Pillows. Blankets, Quite and men and women's ilMbing, tor. iniaerous to mention. Uv order of U. 11. SOLOMON. No. 131 Fprtng street. BJJB|iiiiiiiiiiii ACcAnntTOF THOIANHHir AMD BpORKMMFIWl, H 382 Broadway, oonMeued by W. 0. HoOUl?ANI>, tor many year* assistant of Oliver B. Goldsmith. No classes; thorough, practical laatraotmo. and earaeat, careful attaatloe Open Sty and evenlnk. Terms moderate 1 ?y, October L, at the nnw aeadamy, CD Broadway, l from Ml Broad ear. Pupils oummeoeing Una wt ? received at a red unarm from the usual charges. d moved will be received at OUVBR B. GOLDSMITH. A T PATWICS BKROANTILB OOLLRGBB, 82 BOWBRT A end aid Fulloa street, Brooklyn, while the prtuclpal ob n-v la u> qualify young naae for bualneas. yet ample provi sions era mans for the Instruction of foreigners In reading, ape Him and other English branches Indite' writing Imams fci. lfi leeaocs. A I.APT, WHO IS AN BXPKRIRNCKD TBAC1IRR. rterirea a iltuiitloo In a seminary or private family; Is competent lo teach lie higher English branohes, music and French. Apply immediate, y to room 148 Lafarge House, or wrue If more cout onienl. FRENCH aND HERMAN LANOCAGW?PROF. R TKL IJCK1N0, 8'9 nrjadway, corner of Twellth street as Ubtlfhed lHfig,, will receive new application* for private la " aforesaid. " alrucUon and ronveraatloo In the aforesaid. ami claasiral lan guages, ana nske trann'atloos of correapondsnoe. Ac. French language in olabs anij private let k ne, by Piof. KIB.tllw. No. 278 i Ixtli avenue near Be vrntrenll. street Terms In elnis for ladies and gentlemen. 83 a month simple and brief met vxl families at tend el to; rblldien's rises, for slv pupils only, $5 a quarter. French LsMJUagb. LITERATURE, tnRAMMAR. OOmYERS AtTON, Taught bv a new and suer-ssful mrthvd Private lemrna. The highest refe-ooeee given. Address Nr. Male.lent. No. lib K**< PourteenlB atrert. MONK. L. DR GRAND VALE FRENCH AND ENGLISH Claaaieai and < nsimrrud Itowr Org .school, Hiidaon t?r race, Hoboheu N J -breela] aiteulKM. lo the modern lan g. .y. * nod eommerrl*; bran bee N TATIGNAL TRfflERR' INSTITUTE 33'BROAD WAT, 4 " ev, Tor* Teai hera. aeh'O a and pupil* muted ie ell parts Of the Ui ion. Educational e*rr?epou.'eota wanted for each c unty. Tracbers wasted as prm-ipala. aaautaata or part ner*. Approved teat books, apparatus, Ar . ch-ap RICK A ANDREW8. PROF El.nt CTI IRLTKR'8 FRENCH INBTTTUTK FOR Yotng lienllrmer., Ho. rdlag and 1 ay rcbovl. No SB Rait Twenty-fi urth street, 1-raaons res ino-d Cleatars. Matiieina Ucs, English, Bp a niali German and Frrnch taught by seven InHMMM Circulars to be bad with luunea id pupu* and parents There la a primary department WATCHES AND JEWELRY. A GREAT BARGAIN.?AN KNlsSlSH PATENT LEVIK gold Watch, splendid hunting cane, full jewelled, an ei orlirnt lime keeper, wlih handaome'golt Chain and Key. as ortirni time Keeper, wi n aeiuunese goit rsau ana Key as good as pew. ooat $130, fm 274 rash, a ehauee seldom met with A good douole barrelled fit cheap for eush. wanted, elate iui"e Bend address to A. B.. care of B. Look wood, Chatham squars Past otlics AT THK PRINCE OF WALES BALL, CALIFORNIA diamonds wlU '"ok as handsome as real brilliants, and do uotioetone-tooi-th as much. On eshibkton sad for sale at S3i Broadway, Ml. An answer to the westiob. what are call forum diamonds r - Pieces of ervaialUel quarts rook, found only In California, cut and polished to reaemblr real dKsmueda. whlth they equal In brilliancy Indies' hrivxibes, Kart-inga Cneaea. Neefclarea. Ac; Ueutlnmea'a Bolitaire and Cluster Bins, Kings, Htu.1a.At. Call aad csamiae them at SSI Braaowey. AT SI I BROAT WAT?LADIES GOLD WATCHK V FROM lid warranted for gold and time keeping, ail kiada of gold and allvrr Watnhes; gold vagt guard and fob Chains, alao