Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 6, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 6, 1860 Page 3
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4*00, ditty, 2 900. '.M Avalamoht two. a abort time ?>u x- a wtokly circulation rf e.000; but "a the nilrodnc ,?n of to- rub ay sum all ? uo-,zeyers ware cut off, and Ik" elf -i?.! >o .* therefore Que placed opou a reliable aad pay nr baaia. Politics?-iroegly In fhvor of Breckinridge, tbe oanducte'S of the Avalaneh* .ire making treat rxer t toon lo \ laoe their paper :o the front rank or political and commercial papers u lb* miction of tbe country. They bare now the xn.du track, and are determined to go abe.ul T. W, Erq , formerly of the N'ew Hemp icirc fo r.. . lately bait an .ntereat in the A~nlandu, but kitely void cut to ? oter into the oommiuionand brokerage baeneea. n ?h :h, I am happy to My, be la thriving Ilka a green ba\ tree Daily hnguirrr?Established In 18(7. Circulation? W-ck'y , 3,MO; Jl.iy, 1*00. IMiil uS, Bell and Fverelt tt'oiig Published aud nilied by Hon. Soluu lirriend, ex baited Status Senator, Me.vcan warrior, ho. Loading op position paper In ibia section. OaOy Afpoel?ilstablished in 13*0. Nanin originated in an appeal from the election of Hen. Harrison in 1M0. rounded by Beery Van Pelt; now conducted by McOenaban & Dili?the former a Uuucmeean. the latter a lieorg an. Circulation?weekly, 4,709; daily, 1,800. Politics, Douglas. Baa bad tne largeet influence of any paper .n this sectioa, aad now enjoys a great xharo of pj >1)0 (nvor aud patronage. Morntnp BiUU'm? Krubl.ahed la lk5S. Conducted by CbL John H. M Mahon, the Nealor of the Memphis press Crculatiia?daily, *00; weekly. 2,000. Politics, mode rate conservative, favors Bell .end Ererott. Col. McMabon *s an old federal whig, and beltevso io tho divine right of tbe m per-or classes, infiusuce not extensive, the m.Id Bess of its political course not exactly suiting the warmth Of party feeling ui tb.a hot latitude. There are reveral religious and literary papers here, all Of which are well ?u iported. So far as newspapers are ewoemed Memphis is well Tho religions papers are particularly well patronised, which S(ieakg well for the k.llgious luce of the cooimuuity. There is no Chtiiolic paper here, although there lb a largo Orthotic churoh. A paper of that persuasion would have a profitable t;ou '"rn tor-re uxi t kt! noma vowkt a.wt> mr. eiurouil norvpvav. Lieut. Sylveiter Uowiy arrived here t-uo Washington last evening. He to en routs for Arizona aid Ca'ifornia. I.ieuf, Howry was lately a dek-gaio from Arizona to tbe seat of governtnei.t. and tax been appointed by President Buchanan one of tb ? commissioners on the part of the United States ,0 r,n nod mark the boundary line between the State oi California and tbe territories ot the United Slates. Lieut Mo wry proceeds to Calif irulaby tno over laud ma.I through Arizona, li e route diaignated by the engineers of the United States Army m the moat pracl.cabie route for the Pacific Railroad. I learo that tne route to be e .rveyed onder Lieut. Mow ry's directiori ia moat Interesting, from rho fact that It baa never been before exolored, and furthermore Irooo the belli / that it runs toruugb a oi.ueral region richer than any yet opened >u California or Arizona The Boundary Ootrmtsrloo w'M be organized in Sao Frarc'aen, and will oons.rt oi about fifty civilians, and a sufficient force of I v <ed Plates troops to pr.Aeci tne suioMtiio lao ,r hi .be Coo m at m irom the attacks oi tho boaWe n.d,uis on the iine. 1 " t. J C Ives, of the Topograph "tal Eagt neers, coiled Staleo Army, an officer or dia.initton, le de kartell ae astronomer of the Commission Lieu', klowry, mn hiB arrival in California, will QoosaU with 8ov Downey upon tbe bert method of carrying out tbe act of Drr.gresg, and will a't n coojun-ition w tt> the California Commieuoner in establishing the line, it is probable tba; tbe work ti..s winter will be eenflned to tbe "a'ley f tbe Mnft, ami tno establishment of tno Loltod :ateo point near tbe Arizona line. Lieut. Howry, from his long service In the army of Utah and Ca ,' anl i.,8 pos.t on genera ly, is ctpe e ally < for tbln Important duty; and h a aopoiat nerit .b only another evidence of the va'uo Of lb<i m il xtj academy at Wett Pi', nt in civil purs alia. Iain is .out. Mowry's w .nur journey across the continent, tear* thai be still retains h>s interest ic Arizona, and aa only ret.<oed hla )>osition of de-ogam to QoagrsM Irom ice ! -'lief that tho i referag tat on of tne slavery reat ot. n tbe Terrain s Is a barrier to any .'sef'il ter Icr.'i' ."g-rjil on. Itnailw Island Politics. Ot * r*OTlHB>'( E COKBKSrOMDBBCE. Pnov.DS.vrE, Oct. 4, I860. / >cir a' Co VKMim?0> 'C llarmonj?*mtV f Party I' ? udi'cet for tfi' Make of the -iion?Rhode Iilr.rul a re cgainst tiro . -. f;. Tne liemo rat s IQeotorsJ Coovsatlon which mat to-day P'oved a murvz of harmony in pol i: ia< org in.z H ons, 4 a god w irk was performed tbwirda Keeping the little !Waie O' t of the n.sels'rom of fectiinal fm.-uicltm 1 bive bel'i ro wr tleu to you that ftbode island waa by no cs so - ro for the rspublicans aa tbe bad )>son ro k ooed. and tbat her political Char tutor in November world depend very m cb upca tbe Democratio : wnenever the came. Tne proceedings of the Convex ion >o oay were all tba'. tbe opponents of sectional Am ouid de- re. 1 o^re has beej a total aoacdonmoot of iveryth or like ; rejudice on tbe pa'I of the demo.'tis, >od the selei t ' oti of the t,oket put tx nomination proves | tbat the democrat o perty In tbe ttatele broadly nat'on tt, aaerra'. vo and firmly devoted to the Union an It is Fvery u.wo io the State, with two e .cepnons, were PTSMMed, and the Interest in the deiiberatkms on the ; irt ot tin-people was very great. The Assembly mini ; where tbe CooveLV >n met was crowded to Its utmost c* nelly .and ibe gr'atiit euthor.asm prerai..-d aw- eg the Irlegntee arJ tn indicaoe. t.verything in lhaConvep'.lon ?? ? Cone a* f rwi# m ud at uated tbu tuast, and of Course *?re was no <>p|* ri i \y for cavil. Tbe kieket selected is particularly strong F very man ipo.i it has always liees knownasc uservuilzeta pHitiot, tod tbr noro hi on at th.s time cannot fail to command he voles wbi b rebi kc.l sect onaliam la the ami >lc.;t< J Mr. raguo governor. Mr Alexander Duncan is ' he eminent mw * Amaru (Spragne is cousin of th? gov -nor and partee. n the h. iae o' A. K W. Bpragna; ~ it. ttlRoiman has beep l.iaatenanl flovomor ol the State, ' Ad I' Theodore P. U-jan is a wealthy getitvmtn they re all, aad bavc Oeee. wbigs ol the 'dj Mae. Witb two d?d l ? rmul* s rot aoabual, and In v-rember I'.nole 1 iland w I bo found tbe bicakwaUr to tbe stream of sec icnc' ? m in N'sw fin gland. Hi n. W Boach lAvrcnce, of Newport, has been the ,gh prieat of the Breowiuridge parly in the Btete. He iaa talked fMk.Oti and i.onfuslou all aloDg, but te will prob * bly now -ease from bis labors and lay down tbe paper ' r.4 the per. He waa anxious tbat (lovernor Ikyrag ie hen It' bead the electoral t.G*et, but will undoubtedly bo at?d with Amara.' ? ace It is all In tbe family." Tut I 'r 1 Scde Islaad at good aga.nol L.ucoln !*?' Ire ut?lll|?(|, Brow* ?? Amit?A Jiiior* lunarr.?The colored fc it .a the bc.