Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 7, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 7, 1860 Page 3
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sra ? irrwiar iiutvi plants for halr ?thb un A Milmi key in* made a/magaanaaS with MraJ of Km (MileMi asMvetlcg Um hutwarp Ham Flaps, will imlii a ?apply for an* demand tkni mi offer, tram (mm Yto uu kundrwd ipwtiiil which will be delivered la K ,|ii ml Mew 1 I through <Me mowth of October and cart ' at Noiembar, ml aoh' u one debar pot hundred. All ihoae AwWvce ?f enluvatlng Ike Antwerp, aad would wlkb to Mate wwrebaaee will ppleana leave their order* at MO WaaMajVai MrerC al tte batter Mora at wmtaaa Smith, agent. A N RNULIMI CHOP BODBB FOB BALB-WBLL FUR ahhed and (tooted, and tat a Food location, Bo one need d?o?wa A M HR>'TIPl? ANI) PHOTOGRAPH GALLERY FOR XL aala, wtib everything complete for carrying on a Urge Baa" -??. Appiy a: the >laU-r>, 1SS Poortienlh Mi oat, our war ot lijblli * mania. Good ronson* given for celling. BAhKRT FOR RUT CLASS, LO 1ATRO IN ?antral pari. of the city: now doing a >wj pruAubla teal mm, all trier ibeoovner. Thti la ? rare rhanoe for any one that waeta a got ,! biuine-m Apply to W*. HENRY AR BODX, 140 Maaaa . alreeh TOXCELLENT BCH1NRSB CHANUB-FOR HALR, A Xu medium Perf .Aery aad Fan.-y blare, in a epk-ndH tearougbf. re, the leaae of the bnl -Pop h worth a good btona. ?Mali will he irami'trroo .'roe app y on the pieimiea, No. tl ??change, Jersey my, near tar ferry. Any party with ? ami li capital ahould not let thia go onuut eed. ENTIRB fitort OF WINDOW SnAPlS. PAPER Banging*, Lace (Turtaina, Ournkoa. will ha eold launodl ntaly, re*nnn<'?* of ooab at H8 Pear! street. |BK KALI ? A UlIX FIRST CO AM STOCK OF RIB bona drera 'rtngea, Ae t, toe above good a era in good on ?U1 bo an Id low fur oaaL or good pager. Apply at R wiek meek pOB BALK-ONE OF KKVP b KKVr.N HORSB POWER, upright aleun Engine, with pomp beater and piped, ?fttng, pulleia and hanger* belonging 10 It. Apply ht No. JO Be au ret, room 31. t?B BALB-FIVK FIRST CLtbS BoWlJNG ALLHT8. Apply at Reefe'a ree-aurent. MR Broadway E?: R 8ALJL-A BREWERY FOR SALE SITU ATKD IN a Igood oeat'On aa 1 tte bnalneaa eatatRiahed; will be aold to a aaak cuatumtr. Addreaa Brewery, atatton A, 1'oat ?FOR RAIN?A CBA.NCR HRLDOM MKT WITH.?A 8B W gar aad Lienor Store, altttated on one of tte beat eornora M tte ally, which will be aold low /? r oaah oa aooo tut of the pwopiIntor baling other hu?lnaaa to attend to In pure on the ?eeaaiaea, r or.'ieaat oorner of Chatham and Pearl tiroes, from >A. R. lotf p. m. >k f ALK? A WHOLESALE AND RETAIL MA NX" F AC ttu ag Confectionery KaUb lahareul; hna bee.u In aaootaaful tewalltu for over aiileen yearn and oontalna all the n< oeaaary Gate eottora, mould*, maohloea. An. nooeaaary for carrying m a large v vniueaa. wholraale hud mull. Batsfaetory reaaona aB ha gneo why the above la offered for tale by applying to ??OKAS SPOT!EN, 118 llowery. ?k bale-thr magic window hash, patkntf.d M the Halted Hiatea and Great Britain. By a almple do any ordinary altdlng aaah aau be altered ao aa to te turned e ont at ptnaaora, affording double veiitllaihin. oleanil saw and hoaacbold comfort. AijhHeoM, boliderm, hotel beeper*, or par Una mierraied, ann aee It In praetietl opera oan addreaa (poet paid) Dr. Fry, IB) Fulton afreet, ilyn. N. T. TOOK fl ALK?A BCHOOKKR TACHT OF TWKNTT FIVK JP tone. In perfen*. rrder, rnomy rabtn, beaotlf'tlly fluetl up with aiery oocvenleu- e. will be aold at a very low ligure. Addreaa or apply to aLKX . BaI-BANNO, 291 Ihrgra w itreet, teeoklyc. "TOOK BALK-A TOWN TOWN FIRST CI,*88 BAR AND JP Dlalag Palooe. etlabllahed for a number of yaarm, wall known, eajoytng the ua'ronage of the beat anakinera and now a good pa) log buctneaa Tte bar la partlrolarlt iat prubtahla down town. Tte preeent owner haa ether ?aa, andtheretoreonlywUteatodlapoaaaf R. Fir parti apply at 47 Fine Sreet. rX BALK?B340 WILL PUKCUAPK A FIRST (TJtBB R amnranl aad Bowling Saloon attarkad, centrally lo omed under the America;, Hotel and Billiard Ronnie. No M . Bold ob aeconnt of 11) health. Itwtoxa la tte raw ,wr ? Bewary. tearant.! Em r baik or BXCH ANOK?OFFICK PROPKBTT ON Rearer atraat, nea- Marehaata' Axebaaga aad Board of era, well retted. Fire to ten thousand dollar* in eaah added la a good exetengw. App y to WM. W. HKBBUKD, Bo 1 William atrect. up atalra. R SAIJt-A BPLBNDID PLATE KLBCTRICAL MA eh'ne. with Apparalua complete; alao an Kngllah Air p, modal fleam inglnea, Ac. Addreaa Kleut-lotly. Herald K F?S I BALK-A 0BOCKRT AND LIQUOR STORK IN A tktehly aattlad aatghborbood aa eioelleat ehanoa for an paMrpriatng bnnlueet man, hu Seen occupied aa a groeery for Ba Mat twelve intra; a leaae for a number of reara wtll bo C'8tntBUh"'f T p4rttoa'*^ lt? iulro of J. BCUKMPBR, No. Fib kalb-a bflkncidlt furnish bd botki-, m one of tte hoot location* In the dty. Term* moat eery; good aaonrity not much eaah required. For partlaalara at IS Broadway, In tte baa C' BALK?A OOFFRK CAKB AND DINING BALOOB; Bar attached, oppoalte lomphfa# market. Favorable Apply at No. AMtitk at reel. "TOOK SALE?FO*TT KIM.E.Noll) MAUOIANY DOOR f aad thirty marble Mantel* ao l Urate* In the live boa*** em Mr of Broadway and lealh ttreek Apply on the pre ?atari. GOOD INVESTMENT.?FUR KALK TUB LBABB AND ill lb* Future* ,>f a i r-l rlaan Coal Ta'd. 2?T avenne B; kva year*' lawae, at li* r?rt, new irtak atnblm *nd xdlea; Mm Boa uaaurpanard. Fi,,, la * rare chance for a ii.A-neaa mas. Apply to WM. AjirOTT, No. 1 Raat Dmadway or oa tea pramlaea. Hotii. and nkstaurant for balm?in the ? clly of Baltlmiwe. 1 log a brat rate bnatoeea with Millard mtk-un tabl -a, b*th m?a Ae.. atlarhed, in eisellent order ard Miorabiy b itied. Wilt bo aold low for naah, on a.**mot of tee 111 bra' h or the proprietor. Addreaa A. B , BaiUtonrr, ?A. or hi* I,F7( hoatofUoe, How York. T OfXlMOTITE FOR BALK- A TWELVE TOW LOOOMO IJ uv?. In t. ?*l ruaateR nrdar; selling on new .lot of being tea bgnt, tea iron (rune ted tru A; Argla drlror in feet; ?Mot Kue I'te bo awn at Fourty fourth ?ir?i and Poarth, Now lorn Apply to Maelar Mnchinat, Now Bam. Rallrued, at Furtj lounb atmet, or to JOHN HICAKI, Ml Broadway. BPKLlAlt RuTlUAIi fHFiDEL CONVENTION OK 1*0 -THK INFIDKL AMO m eteiua of Amerwin will bold lia annual (Vweentloa oa Hun ter ai il I md?i, October 7 an I, H cuntn-anlaa at 10 A. II , at tee City Aeaambi) Rcuoiia 4te Hroadway. 1 bo pubbe are In vttad to ntUTrt. HORACE HEAVER, Kraatdrat, J. M. Hi. mi EnHMM* XTKW TONK ' iTTjAND tXlCNTT UljPOR DBA! BRS' Pi ProferiiTe K>cii ty. -Mrmbrri err particularly rc/wetr l to at'cnd a me. urg of the abcf aoaiety, at the Htaeehar ?ouar corner oi 't'n art and dreao* mr-eta. on Bonder. October 8, at 7>, o'ci - h P. M , as bndncaa of the c' us > w_i ba traaaartrd. PKliK MtOCADK. Rewording Rerretarr. 0*ZE ...JBENICKKRBOCKER It K i'OMPANT. tte CANAL etreei-N-w Vwk, O ?. DSt -A. a uww ing of tee af .be Kalrterborker iaa Oanouy bald Ida day, Er. tramcia af .be Knickerbocker iaa uoteMAy. bald tm day, Nr. C. B. Wortaadrke. tee Mccreary oi Una ooapwy, -eud'ned baa raatgaateio w blob waa accepted. aad iba futlowlng raaolui tea the rrMgaailoo af our worthy i, k la with i eel inn af more lender w> thla odloar our heart couraoua and geailewmly deport - . aad hla Inirgr :v aa > falihrul public berate1, ate la hia lata a' we him that our feedoga of kindly regard rrer ba for hla long Ufa ha ptneaw aad praaparlty. Altar which the Board aeni tngi an election, remitting naail ? nasty tr. fa or rt Theodora Hcvwateg, who now be* .see toe Ap of Btrr v rj Nr. Warvendyka retiroa to prtrata Ufa with tha beat wiahte el only of the Board, butoi all bli large clrole of aciuatataaaa. By ardrref the Mated. K T. CONiTUM. Pre* Mat. Tnonoaa Baoeaiac. Secretary. rpHB BATHER MATH KB TEMPERANCE ERNE BIT RO 1 daty will aalabrata the ninth analt araary of Lb a birthday af Father Maihew. the great epoetin of temperanea, by a Ball, at tea ORy An* ably Rooms, Ml Krone way, oa W? da onlay weaning, Oct. 10. at ? o clonk. PrB'feoa to the boJ a pahs - meeting arttl ba bald al 7 "'along P. U , at white iba fallowing iblamed gaailrmte wUl