Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 5, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 5, 1860 Page 4
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NEWS FROM EUROPE. Arrival of tbe City of Baltimore Off Oape Race. Additional by the Glasgow, \orib American and I'onuatight. The Eombardment of Ancona by the Sardinians. Garibaldi Preparing to Attack the Neapolitan Royalists. Tlie Papal. Veiietiuu unci Nici linn Imbroglios. IMPORTANT OFFICIAL DOCUMENTS. The Irrepressible Confliot Between Garibaldi and Cavour. Movement* of the Auti-Cavour Party in Sardinia. SPREAD OF REV0MT10.WRV IDEAS, lc.? kt., kt. The mailt by the North American, which ari.rod at Quebec on Wcdtietday morning. reached tan city jetter day afternoon Tbe main [k intg of tbe news by thie arrival have al ready b?en Riven l>ur Blct, which are ono day later tbati thrac recctrtd by the Arttyo, contain *???<! 'mpor tiii.t in'ormaltou r lattve to the great quoetunt note beiry dectdtd on the continent of Kuro|>e. According hi advicta from Bej rout, Fund P.cha, after having consulted wtlb tleueral Beaufort d'Qautpoul, bad ca'.-ed together tbe cbtefa of tbe Mutdalii, end prohibited Un-tr giving any refuge to the Drufos. It was gil l that military operation* would cotnmence after tbe hot wea ther. It arorrled that l oad I'orha ha 1 prevented the outbrrak of an macro- tlon at Naplnt l'rince Uouzi ia cupe led at Conatautinop'e The 1'rugilan Commit alonrr ha* left Cuct-Uutluople for Bey rout Tbe marriage of Lion ?U-bastiau with the Infanta Donna Chrtttina ia abortly to take p.ace ia Madrid. Our Florence Correspondence* i LOUUd, ttepl. 14, 1900 The P'mand on Anbmeili to Pitlattd fiu Mtrcenarvs?lit Courxction t tih Ou Sinffniaw Pexlarati n nf War?fro gr* I of the lu.adir.g Arm}? lam rk'ifp'i fhaneri of S%*coet*ful (tppetitum?IQvjid (Jbstina<-y oj the It,man Court?/Vepreri (h? Work of Vibration?The Majori ty of Italian) Petire a ReyvUic?Dij>artvre of Rumba II ? In Remit* Henefaal?//<? the Sardinian IM lara titer, of IIntiilities i? Keen' oi by the Italian*?lllnem <f the American O ntul t*> < <>n*tai 'invj U?Mortality Among Ame?icant iw flmnee, eh , fx. IMblic alwutlon is *uddmly turnod from tbo South 19 lbi* part of Italy Tbe Itoman province* bars become tbe theatre of active and mat Inter eat mi eretilt The very prompt appearance of Ibe proclamation o tbe King, declaring *ar against the government of tbe Pope, would rboa that tt muat bare been prepared simultaneously ? lib ibe note addreaaed u Cardinal ALlouellt. asking bim to d .abend and ceo t home bit ragged reg imenle, a de mand which nobody etpeclrd be would comply witb. Certain tl la that two very able itedmonieae genera'n bare taken tbe Qeld, and energetic anl determined action baa already commenced Oeueial Cial.llDI, commanding well toward! th.rty Uiouaaad men, In moviug down tbe coaat into tbe Marches, or tbe district lying between the Apennines sod the Adriatic Bra. and General In Ilioca, with tbe nlb?r division of the army of about Ibe aamts force, I* to occupy I'mbria, or thai dutrict of wins toe City of Perugia la Ibe centre They have both al ready madt aomr prvgrtl* in tbelr aoulbern march, and town after town, with no considers}!* oppositicn a* yet from tbe Papal forces, ta falling under tbelr on tiol. If (b neral lamurielrre doaa lake the determined ?land for tbe defence of Hi* forlorn rauae wbicb It la ei peeled, II will he In tbe four atroog, and, aa lar %? p>p i latlon gut#, considerable placet of Porng.a, Aneoua. Ha carata and Spoleto He may bold out pretty obetuiateljr at Anooca and at Perugia If be cbocree, and Macersl* ?boold by Ibla be tolerably string, if it be true, aa wr have oeen toM, that nearly two thousand mm bate been for acme time b-islly cmp'oyed adding to tta meant Of defence Tbe obttinary of tbe Oo..rt of Rome, judging from tbe meaner in which all propositi, na for concession are re rrived, ta aa gr- at a* ever. Tbe tpirlt of buetlllly to Piedmont, aa the author of the rerotuiion, la Indeed no daad'.y that no one caa auawtr for the aangautary of ceeaea It may antboriaa b. fore yielding to tbe baaailia tton ? hi:h now appeara certain to come upon It The gnat work of the liberation of Iia.y la a trancing n* rapid'y aa the war meet friend of the country could de Mre. There aeem to exial but two elements which might become <>h? tar Ire to tbe renins! ton of great plane and the causes of naib ty To corquer and drive out tbe prtncea and tbr.r miliary bordra who oppowe Ibrmtelviw to the national morrmral M not tbe moat difficult undertaking Aa kwg aa no grrat Toretgn Powtr aupp-irta tbsir can*e tbelr late r?ti,.i be raelly fnrenaM. And II'a foreign in tervrat on was. anu p me of the two cvhe which the country liaa bad to "ua-l llat tbe other, and perbapa mere err us dtffleu ty, a tbe possibility, even at tbe moment of the muat brilliant arueeaaee, of divided opts loue at J lulen *1 c mart * one, aroused by tbe liana lap I km* paa*. ma of obatioale tacti-miMs Tb*r* la oertalnly Ire* rraeoa to fear lb a now lhaa at a previous period, for form?r fa I we, principally from thle cms*. hire not brro without ibnr bew-ra !*u h Ire* u* for lb# p**l yiare bare uttered a *? Vine warnog wbicb baa uot be. a i "herded M?t and U-ap rtu m.nda are ready to be Ir Buemwd by prudent and reasonable e> -or- a Wi.t the are rvro am?r( 111 ; iaa lli-<ruaelrei wamierfriet 'srfa forw ?a Mala, or cf | >rtoess pledge-! to lU d- apotie (e ey , tb ,n to tbe I beral caune of tbeir owa cm-cry Tbeae are lo~s<l amnar tbe high -r prrUlea, ar membert of patrician lamillea who hare held onjily ptarra furb men art ready to bwtn* the agent* uf uia order fbr tbe purpose of br ngiog dtarrelit npm freedom, and lo prore tbat *>cl'ly h*a no guaranteee foe its safety rxcept lions which crepotitm an l its great cmrentioeal lustrum*nt of military f -roe caa furnish It-alies tbe*e, thrre are tbnae who etili adbrre to tbr ih-nry of the re public Probably a wa<oelly ef tbe whole pnpilati -nnf Italy am >t*ade of this fo*m of government, ant. under d lferrct and m -re preferable ?1r<nmstai.ce, would cllag to thnr principles eve* on far mi to carry ib?m tain prac Ural operation Amoeg these are *ome of the beat m*>n cf tb? country Rut the larger part, like thoughtful sad sensible n ew, while atill cherish eg tn*ir ftvinte theory, aoeereiy eoerpt the advantage* offered oy the priseot vvreluhlUlee aa I uaile themselves under th* leal of an eal'gbleoed and geeerou* enveretgn fbr the lnd*prt.1rooe era u loh of Italy Itai there are otktr* wb-rm ao h?p? of beneBU under a diflereat eyrtem fr."n tb i* own will eonriimte, who art ready to take ad vantage of aeweir 11 nwnarmag ft ?tt ektreme'y impmbabl* that francle thaRecml wonld give way to the iafktutti<>n .if att" npting lo make a afano wtb the tro-jw wbieh ha<! folioared h'm t> o?h* It was certain that the amim of Iim dvptrt ?* . i.' I r. >t be remote, and now. ewn more auddenir than wain pun be baa left the aboraa r?f luly ff tb* d'tnavca given erorr<et Informal low, be ban mfMvntf In dad aa aeylum in Ppn^n rather thaw ***k a retirement in Auetna la Uir fc-mor country b? will be eehrer tbe grawt f renub meiropvii'*. to which hid ktaemaa bad already goo* to reek ir ? m'dal of tta gaietlee nuch con* oall n a* em I be effort*,] to bie ex le Now tbat fritrii If. U gone, !t? y ir rte of all Ibe petty aivereigna?bom Italian*, nut 'she to the true toner nrd grralaeee of tbe country?who were ready to era el and pt*l to eerve a powerful 1 foreigti tnanar - There now oen retrain* tb* Pup* a* a temporal Prince, and whm the *r|| indu -noe of Cardinal Anionell I* r*mo?r', *rm he may bare once m ire re Vlved hie early (mtrird ftellng, aaf MaMht to berime the chaplain of \ .etor Kmacnai II* might well ra teem It a eamclotil bcewr to be the 8-*t H.ab p of th ? Cn-ircb coder tbe jowerfulpr tecl.oc of a loyal and bonent Italian H df'arat low of war bv tbe K ng k*e \mon rvepoaded 1 to Mail HMntltan oftb? \. rth w ib i nc -ninon warmih Th ?f .mm of onthuamnm aoemto haee iholr old no* and every heart b*ni* high with hope fbr a f?rtmeln linae Th* t'm'd are ooherer than nSuSl, and tbe Ueetnal pariv ar* fbr tbe m<?t part tiienl. apparently appa lud by tbe ever locwraaing a'ida"1ty of the sovereign !b> many la format events crowd to rap: fly upna rarb r ber. ihtl owe Who to be up W lh them Ir obliged to keep an b.mrly rn'ber than a dal'y recvrX Mr .Tchne n. appu.Ltod not I me ifeew hy our govern* 0>rrt to the poet rf fnr*?