Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 3, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 3, 1860 Page 4
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THE PRINCE OF WALES. Triumph ill Locomotion from Ham-burg to Pittxbur^. BAWDS, BELLS AND BONFIRES. A GRAND POPULAR WELCOME. P.TWi?rno, Pa , Oct 1.1100. la ooceequenee of a slight I'lno*. tbe Prmce did not go to church last sveolrg Mr. Adam*, the CousiB of John Quiney Adarat, and Whose brother In la* ii an uncle of L>rd Lyour, and set tied permanently in th.* country, had a long private in terview with the royal party They aa;d they were delighted with the country, the treatment and the liberty given to them to do an they pleased. The party left Cincinnati in a special train, at nil O'clock in the The day was rainy, foggy and unpieasant, and few collected to acc them o3. The tram stopped five and ten minntee at towns along the route, an i, ,n response to the calla of the crowd, the tMnee came out on the platform and bowed. At every station a crowd collected, eurroundlng the ar and crying ?' Fetch him oat," cheering at the name time loudly. At some places the band played " God Sive the Qseeo," at others there were bonfires. At Straaburg church bells were rung At Alliance the royal party waited until the regular train went thirty miles ahoai, to ?void accident. The name enthusiasm was manifested everywhere along both routes from Cincinn.it1, and acre ral bogui princes turned up In tbe ears. The Prince, taking the Creatine road, arrived at Pitts burg at nine o'clock in the evening. He left tbe cars at Alleghany City to avoid the crowd, and crossed the bridge la a carriage. In spite of Uiti precaution, there were hundreds of people at the depot Amid tbe music of bands, the crowd followed the carriage to the Monongahe ta House, where hundreds of persons were piled on tbe sUlrt and Ulnae to get a sight at tbe Prince. Pim:ifto,')ct. 2, ISdO. Mayor Wilson, the Committee and the Common Coon e'l went u> a special car to Alliance to receive the Prince They had en Interview with him, and were very kindly reoetved. Tbe Prince presented a gold pencil to Super tntendent Bradley. Upon their arrival they were re ceived by an immense crowd. By the light of the loco motive lantern Mayor WUaon read the following ad dress-* THE BEST AMERICAN RECEPTION YET. 4 Mails of the Prince's Progress in tiir Western Cities from onr SprriaJ CorrespondmU. ROYALTY IN THE RtkE OF A CATTLE FANCltR. , J More About the Cincinnati Terpeic horeanst TfK PElME'i UCEfTMM AT WlSBtllim. THE MIHTiRl RECEPTION W NEW YORK, *8., JtC, *0. Loko lUsruw?I am truly happy that it fau become my official duty aa the chief magistrate of this city to testier to J oar 1 or dab ip and party the roagrahilalioos and hearty welcome of my fallow citizen*. Tin y are tbn ?poolaoroLf oOerma* pur bigb raapeet aacl considers tioa to distlniulstird suaiigees of a oommiu raj* and 1 anago It la era* now but a little exoseding one bun tired years aiaoa the alto oa wbleh lb la city stand* waa restored to ua by tba joist artna of our colonial aad British ai<"??try Therefore tbo possession ol a u tioo of widely different language, lawa aad lineafe, now the aeeura aad happy abode of more than one hun dred thousand of the aire* and boor of your own coun tryman of In (land, Ireland, Scotland and Walaa, bratow lac tu ancient name aad princely title upon the Ami born boo of England'a Bpattcesaod r.bcrwhod Qo?*o, whilst at Ute tame time we are proud to embrace and rrcoguute aa fellow citizens many (rem the broad field* of classic nod bero'c Germany, the common fatherland of the long line of your own n >ble progeu t >r?. Renewing awmrancee of cortiladty and klndneaa, and tru tin* thai the further <>uroeyirg? of your lord*hip an I party through cur coun try may be attended with pemooa! safety and agreeable retainlerenrea of our land auf nation, allow me ooca more to extend to your lordship a moat bearty aaJ sis teea u worms. The bridge was lighted with fire hundred torches. I'pen reaching the hotel Judge Wilktus wished to read an other add rear, hut the I tube of Newcastle would sol per mit It oc account of the Prince' fatigue. Thi* morning the Judge delivered bla speech, much abbreviated, and lord I,yea* briefly replied on the part of the I Vine* To quiet the imincoae throng gathered under the i'rlnoe'* win.low early last ri ght the hand played "God bare the Queea," wfcict w?* cheered. Aa if jealous of this the crowd called for "Yankee Doodle," which waa again and again repeat ed and a* often cheered The I'r nee was last t.ghl treated to a fine serenade A crowd of flea thousand persona blocked up the atroat it frost of tba hotel, who cheered repeatedly, and called tor the ITizce to come out, but he did not make hia ap pearance The rooms which ha occupied at tba Monoagabola Hois* were newly asd richly reyalated aad refur m abed Early this morning two thousand person* eallected la frost or the hotel.* rrary old man, a town character, mounted a stoop opposite, aad awake the royal party by his seby harangue*, the crowd dieartog hta oompll meatary al>asloa to the Prince Hia Royal Highness slept late, the carriages being tw.oe neat away bafbre be waa ready to go out At last hi made h * appearance, and waa greeted by the cheers of Um assembled mulUtads. Entering bia carriage, ha drove through the principal streets to tba depot. The d* swat ratios waa the moat tmpuaing which ha has rarelred ia tba rnttad autre. Tba Duquoano Guard, preceded by a una band, acted as tba ancort of honor, sad the suite, Cosmos Council, members of the pre**, la aarr age*. foil m.-d la a long procession Tba sidewalks asd streets were crowded with people. Ail the window* www full, the crowd of ladle waring th'ir basdkarehiSft aad the aea cheering eathuataatl rally, made up a vary Imposing display, which was highly reed.lab rt# thrctty. It waa much appreciated by the Prtaeo Indeed the whole royal party wars eery much pleased with Pittsburg, which they my very much rmmnble* B -m rrHsm, ia It# fbelorisa, iU smoke, dirty streets aad brick bouarn, as wail as la tba character of the pro r * nil resemhlacoe was aided by the cJoee. dull, fog gy kaglsh waalher which pre railed The mace pointed nut to the Duke of Newcastle and lord Lyns the features of Pittsburg which mnat interest si him. sad waa uau uaLy at .mated aad talkative during , the drive. All the peepie bar* had as ivoetcmly to ase him, aoJ , "i ail are ehsrniM with bo manners aad apy-aranc*. lt"ih'"K sal retiming thanks to tbo Mayer and the CocacU at tba dej>ol. the royal party alar ted lor Hnr rlsburg. whom they will nrrv* at eight o clock to night They lea re that place for Wsahingtoo at nine to morrov ?or?hf. Ai yonss, Pi ,ori |. It go Thespsclai trala aith the I'rincc of Wales