Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 3, 1860, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 3, 1860 Page 8
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?TPJIT??Wi WAWTTO-PP^lLBf ANONrETENT YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITU A ?on x> goen'rth, ah* uiderwand* draaaiai.* ag and bu I terrain* bk? '??n Iw mil l?? |?o days *1 ber tramiH em- ' pk-ver a, No. 1 Uramercy puk, corner at ljut 21*1 ?t ( A LADY WANTS A srTUATION AS WITT NURSE rH A ? pr<v*ie'?mtly I?y r?ler-ncee In a re at Mra Limg'k, MV m a?e . between fcAb so 6Uib a la. ? well educated Toi"no lady wants a situ IV Poo uti.ln*?iM. ?!???*? Crrrnia ltd Englikh; would pe u f e to 'nil om* Addrea* Kim It . 8 , H raid If.-e. JVC-UNO GIRL WISHES A StTCATTON AN CHAM . bcrii noi watreee, or to anblbt >r the abating ?nd Am III r if i>i,iarrd. bee no nbjec too .: do homework In * mb .0 pr.vne family. Bu tb* be?i of city rtlerecte*- in-j are i iy?i but llhh *i neer 1st are. COOK ?AM K1PEKIN KD RESPECTABLE WO i wnji'n n nl'nsil"n an lirst Mm on* * wr ununnl t* uoii*( ite iery oral oi cooking in rr*t elun* n .no ab??t of eity referekoen, una bigbly reonuimeode-I on to ca nity nc.I Bohrlety. Adeem A. A.. No. 2 Laiun eaaxt, new Htb *L bod I'nlrrrt.tjr piece. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS good coi n ,.nd to amlM In the ?. uh.n,: utd Ircamg. Good ? H rrlereiice Cell*: No lO Went I'Jlb it, or?r the etire. i oinu wants a situation in a respectable A prorate family In e cud eook, ilrat rate wnnbrr end her.-.- end hu tbc beat of eny re'ecii :e. Cell at No. A)Can 0t-ti vt., below Orlnmbtn, Brooklyn, lor two (bye n SITUATION W A NTED?BY A TOCNO WOMAN, A 4?Ilrt.t iji ?u fiw Bent of city i -f.-rsnoe rom n<*r Id .Jtor. CaJ I r two dbys bt lib Went l'Jtb it , Lrnt tloor, trnel room. ARKKPKTABLB YOUNO WIDOW WANTS A SITUA itnn u bin?k- eper lu b r?toe unble fnm'ly, ten a boy If month* ? al v. .*hra '.o neve ban akirg; don m nd h.yh ?eJy to pro are b '?U Borne. Apply bt JH Canal ?t., top tloor, tmt. ??| b Mreem SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPKiCT A B LE yon?? Air), an chambermaid end wnttrene, or to but of chi.iirro end do pibin no wing. Two yearn' reference ber lent piece Cell for two d:t/e bt HI West 27tb et., be Tth and Mb art. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, who ran be high!rr-nmmer.rted, either a? lady'* maid the ent-recrarge of growing children, for both of et *? tebe the < which the te well qualified 1 An new, drent heir, wenb lm e, A?. Aopiy for two dayk at 12 Wral 9th eL YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS FIRST L cl*ne Wbi'./etn end In uantit In cbAmbertrork In A privete ?fly Three yearr' oity reference gOee from her lntt piece, a be I ere for two d?y? et 172 Beet Rib , between ares. A t B A REsPkiTABLE GIRI. WlRHRS A SITUATION AS ft cheat t-ermeid end orairtlreao. un leratand* all kinds of Bbauly ?e ? mp (Jwl rrf-r*. e cu be (I'm Tnbeneenlor two day* If not in ted et 119 let ere., between Tib end Mi. its , fMrd boor. A YOU NO <11RI, WANTS A SITUATION AS NURS1 bad k"bmnL-.M or chainne-meM end tebmnuretn; ban B1 references, tell bt West 20th n*_, between "th eny see. ? LOOT is Ills 1 ROUS OF OBTAINING A RITUATION Jl en bo tackeeper or compnnioe. Nonbj.ctitn l i leern the ee> e Chr'.tinut temfly preferred. Aldreek M. A , Bcrnid ettor. one week. A WOMAN AND HER SON WANT SITUATIONS tote-her or eeperAte. In town or country. Toe women Is A rood took or leunilrem. 1 be *oun?; man nndermteditn bnraee teeming or ?erdening Both hnve good references. Addrtm A. k . bo> l? tlorald oAoe. A RESPECTABLK GERMAN OTRL WANTS A SITU * lion en i.uly h m*id or ui tunc cere of en mfen; or grow n ehl'lrec n e nrai newer end are?-Tn*ter. dent of re fere ncen Apply el No. 327 6th eureet, i lib i nor, iroct room. A TCRT KEhPBCTABLE TOl'NG WOMAN WISHES A J3L (iv.blion en dreM-nekcr bud > hemte.-me d wltu e family te Brooklyn ran be been until engeged et 2t- Sinitb ?: , H. o-?* Kb ma. Kb ei. KRSPECTABLR PROTESTANT WOMAN W'SIIES A ?naet'm m *et n irse; the best of rote'tmca ceu e Uen be seen lor in > dnys bt 271 Went 2t/tb r... between end 10th bin A REP PRCT ABLE TOUWO WOMAN WISHES A SITU A Jn. Boil a* . himhcrm.u.l uad Wbitrena and to Nmini iu w ?nh teg lUKi igealnc; would do bo iBoroii for n ?inv11 pr rete temUv. ran get good reference from her lee; piece. < all at .11 Pb. Xc it., Brooklyn. LADY WITH A FRESH BREAST OF MILK WTSHES k culil to nurse. Apply bt lWWnter nt., Bmoklyn t RESPECTABLE PROTE6TANP WOMAN WANTS A .A uinktlno an child's n inc. u npii.le of the entire eturgr ot A3 tnfbnt from It* bino ran bring it up by or Bthrrwi*- obn Lrtng good oily reference Apply for tw i an..* u 217 Wr?l 17th *t., between Mb end 9th are*. A TOl'NG WOMAN WANTS A MTU ATION AS FIRST JV '.um newtnntr?*n. c?n cut btul Ht l?d:e*'nn l cbl'drer 'n k-e*a?* ban been bco--jtoiiied to go out by the day Call at 1 ibt id uve . neer 17lb et. A PROTECT A NT Y'OI NO WOMAN WANTS \ SITUk . aic Ba baaibermnld and w a Ireaa or to .italni In the sere e" eb-idreri. c.?u ne w en *t 'h? Itetrthhoiiee In F In u at. from the enrner f Gran.: ev., HnaStlyn, where ?h? ten llred for tbe I**', twelve montbn Geod city reference. A COMPETENT YOUNU WOM AN WISHES A HIT" A A. i* wa ireee In a ori ?U- fair.ily: btetc'y reference, two i c aoee for two d iya at lad Ennl lint et , a tew Uo-irs from M a*., neei-nd t.onr, front r>a?ro B SITUATION WANTED?BY A RKBPRi T ABLE gtrl. M do geoernl honeewo'lt. 1* a good i'bin o"?A and tent rate w.iaher and troner; gno-1 city re.'. ence. CadbiCHI W eet liiih at . between Mb an 1 9th aye k TOT NO GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO Do - B AM J\ work aid waiting or In i-m?l In the washing an I nam'ng; no et -eci ion t ? do p- nernl h einewoek n * am all private fainLy. A all at \Ut id a- , between 17tb and 1-Ji lie. k BrrUATlON WAN'TKD?BY A RCTPEi'TABTK to tog girl, to do i-ha m crwork and >eui in wuhlng and Wo ng or to take rare nt rkiMren. <'kll for two day* a! Sf7 West 5 lb 0L, te-lwrcR (jib and Ah arm. A KEPPE'TAM.K WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS iV him-emai l. I* to unit In the wuntng an.l Nniag. or a* la-indreei for a rail; prlrale family. Good cuy relerewre. Can be keen for two day* at 291 Kant 36th it. AYOVHO WOMAN WANTS A srrCATIOJt AS first rata'-hair frnui'l and *?i ar out umk? h-r.rif gt-no ra.Y aaa: L Two yrarc city r*f*-Bnre- Q>!; at Jfc) 3d ata. RBbl'KCf AHI.JC TOCNH WOMAN WANTS A SITl'A 'Km u *.*?l plain rr? *. waabrr and imnrr. ID a ?ma 1 ?n at* itmi ;. Call ai UU .~ih ??., Lessee* Aid and Ink dm. WK vty r?l*r*nr*. A NUTATION WANTMD-HT A YOl'N # WOMAN. AS ^ t .ra* and pla n ??wrr. nru cbuaVrsild t>d nla'n arsrr. or B'.rc* and to -tanial iii rfcainbOf sort St? yaarc city ff'irai'f Can h? a**r for I*m days ai *7 W?at 2, tk ai . ho tw??n l l and 7U> An . iha arc tk! . ita** b.m** tr a (th at., ' Bret loos j A HVI TaHI.K IOVM WOMAN W**T1 A NtTC I J\ A -o a? ? h ?barmaid and watt*r; m T*ry n**t At rawing; b**tfd r*f*rrn.w < *11 ai 2HU KH.-atnHh M . aocuud lloor, b* i***r. -prog aod Houatoo ?u , l r two dan I APT IS DtNIMOCBOP PRISM R'NH A SITCATION for a young woman a* aura* an 1 |>lain a*am*tr*ca aim t> a l> nwiani. and haa th* boot ct'r rrfar?n<-? Aop'? to b*r lata ?w i near, 17V Wrat Ulh A . hatwrao tth and 7lh ? ?a. for two itafa RKM'KiTAl'I.K TOI N,; nUBn-N ?IJL WAM1M I a a'raaifOnu. Apply at IJ Can tU at., between id and Id air*. AMKSPRiTANI * WOMAN WWTS k SITI'ATTON AS atara* and n do plain as* lor, or a* i ! aa'-mia I and ta d" f?? waaAh * aad tnwu a. fd rr'rr*tw* fall at II lire ?iert place. link at i an b? arrn frr : so days rti' ation wantkp-ht a RWmT t't'.r. TOCM gtrt to onok. naah ami r n m a pnratn fani'y a a* tax best et - y reference Call fur two daya as Mi 7th at r .rarr GfHShas. ___________________ Arm no woman wish** a nttc ation to pi t-Aiirr il ko tarworh In a a.-na.l tamlty, rrfrmn 'r girwti (Jail tar lsro daya at IB <"cocord at . In tk? biaem'nt Mi k srrr tnoN wantici>- nv a Mspmctthlk wo ?aa. a* for*I ? t In ? p- rat# l .ktiit. :br -at Molly ra f?r-u r < a., *i ;; Waal Hti ?. A SITrATION WaNTBP iIT A RRdrii 7TAN1.K pro A lew: ai girl. A* caik An I Id Aasiat n tiia waabiaa and Ir-oin* Hwl M' rafrr if !?,?.?? c-ll ai II? W?