Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 5, 1860, Page 10

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 5, 1860 Page 10
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11 l' pillklV tt/Altft **?%'** MA ?* - - ? ? ? 1 L? liiiii ri<uMki<'Qtof His Royal Highness | at ihe Federal Capital. ''he President's Levee in Honor of the Prince. II if. \ isit to ttir Capitol and lh? I'HtHit Ofllee. Qrp ? of rirfi' 113 the Ladies !? Get a Giinipfle of Him. }{? p*. ?.!- r. C "]>lc *f Hours with the <iirls ai d F-rJll? Te?"pins. (low awl Conflicted Hi in self Oemratly. ?>u<e Lanier and tteceptHn at tiro White Home. Bnl iaat Pyroto;bnic I> splay iu 7 tie P'ublic <*roux?:is. THC VISIT TO MOt'NT VER>.*ON, io. Jtc.. 4be. r->n:.s.Oct, f. ? . p.: e I trlgbtly.'bst ended m a raid stifle. At ?ie..i. . iti.- Prince of V.'aies ant r: to visited the p. it, "laiis CAi'HoL TL< wer* received a . the eastern entrant" by Mr. Walters, architect, aad Oept. Krank in,,: . I rD,;if er ,,f tbo government wortce and escorted through the buildog, wkv-.b, with tla -n iniehed dome, . ?? somewhat like as ealarged New fork City Hsll at'*' the cable Are. Hie party visited flrsf the library, eo J then the Senate ehamber The bistnrl'w 1 paintingv t*. the Rotund* were ?lammed with vppare;illy great ..Ar'tit The old and d- A ha ,e f ir the :. p-<k?eikt ree vtro then vlalted, and many q ? at ena were asked oj the t alte ai to wb'Cb aide war ooeupied by tbo aulas 'a 1st ration members, where they stoel when -speaking, which were ?.be reata 'k-e.?;> ed by dlstlngv'lie.1 men of whom they bad reed, what were the scour.:: qualities of the rooms, and whether the mijor.ty of the members preferred ws* They noticed the aimifcrity between lire manner A li?hi ug the hat, and that uec I to l.ghl the far! amenl Hour.' at London and criticised the new room generally as t* rg aery s;> mild, bet Wo gaady. The p,rty roma.ned In the Capitol about half an hour, viewing moaltf ti.e committee rooms, and dur,sg this t'.nu a ruwd of tr -cral hundred persons colic '<od :ut IMIe, at il eli ered as tb 1 rinse entered b.t Carriage. The President gave a pubic reception in honor or the 1 r ece at twelve to day The notice wae very brief, but a great crowd was oo'.lected. The r< ? ; on v. as bold In the Fast Room, the I'r.s.d l ail parly standicg under the large f!er? i l.ifCi l r in be centre of the room. The persote mi, ii, ? i fits**: t ho left hen, I door, and left by tbe erg'' i ii, doors at tbe right. Dr. Blake. Cei mis ?t?: r,r i ? ,i ld iigv.bal jba'ge of tbe arrange ri inle n. *. lae f'> .n was so crowded that it was impof ? r u> i"i,uil', ar line of proresc on past tbe Prtti at, a- ti ,-.y wly k-,'.ne 1 adm ian .o couid l ot be pre set l - . As tii" i, , enter, l and left the W: te House by the i m ? door, a ye, vt irowd and m b einued, and many i-i in.rt bit.'t M gain entrance. Full dreki was ,,ot ins'iud i n, ar.l waa i ot generally w rr., but the ? ?ece, ri ? I If the gay diesae- at the ad i pr r ;t kii t.r.osuaily ray and animated. The lit tre?n I In hi' usual blue c at and gray p i !. . h ung! v? 1 ha,, ie. stood upon tbe rig't J li PirsMcut. and 1 r'Lynca stood i. -ar the Pr r tie f <* i pereoi pa-sed, ttePresi,>ut ahoek h.i-ida ma > rbanlty, and the Priuoe bowed hie bead te liar rt. ral lartiaS SUecet!' d !r r'. atltg his hand hi wever Tbe r |t Hi i' last sn hour, h it in half an hour the t'rii.r..s was ao'tired that the rwepHH was closed, iit'i'eii ap; r t-. eat of many who were unable to ester Tbe Pr,? dent i, icr see nidi ,n better sp rits. and more it,;, d - ?'tbe t. ? ra w.ih tbe i ileet a I lion' ed M r?r? Pt.ll pa k So mobs, booknr'lers, presented tbe Pr aiha >*g ph ? "ra; h cf Resetter's and K pant's I i re uf lb 11 ? ?? ol Wash ngt a. The ph i, g'aph la iMrty ht ' 'i_v i ' a,and a the only one taken. The 1 r or ' wrd " thank*, acd pruDJ I to give in return m aut graph .iter, A'crii, hi n lb* ro, al party were taken to see the I t .dings, tn<lou blcdly the Bout In the world. Ju .< a u .mbcr of p, rami gathered In frool of the Pa t at < re, bet the diore wore closed by order i f the -i.v-rwtary ! I' li t, i r, About two hundred obtained sdm Ittaw, however, before this order waa issued, or wtr ? pe-erd n as clerks. Three persons formal a throng wh u i" b rmbarra -sd the movements of the royal r*riy A? tb.-re t'o no a b bulilinjrt la Engload, either la iHt i." tc-tanii .-reteiuiioi or la the c rareaiecce of UmV errork ? i it, tbe link* of Mewrattle aad oth-ra of the royal party wti! i la otkc I avtflil laapari a for folate ao?, oat ?rr? pr inuil by tba crowd, aad uc'y iti ally through ii.rm Alter h brief Itifirriow w.Ut decretory Thorn;- n, the f'r'.tr lid party Started eo ther re md?, Cloctly foil.<?ed by the crowd, an.<*g which ware many la lira Tba party utj- (< 1 f'-t t! e it, !' I of Mrcaeoa'a eoglae. wht-b *?a ? t| t I l' as t . Mr C.otnJel, tba tfcike of NewnoaUe *? rg i<i it M "lali of rrtbttrg prrwoee and aewtay traeh'i ? ? ?<-rt aloe ''ii.wlii a?il w ih ihe qaaattno from rl ft rn.* a, * briber nodeta were oot often prtetnt e 'or ,-alen!* fee * .In ?f which had been before pa t i ed, tU IMpecttOO i modeia Coord 11 v . I <>f c2 'Um* wars by Ota. Wa'hicgtn, aad the I reee '?d by > rankl :., were Uaa as-imaed with m :-9 ItUf H ?n<l the part* were than brought te the aaod.-l tb. Weebtagtoo J! m avmt. Vh r coatrltalloa* were I ei; aed, t ? evter, to auru# If I public oora*loo The : rtt oc ?hrB ufi. Ac irmeeoae crowd pOwtf la fl"n*> of the baUdMf, ardcli-. -< biin e* be drore oB, tncoaipaaled by V-i Lean and Mr*. critary Tb'wi,. .., The I'rtnoe aad l?rty tailed Mr* bo. th'e laetiivtdh.r j< ug la.-e, te OMlr ? c two I. an i -rpreaoiag t: u rtt tei'ghtt ! w i th rtiri The rrtcoo ? >yed eeteral giMM of i i p ue * te Mm Lane, aad la; igt 11 MM; at the ?(*rt. lie bee b nM . deprited -f Ultra' *>. ety that be until e<>. ?' b a g?..t dcataoa. aad altb eh too t red ft reuej none * Barer i.. weary log-a est * Ut W ? ! me At 't* th e erei df a growl dl, -.?? -1 dirr*f wt? . ti-b at U.e Pn* <!?ai> at wfc'tJi iter i ?! the ('?' ?? r t and oh tub r? id -.he J jauoaat.fl o irja, Wi h t r ?. .# atteoded, theoarpa thfr-'i nm -at tkaPriMO at i b e party, la w' >? i. n r the dial * ?*a gli-M, were ? it >t ton DMIgWed Marl 1,1 u whoto hffotr pan I J** iphwi'itdtp, a? ; be <? ma* Ui held a nteaptloo, f->r Inearth t u i- I i.heu were ?eael. The nbj*dlaf the teeert<<* *00 It t tali* fbtrored g.eata aa oppi" i 0 '? to >a -rv. the t-,.?a I d :<?*? r*?, a p^growitnt of wb b the d. .Jir. b .1, a f?fter<uy, at tf ?lr we, an retooTed Ifwt t ?? ?? ? I * > ?? tyed aid eheeeed ?' a ? at | port ly b. ?.? f.e rriBOO WlthltN n ai.'y T;e ?< ? ?< V .. ,. .a woe prcaeot, i: ! M it tplie* woe hd?CHle.l M-oeti. rrorrow wh rnuig the i tat po'.y go to Meant V,ir j? r> it the catte* Hart <d Lai e,'opt leooce Mi? ioaa , : ti, r i?: ? *:ll t ) ?c- ni, f ,y lh? ,onj at h r a ? etpreao die re Mitheogb Friday te regale ? t?ra day, the groua!?, by i , -at the lot -oof the k-? i< at. m, w 1 be r.ri rret etelna,ro|? ' <r the royal ? i, ai d an other femua aiaitted 4*h? arrange flint. I *o 11,,? cln?irg of the J U. nt iib<e ,V day, hia raatrd aiach gramhl.ef ot. l diaaatiafastioo; ha.* 'f the .? u ef to# pr r-.\ aad aot the or oity of the c.*o"d, 1 t > id '???M l. -. i, the raeaeure It undoubtedly JnH. e re ret. fD't ?? Die party * I rlait Kort Maob.agtoa. ' Lpoy reaching the city \u Frjtdf fJU be the g.eot c( i *-*tng t<? the President's '"tJ : iid 4ine tner*, _ In the ever Mg, and leaving on Saturday momma ?