Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 4, 1860, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 4, 1860 Page 8
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MILITARY INTELLiGLNCu. IU|KtltB aeu Kolcn ?( th' F'ftU R'g'? HCBt ?t Htul'ie a UiAOtl. ??BI?? WW ? AMI *-aTtd TO TUB MamwMON .iow our. c ~:a*s ?u.'^ibbt imkdu TUB Bi? ?W>, IK-1 HTO. 'fc* Miul Burpee i me m ? review of the J*.?rton Bear* Finn regimcil N. Y 6. M , On). C. Sodear <?Ml> d*r sock place yi?teroay At f><rt Mood, Bedtoel falaad, ?hero they have been .'or the Met Ute dayr in titling Meouielvee in the se ecre of i ixir .. . .0 ac I fur .in ?Wf The weather tu til that v.t.u be desired- a warm mb and clear , ua ortd oy a gi alio ?r.l -jw!; Btrtgeratmg Xhe lroop? n Me g&rr.k >a ? is tar* ?Ptir, 'leaning their quxilor . , MBMta ami <? , menu,and mi receriury prepafat. us :j ?.? tr It "Bpple pie order at .nap** Ik a Tbc u-..j c/ remaay *4 guard mounting w?r held at h*>fp*Bt eight v <>c? A. M., altc* wt ch it-.oeo troii ' not ..Uj ' *?- ? 1 BMp toy -d in the par re n ar-< mm. 4 bstta! '? dr I!. Alter an hour and a hair* eatieiarcry excr- so *WF wore dwmnaed tOj repnrc for inapectioa The eWiser 1 :v*r M Poi.t, m.?de froq eat from Wow Turk to Ui> 'xland > ll'! -,4-v- C1I"?1 "I .hither the relet * * end friend* of the trvoi*. dreaa l la nehaay autre and epjwrei .'J must on malt'eg a g1* tap ?? the OfrA* o. MigeJior C?mim. Charles Yawa, ^ompasM by k s ait to camp,Captain Van Near, laW m'torin, procectid o the IfMuid r. the ten o'c"'iOk A. II. trip, and wa? re amed tu his arrltxl there w 'b a saloto or eleven {wn Bred by a de'Ati.iieut of the h lfth regiment from the bat try el thirty two rounder barbette gr.04 of '.b* fort *h> gr.nt were tired At regular input*:*, ni.J v .u ! Mat the .ronpe had mprored by the taatraett jo xp.a 1 it them B the acleuOB of harbor defence. General Y*.<* ?a* received 00 fc.? arrival a*, k-' dock by > , > ' waridrr, Major Burger, Adjutant Ma rr' fay ?oaler Charlea Stolaway; aleo by Br'ga.'e Ma >r a If. rd u* Bripede Engineer Uuiineii, both of h ? a , nit 10 hate been on duty at Vort * 'la* a** uot 'nntr > Mhey proceeded Immc Itatr'y 0 the fort, outortog jy too ?oath tally port thetenthieliaalotinp a. they patted. ?b rem h;n, the ??parade," in the nler'or of the f..rf| the Oram CBtp* mrter f)r::n Major Bur u >t,Mhitod ib" mrty Bp beating the '?ftaeralB 'Bey then orac> - d out of U10 tort h? the nerih . ale, pastm* t*o , vJ houte at tl-oy prteee-l'd th" f ior' wa- t rr.?al < ?>? arms preteutxl and dr ma ml ? t ntii tho Genet .1 and eaoort bvl pet we.! oi.t of the for' Th re* oiental band 1 were sta.iouod on the -op i: ?'!?' un the ettreme Of the I Mrt. ar..i At the parlv paea-1 *tr ??* op the tie of 1 ?Waehiiigion s Uarea " play n< At- ; (ieo /a'ea reached I ?ol UchwtrAWBtlder't ?p-artert. the reooptioa waa very aerenn'Oenui acd dV-i :Cs<l, and cooducted in a manner ?crUisiy crndiwhle 10 the trotis*. It twelve o'clock the trcopt, by cotcitan.'P, mar-:tied ?ot of the fort to the drill ground and rnrn-ed In line tin tar khe <fireot<on of Aijulaat Malduf. By thlt t.melhe array ?f rpe -unr* rfoin the city ?aa quite n me rues, and all appeared ; leaned with tho m l .uary pagepul he ore Alter the format ion of U10 reg! menial line and trooping ?1 the oohir, Cilonel 3chwar..*'uel ier aa- .in-d command and examined the I roups In tho mau . U o' arms. The rartomt was then prepared for review, ranka cpcncl, arm ? presented, culurt and dri.iox BtiBtteg,WlMB Mtg. (Jen. Yatm and stall. aocomi?aied by Miior Robert Aaaeraoo and Mentcnani em. Slnolatr, of tno t'alted Malea Army, procc. 1 d k> renew the rvgimttil. Wtmy pasrud d-jun the front of the line, up the rear, buck to the r oritlnaJ pMttKKll The rogt atma1 rank* were then eliwed, the eommund braten into enlumra ny cuc.poniee, aao thin: boa lod regimental bi.:d acd drum ,or[H marched In reriev. Ik> oefmooy ? nded, the batlal.ou were mm .en .red la ?ar uua cloiie column movimenta, the nature of the grooed not allowir* lor extended open lino mtno-uvrefl It eae o'clock f". M. tho troone were nr<n>ared for uitpec ima m oo!"nn hv com pan e?. w th autx opened, and the aMrerr and con commi* iined .itloen |xisi>.loBea hi ine Beat of their com pair eg. tkladuiy wm> ditchanred by Brigade inapMtor Sam ic! M AH'ord, aatitted by Brigade Mgiuecr il HubbcH The an:i> ar 1 aco. tr-in?iili> were m:r .t*ly inrpi cted by thc>" o lioert, an ! n a man \ aer ahkb shewed that tbey wero not noricoa tha ?aatnrrf The following 1a an n c-irate acc '.at of the r. ner cat awragth of tbe regteeat, eeou ;:g to the i^rpeotor't ret'hi. b ? yield " ?tar .1 Wen - mu. ttaf d Beg.mental band .5 ?ag oeer oerpr t tot*' 49 a. lbat|Htrie]. A. B. C D. r G. Capuitt .. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 iJratenacta. . 2 3 2 2 9 2 2 Wrrg?actt .. 3 4 4 & 6 4 4 CorporaJ* ... . 6 3 4 4 3 4 4 iWaniBi'r*. 2 2 3 1 3 2 fruat'i . :a 27 27 63 23 :;s 27 Teu: M 40 40 72 84 32 40 ?aoJtitxg Uie atrangth of Utc regiment 4tP'> .can. 36 | 40 i After the tnapeci'.on the men ware lobiporcily dia At a quarter p*M two o'clock Major General Hanlfurd and aiaf., Id (till uniform, wearing the new reg. at -n abapeau, reached the island ?r> m New York He wax ?? oeired by a salvo of tUirtaen cum from the b ttory o( barht tte gun* I'rtor to toe srriral of ..*11 t%u?ii(.>rd a UUm isc urnl occurred of the '? lerrti plait ' or the furll Boaliun MntlN of the skill attained by the Fifth iu Uio aaeof heiry tana U>l J-ctswarzwaeider waa tupei .ntenl lag be trout* .n preparlot; h> In tl? mini*, when II wwi dlerevrrwl that Do delicbmeul wal prueeul to aerre one ?f Iht. th.riy two )amadrr* wnere .