Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 6, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 6, 1860 Page 4
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ADDITIONAL FROM EUROPE. ARRIVAL OF THE MAILS BY THE CANADA. Our Loudon. Paris, Berlin, Genoa and I'lorelire Correspondence. TUE GREAT EVENTS IX ITALY. The Papal (|nestiot, and tlie Rnptorr Between Garibaldi auJ lav our, *o.t Ac., fto. The European mails by th- stcum.-bip Canal*. whiuh Armed at Bo-ton early yesterday mjrn.nft, reached this City Last evening. A synopsis of the new- (>y the Cans fa hae already hean ft vac but we publish to Jay, in addition to our regular ?orrcrtpoa.lence, cot: -iderabie latolilgaoM of general mle re-t touching the present complicated stats of aitalrs la Europe Oar Liondon ( orrespondexice. LOMMM, Sept. 24,1(160 Tee CI ?uX m Gariiildt't Path?feart for tkr Cause of game liberty?Tht Reported Rupture Between trance o'd R outa?Ihe Reeling Between Prutna and A ustria? Po'.iy of the Ctar?The Pope'l Poiition?TV War in JVeu Zealand.?Kngluti Rule in India?Harvest Pn ipectt tn t ??jhiJ?Tke Proyreu of (V Prince of Walee?The II- aid - Repi'itl, dc. The plot tbiaken-. Qar .bild 'i fame, an a man of pru dence and dlncretloo, 1 fear, has reached the culminating po at. lie hiia put himself In direct antagonism with die first stale man of Sardinia?Count Cavour?an 1 the friends Of Italy fear the result will be d.saslrous to the cause of libe-ty. The hero appears rather bea .'strong, aim ust In tiaicaied with his success, and seems to Uuagiue he can defy the arm-- of the 1'opo, Sardinia, Au-tria and France combined. Already hi- Ihrrtt to march to Roma baa caUed forth a maclft-lo from the King of Sardinia, saying the arms of the Sute wiU opi>oae him it be attempts it. And France, too General Guy on will soon have twenty thousand men, disciplined f reach soldiers, under his command and if Uaribaldl nlla. -a them, a vtel ry would be even more disa.-troul Ihtu a defeat It is evident that bad complications and filvisi ma are .n prospect, and it will be a wonder If that eternal foe liberty, diaseusiooa, do not upset t ie cause or greatly mar ita prospects. Tne force at pub lic o,' a n seems to go agi.nst Garibaldi lb bis demand of the K og of Sardinia to dismiss Count Cavour. * It has lately transpired that the tirsl rupture of good f->- og between France and Russia occurred on tbe re fuaal v ranee to join Russia with a naval force to prevent tbe inva-.on of Naplea by Garibaldi. At any rate, the en Cent iirdiaJe Is not on s very favorable foot tug, and so the Czar Is pursuing his ambitious plans la the East while Napoleon if tne ruler of the West There is no doubt but tn th - juncture of affairs there Is g-ad . ally growing up a good understanding b- t ween Russia aud austris?a couaummat on moat devoutly wished by the latter Power. As for Vecetla, tint pear ts not quite rise yet Ere long Austria will get wearied out, exhausted on l bankrupt, tn defending at enormous cost a revolted, disloyal region, tbat Is not only wholly unproductive, but easily C'M?stl?e. The Venetians are not Germans; they hate everything German?language, manners, mili tary r ,custom- and habits and having chafed under the infliction for half a century or mora, hsve be come no way aasinitiated, and are more than ever sot jus to cut the connection. Financial a."airs tn Aus tria are det-criboi aa bad as bad can be, and on the verge of dim- ration from poverty and bankruptcy, and only exceed ?1 by the state of affairs in Turkey. TV m t significant fact In connection with Byzantine matters is the arr.ral of ituie 4.UOO Caucasian m.un tameers at the city of tbs crescent, where they appear to bare taken up their juarters?whether e vil, industrial O' m :Ury the accounts do not stale?near Gallipot:. 7 ) a* theae are Tartars from the Crimea?ss they say at Asi.ey's, the r, al cr am of Tarlare I And do doubt when the proper time errivee. three gentlemen w i. b* ready at the bidding of Alexander to aklm Con etani unp.-, and, if possible go a tittle beioer tbe eurface of tbirrs. That Ruesta means to s- te the city of the Milan during the next twelve month- nppeart past nil doubt Ti e poor Pope seems in nsad stats of trepi latloo. His latest l as .? tbe capture of s large batd of bis motley crew of Germans, Italians sod Irish by s Sardinian force uoder Gen C aldlnt (Che ai d# n.- ) Th# surrender of some *-x brndred 1.* shm-n ts I okedon here as tbe l>eet j ?? of the season. They are to be sent bank to ?betr boxes smoog tbe bogs of old Ireland The ultra Ro me- t aUio as are in a sad ptckle as to the position and |"o?--ects of the poor Pops The Cork Reporter, our ot the oldest, and the trading ltomau Catholic orgui <>f the south o' Ireland, takes t ? \de<l stand against " the boys," aa; ? tne bi tier c-me boatf, mind tbe r own business, aud l ? rs o- tier tn future su t t. -x it g->e* on to argue lis point o' bayonet- versus Bole, audio ooutend rtr-uu ocsly mat the Popr should bare r.o temporal power thtl Its g-ad.-t iu-umpuou has hern as InsovsUou, and tsat wiui a contented paeceiiil Vicar at the head o< the only t-ue. api-. eiti .rch of Christ, h s power and poetli-m for douig good will be luflrlte'y greater tbaa to rulr ?>r farea ot arm- I nacswersbii arguments, certainly, and Coming fr m the aunt Catho.ic country in tne world, uiurt ' are great Wright- But every joe knows tbs' uo rlats under beareu ? rer hat SUSh a lust of power ? th-' priesthood. It aas always so in a.l rsgee and t*t rras. and witn ail sects, aad t. emici i r trui-of th-> bb-bope of the Church of R-irna. 1 s upp< two or tb<?e wrens mu?t put a dliferent lace ?-o lual as ailairs, and unttl some movement ts made it would si- - ? * to speculate on tbe subject. Ur-ai Br .t tin is not without trouble to sorat of her die ta~t r<- -wiies In Sew /-aland the oocisle bare been erf-at-i m a punlied liattle with the native 'braves, aalieari' a the m.diary forces of *ydsry and fieslb Auatra a nave been sect i-fl to seeist iu putting down the aarag-a t'f oourne the tswu/ asm I will hue to sue c *?b a'U*w o India, as ludian aftairs a'ways d-?, look bad lhedeatn. in juick saceenstoa, of itr Unary Sttrd ard Mr Jam - Wiieo. have deprived them of to ? ' two i- mi a lm.u strat.vr men, and the lass In peru I a- ) great ai tbta l me. as tbs oe* flnaaeisl scasnie had nuberii fair V tsltiated. and very many bsliei ed Mr Kelaoa'a piss mprmtirah a Iadiau flnanoe bai goo# on from baI t worse, an I that in ose or the -tca-wi oouo tri.-a a. the w .rid, till II sev ed h-ip-iess to . xpv. t soy th i but far grater . xpeudltur.a than reoaipts I. tbeee las barker picureM .j ust rv, opprenston aad wrong It the ad si ststrat on of any govsrumeoi by a civilised pe> pie thr . t. sevrrai age*, than ts exhib.led la tbe noresr of (he taw It, i a Cora; toy, then 1 pray IP-even I may never ?<*? t Tb?y hare upav woi the natives, ground these down w ta laves, roroed them t> raiao article* pur- j l-we.y for re'eow# that corrupted all c.asses?spina asu m I a go?prci i> le t, seize I a.l the c- mmerer and iwssius i: um oouatry, mtuced the people to a state of < aa-1 slavery. Waaafurmed a pornoa of the | r.ab- r. t- ti rai.ts aad sttsed aad ?>n8#cal?.l the estates of ether*, c- sbtd erAy spec as of liberty of acti-w sad i product.rr te xstry ssorgg Pagitah aeitters and l weigs j res den la, <ntraa tbay an I their curnulta onatrtbatod dl rectly u t r power so l rule, retar ded lb* progrsaa of I Christ anuy, preaae-i all lite rty of the pre<a, aprevd ii -? ai .< the eouatry by flre ana nword, and ' titter y tn ,*4 I- extract a sulfic.ent rereaon front one I of the flcii'iit aad most productive eoaMrtefi In ere?tmis | to meet lbs r extravagant aad unhallowed rtpaadilure They iisv ' -rc?i the Ch arse In receive ibnr opium Ogaibet a.. .???, umar.. moral, physlsai or divin*. aad : then roo:|?. ?d the satires f lad * b' gron It la lieu tf other so ! more r.11 smi-y artlclee. aad a beoaues it fl.ied their etcbe ,uer with ? >o?y Tb- y crashed a free prwsi set up by Mr BUS ruined as 1 vsstroyed tile pnWtwc S, aid < alj from tbe Vofli?b rurl-, befor* which he cttsd tSsw, sed is which be kepv tbera. by granting tn a largo p-, lor lit* laaimd utro dnctag the arts of c r Pzed ti e, aad add:iig to tn? reeo'.rv-o* of the ootisMy. thev hare mprverishrd it or ?very sprees of extortion, oppression. s?sri"!", pi no for . nu J fuel of power Fre-y c ???! terstios hav ha t to * ?td to the i?e ?uW idea of pay iog Urge diroi -nl* uti f ast Ind t Stock, f r ag soorro -us salaries to al the r d rw tor* and rmpioti-i, aad wytn* hy a ee'Ddteal sum t> purchase lets; and ludlelsl dCStMSM, rorruol tbs isiges. cow IMte powerfu, satires, bribe tnrmbsro of Pariismsai Mti t attend and strengthen the r ml*. Fr- ra tar vii a bom career ?f Warren Hastings, aad many ! rag before btra, iowr to the ait tforeeaor General, their puis nf art on ha* been pluxtrr and Spprsw.w, and the rare etcsptmo, Justice aad merer A tit Mlaetra Atsa of ts* ir rule woiM se that of the raao ?b ? pu t ? t toe boards off of his bones to build s flro wubis till so was left o* his hsutaM-yo eswpt ts* ah tasry. sad, stbeu u.U-rly baak-'ipt ta resoafCes, credit an I cila-aMoC, Ibry get tak'ra upaad ah-o'hwl by toe Br:t.