(? rbood of Worth btreet sad ll a r uun wrc tl rows into a high Itite of fvUm'ol yealer lay nsorr. ng. la roraeq' enoe of a ahoottag affray, which ?M place between a couple of dark lea named El ward wax aad oae|ih Jotorra. Tbe belligereata, It appeara, arrel'ed abaci a woman, aad that woman waa Vn. ' lobaaoc CMgtb who bad Ja?t forged fr< m tbe pon Urf, na ated on barog an Interview with Mr*. J.,at he .ea uwnoable boor of three o'clock A. M. To tbla Mr lobaaoe xery not rally oh ccted, and allbou/h be ex j -rrwmf ?b# war an i irvudabip tor (Jaaaln aa a mar and a ?art reptth'-oan, be oould on no account allow the la irador to bar* avy oocv? raaltoo with Mi*. J. at that lata ?mr Ret Caaa.n waa drwf to all reoaoo, and a wore be I r r.M aee lira I r thoo ,b blood ahould bo aptiled. Torre r. , r '?r .lobnann got bte dander op, and o*lxin| be nlruder by the "Ollar abored him off the door atep At Uia junctor" Cair n draw a pietolfmm but pocket, and ntiag.poc JotaM Wttb the lrro.1t' nl aa eorag"t ? , died tbe w. apon at the b>* ' of hia MNdM rirt: I l * i-ltini) apr i wiibo< t a ?'ratrh, tbe bell bar '.1. w ilt w de of tbe ark and enter* 1 Ui ? oeillac above head The nolee of tbe ; islol attracted tbe attentton of tba !*1x'.b precinct poll. ?, who flattened to Die apo " aooceeded, after a I. art hot air d ag cha w, la raptur- | kg lb* aaoalUat. I'pnar be ? taken before Juatir W- it- the pr ?.,ner ad . 'led hla guilt, but aald he war Iwii-elled to tbe cornmi aloa of tbe deed by a fnollrh and warrantable affection fo< brother Johnana'a wife Now tba' tbe , after waa oyer. be regretted what bad happen rd and b >| d that Mr. Johnson would not preae tbe c wn ?t, feat MMM WH MMMi and U> IL" Ti?b? - jffee waa sent, la iRTiwr 3B rita or Onwum JfawnrArwa, in Anntrr n ma A *'.:.n i ii toi ?for boom time pant quite a aum r i f respectable cltlaena reel ding m tbe upper portion tbe city bare been annoyed by baring left at their re kaacea on?.ee of a tltby abeet called tbe C\tt 1.if*. la amay taeur ee thee- paper* fell wto tbe haada of tbe er.Treat -r, and a me bare born picked ,p by the ,1'dr-r. Tbe ed tor of tbla paper baa by tbie aaelbod arm 1 nib e r"elation to a larga number, at mny who read their became * '>aertber> A day or tm a; > a <v>wii ant wan ir.rde betor' J-?t ?v> Ooat lly Iff ? tbe r bl ab-r? of tbe PM*r, aad tbe warrant par d la tbe haadb of ucvet lire Cbrl*toph-r H igeo Tbe off wr baa tor tbe aat two dayi kep. wmtoh ei ' a pari ea who were boWa In be rrrderr of tb.- CTtg iy . and dually enece-ded la a?o?rta!oing thai It waa printed at the off * of ? xttagher A Morre, print. r?. No. IC Ann a'.rrei Ab< t c ue ?>'< 1 rk nl < ? ug ? v.ocr t pan drcer. 4 thr' lie ed tin* for tb*a weea waa be.rg atr ick of, and he determined to aeiB" them all and nrtea: the He ac-ordlagly called tobiaaralai ante Deputy I rlbd ?tal.? Vnr-bal t>e Aag'l*, and tbey, at ILe shorn hour, mde a <1 ar*at upon the shore area: en, where tbey found ah". t Aye tbocbaud cop "? of lb.' ;?'ier. and tb" alley l editor, nanooit John Heecey. Be wan accordingly taken Into cuntody. ?r l IngithT tt tbe t?pnr*. c*> leryed to She pi .re bead) nr lar . at. . w he takeu before .'oetlje Ooatioiiy tbta morn ag The papef cnta .? Tar wa iketcbee of Me* York la.! ee an la l?? c t th ? week by a ntnry . ailed " A Vie ? la tee AnaVitn at M<-teen-, an t Wnat Come of K," and aiK"h?r ailed ?' The berry Win* of Oothsan; Or, friebt er*,' ibtala !'ra.-ll.a?Ily Atrutled." Tb'a la tbe necen UaM tb< p'llea barr broke up tbe publicatloo of |hi ?y ahert, an i w they bare, no doubt, tbe a ek~l edit ' to farther pub!ieatioa will Iwetoppod Tor .wbia. A ? an R? . at at taa Tim Pierre ?I.aet ereatbg a ?oattr; man. aai tid M lga, from Malae, ant'-ed a tow drink rg raiooi Vo 3 Baxter etoeet, Fire P inU, and afle- drir. at nevefAl t n et gare It rariaeat for tbe ?an.e a C tnty note on tbe IJarola Bank, of M. ae |> ba< alto to h.e jerroa eere* twenty dollar bill* sad a nee b .adred dollar bill on tbe raroe bank Tbe keeper ?d toe atore, name>l iwnalr Oodmore, look tbe twenty di.iar b 1. and weal out wltbarlew to get it changed, and a the iri'-anlime Meiga waa tadaoe.1 to drlak again, sad aooo 'ecame atrpedtd" He nbortly after dmaorerwd that aha money had diaappearwd, having baea robbad by bow of tbe i art lea in tbe ptace. Meiga Anally made I t way to tb" P:*th war | MM on ho..r" and related h a atorT Wbec Codmore and two otbee* were arreeted and Irkaa up a nuaplatoa of baring committed the robory M* Meanat'e CmKTt"T at r?Bw.iBTif? Booaa.?Mr. J. fl. Ifaeder a ana ial beberr ptlao ooaoert will take place ea Tuanday ereoing oeit, at iwdwortfc'a P. ieaae, bad from the b-ray of tnient er gaged tor lit ooeabmb It : rommt tot*', 'e ar attral te Afa r OBITUARY. JDefctli of Ktmbraaft PmU, the Artie*. We are called upoa to record the action of that fUl de stroyer, Death, Jt the demise of the veteran American painter, Rembrandt Ptale, which event occurred on the morning of the tut instant, at bin maidens# in Pb.ndel* phia. Mr. Peaie had already paaseJ the allotted term of human life?three eoore yearn aud ten? reached bin eighty third year on the 22a Jay of February lut. A few month* ?*o he r* -eired a eer' aoctdeef while in Connecticut, and waa ob.igeu u> main some l ine in gtonmston, where, tbroeeii ibe . no of: ??? o' fHen<la he re overed ?uth, .eotiy to warrant h.s rett rn home. he waa taken ill on the 21, tuid died ut already iu. ad. Rembrandt Fecie waa born iu Bucko oi^tty, Psnnryl vanta, on the anmrereary of tiie Birthday of ton, February 22,1788 He came of gool *to-.?,\ t) ?, father, Chariea Witnon Peaie, waa not only one of the beat patriots of the Revolution, but also a portrs t painter Of great excellence, and one of tie 'uthcra of art a America. A sketch of the life and inbora of the *oo would be incomplete without a proper reference to the lather, to whose lore of art and eminence in his prol'ea t on b.s ton Rembrandt owea much of his success. The "times that tried men'a soulg" were not congenial to the culture of art; war absorbed all energies that, In timet of peace, might have been turned with success into the great eh. nnela ot ?-.ommerce, od.cation, mechanics and Bne art*. The claims of country were paramount to all others. Hence we find the artist, tbe lawyer, the clergyman, tbe statesman, the farm r and the mcchamo all In tbo ranks doing battle for that flroedim wbicb ia now our blessed Inheritance. Cbarlea Wil son t'eaie, though firing extraordinary promtae as an artist, diu Dot abrint from h.s country a cad, but girded on hn armor, and followed tbe fortunes of Washington until victory gave tbe weary patriots rosl. tar. Peak- waa born at Chester, on tbe eastern shore of Maryland, April 10, 17-11; thus being three years tbt junior ol West and Copley. H'a gen in was of a very versatile character, being, as his biographer says, " barneaa-maker, clock and watchmaker, tilt or smith, painter in eil, crayon and miniature; mould ed tbe giasaea, aori made the absgreen cases for the latter ; was a soldier, legislator, lecturer, and preserver o' auimals, wboso deficiencies be supplied by giiss eyes and artificial limbs; constructed fir himself a violin and guitar modelled in clay, wax and plaster, ami was tbe first dent: t In this oountry wbo made aets of enamelled teeth." Not until be was twenty six ysarsoi age did be turn bit attention to oil | a'nting. Encouraged by tbe material aid of several gentlemen of Annapolis, bo waa enabled to proceed to London, and pursued bis studies m the Royal Academy during tbo years 1780-81, ntider tbe direct tuition of Benjamin West, wbo