|>oa he ordered the Orduai t Sertoai t to p 1,1 Umi|>aiy A a u : art era aa<l let' Itt return,?u tent to aeod a (quad of mi n to litm forth w h- Ut>.r Andemivn, of the army, who was in oom p*n> w.lh the Colonel, remarked? "Ah ' Ooloaei, then you have particular detachment* te operate the guna." (oiorri 9. rrpltrd, " I bog your pardon Major, It la not '.mined.ate!) recall, ng the U c'tuuHW S-rgi-anl an I countermanding the order be had g.eea h!m, and order mg a aqoad of moa standing near n.m to nan the gun. lw oidier waa oUytd ,i .tenter and the gun the* * .in mar ly inacut-d was dried m la turn a.lh aatuuwhUig rar?4ity. Toe h? or wa rai.tJod of bU nuataaan -uppo.tion, and j ? Burlna Ihe afternoon another dr ?a parade war made, ! and a review given to Cecerai landlord and avail brum MajT nrmhet an l ha corf* gare a eery credit- ' ahte MbDltion of the.r >trl n aherpeittn muatr'and ra ! ?*: red a re endm hater.t of the high repntalton ao ' do* -ted.y theira I ?? m four o'clock n the aflernooo onlil auadown the ! batia. n wae men .red >a me rartoua uano urres in toe , prescribed cou aeoederel by tbe Adjutant General At j elated before, the "pen Hue tnovim -ola ware naccMarlly . em'ltr', m coeMMBT-' of the irregular and circum { * ? ibvd nature of the ground Among tbe djtmguiih-d rlelwre pnweut dr*!ng the day were Br.2 t>en K obe, Ingpeit-r ft- usral if ta-.l! ?'a rv ( own -anary lire Utrmi Me.-or Hubert Antler to*. I oiled '".a're ar y CBtOLi'a M ?or - ran. - ity- ' n.nth reguncg! Kar Tat; .tni, (rrri.lj thtrd movent; ! Ixiul. I- I Robert Nugent M xty c.uth g irntl A' 4- ' tent J. H laebenan, and < wdnaae.- *t *er Baker, of tlx | Hen nth regiment Mawr Hrbnlk. Ail ilarl -chnrhbadicr and I apt Bauer, if IhnPlecBa Battalion. of Newark , K 3 . Frig Ma ?' H. H tddr Newark brigade; ! le-l On! John* e and Vg; i-Hobr tell, of the t -tt rrmect New Ji fW) k . I ? ' apt U s.strli, - ?t . ? Gbpttln B rt'?, t:g' th regiment acd vBcr I/.renio If Ae A!'?. e Wra ?' ? Lgi.t.-nw TV ri. metit wtil ri turn in tbe city to la... err ring at the gov roit.eiA il k at li e foot of TTU tcta". gtr I at towr o elect V M r ee wli be -eewrad b? lb* Twelfth r*gim ut. Cot Buttertotd. and mcortad to tb*tr aimvy. pay .eg the M-tynr a mar-big mtute In tro*t of tbe City Mail, en .tmle op Rejodway tafoft rtufTTcr. The i*itu>e.d tiuard. Captain Thee 1 Heoiwia. turn Bering th rie-ft.r mnakeM -?'*<?<!.-1 ee -he r giaih ah naai nnfl on yrAcHay, in gt Hettau'e tt - . J lifting, i aod roelandnl for i. jewwn etl'-ab'e r* ? (V-.r tar/i t priest,Ln! rather a pb?e X furn.tare -It wto I rtAd*ed alt trerr The Go .mb a Ve.mtmri. Caotais Anirrw ParW . . , rweard ncr r I ce v.etrroay ou tin i ???turn fruui e foert'- anr-.a1 tarret ev.-of* * to* ferry. Thry wer- eercn t?i ed by* i ft bai l an . x ml ? *i 3 ?tnrty mu-avt* They .etol (or m uth three Tbluah'e grtree TV Michael Murper Onar' f apta n r?. t art g nam beeteg 1OT muagete. * ?el o r i ' ee ;?rl r? ? rg '-o? the.r at sua' ta-g-1 ti" * c at liathew t. e-ler r.ojh.i g They pree-itet ? . I .'anor, c ?' tai> bottir Hew Trig r<>, trer t- ai't. ?? TV Oo (fc'.'n ( art, Capta g Th~? Clr*ry,v ty 5?e muaktU wrat o? the r tsu.. ev. pi w eWr Thoy contented for any pr ee Oteaeter* twi the i,aket. nvut UIII - u**t K?n OK i.AKt ? t *' a tig* toi ? rvtrt nr t ? iuw | rrom th" l fo-loa (Cai a a j Trer l*riw "Ape g- | Onr'eg tbe tatter port.o . of 'Ml wroa. and up to yte tnrdny (Tbeedny i laae t r* wee rte t ->1 by o rnr.- rtei wi, wn m.xk an that a! (h? ragerW ?? Ie w?t' ?" t ? -a rem to rug lor rti? tee t. th? r -ai ?? *t port ?< wr-? Bwi oat- .meigb to rta h p.acee <if 'e'etf, ?r' r I ant (??* day* tr t 't t t ?t if ?*? a va * ' an ndbge in I wet ntauley, vitm ibr nu r*. mrntoe ?waved |l('?n od . ??* y . ? O At brig nnran. rf Hi at' an r? r w ??>? ?l,Wtr waU r *gi?' at *<** t Sfteaa w '* dr **t St*f ** Tto MMMgtMBM *w. tMM h ( ? b'l W I a te while tbe retrn nter of t. ' e. ari *' at ?> n ;? ft I rut r flaw e 'imm .? th? re a betr-A Ira., r, where lb y ?ms.rel t ait. 9t a tr w tt t a . ? -v-verei aed et ** the! ?l? By two 'lbs *?*.-. tha abore thnee hemg no I'i' ia h Be **a T. ..? ?1 tt* they set .*?? af tww p anABv MPt aApr twee ?t tbv -igB > rery etat-e l* A>. a ?>.ei"i r? : t wbole l.Bte H?. r - A teri ?!* WM a Hi. .'%?? a*a?eia at vti? r, * i,?w ? ?*' ? <t" ' * hoe* $? * ut. ? *i to -t u t a' ? , Jowt Bnfweti Aonrtttr VBMel. rw am ma a Bound fr ?U*v - . igrwk en Bntay t*oe? eg, ->?? *.? ? t P < > g*arr v*r?. irnr nr*w ,*?.'? uaj r ... ^.g tr errt a, n * InwBe r aevbmd l wh'f . ? t io m r ?< r Hi wtr-"? the (wpte a and e - ???? ?t?, . till a v' ?we A?d v tw ? a .,r IhrooTb the *re-nan? nf Mr t- i ? ? i r. ? -ri .1 . ?<?, I who at'ied ny iw* ->e; rriftre w< ? wage *gte i ? V" msi?'*"e T ?* wa ' v ate ? w git*- i ut awt.'ai ai'sai n a .*??'K ???**?.? -e. 1 <Vi noh .***? ' *? . * ?' t vt) J >e?* v? i, ; t(m at U?n tmin ??? ri*? ?d r ? ? t-t? I ; -?arhlrr th* rr*e ill y '".d ill ? ' ? a#t > ? ' *f natwrnUn*. ? *>* P?i ? UB^ahllm I nanatart tu.-yl.'g ? * ? ? ?" ?" "" ? ?" .*? n>i* b praiee canuyt iraHtrvod tc Mr iwtr-til Bin two ciAi ed' a, **al ?, i. } art *r y < at ?f ot reached as, iri 'tnwtut pe' titit ir - .: *.!? rvt t id the cauie if Ittttnaatty ti.miy n-'l >' ?? | tu i wn without *u.1*1.h r > aitlda I An mg >i|A r lasses ee ww of are tb ? I 0 "t'tt, i '-.fc' h went Mtim? at ftitt Boi well itll''"k I'm su 'in, i H I fmaiiiKly eo lives wre k>et. Tbe <itj mtduo, ?f vu TU J t.avligon > ?f4 a cai go of p'an. *>? ' boonl ' ' Rut l-tAPley to King*-". was n^- ***?I7 Difnt' "n' * D'ttjl* ffWftilll.-fd * J '*? rav1*/ Aim oaSfsuouAij oeer s?-r, elear.n ber deck* o >i(. yt' teg bul ih.. uwM, ?*"' IcwteK ?i> too b.tlw rse A outer if ib.'?'?/ *" ""Br-? hn o r Mb <lr?3d river Id Aal.ity w? are . I. iror tbe artwcUre that have reached l? 'bun fay. mot tl lUl Iltedl?# tile !