*? j Richmond WarHlsoT wr, Oat 4. lSlW The dinner party at the President r ma' nt^ht , of by the English visitors m tbe highest term. Mr ? f chasm la a first rate ennveraattonist the rime ^ee in excellent sp'rtts and talked freely, and tbo w olo a:Ulr went oil dellgblioUy. Thie morning the earliest risers we? e 91r gol- | land end the President, the royal party, ho sever* nil breakfasted before n.oc o'clock,r j aa to have a f all day for eight seeing. Tbo public reception, fror twtive to one, greatly am need and impressed the P Hs bow ad to all who bad the gace to taluta hini, aa be stood en the right ot tbo I'reaident, who shoo* ^ bands aa usual with overbody. A handsome boy tor r yrara old,dr<as*t in compete Kighiaud garb, and k lineal debcecdant of Robert tbo Bruoe, attracted h.' d particular uolK>a Alter luncheon and more sight. ?"otng the Prince and his companion' , apeut an hour In the President's offloe, qutetiy tailtiir t over the oveuta of the day. By way of preparative for dinner the Prince played a gamo of ? fD p na in *?? gymnasium of a school for girls, whlthtr be went w\lh Miss Lane and Mrs. Secretary Thorn pr on. The dinner par** to day onmpriced some of the mast dwtr jgmebert ?? our foreign society. Mis* I-ane sat he 'w' en the Pre*.-snd the Bake of Newcastle. The Presl nt Lad on cither side Madame Gerolt and Madumo '? ' dldeU. / The evening party of Miss lane comprehends theefile of Washington. The tfcSe or beauty aud grace Is flowing into the rooms as I Cioec this despit ;h. OUR PHILADELPHIA COHRE8PONDKNCB. Pmutnuj'illA, O >t 4?4P M TKt Cra,ul Optra/ie Fnl.-rtainnmt in H?nor of tit: I'riwe tj IKctw?l\t HutK fur Stat*, dc. Tb- account published by the Hmaid to day, detailing the proposed arrsngcmcn ji connected with the entertain went of the Prince to ibii city, anticipated all of our couu try eliters, much to their chagrtu aud turpi tse. There an extensive demand for the paper by the public, aa many who had wished for light were entirely in the dark on the subject, and were seeking in vain for Information, and Uie committee, in fact the public generally, were be coming dtapieasod. and were disposed to regard the whole afla.r as wearing an unwonted air of rajstery The haa greatly enlighten;i them and icurot-jd the exilement. It abould have credit for lis generous aid to this provincial display. 1 have just been furnished with the following advertise menl of the arrangeir etita made for the grnod gala tight, which, from tbelr rrtecalve character, 1 am not disposed tocrod.l to the oomm.ttee, for that body is unusually "Slow'* In determining "how to do it," and 1 was forced to anticipate many of tbelr plans In my alter of yes terday. The arrangements, as advertised, seest to be ss oosnplele as It is possible to make tb on at the preaout, an 1 additions will b> made by Ur (irosr when oc raeion renders thtm necessary:? AMERlflN At'AltKMV OF MISIO. lusts asi> mniims'i italias oraRa. I.RAM) 1.A1.4 Ml. JIT is hosck or RAMOS ?(.MKr?, OS VIMUIJiT, OCT 10 IRSU, I'nerrihe eupervl'lon of rnr (<,a?iTTitr or arras..recur*. A\ h?i> lb* Mllowiur ? p.-ra'ic rutrrtjunn enl *11) be present. ?U in ?ccord*rc? alib t?e wUbeeof Haron Kenfrew, to whom the rrpfrloiie w?s autrn ited for se'eetbui, via ? IIA, IOW'r I.UASD Ol ISA MARTHA. / id the Ftrsi act nf v erdi'a Opera of 1,A TmATIaTA nut 5a?* or vicarru W .1 fiwrarnic, at lb* ' oa ohicn at the AcaJemy, Os t-airnuav. a- 10 A M. rki. 0> A IJll I. IKJIilililllL'T* In offer tbat I be u'mrm b'llllaaey may attend tbn orvaalon or Una "Uraa-* Hula terra Bight." tbn following trrufl meow *::i h? atricliy adhered to, and nompMiuioe wltb them if fr , ? ?lr,< ? ibr I'm loet'n. Parqnetl* Clrelee. the Fl??t and Freoni Ttera f Halooalr* and Hoita W'll on Ihia orcaal ,n be untied. and ait coirri.r.mtaie with ncl otb?r, and the entrance will be oo Broad itieet ooori! or tin run or ncarTA Ike ft 't place whore tckca ami reaerved aeata ran be Ob la! ed w II le at lie nine (4 tbn A,ademv. wbnre all lbs aeata. wl'b ike rimplnir of th<-?e aparially reierved by the I I remittee of A rr?na< irer.ta. will be diap> red cf to the publlj v i hii*it pr'terener n- etrtat 'lion . nr. i hii i: or apmimion n.?? *?t > rivr.n at man dollars. Tin IftA lillA Kdtt M tb tbe eircpllon oi Humbert three and 'our. wM?b hare been re*rved for Barou l.euirew and aultn. wlli be told at City dol nra etch. Tita *Al.R or TlCRr.TR. tbn aale of tloketa wi'l er mroenoe at tbn bo*fl8n of the Ara-l'iny. on Saturday, i'o-ol rr ? attar A. ? i-redeely, nad cootiuu* until all lb* ecata are dtar"w*tl of Opening duly at ten A >! and clfalwg atfoi.rP M n r r>n>irnre of >b- 1. -p* nnmbrr of arpltoaUoM for ? kila aa nlao to ptreludn fpocn'attrra. tbe r- mmlUnn barn dren <d U nermann to dtiiimiunUuu on Saturday no in ire Mum ? i licketa tbill bn dtap and of to any one applicant. Which ruie will be |,,a: liely adhered !o. Tilt Ki-nc, an irats tonrrryl etc a' inn n euut'li r tin* bolder to a re r leal . ill'."'i nor.- I > inn II,e nnm oar an1 .nation 11 lie ? |I. chilli ni -tbn nrraei ed by the h der ? 'riliiii -b untune w blob will entitle 111 < bolder I ,'.he name neat thrciul' 'in the ? iMilnt. the BdmuaiuU, a be iir a. I wnb .he ?! ket taker* at the dooia. THr I'lHtKI An arrp'e aiim'e- of Intel.. n' a l po'tte ti?h*r? have boon ? ir-f ?rec i . to noon "Itrra to their arala. they will be dai *i.i bed by akit- rowtt -a renairiM rn kriR. a ,? tied rnmoeroi |"r uner ?.lr Tu k?i?. av.dlable foe elih-'r I if ,Le Her . alii be mu.,1 at throe del art each. 11 r I Hi tar. Wltb the evrroil n of ib? I'rrae "to whom special Ueketa will be given . ? I, ,>n 'bn i tat,it bn entirely rttapended; no? ? any pen T be admitted wtthout a ticket on huy p retell. TH* I'litll ItOOWR. Aa it la IV t Vert'v t iperfrt that tbn ritatooi ,ry eo i infn of t ill evening drnaa will l? , ti-Tnal by all die vlaimra. tbn I ' .hit lie Acaiteat) al I tie brown open and placed In charr* cf fully qualltled attendarta. IMIMM One'ey'ic t atllna to tbn Anadnmy will art down heeding Bo b. and late tip bending north Ttir lKKika will a? orevrn on tb'a lewaatno at half f?at an or lock ibalf an hoar earlier than canali, and the pertn'maaee will commence at eiebt 0 c ock preriaely the pu'! are r? maied to eoeony U etr tea a tlltarn a.nntea be,ore the crnimt ucnaeul of tbe i er for uiaaca. cart or Tttk oi caa. 1 he rerfonaanre win commetiee prr inely at etgb' eVlock, at which time the Priace. wtib bit a<<a*tunel ptioctn! ty, wt " d "t tleta be pmeet t In bla rnttance be whl barn durtad In bat bes, bo 3 an,I the r'aad orrheetra wtli play ' tiod Pare the Queen ia a aalntatlon. Tbe r para i f ?ytsr1tn ?? u,,. aelrrtton of ble Ruya! F1 "ebcw, will tl en lie Riit-u a.u, tie lulioele* eaat, * 1. na I have ob talt.ed ncliulrtlj ? martua. Lady Heat tella Kite V tehoR Pall! b ik". Mir* Penny Matali ljoeel Menoe ttrt*- It P'.urbe' (Cndeetdrt ? Una' aI T'I rent i* and ''ordontnr of ? Martha ' ~ Mak Mare ?-* After V oiba ? atuftllow tbe n at act << La Tr.vuia," wnh tbe fo ion tag oaat ? Vlcletia. .. Madame P. illtte P i'r .n A I edo ... ... St*r >r Rnra .1 M o' al I ;rector and t'ueduelne of l a Traetata" dig Murto * t arl F rmea n ay poaalMy All thia r he racier. Tbut . rat. 1 entertainment will conclude he it wee cj-n tucii td, with 'viod Pare the Quea," to be eung ? o0 gnai iflit't by a I tho arttat-, a??i*le I by a foil cUorof, and a<v rr van ed by the orchektra. Among tbe dielUigutalied |o .aora invited to thte enter tali no i t are Mr .'amr* tiordoa lu tint tt and lady, and It ' i, tori tbe In vital i n baa b-ca .oor;>tel. Tbey will ptnaenlum box Mo 1 The Pre ,d- nt. Cabinet tod Ibplomalle Cory* Laee alta? r< cat.ted i.t nation* to attend, and Uty avail Lara been 1 aetvoi ft* their arcontmodMi it ib? re Una lu. t an Itr.menac demand from all qua'tre lor ae?te t-i any |>a t of the binitre. and fr "in >100 to 1300 I aa *. en if-ml frr the proacenluni botea But no lick eliTi, he eblt'titd iiotlllie ctuulug of tbe bin of tc 'it kaitfay, at tea o'eh < k A M Rere al tec treta thd<r?t:ng tbe furor* wblck thill oe i aa ? r tit.? ? ? urrt'l Itt day a el ??