Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 5, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 5, 1860 Page 2
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THE MORMONS. INTERESTING FROM UTAH AND NAUVOO, ' The treat Celebration of Boruon Indepcn- J dewce?Pkntc E\cur?ton to Bk Cotton- 1 wood Lake?The lew Mormon Move went at lauvoo Joe SmltbN Be- ! forwa? Pol) eam> and Inlerle renre hy the Prk-ihood ia Polltkii Forbidden, ho?, he., he. W.r salt Uh? c? IE1AT J?*!* ? (,nr' ^ ^ 1 * _. .1, viin t?/lr^',FropKd,l\ lu\U J^T*Z z: *v & ? ,^rT JT'- k, Bu:9*+-T* SatnU "n * ^<-?T^Mor ZL Jt saUata^-n' Serttnad *r?vft 0/ to** . v jpjg,?. faiuiXi?BrrjKam hat a Thought for the Cc?< T* -W'f Lift-The BainU Palnmiie the Popular ymroMiaicof Ore Pay,"Lilly DaU," "D*Dah,n"l Wttii "tu Disu," dc?Tke faxthful Scattered by a 1.1 1 ruler .Vctik?Ft thing, Bunting, Kunming, Leaping a id o Good rim G-nerally, ific. H!? thirteenth aculveriary of Mormon Hide pen done s .jm he ?n celebrated with great ecldf durluf the preaent wee*, at the head waters of tbe Big Oottouwood tVUal ever otters may th.nk, the Mormons are fully satisled fJU, bar* a mission In the world, that tbey bnve a peculiar detuny. and that, though presently obscure roougb. their success is certain. The celebration of 1*00 had particular attractions for the people, and disciples came from the most distant part* of the Territory It h the first demoustratem s'nee We army entered Utah. It was during the colebra tioc of 1657 that Br'gtaam?then flovernor Young-tirst beard of the adrantoofthe United states troops. Too news ww unexpected. What might have be come a sub oct of apprehension, wa- by one 01 Brigh*m's counsellors turned into ridicule, and the very matter of foope and bsyooets isrpired the disciples with greator confides.,. 0 triumphant dtstioy. Alter the news had ttw oven communicated to them, the disciples dancing w ith greater good will and earnestness, and, as one of tbem remarked, they ?' felt so good " that Vh y regretted being ti? far (rom the lettlements, or they would have In vited all their friends to toln them. Under such croutn ttsne.-s it is easily to conceive that the reopening of the celebrations has bees a part cular occasion f .r rejoicing. THE INVITATIONS* cm previous occasions the part es invited were general ly select but on account of tto peculiarities of the past Ibr-e years, the inrttitmn was extended to all whon the t whops might regard in go:J sUudlng For bis friends Brigbam lud the rollon 'rg card printed? rwmvlv IOIRTH or JI IY AT TH>. UUD WATESH or 1110 cot TtMirooD. "resident Brigham Young respectfully Invites - to attend a p.unto exe irsu n to the take in Big Cotton wood Ksnyon, #n Tuesday, 241 h of July. RMfu.a. Yi n will he required 10 Start so a] to px-S tie lint mul, about f' 'r niies up the kanyun. welve o clL. k u Monday, the ill. as no per*on will he allowed to twas that P"U-l after two o'clock 1' tl ?! thU day All pi rs. r.s ire forbi Idee to smoke i- gats -r p p s, >r kindle hrer at a< y place in th- kaiiyon, except on the came grtn.ud. 7h- b shops ate requested to aucompauy those in\ te.1 fmrn t'? respective wards, and Ms that uach person ? we I tilted for the trip, with good, si. > i.*l iictdf tr**iu?, wigo&l. harm1*-#, boUl bEcVcH *au lock?, eenabi.'t ecu pint, g the Journey without repair, suds good ur 14 er, r ss tot t > endaryr the life of any Indirl* loai Bit I pf beads of families and leaders ??fsintll i'tr Ure will. b* fen p.f igtb- Brn noil, fornix a full and evmp.ete 'ul 01 ad persons accompanying tbem, and hand t*e Sams to th>-guard at th? gate. 0*no,' - ?' Arraapsmeofii?'? 0 Bswt,Jsks sharp, 1 W Mar d? A ' ur'itsghaw. K K -'n.ctr.K Ketli r, mesvas lalii.ter, A. H, H-nry Moon. J. tle. Mart us! ol tb ? lay. Co.. R. I. Burt in will arrange the guard. Unsai .-'air Ianr On , July 10 l'OO Ans 1 g tie .avitod were his Kx.ei eucy flove nor Cura , I( anctber fe-leral officer, aa I another gentleman, j IMS*. 1 believe, were the ou.y oota ders mvlted. Toe fwtvs'tcr. lor some rea?'.n or otber, failed to put In aa appearance rt.v ro\ ra the t<ad wit< if ct H'g C-dtonw. at, or the Uk*, is twewtv ? gbt r iles tr m il. s r.ty, in a southeaster y direct', r. To the mouth of the aniyon_x d.stin-eof twelve tnilef?'ht rotd ir very g<-vi st this asMen of the ?fw.- hot m eot -i "(? ? he ksB) on th re I# an almsat C Ml tiouai r.?r Toga, tt.eeimmit on .1 . d%y was the nr ewitast point' rtboee 1 - : uh ?.I w thia?tteams ?ad light L...I The ten and* "I harvrst up-. 1 men and teams -7."- lht. uipr iwrHcuhfly out .tto hire and many wno at other t in s, were both ani'1 an t w mg to fpyt thLir carr kger, were forced to Iwre rec m-se to the ^fot will stand ng thesa- redwtsnf ah here, rather than fa.I I ? arrive in I ine uiauy of tbe s. ar loanae atari ed ? arly on Sunday -n ruirg 1 start. 1 tn < impmy with foar Mien is with ?nly three I. r?-s an t a ea-rtsg- . ir mo vex aire, and was g id of to g.fid an opparlu ?hv of travailing We left 01 the Sou lay morning, about eight o'eior a, at.1 get to wthin half ad.xn rales of tbe late on tbe tame eves rg By tsking th 1 early tta/i we b\o led deuntloa in the kanyoa behis tns wwgoi.s a? once there, to passw*. next tn lrap>wsibla Wbrt we r"t to the mountain sr I ! ' ?? i hack to th" v? my the View wa* magntt. 'nl W ch tr.e ai I "f hdeeenn# mecwcld ?ee th< t.sms r whirg Ir. m . i-ery dfrsctlon t> tbe m< otb if tbe kanyoa?everyb ly eeetnH bent on a bwlHtty I'y Mob lay at net. without coasting Br g ham * family aril retinue, bis Imr* * rau'es oarrleges, WW I ". .kc , 1 o;? person* pawed th? first g ixr 1 Tn-re wt-r. I'm Wsgona and car lsge*, 24* horses, tub mu'-w, ISO. nil- ||.-i er hat only Hie m ?fe?t onmberof t warty eeyes pervees iu his fi-iuhy "Br> it .-Us only thirty four Frem courtesy. Br rharn passed w tboul br ing t urn Vend The thmf s larrtul with h * ali>ck when travel line Th. gh he aloe' ha-t first rlgtit to the kanyoa?as tl bas brer, c inr. led to him?rath, r than rt?k anything, he tad a <?d of hay te< t 10 advance 10 tus Hist oamiileg phace, Iihew ?e f. ur of hts bott cowa fur tbe benefit u< the riiiDi ffi>?'rin?ii th* of nt't cmr ^w +to After trmvfUttif ?omc inispf tfsr< ? gh PiiitiMh'rf i ma,. , or t?t f. ??*t ??! tM'flt, sa?ldetily lb* *us.t??r * u from .iartn.-ts t? l?b', and rathe- uuea|H. ledly ?n is bis tonrBsf st an rrd?ltw (rest gaiherlng 1 s-e has 1-eo Btta 1 ed the fim view aati-iiet Hie obeerv ng e>Stt r thel the place ? iw-ti .tarty adapted to th* occa? ti Tbe valley, encircled by h *h towering raeuntsina, f'Srae abwot a circ.i.- of three miles in diameter To th- in bah' ant* of treat hat lAke C ty. asm; flag theau men* rf the comfacy, the pare must hay# ha I s.l the ra< h'aota el.t of contrast The mount* ns of C-ittoawood ?re wrII covered w ib gbt green herbage, which add* or*ally to ?'?# of U?* darker green i s that there abu< ad Whlla the soothers side d'sptaye a r ch rinety pf fi t ?ie, its northern side of the s??e oiouutaius 1* barren, ahny and in ieoled h-re an t the # with patch-S ot so. ?. which up to the 24'b bad. as yet, defied the ??ewers 1 og rays of tbe summer ? sun to disiodge tt fr*m tbe rugged rre?ce of "the eterstl hills " Th" take, prominent a atlract!"n? 10 Uie vielUr and tourl?t, .? a msghilorsl sheet of water abmivi ng t trout It if sa I that there is s par ttcolar "-l.srs. ter til electric *el about t. wbtdk S.) all tc I ertpe Indian s ceevee 'on.- back 0 fw-t general ous, thst gbe lake l as hecu entirely deserted tilt the Monaoot. in tbeir hnrimg discovered it Toe red sktne sace a sacred awe of the flsby deity end pert ns -nsty ref .ee U a;> newarb tbe pi see B- ,h*m hsa ah-at tpis it me the ' |mT? of exenrf loniste which ot socii occietoos as the ealohrai .0. 1. argely patronred i?y tbe y >uog tut th* rated. w t.. in ' re is tbe wblle sway hour of '"fa the grruufe mmeJistely ocaapled by the wag'us nad tents th- Oowntltt" of .trrai ?e?u were prrnii went'\ busy IS loealisg toS tad> it*, hut Seera "gjF with ?very kind of freedom and rehaae fr.mi order, e W" ex ?oveeaor Tout z ssd his eoun?ello'S, w ih thetr farai' es, larrr was s place h-id tn reserve for, teats and aaetu-e hut tb- bi'h-ie with that ex wptioos. were guided ?sor? by mrm< uitry irSpiraliso in directing tbe general purple to local .ns than by say r.