| imoeraf at OnnatabtlB-rpIo, i en at the p^int of death here la fiortmoe. He arrnod ta Italy a rew week* autre on h'* way to tte Keel, and hi* brnftb ha> rapidly hrofern doant *ino* b i bi* mod tag from th* veanet la whtoh tb" voyage **? male. Can act an Anter ? can pbynKiatt ? t.d It to h ? pr flt to come nag reatde ta n or or, oe f There are aerersl Koglmb doctor* bem. but eithor from an ((?perfect a^nalolaoo* with tbe.r profee *.on or of the * bit i flat) ooratit'illoa, I bey have guerwdrd la patting half a doom *f par ceuslryi der tdf *od I* * ? "j'e year * Affaire In the Papal State*. The following -skhacorrespoadecce ctchangeJ betwdc* Coast Urow and Cardinal AnU'oelll, previously lo tha litvas on or tbe Ro so Slatss by the royal tr >i?a. The Htdawtta in .mater a letter to the oarutnal U thus wor(le'1 ~ Trnis, Sept 7,ISdO. t Miasm ?the go-. a ran.oat of hie M* J the King of S* . iiiiaooolo uot withoutoertouo regret ao# theteroutioa ana existeoesrf the h.*ii?a ol foreign mercenary troops to the i?> of ths Pont Ileal government. Tin organisa tion ol such curie net coaatatirg, as la all clviltzsd go vemmroM, ol riliieiie of tne wintry, but of men of all languages, nations and religious, deeply utleo<U the publte conscience of i.siy ?ud Buropa. The want ol diaelpllue In tieri'tn to surb iroopa, the Inconsiderate oonduct of their cb.tfs, the irritating it. cnoes with which they pompously u 1 their proclamations, esclta and maintain a highly danfsrous ferment Ttie painful recollection of the mas sacre and pillage of Perugia Is still alive am >ng the In habitants ol the Mai ohea and I'mbria. Tots state of thu gs, dangerous In Itself, became still more so after the facta which have taken place tn Sicily and In the kingdom of Naples. The presence of foreign troops, which insults the nations! feeling and prevents the man testation of the wishes of the people, will Infalli bly cause the nternsk u of the movement to the neigh bor tug provinces. The Intimate connection which exists between the inhabitants ol the Marches aud I'mbrln, and those ot the provinces annexed to the Stales of the King, and reasons o! order and security in his own territory, lay bis Mao-sty's government under tbe necessity of ap ply log. ss far as is In Its power, an Immediate remedy to such evils King Victor Kmanuel's conscience does not permit him to remain a passive spectator of the bloody repression with which ihe arms of tne foreign mer oenarisn would extinguish every manilesUtiou of national leeliog iu Italian blood No government has tbe right of a band nlng lo the will and pleasure of a horde of soldiers ol f ?tune the property, the hon r and the lives of tbe Inhabitants ol a civilized country For these reasons alter having applied to bis Ms- sty the King, my august Sovereign lor list orders, 1 have the honor of signifying to jo or eminence that the King's troops are charged 10 pre vent, tn the name of the rigbis of humanity, the 1'ontifl cal tne Tenai y corps from rt pressing by violence the ex preaaiua of the sentiments of the people of the Marches uoil I ? I bsve moreover tht h >u -r to invite your KxosUeney, for tbe reasons above explained, to give Im mediate orders lor the disband Dg and dissolving ol Ihoso corps, the eiislenee ol which ts a menace to the I even ol Italy. Trusting that > our will tmnte Utah ly communicate to me the measures taken by the government of his Holmes tn tne matter, I have the honor ol m ewing to your Emlc-nce the expteast a of my high ronsldoraliun CCVOl'U. Tbe following is the reply sent by Cardinal AatoneUl to the letter just gi; en ? R.?t*, Sept. 11, lvSO. F.xcri knot?Without taking Into aevount tbe mtuner In which your Excellency has thought proper to hare your letter of the Tth Inst c.avayod to me, I have direct ed iny whole attention calmly upon the subject you lay beiore me in tbe name of your soveruign. and I ran n conceal from you that it bas cost me an extraordinary el fort to do so. The new prm uplis of public Isw you lay down In your letlor would bo ludtwd sufficient to dispense me from g.vtng any answer at all, tbey bring so contiary lo those which have constantly been s know Irdgtd lr. all gnverinreiits and out NcverthcioM, fu n: g deeply the tnculpal) -us cast u ??u the gove-nw-nt ol h:n Hulu ess, I cam. .I refra n from at onto noticing ths blsae, ased-.ots as It is igMottaded and cuius;. pronouuO rd a* i. t.?t l)i? troupe belonging to the i'uutifl.a1 govern i an-. I must add that J hud the ,..t U-umou of deny ti g the r ?Ll b longing to the Pontidcs' p 'Tcrtun-at as well as to any olbir, ol having foreIgu troops Ml Its sor vice, utterly unjustidabic In fan, many g ivt-ra meets of Europe have fortlgu troops la th?tr l?) l>o that subject it may be expedient to observe iLatoenng to its (haracter *uh which the s ivere'gn fou till Is mv rvlt d a* the common lathrr ot all believers, he ought to be h S Subject to criticism any other for receiving In Uiv ranks of li t troops s'l w ho come and tiler llu mse!res from the t irioua parts of tha Catholic world for tbe defeni e of the Holy See and of the Stales of ihe ll.urcn Notblog is more falso or more lesuitihg 1 u at. to sttribule to tim 1'uli ca troops tho disorders I whir li have taxeu place in the Uteres of tbs Holy A-e. , Th-.retsno cc< ess,ly for asking, for b.story has already reregistered wh nee rarua tho troops who have vlo'enfly n ik warned the wih ol tho people, and the sititices j bkh have hern m of.-us.-of for t irowleg into purlurba ilor ih? glial- r part of Italy, and la ruimug a'i tuat was Most tnvlo able a:.p must sacred both in rlgbt and in mice | >S to tbe Ci r tt qusuoes which It has been euugat to mate | wrighot, the legitimate action oi the troops ol the Holy rte to put down the rebellion ot IVrugla. it would truly be more h-g-esl to throw that rcrponsibhlly on those who Irom sbioad ha. e exetU-o the revolt; and you know per fectly will, Monsieur le loaite. where that outbreak was concerted, win ere weie derived mon'-y, arms, end means of sli kinds, and from whence iustr e tmns and orders were sett to tbe Insurgents. Ihert it cause qoeutly reessn for rv ss cs 1 I u maters mil that has hern said by a party hostile to | tbe government of the Holy See. as to the conduct of its : troops, snd for drcls-ing that the imputations cast on tbeir enhfs by the authuisof proclamations of a nature to excite detgi rous frrmentat,<>os ere not lews t our ft oelieccy cotcludts your |*lnful despatch by inv ttng me, in the t ame ot your sovereign, lo immediately ordur tha disarming aEd disband .eg of the sa.d trtiops This Invi tation was accompano-d by a sort of mi are on the part of I'tedmont, til aase of refusal, tn prevawt tha actum nf the . >>1111 triai).i by nieai.K ol tbe royal troop* This involves a quasi injunction which I wtliingly abstain from rivll'y mg Toe Holy bee could only repel It srlth led.gnat oo, ? Woigio its legitimate rights, and appeal I c j to the lsw of nations under the a gts of which Europe has hitherto lived, whatever violence tbe Iloly ske may he ex;>o?ed to si Her, without having provoked It, and against which it is my duly now to protest rnerget ally in tbe name of his Hollaete. With sentiments of consideration. 1 am, - h?., G CAKMSAI AN TUN Fl.Id. At the same time that the letter of Count Cuvour was pr.srn'ed.Gcsetal lantl, Minister of War of his Hxrdlnlsn Mr -sty, sett another to (-eneml de Kataoricis-e, Co ? niauder .c Chief of the roctiflcsl troops, ooucbed la the follow lag terms ? A as / -.Sept ?, lM-l FxrWIJOP,? III Majesty Klag \ ictoi l-mauuel, who ts ss deeply tub rested is the happiness of It sly, ts great I* preoccupied with the events which have taken place la the proriccts of the Marches an t I'mbr a Bit Ms-esty does not igc ts that say maalfesutloa of a naliotsl char acu-r near the s-ulhi-ru frontier of his k ng torn which wight be repressed by foratgn troops hot having between ih. m any tie of taie-na! ty, wou.J .aevitsbiy prod .oe a fatal. retfre crt.p to all h i >iate? la coca ^ jenceof three grave i ooaidrratioas b ? Majsaty has ordered a roacrntra t .on id Irnope ue tli - frontier* of the Marches sad of I m bria, and has dote me the honor to conn le to me tbe su perior commas 1 of them He has at ths lame t m - or dered - ,e to make knowa to your T(Cellsacv that thess troof-a will a* quickly as p esibls, oocupy the Ma-cnes and I mo-.a under the folK>?!Lg ctrc-miucc. s ?1 If the tr< ops u- d- r your orders were lo ?mp!"v force to repress s ran.-eel martfrttatmn la say town of the Marrhes and of I mbrta 2 If the tro'pe of wbch you have tbe torn Disn-I were W rtce't v orders to ma.-cu ouetowata the ssn c ;?* t.lcel provlt.