Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 7, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 7, 1860 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 8795. SUNDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 7, 1860. PRICE TWO CENTS. ADfimOIAL FROI EUROPL ARRIVAL OF fHE STEAMSHIP VANDERBILT AFFAIRS IN ITALY. The Liberation of the Papal States. Frofrui of Brents in Naples and Nioily. IIBECfl PF LOUIS NiPOLEOI LI ALGERIA, Tht United btatee mail steamship Ysnderbilt, P. E. I-e "rr*i commander, from Havre and Sou'.bamptou at six ?'?lock on tbe night of Wednesday. the 2fl.h alt., arrive 1 a! Iter dock last night, it ton o'clock, bringing 304 paa ?esger* and the usual fYencb and English male. The advices by the Yaudrrbtlt hare been anticipated by ttka arrival of tbo City of Baltimore off Cape Race. We, Severer, pobliob a number of interesting extract* from ?Br Baropean Alee. She London Timtt says ?it does not seem probablo that *? Great Eastern can nail on October 17 fbr New York, u N la said she is to take in 11,(00 tons of coal, which can net be pot on beard at a much greater rate than 8.000 "e per week. In addition to this, owing to her screw ?heft being unsupported by the stcrnpost, it has worn ?way some Inches of the bearings. Tbroe, also, out of tour leading points of her screw hare been injured, It ia ?apposed, during the gale she encountered In Holyhead lerbor, when the 11! fated Royal Charter want down. Advices from Japan to the Xid of July have been re- j netted. Another Portuguese oommlsetoner had arrived, to n war steamer, to negotiate a treaty. An American veeeel had sailed fbr Shanghae with a cargo of tea and Vl to the value of half a million. Japan was tranquil. Wtoe Liberation of tbe Papa'l Provinces. _ tognor I-oretza Yaleiro, Governor of the provluoe of Oamo, who Is now acting as the Royal Commissioner Ex traordinary In tbe provinces of the Marub.s, has ad dressed to the lohaultanta of thoee provinces the following ntOCLAMATIOV. BaHana of the Marches?You the protection or the Re Galenluomo, begging him to be yoor defender against the foreign mereenari. a who acknowledge no laws but loose of rapine and morder?tboee mercenaries who have been collected and excttod by that governmcut wbleb to the sight of God and men ought itself to protect your lives sol property. The King ban listened to your request; the cry of your grief has b<*n more powerful in hie Italian heart than any older considerations. His ?toe have immediately followed on his aesoiuttoo, and a vrpe of his gallant array, commanded by one of his most valient captains, has entered yonr territory, end is ad vancing rapidlv with victory In Its escort. The King, who desires your wsirarc, wishes above all that the order to things to bo established may be worthy to Italy and of himself; he wishes ordor to reign In your r??c?e, and you yourselves to be iu ? condition froely deemre your own will as to your Mure public des HUM. Omrgod by the King to represent him amidst you during this critical moment to transition, which might be fatal to the whole to Italy if you were wanting in eucrgy ar la wiedom, I come full to cotfldcnce In thoee to whom 1 em sent, became I am convinced that tbey will aid ms with their Intelligence, and lend me thtMr support to wards the performance of the task which the Kin* Las commissioned me to Chdertake i'en will take up ermi fur the conquest and preserve wv to your liberty; yon will ovey the laws, as Is the ?My or every good citison, snd m tbe King hlmnelf seta foe the first example, you wUl oomhat internal enemies, eedyBfter conquering them, you will treat them gcuer Italtans of the Marches, sons of the Romans, descend ?els of the old and noble latin race, which, ruled by ?"V vd laws, by military virtues snd by civic w ls<lom, de you new show the world that several centuries of op ration have not prevailed to make you degenerate' and sou now oo-oprrato in tbe task which the King's noble ambition baa Imp.* d on Itself, that of re t.lebl.*biag in Italy the principle to moral order Ung live Victor Kmaautl I J/w>g live Italy! ?e Governor to tbo Province to Oomo, Ac., Rum, Sept. U, 1M0. LORENZO VAI.ER10. to like manner tbe Marqnie Guaiterlo. oommisslooer of the province of Perugia, has published tbe followlrg pro eternal k<d ? * Tbe loyal and g orious King Victor Emanuel has not been insensible to the cries of grief from the Italian proTinert, wh.-.h, unanimous in their desires, have long since odd reused themselves to him, and be his* adopted the generous determination to putting an end to your worn. To restore civil order in yonr towns, which have beet disc late. I and pillaged by the foreign adventurers, and to bestow upon you the liberty of expreming your ?we wishes, ? right al-eedy exercised by other Italian previa ?w?such Is the ? tea toe confided to tbe troop* of the King, who have erased the frontiers of the kingdom with that object (Mlled as I am by the fhvor "of my sovereign to <11* ?barge n these provinces lbs fractions of n royal rum mHaiuner, 1 shall immediately assume the administra tion to them If this province to Perugia ha* bad of late be tutor even more than the rest, it la saw tbe first to experience in* salutary .fleets to this protection which the champion to our Independence aff ord*. Cit'.en*?rhe lag to the house of Savoy wave* over rar town*, and reamer** you henceforth Live tranquil the *hade of it* prop ct Ion It ia for yoc ? guarantee thai day* to toy are fuceeedmg those to grief, and that yew wutbes will bo fulfilled Eur a k?| time past you bar* Isvited this flag frr a long t .me past yoo have ex preueed la a thouaaad wajs, your conMenoe la the lira* and your love Ibr him In asauming the sdmln'strailoe of power amidst yoo, I ?to ruenlved to re establish true order, and to do all, so tor? ag It shall depend on mr. to redress your grievances. ' *. L1 1 "drained the spirit of parly and venge T* 1 hKT7 10 prvpere you for the use of that ?aermn right of suffrage on which your rate depends I sm certain that tb a goneroi s province, the cradle of ae aac.ent civtllxatiou. will not fhfl short of Its trad; Hue*, and will net target the example to modera.ion and to otvto a iadom which has tlrsndy boon presented by other Italian proviaot* Cltlsena, the Italy of tbe flail in*, restored to herself and free to dwpote to her ?wu [ate, ojgbt to extit herself wtthcut erlmr, and loavs to her enemie*, to iboer who hnve crushed nor, the sham" of such deeds as are < on ?? by elvUi/'atiue f HE MARsK ? ul ALYUUo. Litts I.I cu."t., 1., Neat Yl. UN fbw. *?pt ttoo TV J "opt bu >mI to t1 ; ???!? tV Irtteltona nC the km paror Vopolaro In rtf< rone to ibe Romas Stole* TV- purport of tV Etuptrtx ? roj ly 4 aot baa wu, b t ha klar?ty in aon to bat 1 maatrooad thai I roact bod ?or a to wad Spore to lOtar'rr* to foror of U?0 Popt fepltN r.irpt hoea amend wtibtn thirty ft-ur a'lra of Roma Froaooti aid Albino bar* bttn oocupit?! by Ik rrtixk. In ibanowbal 11 Muekloeeoe# aortoty Pool loo. eol Mora wtra Killti aad wouodtJ Kifbl Iriahmr-u or. am nop Ik dnd PrdMadme u<l V< Iktr irt traoqutl K# ocwi boa br*a rttritad tt-m Iwoaral I-om wlfHSW. Or to 1 raootorootioa picnib M Rom. Pnri.ii, ?opt j 1 - r a?ir< TV eohmto of Control Mot 1 nod IV rfaaMtun of tb? T.t- c koto dOkti i LiTMO ( ok-^ii end -mrnp ad IV f?r tret* -1 sty of tl.t f*rr .on wret made jwkoatrt. Cbr-tow low r, baa arrived ot TWootilo. #' will or ru 17 Orr?<"tn Uito r rrr mf IV f-w b baviaf left tkol I * a Of ' tab re lh< rnO"! I C'v'U VrorbiO Cm) reik'nUau prova.!* ian?| IV poptltlio* Tnuo. ikoi. M, 1*60 1 art at Idti TV Va-lwtnrtora ?f t-ea Faoli at* at loreUo The a*rft artllkry boo b--n di-r aborted ot IV tardtatoo ran 1 . nter Aocmo KTt ? Hfkfn 1 tv oji ?Couot V mtr.-oti da Viec-hli 00 t Roaw- ' olloTH lui hor# orr rtd bora fr-OB Nat lea r?ont '? ?terra 11 baa beta to Mapif 00 0 iakai>? t < Uta Dklotee ?i|,?ir PbWoakioi ? an bora ?atnr tod witb a mm ->n itaai IV Dictator. Trow. Vpt t"V ItW TV Warvm da Pblkeiaial hv o-ta received by itm k*( to private and tec 00, bat baa oodyat left Tarla Rrntm, .trft Jd, l">ao tfirr armor bmtrt' Rr'ny tb* farm >u of tba P>r raaa ?' V". . <<? eurrniutrrM ot 1 BBrt a a Tbt tor.l a too trw, a ? crucial u fertraM /oat or lay at ?ooa "a-rata. 081.