-gard t-1 e.itl*r I# order . ??* or rat.s It wss to be a lay of fr-w^'.a, and all war- to miag.* ?ta'.y la. ug eire aw t' giewd es h other T' * ma; , . ?** r er teats ai i ?very kisi of t g for vheltc from the bjrsiag sua or Preach ng rain, were ail mtxe l op la glor mfus -? the riew of ti*e nceup'cd .no B Is by 0 (bt. wtiea t i? l^i. were 1 ifMed np ind nree were fc in -u oute te, w*? rurally m?g? heent. asd 'em n led me of <4e?eva. IB fie t ?erlMd, cb the last 0 gbt of the yea-. ?h?n that etegaut ctty ae? ins ' ne b.s ? of : re?c:t -ns honor *{ lbs c is Same of their fathers twr xtts'.st orseMit'v About half past ten o cioeh on Muo lay m -n et an oct rtder BBBcmnced that tbe Mormoa dn*f was ap;>- mrbisg, wad IB a moment eve-yhody wa? si rring te t'.s frost When be came in s ght the mil'.Ury hsn 1 ftrnck cp ? Han v lead " Prat over.Ballo Bant to.* HSB'a-? a rrwet oi tbe prooros ?o. rlayiag ? I>u dab, ? reatared fa mow .a Fstbo canoo As be nearel his camp 1 g plac- the N.uvoo Brass Baad played "fodrWrs tue k o. w . cb was immediately felloBed by Ba. n s Bead piaymg the ? Pur .spaag'-d Banner " Brigham h mself dfovs Ism ramp raVsmsl' open eaer sge, with two or three member of bis smiiy. Re was MMrsd by two of but eras is sn Kset. rs buggy A fo;r mole team, another siogle span cbrriaae m? torn bag wsg-s ? fo.' w?t with Bis family Tn- slow dri s la, tbe e p.sylc. and the sumer.uis riders that ac evimpasted tb- Mayor asd I lie Msrehal, on pr an .of frit m* is t tne picture tn the m ? inia ae of Ul th Beleer was*'went snrae rourb rider Oat tr.efi to p??s klm, an smsab-d ??? f b.s wheels It e- iee.1 him ? detect on of hsif *n b -it but whea hs ss I h.? asax 'ate ssuss ii-r " * ? 0 te ?q sppea ?noe, th-p?-pie were as entni.ftvettc at before Four bin it were ?'* tinned at rsie rram eacl. ether, tad aa the Beared vie.ten sip ueihel U1.7 rather roofueMiy ataed op tb* r m .* <- The "Merry Mnmoas'' en I ??fjlly f?aie," howeree. measg- 1 to mats th issivsd the loa,?wt sod beet heart amid tbe noagrat. .cms of tb* Towards erretSf 'he e?deet son Br gbxm - imhel tbs Mr! est tree is tbe Valley, and after ruiiag off the branehes for a dorea fee' tailed f-oa bis body the na Im sal bosser and lied It t" the tree ami! tbe app'vuee -f tbe neop'o While tbe crowd were ganog at ?? Joeepb A " I , ; . ,.?r. *i>tl *t- rwe ih- ema 11*- *rr. prepar ng ?v a graad mtoU; bat before ererytbiBg wse rewly % mi -write thus lee storm bant over the mousiaios sa l nnnit*r?d rvt? ahelter It ?u ? terrible ahower ? e " ?aste.'., 'ho ram through aTublo thick * ove covers '.od tentr. The ex Oo vsruor and faiu .y wnro r a .*l 'De lim? under ? temporary bowery, and were ft . UP *r '1 ruo I'T "belter I parried shortly aiter th'. storm ami ?aw the loadej table completely (trent' ed So unacc-atomed to ru.n, ihere was poor pro ven,n niftclr for ehelter, no-! probably very few eeewpod a ?<K?|. ete drenching iThei. the Aaatber cloarcl np evorj family H-i D:nl to have cloth, e to try, nod the camp km for at. h. ur rr two on. great bleaching Held. Tttr tw. roi mru. By eir'y day lifbt every bmg was aattr In the evmn TI.e Htather KoJ aiili threatening At 111 A M three salute* were iired in m botor of the three urit i'real V.P7 of the ( burch of Jesus Chnet of letter Day Samta?Brig ham ^ ..ucg.Heber C. Kimball, and Daniel H Wells fua mart a, bt,. 1 wa- Stallone* by the gun, and ? ji. i .icd amy, muilc followed. Thr ughout the pann there au out continued flrlng, till Uarahal Little h. d t!! A nine " ^d or^lt. ? ^ ** * ' - i.'cb vea^l* ?JUl?t?f ,h,r"*n ?UM *M flred-oto hiw u of ^bflt Lake !'l"Oeer? ha<l entered ine great , "rred by the bande WCen gUB mu,iC WM 'Ji' . . as tee ttir peered out irom behind the heavy clou-l* tbe h< aria of the falthta! were cheered, wd tha . b ^ of conversation every where ,M the dancT a" word w? ?^*yo";aMdHd lrbri7 b0Wfr,e8 wero occupied fat,taat r u " c i' l y ,0 "l'ruf a*?y on the llghl ran last.c tee. Each bowery waa forty by twenty loir loot, and in that apace were packed mix g-ta 0f ' he wfl'Z. hn' len A' U OB ?vadiy till between n o-. * ,!i U?ur* *-vint lh? on Wednesday n.oru.rg with en'y very short intervale of r> st ror the bj dan'.ran .s?tW!tbi,ttn<1>og! showers enough 'ct t . 'i d *" " WeiJ 18 c;olteg, the merry atA'i'rd out '""P* h#d b0fn !,?hUid> BfVbim I Sr'.ao- , ? C bowery, opoatto h,g marquee, to so i ! Vf?' but ?"> ?>otier wa? ho recoguizi d than he w? rw ? !uvlut ?B to tho b.-ards The tloor ***. h't, . *uxiou? youtigg'.erg, and the prophet, "B h:' two elder t and hia gou la law, with their n mna, ,1 lV? U,,t , l TD" """alc.ang bad ..rdere for JM.methiDg lively, and oil they went In right good earueat tontrary to what #oa!d general'y be expected of Lini Hrigbam m particularly gay in the dance, and avld-ntly Unnks when at it that u - may amuae liimaolf and every, body cine as well as be can. Nobody can tie more anan proachabie if bo wishes that fiOBltion. but when h? in dulgeM intbe gay picesantry of yontb, he g? Birame LU liVlthm 'T'/ l? ,lniitaU; "ybody around h,m F -om Ugprrition .is a .jader, guch familiarity wool I iu n .at fled w"hhe I 1 r'*er " ' felt satis ucj wniie i itood guzibf ou the man whom ti^Pi ha,e and others in'engoiy |ov.. that tie had the an.-;tinn8 or tbe people and" his . J Be. med 10 gratny them tnoro than their -wo enlovmncl riofno t'}*'*ttS ul';n h.m.aad fullowiEg b.r.i round and round, and every little piece of hi. amuaemout wa* add ttjiiym-nt to them. H,range world, sirtog' l' kg^ so tager were the folkg to daoce, ant go Itnpovslble to im mrli'i'' b"n V*r*'ebe* to obtain the door, the mu.a f:o ?f l7?r fr* queEtly threaten a complete break up If there wag not more conscience la the buglne?? Some were cever oil tbe boards If they could p -m bly eg "'D <"">0 of our small company, oo TeS fni7, -h n a ':LC 0 clock IU lLo "a d that when be left tbe bowery ihere were at least four tim.* ?',re ,* "i* ^ tbe 0umber that could be aocommo t *!? Oulslds of the boweiy throughout tbe day th^re wag every kind of amusement Firing, huo" , n u nicg. leaping, atone throwing and , t playing. ?Tb^re wa* general hperty, and everybody did as pleased bin best. There wa, no rpeecbirjtng, nor att.-i t at l y thing but amusement. 1 ' At gusdown twelve gcc? wero dred n boaor of tl e twelve kposilfs.imd at uu o'clock P Si. the band played ine H' ,?"1 H"m<' whlcb' however much It m.gut ludnafi to your unu. Oh Israel, seemingly f?n heed less on the ea-s of the multitudo, as they danced and .The?:' h,,urBa'Ur th?'- Thin, bowewer, termviated tho ofiiciaJ programme or lStX) , >uj .?ieu "1C t v'' d splay? in camp .v is a flue!- get BP banner, with the bgjjes of the pioneer- an l the'nen ftty h^Kht W th lhem.#Iu br ef. there were 143 L i i. women snd two children; eveuty wag is one boat, one can...n, u neiy three horses, nfty-twon?ibs sixty six oxen, t to. teen cows. Tne banner was hoisted' < rer the tea of one of the p oncer?, ted dre* c<)L?itJe rable sttenloin. The names were pr n-ei oa a iroll h i r, W*' ,rrl)r''"',M the ba"'lg of an aogel, gjund ng' h.? tr litp?t. Tho angel w as tai<l to rn; an r\.vUcnt I ice 1' " vlhtlr flr81 ^Aacr Joteph ^auth, an 1 no doubt id Ur?(.tMl by the nrtiei to c< uvty th? idea thai he 44.1 0 mr.gergerol tbe last dispensation," who r?ou!t pcbl ,h their names to the, world, for their trials and entrance sai'ou^oi?1c un4*llcn< of tUt temporal k.ngdum that it jet u ro,| t own from th.ic rr,uuuUia?, crush u la iro over all the earth. Very pleaaatt antaiipu ,0,no doabt ?r, IrscrVt'os-^ & .h w luri rd to ?iucr quarter* oy October31 - f it aa-i ? v. Ir without an n'XiifeDt to any |>er?oo l"rai?? ye tbe j It l '? , Ti torxn 011 or . axr. It If raid in "the g'-ol old Book" that < a a Crrt* r .e r-ZViI? 'm. t06* l'f <ijJ m*'' ??' th'r to worr 1 r,u ' lis af!? arsiion am. ng ifcam Atnuaa tl.a Tn\'** ,%i lhe celebratioa a Doted l.., -ee thief or tn'oe has libe lous, a g.-nt eman, Mroogly suspected o? uu. measured prucllr.ttes for boraeueth, put .u an a -ea M"r,b*' pul e>'e upon b'.m he ?rap kindly for and emcr rtet s ,!..tan-e d >wn i t ton"' l. "h"* X"y "i,<h r"c* !v?l toe sume honora but, a.u r loin.' exp annua the com,,, ilea col i aue 1 ni * H. w -I em t, remain In lb capacity of I'r^T,. -Tthe "sra?tb-/? ^"atai i t . , /' ,b tioaa, however, tint t., . " I'Ot nnR|k it the darc<? Or.