Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 8, 1860, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 8, 1860 Page 5
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THE STEUGGLE IH PEN&SYLVASIA. D*!''** H?MI? of th? Camptlgn of I860? t'ofialartt jr of tBe Oppo.ltion Candi date for UovirboiwTht Ulacit Kepabll caaa lUctlvlai Material Aid from New PbflBdelphla Good for 15,000 ?r *O.OOO Opposition Majority. OUR FDILADKLPIIIA COKKKftrONDKNCK. Phiuihii-hu, Oct 4, 1?80. The Gur'in Reception on the 8d imt?Compoiition of the Procettion?Great fun for ike Boy* of (Juakenl.m? Wide AvmJtf Outfit Furnished Ad Libitum?A Blich Republican Editor Confounded by Hit Logic?Ike Oppo tition Candidate for Governor Good for J^OOO Majority in Philadelphia?Contribution*from Keic England Abo litionut* to Their Penruylvania Brethren?Pruitlm Attempt to Buy Cp the Union Met*?Charge* Agaimt the Re publican Xomiueefor Governor?The Chevalier forney on the Fence, 4tc Tbe black republicans turned out In some force last tilght, to reoelre their candidate for Governor. who pro poses to remain In tbls latitude until tbe Seal decision of tbe eventful prelimlcar* on test of tbe 9th Inst. Bp dint Of immensemeoesst wis from hnlf Hedged youths, and by dividing their lines some twelve or flfteen feel apart, the marshals contrived to occupy about thirty mlnutea In passing a given point. In my ward, the Fifteentb, a committee of one from tbe oentral headquarter*, suc ceeded In drumming together a large number of boys, Who were duly furnished with equipments, and took their piacea In llna with aa energy and enthusiasm such as on# only discovers in the anatomy of Young America. I know this fact of a surety, for my own brotliar-in law, a youth of Seventeen, strutted proudly before me in the ubiquitous ?Fids Awake cape and bat, nod Informed me excitingly that "ail the Green street boys were to have the same cbanoe to parade aloog." Comment is unnecessary, Evan so It Wis four years ago. The sectionallsta docelved them ?elves by their handsome parades, and, like the Chtneeo In battle, sought to dismay tbe I r opponents by an Infernal ?scans of bellowing and shouting. When, at last, the day of action arrived, however, they stood dumfounded nt the paucity of their numbers, and addled their srexy paten with all aorta of theories to explain bow It oeuld possibly be that they had only cut 11 000 votes. Let them prepare for a somewhat similar result next Tues day. The attitude of the conservative men, who have rallied around the popular Cnlon candidate, Foster, Is that of calm, firm reliance upon the *1 od sense of the people or their Stute, which has hitherto scornfully spurned every attempt to seduce It Into aoonnivance with the higher law, constitution subverting doctrines of abo lltloaUin. I asked a prominent republican editor yester day: "How many votes do you suppose will bo polled in Ibis city next Tuesisy t" "About 80,000,'' s>u bis reply. "How many does your party expect to cast," quoth I. About 30.000," was the rejoinder. J^Um'y, .''K(?t*r m,"t ?*ure<"r have from 16,000 to 30,000 majority here alone." Ludicrouxij enough, at tbls juncture my friend raised Bis estimate of the aoolmon share <.f the 80,000 11 40 000. I think be spoke his precise sentiments when he out the figure at 00,000 F The most eheerlug accounts or Foster's popularity in the Interior reajb us c'aiiy. A prominent citizen 01 Clear field county assured me yesterday that It was the pre dominant and all around con leded opinion lu bis section . f the oourtry that Easter would be elected by from 10,000 to 16,000 majority. One mistake of the republi cans is this ?They expect majorities In the western aud northern counties sufficiently vast to offset those in East era Pennsylvania. Now, while there is perhaps a plauat blllly in this, so far as tbe counties bord-rlog on tour BUte are concerted, the error is woeful with reference to those In the west Tske Alleghany, for tx implc. Hero you Olid an immense infusion of Union loving xub, who, apart from their desire 10 make any at tempt wbleb may result in defeating the rail splitter have bean insulted and derided by tbe aholitlonlau, until they have arrived at that point where forbearance ceases to be a vtrraa. It must furthermore, be borue In mind that west of the Allegbantes Foster's personal popularity pervades every haralel and farm. I udor these circumstances It will be a matter of surprise If sheas counties present any larger majorities than they Were wont In tbe days of the quondam whig party. Tbe abolition lata certainly possess one grand advantage Over the I nIon men In this Important canvass, that of money. Tbetr loving brethren throughout New England have poured torrents of the precious stun into their laps Each mell brings large remittances, and I have beVn creditably Informed that, notwithstanding the enormous outlays already lavtshod by the committees, they have a nest egg fund of 6200 000 untouched, find which |g held in reserve tor tbe period Between the Gutxrnatorial and the Presidential OonteeU. Of this fond much is disbursed lu purchasing ?qulpnssota for boys, oil for torches, In advertising, hiring speakers, ha., all of wbirh legitimately belongs to the Wartors; but the Keening Journal < Hell and Everett or ?aa) Informs us that large sums am also employed la at tempts to bribe prominent Bell men to act the part of de coy ducks. Meagre all this, It Is refreshing to observe the Imatenee Cuiou sentiment which pervades tbe counting rooms and Urea ides or this city auioog men who never 6eke part in lee outside shows of tbe political arena Go where you will there is a reeling, boiling to fever beat Bow that the el< etion la close upoa us, wnloh points Fos ter as the coming man?not, perhaps, so much because of hie democratic position aa from bu etatui upon the broad had necessary ground o( Union against I urti insltan The Evening Journal of last evening?an able aul prices champion oe the side of conservatism?calls opftjaun ber of black rtpubll an candidates here and la OtSF parts Of the BUte to relieve Colonel Curtin ofoertala charges Of corruption mate against blm by his present friends nt the time of hi* nomination Dr. John H Seltzer, o* this elty; Senator BcbmUsr, of Lancaster, and others, ere earnestly invoked to make good certain asaer tloos made by tb< in against Colonel Curtin prior to the Frople's Convention, ana when tbese Individuals were Bushing the claims of a rival candidate for nomination. It *tema that these present Iriends or the abolition candi date fer Governor charge blm with buck mail aud o>r aloe, In tbetr most drvgrari form*, during bis Iden tity with Poller*'? administration Toe whole tbmg looks very bad lor the Colonel. He stands cm vie tod by tbe testimony of men wbo are now eetitely co operating witb blm and bis c?n*e The Chevalier Forney oocoplee an unenviable poeiitoe just now. On the Issue of next Tuesday be plays noa committal, cover dipping bla pan tor Foster, nor yet for Cbrtln. iveatlonally be drops e word tor Douglas, by way of keeping up aa pearaaees; but II Is only when the two wings of *0* democracy evince e disposition to anraers their differences that bis gone quill la dipped Into the poison which he e?n*Uetly carries with him Then appears a venomous partisan arlMe, deprecating any alliance, exhorting tbe folliwere of the "Llitle Gleet" to stand flrmty to their sacred principle*, aud denouncing tbe Breakinrtdgcre with the utmost ferocity. Forney essays to mnet tints htmeeir tbe dti id log wedge between the opposing feet toes, thus keeping open the breech through which the jubileet VMe Awakes ere to eater this MaiakoO of tbe drmoeracy. When that Is ec oompiistisd 1st them erect a atetoe to him, with e pre dominant streak of black running through Uie marble. Fkn-ansijwi*, Oct (, 1M0 TV Popularity of On OjJ ~itim Candidite far Qorcmar? TV Weak in the Knert?EtUUe Atirmpti of the Blade Mcpubliean JoumeUuU to Mtlign the Oppoeition fromt?