Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 8, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 8, 1860 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 8796. MORNING EDITION?MONDAY, OCTOBER 8, I860. PRICE TWO CENTS. MEWS FROM CENTRAL AND SOCTfl AflERICl. ARRIVAL OF TEE IORTHEBH LIGHT. Serious Negro Insurrection at Pa nama. REVOLUTION IN COSTA RICA. Continued Defeat of the Revolutionists in Sew Granada. PROPOSED ANNEXATION OF GUAYAQUIL TO PERU. of bozo* mvumm of Bolivia, a... Jtc.. Ao. It. steamship Northern light, Captain Tlnklepaugh, few Aeplnwall September 30, with mail* and passengers Worn the South Pacific and Central America only, arrived laat evening. The Northern Light arrived at Aeplnwall September If, nt half put three P.M. The peeecngere and mails croeeed to Panama the lame morning, and embarked on board the Golden Age. Tbe Northern Light tailed from Asplnwall September 80 tor New York, without treasure, malls or passengers from California, the steamer leaving 8an Francisco on tbe lllh, due at Panama on the 31th ult., not having arrived nt the time of sailing. On the 23d and 31th there was a heavy swell In tbe hay of Panama, Indicative of a gale outside. It was supposed that the missing steamer (the J. L. Stephens) may have encountered rough weather and broke so me part of her machinery. II so, as she has but O single engine and there being bnt little wind generally at this season, sho might be some time In reaching Panama. The agents of the Pacific Mail Steamship Company com menced fitting up the spare ship Washington on the 27th ult., In order to have her ready for the mail and passen gers per North Star. She has been overhauled and newly ooppered. The North Star, from New York on the 2ltt ult.,arrived In Aeplnwall at eleven A. M. on the 29th. Her malls and passengers were In Asplnwall when tbe Northern Light .left, at the Washington was not ready to receive them. They were to cross the Isthmus on tbe morning of October 1, when the Washington would be ready for sea. The North Star was prepared and amply prorldod to bring home the passengers of the regular ship connecting with her, as well as those of the J. L. Stephens,should she arrive, the Northern I.lght having transferred a good pro pert ion of her stores. NEWS FBOM NEW OBAN ADA. Oar Panama Correspondent *. 1'axama, Bept. 35,1890. The Attack on Santa Mart*?Defeat of the Rtoolu \o%utI? Pmidential Election?Election of Governor of I'anama, Judges, Ac ? Intelligence?Die Xegro Riot, etc. Tbere If no change to note in the coalition ol afflaira Ul thin country flnee my iMt. Hm English steamer Salad In arrived at Asplnwall from Bnvanilla cn the afternoon of the 16.b Innt , a few bourn after the departure of the Ariel for New York. Her latea are no latter than those previously received and for warded to the Hmulo, bat she brings some additional details of the engagement at Binta Marts between the revolutionary and government forces, in whloh the latter were triumphant. General Ytoo>,who oommanted the government troops, furnished the following account of the eogag' moot to Colonel Arboleda, commanding the Atlantic division of the army, and which appeared in the government organ of this place ? Am soon aa It was known that Santi Msrta wm to be attacked, preparations were mate by the go vera in nt party to dWo*td it, and the small fore# at its disposal was eoncenUated on the western part of the town, between the oathrdial and the beach. Cannons were placed la the pvln clpai streets, and in situat oos calculated to pro vent a disembarkation. On the 84lh of August the revo lutionary form made their appearance?.he boats, elcvuu la number,en the western side, an 1 the lac.4 forces, o m aletiag of 1 too men, on the oast. On the Itih aud M>.a, vaikiun sklrmlsben took plvx between the parties, the revoiutiauiata obtaining possession of some street.; and of the fort of the Iforru, from the? tamed the guns am the town, fhe government pert; were obliged to keep their busts goa'drd to u to prevent an attack In their rear, sad more than a tblrd pert of their forces was stationed at Bella, and oould take no part In the defence ef the elty. On the 30th the besieged commenced to make rep^tt ed tallies, lu which they succeeded m dutlodgtag their oppecrr.ti from vom* of their principal p tailors* and thti ooet.nued throughout the 27ID, 33th, ifO'b an I 30'h, ftapportcl by s strong force of artillery an I Ibu aid o( t*. ir guerrillas On the mghltf llx.u3.!i, atom*.* o'cio.k, the rrvoluSioes'T force# being retuoed by deaths, wxind ed sad (leerrOoo from 1 300 to scarce*y 400 men. Vieco reports his casualt *e as?four offi.ors, one acrgcart ami two soldlers killed, niu.i officers, n eer grants sad thirty men wounded. In hut oie mm* vm it SKii try to rer.rt lo ampnU'lon. Among the prisoners takm ? ? re fir Ian ft- res Seer* tsry of th.* .Ttfe Supe rior of the State; Major Mnnuet Djacaa. and three other officers, with vari ur so.liters No fhriher adsicea have be-on re>- ivel from the Cauca, ?or of the movements of the revolutionary army m ler Msigim. The lawndente Gea r?; of M s t'ate sent over the Isthmus ow the 16th lm t some ISO roops. that are to be eeoveyed from the latter pisce by Ibo Eogl .b at*?ar Sal ad In to Rants Marts On Sunday, 16th lost. the Presidential election took place tbrmgboiit th# eorrfaderatfoi, or at font those pur tleaa of It that air nut involved ,a the rtvol ? oa. Is this city mti'' In A*, ( ?u Rcrrat r i-sired Ti'l* a iinssMsta vote, llors only two v.Jtes wrm naat f.w >*oor ArboVda, Herran rveeivlrgail the ret Torre I# bit' .title (limht i the election of th ? l*it?r u -idleo vn?n ev-ot tbat erfll l>< lialM wlih .'slight br -r*>*y on# who let tree the iittnrath? <f p. s*- in < # do v n,.* ?>?( mue'.ry. and wbu takes as lateroat m It; f it .re Well b< ig and . mty. The scrutiny of votts which took piece hsreon the 16th lest passed ofl ?<lb*ut aiy disturbance. and newt?! Is Rr Uuard.a. theooeeorvai've eaodMete,hslagdeetered Governor of th) Kale r>? upwards ef Uv? taeniae 1 ma Jorny, over his mmpotilcr, tne oaagfo. of the liberal warty. AI. the J i I ve of the noserevile* party, la plane I lbs \. ~ ut iaswmbsets,some ef wle**s aie e?gro,-a This W a Sswawe ahai te 1 h q*? te tied esongb to.allow m-W'es t*> vote hut It I# rtrryli a democracy a little P4) fai to plane th# a la oflbte la ford H over ? hits pvoj Lieut. .1. ffeys, of the ro""d Rtafs Navr, ' h ?* a# atstaoi. wh* art ct ar^o-1 ?;lh ?va *- ir ng t v < ?* fj ifo'-x?, em behalf the N try Jvpartneu* are it! "Mrs wait ng atweveyan-e (Mlhsr The order from the Is-, ar'* Ibestiog th-* i'tg egtor ef tve 1*aet'.. ap s'r.m t> fernteh * vc#?l tio? ry tbevu u? the point tbStevte t u pro'-thtv <*# toe wsy te Osliso, wh*rre that *fll*- r Is, as th ro ,? ,# oee fc<r* aciho* ,-ei t -*,.,aiy f bis i, itcl.os iro. the Ssf" tary of the Kti j II I th.- d<-*pa' h eantetclug the esder Wen WrwotO'i tu the -niof iffi*-?r ntraw?<eav; the tit Mar) h noeld hare b ? l eset ? a t. ? tisrti t > Golfo rtiilee, b? ha\ ? ? I'tli ;iart Wit* it a si . i? va , tf I eso-pt the st'oesbtp Wsrron Io? .leg ..*i:w, it aeews. h*s left tuotrtti tteas her** to have no offletsl letters adidrsesed to htm opened ??>- tb# test r octree la t?tt mend, egypt ttioeefrcw the it res i end,M th* 0* *?rt meot >. t-' a-1 e'ldrrs# t be s#!i ir of wr Is f minlv-" relet its to sec ug 1 cut J s pw*ty forward, the w >-k wWirA they ere oomntt#?ie:.od top--rf,i nw t????vr* y i? dateyed, a# severm we- as mty sUps: u ? ir ths err. vet of tne wffim r at i' ts i- ? l lbs Amti .ts i'*)cl *r, 5t M*rv? ?n4 Brit ?h ' ? i n frigat*- < I mi set Sttit is p-u t the other vessels u the I'siu l Kates ?fotdiju arc a ths duk-reet potrfo .? IcitcaSed li aiy I art the Arnrr list ship ?'tstbsriae. Of f * iand eWi *"d this port for * Una >n li t 321 last. rarema esa thrown 'tito a State of egr t?u? t au I elarm n the nl?btof the 14th 'est . ?