Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 9, 1860, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 9, 1860 Page 7
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THE OCTOBER ELECTIONS. The loeltit To-Dejr In Peamsylvaml*, Ohio end Indiana. Pennsylvania, Ohio end Iodtene will bold their State nectiooe to day. The reeu.t in 0bi3 la not regarded with any degree of intereet, on ecsount of the certainty of the politioei oomplexlon of thai State being black repabllcan. Indiana betsg a little more in doubt than Ohio, the re turnn wit! be acruttnized with aome anxloty. The great centre of ettreetlon, alarm end excitement, however, will fall upon Penneylrenia, aa the reeuli In that Slate, it ia thought, wtU be lndicatire of the courao of the popular feeling in the North on the Preatdentlel >|ueetloo. If the Old Keystone deciJoe to day in favor of republlcaniam by e majority auflloiunUy large to render it oertain that her preferences are tor the lrreprtsalble Conflict doctrtnee inaugurated by Lincoln, and ?pread out before the people of the Northern and Western Stales by Seward and bit followers, It will aetlle the quest.on in the mtnde of many that the old rell splitter of Illinois will be the eucveeor of Mr. Buchanan. But it should be borne In mln* thai in the event oi Pennsyl vania off to the republluana in this election, all the operations, and the most a.renuous exertions, el both wings of the democracy, aided by the Bell and Everett party, will be carried on and made In this State, In order to encompass, tf possible, the defeet of republicanism. If, on the other hand, Penneylrenia should remain true to her Old lime democratic principles, the light will be kept up there until the going down or the am on the 6.ho. November, with e fair pioepect of success. PENNSYLVANIA. The names of the candidates for Governor and members or Oougiv-s In Pennsylvania are u follows ? GOVgRXOS. Democratic Henry I) Foster. Beimbiicaa Andrew U^Curtln. It havrng been aeaerted by the republican organs in Philadelphia and other parU of the State that the Bell and t'verett men will vote for Curttn, wo arc authorised i?y the Chairman of the 8tate Executive Committee of the l/ntou pa'ty to state that such Is not the fact. On the Contrary, thai gentleman writes us that hit party will give Foster twenty thousand votes at least. CONGRESS. J Put Dt mocratic. Republican. 1?Wm f lebman. John It. Better. 2?.lob' Uroadhead, E Joy Morris. 3?Jobo Kline, John P. Vsrrell. 1?Wm Morgan, Wm P. Kelley, 5?Hrrry Ingereoll, Wm. M. Davis. (?P Frarer Smith, John Hickman. 7?Thomas B. Cooper, Henry A l.ongnecker. 8?S t Auoong, 9? ? Thadeus Stevens. 10? ? J. W. Kelllnger. 11?.'aha liv.glics, James H Campbell. 12?0 P. Randall, George W Scrmtou. 13?Pli 'lip Johnson, D. K. Shoemaker. 14? ? Galnaha A Grow. 15?Robe't Fleming, Jamee F. Hale. 16?lusepb 1 (alley, lien jam In F. Jonkin. 17?U >' Schr-ll, Kdward McPhersoa. IS?Arfb bald McAllSter, 8. Steel Blair. IS?Darw in Phel|?, John Cuvode. 20?If ma tazear, Andrew Stewart. St?Jtmea Kerr, James K. Moorehead. 22? ? Robert Mcknight. 23?W Ba'steln, J. W. Wallace. 21? ? John Patten. 25? ? Elijah Babbitt. Beside* the above, we And the following gentlemen running in the districts set to their names ? 1?Edward King, Union. 2?Hrnry M Fuller, do. 3?Geo J. Hamilton, do. 4?J R Robinson, do. 6?J. M Broomalt, independent republican. 10?Janws Worm!, Union. 23?Samuel Holnteln, Independent republican. The tbl lowing wan the vote in Pennsylvania la 1369 for Auditor General ? People's party 181,835 Democratic 1*4,544 Majority sgainst democracy 17,081 In 1800 the vol* on Us* Presidential question was an follows 1? Buchanan 230,712 Fremont 147,908 F .11 more 82.202 Tb* politicians of Use respect I re parties In Pennsyl vania are making their estimates of tbo result. There la a wide discrepancy between them, bnl we gire them an they appear la their respective organs ? democratic am mats. Mayrtti*Jc* FV?Ur. Westmoreland 1,500 100 Wyoming 300 Bedford. 300 York 1,600 Berts 3.000 Bucks 000 Total for Fostar.... S3,000 Cambria 1,200 Carboa 400 MajorUiet for CVrfm. Centre 300 Clarloo. 1,200 CloarflatJ 700 Cimtoa aoc Columbia 1.200 Cumberland 300 Kk 200 Fayetw 000 F ultoa 200 Green* 1 200 Jualata 150 Uhlgh 600 I.rrera* 1.200 Lytomlrg 000 Mill a 100 Monro* 1,600 Montgomery 2J10 Montour 000 Murtnaaiptoa 3 000 Northumberland .... I,0u0 P#r*v SCO Pti. adc ; U.s 0 000 000 Schuylkill 600 8ui,.vu 200 Venaag-) 300 Washington 100 ? Wnyae 4C0 Total for Curttn....27.550 Alleghany Armstrong Besvar Blair Bradford Bailor Crawford Paupntn Delaware Erie Franklin . 500 Huntingdon Indiana .. 1200 J<"Vraon 100 I Aucaater lAwrenoa Icbanoa ... Mercer Puller . too Bouiertet Boydor 8ii?iuehanna .. . Tioga Warrrn nsn'SLK Ak imiin Mrnvn it far Ourtin Washington 400 Adams 100 Wyoming 160 A'l'ghair 4 0*0 A r metro* SCO Total for Ourtla....37,000 P Oarer 1 0C0 B'alr WO tfajaritit ftr Putter Bradford 4 000 Bedford 150 Becks fO Berk* 3.000 Butler...... 8.0 Cambria.... 800 Centre 600 Carboa *00 Cbanter 1 too Clarion 400 Crawford 1 600 Ctearfleld 300 Dauphin 1,000 Clinton 150 Delaware *00 Columbia E/i* 2 000 Cumberland 150 Irani, 0(0 Mk.. 900 Hunt i in too Fayetls 300 lid ut 1570 Fuiton. 160 .leOeraoo. SCO Greene 9O0 Jurats ? I thigh 3)0 I somite r 4 000 Luaerne. 400 lawrrnce 1 60S i.yonmtog. mm Lebanon 1.010 Monroe * .... 1.450 Mi Keao 250 Montgomery 1.600 M> rrar 8C0 Montoor 400 M'tl.a ICO Northampton 120) Perry 000 Northumberland roller 000 1 biladelpt.a ... II ?ttcyfciil 000 I '?-merer t l.90? Bolllvna 150 Beydor ami I moo . 1 0W> Wayne 200 rrqtPbBia 1 200 Wesimoretnnl 1000 T nga 2 600 Yort 1 000 % 400 Warren W0 Total tor Footsr....14.450 OB 10. la Ob ) t'ie lot lowing in a list of the oaad.iate ? 8TST* ornou. Hrpu'liran Pmnrea: Muir-ti'J da? ..J. BrtnkertMdf, T J * Smite A or* fc-weal..Jaasos Murray, l> W 8i*in <augh. BiPU HsrU. .Levi Harg?nt. sheer !. Backus. a--?, r,~-eat l.TT.\ F. T HstrhOMH. W/rTT * 1- *?W COMlkKta. />iif r-mscrtffc 1-G?r?r > H Pendleton, O M Jtpeecrr 3?AWl lABg, I 1 \ ailsailgbam, ? {ftjgE*1 *?William Alloa, - ? 3?James I headman, J. (-n ?.s ? White. t> H Murphy 7?4. k Morris, TbomMiiww.t 8?W I Telfair, * Sbellnbnrgiv 9?W P Nobis, JobnChroy 10?W a Match las, C A TrlmWO 11?C |. Worloa, V. B nor ion 1*?B. ? Col, 8 Galloway. U-Ba wu Burns. J Hhermna 14? ? HO Rlaks. 14?4km Nagent, Wm Belmfa 10?B I Jewell, W P. Culver |7?Jam** P. M'.rrle. T C Tbeaker 11?p A Blarkwralbtr, Wdney Mgertou. f>?A I WP lasso, A. G Kiddle ?