Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 7, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 7, 1860 Page 2
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8 PORTING INTELLIGENCE butt Kintal Bttwrit Mnce Hrettls, WtdMiilit]'. Septeaaibs*' IV [From the 1/mdon Sporting Ufo, Bept -!?! ltaki event, which b?t crest d Intense excltOtaioj among sporting droit* aloca H ?*? flr,, 111 r*m0 ' " oo ??r*T, Lb* l?Lb ln*L I" "ur r,'> M great a?ttc contest compute, we give the performs*** Or , coaibfttants. PKHKOKU A VCK^ OF THK COMBATANT". sa ?sssns fcughl Jaak Joe W n. .Id, st I'orfleet, Novtrab r *1 1864 tor :i00 wodo, *b,u tb.< btlite was stopped throuch darki oat omluu ot. A new place wua appolotud for the f > lowi j Saturday, November If, to rm?w lis flgfcl- t>ul Br. i c bavlig occ i-loi.od hi* own apprcb. a si..n tb.. ?lake!wrrogiven to Jcnea. He beat Roger Coiiie, V.?? Mice, f. rty nine, forty eight minuted, at Combe, Warwickshire, November 20, 1855 Rjet Can Sioimoo.U, ?JuO aatde, thirteen roun la, atxtcw minutes, near Didcot, Juuo 3, 1868 Bet! Job Cobloy ?100 ante, tort) saven round*, timely minute*. Sbeii Htvea, (Oobiey lull without a blow), August 4,1857 Fought Bob Travtre, C10O a aide forty two round*, oae b iur aad dw minute*, at Appledsre, Job.90.1168, when the pol<co Interfered. Kent Hob Trarcra, 1100 a aide, 100 round*, two hours and live minute*, Shell Haven (Travor* toil without a blow ?, Jau. 27, 1868 Beat Usee, ?100 a al Is, two round*, three minutes, on the backs of the lledway, Sept 21 1868 Boattn by Tom Say ere, ?400 to ?!00 re veurouu. a, IflCM miuute*, in Sussex, peril. 30, 1)60. For the winn light be baa been train.' I by J x> Ware bain at Hedoi sford, near Birmingham, near to Mr. WU kin*', the ' Oroee Keys " Jamea Mace, of Norw oh, eras born la 1831, and b.s weight on hi* tire t appearance lathe mystic (or ralbor flsttc) nrg wu lOal 4 lb., with Stack, .'or ?6 a aide, at Mildecbalt, whom he defeated io mi.e re rnds, oicuou mlnuice. He nut beat Thorpe, ?26 a ?l<le, eighteen rounde, twenty s ?'-'*n minutes, Med way, Feb. 17, 1*5T. He lorfoiled ?10 to 11 ke Madden, aa be refueel at under anfer?-?- named by tin* siakcb dder aocordiojt to, it. lk.>7 He again forfeited to If ke Madden, M if 10, 155S, and boll. ?' BeaUW by Bob Brettle, Sept 21, 1858 it ut !'< It Price, 150 a tide, eleven round*, *ev u teen mlaatsa, Harray, Jae 25. 1869 H at Bah Tracers, ?100 a tide, u rounds, twenty oee nunuteti, Feu 21. I860 when the peine interfered, an.l they fought tifly seven renads, ninety one minulea, Keb. 32 down the river, wben fell witnout a blow He bad bean training at Yin oie.ilh, under the euro of Alfred Milncr, of Shtflteid, and Friday , an old Norwich hero. THK MFN IN T1IF WALKS. Accord in? to agicement the meat bad to confine Item aoivta to ltiet 7 ib woight. From the very first moment of making the mat oh, tho two adversaries took tuch pride In themselves that v -y little or late tralnii g was required, ltoth got them*, lste* into perfect condition, and nothing oouid tie belt, r than their appearance at George Brow i'a, Red l.ion Market. VI hitecrom itrcet, wueu tin-y went to the scalo to have Hi r-quialto amount of t-uu placed n juxtaposition to U.olr b dles yetterday alt' rno a. Ma e waa the Aral to go to the balance, with s bout*, aal iallied down 10st. 4'b Brettie speedily followed, and w?- witb.u bed a pound of bis opponent'* weight. The betting ??' Use to four, In ffpt, offers upon tbu Brummagem Cbanip' o. who baa been located, atnoe bis arris al, at a eo Keene's, Three Tuns, M.wir alrcet. S>bo. ilia citer* w.-re a wbito ground bandker.thiuf, w.ib I be B.rm'.rgbaui Arm* In the centre, the pom', *haniros-k and thistle In tbu corner*, the whole aur miuuts'il bv n rel border. Vans, who put up al Mr. Kicbaidatc's, Blu A-? h >r. oredltC', sporU l the old blue blrda ej o "lOgle," color* which lure wealh.-*?J mac) a "batl.e anu a ores-re.'* (.eorge Brown ba 1 lovle avery convenient arrnogemeut for ihoriccpllon ol hi* visitor*, who crowded round In a very numerous manner. Boon altor the weighing, the ahossui from hundreds of lusty lupgi aorou j(n*1 tb' arrival of tin* In vulnerable Tom Bay era, wbo Immediately made bis ap ptarwooss In tho jaitnet, and took part in the ooun ctl. Hie advioe was given -nJ anctpU'l, and hi* ap pearance guaranUwd nt the He atiook Bob Brettle by the hand, and smilingly *ald, "Rib, tblnk of the auc imnoer," in alluaion to the unlucky thwack he gave Bob at bia euoosutcr with him, which of oaurse dn-w forth the laughter of all present. After the jovial glass feed passed pleasantly, y. l sparingly round, the oompany seliiod, all evidently preparing fur tho coming event. THK KIOilT Commenced at two minute* to tea o'clock. Brrttio woo lb.- to** for choice of cor? ere. Ko '?!> 1.?B< 18 r'lioo fir ?n open ng frw * -m* aeeoetf; Br'ttl* felnte.1, end a(.empte<t to draw his ad verwary, wbo was i- > quirk,and tsar llk?a rifle ah-it Mace, wtu had the alvanugc of height, an l oiowvpoenl length of reach, atucd baldly up to the front, and, from hi* J- term mad look, had evidently made up hia aiind for mu cm of. Advancing rapidly to bis man, be diah?d out hi* lell mawley with marge! prerlilon, and It drop ped smash on the nasal pr in intory. and, as the elarel waa immediately aeeo, "First blood" was awardo.1 io Mace Brittle wu nuoewbat n-ll -d at this unwelcome vialtatioo, maui-his rigbt en tho ribs, and a rally took place to the rope*. Alter a little libhlng Mace loll on the bottom rope, and the Birmingham boxrr upon him. Rot an 2 ?The ruby atill trlckki from broiti.-'a amoll ev, but be came up with every degre.- of rood-ten* and ?anted a* be faced hla nppoa.-'ut No aooner were they at ?ku utaik, is?n lh n let fly a rattler with the right on U>- left proprr, and fluahtd It. Maeo retaliated with an other punch, which made Brettle again. In ught .ng to a close, when Brettle ftlipped up. Rood 3?Both mro got to work In right rsrn.wt M reclly i me was tailed. aiiJ some abarp exesaog.-a folio a ?*! on both aide* Br. lUe thra tried bta left, which MM cleverly avoided, and then Jem made hi* h'fr with ternrtc elTect <i|>oa Bri ttle'* acsHter again, which drew a freth cor*, amtdat loud about* of exullaliou rneu li s friends Brallie at length dropped hla right on the left cbaek, and Mace fell backwards, although n > clam waa made for kacck down blows. Roiar. 4 ? Ihrtolly Ibey *cra'ehe>l Brettl-s inrest-d wltb bta left, on the an sewer, and the orimsnn fluid b g?u to Bow from Mace somewhat copinusly. Nothing dannl.'d, M*ceafi->d for oo rept'ra, and drew more of tbo r.?y irom Bob'* roout, w ih terrldc fir.e l>y ? left tun ler. Tba mm (hen rioaed, and struggled for Iho throw, winch was ewrnloaJly gained by Mace, wbo seemel Bill of tight ins, and Incrri*nig ,n bouflden.w ever? momesL Rorw 6 ?The deliveries on both ?i !ej were rapid and effective, but Brittle bad evidently the worst of It, an J , bis friend* were Ihor- ' K-bly astjcisliod at the manner m which the Norwich man was performing. Tba odds, . in point of fact, were eow upon Ma-?, and d and 7 to 4 was now oflervd on htm. as It hid previ msly b?