a hancaome asaortmeni of Jewelry, at tmportara' prices. ClviUty to eospar Aasers, at 331. A T 141 RBOAI WAT?OOMPG6ITION AND GOLD VI8T A Chain L, warranted to stand arid and not to tarnlab or rhange enior from 81 SO to |A. Guard Chains, frmatlto fill. Call aad vvamlne them at J. R CbjHF.N H jewelry Mora, 331 Broadway. Broadway, 381, REAL DIAMOND JEWELRY, CHEAPER THAN ANT mbcr h uva In Fee York. A wruten guarantee given with each artirle. Please tall nrovigay before pur rkaaiag -Uvea hare k MHTHKBB HBNTLKNaM DBBIBKn TO Pff*(7HA*B ? Tick. I lor the Prions of Wales bail. hartny do facilities u: manny no*. HJ|kM reformo?-? ptn an to imirti lowed prion, Walts bilftr of purchaser. Aiilryy. aialiay loved prion, boi 143 Harold < dee. (1 AS BP HTF.HR T 1 he tub*. ilber le tonp.v'tny direct. end kea oa head from from nee of (be t rw nuton la Raylard. "na J at* or ttcotoh Tip* ell at raw, elan Herman I era Tip* of every v?rlety. Of our ova mate. H*b Tall and Hats' Win* Hnrorrn. Bur rer Ft lera bucket* for portable* Mercury Caps, unprovrd eitmd*- Burner* Burner ibraorrt, me ; alao a auperiar arti cle of Bunu r Plycre, all due T 0 ARNOLD, toannfactan r and Importer. 447 Broom* *u-?et. R. T. Hknrt i.torr clat* or rnr abto* notrsic wink cellars). Mi- 71 Karl tuurteeoth atreet, near Academy of Muaic. dealer la choice foreign aad DocuneUc Trull*. W lues, hceara. Be HA ROW ARB -MR''HABITS TOO LB ABO BTTTLDRIUI llardvare la Into to aau. aalltaa le*a tbaa end %? 1*5 Kvtb arcane, to rloae the bnvneaa Mora to let, w tb Klituma roruplet#. a food op*al*? to eoaUaue aa old nalahllafcad bad aeaa TLLUMINATEI4 ORDERS ABD CBOHBB OP ALL BA 1 Loo* in tbev nniftee ooPea, for j-wel!era aad aaaaadtaw I isw ol all aalkva la tbatr proper entora; Tableaac nf B? rn dry , with a variety of li'iwtiatod works ealuabts for deep rauea an-eta. In be o-Uioed at the Heraldry odea, tit Broad war B. T. Mr HATR. tlrraldlr aaaM aad pmprtelnr. havhto led -etoraed from hump*. Wiu attendee Bddluna* la tto Library MTAB WaVKRBN B BO BR HII.LEHOM. BP.AB I II' rm. Boll aad ?A lo or etoene bolboo* Knot*, ?d > rial varieties and la lb* wall ka >va pacha***. jod re rer e.l tier tiaahaaay frrm Rotterdam, fro a lb* above Una, aod foe *ale at R W BVKLaQR'4. 49 Rirhanp* place MaKBLR MaBTKIX-THB RVBWMMB IRNUR iba nubile lb at he la aalliuM irrteia, Bo.. Be . ehaapm IBan aa> mher yraa in the city. Tboae w labia* to bay abatol rail at A R LARKS'b marble yard, liA Bad Klstoasaw atrad near Third r.veour, Rev Turk. N'onrnt To Pf.rMHBHR ?TUB UNf>B*.?IHrE? BB aperiruliy ea I the awaattoa at plumber* to tbair a*ldi AM ver* of Popper Kan** Botlera for Omtoa. Hroeklya aad Ace ?*F r racnia, aad all ktad or VTper worn seed la to* trade, at Ibe atnat prteaa aad all bied of ooppm rat ?cad by brewers dyers to A. TRAHERRR aad 0 WALTER, Mar n factor, 71 Wert Thirty (rat drert. Bel wee* Myth aad I alb Or to* to, B. T Ordeia by mall prump41y adtoded ha PRJ/Jt men VLB AWARDED TO A. W. TRaNCH POR the beat NLyi* Real Bapra inrs Sea! ?, Rlnyy. Be. rearerl with cnaU nf arma. crvau hil ib Ar . in Ibe a *t dyie at ar by A. W. TKaNCIR. 4Jf Broadway, corner cf Howard ?seel Rew fork. R OTERO RI.ATRR OT TBK F 441 LB RI.ATT OOMPABT I are of eueartor nualBr. lew aid. km pruuf. yteid pure and nvainted rain water and lad a Hfeitaae Mntld.r* ad draea Ibe Ak?f at M tb* roapaay. a. Tanaan. It Corilaadi dreet. New Vwk SHOW TARBB Of ever, daacilpttoa. mesinfaetnred hp (I. WINTER, Id bunk WUBkto B B.-A good atoDrttoent nnedaally on band. aJRA ?CKNKBB PRRVBETED AJ*n fTTlRD-BTRRT uJ peiww rdnetoaea tor mid be pmiddad ettli BILLlN'I'h Upend* fur neaRk-kiwaa, naenf the ???