>?D y W ..SOT, John Hatchiov at ?Geo Bell* (Fallon), J A. Bingham J hi ? It Tla-rMra la running on the Union lichct la tig, fteeent district, and Mi'?n J w Glover Is ths eaalb ate of the same party la th? Seventh dlatrh-t Ths fat ow ng wm the vote for Oorernor Is <?h!o ta it*:? R*r?fc.>.?c 171.Ml Pta' ',rt? 13 STM 1%? itir?? OMlldalM :or r-?? J??t rttr -mi t>?? foUi*. ln? toM <1 t?J? ? ?rh?-*j tTO.ST* ? *??orj*. . 11T.49T r"?#rt It til INDIANA. The loilowof are the names of the cacS'detos for State j ofllctrs aud members of Goagroes is lud'eaa ? fcTATK TK SBT. JhpuUucm. PrmtKraiu Governor Hury T I*!!*. T A Hendricks Umctnor . .Oliver P. M.rum, D. Turoio Sec of stu'e W A. iVoile, W. H . Mr bister Attuvrrr J 8 Harvey, N F Cuuutnghaoi. | Atul%U,r Albert Lan?e, T Kustlue Attorney Giti' al ...lames O Jonas. O B Hood. Sep Slip Court .. Bucj Herrieoo, U (J Kerr Clerk Sup Court ..J. P. Jooee, C O'HrirO A. p tub Irut .... Mi lee J. 1'ietcher, M.I. Rjgg. The Coogrevaiooal nominees are:? ' Pitt Republican. Bemocnuic 1?L. Q Debruier, John I/.rd. 2?' 8 Parle, J A C'mven. a?W M Dann, W. M. Dalljr. 4?James I. Yates, W 8. Holtuau I?George W Julian, W A. Bicltie e?A G. Porter, R L Walpois 7?T H N'olnor, P. W Voorheei 8?Albert 8 White, 8 C. Wlleon. 0?8 Ooifax. C. W. Catlicart. 1C?Will Jim Mitchell, P. H Haniie. 11?J P. C Shanks, Asbury Steele la Indiana there wma do election for State silicon laat fear. In 1858 the vote for Secretary of State itood aa fol Iowa:? Democratic ITT 409 Republican 104.824 Democratic majority 72 631 The vote for President In I860 waa aa annexed ? Buchanan 118,670 Fremont 94 376 Fillmore 22.388 Upon the Legislature which la to be chosen in Indiana at this election will devolve the choice of l otted States Senator in place of Hon. Graham N. Fitch, democrat, wbcx-e term of service will expire on the 4th of March next. The Florida State F.lsctlom. SavAx.vxB, Oct. 7,1860. The returns from the Florida election come In very slowly. The result Is uncertain. Savaiiiah Municipal Election, Sava.nmah, Oct. 8, I860. Charles C. Jones, the Douglas fusion candidate, Is elected Mayor, over Thomas Holoombe, straight Breckin ridge, by two hundred majority. The election pasted off quietly. Govenor Seward's Movements, Antra*, Oct 8,1860 Governor Seward arrived In thlt city from bis Western tour on 8aturday night. He was met at the depot by a large concourat of citizens, who received him with the most enlhnslastlc cheers. Pennsylvania Politics. _ PsiLlDSLfHii, Oct. 8. 1360 There will be so chance of candidates In the Sesood OaaiiKTcaatonal dlMrlct, Jokn Broadhead, the democrats candidate, sot baring withdrawn, ar reported. *? Massac hnsette. _ _ Boston, Oct 8. I860 Tbe burning of tbe Globe Locomotive Wora. on Satnr P?0th B?*k>0' WU1 ??!?) the ma ery Intended for the Hooeac tunnel The building in Charleetown occupied by the Post OT Je, U, office,, he., took Are Ust Jghl, when ^onoTcamphene or gunpowder badly |DjnrBd four p,r sorbet cone thtally. The building was naved, tbough Uwoocopanu were dme.derab.y danced by fir. So?Uter? Ocean ?teaaaer Move meats* The I nlted States mall ?tcam.blpTMb?vm?''^,0 ^ Adger, caputs Phillips, lelt bers st sis 0 clock Saturday morniog, October 6 _ Sarasriua, Oct. 7,1380 ?e screw steamehlp HunterlUe, from New York ar btr> " ?Bres o'clock Seaday afternoon 7th uut! __ _ DtrtS| Peats ar Bloadlm. rmL*,K "nr BrVDHKB FBKT ON TH? HOPE, fl!, ^ CHA^rtL """" AKD ai8 ??* ?><? Monsieur Blondln sueoeeafuHy performed another of his daring rests yesterday afternoon at Jones' Woor Wn.r.ver A0?* ?? creates a wonderful sensation BlondU poenes MS n rare oombtaatloo of qualities Some of h a naturally prominent, hare been, by high cultivation,' brought to n remarkable stau of perfection He ha, a well balanced temperament and wonderful celer'ty of more nana t, etraagely acd beautifully blende i with a ooa trolling confldeaoe end cut ion Daring hi. three prev owe exhibitions at Jones' Wood be dispelled the inemdu ,y ofmssy of our eltlsese by luch festa sa wheeling a barrow before him on the rope, turning a aummviautt back WMdS, sad performing numerous o.her manrnjvret Msrsrtylms difficult and darln, Th. announce ml that on yesterday aflersooa, at Ibree o'clock, la Jon s', Wood, be would perform the most daring feat on record that of walking fifteen hundred feet on n rope each of hi* (bet In a bunbel banket and bis holy bound w'tb chain., from bis seek to his ankle.-at traded a large somber of epecMtors to wltaem the novel ipertacle Trom early la the afternoon for a coup e of hours, the erowd kept pouring to slowly but steadily, eo that by the time fixed for the performance to commence m>r* than three thousand pereoon bad amembled within the enclosure o( the ground., besides an Innumerable Sum. J* of ?prcMtois who kept their quarters la V o?Uide. The usual ?ourcts of amuseseeat |wers provided for persons wandering through the moods waiting fCr aSl U>* dsrtsg and the cmtdeat I tils Frenchman He weal down town early in the after noon to attend to soma buniaem, and an us looked for de test,on prevented a prompt JZm ' *** a!l" hail paat throe when be reached lb# hotel He went Bp fteire Immediately and proceeded lo draaa f<jr his | n for mac w. The erowd were anxiously awaiting his tipecUd approach to the pole where be asraom to ki .TT; M 'i r'y "r ?loots war. ob . 1 t"Werlng fast, au 1 coming no fow that they seemed ihlmfS. li<W"llu>a to B! ern.n A etower was then anticipate,.?ecu m cam#. Jum at four c clock, before Monsieur B.oadm had rend* b* eppeaianoe. the rata cam* down la torrents. *M s general stampede for cadi and every place of eh. iter Pemon. woo bad coT forUbly seated themselves in .lealrabk poo'tloun 'fum which to wltoaeo the cxbtbition wore compelled voltiitartly bet reluctantly lo ihem It was tb?n thoofbt that Bi-n1 n would sot walk, ond thai tbev be 1 hern nicely acid?not by tbe kihom bet br tbe w.athor. But it was only a ebower tbe re t orae~i * 'Jt thorny tbo tky wan near and beautIfo; as ev#r Tbe spectators b .rrved back to Ibe.r p *.ii..aa (ne largeet numberi nntregotias rnuad u>* pole fo a few miau'et a barouche, cnatawmg Monsieur kad i, hit bvty ead little da< gbter. and Br isatmero. tne proprietor of db* bote,, drove up lo tbenput, aad tba lion el tbo dor d'em-nnted li e balancing pole had be, 0 previous: r be eted to the platform He c' imbed up tbe p>l ? and t.