<**?The Brpty ta the Attache?J'hm Coeode Called I'pom for Infarmalian?Election Proepect* in Philadelphia?iauat Mem Meeting in Philadelphia. 4c., etc. ha the day approncoc* oa which the pwt stroggle|.i to be oommseoed at Um ballot bos, the proa pacta for the triumph of Mr. Farter are becoming to apparent that ?Tea the aaort Mafotee repeblteaae man Ifeet their (bare. Tbaf bare neat oa to the New York Trtbnme and Itao offices Tor epectal reporter* to rlett the city aad endearor to "telegraph ap'' the eplrlle of their Ibreee. This ar rangement, however will do then more harm than good, as the rery support (tree to the eo called ' people'*" cause la this (Hate by the rabid bleok republican negro TOtlag organ* has the < fleet to brlag back to the right track those of the Bell Everett men who hare attempted to kick the traces. I had that Cartia'artrcngth is mainly derived from old foe*11 notion" of deed leeum. The true con tret, the "trrrpresnible conflict," baa hern kept m much a- possible out or diacnseloa by the leaders. The republican procession tbe other night was a Ante la point of number*, when Compared with the anticipa tion* Uwt were previously formed. I nm Informed by all classes of ciiit* that the participation of l?i*trtrt Attorney Mann In thia parade aborted their aense of pro priety. 1 be republican organ* bars been vainly attempting to attack the private ebararw of Mr Foster. This pereooal abeae bed been carried to such an est?nt that the friends of the Valoa candidal* lele.mieed "to give blows as well as parry tbeai " The flawing Journal. I be IMI Rvarett organ, done thi* m<?i rib dually a da* or twi ego. so elha totally thai It haaocnij ktely ?iI?oomI tbe gene of ibe enemies It celled op-ei John Utvod* for the ior meets whnb wbrn he was a candt ate again*! Mr Cnrlm. he threatened to A>bli*h, and tbe publication of which he pro Claimed won id utterly ruin thai gentleman It also desired Dr J H Mirer, a republican candidate for the l/ftaleture, to make good hi* assertion thai tudrew U Ccrlin de msadec a hoaea or SI OflO from eaoS use of (- r Pollack i Stale appointee* be'ore Mr Ourlla as .decretory of Hate, llgned ihslr c?mmls*lor. and whether It I* true, as be as Cerled, that "Hepbe a totl|*ga (b'n ll-wir Inspector for ih * City, artnaliy poid the ? emaad b> 'ore be ooald secure his rommlasina. "More-ver, ?ddn ihw investigatinsyiurasl. ?'will the Bo1h Amrri ? pleas? puM#a the report of the ?InvertIgalirg Committee. appointed by the Ropubl can Plate It mm Him to a?e>rUt?. rrkof heemne if a reweidere ffe emrmnl sf mettry w** ? ww* rot -d <e ft,? pnrk far f?. rrymst of carrym* IV lad mnmeripal drettam tot thtt city, I w4x> woe ?ee-r ??? tiffl'ferVy auamnteS for hg thorn to ?eke at the fun* WW# m'ruetrdfor that ?we> fiwh a oommit tar nm opy.aMl, and the pnlAr feet (arts intrrret tat hear img ite wpr rf " lb* republican loumals are now clamoring sgalert "personal attack*,' but the ijiMtlina* of Uio Jew-net have act beer aoewered. Tbe IMI and Rverett men bnv* at least 12 000 rote* in thlsrlly. let only one flfih of he*" be cast 'or FoMor. nad 4 SCO of Mayor Rrcry's majority la tts*a from tb* "people*# ticket " There will be a grand t e'er man* mealing and torch light process loo on (bilurd?y evwai.ig The meeting will be held la ftonl ef wpia/e The mnei ei tsneivs areasgemema are la prog-ees to make lh? d? raonstration a convincing one, tor, a* you are aware, there air man7 people in Pennsylvania who rote not for men or principle*, but with the party baring tha moat apparent strength and the moat money to apenl. Curtln made a (perch on the ulgbl of his reception, In the courte of which be denied baring elated at Pittiburg that he wanted no man to rote for him who would not alao vole lor Lincoln A very respectable gentleman In the crowd mimed lately gave him tho lie. That ho did make such a remark In supported by the testimony of Goreraor Morehoad, or Kentucky, and other prominent men, wbo hear 1 him. BuU were freely offered on Third street to day for Fo? tor; but the republicans generally refused any bets ex cepting against ths majority be would receive. CITY P0LITIC8, ( nton Nsmi Meeting. ARRANOEM1NTS FOR Till ESDORSKM1NT Or TBS OMION ELECTORAL TICKET, Hi, The committee that hare In charge tbe preparation- for the great Union demonstration, to oome off at tbe Cooper Institute to-night, bare been more thorough In thoir ar rangement* than on any former occasion. No pains hare been spared to make it an lmioalng affair?one that will give a great Impetus to tbe Union ticket. The Inside meeting will be addressed by such men as Charles O'Conor, Greene C. Brcnson, Washington Hunt, and several other gentlemen of that rtamp. The arrange ments for a presiding officer have not been fully com pleted, but It in suppoaed that It will be presided over either by Joshua J. Henry or A T. Slewart. But all ths life and thunder of the oocastoa will not be expended on the Inside meeting. Four outside stands are to be erected and organized In tbe same stylo as the inside meeting, where the same resolutions that are alopted at the Inside as semblage will be read. Ample facilities will be given to the reprosentatives of the press at each stand, and ao person allowed on the several platforms without a ticket from tho Commtttec of Arrangements. Stand No. 1, as wo stated in yesterday's Bsrald. Is to be tho centre of attraction for the Bc'.l and Everett forces, prominent among which are the Ashlanders. whose flag is to adorn the stand for the occasion Mr A. M. Binlnger4the Bell and Everett candidate for Super visor, Is to preside, and the crowd to be addressed by Hiram Ketchum, John L. Riktr, Paul B Bridi e and others. Stand No. 3 will be presided over by Judge Connolly, aud the Irish element will there be treated to speeches from such men as Tho:naa W. McMahon. Capt. Rynders, Judge Thomson, Mr. McCarthy and other*. It Is said that Mr. McMahon has made extra preparation! for this occasion, having bad his eloquence bottled up for the last eighteen moutua. be will be uucorktd to night it ta exoected that this will be one of his happiest efforts. Stand No. 3, which is to bare Colooel Vosburg. of tbe Seventy firrt regiment, as tbe presiding officer, Is to be addressed by Hon. John Cochrane, Dr. P. B Bradford, Hon. John A. Godfrey; and the Chairman at the Grrmar, or stand No. 4, will be Dr. William Sch.rmer, and the speakers, such men as Pr. Merltle, Rudolph, Gross and R.Weil. The Germans are making quite extensive ar rangemenls for this occasion, and will turn out In large numbers They lire to assemble In tbe Bowery and ua' id proeesslon to Grand street, from Grand street up 1'jsex s'rect and aveoue A, through the German quar ters up to