Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 8, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 8, 1860 Page 3
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FOR |Ali?. A NTWBRP BKKBY PLANTS FOB tU.LB.-THI UN A detained. ring made trmnoMali with several of MHMMRMfeMilIU Mass genuemen omltl vexing ike Antwerp Berry Plants. meWe a supply far ear itamand that may offer. friKB^B Sndred toons hundred thousand. wh+ch will be delivered In (Be etty of New Tort through the ?MM afOetober and perl nf Noveaeber, and sold al one dollar per hundred. All those | desirous of cultivating Ibe Antwerp, and would wlah to make purchases wiU tpleane leave their ordera at Ml Washington ?beet, at Ibe butter -itore of WllUana Hnalth, agent. B BNOL1HH CHOP HOUBB FOB 8A1.K-WBLL FUB ? elated and Mocked, and In a good location, NO one need m unlessi they can command ?1,000 cash. Apply to WM. ? * OLEY, Ley Street House A FIRST Ct.A' 8 CORNER GROCERY FOR SALIC?ON a tine thoroughfare, hchtdisg atoet, fixturee, bone, wagon, Ac., now doing a large b. aiorar; wt 1 be aold low for taafc BBOWN A ROSS, 83 NiMaa (treeL US COAL YtRD FOR BALE <'BRAP, IN PBBFBOT order, with a long leaaa, dome a caab b '.s'oees of (3U.U0 > ?ly. For parti. .I ra app;y to A. M. FANNING, MJ ?wary. A CBANCB FOR A MAN OF BUSINESS TO MAKE A JX fortune.?For aale tbe old eatabUbed Fancy (tooda Store he. 13S>s Chatham street, .heap for caab, or would ba ? ebanred far real mate in thle city or Ita vvctnlty. In i lire of FBANCJS PRIEST, In theelore. ASEGAR STORK IN BROADWAY FOR HALB OR TO lease. doing a rood bitaiaaaa. For Information apply to RBGN1KR. IB Wall afreet. BRAWKRY FOR SALE?CAP A BLR OF BREWING 300 barrels of ale a week, la centrally totaled; will be eoUl en reasonable terma. with a (<>od trade. Apply at ibe coal sffiae, corner of W.uthlogton and Barrow atreele CdANAT. AN] LAKE BOAT FOR BALK-A SUPERIOR J Boat, 97 feet long, 17 4 feet Wide, carnea 300 tons bntlt extra strong baa bean but Utl.e need, and never ran on the canai. Ia now ready for Immediate use, and In perfect order. Arply to WRIGHT A CAMPBELL, No. 1 liar elayitreti. K^HB SALE?A CHANCE SELDOM MIT WITH.-A SB ? ftr and I donor Store, situated on one of the beet oornera eity, which wHl be aold low for caab on aeeount of the proprietor baring other butIneaa to attend to Inquire on the ?ramtana, northeast corner of Chatham and Pearl streets, from ? A.M. to?F. M. JDOR SALE-A SCHOONER YACHT OF TWENTY-FIVE X lone. In perfect order, roomy eabtn, beautifully fiued up Wth every oonvenlenee: will be eold at a very low figure Addroan or apply to ALBX. BALMANNO, tU Degraw street, ^eoklyn. T7HJR SALB OB EXCHANGE?OFF1CB PBOPBRTT ON J* Bearer ?treat, near Merchants' Bxchnnga and Board of Brokers, well ranted. Fire to ten thousand dollars In eaah added tn a good ex, bangs. Apply to WM. W. HEBBERD, No. 4 William street, up stairs. jpOB 8A LB -A SPLENDIDLY FUBNI8HED HOTEL, - to one of the beat locations In the city. Terma moat easy; with good security not much caab required. For particulars apply at >33 Broadway, In the basement. JjlOR BALE UJW-FOR CASH, A NEATLY FITTED DP _ Ten and Coilee Store, on a principal thoroughfare lo Breaklye, doing n good eaah buslnem; rent low. Apply to JOHN COOE. corner of Cham ben and Green irlch streets, N. T. )B BALE -THE LEASE, GOOD WILL AND FIX. tares of tha Liquor Store, ooraar of Broome and Km ate. Apply tn the store, or at room 31, No. 33 Pine atreet. rHH RAI.E?FOBTY SPLENDID MAHOGANT DOORS Hand thirty marble Mantels and Urates In the fire bouse* eeaner of Broadway and Tenth street. Apply on the pre rR SALE?A MANUFACTURING BUSINESS. IN suc cessful operation and paring good profltn, requiring but a ?mall capital. A so a valuable Patent Right and two rears' leans of attre; will be aold cheap. Address 8. T., Herald rR SALE?A FKBD WiGON, AS OOOD AR NEW, for one or two horses; the handsomest and beet In Ibe etty; half patent axle, made by one of tbe beet city makeri. Alia, a two seat light pleasure Wagon with pole aod shafts, toentre at 73 and 77 Thirty ninth street, between Broadway and Sixth avenue, at tbe Hlppona stables. 1POB BALB-A BIGAR STORK, RENT 10W, IN> SUIT X able location with or without stock. Inquirs at 138 Fill Mt avenue, Brooklyn. JpOR SALE-A GREATBARGAIN, A WHOLES ALE AMD retail 'ornrr L1<| nor Store. So* location. and hue an excel lent first elaaa trade. Favorable lease and low rent. BROWN A ROM. 83 Nassau atreet. FR SALE?ONI OF TUB BK8T CORNER LIQUOR Storee In ibe FLIh ward, nicely AUed up. four years' trier; rent very low. I r parttenlar* Inquire In the bar at Msec' Hotel, corner of bowery and Bajaid atreet. F? R SALE-TWO OF THE BEST WHOLESALE AND retail Liquor stores In tMa city, situated oo prominent on two of the landing art noes, each having a good . _ iw rent and no opposition. No agent and none but customers need apply, at the office of TULLT A QUINN, No. 10 Naaau street, between the hours of 11 A. M. and i Fk TTOR BALE?SB.000 WORTH OF REWINO MACHINES. r suitable for the Wreern trade Will be sold low frr cash ar good notea They eaa be aeen by eddreaetng box 706 Poet eVee, New Tor It. "EtOR SALE -A OROCERT AND PROVISION STORK, r doing s b'lSlneas of J.*) 000 s year; flit ires belong to the store; owners going tulo the *htpplng business For a pro ate Interview call on Mr WRIGHT, 141 Eignth avenue, on Mnn day. between 1 and 2 an* i and - r M Let the day and Tueaday gentleman call that called on Saturday In ay absence. Locomotive for bale-a twelve ton looomo live, In good running order, celling oo now. not ad being too light baa Iron frame and tmck; single driver Ave feel; erdnaers 10x18 Can be seen at Fonrty fourtb street and fwurth avenue. New York Apply tn Master Machinist New jjavenHallroad, at Forty fourth street, or to JOHN STUART, dway. News agency for bale-old established and doing a good profitable bus'nes; will be sold very cheap. Oould be managed by a lady. Address Raws Agency, Herald Office. PATENT FOE HALE. OF AN ART10LB OK EVERT dav want and necessity, of mors than ordinary illltty. cheaply got no, and affording extremely large protlla. A great il^oct to Bile nv>a#?v B1U08 A SOUTH WICE, 82 Neamn straw. OUART7. ROCK AND GRAIN MILL, AND PORTION Of the Patent, for sale A veer ? UM at the n.inea )? roves I k> be the only mill of value to minora, raduoiag to tmpalpab'e pa-tor. wh? BOUTBWIOK, *2 Naaaa street SUE ENGINE Altn BOILER FOR SALE.? A TEN horse power steam E'.gli e and ev.lader Hot!?r, la t-om rnanlng order at the Sola Water A up arm <w Maan'acVirv o' JOHN M tTTHSWH 437 and 439 First avanue. ooraur Twyuty sixth sUeet. Naw York. PFAINTEE8.?FOR SALE, THE PROPRIETOR RE llrtag from h'tatneas, tne Stock sad Ftitnres, Signs ard good win of an old eoUhbllsbed House and Blgo Fain aaea, shop hands stair Sued up. and m isled on one of the pttostoal arcane" of Brooklyn. An eligible opportunity for a parson ante ring I tulaeas. Must be seen to be appreciate! Apply at LESulB'H agency, oorunr of Atlantic and CUatoc sti seta, Brooklyn. WILL BI T THR HALF INTEREST IN A FIRST lam drinking and ogMr Saloon to Brooklyn laaaMno I beat; everything new This la a great ohaaoe. G-d res sooa glean for sailing. Apply Immediately to J.