* ewveaaftU aaadtctoea e'er tnimdu md to lb* n-a-re of tb* public, and lb* only rem* ?y thai can be rnlted upon for to'iaf reoaf la tbal di araiiinc mala, y Tedlm ?lale to da raloa ruuUnoally rm elred Pro ---adwlely by the prrpnutor W H RU.L1NO, <"?emtal aaiie dreet Bdtnhura; an.i wild by blrn. an l all cbemtd* aad rtruaitav, li. bottlea al It IVI aad faintly bolt ea, eeoal to tbn* aauali wa bM BbnUaata areata. Bab ntm. 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All fn?ia warranto# at r> prenroieiL WABTRP TO TRAHK A VRBT T1KR PAVH.t ?RW to s Mai bine ret kit a tew na>mib* atare luroae-w two hau l*, i. ? H iretua. a Id-'-aa boi 4.14# P ? li r &1 Oil/) * IflA BADB BY ART OMR A TCI T wIibW llr? R???1 I T ,r* U'p anJ rniu *?**! B aa ? hue laiiera l*i> alpha"? ?, Pbforoa aad Border T.-ito with ldlTiiael* aad ltonr?a fur arye a.wk. wlik a 'ina-Oty I tart #? Srlrnt to retail, for llm Ru'vare, Itompaaa, namblnr fete 1" '*'*b?nr Bradt. Pramer Rb.-are too ".too* ?'ona, IN* ftoae tto-ve I'.fem atotir Dadnea llammrr end Ink. w"h Beeipr f.e U.ia'libte |r,t and Uervauul* Rlnnc.i tab. af rec ??aft indr.Klbv ? fur r -Jay rle .-il/r.mra, maAin* men filbrnhea ?mf la tb in. lb? w be i* yr-ee-p uf rare-my re the Pteaeil l"a'i?ey* at * iw.eaalr, wuk ? a dent 'uwk ?nif Tonly of cerj fMtodtolbto, t a -ranted pertr-i n* rmbar*e<l d nay time fr< e la* I.e e T h a ? bole .mtn, entire ai 1 "*u p.eto. (a inrr bed I or kid Idea all , ?toeie' fke tmerleaa Rle-r 11 T ?i< Borha at H|ii TirafltoM. Ttotou il k?* ? a ca?k fund 11 fRlffj ,Jt-k*iei e'aluatrsfy nlbemaua . trfr cf RHinR T"??. b?rir the Ivy* ?nd m<w: reieaale n . ? - >we-m lb" ana, ?*k a i* am -ity dry km* rmrf aPneifln* r -anee* tofton* uleaanurm. ? p?nt - (?> aniireea J p lad fp* te# and o* . ? Nil- Men sua I'icranBe knatea. ?road ? ay. New fork e Rpflny ? 1. 4t C < / w i m tik '** '? MALtRnnifTrrmijawrt " M f!f pnNBM rape* R, U. and ?urtl ne teai* ? tier lien r? ?? f I'nln "'adi'trd IHawiry, Id*w# M kn rry m Id eu<4?? a due* HWURKH, ROOMS. AM., TO LJC'T. A FURNISHED HOl'SK IN WEST FOUAiKKSTU j street to let to a gentleman and wife, wbo?e I?mlly is s ?nail and strtativ private, and ?h<> would be wllllar to tamrd 1 two or three adulta. Address bo 1,061 Foat office. I A furnished cottkie to let-su a monti. ! Also, iu uiiuruiabod, $21, a no* orown ateue. f5', oue ( #??) Ale i a furtiiaTed bou?e up iu?i Si,ROD: one 11 IM) . Ala" rate (1900 AU with gas fleturea. Call at the offl.-r. J13 Foux;b a\ eoue. i Afartmentstolbt-fine front partjOr rtm ulahad, alio tmol beeetnoat ? ilh adjoining be Irai'U. put try, in.' hen, As. together or separate Kent fro n $l.r> t ? $3fi per laonth Apply No. 8 Tenth atreet, between Filth an J ?uth avenues. Furnished house to let-from the first or November In the drat of June next, pleasantly touted oo Twenty ebthih atreet, between Eighth and Ninth a.enuea. For partteulara apptyto II II. JalDDI.ItSRRUKK No. ? tannine atreet, from 8 tu lit A. M.. or ItM Waal Twenty fifth atreet. alter 5PM FURNISHED HOU8ETOUT-OOMPLBTSI.TFURNISH e.l the small, hat very oommodloua three atory brown ?one front House, No. 114 Wnal Forty fourth atreet between Math avenue and Urandway. Inanlre on the premtaea, cr ot 2. t. Townaard, 13 Chambers atraec Furnished bouse to rbnt.-no. m east this teenth atreet, near University place: poaeeeaka given Im mediately. Andreas boi 713, New ?orl Post oiiioa^ rRNISUKO HOUSE TO IJCT-7# FAST TWENTY UK rond atreet !! rooms, in perfect order, eultable fer a aaiai: p> iitee1 f-iui../ I'oaeeaainn immediately. Apply to 1. C. ?KAl>, t.i East rwsnty aeeond street, from 12 to t. FIJRNIHIMP HOUSE to lkt-fok SIX MONTHS to two yeafs, bo low Fourteenth street, between Fifth avenue and University place house ihlxM thr-e rooms deep: forswore new a.a) rood, ptreeeaein at una If desired. Apply to FIELD A Met.KAN, Auctioneers, No. 9 Fine atreet. FritNIHITED BOUHB TO RENT-ON