Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 5, 1860, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 5, 1860 Page 5
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? uT'bfc.oi Li.! exchanged st ts ul ?te octpceta tear U(M The French Minister wu to quit Nap es <a tb? 27lb or hep timber. Garibaldi mi declared, m a atur, that ttere ex.ate an irroccac lablii difference between bis policy and that o.' Count CaTuur. It wo reported that the quarrel betaeaa the Sard x .an ((vernmeni and Garibaldi uad arrived at aucb a p'tch ibai Victor i-manuel bad determined to proceed to \aplea ter personal intercourse with Garibaldi. Tte Neapolitan Mmiftry had reo(ae<i,aad it wo re ported thai Signer ConXorto had been cabed upon to lorm a tew cne. SARDINIA AND ROME. The bulletina of Ibe battle of Oasteldlarrto and the published detail* agree with the prtv.ou* statement* it. Among the OCO prisoners taken by the hard.nana were upward* of thirty officers, aome of high rank In consequence of the victory 4 000 Papal troops, mostly foreigner*, including Any oii.cers and the Gaarda of lamortoiero, with six guns, ammunition, Ac , capita rated on the lbth of September and laid down their nrma. Ctaldini conceded bonora of war to thin body and per mltttd them to return t.ume. Lamcnciere, with a few horsemen, reached Ancona. Nothing remained of hi* army except the troopa abnt up in Ancona, and about two the .Band d;t| eraed in Lb* mountain*. Tte King cf Sardinia had decorated Ctaldini with a Grand Croat of the Military Order of Savoy. It ww asserted that the Sardinians had advanced w far at Marda. The Sardinian government had decided that the French ?eldiert in tbe Papal army, taken prisoner*, be Imme diately released. Geceral Fanti's beedquartsrs were at Ioretto. Tbe siege artillery had disembarked at the Sardinian camp, near Ancona. Thf arrival or General Goyon at Rome had, it wan said, eeterm.ned the Pope to remain at Rome. Ar&TRIA AMD ni'KGARY. An iccendiary proclamation, calling the people to arrna, was introduced into Hungary from Bucharest. All the garrisons in Hungary were replaced on n war footing. AbBlrla bad concentrate! a groat force on the Po, In creased tbe military at PIbIdIo and restricted the use of arms in Vcnetla. False reports bad been current in Paris that lbs Aus triacs bad recrosssed the Mineio. TH1 ROYAL MKETIMJ AT WARSAW. It was affirmed that Napoleon would not visit Wsrtsw, and had cxpfesaed no desire to do so. It was also re ported that the Prince of Prussia was not to be there at the same lime as the Emperor of Austria. SYRIA. It was reported that tbe French commander In Syria had sent a detailed report of the Syrian affairs to Paris, giving h.s opinion that Syria will require foreign occupa tion for at leMt two years. TIE HEWS BY THE CITY OP BALTIMORE. St. Johns, N. F., Oct. 4,18CO. Tbe steamship City of Baltimore, fT'.m Liverpool on Wednesday, 20th ult., via-Queenalown 27tb, pasted ibis point a', tbioe o'clock tbia afternoon. TbeC'tyof Baltimore Us obi puLscngrrs ana a large aargo. Sunday, 30.h ult., parsed tbe Bteamehlp City of Wash ington. latitude 40 degrees 48 miu itcs and longitude 28 degree? 29 minutes, bound east. A following summary of ber news was obtained by tbe new* yacbt of the preM. Ibe steamship l'aleeline, from Quebec, arrived at Liver pool en tbe 2Stb. Tbe steamsh p Fuiton, from New York, arrived at Southampton on tbe 26tb. Italian affar* were uncbanced. Tbe Garibaldi ana were concentrated on tbe heights of Yolluru* preparing to attack tbe Keapiltunf. Tbe .Sardinians wore bombarding Ancona by land aad see. an.! further advance* in the Interior. THE WAR IN ITALY. Tbe Saidm.ans conlinuod to advance In tbe Papal States The fortrcsa of Santa I,oo bad Surrendered after some boors' firing, and was occupied by the Sardinians. Ancona was bombarded nlr.e hoars by tfardialan vca ?els without much effect. The reply wrs vigorous. later despatches say the cannonade by land and sea continued, but at intervals. Tbe Sardinians occupied tbe fortress of Castllian. Tbe oniric.! Roman lonrns 1 contains Cardinal Actoael i's noti, claiming tbe assistance of tbe Catholic Powers. Garibaldi bad cor centraud bis troops on tho heights of Vallurua preparatory to attacking tbe Neapolitans. Tbe Garlbaldians bad met with some reverse* near Capua, lo*loc about two hundred men. Garibaldi, In a frenta i reclamation, indicate* that be will Join tbe Sardinian troop* at Rome and begin a marcb against Teams. Tbe aatagaoiam between Garibaldi and the Pledmoo tens govern man t continued. Tbe Klsg of Naptas bad pnt.'lsbod the decrees at Gaeta, ordering a slat* of siege- in all tbe provinces where s re volutkinary struggle ensu, and cashiering all offloers <1T the marine as gaJty of bigb tseasoo, except those of oo? vessel which trwK to GaeU Tbe republican cause wis ground m Style* and tnfluen.-o over Garibaldi. It was retorted that Victor flug: had arrived at Vaplee. Cardinal Bporsa bad been espelltd from Napiee by the dtetatonal gut eminent. CHEAT BRITAIN. Koc'.aI, news is unlmpertnat. There wst a severe storm on tbe s**.-<be-g and eastern coasts sad some shipwrecks. Tbe weather was broken but fln ? and promising when Iks City of Baltimore tailed. There have beea two failures In tbe grain trade?Win Archer * (tone, of London, for ?44,000 sterling, and Tbon. Nokce ?20 000. FRANCE. It was potillvtl/ asserted, notwIUaetan-f ng offlcl il con. tradtctico, that Na^-ieon sought an iav.tat.on to Warsaw at Urn royal meetirg. Breadstuff? were advancing In Franj*. Tbe Bourne was flrn at Mf 40r. BUR AIL. Rio Janeiro letters aanouace tbe fa lore of tbe great of MoUo * Lowssa, bide aad cattle dealers, lor ly half s million sterling. cape of ooon norE. Cape of Good Hope mails to A "gust tl, have arrived In England. Pitne* Alfred wad At tbe Capo, where be met with en receptioos. Busier** at the Gap* eras dull. COMMERCIAL INTELLIGENCE. Livnsrxt. Sepf -J0.|*40 1-onkon noKiv uaiukr. , * * ' H^otrd On Ifrlhi.Ja; a; M i a 0J'? for money, a no #3;, lot account. AisKn ta ?wr?rrrs flaht of T'fcols Ornt*ai shares a'. IT"; a V 'If? at, do. slur, 90; Frle shares, 30 if a 31. New York Central ah tree. Nib Mvi.igaa CeatraJ Sight*. 01 LIVkarooL COTTON M A Kk gT. The of lb* leal ihrse >in|S, lociadiag to lay, tuvs been 20,(10 bales, uf wh h 10 009 were to so--o. lat >r? r and evpotters Tbe market closed sternly and firm ?r*Tt Of TbAM IN MAVCtlBNm. The adviete fr -m Meneb?eter are favorable; prior* are dim, though Ibe merkel w quiet. livirpool BRgiD-rrrr* wssrr. weoibar is fevoreble fur the crop*, th - .gu van able. r'cli*rd#<>n i'^ror# it Go. aad tt'akofle I, Vsab h Go. report flour at 2A* a Sis 41 for Ameriraa. Whsnt Arm and slightly higher Tor flat* wh t*; red. lis g 12 ' WhHe, Ida. g Ms. Sd. Corn buoyant and 01 a la higher: ' iWtMd, 14*. 01. a 20s ; white, AM. a SOa | uvurooi. provision us* grr. Beef dull Fork let. Bacon tteaiy. I.ard steady at gat a 04s. t"b*m* slightly deeiiord Ta a firm and rather higher aa'es at 43s. ? 14* 11 no root montci *t*k*r. Bona dull, at 4*. ? Si lt, for oomn.on Spirits lav- I proline dall at lis. Od. a 32? Bu?ar dull. Coffee Brm KI?* ? ???. A'bf* quirt, ai 27 s. 01 a 2t* fur |*>U, and 2*e. a I*' (?* pear's toxnow M?u*rr?. Brealit -fh buoyant. Wh?tt is. a 2i. higher on the werk frgar dull. OB r Arm, b*t dull TslldW firm at IBs Liaeee l oti .0* <id. TBI 1ATATT SiSlltu. Dvnaroot, ?