arrived hers at forty m.rates past Are this afternoon Th* Wiser d ael al the l-ogan H-'uae, aad Isfl for llvrriaburg si trtees mlaolee past all V.S1T OF THE PIUNOK OF WAf.ER TO THE PJttSlHENT. Tba arraogements forth* sucuro of bis Royal High ness at Wast agios arc r ch at will enable him to meat the principal ottorrs of our own government aa I the diplomatic represmutives of foreign aatiosa with as LUIS psrwie as paaaiMa, aa ' to sa* all the objects of In terest la and about the metropolis with the greatest do free of sat Afaction He ewtm Mr Buchanan. sol with royal state, but as a prirate geatiamaa The wall bred gltiwas ef Washington understand tba, aad will hear themselves accordingly. He It expected to arrive by a special tnn, *t four O Cieet this afternoon, aad will proceed directly to the Executive mansion, where he and ha suit* will be doa Cited. The company at d.nsee to day. beside* the Prise# aad his companions, will rosaW of tba members of tba Oabtaet and their wire# sod a Imr other ladies, asd the Br'tisk M a ster aad h? flrel Recretarrof legate* The ti asrr party of tba Prrsttieat as Thursday will bs com pwd of foreiga Mialrtsri I'm a tore, the Mayor of Wash tsfioa, tb* dfftflut ^rcrftdtf of SMtt*, flgl U:i wtrt ts addit'v o to the Prince's eu.te Lord Lyons w'il enter la.c Uwb at (!nofr on F clay No general recep lion )? at present contemp t - Tb? distinguished visuers iriil go to Mount \ er.on. and wake kw abort t-xcurnooa In tbe ue'gbborhood, *ud ou Thursday evening there will be e display of i.rewo, ? el li e usual place lor such exhibition*, south of tbe Free; d' Ol i boue end near the Wasbitigt ?u Moo .moot. The Prlncr will go to Richmond, \ irgj?ut,on Bolurday morning. Till MILITARY RECEPTION OP THE PRINCE IN NEW YORK. ft La* been definitely arranged by Ma.or General Hand ford, i* conjunction with Mayor Wood, that on the arrival of the Prtnoe of Waiea In thin city, on Thursday. the llih lnat , be will be recelTed by the Mayor and Common Council at Castle Garden. Tbe Firat Division, under Geo. Sandford, will be drawn up In line In that vicinity, and after the firing of a royal aalute will proceed up Broad Way and Park row to the eaet gate of tbe Pork, and pass In review before the Prince and suits, tendering them a marching aalute. The dtvision" will then form a line la Broadway, ex tending from Chamber* to Bond street, along wbloh the Prince and enite will pane, the military meanwhile pro ?voting arm*. Kc-uming U?< march, the line will continue up Broad way to Union place, and then through Fourteenth street, or probably Seventeenth street, to Fifth avenue, and up Ktflh avenue to tbe Fifth Avenue Hotel, at plaoe the Prince and euile will take p wit ion in the balco ny, and the dlviaion will again pan* In review and go rouad ICidiaon square, where they will be Hammed. As tbe military will have the best opportunity of viewing the Prince, and every man w.ll therefore don a nr. form who can wear ono, it j probable that the dis play will be one of the largest ever w!trussed in New York. Gen Sandford expect;-: that at lead six on seven thousand will bo on parade. OCR ST. I.OUI8 CORRESPONDENCE. St Loim, Sept. ?8,1S80 Arrival of the Prince of Wales?llu Oratification vrith the CUint.y and the People? DmonOratum En Route?T\ Ptojne QrumUe at 0* Emivatoenm of Royalty?The Re oepticti in SL I/tnt?An AUtmpt at a Ditturhanc?Th> Fbxr Oround*?The Prinre and Suite as Cattle /hnc-i ers, >fr , <tc. The Prince ol Wales left Dw.ghl station at eight o'clock this morning, by special train Tor St. Louis, and reached here at about six o'clock this evening. Before be left Owlght be repeatedly expressed his gratiiicalion with his reception there, with tbe courtesy and politeness with which the people hod treated bin, and with the manner | in which, while all were so anxious to s?e him, all had refrainod from Intruding on his privacy or exhibiting any annoy log and embarrass tog curiosity. Throe assuranoss wt re repeated by the Duke of New castle, General Bruce and others of the suite, and all re gretted that they eould not make a looser stay upon the prairies and enjoy the fine sport with which thsy had de lighted themselves for a day or two past. Upon tsking leave of their hosts tbe r >y*l party thanked them for their kindness sad hospitality, and several prewmts were exchanged, the Prince giving Mr. Spencer a very hand somely mountel Man ton. The special tram dashed over the road at lightning speed, making but three stoppage* for wood and water. At every station the pcovie assembled is large numbers, but the train only slowed to ten miles on hour while passing, and the Prince did not leave his car to respond to the hearty cheer* of the assembled hundreds. A few miles from Dwight the party threw up the oar windows to wituese that moat msgniOoent spectacle, a nanus on mr The short grass, unusually short this season, prevented the fire making much headway, hut along the horizon the low dames advanced, In n regular line, puffing up clouds of smoke u If kred r-om distant artillery. The country from freight to Alloa ia mostly prairie, ouch Ml hare described in ? former letter, with here ud lb pre little thriving villages scattered a oog both tides tbo track, the booses, uosurrounded by fences, rising lonely from the level ground. As the train soared Alton many One farms vera passed, and cornfields, golden ripe* a heeled their long lutes of taseetied end pennoMd plkee, like companies of Wide Awakes without their lanterns. Tba special train panned and delay ed all regular trains, canting much confusion and more grumbling The people nay Utal the company ; asd the Prince are equally ti blame. iLapormer for grant j 1st snd the latter for deairtiig facilities which greatly delay all tbe rr-l of the public If Ike Prince and bis |*rly desire to travel Hie p-lvale tea tic men, they say, mby take these annoying special trains, whidh attrast, and. Indeed, demand, that very notoriety end publicity old. which the party any they are so noxious to avok At Alton tbe royal parly left tbe cars, and were driven to tbe sti-amrr Alton, u|>oa wblrb they embarked for 9k I I a uls, Tbe Prince and party went1 upon the upper deck, and recmed never tired of surveying and exchanging comments about the woodrrfni Mississippi and the singu lar stile of steamers which ply upon its water*. The I lYInce inspected the machinery n| the ?learner, and re , celved meet afiably an elderly English lady who was I Introduced to him. and whose history Is said to have (some connection with the royal family. When m ion.