>? bee.i |e end chane were sent up after b m A fow ?omenta of peepereti n and h* appeered on the rope h<e belenetng pole bold la bin hand a. b ?? bode beaei with rbame mado of bin, a tt?, and eoeli foot p.ieed ii a buebel boekM a m nanr H oongrat'ilstioo ?rcrtn him an be cmvi For the 0r?i lew et?pe be ptauta h'efict down e<> flrmi* inai ou* wou .i ih'at he ? en waenrlof hi. caatloa w lb tbe i?,wh*| baaketa a pa.aful ?' euro prevail, ao ho ra.eea oce foot and briege t ro'iad ?o as to r.ear the ether ba?v,t Hut no-v bo tea felt be gn ubd-ior a rep* te m goto ae fro, ?. I to Rioadia?aad am a SiKi.tane<.v:e outbunt ?' ib-ering be awav aa 'aat se bin feet and hit backet, eao car-y him I rem k t mom,at ai! the rap e have perlect oooldenca le b ia H'? penloie ) rn*y w performet witboit naei or ?pe,'el taeldeni be (rad ially slacteoe h e pace mi be D'a't lb* hither pole, aad when b? arriree tb?re m leu tblantee frtm Uie time he started, be la rrt--ted w th ra tb.ce*i? i beerlag. While tbe cheers ar* mill eoondlog In hie eare beibr w? 6 ? baaaeie to tbe grouod After reoliug five mianlco h* e?erl? en hie h- m.aerd rouraey, with col tbe baaaeta and (ba re, and wih utthlag but bis beiaaceg p..I* He baa marwly proceeded a dletaac* of thirty foet when bo f? ?, .ei doonoo b; back upon tbe rope, etaado on rt*fowi,ai.d Iben ruts efl at a rapid para amid lb* cu.era of It# crowd Baring gee, about oao third the length of bia rope, at which point a alack r*ao is ec, roiled, h? peer.ears,u, ins but bailor n| pole to the -ft rope ei.d gnee through a greal var.ety of mac . urea air rg wf ch arc bacgrrg by noe leg ewimmlog and turs' Irg a itb . reaclu. He now aeceodt In tbe ma n rope aad is htl' d w th other ovtburel of cheers H* tbeo p-icecs to flesh the Journey, peustcg two or ll '? l met on the way to repeat some of hx etcrr'e???fv lie d.wn no bit back and to stood on hie bead performaama which oHeltod ? mcr'f rb- ?r'r. At lest he arm-a. aad o.m dearandi Ihc pole lo tbe ground, where be Is received by lb? tr. wd w tb grrat eolbuelaem aad repeated crleo of "Bra r It ww net he f ?t hour from ble depart nr* to hi ret -n He entered the carriage and drove off to ibf hotel, foil wid by a large cr jw l Then the eaeemb agi began to nuppers*, evidrntly delighted w.tb tbe eihlb, 110% N'fit yootny, at the aeme place, More'eur RVndla wil walk a'oeg tbe r??ne on etllle, aad that will be b a lu per* rmance prevtoin to his departure for Europe. Court CalOMrtftr lhi* DiT. Prrtn* Don*, rnwrr? ?<?rw '?r> Tlmoi*** **? rUH I?No* 1414, ?*3. 11 TO, Itfl, 1441, I4M. HM, IW?t 1471, 1473 Purl 1?N<* 1111. till. '*M- !?**. l?a, ?V!, 1174 1540, 15*4. 1344, 1W, I. *4, M41 U44. 1m tin 1440, 1404, 1413 I irmt 4r*r*? PPfWl (ornt ? No4 44 lo 14, 87, 4 lirrewmi Cere*.?P**i 1?No* 917. 130. 7*1. WtX 418. *17. *44, *58 *S4, ??. ?t**, S41. M. *44, Mi, *07. *??, 171, 114. P*" 1? 73* 734. 733.Yw. Tf2. n*. **?. 710. 7M 404, 713 O oooo Pie*' -P?rt 1-P?mr *? y with W? *.'0 P*rt S-No*. 84.1. Sil, 1157. flOO.t*. Ml, 1T5>. 1474 107* llP4.*:. ?7l Okltaar^ C1LE3G HAIVTE3, KR<} .Or Tint MiK3irT.IV BAM. Obleb 0 I!a a? hJ, Fsij . President of the Manhattan Bank died to tbis city oo Sunday (yen:rg Mr Ualsted lit* bt<n atflicted wi'h dijpsy, but until about a vear *.be d.seaa" bad not attained mat bold upon b.a lyate wtiluh prereoted him from attending to hn. acuutunv-d duties. Wtlhlo a week Mr lit.sled bad been eon bowl to b.j h Hjie. and (ompcli .t to id a chair. aa tbo complaint bad j>rucret-*ed ao far that to hf la bod was iratxHjitolj. About half paat too o'clock oa Sunday e?*u!ug, white stated lu bia chair, cooveralcj a few friends, he ?iddenly tell back, and died without a ttrugglc or a (roan Mr. Haiale i wan about seventy yea. a of age, < nirrcb.iBt iu tbia city for twenty dve yeara and Prealdont of the Manhattan Bailc since Hid lie was alao Vice I'readent of the (.'cited Stales Truat Cotnptny, and bae bcld aever;il a'milnr offl ee of treat He a member of the Hot. Ih Pott ? church, sta 1 one of the trustees of that corporation He leavae a married da ghlor and eevera! grandchildren First. An im ?Jaa M. Davidson, former!? a member of the Tin nee ate Lrg.iiature, and dtetiogu'.th.'i in that State aa the "Irrnh <'rator, 'was killed in an affray at Fayeltevtl'.e, Tenn , on Ibe GOtb ult.,by a man named Carty. Arrival* and Departure*. DWARTTRfi*. Mito "aa?Steamship Malarias?Miss K>n% Miguot, Mr .1 "?a? Fm r " - It Jacobs P <1 Peira Mrs Kio :>r, Mra Marti '.tunan Mr Da vis. wife rhtlii and aerrant: J K Rnulher I.nrtaa Armstrong, W W Oorkkt, I, it Field, '? Raflord, Jamea Wall, PII tlonzalea, ft Vaa'naaell, T Weil bum* ta bhrim;>*r, F Delmome, Oeo Karr, t J l.yn nr J r ilrwn K Haiker. J Haodoock. B L Palmer, d C t noItUge. W.B llalnea. 1. W Bslgars X Diua. I iil? R'koo, Chat Brupky. Daniel Klin. Dudley Hannder. iota Rlgsn, Manuel Ixiper Amnio Page 3 O Bardlng. J Dlcicas, J It Wlddir, Alhrt Strong, Win a W id den Robert K Keith. Praoeta Drew. Adan Byeia. J O Magquiar. Riga Maud. I<oeal let', Woinot, Rnn/inl, l-aeam and lady.'.iMi. Rervadio. Mad Corteai Mr Amodio and brother, Rig faaim and lady. Riga Raai and dauabier Sig Mualana and lad? . Poaaeai Red > hallo Aldavanl. Rani. Riga Alhartaat. Riga Mailer, Rig Unlltnl and lady, laraUeiU, Sign Koaemburg, Dottn. Teral, twenty ol ormu a of tbc Optra company ?itt oa tba aleeragt. CiiariaAtow?eteamakip Columbia?8 Benton and Udy, Mra Curtis, Mra Rtp'PT JtiisOak'ev, Mri Ktnae'l, O Ta?lor, A 0 I agrave. J J Tbtraa Robert Thomas. Muu .lerv.a. Mia It'ayeKon. Mra I' H Reot , Jkta Kcuwlea, Mia* Selmout, D A Plerarn. J H Brbreimer. Jr. Mlaa 1. Hehrebner, Mia J H Fchrelmer, L. lArtecferger, K Valentine, Mrs Van lerhir?t. R H Black well, K /acharia* Mra Mcldirtv Mlaa A Lewis, H Tllker, I, B Poolt'ile,.! al> I'ltr and ladv. M Cullbian. Win K VrKerale Mlaa Ret ?r anil bov If la Kloaouea. <1 Ruirk. lady and two cluidi en; A Kaya, Mr kMoi.'k, K Blaladell, D Par tellr. Mr MrKav. Mr Menter. T Pll/patiiek. K P Rnvence. 