<ra ?r..t ?ridi"n? 0' tV tardloiia army d?tuf < iavd tbiaailrw to IV all ft Tbt b* if citron* 00m ..aal d by rtricomt bare Bodr Mt ntbi r prle- ima Rorra (?'? far* "ire 1 P*pt 82,1*80 T?' lf.<? I J*..rve/ pubneV* tV n<d<* of ">al aoinot ? el* mtof tV aai eiaont or to* Oal-ronc I'oaara 04*0*1 oar-din a fbr rnaatieoi troop* art ?td to bora reueeuptei I"a HHM Prtan aod tkr Papr. Puna. dtp* 2d. I*M TV Prn ? *1' ' p -b! ?!ir? aa art.rla, Olfnod by N Mr* act, 00 tbt :nduti.r ?a abtfih i.ffr tV Popo to taara Tbt Oa^w'Wiowo'f rata ?A tofy tmr fntara wlU ap prta* ;? Wbtthtf th at nfliwoora w u ba atetorio-ia. Thu aou t juurbol fartVr aoya ? It i? naraooonahio to or* tha- Prat, a tOiruM dc< lore war *40,0.1 tardto a. frarer- w.ll n.-t #*?<??! bar ioV rrnnttoo boynoi Rum#. ITtrt rot to at l mbtrwt? aV wm?M rtodar baraalf ?u* pttitd to Itirupt oot odtoua h> Italy Tba rho?;i'"irt-w!-rf, In <-oar,lntion ?Tpna?<? tkr bope 1 bat Ibr ? wnt roar IPt Wlr at tab art |itaa to b.m tbrri |h katrad to draav Tbr "wrrrn-ltr of thr /*t?pa'a \tmy r P-T.8 raic'o. t-ul'rt I b?? -rco pmt ? t ?r at r to ? im ?.p;. Id. It*0 s t a tto 1 ?i. i CV'.dor- -? |*-tjt by Ideotenant Geeernl GteMtnl, bad of the measures be took dortug (be nigbt following, ? oorpo of above 4 OOO men. moot of then foreigner*, with above fifty ofTioera, and the guidt s of Oenersl do Ijunorlclere, its pieces of cannon, ammunition, and baggage wagons, capita la tod on the l?th. and went from Lorelto to lay down their arms at Boo nail. General Olaldlnl, In conformity with the gene rous sentiments of his Majesty,allowed this corps tbe hoi ore of war, and all?soldiers as well as officers?will be sent back to their respective countries. General de Ismoriclere, followed by a few cavalry, lied from tbe Held of battle on the 18tta, and gaining the sea coast by the gorges of Comero, succeeded In reaching anoona. All the in Konera and tbe troops who capitulated are indignant at his conduct. Nothing remains of Lamoriclero's army but the corps shut op in ancoua?all the rest are In tbe bands of tbe royal troops, except 2,000 men who are wandering dispersed shout the mountains. Afllbl IB ??P1M. ? [Naplci Cept. 1#) Correspondence of the London Newt.] 1 1 do not wiBh to crente difficultly where to nanny mutt porforoe exist, (Ull It it undoubtedly tbe fact tbntn sense of unenelnunt and tistst Infect ion It creeping over tb? Neapolitans. Now tbnt the illuminations nod voctfern note have parsed nwny, tbnt hope bne been exchanged for reality, and tbnt the myatery with which distance clothed Garibaldi hat been removed and that truly great men appears amongst them with a simplicity til appre ciated by a people in the Infancy of their civilisation, ihey btgin to feel dissatisfied and apprehensive of the re lure. There it, too, 1 mutt con fees, some foundation for the feeling, for though many or moet of the decreet Hi ich b ive betn Issued are admirable, much has been done ahl li thowa that, however great Garibaldi may be | In the ilem, he U not equally so In the cabinet. The | publication of his letter refusing to be reconciled with . Covour occasioned so much ill leeling that llinliters of fered tl elr resignation, scd were onljrlnduced to remain in power at ilie intcrcvislun of the mcmberi of the mode- i rate liberal party. Tbo commission which baa been given to Dumas hat created much irritation. The abolition of tbe lottery, though highly approved of in principle, la oonsldered an imprudent measure, ?s being blmott immediate, and cal- j culsted to bring on both financial and eocial dilllcultles, ] and it is recolltctcd that such a measure in 184S almost , drove the people into a counter revolution. It 'a asserted, too, that in tho direction ?f affaire, men , who have lorg been exiled, and who have loot the ctaln of Neapolitan evente, have taken a prominent, almost an i exclusive part, and that consequently many men have been pot into office wholly unsuitod to the clrcum-tanooe. I I sin fully inclined to admit that where all are seeking i place, manj must needs be disappointed. Still, the dls 1 satisfaction Is a fact, whatever may be the causes of It. which, as a faithful historian of what la passing arounl me, I am called upon to note. The moet serious, because the truest, ground of complaint Is, that the extreme ro- . publican party affect and have an influx noe which leads to the adoption of many Imprudent measures, and worse of an to an antagonism to the only power which can now ensure order. To malt" matters worse, is Mid to be In Naples, and as bis presence here ihows that he has much promise of success, so It adds rtrength to a party which 1 regard as the most dangerous to tho real liber lies of tbe country. I content myself with reporting the feeilrg which undoubtedly exists, and now pars on to me-nMoa some ol the most recent acts ot the govern DQtDl. Yirtuallv the annexation of the country to Piedmont Is announced in tbe following decree, signed on the 7th, and published on the lilbof September ? signor Llborio Romano, Mm iter of the Interior, ban presented himself beloro me,Giuseppe Garibaldi, Dictator of Southern Italy, and bus requested me to receive his oath to the Ktig Victor Emanuel, which he has pro nounied In the following manner : "I, ldborlo Romano, Minister of tbe Interior, -wear tidellty and obedlcooe to \ mtor Emanuel, King <A Italy, anu his successors. I swear to observe, and to cause to be observed, tbe stat ute and every other Us of the Stale for the inseparable good of the Klrg und of the Italian country." At the tame time I bare empowered tbe -mid minister to re celve the tsme oath from Urn otber ministers, bis col leagues, sud dimeters ol miulftcrs, each minister or di rector bcinr empowered to receive that of all the de pendents on his authority, &e. It vis on the evening ol tbe Oth that Romano look leave of bis i'Vi reign at-d matter, Francis EL The oath bears tbe uste ef the 7tb, but be was deemed a necessity to tbe country, whose minister it U said he considered hlBMlftA be. llowevrr, tc another subject, and I will five yon U i iibt sketch of Inserts and rial ta Maria (knttea Qapun), where a part of (iartbatdl's force, now eatlmated at It CCO, is aisemblcd. _ ^ _ . the advanced posts ef the Garibaldis! consisted of not mere than a lew hundred au-n. and altog-lher, perhape. ?l tbia point ol flanla Maria there were not more than two or three tho iaand men assembled. Evidently the feeling wsj one of perfect Security, (me thing transpired, whlrb was that Ebtf sent tit to Turr to regnant three or four horses in tbe m"rnlrg, and this led to the belief iliat tometblng was intended, ime would scarcely th'nk that the mm wire just then ready for deadly fight for tbev lay or rat scattered about as thoagb out on a p??B,'sasoauig, laughing or sicopurg, whilst m some piscea Irom gnus stuck upright wses suspended in the centre cauldrons lor macxwroni or mloMSrn ime of the Geners'.'s si si told me that sp to thai time nrt more than one ol their men had been shot m need, It was msrosslble to get up ine shadow ofan en str? men! lu Cspua I hear there are about 14 000 man but. If it be true thai the pi e# was provlskrosd for not more than r-.yhi days, s :sp m el on oannot bo distant. Alicgethrr, I hear tbe Kirg has s Tore* of 30.000 men, but with' ul cc irsge or pi nelplc yet It must bo noted that I *>?? Iccling or ??thcr. auml>?ff of lh? ufc iM.utJ trx?! f ?rid mauy of the Mllort, hare mAMfOd1 to make up their way to Uipua. ?omo pooote say that oh 1st Tuir an.l Iber have taken up pooltiuas in front (tber I roof* have been si nt round by sea and taken a station at tasUi Volturno, whilst soma troop* were "O I ran.iwd 01 the east. 1 balieve that Garibaldi has not forcorafhcirnt to sunonnd tho piece, but bo probably har msd" srrntigcrocnts for putting off supjlleo Aipy ,v mi nk) was isk"B yrsterdsy within the lines of tber ml srnlc" to Naples, as were also some of the disbanded fugitive troop", msSing the.r way up to Oapua. Pernicious fOver h*a made >U appesfnnM tnBsmt*na, and four of U? Gesoth rarabmeere have died of 1t. It has been resolve 1, therefore, to remove nil tbe sick and wounded to tbe more healthy neighborhood of Palorttio 1 ix delighted to hnnounc* to all be levers that San JsB.isr.uf haswrhugbl the m.racle. and at an anriier hour man ever. Padre Gnvnsai would have expected. At nine 0 c.oik tbo ? tnuoo announced the feci from ell tho forts, the nuwtr arc is "caUctes. rubb rg their bands and sx r'a m rg "CheM asfrncsfe ' What kind of n man IS f ar bald' tbnt he -hculd have mtre influence with the ss'Dt than even w.tb the priestr for be assured that .if tbev bad the rw.lis. tbe bl -od wonid have been ltqnMBt. Garbs'-It srewd hcie yesterday altemooo at three P ? Ike Ml w ng W an rxtrast of a letter from Mr. Edwm Cs'Vi.ts, Minrtey. Sept. 15?3 o'llock list of i.aribaid :'s meet abie generale bad prom Jed rae that be wi'titd give me mtee wh'n"rsr there wse a pro 1 ba'di jy o? an act on taking place Inst evening a met i,|o was br' ugkt to ms that the staff had been ordered to 1 lb* place imnud aleiy, and thai on the morrow "some ih rg" m gbl nrcur. About S OtO of Gnriballl s b-nt irnoto baa mor.