Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 9, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 9, 1860 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 8797. MORNING EDITION-TUESDAY, OCTOBER 9, 1860.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE TWO CENTS. " " SHIPPING. -paouunuii m ruu?. <U ATLANTIC STIaM NAVTdATION COMPANY. raw TO** AND QALWAY LI KB. TOOOHIKO AT AT. JOHNS. K. F., nIMA |hmm*?ia and roocive the royal mail and govern jaa?jsj{CASe. Approved b/ the kKW IBON 8IDB-WHMBL BTBAMBBfl 99 ***?"? NtOO UMM bunhea. 4,40,) tuna burthen. SPiS?** ?Oj una burthen. ii*?*; 4,400 tons budhon. e?^A*AL! 4.4101 >ns burthen. -JiUS* Aaoarturo will be the CONNAUUUT, from Baton. ja Tunedny, Pel a, to be followed by the PR1NCB aLHRRT, tieja New tort. Nor. 30. J1? f}? No. 87, North rtver. Ktoeloliuia, Oiuo ton aadVt according to alete rooam me ?ommodaltoue. Third clam 030, Including onoked provision*. */<???? *? '?? ft'* clam, 03A third due OJO nnfls* u yeara ball price under ooa year free. TMrd cUAs psessiigste are requtrod to fnralah beda and Ilea. **?"* PM?e from Kew Tort for the steamers Sja&aa^1 wlU receive dee paaeage froea Kew Tort ^?Sia*n of tide Ooaapaay bare ?yanteef eare aa regards safety and comfort, combined 535 Modal and panelling power, and are built with water MM ooaapartmenla. Tbcy are auolMantly expected tosiirpaw m Weed and rough weather qualities. any raaaela erer bulk, "J are replete wltb elegancies and ocnvanleneee. Aa experienced surgeon la attached to mob ahlp. Perwma JJahla* in rend for their frinnda aaa obtain return Ueketa at h? fiiltowtnc greatly reduced prions:? TBNblrd oahla froaa Hal way. 030, la third "aabln front any tows In Ireland an a railway. 1*1 40; In third eebin from tha principal cttiaa of England and Sootiand, ^fSrWlor^e^.yto^ Noa. 04 and 00 dbqth i OTRAM WF.RELY BETWEEN NKW YORK AND LIVER. O pool, landing and embarking passenger* at QneenMown {Ireland). Ihe Liverpool, New fort and Philadelphia Htea n Ohio Company Intend Utelr full powered Clyde limit Iron ?teainibipa OLAHOOW, Saturday. October IS. CITY or BALTIMORE. Haturr ay, October 10. CITY or MANUHRfTKR, Saturday. October 17. And every Saturday, at noun, from pier 44 North river. BATga or raaaaoi: First cabin 07.11 Steerage M) Do. to Laadoa On 11 Do. to London Aid Steerage return tickets good for (In months Olid. Passengers forwarded to Paris, Havre. Hamburg, Bremen. JU tterdam. Antwerp. Aa. at reduced through fa'ee. Peronoa wishing to bring nut tbelr friends can buy tickets here at the following rates to New York ? ?rom Liverpool or Cueeoslown?First eabtn. 075. Odl aud 0104 Steerage from Liverpool, 040. from Qneenatown, 4*1. Three steamers have superior accommodation for passen gers and oarsy expsrlanced surgeon*. They are built In water Labi Iron sections, aud have patent Fire Annibilatore on board. For further Information apuly la User-pool to WILLI AM lb MAP, Agent. 14 Water street, la Glasgow to WILLIAM INK AN. No 6 St Knncb synare . In Qutx-natowu to C. A W. D 8KYM- OK A CO., In Uicl -n to KIVK-1 A MACKY. 61 Ming WUItam street. In I'arl. to Jl'I.ES uKMUK, N . 5 Plane de la Bourse; In PkbadelpM* Pi JOHN O. DALE, 108 Walnut street, or at tbe Company 'e offers. JOHN U. DaLK, Agent, 16 Broadway. W. Y. flOB SOUTHAMPTON *ND HAVRB-ON SATURDAY, October IS, Ihe United Stales mall sfamar ARAOO. 11?I uummander, will anil from Pier 37 North River, foot Of Beach street on faiurdav. Oct IS at noon. This steamer? ?aserpeased for safety an'' comfort?has doabls engines under deck, enclosed by water tight compartmenU, wbtoh besides OlKar results, tend In the event of eoUlslon ?r stranding, to hasp the pumps free to wotk and secure the safety of reuse! and psasni gnro Prion of passage In eeoood cabin $76 and M' For freight or pssmge apply to SAKUKL M. FOX UKO. MACKENZIE, 'Agent*. tNo. 7 Broadway. The steamer FUL TON win mil November 10. ROTAL MAfLSTKAMSHIP PKRS1A For 1 Jvrrp?4 ?The 1' Kit81 *, Judkina commander, srtll ?all from the st eam on Wt-d-.radar next, th* 1Mb Instant A btsamb at will ply between the Company'! wharf at Jersey Ctty, and the Persia, from 11 to 1$ o'clock, to convey passes ?era and barrage on board. In eoraenuence of the great number of persons who go out to the small steamer* as. the groat risk analog there from, passengers are respectful y req tested to take levee of their friends on the wharLas they cannot be taken on board. The AFRICA will sail the vttb Instant. K CUNAKD No 4 Bo-vUng (Ireen. gTBAVBB OF OOTOBIR KL For Southamptns and Havra. United Slates Ka.1 Ktcamahlp V a NDCRBkLT, F. K.lAfevre, oummandrr, will sail frms pier No 3 North Hver New York, at noon Saturday. iVnolmr ?!, with malls, Hmttin and apecte, for England aud Franco. Flrmmbin, 81X1, second eabtn, 490 Tided eabtn, to Havre, 4113 to Southampton, $80. D FUKRAJHTt, Agent, N x? Bowling Oreao. New York, kfts on Is s 1 I drafts on lx>r.rt<,a ar.,1 ("arts for sale outhakpton AND HaYKR. Tbe North Atlantic 8t-?toshlp Company will drapat-S for above port* their aclend:' steamship A vLaNTiO. Captain H. tJray, carry n? th? l.'ni'ed elates malls on the follow da's, from Canal street wharf ? rom New i ork Saturday, Nov. 17 and Dec SI. From Havre Deo. 6 and Jan IS And eouthamptoa tbe day after leering n*rre. Tbe Atlantic to nnexrelled lor stremob and comfort, bas water tight com paramenia and U la ait reaped* is tv mplet* oriler. Ft freight or Damage apply at the of llus nompvoj, 88 Wall stiwd I. P. BTKPgXMS. Secretary. Thb north oebwn lloydb rrsAKsaip kit TOR*, n I eon banarn, oommander narr..tng the Unl bad States mall srl'1 sail on 8ATUkDAY, Oc< 87. at U o'clock M.. roa BRCMKN. YIA aOllTHAMPTOK, _ Taking puaaepgersfiw LOnklK. HAYRR sot IHaMPToN AND BOKMKN At the foitowisg rates ? First eebln HOP, ser >od cabin. (40 ; stoeraga. 831. For yrmghtTpa-ags^apj,.