0 I. I'inger. Mr Menter. A Pudigon, Jno 11 HowarJ. dno L Sleigbt ard aerrant W R Blaiadall an t 'ad* 1! K Bad, I. T Potter and aon. I, Abraham* and lady. II R Urtdiiha. I. llama. O Ii A'den. J Harmn. Jno U Ward and lad>, M J Coaley, B W Force, Wm Luraa J Ifarria. Mr Krlh ra and lady, V hauer. Robert terrier and lad?. Mra R J Mavnsrd and fonr chll cren, Mia M T Milliard. J U Dennis. lleiuy Roth, Mr Johu ~ B?, J " arsa. H Rtever?, J Rogeraou, Jm Kirt'-'on. Win Itazlln. laorr. Mr BenneU, K Knot Ramuel llyer. I'K.era, Tlnmai Rate II V (> ftoal Tbamas Rear ed. Tlrary Lyona, Mr Brown. Jamea Oieaat u?and to in tba ateerage THE FMILY HEH1LD. In?J-$C a year: four centa a atngle copy, Subicrlp Mods received at the o!Bre, oorthwoft corner of Fulton lad Kaseiu It reels, New Yorlf Single coplM for tile it the counter md by ill nr-we ifcati Advertnomeuti In etr'.cd it the usuil Hzkald rate*. I.itr Importation*. &<-. We ne now la receipt of our Urg? Importation* In the way of coatings VOTtNOfL PA?CTA!.00*SP.T mod FURNISHING GOODS. ror rM 1. *np wintm w*ar They ire ?br ibount m lection* to be found la the Freoak, G-iidid and Kr, market* We ileo Ir rite at rc'l- c to our eery eiteodyiifnet of F*abinn?h!e Co thin* for men and loya ft i->nlafm l (TMI flirty of oylia u.d fatrtr* to he found nowhere eiaa. wL All of whh h we offer it enremelv low pnree An ?? j ?e'< ttine la re*p#ctluliy reonmaeodeX II Um dl in: J I llrtidy eery la.'ce Diri.JK, HUDSON A CO., hot 2U. 2t9 and 100 Hrontur, Comer of Wirreo it reel. Shirt*. Shlria?Six for IN ta'e frooi the jest SnnkHt and Wunsntta Nusltaa. r.-r H l! 11 batkatn street. corner of Pair: For ttio Hill.?Oren bhlrti, JoarU'i Kid*. WS.te Tin, Ac., it MfODT'8 Skirt K-npon iat 211 Brtwny. Down Ton n lloater j- Mora for Coder hh its and Dm "lea at ratal!. IRA PKKKtO A BON.C1 Nassau atreet. Ticket for till Palnra mf Wales' Ball * an;ed ?A 11 her*: premium wj: be paid. Addreaa kaguik Gentleman. Uarald (.Hire. Brooklyn Photoiraphi- Wllllai fibll* Oaluy. ItUWiM HW iriT' trt Largo Six. so Cent Oagaorr otypes and Amboijpri P. parlor I'botoerapSe $1. bf KOIUALL A HALDlNU. 177fti7?dwi| biWBronno. Window and Scat to Lot? For Iko Pro c.mIod la bouor of the Pnuce of Wales. Apply op tuirx Joi Bread way. Opera Glasses and Spectacles of Saperlor Tn~ power and .t axoesdianly low prices, it f. PEKN TirU', (id Nun men. Groat Plain Boiwoon Bob Brottlo and Jrm Ken. ibr niampneeblp of lb. Thames. leller from tbo Edit*; Cardfrom tun Jm? to retnooae to Ton .lanmui*. Lno* I.l%nd, Hubert Longrearli ioe llHl1! and TrOttliy otl u-uH I,,?? HJ, I,? I i,m|'rwi, nua Ibr Hlirk'rf Prer full Tbralilral Seporu Mil I rinfi) at ?P' rtlajt noil, a la VTll.kK'l HPI1IT. now oat, ?tolnway d Boas' Oworm-nag Grand lad ap ara Piaona ut now meelderad Lb. ban manufeot'ired; ir?namatod for (to years. 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Kiiia Siren., all of (hla city. Gra> ? Br vox ? On Thursday, October 4, at Re*. Dr. Hattlrld'a church, by the pastor, Mr. William Uray to Miss Hkier Maria Bsrsor. all of this city.

Jaihron?Mum ?On Wednesday evening, October 3, by the Rot Mr. llcEarlaad, BbmjAMIR Jack-OS to Mart J a !?r, second daughter of the late John Mills, Jr., of this City. Karros?CtfraeBiLL ?Oa Monday, October 8, at the residence of the bride's rather, Brooklyn, by the Ray. W. I.. Moore, C. I>s F Ka*?i*, K*q . to Miss 8. E Carm-BTii, daughter of J. U. Churchill, Ksq., t-Mirii?Hall ? In Brooklyn, on Sunday, October T, by the Rot. Moaea I,. Scudder, Jons W. Smith to Emily G., daughter of Samuel W Hale, all of Brooklyn. Birth. Cooi'mr ?Ou Monday, October 8, the wife of John Cooper, Jr., of twin sent?all do n; well Dlad. A paw ?On Murday, October 8, Adam*, widow of Aaron Adams, aged 70 years. The funeral will lake pmv from Ibe residence of ber son in law .(. C H. tie. 216 Sixiti avenue, tbts (Tuesday) murulng, at ten o'clock precisely. Ber remain* will be taken to Nor walk, Conn., for interment The relatives and friends of the family are invited to attend. ilWMOS ?in Bn oklya, E D , on Hunday, October 7, of lingering coniuuiptiou, Ajikaham D Ardrrsos, Agjd 3i years 3 tuc nlha and 37 days. It a lelalvee and friends'are respectfully Invited to at Irrdtbe funeral service, this (Tuesday) afternoon, at hail purl four o'clock, fiom hm late reaidenoe, 22 North Mcond str"?.t. The funeral will take place on Wednesday morning, nt eltbt o'clock The remains will be con veyed to Greenwich, forin., fjr Interment Hasm? ?l)n Monday, October 8. Captain Jons Bsrmi, of tbo bai k Amanda, in the 46lh year ol iris age. The friend* of the family are resjiectfiilly invited to at ten i ibe funeral of deceased, tl.ia (Tueadav ) afternoon, at twoo'chck, from h a late residonco, 70 Willougbhy ttrei-t, Brooklyn Bross ?<>n Monday miming, October g, foai Kj>*r*p. Ufai t ton el 3 aud Ann Broas, agod & months and 1 day. The frirnd* at a relatives of the family are respectfully ?nvileo to attend his funeral, tb'i (Tuesday) morning, at ten o clock, at tbe residence or bis parents No. 159 Christopher Street. Ci Anon ?Suddenly, on Sunlay, October T, William O. Dados, ?*' d 43 * ears Bis relatives in<1 friends are respectfully Invited to at. tend Li* fum-ra', Irom the North Dutch church, corner of Fultoo and streets, this {fo.sday) afternoon at ons o'clock. His remains will be taken to Grctnwood Ceme tery for interment Caibstn ? At P.i ad, L I , onHt.aCay, October T. Wil liam CA.iss.aged 74 years Bn relalivsa and friends a*e respectfully invited to attend the funeral service*, at bn lets residence, Roelyn. th j day (Tuesday), at twelve o clock. Tne car* leave South lorry at ten A M. Cautsr ?On Monday, October 8, of consumption, Wil ?jam, sou ol the late John Carter. U - frlends and also bis brothers, James and John, and brothers In law, O Coles. H Mac ready and .1 D Smith, alio the membe i of Empire lodge! O. O F., are In vited to attend hi* funeral, on Wednesday afternoon, at two o'clock, from his laio residence, No 63 Delsnoey atreet, without further Invltatloo. Callforsis sod Cleveland pa pi rs p'eass copy Coeutr ?After a abort ilioess, nsR.vta J. Comjy, ex fori man of Boss Company No II, afsd U years, t moaths sod 18 dsys. The friends of the fhmily, and of his brothers. John and Jeremiah, the members or the New York Young Men's Roman Catboilc Brnevoieut Association, and the members of f ranklin Boss Company No. II, ars respvet fully invited to attend the ftineral, this (Tuesday) after noon. at two o'clock, from bis late residence, No. 6 Bowl lagi.rren row. California paper* please cop T Cot-i.Tsa ?Ou M os da jr. Octotrsr 8. Htrrmrt 8 Corxtaa, Infant sou ol William ami Julia Ana Coulter, aged 7 months and l.i days. The friends and retail vat of tho family art requested to atteod tbe funeral, this (Tueadsy) afternoon, at two o'clock, frcm the residence of his parents, U3 East Twen ty grst street. Crrs.RTS ?On Sunday. Goto bar 7, of inSammstloo of the bowels. Be*. ?am F. Ccdsirts, eldest sou of Thomas