Newspaper of The New York Herald, 8 Ekim 1860, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 8 Ekim 1860 Page 6
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nViflOIK Ml ASTHV-rEMMBi. JB NUMSB-WABTBD by A protbbtant enquhb l rill a nloMk* M anree -en t,.he chage it abshy and eg ? up by band f required; to willing to'trwrel ni '-aba ?and run ?rf children at are. or won wpoo a iady eon ".une *1 rwuao ?B<ind> t p ply at SU ub ave. : between 2Sd bad M fir Arrr do) r. A PERSON WlhHKA TO rub<? lit BOM eeteMienmeel where the wotud toern dreeemaking per Mir ood receive board aid *ut?; ar on euutralerj.for ?P Mrvicrn; to o oalbk HW. Ays'! "*'wo dnye at 7t Hen Of to- hi -de dure. FB KMOH PBOTE8TANT WOK Alt W7HHB8 A SITU km In o fire; cto* family, either trench. American ! or Oermai. ?? bbe to eoo.paratlvely we>: nr., .alntod l ony of the ai re language*, to irare! iu an.- pari ol the Id oo fair urn On crambre. and ran -abe rare i f one hi.d. iaeh nereoealfy or by ! tor at S67 Wert etch It, near lltb wv filar, Hue day next, October 8. ui: Bat trday, October U. AWTUATMN WANTED-Ht AN BWMWP per an ae oapaaioe .0 a ady would travel to a topee. miBeelb. nr labe nharpe of a widower ? family. App J at 1X0 RHkaven ic. in -be alore. GERMAN PERSON WA'-TS A AI TP ATI ON TO l loke core if toMren an ae : regreter . > wb.t on to valid tody or u> do op ettara wurk and eewtng. Cod for | Awe day a ajjto bt Marb'e plage j A NICE ENGLISH G1BL WANTS A SITUATION TO Jk. do :be icnnrai h ?r ... t ot .*xaJ amlly; Abe too Mdnlain o. b atal eic.-, etd wanner and Iroo-r, hoe two 5S. refvrcn r fr bcr ret ,1A, p.) to Ul'EbJBbMk ?A eeai Houston *? gjTPATI N WANTED- H? A YOUNG WOMAN. AS ?date * B e private family or to do general b>.use w?*t Call at'. Nor. e at. for two daye A nBPT CLABN CAK WANTS A KtTCAllON-HAS jfV ar ob euf'to to a it torn boarding fcouae. Coll at 171 Waa. <7lb ?v good city re.erei re. TrAT'DN WyNTED-BY A BESPBCTAH1.B on.nn. ae p'a'.n n?h, w aaber and Ironer. or to do id' eral rar.i, i. a email* family Oood city refe.-er. e. A A A (toll a! -4 Warien et, Brooklyn. ew.oed door from the enrcer ft Bete fB-t ' 1 AN? OBBVAN COOK WANTS A S1TCA unn to an Ame tcaa 1 amlly; an t? aeeo for two dAji at f earl tore-t, eecocd floor, frviol motto. k A aaabtop. and hair Arnaa'.ne; the neat of dty reference Wye. Pleaac oe.l af to lVea' : Jib at YOUNG WOVAN WISHES A SITUATION AS LADT'B mold one who can do all b'tida of f?<m'y trw n? and '.re ?OOT> COOK s -ITVATION WANTED -IN A SV ILL private family; wo ;d arelat in waaL ng and ironing. haa bvntof cttl reference Can be eem fortwo laye at 116 1 tb r. , Ut wet n 7ih and tib av. I I fr AWTr ATTON WAN f BP BV A BB8PECTABLE ilrl. ae conk or to do pecvral hnuarwort n a prlvale la ?br b aii ri v en: waaiier an 1 Iroeer; baa ibebeeto' city refer'i aca call at No > Lib near Bowery, Inthebaae A COOK AND lloPBBK'.KPEAS KITl'ATION A wantwr-br a hlrb > reepectable Protectant woman. atoS at No. S Wei 1Kb et. B1TUATION WANTEIV-BY A UBPRCTABLR woman to do '.be t'nera! hooaeworb of a private family ; i; city reiervn. ee. Call at 101 llrldre it from 10 to A A SITCATION WANTF.D-BY a BBS PBCT ABLR A- (trl. aa prod cook; thoroughly undertoanda her baiineae; to a ra<d meat aud paatry eook. a rood baker, beet of city Kacee. Call at lv9 Kaat 12th at., be; wen lit and Id ava, bakery AM BNOl.lHH QIBL W1SUB8 A SITUATION AS LA dj a^r.a.J can do all bin da of plain and tanev lewiutc, atremloR and drraamaklra. would have no obje-ioa to eo A Apply lor two daye, from ten to three o'clock, at I'AS et 20ib at. BlCSJ'ECTABl.K YOCNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUA L tkm aa wra ter and cbaait ermald Can he ?een for two |t at 2Jl Hudeona. The beat of ;ty refcreaot can be ice. Brooklyn preferred. f SITUATION WANT ED- BY A EBSPKCTABLK YODNO i, to do yeeeral bouKwrrk, to a (nod plain nook ?rat rate weeher and troner. Oood eity reference. Call 3 Nary at., Brooklyn, in the rear. BESJ'KCTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AB to indrcee. who undertoanda ber b.ieleraa. e ta do tlutlng all kinda of f'ner) If ixcaaeiil re.|Uirea, : eat of dty refe Cad at lol iiait Ktb at, between le' and AI avea. A SITCATION WANTED?BT A BKSPE 7TAHI.K YOUNO A woman, aa .ham'ermald anil nailer, or chambermaid aad v> aaatat In the waahing and iron'etr. in a private family; haa ao objection o a private boarding tooitae; haa the l?at of Wb) reference from her lae! pla-e Call ai 107 Weal Add it. Between ;th aad bib avea . ac i.d floor, front room, in the rear, ?at two daya. a k t, ! - r ABI.K WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AB A good plain cook, to a good haker. will a a- n in the naah tog ai d racing, fio 1 ity reference. Call at 87 W.-m 2Kb at, between din and rib atea . top t: wr, bact n?m A fllTl ATlOM WANTED-BT AN AMERICAN YOUNO -A man. ae eoHeetot. ablpplng clerk, or porter In naeae wbolrea e hv ire tb-beet of refcreooe glre.-i. Acdreae ? r , hot 111 I!i raid olhee. Jf.FBMAX HIRE WISIIPR A SITUATION IN A prtiale ,amlly aa rook, waaberand Iron, r or w general hr>aarw?rker te an eiecHent Mhbee .inderanndt ber h udnew tberootblv no b ecloi.a t' go In the country. Call al MB Brt? n.e ai- .i.rat . >>r. front room. r? APITrATl"* WANTED-BY A RERPECTABt.K YOUNO imut, ?> chambermaid tij w?. reap >r ? -a?.?; with Me waakiDg and 1 real tig, hu the beat of city refereaoea Call al Ud ffm MKh Can ha eccn thm .Uy. A^m middle aokd woman wantn a ritti ation ah rompanP oWA lady, M willing Vo >1 ?t? I eratlf generally aaafe *oiud r to any pert of tl.e Vn ted Htneaoc to Bnrnpe, ? >; rcicrttscrk gitro. Addrr.-.k H. K, Herein A U, EMPLOYERS AKD DOMESTICS WILL FIND THE Bunt r? euatie n?ec to Itata city at S7- bulb a*?nne the Rm re City tit e \ mean. En ? ,ab Inrh * -h Kirn, b i.eiin?n ar i oolortd. alwaya on hand. I'erttea Marly landed ?c?l ainaii gtr'? veil lilted. ATOl'NU OIRI. WH3W A SITC ATION AC VI R?E. and haa ?" o*i#rtlo?ia to do r hamber wort, Rha cltr re: areece. P.eaar rati at I*?! S h ?d . between Leaingljw and itb area < an tie aeen for two dayt. AF N I* KHR AND *-EAMHTREHt, OR I'H AM HEHM AID? by a r*wrec'.able ProtrWant girl, Inn'ilre at b> r greer nt ampityer* 7r *a?t Nlnelet atb ft, near lrytug place D ial ?My refrreaee given A TOVN W< MAN tVUII A MTl'ATIO* AN CHAM J\ bertnatd prd w*ltrem,or ebana erraaij and uraoaat-caa ?a* i ? r ??t clt* (Tail Hi No t7 Wmi Jttb ?t , be Iween Mb and 7 b ?ri "r*l door, barb room. AYOt'NO WOMAN WANTS A NITl'ATION TO DO rearral hottaework or I'laid coblny, a ??bin* ami iron mg IP a ftnel i rime rami ? Ooni! city reference front her Wat > a l an l r arrn f r tarn .lata, if on? enraged. at No. J ? aa .n pUre, arc iaJ bo tea fr m Fallon a*.. Kront >n. A FEMALE. ATTSTOMED to (JENTKEL LIVE, , wtabr* to obtain a Mtnatloa, in n reat eatable family, aa eoacian n to a lady, or to lab# charge of an leralld Uly. weald'ear U>e entire charge of the b> ipraarpier If re iaired, Oaa ?J?e mnet ?kUaft'i iry rlty reference. Addreaa .or one week 1 mi an Ho. boi 1*0 Herald <6 ??. A MTI ATION WANTKD-BY A TOO N't AMERICAN A widow lady, n attend a babary or oonfarttonery atore ware* rot an much aa ebjngl aa a rood attaattoo. Ad treae Mra C. Y , IS Sth aa. A^m ttlRL WISHEH A NITl'ATION TO OO TO NEW OR leenaaa ladt'a maid, or to tab* rare of ?biH-en Can 0*e tbe beat of city rafrrowee At 'r*m for three day* F. O , WeNco A. -prtag atraet. wlU anawar taaaaedlately A^m NCIAE WIH1EN A I'AHNAOE TO ENOI.AND ft.