Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 6, 1860, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 6, 1860 Page 5
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?m future Courage, oltlseus 1 let ue all unit* in the bu design uf driving away forevur thee* aocureed MfMri. who thirst for bk?d ted gold ud era eeemirs of justice ud of tiod Vrneliuv I Remember Yletor Pisaui, the renowned savtcur of Venice l Remem ber Dulel Mnoin. the ttrin aefeuder or this beaatifal Queeu of the Adriatic I Ma.da now luminous nil Italians to eoocord, to liberty. to unity, ud to independence, in lite natue ol Victor Rmanuel! At the hour of resurrec tion, which is now i?. ?r, we will nil, on hearing thia name, rtae like a single men. hu-J victory (hall be ours I" Ota, I.auioridere's Plana. A Tori 0 letter says :? 1 am able to give y: u details of the interview between ?eneral lluh's aids de r-,up ud ilenerai de Uunorioiere. which, if true, are curious, anil suggestive of the Papal gsnsraJ i plus and expectations. After the general bad heard fani.'s intimations read and translated, be ex eiah??d, with a laugh?' Why, that is war, and nothing leas!" He rt fused to give uy answer, but oouvereed far some time with the young envoy in the midst of his Staff In aduitlou to other thins* be remarked, "I did nog certainly expect u attack from that side. But we arw ready. I thought Caribaid: would come first from the Abruui- You- generals are, of course, aware that I ean hold Ancona far fifty days. Ah, ah ' that's a long while. Yon will perhaps have lost Alessandria by that time. 1 am represented as an enemy ol liberty; on the aaatrary, 1 am its defender I oppoae the deal ruction of the Papai power, tor that would make Napoleon the bead ef religion, as Queen Victoria is In England, the Emperor Alexander in Russia," Ac. These observations, made with an unconcerned and almost ironical air, gave the latarvisw a curious character. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Friday, Oct. 5?6 P. II. The Custom House returns of the trade of the P*rt tor the month of September were closed this **y, and we present our usual comparative ta bles:? lmpvris. , 1868 Set* , ISM Sept., 1840. ?at lor consumption .*11.180 623 12.470 440 11.616.130 ?o. for wart-hi use ... 2 900.710 2,177.064 2,836.784 Free goods 1,263 820 1,810,426 1,662,832 Specie and bullion.... 138.233 184 664 266.606 Total entries $18 473.203 16 643.686 16.960,4M WKhd'n from war'bto 2.903.062 2 808 441 4,007.272 CUsb duties 2,672,934 2,908,600 3,088,803 ?sueslic produce.... 83.621.902 4,044,412 9 232,031 P?r moreb'se dutiable. 204 300 636.132 690,304 ?b. free 160.863 188,072 48,620 Specie and bullion.... 3 280,601 8,267,681 3,758,734 TSUI exports 07,135 836 14,087 407 13 668A79 ' Be. sxcl's of specie... 3,896.248 6,740,816 0,840,946 It will thus be seen that, so far as the aggregates are concerned, there is not much variation from laHt year. Both imports and exports are slightly abort of those of September, 1859. It must be aoticed, however, that the exports of pro dace this year were $4,130,000 heavier than those of the corresponding month last year, while the exports of specie and bullion were $4, $09,000 less. The difference ia due to the large shipments of breadstuff's to Kurope, which have aapplied importer- with exchange and checked the ?atward flow of specie. At this date last year the Italian war had come to an end, and the treaty of Zurich was on the point of being signed. The relations between the great Powers were generally harmonious, though the Sau .1 nan affair formed the subject of rather bitter articles in the British and American journals. Trade was recovering from the shock imparted to it by the war, and merchants in fcngland and France were in high spirits. Consols were 2 per cent higher than they are at present; money was abundant in London at 2} per cent: both cotton and breadstnffs were dull, with a declining tendency. Here money was worth 6J a 7 per cent, with a pretty lively demand. Foreign hills were quoted at 1104 for sterling and 5.13J, but the demand was not brisk, the heavy gold export of the month of Heptemher having checked the inquiry for bills. Business was pretty active, though the harvest in the West did not fjltil public expectation. Stocks were generally lower than they are at present. The month of September having been the third month at the fiscal year 186W-61, wo subjoin our a sua I table of the trade of the port for the quar Mr:? laroam 1868 1 869 1*40. July 018 603 737 27.286.190 91 881 639 August 19.624 176 24 640 601 26 938.864 Buptcmber 13,473 206 10 643.686 16 200.460 Total. 3 mortbs.862,(03 206 68 579,296 46.080,968 Exports o? IV is otic Prodics. July 84.77l.0ri 4 938 06.3 7 526.713 August 4 840,272 6,160,710 8 012 814 September 3,621,902 4,946 612 0 232.031 Totul, 3 nu'Mhi.812.964,228 16.036,387 24 774,608 FjintfTw or frwix July 13 801,406 10 061 010 $.643 986 August 2 201.802 6 400.783 7,464.818 (?pie tuber 3.2311691 8 247.681 3.768,734 Total. 3 m id tin $8 242 880 24,728,483 17,777.633 It will thin be noticed that while the year begins with a reduced upeeie export, the export of pro dorr is largely In excess of pr?vlou? year*. From the accounts from Kurope and especially the scant quantity and bad quality of the British mraln har vest. there is resnon to believe that the export of produce from this country will continue to be large lor some months to come. The following tables will show the movement for the nine month- which have eiapscd ol the current calendar year:? 1*68 1*60 1*40. Jaeoary ?s lb .,710 19377 464 21,768 973 Februar) *.,209,043 1 8 848.370 19.364 889 March 11,720 702 20 *20,466 23 6*0,126 April i?26 11.(70,734 16 071.34 Bp 11,464 70.1 23 462 64'! 16 803,161 June 10,116 442 24 049 *21 19.160 740 July l-.iO', ,737 27.286.129 24 881.689 August l'l 624,176 24.649.601 26 938,854 September..... 11,473 206 16,043,68.. 16 200.460 Itoai. 0 moe 8117> 3*7 *42 107,744,170 184 709,010 Krfr A /V nr. i I'.tdw. Juauu-T 3.072.182 6.309,142 February 1.700 ?7U 3 2*3 602 ft 409,387 March. 4,o05 >71 ft 377.840 6 994.4*7 April ft, >12 117 6,060,021 6,63-,6*2 By ... 4.4412 7*9 ft, 140 662 ft *12.190 June ... ... . 11.3*2 4.*40306 8..107.774 July 4,771.942 4_9.7S.oe-7 7,5?5.713 . Augvsi 4 660 272 6.160.710 4.012 414 Hepwrrrcc 3,.'21 4 940.012 9.232.031 Total, lis* I41A34 61* 43.470,004 63 317,316 Wrf-T'. >J Sf i?. Jaauary .04,74 611 J 30ft,**? 4A3,662 February 3,746 920 2.371,427 077,000 March 439 1 *4 3.343.677 2 341,663 April 044 04 6.W0.167 2.006 Alt May 1,700 776 11 422 042 6.see .094 Jeer (144 174 7.49f.94t * 842 044 July 2 *01 400 10.041 010 6 64B 944 August 2,7X1-62 0 100,784 7,464*13 ..3 230 .-91 * 267.041 3,766.734 Tht* 8 moe. 820 60S 448 87,028.466 39,266 244 Her--f t sf G"\i ficut Cafffm-pr Jaauary 8? 1?> 812 2,50ft 87* T, ft49 244 February :.'