-l towvr is Capua and Oeeeeal Ebor'B dl , ? an, rr th" st-aih"/ The railway, whijh is perteit ?? far ts tb't p'ace bet which has been brohru up he twren tl. s I wnaadChpca was u.led with trtoeo ami 1 sBBiin.tMin. Md f. r the last two days has only been opinio umps and tUov who are oonnocjd with the s lor s moment, vour map of Italy, an l y<si wlU see the pra'il * of s: a rt here Ul a sUateg-gjal point of view. Tbe K r,g IS at Gaeta a Strocfiy rort.hed piwition by sm and km-. Oa, ua is njsi tu pi tMOSiun of the (tag's troops, .ml fr"fn Capon aletg lbs M.t road to Maeta and its t i - l be has nearly #0 000 m?u, not much m re then a day's fnrt*>! msrch upon N'aple*. Here UieK rg hss rail lei bis army bore hs baa b-usted bis flag, wrhich nuts over the W w ? of i>a"4a Here in ths ssookery of re nal rower, he pel-.#hn ! J decrees. Jeelar jf all thorn wb. haw (Oised Ihe rcvolutmari i-ause Uaitors to tun and to tfcetr country. Hern he has IMhHBM the ratal inov sicnal govemrHnt. from Onem a "pri vate ???*? dally brings is miasives into Naples II was intercepted y.etnr.'ay ny tb" army h re. and am curious rtTetal e?? trau?iwre-l Atd from f?a"ta Irene in B'lner its agrnts hftmlMsa for reactionary wiovo mcnts Is Isrt, while the King etffi """apies s port. >n o h skiir "tn. larger to tU ci t.aribaidi never ntnnes "M' uM Cap" a be taJ'o ?* rapit i,ale. it might coesih.y induce Ui" King t ult i* ta, and inia crisis Ess. : t-ave rea-tin se ka w. Iisen pressed urystly upon the attention M <-nr.''Sir < at m m-vt f>e attach- , ur tbe armv be left to be irali la.aed at Ihe k "|l egywi se. t Milan*< by the nfiiscc (l a- , or ui fr-m the Krg's esose TbJ Si ht l-it hoi U.c pottos of alia r? at ? am a and (Mpua ?iil render intalligtblg to ymi 11.a w?- ,ii.,nu of uafi aid. at the Spot W whu-h we hastened iaat etentng. i We nrrfvnd at Cseetta ahoct two rlork th e mornisg Toe will remember the fine pnlnee of the R ag hare??ie of the larg'-nt r.s?n! pa seen in turope the bnrraoSs w.tb srMm.molntlou for ? 0?" mro, and the bennllfwl gar l ss at 1 grounds Which I iretch from the war o' lbs pain w to the moiibta'rn The scrne wag ?trtk ng In the gran 1 rqnare about 3 C^?0 lro?M were blvouactsd. The Si.mate r?iu res so knte. and they isy artiuOd U*r-r li.ile ur-S, with Uii r arms | i.ed. Is |>KU.rr? (se group* 1 grfti cfowdf^d li lis*4 huMr"# wtft* SieopBC sod tl la but just to the t?e , iceing army ??> s?y thai op to lb * time no set of \ asdalwm bai b ml.led. Tb" stale apartm c? w?r* ontoachSd Md. an :nr as I couldobnerr*. lb# rosGy ui I 1'ixu ?'* - jwn re and the classic slaluta ruma.ned -aInjur** >?? >ao n ulJbe "bta ued, and w* b vounrk. d m ?..r earrnge among th* s>Mi?re At Mir " lock the drum ar t trumpet ml d h* s? r to arms. A lew mactM BtoM suhli. hlj.ari by I ^ trr ved. and air d the ratbos astie plaudils - thenrmy rater* d tb> p*!nc*. and held a ervunclli if ear will) th? gsnerai* of dirsTor All was ? st ennd tsc.tement tb* Isvoriis snd rut* rants were 13r"'*' |< ' * " bayonets wr? be i gr.njbd sad pM s> r- i , "in *rw were bel?i r nrrd is lh?.lre ?jm*e ?? ?>aM *f _s?l ?eld at a prem um. r? ur -uU mnd* -n vr'w nr or , ftl! the llMHl flRt'fP ?rfWli W(- ' ^ " J neme s.,d |"i?b< d t -r tbe the hi,'* rmd l? '0M'1' About two ? tea n m tns< rta we r^eil ?hr "p1 j* f is of tbe Gar i.ald an army Tb ? spf nrt..(J ??1 th'*s ? Mr h the r.VU in, W th tb"" .(?I p ?*l ?" ?? CMiU if ti'* rm , war frf me, who i wl i t?r seen rent war, mlnroslmg. In * Jl"1 J*,* sodMin. stretcn I'S up to Mm- b|gh k -ls an !**' '? for nhoi.t two r *M nod tbn.urb lb" vlrevardsi* lb other, Iny tonlf r -d ?b j v?l "en sod m ?|?el* of in Gar bn!<f u.s, nr d ti -.d ja> kcts euhveneu ?esf* se tb-y walk""? shoe; or 'sy upon tb" t sg tbe ord r to "B?sge Tb* WW S'lrar >d ? af Ui* v lag* nf'tfia Mar a, rt'atent ?'?' a bnlffr n fNpv* 4* w. UMod U we I- ud tb* bollt by Adrian, command the town. At thegalea which lead to thpua burrloadas bad been erected, and strong lor ore of infantry placed. These aero tee advanned poets, and at abt ot loar baedred yards dlataet we could, a lib our glaaa<n, easily dtsoere, scattered among the vineyards, the vldetlea of the Neapolitan army. A poll or abate smoke, aed then the sharp crack of the ride. Krcd that tbev aero on the alert We found General r at the Inieudenxa, aad Garibaldi with b'.m. We were on the tlptre of expectation. Colonel Baker, of the Tenth du sears, a ho bad joined oar party, selected a spot on the rains of the amphitheatre from which we coutd view the attack and advance with the Gar i bald tan armv. Suddenly the oewe oomos from the extreme right that the Neapolitans had made an advauue acr<ws tne river end bad retired again into Oapun on meeting the right division of Garibaldi, and orders were sent not to ad vance at present. Thus we were disappointed. General Eher kindly pro mised to let me know, If possible, whon the stuck would be made, and we left the village of danU Maria and re turned to Caaerla. large masses of troops are surrounding qapna Artil lery bus gone up to tho front; the road on tn* oth--r side of Capua to Gaeta Is now bommanded by Rber'e division, and wo are In hourly expecUtlon of the alta k being made. Garibaldi la expected from Palermo to morrow night, and it It probuble that if a battle is to be fought it will be tn his prescnoe. 1 will write to you again. Garibaldi In Sicily. The following proclamation ha# booirIssued by Garibal di to tbe inhabitants of Palermo ? The people of Palermo, who showed no fear in face of those who bombarded their city, have abowu ibemsslvs recently equally regardless of (car in taue of con .it m a, wbo'wanl to lead Uieui as:ray. They bavo spoken to yeu of sun'-xallon, as if asy nr.. was more fervent than myt'lf for the regeneration of Italy; but their object was to sirvo peraooal lutore u, and y tut replied like a (Hxiple who felt its own dlgn ty, and placed conilcence In the sacred and uiivioUied proframme which 1 iToclained?'Italy and fwar rmsnntl ** At Home, psople of Palermo, we will pr iclalm the king dom of Italy, and there only will he aanciiflod the gr>iai family bond between freemen and those who arc still Claris of the came oounlry. At Palermo annexation was ucmanded that I might not passtho Straits; at Naples It Is demanded, I may aot croec Ihs Vultnruua. But as long as there am chains to be broken In Italy 1 will follow my course or bury my b< net there. I loavo yon M'rdtni as pro Dictator, and jert-i iily be will show himself worthy of you and or Italy. I have ynt to thank you. as well as the brave nalioual mill .is, for the fa.ih you have placed in me and In the deetisies of our country. UABIBaLDL Pxisrmo, Pept 17,18W). A letter rroniJGenos, dated the ftd of ptember, gives the following account of Garibaldi's sudden vi- it to Pa lermo:? Advleea from Palermo Infirm u* that nn the 17th Girl baldi paid an unexpected visit to i'a'ermr He arrived there cn beard the Ucctr moio, a Neapolitan "toamer, an l immediately prucoeded to Rie palace, parsing through the high street Toledo, where he was at ouoo reoogni.