Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 4, 1860, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 4, 1860 Page 5
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FINANCIAL ANI CdMi4CRCiAL WenM.smv, Oct. ? -6 P. M. The money market contin ics a.-irvo, and seine ef the bankers Imvc more applit-iftioi s for ') ins at ?even tlmn they cu ?ati*fy. The ?>e -urrences of Ike pa?t. day or two. an might have he mi expected, he*o had the effect of fright-wing some lender* out ?f the market; and until this effect subside* we ?net expect more movement in Money. We quote M-day call lean*, 7 percent; abort pup-r, d} a 7, witk very little doing below the latter figure; long paper, JJ a 8, where tfco names are r'rst ??'?? Seme of the bank* are increasing tiieir call loans. A* on WVj!ieeU.iy, there wa* nothing done M-d?y in foreign ex bange. The market looks weak. The stock market opened undar alio inAuonee of yesterday's panic, and lower prlce^Per* accepted ler almost every stock on the list. Book 1 land de clined to H24. In tire middle of the oay the shorts aaine in as buyers, and were followed by a portion of the pnblic, which eauaed a moderate reaction; at Ihi- afternoon board prices wore lower ag 'in, tad tbe market closed heavy. The foreign advices aentinue to be favorable; cmton and breadstuff* are hoah Arm, and a fine winter bu-ine?. is thus se cured for the grain bearing road9. Stocks would have been higher both yesterday and to-day bu'. tier the conduct of the Hock Island directors, which, we may add. is to-day denounced hy all paries in the street,. The most severe language is applied to those directors who pledged their faith to the pay ?eutof a dividend when they must have known that it would not be paid, and the Corn Ex jhunge Bank, whose managers are mixed op in the'ransaetion, ?ernes in for a fair share of the odium. Wc do not remember any affair for some years which baa treated so general and widespread a feeling of dbgust. The Western hares generally?in the face of ncreased receipts for the fourth week of September?sympathized with Rock Mind, and the New York shares also. The busmo s, however, was very large, and there wee 3s many bnyers us sellers at the de line. The following List of the eloeing prices will show the decline for the day:? Virginia 6's, 014 a }; Missouri d's, 79; Canton, '21 ja 4; Cumberland Coal, preferred, 12} all*; Pacific Mail, 62* SIM; New York Cuaural, 8-} a 4; Erie, a 4: Hudson River, *324 a ?>"; Harlem, 22 a 4; da. preferred, *?1 a 52; Reading, 47 a 4; Michigan Central, OH j a 4; Michigan Southern and Northern hdiana 22 a 4: do. guaranteed, 47} a 4; Panama, 125} a 12t5; Illinois Central, 844 a }; Galena and Chicago, 751 .1 J; Cleveland anl Toledo, 454 4 i: Chicago and llock Island, 72 a 4* The buainevs of the Sub-Treasury was as follows to day: - Ibnrij,;* 8277.465 89 ?Fur OUStOSSi.... ,.,,, 000 00 Ssywtite.., *09,448 89 ?stance 3,058,528 94 A correspondent wants to know what the Rock Island Railroad Company are going to do with the ?'dividend -heck book," whi h the secretary as sured the public ha 1 been ordered some time ago? b the cost, of the book to be paid oat of the pro Ate on the shares sold short? He thinks It onght to be, for the story about the book was of some help to the sailors in providing th?ui ;th a market, *yad it - - :tth rather hard at ie stockholders ahouid be forced to pay the incidental expenses of thi-, elegant operation. Ti e difficulty might be avoided, he suggests, by selling the book at .lue tic:.. As a financial curiosity, and a memorial of on of the Most splendi l and audacious practical jokes ever played on Wall street, it would proba bly common 1 a fair p iee. If vhe portraits of the directors -:ould be offered with it, Mr, Superinten dent Kennedy might bo induced to be->me a bid der cn behalf of this valuable jollectlon. Ve have received suite more railway traffic re ports for September, and present them, as u-ual, in tibnlar form: ? Road* fci.,1899 r-pi.lSHO IncT'.iw Ho<Von it *or IlM 372 ISO 00* 33 017 Mic.ig&u R?'-.lheru IS! 000 380 090 56 000 M.Nt-uc,' in.I Mtn.M'.ppI. 10* 000 19*000 04.0V0 Jtncl > and 114 788 130 80 It.703 ChVlgo and Surtb Winters 11519 81.200 29 Ml an-t Toledo 73 000 *4 0:5 11 076 Salem 308 803 231 Oil 12,813 Ike taming* of the Illinois Central for the fourth web of September were:? isoo fits,Ms an ISM 57,789 78 mrtM*, u.wu si lie exchange* a; the Clearing IIcksc -.his foro mku are OS *i.i the balandes 11,234, ?96 M. The following tah'e ?how? the eon-liti in of the tuts in four leading -Hies:? fp'i? f"! ? Pn. " ?>?<*!. Jl. ./??*,. IU- 32 OR *71 973 iHiatlf ?-ctae? In J (II lnt?rt Hrpi fe.18l.M8 l3d 20 ?77 03* ?W?? 7? <33 8?! Fwol*. CM. 1 r w 7V3 l*7Jf?W K?*m <a *-? tta a .r? izt 7 ishki i-j a was t*i l-?! sit sbi m om ?*t W 127 ms^m ? ??-i s<: :u?0?- SK 310 WB 2-1 4CJ.I0I l.H,23T ?'4 'J ??? we 457 ? C7 7M Iam? - I.19SS98 - Tie fallowing figures of American stocks In f.on donar ? by the Arago. on which a farther improve ?e|t. Is reported by telegraph, per Canada to 14,(11* coittoniiliuoli Central an<i 30 percent lor lirie: ? Ma* lard i'r 03 a M Trfc .?uv-* ? ?, 1871 90 X VtrrUi.a 5 c 10 a 62 Virginia S'a Hi a M IB'io'a Cf Mr i! S ?. 