Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 8, 1860, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 8, 1860 Page 7
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?HIPPING. ? eduction in priors A Aiuumo stbam navigation oobpamt. www YORK AID SALViT UNI. touching at n. johnb n. r., Urn myto ?II uA green. jaas33srs2,to?wnx hi I*. _A J?SF UtON HIDE- TH11L 8TRAMRRJ iAfiw? 4,400 m? 4.400 tons bnrthea * *A) toes burthen toes burthen. " * ;??????? ? ? ????? 4.AOtoneburthen. ?J3!L25? 4fp*rt?r? will be the OONNAUGHT, from Boston, 0?t a to be followed br the FRINbl ALBRBT. tWJ" *ew Twk, No*. to. ?toe Pier No. 57, North river +jS*LE2x?s txsvsric&s * r*uwm7, ^ PWelam. nop, $*. and III. according to Me room as ""??"'tetwoe Third oka $30, Including eoohed provtetOiA. Afd tam. Johns, N. P : P1>et eleee. $M; third elam MO SHf? neder U years keif ertoe under one year free psaeaagma are required to furnlek bed* and ttee * taking passage from New York for the MiMn NbUjhCfrMi Boston. will neelre free passage from Mew York tare at thin Company hare ooen eonmrnated with eare ae regards safety and comfort, eoaabtned :;-r- -?ni and pent elltng power and are built with eater gp? compartments They are oonOdently eipeoted to eurpam ?? kpeed and rough weather qualities any reaaela erer built had are replete with elegnnetee aad a nreatenoea ?Ra erpertaooed surgeon la attached to each ahlp. Pereooa 5'?tog to aead for their friends oan obtain return I Ink eg at lea following great)* reduced price* ? la third oabm from Oalway. 130. b> tolnl cabin from nay town In Iralaod c? a railway $tl 40; in tiled anbui from l"* principal cttlee of Bngland and Scotland Ut For freight or pnaaase, apply to HOWLAND h A8PINW ALL, A rente. Noa M end H South street. IIULR BRITISH AND NORTH AM1AICAN BOYAJ. A mail HTKaMSHIPS rmoa new TC'UX to una root. ~ reeeage $150 i pieeage 7> race ao?row to uramroot. Chief cabin paanage fiiu flHOld Oftklo DMMf0 00 The ahlpa from New York oai! at Cork harbor. The ahlpa from Boston rail at llallfat aud Cork barber. PERSIA, Oapt. Jndklns ARABIA, Oapt. J. Hi in. ASIA, Oapt K. <J Lett ATBTUA, Oapt Nkaooon AN A I) A, Oapt List t*KRM4. Oapt. Hoodie. NIaG ABA. Cept Audermn. BCROPa. nap*. J. Leitnh. ROOT1A Mow building) * carry a dear white light at maatliead, green oard bow. red oa port bow j Iett, inarm n. Tork Wednesday, Sept M JPA. Anderson, " Boiton Wednesday, Oct S. IIA, Judklua, " N tork Wednesday, Oct lu ARABIA, Ktiue, " Hoeton Wedueaday, Oct 17. AFRICA. Shannon, " N Tork Wednesday, Oct. tt CANADA. Hoodie, " it?ton Wedueaday. Oct U. Bertha not arcured until paki for. An experienced Hurreon on boa*d The iwrnera of iheer aura will not be accountable for go'.!, direr, bullion, specie, jewelry preotouv atonee or tnelala. nil laaa bills of lading are signed therefor, and the raluc thereof thsrutn expressed. For freight orp aasuge ajiply to K (TUNAKf), No 4 Howling Oreen. STEAM WEEKLY BETWEEN NEW YORK AND I.TVER. pool, lending and rmbarklDg p'.aaengera at gnwnalm n eland'. Ihe Liverpool. New tork and Philadelphia ?ohip Company Intend d.apatcn ng their full powered Clyde butt Iron ateamafclps GLASGOW, Saturday. October IS CITY OK BALTIMORE. Katnr. ay. October JO. CITY OF MANt'HRtTKK. HUmday. Crt. bed J7. And every Saturday, at nooo. from pier 14 Nor A river. hat*.- or rAsa.r.e Pint eabln t75 I Steerage ISO I)o. to London $80 ' Do to London ltd Steerage return ticketa goo<i for six month" SCO. I'aaaengen forwarded to Paris Havre Hamburg. Bremen, 11' tlerdam, Antwerp. Ae at reduced tnrough larea. Persona wlabtng to bring out their friends can buy tickets hare to the following rates to New Turk ? *rom Liverpool or Qneenstown?First cabin, $75 $85 and $131 Steerage from Liverpool, $40; from yueenatown $90. These steamers have superior aocummodatloo for passen gers and carry experienced surgeons. They are built In water ugbt Iron eeouons, and nave patent Fire AnulhUatore on board. For further tnforma'-lon apply In Liverpool to WTLLIAM IMKAh, Agent. 14 Water etreet. in Glasgow to WILLIAM IMMAM. No. 5 St. Enoch muare. In (,'ueenstoarn to C. A W. D. SByW"DR A london to EIYK4 A MAt'BV, 61 Slag WUllam street; lo Part, to ll'LBd uK lOUE. No 5 Place de la Bourse; In Pblladelpbla to JUBN G DALB. IU0 Walaut ?tree), or to (he Company's odloes JOHN U. DALE. Agent. 18 Broadway. M. T. ?DOB SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE?ON SATURDAY, F Oetober 15. the United States mall steamer ARaOO. O. Unas, eoounander. will sell from Pier $7 North Riser, foaa g( BlaA torato oaStonrda*.OoLU to noaA This steamee? mmarpaased far safety and oomfort?has double engtnea under da*, enclosed by wetwr Ugbt oompsrtmenla, which, betodea Other resulM, tend in the event of collision nr stranding, to ROYAL MAIL STBAMHHIP pehsia. For Liverpool-Th? PRIUJI a. Judkio; wmafmader. wll mii fwM ivg gifMM no #edm*dst n*it, th* Wl ioitAnt A eteombnsl will ply botwoon the Company*? wharf at Jellmy CUjt Ptntft, fro** II to IX o'eloch, (c oonv*T pS4MW ?'? IniMuISS the great ocmnrr of pereoas who go out tn thninaadMM an lb" sreal risk bribing thrrcfretm, utha-nall ^kkStaM^t rrq nested m take WW. of their fliZili mi ir- wharf^es 'hey c>?w be takra oa boeri. tw. if bio i win mJI the *4th Instant. E (lUNaRD No 4 Bowhai: Orsea. CTMAJMMB OF OCTOBER ? jS For hnuthbWtitOb bbd HbTTB _ ? North nrsrsrur^sst^'^ ddtomaVci r'amoJ^oJI dowllngSrSi^Krw Tort ?gM Mb OB London ai OtTTHAMPTON ??D HATK4 gHn^TSI ? above porta ION AMU HAlbb At'boUc Sfnmeaip t'omrapr will despatch for Hi H their solvodir sir unship ATLAN1IO, I'brtala A. O. OrbT, earry ng the Untied "tatei mails on the fallow Uf days, from Canal itrMi whbrf ? Frsm New 1 ort v-sturda?, Nor 17 nng Dee. 19 From Havre Dee. 5 and f ?o IS Ftad mnflliani|iiisi the (ley after leant* He-re The Atlantic la n?eelled for stremth end comfort, he* water tight com paitwsali and le to ail reagents in eemotate order Far freight or pa ernes apply at the o?nr of the rovnpnay, 8! Wall strati. I r RTKPHENH, Secretary rrtHI NORTH UKBMiN LUiTl* KTIACHII' NEW X TORE, H 1- roo ransra. commander earning the Cal led Ma mall, wi'1 ?all <m SATURDAY. On. (7. at 11 o'clock M., roe ???MRU. VIA SOUTHANFTOM, Taking paaeeaaere for LONDON, HaTM m7| TH a wPTt>N AND B3KMBX At the following rataa ? TM cabin HOT ee mod cabin. MO ; steerage. SSI. For trglghl or passage ap piv to ^0*1 /r KK, ETOTOEN A RBTCHFLT, 1*0 IB Broadway. FTTHE HAWR1RU AMKRH'AN FACKKT COMPANY'S X mall steamship RAXONIA, H Bklers, eommAader. W'l Mare for Hamburg Southampton, lam Ion bad Havre on ' Monday Oot 1A. at U M First oabtn. S100, second eabla. Mb, Steerage. *34 C. H RH'HARl A BOAS 151 Broadway, If.T. The steamship BO R CHS IA win succeed the BaronLe. qiAFBOOTT'S LIRE OF LIVERPOOL AND LOMDOE X packets-Panagc froei or to tJverpool and l/mdoa can always be eugaged ?