Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 3, 1860, Page 10

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 3, 1860 Page 10
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TEE PRESIDEIT^aI CiMPilGl Enbosiastic F^eception of Mr, Reward at (hkaco. Another Furious Speech on the "Irrepressible Conflict." Add re km of Senator Wilson, of Massachusetts. METROPOLITAN POLITICS. Meeting of the Congressional Hcminating Conventions, Ac., Ac., Ao. MB SEWABD EH CHICAGO. ?????!? Tar moat ?f tike People? (iramd Wide-Awake Torchlight Procession? Speech of Idr. Seward, Sc., Ac. Cricano, Oct. 2, 1879. Ike want has to-day baa bean very One. All the early 'rams this morn lay came loaded with deputations from the country towns to attend the republican demons tea ttee here to day. Other trains during the day brought large accessions to the slready largest gathering of the feted ever held in this city. At half pest two !'. M , Goreroor Seward was escorted by eearly 600 Lincola Rangers to the Wigwam, which was packed to its utmost capacity, while large numbers oot. ?Me were unable to gain admittance. A platform was erected In the street, from wb,ch Mr. Seward spoke for an hour and a half Ike meeting in the Wigwam was addressed by Bon. ?wen lorrjoy, Hon. C. B. Penis and other prominent re publicans. B is impossible to give anything like an accurate esti mate of tbe numbers present, which is variously esti mated at from 76.000 to 100,000. The tori hlight procession to-night promisee to be a grand aflair, there being from 0,000 to 8,000 Wide Awaken Gov. Award and party leave tor Cleveland to-morrow, end be will speak in that city on Thursday. Ibe Wide Awake torchlight proceestoo la undoubtedly the largest and most imposing thing ol the kind ever wit nessed n Chicago. Unprejudiced spectators estimate the um ber of torches at 10,000. Throughout the whole length of the procession were scattered portraits of Abraham I .ncols. Banners and transparencies, bearing republican mottoes and pictures of mil splitters, wers alas plect.fully distributed. Pfty-tbree bands of music were also in the procession, which occupied as hour in passing a given point. From the rn-j and Tribune offices rockets and roman candles were net e(1 during the whole time the procession was passing A large number of buildings along the line of march were brilliantly illuminated. 7be Tremoot Bouse was handsomely decorated with Chinese lanterns, crystal stars and other devices The procession marched through the principal streets, which ware crowded with people, to the Court Bouse yard, where all were addressed by ? number of reyublicass. an. HBWARb'a -earn. Mr. Seward's speech was chiefly devoted to the discus lies of the slavery question. He declared ttat there was se eaiigbtensd and honest man who would not surren der some part of his wealth to abate the evil ad slavery, and to convert the land accursed w.tb it iato e land of equal and impartial liberty. Like that Roman Governor w bom St. Paul bad ahnoet persuaded to be a Christian, the Ameri an people were a.moet persuaded to be republican, aut the cat ooal erase and ,udgmenl bad been perverted. Tbe efleal of teiemtmg slavery bad been to produce a want of mora! courage, and that want win tbe fault of the political i sprmmtativts of the people. Ike people would have to select m*r as fearl?ra as Owen I.ovejoy. Although they might 011 the balls ol Congress with mm who seemed to be as re! able as Owen 1 -ov? toy, yet on the tirsl clangor of tbe slavery drum tl ?y would waver and falter?would setter tnemselves to be demoralised, an I would then re 1 are la demcra,/r tbe people. Tor Orel ag-ncy pot iu use, sa d be, t" retain alavsry, Is lbs fear of OO-isaotton ami c v'I Tiic sinvt-b, 1 r* nave turtly. and truth fully, ud r:nntf 1 'ly an .ni l that Ha. e* ar ? the tutu, -al ri ? f tin'r niMtcTf, un 1 <>l ?b?? ?I?tm are ul^'i rciritirf ar . Mala that r-fpi'.rea th.-re to be bell :n bondage, and tarn-lore it ia the aetlled policy In alate rial* W> lupi rraa freedom of speech ?> .ar at lib> rty iray toei ndvoraw-a while it ex toad* the !%rge*t H-raae of ceha'e to who a 1 vi?-at.- the I atari at* of are. cry the to? iarj roanejurp,* it that there ? an tlave -tale ?a which a b 'let It open fbr freed a. or where a fr*. man It allowed la *a!<-ly to rati rush a baooi. J oaly owe tide it alloweJ to rote .a a .-'tale it la re*-y easy to r lhat thvl e de moel prerail. (laughter ) ail the tare Sta??? apptar iboa M> tie 'n faror of tiarery. ar.l tore the) tell >ou tl at repuhircanom ?* aei-tlooal. After the partake ,-f ?fc Kaoaaa Nebrmka b ll In M, there waa but one man left that did not deatwr. That man. In fe a .ea t? n*r?c b - prediction .pint, v.?a betrayed au lar h\ t < bei.rf lhat h?- became tilth ately a r.iouumania. wed ?ti"'-reil npon the gallon a. That mm itat John Btomd (Cheer* ) The I'm and oalr time thai I aver mm hum '? m ?!.<? h( called upoe |me after the tt-ifti n of the Miaanurl oinpr.mree H? utol n > what I thought of the future* I met I waa a* hiraed and happen ng. that 1 would peraarcre apaltiat hope Re Mid, ? Cbe*-r up. Brother Seward K.tnaa* will oarer b# a atave "lata " (Cbeera ) 1 took then a deliberate *orvey at the broad few. 1 taw lhat freedom la the fularr Stales of ifcla roat nerl war the necwaaity of thia agr and of Mia conatry I *aw that the eaiahhah meal of thia a* a repablle of human freedom, oeoaroratlre ef the rghta of hail nature, waa the canee of the whole world (A Voiee?"Amen ) I Mw em i; rat loo pouring from the hrealern Stairo and from Fi.rope into the Territonea, and 1 kaow the one aeorre-ry thai they would hare when they gut there, mi that waa U at they ah old own the land theme* iv-a and that lh? dare *bov|1 not come Into competition with th* a I aa d "I will treat thee* mea My rellaae*' hall be beeceforrh oa the poor, not oa the rich on lbs hamt-'e, o< i on the great " Aye, aad aad t waa to ooo raae that It waa an I aald, "Henceforth 1 put mr tr ial wet is my eo ntryman. but la the exile from for?lga laada ffe baa a*r?r harawd to ancuatom h maelf to *la rwry by babu. aad Ije will *ara and retain tbrae Terr,to riM " (Applauae i 1 looked oar atep further; I mw thee iw l it a* l!i?t *e could redeem n'1 leal had *h"eo Iwt, aad redeem It by appeal'Qg to tin rwry [sMmna and inlertda that bad ioal ail The I'm ra* waa eaar T%e alare au*e* had demoralised tb? free rut*w by gtwlag them I'rea'deaciea aad eeeretary Mi pa. and poat eiLr<w, and 1 a d that here ta the North weal wa abouid tou id up m? re free (tale* than there are elate etetra. aad that three free *tatr?. baring a eomwioo retaerl in fator of freedom, would odor to Onaiylxaa a. aad '?'? Vork.aal N>w Jeraey, ana Cmao-ticut. and Maam-- hoar tie. Ibetr anpporl aad U etr ambitioa. ((!"? ) To day I aee the rrry raalnathre wf -I, aad the adrocatea of freedom are aew a* bold, aa ovUpukae. aa brare, aad aa rocfldeot of the uK? l the eortb- rn Stalre aa the advocate* of alarery are a the - itb<-rn Slate* I Mid that there ahuald be ia three r?w ?,'tatea men who would my to the State* of the Vast "Wa w II bur yrrer ? ik? aad your Hoeoa?bay more aa<i pay yon better thia the South d?ea pro Tided yww do aot betray the I oinw. Slavery ran pay oa longer and trie drmnrrarr d-rea not want that d?r* act pay. Mr Poogtaa la irwcnag the repeal <4 the Missouri Compromise. Bhatterr*' lt?- power of all ll?e parties. aad .11* nt*R*M*d them No man eerr rejoioed m ra < ear lb* birth of lb* ?rat b*~n tliaa I re need when | mw the fully, me ma I area, of the repeal of the Mreenuri tfowi promise, an,I of the r*jw tun ot Kar.ea* 1 ra,*ej aaorg of joy like the anng of Mirrea.- when I aeoeuaoen that henceforth the haul wmetdc' (Cheer* ) The h*U> ia ended, an ! the nepwy la woo *hy, than, we are asked, not withdraw from the .Vtd * r,*r the ?ttafde rea* re that if the rirv>ra retire the rao<|iiiSbed will r?me hark, and Ui nallle Will n l he *kbi f> W* erw a* I h-uyhtar ) The republican parly will e.wtpi -te Ihe grea- ro ?< at) re II rlearly prn-eirn* H fh.t.y it or mb-ne* the ?*-edf?l f, ree* It baa fhrre in mil Urn -iaee Statre and lorer ii rmarre at leart, la erery wlare -Nrl- K ha* Um right i'ne of po ,-y -? ppl rr af pawre aa i m*,ral aumion?a pn icy o< arguaMWi?? ;wiiey hot cf biro*, bnt of reaww it .area the awhmna of alarery ia the awre state* l> the care arc rwapt<W?