Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 4, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 4, 1860 Page 2
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TWO DZ.YS LI' f?B FEOM EUBOPE. I irm.l er t f -Vraioa d i u la at T. is Fori and Itc Cocaac l al Si. Juiui*. 'H? WOKDEKFL'L EVENTS IN ITALY., flcm BV1XUEL SO Si; TO SiPLW. Nine Jlc-urs lombardr/icnt of Ancoua by ihe Sardinians, ?AJUBAiDI\S DISiTUVST OF CAVOIR THE POSITI'iH OF THE POPE, *AF0LE0K.i8 POLICY 151 ITALY, IIPORT AST OFFICIAL DICUMEHrS. Sar' Aician Intervention f ts.s Italian ilfFairs. TH/n V E X E TI A Q 1 E ST J ? Si 4 natria Pecuniarily Unable to Defend her Provinces. tfcrtnona of the Engluh, French, Bv scic.n and Sardinian Press nmwn fi&xhess in becadmtitfs. lu., He., Km- ivum:.,p rago, Captain Uul, 'r- ,u Eorlhamploc ?m lb* 19lh alt , arrived at Lhm |>ort yesterday Turning ftnuUareoQgly with the Sazonlu, which railed ??m lfc> mbc port on tbe jtctIc i* day. TucAiagcl jg?:2Jpas aenffers, the usual ?.alls aid 300 tone of merchandise. T\x> advice* by tbeeo arrival, have been . nticlpted by I day a by the Csnuda, 'elographed off 'ape P. co on ay morning, ocd tbe North Ararr -an at <aioboc: bal Lbe reception < t our flies enable* .(to icrnlrh copious details of Imp Jibit t !:aroj-e.iu UkMUigeace down *0 tho l*vh of HapOaanbar. T*? si "airship O un-ogbt, Capt Ieitch, a-nlved t St. Jehrs, N. F., yesterday f.oin Oalway. Ireland, ?be quo ab Mdod on Tuwday, tbe liUi till. Affvwv * from h roe assert that '.be Pope Is about to is to, a ma:. Irato, calling upon the Cu.h'rllc Power* for as ?Maoee. Madrid journals if Kept. 13 stats that, In rnufffqunnof of lbs gravity of lbe situation in iba .'apaJ S'?:es, M Kios He* as, lbe B|Virlab A tuba* ador al Heme, who wis in i bare of absence, bad received orders W> return atoly to Li i t>t One of thou says a ?o that (bo government ha* presented eight pVcsa of mc.ula;n ar I'.Usvy to bis Hillness It wns thought ui Paris that the toterchac^e of cm rt> ataa between the Court* of Vienna aid Si. I'ulsrstmrg I tbe fact .f IN to-vne.llatl >n boyosd a do b', In I ol ad that had been sa.d t j lbe c .uii.ry. THE WAR IN THE PAPAL STATES. At r*Uc> ?f SirdLila (.aribnkT* DMniit ol favour Plans ?f Japolcon opinion* frvui th?- KjictUh, French, to and Sardinian Prcu. NAP?!.BON'S i 01.ICY IN ITALY. vtea ao a/t.cie fey * Oramer Qua , ? ?>, .t the hrli Pay a, f? pt. IS ] Bo many event* hare rnp, n*io *1 *r tbr othi:, to aain Italy to derUir troru lb* pith la n Brt ' ran* Ui torrent >< n had |>1.. bcr, it a >|eare t? m t? , y to r*r?U aad r. i-woe ?.< clearly * p m bio the nr u iple* ftrenfl it u which that laMrvrotion 'v*? dlreetoo The *oto least aa . cl.?j*. term fhataea of Kreneb Ky m Italy, Blurt tbr ? <"?<it *n of bulit a nt b? r .xterrd oar K.trrn rll 'ii be-rotary, <r?? to deltrer the It-' an ?rereiyt:? from a . treaty i pr'r r.r? i The pdky bad wiliMj in r ?w to p i an md to lb* 1 Bire of tha Cat..D>t3f V troaa, wh *h. in tnpo*i?|[ | oa Mm l'c. I ?ala I y part 'r. ar aj.l *? rrt tftttW. averted t ?-rt t! r d'-vcl jfaaaat of a nattoil pnl.'-y. aad vatwt I the goTt'cmtnta .n wojetllog th . ?o ty of Mm popu-ai; l# Snch an r?>, 'I ?ia '.nvolrrd b4b|d?*, In the r ?ltnt traJrti.i t Prraeb policy. ruder awry |?etruiaaat, under the Bratoralt *n aa under th.- y.v, ran -->t of Jaly. la l*il %? m JV.l. Kraacr had pr,t' lo-t. in arrrsr t wtth lu |iai a a*a : at ih ? r\ci -wire 1 m it ai >o of Anatria to Italy, ar t tbr u-mp. rary oocuseiiio & Aacooa bad efcovn to kuropt Uiat France w.mld act tiD'tr v. in ioi pan M i that asaAffaratrd- rolaattem of Aoatrtt w* oh. In Bttag un-irr bor band the cvatrr anmVr f ti,e tan eovamca*. wab lor bor t pin at to a veritable ?stria loo of tcrrtt< rr. Tbaa, iba int 'rm.iKiu of the K-np?for Vipoleo: realtaoo at Ma? and itjfrriao the proieet of li>aia Will lay barb, and Ibe mi n?c- ? of Until Philippe :,t A r oe**, ?at I i If, on lb' one band, tl.o in* rvratlou ' l'rs?re bad ' ob.'ert t*; Italy tu.ra ?'l f '-'ft pr.wire, and Ihua to to tt.c it alia a a ivrr gn? tbr mnn.aui abe oppnrt'.uily jI OOBq uerlsf tbr ?1?cti<M?e >f %?, ?erp!r by tbr practice of a at >ir aaltojal poilcy an t ar a im: it* a rat int. better nbdrrnkuvj. oa tb<- otb r it pr 'laaael to rraprct ar tetrad rifhta and, aouhly, I-er>?uM all tofi itrriv, will ton aitarlif . ir rtr.i ?>, AM the Pa,*. /, aa areil aa all eaenivbaeo arttfc lis* rdrr The rearr c' \ . a'i*t ha '?, la ? tntir.'- it ninar a? it war yal, thi pulley ?f Kratio* h. the pruu. via ? /ad ? '? ? < <1 iMIy, pad . nf^-a i --| tf <v JUm* ?-rfipii MM (A# moral pr jaMirr fat of th* j Fapmcy- * prrpati i rr< by the v- r? wtaacb aurrt 3<la It, -ud lb. i... :,*ac# It r .on jc$ oa ' I. ? ?r*rli The treaty of TlJ'afraneti did o t. p -bape, rratlM In aardlau-ty. and aU at ' Dh , ib bom f Italy. but Waaor to 1 birrs :y loo" ? > Biorb, It., it was natural to I >pe, that liana and the a rd .m of the India, wub 1 a* *n plab ibe rml. a. We do eat dMtre to #tam'.n* today ad tbr ?? .aaa vbtoh Iticdrrrd tbr tr-aty of I Jlafra- -a fn m trrra'r .? Itotoi illAlrly II r ia'1n1"rr o ? tt la rtSeat > t> . raeatl two uoportai t tb 'iff tie flr I a anirv tbr l<wi at Villafranra lb* policy of Waller baa not rh ?' -<1 lb"*,,"yid ?, ibat fTancr baa rooat rut u.' l^n, 4\?l \ ahot iroMi an* catarprla* Mamr?l oata r it- rhj r ? arttkd at Vlltafranea, and whK' I'.r 'mnet bar ta?%U L'ratU I'dnu I to uln In J r vtly, or tacitly to raw d cir .io % V* i ' be tac tew,?nt of l**,ui patrict*. touch r than tier it.*.-, t aad all. r? ? ?h of tfcc poj uiMluaf, c"?r an I rtd'i. nt tr.r Ihich i a aad T*a r I rar * lUmrrlr |iaIM, Ir -I her al y t-> * ? 1 itn | tyuWitleaat I. mhardy waa a aueirtontia baad aasr pr '? "f ? n^-1> i tvlrrUk- a, U n-.a .r it rra* r. ablr to u nt Umr ? lb and it war r"?>d fm I'jrd Mont-Ml **x 'Ctaa.c to I .rape to II v IW, tVn anamnr- i WbHWI lhae pair-tlatn o b^r it.4 rjf \a.l Aa to ftai? *, hrr altaat n win rrrvamp r , .4 V . wl'iy* IV Iim'tac a-r?-nj?il. -V - ;,j,( jwfiifn a d> ^ "he I. *n, an 1. 'n j"'rf\?Uy rf: ray Iting tl ?>? Ihb t? ??>* war b- aa 1 in clear y dA anil <|ct ?nil'.* i t . r ? a * f i w i t la t w t tC d to 1 . P Vbhi adra.TC :? ?"'dharatrf IV - I u. ybf I r dbty toar rr the fr* rt-rrvntaMoa frncr wrmv aod ware bwato ' ?' ?*. w-. Hn.rrr. > ? t mere amal Tj? Ma of tt * !bira ',? of T,:?rvij f. 1 r ot i.Tmi emiailtnt.' d"ftt Italy an Itn aa a- "all a. the fata of the t#*atloe? a botbi '<" por'lon oft!C itn Iftat. tovWrwl'. ior-m i?~t. l&g? d .caiio-., a nor*; ml poUticbl it'rt o? et t V *u Ofwh.h Frtoicr '.** a i to"' intrrret. tr?d tl >ca. ? R?kBaw? tow clear tlx"* rrprmrt-taf a? o' I -tu.-r arrrr r"i t. " V 1 tati"b ?< <b !'. rnapoa. Ci r.?i ?yraBr?ta*t ir ' cndlf rr? **!*&). rred' -r I ih n u adbeartn ? bat tb* 1warv?B Ml brtwrea ' - ' a. d riadtto. MMjiMd tfeanSy trt *'? -wwety >? I *r .**., an 11 I . All Uk?" ibtrrna. Wr a w ta of elf awaiMd. a* a*y btlU twaH. tbr ?aa<t;*i\ a* iV"pa, tad? "rr r?c n ttol tbinf-tb* P?iarr ,p aa It' I* at id. at It -'.afcrj. bared w<th a: 4* power ta? v< .W p-vra^atirra nadar MaiMrr hucr Whm. latr-. b n' aad r<tv' tto* ar'Ut. m toolr Inaae. nodrr wbu t tha '? o? *.**?"?? baa . t *uc abed ?c. it ? - . ,'ly ?tid V iMr prracreraid is her p>.mj Mm titid f fy,*n " jnd'ttorrotly eabWdef.'-i (m . .?? ,\t ,i?-norc P . bed bdr red PI - eat to al tan An rated bv n n ?w4 \ * ? B * convict d*. prrtepi drive* cm a ?i i fhii . ia Morn of rt ar ft cr p a ???* . i l? ?l"' i ?i ".w yi ?ii 1 J.h i wircny r-rcaa'ar* to ana. r*l hfrne, r,- ,n ^OvVrrorU <* Pici'T AT I S* >'? W'bOdV IbW dasbtod " "T. -> either tbr Joy whi-h -br ft-rttaer of 77 - rt r*Ml tb r>er!ui(.ot. a or tbr loyd abMtntloa f5 mTb? w wh. b ir I lo the +*r VUl * PVaiira hi ajtfcvr if 7* abort, a r*6 th peaM of V'llafrMM VMftM feM Trevor .f - ??? 1 V <r->> ? tb- !*";?">?r,;,a '"';h P.S' Lor 10 . ?!? *> ' '"t " u "y 1 1#<1 it < t bi - ?>> r ?*" mor* ?ud tturt Irwo Uiii pre. iptag. '? w*. fi?T to tar MM '.&?? UJ' "1 Vapl* *?'> ^CUr ?1 ill ?r I ID" aaltatioi if the Ttattau patriot* to tho , ,1 pi, in) liiora otuer attempt* b*v . t ,,r' mo reibiaitoe of ibeir an .mi of unity. j?. ,,f .'ny ou'ttrijifttj by Chit tfroty ^at?Ut) sua .. i; ' j Af a. iy o?ir.!r? i,i.g a.,1 f yukUmg u t y ptiu. >\rt t ii ? ri 'i. ,f.i if>,-!ar (o A<n* wip-M 4 f*icli? ml !o A.r drtliirat.'r j cadi ui/r.fed apatwt iA< SJu'.&i of 7n Chi-rch Hero Franco could not rent content with ft d.iatvord, bowev, i ? x pi Hit It rii ?ht b?, wtu? Piedmont: i ibe 'Jon itr*:. wtmt i4 this morning justly m>?, * l.w?vu*?i *? Mowtry Let tb- It*! .*&? be free t? dream of whale fee inl real fbrmimt may pit iwn, w"h Um rr-oerte tun thus trust gtt Fur p" V. ?Miction it but At u/ere-t >?/ CVh>H ~.m, a* I f *?' ftfif iy y tii A ryn?uu toJ c /n\jiru*t it . tin t?|? t r t'j wif i tic* <*f'?i*t mm% io"?? in terior e ?m f (V j> K me t? the t/ilii jn* int. rti-ith tril avl b*i toned, of the gown meat C? F lii*'.