-, the New York of lbs West, with lie floe levee, like that at the flattery. and ice closely built rows of stores and warehcu'es, came in view, tbe party turned their at lea- 1 ti.xi to the city. A great crowd was collected at the landing, ?boutiug and cheering is the meet energetic style, hut politely making a passage, through which tha i 1'rincc and his immediate suite easily passed to their oar ' risgew. bowing as they prooeeded. The minor umber* of the n it, who bad nothing about tbecn to distinguish them treat tbe ordinary crowd, were sot so for tussle, 1 but wars obliged to puab,* crowd sod sbout a I* I Reenaa, and were pretty well tumbled about before I they gained tbnr arks m refuge A simple annoonoe | me-t of their poailtoa, which they are too reserved to make, would have secured them every kindness, since the words ?"travelling with lb* Prtoee" always opens s i nosaug* to tbe reported through the densest of throngs, i when even tb? a-me elbow* end eculer wile of the mem 1 her* of the New York preen roll them < There woe no public rroeptloa. the Darun being driven dlm-ily to Barnum's Hotel, where be IS quart,red. Be occupies three of the la-geat apartments, and these I Dart Ibe rev mi for hi* suite h?*e been refarntshed la but itrgaut style o-i.ciolly fhr this noooslo*. There were annae tear* of a disturbanna upon the Prince "a load leg, tbe Bowser, the organ of Uie indecsety Catholic Irish, having protested la vehemeat terms a galas! the display ol the Fsglinh Sag. B?.? no auah detnonatratioe was attempted, for one rraooa, probably, that, alter a careful search, do Eng. It h (lag could he (ottrd In St Ixrnla, and U one Is to be raised on the fair ground* to morrow 11 will hart to be manufactured Ur Ihe occasion Ibe l d..l mi Irate ha hotel during tbe evening, but was informally waited upon by Mayor Kin ley sad a committee id gentlemen, who arranged tbe program me lor to m rrow's proceedings Tbe city a overcrowded with visiter* U> the State lair, which opened her* on Moeesy. and which, though not so fins an exhibition M that of iart year, on account of tbe rule excluding every th<nr which took former premium!, la atlll very cue. cv* ful. Tbm* I* so undue enthusiasm mregart to the Prtn< ?r, but, oattl a tote hour, crowds were collected la front of the hotel In enpecmlma of aseiag him, or bearing a serenade asd a epeech. itarr VI. IMS At ten o'clock this morning n Isrg* crowd gathered is front of fhs hotsi. and without making any demonstra tions wailed patiently for sbout an hour and a half, untU the Prince appeared at the tadtae' entrance of the hotel? wb rb Is used exetusivaly by bis psrly?and entered s large open bare rhe, drawn by fbnr magnificent black horses Mayor Fiele) u-ok a scat hee .le the prince, and the rest of the party followed la four SMTtsgM, and were drives throvgl the principal streets of the city, crowds filling ihr Oforwalks and cheering the Prtoee as b* passed Tl c f'rinrr. with hi* customary pohtvwer*. sckbewledgtd tbvae ?* utattoes by bowing and 'a.t'ng bts hat. At about (woo Ciork fhs royal party reached ibe ram i aorwtie, which were thronged with people, hundreds of whom bod obtained fr< ?? ad rats* on by breaking down tbe fraret as the Prince entered the ** S1t< mrnt en at It* height. and when tbe band stmek np '?(.?d ftave the ijoeeo, the cheering was'si Ths thoasaads of people without tbe grounds re eohoed the i bin. st thiwe n, end the ladies raised booq *?!? u|vs thete gueet until the largo barouche was loaded d- ?n with i.nwers Tbe royal party drwve Mowly twice ari uad tbe are as, the cheering rerunning with unabated rath' Mm ord ibe Priuee bowing repeatedly is rvwpooee to this heartiret of greeting* (loe moult bars th >ught that tbe people were saluting lho>r own fsture sovereign It sped ef that <4 nr.other ration. so wild was lb" e: is etasm and an lep.u whe ? the stcear Ktery . h?vr Hd 4 tbe m tepemdrncs of a fr?e prof's, r re pent lag, hut bo longer fearing and uo loagvr jealous of tbe power nf tbe mother m a My, and no disinterested observer culd but se from tbw dm retrain* h"W entirely tba 0,4 prejudices against Fag'sod have been removed from th* tntnd* of oar poo pie. by that bast of all remedies -none one power Hav re r- m>| leted ibe raaada the party wt? onodoftod Into a pagoda. mnu 1. bod been ere. tr.i for the cooeeai ? oca of the dge* Tbe Kng'. sb orihem, with our n* tmasl melodtea, was (gala played, but an Faglwh Dag was displayed, partly on account of Uie lU Ming upon the pari 1 f lbs rvtrraia Irish fanatlea, to which refs rraee has already been mad*, partly because Somaol the ircst rttpev lab'e of the r ill ens thought It would not be pripcr to airplay Such a Hog npr.a eurh as nrv-o* ?, and [wrily because, as ha* l-*n before htstod. no F o*' eh Nsg rntili be foesd In the city The party then, lor tbe first time, mode their appearance in tbe eharortvr of llffll 'A*<~***? A * oe group of home*, amorg wb ch waa the celebrated I than Allen, or his wieeeke. war* trotted < **?, mn-h to ttie atmirsMo* of the party, and than a floe lot of oat tie, mostly Durham*, were ted np, asd, descending from the paged a, tbe Pbhe at Newmslle and other* Of the sole nvperted the cattle, handling town. old former* ?aid. with nil the skill of enprnieoard foactsm. The company looked oa with woo,lev at Iks exhibition of a e'rdl f* which tsf'-ah enplewie* ??* *ot mwmlae'e I"? fo l"**,awd fupMMfiiy fihmnfi MPH IM f ?bi; uf,ye nt ^ ?r sz.'sxsrsg ?,??' awj l? i led b.rneeli witb s ii, i 5 froo:l the ?"m?ta. coa 'HiCiere, Md , f1"^ *l ?* ?lWie bud It, to the animal. in y WOnla ln r^trd i??lkm, n Of thoeouSe ,|lU"i;UM b'm *>T lie ?* Prince CaptH.n Hur|M>r the M-ke^'b,Ui0"' bjr IH*, who W?1 _ ?*.aw.i or Utu Mechanical Amelia c?t>Tv^dr JMre- T* SETth* of prouii. ?t,rj!wJi '. ^ST* J? "* fttlr pint cventa of m> Jifo thit ?..f ?T* *"* "** ?w ?Mob, I caa extend to. ?? . !p'*?olM,re of "or u ??? occeiioo ' * rw>,lo? "O "*-<>ome on w^b^JSSr* & tn a few word., put Into an form ami ,,hrnae Md*^^ "V" *>UJl1 ** their er.tiBcat.oh at "I"*"1 ar.-epuvi the invitatw.n iV^ ' ?' lbelr bavin* ^ 2**eDl ?" *? **" " tiocnl. f^pLe? wvrv merely convjrij* Bat "u^BSnrZL TM ]ton hei<?- ll* a?. Kdwud sS^S-S-SHlS: 'mTd^bce'rmg'the''royaf*party ^^Jhe through the street* ooe coctinued oration J ASf IDVJigfloO DUHtfc. Imr * V hXTl**JtQ DOU.fc. Our of our ?mart soownno in Sew York njcce+ded in t local. came from the le ti T jZL^T0 nr*r zraior.e vender of ..."ft 1??# even Up?0 \ "ar ?l<*h<*. ?*<>. ?;swir :?s'="r: ? s Led eupphed^^V ^n?h at-jns23SRsas SsSff^s^*?ss ~ rminor airaioat him Before returningr tonhe bote,, the party walk* through b. . . 711 * * *sn^*0 (.AlittT or ART, _K, . a . ,n* (.a limy or Airr 2-34S9S?:-?5 with verT re.? .t^;^0k.^d tbeni with verv *?**> ' a. 'r" rx*miu?-<i them them wtth the . kf tehee he ' had? mi'if' ^ftP*"*!: faJo, an.) aee ^ *7! hl,f %t ? bo^ to wituts* the "Blch a great crowd had ejected Th? ... or rrtM woantM. The flrr"t7ja?wpre to rSTX.d *1!" ?fct. Area to be Jlyhled, and the flremen io3*? 