| Pah . iwiwem 7sk aad A ava . .baaaakctii. lor iwj da>A A^rn TOt'N'i WoAl A N WANTS A SITr ATION AS <'11 AM t rnaa'd, cr w-wild dn ? kamAar* >rkandaawin( Ooid er r r* wot na. Call at 16? Jd at . near Kth av. A^m S'TI'ATTON WANTPP?IT AN MXPIRlKNcBO t :~ a *>t, traakar aad Iroaar Haat if i? r1 f? raaaa ii ma*- tat pla? * ' an b* area for two da;a at 4*1 2d a*., katwexa -tab and 31*1 aba . iNttoPBIt <11 HI. WISHKS A SITI ATI>* TO DO j\ I or a n a rata pr -*Wf<Stly *a; I* Mo i.f two days at 1M Idtiwty M. I a am ation wt?t'i> rt a rkcbi'tarir A p rr ?McbtSbtnti'l ll*tt , t/ r* farr-t-a tram k#? iaat plar-. warr* iV haa ll' ? I -rvif ** i ??ara s.?i* nt rr.,-**ta-> ? f ?tn "al>**1 app'y, Hall at Ai >tt a ? . XI r*o ii'k and Slat ra thirl iljur, froai r ?*a. Oan ?# wrti (ef two daya If ant at. trad. k StTV ATION WANT?P BY A TOV"N<? WitPAN. AS _Jk mat IS a prmt* family, iknrmtakly an' -ra u da h r If* ii ? : > r?l - r. ' an I ? am* ta' ? .' 1 a a I WilMBA Ahh ioi no woman WANTB a am-ation a? sbam ?tr??B aapptaia fam Ir, la a rrry r? i irar- an! am braadMr**, and *aa do pool lara w>ek. * iM dn Uia rSam wr W -a ?' r* ra-l iYi|'??piai|?('rri-r > aa n* ?*?* f * I* > data at Ai IStk at, b?tarau Mb aad dtb at *a . fruu to ull d prlaaB. AhWS STAMSTRKW A rKR-iON. PCLI.V C"MPITBNT to cat ard f -klMr a hr tn a aiada r rami t ?pwxy. an ' IP baa keoainalr* f rraamaklnc ?* ? sf a !?<?? alt I ail ? la tk-* -Rt. > aa b* a*?n al U Waal AMk at a N AMPB'cav UAPT wis?Vs A < Mil P To Nl'R-'B ai krr owe r*rid*twr. da a.a tn<M a>s ataa*d ?< ar-rti tn 'y aoek ar ara widtad h< air* a dbaral rm.'iadrnuoa n-*d arpty aa did wa at. a A j )K WAMTRP Rt A TOVNtt WOMAN. A* ^ na??mm tadnwiai*;* all>*f famMy a ??? baa rtftrrf*. would b* w Ln ba ?** n far two datl A<?r.ap an otsi. wants a sitcaT'on as cbam km Hid aad NtaarM Ad<1r?aa t'i VI a? A mration as cook warrrn rt a mi-ti snaaa. tin nndaraueda all 1 da .if atop* aod raatrt jr'.naa aad Man* aiat t**, i ?ai s dty i?'ara* :*a ;pp? bar ad plara. Apply ai Wk w*w mt ? ATOONO OKRMAN HIR1, wialirs A SITV AfION ao *ka (bam rid and ?* aaaw ? ? mtiWc *?! Irmiaf; wa -bro aaad apply, .'all at * aicrma i| Ntmaii m , rra IS irrration wantbp^ht an BtfRRrKNi rp para n. aa '-mipai m ki ? >ady: wnul.1 ? ,-| M a , A ?a -tomb, or lak* raarpa of a ?'? rw*r a Ian ?,?. i,?, . , i a S* ,.*? the ap.r* T~ *"* ' " '?? ATOIRO WOMa WANT A AIMS Hbfb*rtnaid. arai w - ataMfda'd.awad. ta aatit. faiti y. t'?l *4 rr - nr. - g -o . a at M \ . ? * ? or . TfH'NO WOMAN WANT* A sir,' ATI PR yo 1 gaoarai koodrwert in a aw*, family, i all h. ? raodarycat Ml 3d aco , aaar 3M at brat *ir. a > r><?. A PI RAT RAIB'OOB. WABMBM A?P~ IKoNM* | wu?i r.. ??-' a--' 'Ij.-c.r^ ? g"r%r t. ? r k>r. baAl tt . NO 'tk r ? . ?%. nrrrnTios! wAOTwe-neiiuii. AW KMT T VBI.E PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN wans a a!inaitro ae seamatresa; -S* cut had tit chfldr*-n'e Rlotkirv and do all k-ndaoi' fami1' iewtug; ?o obyeeuon vo M.xt with tBe of eh-aireu. Cull tor two day? at M I'ja coi l ?t.. Brooklyn AVOt NG WOMAV W1SHIC4 A SITUATION AS WATT tea*. or a" chambe?aid and laundress. Call at liar p.e ?ru! employer's, 10 hi Mark'a piaoe, far two daya, ater the can bewail recommended A SITUATION WANTED-BY A BESPBCTABLE WO _fl man ti Rook; oca who thoroughly andanun.1t hrr bod nra* ami h^a had long i ipariene* tu prtv vie families. Beat if e ty reference. Call at 87 Wm 18th at, be.ween un and 7th YOUNO GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS B"RWB tnd plain sewer Can ba wall recommended. Call at -'-3 Mulberry tt , In the rear, fourth fioor A A YOUNO WOMAN WANTS a MTUATION AS oempelaiii' vailrcas, .ir ni ihambe- maid and ae-ia?tf*H4. Neat of city ret- renc- ghan. fall at .179 Kaa loth at LA DA" WANTS A CHTLD TO DRY NURfcE AT ilER own h una Apt 1 at N i II Mtiel'-a tt. A I'RfiTF-T A NT WOMAN V.'ISBKS A GTUATION as plain c^cit, >a a gaud washer and Iroer. and e cedent t, K.od city refer? Call a: 439 Wmi 16 h at Aiounu woman wants a rruATioN ro ?ravel to Gedfortla with a lady, n<irr?>acdB drejw maiing .ind ran of eh.'dren; rood city reference Call al SAC bin at., bet wean arenuea C aid D. A SITUATION WANTRO--BY A YOUNG WOMAN. In a small private tarr.Uvr, aa c-iok, waeb-r.nd ironer or to do general a luaeworh: the 'eat of <rty reference cache given. Call al 189 Nary at., Brooklyn, ircund door. ARtv PECTA BfR YOUNG GIRL WI-BFS t MTU atlon ?h good plain oak and first rate in! er and ir -err, can gt. e -Ity ref-rence from ter last plate. Call for two daja at 11< 4th nr.. between 11 lb and 12th eta. A WOMAN OF ENPRBOCNCE AND CAPABILITY DK alree a ailualion aa children'! nnree and plain ae ver; it willing to travel. Call on or addreaa R. D., care of J. K. Ftta gerald, Ob H eat 44th at AHEBI'F.iWAHLE WOMAN 18 DE81ROUB OF PRO eurltig either ladlee' or gentlemen a washing; la ao ex -el lent washer ur.d Ironer, baa n I o! e. lob to ro out by the day to work. Apply to Mrm. batman, 19 Baal la at A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as cbamberma.d and plain aewwr; ia willing to ih? in the waabtng and ironing, good city refe rence from her laat place. Call for two daya at 147 Bmllh at., corner of Wykon, Brooklyn A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WANTS A BITUA ?dfp aa nnrae aid seamstress, beat city reference. Call ?I 211 East SBth at. A REf.PF.CTARLF. YOUNG GIRL WIH YS A 8 ft tlon aa chainberm-dd hi d waitress in a nnt.l piir SITU A irate fa milv beat i-tty reier-nee. Call f ir twodayiat 77 Weal 24th ah, in the rear. A RESPECTABLE OIRL WISHES A irrCATION AS ehamb-rmaid and a-HJie'reae or .a willing todo plain eoohlng. washing and r?u og la .t nmi'i private faiudr: good city rererence. Call at 410 (ith a?., between 28th ana jOui st? , room 1. EESPETAULK GIRL WISHES A SITUATION IN a private f miiy aa ehfdrtii a nnree; nnob'eelion to do chamber*'u k or pi.lit eev. irg. or would l,he charge of a baby from 3.rib be?- clt; re erenow. Oan be s?.>-a for two daya at 1A1 * rs -Mb at., retween 7th ard 8th ara YOUNG BCOtCII Olrtl. WANTS A SITUATION TO do cl amberwnrk ltd wh-ting or ckamberwork an1 plain ur. Call at 123 Weat iilBh at., near 7'h av \ N ENGLIHII GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS CHAM A JV. bermald and seamatreaa. Apply at 104 Washington it. ARKsrECTABL* OIRI, WLSHEB A SITUATION AS wnltrrrs iirnl chambermaid in some respectable faadv Bes' of alt. reteren- e. Can be seen for two duys ?? 170 Weill Slat at., near 8th av. a RESPECTABLE" YOOKO WOMAN WANTS A BITCA .n th-n iui|goi,<l cook and baker; would ase st in lb-- waahing and Irpultig. Country preferred. Good refer?ce. i all at 87 Marlon at., In the it ar. APRCTISTANT GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS nurse un-l remai ?- v. Gijod rereren-ie fr -m her laat place. (Xll at MTKast > Ait , between 3d and 4ih ava i. TOUNU WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS COOK, " ' l No at 10 L wHsH-r ;tnd Ironer. Beat of city reference given. No ecti in to do the housework of a imLl .atniiy. Call ? Yartckti., near Charlbm. AStrUATION WANTED-BY AWOUNO OlRL, TO DO general housework, haa been three years In her laat place. City reference riven Apply at No. 8 Van Brunt ah, ruar Commerce, Brooklyn, for two daya N AMERICAN GTRI, WISHES A 8ITUATION IN THIS ity la a email lamllv, aa plain cook, .raster and ironer, I flu the fco-t " " "* " or will do the ko isewnrk lor a small familv Apply th-s day or Tb iraday ht 142 West ltfth at, bet ween 7th and yth are. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN J\ wan'* a situation aa la indreag, has gr-od refereuce i rum hrr last place. Lua be ateu for two days at 147 West loth at., in the rear. A RESPECTABLE PROTEST I NT OIRL WISHBH A iitjai.m new -Ureas In a private f.mily, or would do ehamivrw -k awl plain sawing, has g md rity rrfereuje. Ap pi. t-y-w-i ayeatSK diet it., t etween 9lli .nut lifth arm. ARK8PK0TABI.K WO* VN WAMTH A SITUATION AS i ree and (e.imalree> to.ta llted three ce.Ta Id her la* pluse. t ail at 231 ?mi 2lat at . aecond fu r, inn i row. A SITUATION WANTKD-BV A RESPK'TABLK PRO A tcOiant girl, iik obauni ermaid and wui/m ui o private f.mlly, h.efbe le-at f. tty referi n e irea her laet pmce. Cab be aeci ml 129 Wm 29th ?u, Mcund Bow, Bnt r>jtn. SITUATION WAimn-BV A RB>PF,| TABLE YOU NO man. t ? t the aeneral h nieewnrk of a em? 11 prlv a ?cm. i All M 37 VinliDA far It (ami y; ir-d i lly retrreueee. 