Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 3, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 3, 1860 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 8791. MORNING EDITION-WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 3, 1860.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE TWO CENTS. bhifpitco. KMWOTION IK PRI0E8 ATLANTIC 8TBA-M MAVIO ATION OOMPAJTT. NBW YORK ANlToALWAT UJIK TOUCHING AT 8T. JOBN8. K. F., '?? land paM|?n, and reoeive lbs royal mall and meet dispatches ^^nprtring thla line have bean approved by tha _ 'Jf?5 1*0" 8IIIE-WHEEL 8TRAMKR8 9?!8Ii22HT long bertha*. -HHPTER 4,401) toat burthen. r*P223? U>M burthen. t,4U) tons burthen. PAKAKA IttOlmaburtbee. tja nasi departure will ba tba < ONNAUUHT, from Biatna, f TReadey Oct. H lolwfollowed by the PRINOI ALBERT, trow Mew tort, Nov JO. ' Ft am Pter Mo. 37, Norlb river. weeof paaeeeetoa'T pan of Ireland, on a railway, and la tba prtnctp* Hues of England and Rootland. f? elaaa. SUM. 100. and >76. according to otate room ae WnlndalMM. Third clam $30. lurlmlmg cooked provision*. And lo 8t Johna, M. F. Fl-st clam, $36 third claaa $10 3S$5 under IS yeare half price under one year free, ?mdtme passengers are required lo furnish beda aad tire. ' JJteoue taking paaaaae fiom Mew York for the steamers from Boston, will receive free paaaage from Mew York lojomon Tba --amen of thla Oomoanv have boen cooatrusted with greatest oare aa regards safety and comfort, onmblned "m model and propelling power, and are built with water tight eraw part taenia They are confidently expected to auepam tn Waul and rough weather qualities any veaaelaevar built, bam are replete with eleganrlea and occrenleneea. An experienced surgeon I* attached to each ahto. Peraona <Jt?hU)g to aeud for their friend* can obtain raturn Ucketa at fee following greatlv reduced price*? In thlrc cantn from (lalwsy. $30; In third cabin from any down In IrelsmUnu a railway 1VI so in ttlrd oabln from the Vfloctpal ctuen of England and Heotlaod, $36. For freight or paaaaae, apply to BUWLAMD A AHPINWALL, . Agenta, No*. 54 and 55 Soudt street. ^?HB flhtaf ? BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN MAIL STKaMSHTFS. PCOB (IV VOA* TO LITBBPOOL. ROYAL lilnsinid Chief a rsoe bostoh to uvturooc. abln passage _____ OlMD The mip. from New York cal' at Dork harbor. The eblpe from lloetna call at Halifax and Cork harbor. f*CR8lA I Apt J udktna. klRABlA. Gent. J. Stone. ,181 A. Oapt K. (4 Lou. AFRICA, Cap! bhannon lAN (Da, Oapt. Lang. AMKRI'lA. Capt. Moo'la. NI AO ARA. Capt. Anderne. KCROPa. Capt. J. Leitch. SCOTIA (now building). Theee vaaeela carry a clear white light at maathaad, green dm autrboard bow. red an port bow A81 A, Lett. leaves N. Tork Wednesday, Sept. M. UCROPA, Anderson. " Huston Wednesday, Oct. 3. PBRftlA Judklns " N. >ork Wednesday, Oct. 10. ARABIA. Stone, " B'tstou Wednesday, Oct 17. AFRICA. Hkaunon. " M York Wedneaday, Oct. Si. CANADA. Noodle. " B *un Wednesday, Oct. BL Bertha eat secured artil paid for. Aa experienced Surgeon on board. The owners of these shios will not be accountable for gold, gflver. bullion. Kneels, jewelry, precious atones or metals, an kens Mils of lading are signed tbere'ree, and the value thereof therein expressed For freight or peaange apply to K. OCTM Ago, Mo. 4 Bowling Ores*. rR SOUTHAMPTON AMU HAVRK-ON SATURDAY, October 13. the United States mall steamer ARAQO, Inas. commander, will tall from Pier 37 North River foot of Beach street no Saiurda*. Oct. 13 at n"en. This steamer? I for safety and rorof an?has double engines under 1 by wat-r tight compartments, whlih besides results tend in the event of eolllaloo *r stranding, to keep the pump* free to woik and secure tba aafetv of vassal end passer gera Prlo* of passage In second cabin $71 and $?J *nr freight or passage apply to HA BURL M POX <IK<). A AOKRhZIR. agenta. .No. 7 Broad way The steamer PUle TOM will sail Povember 10 (AM WKBKLT BETWEEN MBW TORK AND LIYRB , landing and embarking passengers at yueanstowa, . The Liverpool, hew Vork and Pbt.adalpbls Hteam ship Oompany intend despatching thalr full powered Clyde ?nuh Iras Ntf* t(iiihJp4 aiHNBUR'IU Hatnrdsy October t, ?LABOOW Saturday. October IS, C1TT OF BaI.TIMOBI Helurday. October Bl, Aad every Saturday. *t noon. from pier 44. North river. Barry or raknex: Mint Oahte $74 HI I Steerage BSD 00 On. ft Ixmdoe.... 8U it) I Ho to Loodoo 31 0U l Return Ticket* good for sis months do 00 cs (orwaiaad to Harts Havre. Hamburg. Bremen, Antwerp, Ac . at redueed through fare* I wishing to bring out their friends oas buy llnketa there at tha following rates to New Tork -From Liverpool or Qweaaatowe. first cabin, tit, $85 and SUM. Steerage from UverpooL f mi. from yueenetown, tsu TWea ateamera have superior so vummodkUooa ftw passes Kara bed carry experienced surgeons They are b tilt In water 3gbt troe arc trine, and have Patent Fire AnnlhllaPu-s on hoard. Fur further Information apply la Uvarpool to WILLIAM IMMAN. A get t It Water street, tn illssgow pi WILLIaM INK AM I St Boueh square Rr (Jvaerstowu tori A W. f? BIT 4MOUR A oO . w Ixmdon P> Blv*i A MaCBY. ?1 King <FU ttem ntreet, In Paris to JUI.U 1>K<X>UE, Mo 5 Place lain ?Bourse, hi Wiladelpht* u> JOHN O OALS, 108 Walnut street, wr el the ssrun'T oBee* JuBM O. DALE. Agent. U Broadway. M. T. ST BAKER OF OCTOBER 10 Fue BoutbampPm s>d Havre. United States Msil apeamshio V .M>aliBILT. M. Iwfevra omimsndrr. wl I sau from pier M i J North river. Aew York at noon i-n mturday. I trtober ?. with mail* Lismn get ? and Steele, for Bnrlsn ? and France Ft rat cabin $Ol second itkl. Tried o*his to ttavra. $36. In Houthsmpton. $38 D TORRa Nt'K, Agent, mi 6 Bowling ? trees. New Tork. IUcH dmfta oo lemdoa and Faris for eel*. JsTRAMKR ()( T'lBRH ? > FtjK r.itTII aMHfriN AND HAVRE The United stale, mail steamship ADRIATIC. joeeeb J funs mk commander will sail from the foot of On sal riroet ue ?*t vrday. ? et 6. t 10 A II with mall a passes gers end specie lor the shove ports For frnugbi r pyaaage spplv at the "Ron of the North Allan lie steamship t'.itxiu tS) , 8) Wall ytreet room No. 4. I F srKPllKNtl. Secretary. The ATLA NTIt* A <1. Gray eimmauder. wtll suoored the Adnatln. and *ai> Neturday, Nov 17. jc*or uvekpool-olt mlacc pta* lire -the IT panh-i?hip fENTUKlOR, lyut? at r?rM tool nrnr, oaila Mb < )c4obrr Tba ACHThaIJa ratio Khh Ort fvp? <*M f?R? nr in tlrarpnrd, or drafia m Ireland, apply at WIL CIA EH E ?*l l"R. ?U fiilUm acmrft rE LXTKRP'K'I,-THK HPERDIH CLIPPER HB1P Tpuruard. I'aptala Hail-u, at 111 |i alurily aaii no Thura day. drvPirr 4 Ior p naaya apply unwadlaiajr -m board. ?-W M EaM nrar. nr So JOaKPH MIRPU1, fl fraiife atraat. ? WaU. FHOE LIVERPnoU-TBK P> l*R TEER PAT PACKET ? Me HEbflV I I. V V. Capuia . ..ukiaa, wi? pa I "-i?bar hariaa ' piata mom armmmortattoaa tor all ftimm of paaaar r-r* r >r apply oa Ixiard, or to *. COLLIRH A I O , at tha oflti a. oo pier t Xorlh rtrer. FV1R LfTKRPOOr^-POaiTI VBLY piret packkt.-thb larorlta i.-an abip JKKKalaH THONPHoH baa in pa rtor HMaoiauat lor paaaaayara. Hal la octofjar .1 Apply ? hoard. ptrr M Rapt rtrer, or lu O. A. TEA ETOK, <7 HouiA F?i B LIVERPOOL-HI. ACR KAI.T. LITE Of PACKETR T?ia rUpv" abtp FIPRI.1 A aai a f non ptar XV E .at rtrer, ?a.ana. The NEPTtTnR aatla oa t*a Hid October. PW i -|- f apply to JACO'I WI jto.N KM Month atraat EiRT BHlPtt POE MVEEPOOL ABIl LOHPOH ?THE ? plradM abip HI A R< mml f*Ku Capi La rye baa, aal'a alar ? Eaal riear, Opt. 8, for Ur? Cabin far*. RR>, -EMPMPabia water.