<h . .np r?, (ui f now ti.e imperial frernmant Bads net s ?piaa-i.d estate- not * productive n-sion?oot a aaowy. ppscpseoas oracoatrntw: luqb but *X >4 000 dim? wtosiM, da loyal stares aad sarsgr*. made tramra aad despornae by ogre of .'*. robbery. tnoe-l* sod epprsaai.ra?I rsgloa IStl, by al. the past line 'if met. >o aa i oreev-leat, case, it produoi' a MW't mat- pereaur . . , . ,.r < \, ?<m ? witna forty mlltioa d? lacs of tbe annual . ttraragasl ost ays and expenditure uodsr wnirn tbe oo.strygrws# Iprrd Msoauiar g'e* f'eb. leg A mat# y. oat of hw*,s'yf<r a few ysars a India Joseph Hum??, mas th*i use *'bad mv osh* blot oa bis cbarwier?eam? h .me w tn a up fbrduae, bat with a stain ou In* nass*. havtag la d sn ao tiinuf sum la tbe utual style of ludian oflt,am, ra't Ire merer atim tn tbe usual style o' ind'an raibee i than bare h g liver b ime-l t for o -tniag an t se* bis soa'tciv grow rich over bis h#ai |f mi (be directors that are living, aad IS* boues of ?11 that srr dead, (mold tie hanged ta n row on ot* *n >r buhw glbiMt th* sight, as revolting as it w >uid Se, w *uld ?at ti-a ? iT atraemeni r th* ryes of th* civilised world for the :nfamous wrongs, er a's sad opprwun ms psrprsraie.! - g the last two busdrod years By tbs British Fast ladIS run pea y la India fbis msv *?m a ?svwre picture, but I belters It *alla ss for short of it as docs mj ab.oiy to du the susisct Whsa Oeibl and Lucknow wee captured in ISA!, and t ? ?* A vrv seized, <be Spell* were coorrooes, aud yet uu?- ? rthlng of tho lawful inizc money due the oBtOon m' l">rM [ baa aver ieacb<d Unir ban a. while whole i' -gum-nlt. were cut b< pieces, and tbe living have,a large cuinbor Of, barely nervtveii their wour la, their toil ami rat iigcs of tLe climate. Tb. fault may be In | lot Li Company, an 1 it may be lnat of the government, j but it it ouly the old story rcepeolicg Brush rule iu to , j la Gnat trading compane*. wttb lull power ovei a certain region "f country act-m lo liave all ibe lust ol pi- | riler without their fear of retribution Ttic csreer of the Hidnon a Bay Company would be lit tic belter than Ibe yruat Ktrt India cour.-ru, probably, if we knew it u> well The anvleuU were right wheu they nouie Mercury the patron ami director of thieves aoil knaves equally with merchants. Our roro prospects are looking brighter and brighter. Th< ie has been sun little raiuy weather Hiune my last, hut a* a general rule the weather has been tavorable, aud the wheal vrop will be good. The auxiunln of the program of the Prince of Wales ID America are copied from the Hkhaiji very citss lively, ami read with great interest throughout the kiugdoui. But for your jouroal tbere would be very meager ac counts of hie tourney and reoeptloo I fear you will not get Ibe Great Kuatern by the 1st of November Site ha- not been taken oil ol Ibe gridiron, and probably cannot lie before tbe neat spring tides, in four weeks from this, or near tbe 'JOih of October, lo that case, of course, the cannot leave on the 18th Omr Parli Corrssponttemre. 1'aius, Srpl SO, 1M0. Potitum nf Franeit //.?Uu Peiermirattm to Fight?Gari baJdi Antagonutit b> the French Polity?I'osiibU Result of liu Plant?The Dangert Attending hit Attack upon Home?The Venitia Qu-ttim?TKe Reported Attempt to Auamnate \ f?4eon a Hoax? Victor Kmanueft Peter mi nation to Oppose Garibaldi't A tta- ufvm Rome?The fhture of Italy, dc ., dc ,<tc A fi-w days *mco advices rteelved from Italy led u? to suppose that Bombluo but departed for Spain, according to the kind invitation of Isabella Secuodo that he should take refuge within her dominion* when driven from hi* own. It wo* announced that Francis II was cone; that Italy im freed at I net of bis bated presence Uut all this wat. premature; like some disagreeable, nasty, equalling cat*, llombino ha* several live*, and a* yet ho i* kicking lie Is now between Capua and fleets, at the head of twenty live thousand troop*, and has determined (so U eoeme) to strike one more blow for throne and power. I must acknowledge that this raises the youihful tyrant in my opinion; he did seem to be ?neak log away so pttltolly that to see bun make a stand u refreshing. However, I may state that thi* stand seems a hopeless ono, unless Gen. Iamoriciare succeeds in joining ftimbino's forces with his belter drilled and moro reus able troops. At list sdvices hsmorlciere was thus en dearorlng. although I am inclined to doubt this, according to despatches received by me from a reliable source These despatches elate thai lamoriciere had turned in hia march, hat thrown a force into Ancona largo enough to defend that place, and had taken up a strategical position that would enable him to decline battle to the Piedmont cbo army. If the last account is the true one, It will no doubt be confirmed by the telegraphic despatch you wilt receive at the same time tbat I Sis Idle' reaches you | Garibald. bas issued a proclamation that moat aeriouvly implicates against the French government Ho I rlaUs in thin proclamation that he will attack Rome, and i that from the top of the Quirlnal he will announce the unity of Italy under the sxptre of Victor Emanuel Now, ere he can do this he must defeat a large French force under command of General Guyon, wbo has just re turned Co Rome la view of any a ich evontuallty M an at tack by Garibaldi upon the Eternal City. This would en tall u[>oo Garibaldi great disasters, and would besides en dsnger the cause of Itailsn indepeadeore, now so nearly successful French soldiers would easily defeat the Carl baldtana, and a defeat were fatal to the hopes of tba Dic tator I el us hope that he will abstain from attacking the real frieDd* o( Uu- cause he has so ardently espoused, I and that hit cottiers may only be sailed upoo to light I Uielr natiral foes?Italy "a enemies let him free Venitia I and the Papal dominions, and then let the people, If Ibey 1 see 01. vote the removal of Plus IX. Napoleon III will I not opi?es the voice of the people tbeo. he respects unl ' vernal null rage and will abide thereby; but the Pope can only be removed thus, and Garibaldi will commit a great and fatal error by attempting to coerce France In all tble Napoleon III. is merely carrying out that policy which I have so uften pointed out in my former letters. He is determined to prevent, II In his power, Austria from tnterfertag against Garibaldi. but the latter, blinded by nuenesa, does not seem to comprehend this. I sm afraid that bis present kern dralrr to attack Rome proceeds from a remembrance of hi* former defeat in that c.ty by French troops. He | wishes, perbape, to wipe out old scores He bad better let Rome alone and finish with Francis II . and above all be Should avoid makiog rash proclamations Up to lha i prraeot he b*a been succeasfu , let us hope thai be will not endanger the cause of Italian unity, to gratify pvrsoual fee ling* of a revengeful nature; It were un worthy of lis present great faw? Austria lookr mi witb an rager glance; she is borermg over Italy like a vulture over its prey, but Napoleon lit has. as I well know, wan ed her to refrain from attsrklsg Garibaldi, unless , be should attack htrvand his warning has a power!ul .-fret at Vienna. Her opportunity will nut long be | wanting, however, lor Garibaldi will soon attack her. The Sardinian troopa are marching from victory to vie 1 tory in the Papal dominions. At Spoietu thsy too* I f)0 prisoners, 000 of whom were Irl/bmen A* I write, lh? great battle between the Pie-1 mon tree and l-smorietrr* * forces may be going on, for at lavt e?lTiers toey were near rach other In all parte of ibe Papal dominions fresh insurrections occur, and Victor Emanuel M proclaimed 1 hug of all Italy by ench City as u rises and throws oil the bated yoke of 1'ius IX , or ratber tbat of hi* counsel ! tors. Kcgland look* on Italian tilairs with great apparent sympathy, and call* out loudly against the recall of Ns pnleun's Ambassador at Turin; but sb> can but feel that thereby the Emperor of the French morel ywished to avoid all risks of s coalition against bis* tlWivrlli ab stats from lotalng Ui the ptveent mowmonl la Italy, be cause he would thereby give cause to Austria and Pru* sua to cry out that he was injuring their interest* that b was attacking the rights ol a German *Wie (Auttrtj You wilt uo dcubt see lltat the mot dirrdrt has beeu given to these Umuon journals in Ibe in teres la of ibe Or leaoisM, to assert that, in view of the present oggrandlf meal of Victor tmanuel'* doruiaioa. France would tnaisl <'P"? further grants of t 'rrllory This is laise France, by the ar<iutaili.? of Savoy and Nice, has secured her frontier. and that was all the K a per or desired To take more would of curse be givieg frop beau tern to tbuee powsrs that would coalesce mm were be to annex more territory. Hs IS too wise to be thus caaght? ho London Timet, Sat .