* for g.1 000 vae pd 'ed for li24 reaerrod heat* I an teraland th e order ' '? o ti " I * ?? a. alUmpt al efl -t It ? a? i f ronrre r< fbR?d M. T.f oor I r;n 1 ?l hotel proprietor* ravlred 4?. >l?lebe? f.,ni New York to day, eequea tpg them ft ?* O' " ale for their yoaaie. trbo will art. re la the city oa hi ? iav or luee.lay Toey wiil bv a-c imn ?iau>i, of Cpo'?e Tt- ivi're'a rmrtcr baa not yet ar'tred to oetecl the L> let al wbUb 1 i ftoyal 11 *tw.u will etay wbik m tte Tli rr.ttre atr -r'tneatt for hi? rcccrti'm etlll ocntr* en Ibi" ? |?rat! entertaiiiriert, and tbey :are by n mean* r. intploteci Tb ? comm Ilea baa i t ye>? been aMr to de r l? no p tb d'C rat v of tb" bicp If tbey da e.relo Oacredit to th<traclree and tbe elty, tbey wilt r joew tr. c'pet Ac in view of the greater altragltin wl leh tb e i it oa rf Mr w Vo k bar# In etorc Tbey htre tul every h i.ti_|ie rhotee e; ee.te tbe direction cf af fairv ai d all Ik b .mi-and lb* public will demand thai tbey j ay (or "hvlr ab.allc " OCR ( INVINN a i l CORRlxroXDRNCK. Cim wuAti i?o|>t 30,1*00. Drjvr f rf tk' Prut or fi m SI. /-t-u?A.'AitniJm n J May m the Hint*?A primly firU?Arrival at ?AhHf tkr Nimlf?f'orirjfatu and /It St-hit, Saulli and .Oreade?ft' G and B%U?the J utile* l/tai rtlle?lhe Pnnre ?/ Church, 4r , 4<. Tbsrrineeof Wsiea toJ party l?rt St l/tu\s at nine o'clock wi Frl 'sy ir.orr. rf Oa their way to (he wl erf a rrrj la'ga crowd fathered and repeal-dly cbeerel and li.rr?b<d. At Ike wtarf several thousand people h?1 collected, erae at that early hour, aad tt wm with ? >me uillieultr that a paaesga oould be opened to the ferry boat t pen the East 91 I/rut* fide ef the rleer *m an other crnwJ and mere enthusiasm Finally the train started, llafa war inf. bands play lag aad the people chorr tag Wheueelrre hoarse It bad been arranged that the Special Irala should ptm the reaular Uaia, which started two hours before, and res. h Clarissa!) about elfM o'clock. A few mhos from Vast St l/iu.r, bom peer, a >of frr.ght tram, which started ant lonf before the royal party, raa off the track, tearing up the rail* for aomo dlstaace. The idwai tra n <u thcretore delayed noai y three hoar* unui tjjjj * ?oinjiu. ' '???., ?."** "M r?p*'r?<j) and rearuc " ? ?_ re " C' cl< 'h't UJITIIU t!. A ?pcm?l oj ,r^or *iifc Llt lomruiDWt Jourucyfd wiib tne "* ain, au<J '^Qifdnujly u-W-gt Avhed mfo'iiiitiofl of it? dtl*> to *#t| iotm along ib*" route, ah *, tH tide* tbiB prcr^ttoL, a pilot etigiDo wan teal onto advance, ?uU Htf aoU Unu ru men were stationed *t tL.U*i ^ "* '*? x HOOCH nilJtCTt AMD A KILL ^formation in regard to the change In \>e IMmsO* programme ?u nut conveyed to <?>* people ?< .bo **>.? towns And villa*.* ?toB? '?,jU" * ",WV ,utl0T' crowd* turned out upon the arrival <1 the r<? .ilar truiu. After a lew of Ut**t p ithertbg* ?'?'* P**8*1 8 perception of an opportunity 'or * tell rtawred upon the mind of Mi acute Wt?terL?r The bra*. m?? were ui reded to reier the uikm inquirer* U? tbo rear car. A young man in a light oat. undertook to play the l'nr :>, and put bla heod out of thenar window, in apito ol in rule* of the railroad company, and a large wan, will Hareii g whisker*. wan transformed into the Duke or Sewcuetle by the application of aceoe to hi# alio" -i '.m and the command, "tilt up, Sir Puke, a I of a .ah evil ced a knowledge of the forth* and ceremonies incidfLt to the c.I'utlou or a duke wbtol ""'too*, male wil"mcn.ruhi.l custom*, ?bmotbey miv fl,.i unueraland and then imitate Ii my latin ntit S/n-USy aYmy pei.toUsm, I woo Id have oomnteo ,d tho abov?* i>a?ri|(rni>b, *? Kue*? did bU ?t*>ry, f "xne'^ae'r* htiog once arranged and rehear aed, it wa* repeated at every alaliob Tbe crowd# ea*orly ioquir..d, I "la Ihla the aicelel train? Which car in tne HnuceV' I "Hear car " sang out the colored hrakemar, rear oar echoed iDo passenger*; away ruabed the crowo; out popped It. hcnd, the cellar of the ehlio coal, r0(J 1 whiker* atone trrm ar.otbe- window; "three eh*'*'or | tte little Prince," and ax the crowd ?bou^ lb? tra.n I moved eft the dear ladiea aumm omng up their courage 1 and "nndrttdr.g their crtnollLe, ruabed forward, waved their handkerchief*, flu ig their ? jm-I. aahOuquHa, nod each imsgiu. d that tbe Price hart bowed to her *olely and niaular'y ' Even at 1IU e country atatlona, where the ar trains do not Hop regularly, aud whore J0' ? w** i no exoectation that the royal tram would even slow, la | die* and gentlemen were collected?aome on ?ome o I carna;;, r?to cheer tha Prince, aid every aberftho euthu . a.?t to rumed meat hrar .y and genial . . ? ! Tb>- street* ibrough wbicb the train r"**'1 i reach i g the dep. t weie lined with people, and bore aid there t>.?nlirti were lighted At the depot a treat crowd was coPrctfd, and, as all a opposed 1 ?be regular to be the apecial train, three hearty cheer* wire given aa it appeared in I Great disappointment was manifested "t?8lb"p^'l;'e ! found the?i#wee mistaken, and wereinformedbywni ten notices, posted about the hotel#, that the Prince would not arrive until two A. M Tbe cuoer. for ihe - Prince rbargid Pi hurrah for "Abe, Dog, B*?.k and "Bell;" and the c impanio* of Wide Awakui, *h'Ch had paraded under the falae pretence of escort ngttm Hon Somebody, or Nobody,to tbe depot, but re* ly to be st.n by the Piince, defiled mournfully towarog .he opfH* I art of the city, tbe crowo mn.i.rg ''' aorta ol j? kea alter the disappointed Ian tern J**'*'8- *r" rv Weatern man oonaldera It hiibounden duty to get aa many worda Into a minute aa be pomlbly "d qucnily avoid* long word*, aa if the. were 8b brot iat?* every word he can. "Hooray for Dug . c.l a fellow, eleTattag bla arm and tboviBg baua hi*.hat. "Bather ride in a flat boat than a dog-out. aaug out a Wide Awake ? You're a Wide Awak-- cau?e you fellow* ban t put no place to ?leep," rejolnded one of ?he P|H*? ger*. " Hooray for Abe 1" "He ain't ablel fell tuat Belli" " Why don't you Wide A wake* make some noise Are you somnambulists f" Amusing ^en^eVL.?n? way, the company left the depo., and, after lingering around the hoitl for aome nmo. diaappeared. na miei* vane urn* Metnwhlle the royal party, having onoe fairly etarted, proceeded on tbolr journey, without stoppage and wlthou accident Acmes Illlnol*, with its long reaches of level prai'ie, It* emillng field*, 1U neat lltUe I Of wetland, with log eabina plctureaquely placed here and there, the train shot rapidly through the bright *on , rime Arroea Indiana, with ill more rolling country, 1UI beaitiful little riveir, IU opening tt'C Md there into cleared l*nd?. the stump* ol*t trO*o *till dotting Ibe feitilc field*, it* large town* almoet reachlng.tbe r*uA i of cities, ila white river running placlcly betweeo ila h?h, nrren hanUa, and reflecting ui*m its sna HUli the flcrle* of tbe sucKt. Before tho conllnea of Ooio were reached the laet roll light bad faded fVom the *ky, and tbe pale mooo *bed her apiecdor. upon tbe ta-td edaoe. Then fame Otto, 1U fertile lowlauds running down to ihc riv.