-vrd by the crowd. The General, followed by the people who as v mblcd beneaA the paiaco windows, aptmared upon the balcony, and addressed them In the following words, which I copy from the Rinovimmtr,? People or Psiermo, with whom I have shared f*Vgn?w, perils and glory, I am once more among you. Your me mnry Is dtar to me, and. whatever iwtlui the world 1 may be in, I will always think of you. Those who wished to urge yon to a spec ly annexation were putting you to the wrong path, li 1 had luiir vet their advice I should not have cruaaad the dtraits and re stored seven millions of men to Italy They would ba. c prostrated us at the feet of d'piomaer. which would bavo bcund us lisml and foot. There would have been brothers beyond the Yuitnrnus w ith chains on their ankles. People ol Palermo, 1 thank ;ou in tbe name of Italy for your resistance. 1 tors Italy and Victor Paaauucl, no one lsagri-aicr friend than myself of Victor I manuel, the r< preweatative of Italy. You de-plssd their counsels, and I thank you for It, you Invinciblo peo pie of the barricades. The General afterwards hell a review, and re embarked again at dusk. The ttlcgs ot A neons* Tbe Owsfi'iiNortsef of ihr kith ult. publishes the follow ing In prominent type ? ? All eyes are now turned towards tbe citadel of Aooooa; in (ai t, it is U.ere that the dual and ductalic rt must take place of which the battle at Cheteliidardo was tbe prelude, between General Laniorlciere and the P; >d moctese forces. Tlie issue of the struggle must soon take ph-e, 17 our Information is correct. It a announce J that tho t ege batteries ot General Ctaldlnl bars made s brea< h ui the south Side of the walls of the town, and that cooaequaaUy the assault will be given very soon. This oewi bears date tbi kd 1 of rk ptcmber. The Ire was opened on tbe 18th against th< fori reel by Hi frigates?lbs Marts Adelaide, t ictor fjr.annel, the Carlo Alberto, the ^au Mletitie, llie Got crnvlo and toe Cost tusionc. It n trui thaf, after a bombardne-JV"of atne hour*, which win vigorously replied to by the citadel, tdmtral Peraani being informed that General Claldlm was n"t yc . ready for iT.s assault,riascd Bring, to ?|wre the city as much as possible Doubtless the bombardon nl hst beon rs ?toil d, but the Gtrifrt JtrrvanMt, which pubiiste a lb*ac dels ,s. . . i, I .>w lung th-< ? .-i*" "i; last d The sdvioes from lurln do hot mention the nptumg ol ? breach, but timpli announce that the slrg<- arlitliry bad been landed btfoi e Ancona. The Venslia UweaMon?\n Appeal to Usrlbslill. The (ft*. r,f of Turin ot the kOth tilt p.bhrhes the article, under the beading of " Anaesalton sad follow ILg I Venetla - V> bstcver may be tbe ira' s wh: b lbs c el st recently rotnnwnccd la Central Italy may have to paw. we may foresee, without being ax.iaed oi rlltoulous lllu aw n?, that victory will remain with i-ur aina Through vi ;tory we shall Itavs attained the great obiset ot putting the whole of Italy, from the M.ncio to the forthsst point of mc iy, In a rendition to take part in the last sad Qoai undertak ng that la to seat our emancipation, the dative races af Ycnttia. The presence ol the French at Rome is not considered by us tr- be an n fraction of our ladopeti dence, b?rauf? they arc inly there lor the defence of the perron of the H?5y Father and out of respect to the rs I gious principle, and *c have a profound ounvietioo goal thvy wouid have to moriow with the greatest pleasure if I bey were able to do e without detriment to the moral later est v of winch they hare eoLstitntci ihemaslvta ihs guardian*. The IrltvcreMt of Ycnetl.x la the !%st set ttifoqgh which our rcfneratlrn has to pes. but it Is at the nam* time the men dlliicull ooo.audlke ?s for wbiab Italy a II ba obliged to make moat sacrifices A greet m diary l?wcr, mcsmped in formidable positions strong in tbe sympathy aid m the more or less direct support'if an tstirscabman 1 o the whole reactionary party through out Kariy*. cannot be conquered by surprise or by the luihusiasm of a t ? legions. To loured and dtt:tniia*i soldiers others equally Inured and disciplined mirth! < pposed. the f.r tress' , del ended by every appitaoce at art and all rrsonrrss of warfare, on oulv he attneksd by the help st those ibventioas which hare been attained by ?Miliary sew tee, sod wh?h are the nnaopniy of an oar rxc> i.vf iy. but which ao ?s can proc re wtboul an ortar. ralinn long pitllssatf prepared Wi do nut '?elieve that Italy a unrq ia! in the mder takirg If twenty Iwo minute m tnhabitanis animal- -l hyttclr recent ?uc< rt;?? and u apmsd to make the saari fit n t.K.woary for accomtu ah lag so vest ? design, wiUi out whirb sii i," "bu sed w be imperilled and preearK-ur?if the lladoss wul this? it they wiu it stm.gly and ob-tinatoly?the dell rtranos even of Yea# tia 'bail he arhi Trd. Hat a divrrysaes of oyuitoo seemn to hare re<v?Hy arwei hetwrr-a lh?se who hare k tberi-i aoovd m cost ir.t t fur the rsme sad?a lirirgsncr which we think n-tsl dsspfe-ar at seas as we to a ca-m > iaas>aa t u the r< J faislurs of a: -rwne tlkse that In <r<kr ?o ace -rnt' the "nisrpr" with regard to Yssetia, I wprrfcrnMs ttpvettiiao c ti.tarj at.tonomj ? t the . ?o i?n ..US, irom whtr tu-? fir;l moMmecte t"war ?> that tsrrtow contest ahou. - prs m d ru lb# fo. (rury. bclMV* t'.a tb* mam' at tir i > ic?| ( g th t < ut( ipf1-'' s.l br sot' crated is ,.rnp>.r ti<? as uk .tt.oo v Italy with am Btateabui be i a*Ul.<d. xnd Una we - x., (1 us tsvs ins msaus b< Ui .. ? Coatr a b, it lary r' e ft, ot r-uk-ct ng and donbl I ( the t , > v ? > forces i ihe co,.nli y. No on> wi, venture to w,. n'alti it. ; under ih pr' Ml < r 'n. usrrS aid wiUxw-t betsg ?s r tisinsd by oeo? * Iy the 1 * MCities a -no, nr ifpr Italy slviie, con n' rrF reparslslt to Sttara the ipuadritatr ti and Ui' An Irian army ?Mampcd tlmrsis A coele.*! of thl? magnitude m'-I be ooorx..i?r?;y aonrpud wlfitt it I* impr-' d uprw as, but ws M. -ald n-d proruks it ? ithout Uiag first pfai; jups-da ui ? sry bvmu. that pec l?Lcc can ?cg.n; If it ? wMMi t" haetati th rnt-rprse. there s no better mens* titan that of ss.Kctisf all acr lorc'S into "tie hand aid Ute" fove it si cms ?r .dent to ns th< per~ml ?im prtveat the asm vwt,?o of N'stdes and ?k Hr to ue prevent rg at tbe r mo line lbs dr. ranss >f V? otiis. wh . u la<y tsy Uiey wtsh toscot.ersts mors than we da For no its ai ? nut the ws stilus Hat still remains to b?- ~mnad ru l be "? st smbifon or predoor isece II u.wer limy nt,.te? itsell to I'pi-er Itaiy?If the N"rth r.M! r p t.'i.' * su <rs its' If to the Sough?why tt is n cn ly st lbs m< e.i>ert of s family lust r. assemble ailsr a loes atpnrstka', watsh they hsvs enuured With s i*g mi i esa be tne la-dlv? that abostd prcctuse tncwi fr? wi tt ? brotherly ??wbesre, tPeuomdsee that thcr# arc ,sy rc*?ons agalMt It. and cn ? i, ii iotag lbs arts of the Dictator, flanoaidi, wo ? rtaibiBhwi anisr ast that be . te it (nb)ict ing his n rdtothc 'giosl mcostty aI this sstevstion mors ? ? st. ?t d that however resperi ,hle may bs tbe twoiivcs wl ;cb B?v< h'tbsrto tiifl'.gssd hi' lo oppose it, he, too, ?i'' fad by jield'ag i" the tnciU.sti u.s uf tho la ab I i t| Urrera Gviiha di tal no stop, r entered N'spiss than he oousigned Ii our ? rural tbe ph lllaa Peel, which In a frw cajs will ft 'tn w tth our ? ns?ticf< ? r.ogle one This r?rr, which ? the lirst gtep I'.wsrd* snm vatloa. esnnot hst tend i.?. wUs to the spegiy MM of the Neapolitan irtir r Wl?h ours, for It If M pn liable that I ha oOloerf of 11 ?i army -so desire to veparsle tbelr fate Iocs thut nf 11 r ratal ( n a Its. ft' I the fsi? WW a ?o be s SSI a 'ry icmr fhrermi nclwg the Dictab r himself of tlis I r?ily of a pr nipt annex rtkm, and bis patriuttam w i iircowbtldiy be Infininc I by this onssidorstlnn. il i to ha- rot < aw tbe mrsec uf oarrylrg out Iks e?i e ii it atsfset v ?-eila, o r.i'r in hie ardest courage he 1 ?? I o able to iw i ve ?nxi be en?M attempt it slorrs. ? '111' ii.f d?lsy b i rp ? d betwosw the nntoo and . ui 1st sr. of g ?ta' !)? n.Vc'rg twrsity tw.??Hlion? n? ? a pfSii?ifr ? f the float ttlivsrnsce >f i ,e?cfi nr "t wt 1 j.