> so t ? y, r ji'-ti'eon or rk jiu, ij I 4 f ?? fiyo i : >. y f I*-, imporuteutberty ttmemary to t\, ? ? ? T-. of auturuy, at Umg M Frcrtct n-.? l'ain; A-t r#t>i( I' tA* M.-t'ii H <' v i ?;r r *ri '>ti lit Kmio tiM, thoTtfTO, beon In ?- surd 'n *c ? to pre vide for *11 orebtailKiee, *Q'l tbe Mil iter - frimo it Tjtln, b.u beoo i*ec*U?sd, iom tt? mik' icr?D to PiortTSom tbe ponoy of Fr*ooo?for iks tn iwe It perfectlj . b? h'I tb*; repnoeot*tloo wbico hio# i bite' r .1 to lie*?tb*B to g ?e? rcbllo pledge Vo tb a right ' eatioi .v h'i t ' *i b on violated, *i?d to tbo W y elty *>1" luropf , Uo !. cowtderatk n, bowevergr*v?4nd regreUb e - al* Lt?t Incident 'n the Ii toroal troubl -z of Italy may bo , it do?" Dot Mm to u? t wnvable to be (Yigbieuel > ii isivily by U. Two fh *..g iMWlonto be r* J .eg Iteace will defend E in tnd the Pbpwy in r ?ud ?pwltist #?!- so ?ci:h !r Oervaio; Ken'ie rarool d*i v luterpoung in Ibe eiTitr; if llie iieu.i euLt to put ? stop to tjf illm ruii! d lirn'.iLC itr raiuit. Tbe lUHan patnott and lJie.lm >nt liavo been Rble to if .ui* 'tar, hut 11 is tor ' r?*>o> and t'orope deflnitirely t? . ii?ti '' ? i' ?xritetaoiit, after tbe ammtlou aftrr ti" i pi- will' u?go*d scnac ai>i the ipirit of rr''tieratn n ai.f 'i s, tinii. fit of the fjo-oetton oilhor t bo a'armod Irritated. . t *r aui rcj'ut wiU{ ttluonpU at I a* I r i > a V ro Tb" fate of he pen'naulu tml 1 .1 do, l i what General GaribalJi may do; lb' -oeurity of tbo i'oi c d'*a Dot deponJ on wbit the w. i iw ct tWdlota r of Geo. Iaraoriclore may do. Th*ja:*tfiUUyanl *m -ityiftke Fvi>ta.' mUir htthdi of K\t. j.* i r. i of ha' Ihi* ia tt tsay, thai men ol' mum n uy leasMroro theniMlfM. THK BAPD1NIAN INTERVENTION. The Turin a Oat turniBhre tte text "f tbe mo mniabduoi a crrraed by the PirCin'an governm' Ut to ii* MpreMOtativca at (ureiKO coum in t xiilauatloc of ttn in >tivce fm Biaiehiog tio,i|?i iul" the Itomau Htaies Tbo do<"'metit, whtcb I tare tbe date of tbe 12tb inat , la a* loilowl ? tbo |? ace ol \ lllafiar \i by airnrtng to the Tta'.iang the right of dlspwliigef tti ir own tale, enabicl the pop >1* of I" liooi of icvi ral piov or a of tbo nnrtb and centre of the Itai'hu i?*)Hisula to ?ub<-tu :lo tbo national government of Kmc Victor Kiuan'.ei Itr government* aubjwt to fo retgn n ? lance Inli fit traniforjtt in hvi been accempl'.ebed with adi'irabk order, w th." t rt In orbing any one of th* pnn ripni upon whu-n in,., or Or ii baaed. Tb" event* that bain hern aocompi abed ui Kindia and in Tuaeanyhne pr ivec to K?r(",K' Hiat ttie Italian!, t?r from being Aetna t d by anarcbieal pa >s;on? only ?a*o l to be govcroed by fr" ? i r,K iona ii st ' icrr I' thti traniformatlon r ? id bavj i'""c I tend, d to the whole of mo Peninsula ti e Ital an uld have been by IhU time en t'.ruiy *i. , I'd. r*? frr n a causa oi apprth niion nud dinger to Fur* ;>r, Italy would be b naefurtb an ete nji ni ofpean-- md >? len atton L'nhapp'ly, tbe peace of Vitlafyanca owe! I hut '-mhrare a p- rtion of ,ta!y. It left V'tiutm and"t ih?- -Jon ratl in of Auitrla, auj It pro du ml ii" r ?. ge In - thor" Italy, tier ' Iheprorintei thai en u.ned t hi r th-. 'empcrai ooisinatlon of tie Holy Ste. Vn hiivo no mt ntinn -.f ili?.-,i wing bero the qnestloo of Vrnetia It will ? .flico for ua to w*U to mind lb it ar l"Df nr H at qu, ?t, n be um< ttlod F trope rannot enjoy a to) d and ii.eeropaane Th re will always remain in a p, wi lful . uiM of trrmb'e* and revolution, which, lettplle th -1 .Pitt;' of , >v?rt i jvta, wdl tnoeetanlly threat i an eutburvt "t Iniarri nltm and war in tbe centre o the oontinmt llut tbat loii.tion must be left to time. What ever may be tbe ?> -f.pvhf which the da?y incnailng vrctcDdnei! of th; 'ate >f .be Veiieiikni iu?t!y lnfplrea, E ./ ipe j- t anxl !y -? uplcd with tbe iucnlculajle eooMqueooe of a *?r,f).r ha. io lively a desire, io irre r - i H * need of p v>?l at it would be unw :ie not to re ?ptciyier will. But iot so witht'ue ?, at one relating to Cen'rml and Rotilbern fta'y I' <J lii a r*1 system of policy wbleh h*S rot beet' k?? f.ital to h.? family th*n to He pyopiu, the young King it N*|il ?, from hot accession to the If.roue, j'lsrcu li nm. If In fiigrsDtopposltloo <0 tbo national *-ntl i tnrnl* uf lue Italiai. as " ell n* to the principles tb*l go i yens civilized coiniriee Pcafto the counsels ofFrauoe ' anc o! I-nguad, refbnlPg even to follow the advloe of a ? (overt men. wines constant and ilDecrc friendship or Its | attachment to the principle of authority he could not It iubt, he refecwd lor a whole . *r all the -Aorta of the 1 .ig of parotnla to lead blan to a system of policy rrwrt , onararmeble to the msmMmMR that animate the Italian !?? , In Yi tat j ist ro and r r.tou could not obt.ln, a revolution ban ti -itn pits hcl?a prodlgiuua revolution?which ha* OHcd Kureje with astonishment by the a I en "ft provtdrn tiai n.anner in which it ''at worked, uud hue excited tto adultatlon ."or the I .< n..tou* warrior whore j lor toe* ex ploit* recall ai. t' at pojtrjr and history narrate m moat surprising The transformation which baa talrcn place In the kdig dotn of Sapiea, it. 'irh U tar been eflkcicd by in re-it lee* pariA" and repn'at i) au that Of UMtrhl Italy, la not tbo Use Irsltimste. lie cotutotiutmcrs are not the leea favora ble to the true Interests of order au 1 to the conlo: dalioa of the Kuroprau e^ui .*? i <n as htcily and Napier rhtH form an -ntegral part III re r' the greet lt?h. n faf"l!y, the morals* of ibronoe will I i , r have aty f? wrrful erg iniT I t" brng ft*ward i o.?t tanner ?: *i pri.oiphjp. Itov. lutioc*ry p**n.>ae ?- '??. hrgcrllt la 1. *-rt Hb"io the must u.raae en trrpi fi ? *! rh.vr of tyete*. or at least of exciting the ajD'|*rhy ef a.l yon -WW* miu 'nt men Km tr rut thrr bt a. i iorl/"<l to think tbat Ila'y may at last ecu r a pscll-phase, of a nature to dispel Kuro |e*i< MINK if MM two great rat.nus ef the north and r nth of the ItiimaeU re not separated by provinces that are In a d- pl"'**ly rtate. The Reman g or?r- j nt having declined to associate It ?lf in any di gree ? ith the great nat ional moreBient, 1 vying on ihe rortra'y enticed to oppose It wth the mint ' .mrDtab o?t>"'ir*ry, tn* lotg placed llaelf In open ot.rfl. with the p'i ilat.on* that have cot ruccreded in wlth'rawlng ther "iee? frooi tta domination. T> keep prevint tb-u frm muilfrMiog the La tl* wVch aattna-e ih. n, >1 Uaa male use ef t? > -j Irltoal i >wt mat Providenthaa ? utr i?u?! to It lor an or Ml o* '.ir eihe- grandeur loan that maigatd to jeilit cai govrvrmrnt ><y Tr? aentii g the e ndltlca of Italy to the Catholic population* ttrder fv ' " and aorthre r< lore, by mating a p*??l<ratc a| ?^i t firllng. or rather to fauatwlt-n, till ex mi ? r.nriib aaay In certain un-might enede'arnr of or ty. It has succeeded in gath> ring money at d r>t frtni eyery turner or Vo-opc, and in ft rmli g na army compered atroott rxutorltMy of ladl T'duala f re,ti < rv not only to the Reman Stvtea but to U.r wbcle of Italy It t.?. hem re- rred to tke Rom'.n States toolVr to our age tb? *?ri.0|e am! Net rperiac > of a goveroroert redact J to rr a.Ma n ltr aui Untj nvt r t? ruhye< tr by the means of p-?i tgn mem ;,arws hllndetl by fanrli -'riu. or enticed bj ibr Ir'e ef |wo?taee that cofM Dot be fclulled except bv thtowi, | wb' le pmv tnee* into >1 jurreS, r' ? .. ' I' t ? . * , t. ,n tieo of ihe tlal.*'? a-*o bare arhleyiNl their liberty and udrpi ? 'ence I ul; f rympathy foe their brethren In I n brl i and ? the M i?rhey, tbey man Jtst up nil sldee U?n re pf hi ip i c to pot an end to a atate of th:ocs erbleb V n i ? trage njon lb" jo inc.dts of iu*ticw and of hutnani tj and dee p'y wruady the nvMenal sentiment. a,though that log this palof. I uiw> . tr ? ,"??'rtnidit ? liUrh iglh cbt It right hitherto to preront any din or 'oily atu mpt to nc.iv. r tue pcpaiatioos o( I lobrta and rf t'.ie Maretef from -b- y keUtM <ippr<e*e? then Out II r i.Id nt l dlrvetrb' that tlio tnereartog Irr.ta'lcii nf the p d'Uiatiocs ro '? ey r be ctetalned wltUmtt baring teoeatar to torw and U violent autiirn. Morotnrer.tlte reyointloii -pying truim|>he<l at Naplen, ronld It be aiop ped at the i-enter of the Knm:<n fuu*. where it Is le . kr i by ilit'ts act tma s r .? I Uaa thote which hare y lad '.nu ;i .'> ih" Tohjntewta I rw Italy The wh< :eof Ita'y ?a? tS'iytd at the cr'ce of the In surfieta of the Ifarrbce and of I'mbtia No poster r uld far ther'ands f Italian* from rushing from the rri trr and too errth ot the rentnsuia to Uie aid o threatened with fUMstere Mmiiar t > tv . of Prr ug a. II it rematred r asslve an-. d Ihit unirereal emotion, the Kltgfsgoyet t meat w ell p-ace ttsed m directoppeoiti ?n to lhetiatH>a ltr grnermw uuih.ut wbioh thee rente of Na t n and 8'> lly l are'.j mliiced u the mesne*] ?ou!d degi De rate as ?p' c'fy Into arsrehj and disorder. It wt old th(n be pnrsibh and eTen probable that tb? rim rt tbat has hlthirta been working might inly aseaatr the et- rarUrof Tluienoe and fiaws. fahateisr f wor the tdi-aa olor.lrr roay sxrrclae orrr the ItaUaaa, there are p-oyocatloLS which the naoat clr,p?e<| rr^ple car.: t rr*wt A?fure-'ly ihey would be more to he pttsid that h am- 1 If for the Ant time they gars way l > tlrli at rra- ?h ng. Ihst wca'.d trad to the most lament* hi ? I ' r r I 1' ? ? 