-*4.">36 -4A82.B28 3.184.64# March 2 i*3 874 1942 491 2 4"4 7SO April 479 477 3.121 481 2.401 64* Bp... 21 '1*1 .422,000 2.762.004 Jour 3.84.1 671 3 6A4 212 2.824.884 July 006 X 30 8 846 3*0 2 3*8,114 Aeg< st 2 961.S#' 1 9*6 41( 1 *06.215 ?sptan i sr 204.040 4 044 421 2 028,870 Total, 0 mm. 846 644 Jt> 173 SOS 24.A14.A12 The m M?.?y r cs?ier to day. Money wa* ?fer' u in Wall -tree t'i? afternoon at alxper cent, ' and at even tui* morning the aupply wat very abundant. \t ? int house* the < hange is not go 1 r.o, 1<-* inquiry prevails than h*s bet a t ase fur me days. Very 11 Ml* ? tig a foreign bills for to-mor- ! row's *te*mer*. me 0. the bankers continue to ask 10*1 fcr 1- ',nr nl >14 for franc*; but the Wm Wti* r#n to ha -t fwn 1094 to J for and J.I64 for franc*, riiere are e- me exceedingly floe nt--r-antile ulli* ,n market at 109' a I. The Adriatic, whir 1 ?.?!;. to mo- -ow. will take "Ot almu' threi -quarters of a u lio?> in specie. The stock mar -et to. Jay wt? visited by the ex pec ted reactka. and tne bear* are once more ex peiiet'lng fn (Oriow the vicieeilode* of fortune. The reu tion w*- *io*t marked in the .New York road* which adu iced 2 a 3 per cent, partly fbotn natural aiue*. yesterday's decline ha'vlng been b? ele*s. ati'* psrtly in ^onueijuence of favor able intelli en :e fYom feith the great road*. Thu* the Central gam* -"V MO on laat Heptemher, and the Kr1e propose- to pay, In a day or two. one of the overdue coupon* on the third mortgnge bond*. The Western there* likewt-g put ticq> - ted m the irapr 7emei.t, and were ail bet ter throughout the day. P'-ople are beginning to perceive that Ji? failure to pas* a (iiiiUend by the Rock Inland directors, when they bad the money, or ought to bars had it, to divide among tbeir shareholder*, does not necessarily involve the ruin of things terrestrial, or even countervail the great fact that all the roads are doing a fine business. The increased ease in the money market also helped stocks, and the advanco was general, as will be seen by the following list of closing prices, the market being firm:?Virginia H's, til a 1; Mis souri 6'h, 78 a 4: Canton, 214 a 22; Cumberland Coal preferred, 12J a 14; Pacific Mail, a 4; New York Central, 89; a 4; Erie, 294 a J; Hudson River, C4 a 4; Harlem, 'il a 4; do. preferred, 514 il 4; Reading, 4f>4 a 471; Michigan Central, 68$ a 69; Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 22.| a J; do. guaranteed, 49 a J; Panama, 125 a 4: Illinois Central, 85 a 4: Catena and Chicago, 751 a 76; Cleveland and Toledo, 464 14 ?17". Chicago and Rock Island, 72/ a 2. We understand that the Michigan Southern Rail road Company have applied for an injunction against the Corn Exchange Bank, to compel them to return some bonds illtgally detained by the bank. The Corn Exchange Rank certainly contrives to obtain an unenviable notoriety. The stockholders of the Artisans' Hank have no minated Mr. Augustine Smith for receiver. Mr. Smith is of the firm of Campbell, Hull fit Co., a man of high character and clear bead. It Lh an excel lent nomination. Pursuant to an order of the Supremo Court, the interest on Die third mortgage bonda of the New York and Eno Railroad Company, which became due on the first day of September, 1859, and tbe first day of March, 1860, will be paid on presen tation of the coupons at the office of the receiver, in Erie place, on and after Oct. 8, inst. The Richmond County Oas Light Company havo declared a scrip dividend of ten per cent. The following was the business of the Sub-Trea sury to-day:? Receipt* <170,436 30 ?For customs 77,000 00 Payments.. 130,010 06 balance 4 866,613 38 The New York Central Railroad Company report a traffic for? ? September, 1840 <861,796 62 September, 1869 743,698 93 Increase <108,186 64 The Michigan Central Company earned in Sep tember? 1*60 <361.428 310,H37 Increase <40,616 The Eagle Fire Insurance Company have de clared a semi annual dividend of ten per cent, payable on demand. The following is the statement of earnings of the St. Louis, Alton and Chicago Railroad for Septem ber, 1860:? Batsengert ...<36,883 09 Freight 66.031 87 Mails and express 3,300 00 Total 194,713 96 Corresponding period in lb69 82 884 00 Increase In 1860 <11,839 94 The directors of the Rock Island road submit as the business of the company for the year ending July 1, I860:? The gross earnings of the year from all snuroes were <1,093,933 And the operating expenses for the same period. 632.641 Net earnings <471,272 Interest paid on bead <87,700 Kent of Peoria Branca 136,000 Taxes on real estate 30,704 269.494 Net tacrine for the year <211,777 Credit IkUancet. Capital (took account <6,403 000 Mortgage bonds. 1,397,000 <7,000,000 Railroad Bridge Company 4,731 Prodi, balance or Income account 482,318 Total <7,437,049 DtU Balances tkat of road and equipment <6,013,6114 Illinois and Mississippi Telegraph Company ... 13.786 , 1,016 ?bares Chicago and Kock Island Railroad Company stock,at par 101.600 Bills receivable 16,000 Sundry small balances 4,382 Stock of fuel on hand 77.COO j Iron and other materials on hand 30,719 Balances due from other roods, cash and unset tied amounts In cashier's hands, Chicago 219,811 Ossh in hands of trestsurer MASS Total <7,431 There have been purchased and used a|>oa the rood ' 39.<76 ties of the best quality of wbite oak, and 470 tons of new rails rerotled There have been also during the same 16 467 rails repaired. A targe a moan t of bal laslieg baa been added to tbe rood bed during the pool I aaaaoo SS that the superstructure and rood bed were sever In better condition. Several new slooe culverts and embankments have been substitu -ed la place of pile and trestle bridges It has been the policy of tbe di rectors to pot the rood and equipment in the bent pon sleie emdlton for moving tbe large crop of the prenent season , and by referring to the table of "Disbursements for Opernt ng sod Mainin nlnp the Rood," It will be seen that the tain of <372,107 24 has been expended tn re pairs of rond bad, e'lvnpment, sinlioo buiiuings. ftc , dur I ing tbe year Notw Ui.landing tbe green earnings are larger tbau tbe preceding year, there Is a failing off tn 1 the passenger traffic Tbe failure of crops for the past three years has not only taken from the pe>ple of tbe I ot on try tbe means of travelltsg, but has also oompolled them to economise is their cxpecaes of living, which I ban greatly diminished the western hound freight from what tt otherwise would bare been. Besides tbe business which tbe exlraord mary crop now upon tbe ground will give us m carrying it to market, II ean not fail also to greatly In :rea?e our outward bound i freight aud passenger trad. . so nooo as the people bare real set! ou a portion of their new crop. The s um of <42 000 site charged tn the Sinking Fund la 1850, nod n sum of CM) COO has beeu cuarr u to the same account the present year, making In all <242.000, which ban been charged out of the income account, as will he seen by reference to that account Tbe Mississippi and Missouri mod has bene extended * nee our last report to tba Horn.stead, so called, twenty m 'e* west of InoaCty, and trains wtU commrnne run alng to that place la Heptember [?>*tober 2. 1*60 ?The r u J cow exut.ded aim opened for business to Mare ago, thirty m'lee west of Iowa City,Of e.gbly arven mu.