Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 10, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 10, 1860 Page 3
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md carpc which the Gcnnaugbt wa? to nart icr.rtj^, mm> wtich now were obliged lo be transferred to the l arao* In uoosrqaenee of the Orel oi .bap to the C'u naught. Aui iter piston ana cylinder beet bona replace.' the broken once, mid ui a forti fgbt xfkervxnld the noOie thip proceeded on her Brat vcjt*-o to Bjgwo When nineteen ooure out from iiorejr ber oy Under head aga.u gave way, and the consequca e n> tha she took eigh. days to reach St. Jcbra, and twelve to arrive at Boston. !o Bottca the vit ag'.in repared, and,strange to say. tne very same accident occurred for the third time, and retarded ine Joutuu^ht's tat torn passage to thirteen ds; s. Oaee more the Coona-ight wm repaired, and cn the afternoon of the Ji b of 1-net aamlb proceeded frura tiniway on her last, and by fcr ?Ml unlucky, ptetage over tha Atlantic. The result or ?Me is recorded In ine pithy telegraphi; despatebca from Beaton, which we publish m this neport to day. do much for tha history ol the 'Jounnugbt. A mo eg the '.one '1st o( her passengers there were, doubtless, many aktIcaui, returning frcm their simmer Kuropeau to ore. In addition to the description of the Cocnarfht which see published in Kay last, with tne axtocnt of her launch, *?o new publish the following aooouot ot the ves sel, wh.tb appeared in the Newcastle (Eegiand) Daily Vhrtmil: on the i2d of Aprrtt, It60 ? The length of the Cot.naught la 878 feet, and 860 be tween perpendicular*, her btam is 4C feet, over all 71 Met f ochre; her depth of bold la 30 feet. Tha 11 utnaught li eoactructed with a spar deck, straight item sum ellip tic stern. She is built oo the wave line principle. She camei her Boor well aft, which will gna. steall neec and buoyancy at a high rate or speed, she la built ?a water tight compartments of extraordinary atreugtb; and acme idea of W * superiority and safety of this prior-,. Corny be formed l'rom the fbi'l that should forty feet of r bow he carried away by collielon she would stilt dost or in eren keel without risk By an improved nr tinge ?sent <r the stringers, keelsons, beams, Ac., great longitudinal streogtn is obtainod, whilst tne transverse games are doubled. Tne Counaugbl ta throughout double, end in some places trehlc, rivltcd. In order to re duce resistance to a minimum, the Gocnaught ta light rigged, with two iroa maata, each In one piece, with Tore and aft and gaff topaalls. The mast* are to constructs t that yards and square salts can be set when required. The rigging w cf galvanized Iron wire of great strength and lightness The lfeboata are of corrugated wrought Iron, of the meet approved construction, and titled with Glad stone's lowering apparatus. The steering gear is also on n well tried and approved principle; and tbere la a tele graph leading from the bridge to the man at the wheel, and an Indicator from the rudder to let tne oflloer on the bridge see that hta orders are carried out. The com panion ways, skylight frame* ami uambiogs on deck are all made of teak, beautifully carted and pjitahcd. Tee glass in the akyilgbta is ttained moat tastefully. The capstans are Brown It Bartleid's patent Leaving the dock we go below and enter the ealoou, for tbe accom modation of f rat class passengers, which is lilted up in tbe moat elegant and substantial manner. The aide* are ornamented with walnut root and bird's-eye map e pannei.nge, of the most exquisite workmanship and finish, and between tbe panels are beautifully executed vtewe of some of the liuesi scenery in Ire'and. There are two tiers of tabled, extending from one end of the naloOL to the other, at which at least two hundred pae atnger* could d ne comfortably. The warmth and com fort of the saloon are secured by steam pipe* running un der the tables. Turning out of tbeaeioun, tbe nest ooject of interest that attract# our attention is the .aliee' re tiring cabin, welch is a perfect tnj"u of a chamber, being St ted np in the most elegant and luxurious manner, with every modern appliance to comfort and recreation. Tbe ttaterocmi for the first ci&as passengers are exceedingly annfof table and oonvemeut. The cook ins range* are of the largest else, and capable of rookiog. with convenience, tor upwards of 8C0 passengers. Ail the other arrange ments, such as bakers' and butcliern' shops, pantries, lintn room, spirit bar, letter sortiog room, bullion room, bath rooms, smoking rooms. Ac , are fitted up in the moei convenient manuer. Going forward, ft was a piaa sore to notioe the great care that has been taken lo #e rnre the oomfjrt and accommodition of the forward pu recger*. The Blt ngs are of a very superior and so dsIsu character, (Ad the arrangements arc such a* are boat calculate to prevent corn ueion. By a very salt factory arrangement a'l oommnnicttu-n in the 'tween docks be tween the Brit class and forward luuwengers le rendered impossible, and tl.e ship's officers have their berths and mm rooms entirely to the twelves Tha tailors and stokers lave a'so rooms separated irom tl ? passengers Ti e hotwe powerofiiieenginri is MO nominal, and they arc on tho use dialing principle. The main cylinder", 48 tons cuaapwte. are eighty inches diameter each. Taey are three m number and plaocd under the pt Idle shifts nthwartsi .ps. and work direct to the cranks and (hxftx over il ea, li e pos tmn ol tl.eee cranks, be at t -ee e?iuaJ divisions of U a circle, give a perfect balance to the machinery. and will suable them to be driven at good ?? ??.i... , ? ? ?peed n tne very heaviest weather. the morn eepec'al.y sa those main erginen are untscumMrel by air. feed, and bilge pump* or anything likely to get out of order ?-r out of balance. Tie ar immpa are MM bv sept rata cylinders. ?i ich g ves great advantage to tiii engi neer In etoppiog and startlug the ship and keeping the eng.sea In ac'on .n bad wea'-ner at n minimum t ana in case of derange meat or leaking, the foil power of Ibtt engine la itself capable of propehag a la-gc ? red vessel. The boilers are eight In number, constracts 1 on the most approved plae and with a total beating turfkea ?1 3D CM square feet. They are heated through forty 'I rnaoea. The new principle of auper-h -attng cr drying tne steam been adopted by Heardmere A Gallo way'a patent. 1t,e paddle- wheels are diameter and made wits feathering Boats. Tbe Hosts are Iwnivt feet lung- bT f0,ir '?