Cudblrtb, aged 19 year*. The friends and relatives of th* family ars respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, this (Tuusday) afternoon, at two o'clock, frost 678 Greenwich street ?vrwiena ?Suddenly, on Monday, October I. Mala M.. wife of ft. I. Kat wlstis, aged 38 years, ? months sad 9 days. The raiatlves sad friends of lbs fhmily are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from No 37 Boater street, this fTuesday) afternoon, at two o'ekek (?ou'Km ?On Monday. October 8, Esocs Boldly, aged 78 years sad 25 os; s. Ihe relative* and friends of the family are raspsctfoJly lavited to attend tbe funeral, from tbo real lence of bis eon in law, Daniel Hoge scamp. Esq 160 West Thirty Orst street, on W'ednrsday afternoon, at ooe o'clock, with out any farther invttal oo Bis rei tin# will be taken to Greenwood for interment. Uardmkb?On Thursday, 'Vlobar I, of d'sease of th* tearl Kason so, aged 68 years, 7 months sad ? days. Hreo* ?On Monday, October 8. after a abort Illness, Robcbt T . youngest son of Robert sad Sarah Buaon, tged 13 vary, 7 mouiha and 0 days Tbs Memta anJ relatives of the family ars respectfully invited to attend tbe funeral, on Wednesday afternoon. St oa* o'stsnk. Item the rn Jeacs of ha father. No. M Second avenue. HAwasAar - Os Monday, ortober I. at sts o'clock P. M . alter a eburt lilnees. Gr-raji, wif# of Bsary Haaea k .tip, aged 34 yrars and tt moo bs The relnlites sad lr eoda of the der*asH, also the memhais < f Oowipnov H. Jtflerson t,<iard. F.fth reg ne ct, are respectfully taviied to attend the fonerai ou Weluea day afteriwK'u at one o rl.ick. from No 3 Worth street. ilAU.iL'. ? On 8inlay evening October 7. Caira O. Hi no. I'rreldsnt of the Mashattan Company. Tbe relative* and friends are lav.led te attend the fsteral at ihe Presbyterian church (Rev Or Pott -;, Cat veistly ptar*. corner of Tenth atreet, uc Weducnda.. after conn, attialf past three o'clock The will he takes M* glirabelb, V J . for stermeal l.tscw ?on Hunday. October 7, T mhsaa Itmi, n satire ef Pprirrl-wn. par .ah of A'.beylaad, oouuly longford, fr. '.and in the 97th yestr of bis age rbe reletiv<? aa<l ftien la o( Ibe family, sad thoes of hit eon. I'airiek l.ynrh. and of b ? grand*.n, Tsomaa I.yaoh. nod a?c* .n law, Jamee [Mauser and Herriar I (, ere respertfully invited to attend the fUaeral. from the rasl Sence of hte eee. *L? Eliaabeih atreet. this I Tuesday) after noon, at two O'clock Hit rem*.aa will bs Ua u M Gat vary temetory lbc Isterment ! a?? ?On Monday mora lag, October 8. Mast, daug'itsr ft bh and Mary lave, a.-.-d 13 monlbs and 94 days Their tend* of the faa.i,- are respertfully invited to attend tbe luneral, at the residence of tier parents, Ko f?3 Columbia atreet. youth Brooklyn, this tTuesday) a' tenorn. at two o'. l?*a. Her remains wul bs taken to Boly Cr<?a timetery, F Ath'ish. for In te-meat literot ?(is ?uiulsr. (<etober 7, Gvoiu.s Kowts, only II J laf.r son of J H and M J Ieforeat, aged 1 year and 21 days The friends and rr stives of the fam. y ars respectful!/ Int.ted to atb*nd th* I .?er?.. front th* reside.."* ol has pa resis. 4C8 N nth strest. at two o c,ock Uia (Tuesday) el lamora. 1 vaai ?Ou Sunday O'tober 7, Tsoma - I.vv t a astir* of "in ngtiown. par sb rd Abbeyiarrn, eouaty latngford, ; r ai, i. 'a the 97lh year of a a age The reiati vrt ami ft len <S of the family aa I also those *f ha s u. Patrick Lynch, *ad b.a g-or, I son Th >cnaj 1 . och, h,s bn trier la .aw. James Ktcrnan, an t wwia in law, ' ?*er and Itr-sard f'un.misky, are renj>setf ..i? In vtmi lesMsad tbe fsaerai, from th* residence of kfgsa, '-to E. i*l " lb Stmt, at two o clock th't fti esday . after r ? li a rtmaisa wi.i b* Uksa IkiUtlvary Cemetery for tbt> rmet t. Ma-o? ?Oa Sunday, OtWber I Mr. Dar.kl Maws,* native oi W.chca.ibnsas, SLotiand, ta tbs 78th tear ol h'l ag The relative* and friends of the fan ,y ere reSfwrtfu r jvtted to attend the fuasral, (Vom th* real lence of ha I n in 'aw. lot o II .Whe<>a, 8*9 Went Bsrcatseolh Itrest. at iwo . .dock tb.s (Tt.esday) aftermon k'.' ..?**?? ?la ?rietkijn. ias Monday. Oitobsr 8 Maar Mr< nowA*, w Jnw of Thoma* McCruavan ta the 77th year ol ber aye The friend* an 1 re alive* of tbs IhRiily are rsspsetruily 'r rltr 1 to attrad her fonera , from the residence of bee y n, Hugh McCrrsyis, Kent >venue corner of DsNalk are nu>' at two t'<: . k,ci> Wednrnd ty afumoon V, vj*m _fx Monday, fn lobar 8 at la o'clo* P M . ifter * lot g and protracted iUaea*. Jams, beloved wife of Patrick McNunsra. * Tl.e friend* and srqoalnianca* are lavited to attend th*'.a btr UUr?iJ?K?,No 43 r?t Brtwlwiy, | it too o'clock, ibn (TocCojt) iruroooo. Hir rau'o Wilt be tokto to It ? fVroctrrf of lb# Errrtrtooi tli ?< t? ??>n M"oJi]r October I. J?vi' Moi.iit, ifol 4 run ind 4 tr.notbo n * frl?Drt* in I wool DUOi-i iro rrtprctfaUf IotH** to itt?nd h'? fincri!. Tro* bH lata nlHH, Ml Hr?t nocui, at bitf iui two o'clock, oo Wedaoolay iftor look. MnOT ?Oo Woolly nontlBf Or to bo r 4. Iitr tnt bit iit. doubter of Jiibm ill lUrf Mairj. if?l II j'in, S mor,tb? ut 11 do;* Tt>? rrlOtlTro wl fr ndo of U>? rim It orr noprct f lly IdtIWI to ?t?o l Ibo funi-u rrowt the 1*0 liocr of b*r fitbrr, No 14 Uotx tlrcot, oo Wriitolof o/ttrooiu. it b?lf ti?t oo* o'olock. ?tt ? m ?Oo Soodo) Oifbt Oeto'xw 7, ot hoJf pool too o'C or I. I lA M**o.-it, oo; lad bl.oTOd diafbk r nf *? Hanhf. Tic tuBcro! will tiki p'Brr it hor m-dhor'l hour K4 Pui' tid itroot, tbia fTucodij) two o'clock pre t-Jf, to bo Btorr*d In Ci'Tir? Cemetery Not ? ? in tb a cttf. oo Mnidi/mor?.a?, <<tob?M, M l [Rotta, .a I'm 604 y?or of bor ifo. rn fsktro. WC U4? ftacd kt .04 raoiJcaeo of a:r too, Ko tl ^.V v 'Tk r'wJl i'i Jobj 1 Noble, au, at tareio c!ofr'\ WoJnc#*'iy tUterao to?ito?l W OV!i''.I\ ?0? lC^r.tW,_ ^,h;1Mn 'a Qncil* -On Moi.ray. W' ??'??- , h , #jn .? & s--'.?":-!';f:r,;.tr,.. ,<r? ?>? ; law, Mcboua t0 * *, from b't lute i &">>&?? two oVl^ ^tharUviU I residence, No 60 lUrrow street, witb ^ ^' jJ.'j VH I. ?vovh.l ?On Satirday, llft'ber 6, Hakrzj aged T3 years sal 4 m ntui Veet The funeral services will be held til the Rutgers t ,, I churcb, this (Tutida-.) evening, weight o'clock, pre,). I lorj to the removal 1,f the reina.a* 10 New Ilsvcn fur Ititei I mer.t. The relatives and friend* <d IJic family, and those I of bis sou In law, Benjamin C LuvertL'ge, are invited 10 I attend without further notice Tmo*.