*pt. 27, 1880. Gotwe? Sales t) day cf II,COO baler, including ? coo w rpecclalcra ltd cxpcrtsrs. Tbe market ckwen Una. Breaotioils quiet, But Arm. Provisions duD. ? Lokdm, Sept. 27?P. If. Gonads, #S;, for money ind V8'a i M'* for account. ThouM J. .Vnadny Sent to the Pantten tiiry for Four Month*. COIBT OK GINKUAL SIMMON*. Before Recorder Barnard. The court room wan densely crowded yesterday morn leg, sa it lie generajiy known that Thomas J Munday, well known in political circlet, would be aectenoed on a plea of guilty of an indecent assault made upon a little girl. Tbe defendant, was notified to appea- in oourt on Wednrtday, and waa prefect in tbe morning, but after a abort time bo left, and when Be *aa called up for sentence failed to antwer. Tlie Recorder hume ri ately directed a bencb warrant to be Issued for bit ar ret, which waa placed In tbe bandt of Capta.n Duwling, wbo,wlib bit uaual efficiency, auoceeded In nrrettiog Munday on Wednesday evening. Mr William Miner, who became bail for tbe defendant in tbe turn of $640, was Indignant that Munday failol to answer, and ren dered bit aid in tearcbing for tike alleged fugitivo by telegraphing to tbe principal clliet. It appears, bow ever, that tbe accused did not desire to escape, and, a* will be aeen, he explains tbe cause of bit leaving the court on Wednesday. Captain Oowling brougbt Munday into oourt, and toon after bit ifoncr took bit seat upon the bencb tbo prl toner waa arra.gned for sentence. Tbe Recorder addressed him at considerable length, observing that on the 9th of June lost be pleaded guilty to an tiUiolnienl charting bim witb an indecent expo sure of bit person to tbe preeenoe of I.uc? A. Allen The plea war made In open court, In tbe presence >f John Sedgwick, tbe Am riant District Attorney, which plea was entered by the Clerk Tbo case bat never been brought up front that day till the present time by any one connected with tbe Dialrlet Attorney's office, but ?the defendant waa there now in pursuance of that plea of guilty, for sentence. Tbe ofTen ? was an aggravated one. for it was committed against tbe morals of society, and was deserving of the greatest punishment that tbe Court could intllct; but in consideration of tbe plea of guilty, anl Ike fact that be waa trunk at thttime be made tbe Ind'cent expofure of bis pi 'Son, and on consu.tation with the officers count-cud with tbo public administra tion of jostles In this city, be (tbe Recorder) deter mined to sentence blm to tbo peuiteutlary for the period of lour months. Bit liouor boped ihtt after tbe etp ra tion of bit sentence the prisoner might reform and be come a respectable member of society. Tbe Court re turnee tbouka to Cbptaio Howling, of tbo Htxth ward po lice, for tbe very prompt and satisfactory manner in which be executed tbo warrant Issued for tbo arrest of Munday. The Recorder stated that during a period of twenty five years no person was sentenced in the General Sessions during the months of July aud Aug wt for an otlence on wblcb be is at largo on bail, and as be was not on tbe bfLCb In September, the only opportunity that oil, red It self to dispi se ol this case was the O ilober ton. Another passu why sentence was not passed was, that oouon -1 for the accused requested tbe .natter to bo postponed uottl he could produce affidavits of absent wttiiM'.-a Thus the opprobrium that hu been heaped upon tbo Recorder by c< rU.u journals for postponing tbo sentence was uawxr* ranted and unjust. Bcfo-e tbe officer removed Mun day from tbe Bar, he sal t that the cOcnce l > which be had pleaded guilt* was greatly magnified by his eo?miee and by some o( tbo public new, papers; that ha had no intentloa of rurnliig away to defraud his bull, aud stated this became be did not W'-h bis friend, Mr. Miner, to think so. lie f Monday) was invite l by a few fr. -nds to go over to iioboken, and luteuded to rcluru in tbe course of tire day. He uever bat re eeived any not ce from tbe District Attorney's tfficor, or any other person, that he would be sentenced until lb* 4th of Oc'ober The pris >n?r was the i removed from tbe court room, followed by a crowd of persons, minyofwhom wcro personal friends of Munday, It la r'-ceruiry known that Men lay h.u beeu a raeuib. r of As r- mb'y,wss a candidate S ato Senator at ouo time, ?u > clerk in tbe Mayor's office, ami also held other minor ot*i a s under the city government Tfce trial of Wm. fowler, charged with perpetrating a felonInuB aa suit up in Mary R,is, b9 i?"*U'ord street, on the Sdt of Apul, ?Inert was commenced r,u Wedne! Uy, wis bn.ihed at noon yceurd.o . aud reaullod in tbe a V|uiital of the accused The com plain ant was tbo m ithcr of tbo defendant's wife, who. na be alleged, w;u living on top intimate terms with a Spanish negro. under the wounds inflicted by the suppose 1 untailbful wife, be prtoetiled to the house ot her mo'.ber. where tb? was stay irg, ana demanded to sec her. Mrs Hue lesti'dad that fowler broke into bor nous- and attempted to ahoot her, but wltnfwe* lor tbe drfenoo peered that st tbe time lb. swore that tbe a-aanll wtg said t' hive beer, commuted rbe was stand tag on the stoop of ber dwelling Iho domestic asaociati mi ot the pa-lb s are not very hippy, as was shown during the progress of the trial, wblcb wan rather tedious. Tnc itry rendered a verdiet oi not guilty, and Mr. Fowler was promptly uts charged. i., or re larnsy. Indicted for forger* in the seoead dc gree. t.avirg att'.inpled to pass a $3 oowuterfeit bid on the Ulacfcstoae dank f Massachuki Us ua ibeflAth ot July, pleaded guilty to the fourth grade of the ollcnoe, and was sent to the State prison for two year* ^ Harvey tmttb,charged with a similar oil.nce. In bs^H had in hi* possteslon a $2 * enterfett bill on the Hank of Middltburv, pleaded guilty to forgery In tb? tourtn de gree. As be waa not an old otfeeder, tbe Court iui|?ned a lenient sentence, wmcb waa three months in the peuiten. tiary. Patrick McKenna, who bad a $6 wortblrrs bill on tbe Farmsrs' and Mrcbanlos' Bank in bts pwaeaslon. wa* in dieted for forgory in tbe second degree. He, too, plea lad guilty to tbe fourth grade of that oil, nee, aud waa sent to l iackwell's Island for three months Tut Oit Wnxa ?Two hundred well*, tiff the Plttahurg ChitmtrU, hare been funk iu the yicmlty of Powers' Cor ttrl, Vtmf comty. Ohio. tad others are Ml| com menoed dally. Ot three, Rfty lo seventy lire promite to be pa) ing well*. Thirteen ttea31 engine* here beeo put lii operation, tmmritng. nnd ? jme eight or tea more are 00 the (round and will be lu Motion in a few day* Homo of tbeec welil yle'.d from twelve to l.xtoea barrel* per day, and eoroe Ive to ten. barrel* H I* probable that the average daily ylrid ti a rnoat Hi barrel* of forty gallons each,t" en r. ?.?! .. about seventy II e barrel*, or S &10 gallon* per day 1a all. This amount is increasing every day, as new walla are being tank, an 1 ?pNWMBli in the ratting and HpnM| ap; arat .? a.. inat<- Kroia Lawrence county we have report* to the rdbe that the o'l ferer 00 Slippery Rick ? mak if mire vtralent than ever. The Randol|ib GOapaay, a abort diatanre above where the former are operating, have saruck otl at the depth of aome eight feet from the surface, with a flatter Itig prospect of an akuadast yield A Mr. Shaf.