^ ^ No ffl Broadway. HAKR'JBO AMKRK'AN FACKKT OOMPaNT'B 41 ate an whip S \ \ ??. t II Ehlcrs. ommandsr, will I*e for Hamburg Kintheanpp<a, Uaitnn an t Havre on ,y, 0*4 14 at 11 M. Fust cnbtn, fll?). se<- ml oabln, IdU. ? C. B. RICH VBt A BOAH, Ul Broadway. N.T. p BOECSB1A will socceed the nexonla R I.IYKRPOUl<?OLD BLACK 8TAR 1.1NI-THB r. hears I Honda JP? B partst ship AUSTRALIA, lying at Pier ft Rast river, torn BRIGHT I~ October Hi. the JOHN BKKJHf sails October Jo For tee from or to Ireland, aad draft a apply to WILLIAMS UION, 40 Fulton street. r'R LTYKRPOOI. -THKCK1 KSR ATtD CUPPCR 8H TP ? DRKaDNOCOHY. Captain Samuels, the lastsat ship ?float. wUl sail on the 10th uf 4 ctob-r For pass igs, oweat rales, a* ly lsuaedtalaly. to secure he-ths on board. at pier >o. I North river, or to P M DkMaRANT 40 Soutlt r rem. R LIVERPOOL -TIIK SPI.BKDID 8I11P V V NtlTARD. I apt. llal'ct. ad's this day, at 10 o'clock A. M. Far smtgc .pply to JObKPU ML'ttPIIY, (1 comb street, near r ipmuon a mek OK UTK1TOOL FACERTA. Tb* inNrrib?ri ronltona to (rant rertlflcalea of pNMp 10 Bad from Llraraoo! by thel' famine Una of partata, ooaprla ALBION nntAi>"o?oH^, mippi.urx. TioroAf, 3MNJ APARH, C INSTALLATION, JN ? J KOTO, *rBeT,rt>INT, SWIT7.tNl.ARD, PhtKNlX. CNIiKRWRnfrR. FHAMROCK OaMHNIA. Habit (. to?ntber with other*. a (hip erory 3ra day* Tba ?nbarrlbaia u* ala. *cnu for tba X LINK Of LORDON PACK ATA, For All of wMch they rran? -oil V-atea ?? l".nra1 l?mi BAMITtANCKd TO IKKUANH *0. ?. A Co. a'an continue to bm? dra/la, parable on de-nand, thronpbi ul Knplaad. Ireland, Scotland and WHOA. Brad ?r dl] for dreu.Ari Ornilara. wtth All pwUealara. may b? A*A on application -if By lei or eockwe poniaae m*b?-1o TArN'OfT A OO.. M Houlk atreet, Raw Tort. TAFRnOTT. NRITH A oO.. Umrponl )? CALIFORNIA VTA f ARAM A. will laara Raw Tort tk# I* IliA aad ni aaaA wall, unapt wkaa tbaaa daiaa fall oa Monday, ? ?a 1> of departure wlj ba tAa Monday fnUowta* ? fralght or pwaaar* Apply At lAa aal^rtlo^ Ro inWa c _ AUSTRALIA-AANflAROO LINR-TH* rlJTR law atnaa bar* OR fit A PAR will AAll for Melbourne. oa ?eit, lOlk law . paaWralr F?tr Bore a?ml _ para ran ba tauoauwi laWd la the bona* oo dec*. at a low rat* A 'rw anra A-at aaMn paa-enaer* can ba ao ? ?-. Apply oa board, at o'er Mo 9 ba rtrar, or to MAlUJUt, LORD A t| CEREAL". ItM Wall atraat ?KAOR HAVANA.?THR PNITRP NT ATM RAIL P Weamrttp QUAKER CITY. R. W Rbufaldt ComBaa d*r will Uara far the abn?? port oa Tbnrada/, October El. at IS oVkWA, trrm pier ?A kortfc Hrar For fradgbl or piaaaaa apply la HAR<l"t'R A ou . 31 ao- th atrant F AY AN A AND NEW ORLRANR. RVKRT TEN DAT*. 1 1(10. To aall on Thuraday, oatobor II. at U , amahtp WAHAWRA, t W Smith, commander. hi will -- to rearbra frelrtt on Monday, October S, aad I aa aboaa tnaa pier font of M irrai Mraet, North rtrar. LITIRORTi >N CROTHERON A OO, ? Mnmty atraat PR B rTO aalla I irtober .'1 and BIERVli.l.S No mw I, spornatarrab andthr Rocm . tf tbr new aMirat'p R E. C0TLER, fRpt F-rVnrtdJ, prfl. lea re pier U, Rnrtk rtrar. oa Saturday. Oct. 13. at ? T R. RnmSb'tteamauSfio'&nw Orleans. Bobne, Rnet?oawwy, RLani h*. RaehOlla. Anotnlla. iWtaaoofla Albany, OolnB fen* Atlanta Mama aad AtpitWa . _ tb# aenwnmodaJtonn for paaaaa?ar( art aopartor to IboM Of TZpp^B*-H R OROMWMI.L A OO, m Nat atraat aad VM R mat way. P^m <H RATA NN A II ANil other point*, an BNLOW - Tbe Aral rlaaa aleamabip pTaR OF THR WOffl, Cap WtT Tbnwiaa l.ton. wtil Bara oa Tnaaday. ' tjloher 9 ai 4 R W7, frraa nler No ?. Ntwtb rtrar. Tbr nipb UnAr.ta oan l>a bad for Ike rnlVowtnr rlf-a ? Raw (trleaaa W? 7A Mob''a. VIA Monlranwy, f?. Rnfaa la. Ala . ?*? Colo in boa ?P. Albaay. IXl Atlanta, All, <Ati larorwa Mb, Raabrdla, fif TJ, Xnnttllle, ttk !|B, RaaapbB, $$l 7* A ttaartt, ill W, Hanoa. (*?; Raraaaab. f 1A r ?rP'/ at 13 Broadway ' Tba iiMnier A PllONTA, <Vptala R. R WoodhnO, wRI and eaad IM Btl on bal irday OBobar tt, at ? P JL ? BAMURL U MITCHn.l, A ROR ER BAVANNAn ARD THR ROCTII. rta Uaamehir MONT'tONNRT ?W Wm. C Barry, will i ptar IS RortA rlrar oa Ttnirtr.wi 11. nip. tt. pra 'fnaaaa to IBrannab. wltk nneurpaaaed wariBmodaBtMi ?llSnnft Ueba a m New (wlaaaa. St 7.1. Mubi^ Mr Coatwiaeert fT*. Nempbla W 73. NjebrU'r. Sf7 7b. Ko i wtnTs*. to (Siatia '?**, m ^V**A, taata, 11. Ran ?, Ml. An*naB Hf *1 Baladla* oaalbut fara At cratraaAlai pottia. Apply ? r CRORWRLL A OO., as Real Itreet and M Brnad way. TRa B. B. CYJTl.tR twrenti balnrd?R"ol. U BViR NAT ARNAII -T1IN FiHNT fXA"" BIPR ttHl. F WeT^p" ATR OF .IRt.R.M^ OarUH 1/ Oarrt. wffi aal! trrm Pbtlada pb'a for Nararnab on WednraNay OH to B 1# o'e m* A *T ?*Wa raaaape. fll f? Tbrnpb h tB -n tlrir 1r1rr-| r I lu'*rire'Nae r pi? ?l a?m? -ate a* Rl Reern, n fwan Re* f rl R ,.a?* r .1 ? ftdl<-l?f W ?RF-T!*??-' Ht IrlT' ttof t' ^ 'i' '< ' * **f '"i* '*"*** ^ I , PRIW I bta T* w ?e. KM aim.*, llatBwi'i aw. w I ?>e ?**..? j'BMSA A. R. SHIPPING. FIRST SHIPS FOB IJVKR'VWM, AND I.ONDON ?THB celebrated clipper ?hi > SIB ROHKRT PERI., aula lor I rp in I'lrr ?' Kut river, October 10: ?-ooadoaHn ?tele riwnaa a ud found SM. Ship nil INK. fur l?uado?, ailli October 10. Kor paaaage apply to TllOtr. C. HOCHK, S3 Booth ?;>e?t rK CHARLESTON. 8. O.. HAT V8N*1I, (It.. AND the IP uth kid Sonth*-e.t.?Three ?teamera a week ?Trt weeklv filled Stelae mall at.'a whrel (teafluhlp Uae ?The ?plrsdld MeamrhH'MARION, W Kneler, oommander. will leave pier No 4 North river, no Thursday, October 11. at t ntflori 'P. M piecwely Ratal of paaaa|e. with through ti Ida. alfi' wi. - To > atuiih, (la. >U: fberieetoa s. fl.1. New Cm c.di flt '5; Mobile IBS M ntgoaiary, Ala., >*' Narbrille ieno 121 7ft Mcmpbu Ml 75; < bvt anooga S'-'5 K pontile, 12i 50 AuguMA, (la . $17 SO; auauta. ti ; Charlotte, N. <!., W2 NuBbal C.. For freight or paavage apply loHPuFKOKH TlLKaToN * CO, LN,li,oda*v The Ju Adger, J h Phllllpi, commander, will anrreed on Satu'day ( ctober 1.1 and the Na?betl|a, Gapt diirrar, on Tueeday, October IS. The adan.v lUcreea Oompanv'i graat southern Eiprru li carried op ihia Ike.?The eipreaa again* South will live Irfortuallnti aa to aalUng dan, fare. Ac. Through freight arrangement ?fob nor. folk, 1 ortamoutb City P int and Richmond, drummting with Nur'olk and i'cleraburr, and houthaide Rallroaia fur Lynchburg, RrirM. Meuiphla and I vtermediate ataitona f relclit received every day, and through reoelpi* ruruiahed at pier IS North river. WeamrMp JAM RHTOWN, Oa; t Skinner. '?av?e every Tumi dav at IIP M? taking freight for PorUktoulh, City Point and Bichmuod. btenmvhip ROANOKE Cant O.meh, every Thuraday at 5 rtriKHlMlip ikVAlTUIA* "?Vk- * ' 'UU?i r?oij ? uuiway w J P. M., taking freight for Norfolk, City Point and Kiohm intf, ant calling at Old Point 0'mto-V to land p-vMaogrre. Steanahip TtiltKTO *N, ? 