10 d**B up tb* real ocnUafraljJe w?r? iToml^l f. f'V 'T ? if a rr??ramme wa* *var P111^ the and as ibTatTm Pr,?cf ?JTlTfd however, aid the loeu'ierabte odor rhuiM"8 11,6 "D*!a,*l sSHHSsHFa^l ihr dirpt*'' tu>?retarQKl ^h^n^" w'itS 'tJdlT. 1 KteFS^ESSSS the^U.ilLtr?d?'pl*''^ themaelvea !a the parlor^ and at cc^r^y r Utl arr^h7 .tUnu" aad >..guyxg tfSLK Aft?s K""" '" <???!? ?rthneiaea, wttL irttohb?m?riiSiJ M' M"1 for diaptay at tbe Fair ^rounda waT fim^? IS!'^ ^ Nevrcaatle obaarvm. thiTi iL kTT ?meGJe, U?e Iluke of before, and that,? i^t ^de^I ,UCh*,?l11 To morrow the Prlreo leave, (or Clnediaat.. our cnrcnfNATz correspondexcf. . , Currorjiin, Sept. 2S. lgao rvrne.. <w ft, IT,v<_*. /ymM ,n< Ciwanwolt? CVy OkrnmmriMm-mrnt^f^ T^tke 1%t Cbemtey Gnvullp?f"?i- Pet' anJ Prrtmt, A . dc. I Ml Uia city of 81. Louia lb la miming at even 0 clock, and after fifleon botirt ride over the Mississippi and Ohio Railroad, hare J oat arrived bare Bat although 1 have quitted the banks of the lurb.d Father of Waters, By thoughts revert to them, and memory enables tne to glance ooce more at the ecenel bare forsaken. The peculiarities of bt l<ouki rou-iit In ita redbrick bouaca, ita emoky and ill paved street', Ita large German population, Ita betel Ills, an J the "Western mea'' who centre la It. The houses and ample five" It as English aspect: the rtrceta remind ma of Cape Tows and Melbourne aa they were aorta year* ago, the German* and German book auwrs fu|(eat rerollnrlloc of Munich, but the bote.* and the men are incomparahla. The) are of the West Western. The notice* ported Is every room and p**#age of three bouere of entertainment court.tnle the best in let of tha ?startof theirguests Inec aereral around me nrw One If?"Gentlemen are requested not to epit on the wall* or arratch iratrhes on them." Another announces, "If (eota throw their boota and ahoea Into tha public ball It meat be at their own rwk " A lb.rd 1 will o .t mention The fourth give* notice that "Gentlemen without a an'*.cleat guarantee of baggage will be required to pay la ad vanor," that "Owe gentle pull of the be- A auXcienl." that "Gaming Is sxprcsily forbtdlra," and that "If you leave your light burning after going to bed, it w.i. be the duty of the watchman to Inquire the causa " Further, "Guests are requested aot to rlrg after twe re o c ock, nor ucneceeaar'Iy disturb the quiet of the bouse during the night," to aeod tbe money whoo they order II .nor to their room*, and if they have mcala there, aot t- place the diaben in the pablic be.I* That all three tad more euch notions are constdered arc.weary ?p. u very poor ly tor the red moment of tbe toat Jig popuiat.oo of tR. Tboaa who want to eee the reathwa and met eat ng pre penalties of the Aanariran character will and them here la their extreme degree. I seed not enumerate the many raVways (rem the last that centre at the city of I apeak, but tbe IB mile long Use from Kin me, and the 200 rail* loog J a* from the direction ?' the Rocky Mountains, as a? the doulh wrtW-m lines, are arorUsy of special meat oa Yet new thread* will soon be added to this giant netware of rail way*, and the city, which la now the great start ng point from < ivtliiatmo to the wildertirw?to kao<ee, Nebraska and l ull, and tbe rugged wtida of tbe Rocky Mountains leading to the lerriinriea on tbe ['nr. ?r?will ULr ?become the centre of a ?**? civlilseu regMo, a region which a* ysf , is included tn navagwdom Tbe river trouting 9t. f outs is about a mile wide aad ? eeveniy leet deep Ita water* ar# usual!' mere or less , muddy, asd stump* ?1 tree* may be seen tt oat lag quickly , oawarde in tha aeelllag currant, m dsteeam. to tan ooaan. Ma ad batik* batrea and dreary, here aad there border 1U ahora* tor several m:lea beyond, aad but iltUa of tba p.e ' tureaqa# meets the eye f arther up. bowrrar, tha setsai y change*, verdure crown* the*. and stiver stemmed birches and gre?o ampins, wltk an oocantooal slump of big* dark p.tea. are to be ret ? Whea the rrince aad party retcrued from their drive yreterday aft. rnocm, they proceeded to tbe on.cony ta " '.ng of o treat of Barn .un a Hotel, and wtlorvwed lb" work of three atram Ore engine*, which throbbed aloud In qslcfc pulsation an it threw n snut-le of heavy ?M# high 'nto tb< air The etig or* were a tee m In-ilea later ortves under the wlncowa of the royal apartment*, where they gsv* in eborus threw exrrurinliog cbeen from their elssm pipra, tbe force of wb<we *oueJ bnlf deafened the ** scenbiod crowd, many of whom have sorr-.aceg a month's wages rather than have mtwd ? tight of lb* Rrmce He appeared at i*a of tba window* aad ST knnwledged tbe compliment the* paid him by the fire men . and the people went home aatiafiad, asd sew fbse* tori the place of old oaee la the evening h ? Royal H'.-bness received a p-enaut rf Indms drrviuw from one of the old fur lionaea of 01 louia. aedaa on the trevtoca evening, was tg led by arvtral of tbe leading rit.renr A cart load of tree one must*lass estertatsml the crowd oulaide the he el, before and alter mxla >gbl, the rr.j al stay, w lb a jwrfor Hw Royal H rbi.rws and suite left tha 0! loc ? IfataJ this sw.rntBg soon after eight, and crowing the Miartt stppl, le*>l thtir departure ty tha special train prov dad, the director*'car being the owe nrcop'ed by the rtnt* Hi* departure wax regret;. J by tba rbeertng mi. titoda that wureesed it, among whom was the Ma or an 1 corn m lice, if wh.-m be had taken a kind farawail. in* i reirvvn* ov tn* -e.vcs When 1 arrived at the raliwsv rtnt on n tb.a rlt . al tea th a evening I found It crowded w th p?op ? to the nnmher ol ten tbciaan.i, and wb. were al? la ?tale of animus expectation For the last bond red sun of thr rouracy the etataaa had been move or lent t ied With <be came ragvr ipsa taat* of tbe approach ol royally. I bad. bowerer. ascer tained two hour* previon* y that, owing to the break down 14 n freight Gam. the pmgrrus rf th# royal ? -e " beet itopedcd and that tbe llluatrtor* party wars ?nilia? .. tt fad b at Via-wroea. the place at which It fad bcc arrangw tbat they were to lusch. till the ita. V was cleared Further particular* of tbe ranae of lb* delay I hare sot yet ascertained a dewpatrh was r*e.-'?M st the be tel St teu. an pouncing that tha toys, parte wjntld not arrive Mil two A V . and it is OOW as boor part midn-ght. but sa th rg furlbe- ha* bees beard The e ly * faL of valvar*, en a* to cecewiute ae.e-a, neep-jjg o n q room al the beta's To me "rvwkopolin" Is a* the fbee of sr. old fries J Ibr year* ago I tr*v*r*ert ,t* *trert? and an. *d down the hrtgl-t nod roil ng water* of the *win Ob 10. With IU two h aad red and mat i tho>..utr d inhabitant*, it I* the large*! capital of tbe MtaMw'ppt roglou, th* grand em P?. . (j w'r?ro cmiirejtw, asd tr? tth ta -<or>ortasrw 0MMPIIBiMy Vki-n. I tnva tout eov.roc the three mile valley m which the oily it ?ii< ated, and there ga/ed upun ito spires eod d i'iH and tbe pleasant scenery ol Kentucky on the up|x?