- ee sbenerrr s d mouslretkni of e i atroeaf chant i. r may take place. S If s natloaa! m* nifrstatioo wrre to taas place tn a town, wad be put down by your troops, tbe latter were not t> be immediately or derr 1 awsy br you, so as to leave the town free to t xpress Its wisbe* Me ote brtM r thee y >ur Fieeileocy can no devsUnd how tbe national l ? .ng mu:.-t revolt before fo reign t>i prr? low awd I fori Urn'., by frankly and immediately ar, rptlag the propteitinea which 1 have ! just made in jnu la ine e?rr? of the King a govrramect, tou wdl e)are lb? proieevtiic of oer arms to Uiom pro r aces of Italy, si. 1 the rutro < conseqtteacsw woiih m?y r< - t fi m l Accept, Kxcwihwci A. . FAWTJ. op;von< or thi. tar.tuu prta*. 1 rem the 1/ Ji>u Herald (]?f 1 l>rru. '? i"|?o) Sept 14 The pea cf X tlra& Iguiilot bu once aire Men em played In rriHurt (he at tonpf w Id the iataa I on* <?< the ^ -rurti h -nperor The raprtrtima pc :0f of Napalsr B 111 liM4l4!l?TelUlai!|kl 1.1 coiMporirM lu sot up?n the Ho'etian ratsttn of being e:r;viet *1 aothiog It muei. bowi eee, be n.imllteJ that bid Incilty of odeting piatialbie et; saatiocs m. at l#vt. a* treat at lite lav-ally of < mailtg diplomatic difficulties We pro pod* bad lo piare before oar readen. a> rimartl; aa we can, tba *ip<aoatl< n given l>y M Uraaig.itUot of the withdrawal of tba trench ambassador rcoaa Turin There la a French proverb wnlrh lay a " vw4 n'ewtrnd ?;u u nt . >,? n'rVewd ./a'aw lea," an d. nlth eigb we <M no reason lo cbaage lite opiama wa liar* already et pfaabvd ta tb.-we mtnrnas, aro are rrady to glee an iaa partial bearing to II ('.randgutltol when bo endeavors to throw ?. ma i gbt upon lbs motives whlrb ust sow nap re tbe lie iaa yo| y of ba raw lev This sudden departure of the Pi nee de Telle) from Turla la. then, eat with the course purwu d by Sapolc a III. iiaca tba |?acv of V ii.v'rai ca P'het waa the oluilira at that time prepsdad hy tbe Kmperor bimael" Not ab?ch ta ceton, pais M I.rsadguilWd, but federal union 4* era even told that lb a solution was sacr.ll aed by TagHsb ) dcata, for did not l<ord I'jbbeasy, ai one time, saaka a similar ai.ggrat' ? ? That waa tbe concern'on graatmt by Austria a (aw daye a'tar tba lef, at of Selfarlao Tba t.mperas t race a .'nnepii M' ig wt'h tba v'awa per.pound -t bv ata Imparts: br iher AI M :?a, \ irlor F.maoi.ei wa. to reign at Florence, Parma Modeoa, lbs ImWas 4 rs Venire la. ao Prlacea. ' tron.d rawmc. e I terns uvea wih tba 1 r tub "cis an t at Roma, tbe I'opa would ante v. i>oo tf.e |?th of ref jrrn. as I baroass tbe frealdant on tba new Italian confederal m M Oraedgutllot does tot car* U icrn ra I ?> strictly no tba rss'si which pravoatal tba accompi-sbanat of thai plan Tbe biama, pvihapa. m -t not be thrown oa any owe la rarllmilar me I?akea rr?y hers acted foolishly. Ibe K'ng of Pladmcnl tnay bate rwfuaed to o*?r that delate ratted an poor I which * >? t b? rsr?vt. i from h.ta II* n ay avas have shown s war t cf strength to reels! tbe current c events TV I. betbttaa t may. the artl wa* d.ire, art II er;y rerr.s n-I Fa F-aam to rnotiaiie, from a Id staoea, lo wal-b over tba feet urn of Italy ialar com feat <*? h"? ever, bate c~ cas.taled ? > bangs of polity lo- suncesi of i.ar1 tn'di vf Nsplev and h-? d-terw aa"nd [to cmrry obt h'aor *. in. programme, h baotsnevery ?t-sa gar from tin ar . eodar iTS the tempira. ndeprad*ac* of tba ?.rr?e ga Pontiff Th? entry cf Warf.a'na troopa into the Roman Sari lory only 'oerraeo the Jiffieulty < ? Ibe a>loa<'u? ai d vapoieow ill . aa ald'tt tsa of tba chi rab aad setfehrsm chaw; I m of tba P -ig Pen was bound to nterfrre It ia thus that U w tMrswwl of tba Frenrb Ambassador low ftria ' erame a dtpPmn'tc no paaaity. AI tba tame nmt the sardmbsa Ambassador has not yrt loft I'aria aad il iaennaotslnry i l?ar ?. on the vary btghaal autborlly, that "there '? a long way fe ei a dtaarowal to a ruplrra '? f rarce ariWwars bar frnpUn sum at aa latervsaf uw by Sardinia, bug ab* e mi res baa se'Mo mfi rm ig Furope. ta a manner wb cb sat sdc? J p |. mat e ev gracies, that aha will a->t brraa ;hs ai'.ecna pledges she has given lo tba sovwretga Port * This w a I the ati-laaatloa we aba i bar < of tbe with, itrsssl of lh. f resirh Ambaasadof. and probably t u best th'ug to do ta to accept it. II la ?fj lo belie- that tba who,a afla r waa phaaoct'y arra.igel some traces the Fmper >r aat fount Cavoar. aad Uial tbe egpe r cf)eed baiiar .Isleera%n tride few < b|?etloos lo r pi wbwb tnab el b m to prwarnte bis own rebaasaa for tba regerwrst on of Italy, while It mved tba hrmor of h s Im pertal ally Tb* m^smlou {urstia aosr to be cia aidarsd la as to Ua moat pru lei.t coume to ba adept*! by %rfi*ia an ibe oos band, snd by Austria rm tb* other. L we art to bet eva M <!rmn lgullk>l Use F-each Pr peror srill labe no furtber sSap that, that whlrb ha has eagsntly He did Sof laferfera bat wean K ag F>?nr s It aal lit rictfti'w I'Vtrbt *,?? -C P.: v;.?r, ui fp.4 a'.Uric on Rome by the Carlba!di*i.s. Tbe King of Sardinia has, oo bie 'iurt given aim liar pled#**, and the time u roaiiv Un'ute'ku h'60*'* Vlc*or K<n?nuei to use mat ?J ?L?? ,0,ni L*ni1' We bava m .r? than one. of v^i censure the aomewhal tortuous poller Of Qwat Qnvoor, although we bare never been .l!?w ti U h^?n?'?0U" dlfflcul,ta? ?Lltu ''?<"> been ikI .k # . ' r n,*?7 *?*'? t? c <me?not until "J"*'actor* 111 tbu Italian drama have petard away? ?e tbailnot know the truth of what b? p??j Ibit, however the Sardinian Mlnleter may bave failed ln bM du'Jr to Italy, the oourae now to b? pur. Sued laai.rely aa clear as the day fie need scarc-lydo more than'Carry out the proclamation of Victor Kmauucl iv ^ nSr"* i1" Ho mu41 rll> the Rora ,u territo ry of thoae foreign adventurers who now "inleat mat Italian province Thai, Indeed, will be no ditliouit task, for It would appear that tbe iu?J >rity of General Lamorl ? h^U *?">*??? where ih.ycanbenf no possible uae, and that the Sardinian cumrnaoders will And no army to defeat. But tbe real dtflloulty of tbe olfiar'iLtoT ui4 r'" bB ??" troll la* the ardor ol Garibaldi. We have ahown thai any advinoe on Rome would, under the present circumsuncw, be an act of utter and Inexcuaable folly Only tmilmao would attempt with an army of uudlaclpllned, though eager volunteer*, to attack the Reasoned and well disciplined troops who are now preleettog tb > Pope; and, In tbe ac tual etate of atlalra In Southern Italy, defeat would be doubly diaaatroui. Against any such scheme aa that whhh l.aribaldi la eaid to euteiUiu Victor Emanuel must set bia faee hut be mutt do even more than that He must take no part whatever in the attack upon tbe Au- irian possessions in Italy The treaty by whlcb bom bard) was ceded to Piedmont continue Austria In the poeataa'on or \euetla, and, cvin on prudeultal grounds, \ k-tor fmanucl will do well_at least fur the present-! in initaioug from any attempt to extend Ins Italian ?."'iPfc,i.m addresa to the people of Palermo l^1 n! ProcjAttatlon to the Nee|<olitau sold leva leave no doubt m io his intentions. Ilo pouts to the guirtanl and lo the North, and tells the army that he will at least, ? make them tight." If Gnribaiui carries these words Into ac tion the responsibility ca ist rest with him It !.-> a source of great n that the Auatriau go verumeut will refuse to fall into the snare that seems to b*v'' h*?*1 >*ld/or >? "y enemies In spite of many provocations Austria will make to warlike move unless she la attacked. That she m fuliy prepared for eventual! ties wo are aware, but she is Inst n w too much oc-ipied w h tbe work of internal reform to be te opted int > anv foreign war It is for \ ictor Emsr.uel to pursue the same prudent police. As lor Austria, alie has won golden odiuI ous Iron, jtolltlclabs who, unit lately, wore only trying to exaggerate her fai.lU and to pre ict bar S|?ejy ruin and we are gild to think that ber foreign, not ieaa thiu bar Jo int ttic policy, Las duiappomtel tat malevolence of ber enc mas The Trouble Between Caraar and Oart baldt. The Pa' is V fofi rl tbe 19tb nit. expreseea Itself In the fill owing language on tbe present aspect of Italian aitvrs The writer, it will be perceived, doe* not speak in a very complimentary strain of Garibaldi ? lung Victor Esianuel tun convoked bis Parliament for the Id of October. It Is more thin probable that Count favour wifins to obtain from the Chambers cer ta'u decided prooli of couflleucu calculated Pi giro h m Ihe inoiul force reqohtle to resist Garibaldi, if neces faty, and there Is no doubt that ho wi I obtain them Tt.e Dictator hue hitherto, without any great ricnuve hence leaned lirgt to ooe aide aud then t> the oilier u skits concessions to Count Carour acd then with Clawing them, ana afterwards ji ldu g again. Ilo has now arrived at one of tbotc detiaive moments, in enter like hla, whou hesitation becomes impossible even to the m st ssveritg ailu .'s. fhe sets of Ctrabil d: prraeut just now ruch a cbsra-ler or uncertainty thai cur Corretja ndont at Turin dreads, not without cause, w&rlUtc Ardor, wbi e our Nap!