*Mlp i* the elave Mate* al.ree ahidreg by the cr-weketfrre of I be nattrr. Midi make* tie ?re- e ilater, mo Ual (uh)act. airem.f I kno * that the Sepat.-an party wlu aacoetd, leoaaao it m a p-wtir* rod aa actim imrly. It ia the onlj twiy in the w.uatry that ? ar uan he pr>?,il*r in II* ac twr. Ahranam I lecola repreamta * party which ' taiewolred that *a mora a'arct rhkl be imprrted from 4i>wa. or car*-c from aay rl?r* State t> ib' oommoi ,w> l?f the l'li id Plate* (Cbrera ) Take the eaar of Jmhm ^?il 1e i* a ttaieaman, iiatyiotio and l*aes*,l,nee wu? I reapact md bua- r. But a hit >? ,l?liu ibll aad lbe tWMti.Wiioaai I area pro,*** ,,* to-* gmit <| i?mt ca' The* p. "P-or to Igiore tl a tog^her ?ot to h^w thtt Mere ? ??? ??< h i<j?gtiia Toe <HlHa wil rn* t'-tp .gkirtd. kt ,??? win r una aad aak admiw oa, aa 1 'be In*; >n fartiwy aoath of Ra ^ >'f the lad aa. Tlfrae trtil prrarai *?* u?#iUoo, and the tlar*fc<eiw* ia Nrw Mat-co win , trmmnt It. _n>e lueatxre will not ?tay a acred-will n * ^ ,*"???? ????' Tot .rely rwtpooe it* daciatoa fou. ' J"*** ?"< pwtponemeot 4 wa ant , ant'Jell, trrtaii t?Mt> rrpr*aram a party that r oprom ta eiund alavary. ???? l*'ty couli p,?* hi* K-.c-ed w In 11,1 ?Wi?fy the Amer'raa paopW i4n.tairf"io'-) . * floret ta retti* the ,ar?iKm f"Jta' oo'") Thai 'a c "T wfa*'.M' Bu. haaan baa already -tare I am aura I oou "J fr"" 'k * ??' -n** to rot* aforretJerc* '1 Ifr tu-L'?f*B ( * ?? ) Thalia of fwrroe (la -.ghter ) If . ?? r % fWM Krerwtl reert -g aa vaet a* lb,#, and pro guar a rola nf d ^ 1 *F ' p-at a* rr-ia ,*"y ta yon do. *W '? U* r*?? 1 ilrfctx d -hat lasts place n. . *?' . Mr Doua'ae oce W<5f# to proeose a vcl* <!W- cn.^e d> l Junes ttuchMkn, be wud gel tb0 ee03*V"" gative re uuw, ouiy a UlUa lOuatr (Laughter.) 't ->n yon we not gotog to elect Mr |>? . ^ ^ ^ on!y fbUow ugaD tbe fo. tstepaof Junes BucrjuinD. gut Sup pcae UnMtiur "go were elected, wbat mem You would have a ? a u?!. n of '.be republican, tbe cor.ati t.iiicnai parly and the louglaa party to drive b m out again?(cheers aad laughter]?and yoa would on.')' poe-poue tfce quest .on four yeare lorger "he Douglas party also proposes to Ignore the qutitioo in Ooogress. Douglas sa) lbs quest >00 belongs to tbe peo;>le of tbe Territories, sod they can settle it for themselves What will tbey do? IT they settle It la the ftse State* going to consent to favor of slavery, are the free State* going thai If so, why did lley not consent to tbe proposition of lbs President, that Kansas should oe admired under tbe looomptou constitution If tbe people of the Territoi .?? should decide Is favor of freedom, are tbe ?lave states going to acquiesce? No; tbey bare their ticket in tbe Held in tbe person of Mr. Breckinridge, to continue lbs war till tbey regain lbs lost battle. But Mr. Douglas' propositus may result in a di tie rent way. Tbe people may vote slavery up Id some Territories and may vote slavery dvwn in other Territories. That will be a conipremse. Well, are you going to be satis nod with a compromise? You tried thorn all, and found thev were never kept, and on I be whole you are very sorry that sny was ever made. Is a compro mise in that way going to satisfy the slave states? Why, tbey repud.ate Mr. Douglaa, an excellent democrat, and tbe nwsl able man among them. Tbey repudiate bim altogether, because they will not be satisfied wiib squat ter sovereignly to give any Territory whatever to tbe free Mates. 1 have thus demonstrated that tbe republican party ta the only positive party. There Is a time when naliuns require tbe settle of subjects of contention The time has come at last. Tbe slaveboldmg Stales and free States require tbe settlement of this quarrel. It must be repressed tbe people will have it repressed. We are not to be forever disputing upon old controversies. New subjects of polltiaal action will oome up. This contest must bo put an end to. There is only one way, and that is is tbs sourer* of tbe republican parly. (Cheers) The fact that it Is secemary to be done is the reason wby U will bo dose. It cannot he set tled otberwixa, because it Involves s question of jatioe, of uuianenco. It is tor us Dot a quest .in ot polity, bat a question of moral right and duty. In our judgement It Is wrong to perpetuate by our votes or by our ranclon, or to txirnd tlavary. Therefore we shall maintain ibe issue to ibe last. It cannot ho a matter of conscience for a s nvehoide to extend slavery. It la only a qneniou of merchandise. Men, of whatever raie or nation, are in our estimation men. Acoore'tng to our faith tbey all have a natural rigbt to be men; but in tbe estimation of the other parly, African slaves are no*, men, but merchandise. It is with them, therefore, nothing more, nothing less, than a tar ill question, a queeton of protecting Kimmercc In s!?ves. For us it is a question of human rights Therefore, when it Is settled in favor of rlgbt It will stay settled. But taken only as a question of policy, it is quite pla.n that it must be settled in favor of the republi-jui party, for our highest policy and tbe developemcnt 01 the wealib and-trenxth of the republic. The iron, the lead, ti.? copper, tbe silver and gold in our mountains are to bo dug out by tho human band, and tbe only human band that can lig them out is the hand of a free man (Cheers) We are building now a great empire. Tbe catacombs of Rome, Paris and Naples are filled with prisoners and Implements of human 111 and bondage, showing tbe Ignorance and barbsrity of tbelr former 00 upants. let us build up an empire that ?ball leave no such monuments, that among our graves shall be found so traces, in oar history no remembrance, that we were ever faiae to the great Interest* of human! ty. (Loud applause.) Humanity is entitled to a home 00 this earth. Where else than here shall It be found? Humanity M entitled to have one nation that will truly represent, defend, v.ndicate It. What other nation will It be if act ourselves" Peer 1? of Illinois! people of tbe great West' tbe destinies of tbe country, tbe bopeof man kind, rest on you Rise, I pray you; I coojureyou to the dignity of Uat high responsibility. If you do so you will have peace and harmony and bappinoa in your life time Tbe world, looking on, will applaud you, and future generations, :n all agea and in all countries, will rise up and call you blessed. (Tumultuous applause and cheers for Seward.) SENATOR WILSON IN NEW YORK. Kepmbllcan n?*tlaf at Rtavtyiant In. alltnte. speech or senator wilson, or siA^wACHrsim? NMMVi now w I t.t. the KiuiiTi or ti'b laborivi; Mt.N BE nrrBCTED BY thi democratic rARTY. A meeting of tbe Republican Young Men's 1'alon Asso cistion was held at tbe Stuvesyaut Institute last evening. According to announcement, tbe Hon. llenry Wilson, of Massachusetts, was present, and addressed tbe meeting at coosideralile length. Hs was followed by I.ieuteoaat Governor ilaacb, wbo spoke nearly an hour, tbe meeting not breaking up till ten minute* to eleven o'clock. Tbe hail of the institute was well filled by s vey atllentive, and, at times, very enthusiastic audience. The proceedmce were opened by the President of the Rasiciation, Mr. Charles T. Rodger*, who, after a few preliminary remarks, Introduced tbe Hon. Bkvrv Wuso*, of Massachusetts, who was re ceived with very warm manifestations of applause. When silence was restored, be returocd thanks for the kind welcome that bad been extended to bim. It was tbelr fortune, he laid, to be cit.ieai of tbe great commer cial metropolis ol lb ? magnificent continental republic. Here the pure fcaart and cl'ar conscience and the un ci.'U ted rurilect of mas could g>> to the ballot bos and utter Uoor voces for justice and honor aod for eqail laws, and for th?ir mparttsl administration To da/ the loaf down troildrn people of llal/ wer,- following the bravo recover their rights?to revenge lb* wrongs of tbcir country and to vindicate tb? ris'hi. of human Mtora Hut tbry lived In a republie in 1 which ovvry maji oould go to the ballot boa ard chat ge the ail m trial rat inn and chance and reform tbc polio/of U>" irrrrtaml They <>w< .I a ,-re?t duty to the country 1 and to tbemseiree, and Ibat duty Imponrd uj n th?si the accs-ity of yot I eg at tb* ballot box o aa to pro- 1 m<dc tbe lntereeui and the honor of the oonntry, I aod to advance the yereral cause of human liberty. 