} < ts well ennwn line sailing weekly, at (he eery lowest rales, and drafts fur any amount obtdned. No. ol South street, New York. XfOR Linf-OOL-TWR CKLFHRATRD CI.IPPRE I? skip DP tiHOHBT. Hast Hamuels. the fastest vas sal afloat wt -oil o. the loth of itetoBer Fee paaeagy (lowest rates) apply immediately, to eesore bertha oe boanf at alar Mo. 4 North rlrer, or to P V UK* A REST. 40 South street P^HE LIVERPOOL?OLD SLACK ^Hpsrkrt ship AUSTRALIA, IrliJ OTlWerltf! the JoHN HRU.ll/ ? (mn, nr to Ireland, bad drafla Sssfs* I-INR-IHR at Pier 17 East rlrer, inmmimnipnmeiia o smear? r? or to Ireland, aad drafla apply to WILLIAMS [, 40 FultOS street. PR UYERP- Ol. THE SPLENDID BHU? \ AN OCaBD. oapt HAiiet will p muveiy saU this day, at II O'eloek noon For rales uf onesnge apply Immediately to JO 3BTH MO EPH 1,41 South street, near Wall. D IXtNDON ?THE Oapt. Larrabaa. sal's Uire pool Oablo fare. MD. Paefcrt ship EhIbX (TIBET EHIPM FOR I.IVKRPoul. AND f splaadM flip HE R1 FAR' (M. Moore, tar lordoa. s*Us net. 4 For passage apply t>' FHOE. O. EOOHR. (B Ronth street I UVUH UflOE bkw orlranh PArgfTs-ha us H mi the 10lh iMt. the raflsalllns parkelthlo HaETELLE, CapV We Fur pwtasge apply dn h-nf^. I-ler 11 Rest rl <T. f nana ferry, nr to T A rw UN 1< - # -tgA-i th sr ee. ig iE OALIFl 1KB 1 A VIA riPAIi. A M nlrir eaan* will leave New ? or* the M. nth and r orlkanh pacrits -sails 10th Inst, the I <a """""" * nKaTr^y' " USOE OAU safig51 rE MATANEAH Te salt on bonds -, trtoher 9, At 1 v'eloek P M The nit ?! -1 iter mall steamship ? ATAN7.AE U-b- . e omauder. Is reedy f? rec-lre ?et pier *i N'?ik over. f-w? <?* i'hamhers street For "?"KWfilfc.'V uv.t UflOO.. 54 Birkaage plam Malta etoae at the Poet ??<? at I? clock P. M. on tae lay of BEAT RBntMT'oN IN PKI E tit nkw 'iii,ka*v an.- Havana. STEAVRl P -i| ?id IliB WERT, ?'?.i *1 P <n*fen, TFDl Hn? me' !?>? ->f * acres street. On Monday. ? R nl 1 ipnlnek f. M. ghttn N?e ? wtrane,? neataparsnbtafga, m N-* ' M toHeraii* jf geb-N a anil Havana ...... M H u Ho ' -ill Agrui 117 Wvetm-eet. omnas of Warren street mnimi i i and Empire 'Vtv will leave omnher CR AVfFMsLI a txntldo ' INE TTfb FINE fast satnee hart ' Kl'flU ?EK will sail for Nalhn-im-. on sesday nril lOk in- . alt'velb Fnnv move *r m-t oabln psgMagere can veer unrelated in the bona* On leek. at a low rata A 're - ure t w rehn pas enseva ran nr ee ooasmndated. ?pr'j ? i. art *t per t 9 C?at river, or to MA1LLEE, UtED A Q KRKA1?. NW Wall atr Wt F?E HATAP ApIRa T ^ A BOX' I THE l?TH 1 Nv T ANT, The splendid ft'SI clans very last stnna Hah an a. erlll Ml natiii Par ire. For fre-sht or u m age karlaf supsrlnr BPP|i^ti'a,k *"* r!R SAVANNAH AND (HE BOOTH. Thetaeam.bin NoCF???.*tRT "apt Wa. 0 Berry, win Mare pier IS North rlrer eeThurwUr.tM 11, at 4 P. El ptfl Psansge to Eamasoh with nn?urpaaa*fl ageommodaflSM. fanta, fl; Mavrn MD. ?"pi it 117 M laasailtaa omnlksi rare at luninitaai i dim apt H ?" H d '"RoMWMLL A <X)? NR IM .1 ?rt and SM Broad way. Th# B. E. OTTTLBN wtrrcclv 'day Ort IE PR BAVAANAH -THF * Rvt LBN" -HI?E WHKEl, stvnmshln cT 11 a op hBiih Ha fMwtafci ? i Oarvtc will MlfreaPhi's vinbre fen ?- "th ?- ?-dncetar Ott n. At IDo'rinca A. ? f?Mn i ass., ? "? #? --age. M n,r..n|,, gtaknts to New n-lrera and i >-?-- ? ?'irp ?>?? ?' ? ? n- r.t? ar try simmers f- ia N.s \ -O W?t- r,on?-o?t or Wro-ned hy apfi dng I - t HI il 'Jr. -"1- 'FH, as. Phl-addi liia lb? rtctreej Kt <???"< H a?Swf|1 sa as I for i W''<* w" - ?? I* a< hi '? arg t * RHippnra. ?T iiimm i ii ii i li 1 fNUI on Mood*j, October S, and ?fl as ihm i roan pier foot oflunw stroetNorth river. UTIianoa. OBOOHMBON A ro7? Murrey street afi SOTO mil* ciotobf II, and BIBMVILM Wot?her 1. F?! B 8AVAMNAH AMD THE SOUTH. Th r -*-'r R H. COT MR, Oapt F. Croaker, will Inn pier 13, Worth river, oa Sal ur lay, Oct. 13, el 1 P. H. Hniuk, (13 Through tickets euld to New Orleans, Mobile. Montgomery, Memphis, Naeh villa. RnoivUie, Chattanooga, Albany, Col tut but. Atlanta. Maooo tad A una Ma The aooommodaliaaa for psseeagsri are superior to thoao of any other etnewer. Apply to H B. OBOMWBLL A CO.. Ot Weal etreet and 331 Broadway. Through freight arrakgkmint.?for nor folk, Portsmouth, City !'? lot and Richmond. connecting with Norfolk and Petersburg. and Souhstde Railroads for Lynchburg, Brute!. Memphis and I itermedlale atallona Freight received every day, and through receipts furnished at pier IS North river Steamship J AM KttTOWN, Cat t Skinner, 'eaves every Tuen davatSP M., taking freight for Partem-, .'.h, City Point and Richmond. Dtaamship ROANOKE. Cajt Couch, every Thursday at 3 P. M., taking freight for Norfolk, City Point and Richmond, and calling at old Point C^mfct to land passenger!. Btesmrlilp Y'-RKTO *N, 'apt Parrlsn even'Saturday at 3 P. M , taking freight for Norfolk, Cite Point an t Richmond. Freight to Portsmouth or Norfolk. 7 cents per foot, to Ctty Point 8 cents, and to Richmond 9 cents. Pass*ce to Norfolk, stateroom and mea^ Included, (8; to Petersburg or Richmond, 110; children between the (gee Of 1 and 13 luff price LCD LAM A HFINEKKN, U5 Broadway. rR HAVANA VIA NARBAU. N P.-THI BRITfHH and North American Royal mail steamship EARN alt, Capl Brownleae edll aall for the above ports from the com paey's wharf, at Jersey City, ou Monday ISth Oct Monday llth Nor. Tuesday Ilth Dee. naru or rasSAGi: To Namau (IS 1o Havana 5> < aRD, No. i Bo vling Green. jflOR KEY WRBT AND HAVANA VIA CHABLBHTON. _ The elegant, eommodluus and swift United Statue mail steamship IbABEL. Captain William Rollins, wfU lie*re pier I North river on Friday, October 13. for Key West and Ha vana. touching off Charleston to receive mails and passengers. Tnis vessel has water tight compartments. Is rated A1 by the ' " 1 Eu - - - nuderwriters of both Europe and America, and, from renrnt ly Introduced Improvements, together with the wire spread reputation of her popular cirrmander, it by far the safest and most agreeable conveyance for the above ports For freight or paeeage apply to 8POFFURD, TILBBTON A CO., 39 Broadway. STEAMSHIP CITY OF NEW YORE FOR SALE. The steamship Ctty of New York. 571 tons register measure ment, built In New York In IJ51 under sp-clal for the pren-nt ownem. ber hull was built by Messrs. Capes A Alii sou. and U diagonally Iron braced. She baa two eeginet. of 3U inch cylinder by 30 Inch, built by Hogg A Wcnvrr, cyimorr oy nu men, r um ny ingg a ireiema-er, under the supervision of Chss W. Cop eland Keq. Her b tiers are Often, months old She has been emp oyed between l*bi htdelphla end Boston seven years, and has proved Uer tbo mush tea going qualities and great strength. For further par ' ticulan apply to PHINBA8 8PRAUUB A CO . loO Central street, state si reel block, Uoeton, Mass, Or to CHaRI.BS W. uOPMLAND. 113 Broadway, New York. Fob savannah and other pointb. as below ? The first clsss steamship STAR OF THE SOUTH. Cap ta'n Thomss I.yon, srtll lesve on Tuesday, October 9, at i P. M., from Dler No. 4. North river. Through tickets can be had , for the following pUce ? New Orleans. (39 75; Mobile, ("A. Montgomery. (35, Bufau- ' Is, Ala., CI Columbus, (21. Albany, (23. Atlanta, (31. Chat tanooga, (25. Nashville, (17 75, Knoiville, (25 50, Memphis, (Ji 75. Augusta, (17 50; Maoon. MO; Savannah, (15. ft nilRUIttB, MAI UU, NIMMI, ?NV, rwiBUUEII, i For Ireight or passage apply at 13 Broadway. I steamer AUGUSTA,Captain M. S. Wood The ttsamer AUGUST A, Captain M. 8. WoodhuU, will IUC oeed and sail oa Saturday October 13, at ? P M. -i SaMuML L. MITCHILL A SON. BILLIARD9. A perfect hi i.u a Hi) table and cushions-wi N A NT's patent Eicelsior spring Cushions and Bllllarr Tables the beet In the world. Durable, correct and lively ha- 1 yond all others The oldest eatabliahment la America. Man factory 71 Gold street, N. V. NANT's patent Eicelsior spring Cushions and Billiard - - - B I LI I ARD BADE-A FINE ASSOBTMMKT OF rVOBY Billiard Balls of superior quality, at reduced price#; also patent Compressed Ivory, fifteen ball por>l, and Bagatelle Balls, for talie by ?