1S7"> 88 a 90 A?. do ;*t.M7j. *. c SdJ.'a 8?X Do. do. 0190 shares, 880 paid....Sis. 17 a 10 D> to all i*Jd 79 a SI M'/tof-aa Central S s eonv.-nc. ?, lsos.... to a M Do. do. siuStng food 8's, 's2, *. e... HO I K In. do. 8190 aba' * >12 a 64 Mteliigai *?. fc N I; Han* 7'n, |W 72 a 74 Do do. HOC ?h*r,vr IS a 90 New York Cee'rai 8"*. 1883. S? a 90 Do do 7's, 1?S4 9.1 a 06 Do do. ;*?, 1370 94 a "0 In do 8100 share*. 79 a SI flew York * trie 7's. 1997 93 a 98 no. do. 2't m ,1850 S9 a 91 Do do 3d ia , l*:, assented i.e.. 78 a 80 In do. bon is Hoi,'71. "75 57 a 69 Do. do sbarea. aaecnlod 2s ,a .8 ; Faoatta 1st wort 7w. IMS 101 a 102 Do. 24 met., 1*72 99 a 1<II PeaaajlTMla central S'l 00 a 92 Do. do. 24 mort 94 a OS Do. do. W0 share* 78 a !0 Hilladoi.ohla k Kuadinc S'o, 18o0 IS a N a* to. 0 *. mo *s a ?o Do do. wo chare 22 a M The receipts at tide water of flour, wheat, corn and barley, for the fourth week of September, 18C0 and 1*60, hare ?>cen aa follows:? ntmr Hit. M .,rf. ,tu Com. b>a. BurUv. hua. 1800 ,.. 6? (tr.0 1 >171.700 241 00O 212 100 ISM.. 28.7C0 245 900 172.SOO 84,000 lae .27 S0O 328,800 ? 500 15S.100 Tlie aggregate* of ihe receipts of tlie above ar ticles no fa. , for tlie years 1*<X) and 1S59, have beer- - 6*M>r f*'- ?*??? hut ft lit *?/ /Ja.-'f, ftn* iaeo 67*000 s.tio ot nw>*eo wnoo 1869 27J36U I 447 ICO 2.271900 240,000 lac. 305.K* ' 7.5* 200 ? SU.vuO 144.000 Red icing tin wheat to floor, tlie excess in the receipts of 1*40 '? final to 1 ,"..9,441 bbls. of flour. Tlie rerelpt? at tidewater of the principal articles of pro<locf. from U?<-opting of th<-cauala to and Including the mm olt.. have been an follows:? raw. taw iwo OhmJ iy.?* inrtfVS. temHU .IfSJ 26'f.. .... 1.24!>lao 572 200 tss nno flbsl, tu./"-!:!* aooeeoo l.ttMOO t,716A00 ? 4 521 100 2-71.91^ ll.'.H5,700 ?wfcJS. 673 J00 Mr> ?00 ast'.eoo *Ve ...768 100 147 000 108 *00 , ?? .3^01100 2 901 "00 4 294 *00 PtiX. ot>I? vf 0oh as; e 0,7^ W04--7 300 1400 3 JS2 4**?* lbs ? 72.700 3.9,400 Urd... Suae 400 I : 47.800 910 000 m 481 000 ."04.400 aaeet... 3.00|:?0 1172 200 419,800 W?m,I ... 2.-3 7.890 2.IW,3on 1 8/440* Tl>e K"w <)t'' dn? Pi- >yw?e m SatnrJay says: - The mru*y trarl'l bad set' wed a wore stringent ton* dur'ng ib? i m #?4r,a?ti ^Mdoor orrot'Mluns bsre pro |T >.e4 list,/, In ?ti.k It" "7^ 1S* have largely e* eerd> d It,, an m ?. Ml, R WrltSBrcjsljr with this fralure, < ins bo u rn?*<> 'U IU wsrk*t la great abon 4tar at 'ahy rain, 10 t ferclsg <br alt?rn? ttve gf al it > 41 tfitly a ttc ?u r e l of the empaand et/r.i?!i,^ ,v a< >mcoor*. rn-ul to lb" oeim.xifty, or narrueiLg dven (boilc s jo .ocal '? .?cc. ji? wb. b at a?it ? fHjld prove bot a tcmpMrary p*l\?ttT?. Between tbeao the rboioe was * noe>waary ton, ami ?Uh hoi oamnl el orp ".us the bank* o??? BH1| K.?rU '.be bulk of their *cr plus ;? e> .aange Tbn* far, bewever. the movement ui iau> te aU >rd all lite relief hat encn *uo (*|aiw decline Ofiapa ua aeitrer lo the p -lot at " y tei t cap _i! must r.cnr.1 ic uad till '-he v.-ucoui. Co.lcr the>r circumstauer* it i? but natural that mooay should have iuu Jt.?oii, 1U.4 that wiaroely any mv>tmlion* can ho nJtulo below twelva per coot hooking, bcw "??t, to ibo cauie* that La'o produced thj* dear b<*o tc? imiwoaaion m g'-nrrai that it caa only be torn porarv Nut that we bxper.t *u> permanent on**, it least j lor i ho pretest. but Utat probaoiy wv hIihIi-<*? t>? una. led lo Uiova freely at a rate A t wo prod .<? but Id our last i a> okl> report, buyorn of oxc) uigo have m.oca uad It all I thrlr o?n wajr, but tbo m arcity- r m?ana baa m.t [?r i ontird theiii to roar all the advantage of the tfe-.l'.ne *11 description* have receded % a i>er coot, and we cow euou- 108?; a 100?; f"r r>>?"l to prune sterling, triuph one or t*<'Urawera sidr 109 hut "n not get it. Era fie, with hill of lading, 1?7,, a 109. 1 ranes lia?o gone duwu to 51. J1X * 6f 22 >; 'n day ? sV" of |'AJ 900 wa* made at 6f. "i5 Hiny day bllie on '.?? Yorlc rule from 1 ?; a 3 'or prime to fair, and frorr 2 , a Hi for outside uaiuor, ?t'libt waa rein to day dn. n lo '; -l. ? ujt for a ro?od ainouut of bank che.-aa. and other tr.i wt onu tc >k place ut me rauie Igore for p? rule a gealur*?. There w .? no ?pfieulty In obtamin; n> nl atu .uts any ban* at par a j; dlacount, though the mwoler rate ruled j ?t , pi?ro um for small t .cia an* collett.uj settlement:?. The arr.vale nl e e our last hare only been ?J 716 irem Texas The experts d tho meant, no amine*, io $.7"t.fl00, of which 815 000 to ?" LocJ, tJOOOO to tl< mphia uid the remainder ti New York. The last (ales of Mexican ellver wore at 109;;. The Louisville (Ky.) ? . - /.JaJ R,vie'o says: There is x rood deal of dmireao In commercial c.relee, ?n.leelH r.a iron tho South bemg very slow,anl c.?sh sales light. Two or three fls'.iure* have been rep rted, bat there ap;ieam to be more f'.clement and xux.oty on the sirrct ihnn '.burn m ar/i.c-?x,nn for tfo, too, with regret, n dispnalt on (n e ime circle* to fbrae .-red ?. sales. with the ot,ii :t, we ?jpoo?e, of red ;ing at skgar.d Iccrearmg arrea. Th.s cournw will act relieve tbo tot tertng and will DC'iaoe are omnarraonment of tbo=e wbo are straining every oerve to rustniD th*me?!ve?. We stone:; a fUtemeo. of tho value of the ex porta of flour, wheat. r J irn for the week; September J7 and ein: j Janiary 1:? ? H>r 'Jit iutti. ?. , T.n i I:.