Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 5, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 5, 1860 Page 3
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tllHId Slavery Mi t SSZ&22P* t-cr ,a,w lotbe<* ?/ WtMo It MeaiiU to gotnojp-1 * , ?rek>ped force of human nature The simple .. polities ia to plain that it doer tv>% reqalrv phttoso to tearh II "A io<>l, though he be a waviartng man," "rot no'Htatr*' 't H tqual aa<i erect ju-tlc) 11 every ,o t?i?? that, and evtry mb will ana you power | i ?.rn. Pecy it and every man becomes an alien and an ( ran y to <to fivenMnsnt. fellow I'll ;?m, these are i p .iiiKieratiote that suggest tbem?elvei to me on no no : ion:ra you I have told you ail?I have kept n >lhlpg rlr. Hecoefnrili, if e?er my oiafl eu e in the s svlity le Aeriri ai. Ci >o shall hi- M>akeo, [ shall oome up r? to f?l" the aeser*' ro that lh? I'moa '? tiMS(rr lhae n ..1 sB-bitimi, 1? , ii ie loi; id?<t on te? gralit ide ?l sSietino of maiilv'nii. Vswrl M?sll waver frssi 'he of fres ? om, 1 thall eitna up befe to i * my devotion and tey hopes, under the l-spiratvia ii comes fioai tl? happy homes >r a h-.n ' red thooeau I ;>!o saved Ire.n flarery This is i.ot my sentiment ine, but the ariliramt of '.ho American poplo a id of e world. Men will rmn \rp to Kansas as to letmeaiein, ? place of their chief jey. Tor cnv brethreu'r and coo docs' sake *ho arstsfthm,IMd "Psaes be wllbia ur palaces and your osHme and plenteonseeso lu all iur plains and prairies ." Kellew citisens of Kansas, ce moie 1 say farewell. (Three cheers for Win. S ward.) A meeting was held in the same place in the evening was addraased by flor. PaMerroo, C.en Nye and ? LVaeeio l^smi 1 I* IKft rifiv'fit Ul(\ WU Francis Adams, Jr. The day's celebration was used with a ball and supper at fe Kldrlcb House Mr Uder, Judge Cen.way, Mr. Babcnek and Mr. Ditcher Kor of lawreneel had oha>ge of the arrangements, a were oarrted out very erediUhly. ___ j RptMkM at Luvaaworlh tad Atefel laan? Terrible Dcitltatlon U U? Terrl ] tory, 4te. OC* XAN8A? COSEWTOKBEVnt. . O* tub Cam, dept. 29, I860. | We hare made a pretty extended tour throughout the ?olate Territory of Kansas, and are now speeding along i the Hannibal and St. Joseph Railroad, on our way to ... Louis by tbe Vortb Missouri reed. | Mr. Seward's reception in the Territory was an ex nely flattering one to hiss. Erery where th e people ned to be animated with the sentiment expressed by fk. A. C. Wilder, In his address of welcome at I.eaven orth, that be (Seward) was, in Fact, their own imraelt a repreeentatire in the Senile of the I'nlted Stales. > via lied, brsides Leavenworth, the towns of Lawrence, ompton, Topclta and Atohlson. and in all those places j rfoelved with ardent demonstrations of admiration, the more remark able in tbe present doleful condition I affairs He returned from Lawrence to Leavenworth on Thurs ay, hoping to eeaapo any further d^ntlon in tbe latter iwr, but be was cot to fortunate. Tn* Wide Awakes metered .n considerable numbers, and with music, trans irencksaod I'.umirg torches, marched to the Planters' el, where there wan already a large crowd oseem Mr. Seward could not resist the demand made .j him, and ao he, though unwillingly, left hta room, f diked down to the parlor and stepping through tbe open Indow presented himself, all unattended, on the stand hich had been constructed la front of the building. His ipearanre was greeted with enthusiastic cheers, and be and himself like Mr Douglas, "betrayed'1 into making a _?ech. Ho Indulged la anticipation of the time when oa fia broad coatlaeat there was to be no other power than it of the United States, sad flattered the local pride or ,j bearers by descaatlng oa the Importance of their po |tton midway between tbe two oceans. One or more i States, be said, must rise here la the valley of the _issippl. It might have bses, and would have been* her people had bean aa wise aa you are, that ate which ltee opposite yon on the Mlmourt river. 1 ?ot know that tbe State of Missouri wlU not yet be at great State, for there Is a hope, there la aesuranoe' at Mlseouii will ulUssataly, taught by the iaatruo in you are giving ber aad the example you are letting r, be a free State. She has sell aa fertile, skiee aa .nisi, aa thoao with which God has bleated any portion I the earth. That State will ultimately be the grv a lost t Let respected, most pr wperoon, moet honored State In |ia American Union While still he trusted to the fun enrols! renditions ?f a fjlate and of a republic, which [lollop* are limply thine securing to every man u.'. ?nd exact justice. an<i the fullcet opportunity for i Improvement of bis own condition aud the ete?a 0 of hit own character by tbe laws aad cuetomx thai understand. In this respect yeur are ahead Missouri, ahead of Nebraska, ahead of Ijwa, id ahead of every Slate la lbs American Cat in, ' rearm of the great Irjustloe luff-red, the gnat ring* enuuied, and the great revolution and tirage with which you have overoome them all red to In the T?rvitovles of the United St iUw la to all e reel of the world a mere abstraction. But it baa been rar miefortuDe that your Territory waa made the then e of a conlnct, the theatre of the trial of tbaf'lrre i-sslble contltrl"?(laughter and chtcrsl?a ouotliot of ind with mind, roloe with voice, vote with vole, of ulit aga.-rt and of cannon against cannon. <>bd and tumultuous cheering ) Vou have acquired the oealton of freedom by practical experience. Von bare rs start of all lbs other Stall? if there is a people in ) |.*il<>t the world I ought to cheriau with enduring ?pit, with the aaroKtl gratitude and with tu> deep ? itrrcrt, aimrrdly It Is the people of Kansas, for, but r the practical trial they have given to Ihosynteta inch I hail adopted, hut fur toe win Ilea ion at ao much |o aud eo uii.ih cost of their bigbesl rigbH under tbe I fur one wou d have g me to my . e a dlrappouitud man, a false teacher in se eatilnatloa ol tbe An-nan people. (Applause) ? ?tirs >? the inirty Uat of ihirly-four Males o( tbe I a loo p'ch I have ?iSHed for the purpose of knowing their M, their skleiasd their people I have visited, m in ? urse of my iifetimo, mure than tbree-fourthi of th ,il;z- d nation* of the world, an 1 o| all too euive aud nun. wh.cb I have ??en, that people nbicu I hold to Se e wisest, the worlh-irt and the heal, t the peo.Au ot la i li --late (Applause) The rraton o: U is I ovrrb that "Uu ltome is that handaoma d?- a " if Mr nalloM bavt higher education, greater r. llu'mer.t. d bare cultivate 1 ibe virtues and retiaenx-nts of eivi ed lire in >re than you have, I have yet to see the lion or the people that has been abl_>," la its very in ptloa, In iu infancy, In lie very i rgai iza'.ion, to m el e abock of the aristocratic system, tbrugh which other Dona have been Injured or ruined, to repel all attack*, d to come out before the world in tho altitude of a p o ? who will not, under any form of persuaelxi, luetics or intimidaliow, consent, any one of Iheua, be a slave J any one of them to make a slave, y one of them to bold a Have, or any foot of tbelr tar <wy to be trod by a s are or by a man who I* nut equal every other mas in the eye of the law (Applause) BMblor Reward, Gen. Nye, Mr Wilson and your r> iter drove over yesterday morning from Ianvonworth Atchison About a mile from the latter place we t by a large number of Mr. Reward'* a' ,?y were on horseback, some in wagons, a toy of Wide Awakes and of Turners were'i. |.< f i r.gbt C>. .| ! andtome young glrle wer. ? oto a suge and welmmed toe Reaator with ? ilea and the waring of haadk?rehl?fb. several of ye he una la the town were lustooned with oak ranches, aid m i bridge over which the prooessiuu ? wed e Ir.umpbal arch, tasufully decorated, and ?ib haneers beanng appropriate mottoes, was ereop 1 le route or tbe proceanma waa lined with m?a and |-men S-me ot the latter threw bouquet* of a l 1 wer* into tbe carriage. This wae ail the more fiteriug to Mr Reward, aa such a tbiag waa entirely no ? u d by turn Tbe Hngbee II jm. a very large, ex ( lent bob I. to which he was escorted, was nab..rate y > I nerd aad decorated. <>o? of tbe be iters wbcb hung ?m it bore lbs boastful motto, --The subluera of Kitra i ? tbua.selves tuhdued." [ if r .