dsltrar atereewa ? Wat? Hart. Han, wflj apeak oa tha Ufa ate Character of rblher Matbew. Baa. William H. Rur'.ry. oa the ??Bpar'te of Temperance " . U. grown. Ba ., an (be ' Brtli of Liiaaperenua. ' Browne, iba celebrated temperaa-M roan! let, will tebg arte# af bis mow J ef barter temper aa-.e si iga A poam, wmiaa far iba iiaeaal.n. wUi ba recited by . P. Cfutn. feby TWA ate for tba Bill raa ba "Steiaed ten "-enlag at lb aaraaai meeougcf ih- Father Mater w bobkiy at teeir had. Ml Brtxime afreet. Fmokae f ?neaoMy Roooia. front Nr. Jan. tfraaa. fhairaua of Utemiuee. or t An Wyea. Preaearer. or Uraae. < 'bairmaa of OrtemtUae. or J Aa Wyaa. Preaearer. or of the rr ? la ''ere >t tbe aocrcty, or at tb" do.r on tha arau Hofibehe' Bt order If Kit ? aRD 1. r e RT, atdet.i of kite Faiher Meibaw Ttepi ream BaaetU Ateiaty. RrekPOP. Recording ae>rrta y. RADBB AteRMRI T -A BlhlCLAR NKgTTN'l omil Tradee Aancmblr. will be t.etd aa Halurdny ownteg On er It, lean, el Mil'tary I ' IB B werr ftu.ea Riuit, ttec.'ttary J. R. KI.'ROV, Kraaleak f Tf ION TCRTLB OLt'B. L Eataal laute eoaual meeting, huadey, fVober 7. |rd?, P.??.n cr. MM at r^?rn n(vnn. g., IfMtehlMIB By aedarof tba R*?euU?a idnaiiuee. <i W ABB IN o TOM W ? Rnn.U Bac-etary P R,- Han -era of the Hit Man Turtle Club and atbare ara tented to i>a-'iru>eia. lATRlMONtAlee MAtRtRflNIAL ?A fllNTLKM 4N tiaVEANH, IN THR bat bueineee. reaid at Bcmib e*et yy yeara, * ?nM fhrt pleaetire lo openiag a >rreai -ndea'-c wita a neat' etauNa ? aa, witb a j .ng lady of fair ad umttoa. wb w? age w aid i s hatwaaa taeair and tbuty Kbe ebckld laleretand ??? telng of the vmnere ba W engaged In. Aay i. meaal aoog with r *ference to Ibe eVrer, eddreapcl to Henry 0. tenISr ya Poet cgloe, ?ul re cfaa pr-wapt aiue-.P w. ATRIMONT MADE BUir'-BH 1WINO THE Bona (ar bote i , (km tnbitabara. boi IW Pblbw.e (hia P at Atea ~ tJLT IlwiW." PI.K tug AODRRNit bN "AMKRL'AN Tr geatlemar ' ? h a i to m Irlcn uy appotn' ng aa mi it ? It. II I . Her.Id ogtca Ripieoatlfaa glraa en WITH ABO Ut)IK)RS BrENftinyp Pt'EB OLD MONONOAHKI.t RVB WHUKBt ?. ? l"Ot7"LE li.BTIiJ^U ? r tH.Pt irrg. h< i|J v.RNT*. Bo R Oadar el reel. New T ak. Aeeireie^-I hare aoamlaad , eampleaf foteee rtoi-ted WbMer. aad It r'oeea, or on a re-ara'. eualiate Id be Pi Nye, fjee fate afl Mi> .litem and Of tb. b-at uueltty. ??? PeKSH". tlbemlat. QUO emtat., rbite'efyk' Eim WHfBK FT. ROW WHIBKNT?BPte'IAI, NO iloe ? I hare ew la Noah a ? ppiy of f. . frtab WhMhe* NtteteteBotew, *-vnA l?: a-aoil oon.-b-uaa -to* h ha portal June I, 1SS7; er- baoat od ' > ?>e tb? old?e" an I t "a ea'e In New T-wk enmpacteoa -h "e*r?". wt l k, aatd ro'a by tea hotilaor ga-tmaf low p-eea Ateo. iMHoro a SiSaar' H. B rn toaaireac JflltlRlve oy olJl B H'temiN w.i.krrt porp, TV sty aa. at II per ghBoa. b eo.pia b due# a-ge %t aeata- lao- h. -tlea Mre- a, am ? WktA -r M mole i A I u amauna at M Ate atfe- ?ad i taral atraet -umerr.f l? Mw nru Hr qvadc. HAJLJBS OK aBU, BHTi rn. |I?OR BALE-NO. a WB2T TWENTY Si*Til HTKJUTf r Dorchester *M front, four Marias. heeerosnt and Md?r mUm. an la had wit* all the aeodsru ^inntiMM Inquire ? Ue premises g?OE PALE? NO If VHT THIRTY FOURTH HTEERT; r *tm clam Una**, finished wtth rosewood door* and black salsa! trimmings to parlor Kory; stairs of not from boee ?dm op, aid all the mndara Improvement*. Inquire on the prsmlsaa. BK1B HALE-Rfc* EAST 2 U1BT1BTH HTRBVT, REAR f Fifth avenue* a choice Oottvge. wtth eitra sixe lot, *S a ICO foat; i.rlghborboed excelled, Tory desirable for ooarfr uca sod reepaetsbimy. WIJ ba wild cheap. Apply at Um d/ug ilore, Uj ilowery, ouraat of Graad ajrcet r)R HA IE- A LARUE ADO KLEil ART TOUR BTDRY blown alone lioel liouas, oo Wm Twenty third (wide) street, 2Si54; lot hal'the block, a mpeiiur boose m Itsbulli; has all the modern ooarantniM'A most admirably arranged and la Jt every respect a very dmirable house Erys M toy office. JAMICF R. KOWAKUS, If; WM Twenty third street. For bale -in Brooklyn, convenient to orry railroad, a now, three story, stoop dwelling. built by days' work, replete wtth all saodern Improvements; has a til i Uard room aod bay aladow overlooking the May of New York. I Thta house is eaienlated to suit a irnUemau who wutls to eo , joy hts e veoui*s at home Bins jf kouoe 22?tO Prioc I5.5U0. I For furtkar particularsand a card apply to <JBO. liUBdKY, ! 50 William street, basement For hale-a firht class four story brow.v stone front House, rep U te with tke motiern Improvements I sod at beet design and flush. parlor aod kail doors aod stairs l black wnluU, situate tfi kasi Thirty levealh street, between Fourth and Lexington avenues, itnpiiic of HAMILTON A I R1KR. I -. ? CR BALE?A ? OMMODI JUS TWO STORY FRAME dwelling House, hands nnely finished with one or two Ike bouse Is furnish-' i, u? Furniture will be sold, if wanted, with the house, i tinned on tha east aide of Franklin evt-nue, near DrKalb avenue, Hro >kiyu. Inquire on the pro mises, or of A. 8. GAOWELL, No. 1 Nassau srxott, N. Y. rR SALE?ON MURRAY HILL, THE FIRST CLAbH four story brown stona front H narc with high stoops, Nos. 72 and 81 Thirty fourth street, near Fourth avenue. These hOMR Hjt hliilt on an en'irelv i.ew ...k1 .,, ,>ro.. I plan, buying tnree rooirs naep, replete wuh all the modern Unprovomrslsi built by >itj s' work, hardwood doors and blaek walnut aulra. lerms to suit purchasers Apply to MATlI1KW BVKNEd, on the premise.h. 1 hlrty fourth street la a KM foot street. rR SAIiR V1RY CHRAF-A NEAT COTTAGE HOUSE, No 77 IVwe**street, near Dean s'ress, Mr? klyn. There I are seven good sired rooms, trl'h gas and mturea oomrle-e; | the lot Is 26.101) feet, the above property la In a eery good neighborhood, near eity railroad ears. Apply as above, or No. Si Rtvlngton street, New lork. SK>* SALE ON THIRTY FOURTH BTREKf?A FTHHT olans brown stone front liaise, 2S by Co, on 111 25 by 1>,, having a four horse stable and coach house In the rear, m ith a capacious cari isce entrance on Thirty fifth street. The | house Is built and finished In the most snoatautitl and sp 1 proved style of architecture, rich back walnut and nee wood I doora ard trimmings, plate glass ail through, desirably loca ted between Fifth and Slith avenues, on n hundred foot width street, In the most healthy and fashionable part of the 1 city, and a: a pleasant ridiag diets, o* from the Osntral Park. I Inquire on tha premises. No. 17 West Thirty fourth street FOR BALk?FIFTH AYENUK."A KIVEBTORY brown Ftone house. No 232 Fifth avenue, thirl door above Twea ! ty elf hth alrrnt, east side. Il has all the modem Improvements i and la In perfect order, will be sold at a low price and on easy 1 lerms Inquire at 211 William street, room Mo, 2. rR SAIJC- - A HOUBE AND LOT, ON ONE OF THR best corners on Third hvevue. and well a tap ted for bus! neas of an] kind. For terms address box lit Herald office. | rR BALE OR KXUHANGK?A FIRST CLASS BROWN ?tone House, sit anted In Lexington avenue, between For ty-fourth and For.y filth streets, lor property lower down. u quire on the premises. rR SALE OR TO LEASK-A FIRST CLASS THREE story house, No /Grave street; Jhaa range, heater, waeb tubs, bath, water oloaet blJ speaking tubes, gas. and hoi and cold water all through the bouas. Inquire oo the premises. Also a vacant lot. No. CO Sheriff street. L' iTTIjT bay "mdkZfor "bale tert low for cash, or SI change partly for Improv ad or unimproved pro perty stocks, bonds, mortgagee, Ac , fifty fire seres of Land and Homestead, with rord Oat buildings, fronting an the Sound, running hmagh nearly one half mile to Fluabtng road, which forma an other valutb'c frontage. This property has aa unsor pamed water view, Including U. 8. A. WUiett'a Point, which II .oinsiCity aud Bart's Islands, Foil Schuyler, Throg's Nsek Uahuouae, Davenport s Seek New RooheUe. and osUasof adjavent oountry on Long Island Bound, also opposite shore of ?djavent oountry on Long Island Hound, also oppoats^^^^H ?festcbestsr county. Burronnded with the seats of BrsTcIam families, commanding valuable slisa for bultding, aooemlbie 0' hourly by rail or boat, being a charming drive of only twelve miles through one eaoUnuous garden: this portion of Ling Island leiug characteristic for Us handsome roads and shady arcnoss, it onnuasnda Itself to a man of taste upon Its own merits, every description of rural Ufa being enjoyable on ths M, including boating, fishing, shooting and salt water bathing, is been occupied by one family for nearly thirty yearn If not sold In me parcel offers will be entertained for Us division. To ba sold w ith privileges of private roads, and am!naively for ths purpose of erecting such oountry seals as ths character of the nelghboi kood warrants For terms, prtos, persaiu he, apply to B. DAT (17 Be ootid avenue, before 10 and after 4, at 1,244 Broadway from 10 to 4, or DIRGES A BOLDER, 8 Ftao and 1,244 Broadway. kRX?