1 sir.-e the dawn of creation? M-ce tbe ?! ty tbe serpent had whispered word* of deceit and dtaotiedteooe Into tbe 1 rate ol mother Rv? up to the preeeet moment tta-re had 1 beta a coa r let going 00- an i-repr.-rsible <? nil let?(ap 1 plaure)?a oanltat which would continue to be waged till markind should learn tbc great lea too of homau rights. Tbe Presidential electanns were at way* of the geea'.eat la ter cit to the people None had eo deep. #0 pcofcuad or absorbing aa merest In tbe coming I'raai election aa the totliag million* of America, for on It depended whether there would be boniea in the country for the free white man. or whether the Territories of the conn try wool ! be reaerrrd fur alare labor. There were up ward! of twerty mtilnne of free men They had a free freer, and free rpeech, and free school* nr. I free cbun bee. atd tree labor In fine, la tbe wor.i of l>erie| Webster, here -'free labor looks up, an 1 I* free In the m1 let of Ite toll ' In the free Blntes the tolling maaree of mankind wleid' I more power and bad more mean* of derating tbemerlrea to poeltlooe than vqe :re amed of before, a? ucn as the laboring ?nent millioni hi wo otber country In tbe world eenyed But In the other eection of tbe oouritr> there war original!* a half miuKm of bor.dmrn which had at this day in - nor milt on* la that part of tbe eoeniry freedom of apeeeh? freedom of the preet, th? right to dwenaa quest one connected w th human rlaeery. wtg almoel unknown The i-eople of the South under tbe dreadful inline nove of da very, had banished teem tbe halls of Corgrr" all the national men who were known to have enlarged Idea* of tbe rights of man The people of the South bow sent to Ooogrees a elaas of hold, arrogant, domineer eg poh ie men who h?Hered that slavery ws? t ptwitlrr gm-1?that It ?ae a bleeelng In rant, and who w- re la later of extending slarery t> the free Territories of tbe Celled States The great ilsoe, therefore, which boomed up froen tbe conflict of opinion was, shall the ?lave power that l-aa twwa so fearfully dereluped ocntin ie to govern this republic, and shell the power be permitted to expand over this continent, or shall that terrible power be dethroned. and shall tbe Territories be foreve secured forever to tbe fees laboring men ef tbe noaatry, thi r children sad their p jaunty ? That waa tbe rn?t question of the preeeet day. Jfe c'aaa of men on the con tinent had so deep an Interest n tbe result of the next ("residential election as the mechanics and tbe artiacnc at d the shorn.% and totheg men ef tbe L'a'ted states 81* wry bad en changed the public eratlment of the eooa try that it had cast its dara shadow over eveo th* N ?th em section of tbe I'ntea. Th? democratic parte had long S'Dcr bound themselves over body and soul to tbe siarery power of tbe Sot th Tbe democratic party had e<>id itself to the sl-irefeold.rg powor, ant to w that once gtoftons party lay shattered sad brakes It wee its adbts, n to slavery, aad it* reaounoement of th?we great prist ; se ??nunc si. .: by Thomas Jrlfereoa that was the 1 aure 01 us downfall and now, to da v. it lay broken and prostrate before these?divided, d Morgan tnsi yet b setLi hitter hair- 1 against ?h other and utlermc tree eeesble art warn against the t'nl<w of the states nttrry M Was that ba<l brakes up the rreet deer --rat <? n- rtv which Ji" rrou bad hr?ugbt la to being, that {-,?r :y- wh.. J bad ? nee snd f -r an long a time sfcdisn out fbr an I adr j iwted the r>gbM of the people ia Amertcs That psrty was Isatrnyi 1 I rvrsr, and not a marl .a ited'a uoi-ersc h d ? lh ? tbr It i f recret at ,ta fate Vow th? demo crvi tests. s--h *s M wan we? ibe ensmy if the free wi its mea of Aiwrr -a In opli,,oo ssd m asatttoret the i-m crtt r ,erly wse kTWttle t-i the free laboring pies of the raeetrv There wss not s 1 hers or ;s<pthl' m-ee<r> yen.'irr brf'r# the national co-irn'a of the eonp'-y 1(,? h,,, jjy, ,.spp.y,t II,. ,1^0 ?seStr parte torwe-rly that parte sIrocwted the t? ttof htr. sh tahor. bat sow instead of If I illliB| ' MSB ihev ta k of ttw 1 ghu of property inmui That to I ay wse the dvguage el ait. rl-an dl maafaaf. The it ?o. rs of i ? lem.s TBI), parte m latter timer hau tga ifdlN I- 'ratton of la lr 'r.Jcn e, ar.J ha<l cwTad it a s' am ae a lie, bat the Iwiaratu-sef ladepwideuos waalu a living aad a glorKmS iw at, to the m ods of 1 ,'ib,(.cs hi ? were the sens meall if AUrabam I raco: laths r.iatur' Abra1 vm I meoln said that the n o Sbi dm d tbe Iwelsslloa <?! ladets-nUpw wsre the v*> yta-d?I'ie-?! I?rs and m nera ef return,ug uiwpot a; e, ard lb-rcpub na '.n -sally t>-' re<l thai to de n n t"n ? tof "I t A''? s, and the icmocratlc lsalers te , ay W'jc, in the larg sge oft mcoln. the rarg-iar.l and Mipmst a i'<" ?'< ritumirig rsj. ittam. Hut they lateeded, be '?>?? ?'?*? Ogof 1. ?1, to orefth'tw the ru's of tliv spoetw>? fttry n Aaurtes, and to p it the gov -rn ipt' af thi* n< utry in the hs id* of men who believe! u geccreou aad as AaChagretoaf IfHbalievdi, u the rub 1 wax- truth :hai . :i aien are I total e?iu*!. Tliey believed j thai slavery d-??.e ''J fhetr ?< ????o -n M.maaitv, aad cast Its rh ,, br shadow mor tbe toiling men of tbe conalrf neti, lie tuae bad ar " r"1 ? hen It borame their detr to ' ptcv vil the sxteu*, W of slarery. But ehilaibay Urmly be send that she ery a " ?*?!??' ??? rcocgaisa tbe fb.!it*?t t waasksmlS, thm. sad tbsy did n?t prap as 10 isu-fere with '* ' ?'"?!/ thus eglttod TT -V rec gt iwd the fsct tl ?? "w ?'arrh idmg Pwtsa n the i t ! slavery ex afod b Malr ow n^et sUturaa, end itrvs ' . re ,? sponsible t? ?h* tr? Hereof is t.w A w gbty 5 no tbe iouM m\ ** ?'arery la the PUise to afar et a? ta'l V. 4M tor^, . *1 '# v a t let stard <e fa'l by twe f, Thrv #NH le ty# t a'oas t*> ftsgi tl* i Jul: tg correal f? ^ * ?f fll V ..atlon, or die as .1 ulit-mauly ?nM die of tbe ditue ol ordinal sin. Tt ey believed, biwever. one thing?that wee that they had the power to keep slavery out of the Territories of the I'hlted States, sod, by the blesa eg of God, we will do it. (Applause.) There were m llions of square miles of free territory awaiting the attention of the people of tbe country arid of the whole world, and they were determined 10 keep those traits of land unpolluted by tbe foolalepa of bobdmeo, and keep tbem lire for ir?" men to come and oocupy them, and tbe establishment of free institution* (Applause.) Tbe South insisted that they bad a right to carry slaves into the Territories and to kesp them there, and of that right I no power ceuld divest tbem. The democratic party?re- | presetted separately by Bell, Breckinridge and Douglas? advocated the same principle, thus expressing their hoe t'lily to the free laborlrg men of th.s country. But the free laborera had a deep Interest In prohibiting the extension of slavery in the Territories. It was of deep isterett to tbem that tbe public lands should be set spnrt for free homesteads, and, therefore, It became their duty to vote against that rarty wbo support lbs extensllon of ?lavery. Douglas has declared, time after time, feat be did not care whether slavery was voted up or down. Tbe other democratic candidate entertained sentiments against free labor even more Intolerant than Douglas. But tbs republicans bad nominated Abraham Linooln to make b m 1'rtmuent of the l ulled Stales, and they would do it too. Tbe ??'tats o' Vermont hnd spoken out, Maine, al*o, bad spoken out, in ianguaga'that could not be mis taken. Next week Pennsj lvania was to speak, and it wm tla deliberate opinion that tbe republi cans would carry that State on Tuesday next, (applause ) It wis bis conviction that in March next they would take possession of tbe government of tbe ocuntry. and would place in tbe Presidential chair a man wbo gloried in the cause of human liberty. Abraham Lincoln, it was raid, was not a man ol largo experience, snob as tbu old public functionary possessed wbo at pre sent held tbe office. They were told that they should put aa old, experienced man in tbe Presidential chair. But be could assuro tbem that Linooln was an able and expe rienced man?a man of unquestionable ability. It was such a man they wanted?a man wbo would go Into tbe White House and reform the abuses which bad grown up under