Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 3, 1860, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 3, 1860 Page 5
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the mm embraced about AN a 700 hbto., including mew a* 819 18 V a 119 26, prime mem at 116 26 a 116 60, and priam at 814 87 S a 814 76. Beef arae Arm aad in fair de mand for the Eastern and domestic trade, tbe bales footed ap 464 a 600 bbln. at 86 a SO for country mem, 89 a 88 26 for repacked mean, and 811 60 for extra. Cot meata and bacon wi re firm aad In good re jueet. Lard wad meady. ?itb sales of 500 a 600 bbis at 12 4c. a Utfo. for ?aw. and 13c. a 'S^c. for old. Butter and cbeeae wero steady, and prtcea unchanged. Rxx.? An tnroioe of 75 casks of new crop waa made at d?,c., aad 46 do. old at 4 ??c. a 4%'c. Kf> .aka were needy, witn alee of 1,260 bbda. Cubaa at #'?e. a 6)4rt. fbr refining goods, and at 4'a'c. a7'4o. for grooery gradea, aad M boxes at 7c BaiuiTto ?411 kind* are la good demaod, witb conside rable sake 037 hhde Kentucky at 6Xc. a 13)40. ,104 balea Havana, aad 168 bales Cuba! at p. t., aad 686 oaam seed leaf at 4c a 26c. Anaexed is tae mouth!/ statement of mocks .a tbe New York tobacco Inspection Warehouse ? Yir. if 7bcat Ami-ky. .V. C. Ohio. Mi. Aid*. Block, September 1 ...18.414 1,488 6 1 14,913 Revived 1369 299 ? ? 1,668 Total 14.777 1,768 5 1 18.671 ?alirered since 1,063 225 ? ? 1,288 Bt'k on band Oat. 1, 80 13,714 1,663 6 1 16 288 Mr. Rader, la his monthly circular, remarks aa follows ? ?fold crop Havana Oilers none but refuse lots are left, and new are hardly Ot for the use of tbe manufacturer, and therefore of slow sale, but held at lirm prices. For ' eaeorted Havana we have some inquiry, but what little moffered la held too high to meet ready safe 488 bales Jiguanl were ekporteo, 047 bales sold at 26c aSo^o , and notwithstanding die reported Urmnebs of the article left Jagi, our buyers are reluctant tocoatioue at those ?fares kit the Vara on hand has beeu sold at 27o a 30c. lor CoDCtpcton, and 32c a 33c. tor genuine aad due lots; me superior parcel brought 84c., and a good prospect for oosntog lota within that range. Domestic leaf is fc good demand; Kentucky Is held very firm at high prices, the present crop being considered to s gnat extent a failure, and some speculative pur chases have been made Sales have been mate at 4 V". a 6c. for ordinary luge, better grades being held M6,v~ I medium to fair at fi'ac a 8c. ; good to tine at 8c. a lid ? and selections of heavy at 12c a 13c , and flue suiting at 12c. a 14c. Transactions In seed leaf have been ?rge; exporters continue to buy low grades at moderate preen, and our dealers have alae operated largely, having ascertained toal the last year's crops contain but a ??tvrd quantity of One. This year's crope have all been gathered in good order, being a fair average in quantity. At to quality It la too early to apeak. lauow.?Bales of 18,000 ibe were made to day and yeatorday at 10c., and aome 20,000 Iba. tallow oil at 9 'Ac Wm.-n.kY ?bales of 800 bbia. were made at 23'4c. a 23 so PEMOWAJU a gentleman, with good rmfsbenoes, about .A. in visit Panama, Central 4 marine aad the wast coast of Bswth America, would like to engsge his services to pari las disk lug to make buhasas arrangements In those countries. Address Booth American, Herald otter. T WILT.I\M N. HATHAWAY. WHO RESIDED 1* I Nashville, lean., in the year 18*8, will address a letter to Y 2, 168 From street. New tork, stating bis residence, anas Inform a lion of importance will be communicated to him. This notice may not be seen ay him. If asj person who knows ef his resideoea, will give the Information b> oddreooing X. Y. X, 138 Krunt street. New York, It will be thankfully received. & DOCTOR RTCARDO RA1MUNDO DE NOUUEIRA laasetti, of Lisbon, Portugal, will aend his address to box atty Peat ofhee, he will learn something to his advantage. IF MISS EMMA UNDERHILL IB IN NEW YORK, ?ha can hear froaa an old friend by catling at No 68 Crosby IT MATILDA ANDERSON WILI. ADDRESS MI US Georgia Johnson, Broadway Post office, the will hear of aa aid friend. IT MART ANN SAWYER, WHO FORMERLY LIVED IN Greenwich street, will seed her address to J. PrescoU. liereM office, she will meet an old friend INfORMATION WANTED?OF JOHN T. RINGLET, whose intent! n was to leave this city for New Orleans. Hit friends will confer a favor on his mn, R. C Bindley by addressing a note to him at Moaa'a Hotel, corner Bowery and Bayard street, where he la bow stopping. JOHN THORNTON.?ALL OVER BROOKLYN AND New tork have I seached f >r you. but all my egorta are in vain. Please addresi me ss before, M. A. S., station D. Lewis b. jonkb. late of newberne, n. o, will hear of anmething of great interest to himself by calling I mmtdlataly on Char lee Wl.hnr, 189 Washington street, N. Y. -RflSBINO-AN ELDERLY CANADIAN WOMAN, AU named Tack, partial y deaf and dumb; has been miesisg (ran her lodgings. 189 Wave ley pines (formerly factory street). since the latter (art of August last; she speaks penly French and partly English, and very aatntel'lglbfy. has a wort en her forehead. Any Information about her will be '.hask ntlly received si 16 Booth Wuhan etreet. up slaire. MR. MICHAEL sua. who FORMERLY lived at No. 267 Tcttry third street, la reiuested to leave his ad grass at Fr. Meisanrr a *?? Beater street IflWR' ABBOTT A STAPLES WILL CONFER A FA JU voron Mr H., by oailing at his (Site, 868 Urosdvay, cornei of Bond street, ss soon aa poigblc. _ rF. 8-EVERYTHING AND EVERYBODY INCLUD tng Bob. ill right. Yonr let'er was delayed three dais; much pr osed, and very busy In F. street. Meet me In Hobo if. HoKRT. The oestlrman wo called at bobert Spenve, s ale bouse, last Saturday, aad put down tea nan Is for a glass of Otaid brandy, la mourned to can again for his change, he ehories bm at, cents. The gentleman probably i am inn Urn a the address. No. 1 CorVandt street. WANTED FOE ADOPTION-A MALE CHILD, LESS than firs days old. with block hair aad dork eyes. Coll n* Ml Thompson street, for three days. TOO LAT?, FOR CLAMiyiCATIOH. A MAKE rOC SALE?VEST LOW, FOR WANT OF A use. aBn larti yeamof age, a nloe driver aad rnry gen tie Id handle, sold for do fault, aha yrUl be sold cAnap, a nice fanti.y mare. Call at ITS Wmk Twenty amlk gtewal, between MlniC and Tenth avenges. BOAED.-A FAMILY HAVING EORE BOOM THAN required would ItaptM of remnant aotnmmodaUoaa to a ? i nllaaiin and wife. Cores baring the modern Improvement*, (ooatloe desirable. Apply M If* Waal Tweet; M areaA Board wantcd-in a quiet neighborhood, either la KrerClyn, Williamsburg Jereey ORy, New Torfe or neighborhood, ta a private family. If possible. by a married lad), whose husband will be a been t four or Ore moaiha. where a lady aaa be retired and earnforieble. nothing liuurtore wished, bit merely oomforC 'inlet aad aooenmr. Addrm* Mre. Mai mall. Herald otSce. mating terms, whlsC moat be aakrvae pus afble considering the locality, An.. for two day*. Manorio notk b-the mevrbu of national iAdge, No. a*, are here by anuied to meet at our lodge room la Odd FeUowa' Hall at 11 M te day, P> attead the fane rAJ of oar de mil brother, WertAetmer. welch la to mar plat* from the ouraer of Eaeex aad Rlvtaetua mraeu at * r. IT ay erder of H. A UlLHERT. W M. t. A V'mbere of the frataratly are raarecti ully la riled. mn nnn -*0 caufornian* -the above ^D.UUU. aeaooat will eectire the areoey for two of the bar. He win* Marhinre la the market M the whole of Celltnr ataaad Oregon, If applied for immediate;; Iheee mecltinro are already favorably known in ibnl o>,nntry, aad a rem op nmtuait; * here oflered to tha right parllea A ldrnm R. h O., New tnrh Prmrft -e Fl'RlHTURB. T TI1B EAGLE ENAMKI LED FURNITURE MaND f sentry No. Ml Broadway. Are doora stove Larra Nina theatre elegant tCamber rulte "4 tCle nelebratrd Ptrnlinre, Mattreaaea Ae . In all styles, designs and colore, free IA aad upwardn belltag at rednead pi tee* Jurlng Oc lobar. Wardrobe Manufacturing Company. A A rAIR PRICE GIVEN FOE BF.COND HAND F^RNI tnre and-Carpets. In ready money all calls promptly Ail it wm W Hudson street, cornet Ferry. Abkdeoom Burr of bnanki.leo furniture H| for tel. In aUeotarm.?f wwrraamd maaafartwe, a Ian, anltd ebeatant < Camber Unite plala an1 nriaaaental. at FAR R'NitTl N e wxreiooma. Jdn Canal street, oppuaite It jetsr. HtaCHnbed la Wtf #-H)CNTlNG ROOM FU RNITfRR-W t NFRI1. RECORD V/ band .1" .Me Ileeh. wr.ttaa Oeeha. I bairn, Ac , to furalaC a ee .mag mm Apply at <1 Morrat etrerc EN AWFt.I.ED CHAMBER RCTT* OF FURNITURE. IM all enter* aad styles, at whn.eaale or retail. At to aad ipwar la. >? M?Hj i?n aad Palttamre. WAR ANN Ward, m Oaaal street. fnord-r-rs reel of Broad way. tAURNITURE NOUGHT-THE HIOHRRT PRICE PAID 1 m eaeC for all kinds of hotterbo'd ParaMnre, OgrpMR Mlrrore. Ac. Call at tH Ihlrd arer. ie, nr a ddrem ParnMir*. ae abore. N B ? a good aaeoruneat of em led head Pore ? I Rare always oa head. ????? TO PUR I I bedroom end parlor r trot' re! roc Win i ere win ow pani. Addrem f urnit'1 r Herald jdfoe. T^URNITCRB -TUB ADVF.RTlbER WIWHI J rhase. 