ever took mnch interest In bis countrymen. Reluming home, be pursued bis profession (and the art of wai) with great success, punting portraits of the great men of thai great era, woicli are aow regarded as almost priceless legacifd of bit countrymen. After tbe cloee of the war tar. Peala painted assiduously in Philadelphia, and la 1706 commenced the great museum wbicb bore his name, a bratch of which oacupied a build.rgon Broadway nygatoto he I'ark The large collection of por tra'.ta note m Barnum aeaUhliabmeat was lortned by this Mr. C W. I'eale. The build .ug in ltiilacelpbia near tbe site of the Continental Hotel, waa burned down several years since, and the principal contents of Peala's museum of this city were loug ago transferred to Hi Barnum. In 1701 be made the hri t effort ever made la America to found an academy o' design, where native artists might study and have their productions placed on exhibition for tbe pubile good. rnougb his first attempt did not prove a success, the tireless worker again tiled, and in lfiO'l succeeded so far In bis piaos as to see tbe establishment of the Philadelphia Academy of Fine Arts, and lived to tee it beoume a noble monument to bis memory. He contributed to seventeen exhibition* of the Academy, ckMing bit extraordinary and uarfnl life in 1827 From association w lib such a father the ton could b it attain to eminence Born wben Uie parent was with Washington, enduring the anfferings of Valley Forge, Rembrandt 's first \ ears were passed i.nder the care of his admirable romp t Bis artistic training was excellent, for be commenced drawing at an esrly age, and did not begin to paint un'il be was able to delineate anatomical hgnret with pen and ink, without perilling. Poo many artists of the present clay rush into color befor* tbey have mas tend form, *o tba: mo most Uuiabcd prod ictiuns offend tbe cultivated eye by dniectivc drawing, wbicb nothing can excuse. Youtg l rale's lirsteeaay in color waa made wben lie was but thirteen, bit Ursl sitters bslag mem ber* of his lamtly; at i.fteei be oummenced tbe portrai ture of ruangcis. From Ins father be inherited great Ingenuity, and It waa not without an effort ttat b t subjugated bit mechanical tastes, sad devoted himself es.-lurirely to painting He was alto, from an early age, passionately fond of musid, tad sc. i uired cocsid-rabio proflei--n:y as a performer on the Itutc and gu.uri but he relinquished the former Instru ment because he lound it wan Injuring health, ami the lattor because be took more deligbt in tbe finished per formsnces of others thsu in his own efi-irta. In the autumo of 1700 Washington honored tbe young artUl with three sittings of three hours each. In titer years this study, aired by a faith ful memory, mad tbe portrait of the hero painted by the artist's lather, enabled Mr. lvale to produce a mag nil,cent bead of the rather of his country, which lb relative* and friends of Washington pronounced a most i extraordinary iik.n? K*. He repeat- -dly painted copies of I this portrait, having made no fewer than sixty nine or tbrm At eigbteru years of ago Rembrandt opened a studio in I barletton. H. C. He was married before he > bad attdned tbe age of twenty one. At tbe time be 1 c. d 1 ia oarer artist* labored under tbe difficulty 11 bad material, aad thnaa colors. purchased in a crude j Stole, wrre ground sod prepared by theawlvor. More over, little aitention wi.? paid to the ch.-mktl properties of I be colors, and n. u>y Cue pa nt.cga ..i the period are | dow sadly disfigured Irom th- (act tbey were pa oled ia changeable or fieeting on lor* Mr. prale early appre elated this Jul.cully, and studied cb-uiatry under Professor Uoodtaouor, in order to make blmaalf ac quaiotod with tb<- chemical act.on of pigment, ia bis art. We mention this fa t to sbow bow ' laboriously aad cootrit-nttonaly be strove to master tbe eisnxnti?tbe basis of bis profession. He remaiaed at Cbarbston. painting with success, until 1001, wh-n he ? visited England, to study under West, at tbe Royal Acade i my, I nodoo. His aludiea w -re pursued with grew, ard r, anl iadnoe.1 great i bang.-a in bi* style snd color ag At Utl* tins* he iiibiisbed his " II??mo ra of the Ham tooth ''?a little work whtoh attracted tbe atuat'on of Cuvier?and painleii portrait* of f r Joseph Banks sod of I Robert Bhxxafleid, tbe |? asanl poo'.." So I.tile waopaiot ; iog otudied at Una time that Mr Teste's only fellow pupil I was Jer- inlali Paul, tbe son of a '.Hi ah or schoolmaster | Return-og to Amei ica, be practloe<l bio prjftooiun In Pbl ladvlpbla. lo 1807 be visited Paris, for study, aad to I pale: eminent Prtnobmcn. He found sitters la mary savants sad mill tor 7 men, whose portraits were afterwards a great ri-ntre tt al.iact on In the n. ihetim ol lb? elJer Peale, in Philadelphia Return tag borne, he remained ia Phlladotph n Will 1M? wlien he ara n went lo Paris, *C wpnnlni by kbMHf Il'-re be remamel for fifteen ruuntil*, am ardent HalmtH tbe groat maaterp.roee .0 the pi.bUc galleries, sod /salously painting at bis ?' Gallery ot Eminent Frenchmen of the time. Taea, aoJ during a scbeeqoeet visit la 1011 aad itu, be painted a aortas of portraits of eolabrated character* for tbe Philadelphia Museum? ?moag tbrm. tteuasi. Bertliollet. flay-Fossae, Humboldt, Cnvier. get sard In de ft. Pierre, tba aathor of "Paul aad Virginia," Charles U mapnrle, I ytoll, davlon deMorveatr, and others. He enjoj ed fraqien oppovtuo'liea of Melag apolroe tbe I net, aad mad- arvrral spirited sketches of bis face, which be after war la employed to prod or lag his t-,or*lri*n p<rtrailo( the Emperor Oenon made him a hriliiant at to in remain In Uai ir. but he -Wi-oed, an I re turned lo An.r 1 ,ra industrious. and enioylng a high re putotioe, hia resell waa roostantly 10 d--maad. ana we doubt WhaShei he could recall the Buml---r ot p-M-lra ts he bad paiate<1 Among be d latin rai abed sitters were John Adam*. ?:?!?. Jackson aad John yuiory Adams taut t though Of oereneity be waa much engaged in portraiture. In nls.sucr- aaf.iiiy atSempSOdlhe highest hraorb of art - biatorleai paint ng aad ideal onmp-wttton. Among hi* most oe'rhrateil work* are the Aocrat of Kl-iab. tbe ? omari Daovbtrr, tbe Deaib of Virginia, aad the Cowrt of Kaatb. Tills laat picture twenty five feet by tee. waa exhibited ia this city ?? me year* since, and many of our rttader* will recall tbe graeeenr of its conception and llie ap-lerdor of M color >ng '?a Mr Pral.> s rei urn from f aregW b- tot me t a gall-ry of oa.m ing* aad m iasm of natural birtorv m Hait-morw He remeine,| n that etty atne year* I u/r with litter* and alao lie I lag Urn* t-i pai l tha a.