'apt Parruh every Saturday at 3 P. M . inking freight for Norfolk, OIlv Point and Kirhtn vad. Fr.lght to Portanioutk or Norfolk, 7 ccula per foot; to City Point 6 cents, and 1> htuhmond 9 cent* ?Paaa.gc to No/felk. ataternon and tneala Included. ML to Petersburg or Richmond, >10; children between the agee of 1 and II half prion. LUDLAM k HFINERBN. 1 IS Broadway. SI,OOr. SCHOONER OB RAROE WANTED-FOR THE marketing trade, HO or 10 tmi )n,ure of Caolun 1 YN< II ou the k oop Sophia. fort of Beach atreet, N r . on Vt e,Ji,caday, Iburirlay or Friday, or at euig Sing, of d. COL LVh R. <XOTHi \?. AH*'TAK Cd *J?i:? roH I.A Ditto ADO IfKKTl.dM** _ tbrtr oftft oif Clotkuic lotu ir^th I rvm**tvMi ? P*!ulV-/"Lh.>*>P.*,Prio<M:-.r.ff,ra ?8 III fco for Kill Drnaeca. u , *D(1 MTCfM piid for iooordliurir' fmm 11 in ts /<*? Fiiitt: froti 93 to $12 for also, (>?rurti' furnitiirt Jaw lzJz*S.*ddrtrrd 10 r Ddtrrnib and 1 wnntwil MiwAa, win bo punotuiUf auaudad to. led tea attended to by MraA euawenuj ?HMM Ahkjcat L km A NO ro* LMrr orr cloth nm i 1 *fprl? Aa 1 rrturawl from Aha Waal I , prtma lu caah for ma above namoc artl ?.*_' PR* ?g bumbo* Adtfroaa <3. Mtab 311 K.blfe *W?Nf?h Mree*. ABTU.T. BKn?R AND NUHKHT WAT FOR LaDiKH i lo???*?0l"'m.*n hi4rl * f,Jr f""' '<?? c?? i?n "JiAhiu* V Jr"-lrf^ "I o t ha kiunhiiAcrd by whmti Job i *?d * nc** bl P"*' P? IH Haveoth avenue notch bJi l??> put?ijtn%M- ntLeurftsd to by J ANIIai r i lIima attended to by JHm. a \U*?^Ua/aoao f A --^r" CHAWCt THAN KVjCR -LADIKK AND fortheWaJwJ? mJl!r* *1 *r?*t 'or ram off Clot hi da V' , "Oalani mArtir., aleu for Paruilare. Carpeta. Jewelrv SK?,?wr SSL. sua-.:i3iH h.uiw^halow Twrntjr arm ureal Indira Mteoled to by Mr* ABTI1.L BK TTTH AND fU'BIH WAT vol I* aira and ?r. "t!ama? I,, K*t ? Mr cub ,.rloe for cut off v lothtDs * uniUurf., t nrpt-ta hd* Jrvrelry. nnrt col to br hum ubit^touMy,,i\9ito auo1* ^ uT^,r.;u2 in 5J tJ _* i'K% I, H6 riewrith arcane, corner of n4 ^ ihT?V Ju^.^u ^ t? b, AQBBAT DC MaND ro* CLOTHING -LAUIBf. AND (Mjlirmeii barlo* Any .mat ?ff Ciothloff, Purullitre or ' "fi"''* arr ?'i?r*oleed to receive aa foilowi?P*nla from at joAA. Kaa. fro? 91 to flc. -mi lir.itwa, |r,.^ 91 to 931) Cot woollen Drf mi the bl*h?at prt, e will he uaM bj ?^V^UalUrTK ^ ^ Ann IK* CHANCE RTTli's I. AI IK ' AND .< KNT .? meh.-A great de viand for the We.**? m.r?et - <4V^" > <* <??? " rloAlht:. f'tro'ittra r*a P,T *c IfArwwvipir the brat pr>eaa In the Ht?. Au'trakTwui,* Ahrljuoi ?3 ijv.uih a ran fie Fnlj fltib and Twenty itvlh atraete will he **>?**' tmat atlaaMtodio_ Iwlr. Kiended by *0 a' ,UOf A Hi*"" -OICNTUIMKN'ft Ntw"~ANI) I.KPT orr n Ptlrabaaad 1* tka WoMrra m v/het In l*r?. or ii.t ? 1!" ff"rrL"r Tb.enw D ilonr^. u tarntre etreeL N. B ?Werehant latlor* baetn* any oa tan' wU pleaat addrotv aa abore. D%al AORBATQCANTITTOrCAKTOrr CI/VTHfXO P/K ulture, f krpeta .lawt!r?, A. w ,nted, t> ru jli'v tba iT-'J n'lL"'!' i' 1 *l1t" nr ri ' ? m.ra heMnr any lo aDuaae of w tU m elre the hit beat aaih price fur the aim- by aaPiee -111 .i"""'"? * S0**.!0 \ '"'KKs ?'w frenth a enne whl-J ?lll he nmcl'.Ally atterded to I.adt-a atunde' to l.y t>r? [) JIS (Hilt ?i",THu?7 '"?mnici *xw and ' off CkAhliMt wanted f.w the Wew.rn tnar let Tie b t r.eet eaah priee ever paid r*n he obi?jn*d in mnlabie mrmey, for lerg* ?r ?-e?ll ban hy (*1110*at the * ,ra. or nddteentpi Win. Welti. 41 t'entre atrret PIHMTIHK. A* TDB **<iL* K* AHKl L*D PUteNUt K* MaNU factory No AM Hrnw'way 0** nutve Urn a erne ? thrwira ele*aat t harrier n lu of uun twlehrated Zy. !iir*' al?i *" "5? <laal?aa and color* fmtn 93* and r l*i"*.11 rTrw.V "a Pri<*" ?cln'1*r *ard A'V*!'*!0'?.krlLorJ**PCRirruR* ro* . vohwa 0# warranted ?aaanln'tura Alno eTrt' mmb~r r ? plaia and nruirn't , at fid awwtft MA Canal alrert Aip-jMie W-ewter fat* rutcm aivtn pn* ppiriNn hand rnutn tore and l arrei'^n ren''y money AU celln promptly led to Addrean U3 II odaos (treat, enrtter Perry TTol rhUOLD PCRNITTKC \AW ANTHOMICtV. Atoohprttiiu.. eeirtti MatetmoW, ?*?*ytia danibter, brwa wtth a aaal and *t/? of fin taat. lalta how LWrnifcl" ^ "?"f **?*'?? *r?n yoor ZC22? i&5?n^i?H^'2L2L-; ABOHA riDB SfTBflUKilfVT. THAT BTH&T OfTi OAJI dsy?*nd on. li MxUba WIlsByff, who IbiIs &W ohMM at RSr--22sajrjfClt Bin darfal aaa my naraaia Indf^Hac adrlae m nerer he^ kaowa to fall, aa.l (he off an ta rnty thociaand M*n rawn?3 to any 00a who naa eqnaj htr la the aborTwdemSr ?T! Madame wi nrte la la poaanmtrm of Lb# oabehralnd mnrtn nharmn AH FACT.?A fHRIJfOIrOOlfT AFP AWROXXXIMf +* !H,wnrld and ** rBWBTd fur M\J 0B? ?r (M ?0*1*1 Mm WWLLimnotT sir) Is kcino 'Iftdnd to bs IA? only My m ik* ?4v vko toiAmUf gtrBS l*f<*rr??nm mm I' MBPM iA M1 III I !* tit mnar? nhne. 1 f at ? * t . * ^WthfWie.iwee?? ntinreiiT (triad and lnwnMfd rooaelsdy. Lncky numhen ?+"-( Hlchly reaper.Ah la nty Sj^'^ZaSr^LT** M w ??fc aranom?? CTIrAMTOTANfl ?MR* NCTM'lr,ll'N VMDtf' AL(TI. AIM* rlroyaat Bhoota KM Pram* atreva. two l.torAi naal of nrrmd way Tba mom or*teal medieal and bnatnmn eonanlla Uoaw day and event (. and ten act mtlafaoUun eoaraatead alwayi ue no pay tnhen. aoteea M*?*"' F*T IN..TN1 BB8T CUAIMTOTANT AND Aatrotaftat ta tlie I affed Ptatea Olrea InoAy nam here. ?*?m meedy mai rtaaea telle of boat npopertr. MOrereoUi ITT At wSth Twmtr trr^k *?