-, t ??? 1U9 liiiMt l?fcd 1800 Floor ?$??,!74 * -a sat 3,i.d 40 ) 7.207 Ui Wheat ? b01.3tfl :s.)60 7 i1*! 492 Corn 847 40 073 154 63tl 1,201015 Total .. 581,021 7,70b iid 3,445 404 10 432M2 I>idua 3,w4o *04 lu-rcxne alc:o January 1 ^icr 16 9 tli 937,359 Tiie following will "inw the movement in foreign dry goods at thia - a ^eptcuiber tor aix Kn'rr \Jct It"a . 312 551 g?d(.> 2.107 403 530.703 ; 39,07.1 490,070 Stock K\. Iinngc*. W?x>??h)4T, Oct. 3. 1800. $4000 W 5'?, "95 . . 102 W0 ?bg Itnvd RR .no 47 3WM? I' n V?, -74 . 1023d t'? tttch I en HR udO no j 0000 "1 ooup b 79.. 105 , 260 do 19 40inJ Virginia 6'a. . 9l;a loO d0 ....twk >'U moo Ianiieiana 0'n. ?'9'-; 100 lo MO 09 6000 V Tork 5'? '76. 702 + 50 do b.30 69 1000 F> e 2d m b.... 99>; 60 y SoocM It Ktl so) 22^, 5000 Erie KK 5m D. 87 500 do ??; 3000 Krie Kit 6ai b. tO 250 MS A X T guar stlc 47 C 10O0 Hi ? B i.f Smb. 101 300 do sOO 47W 3000 Mlel ' 2d m 'as ?t 150 do 47s; 2000 d j 61 JO) dn .... U60 44 K00 Mich 8 f f bd?.. 60 20 Ch,B A Qu.ncy RR 89 6000 n. Cen lilt hs,x 1 96 ; 50 do slO KSfa' 1000 TwHauWItdm 88 60 do ... b60 80 46?o laOrAtMil Igha 23 210 MllwfcMHn BR.. 18 50i0 do b?0 :n>{ 150 IUCeo KK scrip.. 85f,' lfcOO Talf?K*W7mb? 75; 200 do ... ?TO 85'x sCOO ' lev ?Tol s f hs 79 00 do 030 95!; 60 abR B2 On- mcrce 101 200 do. 85; 10 Atner ?i Bac. . 105 400 d> 85',' 8 Metropolitan Bk 111 60 do blS 86 , 50 Maab Coal pr, . I t ; 100 do . .. !>60 85 V 116 fa Mail S3 Co.... 83 700 do .>00 86 , 100 do.. ...b.10 03 i '2000 do <60 86 60 do.. ..'..000 84 100 do *30 86 50 oo 83?; 100 do 86,' 275 Harlem Rf. 22 16 do 96 100 do ?00 22 300 Qere Is PitU RR 16 ; 500 10 22 ; 500 do b 10 16>,' 100 J.y Hi 760 do s30 15 809 do 223; 500Ual aiCb RB..S30 76 200 do 22 4CO do c 70 160 do.... 830 22'; 50 do.. 8 70'; 300 do.... b39 22 ; 50 do bJO 70t; 100 Jo.... b?0 27 ; 400 do 76', 50 dc 1?3G 23 60 do alO 76'; loO S Y Central RJ. . 0 400 do 76s; 350 do 8S-; 50 do rriO 76, 200 do h30 P0 50 00 *45 70'; 150 do b80 00'; 150 do 76 , 50 do h60 90'; 100 do ... r60 701; 60 10 bio 90 260 do.... OKI 70 V 200 do v60 90 .">00 dn h40 77'2 50 do >60 MV 100 do e 76'; 50 do WO 89'; 200 Ck>T * Tol HR .. 100 do b30 89" 100 do >80 40V 000 do S09 8?t; 100 do 46', 400 do 80); 200 do b!0 40', 900 do blO 80 X .100 do h.30 46 S 260 do set; >oo do *ao 40 100 10.,.. *00 80, 200 do 800 40 100 00 130 00?; 50 do btO 00>; 160 Erie RR blO 40 s 100 do b30 40', 750 do . 40.t; 480 do 40'; 200 do slO 40i; 100 da *10 40 , 50 do *60 40', 160 (Stir ft R'k I KR . 74 500 dn (00 40'; 100 do....:.... 7SV 300 do 40?; 50 do b30 74 300 lo. 40 >; 100 do b00 74 106 Hudson lUter KK 63 000 do. 73',' 100 do >60 03 100 do *30 73?; 50 Jo > 30 63 100 do *30 7314 50 do *20 63 100 do 73V 900 do hOO 63.',; 450 do 73 ?; 26 do., . bOO 03'; 326 do 73 160 do <1 62?; 50 do blft 73W 37 N IlftHartlord MB 140 100 do blO 73 660 Reading RR. ... 47X 3*0 do 72'; 1M> do. 47'; 200 do 10 T1V 1200 do *30 47 years? FnLr.d f.r 1. ? V.'a fr. 'U 1855 CS my*:. irar Airij*. 055 600 18.50. A0.647 1867 . . 759 541 1858 1.92O.^;0 I860 040 012 W>0 ... 0,314,115 8 46,633 -XCOKTl ?11D. 41OC0 Ca'ifomia 7*.. 93, 100 ihdMcMkNIR3gB 47\* ' If 00 Erie RR 4? b mb M\ 100 do....*00 4TV ?JMO do MX 100 do (10 4TX 800 ehaOaniooCo two 22 -JOO Cfoi.Rur * 87' 600 do -I 60 do 87 lONYCeotRK 100 do ,M0 87 >, 800 do HO', 801'UUU RR.rflO ltf> 80 do (40 st"; 80 do USJf IT do 89 ?; 400TU Ccb RR ocrlp. U 41 Krto RR 40 , 360 <-si k Chi RR.... 70 luO do 40 , 400 do HO 76',' '.6 do 40'f 880 do 74V 60 do b O 40fi 400 Clovl It Tol KR.. 46 V " "" ~ 100 Erie RR >M'd tk 38 100 do (30 100 Bud Rlx RR. MO 03 .,' 800 do 48 M> do... -210 03 UOOChi ... Kk III RR. T2V lib Mich Om RR. ado H'j 100 do blO 73',' 60 do MX 80 do 810 73?, 300 Mich 8o8K IdRR 28',' 100 do 73' 10 do.. 23V 100 d<> ... *10 T.'V CITY CVMRKRCUL 1UCPURV. v KviM.j', oct i?a y m. AMR* ?1n>d market ?u unchanged with Ilraltod dated j (I 8 ,,e ? 8 X4 for pott Ml pearw. Bx Hi i tii *rr.?Flour?The mar Hot for Male and Wretern , brae in ?<? k?* active an' bw buoyant; the higher gra Ira were qotct add price wtbout change df moment Tbo I traiMctioue embrace 1 about 16.000 bbla , cloeing within Um lol lowing radge of qnotalion* ? Superflue Staid M M a ? 35 extra Plate, 'row ' Id acd new wheat 8 40 a 6 65 Superfine Wextern 8 -je a 6 U Common to choice Weaic-a extra. 6 40 a 0 78 St. loule extra 6 M a 4 78 Mixed to Mralgbt fom them 6 46 a4M Straight to good extra do f. 16 a 7 60 Choice extra family and baa era' uraada 7 64 a 8 78 Ryr flour 4 40 a 4 M Core tor el, Jrrtej and Rrandywtao 3 60 a 1 a# ?Canadian Uour war quirt bat 8r> i, eapertallp for choice with eaJ.e c[ 8M bbla at M 60 a 87 M Raj thorn flour a ae eaalrv for 'be rem men aad lower grader, while th> Ictran.l for bum" nee and for ex,*.rt WhB fair the trasxacttoaa fooled up about 2J80 bbu . ti<?mg wuhio ibe range of thr above pricoa Rye flour wae ttwdy with of 2T0 oV ? flora meal waa l.carr, J witb raiM of aboct r.80 Mil . < ? r wltbla the range of the aborr table of pr o ? Wheal waa Arm for Cue I* tier grades r.f red and fib. r fletorod Wratern. while olfor ucrcrlytlm went b~av;'. The ralea footed pa 90 U09 b brir.atll <13 foi prime lenr libtod red. 61 37'; a ?I 48 btrfoir while Michigan and Inu.aoa $1 34 I (MM for u r to pe<>; u ? ? ? 