WEST TWELFTH street, between Fflh and Sixth avenuee, Urge four atory, brown atone: wide Bnrlh.h basement. J am hi K. EDWARDS, 277 Wast Twenty third street. -TIURNISHED HOURER J A3 atory English basement on W 30th St., IIU May. MM. A t story tilth sloop, oe W. 18h a. SUM per month. A 3 do. do E. ISth an. tt.OUO per annum A t atory English basement W lath at. M 10> per year. A3 do. do. W' 62d it. furnl-hrd complete. JaMKH R. Kit FaRDS 277 Weat Twenty third street. IVtUBNIBHKD HOUSE TO RENT-TO A PRIVATE FAMI P ly. ellb the privilege of tahleg n few do\r.lers. llosaa ountviDR 'firm rooms, fully furnished wttb bed and table tneu, silverware, and everything requisite for Immediate oe tupaiiry. I ovation Troth atreet, near Krundwajr. Apply at 106 Third avenue Fl'RNISlihD BOUSE ON EM FOURTEENTH aireet ?A beautiful four abiry brown atone Enxllah ba?e meet llnuac furnished eoinpleie isireet parlors, whtnb are furnished with carpets, window t'.'tAioaptnd' drapery), wtih be>l? herding crockery plated ware. he .A<-, all new and very desirable, 1 ouae in elegant order, reut $174 per month. Cards of admtaa: >n irom ,IAMR> K KiWaKlM. 277 deal Twenty third street. CWTRNiantS MOURE TO LET - TWENTY FIVE KT r " .la* from Wail atreet, to the must drlixblful neiahbor hxxl of Rmoklyn. The nous* la full aired, hub stoop, brvwn alone with water gaa, Ac.. large planted conn yar. in front and grapery fine garden attached: half a block from ears. A noiiadila quiet family will lie liberally dealt with, lnuulre . H. HakmKS. II fark row. LAUGK FAKTORV to let -THF BtTILDINQh. WITn thirty two I11U of fTTtii.-td, lately ixmp led hy Arinet A, air Kltuamd ortwneo Ui'ib and ll.Ut arret*. Kind and Woitiil HfooM. Hi Harlem. The fautory i. of brick, euurnh new, acdtamsw feet; baa a imam engine of I >rtr borne power, cmpine id every particular, and hi lit for all mean rweturi-f purvnea. There are l?o commod'oua new brtrk Dwe luif IJ'Miaea wlih all Ute modern imttTovemeola, oon needed with It. and the wbo'r la aafely ru oael with a hirb .brVi7?fi - W.,U 'avorwble terma. Apply i" I'HAKLKn L. M'mi i f'HN. .V. 3 ITnr aireet, M. Y. TO , rr IN Tn* BI II.niN NO 23 liberty afreet, near William. Immediate p teeeaeton ear heaven Apply a? above, to MARK I.KVT. PRIVATE STABLE to rent.?two OB rou R nulla In a floe auble. and room for two oarrlairealUbteA with water very convenient "lnirnBilb tmmedlaielr Apply at 88 Weal Twenly-elRbth atreet. T? ^-*? * VBitT STRUT. OPPOSITE v-, ?aahliiaton Market, as rioeUent location for ar. ewtlac aaloon: alao. No. 164 south r.i-et, a arm rata mand lor a able r handler. Apply to I. MINT UAH. 130 Water atreet. STORE TO LET-WELL I MOWN AS A TUB STORE, loader the Melrooohuia Hotel. 571 Broadway, (or four ?m?itha ualy. Apply oa Ut pmslsM. TL ttI^T7i^?I2T. H?H? *? M *ast beoadwat, A lirftod BUtRjii intf Ktod#riaiA b(mwuIm Apply at oto orKS^^iTTStrrf'Sifi r?LkT-i" BKOOELTN, 141 HANIM HrKKBT THR Upper Part of tba honae. four rnocaa. reel moderate plraaaatly idUiaied. within fifteen mlnnlea waU of Pulem. ? wthartoe or Hufaou avaaua farry, given - rLKT-FIBST CLASS, NKW BROWN BTONB THRU and four atory Hniare la forAy Dftb atreet between Fifth K!Lr ? V N*"*"*' l?w. Inquire at No. 7V. betweao rLE?-AT U BANT HOUSTON STREET. A THRU atory atue and haaemaat Houae. 1U0 ram from Hroad war, wet; loealadfor a reatanraat aad p.btlo houae Apply at 6ti *Srtdjriu^ "*mM* 0-e* "r W J. R. OATMhjTR 13d r1*?FIRST FLOOR AND BAOK BASEMENT. f1 rnn?. ?'"