1 All M 37 Vand.'met. fig two d.\a. 1,' the tkil fi.t ABIlSPTi-rAlU.K. HEALTUV YOCNO MARKIKI) WO m*D, * :th a rrrah >ireaa( of milk, wjtbre fMlojuil aa mi diiik. < an be area fur three d.iyaat 277 Adomaeueel, Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTID-BT V RK8PBCT3 ftl.K TOUNd girl, u rhantbermad and ?<altreaa or lauodreaa Id a ? n.all prHate family- The beau of cut reference can be guen. Call at 344 Tib at . tetwren Jld and 321 eta. anrood E our, Iron! raoea. TOD NO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AN CHAM hern vd ?r waiter (All at 110 Nam 22d at . for two daya. A vol Ml IJinr IS DESIBOCS or OBTAf.NINO A ailnal ? n aa eoreraeaa a a Sou hero fatn'li or owe fo i<b or to (A.'lf. TJla, ahe baa beeo educated In one of the Crat seboole Is Roelted. Oood reference# given. Ad drawer. V 11., 117 2d a? , between JUIb and flat au A RESPECTARI.R WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION aa pr iffwd rook. * willing to lobe the eoure charge r>f the kin ben Can 1 e area at her lani ernylcj er'o. S3 Earn 16th at-, nun 9 ui ul 12o'cAxk. A SITUATION W VNTin-BV ( TOUNO WON VN, IS . a r?d i A, a.ak?r?tl iroaer. Beea city refrreaceA Cka sr aeen at 1U9 AAb at. between 6th and 7tb at a A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RtsPEUT VBI.K Wo man. to d I s?Aral honerwnrk in a am ill private family, | tie woahtnc aod tr -airs an t plain calking U.wd cNy rrfe rrorr Call at Na 1 trammel at, between Henry id. and Real Bnmdway, foi teodaya ATOi'NC ilIRf. WISHKs A SITUATION AS ('HAM b?rmakl ane waiter, le willing to aeaiat In waahlng and irnnlne n ol city rrierrnre from her lae-. plate, via. a y mrt cook. With ?ood eliy teieiro. e trim bar laat pi tee. Oaa be a< en for tw > daje. II oat engaged, at 134 East .7u at. A RESrRCTANlB COLORED HIRL, PNOM THE f\. South, a tab- a a ait at cat aa laaadreae la a flrat rliuia fun ly Apply at 24 Karl U*h at. Aoisi. Wants a situation as WAiriK and .. ' ?atitar vtd. Beat. lay tAli at lid Ua-Uo at , L> twe- n M-iyt and Bond aw , Hrohlyr. r? RK? PS< TABLE OINI. WISRSS A sitl'ATIO* AS nwaiid toe>>MtwMi the rham' ere orb tanf a tare n ap.anti u and anScdonate In . Ai-drrn. Call at 121 Neat I. At NDRBtS WANTS A SITUATION IN t PRITAT* family. (V! at 217 3d to# . entrance in 21at at. A RESI'KCTAKJC TOCNO WOMAN WVNTS A SITU A t.oa to do genera! h>naewnrk baa the I ret of rat refe .? ? ill at 2WI W at SMh el. la tb- rear, ' rat d aw. A V Ml WO* VN WANTS A SIT' ATION AM ' >K>K ? ll i? *1 Dae aa ?t n the a hinn and Ironing. Oa.i at Ul Wi si .Ital at., net ween 7th an-l Rtb an t.w two data. SI aPWTMtl K niRl WISHES 4 SITUATION TO g- nnrbl h-ouu a rh.enn itr g--?l alty relereneelrum . at p >< e. Call at 321 'aryotl ai . K jtjto Bmuat.. n -ITUVTION WANTBO-RT V NSSTtTABT.K ? nnesNI a? rhamhern,* d anl lann fi eaa. heat rtt/ - i: to her last ptaee. ? all at 443 Waav ISttt at.. t> p'ATlON W A NT 31' RT A KKSI'3 T A II.K iet ? eaan. t->do el ami-n work ami waiting, ai I to on i) a ?a>hi -anl nun. baa II ee left -ai? In her i . k - h- -at city i-fr.rticN. in i aire at 4b 3d at., ? re- Mb as I 39?h ata ANRSUK TAIH.N MARRtm WCM VN IS A FIRST ate a >aber sod Ifeoer wrmM :*ke .n Iodine'<>r gentle m n a waahi i?. or aaah for famillea. la atoirg to <t? d By the tr. 41th - r d am Apply a. 34a Boat lath at . rat t.oor. bncs Ati i so w 'Man Wants a sitdvtion AS OOOD . p.aieera-a e-tiabe- an ' Iroaer. live the peat of ntf r? la i. e from aer a?t plare i all al or ad Ireaa *8 14 aa.. yog . er ytb at., to th- millinery eu re. for two eayt. A3I>I'Ri Tai-.f.K \<>CK<? WOMAN Wl-'ICS A SITU . a .41 aa eiuto'-ennale o?4 eeamwraeo,r? totaheaaee of a hah i all ;. r twe data al -3 Neat 22d at . betweea id and insne ??e A H* A a . Sic-ra. IaMU TOI N'I woman wimins V SITC ? ivata la-rnir to do . Itie e xer. i* ae"4l ? ant eiter and ir ->er MoethebMter i t. fur .j? *t 130 Wawt RhhW., hidween a '1VTI N W Ni . I1T A TMPK. TANl i:T< U* 4 if'. *a ? Hi, re* ?r *,i vaelat w tit the anTtmir' i enne. or aa (h*o hermal t aod to do a> Cng 91 I faen'f; le wl las and or'ig ne heel d atyr rater- ; ? ?r da.< al taiiei .? , -eveeen 20th en I SUlh at IB let .? at n-ar Ha. A a - *1 WOMV* WARTS A SltOAfl'tR VSsKvN dran a ireaw ? *?d do al. k n Va e fetwS] aewtet < . .-aid hntrdiiwilr. baa h-- ,? of it'y referewo. Oa : a' V3 ih t av.. bwaeen 3443 ami Abo ate. RNsr'h'T*N1.S I'H V'l W.'N VN WvNTH A airUA l.oa te it" kae ?r? "t ?n4a " of, Be beat artr-'e. , ? ran he nil" < -n be e?n for tir, doyaetliei ?t , a id t or. beeh mow. AWKISH PROTTNTVNT fllSI.WVMTS V S'TUvt >N tn. e ger-ra'h > tewigk p * awal pr rate |? n ,, ? -?1 Nty refere(?<?.? < V, a- 104 Waahmi w at. a SITCVTION ' WANIBD -IIT~A? RI".-r*l TABI2B Si yoaer w man. aaf-d N.toh ?e pwet tp.. nvhhgniel r maw. ivwl tf .My r?'ere?~? rtens "ten ??t| 4?. ?v- arebae lite!a., years OtttmIS ire beef el . ?h*Wi>n. ?? "adt"**. h llTU*r"T w <NT*n -BT V nn? '33 TV l.R 'i S, A ae rbanaV'Wai' end aarlw ? eaeMr.j ted Ir t. - ?? ??te- in ?r . -at ' cht -???rewe-1 ? as be seen f 'r two it >i 19th a hlrdlwr haetr'i' ODMfl r"T v* tvvf *ITVATIO*S WAMTKD? rE.HAI.K1, A TOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION TO DO XL general bo iwort; nn objection u>|nt short JlrtkCC to the now iry Coil At 223 Stanton it , thud floor, front roent. City refaromce given. ARtspE -table woman want* a situation to oonk.w9.iih And iron, the neat ot' city r9'>ivii?t < on bo given C.vll At U) Houston it, bo', ween Mutt And 'A W, (or two dayi. A b COO* OR LAUNDRESS.?A WILL RfCOWMENDED ^ jnung WOOAU d? aires a situation aa cook, aud i > assist In the washing, or is In indreaa alone; la a good oook nnd ha'*?r And h ist rate mundreee; hu !1??d with thei beet of :ami.lea -n -eh capacities; no oh,etU ju to the country. OhU At 378 lUti at., urst tiuor, irotit. * RESWEflTAhle qirl wants a situation, a* wa "cm And hambermald. Has three war*' r fererra t? her laat nmoe na t > honesty. Industry And capability, Call tt 73 Wait i7ih iL. t rat floor back room. ASITCATTON WANTED?BY A FAITHFUL, CAPABLE servant glrL to do eeneral housework; la eoootwnlcal, particularly teat, and a very superior washer and tmner. Ke teiencee uuei eeptloootle. Apply at 38 A Untie it., Itrook!: n. A OIRL WISHES A SITUATION IN A PRIVATE fan.'jy, us chambermaid and waiter; none bnt respects ble need apply ) llat the beat of city reference. AUWM days at No. 1! Atlantic at.. Brooklyn, lirat door front room A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS a SITUATION AB waltrras, In a private, up town, la willing to u slat with ch?ipl < 'work; has good city reference. Can te aeen at No. (30 West Waahlng'nn place for one day. ARK3PACTAHI E WOMAN WOULD LIKE TO OO OUT waning sod b luae cleaning; would like a situation to i leal) some ofLoaa. Gall at C6 Greenwich at , drat floor, frost room. ATOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION A8 COOK, washer and Imrier. Can be seen for two daya at 275 Mulberry at-, r oaa Mo. 8. A SITUATION WANTED?BT A TOUNO WOMAN, AS chambermaid and waitress; no objection to aland In warblng and Ironing. Baa the beat ol city refcencea. Apply at 92 Neat 19th at-, rear tkh av. AB18PBCTABLK MARRIED WOMAN WANTS A SITU ntkcm as wet nurar. Call corner of ? late and Co! i.'dou an wet nurer. Call corner of ? late and Ailumbla ate., Brooklyn. Heat o.'dty references. Wlabia to travel. A SITUATION WANTKD-BT A TOUNO OIRL AS chambermaid and seamslreaa or as chain berin.ul wattreaa Rest of dtv reference* Apply at it JOU at, be tween Broadway and Gtb av., for two days. i RESPECTABLE WOMAN WaNTS A SITUATION *Y ok tint 11*9* ml: no objection to aatist in pla n wash ing. Call at 91 Neat 19ih at, near 7th av., lirat dour. SITUATION WANTRD-BT A YOCNO OIRL TO A - . ard make teraeli peneiMNuseful; wants a good home. up ply at IbS Neat 13th at . near 8 h av. dochamberwork, aad lawtlliogM astiat In bousew 'k ATOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION, TO DO general Ac me work. In a vmal private family. Call at Z 9 Mulberry at., In the rear of J. Forney'a. A heat industrious YOUNU WOMAN. OS STEADY habits, wants R (Unatlon at rhsmbe'msid aud to atudat it wanking and ironing or would do chantherwurk and sewing; understands all kluoa of embroidery; no objection to take aare of children. C*n be ?cen tor two day* at her present employ er a. 231 Neat loth at., between 7th aad 8th avs. A RESPECTABLE TOUNO WOMAN WANT* A SITU A iloi as chambermaid and waiter or ahaaaberma'd and to aaaiat in washing. Good city refcren e. Can be ? en tor two day a el 93 Neat 19th at., between flih and 7lh avs. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG OIRL WISHES A 8ITUA tion n a ama',1 ornate fami v; is a .rat r^e uuor and ir >ner and plam iwok Heat if c.ty rt-feience. Can be been for two daya at lbfl Wed J3d at., near 8th av. A PROTESTANT ENGLISH OIRL WANTS A H1TUA thin aa nurse and take charge uf an Infant ard briug it up hv iu/id I reunired; la willing to travel, tan Pike good care ot children el sea; or would wall ? n a lady. Ooud reference. Call a; .toft ' th av , between T-'i and 23d ata A RESPECTABLE TOUNO OIRL WANTS A SITUA i; m aa olnln e?amatre?a la a good rmbroMerer and con operate on Wheeler A Nllaou'a machine Apply at hit 1st av., between 13th and Kith ata , in the jewelry shire. AS rilllD S NURSE.?A TOUNO WOMAN, IIAVINO hmar ? jcrs' eip- rtence In the above rapacuy, wau'a a situation ?? rarre; <? an excellent plata sewer; eaa give the be-t of c. y reference. fall at or adilreas lit Ka?21at at,'third floor, back room, fo' two daya A SITUATION WAN* ED ity A M08T COMPETENT yotin woman, a* chambermaid ami to do fine washing, or w .old do plain sewing: has the beat of e'ty reference from bcr las: place App y at ,1A1 2d av., ae-oud door foam 22.' at. ATOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS (7!I AM t-errraid and waitreea; bevt of rtty reference given. Call fur two da,, a at #71 Columbia at. two doors truss Woudhud, Bi onalyn AUTT'ATION WANTED-AS CHkMRERMAID and rr anetrraa or waiter. Can be aeen at her lost employer's, 197 '.Ah av . corner 23, at. AKISUECTAKI.E OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AH p.aln <*?ik, waahbr and lrrgmr. fte*t at eliy relerencea given. A niAber girl wants a situation aa chambermaid or wait rr la willing to in the waaMng and trm.liig Haa got city refrre ices Call at 233 Karl 1 Alfa at., between are. A and B. ARRTBCTABLB YOUNU WOMAN WANTS A SITUA tu n In ii nma 1 private family; plain ??ok waeh-r and Ir tier (lor*) r tj reference can be given from where aba baa U?e>1 tl?e jaari Call for two dart at zV Carroll at., third dour, bach rouwi, Brooklyn. a situation wantro-bt a RN*rwrrABi.BOiBU; A. -tie La a WBad I a.n rook. MBW and irnonr. ' flood ettj reiarencc. Can ba aeea lor taro daya at 141 Raade at, brat floor, back rooaa. A SITUATION WAN1KD-BY A YOUNQ WO*AN, aa lanndrraa, or aa rook and to do a part of the witabuur II*?tbeTery beat of clt* reference. Call fur two ? ?a AIR* ? da> a atSM Hat at. between lal and Id area A SITUATION WANTED?BT A YOUNO WOMtN TO do. hunter* >rk and aaei.t u> Uia wa*hln( and Ironing. Baa nueow pttonable d?y reference Can be aeen until en paired tt SI 13th ?l? between 6th and Ah area . ixat t! ?or AHIOHIY KRNPUCTABI.R scotch oiri. WISHRS a an anon to c ah, waa). and iron or In do general bo iaa work, la a tir?t rate cook and an eaeeUeat baker of trend, plea and rake, malemtanda her bualnea* thoroughly No on lecuc? tooity uroouatry. Call at tltt Broome at, brat floor, front num. A SITUATION WANTBD-BV A |*X)E, WHO THO /V roughly underatande her b net nee* n all tie branch,??. baa m>objeruou ro a-aNS tn lh>- oaahiig and Ironing. tiofci city rr.lerencn. t an be aeen at No. 13 aOtb at, a faw doora I rum 7lb aiauue. A RBSrSCTABLB OIRI. WAR 18 A SITUATION AH A plain rook, waaher and ?mmr. ta a amall family. Uood city refereu e Apply at 3D Kaaci at. ARBtri.TAHlJC Ola I. WANTS A SITUATION AB chambermaid and waitraaa. nr to awSal with v caning and to- nta?. ('all at Ut Went Isb M . flrat boor, back room. good city reference from her lad place. ARIHPB' TAB1.E W(?N?N WANTS A BITUATION TO d<> the -inking o f a private lamlly. an.1 t. aauat in the caching and uoait*. baa the beat of city reference i all at ft' Neat Waahirgwn place ARRSPKrWAULR YOJNO MaRRlBD WdNAN WITH a freak 'read f milk, war la a at-?um ae nurae. Can be area far owe weak at 1*10 Id ae.. third floor, front nn. ATOCNii WOMAN WISHCS A SITUATION AB bam-enr* land waltrem. and >a wiiune to do plain aewtnp. heat of wte reference free bar lae* plane Plea?e call for tbn daja at N? Hiah at., Brooklvr. Brat tl ?w. bark r **n A FASHIONAHI.B FRENCH Iir.RBSV 4KBR WIHIIK* rmplnymrwt In private faiulltaa at dr..?n*Alag either by'be day or ereek. laqt Ire at No. I, corwer cf Raat 1 Ilk at and ?th ae. APSKf-MAlSK. WHO W1SIIBH TO WORK OUT HT 'he lay oe *eek. who will engage tn eot and fl* tulle* ami chuiren a dreaaaa well, mar be naen at ho ?eel J?U at. A SITUATION WONTED-BY, A RK<tPE< Y A KI,? YoUN.l enman. aerhambermald end waltrena or to aiM*t wttb li e waaain* *nd treaiag. ha* ike heatof rltr eeferruoea. Call at W 6th ate . br re Z3t an t tSd ilk. II I day, AB.HTCH WOMAN WI-HBS A SITUATION AN' OOE, * taker and len'er, k*e tb* beat of r* ; erene?. wid (O la the country. Can bt a ??.' rfrt aa cba* bermaul and uiiriw l:ae the t eal "i reference Apply at A3* Broadway, ay ttaira. A SITU ATION WANTED -BT A KhNPt T 4HI.K TOUNO * aa rhttnbenraid aed ooree. or to do rham mr * -irk and l ot waahiug and irnetny. Ired three ?ev? In kef aM|V Call at 63 Waal Bltb u.t rter of Gtk bee . third floor, front mom A RESPECTABLE TOrNO WOMAN WANT* * STU4 A t m aa *ei mrne. I<aw gw"*l ref< inawa. la, tire at 113 Klabetk at., room So. 4 ARtSPBi TAItl E TOUNO WOMAN WI-iltK A attnatioo ae pla n rook, waaher and trvwr, w to do *eae yet Vn***ork In a am til 'aml>* Cen be area for iWO da. a at Wei W" rat -? Ji at between Sth ami Wb ara A TOUNO WOVAN wants a SITUATION as lady'a aut and tetaidtrea*. who nn erataad* dfeaa ?Mhf, or won<d take th- rare nee child. ?ood tily rofe reik e call ut Ml 3d ae., ooruec of 33th at. A SITUATION WANTKD-RT A EtNPEcT ABLE ennea woman, ae 'Bam-ermtM and eatirem; oan fur atab ?er?f?,'<> y . r reference (eni laat employe* Call for t WW'data a* If? Eaat IJtk at, beoreea lat aad 3d aeea, top fl*?w, fmwt room ATOuniI Won*n wants a situation as flret rlaaa wutreae la fatly capable of AHIng the attua ttrn; the eery teat '1 cry re'ererce can ' e r na from her net place - ce tot a pnrale family neel apply. Call at ltd W eat 3*tk at . near 7th at., for taroflefe. A SITUATION W*NTin-AS UAUSOTIOW, BT A RB ape, uab> y<> ae atrl. Sac lb* beat oi city rwftrance Call a' - JI tth N thrwe donra fnaa HaeaMfaL ? RRSntTASUR TCrWfl I1IRI. WANT* A SITUATION \ I, <1, rham'-eew.wli .ad was rr; ?>aa rre re ?aa ?? from her laat flare. (VI af 6i I.?mard *t., frs dour. a S trATlON W ANTBO-RY A Rr.rsi TaH'R OI Slid ?*?***( ? w.u.d ? ??eta( in i - waah'.E . ?"d irtnn*. ek|p>l M*r. Ilea e> 4 ft?ere e ( all ai Idddtb ?t., f w two da- a. Asm AT'iS W aNTKO-RYa SMPkrAHI* TOUNO riel io do rbambeewcek v w*rn,?, or to uai? n ihc ?ra*ima ai"* ? *im -r Uktwtr < .re ,,f .-a >.?na. Can be aeen 1 - (W . daie at ?' Weat IS'h at, n he rear. a v;r?r>! v aonu. Rs?rrtabi.s woman want-' i\ a a i Ceo a* ambwiwia .'. ? a a?? pluo aiwar, an 11 Ine wnab Ra ha* c>*t ret are area, r .n read tad (SB (a > ami rae A. ( M W??t IRb at. Vet wee Ml and Bh at a et at., r Ry-P*UT*S1C TaUV'l WoMAA WTSIIW* TO OBT a tii*. ait'iatloa inaprtra'e 'amity, n ek-iShefmatd n jr- a ? ?r?:mn.w. apr'y it II Bu k K a w iflocr A I IT' ATION WAVTrU-BT A RRSPRCTAR'.BTOf'?'1 TV II e flrw ?*a --.e-a<an,i* See .nflpm hn ? *h,y neerwSeity rWMiewi i ? mtt a: JOlt KnatSkkS, W'owd ' onr, ?a*k r*e,i. a Rirt ATION *AMM BT AN RXCKLLBNf OeOT waebaw m d ins e 'beheeto ,"ty,e'aineoe (tu e Men i ? i* 1 deyaa; ?? t ? ?? Hnalm aneon1' ,<e>r bach reran (<rMtwr?e* , >-aed. .**?< has no nStwere A blfl'ATt IN W *TF,I , a y ifo.R (II'TI. A (or** waeb ? n o'tmad pri'a*e ,aiw('y. >"*>(( refercn * Can sp tear f wm ? . a *t M m jmb ek. ?? a -en ,'Oh u.' lb ? ? . .f?- ? - ? "Bswr p a i.rt 'et frier V\n Wan n HIIATWWH WillTED-nniLES. Aokhman pbotwtant girl wants a KrtOA Uon as chambermaid tod wnitrean, vr h> d"> general Aou?? woeh in a private American or Frcao family I leaaa call At S3 71A it,, bM?m Atvil .flihata. mm hair, 'rod rows. ? SITUATION WANTED-BT A ??bp?ctabl? young girl; l? eapatile of doing chamber wora nod plate aewtng, or imnl boner w ork, ia a ama I fatally; lha beat <* reference given from her teat plaoe. Apply At M Haw Canal at. for three days. A SITUATION WANTKD-A8 CHAMBERMAID AND e?amntre? or to oo op ladies'm wltna, In ? ama 1 pwvate family; flrvt olaaa city reference ?a tochnrwteran. 