81 fr> a 81 18', for No. I ami No 2 CI ago arlrg 81 30 a 81 12 for i Milwaukee clxh fl 12 fhotc" Wtwrn* o. 81 8f< a j 41 ?i> f< r iaferV>r rad vvert ro, ami 81 24 for good do. Com?The aBo .nl wirrtag ?<a i.gbt, aad tbt marmot waa flrfaee. The ?ako rrobran'l 40 0t0 bnabela, at 6b' fc. t 70r for w?ei ra ai!??d, and at 70r to etorea and . at 7.7c. a 76r for rord yellow Rye wae Handy, with , tab * of 2 too buehela at 40. Rarley aaa ?1 ady ami ia I fair ?l< niaed.a' <r id- "..ij were plenty .oil Markr, j w ib wtro o Wieeeia atd Qa.tdian at Mb. a 37 V . and Plate tt 67c a 3dc i < rr?r - Tb i rfc < ?M inn and ?aitt moderate, n rlrdlag 400 hage Marara I at It a 16c . 300 Saga Rt. ii>. n. irgo at 18r 100 d? Uaf* at IS ,c . add 110 bngawaiaw IN iKdirr" at p t OWfun ?li>rr<- wed rather more morattrnl. lite rake . fnsraotdia the Bdtghhcrb-*vt of 7 000 i>alea. rlnelng at (teady pHnw leeloded a th? n:e wre 1208 Babe hew cottci, atdd ia traaait at p. t. low ng ttulf oo<toe* were t. jwc*. F ( (.are wer* tohve irra boo'aat aad aetlre To Urar* pro' aboal 40.000 a 60.010 boabelr Wbedl wore engaged at li ;d IB ehi: "? baga. and about 10 000 buehrli were rrportod to bwea lin takm n bulk at 18d 2.000 bbla Sour at M 3d 100 bbla roata at 3e Od . Si hhda. taOow attfo 60 ,100 ticrOM beef at 7( aod 1 0u0 bbxre r! aeac at48a To Inadofi 3001'alee of bopa ware <agagndat6 bd. - - 'iiYfo and 1 OH i?t?a rhe-?a at MR The bark J W I-agr war ebanrreil to lead at Wilm.oi'tM, 6 C , In flretirm with o*T4' elrreo. Aiefjr (jdr'tt 'urt*attae at p. t. ft. t.laa gnw a i marl waa ch..rt?r?1 to take 30,000 buebaia at p I To Breai -n 6c reefs tobeot* v. en oo|atrd at 37a Od. -TTte (.mrVr-t woaotea<l/. had dry ond waa la fair er'iTiir, with aaiew in tfr ,aat fow dayi of 1,600 a 3,00" ??Blateta dry rod nclfd .g i^irgn'a Bank, at 84 38 a34 , I 40 .an ' Ba. k at 64 Maet,arp>|serc i.rn and in fair de mat'., ? a aalea of ahora it 88 for No 8. M for No. 8, I aad at 44 * H 86 for Nd t. an I a I * h ttdrai bhia bey at 41$ 64 for No. 1, 813 -0 fur No. 3, and la M for No. 3. ? im.k. i wre at SO- a 31a for No 1, add 33r a for ood'ed PMuM were inlet. Qvwwv Hao* were Irm t I nac: re. Genny cic'Jn ?u dull and llmived. H * v ? Om market wee iv*<* y w U> ni'* of %bo> t 1 duo *>..if? al 70c. a 76c. for gbi -next gad 80c. a 90:. :or a;ty use. Ooin continued Bra iftd tu good demand. The ro- ; o*ipta were mederate, .u ? mostly arriving to lira >rder of iboeewbo b?ve ?pe-o aled in them in Lbe .nterior. Within Iwt or three dare the sale- nave reached *00 a 1 * 0 haioa; n*w at 28c. & itc , and aome galea of the crop Ht'l were report* 1 at 10 a Jfk l?.?? ?Scotch pig wae .all Within a day or Iwi, 250 totii beet ??rands hare b?eu aeld at 622 76 a 125, a.x moo u?. and inferior bra B at 621.0 a (22, part to ar rive tlx mouths. t r*d ??ipaniah wae steady, with limited sales at 16 02SJ. *h Je Halena was quiet at I. tt)? caah. f in..-bhk ?The market ru qutit, while Driest were ?whanged N'Va: St ,'.ns?Sa.ea 000 bole. spirit* turpentine, In shipping' rder, were made at 41* a 4H4C , aao '4-50 do. n w York bam la at 4'2>i:., 3 000 "bis oommcn resin al II 42 per 310 '.be, from yard, ani 300 do. ttne roeln at 1 O-it ? Iitaseod am dell, sti"t of American, in 1 otu-ks and barrel*, at 680 a 5#c cash, an t of English at 89o T tllow oil was rolling at 9 V , ,.ud heavy s.t'.ee of pa1 in were report?d on private forms. Cotton aoed oil was dull and "If* do wae unchanged The following mmom-nt In the N;-w Bedford njartet, for the week elid ing the lal lost , Is from the Sh-ppiig Lid:? Wo have no char re to notice In the market for sperm oil, which ,s In good doiuaud an.l Urn at quotations, Tbc trmsacWire e'.nce our laat indada sales <d' 115 bbls. In porosis at tl 55 , at,'. 50 do head matter at il o9o. per gallon; al ? 100 -ibis inferior at sprite not trampired. In Vewt ort we learn of sales of 200 lib if at M 66. Too market for vli do s'.nco o>.r lasi'ia. een There Is some demand, however, ii-it purctusvr are not willing to moot the viaw? of hr-Here, who c*e tirm at S60 a 6o*. Tbo only sales *-e ;?ve to re.rort *.a :o ow lib are 400 1'bls , p .rt bnmpbac.. at 63 ?. per gallon. Wh.-?ieboo"? No transact ?w Paomuoae.?Pork?Th* markr. was and mchacg ed. with sat* of about 300 bb'.s., Including new noes, at 619 13; a a tie 36 and new prime at $14 40 a 614 52 Beef wae steady, with eaiug of about 450 l-ble , Including country muse, at 65 a 60, repacked ? esj at 69 a 69 26. and etna at 111 a 611 60. Cut meat.'; and bacon wore scarce and Arm i*rd was steady, with ofabont .30 bole and t-.ercee at 13140. and 100 ii'iga it 13',c Batter was plonty atii pricef hardly so firm JtaM .la.r es wore ? lung 1u || ? .1 20c., medium at 14c a 17e , good Ohio, fail prepare I, at 15c. a 16*., and interior at 13s. a 14n Clioorn wik in good local and export demand, at 10 all',*, lor prime ?ftate, 6c a 10c. fcr ordinary, and 10c. a 10 Tor primo Northern Ohio. H'ii was steady, w th sma I sales at 4'?c a t*i*. -xar) ?Clover and ttmctby were quiet and (alea limit ed L.rse .i w?.