*' eight Inches dlainuter. Tbe Cocas ugh I wen commanded by Captain Leltoh, for ?srlj the of the tteamarCily of Baltimore, which poet be ecc.up.ed cr*lit and ability for year* He had. eoMrquently, the reputation of being an able com mender, and a goacirmanof much orbaslty to the paa ewigern in ha charge In addition to these qualities, tap tain Leltoh boa afforded a moat oonolaalv* mstaaoe of true bravery, by being the last man lo tear* the burning Ooa aaugh.. The Connaugtt is n sinter ebip lo tbo I Inter, Munoter and lolrtter, all of which are now being oom I letod to run a the same ilao. Tha Liverpool fmPif the 20th ult, pobllahee the follow i'l In* to tbe Cosaaught and her performance ? The chairman of ttn Uaieay lino, accompanied by animal Of the other members of the board, visits! Jai way ee Friday for the ccrpoaa of nrpect og the barter ard the eVra now in tbe bay. Tha Cowaaugtt. wh en mad* a trial trip on Wednesday iant, wan ordered to got *p -iter, tad about aoca the (teamed out lo sea, having m board Mr Malooimnno. chairman Mr Stirling, Mr Tulemache, directors. Mr Weir, Captain Thomp*0* had Messrs E Fox and J. Grata*, Lublin. After a run of about an hour, a speck He unto curling smoke was creerved in the distent t r'.zoo, which gradually g'#w oirg<?r and more dot.n:t aftar a llttl* the gtam Wuwot Mat it wan tne amoke from a steamer, and the moat ex : eorionity was ev.noed to esceru.n what tleamsr it could be, as nine of tbe oompanj's veeeeU were expected ?t for two day" at least. A few mlaute* more aa.t en s were ebmrved above the horiaon It wsea screw it ce.ld not be the Prince Albert, as she was only Br* days rot; bat befbee the d emm wan fully acseyAnd, the r g > ag of that splendid shin was reeogai/* J, and with a Les'.y ob.eer they bore d' wn n her and afiar a * '.'.me the two noble resects craneed nt fall speed, tbe daak of the inward bored eorered with passenger*, woo t beered tastily as tbey passed. Tha Ooonaughl imtr.s *;eiy ant about, and after ac exciting chsae of ncar.y it f an hour overhauled the Prlaoe Albert, and iaaliy i ?laneed her, 'his er' leering the surerlorlty of th* u- w rh.r over eren the beet Atlaatle voyager afloat. la add t .a to what id g.vea sbove we bar* received by tsiegvapa from ?oaba the fbiiow'cj ? ADDITIONAL particulars. The trig Mania fcbl'ier arrived at oae o'eloak. 'Ml iir' XO hi b .rttoo ud the <tu<i d| room on ber ? y cotoptate.y urered by too reacted FuKsftn of u.< rTATunri-T or mb. w:trtit, or wrw rout. Mr r. WiUall, of Now Tark i aaarnger na tha Can aa ??l. fkrciabea the loUcwmg MUaal aa to tba <oaa of 2>l ilnail f ? I ui eg tba clreumeuaeet cf the royage froa Ooiwey. ?Licb port we left at fire o'clock T M. aa tha 2Mb nit, act. ab< t eight r* If. of !bt .rday, tba flth last. ka aaya ?Wb'A o?ad n? waatwnrdly, tba w ad bicwieg a aortoerly gala, tba ab p bogus to rt.J to ba Aboard w tb a e.ngniar mouse. g?.ng far dowa, and tbat war a loeg tuna which canoed M alarm. Meaattmo lb? captain i u board g r ay ordara a be t eteerug manning tba I era he. i iratraa oador tba laa of tba padd*? bh* were oiwerred wbl?per.Df aad Uara ware other tcaa laataticaa tbat waa aot right. Coaaiirrable water waa ebatraed tbroagb tba grat nga. Tba aag'na a< new hat atoppad for a wbla. After ?trem.aua e?er t <>oe by tapv laitcb and craw tba ahlp righted end t a w bee la mwmeacod tjralrg wb-e tba pae-eofr* ba omb? r.ora iei wed. Tba tea waa rough tba wiad waa bloWiag *bet (a lom call aa ordlaary Ml gale. Moai t tbe i *"?ang-ra tomcd :a but paaaa-t a reatlee-- ..gbt. Oa f laday, at egbl A. M., the ablp tegaa to roll ago a. a I tiat liaggy wi t aa aim ,'ar to tba ereaiog pre a < a Tha "apte r and rrew could aalibar tac< aor wear toe ab p. So.w after tba ewg'.ae at i pad. aa ? atoemeoutd a' i be raaad la the boiiara. laa ah.p rolled frgbtfoily v tba 'arhi ?rd. aad tba pimpa a era manned aad gar re al mac mmmmm ba ? tb auekeia At tea a'ltoe* tt waa "partad taat tba water waa Dot ratc'ag, bat on .be cortrtry that tba p impa acd bo Jet ware gee ag <* ka .tab, aad tf tba wiad would a; (fen wa wmild r<w.ii balm tbat eg t ; bit t ear hopad ware aooo cheagi J to eatreme terror, wtac use w< rd waa pai??-d an ad ia low toaaa. ' - Tba ah p a aa #re I" anrem:anied by tba email or barn lag wood, "ha Cro appeared between tba deoka. Gang* ware iwi aediatr/ 'oraiad, w tb p impe aad beckete, tneitic g ?b the l uaae, tit ag tba water fr- m the eoa and ?i i| ?% bnabatd. ia theKraga'ned tbaaa <am V gaa v alaekaa work. A.. ?y?a aroan 1 the bir.aoa la t re? l >?<* amae maaaa of ml iy deaerni fhiee reporta of a reaaal a e'ght we" mad", hot at laa'. wa dttcjfaaad a * ail to tba awthward, and aooa ifier to Use ? r.iward, both aery low town, bet it be art pla n at ur t skua u.?t both rare ktarisg at, tad 'ba t?M|) l 1 ee> if iior'.B ha 1 throe mute an J VIM one wMt only 1*0. Wo soon found out that the WMrwu ps?img, *ble ll c other stUl neared wilhoat showing any alga that % noticed ub, which hep'- un in extreme anxiety, and doubt until abe bore directly (or ue, evidently ?b j*. :if that the obteried the steamer's dagt of distress, wt ch hsd been hoieted elnoe midday. We th jo oom ti'.eci .ul to iteer away and launch boats, whioh ?M g very difficult Job, the ship lying almost to her tide in tho trough of the eea. liy thin time the Are had out off rh romm inieation with the etlosn. The Arst quarter boat lowered woe struck by the counter and loetv wh rh caused hesitation about launching tho othrra. But the woral of our fears was that, supposing the boats should ride the sea, which then showed signs of moderat tig, and that wa coold safely launch and All them with lafeenpere, there was no chance el' recusing but a short time on board, the Aro tasking such progress, the lUmrs were momentarily expected to burst out and sweep the decks, the Are gam-a having given ep all hopes of extinguishing them, but oontnuitg to apply wet blankets, ho. The aide of the ship was then so hot that when she rolled It would hits and wake steam of the sea water. The gallant little Yankee brig sailed alongside and hove to, seeing our deplorable situation, and showing every sign of anxitty for us; but wo began to think It would be impossible to stow all our numbers on board, the looked so small. We have since ascertained that she was only one hundred and ninety eight tons burthen. Captain Lellcb made all baste to got us into tht boats, which was exlreme'y difficult, being lowered one by one with ropes (Captain Lettcb stood by all the time), commencing wtih the women and children. But with all the exertions that could be mads, when the sun went down only about two hundred had been got on board the brig. Qaptatn Wilson, of the brig, said, "Tins IS a horrible aflhir to see tlie sun going down and so many people yet on board the wreck, settling down and burning up. I will do all la my power to save them." Several of the boats' crews, on reaching the brig, refused to return, wheta Captain Wilson said, "I will go almost alongs tie and take a hawser from on board, and then yon Will be in little or no danger. 