tbe present corrupt and corrupting administration of tbe country. There was one thing he wanted to set done, and tt Lincoln Mas elected to tbe Presidency, be would . inaist upon its done?that was. that the practice of assessing persons appointed to office shall be discontinued that tbe practice of politi cal committees ru no g to the Custom House and tbe Post aid of her public offices at each election time, sod assessing tbose employed in tbem under tbe pdmlnlstra tlcn, shall be put down. (Applause ) The country wanted to have it well uodrslood that all employed under tbe admin.stration should perform their duties with i ab.lity and l.delity, and tbat any neglect of official duties should t e punished by dismissal. Futire admin.stratlons must cot permit tbe 40,000 government officials to be come a mere army, under tbe pay of the government, . to vote as tbey may be direned by their mas terr. (Applause ) These reforms would be carried out under tbe next administration Go tbe fourth of March next they would see Abraham Lincoln inaugurated into tbe office of the Chief Magistrate of this great repnb- 1 He, wbto a new and more hopeful eraol' national prospe rity and political truth and fidelity would dawn upon tbe . country. (Applause) lieutenant Governor Rcwn, of Iowa, was next Intro- j duoed to tbe meeting, ond wbo entertained his hearers for an hour, rejourning amusing anecdotes, which be , humurr sly applied to the democratic candidates, end to some of tbe measures of the democratic party. lie kept tbe meeting in Isughing humor to tbe end, and when he concluded the meet.og broke up. CITY POLITICS. THE CITY AND COUNTY TICKETS IN THE FIELD. OPINIONS AND SPECrLATIONS OF THE POLITICIANS, ETC., ETC., ETC. The politicians were bnsy all day yesterday discussing tbe nominations for city and county offices. All the tickets have now been made oat with tbe exception of tbe Bell Everett, which has been postponed until next Friday evening. But for nil practical purposes tbe various parties have their candidates before tbe people, for It is generally conceded that tbe Union party will pick Its nominees out of tbe tickets already In tbe Held. It was for the i urpose of deliberately surveying the field, and with tbe avowed object of chooetng from the candlnatee already nominated, tbat the Bell Everetlcrs adjourned. The ticket eon I fourth by Mozart Hall la generally con Sldered strong. Tbe nomination of Judge Russell for Re corder, and James Lynch for Register, seems to occasion tbe other parties no small amount of anxiety. Mr. Cnaa W. May, tbe Breckinridge candidate for Recorder, avows bis determination to run, although so badly defeated In tbe M.^rart Convention. We bave not beard what the deter m nst.rn of Mr. Hoffman is hut it geuera ly believed tbat be will not back down. Tbe declination of Judge Edmonds, of the republican netr nation for Recorder, bar brought up anew a in on! ex citing bone of contention before the Republican Judiciary Convention. Messrs. John H. White aud Charles S>. Spencer are lbs pSSMMMfe most spoken ol in connect'.or with the racaney in tbe ticket, caused by Judge Edmonds' resignation. Mr Hiram Barney, the Ckairman of tbe Re publican Judiciary Committee, ,? await'ng a reply from Judge Bon' ? y, the nominee for the Supreme Court, before issuing s call for the reassembling of the Convention. j A PROPOSED GRAND UNION TORCHLIGHT PROCESSION. 1 Pursuant to tbe following notice ? Urge meeting wan held in tUc dining room of Tammany Hall laat evening for tbe purpose of maklnC preliminary arran : menu for a mooter torchlight prooesolon ? navtock it-', ro the uactm. The Pi Midi'ale and ojimrs o' every Hub and ManrlaUnn In thl? ity. and all who are npiieed lo Hie daaasmua aueeaaa of the aeyuonal black reeablieaa party. ?r? r*<(iie?'ed to meet .a Tammany Hall, on Tii?e.Ui exujoc. i >et 1 Tl, u'cluek. for ?be purpose at eSseting a tboreurb < rrauiraMoao?cverv ward H Ike rtty, and In n>?le I n-faralum for a rr .nd Inrrbllghl prusnsaioa. The prr?ent riMa In our coutitrv ? aff.i.ra ad BOO -be* is In In* aaxir on* peranoal aad poUUi'al prejudice# for the aoeoiui I abinei.t of ngreal nud palrkuc ir .uli. "Our OOUhtrj ei, acta arery mra to do hi* aw? Isaiah rtnoerk. Tbe anticipated soccrm af the fortbcoraiag dtapUy of tba WIOs Awakrs rouaed tba dosmant eatkuaiaam of Mar ebnt Ryndera aad the un tern tied, ao that tba prtoeelUga were very entbcalaatic Oapt KyaJera ?u app< sua Preeident aad Meaars McCUcanar aad Walker Sawata riaa. . Tbe Peeeirat announced tbe oh,eel of the marllag, obtrrnng lbat a crtali bad arrived la tbe histoay of our country tbat doman led tuMaot action on tbe part of tbe oppocecte of black republicanism It waa daaigaad to onanlae all tba c.ubr of tba vartoi * political organise tloaa in tbia aad tba adjoining dies. la order to make tba aeetaaary arraogemenu for a grand torchlight proceeaiou. Tba Prsaideut rrmarked tbat be desired tbia pnirmi a to outdo tbe Wlda-A wake dammit ration, and therefore be bopod tbay would .1/ aaida all minor dlffrrrnoaa aad urn their | otBoet eadaarora to make th e d?mon?lrat/>o a Sanaa I la wtf'.Mli n. be staked that there waa an partiality meant la Minting Tammauy Hail roe holding tbe meeting, for h- waated tbia great proorsakia to be participated In by all mm wbv wore rpp<aed to tbe eiectioo of blaoola aad Hamlin. Tlie Cruiewaa then railed upoe tbe Pmideate of tbe ' ear'. >uo clnbe n New Vera aid Brooklyn to (talc tbe I name of tbetr club and It* f'rriident The call waa promptly reapopded to, wbca it waa d'ecoreewl that I erery ward In Un city ?a* rrpreaei ted by Onngiaa aad Johina. Breckinridge and tone aad Br I aad Irerett club*, who evprrrmt tbetr >!r*1re to take part la tbe Ibrlhcotn ng mossier drraonvtratioo There were nearly ? club* rr| rcrented. among them ' '.rices Hell aad l.rrmtl orgvr. viler* and, aa haa been already remark ed. tbe merttg waa very rntbuelaotic, and tbe itgn* are tbat tbe .Irnocatie torchlight proceaeloo will enrpaee snyihtrg that waa attempted te tbe paimieet lays of tbe democracy. Wl.m tbe reaper tier ? laba had reported themselves, Mr l!yndeif ?*? ! that he bad Mvrral commas teat ines fr< m Bell aa.l kvtrrlt elube is New York aad Brook.ya who *lebeu to part cipale lo tbia drii.rasuatioa, and with permit on of tbe meeting be would bki then hearty ?r r "tre (ttrrat applauae ) lie waa glad to are IrUoda ef tbe lb too and tbe i nretilottoa crmiag from 1 feme quarter to tuata a the country ia Una trying mcneok. Ruch n crisis bat never hern ar< n in tbe history f th ( country aa tbe pre am t ?or there waa ootbiag to be dreaded no tnach aa tbe downfall of tbe Amer can 1'niou He would there (ore weV. me all pnlit .cat orran ratios* tbat were oppoood to if# reettonal bMB republican party to the raaeua of the ncuntry. (Cb*a*a.) ?? r t?*???. ? B Ball move,! that Uarsha! r.rader* be appointed tl e t r?d Mara'.nl IB arttet|Wtto? of tbo pro naa m Iw-rore tbe mot on wa* put, Mr Ryndsre ob a*rrcd tbat be had ao deatro to taka upon hint the nrda ma duty ot arrar gtag ard ornduetisg the drninartratlon. lie bad paaaed through many a 'amru'go and era* almntl worn out. hi.I In tbt* mporunt cru:* be waa raody to drrote b a <tergy aad uieaia in the rommoa canac of li e country ard ibe aafety of ihc I a>no and tbe Oonat. tntioa (Laud tbeer* ) lie gave them not . e thai IT be ah. i Id he appointee grand marshal be would carry out the ; rrcrair roe with' t farnritwui Tlic motioa waa pi ? and carried anat mosoty. .v dtlegate fhm Brwtiyn read alari of claba that *i I ot lo take part la Uie process tua A en mueleMt.? waa from the ?ir**tao AEWte.a t|o?, Whteh wa* diabuuded a tew rear* ago. hut Which w.a i ..a re. rgen -cd. fur tbe purposeafa ding in fee da fta:. f I ibgiln ii d Hamlin A rrio. t n W*a adopted, rmp*wrr ng th* rrestdeut to at nt a c> tr m lire 11 lire to coaler w lb blrn a itaklng the ntiniwy arrar remettr Mr fu oi iltitni ii the and rnee, that It waa ciatcmnry lor tbe Marrhal to ?s'eet one gewpsinan fr?? <?ch c'i b that wa? eiperted to take part, ul h coetom be would adhere to, addirg thai fa'the wute awakes ra> gbl tbrm napptag, but or tie 'e?t"ul night lB?f WeuKI M right aide up with r?