# roni? , ? -i tbe r-prrt that eimo thtre h-t'rel arm in* ??#!?< I ?ssr???*!. <i at the mosth tf the Rio Gre*id*. Mho ' Jrs? mlhw frees Uie t.ty, aii surM of inmors prevail at t* their ohjert, tbr me>t plausible spy -#- ..v to i?e Ihst th'y have ha ,.i?<l theme \ . 'ngett rr to iravM hetwf to) prteeed into tne tallilary rervice ef til.) federal g >ro.-.* ?at A few bo a loads of Iroofkt esse soot Si tits month ef the riser to disperse the nor ova On I lie ntgbt In i?esttoe, but the partr eowtd n >1 eifsit a landlm em arc net ot the stisf, ami te?v retorsed aitnixit av complishifg auyihirg Tn? MMibs b- t catted ml are B*IW oepoiung tb? diff.rei.t prllui ststl *n?. an > .vlttM.ui'i yrrwtalatm coulltitiee to etlsi lent ibn ergrow a tap au aiurk ea the oily for tu# ,m... ?? ?f ? , j da V, I et.l* tlatn no tilth sppr li uI , ,( swiaM m> as, vtsoss tn to* Ir psrt t * ?i'**mpt s*o tt % te n* ??,?. ti,. fnri'tga sh vs ?*f var are in p I. I t >? ? tsiiet tu ?i Uv , .Item at wbl. h at prreAet sxtst* ,M |, . fbw thy # "i i- s.j aootb* r forts* ?? t e?t t >? a#gr ? ?i d ? vgbt es os. IN et?h3? event tb'rs M ?# t< o*Bg wh? Mm y o,*?'it k* if i ).-* ?>-| , o* r th? t-.s* th'*<* rears t ?!i t g ^ r>t,,T*,| ? ten . *"M. br- r* ? s ?? .#'1 pmseets ?<> r*y? Vetfod ete*. ' tits h 'rthera !.*. .t Mr r bteiuth* ve-*.h. and * Ti?rt rvfraso'stic 4 t ?? and luacnrtd ?.'IW-J le utnsy uf bA t *t..lrjm*it. sa . ,,m. this isthmus by his manygeneronH qoali.lee, aadwhJTwSl rffHt 10 ks'r. him have tho additional fbom tiie FRO VIHC* OF CALL A UU8H OF TH* REVOLUTION. ?n?e Paciflo Steam Navigation Osmpany's steamer Anne arr ved at this port yesterday moruing, and we have news irotn Tumaoo to the 26lh mat., by which we loam that Intendenle '/.aramu baa defeated the robel foroes in hie district, taking prisoners Seuor Garzon, the rooel Governor of the prov.noe of Fuguerrez, and Uolouel H?r nai dez who was in com ?and of the revolutionary forces. The armed schooners Clio and Sal*manda,r e in> three smaU transport vessels, appeared before Iscuando. and landing their forces, oollged the rebel Governor, Hannibal liosquers. to surrender at dlaorotion, making bim and his sufl prisoners ani taking poseessunof lbe entire district. The little fleet, with two prises taken a licuaude, sailed on lbs With for Buenaventura latu r rlace has undoubtedly also been occupied b> rue ^Vom'Yhe"interior of Cauca we learn that the people of Calsto, Jamundi and other neighboring towns had, ru*_n asainst Muequera's rule, and taken Call audlalmira. General Paris' division had aireaily occupied the town of Bu/a, about flrty miles from Popayan, the capital Stale Tof Cauca, and General Euan forces were within ^Amongst ItopapwVof the so called Governor Hannlbi' Mrrquer? wero found letters from his Moequers, to him. where he acknowledged himself threat ened with defeat from every quarter, and admlltint that bis only hope was to enter into a compromise with Qm+ rsl El as woo is In oommand of the Anlloqu?a division for thTskmg^?io into consideration tho feet that the Anne brought confirmation of the news already of General Herran's triumph over the rsvoju,loalsis m the Slate of Bantander, we may safely predict an car y turminalion of the revo ntlon. Panama, Sept. 29, 1S60. 1 Arista Rio>. by the ITefroet?dttempi to Jake the Tbwn Landir.g of Britiih and United Statu lorees-The *'e groet Defeated, ?fc., d-e. 1 A riot of a serious and extensive nature occurred In this city on the moruing of the 27th last. For some time past | s considerable number of negroes htd been gathering at the month of the Rio Grande, In the neighborhood oi Pa nama. It was supposed that they were chiefly competed of individuals who were leaving the town and vicinity ! from fear of being pressed Into the army. H wa., how ever, subsequently ascertained that they were organizing and arming themselves, and that their intention was to ntinev and possess themselves or the city, although It w?a impossible to ssy for what object, since they had put for ward no political pretensions. The authorities having as certalncd that they contemplated attacking the place on the night of the 26th Instant, measures were accordingly taken to defeat it. No attempt was, however, made by tho aggreesois to commence hostilities beyond occupy lng in force the outskirts and suburbs of the town and cutting off all communication with the city proper. At daybrcAk the troops which garrisoned the town, some 120 in num. bcr, were ordered to march outside the walls Into the suburbs, and upon crossing the open spa o whUh separates the city proper from the suburbs, they sore fired upon by the negroes, whose numbers at that time arc calculated to have been between | three sad four hundred In a v?,*k ^n I lighting, or rather the firing, lasted from Six oilock m u.o morning until about nine A. M, by whic'll'? 1 troops remain, d in the possesion of the suburbs, bav 8 die o iged tb negroes, who t>ok to the gov. l nmcrt forces could not purrne thesa, ow lng to th tr email numbers. Tlie negroes arc sal Jd? have rali u. their old headquarters, at Rio Orandd^hd au a.Uc< UJ exiHCtod at any moment. This, of course, ko?ps luc whole population toslds In a state of alarm and btslnes. is, fo. tho lime, at a stand still, u.l "the W^fn'kHled Mld woondod is varhroMr Mtlmatod. The most ..liable accounts put it at t-o kilLd aim fiv e wounileo. on the side of too government forces. The no gnes lost some twelve or filter killed, and mvny more [?? probably wounded, although thiscan-v* b. as?i f tallied as th. wounded were not left behind .u their "stnee the evrnts of the 2Tth the entire population ? I th? city has been in the greatest ?xeltemeet. uadeMbe | sppreb'erpion that the n.grors wooll "torn aud make another ae.-ault, and the Atnerioan and English conw aits are crowd, d * ith affrighted women and children. Nearly all the stores in the city remained dosed oa the 27th and k?th, another attack beleg^mooseotarliy as r. Led Forces were iande.l on the 27ih 'rora th ^ SSSiski^wTri Marys and the British ship.011 _?n i.rotect the lives and property of the foreign rotldeot*, the form, r being slalloned at the railroad depot, and the Utter In the city; ak? a guard at theAraericui ato, furnislmd by Oapt. Porwr,of the St M^ya. a< d one, at the British consulate, furnished by Oapt M.ner, oi lhh hi understood that shoold tbe negroes make another do Mwnt on the city,and the authorities are uoshlsto prrtect it that th? Governor and Iotendente G?.r?l w H reT"'"* sra? 55 | thepUm until th'? ^wnoent It In a po0tlftoa m**a* win M authority against say furl be r assaults from tho b,Tbi*clty is now under martial law. and It is 1 epom'.bte. ,m^r r^Vt " "uoisunoe., to say WhM.d-v^ a^ noir may bring forth As the Northern l.tght satis f t New York at an early ttw ?o morrow (toodt) ) Um obliged to send tbls lor* ard br tills "o?1"? Ret khot)Id anything occur in the meantime to the Aspect o"affairs, I will telegraph it in lime for the "tETSfcs fended from the 8t Marts SUB occupy the 'alirv.vt n at lor, and that from the Clio, with the ?vlcv Hon of the rnard at the British consulate, rituru?d to that vesst i y cstcrdsy. wl.i. b the has probably mot with some nc A t to hv .cachlncrv, ?hich a slng.e eo?'n - " ' ;?nr o7: ?rK?"r.' hlv^ h.p^od f. u, tnd if she 1 as not already arrived we hope to so* her in tbc course of tbe day. HEWS FROM CENTRAL AMERICA. Illgtiljr laUrtatlnR from Coil* it Ira? Kevolotlom In favor of ??? Preet.tent Morn, Ar? Ace. ova riMiit comuaroxDKNCB. Pivai, Sept 34. m<v>. 