'or hi* own ore A rat ,1am bedroot f inn ? re, for whMA raeC will bw paid. Addre MAI IeKA? A UB. HUPRON RIVER RAILROAD FOR ALBANT AND Troy, nonrrrtmg w'lh irmine North and Wret Oa and after Monday, Rapteakber 17, UMU, tratua will leare Chamber* street a* folio we - fbrongh Kiurem Tram, T aad II A. M and ? P. M.; Albany MaU Trmt, 7 4l A M.l Bleeping Oar Train ? P> P V R'tiidayn twin b e WarfTram fir Htng Bfng, at IUA. 1 and t 14, 7j and HI 44 P * : for Tarry town, S IS P M.. for Penhehlii. iji F. M . for Panghteepaie. I 14 aad 1JD P M. Fam ngere u*- n at chambers, < anal. OC-tahmher aad Thin- BMW ^rtrn-te. Albany Emigrant Train, from Thirty am 1 rwtre for New Te* lenr* Troy et ? 4S fBnndeyi ImiladedL gad ?4d and It AO A. V eel J G aad ? JO P. M. I ware Albany abool thirty mnotre ?W Albany for New Tort. ?F. M. inanr a?? lertipfed). A F. AMlfli, B'lpert.j.eiideni. Ntw Tone. September U, ldBU. M EW TURK BTATB FAIR, AT EI.VIRA, Oetober J, J. 4 and A IBM. On Wnrgey Uetnaer I, and d .rlrg the Pair. Eie*rwl-wt Tick fa for the enohd trip, goof to return .nhl II tl P. M. (?'leb"r P.lmlre win V* add. rU New Tor* and Erie Railroad, ior ?? ei font <M IMaae (tenet and inrney < Ity, and at Ml Broadway. I'll iRl.M Ml NOT, Geanrwl Nnperlnlnadeau VEW YORE AND HaEIRM RAM.ROAD. a JA** ALBANT ta _f>ii aadafhreMooeny, Jnre M I and. tretne wfll Ire re tha . Tm Wim>iaMa|lg? gd al) JT, reril TJoTa. M aad 1 ^ - - s depot. 2ST* ami. f M, aunBlto|^totototo|H naa te Miiwina erer eiorday erreiag). for Albany P Twrwty With itreef in 15 A. ET eiprem tnair tret i. mWhite pietaa. Bedford. Orot-m Pafte aad MaNone RETUEVTNG, WUi re*e W| B 'mebr-dge ? -pplr.g at ail way mati ma, ? 44, } A. M. se t I P. N. * Idle Platte, nvtprlag e> all way etatf na. I aae 7 A M., 1 It aod 7 P * . I>e*?r PlAtaa, ?btppingai ail t*a?fN* norm ef t-oreknw ti A. N.?thw train -reree Wiliwrv, , every ? 'Ntdm *l IE' uroewt Fail*. I P. I, en-,-. -?t * alt veteoev e-w-h of *'<w It .to. Alt ear. t A. N . Mop t eg %| a,j -tali >?* s rth tf WS '? f ? re Alfc'N AeBt.'HlUe *:,-er o^94?nt. ?VnClNI* A*Fl?f. hAPBKS P1BDINU, 1KTORI HIS HONOR THK ?kyor for ?ptirovw. FROM OOMMoW OOTNOIte Resolution directing the l-treet Commissioner to Mae the >oua? of Hook and 1 .adder Oocapany No. 1 to be til tod op in bo tome tneooer u tha at fjimb and I-adder Company No 8. Hoard of Councilman, June II, 1840. On ayee and noee adopted. Hoard of Aldermen, October 1, HMO. On ape* and noes adopted Fcaolution to increase the salary of ibe Ftrst Awtvtant Audi tor In ibe tVwnpiroller'soAIre to 89,900 per annum the Increase to date iron January 1, I88U. Hoorl of Councilman August 13, lSCO. On ayee and noee adopted. Hoard of Alderman, October 1, 1840. On ayee and noee adopted. Heaolut on directing the Onuneel to the Oorreration to take the necraaary legal means to open Mghiy eroond street he First andTee * tw? en First and eeemd ananas ncard of uouacilmea, Jane 8, 1840. On ayes and noee adopted. ftoiro of Aldermen, October 1, 1840. On ayes and noee adi pted. i*i lutioo to regulate and grade Ninety second street from Kerned to Fifth avenue, under the direction of the Sj-eetOom mu-aioner, and to pass an ordinance therefor. Hoard oi ('onncilmen, April J, lbtiO. On ayes and noea adopted. Hoard of Aldermen, October 1, 1860. On ayee and noea adopted Nerolutton dir -ctlng the < ity Inspector to deliver to the ma nay era of the I't af and irumb InaUtupon three hundred loads ol street manure. Hoard of ?omeUmen, October 1. 1840 Admted. Hoar d of Aldermen, tv.tobcr 1, I860. Oooio'rrod la. Krto'ut'on to place a tire hydrant in fnmi of No lx) Clinton street, the b< use or Hook and ladder l> mpany Na 11. Heard of t'aucci'rnen. September 17, lufcl. Referred to Cm ton Aqueduct Hoard witl power. Hoard of Aldermen, October I, !S80. Adopted. Beacluuon to ccnrm .itaesament for paving with Belgian p.'itement Filth avenue, from W.nhmcUm stu?re to Forvy ae n Dd street, uiid to appoint Jonathan frotter, f illector of Af seevmems, cc Hector thereof Hoard of Aldermen, October 4, 180). On ayes and noea adopt# 11. Hoard of <'onncilmen, October 1, 1840. On ayes and noes cooc rred In. Resolution to permit Chita. Roes to place a lamp In front of corner vl 'jrand and 1.aureus tiretis. Hoard of Aldermen, October 1. 18*4). Adopted. Hoard of Codnctimen, October 1. 18411 Con urred In. Heeoluticn to lay gits mains In 112th street, between Third and Fourth avenue#. Hoard of Aldermen, October 1, I860. Adopted Hoard of Councilnien. October 1, 1840 Coocurred In. Resolution on petition of J. D. McCreary A Co. to lay a six neb pipe in Man tor) street, Irom Na iii to the Kar.1 river. Hourd of Alcermen, October 1, I860. Prayer of petitioners granted. Hoard of Conncllmen, October 1, 1940. On ayes and noea concurred In. Revolution to bold elcsUon polls first district. Fourteenth ward, No 273 Molt street; Fifth dialrlel, fouitoenth ward, No. 14 Marlon street. Hoard o' Aldermen. October 1 ISA). Adopted Hoard of Councilman, October 1, 1 xiU. Concurred In. Resolution to permit Alag ('. I), Murwadel to construct draJn f run btr premises. No. *3 First stecue, ly newer In Third str?et. Hoard of Aldermen. October 1, I860. Adopted, Hoard of Puuncilmrn, October 1. 1840 Concurred In. Preamble and rrsolution to construct re viving basin and culvert anuthn eat corner of Tenth street ami avenue H, the same to be carried on with the paving of Tenth street, sad to be added to and to form part of the e,pease of paving said sueet Hoard of Aldermen September 37, I860. Adopted. Hoard of < 'onncUmtn, October 1, 1840. On ayee and n<>ea cooc urred In. Resolution directing the street commissioner to eause plana and profiles to lie made of Kleventh avenue, between Four teenth and Twenty sixth streets, and cross streets between Tenth avenue and Iludaon river, in order to establish a grade for FJevcnth avenue, and to submit the same to the Oommon Council for approval. Hoard of Aldermen, September 17, I860. Adopted. Hoard of CouncUmen. October 1. 1880. Adopted Resoluuon on petition of John H. Trspp, Commissioner of Deeds. cepted, and Thomas H. Hill appointed Hoard of I 'oanoHmen. i.etooer 1.1860. Ooocnrred In. Resolution to lay croaaww k In Fourth -Jreet. between Sixth avenue and Maodougal street, opposite the Washington Square Methodist Kplscopal cbturh. Board of Aldermen, September 11, 1840. Oa ayes and noea adopted. Hoard of Cottncllmen, October 1, I860. On ayes and noea concurred in. Reaolmma to bold election polls In Third district, Sereutoenth ward, hi No. 154 eutlolk strert Hoard of Aldermen. October 1, 1840. Adopted. Hoard of tounctlmen, October 1, 1840- Coocorred in. Resolution to hold eleetlon polli in Fifth district Seventh ward at No 69 Hike street, Fourth district, Seventh ? aid, ai No 194 cherry street. Hoard of AMermen, October 1, I860. Adopted Board of Cnuncilmen, October 1, 1880. Oooeurred la. Resolution using election polls of Twenty s.rst Ward, as fol low s:~ First lustrtrt?No. 119 Kaat twrntv seventh street: Second let?No 891 Third avenue. Third District?No 498 Second avenue; Fourth District?Souibeaat corner Thir y lourlh aireei and Soound avenue; Fifth Untried -No. 51- Se rood avenue Sixth District?No ]fl Eat Thirty seventh rt.cet Seventh I'utrtct?No, 138 Ksvt Thirty ninth street; higbtb District- No. 654 Third avenue Ninth 1 Mat'let? No 184 1-extngtou avenue, near ihirty third street; Tenth District No 427 Fourth evenue, Kleventh District- No 89.) Fourth avenue; Tweiith District - Northeast corner Tv.eotr eighth street and Kroadwar, Thirteenth IMstrit'?No. 1,271 Broad way, Fouiteenui District?no 4UJ butbaveuun H aid of Aldermen llctoter I, 1884 Adopted. Hoard ol loun dimes, mtober I, 1.840. t'uneurred In. Kc#o uthu rem vine Ktghtecntk district poll, in the Twelfth A iermanic district tram Na 184 Second street to Noa 188 aid 187 Sfcoou street Hoard of Aldermen, October J, 1880 Adopted. Hoard of Oounct m*n. umber 1 1VH. < onrurred In. Resolution eppol'tinc William <5. t.'arpenlcr than atlas, oner Of Deeds in ptai e of William It. I'ariMnter, rrelgned. hoard of Aldermen. Septenber 27, 1880. cm aye? and noes adopted Resolution directing the to draw Mr warrant In favor ol IaiwIn Carpenter lor AilO, lor e.tra work on housn of Hook ami 1 adder Company No 14 Hoard of Aldermen, September 11, 1840. On ayee and noea adopt yd. ** Hoard at Connctlmea, October 1, 1889. Ayes an 1 noee ?*? curved in Resolution fUr and re fla* elds walks of Kifhth iv?mv, between Fort) fourth aiul Forty seventh streets, the whole width where tier miss rjr Beard of A derncu. September U, 1(60. AdoiLbd on ayM And cm ? Hoard of CouncUtoen. October 1, I860. On ?fi? nod aoan adopted. KMohitkm to remit the pataonal tax of docrta Moon for lha year UK Hoard of Aldermen- April t. WW. Adopted. Hoard or Uonn ilmen, October 1, 1M0. AJM And mma ono cor rod In Keeolutioa to enrh and ?utter And Sac four fnnt wide on Fiftj nfUa ?t re at from Broadway to Fifth attune, aaU to paan An ordinance ihercfor. Hoard of Alfermcn, fitly 21, I860. On AJM and bom idopM. Hoard of Council men, October 1. 1860. On AJM And noM adopted Heaolotmn to maul iba portooAl tax of John J. (JulUna for Ike j ear Ilk. beard of aldermen, JnJ> 23. I860. Adopted. Hoard id Oouarilaen, October 1. 1Mb. Adopted on Ajne and B -ea Heeolottcn to (lap 'be aidtwalka In Fitly aarond rirprt, fra FJpbih avenue to lladaon river, and to pam an (i.Unanoo therefor. Board of Aider mem, September 11, 18B0. On ajm and tore adopted Hoard uf Councilman, October 1, IMS. On ayra and com Kamtattm eondrstof sward at contract for raptorlac and aitervnx m ma in fewi Market foe the Karieru DIspenearj, u> Clarice Vaadecourt, for HAW W. Beard of Alderman. September 11, 1MB On AJM And ooan elieiwl Board of Couacl men, October 1. 