2 mutt get every one from the wreck.'' This he did, which bad the rflert of giving conAdenoe, and by gres'. exertion all were got on board the or g by sieves o'clock P. M. Captain l-eitch and bis Aist officer remained on board until almost surroundei with i.ames, and until every ami was tared. Captain Wilson then sent alongside to beg him to none away. The flames were shooting up tbs masts, throwing a strong and melancholy light over the to* Captain 1-citcb rescued the oi ig just at midnight. Scanclya parec: of baggage was saved; the trunks, and even money of the cabin passengers being leit below during the oonfusion and the alarm which called them oo drck in the morning, after which oommuaicatlon was eu off by the water and the Lamer Mr. Wbittell speaks in the highest terms, as do all the Cvscrgers. of the energy and kladi.eaa of Oapt. John I'lieeo, of the brig Minnie Soh.uer. Bo was from Mah ga for Boston, with a cargo of fruit. THE TKEASCKB ON BOARD TUB SHIP. The Connaugfct bad ?10 OtO In gold on board, govern ir.ent money, taken at St. Johns which was lost with lbs ship. rAa*KN<iBK9 BN BOfTB FOR NEW TORE. Tbrte hundred of the paasergers went to N'eiv York to n'ghlby the Fall Rivar routs, the remainder are taken care of here by their frien la. NAME8 Of TBI CABIN rA-8IM,ER?. The follow ing are the names of the cabin passengers by the steamer Connaugbt W. Hurry and,2 daughters, Mrs C Hughes, John Percy. c ake, J. Ffaroeton and lady, P M.lla, T. Brenuan. lady and son; T. McCandlah, Rev P Ring, J. Farrull, lacy ti daughter; Rev. N Oal'sgbcr, Mrs W. Johnson, E' fb C McKay, A. 1 Harding, W. H Butler, p. Mahoo, B A. B..nt.ngu>n, Jnu Kaymoud, Jae. O'Xeil, A Oev.ue, Rev. D. Kelly,. W Byrne, Miss Rose Lxilan, P. far red, L'.so W i.raham, J. Far raff, Mrs. ? ^lepbenson, P. A. *initb, Mi?s M. i.iabani, Rev. Father Mitchell, H. Whlitel, Mary Murphy, Mies R. Ktrral, Rev W. Sutler, Rev. J. Brady, J. C. lewis, P Hot.rub, r.izabetb Lyons, R. Walsh, Margaret Kane, And 423 In the steerage. CABIN rAfWENQEKB Fa ON ST. JOHNS, Mrs. E. J. Tobln and son, Captain Meagher, Wi. H Newman, Mr. Foster, Win. Donnelly, M. P Da I too, Miaa Donnelly, Mr. Emerson, John Fox, Mr. Martin. T11E SECOKD CUES rA8AEKUEI19. Tfce following we Um aecood daaa paaaaogori by tk? Concauffct? Mr tYomllah, Mr. ImoMj, Mr Lapnto. Mr. QaUaalter, Br .ljtti Lapp la. Mr. Ftoian, Mr Brady, Mr. flaanaoa, Mr. Mormon, Mr. Oarm; *MTi. Morriaoa, Mr. F>?r, Mr. Tlarnan, Mr. Malady, Mr. Maam, Mr. Da i Mia, Mr. wair. ?r. Sartoo, frgr Mr. Burba, Mr. Xrt;, CUary'a dwo paraoaa'. Hi' Mr. Brffrraoa, Mtrara MulaJy, Mr Mo orrms. MrHilaa, Mr. IiaiU, Mr. ftiiaa Mr. bart'D. Mr. r'nT*"* k:?3r- *:BT Mr lai. Mr rnaafcan Mr. lw-?r.a, Mr. Makwly, fir Br-aa. Mr. RaUoraa, Mr u ..uq two raraoaa'. Mr .*?% Mr. lamaae, Vr. Moray. Mr. logan, *r k?a Mr MM,' Mr ii .aa. Mr rkbaiMr. Mr I rally. Into ' laharty, Mr. Maacaa. Mr ? ufe. M Murrky. a,. W-K'b. m Morgan, Mr. MaoauMy, Mr. KniaHIa, Mr. Kb til. Mr Ma< ilay, t,?r?r a wo prraoaa Mr Bran. Mr. ('affray, OpniHfaa Sra reraoaa). Mr Hoyia, Mr 'Vr-tn aa, Hr tianrraa. Mr Hyatt, Anr Downay, H-tiay a <8t? paraoaa), Mr D->n<jbte, Mr (iawnay, Mr. Parley ? .aa Hv? , craoaai. Mr :a#aolly, Mr r aberty, Juice MctHiwaa. Hyana two paraooa), Mr. Mn'arofcy, Mr Mirphy, Mr (t:aark>a Mr M-Huoo'iyb, Mr K.-Doooboa Mr HayanMa, Malty 'tbrae parauaa). Mr itUaaara. Mr. <*a?(au. Ma. TparUJ. Mr t'untorta*. Kartj a fo'iraeraoaat, Mr. inoni. Vr I'nmpbett Har.!e\ librae parent"), Mr Darin Mir pa !r rnwoa four paraaaal, Mr L> oen v.a tooiaaa Iwoperaoaas Mr kkakatr, Br wua (our paraoaw. rtoo,! wo paraoaa), Mr Harrry, Mr. I adey. Mr untatl, Mr t'orarantsoa, Mr kerear, Dent!..a t.wo peraoaai. \fr Connolly, Mr. < ronel-i, Mr ?ktal. Mr. OHffn. .Mr t .att?t a wo paraoaa . V r 'taker, Mr. ttlia, Mr. U'ulao, Mr. Nebla. Mr r<Mey, Mr R tkerry. Mr. RMmat Joyce ..braa paraoa?<, Mr kurao, Mr. A? wo. Hr. Kuty, Mr Oam'aa. Mr. ik'.ar. Cnuaar ttkraa r*ranaa' Mr. ?1-ti at, Mr. Bktr.ey. Mr. Inwry, Mr <jorm?? a. Mr lonte. Mr. DMhr, ? aid okira paraoaa'. Mr Sooner. Mr. Manakao. Mr Makaaor, Mr. lytaL. Mr Mafeanoy, Mr kyar. Mr Itary Mr. Hadkork, Swaeay raraoaa , Mr. Krak'. Mr. Gealeo". Mr. Maiab. Mr <Wy. Mr Eaai.), Mr foray. Mr. tiikka. Mr. tffaah, M Kod.iy. Mr. wait, l ,o.a r?r?9B?>, Mr (i..-w r|ham. Mr airarty, Mr. '"Mir -tattoo. Mr Ljno, Mf <lrac*n, Mr M ra", Mr Mo can Mr ti Parrall. Mr r"oaoo|ly, Mr. ?weaay. Mr raaoaM. iier j I' IT a, Mr. Welta Mr. Hartia. Mr MrOratk. Br. 'Mailer, Mr 'Mat at, Mr I iu t ?a tkraa ycrar>ua), M tn.hy .!?Q paraoaa , Mr 'Vwlw. Mr. " PHI, Mr. L. r? Mr Moorry. Mr Wa. Iroa, " rii taorrraooa'. Mr Mm* Mr *a!k?r Mr. b c <k a, Mr ' |na. Mr m-P'ooj., Mr Curtio, M> Rr t.i, Mr t?a.;tk, "r K i*? ii , Mr Ma<t4 ran Mr. Bomp, Rr., Mr. M *m*r, Mr Wfcn# Mr l?aaaa, M?'.?t '*? irrraa , Mr ffa!rb. ttr. Mat. i ty. M .rpky kraa para- a# . *? Vrt aa. Mr Waii^t, Mr. raar Mr. oslfy, Mr nttmm. ?fr. M raw. Sr. M?aa. Mr. ? r?a, PaHta 'Mprawaj, Mr >'*??. Mr K? ty, tr. forn-y, Car ' owe r ??wwa\ i tera neprikM (i (,i la ?ra nai. Mr. Oalltwo, Mr Jnaaa. ' ,4ea .Jaraay. ColaiaB owl p?r*?a , Mr M ..rary. Mr <'<w>ao Mr. Hoy w, Mr Kaliy. Lrai . Toktn ilair part I to .'y. MrOMMiy. 4 f rr aa. fl.aa. Qkrt !U.aay. Mr lilbaraay, 9m a. Daaacam 'la op?raoaal, Mr Kf'aairy t 8r. M rrath. Mr Malfcawa, r 'l?a?ar, ? Mr l iar. Mf Haral*. Mr. lob r Mr. HroaMaa. a;. h&xr fKKF Mr Mi ?, "r, ?>?*", Mr. ? !pna?r, Bal raa dkraa par Mr ' Mr JMat, Mr. <? 'onaor, Mr M-Prrffr-t, Mr M ,r> by. Mr uaafar. Mr. Ka ?/, Mr. SaaSt, Mr '?pltl, Mr. lAraait. Mr C i'.tjla. Mr Hadriy, til in a r art tat. ijr. |!-,o, r fara y Mr <'ane >r. Mr. ' M- Ra"** Mr ?, ira, Mr fiorrwa. Mr M ran ;? ? ? '7 rc.imtMiMCl icii *it? it? iv?Kicfr4r|t Hart a. Mr O'lona, 'ki'iraa, Mr ..anoaoy, 'J* tunc line, na wrecked off Cape Pine, Newfound ' iM, to June, 18$#, the fete of ine vessel end her [aseen ten, crew end meile on that ooeenton ?n precisely stmi Inr to thoee of the Coansught. Like here, they were nil reecued, end Uken t> St Jobne, N If , by low b tu. rue manner of the destruction of the i?ro ships, uovever, wee widely dtflorent, ee the Argo ran en bore to e fbg emoug the rocke of Newfoundland, baring been rtrlftrd out of her proper eouree by e strong current which she enoountered. It ie elto remarkable that the Argo was an Iron ehip, and, like the Concanght, built In ten com wtrt naeeta. City Intelllgcmr. Tux Dxaiu or 0. lleunxan ?The Clenriog House Assoc at ion of Una city convened yesterday to lake ac tios In regard to the decease of Caleb 0 lialstead, Ki<l , late President of the 'it? haltan 3*nk. Mr. ft> > us* Tika ton, Preaident of the Pbemx Bauk, mude a few remarks, in which be expressed the condolence or the association with the relatives and friends of tbe deceased, sod gave a short history of Mr. Hslslead't counecti-m with com mercial altairs during tbo pant twenty lire years Messrs. liallalln. Munnetl and Co.- were appointed a . -om unt tee to drelt resolution*, and dunog tuelr absence lor that par poee Mr. John Pari Williams, President of the Metropoli tan Bank made a brief adorns* apprnpr ato to tbo oooa sasion. Tbe committee re|ioried tbo following reeolu t ocs, which were adopted:? Resolved, That by ike dsalb of Caleb O. Halstead, Kaq., late President rt the Maibvtbui Company, we gavw lost a respect ed anwhighljr esteemed friend a d associate, win h?s loog been kiuwn ami honored by na for his excelleuee of character and storing Interrit\ sss merrhaut an-t a bank < Ulcer, and this nasoc'al on h ,? been deprived of an sUi-tisui and valuable member, who (except for tun past year) him been a prominent member of a tnsinnUw of the f ssoclat'on since the oeganl/a U, n oi ine Cleai -sg House. and was at our last meeting. held Mil <ne week llree, elected chairman of the association for the enailing year. Resolved, That while we mourn -he loss of otir chairman, we dealre to express our hearifel; sympathy with his bereaved lsinily and relatives ui this their severe antlciioc. Reiolved That the members of tb?