7 Ikcaata Rei'msd O^mjvap'a steamer Oohtmbuj, rote ?*.? .!jrt do Cnatcrao'a and interne d tale p*u, a itb two week's later Intelligent-" from all the Ontr%l American F1?tbd, arr.ved at this port oa th" 29th Instant. -I bri ?? the usual cargo of Central American product* fc>r Birops sad tbe I uited ftatet. Tbe news bp thtn arrival is of ?onalJerabte .u.. riant a. ?vttntu. rnt rnn* ov a totetao. T... bar bcin aa erupt m. >f a volcano near Baa i'edro I' r<rapa cnudlbg oaoal 1. rude dm* ire to tb- aro? an t I **li. n" in the netgbiMwliood. lti< lMHia aa<l tor moon ??'I.? ??'. r. rorr.'i ? lib iw'nr, and tfco r ed !"? I i r to the rroet waa partialIp onvtri.'"I by atouev and other r tetter <?? tbrt wn from tl.r orator. Tke tuir.r plants tbm* n the Be gbtu rbood suffer, it cooelddrai.w dauiatj li' B ttia stoat a which fell run nog the case I "ST A KTCA. rsvoi.tTtoa?ixacivu or ax ibl-iiiot not-t ?? kt*** to w. ar< fbr news from tbia Bute ? hiahlv imp wt?at Joan iloia. I Mora. Who eta:IBS la |c the h g.tiroate free dent of th? repabltc, ?d wMth '? | ettp gen ira'.lp con '?l,la nt ?h? ?!. 'eat and Mir^ri mtnrer In Bhleh bi e? ?spelled from literttmtr .baa returned ao<l u n> - la pcrse?lt o i' "mi!* Ara.r? tnd the adjenent r. .tint r Mr caror Pom r*iii falva. ?' in Uw vteatnrr Colhmb..e, ae r rrpae'ra by '.fremiti C* r? aid dom, an ' lan'e >n ITtto n?t , and *a* e vrmly and c.thuu'eat! illy tv1'*1 bp tbe inhabitants. wl.-> Hocked to h'a ftvadai > in groat Sumatra la a little while he raised a force of r me four I-.mured men, aad proceeded to barrloede the Iowa and ABp'etnra I'ess. ?h <,b <? shew! two m i-? 'me ih? r wvr i? ibr n.e :n roe I leaciLg to itaa Jm. re Grata Rtca. There ir M .i*?to rtmht bstlMt dlors will rucc-et in reacbtof tbe sap'Ui acd retired?lap bimaelf la the 'real teney. It>* p are* appt-vr to bare bc-ii well mature I, an ! a rer hot uadctilObdti g a? to ib? time ?* bw retern ?trb ,n, i?i.ple ef tbe ? u ntrp h leg appareat, b? It i t dt'lrntp In ell -ting a landing. II an^ar# triet * ?gna. whteb was to 1ml taste ibat th p >p? we e prepared ii ?It* him. wee flyiog wt?a tae ?te .? r I oee la rift.I V rtm the 'act that Be h aor*?i* i *d hv >' 'v tb oeiv two able get"'at of wi h >: w ? Bsc* ran <"OBt, atd ibe v. em log p'- < t nBl*r% vn at e'lh thr leeh, who h r em brace I bw eaoa. a lib to 1 muobetilh t? lb..ugat lb?t bo wil. m-wt ??tn littleUMbcultp ia re?<lung tlie ntptlt. and r i* . ?< n ? Itnorf p> ? t oa. It la rumored Mat I lie woeeeemBn* tr ? pe. as tijaO ?? M'-ra m> . p hw appevrao.-e i? stn Inee. will cdn lilt Itsndard If thla be a... (herein '?o no d' iM what' ? sr rd b'r eun-eas, aapnclallp n be borrh-e on to thr cap i*l heloee Moatekagra c*a rata a fwrcetrop pee bit abo* *rd l? ? trantiefoi i f the pronlataati'in tseoed bp Norm hie laudirf at I'unin Arena* ? Osta R.ce 4'?Wm rt ta Auvll lad I meaireatcl Id vm the nador.a wbb h pfermied are from aiding poa to ahAAo ofl the j'.ce I. tunr opp'r??oet, I wat far from tote me :i t to whnt t?'iat poor tort, rtage moM roeeb. trial an tlie'r wagnltade was I ne.-er had the tat? thm I" ABen (too prxi I invited pns to wait and voeg for the bv a*M of the mtMitrp bee n.rr I tbhogW that la tim* Int -? BUI >Nar#b'ii:i.i hmnnie rovt'ee.i wttr.oiit redo ir tag tpv J r.r<iiopo m th?> repuh'i ? I .f.wto- itelp t -V1? o| ii?r- M?ro tbn" one >r?r bar t Uparl ShtOdtbe evenn >' tdlh Auai:*t,TbSt Tbe/ heve bad. Bio?ford, of ; t ii>e to do eorewtbi? fin"! 'or ii.e braabt f ire t*v i c?<i 'ii rehei ?r o"o?i ahta tida it B 'tfar r??a i tbo I ?i J. <r ban been to the bl'taep of rvw'a itti ? . f ' grief th?' P'.iplo ll>rge"vt> I ??! t I.pir^ i I , ths ii ii,tat?a of tytr'nt oetragel aa<l abate1 tic |rer;a ci?ad tt comu aro#; ibe gobl.c rtv? M ? t slate of bankruptcy, ani sitly, your territory sold Ml tillered '.iioirntly t) till II ibus'-erg. AH Ibis, without counting th- general impoverishment an 1 the discouragement u. 1 wan' < f couSJpnce that prevent >ou from pursuing your labors aud ouj ying your real. Now thla mort oeaie Your reiternteu call* aid the arrival of the Ullbuelcr Walker have decided me, to gether with Genual CMaa, t) aacrlUoe our per sonal tranquillity for the Independence au>l happiness of Costa Picu. Ho'dit rr' To armaH Jod not tbe blood you abed io the f a of Nicaragua, at Facta Kuea, Md at the river Bar a, ive becu ahed in vain. Join ua and do not fear u.ii fr' re. My steps are not guided by a spirit of r ? ne. Clemency is more in accordance with my ' T will lorget the error of tboie who laboring .to cceplton have terved the trailers. Hut remember U shall be without mercy toward tboae who from this d uencef >rth will not listen to the call of their agooiz ng country, Md 1 ahall enforce all tbe r.g >ri of the law up-m those that may h< lp the common enemy In any manner whatever. To armal Costa Rioant'! Hoaten to join ua Md breaa your chains to theory of "Viva Coeta Rica." Jl'A.N r MORA. Ptnta Axxras, Sept IT, 1890. \EUS FROM THE SOiTO PACIFIC. Important Chilean bawi- Failure of Gel. Belsn's Invasion off Bolivia?Pro posed Annexation of Ctaajraqall to Pern?Ths United States Claims on Porn?Secret Com piracy Against the President? Clozes' Triumph In Etnador, die., Ac. OCR TAN AM A CORRESPONDENCE. Parana, Sept. M, 1800. The Eogliih steamer Lima, from Valparaiso and other porta oa the west coast, arrived at (his port on tbe 22d lost., with dates from Valparaiso to tbe 1st Inst., and Oallao to the 14th, Md 8308 868 In specie for EaglMd, Md 133.853 for Panama. Among tbe passengers per Lima are the family of Dr. Trevltt, United States Oonau] at Calhto, en rente for New York. The news is not very Important. CHILE. FREE SCHOOL PROJECT?LAWS FOR THE PREVENTION OF REVOLUTIONS?STEAMERS POlt THE STlt IIT8 OF MAGELLAN?HOMKOPAT11Y?THE UNITED STATES IKGATI0K?CR0P8? MAKEETS, ETC., ETC. There la nothing of special imports,.re from this repub lic. Congress continued in seeston at Santiago, and near ly the whole of the fortnight previous to the sailing of the steamer was consumed In the discussion of tbe election laws and other local quoltons. A bill for the establish ment of free schools throughout the republic was undrr consideration. The project of law presented by the government, holding all parties who may take part in revolutions, riots, Ac., responsible for losses, has boon approved by tbe Bcn&to Md referred to a special com mittee by the Bouse. The provisions of lie bill aro very stringent, and well calculated to put a stop to any further outbreaks In tbe country. A corns salon has been appointed by the government to visit the Strads of MngeilM to Inquire Into the practicability of establish lug a line of steamers for towicg purposes In the Straits. The 10 000 ordered to be coined in silver of the denomi nation of twenty, ten Md five cent pieces are about being put in circulation. The homeopathic aud alio pathic doctors of Valpira o are havlug a controversy, which grew out of tb? report of Dr Buuer, who In eo trotted with the caie of the military department of the gei.tra; Loep.UI of that city, who octtouiU thai a greater number of costs hare been cured In his depait mect under the homeopathic than by the allopathic trout nuut Mr. Berry M Pauiaen has been recognized r.? Oon* tl for Hamburg at Coplapo sod Older#. lion. Jot ? Bigter, United Statu Minister at Chile, baring .'brained leave of ashence, la expected to aall soou from Valparaiso for "Ua Fraooitco in acl pt?er ebtp. Tbe legation will be left .n chsigeofCbaa f?. Kaad, K: q , Secretary. Great preparations were being made throughout Chile to celebrate the aporoacbtng Mniveraary ?' too rational independence. Hi-atnesa la rather dull In Val^alao, Md i.o very great activity In the market it expected until O'tc'oer. owing to tbe national festivities, which continue through the month of September. laonealic produae has undergone no r.huuge wort, y of notice, aud miolug 10 n ill duetry is protporlng and wtO Incretee after the tormina tlon of the rainy tcaaon, which has boon nor ore during tlio pi< w.u.1 winter. ?f.e c.