<*?On Sunday evening, October 7, alter t short I tllncaa, Masi K., daughter of James and Uary Ann Toomat, ! aged 3 year* and 8 day s. The Irlends and relat.ves of bur family. also of her , grandfather, Janata Q. Thomas, are respoctfi'lly luvlted 1 to attend her funeral on this (Tuesday) afternoon attw.< ' o'clock, without any further invltUiin, from bet parent * residence, 46 President street, South Brooklyn. Tnowrsoa ?tn thia city, on Monday, October 3, Wit ? uan Thompson, in tho 43d year of his age. | The friends of the family are invited to attend the fu neral on Wednesday morning, at nine o'clor.k, at hie late 1 residence, No 206 Greene rtreet. The reaiatns wilt be interred In Greenwood Cemetery. Dublin paper* plaase copy. Trcxra ?la Paris, Krauce, on Wedueaday, September 12. Aimki D , wife of Stephen D. Tucker, aged 31 yeurs. The friends and relative* of the family are resi>eclfully requested to attend her funeral, on Wodueaday afternoon, at half past one o'clock, from tho residence of her hna band, No 388 Kast Broadway. Her remains will be taken to Greenwood Cemetery for Interment. Whti*.?At Hobokeu, N. J., on Monday morning, Octo ber 8, Wan Wauj. aged 47 years, 1 mouth and 17 days The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from the residence of his son In law.C. R Bengalee*, No 46 Garden street, Hobo ken, on Wednesday morning, at ten o'clock, without fur ther notice niHCELLANBOim. 4 T BISHOP 4 RKIN'ri JEWCI.KV STORK, FIFTH AVE J\ one Hotel, jnat recelri-1 a fine assortment of Parisian Jewelry, Fun aud Opera Glass's AT HISHOP 4 REIN'S. FIFTH AVKNUE HOT* L, net! to the lad ??' entrance; Diamond Jewelry at the lowest possible prises. ALUMINIUM TOR HAI.K BY VICTOR BISHOP, 23 Maiden lane, or BISHOP 4 REIN, rtftlj Avenue Hotel. Mew York. Y WHEELER A WILSON JY HEWING MACHINE Should ?e purehaaed In preference to any other. became It la adapted cut nDly to family use, but also to the sewing of drum makers. shirimakers. (alter titter*. aboe binder-*, real tnajteia and all hint's of tailor ln(. Office 306 Bread way. Send for a circular. AT BYERDKI.L'8, 302 BROADWAY.?NOTE PAPER tinted and plain: an elegant aaaortnaent at the old atora AT WM. EVEBDKLI.'S sons.?WEDDING C'ARDB abb Envelope* of Ute latest atylee. UM Pulton street. N. 1 Established laid T GIMBRBHE8', MB BROADWAY?JUET INTRO duced, the Gray Handmade Card. A i T GIMBREDB'S. WEDDINO CARDS AND EN A velopea, In appro red aty lea, and the beet variety of Note Paper A T JONES', 10 AND II ANN 8TEEKT.?HAVE TOO A aeen tboee 24 calf dreaa Boots? Alao, the At Ml donbto aole water proof Bouts. AT EYKBDIU/8. 3(2 BROADWAT. OLD WEDDINE Card Ipot-New and elegant at) lea. AW FRANCIS' PREMIUM ETONK SEAL ENGRAVING ? eaUblltbment 42? Broad war corner if Howard rtreet. Bishop a run importers and man'tactur eraof Jewelry. Walchea 4c. No. 6" rue de la Verrerte, Carta, and yi tb Avenue Hotel, ueit to the ladiee' entranoe. New York. Bishop 4 rein, jewellers and impoeterb of Watches and Preetoue Stouea and Fancy Boots, Fifth Arenua Hotel, New York. VICTOR BISHOP, of r. Maiden lane. PHIU.IPE REIN Baron Renfrew-great ball.-d. riccardi, hair dreaaer of the (Jueen of Spain and Oourt of Har.ll ala. and for (he laat twelve yrara In various part* of the Unt eid States. Informs the ladles that Ida superiority la dressing hair without comb or hair plea la two hundred different stylee. and aa an artist of the prof ration, bee* to Inform Die ladiee that ou the grand occasion of the ball he baa a few hours to dispose of A note addressed to No S3 Crosby street will gltre imme ' ate atten'nn Price $S ard $10. Ball op the pbince of wales. When hundreds of lights will help hundreds of eyea to ga/eon hundred* of American beauties, nothing will d'tract or mar more than the memelire uauallv applied, the majority of ? h.. h are D.ot only detrtmental to the akin but give U a rough and una*:* rat appearance. All ladlea. desirous of ensuring I good, aealthy natural i ran p lax ton. aboti d uaa Madame T.EwNNHERG'R eelehrated Paetlllee de Florence, the purity ard eBlraty I>f which ta teauded by .1. E OhUton, the oelebrat d chemist To be had at all dt uggtaha and perfumere. Depot 320 Broadway N R ? None are genuine wuhoul the Mens tare, a 1.E WEN BEEP. Beware of imitations and counterfeits. BORER'S HITTKEM. The most pleaennt cordial of ft* kind. The moat valuable tonic and medicine In all aeeea of eom p'a r.te con nested with the stomach or the nervous aynteea, aud More more than thirty year* acknowledged to be BT FAB. BT FAR. BY FAB, The beet stomach bitter* ever Introduced. Far sale by gmcera and droggleta generally, aad wttb ? liberal discount to the trade by the agent. L. FUBKK. Jr. Kt Front atreet. New Torfc. (10RJL JEWEl.ET-AT EXCEPTION ALL T LOW FBI ) ret, at BISHOP A REIN'S, Fifth Avenue Hotel (next to the ladies' en I ranee I FYHAPPED HANDS, FACE. UP", AC. ?CERTAIN CURB V nndpreemlive HEGBMAN A OO'H damsbnr lee with glycerine. If uned aa directed wlH beep the akin soft In the coldest weather. Only IS eenta Sent by mall for 30 cents. HEGEMAN A CO.. Cbemlata and DreggtnU, Not 1*1. 33F 611 and 73d Brondwny. CRUBLE ALPINE BITTERS? itmt THE BENEFACTOR. Prepared of the kmtSwtm herbs. enrefa3y (elected by FE. CBCtfl. A nervals remedy amies! all dlenrden of the atcnaanA. ? dyapepwa, tr.digaet.nn. fiatuteeey. Ae , Ac., teeted and i uaoea mended by a number of the meet celebrated phfWWana. bom of Europe and America. Pnee Dfty eenta per bottle. Md only by JOHN LENaEITS M Emer street. Saw York. | (lOENH. BUNION", t INVERTED'BAILS, enlarged ' ? .Mnla. and at' diseases of the feet cured, wtthout pain a* I Itiroot science to the patient, by Dr EACH ABIE. Surgeon Chiropodist. 760 brand way. Refers hi physicians asm ear genus of the rlty 0ATUIB i a'arrh In the meat dlStr-Uof any disease of the besetting orrsaa'C reliwre or to cure. The Bee Joeh ia I.ravin. edn w of the Independent of New Tor? who hnd tte Catarrh for more than twenty rear* tua been meed he J. E. t TAI I OR OS K TAR IRON AND BULFHUR POWDERS n a leef'.monl*: and also these of maey ettne who hare been rure.t of i th-natesd I eg dlttenltiea era puh.ohed in a pamphlet wbt h ?'U be ae*n anywhere free by mm!. OUee Tnr. SOrectn a bottle poadera.ll ? package, at 442 Broad way. N I and all di nggtata IAMOND JEWELRY?NECKLACES. FULL BETS AND _ ha.f aria. Bra a.eta. Pine, Kings Ar a; Ike lowest tin porter's pi teem BldHOP A REIN Fifth aveene Hotel. New York. VICTOR Kt'HOP. m " ? PMIUFPE KEfN. J) Dinner una. T*A MTU, ?eiakfaat abtn Ac.. Aa. plala or >WI> IgMH /RANCH CHINA, Tor tola In rraai rarlaty. A *" Rata patnird to srttor. wiik eaata of arma, eratoa ? ? IT |ro., J. r. DAILAT All Br>vlw*y Drafnm*, p?A*:*r? pkafnt.