-cent of Flesh. ' - Court of I* itb. ' 1 Ac The test named was evhib'tcd thrwugbent tbe Fetna. | and with greet su. lo tbe art,?t'a fame and resources It lo on a can vast twenty four by thirteen feet, and eon 1 ta n* twrn y three fuU ?./*d figure-- It was snggeetod 1 by tastboft i'ortot;*' poem on D-ath and h * account of It t mclodr ? w 1 to a sen tear* pariWuWrly impveaalve and ap propriste ia vie* of b.s own recent d purler* for the 1 ?pint world. He waa the jrai person to introduce toe use of gao in | America. being first lighted by it. la Itol be a?? -led bis father in egbrttolag aad 1 igniter the *kek | .n of the insmmod , or maa'relae. and published ihelnl jrri nl < t la l/mdon. dedicating I be work lo 'IT Joseph Pw k? lo 10J7 be made tbo first attempt in Aaertra at iitbograpny nbinmiM the ailver mniai tbare fig from ihi r rar.a n laalilute. Many of h a llthograpbu: drawings Vie ie delleany of I ouch a rirhneao of e'lert with the he-I pvodocon in Curcpr Wbca ta France tar, peale invtnled a m>?. of iwinHag on wax finiabed a held of Imprint do N< ftonra m ihii *t?W, Wbhdi h- pre MtoSod. togi ther wi.h a meto'-lr on 1 be art, to iho Natkm nl laai t .1*-ot Praiier From lkjk ? ? task Mr Peair paiafed portraitt la B>? ton, New Vc-"- and Ph.ialrlphln In 102f, l -gelber with | bia tr-n. he arxin visited Prxnre, extending hla studies ; into Ita"y, rem* ag a' rned tlxrcea months. Hla "Wash hi ne.' ehlrh be exhib ted at tbe Academy in FVoranot j ; t ' 'n other 1 1 et, avtrarted truck atiestlon On hla r* t rra f. m* h- published a vdnrwe on Italy and art, whlrb , red a ureal am ? ?**, aid al.uwod tbe artist to be an arutegrttw, to well as shrewd observer Tbe portrait of Waahlngtca, after bit retnm, aao ;>nrrba*et bpfoyem r-ent, an l now adorns tbe t'ntled Ftotea Senate Chamber. This portrait waa bis first at'idy. Improved by diligent srd m-at careful scrutinT of nil tlie boats sod portraits of v ash ing ton Which Ten under bis obeervat on. It ia regarded * < ne of Ibe best and nn4 lifelike of all the hurts and portra U of the 'father of bit OMntrv" evgr painted, and received tbe encomlumi of Cktef .Tuslteo Vfsrahall, Jflge Waah ngtun Uwrenoe Uwia and other l-ertoiial f'lends and relallvaa of tbe grato natrlot in 1W2 tbe ttih eet of tbt* notice again fSltod Rnglond. Previous to thia time, as rarly to 1886. be had 1 tptrltotnl ed ?ncnerafullp in the loat dlroovered art of llttaogrnphy, and liaik a medal from tbe Franklin Institute, fir his lltliegraphic !? pre**tons His trip to fotgland was lo introdoce his ? prove men ts in tbo art to tbo Brlttata pabfto. Ia 1834 Mr Prnle opened 0 Studio ts N*w York, pnkst log etmnent rub ects with mnch on-cost. Fl* alno pro diced PI* work 00 tbe "Prtne'pl* of Drawing," which eento'aed mich omTuI lntormatloo * neo that time rati) bio decease Mr. Pani* practised hie prof** eg 1* bit eld home In fV la dolphin. Mr. Penis, until n recent per od. eneyed sico'iegt head lb, ud 'i'.f'iij lbo last year executed for Joeepb Harrison Jr., of Philadelphia. lb? portrait o' nta venera ble brother, Tboinaa Holly, which in recently on exhibition at lb* Academy of -me Aria in that rtty. He possessed highly aullivatod literary teatee, and la ls39 published a euiali velume called the "Portfolio of an Ar tie I." which contains aereral well written poem* from bin pec. Hi* lectrre on the portrait* of Washington, delivered In Philadelphia and other eit'ea d: ring isst winter, at tracted large and appreciative sudlouoe* He waa t ?loe married, aud leaves a widow and nuatn rona descendants un hioaoay evening laat he showed some symptoms of ini* rpoaltion: but t waa oc'y on Wednee,lay e gbl that b? ? j ouca'derc'l ilai g'-ruii* y ,ii, ami at abenl bad past ?ix o'clock yett?r>'?y mornlrr lie d'ed Ike disease was drona.* of the hcirt air. I rale wsi, of roednm Height, well pre port , oned, ni.i, irr.ii the account we c?v> received, not at ail bent by weight of yo<rF. Fin hair?bia "plume*," as he plasfniy tailed hi* locks?were white aud abundant the expression ot l ie 'see was exceedingly p:ea?ant, and beamed with bculgLi'.y an I i-arnoslmss. and h s mild, blue erea were bri"?nt with theg'ow of feeling when rp'akipg on the ?ul??eei of art Ilia whole being seemed to glow with Iho entbualarni of hopeful youth aa be talked of it, it* I'harnts to the practitioner, the divinity of its oiigin and character, and its b.thinv'Cfc tntiuenco rpon society. Hxvxi Ceti. b din! in We'zcl om.avy, Va , on the 13th l it , at the extraordinary age 01 one hundred and e'eveti years. Bo was a native of Kngtand, aud came to'Ameri oa during '.be Revohilionury war aa a soldier .n tbe F'ritlsh army, and was taken prisoner at tbo surrender of Cornwallls at Yorlctown, and from somo "a ire unknown to tbe writer did no' return with the British army to d'ngland. lie was among the V.rginia troops that wero sent west of the mounts ns by the federal government to i|uell the whi. key insurrectlou in 1704. and soow after settled with his family on i isb creek, and resided on tbe sume farm i where be iliod) Bfty one years In reference to b's habits for tbe oreservalton of his health, be waa not by any means careful. Hi* bill of fare, of course, was suck sc could be readily obtained by tbo early settler*?venison, bog, bominy. fcc. He was by no means a drunkard, till!, as it was customary m bis early days, be took hi* di-am without reserve whenever It lulled him. But tobacco be regarded aa a nuiaaaoe, and kept clear of it. Jon. L. Wanes. one of tbe a*tora in the Richmond theatrical company, now In feteraburg, died there on Monday night. He had been ill with disease of the heart, but went to the ha.I that night to play his part too sick to perform, he returned to tbe Bolilngbrook Hotel and went to bed. where be waa found dead. Hta body waa buried in Blandford Cemetery, and tbo performance at ."bo nix Hall waa suspended on Tuesday nig' t, out of respect to the deceased. He waa a native of New York. CITY POLITICS. FELL AND EVERETT CITY AND COUNTY CON VENTION. nomination or a our rrciEr-rKoro^i. TION TO KCS*, rrc. Tbe delegate* to the Bel. and City .r.d County Convention iwmble.1 at an adjourned meeting at Thorp ? Hotel, corner of Broadway and K.ghtb street, laat evening. n?e Convention wan called t> order at eight ooloca, Can. I.loyd in the chair. The m'nutee o' the last meeting were read, when Mr. Boc.amh-, preeented the following preamble and resolution ? na^r.Tr'.'hil??. h** in some or the public S^^SSSSSSSf SKgsssassS i?? . ouf W)arse; now be ;t Convent loo ?Ier.Uro audi nrMmhUi Sip*- ssacSS swas-irs; Mr. Gbasiwrt could not see anything insulting in the resolution refenwd to. It was mereiy an evpreasion of opinion by the committee which adopted It mirlthV''*"? "*'1 U),t t,,ejr ^ ?"?mbled to make no in iif to debate resolutions that had ap Set on thDeth^,fThleh;M?twm0Ted 10 l"e sub | to nom^a^dSSU?0^ ^ ^oceed ^ Mr. Sorts hoped that there would be no nominations *?!<? be bad at one time thmirht It h?wt v,??.?*, course, but he was now in favor of either a sg^.^atMsa^SS8*' . Rl" '?ld lll*t eould not aee that any nartv reeded their help, unless It was the republicans and vou si]isay that they would sot belp th^iST* mw'^ ?ther course to pursuo hot help themselves The union electors! ticket will reortve 95,000 votes in tb'r city a?d the republican, had never recetved but r/ooo vota. m New York, and woold l ave no more now The subject was further debated bv Mnaara o_, Morton, I tor lean, Austin the SlSr JanlS ?Zht tjwpsrty mu:b stronger In the city than gcoerali^p. *r l4r o?"y thing for them to consider .w the nomination ofa straiehtout tlrket would -dec theua,on electoral ticket. ThTc?UlE?*3? what ih? ?Terloc,k the petty eflioes, and consider ?fr Rni t|w!li lM ?id lh" ticket. Mr. Baows believed tnat both of the democrati. na tive were willing to fuse with lb ./party ^ it ?ollon put and carried. AX',"XZ'IS.Z SK? ??BmUaU ? reck ^ *2?* Tk*H Joha T. Dodce 3 J' 21 ??A? T Cranberry a ,, ~ Jamea Webb a J -1 John L. rt _ W. H. Alocrlaoa * ~Z ~ John I.lojd ia 5 M ?m!tb. l ? - l- J Brown J m J T?t*l 55 62 u . & - ?