-n opou his adversary. They wool ding dong at II, Boh plaat ngb.s right on Mtra s '.eft peeper, which was the only visible mark upon btm wbleh ??. tie I la any way par** Jem returxed the onmpltmert by another stiager on the eenk, and morn of the ruby became apparent A second smack with the left drew a m >re e?pi->un supply of Chateau Margaox. A wild rally wblrb was ond.d by Brettlr a lppirc up. Rocvn fl ?m i ?.-o ? ta Brettie show- J al the wrrateb hla m ?( sppeartd considerably worse than Mver'a, ben ? est on tho left rb?eh f >u*t ben-ath the ry?), w ail* b a ssetarr waa sttU apurtirig out the ruby No time was lost in grit tig to bustn-ra, Jem r.-ilar'.og hi* mas ua the jowl, and raturo-rg on the p'mp!*. Tbs exchange* were few but lerr'Vj tn Uio part of Mare, wbo ucvicatioaaMy had ih-> b? t*. of the lighting, an . Bret tic's fi 3tal region ahowed that th- tap was .a full flow a* he foil sndenr.-sL it tb'a stage of Iho proceedings three of th* Bericshlrs made tbsir appearance, and a stop waa pit to the , Mshat tbo flghl lasted eta. tly twelve mlnutr* 7b.- police havicg istimated their latsntioB of spn."eg it? snort ' anywhere In that locality, there was an pew ' dty of th* o.?iieet being renewtd that ifteen -a, and the mfrres ordered the men to meet vjalu n T'lursday N' enn he MM in the way of remark, boyend the fact that Hare ed ttroughont, and proud him tell th* batter gvn? a'. CONCLUSION OF THF. FTOTIT. IWIltT. la parauaara ?? tho trtui of ton rnfnrro, tt ?u amxably trTtD|t<) ? lt!? prrrlowt night t:,at th? b"l I g?'?x>to rboold ?"apart oa thn a-ior.." tirg morning from a w*4' known Mat..m an! " try thn Ma-' . ty," llrtt jnur orylog to fortiori It war . ibo..| ao'.ly aawrtrlocd thu V-aU ro?ld ool bo jwnm'nd, not Uk- .-rig 1 ini #*t in- <ri aitorod to Smttoncd and :t bat n? famp'rwd that ts:? bacarr at Mac ha 1 r?c< tr<-d a dropat. b lnn? ? aatobmlr t " pog" latrnatod with tha monar-T. -it. wb <-h wtvtn>d IIk pari; lo w mr to So th"?d, a* it ? t- no wrr? tn> th? fwt if at PartMwt, thr Imha ttrai r. tt.| b> to rr tore# TV> drrjiotoh tiro aattoaar \ to' ?rtk.'Vtorr that arTarjrtrraU ? ?,t t> a c. r> ikl ftp watts* B<-oo?nwK?'al."0. 1'.. ? all had ><"vw poop?i???ally arrasgod, as4 tho !? -stool tha ena itaatr rrtimrt to r?wt, wry MSghlaaof UrtOgtrg tho mil' In a ?f jirn n tha ?rmw Jt-m a, aa ?w*attooa<t tc aaothar Mftt >a of ?.r p?i-f bwfc plit |iarta-a at t??? -go R\hard?? ?, -%Of'0iich. an I trry pitMUy rwpa >1 to b'l <h..?ir ?Htn, that bo tr ?til a/ or l.aa a lloa rotor-iot. io- m Mk, Buahn-t with bj wn?>i. w '.rw it wool, ?? b r aawl wwla arata aa : . agor tag tbr tray " ftwfUo, a* owr raadora ara awara. ai nta'a tire Krroa'a bia too 1 .aarvra, and attar U? ,\rat 'ajr'a Ifht tag a aauaell o< war wao Or!d among ba lr rndi, aa arJima. ala.ot, aa <>ao of liar t?aldi ?, ait I oflrr looana ?ullaltoa bo botooh t n.arU to bla "Ooway, ' aa I I'. w at bo admitted. rrra l?jr ui? to at ralhaaiart.i ?f BrotUr"* rrioailo, that ho hat '*r mmtmtmt 4 ?? np Bhm ihas hta adromary A doll *>op lifea . f, b- tv? talag too orwr rpproa h of w at 'f, hung otrrf th? motrr,?Tt ? u wo UlM our Mb N Tha radar awming toi-noenr HBV'toM torniiaaa. The modorn Ib'-j toa wao ft *? j atl.r Tao tin.meat rogoa Irrod hf too unatntol eooanlernf toa pramttog Jar atroa thwa 'arty ma > fane mar ifeata boa aa<t too flrrt ahrtll cry wo hoard waa ??.Vuttwo hf. ait aoraust of too groat light." iJlli." urchlaa, with tor r irtdto.od fa<v? and anmwiha.1 hair, woro rrtdrt.t y drioraiiaait to bo "Brat la too floid, ' an wrra ac loa wwttsgto dtapooo if totir papera br'ira too ?*HMaa af ?b'Pturat" '.a FVrt atroot had tak'a dowa thotr that toia or UkOm waa awaho. A* wa rat t lad or or tha tt.moa through too nty tho fog hcoaeo fota a hat tranapo aal oa an a'og at Uto* a j iff tool oalf hoag aarar toa ch maoy pota tifcaa dlogy rrU Tho Ua a hf wh?h tha oraoy had to bo porf trmnl waa aa ordl aary wa. ai ait .tat .aa. and, aoror ilag to Brad "***? *** *Ur* witota a tow ra.ifjtro of right o'clark. A aa liiia a- -a that n_. ^ ^ A" U*4 t,m" ? t? aao)>ar?tte throag had aarrauadod tha ?stranr.. to tho ttattoa, act>owa in ah tola a poop at too an. aa d a* or talr tho iatrat pra aad oowO la MaaocUoa wtth th? m.ub ltaoa. B romaan r of bla trtuaor aad Johaay Wathor, and ?arro.a.lod b?VKtw Maw do. thotr parttaaaahlp hotag rioarly .adfwtodhr tho oaatptetoaa bird * *y* ogloa arnaa.l tootr a<rk* aa>ri*oo oartf, Tbo roagha Baton a roah to larpart >?. ohich ha waa moat aar'otao to arold. and mndntUy aaoBtorrd nto too adjaroat by atrroto to bo rtd ot thr t to nbtmr'T* at toattnaa of bla adatror*. who bnwrtrrr fo.low.-i bia with fx h ripraaatoaa aa "ararn. torn yon tho wad >m ui ? wry yrotardar, aal jron'll flntrh h;m rtfht c t to tar Mar# tonferd Um pKtara of ooa&iowo. and hi* ryt latrlv tw'ahWd wtth high rptrt'a aid g?v?i g,;- <f n ?>r t m rlrartp r*idowt from a ca-*'ai t--t n of mag tort tho amoar.t of f : l?hr it 1.11 to.* w?? wi -..'rafuiiy <ma>' tadrto, t *r i gra? i.i af> (??' mark ri -pt a itttia aantm. atrar to- tig it rj? white the left peeper wn only slightly discolors*? ac tltgctly (bat <x>? bad to look olose to detect It Bob I Br.-11 ie arrived, La company with bta (rlanda, about half i>a.-t m ea and hi* appearance w?a aa awful coalraat Co tfca Norwich nero He aa* evidently chop fallen aad d.?[ lrittd l/cir. tb> unexpected Tartar be had oaaght, and Itus phyMcgnt my baa not Improved by hit night a real Ilix rlgnt og r waa aa blank aa a coal, and the left vu nut l > li<a>fully Park, but the cut ucder It wac open and o?'r "b P* b"4 Bf*f w*r* alio much swollen or I bruteed, atd tba Brum* looked myth rg but gratified at It., a t ration tut n g! l had made la bis mug. Tue rusb ni the elation to obtain liclfrta waa not greatly tuooeVe nice I. aa many who were present on tbe first day I tad de clined a aecond Journey, and the attendance of Oorln tbiaea bad dtmiLtrbid C".Mderably Aa tbe morotcg progress d tbe white think mtat which had bone over the trarah aad meadow gradually clean I away, ai.d the eon broke cut w.lh ctwerlug efloit. I' f .bury the train in/ned ott for southend, and that cttel rated cockney (tea vide retreat waa reached witb rafi-ty and ce.. rlly at twruty minctea part h n o'clock. Alti r a Mop ol about half an hour, In whlcli time great eiect-llbn wao done wtia tbi- pruv.mou*, a genrral uiovo wue made tc beau, but a* tno 6outh< u i ptor w a mile au J a ouarter in length, tb'swi f-c t of pedestriaatsm were In dt. go.1 wilt a t i e level walk About half way down tho pier Mace'* backer (who by the-by bad engaged the tic am boa Is on tits own r-vpr ailnlit/, totally independent of tho Um tile party) wa* ctatlooed, insisted by one or two will known pugs, and tbe; p-eve bled all fur titer pro grtea to ibc aUnu.toau, until the rt |ulrcd fa-o lor tbe water excursion had been 1 tabu rued This warn v*M tniprovt totnt In too arrangement* for the light oelweru Mate and Bolt Traverd, ?b' alarted Irtm tbe same place, awl who: , from U.c carcUaeuet-s in co itrting the fare*, much delay look place Twoitui inodloua vessels were in resointws, lying to oS the ptor. In due ooujso, tbe necessary hat having been received, tbe roi ?