^i. R., bi? 110 Herald office. *1 Kl\ WILL BUT A WELL PATING LIQUOR STORE JLUU with three years leans of .the whole house at BR) n mowih House two i lories and attic. The stock and ft arc worth twice the amonat asked tor the whole Apply on ^to pri m less, 33 Goerek street, near Broome. JhB rtvsr side. attic, The si ask and (i urns ted tor the ft9nn-n>ltoM,A RORTNBHH THAT. WITH AT wOUUj teniloo, will clear 6100 a month wtiboot further eephel Rant tow. Apply from 9 Oil 11 M. and 1 Oil ? P. M at 1M Baal Thirteenth sweet, Fourth floor. ?' she sinew, whi b with uidlnarv ?? are a- I ntmallna wth clear arar J| UOO a year This la an npportaaiiy seldom oflsrad. BROWN A ROBR, 82 Nasmu street. SPECIAL NOTICER. IX PERSONS HAVING C1.AIM8 AGAINST TOE Eft AIX PERRONS HAVING OLAIMS AGAINST THE EH lata cf Edmund and Ann Knget, late of the otty of New fc, deceaasd. are hereby nntulad to prewent the sasna, with ^^^^^^^?wre harsby entitled to prewent the tame, with proper rBm thereof, to I he undersigned. a; his core 7: Rosasvr ; sti est. on ar haforn Otonber 11. MR t October I r1?" MURRAY. keen tor. Naw Toas. April to, lalfl. A RTlRANh BANK-THE BTOCKHOLDRER OF THIS A bask era raqnrare<i to meet at tea banking room, on Hon Sty. the Ml mat. U 3 F. M NATHAN 0. PLATT, franlsni BUETI n* UBTON BRAN A TIC ASSOCIATION -THE SEOUL*K meeung of this Attn lalkm will be held na usual thM (Moo,lay) r ruing. at Military Hall. ID* Mowery. The hoe-r ary and ami a members are all rwiuaated to attend sitae tenth anniversary of the organization of this Atnowetkm win be nisi ram with tU tho henor>. eh? ? o'elorh. entokralad with all the honor*. rhowdnr will ha serve op at John ooofer. rraatdent. 1NEIDEL CONVENTION OF 1818.?THR INFIDEL AflBO atatl'in of America will hold Ha annual Conveotlrw on Run Bay and Monday, ' >c4nber 7 and, 8 oommeodeg at 10 A. at the City Asaamb y Room. 444 Hroadwsy. Th* p.; ylted to attend. HOEACE ABATER I J. M. RstssTT, Reeretarr New vore < itt4and county liquor dealers Protective Roeir ty.?Members are nnrwsularly reuueate 1 la al*end k rprettsg of the above nxeletr, at tho Hlew-grr Home. tornar of Bteertersnd Green* sirenta. on Monday. Ocsnbar g. sir 14 o'sb.S P. M? sa b1 unem of the grantaat im i v'li (hi tnnurl nl PETIR MrQUAPR. Reanrdlng Barretarv ^CE KNICE ERBCh 'EER ICE COMPANY, *33 CAR Al. sal-New Turk, Oct. i Into A a me. tag of the 1 Misuse the Kskkertxeker loa t ?money. bold ibis day, Mr C. E Wor eadyke. the Secretary of this comnaay. landereri Ma raatgnatkon which wea accepted, and the following raaoln IMS tuanlotous > odopied ? Bsaofnd, That la noeepiing th* rcalgu?U on of onr worthy Hi trmaiy. Mr C. R. Wonewilvte. H M with feelings of mors j plraaurr the' we leader to thn utooer tor his avar eowteoun and gesHemealy deror rethsmss we aeaurc him tb-.i our fee ings of htad.y regard srtil aver be lochia long life ba; ptnemand prongsniy After whkh {Kc Beard west Insn so etantoe. raaulting wan monst) In favor of Yhnodorr Browning who new amudMa tkfl ?toes of Sstretary Mr WnrendThe retiraa lb prirnte life wl'b the beat w lebes msmiy of the Board, hut of nil his large circle of wmnwtamnee By order of the Hoard. E T. COMFTON. rrew Mat. Tanoaoas Baowpipe. Barratnry. O' kFFIOM OF THE WASHINGTON AQURDVCT, WASH J iBgtnn. September V H?> %htoi pr^nnaio are lorttnd for furr lablng upas the ? hgr. at Oenrgatawn, four ihoumad 10 sis thmtasml barrels of Hi frwnbg ihswi if three hundred po inds each, one iho isnni bnrreis le be daNvsrod wnhln ten days front the acveptnncc of nay propcnaL and three th nam 11 it more wtthto thirty toys thai net tar, Btto will ha opened la preset re of bidder" at IS e'cloak. *h day of October seat. frspcton shoun ae sadonmd Ratond reonaanis. " nnd ad dt SMI t to H w RENI! AM. "apt, of togy. and CfeT Eng. W. A rt nnn n,x*."^D isniz s mkreet eitbi JrWyy I* sJ! the r bamibnrs thai n starting it to b be Id at th. Stevens Mouse 0 Grady . on Watmwday, U>e I OH tost . at 4 P. M.. to serertnfn the uwnnr of this valuable m anddaBmrthe tmna tojbaparson that the msifiiaashe to the pan deckle is entolcd to reeRvg It. A sen parltsa Intareaied is I equerlad HATR1MOMIAL. SALES OP REAL ESTATE. r Jt 8 ALB?MO. B WEST 1WBNTT-SIXTH STREET, Dorchester Mm* front, foar stories. bwmeot and nudar oaUar. Oniabed wtU> nil tha modara laaprevemenla. Inqolra OB Ike pr mOM HALS-MO 19 WMBT THIRTTFOUHTH STREET; r a Erst elaaa House. finished with roar wood dosrn and bltoh walnut trimmings to parlor Gory; Main of same from base ment apiaadaBlkemodern Improvements. laqolra aa tha IDOB SALE-A COMMODIJUB TWO ?OBY FRAMiB P Cvrellli.g Houaa. handsomely finished, with one or l?ro Lota. Tha house Is furnished; the Fnrnliuie will be soli, If wanted, w tb tbr bouse. > it" .I'd on tbe swat tide of Franklin amour, noar DeKalb aveuue, Hrorktyn. Inquiratr iba pre aiaea, or of A. e. cHOWElL. Ko. I Masiau auetl, N. 1, CR SALE-ON MURRAT HILL, THE FIRST CLASH .curatory liniwa stone front H uses, Willi huh stoops. 78 and H thirty fourth street, near Kwrrth avenue. Three bouses ar? built oa an entirely new and approved plan, Saving three room a deep, replete with all the modern Impravnurnla. built by days' work, hardwood doora and hlwh walnut stairs. Trnna to ault purchasers. Apply to MATTHEW BYRNES, on ihe promisee. thirty fourth street le a luO loot street. rKRALE V1RT CHEAP?A MEAT COTTAGE HOUSE, Mo 77 Towers street. car Deamat/ent. Brooklyn. There are sevengood aired roowia, wt'h gea and fixtures com .le e. tbe lot la SixltHl feet the above pn pviiy la in a rery g'-od Dt irl bo. hood, near cRy railroad oara. Apply aa abore, or No. tl Rlrlngton alreet. New 1 ark. _ FOR HAUL-FIFTH AVKNHK.-A FIVBSTOBT HROWN HUine bonm, Mo 738 Fifth avenue, third door above Tweo ty elablk Greet, eaet aide. Ii baa all the modern Improvement! and la In perfect order, will be told at a low price and on eaay terms. Inquire at 26 William (treel, room Ma 8. rR 8ALE OB TO LBABE -A FIRST CLASS THREE atOT) huuan, No 2'Orovc alree'l, Jbsa ranee, beater, waeb tnbe bath, water closet and speaking I ibaa, gas. and hal and cold water all throagh the hooae. Inquire on the prernuius. Also a vacant lot. Ma 60 8ber;ll street. JDOR BALK-A LARGE RURAL COTTAGE AND ABOUT r 19 Lou of Ground, fronting on two atreeu, abounding In fruUa, eirrgreena and the choicest of (lowers, tbe reeldence for lh? laat eight years of a celebrated amateur tlonoultnrlat; prtreSnO; also, with or without the abore, a kanaome Grove Lot, with carrlaMhboiiae, Ac., price <1,800 a large Villa Han akin, 616 (00, a Double llou new, lb rooms, line water view IC too. MJ I cU In East Murrlaan'a. 4 In Wtftoo, B In Elton*. M In Miuth Melrose; all on the moat aceoimaodat'ng terms ap ply to R. H. ELTON, 24 l'eekmaa afreet, bet ween 12 and 1 I' M. DIOR SALE?THE MODERN THREE STORY HOUSE, P and Lot, Ma ID Waverley place. All late Improvements. Easy terma. Apply to Jacob linker, on the premises. R HALE?THE THREE STORY BRICK FRONT HIGH _ atoop aid aub cellar House and Lot 259 Kest Thirtieth street, lot 20 feet by half the block; b?uae 20 bv about 42 feet; very pleasant front and rear. Fine large yard; bouae haa the improvrnerta. Will be (old low .nd oa cany terms. Apply at 417 Fomth avenue. riR SALE-THE MEW FOUR STORY BROWN STONE front Hou?e ft Weal Thirty fourth street, oexr Brwdway. Honie 86\?0; lot half the block. Poaseaefon Immediataly. In nulre cn tbe prenuaeg, or a: 1U6 West Forty fourth street. G. W. CAMPBELL. FR BALE?A GOOD FARM AND COUNTRY SKAT, near New Bruaawl'k. N. J. oaatainlng alrty acres of land, handsome dw?lltng, Ac . with abundance of fruit. In quire oiWaRBKN HaKI KMBBKQH, 68 Wall street rs BALE-IN BROOKLYN, TWO FIRST CLASS three story and basement Houses, with all the modern improvements, situated Mos. ft and 78 Fort Greens place. In quire of J. P. 8EELB1, on the premises. GRAMEROT PARK, TWENTIETH STRKMT,?FOR ?ale, the first clam Residence. Ma 23 Bast Twentieth street, directly opposite the park; It Is four stories, Z7 2x'.W feet; possession Immediately If not sold at private sale be fore the loth of October It will be advertised at auction for the 20th Inst. Apply to B. H. LUDLOW A 00., Mo. 3 Pine street. fYTWO BPI.ENDID ADJOINING MANSIONS?ON BROOK 1 In Heights, bat ? am Ftdton and WaU street ferries. Nan M and B8 Columbia street, for mte cr to let, tan ether or asp arete, wtth privilege to purchase, an easy terms; one boom HMO. lbs otter 20x60; built by day's work, aader Impaction of the a ease, expressly for hie own aad family'? residence. ~ rery detail of uttltty or ornament haa t ana finished ht the bast style. Both hi F? hrown stons fronts. Hoops sad balustrades same material, w staircase Is etlpttoah of solid blsgk walnut, very bewuU WJ trimmed, Ugeted By a highly ornammiad laatera of Gained glass, from which a view of lens Island to the hortaca I n commanded. Tha antrensee are lofty, aad tha principal en, opening on a