(. M. WELLING, UC Brooms street, oor FOE BAl.K?A FINE STOCK OF NEW AND BRUOND bund Tables at reasonable prices. Club rooms, public rooms and private houses furnlshe: Pleaas call and examine, or send your order* by mail. W . H. GRIFFITH, 1M Fulton etreet. W1 _ 1. SHARP'S IMPROVED BILLIARD TABLES, with hie newly Invented euahtoo. patented November 15, 1859. and well known to be superior to aay now la uae. Menu faatorv ltd Fulton street WE a IT* NOTICE to THE W AJfUP AOTURRR8 AND Of billiard table* 'hot we hoe* *old to Mewm. PheUn A ( "Mender the *xcl.:*lvr right to the see end applies, uon at i her Lee Goodyear'? Invention at rutoanlxed t'aontohoue, or Indie Rubber, fur which e relent wen waited to the In renter deled June U. 1844. end ertended Jane 18, 1888. for billiard teblee. end aeenufertaron of billiard teblee ere hereby n< tide.! thet ell future rurehenen af vulcanlied robber for bU llerd teblee must be mede Ime Meeare Phelen 8 t'allender, end ell Infringe? on thin right will be pro*#eut?d by ue to the full ritent of the lew NEW YORK BELTING AND PACKING COMPANY. Aui.ust SO 1880. Fl'RHITI KK. Auction notice?bubnhaM's furniture kx im m and K. rnltu e Packing hnUbUehment, 1)1 end 118 Wee' Kleveblli street, between Firth ssd Sixth evenaee-Hotm b.ld furniture at erery deecriptioo boxed end chtnped to el. perU cf the world. Pianoforte*. mlrrnrr. painting* eud Retu ery pitched end moved. Large oovered wagon* for the remo val of ftnlture to tlie a entry. forage for furniture. T THE RAOLK ENAMELLED TURNITURR MANU ? feetory, No 884 Hroedwey. fire door* ebore Lews Kerne ? theatre elegant ? haaber tulle of thle enlebrnled Purulture, In ell *tyW design* end eolore. from 888 upward*. Bellini at reduced price* during October. Herd robes, Melli laa Ac A BMP ROOM SUIT OP BNAMKLLKD PURRITURI FOR A Rit. In, ell oolore of werrented manufacture Aleo eolld ehestnut Oeaber Suite plea end oraeweniel. a PAR RINUTON'8 wareroomt, 888 Oeatl street opposite Wooater. i,--??? a lata. PAIR PR1CB OIYRN FOR 8F.OOND HAND PHRNI ture end < erpete a ready money. J11 oe)!e promptly mded to Addrea Ud Hwtanu street. c-truer Perrr A LARGE o?B"itT"R?T t P fkiTTAOB ANO CHUr dren'a Bedstead*. Orlra. Ac . ailing rheae double wee# Spring Metlreeere pmred the heat a tae Curiedhnl- end other Maltr-anae terrenled gnod. a low prtoee. WAI.KBK d menufectory. 684 Hroedwey, near Bleacher street A LI. KINDS OP FCBN'TCBB, MATTRBRBK8 AND Bering, wholeeele eed retell, cheeper then any other etc re. at U W. SNKDKN'H, 888 Bowery, between Htenion end H nw'rai atraeta Only one price naked. Good* dnllrered free Note the t.umber. TJEBT EXTENSION TABLES 15 WILLIAM UEERDT. Menufectory end wererooma. 180 WOOeTER STREET Between Prince end Honetou street*, New Torfc. A large end elegant itcet now on bend Enamelled chamber sum op furniture, in nil eolore end atylea. a wboleenle or retell. At ffi end upward*, elao Mattreeeee end P?nnaa. WARRRN ward. 877 Oanai eueel, four doom eeet of Brad way. onntNiroRR bought -the highest price paid r a eneb for all kind* at honeehold Furnltaro^ Oerpea, DMii An. Cell a 418 Third aeoane; or addreee Furniture, - ? B ? A f?a larriwi of mini head Pum. rare alway* on hand. ?DUPNITURB BOUGHT FOR RRADT MONET.?A PAIR r value given a reedy money for Furniture, Oarpete, Books, Ae. a 188 sixth avenue between Ninth end Tenth areata. FI7RNTTURB.-FOR SALR ( HEAP. A ROBNWOOD Per of Snlt, covered with green plunk Inju-re a the ' Spa.' is Broadway. ASTROLOGY. - eOSA FltlA enl wttLeMvicT. TH AT RVRRT ONBOAR A depend oo. I* Madame Wi: HON, who tall* the ob:( EM depend on. I* Madame Wi: HON, whe ail* theob.eotof ^M riell a mrm *e r. m enter her mat. Madame WlWrn 1* ^?rwmi aamingta tha ever we* hanwn. She wl J Inrafce he power* at her wvmderfnl *rieee?. eed tatl all theeeeeaw ronr whole Ufa Her prwdtottona ere *o tree lha they eururia every one IhM enneuia her loae ladle* any get e InUe Maid, though they eeed enl fear for S* preettoee tMhg but wbei a reaneaOanba to phitoanphem All ahnuld eneeuh tha matt wonderful and ay vtortoua lady. Her edvtea hen nevnr been known to fall, and the off era twenty thousand dntlara raead n any on* who aaa eunal ha to the above Ktanen N R tfedeaee Wltaontata e. ?lain at tha celebrated magic cheraa whlnh ere ever envtea hi thar effeeA. Truly may to* he sailed e ana wonderful sua** Reetdenoe 11B Allen are** be tween Hrrueton end Stanton *treeve, over the bakery. Pee ta enll. for India and gentlemen. 88 aaa stonishibg.-madamb morrow, se^bntb daughter bnrw with a caul end gift of foreelrht. te'la how ii end often yrru wtll merry and many events. even yon: y thouchta Pee W cent#, until other* atop aoprlag nay ad ?S4 Ludlow are*, below Hoeatan Oeot'-nMn Apact-a phrenologist and astro loo if Otal beam thewor,). and $fi 000 reward for any on* wb ceo ?i'ial Mia WBl.l.INOToiC wbo R achno vledged to b th* i?ly lady In Iheedy who i-fflh'nBy give* Infiirmattoa mi eernag luaera lewauPe journey#, abaaat f rteade. lore, aouri *In. marriage, health wealth aod who wO rneMa trot* and un'althf' l huabenda Mia W I* in* only peraoa la th etty who hba lb* getintoe Rnaae and Arabian tetlaaene fu love, gnod Inch and all bualnea affaire, end are guarantem ft life Delay not v> c noutt this aaturally rifled and heavierm young lady larky a lalwra given Highly reej w?Sle dt rnfe -encee eec be men a bar rawdeooa, lgt sixth arm .a, eg p?ai# Eighth aueet CU.AIBTOTANrl.-MRF FETMOUR FMRDIf ALCLAIE. t i vytnl Sooma. 308 Fourth etroet. two bloeha weal of Rruedway the wet cntkral madlca. an I b iataea eovwilta faooa dar and event g. and perfect aalMfwuia guarnntead awry* or no pay taken Madame btbon the wondfr op Europe, .r.ner arrived fn*n Pari* Tna aetoi rtet ehf?ni8SW8 and ?plrHuaiM ah* glva tree htformeUon ta all afftlfn of Ufa, riraedrnnkevineak give* leefcy number*, Ae. She ha*aJan the Italy genuine ' I reek eat a ratac t altera ane t-> he found In th ? eouatry Reatdenoe 848 Bowery. Mar Band Mraat. 1 i Mil 80 " .81. AD AMI RtT I8TH1 BHNT C7LAI8TOT ANT ASP Aatmlogtat la tha United ttatoe Glva* luehy ?ual? > gnSa igeedy marring#*, tathi of Wwt urnwertv MOfevraui nwnata near Twenty Mvaalh etraaL Cedaa 88 male, gentle Jj^APAM^H*FF??^Ul^ltMn^^^^^?^*TS ?treat to Wl Secnod nrwet, between a ^a*e r and Unto* maikta third Soar. She aHI) eoattnMa to tell atawit love, mar riage, abeent frtaada, butaeem ad journey a Ledta* ? aadn B0l MlMlttlH r B.?WHO HAS SOT HEARD OP THE <71 I. ted Madaaae PRIWRTBS* Me he* base era lumen* In tbl* and 'Ahec ill lee with entire attafnr . feela eotiftdet.l ahe kae vi ?i i.a' -die telle the sea* at t', ?If* "W hu*band, aleo thai of bar ricUer. it you wta MWi.*'ill "'iJHu'g- ,kmT,P,-T 'TBI.8MI ?h ikit Hon I Mat ful THIS TTTHF. IT1 ASH ION OOCRSB. ?TROTTING trotted for on Friday, free for* oil trotting thanl.40. ~ f. >p?ea or *100 win begiven, to bo trc October tl mite haste, S to L la karnem. f horow tent have noror trotted ta public tea tota madam Luff A Sbockeron'a, Harlem lane, Cfctobm bjJIo'ctoek 1. H. Three or more to luff * cao jiikroh. Muuutflri. If. B.?A food day end good trech. UHIOM COURSE, L L-TROTTING.-ON WHDNES ? dap. October 10. et IX o'clock P. M, sweepstakes of ?i tOO, mile beata beet three m fire to harueaa I>. Pttfer names br. g. Tycoon. 8. McLaughlin naiuca b. a. Itooy loong. Horace F. Joara names b. g Myatary. H. Woodruff namei b. a. Belle Brandon SHAW 4 WH1TM, Propriety UNION COURSE, L. I -TROTTING.-A PJRSE OF *90 U offered, free for all boraee that never trotted bet'er Ui-n 110 mile beata. beat three Id fire in harueaa to be trotted this week, to cloae un Monday eventnjr, at 8 o'clock, at Bbaw'B kouee, 44 Bowery. BIIAW A WHITE, Proprielora 1IOHHEN, 4'A11 It IA 41 KB, ,W . AM UKNTLKMAN HA VINO MURK HOK4K8 THAN HK ?tnta, will aell a bay Baahaw Oolt, ha f brother to lets tern, all yetra old. 1*X handa blab aoimd and kind ta every way, and verv faat one of the beat road bori>ri In the Ktate. Prior *780. Can be aeon at rtabla *51 Mott atreet, froaa 10 to S o'clock. A^m RARE CHANCR TO BUT A PAIK OF FAST Horaea? J oat from Maine; will br Bold wlthm the neat three days. IS bauds hub aound aud hind. single, to the pate or fa-Idle. Croat match, one Jet black ooa b.ndetne rray, bothhng asd handiome telle, plena:,nt nod e??r dnvers.u yeaia aid One aired by o d Black Hawk, the other hv the cele brated old Indian C'hl.