-a from Davenport. and r< into tbe best portion of Iowa Tbe grading an t bridging Is under contror t to f4rlc?eii.a ferth?r distance of thirty seven miles, aad is In such a state uf forwardnene as to giv>- reasonable ex fecial loo that It Will be compietoJ in January next. It !? expected thai the iron will be laid aad thta cxtens'on ready for ase aaxl spring, or tori) the ensuing summer When this is completed, tbe main line west of tha hs aissippl rivsr at Davenport will be 133 miles dlrstt'y west < f tbe river and reaching within 4ft) two mites of Iwe Motnea. Ad1 t"thi* the fifty two miles of the W ash lugtoa hraocl , aad ws have in western una sect ion a total 176 m.iet of road, paartcg through the mst fortile country n the West, and now having a large sue due of produce ready for transportation as sons as tbe road Is completed At the mee'ing of the stockholders of the Toledo i nn<l Wabash Railroad CofSpan v, held at Toledo yet j terday. the following Boar,! of Ifirectora was nnani- ) uionsly elected for the entiling year:-A BooAy, J. ] B. Vaiimin. J. H. Knox. (I. I). Morgan, B. Wiiaon, John Wiiaon, John Richardson, .las. T. Sontter, Henry A. Kent, H. Morrison. Wm. Baker, Warren I'otilbi rn, <?< <'. Cecil, James Sp'-art, Robert Breck inridge and Wm. Kent. The officers of the road lor the preceding year were all re-elected with ihe exception of J. R. Vamuia elected Treasurer In the place of B. Wilson. The Chicago /*rr.*s of Tuesday evening says - Exchange went down to of 1 par cent to day, btfng a decline uf V The tales wera large, bat tt II tbe supply t- rented tbe demand, aad the market wan heavy at quo U'lown ta tbe street u add nt ?, ? H- The bankr-v 1*11 % to custom- r? bat outsider* ha i to otannede at a , frum that flgur.- Ttie deptand for gotd is qane aitive. aid prtoee to dsv did not sink W'th eichauge Ws j quota buying rates at V ? I percent premium selling, I si IK *tnrfc Kirh?n|?. IBIMT. 'M 6. 1M0 WOO I'M*. 74 .. 103 , 100 ?n? H KR prf bJO 60* r.oo t#?? m .. to* ijft to M) laOOO \ irglBlt 91, too UiohCon RR.... 00 47000 MMoart 70 ?5 do JOCO Kilo KJ44U) Oih ho 2ft dn M*1 fV? V u?0 Ml Hpolwof c Iftl 00 160 do '10 00 1000 Ooohoo Br MO. 70 160 Or, .,. h*0 00? i00 111 t?u RH Hdo. 97 'ft) do bit 00 >? 3000 Cbl Wfwl*t tn It) 100 M ft) A K led KK tl o* ?h? l'ho?|x Rtok 110 Oft to J2'< 10 Moof A Mor Book |06 100 do 98* 50 On?hTool pr K!0 13 100 do ..hio ?* 300 do 13* 100 Ml ft) A H I ( Mt 41 00 IV acMsOCr bio *6 4C0 do 40 t 46 do.46 50 do 4k* J 110 do. J.bOD H7 60 do .... M? 44 ( IT6 do W 100 do *10 40 * I 60 do 600 07* 160 d" .... '30 40 4 1? do. 67 100 do ?10 40 I 60 da .... i.30 M 900 dn 4* IIOMYCmKR 8?<; 100 do too 40* I '00 no. *??, 16 Clov, 'V \ AkhRR 136 ** '? 00 * 400 RR ar v4 1"0 do *10 W* 176 do M * *00 do 60* 100 da MO 0'. 1 W de WJt 60 do .... bit 06 Total 422 $391,328 Total 873 $888,873 Flax? Cotton?* .... 607 $06 668 Cottoa 38 $12,230 Hankercs.. 40 12 408 I Colored.... 69 21.798 Thr<?ds .. 21 4,807 1 I'rlnla 29 13,693 Lin. Scot.. 17 6,284 I area 10 6,090 Hanakere's 3 930 Total 686 $89,287 ljnb. mua'i 29 17,387 MwelUoeoua? Spool 842 60 C30 Straw ,-.kxU 140 $14,128 Hum 101 10.763 Fea fc flow. 21 4 800 Clothing . . 7 1671 Total .... 621 $131,798 l,ea glovea 48 43,622 Silk? Rnibrold? . 42 3T.T30 Silk' 140 $148 790 Rjbboos ... 70 72 879 Total 268 $101,787 Cravats.... 27 21,629 tt'Uk<lra<rn fivm War thou tt. Wool? silk Woollens .., 23 $am stika Ca-pettng... 40 9,488 Cravata Ck'llia 3 1601 Hooo.. ... Woratad .. 78 27,432 Hush's IWiain*.. .. 8 8.473 Shawl* lint K worat 0 1,707 Laoaa Sbaww 17 4,080 S .1 worsted. Iaatieta ... 8 1,194 nmidofth.. Bra ida a b 1 203 Sswlngs Blanket* ..20 3 940 H<wr 8 2 074 Total.... Worst yarn 6 1,070 Flai? ? 1.IOOD Total 218 $00,001 Linen Aicot. Cotton? ? - Onttona .?.. 69 $11,929 Total 83 813,097 Colored .... 10 1.773 Miscellaneous? Lmb motl'a 7 24*2 Straw good* 70 86,642 I'rlBU .... 6 726 ?Kmbro'do'a 2 602 Gloves 2 1630 Onraata... 1 230 Spool 13 1 886 Halting. .. 168 1.1&9 Hoae 18 2.932 ? Total 231 $7,433 Wool? Woollen*.. 1 $874 Carpeting .. 11 1993 Worstoda .. 199 74 *48 Cot ft worat 17 4,963 Shawls 8 1.721 Blanket* .. 19 2.212 Worat. yarn % 1,016 Total 247 $87,602 15 $6,727 10 2.315 3 2 829 1 616 2 814 3 916 7 4.078 2 381 1 092 44 $19,67$ 77 $12167 6 9.10 Total..... 112 $22 646 Eniertd far Cot toe? Cotton# .... 92 $16 082 Col. cottons. 47 11.499 spool cot... 29 6 061 \elveta ... 7 2,680 Hoae. 1 114 Total .... 176 $36,426 Flat? 13s ens 69 $10 276 Thread ... 1 139 Linen k cot 4 1.141 Total 74 $11,666 Miacellaceou,? straw goods 3 $2,174 tVtblng.... S 816 K id gloves . 1 $34 Total 6 $3 023 Silk Silks 2 $986 Ribbon*. .. 4 2.100 Hoae 3 4 IN Brails* b. 3 2,162 Sewing "ilk. 8 6.26$ Total 20 111 660 n^dfer... MftAofaiuret >?( wnot " cotioa /,o.' "i* Wiace aneo'ia JJ* ???????? *0 0 0 1 4 Hoi Total WltbdrawaJa from'warebi/ " ? " ?MW.Odl MaavTaciuraa of wool 216 466,801 " onttoa .....112 22,646 " el Ik 44 19,679 " Ilk*. 83 13.097 M.aceltaaaona 231 7,433 Total son $129 45.", Entered for ? Manufacture* of 247 37 502 ?? cotton 176 36 Ia8 " 20 1! 50 ... _ * 'w* ;i 4:16-6 MlacelUuieoat H 1400 do...., b80 90 476 do SA 1 1260 do blO 90 200 do b!0 86 2 ' *? do b30 90S 3?0 do MM 86 i aoo do b30 90S 100 d? 466 66 ?? <?o M0 89 \ 100 do a 60 $*V H60 du 19V 100 do *o0 84V , 180 do blO 89,', 200 do 84V M0 do HO 69 V 60 do n6 84', 100 do 430 69 S 20 Clare,Col A CtnltR 97 M0 '?> 440 99 >; lOoCIerefclittaKR. 14 11M) do 460 89V M do b30 14V 100 do siJO 69V 200 do 630 14V M0 do aso 89\ 660 (laienaA.hwaRU 74 V 160 Reading RR 47 100 do alO 74V 200 do 100 46 V 470 do 74 V IOO do alO 467, 60 do a30 74V 60 ErleRltaa d at. (60 36 60 do ??o 74 V i 110 Fkte RR :? 200 Clere fcTolRR (00 48V 111 do 38V 1100 do 46,V I 640 OO 36V 900 do bMO 46 660 do b30 39 100 do b30 46 V I 60 do 3h V, 200 do KflO 46 V 1 1P0 do i*30 36 660 do 430 46', 1 160 do a30 38 V d? 46 V 300 do 36', 200 da blO 46V 300 do blO 38V 100 do alO 46?, I 100 do b.'H) 88 V *0 do bflO 46 '. j 110 Hud Hit Rlt $4 100 do blO 46 y ' 160 do 64 V 200 Cbic 6. HI RK.xlO 72 1 260 do 1.60 66 260 do 72 I 100 do ?10 64 100 do 72',' I 100 do 430 64 200 do bOO 73 , 200 do blO 64 V 100 do b30 72V 100 do >00 63V 100 do .. . b30 72V I 400 Harlem RK 22V 60 do alO 72 V 100 do blO 22 V *18 do 72 V 300 do 22 V 100 Cbi,Btir*vRr'.a30 89 200 do b30 22 V 100 do (60 89 300 do bflO 22',' 326 do 90 100 do blO 22 v 100 do. *15 90 460 do 22 , 100 do >60 91 300 do a AO 22 300 do 1.30 90V 10 Har RR preferred 61 200 Milwkeifc MiaaRR 13 100 do blO 61 60 laCrrese&Mil'.RR IV 100 do. 60 V tO New Jersey KK.. 136 100 do 60 V SBCOND BOARD. 830000 Tenn ?'a. 90.. 90 V 60 aba Mich Ccn RR. 69 V 10CO Virginia 6 a .. 91V 100 do b3 69 6000 Mtaaoorl 6'a... 78 100 do *8 6* V 600 eh* IllCen KR bda 97 200 do d30 69 V 600 N Y ( en RK.bOO 91 60 0, B * l< RR. *60 80 400 do 69V 160 do b30 90 700 do 89 V 300 Cler ftTol RR .. 46 400 do b30 90 llo 2 8 k N 1 ( ilk . 48V 200 do 43 89 V 100 do 48 V 200 do b60 90 V 180 do 48 V 260 do 160 89V AO M So 81 N Ind KR. 22', 400 Haaiem RR 22'* 60 do 22 V 600 2t 100 III Ceu Rfi a. *60 84 V 190 Krle RR 40 600 do 86 100 do blO 40 100 do h.-.O 86 V 160 do b30 40 100 do b60 86 260 do 39 V 100 Gal a C RR.. *60 76 100 do b60 39 60 do 76 200 do 89 V 300 do b30 76V 26 lllch Can RR.rOO 68 760 C k R I RR . blO 73 200 do aOO 68 V 16 do 73 60 do bl6 69 V 60 do b30 73V T11K DRY OUOD1 TRADE. The following ta a comparative atatement of the Im port* of foreign dry gooda at New York ror the week and since January 1:? fbr the Wttk. 1868. 1869. 1860 Entered at the port... $934,268 1.618 460 1.266.000 Thrown on market... 1,044,616 1,481,420 1 232,000 i'tfice January 1. Knwred at the port... $48,703,181 94,976,417 86,348,144 Thrown on market... 