1MB On ayM and noaa coneurred in. aeaolntioe to remit the parnonai tax of Jeeph A. Millar far the -ear ? JU b> ard of Aid' rmen, Jaly 3, 1MB. On AjM and noM adopted. Hoard of C.'uaciUaen. "unbar 1, lift). On ay*n and bom Adopter . ivraolbUna to Baa ridewalaa on the north ride ef Forty-fourth Ami. from KiaL b avMue in a point one hundred and 4ftJ laet treat ot arid avenue, the whole width aad. le paM or dinance theref.e. Ho*id cl Aidermea, July 3B, 1MB On ayM aad bom kioarid Hoard of OiunrCnarn, Oriohar I, 1-60. On AJM and ooan adopted Rre. ilwttan to e.ieb. rrade an rniter and ' as Hlvly fifth A'reel bet*em, Lexington and Fifth avcauMand to pAM oedi naiiea Ihnrei.* K urt .4 Aldermen. Jaly X 1M0. On ajm and noM adopted Bovid'if Co m-ilmen. Oe'.obor 1. I860. On ayen and noaa liloptfd He?. i it'nu in repnlaie and erode Fifty Bflh atreet. between Fl'lk anr! r ? lb aeennea and ?'data alnJinc herefnr. Ibwrd of Aldermen, J lif lb. UftU. Ou ayM aad nana adep'fd K ?udof ? mac men. October 1. I Mil. On ayM tad bom adopted. hem . .Hon in h iid a aew-r .a Forty eerenth atr-et, from tkree kir need aa4 eeieaty bve feet rvat of Teniii avnie, to aud through It-u.i, . irouc to Mtrer bat warn Forty rixlh an I Kortj aeventli trmia li-wriiof A.ierm. a, September 11, On ayM aad bom ad^pi j Board ?f i.aacilmea, Oatebar 1. IBM. On ayM and bom adopted. Re? loitoa to eoadrm anaedof contract foe aawer la TMe tee,itk ,-reet. to in o head-d and thirty two feet naal at Had eon atreei. t? a odrew J. Imaa. fxa-i .I Aldermen Hei ^mherS, 1MB. Oe ayM aad note entitrUM-.' bull Di Ccnnei'men. October I. 1MB. "a ?jm ad nun Matted. Hameudna m h da tcwer la 1?re?wi'-h rireet fr m liar rterei to .* eth Mrae* atreei. and to pnea ?n ore nance tbaeafor. | Himrd uf A.ueruieu Ucb r 1. 1*1 1% afrit and u<m Mop tad. Board M tonati'.m-n, Oatebar 1. WW. On ayM aad bom eone-irre 1 in. hee.u <?!, ill art aad rreet r,.rh ?nd n'br atone* n Second ateoue. i nan Senm-t lo M ,ty , rat rireete an.I to > am aa ordi aau< ? Mneelnr. Hear* uf A Kernes, Ja y M, 1MB "a ayM aad aoea adopt ed Moved M trisnctlMea, O, 'obar 1, 1MB. Oiija .item net*' mta heen.iiii .ii i . I - 'Id a ewer in Lawn rireet, between Stanton aad llnneiua atreeta. Boar* ol Aldermen. Jo y 26. laBDv On ajm ac 1 OOMadopt ?0. Board of I 'oane .men. October 1, lx<6. On aim ead mma ?n?? nrr*rt hi. Rran'-iib-ulo pay Ooraaflui DrWooll ?1CW for loj'trienraaeiecd hj htelorar Board of Aldermen. September U. IBM. On ayM aad mm "awri of Oa mailmen, October 1, 1MB. Oa ayM and arma aaneaiTM ia _ , _ bee-i.Mi i to pa*' Second avnae, frma Houatnn atrrm to Thirty f?er,h ?t? ?t. with trmu hinek 11. -m. nt, the raiir md to pay oar-third, ?he e.iy the NkHhMn He vrd at Ablei me i. Sepien.lrer U, 1M) lia ayM aad wwa Adopter! Hoard at (toonr liaaa. Oct obar I, ld?>. Oa ?JM aad a M ad.tvied. ? ? _ _ Raantc flea to remt the perwmal lit 4 Alexaadar W imen thai inr the tear KtS. Board m Aider,new. April B. 1MB A'op ted I'oard of t '.runei'mcn, October I. liGU. oa ayM and aoaa eonr-orfed In Keanutbei to rutieee ttve paraoaal tat of Casper Rf'.tar let the jeare W'< IM* aud 1 AM Hotr! ci r tieimen. tali BS, ld*> A loplad Roftrd of men. VMoBat 1, I'M) on vyea aad bom |i | p|f Beer.'tiittn to raaalt I eranpal tat of .'aaaea Pari h fat the '"'tard a Aldermoa. Jaly *, 1MB Oa ayM aad arma adopt FMrd of Oc Itx laten. Oetoher 1,1MB. On ajM aad wen "hKIv dtp to bifid aewer In T%frty ninth rireet and Fortieth rirral. and la Fourth u .aaer to Forty onaend rieMf fv<%rd n' AMtrDPB, f^hmbfr II, liltf ^fts "Ufuvrtof*r tuefJatea, O tober 1.1MB On ayea aad dom *^Ptn*r,|,;ttnn to rrp'ilata aad curb Sixty aaaond airaaf frjtn Rtnih aren't* to Broadway. Board of Alderman. Septam'ier 7, lHW. 0a ayee aad noM adopted. Board of Oensellmaa, October 1, 1MB Or ayM ar i oom adapted. _ .. .. Keen) Ittoo to bifid newer in Thirty tilth atreei aad Fnetfeth ? reel, and Fourth arecue \n F-aty eeerwd acreei M> ar-* oi A fermea. Septemt-er 7, 1MB "a ayce and a?w a' t"-'. Hoard of r-itc riea, Oeiober I, lelP 0? ajM aa.i fm at.-., tod. KTNICTPAL iVfAiag. ?notation to rtfwd isntmaiont arras eonaly paid by Patrick mulvthlll. ? card of Aldermen, September 11, Mi 0. On ayon and now adopted. Board of CouneUaaen, October 1. : 8(0. On ayw and now ouncuned In. Beaoiatias to regulate and grada I'OUi street from Seooud to hiuh avenue Hoard of Alderman, July M. 18(0. On ayw and now adapted Board of Couoo linen, Oetob-r 1, 1800 On ayea and now adopted. Hcwolution to Bte sidewalks of Tenth avenue, between Fifty- ! fourth street and Broadway board of Aldermep.diepirml-er 11, 1K0. On ayes and noes Adopted. Hoard of Count.llinen, October I. 1860. On ayw and now adopted. R (solution to regulate and i-u'b Forty sixth street, four hun dred feet west of Kle.ei.tb ?venue to the Hudson rtver. roard of Aldermen, July hi, loutl. On nyw and now adopted Hoard of Couscilmea, Ortober I, )86a On ayw and now adopted. K ? antit'lno to . relate, net curb nod trotter sumw In Ff'.y Blt rh alreet, between Lcxinstvm and Tlurd avenues. Hoard of Aldermen July M, 18(0. tin nyw nod now board of Qeuncilmen, October 1, 1MB. Ayw and now adopted. Resolution to regulate and curt Fifty-third street, from Kigbtb U> Tenth avenue board iif Aldermen, Fi-ptember 7,18(10. On njwnndnow adopted. Hoard of Couacllmea. Cotooer 1, 1MB. Adopted on nyw and nova. Revolution to flan sidewalks of Forty first street, bstwnw Seventh and hi g bib aaruues. noutb - In Hoard of A.dermen, July 2b, Ibtiti. On nyw and noon adopted. Hoard of Counctlmen, October 1, 18(0. Ayw and now adopted. Resolution to regulate and grade Sixty scjood street, from Klgkib to h I th avenue Hoi rd of Aldermen, July 36, I860. Ou syw and now tidrpted. Hoard of Ceuneilmsn, October 1, 18(0. Ayw and now *4^Kelio?nttoo to grade and eurb Sixty fou-th atreet, between Li atnsino and 8 if h avenues. Ho. out of Aldermen, July 26, 1*) On nyw and now adopted Hoard of Coumrl'men, October 1, lr?0. On ayw and n rea a.1 op ted. flesolntloa to flag ildewalks on the weat aide of Broadway, frcaa Forty fifth lo Forty ninth alreet, and the eaat tide from forty atxta to Forty ninth alreet, where not already done. Board of Aldermen, eeptember 11, 18601 On nyw and DOW adopted. Hoard of OouncUmeo, October 1, 18(0. Co ayw and now adopted. hesilutlon to rfcduce the pernonal tax of Janes Leon! for the year I'AB Board of Aldermen, Jtdy 23. 18(0. Adopted. Board of Councilman, October 1, latd. Ayw and now adopted Hi s. lotion toconfirm award of oonlract to Fctcr oanfurd fur repair rug pier 14 north river, for $2 796. 1Iu.ii d of Auaimen, September 27, 1.86J. On ayes and bow a loptrd. Hoard of Conn Urn en, October 1, 1MB. Ayes and now eon curved m. Resolution to confirm award of rnnlruot for sheathing pier No. 37. foot of Beach street. North i Iver, to Ueorae F. Lad ue. for (I 1*5. Hoaid of Al'l"rmsn, September S, 1861 On ayca and noes confirmed. Hoard of Counctlmen, October 1, 18(1). On ayw and noee concurred In. hevilutkui to ccnlirm ivssevsmenl for curb and gutter In 122d street, b tneen Hecoud and Third avenues, and toap polxl J ma than Trotter, Collector ol Ae-.esiuiei.ta, collector th-roof . Boaid of Aldermen, September 27, I860. Ou ayw and tinea adopted Hoard of Councilman, October 1, I860. On ayw and noes eoneurrod In KesniuUon to oonflrm assessment for curb and gutter Flty nirta Buret, from Right)! to Seventh avenue, and to appoint Jonathan Trotter. Collector of Assessments, collector thereof. Hotrd of Aldermen heptember 27, 1840. On ayw and now adopted. Hoard of i ooncilxces, October 1, 1860. On ayw and now ooncuirvd in. Reeo.iitkn to ennfi-m uveas merit for fiagglng Fifth avenue, between Bount Morvta square and 123h street, and to appoint Jonathan Trotter C' Hector of Assessments, collector thereof. Board of Aldermw, heptember 27,186a On ayw and noes adopted. Board of (Vmnctlaaea, October 1, 186a On ayw and now concurred In. Resolution to eon firm assessment list for curb and gutter 119th street, between Third avetius and Areiue A, and to appoint Jonathan Trotter. Collector of AJeawnaeata, collector thereof. Board of Aldermen, September 27, lt6B. Oaaywaadoow adorned. Board of Counrllmen, October 1, 18(0. On ayw and now concurred in. FeanlutVm to confirm amassment list fur flagging No. 317 Tbbd avenue, and to ?rp<4Et Jonathan Trotter, Collector of Aweaamenla eullector thereof. Hoard uf aldermen, heptember 27, 186a On ayw and nxw adopted Hoard of Council men, October 1, 186a On ayw and now concurred In. Keaolut: m to oonflrm aaeessmant Ust for paving Forty elsbth atrevt fr in With to Koventh avenue, and to appoint JouaLttm Trotter, < oU? t tr nt Aasemments, oollectng thereof. Hoard of aldermen, heptember 27, 18(0. On ayw aud now Idoplcd, . Board of Coundlmen, Cctober 1, 1800. On ayes and now concurred In. Hesolurion to confirm asswsment list for paving Thirtv foenh street between Third ans Lexington ?ven as. with - rap block, ar d to appoint Joeathan Trotter, Collector uf Assam m* nts. Or die. lor thereof Hoard of a Iduvmea, September 27. 