* aaaotistion wll' nil e In paying ihe last t'ioiite of respm-t v> the memory of :l .-lr late chairman by alUnclws is Inner,. . Resolved, That s copy of ihese read itlons be sent to the family of the deceased, signed by the oh sir man and secreui y of this meeting Tbe meet og then ajeurned. Tbk Liwury foh Won** ?it bat been askcl r > coated ly, sines the opening of Ibis library, wtfiber gentlemen sre entirely eieluded. Tbe rules forbid that gentlemen should lounge In the rooms or read there; but any gtn tleman accompanying a lady or ladles, or anyone up plylog for Information In regard to the library, will be admitted at once and courteously received. Tbo institu tion is visited daily by numbers of ladies accompanied by geot'emen, and subscription* arc rapidly taken. The entrance to the library is through tbe ma-n door of tbe University, directly opposite Washington Parade Ground. JTiKk is Wist Tnutiy Seiu.vd stkkm.? Butween one and two o'clock Tuesday morning a tire broke out to a frauie stable a: No. 336 West Thirty second street, owned and occupied by John Manning Two bvrves belonging to Mr. Manning wore In tbo stable, one was got out badly burned. IbS other WM burned to death. Loss esti(hated at about $200 No insureroe. It Is supposed to have been an incendiary hi a. Flag in fssax atk*ki ?Yesterday morning between ten and eleven o'clock a tire broke out in a carpenter shop la the rear of Steal street, occupied by Henry Kicbler. The liames extended Vv the rear part of a frame dwelling on the same lot, and also oot-aUterably damaged the aide of a frame dwelling 00 tbe adjoining lot, No. 167 Tbe curpeoter shop was entirrly destroyed. Loss about $600. No insurance Jaime DeKempel, tbo occupant of the dweldrg NO it.' sustained about $100 damage to his fur niture No insurance. Win. Museii, occupant of No. 167, sua WsMStSI CM imago by water. Insured lor $200 The building No 106 is ownsd by Valentine IVnner Damage about I3C0. lnaurrd in tbo Stuyvaaant Insurance Cum pun Tbe building No 167 ji owned by Jacob Veltcr. lemsge about $100 Insured fbr $800 in Pacific Insurance Company Tbe trort building of No. 167 la occupied on the 6rst floor by Martin Dexbelmer ss a bakery. rtto< * and basrmeot ilamagid about $60. Insured fur $2,000, in ibe German la Insurance Company. Tbe Dre originated from a lire in tbe sieve used for boating gloe. Coroners' Inqacsts. riTAi Rsftit of A Ftabrijig Affkat ? Inronaatton mas received st the roron?r'?i'IT!:? yesterday to the eilbct test Michael Haley, the n an who was stabbed hy some un known nan at the minor of Walker and Centre atreou on Sunday moruiug bad died at the New York Hospital from the effect of hi* Icjurna Oorooer O'Keefe, on Inves tigating the matter, found that decease! had been In the grocery itore, corner of Fprlng and Mott etreete, a few moments before be a as (tabbed, and that he bad a quar rel there relative to the payment of some drinks, Hs eeatrd was ejected from the grocery (tore, and on reach lng tbewidewa'k he was attacked by a number o* persons, one of whom stabbed him. The examination of the wlt O'Fsee was SMtpMBi until ten o'clock tbis morning, when it t* hoped some clue may be afforded to the perpetrator of the murder. TUiuwiiu Aichtst ?Charles Miller, a young man about eigbteea yeara of age, residing at No. 06 I-allow street, wae run over at the corner of Pprlag street and the Bowery on Mod day, by on# of the Fourth Avenue Railroad cars, and so severely Injured that he d .ed yuster day at the New York Hospital In oonaequenoe. Coroner OK eefe waa notified to bold nn Inquest, but Id oooee ouence of the ncn attendance of the wltaeseee be wse obliged to postpone the case until to-day. JMeteorolofrlawl Register. The anneied table ebovra Re temperature of lbs at moephere In Ibis city during the week ending October 6. the range of the barometer and thermometer, the vnrte ttoo of wind ourreols, and the state of the waathnr at three periods daring each day, Tie at $ A. M., and I and ? e cloak T. *. j? . W.lRtliUlN. w rif ,0.01 ?1 - Saturday-^^nr and oool nil day, 9 P. M , cloudy Sunday?HWdy all day. 9 P. M , bright mooal'gbt. Monday, Oct. 1?Kilning more or fee* all day. Tuesday ? Morning c. rroaat an-' tcltry . S,'< P M, rain (quail. Wednesday?Clear and sultry, 9 P. M., clear moon light. nmrsdat?tfernlng clear S r M overtaat; light rata the evvn'aa. Ft'day?Minting overcast; 3 P., overran;, 9 P . clear. Haturiiay?Clear and blowing freeb Priafci of s Alanine. he p*i 4rr( mow a M'Matic asyli**, makkiu a RICH WIDOW, AND Bt'T* A BLOCK OF 111 I I.DIVJO. About a yaar sir oe. Fata the Ct-v n drufer, a gentlemen in lite interior of WIseaaelB became 'teens, so l was sent to tbe Lnnel'c Asyl us at ttedaos, is that "late Be w?a a pbvstclea by prniemi'-n. sod wae a g'ct omaa of super.or ceil.ration and of remarkably pre pr(a> appvarance lie waa abosl thirty years old. Prm< tlx necks ago he escaped f-om tbe asylum, and went to Obleogn. There be normitere.1 an old friend, who bet <d bim qell- a sum of mnnev, hnvttg bo euepw-ioa of b.? lutanlty. W tb thil money be e-ippfied bimeelf with sew and elegant rlr thing, and ntertcd for laportc. Icuia in. t tbrlflv Tillage on the line of tee Michigan Southern I s. road He remaned there l<nf en< ugh to win tbe nff-mi me of e young and wealthy widow acd was mar r ed to her r urin* the brier wnrtahtp be aghlbl 4 ne Indiraiioae e." Innaey, bet shori'y eft'r hi marr'age be e mm**now' conduct .D( himself in e maimer which star toil-: ?td his wife and her friends Among otber mal fane na be beleved hi was % alietp, and Insisted ipen reaw of orirind up ? hi bands and fVet, bleating la tbe most a'jeard manner fie would then fancy hlaso'.f a ralth tuake, and makr .rasllc attempts to b.te tbe inemhetF o> l. i h'us*hid1. Tbe oal.appy iady .1 at lengte worn out wiiti wat< hlof hire and endeavor ngto real to b A rear o, ma o pre,mrni ma to (end b1 n to tha a*) lam at indiauApol.s. Bo:, as '.a freq aally lha asm, -sanity had rgarpened ale nils, and be edroit It eartped. We r. ?l bear of h m i> 0y-arose, N Y, where heaetanlly purchaeeda buick of ou Hinge Tbe i rcretary papers were made nut nod be was to call tbe next day w'.tb 'be money He waa w> pay aa outrage-era mm for tee property, sad it Is said tea parties witb whom be ma do tbe bireats rbw - !?