*? * aania, gamin ksi^s? sSk'Si^si-K^1 "jaii'ws ttenUemen eot enmltted. Lmm~ "*? MADaMK Br N* n IN NMMOTID PRi.M At ATTuBNMT ?treat to 310 Boueb p Mreel oppnatte Ledtow. oeer the laeiae hat more Nke gun mnUenea la letl'M tore, mai-rtara. af.eni f -teeda h'lnineaa Do ao? f'rpet the a am bar 'ftatla " - ' ? - - MADAMK rAtKT I'tN INPOMM lt*n M t N V frlenda and the unhhe of the ..ate of nr* the paat Pfeeea* and fntnre to tbatr aat're aatuda- Are. aha feeu .*1 d?nt aha haa an e.,nal If ynti wtnh the truth pi?r her * nH! at ?PA a eeee, betweea Tbtty freirth and Thirty fifth aueeia Indira M ctnta. ileetUieee not ar milted. MADAMt l.KANDU l.INf, B> INTH DADHfm* 1'aa he annanttad aboet Urea. Marrutee. Abmmt Prieeda telM all the eeenta of life ai tit N At Mreel Indue M rena (entiemea M oeeta IMnaaa apeedy mamatre am) Uvea inohy Madam*nv noin. ixairtotant phtnT(1an, pd?. Bterlyof Bare im a Mnaeom. mam mAwpeedewt nm ttrred. to atamtnaMow of dtaaaai and sntan*aa, % acala at har imm. *a <7 Tad Twenty vaventh Mi eat, at An ftp't MADACK BTHDN TH* WONPM* Of CTROPR. 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FOR SAIK-A SITPRRIOR PP?N OP DARK OR AT eige-Metes 16 hande hi, b noon I, nix yearn old. kind In all harness can trot In three minotea loyeilur, veri rioae matched ibe Mares i, e ba'l alatera, and ere The m ?I to tab aod praUtret tetra li 'he cit' A'ao, two prav llor ea ltibai'da bieh lo.g I alia veri atylUb: one d rk danple ib> other a'Ichi color, ooe ran trot cloee to three ml at net the other not ro fatt are rood t-.r * coop? ami id aod kl .1 In o1 htrneaa A ao a pale of bay flap tad Horaee ts bande * inche. kub. armor and kind In all barneiw rery cioae maiched. rv tri* in 'our adaatet touelber, tdac* leea. very ely leh, lh"? roreee livik the eerond premlnna al the Htvle Fair laat year 7 veera old, pom drivere To e aeen iu 75 Thlrt u.r.Ui air. e between lrii?rtwev and Suth avenue, at ihe Hlpponeetahlnr at the owrer la not * -in? ti Rnropa. li'tiR bAt h? a Morgan hornk, tsi< Hands high, P a6l >earn idd. fart, kind In aloc'e and douldt bwruwa tu,l nrderihe eaddle aod aound in every rea, furth?* pariictilara laqnlre al 22 and M Waal Thlileenth etreet, naae Fl'ir avenue FjNk.tR Fhl.F?22 CONTRACTOR'S DIRT CARS, IV 1 pourt monlnc order For partie iUre apply \a JOHN' A KKKNtiCIIAM 297 Water aireet, N- V. CH H PAI.K?A W.ACK MARK, II AS TROTIKD IN " ? SV w ul t e eold in k > In the poul try to rtlee eolia Prb fbl Aln. a eiy yi imp hoiae, e*o trot IB 2 W Very sheep Apply at Club etabtev, 72 < narlaa mreel. VOR S.M F.-I* CONSF j"*Nl K OF TH* PlATtI OF ibe late owner, ibe rbiek and lease o* a livery ?Uh a, ni? dolsp a (oof buainrat Any ranon wdh be" in a Si (AO will li.p tj einl ?rk In the b'i*iiiev? i an make ver, adlifArior/ ar rengriiieuta. Inquire it it're Ao. M Haiiimnici eiract FN R PAIR IIIKtF-A FIRST OI.ARd FXPRRSSWt pi mi with pole and thafla, at ihe corner of Waafctagt ?i im T w ? f th etrecth. FTOR hAl.K TO DAT-at HKOVTNR A NICHO*. 4 ft) Naaaau ?li?et e Upbt" Roek*way almoat new, hn tot be lateet el; le. Halt i mnier ee at I o'rloi k. fft'NK HORN Kb FOR HU.R.-WM H TAN OOTT HAS ? j ieiarri.ed f-nrn Weetwrn New kotk w ih a fne lot n' hat Ib.raee, c twoUng id m- thed palra r-td and fa dl* Boraea IbcTcanhe wo ?t Talb-reall s, corner of thirty ?unit aln et a d bu:h a' ?ue en 11 I AN C-Tf. V'rA r, Ontario orunty N T HORbtb Ff R HALF. -b*VR* HRAVT DRAFT HORS* for aai- ai depot of I'll' 'ce Ooapaoy. ooenwr Hvo h K yhtb aid HUrd alrrett WiUI'.rr.ibcre . the. a e youop and feel w* k? e an be ?e?n any into alter'! o'clock Gt I.LKN A IIIHHflN TTORb*. WAGON AND RARNRM WaNTKD -WORT ? XI Ir.-no RMS to ?M?' "n -aree m.m'be' tme for pemd c t ante; n > yG Ilorva will he puretaaied with nt 'he WaKUn. Aidreee P a., boo 181 Heiwid office. _____ JlbT ARRIYKD FROM TR* KORTlt-THRKK I'AtHb of lire n. ,Uhe.l II '-ee? ot e pair of Tonnp Mtrce can t id In S 101< ittber; three fast alnale Hornee. will trade f ir enh-e hi-to or a yi"'d 'aml.v narri?pe Tube eeeg al Mwtropo.kvn eta', e, em of t rince and dtaio ?ir_eu SADDLR II HSK F"R N all? A F >R WHKK HoriBk lame aid eonnd trvioed for the atddle by FJoralO" fur sale p>k e PWU al the atable, tXl Baet Twenty aecond et-e i Ir-.ulre for h .rae '>reb " A Sue French epnop Hadd e, to pe'ber ebb llri He UNnkete aad other articles foe the home, will *lan ve sold if wa. led 8K"Of?D HaNI*. MX b> kT CARRIAOS for H.tuK -'N". WOPRaIJ. A M?i RY'? ea"t?fre ware Iteena l.'ki Mnwdeay. iSal *600 will he avid fir ftki It I, in r'.'o'riT nod would aneanr for firery (table or haekiop purx-oeep lirANTFO TO PDRCH?PK-A PaIROF i.onotailkd It bay. 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AM RMTRKPfUMN 1 MiM ? tabli-Rli iravrl *0# n.ak* m >n?y will (lad a goo t oo pnlnntt) l<> do #u b? low# r,* fm n f IX'11 f'M11 a * h mdt up nirnllCc inrtatl# nbihtuno, r?otilrtag tb# a#r?li-?? of bat <1.* prranr Tb# * bote ??!'! br aol! If "quired ?*mn b? a#?n fur Chrr# daya a; Mr lary'i prlattag afficti, #0 It Ub#rt, aire#* imw iloor. PARTNRI WAMTRD-m THF MfllRT MAKIJfl AMD mi ?'? Pur?.t? Trad# 1 >0# 1 it will! v qaalntrd with lb* I ii?lor?. mt.d with w>m# capital H>> Ivu emtab: nbad 00 lirradway Acdraaa I urelabrr Herald ode# P lABTSkR WAMIRD-TO J(>\* TH* ADVRRTMKR ??h* fan#) Mat* n#ry buBaaaa. bin lo tab# an I alarm la bit art d# la tinlv#raal datum- d ?*t iai r#uulr#d f n-m u> l-'<t PPr ? ># r#'?r w?a r. , ttr?c and gttru. aptdj at ib# ? nra t;t fourth arcana. PU ARTMRH W*Mtltn-IM AOnit. Ha?rMR?8 Af.BRAPT ??ta-diahed, Wth fnaa lb### bt J?# u-onwaod doil?r?. alttarr aatltaor allttil HKirWM A Romw, rn Saaaau atrrct THR ai'UMBTliiBP HATR THIb DAT M IKin A CO parti #r?htp for lb# purt rw# of traaaantlog a ?*nerai Ma I oa#n. Prt ?"* Uthoatat blag b ?lo#aa at SI Paa??j. ?trf#i. Tb# aty!# "I lb# (I. I# #ill br H P Uw lira A Maei Tb# (aid partnr'abip lo <nw.i*r#n# or Ih# It# day of u? ar ,soj. aad to typirc tt tb# JOtb dat of rry'imW ItAt HRMJaMla t. tMMI.Ilt kit 1(111,(411 M < tl a III.Mrl A. MaOI Jr. tl-AMTHt. k *** A? PAHms MHO If tll.Udli Tf bid#?oi# Ml or #i?* borr* par dap %r> a llrht, pmdta'a# raab I ua aras no Vtana to r\J. only arI,,a' ? ata# o'pr >??