Fourteenth street, along Fourteenth street to Proadway. down Broadway to Fourth street, saluting the National Democratic Volunteers and the New York Hole! as they pass, and from Fourth street to Thtrd srenoe, tbence to tbe stand set apart for them. Their proceaslon Is to be one of the Important features of the occasion A delegation Is expected from Newark, N. J., from Platen Island and a large number of Union Leagues, Clubs and so forth from Brooklyn, ail of will pay their reapecta to the New York Hotel, recently attacked b< the Wide Awakes, and the Volunteers' Bead inartera, 761 Broadway, where the Committee bare met to make the necessary arrangements for lUa demonstration. It Is said that every C.ub, League and Association that march ts to the Cooper Institute will go out of ther way to pay their respects to those t vo p'aoea The whole thing, aa a spontaneous affair, will be such a demonstration as b .s not beta witnessed to New York for a long lime. Toe mingling together of all (actions of tbe democracy, the r -mount of their old opponents, the old Lne wbigs, th" Hermans, Irish hand all classes of foreigners, to give their endorsement of the union electoral ticket, will make a crowd In and around tbe Cooper Institute such as bos not been and will not probably be seen In that vicinity for tbe next ten years Thousand! of tbe union tickets will be printed and scattered amongst tbe masse*, and everything dooe tha*. can be to set up an ootbus-ahm tkatwtll not eubslda unit: tbe rail splitting candidate receives tbe edict of the peo pie through tbe ballot box, that be Is nu wanted at the White Uiuse. The volunteers are to do the Lospltatlties for the occasion. ?till Mars Parties la the Field tor the Local Spoilt?Derllaatton of Pool D. Brad lee for the Sixth Congressional Dis trict had Nomlaatloa of John Coch in yesterday's isrue we published * MI list of tbe candidates thus far put In nomination bp the various par ties tor dtp, county, judicial, Assembly and Congressional offioee. We then stated that the county and tudlclai tickets were complete but It appears the assertion was premature, tor other parties, or rather associations, with a certain degree of lofluesoe, are in the field, and Intend to set up independent uomlnailons, according to thalr own way of thinking. The National Democratic Volunteers have promulgated s call to "all the voters of the city sod county of New York who ore opposed to tho republican party," to moot In their several ward* for tbe porpoee of electing dele gates to s genera! committee for the nomination of city and county Candida tee No [articular time Is ordered tor the primary elections, and therefore the electore are loft to their own discretion to determine how and when they will choose their de'egalcs. 'Pie nominating oocrea tioa M to meet on the 12tb insi st the rooms of the Na tions 1 n mocraHo association, no Til Broadway. We arc itfoi tried that tbe ticket w II Oe selected from nomlna tlons already made hp the anti republlcaidpartiee Tbe Vo lunteers I'dug on tn Itrer . nr lg<> - dr, t is generally be lieytKl that the ticket nominated tv the convention, of which Captain Hmtth >? char man, w.ll he nccej tod and eadorecd by the Volunteers. The Minute Men or the city and county of New Tort, who arc tn tbe Belt Everett interest, are also to put up a ticket tor the suffrages of the voters of the metropolis. The City and County r invention la ordered to meet this evening?five deSpkStaMl ward?at tbe Minute Men'* teed quarter* corner of Twenty seventh street and Hevrnlh aTcnue Tbe C'eererence Commute* of tbe ("aion party, appoint ed to effrct S fuston county ticket with a>l "the- rational part<e. will coLTene tomorrow e\eming at Nr. fcdo Broadway, corner of Prince street. joes (txvuuss mmraaan nr rue sasrwTssnw.SBB. Mr l*nul B Brsdiee, w bo was no--) lotted tor tbe Sixth Coegressi xat district by the Breckinridge On rent loo, has withdrawn from tbe field la favor of the Boo. John Cochrane lb- Convestles met en last toUurday, as an nounced to yesterday's Bsaaui, when the following letter from Mr Bredtee was reoelvtd and reed ? No u [jut Pijtcs, I NSW Tom, Oct t, lfieo / W J. tsq , Cba'rmen National Democratic Nomi nating l os vest loo of th" t?th Oiagreealtnal D'Strlct ? fusa Ha?Pines my ontnioniua and acceptance as a can i Uvtr lor ( neg'se* by the National 1 wwioeratic N'oml natu y Ci l vcntlnn "f the Suih fiBSfNSS onadistrict of Ni w \ wk, ctolIs ha?e USSSpllSfi eblch Induce me, aa a sound democrat and s aoere opponent of tbe repebllcsa party, to etthdrae fr?m tbenenvMS It will he apparent to a I tbst to StVtde th. dcmicrit r rote a 15'- dlstrlcl I* to Insure tbe election of tbe repuMteaa candidate, and I am not prepared, at t time nke thu, to seen me eo grave a responsibility Persoeel prwereeeee. In my view, smk Into utter m' tnifioaaor in roinpartsoo with treat principles, and I taaaet bow coseent, when oer meads are makiag manly and patriotic i (forte for ualoa and bar mcD) apMN a common toe. to stead en obstacle to Its most complete aucrrae I therefore repeal that I am no If tiff a raadldate. and, than king my frlerds tor their nnitldrnee and geoero-s offers of s ippnrt, 1 etll eiprms tbe hope that the demo vacy of tbe district may unite apoe one candidate, to Insure tbe defeat of oer republ sea opponent, aed tbe r->csequent election of an advocate of ?ound coos lit iitlnnai principles And pledging my beet ggktes, Into hemMe way to the aaisaw ?nmeot i' an object bo oralrabl-. I bare the bdso' to be. very respect fbl'y, year obedient eervast, PAL'I. B BR4DLEL Mr Beadier ? letter was received with fa roe by the OoBveat'oa, and or motion a new ballot eaa gone Into for tha i-'eri'on of a ?< Mituts. Nr. Jobs Ooebraae racaiv lag toerteeo v.te* oa tbe tret baitot, hie eomlaaltoa was made naaaima Tha Candidates h? fore tha Feeple?Cnr raatfiam. We have received a letter from Pete* F. Delaaey, sign tnr blmse r Secretary of tbe Brack iandge Ooogresatoaal Nommatlng Cor rent I >n of tbe Fi.'lh district, ? tat log that James H. I.yneh and John Haaford, whose names appeared la yesterday's Har.i'.'.a* hae'ng been now! nated lor rwfreea by the Rrerktandge party la that dtrriict, oat* rrceieeo oee vote earb le the regu ar co# veut<<*, and were sol nominated that 'oha Duffy was the eueeesatol Candida's. Likewise oae frr m .'as Dillon atgnlog bmself Secrets ry ? th? Smart Hall Convention of tha Fifth Coerree slnaal district, statttig tbat lao.el J Wyetttt did n". re ? eive th" n?m leal ton of that party in the Fifth Om grew mas diewtel. We glee thee- stale-: set* as made by these reot.ewea. There ere via many f*rtt?n* an 1 Cl qnf ? trott I Sg out their r.rd.dstee, all pre trod ng to he regular. ttat u u t'.mcst impcmibie to tall wheb la tengine or whtth txtrus In our r?poet ul the re;-eh"raa A?een,b!y Coavsatioa tor the I'cbtli datrlct, In yesterdey'e K'u c, it was i'S from the Thlrt?