(Jk^xmjmty park for bale or rxchano; f for CUv Property, an nnusnaliy desirable Farm, of 217 acres, on lae turnpika road, seven miles warn of Newburg. under a high Mate of cultivation; a stone mansion 40x50. ei tenatve outbulldlsga. large o chards of rare fruMs bevvy ?hade and living streams, combining all the advantages of a b- autlf al country se a wtth s prodaiHIvs farm. DINOKK A HOLD EN, No. 8 Pins sL and 1,244 Broadway. rNRKi HANTK, MANUFAUTURRRB AND DEALRRR. A c opto of g'-od. Improved Farms, lying ooutlg iuus, withl-i 90 miles of the Hudson river, west side, stocked and wholly unincumbered, whortk 2300*1. will be at -h inged to gether or separate, for s good established b ufaess, or for a stock of M-r hand hie (leuteel Imprnvemeuta. g.??1 fruit good society ro.l toa.1*. tine soiL Addrem box 122 Herald office wtth fall purlieu ara tOTWin-WE" BALK THR RLEKANT IHtOWR stone front high a'oop I lease. No. 201 Vcg ft'Usth rtreeu near Eighth ayenue. fine large Roomn; beabhy sod pwsaaat loan km; cheap and trrms rasy. Apply as above m ono o'clock or after six o'clock. P. M. PKRAONAU A KT ORR WIKIIIAH TO ADOPT A HKALTHT MAt.R A. child. two month* old. of Amnrloan parentate. ein hnnr What they anh by addreaal-rt H Pint. Brooklyn Piwt ofce. Art iaforkatjor oobcf.rnino riohard c. Keley, m??>r of eobocner Catharine Marrarbt, which wane to annhnr lit Hnboher aad lark Hat onlay iTrmnt. February 18'(rtnee ? hlnb notVny Uitmumn or beard or hum1, will t? thankfully ncehed by John ij, Tacker, Ci Pearl ?treet, N 1. ART LAPT ABOUT OIVIRO BtBTH TO A CUTLD Im*n thle darn to the but of 'RoTealwir, an I who w-old * Mb to have it adopted can b?ar of a r?>l importuahy by ad dreealn* Adopt on. utatlon O, Bible Houae. OB-VRtT WK AT Till FAIR OF THd AMERICAN luaut .te, Faiaoe Uadeu, lo morrow (Monday) at 2 I'M. JA>!>> AI.aXARDBH. B B ACKwB B ROOKLTR ?SATURDAT Wttt, AT U PR* MBLT. wauAaa. THROWER?-OR TTEADAT RIGHT, THE 10 I RUT., 1/ froea <a board the aim> George Law, oppnaite Fort Lew. Maile A r land and Jneepb Oetbray Abt peraoa Sndiiii the bod Me of the above aaatod penuoa, will plaaaa tnfnrta Frede rick Moek-ietnk, at the comer of Weak end uharlee etreew, for ehiok they receive a ru liable reward- Manx eu drrtaad M a brown root aad check eaota. aad the inntala M. A. oa hie arm. aad the mm of the rr ? a. Joeeoh alao had or a brown aant. wkk dart mowanha aad goatem H^^HRMATIOR WAHTRT>-Or ANN FORAM, OF ^^^?hmore. K ing'i onnaty, Ireland, by bar Meter, Ctca ebi la Bring at 141 'ay atrwet. Brooklyn 1HRFORJIATIOR W ARTEP?OF MARIA ORBKR WHO ? life her map! -yer at Beet Morrtmala on the ITU of Hep taw her. la about toar fert high and qnlM otoot. It yean old. haa blank katr aad bleak eyre, owe arte eye, had oa whoa laat area a red ealiro draaa, green inn bonnet IwTfnfneina'lon of ker a U be thankfully raaaind. and aha will he farHreo by her ear Men mother Apply el kOd ILmelnn atreef IF WILUAM M. MATHAWAT. WHO BBBIORO IR 1 IwbldanMx ha the rear IMA. wtd addraaa a letter to IT t, 1* Front atrwet. Raw fit. Mating hie roar dare. bmi infornaatlno of Importaaee will be ooMianalnated to htm. Mwater May ant tie aeaa by htM. If any perwm who knowe Ike h?f wmnUoo by addraaataa I V. LHEWin B JOB BR, I, ATE OF RBWBBRKR. R CI., wru. ? hear of aomalhiag M great Internet to hlMaalf by riding iMMiitlalily oatWw feTbnr. l? Waahlagtoe ureal. B. T. LIZZIE-TOU DIP NOT CALL AT K OR THURAPAT or Friday laat On Muaday, at I o'aMeh, rain or ahtnn, be at rnmr pleer Wti. OBTBR ATEW H. *trb waltfm, avttor p.-utter for tou at ill atatioa D. V'cire reretmd Mi lair for talerrtew. Wrbe again M B. A , H "oat?r?y FoM ctBoa. I he arraafeaarat will be aauei a< tory. | N FT.IJF ?MEET MB OB MORPAT. CFCLOCR, AND kieatly o> :tm !!??** WARTKP ?IRFOHM AflOR WARTBD OF JAMRN Aha a way, ehi left h.t hon.r on Ant .riay, the ftk of laM B reh be haa net b?'n haart! of at nee. br it of fair com plarVn. Hfbt hair altyhtty porR marked, 1M a fmol llnth an<t ako.t ? faei 7 ?. "haa heyhl, elm hr tap be wiee a lw h ha'. Itfhl ran'# dark anal plaid ml two wkr ahtru and a pa.rnr ?> we. aprd SI >rara. Any b 'irw?. wnf htnwuhn rr?ei ed y hut w1:r, Boon a vbhaesr) and la.I okJdree at dO Frankfort atreet. Raw lock. ? PORTIHB. h'OR HA! 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TI TTIK FLBI I. ,-A r?;w WKKKA felJfCl A ITtReOV WyUne htm?-i# ' The rnknown" i-wepted, tfeeowgi the (WtWMMIM tiie New Vork I Upper, lb' obtiieuee preri . tajf aun'e btr me oe-rii r i ? i.?hl nny men Hi Vmrrte* tniJI.OOH % mle Hubee.|ue,i' |.^ury revealed Die lent that "Iwe On. known" waenoleae a [eww?utee then Arm .1 wee H' - j anibnta to make a invmb with hl:n, or an/ other man. I tmme lla ?!r made,,, ?nie If tn libiirtra with him at the CBpper uifei I, on k ?d.i) le*' I wae tkrie p. mriitly a' the *fwwiFed hf.oi MR Mi Jew>? did t. t appear. AMker mn.d laa w?? apr""ited f.r i aler.ley iFr 'ai ? af'eroo"-.. a: w*: -t? time I bed the idrwmr-,|| "eiaf Mr .l atea. An aueinpt w?a then made to errnhkr a m ,o-h hrfworn ua. h-it it wae anon an? Srert to mrarlf an 1 frtenda that Mr. Joore did not Intend id h' OBirkkhe pmi. l ham the ?mii*oieiit? ul hie own w?/. . InkW'rd Ipw namli.r the Uine f.,r th.. flyht to r>nne r* and elan ihe t?a?:ie rrvwtrvl id Innliy required an mviiy norpa-k. tfeweHUM Me, I fvtwl k ImpovaH.le t.. Make a match I ffey., u?a for the ep e.. 0, r .qjd. an 1 fo ft^kt klm tn two daye a- two m mtha. i ut be re?>t?efl Wj n-mply. I am anil rue to make v n ir h with ? me r?, hnvini "-arte a Vmp d.r >nne f.wthai erpreea pwrpoee. I.e| M the aanie time t mow Ina'at ?tpoo aa eqm.1 , San-e wBh mv opponent whoever he iavy be I am a Meal awFln !h.? pi-" of theevintry. my home and bn?l " " Ih Rew Prfeena, i ?raiuiahe I afehuei ?d?' that I -ao . . (hei ptirfaae. | n rw rWB ? in> challenie to f#ht any man In re In Rep i>r'-anv and p wed oe'y In anawertoa ?.?he fnha.. o |r> 'hat I -w Vi R >w V irk. Relri he a for rp<?e I w e- ? Ml> ha' rrae f*ht inf ma * Atner ir%. hwte ( th-ec m ?> b,, rw dl upl i aide I na "d p n | > make th-' aMire ?tatemei i n re vOon 11 Hp dradapa wbh Air i .looea, aa It It f iera.M ?-.own tha' he had ?c-erted nay ehaAeae* JUM J LA VLh'JH. * re Toap. ^ s j-e^cr IVARDUfl AJTD tODfllRA PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LJtT, WITH OR WfTIOUT Board, ? nil of Moot* 10 una or two genlkuaeu at re speetatUu., who would appreciate ? handsome private reel Wed Twenty eriood Int. ha 141 Herald ARRANGEMENTS CAN NOW BR MADR POR I'B-IR *h a Rooms, with Bohrd, at 107 Wororlop plan*. nesr V?bsUm*iuu eiusis. A WALL pamilt, raving hcrr ROOM than they require, would 1(1 two pleasant Rooms. wkb iiw llai Board. Uoiim with dtxkm h?ungpula Uwll (1171 Wed Twenty diih street. A FINE SUIT OP ROOMB, PURNI8BRD, WITH BATH W room rxclaatre. may be ob'slued by s party at three or f. mr, w lib pri rale la lie if desired. Apply si U4 Ninth dreet, s l?* Honrs wed of Broadway. 