-r, kftev ? ,w'i Ting M mr thrre lay* labor npoa a " site," seld one eighth itilereM fbr the aim of eleven hundred dollar*, and bed be net rtaaed tkccootrac. until the neit day, he nonld have r?allied. we are Informed, two tbouaand do' Ian for it. The w*i , wn bci ere, |* the i*a>e owned by Memr* r.iddla h Morgan of thla city, and from what *e hear of it, It mint indeed be aralnah'.e on ? Arrla ala aad Oepwrtwrca. Annrui. Livarrooi- utraatahip Glasgow -Bernard Kavanagk Tboe M'iin;Lfnoia Mni'aualsad, Mernar l llorxn, daa k'Ud ifl. J.eeyih Rul erten. dotn Piuno and lad*. Ale* ( banner Rev Rlehatd Ho dea, liaraM Ajlwin fratWM CM hum vud lady, Kev Jane* Merrt,.. Joka krWror. Alfred Bltby. Henry (Jos, lhK? ? nnor and lady, Jobs (I?ar>p and iadr. Edward Bond far. Madame Rrawer Geo Turner. Kalnb If Wwagrova, |Pm IMy. .It# Iledley. 1 jr a lira Cfl, Mary Hotkey, Mr* Jane Hvdlay. Mr Jamva CurTt* lad* eaveu children and two aervanu MM* oara't B ISi.mI1. John I r?l>*, J?m?? 1Tr.u1. Tk<? Mtddleinn. J A Kama Tamea IJoyd, Aiai Ilnflifc, I'naJ Ca ller, Bdwd ewali and liil In ale*rage. fir ivi aan Ka*??r-^teamalep Karnak?*ev R Male aad I lady, V.aaea | rvn, - xv"! K ?t? a^r--?t' R 'I-rrlx.n Meaara iMwk.^0 thuspa ValaJlf .??, M Perm tola, N PC Borea, f *f eiar-oe I (Iwr J O Hnlaa.F <Hirer I V hill. .1 II Pnsby. W P Vag'-ire. ? Awvens, M g llogaea, ] B'kaw, r tMrv and R Turner Total S Rn rrttoga 4e ? steamship terkmwa-4|r tPUita. A F ' lb wndbe. \xm Bt We*. J V Prea-h J M W t llnek. Mr* M"?**aa-d (hlld. Mra I'raaforrt 1 rfTatiau, I K J Jektj n. K ArioU. ti Shay, a let Heli and' am, U 1 Sal . it.erton. P I, far i.wtrur'r. K II T rra.. and aon if forna 1 L' H A. J F Hinder, ladj and tarn children James Kei.r I itdv are Wnnhiiiw. Ifr and Mim Brown. atr 21 iwe. Br Mnul , l*r, Mia* Re.d, tl A Cr mate a I It..? a Tarsal, Brougham and T at*. foam <'#*(? U>?Bit* T B Tt'lvn- la* T II..wall W Haaa V Uaraud, Juau C.vmauie <1* la* t'aaaa, Mitgdvena Dutt-Ma. ncraBrtuf, I.ivrproot-Meanabl.. Knrora. 'rim Baafoa-Vr aad Mm I ? li II Apple M. said >.ad two rhlldme. Mr aad Mr* W II I taa tN Mr ar 1 Vt* Sam -I llt ..m nd anrae an t eh . Vrti ? Mi* W R f.ak?r, j w Hmniawa Jr. .r; itarr well p.arre a !># Rl >? Mia*fta*W1' k 1 * Pl^'n ^ V? ! a ay. twpt * v. era..,.. L! afVOilM. MM) QlTCd 'Mia I .va.j . i,u Ktl.i J RklTir, Bo?c.o; Mkn Margarei f.-tr doB, Xaaremw I, Wh. ? er ew-'up* Mia* R Tmng r Mi# Sa'ah takar l> ?iw A M?f. * n Hl.p, I .1 S Srrman, Mrw York .1 M Tan* M W louiter 1 h.<?i.' 1I1, kn Un <*a (tJohaa -I KM. a -'aj, l> ? CM I" a - I ?ea hietalfii CI 'oh? I t e. Man-heate. , D H rpm. H K Iirt", I w. loo, Mr aad Mia Jame* Pa't iao Mlaa Palabav. ydlnh'ir* Mr Mi?*ir?< aad ?er?*?it M U ldnl?k fUt w II Tat li* and wife, Uny '.aa -*? l or Hail at?H Malw.o.Kot 1 ory A I. Saamnilf. Tnawaf a J F Ortflia, J Ma U* w ItH Rt* Tor*, llfcimaa Fra?-r, Sew I tun*. K TTeeka Trliikrkr ? H Wc is" Mr and wra I tl ifia P w a ?k H Ilart. K *1 Itoe, Hal fat. Mr* vaoaaoa, ht -jhae, S S; .1 Trettard M Jit")-If. Ti tvl 17. * rft*n-M**?H p 11'iaWvUie? P ItreotaaU. wife aad a VIS (I A Prod. .! ,hn Tiger ? aa A Hoiwit, Bl-a Vara I, in I maall H I.rven. ?; A braotnail 'd ulii. o Ms* Mtry M . Mi. Mta Emma Wei,k, Praali i.lfit Tl' (Mhwa a r Ira.1'* 1 lev Mea'. Uharlva II tflaa, yo.ari lime rOar ran I d " 8b MOvrt# S BdSktn .'n 1 Wfetpnd \ w uki I and WMS, Mm ThaaMMMIt aad tan rhtn rea. H >H A Mil en fha M' 1*#, J<? tlrocgf aad aaavaM Mim C w tfewga P?1ro Hhir AT Tor ehe, Jaitn* I'elaaay '"hta Tayktr. two cl diea I rs llaare 11 B lU'j, < baa E Hyatt, A Im UM'c, J'kii KaatBag Mom* cy at. ?' M w .k'awui * A *.? art Mr# M Saah, 1 ha'It 11 afltrtr U ctienbetmer. P S Ma?> u-aat tU n 'he rrerage. 1 ?ai 11 ?To*-dte?a.ikU. fmkr'iie-Mraf II A*er IT, Mlia A A-rrTl.-IM ArerlU R P Rv?r?l, Br* Atnwe. iuiont. two 1' Vr*e aad aan ant W Taftr and Jadv, B Poaf. Mr PMbh 1 rt ' rli kard lady Jr* r? ,hr"k. r T .?h?-v(%n t J (Tarn ihe' 1 ?r Miller and htdy. IWt 1 rawtnrd. Me* Afhaaad. W J fn.nh A * Jarkaim Mr* WJ K?,'h Mia* D Vaafloy. J O Bahm A "OnUaN.rnu.k JiittC ? tmteah->roii|li. Mia* Aadar * 1. >'-a?t-*cfc. Mr* fiat od IV) jklid't'i aad nttrae. H Sr|o w?n S SoWmaii MrsPtfM Sfr? Hi'k't and infant Via* M \ SWra * a. Mi* Maaflar B K. omaa. a Mtwa' J W Hnrgrm. l?r Taa Pyk*. Mrt AMwar ht and d-nghter Mr* Tbeia, Mm Pairs, j" ledtrlr *. ? k? I Fart and * II lawjrC K 11 taey. X I tea. (? Rail, M nraien fafater. I. wtldei k. f r> fvan jaaH ilusmel f Psllh. A H ilwktar. AIM K rraa- a kami Ifruae, A Me( Viler, Sao h POM oao m f<m, 0 w Aadiewa. H Uarii*. W W Joaaa lt A An'araoa J J.Twitahe | . and dt'itliter r I Cmne, P W ty er J M Btn-ii.' JnoR'i* mli. S huekley Jnanhrpard Mii -kln law Ran*. JtoO Dtvw, I J 1 , r*j? I'kaifttmar. It Harris .'a* T-, 11 r * m It 1 relay, OTo awa|i>' Wood r l'ow*rt dao lAXk m ltHorn*e(n_ I. 1 I aveathal H !? 1 ikl Mi-a A lla-i v Ridi1.1 *?i'I">(t, I M Bpali j. a Mm * l'"o. Thm IM an* WkJr. 1 Ait M t'rm joy-*ciI 9) In tte aieeraga s WOof! .( --Weasitilp R aaoke Ot rm* TI,)W|ao,L A B Thnrbur'*. * Merrn*. < Sorter Tho-aaa flurt e. II Dp 1 1 Ifenr? JToleowi and 'ad ,-, C P B gen. wife aad two rk Irn'lTU' bt II K Cfcld ?# "a 'T. Mm Merino, ti n J..i.--o#, Rev a ibkhlawM aad lady. I^MWjWward Bfikdlnwy. * S llarbe* Ti B llanamiv. Mlw ? MW r<*rve, T 1 raa-. e-aad 1* la lk? r.-erage 1 THE ARTISANS' BANK. -fcctlag of th* Shareholders?'The Pro tridlagt in Court. -t'PIUUJi COl KT?CHAMBKHfl. Before Hou. Judge Leonard, C<T 4 ?Ceo. P Gordon tn the Artinin*' Bank ?The conn rx>m wu again crowded by parties intereeted in tho rtsull of the Judge's decision ss to who should be r^ ccivcr of tbe Artisaub' Bank. Mr r. 1'yrne a?ked tbe Court to postpone tbe matter until Friday moraine, in order that be could farther con sider tbe object inn rutted to the appointment of Mr. Camp. It was probable that tbo shareholders would agreo on acntbrr geutlemi.ii in tbo course of tbe day. The Judge fa d he bad made tip lit* miud to appoint a m>?o about neither party bad named. Tbe technical objection raired to Mr. (amp he considered lalal, und he shotiid therefore not appoint him. Mr Byrnes laid Ibuy would consult as to whoa they tould i 'im<> to tbo Court. Tbe Judge laid, in every respeet I consider Mr Camp se guod a man as could be named, were it not for too technical objection raise! that he is a stockholder of tbe Artisans' Bank, and may bo called upon to assent the stockholders I think that objection a fatal one. Tbe Judge then Intimated to Mr. By rat that If they came to a unanimous igreemeut on a uarno bo would putlpoue tbe matter A gentleman remarked that a farther postponement would create great inconvenience to some of tbo dealers of the bank Mr. Byrne oonld not see bow tbe dealers would be af fected, if tbe bank paid his client's demands tbey might sriaoge tbe mailt r among themselves. The several counsel lor tbe depositors agreed to s post ponement. It was then announced that there would bs s meeting o' tbe directors end stockholders at tbe hank si two o'clock P. M. Meeting of Shareholders and Depositors. THE AFFAIRS OF THE BANK ni.SCl'SSKD?THK APPOINT MENT OP A RKCKIVBR PROPOSED?DIFFERENT NOMI NATION'S?Mil. AIOIMINK SMITH APPOINTED UNANl MOCSLT?BE RRJI IKES TILL THIS MORMNO TO CON SIDER?HE WILL PROBABLY ACCEPT. The stockholders iui<l depositors of the Artisans' Rink, which bis recently suspended payment, held a meeting In the bank parlor yesterday afternoon, for tbo purpose of taking Into consideration the present posture of affairs of that corporation, and of devising some means to meet Its liabilities. Tbo meeting was numerously attended. Mr. Kuny an Martin was called to the chair, and Mr. Van Namec