'l.*l a ,>oop o i at t'.r heed ef r Vil.sati' n lav ?, uu-'er the empire of leea arn< us rar?r*, fcr fitted the moat uoptorab ex<'*ns'a. Shot ,d t rxpt-ea fie 1 en.nsi la tr similar dangers I be Km I irrtn.trt aor'd h<. e ipeb^ towards Italy, and wo id t ot by im km. wards grr.'pe It woaVifal' tr. 'ts dstlee toward* the ItaMrdit. wheuare alwayg bearkeaed t thsmroetrls of mi.l-ratioo it has r?Ter tl-rm. at v whe have entrusted to it the high mis j t tt't i re? ttug tby cations', moTcmenl It won', t fail ts its duties towards Europe, for I has ? j-i-v'-il u- ? It tr ral sngi/rrooit 'footayw M Its |ta.ian tm T*r,-< at to degentiste Inl? aaartn,' and ifm-rder Ith to fr". thai" b dtj thtt t is K.ij's cirern m t-W.refTMll crnrg^.t pop-i?t ni of the Mwlie* j aaoftabris f rt rtr, .tatitsis to inmke its protection, ' ha*lei ed to grant !1 to them At the sane luae it asnl a . Sijlisnat<v ""<? ?*'?? I" ??k lis T-ipiiBsal g rern. | meat to r mi awsy the f" gn 1-gurns, wblon It cou. t not iresetse o* to rt r. rS the Bin eauuloss of the pro ylaces t' *t to -h upen ar ftytllm wltb?ul fhrratg m to lei?rfere n tbi tr faror. On Die .! id the Co rt of Ik me to comply wtta thai ' re vie*'. tbo R rg gave c -s *r? his tr-x-pe to enter I'm bra and the lu-ebe?, w lb lb" nkwhw of r? rata'' ?li'n* t r-' r there and cf km ing i, fhe a kl to the p pa vnous for man ? ?t eg IV r per time it* Th rry al tro je a s ?crt.pnluosly t<* respoet Itope and , the li rritory tlpt stirnnad* it. T>iey wcutd lea l Ih. r pij pivt shi i'd It eyrr be *r?! fivl to prtserre the rest drnir of the Itoly Islher Me ?t so; attork or inesnc*; for tte K.rg'y gotrrrm, at will ai*-?|t know bow to ooa rl'i*'.. the . ??' ? to uts of Itoly wi'h the resi*- t d-is to the ai rust ssml nf ftp religion to wt h U.e foe. try ? Here rely atlschrd In set If ; lb-* It h # ths conviction of rot hart! I the , feeiieg* of t*' (athsiic*, who do sot cuntoui.d 1 the temporal power, w'tfc which the Or ^rt ^ jjnr,e ht. been l? vetted to* a ptr.od of :u h.str ' w ^ tE, . r tual power, which a the ?wru*i at A .I-bat J of us religions authority But oar hopes go #1111 farther V /(S fcave lte cer.flmo-# that dr.- spectacle of the oaaiuoi t . 0f miotic o11 DivDti that dow burnt rlfc th /ougbout the while of Italy wlM rrmlbd ill# Sovereign pg^u,- lb?t he was tom'i yeare ego the tr.hilme .j*plr< # 0f u^, great nal.uaal movement lbe veil w oten eoanaeiiore, nctmite-1 by mundane Inletcait, pfA'jed ov ,r E e? en fell; to J then, reoogriizlnf tb*1 Ihe re? eti?r*t,oa of Italy in .n U?o u1i 'gia of IYovkI' oom, he wll i become tbe Father of tbe 'uiwi.a, er tic bee ?ev rr to be ice august ex<4 vtDurable Keillor of all t^e faithful. GARTBA1T \ a\d rAVOTH. Tbo T.rm eorreepmid' j|sl ot tb? nsfixuti'.-rejiri write* ?i follow* under date of ' ^ptrmoer 16 ? j th> ? arliamml >" <'?' nvoked lor tho 3d of Otoocr. Tie i convocation we# dect g,.<i uu yesterday at a Council of Mi nisters fticot Trecbl, uld de camp of GatIbaidi, and Pr B'am trd-.a, to whom tbe 1 Mutator of tbe Two S'ciboe appea." to n'aco unlimited c< ^irbdencv, arrived yesterday at **orin from "v'spl ?* They are bearer# of a letter from tto famo.i.' debt rr j to lbe King. Tbe audar.iot # warrior m lbi? luttir trar^# tbt ranm programme a# that developed c the pmcla rain n P. the people of 1'alermo. Pia' to ray, tuat Le auail tot regard bla mtMioo a# term.i .ted I until b? baa. arrived at Ib me and Von.ce, and that tea pile bta hi dec'. ?Or re f>r immediate ante jat.or, tbi In unrtrirf tbe cont.nuation of his enterprise are opi?**d to that 'gicam re (Vu'abikiu'l "llai d't his letter bp My tip that he h. no cop/'denc in V i o ???u-, and lha' 'hat is th-: r'aam Ke not tst-r. to a. ice /-*?.' Mm from 1Vrwt. Th it letter, ? bieb it not known to tbe public, acd of wti a { i an guarantee tbe moat perfect autnccticlty, baa , r c il a great ri-uaaliun in olbotal circier. Ah ju no iInng bar bu r decided aa tolbeterrea in which the King l repiy Is to be couched. M. do Rayneval, Bret Secretary of the Tmb iaty, baa bttn app-iDtud Charge d Aile.rea durjig the abreno* of M. dc Talleyrand, l'ROri.AMATTONS OF TTTE BF.I.UGERENTP. Tl e (Jfinwne of Tnrtn. of tbe 14th, puhitlhe* the full text df i.i oeral Iamorie.iere'a proclamation by nb'ch he dtciarcr alio town and provlnoe of I'erugta In a state of rlege This document, the existence ot wblcn turn bru doubted, beam tbe date of fpoleto, September 7, anil at c. mpoatil of nine articles, ' hlefly relating to the eat-.b liitinint of the court martial, which, a# naual, iatarei.'.o't w itb all tbe powcra of the civil authorities. Tbe m *1 importaot urticUr are tbe .*tb, Cih an' Slit,'be 9rt. of which prercriber tho punlahnx nt of deatb, and a Ore Dot exceedirg l.'iO oOOf., for persona nonvlotort of op>>n insurrec tion, or theIr abetters, and for time ?lt t havecarrt- Ion a criminal corr<M*>unence, endeavored to tam;?'r wt'.b the dcrlity of tho Papal troope, or bri' the wlros f tbe r..ctric telegraph. Article 0, pun'she# with the galley* end a fine not eiceedlng 60,OOOf , all those wbo hue t] riad alarming news, granted shelter u> persons a. cured of tt< former crimes, dlatribirtod se-iltious emblems, col lected money tor purposes hostile to th* government, torn < ll to*ernment edicts, Ac. Article ?. rnacu tbat, aa soon aa a celinpnent Is condemned as above bU pro perty shell t>e instantly placed under se<iu.titration, Ji or der to insure tbe payment of tbe flne Tbo ii.Jtj?r,d'iu ? Dtl^e has the following remarks upon the above pro tarnation.? This diTumict ta one of the saddrit pagei in ti e his tory of aiie*etnri>fs. It does not mero'y conilrm, but It esr?ec's what had been announced hy tho telegraph or the Lrutai teve lly of tbe orders g'ven'lor the reprewiou of all rt'onary attempts. Tt'tse who thought thom s. Ivc# at llhoity to deny the barbarous oom needs atlrt buted to the cbitf of toe Pontifical band, will perhaps in form ua, after reading thta ordonoance, wbat authorised th< id to ci L*rad;ct information which la, unfortunately, only too tru- , and what atrocities tbetr / nM ought to have s'gncd in order to morlt the ccuauro from wbicb ?,!.iy wished to screen bun. (1cm rat Fai tt, on aasnm'ng the command of tbo -*r dir Ian trooi s cone -ntrsiod on tbe PayiAl frontier, lmu 1 'he lollowlrg order of the day, dated tbe 10th, from hi* headquarter# at Arezrr? Ofbcers, Von CV-mmlailoned Officers nrul fSoldiers?The evrnts wblch tie taking place *ojtb of tbe kingdom aud in (be nc-gLto rbood of our hronllc-rs. bare induced hit Wijesty ho Ki.gto order a oonrcntratien of troops on ?I SSnfinetCf the Marches and IJmbrla, and to honor mo with the d of them In roming amocg-t you I must r.?,t enri al Ircm yon tho probability that tne coun try may again have recouiwe to your arms to restore jirace tunelghbi i leg towns,an-' prevent its beng dlaturlunl wltb ?n tbe t ingdom. It I* the more agreeable to me to aa seme this command at rich a moment, a* 1 am sowvlDCod you will give row proc'a of that discipline for which you are ro mcih e?t< cmed. and of that valor which you dla- . played In the late campaigns, and by wblch you acquired rucb fame throughout Ilaly. fbe King baa full conB lenoe I tii yeu, and you will not decc! e hi* hopes nor th lie of ths eovnuy. kan1: (m Uie following day, having received order* to erosa tbe (rentier, be leaned a aeoend order of the day, wb.oh rurs thus ? foreign hand# collected from every |>art of Europe on tbo ?< li of linbria and tbe Marches have tV re diaj .tvi-d the fala. standard of a religion tbey oetpjae. Wit'oata country, without a home, tboy provoke aud Inauit the pe'pi.)aiH>ne tn order lo obtain a pretext for tyrannizing OTirtbcm. Pnrh 'ormenu must ooane; such must be kupprreaed, by enrrytng the assistance of our arret to thttc i.rtiappy aonn of luly wbo ..?.