'japabtllW. Cuii fa; ?ri ui her preaent employer a *2 Weal 14U> at A GOOD ORE BMAKKR WANTS A SITUATION- CAN cat and fit laolea' nod rhl drea'a dreasra, and do All kinds of ;amily sewing; would wait oo a lady it re-, Jred; good re fere uoe. OaII at i.60 ? ? h a /. I SITUATION WANTED- BY A BBHPKi'TaBLB WO mtn aa a profeaaed onnb In a prtvate tamPr; la An ex rat oook; undrrvlanda all klodl of family oookmj F.jvt rfaaa reference as to character and eapab.lity. CaD at 1W7 hast 2n-h pt, third t'oor, front. ABKSPITTABLB WOMAN WlKHKfl A MUATION AS seainatreva and . hauifa rm.vld; la capable of ukiug charge of children; <-an also operate < nlQruver A Baker a aewlug ma chine, lie at of city reference Imm her laat place, can be aeeo for two days at luh Cast -fl'h at., between 3d and Alb ira ARESPKt TAHl.l YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SI 'U.K. Unn to do cmernl hoosework in a pr'vate family, or Chunberworh. Han uo objection to|tahe care of ehl dren. satisfactory referenoa. '"an be seen for two'dav at 147 av. 1, between 11th aod lillh eta , third door. >vt '-om.EI ARKFPEi TABLE YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUA tl? n aa go d 1 lain -ook; la a au-et wuber and troner No o ertk.11 to -o i-bamberwork tnd take rare of children. Good city reference. c, at ill W.jren at., between Hoyt and Bond, booth Brook). A SITUATION W'NTKD-BY A oonn COOK AND ? baker. Good city relerecoe. < aJ at 260 Ivilngim av.. near 36th sC ATOl'NG GIRL WANrs A place as cuambbr mail and wanreea, or to goFoutk wit* a isdr. Apply at &8 Atlantic at, Brooklyn, Meoud floor, front room. J^ RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO do chnmberwork ami aewtnf. or to take earn of one or two children. A ppiy at yO Atlan-J at., Jlrouklyn, In tha at;;re. A RKPPKCTaBLB COLORED GIRL WJSHRH A SI fUA tlun, m a aen.kmen'a family at nurae; la fond of cbll dreu and nccnomed I > the eire of them; or to wail 01 n In ly. "" tw I an ie aeen from 10 to W., for t daya, at her mother 1 residence. No. 7 Proepectat, corner of Stew art at, Brooklyn. CTOOK-SITUATION WANTED, BY A WOMAN THAT J r.ndarrUtDda cooking In all its brauckea. In either Eiigllah or French atylrs. for n hole! or bmrdmg bonne, la the rite or cjufitry. Apply at El Spring et , twi dieira enet of Bruiilwny. CTOOK -SITUATION WANTED, BY A GERMAN WO J mi.", an first elans French eook in n private family, nn Geralsnra Englith and American cooking, all kind* of bread, rake, prddlnga, pantry and Are d-eaerta rreaint. jellien, IcM, and cc nfettionery Beat of city reference as to character and ability. Call a: ft DominI< k aL COOK -WANTED BY A RRSPBCTABLB GIRU A ait mtlon as cook In a amall private fawtly; It willing to arsIR wt.h the waahior and ironing; no objecUna o a private boarding h< be~t -ity reference givaa. Call far two daya at 19b Mk iv., flrat floor, tipalalra. (TOOK .* snt'ATir N WANTED-BT AN EXPERIENCED J pernoD. who onderataBda <* ? iking In all tu branch.n, la willing to to the cnarae washing If required, has aood cit? re ference Can be a*en at 179 7ih nr., corner of 22d at., aecoed floor, back ro< m. (TOOK WANTS A SITUATION -I HATE IUST BROKE J up hoi aekeening and huee u eook who haa lived wit h m# for the Nat fire yearn. I would recommend her ae uue of the bent cook a I ever bad; 1a honeat and capable. Addreae S. K. U.. box 419 Post oflicc. COOR S SITUATION WANTED-BT A RESPECT VRI.B Proientunt woman. In a am.vll private family; la willing to araul m the washing and iruring. brat of city reference can lie given. Call a: 173 Sth av , between lnh lir.h eta , for two days COOK'S SITUATION WANTED-BT A RK8PBCTABLE Sootcb woman, to eook, waab and Iron In a email private family; haa 110 objection to go a abort dlataoon In the country. Flrat nlaaa elty reference la ? good maker of b'Ul-;r. Call at ki 13 b at .between 4th and 6th a vs. (TOOK'S PITUATION WANTED-BT A HESPK' TaRLE J w. man who understand* cooking fa all Iti branches Una be a?en for ttrocaja at 1367th av , third flo>r, back rojaa. EXPFRIEN 'KD INFANT'SyfURSK ?WANTED, BT A mtdele aged Scotch woman, a attuation; would Uke pi tak* car* of a baby from the monthly nurae haa no ohje -tion to thk South or alaawhara; haa two ye.ira' reference, nubt aeen at her employer'*, 314 Medina av , two doora from StOh at. For camfornia.-situation wanted, as seam atreas, -blldrrn'a nurae and teacher. A young Gei-nun lady that apeaks KngUah want* a Mutation in the alaiva capaci ties, with a reap rotable family kolng to 1 .vllfonila where her services w ill he nnaatere.1 an equivalent for her travelluig ex peuaea. Apply lor two weeks a; 299 Knat Broadway. French dressmaking -a rrrson who th<*. ronghlv tinderaianda French dreaamak ng wiahes 10 en gage la ianilues l>y the day. Addrmaara. Johnson, 144 Kaat 16th aL ' TTOUKKKKKPRRU SITUATION WANTKll?HT A . II vnunK widow, In be family al'a waiwer ir bachelor; wh.-re there are no cLndren preferred. Addreaa M. 11., He | raid office. HOCSKkKKI'ER* SITUATION WANTRD-HT A VERT rearer-table widow l?dv. I fnrn Pennay tania, in a hotel ; or boarding bo nee; -be perfectly 'ludarntanda all kindi at I cocking. pnatry, jelllee, Ac., tn all 'heir bran -bee. >*et refa rrnrea cl en. Apply lor two daya to lira. 0., ill Earn Kid at., arrood floor, back room, ha * Hocseibbpbr-a competent rcotcii laot, who hex bad long experience in the flrat famiUee in ncot land and thla coobiit. wtabe a ettaatfcw ae bouneheeper in a flr?t claaa family 1 he best at raf>-*enoa rtrro (lall on or ' aadreaa M W., 171 ith aa . between lnh and Vtb ata , N T. 1 "IT ST PIKKN'f ? A< 1ED.?WANTKO A BITtUTION, RT A (I nteady reepectable woeaan aa Brat rale eoofc. 'indent ,nda ber buKlneea la all lie aa twig bran, hee and ba? tie beat city inference. Call for two da) a If nut aaflagad atSlUreeuwiuA ar , in the rear. MRS. FRANCE* LUCAS, LAPT'S NCR**. CA* MB ^ ^ aeeu at 1M 22 ar . Iwiow thh at., from 1 toCoVlect KOT7C1TO I,An!K?^jr*T"ARRITRD >ROM~ PARI*, a flrat claaa milliner, who wtahee for arork el home, la the* ewn material preferred. Call at 111 Warn Homaoa M. SITUATION WANTED?BT A COMPETENT NrENWRT governeen. to teaeh Ri(Hah. Ilmau and Ike rudiment* at Trww-b, would be will in* to new. Cad at 111 Wma l*h nA, from ? to A SITUATION WANTBD.-A RERPECTABI.E AMERICAN Ctrl wlabel a aiinatlon aa aramffiram. caa glee Ike beet at ref-renee Maj bneaea far two day* al Mi Kaffi Booffioa et. SITUATION WAJFUD-BT A RESBRCTABLB OIBL, aa (nod plain coA. wamber and Iroaer. ban food rah nnce from ber laet place. Cm be teen lor iwo daya at 71 ? eel Alb at, la the rear SITUATION WANTTD?RT A PROTESTANT GIKU AB i b tmbermad and waiter, or ae e me ai d do hmbraldary. Can l* area far two da> a al tan eon er at luford * and Park ar . Brock,ya. S1TUATION WANTKD-BT A RESPEiTAHUB TOUMO woman, aa euwr-e underatenda cutttnc and Siting iadiea' and cblldrea'a dreeear and al! kl da at family arwtmr. Can l>e won al h*r prwarrit place UU a died, an dheaal o< at l? an at., la lib ar , Bruoblyn. S II CATION* WANPED-BY TWO RRet'SCTABLR llrla. raw aa gor-1 plala rat and ei.-ellent w-?ber and Imoer the a her aa rharr "ermaid and to awdwt In the * a thing If required bare aiara' a red I >?eth-r and woo't U?e ki do ao again, loth w .lllar and ooMgtng heal of city refer ace. Call for two da)a u Ut Amity at. in the rc,,r. SITUATION waNTED-ht A RRSPBCTABLE WOMAN, C ae ran*, weeb- r and .roeer lb e prl. ate faau.r. g>?id. try lefru nre. Call at S l a. I; o at , near Henry Brooklyn. CTTrtTTON WANTED- ?? A RRNPE<TABLE TOMAN. t> aa frat r'<m nnok, aood ref.- eaee. Call at 111 Kama UN at. -? nod floor, back room SITUATION* WANTKD-BT TWO SISTERS ONE AS emffi. underaton.ia pantry and la aire rale aeb* and Imater; the .aber aa wailrera . hand . rtnai I or am iId aaaut in a anting ami 'rnnior If required tv<h inier?t*-d 'heir baa r.rxe. I .rat I ell, reference from tbetl former ernp'ntera 1be> ran he eeeo for two daya al <12 Jay at . near I'tlurr, BreeBlya. VJtTrtTIONS WANTEP-NT TWO TOPN1 WOMEN; it .me aa fl-*t <? aea cram, an e e lent bak?r haa no obey. 11.4. t i ami 1 In Ihewaahirjlf required; ka-'i.eii tee yea-a m ope fagoHy baa anod reir-etr \ the o:he? a- rhaianermc 1 UI..I w . trraa .