*? * W b*Uo1 ^^l-rvwor, BaUnU R W r.oyd 'Y- Awsmf. A M. BlDinger 22 .? Will. Blacisluee ^ "~ JohnS Noyes. "" ^ ? Jtmes Webb i Pro edict lewis a? ~ Mr. Graaberry ] *54 -= ?w? A; * "I the K.nth ward, was da ss?jfysss"~??"" "?? K. L. Botsrdoa, of the Math ward wae nominal, t _ 1 bii"n>ai!> *?d w*s Bomlo*tlon declared u- smmo .a a ?? of l>eo. Halaev, Hoe. p. A T? 11 made. declared the KHilwa n- miner of the ConTT^-T^ the mo# of Oty Judge. ,or A Committee of (imife*enoe to roes rt with the ?i democrat ,c fa. lions vu "b.M?^.|7 (onventi a a4(o'.raed to s vi at the call ?< Hie Chair REPUBLICAN JUDICIARY CONTENTfON ? "i" 4T,0J op va. mow? n van rt tuts n.nVr I ? obio a. I The Republican Judls ary Ooer-etloe reaaee-nhMd last evealng, puraoaat to nail of the Clmiro aa. at SIS Rr-wd ?ay, t. anmtaate a candidal# f..r tterwnvler, oa Johr W Rdmaads, reaigwnd Tbe alMedaar. nf deiegvten was tall, and the oota ?depress rs, ,, ne the oeca*lTo of th? former meeting of tbe C. nrentioe. eve Singly heavy Mr Ilmau Baiwv. tb rba rmsn railed the meet'ng to o'der about half pan erren o'clock, and bua.neas was rtortly after oommenred Mr Ha.vwoe me ad -.hat tbe Ren Mr W ley. , member mm rr-w-.t, be invited to a ?em - nrvt lb# <%?;r Adnptid Mr W itav arc. rdiesly ascecdeo the platform brief? retnrslns ibanks ror the honor ?*?, briefly i.iir!LLi7,*r,d*r*hl* Mtmruewtmei aa to rot ng formally and inff, ma! j lor a randidate for RMvirder it wan ilr.u.

'rrf^l?^,JYr,d'' |r,,,*rof declination sboeld , r 5 Vf>t* Nsd for # candidate Tb. t^ #h^rf re r**d'aBd ' ?h W*m by Ikir^tdl? 1^,#r,*VT"'. ?h^ "II of dr.gat#, was suit mformsi rote, w'Ui tbe fo-lowinr re ZZ n 37 IMvid rwidley Field . .. J Tbes R ten Bores 44 scatter n? i Jam?a W White S ' 4 ?l wd. P Oswlss 11 Total ,0T NW ^mTsIJi'u. m CoB"nl'nn- r"Cld*Bot be felt by , ^ M ? ***** honor Httl iborn worn *? MlSf s rand I tale under the P Dt Plrfi uiflinref xil# u?#fr firt of hiat h?* ntr ? wtKeaTml!!itVK VSli c5a^' h#? ? it it, 1 to dohftr bt? briof 1 candMitA Bed br Ml ibBi Wfr^ h* to knd tho him ^ hm mo ?? No' To1", ^ look'd ''pn,, W1U| wptcios (Ohm of sisrr. a-- - - - ??*? war rdC-i ro"?Pltl and a motion lhi. '"?"""?'X taken Judse Gnwiaw' ?*. ** 7to lb* <*'"?? of U?e foil, n toek the floor to aay that ba be ?saartrd thai" * W'ltM d label lev. him wbea be ?, neing meatioeed aa a candidate for ita nitM .^.^VLTt^n that king bta fnuda fo^Thi^(td* h imaeif. be Mt constrained ? sariiLtaM. ?taneea would be allow bla aame to be u2d clPW? A formal vote followed, wlih the Ihl'owiae rmiii Then B Van Bnrea... .7 ">iiowiag reanlt ? John H White M James W Wb ta M TteCrermen error reed thet Mr Va/'Bcre/,'bavla^ received tbe vet* of a majority of the Or>n*eutton wan doty Dominated m tbe candidate for Keoorder. Tbe no mination wm aubeequently made unan.moua amidst Um moot ontbMtaatic cheering. After transacting ome further business wholly on interesting to tbe general poblle, tbe Coorenlion ad ourned, (object to tbe call of tbe Chair. MOZART HALL CONGRESSIONAL CONVEN TION. Fon th Huwiict?Thia Oonrention met yeeterdey ere. lug at No. '29 Bowory, and abortly after meeting unanimnualy nominated Jamee E. Kerrigan an candidate for tbe Fourth diatrist. SIXTH CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT. The 8tx?b District Mozart Hall Congressional Grven lion met leal even tog at tbe corner of Houston and Allen si frets, and unanimously nominated tbe Hon. .lubn UxiU rane *8 tbe candidate of tbe people of tbat district lor Congress Mr. Co. brane accepted the nomination In a brief and appropriate speech. Tbe proceedings wers characterized by much unanimity and enthusiasm. EIGHTH CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT. By relr rente to onr advertising columns It will be sees tbst Dr R B. Bradford, tbe Mozart nominee fir Congress In tbe Kigbt district, has rendered good to tbe ,.i ...o r..Ku. ? I ill ....... onion democracy of New Jersey. TAMMANY CONGRESSIONAL CONVENTION. Ibrais Uistskv?The Tammany Fourth Congressional Convention met last evening at the corser of Centre and Walker streets, and . 1U r a short session adjourned unti: Wednesday evening to meet it tbe aamo MOZART HALL ASSEMBLY CONVENTIONS. Finaixth Dihtuict ?Tbe Mozart Hall democrats of tbe Fifteenth Assembly district bold an adjourned meeting lust evening, at No 401 Third avenue, to nominate an Assemblyman for tnls district The meeting was organ ized at e igbt o'clock, Mr. lohn Lynch being appointed chairman, and Mr. George W Meeka, secretary. Tbe re- ; salt of tbe first and only ballot taken, was the unanimous nom'lnati"B of Mr. Ceorge W. Tartan, of tbe Twenty-first watd, m Assemblyman for this district. Nlnth InsTxiCT ?Tbe Mozart Hall Nominating Conven tlon of tbe Kintb district (sixteenth ward) met last even ing, pursuant to adjournment, and unanimous!) nomi nated .lohn callrey u lbo!r candidate for tbe Assembly. TAMMANY ASSEMBLY CONVENTIONS. First District ?Adjourned ovor until tbis evening. Finn Cirtiuct ?Adjourned until next Tuesday. VoraxsTB District?At a meeting of tbe Tammany Hall demoriata of tbe Fifteenth As>ombly lnatr.ct, held at tbe oorner of Thirty fourth street and Second avenne last evening, Mr. George W Varum, of the Twenty Oral ward, was unanimously nom.Dated as Assemblyman for tbis district. REPUBLICAN ASSEMBLY CONVENTION. Eismlrtb Distrkt?Cummings H. Tucker was unani mously nominated for Assembly in this district kiat even ing by tbe Republican Convention. THE GRAND UNION TORCHLIGHT FROCE3 6ION. Active measures are now being taken to prepare for tbe grand Union torchlight prooctsion. The committee appointed to co-operate with Grand Marshal Ryndera have engaged rooms at No (14 Broadway, and which will be designated as the headquarters of the movement. Tbe committee will hold a meeting to night, when all tbe leaders or captains of anti-Linooln clubs in New York or vicinity who desire to participate in tbe prooemlon ebouid be piesent. .% ttftlwds of tlic I'nloB ( ommltUi. The New York Bute Executivs Committee of the Union parly met yesterdny, and adopted the folio winy resolu tion*:? Where**, a great Union representative meeting wan held in thi* r.ttjr September 17. the anniversary of the adoption of the leleral conatitntion, In which men of va rious Presidential preference*, but optnxsed to geograph!? eal parties and sectional organization*, united and where**, in a spirit tf cwnpromlae and concession oer Uln vaeaneie* bail tot made by resignation on the elec toral t'eket agreed upon at Syracuse, which have been filled by well known Union loving men, in the spirit ol the Union for the sake of the Union Therefore, be it Resolved, That thla Committee give their hearty endorse ment of the electoral ticket agreed upon by the fifteen gentlemen thn* authorized to act by that greet to ion meet in? and that we recommend said ticket t;? the cheer fu! support of all Bell nnd Kvsrett Union men in the SUte of New York. By order. F. A. TALLMADGE, Chu raan. A. HaiAST, Secretary. Political Intel It ????<?. A von i Hi Co>\ arr. ?Mr Oliver T. Board. Brseklnr dgo ranltdate for the A?*embly in the Third dlntrlct, Brook lyn, New York, baa come out for Lincoln. We should think thi* " convert" wa* about worn | threadbare. There 1* not n black republican journal that ban not publinhsd the above panagriph at lea*t three times. It la about time now to let h m drop, and look around for a fresh " convert." A.\ Footer Bvrxr SfiBAXn.?The Albany J? 