*'? ? ' i'pioy DM burU of uo or ilir'ry ?icd, u the storm ...u bulb heavy and o o t'LCH 'f. ? ? ,(??? writing the above <r? Inarm that the sebontier Ai. (ru fro* Morpeth *"th oaUi ud pews, knot * a half a mile fVmp t", ,| -'tmley harbor bavtng epw log u i. ak wbea 'h< o, il one of the hands wro 'infor I t??ateli dr> *ti <1 I MTfllR VK-'-Kl, f.o-T ON LACK Ml ftlOAN. The Chicago /Amtn-rit: it the J7lb alt., *ty > ? TVre ?irunotokrleteU i uo the nigh' of thodii! *?rr to the !Arty Slfid,anotbtT vete-l from tbie port v?? lost. w1th a.i on board, The topsail toiiixiuer St M.r?. Opt. truai'. . ifl tier# < t> that Vriday morning, wiJi twenty lonevf , too is balAei, for Odar river, aro au* not aioce been or hnanl of, the had nerrral ludy paMep.'er*. il-? n.rr.a nair and a r i?red omik. Since ibe left. Mother .e-,(i,b lot nag to tb ? ?'.be Srra, ban bees lo C d?r S , t r. but ret .r? vilho ,t any news or tbe St. t ary. It n? ,i > and tl -i r ink with all oo boarJ durin;' lae name - torm la i 'bo l.vty Plyio west do an. A Letter f>..?u the la* -??? Ivor of tbe Ui. 'i of B int. .t . sept 2ft,lMfiO Mr. N, P lUn 't, ilr. >. ... our, Jr., aud otue,?, B mton ? ; liavn rneelved vonr kind'iiTttaitoo to ei?b Bmmmi, kbd 1 Uttkiik y au for the hi r.or voo no me Wh. j ? . ;t J .l tbn A-nerir,.n armv at tbe ige of 18, I din uo' nopptno 1 ibo'. d live Ui ti ? 101, i n l ho anleil by to* r .on r ab't Way. r, ai d ntber rttat nyi lAhed imnpi). UI . *n B?i l-'D. It me me atrapfe ibit out oi all who worn at M o'"r Hi.i I aloi ?? rbould be li?'.JK It apiieark t ? me, tboufb iu looj: mo, ao il it wan but ye ter 'av i oaa rem-imbcr tbe parttcuiLra of Jie mamb alter I Iwter ?bn? tb? in* pie cheered, and whea near Anduver, Oil ibbolt "aioe on. aud xaoi. "Well doun ray lad*," aud sunt out oidur ?ud jjroj, ,r. pa m We Rot to ? amliri o/e tbo day before : the haliie 0, II wia a terrible mTk.r to fur it w*e j the flr?t tiniu I ever "0Sfitj(i'i l'i arhliue I r-rve I w.'.h I ttiA army tbr eh three '.atupal^ini, and tu pr-iient, at ' ! r.u ?-*r<l. wbeu Burg"., ue aurron l red I d >u'i. tblek i 1 deerrve any special praise for tbe part I n-ih '.a th? Rovolutlou. I fcl and acted i nly as "there I NMln every year my jonmon of J?1 and t5"i oeuU?lb .cgh I bavu to ay $4 to a lawyer lb Purtlaud Vi gut It for me I have many things to orunfort mo as I y.tirnev i throu.'b Id'e?lnaurunr*ule are the msrnies ,ua ? - rounded with. As f. te ui*jral matter*?tic I. chndreo, raithinl frloodR am to spiritual?the H<uy Script ires, and the ?. jr'on* nstltatlnwe of rei'gi.w?hi 'r which as* desigiti'd for our lapfwveimt b."u. au I to prepare us to dwell n that belter world above .fa ? ud Provldouco spares uiy life ai l b.utitli, voo nuy e.\| ect io ? ?e m- !o Euet. about the S'h ?<" fVtoher Ktl.l H i tR.Vflall. vlTI ATlOMsi U'lMKIVKHHALEi A Rasl'WTAhlJt Vtn ?d OtKI, Wl-H^ * Hlfi'A ?\ tiu.i ?? i ?i f.-.o'..ori rewi Ir a private fam ly. CAE at HI Wer. 18th st, on tbe secoa ij.'r. A TOUNfl AVRRIC'V OIBL W1SHBB \ ktt"aT' 'If j\ *? n r i aod ?f?m?.rv?s tsnnll live no ohj- cdii'1 . <?> 8u jh for ihe winter good n re'i tenne gi rn tfftll fp i* > 4?vs at *)4 ns av., Let eeen -Old! md 2 s.? . la .V re*-, fr m i till d o-alirik. Avorso tUHL WAifia a situation a* cjayi ! ertn'..i1 and w''.rets,. ' ?? -numt-er nn 1 *r1 ra? best My rrftren. e fp m .??? olat all a*. 12ft Weat J.ih at. for two d? ya ARBSfBCTAFI.K 'KOrv-Ttwr T'TN" W>?..V wiebea a at'ialuo ae Vain lermaid a.i I w*Hrf~s it <%m chamOermaM at tl 1*131 j''**. ^ 1 snad plain -in*- ut' in do intends emhr'i' '"S y~: . .r referiuie "a: 1" K .? .I'Oist.m *ae''seemoii*. and w lire 1 or as cl *tahe innH ? : I < i-se iae liie lint .f ety tele i:t.i? i'?n .si.'j luTlii 1 .'av? . t -V W t llth st , l?'twi en ftib '.ud t! b its ASITnaT''>1 W\Nfg|?-RV A Aaftf: SAHUJ ?ud trust svor h 'hit w'tnsn totaiteii 1 .i an Nfa-n SS frowbif? .'I* nd tod pbttasewtaa she ,erv mutable rfm'll: Iuih the ie?. ..r pi'1 re.i i itmtMteadnee fr -ut .-Is-itwi *.-n itss lived. Call id lis V.i< ? nl. near .11 *? . 'b.* I i.or A RlgPtXnABl.t T'tCN'l WOVA* WANTS A ? rf jt\ tioe as ehssnv emi I * ".d wa*trena; w"1 uuta .1 t ? vlsblnr Sad irorlns 01 do pUla sehnsibe lew of ct y ref. ren e I'i'ist NSWM "f.d, bs.r- >ti iTlhi'n. A NIVt tTlOg Wivm-H T?llt AH/KRT '"Kit A8 <vm? . event. ?* c ,1 n,.-wid stiusi. jtoi v ut ber bnaicf. ' 'rem '98 K.rtt It .. St. ?Tift ""tNTrn rv ,t wkuTi mt^ov ? tr'r' ? .'"ehsn-iie: *-rrk n 1 '. V ere 'if -h ' i.idot - iti? i't?l!j Call 11 XT' .A?r A your..' ??"?nan wmt? a suns'.ioo as rurre id neemvrer w ?Se .'us c yr uvltig rhU I?n at'd .r- sl e'.h' er v? >.. .onld h?r .tllTii ?itb ? lady thai hoardei' e '"w of r'lT re 'rem l.?'!i?t rl'v e ''ail at U west S:1 r., between Wh ar.l 7th jvs., 11 sir :ra A RVPV.nTAR1.C MAKRIKn WOMAN * ANOt A ? \ > ; ,v; 11 o wet n rse. (VU1 at 1U1 iUst list at., uear ARKtr* Taltl V TOCNO WOMAN WA'H \ RITUA t:. ae wan .astn 1 private fsnvtly. best vf elty rroce Ca; ">e nrrii f ir liru Jsyt ai lit war 1 lOth St. AllPi'Si TAItl.R ll'RI. WAWTH A Nl t'UATION Til ?iocb?u"'erw -etc snlt ?s*e nsre 01 e'.i dem ijivtr ? inference- gtssu. fail lor two doys at No. 8 Ut * re. ne st , H-odlye A MI'.'AT'"N WANTt'.-BTA TOCNC fftlHAK At tid'.'B 001.1. w -.sSerai -t treaee, ge|vdog?osrtibsa*ew?k. 0.?"*i 1 Jlu o* Itail at .11 Evd XI.I st. 1 srrtTATTo.v wawtto-bt a Ti?:apKrr4m,* y ? in? rial. In doab* .'.amort aad na*ing. or , h? Mi nora .. .11 **?:? 't> >itf ??jh ? ?r 1 Imr n ff.? A rt*.? refr rrnoa* I r'y/.r-A <'\ll at ?'? }'*m IS'h ?? . for H>? Joy WITT KTKK.-A KrtKNH, HI'AttTHY TOITNlf man want* a bah"' to td Burnt- at r n> 1tj ? >S ra. i.i.e it., o r -j oi iuik ar. Cttil lur tj-ir Am sirr atiov wan .ki> ex a mom n;yrrcTtBi,. ? (lOIIO. M ? a . 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BY \ EWPEil A Ri.S jrnnir woman a* hambepaiAid aed era, > r as Mm s sinew r-i d seamstress; :.aa tlie U-at ni reieren * t.rai n?r last plare? . n h. >r r lor two ays at 73 Went lbth , In ?u rr ir h- tweeB Wh ai il 7th ava. A ' FNGLTNtl PtnTFqnANi W^now mWTRES A i In inn as hntssek*. per tor arulnsrer s lamp . in- an/ Joint o*phrii, waerr am could on nth* nrjvti-uw or h?vmi be. ubI? child, a its' with her. I ear* Ai urese. or c J1 ..(..?.i Mr*. M?;%uaa', Mi -aureus... sc.