-eath i stated tbat tbe delevatha from tbe Thtrleeolb ward, and the Irregular de'-vellon from tbe Rtereath ward, uaaalmousiy nominated 0 T. Bnwier top' member of Aasembly It eheatd hers feed "rag-Jar" delegatloo from the F'eveath tread PI tare I la me ame rail Ileal Heats. Aiaw* n? ?ba ?A Nsrtherr lady of the h.gheet la teliigeoee sod pnalttai ta Alabama writes a to lead la this ctty tbat the alawa, good and had, in her vicinity, ere very much elated at the prebehtl.ty of the elect loo of l.iecola to the Preetdenrp, sad accordingly are aetaaliy providing themoei vr? vttb peieoae end firearms, to be seed at the first news of his suoeesa Great satiety at late among the planters sad merchant* to oonse* tea* oC this state of thing*, and tbe strongest desires op pressed that the Talon oonaerrativss of the North will rally to protect tbelr Southern friends before it 1* too late. Rjctiob in I>*i.awaji ? An election for county offloort Wis held throughout the Stale of Delaware on Tuesday last, which resulted, says the Wilmington Gazette, In the oompiete success of the cand dales who are ldentilod with the Breckinridge party. The following was the vote in Wilmmglou for . Brrck. Vntelai. Bell Lincoln. Ward I. Smith. T'-ld Arrutrvno Flvnn. 1 82 OA 6ft 2 Ill . 62 7T 66 3 US 87 101 180 * 114 41 134 188 t 61 8 86 M Total U>6 "aiS *40T 488 Nsw Black RxmajrAar Circs.?New republican clubs bare been formed In various parts of the West, under lbs names of "Zouave Wide Awakes," "Rail Splitter's Bat talion," "John Brown Avengers," and "Harper's Ferry Raiders." Tits iRBKTRARidRis Costuct.?The editor of the Orleans (N. Y ) Bejn.blican bays that at the recent Douglas de. moDstratlou in Rochester the attaches of the democratic (rep.) office amused tbcmsclres by throwing eggs from tha ottloe windows at tho procession, In the evening, when tbey fancied tt could be done unobserved. Other republicans even threw bricks and stones at the proces sion?one man being tw ice struck by m.sslles of that de scription. W is Awatks ?The colored company of Wide Awakes la Boeton paraded la the black republican procss (loa la tbat city on Wednesday night last Psmstlvajos la I/Ohf ?Thurlow Weed hs* gone to the Keystone Stale to take charge of the election Letter From Tommy. ThJ fjilow.: g letter from Tbmmy has bcya recj'.red in tb s city, and wo publish it verbatim ? C. 8 St*am Fax-at* NiaGasa, ) Sr. Fact 08 Loanda, Africa, Augt. 7th, 1500 J K- W W Ltiah-u Ms Psas 8 h?We arrived safely at this piaceon the 8th ins*. , after a passage of thirty seven days from New York, as there will be aa opportunity or sending letters to soon, I do myself the pleasure of writing to you and of giving to vou some account of our voyeago thus far three thousand miles from New york to Porto graade about twenty six days get In port to Portogrande, there Is no provisions no water very measureble island, but only coal t&ked In on board. Stay three days and left there, and pre rant voyage ail the time from New york to lean-la a fine weather. Sometimes bead winds and no winds, from Portogrande three thousand nine bundcrel ml'ea la about twenty Ove days get In port to I.oanda tbere Is abound fish and orrs.ngr nice prenty negro Slaves and soma other provision thay fraigbt to ours bstaise thay shall beard Japanese canaball or wild, and ran be fore ours. la Some noon about Ave o'clock I went on deck to Sur. vey Ocean all round Ship; I found one vessel wrecked three top mast from the water about thirty yard3dlstand, then I was very te< 1 sorry in my brain you do not know bow happy we were to comtng vls't to United Stai.a everywhere we went eepeelaily the New york the Washington Philadelphia Bortimore there wan great mancy ash>:i'.?b tbli g & klltlfll all Japa ncss Embassy Says It was cxor-oitingly much please| time In there and get great deal talk all about tt from America I am mucu oblige to you for the ktndDces you look charge ol myself all over In New york also one nuol yankee cloth you presorted to tr.e, and I sha'l keep It to Japeo, but occasionally I shell come to New york tben I wear tt from Japan, you Shall not loiget me when I Should come to New york but 1 Shall not Id think of time your vutuh tyih Sevastopol all Japanese rail you so t rem ml>i r to. k Supper wttb you In dtmng room every about eleven o'clock in night A leave from too Ure. \ o? cannot Imagine bow cried wiw-n t u-tt New york at the thought! of leaving you metropolitan Niagara Is very fine Ship of the world big k fast k I took vtrry Sue rnrm In the e occuptd two gentlemen each except Ittacdeol room n.e A oue doctor In my room. I study English everry days without lazay from Mr Steward (minister) teacher of mine 1 remain trulv ?( your good friend TaTEISU, ONOJKRO Brooklym ( Ity Rswa Tti O'Bors* DoJt:cms ?The adjourned in .nest In this case was resumed yesterday, and, after bearing some further evidence, adjourned to two o'clock to dav. 9uffi clent was elicited, however, to Justify theCoroner In com mlttlnu Jobn O'Brlrn, the husband, and Patrick Ooetello, the brother of the deceased, to Jail, to await the verdict of the Jnry. Csv: no In in PavravrvTOji or a Prn* ?Early yesterday afternoon the neighborhood of Fulton ferry was thrown Into A state of excitement and alarm, from the carlo.? In and destruction of ? pier near by. In pursuance of the Intention of Smith leech A Jewel to rebuild their mill, which was bum! down tome tlmesgo, two sloops, laden with bricks, had Just landed their cargoes oo a new pier, which had been recently erected There were also, on the pier severe* large tlenee for the foundation an t a quantity of nand. the weight of which was in. great for the structure The bricks alone are aald to be i.o fewer than 47,000 In ooa her, and. therefore, It la no wonder that tbe civtng In of the pier look place No lives were lost, and tbe two alo escaped without in,my A lady ?o hoard a caaai boat, how< ver, seemed to heve bad a oarr< * escape Sba was standing on the deck when tbe crash waa heard, and a |>oiicemen, takii g the b-ut, succeeded In getting her OH before tbe structure tell. Antral* oort lta|>art?rti. arrival* Anrtpwtu ??tramrhip Bnt'l.rrn LlpS'.?C J Fn*. rajtrd Main* < ? U. ,* rptnwal., Curt, v Kf H F Swtltk, V R 4 ...r Mr* Trrvttt. Itrrr rt lld?m and arream Vb Vtl ?, Mi RnirlH ml (!illo T Mr* all, O brrt Rn \ M Dm rr, M ll'nrrbrrt Mr? M J Inoil, N Yaltio, II .rralaa BJIy Hrrrn. k Kurtt bat ?r* ? i- Blr?B?kip Mnatyrmrry?J I. Mmeg,F Had d,V| h J lit*". klii A ??*! it. A Tarn-. Mi* (' R:-hi,rd Ki M;?? Fir-' t.r I n I. Ilinn, Mr* L TkoBpaoo. J B Clarke, C W Jckiw o. ?' <1 It* 'fri A <ln. Coart ('kl?dai--Thli D*r InVBnCNM llRCrrr?P*rl 1?0*?r and Tnrminnr Pan I?Not 1206 l?ll, ISM ISM, MM, MM, 1.762,I3fl?, IVI, 18T0. 1374, 1330, KM, 1242, 1203, MM, 63* 690. m 737, 1274. I'wttf ' F?ATr? Pnrrarr-T Cora* ?No*. 33 to 44 P ? IIOR c?.t kt.?Carl 1?No* Ml 6(19. 623, 126, 176, 111 647 132F, 771, 770, 7*1, 7*3 7*0, 7k*. 796 700 *06 307, *00, 111. *13. 111. *17, ?10 *21 Part S-Noa 72* 780. 732 273,7**, 762,743 472,760, 702, 734,744 ? (oaaon I lara.?Part 1?TTir Hiir a* or Friday Par 2-N-e 3*0 381, 1663, 2167 216B, 2140 , 206 , 831, 1736 1179,1971,1074. 2106. S127. 1143 Late I at portal loaa, 4m. * a are now Is receipt of ear |af|* lapartaUaaa la amy of COATIKO*. VB6T7N<?#|, ALOOMBRT rvnwwnita ooom. FOR fam. amp wtftik wfar Thry are Ike rbH ??t *, Irrtima to b* fotiad to Ik* Fi awl, 0< rmaa aad Fn*:i?6 markra Vnlvi Irrtr ?i mline In ear aery rrtfaOraaoakgf 4 lodtiar for ara and l<oy* It r mtala* a kraal ?a -nt, of an Ira and fabric* tn be frrnnd rowbara ale*. All of ah* h a, Mar at ritrrtnrly Imr prloaa An rarly ,e taction In raapertfnll) raanataaadad, ?* Ik* 4a aac- i* already rrry larrr ? ^ It RYU*. HUDOflH A CO., Moa'MA. ?t and IS* Broadway. ('nrrar nf Warraa atraaL HalBWSF * R*m' Orarttraai Oraa4 and an oar* Fturvw are aow anwridarrd (kr ha* wi?n'i'aa?'