? ?aa aad water la the houae, jam Blac atreet, alao ApartaaaaU of thrre ruotaa, on aneoai ?aor l? a a?r all fnmlly. alao the Sacood Floor nad fleni^^ meat of 711 aarlton meant Inquire at 33 Kin* atreet. fPOLBT-AT NO. 10 BLBTUTT? hTRKET, FOUR DOORS * Wpm ef Broadway, two Ronoen, furmahad or uafurwlahad. oa Iho aaooad Soar, aJat. a suitable for a ph]? r LET?EITHER THR WHOLE OB FART OF A Houae. or will let the whole llouar and board oat the reol Apply . d th-premises, 43 Went Forty third atreet be weeo fifth and Mlith area nee, before 10 o'elnoc la (he mora dk aad after 4 In the afternoon. Call for oee week. r> LCT -THE CHEAPEST OOTTAOK HOUSR ON THR inland. Rent RN?1. modern built, with ,11 Irnrr-remeitU KtfMj-ililh atreet, lint h eaat of aretl??~. Oarpeta new, aad for aale al a aacrtfioa. Inquire oe the | nmlaaa T> UW-IISSBOOND aTRNTS-FRONT AND BACK Parlors aad oaa Bedroom mp third B ?w. haadaomeiv fur la a private Freach family, tha houaa coalaiaa all the i Import rmratn r LET?THE UPPRB FART OF A SMALL TWO alary aai aula houae tu Fortieth atreet, aaar headway; a ?mail amertcaa (aaally preferred, boaiMtf demand; run Boa tameedlafly. Apply U B. H ARBELL. SJ7 Bread iay^ T? LRT?PART OF AN KMOUKH BASEMENT HOC MR MftdldllliN of ParL.r BPlrwum ..m ?f rki a apt . .. ? _ needier of rarlor floor, pari of third Tloor aad Baae' ment. with retiwea. but and aold water, aaa flxluren. Ac At> p.y at Ivl KavTTeaulj third atreet. r l.RT-BOOK. STAT70NRRT AND KKWNFAPKR Sund at the MeiropolMas Hotel In. iilre at the H'del W uhLAND A TO r UT-A NEW BROWN NTONR FRONT FOCB STOBT ITf* Betereea fifth and NiiMrnne. oa O'Wta ? i? ? aew Ihewa u.ey Hoate N ?. IF Wem ' If e'ifhih mreet between Mtth and Seventh aveoom rent SMXa ANIiRAW i.KmTER A CO.. 1C11Ttambwra atreet. r,t * R^RT OF A OENTUI. iRr*? aawr Bouae, with prtrtlaeea to a am alt qnm wttAxd board, to laaUaaaaa; tha piearot oronpaat haa ao aw AP,,lj - lU ** nu%1 atreet. J(| I RT-THK ntosk 4C cou nila street, brimik i m" ^ Fltleeaa f.w aale. toqclr* on the p reel me a _J ii *ARI? Alao to let. the ft *We' er p ere aad lluws, Waeoa and Haruem for aala. Inquire aa aiura. rJ I.NT-IN BROOKLTN. PART OF A BRICK HOU?K nam,.a.a of bark B-emeet and denmd Floar Tenmr fU per moatA Apply el to Atlaalln Brent. T? ?*ALL BAI4DC HOUSE ON HBOADWAT U ^H-Xld'S/"" ??J ^ Add rem rl^ -TO A SMALL FANILT, AN NO 43 ?K road avenue, fruu Irree in ( air Room m u. .a.-a with qaa aaj bath. Pieaaaatly iuated melt at \a'*ART OF A <T>BNKR STORE, FOB A A meet oti.nR Inquire at Ht aevepih avwU'ie. ta the alore T? 11*J JT1 * TWWNTTbfNTH STRENT. NEAR / L#>tnrine rtfohf mrrrm* floor, mr+m mnM. ta , Z ;??rrm mxk - i? rl LET-NO I U? BROADWAT (A MOTS THIKTT _ _ % *? back hftn aad bararaant taeHiwr or ?bifiblf. "I be i^n ti ()Uad up. aad ta % rood* toastioa fur almoa- aay kind nf bote am Apply na tha premiaea. Tr? ' "?R*R STOST AND IlAAXMENT HOCMK. ?> llioene .1 t, won mode-n laipr ' -mewta Bout ' rtr^T*"" APPl> w 4 "? * "*"? llJ T?J*r7TVr Hj* ^" 'LOOM OF HOCSK XM WE1LET Krat lhTpl mia h Broad ?ef. aear Bleacher mieet. rirtLY w, i. tub second ?*'i ?ajalinw i* foiir room?aa,l pan '? A, p" at ?M Weal Thlneeaih at. WO I.RT IN BIIOOK! TN-4W0 RKNT ONLT- AN ELK a f ari Ihre* el irr beoen atone Hoeni enr ulna all the w. >? fwew inwmame la near Talma aveo-i\ aw' rare paaa everr two u,iante? 1 emn eaa be had Sefwe let o' Apply p> ALRRRT H. NKVLaT. No SIWuhMau-J T?r?" ''5",LJ,0T lr"?we BO- Ml WENT ?eat .h ''ameer,,. theprTwbee *?4 rfc,N' ,urtfc" rartlaalara in p,Ire da TaO NRNT-AN ENC1UMH HARTWENT HOIHR NEWl.T ij.F?^m*^f ^-^-TMR.-iA arto TV B>RT frBNiMnEn OR rNrrmNiNiniT??WTTH at nnv Ume. a Ntrileinan't Rrai.'ne-e at Momh "'"r*? ewe beir'ar<1e from New Toek by e.unrd rniwn. <e>naprT*tney. apihlea he; about au acraa of lawn or. ehare ar^pimii.-e; y?. ?| qwnt-b an I trne? aiemt Ihe t"?A 'rfwriherp.nwulareappiy todAlEr t, RARHKR A tv , ?# KMrpr Htm 1 1 ANN r?ENTr?TM A" ?TO LET TW,? 1 her dt ??? fnooi Aaaer, an in the new browu Pine h ah *nJ 71 rhry*4?hth hat, da JI, *1*1* **ep?e A lam tne two auf (4 e.aee handw me'y furntahed. by 8"OT? or ae ar .le roinm wiu a venm-e. parlrr. h\ ibeq"?rter. yetr or Via car teem Iteeah lam an.