appointed secretary. ^ The objects of the meetiog were explained by the Chair mau and other geotleraen, the principal of which wae the appointment of a recelrer. Nominations were then oallod for. Mr Wau aos, a representative of a depositor to a very large amount, suggested that the gentleman to bo ap pointed should be In s position to devote all his time and attention to the affairs of the bank, in regard to the wind ing up of its affairs, and that he should, at the samo time, be ia the enjoyment of the oou'jdcr.ce of the public. Ho thought, to>, he rhould havo been hitherto uuconnooted with backing affairs. The names of two gentlemen bad been suggested to him?those of Mr. John Rushe, formerly aula lai t cashier or the Mechanics' Bank, and Mr. George W. Lymer, Superintendent of the Clearing House. Mr. Joseph Cooper, s (eecllcr of Maiden lane, was Dominated by another gentleman. Ex Judge Coin was (or obtaining the services of some competent man of business, and he thought th**. the cro* d I tors should have the uout uisay iu the matter. Judge Lsosard suggested the uamo of Cyrus Curtis, President ol tho Washington l.'fe It surance Company. Mr By*** nominated Mr. AuguStius Smith, Vice Presl dint of the Nanau Bank, and a member of tho tlrn of ii.i , < bapman A: Co.. piper dealers, Nassa i street A inias ge hating men received that Mr. .Um'th would roi neeept the appointment, Mr Hi has propjsod Mr. James H l.ibhy. Some coivciFition thou ensued as to the willlugucss o Mr Smith to set vo, when Mr. Wiiiik Slid ho was slightly interested in th? de Prmlnatun at which the mietlrg might arrive as o .e of the depotllors. He was coavncod that the bank would meet it* ItaTllith s, but if .1 ahould happen tut thern ?as soy deOciency to be mile go?d, the ourden would fall on th we interested In tho concern. He did n?tkrowMr Smith, who might be worthy of the trust proposed to be given to bis charge. What was wauled, however, was a g nt'.t-man rot only o' character, bu'. of leisure The settlement of the affairs of the bank would be likely to oxupy six month!, and ihereforo it was net esaary to appoint a g.-ntitman who ba* suiffilent I tune to give his personal at tent too to the mitt-r if th* g< rimed bad tlino to attend to th> him s< If, and would tot p aoe It In the hantla of attorneys, it woo'd be politic to give him ibe appointment, but u?.t otherwise He did not believe, fr>m all that he ha 1 beard, that tlr Smith w mid or able to give lit* uudlridoJ attention to the matter, and therefore ho would propose Mr. John G Mcnltt, formerly of the tl. ro of Mi, M -rrllt A Co a* receiver. A g-iitli-man hire nggetted that Mr M rr'tt wis an 1 ft|> .1 gentlrmftn who had retired Lorn bosiaess, ant, per 1 hi.I'*, woi.lti not be in a position v.. accept tie ap;. .ml i sa< at of receiver. I Tie OHBBM intimated thit th- IMltSU WSB the IS pou.tu.i Lt ..1 a oorom t' c to ws.t ou Mr A i. ' tP - -m th and ssrerialn from blm whether he would cmaent to act as receiver iu settling the allwirs of the hank. Mr. Wallace hoped tho matter was not to be r un bed througv In thai maaner He thought that before afpjtultog a ootunWtee fo wait on Mr. Smith, the sense o" the meet ing should be taken aa to whether that gmi-man was tho most acoeptable lie did not know Mr. Fmith per sonaily, but be knew that be wa* engaged to a large b ill nets, and I', was natural that he would look alter bis own mai'vrs first, and would probably plaw the Slftirn of tbo bank la the bands of ao attorney Tais was not what the slatrebolders and dcpokitoes waited. Wnat the; wanted was an reiver w bo would attend to the business, and not d. h-gale >1 to others He was not a stockholder biui self, but though he btd no loteriwi peruousMy in the bank, he represented oee of the largest stockholders con use led therewith, and lie would therefore rerommei d the appointment of a gentleman wbiwe m'nd was ho: dis tracted witu other matters Hs thought the suggestion of Judge Cow're w u an etrellent one I*t M -m first eee what the itork holders said, an J thou decide ua the ap pr. Ltu.vLt of a cwnmittee. In acting on th - principle the met tlr g should be gul led by Ibe am -not e! interest ka tb<- btnk ol ca b person voting. Thit, aud no. Ibe another of peri*? voting, sbvuld | ulde lh"in Is arriving at a dactsiu?. He wae opp e?d to the appoiuuteoi of a neeiver before the viewt of all tho flock holder*, in prop ?rlion to their interest in the eark, were arc. rtained He hoped, therefore, that the motion for a committee w ool I Bit prevail. Let tho views of the rtorAboUr re be Brat latin, and tb n If Mr Smith, or any other geul'cman. tbould appear to bo 'avoreri ky the meet .if, a committee could be appointed to wait os that geath ruaa. Ati" a nomas beec remarked that the gentles m wbo bad Just spoken b .d Llmeelt said that aaotber gentleman, wbo lud lorty tbourend dollars so dsp-wtt la th? bank, bad looked on the previous day IE fever of the ppoint meat of Mr Smith as rwoeiver sod tw (lbs speaker) was of opinion th..t thi* was an indication Hal. even ou tb? prtrelpteof tne gentlem n fMr Wallace). the preponds i of votes would be Is favor of Mr Smllb. The Chaif hero suggested that each g nth man should give few nam.- trd the sin -ur t he rrpreesole and at the same time nonstable wftuevor be wished to b? ipp ml -1 reoc'vrt tbo naWrir to be decl.ted bv the amount of 1a lercrt lu the bask by the vol tig. A CkkiuikAV wanted to ki. ? whether tb,? arrange went wst to apply to etoebboklers alone, or whether d? i. ?ttors rl.nuld be oousttd is The CuAin i plained thai It wo.ti apply U all?MpWl t ,r* as u. :? >t ck.'. ? The uuest on. as ejpla.b'd by tbe rue r, ?a< then put to tbe rote, wtxm uam.e sud Sg .ree appear* I %? Ml- I lows:? row APdr "TTN* virw . Nlelnwav * Co . .. ?'?* * >' Far j C '? Car . n .IMN John W LsHMm ? W<aM |M ? Sav-k* 'COO n u ? O"0 F J Or man 8 MO fi iliV *w j i-^j i'iO? L .... k.OOO W W Told BOOo rm - Bbaulr... t W lodi T .00 Stelnws? bCoee .. .,0 John n W h , I cr? * t*buJy IMA H ff* "000 B Marsha - -v f I i r?t S t '000 la ..dtjMt j J Mmil ... ?J* W , ? KTcr't ll 6 COO S n ^ 4 Ut) OOu 0 1?9U't ....?????? ? -7 OCO C lUliitr ...? as r<-|A Art lot.00 4MI * r. Tnvk MO I A W ?pws 3 COO Vao Naasoc ^ W C. Piatt tl,JM W. H. Mil!) C i K. I! igntm ?0tk) 1 A. Brady J B Wl'ssi .... 4.MM l?. M b F A Whim * ?C0 ? MMsy tooo u i). sltsaut r "? ; ? ' >' v n 10 COO ? Csmp MM Mat HM.MI j ft* mn rt tn* A Tbomp^M k C* $3?or> A W ToW* .. State ui.k . l .ea . 1.000 JsbnTurser ... SOOO l.eddeys A N.xon. . 1 SCO ~ Kutus nitfy looo Tots! lis,ioo ens I rnorve E By M^>0 j. Gtaw Total rna aw Ft sa f: lte|,(?Nsw *1 ooo J. p f.tffrntte .. It 100 1. I. I??forth .. .. 13 400 ? ToU! .* 117 M# stCAirr' Lttiov. for ffmltta . |p?-).'.00 For Curt.s *,,, WHO For Cooper t 800 Fur Bu?k 17,MM Total y mo ?0 As It wae apparent, wltbm t addis* up the fig tr. thu th.-j r-| . nd< ranee was easily in faror ef Mr ?'(Bllh. M | was nnat Imourly agreed to tender t" that gent vu.n the sppo.i.tsicLt aa receiver, and aa Me Smith wis In lb* building, s c inmttlre. (v.nsiatlng of Messrs. Z.'biey, Wti isoe and V*n.'?rpno\ were appeloted to wilt oa him for . that put pose The i' mmittce then rstirrd, and, on r ajipesr 'sg, tbry repotted that Mr Pm'th wa? iatRpW"! to act, and that It was with much rel irtsuoe hs was prevailed upon to rnterlatn the propoet tkw.. He Said, If hie answer were rcoihed row, he wnu'il at tn.-e snawtr u. the negative, but be reqeeMSd ! 1'ial he n-'gft have ttll nine oVVrb rp tFo 'oil j slug fisj 'to i*y) to r nstder over the matter, wBei. be w . .''' give fiiF One 1 answer. The cianrttee was of opis < a, bow- | er?r, that Mr. BfoHh would slgni'y bis soce^ taioe of the etbr. "n Motion, It was then resolvcl to adopt th* re.nrt, . trd to erst one the .-unm it tee, after nbcb lie ftio*tlBg stijoursed |o nrs o'c'cck this morning ' Chamber of Commerce. i