56,364,922 94,998,687 80.839,213 By the above table It will be aoon that the amount of gooda entered at Utta port the past week, as well as the amount thrown open the market, la slightly under that for the atme period last year, but In eioeta of that for the tame time m 1868. The aggregate entries etnoe the 1st of January lost are only $8,628,273 behind tboae for the same time last year. Of the goods entored for consump tlon. woollens amounted to $388,873. cotton gooda to $131,796; ailk do. to $391,328; flax to $89,287, and mis cellaneous goods to $101,759. Total. $1,108,041 Eniertd for Conrum/'tion I'kf/t VaXue. Pkgt. Value. Wool? Silks? Woollens.... 120 $8,193 flash 28 $21,201 Carpeting .. 161 60.413 Shawls 31 24.169 Cloths 60 42,603 laces 40 34,604 Worsted* .. 116 49 144 Velvet*.... 12 7,667 D< lalncs.... 46 19,764 Silk wors'd. 32 24,486 Cot fcworat. 170 66 <04 S. and linen 4 1.222 Shawls 81 66.982 Crapes 6 3.440 BraidsAb. 17 9.696 S At cottoa. 9 6 941 Blankets .. 106 12,624 Raw 24 24.601 Hose 7 1.698 Total 6'2'i llu.l Tb? tiport trod* during iba aeefc tua l>ten Knell. m will be teen from the following table ? B?U< fa'w China 1*> tlOJU Argentine republic 11! Till ttnernela 12 148 New (Irannd-i 3* 1 ,*61 Dulih VhI IiiIim 3 231 Total 346 620.030 I reatooaly reported. 76.816 glare January 1 76,061 The wh'iaeale jobbing trade, the pant week ?? worn the 6am" irregular appearance that we notloet in our pre. ? out report. What baa bare done, bar hero chie'.y w th tbe Weet. Thla trade for the eewaon, it ale > drawing to warda Ita cleae, and ha* 'alien below tbe anticpati >ne en tortalaed la regard to It. earlier la tbe aeaaon, an I 1* bel er?d. require *B other good rrop, and lair price*, before many |?>rt one of the Weat ran felly recuperate and the rolnme of It* trade r>a* to It waa before the |<aalr of 18i7 Tbe eeetlonai , aureate of thla eltf bart dwelt en noaotaatly uo aaetlooal topioa that they raaaot refrala from rooeUntly a Item it lug to give a aeetloaal character to tbe trade of a city which ? national la Ita character and which la iu rami Beatlona rtnbmea all the matoa aad Terrltorlea of the Cnloa Oae nf tb'ne jonrnala the other day falee'y atated that bonaa* engaged in the jtouthera trade were rhakf. and that nea of then bad failed becaaae Ita re-eipt* of Wmlberr pa> merle had filled them while aivlher to day (the Pout) ate ted that douthem mer.banta were In the war of belag pnetahed became Son thorn credit hel been 96 wai to he rot of at the North on amount of threatened political Ironblea In that quarter, and which they (the aald paper*) ihemn Iree here oootrtb ited to kick an. Agaia, another of three rgana (>lie 2d rerfteer) altera tbe following W'ttooal etai'mont ? "The aot?o( of the Southern Jobber*, who aro aot, meal in re'7, above alt suspicion, are offered freely to the street at a discount. while those of regular Western job bfpi are ooasldered as good as so moch gotd " This meg at the credit of fifteen MUten of this Union, whose trade with New York amounts to many miliums .umually, is us unjuil a* It ts untrue. What do tbeee organs de slref Tit drive the Southern trade from New York, as a pert ol their leetional cmende/ Is New York to be bene Qtted by such a course/ It is true that the deulhern (all trade n only about one half of what It was at the same time last year, und next spring it stay be still less, while the commercial population (where those u-gina are puo lu-hed) may b?-made to suffer inoat seriously by their madness and folly Sectionalism m bad enough in poll tics, but wtien it is dray god Into the areua of trade It be ooues a curse to all fair and honorable commercial pur -ults, tnd cannot be too severely condemned. Many job bers and commie iion bouses here are working down their stocks as low aa possible before I be closing of the season's buainesa The movement In cotton domestic goods was fair for the lesion, while prices wrre sustained for moat descrip tions. Woollen goods were slow of sale, and prices for most kinds of both cotton and woollen domestic goods were irregular. Brown ibectlngs were steady and prices sustained, while light sheetings were scarce and held with Drmnoes. The demand was rather in advance or produn licn. Medium maken of bleached sheetings were steady, The higher and wider qualities were dull. In drills the sales were moderate and chietly (or shipment to Oall forma and Mouth American porta The demand for China was limited, aad makes suitable fur that market were dull, faints were quiet, with moderate sales Favorite makes of tick, including Amoekeag, were firm, .uid prices sustained. Denim's were unchanged Mail duck was linn. (Woaluirgs and seamless cloth bags were steady and prioea sustained. MalinelU anJ cttsslmores were without change or movement of importance Pelains, with reduced supplies, were In good request, especially low jriced desirable pattens. Carpets have been fairly dealt In through the season, and In const qucnce of the prices borne by wool, steady rates have been maintained. The trade in forcigu goods was moderolo, though fair for the season. The newer importations of desirable styles of dress goods were in fair request. Ribbons of certain styles were saleable at steady prices. Tno siik trace was fair, and r?rlam Btyles of desirable silk goods were selling to a fair rxteot, especially to prominent bouses in the near by and local city trade. Moet descrip tions of Herman woollens, and especially heavy goods, were dull. Tb? suction sales, though large this week, the season fur active fall business is approximating its dose. A sale of foreign goods, of the importation of Mussrs. L. At B. Curtis, comprising 1 000 Idle, was made ou the 3d inst. Several lots of old styles where passed, while ibu newer importations were sold at lair prioce. On the 4'.h mat. Messrs. Wilmerdlng A Mount ottered the balance of plain worsted goods and shawls Imported by Messrs. Bonkard ft Mutton. The shawls were heavy and many lots passed. And today tbey sold their priuted and fancy worsted, and dress silks, which, with some exoep tlons, proved satisfactory. A fair sale of ribbons was made by Hsggerty A Co , on the 4th inst. The late advices from Manchester were favorable. Raw ootton has been active In the market during lUo week. The chief purchases being made by spinners and for rx port, with very little doing on speculation. ine New Fngland mills were well employed and sumo of ibctn try ing to make up time lost by the deficiency of wator pow er the past summer and early part of aut.imn. CITY COMMUilCIAL. KKPUKT. Ksiday, Hot 5?0 P. M. Amiss ?The sales embraced 25 bnls. pats at 6>4C.; pearls were sold at 6)4c BuuMTvm ?Flour?The market opened with some show of firmness, which was, however, pretty much neu tralized as the day advanced, and prices of comrncu and medium grades closed easier, while extra grades were unchanged. The sales footed up about 18,000 bbls., closing within the following rsnge of prioes ? Superfine Stale 86 20 a 6 30 Extra State, from old aod new w b at 6 40 a 6 60 Hu|wrfine Western 6 20 s 6 30 Common to choice Westora extra 6 40 a 6 76 Ft. Louis extra 6 70 a 6 76 Mixed to straight Southern 6 80 a 6 10 Straight to good extra do 8 16 a 7 60 Choice extra family and bakers' brands 7 60 a 8 76 Rye tlour 3 60 s4 30 Com meal. Jersey and Brandy wine 9 60 s 3 00 ?Canadian tlour sir eerier fur evtnmou,brands while ex tras were steady, with sales cf about 400 a 600 bbis. at 86 70 a 87 60 for fair to choice brands, Southern was in fair demand, without change of moment in quota tions The transactions ^emDrsotd about 2,000 bbls. Rye Hoar was steady at the above figures, with ?ales of about 200 bbls. Corn meal was heavy, while vales reached about 8o0 bbls. at quotations Wheat was lirmly held la the foreuuM, and sales reported with some Improvement, and, as busluess progressed, the feeling grew lame and the market closed dull the sales em braced about 80 000 bushels at 81 46 lor choice white Ca nada, 81 40 a $1 46 for fair to prime white Michigan, 81 36 a 81 38 for good prime white Wmlem. 