-dav Rrrer-' aud Get Deutrke Pott to the eoetrery, notwithstending Tbo lsundoo J lurnals have peblisbed that the Kmperor wm fired et while at Toulon by an ir.aane person, wli would have killed bis Majesty had not s somas near him ktdcked up bit arm This is s sheer fabrication, oa I ran assure yon, oe lbs best authority, uo such e rent took ! place at Toulon. As yet so other Power hat recalled Its ambassador from 1 Turin, although It is rumored thai Prussia will do ao Kosdutb is is Naples 11 is said that Garibei n has | made formal promise to Ibe distinguished Hungarian thai be would aid bis rouatryinea to regala their isdepead I .'Use lu view of lbs danger of an insurrrctloi In Hun gary, Austria has announced to Plus IV toef she i-enonl inter erne in bis favor This has i ins Cardiaals that form Pius IX "s Qsbinel to Ibiak of disbsafltg the papal troops and trusting to France for the safety of hi* H kl nrsn. but Ismonciere will not listen to nugbl ns Ivog a* be has not fairly encountered Garibaldi He promises the I'srdlstls vlrinrr, sad thus to prevent their following out their wiee oone.lusioo General Beoedek has bean ap pom ted cemm coder la chief id the austnaa troops in Vmrt.a Tu lay Austria's protestation against the Pte-lmeates* invasion of the Papal domir.toas has raachail here I have Just heard thai .he Papal troops will enter the aervijrof Austria should they be disbanded by the Pope's government All day long I have been obtaining from different sou roes wrapt of Information all more or lean tmp'rteat. the lest it reelly momentous Victor Em tnuel he* avowed bis flrir delermioatton of prevent eg GuMftuldl frow at tanking Rome or Venitia He will oppose bias even by armed force If ooceeeerjr. My informant heard tea Kiag set so. ss be ensures me, end I place implicit reliance no his word This deterrainniioo will of ennrwe mmollfy the Italian insntion, as Garibaldi wl I be forced ?? stop as scon as he has defeated Lomorlrteres forces aad those uf Francis II _ ... . I am assured that the IVipe wlil leave Rime and thai he will take rclngr la Roam Alfenlv it la mvotel heve that a Frsneh ihr tmal taken precedence of toe French clergy anile religions heed, an: mat for the future he sbt'l i govern them rrrvwpeolively of the present Pope Of c nine ea yet three are but rumirt You may eipvet to bear of Gab bald i being in Rims sow very aeon, as of n iioe the French troops will leave that city the moment , lb* pope baa dose ae trntn Item* Usribeldt will m wt I'k ly go to Hungary. Pli-iise bar the prediction in mind Vwtor Kmaouei will prevent hli gi'teg to Venetia, sheult he rema n Is the same mind as at pretral. and i ar baldi, to narry out his plan ef forcing Aurtr a f?em Venetia, will r%rry hi* forces tsM Hunger) The eltsmelire In thai Vwlnr Emasuel St.- std b ms-lf attar* Veeltia, wti ch he may do wbea he ?n-ie that Garibaldi ? determined up%e attacking Hun gary Altogether. the political bo' i*vn ia dark and gi.cony, ant ws may loo* for a fearful lempest anon Fratme will keep clear of the turm ill. that you may de peed "pen To* Kmpsror is determined to give no ihaliwul ii. run i.>r ? c annon against hi* govern meat Neil Mends? evening their Majesties will arrive et 1*1 Cloud, having thro w urn ia?rd their voyage, which . has been, from bej no'ng to ead, tu b an ovation an wm never before witnessed. P?*J* Sept 11. 1*?0 r- V"? ff (;a~ifaJdt?Poteen f /No .Vfse?.Vsfafe-w /Vrirm Iftm to l/wtf *eew Rimiparie l Infuene. Oner ,tu r*f-r**k <f putekem <i Alfm?Miutey OS Homed the Am firm Shtp Jahaa Mmmm-The Impenal rrjger** AVsU of a Pmnt "lew4te, Ac Tbe-? is a decided dispositlom f hUa s mor* hopeful Viee r t the il?nouemest llkefy to result fru*s the hrnt net of the Italian dmam under Garibaldi'* **naagsm#m Tb? man it rarr ed oa by a very torrent of fortune, *sy* M Thoeveoel, whieb sweeps tm?ore ft all ai'oeM of policy aad prndenor There is nothing ft* ft hot to stand b*>de The defeat, or rather root, of I.raoreisrn nsJ his mor cerart- ? hoc- brought matters lo eome aort to * crisis U-?<t*I Guyoo w on lo Homo, and 1 only heard bast night, lr?m what 1 rot-slder excellent, II uot lie very beet bo j thorny, thai Lib luntruoUoos are lo briag the Pope out of luxne, by (air nudum II poeeible, but lo bring him any. 1 These quasi admonition* u- 'he Holy PnUior nst lo yield an inch, to remain and die, like the hnrient curule lathers, In hia chair, are simply?so I am ltd m believe purl of thai tortuous policy the preaent complicatel mate ot the Italian peninsula la held to need. The moat ardent wish aud desire ol Napoleon IS that the Pope should cut the Gordlaa knot and quit llome. Garibaldi is like a man poaaeaaed ; like the Maid or Orleans, wbose mission to plsos the crown on the king's head at Hheims, so does Garibaldi believe in his Inspiration, and what is more, both the Emperor of the French and the King of Sardinia, whether they believe m It or no, And It utterly Impossible for the pre* oat to withstand it. Wo must not, therefore, as sign any credit to Ihe reports which from time to time reach ur o( the displeasure of these monarchs against the red shlrted hero. He has proclaimed his intention of set ting the seal of emancipated and united Italy when he reaches the Quirinal, and to the Qulrlnal he will go What is to be done r Of course the French Emperor can prevent him If he so minds; but Napoleon Is not prepared for the obloquy of ohastlstn,; the Italian spirit he himself has evoked. He bss constituted himself the defender ol the Pope, not of Home, and If the Pope will not be do fended anywhere elno by bis Majesty, R will be a great re lief to all parties. Garibaldi may then be carried on to Home, and from the top of the Quirinal blow his trumjiet at all points of the compass, and in the meantime a short brewtblng ?|iace wiU be given to the Empe ror, whose faith In events subsequently turn ing to bis advantage is just!led by experienne. I re peat, I have been told that Gnyon's instructions are posi tive? 'To got the Pope out of Rome ?? In my last I drop ped certain hints to this effect, and everything I have since heard only confirms my previous surmises What Is to take place afterwards Is altogether another question All I can say la, that no man whose opinion is worth listening to In society In Paris believes in the pos sibility of a Hardinlan volution of the Italian difficulty, admitting, lor the sake of argument, that the Utopian re sult of a united Italy can be brought about. Napoleon Is not the man to penult it. As soon as the role of Gart bald i is played out. fiat of the French Kmperor will begin. The i-lage will be cleared, aud Victor Emanuel end Napo leon will alone be in presence. Contest between such parllos it a U?rm utterly Irrelevant. The King of Bar dinia is the faileu laggot strewu broadcast the French Emperor represent the bundle of sticks bound hard and fast as the parent trunk, aud he will dual with his opponent as ho 1 sts. In the m:a?wbi!e Vio lor Emanuel Is an osoelleut warming pan. Du ricg the time that the Emperor of the French is making matters smooth with his Hoi less at Avignon or Paris, and ts watching the convulsive tllorts of Austria on Hun gary and Venetla, what better lieutenant can he have In Italy than the King of Hard Id in? And then, wh?n some of the present excitement passea away, and the disciples of Maxslnl begin to buxi and |**ter about the Gartbaldian panacea, how grimly will the monster sphinx smile and bide Its time' It is the Piedmontese ambition that standi bstworn the imperial policy and revolution That ambi tion must first be allowed to expend ttaeir In abortive throes before the Fxnperor shows bis cards. At lbs op portune time?as Edward the First played the mediator between the rival claimants to the Scottish throne by proclaiming himself lord paramount?ao will Napoleon dispone of the Bard in ion preteaeioni Of course specula tloos such aa