MEMORIAL TO CONGHABB- OITI INTERNATIONAL MAIL , BYBTXM?THV BHIT1HH AND AMERICAN MKRCANTILH MAVIVK INTERESTED- ARB NATIONAL 8I7B8IDIBH AD VISABLE '?IB. Ol'VIAl THINE8 NOT?CATABILITY OF AMlHIt'A AN A SUIt'BL'ILDINO ^NATION?THE GENERAL ADMIRAL?MK. LINU8AT, OF LONDON, TO BE A GUST OF TUB CHAMBER, ETC., ETC. The regular monthly meet-cg of the Chamber of Cora meroe iu Uela > eater Jay aiternooo at the rooma of that body There waa a large a tendanco of member* The President, Pelatiah I'erit, F>a , occupied the chair. After reading and approving the mln-ites of the pre Tloua meeting, the fo.lowrg gentlemen, previously mm mated. were unanlmoualy elected memberi of the Chamber ?Charh a CongJoo, George A. Crocker, William R Crocker, Archibald Oracle, William Mills, Hcnderaou Morse, George K. Plume, Hubert Roy ami G uftavas W. Smith. Mr. Joshua L Pope waa eiooted a member cf the Cora mitlce ol Arbitration 10 till the vacancy o icm aed by ^ the expiration of the lime of dhepard Gar Mr. A. A. low, chalrraau o^ho apecu. o.mmltee to whom waa referred the reaofWon adopted September fl, la reference to further mail facilities between China and the 1'acilio porta, aubniitled tho draltof a memorial to j Congress. The oommlttee consists of Mcaara. A. A L?w, | P. M Wctmore, Royal Phclpa, F. Weetray, GeorgeOpdyko ' J. 8. Alkn and W. T. Coleman. The memorial atatee tha . in the judgment or the Chamber an extension ol our poeta : facilities is necessary to the full success of our cuuimsrc i i end the maintenance of lla high position among mart , time nalloua. Alluding to the time when our mer | chant villi-la had alrn-nst the exclusive control of th , tralllc between this ouuutry and Koropa, the memorial- - lata contrail the position of the veaaela then with i their present employment, being sow digradid to the tervice of ihe emigrant, and to the carryleg o coal cro.-kery and iron, and the bulky product! o our own aoll. Tho loaa to our Balling picket! ol thia valuable trade >s traced primarily to ihe fualenog ? aje bv ihe Br.tlch government <?( a Hue or steamers Iruui . Iuvup'ool to Beaton, via Ha i fax, twenty year I ainoe, ; \*bi b has lUc io*u4ur%ll n of uf nifci c>mna . nicatK* nUto illim country. wh\ch bal never uUefl of t&e support acmeary to Ita full eBUbHihownl and porinauQiit j exiaterce. By substituting larger v .sell they were not Chly able to defy competition m carrying cla/a paatengeia, hut In thu tranap>rtaUon of rich fabrica of" ur^.Tbla ayateai, flrmly e-tabl shed, had been ex tendid to ucaily ail parta ol the world, through all sea Bona all, and wherever the mall steamer had gone and 'wherever it had cute, by a law which waa In tbe scene of its drat ti luwph, the moat vajuable trado had followed In lla course Thia very day the American ; mi reliant, dealing with the East, was dependent upon 1 the portal fkcllilieB afforded by nn enterpriaiog lira, and only opened bia oorreapondenoe from two wlhr"^ I weeks alter tbe wanU or thoae populous countries , fad b< conic known to the vigorous compe'.tora iu . Gnat Britain The memorial alluded alao to the Importance or which this sham marine of Great IP itain had bicn In time of war m tho transport and the facility with which the vessels ''ait re1luirm Ito the carrymg trade. And while Una ayalein h id kept tho area teat activity In the building of ?team?m, our own 5^ ?ds from Maine to Maryland were deHcru,! This | tame ayatem. though It had been .pwationed, had be n . pursued until the commerce ol Lnglaud had ob a.nml a de- , grce of pioeic-ruy without a ptrallelI in history, and waa I f. ,w being imlta.ed by Franco aud other I uwera The , men ..rial then alluded to tie aeenilug purpo.e at oaa time or the felted 8t?wa government to adopt andicon ] tlnuc a similar peltry, and expressed the opinion that so U.g as the mai' strvue of England and Franco Is mtin^ ta'ned by aubaidha. the l ulled States*/varum nt wm be tx mot.led to adopt the sa no policy or submit to amor Uf,Tg A brief allualon was ala. ...tie to the hurt .ry of the Collins line of steamers, aul the tubsrquent failure of the Hue beoauso tue s^.b ? 1.1 were stopped, an t the further f?ct wai Kitted that the liaue anTflromeri lire, still continue to run un ailid or were recafvlog only ojeun an I in.and \*oi^ ?*c 'while a few privu o Hearuors were onaocJ t > t r. th? a? a during th> lummer fa-nn. The com mlttee Ih.r .*pr?rs.Nl tb? oplntoa that the time bad come wh* tha attention of Congress shonld he .i ..M to the inabllahmintof aliuuof mail aietmers ,1 the Pact Br t> the populoua tour, tries of the hutern worlt. Ou^lhr ouc stdo wcraCalllorula and Oregon, w th thefr imm. i m' resoe.rr.-s-. a'd ? u the other Chtia, Japan, the * I ,o?c lamn la, .Uva and Auatrall.-.n-t nil as a-icoaa. bo mtbe merchaiits -f thiaca,try aa they ."ware n> tl, so of Kun'pe. by the existing I i.ea of c ini-nuj. alioa. Viith a Hnsnf sleameratrom .Jao F i oneiaoo t",GT1 -* co i. t IK n with the other iinpoi unt plan* i would become ua'tcra and easy. Lima cf railroad from lira Atlantic, ir - ite 11! rot dor reed, by anoterlan I malt werese king Uew sane beyrnd the a. a Noah a line waa needed to torn thu tlilo ol cuir-'spondeicc frocj a-r-jJ th ).l Wcild a: I by a m -redirect rontatoand from Fan Krircisco. It was r.e ded to strergdien tho b 'ols of .,a,.e am t> ao lately lormed wita Japan; ' "I*" p t, tbe full, ft extent, tbe vast rwourcw of Ghlaa. if bv excbaogirg tho gold and Hirer of IHUfjrota foir ?.<SSr?S,-tS 0? tho* empires, ?'>" American rr< rrb.nnt would be to some extent iadepcadent of fb reign bankers and foreign credits, an 1 if the I^ uttod buns could by tbe svuie moans five tbe missionary ipr,-iy a re?s to hta chossn Bold of lab >r, such a line wwa u< sir able. The sut-r ol Mmloo and Peru wo a!ihe .liverif d fr n. a long ar.d exp-nalve route throughit bins, aud w.uld beroTnu tributary, an I so, fw, ,Uo act w, | Australia ? >uld be uruwu to England Tta Tn - cucriuaion. tbe metn.-rlaliau ask. as lira ouly tneana of ivcuruii tbe 4sut?lii-Uimnl of the Hue, thtt Congress I nrant a aulTIcP-, t Subsidy to any cmpany that will un - ceruke to perform the service tn .