*Ou Boor, lias gooa i> i. ecoa 4 PROTESTANT WOMAN, WITH iTITY REPEEBNCE, 3 .antaaaltuotloi as ?. ns, i?nd V> aeOi-t Hi Ae w&atliBgar'.j ? r, in arri.'.in f.-.ntlv; ??? ? a Riwsi uobsr; ?"cld..ta . fbnrt ristaoos in tbe ooattry. To V?8 smu ailM KUn a*-, near Broome, Pi at rrom. A 9 PHAWBBnVATP.- WA.VTKD, 1'T A IIP' "T'TABLR jrirl. i sltrsiioa eb*mbe?m?st ant wrjtrws, or ae cruniieiBisiT ami '? a>Klirt m tb? a s"S*wr an 1 Irnnint. u ? re ?d"i j.ble rr*.aia 'joi'i; .he be*', o n:r rffereace nan hn aliso OaU Tor) a ii da ' .it so Weat ioik between 7Ji auj SbuiA, sec. nd tix>r .i . rv*w. AVOCWU WOMAN wants ? SITUATION TO IK) the ' .sicg. wuibinr aod in n.or r . a inn-.11 ??rltate ;'*ml !y ritr reffien-e. Call "oe two dare at 291 W^et I1-1 eireet, .a .at fir, brat door AYOrWO T^ATY HAVING A KRWTNO MArBlNR wnuld Use to Su l a empeetabA plarn to nork OD vaat a bin* or d'esr maslr- e.Jier by the sreek. m -. h >r other w>A a psnrer aho na)d (.nim*r.<1 s'me sort, 'ail at JjI Kast Muat.aetaeeB avncaea il taii'i aeouat! i or front rtota Oa ?? he seen lor a ??eb. A BIf> 'NOTABLE WOMAN W" SHP.S' A TTUATTON AB t\ erparieocwd c*i . w wlliu * IsKtaift a '.he w .abuut and iioatpi the be-to," or y refer so :? khat. Cau beetea at 77 Wrsl tUh et ABRSPB'TATLE TOI'NO .' nr. WIKHE" A RITl A Ion in do the eaar : V-JUoe'worh. c* * boot ermVil an to to wa t!?(r: s neat. Jdy, vllljie and nh' r-u?. Throe ye-r*' refe'spoe ?, ,en . r,n.. her iaai pla a Cad ri.r two day ? a. 77 We<. .jto ? , oi -he rear. AsiTFATION WANTED- 1Y 4 BCRPBi'TABl'E . pouor w man, as r.ais as.l to owls' la the washing an t rosier; rood ottr r.'?*?ace from aer ..kit employer, t ail tor .wo days at 392 1st a.. ARBPPYi-* Vni. r PR tT* T"NT WO.VAN W tNT9 A iituboi "?o do ren*ral -iaenorb a a sots.: private fam'Jy: good Pj refrrenre. Ca : si 11s. Pearl ? P vs'.yp. a RWPVCTABIJ8 MARMfD WOMAN WANTS A A. MtUaUao ae w it ntrse. 'aat her Srtt baby. heat city re fereare Cell for two day* at 3712d av. Atouno woman wiBirts afttuation ar ct-ax herwiai.1 and w* tor or to asstal In thr lysahin* and iron .r.| or to tabs care cnlMren and < c sew.ue. o->st u.' ctty is 1 mnre tlal! for la-i da. a at 209 WeY lid ?< a HIT7* AT70N WANTTr I!Y A r.FS?*^T Ar.I.K A try a --ns- ar rh imhermitd-.nil or ti asst-t i*i'h'be w i*b>n? a'll we're Has the tieet ui ttlty wterenoea. Call 'hi* iliy it 1We ? Jl sL A YOUNO WOMAN WJKHES A RTTUaTIO* TO COOK, A wash sod Iro'? ileal P.' illy ;e Call at 39 Law ren te sc., Bnoklya fTOOK-91TCAT10N WaNTEH. BY A KJCSDC' TABLK I ) worn at, ieaft'stelan jidt, rood l.rea* mi cake baker. roov - tiro I mania .n the waahiitr and irnninr. il nd olty rets, I'jsa 1 all at Ob iVest 11th at., bet ? t wi 8ih and 9ih a .e, for two 147a ri'KTK-N RTTCATITV WA NTTD-BT A WOMAN. WHO I I T lily ndermaeds her Ynaiseat has the best r .y refitrepee r. tins years ,mm her last clues. Apply at ,19 lir adway. lu th-s. ,re, ttader the New Y.ira H <ejl. COOK 9 BTTCATinW w ANTED-ItT AN SAI'KKIKNCKD l ers-in. whii '.iderrtaitds riynkhijr In all lu braivthes; la wilder tO do the nuarn' ? ieh;i: r If req .i red Hai ri?*l idly referei i e? >'an be s a 1 at 19 7th av.. ctrnet o: iii si, at- md : oor, back rum. TT J"*). EJIPKR'S SITUATION WANTED?BT A JJ >o.,or A'usri' tu v,d.,w lady in a feutlem-u'snr widow er1* 'iooso, PT bule'; no objections ta> go Ka?t or do . h or couu'ry, refereroes c 0 bar red. Adiliena for oue week, X. A. R , H?r .'.d ndlee. TbTOTICETO LA1HES.?JUST AER1VED PROM PARIS, LN a flrrt else* na!Ulnar, wbo wlab- s lor work iu hone; la ?isas' en matortal preferred. Call at 111 Wis: llnustoa at. Srrr?no* w?nted-bt a yocnh woman to do i-bnnihert,nrb aud a*r st ad.h the wnsblnr .old lrwlb| or pi 1111 go d ea? ratal awe. Caii at 1 IN nutllvao sh. between j riup ?ni Pilact sia. C a be er-p pit eoned. SITCATT"N8 WANTKD-BT two HEBPECT.A BLI Mill 111 to o,rA. ? ash and ru-. and th- uthrr to do cfcaml erw-rt and w It lag- has rood city n '?n-noa Nail h* seen . rr two days a: 99 Kaet Jd at., Km II ipr, front room. OI1I yN o CATION , WANTSD-TWO GERMAN OIRLB WOULD O ilk* mtnat-oni h^eihar; noa M eharrd-e-.-iaid and wattar, the other as m<* 1 r ti do (eneral housework. Tobeaaoaoa Thursday tth a. M Hammond st . between 11 and J o'ekaik. SITUATIONS WANTKD-BT TWO RMEPRiTTABf.K Ctrl*; one as o ok, waaber and Imoer, the other ae Cham, hsrmant and a attar; a r rotswtact Boat of chf reference* Call at llOConrt st . Sonth Brnoklja. SITTATION WABTMD-BT A RR9PHCTAB1.* YOUNG a pad plain nook an 1 firm rati w-other m l iraarr. no ob eoty.s vi d, general houaawu.-k. Good tsty re fereuoe* (Jail at Nik I Clarke ft SITUATION WANTKD-BT A RKSPKCTABLK TOUNU O ?'?nai!, as Burse thai! at 4.-2 9th a,SB :', betwei-B Uth and 9' ih at Good reterenanr. yi rrATIOJI W ANTED-RT AN KXriRTEWCED WOMAN ?3 aa teci.arkrrprr ?r c?*>k ia a rpopoctatle lonllv. Caa frtta rrmrl ptij rptnraoi p M H om *h.lHv an I character. Oat. * n?r for two d../a at li'i Eaot _>th at CITTATION WANTED?BT A RKd PEHTA OLE T'?lTNO I ' m max who h?? 'vinly and from RBi-taml. aa rnw or rtiaahanaaat. a wli.iag to travel: gprako Weigh. (tall ai 61 Nlreckrr at. near Hrrartway. from 11 A M. to > P. M. SITUATION WtHW-tVA RRariCTABLl WOMAN aa I mad. aieat and paatry ouufe la a hotel or adorn No oh,return to raj nr n. jury tioud r?ta.eaoe ji.aa. Call at tl Elaa at a the rear. Brat floor. SITUATION WANTED?BT A EESPKCf VBI.l TOUX3 areata a aarhhaiheraaid ad .to plate araa '. fall at Ml Union at. Brooklyn, top tioor. trool rooaa. S: I t v r 1 ? V Wk.VTKlv ?T A RF.Xfbl' TABLE WO man. aa meat or tir.ler c?>k. In a b"VI or kan, '.Bdn ?'?n-u at.