'irnil an nounoes a series of appointment* to address republican meetings by Mr. W. J Watkins. Mr. Watkins it a oo lored mtr, residing in Rochester. Moan ruaiiam aid! .ix?The Kentucky Bute Central F.i eeutlve Committee of the Union party have published an address reoommending the Bell and Kvsrett men of Indl ana, f?io and Pennsylvania to throw the.r votes ta such manner an beat calculated to prevent iho suocost of Lincoln Thin in what the b nek republ.oaat call bargain nnd sals. Ii.usot* rnraocaenr.?The democratic demonstration nt reorln, 111., was a graslailair. Tn? proceselno was seven rrilsn long, and contained 7'. 000 people. Qrxsnointio Caxproms.?The r.uatotn prevalent In Sonlb Carolina of subjecting candidates for any o' ce to every varlsly of inqo'ry with retard to their cour?> upon all possible and impossibla questions is thus sitir /.?d by a correspondent of the Bpartansburg (!. C ) />j>rtu ? in vtm ranriinaft* rot in tatnfii Airna or soito eanoiixA. If sleeted, will you vote for s sufllcicnt appropriation bv the Lrgislat re to have tbeartwlau well in Charleston bored through to the Gnkst al empire, so tiial South Caro it-? may drap through a tbs event of Mr. L. loo la s elm; tlOflt In the event that lbs African slave trade i not reopened, will you lavor an appropriation by the leo latere for the Import*! ioa of monkey a to pick out col Ionf Will you vol# lor t law to prevent the auror.i boren * from making Its appearance soata of Mason and 0 ion ? I'.Df Will yon vol' fo- an appropriat'oo to aid in defraying the expensm of the visit of the Prince of Whale* to the L bilCft flUtd' In the event of your election, win you, in ncoordanos with the strict ru'ss ot political economy, vote for appro lbs * iperfloou* ga# #o freely g-rTated by that dy is aid ot Profess >r lows'* iatsnded halkjon ehcur ?Ion to Enrol**' If sleeted, Which hotel will you Stop at .a Columbia? find the following n the Ball more Cliff r of the 27th ult. ? We are not walieione nnd would not wantonly deprive the republicans of the glory of having in their train n grandson of the g eat charlea Carroll, of (*rm IMS, as wa boastfully annonsced by the It ever end CMonel ffvaus, ? hiarecent speech to the Wide Awakes hut mere I* a rail ^twwtftos!' whose republican tywpnili team thus ra?uuVfr paradcd. - Mr Howard emii.iy Maryland He 1 a great grandson >a the f< male l oe of lb" rigner of the Declaration of 'ndspen tfrt1ee A eon of * British subject, an I hlmaslf as b er,t of the Mwllsb crown, b- a mo years i.nce occup ed for a few wv? a a neat i* the H. t rh Pari.amenl as ? member from sie obscure Irieh borne b, with an unpro no nceab e mm< . and w*a ousted from his seat on account of bribery ani fraud in thn tlnc ton A l?w years sgo. being tired of bis nsfronvm r McTansb, he petit,oned the Utg slatnre of Mart land to ihsrge the nurse from Cbarbro Cirrall M'Ta vt?b to that of supple Charles Carroll. Th* petit oo was strsMly i-ppeasd by Col Ubaries Carroll, of nwgheran the rraJul on m the irale Mas of the "last sgi or ' of the pe> taraimn of Indoposdenee The irgialatura refused to eraul tb<'prater of the pet,turner; but .Bismuth as he serinro to d li ke Uie aaate 'if hi* lathee some benevo lent mrtnb' r o( the House of Delegates s .|ge*wd that be ?fconld be d-'btwl with the ennbonious and mepwUble t tie ol ft bbie toae*. and Dehb e .loses he would hsvs bravmeby .utile, except I hat no vote was -ver taken iron the bill sad the pel 'km w?? w ;thdr?am, leaving her MsKvly <lf (Jc"Sl Britain's loyal subject Still to bear ihe name that hi# epos ecu i In baptism ha-l gives him. He is McTavish still, end roc S ight that is knoan to the i oetrar- M l! lisewise a *ot> vt of Crest Britain, ard not a citizen of the I otted Males. The republican parly moat indeed ire In a dop- rat' Hrait l'? h <aat to loud./ over the adherence of such a subret. Twa I xtov T?< i rr?The ? rtcn|?ivt, L I , H* \wsit fcerrtr f'irf uedec .led baa ho-ted the rames of Br atkin r.dge an t Une. *n>l *d'.pte<l the Uolun eiontnra1 t oket. B?rvi> nv f.i? ?MN.? iv M"nvtAvr. ? Aftr -"xemar4 ln? Uiat there ebail be no belt ug on elect toss, the new code, in arvti ?n *7. eipfesnty prnvliirt that any rerwm ofl-nd lot as* u?i the lent prnvltng aecllou shal! he liable to in d i-rnu nl in the I trcolt t'onrt*. tf the offence is eonimtttod It. id v ' "t tj or t* the Crlm.oal Omrt of Baltimore, tf the m eommitted la ISalltmorv, and on ONvlotion shall be fined not i s* than fifty nor m ee than 4ve 1hnn dred Jeliara. to be paid to the Btata fov the woof the " !*r ?Kvery depoe't of any mosey in any psrt of the male an a wa?er, or bet upon elect on* la this ?ute o* Ids, where rhnll U forfeited, nnd paid over to the Uonnty fommisetctiere of Uie roasty, and If deposited in thecily, to the Mayor and City Umseil. a,,j 0. Wnraa ?We sotice that the ebotce old w'.nee of the law ?i phen Wbltsey were disposed of st auction oa Thortdar l**t. *T Messrs I H. Indlow k Oo The eiom nsnv was sot large, bot blgb pries* wars obW red ?Far nohar im, hriPglng per boUle, filS AO, James tforlon 7- nn 17*5, ?1?. Howard, 1000, IB 7? a ?10, Bremen, X 'and !*!?, U T8 a ??; Possonn, 1121, $3 AO a 04 fit T. 1003, ?*, and otber brands selling equally wsN. Arrlvala AMI Dspnrtarsa ABBTTAM. Wi?*ivaio?-a*ewsinblp MflSttoelkv H Onis *od .adj. Mr H ,.t?r M?< M vandwnerg, J Birr ard danabwr, MIm ? D liMte ir Boger*. Mr WUkasw. t,D B-'V- mark, oifta '%y, Vt I B Oaser and da- fOser, w B Oager IMPORTANT FROM MEXICO. Tkr?t|?ud Bombard meat of Vera Cm by tha Spaalah Fleet?Tba Damoaatra ttoa Prevented by tba Amerlraa Squad roa, *c., Ac. .Vsw OBLBAJW, Oc. 5, 1890. The steamer Atlantie, from Brazos, 2?tb j!?., baa ar rived with 949,000 tu speck*. She reports the br g k jiao, bound to Vera Cruz, ashore near i he Bo ue The A'Iantki bring* advices from Mexien -.or.flrm'rg the report of the dual condemns:.!, n and Qon3soa'.:on ot' the Spanish bark Marts Concept inn by the Uezrsn ath?riti<*e. Tha Spanish commodore threatened to bombard VeraCruz for indemnity, but Capt. Jar of the ?<|uad ron, condemned the course of the Spaniards, and the whole Spanish squadron, with the exception 01 one ves ?el, returned o Havana. A -onductn, with 91,200 000 (or Tampieo, had been seized by DegoUado, who, It was belloveJ, wonld use the funds to support :he expedition ara'.nst the capital. It Is staled that Dobiado bud effected a ioao of 9900,000 for the same purpose. The vanguard of the boral array had arrlw d at Taeutia, and other divis ons were expect cd to be soon before the city. Xcsvy Storm at the Month. CHEAT IdiSTItnCTION AT NEW ORLEANS AND VICINI TY 8KVKKK STORM IN FLORIDA AND GEORGIA, ETC. New OniKA.vs.Oct. 6,1M0. A severe storm rsged in this city and vicinity on Tues day, which was the most severe experienced lor years. The walls of the new buildings In Cnmp street fell, killing two workmen. Two coal boats were swamped In the nvcr. The total lues by the storm In this city Is esti mated at 9150,000 Tbo back portion of the city was entirely submerged. Eleven miles of tbo Jackson Railroad was washed sway, and a large number ef booses on the route carried otf by the flood. Several lives were lost, but particulars have not yet been received. The damage ou the river was very heavy. Many steam boats were blown asbore and numbers of others sunk. Some thirty Ave or forty sugar houses were blown down, and the crops greatly Injured. Butos Rotcn, Oct. 2,1800. Seventy one coal boats were swamped and rour steam boats sunk at this place by tbo storm to day. Accwa,f!a.,Oct. 4,1880. Passengers arrived here to day report a