* aud tuku LaTiug been got on h-ord, and tbe eon haUula having also btct rue -ulioru In the Mine bark, we atvamrd away. A small bevy of poUoo, who had sr. c. n.jMintt I tb< (rain, also proceeded aa far a* the tad of the pu r, but tutrv their mue-ion seemed to terminate, as IM-7 merely chs.led lan party, and, altbougb they lnrrat?sed to oilow and spoil sport, they apptreoiiy am M-d then olvea with watchiog tho vessel stesoi away a lot g wtlhothrr toting'rs on the pier. As rrmu as all w< r> on bourd the usual ronimxsariat ertrnmlMiouers pro d red fc' m< b> mble bul hearty gri.n, with ? good supply of ' Itsrv." Mace to< k up tils p'lalltoo at tbe prow of the v. -wet, wrapped carefully up to bis eyes in a horsecloth; but Bratt e spent it ost part of hut lime in walking the dot k anil chatting w th hi party A Might ram (ell when ti e boat tiral got away, but, ah >rti> uft. r the -on broke tut, and when the moment of dim rabvk.itlon arrived it Sbfxto bight and warm The trip had l-eea abort at 1 pleasant, and the spot sen cted was ooe hitherto transited After tho r'rg bad bet-a pitched by the aofve i-nratn'ssary of the I'. K , 00 ai excM lent and level fleet 0f tor', Maoe Imni dlate'y sh/e-1 b 1 castor iLto tho ring, amidat tbe obeers of b.s (ro ads and thtir houicnl cr ? s of ' Ob, oa Ta'tre brought the rur 1 hero to day 1" Jem coramei rWi dxroblrg nudar careful scpcrlBU Lda-.ic, wlih an i ':.'1 ila over his bead to pro tect him froo. the i>qu At Ifc.s trcmetita dlgiit ?nt-kr occurred In ra II e fact of two individuals w hoso 'money" wiusaidt' be the'-w roog' way, exhibiting thoinselves on an elevated poalUot, it *1: aald fur ihe purpose of "teleprt|(hit>g" to atop the light An ugly doraooMrat on ston convinced tbeeo mar ads that tfuy bad ma le a dsn gvrot e m ?t dt , atd quiet was r"wtorcit. Altro I at tbe -ame turie Bret lie ac.vaLred 'rom a di.ittnt 1 irt of the tit-Id, threw u.s tllf UiSld< the ropes, and he was also greeted v <h htors TheB' .'.mr uarklog a be tutored tho ring, "It's not all over yot;" this called fortb I narty vbc-ra, asd tbe oomaatarls tmmedlatelr iLo'.k hands Bp UK was sor..( what ta> ly In comp . t'og Ida to, ot, a Cirrunr-Uncc which rlleltt-l trerh grumbliug from Mace's party, and taunting crow of. ? Oh < b tou're wa ling lor tbe i< Ho- After a i.ltle Jt lay the bell i,eroi.W stood up exactly at half [?st one for r tbx p.khinrnn fight. Hoc.*!? 1 ? Iir.mediate'y tho mtn adraured from their ? corners it waa pla.n that thu advuniago wu all in Uwcu'a favor fl i left eye, It la true, was slightly d st.-iored, bat be bore no other marks of p u lab moot whatever. On tho cortrary, BnM'e had both his peepers Ui mourn rg, and bad kIsi- a cut under Ms I* ft day I ghi. Tf ore was no bettlog, ft r tbe obvious reason that not a foul upon tho ground imvgtaed, l< r s memeht, that the Birmingham champloG wss able, Id tblv rodition, to rope with such a 1 powerful silver ary aa he hai lacing Um The offers wcro 3 to I freely '..pen Mace, and no takers. Directly Bret'lo got to the middin of the ring, he led cC with his left, and . then commenced t-i dance round his opponent on all sld< a, In order u> avoid any re t Is'tat'or. rt the puo'ahmr.t U? liaJ espw'ieaoed on tbe prt r i.u* day Maor waited pt , tienlly for a or ao, an ', wbec he fraud that Bret . tie was dctertr'ued to ad upc? tbe defensive, ho Immcdb au ly assumed the orpoaite rou-se l .o .laabed out wlih his tervOr left, aad caught Bottle bang upon the Jaw, I a bile Bob bravely returned upon the body. Aft era feint, Bretti again ran round b-s rrua, and by a ai.p t-j : tu'dber earth, rvcsprd Msco ? IMMM MLMMBB dealt out with a vigor that shewed his ddcrmlatiloe to . do or dlo on tbe dnd of action Itooo 2 ?Breltle use evidently pr eked, and madu up hit mtnd to try and do all he knew. He threw in one of bs heavy lunge* with the right, bat Usee never ('Inched (Torn "tbe adatks uee," wnd seemed to consider It as mere child's play, as the blow fell upon the bread haskrt. Jim got in hit left despite of Bub's shltlnesa, bat was ocltarrd oe Ihe smeller, which bled immediataly. Jem > forced tbe ligbtlog, aa be bad done from tbe Orel to last oa the ptrviou* day, got his opponent's head tatochaa cery.and fibbed away to a very pretty tone with ha right. H was a difltrult thing fer Brettle to escape ibo beg, bet bo reirested to tbe ropoa, aud both hung over tbe conla together, tc the strrgg'.e, both were down, but Breltle was iipperuKii, and bis party felt inclined to Uimk .rom b.i plorky behavior that ba might eveo then pull through, bow fntlla were tbrac bopot 'md self (latter lag protpri ta, will sjeedlly he aaorrtaiacd After this round feme of Msce's party declared that Brdlle bad bitten him through the c<ee, aal Ihe referee waa ap pealed to, hut be w.suid cot roterta n the cxnpUlnt. Hot wo S ?Jem when be cairvo out showed * small cut oa the sat Her, bul ha was all there with his left mnwlry, ' sod drew the claret loetai tor Brettle met bin with thn right fork on tbe body, and likewise Inveeled with li s 1 left, but the fist was cot closed, and this great mi stake waa noticed in aeveral Instances, to the ?*d astonishment of his bickers S-me r.lcrllve de.ircrm boh followed 00 both sld-r, Brett'e getting home <-o the wrk .l, and .(mwtof another mrk. A short struggle enfed, and to avoid diOMBltiea, IVettlo fell oa bl- kneea la Mane's owa co-twr vtry vurplciouMy It was plain, even by tl. a time, thai aal ere waa leaving h ru, and that the for Icua of the day was agaiakt bin. and on the referee being appealed to be then pronounced nu opinion that Boh wwet dowa frcra wewkneas. Rot >t> 4 ?No soon re up than Mace delivered his left 00 BretUe s rblrog, and Bnh staggered again from the ef fects of tbe blow Bob tried to dance round Bis man lor a favcrable ojw rlcg. but It war plain he could not g< t at h.m, aa too good a gward waa kept on' the ctalH. and it _. _ . _ it all '? I otubard street to a < orange" on Maee. Jem put In an ot tier facer, aad when the men cirw< 1 It b uoce more sltiiprd oa the ground, crlih ct!y ir. sn e\ba:At ? Rowan A avn fuer?After * Oreille imx (torn hi* Ci to meet Mar ? dcterm nr.* rush f'lrerl ly b* ruse to the rrrmtrh Jem, in ?at of "icl, would aol be drn.ed; and. detptte a <*!f It tor rib* with tbo ripht foik, b? pbu,ud bi w-fi Joke w lb Imltr force on ff ntieplccc, en-t um* I<rum fell to tbc gmcndaad ni car ntd piping to bit corn t Tb. re in now a delay la HrelUr cothlnp op, ao.l it waa clear tbat ba waa u r.cL ili'culltea that or.tbor htmaoif n. rlutr .t ICMMmMMI IbeiMO \ ea firm. during 11 .at ba waa n err y rota; i.p to rreelve fnrthrr peolrb, aa<l u>a caae bopekaa, tba a .