- >;m p-ooiu- * ..dl no. withataudiig the heavy rains. There have beeu no arrivals at, or <n parlura* from, ValptraUo of .tmariotn viraele during the lart fortnight in Augu-t Copper In bare, 820, caao; 1,500 quintals, dc'lvcrable In Ooqulmbo, and 200 at ValparaiZ', ibouget hauls at . figures. Klour, 83lo $3 2J^ s luthoi u brsi ds, 27.0O# ; qulila'a lor exportation rod at thle prute io Valparaiso, and at Conrepe.inn 30.000 quintals were lakou for I'eru | Md Australia for Hire# dollars. BOLIVIA. FAILURE Ol GEN KRAI. BMLMTM IN V V ION? PRJHIWNT LlNASt.S' DEFER SI VK MUM IIKH, IK'. General Helm. whose invasion ot Bolivia, at the bead of a small force, I anr, winced in a former k tter, bas sig nally lailed lu bis ob;-et Nearly all his lollower* have deserted him, aud he baa been obliged to return u I'eui >, Md it II Fald tbat President Linares has glvea orders to bang him wherever ho mey bo fount! withtu tbe Bolivian territory. Bei/u will not l>e likely to make another at tempt to overthrow tbe exlsttog government. Llnaren is said to have concentrated an ariny of 4.000 m m near the . I eruvlau fror tier* to repel My foroe President Onatilla ; may rend agaloit him General J. Cotton Smith, United States Minister to Rolivis, is on s visit to l ima, Md Is the guest or Mr. Clay. PEitr.'h wrnrnun on ici-adou- prrrnoy to an MCX OCAT ACfl'I 1. - C AaTILLA1! IKTKNTI ON ?CON ? OMNPIONAL FBOCKKDINO! ?t UK t'NITED -TAriCd CLAIM!?I KINS?Till ATTN MPT ON TUI W PENT, *TC. The atoet important newr from lb I* republic If that which r< laiea to tb<- <liw:. ua of Prattdeut t la wiili r< \ renen to Icua-itr It appears th it a apecial ages! of Franro'a arrived at I.ima oh the 10:tt of September, with a petition elgncd by bin aoldicfi, pray log fi*r tlio arnex 'iin of the province of tiaaysqutl, Ecuador, to I'eru I poa iU rcoti.-i, tb* Mini-tor for for tlgn Ada??, by direction of Ceat' lla, called togetb-r the dlpb netk-agi i.ta accredited to tb? guvcrom- it of Peru, an I tubtnttte.l tha an ter to then, (tail if that I'era, by virtue of a court! Hob, o ne. led In 1SS9, with th-go rrmmeut of (coaler (>'? auco't), had agreed to load armed MSMaaeo to Hie latter five nm-ot, ,md In- lb ire fore requeated the miilgtere to direct (ha dlptumat - ar, f ronm'ir agent aftbeir rerpectlre gorefTHheott, r foliar lLC.-ia>M|i.ll. ae wtUee tin ~>mar?drri< of their ?j.pauf war, not t ? interfere, In caae I'eru decided torn-id at araMd force to tiial place ui'tilst. re eery properly duMhai t to comply With etii h aa afeeurd r equal, ant it M eat t that one of. the mil i>iera took octaeltn to .|ic?iio tha rl|bl of IVru to Ibtirfere la thedomeitle aflwirf of I via dor, iratdiucb aa the roared en Lie twrr boea . c , l by the Ue-irtM "f 1'-ru. At iblaeUg< of Ute proooed lege. Pre* ideal r?eti a tart-i* hie appcwr.noe. en-. after ??ime elplrjallrae it em agreed ttut lie minlavra Ibou'd rafemlt ;o wtltiir their r1err? on the aabj?? at M early day ft M (aaeraily b-illere l thtl t'calilta wiB pro tail upou Cfcrgraet to ratliy the cjot -uu-ki an I tbcu Mint trn pa t<> i ua)aqull to a d Fraaou ar* cat Ftarea 0 r grcaa i? Mill In r*?vi. (nwaf la* ac'? pa?a?d It | OM IWTlrteg . aottdl pit I hin'i t for mi, aa-i an Mbi r , NpMMItt exrrot're la aubealt to Qll|r? all C m trecta that may be oootMere-l aw n hrtflMt to tha goreraaaeaM, ai d dec'arteg any totliii -da net- by the ? ikrcuiiae ? thkut tbo spawn el oi 'ougreea auft and ' mid TliM hia r<foresee niore rapt oUlly t? the gaeuo i ixh tracti Varwuf an-i contra tory ar-ounta hire ft ?ch t b'rr rrepi.-ctlCK tbe dndltloa of Amcrbaa efthtra with Peru. One auooustl ataWa that the claims Me IB a fa r way fo- b?u--sent A corr-11* e lett of the Pa- an,* ftir an-1 Ifrratd, w plug floaUiw c. .-ter date of igt-i drpttna'twr, aldiae, apua Moa.b bled antb'irisy,'' that Ot?t a bad deo'ar I hta riflieaa to ree'at Ih pij:-i?nl of th" claims, Un-t the ft widen I nftbelaitr.l itiatw, without tae MM SV tViognaa, bad not me power to roio-oe payment, aad that, eat,I the rcreeery powrr la runrerred upon him, be (i nMil'a) woubl or, I fire kloaelf I he k>eet trouble ah eit i..e naltrr Net wlUavtaadlng lb t at%t*ae?nt I hare ?ro?f rralM to lielnirt- that an am*-* tie aetMemont -f Hie queeib* vil> b- made At lect I am aeaurod that ?i**i tbn ri|er'ation of Mr Hay. nu? MiciMer. w'i , i* rnrimlttiii| in bt? i3->ru to rfl< ct a p- anrful eolu'.loo of lh< <ia, at'r na in dmpatc. tbo Collet j-atea trigue ' v carter aud aleameia Wyaaitrf and N'arragwraett. wniuh ; ? en at Cat ten op the Itie, we-e e*pec? ?' to leave t tera ah. ut tha l!th. wbca It aae bettered Uio mat tar wu :M fee Itaell) eeuied (h ihr lotb la?t tTr Clay (are a yraa-t (tell, wuieh ?a? Wttoaaed by ail the |.<gh and di*tln(ulaliwl faact ,u ; ?TIM ef LthhMaMfeg lho?Mte#t l^>a'llla and manr if I the i iii<?r? of the Ua'.ew ter, Wyi ,r ig and Narragaenht. Flag i?n c-r Montgomery waa preerot, 1 fee l.'ina cnrrraimridi nt of tfeo ,T ir gadCjottl fur- I blehee ?b-follow ing ttrta. ?bii-h prnrra t'ni e*i't"n ? of | a arc nd c >?bUMiiia, wb -*? ehtaat la l> nu-ir I r the Pleat leal ? * Inn the per?.,n who eb'it at (Jaarrei CteMlla fl--l,h ? ' hwrre alum riled at mine dwteera from the plan of tee attach aLd -be cor, r lain, g I' m hie ftoe at tbi time, ho r-ia aeon fey a tad r wb) a >a p?*n. g by Tb a ma t derlarcd efirrwwrda that ho wuntil renigiilaa tha wawaaa-n If he raw h-in again lul a?k ha w?* atUvked to the atreet at hiabt by four men win told him, "fr will not kdl jvii. hut we ehall make )im imrmlewa;" tm-r Hum nihlteu bia eyiw with rltrnl. which c<-mpli-lol> blm led htm The f v water > mentioned the feet, hot d'd nil aire the motirra, a I,-eh are, howarer, wall kniwa in the ? hole city, ttie unhappy man bee r contra I a p?wa -n I mm tlie Pftetdawt llr'me Hi on tha Wtoreaee ??? |,-w%. rai -rday a man. the father of fourtoeo nhUdrwo, w t ?ho? Ih h a nwa heuee oy hundlte the T.ima pa;^re atate that a m" twenty t rada (if in' '??a t are a;(o> d bo agreemmii to tak-- me'K-iret i eff-i 1 tb- e aalvtw mutuai prntaei loa again*! murd- rem and rvi btra. ECUADOR. '? ItKKfl 11. rt.ORK? y TB! AaCrvntMT, ETC, ibere a sr. oe?* frvu. t!lt iwH edoapi that reaami via Palta, which does not materially alter Ute nomp'exiit of that forwardel to the Hxkaldpar laat ?teatmr Gaiter* I Hjrea la itlll in the neighborhood of Gaayaq til at th heal of some 4,0(0 troops, while Franco's fore t i? being I educed every tiuy by desertions. Floras ooatinuni to have the sympathy of tbo lnbabltanta of the city , whilst Franco is said to be most cordially despised bv item The steamer Anne ban brought us news from G tayaqull to the '221 Inst. General Fkues w?s si twly bat ss'riy prngrcmlng, and was surrounding tbo city. Yet no p ml tire or decisive engagement bail taken plaoe at thr depar ture of the steamer No news of any interest hat roadb ed bere from Ecuador. The lotted States lltg rhip Lancaster will tou h at Guayaquil on the way to this port. THE EVENTS IN EUROPE. The Conflict Between the Slow and Fast Revolutionists in Italy. Important Letter from Kossuth to Garibaldi. Another Battle Before the King of Naples Giles Up His Kingdom, Ac., Ac., Ao. The important detalla of foreign news we take from our latest European flies received by llie Vun derbill? Letters from Constantinople announce the death, In bis twents sisth year, of bis Highness