*a o>rrcspaa i?*tt sera riSMOO to arc;..' lnui Of having beeu s tddeuly traoalurm cd into an tufa conservative. The cause of th s diife rt r.ce of opinion is thsl the former oily think* of Boris ol, and tht latter of the eight regiments which a Neapo I t'i squsdror haa b< en ordered tocoov.v from Turin to Najdrf. Kventa mil no longer all w of those p ditlcal cwci 1st ens, and fount favou' is taking bit precsutiona sga>ust the day alcn Gar I bald n win ?,ay perhaps bs op p wd to b s AM r the flal|."- iig hope* Inspired In tbe ant ' xattou parly b> tbe mere names of Garibaldi's ml nistera. tbe letter to tuo Palermitans produood aa over wbeltiiit'g i fle< t A c. n munirallon frem Turin of the 18th, aaya:? Tl e Klrg yesterday summoned M. Rataxzi and requested him In enlei tbe Chblnet uf Count Cavour, lu urilsr, by a ccniir ? accord with him, to employ al! tbn Parbamen lary furres of which they can dispose In providing for tha danger a if the situation. M Kalaz/i la staGsl, la ra ttNclfulbLt fl'm tanguage, to have represented to the Ktry that thoi gh very auxioua to ii'm|>ly with his w :slu*. he *ai obliged to deel it the Inner prnpjeed; not li. much fum rep' n for Count favour as flua tbe (tn ng r nviot' a that tbe runiou would |iroduce no bcoe dcisl result to tbe mate "It u necessary," U Rataisl la sai l to hive added, "thst your Majesty should keep me in ri serve 11 rrplace fount Carour in the event of his helrg obliged to abandon Ihe direction of afatra; and p-'thafa it will be advantageous fur me to remain at tho disposition of your Ma -sly until that moment shall ar r ve ?' It it said that, afler having seen the King, M. Rata, ri had an Interview w:its Count Osvjur, in which the two pol.tical ad settled bow they were to act \ Irtwr EtnaaatTi Power la Raalei. Advicea from Naples state that decree* to the following rm-ct I sve been published ?All ai ts wiU be In Ihe name ot \ icier Kmanuel, King of Italy; tbe seals of the State the arme of Savoy, with the motto?Vict >r hmabuel. King of Italy. the publle debt of tbe State is rtcvgn ?d the public bank* will continue their pay meuts as o< fwe uir d'.M ount bank will carry oa its bus.sewn conformably to eital ng laws pasaportt for the united ? tA(CI) ul IkAiJ Arc Abol'SUcd. AJD'I Uir -a* fur I ho Itil'lP .-talcs now euh.ecU will bo iel've.ed sad slgaed by the I'rev tor cf Police all judicial funolioeartea who shall cot have rt turned to their posts within ba days will be con , aidertd as having reslgasd tham Tbe people of the aid d e r.arris are returning to the city, and leel perfectly tenure Afler the entry of Oarlhaldl rent* advanced # I percrnl Th ? troops ol Garlboidl ar* arrlvtBg by da I fees, and distributing themselves in tb* city; Naples tow presentl a very plot ur esq no appearance: tbe red shirts are warmly welcomed Tbe City la quiet but most animated, and flag* are stilt flying oo all tb* batoonle* A report of an attack bav .og been made against the person I ol Gar.baldl la contradiete-1. It was only a peasant of J \ omtrro, who spiang out of a hedge, armed witb a Wolfe, ! an 1 wanted tn force aoao peisoos to about for the Bour bons Us waa shot dead on the spot The Vtbstlaa Amestlom. A letter from Vienna of Ue l?th conta.ns tbe follow '3?? The Emperor of Ihe Pronch Is reported to bars Mid to Prince Mrtternieh, wheo be l-ft iv.i [?f v ona, that Austria would rare beat In content ug to the eaie of Vnos tie It Is therefor# lo be eipecud that proprwals to th a rflect will ant long bar* to be waited for But the Court e4 Vtrnaa srem* skill to be quite remised to k-?p Vcoet s never mind whnl may be oil, red for it The Fmperor in pnritculnr, does not think of giving it np, am<w> fn'oed to do so Tbe Austrian subject* tn the Pope's serves have be.n Informed thst they will bo allowed to loin the aus Irian army should that of the rope happen to be die solved; tbey hnve alno been aesured thai, il wounded in tb* ietd, they would be jenstooed as if tbey had received their wounde in Ihe service of Austria (Corrc?poudeoc? of the I/wdoa Teiegraph ] Twt-rT.Sept I?, 18M ( ar baidi at Napirs ' Wcl. m.fbl an eTtnt of ? eh happy oaro luaptrr hi/nor A.ala. the repru*' uUtlfr uf the people, with tbe iho.:?h'.? ibal burn in bin eutbuaiaa i s 'r.-aa lo the hero of ttnlinn l.berty Th? speech feM btta rtnu((l*il lo tbla rouolry lo dotlie a Idlltooa! duty of a mi#t e'-*tlT* Itxvndlary papkM, UJ, I hare oo doubt, will be otrrret uf euo.ifh lo warrant .la Iran-.a l:ou It full. in tb? arn! ball of the I'alun dl Foroeiiera, wlUi Um Mu'etrj, tbe munleipal'ty and a ? lafl of .-raera'a bob it J h m. S.f n r Anla ?(? kr the rai j . ? . aordt :a wriooac ol bu countr/mtn'i t.utor.oil liberator ? I (aiarmr* o lli't-la tba name of thoaa whoa I I ahuutd cvi i the noble*, were 1 not afraid of In araf tb-'ir ! r :nf? of dalteacr: la Ibe MM I f the repreai-ctatlToe ol th'a lowo. aiii w M, m<>1 ret. but not fvl, w yon, to tmpiriht a k an upon that forehead eh.cb earr.aa the ; maik uf aetr denial, aa lo tbe data of leal resnwa, but wblrli ta eurr. undid by the halo of a *'? Me (lory Th.a klea (ktMina ttartbaldi) la tbe k?? of the flee hundred Mii-.eai 1 I una! ? l Ian la of Kaplea Too, I' cbrftala, will be piraitd to regard II aa tbouf b it had been j Ten to yoo ' by the huadrens of thousand* now aane-nbled in tbe atreeta.'Cf your pretence aaK<r.f ua with tahiiaat rriea f weicowir You are not. aor w >ul<l it be a ton I a.mat ' w'lh yonr feel eyw t.. he tbe eutq..*r"r or th.a ' Iowa, whiib la tbe q -en of th> M vl torrai, ??. You are you will be. tbe Amu of her c.tlataa Not the comiuret of ova of tbe ciliet of Italy, nor of ml, ran offer that nat.a feet on whieh truet rtwutt frrnn th ? nr near.? aare that yon , hate tra't another at HI more durable to y r heart, carieal'td, aar. mtheard of m the h.atory of tic tort. | U>e rocqueal at the bear!* of aU Italtana of Wctly and ba, Ira. Rut what would be if* triumph of alar milluoa to Rbiilifm ta'e and ef twotva million* in Northern ] lino 1 1' -a you had at the eame , t me won th* tofT-aye* of th* wb'o'e c r Wxod wot'd of both berata pbe'it ?.:ak*a eocr T*ry name bad twin accepted aa a e/irbrtl of deheeraore foeaUonp<i*k d national I tie* ? > ' at t\t ?<au.n if da thn li fAe //ua* i-id*. fV lllpi',, rae Hohrmi<m and OWlM /HI ha Arkrf Uap i uA i?t? t* Au nana try and hatred ayatnaf ffa tyynr RaoU atreet id tbia city y?a hoar re erbo rif with tbe utar im?nt err, ?? lony lire Victor Kioauuef I/my Ilea ' ? ? a*. I ttwae nanu*. dcirrM to n?. we in'ljde a* I ?. m peebead i* th* ot.e cry. " l/mg ire Iiai, iHrre the whole a?r<'n biy Sr -e n w lb out freae ed cry of " Ylea I'ftal'a ' V r* V ttor# lau'i ? la" '?Vim fiartbald. ) Before p*ru*f '' Uo'4 ardfreibor* obleltaia, allow Re to ktat y<m vet onn *-re. aad In tranam ' that llaa t ? U. ? ?* umc of liberty and order natd of around you, with pre last ' reaigbt on tb< ;r brewe an 1 to Uir*e nuu of t irtory aad (lory e*rr boHIrt watrh at your aide with the autre eoi.raft of abort) bene* Meet noble Bad blnrel chieftain ilraia ally rarr/'Of o .t the f-aad and mifhty p an, ao ' aided by *up*i latire wiajorn to onaceire ami boldaiwe to ear rule, yoi w II he the wlaeet. tiie I . leet aod the a. ?t PirtuBbte of tint ?*? for wtx-m t *. a. kt l<e*i-e Nod, w* ted patiently laMMbM man whom, dry t*( up tb- trare of tire Ce~ t :ri<?, tbe ur?t ioi-keid epoa on Ike 4<b f July 1407 T- wbteb ar.tmldl repi.ed w tb lh? eurtaeee of a war* or ? I tba tk too, Fifee- Arala. foe the x<a<l wnr la whteb yw bar- addrnood w. me I alwaye p'ar?i roatl<t?nr? n the 'r?| oj, aid coiiT rtieoe of tbe |?op e and tline* who 'Tpe *rh?d n.< n th lb* a-.dactty of tn> eat rp'iae e^u.d ban ao coueepttan of tbe power that I in the cn*?i mo ia and rotcaUr> rt*ta( i f rit'rev* Thla I* th* power that wti itea with itctom th* bo. kid reature Is!' n* ihe IMt '*w ? ?: |* bare left Trteote ? ? ? for Aaoona but an the men won n i fbrvi It ta Itepoeeibl* for ??* to delta* fir wtxee aerrv I bey w*r* deatlued Modeneee or i'*p*i reoreit* they mtiet be fiearrml Intnorlelere ha takrn up t a pidii j betwe a A. rnn* and Var -ala. w.ih a eeooi I r -|o eta t i il a u> to ihe wiet, w a* to p'oterl the ra ley if r b -tweeu Trma, a J e-v.eto A ata'?