-e Tbe ilartha aprearrd to be ia bl? glory, aad in t *ed i w ratbua nam ntn Hie rapriaaatatires <A Ibe or giniraitoaa ivh ' were in atimnaace aad there is no aauM but ntder hi* tnanagrmenl?for be haa moreatpe rlenrc ip getting up polit ical dlaplaya than any other maa In the I ntted Ftater?the t'niou torehllght pi u?toa Will rrrpvaa arjih r of tbe ktnd ia th I* country. Mr Rvsrrssaatd that a room would he serure^l for ?h? meet aga of the omm ttee la a renlral part of tbe city, where the respective ciuhs could or mmuoiate with the en cere rf tbe Torchlight Awwwiatiou <m motion, the then adjourned, subject to tbe call of Ibe Marshal THE N??MINAT10N OP HDOLPHO WOLFE FOR CnM.RKRS. fbtbsn;rut to tbe adjournment af tbe fhrsath OaagrM Bioaai Dtatriet Ou vratios. (Tsmmaay Ball,) tbe delegates repaired to tbe house of their nominee, Mr. Cdalpbo Wc 'n W?g; FcarteesU ttrsgt, lo aeyuaigl htm w.ib the result of their meetitt'. Mr. Woile teoeivei his Till tor* courteously, ud replied to their addreea M lot lows ? My Faix.?me?Allow me to thank you for this mark of your confluence, given me to night, end at the laeee time l to my that the honor conferred upon me la doubled by i the feat that It hte oome without any aollellatton on my part Gentlemen, 1 am not a politician; you all koow that. My buaincM for the leal thirty yeara baa prerentep me taking any active part In publlo affaire 1 have been ask cd if I wee born In thieciiyl I wee not. 1 waa born m that good old mother of Statea, Virginia. I have apent all the mature yeara of my life in this great otty, where I have reared a family, and all the Ilea of local a woe lo tions bare grown up around me. 1 have identified ita succeta with my own and that of my children. 1 will not attempt to dlecuad tonight any of the political queattona that are now agitating the pnblie mind. They are familiar to all of you. Whatever ceaeee there may be Ibr thia sad condition of tbinge, one ft moat prominent. 11 ie this?thepolicy of the republican party la hon ?d our brethren of tile and threatening toward our brethren of the South. I oppose that party, and I hope the good rente of the people will overthrow it. My frteiwta, j no cept the w initiation that you have so kindly tendered me. I do it solely wl'Jt the view to do what I ran to promote the sue evss of the true national principles oI our government. If as a candidate, I ran barman tie IDs democratic party in this Congressional district, an object near to my heart, i shall he rontent At the name time, let me ray, that ir at any note he fore the election, you can Bed another democrat who wonll he more likely to harmonise this district than I ean do, I am am content, and will cheerfully realm l ack to you the noma etion, I am not anions for It, nor for the position if elected. If, however I crntinne to be your oaadidate and should he elected, I will falihfnbv discharge my duties and endeavor, to i rpreaent a commercial city as a commercial man ought to do, I am proud to belong to that mercantile clam of thia city. They art not ractional. but favor the interests of all sections and of ull rl.iaeea Again. I reiurn you my mot' profound Ihaeklfor ihe unexpected honor jou have done me to night. MOZART HALL CONGRESSIONAL CONVEN TIONS. THIRD DISTRICT. The Mo7ayt Hall Nominating Convention of this district met leat evening at the Fifth Ward Hotel, and unani mously nominated Mr. Benjamin Wood for Congrens. Mr. Wood made a brief speech, in which be thanked the Con vention for their action, and assured them that his acta lo Congress, if elected, would not be discreditable to the gentlemen by whom he had been put in nomination. (Applause.) The Convention then adjourned. NOMINATION OP BENJAMIN WOOD BT THE TAMMANY CONVENTION. The Tammany Congressional Convention of the Third district, having been Informed that Mr. Richard T. Comp too, the candidate put forward by them a few nights since bad declined to run, called a special meeting, which convened 'ait evening at the Fifth ward Hotel. When the Convention bad oome to order the resignation of Mr. Coatplca wag formally presented sod aooepted. A mo tiob was tbeu made that the Convention proceed to ballot fcr a candidate. The motion prevailed, and the members w ere preparing their ballots for that purpose, when the delegations from the FUth sad Eighth wards withdrew from the Convention, their retiring being the signal for a grand rush Into the apartment of a miscellaneous crowd of rowdies, who c flee ted an entrance through the doors end windows. A scene of great confusion ensued, and the Convention on motion took a recess for one hour. In the meantime, the police made their appearance, and put an end to the disturbance by ejecting all the riotously disposed indi viduals. Shortly after dIdc o'Block the Convention again met, end proceeded to ballot with the following result ?Ben jamin Wdod, nineteen votes; Scattering, one. Mr. Wood was thermion declared the choice of the Convention, snd bis nomination was subsequently made nnantmons. The Convention previous to'adjournlng, drew up a report of the proceedings which appears In another column, en dorsed by twenty of the thirty-five members constituting the original Convention. POI BTH DISTRICT. The Fourth. Sixth, Teoth and Fourteenth wards were represented by five delegates from each ward. They met ut the corner of Grand and Ehacx streets, at half past seven o clock last evening The result of the first and only ballot taken waa as follows:?Thomas J. Barr, ?eten votes: Kugene Shine, five votes; James A. Kerri gan, five votes; and A. I. Br rue, three votes The meet ing then ad turned until Friday evening next, at half past seven o'clock. PIFTH DISTRICT. The Conventions to make nominations for the above districts met last evening at Waahington Hall, Williams burg; but neither euoceeded In making a nomination, the Williamsburg portion of tbo Conventions desiring to no minate their own man, and the New York party desiring the rame thing. There was also a strong fusion feeling, and after talking and wra-gllng until nearly twelve o'clock, they appointed conference committees and ad journed, subject to the call of the Chairman. 8IITII DISTRICT. The delegates in the sixth district assembled last even >Dg at the hotel on the corner of A'len and Houston streets, and organised by eieoting Thomas Rllay chair man and Messrs P. Daly snd G. C Genet secretaries Alter a short eonsoltation, the following persons were pieced In nomination, to be balloted for by l he Con veil ton ?Messrs John Cochrane, Paul B Brad Ire, Thomas Riley. Isaac Ijtwreoce, M. 8. Reed, C. J. Hamilton, J J. Kelso, J. W. Chandler, Cbaa. T. Nevlnua and I'eter Mc knight Nome little time was spent la a general exchange of views, after whteb the Convention adjourned to meet at the same place on Friday evening next, the 5th tnst. Perfect good feeling prqyailed, and ibe Convention seemed to be composed of a goodnature! and jolly set of dele rstea. There wig none of the wrangling characteristic ol the Tammany gatberlnga. RBVKNTH DJUTNICr. , The Mivart congressional nominating Convention of this district met last erector at Jackson Hall, Green wlch avenue, and put ia nomination Elijah Ward EIGHTH DISTRICT. The convention met ai No 210 Third avenue, and n< ramated Dr Alexander Bradford for member of Con gieea. TAMMANY CONGRESSIONAL CONVENTION. MR PI STRICT ? The above Convention met last evening at the mrnir of Tblrtj ee? ond rtre* t and Fourth avenue, and balloted several l me*?Mearr* Bradley. Merrick and Jackson being the only candidal** prreeoled. Fire ballot* were bad, 10 wbicb Derrick aod Jackson each received four teen rotea, and there be lag no poaaiblliiy of a choice they finally adjourned to Tbureday evening Mil. BELL-EVERETT CONGRESSIONAL CONVEX TIONB. I THIRD DISTRICT. Hie Third Pi?trlct Onm-ree*local CoarrDlino metUct eveoiog la Bl. Joha'a l'ark Hotel?fVroj D Wuigg In the chair. The Convection however a.! i turned till Saturday evening, for the pcrpoae of knowing the action "f the other Convention* brfore they make their Domination. rorRTH DIMTRKT. The ( invention waa advertised to meet at No 107 ' Bowery, and abnvld have brew alien Jr. by delegatao from the Fourth, filith. Tenth and Fourteenth ward*, but when our reporter rtetled the place, at eight o'clock laat erenlog, oaly two delegate* were on hand. After wait ing for an bo ir they decided to return home, aa no buel d*m would be transacted. From what our reporter could