-r which binds together aa with a *IP verv b*Ld the level Ohio shore* and tbe bill* of old KeHeeky. rising lh?dowy tbr.High tbe oight mi*t. Ine train ilaiktred lis speed as It seared Cincinnati, and the rev al parly began to oong'atulate themselves upon ih' r' mpletloti of Ihelr long journey, which would bare oeeu m<Dolorous but for the .vor varying and devtralflod scenery A* the train hurried by every alatiou, without tlsckrning It' sp*'?' the few iwrron* whu remained on 0 A leckr u' Cheered the Prinos. and the long l!u. s of flag and lantern inm HationeU along the route male the pro Lite* A cotliuofd ovatri?. > KOM V O^TO 1AHT It vkss wcil arr*ofcd tbat th? FfiiM* fchoui<i travel through tbe cm .try from the Weal to the Kv-t n*?ing nr.weeded a? far Wert ?* time would t^rmit, and iludiug ibat. ur clvlltratbin ?till alteichei before him. he turns*e teward* tae Kurt, aud trAce*, aa It were, our ir.rr.e* a d d< velorrm.-it. tbroogb It* va-to .* ?Ugrs, r.i. it< Ineeptk n to It* eon.; it'll n Tbia la tbe ueual t. nie of tour ?i* rerer?e.i, Ai J, we think, for the better. The wide p-alr.', the log c* ? n?. tb ha f dCArsd l?n ia. th-Clutter O i.ti'v tillages.the more fortilc and hotter t tau-d C the :? rr?r ii ?? *. pats one by on* him Then come the mar.ufa t. rri at Orwt limited uuJ singular, theu the tilkA an then, last **d greatest .' *11, . ur metropolis. It a* if the , orty ha 1 w tn. ?*. d ov. r gain the gr.i'ral rite ot our coutrtry, tracing through , very sUge the m.dlvee and the ra-a ? of our develop ment and tbek mnotnee uj n the manners and cuat m* 11 our tecple In Ibe far Weal they srw newly arrive t in.>ranti . wrr*t,og arulw aUne by bard Ub.?r. i i?t aa . the rr.i.migrant*did y*e*.- ago, and as tbry aiprotch New T irk tb. y find emigrant# r ch, indepeud.-ul, alter t ear* ot lab. r, which would ha.? prodaoe-1 to per I cent.ble .laLgc ta their fortune* at home. la . BO pcttible V y could the PHtce have been . b.tUT enabled to study our drvclopemrnt tfc m ,cc tbe trl'iieree of our gnernment op in the people, in elty tcwi. ai d country, and to I tit a c >i rcct Mc* ol I ice power, reseufce*. importance, enterprise and taturc | griati.tts cl tb* t'nlt'd State*. aawivai tv nvrrvvATi The rryal Ira n .hot awiftiy bv the rafts aal flatb^al* wl.i h the ahore of the C to, p*sse>l tbe sn;.. de.: It.g boi nr.* 1 .ihtel tn hrn<>r of tb ? 1'r . e. an ! catered tbe dep. t, where but lew perion* were c il. ckd. Wilh f t tb" Pro re and h r pa'ty ei ?.ered tbeir carriag.e ar.d drore i?| IJIy to the B rmIt II'U*e, wUere ?plendid ro< n s hn! h.?n rtscrved for them New* of the Prince * *r rival huv eg be?n ctrcwlatc.t, a crowd of about two hun .'red p"r* us nssrmbled at the hotel and cheered him as he approasbed, and ahmt tbe same n mbcr collected Ins. 'u to Me iom |*se up the stairs. To avoid tbe rush the royal pwrtj went op the lark auirway, am'quietly t. ik |v'-s<n of tbe r #i artmenU. rhe orow l .?".eerod sr . eh.ered, ?i*tn!b. d the 'ew paraels of royal baggage wl Kb w. re brought m. ai.d foll. wed the Priooob. tervaoia ab."11 the I. tel. Ins; < cttng toetn aa If they bat been grrat curiotitir*. Ihouer was uried unmi-dialely,aud t.s.n H lcr tha i nuce retired. aOVCinWTK T<1 PAT At ten o'clock jronterdef nu n log the Mayer, R M ?Jiihop, M.| , caller up n tb-Prlace and h unt him at ill fail iu n|i, oabauatcd by fatguc Tii- Prince meet eee Pi rhoputla, boKCTtr, and to ha wis retired up, ale break r*M ?bd v a? r?adj H t art al tlerto o'clock Th' sr.nad about I' - total vai 'n.mcorc, ai 1 the cheering wai ?cat rnttuaia lie. The Prince wai ii-"eetd in bit ordlnaiy gray Jamie, bi ie mat and al. tc bat. ai > !>? I, ar the pe.,| i-dec lan-d, dee ded';-re 1y. KaWently ha la rartrTiri: bta coup i!r lotLetU for Near York,for all tb? i, w el'ibao punbautl for I tn at Hamilton bare ra tralixil tihuitrt thut far th" throng up ?n both lidcg of tl.f nut at m? ru..'d prf>rl o-dar, but a rabbla of b-ya atd ??? ran after lb- carriage, el.rnbed uj"h tba back a.d ?ha !r. and, foiled to rhakteg ibc . Priuoe'a band, (retried upon lakrnf hold of bia kntao TI.e tarty a are dr van through the pt Inc.pel ilr..u ci l'- > tj and i:.. n Tinted I bo < ..or o.a I < rtl a Kbtra bogr arc billed and packad. and when tba t? e mi. ? -f r 1. ,'i'art a*rp?re< ?! 11. i.umber, etretig h and variety An ctHirt?fbrtaeetbly una ioct?n fu ?war trio'i in It Ig.-i the parly to luipect ore ' throe rataMttirxr.ta It- Prltre ?aa tben taken to lb* little t a,, %>|..-re t.e ?aa drlti-n lbr-.i|b IhJ groukiia if Mr R. B <tr, a very aealtny jri-ati icnltn Ciati. at Kl-ee reel-on. e t re party wett after* ar la re fa'ed * tb aa elegant 1 uch A gr-*t number ?f people tea rolpctrd it, the -raket aqnai- to tee the ITtjee waco be rt.ovii4 lit- ' t the . nh'.nittoi of a'?am hre-agioer. buttle |?i jrt rie-* at fn-m tb-tr drive, and Jjad drilnb.- a >? " r 'bar f > leant co. art, efttr Ineir ?ry rit, at't lo.. a, aad ro ihe apectai-rt were din a| |- it ltd 'r* rmrr ivructg Mil. W. rr- *, |if< i-let r aad ma. agrr of tbe Opera Houro ha re, cwier.i-f IMC MP worth of real i?tate,l>?a!d?emany p-a?,i Ik-ti.t dart. ? t, aula great man generally?.he "In at of fcllo*' beeldct?nrgnnUcd a nvvplton ball laat cTitiiig. an' the I'riuo* contented to nt tiud. Wittcre t. 'kn won't let the I'r.naa drop btn h'gtrai tit'- They lariat uprc eadiag 'hint Pitt re i f tfaVr Th.' teKepa;.cr? diatribe him aa tbe l*rt?ce of ttnira. and the ttek-ia read. 'Yt i are lovltcl to i?trr.i1 the r?? (dim of lue Loyal li throwe tbe Priaee ef Wall " The.r a e-ned to t- a;.me doubt about tbe Pin ii '? prrantc at the rocepti o, and the ticket* did not rill very fart Tt people g-Lf rally had mire fhlth, h' werrr and f ukn about the hotel and Opera If >ur? In gnat icipbrrr, cheering art ah itirg In tbe bet of bun., r 11.c ii. ra II-?<??.? (r rrrc l?r?e ard rerr hand i r rlv f r rat- ' , r i-.g to rai k equally with the New York Aia.'rn y of t? a o lent t. dil the pa-quette wai fin.rrd over, the Hag- -p-t It) the wall ana eel with one id tlii<*e recti a i-i-rei rt'tig an I r* -pre p rap-ctlre e* gaudy udutntn; and flower |>"l*. e.l'. branliful nalrra ! u." ? u'a-ig.d aornee the front of the ntage. Be frre the I'm -? arr ret the eoouainy, runtherlng alH'tt a lb, uaai d (tbe la> l*e proat richly driToed), had arri mbled ai i taken mat* In the dreer clrc'e. A about outride, a-hi rr. and a burat of d.rappntet-d laughter, grrtK.I eaih rair.-ire an It drove tip, and, eke the bad lltt> boy in tbe rtore, tue crowd cvPetateo iiw f by thrr* fulte alarmr, and nardly nccgr f 4 tbe I' It ? wl p. at Pa o'cl ?h, be arrtred. Tr Itttce ard h'r party reee all drcteed tn foil errning (iri mc, blark paitr. r a't and Telle, and wore tbonc trntr ?f ormp'rjioa. ?h!t? reckeintbr I'poo tbelr ar riva? the pnrty nerr cetdtrr-d to tbe Oourt ro: m, and the llat rf icrtncrn reieetcd lor the Prince wen an jmltted t-h'tp Th* ttrwn-ill then cordncted the gncntr to one rf the prlTnte botrr. and nler a brief lra[*ctlon of Ihe roan dual, nevrrnl torficn Uking. meanwhile, aa old fait, eel prcm radc the %t l rt-nc'. op PtraiMm' rr." an t Ik# Price# opened tbe ball with Mrn. I'lhr, the wife of the gmrr of the ball The honor of tlrtt t g Sr't with the 1 r'tce war, of eourne, soncedcd to Mr* P . ai d tbe ether ladim who were the nobarquenl I artnern < I he Righnere are re rejected by the committee. inn brmtna urAiaiu* The Brat nuaitrille tatr danced upon the euge, only one ut appear teg upon the pnrquettc. Anything more c.ld, torn.*! tod fuinf*'1 not well be imagined. Tbo vauoer*, oraton"";, . fl?ur*? were not e?IW f' ? ' -t M ^ A '".....igbiha torn Vil ??K?u!<'.y ^ r,(uce append in 'i??kward what ? J(, *nti Die, v, watch ". A grow* lit PrlMt1! Hi vameDta, Wld te.llou* HI**''0 I y?V, ?. >"*' ,\l V* ?*?. ? Ur UuiftAu J. and ?** , ibe Tvttoemarled b'?!* tWB,.,n|M uw thumbs h'-'P I HP1KI wwrf mat ibaa ' ID (1U0W?llBMI?,fiflW