-t II grotnlng ? n.i r i ait ferhtys ffj ktlbero m unanimous u thl? great question Joeervei, bat nevertheless we cannot doubt for an instant that, when the oonviotloo of too importance and urgency of this polUioel tact (ball bare entered the mines of lb people, a man who can ao justly boast of being demo iratio la bta prloolplea wlU oot be disposed to tall to hi? poliU oal faith by opposing bla atogle will to I be will of an. The Opmione, la another article, eipreaaea itself as tol lowi ua tbo prt sent situation of affairs Italy baa effected bar natloral revolution under the direction of the government of Victor Emanuel, but sbo abbors snob steps an would threaten to oouprmntse her oaoae; aba repela whoever would privolce a rupture ?lth Praace, because she app>eoiatea all the import?ueo of lit rrvacb alliance, and of tbe couoord exming b t ?<wn to. two Ballot*; repels all oommuntuo wltb those ? bo would excite revolutions el to whore, because, If sbe b id been enabled to nolle her different States iolo one, It bta b ten because she bss given BSVope guaranb-ua of order; nor will sbe provoke a general w if, because It would be irre indlotal to ber cause and to Italian unity, which s on the voint of being completed. It Is tune to bavu J me with tlotkos. A party wbioh, knowing that uothiog cao be done In lla>y except by tbo name of Victor Emanuel, hat provisionally, as Nlcotera says, accepted It, but ?? dravors to draw Garibaldi over to lu side. Rut the na tion baa lie eyes wide open. It admires Gtribaldi because be In the aoidter or the naltou and not tbo soldier of a sect. When Garibaldi drclared that bo would goto K<?nv, be was not aware of he late events near Anonoa; he w ill now, probably, reconsider tbo question. Should be si ill persist in bis homer opinion, It would bo a great rniator lune, but tbe nation would not bcsiute to ral'y re in ! tbe government. of the Kniprror n? the Francis. . -''"Abcti.- 01 "September 22 mdUu m the follow log:? __ . PxnH, 8epi 21. 18..0 *y>y^nc* **>? r;i''y uf !hc KmDTror to ll< 0b d r??r m, of tb? I'ouncll General Of Algiers ad dreaaed to bun at vnc banquet ..llrrc.l by lb i city ? th "gbl 00 "7 f0"l ?u African toll wu axSTnliihed thirmy'Wl'*3<1 |w"?everacce or this v.Pt u-rrlu-ry But the God of armies Souili waritn-ng nalfou* onlr rfLn,nt'on O*Tn'fn0bv''r ? lhom l)r of procuring their 'urvr ,c.r r'jh? *'|W> *x:u''Ul* lbe htpptor^ of th-oo miuuMaoT fort^e of wi1Te PM"d 0,"1,!r 0Jr do:a,c,OQ ?/ ?>? bJ^o?0?.^!!? '5 10 P*tcn 1 "ver th's land tbe ^mllk NOW, What 18 iivilu-UMUt It la mnrh!. rhfw|DT M ?oaoUtln*. Ibo 1110 of man murb and hi. moral per ration aitho greabet Z>l Tbui, to tlevato tbc Arabs to tbo dignity of fre-miii to ?pread among them I: etruction, at the bubo time r 'irc> log ibelrrcligior; to miellornte tl?lr condition 07 rs'a >>?w,b lbo froMureg whluh Prorilou,, mus dt|xpttcd there, and which a bad government would ?? ?ool> l? our mlarnoD, and wo shall n >t tail AIscrla?tte7u ook,n!eU? "ho to blort In Bad *"b 't *11 tbo aria of ?1 J, .1 ' v" u'" lbcm ,b*; tbo protection of OTa whl^'iT1'7 WiM L7"r b" "??"'b *' The losl'lii th?? Til J ? ,,v*'n l,M"m w>" m l,'en rind ,b ' "L by in thi OOU'M wo ??.! that f.i '? .7" ,b,>,r PW """ b'' to I to wed. M ihtaL^rL^"1* 10 P>** themselves ob this aoll, which ta toreror French. Ifaoo prevailing in Itaropc will permit Franco to be **"*">? ?tl!l to ber ootoalela, and If 1 bare enwood the pi u to |aap a abort lime among yon It ia to learo aa r^' 0T.?7J?*W roon'<?? the fotiire* wdTJfeS th r ^'fn' -Ao! Franoe, whi ae to promote tbi good of htni. nlty are always bleated by Provideu. 0 I drink to the proajarity of Afrioa. Anuria. > . . VilNta, ?opt. 23, JlnlO. .n yef or da j 1 sitting of iho Keiehrraih titrdaal Ua'ia rber agreed tbit tbo groattrt jwoible ant ioojtv ah o;ld be granted to the province#, hut at the uw time nrluct oTthe'^a^drc ?D for WAlnUU lug tbo unity l*rlncti Auer'perg rororr.mendod that eiual eouttta r'*btf abouM be granted t.? the prorlooea. aod mat the basis of the Ithirtl.a acquired in IW8 sbiuid be rn cogDired, Tbc Pilaw further re:, 'mrn *ti itd a gre?tor ext. op mo of the an?;cot lnal.tutlon or pro? metal di.m h* the admhiWHi of reprenenutircs from the citizens and tbe rural population Count Itollath condemned tbe privileges of certain r. " 0/ htclcty- He ale-, spoke in svor or tbo unity ?.f U e empire according to the teuor of the pragmatic sane Count Apponyl ttatcd that tbc re . rtabl lab meet of Urn *>lrn?lr. o-enptitntlnral prlvlleg-e of llungary cotdl bo cilorkd without any dfcuger to tho Htate. M. Maager preferred aatrilkug tbe biatorlral ngnls of bia rompatriata to the cttabllabment of tba rtprtvenu live system thro. ghou'. tbe whole empire. Syria. The fM.owing la the rcpott <?f the Anglo American lie llcf Ci>iAOiitt?e of Bjyrcut Aiif. 33, 1800. Al * ting of tbc Anglo- American Belief Uuuimitteo the following ^latrmcul and report were wlnpled and ordered to be printed for circulation in Kogtand and Amfrka; Xsvis It00si, H B M Cnoa ,1 General, PreeldeDt. Tbe Anglo American Kcllef U.mmlUi^e deem It due lb tbe IfrlUih 8) nan Relief I und Conunittse, and to olber oommitiec. and Imllyldoaia who either have cmlrimued or prupase to contribute aid to tbe Syrian saltrrers fpun the prtrrrt war . to keep them evroctly Informed as to lit oprattonf, and al?u as I* lb# urf#orr of Ui^ dittrriM jbal jails for relirf. fi is t<. sreurs tbtae imnuriant ob >?ct8 that tbc follow irg natem-nia are made Our ooin mute, originated in a stern and terrible neowalty Many IhuMtnJs of plundered belpleas r. fugees fled suddenly Into oer city 'r<? tbe mountains.seeking protetlm from Ibe dST'urlng sword, sod calling for ' md and shelter The rmrrgency was so propping, unexpected and oyer . Whelm 11 g, that our Bret circular was pent off even Im> j ft re the or.;ar> ration of the committee could be com plrted. and before the full . stent ol tbe ralam ty was 1 "wn A Toad issue of the circular, however was ,oon *fU r lhf 1r?* *? Me, Phowlog not ; <* 7 the full orgurlsali.n of tbc committee, but also tbe ? immense add.tiuo to the amount of .1 tlrese and tuOering In .ocscques'c ol ibe maiwarre at itsmaseus. Tbe sub j Joined repot t of our suh-rommiite* will abow that the woik of d tit bnltbff feed, etothlsg and medictne D the suB rers Is sow rarrle-l forward on a ?cal?, amall at tbe brguiftttg, but which baa rapidly expanded ia o dimen ? mo* qu ia beyond our abuity, and revealing, in 11s dally P"grrrp, a mass of deatilntiou and misery which m truly *1 Pwh tg The batis of vur erganlxalion Is w holly nnaec Urian, and brosd enough le It' *r,rl: and Ce*igu to cm , brace all ?!???<? of I' 1.rera frrm this war. Christians only ate mention* d in our circular, and that pimply be caute they ?re tbe only applicant for aid. Not a Itruae aS' tiMhT- doti, kt Jew baa applied for a** stance The r>riets r-ma r m ?a'.er*orihetr half of the mouUlns and I fr. m t Leir ewotssou piqader of the I hr t liana are t ioher tbau b fore ibe outbreak The same is true of the Mos lrB.? who bsve tskrn y*rt ia U.e war while tbe Jews Uve ipwhere bees either pi mdered or molested, except tbe ytry smsii c mmunity of Ireir ?) Kaiuar Of ibe 7 0(0 who now receive daily ? d tr m your charity, a very large m otily are Msronlt the aext niost numerous cat* arc 'Irrck catbr'-Hr tr roble number are of the Greek c!, rcb. wb Is only abo. l 100 are IV.dcPtanu , FI 'uld tbe thatgu.g lortDBca of war reduce Driare, i' r rira, I as, or any other ii?aa of our o?hiI?Iioii to U?e an..' dcetltntioc si Ph. ltd be ready to ex I red g) Ui m ttt ?am? kind of aid 'hat we now glee to the Chris 1-ai.p We wou.d rwrctwliy guard our tmUunt aga'nat the Iwpr.ertB that tbe a'-etmlly for iWe charitable . c ttnauK'ua wiu sooa ccaar by the rretoraliuo of pence, ' and the r- ratahllahmrnt of goermment ia the ooualry ?m the C'Dirary, Ibe aumbcr of deetitute is dally rnulli pi) lag or oar haada. and the 1 derfor la becoming more I and m ire strifigfht Th<*??.go bad a few ptertr w .? Heir persosp when Ibey ried frra, their brramg hab'i* ] tiorx bar. pyert item tlx JuOCfiwko e.'aiwd into the ( *n*ll district of ff. eraw .r hare *xhsj>u>d the rrw>.rr?e o' UwiP br. ihrea 'here sod arc now hank upon r* by ?b t?<k'tg tbeller and crylegf.