-ona ant foobd. lit Packet ahlp RHinR. Oapt Moore for I ?>**. aula Opt. A for paaaafe apply to THuE. g EO? MR. ia ItoaU atraat. EROB IRRLAHP TO HEW TORE RT H*BAM -PAR awapari boohed from Queeaatowa Ireland* to Par fork ??. tarlad HP pn.rv oaa. by taa ap end* (aai alaamahlpa I bp l.i. ? ; ? Raw Tnrh an<1 Ptlladalphla Una, laarlap i/u aaaii oa araar Ttn*arta> la tba yaar. for paaaapa apply at the area pen j ? oOtaa. It Broadway. JOUR P. DALE. Apaat. r>E CALIFORRlA T1A PARANA. ? A A pat elara atrataar mil laaee Raw Tort tha Id ltth ant of aarb aa>p .1 aaaapl w?aa thaaa data* fall oa Rand ay. Tor tha day of dapartora wlJ ha tba Monday follomnp frawta or poaaaaa apply at tba oatly oMIna. Rn ITT Waal , anmar of Warraa. P. B- AlLeR. Apa.t Great REnrrrtoT ir prior to ETW ORLRAHEARP IIaTARA. ETE 4HAH IP RTaR OP THE WRET. I'apt H. P t4?l?an. Will laara pit r toot of Warraa Mraat. Co M -ud <v, < 'ft H. a: t o'clock t. M fpatRbi to >ew Orlatuw II -aou par cnbM foot OaMa paaaaaa to Raw Oriaana 110 Mbta pa??at' ?? Harana to TPIt r~i~ tin r ' ' "?------ a M. O. RoBKHTa. Aran! 117 W-?l atraat. ( ?m oar of Marfan * r?at Rauaaipt PUUadtlphta aad Empire mty wUl laara Ortooar R) aad IT. ' jj??R HA A ^^^ Roadar, Oolobar A, At 2 n pinch P M Tba Uac^d atatp* taul uaaatthlp MAT A REAR. LW?a>ati? pnmaa.idOT, k raady to Paoalra "i Up a i at pWr E) R rtbCrar frwn of Chamarra rtraPA far ' * * - r?ulf In AA HEiiR . RAVAREO A t*> . M Ei banya plana, ?alia ntoaa M the I'.at o?r? at I o cloth P. ?. oa taa day of at' apa w ft 1 AVARA aM> REM OMt.RAf ?an To rail on Ih'iraday. Ofltobar II, at II ? try H ypbiah. tbr atfmablp OaH A WRa. J. * Rmaa. nroioi*o.tor. TTIII ?aira a *i rrrmirm frawht oa Mn?id?y. Oalnftpr d, aad aall aa abor. r ra omt fnrd o? Morrav atraat. Rortb rivap. l7l vihiiaii ,R. rNiH'MRRiiR a < <). OH M irray ?voac PR ROTti aula >vob*r II, and HIRHVlLl.ft Roraaor I. ERIt HAVaTA F t tilted Riatra Mall Ttnamahlp Una law.ID* awry l? anty itara |rom ?arh port. rTEAMalllP Iff Ah KK CfTT, I ? Mao'aiai pornmandar. Thla bfc'"* a-aamar. kariat >>a.n tboronablr orarhanM ant rafK'a' ?!" -aawia bar 'a?.il?r moa lor iha abora port on>Hda?. !?<-? ?'? ?t It yr ./r*. from plar 44 Rorlh rlnw. W|.wbi. rariat'-l rwnoar I. IP'a of Ivftnf fornhnad aad Maond on boa. ? o. i;T' ,;t,r"* r"r rr-?*?" amwi" aopir IP II * R'"" " ? ' " At Rmlb alraat Ha. pari .rtpa wl I ?? f h "iO?r It am Rormnbar II rM |R aaVA'til tHI RIVTI -drittaHjy nrMTRVI .1 K ?am Pi*. Wtdi laara plar || Rortb on TV.raday, ' Wr. 4 at ? P ? J" ."?'"nab with waarraadrt ?'on ntlaOioa III Thmofh tlahaia to Rao ,).|mo ER9 70- Rablla Mr R^mtrimary, IW. Maoiphll ?B1 71. Raahrfl* Rm TO Knofrllla |M !*) <lha4iajino,? In Xpuuty Wt. <Mnannaa K1; AUaniAEJI. Manoa. ??. Aiyr'ia 9E. 117 to taPl'i liar ow.nllo'1'ara ai ooaoaa?M?a Apply to R. H. CEOMMBI.I. A <*' mr? and EU Hroadwoy. Ii*OR RAT ARR All ARP OT1IPR P"tRTR. ?? - r Tim Pi rat atarn Ada whnat ?a?m?hi? ALA HA T A. t'urt. HOI R. Rabat..-A mil Ir ara 'm -Unrdaj, l?Pt ? at 4 P M . frai awr Ro 4 " mh r.rar. Thrr?mb uchrta ?aa Im bad for VAa foUnwlAE ptapna -r _ - . Raw (Meat*. Hill Roblla Eld. MooUnmapy, IJJ. R i'ao In. Ala fit cmt?ltM. W *lt.?ny |rt Atlan'a lit 'bat MV-wa *? RaahflUa. RT T4 KnoartlW, I2S ,*> M-tap Ma, ml A?pnu IITIO Taano }E'. torannah lit. Par fmiald " t aoaar? apt" "* 11 ?mwdwey. tba rtnamar ?T ? R OP THE EMTTR. fapf TIl W. Lyon, wC. .. in ant aad odi oa Turadar Hrt I at 4 P. M RAMCRL U MITCMILL E EUR. F? |j?o* liver fool.-the celebrated clipper r ship DRBaDNOOUPT, Captain Samuels. the rut'O ship Afloat, wit. sell no the I0tk of October. For iiMtp. Lowest rates, apply Immediately to nee tire berths oa board, pier 6 Worth river, or to P. M. DBMAKK8T. SO Bomb street R NEW ORI.KANR - KIRKT PACKET OR PABSaGE free ?The favorite ( Upper ship flCTOTO bu superior ac commodation'. for all clan tea of paaseogpr* at reduced rates, sod trill aall October A Apply on board, pier 13 Rant nrer, or to C. A. TUN ETQK, 87 800th atraei. r)R CHARLESTON?THE FIRST CLA88 SI OK WHEEL steamship KEYHTONB STATE, Capt C P Marsh man. trill aall from Philadelphia for Cbarleatoa on Friday, October A at tan o'clock A. M. Cabin passage (IS, steerage 88. Through tickets to Her Orleana and Intermediate points at same rates aa by steamers from New York. Superior state rooms may be secured by applying to A. HERON. Jr , 1M North Wharves. Philadelphia. The steamer STATE OP QROROIA will sail aa above for Savannah, an Wednesday, October lu. at ton o'clook A. M. rnHROOOH PBEIOHT ARRANOBMRNT -FOR ?MOB> A folk, Portsmouth, City Point and Richmond, 00a treating with Norfolk and Petersburg and Houthatne Railroads for Lynchburg. Bristol, Memphis sod Intermediate slsllma Freight received every day. and through reoeiuts fnrtilshsl, at oier lj North river StesunshlD JAME8TOWN, Oam. Mklnnar, leavsa every Toea day, at IT. M. Steamship ROANOKE, ' ;apt Coach, every Thursday, at S P. M., nailing at Old Point Comfort to land pas sengers. Steamship TORKTOWN, Capt Pariah, every Hatur day, at S P. M Freight to Portamonth or Norfclk, 7 goals per foot; 10 City Point. 8 cents, and to Klohmond 9 cents Passage to Norfolk, stateroom and meals Inoladed. 88. to Petersburg 1. BIO. LUDLAJf A HRINEKEN. lit Rmadwa* D N 0f (TOWSIONIKS PER PRRSIA, ARR REQUESTED TO J stiend at once to the reeeipt of their goods K CCNARD ~ nHAIClAL. Atlantic r a vinos bank, chathav sijuake, con er of new Bowerv ?Open daily from 10 A- W 10 J p. W . and from 4 to 7 P. M Deposits of from 15 cents to U 000 re ceived Sis percent Interest allowed on sums of S5iW and un der. Money deposited on or before October 20 will drawls, teraet tram October I. Money to loan on bond and m irtgage. M 1) VAN PBLT, President J. P. PoortR, flee. CaaBLER D. KAILEf, Treasurer. Bonds of the planter*1 bank or Mississippi, will be boegat by B M. A K A. WHIT LOCK A CO, Broadwny, corner of Whits street CNCAN, 8HRRMAN A CO. ARB PAYING THE POL lowing oouncDS due October 1:? Hanribal end Ft Joseph Railroad. Detroit and Pontlac Railroad. Pekin <Tty. HuB alo and State Lice Rallroed. Land warrants bought and bold BT TATLOR BROTHERS, 71 Wall street. New Tor*. Monet, nonet,-parties in want or tempora ry mans, to sums of from (1U </> (10.1100, on oollateral se entitles, caa obtain the sane of UEO. W. FRENCH 8(7 "?roar way third Boor, between Houston and Bleaeksr sir sets EW OELBsNH AND MOBILE FUNDS BOUGHT Bf A COURT BELMONT A CO., 60 Wall street vriw YORK, SEPT, 11, 18*0 ?THE INTEREST DUE it Octrber I, upon lb* mortgage bonds of the New York and New Haven Railroad Company, will be paid on surrender of the coupons on and alter that date, at the Bank of the Repub lie, or at the office of the company, c va?r of Twenty a? t enth street and Fourth arsoue. W. BKMENT. Trnaeurer. kFFIOlAL. PROPOSALS FOR LOAN OP TEN MILLION DOL LARS. Tmssdut Dcrssvanirr. Sept 8,1810. Sealed proposals will be received at this Department onto 11 o'clock, soon, of Monday the tweety-eeeund dav of Oohohm nest, fur ten mill tuna of dollar* at Aek of the United Isles to he Isened under the act of Congraas of the OA of J ana Mat. authorizing s loan sad providing for the redemption of Tree Bury Dotes, st which time tha proposals will be opened sad decided on The stork win be rafabtirsable in ten years from the