>c(o waa Ibrowa up '>. eeltle, at.J Mare waa declared ihe w .nncr to aavea mi a a ten riaotiy, according to nmpira ? time ?UUU fa our arcowai of tbr drat day'a Iphticg we purpoa*iy abetained fr< m makirg at) remark* apawh mnlosl thea ubDl rb. I, iNcaoae we cone dered it would ba bardiy fair to Rretlle, tbra aadrleotiy dbwoiraped by the aaavprct edly r..rm Jabte aaurooit be bad iw*?ub tared hi a light. which t.aa proved rrom the rommcnccnvnl i a'l ote way, it maat beari Vat thai ??nrtnl mmmmt -a bard.y nee owary. A!una. :~<m the t.-at roohd.ooWed- ?' oreday. dow* to the- artab.b| Mow. Hare criuoed ,m I mowr vepertoniy, nut tg' bcttl a! all poiati, aid forever wipls* out the tll?ina w'utrh had bo. n attached to h'm of cowardice. Altn.npb th?- light wa? not of tbat dwattoa to teal Mare'a |> were of endurance, it auat have j b 'a perfectly ob? i ue tbat ae fought la a came and 4a- ] term ned mam " l"Otrary to tl.e poplar belief Brett ic I ta tbe yoeager m*.i ?>i the two, b*.t bia maoy bard baltlea, , la <-? ir?n* n with theer of Mire iv pave the lal ter lb." advantage ftradr ? thia, Mare had in h>e far or 1 bright. and, aaesrhc cully, Ingth of rearb. J m'? pecu c la. 'I ? i e !.*? . I. ? : I - 'I * . 1 ? If, tcrity ia the caa ?J tbat wcw?< i prorod the meiiitpclat: o< bi> aerc** It mat not be inferred from tboeo re mark* tbat ha lark* 'be pnw?r Willi bw ' fht, hew.p. o ibe abol*. a woadrrfatiy noocnpliahad two hard d lighter IYrh*iw a man dc'-.t left the flag wtdt ro t*w aiark* upna btsn. and, ??rop| tbc B<-ratch on tbr n ? aud the alight itaoclorelloa f u.a led rye, he waa rcaeaMmtf. and be tad bt* backer* u*Tr (>,?1 r. n?"<i to K- proud ot achieve men I Pur Br t\* d't t ? beat to te*nre a victor* .tit, overmuch I k rr ibe n ten uoiu l>?t oo.-adrare, an I a* tba MM ?. rieiill. be waa ao much abfJAt that Mar* a ' Mh er* n. (bt bcrtmar l the remark that ' an had knock I ibe R roan ai'ty " Bretlie there l? no miatakc in Uk mailer, ? ia fmr't 'y pr i#uc I,*r d when benulttcl the r<Bf, h? mug, one tare* l?'*ck bnoee, m cb ew.i'ire, waaerrt) hit aa bad aa KMMk alter laagrant debt. In ad.l'tioa to tbta, the fare cut b# received on the drat ?lay. opened ia iha reacwed mill I ka a fcjauto and I w ur Vac< an., ted ao much pu&;*hmeei m ao ?b.?rt a time *erma tr retak"** For proe-el a'*rr ly, jot meal and r.-clire rietutKm, Itmv arc me a worthy umtwe .if tk?yrr?. in wiker i d ool ba haa ei deafly atudied Bretiio, ibotifb .eaua, ta a-1 dhyrtra.i tw etrlved aa maafb ly u ba cm. i b r bta own Wmor, and tba aecurtty of h.a harWet* After the flybl, Mare de-larvt be, l*>m tbat moment, w*a wort' tvre tbovrv d pemd* and if th'.? wne not the ow?e be wet of rtuiui ? a ha ha* fainy aaraed h!? ra ward i ATt*T r t'lTxrt tit* oy rtm uh' tr M't.t. tprn II?N- ... i Mi mm ???>.? or how kMTTt ?. A'tcr ib<- G*l.l waa li.tarruplnd a (enaral Brimi>rr wa? mode fyr tba (teamen end all prcarure w?a male to ar tit' at ih tbend Ud tbewoa t>> Urn meiropniw An beer ?iapcrd before tbr departare of the Unity miaotcw pact flea o'atora trata, Ihe be I yereota an 1 their tried la of caw *a under the cirruauUreoa bemf w wt aatmm In pet away, Oafy two pre <rm?n were at iba Blalion.aad tbey watched U.e iwaart yee* very oapavly aa tbay eat*red tba tra.a Mat.-iaf ' of aay *iyBiflcaa9* or . >nae V'taoe, bat on the train oowbay to a rmppapa at le'ch, a atroay poaaa of potion aero opoa the plauhrm. who at oaee remmeened a aenreh for the prlarlpal artrra at tbat Jay *i proceedxya. Ibww Boh Br* tile waa the I rat ci tar 4. and Bodfec Okatohlay. Vouop Bod?*r ami rtaiaper were a'w> harmed Ihe the aim loorwey Mat oaltl Iba ,xt meat 'Bed, however, had team.! the pedeatr aa poweri of the raehfh "w, la food inch maaaped to eeoapr da t xlco by tytra ur. tee owe c< tbc arau ta tba railway rar rape, h ldm by h? ' pah," and by tba advice of a Mead be ft ret bt aa ntennediale Mat me, and from lb. tee pot r'cnr away ta a cab Brattle and hit ewe rai ? ia w.rc plm?d ta a onmparuneal w th I ha pa '.'or, a*d tbua foeraeyed to Tdbory, and throne were takra aor-*a tna water to Orav*eend, and for tba a'pkt weto me Bird ia a eel!; Creiehsev. however, e ?' toe r-rnl pre *e -tfy pra*n?tty ? iliop ep with ro . Br> art b??*.rp bia brt lere oat other war mlnta tar p in b a -*m?ri t rey attwutiaa, hywerar, bad ktn<toem werenhowo to IbeeapitTca. the authertttea au lowed item erery possible ooanlderailoo In ?be course of Ite following (ytetorday) morning Bretllo, (he Crutch ley'*, nod Hamper woe? brought up befbre * beach of magistrates, Mr. BearJ, the solicitor, having been sum to dtCrud the potty. Alt- r a short egamtantieii BrtlUo nu otarhaigod from cut tody, ttore being In toe opinion of toe Uoch no aaie against liioa, not Orutohley and rwmper. agsmst whom the polio* pro.laced eruleaoe of tlgbing, wen tcmaodnd oa b il uctil Monday week, a ?aiib> L< ot 'A tue town, although unknoau to the men, standing had. The prooeedlngt wt?ra perfectly unecoall tutiooal and wa rejoice that poor ltob got 00 well out of ltd Oi 11 u iltcuiiy, ana we hope that ail wbo hive colore of bim will "tbell out" at ooee, aid show tbeir appreciation of this good, game fellow, who came up gal aatly a second tiro*, ahen fortune was dead against blm. The bachire of Mace, for his galbuU ccnduct and brave ly . intend prttenliig bias with a belt, one of tbe hand somest htaerto product d. However viiuable that oelt ro?y be we oaa only bay that he rlebly deserved mil hecorab e trophy, Mao* anlfrUnds rat ed at our oHloe ) titer day , and beyond a slight s *?? U.c ^ of tbe iip tleu-ut d tf- location af toe l*r. o?c, there a leno traoes of bavir g met euch a formidable antagonist as 'he ret owned Bob We era nothing at present to prevent Ma w being tTiaicplor or Kng'aoa, and djubll m h-ra has also an eye to hat trout y. the oontoat lot which haa re orally a hit ? both brmispbervs. TIIH KIMJ IN M1W TOR*. The sport ..g cireleu of th.a oity bare been anticipating the arrao,jtnet t ol a match between Aaron J mod (who trained the Bt aicta Boy for hla tight w1 ih Horrtuey > and Tom J wniogs, of New Orleans, a fresh aspirant for pugl Ilstlc lion >rt. for the rum ol $1 000 wide Krom a card puolltlied by Jennings in our advertising columns ton day, it will be seen that no match Lai yet boon made, a disagreement respecting the I. me place of the two parties eutr.trg to terms Cricket. MATCH*? n*TWSKN ItAnB BALL l'I.A VPKd AMI)CBICmr ?KA, AM) UKTWK8N KLI.VRN AMKo.b'AN ANP KLA ilN LNiiLb-II CBiCKWill i. The cricfce'.iig soacon is draw ing rapidly to a ehte, and with a View of appropriately w'o Hog up the season of author r ?|?.