8MALL PAMILT OR THKKK OR MOHB H1MGUI yroipDen can be, acxn rr.vdaled with two large furnish ed Rooms, ooaueeliug. eu aeroud ttoor. and Board, lo s unlet f.iwlly, redding SI <0 Jeie llj West Ninth street, near Pith i ten ue. House has all modern Improvements. Dinner at di ?avenue. House has all wodfij Improvements. o'oloek. A SUIT OP HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS OR Broadway to let, also alngle Rooms, hot aad oold water, gra betha, Ac ; bouse first class in every particular; goad at (end,roe; loaauon inaurpsssed. KU Blued way, bdweun Twel.lh aad Thirteenth streets An klkgantlt pcbnirhrd bvit op rooms om second door ut a tire rlaas house to let, with B ard. Also, one or two Roc,ma t iitalte for t.ugle gentlemen. Dinner at A Apply at No. llif Niuth rtreel, between Broadway and Cnlver elty pla usee. An amfricaw pamh.t would i.ikr to rrnt a furnished 11 use for the witter; the rent, or ? portion a' It m I* tskt n In IVierd. wits the privilege of takl'gnfew other b ardent. Audrtss Mra. J D. K, New Pork Pud office. A FINE OHANCR POR GENTLEMEN TO RRCL'RR newly furnished Beoess and comfortable home i for the winter by calling at 110 Greene dreet. eeoood door from Prince. Teatber ? I Piano mi#hi arrange In part payment fur rooms A HANDHOMKLY FURNISHED PRONT PARLOR WITH A < ? m* atii.. bed, li Id aajuble for a obyalclan or n p?r V of gTutiemeo, a'uo Ui., r r< oath In a privata h-Mtae wuh all modem Improvements Apply at Na 94 Prutoe dreet, a few dcuri weal of Broadway. CARD -MBS. BUSH HAVING RBNTBD THR TWO large brown atone Houses, ltd and 108 Had Pourteenth ?u-evt, would inform her friends s.,.1 others d est ring Board ahe has two elegant suits of It line Rooms far single gentlemen ARCrT OP HANDSOMELY FURNT8HID PARLORS ON Aral Soar also a sail on aeaoud boar, and a single room, without board, at 108 Ninth street. Location pleasant, bdween Broadway ana Unlrerstl., place. A SMALL PRI V ATM PAMILT IN TUK VICINITY OP the Fifth Avenue Hotel having more room '.ban they re quire, will Id a second boor separately or together, to gentle men or geut'emen and their wives. Call at lit had Twenty fourth itreeL AT S ORXAT JONES RTRRKT, orrOf ITS LAFAY eUe place?Cowunodio-ia f uralssed apartmerte and at escellert table. Dinner at 4 P M. flertemen and their wives and tingle gentlemen can ha aeoommods ed. A SMALL FRONT ROOM, WRLL FURNISHED, TO let, to * single gentleman, without Board, 'ovation first rises No 19 Twentieth ? treat, between Broadway and Fourth avenue. Apartments in Brooklyn to ijct-suits op apartments of Ave Rooms es n. on Fulton ? . euue. Brook lyn. wPh mod era Improvements. Apply at No. 177 (kid avenue, front 10 to 13 A. M. A STRICTLY PRIVATE FAMILY CAN AOOOMMODi TF. a German or American gentleman with one large, well furnished Kooin and partial Board, in a pleasantly located house In the uoper part at the elty. Nose bat a oooflrmel bachelor nod apply. Bed refereneaa jflven and required Address, with real name, C. LI nags'OB, New York Pod ofhee, for three daya A PRW PARTTB8 VR8IRIN9 BOARD POR THR winter can obtain eicelleat Rooms hi antt or dngla, wRh a 1 modern Improvements, In a 'in eiam hu-ise. Bear the PKth Avenue Hptal, Dinner at ( o'clock. Addicse M , bo. 1,188 New York Pod office. AORNTI.F.MAN AND WIF1 CAN OBTAIN A PI.RA saut front Room, with good Heard, alao a few single genllemcn Good reterence given and required Dinner at air o'clock. Location 101 Ninth street, near 1Jroadway. A f FEW OBNLTKlfSN CAN BR ACCOMMODATED A with very plcaennt furnished Rocoa In one of The bed locaUoue la Ihedty. with or without brsahfad or lea A com fortable borne can thus be dcuied by applying at 13 Waverley place, near lb aad way. Ant person wanting a comfortable homr for the winter. In a firm slam bouse In a good nelrhbor hood, with all lbs oonvenienraa that could lie required, rau have it on reasonable terms by advancing n strut'I stun, the best of references. Please address Mra. Caldwell, Madison square Peel olL. e A LARGE FRONT HALL HBDROOM TO LET?WITH full Board, In '.he Ard elaae private house No. A Wtwt snty fourth street, opposite Fifth Arenas Hotel. Also, n ewv-me| i vui ess sa"u, ojrp'i suit of Rooms to Id Nov. 1. A SPIT OP ROOMS, ELEGANTLY FURNISHED ON second floor, of s Ard class bouse. u> let with Hoard also, due or two R<kiu?. suitable for Mngie gentlemen. Apply at Na 119 Ninth street, wed of sud near Broad"ay. Hit net at A Unexceptionable reference given aad required. AG KN1LBMAN AND WIPE. OR TWO KINDLE GEN ileasee, ran he arose mrdaied with Hnmi and H-rard, In a private family, on Murray rill, between Fifth and Bints are nuea Address H., Herald ofhoe. AllANDhOME 8D1T OF ROOWK ON AF,' OND FLOOR, U nether or iwara'e, to let to a p.irtp of gentlemen Lo cailuu No 1 West Tweutj fourth street, oppoaiie Fifth Avenue Hotel. A LARGE SECOND 8TORT ROOM, COMMUNICATING A wlih haihroom, psntrtee. Ac , p, |rt to a gentlemen and wtje. atttl lHrks street. Brooklyn. two minutes' w?!k from d'her terry. Beth, gas. Furnace, Ac. Dinner at (I oolork A NICELY FURNISHED ROOM TO LET. WITHOUT A Board, to* gentleman. Real 94 per auDn.h. Apply at 143 Prince dreeC ABLTT or ELEGANTLY PUANtSllED ROOMK, on the aoennrl flmr. with HoanLway bo h*<1 by applying ?t 126 ffe* fourteenth atreet, Mtr Haven h aemne. Xiao, a Untie mom at third ttaor. ?1 17 KABT TWELFTH OTBEKT, BBTWBEN 1B1VER Mly pine* and ft fib wenm - Furnletsed or aafiirnUhnd ? of Kuoaia together or aeparn'e, to lei, w?k Hmrd. to remlemen or a renlieman and Ids wue. 11 M eohlaLia Ike m drrn Impforemeeta. An JURA NT, WILL FlRNtRHtn El" IT or RO'lNS will he lei In lb# ho-see nf a email prlraie fa?i'y, in a gentleman or tw> frleoda. partial Hoard If ilaaLretl. Uain, |U An, m ike bow, m Eeet Twelfth atreet. AUE'll pleasant room 01 will he rented to a Uiflr renlle >,ath no the I'.onr, (a* rlnaefc, Ac. T Urubuly dealrable In aajr pereno i pur ate family. Apply at M Amity i ^ LARGS FLKAHANT EOO* OE THE bit''Own FU>>* | __ will he rented mai'i|> remleman with partial Hoard, ? bath no the I'.nnr, tea rlnaeta, An. Tb'n rnaoa ta deemed par. who drama the qulal of a ? ?treat. ^ rrENiAHBn boob, bedroom and pantbt to let, la a plaaraat and bealthr hretloe. to two alnrle rentlem'a. or a gentleman and wife, with the nteaaia of genUemea. or a groliamno and mtr, with the i venal a of hmteeterrlnt, and privilege la the prior El par weak. Apply at ttfwaal Thirtieth atraw. MARRIED COUPLBMAY OBTAIN GOODHOMPOBTA L ble ne with a email prtemlr family. Bar re rhmea of two rani, "wa at91 par weak. la mLw at lol ary atrert BO A ED BOB A OBNTLEMaN AND WIVB-B )ARO ? for lady (ml* ft. ndaoate Roma no thir l 8o-w. or froat _? Union Pinare, with a lady who m rda bar pwa Addrtma 1)11, Cakm aquara Pott ida gOAJRP ?TO LET, WITH BO AMI. POO* BOOM*. BCIT able for rtaala gmtl?ra Terma, ft and MM per Dinner at A 30r B. Paruea wiaklnr the at me will apply at Bo 100 Baal Fourteenth atreat. Immediately. TJOABD -TO LBT. WITH OB WITHOUT BOARD, IB A Jj prtemla family, a larpa blab Ha.eemeat, mailable for a pbratntan alao a Boom far a Bogle gaollemaa Apply at Uj Board ?a aurr or pdrni*hbd roobh dan br , had la a nrleale American family oa raaai liable lerma addraaa P? 7t Waet Port' aaeaeth Mraat, bet wart, Ptflt. and RUth ereeuea. Boabd-to lbt. bbab pipth avenue hotel. In geellemae. i uraiahad Eoama, with Board. l?imue at M Wrat Twenty (north atrial TTOABD.-TO LBT. WITH BOARD, A BACK BOOH OB D aenoad fl with Bedroom pantry and water (I "tat bmwa atone froat. hi Plfuaea street Bo 116 or IS Hil.ian rtra, brtwtro Eighth and Btalh aerauaa. Toram moderate. BMoaed-pleas abt puenwhed eoobh, .with ? partial Board may b# obtained by apply-in* ai No. 13 !?: Boabd-a party dbbtribo ptbb aocomhoda Unaa. wth r -?d emrl la a ana. family wUI Sad i Hn w Beat Mitaeaih atrert. ho ,?a 1* r-eieei, aad tab 'he modern Impimemea'a Terase made rile gOARPTNO -A I.AE1B BOOB OB THIRD FLOOE TO let with Board, to a ree liens an aad h '*? wtfa or two eta ?te rilltwea at II Irrtag plana, aoraarof Urteenlh at'eat. gOAEPINU -TO LET, LABOR AND t-N ALL EOOBd, _ U' airgle genUemea or femlUea. forn ahad r oaf ore tab ad with fnJ or partial Hoard family imvi. Incaitna 4*atrab>. t'leaae aall at No 0 Weal Thirty fourth at., oorner llrnad o.y. Board wa?t*i>-poi a gentleman and lady. la a prieam family or ho-iae of a widow lady, where there are re tehee bnentera. Terma. Ireltvllag ru and Bra. am t a> ear U per waea Au.iaaa, with fuJ paiu olara H we Iheafortr. Herald idBre. gOtRD WANTED - BT A LtDT, WHRRK THRRI ARB | few nr eo boar 1 era wt' b it m an. I lire refeeenoea ? I banged terma eery moderate. AddreeaH . boa 171 llnra.1 Board wantrd-a rinuib hen rum an DBMRta full Board, diner at di o'einafe, la a hoaaa baring ina a?!(m roarer teerre and being 1. nated ,o a p'.eaaart part of the niiy Term* not u> aaeaad Bra dolnra par weak. Ad dram hra I.1M Piml 0Bee Board wantbd-rt a Tor*u oenti.ebab. for I wo mot, the after that time for hlmaelf and wife. In til aortal family lerma mm. be rary moderate Andr ?tating loeattoa, ar smmodailone aad bar aw Oimgmailnr. Ha raiti vkm. gOARD WANTED.-A PTIIYATB PAMILT. UVINO 'W gond atyla. who woold Ilka In take a gentleman and wife t* hoard, in red nee el I means mtr addreaa " Ave.* " bog AdAl Pom aWoa. atalmg terma aad ksnaUoa. Board wantbd-por a totbd ladt, on thr weal aide of Broadway. Au.lraaw wttb full paruotuMW aa w prvw anaiaimndauaaa. If., f. IT , Herald BSne. gOABD WABTRD-IB BOOTH BBOOEt.TB. HT MM luung lad/ In a prtraie family, ar ehara them ?-e bwt few bnarderw inoalloa rvW mnre 'bar tea mlnnlee' walk fee* auvmg p>ana. Woald r re taeti imp ma ta ptawo'orte m ute aad n-g, if daBrwd. aa part payment f.w bntrd ? P. R. eraht ndlee, ?taiing laima, which wnaR be mol?rai*