.rad, era war, an tad for tae yrar* Warwnoaa ? and M Walter Break Hrrrlrtp'a Pafaal diBoaploB Fir* Bad Bt.-alar Ffof Rafra. 261 Braadway, earner of Murray ? **?!. lira Tjrk. iBlol Adkai. Boater. iHorar and Mbit aaaJtar. Mo 4*7 Broadway Bnprrtor dreaa Nktria to onlar. Brook IF* Pkn1njikpka.WUil*i Oal.rry latahNabad 1*31 FthlM'W* n n?'inallad Prlara of Wain' Ball ?Over (Ht.uoo to* d.a* karr prortadnrd vaat LAI k I ?*3 l.*)tiM Prarl la ikavmly ar Man tbat all) r raaerrr and beautlt tb? roatplrivwi at. t at la 7*7 ??.d tM Broadway Uravtr 4t Hokar'a (rlatoaotad rkolerlraa bewtor a, Marat tke leal la aaafnr r*BUy aaaVna. Wi Broad way Bra York and MFnkoa atrrrt Brunkly*. Mhlrte, Mhlrta? Ml* tor ?* Wadr Iron tfcr brat ABtakraa and Viorilla MtoMa*. Lrpat WPflNtSaa atrrrt rnrarr nf Fao^ Coll ob W'kllr, lb* Hotter, tor at* of tile Renfrew loft Bala, at lit Broadway. oppnaiS k. Paul'* ofcurrb. l.orR* Rlma rvO Cr*t PoRBarraotppa* OBrl <)*?? FonrrVr Fkrt,.frapha 31. by KIMBALL A 6!'At-Plft<4. t)7 rt'.adwa, hrVtw Br-air The Broortaao) llialap ftolnoa Of, men na Mirda, I'M * al II A ?. Mr n 7.4)1 I VBB latent Hntrr,' Hotel, will b* happy la ?rr bin -?l.' fro nda asd at at, mtapflB t3S Rm.nir'alrrrt tbrrr door* raat of Br wdway Panaaaaaltlp ob4 Book* Aranewir, A M~ H OoLlttMlTd. krrpinp daily, at tbr nrw aj 1 e?*?#t Am-tait. h ?B B- adwty. 4)1.1 PR A cum. Or C Prink, Iff) 83 Wm TTttrtlrifc atrart, K. aay* -By kraPh baa brra trratly bmrft>m by wttit lltR t 114.VFB NllP- IMPlRIALWIirR HVrTRBB tad I now Bake a frrrtMir nf tbfto to By praafr* a, a m*4|. ritta Pnr fraatratkry arr una ptAiled. aad to a Bale thay c*onnt be aantaerd |tr Mraritaa nf Pl..ri'a, aaya ? 11 barr mTrend Fnr nrraral yrara I bare mtyrrrd brimaaty wlik t)P|iipBI, and fc"*d art rrttrf tinu | dlrramm By a? ri t iH-r and naai nB. J B'tVRH toll*1 IMPXRUL WiV* * TTROR, I wm 14 adripp tint fnmt y in k*oa a aopply I - - - ^ - BOB. ramrfUy m i BOtt lid tbrm tn draper ? fbir a|**t la Orrr " - Pr J. ?rrrr Prtda" and B r ..??at tbd Papot Airtm' rtmrata aayat iBprrial Vtar B^trr* are MnaraHy I tnr pmpta bar* mnr* nnoMaaua la la thk onoaly, and tnr pmpla hare mora oa#< ftgn^aBn po< 7* WUUaaa aUkat, f. T. Bold kr Ml draff**. Drawings of It. ftssct'l l)cUwsr* IiOUffrlfM ? brau Cooittt. Olam .**. Owonaa ?. "W C2, 32, 60, 63, 10, 73, 7a, 29, 1, 76, 35, 51. Qbahd OonnuDATii) LofniT?i 40 Oct. 6, I860. 72, 6, 63, 4, 6, 345, 14, 45, 17? *9 CtrcuUm sen free of charge bjr addn A nub, WUrolti ???. Delaware. Drawings of the Dslawars t'tsu Lot Wrles.-WOOD, IDDY A CIO., Vauiaiiof the DEi-AWAKS. KBJITUCK r ASD MIUOQBI STATS t CLjlM- 477. Oeroess 8, 3?0 1 --,11,30.1 51, 62, 22, 78, 46, 2, 66, 68, 27, 20, 64 Dsuwsn-Oua <78. Oorosss 6. 18?. 69, 69, 63, 47, 60, 26, 17, 27, 57, 70, 67, 41.' Circular* sent free of ebargis, or - 1 luring either to WOOD, BDDT S CO., Vllnlniloo, Delawa , Wilmington, Delaware, Or to wool), BDDT S CO., at. Louts. HlaourL Eureka Sewing Machines, Pries ISU - Oan he paid for by Instalment*. Agent* wanted. Otilce 183 Broadway. Lsttertypss, Beautifully Colored, War. ranted water proof fer oely twenty Are cents, at LOOK WOOD'S (Jaltery, 188 Eighth avenue, corner Twentieth street. "A Clsar Complexion" Is deelred bp all Isdles. Dee PHALON'S "Know White Oriental Cream." "Ladles' Beantlllert" Phalnn A Son's "Snow White Oriental (Yeam." Hold by all druggists. " Benntlfnl Complexion." Phalon's "Soow White Oriental (Yeam." Price SO cents per bottle. Cllrehugh's Illusive Wine.?Partings snstalnable; no turning up behind. 380 Broadway, op pome A. f. Stewart S Co 'a, corner ut Heade street. Beautiful Complexion ?Laird's Liquid Pearl baa achieved a celebrity aa having no e tual for beauti fying and preserving the c. mpleilon and ikln. Bold at all druxgtats' Principe! depots 737 and AS# Broadway. Hadlral Core of Hernia, or Kupture.? Dr. H. H. MARKI1 of the well known house of Marah A On., Ho. 2 Vesey street. Astor House, opposite th? church, duvutna sitedal attention U> the eurglcal adaiiUtlon of hie Radical Cure ma OlT? ns an Did Nurse for Dltonsos Inel dent to the period of teething In children. Here you hare that old nuiee for 26 -rn'j in the form of *RH WIBBLOW 8 BOOTHINO STROP. Oouruud's Improved Oriental Cream fur the eomdlexton. Trial bottlea Id cents each. 17 Walker street Beware of a counterfeit. Habitual Constipation completely De recgrs the stem; drastic purgatives aggravate the disease and In pair Ibe strength but the mild and soothing action of Plllslnvi ?' HOLLOWAT'H Pills Invigorates the general oon.Ututlon and primaneutly regulates the bowels Crlstarioro's Hair Dyo Wigs and Toupees, the best in ihe world.wholesale and retail, and llieMye private ly applied, ho 6 Aetnr Home Bote be tor's Wig*. Toupees anil Hair Dte have Impiovemer.ts eurpassiog al, other,, natural and eae> , perfect fit; no turning up behind. N ?. 16 Bund street. Scrofula.?A Pew Bottles of Kennedy's Medical Discovery, a judicious application of the Scrofula Ointment and beallig Ointment, and suit-ily fo'l iwing the direct me In the pamphlet around each bottle, will curs the worst esse. Married* Mokv-o*?PnnrT*.?On Thursday, October 4, by the Rev Mr Hatfield, Kpwarii A. Mokhi* to Lou**, dauih ter of 8" id art Philips, Esq . all or this clljr. Wanvoar?Millxr ?On Tuesday, October I, by the Rev J t. Searlra, Jasws Wunroao, of Williamsburg to Mlaa Jam Millik, all or this city. Died. Adas*0 ?r?D <Wturd?y. October 8, Sallt Ai>ak>. widow of Aaron Adams aged 70 years The funeral will take plavc rrom the residence of her s? n in law, J C Betta, Ko. lilt Sixth avenue, on Tuesday morning, at ten o'clock precisely. Her remains will be taken to Norvalk. Conn , for Interment The relative* and trlendsor the family are luvlted to attend Aarnr* ?On Sunday, October 7, At?xla:i> Birth a, in rant caughtrr of John and limily Arthur, aged 1 year 2 m nlhe aud 7 days. Tlie of the family are respectfully Invited to at tend the funeral, thla f Monday) two o'clock, from the residence of her parents. 106 Vartck street, be low Broome, without further notice Btci i .?In Sunday. October T, Isabella In fant daughter of George a. and iaabella E Bell. The friend* of the family are invited to attend the fo t erai, this (Monday) afternoon, at two o'clock, from 147 Olforn atreet Bisp ? On Sutday morning, Ortober 7, Enwrv M Bran, only a on of Kdwln II and Maria I-ouiaa Bird, aged 4 yeara 10 no Dths and 22 day a The frleidr and acquaintances of the family are re spectfully invited toaiund tbrffunoial, this (Monday) af te'Bcnn, at two o'clock, from the residence ofbls parent* Thirty third street. ' Bomm ?Id f.reei polnt, on Friday, October 4, Wnu.? PmrsoKO Boiiim. nnlv aud beloved child of TDomaa E and Cla'S K Bodiue, agid 13 years, 1 month, aud 7 days. The relatives and Mends sre respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this (Monday) afternoon, at one o'clock, from i h? reside nee of bit parents, has torn Dta tfirt Hotel. Green point Bmnika - On Ssturday morning, October 4, at the re Blrit nre of hi* father, Clinton avenue, Brooklyn, Lawn L. Bleaks, In the 24'b year of hta age Tb# fuurral *111 take place,sttwoo'clock, thla (Monday) afternoon, fr m the above place Relative and friends are Invited to attend without further notice. Clasoh ?Suddenly, oa Sunday, October 7, William O f iAW'S, agin 43 years Hie relatives *ud frieudt are renpectfully Invited to at und bis funeral, from the North Dutch church, corner of Fulton and William atreeu., on Tuesday afternoon nt one o'clock His remains will be taken to Qrccnwuod Ceme tery for Interment Cost r ? ?Hiddenly. on Nunday evenlog, October 7, Da*, ate J. Cuslt, aged 24 yrwra and B moothi, the late lore n an of IS Hone Company kiotber notice of the funeral will be published la to no rn-w '? isaue Hnfb-B.?On Saturday, October 0, Mrs. Jrur AjrsDtCn, In the 44tb year of brr age. The rrtenda and relative* of the family, sad Urn** of brr broil, r. Isme* Brady, and ber soo in law, Jams* Hproul, are respectfully Invited to attend ber funeral, thla (Monday) af tern am. at two o'cio'k, fr >m her late real drnee. No. 4 cheev.