* bread, j * hik " "A C;*r? vUM ifoiil lM3b+m. w. ^k?cM up oaf j with Ir o d. pywifu,* r.n. ai ta of her (fcnet oa |-.|?ils lolwm. Matiy ara Pick, the ebiforcn ?r dying ofl i with a'arn.ieg rapidity la enr hot cj.matr er.' iemica I are rpreaaing a.i->u?tt the ha.: f -*l. Iialf clothed. , ha;f tb' tcreu mu'l tudr- sa-' 1 nlrpr lieftor fond.. xdhlng 1 and m< .cai care arc nrovlded, the r< ol .l>otw? will me It rg 'number tb?ae of ibe sword To aht viate Una arecmaMtPg r wy we ii?tr'belc bread dally to tr re | than T ?0 pfc we bare pror-.-xd houses and le?u m for or p. amis fr r ahelt. r w? hara r ted to pt ?rb??e aod dirti bile, with lhe fi fersl.a of a lad?*' auxiliary can lire : ut? aru mtu we bava renuteor. 1 a h.? P rr ,be j. r s aoup klt'h'B ebb lly - ti gh c<4 t\ciur rely, for their rrnefft. and for motbt ra 1 who aurpe. bogitig I aare ? mc >.f ibe ehiid-ea by giriag to the mothers m ta scmr nhlxg for*, than mere dry bread. Jt Bli st Is Obvteus that Utter ra- -up e|eralHii?p, expand I r ' by urgent n re -tsy t- tba wanle off tho a rt rcpilra a iarjpr and steady inmate .Nor is there' I I say rrortm u. h<Te that the ca is for rt.kf wul I matri Jim a el. before (ickUr. and. mdeed, we 1 t^At the ai'?t plDtbiag and m.noas orrriy I w.ll be fell Juries the latter |*rl of autuma. aod utrongh the ra ny rnmitli* of w'otrr fo-t cot, th.r-'-rr th? MM leal :n leg'ar I tad Aiterwa rclar ?rc r ' it it# to oare f"m 'Urvti00 Ibeeu rmnr.auU ?.f tbi .Ptina reft sUme rear ' I frrt , tbe sw.wd of Driwe | [cruelly'and tl- land, in Wn will nut fa ol I coder the perpfox is. and labor tows wck of d.stributtca, | bat *'? raraot aire mm thai, m rec< red aad wlw o your atl-rs 'a I our a?Mr eotion mr?t reap- t?c , adiy 1 e*hrace|iie opporiuaity to note Ibe labore of others 1 11 1 iiuntxiiil M (Partly. Many ItolHt and graU* , | n-i l.ara datrll'Slt d Bod an.l . ioiblug'rom tbe'r tfmw ? J ai I r '?( a fow'ee Oirwiiane sr even wane B'*le-n? . tsve -etived refegets ui.l in meextrwtof their asaw f.J ?txltrred, and ctuibtd lima TbeTorkiPi. gurara- ' brunt has dear the tviwe to ibwasaa Ip. chbntfrom l:? ' ? lys lla-lortya l?ir .?! Kumar at. ! Idnurut From i Greet ? and elh. r parts of F.,r<.|e liberal aid haabeca *. nt p . i a? br'u r. larfy aad la n r dlatrtbMsff by lbs Frtrch O-neul < .errw aud by Ibr I ami t clergy. a..d Ibt - >*'?rP of (bar ily bare fr-ea tbe Bret diprWvod tFst.ctlv.ty, "?cr y and devotion G. tlx claim, (< lhe L. r." I Ti.'" Ul*l "* ?h ",n(r diuiegntshcd. fa, it mrrt he rrm.mber-l ibst of these ronrres of 11 f pit p. mr have alrredv failed, otlrer* ore liiKl .alu v aa. ? vntrta a .ed all i.trtf,cr. wvrkirg ?P fo UelT./ fn< 'I c,.par1l\ still leave an In.anroas Piirpliis of dastltu In ar.'i d ?lii?s, cirr wliMb we ran only drop the Gar of 1 rie but 'iiisvai'liig ty. .paiby. dtMMAKV tigW or THK I'llOin PiNtH or THK SI S 1 <"f?wiiirr?g. I y I r r" porerwe aSt|>t-d />ally from ISth to 21tl Jt ' rr. .1,1 ? i July, gen do from 2f. h 1 , 1 a I" ? a IdPII.IM; I ? ? all'.. ) ' \ ' *?' 'com foh to 14.h L ,r"" u,b "* ""t *?rwt,?lo? .1#. fh<a. lot. iv t*t * >g ft, iv4aj ^jet jp k u-sdatg tor feed, clothing, beddtsg, shelter and modi' ,#0M3t>: i'ttli fear* aiao bt?i nMe to the Htaursof Cfcarity to aid sr to their distribution amounting .0 4,700p, about ?140 14s. or ?01,239. Botbout, August 12,1940. XUUV EBCAl'l or TBI AMEBIC AN VICE COJttJCL if DAMAflCUH. (From (bo London Timet Oorroapendenr.e ] Among ihe narratives I bore oollot t -1 I seixM one which will thro* I'ght upon the conduct of a uurkisb .n lice officer recently executed. OB the mora to y >f th >n inrrectlon Monday, July 0, the city of Damaacu; waa i>er teetly quiet, and the Emir Abd el K*der del out for a neighboring vtllsg', k.lloohrafleh, where >e ha* eoni" properly. At a joui hair part two In the arteruoen the rfstrg Pi k plat e, to conn queuce of the aotbor'.t e ti ?r lug arretted the Individuals who bad groaoly inetiltod Christiana. At that tune Dr. Michael Meohaker, Amcrl can Vice Oomul, wan la hi* bouse alone, hartnr tent i<? cavara and servants to the Herat on business. ft'iori y af t< r the cavara arrived, juat tut the rebels were appr :li irg the houoe, and bun the doctor sent, not being able to go out alone, to Abd el Kader, to beg of btm to Bend some vf bin Algerine followers to protect h'm When the oavasa got therr be round the E o r tad only just returned, to Qnd no more than six of hts followers at home, of whim bo immediately despatched four, who were, however, un armed. from tbui circumstance the Algerlatts were unable to make their way to Pr. Mrcbaker's residence. bis oavaaa alone having tbe courage to go thither. On his arrivu the doors were instantly closed when some armed lit niarcos Moslems c*me up and began to break open the doors w b axis. Scarcely knowh g what to do the dixi lor put a little money In his pocket j tat as the door was broken open. A number of men, chiefly Rash! Hsmits, rusted into the courtyard, and (bed several shots, while tbe doctor mat*gel to escape w db his t ,vo young children an 1 ravasa by another lirlvat. drof. The rebeln began forthwith to plunder the house. The doctor thought to rot oral himself io the hoove of Horn" of his neighbors, but not < no of them would receive him, and he net out for the abode of tho Emir. On his way thuh r ho was met bv a party of rebels, who And upon him, to whom be threw bandsful of money to divert their attention from h a person, wu> e he iuruet a-' ,, into tbe street leading to Bab Turns at the exlrem ty of which was a guard of regular ijoi iters. Xli re also bo was met by si other pirty of rebels, wbJ tired upon him aDdtowhom as before be throw money, and t< ? k a third road. While proceeding on hia way be sud denly came upon a parly of M.wiemH, among whom wore several of his acquaintance. Smco then their names heve been gtvet to the government, and six of them arrested dr trie of them fired upon the dootor an I his party , others attacked tbcm with saords, axes and clubs. Tho dnot it's two children wore behind him, and they cried iinid their tears Pi the assailants, ??si?y us, but let our father re. main alive, for without him wo cannot llvo." Upon wh ch one of lh" monsters lifted up his sw rd an 1 cut he little girl in two. The doctor r-sorted to bis former riratsgim and threw down to nty, by which means he thru escape! without injury, able ugh he was twics flrod ?t frcm a dlstauoe of about three yards off But sabre quently he was wounded by a hatchet on tbo head, by a dob over the eye. by a sabre on tbe right side and aa bis right arm. In censeqoenoe jf which he is still prevunled from holding a pen I'pon ;he left hand ho was stru-k by a dob, and was b.uipui all over the body. When ihe English Consul requeued a guard to prole it the bouse, he was told that it hod been done, when no guard bad bern sent. lUligloai InUIU|?iic?. cirr omncBn to iur. In the Twentieth street L'uiversalst church, >?; t *? to Sixthand Seventh avenue*. "The Biblical Disadvantages of I'nlvcrtalism'' will b? ronsMerc.l Ihla afU-rnoou, by the Rev. K. <!. Brooks, pastor. rierrkce at three o'clock * rtnon in the morning by the pastor. Service at hall past ten o'clock. In Bt. Timothy'? free church (Protestant Kptscopalj, flfty-Tourta street, west of Eighth avenue, morning sir ?Ice at half past ten o'c'ock. Sermon by the rect'ir, It- r G.J. (leer. Evening service at half past seven o'clock. Sermon by the Rev. Dr. Mohan In St. Ann's rburcb, Eighteenth street, near fifth av? one, Rev. Thomas (lallaudet, rector, scrvioes an uaua1, i with the voloe, at half pastries o'clock A. M., and half piet ] aeveo o'clock 1' M , and In the sign language at three . o'clock, P. M. In the morning tho rector will preach th< eighth anniversary sermon, In which the past history of the church, and its prospects for the future,willbogivtu. In the evening the Rt. Rev. W. H. Itelanoey, D. D. .Bishop of Western Nsw York, will preach. Rev. William Alvkn Bartlett wll! preach in the Br.. .kiyii Tabernacle, Fulton avenue, near Hoytstreet,to-day. See vices will commence at half past ten o'clock A. M , and at half-pant seven o clock P. M. In the Christian chapel, Seventeenth street, immediate ly west of