lawn, with every I dumb wallers and speaking tabes d stories. Hot end sold bstts on halls laid with Italian marble tiles throughout. Tbe lavatory replete and a splendid kitchen, opening on a lawn, wtth every I requisite of the cuisine, aad dumb wallers and speaking tubes from under oellars to eeeood stories. Hot aad sold baths on ?vary story, aad wateraloaeta from kitchen to all tha upper chambers Goal vaults and splendid wine vaults, all lighted by patent Illuminators. The premises sen be seen al al! Uraea aa there are pernoes In eharge. For terms or an Interview sd Ireea the owner, M. Thompson, No. 17 Wooeler Greet, who, as ha resides a abort dtstaaoe out of tha city (the sole causa of the property being la the market), requests sufficient ttaaa to re solve sad punctually attend to any applicant. ?JTH iTIUri PROPSRTY FOR RALE?l.tilOU "BET, easterly side of ft lib auenue, bawem Thirty :lflh and Thlfty stub streets Term* enay Apply lo GEO. W. DKVOfC, Itoa. 9 and t Jv fTerano market, before 12 o'clock M. MOfl can -FOR SALE, THE ELEGANT FITR RTO ?ilu.juu. ry brown atooo basement Fn-iee, S3 Raat Ywenty-fli?t atreet, near Broadway, wall bollt, Jl by 70, l-t foil depth, com plate In modern Improvement, fresco papered, nod la Rood repair Apply on the premtaae IIOI MKM. HOONN, &C? WAXTRD. CVOCNTRY PLACE WANTED?FLEAHAFTLY LOCATED J in the vlrlnlty of thta elty for which a productive business water fron' property. In Brooklyn, will be jtven in exchange. Apply to Almel Reed, 1(6 Weal ttreat, from 1U to II o'clock TiU'RFlPHin HOl'U WAFTED?BY A RESPONSIBLE I; family, Poaaeaalon Immediately Ooid location la Few York. Rent under tl.000 per annum Addrem B. L'? Herald offlce. FURNISHED HOU' E ? WaKIED, A OENTREL. PLAIN, well furolahed Houae. pleaaaatlr located, by asm-ill prl rule fam<ly. ri ot not lorieeedflOO per mootb. Adtlreaa b i J, I 'd Boat otlice. House wanted furnished or unfurnished, with miatcrn improvement", not oyer three atori.-e high, between Eighth and Twentieth ?treet? ?n I Third and Peveo'h avennea to he occupied by a email private family. Addreae Boa I.STh, 1'oet mhoe. i H OUBK WAFTED?THE WHOLE OR PART OF A H mac allnaMa for a ge. t>man,aod wife who are dealr oua of bonaakeeplne. either In Brooklyn or Aatnrta, fnentahot or nnf urnlahed. Aadr " Jrevt F. T , for three daya, at the Hare' J cAloe. etatlnf loeaiion. nnaber of rooma and tar ma Refc- | renree en hanged. Hotel waftfd-by the advertiser, a compe eat. reepnneible party. Will p-trehaae if suited, a we l ?tasted and f irnlahed Hotel, roaAalalng 8fty ton hundred, r more rnma or pay good rental for farnUure. Apply at Fo. CO Faasan street, room 3. pART OF A HOOeE WAFTED-rtJRNISHKD FOR _ h"uaekec: ing bel w Fourteenth elreet preferred; reut molt be mode rat A sad ealy one other family la the Uouea. Address with terms Ac . Richmond, bot HO Herald orCoe. rDR0OOI?TF -WANTED TO PURCHASE A DRUG Store, np tow ? op easy paytag terma; or w al l go lo co partnership. A Id ram ("hem let. Madison ?, tiara PM odtee. TV 7AFTE0?PART OF A GOOD HOUSE. COFAWTIFO of either drat or second door* . ration near the Biwery or Third avenue, b? a gentlem .n and wife ana sad othe # . J .. .. modern improvements In I'tlre of or addrem W. Wallace Mi Bowery lathe Horn TXTAFTXD-BT A RESPONSIBLE TEN A FT, A THRU TV etory high base meet I loose, in a jrentee loeaUoa la Few Torh or BrooUys; reel MOO to 0700. Femeaa >n in November or December carpets. Ac. taken tt (citable Addrem Be gene, at Godfrey's Ml Broadway. wj ANTED-A ROOM M RT M FIR, WITH STEAM power, far meanfacteriag purposes Lonattoa In ihe neighborhood of Fortieth street, near the EUh'h or Fteth are aae, or o# the Ram river. Addrem boa 1,731 Fom oRoe. w ne'gh seed I ANTED-TO RCFT. A HOUSE RATIVO WATER end res la; m ist be well drained and la a reaprctahle bovhond la Sooth Rroohlya or Oowaamt rent ant MM - annum Addrem B., hoi U9 Herald o?c?. WAFTED?A STORK OR BASEMENT, FOR A RENT AC raat. down lowa. between William street and Broadway, and Fulton aad Frankfort streets Please addrem A. R . Fa ?1 Rows y. WAFTRD?A FARTT HAVIRO HOI'SRHOLD FORFI tnre. for Ihe nee of which Board or reat will bp given, or will purchase a at e bargain Addrem M. R, boi IS7 Herald WANTED?SI * FCRF1NHBO IfOCRMR, FROM 11.100 toMUOU per anoum. and live unfurnished Houses fmm S7PO lo $1 fOO. located between Fnurtaaath and Thirty ufth areata. aad Isriaatoa and Seventh araa.aa, for wkieh appll caate are now waiting Apply to R B. DYER. SS7 Bowery -n^AFTRD-lN RBOORLTF. A HOCSE SCTTARLR TV for a amalt famllv m-irn enctaln water. Rent mode rate. Addrem H. H Herald nRee WANTED IMMFDIATBLT-FtTR OR NIX ROOMS, OR half a H tee. uaf uralahrd with ronventeefea for bun me heeptnr. fry maa aad wife ant above Twentieth MrNl,Hd rrivate family preferred. Referanree given A id rem. atntn ? terma aad all pertienlarv. F, R R Herald 'dies HEW PUBLICATIONS. A THRILLING NARRATIVE A 1HRILLIFO NARRATIVE. HCR'R'R TtF ' FNT FOTR1A. HTFCR s TRF < EFT NOVELS. PORLIeBFD Tlim DAY, PCHI.TSHRD THIS DAT, THE XTRAFOBK* GRAVE THE l?TRAFgER R GRAVE TEA I THE STRAFGSR'H grave THE RTRAFGRK'S GRATR *v HARRY URiTTAF PI I NKETT HARRY OR ATTAF PLUBKETT PRICE ONLY TEN CUTE PRICE ONLY TIF cRFTR PRICE ONLY YU ( EFTA PRICE ONLY TEN CENT* F()R "ALE EVERTW11 IRE FOR "ALE IT BR YW HERE Leaven from a pachflor* rook of life by Fraaeta Oopcuti "Mr Oopcntl'e '1 eevea' are ? nneati aad living traasrvlpta fmm natore by an artM hand '?Few Tort f lapat. b. T RAVER FROM A BACHELOR 8 ROOK OF LIFK -BT MJ Freoele OaML Royal llan. eivth eitra Priee VI Fnr sale by Bonhaeilar* gpneraOy. Neat oca free m rem i t of priee. S. A. ROLI/'. FshmUP, 1M raw etrwel Leaves prom a racbblor s boor of life.-rt Fran- a ' nprnd ? dn'h la ner apnrer atkm of the humor the faatey the eathca of Mr Oopenri thai we aervwint thta me the reary the p? 'ana nv ar. uepetrt last we ef the bonhe of tip sme."-The Few Twker LRATES FROM A BACHELOR S BOOR OF LIPE-BT Franele Cope all. Wale there are variety humor, ami breadth of experience whim will aumfy Ihe eravtng or even the morbid appetite, there Mb peUwe wMeh will reach the hearW of alL frnt so aeoteaee which eeaacl be talma to ? B ?KaMd drtadi aad read to aimer, wife, or tweeAbaan "-tmeker bceher Mhfirtei. rrWTRD EDITTOF NOW READY. 1 HAMMOND'S SEW M1DICA1. BOOK HAMMOND OM FIRTOCS DEBILITY. Prim M. OKIE DAYTON A JONNLAgmta. Fs K Aaa (Irpm, New Tort. ^ H(UI(DIVO ASD UDDflne. A PRIVATE FAMILY will let, with or without Z?a Hoard, * rail of Room* to one or two gentlemen at ro */ectablllty. who would appreciate a handsome private real Andrei* Weal Twenty scornd Street, box 1U Uaraid (An. A BUTT OV HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS OR Broadway id let; also tingle Boon*, hot and raid water, *?1, bathe, Ac , houae ftrtleltaa la every particular, Rood al tecdatee; loratlon unsurpassed. 831 Broadway, between Twelfth and Thirteenth streets A CARD?MBS. BUSH HAVINO RBNTBD 1HB TWO large brown atone House*. 104 and 108 Beat Fourteenth street, wo :,d iufprtn her friend* and others desiring Board that she ha* two elegant sttita of Rooms disengaged nod a few toe Rooms lor single gentlemen ATARTMRKTH IN P.ROOKI.TN TO LET -Sl'ITB OF sr -rirretlsfl?e Konn e e* n, oo W .lb I IMMl Brooh lyu. with modern Inspn.tS m<nla. Apt ly at No. 177 said avenue, Irom It) to 12 A. M Ariw PARTUS rK?I?INO BOARD FOB THE witter "an obtain etoellenl Rooma. In i".lt or slnrle, wl'h a ) modern improvements, n e first mass boose, oesr the Fifth Avenue Uotel. Dinner at fi o'clock. Addrees K., box 1,838 New York Fuel odtcs. A GENTLEMAN A?D WIFB CAN OBTAIN A PLBA rant Iran' Room, good Heard, alto a lew tingle gentlemen (lord releret-e given and required. lHnner at ?ls m dock. lAKaboo KM Ninth street, near Broadway, A GENTLEMAN ANI) WIFE, OR TWO SINGLE GEN ..ernes, can be ec.omim dated with Rooms and Board, in a private family, on Murray till, between fifth and Suva ave nues. Address H., Berald ALARG1 PLEASANT ROOM OR THBSEi ORD FLOOR will be rented to a tingle rentlemao, with partial Board; bath on the Moor, gaa Insets. Ac This room la deemed par tlcularlv desiratle to any person who desires the quiet of a pr.vaie family. Apply aitd Amity street Aback parlor, either fubnishkd or tn furnished, to let. with Board, to a gei.t ?mu and wife, or two single genUemen; alao .u good sued hall room. Din ner it ail. CI Hammond street. A liANDSOMBLY FURNISHED PARLOR AND BED il room to rent, with Hoard, for the winter alao. Rooms for single gent, men, In the first house 3fi West Twelfth st, near Ftflb ave. Dinner at tl o'clock. A FEW BOARDERS WILL BE TA1 KN IN A PRIVATE family, where all the enmfnilt of a home may be engoy. ed; within two b'rs ksof the Fultou avenue cart Tut Hunter street. Call at 186 Gates aveaue, Brooklyn. A PRIVATR FAMILY, RESIDING IR A FIRST CLABT .1 house. 