Board wanted -a ribglb room ib n-rmtihor bondo* Opopar faat.iate wtu breahfaei oalr. with bath If bnndn'Ooopar laataata. wtth braahfaet only, wl and eewaWg tre tarme a Veil ?t par weak Addrat fntl parWmlara, O. D Nereid ndlee. gOARO, ABD A OHOIOR OP BTPVRTOR R OWE ?m f iraHhad ail i_ pi A 1mtie 1 a-imbar of raapeetahta paraoaa* anoommojase,l, euf Ueteat 1 r keen ap aa eiaeiVt.: MS 1/ ait eitg-Ka and oentrhl, haWw I*map Xt iar* A Idram T C D . gut a D, fmctm WAJiDita aud LoMnNtt. DOABH, OIJNTUR PLaCR-a PaMILV t?U OKI Ok JJ ?w? wagraoliouMa wlil Bod t?rt dnotrehly furn ehod Rooms to lot, w<tb Board, tl fo. II I Union plans. I wo duura MM of fifth iwdu, Kefereooar aoehaagod- _ F^HiARD DOW5 TOWN.-A (JKRTLMMAH AND WIPK and a lew ?ingle imuron .-an ubulB benoUfulty fur slaked Room* no acorn d and thud (loan with to the uuautodk u< four Morj huuec Na IIS I?auard (trail, uo*r Broadway. Hone ooqtetna both end |t* HOARD UP TOWK.-PLRAB.t1IT ROOM*. WITH D Itonrd. for gentlemen and their whrm and air -n* genua MB, ooo 1 ? had d tha Medians U<iiar corner of Kn ileou ate dim and Twtnlj arvcutb T-iru, teaam-blu. Board at WABiimuTiid lutloflT*, hcd?>n mi 'k?, lorti ;!?? mlnutra by r.Urrwd fr?<n Oh. in Ire r? at wet "on Or two I am llir a n* o pa-ty of ganUemen tea nIHa a verv J?d reble h-mma wuh B-">rtl m a Ml onrvcoWotlv lueetoi reel deroo, only KHI ui'lee from Mednai ivjuar*. end eeeeoalnle bo.ill J by ear* tnd (farm, e,orient fryoannUni for kerara and ear, Agra; torma nry reaoon.M*; refnreuoaa ox changed Addreta Oo-uitry box ISO, Ue.-eldotied. Board ik a privatr family. dkmrablm ao cummndali nie, ?ith Board. may bo nbUiuOd by a eentD Biaa trd wife, or by O law eenlleiuea Houao baa oil modem tmproeeiuenu. Apply at 71 Wwl .?tne-eonth alraat HOARD IU BROORLTN.-A NRRTLKMAK AND W1FR, JJ op two single gentlemen, nay Bod a ploeaaat and ?an forlablo homo to a wall aortal family, molding at 141 fort Braoa plane, between Fulton and Atlantic areauae, llro-eyn. Terms moderate. Haliroooea aiohanged. Board ir BRooki,**- a orkti.kmam akd hi* w fo may Bad a dralraMe front Room, anfurni?hed, elo*?t attacked, with partial Hoard fur gdntlenen. aloo one lento Room for l'?n (Ingle roof Am no, and Hall Hunan Mae .od bath. Aud will in lie* m n.itea' walk of Soot: anl Well air* 'I frrrtea. Apply at >7 Bute nrne'., oppaoltd Oardou street. Eofemnooo exchanged. Board jr oknt'.rm** and wipk or two (<0(10 go, lb-men, oim hn arenwinodufd with Board with a prlitie . tmllr, near Fxkon ferry. Apply a; S4 High itroet tarnx aw. Board ir Brooklyn -orb ? aror prort room oo Do th rd Boor, and beUinrim on ih? The hvia* la p'eaaaitly sltiirt-d, not (lie minutes' -ve'k from ihr-c lerrtea Apply at 77 O.tntoa atreet, use do* trial Llvlngato . OARD IN HROOKl.YK.-FrRTT CUA'-S AOCOMMO faiiuna for lamtleeand angle gealieaaeti at Pluerpple, ? if PuKon rueet B ST Board ir brookltr-a rnw hoarder* will find a pie a tan l home 1 y inquiring at ttt OaJjrd itroet. Board in Brooklyn a few n?Ji -.en llemvnranb* accuuamo laird w ih pleaaaot'voima and Board at Jti Duiiii.d aireet; prMh'ye of bath and gaa; near tun City Hall; dinner at eix If required. Board in ?a plrabant home mat ba aeo'ired i>y two rem eirna to a pet. at* (amity, real ting hi a ytry <lealrab;n nKlrbburbond, wniTenlent to eara anl lerry. Adareaa O. B. fc, llerala oBloe. Board im bbcokltr-iojolirton htkret.-okr or two gentlemen can bo aeeotnmodeled with a loomd (tory front Room. BOaRO WARTRD IR BR0OKLTH-RT A 0RNTLR man Ruling aid hedrona. w D ua> ilal Hoard, la a r'l vote faaatly. Loaukm near Wall and aouta lorries. Addreaa box 1,7*1 R. V. Poat ufli< a Board on iikiohtr-a okntlrmah aad wife and two or 'Area tingle gonliaaaeo m Imp oomaaodaled wltA Board aad pleaoant Kuoaaa, at 18 WUItw at. Brooklyn Hatgbta, between f niton aad Wall a reel ferries. IiOABD ON BROOKl.YB HRlflHTR. DVHTRABLR ) Mooma. amiable for aingle ganuomeu. to be let, at 47 en gen aireet. Board im a privatr family ir rriiorltr. Twoer Dree you'g goallom<m ean tli.d pleeaani acnom mtrtaboei oo the Heights, by addroaatng W. H. C,, box 3.M3 Row Turk Post ofllod. Boar# im jrrbrt cm.-a orrtliman and his wlfa, with a few al >glo aoatleanen, mar tnd daalrahle furalahed Roorna, wl h or wlumit Board Jerary Clip. "JOd nelgr " coorenMni to Ourtlandt i law m 'gia aonuraien, mav ton aomeam* win or wlumit Board at SI (trend ati net, I nelgbiiorh **1 hoallhr <oneii'n and aery andl afreet ferry. Rororon'iee reiuired CI HILDRKN 70 BOARD-ORR OB TWO RM ALL C'JIL dren a on Id bo takoa to board with a roopeeublo wilow lady; boat of leferaoce glron. laqmro of Mra CLARK. " ahty third atreet lira: houaa eaat of fourth arenoo, anith H.VffilKD APARTMRRTH-RO. 14 RAHT TWKMTI. ?D "Dwt, near Broadway, anth or wifcint B iard. ?lUSwiltT) ROOM TO LET OR FIRST FLOOR ? P Imrgo (rant Room of No. 103 'ltdtoo a?-**l. either to on* or two aenlleiv n or g-nUeinoo and lady- torma moderate. Apply Wkmedhialy to M<A RC'HSHlJ^ Ml Hndaon aireet rURRMtHVt ROOMS, WTTHODT HOARD?Till RN tire Third floor, lirn n let to parnoa ailiioot chil dren. Apply a Ro.RU Weat Kleventb aireet. Furniriikd rooms to lkt-m RORD STRKKT autuble fui alag'.a geailemec or (amidea, use of a good rare If deal red. FURNIR11RD BOOMB TO LRT.?A K1NB HI/CD K<?"M, auliable fur two gent omen, will aeoarate heda at B3 o*r week . aloo a Room at B1 W The rmun are cuwi'mubO fur nleherl ao* hare ao-omino-tatlnaa f* lira. Apply at 28 Droeno Good sized purniniikdrikim and drcrnt r iard I wealed by a geotleman, In n *trt-tl) private fam'lv. sod ear veaient pari of New York. No other ooardera Addrao* '? lleraid (fi ?> I || N ?;-eel;ylm; precloely toruu, loea tkit, and momi-era uf tha faaatl>. j fOOD AND CHlkP LODtUROS ? RICK BINOI.K y H -iwa. M ecu" a ilgbl; a!a>> r*>1 double or -Ingle Re la IS o li oenlA Uontlemao an 1 wife tn >o Tk iwau *b Ida peaard atrrei, let**? llruodway wad Ct.orch WalcLniyu ada.tta loigeraat all hoed. EHHANDPOMKLT PURN1RT1BD ROOMS TO I FT -WITH Board, ui (ei.llemon only; huwon very haadwenety fur I listed, and rvolet* wID all au*1era ooiyeulen?o; Ulild 6-vt , elaaa, d i ner at looluok. Apply at 1* Warn Thirteenth atreet, 1 warfi u avenue. IRirOB'H BTRBRT, RKAR COOrKR IRSTfTl'TK. ler. e ILa-m and Sedromi, without board.? wn plain biulio ?? rentlemen. with roel referemmi. ran Hilar gi tollable I v> in a prHato family, beanU'ul brown acme boiaa with all ' iprovement* aaa. grate "lr,- het'er hot and co* water, bah. largo panUiea and water uweta Pn-e 1,0 i r-w.ekfnrtwo, or toe w hole flour to a party f cent m n oi Mu par week. Apply at 1*7 Moat mreet. ournorof Bireiay. "AfURRAT DU."-DfLlSRTFCLLT MITI'aTRI) .VI R.wv * Hi B?r| for g"gl.nv* faaai'y rrlvatc Aiply at l"> Kt? Tklrly aiith ?r?i V Lntlopl. >a aia our or tiki ma W. It H , I* > l> I P nl oQ. ?? R/RH. MATTHEWS, flATtiro TAKKW THAT I.AkxM Iwl auJ r.*ate.xl"> .? tenian 110 iiloock r Axm. loo block* wM nt Bmndwav. ta now rrndy to amrrnmnilain norma* ret oiw traaatem twardar* ? r Roma* without Hoard tt dmtrnd. Dliku at 1. N utii'K.?a small. uinvr ramilt. eesthiwb at fourtki It* I?> TUIn j forth atrart. na* Saw n.t and Third *.?ui.