learn It la the talentloa of the Hell Everett democrat* in ibe Fourth district to ratify the nomination made by the Tammany Hall party. MXTH m?TRICT. The representation of lb* BtU and Krerett party la Una <BpBHMl dwtrlct, aeoembled laat eveoiag at 827 Bowery, and organ I red by the election of Cheater Hrlgg*. chairman, nad Jon &. Kenyoa, secretary The even lag wa* iprnt .a d>? aaatoo upca what waa their beatoouraa to puraua bal adjourned until next Tuesday eveoiag, (V- . lober 8, wltboet making any nominal loaa. BP-HTII PINTRIIT. The I n Ion or Bell and Everett omgreaetowel Caarea- I t.en. Fighth dMtrlrt. met last at the Murray Hi. H i,?. of ,?:rlb avuw aul Ijrtietb street, aa<i after orgaaixtag adjourned over to Tereday evening next. RTirwTH WaTHIit. The Bell sad I'vevett Convention of this district met leet errniag. at the corner of Eighth avenue and J i teen lh euret. aad iom mated (reorg* Brigge for Osogrvaa UNION COXORBSSIONAL CONVENTION. FIHH DIRTRICT. This ('op vent ma met laal evening, at M Rveth Fnnrth street, Williamsburg, ant after aooe short debate ad ?ourned to meet agate on racaday evening, at <M Kaat Broadway at tight o'clock ASSEMBLY NOMINATIONS. RRVBMTH a ear milt w*trk-t. Th* Tammany Hal! Aaaembly CooTention for lb* Seventh district, held a third meeting. laat evening, at the corner of Broadway and Thirteenth timet, and made Mother effort to mei ttU a candidal* for member of Aaaetnhly The third effort however, wa* likewia* on Su-cvrnful and the convention, deniroue of awaltlag the reenlt nf the Brrrkinrldg* Convention wh cb meet* thla evening, ad-earned to meet at lb* earn* place next Moo day rrening. at eigtb o'c'ock. Th* Rroeath District Aee?mb!y Convention of the Bri-rk'nridge ovganlBttloo met last evening, at the cor nrr of Bark and B'e?k or street*, for the pnrpnee of tool, atmg a candidate for the Assembly An infbrmal ballot wa* taken, the reeull of whMih tbowed that ftaaiel Young received 18 * ulea. John Naeh T and David J. Oarvmgtofi fi. A ir. IM-n to make fkanlel Young the i.naaimoue choice of the Coo rest ton waa carried amid loud chrnra RICHMOND roi NTY NOMINATIONS. The candidates nominated by the democrat c no J re publican county coarcattena are aa follow* ? NMdaw. AmmlJv?N. 'ane Flhawnod (Veabi freeierrr?fvur Wnadsa. iwa'li .MarvimoaAaf *f ftlleb?.1 M> Henrr C. IIWIV ffvyvt inr.?d.*< r/ f'o. ?KdwnM Riley threw*,?James i.oukl**. Am*nMv?Wtnthorne Tompkins (bi n/* Yrrei"rw?Edward Blake Cow? I, AtprrSMradHN ef Jb-8oofr? H M Heal. C vt 'f 9*r+n?'">4>*t </ Pxr? Wm Jonrnear CVrrwer? Wm Corbetl. Plains liter klltrlilge anri bale fitfilr (*!? Tsmtlwm. Bawuo*. Me , Oct. 2, lMt The Breckinridge and lane Democratic Hate Gonven twin arermbled here to day. to nominate an electoral Itrket and organise as the regular democratic part;, ef Ibe Plate A large portion of the BUI* wa* represented A State Committee wee appointed, with power to np poll I county oommiUeee aad prepare an addreae to the people. Resolution* were adopted endorsing Mr Buchanan* ad m'niwtratKin repud almg the "Squatter aovereignty" d?lrinee of Stephen A. Dnuplee prorlalmlag that It la the dnty of Ormgrewe to prole, i all the const Rational rights of property n the Territories, sad in favor of the Parian Ra 'rond. Ac Hon M H ?trilh. IA? democratic catf.'Jalefrr 0crer nor lut year, presided over the bugioeea meetlLg After wards a maaa convention waa bold, which wan addressed by Bon. Caleb Cuebing, who (poke for an hour and a half In opposition to the doctrines of Mr. Douglas. A loll electoral ticket waa nominated. . Movrmrau of (laveraar Jotonaon. Ciwimrati, Oct. 2, I860 Ex Governor H. V Jobnaon addressed a meeting In the Blxth street market laat night. Be adhered to the prin ciples of "Don intervention." A republican asked him whether be would consider the election of Mr. Lincoln a suflicieot cause for a dissolution of the Union, to which he replied emphatically, "No." The meeting waa large and enthusiastic. Maw York State Politics. Albast, Oct. 2, I860. A despatch was sent to Colonel Craln, at Herkimer, this morning soliciting his name as a candidate for Lieu tenant Governor In place of Judge AUen resigned. The State Democratic Oommlllee meet here to morrow. Klectloma In Michigan. Daraorr, Oct 2,1660. An electtoo for legislative and local officers in the upper peninsula was held on the 26th of September, and resulted In the election of the entire democratic tick ate in Mackinac, Chippewa, Houghton, Wahonghton and Mar quelle counties. Joseph Coulter waa eltcted State Se nator?a democratic gala. Kentucky Politics* Lot"ixvillk, Ky., Oct. 2, 1860. The Kentucky State Central and State Executive Com mittees of the Union parly publish an address recom mending the Bell Everett men In Indiana, Ohio and Penn sylvania to disregard the gubernatorial candidates In tnelr respective Stales, and throw their votes In such s manrer as best to prevent the success of Lincoln end Hamlin. SHIPPING NEWS. lUiSiii roa stw voaa?this nan itm aisss 6 681 moos arsis eve 7 04 (CM bkts 6^41 I Hi oil wares. morn 10 07 Port of Maw York, October 2,1860. CLEARED. Steamship Florida. Crowell. Havannah?R L M Ite hi U A Ron. Steamship James Adger, Phillips, Charleston?npofford,TU#e Ion A Co Steamship Jamestown, Skioner, Norfolk Ac?Ludlam A Hel neken. hhlp Asterion, Oardner, IJverpool?Williams A Uulon. Ship Amazon. Bovey, Iondon?Morgan A Wiley. Bark W il Dean (Br), Hilton, Cork and a market?Thomas Jamea. Bark Johan Martin (Pros). Hodman. London?W Salem. Bark Lennox, Cole Asplnwall?Post A Small. Brig O ?' Clary, Phllbrook. Cadiz?Melcalf A Duncan. 4.'I if, vg v> "t, j | e uut/a wo, * fw*i imvKOM no aruutAnu, Brig Northern Light <Hr), (lanlon, Bt John?Post A Small. Brit Sea Bird. Campbell, St John, MB? P I Nevius A San. Brig Helen Mar (Br), Card Bt John, NB?D B Dewolf. Schr F Satterty. Cooper. Baron nab. K. hr Wm Ma/yck (new), CookUn, Charleston?Tan Brunt A Blackt Sc>r A Baton, Corson, Charleetoo? Dollner. Potter A On. bVhr Herndoa. OsaklU, Washington?Brown A DeRoasetu Kchr I/orust. Wyman, Idenum?J Beaton A Co. S< hr Sarah Mloge. Weaver. Philadelphia?A Murphy. Bckr MilMBg Flumare. Chase, Boston-B W Lewis. ~ doo. Philadelphia. keamer Delaware. Car. doo ARRIVED. Steamship Alabama. Rchenrk. Bavannab. with mdae and pas sengers. to Baml 1. Mltohill A Bon. Sept fO. 4 SO PM, signal ised ateaaahtp Jos Whltrey. bound B; 1st Inst, 6 AM. ateam ?hip Marten, hence lor Charleston; 6 20 AM, steamship State of Georgia; 1 20 PM, 1st 36, loo 76 06, barks Jostab Nichols, and ? DwIghL hteamahip Nashville. Murray. Charleston, with mdae tad passenger*, to HpoSnrd. TUeeton A Co. Bept 23. 6 46 PM, sig nalised steamship Columbia, hence for Charleston 30lh, II A M, steamship Tennessee, hence for New Orleans; 9S PM, off Ea t- ra? steamih'p Marlon, hence for Oharleatoo. B team all tp Rconoke. Couch, Blchmocd. Ac, with mdae and pasnengers. to l.udlam A Hclneken. Steamship Mount Vernon. Iavfield. Portland, with mdae and passengers, to H B Cromwell A Co. ?'hip Highlander (of Boston) Rberman. Calcutta, May 16. and Rand Heads 29th with mdie. to R P Buck A Co. Jnne 10 1st S 20 N, Ion 98 F. algnaltad a bark showing Nos 5622. 3d tfbtg pendant, from Rangoon f<>r Falmouth, Aug L 1st 58 24 8. loo 21 90 K, tpoke ship Mary Ann. from Calcutta for Boston; 2d, 1st 36 26 B loo 20 36 K, spoke Br harm Augusta Jessie, from Cis-hln for Cork. Bept 26. lat S3 17. loo 66 40. algnslired ahlp Union from Calcutta for Boston. Died on boerd oaring the passage Chat P Uolmburg and John Adolph Anderson, both of Uotieabnrg. Ship Lu< retia (of Boston)., Calcutta, 109 daya^wlth mdae. to n aaler. Bept 22. lat 23 67. Ian 61 13. apoae ahlp J land, "f Beaton, from Liverpool for New Urleana. hblp llarty of the West. Bmery. fJrerpunl, Aug 19, with coal. toCalvtn Adama Sent 9. lat 42. km X) wna boarded by a bratfrcm whaling hark John Dawaon. of New Bedford. 14 res out, all well, with two hhls an oil: 23d, lat 42. loo ?U. law a ship sterling B. showing a white Hog with red letters F F. Ship Brazil ?f Richmond. Mel. Bialr. Liverpool. Aug 14, and 7 Cava In m Kavaimah, with salt, to master, skip Maria Clark. 