these are all visions "through a gloss dark ly," and personally I have nothing in cornmoi with them beyond retailing wbat la the prevailing gossip In circles usual) v well informed . The death ef the Duchesne d'Albe at the family mansion In the Champs Elysee, daring ihe absence of her outer, the Empress of the French, has been a painful event here The Duchess was another of the numerous victims of cancer All the art that Europe could supply was of no avail, and at the early age of thirty three aheauocumbed At the departure ol the Empress for the present imperial progress ber state, though desperate, was sot considered imminent; but medical opinion U not considered infalli ble. Thr funeral took piece St the Madeleine yesterday. Il was sllvi'W with all the pomp aod circumstance due to ber rack. There wsre preaent all the ministers, asvs ral of the households of their Msjesllee, members of the Brnate, Ig*ialaliw body and Oouoc.l ol Stole, the mem bers ol the Spanish Foil jwey. and several of the repreeen tallvre ol foreign Powers The church was hung with black drapery fritgel with silver, sad bearing at Inter val# csculcheooF, with lbs Initials of the bereaved. A rich catafalque wss erected is the nave Fourteen mourning coaches followed the hearse. The Due d Alba was chief mourner. The cure of the Madeleine, at the brad of ihe clorgy, recti vec the body. At the conclusion the coifin was placed In one of the vaults of the church, where li will rentals to be oonveyed to epalo Of course some tallage of tba alleged attempt at the omssittialioe of the Kmperor, when visiting Toulon, hare readied you From the nummary contradiction U bss met with It ts fair to nuppflee that It was simply a weak invention of the enemy No Intelligence of it baa, I be I lew, reaches Farm, which carries any appearance of pro bahlilty. I believe it to be a positive fact that lbs F mperor was never at any previous lime in his Ufa so popular lu France aa at present It is only true to eay that the ?nostra were never better employed than now. The mere process of reconstruction which, nrchllr jturelly apeak lug, ta going oo throughout the length aod breadth of the laud la of use If eutboient lo account for this, and moreover there ts an omnipresent Idea I# a.l turn's miada that Providence dealgna great things i for Franca through the means of her slitting ruler. Napoleon has Impressed men of every parly, and It Is a html of rlrrugth lor him. that whatever be mar desire la a dyBartu- arose, bta wiabea are inseparable from France, her prestige and glory I do m>t believe, therefore, that ! there is any political party, at the present moment, which would wish, much more design, bis summary re DOVfti. The American Trend, the Joshua Manaoa, Captain V'likrn, bound from New Orleans to Urrmen. put into Havre on ttvdnecday, the l#-b lutt , the ra.Haio Boning | himself obliged to tun for that port lu oooaequenne of bin cri-ar haviLg mutinied aol refused lo perform Ibeir duty The Emperor and 1 mpreas are expected to return to Perm fr< m a giirs on Mooday uext ? epevtirg the relations of Englant and Franc", I Ihscy It ,a a pretty t rural opinion that ihcy do not exhibit aoy very ercatble improvement. The Kugttth view with ex trv >u*y ib? oouiifOMC* v?hlcb Uif ir<Micti, , by thr if prceenae, afford to the Karon ilea In By i la, and do not scruple lo say that they are ley lag the foundation of feelings oo the part of the Druses which will ultimately Ond veal in daela of bitter veugrauca Fuad Pacha of hlmrtlf. aeoordirg to them, was from the first all sufficient lot the oooaawe.aa 1 an_efT?grloua blua dcr La* bv< n committed la taking lu the Ff*n m at all (4 good many others, ool English. thought ao at the liar) Ot lh< rlber baad, the letter# rewired from l?ioa ot the part of the French are full of eney, bitterness aod all ua^ charitableness Tlie eupertoc preparations of lbs Rug Hah I in that dSlant regK?a, and the Invidious caution rvcrcieed by them lhat the m stakes of tn# (Ylmea aball not he re ihmiU*) *1 M?*r?gImm?, a** a ft ad of til will, the outpouring forth of whics we shall elleeai In roe awaaoo The Eighth, It la aaid are incapable of rtaiug above the commercial level of the enterprise. while the French lull of the ooble ardor of elellixailoe, think of i othiLg but the glory to be deneed therefrom Aod from Nai'lc* not a yet nrriws, but lo exhibit an agony of fear lest nrvfidiiae Albion should rob imperial rrance of ml the practical fruits of the "idea" wtiloh carried It to " Vootard, the famous gysinartld performer of the Cirque de i Imi? ratrice, ali ar astonishing fea a fill id-- h-iuee night alter eight, from the fl oor lo the celling, l? anxious lo brisk ha engagement with If fe-jrai, the leeese lea lart w Una aruat m so attrsettee that the lasea la en abM,'comparatively apeaklsg. to dlaiiecae with all other oilwewii a as. and lo lard. who baa received prodtgiooaof fere, both from England sad America, waala h> be off But nothing save incapacity, from accident of ilioens. cao re |e?nc biui In vale h? volu itarlly makes a xlip and comee down a drari-ot of larenly fast; either the c-m mm laatnct of pr,eervadioa resr-"?? the aprigbtlmrea of bia muaclee bears blm harm iwe He lays up and faortre he 1" 111, hut hie looks bene nun. At length with a m.-ileal be appears by his anrni "slure the Preotdent of the Civil Tribunal hat only to sear his application refused and hw riami for noo fulfilment of hie eogagemerl dleailuwad Irwtar 1 lhereo?y?, mont vault or fly la the at* to the Im mStent peril of hl? neck or dwyorge the f-wtta of hm hitherto lirtlllant auorraa Artiata, with all their cvpple nimhleceee, find it difficult ta jump round a French ma ' Thi'new Zoological Garden# la the ?"? de Soutogoa are to be opened oo Ibeir auqeeixw' return Th-y com t rier aa area ol aosre twenty acrrs Rreey animal 10 at rlimattred lo Ha nr. per aho-1. a3d tewper?iu.ejreey olaot to Ha peculiar Boll atxl atmosphere From the cits It"u of thcecyardet.e. le <>o? of the net eSqaSrtte ape , .mess of artificial landacap - the ar.wl-1 has yet wltnesrod^ Ihcy bi t fair to prove on? of the m>et valuah.e atditioua eva-r made to any capital Owr Urilla Correapwwdewco. Rami*. dept IS 1M0 War fdif Ml Prturia? Pt'ap?<a*>'* FtHcy?The frritnp Retweem Rum* and German Lmpue Ath tu4r <4 rrmmi*?Grand MiWaty Pvfiap?Mvmr-i of IV (Yeoeted HraU ef Ru'Of". de Vkw Um telrfTtpta brooyht ui Mm lntelllyenre that, la rooorqaeoce of the laraatoa of tbo Papal domlelnoe by bardlota, tb* Km peror of lb* French bad Iboofbt proper to recall bit Awbaaaadnr at the court of Turin a* a mark of bla tftaapprobatloa of ?> ? h aaorlle?tone pmoeodiafk. a I'abiaet oriaaetl wae Itnmr.'lately railed to deliberate apon tb* room lb at e bo a Id be adopted by rruama on tor 0*r rtimetarree an noeai and unr< iweted If a onenretffa like loo la Nape Moo, who yloriiw to hi* iTTolotionary orkfl*. came forward all at onna a* a defender of caaerratire principle*, II peer rd aatural I Ml lha Praaaiaa garera menl, who are d* iarelly aa?l roaacieati mely attarhex to three principle*, abnuld not be bebtadbaod ia null cattaff then hot then the qoeptloa aroae, boo far Um French antorrat mtfht bo tloooro la h<? aeooira teal, and obriber it o< be adrieahle for t-umMtofoi low la the woke of a P?oer wb<-ae pulley nftee arrlrea at ooodoaiJU totally irreconcilable wttb Uieir f la diu-mmnn of this kind tbo Cabinet of Berlin l? generally guided by the example of Austria and Rubiii?, with whom, notwithstanding the dissolution of the Iloly Alliance, It U ?ttll in tho habit of obuervtng In certain solidarity In questions of European interest; In tho preeeut cane, how evee, thin resource, no precious ton government notorious lor its irresolution, is accidentally wanting As it happens, Russia is just now the only one of the throe Eastern l'mrer* that has au Ambassador at Turin; Austria has not yet renewed the diplomatic intercourse interrupted by the late war, and the Russian Minister left a short time since ou sick Wave, and is represented ad interim. by a Secretary ol Legation. In recalling her Ambasaa dor, therefore, 1'rusnia would ouly bare the precedent of France to go by, and if some Bne morning M de Talley rand should return to hli poet, and the relations bet ween Victor Emanuel and Louis Napoleon be re established on their old looting of Intimacy, the continued absence of her representative would assume the appearance, not no much of e demonstration ngainst 8ardlnin, as sgainst France herself?to say nothing of England, whom Prussia is still more reluctant to offend, and who would oertalnly not countenance a diplomatic breach with etlber. It wen consequently resolved, after tome dlacuaatoc, that for the present Count Bresmer de St. Simon should re main si Turin, In which determinnlion the Prince Regent and hln adviser* were probably col firmed by the despatches received from that diplomatist, who is a great admirer of Cavour and a warm partisan of nn eventual Prusno Italian alliance, but which ban exoitod the unbounded indignation of the A',en.- "/Atfna, and the aristocratic faction, wholoudly Umml the dereliction of principle exhibited by Promts