>! vastly oter tse pro p-tloua winds that bad Mown teem so | -obtab'.e sod freeb | a sub t. But tbey c, w i a ro uf him. Tbe lanstio si .rt-d w< eard. At BuiUlo ho b<rgalee>l for aa :? monse amcuat of corn, tu he delivered o New Yurk dly, end tbea proeeedad to OSTtlaad. Ha err red bore last week aad endeavored to negotiate for ?? me real mute on K1' loan atrect, but bo talked So a aurdl> ioat tee par ties with wb >m be bad .atervlawa refaaad te treat w id bur Mmnwbife h* frietda, and particularly ha wife In W'eoons a (fbr be bae a mfs and two ok* Id ran .a tent ?wto). were making every efi-.rt P aaceri* n b ? where aftouis. Tb y '.raced h.m to flyra, una, and ft>m tear* te te e e.ty. Il l brother arrived Here nn Halurday anoro'Sg lest bat fosnd that tec locatlc had left -a ibe prev oca ever1 ng ? train Hot tha West. He followed on Saturday mars ng. At Toledo be learned .bat be bad gone West m !!? Id fan Jtl.'-rn l-? n .. I he p-rr. t - eg y jr' aae<l the rhaae At A true be found sad captured blaa acd Px>k bim borne. vfb'-n sot In hie rah id file few Wi-uld dhnovev tbe an fortneate man'I true oand.lPm. He would make very ab surd propceitlnpe, end oP?r oxorb last sums of money Tor nr-iperty that hit hie faery, kvl be w?eld W. so in to aa dld an l onptfva'.'Dg a manner ae to, Is most oases, U narm suspls on. Bnevno IVuap or Tsans ?At Iba r*g .!ar mwilng of tbe ft ard of Truss of Bnaton. on the fiib 'net , the commit tee eepo.atcd to consider tbe .arhtus nbferts preeeeted by Mr L'ndaay, at a former meetlig, res la a report wt.ob was read, ordered to lie spun Ibe table ar.d to be pr.oted. Tbe onmn.iltea rotseids w th the views of Mr. i adaay upon many anh.onte, but opoi lbono m ei m for last-tbe reg ewatou of Ibttieh butt vs >e!e. a-l tbe sat rig trade?tbe rorrm'tleo are #a ??flrd lha' the ga neral interest* y tee country, and eej^ciaily lbs nte rtata ef enmmerce, are denViedly opr< - ad to a obaege .a our law* with raapsct to sit. er. an l iherel "o deem ? d'jcsstian at tela moment ucw-ae. la all tbe msiten wk cb 'bey have nought oa form ty in Imb pr vil' w or n p"sa ly, d?e'ral''A, u y ree gn 4e0d a we Rsrlhi ts iBt WfiBlisHl ft lbs uS.fd BUteR THE! LECTIONS YESTERDAY. i HE CONTEST IN PENNSYLVANIA. Great Excitement in Town to Hear the News. Crowds Around the News paper Offices. SUCCESS OF THE REPUBLICANS, The < xcivmrnt to town last night to bear the newn from Pennsylvania tu prodigious. Tbe oewspaiwr cthcoe were thronged with people. Tbe retorna came la eery ?!owty. Wc account Tor tbe mn tgrer esa of the returna from Pennsylvania irom tbe fact that tbe polla do not close tatll between eight an t nine o'clock 1'. M. on the day of election. In ihe exciting Preaidenttal campaign of I860, wbtu the r-suit of ihufvtobcr State election In Penney Iva nla waa looked upon as tlio forerunner of tbe general re auit in the following November elect.on, which resulted in tbe choice of Mr. Buchanan, and wbco party enUtu ataem and excitement ran nearly as Ingb as In tlie pre sent campaign, we received only partial returna from ftlteen towns In the interior of the State, and from only live wards In tbe city of Philadelphia. We do much better this year, but not well enough for tbta telegraphic age THE RETURNS FROM PENNSYLVANIA. | ,? l MO ?, Dent. Rep. r- 1850.?, ! Tbitw*. Cbtinfte*. Muter. Curtin. Ven. Rrp. Oakland Kuaquetunnah.. ? 64 ? 0 husquebannub 14 ?? ? 68 ? 14 Creal Bend 44 .. ? 70 ? 82 Montrnee 44 .. ? 168 ? 08 Houcadale Wayne ? 78 ? 66 ilttaton Lujerne 20 ? 88 ? illrcudaboro Monroe ? 16 ? 27 Seven towns 20 483 88 282 20 88 Republican majority 413 184 Republican gain in three towns ... 228 ADDITIONAL 8JCTTRN0. ,? 1860?. Dewt. Hep. ,? 1856 ?r Thumx CiMtiiiet. fUtrr. Curtin. D<m Hep. New Milford Suaquebannah.. ? 311 ? ? lADMborc 4' ? 66 ? ? Retblembnro 44 .. 43 ? ? ? Krtcmauaburg .... 44 ..88 ? ? ? Plymouth Luxe rue ? 73 ? ? Meet PilUton 44 ? 04 ? ? Pittaboro ,4 ? 4d ? ? KiDgttooboro ,4 ? 46 ? ? St., hale Lancaster 64 ? ? ? Weatfall 44 00 ? ? ? Tyrone.. Blair ? 28 ? ? 8nyder 44 ? 21 ? ? Bnlbborougb Northampton . 10 ? ? ? Freemanaburg 44 ... 8 ? ? ? M LI tUa Hanover.... 44 ... 48 ? ? ? HarrlaburgCily... 180 ? ? ? II .ntltgton Oounty ? 700 ? ? York B>>roo|li York 100 ? ?? ? 1 mncan ton borough Perry ? 116 ? ? IkiyIt-stown Bucks 23 ? ? ? Iii.rham 44 13 ? ? ? .loboatown.. . m .Cambria ? 112 ? ? Blair county?Tyrone borough and SuyJer town give Curtin 148 majority. Ti e democratic gain, compared with last year's vole, for Auditor, Is said to be 280 Nasaretb borough, Northampton oounty, gives Curtin ? majority, n democratic gain of 11 Bath boaough, Foster, 10 aaajmtty: democratic lea*. 6. FVeomacrburg, Foster, 8 majority; democratic ga'n, 8 Little Hanover, Foster, 48 majority; democratic gain, 4. Doyketown, Bucks county, gives Foster 23 majority; democratic loan, 6. Durham township, Foster, 13, demo ciatle loee, 14. Northampton oounty gives Fotler 43 majority; demo ' ?11 I low 1 " Union county will give Curtin 800 majority? a demo crallc loes of 2C0. Bedford borough and township gives Foster 127?a large democratic gain. 1 an caster city?Tbe democratic gain la 900 In four other townships the democratic loan la 311. Johnstown (CAmbrla county) given Curtin 112 major! ;y Wilkes bar re?North ward?Curtin 28 majority. fluuth ward?Curtin 26 majority. Soutbweat ward?Foster 10 majority. Harrtsburg City? Foster 160 majority. Tbe county will give 1 000 to 1,900 majority fbr Curtin Huntingdon?Curtin 780 majority?s democratic loss of 220. Musquebenna County?Five towns give Curt'n 440 ma Jorlty. Republican major ty In oounty last year 710 York Oounty?York borougb, Foelcr 100 majority?a democrat!: gala of 400. Alegbrney oounty?Thirty right districts, Isdodlag the entire cities of Pittsburg sad Allegben< y, and all the ad j ilntng boroughs, give Gbrtta n majority of 4 000? a re ptblicaa gala over last year's . ote for Auditor General nf 2,710. Tboreare twenty sine districts yst tn be beard (torn in the county. Tfempsoeborn?Curt'.a 32 majority. Jackanaborn?Oartla 07 majority.) Wyoaatag oouaty?Wyamlng, 82 majority for yoatsr Luaerns or aty?Covington, 90 majority for Can la. Colsnsl iteration. fbr Congrvas, in I ux< rue county, bat 1 660 majority. He runt ahead of his ticket. Abiagion townabli?Curtla 197 majority. laiuinatrniA, Oct. 8,1800 Tbe Mlowing are reported democrat'? losses?Alia ghany county, 3.488 Miff' s county, JS4 LAncaster oo> n ty, 381 trie oounty, 1.084 Chanter county, In twenty didrieta, 571 Bucks county. In tea townships, 02 Tbe followiof are reported dcnorrutle ga'na ?Cambr'a Otonly, 826 Hair oouaty. 261, T<Wk county, 1,080. Pi.unrnni, Oct 9?11 P. M The following are reported majorities ?Twenty die tr eta In (heater county indicate a majority for Curtain of 1 200 is Blair oounty of 900 in AHagbeney oounty of S 800. In Mifllia ssuaty of 927; la Lancaster oounty of 4,400. and In Erie county of 9 300 York oouaty, It la reported, fires 1.300 m?j rtiy for rosier, and Chmbrla roaaty #00 n>i)ortty. PmiAnai nai, oat. 8?11 38 P M The mejertty for Foeter la Ibis city win range rrom 3.(16 to 4 0O8 fehmaa, Iwegiaa, Is elected la the First Coegrnaslonnl district, Nelly, republican, la tbe Fourth <1 strict Vsrree, , republxaa. Is proimhly elm-led la the Third district. Bucks county?Four diatr.cta stow u democrat c .