<rl? two Iry.hly Interesting matches hare bean arranged, flie first is played to morrow on the cr.cket ground at Hobokcn belonging to the Sew York Club, aul is between eleven members of th.t club and on espial u?n '>er of base ba ! players, ? elected from the ramus clubs of New f ork and Brooklyn. Oue lnnmga each at cricket And base bail will be p ayed, and to re:. I -r the gnme mure eq.iai ?..! Inters*!.rg the number of cricket en and bar ball players ou eaca tide will be equal; that Is (ach aide will comprise badf .'lchcterg and half bme ball pisyi ra Ai some of Ihe aoconipti-hed players of tbe two games will toko part in this mntcb, it will one of tbe most intertsting and excUing controls evi r witnessed by the admirers of ouldoer reureations, 1 an well a? being tin first of ue kind ever played. The second match takes p>ace at Hut New York on ! Wrdcitdoy (| rotideil tae day la fin 1. an". U between i eleven Am. ricao and an e |iia> numb, r of mgiiah rrl'-ke' err- Th.- matcb In* ben 1 1 1 ntiroly by the U>i g Island Cricket Club-, and Is dotirned as v benefit j to Mr skins, tt# abi- profc clonal cricketer, who ' if e.'hrig from declining health It is tbe drat ccrnil. n thai eleven Arc r icso cricketers have ever rrrayrd topiay an K|ual nuu l?er of fngbskmen at tbeir own nal local gam.-, and lb ? forui"r are argalte "f beat | Ug tbeir eppoueot, 00 this-axasloc. The fol'oa eg are I tin p'ayers ae i.cte'1, wb > are c< ullntd e.Tclusiviity to Long Island ? I Amsricavs ? Meesn Alrey, Flatbuih Oub: Garr son, I yetens U'uity ; Irr Andrews, Iuut New York. I?r Parker, I Kirga t'.'uety; Wol'.er, Long l.- aod: Crvigbt n, fateUlte, , Morris, liakeo, Mh tlng, Brainard,C. Wi-den and Gram, i of the American Cricket Club I 1.sauna?Ucssn lahoo and Petty, Long Island Club; 1 Hlacey uad lester, K nga CountyII irst and Boldest, yue. ns County; iwlln and Vtats.n, Betdlite; t'uyp and , lludstn, rast New Yoru, Hyroc and, btatbush Club. The w .nets w i'J be pitcbeu at 1 tee o'clock A. If If the day is una enouid tbe w ither he ui'kvoraN?, the unlrb will be postponed v.iit.l the neil fins day. Tbe can run direct fr >? lu-ton terry tc the ground at Fast New Yuk. Tstn Slave Trade. YMT\:> trATR6 DIHTHKT C'AlTtr. Befbre Hon. Ju lge Ship nan. j Cts # ? T*t' I m'M A.1' I '?*. /V-Ti L. /Neefr ?The i tfofeodaot ta this cwf- was indicted for Lttlog "it at this ( port lbs bark Wildfire, wh'cb wis tnlnel on the 00sat of Cuba wrh a cargo of Maren. Mr Ptrrco surrendered hinta.:: th* morning Mr. Black sppicd to the Court to admit the defendant to ball. Ho to a reapociab.e shipping merchant in South ; etrwt and a householder, and a large be.I would be ua neseesiry. Mr WHoorane subaitted th ?t. In view of the nature of | the (.deoce aud the praaily attached to it, the ball should not be te,i tl in W 000 Alter eome d'seumtoe tbe ?, rt Hied th) ball at W 000 Mr W I'd A Work, resiling n Clint >n street. Brook ' 'J". just.fied in tbe above s.m suhseiiuentiy beforo ; Jit lge Bella CtiOTHMO. Airrrtx ch ?ci rot lapiks abp <?t*n.?w?jr m i oou?ert their rw off CVdhmff Into la/pe order from the Booth ant Weei I rnvuvt that 1 will ~ ~ mm " l-at thr following prtom:?Prom K Utah) for XOk Unam I'uliwrn >nd Hamper paid for areordinety, feomBl lo H fat Put.- fruet R to 911 for Ooali .alan, < ar- tda, PornKnre. Jrir eirr, do. 4 notoaddr-mad to k, Oi Hefenlh arena*, belweee Batrteeeih and Twentieth diwh, will b? pitnrtunUy attended a. Indtoa attended lo by Mm. R Asrnx better abp idmt way por i.adii ant! genltomen to get Furniture, C* * great poffA I ^ ___ whtoh Win he i-rartan Ir altnndnd to by J. ABB ALT IdMUdi tltendtd to by Bra A. 1A1 Beranih aranne * BK! l lift An I' VvBIIT WAT r\)n itAlllH ?ntiemen to pet a fa'r price for -aat iff Clotting Ibc-peta and Jawelry, and not >* kumbnggud by klatoaand A note by poet to lii Ar -nntk avenue AO KB AT t KM AND FOR LETT Of? OT/OTH B1 PartHert a?d Oarpria - Aa I returned from tha Wmi J wta pay Dm hleheel prtoaa la caek tor ton a<*>re named art] elra. nub-mi pull ?? bumbo* AdJrem C. Vua 31< EUhth ae-rnne. betwecr, Twenty aiitA aad Twenty mronto akneeta. Lndtoa attri-lrd to by Mra Mtsh A XXTTTR CKABCE THAW XVXR-LAPIER AlfD i?'it.Harn 1 tar* a craai dataaad far out off t '..Hhing for i he Waatarn marfcrt. ale i for Furaiinra, t arpato, Jewelry .. - ^ e for If Ac I cianaatra l? pat tha fall raab prtoe for th* abort nan-ail artt.-l** aad m* lo hnmb'ig. aa U done by other (TeAI toiamer* ? nd faie* protend? o OaJI and be rootinned to your ?ai.-U'-tl. n or addreai Harrta, LAB Hrrasth arena*, amnd houer betow Twaaty Im atreel lndtea aUroAad to by Mra Harrta. Aooodchakcm por unm abd oebtlmmrm r lUeproeflf rant off Clothing Jewatry, Carpe*Jng and Bar altera. The bighorn price I aid for theaa at my arw at aad. ni dei'ith atruua. Addrem A. Dneaa. Lndtoa all aa Aad to hi Mra D. A STILL. UITLI ABP Pl Bb R A AT POR LA diea and p-tuam to c?t a lair raah prbe for i-aat off f'lothln* I -impure. I'arprta and Jraelry, and r.ot Pi bo Bi-.ra h-iege-l by ipeai BUffikiato aeed a rate by i>u*l In Uie o<? rn ?ablabavent of M. iJfVf. lid Herenib .ree-e, owner of highieeeth atrrrt I a ilea trfU oe punctually atlee.tod to by Mra. Lart 11* P*> -alb aterue A"r (israt nraAim por cumiixd.?lapiw abd oto-m-n hatiat a a* IT ?h |. PnmMura m fbtrpeto are ffoaranieed 11 rerwiee aa fotlowa-? Panto fmta ?l lrnffl $1 to la, tVnu. font II to 118. till Preoaea from |i to ASt Inrepe and wnnllea Prraara the ktffbeat vrvm atil be paid by oaJUnr na or ntreatou A. llarrta. M Tkird araoua. lndtoa aiteoded to by Mra Uarrto. HKTTKR fTIABfl BTTI.'n LAr 1X1 A BP OPBTL* rt.ea -A great deaaad fne the VTeaterti ra _-tet ? Wa ied. a larffe 1'iaatl t of caat off r'nthi fiu-nitura, car Ma. leaairy, Ac I r laraatee to pay the beet , prtoaa la tha cay A act* addreeaed to M. Abrahtia. l-O flerenth ataa ie. batweet. T?et ly a'Ui ami Twenty ?l . h toreeta. alll bff puma tneily auended to. In -a aitoaded by Mra ' A APABD ?ORBTLRMVB'B BMW A IIP LXrt OTP n.ahiaa ptucbtaa l for the Weatern aartet, to larre rw ant til ken Oail at the atore, or addrena TVaaaa 0 I mr.iy AA cent/-* ?t ret B U.-Mmchaat ml. ra hnrhtt any ? hand will pleaaa addnaa aa a bora. 0(H) XVTB-e _BI* Aim . . Bp eg ChAhm* wanted for the f?r?m mm bat 1 ae hifbeat rnah price erer pad can e om?h ?anbable m< nay f.w !ar*e or <aiU Inta, by railltuc at the, ? '? Wffb, " ? - or add"-etna em. Waiat, Al Centre ?t|y?t. LOAN IIPPKU. APTABCn VA I tiBOOBKillRMlKTB OP OOOpll Bare* lid Var kamltoe for ?\> at aortew, ?-y MOB" A 'I Ra T, M rilKK A 00, Mea^am. Taaa. Rafa> to Inae Norna A Oa.. 1?t Urondway. A1 T THR APTANC* OPP1CM OP L. JATORB. MObBT L raa he . Uuoed in any qeanUtr t.n W . <-hea J. ?ei-t ibamrm la. B-rara. Pry Oooda llardnara. Wi tea Brantlea and entry rtearrlp-tna of Me'- ban tlae. or bnadK ami the h'tbea*. prtoea rlren. X ?taeae avrv It CCnMential Oanda In Eton. .Ihtbr J In 1MI I rtn epal -Mee IT Wtlileai Kraal hrerr j oAea. AOT Broadway. AT 11 PBAMMM BTRBMr -MOBVT Tf) LOAB TO any atena.f. oa leate n,|a act or aaaet. Watohaa. Jew eoy, A-- w the aa-ne bangle for the hurheet mat p'tcee, by the ne la can IB A APR 11 (Ttambrrt aireet. / ?.-?? baMaaaa traaaarled en baterdaya MOMT. MOBXT -PART1KB IB WABT Of TRMPO rtry at a u attma of frt-n 810 to flu t?W oamtlalerai ee. orltea. ran nida-a lha earn- of HBO W PHRBCR ATT Hronffnny. I bird Hoar, between lion don and BVecher atreeta (OPARTNKHNIIir NOTK KB. D IMOUTIOB Ttfl PIRM OT * R|M A WRIR Iff li b .lay r two!red by m-tiotl r-aaem. Paanei Weir will aeae an 1 rorilare iba be-ioeaa an I wtt'e all rlajtya arwnet aatd irm, aad MaulB rd toimleti ail oahte and Armanii dee ml l Arm. Jf'UB If. K KR B?w Ton*. Pept B lSBL RAMI EL VTSlR rx BT^pto nmXRO RATE TRIP PAT POXVKO A CO itortner.1,,.1. for the pnrp. ae id traneartlnr a ff""*! Ptol..?.:y Ct-ung an I .