m.d brr abandoning the honorable role of champion of <>ihe oldest of Christian monnrchn" to the upstart Empe r?lt?'? by no mcaus certain that thcee viewh will not ul timately gnu tLe ascendant and the withdrawal of the l'ruhsisn mission from Turin be concluded upon, forllia the mirfoiiune of Prussian statesmen to be swayed about by every wind, and for the.r bent intention, by a tatal infirmity of purpose Inttead of relying upon themselves, or terming a wnb tie Ircc governments of England and Italy, Ihev lean sometimes on Austria, sometimes on {*?; anxiously seeking to maintlain their connexion^withi then* nowi rs earn of whom will have too much to do with iU own affairs to aflurd them tbe slightest assistance tn the hour of uted ihey forego tbe advantages that would be derived from pursuing a truly netioual policy A lew mci tl ? ago Prussia was iu an emmeotly fhvorable poll DonOf Germany seemed with 11tor grasp, and the wbuic iwople mere eagerly expecltng ber to Ute the led in the work of reform, while . and Isolated, w as unable to oppose her, and had no ah ternstive but to submit lu Ulenoe A Single word from tho li|)S of the Pr inoe Regent, and the of uoltv would buve become a word was not epok.-u. Tlie hollow- md ton* log friendship ot the German princes wo* preferred to the eoUuislastic aflection and nuselthih devotion of the Ger man people, a oc .clave of crowDed beads at Toplitx t> a naiioual Parliament at Frankfort, and, wearied with re la-ated disappointment, the public have almost ceased to bow anything ol Prussia, and turn with disgust from liberal profiwsionn, which are invariably belied by her actions In tact, they are now going to the opp telle ex treme and tbrtr misplaced confidence tn Prussia is sue cceded by vituperation at least equally animated; for after all it must bo admitted that, taking the German Stale* collectively, this i- the ouly oue that, lu spite or tt* undeniable shortcomings, has ebown some little sym pathy with the canon al anplratlons, and evinced a dtaire to efleet an Improvement In the political and social couditlon oT Germany There really Is no government in the world that has more upright in ten ti u.h than tho Prussian; it ir only to be regretted that mm uileiilions are never earned into execution, and I hsvc no doubt ihat if the pavement of a certain unuttera bio place were minutely examined, It would be found to be composed m s great measure of Tho grand manaiuyren were concluded to day .after bavii.g hinted for above a firiniglit, during "htob troops wore in incessant motion from one P'a?e t? ??? other On Saturday, tbo l#lh in.-t , they were encamped at tlie dlsuict"f Potsdam, where they repro doeod tlie ovolutions ot the great heitie that was fought m the vicinity of that town during the thirty years war between tho 8wed?r and the Adrians, in whmh the latter, as, were completely routed. This ts in imitation of tbo French system, and is so farprcle rabU U, the sbam figbu that are generally ?n^Ud ?n^uch oocastons, as It stows what was dooe and what ?Ph? tiona actually suooeede?l tn real boon fide wsrtare, Ig lien of a set of fictitious mnvemeuU. tbe efiesl of which cover wss, and probably tewr will he, practically realised in the field of belli? II t* rather singular, coo stdcrmg the entente cordial* with Ai-trts ^r.tfs sr been cemented by tbe interriew at topttU, that at ar tioo shosld bave been relecled for this mili tary la which the Austrian arms met wllb *> .'goal a Ire eenectally as the field of Oroesbeeren was close by, wber* the Prussian; obUined a brtUlaot victory over Uie French la lfilS, but perhaps it wras not thought prudent to revive tbe memory of en oc currence so unpalatable to the vanity ot tbe grandenation; w herrn* the Austrian*, being accustomed to b* heat every where end by everybody, might ruescnahly be expected to bear the reminteoeuore of aefeat with greater equantm U>Tbe Prince Regent relurnn to Berlin Ibis even leg, nod will start In a day or two for Jalish, to be P"T?V*t tbe battering down of tbe walla of that nncieot fortress which is to test the efficiency of the rifled artlUsrywtth whab toe Prstfuu. amy has beenF" ded from thenoe, after an Interview wltti Queen Victoria at Cubisms, his Royal Higboees wtll proceed to Baden,jrbero be will epend some days with bis wife and dough mr, and thin set out ou bis journey to Warsaw, to join tbe < 7ar tbe Smpero.- of Auetrla, aud a crowd ot Ger man' king* and printed, who are hastening thither to t.?y tl" ir devoirs to tbe great Northern {?"***". Tin-re It p ?iranf ruttior la toto U* day which I Pboula attach very little importance to If we did not live to an age or impr -bablllthw, to which the relee of logical vol similitude have aim.* ceased to he ?W^hle ltln staled that Louis Napchon baa sent word toifH Pmers burg, through bis smhsssador, the lioke ?f Monteb# lo, that. If quite agreeable, be should I t happy t? meet bis excellent fneod and brother Alexander at Warsaw, that of curse the latter could not do lees than answer that be should be delighted to see bis Imperial eew/rfro, anl that, ID rut requeue*. the list of reyal the Polish cnpitai wUI be kscreened by no Iroe an ttidtvldnal than Uic Emperor of the French I repeat thai tnis neww la given, ea tbe diplomatist- aay, with all reserve." but tt ocenrn lo me that such a sl-p k* * most bappy stroke of policy <*> wmr2l It would converts meeting. Which It mm n, Hibiv tnteoded a* a democstralion against him, <* IP ?hi* lb. K-f^ron. of iLf Wm pod ot lb? Em! would plPf 'b? ?rfi pprW. PPd rev "I v log round tbe two groat la-mart's, aod ?h?o".ing their splendor The threatened ?T' low- the ha. kgrooafi, Mid ? m very likely even th*t the peeern-e ol Nepoteo# would revive the influence whichi h had acquired at rtutgnrd. on tbe miad of the weak aad versatile Caar. Bwb a ooesnmmatum wooM el the tact aod aslnteoees that distinguish tbe hero of the 24 of December. Oar Florence ('?rtMpaadraiw, finanacn, Rapt IS, 1S80 Affam In IhmXXrm Italy?Knlhunarm of the Pe<jie?TV Afrroai^>tnf Downfall nf /*?p?ry?TV Sardinian /tied titm m feily?TV */? Canal, Sc . A It M idle and la Houlbera Italy the patriot arnica arc ?U toe their work rapidly and wciL It ic not a career of ouoguret in which they arc aafa(<d, ao much M a simple cl> suing away of obstacles to a loaf dcaircd reunion TM entrance of (iarlbaldi Into Naplaa mum bare presented to I be new of the fortune!" spectators wko wltaeaaad it nor of tlinee spectacles aa Impreaalea from lie moral merely and beauty aa It waa effective no aooouotof the eaal Bum here wbo look part la the oration The retire population of a etty, which baa grown to half a million of aoule, came out to welonme lie deliverer. Thnuaao ! of rotare wore miagled in one general about of eaaltatlon and gratitude, end a (Ingle eentlmrnt and the acme t motioan animate 1 eeery boart Nerrr, perhape, ha* the metrupolia of the aooth |?rr?e. md ao lirely an aspect From erery roof aad front wa'l the now tr\ solo red banner wared, gay with Ita raiabow hoea, at oa?e the type of netloaal uoily and the mepirlag emblem of lit hoped for attain seat II moat hate been a eoeoc moat Impraaaire for Ita moral (igailtoaaoe that peeoeated between Ire and twdre o'clock at night of the day when <? art bald ? entered the city. In the noble Totedjaraat crowd of people mill llagered, swayed tike a eaa, after toe tern past of exaltation which bad Jast paaaed orer It. We are told that euddealy the rep wt rone, through all that great multitude, that (larlbaldl, after the weartaome work of the day, bad retired to his <iuartera and wee asleep. Aa if by magic there Wte a unireraal bush la the city No ?ore eboute were raised, but the teas of thoasen la mo red noiselessly, and roteea were heard only fa a sub dued murmur. What a proof of the lore aad awe whi ih may be toaptred by the truly heroic e indict of a single man' and what aa rtample to snreret/na wb? would bare a a?curn foundation for their throoea' Tha way It the bra> le of lha people M by lbs performeare r< greet acts rd generosity and magnanimity, an I hot by con |imat, howerer brilliant In high Stunted heroism, which has only a selfish object The time for the complete discomfiture aad humiliation of tha birrarchy of Rome la rery near It will ha a merited discomfiture aad humiliation, aad each aa all wbo bare at heart tba welfare of (he church of Christ and true religion will rrjoioe at The hierarchy will be suddenly arrratcd In lie career of armr aac, and left P> poedrr aerloualy whether iia preaeot caiamltiea hare not hem b-ougnt epos it by its uafhiihfeiaeta tu the da Ihw which II had lahea e|?e itself I perform The haughtlores of ? political aristocracy, which ba moaopo Imed wealth and power end prtriieae, by tha arte #? e specialeducation, K a aafflcteal trial f-r a pr?pte la whim a spirit of manliness le not ettlnct But when the pre tended eerreota of (*?t and foil. -earn id tae ham ble "Saviour <d Man deck tb<mwirea la oarple and g?Mra al"re, and flaunt (heir power end prf.e ,n the face id the We rid, (orbiting at the earn* time rhelr drwt daliiW lo (be p?npie by whom their power le n?