severe stcrm raging in the lower portion of Georgia and in portions of Florida. Lynch Law 1m Arkansas. TERRIBLE AND RWMAKY EXECUTION OP TWO HORSE THIEVES BY THE POPULACE. Kobt Sunn, Ark., Oct. 4,1880. This afternoon, about three o'clock, a man named Martin H. Gilliam, alias William Owen, formerly of Johnstown, Bates county, Mo., was bung at this place for horse steel ing, in the presence of a large concourse of citizens. He was arrested aome weeks since, and an effort made to bang him, during whtch he jumped away from the rope and was shot down while In the act of making his es cape. His wounds were serious, and medical treat ment afiurded. As soon as his Injuries would admit of his being removed he was taken to the county jail at Greenwood, whence ho escaped last night, and, to facilitate bis Aigbt, stole another horse, but was retaken tbls morningst Van Buren and returned to tbls place, wbere summary punishment was again determined on. He was led to a tree with the fatal noose adjusted round his neck. Seeing no hope of escape, he confessed i is guilt, manifested contrition for bis past deeds, sought forgiveness at the Throne of Mercy in a fee'ing rrayer, and earnestly called upon those pre sent to be ad men is bed by the example before them. He was then swung up and the tragedy was modeled. Scarcely bad these proceedings ended when another prisoner was brought into town charged with the same offence. He was examined on the street, confessed the crime of which be was accused, and hurried to the fatal ?pot, and soon swung by the sldo of his brother in crime. The second victim was a Choctaw half breed, named Sbont. The bodies will not be taken down till to morrow. The cltlsens bave become greatly incense) aga'nst horse thieves, as ef late their oftenoes bave been bold and nu merous, and the operation of the law on this frontier Is known to be slow snd uncertain. Sinimrn ot Slave Traders at Itostnm. Borrow, Oct. 6, 18fl0. Tfcc oflloen Of the slave bark Orion were eentenced to day, for be ng engaged in the elave trade, by Judge Hpragie, la the United States District Court, as follows ? Thornai Morgan, part owner of the vessel, and her com maader at the lime or her capture, waa flood 12.000, ami to be imprisoned Tor two year* In Jail: Bjron J. Cham berlain, flrst mate, waft sentenced to Imprisonment in Jail fbr two year*. William Dunham, second mate, Im prisonment for twenty one months la Jail. The tmrrloan Beard of Commissioners of Foreign Missions. Bomov, Oct. 6, 1S0O. The Amer .caa Roard of Commissioner* of Foreign Mis *,ons met early this morning, and discussed for some t mc a report from the committee, Judge Jessup, chair man, to which waa referred the subject ol the late debt. The prevailing sentiment waa strongly ia favor of going forward, and tbe wbole audience, by rising, expr -med their concurrence In tbe importance of raising next year not less than $400,000. Tbe vole of tbe Prudential Comm.tlee, discontinuing tbe Cherokee mission, on tbe ground of that being now a Christian nation, waa approved. Fourteen new corporate member* were elected, sad Cleveland, Ohio, choern for the next place of meetlag. addresses were made by Dr. Perkins, tbe Pre sidentl aad the Rev Mr. Stone, after which tbe Board ad ,nursed till next year Terrlhln Kfsamboat Raploalon a sad Fear Ill lass of tare. WaaaiMiros, Out. 1,1800. Tbe New Orleans PieajMHof the 2d ,o*t reports tbe explosion of the steamer Bayou City, ranatog regularly between Galveston and Houston, near J.vnchburg, wltb a fearful loan of life. The total number of killed and wounded la unknown Those knowa to be killed prlaei pally belonged to the boat, aad were negroes There waa a large list of passengers, as far an known the ei plosion wee en seed by Incrustation by salt water on the boilers The Tew York dint* Fair Fianu.N. Y.,net. ?, liflo ' Tbe Pta'.c Fair closed to day with tbe annual address. 1 Tbe weather has t><-eu extremely ? ufavorable most of ! ll.eweek, and thin had the efket of aertoualy reflating i tbe somber ef visiters Tbe total receipts amount to about $10,000. The trotting upon the Flmira track to day was quite spirited. Tbe owner of Flora Temple refused to allow her Is trot, for wb.oh various r neons are assigned The CallOernla Overland Mall. Font ffn nt, Oct. 5,1*00 The overland California mail, with :4an Francisco dates of the 17>h of September, arrived ierethie evening nt tlx o'clock. Tbe inreugl passenger* are 1 rank! and J. O. Talbott. Tbe mall rame tbro-igh in eighteen days and alt lieurt. Nothing of publie interest bat transpired up to tl e time of tbe having of tbe mall. Death af Gevrrner U lllard of Indiana. Ovctvsti, 'tut. 5, 1800. A private despatch from ?t rani. M nneeota, aays that Governor Willsrd, af Indiana, dh-d last tight nfon sump t on. Fontrwerre of she I'srt of Boetoa assd Charlestowss, Bon*, Oct. 8, |-<*) Ann< x'd tea month stMemcntof tbe value of impn-u aad exports of good#, ware* and merchandise eatcrad during the month ol s?eptemb*r, 1*00 ? i M mars Ihrtlihle, etlered for r,*aun>|>tloa $1,407,124 Inttiab'e, warehoused SV) 005 Free (exclusive of specie aad bullion) ... nil.213 Total Imports .. $0,244,042 a* rows-. Domestic mrrrhan line $1,067,700 Foreign merchandise, dstiabie ' < a .no F<W? gn tro n hnndlee. free go . -*> dper e and bullion tiT $40 Total export# $1 .M,T?0 ' Merchandise witbdrasrn from warehouse for i 8*?. ... , consumption. I $724,1.4 ( Tnstpklms Kstglne Cempaafs IhtTADet.rais, OS! 5.1MO Tompkins Fxgia* Cmpeny, ef Albany, left the c ty st eleven o'clock. Reithtni Onam Mtnstntnr Mstssisats. CSSBl MTOt, 1 C, Oct. $, l?eo The steams! p Jaman Adger. Capt. J. D vr. n ps. from New Yort, arrived be?e at * f e"*1*"* tfclt (F* day) *?*?? ay .VothmbU off Gov. Howard. Br " am, Oct S, 1M0. Governor Seward arrived from the Weal at fire o'clock thla afternoon. Be wan received at the depot in a quiet manner and eacorted to the residence of Huh. E. G Spauld? lug, where be waa honored with a serenade by the WMo Awaken in the evening, to whom be made a brief address. He goes to Auburn to-morrow morning. Movements off Mr. Donglaa. Ck-.caoo, Oct. 5, 184th The number in attendance at the Douglas mass meet, ing to night waa very large. Delegations were present from various parts of the State. A probation waa form ed at noon, which eacorted Mr. Douglas to ll>e Union Park, where be spoke fbr an hour and a halt Thie even ing there waa a torchlight procession. It waa a grand aflalr. It marched through the principal streets to the Court House square, where aeveral addressee were made by prominent Doug it- men. Bpeeahes were also made from the balcony of the Tremont Hcuae by General Dodge, of Iowa, Senator Stewart, of Michigan,and others, to a large and enthusiastic crowd. Virginia Polities. Rinwoso, Va , Oct. 5.1800. The State Central Executive Committee of the Douglas wing of the democracy convened in this r.ty to-day, and repudiated the idea of fusion with tte Breckinridge party. The Breckinridge State Eie. jtive Comaiitteo a no con vened here to-day, and followed the example of me Duug loatuc by not having anyihtng to do with fuH.on. There is an unsurmountable barrier between t> tb wlcgq of tl o democracy, and the State ia bound to go lor Beil. ui-oocj Tailiafi rro, State Senator, has deeiarci Tor I> giaa The Florida State Election Savawvah, Oct. 5,1660 Nassau county gives 310 majority for Milton, (Breca c - ridge). Fern&ndlna and Jacksonville papers e?: mate Milton's majority >n the State at 2,000. Cantor* of ? Notortow Cc?t?rftlMr. P NnwaaK.Oct. 6,1800. George W. Wilton, a notorious counterfeiter, who ?n caped from Jail in th-ictty lut April, wan captured a Philadelphia on Wednesday and brooght berk last tren ing. Tlicre are fourteen charges agalnet him. Obltmary. 