(ucAVtuo, undtr proper stt&riotC'vR stXe(1 conditlooi ! Oa n-otion <>f Mr. \jow% tbtrep'Jft of lb." committee arcepicd. He then m<> . -d tta adopli.ia and proceeded to add.eta tbe Chamber. He raid that the tiou retrvseuted the views of all tha m'unbera o' the CommltUe. hut Urarw were aonra vlewi luv dvol In the 1 argument tn which thoy were not all ag"'?? inusniucb aa the recommendation of tbe^ memorial In volvad a departure frofh the policy recently adopted by tbe govt rnment m relatioa to mall ? Haas art, It aaemad roasutable to a m?JsNlly o' the eommHtee that the tremor lalltts should set Birth the grouodi ef their reeom mindaiioo and he thought the propriety of that would he obvious when I be Jircu uiataucea were fally oowajdered; Mr 1/rw tbeo alluded to ihe oolonlal laters sta of Great Itrilala, which mule It her pwlkf to suanrais, and to the fact that the I nltod Biatoa ha l no such Intercrta N-thlng was more oommon than to charge upon our repreee?tat.v?s an Indifference L> mat tera whlrti were cxoeedingly Imirartant to the Interests cf the commerce of our eouulry. Cwiotb A' men id birth llratr vtews, and, as they might not be under *l.?d It aeemet to the committee to be important to Hate,' tn a general narration, wbat Ual hc-c-o the i result of ocean mail communication. The speaker then spoke of tbe Impedance of lbs pam-jaod cum i tuunicat.on. and Illustrated this poinj by ^ stab I ire tbe (fret of the present attitude of Ka*land and Fiaaca toward China, which prevsaled either ar 1 mods do rg uto China or her teas comtog cot. If the war aboold oeaae Figiand would bo apprised of it two works Iu advauc - of our m rchuiU, e'll would taki- adiactage ol their Information to the dwarf meal ol i ?? Amere-an nwrchaut He ataied ibst fvcently a Bremru bark had brought a price <. rrvnt from H -ng Kocg to Han IrtM -m winch liac been ;urwarden by |*?ny etpreasi to if. - ml? and bad r-ecbed here a week ta alTWuee ol th. same d.uabv tbe Prraia B H torn was the eyeptraoal rare bat ban in line of iteamars wa should be a' wrar? In advance /gale allodlng to Ibo Atlantic trado, h-s ??kVd ii o?.r ui'rehanl- were leowieik' I U? a suri -nder of trade to i.r?at Bnlalo Ho eo-dd not but regard It Will. nK.rl,llr?tlon If ?-e?t RrlUIn had levied a du et ,-uieatmg duty ' ;>ou "?r steaniors It would Dm hare ! Fe n more" n.Tt> al ir. driving vs from the seas tbso bor pwn of aebsidl/isg h*r steaa amrir ) wh.ra our fivers failed to support otira tn the same way. ' To show how Im porta:, t It was to British oossmerca ; ?fr low a'H.ded to tbe fact Altai for year# before I'M l carl c nlra-t ha.1 expired tb? aubsldiea i,ad Ivrt renewed frr Ave years to enable i-aav Ao b"'Id new and largvr v.iaals H <m w?* it ,wwil?le :'i?t our mer-baots sltou'd be abfa to rompete, l,.,l only wieh U>. eai.rprlae of Mriliato m.rchaiilt, but ti bo yltti tli-ft of th# Ai?<* tntt * nerdltu'r Be the Brit th government was not a F>?s w Irnt wta not rtt-.rned la patage wa? rsturae-1 la ao tlvHT Ir frr'cf'U. in cnMoanS, in tha act vity in the abip ??r?* What at.rat they gaiuel A? rtgsrdod tl. ir ii.rgal SuvaiUg-s w the t aeof ir.c staamwfs. bs >a l-?v?d that we t ad ca- v to reius -urate the pvltcy of t bi J 7 t C sVMFrf, and wo w . 1 b? ab.- in a short tin -? to hcod iron auaineta as ebeaply aw Fad and tm:M. tlrangh a-lmllU I it n.H be .re ss th ?p.y hi day The porfr-tb y tad all sited iu boildlrg .row steamers bad rerjited fn iu tbe sent art glvtn Ibwa In rnad sarv a. Yt Ix>w txtft>4H kit rnnarki M totn# *er *th, to *n\ o'lffcj* u of Ihe v ews taken by ?' * ea?a>u:?9. Alr . aont.a agiead with LlaUkcta* toiTraltbe i? rrgnd to fhvcriug t'.? aaiabllt merrt o. ? * i line, bet U> 01 ?o>M!dl?lng It oa tha gr raa. I "* u. jomnr'Tt ?' MCMHUHsf tuacauntry, iristealol ? ?"licy fseiiusting r-?r. esjvu.dcnca. Ha Own , S|?0 tn. , '-y ' I . A Xew eiplwaBOf of th? hnghsli A.f AffMPl V n rot ?uld do to good to our afam uaviga , r ? I., omietd with Lugia-d ?rw mutt de^nd on m-s ovr. aetlwltr The Bl-1 Of goveroment WJU, . iiy Baropar T-a. Iravairmtct bad ^buMnaaB to latorftPi wltli maritime omwarevoa He had no obtrction U> nu rnerrba: IS svat'iev 'hems-Ives of tbw fail m-a vercment paying s? -h large Bub.Hwt that the "jamera r mid b. lug "ur mails so t mere for nolh.ur B t la thw tSeiBe eur aatb.nal power was paramouat by means of cur dl?!o??tki a1 rants."*, audit | ?b1l^ forr? on>#M bf'd roti' y?a 1 j r ipp< i our mcchaeta to wad thslr ( wr- apoodaoe, Utlf ( s. -Vlth- wnr -i ft. s: 4_t lira ni'-mora-. tn bt j pr"-Ud and prwtp .n< i to Mil mtriiof Mr. CiiitLM H Ujlk lut *aa awo oppoaod to initio* It tti ? *ym-*i ftrntaj; at tb* rtiui'ty <* public taterprlae Ho war n 4 oppb?"d to Mil ap"Clie (urniorr, bat to the frncrai joliejr. He wante-1 tb> while tblr* thrown open to prleata roUrprlM rhey WO?M bar# Mil and tw iter ? t?i,In i. re year* than they litre Mow. Mr P tl. ** aakiil how it mm that, Bill) ? If the Mainmort* m?v*?n mm t ti,? R.-ntali ?lt*m?rf | a ore *' mi r h ?< i<< rl.>r to our* aa to ba able to heap up a j *> -tearful <>pp??'t!?>n wltho tu.oaktof en r*rn merit, tboy 1 war* j at ?o aattawtr to attain the aobrl iy * Mr Oi i>T*aaupp"*rtt thtl tboy won forerand by the I wit k now a principle oft-wnai action "Oat all you 1 can." Mr Wrr-'T.f pro??j i to ooatradtct M' n.Mybr'a ??. 1 ran Ion that tip- wbo'eP -lb not Wm wan' I be oppobH to tbaaiiarriaftc .m <lr<t la 'h? *a?ru*i?l. U? (??-. tiliwt} ihi.i'yl.i that it vm|i be rt-r;-1 by the rot a tfllc Ht lb IN W'?t Ha <tAifMthbt, I'c. <??? i' tba I # ir.<*r ,11 if the t or i aat>< dy, erwrv mail wmom la tt "-rcuntry waa tul?'.<tir<vl Atl pn?t?|?a were tH- r* of ( T.i.arta wuh the * ?ror?m"iit. ltd erary mai trtofBaiir * fnrtrart w ill ih- g imMMbt and rteruMa it :? fubri ,ir-.| Hecn ?-n liKtlbr* wh?i IV? aaVMtr n? of > trtirrblp l.r.ra wi* tpok'B of, |t ah-oiM be uil( ratood i ta thrt way. Malt-OT-i.t t re? ?r t-thin* la tb?t at Tbiiaac* wi A the prlar^l-a or praollW <4 uar gorem ' m?f?L H? dm ted thai wearenoaHfelo e.m-ete * a Krgltnd .n Ifcj b .ild. ,j{ of o**a ste?i..?rs. Tasre a aa American steamer atiwi ro? wnirn * the adroirvtaou of Iks i*?e*Ai Admiral We wiU he art - to hu-d <oo?l Steamers aa soon aa at have the jr ,p.:r .n .? te to jrgo ua to do *o He felt dtl'ghlod to dod Uu?? there amucg the members of that Ouatrl. r g ium c*, a'lle of prtsviilixg ihu mailer iu the ab.o manner of th'm . .rUI under un deration Q.. was willing uiu tac matter rhould he postponed ub'II the neat in -tit g, ,i lb. ..j that evert inesbcr would then c tue preiarrl iocmu i*n It intelligibly. Mr P. H fliirrswMMi follow-J In fi.ine remark* .u sup port of ih?* position of thratlor'ty <?r th > < .mm He i Mr. Opdyxea motion to btre the memorial pduiel an 1 circulated auiong too mumbcra for uoaatdorsliuu at tbd neat meeting was carried Mr. Oibvxx, rrom the CnranaittM on <j laranl'n >, an uhunced li e remntioa of a letter from Or ti inn, the Health Officer of Ut is p?.rt, siatiug thai no adil.-uaaod a letter to the State !>epartrnehl, with a r? u ir.t that the riqutrement to procure bllla of b. allb by ih? Hamburg a" hdrawu" 'rom "telr porta of ueperturo be .a*L,B^?1' of. lhe Oomm.ltoo on ( .'olllsloos, anoiunned ' ?,rih!T!iPlion of a rep?u mivn h / I.ieul-naht Amnio, of iboauvy, on the subject of collisions, which suggos liubs were made to dimmish u<> dunces of cjilieioua by i the vanoca mean- air. so, in .a- ?? mot.,.e, UioW mui.loation woa referred to the Uimrr.itlcc on filllt- me Mr. tii ivi moved thit the subject of tne no. i ./. Ug w.Jt'!^r'.oAt- "l'kj*:ta ^*iiy '""ul lln,! "'m *ry IVll w *r Kfy bu r*,rir?<i I ??'?> spoc.a; c rurnueo L o/!CC 01 BW%m ^""Ouniuat. a between San t ran ii&co ttLd irhiLft Adopt**!. Mr Orovaa oUered a resolution authorn rig the eaee.u. tive < (beer* of the ( bomber to invito Mr. I udmv ?< p the*(^mmVV,,'t.t? """ C,"Untry? ' ' < m o-'wr, .In, iuirw 1 'P*01*1 ftelinir, to be hold at I' Mr cantlle l ibrary Hall, At mob time an may doc u.u cut to himself after b.s arrival here v topt d win, mo1tl,"D J* '?!r " On pes, the subject uf tli- bill in themr' t?r**'n" hy Ur Waahburn to pmrido for * U. P?MM?*i-r* ou vessels propelled ? whole or SSe! WM referred to the f,mmitte? on Ool. j Un motion of Mr. Futai I'hflm, the ?a!?rv . f Mr YTil. Kuo'iM!'Mk lh? ta*u>>J<-r> MtLH increaaed by ol ljig The t bamber then adj rned. Impartant lo Hhlpawneri. I'MTED STATES ClKtl IT oOL'hr. Before Jlon Judge Neleon. Oct i?Jt hn Ri Xanhand othtrnt <h, S.