-. , aatrjr. t all at 71 l at, frota ftoU A. B. SITUATIONS WANTED-HY TWO VNRY OAPABLK ynuna trauma,< to ? aa vary goal oac... j aa r .or: ? tent la ui rt??. it- tO?r aa nur* Ml aea cvtrea pan not and ft. can tab* Uh ri '.re charge "I a hat./ iron 'la Mrth. liaa a k?lri?Me ed'.rvtl<? ten k . en ' e M ;l ly re. aam-n.a.1 Call ir?:.ti' tr to 1 < l.t. Kt hriwre:. are. A and Im at A SITCAT10N WANTKD-BT A SMART. TJDf OIRI.. utai Uo ''j fro,.i RugLitid. * oitha ha'.lt of Im.ia > .it. nan conk anal aad Inn. Call at N1 to.: Belie at Bnnk'j a. ui the rear. SITUATION WAWlRD-RT A RKATOWAHlJ1 YOUNl vmat-.r, to to f aeral !???? ork, in a nmall rPlrtoe : m l? a aonl I -in ..ok, anahar aad i. mar. fall at 11. iva r tMa, itiMmxp. SITUATION WANTED RT A ttetpwwkflLK OIRX* n k> Poaorpra' linnanxirk. hi a autel! prit.ia fern If. tea jrnrA plain ornk and a Aral ratr * eaA-r aad iraeer. IM; r.tdr rrncaa t an no anai. f.>r 1. << da/a at N'> ? i'lartta-m at SITt AT!f>N WAN TED-UT A '?TKAItT, r.ESPrt'T ABT.1". tr?r' In do jptpral 'xtttoewnri la u -tria l prlvn'n fair, ;; ovd pit- refer. eogr'cen I all vt >* Ai'ant'p r . Bm.kl/a, . ptappn Atmtk an.l noft ata . wad tteor .?<* rf*a SITUATION* WANTED-IT TW?> EES r KCTAMrB it !r>? "ee aa ?.?** , rderatan ;a ler k'odao*!. -a ad i bnt 'tei; a'ao ? akmg "f ail fefodg; ?*>. at.r no - trald ?' 1 In aaat t *11 wavi.r. or Ac t ? i \tn ??? inc. -r aa wrnrpaa; bn ?? the hagl <4 r-nj tvlftrn. Oaa o ar' at I." r..rtp. ? .f ll>t at aad 31 a n Oil 'tTfONI WANTPi 11T TWO RRA-'BiTA 1IJ i Vf - aa rirte. ?.a a* rt? d pi .In ro -a a nhar na<* trnaa' U.c 'linraa rk nWnrant aad VteBoeoi, I arti .nc in M>?t In tfc- *ap"i'rg aod Iroo.cj a? r4 ? -ttna to cl .f fnii'i liolnlrttea fan he aPOt. . r lao da.a ? fio I ^ m'ran piano. (It. iiotwoan E rrprt and Top ITS ata ATTON wtVT?n-TlY A RWPITTvr.l K fOTS.l ' 10 da pla.n ?? jfciog. p-aahi"| at 11 tetn* or J ? hrnarwori 'a s am .'1 ,trn/; m Ajtettet to .o a aiv.. <f? tai a to AO penati/. BdOt of tki rofp pi. ?. tktei a ta Aa t. it 'a ite r?ar SITUATION WANTED- BY A REaPEtY tpt.E TODNO ?'?< . an'kofrha-nald and to aotte* to tho ' np vtaat iai. arA trnakiB, or tn lakr oar* aki Orpa. tea ikt oV pviou ki dr. frn?ral ho ir . tteaall rrtaMo ' t an hp an for tteo h.'>. .11 E ."A 2Tah 'Li.tef frvn; bu_i" SITl kflO* W.tNTEP HT A RrNPRTTM'-.E niR', aa ...t la a irlvatc la*. / nrtei A itpnor. la ?p?-vrk: ta a r'ain i ?* a . an pvpp".-?. a-aah ?? Bd Iron* r. Rao IhP or-i nt. ' r rv'ta* r. pa Ual at No ? M - am ? > Ben pry la the ueatn.. at toriwoAara c Tf ?3 a CHI M "N WAhTED TIT t T< "Vi, Vt VAN O th-.i'l.tnaani a.,4 aa.ioi (all at IV WaMMmA AA 8nvi eiTTATIl T WAhrri' -T A TorN'i WOWN Ai ?3 ppo> an.' apato-ti-pa or nfeamvannal aad aav vrto or MjW'it and !t.ol?| h?at o'r*/1t*tpnt<? *1'pt A-apif ai 133 a ?> at W y qiti at o* wAvrKr? i a voun ? t :*L icno C* tha ' ?or*ork aad vra ttei., nr inM tn vraa log fall ai ".tlWani Ifk at Ir lk?- vtairnt. ,rir 1 ,.t *TK n wtNTirt bt a Rr rrt-tA'ti v r u*'t ?trae Idnan akat Pan Pt t aod Bter >.**'?? '4 r. Hrp?7 ??/ W? a. ?r wpok (tell at BP Watt v l ai. SITU ATION WANTRP-RT A RRRPRTTABIA YOt'H 1 rrranti m ak .abormap* nr aairao or k. ?aa?t tr <a> ir* and r uiag Pra; .' altf rr rmorp Call at Wl W?t B^'iakri- ?t I.tar T hr-.r*fAI. ' tier. . eoraa if OirrATION WANTEP-BT A RPNPRi TABI.T "01 NO OMil . as - 'ir ? -r' and ia MteMt In trTMt.aoBad tmru g er M iai r k in agaia'J 'mb . kaa r?l pffy ra pp-tip* ffPtei Sor aal plaro. hf ai /rarr t?ll Iw t?n <ta/? at Ut *lt at., api.r (SB ..r?. QITUATT^N WaNTWV-RT A YfTNl HERMAN WO M?n. -a'ip,\ ad ?/>,!.. j'atn tPvetit aa aoatte ?? the faro tf fililldron OaT. mhIM sr. Onod rofrowap r -ot TWO WOMEN. WITH Till JtFNT r r ty refrtp.n-oa. nlok BttiAln. a iw a nnok v I 'hi tabor ita i.uraa. Cak I* aecn lot i*r dar at UH Wpv. Ml. a , appv-od ft it Two TPt'NH WnvPN, COURT NR. W kNT RITU ATION^', ppo *.. 1MB warkand pto. and ndbPr ^ . kaMbprcaJd an.' a?m m 'tn tak* ?rS<)( gMlcm. ttMOl |R/lYftrr^CR. CajA AI .Ttai.itAR. stovattows w \ stkd.. kk * a lj:m T?IO GIR1.S WISH HITU*TTO"?H TOOaTUKtl OK i <| v?' Or- .? a gnui onoa aed baker; can anrae up drn uer aud (t-iiim in (.nil dyl*. baa no objection m amiat m waahlng and jammg. lb* other la a (.rat rata ham harm .Ud and whitreer, tile the be?t of Bit,/ r-"?ren?* fail at 113 7ih av. -NTED-BY A A HIDD K ACID AMERICAN WO man a alt-itSm in dn eanerat honeawcrk. Apply at 2rl Weal ID*tt,>i. ? e ' ?" nbii a . i .'?? > ;r iron: mom. WANThI)-B\ A KBHPBOTARLE YOCNti WOMAN, A altioiiW u .. t. fener-i 1. tuieworh m a nmat. pr.riwi fa* ;.y, lb,. (.* . :liy r-ft. -.pee. Cm U act a for "two uaya at Ifl9 Em'. If it at. WANTl'D-A SITCA ION, RV A RRSPBOTAlLE WO. man, at nook, wt?. thorn-.;iblv odera-nd* be." biAinem, and in a goad baser: naa. of city rdfarcoca gi < en an be aeeo at HI Ari. a-, a-ar 3d a *. Wanted ry a rkspei table yoi n< iv.rl. a ?!?.iaUon aa chambermaid, and in do plain i*wlng: can rice coed sit; referee e C..n (. ?? reen at 11 J 21" h at, otar H are "tATANTin- A | TO aTI Ml, \B FIRST CLAM C ?OK. *w by a renpceiab e yonng w >aian an procure lb* ?*? < city reference; boa tony avperirj. a in h* r r.neac. C.u? be seen 'or two day a at 92 ITit et , corner of 7lh av. if AN AVERfAN). A rk of a email 'ap1 It, nr .1 dneruntv -wrrk and par acni?nn not en much an Ob r*a |P"( him*. *eF'.? at OiUVthav., oetaeeu an I lib fci i, for two d?ys. W' ANTED- a i "AT'o.d. ry i n i t luf? v? m to do jrei*#ra". b*m*<?work in a u?aP prl I Tie# A\nR'lv rriorooic wa^h and iron ** ?b# him avMi ii ".c* I (AOMl.y 0; hob lb- n??wt o' r*1ty !??*'rwrM nM? rbe | r ' ??n for im i Itya at 17 Sher st. irout ruoin, up atiurs. W' ANT1D?A FITOATiO* HY A i OMI'KTENr YOUNG wc-man aa oca: ah* full- tindenhaiida h*? bu-ttcean >n t all ft* Snfrb**: in a prlaai* f?mli*; *ii*U?nl city r*'"aen<-e. m ll'ir p to aae ?t w".h ib* washing and iroah.|f Call at 2.7 | latb ft e.twr o Mb ard Dip ava WANTED-A SITUATION Ad CHAMBERMAID AN.) wailing; -eat -.f c.ty reference a'Teii; nr ie ..tit -et>? ' t nto ntriles need apply, call for two days at. <12 Atlantic at; | Br.