81 <10 a 81 32 for red and amber Western, 81 28 't' for red Stale, 81 28 for mixed Western, 81 26 for amber Wisconsin aod Jowa. and 81 22 a 81 24 lor Milwaukee elub. Corn closed doll, while the sales were confined to about 26,000 bushels at 70c. a 70>vc. for Western mixed, the former gnfS !>r lots, In store, aod 75<' a Ma for round and lial yellow. Barley was qniet and the supply limited, with sates of Stale at 80c. Bye was quiet, with sales of 1,100 bushels at 70c. a soc. <>ita were .o fair domand, with sale* of Western and Canadian at 38c. a 371^., and ol State at 37c a 3hc. ft Corrai.?A sale of 350 bags Rio was made at 14 '40. a 16c.; 2 000 4o. laguayra, ex T. B. Watnon, sold at p. t., ?nd 1 000 mats Java were sold at 16 '4o. a 16)4C. Cottov?The market was 8rm, aud rather more active. The sales embracod about 3,600 boles, clusisg on the basts of 10'ic. a 11c. for mtfldling Uplands. IniiisTi ?To Liverpool rates were rattier heavy, while the engagements embraced about 60 0C0 a 70,000 bushels, in bult and ship's bags, at 12d ; 1,770 bbls flour at 3a., 500 bbls rosin at 3s. 61., 600 bales cotton at 7 38d., part compressed 300 bales hops at )4d, and some cheese at 32a ttd. To Inadon rates wrre unchanged, and rngsgemenle were light To Hamburg, by steamer, 280 bales hope were engaged at 2c.. 200 boxes extract at 20s.; 100 barrels shceprgs at 8s. 8d ; 120 boxes honey at 4c per lb.: 1,800 barrels at Si. 0J., aad measurement goods at 46s. a 60s. The Havre rates were steady at >4C. for round bales, and Kg ror Men Island bales of cot ton ; ashes were 610 s 812. rioe, bark and copper 812 Fat rr ?Tbe first cargo of new Malaga fruit was sold in Boston st 82 80 for bunch raisins, aad at 83 for boxen, layer*. And some sales of new levers were made in that market New, from Huston, at 83 10. There were no oew M R - on the market. Tbe new frail is represented as not being as full sn<l large as the crop of last year Hat ?Tbe sale* embraced about 1.000 bales at 70c ,71c. for ihlpmeni Ilium ?The market this week bos been unusually ac tive, and sabs have been large, amounting to 66 000. and tbe stock is now reduood to 177,000hide*, the lowest that has hern here 'r first hands fbr s year The demand con I nure active from the trade, the market closing firm si tbe adTanre. The sales have been 11.000 Buenos Ayr en st 24c. a 8be . sir months 1.600 Rio Brando si 21 Mo., ?>* months 10 COO Orinoco at 23c , six months. 4.000 tallfnr ala, to arrive, at 23c . six m nibs. 6.000 for to Calnllo at private t*rn>?. 1.7CO Nan Juan at 21< . sit monllix 4,000 tire raited Maricaibu at 18c , Six mouths. I saiHBs ?The demand this week has been active, and the sales bare been large, at on advance of felly lc per pound over last week's rates. Moiasen- ?1The markrt was unchanged, while sales ware moderate, including some lots of Cubs muscovado at old prices Navai Ftoar* were quiet, and prlcee steady for kpirlts and r. Sin, while rude wsa du'l and nominal. Fnovnson ?Pork?The market was heavy, and the sales embraced about 800 bbls.. including ness at 810 06)4 a 218 20, new prime at 814 60, and prime mass at 814 Beef was steady, with ???'eg of 300 bbls., in cluding country mess, at 86 a 8< packed do at 88 a 28 26, aad extra do at SU a 211 60. Cut meals were Kane and firm Bacon firmly hell, and sales limited. lard was firm, with sales of 300 bbls. at 13c a IB'tC. Better was plenty Htale dairy ea. selling si la,-, a 20c.. ordinary to fhlr at 16c. a lse., Western Be serve Ohio at 15: a 18c.. and common do. st 12-:. a 14c. Cheese was steodr, with sale" of good Male at 10>,c. a 11c , medium do 'at he. ? 10?4e . Western Kerens at 10c a I it i?e., and common at 9>,c ? lie Kirn was kea arttrs saica of 100 caaks were made at Ike. ? 4', err. a a* ?The market was steady, with sales of about aO0 bbde , ireindirg refir ng pea ?itv ad?4c.sod gro-ery grade> at 6 'ac. a 7)4f JI50 buds molodo at J\,C. ? 4 Sc.. nx 87 hexes at p. t. Too a con?Males eiMlnned large, the demand for ex port and consumption he log at ity. 107 balsa Cuba were ?opt on p I.: 14a oaatd seed las' at 14r. a 22r., 32 do. Ho nda at 11c a 34r Wnm.?Tbe market this week is quiet, and we hear of few saiea to report Mince tbe salee at aoct'oe Pi Khlla ''etphla, Ihe ffwcnlative demsn 1 has itrpped p-> ex tec t. bay era preferring t-> wait and ?ee the turn of Die market. There is much ir. re du7l< ulty In masiug rales iban previous t? the suction 20<> os'es washed lord re Is reports-1 at 21 He. months, an-' 60 bale- Ke*t India on private terms Vary little doing In domost.o? either Bsevts pa led or Onllforbia. POSTAL DIRIC'TOBT. Panlfl and Domestic nails. niuor ruMiiim it mi k*w rose >rrr<m. Thr Pial Oil s now > Inara at half-past alt o>. *?? P. ?.. hi rra.t oi satsu, as barm tors twin arris .. .k 'ffc?Alt ?o|. Hit!** sad 'ima-lk.. B?i P M. fiirl ?rd * *1 ?ij . ? A * WfSert Si?r ?la CrtS Kri U? Mll,? * h- -1Ul sod So W. ??>'.? . . M V \r ? 4 t, P ?. hanrrn aiali. St rsilr-sUI. S A.M. sad I PH. " h r ?t. a?i>.nat .4 P. M. i Has sat Mans. Os Fonda. ali a.j Muss si tha >*os m iw r Sr. '??i!fossu .H? atrasubis ?. SB Thumdkr. Us-. w.'wr II .. 18 A *. The Orertknd Mall for lAil'irata .asms ft. t.nta staro Monday at I T> iradtrai 9 A. M. I surra deafened II aSoaM kr SulM "Uasr land, oa M Is-nla " ( l.iiaCm laaOarrisnS Mall frMI hi .'awaiti H' vt *a I l*kr CMp. lraraa Rl ' ???wh -fart M mday and ... - 1 mould ? Tknrwtay. at ft A. M l^'iara ' OtraUpa, na Hi- Jnarok '' ns rtMTw III aiiaill ?. as Thwedk? Oa Warll. .. ? A. * Eratea lavits (>n tsr ia? af>m hi? arrtmi nt ?ar? an?r na'a 'Tonar i t a. ?1 at ik ? pon. nain* one* a morli, ?a* naamrr Itaras* arlll or drmvnhrd w,ih ma la ('? Iks Hilisa (elands la Sa 'aadad at Kaaaaa. A P Ettors... . Br ?drmnahir A'lrlalir, far Bouthamp ?on and IUttt Orl A ? J A. M HitaSA Hi rroirrr Star of UiW*' Mood at. flrlnhrr . ..... I P. M. l'f smajarr M.tan.aa ? today. OH. ? I P.M. PTM1 OF ri.oR'lta AT TIBI UTiSIKlA OPTIC*. ?oaaa r Tha otrrlaad Mall is Bnothkf rioaaa tn l ratdos u Mwr -Via Marastllaa oa lha Id and IMA of mu H Ofntlh. TM Hkn rtaoipuia >m Iks Ittk mi K C' kTtrrt.... in IMA IMA, Ml na Mama MM. Mb. 1Mb. lOh tttt rlk Rait ham ran OMMU.OS... tla Mararnas an Ik* .M and Ml. Via Roalb aaiplott itb aad JFtS AitKiiil.. Via Manai m aad S iat SB tbk IMk ?<? Ssalk tot) km and Sunk. IMA Mil *rn??... Via A dm no tko Mi and lTth of thr month, ai <ut ???j. Via Foatkraiiitoa sa la? Ph .