II II am I Pasha, son of tbc late Abbas Pasha, viceroy of Egypt and son lu-law of the Sultan. The War la the Papal States. THE BATTI.K OP CA8TKI.KI OAKD'J. The following is tbo ollioisl account of the battle of Caalclildardo.? Osimo, Sept. IS, 1880 Tc Grot*it CAcemiiM, Botocva ? Tbis morning, at ten o'clock, General Lvnorlclere at larked tny extreme positions on the oounterf>rt, which extends from Ca-UltMardo, by Crocctta, to the roa. A'l tbe prisoners afllrm that be bad with him 11 000 men and fourteeu pieces of artillery, having reinforced tbo troops at Foltgno with all that he hal at Ternl, fiscali and six a where. He supported his attack by a sortie or 4.000 men from tbo garrison ol Ancoua. These troops attacked us in a really furious manner. The combat was short, but violent and bloody. Wo bad to storm several positions successively, end, after s simulated sur render, the defenders of throe post tines assassinated our soldiers with poignards. Several of the wounded stabbed our men as tboy were comiuf up to suceeW tbem. Tbo results of tbe dsy arc oa fol lows:?Wo bsvc prevented tbo junction of Lvnorlclore's corps with Ibe garrison. We havo taken 600 prisoners, among w hom are thirty oflioers, some of them ol u?'h rank. We have a to token six p ?> ?? a of t . among them those given by Charles Albert to Pope Pius IX , lii 1848; a great many ammunition and bxggnjjc wi sons, one flag, on Infinity of arms, and many kna wxekr left bcblcd by tbe routed men All the enemies wounded, Including Gen. de Pimodan, who led the attacking c Outnn. are In my power, as also a rot s|derabl? i The vol mo which sallied (ortn from Anxina was corn polled to retreat, but 1 have g<od hopes that I sbv!' oap lure a great part of it this uight. Prisoners and deserters are coming In every moment in great uumbers Tbc tlcet hat arrived, and U opening lire upon Ancoua cialmni, TbeGcrsral commanding the Fourth Corps d'Arm. e. rRIPAKATIOJta FOB 1 HE DKFBN'CK OF ANONA. A o. mn.uvieatlon from AuOOM of UM I5lh, SS I MMS q' colly three da^s before the investment ot that place, says ? There are now only 3 600 Pontifeal troops In th:s p!?-e, moat of tbem Austrian!. Provisions are not very sburd ant any more than is ammunition. A council of war h m been b< Id to devise meant for procuring supplier. Oa the side of the aca Anooua la well fort'd.-d, works having been thrown np in expectation of a visit fiom Garibaldi's men On tbe land side the ibrttflcstlsaaare not so strong, as tbe works bsve bsea carried on with deplorable ailx lor'uets Tbo .lewtsb synagogue bat been demolwhe I, and nothing built In 1U place. About a -a int'i ago one battery was commenced, but It la not yet lluUhod Th* I ground is now being dug out to form a conduit lor I wafer, but tbo tudolenoo of tbe workmen is | inalty extraordinary. The people stn -r at trie ; expenses which aid euUdtd on taen, oscuuin i ol the cessation of their Comm-roe. aud dte.J that ie l presets c of the ft-reign troops will bring tmsTsriuMs oj { tbem. Tbey wish to sec so rn.1 put to all tuts, and lo forward to using lna short time under tbe government ol Piedmont Tbey look with grist In ilfTsr iocs on tbs wounded, and tbesu who return from tbo field of buile. A postscript to Ibe loiter ad la - the following despatch was this miming petted up on i all the walls and tbe public &? iloe* of Anemia:?I'HiC il. de Gady, at Ancon*?Gen do G jyon is t > arrive if RosiO on ibe 17 tli with 24 000 msn and forty-eight piece' ol ar tillery. oillelsl?Uave ibi? g nhI news posted up In your tows. To entloo, 14th '? All Ancoua prres rnund to rend If is placard; dwrighl Is depicted <>n lbs cjuoljuatw* of the ten r soldiers who feared fiat llioy should fall. As to tbe Inhabitants, some are nelgbled, while others dlsnues the despaloti and will not bcli<.rs It. OAPIBAUn'S DBCM0I. The follnwlrg I* the Uil of 'Unbitldi'* de-reu p?o cl aim log the I'ledmontean atatutn II Naptoa ? Cona Miring Hint ihta amitticrn p?-t of Italv hi* al waya ardently ntplrtd after Indcp-. fcuoe, liberty an i Half in %, aa la dearly pr>v*d by io???nt baniab rk'IiU, tmpiifoDmcnta an t pemcutiuna by ibn open .a purred ten throughout U>? prowlncca by the eotbaa *-|ic and ooaiihiioa* ap.dniAe with which I u*a a 1 corned, and pohlic tranquillity roi r?l in m- oim"; eoratdiring that, Id order to ainrtloo the put.lie wiahM, aun to lrgttunlae tbeacwr nnnJitioo of the BUM, it I* in dlrpirrihl* te promulgate Ihn fundamental U .v of t ?e IM lan mc.raichy on the cootir*ot, an It haa or n promul gated in Rtrlly, the fHetalor rf th ? Tarn thriliw" ? a*Ibtlown:? Article 1. Tie ooratitutlonal atototo or 4th of M odi, 184S, In rlgcr In Iho kingdom of h. |. Bi< nt, la Ibr furdamrnUI aw ol l*la Boot hern Italy Art. % A dtentorial decree ahall fix the epoch when Una ata tnlo thai1 be pelt uto execution Art 3 At the tame tana at that decree, th- rt-tutn rhall tv pub ?Vd lu a'! the rommtmra and in the '#? <af Joumtl ot Naplaa. Art 4 AM the An rotarhaof htate arc cbargor witntn*exo c<' i< n i ( this daerce. h liARIIAUM. Nartan, *'pt 14. I^io It may u? hcra r< u.aflie.l that ibe N'eaj"' tin t'atoM procnntiicil by Ferdinand II ti, F.?br tary. Iht, and re e i.tfy revived by Fruneia II , nuiorn lr> m that rat Ptel meat rn i be potrt of rc'tgioia lib' rty Both declare the Krntrn GaUiolta rel'rlou ta he IN it of the *181* bn? the former peett'valy forbid* the public exereiac ef any ether, white im inter cxpitnaly UNaoatea the axialciMc of other con. bui> iota. The Rlelllmia Rerelntlen. Tii'" i rnatvB mti hoik for tin thiionp op KArr.B*. 1L,e King of Vap'ea. aroord'ny to the oorreapowiencc of the IW". I'tbali, l< la a much ?tronrer pnattlon than wa? |i uoralh awppoaad. and haa fuily made up bin mitd to m ike e bold t rtbrt to retrieve bta f irlnne# Tbo foil iw i roelaienti'n to thoae of bltaoldtcrn who lial ftl. iw*J Dim M i-aeia wan Irene '. r? the lib ? BrMtorr?!t la time that you rh< u' I bear n y rank a the voter .4 your woven ign who haa 4rowr.u1 r, the nv lit of yon, and who, after devoting to you all h<e aiti iii o, baa o.jn.e to ih-r yo .r dat,..ra and y rn.a lorturrt. Tbmo who. delo led or nod ice-i. hnre p'uogi I the kingdom Into ralamltia and mourn lag. are no loo? r aim 1 xrt i.? I no w come to make an appeal to yogr honor, to yorr loyalty ai.1 te yonr r?aaon roe, imi y ?n may 1 (Tire tbo ahame of cowac. lee and the Infamy of iraamnt byaaeruaof nnaiha 1 and noble cater,- iwa tut 1. irbera are ati'l ?nflloteotiomort an eremy whoee-e a...tb<r wapina tban tinea of eedncttea and deoeil llltbert I bate b*?-n anxtou to rpar? many lower. tad e?|? r a'ly the ripial, the abeddlar of blood 1*4 the b -r roe* of war. 6n' ledaf Mm* raftlf |e fAr f?tnAs of tkt Tvl twiwe and th' flnriftxjrn, if,air *? toM futVo rAi'i ?!! n'tnnj to ewr eettiNriate u> n-ilfterr? Will ynuaollrr yonr a >r? rr ga to tail Ircati hia throi.e tSr...ifh your lau't, and Ih m c ear journelvro wltb eternal lafamyf No, no, neve' At ibe ?? weme momect we nil pre** romd our 1 ? todnrd* to defend oor right*, oar honor and tbo Noapul tin nora*. airoady too mo< h diagracrd; and If there arc (till oeilnoar* wbo wonld ritloe yon to follow tb* el m;>te of tMde aortar* who hov gueoeror to the en?my, yon will o*!y follow I bat of the Mravu and K yal rotdler*. *hi, adooring It. the li rtooia of their K>ug, ford lot ril IV . ?.,o nnlver in I a|,.o:r? with tlx Ixoiflw and *ratltud? of their m nar rb lite a> If. let tb;? nohlo example of Odclity be f r )M an object of general emulatloe. and if tin bird of Hoi* proiocu our 1 ante you may i'*j nop* 11 wit what jou will Mrrw ohlala by actl g otberwlew FR\t Jl*. irntu mow nmigALnt. The "olhiwlng I* rrjHMtrd a* Ibe *pee*b of Qtrlbt dl lo tlx ' tlermlWo? in Mi* Onrri'rt M>0 mf{!? of fteidi - I thank |on for your c.twr\ aud I decla'o In you mat I j at- happy, vary happy, to ilad mi wir ia the m tft of . tin I 1 hank you for liaviwg bat fawh In m", and I >r not 1 hoe 1' g 4 11 tbooe who wiahed to caldopoi a1 ?ng an nr. ni use path Fou have done well n d lo ca'i for an ar fetation, which I dccla'd III timed. M have th i* rl. 