(* in vs r itMice and pity Irom ihcir government. Tbi* mtsstoo, which King Vic.tiw Emanuel cntmata to us. wo will ac ci rrpii. b. lei 1 urope learn that Italy la no longer at the n.erry of the bohlcat or mc?t fortunate adventurer. KAN n. Th- f.dtow.rg was the order of tbe day issued by (Ten. C aialnt '-n tek-rg tbe fit Id, wblcb bu> been commented n tor it* v-btuicnf and trucnlcot t >ne ? Folditta of the f ourth Oorpt? I I'-ad you against a band of h tc-lgu adventurers whom tbe thtrrt for gold and the love of plunder bar* brought into our lands, i ight. rulhUisly srattcr iTcae wrctcbc l brave*, let Ib-m feel from yoor I uu'r the wrath of a peop'" that wi'.la re na li callty and Its tni'c|>?ndrLee Soldier* ' Perugia de L and* vrtg-axco, and though It l>e late sire shall have il. CUI.UIM. The t>< nrral Commanding tbe Fourth Otrjia. wti.i, tiik PorK i,i:avk home* Tbe fi rsHtutiunnd publieht* an article, signed by M. (irandguillc-l, iK?tnal the extreme party, wi.ioh, alter havirg cotiMoiled the Pope to lotlow a policy without rrncetsioos, now advitta him to take to il'gbt without honor. M Crandguillol recalls that as long as lu* i'retx b tro<>)? are at I'.cn.c tbe security of the person and the anihortt) <?' the Pope are guaranteed. M (,rhr<tguUlot evprtsres an earnMtt destr# that tbe Pops eboi.tu Dot quit Home, and cobiuum* thus ?''la ex pr> estrg tbrae wnbea wc have rmly la view the Uitereeta of the Pat*- ?, tor that which at pre root complt st- a the 1<? : ? n ot s ibe presence of her army at Rome, an.', if this occu;?ltca could erase all would be ? o; i"i*. at Irast in (a |Kilitkal point of view /' urlf m- tha< we <xcb|y, f. g 11 O Ik* I'aj-rty wbeA av d'l >1 fur (<cupali'? could In no rare .oasoso a p lilt cat character 7*c /rW s-m'./Mciicc ef tAo rpb' -f the I' ) I i.Ui le the rtccua.'i n ?/ *? nt by the tr *i, a ul in b vr;i v? ths. 14 tatrj) uuk t < ;;r-al mrz tn.:s r-?pr>-<tr^ ( hrjus .?'/;?< fewy. rof jvtt r vf tht i'oji OriNlOKS OF TIIK ENOI.IPM FIIESS. [Prom Ibe Umdcn l.mi i, IV | W bo are U>< cow iluU of tl (.r?nd? * lodigoa |t<(iT wti'm daoe tbat "oilicmo pnny" moBi?t wn,< ta 1 ?" ? i.i.m ? ...elroi lot ti dtaoiti.- ' t ; - ' bar eg countrllrd Ibe Pope to follow a i*>llcy with oct rcncnaiB?, it now ad rtata turn to take to tiigit without ti anggenttonoftlM ?slatonca of inch a party at Komo (ilia ta ? lib mrpr'te t .ropran politl.iai.a are r i idecU, tiiuaii) ??. f ci? p .u tba m ret* ol the \ ail cnn. Cor are tie y ooi-mocty c art creduio>.l of lh<- raiue of at; arrrrta which My Ikrrr mat. l? rta.o old Iraki t!on?, Ire. if to mm t-verythlag and tbarae nutting, ar* LcdrifbtKi to be tne ri ch .a trade (f itadiplumay and Ibe eta of Ita political wiadom. B.l if mr tbaia aaa a liiuo wbrn ?l.? tiaaUowa might be counted ngon on 1 bo pari of tbe J < n ea hwercby. itrrly it la low. Wo lire bora lold ir r and < rrr again, by Ihoaa of bl- edrieere who ought to know Ibetr own mioda and bta, lhat the I', pe bad *?we>ln I rerer again to leave dm . tbat to broiau power ahpui.1 errr loroc him from tf.e I pot abrrr n heeoolrt bold foot b? tb? patrimony of ft. It if r. and tbal. even If t.aribaldi an 1 bta ban la abonid penetrate once again into Uta Holy C ly. ri? Noun WO ..: await martyr tea from them at tbo alta- -W Irlir'i. It waa tbo un verral nodcrataodleg tbat tbo Pope 1 rrrolutior.a tad all been wo>ind up t > tbo heroic p Kb. that be wee reeotv-d in light If he eon id, v?l to bold bia can if te might. but at all evnnta to nay where b<- waa Why rite ita "orclm*n of tbcee fwiaa and tietmaa troope* Why ih e rliarfnica namarrea at prrogii aod eleewhercf Why the etliatment of tb<wc mild and docile and ra Ir cor.' r.led liiah jnitbaro' And why tba apt cbolte of a mm: an Irr m l.tmoriciere, cnr.-iing la contriving ra zuu 1 Arab flriuar*, and quick to cltrya'e trlbra tbat hoaitaK before bia en. m and. A I tba aaa preparation for battle, not for flight. H 1 why aooi).J tne Tope meditate flight f ur why abonkl hia mm** meditate it Ibr him What ban be. or wbat hare they to fear R m< war oner m ail wa Air'org m mf> ? pin re <|f rrrvfe r f"r a PrfO M if <1 ?? m w u 'leAmf d at At memm'bv a-, army of lis knnd.ol On ordt.d trenrXmrn, f<w r'lt.eyl .'Ante number* ao no! rtitWr a more fberttiw* or iko ;kw-u- p ?orJ. or Me mimi-ti iff .'timahfr .'v, rkr bid man nf fJtow lie Aundr d thou ia*4 11 jji4gal by Ihr h -ur of f"rani In itrfmH Hon' frrm fnrdrtoo or inoatf m |nwe?> if rmw.or 'V rudrn ??/ 'V / pr We mult c*edlt M lirmb Igalljot with Opeclal In f<>:malion u;<? tba tnbj ct on which be offlsla'ty ?t ? it oeru le new*, and it ran re new , n I urnp* that th ' tfaiBontooe (....rilere of tbe I'opr ? 1 Id be at the inemmi attenptii g to pereudebimlo a'and 11, Pi'*' Yet. If Mil an erent were to or<mt. bow aod tcnly it wotil l unravel all the rnlaii|lemoMi of the preaoot eitua I o Ibe eery nil it. 4 1 y M. i.randfuiUol in Un ..wwerf te di?aunde tknl'npr irnm-nch n ateptbrw how beneflcent wwtid he ita reeo'ia 10 Ohrletendom "Tbe flrrt c i:*e<juenee of the fllybl of Uie I'.ip.-, layaM Ornnd anlUH, world he the .-earuattoti of Rome by tbe Trench '? P a the f rant a>i< <?;? -:.t to tbe trc-ompUahment at ome o ibe rirtlrra of the Italian' a.. 1 of tbe unity of Italy would fhll of it* own word Ir the Pope were to with, tbe reM?>'Hi of tne Kronen arrwrm would bo at an rnd, tbe Kretirh ore ipotwio w '.Id re??". Tbona might he ecn.e Italian at ouce-a-d War had! might Pff ' lann I've unity of Italy from ttu' lop of the gmrtnal. iT?e aaonrnf"! Ir. neb, rrtlrley tn she dlttanre. wonhl "carry with tl "m yrat uoe**ine?a rcaperliry tbo futnro of tbo ler fiiorial p war of tbe Pope ,r It wonhl he a pdy lb' a to aadden their bnmewvd march with ptovn repret, but we mi.?t admit thit aoch app-eher?i wa wonl I he Weil trmwded What the ralre of the Prtnre of tb it trrrtt-nai powrr now la may p< rha.o net be worth m mb ileti.w.ra, bnt it would aar une a aery tnd nltraipial ntnonnt the moment iba P<p" naaaed forth It.rough Ibe gate* of p0m" Tba reeuhltHH! bafnre whlrb li INipc woukl bow letlre id akin to no otUar whlet umi dri-rn MmaaV or either of b'j pr'cleretaoif fhom their rbatr The Por. Mom l.aa anrnrf I the periew :t|,>-r of Kjt.|wrr?ri and tfce oolrayra ot linn null? It hae ilred C own tne amndni of rot tee v. bet men onertiatiag atain ?n" t" t r -,e. vod t hi. wo'K-l ?" 1. "it 1 wbila Feme "U rrdnptad by a retmlt t -"nary repmlio Hi lie gem nt 11 o tij'rrmt onm* ft Ta v < lk? !' t* liwibaraoaiJiiwd a a ,? ano-f inr/tnlg Ve unable aa It la, Ui mararhe with the tw m. or ? mat ? l.o new iiauna to rat'jra tba ivpedom it a ?K-Krn uavrpat,on Directly ibe I'apa gom, ttmy ?tej* ?n ud his plan* will be occupied. There will be do void; hot Uio :ty, cctriog from lis eceJua.o?tica] character, *l'l hll Iwk to it* Mill more fuuclMM as ire a.itrope,mi)f iuli/. Thia lime toe revolution has bi>-n wade amberateiy ud with all proper proparat.nas, all tbe parts are rtadv to form the whole, and tf iho Hope * mid lake the advloe urged upon him by b.s t'.movot ? liioDfla, and?may we addr?tbr hint now glzon him oy h.? imp*, rial patron, we apprehend we thould h-w uo mure of the rope of Rome escspt an the bi-rareb of 0110 01 ihn three groat sects of the Ou.hollc Churoh at Chs tendon. TL-e only frar we hare In this country la lout IL Grand gutllo''? appri beusioos ihonli ool be ao well founded aa we could with them to be It ta hardly to be expected that (<> i i'Ileal a blindness abould have fallen upoa the ibfallibic Father of the Church aa to induce htm to forego ibo j?wer be now pesstsses of embroiling all Europe with Impunity. Such an abandon rue at sc. mod to be a con titigitcy to widely tmnroaable that no oso was prepared for l. If It Rbould really take place, Garibaldi's English tympathi.irs bare been wasting a great l-al of ea-neat ?mim ou & very Inadequate occasion. While I be friends of Italy in this country have been dreading the vivaur-i oi Gar.baldi towards Home as u evil wbioli would put all things Id peril, and while we were apprehensive of seeing the Its lin patriots, of whom there arc not too many for the work thiy buve to do. rustic.; away their Uvea useleer h Frtrcb bayonets ; while wo were deprecating tbtt ii tub to Home lust Garibaldi should i mbro-1 himself with Ft a'' c, W G.