-obljP. WANTED- RV A REfiPF.rTARI.E TOCNO WOMAN, A e tr.a::or aa rblld'e nnree and plate aewtot, laeicaed 1 Inalr ? md r c;. Mren: i rrhamherwo-h an"* th? beet i t reference (ireu. Call for two daya at 292 9th sc, botwe- n let ea end aa A. WAN I VP?A SITUATION, BY A YOCN'3 WOMAN. AS rlauihermai.t an<) araitln, coodctty referebce Call ai 170 Weat Jlat it, for tain daya. WlKnO-ilY A RKKPKCTABLE PROTECTANT yonnc woman, a ait'taiion to do cbamherworb ant line waeMnf and .rumor, or pla'n sewing, in a a.nall fami.y; bug the i.e?t (if I"ta rofererre. Ploaae call for two dsyiif not eo 1 a red at 112 Wrat 9ft b at. WANTKll 11Y A RK8PROTA RIJC YOUNO OIRI , a e::aa'tcn aa i hamhermaid and in aamat in tb? wasbme an A trur.ini", .w plain aewtnat. had rod remretuM irotn her la.I oi?.-e '*?I1 at No 70 H'h at., neconu door from OA a.e. WANTRD-BY a i.ady or exprrienor, a pitc eMon aa maamn In rem* tnatltotton: "in giae ihe beet oi referen-w aa tn character and capability. Ad-Jrean 0. L. far let. MMri.poUtau Poat nBlre TIT" AN TED?A BTTrATION. BY A RBBPEOTARLB It woman n a priaaie family, aa lauadrBat. or to do i;mi n 1 bouaeworic in a email family; can pi re the lirat of clta en fe.encea fall for two daya at 116 laat 14th au. between 1st and 2d are. w i til u 112 W'-tt Jflta at., up door. WANTED?A SITUATION WANTED, BY A HI< ITI.Y reepeciab'" Proteatar' ?!rl, aa chambermaid and aeam rtrera, nr tn aaelat In the w lahinr. Four Team' refereonn caji I.* ulaen. <*an he seen for two daya at 262 Wrat 17th cruet, between kib tied 9th arennea. TE7ANTb.1)?BY A RKBPKt TABLE YDITNO WOkfAN. A Ya aitnaltcn aa cbamb-rmald and wnltreea n't.) do plain eewln ? Can rlie food reference. Call at A* Weat loth at., between 7th an 1 -ih ?v<i WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A TOUNC. WOMAN. TO do nhamberwoek and Wultiur. flood uitr referrnno ri ren PI- ate mail k> lsg 7th at., between.aag B and C, aecoud t ror. front room. 'ANTED - a SITUATION, ny A STEADY PERSON, ua nura*: ah* ti a*ra ,ap .l,|? or tablnr ear* of ehiMrm, la a \*ry < -un rtnai Infant't n-.rre and can do good n'?ln ?*w Inr 'Ik? the beat of elty ritfer .noe. Cat beaten for two daya at 193 7th aa*. TA'ASTKn-Rt A RfsPECTA BT.E OIRU A SITUATION aa ,J chamle-rmiuit hi a prm.t- family, or aa "l-tmI>erma. 1 and aeamatrawa. inSt of city reie-enoe. fall at .'ill Wee- 25th at. arco.. oor. froat ruua Ylf ANTED- V SITUATION as CHII.DREWR NURSE af and to <lo plain aewine, hT n competent vonrr -a-ittian. wbit under.tanda - he huaiii**-* nd can give the beat rf *itv a*, ferrnrea a* to capability and character Call at 79 Weat 2*; i at., hadween 6ih and 7th nan D7ANTKD?BY A KESPKf TABLE TOUNO W, MAV. A af aituatii ? aa ehaanhennal 1 :;nd waitre*. The brat of city reference fallatbo Ilea at Ricaklan. "11* ART HD? A 8ITUAHON, BY A RESPECTABLE Ya yo-ing girl, to w;ih on a ady going Sonth. or in tc.teud children la a good plain ?eaa?s rrm hm tb* hect eitv cefe rt-uoe fn m her hat pV r. Cnll at 112 Weat S6t'-. (t. TANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RF.SPECTARI.E yoi.iirgtrl. :ia eban. jerm-ud and tn lakeeir* of chll Haaihe lieat ol wij reference Irotn her laat place. ii5 'JC? c t l/> h At ?/., ll/w r WANTEIt-ltY A BiBPXCTABLE GIRL, A SITTaTION aa uook; ia willitg to ai ha in ar.u. in* and Ironing. II a a the l rat i ty reference. Pltafe cafl at bl Went 40th ft , act-1 ad tli nr. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE yoeei* girl, aa rhambarn atd and wailrnm; gond city re '.rrancr iri- rn Call for two dnyn at 81 4th M. ?y^KmXD-k SnTATIO*. BY A YOCNO WOMAN. a*dret rlaaa rank no < I nruon to a pi-Irate bosrdiiie kn j?. Cmll at 71 Boa t7.BR.. bettrfea -lb a?e. u<! Uromi WkV, TirABTKn-BTA BISPK'TABUC OIRI.. AHITUATION TT In ? ma|>ectab)n Ism r In <uMist !n hcmerwork an-1 |>M i am en rbiMrrn. I'l l at Cp Graaanlrhat. where n-nl rr "??"?'I tlx a* ran k<- cu? . WAJinO-Hf A YOI NO V, OMAN, A Birr ATION TO do rbeo-1-nr?,.r?, or oailirr. nr general hoaarer.rli. ?'ood ret arm, * Apply at II I'nioo toort, Uairrratty plart ?^?ANTB^lIT A BFmPBcTAPLIC YOONO WOMAN, A Mlualkn in a prit air fastis. an ehatobenaatd and latin drene. or atutiU uj k- uaml Uonjework' in a null famnr aha herfrctiy uoex-r?.:ji '? her busiaaaa. and can .rt tan very l-aa* , >>f lt> refereuir i'rea her last place. Call at 43 c'larfeaoa at, . leteeeo llre'nwkh and Hndaoa at* , for tiro days. ?^ANYBIV-ltY A ??BPKOPABL* TODNO WOMAN. A ?Mnat'.ar pi rook. nraab and lmp| for a rmall private fa ?ity: ran prod ?? tbr l-nr of atty If rt ioired. OaU at it klar at, In ibe rear. YATANTBTk?NITOATIONN, NY TWO RSPPKfTANIJC TT atria oaa to to ronk In* and to assist In ihr wantons ami irrpta* the other h-do ehaaaberwort aad waiting or r?nine 'bets " ? . - n prefr w .. _ .-JOTBB: 'kn lent of e"y seferenee from their met piare; woitd both prefrr or.e famti Apply at <00 Waahlnctoii at for two dag. AWTIP BY A YOI WO 1>.0*aN, A ?ITl'ATION A? (100k sad la a son.! weaker asI irnner. an oh aetlon a do be an? orh m a am*'- faailv. Call ai PK Butler at., be Ism and fleet, itmnkljn m rear "^yANTKI^CT A RKRPIt TAULK WOMAN A SITl A u- n an * nd nek. ? .?!?' .o.1 iroo?r or to do grnrnu he- rrwarlr ? ban ro-nt ctt- rafprrrrn. ('all lie- tee d*J? at No. 11 Kirlnfim at . ia the rear. ?^yANY*l?-KY A BBtl-FCTAFl.! YOUNO OI*L A aitna. -o to eileml a More. ?a*fm.naarr"prt-farra? Apply at AM Wont INb a heiearn Mb and 5*h a re ?^TANTKn -lit A RHAl-JTTaBK^WlUx A SITCA tlftn ia rk mheroikus ard ? hi a -aa-,11 unetn fan-'ty I'aa get the lew of cRy referet.-r. CaT *t I.Stl tir ade it mrprr rd >?i. at. ANtf^n^t RKar*? TAoLK WrU^m* an ona: are a- ncHoa to a?'r * tkr wa*bl<.?. Omd rrtr -rnrr rev '.red Appl1 *1 V. C naliy it, rear re-en, Po 1 OT?NTkO-A tTTl AYfOJI BT ? TOr*rt WOMAN Pdo??o?ral hoc e? or a ia r rail p-irate ,on'r Has tfe d r-Sr rr m ...or tall at 7? Bra. ,-th be:-<eaa tlb and ilk Bva tap -<rr. bark rrrm. TO-ANTTP PT t Br*B?<-TAB!.t I0fNO WOMAN A ? af.-aUac m - iaai V-- ?ald and to 4r Cnr w ? hiar ami ' - i- r s '? rbne. ? itlul p.ala ?esirorran l!?n tbr beat r ?) rr:<i- nr 0 ra be- laal I !n-a < aH anr le > daya at 1..I .la ar.. eixfra l.M. aad -tab ?? arr<?diaor ?