* of aiefe baa here aoeovxr'4 In the rily and prorlode of Aar ma, Wtb per all ire of terrible aereelty A elriit'Df oootraet to tbie teoTered by tie coed :el of tb* Frearh Ocvorel at Roan* No latyeliaieuia are placed lA t ay v* a.luSIJ 9' I4 ull |9*e?lltaA ?? iber to tbe north or e?>utb or th> eviltl r D-<rI ri'iifccaueiiliV. arc of da'ly occurrence The gre? oil t >1 tempt ut allowed to be heaped by the freech lr"on,u''?1 the mercenaries under Uunoriciere, au<t.wheu a ah an oca toarise, theunfortunatepap il supporter is *lw?>* f 'rTn of "n-lotion at the band, of bt. Gallic?dgea, "4 not oft ltx^oiilloi&tly to durauoe vU*s?-iu Franc#. A ocrr?Pponded <?l U?e /ndrji-ndorwe, wrilioj from Milan ruis ?I buve just avail- o aivaelf of a littlo leisure Um' to W n visit to Venice. I paoed lhrouXhtbe w hole of too Tyrol, which la every wnare crowded with troops I did not Bud In tlie Italian Tyrol that a|( j*4'".0 wbtib baa bit-u amouuced a* prevailing there, >l J,,SIV ouDl.fcPl III" the 40,(00 mm no* quarts,*<1 there are aulltcienl to prevent any boeliie manifestation am the naaaes are forllied, and the alojea of the Alpa ari wSfdVJh redo, bU Tb. engineer, occupy luaoruik an t BrUen, and thente band <Mt detachmeuts, whtTdlrect the workman, *hu ?re employed at very high wage, on the fort I Heat ion. of .lithe pamei leading en Y?on. 1'adua and Venice Tbeae work, are being JnnSd on w.rn aur.h activity that tbey ar. ujil tvrn sua -ended on Sunday, \eu;ce Is exceed ingly dull: tbe barrack, not being ?u.hclent l )r th? acciunniodatlon of all the troops now In Ihecity several of the mnvenis have been occupied m ''t%rVf' Theamen.lia nearly empty, all tb t alorea hav tug been r. moved to Trieste ami to Tola. At the latter plaoa lb , . work* which were commenced last year are now n.arlv terminated The streets of Venice are com u eTehr deserted at ruak, but the cejii oonltnue to he fre uoen^l ^eVor.a ? more animatel; the garrtaon of that ? t ? is not vtirv nuiHcfouB, moot of tbo troop? b#v Dg P ' marchi*d to tbe extreoio frontier oq tbe Bide of 1-ar SET and toward ^'escbier?, and thorn which had been i?Si"d m their p ace have not yet arrived. Austria H . not ^linear U. feel ary uaeaetnesr aa to the Hun earlaiTregiments which she has at Verona and at Mantua A weeding out has recently been made am ?g tbe olBcom, ud what ta slmoat urheard of in Austria, many o. the mS'.SKU bare obU.ned the epaulette General de u,M 1H oniiptdf red ** having the command proviiionaUjr, buHlereral Hcoedek is exceed from one <Uv U. another several olhoera with whom I aonveraad expect to aturtly take the Held. _____ A new m->de of disseminating the aplrtt of dujaatUfac^ tlor ba? been Inverted by the Hungarians UheiUfull ol revolutionary proclamations have been lately found on hdahwata kadmg to market towns, placed there by no bouv knnwiwho PamphlMa ot similar tendency are alro forward) d through the poet , and manifctuea stuck uu on every .pace capable of receiving paste aud a piece <>I i>itner Of lb* Utter tbe following lnt?re?tlng Bj?ecl men ba? benn rommunictled to me tnrough the LUdness I 0,Abiw allTy^K.r^ns, keep your fealty ?? your-la ..umatckloe Ferdinand V. Refute to pay Imposts and fanes to tin government of any other "tej^hP? l*7m. . miy call I rnself of Auttria No longer allow vour tuns to be included In the conscription. Scorn and d^apiio the German and ?*< ml.n officials forced tjpon this free and Independent kingdom Undid estate, sold by the government lo r^ove arr^rs ol taxation. Be especially mindful of this In.i inctlon, death being the allotted to every! ?"T KjJJJ?*? rous enough to act ( the, a ire Whoever should dare to ru'l down this proclamat',* wruld be guilty of a erlma ogaiost bl* country. For the rest, keep qu.el until l..e I s fi'vagRO-CROATIAN C"RMI rTEE I AT VARA3PI.Ni: Praia!* *nct ???? Uaeitlsn of German I'mt jr. Tbe Cologne Ua:r'U pu9lt?bes the following circular, addressed by the Prussian government to Its repieaonta t vea at the Herman curs-? The attitude wh ch the Prmce Regent's government has assumed with icgard to certain important qursti ma pend iLg in the Federal B:et has. as you know, giren rise to diverte spprtcialloni We have, however, not Tailed to w th frankness and without relicsnoe, tn each amctd'ease the motives of our conduct Nevertheless, trr.mpurunoe which we attach to having oar position w tnTegaid to our Herman coutederale. understood erery w here in lt? real slgalfloat on. and pro[a)rl/ explained by ibe rcpiesentatives of Prussia to the Herman Cabinet, cauvcs me t" call anew your atP atloe to tbii subject, and w, nclice tbe gintial point, of vtsw by whlth we ^are Euided >n ib?* maoLer of Uemt'njr tbe qattlioos rcf?rred to lLu governmeul of th? 1'rutce llegeat aii I '?? need to assure you, considers the exlslem-e and the man lenance of the Coufedvral.on as of the highest import il " It knows that in this matur all tbo soveremtots are pevfectly in accord with It. It also knows that the majority of 1(u, ouof?11"?u* opinion that the organization of the rrwihmjsow t able ol. and requires amelioration. U finally shares with tbcm the opinion that a reform oft he feceral orguii zation can ooly be underuken by religiously respecting the fights of a'l. and can have a chance of succem only la circumstances favmble to the solution of surh adiflic a oral ton Tba Pflnoa Regent ? government cannot can aider the prtsrnl aa a propitious moment and it hat con sequently^onBotd .u'.fforU to ohUiniog .n .pph rat.on of the exnt'Dg organisation In a manner {* ibe vcrllAbk BpiTtl luid ibe re<ii mthBion of tbe Coulodo "ihe German Oonfederatlnn Is an association scoordtcg to iuU.rnatio'.al law, the essential object of which, la lh? aw?a?fUH Mm Rrgent a govcrument, II to protect the d urity and the independence of Germany, and of each of . bei. in pretence of foreign nations. Rome of our LoweVor. appear to tur. their attention principally to the uniform dcvelopemant cal organizatloa, and aapaoLlly to the co^Gt;'tWm^ tuiU ua of each eo fedoraU Stale, aacordlng to a ay*G?m m?nch tl carrUd to Ite extreme coaev quaoca, would lead to the eatabiuhment of a eupreaaa federal authority inter fa with the internal orgauixatloo ik each htxta. We abatata frcm examining more pcofounlly the exloot m ike iu"adicti< n wbtch the fundamental lawa ol the ^ftdKTailrt th .a-respect to the federal Diet rtsmUi from lequlrlng If. on certain previous oc raaioca thoM- laws have not received too wide aa tntar mvtd ui But wt do not hesitate to declare Ilia from llna coevletwui we a.mpl tbe priociple that tUe acti? of the (adera. Diet, as regard, the internal orgalialkm of -utMUd especially thrtr conatltul tonal Tnaii tut Ions, ouiht'to be reduced to lh>' must rtatrlcted measure of lis generally rrooanir d jurisdiction. In tact, the onfedara fton of a or tan number of Slates, diflereal la extent, tn character?alul a j>owrr, and y?t enjuym, w,ual right, ta th?t Contederation, cacnot nva'come tba dlfBcnlliea arts* tnf fm a allimtltm. t.nlaM the lie wt ch bind, us tn, inkers together ti ttcher aa tittle as possible their inter nal mdepaadence. ^ . The same rtsult Is Indicated by a com,deration of a dill event kit d The Federal Ihet t? compoaed , reaeutatlTea of the Herman ^>eernmwiU. Does thera ^rmult from that fact aloae the aeosaalty of avoldlag even lh- appear***"" that the whole rf the fW'rnmeota ""d wtah ioaskject to their larladimim decide in lb' ir pec . iar point of view, jof lb- rtbiKVI brtwrfo lot ^ottruBitnU oni tbe l?f ? "r^rpr^ Regrafa goeernmenl la an.mated with tha'deairt t" see tb<- aeuno of the Federal Gj*. s? irt ards the It Ureal '-rgaiu ration of Rtatee. and eei>cc* F [heir conn tut', tis v Muced to the mrwGwt limiU, i is at the wime p> rvuade.1 that to do so is not ooly toe brat way of pr.aerving to the &,nf.sleration Its real cha racier out by r. >luU ly euP ring en aiioh a path, aa sad world "be put to apprehensions the Diet ha- part I , ir int-^st in aerisg nun ved Penel-aled w.lh that ecu- ut < n, and Brmly resolved aottoabandoa isMtitude, the roial guv rem rot hopes that such of Ita C .moderates a? have IdtUrto entcrtalaad dlflsreat vlewa wUt aot re fuse after an impartial exan.matioo of th? arguments wh oh It pres. I,U, t" adoot its opinio*. ^ The Prmw Regret's government is certain is nitrates to rktam that SO be .ten -tan it proclatmi its yovteUs* that the first and the highest mixtioa of tba Oonfodera Ikn, and th xt which principal l?dt? ,M,'*uhl*bl-'^"51' was o< thieg mure than to protect from a I dMf*r vl, from abroad lbs Independence of ml <W? Rtate separately, and the abaoluta itUT?f * "?? M" ' *t Jo