## r? lal/tU. Apr f 10 ruMTKM A IX'., JCi Broadway, rnowi 17 *y| lift ?fAMT"1M WAMTRD, WlfH THlh AMOUHT. lo I da tha ann?trlH#r la tranofar?T>la? and ra i#tU?c a at pi# arlitl# Appl; at pU<a at boatoaaa ?hu Ha l Kitimt Paw Sorb. A. ?? aMITM. C^fUl -wabtbd a pabtmrb to attrmd rru TOUU. oer# aad All ordara for a n?w and llrbt aruol# ? Btaoaiacturr i.odar prr?#rti .o at l#0#ra patrat, a ia<?i<>aolt iron wbkh >>k OUO eaa b# naJa In oua year. Apply at MP ird MB Broadway, rona Ma A *1 III |f I TO VPOO-PARTMRR WAMTKP fM A vl ,1/1/1 y drat olaaa maa (aal inri ..tinrwb, aapab># o aa imt#d ?1 #??n u ('rutla larp# Apply M tha Madtaal ypttf. Tl. Broadway. CI ^llll -rABTMRB WAMTRD.- AM ACTfVR (K7PI t? L ? /* " ' on* ? an aa partnrr waotod In aa ?ld aataritnb rd xDtalr Marbdf, onr <>'tha brat bwaiooa la laa ctty. Mooa a?#a app y aataw t ?#y ana faralah Ibr al?'t a amnnal Ad drraa nmrhar. IrtbmaolBrr. for thr## data ft Cflfi ?PABTMRB WAMiRD. IN A UNMKf Ha 91 ov" aafar-ttrl ? ' .?lr#a# nrralr #at?> ltab#d ar 1 pmrrtrd by |.at?at. Tba light b'nd of a man w*ta I A# a Nor# anir rap baiaat #onal It t?rr?t ta a baamraa wbicb wl'l rr qtitrr but two lottti' attrotma ?#d r##ul-#d Atnlj at tba M B-raa* ay. toon Pi r orn 11 irr' -i 'n a ownnaa wn-.rn wpi rr tmri' atlrofna d?-Iy Hra" r#f#-#ona p<ran ^ t'ly at tba affra of tha maiinlaetor), 1M -A oonn orr< in; mitt m* a Brat srt, ant aian ?Thr m?r.ofaclnra of a or# dry larutt# #?#ar?<l ky t atrat) of pasrral a >naam/Una. pro A/ply at 10) rttlloa rtroet. room IS fUWI - TABTBRR WAMTRD IM A PARPRtT TIViVi 'U? ly itfr ?#rt plaaaaat ?nd itHrtly Irr.tljaM# (|?|?>? ? h#r?IA w'lb 'hw ai#' lit a fntitaa ran b# m*d# in t?-? or thr, # y*ar? BKtuP A Mi TH d(|l!t. W Maaaan at RISK AKIN. UBlkiR OP WAl.Rd X 1h# rait#braird r#t?lral hINorlnal pin trr of pniprt ? H, ftl.P-H. (Aftarward* Cbatra lb# * I-at 1 Paio'ad at Madrid m I tit bt th# ?r#ai V#lar.(ti#t, la aow an rtalhKloo at I'# PTrTtfhAhT iPHiin<fR cm broaowat. t ,'n- i?#i>* ISiwrta WINK* AND Mm ON|. H( Al.TDPPI, AMD Wfl'M.Rn"MR Toorr ir) tarn,I b# aaf la prafa# 1/ BPRMPmR' f I I.R IT* W nf-RCT. M- lb# p-t-# j 11 # of lb# ry# n la. 1,rad io!r 1 I'll Isrt ? r-Wag?#d Ira'lh'ol f#'( irl It t* rn1-*#/ by r ? rT ph -1*i,na aid IV oat -la of ro 1 " V. ABM Wilt v 1' 'trrnu M U 3adar I'.raai ? w. A !*H HEMKI? TS. AUAlA'a aMAAIVaA HytllK. 0ad*r tbe perauoal saparTUdoa of I*. >. B AR ROM. JtV?RV J)AV aK1> KVaMlMO TSI- **?*, Oomtaairlojf Monday. Uot. 8, UMU, UV1MU niAMKiK TWltt*. fbtH mral woo Uu-rpl uid extraordinary of at! I b'inili oarl oalttaa ever veto? two living man luaeoarably um'od at the pu vf the tuaoaoh, the uaiy caae erer kuowa la the wartd wlJ be on UMJBITlOlf AT TUB MJ8IUK. Ony and Evening. with two vr raai* c Ml unto*, for A ahtrt (ltnrfMil). A' the kKirn tint* will hi eiuihiied. THv OaBM l*l\'|jf > UL '? K NKa UJ8, 7 be nnrbty 1 Inn ..." tho ')owan, the loci* ? ioyo*>d fabn'ja* Hf.*??TpVe, the mo* MAJMtrlf! TBrtKr>l1 th-??l y*l diaA'e iehwtntaoi of lb- deep. He ee'gha 81X1 loe., and net* 09 lb* of fl*li daKy THK Al RlW'l be Mll.Y-WH(7B mDtlROK", OE ?9<>>RB. Thrlr .varaota were h'arT, yet liter are white m aaow, llw r loot. etnhy hair whit* a> milk and their e/ee at the and Aelloaie aad <"wtdrd nlok lttflTHM)* aKI"> MVHTTK OU? aNIBAJLR, THE 'WlhT CAW thev KXT

Tarn It number, i_>d ia diaTo.-t apirlea, - >it ?f wtrfrh ha* two dlatlncl bead*, rait one la* hatow the knee. and Ir web famed UVIR} "WHY! In li'fi or MAX MtrtKB*. A moat tm?r*t*ing. ainiiaiio-auJ ???. VrfnJ wealuro. IMKCAIX Will iONtJ lUlB, THE PAkOl'ft I.IUHTN.XO OAi.rCI.aTOR, ? Th* flrrat Aqnr.rta In theanrld; benutlfu* unee! hah. #7*101 i?h Hum all i* a torn, iivm. eraei o .Tea, Ae., w. Urine .-diarta, I Unit uicialrr Minima. Unit ttaby Anaoinahui. llrin* II viiy *lai.ily ?r?a' eanely or new IVa* Fignrea Th* wonderful Fortune Teller?Oon/i 'union tee, 21 ten a exiat lathe AElKitNOOi' aim Kv r.n ibx S and 7W oelo. lt, *111 he produced In the lecture rrran, tbwi pi PPltH lilHTi'ftltlel .|?RAMA. Ji If BP 11 ADD UlS HliafllKKt.' ?v'hen haa attia'-te-l ewib mi wonted* to the MuaenaL It *'111 ha piduod wuu n aewed aUra-Pout t, IbaoiratloB* keener*, .ua.uinr*. ac., Ac Eur pa. Me alar* of which aa* nail hi I* hiAwl.eatatxIni* the ImatiM popularity of (hit ran a th.- rineut all he oompt In wlthdeaw it It .tkdeorln pari alter thla weak. O mak* room la oUkw ' .i.i ItitH wbioh hare been In rrh*araal lha laet in nitt M< t?tth<tnn'I'ir ihaae ttvinenee attractmoe, and the MO ?0 irra'tlee froui every t ?rt of the Dloha, the price of adm ? ?r etnalu* at only 2S m n'a fhlidreu ui der 10 yea**. 16 nta. N EW BOWKHf THEATRE. Pole proprietor*.... Mrr.un (T. I. Poa A J. W. LlofarJ. Toe-day Oct 'bar 9. lddO. Fa?rn>oul aurcaaa ol the arm', local lr:oi: t of 1 \sr ?? ov.a.a orfTllK H' DKR * T1VK, And Mr. t>. L Ti x'a c? id pa.iioatltia o" AhAllofKU OR, i ilr: M ?. 11(1 PEN. U U> ie,ieat d Una et eoijiA. veahat.0 ^?%ln. I rrformancrii Api y ^ n>ta 7 UU r?VS.I^ a'l n?r lor'tU""* 'l0 ? \" H PritaU* ? 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No T1 Rrwdway New To k-Bami.nAred ?i _?he rami rennta perenra bare reeeotly opened aa ?aw in One rny for the parprae of narreint -a the feu - reman nil aa kne-nerea. aad are ataglag gap of our name rta the ? wrrteea kuroppae Bkprare - in ? manner ektok may dm-elr* *r frtenda. we bey to trforn. ib? po Mr thai the aald eaiWIkk rr, ti n whalerrr eIlk our b-me-ta. either In New mh Itetdfo llrerpnrl or Par*. AI'hTIN, HAI.DWIN A Hi , n Mmndwky. wle ProprMkma Iu New foFh / the Amerk u: ir; tlx ? KOARN ATD TOBACCO. >A AK.lARe._i aM reg,.M>?i BATaNi ??> inr |te or I I ill u lore aa III 'rei r<n Km |> ' . rreirr In Ira r|i? rra wtil Kltr lit" I- - .ll >M ha eoerf tere lib' W. NI'.'UOlx* imp itwr. it fceukiky pr AMU8KMKNTH. AUKa KKK.NK'.S TMEaTMB. i HK0O?D WftKK ? Of the Hew ul Ueautlful Dnu, of Irlak OooitntcUuo *ud Character, KuLtled All.HEN a BOOK, AiLthN akoiin, AILEEN AK'> >N, ? TALK UK COUNTY OOBE. RRAHt RKliM RK YD' OPUUOMtf or TtlK PHKtU on Ibe onmpiuy rKOK tuh. SgtPHUAK rniBA. rh# n?? *? l|w The Play V *Uie K?