-r place, Brooklyn. Hnwvnra ?On Haturdey, October ?, tfj*A Jasi Dowry at x, wile of Peter W. Dunohue, aged 2d yea t and B m.-ntba Tt>* fr eed* sad acloaintanoes or the family ars re apeetfully Invited In attend lbs funeral, this (Monday) afteiixot. at tao o'clock, from her late reatdrnoa, 123 W.-et F ghterth S'reet, corner >f Seventh avrnue Pppim-tow ?On Saturday, October 4. Hasjami.v Eddwo *?>?, sgeo 4B yeais Tlir relatives and friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the fun. ml, this (Monday) afternoon, at tw* <.'? lock, fr <m hi*.ate nsldaaoe, 140 West Eighteenth with, ul further Invitation Coti ?jops (lot no son of Patrick and Mary Golem, e*ed 3 years sn.? 3 months the fuoera will tak.- plarr this (Monday) afternoon, at 3 o'clock, fr. m the nstdence of bla parents, 4B3 h ullo* avenue Buvklyn n>spsks - <>s Thursday, fietober 4, of disease of tb* tear l Ksaoi. rp gasps is, aged 44 y sura, 7 months and ? days His friends sad relatives am respectfully Invited to ?ttriid the funeral *erviee. at the residence of hta brother, lease Gardner, No 23 Eld ridge street, tbi* (Monday) af u row n si ibn* o'clock The funsial will tak* plaos oa Tursday mo'oing, at seven o'clock, from the abor* resl d< ore Tt <? rrn aloa will be onaveysd by the quarter past eight o'clock (rata on the Racism Railroad Is Maafe tiui 1s t. bras onuaty Pong hke, psie papers please espy. Ron sit?la Brooklyn, or Hstarday, October 8, after a llrgeilng Illness, Jsmima Coos, the bslovsd wife of Thos. Boll. iy, II Ihr Mih year sf ber agn. n? r. lead* >d the family are raapnetTulty Invited to at tend the fun. ral. from ber late rreid.-rre, 144 Hudson am bus, tome, of "sods street, this < Monday) altornonn, at two ? Co. k the r- mams will be taken to the Cemetery c4 the gvrrgreene lor InV-rmeol Iawms.*? ai Fordham on Saturday, October 8, ? tiASiaa F.. infsnt eon -d B>n)amla H. aal Adeline Law rtm aged 4 month* and B days The re at Ives s. d friends of tlass family are respartfully lev tied to an. t d the foners services, '? Monday after n??? at he-- i sal Mire - o'clock, at Fuedham Westchiwtar county Car* have Twenty slstb street at half paet two o'r'otk Hie remain will be taken to Greenwood on Tvoaday morning Ihr Interment lost.?Puodenty. im Baiurday, O. Inker 8, Trans I-owd sgid 44 y. are, 4 Btontbe and 0 lays. the r. lal-vre and friends of tlie family, ard the mem hers of the Bedford street M? Fpieopsj church, sleo the men bars of the Ninth ward folic* era reepertfUly It-vilad to attend the funeral from th. W*-? Fp-eropal church. eorper of Bedford aid Motion e'rrata, this (Monday) aftersonn, at two o"rWck Ills r. main* wi.l be taksa to Greenwood Cetne (a ?v for IMrtmeat M* ?arhtit*Mr and Maine papers please copy lot i.ssav -f)n Sal.itday, Oatdmr 8, aner n lingering Hit res. Pisasos, the helovtwt wife of Henry trmghran, native of Courts V-.t sgbsn. Ire and, aged 37 yearn The relative* sad friend* of the family are Invited to I Herd the funeral from her late reel ten *t N<- )Ct Toarth atreet. W llismah.irg, 1. I., Una (M?t.-dty) Itt'ii. .-a at three n'e|n-k. {.vara ?fin Monday. Oatober 7. Thomas I tvcw a natlm of Pot i?t- wa. parish of Ahb.viand, ooaaty Inagford, i Iri'lsid is lb. B7ih rear of hie age ft.e r. letivi a and frtea ? r4 the family, and tboaa nf hie *t?> Patrick l.ynrh. aa* of hla grandsna. Tkoman lynch aid *?-i* m 'aw. lama* fmoaer and Reenard Hajgcifnily i*v tee m atiend the ftiaeral. from Hi* real c.n -? o- k" I ? yi# F-'eshetb ktrret, on Tneeiay after noon, *t twnn'r'neh II<* remans will b* Uses to (Ml vary t eiretevy for Interment. V tii-.var ? 4JM. Hatordsy evening, Otnhrr 4, M Rwtta, eldest dstighler id James II sad letltls MrA.beaaey, agog IB year*, 2 month* Ml days There t* hllae. there t* hltan la the regiont shirrs? They have opened the gate* Of tit* Sky? A rpirtt ha* soared to those mansions of love, A. d seeks for admittance rn high Ai d frier,da. l.-ng di?ld~d. are has -otlngtv great Tt- a land whetc rn sorrow may ntir. And tlie seraphs are *a*er ? slst-r to meet, And to welcome the clold to Ua home. The Pilatire* and friend* of th* 'aoilly are renpectfhlly trrlt.d to attend Uu- Mineral, frcm the rewtdeaoe nf ber par.No 6B Fonrth street, una (Monday) morning at tlctB-i p'rlock Her rentals* will be Ukcn to Craaherrv B. .1 , fi* Ir leiment. McGmvae ?On Batnrdav, Ortoher g, .fnim M< iivnas nel> nil nf ( barks and Margaret MoGtaaee. aged 1 ymtr at d 2 tt "i 'b* The fr etids and rrlattree of the fkmlly are rewparthilfy Invited le attend the funeral tbt* .lay (Monday) tmm tbe treidetc* of hi* parent*. 82 Nberlg atreet McT rm.?OnfMlnrday aftcrocn, Octo' er 8, suddenly, of i mo.igc of Uie lungs, Matwsw Mctgt-wr, aged 24 yre?* and relative* of the family, also Thorn* Moldavy, are rewpwUnlly Inrllpd to aMsa8 lbs funeral, I im. afternoon, slthrve o'clock,from bis late re sui. tu"Jk, ? f N*vy ,Ueel 11,1(1 p*rk *vecuB. "rooalyn BeSfhs" Newry ""H*. ???-d. W? pl<** Imtucdt ?On Sunday, Oc'.'ober I BrWA*n Mrtrmrv, youck<rt eon of John ud Calberll?., Molkfty, sged1 year. The frit nds of tho fs.mll/ are InvltAu to allied ""Mane ral, this i Monday) afternoon, at half pest two POlock, from 110 East Warren street, Brooklyn. Pvbdy ?On Saturday, October 8, UAvrD Iprdt, Iffl 80 ! year* and 4 days. Ttic relatives and Mends of the fhmlly are raspeetfolly j ln\itcd to atteDd b!a funeral, ttna (VlonJay) afternoon, at two o'clock, from the residence of hie eon, Nathan 8. 1 Purdy, No 14 First avenue. Ifount Vernon, Westchester cou- t\, train t Uave Twenty eovcntb street at 9 30 A. H. and 12 16 P. M Rut mars ?In this city, on Saturday, October 8, Anvss K N., Infant son ol Abraham and Rebecca 1'oUicunu, aged 1 year and 9 months. Tbe relatives and friends of the family are respectfully Invltv'd to attend the funeral, from tho reetdcuce of bis parents, No 896 Fourth street, this (Monday) afternoon, k 4 two o'clock, without further Invitation. Rjtiuiini ?On Sunday morning, October 7, Nanus Hi nines, in tbe 87th year of bis age. 1 Vie rtlatlvea and friends of the family are respectfully Invlt vd to attend tbe fnneral service, at his late resi dence, No 21 Yandam street, this (Monday) afternoon, at lour 4>'cloek, without firrther Invitation. His remains will be Jakcn to Yonkers lor interment on Tuesday morning. Stmsn - -On Saturday, October 6, Gborcs A- *wsr, young est son of J. requcu and Amanda Scbleb, aged 10 months and 11 days. rho relatlvia sail friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attea.f the funeral, from tbe depot of Hudson River Railroad, at Chambers stretN, this (Monday) after noon, at one o'clo-Jr precisely, wltbvjt further involution. Ps-vus ?On SaPirciay. October ft 3thas F., relict of Fltialban H Sears, '.n the 82>1 year of Iter age ller friends and those of the family are respectfully in vited to attend tho funeral, from bur >te rtsidenco, Wmt Twenty third s.rset, this (Monday) afternoon, a three o'clock Iter remains will be taisn to Groenwood lur Interment. trovKU. ?On Saturday, October C, fUrwis Scovau, I agtd 13 years and 4 months. The funeral services will be held In the Rufgers street i church, on Tuesday evening, at eight o'clock, preparatory to tko removal of the remadisto New Haven for inter ment. The relatives and friends of the family, and those of bis son In law, Benjamin C. Deveridgo, are Invited to attend witbeut further notice. Towmrinp? (>n Sunday morning, October 7, at half past nine o'clock. Aha Town.aniP. aged 7 years and 8 months, eldest child of William R. and Mary A. Town send. Tho relatives and friends aro respectfully Invited to at tend the funeral services, this (Monday) afternoon, at one o'clock, from 102 Washington street, lloboken. The remains will be taken to Trimly Cemetery VAM>sar<kfl? At Minerva, Ky , on Weducsday, Sep tember 28. Dawn VA?osK!'OOL,sged 90years. He was the oldest person in that part of the country, and a rr-t period member of the Methodist church, lie was formerly a resident of Chatham, N. J. New .lersey papers please copy. Walk*.?On Sunday morning, October 7, Asm Waisii. aged 19 years The friends of the family are respectfully Invited to at tend tbe funeral, this (Monday) afternoon at two o'clock, from ber 'ato residence, CO Blcocker street. Iler re mains will be taken to Greenwood Witfv ?On Sunday. Ootober 7, in, widow of tbo late Robert Wiley, sped 81 years. Tbe funeral will take place from the residence of her son in-law. J T. Reeves, 68 West Twelfth stroet. betwoon Fifth and Slsth avenues, on Tuesday'morning st eleven o'clock. Tbe relations and friends, as well as those of her son In law are respectfully Invited to attend with out further notice. A MISCKLLAffKorti. CARD. fHOBLKT'S roon" FOR CATTLK COMMOHERT ?V*1IAy'AND STRAW lUTffl A 8CPERI0K PROVKRDKR. i tb* <?!??'"? RSTleullural ehowk held lately , , . 10 th* conc'ualon that Cattle Condiment la an article ?,?!^k"? ?' ?K*r i0 w,">out la the economical tiro rtua a rtlwa 'm**t- Ourhn the r?t month, four drat 1 5" ^ e been swarded to .Iraeph ThorleV (the in *' *nd * proprietor of "Thor'ry'a Food for little") for t"*''?'* ? Condiment whl h enables animal* o'l all nouriabmcnt front hay and rtraw i.-a J 4!' " u! ?e??K"* r"ld althoiif h the latter mar cOLtua a m icfa greater amount of alimentary Manufactory and Steam MfflD~CUataMa road, I-oad-m. Depot for failed fitatos.Hltroodway, New Tori. A pamphlet mailed free. Aprn>* wanted In erery rlty -,nd town In the Palled Ktatee. A WbtRlJtK A WILROR HBW1BU MAOHIRR xa^dpnn^js,^-^^2?rwSrnrr makers rblrtmakrri raiier flban ahoe blndero .U-.EH. ?"is fo^.i^rto" A w,bKTiitx(? mtw. A.* A l-WATR MIMRTHTBO NMW. ~ ' ?{..KSre.ffi&T,flna-Ifsrsisi'^. .ttfrjgaK?Aa?te'jia? A tWAYR Sti.VKTIIINO NKW. ^?iVs?,!S'i?:iEjrss;WSftKS! A LWA1S ?n|f?TH'RO NEW. The RrVSor ?n4 '""rtalsedf A I-WAfR FOURTH IRQ RBW rif RhVroIskI rtmtn *nd entertained f ihJe?>t >. t Ir LRflflKR -ready touar. at nooa. rnntslae the ttrat part of a new story which will en -hunt ,?r,a,.?. il a entitled TBI MVHIKfclOoS MABRLAUR." 11 A i.watr k< mrtviro kbit ??????? ti,. ?5i,y;.rt^.,7,!?w*?,nd *???" atned? The NKW TOR h IRI IIRR ready today si rwmn cotila'na ?tic tint van of a pew ?torr wbt jh w .11 enchant rreirb ?f r ft ts-sutod THRMkhTEBIOt a MaRRIauE.' 7 *7, ,l A|> BVBRI'ELL'R. SOT BROADW AY-ROTR PAPVR Itoted and plain, an elegant aaanrtmest at the old atom A T_* ^ RVRRDRl.L'S RONS - WKliniSd CARD* a wr Lzsnss ?* ?? ?? ??L as? - * 1 ? . _ A*J!!3'?!Pm'J* b?oadwatwuit ijttao dnced. the 'tray H?od?tmv AT WRDDTNO OAR DM AND BIT p/per^^^*" atylae. aad the heat raelaty of Rom A T ilif.'Sj. !2 A.7U " A ** <TMtlT.-RtTI TOL A :::vzzirz ?"** A*>- *??*> *?** a 1 xx oi" w">pi" DAXLOTI rrrrrrrrrrrrr tttt tttt man Tr^B "U W rrrr rrrr Vr rrrrr rrrrr mn **w' ,?n.o.l,Ay/n''" VATRRT IMPBOTRD PRBRI H TORI RRIRf* . arr./i*S*S .ffSS-iK fr?lkL?? Beck The dtetanee roaad tL Taka-1 the potnta ne eaf h ahnnMar Kleeew- The lenaia tre of the hack to the wrtet. with the aem bawl lanee ar ,ond the hody nodee lie armplM Wa around A Ian, the length of the ah.rt Nj aetwttr a 'he thar maaenraa wa eaa maraa ?tofonr new et'lenf the s?-*? RhW IMPROTRD FRRRCH TOU BHIRT. Alan, hp pone re and dealers ts _ . . mrrr run* mm no noon. Wholeeale trade suppltad oa the naoal terms RAIJAiU BROTfTRRa. Rn ?B> Broadway. New TarR. B RORcntrn T-BORry ITIR -Ttk sure rnrsmnaar of ooictnrrnn* aaa he hwanttr relteeed aad pe>manentl> eared hy the nee of Dr ' * BrarroRPk rnjrs fas ass taoa aan Boierra Pr.w Vh. OH-e Tar allays pain and heals ? waaeaLdM trmst" n an" the Inm andhttlph ir Powders mnr.rta Ike a a ate or wye on I partlclee of the b'nnd Into mn .U.L ? r.lerted from the hody hy the poraa mwead of hehie depoatkad aaroit'.w The 'eet.montale of many prominent aad well kr> wn rerwee are er-ntalned la a oempnlet ehtch will ha ?er,i frre hy mall to any addreaa I of re 1 ar 90 twr te a .re' SI . packaare ai ?V Broadway aad alt 1 HIRROR ? RKIR IR PORTS BR ARDM A NrrXcTyBIRl of Jewelry, li'ajs. rda Wr'nnee Pans, f to era o T j IB* a.eane R, m, New lor^Zt vi^ I 'It API H If A Bird PAIR UpN. *c -rRRTAIN , a V ??"! pretertite HK 'RMaB I I'll H I'tiiiehw Ire aljontne It .,eed as dlrecd wth keep t hahTTwrO I nlhe onVleM weathe- on1) U erate Reel hy mall fw hTee.2. HRORMAR ACO ^wgJS w? Idl Tm 511 and 7^4 Broadway, I 'A Mil I ? WOOD, R J uRaacBR TO a .?? uir i amw V wllme thetr Balmeret Bo.da for la the at r ? nt^f Hlipi ee, TSeen'ato U A la'?e end eiteneroe *** n. ? o and R... for toflee a>sQemen ? ^ towTald^df dree at weterete prtnee pyei'1 ? Wwtn ^ >t P7 Meted way oetwae. Waaato?Lj ' TnVll ( MB III N'.t'Rft. IRTRR1RD RAIIA BRi 1S.1WT1 ',.;.T.,r.v r. irv;r,u-SS: IhHAPRIRB. 1'Ka PR ReB DdtrN^a" I' Ai f.RO> RRMOTRlt BltAlv tStRTlWOITT Htna n? for Ryrwet/f. # Pf Vne Mmhrtehr Raw Toaa Aaane >4 1MB I ?* ""whrwh' r treated me rrrr ?oemaefnllr aad aatta ?li. .lit i 7. *r J? m" "??oeed ard ronttanea aa *o??l aa erer. and | add my femes- ay ts his fame, 0 B I AVAR p. _ ? preefdeet of the rtaok of the ReptihBa. _' 7 l?* """ mhr'the h?. . -w-raied -e me foe deafsem of yrera /tei^lto ??> emir, at ?!-*- ?e af'.er bei' f I -ted V"'eie In -he-i-y u'a?? ee'lrlect ,r? ree.lit y,, *' -Oder h-m m 'heekt end s wate nj a*s'sf<i| reateaa , r^"^ W. % VoW ROB ? n Prosdway, Rt PlohnlM Hakat fcrPiCR Ro l(T ntntoa p'aee, We'.weaa rtflh aad RUM araa tea. . j NIM KIXAWKOI'ft. J JjJXCBLHIOH. ' Soldier*,' nd N*,.'*''!0'!' "mW W mo* bHltlaat* i | blarlcforla*, ' noUun* im m ch ramalmlodo." AoltnR upon thl* blot, Uie proprieka ?JJj? **W *ORK LEDllEB? *b?t??w the achievement* "a ^?p"1 m*v b?r? :,??n rw. yard* ni.tblD* u done ?o Inn* aJ . w 11' H# Ihfpt'Mureto Inform bl*lnnn?S ^ "> *? Ion* list of acbol ira and uttMmtn aV & }? u"^"* tbe routribok ra to tbe LHDOBR. the uja. an, tbe llliiatrtou* Preaident of Ibr Uuiteo' a w *dd?a I Rati tbe folloirfne table of content*. aa'4 ! Jfj* tbe LEDGER will be ready TO DAT. at ** vn i ciaeljr. TABLE or CONTENTS?ALL ORtJlN*1" LETTER FROM PBRHIDBNT BUCHANAN TO mb.MK*c NCR. II WAR Br HON. IDWARD MVERETT. III. ITAI.T?A Pom Br 1TILUAM O0LLJCN BKTANT, ! it. CHRIBT'S BLESSING FOR MOTHERS?A BcatrtVM Pmm Br N. r. WILLIS. ' ~~v. I ODE TO THE PRINCE OF WALES: Br JOB* Q. flaaa. ' T1IB DRUMEARD'B 8TORT' Bt Da. Tao*i3 DV*W F?