\.?rncr C, )1. M 'nta^us _|hie ia a libel tiled to recover the poeaeeeion or the rchr.onor by tbo ownera. Tbe proo n are very vo lum'.LotB and complicated, embracing aome n:?e hundred lolioa in maouacript. It la not denied but that tbe libel lanta weto the original oautra of tbe vejael, nor but that tbe claimant is a tuna fJi purchaser Tor value. Tbe question in tbe case ia, whether or not Alwatcr, who wild and conveyed fcer to the claimant, had at the time of tbe conveyance obtained the title of tbe libellanta. We i agree, if he potreured tbe title at the time, tbo gh ob Ulned through fraud and covlne, tbo claimant be it g a bna Jldt purcbaaer, la to be protected And hence tbe libellauta are bound to show tboy have not parted with tbe title, or In other words, that Alwater had not acquired It. U ia quite clear, if the quest ion wan rlmply between th- libellanta aid Ataater, or betwten Mia and tiem, from whom Atwater derived tbe poro-eelon, there could be bo great difficult, in disposing or It, as Ml* took poe session profevsedly Tor the btnedl of the lib dhuitr and the proofs ehnw that Alwater ia chargeable with notice of the circnmUauces, and uo cd in Ibu sale to i the claimant in c<illo*ion with Mia fhi q icetn i of title d. |? tid? upon twt grounds?(i) A sale w tin Vl , l at S;ui Erau !?co, CaliforL-la, under in 'gmeulM an t eaeuii lnna ibtalLed against her belorc a j'irtice of the pea-e and (J) a tale uu ltr a powtr of attorney e*ecui-d liv the libellanta with othns. 1?As lo the sale un t-.r the Juda m-nta and executions ?By au act of ihe dtite of Caiifor ma, power ia eon fur red on juticcs ?>l the pcac. ? to iFtue-pneein to tulw boats or voetels used in navigating the waters of the State, a hong other things, fir lam igea I arir ng Ir ;m tit n-u-puformanco of c.utra hi touching j the irnt s|>orUlioii of ( ersucs or priqiertr. N etiona thrco I and twelve provide, i"ib#unli?ily, that a pliiiiiul wishing ! to iietllutc a mil B| ilurt the vessel, than tile his coai p'aiut egatrsi her by name, and Din it w ilh th- iustl'te. Meeltcn lour, tlie eottipUliit aball aol f.rth the piatutm a dtrr.and io all Ha partlcutars, and sha I h- vertll d liy too alhd.ivit of the plslntiu or some other credHabl- person. The weight c,| ltd proof in tbo caa- is, thai tbcue \ frovisiotis have not b-en fully eompilnd with, and ! ; as tbuy srej irMiotionai facu. it is claimed that the Jus- I tlcc .iu .uired r-, iris : .cl'.in ov r the rteml. We hare bete,te t.a the testimony of the (ustloe and copies ol his j | docket, tho latter uukvaco uiiuslon to the cmp.aint ! era tbe evld ncc of tbejust'ue is not e xplicit or very' full u|>on the jicicl, especially la retpect to tlis venJ;t lleia of the comjiUiuta, for some twenty sm-s or more were lrst;tnt-d. An athirDcv for tbe plalntig, wb -tu I artier lr.alituled toe proc. cdiugs bef ire tbejuvtiie, and who on the return day uf tlio warri'it appeared bliri'df to ' I cohduct tbe cases, baa been examined for tin iihodauta ? and bw lunimocy ie very eipiic.l and tut. that the steps if quired by the justice to give jurisdiction Ind not be (cmplird with and so sat -lied was bo lhat tho cmrl hud aoqutred po jnriadi. tioa ovc the vutsel, he with 1 row fr-m Ihr can s hi avoid responsibility as a trucpu*? r. Uo iookrd into romplaicls for au vxpri?s pnr,s ?j if as ecrtitnirg J proceei ings had nci u in copforinitv with the It Junctions. of tbo atatuU- Tne juriHie-lioo e.u aric.1 Is limited and Sfwcial, atid suminary and severe In its execution, and parties soaking Ihe hrticOl ot It should be hold to a ?Irtct cviupliance wilh all the preliminary utep* en. dncd by the itstute before selrure or the property. Tim is not only the K'uersl prlnnpl* applicable to oourta or itilorior . jursdicti.n, but should be steadily enr. rtxd in caan ! wbere tbe reisure and summary dispoeinwi of properly ^ lollowa. U is said that the gereral agent of tbe owners, who was present, appeared aod made eome defeat o l> the suite. But it is a sufficient answer lo say Uiat this vooli . rxt oonfrr jur sdlctloL npon the justice oror the vcasd. . That denet .led upon tbe statute and a c tmpliance with its I piofieb ns If tbe esse hal be. na proceeding fnywr >nam tbe appearance might have waved any irtegolarily iu tue aarrce of tbe process, or objection to J iris diet ion over .-./.I"*"1'. S tre ?P1,lo?, then lore, that M , took no title under the purcha?e. g. to titlo under the pewsr of sttoroey. This sower referred toarticesof which thew llbefiant. ,n t others ti ffi eniTr^ lol<>. In wbloti the former had brought In the tomki .> W2.000, and iu which It was agrnd i-lli1. termtnatlow of u>earticles the rswel should be sold for the ornebl <* tbe assoelatloaat public audi m The powir in qneeltoD wss made and < seeuted lu carry into eflacl this proeition in tbe arll:|rs; and it ia a tale un-ii r the execut oa of tbe |?wer th is gireo, and rot the purpawc tun I, that tbe claimant seta up as vceting M.v and uvia r him Alwater. witb tba tuts Tna'sale under the powrr was made h> Mix without any oon.ideration Wedom t, howryer, place any weight upon this liiior laci. The simple quawtion ia whether the p .wer w is ex ecctive wuhm its t riuf We Ihiuk not. The articles of asfociatl-m rafeared to to tee po^cr, and with notice of which Mix an 1 ah peraor.sclaiming under htm ?ra> oharga bei with bottcea, is eTplia lt, that tbe aai- was to be a psblic sale for lbs bcswtinf the assocuti..>a, and the powrr directed it should he made in r, inform tr with the requirements of Ihe articles, anl not contrary to thrm. Instead uf a public aale, Mix went from Man 1 ran c.sno in pai/ami of ibe two persons who held the power *nd who were mining in the mountains orOilifuru v stJ Li^'Jlai m y '* r,Pr**otAliona to sign a bill of aa e without any coos'deratinn. The lie wvi a private oee, when Ute power < nly autborired a public on- w> 1"*''!"*? "r "b">'du that no bio. pvvevl uu'or the 'l?*Te ?re other qaerltnnt in tun case inch aa whether thcact of California rxriferr-d or intended to i cnrfcr Jnrlsdlctl n over ve?se!? n-4 evclualrelr enca?. i Jf "''?"J1** ">? Internal water, of the S?2h7?1,m ,,f cute tbe process laroed usher the slMou" deem II Important lo notice them, aa ws \rtm .fit 22 srstasr ****,h I'crioatl lalrlll|rar?. Mr W P. l.lwl'%7, M I* , of Knj.-iu>d, arrlrad In Ihe Cltjr rratcrlay , and l.u Ukra apartment-at the Mii.op ?? lliaa iloiai. Mr Crawford, brr Rrlunnir Mi.eaty'a On: = il at Cuba, M atopptnf at the Nr* York Riitri D * Carwar, 14 Qaloayw, and C B Iron ati ?.l*, of R sir, K. V , arr (topping at the St. Dacta ftiM Dr. Foalkea, of Trtnianr. E a. Courtney, of Haiti mora; C U Howard, of, ami C. 1. aKtbewa, of Alabama, arr twi'ii o. at the r ub Avenue Hotel Pr A. F ramrtl or th* Potto.! latee Ntrr. J B Car. tlr aad family. of Boatw; T. IL Eoator and W H. 1'iey, both of England, and Mr Lodga aad wl'#, cf BTt"ti.ero ? topping at the attroorl Horn W J K?y? r. of Fl"".da * It Wtic-r .nl'au y, af 'amlalABa; t P I'efter. of Alabama. I W Andreaa, of Vi."Etn*. V. M Samuel, of Hi home, arm K d ll i?,iaa, of ^.TannAb, are etopp og it the M?t" politic fl >t?( ?vwaei PHt'lt. of Wa?bln*1on, .laov a R Yuuo,f, of Chlui?,''8 J- **?*: '??nan,of liarr,ebu?(.? Ooa (Vi-aireer, I oi Nr? Ha*. "? 5 wiAtfcrop,af Qaniaaf,aal V H Pm. ?h, of B I n J?