* Produced this St.r.nn; Produced Un.i b-vaaoc. THE COlfl* Alrr ?* A PAR THK Co* P. V?* OR A PAR THE CuMKA "J Off A PaK TBI COMPAi \*,ON * P ^ R ? > W. "I AMY W JC UAVI HAD Wi 'M AMY WK IIa VK HaI? VI. u AMY WK HaVK Unit WIJ.Y AMY WE HaVK Halt 1M KICW YORK FOB TRASS. IN UK# YORK ROK TRASH. IN HKW YORK FOB ' KARH. IN N*YV YoKK VUK YK 1Kb. Mr*, A!!-n I* charmln M.gracefulend simple, u Kiobhri. Vll h AtU* Marshall. M M t BlenYl?up. vh Immense -Vile Dispatch Mrs Lot!/ Hough wu eatural ud delighlf-t) In the ex 4 trrnie ? Vide Ixprese Mn. Vicing MM * Keg 1 VeerlUee.?l*.*patch ABd of MI*- LA t'KA KKBNI tux 11* wvi-Diurs:? Mtn lAnr* K *11.Ari s s* h?ve Lwwo dellahud to see their 'arorlie mures* in a p. Yrt Bulled to her pure, l-mdcr and Uu< htti* My Ir. Mr Peter* could not h*re b? m turpi***t by the Ale Mr. Burton htwarif.? ? Ida bunday i Ocnrlw. Mr T H .loboatnc convinced ur he R? th?t riw-*t of nit atutbale*, gm .ue?. tapalsb Mr a i', ??nil's KidMr MoPhtud, *a Ik lie. Mr. Hun etl 1* aiway* n*>d.?1 Usee Mr. lia'y muithave lri*b b ooo In hie reloe ?Oour tr. Ylr. Lerlck w?* end In Phillip \ Tarmw.?axp.tna. OP1MIONU Or 1 UK I'ltKaK ON THE MEN Pl.AY. [Fraox the H?turd? * Press i Hy the way, I ruei rtlte * large uu tnber of people '?et Thure d*v evening, at Lnur? tveetie'a We wrui Pi Mr d? Wra'den'a " ?lle. W Anna, or the Lady ol UlmiDilre 11 and at ibe rut* of ?hocklii,.' ill to" critics Iprofe 1 atonal *od amateur). 1 wtab to say that. I ha.e ra'ely ?e"n a play more un, loepltoiial la lieelf, or yerlurined, to - su;hn'it, v lib more n?tur*liie*e and grace 1 xerer give plots?o i bave 1 Ume to Rive an> detail* ahatevi ? tut, (leueeat, yon will go end er for yourself, I am mire . <. a will agree wnh , Vii ? - tlat MIa* lAura Keene, Mr*. Allen, Mre Lottie Hojg ?-* *.>e rtai favorite with the imbacrlber?Mia* Pal'y Maiwha Mr Pete-*, Mr. I?eei.<>n Mle* oouldnck (who Ivvl a mere uo'h'ny ot a part, oceuppi lay three minute*, hut did t edarmiiigli Mr Joenetoe and Mr Peter* rendered lh?ir several role* w th a ?kill and an ellaot which plane* the e impair?<m a par with mi play ll*elf 1 think ) ou will aleo agree with xte teat It la, at nn> rale, the beat that has been pn>dne*d tbta "Ati. [f run die rtunday (YiU'ler | Thi*piece In a very *ood aod etleoUve one tike eeenery arul (lluatunia being very g.aal, Indeed. Mlaa Kesue pl?ye I wit> grtat delicacy and errueatne**, Mr Dalr wit.', capital judg me.'t not overdolu* auytbin.'f. We cannot npeat Uxbigho dl Mr I^cmui and ?r oten, the laner geiulcian mstlog an ? til m a drui.ken aoeee which oould not hai " bee., *iiri>a***<t by Ibe late Me llnrwui biawef M *. Alien '? moel cutrm Inglv xr?iefn] and tlmnle a* kath,*~n earrauan mwcuuiur dti.ciou* brogue, and 1<> king a* I ' ice urram w?/ui?lu't mr'i In ~ Mr*. h- r month. Mr* Hough muft ?l*o be mentioned *? ?peakin* w uh a capital *nre .1, *o that at leaal we have one gouu pair or brogue* in Le piece. [4ila?l leiHin'i l ather MePhandnen I* e?c*ll?nt. Peter*' Be-r.*h) HlrnLi. aup, an Kngl ah third rate lawyer and a hMpeok <1 b< hu*t>aiid. I* ou* of the re y best thing* ho ha* ??? none tit* "give her her head" idle eapltaily *n t hi* ? renken Duniaea* t? the beat we have eeen e tpoor HiirVm'e loonl-a John ?Ion'* hhai e M gtnnl* le among th.<'. eat of h * villain*. Mr* Allen'* Kathleen i* very pretty Polly Marshall'* r,ra lllr.t Pe ?r* la the hi kiuaop, next to I'e ?r*r. i* the beet rendered character m lh* play The monutlug of thla piece m tuperu, and autAhnr tri t.mph of the ti r> eicellent slug - carpenter* nnd ma<,tiul*u IhO )p thla point no h juae In the city can U preaunt ootnpete with Laura'm I Herald.! Mr. dc Walden * clever lruh drama, "Aileen Ar<xin."hu had a good leeepUoii at the hand* ?f Mia* I .a ir* Kerue a audi rore*, who km been much delighted tn are iheir favorite iwrt.-ee* In a role aut.ed to hrr pure, tender an t loueThlg algle. "A been Aruon I* up fui every night till furtlier noMoe. I llallf Mew* j At Laura Keene'* the new drama of '-Ahum Arooc" hi* Improved r.I on K('i|Ual?l.nee *lhe tknlllng *reo<-a and ion drtd* with whirh It I* *o thickly It.trrworea ren ler tb>* fa.mite place on? of much Inter*at to the vlaber. I'etera drr ikeu irrnt I* ol itaclf worth <be price of admUMion tn iritaea* alnuo. Altera krone ' la*ogood a piece that none ab-'Ult falllveeo r Ike ri It who hare laate for ihr rtcltiug and maryeUoue. The to. ulc and mechanical eOrcu are n, ? 1ml tl'aikr Tr bune ' Mr. T B dohnrton canhr* ofl ibe oalm . he ra*rta the cha ree'er of Hhaue MuOhuPa the would be p kroner, wlih an ear ami power vigor *.,r orlginahti thai Out e ihainne hi* wrll earned repulaLon knan Peters Paraet and Iewn are all g,? .1 at d eark. c the evraeet appiov*. of lh* kudl-eoe. The e<o ch.d'ng ?eet.e, r.prra uit n* tie beeahhirof the wave* ou tb> ?e? gVoie. la a novel rflen*. and u ru eeulugly beautiful. 1 be play may be eet down *a u due aoeoe**. IKigre-a ] The lval iii""e*aof lAnr* aeeue Mr. Pe W*M?n'* "Aileen Ammi, " Is and of eunrea oneliuue* upo* th" bid* of b"r thraire u Ml ruitber nr uce We may congratulate the ?BAcageniea.1 upon lie proem-Jon HtsifMnh 1 Thegiddrn haired Allevn snlten Mie* K?etie admlraVy, and It ha* a rlvl.l to rank with lb' lair hi red <b?l mn In ih? "IVst leen Hewn," ae one of the ir. et ladyUge, yet gweulne Inak char** era we have ever *een, while In force and power it la vary far beyond lb Mr .'okratoo without miking Hhioe Maglnnl* at all IllegiUmaie or melodramatic, rendered p. 'n a mauner ikat mevlneed us be poaaeae * tbtt rareat of a*! aril* Pe ?tlrtbute*- renin* Mr lalywaagnod Ho was Mr uevtflfe u Philip Waraei. Mr Imwoa wea In brogue, wig. ooe*. and brvrvhra. lruh Mra Y Uung w?* a M?g Merruie* and hi* J. H. Allen ?** -barmlpg *a the ale*'* |i W? moat how ervr, do JiiaUi# o the ec-kney lawyrr aad hi* wife bv Mr IVler* and Ml** Polly Marakall Indee-I the first of these waa capital, and prodaod roar*of laughter. TO NIUHT van EVERY NUIHT TILL FORTHKR NOTIOB, W.'