-andgutllolhas received intelligence) that the enemies el Italy are themselves likely to do mote ibsn her own sons could effect to secure her resurrection. They who would concede uothlng are now importunate to everything. They are, according to M Grand guhlot's Information, contemplating a sup which would sit Fraooc fn o fiom the ccrctpli'atioua of her ? po sition, and vtb'ch would simplify everything tn u d-iw Involved. If this gtod o?ws should bo but reruied, and If tin Pope would hut fbllow theexamplo of that true son of Holy Church who set out the other day from Naples, how happy everybody would be. Tbe trench, ever while tbey politely couch-1 him to remain, pice Mm plain III to understand (lew dtlighUd lA'y icewf-i he to git rid f Mm TV'- dardir an? would doubtless be ready to build a bridge of gdd to facilitate his drpsrto?e, and to send him I'ODstant supplies of the same metal to purchase his ab sence. Ibt-n bloodshed would cease and p< tce once mora would reign In Italy, lnmoricicre might spare the bri gade their drill The Germans and Swiss might avoid MfcMMt encounters w ith the Alpm*n or Gartbafc I, and the Irish?at kart so many of them us have not tamely eunctdorr- l tinnisi lv'prisoners of war t> the Sardinians?returning to their applaud.og frk-nds, might scatter Un inselves over the face of their island In joyous pialre of the generosity and good cheer of the Papal ser vice. Then, also, no d least! out Son 11 lets would impede or darken the march of the Italians totbeir own motropol.s, and tf the pram- t-eslowirg Pontllf should take tboFrenuh garrison with htm as an escort to Ctvlla \ecehls. overy Italian as writ n every iuropeai. object would bo at once attained, h all tkii goodJort\m* for ikr peace of ;A- world (/vile fxiit jrrai/iv;i for M OrandguilM srrnj to Vitnk it unc',amiJ/ GrandyuilU't ounht to : no Si ate person* tr'gbt r<a?t this vrticlc in tbe CanttUv.Honnd as rather a stroi;; biiit to t IJoly Father, and, If such a hint were int. nun! and were required to bo strengthened, General Gojoc, tbo friend of Pto Nono, re tarns to Home at a criti cal moment to rrjieat the suggestion. No doubt, it is * gust opportunity to put the worM at p\xce Bat Pij Nolo bas not shown himself very tradable oven to his friends, and it It much to be leared that e en the Chris tian motive of i k-asing hi enemies may Had to Induce him to run away. I roni the 1 cniion Poet (gov trnment orrau), Sept. IS. Sardinian diplomacy and Italian enthusiasm liave both spokm. the first In a memorandum ot Co<-nt Oarour, the teccnd in a proclamation of General Carlltaldl. H would be unfair to apply the saute standard of thought or lan guage in our istimaie of these two dooumcnte, o: which tbe ice scrupulously observes tbe conventionalities of European chancen--s, tbe other addresses Itself to the Liwly emancipated citizens of Palermo But tf there te any truth in the Frtmh zsjiBg, "Le style r'rsi I'M ime," tt is satisfactory to think that the Italian cause pooscsiw-s at the pnsent moment, in the cool bead t stiles nisnsbtp of Count Cavour, a corroctivo to the 1m puletve rnthurlasin of (lurlbaidt or his advisers. We entertain grist doubts whether the address to the people of Palermo ever prooaeded from Garibaldi's pen. Tha career of the great patriot gene ral has been hitherto distinguished by pru.Vnec: but the purpose Implied In tbe Palermo proclaim.,in, of pro vokmg the armed hostility of France, gives little evi dence of a discretion which, in tbe press it injtanro, we ihould recognise aa the better pait of valor. I nbapntly, the e xtreme good nature of Garibaldi has accorded a de grreof inliui iiio to certain persons whoso c >un- la and acts reremble uior t the ravings and ouibr ska of uu chainvd traniars than tb. conclusions and conduct of ra tiixal politicians. Wo ate strongly tempt d Pi be; eve, frun the ir.tercal evldenoc of the document, t st the ex Mimster Oispl has signalized h's advent In the Newtn'o. tan capital by an a Id rets conceived in the spirit of Rom btiiet Furiteo, aid displaying tbe .u: unity attrtbut I ui-raJly to March hares. The memorandum of Count Csv- r br athes a wl lelv diQrrent apirlL It is a Hate paper of tee fcu. beat ablh tv? an ability shown quite at mn<-b In tbe tact with weica the writer phitra ciTPr thin loo tif International law, * i.en trealirf Ol lbpooro|?Uori,?* to threonine ! and ulearti.rn wub wh'i b be baa ?< I turih the political ouodi'toaa ol C* r.tral ami of Southern Italy StartiOf fr"Bi the peace of Vlilalrniiea, lout.l l_av.,i r rcpre?ont-< lo .a that ncree moot a* a bcntrtoenl i>*ct to eatabiiab m behalf of Italy the principle o< non intervention, Inptpartv.ib uf.aatt ao< rttarutuut Iba lime, a puariuiloe of restoration to tbc Pope arrt the Auatrlan i nnrcs. Thiuik- to its bennfl orot provisiotia. tbe Komtfca and To cany have become iDC'ioporaliil with the rt.ini r.lm.- of h-'if . ..-lor K uauuel Italian attar anrt I uroppan pi are 1 it received freeh ae riirltiea from the incorporation but ita bl 'aatofa wro liu.itert in eatenl. Tl.ey aero not ielt by Ve nice, nor riiared by Mnrloe, nor did tbey afloct tbc nouthern |ortion of ' tbe I'apai -'tatea Count favour rtcca not correal In m tbe Co ru wtai h be I.- ad drraeieg hla belief Hat i>wi I I '-nice thafl Income tmanH yo'- i fm like dvitrian di?iia?4a. t\*rr cam te no pernio ?nl "lllrntr,/./ Italian ajtiim. Tlio UiKontent 01 the Venenata and tbo opp:.~?ioa of tbe'r ruler* will he a ci rstart metiatc lo Euri peao peare. B r he admits iha'. an immediate var for tif UtxrUinn nf I ? mid -m die tcnanu mil .'/Jet, c!a.'H irith m many intcrm/t, I la - to tude a ihiah It the your.' ? tendmniee and tltxret nf in nne, that, at uhah er hi'rtfie* "J nati-mal feeling the at ten/J tr it I i! e eel tie eiiti'H fr.nn 'he tfueen of the A iria'o mini be delayed to imr future Jay. IV, c*i not but ap prove tbc policy of tbt* deciamn, A war acr'uat Ventre mutt be a rrrobitionary war tbroufiuut all Auetria; a rerirtatloaar. war Ihroiifboi't Auatria la almort rerta.u to puaa into a general F t.mpeaa war, an J a general European war tnt(bt leave tbe linlan jieople in a mncb woreo condition at Ita ckwe tbac that in wlilrb tbey found tbrm rrlvea whvn ibe war i onmrneed When tha thlu wire work of i on intervention principl e la rruabert beaeatb the heavy tramp of a million of arm. d man, Italian aym p.-i!kiie? and Lopea, lia.iau intereeta and rlfbta. w.fl be treated with no mere rerpoct than haa been accorded in aN ?c-a to the earthen pot when It Uapjwoa lo claah with it* '.roe fellow But Italy. It may be raid, la now Mretig enough to bold her own 11 la 'ual. ? order abat Italy may bate l no an to ergani -e and dcvelnpe ber great natural raaourcm, that ahe ma) bold bir own agalnal eneoitea, or ereu va all4?a, that we npplaml tbe pri.den* of Count'a rteclutlon nit to rnnh prematurely nod reo?ler?ly .alo a war a l b It. Austrian em; Ire. Ventre. tberotore. frr the I frtt' Dt ir t<> remain uia-aailed. BtU ike one* * whlrt thtu 'jvra*' t > rttrein ffhrthitta feum tttemptmg 'o fco y-nie ft'i'krr to the Aemfivw? rt"r l? He Maman , ,?otr The e;>pr??*i"n and cruelty of the fnapohlaii rulert I alter ri. md.r,. them from UN pale of latarual tonal t cuutwty and rraprrt, have pro?o?cd, Jm'. and er rurfd ibe triumph of a revolution In ahirb the Bnutton | rl) - a lt ' .m went auraj bkc ilu*t (Wore the whirl | l > wl at hand (ball be trwNlbrred the tc?ptre now wrested from their feeble, jet liinod stared pra?i Nil m m-iet rrmatn a monarchy. A N'eapoiltaa republic mean rmply a "public In the moon If It J to becim* and to be regarded a free. ,ivlrt">iul- rl. nakinel Ila'.ao", a d't f by is .cam jl and mil ury and naval re ?. urc* the tal* rerta oi the common country, lhta iwaxtl ran only be tee red by itr inn rporU.x ailhlue to mlnlrneof K >np Victor i.mannfl Ureal Chrotir, tl>"re frre, pric.a'tra lb* rraduievv of hie .sivereipo to acropt. in the .ntcrrata of monarchy Itnlf, the crowa are held out to hire x ibi point el tlar baldl'a awortl But while North< rn w tt.u* muHtj; to untie w tb South err Italy, the Prlnre Pontiff ot Two stand* ia the mldtl, and, u the r.t. r ia of hla own l< n|we*l (OTeeeipa'v, ae v eil ae of tin ab e Catholic* rlo, forbid* the ba ins III I we ei ,i lere i 'orma the ?? t ropeaa pieri.mrcta. or rbn-1* at direct variance with ail good feiTMumeot. ud m a spirit directly oppc.sel to all true re urioe. That be may be euabieU to root n ,e UN oppr. ?- on or hie ewtrecu el home, be eyitewntca! y ? mod. le sod ral ' .biah* them abroad. iltiout the boil which .ntrrrat and plve to food mien orvr the 8?Mett and adrrtlona Of tlk.r bee's, h Uaan'm a.* lett ot retail.u ( power exce|d bv employiei hla rpi ritnal .of. near* to obtax w ney and toi. -rt Item ether eoamdrtea. The power of the Roma* IPrlae* M oaly upheld by the taiumalea afalnet hi* own pr> i le ahtrh be ia enabled to pn>) a,ale tn b.e ebararter of Pxtnaa Pontiff Ity appeal's* to the faaatl lire end Ipcoranc* of all Catholic ooantii-e be bu rahed lop*tber free ft mpan'e*, recal'.ir , the moat ehamtfal and aeoyu-nary memorise of tbe Middle Apr* In the ret* reeta of lUHaa rrder end tbd*p?n'rar?, not lees than in the tree tntrrrfte of the head of the f>U?< In Chnrcb, the erdli lao ytmm' ent ha* resrived to rr?e the I spat ftaws of tb? swarm of military k> ista. to gtv* to tbe Inhabitant* of the kiarchr* and the Bomapra ?? opportu mty of freely express lop their on v Nwa and wl-hee a* to their forin of goveremcrt, and of mtsrposdng the trrrp* ud the (unciioaartea of a rrruUr goveremcrt be tween tie odTinnep band* of Oarlhaisll and the < Yrieal rntrr* whom they would iwecp from the lace of the earth. The Imperative b?ce*- ,ty of such a couroe c '?