-< easier, an i I ilea ui.. le .u Bitnou of Calcutta at 11 71. and a cargo of Bumbay hag bc*n made to arr've here at 61 90 6 mootne. Si.<? iRh ?The market waa uteady, with sales of about 800 hbes , tnclnd zg refining roods, at 6 %c a >J' 1C., and gmoery grades at 6't'c. a 7;,c., and 460 boxes for refln ing at -J *C. wni'gas was steady, with sales at 23 \e. a 23 ','c. NEW TURK CATTLE MARKET. VBiaUT, Oct. 3, IS30. BEEF CATTLE. The aoeexce of the few butchers from the Waab'ngtnn drove yards last week waa the signal for ? general torn out to-oay, and acting upon this hint the knowing one* teed the.r greatest endeavors to procure all the cattle tb?y could between liore and Buffalo In order to meet the prospect, ve demand of to-day. The consequence was that (be yards were sgtln flooded, the total receipts being upwards of 4,000 heed. Notwithstanding these large numbers, and the comparatively heavy sales at Bergen nui on Monday, there wero no more than were wanted. The turnout was unusually large to-day, not withstanding the fact that a large numbe* were sold on Tuesday, and, thoagh holders were compelled to lower their pretensions somewhat, It soon evident that there would be a g?>d demand at tbo reduced prices The hulk of the offerings were good eteers, and the average quality was decidedly better than last week, only a sm.iil proporticu befog inferior. Tne beet cattle brought, plump 9>(c , and few of the choice fat steers found ready buyers at 10c ; but these sales form no criterion for the market,and wo do not Include them in our of prices below. There were on rale at Allerlon's4,4 d> head, aud at all lbs yards 4.716 heal, acalnsl 4,411 bead last week. At B> rgcr. Bill about 1,000 bead sold on Moo day at the prices behtw. The total receipt* at all the yards for the week and laat we< k were as follows ? WosAiwp'fn Br rning't- Cham't'rlin's O'Brun'r, This week.. 4 41 >6 321 52 47 Laet wcek..4.16o 143 48 36 PRH'F*. The current prices for the week at all the mark eta are as follows:? war lima P'rst quality,per cwt 66 00 a 9 50 Ord nary 6 25 a V 00 Common 7 00 a 8 00 iBftno^r. 6 60 a 6 60 OOWS ASP calysb. first quality 660 00 a 65 00 Ordinary 40 00 a 60 00 Commoa... 30 00 a 40 OS Inferior 26 00 a 30 00 vmai ruin. First quality, per lb 6c. a 7c. Oi dinary 5c. a 6 '-fc. Common 4c. a 4 ;kc. Uf. rior 3jfc. a tc. mm IF AXD uiM. Prime quality, per head 65 00 a 6 60 Ordinary 4 00 a 4 60 Common S 36 a S 76 Interior 2 76 a 6 06 ?worn. First quality OXe. a 6';e. Other qualities 6;,c. e f He. MILCH row*. We urn to sole a continued fair demand lor good to prio r milch cows, both for the milkman and for prink faulty me. Home of tbo offcrlnga during the were of a deeutedly food 'lualhy, and mice of each were readily effected at eery full price*, varying irotn 6<i5 to upwerde of 6M6 per head Other grades rarie 1 ell the a from $?.'. to >40 01600 per hc\d,eiid the better , ,< Ice with ready eale at fiom MO to MO. bet the poorer descriptions wrr - nard of mle crrn at the lowmt quota- , lions above oolte a number of the offerings were very inferior and could not had tale at aay price, aud were ' . rat oat .n the nnrntvy to pasture In order In fatten tor beef < attle The U lal re? e.pte at all the yards fbr tbt* week and lart week were ar follows ? H ashing-.? Arountep f. Cka>nh*rUn'< O'Rri't't ' This week... ltd 01 32 61 last week 26 19 26 tS 1 \KAI. ctl.vgi. Tbe market for v*l calves el every description wo tlnues buoyant, and bodrre art enabled toobialnfoli Glees for ail stuck from la r to prtsse. fir the Iter dewrlptiona the dematd has b<w-n wry aetive, and a roaster rablo proportion of tbo ofierings brought plump Ic. per p xd, and nut ualre <|sn.itly the vr ry le-st ronad biyera at a tl'rbt inprwmeci on that prle?. The offerings were nearly all of a fair gnelity, and there were very few Interior \<.als on tale at aay ?* the yards. The bulk uf the ealet were at Ic and upwards, and hot a ?mail ni.n.her were void coder tnat hgrra. Tbo total re crlpt* of al! Iloek at all the yards Tor the week and last week Were aa fbl'uwe ? ll'mit sgLm Br>? ?in-i CiuimbrrUn'i 0'//> *en t This week 4<M> it 46 164 last week ..TCI X> $4 172 fill CP SCO L.tMea. With very heavy receipts, tn.- market S'lrnel a depreaved lone, ard ladder* were compelled to gr j>t a concession equal tn 2Jo a ST1, per neat, ia irrder to |4ar< tbe large nuraheve left In tbe yards fir to lava rale A steady I >ir demand preva.lrd ail through the* week, however, sail tales wert t.ierUd st full pr nee until yesterday, wbee tbe above rod ml km was nmjeded. The bu;k < f the r"erlngs wrre fbir to pr mc, aad iciw- a armher r-f them were < stra fat, and ??>? at prmef alto getber above our quotations. Tbe interior grades. of whx-T there w< re bet rmoperatlvely few.-n sale, were dull at tbo above quotai iocs. The total rent pie at all tbe yards mr the week and uet w.ek were a* foil, we ? WVuhdagMl. /ir -ietafog? Chambretffl'r (rfl vi'i Tbla wcek.l Wt 7.3JW 8t?A 4.915 i.