# of tho i?,i , ,r get ." or the proviso. b?l reached tie board?'WM II r. ..iv In muig.i) In tbe *m...-em*tit, ween th ke ?, . - ? I be* on r'ot'them'T " 1 "r' Tb,) ?fBtlema,. . h, I r (?.rw ? h'wf "i'i "' h' r 0:1 ?n l- ,b'f ? wif yet 3* handiel ut ? East lor the pr. tiut 1 think enough is aid _ , . tub tnrrriu d,?V?''f.Wno ay "*** Wvr" b l' li'd till and m V c? drwn tie Vary en. every ona "*rr to keen ( > ,.r p, way or the other b. ami esc .t tb? dn i ?{ the-ons * ;Z , .'f V'v -,k" a"'?1"' """? ' .-'". or Ih. ir^tuni r f, land NoacciJent o.-'urrel ssie to ? n w personaiof Brig ham's family, aa one ?f the cwrr w s .Vt ,'T rd rr,,!u' k*"T"n '"""'b'Bg .UrmJtbTmiET w>:'h tx'VuTr t MdVi rated"' "ft"' r'ln '"i V "nly ' '' * "4 * ta# 1*51 t- 4m t, % j jotf*s i. carr.j i gr. nd uad attfr rximiftmg %rouc t t? ??* ?il4t stiMfi d that all Was right aud that f d.s-'i |.? oaj ; ysd the Jim ivea totheir hearts' content an I tn n .n led the great ee'. bralloa ..f |n?o. *" cn,e? _ , ? T?* woumm is vwr wtwr The following extract In -n . i. ,Ur dated r>.*n Creek Julr Ti, Is tbe latest news from tbe malt n ut,' 77 ' .. L'Hrn* *?'rd that the Indiana are tbrnat ft mg H .t? ru Oeek -utioa , . zZT't kr5: h <sand Bill PVrrett were r't.ot be I.Tti, i**rT he ?h ? W"'' * ''i ,:?'r s* sat, saws rs.,v tui soars a, . T/.T*X U: 1 lr?rB^ an evr^em fal'Vr Wikltain ^oung a otlles late last eren og w th mUv ./iT0' w" "" *"? <? ki^ iflvhe t# ley, ai dl two Mormons . lied ?nd other* wo inded la sod r. onrcted With the Same affair, tbe (Ji. 2!2IlI5 t M r"IK>w? ?The inhahltaotn of Smuhiiel I ? #? I* t *11#)-. *rrt?trJ oo M ndir * eyed India/) for horse ...w-rng'' ifXThV oi/f^r wu'*,|W.tUrf<1' V t" r^U? b rB '? "" mole.. I\ig? ene* r , Tbe Indlatg charged an t shot three tlvto* wo.nding fsmitel C. usir a acrerely in the lunkl lelift ^prTMd A* the people begat to Wleo^ JETtodL^ jaa.,. ..ft i th ? eat} ..q, and at the err... , ? U^THtoa'th?? ,,p"* 'T *??**?. BSOMd Hoed at.* a-tETbS "m,u ,r-,h" ^*bi-Ao^df I have i tly #me to add that mesmirrst wltt at once he Ukta u, gwsrd agamat aarrrtoa. ? ? frliiy e? wt^ tbil th# ?ro0trbt#-i Ind;?u* cocth wtll R#cb IbH ocr# ?.?? u? iitr op ?u I# w Til* H'W Dlaraia* X*v?atnli IH K MI ViK) co?*ie?w*i?*ci. Si' ?oo. Illinois, Scpi. SO. 1**0. rnrj+Titj Ik* /?fan?(W'ttw/n* of ik* Imp ?Prat jm of Ik* Www Of ? //<??>?/norf/rt U? OiMniiil o/ :'i' .V *wn Prtpk't - /*?. ??- <<, At Population, rft .*c. I uki ihr llbrrty I* |!rr yon a frw torn* ?f p***D( ? *? i: ? nth* H? y IjukI, thinking tbrr rosy be of some lalrrrtl ta year rradrri This Ollf, ooe* tb* seal of th* fin li Jo* tollk, has, m yaw ire i?*m, for yrars bovn ? i ? ? I I ill in litalet of tot** Iwelt r to Oflo** haodrrl Lit ???*. trolly of Urrm.ia **1*1* Binjr of whom in i>1 tit m rh to tb? wra'Utof oar tmaoitfat pUce by Ihr en tin of tbr (tip* Thrr* will, mrtbla* bippntag to the . up ti mi.Jn Urn ffir |>'ob?>ny lot low than 10 C ,0 of ?? ii ibis low*, worth prnbibly 120 0 Oat towr, ii nthrr rrsprtir. I* la ? l*art*hl*| eoti ? t w?|wi. itwra mills, oao Sistillrry, two iir#? brrwrrtri. in with food prwpeet* V * birr WW ? t rrwpri I of mil farther (TNlnrW J?f?pL ?a tb? prrbip* 1 i| i l.l mj jowpb II?who oa IbsSthuf April mi ttiumel tbr ilrnblp of HI tb? b ? <01 (wbo will MbBIl), li understood to birr or lit ?< bw rhnreb h?r?, ul hi* drtrrmar* to aik* if '? tl. br*d ' f Ibr rburrh. or thr 'rolj of hoi ta>l t| ? b it th' fact. It M rcry miini '.r as to toqairr ?h?i in to b* hi* lr*rb<ng?* in l bow will he ir, I bw p?>,? ? b* tmiM b*rt. where tb*SMIM w*a nr?l tpMM* M*ey krfiiWiftiM *h<> <>pt?n*e.i tb? b?ti wwl,bit |hr iimo*t snlrcni wm'nir: I now .* '?t tb n >-*~ Wb*a tb* Vorm c? came to Xasvoo hi |I1? thvy f.j iS Is our co'niry o*!y iboot 1000 or 4 om :<?opi< ?< mm Now w? bivr ? pnpjwli o of <<rrr go 001, ?hi it ? or. I n tl J birr notb'o* to frir from ill tbil w.U w iwpwol lo w l|M it Xiut.w <m lor lb - |i"U* ? of Mr, * . >1 th- r StrwriMO* ho Wfitl il my bill frmn whit IS unl-rtunl here of Mr S "? notioei, nrtbirs eoaU be fo*red f the ?b< !? tow* rhoulj l>* <*mt|?wrd of Moranws :t is uBderttowd Ibit Jo. *dher** to art*!**' Mormon ?m (wb?l It 1 So* t fully ?in Irrrtiod, bat fro-n wbil I Virn IS ? irorr rellsloni snprritilkm. hir n* mru.a for m* ind rrrrmo*'?S, isrmlrw la Ind of tbrni<?:r??). Hr ,r. r<* thr Morm< n dootrlor of polyysruy, M Uticht by bw fitfcrr uil tbr Twrlr* is oootnry lo yood policy uid ooatrarrnles r?*ry law, wb*tbrr physical, atom, he mo wdirtai II* rsyaf^s ?? tr*l sof btsaarlssi, act "Pder ?r,y circumstances to be countenanced m any clvl ,u.d community. . lie ignores also the t'tah doctrine of railing the '.en tilea (t?i lr all at.ent.le has and catting hia throat be cauae be haa n?t Bare), and iequ rva strict obedience to ... -^d ....... all laas of the lad under wb>c.b hia oh iroh members may reside, and sosolutdiy prohibits, ud. r pam of el .omiiiur ication. any interference on the aubiect of poll Maioa the part uf n g priesthood uot prohibiting, how ever. thei/, but prohibiting their interforin? In to vote, ana leaving hia whole political contents except I jH't pie to v lie as they please I' ho out theae principles there la no reason why he should uot br'ng to us good neighbors, whatever may be their delue one. A CENTENARIAN IN WANT. One of Our Fortftthiri, A Hundred Md Six Year* of Ago, with Hio Doogbier, Aged Seventy, In a State of Deputa tion?Omo of General Washington's Scouts? Interesting Reminiscence* of .Mew York When It Wai a Forest? Shall Snch an Old Relic go to the Alms house! TO TUB BT'lTOB OF THE If HIA LP. At No. 76 Lee.* atreet, in lb.* city, ibore lives, w th \ widowed daughter (herself nearly seventy years of age), Isaac Daulels, an old soldier of the Revolution and also of the War of 1612-16, agod 106 years, who Is In want of the common necessaries of lire. Owing to bis extreme y old sgo he is very feeble, and bis aged daughter is obliged to *uj | orl herself and |>arent by the labor of berown bands With all ner exertions, however, she obtains but a bare subsistence, la it right that this venerable pair should become tbe Inmates of s poorbouse ? Let tDe- charitably di i? red call at tbeir residence and sec for themselves the condition of one who aided the eagle to spread bis wings. CHaRITY. While there are thousands in oar metropolis who are unfortunately In the same destitute circumstance! as those mentioned In the above note, tbe peculiar facts al luded to appeal so strong y, not only to phllauthropy, but to patriotism, that we were luduced to obtain more minute particulars than are embraced in tbe oemtnunics tioc of cur correspondent. We accordingly v.sitoJ the locality earned, which Is one of the streets near the :iaat river, and, on making Inqui ries among the neighbors, learned that both the oau larcb and b.a aged daughter were known and respected by many In the vicinity as unobtrusive, exemplary and re ligmus people, and that the latter was devotedly Industri ous In her endeavor* to provide far the c imfort of bvr venerable parent. "But go up and see for yourself,"' said one, after '.he hardship of the cise; aud we arcordlrg'y ascen led to tbe third story of the tenement honse where the old people reside?or rather are !m mured. "Knock at the ba k door." We did so?no ro ply; ar.U. genl'y raising the latch, we ws'ked in. It is unnecessary to draw cc the imagi'iatiou for a pic ture. There was the same miserable apartment that has been d'scrlbed a thousand t me*. Woman's taste and tidmasahad in a measureamei.crate 1 its roughest features, and upon a small capital given to the room an air of com parative coroVrl. A few cheerful rays of suosbiav creeping in from behind tbe paper curtains had nettled upon tbe threadbare carpet; and there was a pice table, a few chairs, a cheap clock over the mantel, one or two timew-.m, muvty lithographs on the wall, a small stove, a half open cupboard, where were arranged the few dishes neccsenry for dally use, and a plain soft bed but these made up the entire catalogue of Hie humble household furniture. The grey haired old veteran was a'one. Oicrepit, crip plod and exhausted with tne burden of more thau a con tury, with a b! nlcet thrown around bis shoulders and his fact encased in a pair of ragged carpet slipperi, tu wat silting In a corner ol the room, in a wooden r > iking etas',r, rolling a morse! of tobacco between hi loothoss gemt. and, aa he expressed It, "keeping houtegl while ble more youthful daughter was attending to dotnesth dutii h below He was evidently snrpr'sod at so abrupt a vlfit; but riaching out a etr.veiled hand, with a w.irm ?bike be motioned cs to a s rat by bis ?ldt. On att-mpung to converse we found thai he was not only perfectly deaf, hot tint It was with the utmost difficulty that b- coulj make timeelf understood. An initr-'ew h-lug thus .input* bit w'ihuut an .nterpreur, wo descended tithe yard to apeak with tbe daugnter, who, notwitm-yaadtag her own wo valued age and a physical Mil cliou tlu' would conUue to ber bed any woman in ovctur ciremn starwaa pat ent'.y warh ng a few rlotnen. from whiob the waa to eke out lb: day's s-bsi-.l-.