*t. tutee, n the ruNotiinp of tojbt Cavirer, the true dchuce of the fardtbian occai<atiiib. OPTXTONN OF TIIK FRFXCR PltlSs. iIV m the Pari* Debate, eept U. | fit ce U e day when a war. that we approved la tie prine'plc. and Uat we octitluue to approve in It row gurnet*, haa delivered the ttaltaa* from forripnopprm f.rn and ristswsd to them the eee of their free deeteioo, we bare incus sat tly asked that they should be left to tnaa*(? their own adalrt It M bow all that we atill aak. We prrf'rtly eran prebend why a repnlar povernmeut doee bet like to isn't or , ??' n hy th i mere pr-?rnre of It* re t rt m r.tsttre, acta which are not aiiopather m . ??ufornnty with ft t.rral rah*, but we believe that they tre it.?ta kru who wouid platlly tu'tamurphcee a (tuipe refemU of co operatioa -to a threat of prevention We are roe vlnred thai the prmclpt" of eou latrrrei.tioa. which W Ut',m*tr!v crntifcled with that of oati wal *nrereltil?y, wilt toetinee to be rrvpeetrst, aad we here tbe Arm hope that tbe tapel ehaopre, of whs b Italy ,* tbe theatre, will n"t i a*t to aa> greater or more verkmarhaapre la t>trepe. fif cotirre we are oaly tp'Skinp of tbe ptraenl mowwnt we are ot nvtreed that tbe Itallaav will know bow to I tor when it I* ntceevary, a* tb<r have knowr bow to march a bra It wa? neet?*ary. and that they wit] hare too mttrh I'tiidtoce, pned s< nar, and frrralpht to attark na the one t ard, tb* fl*r that terved not lonp apn as a elpcal Tor tl m and -?rre# thrm now a* a protect!.>a, aod o? the all rr hard to provoke an acprfttton apalnst wbtrb ibey ire not jrt sufflelrttly prepued But within theae limit* lb. it ?< tn e la irgnim*", and they fart nth to o*e what err with a pretext to meddle la their affair*. We kaow that ta thne th* priadpte *f no* r.terrent'oe, w# rxpnae oeraetrea to th* rteh of hear'.np t ?ttd that w* are erte? up a vWlotW rlrcle. it may H ! ?:J to us that It was Fran-jo who made the war in Italy. ; Bet w* (ball ?DriWei that sbo made It expressly Pr re *1 saiab.mbln,; aod ct ill( 10 be rcspo ;ted this pruxpplo . wumh we lay do? . It vraa Italy that ?;?? then In a I lltutttoc contrary to all the right* of nativns; tt wii ' el?h? r occupied bv fHOtgD forced or govern- d by prluo.*, wb.?e power wk. < uly baaed on foreign proleotion fi .iiei * uit w?s to t'tllrer th'j cart Ives, to mile ttetr arms and Bay tei thoie, "Now, dcloud yours-dvoe. ' And Ibta la what they are .loinf. It might be alao sa'd to ob that by entering the States that Invoke ber P.ednrotit la committing an act df mler v. ntion. Thie rear-ring Is a piece of Boph.airy that It la high lime to expose. To jay that Piedmont la Inlcrvea ing in Shelly, in Napier, in the Roman States, ia tne same thing aa to aay that the Italians are Intervening in Italy We do not aay tbey are not. They are Intervening pre iomo mm, pro ant 'I f til. They are at heme They are ogbtlng for that heme, for their altara, their hearths. Italy if for the Italians, at Prance Is for the French, Erg tana lor tbo English. Hf am for the Spaniard* we were going to aay aa Kerne m for the Rom&na, bnt Home they pre t?nd ;a for all the world, and wc atop abort at ob Itacli s, respecting wbirh we do not Intend to argue. 1 ask what man of good faith, or what Individual of good sense will be persuaded that Garibaldi, commune, ng a war with 800 men, represents what is melodramatically ca'lad a foreign hor le? Wbcn he lands on the so'l of 31 oily or lalabria be plants bla foot on the soil of bis coin try, on Italian ground; he speaks Italian, and la answered In Italian, anu when he utters the cry of deliverance the echoes of all the mount vine, of all the shores, of all the walla, reply to him In bla native tongue. The foreign horde* were tboae mercenaries from every part who r,r ao many years have been encamped and rortiQed In the principal towns of Italy, wbo shocked native ears with ttivir barbarous languages, and communicated wltb the people through dragomans, as the Turks do. It requires, in tooth, a singular confusion or ideas to pretend that in It..y It ia the Italians who are the foreigners, and that it r the 8else and the Bavarians who are the satires: out people have boon ao accustomed In history to make a prvyof Italy, that the Italians have the air of taking property not tbulr own when again taking possession of tbeir own country. we mn?t then send back to I hose w ho deserve it the reyroaches of Invasion, of violating International rights, and other big words, that some people would fain uao aa bugbears. The lirst violators ol right arefthey who occu py a country against its will. Now. bo.< can we doubt the w ill of the Italians when we see the immense enthusiasm with which tbey are hurrying in towards unity- What will take place later we do not know; bnt what wesee ia, the Invincible, rrcatstiblc idea of unification baa poise** c 1 Italy, because it I as felt that this was the cole or f fie ting Its I. ber at run. Garibaldi is a sword, but at the !<olDt of this sword there is an Idea, sn l oven wero th- aword to break the Idea will be taken up in biood and pnrsno Its onward career. To call Garibaldi's expe dition in invasion is an Insult to tbc moet ordinary capa > Ity. It is probable lhat he would not with his 800 vo jnnteers have taken poaseaakm of a kingdom containing sev< ral millions of men if tbaao millions of men bal Dot wished for bint, and that man is a singular armed con queror wbo ent-rs alone the cap'tal of the conquered country without arms, and without encountering any danger save that of being bur.ed htnea'.h dower*. It !? not Garibaldi who has gouc to Naples; It Is Naples that has gone to lrira; It is \esuvlus that has gone to Maho met Th'S Impulse of Italy towards unity # so palpably de clare.!, so universal. that In the present state ef things tbo Intervention of Piedmont, regarded aa a revolutionary act, is In onr opinion a counter revolutionary act. Tbo King Victor Emanuel and M do Qaroor are, as times go, committing a reactionary act The movement 'hat would have carried ( arlbaldl to th" gate* of Rome would have been too strong for even h.m to control, and Ibea not I only ibe fate o' Italy bnt of Europe would be at Issue, j The resolution takm by the Picdmouteto government, . whicbha ail the ap|>earanre ol bttSg a movement In 1 advance, is, on ibe contrary, a bolt; tt is dike i thrown up to -heck for the moment the general Italian movement If anyone ha* a r.ght to compla'n of I l* the party thai desired the complete un'ty of Italy; but j they ?bo treat th Victor Kmannel aud bis Minis- | ters aa revolution irta ccxnr.t a great Injustice, for the I occupation of I'mbria and the Marches by tbo regular | troops of Plenroont Is precisely that which is able to &r- j rest the revolution in Italy and war in Europe. For 'taly it- dl.tlr* bait :*<louhtle s the w.thing that could be done. It still leaves In the bauds of the enemy ' one of the fini-et )<?ar!s of her crown, the b-ack pearl of the Adriatic. hut ibe ravisher has enclosed it In such iron sa'es tbst it will take a long time, besides men, blood and money, to reobum it. The day will come, perhaps In the meantime, the hot llr.i g for the P tlctna to do it to dlH-tphiic tbcmaelves, to re organise Ihrmactves, to moke their us Ma more and mire perf ct, to bum the corpses of ail tbc petty upon tbo slur of the great Italian autonomy, and wc sincerely bopo that before long there will no longer be a King of Piedmont, but a King of Italy crowDed at Florence [From tbe Paris Ik bits, Sept Id 1 Picnroatu l rblno, chick tbe ir-opguf General Citl dlni bare just occupied, are situated at tbe of the eastern flops of the towards tbo Adriatic. Whilst litloiui was Invading ibst region with tbo left of tbe Sardinian army, General Isntl, th" commander In rtjief. operated with the right on tbe otber side of the Apt*niii< a towards tbe Mediterranean, lh?t is to : ?sy, 10 the strategical region In which Home t* piaoid I lie coupicd 00 lb" lllb Ctlta di Cwstcllo, a small lo?m of o.OCO souls. Dot far rrom Ibe Tuscan f run iter, cloae to tba | . ource ol toe T.ber, which lowo la at the entrance of ibe upper valley of that river and Ibe duy after ho entered the valley lurif. The upper pari of ihe Tiber * com mandou by Ibe citadel of Perugia, which bat been De flected a loco 1M*>, |.ul which tlrnsral de lAmoriolere Ml ly ' rdered to l>e baet'.ly re >a.rod and de!( nded to the tail extremity. tribe luformation transmuted by Me gtapb fr m Turin be oorreri, Perugia ti at moracul instated In tbrre d i-rent directions?by the corpe of Heoeral Fnnti, by t column of rotnntoere deopatchod tiom Tuscoiy and ? vedlog direct to the town to too port .11- rr.areh of Vt iii; and itaiiy, by toe toe- rgent* f Orviclo, ebo on Ibe tltb or IStb t? ape lied the erman garrist n of that plar. to capttu'xtc What will Mineral I anor > icre dot Tb- lettem a< deseed to tbe French aMM agree generally ,n 'tjlr c tlial be will only at tempt reeietanre under tbe walla ot Am-otia, but accord log lo other ncco mte be u mHecting but troupe to lak< ?? a position at ftfoleto, tb" central point between llome, rerugla, Anooi a and Ibe Neapol.lan frontier. 'From tbe Carta Okmetltntloanel, 8* pi. If. | As U< France, wbat ougbt her attitude to bate been' Too Urm to oocarried away, too poweriol to take a/iran tage of her strength, too generous to disavow I.or own work, it became her to remain calm in preetnoc of these at capcted complications, a:. 