flrat day of Jaonarv nest, sad will hear interest at Ave pas cent per aanum. payable semi annually. On the Irsl days Of January and Jnly or each year No offer will he accepted below par, and none far any free Hon of ana Ihouaaad dollars Nor win anV offer be cowddar sd unless on* per centum of the amount thereof la deposited with s depuettarv of the United Hta<ee. subject to the order 01 the hecrnary of the Treasury. The certificate or such dope sit moat accompany tha proposal# In all ski he uncooditloaal. without refer sum moat mate the rale of premium offered. The proposals ?h wild be endorsed on the outside, "Proposals lor loan of 1880 " and he addressed, "To the Reorotary of lbs Treasury Washington. D C." The best bidders under tha fnregotag conditions, for tha iff gregata sum of ton millions of dollars, will be Imssedluety In formed by snail of the acceptance of their offers, and they mote deposit the amoust so accepted, with tha premium I tow ana, with tha Traaaurar of tha Uattad Stales, or tha AaMatM Treasurer at Beaton, New York, Philadelphia, Chart HI OS New Orleans or m. Louis oo or before tha t wanly seeond dag at ?< I'smhsr east Ehnuld sstusWid bidders Mrs to da Kl at other palate, their wtahas wtll ha duly nnaMdarnd an g staled to thto rmnartment Certificates of Inscribed stock wfll be Issued In sums ant Mm than oae thousand do laro each to the son sssfnl bidders at their esnlgns far the principal so deposited. carrying Inters* si the rale at Ave per oaatum from the data ef sues (apihR But h etock will he traaaf arable aa the boohs of IBs Trmteury sgreeably to the ragulatlnas of lbs Dopartmeal Bhmdd any of lbs sueeemfful bidders require nertHsaMi of ?tots with coupons of asm) assnsJ latereat payable thai SOS fnwn the 1st of January nest, s"eh oerUAcatoa will be Ms and with such eon noes sllsshsd to susae of anch ecupons ; sod such coupon stock, tost sad of being transfer rahto oa the boiAs of the Trcaeury. may ha samgned sad transferred by the delivery df tha cerGflaatee Tha is terete oa tha Mat named stork from the dale of tha (lepotet to tha Is* day of January neit wtil be paid to the sum useful btd.lsr or hk BUorsey by the dapoMUry whh whom tha prteotpel state Tha preilmtoary depotet of oua par oantnm. roqutead npdu all propoasls under this oottea. will on included la tha depnmte at principal and premium made by suaamafnl bidders and wlu be (matedlately directed to ha raturnad to tha ana inmaa ful bidders HOWELL OOBB, Bee rotary of tha Treasury. R KM ITT AN CK> TO RNOI.AND. IRSLAND, SCOTLAND AND WALKS. Blfbt MIL na the PNH.N bank OP LONrON. PATIONAn bank op Scotland. Hki.VAnT KANklNO COMPANY, IKKLAND, In IUBI Iran It upwards i?u?i by TAYLOR BROTH KB* Imim, 74 Noli atrm, Nrw York. r! IDA* llMim-OI SKW YORK OItT RIAL KB lata, a! m> t > *r\*a par etnt. >4A.I>4?o* HrraAlya rra. Kill Plrtt aad aannod tnnrtcagaa boofklHcomunw DlNttKR A HoLDRN, f - riii?r-?' . i i :u Yl|r aNTKD?TN i' OH 11IRKB TBOtJHAND DOLLA'S TT rn lotprorad rlty pmpartr worth Ik I AD, mu tor orrr M'4X1 a )mr, a nmrtcapa at W.0U) ilnt4; rim*. Addroaa O. B . Harold amor. Yl'K W>NH To ITROHaNR prom TWO TO THRBE " it Ii?u<l dollar* ftf olo ud now pwnniao at * fair at* renal Apply at Nt Rat Hmadway. Alan, for aaia MM Pa. rid* * t aar* (or nahrolla aabra a pply a* abort. 11* A NTRT TO rx.THANHK-A TRW OOOD PATIND M Railroad Boada. It* haadrod dollar* aaok. for a faw rarrtarrt nr bnrirtr* treoed hand ,# n?? would u?* naa or tan goad youap knraao Apply P> OBO. W. PUBRR. at ika Olrard BntaL ?7^nnn-*? LOAN, AT ?>, PRR C*WT IN V I t),l/Uli trrm na atrtollt irt elan #n? pntartf ?At lAl Matron pr? rant na Nmnklya ntrmity. or an farm la tkt* Mat*. Apply W JOHN P (XiNRKY. tp tha nfltr* of tka Prop'*'* Ptra laonranea Ompaay, M Wall treat ~ LOAN OPPfCRB ~ " APINAN TaI. AND LITRNART BORRaIT. NO. AN Broadway Adraarwa opno Dteannada Jawalry aad Otkrr ataiiahla pro tan r nt par trVU* W-Odantial PrltalA owe WOuli AD Br.-adwny up atalrm. I AT 1U HRANP NTRBBT. THRBB DOORS WW OP Bmadwoy?Hneay admarad na Warner*. Ptanrada Jam Blry Plata. Dry itonda aad prrwmal pniparty at atopy We oaripttna. or imoaki aad a>M. by JctRTH A. JACKSON, am aad Hmaor An. THn*h.nit adyancrn nowky. psom . II in fAuun on Itaaionda, aalrfcr, J.wrirr and all kit da of atr.rkatWttt. nr buy* ta* art for ntah. at 101 Naa an Btroot. mrnar nt Ann ?n*t moot 1 tatnad Wont. . A m t KItAR ktnrkt -hbnry iithan, diamond \ Brntrr I aak adtanrod na IHaoounda or* or uoaaA Wt.flntwd Jrttlrr. w hrtfB far naah. o - - - - oN. r. room No. I. op ataira 48 Cadar atroat AW II CBAMBKRN NTRMNT -MONET TO LOAN TO aayaatnaatnn Diamond*, a?t nr ttraat. Wateboa. jaw airy, Wr , or tkr ram* Iran tkt for Ike klpkrt aaMbOf looo, by tha trail lawwa HtAOt. II Chmaara rtroot. If. S-BW but a*** traitactaW aa Haturdaya. AHDTANrMW HAD! ON OONKHINMMNTW OP MOODR, ? Warn and Norrhaadler for ttla at aaMtoa, by MONK A R a*T. DUPRRR S OO , Mampbt Tea*. War to Us Soyna A Oa. IP* BraaWtray. AW THE ADVANCE OPPIOMM OP L JACOBS MONET ? tea be obtatead la any ? ? <at WabBwa. Jrwolry. I HIT tlfT Hraara Dry Honda llardwara Wlnro, Brand tea aad rtorr draartpUoa of Morrkandlo*. or boarbv aad Ik* Mfkoaa pf?w* rtrae. Betaam MrV)JW mnHdaniial Honda la , nr?d BtaMtaSad la IMA PrtaNpw oAoa ?7 William traol; ? raatb oNoa. W8T Bmadwoy AWDYANCKN MADE ON DIAMONDS. WATOIfBN, J1W? airy. Nil try War* fora aad Paramo] rroporty of atopy dr*. rtpttno. bt P. O A?lR, broker M fourth araa a* op pott* rvw* ar*. a font Wonr* bok.w Aotor plana Prtrai* aa ? ? hall dnnr A^HDY ANt'Kd ON IiIaNONDS PI.aTS WaYcHSR I .IKWR1.ST CAlNTItas PlAHiS list H.llW, Sa. or ami bnv thr tut f t rkoah at ktr prlrat* aWA-a. Oflln* hnnrr 'root ? A. N till I P W J. B HARNINHBR 170 Br ad way, ronta tt, op rAaln A T NO W NANNAP NTRRRT-A RONKIMAN. DIA. A mot d Br>A*r, atakr* adtaarw* na Dt?n?rnwU, Watrbaa. Jrwrl-T and Hbor Mrrrkandia*. or ban tkrai at fall rain*. *t No ?? Noaan traol. up taira. romn No 1 All bntaror eonM?wttal KRIDNNNPRHR* IX?AN OPPHW W? RANT BROAD way, mrnar Nrtmai#!. Nat*y HfcaraMy adttanad no MktS lawalrt. (Mata -nd*. Btlrrrwara O dh'np Hoddmr. aad all kiwdafnT ptrtonal prop.-it Art.-lr* krrt /or any Irnnlfc of tlB* ay rod npott Rrt?bli*k?d toe* I HO PV.BR/ A IIRNRV PRIDLRNBRRO. THAI. St TT PYR TON-POB BRNT LBnjOII PUSNAtW J aad Bod A ft. Or* la dalltarad fro* and nloMi In Any p?t Of ilia rttt. wtAoat aad unaWty waraatod. Yard I*' Pint ataaoa. BIILTIII.Y A RANRSN RTRAMSOATI Y\aT boat tor ALBANY AND TROT, MARINO TMR I 1' n*nal landlnt* Th* troairr DANIRI. ItBRN laatr* Jay ptrrrt ptor and Tktrtaanth ttrrot, Turadaya. Tknradaya I and twtnrdaj ? M 7 A. K A STUB KM IB NTS. yyAU.ACK'8 THKaTKR Mr WALLACE ...Id hr L&STKB WALLAUK Stage Huinr. GR.lllPYING AND JOYgUH aucciw ? or THB NKW FIVE act comedy oaixit> PLATING WITH FIEF, WrtUt'u by JiAm Brougham U|, It will be Acted EVERY EVENING TILL FITBTHEK NOTICE. TONiGUT. WEDNF-RDAY, Second time of The new remedy, celled PLATING WITH PIKE with entirely new scenery superb (iimltiire and Appointment* end the following splendid caet Poctor Savage, a mini; P by stolen Mr Leeter Wa"A-k U ne e Timothy Mr Hlake Herl>ert Weverly Mr Nortoo Ptnchbeok. first appearance this seaeon Mr a H Davenport K|. hard ?errnnl to Wsrerlr Mr. Cohatt Yhoniae. servant to Dr Savage sr tliver Mrs. Herbert Wsrerly . Mm H?ay Mrs I ootor Ravage .Mia* Mary ..aa.'A The fftdow Crabatick Mrs Veru?o Parkins