-:tobhon- of the r'ver. I bare wlt?soed the uupoctiea. operation of pig killing la IU waterside where yhe swinish herd w ere too tertod tito mrrelied pork by steam to a Spate of lime shockingly eb"tt And 1 here othi f? \?e exrjored the in* and ojtt of tbe big town which, tree than eighty years ago. w?t a mere village la the wilderness, with a white population of tea* than a bubdrrl It ti perbape a work of supererogation to ewy that rwioe were, end still ere to tome extent, to Giocin oat. ?t?l dog?*re to CoasUnt.ooplr wad Turkey, bui rwrr to l.imw?oa.-nriy, vi ry useful scavrngors. rheze wandering pig* are undoubtedly the remnant# at drove# or "term," and being considered municipal property are allowed to v.allow about tbe suburb# till the time comee whru. according to periodical cuelom, they aretoid oy auction, caught and cut up. City 1 .UUlgsuo# Com# ths Rxioosur ?The mrooaul who ha# been se vers t roes announced to make an ?ceo#Ion in a paper betoou Inflated by Are, but has been ? frequently disap pointed, will make another attempt tbia afternoon, be tween three ?d four o'clock, at Jones' Wood. A# has been staled, this will be the flrvt awe? loo of the klod, ir successful, made In America, but, notwithstanding all the experience of the o reooaut, it la to be feared tbet the undertaking will result In the same manner as many others by his predecessor*?that la Id fatal Injury or downright death. A targe crowd, a initiated by the Datu ral cravirg for the terrible, will doubtless be present to witness tbe expertmeot. Oorrro i-now or nm PrjoAnm?At midnight of this Wednesday, Oct. S, 1840, ? occultatlon of seventy stars, forming the Pleiades cluster, will take place, Madame Luna having made up be mind to eclipse the brtghtnoe of the twinkling planet* fur this ocbuonn Tbe occulutiun will b? i islbie nearly throughout the Lulled States, as well as in e large portion of Europe. Ths Col tm six Couxof Law School re opened yesterday. !/<<>* Oct ron ran Purr On ex Iaiip Bom ?Mr. Postmaster Dlx has issued tbe following order relative to dcixfitiog letters Ut lamppost boxes. U coucorus aU to read ? Post Orrtcv. Ni r Toss. Oct. 1.1880. 1>e order of the Postmaster ileoeral. requiring prepay meat t DOS of the earners' tee on letters droosfced In lamp oust boxes, or ouersse to be I, ojumWed by the msilj. having been in ope rHiiontwnm nttsu and suMcien ilhw* hating thos boon gives to make It seoerally known. I em uudrurK-o by the root maeter (ienaral U give notice thai after the tilth of Ostooer fa elxr.I ah letters drpostte.1 in lamp bon a or other fx xes pro tided by the United Motes extent at the Post oaic*, without the ore cert stamp, will he treat, d like letters p..-red m tae J'nxi OSce whoilv tm mut 1 hereafter, such loiters srtll lie d* bused in tbe Poxt otbes. and the paiu-r to wbom thev are ad dressed will be a tlhed thai on remltuot the i" .'a*' the letters will las forwarded. JOHN X IHX, ri-lnuuUr. I'Spkxiios or a N'?w Cxthouc Ckcbch ?The church of Si Augustine, io Korrtaanis, which has been erected un der very diacot raging by tbe Rev. Mr. Ward, was on tf.uday last solemnly dedicated by Arch bishop Hughee It was announced that thu AicnbAh.p would preach cc ths occasion, and ? the stale of tbe church (In Borne, at least) is la a couditton that may well be regarded by most |irople as somewhat critical, if not seriously so, it was naturally anticipated that the Archbishop would make allusion to the law events io Italy, ebd tbelr efleet upon Catholicity everywhere On. fortunately, the trcUbisbop's health, which of late has become much ecleeoled. gave way so completely from lbs exhibition attendant on the performance of the cere, irony that be was ob.igrd to b e .liability to {?rrarb. The sermon at mass was delivered by Fuller Mixiuey that at vesp-n by Kuber Reiliy. a Jesu t b>tu were tomirab.e discourse* Tbe structure Is a handsome and rum mod lour one. and dors great ervdlt to the energy ol its per tor and ike liberality of bis |?ople, who are teither very wealthy nor wry numerous Ookntx Fton* or Tin N'xw Oarkxn Ami m.?Tbe cor ber xtoor of tbe new Orphan's Dome and Ajyl m of the f.p icopal Lbuirh was Aid yesterday In the presence ol some .'-CO persons, by Bishop Potter, of New Vork. Tin ceremony wis commenced by the Rixbop approaching tbe rtooe ar.d recitirg ventre of a psaim, and br ing followed by a number of the inferior clergy, who with the general cocgrrgat on responded by tbe rtcitation of sd< titer verse, and so on alternately. Aidreeacs were then delivered by Re verend lira Morgan and Hubert, ?d the ordinary ser ticeor the church on s .ch oocaxiuus was read by the b shop The stone wxi then laid, and is it were deposited a copy of tbe Doly Pciipturee.tbe Common Prayer Book and the lest annual report of the society. There were about seventy ol the voventy elx children to whom the society aflord shelter, and for wbom they provide, present, and they rang bymna, chants, kr , during tbe progress of the ceremony, which lent increased interest to the occasion. It A reported that tbe betiding, which A located in Korty ninth street, nixr Lexington avenue, will be completed early in Ibe spring end ready for the reception of the chil dren. It wtU be a spacious, substantia) ediloe of red brick. flantl lBt*Ut|?ae?. As additional oumber of Ma were taken oa at Ibe Brooklya Nary Yard yesterday, for the purpose of rnfll tlng the United States aloof of war Vandaiia, orders hav ing been receded some time since to make soch ceres a repair* on remela ta ordinary as to prevent decay enable than at a moments warning to be ready for ac U\ a aervtce. The naval officer* aeat eat to the different naval (ta ttoos to alanine into Utr adaptibuity o( earing craft to bo ooorerted Into propaUert, paid their Bret visit /eater day afternoon to the Broohlyn Navy Yard, and oa their ar rival oa board the I ailed ftalee Ship North Carolina, wore received by a telute 1/ thirteen guns Preparations having been made the day prwvtoea, their work was of short duration As the result of theoe lovest.cations wtll be Bret submitted to the Deportment at Washington, the exact stata asd condition of each craft will not he made public at prswnt ll Is highly probable that Uie majo>% ty of the vrrnels Ut ordinary at the diBereot Navy yards, wUi be ooooemaed as unfit for such alteration* Among the passengers ea board the Jamestown, which li ft yesterday for Norfolk, was GMamodore Cbaries H Bali, who will hoist hie Bag oa board the ha led Wales steamer Richmond. and proree l la that steamer to the Mediterranean to take rom.naa 1 of the l otted Males na val fortes oa that station. The United Mates sloop of war ft, Oom Peer, sailed from Cur sous. Augtist 39, Tor Rto Bach*, sad thance to Prutroh. ? The United Mateo steamer Richmond. Bag ah'p of ths Med.terraaeaa ?s indroo, waa put ta eommtselaa en Thursday ffcc will go down to the oarnl each -rag* oa M oday , and proceed to tea oa the 10th. The following U a .ut of her officer* ?flag (ifltr.r, C.ias B Ball. (Jap ta.