-r itemed lately fed. It bec< nur not only odious hot lalotreaMe Rnoh la th? oflenoe, if n o rrime, i barred against the ecclesiastical government of R ?me, which la a hunt to be ctpiale-1 by the loss of Hi temporal power?* power which It hss neither the wis dom nor the legitimate) moral ri(bt to exercise The ninrrh ot the two divisions ol the Piedmont army, by their two sepersto )>aUu, across the Komat territory, to ward* the entitle* or Naples, u a progress ?o regular aod rapid that to loliow it in only to make a - italogue ot tue town* winch lie along the track. U die* notusvin probable, as things are now going, that there will be more than one Berioos (struggle that which LnmoriSiSCS will iovite or precipitate when he ha* amassed hi* troops for tue do fence of what he ooncider* hi* most important point After Home, this is Anoona, and a* Victor Kmauuei baa no intention of disturbing the former city, we shall look fen a decided demonstration within a day or two, be'ore the latter. Thorn I toe* not mum to lie the a .(blest chance- for ajuncUen of the troops of F'rauci* U with those of the Pope's general, and the sooner the ex King leaves Italian soil, the more time he will gain for making prog rase on nis first considerable voysge. Many now look with no little eollcilodc to sue. If Gen. Garibaldi will be governed by that prudence which more than ever at the moment he la called upon to exercise, and pause before executing Uis cherished projects of con quest at Venice and Home. Frudenia, and no longer autaeia, Is the word which should be written on the Italian banner. The work on the Dues canal la ready at last in success ful progress M. Leeseps tells us that he has now * >me hrtecn hundred mon at work, of which two huniired and fifty are Praoohmeo, and more than twelve hundred na tives of the country in which the work is going on. The energetic French engineer promises that, during the com ing six mocUia, some very considerable advanoe shall be made. The feasibility or Ute protect is already aeflieteot ly demonstrated to all disinterested minds, and before long il* successful completion will Bbow to the world thai the vast benefits which it has promised to commerce will be realized, despite the adverse predictions of those whom polfipli interest or mistaken /.oal have led to oppose it. M. Leasepe, in s recent letter, has once more corrected t be misrepresentations of lz>rd I'almerslon, the most cluti nate opponent?purely from political motives?of hut magnificent scheme. The Frenchman is able to show that the Eogllah lord is not influenced in bis oppo poeillor b> ignorance, or because ho is not con vinced ol the practicability of the enterprise, and of the great benefits to the world which are to come of it, but by an exclusive devotion to Eogliah interests, which Me fears may bo menaced by the opening of a new communication by &*-a with Asia, and which may by-and by fall undor the exclusive control of France. We in America cannot appreciate the degree of Interest with which this Suet oanal project is watched by the countries bordering upon the Mediterranean. Italy, id her present war of liberation and unification, has con stantly in view the advantages which she is to derive from the new track which the commerce between the Fast and the West Is to take For several years there has been published at Turin a semi monthly bulletin of intel ligence connected with the Snet projset, fbrmieg altoge th' r a body of information to which little can be added. The withdrawal of the French Minister froui Turin is regarded here more as an act of deference to the old ays t- iu of diplomacy than as a sigh of the determination of France to break with Sardinia It Is confidently believed that Victor Kmauuei has not taken His present bold step without a good understanding with his powerful and only really elfectlvo ally. Oar Osaoa Correspondence. Genoa, Sept IS, 1890. The Invasion Sf the Papal Stales?Camoriciere in a Fix? Movements cf King llcmba?The Relations Beiiaeen France and Sardinia?Oari\>aldi't Impetuosity, etc , etc Last week I gave you notice of the Intended Invasion of the Papal States by our King's troops. This week the subjugatioa of them is almost a fact accomplished Gene rals Fanti and Claldini have crossed the borders and swept everything before them. I'uaaro, Orvtdo, Bene gsglls, Perugia and Anoona have all boon liberated, and Iamorlclere, by a masterly move of General Fanti, has been divided from a large Papal force at An cons, so that he is compelled oow to surrender or rnn the risk of dcreat by ecgsgtng a vastly superior force, or to try s very dtffl cult feat of retreating towards Asooll and into tbe Abrusrt, to join tbe forces of Franoisoo U. Lamoriciere Is in a fix. Tbe insaders calculate that within two weeks the whole oountry will be acquired up to the gates of Home. Francisco n. la still at GaHs, with simethlsg less than forty thousand men. This army is dally melting sway. He has appointed a new ministry, and keeps up a show of royalty without tbe subatanoe of a kingdom. All the provinces of the kingdom of the Two Sietlles have given in their adhesion to Gsrtsaldl. He is steadi ly, with enthusiastic help frem tbe people, engaged le regulating tbe new order of ibtnga. He has threatened the Papal State*, and propose* to proclaim the annexation of the Sicilies and tho Marches and I'mbria to the Bar din;an kingdom from the Quirtnal Thin has occasioned some squabbling among parties. Many desire immediate annexation, and the present move of Victor Emanuel by himself invading the Papal States will, It Is thought, cause Gsribaldl to change his programme and produce the dcetred annexation at once. As 1 thought last week, th*steps taken bv our King has brought abvut complications not at all desired with France There I* at present a show of much want of ap provel or the step on tbe part of Napoleon The King writes to him that be was eompolled to act ss he did to present) tho people of the Papal States from massacre, and likewise to prevent s edits too between Gsribaldl and tbe French troops. By taking the initiative himself he prevents certainly the latter, th* danger of which seemed to htm Imminent. Napoleon answers that he doe* net wish to mix himself op with Sardinian politics, but dssirss to keep himself fiee to act as time may require This does net look well But la view of the bristling front that absolutism Is now raising against Napoleon throughout Forope, can he afford to toee his rallhful ally hen' As little, I should say. as is the coming struggle to comtneooe In Veoctta Sardinia can do without France. Tbelr jstbe are together, and the blow* that are etricken for the unity of Italy fall as well upon the sbenldsrs of the enemies of Napolecu. Tkr Rspiart ( troar and Gari baldi. A letter from Tt.rlo, dated the ITlh nit . say* ? At 1 announced, the official (latrfr of this even n( ni.b liehea the royal decree cm voting Parliament for the 21 of October. The trtrloo will bea very abort one. it ?* even probable that It will oat erced ten days The policy of the go vrrnmvul, aa It la actually repreaeotod by the Cavonr Ministry, will ba submitted to the ebambere In Juxtapo kitten with the policy of Garibaldi aad bla partlaaoa, aad the rerrraet.tativra of the nation will be caJed upon to make a cbnla* between the two. tfeould aa Impoalng majority declare Itaelf In fbror of the te>l ley of the present Cabinet, Count Or-our will of erur?e remain at lbs head of affair*, mod I believe I am well informed when I vay that tbe intention of the Oast in to art wltt ur.0inching energy In the aernmplirhmcnt of tbe new duller wbicb n rota of confldtsoe of tbe Par Itamei t will ental! upon him. In caar a d.