-r. Apply at 11S Barren at: ,-et. AN ANDAI.U81AN KTALUON FOR SALE-AT SCHENCE'B auction atore, 141 Broadway, at lto'cloyk, on Tuesday the 9th tnsl.; he li seven years old. iron arty, quiet to ride, and gentle in harness. would make an c.e^aot park horae, warranted aound. Am I INE GRAY HORSE. 15 HANDS high. s tears old, aound and kind, loug flowing tall; will be avid at a bargain. Sam only for want of Ufa. Inauire at fit Eighth aveuue, between Forty inntk and Flftleta atreeta A^m STABLE WANTED TOHIRE-NIU FAR PR' >V UNION a lucre eaal of the square preferred. Addreta b ji J Jfd Poet office. F^HOR RALE?A SUPERIOR BP AM OF DARK OR AT Messenger Mercs, IS hands high, aound, mi t oa-a old, kind in all hamem ran trot to three minuter together, , cry clear matched; thr Marea a-r half naterx aud are the nvnt ety.tali and prettiest team iu the cltr. Ala:,, two gray 11 or ea. Id bauds high, loag talk, very atyltsh one dark danple the other a light color; one can trot cloaa bi three mm tea. the other not au faat; arc good for a Sonne; aound a Hi klrd in all harueaa. A so. s pair of bay.lag tail florae* 14 liande S niche high, sound and kind in all barDcaa. very close matched; cau trot In lour mtnutea together; black leg's very stylish these horses took the second premium at the State Fair hut rear; 7 yeara old good drli era To e teen at 7.1 Thirty ninth street, between Jrmelway and 8tith avenue, at the lll|>t ona sublet, as the owner la not going to Europe. r^H'R SA1.K-A PAIR t)F HAT HORSES, FIFTEEN AND a half to fifteen and three fourth handa high, lung black tails sound and kind. To ba aeen at Thomuaon ? atabla, Thlr teenth atreet a few doors west ot Third avenue. CH)H SALE.?A DARK SORREL BOR8E, SILVER MANE r and tail, atyllsh In figure and action, perfectly tours!, all years old next aprtng. a good roadster and with a Uule training may he made faat Alan, a shifting top, Wataon Wagon with Harness. Apply at Moid.igue'i awblea 06 Wast Twenty third atreet. FMOR SALK-A BROWN MARE, 16't HANDS HIGH, years old. sound and kind, can trot in thtse mivutca Price $1M Muat be avl,l today as the owner la g,nig to Dave the clt; . Apply at 4.13 East Houston (treat, be', ween is and 6 o'clock. FMOR8ALE-A BOSTON CHAISE, IN GOODORDER. Ona of the mom easy riding concerns out. Will ba sold chenp. aa the owner baa no further use for it. Inqtnrc at 121 Broome street, in the shop, For sale-a superior span of black hawkr ilalf brothers, ? years old last spring, kafa nerer been In dealers' handa Oeutlemen wanting Improving horaea will Itnd Una ti'in woriby of their attention. Price 5750. Aid. i aa U. 8. B , boa 1.U5B. Pi at rfflcc. 1 .foil sale- a BAT MABR, HV HANDS HIOH, BIT ' yeara old; gold style, perfectly kind, will stand with mt tying. Also, top Buggy and Harness, but little used. Apply at 630 Eighth avenue. fOR HALt-A BAT MORGAN Mare, 15 s HANDS high. Urn yeara old, dag tail, very atvllah and handsome, trofa ta three minutes, a sorrel Horse, l: .? hands, arnrnn years old. trot* to wagon In three mlnotus Uma shuwuV. a aorrsl Hone. 15\ hands high, all yeara old, trota In about three and a ha I minutes The above Horses am warranted sound and kind In every way. Apply at 15 Lewis street from dtotA. M , and from 6 to 10 F M. Tj4uR SALE?A BLACK MARE, WAGON AND r Harness, pries 5114. To be seen at Cooper's stables. Eighth avenue, near Sixteenth atreet. rB BALE?A BI.AOK HORSE. 16X BANDS HIGH, pony bnllt. good la alngle or double harueaa, makes a good horae for a eoupe. owned br a private gentleman; will be sold aa the owner has no f urtner use for aim: warranted aouixl and kind. Apply te THOMAS NORRIS, stable Nos. 115 and 115 Clinton place. 1??0R SALE CHEAP?A FIRST CLASS EXPRESS WaOON JT with stuuta ud po,e, at la* cor at/ at Washington mad Twelfth street*. N. T HORHRH FOR BALK.-RBVEN HRAVf DRAFT HORBNR far i*> at depot of OH* Ice Company, comer Hnu h Eighth OSI. 'third evrtcit, W.Lismsbam; may we young mad fast walk*. ? Can be eeen aat uae after 1 o'clock. PULLER A HIBROlf? HOBBK FOR BALE-ONE MiRREL HOR8R. BIX year* old, It hands high weigh-. 1.300 pounds, also oae sorrel mar. 7 years old 16 hands hfch. neeh warranted sound sod lun.d to or sold cheap or si changed lor smaller ones. Apply at 111 Fourth street, near Prove Notice to oobtraotorb and farther gkxb rally.?For sale, three Bret rate sound Horses, with (Ma and Harness eoesplese. being the balance of n obeli-odor s stork, who la selling nut and going Into other budnsan They wl I be told cheap by applying at the stables No N Tvaenti ? arm street, between Besood and Third area a en, foe three days, thin day tor-laded. STABLE TO I IT-A TWELVE BTALL BRICK BE ABLE, with goo. water, carriage I asm. well ventilated, one very convenient. The whole or pert rented law to a private gen 111 man. Apply at No. t Birth arenas. _WftTOPM AND JEWELRY. THE TLKF -FOR BALK. AN RJPHTEKN CARAT RRil Tab gold, centre second, slop lever Walsh, thoroughly towelled and warns led. Address H. ?., Herale odlne. ~ MB W IF A 1'KRlT rj-HR COMMERCIAL ADVERTISER MOMDAT AFTERtOOV OCTOBER 8, wtu. COVTllB An article, compiled wtth great cnre.'eglltled RII-RCRRNTATIVE ROAEPS. Rhowtcg In Its true light THTIVEETAEA PROFEESiON. The aubjeels treated In detail are ? Wuai tun Pouca Know ago Do. Tmt Pnott - iog or Tin*v?tT. RirmnTirn Ma*. Ca* a Tn:iy Rtroi s* ArmatTto* Or Rrrosa Do Tnirrns Orr Rich' A Otittocn or Rocirm. How Tntr Brrgo Tons Eofbt Itkioc?t or Rivals. Doses Pat* to Orrictai Oman Cogrurirr. Specs v or N. T. OrrtCMO. Wuioa Xocmar Patt Kkst, Room asp Lees. Tit Old and Dew Police The COWEBCIAI. ADVERTISER guMshes dany. to edl'ii-n to the L-test Ir'eillgwiice from all parts of the worlA artieIt a for the stouseme-.t sa.1 ljatruetlon of the home ctreiej Trice per annum Nine ISnllora In adronoe. Served by carriers In thi? < Ity or Brooklyn. or snailed for ssiy If ng'h of time at a prop' ikeete m?e Stogie rnpW? ore always uhtatnohln from the aeareM news DAMC'IMO ACADK1HIKN. LLTHB NRW DAN TW.-L. DR OAREO 8ROOKBT my Ml Brconse street. S bow open. with reeeptlon drenBng ind yrocslctag rooms. poe aeaees greet ndrsetogee for peril# All the feshvwbie donees wfil be talrodoend, together wttB I new end beeuttfnl French quadr.Uee ! PBIB' B IMPERIAL A\D LABIUM. Lssdiea meet T .eedays add FrVUya Bio f F. M. Oectlemia. 7 to IPS F. M I NK a'I LAB-KB FOB TTIEFDAT AND WEDNMDAT. CMldrse meet Wedneednys sad Mot irAkya, I to ( P M. I Uidiae' primary tinmen toetnmted bp Era B-uohea All the ftshhmobla dances uugh. la dOQfM of Inmost Bntree every Wedneedt; eight A DODWORT ?'< PAN FIND A' ADRMIEH. Mo h'f Rmadway, New Tar*. N 137 M'dtta* is el reel Brooklyn. WED* EFT AT* sad SATURDAYS to Mew Tort. TCMpAfP end TRIDAT* In Brooklyn. Is afd't n ?c ihei o .rt ytuuir : *. Priuoe Imperials. Ivor gvees Fmp're an., other euriel dnocw, Ninuet if ladrtlle, 1 lode an ' ? her ?tora-w.nai tscree already Introdiieed by Mr. D ?tw .rth a 'S'lety of newer dnrres wtO be brought f irwnrd during the si-aeon. sir.ns which msf be mentioned "Le F-artne," jtis' rveeired from Parts sad the Q adrtl e FUrrl erne, ? eepeeiaUy adapt,.! to the develogemenl of graceful movement In ehudrra. t ir ala's of terms Ac may be had at either Aeodemy CI II RI VEEP MARFIBD AC-ADBWT. MO. Mf P17LTOI ). street, BrwAlyn?All the moder* Sonne* tonrht tone c-urse of Isesrine e!