<r < by?',-mat I and tewing. n jde-alan la all k -.da rf ?ami,r are i.e. tew* willing aa.l "hdgin* Can te tree for Iw i .arc at 2IW llreka at. Mr.naira, in the rrjeerr ?are. QlTrtPTICN 'I ANTED- A* CHANltPRMA'P AND O ?? *IW? r??a Ha a reec ee*an e y?in? woman at.) .-aa hrlne rnnrt tmumoaiau from bar Met place. Apply at at Heary al Br.aAlyn s m-ATfON WANTEP-RT A COMPETENT PRRNOM, bi do lldtr -Afna and eaah'na of a am til lamtly; beet efty f-neek Ob.i at A< Keel l-l ti . betweea l.eainrvwi and SITU AT'ON IVANTKP A RESPffiTARLE SINOtH lac i wfahef einel..i?net.i In aeainj liaei goodi Ar with a reeper'able family, el*he- at home or ahmad foe two ah'l Hi-a and aiprma per day. Apply at Jewa'.ry a:ire. h IH He a at Q1TU AtlON WANTR.?-RY A RE'1TCTA Nt.E TOCNO IC w man to do gr?r-a' b laewiek, (pari ct:y rafareaoa j ?r*en Call at t?7 Weet HUM n. OITUATION WINTEP-Rf A BBdTB' IA HUB TOINO O w"ir>n a* d~? ma*, r. hr the dAy nr week. na?.i at 1 m Worry. Call al the roaaer at Barren and I'owore ita . iir-? a.yp. hj1 ' l? N WaNIEP-BT a RRIfBUVABLl TOLN.I O w n e, aa ibare - em aid and awl? and Irsire, ,i % . n ? f* ? . ' all a. 212 A eat hffib a- f.c two data, from 10 A M t. t P N _'H ATl'.N WaNTFli-BT A RKSPBCTART.E T ?TJP? ? - * ni?n, n . namtw rmald and lannd-ewa t: ci at ?? ? j at . to|i fl"oT. fftmt mom OirrATIOJI W tXIEl - 11V A RBSpEfTAT.E t 'l. W.I O w. n m a? I n'?-rni\ d and nt <ln aewer and W? ae.. at a the waablb; ?r.J ir trn* <'?.! M iJ4 *th a*. QITUATfOR WANTED-'.V A TOUNO WOM?N TO DO k ? *??>< * .ahlnf and .an fie# ..ftyrein I r-now UiiallMNi>iB*;.A AT'ON WANTED-BT A RBKTBCTABLB TOl'NO O e'.ir n lb plain roob and t" amtat in tbe waan na ar,4 ; If ntey flraid rwfareeee . All al 71 w'? t I 'lh ?t OITCATION WtNTBP-BT TflO RBSPE TABLE O y ' wrraen me :w 1 npdma. the otbe aa aeamatrean f aa Ke aren fn be i rfae'l at flB ' like anare. wh-re U>ey 'red for tb* law ihr-e yenra, and Baa lea ve la ooaaa ?tm * a 'be family roln? to En opb apEarTom wXiiTitit?ht TW<T"?t?tjNu it<>"?ai?; o - ae ?ocd plala "OCA aad "rat nte wiabrr and inner, Ike iber aa dhnoiVrrneM ana wnlf-eaa BP an i'i am'at .a warh nr and Ir-. Inr / re-jneed Ho h hae? the '.ml of ml* rniere a-a Ir. m Ih-irpree.n' en.Bloyera wher- Ih-r aa IM meet nr tw < data, al 2Si T -wt ltd r . near *U ar. ^VTUATTONS WANTETWItf TWO TOCNfl WOMEN; l~ ore a- mo* tiMflMffi rAWHea. aa I w a nrat rate - a?b r ie f treed* th* -'her aa ir*!tr- or or ?ha-?'.?taaid. ?P e-.e 1 aw ? m k .ahlnj a 1 Imirr If -e.rtl-ed. "ra'i bat? '* Heft of et',' fWf' -et'*fW t' m the'* f. ?n?r rar T-ra ??%?> ' aeeti fjt t > day* ?t HffWf-; IT h A, fa rm fib icd pat IT imiTlOIIB WAHTED^nsnALEa, OJTUATIOM WAS1 ED?BY A RESECTABLE MAjr ~ *a |rut in tad KMi'tau, and to make himself r???r*lly ??efi.L Call u Kag,e Hotel, It) Ureeuwicb eL Inquire fog Leiiry Oliver. CtTCATION WASTED?BY A REBPRCTABLE WOMAN, O it. do general hmaework In a atrial private 'amlly er rl.aa berwork and v* lat in tba waahing and Iron In*. Haa four v?ar* and th'ee months ret erenoefrum her laat place. CBtlatlMWeetathl. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO woman, aa chambermaid and waitress. Beat of city refe rcneee.^Call at LSCi, Went 19th at rjiwo YOUNO WOMEN want situations, ONE AS J. chambermaid and 10 do floe washing and ironing; the other aa nnrae and walueaa, iroid reference* from their last pWce. Call at 117 Weat 24th at., between 6th and 7ih aia None but private laudlias uaed apply. TWO FIKTERS WANT SITUATIONS TOOETHER IN A private family; one to lo plain cooking and wanking aid tri ne* and the other to do chamberwor* and waiting. t'hy reierracra. Call for two day*, from 9 in the morning till 5 In the aiternoon. at 177 Adamaat., between Concord and Tlilary eta.. Brooklyn. fpo RESPECTABLE GIRLS WA?TSITUATIONS-ONE A aa cook, waaherand Ironnr, and the other aa nun barmaid and w aitreaa or to naalat In the waahtnr and Ironing. Heat city refereixca. Call for two daja at 109 lltb at., between lat and 2d aVA TO GO SOUTH-SITUATION WANTED, BY A RE. speetable girl to'ate ears of chi'dren and do plain arw Ing or to wait on a Lady. Call at No. 3 6tb?t, aeconl door, front room T17ANTED A SITU ATION. BY A PRO TEST INT YOUNG II woman, aa chambermaid and waitress, or aa nurae and aramatrevL Haa the beat of reie-ence. he aeen tor two flay* at M Kaal S2d it, between Madlam imd t'h ava. WANTBD-a SITUATION, BT A YOUNG GIRL, IN A private 'amlly, aa a nurae and to do light chamber work, or ckamherwork and whiting. Inquire for two day* at he- preaent emrloyer a, Lo.nea drug itore, ikl tith av., next lo tbe icmer of 27ih ?i ANTED? h SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABT.B young woman, aa chambermaid and w ilier, or to aaatat In the waabing ard ironira, or to do pUtu email g Th" beat of city reference from her laat place. Call fur two daja at ikl Nary at, near Myrtle ar , Brooklyn, itrai lloor, front room. WANTED?BY A TOUNG WOlfAN, A SITUATION AS Inundraaa; underaton 'a her l.n*tneaa thoroughly Beat of le- fence from bar laat plaoe. Cali a' k9 11th at, between 5th and <tf> art. ? WANTED?A SITUATION BY A RE8PE7TABLE GIRL, en chambermaid and aeamalrera. or world do waiting, 1 or take care of children: beat of eity reference given. Call for I two daya, at 22! Weat 2ti:h at. between 8th an t 9th are w WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A attention aa chambermaid and waitreat; the hem of el'.y reference can be given, from her laat plaoe. Can be aeeu for two daya at 15 Dean at., Brooklyn. 1I/-ANTKD-A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE II young woman, aa cook, waaher and troner. or do gene ral bouaewoik; haa lived three jean in her la*', place. Apply for two dnve at 66 Prince tl. WANTED- BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL, n aituntion aa pantry ghrl and to aaolat In the waitiee; ar chambermaid and waitreaa; baa lived in tome of lb" ftrvt clem families; no objections to the oonntry; la neat, willing and obliging; haa the very beat of city reference. Call at 67 Weat 20lb at, aacond Bmr. front room. WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION AS chambermaid and to do sewing; can get the beat of re irrence D om her laat place. Call at 64 5th av e. WANTED-BT A YOUNO AMERICAN GIRL. AN OR phau. it >1111*1100 aa chambermaid, or to tend children. Can be aeeu lor two da., a at 1US lot ave , third floor WANTEU-BY A RESPECTABLE TOUNG WOMAN. A xnuat'on aa cbambermald and w aller in a private faml ly. haa no objection to a private boarding konae; beat of city reference for years. Cau be aeen for two daya at 67 Weat >7tb it, naar 6th av. WET NURSB-A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A baby tn wet nuran. Call at 612 Id av., aecoad flour, back room, liooil reference. WANTED-.A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE PRO leatant girl, aa ivrk and Uundraaa. Beat city re'e rencea. aeen till auitnd at 413 8tk a\ e. YATANTKD-BY AN ELDERLY LADY, A HOME WITH rf a plain family; she la evperleored In nlckneaa aodhaa no object'.ina to go South. Cali at it Weal Grand at WANTED-BY A BESPE TYA11LK PROTESTANT GIRL, a aiiuation aa cbambermald and waiter or to take care of children and do plain aearlnr. Una lived two year a in her iaat place. Inquire at 365 8lh ava. WANTED?SITUATIONS, BY TWO RESPECTABLE yonng girla, one aa Ural rate eook or would dooookin*. and Iroalna: the other aa cbambermald and waiter ar w .uld no general houaework for a small private family. Good I'lty reference. Call at 146 Motime at. in the haaement. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A NEAT AND COM peten: pereon. tnc?