sr'L-*^: - -i" ?* ta? ^ cr'm" _. ?.r,.? w?a performed upon the paiquctte, Mm oT-sf.:ss^&s"r?%ir?:s .f fi ... m C , oetag the Prince a pa u , ( Mmved the ^uTitUieV^r..n^;ibim tamei-eiy, and m-emcd lo uiiguuh bun eompU'Ui. . ? ,_, waH inirod'i^l 1?" <lui"lr1"? *>** fXJkVv ? *??". bat Una Hilton ? mi Mim '?yi"?. ?< ? ? ; ' t j lauc?. momoiM many Kh we. UM P"* ?* . l'u Lf ../.mad o.irc >am m ,.;. ,H* himwdf *em*wbnl, but null w ni,?i ' w.,h .he vehemence with wbKQ .uo ^^"^ Uo piir a.. w""^ ?U"-" ^ ;;DmV. ^ woo ?? vcyuee'irou. to dauoo wiib .be "in 'lie next quadrille ?i> %m. ricae oouple fcfejb SMSS*fiSSE-K e \\zr? 7?tertr. rrrys^ ?\ , r-i oid nol ,rfe the bint, out nfiW ward* IT. ?i.?. hm lartner aud plac. d nnnaelf airecily lo 'm" d^rcVn oi,^, who ob.iged to rattre. roe |?t dAli-r-tfie Uu:irrn-tbe Pnuoe danced W'* * ?? Ki^imi aid ibo r.*i,ing of Ugurti ??? omitted. fljmiiiho bad b^n mluw-d .OP. lb.: ,?rl> by ibl. iti' l riocc ?od tbe c*>u>piU'y gmer?lly Mtni'd to J J Ihe kfTa r Mgbly. Ttorr no iuppor, Uowever, bud *V b?if pan ekvt d Ibe J-r.uc? bud lotto left, cheerot by ihe CT?*iu gvlbtr ige recopliro, U?on*b not ?SMtlj b t ixxw, muft r-i.vth rs but a Jul ur?. Toe tee must be brolctn ? her* i end ite Trio o inu?t ba*? tbe co?i b ito of a oT ">i? ri? i ce Ho had it tore. *no of coa.??i t .? not to n jojuble bi be Pbrhopjlibub migol bavo w atod. Hi ? ill br '.U belter (|ilriw b> and uye. *"a,.*r' . t'l tic Do .tor at tbe giebt Now t jK Oall lor .hi* ltl inn rmsrb At nicRCH ! Thi? mom re tbe Prince bliende i onurch in ft John. ? Catnrdral, the venerable Biabop hv lKh \oirv d<uir. Til? cuurcu *? ?u 1 Oiled but ret crowded, uo perbonb being ndinilied but ?a a ,'imneri ?rd tbeir Ir'tend. There w? no unu. ?U dt. U> of cun-tity, except b little ? men, 'lA,l r emed an \iou?ly eipeciiog rom. #V.a? naet nf lh? ClPrKV. U)d lOOI? Twli ^ DM vO VD? Since buTnote garni except ma the anui?*r *bo,read ! '',n.rrtod the wore*, " bno tbe Uoeeu of Urcat Britain," biter tbe " Prtoiuobl of the 10 tbe lorntbl btd bobutiiul auppncatlon for thobo in i 3-^7 s sr.:r? rw";.r%:"^s, ? ?7.VXK.~Tir^ K',.u?upw w nc jri.wnUii ill, ipu*?, ?'.''O? s^.'siaSew-j-Tt ctap?r ^ .."fA *ihwn"oo ii.?u cuid ouojW, ot ?M n? jBJsss^SnsirasirA'SS p.bcr and fblmi In their band- ',7totb noire raying, SWvaiiou to our trod which *1 torn upon "nerfw?;'SuffSK in tbe text or the torrnon ?tort d*"? y or iudirect'y. o uld be to apply to Tal o ine? w to sivr any indication of Banop Hell ^ P-. that bo eaa prcbCbing to the Slrce of Wale* Tte teriton w?l bnaobt ?'dlD*7 !7i ?r ro sen!ral iDtertM, and would not be rend i ?m? to a report although impci*n,ve enough in the I Birbnp'* etc delivery. He con* dered flr*t the mul mud. thin Ibe ngt licanee d tho.r "J | .,?t aim lb, I. the typical meaning of the palm aad wbito robe*, c 1 re. m| ? ?"> r^^^.'wno ahaTi^not bS lleaven lb - rerir, n conduded, -Who ?hall not be rh7r!' Who .ball have lor their inheritance eternal Jo exnreMibie wot Whoehailsay -the barve*t 1* passed. ihe rummer i* iniitd, and we are Dot naved, bnt lo*t ^The'congrreation waited patiently for Ibe Prince to leave the ... rib before they crowded the aiale*. but aila ran i en una! of backward and forward on ih, | ,ii i! i-'hera ibe Prince and hi* .Pbrty^fbook harm Will, li e eete,able Biihop and wilburaw by t?e ; "n,'i^er'Mr. r?? -e. of Portland, ban been nrrangtog U?e j driai r ,'i the Prtnce'* vl*lt to tnat c.llv with the Huke of ?> Ti.e I'rli.oe l* to remain but one day, a oele brat . .1 j to te g.ven, and tbe ihlp* arc to Mlt imrno "'Vo night Hi' royal party attend Chri.t church, and o u. now leave at rcv. o A M for Ptttoburg. The Af.nolt ? P?n ?' ,h* (.ladlaior mt Blew Oe ?????? The New Orleau* paper* of Sunday give the pti rulart c,.b-err,ing tbe awaqlt npoe OapUIn HlaCk i. y ol th" Britwb .teamer eila iiator, in that city, on aa came to the cite ye?t*fd?y mcrning. and went, in com r.n, w lh ?r V* acting Br.t^b Oowo k ro of Mr Wure. lo nre Mayor Munroe aheet making y rante?e?t* for the trw.frr of the rick men on board the Gladtal r Trim tbe v. aael to tbe b~p1taj _ . V irr arranging matlera with tbe M?yor,Oaptalo Hlnck^ lev ami Mr I uetman walked down St C'barlaa etreet. aud itor$ *1 .he St Cbarlr- Hotel bar na-m to Ukj"'^ retrrrl ra^nt There were eoaae gentumea la the room at the t mo. fr mdi of tbe late tleneral Walker and hi. men Tboy had b,ec converting about a atatoment emde tl,U tbe met brought her. by Ihe Glauiator hto rot met ?mb proper treatment on board *o. e haymg. left aevrnty two boaf wttfcott any food. Wi lhta yeonrt had greatly excited and incenned ibeir feello*.. *? Uai^ Bleckley and Mr K.atman of there gentlem.n came np (or were alnraiy at the bar, we k? ow not which); ?E*?*dUM? frirnda rame up. and one of tbem rwa-ead w h>m "Have vou aeen any of tbear BrltlahewT Tbe 'gentwman rcplM, '?7' Uto tberewpon alruck tlapt. Fllneileyta the face Mr. Sa*l man nibmg in between ibem. received alto a btow_ *a the file of rhe bead I'aople thee r;.mc running ln from all direct una, and < *pt. Hloeato. and Me treated oat of tbe bar roonrr Tbe naMIWW | ^r;r:.r.rrs W been mobbed, a rumor tbat waa current abmt me rtrri te fhr a long I'tna alter. lunrrmntlng o^ , rvxm^r 1 sss&v -,<? zrzzzzh::: cpiree. d ^ dwt of o* ir.m?iidrf? ^ Brtiuh of the haughty .ad pr-"-^ ^ ?utborittee in Oalral Anatrl. _w* to** ~ r w Jle!'???j "si'TSTiTKiTu .K moet cruel tratment wbue 'toy cnutam ex raged prieopere. we tbiak tto aaaanit op?n without palliation or ja*tlOcatioa. Coroatr'i laqaciu. Fifil A< ?Jamea Fulton, a natter of Rcrtland, ?gad 32 7tare, died at lha New York Iloepllal oo Wedaee. d?y, ftcm th? cfKcU of lajurlcn acc> lentaliy reo?lrnd on lliC 3d ult , at rort Richmond, Stolen Ulan I, by beltg errefced In a brick making marblna. Cj-uoer itchl'mer held an Icqucel up?n the body, when the Jury re*loreJ a T'rdlct of "Accidental dralh." I be ratr.c omncr alai held an mqucet at B- loToa II * |> lal, upon Uii body of John MfGuire, a lad ab ut 6 yaara old, who died frnm'ibe ifftM of iniartea received hy h . tog run oeer by a dirt carl at tbe comer if Fifteenth Itrett and TblrJ avenue I veer red ? par i i? rraije at 1M Fart Fourteeitb street Tha nam* of the driver oould tot be ascertained. \c diet la accordance with the abort facta. Fore* Pnowirtn ? Orrooer Rchtrmer h< Id an Inqieet at f Itr No 20 East rlrrr, upon the bidy of an inknown man, about forty yea a cf age,apparently ,n ,r,(h laborer, wbo waa loond dro?rcd yeattrday. Drcmaad waa Ova feet rlevrn Inche* in heighth, bal brown hair and nandy whisker* He waa drcrsed la a eon we ?-oilen sh'rt. brown Teat and blue oTeral'f. Tbe body, whleb appea-.d to hare bm n In the water about two wecka, ?a* neat to tbe dead hnuae at Belle roe II. epltal for idealiboat.on. Natal latrlllgrnrr, Advlrrtfbooi the African squadron to Anrnst Share been rrceierd by the arrlvt) or the elare rhlp Krle Tbe rlcop I*oriamouth wee on her wey to l/mndo Tbe Simp ler had gout lo the gold onaet. the Myetlc, I ii-utt rai l l,?ri.y, waa at St Paul, and alao tbe Onnatel tntl-n, flag ship Tbe Mohican waa on her return from a r?u?e to the gold rmaat when ate captured tbe Cm. I ieu tenant Oar land and I aeaed Midshipman Bake bate been invalided (r m the fleet. Tint Slavi or H?n Own Son ?The followlrg memorandum In aupplled to tbe Ceweua . (lire by Mr. Moreno, who took the ori aua ?f n portion of Florida ? among tbe eUtre In habitants enumerated I hare fourd butane In my dietrlct wb' ee age e*e< e?le 100 yeare Thw pnrwon la a negreea raw ? d fVrarlla leal la Che Infbrme me that ahe la 128 yeare of *M?. She waa born le tbe Stale of Georgia, at a place cal'ed Filter Pluff bite a distinct recollection of the war cf Ibe Reeolntka, and remember* tbe nlege of An sae oah la 17711, when thai city waa taken by tha BrttM) Thle wrmao. allhergh to far adraaoed la year*, |g rc maikah'r healthy and atrong. nod walk* half a mile rrgn'arly every Sunday to attend nhurrb flba la tha Hare of bar own aoa, who M o free oagro Kltfimb Aunlv?r??