Mies Tree Mary Anne Mum Carman BVNGPRI8 OF rit'ENKEY AND EVENTS. Art 1.?Doctor Havana's times. A husband'a ooofldeuce ?Advioe, nursl Its consequences. An I ?Duawiao Boon at W*vaitt?'s Houss Mure dlsMmolaMok- The malrtmnuiai a<eu'. ? A Uuctuailng bsohelor? Uncle and aunt act 4 ? Mit.v Wavam.T's Boudoir A Botand for.tbe Doctor's twlror? Article three?Ita ell set An 4 ? ths Dtnw'i "rrica. Pinchbeck again?The net Is woven?And the Doctor is ?Aught. Act A -Baioos Pnawmc Room at WaraKi.r a. Much equivoque?Great piirr.smeut -a deal of ooofuaam ? And the luictor escape* fr mi the net-8o < oes Uncle Tnni thy?The husband and wile drop their masks And everybody realizes the (longer of PLATING WITH FIRE. Poors op?n st 7'? to commence at d o'clock. Bci Book open brer days In advance Places may n??r be secured THE NILITAKV. JodEPH Elliott mchketkerk.?a mkkting of tb? above < mpanv vatll beheld ?? lbs Kenning War, No. 7U avenue l>, near r Ixth street. ih'a ( Wednesday I evening Octo bers at 7 o'clock, for the election of ndtcera. The members and all those wishing to jotc are requested to aUend. W. E. H.Axra Secretary. W. A. LYNOH, OaolAln. VTEW YOKE, OCTOBER 1, 1M0.-THK TOMPKINS la Musketeem. Captain Michael F Farrell, numbering sixty muskets went on heir fltih annual parade on fueada?. to Fort law. and shot lor forty valuable prt/ea. and preaentei a flue appearance. THki TURF. Great tiikkk milk Race NICHOLAS I. uYHTkRMaN. AND MUDDY COON. FASHION OOLK8K. LONG ISlsND. On THL KSDAY. Oct. 4 a race sell c?>me ofl over the Fash ton t* uiee. lor a purse oi F7HJ three oii.e bests In wbl -h are er.lerrd the renowned Nh bit a* 1 , owned hf.cohn Hauler. K?.i of Wescbeitrr; Ojsirruian owneu by O. P Hare Kaq , of Virginia ?ho received forfeit in a is mat >h for SIO.OUU with loohet and a uddy Coon, bred in Virginia, but now owned by .1 H Monte t Rai| of Westcheater The rare wnl eommenoe st J'? P M allowing amp'e time for the arrival of the pvasenger* that leave Full >n Marget slip st 1 P. .V . and the last train from Hunter t Point. The Sec nd and Thirr avennr ears to Thirty-fourth street ferry corn ret with all the Fluahlug railroad trains 10 vhe c mrsc t lub stand reserved for ladles accompanied by gentlemen wtthbadgis. Admltianre to the (rand stand ant II" d 61; badge* for the day B- lop event delav, gmilemen are par tic marly requesteid to brtog the correct change to lite course. D. 0. UBINNEuL, Proprietor. UNION COURSE, LONG ISLAND. T HOTTING. Greet double team race this day. Wednesday. Oct. S. ltd. si IS o'clock P. M. A man h for 61 I* 0, mile h?ata best three In flvs. Samuel MaT.augh.ln us? a g dim and Male. II trace K. Joaes names Putnam and Ma ? The horses named in tse above raoe are vers fast in Stag la harness, and ars c'oseiy matched and am also very fast at the |>ole. Ry the terms of the match each owner Is a lie was to place any horse he p'aases alongside. It will undoubtedly he a vary fast aud interesting race. Belle of Herat, ig a will probably be Jim's sia N. B. - The ruce ie oonse ofl oe s good day and a gnod track. > HAW E WHITK, FrooHetors^ UNION COURSE, L. I?TROi TING?A GBEaT Dou ble race, on Wednesday, Get 3. at I o'clock, a match for St Of*), mile heats, beat throe In 8vr Horace Jones names b g Putnam aed mate S. McLaughlin namna a. g. Jem asd paste, to conw off on a good day. SHAW A WHITE. Proprietors. HOHNKM. CAHBIAOlia, ?C. AGKNTLF.PAN HAVING MURK UOK-tBH THAN HE wunis. will s?U a bay Haahaw Colt, ha f brikher 11 wan tern, six years old lit; hands hi(h. sound asd klud in wtT way. sad sec fast one id the tee road ho-sea h> the Rt?ie Frtes 1740. Cm be seen at stable J*d Mod el reel, from 10 o 3 O'clock. Ahorse at a bargain, this dat-a large ?trout. bind Horse, for sale, ? bees. Inquire st V?s Raul's stebie, 17it Casel stroet, nsar Broadway. A MATCHED PAIR OF HORSES FOR BALE CHIA* Iron gray about 16'. bands high. 0 asd 7 years old. aonnd snd ilsd. been uee.i the oast tear aaa family team For farther part rulers Inquire at hu ha Heekmaa si., N. V Avery nice light wagon and iiarnb44 for sale Inquire at Marker a stable, 116 and 121 West 1 <a eaty third street, hear 81. th at enus EPOR HA< B- A FAST DOUBLE TEAM. TOONO. S HIND F kind, gentle no blew lab trick or tics, color black and rbestnut sorrel, U hands 3 makes high, long talis mod tonka fair s^lda, easy drivers, very h a.est, dm trot In 2 minute* 4t EtUMkrset, Philadelphia. ; nevsr havtag been la the hands at a trainer tbsy > prumle* of great spend, Addr? H. J. W., No Id North ??\ >R HA LB?A KKRTUI'KY RADDLE HO ABE nwi rtdden Um paat ?tuom?r by a lady. To b? M iMekla'a riding arhool, Thlrtaaau aArtpt. TOO* RALB-A STTl.ISH PAIB OP LABOR BAT P Itarana. I'arnaca and Maraa* ooaplata. will ba anid aana ratalr or to?rUi?r, aa lha nwnar baa an fnrthar uaa for Ih.-m Appiy at 16> Pioot atraat or at Bra. Uoaaldauo'a atuhlaa, Dnbba' larry, wbara Ibay may ba aaaa Fob halb-a trrt hardromr dark cHaarRCT Hana, srraa yaara ntd, aonod, orn >11 hvida Pith, would aoko a vary Oar mupr boraa Bold far aaal J uaa. XaunBaof tlJ tlM. M Bn ad way. rlR HALE-A FIARIMKiME WHITE HOBRR HKtVT whlta and tail, aouad. qulat aad kind, la aingla and dmbla haraaaa aud fait travrlln b-aa riddra >y a la.iy, atgfct yaara old . aad naw top ?ar?, lorrthrr or aaparaiaiy. Apj'ly at 107 JirAa amat. or EM noalb nr.-at or roklya. rl R A LB?ORB OP P. J. PCRBBKRBT'R I.IOHT Pl'LL aprlag Warnoa. wntghin quira at >71 Hprlai alraaC rB BALE A BLACK IIORRB U HARDfl IIKJH 01 nad aad klad uvliab drfrar. wHl abow ? t? or haitar. Mitraiand. wl k Hrawwar Waaaa. Ilarwroa, Ring* Hubaa, An hold far waul of uaa. Apply at Olub Utabiaa. Tt < wrlaa : Waanoa. waigfcing 192 pouada. at (uod aa naw. la rut RALB-A RPLBRDID BLACK MARR BIZ TEARS Old, Id handa blub uaanrpaaaad for pan nana aa aad bounty, aad a irry faa> trarriiurin both alaa*r aad doublr aarnaaa. la unaurparand aa a lady'a aaddla boraa To b? aaan at Br Rcbai marbora a Unary atabhw, 174 Marcror puwat. Iluran bapt oa Urary. r)R B A LB-A PAIR OP DARK HAf MOROaR MaRBH. p?r aad Oil yaara old. natural Ulla. blaak toga gumI traral Mn. mry klad. and wamaniuri aimnd I n arary par&aula-. alao a light farrlaoa aullabla lor ally and aonnor. m ?da by W?r| Hrntbura. but IWMa aaad aad la p'WaW ."dar Will baaold low Oaa ba aaaa at tba pruata alaMa Id Wea* Thirty i.fib F JJtr U sA I B? A PPPPRIOR Rr A R OP HI,A< K BAWKd f Half l.rotbrra ll?ar< old aa' aprlng kara n?rar bwo In daalata' bauda (PanlVaaan wanting improving horw* will fin I tbla b am U'.nliy of ibnir ?i:rat*m. Pnra (rid. Addma H A. B tmv I 'Mb. Prw >dBr<-. OB RALB-OB WILL RXCHARUR POR A TODRH _ H'vrau, that ran Irot In J "Al w for l.l , in a in h u>4, a pair of matrhad hay Mnraaa. about ISF. handa blab. Ira and all yaara nid anwad aad parfoaUy bled, atnubia for pnrata m Oaa baaaoo at Ihompaon ?, J in Eaat Thlr ait atmat CR RALB-A VZRT BTTLIRB IIARRBss FtORRF-, aatnda (ftaaa and a half handa kigb, rarr rani I', atra a k Hawk, and (an a M 'fan '*? ba raaa at 71 Swl BSor nlk inn la-i'ilra for Prttr Hanry rg RALB-A BARH AIR -HOBRR. TARRIAHR ART> llarnroa Tba boraa * bay rotor. aaran yaari old. It handa Htb baraaaa aaarly now rtrritf* al aa panal rorta away. adiiung froot, abaft and p. .la tba propart* of a rani la maa ratlin aa frm tba count \r who baa ao furtbar uaa for ?btr y at lid Varar ? > plana ____________ Fir ralb-TWo pirb rorrbn. u>, art* hi iiirih hiaa all aad aaraa | aar? At rtrroic I an ?d aat fntlr Id barnaaa and aadd a nullah, (aal Imttara wall rah ? la'ad f'? mndnrf .Wlty H'iraaa. Alan a !t?a yaar old Oath rarv f*at, topathrr with road Wagnu. llarnaar and Alaitk Apply al Idt haw laaal atrpat. r urn at .if Molt, la tba grnrary atora. VOBBALR-A RPtCTlPTL OOLDPTRITBR MARK. t'? JP r?ara old. ammt and kind la all karaaa* aad aaddla l.tva twada kigh Ulna aaypar and aanid ba nadoraat. alao a PaL-ain (<dt of (rant pnaniaa data a Marrnar mam rtatng Ibrra yaara old laq ifra of BBTHRL RCRTOB. Hoaniag alraat naar Puiha arannr. BmaBifb. P_ Ml BALK?A~OBAT HOBRB "r*R TtfARA OLD IS kanda bl?k. par h'Uii. bind la all hnrnrwi, and will ha anld abaap 'ha ywaar ha lng nn uaa f<? him. l ull al Ro. UN rlR RALR-A BROWR IIORRP PTPTPRR HtRPR hnk arm I ??m old. ! mg tail, hlar* pomta, p-rfr.