--1 AT UNCI BRVOTBD. R1AJ TRMIMONV. Biti or rra Itimtn. Ton. Au? Tr Toa M -*ht*t*?r trtataJ aa ft* Naw Toaa, Anf ? 1J. IS >a\,-aa rary aoawaa f iflj aad aatiafaciortly Wy brario* wu r<tWor?.f tut r ig. ti'.tiaaaa i id aa ?'?. aad lad J my mUra"/ to ha far?. 9 M I.AVAI Pr*?1?o4 of !k* Ilant of Um Kr pabUa OFTIC* 197 CLINTON FJ.4f*m. T__2_ BfTWIFS TIFTII AND "*TH AUXTW. TfANa-A TTtlNHQ) _A WOATMF.JfT COWTAHriNO _ it* .!?? and Pnr.aton L-allaraa a. r. r^.ra.1 at H>i P A Bllll'f, PUlA Amaaa tfotoL . - m PaCa M to * d? '? Tarrant IpOB tm f?!???* ? .nAll. - IKI.I) BO- vl *T BlilJ) _ ??a ? taia-n ra. a far. n pan u iaa a .? at A. K. M KILL A Co f . winalair. r*AA TIXTCRW. _ U 0A1 FIXTJRI 1|? an' n of H art * CfcABLEtJUA, a^ACTJCTA Ac. A"! Far Lu ttaoUdtod to<vmnrlml'nd aaa?,m?r W t r IIAIUTIIU kllH Vait ? AM I CRT BOURBON WF1IAKICY. Tat Rlaa- IMaMlaatoa nat*v.,abM MM ? > a-a tat ? aaaaia tor uw aj?r?a k?1 and ! -of w?t 'tabad k-raad of Wb'aAry. lt> oa?aa oaly n-d*ra fo? tb? a>-T? la ban* a. ttomld ba airarta.1 a mply H T Nan ? bait A. raj Ulat.l ariaa, Kaataeky. Orlrra fo? *aa? WMWaa to t a IHoKUB k CO . m?to'*? and PHjft'l ir S? fill and Til Rami way. KNIT CNPIRAIMBT1, TOR WrprRR WRAB. Ha.f d ?? and qoarmri ao; 1 a' la* <an> rata* aa fall pan jKcktofia??1 " Alton waratmaa rf BR. ' KB Bowqtt. * fw Awn tatow anal at-nav LTTTIR FRO* BIMT W. LONOFBLLOW Be to* O vaKDFR. CANTATA-fl* ( fllU'RRN ? I ocm. T' '??. a. I' ton hy 1'rof. Hriry W l.oafl-.Hiw M aM> r. in r aadbyj UB.flaf. Pob aV-1 by FIr*k. Fool A Co., #47 Tuadwa.. Y? (tof- nf foy;b? 9<w Ua| by La ouiLVRiTt On 'ho aminattf HA MAKPRB o ANNUAL NUB* RIPTIf'*.- roNCBIT, On TUfNPAT A1KNINO firt 'j, it* WMWIW I BOOB" N? C" A?pA A IAA P??? Ti?~T?tof 'aaof 7 aa baa . flp?a.-d? ? to ? ? a? tMa p'acn and to rap a ra* laaaa a- aaa-tra yoo 'ba' N ?Ij torn ma arnat alaaaaia to ban yon mair? ?* rt tot ? bturaa ? ft f aa jo<t fir yaa* I am Ala" Uta- yoa H>? noaaa wail a. a_ ? - " - ?S*_.a .1 ? :a,-toa_a tmi t to Alam ?r - |h ?< pat ?1< a?* ad.., yoa ? cb rtttaaa WUA tot anion I ntoaia. Ttoito irali. _ _ . _ M.rrra. HI"-AT W V *OTELIdJB >AiM A OB JFAXJCA' BAUW?PIAKGND NICBI.ACTH Nr-;?ra?a *a-r nga. TlaA S fcto Br f r tola br NTM-J * Ab r. I ."A Amtf r drl tu tor *1*V0J '< ?MM ??* tUOJU- -B BUN <>' At rp " H - ilA llLAP--ji_t ?UA*AH i l-.AIJ ?'? fit* ?< Itr MrtquAblr, ? >?. rtf<WM p, HlSU'.-e A KKIN, ?I?B Pn 1 CF WilJCP' B".l . lUKf RBTKIYEft a i *| i B lid *??? .tmeat of F?k? r?. h??r rvlal r?rm.;i r.jptiw m; ?b> in IVN\ Ufa. lllslKi- A KAly pjiUi Avium {'.Ctrl wit to lir l?r tik ruiriui:* Prince or walm bv c.-boci^et no:.mess. Wlc'it it) ti. l?r ?*> ' ? B!S:ior A Iu-:IN FiliA Atentiw Hotel OKKSONR HAY1N0 I.OKT AN KYI OAK HAVBTHB I itifr.rmllf PHwrrAl ! )tu mwruou of an arun-tal ?n, which 1 ?!? ?i'<1 move* I k? !!>? nttaml organ BUi'll A UOl'UElJf AN, 510 Briadwaj, Hew TaW. /"ill ABC'S COD LIVFK OIl> JXpLY IS TWICB A~ IF rtcBTfotig hi thr plain oil, and in the great r-niili lor v * t.ufihLMI'iluN U"lKiHS ABU OOLItS . .' rulmtnarT atlecllona Deprived of Ue uau*-a of tk? A."y X 1 It b??Wc me 1 olvmally popular. Pool by ite la pl.:n UJ >?urtb avenue. and bv all drur*liU every whir*, i'ltiroi PAREBB B HOW hie 15 Brrkuiaa itreet, wWoiw ?ale art oil* i?. - STOD4RT TTtNON? ubajw ?quare and nrooi-o ~ JHJt BEN* MANUFAUTl'P.EO. WAi'<KKOOMKM BROADWA*. LRRFfL ANO R, *>NOMICAI?. HKOEMAN JiW.1l Reailn.* far Ike Instant mmI M *rea?? spota. patois, Ac and r"r elaanin* Steven, rtM* rtbboiA, Ac., equal to nt'f. without L. Ittrj to color or fiM> hold hj drnggieta; only U Is per t Ttfle. 8ea IMmai the yrnulne artlcla. WlLDkK'8 PATINT _ rai.aitanivr Hjfirm perfectly FIRK PROOF. A EURt.'LAU ?K0Or A larye ?Mortmeut for sale br ? _ HT?A**BA KArtTIW. Kit llcoad war. cornor if Wand street. Jfaw Ink Tl'11.I.I AM TAYLOR'S SALOON. 'VI 1HU* ADWaY, vf Refilled anl elezunvf sntieltMhetL Bverythle* In the way of Krfrf?.?m?j r n Be bare ybtala e<l by indiee nad geuUrmea, At ab 'xm of .Be day Aa.? ? rw ten tl-ATCHKR FROM JlRHRNSKl' COOwr* AkD M tbe beet maken for Mie. i.t .my rv re' prtoee. !> BIHIOP A ItElN, Ftf h Arrnue lietel, next to lie indlprt n u auoe. Hoiiae n Parte, No. 5S Ru ? d? la Vn .w?. 2 BUSHEL 16 OUNCE OKA IN BACH-TUB DEET ABU cbeapeet in the market. M. VANniBHOOF, in Wort I TOO I..ATK FOR CL.A8NI SlCATIOM. AT A SPECIAL MEBTINO OF FRANIIjIN IIOPKOOM patty No. Id, hel l at the Carriage Wotirv N? id Hearer street, John O'Heil In the eh ilr. the followl-i prt-ai.UeaM reeoluiirni were uonnlmo ialr adopted ? Where is. we bive been lnroeme 1 of the de -eem of onr late foreman a id brothri member DeiinU .1 CnnleT, who ha hcra ? l<li-nly removed from out intdHt while In the puma of Itre, and 'u ibe lull enjoyment of all tho?a faeultlrr which reader our aim in thle v earr world endurable; and wher^us, br MM Inariutab'e dmr.-eof Hun " ?hi dneih all things well/ Mi ? dieted parent* are deprived of ,n at)??'?tionate toe, tbatr start in I heir old aye hia brribera and -later* of fbelr ? eatfcfnl cora pan,on and playmate, and we .if :i lrteiul win w.ij our pti.iW, and ulio aa an active member of our ..ryan! -ailon, bad ne ei|nnl, and the department of a brother member ho br bM many ezerl'ent qualities, netierona dlapaaltlon red ateritua henesty a* a mar ba.1 endeared bun to all. 1 heref -n. be It Kemlved Thai w e tender to h * inn. Ii eitUcte.1 Ian Jr our art cere and heartfelt at uina'.b.' tn then hour of Ri '.et i eeontinrwd - liiy them to tbe care of our merciful iheaPir. tint I <ry may bear with aubmiteioti and fortitude tlielr irreoarabla wa Rew ired, That w e wear Ibe ua <al badue of mourn;- utrtrtp days. Keeolied.That a copy of the above preamble and 'casta tlous. duly attaate 1. be pre* ? iiiel tn the lami y ol ftp- teceaaed. K< solved. That they be published In the Icider, hlc. \\tj, and Herald. JOHN O Nail.. "?n aa Jon* Hititatir, Jr., Secretary. ^ Am T A MKKTIX'J or THK INVINCIBLE RKMOCRATtO Club of the KlylifeenUi ward, held at Rlr liard Oalueti, oomar of Revenieenth aireet and rlrat avenue, the lotto.?MR oflirera ware elide.1 ? Win. Bab I, f reaideut Hu*h Bruton. Firat v?c? Preeldent. Tbouae (J. Cowan. Second Viee Prealdent. Lawrence Baolin. Secretary. Owen McCarthy, Treasurer. LABOR THIKH HTOBV FRONT ROOM TO LKT? ith Board, fnrulelied or unfurntahe.i. to a innl'iiiaaai