*T o* A**rteM ?Jtuic bKCOND DAY. Tbe eleventh anniversary of tbe American Bible Irtwn woe rrrumed y trurcay In the lecture room or tbe Bap tist rhu'Ch, tfr 'fine street. Tbe proceedings wore open ed by prtvir a?d eipfiig Addresses wtre siro deliver-^ by sen rsl rev-rend j-' tlemen of tbe del--'?tc:;^ fr(jm Clffi Ml I ?la:es, It Till as '.hose of S'aw York At toe i cli-olt the delegates end r,ffl-ier? of t^e Union ?set in the 'bore!., where a large audti net-be* assembled, a considerable pcrtioo of which were lb'i ladies of tbe female Btblo Society. Representatives often Evaogelt cal dieomlnitiona were also present, and who took part In the prncerdlngt of the dav. llov. Dr. ArmiUgo, Moderator presided. Tbe mmutts ef tbe previ as day were read by the Rev. C. A Buck bee, Record .ng -acrr-tary. and unantcnoiisly adopted. Tbe fallowing ;eports were r.?xt road and adoptef ? A rejiorl on tne i'pirtlta to Timothy and tbe Siamese Scriptures , A rep Tt or a pUn for circulating the rtvised English S*r | turtft sun g the |?? r was read by Rev Dr. Clapp, wbo rj>ck? in 'ator of tb<- detail* mid dowo A i iscusaion ensufd. and tbe pro-race of tbe reports, so far as it dim n. nutcu Ui cIhsm to tie reached by tbe term '?poor," w u* 11 i.Tdeo ho ss to make it read, "For tbe dt>triholx I. of the rivii. d Scriptures " The speakers on tin occ.ii it u were unarunoua in ihe opinion that the poor Lid rich should be one n the estimation of the Bible Ci'tm, ?ln so great dmire to follow tbe example, and by gisi-e to hi rowplith ttie will of Christ, wbo was no re sju el or ot per mils. lbe following preamble and rcso'uliotis were incorpi rat-d with 11* nport ? Wl ens* it was atuouoced by our beloved Saviour, as a charat-tci i'ltc uf His oi*proration, tbal tne Uoepel is pri acbi n to the poor, and this (ewpel is contaioed la tbe ssrrid -ci ipturis, wbicb ought to be eommuulualed in tbeir purity , therefore Ketone:, !b?t ibis I'niou approves an <llort to make permanent yr? visioj for cue dating tbe revised Engll-h vi men i' the*: ami that fir this ptirpwe we shall endravi r to raire a fund of one hundred thousand doilarr, to to- penoai ? nt ) invested?tbe interest only to be used, ami this interest to he emptied solely in tbo gratuitous i trcuialinp ot tbe Euglisb Scriptures ater tbey shall ha?e passe 1 tbe Einsl Committee. Resolved, that the folio wing conditions respecting tbe fund he strictly observed:? 1 That the ordinary proceedings and receipts of the American tlible Union be not Interfered with In raising tbe font. 2 Tbat s special account be opened for it, and that It be kept separate from all other fund*. - fb, 3 fhat all expenses connected with its ooUectloa be charged to It. 4 That a special report of Its condition be made to tbe Board <(uai teily, and an annual report be made to the linen at each tnniveraary. 6 Tbat tbe plans for securing tbe subecrlptlons for this fond be retirrrd to tbe officers at tbe rooms, In connec tion with a special agent, wbo may be employed by tbe Honrs U> raise tbe fund. The committee who prepared tbe report proposed tbat at least one quarter ir not me-ball, of tbe funds be raised from the propie on tbo basis of SI shares. Mr. 1 niLurx moved the following in addition:? Resolved, Tbat tbe subscription to tbe fund for the free distilbution of the revised Scriptures be made In aucb a way that tbe subscriber may pay tbe interest annually, or ? mi annaally, for Ave years, tbe principal to be ro ceivabie?credl'ed t> tbe subscriber for the purpose of tarn subscription?at any time snort ot Ave yeais, as the ability dr cmvetiienoe of the subscriber may require, with security that tbe full amount of subscription be paid Within Ave )est? Mr. Pmuurt also proposed to take two hundred share., end to give securities for the amount, the Increase of which should also be given to tbe fund. Tbe ree dnilon was unanimously adopted, and the pub lication of Ihe report ordered Kev. Dr Hodc.r read a report from the Committee cm English Scriptures, which warmly cmgraulated tbe Union on ihe succesa which bad attended tbe labors of tha Union on tbat Cepa' Unset Tbe report uas adopted Tbe of tbe Commit ce en tbe Eplatle to Philemon was also read, and action up<n It postponed. At nee o'clock the meeting au'ourned for an hour, aad an Invitation fiom tbe elderaof tbo charch tbe audience repaired to the lecture roc in, where a liberal luncheon wns prepared for tbem, and to which they were waited upon in tbe meet attentive and kindly manner by the several ladles of the Auxiliary Bible Society. AFTERNOON cnSIOK. At tbe reopen lag of the session. Rev. E. Axdriw*, of Pennsy Ivnnla, read n schction of Scripture, tier wblch prayer wax offered up by the Rev. B. C. Townsend. The consli'eratIon of the report of the Committee on the Epistle to Philemon was resumed Rev. W. S. Hsu, of Now York, spoke on the eubject of the report, from the reeow men da t ion or which he die set ted. On motion of Rev. Dr. Maxsow, tbe report wax recom mitted. The report of the Ocmmlttee on the Appendix to Mat thew was or xt taken up, considered and adopted. Rev. Mr Yixton, a young nusaiuoary to Burinoh, then adfrrrwd lie meeting eloquently and impressively, ed vc eating the claims or tne Burmese missionaries and in Uvea to ihe consideration of tbe Union. lir t-iisioxRO thee moved the following? ^Ren Iveo. Tbal a copy ofjall our Incipient revisions, and the Ur al revisions when completed, be pr< sen lei ti bro ther Vinton. Tbe revolution wis orsnlmcosly adopted. Tl.c rijiort en tbe Karen Scriptures was next read, and after an address by tbe Rer. J. 8 Dougliss, miisiocary from Burmab, adopted flie (cmniittee on the Epistle to Pbllemcn br ight up their "JTr', which was read sad adopted Tbe 8n. (isoBox R Buas, D. D. ,of Louiaburg Unlver- i ?lty. tben prccsedad to?adiese the meeting On motion. Rev. l>r Maxion was appointed Vice Preel dent of ihe 1 ulon Reports on legacies an? obituaries were reed and ap r.f. The follow tug resolution wit then adopted ? Rrsolved, That wo hail with the m<wt devout gratitude to Almighty tied the groilng interest manifest In glvlag the surd oi Uod, faithfully translated, to all tne nation* ol tbe isrth. At ihe evening se?rlon the following reco'.utloa was sab ot ii- d and Lisuimously adopled:? R< solved, That the thanks of the American B.ble Cnlon are in stcerdally kndtred to the lad Its of tbia church and r -rrrvgatlon, to brother 8y I reaver Pier, and tbe friends ,n ibis city and vicinity who hare so kindly and generously prov' ed for tbo entertainment and comfort of the tm ml era and delegiles attending the annlveraary, to tbe First Baptist church for the use of their bouse of wor ship. aid to the reporters and conductors of th? various New Yoik dally papers .'or tbeir fatthfal report! of our ain .versary pr? ceed :i g*. Addresses were then mads by several gentlemen which, occupied tbe remainder of Ihe weeing up to tbe hour of adjournment The I'roredtngr wtreckwd by n short valedictory ad dress by tie Miderator, Rev. Dr Aanrraoe, and a/ierfa prayer the laien adjouned tint dit Court of Ojrcr and Ttrmlatr. Before Baa Judge Ingrahnm. 