(? Can aeroium -lata a in. -nouu, art bta wtf* vino kr;ja pwatlrimn. ?ik Hoard and a vail f t ?*r .1 V 1 fnv I'ar n. wi'h ? inry onrmitewta. Trroaa mudatntc. Ooad rafamwo laaiUWE aad xlvcn. vjo. j wrrr twkwtt fifth street, opposite XX kiadlmo Park ar.d W.irth Maouaaani?A i;m a oil oi Rotate 10 raol on Ika vol and third floor* at t!.? Madiaoa Park Ilruaa. private labia* furalahad If praserratL MM of mi'-nor n mou'rwd. 0" ?ra or rsvo rorwo mew caw br accommodated with a plaaaanl front Bona, f-imlakil, with or wiihwl Board, to a an. all prlrate fan. .? ;? r m audnrais. a-. 01 r Wot Brant, third Soar. Rooms akd board caw nw ohtaiwwd at thb orw tod *>(*ni flrdahnd homw Wo. Ste Wart Tvaoi atta) Brant, bntvrm B.pbik aad Ninth avaaon*. At! the Itenill teokiUoaa ara irte-c-Ua* Befrrwoea? at tai |tl SHOULD THIS HIT THE RVW OF AWT WIBOI.E MNM aho a Id dan ' MS ? MMM a M or bayk Wihjr Baitmnm ac a mod teas#. to tha aoai p|n\? at part of Want Fcnirtrrnih at mat, would Bad It to thnr tntnroat to ad - drut box tin Poat cdLn Tha family M Of Ib'Jtrdl elate aad Will m.4utra tho hoot of Idforonoo. r MERCHANT*. OLWBKS AMD OTHERS -EI.WU4WT lr Part or aad Badmoma, vHh na h* aad nntd water, tw tea Ac . ??oaUmi mawks bi a private famky U dr. tend. Apply at f>9 Prlnaa atmat naar Broadway. ?tiro RitroiJi mfwtlkwbw r t w bw aooomm idated 1 aktb farolahad Bona* an, goo Hoar' la a p'oaaant tend nnt h "tea, mm noteat tor*.km. Apply at 13 Ma idoupal drvk. Krfv. irneaa aaaha . ad. mo OBWTLMHMW.?FVMMIBBMD BOO WW. EXOLUBTTB ^teMmatemtemkrn i utaL/ atRMM^M drra krprnvamaaiA umu.nman wtehmo raomo at a I prim ? n. d u, va to eaU at tkn ahova rt) OR TfTRKR TIRST i'l,AHS BOARDERS CAW BR arw.aavndr.~l *IA t?Ufk.?. had Hoard at I" Bant PtatrWralk "tract. . l.?TT AT 119 WATRRLRT FTiACT, RKAR WASH I truwm Kjoarn. k atra terra Km an ' rnlahM to oaa nr MM prat rrr.nn, with llraah.'aat if daau.vl 'iM. bath rt.aa aad vat*. qwo IJCT WITH BOABD -A flWR LABOR PABI/tR. ?ra r?>?? to favl 1 navly Inr- .aknd. alantvnr lit*, nr tent* pardlnnai fop Pwkir ' u. par wv* knollMr Know fid miasm and rm ?? W-.1 pilpfoaa.k ttmni. a-wann ItrMtdvay aad KaCh avgawa; aath ai j IVWl, I"* "1 T^'l llftSIIWWj Wi BiRBitl t . PTliI", B ko ite fr aa Pr akdwa/. Urman nnw and '"t - am i I ST TBRT liFWtRABI.B FURWIWURD RfKIMR. AT IB i '? ar r? vrv v on r> an mat.! Mm T) I IT WITHOUT HOARD. Tf) A siwril.t OtWTLR KM, a vnil f-irnta' >dfr >at lt-om oa ikn an.- >ad Bury Oaati thnte kd*. App!. at 90 t" imtli "tmat, tan kl rka vn of ltroa.i*ajr. IkO I BT -A Ft.EANAWT FR'tWT ROOM. Fl'HWMHBD nR aafwmtat.aa. with raa aid i rtrtlnpa nf kath rvra .p a. 111 a natrv.n t?-*t. >. ?bnr? ?Arinao-vn .d attrnt ?,? vn.ilm t in all parta nf vnn rttjr, arttk a "Bxll ornate favllr "PteMt hlldrnn At .mm or mil oo J, * nar .at Mn> ?> dioa. n'ASTEih-BT 4 LADT, A ROCHE. PARTl,f FUR .. n mat t bn i aid i K ~/ J Hn m'araa ? r -na Addrraa li. B 100 Patkn Mrnat. aaa LI ratiaa pam- .lira WASTKD?BY A NTWOT.R LADT. Ft*RSrtW.? WEB at dim ta the (dip. a furnlabnd Rm.ia, vriUia t Hkud. to a ,nlat Vrnwh or tair>u family, la lit* vwmfn nf ??v lAddrwaa. (takop larwt" Ac.. A. D ft, llaraid ou.rm RRTAVTKD- BOARD rOR A OEWTT.RW t W A WD WIFE. WW k kprlvata faai p ap b ?n m tho Had of IBd Wprnwa arnawn I ?m. on. lar .a plaatent front R.wm tddra* H It 0. Hare..! "hodi atattap tor ma arturh n<t? ten ov. D>.. 4 pnrmaaant TO cn.TFTUW Ft.ArW. HIWPSOWELT FCRWiSftwn. Iru con natal)a Bawte. for ftvlHna ip Mapia iwimn to tat with Hoard. 20 cwTVKBwrrv rLArR-yoEwn?Hiti? Bf>iws to tat. *RAoat hoard. A aait of ParMra a.dn Bnom and <*i. teA aad vat ?ratnr la Ada ronaa. and all at?nt> tag , tm two ptettemaa or paatHvaa aad atfa. i)A "'?T W.Wtp WTREKT, BXTWCtff HEOAll way tad Palvaratty nlaon, to a arlvwtefnm It. parte and tin r?a, vl h -.nvt, At door front, pvt. s% hr...m A" Jo, fop ?wo or lav. paaua ran. Itmakfrnt u. kn had la ih rvvva. If m ?? rad. 26 "rjt: MJUUIIRQ aru UMMIIO 30 CUNTuN FL?fH.-T?0 /SKY DESIRABLE Inn I.) let witli Be41 J, at Jut above wonvanicn. "oa Dibim ' at Hi o'clock. I'C N/t*AU STREET, BROlEuYN. FIVE MINUTES' UU waR from FuMna farry -A wiilliirinki! Parlor and ifdp.mi la irt. with ' ill or partial Board, hi a private family; cooUao ideuaant. Apply a* above. 79 IPRING HTREET, TURK DOORS '"ROW BAOAI1 wa^?To Irt.awvrral Itndani inly liirnlah A Room u. ?tuple (tuUriri u The <X. ? near all th* Oral eUto. 1 *ele tree. Inquire of KA WhST HlkTERKTH STREET -GENTLEMEN AND li'i their ?'??, or ladlva and pe; Uemeo, can braveonmy dat<d with ploaeani Hoo-tis. pood" Uoard, anl oil toe m .1?rn a?eel*noM, uo mx! rate tartr.v, iky apply in* tmnaeiUtaJy it theelww .inber t'uod icfer-ueet required. 93 UEKENM BTRBMT AIWIV1 SPRING^ ALSTON ll.mae ?Eleaautly furnished r rKa of Ko.xn. paa, Onitoa on" every ronvrniauo* 'or Uiax- aewptnp aeoa<intiaaUy; par tteqtarly nil labia for anall reapeatabl* fomUka or atuwta m lL.maa Tina In ? ??? ? n I *" * tteinea. Rent Wnvto xavinviicDt iwaanta. mWAVKRLRY PLACE, HRWUR WAHHINGTOM aquure and Sixth avro tie ?A penUemau and kta wtf* ran ob'.Un t tarpc and hanraooaelv furnished Rnoir. oa aaecmd Boor, a lib two larpe panuien aUa.iii-4, alao two a^wi^u Roam far ilnp o (mntlemen. Dinner at all o'oloefe. 1QC EIGHTH STREET. OPPOSITE CLINTON HALL IOiJ A penjemiu and tia wife .tan Obtain a lar^e and banrta?Drl> tirolhed Rom. o-? oaoond floor, with pAntrtm at locird; aU> two desirable noma for mnrle ? etui emeu. Din nrr at 6 o'oloefe. Ucexoeplknabld referracea flvea and re quired. mRlOIlTH STREET -FURNIS'IEO HOUSE TO l?t. three doom eaat of Brood ? nt, opposite the Mer cantile l.lbrtuy. 17ft WERT 'OCRTEENTTI STREKP-A FURNISHED J III Renal for a lady and pen leinau, ?l?i iwo otag.e Foown for a Coale lady or c-niVmon. flral <-!?? ttnam . ? Foonrrnth street stape pas* the door, o< areid-ut to Eipbtn araooe eon. *>m W,HT FOURTEENTH STREET.-LAROB ROOM, AuA'JL will. Bedroom auaebed. Uwetber wi'.b a pletaaot treat ball, to let. tleni emeu and ibr.r w:t-w, or alnple p-m tVn.-n can lie n.wornudated tor ihe winter, Dinner *, breea faat at 7. Refrrenoea ex thai' red 210 ^^?ELM STREET, REAR SPRING 8TREMT?MARIO* House. Moely furnished Apartment*, with Mnenead eo kta* ulaaslta, arranpe.1 for eoooomloa) botitekeeplnp, 'Or suitable for alnple pentleoown Meotw fnmwknd if dotal ad; pan in iMiKta Rent low to rewpeetable tenants. OOQ RACT BIOADWAT?TV'RNIrtKED PRORT Roaau, *Hh Mod room, odjotelnp, rtltoble for pootle ?rn aud their wire* or ucrie pent.rmen, may be obtained wtih Hoard, rt 23H Root Broadway. All Ue modem intprore mentA la tbe bouae. t>r?l roi'RTU KTXBKT ? THR KSOOND FLOOR TO ^dUJL lot. neat'y t :rrJab"d, l>a rmitll futni'T, Or a party of ?t. pie pentlrmen, wttb private table. Tbe h i-iee baa modem In provemrnta, and tbe locaiiin In central. IU .'tM'r.ov( ex ok an yed. nun BROADWAY. ?FURKISIJdn OR ONKt'RNlKIIRD I U I Apartmetita to let. on re tamable termt. Tbe aMtta tlon Ik riperb, belnp In the rentre of b-ielnrwi Twi larpe 1'ar.oiA on Broadway, for slab or penteel buatnwaa msruiinio.i. A I,AI)T, WHO SPEARS TKRMOH AND OAKMaN Unrntly, and n rtnployed an teachrr in aou,e luo.tlies ui.l la a echo,.1 in Few York, t? dee.rouk to In nnit m>t eor d-i pailon. eilln r here or lu Hrook n, rear bar re?Mt i.oe. Ad drenn A., box ldd Herald offl or oaB at 167 Ilecr at , :i'irr lamtooA. A RIT11MKTTO, BOOKK1RPINO, PKNMANSDIF.-MR. A. Dol.HKAK tXili Ilrtiadway, krepe the larpert o-'ioin.-rvutl Inettlollon In R<-w York, and prepare* KmnUrmrn or Uiya for htuirt-m in a rinertor praeUoat manuer. t.w fdoeat for wrltlnp and two 910 aeatt fur bookkeepiop raoanb ALL THIS WERE, WHO JOIN GOLDSMITH'S WRI A unp oz. ! Bookkeeper ("laserr will be eutilled t > a reduc tion at 2S per oent from the untiel ebarpe*. Tbe ftereo ?rnplo Maaetnn will be open for free a-linUtloi daily thir week from 10 o'clock A. M. tot F M. Private Inntr-iolSxi plven. New Aoodtmy, Moa F21 and SMI Broad ray. owner of Tweaty Bmt rtreet OL1 \ KB H. UOLDSMiTH. ArADVSVT OF PKNMANAIIIP AND BOOKKKHPIHO. Mi Broadway, oontln ial by '??. 