- wb r ? .d lake rare Of a Uly or rrtldreo. App.y tbia week at bar rrwrtt atiaailon. No At Eaat M at Ah iprrTAiu woman want* a siti ation aa cock or to do renerai bo ? work a a email (aot'ly. tMll al lir Notch at. Hrivttlyg A^Him-ATK N WANTED- ?T A TOCNO AMEEtOAN w,?man, to travel with a 'aaa'.y for the winter, la a gold pbue aaawtaueea or aa (them barmaid an t l*awalr?aa or IA wan on an 'nvalld ady Haa r-d t o reftiaw re Call for pwa daya at Brow,'.way, rata and 77lb ata AFIRBT RATE QBRM aN (TOE WiHHt- A PLAi'B la a reet'W table prlr .te ,'a?l!r. Ity rrfereare nan be gt*ea laoalra for two dayt al fao Ban J ab at.. Tomeklna anwara. at Mr. Eaaig ?. ABFj-rKt-TAHI.E TOCNO - III. WANT8 A STTrA Uo? *? mmpe-ani laondrwaa. - rbamb'rmaid and w>old be wl ,'lng to aaam la tb'- waab nj and tr "tlnr Heat of r|ty refer-nee from be- i?at pure Ceil at lt? Weat ?tb ft. ta read r.ooe. Arespectabi.e tor mo woman who haw i.owr ber baby w b a Trrab breaa; rf m k w ante a a. uatton aa wet tune, or won!' lake a h* * to ber own borne, a be tvn ? rod we r-'ereooe Ad.lreevf N d . ltd Harrtaoa ?* BrwiR' tyw for tbree daya ARW*I ?i"TAN1>: T'll'NO WON *N W7-IJFN A <!Tl7 anew in a ??* i prtrate fatnllr to ronR waab and Iron. Naae bn. a reeur ?n e famiiy see.; appir Can ? i* e bea: ?f city -e'erea e Cal fartwodtTga' Ureen ?t. bataeen Nfr I g aad Prince at re'a ARFapei-TABI.F TO' NO WOMAN WANTN ANtTUA lew aa pood p am port, an I fleet rate*waaber and iroeer, or w wit ng tn d<> genaewi I -tpew .rg 'a a am a!', nri' ate !>a y. Bern , I r?y refei el, t ?r, f ^ lWlJ ta>( k. du, Al ?v , m tweer tin tnd ?3d ?t? Atocnu woman wi -iier a arr ation ah ?eaiAMren It p-l*'le ?-(rT r%n rnt ami Ubli-a aad tblicr*n'? , . ah g aad vi alt h'nde of faa ly aawlnw an eWmeUor w a?< m r tier rpre of r-ow'ng rgi Irr neat >1 rttr ret. re tic. I rea. Oail al ll< 4;b a* . near 1Mb at. - ?? -? ? - ?? . EE-FRCTAB! * TOCN . WOMAN WINHFN A FITl* all ia aa chamber matt aad aaamatrena. or eat erametreee I a good em' rolderwr. Oail ft* tw i laya at ISI ?Mat 1Mb at . m 'oor. bung r om A NEAT tlDT MIEI. W ANTH A NITl'ATION AN PI.AIN ?red atdgnnd waaber an i -mor ta a p'alaamal, prove amily. bcardr g bo, .c arete .. ,. ewe* gltaw fnmi bar lam nlac- apply iMM*. NNw-en lb and Ity b a?a . pncuwd Son* fo-it rown \ RENI'ECTAN'.F MARRIED WOMAN. WANTa A RlT J\ rmi-ow ?? w? 'inrer. wBb a frwab iream of mrg baa b*t ?ee org baby Oailal la* Beat (let ek ran be e*i for two itaya Aral None front r?ww A TI AT ION N> WANTFD BY A REaPECTAHLE ?t\ ? i r woman aa rock and to aaMM n a-d Irow kr-arecubU 'ami y; ? rm < am -e'areatee rlrao Call w XI Ram imaat. 'tan-lb Nc**. fron room. NITl* A abet ma I hi a rea, actai ? I viu > aaji A A RRP W-TABIR VOrNH OIRI. WANTN A . a**' rbimbermv I In a rraimcta' IT ' ? be peer, f r tw? ?,,, u l?9 Wrm 2Mb at. U LP!'* * vETRD-BV A RI-I'E TA-II.E 01HL . , an P al e. ????? .m .'rwork * rwfWraR. CM -? ? r Writ imn Mr ret be earn at b> r I am n "JV. AT,ZS. !LN K11 ,T v NEspv r a rot'NO aod I-in, or tap no objre ' oe'e liSit'iaiZ.IZ. 'fl T,!?' ?.' "a* irj f.*1 .m mi I*.. LS2 3M ?t,. b?tfrp?*n ;qiftr9 ??*? F t NI.E fJIR". :if'*lREN A nttvation to ixy eharr bwrw.wk ?n l w? tt y or g, r In tha waeblaa NNd D? -a aba la recy en er ?? r-1 I- tanbi. nar- ?fab'l 'rea ma -ohie blgblv rewrmmrwde wave, not ?< mn-b an <vk act t? a gc.t ate. * t bomr- t 'a.''? a' OA Factnr ?( Br-- h)*n. A WFTdTIWJ OIRI, W ANT* A NTTT AT|('N IN A ** ema ' private fami y ta a r-W ro* waaber an-i irrmne; r*m 'I'f referrrcea girra. Ob at IM WfO 2HB *t , between Tib aad A) it raaea SITVVTIONH WASTED?FEMALES. ARESPKCTAbLl YOUNG GIRL W^ANJB A -rtT'A *ay An k- mm orM fnr iimw ptlvaa** fiua?iiy. ?? % jfw d pIeid cook, t jit r*v wiwh#r *nd iroaer S^aJEJ^JISS r ven if requ. ?d Apply at W Mulberry *., flrti nmr, trust IO(I?. A RITUAVON WANTED T lO ( >OEINO, WASHING, _'\ ,Ul] -roclng. or gSMfal hu "''T^f^_ v * *rr/ truat-, ^JtUr. Mid btbly mmm viced lo waabiog and general ti nae wvrk. ArPb at *? Atlantlo it. Biooelym. ? ACOMUICTK.NT PERSON WANTS A SITUATION AS *.mwmmu an rut and lit edit* and children'a dreaaee. ?nd do all kinds of tamdy aewtng-, would aaalat ta the care of children, or ? ild go out ry be day; baa good city refereno-m. t all for two day a at AJQ Kaat Ult at, between lat a?, and ay. a, door, room No. 2. ARKM'E-TABLE INGUSH WOMAN WANTS A SITU auoo aa eouk la a private family, uadarataoda oooktng d ail ita branches; can be aeen >MU suited at 499 C urn) ak AI.ADT WISHES to procure FOR AVERTOOOn girl a ?? nation an chambermaid and wa'trevs lo a small revpeetable faml y. or aa ehumberaa'd and hi aarlat with the pltunsr part of the waahlng and ironing. She nan bo teen for two day* at her laet place, 1.7 W st 3b h where oaen ceptienable references will te given an to heraeu-r, Ac. Vrv K IILBSINOKR. A CAPABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS NUR-B aadae.JBr.reai can produce tie highest-.eiUmonUI-t at to character and caimo.lliy. < an be aeen mill engag'-d at Tj Weal 17th at., near Cth ay. A REKPII TABLE GIRL. WISHES A SITUATION decs-junto her b a i.eae m all its branches, and cut be highly Please call at No <9 Myrtle av , between U*j and Bridge ete, Brooklyn. A\ OUMG <11 HI. WANTS A SITUATION AS SEAMSTRESS In ? privet- fm.ily, can cut ard lit ladiee ar.d childreos' dmsten. also nnderttkuda hair dre?Mi>g can give ?u yonre' ally reference from her id place. Apply at -?'J lvt ,.ve., temeeD lMi atd 14tb -trcle AKE?PK< -T AHI.K TOUNO GIRL WANTS A SITUATION aa chamberm. id and to -lo plain sewing, the bed of ci'.y reference Can tie aeen for two day* at .11 ltfh at., between Tib and dth no, tee-inn floor, fmot room. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO do the hamberwork aid waiting or chambf rwork and plain tewing Bee; of city -e-erence :rom her tit place. Cell at 77 Weal >7.b it , betw een t'th and 7 J> a .a, second floor, frci t room. A SITU A 1 ION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN AC cnttomeil to kitchen work fair -he latt r?ven vearatun demtande all of met-, and poultry; It t baker; or would do ip its ra wurk and i ne waabing Ap, ly at 119 Weft tlfltb at , near 7-h av. Actuation wanted-bt a respectable to .ng girl, aa chambereeatd and aaamstrekt, or to do chamberwnrk and waiting In a private family. Has the best ' l'.y reference tram her laet place, where she baa lived two in i ry reierence tram ner laat pttce. wnere ane naauved two yeart. Can be a-en for tw v daya at 336 9lh av., between 2UU> and 2Itt eta., Aral floor, fr int room. A SITUATION WANTED?BV A RESPE- TABLE yonng wninap, to cook, wash and iron; beat of city refe rence can Re glyeii Can be teen fur twodayf at No 10 Amity place. In the rear. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTB A SITUATION TO DO housework. In a ttea'l private family. Beat -if oity ref erence cat be given. Apply at 392 Adrlphl ft. ABBSJ ROTABLE TOUNO WOMAN WANTS A 8ITU ail-n hi >-ha mbe ? ruaid and waitreat, good city reierence. Call at No. 77 11 eft 25th ft , betwe- n Ctb and 7lh ava AS COOK.?A MIDDLE AGED WOMAN DESIRES A tituatioo a* efeeUent cook, and wouhl asset In washing, In n imal! family; wages Lot eom- chao object av a good h-ime. Hue food city r-feren e -'all for twodayf at 13 Union court, Unlveralty place, between lltb and 19th ate. S WAITRESS-A SMART. ACTIVE YOUNG WOMAN withes t situation aa proietted waitreai. und- rnUnda her butniett nerfei tly. Hat els years' city reference from her laat place, call for two dtye at 13 Union court. University place, between 11th and lltb ete A WOMAN WISHES A RITUATION AB COOE; HAS lived In Rngliah and American fam.liea, and had long ex perience. Has Ike beat^if city rel'erente Can be teen for twodajf athV Wet: lltb at, between 5th and 6th -it.. In the rear. A VERY RESPECT ABIE COLORED WOMAN. WHO IS t good waaher and Ironer, det'ret a tttuatioa at lmm dreaa in a gentleman't family. No objection to be nteftil when the wathleg i? done. Ai ply at 133 Weit79ibit. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WISHES A 8ITUATI0N jtV to lake care of cbi.dren, It an honest, kind gtrl to children, alio a tirat clam embroiderer, or would do ohamberwork plain tewing can give the best of rtty reference If required, employer. Call for and come well recommended from 1 _ _ t so days at 213 West 1Mb at., between Sth and 'Jth &vt. A GERMAN. ENGLISH, AND OTHER EXCELLENT O. cookf. nuraee, waltreaira laundremev, and other very deatrable icrvanU are now disengaged at the Servant*' Initl t its 119 Grand it. Aim ladtea' maids. Ac. Warned?tome goyd waiter men. A SITUATION WANTED BT A TOUNO INTELLIGENT girl who lately landel la of an obliging diapoatlloo), In a aina l private f-mlly, to take care of children and do plain tew Ing or to aerial in housework. Cell at 3uu Kurt lkh at, lop floor, back room, for two day a A SITUATION WANTED?BY A BESPE-TA RLE YOUNG girt, to do rbamberwork and take care of rbhdren and to do plain tewing. Pleuee sail at 9W Kaat Warren et . near Hoyt, Bro kl) a. k". ?xt floor, front room, tor two dayi. A PROTEST *RT girl WBH1U a situation as r<*k. and I rat rate wutfr *ed I i nner Oojd city refT eurc. cut be wri at tt ChrjoUe at . fourth floor. I 1 Ah BE MISTRESS?WANTED, A SITUATION AS SEAM iv atrra* And to do ll*ht chamber* >rk. by a reepertahle yowea iftrt who ban rood recommend aUnne Apply, before on* n'ciix-k, At No. M #ih (t . near 5vh are., where the 1* llvln* At p.eeent fTOOl'S SITUATION WANTED-A WOMAN WIIO th rouahiy I'oteraUodA.her b'i?meea. h?o the boot city c ferotee of* live yearMrotn her laet place Apply At IW.'Sd ?t. rurner of At AO., for two daya. FUMlLOtS PBS IBINO fiMPETENT AN') TRUST worthy .errante. for rvrrv branch of booaewort, ?hcther ecoka chambermaid, Iaitu<lre?eee A-, ran fird then ai ihr fraMl dr. No 2 Kent Twenty th rJ aireel, wcoad door 'rota Hr.?. iw-v. No arrran a kept *t our oilice luleaa they Ua?a k ? " reftrato-a. IjAaMUJK IN Want or O0OD HHP wiMi PLEASE r call AlMra. TORESfOB h ortre, No Hi Eourtb, ?here a hreal number of atria can he bad. for b<eli city and country. No dtah>ne?l dealing! practiced At her <??..? Fremiti dressmaking -a person, who mo. roughly tin icreteoda f.lieramaking wearing It 'he Uteri Pa: ? f*?hloii? w:ata* "ah engagement in famlllea by the day fall or direct Pi Mra. Juhnan- IM Ka? IM it, CNRBERAL I! UBEWORE A SITUATION WANTED T by a ran ? -tab'e girl, to do general btuaaaork. fa.l at It ftha' a rr? J *wa caat of Broadway GKBM4K COOK.-A SITUATION WANTED. BT A m lie aa".t Urrinan woman tnderatand* her boafuraa, I an ', can etc# Mod ctty rrfarencca, a German family prefer | red. Call at Sto (th a\ . near Bid at, 1 NTKKNATKiN At. EMPLOYMENT < >EPIf E. 40(1 BROOKE ; i Atrcet, neat oeatra market ?Kami tea hum and hoard , Ina booara. in city and country, ean be anttr I at all timet with , well reeommeade I aervanta, ? Iceman, flaolca, I: iah, tc . rapa ble and ohltgiagi alao, eoarbmm, tardeaer* tratera, Ac., | cocAtanll) on hand, at ?UC Br >,me tireeb NTK?t-? RESPECTABLE MARRIED WONAN wi?o haa oat her own baby, aiakea ooe to nirw at bet own boose, Where a m aher a rare trill bt siren M. In , lire at So. X2 Id at. between ?d and 33d eta SITUATION W kNTED?BT A C??)K; UNDERSTANDS all k.nda of oonkiag aad bakiar Beat city reference m to rai a' llty an t booerty. Okl! at lf? Eaal 1IA at., aeonod Door, t t>aek roawt. SITUATIONS WANTED- <T TWO RBBPBOTaBI.K American (trla. oneaa cook and Ivtndreaa t) r other ea rhambermaid and aram*rraa,ta prtrate faalilcA licet of rHy reference! (tree fall at ?l Waal Sit el between th aad life area. SITUATION WANT1D-BT A KESPE TA8LK GIRL, u a >?! plain conk. waeker ar 1 Iroter baa n pbjpettnw to iIn (. oar* bo?aawork 'led rafaranoe ; ram bar ,aat p.act. faa he area f <r two daya at M ' 1 Kb ?r. OrTTATION WANTED-BV 4 TOUNil GERMAN t~ wy man >a nntaa and arainatrew .n a fam > the haa the eat of ctty rr: a retire A-.-p'jr bt Mr hekomn* ttd .id Are SITUATION WANTKD-RT A NBAT, TIDT PROTBS taat 'mint ?i?)t aa rhaaibermahl can aew n.eely nr wonM *a?.f. ta the waakirr and ir.mtaa haa ha beat ctty tVe reare fan be aeea for two daya at UO Weal l*th at. batweao lib an t Jth art SITUATION WAKTBP-BT A TOUNO WOMAN AS 0 ebnmbarmatd and waitreaa Oall at 1.417 Brtadway b? 1 eaeo a let aad tld ate SITUATI' ?N WANTKD-ST A RENPEfT 4BI.K WOV t N. aaeeoa weaker aad leoaer. i? ?td etty refe-ance Call at 1 ?? arn? Irk at.. v>p lis, ba- k tonm fur t?n dara. 8ni AT ION WANTID by a respkctabi.e touno anatan. aa rhamhematd aad tauadreaa: ma who under ?anba her h-At-ieaa thor iMt Haa tna beat. .f rttr rafarance f an he ?e? fry two daya at ltd Weal Slat near Dk ar. Situations wanted st two toi no oiria ret# a? chant' ennatd aad waitrrwe the othar aa nnrae an 1 plain newer, rneieepucaabie reference wtli be (Iran by call t a At US Beat Idth at . where thay At e bred aeren yeara. SttV tflOBN WINTIII-BT TWO Rh-fE Tt'H.E ronn* ilernian cir't np# aa cctjk. the tth?r aa ".'I'te or wa.ter ta a prirate em--Mian family: beat of reierrorarta be tlren i ai at ID Knrfo.k at. 8 IT tTK>N W4STED-BY A RI^PE TABLE TO UN I air' a a f-at clera rook ? ndpfptsada maata, ?rmnp >nd jellwa <a an Aieellent naatrr <o?<k Bat jf city reference. Qeilat T? Weat Rtb ? C ti tTTON WANTED-BT A RBSPETTABLE YOCNU O ptrl at t ? ? ?1 pta * r ink and A tarv food waaher atii i-rmer < ? reference from her laat pfaaa. Oaa be aeea at .'II T net Iwh m Oltl ATI Se WAN new HY TWO RESPECTABLE V* ? Pr't me .a ( -o.' '.ait e?Tk, waabe and t-oaer ?be hthe a? rliam-e- an ?-t ?a treae ta wtllina ti taatet n the aaah -r ai 1 ient'aa aa,: bar do oh etti ? tj the ctty rt coatn we r?re.y. ?t r?" M No rMUfrha place, d.h ar. betwpe-i |p h aad llth at* iron. rem. flrat ' >o?. TW . s ntR? Wl?H SITU VTIONS TOGETHER ONE ?air?- rr?rh a d >aker naa --rr- .to dinn-r m.1 Ai apart It t id *ty e nd-rataala tacaaac not WUtpa hM no Ohieeaon to ...-t >r waahma and trmTi* the aha a Brat rate ct.smhe.ma4d ead w.itraaa Ma th. hem dt. re'e AAA w e ween let an '. *1 area third fleer. TjyANTED?BT A RBSPBOTABI B NARRirn WONAN 11 a aitnabim aa wet nnrrn with a I raah hrppat of milh baa ae ch ertiaa lo laa<e th* tty.raa air* mrnd cttr rafeepbr* ? wl ?C? and ohhatna Addrea# fin of Warn AOth at., mm.r Broad cay (%n ?e aeen net., eaaayed. WANTED A arrUATlON. BT A BEBPE TABLE WO map. aa rrat nam mew aad parte, rmm, undaraundt ?r 'Jea ao'ipa aad aaaae haa ao nb action tea (Irrt elMt board r h-.nnr or bote) haa Ured la Irru of the flrat r'.aa am ea I aMy rafarenc for two das* latberdtr t<rtd cty ?fare iee car bp a >aa. fall hi ? at . aaar bl ar " 'ANTED BT A ROPE' T AHL* iEBMAN WOMAN, r a a lawoa aa rhambermaid la aa Amarcan (amUi la | ha re ai U1 Oadar at. \JLr ANTED?sm^ATIONP, NT TWO BBSPBiTABL* "I t rla owe a anmpeteai'. eonh. aad to waab aad irna. Iba "bey for - ami -rmalit and wi/kw wllllp* to aeotrt wRb the . waahiap. ran he bijfbly reeamaaended hy ibrtr lart em r'cyec , here they reaM ?e#w for IWS dayp. *M Wert eM * . | ertweea rr aad eh arat glTlATIOHBIWmMUFEMAUefc TIT A NT K n- m V AT lONB, BY TWO TOUPU GIBLH; YY ne as bhi*. th? other as rhsmbermsld and 11 assist .n lu bt wok. Call at if-ebtb ave., m tlx store, for '.wo days. "WTANTBU a situation, by a cook ABDCHAMBER TV mull. Both understand their buainee ^ thoroughly, sad the hett of eity referesee. Call st 1M Nest -list ?t., b? iwrtn 14 mod Sd art. WANTED- BY A RRSPEUTABLB PBOTBPTANT GIR\ a situate n u chambermaid and waitress. Mo object- n to washing and ironing Host of city rnerenee gteeu (tan bo teen to day at No. 6. Amity place, to the rear, third B( ba< k mem. TIT ANTED -A SITUATION, BT A TOUMG WOMAN, AS if Dorse, Is foils competent to take charge of a baby. Iloa no objection to do ebunberwerk and sawing. Tke best of c ly releranee siren Gall at Ml West 21th street, near 9tb a?. extanted-a situation, bt a rehpK' itabi.e YY * man. aa onrsa or chambermaid. Call lor 'wo days at the rrs.deoce of her present employer, JU West 16th ?. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN. to do geteral housework In a small prtrale far.l'y Beit c'ty reform e can b? given. Call ai Ml Mlh st , coiner of 7th ar., to the bakery, for two days. WBT NTRSEfl'BITDATlON WAWTED-BY A TOT SO, keudthy woman, well recommended by her preeeat em uloyer. at s bnee reeldcnoe ahe maybe sue... Call f r three fays at 361 Atlantic at, Brooklyn, from 10 to S P. M., or ad dreee box J ftM foat offloe, N V WANTBD-A SITUATION BT A TOUMG WOMAN, IN a laundry. Call at 76 West link st. (Good city reier enee from ber last place. yy ANTKD-BY A SCOTCH PBOTE8TANT GIRL, i, situationas lady's maid and seamstress: cola, Cis tad Hnlshes ladles' and children's ir an all styles and kind*. Also a souk in all Its bran bes; inleistanda meats, poultry _ _ 1 jj. _ baking, paatry. soups, Ae ; wages 98 and flu Call at 21ti East 23d at. TITAMTKD-A SITUATION AH NURSE, BT A RESPBCT YY able yoosf widow, who ta fully competent to take the enure charge of a baby from Its birth, or growing children; is a neat tewer; can give the beet city reference. Call a; St West 13th st. WAMTBE-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation In a hotel as waiter, or to do plain sewing. Apply at 216 West 24lh street. Inquire In the bast-meat WAMTBD-A SITUATION, |BT A PROTECTANT young woman, as none and aeamstreaa. or as chamber maid and aei malress. The belt of etty referencescaa be gtvec Can be seen lor two days at 131 West 20th sh WANTED-A SITUATION, BT A RESl'RCTABLK young girl, In a small private family, t) do general homework or wsit'tie Good rlty refer'tve from ber last Blace. Apply at 210 West'26tb at , between -th and tab avs, ilrd lloor.tback room. WANTED-BT > RESPECTABLE PROTECTANT Wo man. t a toatkm as cook, washer and inmer in a small, private family. Good city reference glreo. C'a'l at 6d Itith ?t., near Cth av . In the rear WANTED?A SITUATION, AB CllAMHRRMAlM AND waltrris or chambermaid and to assist In washing and Ironing is a respectable private family. Good city releieace Call at 3d West 13lh st , for two day a. WANTBD-A SITUATION BT A RB8PF. ITARLE Wo man, aa ijrat slam cook, win per eclly.understands ber business In all Its branches. llaa lived nut as eook this last 23 years, and haa the I est of nil .referenee, some as long as sevin years. Call st No. ttki (th av , between 2-th una itch ?is, third Bo r, fioot room. Can be heard of until engaged. yyANTKD?BT A RESPECTABLE STEADY GIRL, A .. altuatloa In a alee family; understand* all kinds of bouse work, and makes good bread, biscuit and plea; van give the best of references from ber Inst place. Cel. for two days at Sub Atlantl- st., between Smith and Huyt, Brooklyn, second floor, back room. WANTED?A SITUATION. BT A RESPECTABLE young girl, as chambermaid and laundr- a or as chain bermeld and waitress la willing to make he re, I general'? is? ful, baa good city reference. Call at >B 3d av., near 39th at., top floor, front r.otn. fBTANTBD-A HTUATION AB NURSE BY A KBADT TT person; la thoroughly capable of taking charge of ckil dree; can like the entire charge of a Trmng infant; can do grod plain sewing; best of city reference Call at 29 2d It, between be Bowery and 3d av., for two day*. WANTBD-A SITUATION, BY A RE8PBCTABI.E gtrl. to do kousework In a small private family, good plain cook, waaber and Ironer. good reference. Call at 33. 7lb av , between 32d and Aid sts. WANTBD-A SITUATION. RT A RBSPBCTABI.E young girl to cook, weak and Iron. Best of eity rev re are from her Last place. Can be seen i or two day* at 88 19th at, between 3d av. and Irving place. WANTBD-k SITUATION. AS CHAMBERMAID AND waitress In a private (amity, by a respectable Ameri can gtrL Best of city reference* can be given. Can be seen for two days at 11 Lalgbt at. TRTANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE AGED TT woman, a situation to do general housework, or to oo k, wash and Iron in aunall pi Irate faintly. Beat of cttv refe rences given, foqn're at 310 West 27th at., between liXli and 11th ate., third Boor, front t TV ?T NURSE-A RESPRt'TABLE WOMAW, WITH A TT fresh breast of milk, would lake a baby to wet otuws at her own residence, where there are no a her chll iron, or would go out to a respectable family. The beet of reference can ne gleen Apply at No 280 evenue H room No. II. IVANTRD-A BITrATION BT A WOMAN TO COOK, ?? wash Iron, or to do chamber*->rk. lately .itaded Inn Kogland. Ca.I lor two days at 61 Houston si. Xi; ANTKD-llY A RESPICTAHt.E YOUNG WOMAN. A U sltoal/m to Jo aeneral kooseourk. la a itood cook excellent washer and Ironer. Call at No. 11 RlriDRkiu at., in the rear. Wmm artkp?a situation, by a young girl, ab lady's rrald. la h pond hairdresser and iramilrria; ran rmbroulrr h*mln?mini* Ilaa Rood city refrrenew. Can be urn, for two days, If nut euRkRetl at 36 Kaat T.-.b at, In tbe up holatcry atore. \l'ANTin-A SITrATION, RV A SMART YGUNG II girl, ay?d 14 year*, to uke rare f children or do llyht rbatulerwwk and train*. Oan be atrn at 366 fth ??. w fVANTKD?BT A BKSPK' 'TABI.R YOUNG UtRU A I! eitna km aa conk or laundress In a private family. IIa< * nd reference from her lhal place. Call at No 1 foralemio Br oklya. U'ANTKD?A SITUATION. BY A RRSPE "TAR1.R GIRL, to oonfc, waab and iron In a private family; la capable of tbia If a* the Seat of rity reference from bor la?t pU'-e, ? here abr baa lived alt >rare. Call at 112 ?ld at . between In aa?l 2d svefiee nrANTito-r.Y a rbpkctabi.e young woman, a " tr...alloc ta a private family, a* moh, alie la a ttrat rate rook, ard prrfrctJy ladentanda ker tnainrea. lired thre? icara o ber laet I 'm* Call at lid fth a*., between luU and nth ate . In tbe mi.toery atore. for two daya ANTKD-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A alt nation in a prlrata family, aa chambermaid and aeemilrtaa or cham -ermtid. ahe perfectly aadntmaadl h*r bnatnraa. Beet of rtty references from ber lam place. Call for two daya at ltd ?tb nr., between ldth and Uth at a , In tbe millinery atore. WANT1P?BY A RBRPEC.TABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A ell nation aa chambermaid, or to take earn of children, womd make berael' naefnl m erary reaneet. beet of referee" firm Apply at 2dl Columbia at . beiween ftate and Allan', c eta., Broth\ a. WANTIP-A sITI ATI ON HT A YOUNG WOMAN. TO do thamlerwork and waltlnt Good e?y -efereu-e from her laat place, t all at TS Wrat 19U at . for two daya. WANTEP-RT A RERPNCrAl'.I.K TOUNO woman, a alt nation aa c hambermaid aa-t to do ae wtar or ae amltieaa In a prb ate t arltna bon.e baa the baat of rtty reference for jeer, i aa be eaen at tot hi hY., betweeo Ayth and 30tb me , or er the ahoe ato'c WANTKB-BT TWO RESPKCTARl.E TOCNO GIRLB. TV Mtna k*e; o?e seen-*. wnahar asd tr mar. and la a fond oaher. the other aa chamber ma'd and wattram. and baa no ot> taction to aratm In Ite waah'nr and tronia*. both prefer to live In one family, but bar# no objection to separate Can be aeen for t? o daya at d7 Juraiemoa at. Hrooalyn. WANTEP-BY TYTO RKSPEtTABl K GIRLS AS COOK and chambermaid. Pleaee call at l'T B .tier atreet, Rr.okijrn. for two days. HTANTRO-BT A TOt'NJ WOMAV, A SITUATION At nnrae aed aeammreaa la an eicetianl em brotderer, baa tbe beat of rlty refrrrnre i aa be Mi-a tor mo daj a at to West 11th at. between Mb and (th art ta the rear. tl'ANTEP-BY AN AMERICAN PROTBSTANT GIRL. YY aMtaat.onaa ?-sjn?:reae or aa aurao and ae matraa?. rood refereoee Rirao Hall at 171 Weat **l at. WANYBD-A htTCATlON AS CHAMUNRMAIO ASH lano.lrraa no . Mission ki do ktwbenw.rk In a email fa te. > Irtet ref. reaee Riven Alan, aaitiutlkm wanted as ebam Termed aad aeamatrem. Rood oily reference Riven, call at MB iat ay., ovr tbe bakert. WANT HI?A SITUATION. BY A RESPRt T XBLR OIR1., aa ebamberaakl and to am let wttfc the waahioRand Iran toy, or ae drat rlaas e a.lrraa baa lbs heat of ity refereaee Can be aeea for two daya at 21 Rant Uth at TIT tNTBO-A SITUATION. BT A RNSPtCTA BI,R (MRU TP aa chambermaid and e a treaa, or wo 4 do the fenera h -m work or a ?m? family. Call for two daya at ker proaou'. employer's. 09 Kaat fib at T1TANTKP?BY A STKAPT, INPU-TBIors. HgNRtT TV r ? h ad'iatkm aa chambermaid is a email ? rwily a load of eh'dree, aad would aaant ? ttb eaabin ( and lmnin? Oan eome ?? ell recommended laiaire for Ui-en daya at tkt drranmaae; a. C.I 3d ar , near .?d at TRf ANTHP-BT A COMPrriNT WOMAN. A P1TUATION TY anwetnnrw baa l-een In that eapac.ty for mrayroara. ran take Ike ckarre ??! an lafaat r m iu -Ink Rem of city ir'erence picen c*a !?# seen for two day* at H Uth at , M the mnrnr atore sear Hrnafaray Tl'tNTIP-A SITUATION. (IT A RBBPRCTABI.B TY yonn* woma> aa enok ... 1 ? i la he wash \g aad tro- 'oR. caa be seen f.e tw dart at her am i laee. Ill Ram 19th at TRTANTIP-BTA RE-PK. TABI.r YOUNG WOMAN A TV ?H'uti w ?? rba '#m? ? .4 wait# C >., " ?een at No M f iat Warren m nppomte the loihlic arh <M Hv k'yn UfANTBI>?A SITUATION BT A RTSPK TTARI.K Rtr! to cuik. waab aad Iron In a reaporthble fami.y tall at 6-4 til. at. rear. 1 he haai of rtty referwaee. H ANTEP-BT a RENTE TABI.R MARRIBO W i?AN. a an at ion aa wet nnrae, baa a fre<k breaet of ml.* a- I baa bet ber baby; no o> art ma to ro to the oo ntry. Ad Irene IN* In ?v ^ TJL'ANTBP A StTUATfON A? NURSE RY A RES YY pertabla married lady, with a frewh hrwam of milk, la health r and yonnR aeoe need apply but those wbo are rea portable, la ntra at No. No Spna? at T*TANTEP_A STTUATION. BT A GOOD l?LAIVOO>. YY araaher and lr>>aer au ol baker of bread baa pood el'-r refereaee. ' an be seen natll etirafwd. at No. I7J Bud at. between rib hud Mi a< a. third floor front room.