<m of 100 Tbe following art reported maturities ? Northampton reusty?Fester, 1,800 majority. Otrbon cor lit)?Foster 400 majority. M'*roe roust;?Foster 1 jno majority. \t t ?b cosnly?Fouler HO majority. Bradford oouaty?Two towns give Curtis 02 maj' r ty. rworniTAi. rxttrnu. Tit sol joined table glvea the aggregate returns, re ceived by leading republican* Is lb r elty, up to q tarter befit* twsivs last sight ? (VwnVA Myri'Mt for Curffit, Rep. A ieat sy 0.608 2.300 litr.i aeter 6.000 Srtmyulll . 800 Frank in 8"0 Bialr 7t0 nunlingdoa 700 Total 10,030 THE LATEST. PML6MMU, OA. 10?1 30 A M. TUP rOW I* PDII.ADCLIBIA. Warili ffmfr, dim Oirtifl. r<r. 1 2 m 3 3.311 I 1,641 4 1.74* ? 1,070 ? 1.631 0 1 633 ? 1 483 1 0 1,4*4 1 1 1A30 13 (MaafOBM) 1173 1 3 1.774 1 4 1.1M 1.717 17 1.030 1 5 1,383 10 3.41* ? 2.363 32 1.380 1 8 JO TcUl 14 8% 33.146 ?MOO FiMMl majority 3.740 Th? ??,?ritb, 1 :fU*rtb ul 7w?nty Brtl *Aritf or* y% 4c b* t"nri h m, ?*t< i?l waH1 tn o i motnw*. |ii 66 T4' f' ?>?'? w?M |mi itamort*' <? go r ot?r '.be fey. ? ICk t Ifcf ?4 r B* cf 64 The Fifth ward gives a democratic gam of 361. The Si jib ward gives a democr ?u gaiu of >19. The Ninth ward give* a demotralic gain of 104. TUo Tenth ward gives a democratic gam of 910. The democratic gam in the liieveslb ward ia 89 The Thirteenth ward give* a demooratie gam ?T T83 The demoe.aiu gain in the fourteenth ward ie 423. The S, vtccnlh ward gives a democratic k>ae of 110 The political c'udb of all parties are parading the itreeu with ! gblud torchca and bauds of musks, all obseriug lue 1he republicans are cheer tug over ll,e SUOOSSS of Oort'n in the State; the Bell-Evcrctt men over I outer's 'ucreas el vote in the city; the democrats over the success of their county ticket, and the Hmgiat men over the dec tion of I/Ohm an to Congress ru the First district. 1'Bli AUKl 10ILA, Oct. 10?2 A M. Additional returns from Alleghany county alio v that Curtaln'r majority will range from 0,600 to 1,000. Bucks county gives C'urlin 300 majority. Monroe county gives Foster 1,300 majority. Noi thamptoc county gives foster 1,000 majority. I.ycoming county?Curtiu's majority estimated at 160, which will moke the demosralio lose 609. Luzerne oounty?Sixtcol townships, Curlin 100 ma jority; democratic loss 906 Berks oounty?A part of Reading aud a few towns g'v< a democratic gain of 304. All the parties in the city are alivs with enthusiasm and excitement. PuT.Anm.rnu, Oct. 10?J 30 A M Returns arc received from all but eight wards ru the city. The democratic majority is estimated at 3,600 to 3.COO. Till COM). REGIONAL DISTRICTS. Lehman, democrat, is elected to Congress In the First district by 1C0 msjorlty. Morn#, republican, is elected in the Second Congress ional district. Vi rrce, republican, is elected In tbc Third Oougrrsslon al district. Kelley, republican, Is elected in the Fourth C ingress ional diatrlct. The majority for Davis, in the Fifth Congressional die trlct is estimated at 910. Hickman is elsiled to Congress by 1,4C0 majority. The following republican Congressmen arc elected ? Meesrs. Scranton, Crow and Hale. Tbc election of Longmicker, republican, fur Congress, it doubtful. Johnson, democrat, for Congress, Is probably elected in the Thirteenth district. LIUISLAT1VI DISTRICTS. . In the First district the republicans gain a member of the House, and in tbe Second district lose one. In the Third district tbe democrats re elect their can didates The Fourth district ia doubtful. The republicans ru elect tbelr candidates in the Fifth disttic. In the Fifth, Seventh and Eighth district* the republl cane re elect their candidates. In tbe Ninth district tbe republicans gain a member. Tbe Tenth district is doubtful against the republicans. In the Eleventh and Twelfth dist'icts the republicans re elect tbeir candidates, The Thirteenth district is donbtfrl In tbe Fourteenth district the republ'caes gain. The Fifteenth, Sixteenth ami Seventeenth J.oir.-.ts the republican* keep. Chester couuly?Cu'tm 1 060 majority? a demowuie lots ol 028 Scattering roluri s from a few towns in Burks county show democratic gaina of about 000. Montgomery count)?lister 1,660 majority?s *'??mo crattc gain of 1,1C0. liiiiADKivniA, Oct. 10?330 A. M. fader returns show that the People's Philadelphia coun ty ticket is elected, tbe Bull Everett men having run a se parate ticket. Further returns fiom Berks oounty give Foster amt jorltyof 4,fOO?a <lemo:ratlc |sln o." 4,807. The demo cretic county ticket Is elected by e email majority. Tbe republicans are now ia great glee about the result of the Mala election. THE VERY LATEST. PiTiLATTSLrtiiA, Out. 10?3 A. M Curtin's majority will range from 10,000 to 16 000 His e'ection la conceded. THE OHIO ELECTION. Cl*t kljind, Oct. 0, 1M0. Cleveland City and Cnyaboga coun'.y give* a repabllcan gala of 1,300 over I ait year. .-'ummit county?twelve towns?ahow a republican gain of 430. l.orame ooanty (bows a republican gain of 300. Columbua city shows a repabllcan gain or 360 Scattering retarna from towi.a In tbe northern part of the State show republican gain*, and innisale the lucccea' of tBe repabllcan State ticket. 6 8. Chi (Dcm ), la re elected to Congreo* In tbe Twelfth dletrlet, by abont W0 majority. Uetlanoe const/, three toenihlpe, giro 42 majority for Stead man (dene.), far CCegreie a repabllcan gan of 42. Sand oaky county?In eight townships Smith a ma jority la 401. Noble's majority la 430. The whole demo emtio t. ok el is elected. Huron eoonty?In eight townships Briockerhfl gains ?17 over Iiennlson. 7 be election of Pendleton fdem ), to Congress, from tbe Frst district is certain. Marietta City and townablp (Waah.ngtoa sanaty ), com piste, give Brlackerbofl 671, Smith 511?a democratic gain of 112. For Congress, Cut: t (rep j, 6fri Jewell (d> ra ), 434?a democratic gala of 12. Reporta from additional give a democratic gala of 77, Four lownabipc in Wllmiagtoa coaaty give a republi can majority < f 200, a gala of 32 over last year. Ctrcleville c.ty and townablp glva Coi. democrat, for Coagrcaa, a majority of 111?a large gaia. B ler county?seven townshlpe and lb res wards la Hani lion county give 307 majority fur Valiant igham?a gaia of 63. Muah.agua) ooaaty?Fanecvllle, an lar ae beard Irom, given Jew tt, democrat, for Cougreaa, 300 majority?a de mocratic gain. Ore 10-4 A M Further returns Indicate tbe riectlea o.' the rSpubboao State ticket by Increaeed majorltlea. BrlakerfcoR aad Bbermaa have 2S4 majority, a gala on rwanlelon't vole of 00. I-oralne oooaly, thirteen towa ?hipa, Brlakerbeff 1,400 majority, a gain over PenulaWL of 100. Scattering returns from Huron aad Summit count tea show a republican gam over the laat gubernatorial vote. Galloway, rep., for Co agrees, bea ? major ty, ipi over last year of 344. THE INDIANA ELECTION. Isoi uArotia, Oct. 0,1IC4. Tbe elect on returns are very meagre The ttckit being keg. It will probtbly he morning before we get arylblng detinue The Indications arc thai the whole