-tir aimnd and bind, aa aaar plaaonnt dn?*r. rap trot a mi> in 1 *). and baa iinrnr hmn trnmud ln.|iilra of WB T. AI.Lh * BM ilrmnwtrh otrant rom*r 4 Vaaay. ORMBR. CARrTa'IBR aRD PORTBR rom RALR-BR badac to I. B. Ainr?r ??; ?b> la about to traral in K ropr Oall al nurlatra hmiaa M Waal Rlnth alraat. naar PtftA) HARRKPR. HtARBv-rt'l RALR VRRT rHKtp* 'Urbl falntlai|Mlrar mnn'tiad Haraaaa. now. for rary rhaap Apply at lot araaua D. .????* from Bightb alt rat. ta tba atom TTORRBR AT AC<TinR.-RIi HARD WALTERS. AUl' XI t. aarr, Wpl tail, thla day, at aortlim rnra, Ro IS Raal n-a.'?a* aa R)', n>|*? to pay adranraa. two hay Huaa?. lHy and lil? bana* kirk a ao naa akriapm Wagon. 1(0 lha OORTBB?A BBACTtPCL-PAIR OP~~BAT POBIB4 1 porR^ id and ? war>ra I W ?-M IbA I llrl'lt rB IR UF If A V P 'M IB* parfbatly klad ta all haraaaa II , bar da high, aaran yaar* Old and aotnd a lav a rnur M handa high, wttb haraaaa aad wagnna Sold rbaaw at Tt Haalar gran rtlto T Ft ALL TstFTi-A FS1VRRV. WAIHIX A??l? HARVRU* k'nd and an'tahla for k rMkl. Inquim of I n maa tba Rrnndmih Fl oaa. ' anAl rtraai tbla day WARTPH-A l.fOHT WA'FOf BOOT MAKRR. TO rt Sovib Tn a r???1 ? i?kman ataady ampl vrmani w>u I ha ytrrr than W?rf by tba day or plana Apply for ikraa Aava *1 7U I'oinan at ZA'aRTBII TFIRFRPAIR OPMvRR- M III RFblJ *r a i l a-tll matrhw Apply at lj W ill iirnq: tblrl door, lock Odcn ANliRBNENTS. NtHL.CS UaREBN Sole Le.are and Manager Ju. M. Nix Ml. Third ?Mk of (he ? iiKage-nect of MK Nit WIN FORREST. Wednesday. Oct. S. Mr KLWiM FtiK REST will appear as HAMLRT, support ed by Messrs C'joway, Fisher Fee no, Madame Poulal, Mrs, iDowty. Ar Ac. A t ew Drsnis, o( Intense Interest, so* to extensive orepn '? ? " "I t"? urr ILXVC-I >-?i, Win IU rxtniwiTc vro|/? ration una will be speedily produced. Nee future advertise lUffitl BIWKRT theatre Manager* Geo. Wood * K L Tilloa. FIRST NT'IHT Of A highly sue -r-ssliii n*w plsjr, entitled MOoE IN CALIFORNIA, IN W UKH MR. f. S CHaNERAU Will enact his origins! chert Aer of ROSE. Mrs. W H lelgbton iu s favorite Farce. Wsdneniiss evening, October 3. sY OOUStN TOM. Arabella Mrs. W. B. Lelghtoo. MOSK IN CALIFORNIA. Mase Mr. Obenfrhu. O'FI.ANIOAN aNU TtlR FAIRIES. H OOLKY AND CAMPBKLL'R MINSTRELS. NIIIMVS SALOON. Monday Keening lotoherl, and ererr ereetej. NKW ATI K ACTIONS?MOKR NOVKLTU TWO UKSaT FEATURES THIS WEEK. (iKIKFIN'S BURLESQUE OPERA, And Hill- lurch's new version of the VIKUINNY MUMMY. illlly Birch in his great rnarauter of The Mqnimy I'neworth In hie laughable Ineh rharatiter I jury o'ltrlea H. ortniu HS Doctor Jelly J alee MM r. C. Campbell as Mr. Ken Cotton as OapL Plalee easier Eugene an Fanny Jelly JolM Other chajm-ters by the Company. New Songs. Arts, Dunces, Plastatl.m Scenes, As. Doors open at Ti to cotnmenoe at S. Ttokeln 2Ac. Di AM RICK'S ORKAt SHOW. PKRUM1NARY ANNOUNCEMENT, the proprtenr ova whose name this advertisement Is sab iabe.1 Is Ixppy to state I hut, slnne the rrtlremrnt of Dsn Rlee tmm the arent (some two years sin e), his (Rice's) health has '?am entirely reoovered and that the AMERICAN HI M >RIHT. BORNE TRAINER AND ANiMAL MUBDURR, b?s yielded to the rraoeiti of his MYRIADS OP FRIRRDH, who have, both by personal interviews and direct ummpOR. i ence. begged him to PLAY A F a RKWKI.I. KNO AOKMENT IN TUB SOUTHERN STATES and to again appear In the PRINCIPAL CITIES AND TOWNS on the MISSISSIPPI RIVER and the PLACER SITUATED ON ITS TRIBUTARIES. The locations where DAN RICR BAR MET TRIALS. Vanquished enemies MaDR FHiBNDN. ACHIEVED triumphs, and ACQUIRED A REPUTATION that will last sa long as mundane glory ran remain Impsriaha bie. THE PROPRIETOR, * o bing to add as much as possible to tbe eclat that a re eHires to the riiiy must naturally mark Mr HI ie'? rompllauoe and d? ? u-rmlnatlon, has oosiriuded to send down the father >r waTeks an equestrian exhibition fell] equal to the beet ever rhowt In the worli , And far nps ? i u In in. aw thai have been or are now betnr brought through MIKStil al, KENTUCKY, AKKaNNaR. TENNKBSRR qr Mississippi, Louisiana. DAN RICE'S ORE AT Rllot WILL START PROS ST. LOUIS On or about ths TflTII OP OCTOBER, Stopping, as we have aolerecently Intimated, AT ALL THE PRINCIPAL PLACES. And then iprn In due season In NKW ORLEANS AND HAVANA. THE BOAT, A FIRST CLASS HTEAMKB, bas been named ??mi UNION," and will he under the guidance i f CaPT DAN RICR, a bo has been on Seek before, an t Is admired by the ELITE HOTH NORTH AND SOUTH, ss wellas rag aided by the "PLANTATION HASPS' aa "de greatest wan" whoever eoatrlbated to their personal welfare or enjoyment "OLD DAN RICR," av be is fatol'larly styled "d <wn Mouth," la, In psisoe, prs {tared to stab' HE NTIl.L 11VK8," ice wdtaiardte - a'I the r- porta ctri uia ed by eoTlona oonterano ' lul newttiaper Bohe rarira JnNus showmen and nninilhlul newspaper ?snaps iu regard to hla ilewitsa ?aN KICK aaa giveu Lis judgment In regard t, me Internal arrangement pavilion. and at sle auygeetlon baa caused hi bare consirocted a aaa ? sm mat even at tie most Inclement seaaoo of the year, is as warm ixmporiapln and wall vkntilarao as the FINEST AMPIIITHRATRB to lb# Cifi OR TRANSATLANTIC WORLD*. tm DRaWINU Rim.M circle, ? Kbttaralrrt and rutktj carpeting, In km of toll original ?.?caption*, wl Mat tba KI.KOANTil COIHIMNRP BRAT* hanrda'ad, ncated aad wt I oa*a iiaadfrnni a nana" nf *ra I. '.da li r nuiiiaroii# faroraao linaralir thatiwed >n dim bjr a Mr who aneodad in* one BOERR show many and many a year ago " '?l"o plank* war* n<* plenty I n.l aisHilii'k ri?m III gr-a il?m*ni| 1 Kipertanre. har> la'nr nut nntiAhl* pem#?"r*n-e an* a ia < alua aiaiilUoc. an I *?? might aay an ladnlpatit public, ham MR. DAN RICE know ho* U? cater 'i>r ANINTK LltiRNf PEOPLE, V Id* bia aw. a?* at lb* pbmaer opeolnk o' Blblo'a Harden, hew Yark ami the pr apervma career ih-a mar*a I hi* ad mi t i*i rait n a* n. .1 a*rr at nan W a lob a Mati.iual ihaawn, t'biladrlth a. ii ?-<?. .nm-mi with ' UaN Ku a n ORntT HBOW." <b* ONR HORNRII BLACK KHTNOI BROS ?h* large#'era'captured alive iha oaly noa arar lam*d, lb* -u aver leedarrd *o docile that ha could ha Ulan fmi hi* dan | in Iha rln*. and ma of lb" apart"* dan rlmd liy aatn ralut*. I>r licniMiw. Oordua and I*ham, aa tl* null on iraciAblP at biuta. THE CRT KAN'IAROO, '?* nf Iba mithan.a* ana. Ira " of A'latntlla, which la PAld I* * nock panpla 4a an will rui. Jl'MP AND RROLK' LtCE A KITTEN a ban mi ordered by '??