1 toaV.aii-, iene< aid patriotiam of tbe Itailana to br'ng tbcm back to tbe (ractiral solution which alone c >uld aaaire tbe pre s<ul and reserve tbe future That .a wbat tbe Ktnperor * gbveraaarnt baa doae, without either eiogreration or weakntaa W hen the inflation cf Pue< any was to q tea tmn. it spared no pwtna to conVtwee Piedmont that t would be wine to respect tbe tnJepen-1. nee of tbat pr> V ? re B- t ts ce uteia w re not ft .lowed: and from that c< rjnnrtion way b> dated the Aral disaccord between ?*arki at a Tor in. That disagreement became still more mani fest when tb. i.irg's gorcrnmcnt did not hesitate to pro . j i tLe ear aiioo of R>>magaa France, on mat ocraatoo, a'..tripled a last com wants*. and endaarored to ptH?ci at least tbe pr.ncipte ol the Poattfloal sorw i eighty. But owing to the rsluetiooe of some, and the untoward eMhi aiatm of other*, her ?mirto again tailed * * * * * A frrtt er flap baa now been taken. It I* not merely tbe natlply If the Holy So ceer "D* or two pro rineea tbat tain location but it* temporal tadapt-ntenco tr threat aed. At that pate I nil i n-ir* salons wore femnd ol octets ty to out, and dtaaocord to be changed Into disavowal. Of?' urss, th'? ,* far rrotn imply tag a rup tore, fur intereet is MR the as'ii" t dexnan Is tbat Ftedmcsit (feoalf rtmata Ibe Impregi a le - trn per I of the Italian peninsula. and tbe icgit'mate additlooa derive I firm cur oommoa Tletortto and the trealu* wbtcb saac lion Ibtm ran In no cat c be romproru-ae 1 But our bow or a'sc that Frar, o sh"t.M not many way be re rjonatble for such rntirprtxre, at. according lo tbe do t ai alien* of the tamous, pamphlet. t rance did not go into Ita'y mm ly to deli no a grt at poi.tmal tatma, bat to pro. tact a gnat religious one. I'stn the Pnrta Steele 1 It la not to grat *> rain dctrea cf glory or o'artran i nl tl .it the King of Piedmont enter* tb' States of lbs thatch ha tartt3r?a himself?tbat Is the proper ex prtrtH n on Una occasion?to Ihe InteriwU cf Chrwpa, of t'tll ration, and even of Uatboltctam What was tbe situation ot the Payal Ftatesf Kvery one know*, it was sad Is still tb' tn?et pitta Ma tbat ever related. In all parts ?*rr*t sre ? menaced the popi-laticnt of tbe to <ma aed Tiling**: rbieie gave Ibe ".cat barbarous orders tbe ? ? a was. an tt wwre, ?rjip nded orer r very be*d ?a trrrihie and saeaiinar* conflict w?a about to l-rtak i ot on every petal of the Papal territory: but wbat 'to wr say? It f.aa brokrn cut already. Tua King of I'nda unt throw* bjt>? U between toe two comb tlantai and aepwratra them l.e prevent* new inamarrea of l%asa*ri.a and govt to prelect or ter in the Mu boa anil tb I'tnbrta, aa Urn Irtatb do la Syria. We repeat fiat nothing woo Id bate baen easier for blm t'wu to ilispmy a t>in < n ihoraa and en.oy tbe argrao diramrnle whwb war imd glvtn blm In IMrotag t* his rhivairoca brart be had to fear tbe wrath of A lain*, wad p? rbaps, the dleemleat ol Frawoe, aa<1 be might hwee fo> ad h merit la arruet eml-arranrmeol Bui 'be I<tew of wb*l la ust aad good gained the day. 1 F'rv ce v"? dot>. c ewa- yue peurrw, was bis motto 1 on thin ccrastnn 'Vr vsntuie to aay tbat. by hla de I rfion, be has> ren.'sted a great service lo the ropadnm. tbe ramc of ahlrh was about tn be dragged in blnrv ana to the rreachguvrrtmiat lta?if,wb,cb having to protect Pr we. could n?.t hase e?cn with pleas, re the army of the Ita ian te?o ultra m ib? March's, undtr U.e ontern of (ICBcrai tbauti ? a a ? a ? n TI vt the F'r* cf Ptedmoot rat. bee 'c?. n alt'iadton In wb<eh sett (lersa.-e was k^it m ,te, wl'l be ll?puted by I no one. fJenerai ?.? Inouwiciere. aad the people who ' I direct and iurreuB J htm. awl I c'?ar! and i ptnly waat ' fir y thought The army lb?y had aswemhird wan n?t : one of deftnre. hut owe r' aliaok After h , re natab ishe.t the drtevt'-d aulbo: ity of the car' tat lo Bmuagna. tbry flattered tl'Trselvse 'hat liter 0" id gj f. rlhnr, very much 'rrther' At Itrme a lama fide lobienu, almost a F.uropaan Coblratt. was formed llenerai dn I amor intra aid the cardinals were id 1 reel ormmunlea lien with tbe Dnka of Modcna toil the , |har ettlcd princrn. aid with the Aurtriaaa, and the ?ttar were tend ing reinforcements after ratBforren enta to tnraaa By d'splav Ing kwger iwtirrme, t utor Kir nodi would bava rncrwiraged bcldrr enteypri#.n. w,r.,d bava been tbe at rr rep Are of the Italian counter revolution, would have favored tbe reator .tlm of ibe i rlrwe; we ld, in a wort), bava betravsd 'Uu> and that he cou i tier r con ?TBI 10 do. ornioKft of thr. sarpixiax rRRM. [Ftcms the Turin Optmoae, tu pt la | Or. VlBlttry mnrt look for rvmoMtraoom n tbe part of fcre'gn Powsrt la regard lo Ibw reaclulioii cms lo of ?a let n* tbe Roman Kiatai No resolution of any sen.' at ness id star adopted but diplomacy ?erka lo Intarfero and hiBi'er lla realmaH'W. Bt.t dtpi.*.ary cannot abstract frt m tbe cane the Internal condition of the Peninsula Tbe note seat le Chrdtnal .tatonetll I* not an isolated fact It la not a ranee (br a fresh rxplar.ati, n: It bekwga to a te rieeof event* that have beet to meel ?<* in Paly for a yaar iwet It In tbe coast ( of gravs r/un plieaikas, which wn haw aot given rise to, aad to which It la important to pot a ctaaa. Wa bava not prepared tbe attoatiao tn which the Boat I Real government aow tads itself. Wa bava aot indued it ohnt'aately to ree#t tbe h-nercbinca. the wMtee IM cmptatBto of tbn pnopm. Ail Um grsat Pow era have urged tbe Co;rt of Homo It elate reasonable concussions to l-o ago and to clvllite t'oo, tod bare warned It of tbe ov.u :lo boedauro.ig couite would bring on. Now Unit Ibmr piMgnwsuoa arc i utilizing, wub what i can can tbey onndetau acts Inert table under ei rating ctroumeVincce, which Ibey lu?- e Bet succeeded in prev< cling either by their ?<1tIc-i er their authority' C >Ud Europe see v>'lh In d. Terence tbe ? i> til developing itself In utter want of directive * I hoot being guided and moderated by a regular, o-rcst tuled and recognized purer nmeui? If abe ougbi to prefer that tbe Sardinian government abould hold the reins ot the comtnoc weal, and fuliil tbe mandate wbteb mm oon idol to br-r nor only with tbe c incurrence of tbe ! altar peot-les, but ala<?wh?tber with good or IU wilt?hy dl plumacy, la It not a contradiction that abe should make remonetranccs against an eventuality that bad become a necessity > Ity mak'rp enw stir with onr government fbr tho pur pose of preventing tbe entry of our army Into the (tunic Stales, tbe rowers probably tnean no more than to Uiu tmbarrass themselves of all responsibility for tba even tualities or tbe Italian movt iu-jui. We are willing to be lieve that our government baa never sought to shatter Itself behind adhesion from other I'jw.ira, and still lese to tender i tem responsible for its actlonn and its policy g Tbe pol 0;* of onr goverumeot can b ive no other scale of meanurefi eniths-i that ol tbe natloual .ude^ond jncs, based on quiet, order aod liberty. Tun mission It baa as sume.i is a gem ious oae, and lie moat regular paid baa been sought for its fulfilm-nt, not separating tbe national cause from tt'- genera) Interest of Europe. Bat all the Towers do not glTe it credit lor this solicitude. -Some ot them would be tcrritled were tbe revolut.on, breaking down its bancs, to inundate neighboring rounirtos ana threaten too public peace. And yet they are d wait tatted with the government that ha & > n aleraled It tluit It may attain Its obiecl and yet avoid those evils which aimusl all great political revolutions have iclhcUsd on States tbtf hoped to ieok on as mere spectators. It' the move ment bas been preserved from esoees and disorder If It has aatonIthod Europe by Us m.i teration, that result le due. In a great part, to too good sense of tbe people and to the national concord, and also to tho direction Imprint ed on tt by tbe Sardinian Ministry, to Ihetr solicitude .0 keeping It from deviation, and to tho powerful influence of victor l'manuel on the whole of Italy. The Bourbon dynasty having fallen, and Garibaldi bay ing entered Naples was It to be tl.cuybt tbu ube people of the Marches and l/mbrta would err ucb under the .sac. of M do Iaroorlciere, and while tbeir bretliern bad re gained libertyJbe contented w itb tho regime of the statu ortelgef That was to demand an Irop-wsibtlily (rone l?ople who have no otber feeling than that of bitrsd and ccnumpl for tbelr own government, and wbo have already, under otber cireumstancos, shown that i bey knew bow to do justice to themselves when liurope re fused It to them. Either our government was to later fere to imprint moderation on the revului Ion of tbe Roman State?, or preparation was to be made for formidable dis orders and commotions. It would be an infernal policy to counsel a government to retrain an indifferent spectator of perturbations that would prepare the way for foreign luterventloo, and sc compromise all tbe advantages reaped up to ibis time. Such a policy would bo oonttt nined by Iltfy, and could rot be SHIM out b/ the Sardinian government. No Ministry would assume the responsibility of an attitude tl at would discredit tbe government and cause tbe loec of ell Its pr itlge. Tbe Ministers of Victor Emanuel had no cholae. 