-?? ward was waimly welcomed by tbe clllt-os end 'ee o Atchison, end among others by Mr. Kairohlid. .< Mayor, b i mac if a democrat, and by Gens IViaeruy. lie was introduced to tbe at r.blage by Mr. Martin, and mate a vwy effrct ve 1 . < h IP ivrrirg to tb* apology made by Mr Mt'tm 1 Ibe II ??-.juacy O Die reweptiua, bo said thai ?) tola hi jui'ge of what be hlmarlr tbiugbt of it wbca declared to them that bis welcome bore all tbe Im ?? ot Iboae I bat be nal seew given la other eegitrxi I l.rto.lary despiW Cowipsred with .oner Item I i.s tn tin- 'err I wry, this waa unsurpassed (atoatson Is ore of tbe "border ruffian" loans on the Miaeouri rr ?Kar ) H ? said be had tried to avotd all th a de i straiten, wh eb only t*n led to make hitn mlvmder ] ml. for tbe world m gbt tbiuk that w onniieg to Kan i be jam. to rrvwn t nou-re. u-swmd of o?ea>ng t > earn at wm emasar, to enable him to p rf-irm his doty to - ci tci.a better thaa he hart brr-tutor* o--o a ?'* to 1 Sid ea'<l be, tbe territory of KMses as rich as, not r cbtr than, iu I'a tut I and la ita av.d.uoae of lerial pnepertty, say Rials witb wb'Jb I have 0 acq satid aid I bavw aire.ty thirty "f the thirty tear Mabt of the Uataw. [ climate I kaow of uoaa that ma to be ao desirable Diis idler rg?in lis southern aad weatorn sous ties re ?*} cmil}?the privations of want. falling very baa y oa its latest stiver*, ree ling Irum the abaawoe af a for a period of tee or twelve moats*, i go oat o: the 1 lory ot Kisses witb a radars, that hangs nrrr aad 1. rcaaca aaa set baoaaar t bate not foaai the MRgy *urp%r?it g a'l my eipeatatloaa of its improvement sad *? < ?%ol bees as' I have not found hire a pros par ? happy people?but because I have loond faiai * w>e tr.m my own Mate, some from other RUtew I 1 hum teieiga eoaatrwa?who were lal'ioet? I l iistiy and wisely ladanad la earns to this re ii wi.Lib tbe last year or two, and who, baring .susied ail teclr mraoe end al' loeir rrniuroee la m ?u rg b >m ? for tbemsclveg, bare baan li-appalatsd | gaining f?o? labor provtaloa f -r the supply of ? r warns 1 bop- that tbe talsa wb b I nave h-ard evagg.i sled, ac.l tiiat rami lies are act aetaa'ly pa iiiiig lor weal in sooie of ibe western rounttss oi Ran I bare Haiti ta the wngMaaecorM o' your system. I in the prusperlty and devet-pesaent of th* -tale of i.sta. I hove It for tbe must obvious reason, that If i ill it i ftHuf* my I f? hM btco wart? itm a ure; but if Kansas rliall prove a euonw?we I know It u?twee I ahail ataad redeemed at least in bwt try tor isterrat 1 have lakes la toe ealabliahaa*at of atvilina n oa the back* of tb* Musoarl river uyoa tb# prlacl a aad policy which you have laid dowa f prey you? u abo are rich, you who are prosperous?to appoint Iv. and careflii men to m-ae rveearv lies la the Tsrrito tor tboee who are tt fl'rteg by this dreadful vieitatina ifrnvtdeeee to lake care that tbe eaigraat who ne la last winter and last tpflog be aot e?fy<wed, ) ?ugh diaappuiotmri.t and waul, to return to tb* Rule -bus he name, carrying bw k a taV- >f avfr-ring and iilIM and disuiwa which might retard for year* tbe rebrprmeiat of bociety here I bope you will not rs ' d lbi* advle* of mine aa being without warrant I e it f* your owa ask*?I five It for the e of the people of Kansas, as well aa h* a? my sympathies bav* been moved by tbe diatrebi *> vbl bavo moo aroun^ jy shall be uu'Vi TJ! J56J pad, t'?(? 1 aui free to t?*ll you that la my j dgmrnt there is cot me leant u*c?-s?i'y fur suy P***?? ie?vii g Uls Territory, wAwllhstsndtSff the greatness of lb-re.anniv ibat la* be'al eu It I haue whole du frxrt., (As: have proOocod neither the wrnUr wheal, nor lyring wheal, rwr the arm, nor the hnckwheat, iwf '.ir* pots leea, n> r the rout if any kted; >?? 1 k*v* ??o <* aii your pr air ice, up'and and DoMu? land, battle nod borne In imu u' tnoero, and all ?t them lb moat pe.-fwcl ctxidUtou; at d I tn aure tbat Mere la a supply of S'-idr la thin Terrtto r, wbicb, if disposed of. would produ ?e alt that la aeoeeaary to relievo every one in I be Terrl*ory. Wbat la required, tb?r<(ere, la (imply IMyour'uou'd seek out waul where It estate, and apply jour q^y aurploe aaeaaa te relirv^ll. If una t-buulu tail, and you tbusld (eel 11 oecuaoary to upply ui your couctl yintu in the Ea t for aid, I wl'l ecKi ihi.t apt'-at?1 and the r< ntlcmen who have been visiting the country witb me?and It wiH not be our fault i( aetonol cud back from tbe last the material00m form ibat ertll cheer and reanimate those who are tie prverid ami wnAvirg Tbta Siat", largxsr than any of tbe ? d lbirteen Stab a. baa not one acre tbat In unaur ? -ptlble of cuHtvatHUi; nut one toet that may uot be ?ed? pro ductive of the supplies ol tbe wants of bumau life, coo torte aud luxuries. The queatton was propounded to nu-?col of my teiktDfr?it came before me, because 1 ??a in a position wbtre I muat meet all queatlonn 0 tti a kirn? it came some six years ago I)j the iiitrreete of human Society require tbat this laid of Kani-as should be poaarrmd by slaveholders and cultivated witb slaves, or possessed and cultivated by fret men, every one of whom ahail own u>e land which be cultivates son tbe muscle* wtlb ?>hicn he tills the earth? * li< n I look ha ok at tbat period, ouly ill or seveu years ago, It at-t-ma arrange to me thai any man Irving en tnia oontl nent, bimrrll a tree man and baring children who are free, himself a tree 'adorer and having ohlldien wbo most be free laborers, bl nself earning bte own sabs i?U-nce and having cbiidrt-u *bo neat dt[*nd on their own eOorta for their support, should be willing lo res go a portion of tbia oobtlurnt so great, n soil so rich, n climate so genial, to tbe support or airu-an negroes Instead of whim men. Africa was not crowded for Kansas Afrios has never sect to Ibis routtr.v one voluntary exile or emigrant, am never will Pbt suns of Alrlca have landa whieo for them are more productive, bave labile more conge nial ^$1 tkies belter u-muend then yours are. 1 bave supposed It far better, Ue-refovs, to leave the peo ple of Africa where Hod p anted them, 00 their native ahor*s. But tbo case was different with men of my own race?ibe white men, the Dine eyed men, tbe yellow baired men of tngland, of Ireland, of Scotland, of Franoe, of Ue'maoy.of Italy Kerr unco tbla oontlueni was dis covered oppression in every torm bit been driving them from thos- lands to seek burnt n for tbeir subsistence and support on tbla continent. There is no difference between us nil tzcrp. Ibis: that my falber was driven out of Kurope by want and privation some hundred year* ago, and others some hundred years later, and some have just come, and Vena of thousand, aye, millions, have yet to oome We are all exiles already, or n present tboee ? bo were enlet?all extiea made by oppression, superstition una tyranny in Kurops. Wi are of one 'anii'y, race and kindred, all here tn tbe pur suit 01 bappiness?all seeking to improre our condition al! seeking to elevate our character. Vly sympathies bave g ne with this class of men My efforts have been, a* they must always be, to lay open before them tbe vaat leaktBSOf lb s comment, lo the end tbat we may esU bn<b hers a higher, a belter, and a happier civiliestijn than tbat from abicb ourselves or our ancestors were ex iled in foreign lands Tnts land s-iould uot only be a land of Ireecom. a land of knowledge and religion, but Itsboold be, abovt all. a land which, aa yet cannot be aaid with truth of ai y part of Europe or any other part of tba world, a land of civil liberty?tnd a land can only be made a lano ol liberty by adapting US pntclple which tua never yet obtained In kuiope, and which Is only to be attained by learning it from ourselves?tbat Is, tbat every human being being necessarily born tbe snbject of A government Is a member of tbe State, and bae a natural right to be a member of tbe dtate, and tbat, In the language of the Declaration of Independence, nil men are born equal and have 11 a!It oatye rights to me, liberty and tb" pursuit of bappiness Anne of tne State* were not estsb isbed on this principle. Tbey were established a long time ago, and under circumstances which prevented tbe adoption of this principle For those Stales, members of our Union wbo bave been unable or even unwilling to adopt tbia principle, I bave only 10 say that I ka?e them free to ei joy wbai-iwr of happiness, and 10 attain whatever of prosperity, tbey can enjoy and attain witb tbelr sya tern. But when (in calitd upon to establish a govern ment for a now State, tben I demand tbe application of the principles of tbe Declaration of tndepeod.