1MB. On ayw and sow adopted. Hoard of Councllmen, October 1, 18(0. On ayw and noes concurred ta. Heso'utlon to rounrm assessment list for sewer In vixth avenue: from Forty seventh to Forty eighth street, and to tip point Junathau Iruuar, Colls-tor of A??la Collector thereof Board of Aldermen, September 27. i860 On a- as and now adopted Hoard of Councilman. October 1, i860. On syw and now Oor.rurrt In KrautatMi tbnt Ite aaaeoaatenl liat for ptslng Donne etrnet from "bailuta* street to (It) 11*11 place V- returned to fie Col in. nan ibe Ccmplroller tw lector of Amemmenie. nao ibe ? otnulroUer be autbnn/ei u? d nw htr warrant Ir fayor of Jonathan TrsSler, Cqllemr of,,te. for it,OW 6-100. being one bnlf lb* naoQQl uf ?eld erernrmrrt. *e directed br tbe nrdlcnaoe. Hoard of aldermen. September 27, UNO. On ayeaaad roe# adopted. _ , Hoard of CouaoUmen, October 1. UNO. Oa area nod soea ooornirrd In. k eeolai loo reartndln* tbe reaolnUoae eoeflmine tbe anew m. nt [tut for tiagjru.g Canal 'treat, betweenCo. ire nod (tailor: ale.. on aitnb ahte of Tblrlrrnth atreet, between Third and Fourth at enu?* and In Irani ntt Hoe 20 awd 2? N eat 1 trail lb atreet. Bad referring tbe am?not llat aforaaaid to tbe Hoard of baneeaura for rertaal aad oorracOon Hoajd of Aldermen. September >7. 1M0 On araa aad aoaa Kioptad Heard of OooacUmca. Octoter 1,181b Oa area aad aoaa emenrrt-d in. Rrenhitloo I i appointing lb* potto of lbs Bl/hth Aldennanla dlatrtel Board of Aldermen. Ortohar 1, 1820 Adopted ? Board of Counctimra, October 1, UNO. Ctau-urrad in. MOT AND POl'KD, Cvnd.-on rmioAT nioht, in rbr<.man b cx>n I feeunerry, UU Hroadeay. a I'awn Ticket for a Hold | :b and < bain. Tbe owner oaa hare It br applying and 1 pajtag aipeaeea. Trior NO?IN TH? 1IARLKN CAM. a riKKR ROOK r roeta'.nlng a atnaUjunount of m^'oe^wbteb tbe owner < bare by en l'ug id J. B. Atnmann, F urtjbam H. T., aad pay ing eiprneee. rCND-ON ONE OF TUB TRAIN* OF THE 1'HII.A talpMa. Wilmington aad Belli wore Railroad, a ewm ? mooey. which tat owner ean bar* by ornrtnr property aod payer tip antra. Apply to or ad Haaa H Harllegtne. einoe No 3 Halt.mora depot. Brand at met and Weabingioe a Tea a*, mniiiiii rDND-ON RATDEDaY ETRNTNO. BETWEEN EIOHT and cine o clork, in a Mitb a ran or atage rar, a picket book. toctaUtng a ema.l attaa. Tbe owner ean bare tbe aeae bt pro* ng property aad paying tor Ibta adrertianmaat Ap ply at 3?H Iitrtobm atreet OBT-XATCRDAT. RBFT. 22. A HI.A'*K AND TAN ~ , about 22 pound* weight, cropped eara aad 1 og det will reoetre a reward ai R20. *1 No. I BArelay LOBT-RAT Terrier, i tall. Tbe Had LOBT-A BANK book. ON NTNtUT I.ART RRTWKEN 1 bird eveeue depot aad Thirty Him alrnat. Tbe Under wtll be paid for trouble by loartng k at R. Kbuoetnaker a. (24 sink L OBT-ON FRIDAY THE 2RTII ULT , IN (lorNfl Ft' >* Park plare,u> Broadway, or la an Amity rr-ei attge an old faabkmed goto llraealrt. wWk lb* owner a Toll name Imtde DDaN'^feet nt of 11 M reward will be r t n if returned lu l*v teentb atreet LHOBT-ON Tt'BBDAT, A DARK COLORED NORO.XX) ? Walet. enntalnlng mlacellaawm* aruclea ia Wit* are. nee, Irk <*< anal etreeba. The Rndar will t>a eollabl) re Warded by taarKg In* RtaU avenue, earner <d Twenty M Braat ?DBT?"N MONDAT, TN THE NINN O'CLOCK TRAIN firm Fordbana. a Ponem-mante. roWMMag ah.>?t fifteen d >llar i aad tnn> p> per* ( ao ralo* to an . o .a Sot Ute oaroe. keep Ibe n.naey. bnt wul grealii The Bailer no keep tbe money but wul greatly ..bthfr ibe i-wer br returning ib* i-arwm.tnnalc *ad pupeiBlu O Twendr*. T 0?T?ON Y rNRDAT, OTTOBFR K HOJNu DOWN Li Twenty tint a rret lo F.lib areaoe. down Mi lb avratte to 1 walf'h atreet, a broad tr?ld H.ereet, *Wb large riaeo, tw - The Bed with tort, <lae. owner a name engraved tna.le. The Radar will heault .h ir rewarded y lea.lag it at ItU Anal Tweniy aecutid atreet, near Srveetb avenue. Lost tiu-terdaT, rbtwkbn chamber- and I tort) r lortk atreeta. a got* delarbed lever Wak-h. witb tbe nwnvr't .ante ... the he-k. W Nrgae.. A libenl reward wul be paid by leaving tbe aaat< at No. 7* Real Thirty aaamd BUT. I STXATRD AWAT-ON RATrRDAT. RKPT. ?. A larir white New r ootid land twig, wHb a black bead aad part of aia tall, aboever will return Ida to No. U i karlt w atreet will beenitably rewarded. H.J6 tt AHlia B?4> RRWaRD -I.OkT MAR THE POST OFFICB A ACt* aalher rwverwd Rite h-? .a onataatug papera of a? -taa bat to the owner 7 be aN .r rweard will ba paid na delirary of tbe barb, aad n? kannt aake.1 at M drvwdway ?tl XFWaXD ?l/IBT. ON NONDA ?, (c*T I. A RAM 9X Rev. No * 747. Any perni"> rat iraing 4 to 112 irraad atrewt will rerei.r tee above rvwvd. ?4? RFWARD -UVT f'N SDND.t V AFT?*N'diN K ae iRb oil r".ag fr ?n the Holrh -birch to it A-vnk airee . a pair of Hold NpecRa. 'eg flaaai return kt _ 1 tt?W. ? PFTAKD ?lithT. A NHTN (It I FTRR DIIXFV, Apt I dated A ngrae 17. at at. awtntba lor B e hundred thir leeti doiiara, payable at tbe N*r<..utile Itaoa, wt m r order AH prrnoaa are herewfli ra.ithined aealnw neg-mati-tt the tame. H A I.ATuhHK * no, 187 atrm-t ? If| -I.OHT FXON III KART TWKT.FTII WTRKRr. nr. a 1'k ?ud bin Terrier fkyy. .butu w.. yean old. bad on, when tout, a brum enllar, with own-r'a name. W le?ever will return tbe ?.nie to ft- abuse piaoe wtll be bandwme'T rewarded ?in NNWAXD WtM. BN PAID F<iR THE DKLTTRFT %> I' / ikw day, at mir tdkw. uf a Hoodie of paper* aad Let Hra, merred Bin AhtvA loet at tbe Jerary (Atr ferry bum*. oa tbe rretting of Hnt.dar F BOl,'* k Ilk, 22 RTmtb atreet. S40 FfTWARD -UiRf, ON THE 22T1I OP IKPTRW k?r hat. a lads a OnM Watch, No W 2W or 1? 941. and ebatata. - mt.kre oa top It < N Tin* tewart will su rset at mom JSR < Park Itotet. or by J. llurand. M?, Broadway. No .|umtioaa aakad. B?cn REWARD OFPNRFD- FOR T?1E OA P ITT RAH 11/ and't r -ni? wb. h ? te 1-wt at Ut" tf.mb,r,i( l|u*et, N T , a.pi B The tinier wtll wMre*t me n A y , 'C at 'h? Ner. tar'* H<4ei, a d po>al oat > ?tt Sat i eao r?t ?>? at. at* and he hit rpward. Ht .ART CfaNR mlu am ADQTim. AAMO. T. BUMUBkFOMD, AUCTIONEER. . MAGNIFICENT HOUHfcilOLU FORM ITU KB A: p -bi?c a .etlon oa Lh11 day , Wednesday!, At the ?lr?ut residence of Moses it. /Jteaumi*. K? Mo. 10 Wrtt RticVbeuth itreet between Plfh nod Both i?n?M Kale ouuimencisy si lp>,' i dork. rnpr rh seven octave Pianoforte, ?1*1 .mry drawn.* room Hulls Oil Paintings velvet lu?lablm Carpels. pier end mantel mlrmre lace Curtains, 4c , Ax the eeial"(ue toe largest ant richest aworbnent of Bctiaebold r urnlture, A', offered at auction tOle aeaaoo. fbe are ?u aM made to order by city u. ah era, aud la of the beat deair'i lion i1/ ?Magnlfk'ert rosewood Pianoforte, Urn richest tnau lment offered at a intloo this ?ea.'iou, i toerbiy rat ved leas and cane, round ??ornera. full I mip'ate, overstrung tana, all the mode d mprovemenla, made bVcJtj makers Mr tested by enmpeteat 'Udgesand p'ODOunnrd aruperlor loatru ment; r.eewood Cauterbery, do. Moot, covered In bro cade; French cloth Cover. Hooke-aae and r euretary,

kueoigneois, lady's Work Table, Wrlpug Beak. French plate Pier Mlrrora, marble Nlab an.l Brackets, two larke Mantel Mlrrora richly carver frames, em tuoldered lace Cuiltiiua, Preuch r bade a. Conduct, two magnlncent Mult* Drawing Hoom Furniture, covered In three colored satin hrj cade of the richest dtg.-riplioo. carved to aolld roaewood ; two I etc a late .Hoftie. tarn Armchatra, reaepUoo and eight oval back Ch?ir? r isewool Centre Table* .statuary marble b>pe to match the rills; Elegerea lined with aaouwood, marble to,'*, mirrordicra and facte, Kiug a patent Radioing ICasy t!ba:.-a, pier, card and inartette lablee; OU Paintings by t errand, t ole. Kouaaell, heller a, hula* Hi other emlucut art lets - Acanmptloa Virgin Mary, troin celebrated craiutUig In Louvre. Parte; btorm at hea by Flngemsgiw, two superb match I'alnt'ug*; rueewood Waabalacda t'heira to match, Oil cloth. flair Carpet*. Red*. Ac. t h.imbeis-Kiiglbh. Brussels Carvete, roaewovl nrarble too Dressing Bntea.ia. Bed-tends, aud Commodes to mateh; Toilet rtbhtkharPKStandi Roek ? re. t ouches. Arm and oval back chairs. covered in m<U|iet; spring and bale MaU teaser. Bedsteads, Feather Beds Bolsters, Pillows, oval Mirror*, paalel Painting*, deeonatod China Tol letA brot'AtelCurlaiua, 4e Upprr ehamber*Mhogao. and bi.u k Walont Bureaus Softie. Rockera, WuabstnndH. Room?build oarred oak Bullet, statuary marble lop; Hert/.'e patent 1 minic Table, extend* 16 feet; tYuebea. armehiura. elegant seta cry ate) and ruby glass Decanter*, Goblets. Wiuea, Cb mpsgues, lemonades. Tumblem; ceb rv, fruit and pre aerve fiamlr, Fiuger how a, ruoy and gold 1 It.nor Set*. ?uld band rhiua Iilnuer Met Mo pieces: rionly decorated Tea Set*. <4 pteeea, solid silver Dinner and tea Set*. Silverware, Coffee L'ru. Casters, t'ske Baskets, N?phtn Rink*. Simon*. Forts, Ivory bundle Tal ie Cutlery. Al?o, basement Kitchen Kurnl lure?Hone. Iron, Tin, Woodware. Karthenwara aud Copper L'lendla: Ice Pitchers, Salvers,N. K ?Strangers to altend tbla sale can lab" 'he Fifth avenue. Broadway or Blub avenue sU| rs and ears at the Ador House. St. Nicholas and ibe VetmpoliUtu llmei*. which bring tltetn within a lew door* of the house. A cempebuit peraou will be In attend aoce to pank ship or cart tbe goude at a reasonable charge. N H?Tbe house to let or fur aale. poaaeseioc Immediately. For further particulars mtiuire of the aoetloueer*. AUCTION NOTICB. Large Motgage Mala or ELEGANT Frhht vTlanh HoeBWi-OD FFRNITURK, Comprlalng Over I1I.IMI WORTH OP BKAHlirL'l. i'aKI.OK. DINIMO ROOM AND t'HAMBkK FURNITUaK. F AINTINfiw, MAUNIPICKNT rlAMOFORTR, B RON/.KM. hTAiUAKY