W^m ANYEP-BT a RBSPBOTABLE TOUN9 BNoI.tdH ? mm?? a ftiim In a gmUomomi famlr, aa >11 ran asd aaatnatreaa. <? mpi do 'bam'erwor* and ?elaR baa nit e "ptkmabla city rareream. <Jail at No t*. ttt m. new Mb am . foe two fays, betwaan 9 and 11 o nkwk. W^BaNTBT a SITUATtoN. HT A YOUNG GIRU AR r-bambermakl aad ana ?t ta waakiar. ban no obreeMooe to fewer a I v una wort. Caa bn aeow for i wo daya at Jtt 7lh Hd ANTED A STTUATION AS ORNIRAL BOURB w ?? S ROOd weaker aad -.mar; wi!H? nbltrtar Chi ho mronam ended by her preawt tot I Apply at )W fttUIrM II. tmtareen Maad 1 o akmk. MTYATIOXS WARTBObFCaiUH WANTED?A SITUATION AS WNT NURSE, BT A MAR red woman, who his l<wt her baby, reference ru he gt\en If required. < an seen it 307 raeifle ?t bets-en t'onrt ltd smith st&, Brooklyn, second floor, front room. TXTANTSD-BT A RESPEOTABLJC MAXRIXD WOMAN, TV s situation ia wet nume; the beat of city reference given. (All it 103 Witer at., Brooklyn, neir Catharine ferry. WANTED? A SITUATION, BV A EBBPNCTABLR young girl, to do ehuoberwork and waKit g la i alee family Oood city reference from her loot place. Cm be keen it lit) "Veil 36th at, bet seen 7th and Sh uvea., top floor, front its ia, far two diyi WANTKD?A SITUATION, BT A RBSPBOTABL.K young girl, as chambermaid and waiter. Hia the but of city reference from her Uat employer. Call it 162 Wei 20th at., between 7th and 8th area WAN1KD-A SITUATION. BT A RESPECTABLE Wo man, to cook, waoh and Iron? la a llret rate baiter; imod citr reference from her laat place. Oubeareo at 11*1 West 2nth between 7th aul 8lh area., top Dorr, front room, until suUed. WANTED-A SITUATION, BT A RESPECT ABLE young girl, km ch mbermald and waitress, or to assist la waahlng; good city reiereaee. Cell at 3M 2d av.,firat floor, frsnt room. ?tlTANT*I)-BT A TOUNO OIEL, A SITUATION AH 77 1 chart bermalu or waller, or to take care of children, n a amijl private family. good reiereuce can be given. May be ?ecu for tvru dava at 2tf Weet 18:b at, corner of 9'h av., WANTKD-A SITUATION AS LAU.VP.tRSS IN A PRI vats family, dan oome well recommended from ber leal phice. Has good city reference Call for two daya at 247 3d av , entrance in 21at at., second floor, back room. VITANTHV?A SITUATION, BY A RERPECTABLN 7 7 young girl. to do general homework or plain cooking, washing and Ironing. Apply at 238 Wont Houston St. WANTKD?A SITUATION AS OOOK; IS A PIHIT rate cook, biker, and understands all kinde of pastry and desaerts, and if required will do all kinds of washing. Call at .V n I Chris toper st, for two days. WANTKD?A SITUATION, BY A SMART TOUNO w oman, as cock, washer and In a private tamllv; good eltv references Can be seen for two Jays st HJSmth st, Brooklyn. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young girl as plain ccok, wsaber and lrooer, In lose private famdy. good city i? lerencee. Can be seen st 15 < b av.. In tie rear. "IlfANTED?A SITUATION AB CHAMBERMAID AND 7 7 w aitress, by s renpactabie young w<,msn. best of reoom mrndatlora from brr leal eiapkiytr. Call lor twu days at tlO 3d av., between 30tb and 3)?t ate w antkd-hy a RESPECTABLE married wo. a Mtustlun sa wet mine. Call at 118 Ckrystie st UTANTID-A SITUATION BY A YOUMO UIRL AS chambermaid and seamstress, or nurse and>eamsireae, three years' city reference Please call at 77 west 2Stb si. WANTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN (PROTEST ant), a situation to do chamber work and sewing or floe washing. Appiy at 2bl Weal 43d sL, second house weet or 9th sv. w AKTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE joung woman, ss seamstress or assistant to do - ham rhr la II fi>? f mm Hkva ml 174 Asnik ml ka I me saws is Imt and O.I bet work. Call for two daya ai 171 Mih at, between lat and 2<i avennea WANTED-A SITUATION, BT A FIRST CLASS COOK; one wko understand! ax king In all its branches. Ad dram 87 West Sdlhst. WANTED TO FIND-A 8ITUATION FOR A WIDOW and ber daughter. 13 years old, as head laundress and to take cure , ,f .lurn. 1* an eioeUenl writer and accountant or to take chtrge of the cleaning tf any public Institution, or in any capucity where the services of an mdnsirtO'ta. steady wo man is wanted, apply for one week at the store 33 New Ca nal st. WAN1RD-KY A YOUNO WOMAN. A SITUATION AS ?o< k and to awist In the washing and Ironing of a r? ?pi-clable f finally. baa no objection to do the general housework oi s small famLy. t all at 375 3d av., rear bouse. WANTKD-BY A RESPECTABLE ENOLIRH (URL, A situation as child's nurae and aeamstreas; can take charge of a child from Its birth. Csn give the best of reference from ber last place. Apply at 65 Nassau St., Brooklyn, for three daya WET NURSE-WANTED BY A HEALTHY RK speciable Protestant woman, with a Ine breast of tnl.'k. a baby to nurae at her own residence Refers to Dr. N. K. Freeman, Weet Karma, Westchester county, N. Y., for three days. WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE TOUNQ WOMAN, A situation as waitress, or child's aurse; dty rc.'ersnoe. Cso be seen uli engaged at 2H Henry it., corner of Paciuc st , Brooklyn. w ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE ) oung girl, as chambermaid and plain sewer, or would 1 of eel ' tske care or rai dren and sew; has no objection to go s ah >rt distance In the country; can give city reference. Can be aeeu at 314 West 27tb st, one flight of stairs, front roam. WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A MTU A lton as firm elaas cook; can cook meats, souoa and pas tries of all kinds, and Is an excellent inker, no objection to go In the cotm ry; heel of reference given. Can be Been lor two We days at 172 w.-nt J2d st. WANTED-BY A OERMAN PROTEST ANT (7IRL. with the best of references, a Mtnation to do gene-ui housework or as chambermaid and waiter. Addreas, or apply to T N., T7t' Git it , second floor, front. WET NURSK-WANTED. BY A TOVNQ AND healthy woman a situation as we-nurse; no object>a to the country. best of oily references. Oall at 13 Ureeuwtch St., first floor, over the livery stable. WANTKP-BY A RKHm*TAB1 K TOCNO WOXH1, A ?Uoatlon M aenmatreae or Chamber raid, and would M ?M wUh the *enhuig; b at oC city refrrenje. Ca'l for mo daya at *04 Median-.. at. WANTRP? BY AN EXPERIENCED OIRL, A R1TUA Una to do ef-i.mberwi.rk and line waahiug, or as lam dn ta In prtra'e family has good city rnfercoce Can be aeen till engaged, at IS Union oourt, University plane. EirABTBD-BTA PROTESTANT TOCNO WvMAN, A U attuaboe to do chawberw. rk and fine weah'ng. baa lire I four trare id her last plaoe. > 'an be area for two day a at 140 Baal Jbtli at . beta ceo So tad 3d .?i W\stkp-a situation. ry a young iurt? an cork and to aaeiM la waa*B|. baa good city re.ereuje. Can t?e teen for tiro I ?yn at 361 7lh are. IRTABTItn-BY A RKSI W TAB1.1C TOUNO WOMAN. A YY t'diiat >n aa .ok would be Billing to aaaiat in tkn wa-hlng and lrcting of a amall family, has tbt beat of nlty reference. Call at SZn Wee: 2Htt at WANTED -BY A RESPECTABLE OI1L. A SITUATION to take rare of children and dn plain tewing Apply at the weal corner of Nary and Jobonxa eta , Brooklyn. On.. or two daya RITl'ATIOSI WASTBU-MALKM. A TOCNO MAN. IS YBABS OP AOR. Wt-CLP LIKE A M bind hlmaalf to a maobintat. a here be would have en opportrnitp of thoroughly learning the trade. Addrtne ft. C, C W bmyth. 