-no*?(ap plause)?thai every man ought to be sod tbould be a free man Society can have but two fixm* by which the In dividual ran defend blmaelf from oppression. One it that which putt the minkrt inlo hit hand and telle him of the tail retort to defend himtetf sad hit liberty. Th- other it (hot which putt into hit hand the ballot, and te1 f him in grery txtyency to dr/tnd hie righit rotlh the ballot. I do maintain that in founding a neve State we hate the perfect litertt at well at the perfect right to a'ablith a government wkuh thall tecure every man in hit righte: or rather, I do ray that you mutt put into every man's hand?not into the A in,It of une?the ballot, orpu. into every man's hand, and ru t into the handt 0/ a fern, the build, to thai every nan 1 hall b'. f/ual before the law in hit power hi a cituen All M> n thai* have the, ball .!, or none, all men thall have the build, or rum* (Applause ) _ (ieucral Nye afterwards addressed the assemblage ? I ail ma add my testimony to thai of Governor tieward in re'at Ion lo the ralam ly lhal baa hefsllsn Kansas 1 Lavt usi.allj foul. I UM talcs of sulk-ring are exaggerat ed, and was prepare ! to see to Kanraa a much better state o' ibp than Lui1 Uru H pre rented. In ibat, however, 1 was mis lakes Tbe roaliir far exoecta anything that baa been depistrd, anything tbat I bad Imagined aa In tbe total tailuni ot tbo crop. 1 rode across the prairies from Kai tss uily to Orsawatumie, thenre to iAwrence, thence to I.< avuowurtb. and thence to Atchison,an aggregate dts tance of over a hundred and fifty miles, and am capable cf giving an o.unUin aa to Iho extent of the calamity, ffc I, then, tbe only crop whlcb was not en entire failure lo Ibe (outturn and wntern counties was corn, and tbat will not average one bntbel to the acre Of wheat, nets, potatoes, tumipaoroifcer esculent roots, there Is absolute ly none In these counties. The grass on the prairies Is pircbtd and burni d, and though cattle appear to be tn good cojdltiun, there can be no bay saved for winter foddsr. When tool tbla misery Is added tbe absence of waicr, for tbe creeks, r vers and wells are almost everywhere dried up, you may form some etli male of tbe dcetltutioo, actial and prmpecllv*, if iha hundred thousand people of this Terr) tory. Already deaths from famine bare occurred, and unlets tpsecy and effectual assistance be rendered ?ucb deaths will be frequent and many K indreds of families are leaving tbe Territory?leasing tb-ir farms and improve minis behind them?rather than in our the risk ol tarnine Tbe large majority will, of course, stay. Bow tbey will be saved from starvation, and bow they w 111 get the means to sow crops the onming fpMOg, Is s prt bl. m 10 wbicb it Is to be hoped as effectual eolation will be sucu obis ned If ? inter be permuted to set is before sssietancc Is obtained tbs danger will be greatly inercercd It appears to me tbat tbe beet way to meet tbe calamity would be to open subscription list* tn ibu Eastern Mates, and send provisions of all kinds Into the Ti'-rttory, to be aoU at cost price where the dest't iltos la art extreme, and to be supplied gratuitously or on credit wh?re starvation is imminent Depots of provisions ought to bo established at different points, and their manage irsst entrusted to m< of , ? own probity nod humanity. The three coontle- bordering as lbs Ml?oerl river *r* not by any means so badly off ? tboae in tbe Interior. Is the former some fkrms'S calculate on from a half to a qnsftff crop of corn, probably enough fhr tbelr own wanix But for all other crop* ibe drought has been al most at destructive aa in tbe southern and western cunto s Captain Van Vlet-t, tbe Quartermaster of the United Ante* Army at Fort leavenworth, told me yester day ibat from the splendid farm at the fort, from winch be bad cut last year 1.100 t"ns of timothy hay, he had nut cut one Ion thl* se.-iaou. and farmer* oura* lo the fort fei-m over one hundred rr.dee dletaoee to sell load* of bay, fbr wl lob they g*t only $10 or $12 The picture*, there fore, | iven of tba deat'tutton la Kaon? fall far short of tb? reality We met ye*t< rday, at owe of the few weft* wb< re w.,tcr Is >e| to be fbund, a farmer on his way to 1 as van worth from a d stant part, and be Infbrswd ?, with',at sny evtdeocn i f en ,lion, thai la his sotghbor bood a woman and tar Are children had bees fbund Is their ruble deed of starvation Aid fur star vie g Kansas cannot be supplied a n.?ment too sous. Mr, Itwtrd'i Hereptloa and Uptoh at Cleveland, Ohio. m. <??waro'? rMnicTioira ik muakti to rni run FIDMMTIAL RLRCriOM?RIRTARM RimCTtA-U likp for lARBAt are ran an- rn? ulaykky qritn IION- IIIHIBS nrr.i kas ?rf?km. MM| af? B1WAKD Uf A KLUI'IRO CAR, RFC., RTC. Cuv|u?n, OeA. 4 1M0 Heritor fit ward arrived here thie ?If iron Ch i ;* (o, and va aeeorlod through the city by WHe Awake* la the A'ternoro be ajwke la Perry park to aa auiltoo* of a cooplo of thonaaad. Be ta d that, from hie tear of obaervntloo he had ?vary reaaoe to believe thai Michigan, W aeon ate, M one noto. IUIacM aad Indiana war* ?afe, and aaairel the re publican ranae at the comkg e ectlon, and that he kntw of ao free gut* a the Eaat whioh there tu any rone to believe doubtful. Be corrected what he at*tot to he Tm erroneeoa report In the Hanaro of h'a remark at *prlEftield ta regard to hla hiring b"eo org. l to re tura from hla wander: ng to Ike State of Now York, ant declared that what h* did aay waa, that he had been aakad by weak, warning or 111 iafbrsed republican fries da la the Wtat whether, In view of the alarming r* porta of combination* in New Y< rk, be did not think It belter lo go bark, aad bad replied that he would nod go beck until be had reaaoe to apprehend that the repebti caa majority la thai Mate would fall below aixty thou rand. [1 am not aware that my report mmrcpronente I Mr. Bowird, or differ* even from tbta lUtemiol of hie ?Rnr ] Mr -award thru opok* at loree length of the ooedltioo of thing* In Kanaaa, and auggaatod the propriety of baelag pr< elatop* oett fr ?m fiblo oad other Weotera State* to b? acid la Kana*a at fhir price*, aad aot on speculation. ReTcrtlrg to the quentloo of atorory la the Territoriea, he mid, " The point which I do make la, that la the Terrlto rie* of the I alted Stole*, under Its flag, no man baa n right to lite a tinea, to fill* *r colon I m, on the groan d that bo tokr* him thorl lo bo bought or aotd, but that the State mort keep him at home where he belong*. If net left n ilnro ta the totted Stolra, he moat be left In Africa, where he bolnego. Adapting thti principle, . none bat free mm? praeilmlly, a ooe hat while men?will enter the Varrltortaa. They will roc aim Uwm from their wltdorseaa condition, and frond their tnetltattoaa of freedom. Ma eery will amid er teeing there, aa U>* datil blmaalf woold aro d entering Pared urn If the gaton war* opened tor htm by W Peter." (Uwrhtor.) While the train waa dataiaed for a raw ml note* at La port* loot night, Senator Doeg 1st, who bad boas addrean lng an Immense gathering there, entered the tl'eping e'.r, and asked to be nown to Senator A-Word'u A*tlh. Mr. Beterd had been as'.eep, o?. I <!H sot ?