.l b? Lrea> v Ad the new Irt h djami, in three acta, (ailed AlLKBR AROUN. oa Til* MPT OF lil.aNMlRB In which me* LAV HA KEENE and the entire oocapaey will appear the Orchestra, under the direction n* TTIOM \R RARKR, will peri ore* ike celebrate 1 IrMh Oven ire, "The CoUeeu Hewn.'' the PRINCE OF WAI.SE POLKA, PRINCE OF WALK* NCHOTTHWHB, lotmdurtD* the National Airs, "i?od Kara Ike Oueen." ? Bu'e HrliAunia " and "Y aukec Ihgells," me ether wRh all the laci deeUI muck' composed eiprmvly far the drama by Mr. MAKKB. Doors open at T. commence at 8. G WINTER HARDEN. Thle erectr.*, Tnendiy,) Oelober#, will b# preranlad for ha aetymd umr, the romanUe dram* OUT MaNMRRIEU, la irblck MISS OTTOMAN will aaataln her world raoowued role ?f MEO WRKKLJEM. ?nilaUied bv Mr. J. W Oo-ld'>rh w Dandle Dlnmnnt, Mine Ada Olfloo ? Julia Maaoe/inr, and a powerful pwipnar. NEW TOHBRRRT*DTTIlB*TRK IT Si MOVENT. Tint nlrhtnf DKK LttETK If ANdWt HHT, Oomedr, by latter, MEl. Wa>KKM I'ND HKOII, vandrrtlw, by Jacobeon KHMAN VOLKA HARDEN 43 BOWERT. M? PA LAI K II ALL I J. .Ml NAT A A LOOM. r aay other alaca in Iba ol<y. 1MbNf E V Bit T EVE/H.V'J. ? una E. I. Pierre In bla w..tiderfnl L'Kt llKi I.A IBHlULLElM*, Eu".al)?d only by the llaoioe Hi .there Ri rente. Admli'baaa. Kit rente N OS ICE -A COMPLIVINTATT TESTIMONIAL TO M?. .n* UlU?l. Ji , tendered by .be V%H*. t?. A will lata place thin TaeaJay ereaJot. at Uraasatld Had, $33 Uoaalua Itrtrl WILLIAM TELL* NVBaRD 111 TiMEN. NERV 4NTA IIV I.E .ALT, AN. THE AKNT HaT wfl ha performed. Do an ooan at 7 rurlaln will rlaa at $ Gemma* vole ? garden, it rowerT mmrhophia Walton, the raarlnatlar Iraoeeuee Mr OnrIlia Iba principal ru* Dancer Mad. E. Par .rem, lha It.llaa NLhilaol" PHILHARMONIC EOCIETT Of NEW TORE. Nineteenth aaaann- IWu 'Q. The drat p'.blle Kebauna] will lata plana ai Iba ACAllRM* OP MUhiO On VEDNEBDAT, (Mtnbar 10. at 1* o (dock P. H. ?abmffta rmWem. a. lb. Oa flaw at UonpU'R Two mat bla Malnettea, rwnraaammr ^te ^teLAMOR AND COMMERCE.' it bo a arar or MINE CH?R1 oTrR CCMIIMA*. Eire*.lad la Rnata by an* on rrraern*. The friend* of tbe aru*t aad ibe krraranf art jaaaraOy ,ra In riled In Irvpaet lhare worka, which remala hara hut a hnrt laa. Admlmte free 771 Broadway amar at Ninth etraet. MR. R RITTERE. NCENIC ARTIET, PROM the it rem of Par la. and of the rural theatre of x, near la hna lha honor to adrlae the parwwa who will want hint thai hit nddrna la *13 Ruth are nna. German harden, ?b eowert -ainoino BaJie'. Pan' talma, every eeenia/ Wanted II two rim, from twelr# to tliaao year* of tea to I earn ballet'trf t r litre from It) till 2 o'ekKk. rR RALE?A CONCERT BALOON. IN OOMPLETE OR. dar. a bar altar had hat ptyi handaomaly, with a (l?a* rate rt a ?f bnetnaaa A nail wDl eatlafr anyh ?ty thai Hit a rhanaa to mahe money. Apply at S3A Ida .th areata PHIXf K IIP WALK*. A MUNRMRNT UMRaT RECEPTION OP THE PHIM< E A TVwe w'ablnr to obtali a food Window or Mean had net tar aaeora them at Vl Broa I way, ijp. arte Netropollf *a Ileal. II good Wlad ?l B hlal k BlNNd ml I Unary. Bartralr.a Apleb'Ud *, OR MALI-A* A PRIOR, POOR TTCBETM TWO LA r dtaa' and two r*oUaaaen'e> for the R.ll H hoawof the I' are of Walea. II. R. II ? Herald oRoa. FRIN'1 OF WAI.IR B*I L. ?ART PERRON MATIN.I A apara Ticket for the a bo re ball, will dad a purchaaar by fllnaMuM X U V.. Herat.I o4Bae. PU RINCR OP WALRM PRO. R?l'>N -Tn ,'*T_ Tbnradav a larra double window thM1^ mi Broad ? y, wear T*y'nr ? wl I woe oda'e 1 ra A,..from I ? IW Herald offlea. rteilnt blaheai prtne will rra, and wbera In'aroew ran ha bad oa w~*naed?r mrrntng I E r-rioN "P H M II PRIMOEOP WAt.Pu-MBtTM l> abor t Hnnead'aleiy oppoWte the Pifl* Aaan.ta II ve| 11 e lei ed'enirreenaly. i tkwa window t<> be l?t to a party. Ap,'ij ?*:?? iinAa??r AMir?BMK!lTI. Ubl.o'8 (. aKUKW. I J H Nlr.u Bol? turn III . V ??>? l2?S ? n I <VMlO?H _ Marihel?U*~ HLaOB KViu"8l'H*l<: *r ('butlca FUber hm Wfjhun. Mr. John CbMrtOT M UMi tfr*. < ouwhjr m Ntwutn _ v. To murruw ?** ciun^f (Vl'?nli Mr. a Qtrttk ft* Kin* I^*? WA!rLA?TC'H THEATRIC ~ __ Mr. WaJUck. Lea**. Mr. 1.rater W, *???*. ??* Mm tut*or. ??? l.Bs.TK.R WAI '?*'*. ?r w . *_?};*** ??m II,' LJ>AV"*??T. ?H. WON *0*. lBIcnH. UOfcV M1KH (lAb HE* VERNON, JriVi T??k V Ae., Ac., Ac , Ac. At 1. PL A11 HQ WITH riKK, MB JOHN It Kim )H AMU NKW CM EOT rtooounwd by the prrra end mbito I UK VtlK< llKST or ALL HIS PK<)l>l!<"TlOHR 1 r IS aCTKD EVEhV NI.I1T. Pierre nihy be secured >ti dare in ad venae. Done* oitrn et 7lv. to oomuiein rati) o'clnnb Ni/Tii.K ?1 he fire list enure!) a impended, with WW 'tou of itie Press. MOWRtlT THBATBC D 14^e" 'mm or Tiir NEW l).tiMA, Written expressly fur this theatre by H. 0. PloMMt ?NL. eon tied THK P?KK ANN THK PLAUl'B OP L01S00JT, *ra W, U. Lr'yhlo'i ta The Fool of ?*"' i t t- hat kv*tino. ocr # THK n H, I r TMK 1 AUffLT. THK PH'h AND THE PLAICE OP LONDOIf. BRYANT'S Mf XSTKKI P, MM'II.xJCKrS IT fill I~1 Til lid M| MONDArT. OctoberH, eiul rar ermine THK KXt'Kf.'IrtJR TBOt) PK P I'll* WOBL?. JRl.tY AND DAN ItrtVANT. the Inln'teU'f Ktlieplnn ont?4l?A .n new areoex, loaqaes. Ac'., iticluu'nsf the following unparalleled pr acts ? Kaeew of Old VKeh'la. ALva iseippl Pins, b et Pbaloo'e, Polk-e e U /-outre, A"W soigr% beet*, belle end cborlaet; hoathrrn nlanl U a, with : ???, ikinrne. Aufhe! If ?ey'i|r?, do D raw at e quarter ' '.men; oo/weanec et i. barter to eight ob Tickets 26 cents. hTXBLO'll OaRDKN. IT Sine L?eeee-*nd daasfmr..... ..J, M. BLKOfL Punjab Wees of edwin HOBRRST WEDNESDAY ICVRNINU bet lj m. trfB b? (NMrl Shekspnre'l trs jsdv of KINO LRAR, "?upported hj Mr-urn ''onway Hebcr, t'arrolA 1 Pnnlai Mrs Ooo-ray. hie. Ath ne Ar Pinley?Mr. POaBKHT'S Twelfth Mtsht. MB. PirZOKR AU> TAHTSTI'O Wli'. rueMs tthafcsD* sH trendr oT UaMIAT *' the torture RucrsoT the .. ettt . i UC i.ii.lieltV. I'lJfl >S UALLs As this (ruaeOAT) BYB.rma. oot. y Tick -Is SO cents. '.