* Rum ANOTHER wonder It it# ANOOLa OOaT, I'rasan ad to a rnambar r( Mr Rloa ? bouaahn'd by lb* Han. Mr. llnllaatia. iba tm mar Consul to Hind'aiataa. thk btkeo RXiKI-MIuR. la.. will alan ba'n'radnrad. tn *bow b? iba hmia inatind aaa .ir'?K I* m?. ? r'l'ial ID raaana by iba powarfui in nil act at LA OOCE'E DEB BlNllRS Or iba fa?nrna ?1 h iba rh'ldian rewignlrad aa tba I iiNiRk AND MONKIRH, WBI be furaiabad aa a variety alan for tba pirpona at latr* MMlap TBI NMALLEIT MOREE EVEN BEEN, AWPl'L OaHIINRR. Tba pn.prtat tr daemlng it aawammtrrte glee la dated a LiaT OR HIM ARTISTE*, aa lb* Mil* liUiwratad |i?rar* and local journal* will ia mat.-uappy to ?yAtb-W(| Tn| rami rod art maDANK T.OTABA ? *l> nr? rPAKMIII UaUmHTBR KtXA. V BktC ORACRRI'L AND OARINfi bttle or Hi CLANWIC KycisiKlAN Wlln% ' r?a'?d audi * fur ' m >*w Tnrk and fbtladaipUa dirtag tba lu'. aaMMB "f I'W an ? ?n kk I HANK DRRW. ft m Iba Raw Y'irb. Philadelphia i in-innail and laMla ?Altai Dianlra* ?lll aa each rmcaamn, anliran iba arasa by bl* aiitlb and ?"Wlea Ai.i't rr iratura wlU ha that of tba raflaad aad haalibra! i* AN KB of THK I 'DRRfCULUH; OB. EMULATIONS HT Bl PERROItMKRS. Orlgl ?. y afaopad and atada robli<? by Haa R.c* I. Ri HRI.LE PERlI.l.iUBR will ba par' * mad la tba ORRAT SHOW far Iba Aral into In tba wncl 1 nadar a ? anraaa DAB KICR. Althf tgb armload in work for oiuara, aad plaoa hi* knowh *.'ga agalio '*pita!, will PKit- iNAI.t.T DIRRiT tba performance* and ia*b 'ar and nirat AMbl N R I ill MONTLAT. Lact ra. T? k had JNwraat -iaor I CR AND POLL.RB ttlMWimN at tba ORRaT BIlOW, wllb daj* and dataa, will l? j ut iabad at an aarly par'nd DhNIRb Mi LAKKN. Aula Pmpriatop. CBik'P* W*kppa, hup*nri?aa.1a?i had Traaa irar ADR! I*A PlTTIfiiR THR R!RBT T1MR IN NRW T'Wk W H l.KTTA, id La TRai I AT a. rirt'crad ny Rb ION Ml ' ?" PhRnl. Tba aai* nf aaal i far Tran >u com *n m th * "Walaa M> r.dav can, 'mtohar * chwa nf tka II a?in a <??*-*? !?#?!?* nf tba prapkraUoo* for tba Ball to b* giran to tb" PTtoaaaf Wn? / ' KoR'.lTcHRIBTfB mThmTRRI# WILL PRRP'iNM aT I T Hub. Mai tare bar f7 aad 2*. Poruaad, IP h. and Or lobar I aid! Dorar Sd.lln#aor4. dih Man"bauar. M Imw?ll. Ptb, Pi abb ra ?ll Wnrcaaiar. ?ib. Npnrrflakl. .1Mb HarC .rd, lib. Raw 1/ ndoo. 1Mb. Now Haraa. INb. X-BWTO*K MTAilTTfTRATRE r A wl'.OWBRT PTRBT NHiHT OR DTE TL'HBN \ON WORMB. i 'aiabratad awrloal dm aaa bf Tb Oaaaman CiRi Hi.: 'ET PR'M'EBaiON TH1B ETBNIN J. ! WINDOWB f.?I,KT MR. woni> tin Broad way. H"" XrRT B-I.ll RAMCT AND UhMiC DANcrr. panto, mtm aad ilpbl roaa r-rfnamar ,* pi. rnmn f jr anra?'man'< Manapar* ?Mnla* kla aarrloaa will Apply M or addraaa " wraa*. far two dbya. fjETrmiTcf adrlIna patti to new tore, tor J i ihraa r, ikiimily To n |bkWwls**1*y "ctn-i-r 1, Ural appppmnca sf AJiRI.INA PATTI aa VIoLETTA, n LA TRAl I ATA riprmdad by RRlONOU and PRBRI Th" .via of "muafor T trialb comiwanana tb>? morning Montay aaiit, daif bar A, r ?* nf tbeeeaami, In coeea-i ien-w af m? prcpam ?iona for tba iln.ll to ha gtvan ia* Pnnca nf Walm. 4 MincaN >n?tttitk pair-Tikifkr* mhcold J\ ard fall t* aiamic# tba ertmonUNart mart# of Prate* II** ant! f r tl*i ard anliamnl roHlaa lonmal Hoi aa In prv Ur al opomtmn m a arr* cbnrn Fhw yinrnnl b.u * con ended by nrtacuAa mao to fornMb 'ba w wt praru. ki and ? Co* bt* 'mprm-wraat In tb* aawart of mnrbinary, tnal idiag "bra, wm* n*. aiaamhrwtp. Rc , rrmr iatrnd<iaad THH?( i ? AND BE04RB. 1 1)1111 nl\l\ ?4Ti?A rv>*R?iT!< iNDHRRMAB I .Iriri'.l M f ?(*n it ? rry I w price* for aaab P ir ebaaem art layda l W "kimina Uta ?..?* mmI irnn y. CiWKKB, a IfHtJ. AHVNMIEVn. LAURA KKKNR'H THKaTKK LACK A KICK MICH THKATKK l.AUKA KKKNK'S THKATKK LAURA K KKNB'H THKATKK. LAURA KKKNK'N THEATRIC. okkat hudcrm ORKaT RlICCKdrl OKKaT SOOCRiM OKKaT HUOOK-IN O KK \T KUCCKHd or th? NKW NKW NKW NKW NKW BRauTIPUL HKAVTlfUL BKA.UTIKUL BKaUTIKfJL BKAUTIKUL TURKIC ACT DRAMA. TURKIC ACT DRaMA. THBKK ACTT DRAMA. IRISH CHARACTER AND CONSTRUCTION. IRISH CHARACTER AND CONSTRUCTION, IRISH OHARACTKK AND CONSTRUCTION. BNTITLBD AII.KKN A ROOM; All.RUN AROON: AII.BKN AROON! AII.KKN AROON; AILKKN AROON; AILKBN AROON; All KKN AH< ON; AII.KKN AROON; AII.KKN AROON; AII.KKN AROON, OB. TBI LADT or OLANMIKK LADT or OLANMIKK. LADT OK OLANMIKK. LADT Or ULANMIRR. LADT Or OLANMIKK. Any one Bl All acquainted with Iielaod, know* that IB no ooutry la mirth lljfbler and sorrow deeper, or the atnlU and the tear more frequently on ihn laoe at the aame mnranul. My lair of the 'Dough" aayn Cartel >n. In hla traits aad stories of the Irlah peaaantry, I have?rvwy reaaoo to believe waa the meana of Brat bringing thla ourlona piece of antiquity Into notice There In little to he added here to what la In the sketch. rooeernlnc Ha InBoeoee over the people, and the nve of It aa a blrmcd relic Bought tor by thoee who wlahed to apply a certain teat of guilt orlunocencn. No one, however, hardened, ever ha ring bran (noun to rlak a falae oath upon it. Many ?i?g"'" aneodotee are related ronoerning it, TO Nlolli To NIOHT TO NIOUK are KVKRY NIOHT TILL rUKTHKR NOT!OR. ft WtlLbe preaented the new Irish Drama.Jn three ana. called AII.KKN AROON i on THI LADT or OLANMIRM, with the following eioelleu! cast ? Gorman 11* r redan ....Mr. Daly Philip Warner. Mr Lcdck rather Mcl'haodeen Mr. I .ream Mr. Raraaby Hlenklnajp, attorney at law Mr. Pelera I Any Mulligan Mr. Ruruett Shane Magennla Mr. Johnston Andy Lator Mr Wa'l Pether Iloran. Mr. Kartoe Pbaddy Hheemua Mr. Goodrich Adleen Barradaa, eommnnly called Atleen Anna Mi?? lA'ira Kenan Katalero Harradaa Mrs. J H Allnn Mr* Rarnaby Hlruhtnaop Mian Polly Marshall MUly Magennla Mrs leitty ll.mgh . Mine Couldonk Nelly Weird Molatay Mr* Vuilag p Mulligan MlaaOswald 8TNOPM8 or 8CKNKRT AND INCIDKNTR. ACT riRST. thi hotbi. aT roai. Irish Peasantry under the Influence of Hanplneea Whiskey a IHen.ilallon A UIt aw# a klaraa/ik fa.una l>Wa l<4w Tha Maaiae'a In Clrciilnttoo?A Hit of a Kcraeeh from Phaddy?The Master's Bride-Oomlng Home? Alleen? Weird M< Inhy and Her Pre uMtvll-r ? sentiments of Kvil? The Storm Coming on?a Blighted Heart ? A INsruaMno Postponed for Kit Montha-A Lawyer Washes hla Hands?A Difference of Opinion Corrected The Arrival. aiisgg ago saltans*. The Morm ?Alleen a Pears?A rearcbtng Into the llearl? Aa tarly I/nrer-Tae Paat Revived The Love at Childhood A Struggle between Right and Wrong. I OVE AND NONOB Berradan Pbliltp Gone?a linen's r right She IneNta case Immediate Departure-The Host Capatsnd? Phillip In Dae at n aavve iv aagganan Alleen Overoome by liar Kmotioue- The Deperture? Weird Molahy thb raorswv. Dher a lanes Sennah' the Red Prophet cried, Woe1 woe! UP the Colleen by Bar redan'* aide Misfortune to Harraneo'i bouse and lu hla When to It Hi dark nam aad alorm be aball bring A golden baited bride who would tremble with tear If the Priest am the "INmagb" her coot I. jum would dear. at-f awoaiv--eaKNanan gum. ar uianataa Aa Inwiwated publican?Anaioua Inquiries Know thv self?Mounlala Dear?A Letter Minna a Direction a Model postman-Shane Magmnte?An latemeted glance at the Bar radaa's money? Raivy, hatred and malice. a ana snag acafg?T aff.ii* Abbs determlDea 10 secure tha 1 euar Alleea. a aaanTLgte lant i.v Aa rid friend?A private (ij.lnl.ei Pub'lely Kgpraeeerf?A Strange Clrcumatanae?An Angel of Oonalort?Intermedia lino- Marred ana Heart Laid here taa aatonciuAtioa avTwtan wwaaasn aa* wirm. Teen of Joy?Despair and Dodbt trverthrown at-msa aaooNw-A oodrtbt auau Aa Initiates ted Party?A Maa and a I sawyer Double Might In e new Hesse -A strange Metamorphosis? Druuheo Ouufl deece Shane See ares the Letter arras thina?caiviau aooa at ei.aagiaa IVmbt aad Pear Agate?The Tonga burgeon?HapermlUoa of "" . _ . Ueea'a safely?ehane I the Peasantry Pears for Allen's Safety?Shane and the ltet ler-Mllly'e atiaplelcna A 'Vua'er Aoeuaation ? Ihe Pow der-A gtra'ge Thought ?l een "llandared Again - The Let ler gtvSM RP -It carrlee Odavtrttoa of Alleee'e Truth Mhene'a Duubie Agate- The Kiamtnatton - The Tent nil ruiaogfr rpr. Sonar* or anus's uiva. 