-noe To m*k- tie matter still aerie, if p< tr.O'o *he had only a f-w minutes Mm torn (Nat Iter thumb Mrly tbe wbeie of the untl, ?r.d bio-Mi was ."owing profuir'y frcra '.he ug'y wouut. -titmg et?r rr.tasmn, she jolilely apoke b-r thinks, and ?-turned U, tli- apartment shove, where we Ic-arnel the tollowii g brwf t ut inte'vating history ? The riiu f-iretalher?1-aa.i I>?n - a?w*< boin in Bedford. Firiihriur county, Sew York, on the 12th of Bay, 1764,one hundred and ?.x years ago There no Itroi pv.rauitg tbe vocat'.-n of a farmer until a lout ninety years of age. when uat. re t,*i - out, wad he was ornn jwdlel to -iay down the above) nod the h er," and be outre what he baa s.iu-e rcnu.i ? d. a helpless ourueo on h S e tnally p ? r ? -t,t at d da r* < m th< break irg uul f ihe devolution ho was am > g tha t'ret to offer U.? services to b a c u.i.l.-y, and thruugu out the war arret d limitr oenerwl Wa-nngtou. . u t i t all tbe pr.vatlrrns and Tir-ia*:'..i.les of that eveartfu atrcg In this Immediate vie r. ty, from b:i or* |U t .it am ? w <lh th - n"'ghbo.-bood, he >u employel as a scut. and on hi* lace and person are yet vur.ole tbe ma-ki t?f tin Indian Irniabtwk and r he received is turn* a' th dot perate adwnturea to thr ewrly part < f the strife Hia father wae '. aow a ? ? > b ,l'?ra. kill- t (f hir ecr.rointera writb the redeems, aotTar fr.r u the pre Ideuceo' hit ton. The old Leetbersbvca ng?< we ouoid almost hi n to be such?reierret to iht, Htcldri.1 in hie d s?uu"Cied rem aiaoenuee. ut u U s;?ke nt his pereet the tears rolled dowu bis rherba in th w.aknes* id dotage "Bnt, ' a* 1 he, "1 revenged him?1 fout ihe Injtri' till there wa rat - M " It was a dtffVcult matter to make nfm uo<!er*uti4 our desire to bear BOTC of t.-a petMBhl tfmMM, an I it waa only by raeirg tbe a.-ma as If holi ng a .? in that th chord of mem Wf wae t - fo 1 at ail. wheu he ralnted in broken phrases some of tcr jc uvnta upt- rm nt m hie thought* He remembered bow when a 'ad, he ue?d tv play wt'h the huge acd g:r.s aaiorg She w gaatua > th" 1-1 tea en i ?boot gen." te the Word*, whi h th"- * h | in nv g hirer hood above Canal street Woo a no ?e tuet the old acont may not have 'lghted hi* camn Are on tbe very sites OS whleh now slard tbe e'.eg in'. re? 1-aoea of a ?? of our merchant price* tbey worib itj-'r in till n*. an te uncrrla n of h a m >rrn*'s meal Mat, aalbawiit ha,red granu-.Te said, "teat's almost a i.uodre.i year.I S|U Personally, there are still trance ahvut th ? ol 1 man of the sturdy spit It a ol vigorous strength of bis younger data in hie countenance especially are marks of a former , 7 ? MM '-at ' r-t . a 1 at ey,. a . 1 a * formtrl Roe, which arr. ,r,ted for an np-ewooa of it" laoghtsr t< - that she bad fre.jueaily heard Itvr fat ner say " Be could al <aye yet along wuh tbe re. lak in a, bo cause he c^uld k-ep ..n th" right aide of the apitvi " Time e rt rr I win 'a have made r - I :'r"wa deep, however, and cm- canact look upon this old, fronted rello la ? r age. who morel am ?ag m*n b-fore Somg nl our grandfathers were born, without iWling like ylelditg blm all the vrnrration due a pair arch In the war of 1-12-1\ though then a sornparatlrely n| | mi, he arrvtrl throughout, and was r-ngeged in s . cral act hut, as already intimated, it waa iinpoaslhls to drrivv niuch Information of hie pea; tu regard to tbe fami.y, bis daughter ii.f .rm-d at that big father waa qoite ndvnnsed in years at th- i m of h ? death ae wae also hie gram! ether Hia wife d -d th.rty Ca ago, leaving eight rl,.,.lrvn Ihe e d.-at of trb >m - a ty boy of eighty, who Ivt In Penie-lranla Th ? youth hae'hail twenty two bnh < a, tbe ; r-not daaghler Mm, nnd tire nam', r of tbe family liare la I'ke man yiHm. won toe reniain ' 17 01 tne tainPrTiave la k* mt i ter geerra'ly and generously obeyed to the letter thu Scripturalih unctioa We endeavored to obtain the number of the 1earwn<lanU of the r|,i prog en MoT; bat It W h - r III r?lu , let ton efthe daughter, w r. ->-o n fi'rl t .were 1, and then stopped 'or want of aamee and tig ires. t.. ? - w- ttea a ', la >?'. ? en nt of inn remarkrth . ra-e her-a n itaat should arooae the sympathy of . very man and woman in our midst and we hav" no doubt that having made ;t it sown hundreds will eiae fbr ward to the rrltef of old and d-et lute people, though it l*e e th hut nitt.w Tl.c-e ar? *-g" hearts an t open bants m New York always realy I ? nep-Htd i ? appeal*, especially w here eufler'ng has Be mug been silent had unobtmeive an" t ennsM ?; r i tl n -mpu them t? amnlfreialion* < I their i harity nnd pa<r .nam In other .* lo'ibt'rM actuate thrm t ?> the performance ? I a yeorroon deed now 1*1 our noble matrons t ?e ?urwar I at,.! I rip r.- f their own number, remembering that "fTeasrd nre tbe merciful, fur tbev nbnll obtain m. rev :?t t> r i? '??? m their bonuty. "large ha Itp Ml - ? bit on'g Whitest Soft white hands Oof mil urr . >mpa ties and volunteer cegamnatloe* may realy and nhvild have r pit it enough to take up oonlrtbutione. and If each Individual n il bestow but a trttte they would swell the sum to na amount that w urn ly ? i7i< ? f It the pi rpuee And, finally, let our mvrrhnpte, tradeemen and meehar ? ',-gei i ? the moment the cla mnIf poilttce I . ? t , p re*e and. ismgllii nag ri'i the claims ot oharHy mm to gild the errset and to brighten the ?ha.'oa ? , twl'lrht tha' are already gntbwfng nronnd th- pathway if HI grhf l aired centenarian and his devoted daugbtv r. A favorite author say* ? t. ve o! I age the prom, sehM the oeet arm chair hy the fires! le. tu- ;<-tetlcgnd, tha warmest riirtn.OS. the fre?i,e i seraanlth" fint blare la all the ?, eaee and groups in wnich ty ran iv i g'e ihirn ? the pr p-r fmwte and e-tt -g tor lh'? prieelesa ptrtar* of a home." Why cannot this ire dear ,ia 'la pruaaat ik.1 ??? eight to .-tchange tber. apl.lated wrolet airalgbt hacked rneftar. which tbe tatrarth sow occupies, ror one warmly am ai. ely 1?^-*?. ,?* wlh#* "?* his old h ly and rrnh e blm to roll about and en ey the -oay nap* thai away tbe ted out hours 1TM vs lMO ^ Ft rt ma Mnavam Mrmr ?The nevennort fowai hav sued tbe May w of that ru, for a ae^n.deTe, b m ivst spying, oa the neaasma of ha election fh wyjt t. ^farded, wheAher the U ? . . ~J ' . '* "Tr?roeo, wt.eth-r the U elertr r tend the music or the hand fun thed it " THE RURAL PRE8S. What la the Rural Picas!?By Whom tt