-. f> N lograham, fitat Uoi leuat.1, R. H W/man; ?m-xid do , A. F Warley . Third do , 8 L. Brims* Fourth do., A. B. Ota ? jig 1 fifth do , I / .Hhepperd s.xth do. 1 Master) W I, Duster. Paused Midshipman, J.'M. Prlt cUli, Kiw. Tarry a Merchant, B V. ueue. Fleet Surgeon, W 8 W Rue. heeberger faaaed Amur ant Surgeon, Jas. Sunder*. Paymaster. (1 F Cutler; Lieut of Marine*, J. B .inert, Fag (Ifflrer r S*. rrtarjr, toull. Chief Ea rfnarr, J. B Warner First Asstilaat Lagtaeer* VirgUut.* fnemaa, " W Moore Second do., C. Hoyt Third do , J 1. Butter, B. 8. Herring. J P. Sprsgue. Wm Pollard; A 1.1* Boatewa a. i. T. Ch mte. Carpenter. X. Wollams. ha.lma-er. H. T Moker. Capta.a ? Clerk, 1 C Crosby. Paymaster's Clerk, ? Faulk ? \p*fo!k Herald. uo? |. Tn CkasmarCnor ?The Ow? KmUm. published at Tom's K rrr. New Joroey. states lost the rranberry crop ti e seaaoa will be quits good lb* berries are ripening fit sly. and ths viae* ere thriving sod healthy. FINANCIAL ANO COMMERCIAL. Tnanar, Oct 2-4 P. M. Tf following ia a comparative state meat of the exports (exclusive of specie) from New York to foreign port* lor the week sod since Jap nary 1:? IBM its* isao For the week ... .81.WT.4M I,.vjo 1? S,T9? 2SB IW. v marly reported. 44.476 CI J UttS Hl M.Ml Alt Place January |..$4? ttlMl 0.963,7:1 BB,1jT,TW If we mistake net, the above ia the heaviest weekly export of produce from Uu* port oo record. Liverpool alcae took 11.178,84?, had other British porta nearly half fi Million mora. The export k the heavier, as the aar int of cotton (Aing forward at this mason k oat orally light. It need hardly be added that the AM export ot the week was bread stuffs the total shipments of which amount to the enormous ram of II ,398.000. At this rate the foreign market* can hardly decline very fast; bat If we do not receive more grain tl,aa la now coming forward from tiit West food w ill be dear enough here next winter. Tlic if art export* of produce are probabir the reason ol ti e di-lncs* of foreign exchange, for wblc h the market closed to-day quite dull. The asking rates at the leading foreign bankers con tinue to he b 3] f< r sterling and 5.14; a 5.15 for francs: but at these rates the inquiry k small. People are alrradg locking for a tart her deckne in bilk, end some arc speculating on the probability of gold bun . imported from England thia tall. OoBipariag the prtc< of .oid La London wMii the price here. Bile wine for freight and insurance, | aterli:.g bills woo.d l.ave to fall to 10R a 4 before gold could 1 e profitably brought ucroaa the AUcidic. There tan*c1-enge tnnoney. The excitements of the day have rather tended to quicken the mar- i ket: hot flier, ia pier fy of money i n call and for abort flrat daw pa, er at aei eo per rent. Long pa per goes at 74 a 5, a-td Bamci not generally know n at 8 a 10 a 12. Ac . Ac. The a tor I rnarU t k-day waa affected unfavora bly by the pn < i dingi of the Rock Island directors, and bo atrong *i? the distrust created that the new? from Europe of an advance in Erie and ilti Bok Central and a atri -'<gc marke t for )>read*t .ff? produced no effect whatever. The basinew done was large. I ut all securities were lower. Compar iag the price* entreat yesterday afternoon with those at the clo?o of the first boa-d to-day. Central fell |. Erie |, Lock Lwand OtiNB J. Toledo 4. S ??| %i?Sli?^ik C ?2t*A> s f lli. ? ?? pf tit* * red Illinois Central j. aud ti^e other stock* in proportion. The market for State stock* and bond.' wan aRected by the prevailing uneasiness, and but few transactions took place. Among the bank stocks Artisans' Bank was called, and wa? offered at 46, the best bid being 10. In the afternoon the market was panicky, and a lurther heavy de cline took place in the Western shares and the general market. Stocks finally closed heavy at the following quotations:?Tennesseea, 90} a Vir ginia ?'*, 01 a j; Missouri C'a 7'.*$ a 2; Canton, 21$ a 22$; Cumberland Coal preferred, 131 a 141; Paci fic Mail, 63 a }; New York Central, 89J a |; Erie, 40|aj; Hudson River, 08 n J; Harlem, 21] a K; Harlem preferred, 60} a j; Heading, 47] a 2; Michi gan Central, 69} a j: Michigan Southern and North ern Indiana, 22} a j; do. gnorantecd, 474 a W Panama, 126} a 126; Illinois Central, 85 a }: Ga lena and Chicago, 76 a 1; Cleveland and Toledo, 46j a |; Chicago and Bock laland, 73J a 74; Chicago, Burlington and (Jcincy, 89} a 90. As intimated yesterday, the traasfer of the city deposits from the Artiaaua' Bank to the Park was the last phase in the affairs of the former institu tion. The withdrawal of the city deposits led to a run on the bank by its private depositors, and this morning the doors were closed. Application haa already been made for the appointment ofa receiver, who will probably be appointed to-morrow. Of the ultimate fortune of the creditors and stockhold ers of the bank we are not yet able to speak posi tively. By the last weekly statement, published in this morning's Hxraud, the bank owed $1,066,413 to its depositors, and held $9.">,U1 in specie and $1,373,618 in notes and obligations, besides the re maining balance of a capital of $o00,00Q. Since tliia statement was made, however, the bulk of the deposits has been removed to the Park and other bunks; it is likely that all the specie was withdraw n yesterday, and it is understood that a portion of the paper under discount was taken by the Park Bank as security for a loan made to the Artisans' on buturday to enable it to go on. We learn thut the present liabilities of the Artisans' are considerably j under half a million. Against thi.- the bank holds whatever paper and obligation* it may still have ! on hand, and its capital. With regard to the latter there appears to be some difference of opinion. The Clearing House Committee reported that the capita! was impaired to the extent of one-third. e weie assured by the leading director of the Artisans' that the asseta were better than the com mittee supposed, and that the capital was not ma torially in.pahed. Bumor now asserts that the committee rather understated th&n overstated the ) loss of capital, and that quite a large proportion of the loans made b; the bank will realize little or nothing. It i*, however, hardly probable that the capital can be so gravely impaired aa to render it necessary to usee*-. the stockholders iu order to pay j the debts of the bank. In any event, it i* hardly , necessary to observe tlint neither biilholder* nor depositors can suffer any ultimate loss; the bills of the bank are amply secured by pledge of public stocks, and will probably be taken aaa-ual at most of the banks; the stockholders, among whom are several rich men, are indi\iduaily iiabie foi every dollar of the bank's debts. 