0, HOOGLAND, for many year* ?mutant of OMvrr 8 Goldamlfh No claeara, tb irooph, practleal inatraetkm, and earneaA oarelul attention. Open day and e .enfnr- Term* moderate. AOKNTLKMAN, WHO IS A COLLEGE GRADUATE nt a reral year*' aaooewiul *ioerier.oe In Iraehtng, de lira* wime addluonal empk))na*nt In a hMkaJ or family, will rlv. itiitioa In exobanpe for board. Beat refer-mori ptveo. Addri-m ludrtictor. Hi Broadway. A FRENCH LADY, LATELY FROM PARIS. Pl'PIL A- of theCtmnrrraUAre, wtabea to find a 'ami y wb-rw ahe rould f -e leaanna la piano, atuptop, or tn Utr Wren -b lanp-iope, In rrrhanp* for board Aa aba ran plve the mjet noexeap ilrnabS) rairrencea, abe doe* not wtah to enter tniu any b it a ilmabM ralrrenceo, abe doe* not wtah to enter Into ant b it a kixbly rewponta) a family, l'leaae app.y to or addrem S. Uran, bU Br. ad* ay. FRUMOR LA NQl'AOB. LITERATDEB, URaMMAM, CONVERsaTIOH, Ta'.pbt by a new bad aareaaef-il eelbod private l-waona, tn* hlebeai reft renoee rtvwu. Apply In Mr. M ALK/IEi'X, No. Hi Baal konrtewi li atrwaA French commercial iNsTRU?moN, oorre vpoodenea. An , ft. en to btwtneaa penth-men, aRbae prl vatelv or In aventnp c!aaara. by Pr-ifeea a- C. P GIl.LKrrE, I'M Matb av> aae Mar F'mrtaeot h alreei. la a toaehar in aout of the Brat InatlK lev of thla city. LADIES' FRENCn COCESR-MADAMB 8CTTAAp CN deiiakro, by bcr oaUrw'y new metkot, which baa me* wttb c-a.plet* v.- *f? to Impart tnatru. tlon an that ta tlx ?ve.taa tnttrow, embroctup two teaaooa nt two h nra each, ?i. klr, tier pt.plla ana., ba able to spea*. read and write the French laopuape fluently, and araaamntl ally. Term* 'or all month* coura* lift I'n.ale lulu.-n foe Ma tnonthe Urn F.,r (urthor porUenUra tnqn re ok tt.e oottrwe ro.??, lvi N.nb aveit'te, aeoood '..we ab-w* Thirteenth atrowt Maw Pork, froaa IV j i lurk A. M.teSP. M. IMNTRrcriOV -CHEAP AND GOOD ACADEMY -AN Aauvtcaii lad or two br-.there, fr ?vt l.tto 19 yea.* of ape. will be rec.-l 'Kl In ? aelrct academy In Br<-Alyn on the m 4 tav.wabln mollttiwoi. All modern lai 4tleealnei ant cnnimrrcte''.ran'hc* ta-ipkl G ??1 rrfercn ?, alviiandia quired Addrem 'ainea G intaP, Itnvibljn Puat <dBc* MONH L DE GRAND -VaL'H E?GLIHII AND FRENCH I'lawolcal and ' rmn.erolol Boordlnp rwho.'., Ilndam tar larw. Ilonoawo. Sew .Irreef. Hpea'al attabtkui to tb-modern uutpuka-ea and . ommcrclal brantht?. PROKKdHOR LONO'8 WRIT1HU INMTmTTlOR. h?1 BROADWAY, nrrn dar and proaler- By a new an 1 naerrlec principle. peraooe of all area mo taught to anir a ?i: ml. r hand with freedom a>d rleRanoe. In twal-. e prlrata leaauaa. 1 erma w< ?tora a. Pralolauey auaiaetaed. T>ROF. K1.IR (IflARLtlKR A FRKRtW IRBTITDTR FOR X V. unr UoctloBK'ii, Hurtlnr and lia> hrkonl, *?> V Viet Twoatyhmudb alroet. leaeona rtwuwod. ("laaeloe, Nathema Uc*. Napltali, Rpa. 'ah. daman and Froarb to .hi hj aeten wwn leech* ra. On ulara to ba had. with aaaaaa ef panda end There la a pr'wary tlrpartateal UL*,\ST1I? A dOYRRNRP TO TKv P TW VOT RO YY ? w? Karlo b an I Fro .rb. ?j.-. . Inr--nm* aAal, t >-el. aarrrd at I BP Jar. A middle aged lair food 01 rr'.rennent iroforrod. Ihn a.f tU<nj la remote In the o-.ttntry Apr . a'. 3>? l>uai.'- aiioo- between !>', and II A. M . or 4^ and i-. I\ M , cu t no.< left JUR Oaano nroal TUONAN D. CARI'KXTKR. BXCITKRIOMR. dart or a noroR w**tbd-at a rodrratr XT prkv. bolw-n s, ,IA BAiaatt awl Ton'A ???wto ant Fi-atead I'oi rthatrwei* WHNanaatv rp. or aboro V mrthetroei. Row Yorb, bjr a lei AWrncaa fau.ll/. A.ireuu bot 111 Row York Pool rtuw. Part or a iioc?r wantrd fcrrtniird for h nweboet iat hol-.w FoartoMlA itrwet preferred. font W O! ho wmf.rwie aad only wo ma r am It la tho k m. Addreaa. with terse A< , R.hwow! l?'i IM> if.- .14 ? ? RfUtR- WARTRD IR v*w TOR* OR BROOKLYN, I y a rot.'J' waa. wt'a an* why te > or tSm awa.1 t.n famiahed Runai ?a/ pan/ haonr 1'i-h i<> le* natar raaw Mb o roai, will boar <i a etnad. :? ant by tddrem.or /. D. R . llorald off o. atauac I tiai. >r. mat An. (fill A I'VRRT1KER WROTH TO BIN f FUR II IN Fa Ml *-???? irt ab?<1 1 o a.i t ..I .o ml ahot?>Tirr-!? thlorl ???owl an h.iareea F mr-H X It a I iff *!a?e qnfwalMad H to. an miot >pi .i?hin nFrti^rlh-td ahorw T? ?'lt third ffoaaa W! M*~ii f ntr-li aad hitih erei.oea ?nr loir o? I th'oo yoara an-wtiAfa la yr.rlloeoa proTotrrd ad.t hm U<> A.? 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W-ARTTK IT A FANTJ.T OF THRKR THR I/OWRR YY part of a Hmwa. hatnw TbtrtJotb alr?wd. Raf rwwoee 't bAoyod. Addroea J. 1? R., bw 1 IAD Pato oBm tr'ARTRP TO RRRT, A IIOONR RAVIRO WATRR YY and (M la. w .id to w?u ilralaod a d to A roar*ntov ? ao;?h>r<rhnmt to Nntilh Rmr?l|B or Onwaanb! rem n<d to oi ?to l.> ft a.noio, Addroea g.. boi |? |i.-r*.d rdtdo. 11'ARTKD- A WRU. rrRRtPIIRD IIOt'AR IR A PR*I YY rablo Imbuw. for a faa<tj afltdull parwrwa. Ptoeaa addroea lln. b Konaod/. Herald ndfw. TL* ANTRD TO HUrr-A FIRR ItODOR ROOR IRTNR YY Itnut'tn-bnnd n? Fnartwaatb atroot bet WOW! Rnonad aad FlOh area-tow Montlnr naoo a w~tb Pirwd ? aawwr to B? nawtlMoa, ItOrwtl Mow, ataUnr tertwe dwalimi. Art WANTRD- A bBnOWD RARD 1R"R ?*FR RMRI^I . pnwdor aad hwrwiar proof Add roai Lll * TA'nd INWRt. R. Y . Rrtof yr -? a Tarhkt OOVPANIRB, ATMNTIOR ?THR ala. o to ro to id the ParlllM HI I. - rat iguaranttoO) laad In*, reion Ii'aad. nador new aaana-oatont An aioailoat FbonUo/ Uround aad Rail Room. R. 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T., lor tbree date at tbo Herald offoe etatlna looaitaa, nnabor of rouaw aad toraw. Refo at DOCRKI, ROOM*. M.. TO MU1A.FAE1LT, UA.T1NU MORE KUOM tail ^TTiT ^ & three .*? four Ho hum furc I ,? . . lv ?r?? w iuttr m?oi tnniMiiful vaitF Fv') children, or separately u> gtmuwinea ?""??! u. 1 wen.v f-M . rV"*SS "i? avenues, and ?**?? all tbe luodero ouu sentences. Also. % Kaaemri, , (nilA ilo fi* a dorlur'a .??? under to let Km Of referenee re.uti*d F..r adUrcu lj ?1/ kt ike Madison square rati ofitee Address. a*. ALARUM FRONT rSRLOBTO ?n7|-f iKNIKHEli tos first eless hows Id St Mark t ???. " (Ji?^ ItisUitite tutor Library. Ae. A l?u It > os tbta UorrTbe fainii is small sod to children Terms u.'id?r..Le a m~_ K K X., station D Astor plans. ^ Akirrt floor on BROADWAY TO LET, km suit or In separate offices. tine span. >t rums Mi ' gr.itnt, An Ori' snitll ro>ia, furuislrd. 41 So per re|. AnplytoJ B. FULLER. Adver .ieiii,( sod Boarding Arm i' NO Hma.lway. AT FONEERR-A NKW HOU8R ELK I ANTI.Y FUR J\ Dished, in i iplradld nelghb irhool, will lie rentod very ????nobly asui May no it or tor one or iw> years Apply to Mrs lltSNV ?t Mrs K slllnjrer s, Vookors or to DINGER A BuLDIM, Mo 8 floe street ecd $1,344 Broad we v. BROADWAY PROPE 1TY TO LEASE. WITH HTCAM power? Tbs buildings, mnehtuerr, sod seres lots of grnnnd, known ss lbs OetweU Marble Works, situate near tbs turner of Jlriuderay so I Thirty ifib street 1 erois Ilbeasl. Applt to K. MaRTINDALK. ldT Broadway. third story. CTOIII ER INHTITUTR-TO LIT. MOB EVENING MEET J I"??. odso' the most elegantly Unladed and fornlsbel Rooms on I he main luvlf warned S"d lighted jrss; also. Desk Itn. m y "h hook > *?e?, peruiSDSntly In tbsdsy Hats. I ildriss box 3,i>3 I'cst "Bier. (MTV FrRNlPIlKD AND CNPURV'SHRn IIOL'flBB TO J lei ' ? M I.- .lee rent Hino, r?? Steo NAD fl 000, SI TOO. 0 M um, *jhm, js mi, all m desiranle nelahbarhoedSL '"I M,t>b Ul dIngKK A UOLuKN. bo. 8 Piss street una i,?JiI iiioihtm^y. L' *?" M.k N,, ? A} 'L:K K Y OV BItl'ITH AVENUE TO l?l ir ci>t tiilHnrd; Bum oh^uct* f riui tuttrpri'tuc uur ?eO' specious and-m ere. ,,d n , r would tie let for other bust seas. Apply at lh& Eighth arcane. FL'RNIHMKD HflUSE TO LKT?FROM T1IR FIRRT OT November tolls ttmt if duoensit. a three wory brlok limine, tush stoop with molem taproremeals pleasantly lo cated od twenty eighth streei, bet we n Klgbth and Ninth a ve. nn?a K?st i'.OO per month. Apply to 11 p MILIIKBKK HKrt, 80 Carmine alreet, from y to 10 A M or IMS r ?t Twenty-B. lb atraat. a'ter BP. M. 4 LKAPK KOK SAl.K, 13) BKRINII bl'RKKT -TWO AMI) A kali' >rara' lesae. mid the furuip're fur sale. Will out to sold Heparan I), lnq'ilre on the premliea Mansion iioukk, tonkkrr. ro let or leakb sa a ll'a' rlssa hotel, about elrbt minutes walk from lb** d> pot and Hiesmboat landing, beautlf ully altuit ed upon the AJ Isoy p<el rusd. 17 milts from the Oily IIall, It haaattached to Its vegetable garden, an We bnit", lowllng alley. Immensn btrn Sid staples, with aoonamodalema fur B0 hnr?ea; Its porn* U?S Is coimiisrdlng, tod Is* adapted to do a large buad "a** For particulars apply to ulNGBbl A HOLOEN, No 8 Fine sirert and 1.34* H ma J way. CTRAM PllWBE-TO LBAHB, HUPBRIOR ROOME c with steady power, In tbs nplendld nsw bnlldlng now osat pleUng on jots Niw. SI. ?