( tha amu as Tha Mararli'ra wakr arr f rrpatabad oa tha ata of ahem it ma. *ha>i.d as/ a( Ipse* dataa fail m kaniar. lha Ball la iraoairkort tka fnflnsrlke ttrnter Tha kr. tkaanpu r etal ? arr daspatak?? as tha msnitnf at ?farr lain (id.mid aar af tfcsas aalrs fkU ?B Iwlll Us ? a. u dcsttished lha asraia* prsnsti* SHIPPING NEWS. raoH wtura. "underbill Bouthnmptos itopl 24...Mew York Oly ?( Baltimore..UvrrpuuL Sept 26...Mow York Nova HooUan Liverpool. .Sept 27 Quebeo Africa. IJverpool. Sept 29...New York Mew York. MonthampPm Oct I...Maw York Romania. Southampton Oat 4...Maw Tork Illinois. HuuUuuuuub Oct 10...Maw York A Ma LlvrrpoJ. Oct IS...Maw York Fulton iwnithampioe Oct 17.. .Naw York Ureal Eastern MPford flavin Oct 17...New York LI ammonia. Southampton Oct IS.. .Maw York rou kuuora. Kdlnburg Mew York Ort ? Liverpool Admlk .? New York i)q k Harm farmla ....Maw York. 0v? 10....Liverpool Glasgow New York <>ct 13 ...Liverpool Antgn ....New York... Oct IS Harm Savaile New York. Oct It Hamburg Canada ... Benton... Oct 17-...l.iverpon) City of Baltimore New York Oct 2U.... Liverpool Vanderbllt. Neve York Oct 21 lUvr* Couua igbl.. Iheton Oct ?1 Gaiway Africa New York. Oct 24. ...Liverpool New Yurk..... New York Oct J7 llreuteo rOtt CALIFORNIA. Northern Light New York Om U.. keplnwall Nnrta nutr New York (Yet S... Anplowail Artet New York Nor i...aspiuwnl FOR KINGSTON, JA. Zola New York Oct 20 Kingston,.!a HAVANA, MATANZtR AND NKW ORLKANR. Birsviua?From New York let, arriving at lltvaoa Mo toil New Orleans 9th. From New Orleans IMA. Havana lHth. ar rlvtnr at New York fid Caiuwba?Froxi New York 11th, arnvinr at Havana l?tk aud New Orleans 19th Frotn New Orleans 26m, Havana 2Bth, arriving at New York 3d. Dakoro? From New York Zlat. arrlvtng at Havana M'.h and New (Irleana 29lh. From New Orleans 6th. Havana (ho ar riving at Hew York 12th Quajckk eiTT?Frotn New York and Havana every tweet? daya From New York Ort 6, arrlviug at Havana 10th. Mavanayv?From New York fur Malanrae <m the ink of each month, at 2 P M. aiAaaau roa mrw tou-tbis oat. toe hi"en 6 1) I aooe mars eve 9 AS aon nine . 6 MS I uiua watbe. ate 12 27 Fort of Maw York, October 7, IH6II. CIKAIUI) Steamship Kdinhnrg (Br). Kennedy, Qneenstown and Liver pool? John G Dale Steamship Adriatic, Comstock, Havre?North Atlantic Steam ship Fa. ship Henry (lay, Caulklna, Liverpool?Fpofford, Tlletlon Ala Skip Fidelia Beaalkik. Liverpool?!; H Vtrtha.1 A Oa Brig Nebraska Walker. Aaulnwall?O li Ii ,nran A ''o. Brig K II Cameron Ryan. Halifax? H ?! Donovan. Brig falrdnrua, Daniela St John- 1" I Nevlus A Son. Brtg Jeaele Hbyuaa. Pendleton. NewOrleana? N 11 Brlgbam. Hehr Oeorginna. Wayciat, J acme!?K lleck. Sehr Susan, lAlng, Ilallfax?A Hmltbers A Co Nrhr riliuin iBr), llelyoa. Halifax?D K Dewolf, Schr Alma, Rlderkln, St John?D K Dewull. Schr K S Potter, Potter, Key Weat. Schrl' M Nevlna. Hawklna Mobile? Ktnrgea, Clearman AO). Schr H J Kennedy, Harris, Kllmabeth City. Hcbi Maria Ionian, (lantler, Washington. Schr II W Kid red re, (laden. Norfolk?U A J Knoi A Co, Schr Belle. Cabberly, Norfolk. Si hrC Jay nr. Rowland, Alexandria-Master. Schr Virginia, Jones. Baltimore? Van Brant A -laght. Schr Sen Witch, kgberl, Fredericksburg?Van Brunt A Blag hi. Schr Mountain Avenue. Kallv, Phlladelphln?Jas Hand. Schr Lady Jane, Saunders, Taunton?Master. ARRIVED. Hteamabtp Mootlrello. uagei. Wtahtngton, Ac. with mdae tad passengers. to H B Cromwell A Co. Steamship Potomac, Watson. Baltimore, with mdae and paaeengerio to 11 B Cromwell A Co. HWwmahip Patapaco, Vail, Portland, with mdae and paaaen gera. to 11 It Cromwell A Co. Ship Free Trade, Stover. Manila. Jane 1, pawed Anjler July 4, with sugar. Iicnip Ac, to R P Buck A Co. Ship Wild Rover (of Boston), Sparrow, Baltimore, S days, with coal, to m'tter Brtg l-eoexrd Berry. Steele St Jago, 17 i' ? ik, with augkr, to Smith, jopea A Co. Sailed lu company with Fr bark (luanta niitno. for Rnrdaaux. Sen IF Cumberland lltihir hearing N, passed a Br bark, w ith lues of all her topmast*? wkl bark left St Jago a few daya previous for Swansea with copper ore, and wax I slurping to St Jago, fid. in Crooked Island Passage saw a heria brig aahorw on th" K aide of Fortune Island, apparently not long then-, as her yards were all aero**?euppncod her to be Br. Kinerlenced kNK and NF. wludi the entire passage. Hnp Alpha (Br), Holmes, Halt Cay, TI, Sept II, with ailt, to D R Dewolf Brtg Sarah Elisabeth, Raynor. Mew Haven for I'hiladelt bin. Schr John Northrop iBr, of Windsor), K ae Salt Cay, TI, 11 days with salt, to ll R Dewolf. llad huavy w-eaiher. expert eneed a violent BNK gab- It, the Gulf, parted bokil eta vs. Schr ,-arab Matin (of Cold Spring), I'uderhlll, Harare,v, 12 days, with fruit, to Thra Ullmartln. Schr Kll/abeth lleadley. Catlwart, Jackaonvtlla for Falrhv ven. Schr Coroe'tns Coles. Patten. Virginia. 2 daya RchrK C Wood, Edwards. Virginia. 2 daya. Brhr Ellen Angneta. DH kaon Virginia, I daya. Schr Iowa. Tyler, Virginia. 2 days Schru H I>ee. Super, Virginia. 3 daya Schr Orion, Hart, Klixabelsport for Salem. Schr Bolivar Pnuer, Providence for Phlladetphia. Schr R S Downing, smith. New Uaseo, 2 daya. Prbr Kale Merrill. Morris. Port JefTrfStm, 10 h irs. Sloop I'Mmeer Hall, Harllivd. 2 daya Slnop J A Smith. Haaw tt. spieington 12 houri. Steamer Delaware. Johnson, Philadelphia Meamer Br into I Alien, Philadelphia. Steamer Petrel. Keuoey. Provulenoa. Steamer Pebean Baker Pmvtdenee Steamer Valley Oty, Chapman, Derby. OL HAIIED Steamship Quaker <hty. Havana and New Orleans, ship Jere miah Thnmpenc. IJverpool; and othere. Wind during the day N to S. til sunset MNW. mio'tllnnroni Hamk TrilAD 8 Tab, Loud, I rforr reported at Galveston with lonnT Mill, rrpnru -<iff Tortiieae, on ltlth and 11th ult, <-n r< unu-red a buirtranr thet lasted wm? It hoars Lust main topeail, ir.iln staysail. fora top ma*!, staysail, anukat, rait mp aail, Pre toppaUaalaaari. u.ppRllaui and royal yard#, sails and gsnr, KjUig Jibbnoa, Ac Hakk /mom. and Bcna In* m La Toahp were lowed oror to tlia Mod Flat# a: Norfolk 2<1 In#:, leaky, to bo caulked Kmn Anauric. from Rnston. drawltiR 8K of water. after dlsrharitnp part of her rarrn at indlanola, left for la i. but trenail ed abreast of tbe i.ew i haonel, w If re ? rare, but freunded abraaat of tbe new i haonel, where ahe bad been two days, and remained at laal aeeoiuite. Arpkossj*, bept kt-Put la, tbe Reeroe. Itaker. 'rum Tvne for Mev^ort. Rl. with pnmpa < hiked; will hate to diaoharire Cnvai a#ros. Ort 4- Nteatrrblp Columbia. which wae de taleed or the har b> a b??t y -K *ale, aiile.) at 11 o'clock AM, tbe a tor ti, having abated. (By toL) Dear, bept n Tbe fit James. for Mew Tork. anchoring Is tbe night it heieg rery dark *nd haty, fouleii tbe Knrbanter, Lava, front t'allaofor Dunkirk, at anchor; did her considers hie damage. and tbe HI Jamee slipped front anchor and part of chain to clear. OakCSOPB. Sept IP- Bark Leon. Tjirhln from Ardrneaan for Genua, winch put I irk here very leak* ept 1. bad tokolnb) do. k and due t arr' The foUowInc le t apt Lark _ [.arkln's report ? bell Ar.lrreaaa on tbellat all. and pneeeded until the 2Mth. At In PM the weather emote ?tornty, and the win1 Kmc. hlowtrk beartly. the ehip about lal M N, loug 1J W. #>eri"ig westerly. The wild kttddeoljr ehanited to Ibe W, with heavy rain acd ylc.'