*?e?? are sow formio* ladles oa Tsntsr sad Friday afternoons at 3 O'clock. genlwmen. Ti esday an J Frtdey evening* at g o'slork; misses' sod masters no Wed nesday sad Saturday afternoons at I o'etoek. Bead for a Mr DCP A R'S FWFAP DAMCTWO AFADKMT M7 BDWgRT l.estnne >1 per mnn'h : Moo-lacs, Thursdays, We-funs toys Natnrdaya andTees>1sys anil Fridays. B2 Lad af ternoon eltsees si 4 o'clock , at ? o'clock, soirees Admittance M cenis Prlrate '-aeons M cento. r|R**rPB DAMPING ACADFWT, MO. N WENT Fourteenth street, wUi ogee October (, for mimes sad msmers, sad on Oetobee 11 fbr g/etlsmss. School sad prtvoie atagsag attendee in ike shy ar out of tow* OtrsnMre see be had at the AeaBsmy. jjn-i/i PRIVATE DAMCI'n 1 Wr < H A *RU A CD ret.-.roe thanks fo? the liberal e-, mi i w- nmsi irip resume Itmbs fe Ibe ivul ? -? I'sgrmenl he has wee far-wed with dn-lng the I a oar of '"fly letghi yens* In his ernfssMog. and rsspec Jnllr snneunesa in |kif, stcosis sad Dim Is that baring hens oompeiM to five ap hM rinime No M Bsel y>Mee?th street, to rnrseq-er-e o' I he to, great -,re end fat g-ie sAteedlng sueb an esSacloh ? ul. he tolewis to <"e?ue r a men to glrtog us-r icr'oo Is fs lee to elaw?s of e'sht fwelre sad drier- ??? i "a Spell ittoca or h ,.ri P.?i,r. ? ,i be mode oi |? Kmt *--en ?em'h Streel Nt |f*g?I Par*. A MIT NKNENTH. WINTER GARDEN. Ob MO ITT) AT evening, October 8, the aut|?M il ku great pleasure In aunoenbtagthat MIHAOUSHMAN will Appear (or the Oral t me, In her great part of HBO MERBIiJBS, In Uie deilghtfu! drama of OUT MANNER IMG, In which person alto n the has obtained a _ WORL.l WIDI CELEBRITY. Clubman will be iupportrd br a powerful company, Io nia i uaoman win be anpported br a powerrrt company, 1*1 eluding Mr O. W. Oouldock (b'a flrut appearance Serel. Mr. DyctL Mr Devtdge, Mr Kwddnrt, Mr. Uegbam, Mr. Martow, Mrs. Duflleld, Mlu Ada < 'Uilon. Mrs. Cbanfrai. and Mrs George ?toddarl New bowkrt theatre. Solr Proprelnrs Means UNO ABO A POB Monday, October 8 1818. The great Local Oram* of PAST WCMRJf OP THE MODERN TIMES Full Of fun, frolic and merriment I-KM ALE HE IENaDERS, INVINCIBLE, LIGHT GUARD nnd GRAND DISPLAY OP PIREWORKS. Mr. O. L. Kui'a a rand Comlo Pantomime of ARPHODHL: Ok, thk M*i.:c Pep New Scenery, Urease*, Trlcka and Transformations, Chnractere by r\e O. K POX TROUPE OP AMERICAN PANTOMIMlfiTA Ibe only Company now tn the country. Mb. Fitzgerald tamstko Will recite sba^ere'a tragedy of at Ike Lecture Room of tba MERCANTILE UBRAKT, CLINTON HALL. Aetor plane, ON TUKbDAY EVENING, OCT. ?. Tickets SO conta. To o immenoe at Bo'clook. PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY OP NRW YORK. Nineteenth season?lt?-'Sl. The Bret pub He Kebeamal will take plaoe at the ACADEMY OP MUSIC On WEDNESDAY, Ootober 10, at9K o'clock P. M. Euherrtptiune reonlred at the usual pWre. By ordnr. I, Heoretair L. SPIER, I A Hi ADKMY OF MURK , CLOSE OP THE REASON. THIH (MONDAY) EVENING. OCT. S. MOST PO I (IV ELY LAST NIGHT ? P THK. SEASON. The company will 'ear* on Tuesday 'fur Philadelphia. and gtvi- ?o Wednesday -aejdnaid Gala op ore in li >aor of the ar ' wMK riral id tin- Prlroe at the Am eric j Academy of Music in PhiladelpmL nils MONDAY) EVENING, OCT 8. Second and last mgb; of LINDA DI CTIAMOUNIX PATH. Mad. SIKAKOSCII. MhlGNULI, FERRI, Sl'sINI. In const,juenee ol previous y male r.rrangmiiijiU MLLK FaTTI and SIH. BRIGNOLI ell! depart for the South and Went and will not return to New dork during the winter. To night l.INDA arlll chord the only opportunity of hearing them. !>I ISf'Hhl.WKOI S. Bm CRDSALL'S ARNICA LINIMENT?HOW IT OPE rales ?Tne human (kin ta *<t porous (a a sieve. Through tia orifices the liniment, applied with penile friction, la oonvey ed to the nouroe of asternal tuilammatiou IU immediate eil'ect D to eitlr-gu'sh pain Then its healing Aid ren watinp prep*' :,ea are developed. In this way It promptly relieve* and ttnai ly ourea rheuiiuitlriu, croup, sore throa', cramps, o>D>raetlona ot the Joints, all paina In tha nuuclra, glandular sarli.ngs ul cers, holla biuet-s and burua, cuts suralos, chUblalna, Ac.. Ac. It la also of great ? 35 -aev in aptna' ..:ae,iaeo. Depot No Hi lteekinap street- Prtte IS cent*. Gas iiurnkrh. The subscribe? ta Importing direct, and baa oe hand from from one of the brat maker* In England. Gaa Jala or Scotch Tips all at/Ml also German Ian Tips of every variety. Of our owe make, Ktab Tall and Ua a' Wing Burners, Ber nrr Pillars Sockets for portable*. Mercury Cupa, improve! cylinder Burners. Burner Cleaner*, A*' ; also a aupertar arty cle of Burner Ply.wa, all sure ^^^^^^re re re m T. G. ARNOLD, man .factorer and Importer, ti7 Broome street, N. Y. Marble mantelb.-the subscriber beos leave to tn,-nfm bta frier la and the public that he la ae.Ung Mantels, Ae. cheaper than ever. Call and see for yourself A. ELABER, lit t? Eighteenth street, near Third avenue. New York. Menlele put up Is any part of the country. VrOTIC*.-(,ENTTJC*EN CAN PROVIDE THEM SKI VEB It with a new oreameetal pa.noted artlele for drawtag l.gkt boots tn and ot! with the gienien: eaee and etpedhirc. re quiring no exarUoa whatever, at Nne. 603 and 104 Broadway, room No. 6, wholesaled sad re ailed. rEMENDOUS EXCiriMRNT. Greet sale of TEAR, WINES. GROCERIES, FLODE end PBGVISIONS. Family Hour. U W, and 8S 9U per barrel. ~ rZaciet New Zacie Cur ran ta, 6 one la per pouud Choice Green and Blank Tdha, 90 to SO cents per pottad.. Sugars wholesale and retell, at rrfloors' prtoes. - - ? ?? - - re _ 1 as r - Goods delivered free. THOM AS R. AGNEW. 2W0 Green wkh and 88 Murrey streets. OaU and see for yournalvea. TO MASTER BUILDERS -A STORE HOUSE FOR Amennan Trlegraph O rep any. foot of Pi! men ih street. North river. Apply loot of Fifteenth atreet for Alamo Plunea. JOI.N WELSH THE BURTON LIBRARY SPECIAL NOTICE TO PU ECU AX IRS. It Ma well known fad both here and in Korean, that la the dMpertlon of larce and valuable private libraries by aucthm, ma, for tn .. .. .. . ..... -tnalaoce. aa tha una now being dMpaned of In this eRy. the prtrea realised, here. In the majority of rwnre. eicee-1 ed'end free^uentiy broojkl full three tlmenaa Mua'i as even better roplaa and editions emld have been proeurred at private naJe In view of tkraaa facta. .1 W. Ronton h Co , Invite IBS al trntlon of book our ore to thntr large and valuable Block of Kosltah Pooka, embracing floe and destral.m copies. Sf4e- led peraocalla ta Ruiope, of tha bent nuthorn. hath an 'eat and modem, hi all departments ol l.terwtr.ra. I will be to-.nd ' --.iur'. i full u the dram* an ' wnrka re at a- there in, containing nawrty owa hundred edlUuaa of Shaken ore a. me 5 In, cnniatnlug nawrtv rme hundred edluuaa ot Hhekapjrs a. me. Tua atteobou of sathualaalie prrebaaera la penlcuiarty toilet ted to tur prtcaa. wb'oh are pla nly marked la eart work J W BCiUTuN A CO . Imp' tare of Mter.tng Ensliah Hooka, btf Walker atreet, asar Bnmlway, Near Turk Llbriartsnand PubUr Institutions tupp ied npea ta ora^.e terms aa uatml. Pi teed Catalogues gratia. I C^(U\*(> ISO?-A CHANCK TO MAKE MCMSt I lhat bat <moe in * ltf? ijma. Tba Hum a|^Bhu for the sale ?( om of the lf?! nn<t acat narf ul patso: H !"