'TVa> am rgaraean tun < or. A aOMSNSt aumaTlos Tan raorHat v riuiuaa act third. SNawign gooa av ui aeging Whiakey aa tolaltlahle CuuHateje- The Invalid Keeps?The rvmagh pier isned -Care, antintv aad Hope? alteen'v orlef? KathJeee'e'oaMenee m herMater'a Inn ?woe? The agai nagcn or aaasanag's ngcovtaT ? A Tnhee of A Womanly fJnBrret?Itaraaby Late. aiLavN'a rtL<u.riaa>v eaa*apt*T arrtaavwCB. The Interview Setweea Husband and Wife?Alleee'e Prayer? Herredan e Doubt - Ulra aao SPILT. OAPPOT M TOO ?THIS. Tli* Itatraaly-Atlara. Onoaetona of bar lanooraoe. Aa' tana to Fly ?t KaaoWM na tui ?rri?i. to th? oontan Mkanp Aaaln Tka WW-Hkan* a Peara? A Laat Cbaaea-A Hoddna Rnaofva. Tna ronton ia tub cvr. A Ooarard'a Pnaia- Mllly Madr iba Moaaaasw of Daatk-Baw ptOua doaBtbe Murdarar'p ?hapa I ?? mrrna ?raaa tam*b ?a boob at mi tPaiaa. A ftaarat?A la rar'a guml a Tuaua Vaxad?CartiOty. Tkn Bnarttln* B in. ?can Twtaw?i inapaaa ihop. A pnddra auark of krr* and whtatny-OaloA HnUlpu Ai auk to lor# tka akUdor?Maraofcy aa aa orator <Vmpni.iti.ia and by laira-A ParadoBaut Tka oalk of bmlharkuod laada la A raiaaair anaiaaAaa. Watrd Nataby?Eka brlnaa tkn tnMlUawaaaof aABPADAP'A oaATa E award by tka kabaf at Ikatr aaalar'a aarAar, Iba r aaaaalry NBbNb waaaa raaia ranuaapra aa an laproaao papraoraa. a" aa* Aaooa. *BO*B PatfBTO?A BOOB AT Ol aPBibi Pkt'lty'a aaaoW tuna of Maftaata-Tk* prwoanuioa for Iba atMnlaht waa* Mbana'a (aara-- Pota aad popfptp. or anta utd iu*A Tka rratkrr ?capa LAPT-TB* c* trar o* Tna aaaca. T*a aiaataaT bakb. tbb DOPAOB Aflraa And Motabr Who tbali pwaar* aix who pa* tcnxsa. lb* arsaaaUoa aaunpt All**a t>m or rod by Watrd Molahy. THB apt* OP TUB DOBPl.a. and Aitaa* paon.Aiaan ip*ora*T KoOn* li'iiltr ?"hnrtp p n-i.i*i?? Hopa. phiupa r< i.paa aaana. Rbnm Paara II* Pro-puna to t*l? tka Oatk. paphaOab'p appparapcb. A Taab OntifnaAno -rtty for tkn ilmity -Tb? Tathar't Oba Blraaer at tka UrtBunalP Earap* - Pklllp pad Kuhlaau. BAIPT TBBBIP A T IO* andar tka dlracltoa of THOUAM MAE EE, WU1 parfopBt iba o*l*brali*t innb orwrtoro, Tiiarouppp paw*. Bad Ik* Rlbrratnn Q.iuinv** wBk pnl.a for tka orlnrtpal la Wi nai ma tr*mkpr with all tkr 1 arid natal If. taut, ompiinaad aiinwaly f<w thi* plan* by Mr Malar. Doors oa?a at T. owataporr at a CTHjarii.nb moi kek. O RTV!tfll>nT Elrat I __ ml# plarp no TkafadAr ??rt A at Iba Oily Aamnbly Room*, ftontr by Roll * r*l*br*t*d band fteftsu Admitti'* a (watlmaan and Iwp ladlaa. prtpn two * aMaa. - -p- r .1. iara <*a ba had .d Ik* f Ib.oina .lOtmlMa* Uyoti !?_ ii'.t.ionptpppt II W Kasnr U Walirr slrsrt k lti. b?uai VI f rat ??*an? A laaa* ipnt't lima* Broadway, ilaoraa >|.*i,rttB?r kit Rmadwat nankai A Abrana A* Ma* pan urrat Bamo*! M Kotnfar, 108 r.aai tHilnantb *tr*r*. J. bra M ' 'anal ?tr**t tf*-.rt* W Hauaoa. ?7 Imu.i (tr**t. ?. klrinfpldt, M Maaoa.t Ptm?t. Inks R IMllo*, ?? pi mm. R -tB'BBP, AMI HroaOway; I.yon Wolf. IMam lay atr??t Tk-HBAP ?! Rr.wa. 21 flna ?tr-?d. Jonpp Bla*aa*r, a Vpp*y Blr**t. 0 tvittmaa. Mo. I Caaar wrnn M ? omak. i mrr. Id" *?*nnaA. V RUrakatmrr, 5"tn iir**nwi*k strap*. I A. IIPTIA AM Ptna AiroM W If Pr*??tland*r. 71 Maaavi ; Harry Pi wan. Mi bwkolaa I Iota. M M. Marl, At Likarty flETCRM OP ADKUNA PATTI TO MEW TURK. PuR IV tkrr* - * ?*t**rpna JV tkrra Bt*hlP only Towlpkl, W*dn*Bday. OetoWk Brat r.n* of AIlEI-IM A PaVtI bp VHltbTTA, !.* HAVIaTa pnpportro by HRIkMoU aad rtRftl rh* *ala of Aanta for Trm taut loima. pp thlp mnramy Koala; n??t, (Wl/ >wr M. ekia* id lb* BBMOB. In roasa<|.tanoa ?' tt* t>r*i *r* Unas lor lb* Hall In ba llron to tka Trior* at Walna PHfLRARHObli' BOC1ETT OP MEW TORE. M'nrd**ntk BPOObo tWA-'<t. Tka 'rat ynbli* R*k*?raal will t*k* plana at Ifca AfAtirvT op ItJolO On WEI1MEXO AT I HBotmr lb, al ?S o>?loab P M MabarrtpUan* raaatr*d at tka naaal plu -* By or"*r. f. MPTER t r"A/f APTOKMAH' mew EMTAMLIMHMKKT. Eirl'iPlrWy for Ipalina ArwnWf .i*PW*?t* and RiBbo, ' " thoa* who .l**(r* to pprao- tr?fr AAwtlaa nad?f rwiln*aA artipta la Era T"'? H?y wKV-h m? ? i njnrtnd tb tk* irillaairy ro'.*n and mpirtnl *>*of b..?r*inr **?*!* Trwry dA* IrwiM ad.*i?d ** th? 'r.' 'j1"' * UHtrhlna *?* pmnrwrinn *pr'y bi Kr APPOEM AM. IIA Wpb* Tktrty foortk ?trr*t. M. T. AP*t.l"A PATTTPOR TRbPTHHT Tim IX MEW Tort aa V inl ETT A tr I.A T*A v IA1A. ?opnonnd oy TOMOI-t *rd t'BRM I t>>? ??!* 0# B*aln for Tf%?i?ta oo?. rim H ?* moriiinf *? if I 'If .ftp* ? r* Iba P' 1?.*I ft A HP* IHII to 1 ItriHE A W A h E I'MMOMMTM ATKIM EVEMfMU OP TT i. iobar I IME - Mflkt* a*atP rn lb* Muomy af ??? ; nnaiHrpv. "r tb# ? dira t ? r-mtjn lal forib* aho,? *ip n. i Atrtjl. *r H ?'*?. u th? ????, t*tw>-?n t(i? ko iraof U ' ?ud ? ti ? dRk Tkr I rat daairabU locatAou U. A* ctij. A' A*?wnJncirr>. CaDFMT OK "UNIO ? FR? VfATA-PATIT. impobyamt notice. ? THK Tft* VIAT A will niaMua at pnMeir 8 P *? tread wtn be of ahO't duration. The Oyer* wtil tcnMlnaU ie tm chltghi prnceaaloa hegfne. ? bin <Witdoaa.lv1 evening OetS. RK?I'PE*Kam;< OK ADELINA PATTI AM) Hl'fNOK HKIONOIJ. Who Ivive returned trum Phlladelptla, foe ) 11 HICK MuHlS ONLY, tbe Ural of ebieh * ill take pUw THIN (WEDNESDAY) RVENIHO, OOT. 1 adbmna'p Atn will 'tppr*r for the flret AO'I only Uane oa VIOLKTTA la Y*r dl'a < ipera of LA TRAVUTA. In v b'eb Oi'th ah* hu mat with a moot euthuglaalle l uueglbH to Philadelphia. She will be oupptrtal hy HKltlNOLI anil EaKKI KIM AUKUNA I'aTTI for theflmt lima la Maw York, M VIOUtTTA. IIONOR BRIONOLT aa Alfreds SIONOR raKKI a* lermont ( m:ucwr HliiMOE MUEK? TO THE PUBLIC. CLONK OK THK OI'KRA ON MONDAY, OO* A, Thecoo.ii*nv w-1'.l i?vf ua Tnesdiy for Philadelphia. and k m Wrdnea Iny tlit tinted Onla Opera in honor ol the ar i1 dot Ike Prima <>t Waiea, Ht Ilia Aiuarican Academy of V iaic la ? Inladelpaia. LAST Ft I'R MOOTS WF THE BKASOM. Tb? Dtrretom reaped fully annonnoa Hut. In aniaa<|aaaM ?f the i rtrueive preparation! for the Hall at tha Academy hi h<mo of Lorn ItiMUtyw. and tha rapidly approaching alee tt' n* the fall aaawm ?U1 moat poM lively cloae on Monday nasi, Oct. A. THK REGULAR WINTER SEABOM Will cotmaeiMi ou or about Movamber 11, when I ha gnat CARL FORME8, The' ?laorated Ooatralto, Man. D'ANORI. 