'wa tbai you p*M ?? lui. tn a lam m that annaxtllon w uld ha\e 1 uliji-nted ca to diplomacy, and onoa- | ixnuy bare rbaiood 11a once more A few day* ago, at \ n.lea, | I eaa main aolleltrd la behalf of annexwUm Hut I Ml yew for krpww 4 tkf rnltunee '*?rw mrt >M1 hrVAren of owrt 1 IW, BOW I declare that to long a* there are breil.rei toieifVee we will P?bt frr th m Pe->olo of Palermo j people of the barricade#, ] Uuoa more thank you for i l . 1,. levin* tbooa who repeeeeoted mil at I double dealer. I aw. the bewt m?nd of Italy and of Victor Knaamet, B | Mere lb wieter tCtnaggM, who !? the only rcpiw .iatlv* of tba Italian oauas. lltr Rnplnra lielawetn (amir ami Utrl liotrft. atttibAiPi'b Wttrr t?i m rxfo -ri,- orimow | it n v.'t?bfinotra*b rot i iawh. 01 | OAMCtLin. . ? _ _ Wxrun, Sipt u, ism. ? .dtt r.truiv-Vnti aar re ma that fhv ntf gire* I m 1 tbb>lb|rn with l,.m and that t? ? my Bteu l 1 I M nut |?b thai, athnagb I may kt .a?d lu ?acrlflcc til persooal rr i.i.tuunl on tbe altar of my country, I will never reconcile mynelf with <n n who liavo humiliated llio national dignity, ami aold an Italian province. GARIBALDI. Garibaldi ordered thla letter to l>a publtihed in the official journal Pt'BI.IC OPINION AT TIHIN. A letter rrorn Turin, dated toe 'ill if Apembrr, ?ays - Our political world is greatly agitated. The great (plit between Count tiavnur and Garibaldi, which up to ye u da* waa officially c.ucoalod, la now aate mMliby larl baldl himself Hie letter to II. Bruaeo baa been publish d hi the official journal of Naples, and, an If tint were m t enough, the Dictator haa publicly avowed the exuding disagreement, an well by a manifeeUi laaue I to tbe people of l*ak rmo ui by a >|teecb from tbe balcouy of tbo r ... al palace. Tbo appointment of M. Mordint at Pro Diet itnr ho* print d again the linn uiteution of the 1 Monitor not to have any thing to do with Count Cavour. M M rdtnt ia a Tuscan, who, when still very young, took part in the movement of 1849. llo was a member of Gue'azz 'a Ministry at that period; ho then emigrated, hut ronton m in close cor,ntc.Ion witn the llaztlnl pvty L.VT- yet', when tbe vote took place In the 'lYecuu Assembly Ibr ilia annrxution to Piedmont, M Mordmi wan one of the throe member* who voted agalnat It M. Slrtorl, appointed Pro Dictator at Maples, ia a Lnm bard, formei ly a priest, who haa exchtege 1 uu? n irpli-. ? for a sword, and was on i of the defenders of Venue 11. always belonged to the alvauced party, without, how ever, being a Mazzintan. Ho Is now a General and Pro' Dictator at N'a- lee. bat w? cannot understand Is that fiarlba'dt should bave offered tbo Pro Dtctatorelilp at Naples to tbe Marquis Trlvulzlo fallavlclui, who accepted it and eft for Naples three da) s since to assume the ]>ost. How la this cud den change to be explained)' Tbe Hu llisu ministry Is entirely ant! anacxatlonlst, and tbo Mar.r.tnlan elements are not wanting there. The arrl val ol Uazzlnl himself at Naples is ann Minccl, but It re quires continuation Three day* ago Mazziol was at Par ma, and talked of going to Geuoa to make sumo slay there. the great game is being played between Cavour and Garibaldi. It is presumed that within au'db. r fortnight ouo or Iho other m ist disappear from the politic al aieaa In Italy, II this unhappy country is to bo tqiured tho hor rors ol clval war. Garibaldi is at the present moment at the height of popularity ; be can dispose of an army of 60,000 num. Public opioicn is blindly devntod to him. On tbe other bond, Count Cavour Is strong in tho uoutl deuce or Parliament; popularity has not y>-t forsaken him Piedmont, properly speaking, defends him, and Iurtn especially. AN IMPORTANT UTTER FROM lORBrTS Tho htpero. ol Turin, gives the substance of a letter said to bave been written to Garibaldi by K >s*ntli. re commending blm to break his cor.niatlon w th Vu t ir l.inanuel and bis government, who alone can effect the liberation ofltaly If'alio invites the Dictator to give up all drtignt opm Home, In order not to draw upon bimsclf tbe hostility of France, the only defender of Italy and the only bopc of opprc. ed .ia tonalities: and. Iistly, not to a! tempt anything again*' Hungary, that com fey nit being at yet ripe for revoUUMi. Tctrltorlul Avrgngrmrnti of Franrc and lardtaia [From a Lclpalo Letter (rtepi iiO) In the DeuUcie A'.lge mcine fcdtucg J When the Italian question was nnder disc lMlon by the Germuu Nklioual Cnlrnat Cobnrg on tbo 6tb mat. tbe stcoud ilav ol its sittings, inform itlon come Ihrouth a d' 'patch that a fresh ceeaion of terr lory to France bad un do ibiciliy been ?i<pulatgd by Piedmont. Professor Gla Con.o Liguana. of H-uogua, a member f the lia'Un Parlla nient, who waa jrettnt at tho sitting, gn e then and tbcie the assurance lust no surh agr-? in nt for ceding b.ore territory to Krncce waa In existence; and, eou elderlrg that Ins own feelings were outraged by such i 1.1... t, lo" . ..tiiy tel. grtj h.d to tbe Hardlnlon Am?uura?lar at Paris, pignor Nigra, to know what troth Pore waa In the matter. APer a lew hours, tboi gh too late for eommnnlcaliou to the m'elirg, a Ci-.patch from tbe Amlnuta-ior declared tbe news oi a y fMfc c rsion to lie a ym dctmo. siom? da;a laU-r, however, l.'gim.i recced from tbe same Ambassador, Ntga. a letter, In -which tbe wrltir delibe ratcly,nod wtlft Count Cavour'* sanction, denied catcgo iially not > nly tbo sa>teo?e of any tack tieity, b it even the pnstiblhty ef an, l.irlber oeseioti to kcanco. Wo are ttab ed to publish this It tie.:? I i.uve crmmnulaated your yritcrdky's dcsptlcb to Count Caeour. He authorizes ine, In Li > nai l" and la tbo most p>?itive, to eaotradict tho absurd rumor apriad throughout F ir pe, that there exists between tbe Cabinet* ol Turin and 1 aria a secret convention, having tor Its obj vt a fresh tcrrit'irlal ccaslon ou the pu't of HiuiiIiiib it) The wort's of Count Cavoor, tin Prime Minister of hit lisyetdy Ku.g Victor fcjuotuol, are of lull , lent authority to render It unnecessary far me to add ativ frith iSiruiM; b.;t If yon think that alter su'-b a declaration a further one by we would uv of any value 1 will bi rewith give you it in tbe nv el (mrfuct and deCnlle maaner. In my fi-raetr |>naillon in ihe 11 inn, try of Foreign Affilra at !-.rlr and in toy pievnt evpec.'.y as tbe Atnbu-svdir of l.trg V.;.;or uei to th-s 1 nptr-rr Napoleon, 1 bave a ruled up n l.juu Ihe war to tike port in all the iM'goithttane bsviug reference lo the Dalian quea t ?k. I to? ray lo you with ah,.,lute sertnloly, that In Huge regoiutione Ik' '/uei n has nerer amrernrri any mi* Ika' nj Sat jy and Aor tVbjevor assort* Ibo oontraiv i?'umi,!?t*a ootn Ihe Fnipc'ir Napoleon, the Kith'Victor Fditaanel, and Ills h gbly eotrjmrd Miniater. Top iipw stipulal.on re pri rcnU d t > exist Ik a mere Hot ton of Italy's run1") ail Iba ilacum"nta ctrcul ilea In K. ro|si rpon that tubjarl are fobrlcatud and absurd K ir ?be i.->t you bio.-1 know my personal onvlrtlon, and will believe me alien I da.lart to jou mat I would n"ver reprracul a governmr-nt in wh we political pregramm.