*>? to relwb eery much being dietarbed; but Mr Doug'aa, in his rough, hearty meatier, declared bow glad be ?ae to see Mr St ward, and melted him t > go on the platform of the oar Mud as ate a speech to hie (Douglas') boy*. "tVsonltgint( invitation Senator Seward deciinad to profit by. Thou Douglas ? night out Ueoeral Nye; but hi* advancer were no more favorably received lb that quarter. Mr. Hewurd dike* 'he ot ?ing iooerh of tho tour at Bnfialo to-morrow erenlng, and seta out for Auburn nelt ?torn leg. THE POLITICAL CANVAS* c??v TflE BEl.I,KVERfcTT MOVEMENT 0r O^KIUL WAPUJNOrON HAHfiOVT, or NASH Vil.LK, TENN. The Bell Evert-lt Union men held a meeting last eveu leg aftbo headquarter* ?f the Uuioa Central C.mmlttee, f6l Broadway pi inelpally wr the purpose of listening to ? aptech froiGtueml Washington Barrow, of Nashville Tcnn.. the home of Mr. Bell. Il we. nearly three quar! tern of an bjur pact the appointed time wh.a the Preal dent called tbo meeting to order, aud nominated for chairman Hon. Wnxis Bvackstox*, who returned thanka for the honor and explained his activa participation In pubne aOalra at tbla m. ment, by almply re marking that be bad scarcely attended a po litical meeting since i860, bat be believed the time had now armed wben all good clttaeua should, aa ne hoped (^pp'ute ) d? 'n tb<i[r 10 pro,erve lhl1 S'orious Union. thr. R R. Hiuoronn, candidate for Cnpgr?e. was then introduced atnid ch? ? re and brielly ad iroefd the meet lug He alluded lo the organization of the Bell Everett conservative party a few months ago, when be-Id animated by tbo influence ol the fathers of the reoubllc a great nat.on.l conservative Union part, sprang up ?o dt' c.^m" Thf/ Wb^, m'rche' uoa?" banner of repub*. L>m ^he time bad come w boo the affairs of this aovorn ment cools not be administered except by tbeoooiervaiivo ,V-Ri '.kT1 , u" 'lK ke lr?? perviinal experlenco of cxt sirt i'i i^ 1 re,0lirce? ^ 1* Stllutions, and In , 'famous nrsrcpreaeuUtior s at tne .Vorib of Ibe peculiar iiistuunon of the .South explained theacti al character of slavery and tbe h.pp.oc- LdTS afforded not only to the slaves tbemselvss, but aino tenths people of ibe flee States Sooner would tbe iouth retire Iromtbe Union, be said, iban submit to tbe offensive rule of the black repopl c? party fADDlause i fo., , could not be abolish.?l until tbe SouAi chute lo abolish 57 and the icoi.sB tirade against it only embittered lis I condition, wb It it would not shorten Its ex.gtence i lot ,r?B n'l)Ubll?n sources, sbow! 'L' [*"' inceuoiary reulimems of republ uwism and pictured (he deplorable condition into which the country would be thrown in the event of )lnc"n!s el? tlou, lor the B utb, he said, would protect her risbte even at the point of tbe bayonet. He closed by exhortm? h?? audience to sund o,m by the principles Jf (be BHi nJ Everett or,SMlxatleo, - the m-i effe?lkl way ti Z lei ve tbe constitution and tbe Union. Gl.v Wa?Hi??;?o? Bamrow, of N?hvllle. Tonne?en flue" I'LL m?t 0,8 s,r"?<?> who in a gent enSZot n-'lv-w^h'^n?":^' I?*" Produced. and rtcelved with loud cheers. ' He - wU a ?^!h urlD/ wb!cb *me the audience listened with marked attention and interest I come he -,d. from the distent *ste of T-mrs-ee not *" ? or acle cr s leader, not u one poSLm, t rfrat^e |I>|WM1*#kC* *** P0111"5*1 ,l>Ut ilmply ? ' tdwilhacnfn ^T^T0"dert,ah? "???? bl?nd .?.?. R*tlred "?? Public life for mors tbu ten jtars I lisd hoped never to be compelled to emerge from bidow'a oV* ,U.lloDi but *hen I heard the surging of the wii tv. ^ . ,trif? ?nd hatred, I thought *h*| it *a? tbs duty of every patriot to raise his voiei how..,, feeble It might be, in order to roo? the attention aun direct tbs though!.' of hi, coon irymenev wry whereto lb*? )OQf orlaDC6 and d&OCfr of IKa rrrrwmit - _ i?_i_ /. P'au*6') 1 o??n? from the Union-loving conservative U : ? - *?> tmb?dor 'gfS?mm V 10 0,6 ? Monervative men oi me NortU I oome not 11 ia timn hnt u - ?uiJx siJi^onSf ieL^'r'il?1' *C00*d B*10 HMiwculoatlona of some of tbe lewdrrs of the republican party, you should cut wi*b 8?u???n. men -d sKoW? 1 know mat Sumner and Helper have ?id that we are b2 ?ZSHTkEi?*".iao,hi peoP,e * New Tork M?d other States lo bslieve mat a slaveholder Is ? cannibal Do I look Ilk? a barbarian? (laughter) Do 1 look like a cannibal?a maa who oould take ths'head and-m. o? a nlf r? ^ b4lMl<5? of his body for din no ha.^.7 . tau?ht?r ) No. fcUow cltlrenf, I am no barbarl?. I come not from the Fertee Islands?I come from the home of John Bell. (Load cheers ) i came from the place where repose the kt t morWre. mains of the II ustrlous Jackson. (Cheers ) I address xou to nrghl In tbe midst of s canvass, upon the revolt? ?^rameerPhldt' 1 W1" J0< "*7 ^' uuancc of ibis ihl .?pon tb? re4uW ?r which may depend If, . hether that fraternity ?d affection shall om tinue to exist that ought to exist between the member '* ,b* ,*ni? f"*? confederacy. I look upon tbla ? the most Important crisis that h? evor an f*?'?'1 t,to tb# history of the government. I know, if ttit solution of tlin Question ww left to tbe people, the question would be decided aright Tb people are ? xlous for a wise, honest and patriotic govern mint, but on ordinary ocraalone when buvy with do mestic and commerciai affaira, they may be tmrdooed for handing over tbe gove-nmmi to tbe bands of their ih*? m*. *?n'e crisis arise wben they ehouldtek? the conduct of aflairs into their own liands This is one ol those crisis You ought not to trust your rin'Thi! 7Tf M?BJr Ih*'" ?re ambitious, and uTrr'n- .f' ,**7 'h*1 *"m" of lhfm < orrupl ben. r?f"rr?d 10 two Important epoch# in the bis lory of the country, wblcb he ?id were next In mpofUnce to the jvt sent can vase. The one w? tbe lime of null ideal, m In 1833, wren the government wav Ot iBD?TjLZlZ ?od 'ictermi?tlou t* andrew Jaoheon, and the ountry saved for tbe time bu* null i beat ion was not ? k r WM *a*D '? appeared again tn I860, wben the comiTomlse mr?tires were adopted the danger then w.s averted by Henry CUy, tbe great pwcincwtor and compromiser, wbiwe age could not check J?*?' bl? pstrt dism, nor dim the lustre of hta great (uhfvta ) That w? the moat Importsut crisis ? li/t , ?"DoU7 b,d ?T*r ?"? ?"? S|?aklug of tbe Other irtst tteo who took an active part in the ssliatbm of that lime. General Bhrrew eulogi/ed imniel w? baler?(cbexra)?the Edmund Burke of America? the expouuder and defender of the constitution? Stephen *? XHtalas?(cbrers)?the Little Giant who brought the determination, wb.cb bad sfways cbaracterired hla t^'urte, to tbr settlement of tbe great question, and Mil '?"* '"Imors, who, be ?Id, although beaten la I86S stood a hundred yards above James Buchanan In tbe ?e-' Pinal in . f hit rountrymco. (iibetrs ) He th-n traced the orgamxatioa of the republican party la 1866 which w?lormed msioly of old line whigs and old fhahtonod democrats, msttioning tbe rami of some la either party ? ho rclused to be draws into the whirlpool of repob I icon ism I am not orwne from tbe Aruth to and fault, he cootlo ied. but I ?y here to night, and I am willing to have il repeated m T.nne?ee and in rtoutbUrolins even that 1 think the iisunhei party of tbe Sostb II - dangerous - the republican party o/tbe .Sortb and 11 have good autb.*ity, for I follow but tbe ? xample of Ihe illuatnous Jackson (Cheers ) He tb*a proceeded to spek of the grrat terrlierlaJ gal- of the ' w ' *?'? Aiulb bad not obtained a foot of tern P. * ***** ,D ,84*' wblcb annex# twn the cwnervativ^rnxn of renoe? bad strooglv opposed. Next be s^-ke of Mr. dew.rd, wbo he-ii ??? b<*<i and ibouliirn Abo re toy mm to bis rwrtv 10 lu.eli.ct. Mr reward, be co.nnuJd,"^- bTtu a ter he set out lo speak oa Ue ia?u<? of Ibe present canipaigB He ?nounred to tbe people of Clevelan I "that slavery must b,. smelloralad and then a^'ihw? ' (I d'B t site bra exact wordn.imly the "uhetaoeei, - aod L k>^ . *** P"'*? W *?" R. queain went out l" 1 in. fj. n, repub,ijann lo Uln effect?"Hoo t talk n?j bar.biy, we want to carry the biate of New Yerk, ?d. U you docit mind, your effjrtn will defe? Mr. I nooln Then he enters out end eays that ? ?he qwealina Is settled, ' ? d "tut tbe Ter riioriea are goa# over lo freed.? " In bis I?t Speech he ?id, "the c<>nleet was ended and tbe victory raised. ' I picked up a paper oa tbe Alb?y oars, wblrb alluded lo ihe recent movement* of Mr toward I am a*i< Liabrd that even ibe astute editor of the Haaa.r. h? not lain up tbr luhject I am glad that I aan do it for b m, so Uat no man ran charge me with having pla emriaed abal Beeertt bsa -id, |D the flrvt place, Mr Bew ? it b?raid (I do not quote hla exact words) "that be b?. eo?e to tbe conclusion that the beet pian is depend no longer u,<.? Ue rich, ap> ? the poi r. Hrr? is a retura to that danger.., ? doctrine U*t be b- Promulgated bwocwtbe I shLl I" i?Tl " H" **?? fllrth?. '? Hereafter thai. n..t reiy upon my countrymen" (I state the sub ranc* , but I shall rely tipou tbe exile and the foreigner to tarry pBt ibis great work." Fellow cii'sena is no| ^n ?sPSrSST-. ^ ^t T*4" b7 th" ?T??' rnan r >#w Yrtrk. Now, I btro m obKcthtn to tho ortlgter hut 1 ?ny Uat I prefer my own cm try men to Ibe foreigner n Ue taubl.ebmant ,4 any great Work for r7t ^n'fj. and ye. W.liiam H ^eTrd Tr/w^ that b? would Dot B* mvs th%t th?v ore bvi rr arqustnted WIU rrerdom' What UoJTdo.. ^ VeToTi^on^l1"^ W"h f"**1'"" H'?n rr publican gv.vernmrnt. Ia IhMaama graai snn-rt. .!lTw ass :r'>>r "skStS M TliT.Cb AD to tAjr thAt you ODD be bflUflbl AD J Mf?\i\ bv thD territorre#, even to tbe Pae to ooeeo There la hla A~ to?rttoeK0;' ' H.- Po^d^re't from all quarter* tbst * tbire b? "beeT S^SMte^ jrecmipttem U to. i-t Uglsiature ^ the ar d ilaresy ef white^TL'y Sl'm* assnre VZ 'uH? atevety in ue %>u<!b, but times lees cairn late d to injure' this 'government'tolHT'te ?'"^'I'wo'uld Uka'to"'* ?d rise of "That's