Is Conducted and How It la Massgod. TO T1UC JfUlTOB Or TflK NBW YOKK UKKtl.D. I'rodi the rrms'ks made by you from time to time, !t is plain tbst you bavs do very exalted opinion of theoountry press In ibis opinion 1 felly oonioctde, having, from close obEervatlcn of its course, arrived at the conclusion that it is a nuisance of tbo most aggravated description. The follow log facts, which I bare collected in my intercourse with it, now extending over a long series of years an 1 embracing every section of the Caion, reveal a ooui tlon of journalism so grovelling and rotten that it ts difficult to beileve tbat it applies to the press of a country boast ing of free institutions. It shows, moreover, that all tbal the Hnuu> has ever alleged in regard to Its utter so st ore of local lobueaoe Is slriatly correct, end that metro politan Arms are literally throwing their money asray in burying tbelr advertisements In tbe obscurity of a Clr" culation which is for tbe moat part fictitious. MMI1EH OF INLAND NEWSPAPERS# It is easier to take the census of tbe Union, or to get at the ages of tbe maiden ladies In Yankeedom, thau to get at tbe exact number of Inland papers. Their name is le gton. Like the inferior Insects, tbey breel with and lead but a short life. A register printed in 185S gives a tolerably full list of newspapers in tbe United States and Canada; but there ars in this very publication tbe names of over one hundred concerns in the New Eng land and Middle states alone that have given up the ghost since tbe date of its compilation. The neareat approxl mation to the truth bow attainable is the calculation tbat there are In the Union, outside the city of Now Yurlti seme three thonsand and Ufty newspapers, dally, trt weekly, weekly, monthly and semi monthly. It is by no means uncommon to see rural papers die in their second issue, and a classification of their political proclivities is rendered difficult by tbe fsct tbst the principles of nine-tenths are ? purchssable by the highlit bidder. The statistics usually paraded by country papers relative to their numbers, iniluenoe, Ac., Ac , are found on Investigation to be only equalled In falsehood by tbe statements mads by tbe conductors of their circula tion. There are many charitably disposed New York merchants who are paylog what, In the aggregate, amounts to a considerable sum fir advertising In pro vincial papers claiming circulations of one and two thou saud copies, tbat do not really get tbo benefit of one ibird of those amounts, to say nothing of ?'exchanges,'1 tran sient papers and "dead heads"?which Items are set down as " regular" circulation. Cheap advertising las good deal like cheap insurance; wild est com pan'es wh ch charge less than safe rates being as worthless as country pspera tbat advertise low, because nobody ever ?eea them It a merchant desires to reach oountry people tbe w-wX.y editions of tbo metropolitan papers are by far tbu ben medium, as the country trader who ts worth doing b>.si ncs* wltii never fa! a to take a? least one leading New York paper. If ho takes the "loytl" sheet, It .? only to svuid being abused or to be supplied with waste paper. INFLUENCE OF KlltAL PAPERS. Apart ffom the vast outgrowth of the independent press of the metropolis?forming as It does a hongrnse of Intelle-l In permanent session on ths state of tbe ooontry?and wblch is greatly diminishing whatever fee ble Influence tbe rural papers once possessed la their own localities, tbe gross musmanagecm nt of the cbuntry edi tors bag deprived their sheets of any real share in tbo formation of public opinion: while tbey are, too often, ut lerly Incompetent to reflect or follow the tide of popu lar intelligence, wblch liows by them without fertilising tleri'e brair.s nuW ARK VILLAGE PtrFR? ST tRTFD? If an Mtwer to this qutitlm is desired, It Is easily fur nitbed. Very often, in a closely contested lo^al election, ?on.e cilquo of Tillage politicians want an "orgu^'to trumpet tbelr praises, and get some acquaintances, with more money loan rood sense, to subscribe a few hundred dol'urs?the politicians of course taking care to avoid paying any of their own funds. Backed up by twoor three letu rs of Introduction to suneg xl na ured tvpe b onder, some Ignoramus, too lazy to serve a thor Mgb spprint.eethip to tbe case, is taken la tow, audal'"wc l to run the office to suit himself, as long at he pulfa '.be would be Matetnien who impl y him The printer Of a erne rg fellow) i,anally contrive* t > gs; twoor three bojs to do b's work, * bile he "edits'' the paper fills be d ?* with a sr'sso s and a past.--pot nine limes out or ten he lbs t'degraphic deepntsbes fr >tu the fgsun, or some lead it g metropolitan journal; an l as t > tbe if rl of bis "copy," be cuts it to fit certain space*. Country editors of UiIn grade?tne lowest of a miserable tribe?are very fkwd.of short pieces, not be 'suae they l ke brevity for tbeir renders' sake, b?t bSMnse, If half seas vrr white maktrg tt?tbe forms, they do not base to bother their muddled brains to ko- * what gstley Mtows ?uother it empty log the matter. Ag? u, as tney are nau .I'v behind I tne on their paper; ah >rt pieces enable it-, m to till up fatter Occasionally some cultivated resi dent <d their village will st.omit to them for publication ? oitie tolerr.ti'.e tssav os sketch; but this tbey rarely at erpt, as their "tats" cannot read tt-v- at all, and the edi tor bss tr mere knowledge of the English language thau he watte for h.s owu use. then. have, first, the remarkable spectacle of s proprietor owning totting, but owned, and soul, by !.e poiltle ans rod secoLdly, of -'eopj " bsiug cut to fit i lo t j pi s, 'netend of the tyi i-s being rut le fit Ideas Wto i the printer etttor b'msrlf nraposes s puff '?f a n.?' bar that bae tnrated or trusted htm. or Msns ver dsat trs l?'? that Pa* glveu bim a new hat, be seta It p tn the sties," and a (kelW morsel it ??the diary of the Mhpiitneni being shown by the 'si t th t tbe prirter man publicly thanks the trades mm for value received, an 1 tlu-u proceeds lo hesloober h.m with praises by wbnUaale Such s n d re Is, of course, a positive It jury to the lectl merchant. IRtMLIlf AND COCNTRT rllSTFM. It I* well kauwn ihnl Bee rrauklin war a printer by trade, but a a?B"ible man notwlthataaling. On tbe ilripgtb of tbts blatt r cal fact and a few otber fucb In ?ticori, the tural i>urt>*lt?u. at loa*l eeery aeond wona, eeTote balf a r< 'uinti or more to Informtog the p.bnc that printer* ?re. ra n> n/t' itr rti, all Terr wcnderfu ly t ndewi d iren?ro tbat th? eternal country prloter bar be. mr crarly aa great a auiaai re .a tbe republic aa Iba kfngbly n'Kger. tin mm At rmivrnw' cottr. Tb'l la quite aa bad a Hia ter aa th? eelta produced by a bite Irad. *? do not allude to tbe unj Varaut physical atleUion produced by putting lyje m*tal in Iba moutb, but to tbat Drrlhle 'eaer that herein pricier* *b-a any Itrst of pre?nng new# ? hruu<bt In at a late boar, or wbe* ii'iu Impurtat-t MSA atraya into tbeir <>!Bc*# 'rum a rource tbey dare not eiciude. Stopping orer ntgbt in a little Tillage hitrr-eti Albaoy and Syracuae, I beard of tbe dcatb of a prominent eUiren, orblcb bad taken pla^e abort three in tbe after* >o? Tne local |<?(er_a weekly of LHlputiaa dimeaaiouo aed ft" b>l gua*:?n type face?wai oearly ready for priaa wben tbe fnaora. notice wa# brought ia Tbe editor wee ba?d at work 'oekiog up' Urn around page, and wbeu tbe b y et.Ured b? ofti t end made known bin ouei new.I ? fiiietnan'y typo ear .timed "Tuuudcr why couldn't bid BUok die two bou?? ago'" en at. tie r ocrnatoo, a rooatry editor related the follow isg ?lie bad gone to attend a Slate 000 rent ion and l-<ft ?b? publnber it. i barge Wbile be wta away tbe dele file from hie ettiioty fell III, an l tbe mora>a? of the day I be ?~*/y bvmblrt*' wett to preen tbe editor neul a ft* libit of te egipb to the publ thee of tb* paper. and mmtinoed the delegate i iliaetn V heB tbe editor returned be waa turpr eed that bit leli rtj b *a? not pMtned Oa being qiwwtioued tbe pub lirber raid the form waa all ba ted an wben lb" deepat.b onme, and li? wit not going to delay tbe paper for that He bad gut to pre#* ibree h'-orr earlier than nasal, aa be wanted to go rfT the oeit day oa a rpree, to be put tbe papar to pre r? aithont aor o nrnb-Ki now* tare what tbo A.baoy -A'tonnl eaid editorially rt.e f.a,?r in que* tloa, It eho it be elated, wat democratic It,,* the triitor got pitched mlu fur .banging bin pul.tloe need not be drecTibtd. The coontry prlntr re bare a rnpeeme ronlempt for ary rdltartal tar tan i vn d n d gire twenty Ore anal* for Irlelbt'ooe direct from tbr moon in ad ranee of tbe-r ontrirporartrs Tbe paper Id co .ducted wi'.b a new to the ' onrene rrgtlw proprietor, and asytaing ???,. ra pe lot. and > arroodloal y eoaceirei i.mal Item*, curbed in horrible Kcgiwh. ia gaoeral y tal>ooed by I Usee wonder fbl rulage e-urnaiieta TBI rROVlNCIAt. PAFIR* of AbBAST. Albany being tbe capital of the State, and tbe borne nf Ior lThur'.ow and htl/dta dtAefrr, t'onfldence Oaeeidy, It m'gbt be tuppneed that tbe ibeett publiahed dally In that f ly would at leant kaep pare with tbe tlmee Smb. bowtTtr. it not the care like the akeleton pant* of Warhlnglon, th# J>? *w*7 and dCar ,lry. j prefer public plunder to legitimate ortrale pro'lt. rhe tlrtt paper bee all Itt old reaout wtb.ral lit npioe, wbtie tbe hybrid oflaprtup of Bearer ttreet lu twice tbr mender,ty uf tbe old AfJ-ir, wlbout itt adm.toeae in ma* rig ita Acthmt piaualble. or tbe ancient *!T>ootary of thr dry*", without Ita CYomwr.i an piurk Neither of taeeo peptre placet tbe true fertt of aay qj**tioe bef >r* ita reader*, but mut.laienor t.