?'e'rd reery hatieaieeper will buy I' -.on sec I In* and irytng R ten mtnolrs II will pay IN per real prntu. and at ik? no ? time nan be mid no cbwp Una any family ana afford to bar it Omni miaesaa kaa already attended Ha In'.ro ducksa. Ho person naad apply oniom they can commend from RiVO to BROOK tUbep k mosey or arnllnbfe prepertr Thm Mdrifmi iammptnl particulars glcee. by aniline . n or sddresatn* J B. Ballif, AfReakmaa auast, Ha* Tort, op stair* manufacturer of the artiela. Call betimes tba boa'I of I t and ? P M H B.?Parsons at a HHp ?bi daatra lo a* guttata for lhair own "Huts oa?. by rsmlttto* Id Ha-a tha ar url# sent free of aipaaaa prr"e?prem. nrlih circular canialn I d ' ? of prh| of n-h Htalr. dr. 41 9HO A TU> "AD* BI AHT OHH AT OCT vl.ZWU On* Rtenell Wort. large and amnll Maal Man. iw . aipkabaia T gnrm *rw1 llu-da, T-rnU mm and t? m*aa for targe work with a i iantlly of I'-TPk p. mall, for llhu. K-riara. Onmpam Flalanlaa ^^^^?ahiug Hruak. Framer Shears. Bmoothln* Mama. DM I'sUrrm. famak IMna Hammer aad rn iW ^^^^?u^untndelltbia Ink and faroanuie Hunch Ink, nl a mrorj .frames, malum ? >rt Ibr whole nam of oarr-ia* on Ihs ^^^^^^^^^?whnleanla, with a-tOmanl Hums aad Took I of e?erj dewrrtpuon-warraoted parfacl, or errhaagad at say I Umr free for now. This whota ouidt. satire and imnplataTb I furakbed for B1U. IMes all D*looted I Tba Amsrkan Btaoell Tool Works, at %>rta*flaU. Varmaat I kars a cask fund of BHiOUO Ineaeud eirinmeslv In tbt man a I factor* of Rkoell Took, kartnp lbs largest ami most ralaabk I water power la ibn Mala, w?A a wheal of aoraaty-dra barm) I power. aJurdlap rnkumera Infinite adrmalacoa I Bamplasand paruonlar* free Add rem A J. F-i'Jam fpataa I taa aad proprietor). Ho 13 Merehanla' Exchange. Boetoa. Ill I Broad way'Mew fork, ar Bprlagfleld, Ik I il nnn CABKR-FROM U Ton OAU/1HH HA OB I O.UUU toitaHa for elder. Ar . alwaii oa haol a ran I la rye supply of armed hand Mar Barrels, n Hah la for amy I dry parkin*- nko a eonataat mpp'y of new Barrel* aad HaH I Barrels lo- B?or. applaa potatoes A? . made say mm. For I tale rery low. A T. BRIUUH At Rutgers aJp MKDICAL. A Wuali TO TUB WIRB-DR. RFaBK, OR BROOMS il( rrati, op Matrs. eormav of Oroaky. Ouraa wtthoul A H AHTOUHDIHO FACT?AMOHO MART OTHER*. IB A re- ealed In the pa?os of Or. I irmrnn Paris, Lorn and New York Madleal Ad riser aad Marriage Outde wb deaenaa Iks 111*01108 of tba mala sai particularly, bo clad aad Magi*. Bla loa* and eitenafr* practice kaa r tenth mala la cumin* from debility pwymwkfram < at .alar Indigmllnm. comatlpaltoa. palpitation ant "uUerngof Ik* bead, derang-meet of ike lire*, ktlaaia sod bladder, a rlrgtng or bur/in* In the ear* or bead. aTettin* the mind inl memory to aa to (nonpardale Ike suBerar for bt.Roam or p ea r re. Bat few know ike tsus* of their daease. lb >u*h m?oy who do let ti-tr fake molrmy deter tkam from roaanma* tha a ithorof ike booh, who k eortn* all 1 teh patlenla by hut dre a Read the baoh, aad dra*t au lar aay loo*ar. It la mailed fr*e for Rl, by I.tWhKHf'E, 1 Vaaey atreet, or the antbo-. f?om 9 A. ? t OF V. a-. 1 7 to 9 Tkoraday arrnlu*a, at It7 Braadway, (np (taliai. Hew Turk. DB WARD MS HBOtDWAT. WBILH CB A Bill HO Mo derately, hia woodenul atlll and promptMiAa la ctula* cerlaln diaraaea m without a pvraae.. tB dOHHROH. Wni AKI -TR?KT. MAT Bl a f an ed oa all dial asm of a aertaln clam Thirty yuan aa pertmre la one apartalMy him ta ruarsales apewdy *?ree to all who enma aadrr bk ahar**. OSsa opto aaki I at at*hl i? WAThOB IHV1IEB T1K>?1 WHO ARK AFFCCTSO t wltk a rerlaia form of i^,aaa Ml eall M hk residence ?M ^.*^?>5 atrett, ttkOad ((aall weal of lSioadway. where ha guarantee* a perfeet rare _wl hoot htodmane 10 ham nam or rbangs m any rewpeck I r. Waiaue'a C""*' ?"? <?* aaf f'-ire " oa d#MIMy disease. Ac . w1 h n i-ne-.rts highly d" ah ed rl< es mat be bad of H R tes.i <M nroa.|e-?y, p.""cell The bam work far the son profeamoaal realer - M?d.te. fa Df D' rnR RAIFII Af'THOB OF T.ll ? FBA'TTDAL PtI 1/ rata Tree Ike, ' Ac "dire in tie-why *free-, a, mar of B emtoa Hoo-s IR-t illl I aad t Ml! ? wnadaya ?gaapted I Tkme who apply In ika early stages ' theas osaalalnt* will ha as-.?ilahed at tba rapldtty ana lni.e laerrnransea" < allea-Ha* tkecw* ll la chiefly, hnwerer Unee s-tTertr* trorn weak e -amend * tears Ar . wbn ran heat aprrecats kl* w DR fDRBlTT HAH RKWOVFD FROM II DI7AHS street b> TO 1 -entre street ??etween fh.?tn'-*rs an 1 Rente streets. h?'ln* a atlra1# entraaoe at Mo f (h-y Hall plaes Thirty one yaars In his present sp#rta!<ty entitles hot in poa bienee at. B - Ilr l1 la a iwemhar nf the Mew To*R l nltmr r Madiaal Ooltsge Has kk diploma la his okaa GBRtTIMT OtIBM IM TI1K WtiRtsD HV DB. WARD. )-d Becn'say His Cafortanate ? Frien.1 aad other r* mrdlea ??* d liar. A book gratia aan ka readily aad mm maf uQy cored. Tml3l|^^H m>wt disowrnhiked men ta ihb and Ow mtJea ?VtSJ * "*,T 18 ^ iak" farsneee to the K the t'aMm. J^OTSfRRK?SeSBanM* PUBUBHID BT DB. BARROW, IM RIRBTKRR street fowr teara from ???Imail. Haw Tort, prka ? reek, that popular medteal work Tlsmaa FmtMr Ami <c*a ererywharn. HnM akn be F. C WalkA Ha, tlB Frsmk lla mreet H. T . aad at HH Faham Mi sat. Beanklya '^fki| broapwat.?dr. r tiimi ?-ib WWix I Vr * ksowri French physe-lan, attends spae% 7 , aamMp ekap of sfleetloaa. foe Re t-en'oe-t of wh'eh ,v- new Fr- -?* wtet>.d la pen-'rite 1 fYrfls at!-OA I- Ba?'l?* Fcenck II' maa limtaa and Bpsp'eh AMlSEMZirrg. N1 riBLoa harden .1 Ka* and Kauager J. St. ?HOP. Fourth Week of MP WIN FCRXK3T. Monday mutrvo, Oct 3. Wtt will be p: (Mated Bhaknperas tragedy of KIRS LXAJL lopsoriod by Me*in. Conway PtnherTOarroU. Fcnao, Madame P ?Lu. In Conway, Miss Athena. Ac WcJneeday-Mr. #0KRK8T Sfiarauth Rlfk. T A DBA I1KM'8 T Ilk AT KM IjAURA KIKNKH THKATKM LAURA AKKRA'S THKATKM. NKwOND WKlg BKOOND WIN SKCoND Will AMD TRIUMPHANT RUOOMi TRIUMPHANT SUCCIC8R TRIUMPHANT BUOCNga or rue NKW NIW NEW AMD BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BBAUTIPUL ihiu aut drama T1IRKK AC* DRAMA, TURKIC ACT DRAMA. IBWH CHARACTER AND COHHTgaOTION LRIBH CU A RACIER AND CONbTtt'J'TIDN, BRTITLRO AILKKN AH ION; AlI.kKN AROON: AILKKN AROON. AILKKN A NOON AILKKN AROON AILKKN AKOON AILKKN AKOON AILKKN AROON AILKKN AKOON AILKKN AROON OS, TUB LADT OP ULAVMIRI, LAD* OK ULANM1RR. lad* op ulanmirm. LAI)* O' ULANM1RK, LADT OP OI, AN MIRK Ad; mM el. acquainted with Ireland, knows Sit* la n~ "v intry IB mirtb lighter nod mrrow ceeper, ir the smlis sad the b-ur naorr Ire i unity on the faoe at the same oscraeat M) tale 01 Lie IMmagh' ears Oarletoa, In uls traite And Krirf.w ..I Lie Dish peasantry, I Lave every reason ,o believe *si the oisaui 0: fin - brtoamg tits etu knie piece of antl i uttr inSo notice There D l:tue lo be adJed be.-e to wit*; I# Id the sketch. mnserulng Us lain ooe over the people ut.d hsusol U MS a blessed rt-He auirhl lor by thnee win wished to apply s certain teat of g'lllt or inn,"*eDce, no one, hewever .jwdened ever having been known tn risk a false oL?h upon li. Many singular aueedutes are r-Hied concerning tL fONIOHT AMD F "KRY NIGHT TILL PURTHKP NOTICE Will be presented the r.wi Irish Drama, is three a-o, tailed AILKKN AKOON OB. TUB LADT OF 10.ANMIRS srlth the foliowlni riretlcai rset ? Oormnn Barradaa Mr. Daly l'blllp Warner ...Mr !<e*ict Father Mrrhardeen Mr Leeoou Mr. Harnaby Bleoklnaop, Otorney at Law Mr. Peters Lnny Mn.lix?a '..Mr. Itnruett Shane Matcnnls Mr. Johnston Andy Ltlor Mr Wall PetAer Doran Mr. Barton Phaddy haeeinus Mr. Loodrtob Aileen Barradaa, c imrrtst. j called Atlee-J Aroue M m La ira Ketms Kathleen Barradaa Mrs J. II. Allen Mrs Pa tutby lUt-kiuso;: Mots Polly llurnhnll MUly V .sennit Mr* Lolly Hoofh Nelly MissOeuldirk Weird Moisliy Mrs. Vinlux Dame M uULisn Mlos Oe?ruli BYNOi'BIb OK BUTNKRY AND INI I DINTS. aCT riRBT. TIB -l.iTVL AT COBB Irish Peasant.