moat h^.J ?,.tf pur??? aubjret further, but I Ues D^^ded te *._r'f"y'"**<? Ges-ral Barrow Prf**wlrd u speak of Abraham In ? bo, be Mid, baa adopted the sentiments of the republican party. He hue Mid that eventually thia country must become either all slave or all (tee If it la to become all free, what is to beoome o( the slawe' if y ou are to boy them, aa baa been proposed, atop and ca so late ?bal tour million alavea at a thousand dollara a bead will come to, and aee whether you can pay for tbem But I bave nut found a man, except Ur. tie ward b maelf (and the statement of hla to have you buy tlx Di was only a vagary not to bo carried oat), who was wining to buy tbem. Then, what wul you do with them ? You must take them by foroe t As to Ibe question of aggression, wonld you not resist to thr bitter end every demonstration of aggreaalon ? Wo a-e perfectly satisfled with the institutions of the South, and to are the ilavcg Woere ono slave would joil an ti vndlng force, " buncred would be willing to aaalat their it aster aga nst ti e Invaders. (Cheers ) tly servant has my life to bis btnds every ni(bt. and be ?h faithful. Hut if jou make another San Honlngo of America, ^volcr,never ') what will you do with the nee rocs P Ibamlrs all fraternsi oonsldsratloos aud c c.a down to the prtcIleal questionWhat is to be the result It the sentiments of reward and I.ln roln should prevail! Would you establish these negroes in a separate republic'.' Then yea would bave to treat tbem aa you would your children, and to consider tt em your equals Gtrrll Smith hss admitted that they are your equals, and baa put Ered Douglaig, a negro, on bra electoral ticket. Why don't you put a nigger on your electoral ticket! What will you do with these people.' Will you allow them to Sit at jour own table, marry your daughters, govern yourStateg. sit In your haPs of Congresa and perhaps be 1'reitdent 01 the l ulled dtaiee! But if not, what will you do with them? Bend tbem back to Libtrls! If you do. they will relapee into utter barbar ism It is Impossible for us to settle thka question. Then ti we cannot srutls it, why don't you let It alone'! There are some ci ueervauvo men who think that their own leaven will harmonise the whole. But this Is a most egregious mistake, for there is always a disposition on the part of the pi uple to admire eatreme partisans. I do not ssy that the election of l.lnc >ln will dissolve the Union, but I oo My that this continued agitation of the subject must t vcDtuaily produce tla influence on the South, f >r does not the exhibition of such a demonstration as the John Drown raid oilluse the spirit of retaliation Into the minds ol even coieerraltvo men! You ought not to eleoi l.loooln. 1 would say to you,"Now Arnold, don't do this thing." You can carry your object without aucb a disastrous re sult. 1 would ^sy to any republicans who may hare heard me tou.gbt, "Is It of such great Import ance tbat Lincoln shall be elected ! If he is tbo result will be must disastrous. It would be Impossi ble to predict the oonsequtnees that would ensue. Oan't you live under some ether administration than that of Abraham Lincoln ?Uau't you live under tho administra tion of John Bell! (Loud cheers, and crtM of "yes," "yes.") He 1s devoted to the constitution and tho Colon I have known him from infancy. Hs has always been a frteud of conservatism and so tbe people of the South bss denounced him as being !n league with the re publicans of the North, whilo tho people of tbe North charge him with being a slaveholder aid so pledged to the interests of tbe itouth Is not this tbe best evi icnce that ho holds a mi IJle ground' He placed a high standard before bim Ho has followed tbe example eel by Wafbingtou ?u.i MMgg and other fathers of tho repubilo. Id oue of his ipeechet John Bell said, "I trust that the day will soon come when ome great man and statesman, rising above the demMda and attachments of section, will tlx his eye upon s groat constitutional Colon party, that will look alone to the interests of the country." And this day the wish and tbo prophecy of John Bell are realised In bis own person, and he Is now tbe respected and venerated leader of a party having for Its motto, " Hie Colon, the constitution, and the enforoe meet or the laws (loud cheers for Bell. A Voice? Lincoln Is played oat.) I tall yon Lincoln ain't played ont, but If tbe good Colon men unite In a determined effort we will bent him out of sight Tbe speaker then pasted a Ittlog eulogy npoo Edward Everett, and alluded in terms of commendation to hit able answer to tbe mlsreprenootattons concerning the Csltcd Plates by Earl Srsy. He concluded with flatier isg predictions for the sneceM of the Colon candidates. After a vote of thanks to tho speakers the meeting ad journed. CITY POLITICS. IDE BELL AND Bt BRETT FARTT RBFTSK TO ENDORSE THE BKriBLICAN KOMJNKEH. Numerous Attempt* here been mads to tadace the Bell Everett faction In this city to endorse a portion of the nominees of the republican party. At the recent mooting of- their City and County Convention there mere n front ?any hint* thrown oat and side aoonentlona that at leant a portion of thone present were republicans In disguise. Before the meeting cloeed open charge* were made that republicans bad touad their way into the meeting, and an adjournment was ndvacated to see wh>their mm were. The Central Committee of the National Colon Clube, the bend of tbe party la tbn c ty, have since met end taken action upon the matter. They held n meeting on Wednesday evening, at 8M Broadway, General Lloyd {'residing, and adopted the following preamble end resofu lor ? Where**, it baa been saf|*ated In certain quarters that one or mure of the republican nominees for I real offloea la thin city be adopted by tbe Colon City. County and Judi ciary On vent ion now, therefore, be II Krsolved, That this committee ripreealy dissents from such view, end doea emphatically declare that tbe adoption of any inch nominees by tbe said Convention, or the nomination ihereby of any supporter of Ltnootn and Hamlin, would be fraught with evil to tbe cauae of Bell and Everett, not onlyin this city, but also throughout the Colon. TUg THIRD CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT. The following are the candidates nominated for Congress In this district ?? Republican A. J. Williamson, ll-rart Benjamin Wood. B-o kinrldge J< bn C. Mather. Tammany Benjamin Wood. RF.Pl'BLICAN CONGKE&MONAL CONVENTIONS. Fomru Dwniirr ?In consequence of Br Waterman, of the Tenth srard, declining tho nomination for thin dis trict, which was offsral htm at the previous meeting of the Convention, another meeting of the delegates was called for last evening Seven delegates, from the Fourth, Sixth, Troth and Fourteenth wards, assembled at No 42d Broome street, to nominate a Congressman for the Fourth Congressional district. The meeting was organised at eight o'elc k. Mr. Benjamin F. Bradford was appointed Chairman, and Dr. Newman secretary. Mr John Onsn merford was then unanimously nominated as candidate for the Fonrtb Congress .ial district. ASSEMBLY CONVENTIONS. Tmsp Dtsrairv.?The repub leans of the Third Assetstily district