*,*?, 18 and 60 Greene street, the hSM ard most eentrul l"csllon In this city. Parties Is want of trs* rlsas ateommuilaUoua should make linmsdlsls application to 11 J. HttW aKI), on the premises. mo LET?A NEW BROWN BTONR FRONT FOUR BTOBT L 11" as, between Fifth and Mluh avenues, on math aids Forty fifth street, also, a sew ,hree story House. N a U8 Wswl Forty eighth street, between hltih aiul Hereiilh arenass: real MM. ANU11RW LBBTKU A CO.. 1U3 Chambers strsek m?) LKT-THK MODERN HOUHB, WITH OAR FI*. 1 litres Ac., Na 16d West T went it fourth street, with Im nirdlato possession, Ac. Apply st 1B2 lirusdwar, rrutn U to Uo i'lork.ora'.BJEaatTwsulj seventh struct, uf PBTKX A. U. JAdENOE r) LKT-THK HTORB AND FIXTTRBH, TOOBTHBE with the snooad story of bo. *91 Grand street. Poesas ttoc ImsaedisMlr. Also for sals, a stock of Fancy and Tor Ootids. Apply to JOHN OONUBR, *96 Uiand Wrest mo LKT-THK BTOKB RITL'ATKI) AT I1B FRONT JL street, Iwtween Peck slip sad Beekmen street, laqolra on the pi causes or st J. E. Stevens', 16 Rest fourteenth street mo I.BT-A BARK OPPOBTUNITT TOR A FAJfILT 1 desiring a mnteel resldenes m a delightful loosdoa at low rent The bouse, 194 Congress street, Brooklyn, la fully ep pot, ted with gsa, water both, closet, furtuios bells sad srwy modeiti conrenlence. Lrst Oour just painted, la perfect rapmrt mil be let very low tos good tsnsnl with small family. Ap ply to 8. HObDLOW, Montague street, Brooklyn, or to N. O. ItURbAF, loo Chambers street. N. If. r|Vi LBT -TWO LARQK l'ARLORR 8UIT AHLC FOR ANT 1 light buanleess. Also, a line store In the basement, had rooms in the upper pal of A first elssa bouse with All moonm unprovemeuts, situated at Na M Blghtb avenue, sea" Fou.'b s'.rer t App.y si Mo. Da l'rinse sweet, s few doora nest of Broadway, mo I.lfT?IN ARTORIA, A FINK HOURB. FURNIRHBD 1 or luifurniahad, MaUe In the rear. Address boa 919 Port uAk'e, New York. LBT?A THRBB HTOBT HOURE 38 MACDOCOAL street, sis is three story House 139 West Houston street, wllh all the modern I squire uf 1). OOLB MAN. 88 Vstick strasL Tm 0 LKT. AND FL'KNITURI FOR 81LK?THRBB Sterv brink llouas. Grove street, Jersey Igty; fine toes* List Irjulre of J. M. LaL'uIII.IN, oufser uf Urovo sad Tor* streets. Jersey ftty. IO LKT?TUB RK'XIND VI.OOR OF IIO09R 418 HIIRO avenue. In nine order, with Oroton w iter and gas. oa.y one thrr lam'ly in the h. use; rent 9lv per month. T^W LET A DOUBLE llOl'RB. UANHHOMRLT FUR nlshed, suitable for a rlub bouse, only one libnk from the Metr ipolilan and Kt. Nicholas botes Address J. O., Rprtng Street Pi-at oEce. TO 1KT-TDK FRONT HARBMBNT OF A FIRRT OLABR ? brqan stone llonae sill's"le for s phi aw-lao Apply no the premswe, three doors shrew Thirty eighth surest, la Lei Ingtyn svrnuo. rIET-THK T11RKR RTORY AND BAHBMBNT UTCi) stoop Hoose, three ro ma deei'. Ittsl palnU<d ihrodgbmL ! 2ce West Tasi.ueth street, Sis ail I te OMHM U?i revemsnW in a gird ntugh borhoui. and In flist rsts order. Inqolrt Of W. PaNMNU, 374 FlttS avenue. Toi.kt-tiiblowkr part if a oBvraRi, hodbe a tha'l '.be suderu improvements Inquire an the pro ml ''a, No 373 NUith Su4t THMO LKT-FI'RNIMIIKD. A NKW I1ROWN HTOMB House (high SIOOSII, r-lrrt I m? up town, or half the house to a uxnsJU family. Address NeltleUm, Herald ufflvs. Cm I I.BT ON ML'RRAT HILL- THE HANDNOMB brown stone front English ba*emeol four story llooss. M t Tll/ly fifth street, bet wean Madisra and Park svewnas. Wtll be let until 1st May next, or for s knignr period If desired. Immediate poaewme glrew. Apply as abwvs. or Is J. E MAX* ELI., 173 I ear I street. TMO LET-AI ol7 ANI) HI ) hR'MDWAT, TUB SROOMD ".?>r ? ? i.m li..tnp a h riibl f.-mi nlndiwi . m froat aad eorpai Kouaa la aulW m pioflr k aira?<w a wiw UHuara'.r JOUS g. KHJMJ.a WUutmi TO LET?TOOBTHBR OR SEPAMATBnT, A PROMT Aad hul Rnran on "p"- nd tlonr, com'nnablr fnrnMBod WV.A (M and b*U oa IB* lux door, Blao l?i or u.rnr mna'lar hr ?M. Filial bunfd U drtlrad. lt>,a.rr ?t di A may TOO. rl.EI TUB HALL OP T1IR NATIONAL MUSICAL Indltutr 7l'. Ilrua way. will ba tot for mMMrti, mm trr* At . airppl on B>>nda) and 1hura<?? r>Miinn Apply l? ik? JbhIVt. at On Hall. oi VO UUaS. I). BoKTBH. lie fl ? CH1.KT-A HOUSE IN TUB EIGHTH WARD -PI'RVI ? iiur for aalr *n.4 take on. lk? amount la board, a cmtalna rlrrra noma. A ??"d rhaac- for Mm rt?M paraoa. AdHraas Moawkaapar. Ilaraid ijRea. for tap dayn. wltk inal uar and nbcrt lo ba area. r^m I .BT.-TNK UPPER PART;or TUB IIOl'RR MO. Mi ( hmih.iiB alotl, Era rouna AAd kllrkrn. Ap ? IP atore. r^m I KT?THE IIHOLM, OR PART OP THE HOUSE, ? llllrilylirr mrrpl. <- p-nar of Bade rd Oarpata, Par aiitirp aad oikloAa. will ba aold ebaap. Apply as IM pro LET?A HANDSOME).! PCRNISBRD BOOH. OB Brat tour, la a rlaaaant bauaa, wiik all tka mndrra laa irinrnanu wnpl.<o by a prlrala fai..Jy Appy at Ut rH) LET- THE TWO BTORT AMD BASEMENT BRICK 11'map it* Hrnaaa MrarL two bbrto waal tf Broad way. an" bp |pt low la a (nod laoaok Pop parUcoUra laatdrt at <M liroosa alraat. IEIO LPT?A HALT OP A BROWN HTOMR PROMT HOUSE I MM ? laaolra M MM lfMI fTIO I.BT- BPTWBEN W AT BRLRT AMD CLINTON 1 plaop*. M> Orrana Hrrwl ( m alaaa linna*. frwhly paIIad and i ?f?r?d, npw It .ma, balLi Ar . ??-?nva?a rnai; n Itaalp fit fain'ly. plat) up any roapartabia tmBaaw. ArpJy at Jd. uraaaa atppi TMM) LBT OR LBAVR A VACANT IA/T. IB RT WV IN ? SoIppdAarrrt. talwaaa letuiia I. aad Oj ikari |p ? darlSait A oasot. mrM a la. levura la ika aaora. H* Raai Em ih at low rent, a wtorb. room anii uel lar 1a a pmd for invnry. A? Alao PIoop arNIi nonoaaaodaurma fop a rraparw IP laailly. Apply la now I nlbt'at. R!a*pf Ik arrmna. aear Tkim ap.rotk Mrpat. ak Naa bli'a ln*.m Aamrr ?k Birbth arraoa. aaar TBir.y aLnh no pi, ur Dr ? ,1) MS Third aranoa. T^My I KT-ft ? N UMokf Kl.l PUKNIMIEl). THE P.BRT AMD 1 ' m i a/) if, diaiap r?aa aad two kadraaaM, Wit> kii'bPB, rallar aad yard a| ikana* lour akory browa ab I a llonap M? 71 Waal TWrty alpklk Mraal balarPB Hrnad way aad itilfe auaaua ?nhtil-d tea and aarraala room If frilrad. A lar., K ,?.ra and art arai? Ronaia la Hr taro TU aad 71 a 1th or of a Ivdo ,iu aanamua parlor All mpala for i.Bhpd II raai'pt. Ado, a IWo frnal b aaaiinl f.p pk a. tat, or <?kpr diua AyvyalMuTf. THB jet. in hr<?> ri??sfTrpffaoeTTn M>Pl'r arm m aaar U'rlilm 'rr ir, Ram Hri Aim,, thp IBraaatary b bk kn ,.- A fmat atrord w?k yap, v-a>pr I . oaly U.rap Tin upa watt (o m < atfearior and Pol Bj> tPPTlPa ln'julra al 1MB Mowwry. OlET C)B T EAhK KB\K?A1. W KM, IImHTEP UP ? BM* ar.'l ikP bapraiaal'KM fmi i> of lo 1 Naaau a'.rp?a, thik c.ty Apply le TEAM' 1H liVahB. Ifl Na?a , N T. rro" I RENT PVRNI*TTR1) OE rNPCENB?HBn, WITH pnaoraal a U aa* l ata a irm.aau ? "???)? laa, al Sowh Oraasa, .da Bw i rtdafr.aa Npo Tart ky railroad. HV.iard rooaa, ? aarr alary. Mab.po Bp., about Hi io ? at lawn, orahard a, .4 yraitpr. P">1 r?rd-a and okada ipjkaa aimat kbp Buarp. Por I irlAar parvulAin apply la MAlIOt, RASHRi. Ill). ?f Baar.r aiwu. rE OWNTE OP AN BlJl'lANTLT PrENlAHETI yionao ? wdd lid >Bp ttip? of tk* aaa Sap any kla parv*l. la ? i vtlaU >?? Applr or ikp p.-aau-aa, IIJ ?a-t fcaik r)34 SEAN arm Nil NTRBBT BBlNyMD I and ?? mboadwat.-a snjnrpfp swrr BBOAPWAT, "OAH nraiou naur mwipo t Pop la a.. r>M nrail m f t lu r?i*) k iMaaaai M o Mr d Ail yloT flisoo, IBM r WNd alpppi. batnad M A. ? or afiar %f. M. b"k Ma Tally I 027 or Rraaa ?tMat>ia far Ud mlUloapr <r any I ? ry r"1? '-uprapa, fm tbp am-ood Bour of tko BArt.'a HalidMMO. WT aad IM Broadway balwaoa H'ouana Wpprdnp "tmaaa AM) dBoaa la r."a bad a afto. to rMl ?a i laaaaall? taaaaa. Apply to W nallll.L ?a ihp i -m~? h THK PIIIKNM. N'lrricE.-REnwsioR nbotbp oonpaBT mo i Tba mmabora brr-rary bmNi'i aaJ frlanda ?d IBM mmpan, ai? raappo'/Jlj 'n.llPl kl a?l at II Hrury <? h miap, Odohpy 7. at II nb l A. M . for iba pim^Mb * aitpud-pp Ap isrra. f pur ia'a . r tbaf ?a*baP. Bp *'? TTb?1*