.rnt #hha!I? the t hip taring p rev lonely been pit under double reeled topsails aad eouriea Tbe wind n.creag lor. the u t aatl# were rloae reefed, and the Bourse# were ka.iled ep. Immediately e'lrr tbe ebtp w?e toend to no mak tor Water The pump* were net to eork.butthe water In . lOOflod he slop laboring br . t'ly in the trough ,f the era. the earro let wen the reck# #hlfUitk. The weather continued Moray, the I imps kept rotor t> r two day# On the alter noun It the St-h It waa deemed #d< t?? le, for the safety of I bo ?hip and r.-ew to beer no I or the 'lyde The (hip arrived at Greet nrtt on the )#t tnet, abo-tt 8 PM, whet. #be had to go Into dork and discharge. Br I,rig f'oraair, from 8 u lerlkod K, for Bbirehant, had ?tern slmrtn. tnalu N?,ui bit., en, and received other damages Moe with nhlp Metriinac, Thurston, iruin London for liy < UMa hept IP? The Am *i..p John Walt. Fnow. I r Melsounie. en countered the ?#>? of W.-drtewday and Thursday ibout 100 mile# W of Tor*. Some of her valla wete ?pUt to ribbons and other# were rut tway from the van)*, an tha: ahe was obliged to lenr UP tor thl# river, which she reached on Tuesday. Hho reeel > ed so other damare Mitwrpat (Mont Rapt It--Pot bark 171b barkP R llarelline. C-vnnhe of Hasina afv I etpern - "? ery #cver? weaiber, and OO 'he lttli and 1Mb when about 71 mils* to the westward rf l.uadr f"'and, the rargo In the tower hold, roealatlng of rail way iron. he. broke loose and rinding It Impiaedhle pv secure It, or keep the see. bore up. ami pot book to this port, and no: on boo at of let or leaky, ae before rr parted. Qt rrs-TCn B. Beit IP?the Golden Ape, arrtyed bey.- from Honduras, drove frul e' th?- Bolivar bark last sirbt: the :<u>-r had part of alert,, etanr'.r a-earnl bulwark# More h thelonnor aPthtly araaged Larger?At TkneaiiM n iaMnH.ffnn 'be yard if F.l ward O'Brian, Ken avert #u,. rlor nhlp o; IV* t.-r e?iu 1 the K t'reifbom. bhc ? wne-f hy M n'Retrn, ual Kill t.e ? otemanded hy ( fcpt Btx-a ? rntgl < n, late of ship B Boiersea hMtth The following I-bin gives ? #uianiary of tbe tre, '? is the arbor# of Jfew York. IVwaou Halllraore. Charleeuwi. Naran , ak, Mobile Mew<>rtevns and t.v,#??: ?,, at iaM i annonMP friar <nch of tbo#e porta pp* yo?a risaie#bfpe 24 Hnyt Ml Iblp# l.U Mthonnera 1 >1 .HI Total ? - MP MPPWt BMawsbtpt ? Hr-n ? f%.i # 17 Brhssnera Si ?ark# ? Tntal 1J7 NtfiMBI BteetraMp# 1 Krlpe It Bbtp# '? HtAennsra U ?arte '? ?? T-rta, 71 PPAMirrtye Meaasklpe ? trip# 7 Bbtp >" keonnnsi* 10 Bark# ? Total. itps ... s y I Mpe ? RoHnoiers II ?nphp ? Tot*: Bt ?nous Pleeiwabt- s ... ?'?r'tn I mi i# 7 nehoonors ; Hark# ? ? Total 18 RIW Okl.k.rv Meamahlp# " Brpl | Obi- M aeb?r,.?et*. It ?arte 11 ?? Tota. rf ?ttvarat Btevoiablri i Br-ira J dhiya 1 lebomera f nark# 7 ?. Tola, fl lotlra to nttrlnero. M Plee ta h- reby gi ven ib?' ih? Hep Hu lye aooi a* Jard- , ? Reef, fw HM1 R-?-k, tn Mark thai rtanrwr. and the er.tran- e lum Pottiand larbnr, haa '?roken froaa Ita m ?,rmr* ai d | *? ado k It MQ be icplAOed aa arvie a? pnaatbia. By order ,r uw> lAabiaouen Roam. TUB' i I' ITBPKNR. IdgbthMM'anpeetT'. 1st DM. Portland. Me, Oct S, 1Mb WhMlemeM. Bid from ?ew I'vdfnrM Oet t birk Mnmial! (of MMtpdri), Irnka. Par die. _ Am ai Warrep 4th bark Rata "hell Ware. Pactfl- 'Vean, l?at ir'Bi Prmamhnro Bept t, witbB" barrel# fin*1 '? porta on New /ewlend or. date. Japae Grant. NR. 7*1 ep. May 1 Undent. Klah. BH. 01 ap; 1Mb Atlantic foieman.of , Nar'-i-k?- Ml ap alnce leai wif U?e ena# Warer i Vna, MB. s:#l a? at 4 *11 Wh. 1Mb. Hamld M Heeue 4J>" 5k...a7. .m ' , i ra. n/ Inlwnils IM HWlft Ftt )+t '?fi i n ?r ?irrw n An 14 > ' h Or?V'? ' IM'?*' J* ! Treo'.'1 ,"'Bnl"i'yap, dmTtmrg i hblaet Movm Wa aatrn. j*1 , *?HI, W rhola. do IWtibbla Rain ow. N rhyla do >10 bbk; ? ae>. en. WD er. Andrew#. N<'ton. do ?'*?tnt wnee learinr tbe i?wat. _ _ _ Npnlaeia, A< . I Bbtp Gar rod, Bradford f"? Urerponl J-cf 13 or Nan PmB I, mwo Asp 7. IaI N #? 21 AMp < bat e. |1 Lush Moor*, fr a livtrpool for t aiCuMO, A?il bom ? Mb. Khip Advance Cblldn, 'com Newport, W, for Rio Janeiro, Ant. 12 let 9 V) N, I. u 28 ML j _ , . _ Skip Aiftiu. Zezrga. fit in Ixndon via Sunderland tor NTerk, Kept 17, BO lut or Iod? By tt'-amahl* Nova Hcotian At Dver HrJretia (for). BiHtmorff, from Bremen tor NYork, Mr pi 13, l&i A 9 loo 9 Ceder (for), Fnhloffi. from Bremen tor NYork, Sept 13, let 49. Ida 9 Hhik CbArroo, from Rio J aiifiro for Jloblli, Hapt 14, 1*114)41 N, U-u 4*15. ^ _ T, , Put It .Vxiy Newycr. bound KFW, Kept 30. off II .t r.nm. I'll* H II .:lock, King, taenoe for Bki Grande, aug 1 J, 1*1 ? N, Ion 2)i Wrr King Brother*, hence lor Port an Prince, Hept 13, In Crooked Island Pssaxge. ? , . Pel). Neenifujt from Jfor oik for Benin Crtu, Hept 23, lnt 26 ib. Ion 84 ill). . ^ Fchr J (?rice, from Kk> Janeiro for Hampton Roede, Hept 18, int 17 II N, ion M 32. Fntclpn Ai.i>KONiei?,jmm 19-sld Null re. Track, New York; J A it Young tkxNi, JMHwi jkHtwinr. wptli?Kid Lockinrar, Cole. NOrlecne; Alice Tauter, btitloD. NYork. 20tn. Argonaut White, NOrle-ms. RklxTOL I Pill). Kept 20-Arr David A Carotin* Cacnee New Yoik. -ilul. Fumy P*]m?r, Bulmer, NYork for Oloueeeter. k:,i 18th. I II K'lntt, Tucker, NYork. PoniXAOr, Kept le-Arr John Henrr, Cnrrer. ('herlemon; 19th. Macaulny. Rc?era, Baltimore, 20th, Maria Wheeler, Wheeler. t'h.irleeton. Rkamskma) an, sept 16?A it Near York <?a>, VooHanleo, hY.rk, iHth. Jubtlaum. Bizume. do; Aaa Unlrm Lincoln. New ( r.ean. 19th. Jul ). Kdturd, oo KM 16lh, ft Bernard, Haiti more. tPrh. A(t(.|pfctne, Meter tlerck, do; Veata, Bteeografe, NYork Weaer Kchnlbbe, Galveatoe. Himikim Kept it? *rr Kduardo. New York; 14th, Cotton Plunter Ward, K( Tirana. Bombay, Auk 23? In port ship* Wizard King, Cone, for New 1 irk sen Lion, Alexander, for Yanlmuln; H re water, Clark, and Arlington. Hortcn, nne; hark Fr uter, Htoor, nnc. haiua. Aug27? Arr Danube, later, Newport, sld lath, Ytolante, NUJMt Mobile. Coat-, sept 11?bit, Berry, Plymouth Caiun eptl?Arr kl.hmnod. Cltrk, NY oik. ski Ut, Hso dv King, Bruwu, Monieatdao; Kate Weaton, Adam* Malaga, 4th Ken I ark. II 'PkUm. do; 8h, Kpitlir*, Arey. Boston. Cannirr sept 3> -Kid Luzon, Trott, Hsvana t auctta. a tig 14? Arr tirantie stole Wonka, LIverpooL Dtai. Kent It?Arr Daphue,, Quebec taod proceed ed for London ; John Porter Forbea. Loudon, (and aid loe lloe tou , 20 It. Rival, Kelly, Rotterdam forCardltl (and anchored). 22d. -t Jamra. Collay. London for NOrleana <aod anchored). Kid IKth, Paleatine, t.ord, NYork: 1910, Namea g, Ropers Km .larcim; 1-ammergter, Aualtn, Nur.rana. Superior. Houle, N York. Dmr.acata Kept 18?OIL Powbattan, Simmons from New ci.uile lor llareelona; 19th, Bcolla, MUkelly. from Baltimore for Kntnrdam. Duwmoki Rast Kept 18?Off, W 8 Llndaay, Uray, Irotn Uv nrp< ol for NOrleana Lovik, Kepi 21-CII and landed paaaenffera, thip Krnat Mo rlU Artdl HaeeliNip, from NOrleana. nr.Kix, Kept 3? Kid Annie (IranL Heath. NYork. lOmit, sept 21?Arr Prince Albert (a), Proune, NY ark via ft.lohBa. NF (llaruow, Hept 18?Art ("haclew W Ponhney, Hpragne, W York; lilh, Rvente. Purfrldge. and kmperor, Jflchola, do: 2l'th, Jane PudKetl, ni ; 2l?t, John Merrtca, Crabti-ee, do Hid lttb. Jane liaggett, Lam tier.. NYork; 21it, Peeriem, Kkllllng. Boaton. Gioi rrern*, Kent 19? Arr Hlevari, f"(v?-l, NYork. Uhia-ay. Kepi is?Arr kevotntlcn, Webb. She.lixc. iiixoa, sept 17?Arr J L Dimmock, Kkoihe.d, Mobl'e; Argeun, Cn ?by, Nfirleani. I*innaitak, 8e|'. 