> k tl'ANThP A UtrATtON. BT A RBtPrCT A BUE Yf rorr* s'rl. :aa ? baBiberpiod an4 ? aaakat In nr naab lrr ai i i ? r.r haa pr oh nrrmn tn Akn rare af a hahy 'ke -arr best n rrf- -. ,?e *t rs I'a., f >r tarn dara at IV Kaat JI4 a> itwl to r ir at rwn. "n*AXT?I? I YA'AttT f t t\r RUNCC. k RITCA n .a hm-.r- . ??rrr to a hr-rl re artdnwrr a fateUy - an irillr '? rpfrrnarna a* - !.a-a nr at c%; a>l'./. Ad <1 aa C. R 1 r-iiaina P ^?*AM-1" A -IfrATlO.Y BT A YCTABfJE tRl.. I It VI I ta he B .rb-.y aad Irito Yi'Aftir bi a iwrft't ;.K to > mi TT atitatmran rr- . ? * ?? ?%?- - v| , i la?. . ar. ' at At.. ? ? , rry aore 1' ->-? ia. *-? *' t v .nma TL'ARTBIX-A. mr^TTON, BT 4 r. "NPBCT ? Ti T yt ?>% * ?< ** ?k p. ?|. * a * ? ?httoratini a eMhtr -ity i * v? ?? a? 1 Wrrisilddk Mtor**a?' - aatd 19th 11 nrikTI!'-l RTTATtON RY A NKAT aBO T IT respectable > -ia* rr an aitr- 1 rt lire- aad " idiar Aerwn k f rfrrrnrra uoeir ?pt ?an ?. Apply ai nr r*?. I KtiHtBA TB'ANTTP-BT A RI - I TttlJ rOCB'l BB II ?'i TT teewaa. a tttaatkM aa r?td t at* ? ? bar. ennaid aad -svto^rne. On be aanr hi: nneed al II" Sib *?.. beia*ni I"*' a'dlttbae ?yy'AKTRi' Asrr ation t a "rotapt?tt ii-r an do rbs-venrnrk nr take rare of rVl-irm. ? Ra -sfa. ?nr.. n II re<i";r*' 1 v bt W*n for Itro dkjra akNt 1-4' men at. anr Tillery Brooklyn TTf.ANTBO A BITTATTON BT A BlBPhTTABLB <TtBf TT Ma mm plain r-mk, a find rata wnaher aad ;n-per okn * te be lie* ran r. J.n! Area ..rara d Ml IMt t-Utf iaa pe frta pi M Wtm 174 rt m iht rtv. ?KTATIIM' WATT PTV-rKSALH< [/ANTKD-I1V * IHMP* OTABLB rKt?"il *OHiS, - ' fire faath waabutr or r*uHlemen'a: tai'M best f fe'ronco ior ')wl? WntHllklWI Mm IL W1U ?\kl iNTRO-A cTT- A-l'iN ]f A "BIVaTK AMU T, *" r< eoofc. vi i,her audlroaar. Apply at SO r -rj;eo ak, RnxA Ijn, up ,t*irr ;? <k1 rlt . re'?rene- nan lie given. AKTKIV- ABirTATIOff T'? T?KM HARM OP CBTt,. ?* Aran uA do pi .in wear a be XML it tor last place, 10 Mans-eld place 6" WTANTErt-BT A RRapRCT A lit E TOrNO GIRL. A, iti jk K.. .j,.' to dc I'jht chamber v irk. ?11 ;.?? 9 to A n>alnafc "i ntlulwr 'oroor tl' CoiiiA and Levi <0* , Brooklyn, c.nrioce on the aide. Reft r plcm If rri aired WrANTED?A SITUATION. BY A BKHPRCT ABU yontig woman to d? Keanrsl heoaerrAffc In* irnall pri vate fam ,v Good Ci'.y re'ermcMi. r?u *t 77 We? Jflib at, lop floor he<"* -00m |l/.rN<8I>?A 8IUT IU?, B* A RK-rdUT\RU * yonag worn in to iiO rk^ml.crworh ami flue .eaabhut uo. ompr TV ? of ally reference can be given.Cu v. 181 KOil 221 at ao ive . Inn floor TkTANTRR -BY A RERPBCTARI T GIRL. WNO r'MDKR W etn?/?g ail kind! of mnOy wm '-g. a ritnas'on an mrH ?ud worn,: ran-. w, gee not au ?u b 01 ho object if a perma nent p!a e. The beet .if city reiVret ce giv-n. raU at 303 Ucka it coei*r o* Pacific, Hr-'oklvo. second boor, fr ail room, TITAN TBI) -BY AN ADBWAf TOT'HQ WOMAN, A ? ? ?ituatl m ? n ir??; 1a aocnffeead In irking *41" of children mn. th*'r birth; would be v- .Utr.g m go Rovth Rest of ol?y reference islvtc. Apply 11 1IJ0 lwii ave , near 36th M., ton floor. WANTED-HY A RESPECTABLE KV'.lfTl YOUMf* w,im*?. a aitnat'un 10 1 cent'entan's t an, vannrtearl aeamswe, nr vi" da chair ln>ra-ork and ?'wtnu 1 'I* ni ..<1 near ?tb ave , iiel a eru the hour* of 9 *oc 18 o'tlv.jf TOAITFID-Iiv A PROTHSTANT T <riW WOMAN, A YY altni.tmB to lo L"-aen-ork'n a private family. Good rrteecn-e g.ven. an lie eeen al Ni. 1 ? ..urch at., between Ham i tn ?v and I'mit at, BmuRl) n WANTED tY A BENPRiITAKI.E YOl NO WOMAN, A YY *1 laioumde rene-nl hrije- nrk in * email family. Iter, eiti reference given. Apply fur t?r.. da?a at M Dean A.* Brook.y3 TirA.NYRI>_A PltrAl'tON AS ntKifl < OOK, VNI1TO YT a.'e'n w.'h 'ke waehlng an1 Ir >n.i.y tian g'?e lb" beet of cdto re erenee from her l*rt pla- ?, a' ?"e -lie baa ilred /;* pee > rare. Call for two day a at 18I Kna :ttth at, accond loot. fron- room WANTKD-BY A PROTESTANT CHRL. A HITITATIOV w hemfl.-eruvd aud plala iru'r il*a rooa refereaoe. Call a' 2i9 Par'. lu'k|?t, beiweer- 9th an'* 10>h *ea. altnanon u koo.) cook t|r?t elaaa washer and Ireoer. or Ui do g, o-raJ kn. .newnrk In u am.'l! fi'JBlly. Call for two days at 11 In ..ngtoL 1, In ibc retu . WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A TuUNO WOMAN aj chcnabermald ??d w, .nre? ea family. Good referenrc Ca.'! at tad 9th rfl. srosf hwmenh WANTrn-RY A RE?rKTT.ART,K ?A?RfRD WOMAN. a sit nail m aa wet uuree. Apply at 67 Kulton at , top j floer, Bronklrn. . WAWIP f A EBEPEOTARCE YOUNG won N, A YY alluati"n aa cQaui' ennaid and to vuirl a >bo wanhlnij and , Ironing; n.i objection to do ho'ieeicrk In ? air-iU [ Hrate famllr: beat W cltr refercnje can be cuUxned. Can be seen ?.: No. lit Went lihk el. WANTEP?BY A RESPROTABLE KNPT.1SH PERSON, a nl' ialii-n n? r tree or to wait upor a l*d, , in a family trein? to ?'allfornia; ban the bt nt of city rrferenee. Apply al 110 AlfUtd.l ttgal at, corner of 8th, for two dara. WANTEP-A NTTTATION. BY A RESPE'TAr'.E WO man. ?- cliatnbermakl and lo aaaiat ut waalilng and Iron ? i lot', or to do the general bu tie** >rk of a aiuall reavec jtblt fantllt; fl iegond cltr reference ft* m her !a?t rmploVee wlta wlmnr die baa lived r.rcr two yenra Apply >L JM ,AA a... he tween aren'te A and latai A\! IT NURSE'S si I'll ATI' v WANTED? BT A BBAIjfR YY younp woman. Ret era to n;.d can be aeon where the W 1 if. inn 111 '.bat cape* Ity. 137 sill are. ?YETANTRD-nY A RESPECT ABU YOUNO QIR1., A YY eitoB'ion to d ehnroberwrV ad tab" car- cr eh.:i-ee, 1 or to do the rrork of a ?maE pnmte femPy. Plrr rlaan refe 1 lease t all for three .lays at In! Bant 3io at, rear Id ST. Ur ANTE TV?A SITUATION A t.'BANBKBM AID AMI to e-mit ! ivaahin:: -ti < i rn .? in 1 aula 1 p:!