RICH PARLOR SUITS, AO,, ByRCSblLL W. WRSlCoTT. Anctloheer. This Day ? Wednesday), i .ember 3 at the elegant residence No 162 W <st Twenty ttrst t'reet. between reventhand Klgbtn avenue*, comm*neb- at ID', orlock The whole will be sbeolulely sold wlU' ut reserve, rain or aliine. sffordlng ku opportunity to p .rebaaere to obt'iiu reaby elegant Furultaie at auction price*, among wbloa are two magnificent full suit* of s-illd rosewood Par lor Furnlttue. covered m rich brocatcl. elegant rosewood wthn cetave Pihnoforte. leeutifuBy oarveil, wit a round cor ners uu'chared two months ago, wllh stool and oover, three ?p,"ndld Pier ar.d Mantel Mlrrvirs, with slabs and urrlrej, two rosewood klergeres, wltn mirror doors and nark and marble tot>?; rich lac t 'nrtaice, 1 ur*t> h ln'itt'i tn silk velvet with krtn Chaus to match; ri *ewood Centre, Pwsr and Sofa Tables, Pa rlalan reception i"halri, rich tap vetry and Wilton C.irpelA rose wood Secretary, cuttle China mud marble Vases, bronze Fi gures std group* of lh" Amazon, Feaat of Ran hm. The Fes sons Peare end War, with two elcgaut ennmtrtan hronzea of Richard the I. and Kdward IV, bron/e Ch it decern, carved rosewood UedHtears, 21 large Hair Mat.resee*, Ural* and Bed ding. bronze clocks, rosewood W.isbiUbde,''omroolee, China Toilet Set* rosewood > haunter Suit, French Ware robe mirror front, marble top dreaslrg Bureaus, cottage and ipr.Dg mat Chairs. Arm Chairs, in velvet. Trie a Tetoe, In hair cloth, with a quantity of oak and mahogany Chamber Furniture not men tioned. with over OK) yards of Ingrain Carpets on the tlnora: oak eitensloo Table with nsk dinlrg mom Furniture of .01 kinds; rich China <?t fllae?. Silverware, Ac. Also, a One Iron Sat", portable IlidRer. Stives, flUcl aLu Ac. Acrpoaltwill be required of all pur haters. House to rent; puaicsRou Im mediately. A B8OL0TR RAI.R A UF RICH HOUSKHOI.D FTRKITURE, Ry order of the Eve -utor. At the private residence of the late Donald B. Mac Kay. Esq., IM Wtm Futecut i street, near Seventh avenue, west aide. Thai day (Wedne-dayj, Oeteberd, at 10k o'clock. The furniture waa all made to order by Hodme A Aoua* In May U*t, and will offer to persons iu wat-t of urst ' lass Housa boul Furniture an opportunity seldom met with, a* uiery aru cle moat piwltlvely be mU without at y reserve whatever. Magmucent Rosewood Plarwdorte. Elegant Htuu of Draw ing Room Furniture, Royal Aimiaster Cnrpeta, Rare and Valuable Oil Paintlngi, Library, Ac , Ac. ALLAN RTKVBN8 A CO, Auclloneera, will sell as shore all the eieasni anf ooMiy Furniture contained in said r.-ai dem-e, at 10}, o'clock this moruing preciac.y, without regard to arathar. DRAWING ROOMH Contain three wild roaewnnd Parlor suits of Pnrnltnre, rich ly carved and covered wllh crimen, greed end gold sat!a Fret,A brocatel, tete a tete Sofa* medallkm arm antlqoeand oral back t heir*, yards of ArmUlster Carpet, Mosaie Man, lsrye double mantel Mirrors, one pier Ml mr. beeutlful inlaid rosewood lady'* Box, cost fiUU, oil Painllags, by mlnnnl artists, Ac., Ac. PIANOFOR'i K. One of the moat snperb InatrnmenU wer offered at an aus tkanle, waa matte lo order for the late Mr. Maekay, by the well kaown bouse of Ktemway A Oo , of this city. n<tUM. ha* i olid rosewood frame e a-veil legs, double round corners, full Iron ti .me. Also, at the am- tune, roacwisal high back revolving nvnol, ('over. Canterbury. Munte. Ac.; i nee wed Btageres "eater and sofa Mid# Table*. Plan uveas!*, Racolg uduis, C jnwbi, Ac. DIMIM'l ROOM. Oak evtcnaloa Ptnlng Table, <?>k Hnffet Arm Chair* to match, i.bins Crrahety, labia Cutlery, hllverware, Clock, laoe and brocatel < urtaina, Ac. CHAMBKRS. Roaarrond Re,<stead*, marble top Drendng Rnrean*. Wash ?Lands, Toilet Me Is also blaea wralaul .nd mahogany B* at wad a. Rnrnana. Ac.; Uhrpata la each room; on* rut of walnut, hair cloth. I urnlture Reps, curled Hair Maureaaes. Feather Pillows, Waaksta, Mheeia, Chairs. Rufwa. Ro'kers Lhwuma and Caay Cham Also, haa?ant and kitchen Furatture, with whichih aale will ocmaumce. AHMOU'TK SAIJC at AUCTION. OK RICH HOUMBllOIJ) rvnMTVRK. K1.KOANT rbVgh OCTaVK KIAROPOKTK, KINK Oik I'aINTINIAR. BRONZgB AND HTATl'ABT, with A general aaanrumnt of anIrlee usually found la a drat elaaaiaatdaaca. this da* sad Thursday, at M Waal MUbleenih street, aaar 'I'lh arson*. I Vanmenrtns at li)t< n'slack prwelsrlr. J MII.NOK TaTUiH. aticttooaar. wtfi Mil aa'abov*. *U Us CMIWM <4 tha ho uas. rli ? PAR1AJR CONTAINS kam rttacwnnd Anita <4 aaren piece* each. rtehlr rarrod and an- I icrad m in colored bmsatel. marble tup caa.rn and aide Table*, dn. tietrersa, Oil Fainting* ptar and mantel Mimas, *eh *t aad Hmaaeia arpst*. laoe and bruaatal Curtains, i'artaa had eh! ah Vises with other Ornaments Beeuit' 1,1 aeian <* lava Plaanfnrt*. F one word enaa. oar led ,eg?. mother of pearl heps, aad Inlaid with psarL Preach Ormolu tlnek. runs 31 days. DINtMO RoOM. Ritenatoe dining Tab lea. Dinner and Tea Beta. Rtlrrrwsre, Cwttgrr. Wlaeawar* and Cruehery of all deanrtpttno* Clock. Knplhh Brussels Carpet, Paintings, Mirrors, Uaa Change iters. If Br.nRooMs sncoND and third rvooip. Rnaawonl and mahogany Bedsteads. Hnreaon. Waahatanda, IWaa, 1 hair* and Rochri*, Turkish Keay Chair* and lemngea. Ma Red a, Hruaeel* ard Inffrala Carpels Hair Mattratim Redding, Ar . all la good order an.l must be peremptorily sold In par ad rinses No aoatpnoement. Honeekewp.r* will d> pall to aiiewl. fifth and Hinh atanttp ears and Tinge* |>w near the house. Terms essh. n<??M rae be eiamlnsd hefam the sale < aulogiwa at Ihr h< Auction notice.-a 'a? >rq.inin i hoi ki Beeping, will ilMpote ate tails, all uxrtr parlor, at a great aarrlHee. me keeping, w111 dl^OM o tier and dints. n?an > .i u. I of a euparh naanfnrta made I irt ci'.r mater, aad folly - rem HtU. will be eold fartaso loclndlag wool aad lr, am raeawood drawing room ami. eorersd In green aad gnU brweataL 7 p tress, cam tin I, fnrfltO on* do. la Slue and geld brooalal. Il?>, Btsgsrs. centre Table, Bookcase. mantel Mirrors, pier do. Carpets, tdl PaiaUaga. mantel OrnaoienM, renew *d bedroom Null. Bureau, Hed?'e*d, Camawida, le.uoh, liai "bah ?a> Baffat?cnat BV<>, for tint- oak ?iler?l,. Te'ila, east INI for bSO, also all the Olaaa and ohlaaware The fur sSure has been la use about Ire months, aad la la umnplete cadsr. Inqetre isr three day**l JD Neat Twaaly slith street, aaar With arroua. Mtith arauur oars aad stage* paas near the hroaa C. T t'TTI.B, ACCf roNRICR. ?ARNIONRRH RA1.M sat " ? * . _enl not 1 aalL this oaf. 1 _ I shoe strrm aad tN Ana *tr?-t, by orlt r af Mwtgne*, the *s ? A . efa aablnet maoulaoturer a Nloek, cm L_ I anCmenl not mainl y fir ad at aurtion. A C. TL'friji will , Wada citcpXjHI edneeday. Oehrber 1, at lb1, o rlnrk. at tiS Mr* Wash <4 furniture csweimi la part of hlara nalciri, m* bngaay aad m??*i?I parlor Nuba, nmerdd la hair rimh. bn> rate! aad o*?|net, all of which ar* fully warranted r>?? ,d aad mahogsay l.hrarr aad ?? redary MrrAraaea. mahogany Rocket* ? hair* and tele a Tr'es mar lie top eesu? Tan,eg, lagrsla and Bnisaea Carpet*. Mirtnra attest na dining T.blm, A IU aad II teal tnog. oak and black ealnai dl< log Chairs blaeh walnut marl'la bip Ituflcw. marble lev dressing Bureaus. In me wood and mahuaar,;, Waahetand*. tVuemodca, Kreneb and Kll'shethaa Bed a **da, hair Mail'eaee*. IT.knra, P? liws. Ward r< tyruagee, he . Ac. 'i'r-d* ean he bueu and shipped fr m the ptewlae* at a moderate charge Cakil'-guea rea l* early no aaomac nf aa'e, Iknaekcepers and dealers will And the shore sale worthy of .iMcbik-o. AU< TION RA'.K WILLIAM TOPKINr; A <'0. TMIi OAf WKONBRDaV. 'H'lu.igR i. 1st), tl HI U'aln-b, Wil l. HI RW BMNRnUlRHKIi I.aT'R crRTiINd, Inel .ding many rerg Hi h < ???!*. To be sold wRboui ecaerre t'* i is beae'd of whom it may conncra BO IiOTR OK NKW ANl? l>Rd|HaBI.B gMHillHillCK,ad A lau. ISO caa-a V?u'?. Wisu't, Rots' sad Mlrsaa' ifitiTe and mi<>au And other ends psftleuNrr nf ?' i k will be foupd la rata kigoca, now rear.y \M N RICH ARI*N ArcTTOR11?R--V1 C tera B'yrrs, ? ? ehnea brqani aad ??attera, at auouoi hy ill II aKHt A WHlTINU, cm We'nesdir, 'Mtohar T at I"', o'ottadt, at * I rmU I niaodt at -wt. en aprintag ths larresl and baa aaiae tn o of gorilla thai baa been nfared this aeae a. tn wbt> A we r?'l the alter One of eKy aad r-v.u ry dealers. 1 etal >g ics sad runt las ready rat morning nf sale. AUCTION NOTICM. ?WILL B? HOLD AT PHI VATI ? ?!?, far aaah. two aotal r arsmd ?Ui-n nf Partnr Kuml tafW, Soreiml whb the heat Kreci-h bmratal. warranted anl d rea wisid and ap So late red m the rrrr heal sasaner one *uM sill be sola fnr bIJA and the ntbar fnr flIV. Alan ami robm pubs' suit Mnarad With green *Hs pi tab, annWatlng of twn Tie * Tetea. I Arm '"hair, I Renentlna. and ? medallwat bai-k I Mlra, will |tm antd for |U0. nae do Mngle still. ?'H.| e'lh g-cea pluab. prtec ItlO Abp' m R. RC. H. No. 71 tuth at? l - me dnnr.helnw Wsrerlf place A 0CTION RAM OK PCRRITCRIt, MM.ODRORN, to.? A. On Wadaeadar. at IN * o ol m* at Jtl Paltnn street, Ptonblja. PRlli A rt)M A'w'trmrers, eomorluar l?u Idodaaa Bureau*. Bedsteads, Inengaa carpeta. Ml t> tha, i hstra. nab sad mahogany ettenal >n Tahlaa, large 1 d of iTaabary aad HI am Warc.oah lew*. ?k i hair* AMUCTKJN NOTP K M. c. BDMT, Audianmr. KRRA t.rPUIW Jr., will sell on Wednesday, Oat. V at 13 n'e"<wb. Hi fmal of aaWw rremm. *n ?? Cedar ?nwt, rTp wlte the P.