0<t 4 ?The Grand Jury found rinr bill* of indictment, am regal which wan a aeoend u. I let men I Uarles Deylta for alleged forgery. The I .alt let Attorney ttatrd that he believed a motion would be made to quaah the Indl dmcot found agaloat Mr. IWelia, upon the ground* that anae objection* wore made to the fnrmittinn of the preernt (irtud Jury; be would wiabthedeleniiant'arounarl Ion ate what tueobjec Itooe were. II they were fatal, he woaM adjourn the pro ret.I Grand Jury, aa there would be to uar for them to rtmaia In rrrri?n Conner 1 for Mr. Iwvlln mid be wna rendy to go on with the argummt. Judge Irpraharr?If there la any objection In the Grand Jnry It le urp rlvni that the mall, r *b<< lid he armed now. ( nutBel re .died that tbe-e waa aa objection to fornaa Hoc of the Gracd Jury, and that be bad a daetelnn uf tba late Judge Root to ahow that on noe of their potnta tbey were ? rrtct The rtatrlct Attorney arked the gentleman to ftate hit pclnta or pontpore tbe argument uct'l Saturday. Mr Davlta'a oouarel replied that they bat already brer bro fbt to the court on two cc-antone, and tf tbey attetded on a itiid it ebould bo under* toud that the argumei t tb' uld proceed the I'-strht Atturoey aald he waa rendy now, and a* ltd the gcni't man to brirg the matter on Judge Icgraham raid tint be could not then hear U?? m?th a He tad dwrbarged bla Jury for the p irp ee of t Wp.eleg of the race tow before him (the netl.emcatof defect ant'f Sadlrga In the Sebuyler frnodt). Hi reply I" the Ihftrfot Attorney, rotmarl for Mr Dev lin natid hit f tnt? Tbnl the ntatutorr ont'es of at* t'aje wet not given of the drawing of the Grand Jury the notice waa punlnbed ft r the lJth of September for the drawt'g to take place, but toftend of that tbe panel aa* draan on the 17th, therefore there wm no drawing of the panel la puraoacoa t f that notice; and for the pur I even of i he prmert aaaa It waa to ha treated an a draw teg without aay prevloua netlto. Omnael bereeludan opinion of Judge Kert'a hearing upon thta fubieot ilia Honor would perceive that the ?i.itute la cot only very i ip'iclt bi t wae e?c>e.tir?ly rigomut and pnaertptive la It* laryage I', ureol Mm coo leaded that the Beet ion of the atatute rerjwet eg tbe draw og of a i.rand Jory waa rctireiy (frrrgardril Alter rrn.e furtbr r diacottl-m the argument waa pott per r it to Mrn'ay werk The Grand Jury came Into Court with bltla of mdlct tent In tbe fo'li a -t.g canoe ? lb# | vf. Frat r. H.fTmui, for the murder of Held rtnh Beery Mhoonmack er. Tbr rate va. the fame, for killing Hannah Schoon er arkee The rawe ve. CTiarlcf Manhattan an l Than. Plnvln, for killlrg Rlchnrdfon t.ray. The f.ime va. Maitio Ballegnc, for the murder of Mary Balhgaa. Brook lym tliy New*. Win A waa I aen Tabobt Coaranv Row ? Aa one of the Williamaborg Wide Awake clube waa on iu way to join the New York proc<wton on Wedneeday aventag. a arget compear, called tba Gallagher Guarda. came into collWIon with It, when the member* of the target aom paoy ard the Wide Awaken, in the atruggte foe tbe right of way, came to bigh wotoa and thenea to blown The target men clubbed tbetr mnuketa and the Wide Awaaen naed their atavee. which were rattled about tbe |?ton nf both tartiea of belttgrrenu to aome pcrpone. caoalag a number of broken brada on both aldea. A targe body of police appeared oe ibe grout d ard put aa und to the af nay before aay aeriooc mia< htaf had bean done. An' Corn*.?Tbe orwrna taker baa found near Greenerule, S. C., a very agrd ample, who are, perbapa, the O'deut married couple to be found in that Stole Mr. Jeaae Trtmmell U net down at 10d and hta wife at 1M yearn They nm both m tbe m Joyment of good health, aad bid flair to lire among their children and frieoda for many dnya to cmm. THE JAPANESE BILL. m B**rt ?* Commellime** * i BILL C4L11U TOR -? Wams Or MBBsKs. ?- - ?T n*. rrvdtNir? KITi -ANT, 8HAW AMD FINCM*" 1'ne U^rdsset, ftlt crenlng, President Jones In th<v *^r" ^"Njhutesofttae previous meeting were rend and approved, Mr. c. C. Fucm, oOered tke follow ing resolution:? Resolved, That the special Committee on the Reception Of the Japanese Embassy be, and are hereby, directed to present to this Board, at their next meeting, a detailed statement of the expenses Incurred by said committee. Mr Fmcnsv, in morlog the adoption of the resolution ?aid ?This committee performed their datlee and shipped the Embassy some three months since. When the paper came before us, making an additional appropriation, ti was generally understood that the committee would pre sent a detailed statement shortly; bnt we have had no Items furnished us except those furnished through the pub lic press, and 1 doubt not but they are incorrect?U any rate they are not sufilcltnlly del tiled to give me ao idea of the justice of the claim. There is $8 000 for carriage hire; but I cannot discover from tne statements In the papers shelher the members rode at the expense of tbe committee, or whether It was nolely on account of tbe Reception Committee or on the part of the Japanese commission. I thlnx the time has been sufflc lent for that committee, the auditing committee and the general eowmittee to prepare a full statement of all their exaen dilurca and submit It to this Board. We wero told by one of tbe members of the sub oommtttee iu this Board that the coamntUe ?ero ready to lac* tbo music. It alrikts me that now Is tne time, if ever, that they should face the music. I hope the r>solution will be adopted. CouLc.lman Silaw moved to amend tne resolution by strUing ?ut tbe words "tbe next meeting," and also to strike out the word '?directed," and insert tbo word "re quested ." CiuDRiltnan Txmt trusted that the amendment would not prevail He was glad Mr. Ptackney saw fit to oiler the resolution now betore tbe B<ard lor its action. At the only uieetiug of tbe sub committee b dd since tho departure or the Japanese Embassy, the bills were pre eei ted, and, though no vote was taken on the subject, it wis generally uncerstool that tbe bills would be pre ecnud to tbe Board at tts next meeting. Mr. L. pro cei ded to say that some of the bills were just, and ought to be paid, while others were capable of being materially nduod. He heartily seconded the adoption of tbe reso lution. Mr Shaw intimated that Mr. Lent was making a bun combe speech Mr. Last rejoined by remarking that there was so sinoe rity whatever exhibited by tbe last speaker m saying toak be desired to support tbe resolution, for tbe purpose of public opinion and plating himself in a favorable lHWttlun before hie constituents at the oomlng election. No mac could value public sestlment more highly tbau himself, jet that sentiment was sometimes wiong, and that man w as tot worthy the name of a man who was un willing to fkee pabllt sentiment when it wse wrong He (Mr 1.) had no aspirations for position, for public life had lost tts charms. He dented that Mr l'lnckney and himself hading previous understand lug In reference to the presentation or tbe resolution at this Ume. When would tbe proper time arrive for presenting tbe bills?before or after tbo December election? He was prepared to face tbe musio now. Mr. Pit aw wet sorry that Mr. Lent took umbrage at any thing be bad said. Mr. purr kbby observed that It was very cool In a mem ber of tbe committee to demand at the hands of this Board tbree months delay, and