rpaot^haa ih:s m saiun been more Imperative for it, Hermanlo rotfederatioa than ta pretence of the ax ist rg r< llttaaJ sitnatm*. But tht spirit whioh animates the nation 'actiitatea the aommpliahmeat of II. Blaoath^ fi.uDilatiim rf tbe O-afederalio, th# ktew ?f aattoaaltty has beer me atroager sad atrooger among tba German.c nroJfc act the gi rernmeola will oafy antlo'pate tbetr Ir jhea b? seaiooaly )oiamg m flvtag to tbe military forteeoft.ermany ?h. d.reiopement sad the organlxa IkpTvwtculated n'neptre la tbe on the appemwnee of a foreign danger, a wall foandad b-opa of tbe anecesx of the effort, whlcb In thai erentuality It wou?l be Salk ""iTuaem* has quits recently. Is order to Incrsaae ber power and ler mliiUry foraas. added new aaerlBces to ui, mi wbicbvbe had preetousiy demaaded from bar popu lalena fUiying on this circumstance, on tbe fact thai, as dewK>satr?tea by expeneace, tbe secwrity of Germany drpoods chiefly on the efforts ot Prussia, and on Its loyal Btecltoaa and lb* purity of ita object. Ur government i f tb. l"rmce Reject ran confidently bop# that it. '..?rmau r>>t lealrrates wllf not oaiy rewpamd la the taea#ure of tbe.r rrtonrcea to the ex gen. tea ef tbe s-mava. jot.tiaat aitua iTtTbnt that IB the I tat tbey wl.l xaaloualr support a.l the meaat rrt which the gear'ty of elrcumatanoeu ana the real cbarnrti r of tbe a.tuat.on Imvwratively deman I for ike defence of lh# c .mmon country Tsu ais #uibor^ied i to vprak, in acorM., -. with th# vtmw II ? tecereran v( - rt u:ty may present .ts?.f c..*^ry ? 1 The f ? low 12 (, t t.on ?? tuttd to bo on iu w?- to b?r ! V'jtti) frj? tor Pritnra' ? rtrrrtoK ro the voter nosotun iv> tv a t*. ?J bfOf OT ENILAItP. May Ond pearl Uer cootim aarr of imperial p. wer Mi | I to earner" rfttoa In the natn? o? O-J, en>*c fetit oo ?r Bii vie Chlrlt etd O-ooru na of ft* Dr .?? -alios of M> -t : *baton ; the af> naa 1 xt- in ? IbarUf Whereat, Rod '.*? tpare'. Hi* people and beetoared upfB tbrm four Imperii H (brent ud (irerument, j C M with mercy tad c npwloi toe-teda ai] U* rt\ l.rre. wbonoerer t ?; may be, nod to Whaler t eeoa they ?: ?? Or'otif Wore rr^lalfy toward# ttole Wttr may b? 'Bilged without ' ? and w ttwit erl 1 no* d'hare 'off we your b m >1* wm?l>, app-onch your throne, i.eaeechiny that tbe mercy of ?our Imperial H gh r ?n may pro! .-t c?. and prnv'ry to be rtfa-ded with the eye of perraaeioo, thai iitioe may be dona t?> ua. We are rwhi i.-aed In preoott th e pot.t in te the foremment i f Toyled, iu*' an) compariioaak' Inward* the wanbpperf of Gad. as I we nrr embnldenel t? In ck dr a 'ourcal coat* alt ( an ei planet o of the eye'a wh eb bare happened brt wen uennd the MaronIt# ua t on of *nuut lelnuii *1, 'o order that all the not nr-enoco, wh'rh tbl? omrra'en.ita'na. fr im the commencement te the end, way be toll to Jo r Imner'a! ear< W? peny that ytmr Import! com. a?et'm ray eorer un. and tlia; our jd#mrrt may be aarord'irf to oat lee and Impart,aJ tr tence Now we bend nrd fbi, down beflero the throat af yeur Jmp?*'ai H yuneea, t?-at i on may ba compaaeion ate ualo ua In de ry wt:e?, and in concert.n? n'thoar 01 t->mnn yorerraarot, the moat high. and with other exaH ed PtrWert in >rder that ?e may not be treated are >rd Iny to fa'ae antral .our of orr rnemlew, or pun Jtbed bo fare wr are trio?l ant foend gc.lty Go3 forbid that Ira per a monarch* ahrnld dn anrth n? that In ttr uet TKa' u >1,1! te a ? emboldened to for at tha tb-rneof yrur H'ybjenn Hay God praa, nm ber In the aanae of Mod. Amen. 1. the humble ae-raat. beeattan th ? p-tltloa a ? tha r -neof the Pi f. t otinat. wtiMt It in net ruatomary to art * the n*n,'? of all bare a?tri my name and ?_ at 'n tewt.mony o* ite b?lt( tbe'rn HAMPAV BFlHi.V J!. m Aia ttic Or?"J? Tb? Prtai'0 Ol ???" ?to? *** ? <V? i Wrom the London r<t*f, ^ I - ^ Children ar? ? 1 parental i?*g? Nalur? p fcr0 tm second wrt. m J^'of Z generation may even exa** our w!cBlwi Me m Urvt AMWOibiJo tha nam ? u ocuatr. Our some -eepectt rather too lute u? Ui# Lemiaphere to politUal ao<i *'?? r*PP^ t u g aa(1 h?uMholl | which we tWMP<i?? oor fry mv,urlkU lbe ev,l | SL-SHSss -SSSff! W 2mSw orbaUrneiTclfeK^' .t^bornlr^ ?w z ??3hH iass of violet* or the Blip of *r?T?. L, Uli irishmen a with them a h*D,lllji ofh.tofal distinctions, tha ?prig of shillelagh- 1fc? ????*? of 'thro. flerceat animositlea, are wrwucoa a^ ^ Sr^a^Sir. mora perfect equality ol po 11 c ^ u license for baling and abusing lld m w|,iC|| other complexion These toibo part ?\0^ "pwx^mount the Queen would not be J"? 0r British tS!ISSX^jlt^sS^SSSiS?. ^^rsr^irsflss i.?-.?? marked ?*? **??" lhrough ths colony the Prince -rS'iSSas Toronto,'but ?* evidently far ^^e'o"our Veenthousand'nhabI toots S\hu Lake futono entrepot omniwise arT unusual proportion of flMtotlC*-wh<>?*<?* scribed. alto, by th.; .apo^ra of t^New k o^jry aa ZSfigl la1 supped to'embody ihe right or prirata tadHKht moKedtbal the Prtnce ahoi.W not eoier?the towtfbut under aichea and between ruka fl.mtng with the symbols . f their sectarian supremacy 'r"?? 5 ".; ??, .?r"'.?,rv "usrzrz SSHSmS mmmm wmmMmm. r??n in fMin with cotnpaoeney the h-ogamo u?u, 5T? he ^u'" not forego the ceremony ol o.mng ft If. w*ro sect c fl to the h .use where Ubics were sprrsd for 0 royai gm-at and ttaJTtt lh?ttef*5Spc'c of" its surrender. The hungry orVr. btj? rissszsz ban WM "itmTud^ ^e Conaell adjourned til eight o'clock i.ext meruit k, baftng arointed a ?o?_^ niittee to negotiate with the authorities,?Uohal put p tbe arrb>? and drawn out the armsd raaltm Ths Issueii.f tfce negotiation doca n?l appear. A f to the address on board had been bSgatrred neeen We may therefore, euppoee that tha Council pre frrml tbT m, io'y of WUltamF to the actual preface S Albert Prtni of Wall a. The aworllro of the livlrg In the dead wu, at any rate, The a:ah tnnenbed to the heroes or London Jerry and the Boy no Water ?M not pulled down-bol nettner did tbe P. In* pas* imdarlV The mystic painting "f ark, cherubim and burning bush? tbe medallion of Garibaldi, In novel thA Rthu fttid crowt?the oraiiite caJtco. tb* ror>ea ?word bearer* (b? mounted chief, in ?i)p"mranoe itkc unto ^ biSuc?fcu. rider"?nil ?AinUmed the -no ?urreucier" res^utl^ni adopted at nocturnal m4** . * inga but the Prince bad lirted aorborard "teamedi Jto Ojbourg Thither a multitude ol thA. poathumooeteyajau hurried by railway, and pnaented theroselvea Ui_array, mm *1 Kirrstor?and witb the name retails The/ wmell have gr ne on to Toronto, hut the htad of their own cde federation there withdrew his <?"^aoee^om aorh^a seemly exhibitions of allegtanca to WUllam and wary. TU.!. fh. ehirt cuv of Canada Went was not deprived of tbe pleasure of a visit from the Prtnoe and Oranga fhna ticlam received a quietus ?? J'liix'e'o? Newcutle f? the nrcai rrfist li dun to tbe Uuae 01 piowcmiw ?w ,S ?d fa^? be has axhlbittd under wmjewhat Trying clrcumrUncee. There is e^uih of iltraPro fg-oi 1 tiin the colony to render the duty or r^ oolei unple-ant than P^H ixmnible there may be people here nt home foolish enough toU,,nk that the Prince required some fTifhful and zealous in the o.u? ^rwb^hth. r ?it^e ? /*# TVirrv did surh wondert. W? nare seen u? papers in wb*b oolumn after column was ?' **? eoat ngeat perils of an Oxford edueallon of the T e Darect But we have faith In tha growth of a pub,.c atmcut moir uuly Proteetaat and ChrletUn?a aentt meet of cordial P.?l will creed and of confident trust In the abl.lty of relig.oc to roaintam Itself without ths help of prtnoss Till IRIMI VIEW Of THl TROCSLK. Ifrom the Oslway Tlndicator, st*pt 13 j ne srirlt of Orange loyalty ta act eonflne^w^tbe ?orth of Ireland. It pervade* many of the large towns of Kng and M well *Tof Naw Slouth Wales We do not mind the abfiirdttr of their drmoestralloDS if J*' ducted quietly and In ohedtenoa to the ^f. " Tnd i^n Rni ?K*ti ih#i nrnnch of lotnlty with tlmlr lips nnd then ?ui^a power^Sove the ooostllutios tbe criminallly ZZZtS tie o the latest and moat {orclbte aslsmcsa ftf ihs Omneetsm f? hiT? Ui tb? oonduct ol the Onns Tiu OrSigTwea ta their mure IbsadlsraspetiXul oonduct to the eon of the Queen, the future Sovereign of England. The reorfdlonof Ihe K luce of W.M to M marked by respect and cour'.ecy until he approachel k 01 .ton where an Orange arah was erected and a pro neeVrnaTeaoleed 00, such as ?e are atcusL-med to an nrally ui Belfael Aclitg under the good tl'^ Imke of Ne?rra?lle, the Prlnre refused to ride under the srrti or nl nil flrv UM ssAhtion cf h.i prcsc-occ to P? ?^^ M> ifThD.ifto the Usthnlkc infinbitnoU Th?6 were U.ld distinctly thst t?