81 Jago Bept 13, with sugar As, to D Cur Ship Maria i lark. Bt Jago nrpi u, win sugar ge, to ir iur tts A Dyckman lat Inat, Abaecum Light hearing N by Wl,W, passed what appeared o he the pole o' a long topmast, about 10 feet rut of water, apparrolly atlaohed to a wreck, and had been but a short time In that situation; same day, off Egg Har bor tooh pilot from boat Uartd Mitchell, Mo A bhip M Charles, Conway, New Orleans, 26 days, with eottao Ac. Ui Wm T First A Go. Bept 11. off Tortugas, esperianesd a severe hurrteaas. whw-h mnUnund until tire 12th, and blew aw ay main topsail and fore topmast ataysall. ?hip Mackinaw (of charlesum). Hummer. Charleston, 7 days, with natal stores to Arthur l-rary. Hurt Eagle. Raker e'tiraroa. Bept 12, with goalsklna, hides, Ac. to J< a Foulhea'Bona vessel lo R W Lewie Bark M J Coloord (of Searvyort), Coleord. Matansa*. 14 days, with augar Ac, to K P Buna A Co. Bept 28. lat 37, loa 74 30, spoke achr C L Vandervoort, 3 days hetce for Bavaonah. Bark J A Hazard, 1-awson, ? agua, 9 days, with mgar Ac, to Grinoell Mlcturn A Co. P-a.k Mm ue iFr), Canchard, Bt Pierre, 17 days, with ffah, to ft heels right A Co. Bark Vrlua mewl. Nlckeraon, Boston, 4 days. In ballast, to master. Br ig Isaac M Denaon, Barton, Para, 28 days, with mdae, to C P Bui den lire Marts. Morgan. Para, 2c days, with rubber Ac, lo E I. < ormo* Hr* WlrTaw, Barbados, Hwl 7. and Fortune Inland ; ?1?:. wlih sail 'oKrHwk ACn The brlra J Jeffrey. Heeley, ! for Uraaada. K<-atohe, Inn*, for Anil*UM. and arhr \ aim la, N'dermn for BoWuo, u>lled a few data precious HeptjK. 1m 27. Ion 7# *1 saw a hark i.ierrln* KW, showing a liar with a whl> *r< ind. blur border and letter W In orutre. with steam boilrra,? dark 1 br W hail NE wind* We entire | aaaa*e, and baabrrn 4 da>? N <>| MUM lirtff l<? Atu'ipe ? . F Inralon Ja IM oa wi'hil n erto 4c. to A fl Holuaaoo. Hailed In company with brt* Mary, for New Totk. Hchr K'.tiaior (Br). A [bury, El. others. 9 dayk. Willi fruit, to Jaa D"ti?i*ae. Hehrtaiaaaow (Br). Daeidaoa, Ua*an, CB. 12 days, with reel, to martrr Sehr Prraia (Sr). Smith, l.mgan. CB. 12 dayk. with coal, to 0 da Cordova Hehr larval Serahtrm. Lowden. (lalvratoa. IS daya. wtih onttrm 4c. io Hferrmaa. Odium 4 to. Hep I 30 lal 3) 09, Ion 12 02, if tr bark la'and Beilr. from Oalvesion for Boston -? br Oeo liavia. Toruay. Savannah. 7 daya, with cotton 4c. to linnkam 4 I Smew Srhr H Hnirn Donr'aa. nenraetowu, 8C, 7 days, bohr Bile Hooter. INi lale 7 daya. Sthr P II Haidwln (Hover, Bock land, 7 daya hebr Bay Mate, bberw-nd Rorkland, 7 daya Hehr Hurd. fierce, Boi Hand, S daya vhr Ma Iirin. Nunresa. Plymouth, 4 daya Hehr Jarmika. I'nrr, Halem Ida vs. Hehr Ann Carotins. Wilder. Hoatno for Albany. Rrh? I op la Bramr. Boehne for Albany Hehr liar)rat lawrence. Ware ham I d.tya Bohr C P Hallnck, Hal'. Bronahaven. 2 da} a, Bkxrp Pr Kranklta Ball, Norwtek - Warner A lid a Rnbmaoo. Philadelphia. Hwamer Taeany. (ly Philadelphia iramer Anthracite. Jones. Philadelphia. -'earner Albatross J one a Pvnndeaaa. Meamer Petrel, kennry, Pmrtdeaea learner New Ueaa. ffmlth. New Lmdaa. Mr aaar Valley ("Wy. Chapman. Parky. O. Br.* T em real from Boaum for f hladelphia, pat lain ibe lower Bay lal for a harbor, and aalled to dhy. ?CLOW Hklp Tletar mewl. Caller lean Cast Marhlaa. 4 daya. in bai last, in T M Ma.vhew? anchored at Biker a Island. Also three harka and two hrl*a. nakaows. I4UB kteemahipe Florida. kaeani ah. James Ad*ar fharlsakm. Jamesinwa Norfolk 4c ahlp . V.houu, Liverpool (and anchor ed at Quarantine!, and rahera. Wind durum ibe day B, ti*bi. at 9 PM. NW. squally. hr> ken 'pea and pinnderad What baa not Indeed tkera haa free aeawaed Tbe bu I of the akin ilea In her aarkora. bottom ?ipwarda Waat of Hand la and and tbe spars and rltttnt an parentlv all tcyetbe' heteaeo Hand and PnMph'n laianda both 14 feat water We train that the revenue , otter Lewis c?sa overhauled a arhr loaded with pl'indar iram the erace, and ?ant her np in toe a. Ban* Hantrt, Kent, at Baltimore from New on. reports that on 39>h >11 lal W. 1. u 74. frll In e lk a brum hrt* on her haam enrta, apparently re pa ted la a squall. and took from her the mamaal.. l?e pad. bloeha. 4e Rair. In II Ml, er. from Mobila. arrived at Per.aarola 22d nil la dktreea. Pan ? nlan not raied Bain A Rt tornann Blanchard. or and from Boston foe Phi laCelphla, before reported art ore on Ike I'-aet of ' ape llenlo. pen eta hauled <If niab of I7ih ait. she Is parfectly u*kt and e ill pr< reed In Phllapelpkia. Sen* Ji'pn Rtrwown. of BarnataCe. before reported cap alre<! off Cape Cod, wea pi.aad r on the It*h nit, to the east eardm Nansvket. aa d towed la." the harbor of MyvnoM. y Steamer fa.nnd H< me < r>m?ir>p-on Saturday evenlr? about 9 . o'clock. two arbra cam- in coiliaron nil Plum Inland, and serf both hadh dk reared they were the ,'urea Bolton of ten Parma NT. ?lapt Arherlt, ircm Haven I raw for Newport, HI. landed with brick, aid Ike Per e, of Warren, BI >l*ht Hpvraw-bin* "eck other ea orp.ette man>? they both tiff el at the aame lime?ear h deaipnir* to permit the other to i >ae?aad struck -acb eabe- head oa. 1 ba -lamea B-.'ton lost her bowsprit and in.*h heads In the anronnier and her bow was mnoh torn, while Ibe Pertne, atlbortb ake 1?i no spar*, bad a larjk bola H-iye In her how and Piled aa before reported. Hyy tarn It tan Hoar lowed Into Myannls on tbe SPth nit, a lumber ma full of water, whi-h bad been aahore on Oreat Point: eke atwo towed Into K 'rarv-wa a lumbar arhr whiek had Irat bead of foremast. t apt Pbelan. of brl* 'tern from Weiapakinu. NC, a ouaran Itne below Hceu-n died on the let tnat. m tba Hospital ai Heer M (arc 11 kneau. Nate ?anoaaira. Tort, hence bafnra reported aahore nahr Pea] on Ike Jtkh uB. bad been *ot off prarto-w to lha aatlmc of tbe North American <*i the 2l*C Prrnr?i?T far Oct I. of addHioaa aad eorrectlona to the American Lktyda Re*t#trr of American and Koretm >kippta?, baa been rare Ired from Meeara IIIIW Blant Ike pnl liahera. ft eoataisa the names of twenty fonr saw reaaals la addition 10 much other talnal le Information The puraar of atramabip Alabama, from Raraaaab, will ac aept our lhaala for favors. tmr bumwrri from Portsmouth for New Turk, la low ot ateamin* Jacok Ban. put Into Rtwport 1st last, oa Seconal of bad waathsr. Hair B H Purr? A Mobile paper of Hth oh any* We are taf<? me d by a ret reman who baa vtaned the sees a of thm dta aster that he never aaw a more complete wreck on aa Iron bound ? mat The above of Panpktn Island la strewed with fratmcnta cd wvaek aad wuh ?-?vta botes which have been tthai haa i I.APncn? Tka new aad splendid clipper ahtp HartbakM. of about Itno Wma owned by parties m thlt city and before no tmed. was anereaafuily launched on the lal last, from the skip yard of Naiaon. Plah 4 Co. at MyaUc, Ot Notlrn tm Mmrlmers. N- two la hereby riven that the P-? Bell at Manhelfln Taland haytn* been repaired. *01 be run* as nans) a four) wsatbar. *W_ - - e - - f _ a. - e ?y "WTiPr fo U?n I -IFnui""NN pfWH, THRO. P fiBKKNR. U*hthatma Inapartnr. lal not Portiaad. Me. OMI.MD. Whkltmta. Nee port arrlraJs ? Id at New Bedford let liw, ships Reindeer. Rayrwe North PaertlrOeean Tons* Phee'i. Win*. Partfe (ireaa. (fay Head, lAwrepcn. dodo. Ntfm Btrrrkdres ludikb Octsc hkflf Ella. Derail, do do; Mum. Barker, Padflc Ocean; Nye, Bar ker, Atlantic Ocean. Spoken, 4?. Ship Celestlsl Empire, hence /or Liverpool, wae aeon Rapt ?. l?l ? 44. loo T1 OS. i-kiu Northampton, from Philadelphia for HOrteane. Sept 25, lat 55, Ion 74 40. An A in ship (tearing 8, showing while alumni with red ball la (probably the Isabella. Nnrrla, from Baltimore Mac 48 <ow A,r0l)' WM signalized Aug i, lat3550 9, loo A berk amppoaed the Oelaware, from Demarara far Baltl "" ^t-1 ?, lat VI 48, Ion 74 30. ? 