102 East Fourteenth street, impolite to the Acada my of Mnsie, would let a few elegant Parlors and Bedrooms to tumlles or sintle gentlemen, with Board. Dinner at six o'clock P. M. Reference required, AGE.ST1.KMAN AND WirB OR ONI OR TWO SINGLE gent emen mav be accommodated with very pleasant Booms tt 286 West Twenty second street l.oiatlon pleasant aid e nvenient lo cars and stvges References required. A LADY DE8IRKS BOABD IN THB CITY WHERE I? si ruction lo musi \ drawing, pa'ntmg sod French would be taken sa an equivalent. Referenoes given. Call on or ad dress Teacher, 26# Pearl street, Brooklyn, for two weeks. A 8MAI.L PAMILT, HAVINO MORE BOOM THAN they require, would let two pleaaeat Rooms, with par tial Board. House with modern tmerovementa. Call at 171 Weal Twenty aliih street. A FRONT rARLOB AND BEDROOM ON SECOND floor In a modern houae. to let, with Board, to a gentle man and wife; alao other Rooma. nicely furnished. Early dinner If preferred. References exchanged. Terms reason able. Cad at tl Seventh avenue, eecond dcor from Twelfth street. A LARGE. HANDSOMSLT FURNISHED ROOM, ON second floor, to let to one or two s(ngle gentlemen; Break fast If required; gaa. bath, Ac. Apply at 61 Amity street. AFfONT PARLOR, HANDSOMELY FURNISHED, with or without Bedroom attached, to let. to gentlemen only, In a private family .partial meals given If required. Ap ply at T.'l Fourth itreet, Washington square. A GENTLEMAN AND LtDT, OR TWO SINGLB GEN Ilea en can be aoetmmodatad with a neatly furnished Koom. with full or partial Board; ma, grate and hot and cold water In the room. Apolr at 167 Wat Fifteenth street, be tween Seventh and Eighth avenue* A PRIVATE FAMILY, RSSIDINO IN THIBTT FOURTH street, can accommodate sganllemnn and wife, or small family with pleasant front Rooma with Board. Apply at the first brown stone houae wist.of Third avenue. A LA ROE FRONT HALL BRDROOM TO LET, WITH full Board, In the first clan private houae. No. I Wevt Twenty fourth staeet, oppoelte Fifth Avenue UoteL Ales, s suit of rooma to let November I. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT ROOH, WITH Board, for a gentleman and wife, or two single gentle mm. Price 212 a week. Including fuel and gaa. House first rlase. Best references offered Apply st 36 East Twentieth Sir set, s Isw doors from Broadway. LADY HAYING THB SECOND FLOOR, FOUR ROOMS and two paatrtea. would like to have four or five perma nent Boarder*. Price, %i per aeek. Reference gtren and re quired. Would take a ladr that would teach her daughter the ptsaoas part payment No It Watts street, near Vanek. A A beautiful suit op room* tailor trout, high mirror*, bath. Ar , alib Hoard, tn a now high Muop brown nonr houae, 1,1*0 Broadway, trur Madison square and Fifth Avenue Hotel; third etoiy. next ?N>re parlor* Family rmall Torn* fit per week for gfntiemau aod wife, ln;ltid In* everything. A gentleman wishes board, bemiw hprinw atrrrt and raM of Broadway, where th- re U Utile*' acr let) Addres* A. B. R , box 180 llerald of) a An knolish family can aooommodatr a oen ileman with a roaoforta' le home, at <2 Or-bard street. Referenee required. Board-a rutt of rooms, pleasant and will furi tabed, "oonatlni of three, on the eecond floor; *!?> one on the third, at No. S3 Clinton plaoe, nea. Fifth arenue. Illnnt'r at all o'clock Board-a private family cam aooommodatr ?artral Mngle troutlen "n with handsome *t artnvrt* and Ixwrd. Apply *1*0 34 Wtui Twenty aeoood atreet, between Fifth and *lith avenue*. Board -to let, with or without board, i* a private family. a Urge high Basement, aultable for a tihyaMun. also a Room far a lln*la gentleman. Apply at 313 Firth are rue. Board-to lmt, *r?r fifth avrmuk hotru toremlrmn, farnlahed Rooms, with Board. Inqtxl-a at 44 Weal Twenty fourth at-ert OA R D ? PBttAN t NT Fl'RNISHRD ROOMS, WITH partial Hoard may he obtained hy applying at No. U Bond B B Board.-a tmin story front room and bed rn?m snRahe for afumlly at 118 and Ivl Weat Four teeath itrret br u?ea Br>t i-.laaa, dinner at Ml o'clock. Hoard -a famtlt. hatino hp room than required, would dispose of exrelleat ace en mod all t to a gentleman and wife and aa exeelleat table, bouse havlog tbe m 'tern lmpro "taenia. Apply at 172 Weat Tweaty flrM Mr eel OARP-OOOD ROOMS, OOOD I1CDS, WITH OR i nShout Board, on rer' raaeonable term* a p| .ran,', itrret half war >etw".a Broadway and Bowery; Imatloa r?nti aland Imady to huainem. Stage* and car* paea every two mleulra Board-two handsomely furnished rooms, aultable for a family or two geetlemrn and their wires, to tat. with Hoard, at (3 Meat Thirty n-th alrert. between Leilng ton and Foarih avenue* Private table If dre:red Referent ee r xv barged Board-a firm lame room, with laeoe vlaaeta, aultable far two gentlemen or gentlemas and wife, eae be obtained at Id per week. IneeUoa plewmet aad "onvealeet. aad hooee kept with order. Apply at U4 Hudson street, coraer ot Morton. BOAED-Cl f'RCBBT STREET RRTWRRN BROttMC aed Spring atresia. Single gen'.leaaea nan be well ar com outdated, a neat atngle Rcom for one bath. As Tboa* Wishing aomforiabli Winter quarter* wtli do wail to call. A ant it su gtsatitable faaallr English. Boar Pino.-a riw gentlemen can br acoqm modaied with good Baaed aod nlaaanat Ronam at Mra Taylor'* 331 Orvrewtrk at Term* M ? aad fl par weak. Boarding-to let, with BOARD, a HANDSOME f irnlehed front Room on armed tlmr. fv a renl.errao and wife ale. a ha'.l Nedronm. with hathjao.l gas. Apply at li? l?at Broadway. Refaraneea exchanged gwo raeamte* for .adie*. TJOABDIEO.?TWO OR THRNB SMALL FRONT ROOMS JD aaa be had. with Board. la a private family ranting at No 41 Seat Sixteenth auaet. sear Vatoa square, the kouae ta flarly located, hae gaa bath, hot ami rotd water Ar ; dinner at f n rlnrh. T trine. for two parsing. 810 aad ft 1 per wash, with refrrrn ?* eirhangad. Board wantrd-in the hfper tart of the any. aot beinw Tweaty "fib ?trert A gentleman aad wtf* are d?? r m of Anting a pennanaat b me. in a quiet fa mtly. where there *ra to >?ber boarder* require a gmi a red, eeaily furnished ? 'Wi, with "Inert *"p nam iationi teraaa muM he awidenue. Addrem Moatgome y, Me.l.?m aiuer* Tom off re BOARD WANTED-NT TWO TOUNG GENTLEMEN. A large Mred Reom with partial Board, where 'here are but few hoarder* Texralion b*t?r*n Fourth and Fourteenth ?treeta aad (at of Broadwav. Address Mauag .xeattoa of mum an.', terma. T. X , Here! I 'Me*. Board wantrd-bt a toung gentleman. for tan month# after that tinaa for himeelf had wlf?. la a (mall aorta: tamPt term* mta: be very aaodarat* * tdrea* statin* l.watloa, areommtdauona aad term*. Counsel.-r He raid i Ska. Board wanted -a pinole room r* nrmhhor bond of t'onper laatl'ute. with breahfaM only, art lb bath aad evening Ira. term* about 83 par week Addrem. with fell pirthalMh C D.. Herald odma. Board, and a choke of bvperior r oms. hardetmaly f lralebed all modern lmprovemex,:? aitaatiei A .ImBed number of reaper-table per*>oa Mvnsunodaied enf leieat In Xeett np Be riarlient table leteation mow "Mgibie and eentral. below Ualne ?i tara AI dram T . 0 D vtua i>. POM aStea. ROAED. CUNTON PLAOR A FAULT AMD OMB OR X> two Magle gent emea will 8nd vary daMrably font ?had lanma to let. wiu Itoard. at Mix (1 fTUatoa plana, tare tHora mat of Fifth area .a Refareavtea etehanged Board of town.?plrarant roomr wrm Boar I, for gentlemen aad their wire* aad Magi* gentle men aaa I* had *t the Madlann H -tar. rorner of Madlaon *-*? an* aad Twenty aeventh ??reel. Terwta raaaonable HOARD AND INSTRUCTION.? A PI. E AS ANT HOME A3 for two tittle glrla mav be found ta a small prlvata Am' rioaa family. raMding ta Fori Hreaa ptara. Krmttlya. rbe rhildrea will reeatva all the ear* aad rvtnweihy pnagt'le tn their own heme*, aa l eajoy ab <odant faettttiMl for laa rnetVm la Ereeeh, m tMr tnMr mantel aad **?*?> atd the eartou* hranebeaaf Ragltth. htotaut eiehaagad. Addraaa box Ids Pom o?cc.4 Brooh'va, N. T7 Board for the winter -two front roomr ? large aadamaO OB*, now repent. WUI pa let separate or together, with Board. The mnma art f iralMtl I and iaely ky "serf, fnwftag Lafayette plana. Apply at 14 flraat Jowm at BOAEDIMO IN WEFT FOURTEENTH STREET -A Duet Parlor aad Bedroom on third 8oor of a 8rM rlam