*at weak, am 4 121 1241 2.689 strtxF. Tbe renepta din tag the week I tare been very heavy, b-l tbe demon l !? aevrrtbeiets active, and aa srtvaase of , I.e. per po- ed Ua been e tab) ehed ee all fades The U4ai r? r pis amount U T.'aB bead. *ad |? ntm ranged fr -m 6 . to 6 c. per pound *v? iftKUTW. The total "cm 4s nf all stock ler kn< week aad aet wark ware aa Mlawi ? Bmm. Owe. r'o'ie 51 ey> d t..' Washington yard.... 4 1M> 22 1 662 a?mi ? s.., . CI ??a *'< 7<T66 Char.b?rl a's 69 M 4S ..616 O'Mrlee' 47 61 1&4 ?Jir. Total 4 716 idi 76T 16 -4d last week t.ltl 115 6B6 126*3 Wrtonroloctral Hegtsler. the anaei-1 table shows the lemperat' -e / the a marpbere la UtM city dtvtag the week eat ag heytetrbevf. tbe range of U>e barometer ar! therm i-o-ier, tt? vara tVji of wind current*. an I Ui? state vr the whether at three parous each day, vis at 9 A M . ac I land ? ?' "Ck 1* M - ?iff ffeUr ay ?Moraiagaa 1 aftern mm, atear , dear ?est light fen ar?Moraine aad afteraooa. clear IT* , (tear amaaUpd, Mcwdaj- Worms*, clear. * ? M r Mr moco'igfct, Tuesday? Morasng. ntaadf altera ma, beury rata equail. tr *,clear mm* > gbi Wednee iay- Me*a Bt, rtrar 6 f tt . (dear aad aoe) 9 P.M. clear moonlit ot. ? Thursday?Mora lag, prerenal aad 6*111 y a'! day. I P. i M r.reroaaL Friday?Mr.rmag, overcast 3 P. M. clear 9PM altar i m'X'tiMrht. Saturday -Cigar aad r??tall day 9PM, cloudy ma?? I Ifht. Weekly Hep.. In tbe Cny toil County of ?!?? Vwt run tb t2d t?? of Krpu-mher tn the '2?tu ct?, >f ?. ; t- -,W HrtO Me ,97 women 1U3, b. ye, 100 g U3-T. Vm, 413 Adult* 20C; obildren. 213 mu'* ".97; *inaMrn. 216; ."*,l?.r?ut |n-TU4iiui. 13 CBaHP r* l tuOM - M ? ? Angina 2 <"V?rr nong*?/ .iwe 1 Angina pectoria.. 1 K*?ee, latorwiuaet i A 7 K<ll?"-,0 VVuM 2 Blending from tie . .nge. 4 rnrlet Id Br mchttta J fwi or yphk t.J 4 Uatarrb, ? I "ovor vubue & Cho.era J 81.0111% .... .. * llmiera infai' <m IV fnriamii>at?>u .it' 'rowels 10 droit rn moroue 2 latiar >? alio . of brain u> Oolio 1 inf. .mmj ? cheat 3 Onagettioa of the bram. 9 tnfla-uantl j of aidaeye 5 OoiK?ttMa of the liver.. 1 lufj.nirai neMlvtr.. 1 Ooajpst'.oa of the lungs 4 taAam .a- <>r lunge. 71 Ceuvnliinat, ?iult ) mn*ii?ro.uof spine .. 1 n? nTul8 on*, Infantile... ie Uuismma' uiu of slo>a*uu 2 OrmvalelonE, pserpcral 1 Tntktiamat'm of thr-wi 2 Oro?,p i v.?"... JU?f 1 Olarr'KBk. 17 Jo id'co. Dtpinhertw 9 Mnwlee 4 Dysentery 1 Itireataa'. .u> I Kpilepey . J -In. i'!|x x lever, bilious J Teeming .. 3 Tola! 410 m.-.tfj" mm awwio Album fur aacd Rr4 bt'a !rotley it dieiweof thek.lireye. 2 Droiwy n the head 4 Anemia 1 Heart, >' ?aooi 1) Aetbnra ! Vtr .4, ml;: t dancer 1 Marasmus. infanti c .... 39 Cancer of '.ho recti, a . 2 Mortrlaatxin ot bow "a.. 2 Can cor of tbe womb? 2 Palsy. Clrrboels of tba liver . 2|jlt<in 76 riofn.mnit of lbo bri.n .. 1 Debility, vlull 4 I'nkaewa 3 Debility, .ni'aci.e 4 ? l'otal |&6 OlOrSr IK' M *TT?KV4L /?? m.*X X -UB5 *Of ll'IOOim. net cunam an -utanon. 1 iCttledor m rdere<: 1 Cyanosis I "ek,.* 1 Delirium irein.u 2 ,.icr veteran 2 Drowned 5 Old ifc 7 Fracture of tbeikcll 1 Prenn' ur?Mr h 6 Inn mperanC'i 1 t iu, by 1* ecn 2 InfcaBUA-.-ption o; etc.. 5 -ai i.'i from piece of tinea 1 bh?i 1 Total 33 ncur-rt-ATwe?cma>*? tu^m. Boccc, Joints, Ac 3 Kreuiat^re b.rlb 6 Aram and nervsw 72 Stomach, buwole and Saaerauve* 4 otbcri <eeti?eergnna.ll7 Heart and bloxl vttaeie. 11 CaoeiUrn seat and iceae Lange, ibr.a:, be llu ral feecra Old age.. 7 t nki >?n J la, sx., ml empi re Ur.nwv urgture 2 ferera .26 ? Tctii ?U ?Of wo.cb 21 were Oxm lotaat cauaia Vaderlyeer 36 48 to 60 y -*-? 18 1 to 2yara 63 90 to 14 7 ara 61 SU> 6 yeara.,.. 47 40 Ui 60 , 41 o to 10 years 18 60 In 80 yoirc........ 20 10 to 13 ycara 4 no to 70 ymra 18 12 to 16 yrara 1 70 to 90 y. a-s 16 16 to IT 3cur 6 MleMyarH J IT to 20 yeare 7 100 y. arw m<l pwardt.. 1 20 to 26 year* 23 Uakaow. n . . 4 Total *78 tirrrrm. Brltiab Amer'ai 1 Pr ?.* ... 1 Bngland 18 Scctlwl 3 Uermary 24 Wwltaeriand 1 Ireland 88 Ci .tod Stab ? 288 Norway 1 Loknown 12 Total *iJ raw jam lion. Aimatona*. Bllirelaiaal 14 Lying In .lay!cat 1 Bollcvue Hocplta! 19 {U d*U'e xland Nursery City ifrteonn 1 B wplul il Otty H<?p:tai 4 St. 1 acenl'e H>epita!? 3 Ooi red I'rpliaa Aryj ,r.. 1 turd's 4u.d Emigrant laland Boep.ta! .'. 8 H wr 'ai 8 Total ..02 , win* 1 17 IS 12 2 4 14 13 8 3 16 6 4 12 .? 11 6 16 17 SO e 19 18 29 T 20 10 30 ? U V0 21 9 IS 31 3^ 1 0 8 22 96 1 1 78 ? 1 2 23 Total 411 pin number of deatna com; area wtb tbe corrwqwadieg wetka 01 1666 and l&oi and of uwt week wae aSioUuwt:? Weekending ?>ot . 2,1868 .. .433?I*-crmee 10 '? Oct. 1. 16M.. .420? Deormae. 7 Dtatba from acute dlaeaee 263) " cbroa'c trcaae ...1st t 480 " 34 1 ' M acute drniae.... ,2U) " cbronla dkeuae... .1'5 i 412 ^ " exurr.a;cau.^a,*o 38) Dcernae tblaweek n Ban IB. E. LLLa. AN.Ciiy iwepecuir N'aw Toac. fbrpt 2V. labO Kept. 23. I860 Sept. 29,1806. POSTAL DIXICTOBY. r*nl|B m4 DwMtlt Ham. ran or cumim at tm? raw torn* or pi as. Tim Port Off w now duel it ha!f-;>am tin o f.o>'k P. M., !n ?Wad of aartn. aa haretotore. Mawmilc.... W'jrtA? A Ibaay. I iJlo aad ?v ? H. Kurtfc and Waal way ntll 5 A. M. Waatern ma:!, m KrM KM. .8 A.M. ltd iU P. M tenth Hdfc W. mafia 8 A.M. md ?>, r. M ?atterm mmli, by ra!>e*it.. .1 A.M. ami 1 P M ?? *? |)j ?imaiinii MIMI Mam. Ob Bnadte mil mafia eina ma'tliiavMm atiw p. m. OdUtMBPlA.. By maarnahlp . en Thiraday, Of i .her II ? * - Tte Overland Mai. far i aliforaia :?a>e? rti !xmia VTdry Met Ixmia eiary Vendav and Thuraday at 8 A. M. teWer. devly vd for I! li. if Id be marked "tear land, tie *-'t. lA> ' KUailOrr Tke (J ?