-norea tbe repx-ta of the gather itg* and rpeicbta of ita political oppnaoalt, and grind# tbe tamo miterable party tunen, when the miaem tna, uted to keep etcp to tb*m no longer keep or mari-h to tbelr nouod. Ho the contrary, fnrgetfsl of or Mini to tbe fbet tbat tbe dayt at pimrao k .rnalirm. at well aa of old party line* ar? faat b< coming obtolete. tbey III tbelr Column! with the him antiquated DmitrtM tbat aaewered ao well la 1*f0 and 1*40. out which it laagbed at In 1MB t t tbe reel tbey Pih bodily I mm the metropolitan papr*. and rratnr with cho'ce extract! from old almuiaue. deSiact magillaef and retool reader* The nr.aller ftpeit lerow th. r attention chiefly to local Iter *, paying partlcu'ar attentton to the trim eon. hut rra. In eblrh tone ->f tbeut are tuppoee.1 to be well ported A p;g run oyer "it Stale ttreet a rat tbat ha* made too much nolne tbe pret'oui evening on th# til t rt wmmabed, or an old woman who baa !<et n ,'nronte ancient ambreila, are themea for ba f column aritneu. Takieg tbe Albany p-eea ar a nnlt. It f' rtlabee, if a reflet of Alban an la Me, a rerr tad ocbimeofary oa tbeir iatalligmtce Such, h-*wever, it It n< t. a* tbr Jfear York papert are delirered on tb* break l?*t lahie* ' the h, ii. r ritta <.r people erery morniag, er that tbe rural prre* of Sturgeon Inn really repreuaaU do body hut tbe eiupld politirtaut, tbe corrupt Wibbyltta and the a. I eatirfled editor* 1 hemic he# In fact, tb* Sralf* men, wbtrb 'erngaged In tbe work of making repnhlioant of tbe attl R'erd prrnuaalou out of old Know Nothing*, and tbe argndird, which hat (tarred into being to anoint let* Peter Cigger anl supersede the Ccofldenee Camtaj ctDceru, we the oaty two papers .n Albany wblob b*ve sny riiimi to readability?those of the Oral r. ittng on wperlative Impcdenoe, anil tboee or the attar on a capacity to make nine error* ol grammar la every ten word* It utters. TUB CKNTSAL RAIIKOAD PAPSMh This wonderful corporation j largely ngaged la the country aewspeier business It doe* not take much capt Ul, however, ts the editor* are bought over by the local directors with yearly passe* to say nothing about the road, except to chant it* praises, puft" iU petr and applaud it* measures. In (act, if we put out of the the Butlalo /'?it, Syracuse Courier and Schenectady .Yews, nearly all the rural printers root Albany to Bcflalo are the rail road's most obedient ami bumble servants,and will toady any of lu officers and directors, from a Corning and Rich mond down to a or a l'a.gc. The railroad loses little by giving there parse*, for It Is not to be supposed the rural editors would have funds enough ol their owd to travel over it often, but the dead bead system is s great lmnry t> the printers themeelve*, Inasmuch as having free passes, they neglect their busi ness, and are in the habit of spending s great deal of thsir lime in going over the road to some adjacent provincial city, wbere they become perfect locusts to the provincial hotel keepers, whom they pull unmercifully as a conside ration for ihelr board. T11B 111 HAL EDITORS IU NEW YORK. Once or twice a jeer, by diet of herd dunning, begging and borrowing, the rural editors pun lab our city by honoring It will a visit of mixed pleasure and buainees. Their -'basinets" It to bore metropolitan merchants for advertisement!, beg pap from the officeholders, get a to mix with their old fonts, and, If pos llttle new type l_ . . ilble, get acquainted with some leading New York journalist, or course, If they are shown any olviltties. 'w will, in their delicious'-editorial in their next issue they correspondent")," describe your house, yoar dress, your wife s attire and what your children had for dinner. Their enjoy menu are of rather a mixed order. Falling to get m as duaoheads at the tDesires and plaoes or amusement, they pay twenty Ore ceou for a seat m the galleries, stuff themi<-lvca bluo with Indigestible food at tbe cheep restaur.inu, patronised extensively by Peoria and AtUkapas; drain the lower groggeries of their -thousand yard red ore," and retire to some delectable retreat In Crosby or Howard street When they return homo they tell their readers what an utter sink of pollution New York Is, and Uncy they hare seen the highly rclloed, civilized upper strait or metropolitan life It Is stated that ine rear on why some of the rural prin ters sre so savsg.-lj abusive of Mayor Wood Is that many of them having, in their porrgrinatioa* here boon brought-o tho police stations for dr.iuken tecs or other offences, be has often. In the kindness of his heart, let them cf! with a smell floe or reprimand, at which they are indignant, of course THE RURAL PRl.c-> OP THE SOUTH. It must not be supposed, however, that the unhappy state of things we have chronicled is confined to the North alone. Although the empire Stale is eminent for the excessive provincialism and stupid mismauagemont ot IU rural press, and while the same sutement bo ds moroor less true throughout the entire free States, the rural press of tbe extreme South is quite a* bad, and would be worse If it were not lor tbe check Imposed up-n'lt by s more conservative tone of society, arising out of the--peculiar institution.'' A large proportion of the rural printers and editors Sooth are Yaukoce by birth, who have been driven bv poverty or other causes from their native villages. All these gentry are, of coarse, desirous of splitting this confederacy saunter, In the North by black republican and In the South by flre-eathng agency. Poor In pocket and bank rupt In principle, with no chance of obtaining recognition under the existing state of thing*, they hop to rlae to positions of prominence in tlme? of general disorder and annicby. Fresh from New Kngland, they out Yancey Yan%-> in their Invoctlvea against Colon and conservatism. |?ndcr to the lowest prejudices of the lo -al'ty where they have chanced to aHuht, and prostitute to the worst purposes any education they may possess. To tb class of Individuals tbe Birau> is of course par ticularly obnoxious, because It thorougly comprehends tbr.r telfli-b inaoieavres Very often they forward to It letters full of opluoos and barren facta, attempting to make themselves heard outside of their own obscure or gans. As a Yankee cannot live anywhere without pro scribing somebody or something, wbtther It be lager b'.er or one of our adopted fellow eitix-ns, who it worth a do-en provincial sou them i zed Yat >eo editors, these fel Iowa very oi ten proscribe men born and raised in the South, and owning enougn to buy Ave hundred of them body and soul, because tbe planter does not endorse all their insane nigger driving doctrines. COUNTRY FATERN YI1EIR OWN ENEMIES. I-ike most com plain ants against society, your rural prln. ter la bis own worst enemy. These small fry juuroalista mutt have a very large opinion of themselves to (oppose that the metropolitan press is jea' rns of petty concerns whose sggr-gsle capital Is not equal to the ex penditures of a first class metropolitan paper for a single Jay Sg wttk Ttm-r cjlumnt sre frequently tiled with f-antic appeal* to delinquent subscribers, or abusive no tices of wcil known favelltng showmen, woo |re fabove rb< alius both from principle and self Internet, fbe fact Is, tbe rural p-mtcr M seldom cheated?the assoM-rationt of the tiaiern ty to the <r nlrary notwithstanding. I. ha tbelr brethrrc, tbe lural inn keepers, toe charges of the conn try prlnh ra are very often abominably extortionate to travelling amusement proprietors, who. while ??? ly to paj the regular rules for prhiting. are anw.illag to bo ? portal y v etlmistd to pat money Into exhausted ex chequers II wookl be well for the hoatnesi managers ot ?IMltlsai that are travrl icg, when Imp-wet P--i 11 xl presses, to send copies of tbiic extorti mate accounts lo he ventilated m ton' melropollutn paper. THE MKLANCHOLT SID? OF TIIE PICTUR*. Doras kid ally oae meets wtlb some thorough aebolar and gentleman?men somet.mea of a One edncatlm? wbo, by roae reverse of fortune, hare been com ceiled to eke out a suhe stenoe In tbe office of a country journal !