houae iprtvata famllyi, to let to two Mngle gaatleaaea or gen Uemaa and wMa wflboal ehUdraa. Addraaa W. F. S , boa 190 Herald oAoa. Hoard in beooelte. bear henrt street-a gaatleman aad wife ran batra a bach Parlor and enrlneed jdaxaa, gaa and fre at ^^Mtn aaa wtfe mm hue* a bach rat lor and enrlneed ^?<1 8r? at fit, with a private faintly, alen a *tn?t# ? for a gaaUeaami *i t> ,tve eneatea ? *1* to Wa! Mreal ^iTiwRaWyEr 1 "* KmK BOAHD1.VG A\I? I/ODGING. BOARD IK CLINTON PL AC! - A H 'ir OF HOOKS for a ge c > b ni.n ami hi* wifa Oi' single gentlemen, aiao, h" I'iwBMi f r Au OIL.'*, At t7 Clinton place BOARD IN BROOKLYN.-A GENTLEMAN AND W1PK or two aUutle gentlemen, dan he e'jommodatrd with Board with a private lamiiy, aeAr F -lion ferry. Apply At M High street tinne low. JJOARD IN BROOKLYN.?LARUE AND SMALL ROOMS, D wllb full or partial Board. may 1? bad in a pleasant loci tlOD, Cve minutes' walk from toe So., .hand Wall atreet ferr ea. Apply At 241 Henry street, eorutr of Congress, Bro Alyo. Board in Brooklyn-rooms to Rnard, at 49 Ooeeord atrevt; bo tae pie near Pulton ferry. Refereo ret required. Board on brookltn heights.-a <4Rntlbman and wife and two or three single gentlemen can be ac commodated with Board and pleasant Rooma, at 18 WU1 iw at.. Brooklyn Heights, between Fulton and Wall a reel ferriea. looms with Board for gentlemen, family prirate. Apply at 109 Ka?t Thirty Aiith atreet eorner of Lexington are nne, or address W. H. B., box 1,104 Boat ofll'-e. WRB. BLACK, 54 WEST TWENTY FIFTH RTRRKT. BE tween Broadway ard Hub arenae, baa racanctea In ber third atory. Raferaocea exchanged. NOTICK.-A SMALL, OUI1T FAHILT, RESIDING AT 114 laat Thirty fourth atreet, hetweea Hei-owl and Third a\enues, can srcummiiitatr a gentleman and hla wife oe two ainxle gentlemen, wl'h Board and a well furnlahed aecond atory fiont Par.or, with every cmn-nlence. Terma moderate. Good references required and xlren. Board in brookltn-a fkw hi noli gentle men, or one ur two lammea, can l>e accommodated; room! oo aeuond ttnor treat Oi bkch, I'j-uiabed or tin furnlahed. wRl Board, at 211 Plate aire'., L a private family, i ?' loca tion, terms moderate. Board in Brooklyn.-a fkw bgarokrh will Cud a t instant b6me : j in .-ring at Lit Uxlurd an est Board in Brooklyn.?fleamant rooms, kith Beard, nan be had .r a pl-aaau family for the win ?jnr\. onenient to Wa.) am. Fulton ferret, wpp :y at No. #7 II. he all ee : Board in bkookltn.-a ??knti.kman and his wl'e or a few t ogle ceetieman can ibtaut a furnished Room, with Board, at 92 Hlokr street, Hrooalyo. Board in hrooilyn.-dbhiraslr and wri.l : ureiahed Boome, on aeeond t.oor, a a IIrat laaa hooae, aultable for gentleman and wife or a ngle geuurrooo; oonre nlext 0 South or Wa'l-ureal ferry. Dinner at 8 o'clock. Ap ply at '0 Amity e>reet. Board in Brooklyn, with handsomely fur niahrd rooma. can be l nd by a gentleman and wife and two single gentlem-r, in a prtva e family, at No. MM Neeond place Terma moderate, looation very desirable and eoove nieul to the ferriea and Court atreet care. Reference! required. Desirable board for the winter-pi.f.a ?ant Rooms, In a genteel. quiet neighbor hind, with a gml Table, caa be secured at 41 betenth atreet, a few atepa from Cooper Institute. House replete with gas, bath, Ac. Furnished reuse to let-twenty fivr mi nutei from Well elrert, tn ihe moat delightful neighbor hood oi Brooklyn. The llo ,hs Is full aired, high sloop, browi euue, with water, gas, Ac., large planted court yar< In frotl and grapery. fir.? garden attached; half a block from cart. A responsible quiet family will be liberally dealt with. Inquire of I>, B. BARNES, 15 Park row. FURNISBED ROOMS YQ LET.-TWO OR TBBKE (IRN tiemeo can obta.n pleasant Roorua to a drat elnsa brown atone houae, uear rare and three lines of stages. 71 W?st Fourteenth atreet, i ret house Wett of Sivth avenue. Frankfort house, corner of frankfort and William streets, N. Y -Single Rooms from She. to 370. per night, or fl to 93 per week. House needy furnished, with a good Restaurant attached. Open all night. Furnished rooms to llt-withgut board, to gentlemen only: kouee conta'ne all the modern improve ments. Apply hi ab7 Fourth street, between) Bowery and Broadway. Good and chbaf lodgings-nice binolc Rooms, 20 cenla a night; also good doable or ilngie Boils, 12 to lb cenia. Gentleman and wire El 'o 76 cents 40 Lis penard street, between Broadway and Church. Wbtchman admits lodgers at all hours. Handsomely furnished rooms to let-with Board, to gentlemen only, house very handsomely fur nlahed, end replete with all modern conveniences; table first class; dinner at ( o'clock. Apply at 14 West Thirteenth elreet. near Fifth avenue. Hanmome booms, with board-can be or talned for families er gentlemen and their w Ives, or single gentlemen, by applying at 1(5 Bleecker street. HILL"?DELIGHTFULLY SITUATED lYi Rc Neatly furbished bedrooms on upurr floor, one large Room, with stove and one small Room. Rent 94 end 87 per month, or by the week if required. No. 47 Amity (treat. ONE OR TWO SINGLE GENTLEMEN CAN BE AC. oontmodi.tcd with a front Room, in e private family, wit* or without partial board, at No lu Cottage place, between Houston and Bleecker it rents. KOOMH AND BOARD CAN BR OBTAINED AT THE Dew and elegant fiulahrd bouse No. 214 West Twentieth^ elreet. between Eighth and Ninth avenues. AU the aooum mo lulu ma are firm class. References axchangtl. r MERCHANTS, CLERKS AND OTHERS?ELKH ANT ly furntaho! Parlor and Br with km. h * And old water. 1* ha. Ac ; etcellrnl maul*. br h prirate family if de sired. Apply at W Prmo* (tree:, near Broadway. riiwo hinulb gentlemen can hb accommodated X with fmrnlrhed Ho, .ma au.l good Hoard In a pleasant at x] era houer. eoarenlawt location. Apply at IS Maydougal atreet. Refrrenoe* eichanged. TWO FURNISHED ROOMS TO LCT-IN A PRIVATE lam ly. In Wrat Forty sr.-md atreet with or wit W. Uoaid. to elrjle ?.?, or to ? gentlemen and hi a wife Arnwerh given to application* at 100 Weal Forty aaeood street. TO OENTL1MEK.