1 ne uaw aud, In F rope, highly a<<rceaaful Prima Donna, MI.l.B ISABELLA IMCLI. ? nt 1'ih"- nav> irimiaw..: appear, in < mneotlon with ataa roui wrUastubliahedfaroiilas. In a rapid auceeaalou 01 Mf Outre a. lu r naeqiienoe of preCoualy made arrangrmeuta M 1.1.K PATTI ami KM. HUM NOLI w ill depart for the South and Wsat and not return to Haw York it no* the winter. The above ai.ii";iioed THHMM >1. H nt wlli, therefore, a lord tha only opportunity of hear I. g them. ORDER OF PERFORMANCES Tbu Tiaxi evening. PaTTI 8 only appearance In LA TKaVIaTa. Ou Tb- r*day no opera Ou Friday re?iral of ihr popular Opera of LINDA PI t'HAMOCRlX, When Mine PaTTT e 11 appear foriha Hut Uma aa LINDA, supported ha Mad. ITRaK'SCH HBIONOLI, FKRRI, SUSINI, CO LETT*. On Saturday PATH'S LAST NIOHT. Ou Monday definite clwe of theaaunra WINTFR HARDEN I? l -evrni ? WEDNRSDAYl October 3, IBM. HIIRO NIOHT ?f MISS HUSH MAW, Who will appear In bar grant role of HIANCA, .v'.dal"'., .. M an Ada (' Her t rat appearance al thla theatre ltartot'i Mr. J 11 Stoddard | Tbe Duke .. M N TKW HOW BR) THKaTKF. Sale Prop rlel-re. M-vara. O L 'UX A J W LIMUAI W e innaday. Oct 3 l-tdU The Oreal American ArtuM, Mr K K ?DT, * In the character of Mat Martvm, In the National Dramac.f THE OCEAN OF LIFE; Or, Kt cry Inch a Sailor. Tha emit Fare* of the captain s hot a mibb .' obri Stock Mr <1. L f fanny Mtaa Faany II The Neotliab Drama of THE WARLOCK OF THE Ot.EN Mailt# Mr a n H Adcln Mm. W. it. w IDE AWAKE1 WIDE AWABtH WIDE AWAUm HARNUM'd uowmm The only place nf am' ?earn In New York that la opaa during lb.- day and evening and the HEsi PLACE IN THE CITY to ?na THE WIDE AWaEK PROCF.BHION aahpaaara down Mi >adwa. and Into Park row whaoflagla Irani cf I he H'laaom. and the numaroua WINDOWS. HAlOuNlW and HAH sTEAD?, wklt h aac<'inan?dale ihouaauda. will atlord the HKM and Pl.EaSANfEtT FNOkPEHT on iba route of the pracaaalon the flreworka and Durban bnlag aeen at great dlatanrea. aa well aa near by. And to aecumiwa date lh' ae who wtah to wiuiraa Iba performance* ia tha aiaa log. and aaa the prunaaamn the PFRKOEMaNCF.* WILL COMMENCE ONE LOUR IAIIUIH. Al 6', O'CLOTt I I wlng a few mh.nta? paat S glvtok ample time In are iMe aa iii a prnraaalna. Audio Inrieaaeihe amnaamanta and affoaE gen ulna WIDE AWAEE ATTRACTION*, ha following Wide Awabe noyelliaa wl 1 be on eiMbMiOB during tbe entire kay and earning The Wide aWaKK hi.ack sea lion. The mlaklv hlng of tha Ocean tha loop aupywed fahnloua Septuue. the m?wt raajeaUr. tarrtltc ihouvh yri decile, InbnM 'ant o' Ihr creel dfep, the mimi InlareMing creature allva. 11a watgbr fMAl nounda. and aala ku poonda of Hah dally. AM who would aaa hlui inuat do It auoo. ae be leaaee for Caba OS iba I2lb ln> i A I.HI NO FAMILY, white nbomok* or moobe, The nirat lutrreat ug human eurrValllea ecar aeen IMr paienu were pure AfrViaae hla,? aa >t ai yet I Nay arw w HUE AS SNOW. th?lr long huahy hair ehlta aa milk, had Ibelr eyra of tbe moM dellaata an 1 tie 1.1 ed pink 1IIE BTKANOE AND MYsTRnlOU* A 1IMALM, THE "WHAT i AN rilkV HK ? Two In number, aad .fdlaiinci apeclea, ne of wblrh baa two 'hat.act keada. inU nor lag below UM knee and la weh footed. A TATTOOED NEW ZEALAND CHIEF LI\ 1 NO WHAT 1* IT' i R M an MONKEY. T be mia inlere* eg. am Msg and a.mder ul crwaiure man win a lotgb! I?ielltc?nt eye yei devoal of avee. li Mlmnatdk the other pec' Itarliiea of humanity, th >uch he haa tha faaa and haada of a t> mau b?;ng. but the nun a an I head of tha ? nirang Oiitang evidently part ho nan' nart hr >ta. hik lady with lobu hair THE Famous i IMHTNIN ? Cald CI.ATOE Tbe llneat Aquaria ia the world Riled wl b living aaa aad >lver Fieh. from vertoun nlmea aa the beauttfnl Angel DM, Sieekled Brook Tn ul Flying Flab. Idrlog Aillgatom UrlnR c. .calliaa. .*? , Ac. luring Sharka llrtag M mater Haaaaa. tiling Mahy A na< rmdaa llrtng Happy Fanilly, great rartakg ? >f new Wai Figure* Tae wnadrrful Forte pa TaUer-OBM aultai'-ai fee. 2? . ci t< at Ira. tha AFTKKN'tSIN and EVENINfl, at S aad 6', n'elm*^ will be prudoend la the Lectum Roan, that an par b bit nlaw JORgPH AND 1MB HRETHREW, a I leh Faa aura, 'ed aeeb unw ?iied .cwdi for the laal Ibraa ?r?ki It Wii he prod ore* with renanrd attrartiowi la corauona. seenery, tViMamaa Ac For part* lam if ree yreall hi a All ibeae ?Wda al! tbe wnndem and a-irehlea of th* Ma ee' in collection which emh'acea ml leaa than 1M.IJW CafT*M> lien from every part of the world are all. yew, al l.T>> HE H*IN Knut'o FhTN. children under I* yearn llrenta Muaaum opaa from 7 A. M till lu P M. B btaett mibetbbue ^ Boaoty. opfoaii L MB. tin Braar Itmim, <u>t ahd dab bbyaet. i I?iaa?d Ethiopian itoaaodiaaa, "" * -?B bxcbumob trocpb or tub woila paw heyart will du>M for tlM imt tin* In rnrkt nontkB Mi Mil ?*? W1WM4 Orl*1n?i Plantation ESBB*< ? Of OLD VIBiMEBT, Uin Lpupkabla Hur'awgna- Brian a? at Pkamo'a, rOI-K A A LA IOC AVE. wltA En'iiAan Pianwhoa Erin Una* Dnnnaa. ti.E toL ^ Ihiara opm it V In 7. Oin?iK? M Id In E Tlakan A[>?!.IRA PATT1. TOE THB PTEAT TIME IB WW lurk, M VI' iI.BTT A. la I. A TEA VI AT A. mirurM kt tlEIOEOl.T >nd I IRAI f b* aala of aaau far Traoiaia anaa n *r. i?.? n" Monday <t*it. Ort ibar A. pi a* of IM ?aura in nm ar-iaanre of tm praparauooa for Ik* Hall la IB flora b< tAa Prior of Walaa M" JopoBOCOII * OATKTT. PHILADELPHIA. 1 ha I .Mini and Oaat.anan aapapad at lAa aknra HM liaknawt. a III p'aaaa naat la Ik* iraaii room, oa TkwrnWW. IM Ilk prapafWnry In nymnlng on Ratarday tha ?? inataat. JRO It B?"t OWOOUH. I N-TKl llBBTAI. OEETLBMBR WIMIIBU TO JOIB A I aortal arnat'-'ir bnua ? and now tirarti. in* iad*r a rnnape Irat aoadoilnr will nddrane imt ITT llrrald oflaa R>>onaaaad M'Ply li'il rimtiman wlUlap In par It In adftnam tha nap dnrtor fur a c.arra nf twalrn rrhaaraala and aUaud lAa nana infi taiea a waaE. n Brooklyn, rnpntarly. New bowrbt thbatrb laotki wanted roa I ha ha I at. Apply b> Mr. A. Wr?kt. at Iba Papa door. fr>an into II a B. I I vma HI aMEHK TWIhR QOBIEU. i IMfORTAET ROTH* Tha aahaarlhar Ina praai pirwtrr ia i.'nrimi (aoarykady) tbalUM aRn an < bed ta* aoaaari rannwaad aattad aia??aa Tan. harp laiapraphad bin fraaa tbaif k aaaa la R or* OMidwn thai lAar win arrtaan Paw T. rt tMa waak. w?b pnrtana of tknr faniiwa. a? lEaW way M OMKareM, and that t Wry win all ha na aiMMPna at IMa Maap? On Monday awwafap ? r*. wr 1. ?kw lAay wlU *m& ? fawdaranaty without aura akaif* *?. T nABEOB. ABKm. >a M <ira. ordohar ?. WE BETIDE AWAEBm Willi AWAKM W BAERfw-i BURELB afl'Rdi tha iiiWRI an anal of nmiaaa aad w niaEI dff TmTtwI. ah-i wltna la anmfcta. of Um aM an rw "dinar? abarardar. aad ?* lAa mat Uraiy tatarap. wkpk a)* in ha aaaa al ail knifl donap tha day aad toaMf. Tar par. olaranf ?hirh aaa tha rapahtr Maanan ad .rimtil ST laraaaad waaH h"H *"* In tha A PTBBNOOB, M 1 aHoak. Dm wlardM Mw-rtaai 'oaa, JiiABIH AMD IIIB EEKTH. HER, Will ba parlomad. aad In awahla tin avopap rMitWP Ml wanaaa tha parforaiawoa and aMn aaa tha KRARli WlnB aWaRI PROCBBRloB, tha a-on lap narfnnaaaaa will aoetnaarw npa kmir aar'tar thaa ?it ial. at oVtonk, rhalnp a faw mmnaa paai * n afcMB, wh k will afford am -la lima in aaa tha anurr prm?Im artar 'ha i.apf-.maaaaa aaa ooaa RETI EE or A DELI E A TATTI TO EEW TOBE. EpB Ihraa nlrlla nlr To nljM. W- dnaadaj, OWoBar 1 *iM atpaaraaaa of Atifl.IEA Aftl M vldl.BTTA Ja LA TEAY | AT A. aoaporta.1 by EBI9BOU ami EKE El The we M aaalifor Tratiala oraanmoaa IMa nnrmap B jeday aaai, ' winhar * r'oaaol tha aaaarm. In ampr-i'iaoaa of _tba prapara ?hna for iha Rail to ha jl'rn in tha rnora <t Walaa SHAKPPKERAB EEBBAERAIA Mr rtTXOBE ALtl TaETRTIIO W10 "ownnaaa Mi PPPW? ? r Draomilr liiimainmrn't frow mrm?y al ;>* Wa* <* MP E arrant; a l.hrary I .* IR*E'I MP Wl IMWU ,pF ???!**} " mwa? -w. p---?- o ? ? BlHIfftM JlliM Hi M?l? rWW ffhahppara | Ira it rEaJH*?b ? Tv-kata PfM raoM aw*. To o mnanaa M fdffM o eKrh. aad > paloda banrPME. rnth WERE ERIE ADBtERIOE. ?UE|IIII yroa. | la Moaa m B<w Ell aad Etl Broadway, nnrwar f Ta *atr llro: atraat. will ha rpandaily tkM aaak f- r Trap dmiawiwi, fr wi Id A P to ? P. M. Blarwpenvle iPMrp HEU Apd vttEi fgr Mil

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