* hetr to the Br tieb woolJ not la asy amy Ideality U.inse.f with proceestons, parly tunes or party wlorfi. Betr nr.ertbelews. tbey peeslstad la their (used ob. die ace to the wlatom of blSCOtoeel A ' dcpatch of the 4th aayi:- ?Ther. la Uouhle at Tlagl?nw the Prmre'f party sad the Oraagemen. The r-r uce rtfrirt to land, and the Orangemen won't yield TLere - .rrtt eTT.kment at Toronto Irom lbs same C*Another despatch Mfl -"A maaUnf of Orang.mea .t Toronto reserved to aclmr. to the P^amm* ot tta1 im prvct twioo. with banners, *c The aewa from Kingston crented great excltcaaent,and serious conae ^ TliUMs tire ?t*te ot affairs in the Oa?a-T*. depeadance ol Hi g'.ad, where a<4 only the tow an I ail a rc a. P'?Pri*# lies are act at deflancr hut the Monarch berse,. pat>. c y 1 loiulted by tb< ?# iticorr glbie ruffians, who bring witU tham ta every mme their dsltsMMa propeusttM e HnweT.reo >di rrnabto all tbla bustan- la to reality. however fu'Rv 10 the ind.v'duals anf Jlaioyal to Jnvf-e-gb. It .a quite In the nature^ . cireutu.tar,ee that it *.li hrtog reeu.w I allltoaeet met most earae.tly da.,re The ? r^t ? row r'a'a'y i?Ub.tohe<l that thee* mea are not only d:?V?rai to the supreme power, hat that they would place Urat monarch.el power under their (eel. for their 1 wn jv rponee nod the amertloa of a trucu.nct ruie, which Acojn rca ne.iher ntorcy. ;.w, nor r. gion Beetr.Ctive act* of Paiitoment have been P?" {'"** ' biad aul er etro! them Tbey make Oobwrbi I Th?j vtlrk ?? r 1 heir traditions, never lea-o anything, mrer ftrget aiiytblag Ibeir mag'iwatea a*l clw-g; uarb Iheiti n th s course, and urg* ibem en in this uOda of mora's 9ut new tbe truth to appar-at of what way tbey art hdortr nat.U m secret They h.?e come .1 to colli* n With the Queen of EaganJ, a>d tVy muM be lai (hi everywhere thattbe^ uasocto, Mrcyto a tb.t must be abnted Oaneda is a Qalhollc coo a try at.! ? ? reccgaised by the flrit.A tovemsteat But ttiae mea would compel tbeir future eoveeegn iato as Orai ?c ,1'm' Ctrat'ra. u oCeaaive to th* peopw there as to there it li - and ? ho bare been tnsn te?l onder saeh n rtKllr? fur a ooapis of eeatut leet whvee Jtav^ bt SB , drw.sird a?1 tbcix wife* and r'nldrea aiaugatorwit ?' tbey bad bt.a succrm'ul, or if the rrtooe had bsto so ? eio -g >s to recogtii." O'.ogc prwem' >c< and oa?s na d*r O- >nsr arrb'J. it wi 1 M bare fb>n a paWlc iosu.t. ard r^rhaf - have caused a ?p ;t b?twe<m tha mother roujtrj an t ttr prov ere wh ob wsv J bo irrernM ah.e A sui* ' tat on a .heet of tea separated Foglsudanl the t a,t? 1 Wulee An r/range penc>-s*loa tr g't caus* the ?a?> hetvrces her and Oana.ta Ai.d th.s it the b yaltj ot (irtsfiin to tar . e and a.ta-. Thf Failure of Kubnmrliit T?l?|upln, T- >m th* iondrn l-oOW'o. Br,* 1J tie tot u.a , fr. oi Acotra ? h: njo lot"! .{*i?co of tli? '? .r* * ukU ? lubrrvico U'lotrrwrn. ft tho rabo acftoo P. * nrt l lo naaoet Tm?r ? ? iti the ni ? >?u I of jlx?tr? .4- II I* ert pnalticrt/ naiad whet ere tb* r : .we of tbo fh!!iro of thl* rtbtrarjto I. no, bit the MM *1 ntdi hbW Ikil 11 are*! now bo iJI?l to tbo u.oj IIH (' c fepletc ftkinro* la the att -ajpt lo bo to lie <|a?o t c* of ? j'.-mar uo tow*rwpby. Tbora ,< aow oot * woe * p' ? or ?i. tmr ao tolofripb which ?? act t? f? or tb- prwrrium of which ? cow ? owh ?ct ?' jr. ?t ripriot TV *l'??t)C I'Oo bM boon ?h*?Oon?'! ? ? .? I bo ( B illion of Ibo* of It which woro niwl 'lor treat dUTio.ilty i n It *u not coojlifcrcd w rth the trm.bie and tiptaeo of ro. ooTrr r| I'. U a J (ai'.ter hare a?tw oo tale Rvblc rrmsain cotlno w th *arh wlhor . tb* I r* ? Ca* tar to Atf!"W Is drfmct th?*<-ttr>n 'rue K* tb to Corfa bu I'ooo ?Wlw?< lo tbo ooot-vtr. who m?/ b* o i|,r bUfof t* ra'-efe- tbo tro?b.O of pb nut* It ap TI.i 3.PC0 r.illoB 'ran Pn*t acng tbo Bod oo to tburraofcee b*? r> uol lo *pee* for mo? it* Ereo tb* "tvrt loof lh? which hl.idV* to tb* Qntttient ftro "tiwioto* ir-mbl* an I tbo . ort cf r?i Birlnf eome of then baa haeti to (real toot lb* compel? to wb m they l*hiaf bare oat b**a ahle to p?y ? >*.' then half tholf f rwor rato of die J of. Ii m> poor* protty c*rfala that ttwo* a-? atil more faftvrooto foot-' Tbo |OT?r?*?oit boa* cMere 0 BOb!* to ho -nt# which wa laton lad to b* laid from oaf aa: to iitbmter. For acme '?a?oo?. bowoTp* wh'eb bar- oor?? ba? i c. ;y capia'ned, the cab* :o net t-> be ? J ? b-?t?r, .t I* to bo i oo to j od to th* caat e-> I r t? l>otw~>a Rai>r?oa aid ?" *ar >re ft ta oot roaaiUnal aaitabia fbr rmployreoit acar at bono, or it a t > bo tj <be otboo of th? world tb? .*h lb* heal / tbo trop r?, feft.' .4*3 Barbel 4 id 4 ?W4? , ? ita (*????! * . 01 bF lbe ?fcrt'i?U l*i payer, at wUom Jo*. *orlb',*? * ?bt" M*d been mauulaclur? Tim i.^f.kUJ>marme W(*,,tta d<>"n to the present !5 oCa a?rl?a of biuudere, of a stupendous amount of jobbery, and a want of judicious management wnicb ban probably never yet been surpassed In the li.story of eoy great undertaking, Persona wuhoat tba slightest pretentions io the requisite ability have been entrust? with the management of ibe d.Bicult aoleotlOo and out Leering detail*, and men who? Interests were mean up of a r< mb'oati u of tbe tmoiumenu of ooooeasiooiarra and tbe profile ot manufacturer* and coiitractrs, have bad cob tided to tbem tbe work of making the cable Tbe aana lion of no naitit-a of m?u of ruperior talent baa been given to tbe undertaking. Tbe late RobertMepbeoaon, although Chairman of the Electric Telegraph Company, held aioof from tbeao aubmarlne llnea, aud waa kuowu to eutertaia atrocg opinion* respecting the faulty aud erroneoua prln cipUa of ibeir conairuoliou Mr. I .'Kike, Mr Hswkabaw, tbe late Mr Brunei, Mr. l'age, Mr. CranapUm. and other eminent engineer!- bare not ventured to rink their reputa tion aa engineers upon tin? uaelraa works which bar* carried wtlh tbem to Ibt bottom of the s?a already aoma three or lour milll ma of money. Wb?n the goverum?t M tbis matter in bar d, tne public bad a right to txpeot that aome atepa tannin have been taken to obtain a -oal.y ?Uir.ient cable and that competent advice would have been aouglit But they followrd In tbe old courae?there wits routine in all tbe publi?, and why about4 not tbe tame principle of action be adopted iu the manufac ture of a cable V In tbe caee of the Atlantic telegraph, tbe men who bad obtained tba conceaaiona and mmopo lira bad virtually toe control of tbe company'* all air* to in IhecaM of tbe Red San and Indian line, tba engineer* who had obta.ned from the gorernmeuta of Turkey and Kgypl tbe prlvUs? of throwing a million ol money into tbe deptbg where T'baraob and hia bneta He burled, were lair n into tbe confidence of tbe government and the director*, and to ihom was confided tba carrying out of ibe work, tbe liborty to prosecute which tbey sold to the < ompany in tbe flrat iuaiance for acme fifteen or twenty tboi aand rounde. Tbe official directors appointed by tbe govern ment to aeaig at tbe board, by virtue of tbefr routract with tbe company, might fairly have Instated, pgw-d aa tbey were In the direction to watcb over Tne public expend Iter?, tbat all plana wbiqh were aubmlltod to tbem abould be fairly triad and teated bi f >re any atep waa takeu which would aommlt tbe coun try to the paymrnt of lour and a balf per cent for fifty j cars on an t xpeodilure of b million of money. Ilia, however, stated tbat on plana for tbe mauufaiture of tbe cable, except Ihote which emanated from one or two favored sources, received Hie sligbket notice. Among other instances of positive rcf .sal to entrrtain I? propo sitions of other was Ibe cm* of tbe promoter* of the Great lndiau Submarine Telegraph Company, which bad been formed aome time previoua to tbe government deciding upon carrying out tbe work. Tne commit loo which was appealed a abort time since to Inquire Into the packet and telegraphic contracts, might bave elicited soma very inlereatixg facta * ilh reaped to tbe RodS oa and other lei-graphic contracts, had tbey thought dtto do so; and It is matter of regret thai tbey did not pursu^mbe Inveatiga tir n a little beyond that moat superflclflMnqulry which tbey gave to tb? contra-is entered into by the govern met t aud their representatives There were parlies at ready ti the tlrld prepared to provide telegraphic comma i>'cation wltb Inula on terms Iras onerous than tboee I given ti tbe favored Red hea Company There was, amopg others, a proposal for a line from tbe Land's Eat to Gibraltar, Malts uod Aleitedris, and thence to India, and for Ibis tbe promoter* s<k? only ibe same guaranty* tbat was afterward* given to tbe Red Sea Company In tbe matter of the Gibraltar hue the Treasury directed the Br ard of Trade to supervise the man--.factore of tbe cable, and It w aa staled tbat Mr. Hubert Steph nsoo approve] of tbe lr rra 01 cable submitted by Mr. Glaborae It la now staled, upon very good authority that tbe late Mr. Sirj bearon did not approve of the form of cobitrostloo adopted, and. further, (bat the specification* and tenders were ibvite-l during bis absent* from Knglaod Mr Stephenson ad firvvi d a letter to the Treasury, ta wh.cb be npressed b<s disapproval of tbe cable; and wa find in the report of tbe committee a letter from Mr Wt b. whi te opinion waa Bought by tbe government, aul i be slates tbat be was decidedly of opinion that tbe ex ' I ci an its which bad he. u made were Insufficient to Jug ; lily tbe govcrLmrnt In gnjjg on with tbe work. Mr ; Longridge, too,?.