* tee If denred. Apply i t Nix 711. " TTBK ?)W?E* Of A_** ALL COTTAGE IN RROTRLTN lio ?|T ''T'lrea to rem in a email'aeutp 72. ? ? ' "J; TWM-twaawwh'f to i.n aeepr?h> *n7 **f" "J ' '> ???"? a t Mertea, hot 3 445 New York Pel TV) NIL! INhRU AND HRR^S AlI'M.- TO LSf, A 7 ~ nwtW w e*<1 >|aw n( , boner ad m-ewblj i.veted and .?..err-l 'either ,d th. .'nr. hraneHea w bupli raa Appty at ??1 h ?? q.r mrem. o. i wne Peoa ? DBT OOOIM, AO. J^BNOLD CONSTABLE * OO. Are now off ertug at retail. A large nod utipertor atuoh of FAMILY BRT GOODS, Constating In part of glunldi, r lnaoela, Unas end Oottdd Sheeting nod BhlrUnga, Table Pemneti Tabid Clothe, Napkins, ToweU nod towelling. Alan, Preach Orfandtee and Tarieteae. far Evening draeeee. Canal, corner of Mercer REMOLD CONSTABLE A OO. Will offer at retail, on Monday, October i, A splendid aaaortaaaat nf FRENCH CASHMtRR S HA WIS, both BQUAKK AND LONG. Atoib greet novelties in BTREPKl) BHAWIX. Canal, earner of Marear ATM CANAL HTRKKT. MB A PURR. Began! end tnAlonable etylm, In BaMa, Noalrrel. Mink, *A. will hern be offered to the ladles on Thursday neat, when they ere reapertftdly Invited to oellwnd tnapeot them , ull than la THOMAS BATNQLD8. M Oaaal ahrnet, three dnora weataf Broadway. AT >0. 886 BROADWAY. STRANG, ADRIANCE * CO.. WU1 open A retail on MONDAY. October 1, A YRRT LAS OK AMD ATTRACTIYR BTOOK or NEW GOODS, Constating of RICH AND Ml JIG AN T SILKS, Fur r veal a* wear DARK FANCY KICKS. DRMBB GOODS, IN BYKMT YaSIBTY OP 8TYLR, MAU AND OUaLITY, For fall and winter wear. NSW LAOH AND EMBROIDERIES, HOSIISY, UNDER GARMENTS AN1) GLOVES, MOURN I at) OOODS, SHAWLS, AO., With an tinmirpuMd aaanrtment nf LINENS, MUSLINS, DAM ASSN. SuANKSTS, PLANS EI A, And every other description of BOCHEURPINti GOODS. Alio, CLOAKINOS, CLOTHS, CaHSTKEKEH, YRBTTNGS. In grant variety. BTSANU, ADSIANOEAOO. JAMES TUCKER'S, Noa. 719 and 3(1 Broadway, Mew Parte Flowers, New Peru Plowera. Feathers, Fea'hers. B-VUl Beta, Bridal Bala. Veila. Vetln. Veils, C alt urea. Colliurea, Toilet Fixing* hi abundance. The marriageable eeaaoa la perpeittai for bridal aria. A T SOS CANAL STRUT. M A. PUBS Elegant and fashionable styles, In liable, Bqntrrel. Mink. As., will here be ottered to the tar lee oa Thuradav meat, when tney era respectfully Invited to call and Inapeot thr m, Ull than Id suspend their purchases. THOMAS REYNOLDS, 803 Canal street, three doors west of Broalway. ^ DYKBTIBEMENT FOB TUB SPECIAL NuMCE OF LADIES WHO ARE IN wInT OF THE FOLLOWING DESCRIBED MERCHANDISE AT THE PI ICES I PEIC18~ I'EICEB I PRICES ! LOOK AT THEN I ("oraeta In every style SI a pair, a prime article. Hoop Skirts, 80 aprlap* St IE a drat rale article. 10J0 dozen Ladlea Parti Kid Olovea, none better, at sixty San oeota a pair. OA CENTS PBS PAIR. LtOu docea Lndiaa' Linen hsm-wltehed Handkerchiefs, SI 80 par doaen, I. A flLVXOWR, 1,117 Brrad way. eonier of Twaui? Itflh ate*at, Opporfcr Madlaon Park, and the worth Mooamemt gia AND EYKNINO DKBMW, 4f LORD A TATLOR'R NOB. 46? TO W BROADWAT. AW ELEGANT?ABRORTMRNT e r RICH PLAIN AND PAJfCT 8ILKA tn PARISIAN PABRIOB, ?CTTABLI roa BALL AID KntNING HAMMER urn i) FRENCH RID OLOVEH. At IB mm a pair, wwtfe ft. EKTE A OOLEBBBKRQ. illOanal A.. Id >lrt from Broad'y. -DAL OFPERT AO PRINCE DB CALLER SOBER PR HAL. Iiyorfaa anirtwwaant pour |? bal ( PRINCE DB JalLBA, EDWAED LAMRRRT A CO.. No. Ml H road war, Ml f>M da HotaL BAEOAINN IV CLOAKB AND fHAVU. E R NILLA A CO. inaow ready to nhlbk tbrir naw pat .rrna of ARAN. tilOATR. RRPtiClN PALKTOT. and otbrr rareot aly.ea af Cloaka, juat ad.lad to Uirtr moot, at J"1 **!