-uitfnl or hesitating ma >rltr shm. d eop port Count fbvnor'a polity, be wtU Immediately reel go hia ? fTice to M Kataul, who perhaps might obtain a>me cnureantoni frem Garibaldi, wblcb. under all fireum quite indiapnasable to prevent tbe Italian movement entering a fata! path At tbe present m-rent not tbe slightest eoartu >n can be et pec ted from Garibaldi. M. UepretM bss eompletslr felled Is h*? mission. He bss hens to Nn ilc* to Induce Garibaldi to annex (belly at onto to Sardinia Tbe Dirts lor will not bear of aanrxatum nolU tbe day wbea what be calls bla programme aball bare been carried out, nhleh la m-thing * a* than tbe promise te make Rom* the capital of tbe Ilallaa empire, aad to ooeqier Van re Hmvld be even roaarst to make some modification is his plana, It would saver bo? It Is Garibaldi himself who bts just written It to the King in s letter brought fo bin Majesty by one of tbe ten-rel'i sides decamp?except so the condition that MM Chtronr and I'aria 1 aboald laars the Ministry Tbta is the actual stats of affairs. Form your own judf meat as to how replete it Is with danger Another letter, alao dated tbe 11 lb ult , says ? Garibaldi onntlnues to organ lis his government In the sense of bis own policy I have already alluded to MM PnUsrtclni, Trlrulilo, and Hertaai N. Oattasao decided l> goes ti Naptee as Secretary 'general of the Dictator ship His acceptance ia the more rombrkable as he do r lined sitting in the Parliament of which he la a member, .So aa not to lata the oath to tbe King M Gattaaen la tbe ad to-ale of s federal republic It It carton* enough la see him called fer by tbe parly wbicb was tbe drat to botat ale-lute unity ae its motto Tbe claims of M (htlaneo to Garibaldi's favor are a violent pamphlet against the sees ion of Ntoe and n pro nonnced antipathy against Count Usvour It w reported thai tbe annexationist wtesters of Maples will resign M armlojn. and ereo M Lthorto Komann. are mei.ltoned as llksly to do as. It Is curious that tbe principal members of tbe givers man t of VapMs are Ira hards. lorn hardy is tbe province which baa provided the greaieet number of volunteers to Garibaldi It M there that the element most hostile to Cow a I Cheosr la Strongest. Mow thai the kingdom of Naples has been conquered fross Ft anew II. It wtllibe nerenaary to cos-pier it again feesn Mar I bald I. but I feery the poll Ileal sk ill of Count f avour will arrange every thing. Tbe dictator still neks for more Tolas leers, wb'-h proves b? Drm latentioo of oootlnuiag lbs war His agrom are not strpprd, out obetnclas are throws is tbelr say OPJTUOKH OP Ttlg rVOI.IUH PRWSt. |S rum tbe Is-odon Poet ftept 21 | Is Halt diet mod t.oee nxwe to Illustrate tbetrn?b of tbe old maxim, that "by enn-ord weak tblags become great and Right} that b\ diner 1 tbe atrnngeat are abatteref and nrertkrownt" Tbe dav Is aim h thai hrl *f shall gain ground, tb. day oo sbi-h the beat fnende oft Italy sill Mr mosmtully compelled to own Ha truth. Will be ? darker Cay ia Italian etory than that sbtrh wttaes*ed the ? nature n| Ute peace of Villafrsnea, or the foul of King < barbs Albert and Ilia army at Kovarm. Yot. unlean the nierey e God aball rantnd the peomona, and check the In URi|?ranee, nt man. Ibw day of calamity and abamr may fc far nearer than the worst enemies of Italy ? as tope, or the nmet anil-ma fiends of Italy ran apprihot.d The denpalcb which tn'nrmsd us of ?tie peremptory Cr mai '? addreeaed by (Ssrlbal el V- K tig Vie up Rmunel to dismiss OPonl Oavtmr and crgnnr lar'nl, and to garrison Naples with Ibirty Ib-tiaand men lb other deepefSi, thai Maillot's f >rmer tv.'leag-e m the I: triusii (rate. Vigour *sfl. has bees app-.-nUd bv Garibaldi to tbe metal -rahls of Sicily?thrae aonotit,cements will be received wltb undid gutaed alarm, sol merely by ihmtaanun of tloosre and en llgf trfed (stride in Italy Itself, bet by tbe warmest wei, stnhw* lo llahan Itherly and indeoendamee In other lands And Una from rauaan wbo-ly Irremeetive of the persaial qua tttas prvseww-d br the -ttrd'nipn statesman sltnm Garibabl'a inlira to dta-daee, ne the e? triumvir shorn he ha* again raised to power Th?re are pasaare* in Hie car-i r of t>wint Onrour which, we are aware, will by no m-ai a tvsar n tey narrow ncratlny fhare |a not, wr beiiere, to Fnropa s moss asi'mb'*, sceom pHahet, bitli bred aad hlgti minded gentleman than I he r Mhos astir Italian neb-uar who has woe golden tptnioen from a-- In the erltlesl and fhstldloo* s-wi-ty of < or ancient nrai of lea-ring Net the personal d?merli* of a Chrour,?r u># personal sprits if a Saffl. sink utter ly into leeigaiflraaoe whan compared with tbe great nt IkXMl interests which the Hard:Mac atalrwmaa repre ?Vunur ? fully a rents led the great rational danger! which the appoint ment or the ex triumvir bet -Wens and foresbwlowa. Vaunt Cavour is the orwtitiJwrual monarchy tf (Sardinia, 3ajh u the Mtusvntan republic of Home It war! attempting to au-guiae the l?cl that the demnad made by Garibaldi for the removal of the former, coupled with the simultaneous appoictmeul of the latter, indt calea a determination on the part of the tfacere, disinte rested and bilberto moat prudent Gen?tas Halt hia for tunes with thoae of a who. he M false or tree, foolish or wise, courageous or foolhardy, baa OMb plotely mrtciU (1 the coutldeui e of every iuiau with a grain of common sense in his mind or a single arudo in his pocket. H'e Mime that I'rondmce had tmekotnt pur poses til tieec in the creation of Joseph Martini,just as we be new that a tufficf fitly comprehendie estimate of all the wsida of creation would set forth the benelts accruing from the earthquake that deetroy, whole cities, or the tornado which annihilates uhote navus in its \cath, but we do not the leas deplore the (ate of the immediate eullerera from the earthquake or the tempeet If the storms of revolu tionary anarchy be unehamnd over all Italy; if the re publican shall raiso bis hand against the royalist; if the blood ot Italy's best and bravest sons shall be shed, cot rgainst the satellite* of the domestic tyrant, still less against the legions of the foreign oppres sor, bnt In the wild, insensate, Infuriate strife of a Iratricidai war, ISRlblt Indeed will be the responsibility of those by whom these calamities shall have been canned. Not Italy, not Europe alooe, the whole civilized world will be outraged and inured by their rtshneee Tha modus of action required to raises fallen country from he dust are various: wisdom In the Oebinet, eloquonea n Par I lament, tact in negotiation, are all aa important an dauntless valor and consummate generalship in the Mi The Italian causa would never h ive reached its preaaat stage without the diplomatic subtlety by which Gouat Carour, and the admlnlitralire Onuueaa by which Signer Farini, imparled to it consist- aej and streoglh. The ser vices of Garibaldi to Italy, immense, almost inealcalabia ? s they are, cannot justify the summary dismissal of twe lurb men, the responsible advisers of a constitutional overetgn, on k demand far more probably suggested la Garibaldi by Uazzini and the Mazzinlan loaders than ori ginating in the spontaneous act of the General himself. Oarlbtldl'i Decrees, 1 Among the decree* lust laeued by the Olctelor ere the following? For the aaliifhctiin of the Iultu people, end thoee *f Palermo la particular, the adfaeeion to the free goveru meDt of Italy of M Flore*, tbe commander of the Kroote ep-am Irigate, who bombarded tbe capital of dlcily with eur.b atrocious fury. I* not accepted. Navy Captain* Rodriguez Ijettterl, Salazar and Ginm barbo are tnelnded in thin refusal Considering that the National Guard ought to be the main bulwark of liberty, and that the Naplee Guard me rit* a epecial'pledf o of trust and honor? The castle* of Naplee are banded over In perpetuity te the custody of tbe Naltoual Guard of the city, so that they may be the bulwarks of liberty, as heretolore they were those of despotism. The Papal (iaesttoB la aa English PotaC of View. (From tbe Leodon Times, Sept 21 ] Tbe Italian revolution, wonderful and rapid as It bee bvwu. Is not <|UlU so spontaneous an emanation as lie caro lers admirer* may believe Many Influence* have been at work to rbake and l?oen that mosaic work of principal! Uea and kingdoms which twenty months sgo appeared to be perfect sad almoit saoure All the military power *f tbe greatest military nation In tbe world was but just enough to more tbe blocks out of their solid bed. Inllnite patience baa been required to watch and to seize every opportunity that occufed to turn one stone after the other. Mere enthunasa has not done It all, and never could have done It nil. Fragments of population do net unite