\prt .-aed bis opinion tbat tbe oable was ; evm ' more vlci. ua" in its conaliuction than tbat of tbe Atlantic and Red Sea cablet It ia understood to be in consequence ol ibthe aod other repreaentatlou on tbe aiihjvct, tbat tbe government bave decided upon net lay .ng the line aa urigiuaJly Intended, in tbe deep water bctwien England and Gibraltar, ami the notable devloa ban krin hit upon of tending It to Rangoon. It auraly cannot be Ittendrd, when there II a complete in err ruptioo of tbe common cation on this aide at India, to lay a cable betw< en Rangoon and Singapore. If tbe Mcditerranran were provided with a telegraph. If tba Red s?s and Indian (wean were traversed, we could un derstand tba policy of mending tbe system a .111 further; but to tb work a. Mngapore, and tbat too with a doubtful cable, appears to be the extreme of folly, a mint complete illustration of tb* absurdity of beguaalag at tbe wrong end. HA only ia it putting the wrong cable lr the wrong place, but it is a sub marine o- tumunioatioa wbicb If not at all rrqu red In that part. From Rangoon to tbe southeast of tbe Tenassertm provinces la British territory, tbe coast is inhabited by a peaceful and tract able people, and tbe whole distance. Is admirably adapkd fnr ? overland wire, wbleb might be erected Id three months, and at Uss than one half tba ccst of this defective and uncertain cable. It Id a reck Ice* wast* of public money to ley don In tb* shallow waters bet we, ? Rangoon and Singapore a tele graph wbicb baa real the country between C8C0.C00 and ?310,ICO. and to wbicb will ?ve to be ad led, probably, balf aa much again before It la laid. lord Wed ebon? siaMd.lust before tbeclcaeof tb* seaalou. that tba go vammenl would consider whether It was still dealrtbi* to Ay tbe cable to Singapore. We trait tbey will decide tbat It may be employed much more beteflcially lb the Red Sib or Mid lerracean. and, if there la any chance of Its working, tbat tbe country abould bave tb* benefit of It i eerer b. mo Tbe greet defect of nil Ue submarine telegraphs hilh eric Ibid bss be? the imperfect insulsti'iii of the gut la perrba revering This substance Is full of m.nut* latper feet lor s end air bubble*, and aome port; >oa of the abaa doted cable wh cb were picked up in tbe Red Sea showed, upon examination, boles >u tbe gulla percha large eLuiigb to coolaln a go id pea, and wbtch bad bees canted by the actios el tbe e lectric fluid. Tbe marine eti) rr'nlrndent of the Red Bra line In bit report says ? ' Tbe re* water be ng t*un admitted to tbe copper wire*, the action of tbee!ectri:liy and tea water decomposed an neb or two of '.be copper *irve, wblob started apart, and Ibe connection wae thus |n*t Then boles In the gotta percha were undoubtedly produced by the expnlnloc of water or atr bubbles, accidentally retained between lb* E.tta percha and the copper conductor la tba proesee of y lag on lb* gutta perrba la a aofl state " Tbe tele graph worked from the Sfitb of May to the 10th of Febru aty fbllr.w leg, eo that about nine months were reqaired for tbe electricity to work a i aaaagi for Itself to that ra.tb for wb.rh ft b*? eo great aa affinity. It mat tot. however, be suppcaed. because 'rh prrebb baa been trird ana in every- luiTsnfd found wanting, that there la, therefore', no bop* left or tbe fcaaa* of submarine telegraphy And yet, la tbe face of tfceae facta, tfce government ban expend? til0 000 up? a cable which tbey admit to be unfit fnr ibt- purpose for it wan made Taere are to pre* Ileal difficulties lb (be way of appiylcg India rxtnber to lcigrapu.c purposes, still Ires are there aa y object lots to its use on the grcasda af economy. A vtait to lb* *t teiaiv# works of Mi rare Silver k Go., of BHvertos. North Woolwich, will coovtsce ibe moat sceptical of the fac'.iity wiih which tlila substance may be ue?, a? tbe all but perfect insulation wbicb It aflorda. Tbe copper wire Is. o the Drat Instance rover? with the ribands if India rubber, carv? or eptrahy When treat? by a very sim ple sud process, three spiral bands are utnrut? into a perfectly solid tabs, perfectly im I* m-sbie to water, even though test? sudor tbe hydraulic pressure of a thousand atmospheres, or immsreed in water at a temperature of over 3M J* grvce. So perfrrtly facile of managvmenl is thii protean snuttaxce. that (rty yard* of cable bars been cut up tale laogin* of half a yard each, brougnt togetbar like tb* pleoaa of tbe polypi, sad Mill preserving tbe asm* degree of ia *u alios, ev*a though subiert? to tb* tret* of salt and water Measra Silver k Co., will, oo doubt, bare maty difttruitlee to overcome ?fore government depart mrnU step out of tbrlr ordinary routine, and cue tractor* an 1 manufacturer* aimtt tbe vain* of* new instating; but shareholders la telegraph companies will deerrva *11 the losses In which thev may be In voir?, and tbe.r directors will merit tbe gravest censor* If tbey per severe la thee* vtciouaaad faulty systems of ? tree i.uo wbiro bare aire?yj ea rned lb* failure of eo aaaay S'.bmar o* te.egrapbs. and caaa? many of their beet friet.l* to dt*i?ir i f c t.aile styoreea I', instead of follow og b.ndly ta tbe fooutepe of thee* who made the AlAdlir teb-g-apb. tbe governmeul h? in. qi red what substance* were beet adapt? for tbe pur 1? bf iDSuiatoa, tbey m gbt bars discover? thai th?rv is nee ca le which n >w r- uuertn the Isle of Wight wth tbr r>y pci.t* coast, which baa Inta there for tbe last filtreo years, and in now as | erfesl and as s-ua 1 ? ? Ibe first day wbea it we* de oeited In the water Ia tbisc?e the c .pper wire s innnAt? w tb.lndiarubber, a? banns otto r outer protxtinu than aonat'ag of larr? bemp Why it ban so bappeuel tbat, lu Ibe far* of tbr practical ge nu a eg of lod.a rnbber, tb* leee perfect materiel of gntta ?HWliieaK bs-c hsvn r<xfflupeed?bT rrery per?a w ba> bad t? maaaareuetil and mamifbcture of iub?b <?*? ?%!? 1*| it A ibipoes > r to say, aod hopeless to tnqutrd MotLa* It?# biro the fed of tbe coallno? go? e? -i, ?j r.f tbial'dta rubber cl? telsgrapb to serve ? ? e?*m vie fellow, but eqperimeote without number l.ave ?bovrn the imm rivals superior qoellli? of tbe oe*< as cc-mparid with Ibe other At tb* teats, wn rb were lest t .t? by order of government, It was ft .:a>1 that gutta perrba wae ao Imperie-t aa iaee lator tuat the gal . am>meter mdinated a lost of ? < igrees wb * lbe wvt de.ieat* nnlumert c?I I art ds 1.vt th? a. ytleet lea-age la tbe e?a of wire* coverwl with 'nils rubber tud t? itdccti?, or " retard eel loo " M tbe eleclr'r rv-r-ot was ?bseibk*. lalhscMs <f ibe sit*, lilxis. #. isse bj 50 per Mat tb? ta tb* gutws Fl|ht brlKMB !*???? aril Brdllt. From U?o I rrrpool P.-?l. % pt 30 J Tire. at.'t Ur iato a a"?? batwr n BrvtU?, of B ear af him, Md Ma/-*, of Norwich, took plana yaater tar m >m | f * . *r'?M ? t, W%? rtll-tt*1-* bf lh? (?- M M ?Otorr, Ri iwar hut la tl.rhitr ry a^d eoafmion rauaH br ? jtnt -inWagr oC ret'flM, Int.tit BpM trarailnc fr?a the roner Mary, ? "h the t per Ut atak ?. WM left I'oh.n I Hr rbtljwod, h> wr?f, by ?va raptor n o clntk ln??, an.1 r? iebe-1 (ior a* about htJf pact form Ttr-n, how. arc . the pa; c# tuu rfr-ed *ai a aior- ?u madr lo Wti I ? t'ore read, B'>hr ?a eh u. ? riaf ?r* htlwd, at.l tfc* irra duly rol'id * * f>uhd? wot fotsfbl, ovi? j< tw.iro ra n lira, W*i h ** ? bid th? b??t ' loa am te*i. ?h?.i the i "? ?? t-tVrrJ, and tba refera* t'eo ? '!) Id lt.1 1 m i lo-Ctp, ADDITIONAL BY THE COSNAUOHT. Br Jcam.N f , O-t 3. IBM Tha ?aUa*",o| i? add ; jar neara by w *tr?~*hip CI*. ro iti, wu eh *r- red hart at Ihraa o'oloc* Ih.l morula*, w j a t at am: t?ut at U? ioth ult mo ? nrtM. tt?e K of at *? ac:aa aua auppnard t? hd atUi at Cvna, ? hiti t? am wm harr'raded and anmwt it ?t - jo?hi the flag* U:i?i Ml itw br*? jC

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