#? lisb. THE CRITICASTERS Br (Ire. Geo. P. Noams. FAMILT-IT8 RKI.ATI VBS AND M- ' \ AIS Br lite '/ Rittp itraiiteu. 7x7 QI'FII* VICTORIA CONVOKING rARLlAMSNT' B* Mrs. L II. Hiuoi'satr. X. A TRIP TO THE NORTBKRN iAXES' 3r FaSNT FWt XI. IDLX HANDS?A BTOBY Mr T. S. Attract. XIl7 A ROMANCE OF LIFR: Br SetA'Ox BfifNSTT. XUL FADED?A Por.ur Br Auca Cawt, XIV* THE MYHTKRIOC8 MARRIAOV-A Norn: Br &JIA At Di. *ttr, Author o/"THE LOST DEEDS." XV. PAIIL MORTON?A T ?tt or ihs Oaf at Panic BT P. HA MILTON MIKES. XVI. THE 8TXPMOTHBR or. Who's to Wilt? Br J. P. KMIT*. XVIL WIT AND WISDOM Br Geo. D. Pat. Ticc. X VI11. TUB HANDSOME MAN?Lhjtr attd Br Wv. H. MM" ml. XIX. ANSWERS 70 OORBBSl'ONDENTS. EDITORIALS, A*.. DO TOO WAST WHISKERS OR MU8TA< HEST-IP your ? wont crow my Onauent wll] force them to iiae In a few weeks. and wont *ttret tbe akin In auy way. hold by" dealer* gene rally. Price SI. H. O GRAHAM, 109 Kaman V-reeC DR ROBANR' RHEUMATIC cure?the OERAt French remedy, plren quick relief In obetlnaLp earnest Rheumatism and (lout II Is parfei Uy reliable, roraki tn Broadway, and Ho. 9 Morrie Mreel Price II per botMe. Dinner setb, TEA SETS, bBBAEFASr SETS. Ac.. A*. In plain white or richly decorated FRENCH CHINA, For eale In treat variety Also Hets painted to order, with eoata at arm* crests 0? Initial* W. J. F. DAILKY A CO.. ti.ll Broadway. T^HTABLIBUED SIXTY YEAS. MEBK'R CABINET TVRNITURE W AEKEOOIIB. t;i3 tod SJ6 Fourth atreet, norlhweel corner o( BroaAwn*. Superior Parlor, Library, IMnlny end Bedroom FurnUufadf eaery etyle. From the plain and eubelanilal U> the eleyeo. and etpoewre, at rreeonable in Wee. Interior Decorations, tier, Maiiel (Ilamaa, Ae. Good* parked and shipped to all parte oI the world. _ GENTLEMEN IK EOUBT AS TO WHAT TAtMHIB they will employ. Helen ?For any kind of ready meAN rarmeot none h? me A beautiful hoeinma Ooet, from W_je G ab fixture.. 0AB rIXTUmm The aUenllrni of Maers of bracket* Ac.. Me For Gas. la solicited 10 our unrlralled aaeuri.wenu CBANDELII * *AJ (I'll unnTiwi'u ?? ?? v.???> *??. J F DA1LET A (H) . CM Broadway 1 .PORTANT TO Till R1AOIHO WORLD. TWi am Dorlino of * new Hvury, from Mm vm m V MRS. KA1T a ftENUtON. BRT1TI SO HAUNTED HAUNTED HAU?TRD HAUNTED HAUNTED HAUNTED haunted. HAUNTED HAUNTED. ? HAUNTED; OR. THE MYETKRIOUB BTBANOER. wUl epRear la the ^ On Wedraader neai, at It o'clock. Mra Dente-m has written er-'ne of the torn Rnaaaaeee la j*? Knpllah laoyuaee. amnns wht. h may be f mo.1 the l^tp. ?? rare Child, "The Dane.' "Annette Beryer. 'Aa.. Aa. la Ae aame number will also be found a la/ye array of brUIWmi f-belches, Pre ma and raided department e ?verln* the whole Held nt I lie rain re keleoce. Art, Nawa and Uaeful Items. rOK HAi*E BVAKVWHEAE. l'AICK FOUE 0KNT9. ROea A TOURET. a KEN TUCK T BOURBON WHHKKT. Nell Hirer Dtatlllertee. rata., baked lfli We are the ante a* enta lor the shore noted and lonf em ah ?lahed brand of Wbfcbey. In caaen only flrdem fnr the shore. In barrela a boo Id be directed almpty 8 T Null a NeR Blew DleLliertea. Eentncky. Ordera for rara^Whbaker U>um. Chrmtata and Prnyytats. 111. IW. AH and TM Broadway. C CNDEEEHIET*. ^ wimK ^ II elf doreni ayes. Aeeor HBCEW 1TH y rua wipraa eaaja II alf dorena and qnertera told at la# aame rates aa full aaE aea. Assortment unsurpassed At the warebo-iee of E. fa ION Bowery, a few doom below flrand PERSONS HATINO l/WT AN ETB CAN H ATE THEN, defonnby remored by the Inmwtkm of aa art! Intel ey* which lofae and mums like the natural oryah- _ _ BOTH A GOCOKLMAM. JW Breadway. New Td^. 5 Ultltll, bull A HE AND PTfCOI/y THE BEST MANUFACTURED. WtKBKOON - ftUd liROADWAT. UBEFX'1, AND BCONf)NICAI? ... IIBORMAN A CO.* Benrtee for Uw Haas* MIMMK area as apote, pnlnle. An.. As., and for elaselny >IeraR_ eoual to new. Ia^utt to^JVor I?M? Hold bj dmtfWU. omu U ?eoto pm bottl* M^VMP font? *t\tela. ? PerfeUy FIRE PROOF Also, BURGLAR PROOF. A lane aaenrmaeot for aala by vrcAKn M MARVIN, KS Brawl war. r rawer of Wmtk alram. New leA ?<nntit?m ta tijok-r saloon W ReBtted end eteynallr rmbel!?efad. ... Breryiktnt la Ike way of Refreshments can be here thteW ed by led lea and ycnllemea. nt ail heara of ihe day and ataa () HI' L rba Hl kllVl. 11 OUNCE GRAIN BAGl-THB BEET ABI beat rat la lb# me-ket I) M TANDEBHOOF. in West atreeL LOST AND rot *D. ,00 LOHT ?A I.AEGE NIXED roINTKR AND NEW" 1 > Fouoe lead yray miaed with n<U rerr lone hair A ra ? ward of fire Jollara ? UJ be paid by ral jiiln* him to Ut.dE CHI atreet njoCND- ON WEDNNEDAT LANT IN flRAND STREET r* N T . S ledy a yold aaeteh T be bear eaa bare the aemf *y prrrtee p-operla end payme rapenaee Apnlyto B t.M. niter t >. rtnrk, luaadey. et ? fa .ik Third Arret, e maw f 4 Tbi-d Wlllamdhnff. IF THE LADT Wno FOUND A OO'.D WATt H "M I dry etmda etora In Grand atram on tt ednaadny aaa toherl WtSmum the asm* l> 111 Nawma Areet. a t*a ?tore, aie wUl be enltahiy rewarded _ LCAT-ON FR1DAT ?OENING.OTTnBFEl.9f from Kidney place. B.uirAlyn, t' New York I*. a rmr, leer lb alftet and Ninth arentie aUye to '.era n a from tw, ro f'-ol to N! *n a r arpet tore. Br adwiy a ramra rt m^ The flndar artll he euhahly raararded ba lear.oe U at W K>vlt I etren. N Y . or ii?Aaey pleoe. AraaAlya. Lorr NT A IJkDY. IE A BROADWAY NHDf t UIT omnibus. eWi three o cioek ea Bat imar ?A tBia. be | iween Hlateer'k rtmet and Am r r ana a rrwlemar ,nMI tan.ley abon ll?> Hi rartnue haek,'"??? "/ 'JTI tfty dWIar bfl a, a twenty dntlar bl I. balaeee m yntd aed obam y aa near aa can b? r?e> Ibewd A liberal reward wi Ufa ae'% ra tare of the ae me in the owner al .urn Nn IB Nee l art Had Li t-T-NOTF. or E A. HABTINE A CO f rpf OCT 1. Iaarn pat ante nt ?eehanba Rank. I"' ? ^ Ma 71 Thw under win i ra* laare Hit* lUrtu.? 1 (ta a Eatfi. I ley Wryct- ________ Obfera otAfa 1/srr -on tnvtr mfc ? la.t lefl In a Ka atram and Kaiaj 1 amnneat .,11 nT'ef a Dnuele tmrre; ' P"a G ?? ,n ?uir Sf. Zamlara A riHa'te r-ward fn- rmnra W tba J5J5 rr?CNAKrtO WOK firW A "ON. Ed ? P?e Hram 11 t tt t tt IM*. m - new * hi ?-1< '" r*'n*T* ; '?ErrB laatant. f' ^ Jneaalfa atreet, Natwry. aw? tfa ?a^ thrmaarh / J W.I'.Vd^a wmrTfay WS* . JJ2 ?i ?AF wftt fSWSfd hy Nitl ae, the aama mdt itn m Faitea mrrat nr alalra. Nrw|Yo>% _ *** " fr BbWABD-IAAT. f)N WfDB?D AT OfTOEBB E ? a) In the atrle.ty of Greene atrtm a 1 ad lea m; rer Parte ? Mil' arllk the rame of I oulfa eey -*rrd na ike nataMSi Tke abrwe ?? ware e |li be paid sad ne j^etloae eahed. up* I tie return te Nr 1? Eraeee atml Bf: RF.WAEP-OfTOBEE ?. tcsT. P FT WEEN W* T, > We. M or tee Ik atrnal nr.*. Thirty eeerad Wraet. aw Tea'bavenne n enllrt rf ntle'i* A , nteuitry a few pawaaw ? and lara eneetrpea nrewttbthe jw-.r 'a nana# on h and thw Utter a-alr i, but rofiarne on K. If the Rader wtE eeturtt BFj vr Weal iwiatret' fa aafll ? aeetra lbsabraa reward. wTft RIWAED-HTH.E* FE09 THE rBEPflW fill N ? Wead 1ww?l| rlntb awret. fa Tbn edy 'V. a an oar fan alJOV r tfa Nfa*r ?arm faeejr mtart a era d-unl. perak rrr.atny pert palsied btme ytrtpad y.rra re Ihe t ert ap-lny boi w?e a afleerpam wttr , 4, nmwa Kvmmer A i*t* , tfa ?? WlAcwt rarFmw,

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