-b?? MtalD'aa. till Baaane etjeac the ey e of lAe firm will be X F t'orltoe A Many IB pnrinemhlp Id nem'-are on the lei d?y of October 1MB, and toetptreoa the JOIAday ,d snptrmber, 1MB. ItKB.fAMI* f iVRLLMR ( uarijbT a m act. JOB. Biw Tana, Ortober 1. LBBR PJ> A PTBRTIPRR WNirB, A r tXTBRX WTTH BIJW to jrln htm In a raab oat 'I* bnelnem. To a food. laUria liirwte aitu t 'twwtaaiir wl.l be offered illi ami wllR Addrme foe ibree day a .' R , bcx lir Penld o?ee. ? ^nn~WArnrn -* totbo rBxarrlvd wom ab w ~ V" . "L '* * reanertabie lady, an latere, in a l\r++ > A(v4 Ftrwll# Mora .a aiW Mnra. nr to any Hfht. reaped a Me bwnneoa. and wnnM crefor to hare her brme w?b ber y' yrrrtrner. id.lrw tt.-u. Bow 11 Hi raid t Btoe, Xew lorh. 3.000 Tn m <tt -wabTXp to nvp a rxRnoB | ? -h fr Ot Vt IUI X) to tru eatb. a air?r i ? me.? y,1 - <ia., inmid -A .e. fUianou. AT A URUULA* MUfTtNU OPTEUC WORKinaMEH l Independent 1'en.r.etlc Aaacuvtleu of the Berenth ward beta October i U37 Beet MiU> aueet the PraMdenl, fitrck < orte, u ike chair, the fotiuwln* rra.luuon* were

una. laaoualy adopted ? Mhertwa the l acka,.u taMM rf ike Twelfth Unambly diairkt hw. ? placed twite lie people i l thl* district for th>wr reflra** ia the com'n* elect too, the name of jeor*e J. Camp tell for Aew-ner of ansrmby, Aud arharea*, we k tow him to be * ywm* ?ka of am. ra.hs'de ch-.rm.ler, both for honesty end induafT, we h>U hie Domination ar'ih joy, beoense wa krow thai ?rt Olid birn cre'y national 1 man lotto* aud ooeaoreatlre man to the di-jrcr. can rally with pride aud all uierhaole* and worklrp men eao una aaj that they bare a i audidale taken I roir auM-imiti tbrmeeirea. b cool red, Tlu' ih ? Worktocmeoa' Independent Demoorahd AaaocibtVui. f (he KU veclh ward au hereby i *Uf > the n nsl i.siiou of Ororre J < fcmbalL and rail upon all of our fellow worfctl airrn In <ba dlat'ict lo aid it* In arr-rtna l- ri Mcleod>11 N U ?T?e ? eat ra? oteetir." of tlila AaornUion will b* be la on Weiluradey erealu*, Ocobar 10, at Ihraame pUee, *ht 0 all the worktoitneo U ue war<1 am luriled to a'Kind. faTKlt'S COYLZ.UhaU.uitu. M-oiae Poaonin. fiecretnry Jons O'Mdil, Trcbturer. AT A MKBTINO OF TUB DKMOORAT9 Of THE fft.VK letcth ward on the bth 'ant, at U>.' hlnetri-iilk Ward bail, ('ho'lra Wleaaad K?i . In the chair Mr. Ultra, e* Oouaolnira, waa numiuaied tor Conjrrr** to raprearnt the Eighth dletnot. JOHN PRM Y, Secretary. ata meeting ok thb shvbntik nti i ward ?L Independent lleaaooratle Club, held at 1H? lei (taaey'e, corner hl*?entl. atreet end .a-,-etuia A the following ofllrer* were unsnhttoual* elected -Oaulel I'asey, Pnwbl.-nt; Uomi uli-k Oa.aoi ih. Vice President, Wm- Uerolan, Secretary fkOWN WITH aECTfOKALTKMt JL' HATTONaL bN?<>? LBAOT I. lb* National Ln.-n l came, and all who are oppeaad to the d?i.*erou* eecuooal and fanailral docirloea of tne black re pubbnen uaity.ara rtqaettdd t. met ?n Scnda' eve loir, Cel. 8 I Hid), at IhivVa I. n.oo H.sel, li ion aquare, at 7 o'elork, f?r the purpoee o proeerdlo* le a body to the great Unloa rauflrai.. o mcrtin* a! tbe t .roper Members and ? Abets ere rr peaiod < > aupsar in plain elttsen a drtea?black rrtht and bearer hat. ? ockadee and bedaree will be furnlabt?l to all by Ue Lraywe. lorchee wdl precede ike lined. Friend* 01 the Union, abend I JAVRJ W. QBRARD, Prett Elect I'll. It a T uitahbKR* i*t Vloa Pre**!, fill.BERT M PLATT, Sd VIcj l'reeT. Jons O. Oi?tm x, treat. V H Tar..*. Sr.: y INIFTH CO WORTHS I OK A I. DIHTKIOT.-A MEETING OF 1 Ihe rrsdiar r eUwted ?... ?.? delegate* . for .rt anil Tnram ij I of the rG,rei tb aol Iklmeenth warda, Kea Vo k, anC tloer of Uto TL rteenth. Konrteootk, Kitteentk and ->t* ImO wa. iaoi Hmnhlyn, ( to inaln* tbe Kl'ih t," aijfr wur:..nal Iilntrli?' are ra ior?.-1 lo m. ct at V'alter'a Orlrntal Hall, ooruor of t r rwud and id Ire nreeta. New York . on Monday ever.lup seat, tct,.l ei 8 at 7.S o'-l.wk f.r the pnrpo*e of pat tint; la uuminan m a ?olta' le ..t rarni for t ou*r-a* 0. A. DKs IEB, Oh .lrtuao Tammany OeleffaUoo. tflMTE VV.NB' CTTT AKT> OOtfaTTT NOMIKATtMO ifl Orr.rectloc.-Tbe Kafrual V,'o!>. Mlnnb' Meoa' Komi Iiaitij* I ocvrLt'uo for tba enj r?d coon y of New York, con .twin* of five dri'iaU* from each ward onanitanoo. will be bold a. br . :.|'i*?trra, oo mi r of Meet Twenty aerenth alreei rial k??enlli 'recur, on F hd ry e.enlna, Oct. 8 at 7V*o'clock (or ibe ..urpjac of DoaunaUne cite an.1 mrunty udloera. H. F A RBTN.r fllN Cha.rmni Krecut re C(?nniiti*e Minnie Met. R W. Sr lITUMKU. seria-ury. MBVnRU OF THK NINTH WARD NATIONAL UNION r'lub ..ra rcqoe-ted b.o.pctat lite \driall- in Huleoo etreM, a". T L o'cirtek evenlu*. In oltirao* .Iran*. P? ni?-eh Pt the m.rKH roeeii..,; at tVroper Inatltn'e A hand of niiuitc he, will be tu attendance. Par nrdoi 0>>mmlilee of arraneeinrula. UK'J. I.. CAMNIN, Ota.naa.i. rLinCAL.-PAI.Art: qAUDBNH AND HALL to f.PT, tor PolituAl Meeltofa, Will accuautocate 10,000 person*. Apply cn lb* premier*. SIXTH CONOsKsSIONAl. lUSTRlCf. _ BUKt KINRIO >k A NO LANK CONTENTION. Aceorflne to Ibr I reaidenl a . all the OoareoUor awmnMed on caliJTlay ,filh Oefobr r, at rt*hl o'elork. P. M . ACfl the dele *atr? arifarlne Ike tolkirtrR U Iter waa received aud read from lion. Paut II. Hradlee. who had been uominated for Con errm ? Mo. It IJfhOr, > New Youk Oct 6. Wen | W J. F* Wrr fhalmuw Natlooai Demnoraiic Nominal lc*a< ..oreiri.. I v( ibe bnth Ct???ea?ioc?l nimrlct ? It,A! Siiv-Slotem; nrmleaoon and accept anoe aa acuvll dair for tonereM by ike Natlvaal Pemocralic Noealnalliuf T. of thcr ? ~ " " ^ Oenseattoti of t*e tl?lh Cototreau^nai dlatnrt of N#? York < vent* ba> e trar.apI which HMIM a? a ao ird demiTat and t nrere opprncntuf Ihe republican party, to withdraw frr U! lb* ranraea Il ?ill be apparent to all that to dlride 'be democratic rote lo the ciatrin le to tnaurr the elseticn of ibe republican candl dale, and I am rot prepared, at a Ume *e thia pi aaaume ao yrare h reijoeallality. reraonal i.rrl.-renrra. la my rtcw, ahik into utte- tpaiyoitican.-e in Ihe Cdmparlaoo wtik cyeat prill ripiedt nod I cannot Bow oonheni. sftiii our friend* are n. * km* man y and pain Air eflret* fur union and harmony h<air*t a or,mm. o fee tnttaud an obatacie lo in mod oom p elc *CCreel I the-rf.-re repeat that I am no 10t*er a eaedleale. -.nd, thankir* my frle da for ihe'- court 'core and *'oua oilers o| *cpp.irt, I will etpraes the hope h?l the drm<v-r*cy of Ibe d>*Utct may nine apou one eandidAi?. to b a ore the d.fealrf ocr rape jllcan .-ptKmenl. an.l tkenmiw <]|>aal eirctim of an adrocaa of aoond oonailtuuoaal prluol plea. And rledylu* my beat e.T .rta. In an bum hie war, lo the ar eeniptlef.m. i.l ej an i* .