33U 7th are. 4 ii tbtemjoent boy of rkspkctablr parent.-' 9l ffteen veara old wlahea a er, ill >n In a mcrcantir h met. beetcf refereorea glrro baa no ob leettaa to go to the South Can be seen fur two day* at 194 7th are., between 19ih anl 2 *h atrrete A RESPECTABIE BOY, IS TEARS OP AOH, WANTS A ait'.atloa In a drat clean emcer'a atom; wrttee n good hand and can fv rniah the beta i reference. Add ram foe two dnya B. B T., Herald otaee BOOR AQRNTR WANTRP-FOR OUR NEW PCBUCA twaa. lalliMWd to Portawa for the II11. am, and the mow aaleab'.e booka gotag K to $10 made by anwgtalc ennrajaera Apply to Kennddy. p..blither, 4*3 Broadway fifth Boor. (YOACITM AN ?SI PC ATICN WaNTRD, BT A RRMPE TT J at. ;e man. *? coaehaan or groom. In a private (aaaQ . 'a a go-I careful drteer. and fully ooaapetaat In every rem-ect. can glee the beet of city reference. <%ll ne or addreae T M. P. at Mr. I-owdnt. a aadd'ery atore, 7$ Meet tar at, near Broad war. DrugotsT -a uent'.em an or txpuRntNcm. ac tlitty and energy, with moat aauafactorr referaanea ?tehee an engagemrr. for the conducting and aeanngemen; of a drug hantneea If attuated wttli aa; aoope at all would i be certain to tnereaee tharriurna and proem. Addreea J. R M KRCHANTS. HOTRIJI. AND >THKftft NCPCLIEP GRATIS WITlf T ERRA, SALESMEN. PORTERS. BARKEEPERS *C MERCHANTS' CLERKS' Rl<. IflTRY 7k Broxtwey OR" RAWI.INS. Sm ation wanted-as waiter in a priyatk family, by a yottaK mar bait of elty refx-eace. Addreea J Mr" *11 l-oadaraj Oaa be eean for two daya Situation waktro-by a toino man. a> por ter lo a atore. or a nuld drtre a borae aad wi;iw. Haa tbe l^et of reference front lata enaplorer Ua.l nt or addr- -a No. ROMMmAi SOAP \Nt- CANPI.E-. I riAVR TKN VIAll- KX "pern.-a |n the a e h-m oeae n ..' U? brauebea fancy aoapa.rvcelled wmilt like n job w .get moderate Apply b. or addreae I> p. |f., .-l v *t it., m tbe ab>re r> WH'>LRh*LR MERCHANT* AMI' IMPORTKRk?! A youth IN \e?ra of age ta dre'rcua of ootatnmg a aWna Hon in aw. who'ayale bneliean wbe-e by bit 'mtnatrr and a! ieniVta to i ".atari*, he en. id vfranc" tbe beta of re eranree ajyen trttai preeent etagioyera Addreae H. R H . boi HS iieraid ofRce. WANTEP-BT A RESPECT t RLE TOCNd RNOt IAH man. many veara ? woeeled wub on old| eetaMitbed b.-i?e tn B nnmgb >m n r?rmanept att it' on inn Aral <?'a?A diktat mercantile auct on '4>. e. Aalar; not a mock an object f?. TRf ANTKl>?BT AN ENGLISH YOCTU A irTCATTON Tv aa barMnder: can glee r cty referen-w aa ? I or- y trd apabtmy. N? ob-etacta lg|oAo .ib Addreea tl. Ii Herald ntace. TRTANTRC A ATTVATIOM. IN A PROTIAION Rfl'sE. Tf et'har aa iil.ymin or anything elaenon?.?. i?i wttb'.he haa ba<l aome yeara aipertenr* ta Ae b ta'aeea for garth ultra addrceetdwar la. rtaUoc K. fgrAVTHD RMP1/)TMBNT TR THE RYRAIN.4, ER"M TT 7 to II. wo-tld rnpy for a theatre or do earth,ng e:a? for wk'rb a ret? nab> compmwattaa would be paM. A tdreeeG H., boy in Herald fo> three day. t-ANTEP?BY A TOCNO MAN 19 TEAR-- Of lift A pnaHN-n aa eutry cler* or aaaUtaai In the nf!? # haa hwl two yeara eirerienee at anatataat and for one year bae bad ? a entire control of tbe booka of a tnuee doing i b ial aeaa t $au, OTO per year. Addreea Aeetatant, Heral offlea. WANTEP-A AtTCATION. BT AN ACTIVE TOCNO man in aome light occupation, where be nan make hiei anir generally ueeful ia a neat and ynlck penman a g?4 anronnuwt. ar d pianwa a knowle>lge of Imkkeei leg pre. vkntaly engaged ta a brokar'a ntace . an fire g.yid reference and aecur'lv If roqntatte. tathtrv repaired nwdeiue Addreae J B. M , llemld iMm. 1X7ANTRP A SITUATION AA OOOFER. TO WORK IB A TT dtati'lery or brawary or on a augar nAatatlon central or Booth A i nrtae pr Cuba preferred, can gfre good n 'ereace m io fbamtjer and eagabtbtr Addrem. for twa day*. Tboan* Manna. 1M Wen Mtb M . U. T. WANTEP-A SMART BOT. ONE TIlAT RNOWB HOW to opnn oyetnre and ta williM to m At ktwae.f generally taWnl Apply aftarj A M . nt Sffl ?U ta. TRTAMTEP- A "OOP RMART BOT. TO ASSIST IS A TT ltd PC atora. and bain to attend car o leonaily , ha nut hare ?*' knowledge of tbe buetaena ?nd n good rm nai. meedaitca. Apply to Jurw RetUy. H Madw n at. hxlp wimuuiitt.M AIX FAMILIES AMD GOOD SERVANTS WILL FIND 'be IU|MtuJ beat oBce to tlie ott? et 138 litA at. aoraer of Ub av Good si'.asllooa Immediately ?l#o, cood. elrtl, aepsble bale, to null all wbo call. G'rle lately lauded wanted. and i mall (trie In good respectable families. A FIRST CLftbK DRESSMAKER IIAMD WANTED FOR the irlmm'ng. A| ply at 165 6th av. A GIRL WANTED?IN A SMALL FAMILY, WHO J3L mtut be a good plain cook, waaker aad Apply lor tw . days at 1016ib at., opposite 8th st A GIRL WANTED FOE HOU8IWORK.-HHE MUST BE A a pood washer sad Ironer and anil have no eooalag 'o do. Referrooe required.. Apply this day at 137 Sth si. fouih door west of Broadway 137 new Ba, 130 old No. COCK ? WANTED, BY A RESPECTABLE GIEL, A situation as oook la s prtreie family; Is will'tit to do the was), eg and Ironing; no objection to a p ovate ho t-e. Sett of city reference from her Ust plaice Cel. for one dey st It# irk a* , cp stairs. Cloak makers wantkd.-rtrapy work togood hai rs Apply to James A. Hears A boo. 77ft Broaeway. fMRI, WAITERS WANTED?TB08E WHO UNDER. JT* stand their kinases may spoly at Walker e dining sa ojo, 337 fcprmg sL, near Wsshltgton st. LAUNDRESS WANTED?A HEAD LAUNDREHS WANT, ed. to take charge and assist la s leas dry that has ben la constant operation for 19 years; moat understand the buai ?teas; sa American or English woman preferred For f irlber parllealars address Geo. J Pi en Pas A Ban, Fall Hirer, Mam. NUBSEhY GOVERNESS WANTED-HURT HAVE some education and unexceptionable refer en re. Apply st 38 ^ Cit 344h iL a CBSE WANTED.?APPLY AT 322 CANAL STREET. NUBFE tllRL.?WANTED, A T1DT GIRL, FIF tern years old. to take care of a bsby and make herself generally useful In a small faintly, t'att at 3el sth ay., be tween 21th and Stlth sts. WANTED-A OIRL AS COOK, LAUNDRESS, AND TO do general housework. A competent girl le required, end tncb a one, with good testimonials as to character and qua Mentions, will And a good home and good wauea Apply a Us Montague piece. WASTED?TWO NBAT, HONEST AND IND' BTRIOU8 Grrmen girls, one as cook, washer and ironer, the other si child's nurse. In s a mall American family, sn hour's ride from the city. Apply at lit) John bL, second door, front oOee. WANTED-A GOOD COOK. WASHER AND IRONER In a small family; she mutt be neat, obliging and re nuftil, and must bring unexceptionable reference. Apply l Wett Suh it., between it and 12 o'clock. WASTED?AS LAUNDRESS AND CHAMBERMAID. A Protectant roung woman, to go to the country; unexcep dona! Je reference required. Ceil between It) end II A. M. at No. 6 Albion place, 4:h St. WANTED?A GERMAN GIRL, TO DO GENERAL housework In armall family to go a abort distance In the country; one that Is a good washer aad Ironer. Apply at Dr. Uurney's, corner ot Rut Broadway and Montgomery at WANTED?A LADY'S MAID AND SEAMSTRESS. WHO can sew we'l and make dramas. App y at Ml West 23d st. between the hours of 12 end 2 WANTED-A GIRL TO GO A SHORT DISTANCE tram the city, who is competent to wash and iron for three persons, nut In her per. >n and a good plain seamstress. Fust -lass inferences will be required. Apply for two days si 19s Weal -Oth at., between the hours of 10 and 2. WANTED- A THOROUGHLY COMPETENT OPERATOR on R heeler A Wilson s se etna machine. To a respects ble young woman, with few acquaintance*, and willing to be came n member of the family, good Inducements will be offered None others teed apply to Mrs. Pounden, corner of Old Flatbcsh road and Butler St., Brooklyn. WANTED-A FIRST CL4SB COOE, TOTAKE Til ARGI of the kitchen of a restaurant. Call Immediately with references, at No. 113 are C. WANTED?AN EXPERIENCED CHAMBERMAID AND waitress, who can do plain sewing. A German and I'roteatsst preferred. Cell, with references between 10 sad 12 o'clock A. M., st No, 99 Remaen street, Brooklyn. WANTED-AN EXPERIENCED PROTECTANT WOMAN ss none a-d seamstress; one fttBy oompetent to take Charge of an Infant. Unexceptionable references required. None others need apply. Call at 93 CUiton Place, from 10 to 12 o'clock. 