BlxtbaTcnue, BderS H. Jamison, from In 'lea; spoils, Indians, will commence s scries of meetings to day, at half past ten o'clock A. M., and half paal seven o'clock P. M , end coot'nue every evening through the w< ok. In the Memorial ehurch, Hammond street, Burner of Wavtrley place, the Rev H I.E. Prttt, rector of Mt Mary's oburch, Castlctoo, 3 I , will preach this evi uing Services at half past ten, half past three, sod hall past ?eves o'clock The New Jerusalem church (Swedeaborgian) will led I public worship to day, at the National Musical Institute, 7(2 Broadway, at hair past tea o'clock In The morning The Rev. Sidney A. Corey will preach In the Murray Hill Baptist church, Thirty Sfth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues, this morning, at half past tea o'clock, sad ia the evaetug at ball past uiven. Subject in tie - evening, "Absalom '* Rev. Mr. Frothingham will preach at live hall n. rth eaat corner of Broadway and Thirty *?ond street, thu morning and evening, at the usual hours. Subjeil lor the morning, "The Work of the Liberal Del ever." t\?... g, "Our Atliude Towards Infldrllty " Rev. Ktvasdc lantanns will preacb ia the Trench I ? an gelioai church, comer of Grand and Crosby stro ll, this morning at ten o'clock and half pint seven o'clock in tho SvcntSf. The Protestant' p'icopal Mission church, Clinton Hall, Astor place, in cliargsof the Rev. Robert ?*. lhct*un. will bold Dtvine service this morsing at half i?at ten o clock, and at half paal seren o'clock in the evening. The Rev. Henry Bhutcbard, pastor, will prssch In tb churr.b tf the Restoration, eomrr of M ?nroe place and Clark street, Bronkljn, this; and eveaisg. S > ject for svtaing?la there sa Immcdiat- Cbaogr >.f * ul alUr Death Dsmons sad Iwmsnlars ? Birecker street I'alvtr church, comer of Down eg street. Service* si half pant tea A M. and half past seven P M. Thu evening Um Rev. Mosce Ralkiu will oonaldrr the above sub*. t. The adjourned dlacuaston oa Traatmbetaat .ation an I other Rom ah practices will bt retimed ia the Metrepoi tan Hall. 1Tb Prince street, this evening at half past so veo o'< lock Mr Jam" Malbisoe will deliver the op.-a lag address. ftKMCATKM*. The Weab ngtoo H"gbi? Prtsbylerianehorrh. < oroer of Tenth avenue and 166th "troet, will be dedkwt <d to the aervice of Alrighty '"d m day A ?ermoa will b? priaibed and the m rvle< of ?d cation will b.- performed la the morn ng at halt past tea o'c.oek, by the j<asb r. Rev Charles A. - Vilearu A reraioe Will he preached In the slteenooo. at three o'elevk. by the JV*v O ? White, ol Meridea, f mn . aad m ttte even.rg at b<tlf nasi seven o , o<A. t>> the Rt v W.I iam 3* g-,!' D , of Nsw York. eg. Mathews fvaoge ical Lutheran cbure.b sonny (TMgi fh>. was septnlrd uaet jear la Weehiagv-? I street, Brook yn, fcas nut t>< . tit the ch< reh lately crruplrd by the Bkidmt# on At aft r Stee. t, Or twtra Powers str-el and l?u'Ui at. uue IttrUlbeAcdl j eulid on W.bbalb in or. ng. ?>etober 14, at i,a'f oast tes o'rlo:k Tb1* e<>ngr>gai.-nerenmrBwaiwitb - ighleee, and 1 now r,uni!>er? dfly eotnmur cant m< ?nbnes. anrinvsTi"**. Rev J. A Ihtiweli was .-n Thi-tdav. 87th alt . oeda a I ed pastor uf the Iveabj ter vn c hurch at "Smith I "range, : Ntw Jersey Rsv. C. T Ha: y wat alae ordained peator of tu-Kuoevtile church The Bar??meet of Holy Ordsre ?i' edminwtered, an the tth M?t . la Ht I'atrirs ? IK ? .) eathedral. V wark.New Jersey, W> Messrs Mward M M ekev and I'utriek soma Rt Re v Unle p Hatley oltlestit IV th pr ests are des tined for the .l.etree < f Newark A large number o< per. pie wc-rs pvsent at lue csrereesy which *aa deeply Im pre. ive Mr II fk? it is unit ret-?l, will be station *! i. r a i .mi at Nit t> Hail to. lege, jlo .in ftmnge. An f<ei'flenical College met in Jertey OMR on the Ul li it. (Metidaj), and or la n?d th v J B Hutshiniwa to the m nixtry. nd ?t psslor of the B? t .i charr.b, ia lurleg tUm, New Jtreey 1st ftATl<"V-. Iter N "hejwwr.i. Hte r I'l. iadelphle, has acr pt e.l s ran from tnt Hapf.-l et-ngr. g.4ioa that wonvhi|ie tu Tr mnnt T< mple. iv?t c, V b.i ?me their paator, aud ! will soon mter regular*y spo.> h s dutks. Pev J I' T Kumb i, Gre> nvills, (dito, ht* reeved e oall to tbe paetorate of the Preob. terlau cnurch at btloti I ^I I A nrw ohurth ta? bvft. \ ,n f ri.? C If, 'Mr** sssntg. by Rsv Illram ', .vploriag m'??i.fBsrr ef fwyton Pierbytsry. and a t.nar, mm* ov tatlon ha* ore id to HiV. Jo i exteaded to lb v. John Martw, of A ldmvu, to surply It pulpit r>*mti? tv vrts wf\HTer. Pev John Matb.ry, a ho wt? admitted lo the % irgima (Vnferstre ia im, di. d n-sr Orfrd, If C. <slb. 3d) nit. R< T1 ur>s? Rnberts. nb- e ?< ao bi.tly burl f? the F.rla Fsllriad tiark, h-.? died of bt* inp ' e? Me oas a man of rak-emcu iharact- r and super e?r tab ala s*w i st nrni *. Thewme tmtler ibe , ?? * !>ler ? rbnreh. at the cerber <-f Sate ssd ts*tgs?Sreet* Afhssy, tshk piaoa en tb< fib Inst Al .-b?vep ?? 'e-dl ? r**, eoSiStStlaR id iror b-ahopaao-' ' >rty two . gy m. n, pr?? . ?*ed from ti. "inlc btsug a. Ma tu lt>% tibcrcB, SBtti thvg wtr? Joined by the warden* and veatrymen. A* the pro orralen entered the 24th Pielm wea rend by Right Rererend Bishop i'oturr, and response* were mede by tbe olergy and members of hut- congregation. The opening pre) erg were reed by tbe Rvr. Mr. Shackelford, of Newark. N J. The Pra'me were road by Iter Mr. Selkirk, of Trinity church, Albany. The Oral Iraaon wan read by See. Mr. Twlng, or l^analngburg. the aeoond lesson by Dr. Rudder, of St Rani's church, Al bany. Tbe creed by Rev Mr. Biahop, of Grace church, Albany; tbe remainder of tbe prayora by iter Bylrsnun R?ed, of the Church of the Holy hiDoecuie, Albany. In ibe ante communion aervlno, I bo commandments were read by the Right Rev Btabop Whipple, of Minnesota; ibe Col ect for tho day. I?y tbe Right Rav Horatio Rotter, rroviaional Bianopot the Lhooeea. Tbe Epistle wan read by Dr Todd, of Stamford, Oouu ; Iho Gospel by Rey. Dr. Colt, of Troy. too afnunc 8 at the oflbrtory were read by lb v. rrr Vuckrr, of Troy. Tbe prayer for the whole ata-e of the church ?*k rrud by Rev. I>r Brown, of New burg Tbe two exbortattona were pronoun .el by Rev. Igr. Vibbn, of Trinity church, hew Yorlc The nleneral ConfiMtou waa proLouLiorl by Rov Mr Dig, assistant rtc'or of Trinity church, New Vo>k. Tho Sentence of Con ner at ?n u.n pronounced by FW. iw Morgan, New York, and Biabop g'ullord, of Mouiroal. preached lae onsecra tioo acrm >n A vrry large audience rusomblod to WIN cuea tbe cotaccrellon. A new church baa just t? en completed at Rerrysburg, Dblo. Tiir building la 65 loot by 38, and will oom fortably about three bundrcd per* >ua. It coat about $6,000. A New School Presbyteriau church was organized re cently In Aiyorado, California. The oorter "(one of tbe Chtirrh of tho Divine lolly, n?w b u g rrrcled ou prlng street, iu itU* way, N. J , by the Kir at Unlvnraalift Society ol thai city, wan la'd ju tb<' 3<t 11 at Roe. T. J. Sawyer, II D , at Now York, ad dreiird iho large aotlienrn at l<:gih, making a moat approju ... i i. f the bating doc trioca of I'nlti r?ai mii. lie u o: folic wed by Rey. Henry Blanchaxl. of Brooklyn, w bo S|mke of the spiritual ilgnttl rare, a of the ct moony, fu*' K. v a. St .lohn Ghambrc, oi Newark, tLcu laid thi con i no, uiaciog oeuvatb It a beg cr.Ltoiuli'g a copy of ihc scripture*, copies of de nominational papeis, Uie Railway pa|a r?, and document* pertaiuirg to tbe uew cliurob *c ,tt-o Tuc dusology nod br Mdtctlou o.i mil the air' ioc*. wi, li a ere an: t uapreg | live throughout. amkbican Biri i Tin uc l Min-iiiig of th ?.?g held at I bo Bible Houat. At tor plan- , Tie, *y, tbe 4th irn , ai hair yard three, I'. M p | tin Hrad.Ah ID thecbn'r, assisted by Wm. 11 C, -oy and ftij I. Swan, trig. Roy lot Jenei, D D , read the lifty s<rond chapter of balah and oDored prayer. Three new auxiliaries were reco^nta'd?win in New Jerrty, one in Giorglu and one In Khup'w Territory. CouimenIcatlong were received from agent* giving an arcomii of tbe work In ibelr several Quids; Dora Jaaoj TV S cr.e, Rara, South America, glying ai account of dls trlbution < f the Bcr.ptore* tip iho Ama/>oand MaDira rivers from Rev Mr Rla