*ucn parsoue are really to b? commiserated, as ? be blockhead pibiisher Is careful both to starve and aburr them Tr m Marrhall -d K'-rtucky has well do srrlbtd these gintlcmtn as ' men of gsaiua reduced to desperation " T<> such m.-n their aituauona are aoythtog but sinecures They bring to (ome miserable one horse colc.t hiatcs ard industry, and ire oeaa-less ly fettered by tbe stupidity of soma block brad of a pot-haher, who consider* a nesrs I a K-r a sort of corner grocery, where tbe offsoonrlngs of creation can get drunk and light, la and out Worthy of better thing*, and with every faculty except the MrNr /airtbe unhappy class oflilerary hacks lo whom alio sum is made lead to tht prosit.- ml Journal. which fatten* | on lbf:r labors, a temporary prosperity?a glitter that a not tbe less brilliant because transit! y, and none the l lees remarkable because sprinting from* sal necessity It is time the class of gentlemen lo whom we refer? I small In numbers, but composed of the world's beat ma I terlal?had torne recognition, ffocb perwoes reel all tbe I mental and moral prialituttoa of their live*, but struggle w-.tb i. ??<**.:> > iron grasp as Idly as many a fair woman,' with the bine eje? and golden ha-r of the Caucasian race, hae struggled la the free North foe work to shield her ? from dishonor or starvwlloa Those men die of Swap. | poiatmrnt. intemperaece and a bitter oeoao of degrada tion .ki.d dirt) (? does oho 1 av craoimrd all they kuiir, j and are mere laleltrctual poll parrots, presume to write their obituaries, and kick the dead lines that are pros | irate, and whom, living they dared sot oops with. WHAT TBI RURAL TRIAS UAl TO DO. It is evident, at the first glance, that there are quite too many provincial paper*. While mat country paper* are needed as vehicles of loaal new* and advertising, they have another sad a higher mission. If their booby cos dootots bad hot tbe sagacity to And It out They oee-l to be conducted on sound bus mesa principles, and mju be independent of parties sod politicians to command rsapoct at Loss* or roffngntiiaa abroad. Taoy wwat, la ad dilton. a knowledge of tbe prlae-pie* of modern r-umaiitm. wbwh ta far more nor aeary to aput?li?l>?r than at. ar-pa lUbcc w-th typo setting, which it purely a wieebanlcal art Tbe encores of some few country pa I--rs that am mro?rably so managed proves that this la io let* * pern let ion & entry papers arc too much governed by clique# local prejudices cloud and color their vtewa of every, tt. i .- Il would be well if they gave m ire original matter sad devoted more space lo hterataro emaoa Hrg from home pros. By training young writers la this w -y, tl.ey might be useful auxiliaries in tbe work of American civilization The tpurinn* I- si Items a 1 la lory puffs and frantic spleen in which the mass of country papers Indulge, sre fetal alike to tneir reputation and pockets lo journalism, more than la say other proles sina, cbar*. ter la money Above all thing*, our rural eoolemporarle* should stoer clear of their worst foes tbe politk-iats To Suppose any thing ran be made out of muatrv editors by tbe pMKi - laaa, or *fc? was, la al-surd. a* either of them. if b.iel up together tor aa boor would pick rnr.h other ? peakri" aad. to nee aa Irishism, lioth would be fouad empty let tbe rural printer* set over their Insane jealousy of metropolitan paper*, which sre in real.M tboir bent friends bemuse they i or row Iron-. Itiem ad Itbi'n m ood oorrr repay them Wben tbe people of thin eeuatry are se Inlell-tu ally advanced as to he wnahi* to do wtlboat ore radio. daily New York Journal? which la Dot only a per'sot tnlr - - of I ho woi .<1 * dai y< ry hi t *n imparl il o m mertatUor on r-irrent events?'hey wl.l he awake lo the importance of suat.noiagsuch inland paper* m dearrv* || for tbelr ability. born sty sod tact. TUB FREE EXCIMMJE HIMtl'-i Is a positive iuJury to eoualry papers, a* well as lo tbe p*re* tnetropolls There >o no reason why ox chaige uMlipaper* should not be Used with postage. All paper* worth baring at all sr* w.irlb pay mg pottage ?n st-1 tbe abolition of toe tee etching-) hiwhog. the franking privilege, and all loema of tbe deadhead system, * the Bret step to a cheaper rale of postage Moreover, I' the country papers had flrwer exebapg-s they would lltvot their aew* better sod evince more originality. Ttey read ever each "iher'a drivel nntil whatever set they may have originally r issrssil become* confused A FIELD FOR EREROCTIC MEN. Thar* art mm peraooo wbo hart * talent for roll lag Mg ttowea op the hill of difficulty, Tb sorb men the rural pees* otters a doe Bold The very fact that it has heonm* to rtn areola to d I* tb* reason why able mm ran do well by lafelbf bold of tbr management of country murnni*. and ffih rust log igeoraace sod rapacity from tb# ptore* they j bay* usurped Comparison* are odlosa only wbsa un just While Island papers cannot compete with motropo lltso preosee, tbey ran build up a bu*lneos of tbelr own, sod place tbrmselvee in a i-wtl;--# that Ulrat sail eiergy raa alone command Aa at present rood orted, country |. , rbaTldl l? ail lot-lit to fie bnaeted mte'ligeo o ,,f the sgo. Puxh ta dhf inrpree-'-w that is -terI ?e* from t loo, j trd oaadTd rhservalloo of the uourve of tbe roral paper*, ai d such I* the blow of sensible people la the lotrrtor of the country It I* a metier of policy for the publte to I withdraw all support fW-m journals that have * * e-aima to patrons** other than that they nr? "local" rupees, cot ducted by "rat" printer* (whom all toarneymca know to h* a nutoaoor), ruled by small fry poHttriaas, sod alwsy* ready to prnatttute tbotr column, In *he#r unl waaioanen, to any political Itbert-ne who will pay fur them The soooer tbe autesnre -? *h*t~1 the hotter for j 11 vp country journals, for iho pe , r the province*, aad I fur th- rauso of Amtr<cso clvllltatl-1> 0>'f WHO KNOWS. | SENATOR SEWARD'S WESTER! TOOL What He Hold and Did in Kansas. Visit to Topeka, Leavenworth and Atchison. Terrible Destitution in the Territory, &c? he., he. Our Lkwrtscc Correspondence. Lawiuwcs, K. T , Sept. 30, 1S60. Senator Seward'? reception In Kansas baa been jnat recto as any oie might have expected. Everywhere that he baa gone the people have showered compliments upon him. You have already had from me an account of hM reception at Leavenworth, and of the speech which he made there. Be loft the same afternoon for thla place, and spent the next day (yesterday) in Topaka?General Nye remaining behind at leaven worth, and at dressing with greet e fleet, a large assemblage there. To day Sena tor Seward returned from Topeka to Lawrenoe. He wah met two miles outside this town by a large cavalcade,and was escorted amid much enthusiasm Into Lawrence. Hundreds of people from the Territory came to see and hear him. A stand was erected outside of the Hdrtdgc House, and benches and seats were placed In the street for the convenience of the ladies, who were present m great force. After an eloquent expression of the gratification which be felt In performing what be regarded as a duty, and In finding bimaelf face to laee with the people of Kansas, be referred to the drought which had aUlicted the Territory, and which threatened to cause a famine, and aaldI have carefully stud.ed the ooudltlon of Kansas, on the banke of lis rivers and on Its high and rolling prairies and 1 am happy to be able to assure you that much that has been said as regards the ability of the people to sus tain themselves has been (xatgerated. There will be no famine In Kansas. There Is already capital and credit enough to carry them over more than one year of ex haustion or the soil by drought. You will, 1 am ? irer take care to husband this^yedtt and apply it welL 11 there be still want, then amiy to your brethren in ether States for help, and it will be afforded you. I myself will do what 1 can to send In this direction tho supplies that may he needed. Then, do not suffer yourselves to bo discouraged. There are cattle enough on these thousend bills?although it would be a great sac r I floe to use them so?to carry every family through the crisis, and to ena ble ynu to come out In the spring