~avy family br 11 young woman, rrltb bem cLy reference, t a.1 at No 91 h? I7tb at.. nearSth tiv. WlHiD-A MTUATiON B" A YOUNG OjRIu A* (hawiiermaid and plain > cr, or'V .iscrwaidnnito t 'lat with the warhlnr and In'in* Re', i to pre* ni cm p oyer at It l.lrtiiji'U.n plii n -t . weaart a.tutre. WANTED?BT A RK2TBCTA<t!.K TOlNtl WOMAN. A rhuatlon aa rhmn-barmaid and waiter: no ohjeeUan hi lo "t 'in aewinc or flno eml ft lerv: eat , ily rele?eiic?. '"all at M6 West 32.1 >4 ii at t.anei. en. from 9th a?., m llsnrvjty antl Friday, 'rout u to6. WANTVIV- BTA REPI E' T*RI.K GTRL A NTTTATIOIT ae hatid-.m.itA and fine wieter ^*d I'.'tir*. the beet of rdr referee c- glter from heir last 1 iu-e Cell for three 'aye at 1A- Kaat .tint an, thinl tionr. front mm WEI NUBSK.-WANTKI1. A llAbJ TO WET NI. USE. by A reave, table woman we.Ui >01 t nn we a g.^-1 ai'.naMnn. Call .t ft Ilatndton sr., eonter oC bumnui at . Brooklyn. WANTED-BY A PROTEST ANT GIRL, A RITU ATION Tl aa aramatreaa in a nrlrate farr,11 v: hem of rite -eferecceo given: wottld go by tbe t, ?* or n. udi m mm. Ceil as tl 3A at. b< tween 3d and Levlngton a a Wi ?AHTKP-A irtDATIOV HY A iEHT'rTTABLK P*0. toa'an'. etr:. aa i baoibern; .14 ;.ed tune, or ae?!aftr?? BtiJ to rto rrorrxl bnnwworklr ?? ti?>: kw *ond wfor rr-tf i nil at the comer 01 AU ^uo and vuitrtL. in, Brooklyn, tor two day ? WA\TKn-)iT a vorwn ladt ??r itwrwrinnj. ?y, a i.tiia'tor to wtite: a t 2<?i> AddiM tor wo day*. rnttlnp particular*. K. a M . US Mower/. WANTID-A BTTtJATION V WK7 RI BS*. ,l?.T or rrfT?p<?. Apply at her prevent riuph/ar'a. Ui Ho -IB Mfcat.. WlUiainabura. **rAJniI?-*Y A PROTESTANT TOI Ra WOMAN, A YY a'MM* oi tin I't.amr. n?. m ?i'.a;ii w.w.j* r<gba yeen at bar lapt rlww. wher ? tie ha* lived er-vso year* H Yartclt at , I'twnar of Hrarli WIT Rl'Rk* S BnUATION WAVTIO-BY A KIBPSG table ma-ned wannan ?'? I at I?i BwurB TN'ANTED-A BTTTATTON. BV A HBPECTaHLB TV >onu* ptrl. aa rbauiO,.mMll- and plnN aewer. baa four yearn refrren.-e Call at Sol V??> l.fth r . ;o? two 4-iya -nrARTBO-RT A MM'imTA .11.1 BNfll.fSH WOMAN, YY a an nation aa food -oof. is an eicwtle-v u~Jter teat city mf*r*t)o*a. Apply for two Jeya at 1ST -otk ft, Win saw Id and :td aaa, 1a tBr rear. WANTNO-FY A R**r*rTABUI TDUWfi WOMAN, a anitattoo aa rook. war ar and iraaer ta a acaaJwa*. rata laouly Ouol rafaraaee. Caii at St *a>. Iltk at, WABTin-BT A Itr-JP'-iTtPt* TTtrNO WOMAN, A ?ttnatlon aa chamba.- av* and wattiwaa -a a prtraMt 'aaally. nr wnr.ld en the hnnr-wo N of a aaial! faaily. (tod city reterr- w. fall a- 1 Untr.m- ai.. round bo .a ."ItUD Par Ac at. ookli n. for tno daya. MATAXT1D-A SITTATION. liT A JMSfNtrTML* YY )-.' ?? Iir!. aa II r. .iud<?.. pl? a aewic< ar ebaatcer work a'nl *. .tin* Ce'> ai 13 W??- ."if. a 1*7 ANTTP A krriJATIOR. >:1 \ Rk> BCT ML* PBO YY I rat ant |M, aa btrwaaaatr Mi WW Ireea "f aa ittira* aaf -ramriera. "? w .1! rwvel f" ml bo r>y lit, >) -he try 11>< i 'rr ft Hi. '?r'kKUar T ijlcr JK 7tk at . bat sum ??ik and I7ib au , f?> two day. WrtATin?A iTTPal N. V \ arapr.TABL* ftrl. to do (rur'a. 1 ?raork; lab food 11 war. <v: at Nr ;t Tr . 174 ? 1*r vmni_A BfYl" *1 i- ' \ IIA if IT'tM* ID A Nil YY in da wna" oyti . I* r,. it. or. a" I m II?e ?h? twat at clt. ?*.r?uf Trot '? 'ar 'nci. Oila.'IWaf lrtkt* Ti-Avirn-HT a 'in run \ri c rorno woman, a TT Wuviti- a aa r- ifdra?atn ? > 'afbtnlty. TkaMai ni. ,'inoi -r .%?' . ?, . '-n <b- kaa BaadfnM ra. too l ml nt df m Mr ? v ouM Htm to ?-n Hotuh. ? . at M waat .iifc a . br?,o t".. and i at at a , .our, It>" t noa "tlP t7'Y*r V-'Tl tTTPV \ EWIIfWABLK WO YY man ?e -A. a. 't ? ? t a ? aaJ rv tn(. fiord r - -rtrrr r. ? ... m 111 fVi ? 36tL at naarlUt tra, aAwi-d lorr. ?t*''\NTKO-1a afTVATIO* I Y V MKY III <i'*tf t?I.B YY ?' !?ci. purl. ..r rt. :? ?** .ttrrtaL NwwdidQ rt ait work an-i a?. . :!? - i*' . tad in-tttf ; b. a s<? J irfrWiaea fro?MP W;i*i" '' '! wr ,ian it A; Mul t-rr-y at ba'n?aB l'* i -? r\< I ?? ?'? , "rrt fw. WANTED- \ ftrrt' tTION 1IT A R*RP*nTARLB rr-itttrwomM up'1 o? *? oa rt-nkmH bakrr at bread auJ r >M; i- wtiBpc to -) nr * ., and trnaia? of a aana i< < u> an. ,. Tka beat ??( c.. ? ryfemuc-a alma. Aaf ,. a li * mk v .N' int, iiii but M t .b. fratt kiaa n .t 'ifr rr t r- \ nc " v . ib ami to 1.1 ... rttj ryf. r? oar f.A4 at A*' m. r.. ?twratk A-na '. t'i T\-*VTi I A P'Tt All'id an WHY Nt B-f. lit A YY ynvna ?r .W. -t .. la. tola at 111 "WattA ? *r ? *' ? \k rT s H'r - a I ? . > * N AiiaiND NOYAU *' ?a?.' t ? ., aa* - r. i ?api,. tr?-,?or?aa t?r- ii, tM r ir o da-s n Jtl la. .. Tl" ? I-V ;tc a Ripat ? Rt.* TO' Nt. WON AN A I* ? ... rnaaab n i' air .# mr.i-apr W wnr..d b> if ??i-r? Pbli' W "CTAf r' 'I 1 "V ? ' "f Till Ntl I kHT A ? ? ! fa. o?? ia > p-M lonaaAtt, frn Anal 2i? Hi* ??. M-fS'i, i a PtTI >fl * ?N a NNaT,vdTKI* MtA* Y* pt ? a I ? at *iW i ?T- <*a nana ar -kti !???... r . i ? ? -r. f. a ' iM ?aJat In ??? i ? l tr-a i . ? dB? ?*r a. OM M taau a III ? i a- b" : 1-1'. ct-.v.-.) % a.Tl 'tf.Y n ti' i "b. *. ai. riOCN* YY . .. o, . arxi. 4 r aw.l (YC -t <4 ridat . m< wyra . n - Nb *am;?i-ny * a- y p t tt v a 'TTT'A ' ?! |r ' ??! a)'.f ? P' I 1 ' fl't, tir- tba ? i ' -i i n ? ' >r?? Ior ad ?iar? ... ?. , ..a- | ? twy * at Aim 7 at at . ?? ? .y ? ? TANfL -' if. T ^N iT A ? t'Nt t "NAN, A' t .-or* yidN rrd - --r ]?*???!'fam. pood raf* ina'tnnt C W' . ;T" ? T*-ANT?r ?f t km-io' t'i I iR r.iftsr n?i, '* ?<?<?? /?'. ?a a n dr- ? .? ibvatm-WWA. aad taM jdtmUww Mbf>y tPWfbalf Yaaia?b??tof ftmBMif Mr Wat tkak <s t .? ar.a f w .? dayaAt IflAlbtd,! vtiNA air a tba W Vr-, t? ? Ifa k a.i I r t, n '.ar 'brtNiot iw ftrMMlf Mr Wat tka? Ot .-aa.a 'n .? dayaAt Ut ?UT/NTN" A dlT'-ATlON PT A PW.P*C*A*t* YY -e tut w arbn, M 1 > . t> <r>. ?r . jrt a?4 aklthw. wad w-a.ia.NMw b . ?-r-.^.n-fcB?. na. t baa no -ik/a^w. ? -*T * f'l.r, air TNdy.NBdr IV Ml \J|. tat t. a ta? ' A i J'.t r.i ,r,rna. <?tl ?tU: Waat IMaf.. Nt ?ra ? ?- a 1 lb ar* .m - ?tt-.tb'T*:.- A .TtUATlOII. f?T A ANNEWWANfM YY ; Ptw-. ?. nary*. wMbA.-Md ?.?7*11 ? ?tt?want * ki.rtt.fl laa.'M bak"i {ao-afafMil wiPtlt ? *u.| ba,?< f r*tr*wUy twefnl. talra alAiw d.-i-aaaa pAm a a It a rwt of rafrriwuaafPjwwbWM *W HveC U u^f 6ity C?s At U? IMbl-?!*?*>*.

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