met last night at the Fifth Wnrd HoLl, and nominate ! Mr. William H. (.elston at Assembly man for this district. Flbtrrth BnrrsiiT.?Ef Alderman Wm. MoO nkey has received the Mozart Hall and Brook In ridge nomiontlona for Assembly lei this district. lbs Tenth Assembly Platriet (Tammany) Oon vent ion 'of First asanas and Klo met lest evening at tbe corner < Tenth street, sad adjourned over to Monday evening TBI DEMOCRATIC GENERAL COMMITTER met last evening at Tammany Hall, Elijah F. Purdy in the chair. After tbe usual routine business was transacted the following resolution eras unanimously adopted;? Resolved, That Una committee approve of tbe action of the Democratic Republican State Committee in further none of the rr?at and patriotic movement to unite all tbe >f tl opponent* of tbe elect kin of Abraham Lincoln in favor of ooe ticket, and that we will give our earneet and untiring ??1 |*rt to the e|crt< ml tl M h.aded with the names ef Greene C. Brons'.u and Hemaa J. RedSold, and the State ticket headed wilh the names of Kelly for Go rernor, and William C Crane for Lieutenant Governor. Several m<-mberi of the oomnltlee addressed tbe meet ing la support of the above risolution, the utmost har mony prevailing throegh- ut the meeting. ONE OF TfIB CLOSING I nAPTRRS OF TOR WIPE AWA1B a FA HA PR. ft appears that during the preparations foe tbe greet Wide Awake demoosiratiow, all the business men who ware supposed to be la the republic ta ranks ware asked to eobecribe. Gee Arm w?e asked to give tea dollars Inwards de'raylng the ripeness of the enmpaoy from Portland, Maine, sod upon refusing, a merchant in rfmilh elretl sent a rote immediately for a statement of account, desiring to close It at - nee Is this ton repot) can mode of doing hi sines and Is ooe of tbeir general orders to cut the arqi airuoee of all ?lw> will rot rontatitnte to their demonstrations! Purely itey cannot be hard sp for funds. arrangement* for the grand Mam wmrrrNO. The Committee of Arrangemente for the grand mass meettag at Cosier last tote, fur Monday evening next, met yrsterday at Ihe'r bsedqunrters, Me. TS1 Broadway, and o sde srrscgrfr.crts for all the 1'nloa (lab* and 1 *efuss of thi* slty. Rr x-klyn and Vi Inlly, to attend the dosiorstra Hoe thss* c nloas have enrolled over forty tboo seed members. NOT A CANDIDATK. Mu has I Cbaselly, whom tame has been need In connec tion with tbe r fTee of dly Jndge. ban come oat in a card IS oar advertising columns refusing to be a candidate KIM.S COUNTY POLITICS. MO? ART HALL CONGRESSIONAL CONVENTION. The Mozart Hall Fifth District Congressional Goaveetloa ?net ysaterda; evening at tbe "Gothic," In Thrvd street, Willisasbarg. far the purpose of bearing the reporters conference com m it tee appointed nt s previous meettag to confer with the Sew York Tammany sad Moaart delega Hobs The committee reported that tb?v could set agree, ? rd that s fust' n thai w< uid be favorable to Wll'lam* burg was out of the'isestkm. After bearing I he report a mot^a was made to proceed to ballot and Dominate their own man. wb <-b, after some diacuvsiue, was carried. Two of the de cg?t*? retired from tbe room and tbe he lance proev de l to ballot. Mr. It D. Wynant being the onh car, r'-calved e gbt votes, and was declared the nominee of the Con n o Poo Mr Wynant. el?er being made srqnaintad with his som r atloo fame Into tbe room and addreaead the Con venii-n. tbenkiif tlwm for tbe honor conferred upon h vii ard pramlttrg that If sleeted he would do his datv and lo?b well to the lnt?tv*ls of Williamsburg, It sr*nn deratood the Ball Everett party WUI endorse the so mlMttea. KTlTEN INLAND POUTTCB. RICE MONO COCNTT t HUMBLY NOMINATION*. Ml perils* feat< mod- ibelr nomlnatlooaror tne Lit laturs < a "tales Island, sad are now fairly pitted agal each other TV reprseeetative of that Bounty last s tar, ws see, bas been Invited to stay at home, just as predeoMaov* bars who wars found whilst la Albany oh by jowl with certain prominent lobby operators. The democracy tars nominated Nathan Das* Ell wood, Fhq , a mas about flfly Ira years of age, a prt Bent lawyer, and wbo ban 'or a long'time been one of the moat prominent oonnael before the foipreme Oourt at Albany. He In a deeoandant of the Revolutionary itock, being a nephew of Nathan Dane, famous for hie connec tion with the ITU reaelnttoe. He In one of the eubetan tlal men or the Inland and a large taxpayer. He aocepta the nomination tendered, In hope* of cringing the loaf controversy about the Quarantine to a eatbfactory oon ciueion, *e well aa to look after ths firry rights, | which now place them at the mercy of a grind ing monopoly, ai well m to proteoi the latereeta of the properly holders, wbo bare ao long iviTered from the peculaltone or the Albany gang. He baa never held I any public offloe. Hta nomination la a derided Improve , ment upon the cliaa uaually put forward for the Legln lature. I The republicans have nominated Mluthorn Tompklng, : to the great satlafhctlon of Thurlow Weed, George lew, ; and all their aaaociato lobby men. Mr. Tompkins has been before the public in several dlQercnt eapaciltea. He bae been member of the Assembly two terms, in 1833 and I '3A, and baa since worn the Senatorial robes for one term, or during 1840 end'41 He was a prominent menber In I the democratic party until 1848, at which time be united : with the fTte roll Van Burrn movement, and wan the can I d id ate on that ticket for Lieutenant Governor. He hai I since acted with the republicans, and was one of the Fre ) moot electors in 18f>6. He was one of the ineorporatora I In George law * big gridiron that pasaed the Senate with ! such speed last winter, and In one of law a right hand men In hla oppressive States Island ferry monopoly. At ' all of the .-late Conventions of the republican party he Is i marked cown by the flgurers as sound for Weed's slate, let It bo what it will. The issue between them Is there fore plain and easily understood. MOVEMENTS OF JUDGE DOUGLAS. Chicago, Oct. 4,1880. Senator Douglas arrived at ten o'clock to night, two hours after progromme time. He was met at the depot by the Douglas Invlnglbles, to the number of 2 000, and esoorted to the Tremont House, where he was wcl iomed borne by T. B. Taylor. Mr. Douglas briefly rcspsoded, ac knowledging the houor done to him in this magnifloent reception. The streets In the vicinity of the Tronont House were densely crowded, the number In attendance being estimated at ten to fifteen thousand persons. Mr. Douglas addresses a mass meeting of the demo cracy tomorrow. LETTER FROM SENATOR CRITTENDEN. I.opwvnis, Oct. 4, 1880. The Bulletin publishes a letter of Hun. .luhn J. Critten den, in answer to his admirers in New Albany, Ind., asking s speech defining their duty as Indianlans in the present crisis. Mr. Crittenden declines speaking, but writes ? If I were a voter In the State of Indiana, and behoved there wii no probability tbat Bell could curry the State by Its popular vote, then I would unhesitatingly give my vote for Mr. Donglaa; and I should do Una thinking tbat thereby I performed my duty as a true I'nlon man, and rendered both to my country and to Bell and Everett?the cindidates of my choioe?the best service that circum stances permitted me to do. MASSACHUSETTS POLITICS. # Bewroii, Oct. 8,1880. The republicans have nominated Charles Francis Adams In the Third Congressional district, and Charles R Train la the Eighth. RHODB ISLAND POLITICS. Pnovmaaon, Oct. 8,1860. The Democratic Electoral Convention met bete to-day, and nominated Alexander Duncan and Amaea Sprague elector! at large, and Theodore p. Bog art and Samuel Rodman district electors. NEW JERSEY POLITICS. Eawtok, Oct. 4,1860. The Democratic Congressional Convention of the Third district of New Jersey met at SomervlUa to-day, and nominated W. 0. Steele by acclamation. The Bell-Kverett Convention of the mme district met at the earns place, and resolved taat 18 was laexpedent at the present time to make n nomination for Congress. THE FLORIDA ELECTION. Acoi'Ta, Ga., Oct. 4, I860. Tha Columbus Tawes bu a despatch, dated Marianne 3d, ?aylng?"Florida aeada granting ? tha democracy bare the State." The returns thus far are very limited, and the result, as predicated by them, an certain. MISCELLANEOUS POLITICAL ITEMS. 