with milch cows and woiklng cattle enough to resume operations under more propitious circumstances. We, who are here, coming from several States whence emigration prooeeds, and from the Atlantic coast, whero emigration from other lands arrive, and whence it Is sent onward, shall do oar share la directing the footstep* of the emigrant to Kan sas, assuring him, from our own observation, that it has land as fertils aa ever the sun shone upon, a climate as genial u ever quickened health and strength ia men. Iy I were thirty or forty years youeger?In the period of youth and vigor? ;*e place of all othera that 1 would chooae for home would be the plains of Kansas. (Ap plause.) Parsing from this Scbieet, he said that the transactions of thla day elucidated the subject of the irrepressible conilict (an explosion of cheers and laughter) between freedom and slavery He passed in review the history of thtseonfitet from 1787 down to 1814, showing that while the South was aggress ive, the North was submissive and compromising. Why was It, be aaked, Ibat all the settlements end oompro mlsee were not final 7 For no other reason than that the conflict was I "repressible, and was sot to be settled unti' Kansas bad finally and forever determined that ah* w juld be free, and would not be slave. (Applause ) I thWft It will be found that the whole question was settled ia tho oeliverance of Kansas, and that freedom la triumphant fr> all tb* Territories of the United Slates. And now, what do we see f Wee** In Pennsylvania that they have sot made up their minds that there Is any such conflict at *11. Oa the hills and rooks and mountains of Virginia they are actually organizing a militia to defend the Stale of V.rgtnts sfateit freemen who are establishing free doer a Kansas and New Mexico, aa If the people o! Kareae were no wiaer than themselves, ao#aa if, when they wanted to make territory free, they did aot go into It with the ballot box and scboolbouse, and set them relvre down to voto it free, taking care to ioeve the slave Stati s perfectly fice to keep slavery as long as they cac knowing that hey will be quit* ready to remove slavery from among Ibem when they see that there la no longer a prospect of their keeping the empire of the country :r their hands Referring to the compromise measure* of lvj), be eeld?Could any thing have been wiser than for the government nf the loll d States, In 18SU. to have given fair play to the national devel>>|>?meatf They did aot dr it. Ou the contrary. thoy devoted Missouri and Arkansas to slavery, and aa.d, "You may take thereat for freedom ' Could anything have been more abeurd than planting e slave l<tele In Mlaeourl In the year 1830, and thereby shutting out a supply of free tabor from all south and north aud west of It * St ill It was done. There were cot wanting wise men at that time who remonstrated. There were Henry W. Taylor and James Talmadge In the Houxo ol representatives, and peerless among all the opponent! of the measure was Rata* King in the senate of the i'nlted Rtalee. Rufue K'ng, honored among the statesmen of the Revolutionary age and amoog lb* statesman of the consti tutional eg*, established thea a new and even higher uriA to the grat.ludeof btscoentrv and of mankind. He rawed hi* warning voice aal mid to them, " Slavery la Mlasour will pruTe but a moekary. This land li to be a land of free men: and you will repent la sackcloth and whet, and under the apprehension of etvll war, if yoo at tempt to devote It to slavery." But Taylor ant? Talmadge end King were overruled, and Missouri and Arkansas cam* Into tb* Union aa slave States. The federal government secured the sieve capital *f slave holders la Mlaeourl They rejoiced and trleaipbed. nod freedom went mourning, fte country rone and eatd, with one accord," It la well done !>>wa with freedom, so aa you only aave negro capital " Sow, have you ever stopped to inqaire whet capital Miuourl had in stover el that time' Missouri had than 1 ?_ Africans in bond ege According to my recollection?for I was horn s. slaveholder, and have some Idea of this thing?they werr then worth 8300 a bead, taking babes aad mothers into account with the grows up field liaad* That wor.ld mski the whole value 8804 640 Arkansas had tb " lJCK' slaves, worth 848 000. to that all the capital aal r tins > ia Missouri aad Arkansas, was only 8860 OOOt mvr , that capital la negroes the greet oompreste# eg i 1&1K) was wade, Missouri aad Arkansas given up losiaverv. ? I and the march of freedom arrested on the banks of the ! Missouri river Now, 88*0,600 we- e eery large sum, to be ? I sure but nqjmr eon Ansa or ever pro xoeed to confieoale tbir 1 property. They were left free to tell. There em Mean I Deration of tbe staves proposed, as there sever emu lln ? | sacbuaelU. Connecticut, New York, New Jersey or Pear sylvan ia, aad so thla 8860 U00 waa never In Jeopardy by the proposition to make Mlaeourl a free mate. Bit ever ir there bad bees a cosflscatloo, aee bow email a ennrld> , of propertv was to be made, against the immense, tbe lo calculable advantage* .if freedom disponed over the bronc continent And ere bow unavailing are tb* denote an.' met rive noes of men, of (lalrrmin, of part sea, erevea .if nations, to counteract and control the great movtag opera lions of the age. Who wonid suppose that the wisest bvt of the South sad of the North would have believed ten, after tbe ratal* of New York aad 1'ennaylvaeta should i - opened, after eieaoitioata should be put upoo ibe rivers, afttr tb* telegraph should hare been perfeeved, and when the schoolmaster and tb* Christian million any ware ? brad, that they eonld, by mading Mlaeourl e slate Slate la 1*30. make I ansae n tare Slate forty yearn afterward*! New the quest Ion la ? decided, a?d wbat bave they get* They bare got slavery iato Missouri aad 4r leases, aad freedom late Kansae, iaf> Nebraska, preen caliy into New Mextoo aad t uh, aad freedom eetabl ?t>.. aad universal over the whole Pacific aoael Tb it t what come* of try lag to bind up the decrees of frnr.- * drnce in band* of hemp aad llax rabr rated by to ma rk 111. Why did It fair* It flailed for Ibe simple jensor ibat rociety bee He righto tod ttt ixceasilim ft ie j ,?i a- ueormary that men should move out of Maaeac leeti. of New fork, of Ohio, aad ladlaea, aud Hllnoie, aad erea Missouri, ia to the Weet, aa it ie rnaij that K iun> and other Territories at tbe West bould rvceiv* tvw. * Whe* they corns. It ie aeceasery that the et tor of R'nope sb'uid have a ptaoe where they wigm be "perfectly free" to have eo slaves. (1/vvgMvr ?e argsed that the eoearqoeac* of making Mm-ev * ?lav* Slate wee to divert emigrati'ia Into tbe No-t i ?e?i > era States and Canada, aad eatd that lh?-e we-e pvv> * etoiigb now la Kansas to have mule Mae tun a gr >i Stale But, sal* he, Missouri doe* ant want lo be a grv * State She prefers lo be a (lave Ante This banl ? ? -mr-inu i men, Is I > ?!?? opening the ports on her southern aad western bo d* ? end is uklsg steps to opee % highway from St I. >.ite v the IWrlSo. Never were thi propie of any uuie s > Sulci dal a* the people of Missouri If rhe r< m? n a slave State aa ahe desires to be, then the must he a p ant eg State merely aad tbe va ue of her lauds will be relatively worthies* Rrery slave State becomes impoverished,and every free Blair gross rich ? ? ? Is spite of nureeivee we will brews# sooner or later. Ir poee><i on of the abnle cnnllnekt of North A-meete?. frtni Hudson's bay to the t.ulf o( Mexico, and from tv Atlantic to the Pa. lAr 0.-raa. H is onlr e .pieetloo of fif ty or e hundred years, for the Amerioaa coniederaoy or republic must extend over tbe '.road oMlioeol Ag> ?ercBent most have xrsarth In proportion to the number of llspnple Whet kind of wealth one e smv t S"a * bring torlk* Ten yrera from this time the people nf Kan see, Ihen only sixteen year* old, xrontd not give wraith foe Uwt of Mrgtahh ? ? * Ureal na Hon* req'lre eomrthieg mere that wealth?they require inlell'genre aal vigor aad energy among their people II slsvry is ever to be discontinued and the people of lite riser flap* are to be protected, you ere the very men ar d this ibe very soli on which tb* supplies and sol diere to defend them must be raised . aad yet your lawgiver* here thought It would be w s