-FUBMIBHRD ROOMS, 1IOLUBJVB ly for (truile gentlemen, hare been recently tilted up at the M Clair House, 1M Prtnre ateeet., IneludlaB all the mo dr/s tmproremeela. Gentlemen wlahinn noau at a moderate price would do w el' to call at the above booae. TO I.ET-A PLEASANT FRONT ROOM, FURNISHED OR nnfnrnlehed. with 'ru and prirllege of hath room, tp town In a .leatrat ,e i.eatl n, where there are cara and Stagee "? ??? ? ww??. . -WW.. W, w w rar ? oeat ? auu Bts^rs omieulert to ail parte of the city, with e email private family without children. Addrwaa or eail on J. W. Brrbet. Mayor'a "tSoe. rLRT-A BCIT 1>F FURNISHED ROOMS ON RKi "ONI) floor, with prhf'ege of kitchen Ala. ran ant hath. In a moa I eon re rent pert of the cur. Apply to JOHN MiKIR. BIN. prirate hotter, 344 Fourth ev*noe. rLhT- A WELL FORK IS HID ROOM. WIVH BOARD, in a email (rnteel Sonar, rery well |,mated. between Madm n a.itara and Fourth teen te; elan a Bedrooee. In itilrecathe prrslera. IS heat Twenty fourth atreet. ri.vr-oif skcosd floor, one or two well furawl.ed Irnai with par'rut a. S gat, with <r withnt Board term* Imt. the fumlly la small; no boarder* In the house. Co I at 17 Ken wick street near t'aaal rLKT-AT NO. HI ELEVENTH STREET, FOCR DOORS wrat of Broadway, two Room, i irritated or nnf nraiahed, on tb aecned Iliac; aiao a HtstmetiL. aitltaole for a physic .an. TITANTBD??T TWO OB.VTI.RMtN. A IIANDSOMRLT TT furnished Room, with Hoard not ibovi KXh at. Platte ad .rraa 8. w . Herald office, eiatng tenna aad particular a. UWOOB1BR HTBFKT, NEAR CANAL AND BROAD way ?A we 1 furalabed Parlor, on firm floor, a front . Room aad Attn , with closet*, gee, bath and piano, to let. with Bawd. Alto turtle ernt to the room*. T O Cl.INTON PLACE.?H ANDSO MELT FORNIBHED. lZi nnwfnrtnhld Roomt, lor families or Wajte gentleman, to let. wtth Board, Q?J WFST NINTH STRICT .?TO LET, Wnil BOARD, Av Room* on the aaeond aad third doora. aaltable for a gentleman and wife and tinfie gentlemen Plater at ?U. Referetioaa am* taped. tjft BT MARE'S PLACR?THTRB FLOOR AND BAOR ZIJ Parlor t<> let, to eat 11 am an and their wtem orrtngla Bpallimir. will he raeeted on Thw radar Ref arte tea m ?hi age I. INaner ?* Mi tPahsea. QC AMD 17 WRAT T8ISfllTII STRRIT ?ONR OR OU two aeleet famil'ra and three or four rentiemen oart mor he leermmodatod wHb rutta or atnelr Soma, farolahed In the hem Mrle. or ?afprniahad, In Cn" new and eligible b-owe arone building", whu h are delight/ ' Br seated between Headway aud Fifth .ireaud. Table Bret clam. Reference" ear hanged. 38 RE*< H STREET ST. J >HN S FARE -TO I NT. A haadacmely fnnilahed third elory front Room, to a gen tlemae aad wife or two itugle gentlemen aiao one or two An gle Rn ma The home haaall the modem improtemewlA if TBBTII STREET. BETWRIN FIFTH AND RIXTH 11 ireono* ? A get t'emae aad hla wfe ean oblate a iery pleneaet auB of Room*, alee, a few afagle gent emen ran be plesaantly arcommuda ed. Dinner at t o efiek. if' WlhT SIXTEENTH STREET. BETWEEN FIFTH *1 U and SI th erenoea.?T" let a bender, ? r furnished mil' m Moma, to n desirable party; aleo a Engl* Rvra,'n |feg rlaaa ho iw and wdhapt -ale Trrt ? family: IneetlOB nnaur pat aad onoemee' to can and ??? eg Beat of rtfarenent gtrra and rer,ntrnd. A 7 WIST twrvrr THIED Si S F.KT RETWREN FIFTH TT I aad Stith aren ea ? A p Irate rami y baring morn room than lis/ regnife, will let a t?mnd tort frtat rone aad bed room, also, a beck parlor IManer at Mi o'eloeh WEST TWENTT FIRST STREET. BETWEEN FIFTH Bid Bllth hraenam UraUemen and their MK* i gle grntlfawen. rae '?r acc.wnawidated with eeatly f iralahed or perMaTi f?K NASSAU BTItBFT. BROOELTN. FIVE MINUTES' 'ItJ walk from Fulton ferry ?A well furnished Par or and Br I- -an to tel. with full or partial Board, in a prirate fam y nrauee p leaeant. A pply as aberr SFEINO STREET. THERE DOUR- I ROM UBOAI) MaMto ... and itaee# of nmnaamiat. tea flag room free, tar lire * wnjr ?to let._aarernl headeaoMdjf f urnished Biiuma, to ? gas tie man. The toeei.oo new hU the flrat cUuaa hmela tares of Anea Houge. '1REERB STREET. kBOVB BFEIND AIJtTON ?O llo we - Elegaetly fnrntahed nltg of MR oenrenMBre for bcnaahaaplng .gas. ffroaoo keaswMf ermaoneianliy, par ticnlarly nimble far wnall caper table f ami Lie* or wagle gee 130 MADMOE ATENI'E -A 'IENTLBMAN AND _ ^ . wife eea tnd a' their diapoeai Iwo OfUt* of R-mw*. m ?ether or ar-araie with Bonrd. in a hrw nam prirate bo toe. bar li mely loaeied The beat of reference flren an t re T fred. lOE ETOHTH STREET, OPPOMmi Cl.INfON RIM, iuu A rentlemtn and his artfe can obtain a large so I haadeonaely f.inalahed Room an aerond floor, wtth pan trim at taehnf. aiao two deMraMe Sooma for atngle gemlaanan. Din eer el ( o'eloeh. Cneaneptiooahte refer roe aa gl<ae ami re ealME. 1EO FRINCB STREET, ? >U NT ( LAIR BOUBB stagie geotlf men can obtain elegantly f rn'ahnd rooma at a moderate prion. 122 FOURTEENTH NTREFT?A FURNIflpin Room for a lady aad ganUnman, aiao two Ante daUoea. Fonrheemth Mrtet aUgn ram I ha door, ooarnnlmit to Btghth aifghan. hail tie men can ha 7, BflflWMB ruuaraaaiH KriKgr.-I.Aaug soflB, A attached, together with a pleaaaat from M M. Baatlamea and their wtraa, or atngle gee beeeeemndeled for the wtater, Dtaner atThreak BOARDING ASD LODGIK 2J Jj ELM KTKln, NEAR HFB1NO BTKEMT?MARION MPUom - Nicely furnished Apartments. with Una u< w? A tax alennUs. arranged for eeooumlcJd bousekeevlng, 01. ?utialue for tfrgle gentlemen Meets furnished if djrnd | (u in roo?. Itexrt low lo nciQ EAST BfOADWAT?FURNISHED FEOMT ZZO Rooms. with Bedroom* adjoining. suitable for gentle men nod thnlr wives or SinsIn gentlrmftt, may bo nklstasi with Hoard, at OH Boat Broadway. Ail tbo madam laprovw menis a the lVbTRl'l TIOK. ARITHMETIC. UtioKKiMFINO, PKNMaNHHIP.?MR. D01.BEAK tiu9 Broadway, i 'flpi the largest commercial institution In N-w York. nii<l prepares gentlemen or boys for business In A superior prececal manner. One 96 sent for writing And l?u CIO saau for oooaaeepliig vacant. APTOMMAH NEW ESTABLISHMENT. Excbtslvely for I adlen' Accomplishments And Homo, for those who destre u> pursue their otolites under eminent Artlota .n Mew York oily, without being subjected to the orritnAry ru'es And restrictions of hoard Ins a ho.Is Every day lesson* Adopted at the only etlectlve mode of For prospectus Apply to Mr. APTOMMAk, 114 Weal TMrty fourth street, Mew York. A LADY. EXPERIENCED 1* TEAUHINO, BAR JUST ret rted (rom Pane, where the reside 1 for some yenra, dteirea to form A c!aaa foe j OUOg ladlea, or would like acluis to a a hool. lo lnatruct In French which the ap*;.ka Ihtentl) ,'. Addreas Mrs M., 218 Henry St., llrook lyn. All this week, who join holds*(Taw w*i. ting and Bookkeeping Claaaes will be e itllled t ? a red tc Uon of 26 per cent from the usual charge*. The Stereo scopic Moae lm wtil be op* n for free adutLslon daily Ibis week from 10 o'lock A. M. to4 P M. Private instruction given. New Academy, Nog 921 And 921 Broad wty, corner of Twenty first street. OUVIK II. OOLDHMlVH. ACADEMY OP PENMANSHIP AND HOOK KEEP! NO, 3(2 Broadway, e ununited by W. C. U HOOL A N D, for many years assistant of Oliver B. Goldsmith No glasses, thorough, practlnal instruction, and earnest careful attention. Open day and ever inp Terms moderate. BOOIKKEPINO, WRITINO, AC-MR. PAINK'B EX. per ment of three months' (78 iessona Instruction la IVpmtuihip and Arithmetic or Bookkeeping, less, us unlimited, for fid. and the admirable plan of allowing each student icpa rate Instruction, bare the r fleet of inducing hundreds to attend at f2 Bowery, N. Y , or at 283 Pulton street, Brooklyn. BOARDING SCHOOL FCR YOUNJ ladies, dbkr 1111), Danbury Conn ?Winter session comm -ncea Nov. 1 For terms apply to the Principal, Miss II* ntiiick, at 116 Waver.ey pla r, or lo Schubert A Co , 98 Spring street. French language and literature-prof. D. LAi. HOI X. 86tt BBOADWa 1, continues to Impart thorough prastical instruction In the French language to ladies and gentlemen, by a simple and very efficient method. Day a ltd evening claaaes. The hlghrat refcrenoen and testimonials given. Apply be'ore 11 o'clock A. M., or after 6 P. M. French andoerman languages.?prof. b. tkv l.KRINO, 819 Broadway, oorner of Twelfth street (estnb Imbed 18S2>, will receive new applicationi for private Instruc tion aud < on verts Hon in tie aforesaid and CI watoal Lan. gnages, and make Translttlona of Correspondence, Ac Penmanship and bookkekpino tauoht, in n practical and satisfactory manner, ornamental Pen manahlp executed to order by WHKKLKB A DIXON, 833 Broadway, corner Thirteenth street. Open day and evening PBOFERROR LONG'S WKIT1NO INSTITDTION. 