*., a Aae i>sy tmras 15", bsada btirb. Mr years nld;wiin1. btnd and g?mla tsatl harness, and sssalBwt under ths saddle, rery at.liah - rirpr sod fsm IramUar, and at great eednranne, baa tr uted hta mile In tbr*e minutes, and enot last rprlng. Rn'd -aily M tha owner has no f irthar use foe him. * U< TION NOTTCg-TO enrTTIgRN AND WNNTWRN UY liter. haria?HRhitY will sail'.Ma d*T, at . .-mrb. at 1?| *l mat street .Irwertes 7as ijs *a Pot * l ?l *? tuts cure. Ml She Hal"a* Naloon Ifuutar ?, V*ruitee:|t Mperm aad Adamat Ure ? audlea, a-u led IW, two r*e<e I etr Tn>*mn ti-ree -*.'?? Pah tie. I y Aa'e t w1?. i*. ?-a Wh.t* le ad, o?l Imrpr-e | and lc e eat'- H-gsr*, RratUj Ola, R m aad tfbsRey. m tab* aad deal, ihr a Ac. ?AJUmn AT AIVT1UM. W PuRTER * 00. AUCTIONEERS. AW ri ?RTEK lug, AUUTI"i?"?? m.immm, wn . PEREMPTORY HALM OP BLEU ANT EOENWOOD. BjsTJNVIuOD Ahl> WilAI'T K I'M* I TURK, MADE BY MKKKM. HOl'X A '* ^SnSP MANNER, A i?DI6 IN perfect ORDER Kxetlesi nwiMl PUnoforte three inagnlttceni soils mrv of <1 Parlor Furniture oo.ered n ihe mot. e pen sive and dv-s.rable pa'K-rna of French .?tin, <*?liy u-?r ? mantel Kreb.-h plsle V1' rore, elegant <jtl Palutloge ?wb Vet *et iV| i-u, i*r?r . ,.d extensive variety n? wet y ?ou? . , Waie UnCttOlua Ware of tbe ni?l expansive k"?*. gaut f'hina Wure, Tea Beta, Vsaes. Parian ware. brorie Ana* (lochs Ac The particular ? tenlloo uf 1 saaekes pere, bciel keepers sua the '.rare aeuerally In "Ailed to lACgd ad? rxisuitve catalogue i ihe atove rl'haud ooeDv HoamEOIE > araMure. Demeanors. t- , Aa . to b- gu.d At public Auotk'Q, to tie highest hi Id.-r for u..vh, At tbe 4ve story nMn'im Mo K urtrenlh *1* eel bet**en kuthth and VlntA ATCAddd* ?t litja o'clock, on Wedseaday. October 3, being th- ru-u uid deain.1 le couients < f he above Ore MOTY dwelling ho ise, '.bo whoisof wb'rb will Jiusltlrrly be sold Uj ilna* tbe mials of A bankrupt t atalt.g .?.* ri ,dy by 8 o rlorb, wbru ihe whole ad l?< e tin ned. Perlnre-Superior velvr' Carpetv thiee mm- I up.cent wiUJ rosewood Knits, covered in marnun, ulue and - ko)d. ami "rlmaon And old satm of tho most exMisivf dr airly- | lion; Uoihlc And Turklah cuty I h .lit. in m u oil aud aaUn br .aula, adl. a' a lid rosewood reception Ami >iro h?.r? i'd lu pold, bine. crimson and mvroou sail.., Urge and expensive nacno'd secretsry HoOtcAati, litica With s:ik | nud tut nwuod; tbrrc a lid ivs"wool centre rablaa with rich bUtnary marble tops, e pensively ??l pier, ivfu and tide Tables with marble tops; inreo OOAtxy rosewood Etcgcres. with marble topa. plAld I [lass doors, Ac , Dip- .ted riorrany for the o ad)em' rosewood Wort 1 able* twenty one day bfonxe ai molu Ok cks, ?;eg*nl ehl"a Vawa, wttb the m.ikt'." and penaive lui datapea. ; alnfhd u> order In Franoe; inagaltlneiit I reoch plain pier Olaaa, with ri ;b ah I Loary pold irarne; man lei Mirror to mnti-h. of tlx fct tqum, >"?. tZV; heavy em bmidered la-e window ' urtAiaa aud tlort.ioea; I .rip' an l e? teiioive variety of (ill Eaintlnira. by native artiatv. a li b at iand vape* wl-lei-?ee?p ? niHTluo viewa acrlpt .ral piejei, anpn rlur Kreri fa lllboprapba. pame pieces, An., the wbolo f in ink a very plenums c 'lie.Uur.; superior roaewood 1*1 vn 'iorte, ?py made, f illy 7 oota e, carvea lota. alsKan cake, linoh.-.l all >? mid. Inlaid plate and rlch'y set with pearl, bel' < a . il l ihle , and costly ina.runierl,'i. rtby of ioape.tlon: roaewood nlaoo Moo). < o.? red In ?aun, with an e'epant and codtlv embroidered , cover. Dliupp ruoni?hlcli velvet'.apea ry Onrpel, I pood or de ; ?< lid oak extension Tabid, all polished in the b-at m.uiner; | marble top fancy Tab'ee, Mirrors, fi.ifa lleds, < dia.ra m balr ' cloth, ro ewood Suit m coally Ir.dia autlu; topelher with all the crystal rut Ulaaaware, Wines, Ob.inipapnea, Tuaibla-s Hob lei# and Uecanteis to maicb; ri. h china Tea and l> na-r bets, eoatly btlverware. Tea and Dinner nervlce, 241 neb StlvnrA, Cake fat beta Oaatera, Oi llee and Tea l.'rnx, tfponpa. Eorka, Liquor Stand tuperlor Table Outlay, A- Uhuahera an 1 M uraery?Costly solid rosewood and mabopun) Hedsuvade, Statuary marble top Bureaua, Wasbatnn la aud Comiii rlvaU) ruHtrb, over twnty pure Hair Matlreiawi, ir.nv dO^to^UU po'e da. in?de to cr.b r. at: J in excellent ron.liUou, unnnter fan. s, lie! Spreads, i. praln Carp. ie B.slr.s,m etrrin. Cl.s-ks, ollet l ahlen. Towel Kacka, Toilet Seta, Otlulolhe, Stair Cat* I pel* and Mods mAbogiiay cushioned CbAim Mockera. Soiaa. llall stand, T'-a aud Dining Talilvs, lote.tber Willi a large and desirable aasortmeit 01 na^ement and ainvheu UtersPa, Ao., . with wlilcb the Wile will comm. nee I he a. u .u the ?t> .ye fuiniture la rendered absolutely necessary, aud will p etlttely take place without regard to walh-r. A reay met tile person will be in attenaanee to pack and ship aruelaa gob g gat gj |i,q city, at a reasonable cburje. lienoaiu aiUtfaotdfy t > the ui,i tiuneer will be r-. tared from all purcfaAAers.fc,S\le p.enive without rcpard to we.tihar. Auction koticb.-oaml a. hathkws, auo tkmrdr. ELROAMT KI RMTURK, CARl'BTF. MIRRORS Ac. BLTLKR. kClIULTE A MaTHMWU will Mil at, to morrow (Thursday; At 10*^, o'el ick, at Hie ,'our story hrown atone private residence. No. 316 lleury rtreet, between Harri son and Degrawatree a South Hr.viklj n The cntlrn elegant itiraiiare rontained In aald house, eon ?ixung In partot carved inee?ami parlor bmie In rreen and gold satin brocaUl ftni satin brocade, elegiuat French plain pier Cilaasea, r.eewouj centre and side Tablee, mahogany bofaa, chairs, Armchairs and Ro kera, in II C. walnut and mahogany dietalnp and other P urea as, Waahatvnda, toilet Crockery, Ac., French and ? th?r ltnd?te?dA. hair .nut husk Mattresaea, keathnrbeda HolMem, Plllowa, Vc., Hrnssellaud ingrain Carpe'i, Oilcloths, Ac; chln.t and (iaaanare; to gather with tn dsaort .enl of hlWben Furniture, with which the sale wll' con. met .*e A leo. a number of rb dee dl Pa1x>tings, KngrAvings, Ac. Cataloguei At the rnlearuom. Auction notice-d \niru a. mathrwr, auction. eer.- (sold ard Silver Watchee, Jewelry, An.?HUT .MR, b HULTZ A MATHEWS wUl eeil at aucm n this .lay (Wed nesday, At If!( o'clock. At salearoom No. 64 Cedar street op. pos.te the Post effloe. s number of has gold sod sdrer hunting And open fArn WaU-bra of the best makers Also, a large assortment of One Jewelry, vn ? Ifrooi heA, Earrings Brace tela vest And Unard Chains, Lockets, MAI sad stone Rings, sleeve Bntums, Studs, Ac. Also, silver plated tea, table and dexeert hpoons, F? rke, is He, Pasters, Cake nasi eta, Ac At 12 u'clark, for acrount of whom It m ty concern, 79 'J 0 genuine Ua.ana began, choke branda. 2 cases genuine Mev rscbaum Pl..?e. Catalogoea and gooda early on morning of sale. Auction notice?dami*l a. mathkws, auction ear ?Bl'TLkK. HClillLTZ A M .TrtKWS, will sell at auction 'bis day Wednesday) at 1UK o'clock, at the . ..rner uf Imlay and Siiminlt str-ela. Brtgiklyn. to p .y Morsge sod char ges, nice metallic Life Boaia, Tewkabetrj'? patent. Terms cash, fcaleposltlve^ s UCTION NOTICE -PANCT OOODE, CLOTHING, AO. A HK.NHVNiMKhN. wtU sell this day at the ttore, 191 Wit llsm street. Bole sn4 Bhoee Barn Las pi. Shaw's. Sbina, i'rtngrs, I-sors, Hoods, 11. aiery, Handkerchiefs, Inkstands. Cloth'ng, AC. Auction rale f.r unclaimed raooaob-fro* French's Hotel ?A. II CRIHTALAR. su"tluaeer 2J I Bowerv, will wll. this day. 3d laa*... at II o'clock, about lib Trucks. VaJ'scs tod t srpet Bags, containing wearing ap I pure!, Ac., I rum above house, to pay claims, suing.', Ae. Auction hale of ready made clothing, det Hoods, Ac ?A M. CHIHTsI.S R. snctl ineer. it Howry, will kell, ibis dav, At Inst . at 10.' ? o'clock, a large aaeort ment of pilot, felt, petersham cab. cassl nere and satinet F.-nrk, Mack sod Overwi.W: silk, satin, velvet an 1 c .m:mere \ csts; IN) pair camtmere and awunei Panta. .A various styles also Clubs. Velvets, HaUns und Run la, Drawera, BWckngs Ao AT Pl'BMO EA1.B-MO. 58 WM8T HEVKNTRKNTH a treat?The elegant Ant rlaea browu atonx front Hmiao aad I-ot, hulll by day ? work and in nnrtact order, will be mid an Friday nan, Rh of' omber, at II o'clock II., at iha Mar inte' kirhani dor under a Ul'HTlB 8UOl WhLX, ga. The ule will be poatuva to the klgbcat bid foreclteure of a naartgagk. laqnlre of AD 1 WkLL, 68 Wallatreet. By joaara nimtv-uiai sale or paper flanging* to the trade; Wadneeday aad Thnraday. Oeaober ? and ?. at ? o'aiooa A. M. prcdealy, at M Murray .? . _ _____ r Murray greet aear Broadway, n Y , a large and general aerortment of rich wall Pavrra. ? rtuch lieoormtlona. gold aad ralrat Fa cere, BordanLUwhidlat a rartety of low priced aatln I'apera, Blank*. Ac. The aale w peremptory, without r without regard to wea her, aad the gonde will be Paper*, reeerre, end , >e aold la Iota Vault pin ilkaeara. with a privilege to dealer*. Catalogue* ready aad Iha gonde oa new oo Tuaaday afternoon. BROWNE A NI011OLN. Ar'TIflNEEgS, WILI. SELL at auctioa Thnraday, Oatobar A atVma o-clook la frnot of aeleamowa Bo. 58 Naaaeu etrert, a good family Uorae.7 yeare o.d. IIS haada klgb. arnind. klad aad gaaib- la all harn?m; la a good dmer, a lady or child oaa drive hlai; aocnavmed to aore seek as, guae^dc. Oka be aaau at .Voir*' alable. Ho'iatoa etrrrt near Hoed way BROWNE A NICnOI-B, AHCTIONEERg. WILL sgl.l. at a >cti<je, Thnr-dav < >? tuber 4, al ooc o'elork, la front nf galreraotna ho. 3d Neman atrrrt a e* ,uful thorough br*-o anrn 1 aaddle Hone, wjoui 15 h?ude kick, without re eerre. t an be eeeo before aaie at Daeklda' rtdiag erhuol. BR'iWNE A BlCBOUI. An TIi?Kd>tH. ei-LKVOm *l ao -if HI . It Mare*. We will aril, ue I bureday. t> V-er 4. at 1 u'alorn. In (root of eaierouaa. X> Nmau etrcet a beantiful pair of blark v r.?. aevaa and etgbt teare old . nneea kaade hlgb. t rfectlr manned la form aad epeed; are feat and :.ur trarallere. ami ad aad klad la *kig,e aud 4 * harm ea they are the propertr of a Southern gentlen gutag borne and kaa ao f titbar nae for lb. m. t 'aa ba men nod driven ou application to the aoe> tU*er *. 