- the c rre n ?I evtn the smallest pcrl'o of lialtar. anil mould be contaUied Vour Iriend, COVeTaNn.VO NIGRA, Paris, F, ft IS IScO Amnasaador at Paris The ,1?w Holy Alliance. TflK mOlOrkD HKKTIKH OF Till KUTKHOIM OP BITS -IV AMI \I IIIIA At V" AAV TI1K kkh>bted Al.l.lAXC* or HWU. Al -T'HA AVt> rWSHIA. The Ovriirr dv /Hmanrk* |rat?A# tv give at, me de la:* relative to the appi- ai hh.g tKit ol tbe Ivtipirur riBSCK .loirpta And otter C.erma-i p-ineea to Wareaw. It may be '?tacr?ul that lb H oich |.ornate formally tony if ? the K : of Bavaria 1* to pmord tliem ? It aa* ad iii,l?grapb letter Ircioi tb? Eat*ror Alexin der, r.ot a simple latitat.011. *uich tb> lint g- neral ol tbe V. an empl-e wi* lately charged to raTy to Vienca. Tbe Prlncw Peg*at of I'm aia tan a'ao wrilter. an aowi *ranl, b tt< r to tut c< iSiu of Auatrin, to coagra;. .. on tbe Waiaav. I. Urrtev. Otb><r crovotd nnada will ?u in ibn ar, oingns, namely Ui ? Kings of Uararls, Annoy and 11 urli tiibury-. two or three dotoa. an t never al petty prlAoea. Toe Prune llcgaulbaa wrtuew le.terr pre r. ?vm liable )>rotrctl<ib to some prior**, and frame Joseph ban A-me tbe name to otherx An waa tbe tu< for Top'.ilz 1 and Xaitburg, the M.outers of foreign AlUira of tbe aove r ;rt prrst ft are >*ra? 'i.g rp Uie ban a of tbe converts tlon watch la ?<? I. Vr piarr between tbe angest n?gol..i U rn. We lean1 *Mt tr? ir p' .tm in tie. , b f. : oncer lain ano Incoonp'tle, may be attointd up la tbe fullowuig pittite ? 1 open war nn lor revalntioo and on tbe rcvotattoal a rjf -it V lU'Lleuaorv <>( all rxivilag MvnretgalMa, an l| part cularl/ of canting fronltern. 8 lh?api>r ham*, of ail that baa tvkm p'a*? In I'aiy, 4 Engagement to pro I mote tbe re rr.ahi'rbmeal la Utelr poeeeagtmia of tbe deprwed Italian ptiooee, i. A fat-ndoe oe be part of Ana I tr'a InfaTue of Kiiin.a al regards tbe K?at ? the a MTtflcee, botn vcr. to be limited to toe reiatrgrall in of that Power la the ptniKm whkhfb* held before tbe trrpijr or I'rrla. 0 Ereuijai aupport otfariri to Austria by II aaa'a la ifita ftiy, b/ 1 rusiMi la Bohemia, aad by Bararla In tbe Aeror : cot only to maintain lb? I > ? 1 ? oho rnoti ol Poland, but to prereot a Polish <pe*iioa fr. .a being put on I be order of the day, ant H Pro inlwn to c ma hereafter to a r insert renp.-i-t<ng a" tb? evrots a hu b may aree, and at tbe brad ol which Is a ?ar on uie l.hioo In verity one 11.Sera at having to r? i>r<t aurh drratna. for which there can he no ezcoae A Berlin letter ol the 2l*t tat ?"A eowauulaatloe wan ?v reived fr m.dt l"etembueg :,i t evening euuounr.D* tbal lit I mperor A'exander will be eenompailed to Wmi ? ? ? i I - M mtmI l .rr *i. \ fall*. Toe PrIaoe Rrgej,t of r,utrn and tbe Emperor of Austria wl i ooraruiieaUy lutra wltb tbrm Baron HsbletaHe I tod Oonnt Recbberg " Ttu I'ru ao II\rkty Jtmmol. a mlniaterlai org?a. sub IHthrii an article Ixanrg tbe title of "Oobleatx and War aaw," lb which it teem- to attach a good deal of impor tance to tbe tpproecblog .Mottle* In twi ea the Triune Urgent a. d the (fettb or Kngllbd. Inllrtlcgparllr.iar y (aaboogh It '? not en?/ In tee why) on the fact of lord J Kutie I roi mpany Ir g her Mai .-If <?o tbe otb?r liaad. the artir * etdeavora to JimiaMb ioc ignifloat ion m the later?It w of Waraa*. aad caper aitj in what eomjeraa the retaliooa brt*< e? I'rr ia and Pateta. Tb? ( Ongne OvHit, wmarklrg on the art tela In <ine?tlon, aaya ? Aceordlng to the I'rna-ian jonrtia', the intereet of tbe bairaw inter a lew rontintn to the reroooiiiailoa of Roan a an i Actria being, In ftet a FT nfartao an I PnUah 'inea tc, tr.tlig out of the I all*Q nci It appear* to tbl ik, aim. that tuere if a c*rtalu *>li !?rlty betweon Ruet.a and Pi- , < an laUrrtta relative to Poland, la ronee|urtt. e of It - Derby of flMrn. *e are e<H of that opiaioa tbel'oean qv.iation ie a vry eeoondary one for Pr uaua. ae a temiti l?rt of the Ptne-lea army wmlf be tafllr-ieot top-it dowt. any .ifnrrer'loti la Uial territory Tbe Prumetn gai , mrludre by i?y !Bg that no one ran rooi ? ?' fr->m h i ? if the latecurltj of aa albAuce with R i?al? a* oca Oittioi e ii ?d?te her ay krauer ia Uie Twit won'o a1?aja bad her tt otber way. Itea'i, and very joet'y, th>t the w inle ITutfiaa nation at*a .bee greet tmpiruttire I. a p ll.tml i:bdeiAtabdtag between Pcuaeia and I.ogUnd 1 thai te very Iron but no one nan pretend the avm* Mi ng f ,r Pe? ? or Aeeirla.tnd wn t?eg tbe tfrrgfy ./ .urn*' ' aad lie fr'rade Lot to It rget tbal Ibia la Iba geaeral lee l?.g In '^weele The O logne OtT'ttr make* tbe f?'k>wlag reflect' me oe i Uin 11 iaaw inlervtnw ? PuhUe opinion i? greatly ooeupied with tbe approanhlng tnrellng ol sovereigns at Warsaw But Uk feir ibal ibev Will renew tbe holy alliance |? evidently \oll of Pmnda t tira Th> lendal party of Prntsia bopovthil ihrflilian | wirrewieiil continuing to prograae,'haldi will lorade i Vewet*, In wbkib cane Iwewrreotion would probably breab , ?ml la bnegary and t'uiaad (II cwtut y drawl that agi tailoa prsva *e la all patla of tor ? iitrr eoinlry. et pt I that?a final I one, tUaah Veil I? eb1 .b l>eb<nga to IV ??*?) and tie feudal party hopea llitfl. I.* lie area! of ? v'' ? J rocAafTBtH*, Uk three Northfrn Poecra wlllfoc.i.! i Ir *n alliance bv the rec<yroi*l gra.-nntr* of ill ir ivrru wbm . W? hope, bower *r, for m*r p?rt, toat em ? n ] and tie lumara rboold a lo? tbemaetvae t>? h? lod HI* j ? ltd iaterprteee, rtueaia wol a d p'r'" 1 '"-aelf lo bo iwraead. I to git* a ?> gear*'il *? of territory. Hint Pmaala )?* to Ib> the trhnep*of ih p'lnci .A aal naU*va la tf-'eail* mi In c-impa. it wrb It i?ai% and wi-ria'ly ?.ib v ai, a fv* re, a'ler all, the gar ireeeniad by |,."aod fa atiO Vev| preblrinvVb <1, > t thai l luaice and JJ ,.-?arjr .1 cenaia. Aa W rruae,*, ?bo p-si ise* th-> great advantage i f having her German natii nallty the dominating ote in ber territory. [From a VtMha Letter (ihrpt 20) id W>ndon Herald | 1 have jutt bi cii aHhurea from a g <>J quarter that ibe mgotialiots which have bub going ou, at tirat ou tw? en the ruvoy i f Rdsal*, U Je BtUblne, and Ui a Count de Kccbbrrg, and cfhr wcrdu betwton tho latter and Prlaoe IioiU haki-ll U*v? had such a happy tat inal on both sidee etrenlial stipulation* have l>*on lixel aud agreed to T>e?e stipulation* *111 servo a* the bati* of the convrntorn which it ia considered will be signed he tw<< n Austria and Kuaela at the appruac iing of th? two Emperors at Warsaw Every one ;in hist an le that, jireaa* I by the grave eMUUtbtttre likely to oocur ou dill'ireal ri led of ber at the seine lime, Austria will befo e all thtrgs b olt to hir can preservation, arid wie ly agree to the con ditions which, as the price of a sine re reconciliation, It tain prrtoiml)} demsuits I ui ist conusa without at y Coubl Urn ou mm pvtcl public. epcim is la tcci rdanec with U at oi the le.iew u) govirnun nt. We inn in future, tu a< tHi unhappy tpoehof . MS, re. *,v? uith mrutt ly not in ly on h,r mora' cut uh > on ikr nnrrial nip port oj Mxusia w lha'l no lunger remain In Hat danger ous irolation il which toe muruuvree o( Prance and Kt>glat.d, formiily and durlnp in-urly hal' a century our fauhful all-., hud plac -'l us Rural i. Prussia and Austria, purtiili g the rami' jn'h of orih i aud p -ace, and unttrd by the tame prlncip'rs ui und dynamic rule, Willi bo rnahli.l to iiunit sm-h colli -f v. 'orces, ifctt they mutt si-cure the respictol Kumjc It Is alxolulely bi) oEd a doubt that, .jedgii g Iretn tin- well known sen* tin-rnts entertained without except-to hv all ih- Herman Princes, the three Court* ,/ the Anrth uitl b- Mr in the hour of danyn to recim upon ik- tup/.