and h'.a wife or itnyle can', emeu, at 23H Waal FoudecaMl atrert. Referencee etibaoyed. Hitneratfi A LABOR FRONT HALL BRDROOY TO LIT-WtTW full board, in the firat < law trival* houae No. t Wart Twenty fourth etreel nfipia.te the > ifth Avenue Hotel. AIM e entt of rnuma tn let November 1 Back parlor -a finr larok furnimied back Parlor. a<iltable for a KeuUamaa and wife or two rtuN* Kentla men. will be reeled, with Roard In e cm ill ftmi y, el a moderate pr ce, hitue hue nil tbe modern itnproi eaeete Ay A LAi J\ ill ply lerata arlce. botue baa nil tn at 171 Kaat Tklrtr Aral street rB RALE?TBK BURINKSR OF A FTRNT CLASH OT* ^|lsa establishment > lh< e. lorafed In one of tbe beat are nuee Tbe bttelneee te worth about >73 or $?00 pec weah Tto tt owner la yotntr to Kurope Apply In the eryar atorw. rR HALE?THE NTOCR. FIXTUHRH AND LEANS OW a Lt<|'ior Ktore, situated In the R'chlh ward. In a yuod rt ralloa. doiny a Bret ciaaa buelneaa Inqu re at MS UreeowMb elreet In lite di'tor More, for three daya FCRNfSBPD ROOMS TO LET?WITH OR WITH OCT brtakfast and tea. to atnyle yetttlemen Also aa rttf eatabltabr 1 phf clrtan'a'HBce. Apply at 72 Weet Twenty ea eood etreet two Coora weet of Hlttth avenue nBAP. TE. HEAR TE. HEAR TB. MISS HA I,LIB MASON. TUE QUEEN OF MKLODT and THE EM PRESS OF MTTIVK POETRT. take* pleasure tn Infnrmtiie her friend* that her FIKST ANNUAL BENEFIT will lake p'.aee at Ute PAVILION CONCERT HALL, 000 HROADWAT. Tbta (Tueaiay) rveulny. Oct. 9. Admirtioo W eaart XTOTK R.-THR MEMBFRH, IIONORART HIM BUI and frlendaof Fraakllu lioae Company No. IS iM Ma Dre Department In yeorrai, are reepect/ully lortted to MM at the boar C?rru?? bouee 17 Bearer etreet. thla day 'Toe* day i. October !?. Ink) to attend the funeral of our lata brother member, Petuua J. Oonley. By order JOHN O'MIIL, Foremae. Join BarrtMav, Jr , Hecre'-nrv 'fi TbOBKRT hi'KNCBR NO 2 CORTI.ANDT STRBMT, it oorthwral our or r of Broadway. All IX) unci ?ud over Ihia bar are irarraaled pure Try hu Brandy at an enaM; hie A lea ar* deeldedlv I be beet, three oenU per glam. try IHm. rurr-THiMfONn floor r^mn room* mo Tw. iv ninth m/eet, near let nitno arenne real 1 per moath. water aad eea. Ae . peeaemiou Immediately Am ply oa the uirmlere. fourth floor. fi'J REWARD-LOST, OH FRIDAY IYNINO LAMT. ?>) fi >m \d? Flehth arenne. near ?Kh etreet, a eatt* black aad tao Terrier Pop, two aeonihe old loan earn, beam bled tnee e'.lyhtly lipped wKb white Whoerer wIT! return hap, rec.-ite the abore reward and thaake o( the owner REWARD -I.OUT. OH MOMPAT MIUBV LART. between J and 9 o olork. In the Thir 1 aven ue rara ?? at Cooper Inailtu'e a Mirer Wao b The abore lewa/twIUba path fur lta ret rm to t'> Raman etreet. In the baaemrni 4TB WARD THE HKhl'KlNRIDQB ANIV-AHK t l.CB are repieeled to meet thie (T eatay, creolai, October 9, I WO. at UM Aihambra. enraer of Catharine and Mullaea etreete. PATRICK CROWE. PrmUemL Fiittcu Brail, Secretary. Ml'hiriPAL AKKAIItH. PA PIRN PRNDIHO BBPORR Bill HONOR TBI ? klOB for apprtxal I ROM Till COM MOM COCMCIL ReanJuUoa to omllrm awaid of roatrart f r r?r atiag, gradin(. aettlar eurb and potter iimim and Uoeiiae Mtr feed wide in kilty .ottrlh atrret, from Hecood to ihlrd avau.ea. to Bryan p'Uoeaor aad Rr(er Mulllmu. for 91 MR tl Hoard of Cocactlmea, < " lobar I. IWQ. Oa aye* aad aaaa atfv-ted. DAIVCINtl ACADEBIR9. IX Till NEW DAMCBK-L. I'K (lAKMO BROOKS* ?ay. Ml Binwae etreet, le now opea with reeepttoa dremtny aad praeUotag nit?, pae I adraaUeee far pa pile ? aad ImanUfaJ Freerk qnedrtUea. PHIS' ? imperial amp i.a bus If! '?RIAL AMD LA BCidB aad Prtdaya. 9 hi ? P. M Haalamer. n.A.WW FOB TUBRDAT AND WlItdWDtT. CVldrra mat Wednaadaya aad Mainrday*. Inir V. Imdiae' peuaa-r elamm laelr-iewd br Ma lb ink a All the faehiooaiiie daaewe Un?bt la oae eowwa ?f i ana ?n'j-ge ertry Wedneaday o'yhl A. DOI'WOkTH'd DAMCIM9 ACADRedIER. Ma W Broadway. Mew Tark. N i 117 Mnetepae area, H/eWI m W1PNISPAT* end RATIJRDA'fRla Mew Ivt T( (H.'ATM aod FKIPaTI la it- >oaiya. le addM m to tbe f met tyaadn!<e, Pance Imper1*^ Ernr preen Empire and other metal decern, h mum m atrflUv i leda and -bee a tar-ay, ??' larree ? roe'i la'e-.?--c-.f by Mr that wort k. a 'arteiy of newer darracwlli he br ?a f ,revt durlny' Urn ewe em on wblrh aaaf be m-utt,?,?d ' La I rartae." j at receoed fraa Pari* aad the (p .jr a ???tint e , oe ?penally adapted b tbe 'rTetepej? <al of prarefat at iremee to thuar**, ttrcoMrtal oma he., may be bad ateRV.- hratemy. ACiDgBY QfDAMClMW AMD CALIbi HKRt ? KB. an.t M'l TREMOR I i>r1? we r-.uae * Wax Tb .y f ? A ?in?t aad M hot th Rtebth ? /?" Hrmiri. t D . art aow -pea. M; T wta be pierped to "rxonum 'tie tia'1 teda may form e aaaea et the r reetdeac h or ta pnra> -b nia Ca . fur etrr .ara H RITE"* MAM ,TM?t A*AHEM* MO W *C:.TOfi wreet Br?Alfn-Al tbe rod era ian -? le-tel ta <m noirea of teeareia r >aew a-?er f irmit# led ee u I; alte and Friday afternoona at dn'i^ark pe->i e? -n "p aadiy aad FrtUy areata** at J ?ui, mlewe aal atwr '*? ??< eeaday aad Hi i/diy a/tern me at 1 a ftnrh. ?wal Set a ear ealar. hdERRBRt' i EeAMCINW AOXDFHT. MO. 99 WBMT ' .UKaeetb ateeet attt npae neto'.ei I >??? noeme ead ?aeeterw. an,' m Oetoner II f,w e*a?Ieama. Reborn aad eeirnta rleaeee atteadrd ta iba ahy er eat if tome i trr^ra eaa be bad at tbe Aeaiemr c. iiUlARm. d fFR?HtT R i.Ll k ED TAB! ? AMD iT'HUjbH yv MANT'drajeet F.r wldw efon* f'nebeina aad R< ?ard f ablta, the bem la Oe w rid f> rabla, earre.A aad I'-a.y " Tbenidem aaaab.ieaiaaoi in America M food ell ottere TbaoWemt facwry ilM r eet N T. BO/.TARP idALLR -A TIME ANHORTMENT OF tTOB t RuiMTd Ha'll of | ,-rtor oaa,Hy. M red or en nrteae am> E'fn' <vwe-?eel 1 r ,-w fifteen W pvr, and Haw Ika foe aale by WM M WILLINU. lit Tr ?aae etreS MP Tl'M ,1 SHARP R fMPROVIP BOAjIABD t.ttt BE ?f Wi.k a ? eewly I reeled eoebtoa. t?i?, rd Ne?emiiee II. Id# and w.l knows to be anpe* .<* n aiy now >a nee. ?hat eetory Us FKium Mi*dL We r br un A ( ien.'.er toe ? ?, ^ right te Me oae ami "PPlkd ?or et I ha-lea '?ondre? r*e fe-atitVianf riVa-oed <'a-?ntrWwm. or tadla K ,.,ber. (? . _>, a a vaomt ?*? lei'iedte them tf toe da ed.fn-a ]g )?44 en 1 t 'eeded .f-iae U, IWR far bollard tabiee aa> mac rarti rer> of bURard taldM areberehw e tided that all P. P ,ebew- of mlcaafred rtbber f? 'if bard tabiee |r n ^ . from Meaera Pbe aa d i'dUeady. ?" < all lafe- ^ tj.j rtgh. w"' be yewrtel bf m to the fall nte , ^ o,n tew r' m Tf.PK rVytMJ AMT? PAO*tM? OOMTAJfT i a?e* Ra Utk