republican State ticket la eleeted. The vote la tbia cttf la about 700 larger then et u.y prevk us e lection with a large republican gain. St Joseph ooaaty gives a republican ma; <r1ly of TOO. a ga o over the vote of 1166 of 3M. Richmond C ty, re publican majority of 666. Wayne cwuaty la reported 2 060 repuhlisaa gala over tb? vet J of 13/.3 of 664. Porter (rep ), for Coagreea, la tba iixUi district, le elects l by from 604 to TOO majority. Wabeah town and towaabtp? Laoe'e (rep.) for Cover | nor, majority la 414?a gaia of 14* 4 v townat pa la Wayne county glva I toe (rep ), 670 majority. which la a republican gala of 402. Marios uaty (la. mpletej, gives 3U0 republican ma jority. Lvroemi, Uct. 4?Midaigbl. Lanes ma<rty will exceed 1 000 In thttco nty, and ' Od? lot, for Ooagreee, will bare about 1 100 maj ority. large re| .bbcaa gala over the rota of 1164. Nobis c<u nty gives lane 260 majority, f ikhart, 70 majority for the republican ticket; St. Jo seph, 760 majority lor the republican candidate for do torn or. Allen coaaty, four towns give a republican ga o oa 1166 cf 100 Hoomlagtoc. Monroe ooaaty, glvea Leas M majority. la Fort Way** City tba repabllcan gala is 344 Tba rvpebllenan claim tba coaaty. FIX)RIDA STATE ELECTION. Savaraaw. Oct. 4. IM0 The Brtchlarldia candidate* Iter Governor sad De er"-em an are elected by about ! too majority.- Ifi too's (Rrrckiaridge democrat) majority fbr Cbagreer ia six teen ? untie* la 1 116. THE NEIlRtSK t ELECTION., N. T., Oct. 4,1*6 Tbe election lor delevate 1? Oaogrvev Is prugrwaatn quietly. .1 be Mayor of the any Issued ? prolan at n cfrM.nv tbe 4r en rg WofS, Sr I order rvrrallci. Tba weath" a '' e, ao<t the v ie - f tbe Territory w I *e ire The Hole l?f*|v?r of th. Battle of Uitaker Hill [Fr< ra the B<?i. a Ih.klI | 1IAI.F AN BOPK WITH UK. IaHnUam. WL'l fOll.LT IM HIE BATTLE OF bl NatU i l L HOW EL LOOK*1. V HAT UL - AYS, AND UuW II; a,. IT. YVo.lnoiK.oU m our ex- . K up, arr.ial in Ik ston leeterday oftcinoiu h' > , ur H*lph W. Farnban . who long1.1 ui 1 tie i*mo ,? nail ? .,i Bunker. Hu com*i I.UW, .. the extra i.. 1 La*y a..d o ,us ~>i.oil no ol I io hundred and Bve >uar* l..,ri.. ve tin b iuore and kiMfmas,'-be ccryru u'atH na fcinl uontri lutioas oC our j topic; Aiiil el o, win.: ? "I mere Uilofset, ana wnau will ai< ve tbtf noble b<Att l" ? mi Hi" . m r ed aliI patri olw iteeeeof oihev days hlitumga en loo enuerabla tu kd ol this ( ? in*u Beii. ' t i n on I e white ha re and I urn.?td cbvi k?. ?.ii) hie pilRt umje to the hatiki fii'tna wh?rc be once fou,iii the gn.'t light for bin < ? m n> ? r.ghta and UbcilHI, be out that shall brigbles, In $tbm t-td make.iojci.a b1kirmai8icg d?y?. I in goo lly ana Inspiring "i lit lo r* k upon one who tub lived m another cetl'.r) baa (itu throe entire gene rt.u< mo tut' aid go uCT the t lege of e, and Wilbur toe span of wtiire c*rt?r ibe world OkH teen rcme of .la gi unreel and moel Significant even If. A whole century I In have lived bo loog le woodi rful in ilteif; bet uow, *1 the ? tlm rdiuH > tge ol lift, to bo *o comparatively halo ki d heart? in,a wonderful indict. Few nierooera uf Ibe human Ikicilj, in moduli limes, rtaob (u.'h an alti tude of jeu ?. At a thurt and informal l'U*.ce given yesterday after n on, at the Revere House. in Mit room, whl -n .a on iho ?l. r> w it. w.e ladita per. r, Mr Faruti&io appeared iiEe an ordinary man ofaeiroij?not a year older He mil 1# a rocking rbair aima, and maintained an erect {?online an ue time, eonvtrauig with freedom an t ntel gi nre Be ?1 <.ok haui'.a cordially will. tbt-ae who wore pre ner.tid iu i. u , and evidently glaj pi ace uil *Uo came The only .irawback in Ulkiag will, limit ,:ttlo draft era but i t u ffeulty i> iitgi.t, and s almott for g'lttm a'trr 11 ? roc\nestiou i.i u lew momenta* dura ticu. Ilia t)e ia ln.i t ano a airp elaatlc. We knsw many young men in Rit'.in of twenty who u..gbt to en*y Lis light and agile tread. Mr. Fuiuhun. bae a W.-beterian l<?k. B.e forehead a broad and fu'l, his mouth la lonu what ex;*ndel, and U.a check.', l cfchy, are furrowed, as may bi Lat^ra-ly ruppotcd Ilia general appeafauoe in Ibat ot k nun. in hoalth. though he :a not without the uBir.iatikeab >? aiflr B.:tha of age. Hi copripLarce ia fxprruaive, and ilia whoir u.aii lull of iLlciek'. In looking upon or couvi re ing with him, one feel* u if m ibe prett nee of ..u extraor dlnary b? ng. ao grave and aorxi.t aod vecerablo ia bta yarr'OhNcf, aLd the ar?< i latton* wbieb are aurc to Oil iho mud. We hnio alluded t.. b.k convoraational power. Ho tu la frtcly and imelligei uj. Hii mrir.i.ry ia tenar.ioua, but mop' ao in rclat'ou t > mituts ttfty eg i than of rtei r.l date. Of the elnrirg evenw ai. i peraon iigia ihat grecedod, attended and foHown! ibot, gagemenk i n Dut.k' r BUI lie iaent.rely if not won.torfj' y faoiilAr. In Ibie rupee; he yeeterdky nurpriacd n-vera! who wars Well reud u the event rafarred in He ia fu.l of auec doiov ef HkBhir.gton, riilnam, I'rea'oit. Warren and otbor l ull .otic beroea of the lievotutioa. "illd p jl" bo de> ribiw ae "arough old lelltw. hut brace an a Hon, and afraid of i" ihlog nor nobody;" hut of vv.uiningtoa ha *ay??"There are ho euch in. n luiug In ibeee daya." lbc following tMraci from a letter de?> the vete ran'a runoutr of life,' aa It now la and bna been front h.a i oulb upward, may he read with advauiacc by laat young .vmer'.caoa ot this geoer;illou ? Ilia Labile are very regular d immer and wcter ho reihrta at aevrn V. M aod rirea at llir. 11- eate heartily, ati'i a limiiy and alrepa aoutoly, and, to all appearance, may yet liw revt-ral yeara. He Joined the obnrch eighty year a ago, and ia u very religious man. Be apenda muh 11 b!? UM la leail.r; ill h fit, who n ha . an read w ith eaa<; wltb the aid of u Pair of apei taclea whicb belonged to h.a mother and are ItiO yeara old' In tact he .a In poa fw-Meior of all hie fa.ultita. Rare Ibat he ia alblcled w tb a ri'gbt I'tain' a*. but not aueb aa to render oonveraatioa with htm an arduoue taak. In hi* letur arcoplirg the invitation to vigil Boalon ha ataUa that he waa 18 years of age wben be ealiated ia the Ann i at. an. y and addb ? ltfiima -;irange ibat out if all who were at Bunker Bill 1 alone ahouid be living It appcare to me, though so long ago, as If it waa bat yeet-rday. I can remember the paitii' ilara of the march after I collated?bow tba people chte. ed, and wluw near Au Jover Col Abbot oauaa ool aid raid, ''Well done, my lade," aod eect out eider aad prog lagalla. We gal to CfeakkaMge the day before thehilth' war a terrible ailair tome, for it waa the Oral time I ever engaged to lighting. I aerved with Ibu army Ihri.ugb three cainpalgna, aud was prceetil no guard when Burgoyne anriondered. 