'ANTED-A MIDDI.K AGED PR01E8TANT WOMAN to take eharge of the nursery in e publle Institution; referenee required. Apply st 47 East 34th st, oo Tuesday, Oct 9. from 2 until 4 o'clock P. M. WANTED TO DAY?FOR A PRITATE FAMILY IN the city, a Protestant woman In the car a, it y of cook, washer and lraner. also a good chambermaid and waitress and a good laundress Apply st 424 Broadway, up stairs WANTED-A CHAMBERMAID. WAITRESS. LAUN dress. Cook. Nurse, and seamstress, for a 9rat, '..via pri vate family who pay good wages Apply at No 7 11th St., be tween University place and Broadway, from 9 to ft o'clock. AMTED-A SI HONG. BKALTHY GIRL, ABOUT 16 , , years uf age, u, take care uf rkildren sad do light house work : to one well reo mmeuded a goo<l home and ftt par n.ooth will be g"vee Call at No. 3 3d at WANTED?IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, TWO GIRLS; "tie aa chambermaid and seamstress, and the other as wasbrr aDd ironer. loth must be thoroughly sfllrleiif In vheir rapacity and l.sra good references. Apply at 27 West 22d at., t rum 9 to 12 o'clock. TKTANTKD?TWO PROTESTANT WOMEN. AS COOK TV :ind laundress In a smell family a short d'.stsnse In the country. Inquire at 13 Washington square, until 12 o clock this day. Kuter on ftth ay. w w WANTEP-A STIAHT OIRL. A8 WAITRESS AND eben.trim.itd. no? wh< can do sewing Deferred; best rltr reference r?.(oired Apply at 71 Clinton st, Brooklyn, between 9 and 10 u'cltck tn the riurulag. TIT ART ED?A PERFECTLY COMPETENT FRENCH. IT English or Rww w rata, u Ivdy'e maid and Nina ree? ?he roust be a Protectant. O'o.1 wage* given Call at tit William at . room 13, from 11 to 3 o'clock. UTaKTRD- A SERVANT (JTR1., TO ro QRREKAL YY hs?i?r work tn a (mall boarding bohm np town; must lie a Cood washer an 1 troMr and mine wall recommended, a Pro '?taut German preferred. Call at 219 Wrst Juab at, between 9 and 10 o'clnok A. M. W'ANltn I11RM (? 1KI.S ONE A HOOD COOK. ORE for genera) bonaework. tl a other to do ckambersrurk aad take care of . blldren, th we with (rood refereueea .may apply at 1U3 Maiden lane, up atalra. WANTFH-TWO LaCNPRKKSI-. WAOIH $13; ORE < haaibermaid, $12 one paetry oook, $K to ro to lIt rial. Cuba middle aged peraoaa preferred Applv at ld2 Matdeu laae. np atalra. from 10 to 2 o clock. I'ansae- *UI be paid alao a x<rl for general bouaework. WANTED?AR OPERATOR ON A WHEELER .1 Wilarrn sewing machlae. Apply to Mrs A. C. Aaien, I1J (U are.. one door above 4Tlh it. WARTtn-A OIRU IR A SMALL PRIVATE YY faaally. who nnderrunde the Ironing. waablnr and cham terwert tborioahly. P> t oe that can noma well rec immended rr??l ? a*re will be paid. Apply at Ml Wee; 2.Mh at . between rib and mh arm. WANTED?TWO THORO 'HHlT COMPETENT HIRLS. colored. Herman or Ear!tab one to do the reneral bona* work tn a family at me peraoaa, in Brooklyn, the mber In a family of three tn Pew Tork erarea S7 aad 16. Apply, be - twaen tba boura of 0 and 12 A. M , at i-1 Onion at., Browalya. flood reference! required. WANTED-TBI* DAT, A NUMBER OP COOKS. CRAM bermalda tenadreeeee. alao 8 (trie for renwrel bonaa work; situ nines ready. A no. a number of glrle Intel tasted for good pleeea. Apply at the laatitnte, Ro. 2 Baat Twenty I bird atreet, eroed door from Bread way. WARTKD-IR A PRIYATE PARILT, A OIRL TO DO reneral homework; must be a rood waaher aad troner. and nw wall recommended tn other need apply; a I'm. ?taunt preferred Apply at MOifard at. near Fu.ioo ar, Brooklyn. A If TEH - A ST E APT TOIXa WOMAN AS WATTRR. Apply at No 79 9U at., third home earn of Mb are. w WANTEP-A CHAMBERMAID AND WAITER. IR A arna.l private family by Margaret who lliedai No. 6 Weal 1 -ib a: . please call again at M .th at. Tl'ARTED-A HOOD OOOK. WA1IIRR ARD IRONKR. YY Mum briar rood reference from teat piece. Apply tbm m nnmg between 10 and 11 o'clock, at No. 3 went Mth at TT-ANTED-AT If TOMPKINS PLAI'S, BROOELTN, YY m a family of fonr persona a chaaberma',1. ne thai can do plain aewlap aad look aftar two children ne.her email, (tool reference re died the place 10 be permanent WAMVtD~A OIRL w BO CAN OOMK ? KtJ. RRCOM ?? m?? led, let -k. war- *m roe *a.i aama ?the bxme work, the moat be a mod plain oook waaiirr arc troaer an I imtcratand baking Apply at 7-East 27th m YITANTEP?FOR OBKKRAL HOUMWOMK IN A ft small p rivals family, a neat, tide girl, w!<o hiali rook. wa?b?r and Irticr. N w c but Pr temania need apply QUI at %: ft'eat lntli at. near nb m . after Uoolock A.M. YET ANTED - A YOPNO rROTESfANT D'lLA ? HILD'S YY anrat and seams < rear sue moat be thorougklw eompe lent, Udy >a henem. None ant etch aa can come well re-om mended for tbeae n-slifteauona weed apply at room il U lobe Hotel, Fulton tl Brooklyn _________ ANTkD-IN A PRIVATE HOAIPINH HOUSE. A w nod plain eook. wMher aad trrwer air ag.slrhsw I amir" * k mania and wai -a the hen >f references re iwred. Ap ply at 87 Henry at, Hrontlya YET ANTED?A XI' ETIDTOIRI. To SO THE ft'VERA!, Yf lip?awaik of three li fAm t Apply ia< n? y 10 llarrtS' n street. Y1*ANTKD~AN OFRRATOR AT fllWAITES AVRRO Yf type. !>a( .err> aype aad Fbotosrapi, 9, leri -N6 ? hv ham eriare. \\*ANTED A HERMAN To ? "OK. W v-ff~tWT? ft iron she wiiet be hcetea- Udf re tl ana (her gh.y na CersUa-l her business. Ro ether nee 1 apply at MS A lea at, Tl'ANTtn A TOONM I.APT OF OlirTEEl APPEAR ft aateht iceiaataM. Ap, y ? 71 M-r ?r at >eiw*ea the V -aof II A M and If l. ll'ARTKP-A hMART A* TI Vg TOt N i I.APT AS Yf svie"wmwao tn an ?mbmd?r* aad rtbboe a*,we. em w l>n nader atands making ip illaatoa rags, Br. i referred. Apply at 3*!> bt are. fJL'ARTBD-A RICE OIRL TO aTYKND A RANBRT YY aad aretel la 'ight bo ?ewort. American ir kc. .?h preferred. Apply at IM dark eat m Smith irooklyn WRY RCR?I WARTED?ORE NEAT ARD HRALTRT. with e eaty of milt, for a nhlid two moatha old. Apply at M West W arrea a , Brooklyn. ? O A DAT.-WanTED, AR IRTEI.UOENT LADT OF ?Tl< good address and perwTaraaos. for a miner mat ?>? eeti'lnyiBewt Bring rafarencea. and apply at Lit Rvaaan si, oom ?. foerthioor kerraMa or neeraRsea ant waatad. riMYC ARTS. IJIHI FIRR ARTS. On Hew at Howptl's, Two mat bid ktatnettea renraaaattag ?LABOR AMD fXlMKRROM." A ISO. A eCWT OP MM CH? RldiTlR CRSHMAR, Flee test in Rome by ana ???> entaaiwe. The ftienda of the artist and the "ren of art generally are tented to new art there works, which remala here hut a abort time. AdaanWiwi fyee 771 Broadway, aoraer of Rlatk street. HELP W ANTED?MALES. AM COACHMAN WaNTKD-FOK THE COUNTMTi muat id ?xpert"r coi groom uil nuileratand the aand lli ? an.] iuuudci.: if i, >r*ea thoroughly aunt tie a Urate*, tarn imvroiFr to be aaao ibla day at the bar ran la' laaui.UA, 14'J ' rand at. BOOKKEEPER - WANTED, THE SERVICES OF A tnokkeeper f ir a few bnura dsilv, to write up a plain VI "i."?. anil make ooUeethua. AUdrraa U. A. W., Herald B IJ* A oaaosEN'S OFFICE. MCtr **** w,1]- LUMLBT, If John at. BOT Tf-ZI?-1* ? JEWELRY FACTORY. WA01 oca dollar per week. Ad draw W. A 8.. Herald o?ee. fWAOTMAN -WAFTED A SITU ATION, BT A BE V 9*' *fb>* ? n?l? ?