5>a\axsah, Ga., Oct. 6, I860. Captain .lohn H. fl.ghtbourne, of tbo bark tana Jackson, died th.a morning. Market*. rBTLABBLFBIA BTOC* 10A1D. lmtDanni. Oct. Ptocki steady. Pennsylvania state 5's, MX ; Seed ing Railroad, 33 9 18; Morris Canal, 63\; Long Island Rail road, 18; Pennsylvania Railroad, 41 '?? Sight exitango on New York at par, ^ ^ 2 Cotton-Sale, to day 7.000 bale*. quotations oncb..nged. Jlour dull. at ?8 16 a 18 20 for superfine. Corn 73c. a 80c. FretghU-Ootton to . irer P00' '?d, New Orueaiw, Oct. 4.1680. Cotton?Pair, today 9,M0 bales quotations bare ad - veuce.1 ','e.; middling, 10'4c, ? lOKe Floor, at 88 12 W lor superfine. Corn firm at 66c. a ,6c. Prori* tlons dull. Freight*?Cotton to Liverpool ?td. Nkw ORfiRA.vs, Oct. 6,1680. Cotton Arm sale, to-day 8 MO ?t aa adva^ <* i'e U'ir. alC'.o. for middling. Sales of the week 64.600 bales; recelpU do., 45,COO bales. Llw* week 2.V0C0 bales. ToUl eiporte to d-'? Receipts at this port ahead of last year 9,000 "ales. R* aW?VmSM? fair 'iufswriw ????& SJKB wrek lut year. Tobacco-! figs, 3*e. .14 > e fine leaf, ???'?? ? 90 Sterling exchange, 108 a iUk, and with bills of lading at 107 a 107X. on New 5ork at klgbt \ per cent discount. Freigbia Cottoa to Liverpool *4. UnmM ?8tober 4,1-60. Cotton?"alee to day 2.100 bale, at ?'?? Iff-? ~J tbo week. 11 000 bale* receipt# of the weeik. 114..10 bate!, avaiDit 22 600 for the corresponding wee* last J*ar. reinl- at tills port less than lut year, 6,760 bales, PMcb, 01 600 bales Freights?Oottoa to Liverpool, '.d and to llaw. lM6d. Sight exchange on New York at .t|bt, U j,.r to U I?r cent. premium Kxchangoon I-ocdec, 107 * ?108 Pavawwab.Oct. 4,1880 Cotton unchanged: kales to-day '00 ba'cs. BAiTmoRt, Oct. 6,1860^ Flour dull and beery. Wheat firm white at 81 35 a II 00 Corn Arm yelluv 60c. a 72?. J?**? OM ,wwl1 firm Whiskey steady at 33<.. a 32.,c. Pn;fiADrmnA, Oct. 5. 1880 Market* all quiet. Whiskey unchauged. GoCe* firm "d duU' Oswwio, Ovt. 5-6 P. If r ,,nr unchanged at 86 "0 for extra Wato. WW rleady, with moreaetlre niUln g aui -hipp- r iemaj ! i?i 13 too i"i fiels No. 1 Milwaukee clob at 81 15, Iffi 6M bo bets prime do.-at 81 16, 8 000 boshe?: to rn nrtsate t*?rr . fi 000 prime Canada club at $1 .0 1-.0QO bel* "^bde I'srada at 81 38 snd 3 OMibn be*iCtJca 10 spring < n private tern* Own market better sa^ee Jw lf be Illinois ?t 02C ?'J <"'? barbel Cunadisn on pi Irate terms. Rye n tm d de ?vsuftfi a1< f? C00 *??-hcl- Canadian at 70-.. 1 ** I'.pal ireifhl. unchanged al 38c on "onrl^on^ l_eat 0,. y : ,r on eorn to New York, lake .mporto?14 bb,- Hour, 87,600 bnsb'l? f?'!}'' 400 b b< I R<rkv. iC.ieal exporW?8,143 ho ^ "Ur fOO lie be Is ?lM*t,4.8CO bo beU corn, 78,000 baeheH hiBAirr, net. 8-8 P M I lonr-demand belter rale. 1,800 bble Bnrjey rawe buoyant bnldrrs a sbad" firmer; prices about -he?*?' fairs 4 COO bo*brle spring and winter, In car Ml at 7 ,, ?h,- . 8 :co bushels fonr rowed Rtatr at 7< .^. 3,000 boslK Is murine Canada BuilatMe.8.M0baMej* [**r rowed Plate at 75?., 3,600 tmebels fair (knai'a ut at 7f,a . 4 -CO busb'ls do at ROr, 26 000 bnahe * at 82c. a "He , 1 COO busbels Canada West at 8. a 6X., snd 6 SCO busbels very bright do st 86c 'Ats?act much aolng talet fi COO hue he la, tn Wi, at * ^7?-?? sabs Oorr-islea 8 000 bnshela, from storm at .0 and 0 CtO bnsbels prime do. tn store, at 88?. Wa* "y_no sales, and only k0 bbla. on market aomjal y rt33c Brrvai/>, Oct 5.1800 Flour sternly. Wheat cloeed firmer ealee 14 000 b-ah els lireen Bar clnb at 81 06 2,600 boshels wh to Can"*? at 81 '38 8 0M N*. S ChtMgo spring at 81 08 7 whlto Michigan at 81 26 a 81 ? Onrn firmer ea,ee 36,000 busheki at 86 X*. a Me. Orts Sto*d7 7'?* b'l.bels et 28c Barley steady: saiee 18 000 b. she* at i,6c Itye steady salee 400 fiasbels at 88c (Mnsl fr' ght? tawic on wheat and 14Hr on mm te >'? ?? ?. lase imports?9 000 bbls four. 61 000 bnebelewheaT 6M0 e?rn. 3 ??? eats. 4 OM barley, (knal expwto-( 000 bbls Tour. Ill ooo b isbrls wheat 62,000 com, It OM tale. 11.000 barley. Brerai* Oct 6?6 7* M M renr steady, demand moderate^ Wbssdflftoev s*d n moderate den and, but parllee S|*r1 rales 6 OM r 'Sbe e ho t Cbk-Sfo sprieg al 81 08. " OM ** Green Bay e'ub at 81 0? 10 M0 do white Ouada and Mtch.g. c at 81 K a 81 ? ? 000 do. Milwaukee clnb on private term* Cera firmer sales fil.000 boshels at_66,Xc. a 8ftf OaU fteaitv safis 8 000 busbels at 28n Marie) steady sale! f 000 bushels at 8fie Rye steady salea KO^? She. Whiskey nominal at 21 t<e Oanai (Velgh-jt-fiOc o* floor, 18X? on wheat, 14 He on coro to Now York. I*ks imports?11 000 bblB l. iur, "1,000 bnsbelk wheat, 4,000 do. c*?rB, 3 000 do oats. 4 000 do barley tana' e'port!? 4 000 bbls. flonr, 105,000 bushels wheat, 44,000 d>. 11 0C0 do. oats Que***, Oct. 6?4 ?. M Flour qnlet. Wheat firm and >,e s 1c. 08 ooo bosbe'e, a'. 88c. a!9- fbr Nol.aadtocs 8fl for No. 3. IB store. Oorn firm and 1c. bigb?r sat* 23 000 bnsbels at ?2c a 42' .e.. In store < *t* I em * ceiids?3 000 bbls flonr. 147,000 btifbe's wheni, ^4lOOO biitbels cern, ' 000 busbelr oatn. Rh'pmenl!?1 000 bbk. Ifi.ur 76 000 bnshela wheal Frelghta unchanged fkt exchange on Now York 1 per cent premium. Th* f sis of Mine LyoBi. TO THE KI1ITOU OF TUB HfiKAl IN Nbw Yontr, OOL 5 1 v60 It is true that, al Pr. Burdieh'k reqoeat, T>r. E. D. ftfi* ney, of ISO West Thirty fourth street, wu aalimi to see the unfortunate W ee I yons, on Pnnday er?n'ng ar and 1 understand that Or B bu no irteomly Inr ted h m otce or tBlce SUM to call and see her. But none of r-S are aware that he bu preacritwl fbr her at any time, ? p any manner, and th" first intimation that we fcau tbas be was "one of the attending pbjstclsns" was mveyedto ns in his rard to that eflect tn the Hb?a' b of Thnrwd*y. 1 was lomswhat astonished that a f?nt eman of b s ago ard standirg should sesk notoriety tn a maone- s?i .? I roteMb us I Rhe is under the immediate rare ar- sr. Id Dr. J T Pu d irk, who has the dally onunaei of toe ' ? D' Dt CafDr^IlM _ ki-N ws-rdlMPfi PJ Kith Ttf*rd W>tM rtffl Mr I.fW*, the ?eme tonnertton. I shall say 6s* L-i?. itawgTver His too apparent want of *? ?>?-. w ! nrd. and the heertfmreu ^ieh pw-lMO*. 1 think , tend ?or:*;'"7a'h' r.i!r statement, that sb ce ioe J'sspiiine hasisit | W)d refinement which has made. JJJ ^kr> will be aprreclaUd^ JiUI,fr,rrr betwero herself ard her lodlag t" It C* havertmMleu beep eiaflferatod. ^iiSTwi reued rerreistbat they have be-cee r; ,r 'eheerf., the verdict whieh t candid E!a 12 wiH Sire when the facta shall hare been presetted r^ r u* I..M KNOCB ORlfF-eH. {? the,r true l^nt Nn m Waa( ntrty Btllh StfM* Naval lmt*lllRe?ic*. The sleep Mario*. Oimmander tbemu W Ih't 1 , ar ri ed below po-temontb, N. H , oo Wedoeertey. aftora long and err efficient crake on the tout of fifr ce Tte Marlon sailed from Hampdon Roads Aprb 7,1858 The corvette Pt I en Is arrived *t renaaroa oe the Ik and wu ordered heck to Ysrs Crux The Iroqnola wu at Vapbw on the lib of RspteiLts-, and would remain some time there f Hirers ordered to the bark Msle?*S.?t^Prww. ?o re port on the Hnh October -' lent. " , p toy Ms ta. J M Brsdfhrd, L A. RmMry smiJ "? dberrstt