^TnP"l/>NO AND NQCARK RKt~EB* ABIE, aad laser wool hbawla. at mat bargaina at at: ANi' iut di'jAUWti. ra heap biler 100 PIBCOT AT 7? CBVTR AND 01. Thaaa (ooda originally mat rnm 01 to $t M par yarR ARNOLD, OONBTABLE'A 00. Naaal alraaL ooraar of Harm. rpARLtVTI O OR mi \J Pall aad Wlalar Cloafta, of tha latest "Irian Now ready MM llroadwar. oaa draw tton Ta Wy ant amt 0LOAER AND HaNTILLAN WADANB P PINT HON H bvtii^rotersod froaa ParE HER PALL ANlMPIXr$R PANHIONR la Tilnt, PUk aad (>tb CloaAa All of wfcrfc fcarr bam etoartod U tka fim Aam la PaiE, Aad ara lAa ltlaot Paruoan "w naoM." HAPAMB F. PINUHO N. M /1-acker MroaL DAMAGED BLANKET* PLANN0LN. BROAD,1/1 TON ima.ri.rree Pi-tats, Knalmi Ha I atara, ?ml PUide, LAiam. TaAta UotAe. Towrla. Aa. lor but by ?*. It THEWS No It ObtAartor.Rrret JjlALL RXPuaiTlON. ARNOLD. CONNTART P A (X) will onrfl no Tb -aday Oct A taeir Ttrla < '"tka and HaalLtaa, laaatarr wui ibuee oI tbair own ?aattfartnra Alia A ekotre ooUanlno af roal India Caaor, a bair Hhawla aad MA Canal auoAt, anraar or Earrwr, Raw Tot. OP ?BW AND RLRGANT OISIaKA Ry BULPTR, GEBGItoN A ElAJOft W !< mad way. 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L ?00 PIBOEB RICH DKBnS 8ILKA At St. worth K It par rui J^OKO A TAILOR WOA M4 to Ml Grand atoa 0ARPRTIW08 AND CPHOIRTRKT OOOOR TAPK8TBY. 1WORAIW. VELVET BKU8SMUE And etery TUtnj of OARPBTINOti AWD OOBTAIW MATBR1AIRL LABOR BLBOAWT AND CHEAP BTOWL J^ACK CUK1AINH. Pan ImporLttlaaa of RICH LACK CURTAINS DRAPERY, MUSLINS AND TBSTLBURRR Laara sow open at ratilL AI to ear good* will be focnd taooh under tie ARNOLD. OOWBTABLB A OR Chael Areet, earner of MOCRMNO GOODS PA1A, IMPORTATIONS ?A larre and eery -Amine eton* at .fACRaOH'S. Sa Mi ltrondwa j. cuaelatjiis la part of Hantaan ana. Delaiuoa, ? * i-tte, Mai'raa, Harp ar, Kmpreaa and Ctatl'i Hair i Ottanar VahiurA latnman sarnnnrA Hrpa. H,.mi ????ttea. Paraalnna, Ad., blaek'SUka hi An mre for deep ran .mint, rrr* desreble ? ___ ba?inlnn, la all wtdtha mean S3 to 4S tonhaa wttae toon rulnf St ? A In ibancwaA Ay lea. black and aacund i Bnmt<a.'"ttaA Paraalnna, Ao., blaak'SUha heart " able far an 22 to 12 t las Irtata and rujulij m-'urn lag Valoui aad Vaimvclaa anna irreat anvalUna, a mat i , for treeetllng eat ho una dreaaaa enteral ne? i m aad grant bergelna. Rar lata CrecM. Crape aad (lmitto Vat la, Crept and Grrnartne Cotlara and Htearrp, OtolOA Qtagbama CaBmee. Ar ; Thibet Khawla, plain, alrr trueaied wnta Hit and mpe: Tktheta far Shasta "baphariA Piai.1 Hfeawla. Ac . boaiNi/Jn-, riatta aad atik Hhnka; alao. Boat aria for <*eep and aaeood buhl alas. Ar Ar. OBSERVB ? W. JACKSOW. No. MI Brand say, brtaaau Bprtas Importer of Mournlrg O lA, rtaa Bprtas aad Prtaao Araato Real laced and parib kmhroideaied. JAM Kb OKAY A CO ft am now open b auparb aaa POTKT LAI K (OaAKt AMU BETH, POINT LACK VI/?UNOIN(|b, 8C aRTN AND RHAWUL THREAD LACK VKILB Tl/OUNOlN'tS AMD POINTR, If A KURD aNI) OOITTURES. I'AKIti RMBROIi.KRIKR 759 BHUADWaY. oo-nrr of Warar'.ay I ^HAVU. EDWARD LaMHCBT A 00 WUI opaa, OK MONDAY, OCTOBER I IN ORKAT Y All ATI. TAB ADRIAN A. JAPANESE ??->! TYOOON ALL WOOL BHAWTR ?COTt'H, PLATD and btr:?kd do. BHOCflE and TRKNCH CASHHBSE DO.. IM BRACK, WRITE GRKBK aod __ CRIMSON CBNTRRE AO N<v tm Broadway. f?ppoalta IB# MatmpnJtao RotoL CU.II PROM AUCTI'H. O At RMaU. ob MONDAY, OCTOBER I. HTKaNO. APltlANCK A OW. No. m Broadwnp. SEIRTM TOR THR PRINCWD BALL.?A LABOR YA rtety In oil iBr orw M (1ATN0RE. M Broad wap, anar I n?>po aqaarr. aod SW Broadway brtmao Pom lb Ml tBhiMMR Oor prnda are am for mm ol Bay otbar War la Naar Tnrk. ZEPHYR WORKTOP REDTORP TO IIS CRNTB : N> air* fitttac Omioa 'wily fl, ?<?>! Abirta. 