*"- v* ?tppi"c ?t the Loin l>|?? Batai. O. W. M. loiilO* Old wlf .of MiflUaat; fl P Mrrr*. N f* Biatoo, irntli-r A tiany 1 f R#rw>. of I* rUaad. | nd Nr Ao?t n and ?i>. of Baiialo, arealipp, t at the Errratt Uotira. Cw) .'am If ant M? r lit-Ua y *>otb Of IHrtfird [Van RHkmnml, ol Buffalo. Judg* Wayoa, i>r Qwnrfla lAwrrno* 11:11, of tllaaye# nodtM. 11 ?rn i, of the ' ,n?j Haira Army a?fl among tae arrival* at th? Ft fflch-ilaa Hotel inkittf. Ra'wrl VUV aal wife awl 'Ira WarBenwe* rk, all ?f KaMta. BtkMM; Jata a Wellti and wife, of Hutu'em I* H ft Troup, of Georgia; Thorn** Ctwew k, of 1 if! lied, bad F 0. trwa and wife, of iTlwbeld, Hana , are atTpTg at Uo Clarendon link! Pr fl. C Kimn.of 1/mi Iiland; if North,of Ol'ifor. ' nta (I It Croat,of I'.hole I land: r. JHr*nf-.i an lady, of Niwtli ttMolii.a, f 1" ahtr Mll!f,M Prrnarlranla, aad I!, B MiMMoo,|( t . *r- atoppiof at tbo f.e farye M mae In addition to Gov Reward and h!a party, an I I.ady franklin aad nieee, tba f ilttariay p*r*ori? w?r? In Chlraeo rn the fd Inatant ?Got Randall, of Wfe-maln. Hut CM Una M (lay, and IV. AaolilfM Md f?a K"" I'-rky; Won C B Pen In, of afelena I'not tr n rt-yal. I 'eiit, u .i. ley,''and M?)or M irrall, af I". F A , ao I Rf. H. i OMfM, Pf a ioat o' Ike flUaala Cmira Iti'iroad, aad , fara'iy Ca|d J W poaaldww 1 ? A Ma)'? Boa M " " h. of T in it Jofeaeot! aad Pa iwi'W" w *. K 'hey, I w N , an I II'n. Job ' ???#?. ? ?Bed iVea .-acaaiir fr tui'iar.e ? In Wa?h: ?' Ctaattandir Ik Tit' V .Tiukmr fo >d tiaUa Nary, faaa relnrnad to b'a r*?Meaja In * a' b ft w. a'tar a ten jaait'eiutao >a ? ii" e-w tf tha Cnrtbbana a.*, tbo P#'if?ay raprv . o, He n c .u'uand of 'be United , FiaUa elonf *f war frekie. WEW8 PROM THE PACIFIC. Sj?S?=35BS ? , !*T. Joerrti, II , , Oct 4 18d0. 1,^?' *,'b ?, ?rl.M >w K.r... a'r . wicreij ?r San irancaco bu de LOm ^ fU" "*??. irrmpHAin A V'W 0,*n"d"1 ^r.^oK. oo the ^ UD<,'r very favorable auspicea, and tb? largest receipt, oil a alngle da, exceeded II 604 The beet rex tore of tbe fclr |. a?d to bo tbe, of bio iJed stock' requiring 410 tt.ll. for their accommodation. Here m nothing l.ter concerning tbe Oregon Senatorial ?lection. It 1. Mid to be tbe Intention to ehel B?? r .ud N< ?mltb, whether a quorum ctu be got in tbe ttonale or not. la tho Senate organlaed and elected it. Sergeant at Arm. without a quorum, It la doubtrul if that oiBser ha. power to arrcal .It- nt tfiaalnra Hewa from Britlah Columbia la to tbe 8tb, b, Br t tb wsr Teeeola. There I* nothing | sportant. The Daubh h.rk Steinwmlder arrived Imi evening from la.tcin Siberia, having left Decastrics bay J u, ljib. The American scboontr Alert arrived at bay, from San J rauciaco, Juiy d, and wa. dlaohargtng, at N ch I ', a great part of her cargo in a damaged con dit on The brig Orbit arrived on the fitb of July, aui aailel again Augmt 4 |or .;ln | rauciaco, via Hnk<idadl, Hono lulu, and Albion river. The brig Theodore acd Julia, from Nlcholaefikl. which Toaml hue been Inn u in fur a long time, left .even daye previously for Shaughae with a cargo of Ice. July 4 the Kuaaiao .team corvette America, with Ad miral KaxakroUcbo board, lelt l>ctrioe to review other poilt. in he Go'.I of Tartary. i ount Mouravwf Am or iky, Govern :r General of K?? ern Siberia, wiu daily exported at Ntohoiaerikl. Tbe whole of thoNbernn lie t hi . h.? ordeitd tithe Ptibo. Tho Hamburg bark Pan Fraooto"" w? on h.r way from Mat hole* ki to Dtcartrieri bay, in ti< <j ib* Russian steamer Frochire. She went aaiiora in a think fogo(T l'olnt. She got oil with ?. ,um?gh after bi uviig the greaier part of h. r bJI?U nverhoard. By the arrival of tho British ateaniir turmagaat we have received Victoria dale, of tho g.b tost. The racenl auroial phenomena was dial not), vis.b.e a Bi titb Columbia The Council baa adopted a resolution prohibiting per ?ou. tukiug ocutiaeu nudcr the city for the empoy of Indian labor. S.nce the 7th of August tbcrj have arrived and cleared from \ tctorla the lo.lowiug vstaala, none or them lea* than 20 ton. burthen -Steamers, 33, ship., 50; bark*. 6; barkentinc., 2 brigs, 2; an 1 .chootere, 3 beside, over 100 &cboont r<< ca>ry ing 16 ton. and 1m. Arrived 20 b, HUM .team frigate Termagant, 310 m<n, and ?!?!;> of the lino Ganges, 750 men, from Victoria ship George U-e, frura Manila. Schooner General liar, nry arrived 10th from a four mouths' Ashing ruiso t.,k,n 400 b*rre!* mark-rel. Bailed .1st, steamer t i.o s Sim for Panama, carrying 204 ,,U0,W0 gove/nmenl Ira/I., and beddca fl.looao in treasure, ..f wnicii tl OiO ooo were for -i* l Tk The ba'k iisry Ague. sailed i the 20Di for; Sydney, wltb Mil .sot* of Wheat, 200 ,r,vu, ?acks <o. and 4 000 <?.iart ra Hour, .hip l-ougot, for blrII uri e 9 000 are's. of wheat, 4 000 of i.?t. and 4 CfiO qua/', ra ol il uir; ham What ( noer for Uclbjurne 0 000 rack ? of wheal and oats an I 4 (.00 quarter a* of Bark Johanna St.ll .ailed 22 (tor l.iv irrvr.l w,th MOOOaark. whtat and ?S bale* of wool The dinner Ship Pampero base eared lor Saw York with 14 toiOsacka of wheat, 8 UCO Lidoa,.' ,0 balv. of wool and other article, of mi rrhuiolse. The e.porta of wheat and Hour from Bin I raonis vi since June 1 equal 172 030 barrel, of ll,ur Ihe thlp David Brown 1. loa .g with wh-?t for l.ieer tr<l will ...1 by the el se of tho witk, carry ng 1 &00 u ' s. $18,600 Worlli of g ?Jd arrivei m Han J-ran c;*o? on ibe -U4, beian tbo proJuci<?r prerioui '?ifht <mji ot rraliOM at Cul KnntonTi ?j>.arii miiia m Man |?ofa couulf Under the iohueoce of a twiltby and active demand for goods fr"m ihr cou^ir/, tul nc?3l arrivala au4 ad ?l'f if ?nc'i/forert atinoifotf fro* Atlantic porA, tba n nrket lr a-dunung a u.g^e of bn l?rcy h..i rot Lccu wltuerred for a longtime, s me speculative feel irg is evinod, but geserally ibo improve ment Is gradual and miwtiy aHrlbutabie to lc. gitixate cauki. Aa a rule, stock, of good* nrr ample for the f*M an l winter ww le, but being ? tliin bound.,.Importers arc enootwsged to b .11 for a rerouocra tlve tnaikel Transaction, are sot of an rttenslve chs ratter, though the th-m&nd by tho train i. steady, and tbo aggregate quaittty of good, moving quite itberal ?Cm dHS Aim atid quirt, as last quob d CM1..' more ar tlvc and wwchanged in raU. Coal Inactive, but prices well sustained. l?ry Go.?ls?Driers are having a U'.r trade Frolic?A ?pcculativu ruovenent in uorrauta raisins n-ove irore frei ly. but prewrTed fruits lootinue dull. > alii tt II at $4 76 qukt ar. ! uucba^gtHi Pro via. (?? ar? ratiirr Hj*. Mt#ui uncharged pork quiet and without change. Igird Inactive. Hitler i. greatly deprtased. and finds no demand; the new. 01 ihv abljinruti of Brpltmber 1 (rem bew York h.i. cuiarl a heavy decline, lethmn. set!, at 3Cc a Jlc.; WW lirkln. ahou'i! arrive tomorrow, and the eOect wnl be hit In atlll lower rat.* Cullre?In Rio there I. noihli g doing, and the tendency ts downward. Bugara are Improving stead lip refined are a good deal excued 300 hbls eruahed , lo.d, tu Iota, this morning, at 14 ',<5. Domett e spirit. tmve an .mprovmg tandency purcbaees have been made, ! t ,rI.T^s. price, and qnanlliiM not transpiring. Foreign i brandies eibiblt qrewVr buoyanry. Tea. are more wanted, though still at low rates. Wines unc'.uig,^ fbr^whMi- mm rh*T* "r " ?? the drmmd qcdable p^ehaa4 MaT^i. S' ! 11 'ctfcelv of f?rI I1 lea u.r ^rt-i n? '"7 by tba lack IwJSm He supjdy or ***** UA^, Is of trrmure b, th. Unci. 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