*?; baa had loot experience .a thto ! city; baa Jived with aoae of lha flret famftes la thla our SS rive the beet city raft reaee lor character and oauabtlitv Can be eeen at 50 4th av.. at Mr. Campbell* ?ad5^y^oM?r DRT GOOl 8-WANTED, fWO BET AIL J Ry GOODS aaleamen. that ao aell good* In ererr department tboas of aober aou ateudy habda oely need apply, between if and B ? o'cio. k in the mornfr.g, at 416 Sth av. Garibaldi triumphant employment.- agentb wanted to aell the dneat map of Italy ever pubUabed la the rountry. itall at lit* Naaeau at. room 16. IBSBB 1 BTBOPOLIYaN INTELLIGENCE AGKNUT 102 and l<>4 Maiden lane, New York. c iB:e hotire from 10 A M to S I' k I'eraaoa in Merck of aert ante either male or female, upon whom booeety and la legrlty they car relr whether English French 0 erman or Irish, will consult their owa lntereat by calling at our office. We ro cr,II.mend none but thoae who oome well recommended to ga ana charge nothing If the applicant la not (tilted. Give oa a trial EN WANTED TO MAKE CLOTH oVKKOOATB. 'ana street, up ataira. M RK.-PBCTAHI.F. MRS SEEKING SITUATIONS AH clerk v bookkeeper*. aaleamen, porter*, barker (ere. A a., abo'tld ?! plv et the on], genuine oAce, Kedpath'a Merchants Clerka' Kegbury o?oe, 711 Bread way No commiaalou to id* tan -e. Appllcanta by mall muat eo'Ioae two stamps. GEO. RAWLINS Superintendent. TU O BOA! MEN ?W ANTED?A FEB SON TO MANAGE A sloop of al ay torn In the North and Maat rtrere. "mi riant freight secured and a liberal per rentage <>r the yeaael'e earn Inge allowed. Addre** freight Herald office, lor two days. TIO PORK BUTCHERS - WANTED, A SMART, ACTIVE young man who underitends the pork business. Apple to John Lynch, pro. alon dealer, 62 and 64 Clinton market. YKTANTED?III MKDIATELT, TWO EKPEEIBNCED n aaleamen. aiao u young lady accuatomed to a ?*""*"*Tt itore. Apply to Street, 474 Broadway. YKTANTKD-A TOUNG MAN FOR A LIQUOR STORM TT m New Jersey four men for rieamera. two porters oow carhmau. two meat > drive hnrae and cart, cnoI i Creinan. cne governes*. two glrla to travel. Apply at No. Chatham square. w ANTED-A MAN A8 COOK; WAGES 134; AIAO, tarn dining room toy a, (17; to go to Havana, Cuba. Fae ?ag* pale. None nee; apply bat thoae who undenlond Ihetg bualbeaa. Call at 101 Maiden lane, na ataira TIT ANTED-BY A- T. STEWART * CO., A NUMBER TT of active. Intelligent caah bora Apply hafwean 8 aad t A. M., Broadway, Chamber! and Beads streets. WANTED?A YOUTH TO ATTEND IN TOE GENTI.B man'a furnishing department. In the retalTdrygoode trade: none hut thoae acquainted with the boaineaa need apply, at Ml Fulton at, Brooklyn. wrANTED- A GOOD HALEniAN ONE THAT HAS A TT knowledge of 1 too and embroidery bur neev: eticb caa bave a permanent ittaailoa and good wane paid; also ooett wr rk at crape goods. Call at G. wider A Co.'a, 191 Feltm at, Brooklyn. wr anted?a managing clerk in a law deficit. TT familiar with practice. Addreaa. box 170 Poet offioa, atating qualtiicatioos, experience aad referenoea WANTED- A MAN TO GO SOUTH, WHO IB A GOOD vegetable gardener and alao competent to roe a wbd gri-i mill. Inquire at 83 Beekman it, lower floor, between IX aad 3 o'clock. WANTED-A TOUNG MAN, AB ASSISTANT BOOK* keeper and entry clerk. Salary. And year, 9600. Beat referencea from laat employer required. Addreaa JL A D., box 100 1 erald office. TKTAWTED?IMMEDIATELY, 100 AGENTS TO SMLL IR TT the city and country a light, genteel paying article. Oa pital required from 13 rente to 010. Thla lea good opportunity for any cne nut cf business. Oall any day after 9 o'cio3k. ? 20 Pine street, room 19, at the head of the third flight of itairm WANTED?A SALK8MAN TO 1 RAVEL FOR A DEM goods touao; alao a good aegmr aalnamaa. Apply at Redpatb'a Merchant! Clerka' Registry office, 78 Broadway. hit satlona prccurrd. Nocommiaelon in advance. ReferetcE lo Hrat claaa bouaee. GEO. RAWLINS, SupertBtenileet. Wanted-hv a phtrioian. a rot. from ie lo 1.1 war* of age; he muat un.leratand driving and l.r'ng rood refcreuoea. Cell at Na 3 West 14th at., at 1 o clock WANTED-A CLERK, WITH 9600 TO 91,000, IN THH atvtlooery busin?*e. on good aeenrtty and ratr salary, or a (ultable person, with 02.000 to 96.000, received as partner. Bitudiora procured. No commiaelon In advance. Referee04 to Hrat claaa bouaee. GEO. RAWLINS, Bupertnten,lent. r ANTED? BT A PHTBI0I AN. A BOT. FROM IE lo 1.1 vcars of age; he mue br'ng rood refareucea. Call at Na lo day rANTED?A CLERK, WITH 9600 TO 91,000, IN THM ?tttionery liable verwn CaU at 16 Id av. WANTED IMMKDIATELT?A GERMAN DMT GOODS oalevman. who apeak* the English language fluently, kno*va hie bualneaa. and can aell goods; none other need apply. Call before 8 o'clock, on N. Bear .e 917 tlh av. WANTED-SEVERAL RKSPfcTABLK MEN. OF OOO0 ad.lrvm ami buitneas hablla. to solicit suhacrtbara far our new *n,l popular works: a liberal commiaelon or salary to the rtclit sort or meo. Apply to W. II. Ruahtoa, Johnaoo, Fry A Co.. 37 Beekman atreet \WTAN1KD?A TOUNG MAN. AND AIAO A YOUNflF TT lady, to attend a fancy dry gouda store. Apply at 11E ?ih av. TITANTKir-A BOY, FRuE it TO 17 YEARS OF AGE. TT to wt.'itd a ?r"cerr etore (Herman preferred*: on* that III deratandf Jti'ultoh prefe red, the heat >. rofleaMnvtaUonS rc Milrrd. Apply to Junta More. 76 West 2Uh ??., from 7 to HI TAT 6 NTKD?A YOUNG MAR ACQUAINTED WITH THM retell dry roods business. Apply to T. K. Fletcher. Tin 1 At) YI'ANTBD \ MIDDLE AGED MAN All FARMRR AND YY pardeoer. Fi employment will be clren to a rood man. lnvdr* at 76 West it. THB TIIADRR. t OlJOD OH 81NKRK WANTED-ONK WHO UNDKR. it it>n ? making ateo. 1 dies. Apply at Bleh?i'? rite nil eiU litem. 28U 1'eeri sc. A YOUNG MAN 1STIARS OF AOt WOULD LIKE '?hind timer If to a maehmtel. wbeee he won Id hare all ' prortuBltT "f thr.roiiehly Iterator ' be trade. I dill nee *. C.. C. W t-mj h, 290 7th ar, PMMBKR WANTRP-AT n. SHKAIDeN S, 16 WHIYR hall at. Tin roofers wanted?apflyb at iot chrtktie rtreet PLATK AMI* 8HKKT IRON WORKERS W aNTED <-mith A Hun* , Jll-ah ave., between 2eth and 27th elo; aleo. a man to b ark stores. rKNORA TBR8 - WANTED, A OOon RNORAVRR OW lewrlry. AppH to B Rnaaell. KiaakUa ' ulMicje, eor ner of Dey el sod Broadway, top Boor TO OAS FITTERS ?WANTED, TWO OE THKIF. (X)M prteat men to test aed pot np chan toilers, Ac. Apply 10 .loo O01 AJTo , 6!>e Brnadeay. corner of 4th at. rpo TAILORS -TWO BCSHELMEN WANTED. AT l.JQd 1 Broadway, between PJufHth ata. I* PHOLMTKRFRR?WANTED, TWO OE THRRK GOOD 1 pho'atorers Itn'iire Unmrdlatey at 877 Broadway, brtwrra )?b ar d )*lh ate. JOHN FREKMAB. WANTED-A FIRST ( LA MB BREWER. MO OMR MEED apply ? tthont food refereneee ae to ouahSeatioi*. Ad dreee A. S. Marwell. Saratoga Springe. M. T. Watchmakers -wamtei*. a watchmaker, at On Pert Hrethen. 777 Broadway. WANTED-TWO GOOD DIAMOND JEWELLERS, A* Frtend A Seller's, 1M and 164 Broadway. WARTEC-IMMEDIATELY, A FEW TIN AED SHEET iroo wareera. nnaa but thorough mrnMielne a ply o J. 8. Meruit. 116 Bleerker at. WRKMC1I ADVKRTINKMKKTN. UN DEMANHE-UNK FIMME DE < HAM BEE SUIdHE "U Frmr^a ae Protewsite', poor le terries de dam leasee dent- aellee. II rant qu'eile aa. be blen rmdre el UttAer lea robes. R triremer eti No. 10 Beet 6tiii at . epr. e S heotoa 1" N JETNB HOMME FRANCATR HABITANT LA I rllia dejoia deui aee et partant I'Ana lata. deaMRdP tin emplol dan a une mat aon de eommeree F rat. -alee. S'adreneer a C B . bot IM Herald rWre. UNE J EC ME FILL! 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New Toad, September IT. MA MEW TORE AMD HARLEM RAILROAD. FARE TO At.BANT K Oe aed after Monday, June M. I860 tretae wlU lea re ISA Twemr alrtb A reel autt? New t-w?. ae feflu? ? Fw WiDlamebiidjre and all way snauom 6 Mi F M For While Ptaies aad all way 1 F M For White Flalne aad all war Aatk Areel depot For t'rot on Pal la. depca, S 16 A. M., atopp'ne at a bore For Domr Halnafrom Tweaty Mnh eBeW dWAME PM atoppin* at Wktiertataa aad aUom aborw-HWIe WeiP ma* to Mtllertop ererr Satnrday erealaR). Far A??W fs*6 Twenty alith etrwet depot. 10 II A. M . arereee mall train. at White Fiatne. Bedford. OrinepFnS ead MeMee ? pke* iWH?WMEMM pine at all atailoan north of White Fm JOHN EORCHIUa Aa