01 various paths, one alone was open to loom, and that '.hey needs must take. Should Europe raise obstacles, Italy would suffer by tbem- but other elates would ruder gUU more, seeing that Italy, in tbe oousclousueas of her ri(bw, will succeed in constituting herself notwithstanding the difficulties thai surround ber. whilst the otber Stales will find In tbe disorders excited by themselves an obstacle to the return of peace and the germ of treat complications OPINIONS OF Tnr RUSSIAN PRESS. From la Nord, tbe Kuseian organ In Belgium 1 If the Sardinian government bas addressed an ultima tum to Cardinal AntoneUi, it has evident.y doue so because It required a pretext to enter the Tope'a Pistes, just as in 16od tho Western Towers required one to go into tbe Black (lea. When a Plate declares war on another, tbe aaose it alleges for rttrriog a camiwign Is uever that for whtct It fights. Now, the vnrllable oby t which tbe Bardinian government has in view tn occtipywg tbe lb-man lb to prevtnt Garibaldi from geing to Rome, as he declarer be wll. do, to depose tbe Tope, which would cause a ool l:tIon witb the French troops. and consequently placo King Yhlor Knanue, 1 under tbo terrible j.-oetaily eltboi of rxcltleg the Ill-will of all Italy, by stopping 6af'.uaJdi by force, or M b> c>kug off definitely wiln the Kmperor ct the French. We believe that such la the real pilot ol tbe question. In principle, no doobl, tbe decision was j- rc | .lately taken. ilsbocksour Ideas and our princi ples, if, indeed, supposing that all that has taken plane a' Naphs. the sud.ien <1l*nt>p<*rancc w.tbout aconfiwt, and as d' by (r chmtmeot, of a'.! the army and all tbe navy at tbe K;ig of that country, can leave room for astuhisb.neat; but, in fact, and in a strictly political point of view, the: Is to sty, in that of results, wo believe that if tbe Tapeof be th r time .-nee again saved, It will be owhu VJ thr sudden and boid dc.slon of Piedmont. Diplomacy, no doubt, canrot adopt this p-dr.t of view and accept tbe in terpretation, wh.cb, however, are tbe true ones Wo uotd. wither. r re, fcei ?nr| rls-d that tbe for-ign minor ters have ; rohetcd, but we do not believe that taings w-U go furlbtr. THE HEWS FROM NAPLES. Another Interview wish Garibaldi?lite Opinion on she Italian tiueetlovse?Thk Enthusiasm tn Naples? Garibaldis Talh and Actions?Vlrtor Kmanusl's Troop* In Poeetsalon of the City?The Ming s Army nt Capua, The Neat Military Movement to Otlve T'.im Oat of th Kingdom, die. l>cnts in Naplee progress wo-tdm'Jiy well Tfcai kingdom is rapidly jsam cg a Sardmian aspect. Out eatracls bring tbe news donn to the latest moment. Tbe fo.iow.iig le an extract < f a u iter from Mr. E-iw.t Jamc- to a friend, doa.-r:i- ng an-tber Inlcrv.ew w U Oarlbaldi ? Ntnn, 9ei I. 8,1M0 The k>rr roll of Ibe ? spirit < drum'1 ' tha iiO ror< ?H Di in* of ?h? t . .iItu* fx. ii r? u they weru or drnvoriag to fi r? tbetr ru.f. the tubing to of i-arriaf i fti tn No??..-t with tb?:? ear ?????, r d'-r-iUliooa In a'teoi ligribaldl, ri ue*fd mo before f..?ir o'cl tl rroaa my bed i. k wrrb btd "a.bor. " ir nab 1.1, ?ui>r? I nll>?u lb pro; of n > tqnliota a.noe ln.di.ixbl Gunbal'.i wu hi. m rarlv bj> four o'rkx ? ho bad reeo members ot 'bo ma tritlee irem Naples, and wu arranging In" eUrac in'o LB t.t> At my ii.terv-w ? ib h.m yeai-rday ?t f ?i which v u a turned "to, b" f ad rogurtig me to wthii In tte wu ??. urroui'h d By oawwde of at mirerk. a I ut rui for A gbuit ?e of lb? "greM bu 1 tor I delayed my u.'.orvio- uuiil Ihta mo-clog Ow eewr n the la rye ru ma of tb? Wot- I de\'i..i,i>r ? Intro.l-r ^ tbe thi( of* of pec da and it -ir agitation und ax ,t? iy? wrre OK at striking. H Tbe National ouarl of h or do Hood tba area nag. pruetii of every druum Lat o crowded tn touch the - Imi of Liagarmiii <n errs .if iHab- of the Kia>- were i rarer 11 tr c vi realtor > .ln L.m urg'ng bia com Of w it au dita y into Naptfd. ObearvJig wr enter became -into \ and ta d "Mr iulw,n .lae.(a. ict ue apeak together, a wa rrltred loto a private i art of the aaieon. 1.1 roil n when I write to yoc tbat 1 had baw ra.jarati, by erase prrtooa <4 am aid' i atlno to make a rugfwtbw him with reaperl tu a eubjccl el acme tmpnrtauee no ont'! a it ? ?? ?er la Naplae. "StrJ u d be. and a preullar :.?btirr op of Die oonnu-oan ? cerr rtrfc k n.r, "dt/r. ?'? Jnal< ate 1 tVo' hr A* U Victor Em*n\ft. I l-r him at "i? life I ham *i Aim wifAuW an oath. I 'Aill imm, duifefy du -if an x pow.r fo ym< t f,?. ?n.? in th. A inp if i'ldn Hot thor f.iant 1 rati ' do in ".jr eMBWMMer." I ttraild to bia that anarchy n tgnt jwevali at N'aplea, ai tbat an the br pat wbrh t!rinland aatartalaid of tbc ragea ratten of I'aJy might ue n"uir?'' -d "Have no 'aar. ' 'j Mid, "of tbat. la mediately, If the people will aurpari m I tball >io all in my tower to | ?. mou- the anwevatk o Victor l manor " 1 w> d him, oa ba knew, that - ugw loved liberty and order to- . una that upoo the nverthr of tyranny no t rue should It rwt In the og tf cr-cit'tbtioasi torercm- nt. "I go,' aagt ba. "to Sep' io half an hour.' and arc Impc to mart again tb- re. i aprrial tram of aiioet tw-rty - urtag'e wu n waitlrg tec o'clock, ard a ot.ta ->ed ? aeal la tba rarr agr gr| In tbat la which (tgriloldl wu Inrnaghovt the .mira to b'apleg. n evera Tillage at every aiatiaa, tbe Vf ? fglbuati.-m of tbr prorl i > c.xdrd the puwarg . , d?arr I ton. Wc n.rn and girla pr ? nted fiaga. thr?w flourt int" lb. carriagra, atrufgk 1 to kiM the band of I t.rnrral ttaynra and r?ndi<g r acnlaled (bar lloca pr-.rata nd m?nk? 'tnod, rurro-nded by tn wretrbad n.vka, en 'he bill ?>de, aad ih? t 111. "Vtru." and. b Idlag the erneiai tn one hand egg aworil latbartbrr, waTt-l ibttn lathe air aod bat put tbe r bentd -tut* An th train paunl tbe K v gsard ai Terticl >iie ao... era thr- ar Ue r oape mto the I and jo-r.rd uttly la thr Vfra 'Jarlbaidi." Wa era in Na?iira. Xo i*n can t? Ibe Uk -eg#; ? , whale popalallr-w t'iraggid the ?tatina Buda. tiann' ' bardlerl. Xatlorai Owardg, earrmgag, ladlag of regit i V atal-Pb attired la their whit'- iireaarg, t- aimed w in -e t>a!d.*B roiorn?p*Bk Bad wb.t. ? thoriaaada of mate i ft tree iar aroel?CTery hot* n betag ta the city moat, formed tbe p? otae oa to tba Palaixo Aagrl ? there he la itftallcd u d ah- w? hiniaclf U the wiadi The abouta of "Vlaa tiari ?aldi'' "tltra Italia I'na " draftD.rf, and th' untr da crowd the atatrea?e* wd v ricna rgk<rnr of 'hia hefttftil paiaca. la the eraamg whole city l? illnmiaatcd. Pr-v"Mlooa block up at r treat , all mrc art armrtl. T'i"-i*tnda of womrn err orw poctard In their tlHhg What a ecege < bi' r??ed baa br tbe prr?rnt ber-n awertod' trwed th e call-raiaalir and exc'table people' 'a Ht joet tan aaidrm probe to the truth Hour ten yc ibr hirg bad door ao ar i"teadad to torn the ahbla m*r rjMB the rHlraaa ollw^a uy thai are cr a ti.itt< a a tbr l * " r.f H are ? -r ? hern proTidlax mear.a of re?!?taaea tn the tmona ' br'n wet prou ga! in ? eprod tare of isooer ? t mSra However It may be. the honr may oomr ? i xrcrtra may ani'v ? hi'l.rrui blood<egg raroln' c. lumn't la great the agttatmo extaweiva. liat I am rHned to tbli W that the thouean hi are ogjoy tag the ? u a ramlva; ralbrr tbaa * lb.ling la their etc..' ?: any etrt'Op polil 'til fotimrnt The fact la, that tlrg hu ant le- n ubpopular with tbr- lasxar >m ae (sweat ordera of Xipiee who go*. * morr thaa b? pcp-iiat?>t h.e war hu f r?g aia.nnt tba ,oP-ll-x:t mbia thought of hi tubjretf. the prlratheod. ll .? dlery and lb? Inwwt ???.? ra bare btx a hta lmrw*' nta eurb mrart ad ha tu daetroyod all freedwi ?peerh, of thought, of artton. aarl to the "ef prii-f' Naptea It I* a mailer of ladlMhrewre ehe ibry frtdtr tribute to the blag or ( irl'i. l fbit the ratbuB aatn Mat "blood be*' " frr dk} a 'I wli) t" centlBBO. fa tba BB?ant me the Tlaingal tt-rrramrm v la evnrga af ouatiiu t'-n of tbr lair Mag-! minwtrrv n" ? a-tbu'm v nit hre'tat n aotue require I'm* fbr tbrnghL fhc I of fA? C'.'t ar' iddea/y 'nbrn <n. and ?**.! > ', -n to On, a. "f? w ua bring placuc 1 oa ?rale CTrrr cafe ' thnrgrd the preaa ? ' ?oorliig forth ttw arw kcjrnilr the arn-a of the Ring Minted oat or ranted over with brown paper merw lent ll the purpowa be temporary), aad the en - cere far a aaowieat upon the great drama i-?lag re iere lha seat aeeae will preaeat new iifT.raitiee. a mtMoeiy awaited by every government la l'i?mpg, there's got n htgtovy hat ihown a Ubc raad cri

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