-; on er the influence of Happ'nres?Whakey In (irjiilalloQ A Bit of a bcreech from Phaddy?Tho Master s llrlde? OcmuiB Home? Aileen -Weird Kolahy and Her Pre 'A 01 Evil?Ths Am at ?cut.-acuta ( All.IBB AMD S1BK194T. The St->.-m?Alleen'o Feara? A Bear-bit* lalo the Heart?An Karl/ Love?the Pa A Kerlred?The la're o; Cu.-dhjod-A btr uule between P.lgj. and Wren* UtVB AND 110bOR Barradan? PhlUlp Cone? AUeen's Fright?Nbe Insists on aa Immediate Departure?The Boat Caps, zed-Ph-..p In Dan 1311 SLTT1? BVBABBAOA!'. A Jem Overooen? by Her Rmotlona?The Departure?Weird meMhy? fit monrtST. Dher a lannaheeaah' the Red Prop he", riled - Woe' woe to the Colleen by Barradau a aids. Mlslorlune to Barradan t house and us Bin. When to It In darkness and atom he shall br"a* A rolden halted bride, who would tremble rrtth fear It J>e Pneat ou the 'Ihmazh ' her coneeleni e would clear. ACT Stconn? aAKKADA.N '5 "IODIC At tIAIIBIRB An Inuiileetod Publican?Anilous In lulriee?Know Thy self?Mountain Dew?Shane Ma*tnnts Au Intereated Ulance at the Barraiaa's Mooey?Rnry, Hatrel and Malice. A BIAS OCR A0A-1TST Alt-BBS. Bhane Datsi a'att to Seci re the 1-alter?ALtea. A IIBABTI i is IMDLT. An Old Friend?An Angel of Uomldrl?IoUrmedlAtlM?Saw rvlan ? Heart 1 a; 1 Bare. tub kacoeciUAT'.uB agTWFRP wha n> asp triyg. Tears ot Joy? Deepalr sol Diubt Ovenhrowm s< B*BjSBC?irr>?a cooisrae boap As fnfoilrated Part)-A Man and a Lawyer-Doable 'il*h" Ins New sense?A hirer ge Met imorphnele?Dranhel -aul ? ilwtf deaae -Bhane Hecurrn the Tetter a.bsb Tiuan? onawinc. rook at CLAimtZA tub rowiBC*. no ran or Aiisnn's lots 'twas sol rar.i"AMsn tub cvf. A HOBOAJID'S ACCtaaTlOB tuarnorHK-T r .tsiuao. ACT THIRD. DRAW'-Id BOOH AT eURKIRB. amtt*4!?ct or barbaoan'" naoorttr A Inker of 1 barks?A Womanly Vpinrral?Bamahy LoaL AJLBBB'I rRBBBKtUSBal. BAV.RAI?AW'f ?e*BA*i?n. The Interview between Husband and Wife nlieaa's Prayer? ltarraoan s Doubt LOTS ARB etfUh. OA* tot CA5 Tocrrira. The Kntrealy-Aileen. Caaeetoaeof her Innocence Re fusee lo Fly?hhe Keeoivse on an Arrvud- TO rat howaiu. ?hane Aeala?The Will- -Shane s Pears-A last Chance-A ?uddea Keeolre. tii m""ie iv tob err. A Coward i Feam-MUly made the Meaaeagrr of Death?Huh pletoa dogs the Murdacer'e Pootatepa aitASB luiracraa. SCBltTBCOBD?A ROOH AT ULAVKrua. A Neeret?A Lover's tpiarre) - A Wosaaa YsieJ-Oartoelty ? The BeeetUatMn Boas f TBI VP?A sbbbmbi snop. A rtlBBPI T SCBiaKSOB Weird Molshy - ghe bilngs the lntelU*eoce of lAltiDAfl'l DRiT1< * Rooeed by the belief of their master s murder, the peeeaa'-ry necilre to a ab a a tuft vaaocAvrm Oh i.b surrOBBS rtintorae ALBS* AKOOP. arxvi wri'v-i eooa at OLA*aite Pblllps s eptctooe of MagAt-ols -Ths p'eparaUoae for the mtdaleMai _ hane's frars Pals and pop pern, or eats aul doge The -rathe ?0B>s lAvr-Tva n.rm. oa rag bkaCI. TLB BlPWIORT SAM. TUB PO*AOS AUeeu S3" Molaky-Wb ahill swear* ALL WHO ARB ACT try Bp. The aeczaaUcc against Allaen praferre by Weud Meshy. T B OATH OB Tag DOSAQs, sal iritca mociAiBBO rvworgvr No Oaa U'flty?Khnse s DeiuSve Hope. mine Access* vhawb. Phaar Pears- He I'reparrs to tabs the Oath. BARB lPAP'* ArrtAKAVCB A TseP OnafflBBton - PHy for th- wulty-The Palhee's COS airtaec at the Cr-nlaa** Rs-ape-Phlltpand ha hi sen. Mirer TtaaiatTtoe The Orrhefra, adsr the direcOon of THOMAN NAKIM. will perform Lie celebrated Irish orerlura, "The Codesa B4wm," mmci of wa' ws fouta, ??i the rtivrt or w eorTiiBg. Iateodrefag the National airs "iNsl Nave the Qnesn, " R"Ue Brttaeata." and "laakee Dandle," logntbar w<U all the lad deayymmc. oompaaee eaprtas y tar Ida drama by MJL i Dooreepaa atf, eemmeuaeatA aU*?fc. Lamm. ?-. Imur m%r* Mi an RoBTOlf. br. Hon Mm* harbor u raurb*. mi k tan *t.*? a-. iT. At 1. fLAtlBO with fnl ?B JO BR HBOOOBABW BEW CoMtOT Fiaai.adAl br Jtaprraa mil puMlx TBI VBR* BEfT ALL bib rR'tnocriowR ir p aoncn EVBBT BI'tHT I'ln-xx iMrt?ar r?a ill dajt m itncx Door* opxa at 7?t; 10 rnmmxn.x at g o'r!.** MM ft'Al. ai'K B?(H to ata'x :? eomw-i ?no# nf tkx *rr?t ?w of tkx ?-xb? d> axd Ur aui'qm anaabar ntfhUj t.?rr uuo * to bra .. ad TUB fKK* IJRT ? i* wwirllt vtlh tkx xi. ?i Una <?f THK I'RhHN. bx tuvuj prohibitaA T ERT ? ORBAT RATIttRAt. 1 I ViBVW. B I-x?4.... ... a nnavxx win. perturb im i rrrr o? B*oo*t.Ti*^ UR rCnDAI AH' WIpWRftn^T. < u J.adlJ At f adxrao. a and at ftf xrxrMta, ?a b itaf. ti Tk? ?, " .ji ianriuB ? ???* - ' <>' ;kx k*' OPPObffR TBS ClTt ? A traiaat m In all parla nf tax panttna Awac to* xitramotlaar* a?ratal via ta tbj fa tax 4taUa?iiV*xU >mhw trtaa tronpa a - ?i i a HRU)t?B, thx prxat fxat rx of Rthlo'a 'larrlxa W frtoMP drxfatf tax an JorniB af UnoixB Rnrai AxtptaOxa rx ta tbta ramatry RcxWlxr xtva arx trwi? "f thx moat -?m??xd rMxra art art i.Mw nf tbx irrxxxat da? "??ta wnb THE IIili'AI>ll BU Bx |TaR RUB ARD P T. BAB RIB. Thx ar'xrtMlj--ainxA horaa ARnaU.AH, Ptrftrmittf Pttatxa, Oxato Mxxi xx Hnritataa Ax ?acnutrxnt orrtaaAra. 'xd t>< < "mbta A CAPABV C?f Vt Alt' ft ORB t,P TtlR >K? OR A TIIIR tf'ttpi. ?VKa|?.i o Jt a It HT POBIttTfLI -?RT Rt IHT ? r TUB ?l<4ot?H. Tbxrowpao will txaaxt* Tttxarlar for **r? txlpbla. Ml' ftvx .rt Wrda>x>taT tba Uraad ala ' >pxr? In taaxw >f tkx ar rtrat of tkx rrioea of Walra, at thx AMxrtx*,, A.adxtar of Baata la PMMMrMa. ? ItiR tBflROAT) BTBRIBU. UOT 1 aaA lata ntap of I.IRDA III OBAMiiDRlX. PATH Mad RTRARUWIt RRIU*t)!, rtfRKl. A", RIR1 la amaaaaxaax of rxxrVnix / aiadx , ?I?U* WaITI and ?lu wni dtRtafd^KPHiVM MHfii Ml RRdfR I* *?y RBlilRtil.f York dnrtM tkx xmtxr To adakt URDt arlll a ' *0 :kx <?./ ntaportnxltf of kxartaaUMM. pALAOB OABPBR OBLT THBIB Bid at* BORDAT. PBIOAT ARt' d'T' BDAt. Out At r a, ft, axd LI WaaAxrfal and ItaaaBfal Btktht'tn cr ACTIRII IHMHiLflN VIBwR Br tkx lalxl) Alarm .-xi A*t ?"iax ih'a xi?lnltkta Of Ttxtrn ?r-r..??!<? XX aanta ipxnAid ah 'Pop h< xn?a and pr ix.? ? x*?''*' d ' " ** Th? ha'x taXt ? h Ifx ? -xatxr' nprla-xr I mr . tT.px hXfX' wx ?o-xt? xdtl ?? h?xx?i"hn XTJI'IP" xna m..l .. i, m ?o h 'Xx t monxx P< t A%i?. ox *# rrxta v t an * ? x . ? A pr *;,# #??;'" it <?'?? ?I?Mr . -v??'<%? ?*'? | ??<???( f* ? r?f* ft' jl t?w"t* * *' ? t? ' a' ??*??#! w Bxtaa, lifk'o P??:?MAt o t?k? r>' * of tkati a tota. AMlftKMKNTg. TS&Sgrf&PS tlwuy s jg&flfc. g?5 BTO Sfe MuMcto Philadelphia. M ri" 1led amy w THIS MO WD AT I7EMN-J OCT 8. Second and tow aigbt of 5 LINDA DI CHAMOUNIX. FA1TI, Xa.1 8TIAEOBCU, It 10 NOLI, TERRl, BURfME. la con##<ine::o# of prerioualy mad - iri tngemeuia. MLLK. PATTI 101 SM HBIilWOLl will depart fur the South and Wr si and will aot rat urn to Mm Tort daring the winter To night. I.INDA wtll m: jrd A och opportjuiy of hearing toem The (ale of arats for to night'* LINDA Dl f'E war. TO THI PTTBLIC Bbf Director* reapeotfnlly announce that In oocaei-ieve* fl the r erosive preparationa for the Ball at the Aoiteaf to honor of Lord lurn* and the rapidly nypmaahing atop ton*. the fall weaaou wlU aoat poaltlvely c' we w Monday oOB October 4 THI REGULAR WINTER REASON will com a-ate oa a.- about November If. whan th ? <TMi " CARL FORMIS The celebrato-1 Contralto, Mf a B'AXGRI; The new aal. n. Ka ?pe, highly suocemfil Prttah CVmaA MI.I E iAauII.I.A INOLI, And other new artuaa will appear. In r nnetM with mm ?aarooa well r*ial>U*had fa-, on tee, to a rapid notandan at mrnrn Opera* TJOWIRT THEATRE ? IWNiuHT George Wood and E LOTto* OT AN kbrtlKLT . MIW DRAMA written tipreaaty for uia* y H. u PI nkett. lae . ba ttled TBI PIKE and TItK PI.A'IU? Of" U)HDOK. The . ram* tua been a ling'inte in pre-n - on utlvtlee produced with MEW BCKNKRY h S A COST DM IS NEW PROPilRxras Till* I* he no!7 Drama thai ha* ever been wrtaaa oonasal rating theer two a eat ? seat*. Ibr !a*t * < le, tha ?