9- KM barka M J f'Joord, ' olcnr 1, Malaga* neektog. lUth, Harriet Hazel Una, Itrtukaater, Kax-ekioa. Havrk. Kept IT?Arr J Maura. MiJiken, NOrl?a?a lor Bre men; I'Jtb, V under hilt r. Lefeyre, NYork. Hid 17th, i.iitei berg, W-rkn. NOrleana Hnyorr. Kept 17?Arr Ped-rUnd, Fuller, NYork NXh, Krt'lia, Miakeily, Hallmiore. bid 1Mb, Mairagaaiett. It am'.L, N York. Hauhi ro. Hept 16?Are TL.mmrmia, a). Hehwreiumr syorti. Kid from t'uthaven ldlli Waabtngton, Ncrmana; John lier tram, und I)eut*ch;and. NYork. LivtKi'OOa Kept 19? Arr Red Gauntlet. Litraa NYork. 20th, Jaa Fiaier, Jr. Abeel, do < My o: Hat'.nioi a (?), Peine, and Dor ? ran I rince., Foient. Helir. Pnretval, Huatnn. 2WI, We-tmore'.and. I'rcun Phiiude.phU . liettiab Thayer, IIunroe, Kt John. UN: Regulator, Newoomb, and Albatsu*. .do; M fl 1'ay, Chace. N'ork, 22J. Kam.iel A tarnn, Hay. MoiJ rrrin; (>rea York, NYork. 81d Kent 1Kb, ColnmMa, Brrant, mi drhephrrd, Knapp, Marun, MYoru; Frank Manor, Randall, 1'h ladelt h'a, 19th. Fear Not. Hller, Beaton. Warp, hi 'rev. Mobile; 2i ib, f'aliaut Haw*, flawe, do; Buhtn, Rioe. Rich moid, Via; t'nirberland, Merrill Mobile; Almora, VYKluma, NYork; t nrlolanue Klns? ar, NOrleana: Rrxdaman, t ewdn. Amiandria, \a.Jnt> Fraeer, Herbert, CharleAUm, laaetKai ?lnn H'nry Kavarnah Cld Lvh, Crminul hath Brand. Keckndabl. NYork. 19th Ad miral. Wfeting, Ita'.timi re; Anna F, .Mllltken. NtT leann; * lb, .fnnlHia, Wiiliumaon. City Point: 21at. Portland. Ogg, Apaluc liici !a, Annapolnt, Picket Baltimore: I J"n, Coop er. lb atoti Km'i. Hart/ Ja ontta: 0 BrrwnelL llerwirk, ( ny Point. Protector, Crocker, NYork; KmJy A Hail, Weet, Ha tanpah Queliec, Hermer, do F.nt out JSth, Kaxt Trdiau. !-e< raw, and Ragamore, Tr.-ad well, for Calcnt a; Zulu ?i. Klngytiu;. Ju, v.a NYnrk. Mocto rey, Norton, Kavannad. K .-trhnltz. Howard, and Antarctic, hli utlor NYork, Wreath. Ktcbarcaon. do, Paraeo Noeria, for Untitle and NOz'earn 19th H?n Nnvta. f'nmm'n a. Moot.e 21Mb, John Clark, 1 etournau, Baltimore; H (lr*v, Card, Charlratnn Trenton. Walker. NOrleana, Tho? Harvard, Ro binion, do; 1 ao v Yranknn, Jordan. Ntiork . I'nclr foe IJuk ham, Kavarnah; Jlat, Rica <?;, Hallfai. Kceton sint NYork; AeAtria. Delano NOrleana, aahburtoo, Kradnh, NYork, Wcytmorelaz d, I'ecao, Philadelphia Loudon. HegA Iff?Arr Johanna Kline, Wl) org, and London, llnrlDiil, NYork; Kamcraidn, York, and Clara I. ReH, Mat - well, do STlvunna Hlanchard. York, Quebec. Jin. Allrmi Ktorcr, f 'ouiery, and Diobue. Havener, do; I) librae. Knwlabv. NYork; Hat. t -.not. Bogera, KOrlaaiw; 22.1. Belle of tha Ocean. Cummlnca. Mlr .michi. Km out S1W, London, Hurlbiit. NYork. ( ailioce. KtmmoMk Calentla Cld litb Jennie Ilea;- t 'r.a ker, Bahia. 2lRh, Arkil^a, Oal L.rber. Philadelphia; 2iat. Uoldrn Rule, Mayo, Humler.nncl ai d N York MAa-( ;i iJ-, Kept 17?Arr M Pojero. NYork; M mgn Park, GUI, Wilmington, K< , l-:h J T Biker, Price, NVurk. Kill tub. Davlighi llollircx k, N Y( rk MATAbDiz. sept 16? In | at w-er KV.ward I-an.ey r. Bayley, from Newburyport. 15 d .apaeeare Patras Ke|,t6?Kid tiermn Bzidc, NYork KparkJng Kezt, Mnnaon, do. PuiRAaatio, Kept 4?In port ahip OnMer, Horn, >Va, Irom Akyah for Faimouth, leaking badly. and nrobatdy* Port ac Painrr. Kept lV-Tn pert brigCotei"eat, Jensen, lor an ( ulporl nei- da> to r.ntah Id A. In (Nirt llth. nark brari if Pi*, month, for Rt Mark* neit day.hzty Bird of the W?t*. Kupee, for Uoavno Idg. Kid lbth I rid Mary A Jonee. Mtragoane Qt'kkKIToa'.x. Kept 16? Arr John Carver, firCg, NYork (and ad 2Lkh for Pr:*fo|i. A-s ia Ptnkham. Nyork. I'Ah. Samne: Watt- Watts Call A (and (Id for Antwerp), 2thh, New Kr><, W alker, NYork. Kio Jaxmao. A up 14? Arr ark, I'pton, Cantlll. Jl*t, Mary t'.-cx-ker. Wtl.tama, LiM-rixmL fid 18th. Anu la. Tailen Pre PhtU'lelphts loth. Jar en, Anderaon, lldimnti. Ouhel, K< taller, N York, 21st ll?nnd.J, K.?lker. WlJnun-(on Mary Weir, Cooper, Hampton 1. *?:?, 21d (ilenlyon, OU. -r Ha van nah suit in Kept 21 s'w Orient, NYork . CouoYrae of Heafield, do. cut hah Harnah Merlnm, NYork. Ki M'ltiam>. Sept 11?hid Miaa NlghJngalc Jonra NVurk. Kt Jai.o. Ke(.: 16? In port harka Llnds Htewart Da tut. ding; Imiiaa. Ktroiago, one; brtg CUa Reed. Turn, from Philadelphia, juat arr ran, Kept *1?Fid Tempest. Whitney NOrleana Tan ai < n ?, bent II?Art IY.1 I'ruuuuan. t\ dm. Maraeiltea. Tarrstr, Kept II ?Arr Hannah Crooker. Ward. Ntlr.eate \ mo. hept 16? Arr Walter Uwd. Prrkti a NOrleazw America* Pert*. AI.FXANHRIA, Oct A?Arr ?bra C Andarano, lloakar, Warrb.un Jot llgwL H?w Tori CM bhra ? ,ty. Con. kiln. I'ruttdai.ea, Ljdla Aon. Wnarar. irroum, K I-aa, Ikilu ly.acil I. K I'jdrr fubT Ranyartiaa H< .kToN, on t?Arr I runrr I' ri rxr? Mattaaaa. I'kila datphta bark Danlal W-? n?r, Rjdar Malaya, a'hra f R Jorr?, Oaientnb, Pfcllada)nkm. Prrnl". latrrabaa. ,nd Coo rrraa. R utter. ICltkatiethiHirt S.;-nal for lm> brya Cat ktaam. I ar ? dra. Howaa Phi adalphla ahli Hi.rih *??? tan nin, ROrinana arhr .1 W bnaier. Mckaraoi A.eirubtria ud (inirinowg l><" CM * ? d Wliil Anil bK. cmner Prun I bruira Hhip Kin* Philn turned nad anrb. .md in H nlrkrl I Road*. whera the riwm with Parka I'kHlcr, Id* trrrrll, i Mm 9UA. And hrl* Irar.e lib US Hlfiktaodldykt by if!) ahir a Kane. Oorltny. fmna I l.lT?trf?ail; (imrn. hariice ab 1 Marr Ann, Ren.or iu imaa I f'alri.lla . t-nrka lalaii Cltj. Illni a ?y, 'ma tki.trraum ; I Arci.i > A|'>' n. from Pn ,v.daoca, nrty K nucallc ' -renm, I frrm Port kll Prince. I Ha I.TIM1 iKi. Oct <?Arra.ilpk'.rnM Uordrn. Hai?t? and j Area W men Oailno bark Amorem Thar- u Wal'ai Rio Ia nairo. br .a Rnnnoka I. ah . r M.irt.m Ma. y*r"t ( iHr , ' Brmt I'lirbor nrwr, HP Cld harka-lane "onkrfll iBri, Am j briar KnUerilaa At.ll aM , llad.rv, Kent, H.atrm bnr? Rraa ony Ba a Br , Hamatt. Ka*tai?' m4 Humaroa iasii aid , Hy Hi *rj, IraonrK'. Hiat ir tchm J BT Nuttand. I<*?' Ba hi*. Prarla-a Patle.a A). V J. hr.A PR land an) bit harka Mar) tar. 1 i Krrmi Br mirk, t'rrn."ti. Hilab. ttonwt, ftrainn HaROoRh ftclJ-CId bra Hymt; Ka-ie Intnl I'ajarmo; ?rhr Kama Mar a Mayo. RVnrk. UHAKi.kbTtiN, l"A I?Arr ataa'nahlr Barton, Fuatar, Raw York ?t!,r W RBirta, Auautrk, do. (3d i-Ar H Farnur, km'.. <? ? DIUlltOR iwt A?Arr ? bra ChArlaa.' olb jr?, and Rnatlrn, Iff?RVnrk tor Tanrt n Fa IX RIVKR. 0c?3?Ayr arhr Daxua. Wet.*ar Parry. Raw Tnrk kuUUW nULORl I't* - Arr brty? Meittaal'.n. ItriTene, I'ortatt htM Itr Boka Juki R l?oa, ?| iritm ? ardanaa Icr i' it and Iinli pri daim iltrv RVork for Hi Jokn. RM N-kr ai ?u?ta. Vk-krry, do for t i( ju. r-ll orty Annra, aoh.a ? I | A "?? tartar Ikon. l>'|r| aR ul.A. Rapt IT? Arr lurk Intpwiny Onwnari Raw Xirk fhralt'ra. a Buofear do Cpanncr V PrnaAcna Kb, ? 1 n I.arm?oo. do. rl?tb?o l> io.-aa. Tylar, RTort bkl 'W K?i *11 '. '' ilna tin W??i, Amlmn. Itrrrrbc, Rbork Mary t a, .-mar, Par?ao.,,A R?h An.y ? baa". Haaro 1 m ? do. i ft it.a pert ' ?rV V- "binf. r>-.n'' rton ? rr *rw Tnrk; n-hr I' UkaRtaa tor do? ??i.< probat ly ba up in a dat ir'!'. M AH It. KHKA l?, baitJR-S.4 brtff .1 arr a < Ynaby, Vaara, , Pk'.'Mrtpl a MtW oHt.RARb bapt m~ tr~ ahlfa r.>| Adaaa. Ailaaw. i i r H.tur Fak. i nllar and Ma Pat'an. Fatten, l-aton; i bomb t'amltna. Ram-ton, R-* V *k. bark? lAdra. Fiar-a Rt #V?rra. Ilajtl, Ralixi (bpr. M?r, Haraaa, Haanak TArro-tm. Tkrr ttiaw Ralotr ?hi. ? ? tawnariati . Kr , Hraaiu, Ima tAlri bk. 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