1 Bsruase to Assam ? It will be recollected that, while Judgo Douglas was delivering bis speech In Norfolk, Ya., certain quest Ions In regard to what should he done in raaa Lincoln was elected were pot to him by Major William Lamb, the Breckinridge elector for the Norfolk district. Mr. Douglas said he would answer the tntorrog <. tor lea if Mr. Lamb would put the name questions to Mr. Breckin ridge. This be promised to do, and the questions were answered. In a speech delivered by Mr. lamb, In Nor folk, on the 28th nit., be said that he had fnlSiled big pro mise, and propounded tbe queetlons to Mr. Breckinridge which be bad put to Judge Douglas, b it that Mr. Breckin ridge bad declined answering tbem. Tbe following are the questions:? If Abraham Lincoln 'hould be elected President of the Called Steles, will the Southern Sutee be Justified In so ceding from Ike toton? If they (the Southern Stales) eeoede from tbe I'd ion upon tbe inauguration of Abraham Lincoln, before be commits an "tot art agaiust their ronatllut ..nal right*, will you advise or vindicate reelslance by furoe to their ?saamtaaf Ji DOS B>vm Plaisk On?Judge Bates,of fit I.ouls, In a letter declining an Invitation to tarn oat wllhljtbe Wide Awakes In Keokuk, lowk, says he Is too poor and "cannot afford to attend." V ?t somebody l*iy tbe "id Judge a rap and cape, and supply b.m with a lantern? He furthTtaya that be ic now "under tbe necessity of returning to bit professional labors, which for more than a year have bees too much interrupted by tbe etcitementof politics.'' During all that lime the old fellow was gallvaattag after a nomination for the rresldeooy. V ia<i is la Cmvalst ?We copy the following account of a ?mall fight between two electoral candidates Is Virginia from the Norfolk //<ra!d of tbe let met ? Friday night lent having been appointed for a dhrcss I (ion between tbe several electors ?t this dietrL I, they ar I rordlogly met is Asbland Hal!?L H Jhaodler for Be I. i Major Wm. lamb far Breckiarldga, and General Geo. Illow for I <00glea Mr Chaoalcr having spoken out his hour, ho , was foll"*td by Mr. Iamb. Mr lamb continued bis ! speerh lor s< ?o m Lutes, wbew, pmntinr his fluger at Mr. I Chandler, bt- said? Sow, fellow cltlnos, I will proceed to ! Show you that the Bell ai.d Kverrtt elector for this <1 la i tr let a as it M,ossein reus free soller in IMA. sad i nk the I stump and made Area soil epre. nee. Mr C'sasdi as, r lair t Irom hla newt and approaching Mr. Iamb, said?Mr Jamb, do I understand you as charging " a Mas Bte with having been a free soller la Massachusetts lb 1M* and advocating tba sen Unseals of that party? Mr. Iass-Yis, it. Mr ( SAAi'ina?It's a damned He. Mr. I ami ?Do you mean tossy that I am a damned liar? Mr. rusarian?Do jou apply tbtsecharges hi am? Mr lass?Tea. sir, I do Mr. Cba?diss?Then, sir, yon are a damned infernal liar Here tbd parties rams Into collision Aooounta dlf? r somewhat t? in a hicb strut k 3rst. The bloars seeiae-l to thorn searrst to the ii*>t to have been almoat smalta Ibe frleads of both lb# gentlemen rushed to the stand, and a scene of racitemeat rnaue J wbtcb ?HM all description Men who bad lived for years in friendly blerotiurse looked daggers at one another, an I ? Daroa party or a 8 let waa ivory moment dreaded. Uaa I mure drat act?a blow?evaa the exhibition or a deadly wea pon?might have lit np a Dame of dlaoord that ooald oaly bare been qoebcbtd with blood. The affair terminated, however, without any serlott results, and Mr Chandler i roceejcd to reply to bis am tsgonist la s mere friendly bplrtt. Rsn nt icas Inns is Maivs ?Tba vote Is Mains la 1AM for President was as follows ? Fremont .... AT.ITI Rurbanan 80 0*0 Fillmore 8 #25 Total vote 100 774 Republican majority ovar all 24,945 Tbe following is the vote for Governor at tba sleet; n last month ? Republican CO 4*4 Iwaot ratle ?1 3T# I'SMS 1 IJO Total rota #47 Republican maturity over ml 14.578 Republican kws la h-vr yearv s.ltw TjwobUi'-IPSA or JsevsaaoB ?Abraham Lincoln, caoeo fkmlliarly known as Old Abe, the rail splitter, in s spae-h dalivered In 1144. spoke of Thomas Jefferson aa fol Onollnnally pullBg about liberty, equality and tbe do grading curse of slavery, Jr?rr?<ia brought hiaovaobil dreo to the hammer, and mad* money of bin dobaucbe rtas. It may lie that Jtdemon has changed bin political aenti mania and practloas lined Old Aba delivered that apneeh. and that the sage of Montloatk) had finalTy succeeded In getting upon Usa black republican platform Tss Fioinn Pwrawv ov MASksrrt wm ?Tba hhask re publicans la noma of tbe districts of Massachusetts are la a peck of trouble over tbetr OnngTSdalonal?aaildataa. A war has sow broken out la tba Kigbth district, bet wees tbe nupportars of Has Charles R Train, tbe present re presnatatlvd, and as Governor Rovtwvll Bits want the nomination, and from tba flmiasm In wfelcb tba ooaOict is wagsd wo ah on Id iodg? that both will ba oaadl IsronvAnv frrsi ucsntw ?Tba blaakj rapubucaaa eoa aada tba sisMtaa of Msary D. Psatar, tba democrat n can didata, fbr Bavsraar m Psaasyivaaia. Black Rcpabllcaa Sanrtajr L?(lil?tloa, COI'T OF TllK Sl'MDAY LAW ?LIST OF AYAH AND NaYK, ETC.?AN ACT TO PAAHtK . K Till Pl'liLlO PEACE AMD OK OIK ON T8K FIRST DAT OP TllK H KKK, COM MONLY called mi-nday, tasked apkil 17, lbtiO, Til RLE FIFTHS BEING PKEKKNT. The people of the Stele of New York, represented HI Senile ana Assembly, do enact as follow* ? Sect on 1. It shall not be la* ful to eabibil on the Qrst dap of the week, commonly called Sunday, to the public, id any, grouncs, concert room, or other room or plaoe within the olty and county of New York, any Inter lude, tragedy, coined r, opera, ballet, play, fa roe, negro minstrelsy, negro or other dancing, or any other enter tain menu of the stage, or any part or parts therein, or axy tquestrlan, circus or dramatic performance, or any performanod of Jugglers, ocroba<s or rope dancing Sec X Any person offinding against the provisions of this law, and every parson aiding in such exhibition by advertisement or otherwise, and every owner or I ass in of any building, part of bntldlng, ground, garden or omtosrt room, or other room or plaoe, who shall lease or let out the same tor Ute purpose or any such exhibition or performance, or asaent that the same bo used for any such purpose, if tbe same sball be used for such purpose, shall bo guilty of s misdemeanor, and In addition to lbs puniabment therefor provided bylaw shall be subjected to a penalty of five butdrsd dollars, wbloh penalty the Soi tety for the Reformation of Juvenile Delinquents In raid city, are hereby authorized, In the name of the peo ple of this State, to prosecute, sue (brand reoovor, for the use of said aoclcty, in addition to which every such exhibition or performance (ball of Itarif forfeit, and annul and render void and of no effect any which (hall bave b?en previously obtained by aay grr, proprietor, owner or let lee consenting to, causing or allowing, or letting any part of a building lor thspurpoEe Of eucb exhibition and Sec 3 Tbia act shall take effect immod.atoly. A stringent law was introduced in the fore part of tlM session and passed both branches of tbe legislature, un der tbe title of " An act to amend an act entitled an act to increase the funds in old of the Society for the Refor mation of JuvCDlle Delinquents In the city of New York, and lor other puri>osee." It provided that H should not be lawful to bold open any plaoe of auiunement on Sun day, unlras a licenie had oeen Qrst obtained from the Ma> or of New York, and the mm of Ave hundred dollars per annum paid for that purpose, thus making a monopoly of that business. It was, however, so guarded and mys tified In Iti provisions that but few persons nsamcd to un derstand it Gov. Morgan vetoed that bill on tbe 21st day of March, and on tbe 2X1 of tbe same month the above bill was reported to the Senate by Ibe Committee on Cha ritable and Religious Societies, and on the following day It bad Its third reading and passed by a vote of seven teen to Qve, five democrats voting In favor of it. It was lent to the Assembly on tbe same