>r old bt f*ule will be fooqd the most thrilling ersr wllceieed oa any rjui MONDAY, <H T i, AM) EVENT KVKNING the piiti *wi Tim rue.01 OF LONDON For car. of cnsracter* ay nopal* of ternary A' eee sitr ** the day. MY HON DIANA _____ _ JgARMDM b AUIRICAM MUMUM Padre- toe perennat auperTleloa of P T 3 A ft NUM. EVERY DAY and KVaNlMO TUIr WaEE. Com tending Mopdai On. ft, LIVING SIAMESE TTYINH. Thaoe m at wonderful *nd ejetraordtnvy ol all n :au M c*>ue? ever ?vu-t?o living tne.i Inee-.aratilv united at MB p.t ol the stomach, the only case ever known In the warII w.d be oa EXHID'TION AT THE Xn*ir*M Day aai Eve-nng with two or Tiiaia nnrumgrr, for a Shan t. ?? only, stopping M New York only ! >r a re?t, oa thetr wag to Cwt'ora a Al the *ame tar will be rihlbltod, for a few day*, the GRiaT LIVING BL ?'K blA LION, 'if b. rhty ? ,ug c? the ocean the Imp mpuoeed fabtiieoe MPT UN N. the mna MAJhKTtC. HHRIFIC Unupk y* it to.:# uhs ..-wot of the a-eal deep, the m.w. interesting am* lure alive lie weigh* UM I be and ew* lu lb* of Aatdaiw A I who woul < wr tow must do It aooa a* he leavee (or thdaa oa Ihe li b :*?< a .ai the hi H1NO FaMILY -WHITE NEUBOEN, OE MOORE, tie mnet Inter retina human curtoeHlee ?>er eeex Their pa rjwie were purr t licaua black a* ebeny. yet they are eMd a* en w, thetr I'-nj. bush; ha'r white aa milk and their era* to the ? at dellraie and tecided pink They also leave fee Cube ->t the U'-h toe; TUB HIRAAUK AND NVHT'-R 'TS ANUfAIS THE-WIIaTCA 1UBTBI* Two to number, and of dtatlroi epeclea 0*e of which ha* two dutloct beada. but one leg below ua* knee, and I* web f wted LIVINO "WHAT IB IT)" or MAN MO.V8KT. A m it lull restuiE, arii iainr and wonienol creut'tre 1HKI.ADY WITH ,1'Nil HAIR THI FAJIO- 8 LIGHTNING CALCULATOR. The flu. ?t A,.a. la In Ihr a or Id, to'led with aea and -Ivrr dab. from vwriou* clitnr* a* the beat.Ufu. augei p kind brook tout. Eying llah. In ag alligator*, brtiig crt dl.ra Ac., h Living Shark*. Il-tog m iu*t>r tinakna, Uvtoa Ilwby Anacoala*, hvtog llsppy l.j* g.ei- v* .ety of new W*i Figure* Tba woudarfnl eo.tune *1 r .r. ?CouaulMilaa fee 26 rent aura; a. In the AFTERNOON and KVRNIKO at S tad 7\ toloMk. will be produced in ihe leetnre room that bOPKRB bISToRTCaL DRAMA, JOSEPH AND HIE BREfHRiaN, Which ha* attracted a-icb unwonted rrnwda to Ihe Mohenaa. I will ba pruduc-d with reueweg atlraul-ooi U Di Scenery Cugtuwae. he., Ac Nor parttcnlara of v hloh me ?mail bli*. Notwithstanding the Immense popularity of Mil Drama, the Manat emeot wt,I ba eompehad to withdraw IM whole or la part alter this wee* to make room for other Nove ll** v. uich have been la mh*ar*al the lam month Notwlibataadtag these Imn.eum ettraotiune, *n.l the 96#,Wk C -.r1 oattlea from even part of the Globe, Ihe price of Vdrnfa atoo remain* at only 26 centa Ohiidren u< der le year*. 16 3th. B RYAMT'E M1NETKKLK, , MhcitANfO S HALL. H Rroalrtl _MONICi V or ilierS an I eri r,*'n^ THE hX< ILSIOlt TKul'PK ..F fllB WO JBRKT AND DAN HKYANT the lulmltilile Bthloplan comedlana, to new eciaM, I lr*#nee A tucludtog the uiil-wutg u;xraliiiail poo) acta - K**eace of Old Virginia. ku laalppl F lag, Suetw* at Phalia'a, I'nlk* a la l-uhrt, N'?? * iga d iet*, ballade and rbi.-uaee. H. litem ousel ll'e wtth aonga dance# Uughn'-le taring* Ac hnn e.a-1 . rte to ttvatt, Btimraeni > !-i*rtei to nght o'atoBL Tti set* 28 cent* HOOLRY A t AMI'HE..L b MlNRTBILb NI tlur-R Sal.i ION MCMDaT IVKNIeGOt i I. AM- EVERT EYaf IMG THE Star IRooP l.F THE I'EiHJMSION New Feature* and New AUrartAa* STATU! LOVER NIGHTS OF THI RAZOR btump aruoa, ari.LT BIRCH'S MIScBJBVOrS J ike ISeWotTH a NEW RAN TO BONI. BF.N COTTD*W PI.aN'aTIoM RK' EIJi. CAMPREU.. HKIFF b RKKVEN AND MKI.LTIUJL the hml Vieal Qnartotn- in the Mla#t**>l Pro' to aew Smge, Rallala. Due to. Cbontoe* At . Ac , Ac Cutei.i or Tim* - t.oun open at a uiarter iiefore 7 Ftt (urmancestommeaeea i .artor leftr* S. l.ike aUoeato Academy of MUfcia clou of thentabor ThII (ION >AT> EVEN in ., .?TY I MOOT POSITIVELY IsABT NI HIT OF THE MltiOf The enmpahy alii leave oa T iewley f-.r I'hliadalphla. wad give oa Wkdnaadey the Grand Gale Opera to houarof Ihe aw riv*. o-th* I'r.nte of Wale* at the Aaertcaii Aradamy * M tote to Philadelphia THIS (MONDAY) |VM?ING, OCT. 1 Secoad and tow r.*ht of UnD* DI CHaMoDNIX PATTI Mad RTIAIUMCH, HEIGNOLi. FIERI. SUftMf la cot*e-i jer.a* nf prarl-wtely wade a .anuewea a, MI.LK PaYT! and NIG HEIGNOLI will depart f r lb* ? nth and *r? and wt:i not ewura to Mew York during the viator To Wghl LIN DA w,L aUord u* *a% -pp-.r. .ntty ?/ heai ng them UrtCHOOCE'6 NATIONAL CON' EIT HALL iTi New Cehkl wreet Tu j erring, -enelltrf W Htubeork A uKlaT Hi i.L To NIGHT. ACsan.?W. Hkaho-iek ha* to- plea?-im to an ianea to Mg namero a patron* that hi. bene v. w Utokr p: ae* tka He wUJ appear In Ida i elabratod and erig ua. cuaractertM ' TORCH aad TUB CURE 1UICCEK THI CORK By f.ner J de ire he wtll perfotm THI f'l'IB for iMg atght ?toly Mr W. Hhrrtorm the meal ettemporanenug rooa'tot Mr Fred bhiiw, the * merit * rmale v or ahjL Mr Rnl> emu:, fir-. >? t igkl only Vihb K Al E I.MNLIE will alec appear to i--r miginG part la the eperatie els# #f THI BOHKMIAR GIRL A rUee, (IrW Ume .Mto* ReUto TUdr fli*dd#ae ... Mm Kate IswMe Drvll ehnr.f Harry Pa# AdmtoWim * exam MB. J. 0. MABDBB'H ANNUAL BUBBCtirTIOW 001 TCW^ BVKN*No * JaM?! 1MU. mi* ?a a: a^nVbS" fc,WESS| hr okorub PikrwiM i>* ouilmbttr MB MKPhBB M ARaJCTT, MB OK') W WO'IBTBB. I B ''LIKE m HR v * KM MRU M * RPBR C(?d'.-'Vi? MB MaKOER. I rm-n'orr >| 1 i. caMt T1 BMI1I H CENT", at Ik M tale (???rra aad Iv* AMERICAN OONOBBT HAt.l. AMERICAN COM IKPli Ad m Sr^riw%r' *?i tRBrokwti, ?M iraaEwS ? I MNOAORMNNT MB ? <U*(JaMRNT of BIM.T OMBIL, nr i.t oHC _ , ^ Hiixt u am:.. TW am> Original trtt <'"??.! xn 13 AaarKi IUmi. i.'.fiu.l I i*h tn Am-' > ? H.i. aim-??m __ WlM. AII'CAR *? Taaalay *? mint (?rv>i,?r b Ti.??4?r Oainaac I. .. _ BUTLRB. rr> Tni* *BEE?TRUE A1IM18BION TO OOUTMIMtTB'B *#r?. ?Bfipt' Mu'r'im Ml aid 7t\ Hr.>a<1a-ay rnrn*r * i?A.ltftr? I'M, fr>,n? III A M lo < T ? Inat- m*mm k?< ?kw?fnr ml* Wriung Ac* rmi aim* k':l fn _____________ OIJtBB B Ool.tMNITB rn IJTIM RIAMRNR TVlBR A RR AT BfRtM" M ?*???. ?a*r? ih* a>rk(wnf a (?? ? ? la r <m p?ny atUi all I A* ntb*r W.mdara and ?> t* ti?? an* 'A' ;wr f nam ih* gra.i play, Jnangfe ant Ilk BtBtkrrn, at i <il TH u'rkMk P M LBfTTRB it .BMITTBR" WiRfff 't TO RN'IAUB A lady in k*tar* n*a a ra*R Inlaw >? anl m -tUV aa? )*ri a HI 'HI parA*ti'*ra aad add/aw mm *00*1 Prof 0 * Tar A a trk A*"". EH Ml* ?"?" " Nationai. bkmoai. i?ArrTi?rt. r* bbqapwat An alaaohU i 'lam ail1 <nrm *m M n la/ arnatng, ImnkarB at a h>a<4 ai Nm will A* m*mmi oa lAaA nana tat aarly agpia-au-a. !??**? aaary B^arM. BlMON IN.aAVAN ?*nrrtar7 gPO UM I1XIAB1I* D mm RBBOBB. fBi'THNRoR f IIUUABIN frrmi Para "111 c?' a aAnrt aartM ?*' atantlBy Mid artktla mm AI anna at ricla' ? yrtrat* n*m, <"Taar a< far. IA ttraal (Bg Imt'if a**'? art. rmma at BH TatnaA aad arary arakkg WW W J ONI"' BTi oil BOMDAT, OOTOBBB 1 LMB I mm akaa?a v> aaa tha OBBat RIaiMOIM, (la (Ata i mli Mnga ITna<1ia win gmftaia tW ak AmTaa f*at lara-ai hat nf waiA'na Brtaaa AnaArM Paot n*aa a tkAt r??,a wi* h<a '?a? h-td- a inkk?' Wat'', h*?ai k-anla m'tmrnA fr*m> mtrm *r> f .? ?. tka MM ?aa *PRA ?MM at ? nPatnak I* B. _ ?V \ORRBB R-AI T TtlR.T'B ST-* B^WBRT. Rif h I It V OT" TI Pi WORM" Oakt>ra<? ' I .a-lrti 'a TA 'laaaaaa. s tjM W R ri?R, if OR iTItRTBRBT -TflBATR'CAI. T| ? aa r r?|..' ?' m k?ti ' ?' maAa ?* nr'?r A'>,at-k Wlta.lppmaa- ? <? -A- ?!?.*? 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