*. warh anl Iron: underatand* all ktnda of rnrtla ai d poultry; la a gn?t baker, or wonid take a UiuidreH'place, good city reference. Call at U9 Weal 26th at . near Tin av. WANTID-BT A PROTISTA NT TOUNO WOMAN, A ?itiwtloD 10 do ebamhnrwort Mid flue waeh'nar. CAM nt her last pUce, where the has UreJ? four years, M Yarlek it, corner of Match WANTED?A SITUATION. BT A R1RPECT ABI.H OIRL, aa 'bamhe-maid ud waitraaa. boat dty re: err nee. Call for two da; a at 138 Waat 33d at WANTED?A SITUATION, BT A TOUNO WOMAN, IN a private family, ka plain pooh. U a r">od waabrr and trorer. wages not ao much an object aa a comfortable borne, rood rlty reference, no objection to fo to the country Call tor two days at No. dU Waal Washington place, aeoond Boor, bach room TXTANTXD-A SITUATION, BT A WOMAN, AB NORSK TT and eeamatreaa. beet of rity reference. Apply at 31 Butler at., between court and hmlth ata , Brooklyn. WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE TOONO WOMAN. A an uatloo aa chambermaid, or aa chambermaid and to do plain aewlni, e bo perfectly onderelaoda her buatneaa and doee plain aewti>i rtry Deatla: baa roid cUy refereaee. Can be area for two daya at Ud Weat 20th m. WANTED-BT A TOUNO WOMAN. A SITUATION aa Doraa; la fuNy competent to lake the entire "harm of aa la/ant from IU birth no objection to go Sou A. Haa Ike beat of etty reference. Can be aeeu for two daya at W West 11 ih at. between Sib and tth am WANTED?BT A PROTESTANT OIRL. WHO LIVED ?re yanre ta ber laal place, a alt nation ea chambermaid aad waitress, or waitress and aeaniati am Gall at Ut Id place, near Smith at , Brooklyn, from 2 till I P. M. w WANTBE?BT A RESPECTABLE EN1LISH P*0 teatant ?trl, a situation aa nurae and lad i'a maid. Ian ?1 aeamati am. would IraaeL Uood city re.arewoe. Apply at Spring at, In the aboe atore. WANTED-A BITCATION, BT A REBPE7TABLB youcrplr' as chambermaid and trader or la aaatat la washing and Ironing, or to do plain arming. Beet of city re reran ea from ber last plaoe. Call at 119 West XU at., be twaea 7th and fth am, top Boor front room, for two daya. Tl'ET NURSK WANTS A BITOATION. REFR. li renee and application to ba made to ber present employ ?r a BO Wist 23d at ANTED-BY A YOUMO OIEL. A RITUAYION AS ady'e maid and seamstress. or aa bam Be rmald and i aumatriwa i ?n be aeen at a East 2Btb ?u WANTED?A SITUATION AS f*TI AMBER V AID AND til aaelst la the washing and traatec. or to take the entire ckaree of rbl'dre*. can do all klnda of family aewinf, or In a ?mail prlrate faon y, by a reapertabie >o".n* wnm-n. Ilia beet etty reference free ber Lam p'aee. waere she bred three yearn Call M .'MS 7th en. for twJ days. 1*7ANTED?A PERMANENT SITUATION, BT A RE ii Mi able Protestant wow.n, aa atnnnurem; ahe under ?tarda dree.iratlii* In Its forma, and la a ?.k*1 p ain nearer; n'iderstaode eperattaf t n Wbee'er A WHam a machine which ah" wci.'it I .ne If required. City rel< ;-ucr Can tie ?era ei bt Warn Slat at W'ANTF.It T t RRSPE TABLE YOUNO WOMAN. A ?HtmiHm for reeeia! h i laetnwk, or to do rhemherwork nod waltm* in a am?T America > family liont references ?1rrn If re lireii Call for two days la Douglea at , second ' door from Road, Brooklyn 11' ANTED? BY A RP<"B: TART.E MEPCD WOMAN. 11 aw e family waatinr ?r ruVmeii haa'he beat or reiereoce . r honesty. Can be sera at I f. Lit . at Will fr net 1*7XT NI'RsE --BITC ATION WANTED. BT A RE ft spectacle married woman, at ber own k nar b .a * freah hreari .t ait Ik: good reference if required. Call at W1 Weal 2i?b at.. ? the rear, around thwrn tmrANTKD-A PITT ATIO*". BY A RESPKiTABLK OIRL, TT u buir erwiald and wa.'reea, or as rh?mS?rmaC,1 ar 1 ?i "tret the cook wdh Ibe wn?' leg and Ironlar; per:eetly un <? err aw*a ber b'aaueaa. and ran ewe ?ell leceamecfad. Can be seen for two daya at No. 17 Wtel lr?h at cornar store. i?c u 1 Boor, front room TRTANTED-A PITTATION, BT A RTSPKTTA BI.K IU1L TT to do ebamiierwnrk nod walitnf. or chamber work and flee washing rw won Id do plain sewing and take care of i hi I ? ?'ren iloud *y reirretire gtrcn <Nail at 233 Mulberrf at., tamed Boor, front room, far two dam Ur-ANTED- t STTTATION Rf A RESPECTABLE OIRL, TT aa chum barmaid Can be eeen at her rrtwent empl >r?r'a. * bera be haa llred for the List four j earn enn at No, IBB / delphi at, Brooklyn 1*TANTED?A SITTATION. BT A RESPECTABLE OIBL, TT at rhamb-rtnald, children's nnrar or aeamatreaa No objection In the oonntry. Call at 129 W uklngton aL WANTED-A NUTATION, BT A TOTNO WOMAN. TO do general hnnaework: baa no ol ertioa to do chamber- " work and to amtat in Ike wwah'nr and trotting. Call at No. It Tiliary, comer of Jnyet-. Br??lyn. WANTED?A SITUATION. TO DO UP STAIM WORE or take o' children by a rawai labia young girl, U react old. Call at it I: iMetd at-. Brooklyn. WANTBD-A SITTATTON. BT AN EXPERIENCED nomna. aa child a aura# la a roapoatahla family, wt, ild to Ilpbt cbamterw.irk If required, anob eetl.rH( asnort r stan-a tn the country. Caa bo anon far tw < daya at 1,'J East 11BR, between I at and 2>1 are , lint flow, back MR, T*TANTED?BT A RE8PK. TABLE OIRL, A -Itt ATION TT aa eook. araaber and Imnar la n prtmte famOy i u be twwp f wore d?y at fA Weal ZM1 el WANTED-AS CHAMBERMAID AND SNAMStREW, a Mtaabon la a auiall prlrate fandlp. by a rary oap-clw yonap wnmaa. would i.e wtiltof to aeaer wrik lb" wacktor and i ran tar Heel . in refarenw from lest , Jtoe call for uro days at ISO Bast >-'h at WANTED-A SITUATION. ST A YOnNT W.tntN, AS aeamrlreee can e it aad i : lad e# and -Mi free s dre.?.?, end will i<> by be di j. we-ak <w mootk. ' all ai .11 Vartrk ? , Brat Doer, bach r ><m. TXTAPTED?A nrVATTON, BT A RRSPK T4BI.1 TT yo- ry w. man. aa e-at -I .?e waifr in a pCrtMe fair, it, or io do cbarabrrwoHi and fieea aahtne. bet the heat of e,.y mferrnue. i an oe aeen for two days el Ml Bl.mtMSk el, up ??jure. In ike front room. AoalT ? I 72 Eaet 9?. h ?i 1*" AN TED- * "llrAflUN, S3 A TOON! R'Mi TT a' ?? u aa ">?* ? d Id d 'Jirueral h loaea :rk. i be Here at 79 Itn a at, b rd f xr II'aN'FII 'V t ;T'?Vi Tt'IMS T lUN TT ? >HmMnn an wwt usnr; she ia youef i *? a Jit, Se 'an r ' ..-e .J.J ae, u. ?feerr. A v H 9iMiH i Ibe r*ar. w 7 SITT ATIOWS WilTTED-FEM ALBS. * ANTED?KT A PROTESTANT QIEL, A SITUATION, to .10 general honmwrt, cook, nih and Iron. Cm be ?eon for two days at Ut 3d it. ~\LTANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE TOUNG WOMAN, A J* situation aa chambermaid and wlitre*!, O" to tafe* ear* 2 tfkn"0 pleta ?wta? City reiereuoe given Apply ?t Hi 7th A, rovm 10. _ RESPECT ABLM witlraaa Qali at 3d nnklyn. WAS TED-A SITUATION, KY A 7?n?? woman, a* chambermaid or w Amity .1, corner of Hkks Brooklyn. WA!!IKD-bY A M?F?t7FAHtJI woman, A 81TUA uoo ita waureaa it* * prirwt* l*milr. Bed of ciiy refe <? ??*? ?*East l?h at., for two daj*. fKim 10 Wanted-hy a joano girl, A SITUATION, to do cbamberwork and walUng, or would do general loueework tn a small family: clir reference given. tuply for two oaja at 2b3 Tth a> , between 33d and dub at third floor front room. WANTED -BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO OIRI., A alt nation aa food plain coot, and to assist tn the washing nnd Ironing, or can do cbamberwork and lire wanking ana lionleg, hen of city referesea can b? given Oaa be aeen aj 9i \V eat JOth st , between t o and 7th avs , In the milk depot. WIT RUB8K-W ANTED BY A RESPECTABLE MAl lied woman, a iltuaton ta wet nurae; beat city refe renceean lie given Call at 31 iih *L Boom N*. 10, a*ar ftui ay. EXTANT ED?IN A PBIVATX FAMILY, A SITUATION VV by a i.rmpetrnt drcgnn.iker. I* a thorough -teamstreas, rnla and His boya' clothing and can do every find of sewing. I Can be aeen lu ber present -ituntion, 3b Irving place. WANTED-BY A TOUNO WOMAN. A SITUATION AB nurae and aeamatrea* In a private family. Beat of refw t renoe from her laal place. Call at 61 5th ay. ? W' ANTED?BY A OIRL WHO IS A GOOD DRESS and akin maker and understands all kinds of fanally tewing, animation a*aeamatreas; won'd aealat In light ehanw bei work, or tend a fancyaure.^ Call at 171 Bleecker il WANTRD-A SITUATION, BT A TOUNO WOMAN, TO do cooking and U> aaalat iii waahlng Caa be aeea lor two da J a at 362 7th ar. ? \t) ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTAB1.F1 TV young woman, to do general housework In a anaall pn vate family; ta a flrat rate waaher and ironer and plain cook. Call at 697 Uraiid at. for two da) A WANTED-BY A RESPECT ABLE TOUNO OIRL. A rltuuion in do up ataira work and aaalst in waahlng or : ironing, or lo do general houae wore le a amall prirat* family. Inquiie at 313 West lbtli at. between 7th and nth arm. WANTED-A SITUATION. BT A TOUNO GIRL, AB chambermaid and waitress, or child's nurae. Apply far j three days at 301 Bowery, Irom 10 till to'clook, the beat of re I ference alveu. W' ANTED-liv A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT young woman, a tltu.iion an aharabertnald or waitress. Call for two days at 87 31th at, btween 6th ana 7tb era WANT ED-A SITUATION IN A rRIVAT* FAMILY, at cook, wa-her and lrornr. Apply at SO Bergen A., Brook I) n. up Malrt; good elty referenoe can be given. WANIED-A SITUATION BT A YOUNG WOM U, AH tirst rate cook la willing to assist with the waahlng aad in nlng. IDs ike beat of city references from her lent place. Call for two daya at S3 Weat 38th at., between Oth and 7th avae., second floor, front room. WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE TOUNG GIRL, A ?itoa'Ion as chambermaid and plain sewer, or aa anna and pUl-i aewrr. The beet of reference* given. Call far two days at 83 Main it. Brooklyn. TXTANTRD?