day, and refer red to the CommltUeou Cities ant Villages, and on the 28th ol March It was reported by tbwt oouim ttee, and wsn taken In charge by tba Grinding Committee. Tbey re ported tbe bill to tbe H juso on the 13tb of April, and on the next day, according to the rules, was referred to ? select committee of five, composed of Messrs. Payne, Tucker, Robinaco, Jacques and Cooihman? four republi cans and out democrat, tbe democrat being a Methodist minister It camu up for final passage on tbe 18th of April. Mr. Walsh, demrcrat, moved to recommit it, with instruc tions to itrlke out the enacting clause, which motion was lost. The bill was then read and passed, with the follow ing vote? Those who voted In the affirmative are:? B. Alien, Gray, OJstl, Harden, Holoomb, Palmer, Barm tt, Hosktns, Par no, Bee be, Bubbsll, Peck, Blxby, Jakrony, Perry, Busb, Jacque, Plumb, Butler, Jeffords, Pond, Outer, .leaning, Powell, P flark, Jewel, Richardson, Collins, Jswell, Rider, Conk ling, Johnson, Bsarlss, Cook, R. H Kelsey. Bar vis, Coonly, Kennedy, Winger land, Coachman, Law, H Smith, Dickinson, MeArtbnr, I ittlejohn, Downs. McVean, Slilsoo, Dwlsbt, Mather, Tucter, IsrlT, Merchis, Van Alstine, Ellsworth, Milllken, Van Born, Evans, Morgan, Wiley, Flagler, Moolton, Wniiams, Fulton, A Myers, Young?M. Ga.rrHlu/n, Newell, Bepubiicau, 81; democrats, T; republicans in roman, democrats in italics. "Those voting la the negative were ? A rati mm, Gwiur, ft John, Bowman, Harris, A Smith, Burnt, Janet, W. M Smith, Colet, C. Kdtey, Parian, Cracker, Maitermn, Vonrhtti, Culver, Miller, Walsh, Barry, ORnrltr, Webtter, Vortch, Began, Woodruff?23. GiUs, Republican!?g. democrats?19. Iwmocrata in italics and republicans ,n roman. Tbls record la ensugb to substantiate tbe fact of lis be ing a party measure beyond any controversy. llimlnlictBct* of CBrtbaldl'i Visit to Ufiiton. iFrom the Boston Travnll-r, (ict 3 1 On the 8tB or 9lb uf BoptemtH-r, in tbo year 1I&3, the Peruvian bark Carmen itrnril iliii.i port with a ?:argo taken on board at l?loy, Peru Her ivnrmwiirr ww no Im n person than (I. t-arlbaldl, then a a.tuple capta.a ol a trading vessel, now ai tfce b?ro of Italy, and tfce aub verter of throne*. ocvup) ing tbe Hu nt on of the entire civilized world. Tbe alguaturn at tbe bottom uf the ma il ileal at tbe Custom House is la an elegant band, (bowing that in tbm particular bia education in youth bad not been neglected from an old merchant of this port. Captain fweeteor, (formerly ef the firm of Pweelscr k Nartoo,) who waa Intredueed to Garibaldi on tbo day of bit arrival, w?a la hla company fur tbe gteater portion of tbe lime until bid departure from thia city, and baa atoce received from bun a letter and preset, we glean some (emmiaceneaa of Itteieat In rrgard to bla vlait to Ikwtoti Tbe Carmen waa consigned to C. L Bartlett,of tbla rttv, and tbe p>'llion "f captain of tbe v< xeel wae un doubtedly aieepted by Garibaldi ea a temporary uecupa lion of bit time. He could (pea., hrgiiab In a brokei toaabcr, but oonld not undiratand It fully ae delivered .a aprerbef, and aa ('apt Rweetrer understood Spanish, h.e acquaintance war .(u!te arrrpui.le to ilir o mmio irr of tbe Carmen. At tbal time Garibaldi understood tbe ."pa mab, Italian. French and German .'ana agea, and ere taia bee undoubtedly mattered tbal of tbu Anglo Saxon na ttrn'a. It waa tbe remark of tfce mate of tbe Carmen, impend ing of bia commander that be put Lia iigbtairg or elec tricity Into every one who waa connected with him, and even b'a aallura wonbl have jumped overboard to obey bun. Hit ptraooal appearance at that lime la tbua de ecrlbed ? Of a light complexion and blue eyea, looking rather like an Anglo Rax. n than an Italian, with a light brenl art und bla ctnn. h gh sboalders an I a ebort neck. i)n (bore in Beaton be utually wore a plain citiaea'a dreee, with a Koaaulb bat, b too IkMMM b.a favor, te ecetutne waa a aort of fex cap and tailor jacket While here, (iaribaldl aa roach ae possible avoided pub lie < herrvation, and only oar rareoocaei.?a waa present at any large MMMiMm people. He walke-l the atrreta .a a contemplative mood. and be than bad a very large cor rrtpondmcc with lit* patriot friend* In Italy, and tbnee who bad been < xtair aled for political cause. and warn ib' a realdrcta of tbta country, and wae doubtleee brood ii g over the plana aince real o d for tbe redemption of bla rouotry. At the time of bit vta'.t, the Crimean war bad Just com menced, and the opiate* waa rxpreaaed labia beariag tbat It mlgbtteault in a general I'uropean o> nice' "If Such - should prove lobe the raee," he remaned, "von may depend upon It that Italy will make a stronger ettott than sbe hae rvar male before to rega.a her ladrpeo leace. ? He never spoke of bie own achievements la the s'.rogglea of 1*4*, aid Ira barotc movemente at K?m* an I other plt'ee I pon one nocaeloa a friend euggretcd that bo mighi be le daeger <>f loeing b'(Deck '? Ibe only regret with me." ba said, ami!Ing, "ie, tbal I bare hat ?aa neck to lnee for tbe sake of Italy, Hw eyes waa bright, with a qu'ok faeb He t ought highly ot Kossuth as a I'auimu, hut ant ae a soldier la bra walk* tnrr u, h I e street* be generally took a good deal of aotiee of aeitb'rg new. and alwajs aeoerteioed the prttC'ple of any marhio* which he la# pec ted. fined Ing oae day In front of tbe last machine to Fu.w.o etreet. he failed at Brst te peraelve tbe prlaclple, but 4 hanging hie poettiow, be 'I itccrVf red it, when be remark J, "flow iirople, and yet how Ingenious." He rourh deal red when here, to pweena enme g vera men! rharte. ard (apta n Pweetser inlroduosd i .m to F. W I lacola. Jr., Ihe present Mayor, thea la lbs', lies ol business, who si oo ? gratified tbe Ilallaa nap lets with a bill rer'ii Garibaldi retorned bis thanks, and remarked to Captain Fweeleer, "New I Ibel rich " Mr l.lnrola seat t? Capta u fweatrer and Gar haldl aa lavlUtloa to tbe featlval of tbe Mechanic Char,tenia A*eo elation Tb* 1nv?lal>.n waa are?|it?d. Gar. hat dt at tended and i<?b rieg to tbe addrvae, uf which he oouid un derstand but , ills, but tbe a>tta? rhvmM him. A* tbe I'we for the Lai qoet approached (Iaribaldl expressed a dealre to retnra <<n board ha . esaei.and w*a nut, there lure, present at lbs mierta r.m*t,t He reivattie.l beve bat a few weeks, when he (aft for New Vutb. where he put the veasl .a charge of tbe mate and embarked for Ita y, wheve be baa ttnea r?ma ned (Iaribaldl ondonbtedly reoelve-l a good education .o bla loutb, studying at the colleges of that country. He wan bora la the year 1MT, ud ie, therefore la b.a fifty tb rd year The atatemcnla made at tbe last My d'.aaer, that Gar balot waa at one time proarnl at a Fourth of July d oner at faasnil Hall, must he taeorrerl, ae be was a lb ? city hut only on one ooraalua, tbe lew weeks la Sepuuaxbar. lHi, above stated. iihitgary. MBIT. JOHN It. HALL, r. P. N. Died at the Asylum ia rfclladelrb.a. oa tbe 29tb alt., la the fbrty fifth year of bit age, I.leuteaant John H. Hall, of tbe Called Mates Navy. LleMeoant Hall eaterwl i he service la IMS fie wae er gaged for masy years, honorably and creditably to himself, on doty la the Coeet Kerrey, an 1 when the Called ."tales (arreting brig Washirgtow wae ra pel red at eea, oa tbe lfith of Replant her, 19441, whereby her oommaadrr, l ieutenant floorge D. Ilarhe, end eevrnteea of tbe crew were lost, Lieut# neat Hall, ss second la command, by hla nerve and eea tranship wee eaableg to brief hor safety into port ft ? last service was oa the oast of California jnet after tie r.KWS of the Metrcae war, where be contracted the De rate of which be died ?J wet Ire to the laiealD to tub gnrroR or rna rbrai.d. New YoRS.Oet 4, 1"?0 It le staled la to day 's Hwutn that tbe eteaweh'p Arn go arrived yesterday at Una port timollaaeoasiy wllb the steamship Raton la, which left Rpulhawr*"" ?? lb* one day. tbe firmer steamer briagtag aewe ap to the I>ia ult. How, etr, la It posalbl* that tke*?oa.a brwmbt Inadoa paper* of Ibe IBth if she left ne the lath of Rap lunber The Parnate left Rnatfeamptoa about two bnefW before tbe Aragw left dowse Roads, aad arrived bers'" 'F three boors bef. re tbs Arago, then beatag the latter owe boor rua i f