881 BROADWAY, open dav and evening. By a qyw and unerring principle, persons of all ages are taught to write a superior hand, with freedom ard eleganoe. In twelve priraie leasons. Terms modera'e. Proficiency guaranteed. PROF. EI.IE OHARLIKR'8 FRENCH INSTITUTE FOB Yonng Oenllemen, Bos riling and Day hchool, No. 48 East Twenty-fourth street. Lessons resumed (Thistles, Mathema tics, English, Spanish. Herman and French taught by seven teen teachers. Circular* to be had. with names ut pupil* and parents. There Is a primary department Ml'RICAL. Ant lady or oentlbman in search op a splendid rosewood I nil seven octave Piano for joat one half what It coat six months ajo. may call at the private real dance 349)4 Ninth avenue, near oorner of Thlrtr drst street. Reference direct to I he makers, and satisfaction gi ran teed. Cost 941)0. Price 118*. A SEVEN OCTAVE PIANO. FRONT BOUND sera, fancy legs, fret work desk, and overstrung, i ban not been used three months, will be sold far 1175 FRONT ROUND COR which _ ? __ . .!5 onk, Few and second hand Plan** and Meb> '.cons f u- tale a', great bargains, or to rent, at 333 Broadway, by HORACE WATERS, agent. AOBNTLEMAN WHO IB TN TOWN Bl'T OVIf WEEK In lbs month It dealronsoi t n.Iing a tr*rh?r of tbe Flute, wtio will during that time gt.n him two lew-ma per dry ('all this day at 61 KIng street tie.ween 8 an I 1U A. M. and 6 and S P. M. In .ulre for Dr. C A GREATLY IMPROVED PIANOFORTE. LIU1ITK A BRaDBURT, Mannfacturert of a new arale overs rung bant, patent tnsala led full Iran rrame. grand and square Piano!ortce. No. 411 Broome street. Pianos to rent. Ayounq ladt, havino LATELY RETURNED from Europe, and studied the Piano there tinder the first masters, would wish a few more pupils to teach at their own residences. Terms M per month. Address B. A., Herald (Alee. A LADY DESIRES TO !?< REABR HER NUMBER OF Pupils on the Pianoforte Terms 912 p*r quarter. A deduction will be male for several pupils at the saute resi dence or school. None need apply but those who wiah lo ad var or In m ule. Address No. U3 avenue H, noar Ninth street, for fi ve days AFIM.KNDID SEVEN OCT WE IRON FRANK PIANO frnvewoid cuae an.l Hlmovt Mv.torllW; iho one foi ?1i?>, ttd ooe8\ txiHvr )<?. BHS three mi hoga-iy 1'itii", for itt km an IA) ne tine nprtght hun for $7.i A flux assortment of fli ?t Clara new Piano* ir ' Kitneei'li pearl here and II...SI.1 .eently oarred cm?, at priori ranging from ?I*J upwards, it 143 areii'te A, corner of Tetitli str.-rt. K. ( BOKHM PLL'TKS POR BAt.E. -ONB of RADIIR'B l.eit mid* Improved tudta rubber Klntee; also >Ue Frenek ooeaawond Flnlr. bdk nearly near. Tkey kire been tiken In en binre for rac of my owe make ind will be Bold for nearly kail ike Brtl com, at *88 Broadway *W. KONBBICtK) Hoetm Piute Maker. I ^THIClUUUNa A SON* Manu'arturere of UKAN1), 8QUAKK AND UPRIGHT PIANOB, Wireroomi V4 Broadway. a A NORN kare been awarded tklrly eight prim medals, fa* Ike inparlcwlly of* tkolr manufacture. for Ike put thirty flrf ***** PI A NOR TO RRirr. rR KALE?THRKB PIT OCTAVE PIANOS. IN PRR. fx I order ok>- fkA, noe 87A one HI V one ilt and three inhrter octave URi warranted by ame or Ike bert maker,, inneewooi and mahogany cure Call and iee them at 21 Bedford street. WM MOR I AN. /GUITAR AND HINDI*(J -NAPOLEON W. OOCLD. tJT guitarist irorn the principal ermerrt* Italian Opera aad Mechanic, Hall, rnablr* kl? p .pi a In a faw lemma lo broom pany annra ar d play effective. >? ike mat admired oompoal Unas. Andreas 31 Aad.y alreel. TUB* PUBLISHED, J TUK LEAP 1IAR ro|.*? Prlee IS -ant*, t At DODWoKTH'e Miute mora. Amy piae Mr. ernhht pkrrino, profrbsor or rinoino and Pltaofnrte. bens lo Itform Ua friend? aad puplto that he b*e returned te town. Application ean be made at his rratdenoe. 64 Madia a araaae, or lo C. BreuWeg, 701 Broad< *ay. MVBICAU-MR ANDMRs R (lONZAI KZ. TBAC1IRRH nf the PlanofO! te and Hinging -Rep len e 141 avenue A. rnraar of Troth atreel T<rtn? fur Ibe Plaaoforte or In Hing log, fir. per f . trier, for ktiendlig at ike Pupil.' retMenee. IZJ per quarter. A Vival Claae f"r Tedtei and geatirmen alan. a rdr.M lor gent 1 em'n only. Will nmmriic,. on Mmday ill met. Terms M per quarter. A* rack riaaa will be limited to twenty Ore ta number, early apptteatkma are respectfully eollrlted lfDIb FOR PRITATI PARTIKB.?TWO VIOLINS, JTI Tloto. Violoncello and Pianoforte. Onnrert pleyaa and dances Apply at 147 lb.wary, barber shop It Broad any, Bierrm 111.nee, or at 1.13 1 aael street, third Hour, Treat room. MBIODKON FOR SALE CHEAP-ORR OF FRINcRd' bed Melede.'iie, fuel aa rood a? new nomine BIIA Will beaaldiorMA. Apply to John B DUNHAM. 7* Ram 1W leettb akren RUNNB A ' LARK HA VI RROPRNRD FOR A PRW data, atlketrold eiaad. No 7S? Broad way. aorner of Tenth street, end noeofler the he.eaee of their atork of Plaao fnrtaa at rraatly red need prices for saah. to elnae tie ooaoera. PTOD ART AND OTHER FIRST 'LARS 1'IANOPORTRB for eale or hire on Fit tnoW fa?omMe tern. Rent ipnlt* pnirliased. Mualfkl Instruments nf every description. I HAH J ItRTTN, at? Wm 11 Oelb, No. 4 Leroy place bl.-ecker air eel one bloc- w*M of Broadway. rflHR TIOUN.-a" PROFESSOR, who TEACHES BT a 1 new method and M disengaged a few hvtre In Ibe erenlng, U deeirant of meeting wttk a few gentlemen wishing ti learn tbia perfect and beautiful Instrument. Addreai PrtfUeeii, bog 1ST Herald odkw. MtAlV OFFH F.A. ADVANCES MADB OR OORdlONRBNTB OF HOODR. Wares and V err handle* far ml* at aaaUea, by NORRAR RAT. D1JFRFR t.OO. Neap bin. Teaa. Refer to Urn* Boyna A Oe. 184 Broadway A FIN A NCI A I. AND I.ITBRART BURBA!'. NO. 4R0 A freed way -Advance* upon Diamonds, Jewelry aad other eralUM* empariy or pare baaed If dvetrwd Bndtoeat ?trlrtly eoafldeaflal Private room for lady appHeaato. Mr WOOD 4AJ Broadway np eUlra. near Brotwae area. AT NO ? NABBAD BTRR1T -A H"NIOHAN, HI A A. aoed Broker, makes bdvaaret oa Diamonds Watchaa. Jevreirv an I tker Mer. haadlse or boys tkem at fall value, ai No ? Nam i atreei ap Ma>ra, room No. t. All boMaato conlbieiitial. At the advance offiohb or l. jatxibr, nonet ?aa he obtained in any oeantltr aa Watehaa. Jewelry. IHaei'mdv Setara Dry <) >.ta Harlware, Wlnea. P mil every rfeerrlpliun of Merrhandlae hlgkem pruev a vra R_.?la anred Eeta ilekei In IBMk hraach eSce. MR Broadway. A 1 11 < HAMBBRB STREET -MONET TO LOAM TO A bay ?mwuil on Dtomoada set op aeeet Watohaa. Jaw ?dry, Ar or the earn* beaght tor the hlgtMwt auh pvtoes, by Ike well ksown ISA ACR11 Cham aery htreel JTY-Wt buaiaeee Ira sear ted ea Hatardaya. Ar. thompbon advancer monrt, from . II to BADOO oa Diamonds. Watehaa. Jewelry, sad all hi da of merehaadtaa, or bays the aat for oadh. at 101 Mas too street, eoraer of Abe alraal. room 1 aaeoad Boar. K. d ercbaadlee or beegto, aad the *? Mrietij ronAdealhu Good* la PrtoWpaT oRkoe ?7 WBlta. ?rest Advances madr on diahondr. watchhb. jrw alrr. BBver Ware, E-tra aad Personal Property of every Ami t ipttrm, by P. '1 AUK broker. *4 Ponrth area tie. oppomte Onoper Inetltnte. a few doer* below Amor plana Prlraiaea NPORTIKO. IDRANI IB 8UT1.BR. RO. I PBOK BLIP. BAR THE r largem baaortmeat of Dmp la Ifee wnrki far mm or Moak. It'TLRI BtofalllbleMiaieOwt aad Flaa RiDrmbmlw to eeaie per bolUa. Deaa boarded, trataed. An Joel pybltebed the eeeretd rniargad MMm of ?'Bailer'e Rreedlag. Traieleg., Dfiimi. ha, of Dope, with El IllaAnUbme 9 We dmereat rarleuee of the Dm.'^PrtBe ft. "DoRi Poeh eaUy Demrtoed aadTuaawaied. " to eenba ___ PR BAI.R-A HIOHLT BRKD HirFBR BLOT. PRE fertly trained bv me of (be M trainer, m ibe RMBR .he Id e beautiful wedatee nf the breed, morn affj-tlnoate, b e a Arm rate watch AdWeae Jnno. bo. IB) Rarald ofllwt. or can be WBB Bl FW ? Wtllew mreet, Hebohea. N. f. HOI KES, KOOMK. W ., TO LET. HMAIL FAMILY. HAVING MOKB BOO* THAN /"lu'r,<- would l?.l three or four Basins fnrn SP.*""*' """"I ohlh-ren, ur ?ep trat j to ..,-nUa.nera.? The Rnro u delightful'v ?UJ?1 In twvntv n at .treat. t,e tween Fifth end Hli'h ?vrDut*. ?n<1 ! n ell the u.od-ra aoa vemri.twe Also a Be??-ment, mil* I* fore docuv. ?."lie. Qfd,'.r if '2* U *?'?<??:? rm, uied for eddreas. ?P ply hi the Madison r.,usre Piwt ,,nw ALAKOB FRONT PARLOR TO hPaRE-FUMNISHED In* firm|1>H bone in 8? kleika plane, ??? tooprr Hints Aelor Ubrary Ac. Also Room. ..|| it ri n, r the family la small end uo chLdren. Teruu moderate. Ad 'reeu K. K. N., station 1) Aitor piece. AKMALL FU RNIhHBD IIOUHB TO LET?IN Twentieth ?tree , At *1100. oie in KlelLaeu'k ? i -> et At $1 6f0, ore In Twenty seventh street At SI NJU And n'.'ert well Iccatrd, s'su nnfurnlibed Hon* a At fr in t-pul u> MUM. J M. H1C1I aKDHACO , 370 Fourth ?i.j it. A SMALL FAMILY WILL I.RT TUB HKOONO ' Loot A. of A nice hone, c nfiHtlni: of two Roiau And !??? .,r 'btee Bedrooms If required, gas And water. Bent low. No. 248 Bui Thirty th street. BROADWAY.