- ar.d Vdtl from ? Jaanah (Mai la tab lakeiHy. lex J-w, b man Mr .day aad Thitra.a;. mi * *. M V..-rm ibeald me mertai "Ovartaad. via Pa Jrwuh " Sa. Paema. Br reemaAip ?. on T. niadae. Oe ?a?*?ll ? A. ? Baa mat lataan. na >maaay 'ha arrival ai wti'." mate /Heard pa. Mr: at lit per* Win* raw a a month, iha ataamer Kart ik ?U ba tlaapau'ied wnn maila for tba Pafuaa laiiai'd m urn ' ' at P man. K P. Ktkni * By ttrxtnth... Adr*Oj\ tar Ha A mf um and Hat nr. Of. # H.v.aA Bv ateamar Q iter * I J, OB h'rldAP. OnooerSi U A. M. ma or olmow at ru uindom omnju teamiT Tn. j!ai. ta limb.*/ rlaaaa la . rvxtaa m>'U Mtn-dlea na the At and IMd ear b w alk V>a Wr.(Aa npl?a on Ina Ulh aad 17th OaiCtrra?Jd^lOA, Ifth. 3*h. na Varaetliart tu. IMA. ? JTta. via Sfrt ami. na. OB'.Pi. te ..Vla Mafteibna da Ik* iMAaadlRh. fx heath ampbua Ah ar.d JPk. Apnaiiu.. .V la Kanun.iea am ParanaIU IRA ViAtedtA Itrrlr.a ar.d hr.ev |? A MitaiTin.. V la A dim on tte An %a.! 7T.ia of l! - ?"% A. lnvi Vu Baataamptea .n he "lb irf ih? na?t Ay Ttif Marar Urn niat'oara itiapt' uad <m the nil ibfii |>M Mxrild ar y of tb-? ? ? vta f*J ua Basday. lAtmiJ a dadpaUAvl lA* f"U..r ?* w alar 1 mm Koaikawpim wii" are _ teat vt'had ? tte warn try a* ahorada'ra BArwId aay of 'beer naiad (ait mi daaday. ma matlrt daapaUAnd ite morn.a* pfteMaa SHIPPING NEWS. 7fat rmrmfa of IN r an dtrammi Parnf Miaorw rrr* cai.tpt'BMA. NartArrn liahi......Pew Vtwh Orrt 11... An "Whi' ft una mar BawWrn*... ?Vn ?...Aap mraQ Arm. T?l *0' I... a i nan' aii^ic rot if* r torn* pA'k [NO' 7 47 ftit ma ^ Jt 1 I mru w *>; Port of %rw h ark. IN mbtr I, l"i.o. ajuim. Netir-h r Mo int Ter? n lA.deW, f rtbV -H Ri'romwaQ A?'? , tertp .tervriiah tfci'iagai c'a> 1 .far ? -i'-s TVfm a Kepb'-rr. VWP Ann E B*oi?r thmyer. I. ?.rjiw ''na ?nd A 1 Pdh barham, b'n I Pra-W-a. I < trhnrn. lirerp?r Tmnfe A I>?..rN m. hhn> t:ir*. i am. ArrtteBML i^mi' . - > r\ #n A (Home temt.lldPA trtleit Pnair>- hrt'tr-'Pi/ itRani' rtry.r, t'rriMA BarK I ??*. Kfaay, i-rwrf ter -IN i k ?h| ? i Hark P'rry bjlri.. Hi,<r.n.l ndp It. .liar liar rex IP ? I:ark P- -A I'amj he.;, im. t ? - tjan-nrm A rb. H ."V. Jnd Hr? r> Uardaer I'rii ?? - |Nf| r I ||'<H Jtr if w *1 Otn"%TAdhetl. er. n i< J' II I imw* A > '? >. Ir t r < mrue a am '.? , , t p I A Wi ?ia? - hr I . iel iBrI .? . LtB * 'I- |? K It a i. ?-l.r r ' Hrrri 1 .. ? r. ' MA- VAit > : ? ? ? a, br V term.., n? ' ile, hr an nab llbr i r. 'M Tr Br'heaii a *???*? |W ...rtar'Wi * W'rnr * lh< lik A <h>. - -, 14 It ht'iAI. k- ? X 1 . Ir " AaiiiT 'erkh' . r 11*, i ? e-n, rre.jf lnBua Krr r/na '"it.dr^Ata A RRnn Aie.-rr' ?? Afafn Ultra. Ilar-e tt>A OAlrrm I4?1a Vi' .9. itv t. ' N" I ? El . irr t, ? rj?? A " t ? . r . 1 A ? l"t?i .Wpat* "re the r ?'? / t| .. 'Tk' t e|rlr?t?a>..? (,.? it. .??tarn, ladmrn r Ha BV A I If .4* jlu * ? vfirhn'lrp .;v i .< i;? , ?b | \W r ?< im?* lef aatP- 'W taeW W rttter. All ??* dip iM: "? ? . "i I l? ,i| *1 I r( <r?*r la tex-tr a 11'\? RWtnrt, >tr 18. ?-?d 1 Pnr"h?<a >? tf h at; V, a,*t" T ?? wad ' ? p net ?'? ra Kitu-rd k "n I'M t ... A * '-Vd. T'?! m rr! irlM mad f* (Aa nb-i. , r hm: i'mll.? v.tb i Kfl. "kllVtANIMUlN Arrt'N J m lar ?? tl re Jill redliWdorr' ?tt t*h ] na'A fu-j; '?1 i.r re t i ire bPoae w- frri *r' d an.* Pa?rei t tipl Irt AM I -,tf B . ti rtet AaaM mmraU-lp 1" trrna V ,w|erA*^ a?e it at ' I . Mbttfp. ikrateak - Barwt* (A-, jNeymlem. SanaaA aad "am MP ait. n d*a tad iwt.-mi bn ? ? .?umr i B:e?r"? I > '"?b .? A (tan.'. *?? 'V *v AN ' U r'.t tta ??raW wfli atdm ate pkap **r* k Id^np.' r i?- ?a?-n A O rd law i 8 At A' haw fwa Nae ? p. >?? , aaaia?k ? B??r1il*. he-e? r Ha?anj, - ad 0am Or'an kteaaae r MMMtV Ptwal trtkn.ntan. 50 I dam I aPlk aa 1 rtr.raa Id II ?H"e*dell A'-x ?bhi '? t romtaA 7r-*i%. IJ*.I em Am II. aW "ddf da>' I ;.a?a??t"B, to *-erd AC. ?>n an < irim a # AbaAa I bnare^ '1 dd ? , ?*tre. A <P .?'?? I*." pnawl ab'.'b i>mhun ff l"??or ? t'rua, ??e--He a i titdatd.dll- 'dtf* PkttobHB#k . I?v>,In Ol..irr? HM| A-erimn tepie P ma IteMaa *t FtaVmatBh, Attp ; r IP.A r A?a d-.d I* imwer;.r?, ?n B B * war' rtklp ' ha it. ma: aB irff Thnnidr.'kv. Itrmra aal I" ? ' prt. lb *m; 10 rhkm ? H 4 r t?N T? t riiM ? ryWii i Ttyeny. W.mrt", Br. me,,. * '?y? a'UimH> and St P?mr ,?? ra -P Um.ntnpn A Ora'tag fhip Ir r'r Napraerai Ilatn) R' r'.r*. HuiHitri. A! .11 a Mm aftt kAd 1 r| ibdBAritrt. Ji x / MitKA. *hip Krir Ijonl llnirBi J? 4? 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Ml rr* Pr>ir I tlmuak (n V?, l ..,al ? ...,,n. i .nlty.,. .a l? 1a??. with ?urar to f v , ,.i id ... ,. )> rk ..irnram I'opo fturrtantaa wi'b It 8o? .. . rtvt* t Vaii aoaaraaUy jniit Itniir on Ttr h?t . i-* hat. ; 'taatbar; apltt a%i'a aprunff top.?"T?rit t Brit iRr> Hi oit. St Irj i, 18 .laia, with anirar 10 V -fail t M. 1 h ? irit a- a imi itr) ' lr> * if imp Flotou U 4*.a. wtlb cnMl to Mat* * i'o "rl? m?t itrt <o-wi,. Watlnoa KR 18 itava, with gr i 4 at. pim to t I'm lor t i'o Hail hoary ivonlhor. 'trip I"'. I>al? '?'?> fopho a Rt.luay, CB. 12 8ay?, wUh o?l In It B Ttownif Rr ? y?l'la ,tri ?!!