4 too a tery nan double Ilernma, city made and pearly aew. Alt without reerrra. T>ROWME A Kiriroui. ACCTIONBERH?THrRHnAT, IJ Uot 4. at 1 k. In froa. of our aalcaroom*. 88 Sanaa* etrcet a w.rrel I! rta. 7 yaara r Id, 14', haul* hl.ih. warranted ?? ? under eouod and kind In all karnrea and undnr the aaddle, aired by Ike well known boree Mr Beery out of a Doe Juun mare, end ralacd in Vermont, waa brought her* laat fall, end trotted In 14i In I rind warm; for etrlc aad bottom cannot ba ant ptmtl. Itsdd on aecount of the praaant owner* II. health J?OWAIlI> 8t HENCE, AOCTlwNKBE. MORTOA'IB BALE Or htJPBRh Oil* Fa I ft I NUM. LATE THE J'EOFlfRTT OF THE LAIN MR 1/H'fS FKK1FFKR. m RE AT aimion 111 R A F H hCllENCC. AT THE IIAU.KRIKM (IP THE NATIONAI. AdAHSMV OF I'EHIHN. Ma - TKNTtl RTRKRT, HRIVVgRV KitOAHWAT AND THK M U'Bill AVgJfUE, OM THE BVBNIN'iH OF MtiNOaT alfll T0EMD4T OCTOBER 8 AND 9 Oommcnairg at 7>t jelort each evening The enllecl'oo eotnpr ee* a larre altar piece punted (lfTlh by Eraem'-* (f ill nne Twopcrtrail* aak nbtedly by Nams-anc t, p irrl.aeed at the lata K Irr of 'Mined ? "ale* I mdw**m bad Ag .roe by Herfh- n, llo'y Family, attributed to R , .rna. * t by Van Ee. Ac . A fruit I, loDERN FA]Y?fMON Bv Ilceiy P. fchaei'*la, In tk# etylaof Ion'* HIV. rvtle Flecee by llelii , a an.' "Ykaggnrny Marlre Vie** h> Nigh, Ita tlrart alier. lord. Landeeapee Tab learn an I Sgurow by, Ijt.n'g Van II-'g, l?a Keyear. Nobrna, I** mite, No rrl, Fetl.-, Itaumaa. Ha"eano. 'Ato. never, Retnkar l -terard Ilcn bora and n.aei other celebrated ma? er? the >b?T* Ml val itb.e oer'ler'ion tanow on eibinltum at the 'lallerlea of tlata N*tronal Aaademv of I'-xdgn, from * '^ci e-k A M tin. I 10 o'r rk f M . every day ard * *nrng urtll the **ie wbea b*y will ba po-lui?ly aold wdkotd any reeerre to the higheet bid drr. N 11?The above offer* aa m**1 rally never before met ?MhWputehaaarelo mtaln rwagy Aee -r irtt of *r? aad to* nbilc arc rre. -c?? ilUy laclted in ctamn ? Utrm. aa Any wi I " p'attlv?lf a??H aa ahora wuamit roe tare. L L'OWARH hi IIKMl'E, A POTION EEM. J!i M.KliANT iUrMNITPER, Falabngt. Mai'iary. louci \i tt pie F-iroetain* Aad 'Akei ertU-'ea of Ve in ? ft A t. W ?('H?N< K will ae.i. at tm I m. oa Tumtov, (lenober Id. at lt?H A M . al Ike inrr mm irf Klrbard K II ..gbl, Keo . cnrticruf Fifth ai -a e and Fllweu k *irnei, all Uu ela Bit r raitn-v. ' II FaJnunga. htatnery, Hrnuree. acttria viei*in? ard nker anr ee of Ver>o "oetalncd lArri u Fnnber par?|cular* of Ike aaic will be i iui.Mm, la a faw days, L'llWARDBCHK.VE. AI'iTIONBUB. Ha IMF'IRTr.K a W4I.R OF hlFKMBFRFM II ANi1F.Nl4t.IBH 1 ANCT 't'Minw Hv h. AF. B ?' IIRNl'E. i>b Tborvlay and f'nAtv. i h aiw Mb lug . at M ? o,rU?k at 'heir talam|| m So. ttl Ur iel nay ike Aral treat aa ? of lh" ai m *uperb Fancy i?ida thk arawia .eapnetnea >cry targe aagwiment of cat rely nee patterne ?- 1 decgae /tat injected otmaieting of rihR hn?.N7.io4 si FkdH Faki ?h viorRnh hRONXR, abii M a HI. K <Uy< K1 cBVKK* ami FKKMTI t lllNA V 484 DRl ' RATill I HkNt II 4*1'IhA OINNKM ,RTft hi FFRH OUT ably MUIIEMUN IIUAMnWARK. EUR) A NT OEM'iLU UOOA.M, bll.VKK > I, a i Kit lb VRR and i targe larlwy >4 Unt clogaul I .ocy r.d< TV timid* wld be mi cih.Miiun oa H--da?au , at i-? a*|?i ro in. 1.AD1KT md Ike t iiei ?,;, arc Ir.i >1 ... . i AiBlan Ih-m Fitrehae-r* 'an haio Ihalr g. -ta agm-'ull] tack^ aadakippcd ataavnal n>ML KflftARDH LOBtOt, A'TTI'ibRER ?tJHQICR OIJ1 ft Met. Ac, bettwialaa ?n >hc talc ?.?pheti Wbltne- al knetion R. fL 1.1' Hid if i > i), will ae;| *t aoci.m oa ft n day. 'takdwc 4. I*gi. at 1 n'ebwh P. M., at No. f Ih.e'ing areata corner of Mala at-eet, the 4-*k of rr-y oil Hi dctra Wtne* e,K"ialag tae hite Wtepben H'blcey -ml r* u Jerre* ilord.ia l?'inn IThA. PWinker, ITWIi Bram n I82J as IM4 llcwnrd. 1.bM; March A H?n*o*. 1814. Fom toa, If* Moo _ Moa 4erV\ IW ' sr...ho, 1>*I; Choice rtourhw.le Nwiwr* ?>a a-y Inn, he. Thero W'aea will he goaraa'cd aa that * ?? above pilrata tare t ?B,I aonr other will be dered ('atsluam* < a.i ne .^.tatred at the anrOnneer'a -dlc?. No I Flee tarc-4, oner Mrtedway. jpi^fABIM! M'HIyOW, Al*r'H1NNW FEEMMPTiiRT reinofv *t e I'reprny ? ? *" K II i n Id'W A tf?. wi'! eell al hnamht oat eadar, "<*toner 14 mi a' ill etotM, at'he M.t tat.ta l banra - H ane atrc-a? II lot* on 'be north *lde t?i H ?ac .tree' be ween Klai ?wd r*ntre a rveta tl.' id1 r : the nork*'4> corner f || *n i an ! <'< ?ue ? Thle pror cv la In Mw ipimediala vvcotty f,f One h* provaw.enta, aad from "a ceatrnl Incau >o la wen ada-wd for enmmerctal p-irpcaea A !aea? norteia ? I the p r -ba*- *r ?an rew?le <m b aid end moil ;,ye If de*lred Map* at t ? r he't ir. */? ? 'be i ft, j -?*? ? ? .e, ,?r I fgy. aear Brogteay F H ji coltok. iCCTinRui.-i.AMK PA Li: or new J . -lid sec >ud band Furniture, mahogany and uu in . black walnut 4*. HaU-Matlreaaee. 4r ?f. .a will tell ??? day iW?iowtoyi. o t J, ai ID* o cloeg, at 69 "sbrnsn ami. a lam* a??>rtm. Dt of good new and aecn-,.i baud Furniture from a I,imlly removing. It will embrace emrv kind and Je lotipuno of good parlor, din in* mum bedroom and 1 1 alio lurge '("entity of Hair kauremee uiyetber with offloe F.imiluie. wmri, kilcb' ? n goods. xr ; aia , one < r Iwo supe rior au'ti of dining room Furniture, nt iul richly alao several Kitei lion Tailed, Aa. sake will ba puafbve. ' EN AT H. I.IKDfl A GO . Al'CTIQNCKRS. bl'lJfNDID BUILDING OlTKK FOR ?IR8T CLASS ? CODNTBS HPalK. aT HKWHCHk SUPREME COURT HA1JK IN PARTITION* PIKBV U 1.KKU8 A OO will sell bj auction, <>u IM prem ises at Newborn, on Wednesday, ( otobor 3, at U ocioek ?nan, by order of the Supreme Ot art In Partition, without any reserve.?Klghl ameudld I ulldlng aitae for Brat data country aeata belonging to the estate of Won am Thayer, uniii without reserve. b. W. Fullerton, Jr. Iba. referee. The nrt> If situated two ml lea north of the Tillage of Newbury, iuulIi of the Hudaoo river, *'? J each oaroai r eam ending a aplendld view of the river and surrounding country for mare liieu thirty mliea There are two tola of IS euros each; two kou of 8 more* each: nue of 2% acme; one of 7 acre*, ore of 1U arret, and ore of IT acre a, map rising ,iver. mountain and Inland aoenery. The r1*w la aald by coatpeteul judge* to aorihta aoytbuty on the Hudem river The lot of > ven acre* ccutalra a vineyard of about J.OUO Oatawba and Isabella grapevine* tn full beai toy The 10 acre lot haa a ?Ume farm bouae. barn, and a lame ? reh ard. The 17 a.'re U1 ban a never falling .itreaia oi water throoab the oentre. The premise! arr car rounded by the eplr"dl;l nonutrj' arete of Warren I>ei in >, 'r., J liuiwn O A. Klhntt, Mrs Waddol), Urs. Page. W >!. Ed wards, P naming and others. Aa the ylew la superior m any oe the river, la a tirai rlaaa neighborhood. eaay or aoona and the land In the vicinity yearly tncreiudag In value. an oepneta ulty la 08 to ed to persons neeking a hue location foT a oountrr ?rat on thr Itudaon river. wUlrh may oarer again oooor with eiual inducements Toll- perfect. Term a, three unartera or the purchase money can remain on bond and m< rtgave for live yeara, 10 per cent no tan iny of atle and the balance on the lat November, when lha ru-edi will be dell i ered Ifapa of the properly can be obtained from the auctioneers, or of John 8. ^ hayer, gai| , at bewburg Tralna leave i b uubere at. every dav at 7 o'clock, 7.30 4, M . and atep at Piahhlll. opposite, ateamer leave* fo.? day at, 7 o'cl ?