>) c-mmauioe a. On'olock. MB. J. O. kAKMJM'8 ANNUAL tiUB'-UtllTIOH AT PWDWOKTH 8 K tOMrt. TCKSOAk tVHNlNM, Un tnr D. 1MB Aw.;:l< bf Ike foliowtns slant ? Y!1H8M?RIA bRAl.HRUr, MHti ;i>??KT. tilt. OKotttlK MhPt>?N. Iltt tUTLaMICTTB, *lt r'IKILKS MASrBTT. MR O.JO W 1 It t'UAKK m. HKAMKrt. MKtt tIAIblll O 'lutU' tor, Jt H. M A t .HtR. Cummenrc M t o'elo r: KKTF so I 'KNTd ad the Music 8ui.eeend Door. HOOtXI A t"AMI*I K!J.'S MINoTKK Jt, NULO'8 SeLtKiN McMOaY KVKNheO i m'i 8. AND itviBT KVBVW9. TDK HAK1 ROOP (|? THK PluPMnoB. New Peel. raeesd Nets AUr^sthjwk STATUE IX>\SB ^ NI0HT3 OP T.IK RAZOR eT I MP B1I.LT BIRCH'S M18<T?r*VOrS JAKt. ???HI MR'? BANJO I BKN t'OTTt>e"S PI.Ah cTIoN '.k CAM?lthlX, UKIKMN, KKRTbM A ?D MKI.I.TIUJk ti e best Voos] Qusruitw in the Minstrel Pru'runcn, ha im rtellada. Ducts, Cbortesa Ai . Ao . > CilutCt or Tmr ? iioorscpcn ei e aaailsr hefnreT. SM> fornjunresoonini' iion ? ..uertsr letore 8. Ticseta U oeaSs, BUM AN VOI.KS OARDBN, 45 B J17MV,?IHL OIL \ I ti'Ncll. the (reel './joy.".n on-former. Master Jrrrj inhtsold tu b Kldlc Mr. Matt 1 hompo.o. Rears Del.ueator. WHERE IR TDK PEOPLE'S PLAOIf Til a t.KMMaN TOLKd UARDKM. 46 HnWIBT. The beat American. <?ev?au and I lei tan! he I'll). AdBitidUuc i4t oeuis. Ml ODROR ?BEN VP IT OF WM T. LKONaRO.-IR ecu*, of the tins an b al of Adah latare MeeMaW sen rube. ?te kill n< t appear to ui*ht fee i. Aloe wtM M alien i f bar flrsl a, pn.renin.. TUiS WhER-KRKB s DMlkblON TO OOLIMJUTM Sierporaopir Ru ena. Wl and 9S23 UrcadMa), us'ssi Et Tventv (ifat street, frooi l'l A. M. to 4 P. " TnatreMMMM tod news far sale. Wrtun* Acaaeony aaas bail bins. OIJV EK B. OcfUlMlirm. B ILLLARM. MR. BBROBR. PROPBHSOR OP B'LI.UROR. from Parts, will a'rs a abort series of s-tenUtui and hirtuona al Phelas's prtiate room, corner uf Teath _ Broad a ay. every afWrnuoo alM o aluoA tad every al H o'i lock. Price of adKtsston 81. /"BUM an VOLKH tJARDKN 45 BOWERT THR fINLT \I . oueert Hal! ti ih-e. / uiedb/l nell as ?'i. tie men. hU cents al'iusanm. AfhP W R Pl*H.n7 (IRANI* RTRKCT -THMATRIOaI, *1 Wife eoneUntlT ns hand e&d incde to ? rdnr M Wlpn ?t pnees n. suit the ?Hums (Vent y orders pe attended to Remember. 8X7 Mraod street. Near Tort Howvr-.v, ;w ?i. u-orrvak m ardeh -aa, m, 49 &l-lb?- large*! concert hall la the rlly. H|, C llnnMan'la ballet maal'-r 1 !?? h .??R*. lb* b?l whb pltahe.l danarna*. MKUICAIj. AetJhU to TH JC WlhB-PR. MI-ARK, iU HRxrRR ?tre?4, up Hair*. turner of Orcaly. Vurm wvtom ?i .cury. Apwrpimi rm hiciah cm be oohtot.ted at ho. 7S neby urti'l ?ID all diaenan re i ,.nng iktil, prmnpU tudc expertcc* aud me" iy. N. B. ? Uc la one|nailed a* A fraulr l>h)?l< tab. tH ?,1N|I,W HK'iaHWaT. WII^R <11 4H<MRU ' dentely, k? wonderful it 111 bad prHapuudala naruia IbfHN la allheal a parallel. IV En. rai-th. author or tub tbactioai. m mte Treatlm." he. afllne 1JP ilrnahy at met, mm at able Hour* 10b till 1 and ? pit f (Vtindttye HMpMU TWae erk't appl? la lb early alawaa at Uwai mpuaa *a M aatoolahcl ai tbe rapidity and little tiwoirenleece attaadtow Ute rare Itlirhled,. howerer thnee inffartrg fnitb weeR" arte, loug euueLb* uaiea, ta.. whooaa beat apprtWiH hlttW* 'le<* DR rORBBTT HAH REMOVED f ROM If DO Alt ?treat w> 90 Oeetrr Wren, between Otaaiber* and Re ?trecti. |,?*.ng a pr1'a?a entrance at Ho f I'rty Hall p.a thirty ft' jeariln bli prraent ?pnclH.ity enlijca kirn k> t fi.-.-nre K H-Dr >' le a me nber of U?e New f trli w ?" Wt j Medina! tlollrgb. Mac All diploma la Ail nOm. Dr. cootie. it ppakr uraaar, mat aa mm ? 'tiled no all dUiuain at a certain nature. M year* aa almdrely de'.iud Ui three maiplalnta enable hint to * armada rare In all raaea Tbe ftctlma at aBiplaeed eonAdeada la m-dtjal ore-en len eaa call, with a oanalaty of being -| Mull cured, or an pay. DR. LARMOHTH WORE?VORTtRTH RDITIOR? Cprfi a? rrtem OebRtlt and all Speeto otanaaa* li warn the fret in expnee the dancer* of eanleeigaUna, ee hi* ctr?d p*|letii* teetlly T?- boob earwild be In the banda of every par ami In health "* dlaeaae Three whn had ?'tiered from 'taaaw renalnl Irnauaeat of lea* experienced pht actan* know tha ?% loe of ha ear'tee# office. Ho tit Benadway. op atalpw; hour*, f tn C and Thurmda* e'ealna* 7 to f Rank fl Mall ad free by the author and H. O. LA Will.ten. Ha 1 Vaeny at DR OCRB1TT,OVKR TWKRTT KIOHf TEARH IH 0B ftre k.metier. i? annwi 'led at 3< ( antra itreet, near I'eawa H?e?t, r? 8 A N. hi 9 P. M ra TRa ratKiRTRTina or huear un Prleite Com illation - DOCTOR HI'HTER haa tm thirty year* ennSned *M el ten One to d'*?aai ? of * "relate "bwa, la nhlck ha hai treated an lea than fifty thermal i aaaaa Wtthrnil aa Intannr ft fall ore. Th# ma ail la* are mild, mm Ik-re la nn rrnpUoa to balnea or chare at dWR l>r Rl'HltR I* In cewai aileedaaae, froe 7 lette ewWae natll Kl at night at bla old off* Ho. f Ofrtdoa arm I harva atodamie, and a cure rnaraoteed Hepatela ... IB 'hat the patlaat *ea ao ana but tha DoMor hJnualf. BooR mt HP gratia _____ Grbateat ot'Rrh in thh woblr bt di. waul t?S Bmadwav Hi. " Pafui taaaW rrHed,' and *ta? realedtea nee .lollac. A bona, rrau*. M AOHBITr AHn BBALIHO IHTITPOTB, BO. M BOBB gm4 -Or JOHH aroTT Will mailt aaagaw or hn BKC* of all hied* wlihrmi the oaa of tha,knlfa Oheoata tt* wa" msSf J,n* a ?* anew iw *i the Inautal* dirlaw malm ml Ra* to the mm dWttogolibad mealla t& kad <Ahar aHW Iirm Adlrma o* apply la DP. Ml BaWL Kb. I mat Raw Tor* CROrWHOR BBHTBIX. !? CT1AH1BRR HTRRBT. 0AM be mmanned aa naabl, or by laRgp la bag I.3N MawTmR gnRea. PrHI.|HHRI> BT OR. BARROW, Iff BIBRnRBB *t*e*4 frrf doom from Baodoogal. Haw Tocb. i rtaa ? Of r 1 <4 tfc*t ^'Wtnla* acdiaal meurh ' Tl ,, ml ah Fpbltt* '* MB fraa a?w*w__ _. Ua timet H t. and etBN pnpnlbr owl teal wori -Tiumaa fralltr. ' Rlrt hara Hold aiw> h. r. V. Walb A . 1M Pradb . T . and ai ?? RtUhw at ram. Brook I m PT?H AH HARI.T URa^B.?RRAD TRR HHIJIAI ) rrlrate treaiRe hy Df w 4 Rl> .he mm iweeae-fnl at ting I bt ? rtii'i. at cniof a certain dHaaae. UWaa Ba Mi rnmtwnf _____ -??* ?? 'fid HRCAITWAT.-HH. LAMORTR, THB *1A 1 ry gnewn fr?oeb rl e'-He a'tend? mwmally M1 certaAi tea ?( .ff'ft ?? frwRwlrm "W of wh ?b tka aew Frmw* e-t.. Ir rr. iwned OOaaaRaRMR? RngHRf. fraaoh 'Om an, Italian tal t art A