loaik that they should be "requested" to report, they were servants of tho Board, and they should be directed to report. He did not know whether tbe necessary information wonid be given, even if tbe committee were requested to give it; but be pro posed to try. He hoped that portion of the resolution di recting the committee to report woeld not be stricken out. for it was usual wbrn call leg upon a department for information to direct tbe production of tbe necessary facts. There wen no greet courtesy due tbe oovamittee, and be raw no good reasoo for striking out tbe word "direct." He taked the committee bow much tiaae they wanted to furnish the Items of tbo various bills? If Uui chairman promised to report In three weeks, be bed no objection to give him that time; but if the committee were left to select tbe period when they would report, bo was of opinion the report would never be forthcoming. He (Mr. P.) wanted to know where tbe twelve thousand bottles of green seal went, and other Interesting Kuan. Indeed, tbe Board bad a right to demand tbe Information. The joint Boarda appropriated >30.000 for entertaining the Japanese guests, the oommtttee said in their report that they expended $76,000 additional. They had n right to Snow bow the money was expended, and therefore bn hoped that that portico of the resolution specify lag the time they ought to report would not be etrtckea cut. The amendment of Mr. Shaw was adopted by n vote of 13 to 7 Mr. Pun khxv Inquired of the chairman of the epeclal committee wbes be would be ready to rtpxt. If, as he claimed mat he was ready to face the music, why not a* toon as | weal hie let the Board have the bill of particu lars- He moved to amend tbe resolution by inserting in the resolution that tbe committee shall report thin night I two weeks ? The resolution as amended was read, and Mr ihaw moved to lay it on tbe table. Mr. Piaekttey wished to withdraw it, bit', tbe President replied that be I could not withdraw It. The motion to lay the resolution on the teb'e wes then put and adopted, as follows ? Aff.mativt? Bngcrt, P ban no n, Burns. Ho gao, 9auir.b, Rollwagi-n, Uietelio, Van Wart, Shaw,Camp bed and McCany?10. f/rgatvjr ?Ooencdmen Jones, Van Tine, Hall, Perley, Lett, Towurrnd, Pinckney Aden and Decker?0. A Inrge batch of reports of committees wet presented and laid orer for future action, and several reports of tun (kmmtttee on Sewers concurring to build sewers in va rious streets. Tbe Board adjourned till Monday. The Tarf. TDK FABI1I0V COIRS! FALL MKBTIHO ?THK 1.4RT I'AT TURKS MILK MB I K0RT11KKN MM TBI FIFKU. The fall wuelltg of the Fatbioa Coarae, Long 1 aland, ru brought to a cloee yesterday with a three mile beat race for a purse of $?00 For this erect there were ori ginally three borses entered, Tit ?Mr. John Hunter's Nicholas I., Mr. 0. P. Hare's Uyatermaa, and Mr. Mowsofs Muddy Coon. The two latter are Virginia borses, wbtlt the former war bred in the Stale of New Torfc. Oelag, howerrr, to the postponement ->f this race from Tueeday, the day originally announced fur Its coming on, until yes terday. Mr. Moo not withdrew hta horse, Muddy Coon, nut of the race, which was thus left to be contested for by Nicholas I. andOytterman a'one The day was dull and cloudy, and the threaten lag ap of ram presented many peraooa froen vailing the track. The attendance therefore only oomprtaed the regular kalituii of lb* turf, with a goof sprinkling of Southern genl.'emcr, who bare remained In tbe city 'or Ibe purpose of wllneaaiog the fail meeting at l*bilad?i| hi* next wetk. Owing to the currency of a report tbU Nicholas I bad broken down during hla tratnlng prrp?r? tton I Ml wetk, Oyatermac was male tbe faro-i* in tbe belling, 91 COP to 1400 being oiler* 1 and taken en bta winning tbe race. Indeed no cm Oder I were tome of bia admirer* of bta three** tut la one instance we taw HO to 919 wagered on bia A eaat amount of money waa depsudent on tbe issue, lb* owner of tbe Virginia home supporting him spiritedly, and tbe Snutljernern following tnlt with him About half - past two o'clock the bor*e* were oalled up for tbe tint lift ?A good Hart we* effrcted, Nicholas t. quickly lakirg tbe lead aad tbe iralJe pnaitioa, with Oy? lerwan l> tag at hla quarter*. Tht? po*ttloa waa mtlri la nod all tbe way round to tbe Mansion II >uat, wue OyrV rman cloeed on N? noise a little, but could ant fairly reach h m Turning into tbe homeatretob, tba Virginia Lnr*r sheared bia tempt r by rurhtog at and aetilag h >1.' of Nicholas quarter* with bia leetb; but tbe former, full ul ruining galloped part the (land a near length la art vaoee On the upper ltd* Ujatermao made a ? at tempt to sens hold of b*a opponent, who ami gent the fame dltUn-e ahead, and rbowed no symptoms of lama re** or of bia leg glrlng way. of w^tcb eeeu bia owi sta ble were apprcbecaiee. After passing ih# half mile toe aecrud t rue round Oytterntan began to glee way, a** Niexolaa earrled on the rnralng throughout, fairly oot pm Bg bia antagonist. and wiamag tbe beat la 9 mlaaiea Mareond*. Tbe <r*t mil# was run la 1 M, the second id 1 M*nd tbe third in I Ml truid Ifrat ? Tbe rupportera of the Anthem bore* k< kt<t uuntterahie thu g< at tbe raaoit of Ute i t beat, ant many tried to rare a portion nf tbetr Inraat nienta by wrntag round and betting 1100 to 920 that Ntcbt'aa wo*Id prort the wlnrer Tbtae long odda wer* renJtly accepted by tiuee saogulne lodlrlfoals whore, lied upon the of r.bsnce of Nicholas' well knows Infirm forrltg giring wny to a strong run mce, to win tbeir n tij Both bortee coiled off well, and at tbe atari, which war ao excellent one. Nicholaa went off aJapwt Immediately wttb n Worths lend, wblcb be ma.ntain*4 past the quarter mite p et At tbe far fide Uyitermaa Uleu to get up. bat could oo'y reach tbe girths of Niche, laa. wt. > quickly drew awar. and maintained hi* former ending pwitu* past tbe stand tbe lot time round, tlm* 1 mln ?T)*i'ra. lb* feecrd mile waa dm* without ay cl ?i ge tf poeitio* 'n 1 mm . Ms ?><* , ??d now the bote* of tbe ba krr* of Ojftermnn wer* highly eteitod i. ant < ipati'T f Nwb.otoa bnaklog dowa ra the third mil*. Tbey wer*, bow< ear, m-cmed to dlaappolatmeat, it lie i id horse, who WM r'dden la magnlO<*nl stj' ?, came fairly away from hts aidagonlat, and without bar m* ever bt?n bended, or tern collared ihrougboui the brat, won by two char letgtha In 9 mtn 91 S tea* ; tbo last mil* of whleb wa* di?e in 1 in I a 9T)4 Mica. on the jorker of Nicbi ia* I dismounting on returning to Kale, iter thus wtonlGg tke race, It waa Ken that the rascally ?o much wished for by em*, and dreaded by i tbi >*. bad is reality oicurred. The gam* old race bors* bad ludetd hroke* enwn in his nenr fore ley when paile-l up after a an ng, and exen his walking to bis stable wa a matter of pnin and diffl, ulty to blm He had ilruggtel gamely and ancceanfolly throughout tbe ocateat, but na lure |B*e way t?n tbe natural of tbe exeit- menl of tow isee Bad It occurred a few minute* prexiowaly bta barker* would hate I at *11 tbe money tbey bad isrf? on blm It isn't* little aiLgular Utal a similar oe^ne. r? at* I- ok place wh< n he ran ibe four mile bent me* with Thf gsnu k, on tbe same cnora* at the summer meeting? be breaking down all r winning thu moo. It Ik by no nrrni improbable that be may be patched up, and run aad win the lour mile race at Philadelphia ne*t wHfe srnnattT. . Mr J Hunter s ch. g Kteh'daal , by Nicholaa ...... 1 1 Mr. 0 I'{HnreSb. h. Oysterman, bpUrtffcEdmoalana.9 2 Tina y\r?r mtlt. Sr^md. Third. Ural. Flratbsnl 1*9 199 1M 9M Btcondbeal.... 1,97*