-TO LKT. TUB LOFTBOR ROOMs OVER Ike ilore of HOLM Kit A CO , No. 711 Broad wav:a very de arable location. App'y In Ike store to HoLKBj A OO. FIRNIHHED HOOTS TO LKT?FRO* TUB FIRST OF N'nrember to t*e first of June next a three story brlek House, high .loop with modern Improvements, pleasantly lo ratcd uo Twrniv eighth aires , between Rlshtk and Ninth ave r.eea. R?nt I 00 per month. Apply In II. II MILDKBER OKR.IAI Carmine sirvet, from 9 to 10 A. M , or 1M West Twenlv sir- ei, after 6 P. M. FUBNIMiFn ami UNFURNISHED FOUBBB TO LBT? Annmi.e-ot he finest on Murray HI'I and other Rood pa via of the oily; a line one In t'ilnton plan* for boarding: also onr up to.n with iw-ntj live rooms. Apply to N. 0. liiHaOP, 144 Broadway, xtore floor. FCRNIbHBD HOrFJCF IN DIFFERENT PARTS OP THK civ to ,et Rents frou tl UtV m At,000 An unfurnished home on Wrst Thlrtv filib street, taw one on East Thirty third ilreet, new rlrrmt p-aa fixtures, rent WISO. Apply at office, 34J Fourth aver, Hi 'CPE TO LET AND FURNITURE FOR RALB-THK Ionr stori bouse No it? Wrst Eighteenth street will be rented to a roimI tenant on coud't'o-j thvt ihe furniture Ac smounl ug :o abnut $1 WW la purchased Agents and parties not having the required amonnt need not apply. ApdIvou the premises I mm 111 to 2 for three days. STBAM POWER-TO I.RASE HUPERTOR ROOMS, with steady power. In the splendid new building now oom pletlrg ou lots Nns. 43. 44, 48, 4. and 80 (Ireene street, ihe beet and mitt central 1-valine In Ibis rtty. Parties In want of first class aecnmm(Hlatlous should make Immediate application to It J. lit'WARI). on the premtsev TO LKT?THE MODERN noUHK, WITH OA8 FIX litres Ac., No. 188 West Twenty_fourth street, with Im mediate pteaemlon. Ac. Apply at 193 Broadway, from 11 to 12 o'clock, or at ill East Twauly seventh street, of PKTE& A. U. JA't'KhON. Tm 0 LKT?THE HTORB AND FIXTURB8, TOOBTH with the second story of Bo. 431 Orand street Pom slon immediate1 y. Also for sale, a stock of Pancy and TOT Uooda Apply to JuHN CONUBK, 438 Urandr' ' r LKT?TUB STOKE SITUATED AT 319 PBOMT street, hvtween Peck slip and Beekmao street. Inqnlre on the premises or at J. R. Stevens'. 13 Bast Fourteenth street. rl.KT, AND FURNITCRB FOR RALR-THBBB Story brlrk House, (trove dreet Jersey dhy. fine loca tton Inonlre of J. MtLAUOULlN, eoruer of Urove and Tor* streets Jersey City. mo IXT-THE FRONT BASEMENT OF A FIRST OLABR 1 brown atone House siilutble for a physician. Apple on the premises, three doors above Thirty etRhlh street. In Les IngUn aveoue. r LIT?THK Til HER 8TORT AND BAHRMRNT HIGH rtonp House, three rooms deeii, Just painted througbilm, 2SS Went Twrntleth street; has all the modern ImprevemedK In a gomi nelRhborbood. and in ti at rate order. Inquire of W. Fanning. 376 rtfth avenue. TO LET-TUB LOWER PART C F A OBNTRRL HOURS, with all the modern Improvements. Inquire on the pre mises, No. 273 Ninth sb net r) LKT-AT 817 AND 819 BROADWAY, THB SECOND floor corner Rooms, with eirht front windows; a so front and corner Rooms In suits or singly. Intrance scacioua Renin moderate. JOHN S. k EI^O, C3 William street. rlET- THB WHOLE, OR PART OF THK HOU8B, 1181'hr stouber street, corner of Bedford; Carpels, Fur niture and Oilcloths, will be sold theap. Apply on the pre mises. TO I.RT-A LARGE FRONT ROOM FURNI8IIBD. IN A nl, i- private house at 148 Mulberry, near Grand street. To IH UPPER PART OF HOUSE 117 NINTH AVI nue. near Eighteenth street, with a<darn improvements, I sib ga> in ? very room convenient to sare and maces, tine yard; remaiudtrof he use occupied by two parsons only. Rent low. TO LBT?A NEW HIRER BTORT AND I! 4 8EMENT fat-li iloop House, m Fifty first wrest near Tenth svenue, with all the m>-cerp laprovemenu, I r 3231 to the 1st or May next. Inquire at 8(17 hiith svenue O LET-TDK FOUR STORY BRICK HOUSE NO. 37 Power* rtreet Brook.'vn, from the ls( of November aeit, or esrlar II desired. Apply on the premises 'rpiE H HAB BOCK Povt offi-e building. M'lOtSA ue Street, Brouklvn. r LKT?PART OF A HOUSE. OOKSISTINO OF TWO Parlors wtih ihree email Room* sttsehed and five Red rooms above, and a large kllifcen and neljar, with gma rhande liei* u>d flvlnres Inquire in the arhool, earner 01 Wl.lo lghhy avenue and Kvvrsou alreet. Brooklyn T) LET?THE THREE kTORY AND It 4HRMKNT FIRST el >aa llouae T26 Thompson at-ret, near Wastolugton square, In cr.mplvte order wdth all the mod, rn Imprrvem-nn t an be seen irorn 12 to i P. M. lcquire on the premises T rMT-FROM NOVUMIIKR 1, HODBE NO. JU WE8T For y ae- <???J alrrei, * nr?t three atnry brick Building with Fngllih basrmrrl hat all the modern Improvement*; Inflation crellrnt. tent cheap. Fur farther particular* appij on the pretniae'. TO LIT-TH* BROW* STCNK IIOCBS FINELY I .oca led at No ;j Raat Twenty nluih atreet. 001,tuning %il the ron?eni?ui'<?, and will he put In th-roiirh repair. Kent *9bu. Apply In II T. VACFAllLAM), Po ISO Trath afreet near Ihlrd avenue TO LET OKNTEEL APARTMENTS l?? KAMI FOR ft fifth a'reet lower pen aud upper part, very dea'rable. Alaolower pail r-aUpe 121 Ea*t Twenty etghik atreet, eereo ro>?Bt, a to room* at IS Downing at'eat, a'an other place*. EINRIIIMKk A Co., 313 Fourth aeanua. rpo I.KT. ?IN BRQOKLYN, A FBOOND STORY FRONT 1 o??l. bedroom and rj oet adtoli Ira. unfurnWhed to l?t, with 1 oard, to a gnu Ionian and wile or taoatnale reniiemra at 1M I'ean -tree! Bmok-yn. TO I.KT?PRINCE STREET?A STORE, uONTAININti marble lop ? untrra and three Room* coonr to let, at W 1'rtnoe at. ret Apply on the pramlar* r I.KT-THE I.AKOR STORE AND CELLARS 8C1VA blr for porh oarkti g and meal altop or grocery. Inuuire In the atore No. is Mott atreet r LET-IN BROOKLYN, P\RT OF A flBNTEKL houae ientraliy located. a few tuliiote*' walk from threw ferrlea to a amal genteel family. American preferred. I'omi'?.o tmme.'.lately. Apply at 33 Hilary street, near TOIJC?-tO A SMALL FAMILY, THE I PFKR PART of (lie prtenie rr ?- Irnre No S3 Perry a-rort would t>w rented on teaaoaat le let ma The tenant rontd ki I IK of GYotoa hater, bath i om .ud waterVcartaaa i cna Inagrioil ehant, and none other nee I apply, the rent wU! be . er.e-mahle. rl,tr AND FCRNITl'RR FOR RALE-A YIRT prmly Hotter* ilotiae in Raat Brtnklya. hnndeomely fnr nlnlied throughout In complete order, nil ready for bouae keeping, only one block from Myrtle feme earn Rent 8380. MMow^tobe *een hi be appreciated. Apply at Now 8 Hilary mo LIT?A HANPROMELT Fl'RNlHHED BOOM, OM 1 tm floor, In n plenum houee. with ail the miltra tm proeen.enta occupied by a prlrale family. Apply el 31 ? Fourth atreet weal aid*. mO I.KT ?A I, A ON DRY, FITTED OF I* VERY COM X plete order, with ateam trailer and meant drying ream, ?unable fur hotel or family washing. Apply at 301 warn Forty* flnii rmm RENT-Fl'BNlRHKD OR DNFDRN1RBED. TUB ftaeement. Parlor Floor asd three Ronme oe maim. of the bona* No. 188 Meat Thirty flrrt atreet, bet wee a Eighth had Ninth areolae f'oaeeartae gtren Immedlelejy. Inquire of JOSEPH MILLWAED. lfb-? Weal Thirty Arm rrewL rH RENT-A BRAfTIFm. AND NEW TBBBE BTORT high atone brown rtoae frnei lloiae. with all modern tm* eroe*m*h!i. ftroare* gaa ill irr? Ae , Ae, on Weet Thfrtv firm atreet. beantlfal tocaUoa. bonne la 10 let t wide b> 40 feet deep. Will be rented low For heyi apply to J AMM R. EDWARD* *77 Weal Twenty third atreet. IMOLKT-A PART OF A BROWN RTONB FRONT HOUWB. ? (oamnai. lamlly without rkddren inquire at JUfl Baal trtleth atreet ______________ TO~1Ey"6r~ DRABB-SEVERAL WELL LTOfTTBD OF ft re* aad the beeraatat, 108 fern deep i of No. 88 Nam* a meet, ihlarlty. Apply to FBANflA HfhNI. US Naeano atreet. N T. rmm RENT?FCRNfRHED OR FNFVRNIBI1BD. WITH p onoai a at any una. a genUemaa a Rrwiaeaa. a* boot1' Orange, one hmir'a ride fr-ae New Tort by railroad. 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