74e bad II. ohIM rna'a, ??. bkw Kyle* Draoa Trimming* rory nh*apt mM Ralte. ciaopa, llurkle. and Hair Nate, at? utiKR'Hrbaap Baa JBHradwbf N M. - Saat tele, aaar Nia*taau.j aunaA AN1RULOOT. A BONA TTPR AHTrtt'lANalNT, THAT EVERY ONE OAR | A daerad oa. to Med von TTLNON, wbo talto tba Obi? ct 1-nr Oa* as oooa a* j-m enter bar rooa Madame WOm to Eb* grialiat boa nbntol tbat aoor mm known. Nba WW taratob tba poworo at bar amadar'til MtotoM, and toll aD * Ktaato of yonr ? boi* Ufo prodiutlooo broaolraatbal ibay oorartoo ^^^^^^^Htoonno bar. Roaao lad ton May goto IMIla Itolt 7^XStrJ^L*'?r2S7^IS:S~| wonderful aad myaartntie lady. Har odrtea lu ao?M baaa odrtea loo apror baaa kaown to faH. aad ado off on l*?di thoaaaad dollar* WOtod R.l ^NTONTHHTF^^^^AMR dongbtor. bora ?nb a oaoi aad ^^?and rrfvro yoa will madman* wrr iboagbte. Pro to nan racytentaenta. 1At LndtoW^^^H ??g???taiaadftftofHaaWibt.nitobwf gap and ?Am yon ?ti; marry aad many ornate. omn n? MMriMV!*.1wrw AH TACT-A PVRtN0LQ0I(T AND ABTROLOOnr ? that haate tee toor d and U <W> reward for aay oao wtoa aaa *?,.?? Mia* WRUANOTOS, wbo to arbne?ladea* la ba lb* any lady la Ibrrly wbn tnub-nDy giro* laf x-naaMoa aoa oargtogtaa*ba. Uak'ilto imirarya ?baa*l tote ad* torn, aaaov ahlo. atar-utge. brnlb. aauth ami a bo wll rarlaia fnatob aad aflfOtb*!!: brabonda Mtoa W to tb* only oorooa to* oity wtoo baa ibr IRtotpRb Rnau aad Arablaa la.loMaaa * lorn, Kpod lurA aad all S'Mtoraa *8aim aad ara ruaran^raa tor Wto Dated not at euaaaM law natnraflr nrwd aad brantofiR yonaa lady. Lacby n>uab?ra W**a. Htoaly rranortebte <Nto rar-ruom rar b? w. at bar rraldaaaa.l?f Mitt arna'te, ap CLATRTOTANCE AND PTTRBNOLOOT -NADAMY fl.AL'RV, No m *? 'W>d to*arl oatebmlnl by bar Man, ean ba anaaaVnl oa bnaaaaa. laarriar* abaaal frlaate. Aa, aad Ilrta mrdtral adrtoa; aba l?iH Prraab, Raallab toad ilmaaa CILAIRTOVWRCF NNd aRVYOCR'a MXDI lAL'RaAlR / n>raat M?aa?k tui k <?: I?, blnrka waal of Hi aad way. Tba m ? nura. ???: ra. and malaaaa ooaa-.lteltoaa dap and araalrp aad porTart eaua'wUon pnaraaaaad alvaya. or as pay teb?a. r AD A MR HH A TYRE HasRKNOTBD YRONNRTroTR atonal to *lar?-'*i-i *rw bat nana aoaaad < an.i catoa fr artel Ib'ad "nor Nba will roaNn-taa t) '*i. abnal lorn, mar nam, ahaao! frlanda. ?jraaa an.: . .i.naryn Latlw to raadb Oondtotona nm artninad MADaMB RAT 'N r 'Ik HivrfT CLAIRVOYANT anr A?imln?<ai la (ba '.'a'wl?-aiaa Otroa I ieAy mianwa oaiiaon tpaody marnaoaa. lalla M al pro. ar;? Hi i ooalt twnte raar Taroly i*r?aUi atraat Lnd-ao Id orate k'l'iate teas W t ar.ia MADAVE DT- BOIE CI ATRVOYANT PHMfCIAN, TOR. marly ar Baroabi'a Nnotena, m"*4 adaoaaoani aa ra rord. to riawuiaUo i ? ma' aad ?ten'te a ?li at bar room*. No 4' kro 1 waaty yaroafli rtraai at Mm Papa a M' rkadam LBRLNR dad j-kt arrived tiaon JYI Pana Rbau-ilanaa p-aaaot aad I- ira r anto of Mb Nba to Itia only naa la Naw York mat ra ? ba .taprodato span. No. It uraaaa atraat. moa 13. VADARK BYRON THR WONTV R OT ErtOTE **** arrlrod fmra Pana-T ?!? aaimiayiat rbraanlodtol aad aplrl' ', iba rlrra irua a< >a?*ttea la al ad aim V Ula, m-aad nnkannaaa. piraalnabv mim-wra. Aa. Aha ku aiao tor na y paaaiaa Oraak and AraMr lairmaua t > ba 'onnd la tbte ronntry Raaldrnra AC II . ??, urar ifoad I nab; ffatilamre 30 ronid >1 B -WII'I ria Hi>T HPaRD OT TTIR fnr.RBRA. I. -ad Mad. a. yyai. baa baan mat topi by tho. au0, M Itoa and abar cWMto wilb natora aaiwfartooa itho f?a.a mo Of rut aba b a an rot aL Nba wi'a nr bna-mnd *1*. tba. of bar < tr.'tb (Irrbaraoa. al Ml Ybrd am atraat. lAdlaat ' maw. gratia?a ?rtRTTIlAlJIIM.-CHARlJ-? COLT''INTER HAYTWH ) ra? ? .v% I Hml tor?1, aaa- dm ad way. dbc ba san illtd aa naaa; H?ira from I A. to to I P N >?J1 ORtNn NTOTOT, near ROWNRT-NtDAWW ,Ol W i rv IVR r'aitrttrnal aa 1 r <** Roai? ad J aa Oialboaiiteariaa J fWurfiy, toan, oiar-tera abaaa. f-Wnte. -kraaa, praamahao toNdWatol Nr b! HP? tela 'aagr

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