4 Much astonishment was expressed to day at the failure of the Board of Directors of the Chicago and Rock L-land Railroad Company to declare the usual fall diifdend. The dhidend had been positively promised by most if not all of the directors; the earning* bad been ade quate; the stockholder* counted upon it a* a matter of certainty. Vet the Board adjourned at one P. M. to-day, after having passed a re solution pronouncing it "inexpedient to declare any dividend at the preaent time." The statement of the business of the road for the past six months, npon which the above reeoluiiou waa baaed, was as follows:? karnin** from April 1 to Oct. 1. MOO 4411,784 Leaa xu months rent Peoria R. R MljMO " ?? interest 49 000 operating erpenaee. M percent $63,464 444.464 Net profit 4177 Add previous surplus on band April 1 374,043 Applicable to dividends Oct 1,1*40 4462 (MM or. in other word*,rather more than N per cent on thecspiul dock. The Board will probably justify their caution by i-tnting that the experience ol the pad wurned them to be conservative In their action. and tint they wished to accumulate a large atirpla* to be prepared for any emergency. The plea moat go for what it l? worth; it will hardly aatixfy stockholder.-* who have been expecting income on their property, and who. till within a few days, have never had a doubt of receivirg at lead three per cent. And, in view of the notorious fact that heavy sale* of Rod. ialanu stock have been made within the paat week, through broken who iue generally under rtood to a< t for dire< tors of the Rot If Inland com pan), theae genUcmcn most not leel surprised or aggrieved if they bear themselves accused of having administered the affairs of the company from the point of view of their prirate specula tions. The re?ol jtii>a of the Hoard pronouncing it inexpedient to declare a dividend was not paved nn.nnimouaiy; we hare reason to believe that at leaat one, and not the had eminent of the Bo ird, voted and protested rtrougly agn.vd it. We haTe received a few rail*ay Laflic reports for September, and present them, as oanal. in tabu lar form:? Anad' .W .144* .WW ,1*00 /*r-r*ev Helena P.ivsr Pi s* 97a a.,oar Michigan Souther* 1*1.COO SV. 000 MAO* Milwsakee an* Miae wlpif. 104 too 104 .COO 04 600 The follow lap It NtiU Bros.' statement of the movement* of cotton for the last week and aince September 1. 1 vi?, compared with tlie fire prece ding year*:? Maretell - ?s r~Fcj>i~U far PmK WHk ?, fj* s T* CPsW Ik ?Vr fflft 1. Brik,** fW r p. 1*45 4 lMcoe 14.000 aooo ? is.* " ... 57,000 lit 100 4 000 ?.001 ? 1*?7 ... 31 (00 /;>?? 141 one ioooo ? lS.'s ?. tPOoO liioo aooo 3 000 1-55 40 000 170.000 6,000 7,000 3,000 IMC 1. ... *0000 17S.0U) 10.000 ft 00O 1 000 , AyntiDWr 1S5W?. Of Ifrt'ata P-w (M PP. Tmal !*<**. 1*54 IS 000 4 000 77,000 212 COO l?64t-1.. ...1*000 U.000 4 000 '.AOOO 122 000 1447-4.. lt.noo ? 1 ooo aooo 02.000 1444 ?. ... 11 100 11 000 4 00. 44 000 144 AO* 1S5S SO 51 (00 le.coo 4 000 7J0C0 140,000 lteo i 0 000 *000 47.000 290 AM At the ann.ial election of the Clearing House As sociation this forenoon, the following managers were elected the principle of rotation adopted last) ear being agam carried out and new men placed on the committee Chairman? ou*b a HsWtewi. Bserwary?Wiuiee R. Meeker. Clearing Bw Coir.nittee?C-*orge One, J. P Vermliye. H I. J*qu?4< 11' Brows. Jos M . Price Coma iw of Coaferesos? B T Wheeiwvight. Jsroo Ce?| h?,., Jr , f. diou DaaageUs, P.. H Haydoc*. a. 8. tiaesf. The North River Insurance Company ha* de clared a dividend of five per cent, payable on the 10th October. The bn?i*u ?e of the Bob-Treaairy to day was a* follows: ? Receipte *140 ?? (* ?*(?? cuetffl 8T.000 00 Ptymeate IM.4%4 to Balance 5.190,611 M The New Orleans /V/e says: ? took La* over the Print (Jkrr$M eoa lata lag the anauaj sfaleweot of the bus'.aeae of Clartaaatl, we sheareed a tart wh.cfi greatly surprised us, sad led as to pvopouad to saveral wet! lalsiroed persons a query which sot oa? o< lhem could answer ta tea efforts. 11m query M, what is the arttdfc of agricultural produce of the greatest va lue. excepting bogs recti red to Ctactaaati sad thsoce eiTortedf We could aot Sad a single person to *B MP range of acq oa.stance who could la tea, or indeed la aey c .mber of gueeeaa, aaswor Uia quest 1 m. Rome said c. ra. tome Jour araae wheat, and so oe Uroigh the whole l*t Jt product' of the Went Put ao ooe had the ra nteet conception or latfiiMiN that oar great otapie or rottru eras, next to hogs, the agricultural arliole of freest raise which padMd through that Northers city. It la BCfiiUalraa true. The value of the ooiloa received at Claciaoati last year was *4 sgalast ?* the previous year, fat 1M0 the total raise wxe *0*4,579 The C hiewgp PrtA* of Batvrday soy*: ? Fxrhargw axe a shod' easier this fTrday) fomoae, h?i '?! F* O^vght bf Cff'-J m.: i U ikf a.-a t t.ooa of lb? d*v previotu., tod ccae^utrot lir^e u_<3i?al >ur currency, lUftu to any crutc^r that M likely to be par tnaoeoi TLr rate baa beta moody during the Jay at I Cr MBl premium for currency Buy lap rate V n V rrenoy u la good uupply. Gold, buying rata, \ a I P*r J?ot premium,, 1 V a IV- Tb? general ratoop **' ? working amootbiy and romfortabi- and bum mea prcopecte are decidedly hopeful The colleeuona in the 1-and Office of the OJiaafa ( t-ntral Ra.lroad Company for the month of Sep tember were for September, 1860...V.'.V.'V. Til ?U Gala talMO ? w The Bales of land for the month of f rtrrahm were tiaiidi For September, 1868 873* Gain la ISM SlM,TSd The Michigan Central Company are paying of at their office in Boston, to day, $600,000 of tha principal of their funded debt, and alao $S20,$8t October intereat four per cent on $8,000,00$ ?f their consolidated mortgage. The weekly statement of the Philadelphia banks, made ap to Monday afternoon, presents the follow aggregates as compared with those of the preriou week:? Sepl U. Oct. 1. Capital Stock $11,787,036 11.787.870 Inc.. SMS Lnana 27,760,480 27.083,763 lac 173.207 Specie 4.682378 4,678ON Inc.. 433M Due from other banks 1,668 834 1,726,760 Inc. .171JM Due toother banks.. 8.161,213 $300,734 Inc..140 180 Dopcsiu IS,465.442 1*332,688 Inc. .8783*$ Circulation 3.887,840 2,832300 Dec.. 8638$ Stock Kicbsagr. Twoat, Oct. 1,18M $6000 r 8 $'?, 1874.. 102 V 60aba MlchOeRit.s90 70V 7000 Tunc ?'b, 90 .. MV 50 do *8 70s COCO Missouri 6'tblO TP V 100 do e 70s 3000 do 79;; 300 do id* 70 flOOONYCenea.... 