kfor,,1. IMo.iuoe|ro, acknowledg ing the receipt of book. Irern this Society, and giving en cmiragu g ac'i < nil aa to the jn-ospct for circulating tbe Sortptures in Brazil; frcm Mr Jag Oliver, Kray Ben tog, in regard to c iftribution of the Scriptures in Cruguay (rim Colonel Trrnchln, Gcr.era, rending account of the labor of Kiblo distributor* in Italy, and rr<iur-atlng fur Iter g| prepriallons: from Rey. J. G Baldwin, Koo Obow, in regard to veraior* of tbe Holy Scriptures in China from the tfrrctary of llio Netherlands Blbie Society, with a donation for tho library of valuable book* relating to tbe Ionian Archipelago, and giving a atutcment of the dis tribution of Iho Ho'y Scriptuies by that gocioty. Giaida of books were to the American Tract So ciety; to the New York Unionization Society, for rocap lured tfriCKLg In l.ibena German Bible* lor dietrlbutloo in Caitai'a, Bibles and TcHlum< nti In various language* for Rio.' rriro, for Ceyloe, am the region of tbe Uruguay ri\<r. | A . anl B. Ig >U w ,th NTWll grantg to needy StioJuy tchrmla where there are no augtlutriee. and lor distribnl on ii Kansas Texas and Calliornla. in place* wheic tbere are no sneiel e*; and eighteen vclumee In raited IctU rs for the blind. MlflCCT.I.ANWHM. Tbe ua tab meeting buuee in Browning tea, Vt., wh o,h was Lui t by the Freewill Baptiitsaud M< tbo lisu during the past summer, wu dedicaU ! .n pt. 30 The Ck cgrcgaticnallftr at Pike'* Pewk hare united with tbe N< w und Old i*? tool Presbyterians id formliiK a union clurch in Mountain City, m (iiegory 'a (iuleh. which num ber* fifty m mb<r*, be'tg one v,rck's growth, iter. Mr. Hamilton, New nebed, it mpplv tog the church. Tbe Prerbytorlno rhnrrh la tbe foiled State*, *ayi the North Carolina f*ml>pter%nn, haying the largest member ship is tbe Brick church In New York, order the joust pr storage of I'm. Sprln* and Hoge. Tl.e number of mem her* last spring was "07 it la probably no# oyer S0<) Tba next la l*r. Black wood* eharrh in Philadelphia, 768 member*. Tbe late !>r Ah'ia'Jer* baa 700 member* J>r. Che. rr man'*, 030; I>r. McFJroy's, 837 The largcwt cbuirh In lb'' Sonih la the Rocky I'.lver church. Roy. D. t Penic.*,!" peeler, 618 members Rer J R. Dow'*, it South Carolina, has 678,1* Palmer'*. In New Orleans, 442; Hr myth's. lu I liarlcetoti,4'.*6, anil Mr t.lraraea-.'a. In ttM same city, 403 The 'oliowug cborcbea reoetreo over 160 new mcrubi >x in the laat j car; the Rer Fredk. sum*, (ticrman Presbyterian) in New York, 144; Her. Clur'n J. .lone*, In the name city, 104; Re*. Stephen U Mcirbon. on long N'and. 110, and Rer. Jneepb Weeks, In Nnteber Its Tbe largest ohttntb la oreego Presbytery lathe Ha wield'*, Key A 0. Hugbee, pastor, 334 mom bcr , in Vajelterille Pruby P ry Centre,Roy Mr Naah s, ;68 rr ember*, and in Concord lh.' nest aiu-r Rocky Rirer in Wee I Creek, tbe late Rer Mr Watt pa*t'?r, 3*0 mem ber*. Arc iik tbe larg. ? ' contributing churches are 1T Pliiiiip? , *hkh gave P< all purposes 867 861 tbe late I*. Alriaiiiler'*. *68.467, the Brink chnrrb. 833.118. Pr Boardmaa**, In I'hiladelph a. 830 467 llr. Palmer's, io New Orleans, 838.811. When tbe Rrr Mr Hill wu roturnlng from Ireland, be found b u'i ll much annoyed by tbr reprobate conduct or the capta.n at.. mate who were aadly glrao to tbe scan da.'<>ri? habit ? f (wrar hg First tbr' captain swore at the mate, then the mate ?-y>r< at the i apt tin, then they both swore at tbe wind*. Mr. HiU called to item for "fair play." " Sl:p. ttop," I*.i he. 11 H ia hare fair play, geatie n.i n il i* my turn now." ' At what in It your turn F aektd tbe captain " At svrarlaf," rrpliad Mr Hill. Weil, tley salted ana waited, until tbelr pwttenco at ??l.a-.sted, and they wohed Mr. Hill to make bente it I take hi* talk. He told tbsm, h wcyer, that bo bad a rcht to take h.s < wn time, an l swear at bis osm con vm ware. Tbe ~aptan replied, with a U.igh, Perhapa yon dou't noma to tsk* your turn." " Pardon me. captain." ana we red Mr Hill. " 1 a hail do *? as ??? . aa 1 can find the good rf doing It." Mr Bill did i.< I hear ai tier ualb on the whole voyage ? Ity Intelligence. Tub 1 cts lit suit Arrnwiw at Sh inn ?.11 e* l.ynoe, wtio attempted suicide laat Sunday by Shooting bemad, I* still living. iler pbyalc ian sayi that her prospects of reoorrry are apparently Increasing, but It Is difficult ti my what ths ultimate result will be. 8?e ?.?* r. mov. i j fsti r.l?y morning, lor the (1r?l i me, from the position in a hu h tn? laid on M.nd.y evening, extreme 'pilot barlag bam rmot rcd lrit the adheeioiia which n. f t In- fu ming sb'cld he brr.ken. Tbe cbaage .cemed to refresh her Fr-mi-satiox cs ?'runs A -.-imam Lauuibsk Cnnui**, Naw Yo*i >n * Iwaarnaar ?During the coming week a meeting of tbe Btwrd of Kegiaiere -ind Foremen will be be Id to I tke action > n the fallowing resigns! m of senior Assistant Kogloeer Cr<gi*r,of the I .re IVpartmenl, which ha* 'wen piarrd in lli band* of Oblef Kaglnewr Docker ? !os? Dai in t ? ( , < hiei KagUuer New Y>*b > .re Depart lu i" Mi I1*? ig nmrlndml U >etirr frrmlhe .imartmmt. 1 P?re In " pe *tw> utre*.nt n> " vnaten to the Maant ut Kutiuet '* suii loitmrn el tat ,t it dnr K. ?p^ifolls. .infix t. rk'ittiKR Mr, eerie.I twrnly ?,* year* a a Br sad ma* nr?t rkcted bcit'rr in 1847. There ara bat tso MMMMM a?yrt aanooand to till the vacancy~ Jt ua Wiley, of ligtnc lompajiy No. U, and sx Foreman (.to Alter, of la*iae i..oi;etny No. .18. Aa -lecKoa will. In ail . mbabtlMy, be bald ? >me time dnrlng fee BlMh of Nortmbtr Aij*i.-1 A* Mrmaa ?A* tbr Peek slip Perry boa' lhaa A: ra was ewtrn g kcr altp on tbr New York akta, about ?weire o ciotk ytittrday. a rery arrlotm eoilislna was prrrenied. by accident only, which mat ham raeulU i ia oorr.Vrah e darr.afe to the lorry bowl, aad probably to tbe in1*, er .-era tba llrw, ef mmi |aNW|tn had it occurred \ bxrgn tl ?u' wse eomlag down tbe rl ret. * Hi all sails >. t and tbe slip wmid bare been paaetd it, a m lurrt or two more, but the p tot of the P.'.hiU) Ailet would not wait, hut attempted uteres the ?cwp'* hots Tie ruia* n -eoca ae a ml]anon wse a* rliable?, at.d It wm on y ihrc .gb tbe greatest esertMnj "o tba part of tbroe on br?rd Uc sionp that tha bowsprit ?? a* rot sent > ? ahing tbrougb tbe rear ladiee' cabin of the i?rry heal At tbe lime, rererai peraaam?ewd am'f*? lh> m our laformatt?ware titling on that side of the' I* at. rid h?ve 1* thana Pr '.rid. new that they escaped with ? ho.c ?,?itea *ncb care"*a*ncr? it inexruaahir, a* two mioatts rWi' on lh- i#rt of the pilot wm all thai waa neci 8 Ibr .juetitr.n ?r ?<r whether tbe Mm re aud li" of pwresgert are n' t of more rs'ee tbse a ew> I ir.rnt's I r.e n? wsy or the ther* Too morh ear* eaa 1 B< ' betakes lu the g? < anr? ' Ibr IF hsel*. where the I litrs of rs ? ai t pert'ie arc r . I m tbe eeN af their I ? ..u Aa It was. tbe twe torawi merely struck tbelr I * r*. Sllgbllr lotvrli th< sten leg rigging of the sloop i but it lerrr i t?. fr iht'? the i* I) lasscngore and make ' ib'o. fsel on ? nuoruhi# eel ib-y were safely landed oe I Iffed grne ' I f'aiisr <" 1?* l*biA? F'The committde for tbe r< I'd of the deslitate and SuOering ta fyrla acknow Irdge the rf" 'pt of lbs following mm* ? Platteburg N r !-?? r t. n .Clarerac*. N. Y , 8A Congrrgattoaai Ch. " # si d - met), Uaadia. N n . lit. Utile iddie, Mew fokUIn rr. II ( 81 < c-rgr s tVik Omgreaatioe, 88 V ?? Mxrr Br<c*on,|100 I.P.T.,81, O. wTa.,81, A FrMad, l ties, 88 Hcaday aebeol. vicbolao., Pa., 83 34 .f< l,n. I'h sdt pbm.H.X V. A .810. Pres. obnrcb, Oall d'rlatd, |1 if B W Knew lee 113 Fred. Vinlor A Anh! (18.838 Bo. k eopet .11 P H H bbarl. t,3;nV*e. Own . 818." K M X. PerrrstUie, 83 A A wilferd, Waehlag ton, N C . $f0 M.-S j 9. bu.'.i t. Aobnrn, Ya., 81, N"r |fo C , 130-ISt4 lYcMouely ecJmow h dged, Hi,881 8fo-8tT.8tT 38 WM A Bf*'t?l. Trrwurrr, 86 Front Assert Fai'ts MAtnaw Bam ?Tac rannal ball nf the Father Mathew Trmperbbee 8?c>ciy <?f the e ty of Mew York cme* iff i a Wrd*cr4ay ewentng nrx . at tb'C ty Aaasm hi) Rooms n>. prrpaiat.'ts ,. r two oerem-rn rr r tiaeire.aee a h > Hi)>ad lar*eatt* adaaob I* ant' lwaed by Uiv iftAiadd d the arto%iiat"a.

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