/" .?. -'t Slophan, Nil, 'idava, ?'th lath" in (troll. Hon .V . it'"' "ra h Pirm't *oort, 4 .!aja, with rtah A". to ! i F op-. \>-horn. Riw-h lind. pi, i ? ,i nn- inor) Vnioay rnliaann 3' day*. In1 oil * tVi.rhura, i ? R into ? Cnl it!a Mnt tn <"B 2 d*r?. with iVH vu'k .-'.i.atinnli 7 jiy? ?ithcoltofl. < I' 'nhrMon, ? iji?|i tviw! Rlrhmotid, "''ays. V J W^niiif* Tfrr' Vlrjr nlik 3 d&Tfl. 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Pyra.nui, r.oei>er. 29Ui. ktf ? rr, 1 nan % literponf: ?rbte/msu la Kelley Pbr..wte1pLi* H%r X*ret aen \a he p>> . i d t -.-an Yk *??, Ueeter.imr, NYork. Tkiil "*ai Ul ArrFtward Wtetin# Hu*iia ora Tkir-te, s-d4. II? Arr llnrmab Omeer. Wortb NOrViana. T? ?a.M H*p', 1?No Am vernal In p?j?t. Thiaihad Re-it 17?Ai- bar* Ataah. Menna, NYork; Id's, ? :br Velma. KugelL Z'hilade'.-bia. (7i>Fr?iPniF(V)iniii ^i.iTVfhmn. NF?thereatbic.] Arr from NYurk, Reefeawmy, it Liverpool; N at | Borae* u; Dark* % <"arulii ?, as nine, fr* *0, titd 1 darter, at BlMol ram ? P.ilmer, at <1 Pertbah at K?rf*town; ? Inputia and New Era. at Q ieenatown, Mdward, at d^rceio aa; .fxMlinn a* Breme*. Arr f? en i'harie*t?ui. Mery Whee>r. at Ibrdeaui Arr from New Orleaet, Fanuy Dea'er. at CMbra'**r: rotUm Flarter, at Barcelona; am ' nUm, and "Jiaer,'' at llrrmen. Amsrtrsn Parts. llO-MV o :-Ar'-:-.vr i>g HoPon!. I'm.)J Bum, *ta Jfjrijlk: hark AdnSInn, <) tdara, Hnnmrwar, f*4l': >>aa 1 lr.n!n Wrah, L'oyd and Bob"?ann. I'roaraU. Wtiaaltiitu*. Nti.tValM Kdwai.l, Hlniu., PMUelnlphla; a-hra Pnonayltania T-inmr Ja.'hr oaf w. Joim Kmaian, an S h I. fnrr-.. Wnavnr. Alnaandria Fotrr, ?vn; a-d I'.'.a, Fac.afd. Phlladn'.phlr.: Urn: .u. U inarm, Med SB I pirn Marabe'l. do; S Kalinhr.-z. aid Martha. Raa i trr. do,UoT Hurt"!., wlswni, and J II Medtnhf rtathh. do; Sw. I Rllint-ti: KnJInt Rhaabrthmirt; CbarhPtn, A.-?*. rtas .1 ml; Inlnpraih, IIHwi'. uul ha-ura'i'k. K-Un*. Blurb; hi.m.i H-i.-halar Pniiar ?i..1 ?i,,ptrn -UU- ?!-??.I Jo; O tar it*. Bard tar. aar W K II ma/, IWknr J. .I'.mt I <?''?!, ?nj " !.. lyj-. "I!, ifj. Via Voarmabcr.. hrt* <<*??. mf PT..ra lal* rimiaa dw.wOiOanrrknra h \ T-hwraakaJ. ?! p 1'pino, froB Oatc-Ua. Pitnal for two ..ri?m ? U arram tbir K ,ri a LiUid. IJ*arf<<ml. via Ba)Pat; akipn tlat.lnn frua, hirl! NrwKI ?r. SB; ?? bbnu Lswrcora. t*ai;.r?ju. * V.ak; i.a.-Ba " ara ?' Ball, Pbaeinlt rd, v * 'pa r. L. ? and aak<; Id ?ard K?e-f:t liaxOBf Mo'lln. hrtmltnt.j IV.Uno, ila.tnr, Ipdia-x-.a ad.ra ?lli?? - II tr.ltk, Peru, WiSm *vr. RC; W.llnr.i II (Vrri'l. llanLliir, 'twrfrutwo. DC; llf Rwr?, <'ariuao, I'Mi.alrlniJa Jan. k Uorfrr tV-fli,,. M1..rk. am. wtudW.ikipaA bolt i awn-am, imldea I'rosi; tirtida a. ali. "FcuuiaU, Halua.; urine Oaorte WaahJac'-TA- Oro d.nho KaI.TIMOIIK IVJl-AirH^omhl,. M R Hpa.ilditi L v.oa, P ?t*. bark l?i.mharfor H*< *a? hi lapo, l.r.rt a a* War wib.Rr.wo RVi Janeiro, tlmri Mnaaa Traanra* ' vm; arhi ? K ?, ? 'Ol V rt a Irion- 0 R Vk'krrv. Rioh u. >irw , k .vr .n M.lllk'u Pw'Mks; Swam. IVi'J trar. I ??!*? hark Hnl.w .rr, Tk .ml.ri fi-aa IWaaa -a. vf kwaa i Plttr. abip li aao iiordnn. Iiatmno 'r un ilaUxa. hark T.?l?u<aa, Badaio. WoaJpaiJrtt ur Hura-a A) ?na: br?c Hen ? lli.'ama Mrv Ilarklnr nalirai, ahr Param! Hl.l7, frr r.-ba Brrm ?%, hrl ? V'raru-m Jana. Klvk.'-t .l.iko a. 1*1* IP'uIBPaI. -'rot l' ait arhra Martam, Bar. li-t,* *?r?i aa fur Row Turk. nkTB krt,i *w-Arr a hr I karoh RaHry WTnrk. ' H ?kl .Will, Hri l th-Od arkr Be nor 1 KUnnar. Hcara, M-*k. Mh- Arr eWaeaWp Ivdnwhla llroT RTork; (hip '??Ua, MrKannr, Ijrrrpnni lid arfc? Wrrp, Wran, lliai ? llirrr. Ja. >'t?-Ari a?. unaUp Pmrtk > al iUi *r it?.a, r-kra Hll. ai-mi A iflac no., fmar, rtorrnrr .V?rra. Ra'ar? ami Ran* i raldwi; ITi.,1. n PTrrk FAIL RIAtS . T1 J- KM aoki daalal Irmin. li indrta II ARTFORB fVf I?Arr arhra laArl Fn*. Fr mi, Tl'l bribfnrt; L J*ar "la. em. it a kliak, alia Mart AiaalS. .>aa an lo FM id a hr rianh Janr Jimaa, NTork. ?NSW OR1.BA Kh. hrni JT?Air hp ablp Uaraaxn Oor'aa Ua ma; tmrha ilrarr Rammmd. Mabnorr. Rln /aonrv (' Iht", (Tar mml Hnmi Vrnnua (huV Mlllrt. flarana; "p ki-* Ol'irurrnaoo do ('Id ahIp dm Our i Vdhu. Urrrpon: 7kh? Art Hp aar itenmer il'.-llauir, lit- ??*!??. fr uTlo; aklu Mar ,n?S, H .ua, Idrifpaai, l it* A A Chapsau. Im raat. Ha <-ana Torrad In aaa Tta< Inal. aSip F laa Hiarmu. tiark f-mMA; Zl' ah ua Jiarpb ilark. aad (>I ? r M-a-a; hark A II Kt > nalL J?i Rr'il K. Frpe *i- Arr 'rhra Rarharv Tajtnr. l/tlnt, Pnmi. djdnry C J .n?a tlanp'l Nrw tork, Mot I. Id .'aila Tnr. ' nr? l . fur Tr aa r?t in laakl* r hikillK I ? I J-Arr ? i>n.a O.aial hiMinl. ib. Hi ??kbarap, ruiillt ipnr and iHitdtai Miilr 'lainrairin iaBm MVir*. hid a-brr hummrrfmid llafun irr Vim (friArm; amrna. aa4 ?? ? r l am, ?? . d Pa .(aai-* Mnrl NhWHi RrrriRT. HO I Arr arhra'.a/. In. JfarlTr, C W llo r a Mi'Rlat# and >. htralt.- Wrth. I'htUdrlr h'a k>w lltnF'iRIi If J.IV ahl dimVertnf Rat-m. .?.? ?fK'tnd'rdi Hatfa Ml nrk. lo load for Mnro-a A?r?m P A Mr> K tTPnrt 3D trr prLr M H IVaam, < 'olSM. ?. FVl HRh, mkr 1 rrajl, Adaina RVierk PI WW!SI iirt f-a,d it ? A'I ? kip Ver kmPw. T <ok, vVnrh Hi 'oari.f alnamrr ?ar ? I*- I a dir. .IRS laknr, V -* - -t. ? *umn?i/i' I mi. i'ir b<?imi. lorlanna, J mrt. 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