91 100 Mich Ho k N I RR 23 V 6000 ErieRRSmb, '88 101 100 do. M0 28V 1000 Hiidrun K 3 m b 91V M do 38 V 6C00 Harlem RR1 m 08 100 do i? 22 8000 Mich Bo 2d m b 66* 60 do blO 28S 10C0 T H 4 Al 2d m. 68 60 do 28 V 6000I.CMIIgb .b00 24 100 Clere O Pitta RR. 16 V 20CO L E & W 21 m b 48V $60 do. t?80 164, 10 rbi Qnidc X York. 1(2 160 To) A Wnbaah RR 16 ?26 Bonk N America. 168 60 MIchgAM g Bk.bS 40 6Cortloental Bank 104V 200 do b30 48V 100 Canton Co 22 S 60 do 48V SCO do 22V 100 do b30 48s 60 Scbuy'l Nay pref 48 V 200 do 46 S lOlsrittc MmlR8Co 82V 60 do alO 48V 100 N YOn BP... B3 00 V 80 do tlO 48V 600 do MO 90 , 260 III Ceu PJt ic. bOO 88\ 86 do 90 V 1(0 do W 17 2C3 do blO OQX 250 do 66 V 60 do bso eov to do .aw bos ICO UO 110 90S 160 do 86 S f00 do. c 00V 208 do 88V 1C0 do 2d 90S ICO Sal ft Chicago RR 77V .'CO do blO oov 200 do 680 77X 2(0 do 160 WV 100 do 7TV 60 oo tOO MV 1C0 4o 610 7TV 26 Erie M: 42 V S00 do Tt V ICO do b?o 42 V 70 Cler k Toledo KR 47V 100 do bOO 42 S 190 do 47 V 3CO do bOO 42V S00 do 47V 3-0 do 42S 1008 40 47 HO do 42V M do 630 47V f0 do blO 42 V 990 do M0 47V 1C0 do 110 42.V 600 do 610 4T 260 do ?M 42 60 Ohio 4 Rock I RR. 78 200 Hud Kit KR.. 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M0 04 100 do blO 86" 12 do 63 26 GalohChlcRR.buO 77 ICO do MV 160 do 78V 100 Panama!? .*60 126 1AO do. 78V 60 do 188V 190 do blO TSV 100 Harlem RR 22V $0 do (88 T$ IM do 22 V $0 do 0M 7$ ICO do bM 28 V 60 do 70S 260 do 22 160 4o a30 78% 100 do. .prefbM 81 IM ClaroliToUtX. M0 47 80 do bl# M 100 do . 200 do $1 ? 100 do 60V 140 do, M8 46V 180 Mich So A N DRR 22 V 60 Chlc3 A g RR b30 00% IM do *30 22V MOMUkMlm RR... 18 310 do. gua atk 48 CITY COBUUUtCtAL HE PORT. Tmmi, Oot. t?? P. M. Amu ? The mar1st vm steady at I>,e. forpoU,Ml M 6>;a for pearls. Btumm ? Flour?The mtrital opeord dull sad Ir regular tor ooum 9UU Md WMM brand*, but Stoaed at firmer rate*. There war* ton or about 13,000 bbls., chiefly 11 export, closing within (be roUourtnf range af pftofi? Bonartae HUM 84 MtlH Extra State, from old and new wheat ? 4* a ? M Superfine Waetara 8 88 a 8 48 Cuatatoa to choice faun extra IMtlK Bt. Louie extra ITitllt Mixed to straight Bi athirs i Ti 11 (I Straight to good extra do lUaTM Cbr?r? extra fealty and baker*' brand* T M a ? I* *7* Acer $ M a 4 M Cora meal, Jersey and Braadywtae IHilH ?Cauad m dour waa steady Md the (apply limited. The aalea eatbraced 860 bbls at ft M a 87 60 for good to l>rimr extra qualities (toother* flour waa la fair requal, with ?ale* of abeat 3.000 bMa , cteatag within the rang* of the above quotation* Rye lour waa Steady at qea taitooa, with aalea of about 800 bbls. Oar* meal was steady, with sale* of 860 bble. at our figura*. Wheat?The market waa Mao buoyant tarty m the fnretx no Wrater* red opened at Armor rates, while ether deorrtptMoe were without -be act The aalea embraced about 1*0,000 buehaio bore and to arriva, at 81 40 tor good white MIMigaa and CMadiaa; gl CO a *1 88 torgerd to prim* white Ohio aad Indiana, 81 8814*81 29 for red Western; 81 33 for amber ooiorud Iowa; 81 81 a 81 38 tor Milwaukee dob, Md 81 14 a 81 18* tor Chi cage spring Cor* waa firmer, with aalea of about 48 0*0 busbet*. Inclndiag Weelara mined,at 48o. a 78e.,*ad 78s. fur round yellow. Rye was firmer, with aalea of 3,888 buaheia at TV a 88c. Bar'.ey waa etaedy, with aalea of 3 fOO barticle (hoada Want at 84s. Oats ware qatat, with tales of Wester* at 88*. n88>,e., and State at 88s. a 88* Cbrraa?The market was quiet but firm. 1*0 ha* R** were add at 14 H* ? 18* The etocfc ef Rle C. ih of September, 1888. was 4 608 bag* to dat*. 18,481-total 1*881 Rale* tor mated at 13 0*8 Stork of Rte M the 3d October. 1888 8 888. Mareeubo, 1.180 bag*. Java. U.368mato, 844 gm varameat bag*: 8t Horn Inge. ' Wg? Intal bag* uud mats, 11833 the atoc* of Rlouu hprabw 88, at Mew (<rle*ne, waa 1* 888 bag*; Baltimore, 888 dt Bla, *00 do ; October 3. Now York, 880* lit k Rob gtve the following quote I lone of prices la I market ?Rl*. prims, 16e a 18>*'*?; gaod.Ht^e. al4Y? ; toir, IV a 14 *%c.; oreinarv. 18**1814*; Mi rata me, 14^e. a 16s., lour moetha; Java, mats and bug*, lOvgc a IV. tour aad sts mouths ? Doming*. IV. a 18**., cash. l ono* was quite stoady, with atom of about 1808 a 2.000 bale* The foUowlag Is a statement of the mars meet ia couse floor lb* 1st Wept am U a 1 last, ss compered With I be prermu* three years;? 1M? 14AA 1*50 IMi RecM at ports .... 83808 141.008 170808 1TT8S8 Kxp. to fct itrftata 18,008 .'1 008 61888 87800 ?? trance.... ? 11.0*0 10.808 1188* ?? other f.pto 1800 4 080 (808 SfOOO ?total export* I?j8*0 40 000 73808 18888 Sunken bind *8.080 148.088 1*0.088 8*6888 01 which during the past weak, included la thsabnv* ? Ree d at porta (1008 60.080 80808 71888 fcxp to (It Britain 10 000 n.000 14808 88.888 Franco.... ? ?000 7808 8888 01 bar r pU ? 8 000 3.088 <888 Tata; experts 10.000 23.000 3d 000 2788* The lareaaoe la receipts at the porta compared with Itet year waa 7 000 bale* The decrees* In export* to final Br ian waa 14800 bales: decrease t> franca, 6,088. to other foreign porta the rlaaranoa* are the same Total decrease la expert*, 19 0*0 bales. Freights ta l.irarpeul far tattoo. 7 33d per lb.. Md I* Havre, \c. ? Rate* were unaltered uhtle engagements were aclira To Llrerpnol about *0 000 b'labeh wheat weru engaged, in bulk, at 12H4. a 13Vd., Md to bag* at 13d.. 2800 bbls flour at to 08.. 1 0CQ boxes ehee-.e *t 60* . aad 300 bale* cottoo at " 384. To Lou do# tow burbela wheat were engaged, ta ahlp's bag*, at 13Hd , 1 300 bbie flour at 8a. 10 Sd., aad 10 pua Aeons mm as 46* . per 860 gallon*, to Bremen 100 balsa of cotton at %c , 60 rear* tobacco at 37a 3d to Hrvra cotton was going forward Moderately at \e? A foreign res eel waa chartered for Liverpool at 13 for wheat. In bulk, Md at 8*. 3d for Sour A toreiga bark wan lakes up to load with rust a for Reno* alp t. Fan*?Raiiin* were qutot.Md Sato* lim,ted 100 bM*. formats eve aoid at 4 ',0 Hai ?Ralaa embraced about 1,000 bales at 70c a 780., with war lot* reported at 90c , lor rhlpsacat M01 u*as ?The market waa steady, but ml** war* light Nmai I, barrels New Orleans war* made at 49c. Navai Stomas?Spirit* turpentine were steady, with aom# aalea of straight Md shipping Iota at 40c a tie, aad to New York bsrrela at tie , aad 1 380 bbls. mana rests st 81 42 H per CM lb* , delivered. Crude turpeatSsa waa unchanged. ITeefi. TKawUtMtnr/se 1 !?** Crude turp .bbls. 4fl 411 46.W4 8888 Rpirlta turp " .... 1.660 27 M9J61 ?888 Reels M .... f.,4*6 1J69 881.883 80 880 tor. ? ... ago m 438? 1888 FiT?"l Otode TVrp ha Turf- **** Total foe wesk _ 81 f 8.0M - Is'nee lat mat 1.869 8.4T3 31 ?8" ? nee Jta 1 41,741 63,188 878,878 898*6 '?me lima 1889 ..... TI 831 63.894 440883 U.4.W f?>rtrTwa ?purg?ITie market was less bTOT**l and ttUTt, trti f cts am fi.Wuet of law

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