-et ao dedrab'n, I hare the honor to be, rery rrapectfuily, your cbtdiart ee ract, PAUL R. RRADLZB. On motion, Mr I radlee'e derlewaloa waa reoeirad. and thereupon anew balbs waa ordered for candidate for One Cnaaa. fr<m which ballAb peered that Mr John Uoehr vue i race! red 14 rain, wbereapon be wrvs declared nnan moua i la Coaarete. botwqoeedy etch esmlahUoa barla* been tendered lo Mr. Cochrane he accepted the aajac WM. J. FAfJAM, Ckalrmii, rniaira J, Ktixr, ( - ... ?KliM Irrr. * IMrtUTVl SPAl'.TAN ASSOCIATION -THB MRMRRU OF THIS Aaaoriatlon are raqnaMe.1 in arrets'?le at their meeUa* room ll.'t llowrry, betwiwn urand and Heeler Mreeu, on Mon day cret in*. Oct. K, at 6 o'cloeh. for Ihe pnrpuae of atteadtn* the creat l nioo RatiBceUoa Meeting to be Mid at the ("ooper Inetitnte All Iboae In faror of the t nlon end oppoaed to the elect,.si of IdanPn and Hamlin, are In died In attend pad jota wt%b Ujr ordrr. JOSEPH R CHANFRAr. Prealdeel. JOHN H. HRAHY, f'KTKR MtOERMi/I T, \ k-e Prcaldeula. Na MI'd, BANTA. Grand Marsha) Wiuur n Cobtibtoc. Jouji F. KnatsT, Srcrefariee. Joan htowar, Trraaurar. rriif ri?rii*rw or rmi unpin kj.eitorai. TICRKT. Notior la brreby ti't thai lha foliorn IMIlW cooatl lute ite ('otnaUHsson Furnace ? l hvriaatFCnanr. Pstor R Hsmrny, Kami. r Butler worth. Daatai f. TVn? lie. ?csta Oroawell. Moo roe. Ilea'} OrtrneU. PaaM Da'Ha. ft U M. Bartow, M- feohaaaa W liana O llrent. Mi f. i|M?. Thomas Witter, Witta Hhanaaa. J. B llnoaar, Cha* A. harm, Royal Phalpa. Jha O Da oa. PapM J. Tiuteo, The f nscde of tha reosa ess saad mMrrtvUree IP ?"?the rminl np?wn Ipcnrred la the defeat of IJaoota and Ham Tin to eithar ' tha aboee. JOSaV A J HFNRY, (Vlrau J rim: *11. fPT?Ufj, Krw tPKK.Ort.1., loth t>fr>in union nurt andkhaix nr. rnKur.nvrn. ? I ton union cujk Of the Ninth Ward *111 meea at tha adrteile. enrnar Hud anti uwl itiatta, >?? Monday ?i?aU| October A, IBM, at 7VJ o'' wit*. ?"T tha pnrpnae of marrhl- g la th" proordMnn to tha c.sjprr Inattnta aaO jun oor teiivm -tu-to la raufjrta* tha t'rma F1actneal TVk?t Rrery man who l/oee stain trjr and daaffv# tha o ullnuanne ?? thu ?tortile Union mm! t: a rlaaU..aof a halloas! FreaMrnt is Imhi-d to Mlood aad p*r Urtpats la ihta great deeivuatrauM The laUnwtag goats ar u hate hai-ii appelated. Gilbert Matte* ? Martha) James B !>?' ar, Tresnrec J?Kn O. Hartlond. Jnpi. HoiigMaRn Aaia' ?t Marshals i <mniiuaa of Aii>ngemroir-l i?nr-? 10 nghtalia. Ktward f. HsUeaa. John <Atk/ard. I arse. N Maioea Jotia r Hald ? la. AtJCK. I- BMAW. Dread, ai M Aaraoat On. iigiif. I Laaect W P tax*. j To the rRirNiv or tux union eixtubai. twWat Notlre m hrreb* t lm? h?t the following e w..u title the tVsBianire or rtnaare ? that O i ?mt?or Ramnrl J. Tlhlest. KntBM-1 r Hilt r/trorth. l*Ptc B. Hweeoy. Kdwta " i .??eii Panel F? Ttemaiu tli-nrr i.uanetl, fame-, Mnoma. R. I. V Melea, Daaial llestia. Rllua II llnT.. M Mnaont. Thooi" - Wa'tri J'ti T \gnew J. M H'oarr. Waua Hhfi wan. Mot ai I'bripa I h . IS! A. Haoot Andrea Mount. John (t Parte Tha fnrmli of the flow ran sand enlierrtpt.oni > i meet tV Enai si n|<-r?s ntcarr- d in tha <'ef?at of Un -otu end H ire . to (ithar of tbr abora. JOBIIUA J. HK.NRV. Obnmar Jamil Rtip. eeetetarr. Nr? Tom, Cat. t 1M0. rRR* wn t. BM A VK*nNO Of TDK MfTKRrn Ms .1 Do-Iglas AMOrlaton hatd r? Thnradar iu*ht. ?rt It, at the .tail .1 I ana. ft* Moai ? Mraas at John Ievlgta a. at i:-ht priori prenaalf By order of Jamas Uewh. Prsat dan,, Patrtrk Itnrua Vies Prassleat. Thomas Raniy. hear* lary John Lcrtgaa, Ti aaeirar. JOHN Ht'ihT, Sarceant at Am* C'RtOR FOK TQX RAIR orjTITR UNION. HATirii aiIOR union rurrTi'S**!, ticrkt MAIM HRt riN<A At t il coort* iV'tTrm*. ?ORDAT, * af T\Vr:ie? r m. ORB rOVNTRT-ONX DORMTttL TfOR?OR1 PBrriHI ? Tha amamlttaa appolaiad hy aslhorHy nf tha ii sat I'ma maetma beldat tha <lonr?e laalitue, na tha lrih Jay of Sap I em bar last, to adopt e-iah aa Fleet/ ra. urge' as >ha ortMa and tha roooirr dmaad. la orlar to peasant' .na o- m ???i froai aralnet Oia rraaoton adree^ry of natmal paaea. firm ml Ms! only," ha?ir>t unaaiaKeialy a*ra^l poa aa Itennu Urkai ?? r?hy of tha rtppoo of a*ary eimam laties Mltep af MM ?Ma. In He their fallow Mtiiasa, wHhant rscard la party 1'ttal tatnaa. who ara la fasni of pnainy tha fadera! ao-npaSl upon the priorfplea aad la tha M'Ot <a which t was foionaa, indwhoara oppoaad to tha alerthsi of Unoola aad llamlia tha narddales of a#11 'adt* aeeatoaaltan. to ennTwaa la Mam Mealing, at I ha iVmoar laaUtoia, on Mrwray sranlag, ftraohm A at 7t,o'e>onk V St , to raretrs tha report of tha aahl nam mltlaa. aad utha iwt anion aa Iks sradoa demands. FgilOW CiTtiMwa?T?M HUM of pnrll to tha oonatrr. h aaot et ha den lad that wtthoad Urn Mil il afford of tha rain ?tea of this Plata thars la danger of owr rorantmawt rtaaw nndar tha dooilatna of mlera aaarnlng yrfnrtrlaa at war wlli tin lights aad Inlaraata of a Larga snrttna id tha r-'talry, ? has rttlaaaa will prarttoally ham an rotro or reprsaswtailmi la thh Cver'ulfra branch of ihe felaral rimmment reader ski t hay are U IDs a raawlt calnn ated h Is / the paarafnl i nliMi? rf tha tam saeUoaa of o-ir ooautry, to ratard Mr prosperity ami onward pmggM aa a panels, aad to ewdMgic iha aafsty aM H of tha I'dah ' It redta artth iha patrlwia naMHtlit mm of IMa Ntata. h| an Sara sal aad snrdMl no operation on nae electoral urhea, M a cert thaM rails, to dafeat wclnnahms and uiaaeraa tha Ua la hraca, ooaenrd aad fraternity. Lai tha thai UdMdM i to the whole roaatrr that iha naMona) mm of Iha Bmpt ataad tnpsOar la mad Ml? j ^^^?M aad the rtRhMaf tha Mataa Tha fothmiad rmsMmm ham ham hrrltad te addrma MM M^Mtb Aaymone. Row. Fernaado Wood,fhaAOTMa, Hon. Wiiahlaalaa Una. How 'Iman# C llronaoa Bba Jdha Xafiy, H * Tha A Pti. Iloa.John (Vmhrtrn. ,'tmea A. Ihay ^1^* lease B- Merhla, 1bm Janes Hrnnha. Ha JMa Tha ea. aad 'Aher diaiaanMhad geatert The r > oparatton < all iwfaatutioas frtanl.'y to tha eaaas M aaraertly Mattel. fhatiea O'f" ator fea'vMl J f'dea. Saa^nel T futierarorlh, rrter B Hvsaay, Xd -eta l roaweil, Daa.-i F Tie r urn, Brory <'"leDe'l. .tinea Msmie R I. ? tiArtow. Daniel Dartta, MUaoa Id. H taA. > redrew Moeisi, Chanoa a aes-or jistT-AJ RtRIT n-M-Mhr Jdait: Raar **e-nv< New lint irtiht I. lldB POLITICAL. TTNION-BKAnQCAETBEB. NATIONAL DEM OORATTO 1 1 Volunteer*, 761 Br.wlwa) -The ? ' ? ? U Volunteer*, 761 Tiros twny.