-rf of Un turpi d'omiee bebw/iiny to the German (he/toeratim. With r Mailt to Dig load i doM My thai, ins lord ship aequirlr g A knowledge 11 tbe sincere un-P'Standing c?mo to betwiiu Austria and Kutrla, Lord Wet is will hasten h'a return to Vienna, before Ibe ox try of bis leave of According m wbat la said here aud wbicb is a'ro borne out by ?bat baa dropped iron Count d'Jppenyi, Anstnan Ainhiurrinlor In L/ iul. n, who re UnTid?wrdoyi since toTlnii, the Migtlaa Cabinet (lather late, It must be admitted) now atiirhes an in tiuitcly greater importance to the Kameru q..?tioo than to the revolutionary movement* wbicb, unfortunately, have been but too much mccuragel by ita agent* lu foulbern Italy. England will probubly, lu a abort time, gather bitter Iruttr frem tnn fault ibe baa commit ted by having io some sort foroed Austria, In order to save herself, to throw beraclf into tbe arms of Russia. Operatic and Dramatic Mahler*. Tbe Opera season Is to be closed this evening, with tbe second performance or "Linda dt Cbircounlx," which at trie ted and pleased a very large audience on Friday. The cast include* Pattl, Kmc. Strakosch, Drlgnoll, Feirl and guslni, and la as good a one is can be reasonably ex ported. As it Is the last night of tbe season, the public will i-omo out In full force, and the auditor* will attract quite as tnutb attention aa the artists. The company goes hence to Philadelphia, assisting on Wednesday la tbe performance In honor or the Prince of Wales, and afterwards commence a regular season there. llr. L'llman purpose* to open his winter campaign about tbe 15th of November, with Miss Hinckley, Fabbrl, Stigclll, Carl Founts, and other artists. It Is understood thst Formes will make his rentrie In the "Huguenot*." Tbe last season was not a proipcrous one, or varloua causes which are too well known to need explanation at our hands. Let us bnpo that the manager will In fhlure avoid tbe rocke, now that, like the Irish, be is practically acquainted with tbclr location. Mr. tilniau has tact, experience, and if any one is competent to make toe Opera a pu> ing concern, bo ts the mm Max MaTit/ k la connected with tbo management, and, with Mr. Ucz.o, will attend to tbe musical direction The tmalilcal week has been a busy and Interesting one. Mr. Forrest has conliuucd to play Hcinlet to crowd" d homes, i? d now yields to the general dvSIro to soo bun In some other characit r. The ecicc-lon, " King Leaj-,"' is a viry happy or.e. Every one, even thiwe wno are heretical us to Mr. Forrest'* iJjinlet, aloitte that his W ar ia the Unist p rlonnac .* inal ouraiigebaa witnessed ili.a Caslniou bie made her rtntr.e at tbe Gar drn, and bai played, during the week, B-.aoca (" Kaiio") atd Mrs flaller (" Mrauger ). Tbe plsco* are not ex actly the fatb. o nowadays, and the oonat q wrtim was that the thvatrc was nut so well attended aa might nave be ii osper.ted from Miaa Cu.hman'c great and well mi-ilted ripuiatlon. To Llgbt the p aya ?? Meg Merrill**,'' in which role she has achieved worldwide c lobrtty. Pio,lc who with tierjoylhn One pcrfirmance ahou'd at run- places In advance. UnOouoledly ibe hroae will 1m i ranimed Mr. Brot.gbatna new oemodj, " w lb fur," protlocod ou Mobility bl Walinck's theatre an I played through the week to crowded hoi-am, baa ma l > a yen mix. and moat gratifying sec wis The plow In a puree med*, of ibe must brilliant and efTi-divs Character ? Pmj tog wilb Fire" will be rspealsd ?vory night tbia week Mr de Waldi-b'a clevar Irlab drama, "Atkmo Arooa," bn had a good reception at Ibe hai da of Miai Laura Keem 'a aud tenors, who bare been raunb d-llghted to ae? tliclr favorite aotrcaa In a rult netted to bar pare, louder and touching style. "Alleen Aroun" Is up fur every night till further notion. At I lain urn'a Museum "Joseph and hla fl.'e'breo," a vary Interesting drama, has bad a ran of f ,ur weeso, and as tin attract!!* la unu I minis bed, II anil keeps t* plane la the bills, and will be glveo crery afternoon during line week. At the Bowery thratre a oew pi-re called "Tne Ftre and Plague of London" wl l be produced to night. The play liaii been adapted by Mr II. U Plunkett from A ins worth's roiraui e, "old St. Paul s " The afterpiece is "My Son Diana," In wtik-h Kit Lighten p aje A new veraion of 'Rip Van W uklc," by Mr. Uenry M-rfurd, * In p-eparo Don at Una tr uss. At lbs New Buaery tbietre a local drama salieA ? font Women of the I'leren! Day'* will be rovived fur this even lug's performance. The alferpltco u. Mr. Fog a pea tomiir.e, "Aspbot'el " The misetrcls, Bryant's at Mechanics' fit!), and llooley A Csmpbel.e at Nlble's saloon, fo in, a* usual, a pleasing speciality in lbs aiaurementt of ibs town. Tneir pre grammes for the week are well selected. Mr. James O Ma-eey gives his annual subscription room rl at Itodwortb's Kooma on Tuesday. Mr. Maedtr will bare the set lulanco of many eminent artiste Mr Wellack baa commenced lbs buildisg of bis new theatre, Ibe site or whlob?Thirteenth street an I k Mirth avenue?was mdlcatsd la this journal over a year ago. Although Mr Wallack will not have a front on Broadway, there will be an eolranoe from that thoroughfare as wail an Thirteenth street The new theatre will be built upos the general plan of Mr WVtack* present popular htuse. It will be only a very llttt-> larger, and the auditorium will be ar-arr d after the maimer of the old house. The dvw theatre Is to be completed btf< re the 1st of "?r. 1M1. The It,11harmonic "Society of New York has latued its pr<rramme for the season There will he, as nsuai, flee coar-rU and fourteen public rah'smali. Mr. Theodore Citftid a ill he ilie conductor. The concerts and rehear sals wt'I take glace at the Acad*my of Music. The (rat rt hearts! la set down for negt Wednesday afternoon, and lh drst c ocei t Ibr the 10th of No rem bar. The fellow Ing ortbcstral pieces will bs rehearsed fur Abe grst r ?* cert ?Bymi hoay. Kb 3, la C, Op 61, Robert Krbamann, nurture "Isueora," No. 3, In C (tlrii t'mc). I? Van IVethovrn,Ovevtare"MeertMtllls nadUluckltcbe Fetart," In D, <>p. 37, M< ndelssobr?(film '-'-a and happy Voyage. The sals of the I brary of ibe late William K. Burton will he ontnmraeed to day at Sable's room* lu Or >? iway The la a very large me, and emioently "igges Iire of the great ro??etlan. In Ibe dramatic department the I brary t* especially Inter.-it -g and Instructive. In additbn to ?|| the Br'ti?b class)? sod modern standard drama ws fled Ibe mil rrpavteifgef Ibs Theatre Fran cs ?? si,d a ra-e collect km of Raima oomellev, from vl 'eh the I itseh aid Bfsnlsh authors h?re stolen esten ? ' ,.ly. There are two hundred and tSriy-Btse works ot the ?.'??' ry ef the tfage ineitidieg wAcy rare and cu re us controversial pamphlets fsepla who wish to plak .o an Nil" a ??? shekrprre will did I sty one la this i.uiatr si lib loveraof eld books eaa deDght their eyas with Same Splssilld saltgSSS Tns sals has attract* d a ts ge BI islvr ..f roholatr and ool'-ntors from all ptrls o' fh-rvHiniry. an t Ibs books will undoubtedly fetch very high priors Naval I atelllaesgre. The foiled bales sloop of war Marina, wb .'b arr red ?t porMmouib, N I! , oa the td lastant. vailed from Invnd< <n the 1.1th of August, and uoabed Moa Kilt en the Wlh of August. discharged kroomen and sailed fr-vn thenee Brptemver 1. khe has l>eeo lo <?>m n ls? on thirl) four mnntbs sailed do 000 mil-e, the l *g ? st of any Anirr.ran man <>f wnr on the euast of Africa, t *s s< nt in the Cnlted stalea tbrre vrunels fbr trial, kwt s.arrenbi f'Btb two of the n kronfr-U, end oer r?r tiom 'M<rrwMd is is'id flks brings hems twsaly w is -v ..ill from ib? sg? wtrr s and Ntsrara. and four of tie |. e'S S?*-WSO pr senrrs Tb?re were st f/mude, when Il.e Man, r, kit of the t Mtsd Wares S'isadrm. Bog ship < ntbllai t>, H?n Jeetnln, Ah bhen aid Mist"?, pen. l r aid -.w'it|- also th? t'r 'red "tit-e rtearn I , ,ir Niagara Tne Mer'on mer the Uolt-d dtalea s|,vrp i f sn-l irtsn " ltb t d C"fi|e, eu brr way 11 I 'at,do rum Madeira.

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