1Urd' nence lor Marat tiles, waa teen Sept 18. lat SP M, Ion 11 45. Brm Mouiloello, Oovent, from Port an Prince far Barton. Sept 30? by pilot beat Mary Taylor. Foreign Ports. Adxr, Ang 17?In port idup Monarch of the Baa, Gardner, from Ltrerpool; bark lmautn, Webb, unc Misiunoe, 8*pt7?In poit harke Amazon, for BaMtaore 2 da ye. OrrdeBv rmee Philadelphia met err; brigs ? Thoratoo, I .unfair. for Kail Caieoe and Philadelphia next day; Man* White, Bill Inge, for 8t Thomas 3 days; Hrtnorn, Partridge, lor Turk* lalande 5. Ct'KATOA. Hept 11?In port bark Geo Iealke, Bradbury, from NYork, for Turks lalande 1Mb to load for If fork. ? Fortune ItLann. SeptM? No Am raaeel In port. Havana, Pep: 23-Arr ateamahlp Karnak (Br). Brownleae, NYork ria Naaaau; barke Tbeodrre Curtis, Brazier, Portland; fl B Hamilton Johnson. Philadelphia, achr PhoSe. Morrow. NYork: 54th, steamship OnteeeUm. Hatehma. New Orleans and Key West. Bid 24th. ship 8 B Mallorr. Lester, NYork; brtga A A Chapman, Laurent, NOrleans; Young Republic, Baker, Remedloe. to load for Boston. In port Mil. ships Golden Rocket, Powers (or Colttnsl, for NYork: Carnatlc Devermix, far Boston; W H Preecou, Bateb tlder. tor NOrleana; Isaac Newton, Merrill. H H Boody, Badg er; W Y M wet, Small, aad Got Morion. Barry, une barks Al hertlna Barton, and Kscsriaza. Rviler for Maw York; Ckllloo, Roby for Portliusd; Kate Unocdn, Hughes. for IlsHtanre; Jedo, Wheeler, for Malanzas; Express. Snndberg; Lucy Ann, Oarrl K, Martha Anna, Chase; 1 * Clgnene, Eddy; George 8 Hunt, water. Peri, Miller; Sophia, Merry, and Undme, Hantaan, nnc barkenltne Old Dominion. Johnson, for Boston; brim To rn n (Br), Larerty. for NOrleane; Delhi. Darnaby, for Ph&adel nhla Naney, Forsyth; Wabash, Hlgley; (1 F Williams, WU); Cbus Wrsley, Ford; Rodney Carr, TAner; Be ran la, Boyd; R?* bin Ranhlu. Young America, Collins; Eliza, Nelson: A B Pat terson, Knight, and Loango, Havana, one; ashro J A Brown, Collins, and Henry Travers. Wvatt, lor New York; ? Barnard, Wright, for Mobile; Major Barbour, Sherman, and Wanderer, Moore, unc Mostavmao, July 81 (back date)?In part ship Htppogrttfa, Addy, lor (Allan lew days, and others reported later. ktxTAi.i-Ez, Sept 22? In port ketch Commerce, from Phila delphia. disg. matanzas, Sept 23? In port barks Jubilee, Frodorleka, for Portland (before reported for Boston); Robt PenneU, Huxford, Slid Canada, Brag don, for Boston (before reported for Port land): and others. PxH.iAnrirco. Aug 31?Arr ship Golden Horn, On, Akyeb for Falmouth. Eng. put In In dlatreee. Paha. Sept 7?In port brigs Isabella, from New York, dlag*, Mary Emily, for NHaven, wtg, achr Golden West, for Balem, dlsg. NT Thoma?, Sept 15? In port ships Henrietta Mar"v. Keener, and Piesyune. Brooks, dlsg; barke Kllen Morrteoo. Piatt, from NYork arr I3th. for ('uraooa, Teresa, Johnson, from do err ISh; Margaret, (Joig, from Philadelphia for Pernambooo. rpr*, brigs Lincoln. Cornwall:*, for Cuba (eld): Eugene A Reed, Crane, from NYork; rcbre Baltimore, Dorr, fromRUzaaetb City arr 14tb (eld for Antigua); Roeeway (Br), from Boston arr 15 (i Caroline K Simpson, Simpson, from Cork for Mootertdea, cargo gold., Sept 25-In port bark Marmlon, labore; will dlag to get off [Per STKAHAAir North Amexk-aji, org Fathxs Point? Turn ORAFHIO I Arr from NYork, OloTanni. a) Gloucester; John Carver, aad Acacia, at (Jueenstown; Jubllaum. at Hamburg; J Mauran, at Havre; M Poore, at Marseillea; Java, and John Merrltt, In th? Clyde. Arr from Philadelphia. Westmoreland, at Liverpool. Arr Irani Charleston, John Henry, at Bordeaux. Arr irom Nurleens, Am Colon st Hamburg. [Paa BTCAMRHir Canada, orr Cats Kacm? TmMRAFMto. S Arr from New York, I9lh. J T Baker, at Marseilles, 2Wb, David and Caroline, at FIB; 21st, Ceres, M C Day, and J Fos ter, Jr. at Liverpool. Arr from New Orleans, 17th, Argean, at Genoa; 20th, Cor net. at Dcah Arr from Baltimore 19th. Rootle, off Dungeness. Arr from Motile. 17th, J 1. liemmoek, atGonoa. (The I-atest via Queenstown.) Arr from New York. Fanny Palmar, at P1IL Arr from New Orleans, lamest Morltz, off Dovsr; WaHes Lloyd. st Vigo Arr from Baltimore, J N Brookman, at LiverpeoL America.n Port*. ALEXANDRIA, Oct. 1?Are >teamahlp Mootl-elln. tlager; N York. ship Franklin, Freeman,? alino; schrs D T Millar, Car by. NYork; l.ydla Ann, Weaver, NYork; We Allen, Grant, hYolk. Dancing Wave. Bennett. Windsor; Only Daughter, FaulkIrga. Boston; We Mason, Staples, Providence, Iaivtna Jsne, Ketebum NYork. Sid schrs.Wm A Crocker. Endk-ott, | Llgbton, John Forsythe. M.utbewa, Providence, Imeilne 9 Sawyer. Dobbins. Portland. BOSTON, (let 1?Arr eteamers Cambridge, Ho wee, Phila delphia; R B Forbes, Baker. NYork via Halem. ahip John A i Albert. Bray. NOrleana; brigs Ann Augusta Br). Lovett. Ar drnaean. Maria, Wright, St Marcs, Hayff; George Washing 1 Ion iBr), Rolie, Bonaire: J A H Crowley. D risk.a Reined.o I Virginia, Pistl, Blurt 'Point. Vs. Frederic. Brown, NYork. , schrs 8 R Allen. Usher. Richmond. .1 Tinker, Smith, Alexan dria 8 A Apr'eton. Hanwcxd Georgetown. DC; H P Cush Ing. Peltenglll. Baltimore. Hannah WlUette, Crsmner; R hi Wilson Davis. Excelamr. RPey, Rh-della Blew. Peterson, and Sink. Collin. Philadelphia: ( omoromlee, Andros, Odessa, Del; Henrietta, Shaw, and Julia A Ms'tha, Toothaker, Eitzabete Biri Cnrvo, Hnlbrcok, and Suparior. Robinson. Rondo it; ary Mankle. Beers:* Suian Hearoe; Princess. I.ovell, and I WiJcoti Parker, NYork Ir the bay, bark a C Adams from (hdlz Signal for two brig-: also for a bark goffe to North i Shore. Crt steamer Joseph Whitney, Howes Havsnaah: ship I King PhUlIp, which eld Mr* nit for NYork, has changed her deal motion, and Is now ldg for Calcutta: barks Cams all. Mas son. Smyrna. H Fountain, Keller. NOrlaana: Chaster, Atklna, j Mobile; Modena Taylor, Charles on; schrs Marshal Ferric, 1 Olbhs, Alexandria; LT Lvnde. I Sd?Arr (by lei: abip Vnion, Small, Calcutta. HaI.TIMiiRK, Oct 1?Arr steamship Potomac. Waleoe, NYork: sklna Jennie W Psine, Colhurn, (Allan, Wll'lam, Ber ry, I'ailao. hark Hadley, Kent, Boston, brigs Echo, Booze, Ma ys ruez: Kllaha Posne lorlng. Boston, schrs Volant (Br) Nlck sr-oc. Harrington, N 8; Jennie Morton, Bui nek. ? ItevolnKey, i Broa.lSeld FTshe. NYork: B l.eeck. Leach, Windsor, No; i Ssmuel Eddy. Fallen. N York; Somerset, lawsno, NYork. Bo , low oil Swan Poini. xhip Arey, Wilson. (Allan. ( Id Bremsb'o 1 arresbe Frericht, Bremen. Sld ahlp Parthenon. McLean, 1 Matanxaa j HANi !OR. fert 19?Cl.l brig Exectnlvo, Grant, Havana; sckr I LDWenlsnrtb Rider, Nkork. HATH Nu t 29?Arr trig Morning Light. Blair Phoadeluhln. I'.Kf BF.I.Y. sej l 27? Arr brig Flnxncler, Hsakell, PhilAde' pita 8M IS.h.achr Gnid Hope. PhlUlps, do. HKTKTOL, Sept SO?Arr sloop Agent, Holt, NYork for Pro Thinner CITY POINT B*pt 19?Arr ?hlp Alatandnr. Bain. UranxMl, Id pott ahi; > Alexander, Hutu. and Juliet Truniiy, MeUxn, Ciar. wkr Bahama. Idy for RYork I*' 1, BIVKR, SeptIB- Arr arhr Tbnm?? W Th-ene. Dana, NYrrk Sid 19ih m< up Rrpluoa, Dart*. KUzabetkpot; Oct 1. aehrf'rton Pari# NYo-k . 1M I var hope. BeptW PM-Arr brig Viator. HaakaH, f.?t. I, tor rhr*d*lphia.?cbi-i.l D MrCarthy. Hm. ,h; Impm. Marshall, M ntavni, Ealkanviri:. Jnna* Sparta. Ionian, UN fiaolah Baoaon. Phllae* i?!.;? for Poatnn; Mtndcrn, Pargant. N?w??k NJ for do: K O Hurton, Titromb .Irrar. Pity f v do, O rr k-arnrr. Poring New York for do; t'aro.iu?. I-ateb. do for ) orttraoolb; Leader. Gardner, Kondont for Rairm, if. err 9i?tar*. Crowley. Breton for Jarkponrllle; l*lla ilrtr, Wearer; Ca?nUne M Wllaan. bmllh Kaltia, Th'iTtno; Puiem, Bairh George Byron. Hardy, and (MM Inward, H*k-i, <!n t?r Philadelphia A T Ourreoa. Orare, Hndntrre for do; *>?h>Bi. Vanglldar. Mrdfnrd for do; Dapnelt. Bradford. RuA pnrt for Raw York. J P Hoot, Kayoolda. CkirrrfM for da* V?r) IIIiii, U'rhtn. Columbia for do, Tangala. BramhKV Vlnaihava*. for Sandy Honk, MallHnirna. Hunt Rojttaad for NorfiJk. HaPiread erhre Brai L Barry, Ami ua. Ski ark re " lla Nrktlaga'a, R W Htlloii, Woodrufl bun*. and John LI -Tib? * rr brig Billow. H .'gdon, A* lorn far I'k ladrlpbla; arhra Idwln Reed, Chliimaa. Perry He'laar, Maria, aad Goe B< r<on Wlnroaf rr. Philadr iMa for Itntnw; Char latin, Am, and Rllrabrtb. Roule R'-ndoot for do. Bl Oaorre, Bart. Hr bokrn U r do. 1'raalo. Larratr*. Eli/abethporl for do. Wulomt, rark*r, NYorb for do R K Hart. Krai, lo for Bangor; Rol lira Hoar, do for Beetporl, R H Prrktns, Grind*. Ha limn nn lor I'ortamonth. Wtllard P Phl.llpm, Rmitb. PblAdkUpbia fop Hralntrre; Paw faaand. Rl h, do for BnlUb'iry; LewieClark, pooy. do for Htnghan Drama. Bedlar, do for Rath; Mary A Purr I. Kaum. Bnatua for Philadelphia John A damn. Haiah, Rock,and for NYork. Bra Prtit. Bulge#*, Plymouth f w do. Bid brig Viator; a bra D B Marabon, Jalla Bli; it.-th, Joaopb MaiSeld, Jcnaihan May, Eliza PbanTlI Warwl.b, El)log Ptab. Wrat fllatm. Jamae H Mronp. Bra Halle, M B Mabonry. RR Mlilrr. L Aiidrnrrfd, laraoi L Snow, C W Holmea Mmnirw, Com Raarory, Fa ran statrrr Carolina Lriulaa Grey, C ? Milan?, PalUr Paragon, Hrorg# Byron, B T Gar neon, Aia baaa. ilrnrgr ltd ward, J p Bret. 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