-The votoei of the ctty oounty at New'Tork,? ho at opposed lh the republics pyty an requested to meet to their iwwjlmrti de'iegiLs to ? rtuwil committee to ad to eeojunrttoo wBh to'1 aa.cmai os to format a ticket ti? Ctty and County oEeee. to be srleruxl Iroaa nomlaaUiu,! already made by llto dtflerem eoltlioel parties opp end to toe republican party. Tbe Committee will mart <>o tbe llto day of tola moolh. at the hoomaortola Aewictsttoc, 761 Broalway, at TVi o'clock. Credentials of delegates ?h <uld be presented to Uta Chief bo oratory an or before I he 10th laotoct by order or tbo Keeeiiive Council of tbe National Deme oriioc Volunteer*. M HOLOMONd, 1'reet leal pro torn. J mo. Faaiuux. Chief Secretory. UNION FOE Tim SAKE Of THE UNION. OEANO V K?R MEKTINU foe huniiat bvkning. The aesnral ward Clubs of Brooklyn are requested to march up I mm the ferry to toe meeting la one tody. Also the Jersey miy end Newark clubs are requested to oocue la ore body. Tb< Brooklyn Oluba wll h? met at toe ferry by a company Of llunw Minnie Meo In uniform, a* an eaoort to tbe meeting. l>e Jersey (Tube will a en be escorted from toe ferry by an./tlver oowpeo) o( tbe Union Minn's Men. IS* I All Hi N11 Kltrt, 1 J NO fAKRM.L | Da\ID ROWLAND. >Oowtnluae (JEll A. If 4IXEV, I ANTHoNV KICK OFF, J ( ommlUee Boome 761 llroadway, UN ion foe thk hake of thk onion. ilU?NI> ONION M lib MfcKM.Sd FOR NllNnAV K V EN I > tf Tbe several Plube end Aamototlona of the city are requested to inaroh from toelr respecuv* wards to the Oooper lujttt tte lb- i'lube a-e ertiected to meet at their several beadquartere at 6^ o'ctook. IHAIaII mVNdKRS, 1 J NO. I ARBKLL. I ?KO. A. IlALeKT. V Committee. AN1HONT BIOS OFF, I DAVID ROWLAND, J Committee Room* 761 Broadway. UNION CONVENTION.?THE SPECIAL COMMITTEE of Five appointed t.y toe oil*, flouoty and.ludtdal Oon t ration are requested to meet at 866 Hrot?dwa?, corner of Ptiuoe elretl, second tloor. on i nesday ?th met. at S P. M OKO. A. II ALbRIT. Chairman. 1HT W A BP ON DECK AROUsd. DKJK *'KATE OF THK OI.I) FIRST, AROU8R. THE L'NlbN MUST AND SHALL UK PKKABBTED. All It m rppaced to tbe eleetkni of Lit coin and llsmlln, and all wbndfflretotAkc par* in tbe grand torchlight priyeaMoo. wbleh ta now b*<tg arranged b? the direction of Marshal It judera, w ill inert on Monday evening, .it eeven o'r-1 ink. at No 1 0 Hr eowtob st eel. for Use purpose >g orgsni.iag the situ errative people of the w?rd Into one a lid association. " " ?-T3__ ~ umo do battle againet the enemies of the OoQatkutino, the and the l*a> Tbe biwimen of the ward are earnrstly re quested to attend. By luvttolloa of many cktraoa of the ward lf'IH AKSEMBLT DISTRICT J I) At i, meeting of the l'SCi Ward Donglir and Tohnaon Club, held at the IJUr House on Friday ereotrg. 6th Inst . a eouferenee war had with th? People's Om wee thin, an t on h? mat ballot CKa NDAI. Kit II w.s nnaatmoualy u > oltiated lor member of Assembly for the Htategnth Aaeeubly dulrtct James Reee John Clark, Wt'.'jKm Beaesaa, .lobti Kgan. llrvan dot abtll. .lames Wiley, Miles Sweeory. J ,mee I esry. John Beam <u, Wm Mr Vaults, Hush F Meebse. J, hu Callahan, Mini eel Ciimmlngs. Patriot lurley John McOlyun JOHN L BROWN. Ohalrmaa. Thomas A. OtorlH, - Wm. II Hamilton. t hecretanee. tirjTH WARD ONION MEN, ?THR MKMlliKH fF ZU tbe Douglas an.l Johnson 1 wentuub want Cwincair* tlt'h, aod all who are In farrr of (be Union eleetorai t'ebeg, ?ill meet no Monoay evening, Oct *, at i oNdonk. ai bead quarters. <66 Klghih avenue, to take part la the r lUBeatloa meeting to be held In the Cooper InFltute ou that eveelng. J Estwimi-s., Secretary. WM. W1L8DN, Pnebtetit n-lLT WARD.?FALL IN, F W.I, IN. Z L Dottgla* ard Jnbnsoa Uol wi Club. Twenty iirst wae1, wrill meet at Cotter's, Thi ? ty fourth street and Secoed areaur, on M today evening. October 8 at eeven o'eJurk A torrh light pmrvsaioo will he formed and man:bed to the great Union demonstration at lha Cuoper leeUlnte. Miuiic, U SMpsienotrs, banners Hags. Ac all rrtoly. OKORtll W kcLKAN, I'reddent HUflit HRaDT, , JOHN MCl.Lal.V.f V'-e A. D. EKNTON, (Prolieata R. B. NOONk*. ' R B. Owoolly, Dr J. W Pltler, fleorf* forriu. M fop aaerfsrd, Hugh MrOtbe, Mlshael Cotter. Patrick Dei-, 0? mill re of ArraDgrmrata. ITRAHOIAL. Atlantio eavinoe bank, ohatham hquare, oonrr of new Bo were ?ripen daily from 10 A. M to I P. M. and frum < to 7 F. M. Deposus of from 16 oeote t ? 66 000 re newed Mi per oral interest allowed oo sums of 6600 and se der. Model.devMSf or before October 60 wtl^ draw lu re an* nr. wired. Ms per oent interest sUowed on suras or K*J Irr Model drwettK' on or before October 60 wtu erest from Oetooerl. VonAf 1|U| " m n VANTlF.r PjjMdra J. r. Coorsa, See. OAAELSi D. KATL?r,Tre Bank fob eaix?oeoanixed undik theubk ral law* of e Weeieru State Oslr a sma.1 emoua- of cash rtaiulred Afdreae boi 16TJ Poet o?c* AND WARRANTS J BOUGHT AND BOLD ST TATLOR HEOTEBSN. 71 Wall street, New lark. VTEW ORLEANS AND MOBILE FUNDI BOUGHT BF JX AUGUST BELMONT* OO., 10 Wall I (tf tFTICE OF THE WASHINGTON AQUEDUCT. WASH J higtoo Pgr limber IT. UW0. Sealed proposals are Invited tar furnishing npoe toe wharf at Georgetown, Tour thmiaand to aD thnuaao.1 barrels of Hy dratu 10 Cement, at three hundred pounds each, one thousand bsrrela Ui be detlvere.1 within ten days from th? sreep'-inee of any priposal, aad three thousand asore wttola thirty days thereafter. Btde will be opened ta presence of bidders at U o'elect. Mh liar of October eeit I'm pees Is (Mould be endorsed "Sealed proposals," aad ad H. W. BENHa." ... _, . ....IAN, Oapt. of Rngr and Chf. Eag W. A. TL KM ITT A NOES TO ENGLAND, it IRELAND, SCOTLAND AND WALE8 UNION BANK OF LONDON. FA* ION At. BANK OF iCOTI.AND. SELF ANT NANKING OOMFANT, iklLAND. la sums fraaa ?1 up warts, llKUd (>T TATLOR BBOTHKEN. Rankers. No Tt Well street. New fork. Thud avbhue havirob bajtk. Corner of Third I.*m and Twenty fifth alraat ("Hartkkkd ur. fit MTCMI lalm? pud on nil ntm from SI (o II OCfl All A|?Jn ntli o. or before October 10 In* littrM tram H*u op*o dAlly fraa ? A. W. to I T. V spkjickb k. ursrr. PraAdeat. R. 8. CntUH, RerreUry. $4 500 TO |M)*ROW- r?* A 'net ern. tie nbova am ant on baod tad man m. Tb* rwiwl <? ? loot Inane hold nod tbo wVSa of iha linn betctip to tbo *d**r"la?r. Any cotlemia wuutoi; to loan tbo abme *motirl WIS lid L?n? tntf* honor. M* trtaiu Uo*. Addrea* Bond hn I.* Hrralu oSaa. with rcni iui ?nd nddrve*. ?nd ?.olios whore ** to Ion too may bo hod So other orod apply. T ?IPRCN8EK. MERfCAW, ECAOPKAR AND fM IS01A X EX priaa, bus 4 nod ? Broad or-*. On* door from Wait Par*. - tun had Parrot* of ail deamfaUoaa forwarded tiyavrwy or to Oil pan* of Europe. lb* boat Indwn. Afrv a, and by tbo overland ro<ua to lb* Baal ladle*. <ti!aaaoJ Analraila. Hnirple* procured from Borne. and general aprac? buAanaa ?Obdartad oa tba aval roaMable lonaa MORnCS'IORS, RPWARDB A CO. { )inc* OR thb _AMjrRicA? K_r *opp. ir xxrmrad Cnap*ny. R?. 72 Broadwar, Raw To- k -I mo.?^Wtiaraaa. oarWa poraaca' hare rematiy ommTii r aa tbo Bompaaa i in ihi* euy far tba parpoa* of rain tag an the fcnmpaaa etprea* haalaraa, aad are nubia* an at any aw via. tba ABartono Bnmpaaa fcftta ta a mui* which aaay dared** parataa la Ren hate aa MBBtaWa whatever with our tnwwn, eilhar ____ lor*. London Uverporl or Pmiia AL'STIR, HALOWTR A CO . T5 Hm*d way. ?#* Propmtoea la Ran Tort of tba Aaarl car Kt.rnpami Ripraaa. lULHOtPE. TTUPnOR KIT ICR RAI1.RO tit POR A1.BART ARD XX Troy, roaaactaaf with train* North aad WaaL Oa aad aftar Monday. Hepteaabe* 17. 1MB Iran* aid tear* Ohmahem atrref aa fotMera Tbrmph ll'^rawjrala. 7 aad t! A. V and If 1. Alhao ?all Tmir 7 ID A. N.. Sleepm* t ar Train > Hi P. 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