-k each day, and lha Allda at ha-f past k o'clock arr; v - Iny In time for be aale; can return by (learner or nturoad al net ?n? bur after the aale. 1 be steamer rhoe. Powell leave* every afternoon, at 3)? O'clock, fool of Jar street. Hknht h. muds, auctioneer -henry h. I.BKPB A 00. wi.I sell at auction on Thursday, Onto her 4, at 11>S o'clock, at the saleerv in. No. 23 Nassau itrr -t, k general assortment of Household Furniture removed for ooavenleoce of tale, consisting of Brussels and Ingrain Car pets. rosewood Bait, cove e<l in rrlmion rape, da covered In erlmaon brocatel; cak evleuatmi dinluy Table, oak Chairs, covered lu green leather, da oouehea. mahogany makes#*, ruiewood marble lop dressing bureaus. mahonany da., xa boganv Kolfi and let* a trim, mahogany Card r?blea. rane ?eat ' halre, roaewixid Ued-fads. maboraay do. mvhoykny marble ton Waaimtandi. Hair Mattresara, Bnalere and Pillow*, tmltauou oak ci.iifge Sulia, gtl' frame Mirrors, mantel do., Cbuodellera loyetlor wtih a la*a* afwtrtmnil of other form ture and kitchen furniture, which will be enumerated In tbe catalogue. ? H KNKY H. I.EKDR, Al'CTIONBBR. , H H. iJtKlio A CO w.11 mil at Auction on THI RSliAY, Oct ? aud k RtDAT, Oct JL At 7>a o'clock each evening, at the store No. 783 Brjndway. near Tat lb aUeet Large collection of modern oil Paintings, richly freaked, Compj lying tm- cnitre stuck of a dealer declining hminima, embrnntng every variety of anbjecta, lAndacwea. Martnea, Script oral ami Historical Subjrcta, bportlng ana llama Ptaece byy od artiats. end several very One Copies of oe'ebraled mialevn Picnirea. all rtcbly framed In the beet doable gilt fmmee. Also, feveral due nil Paintings, and a number of iplt frained V iiron?all of which will be told wltboot reaerva Now on rihibltkm TJI81T H. LEEDS, AUCTIONEER. ?HEN RT H. 11 LEKDR A OO. will sell at auctl- >n, on Wedcnada, , Octo bar 3 al 12 o'clock a Carriage. In c s?l running oritcr. HKXKY B. UKRT8. JRU AOCTIIINEKR. MBCEl YKK'H SaLK. KI.K.HANf HOUSEHOLD FrRWITrilt, By order of Moo. D. P. INukaUaM, Judge of the Supreme Oonil, On Wedniaday, Oct 3. at 10.', o'clock. At the BaUamoma Na 11, Pine (treet romprtetny t>e entire Furniture of a drat class house:?Rose' wood aeven octave Pianoforte, valuable original Oil ralntlngi by eminent masters, richly gl't French Plate Pier Mbrrora, Idtce furtaioe. Velvet. Hruae- ? and Ingrala Carpets, rtcbly carved rowseil parlor eulla. In bmustal and valval p) tab, rosewood Kteyeree. tVntre and Work tables. Wardrobes, Hed ateade Bumaua, Waahatandt, la.; also, a larit* WA of Oroche rv. China. Hlaaa. Cutlery and silver plated Ware. Card Tables. Beds. Peddtng, Ac This sale la well worthy the alien 1 Uou of bivwherpem, aa tbe furniture la all In prime order. I and will be ?old without any reserve by order of receiver. I Catalogues ready early on morning of aale. J P. M< iNTOOVERT, ACiTIONKEK ?600 CASKS . Roots, shoes and Brogans, at auction, oa Thursday. Or. ' tuber 4 at o'clock. ?l the ehire of J F. Da.le A Co Id j Corllandt ntreet. Preah aeaciuable k'o?is, sdipted to city auil cruutry trad* MDOUOUTT, AUCTIONEER ?WTLL SELL TO MOR ? row (Iburwtay) Octo'o r I. at 10>h o'elnca, at ihe aulee f'ioni -6 Naaauu street, a large a'snrtosent of bouaeb ild Fur tiliuve: Carpets, Blrrorm, Pofsa l hairs. Tel. a tetee, rturea is, Waihslnnd* Bedsteads, .VatUwaes Palllaaaes, essene.on din lug I an lea. dining Chairs, Wardrobes, Igmngee, A , Ac. Tbe wbola uj lie peremptorily sold to lb" highest bidder for eaah. MORTOAUE SALE-I WII.l. CAUHF. To BK BOLE AT auction on Wiilneeday. 4th !n"t . ai lOn rloi k forenoon. et;?? avi-mec. Billiard Tuhlea, Arm r hairs llnraod Flu urea, Lvuklng Ulaaees, OU Patulliica, Oaa suiurea shwtea As JAMR8 MaRKINKR, Attorn-y. TkgORTOAtJR BALK OP HOR<ES. WAGONS. RLKlfillS, Jfl llarnrae, Hiillalo Kobe a, Ac., on Thursday, October 4, isgu at No. 106 Fradklln atreet, at It) o'clock A.M. N^HINVIl PaLL TRADE KM OF MA ROW t KB - trc Uoo rntlcn-JoHN K V .14 ANT WKRP H EwN. A .o lioorrr will ?ell on Thursday Oct?her 4, at 10 o clort, at No 7.1 Wilbam ?Irrei, 540 In!* assorted Hhefh?ld. Ornnan ud American Hardware t'uiiery. An embracing la part, rip* rxr Tal.le Cntlrry of flil.ieoo't, larAs-m and Randrraoi. portal Inn Alan Pert* Eiilveg, In do/ana and id oarda. also So l>< nble Hsrrvl "tun* 40doreo ragl Iron bottom foal Hade. H7II nrten 4', and 4 Inch Taper Pll-a J Oregory A Co., Hbaf held. Alan in fTT?a John Russell's Tapers, bpear A Jaekaon'a Pis-bet fhiaala, 100 do/en American neat Sbrary, 40 dn.en American Head. Panel and Kin -awe, made from Hutwx a earl alee) line j.'aled Bracea, 3d bills each. IllOaaaea lUla-ta, 1 baiea two ply Hewing Telse. ne? tber ernA stork of goods crmpnals* Ale Helves. Handled aina and llatc.hcta, Ham Bni ra, a. a. baalard. aad i.tber tilea: Lochs and La tehee. NUT red end Porcelain Kobe, Irue n, bare A Ac. leree. foar moo i he credit. PMAWWHBOXKRN RAL* OF MINK A NO WOMEN 1 i lothmg -A M. CHINTALaR. aaetinweer. 23 Bowery, will eell ae Thursday, 4th law., at UlH e'elo-k. a large aaaorf meal of Pre ck, Hae k and Orerooaia, Pan be irl Vents, eelk line as a, Capes, Mantillas. bra-be andereape Rhawle, rem nan ua raaatmere < lotk. Mllha, HaUna, Ae). By order of A. J. JACK HOW dO Walker afreet fHIIMPTORT AUCTION BALI Of GOLD ANT) I Wlerer Wale bee, rick diamond aad (-eld Jewelry. Ae ?A. f'RlKT AI.AH. A ieUceneer. 23 Bowery will eell, on t'rtday, Ort. 6. a?10H o'clock. the entire atnek of an nap Tier aad dealer. cnmpr|ain| a large uannenlof Bngltsb (all .?wel ed paler t and , plate In. er*. suitable f-r the South Amewtran and Havana markelA Alan, sold kueUn( IHoarat deal -le Uir.e nle kei movement levers. Picket m-.- e-ment t'irou. meters aad self wIndia* Lanark, fr an tk- celebrated msmifartorkae of Hrillman A Co, l-oaado, Bre itlng, Prar-a Hat a. rieeaiey. Robinn n aad tAbera Ladles go'd homing el earn- nd aad enamriied Watches allrer plae-iea IvtaoAeg Lgver*. large aa sort meal of Mogllah allrer burning full jewelled Palest Lei-era. Alan, atlver hunting and open faca duplei Hetarket sav-re and e'ytinders, together wttk a rleb 'In* e>f Idamun I "foods con sisting of e meter and eing e Wnea diaaaewl,pearl and raby Kings, Plan Varrfrin, Siuda Peta, t roeaee, Aa Also 1.40V dwv at beaty line gold eruarJ Chains. Ami 74 dnaen fine Gold Pens and Pennll t'aava. Tarmaraab. Inuxwna nt'i-iirwd from pur r baser* un known to ene-Otioeer. The trade are reaper if .ily tooted Catalogues nn nowming of sale. PvWMtROERR H PAI R -B l.NVT A CO , Al"1 TION | eers. 21 Catherine street, wtel sell, Una day. at half past | ten ei'cle?k. llJOae.k and ?tber Dreaacs. men's < waking, t, Ulta, Mine a, n ,u?.-ia t aepeta, Ac., ky Older of H gBAK.eCk f, 11 Urieaatch avtaae. 1)ICHAM> WA1.TKRP. Al CTIONEBR. WILL THIR Jv day sell, at earth n (tern. 14 Baal Itrwdwty a I ' , p'elork, a eery general aad ?i-elleo! aaaurtmee t of private bn-i?r bold P'It-hit im received In be eold or -inmla - . fr-un lieii New Tnrk and Harlewt. wufoei limit or reaer-.e. crawls' lag J two Honkmaaa. aofa t'bai??. Hur-weia Waaha: .mia, e'er B" 'rig, Prenrh. plain aad l me I led a eeda f'atbe- n?n. kale Halfremaa. ' lankrta. Ueddli g atex ?e an I geerra. h: aA-n arrangements All mugl be sold Nelepwlure. s. A J. ROOAIT, AUCTIONEER"?ETCRM NO I N'fBTH WlUlatn a'.reel?This d-y at I o e'opg P M . el the tor - | ' If b g e lew- and Hroadaray .In be o lag# of V aekerw m< rtgage sale of He etsrhntd Purntture, naaung ej raasw *m Parltir ? tiltt. Mlrmea. Wmetarw curtains, enaeee od marble lop eettfre Ta' '*?, easy and rawing tTal/n. Ilreiaaela aad lagraln C?rpcl*, t,Or', the. kef Mand, u ah. gany a-d Mark walntit lledaieada, Peaiher Pwa, I'eiatera and Ptlloarw Wirgow Mefee1K aebwae de, Ta-lei e're artery aad tklaaawarwMJrer p eteel We. e k u her 1 .err I'n.-e, At. Ac. Ji UN H PARKINIITUN, AUnrmy for N. rg>|aa irm e nai'a. <aa nare. e uij ? ? ess rntie, pore nor Itf tea-ae. aiahngany M' rea a *a?', ng Mar hi ewe OUloeh Car eta H?? k.-aas, Re'r rerahtr. fV?Aa g etknrae, Crorkery, In -ken Iiraltuee, Ae. Alati 23 naera deetggtgU' mettles, Ae. OHEHIPP'R PALE?OR* tlOODH. CLOTH NU, KKW: N'k 0, Ar ? I'HaaHIR" A PalRCHILO. Aerrtlw eera. wll sell, th a day, bt I" o . Inrk hi aa.-i-.. m N >. Ill Nhhbaei wreet NkerUnga Kb.-tn ga, Hnalnea. Caileewa. ?laee t ria. ready made CVabmg, t ,ale Vesta, Panm. Cader Shirts. 1 iraw era. tkree Pewfag Marlmaa, M JOHN IBI.f.T. ?*?#. SHpmrrrp naln taluabti on. paintino ? ? I't'AdHRR" A Phi m a irtl wears will taul Una day tMedneadaO. at II n . Inrk, at aale na No III Nhaaa . Street, dec valuable Ok Painting. 1 be euieiat ere " JOHN KRiaLT, Pbwiff. TIHNAIfR PAL*-A R TUOUPhON. ArCTTONBER, f ? Ul ae 1 Ihta mm l lag, at I* , > rlork al 74 Naewan ?re?a Un.e^.1 sat.. tmeaf < f too. eb.e.1 Ware . tnnrt hw ' w II enl rererve 1 leal'rasa ?alias afll ?Mend preemyfj Alw * apteodf t eo leeilon ?/ N'ideid Herds. '? yerrbr ? and la glare ahadee. fmm ewe Mrd to t weety, of evwy arcrienen W 14.-Ike *,ira?? o< tbla sale Is eonnhv, end *Ul gtae aatlaierti w tnlkoae In waul lor owe Hi or ye die Boas at _ MTTTRRP, AfCTfONENR WT1.I, NELL. THTE ^V^Bde', at in'rhek. at t*a Canal atreet, a large aad VAlea ble aannimaai "f gveiieel k ? eeeh ild Pierniiora, Parlor e .E, pier and mker aaetw. Pre ten < |e?k Vagea. PaenttaBA Hie aer*. I'leieai Ware -entre ?r4 a bar Tab lea :ae* Cartel'a, rkwkiea*' ??4 r.iteeree, elega it velvet tapestry, three uly aad pMr far pels; l 'llet.tke mahogany Prenrh an 11'artsy Red steads ha" aprteg aed otkev Watueaeea, feaihar Itede dreaa Ire Marea A W?ikm?da, toilet rhtsa Olaea, at -nalm and Mber Tahlea. W rdndwa. rJT a I task a, nBI-e Paraltorw taMe and ned IJoeti, two eaaka Mtardv. one R rirkcw, oae ligkt Warm Ac. anltahlefor rami Ilea and nther*. w w WM WITTER*, APCTIONKER -HARBHAt/E PAI.B Tn he a. ,|d at p ihlte aale, at 444 Canal street. Ikla day. one at fa Be. I ate nd. let-tad oa for sow paiaael af a mMEoty fin* Rnle bi. tntmaoee at 2 o'clcek P M R? nedar of EtMlikaW o IOoLK, Nartkal Twelfth raglmeet n.LlA* ABRttTT, AOmioWBBR- WIU. "ELL ON thfa day. al ,0ij 0>l e* al the aalear ' una No 4 Ram Rrmutway. the ivai' of a 11 merry and LP.aue 4b?e; PMK. begara. Hcr'thbing Rrnkbee Rlaekmg, dee fea faawslara. t '?ni lert Ptr vea. Ite.1a(e?da Refngerabwe ''kaira. Reds. B'. rea na A "so .we Realeg NaeAlnc and 'tne good Horse TtiK riRMi*. flMIB V i kf HPRS A-n Ift tNf tR A RT M KM EIRE t?P 1 ft* vtef .' *ng art ley'der'.w ?ny No l|, ar.l the *lae Jtrpertn ee-in gener*', ?r? rest" nltv nvff?1 t" turn me feiera. >f "levre tl. Tag/rrt, irom Br t'hr, ?eh /jk wkw airrgu urn ft. irtdey. the Hb icet . at U ?> ->M Ik