into nations, and slaves do not I income free men by mere force of illuminations and popular sboutmg. There has bore Statecraft and policy, and manage ment of foreign foroe. >? well as courage and conduct, Is the young men of Italy. All these have been worked to gether w ub e mnrvehoue unity towards the commas ob ject, and the conaequenoe has been that tbe armleaef France have been used to break down the armte* of Austria, the sympathies of Teutonic Europe have beu arrayed against the pretensions of Kranoe,snd the groewd has ixra kept while the Italian Htrculee wrought his la bors without interruption from abroad. This unity of purpose ba* now been broken. I happily, dlsoord bee come to mar this hitherto rucceeaful combination The man of action frets older tbe courtrafat imposed open him by the man of counsel; the man of genius grows impatient of tbe pretensions or the man of policy When Kartai was expelled from S.ciiy it was clear that Garibaldi bad dotermiaed to be no longer only the arm to Italy, and that be thenceforward pretended to direct the S icy as well as to enforoe the progress of tbe revoioUae. s intelligence from Turin which we publish to day make* tbe occurrence of a rupture certain. Garibaldi insists upon tbe dismissal of Csrour. The conqueror ef Sicily and Naples Insists upon being set free from the sa lary! rmrn la of statecraft and diplomacy, and permitted to finish the emancipation of Italy In a plain eoIdler!ike way. Against such lath and plaster tyrannise as Garibaldi found is Sicily or In Naples e bold rush was doubUees the best attack. On* bard push, and tbe whuie edilloe die appeared la dust and splinter*. The same summery enures of sot too would also do very well for countries where be would And e sj no path n tag people, and a* mere obstinate enemies than I be Irish garrison of Bgolets. Gar maidl has done all this part or bl* work, and let ee man und? rvalue It. He has displayed not only adveete roue daring,but consummate ability We wish we Bsg llsh bid e general from whom we could hope, at oer need, for en achievement uytbmg at all eqtin la mili tary merit to that Sicilian campaign. But, great as hie moceese* hav? been, tbey are the easiest part of hie ??programme," and their way has be >n prepared by that urinous policy and craft counsel which ha now deetree te set eway from him New that Ctald 1st has dispersed the wretched merce naries Of the Pope tArrf u twKAtnp asart Is do ascrpf Ie epp fwre Moots end onnguer I'eiteCla TKot 11 to say Mere u as impediment to (As entire unify of fialy mow ?oWy IKe ntm utt, rf ixmoludtng a tueer uful J' sill Frmncr end m ftrefv drfrohng Auttrvm Is this the serious pn-iect of Oert beldi If so, we een on y say nf it, as tbo Fr-nch said ef us at Balaclava. 1 Ctf mogni/fue mju tr n'rtt par la yuerrr " Is this tbe caus* <>f '< .ar baidi's separation frsm avourt It ts feercely puesibls to be.ieve that soahrewd man and so greet a man ns Garibaldi has shown hiwsslf bould nt lb? turning point of bis suscsss espouse o wild a ecbems thai be should bold fast by bie J- ? of Italian in.ty is but const-tut with the cbnrarier of tbe man, and Is bet due to bis own fitme but that be ebould desire to cast his mountaineer* bead long at the French army, and also at Um fortrcieww, seems aa im;o#sio;e ?u/gestlos All the eorrsepaedSDO* from luly, bowsser, leoda te thla edect. It la cerials that the soroy from the klag of Urn dmla has aalirsfy buied la h'i mission, wbsWvar the oSyoet of that may have been, and raa extract no soeete da from thw - I Jurat* a? bitle. Fe demand fir (ke toe in weal of favour and * Ftw-im u snfy fee un'-rtunaMy osm iwierw vwA Aw y mhh "o ye 'aim (he aiwieaanm ?'( ftm firmjnm <K* lop V -A- ^ureSNe.' It m?y b* that all leeoa report* do Garibaldi Isiualim and lb a the "programew" wBlcb he w deter mlaod te carry out w sot of the chirreter attributed to b.m It may be that he w willing to wail uatil tbe flight of the Peps or the ? poo lain oue course of events mall free Rom* (Vow her inraklotu and reetura her to tier natural oflrce ta the Italian penirsuia It may be. also, that ha la q?!l* alive to the madams of maturing withm that great trap sink the Austrian* elill keen Sri and halted cine* ey shilfi and thai be is eoateot to wait for t soles aalll tl pan??s have i?,d upon the temper of the Austrian ** rath and until the umptalloo o' tbe ten mil ion* by Italy can no longer be raewted. It is possible that tbe et..?i, ore ot dii goe wli ch. under pen*e:it ri'r m* la area would savor of -seemly, may be nol? ouggeated from Te rm by persona m lb* interest of the Minister* who are now proscribe* by Um fetalne But. If so, why ibw lartinacHXM deemed that Chwev shall be dwmweed Garibaldi has eevsr hitherto shown himself a m?n likeiy t he leSuoecod by merely i i rsseel motives That be dwjikm Oavour Is well haews TbaA be emllkm him for bis oiptomeoy eed for hw umains ?f Niee. and posethly. also for the unworthy ennseer la wbice b* has snwwtimes treated Uerihaldi, we ere eol eew to be lull That be should be determine* not to fir* am tnclly end Naplee to he Irailtrh** fur hetwara Chroar and the Kmprrot of the Fret m IS vary aatursl V* may, perhaps, thus had It pan-ihie to accept tbe IsdWputaM* fact that i.nrthnMI ba* made Ihw demand wtlboat rssslv iu* with absolats the tuterpredalim pot upon it at Turla. Ramd it, bowrrer, at ws may, it I* a mm* disastrous movement treat aa Garibaldi is. he to not to we serrsesry te the rirxwas of the reyolutio* now tcadioglolta arw mpttsbmmt tbaa tibvour IS. Thar* IB some equlvtral worh ym to be dose, wbteh GsribelM cansot do *11 tbe oia symptom* of rotnp*aaano* and sni.rxattno are reappearing TV- French <oer*att arm rnV-BMWtly denying ell Issigo* up-w certain wi*ods, jam as they osce before te wbemretly deeied * I ?"eigne apse Nice, sad Fraoee I* at the mm* time proteatiag sealaal thr no or tattoo of Noptea, net as she protested sgtiam the somxalKia ef Tuernay These mrr maflrr* uhdrA ?*? requtrr mnmrm *f. and Cum' w lAr imly mow wAe he* |A< raised I* utrry nr * *vi migmamG rAmugh *?>?* tbirg oaaoot b* done by f-<rea, sad If ribald- does act p meia tbe fore* In I Use *? Gent is* Chvour Garibaldi' lias*?a on* of the Italy. Ma la, moruorer, ereallag a grant puMm scandal. far b* * exhibiting to lb* world tbe proof of a ?ad fbrt?tbat the two greatret laborer* ftw Ilaliaa uaNy. si d the two swat premu.eol Italians, are uaable ta aim lorctber Ilr ts ebow ing tb* old lUlma vmkaem work log. si ber extreme need, la her two beet ateu There ceo be so tcffb-irot reason for Ibis ojoe atrlfe /MM ate mraa /Mr mmr (Amy and or* wtdesnwiif hf <*?#is tMr ***** (Wmrf. bet Chvour raeogsite* dilBcaltir* which have te ed or n-ojored away, uhlle Garibaldi ballevra ha raa rid* down all obatocGe sword ta bud If they laeWt upne arpara<leg our aj mpathlrs will go forward with Gartbafn, pot our hnfwe will halt behind Car our Oorl bald is eyeiem is admirable agamt h# ewi enustrymrn, bet tarvur win h. -t. nspruaable to Italy aa ei aniageuml for France ud Auet-ia Tbe V*m*>ttn tgmeettnm. Tbe v.iwiofw/. -I Turin elate* that the follow lag pre narration te la elrculatioo In Vert* ? It W lltnr, I' fMiewSHIrea*. lo tabb tsrerer with oar master* he i i?eue Tcalc* hehmge to Italy, ud oan rr I Or the slsri- of Aertrla People o# leelc*. rreparr U h? free' Prepe-c to fece'v* la a becnmlsg manner the here wbo hm out down the tbr or nf tb* aisl etuptd aod most rrw I t< -aot of 'uly lu a ?hori time lb- hereto i-arihaGM. the >cj ei f.rer-iraer of thr -. arou mn-.s Tlcanr Fn-uocl, will or amot-g s* with hw trrrthleaoldlerv, who will rnto* both by laad u-t era. l/tne drlrr away ah fTlvc nun iMusbts, ud nliuti all rejotclrgs Whoever g<v> to tbe theatre to BOt be tieliu whoever take* plea ?ur* la Aant '*a nms r. sua at table or Is t rmj, ait* na *"? i? wiidirr. wb-wrir dor* not th-rk ud labor far Italy. ts act ar Itsltan but a Gaiter v, m* nouatry Ta* who are rwh ah *n< Ins roar v pal by, it aside y-or era rtcr, drive frar ftpm your heart*, ud md year osestry wllb all your power Whoovor m not a go<d pair- t ud * yc- -ay--to ItoMee shall B"t be boeofid oo the lar o' delli irsess. hut be branded by all Om-agr. then, 0 eiuseu! tor the day rf our rrdmnptmn <? appmarh -g | Gur rulra* trevht* with lerrwr ud their mercenary bud* haid with d Fwuh* the arms of the oppwwaor of tea ualtoee let ue i-flrr ?r all tan * to our Hunga-lu, ftrlavontoa ud Rcumatn brrthrm let ?? pr?psr?arem against the AW trtacs When eo aineket is lo he red,* ooie with u trah srihe la like a bayonet, ul Itai-u hayoaeto ar* la*?B Ciht* Whnerer arrvra th* fire I goer against hw eatlra country -ball obtata no pity ream as etkhar sow ar to