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. A BITUA II tkn aa nook; la an eacell?nt waaher and Ironer. Hwihe beat of ettv reference from her last plane. Can be seen for two days If aot engaged at 69 tith ave., oorner of 37th at. WANTCD?BT A RESPECTABLE TOUNO WOMAN. A altuauon aa chambermaid or nurae. in a private family. Hae the beet of elty references. Can be seen at amy time at 611 Canal at. flrat floor. WAITED?BY A NICE YOUNG GIRL, A SITUATION to do up Htalrs work and plain tewing, or hotueworK fo* a small family: beet of city referaooe. Apply for two dayv at 113 Tillury a1.. Brooklyn. I I TirANTED-BY A RE sPECTABLl YOUNO WOMAN, A VT altu.iitun to do light chemberwork and eewlng, or an aurae and senroa?reaa has no objection to Ira eel beat of city . re-eri-me. Can be ami at her present employer's, 109 Worn 33.1st ! EXTANT!D?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUATION Tl aa oonk, w aaber and ironer, hae no objeelioo to do gene ral honr'wnrk tcr ft am nil family; the beat of elty raferenoo from ler last phue. Call at lib Earn 33d at, aecoad floor, front item. WANTED?A SITUATION, AS COOK IN A PRIVATE faim y, by a rtapecluble woman. Call at 298 Henry at f Brooklyn. 1 TETANTRD-A SITUATION, BT A GERMAN GIRL, TV well educated in do plain aewtag and assist In teudls* I children. Call at 117 3d av . In the store. WANTED-A SITUATION. BT A RBSPKCTABLM y on tig girl, aa aurae and aeamatreaaa, or to'do oka ? ber - work aad plain eewlng. Can give the beet at city referenoe. , Call far two at 361 East 18th at I Jo IK MA WANTRD-A SITUATION, RT A RESPECT ABLE man, to do general housework In a private famllj good plain oook, w *?ber and Ironer. Call at 81 Char.too at. WANTED-BY A MCST RESPECTABLE PEOTISTANT woman, a wit Milton aa nurse. iia-Vrstaods the eare o," an Infant from Its birth: la an exoellent seamstress; "can cut and tit liullrs' and children's dresses, oraa aeei wueea And rh am ber work Beet of city referenoe Oaa be aeeo at lh? ooroer of lith at. and 3d ay. for two da: A EXTARTED?A SITUATION, BY A EESPE'TAILE vf girl, aa good oook mid baker, is willing to avast la the washing and ironer trend reference. Call at 1ft East 11 lb st . between lataad 3d hvs. WAKTKn-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECT ABU ycnng girl. ?? rbumt'ermald and wnfcrr*. B?at of reference Call at lilt Eaat MA at., between lat and 2d aft., front room, third Boor WANTED?HY A RESPECT A HI.K TOUNO (MRU A attnaUmi aa rr.-nlar chambermaid or to do chaabarwnrk and Bna a .i?hli>g_and ironing. Boat citjr rofuiauoa. Call for two day a at ITS Weal 23d at. M or ANTED?BY A ll tf RESI'E'TT * HI.K TOUNO TT wklow viintta, a attnal'on La a am*11 family; aha It It Aral rata weaker and trooer and can do all klnda of b.maework; ?he b?a a litUa hoy fltr mm Old; aba la not particular ao to ? ages aa long aa abr mreta with a i >mf<>riabla bums for her child. Call for one week el 37 Washington au rANTKD-A SITUATION, BY A RBHPRCTABT.B gtri, to conk, wash and Iron la a arlvata, no ob hi lo go a abort distance ta tha amatrr. Beat city refk Call fur two day* at MS 7A nr.. third dotr. , ANTKIt-A SITU AT JOB, BT A TOUNO OIK* Aft cook, wether aad imatr. Hood city referenda Can ba for urn daya at bar praaaat amployar'a 1W Trt IPh at w . WANTEP-A SITUATION. BT A TOUNO WOMAN, AS " Cham barmaid aad eneinwreae. or wmld uka eara ef abi'drra. ckj reftrcuce. Can ba ataa at US Wan 37th at . aaar 7th ar. WANTED- A SITUATION IN A PIBST CLASS FAWI lr. by a Hmrk atrl, aa aaa m?>r? and to do ip lvPct Una wnabtng. baat reference aa to ahtlMy, Aa., lit ok thrra yaara In Bar laat plana. Call at SS Vaatry at. TXTANTBD-A SITUATION. BT A BBSPBcTABLB 1 TT yonair girt. tu do i.-ea*rej bt .isewnrk ta a maail prtraM> family, or to do chambrrwerk aad naaist In tha washing and Ironing (ltd city reference glean. Ua'l at (St Undaoam., near dene, for two daya. WANTED?BITU AT 10 BH, RT TWO KETPBCTABU gtrln; ana .<? o? . waeber had Ironar. tha other aa 'baabermaid and Maltreat, w old baea no oh e tloa to dr> ' teneral bon*r?'<rfc In a email famllr Hood city nfinanao , (iren. (all at E2 Atlanti. it., llruoeiyia, aeooad Honr, far two daya \1*ANTEP-A SITUATION. BT A BBSPE' T A BU TT voting woman, aa neraa. plain i aalf generally naaful. Call at 1(7 tb aot Shd at. ANTED?BY A PROTEST tNT OIRL. A SITUATION aa chan'hermnid ard wanreaa Beat of utt raft i Sana rtyea tor Mo a yatra. Call at de el are , between 12U tod 3th Ma . In tha NM truanted -a situation by a bbspbctabi.k oibu I YT Intake emo* . hlldrem; ma goad aewar and willing to make kernel! inifnL apply for tw.. d?ya at 141 Ban Ilia a. WANTED ?A SITUATION AN COOK BT A TOUNO womna naderyi n>w baking, M wllll-( 10 gaMm In w*thing and lr? ng. gold eRy reference fe>ea aer !ta*. plane. Apply B f .at Itth f . between Irrl ig place and 3d ae. TIT tNTRD? BY A RESPECTABLE TOUNO WOMAN. " at ebamberwaid and laundeeaa. naeoVV* daratanda ber ! iai... aa tkmuNy baa the heat << city ref< renre Can baatei fir two daya at KM Baa: IS.h tt ne.r 3d at. Ikf-ANTED-HT A RFSPK TAR! E TOUNO WOMAN. A TT tit :?u<ir In a prtra e family aa cmk; ahi la a drat tta rook, aad perfectly underatanda ber bislr..m llt?d three rearm in her laat p'are. Pieaae sal' at ltd Ah a* , between HHh and llih t!a.. In ma millinery Wore, for two daya. WAMBD-HY A RCSPBiT ABLB TOUNO Will (Ne A eltna'.im in a t rlt tie ,'amil/ at rkamberwmid and team etrem or ekamiwrmaM. aha perfernly nnderattndt bee h A; news. beer ,rf ally ref-renee fcim ber '?at plane. ?lnR far taw dare at ltd >3A at between IDA and II k aid , la the m liner y ? we. tR'ANTED- IT (A BB"PKi TABLE QIRte A SITUATION YT aa eh am he. meld and teamatrem, hta o? ofejeetloe N> make keneif generally earful Owl reference ra? MHWI from kee laat plana, where Me baa IIred for 0 a yeara. Plea re aall at CU 7ib nr.. between 1Mb bed Mth ate. A rd hoar, frtet mnm. tl' (NTED- * NIF!*ATION TO TARE CABB OP CHIL TT dree ard do pDin aew'pg Gea da area at ber last ?, noe, 111 Manet.eld pup-a, II em dial ?!. Tl*'ABTBT BT A RBNrRTARl.B TOUNO WONAB. A Tl a ' iOI >n at rcamh-fetahl. wnid *? (be tee w eating and r II,ag Beat mty refer mm. t Mil at 117 Wen 24k m.. for two naya. T?Ta',t*,,-bt a *?*TBt TABLB OIBU \ SITU A TT tvwi la a ?mall prira'e faml'y; la a raid plain eo-k, grind waeber and irorer and a gend 'taker can emi well rertwomeeded. Unit at Sid Weal DA at, third hoar, front nriNTUP -k! A TOUNO WONAN, A SITUATION Ty to Iratei w it. a 'ami t to New > i eane, ae .ady'i mad and wiedn <?; no nh|?etMaa pi take -are of one or two ebiMyrr Bee referee en Can he aem fir two dare at IB W * at l?tb between Tik aad Mk a*d. U|f AWTBD?A RtTUAYTnN, BY A VERY RESPB TA yy hie I'rt leeiant girl at ehtm ermaid. Ig t gond aeemntreea: ban 111 ed ten yearn In ker laat p ace. Apply I or two (ays at ? T*f ANTED 1ST A TOUNO ?ITU A Tt eliita'10,1 aa .Ira?nakar. one who m capable ?f ?? tag lac lea and ebiid'en a drenara, t ao aani'ilaaand eloaea; wlahea tntraeel WIA a lady >w wo iM ha willing hi go Booth Call at Sdt lat ar . between 1Mb and Idtb Ma drw "onr. IINM Sboek. WrANTED? A ?l ft' VTToN. BT A PR'c*BT ANT OIBU at la . dreat Can o? we. ??ommaodad. Apply al 21* F.aal 231 ?!. inaeeii let and dd aeaa. WANTrI). t f IDaTION BT A OOOD OOOB; IP A fleet < laad baker (4 bremt aad pwry- tBi INiela i I kirda ( ' met'? ar I kmiea; kea nr. oh crp.m V> am... wiA 'he plam wa-i .g k e?.| t'red line Aa heat <g referrrpea. 1 ..o be ?can irr two.'ayam 21 Triad At. near the Bowery. ^ II' A StTPATTON, BY A BRRPE'TABLB ?? tmM. ink: .iadey?acd? l er t> inlreaa thorn* yh'r- we'd baca ao co'* loo Ii the wiaktng ard I-.haatka ??! ?' *y : >peeje from her 'eel p an r? 'ST 7 lb are . krtwe?>XI.' A- * Te *1#, S nr. ?,ry, (r-rct

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