1 don't think I de aerve any apomai praiac fir tin- part I touk in IbcKevolu tion. 1 ft It and acted only like otbert. Be is accompanied by bia ion and wife, and alao a ne phew, klr Walla. The son, who '? aixty faor yeara old, biure a kinking family rca.mblanoe, ia, in fact, "achip of the o d block," beaifra being a pleasant, gonial, oour t?oo?, intelligent man Blf alfe le a quiet, reaerred, neatly drcased ladv, and la evidautly a worthy aod ettt mablc w< men. Tne old hero la attended by aflectlaoata ri lalivo and, we are quite sur?. la aurroun led by a city of liO.OUO friends, for who can be etwr Hi* age, bia eer flce, hta good life, al 1 slaini bonor, caleem, alhoiion. fast evening Mr Fern ham retired al an early hour aad rtoelvtd no vwlleri He trill receive bia fr.rnda at tbe Revere Houae to day, between ten and twelve A. II. and three and five P. M. lie accepted yesterday afternoon, from Mayor Dana, ot Ihar'.eali.wD, an nvitation to visit Buiik-r II", and to receive a mitllarv escort. The piectae day that thW will take place ia not d?lemoned, hut will be ao ih.n morning. It wfll be on .osytrieg aiiectoclc to wllneai the old veteran orcc more on lbc aoil where h" one of that noble phalanx wbo Bred at the wh'It a of .tie enemy a eyee from the etitri cnbminta, when Howe and b.a three thooaand rccct'ed before the deadly volley* of ?nme twelve bunJred raw Yankee militiamen," w tb a love about equal to that of the whole Aaterioan lore*. Such a riectacle ia to come. It I* of interest to state that Mr Farr.bam aerved throughout the Revolutionary war, and at it* eloae, id im, eackaaged hta mMwwi far a bankwwodsmaa aatt, and. throwing blmrelf into lbc Maine wilderness, built a log oahln, and cut a hrmeeua : out of Iho forest wub bw ?a*. It ta n th ? nan.' loca.ity that he now life*, aad where be w ill end bia prolonged life. ARRIVAL OP MR. RALPH TARMHAM, THE KKVOLl - TIONAKT VETERAN?H IB t EBLIM.S, APPEAR AMI, ETC. iFro* the Boston Ton, Oct. 0 ] Mr. Ralph Kara ham, of Acton. llama the only living perron who wai en (wed at the battle 01 Hunker Hill, and who la now In hie 10 jib year, arrlred in tbla city at about two o'clock yesterday altercooa, by the Huston and Maine Railroad Be waa convoyed t? bis apartments at the Harare House, on his arrival and remained quiet during tbe afternoon and evening, being via,ted only by a flew nm He was .0 excellent health at <1 spirits yeater day anemone, and remarked that be felt better than he did or tbe day before. He d.d not appear to be much fatigued, although be had been (ravelling since an tarly hour In the ?nrnlng. He arose yen rday mormtg at I ve o'clock, anil travelled eeren mile* in a carriage to take the rare at I'nlou V .lege Ha ?a? obliged to change cam twice on the way to thin city, bat he leuined all the freebnem with which ho atarted until be arrived. At etery on the whole route, at which 'Jit ehra stopped, crowds of people Biled tae depots aad pre4*0.1 into the cam. eo<ne per son* r?me eeretal milee to see tbe veteran, ami theism were freqocntly delayed some minutes by the crowds which tiled the train. A large crowd was a so at tbe depot in ibis, and bewta heartily cheered as be si> conducted irom tl.e care to hie carr'sge It has cot been general y known till w.tbln n fsw month* that there was S'ill living any per*. ,: v hs took pert id tbe early battles o! tbe Ruvalalioa. but a remark In Mr. Everett's oration delivered in tbla oily ? n the Fourth of J"!y last, riming lo the knowledge of tbo aelgbbnra of Mr. Farnbam, they de(> rmla< d to make a 'lemotetml or which abomd let t be known that ttisy stilt cherished ons oi the veterans referred to Accordingly on the Tib of July, th<- residents of Acton ana vicinity, tw-mhhd at Milton Mile, X. H., four Bi.lee from Mr. Parol.?n. ? rea.ilenre, to relebiate n.a one hundred and fourth birthday <mc I oartrr.i and four giiLS war* fired, a dtaner aae given, speeches, toasts and other desKmat/aiions took place, and everything gassed sdThi a mat sc-oemfui Diannrr The report* of lbs demusstration having bseo circulated all over the country, a great many parsons have visited Mr. fara'.am at hie rseid.?.* and many more uava adcrewe I blm letters asking for bis autograph or rvquestli g .nfo-mai a spou runt point ujain wb -b Is wae scpi use . V bav. nmne knowlt ge, mo g-atle mas .a v?ry glml to irce v? visiters, bn' those who visit htm ought lo ecu* der t.* ag> and iDflrm't en. Mr F.rnham bas bed seven rh.idrec, b it oo'y fo ir are now living?Hannah, ag'd acventy two, st II at Actoo; Joann i aged s.tty five, baa ' o employed at the Americao IP uro for several yeara. J ageda.lty Utrve, who & here wib b * fa her. and Help. . the yoongeei too, n "srmer at Fairfield, Me. Mr Farnnam reg*> ts thai the proponed lorn loetralmn at the Music Hal! I>aa been g vet. up as be think* that bo woold be Its* fatigued by ' trn'og loan addn-aa ib*re, where ever* eae would have an opportunity ef seeing b m, than by rrce.viri, li t fr mils at h ? r> ome The et eitemri.t of aucbaa occat.on, he thinks, would not alTw-t him. H's relatlvaa who nam n ? any him are of tfte same op aloe, and aay that be M never evcittd If *urb a tna -see perbtfe the detlsioa to omit th e ftaturc w I' be re eoweidered We g've *bs fallowing aoc >ui.t of oo? of the .ntervlews had with the old gentle war. je*trrday afternoon. A vlsi ter remarked to blm. My lather .a ninety six gr*nli ' "Where doe* he I've asked Mr farnbam "At Genrtw, Vasmoot " waa tbe reply. Held Mr Farnbtm. "1 waa through \ ? moot oooe di.ruig the Revolution?Ihcgb -l was Karr.pshlre then, and Wore Vermont w?s set oil. ? ?ar company wee made op from two towns, sod we marrbed to Bennington Wa stayed there alirit a week, an I then we no* bed to Mtacbwter, twenty two miles "roaa there we went to '"a. '?t, where we *ta/wd twi weeks Mere we bed orders to J>la the mala army edrr ?? ? Oaten *? Mill water, Sow York?g?l them a few daya befare lbs hvttle. Om. I ncoln .'..n.iriaeded na Hew. We then wewt to -?r*lug?, where tbe British ssrrecdered "wr Brigadier General Wae Joba InMeroon." Iwrlng tbe ooavereat ? o be re marked that he wro present *i tbs surrenderor B irgevse Tberr wrre eleveo generals *' when Burg"-, ne sur. rwodsrrd. At the r*qs*<H of ,b# ?*"?' ** there, We quote hie words - there wee Gen. dates, tbo Oem p,seder ;n thief. T?* *. not ! in command waa Gen. I in coin Seles was from Virsiste, and {denote front Mae** rbusrtta 0? Arnold, ef Ooeroettowt, Gen. Ktarb, I* H and a **ed cftiror he waa. tx>, Gen. Poor, V. B , Gen, Vixoa, Mas*aobeeetta, Gee Imnerd, I think of Connect oet, ket will act be eerttin: Gen. I'attereoo, M*?awrh n srtW: fen. '.rovier, Mnaaarhanettn; Ben Fellows, flee, Wereer, Vermont " It waa eeveral minutes before be could recall the names of the leal two mi .-ere He re marked thet Oen moid wan a geed flgbt'vg oft.-er, b. t waa not ft t? take eommaad of an army. Reanoap Wat m Twi Wmrt ?The eompetlliosi between tbe several railroad sad steamboat lines, my s the ihlcigo O'-nn ra>, conn, ct og this city with Bt Paul, M.saswota, has again eelmlasted n as open war. Rates of Ihre were y ester ley put Iowa to tbe aboard figure of Ore dollars ar d a half for flrst class j asp from Cb oago to Tt ftaal, which in ie*a than a ceut * m.le. while Trom ?l i'aul to Chtcato the passenger can make his owa terms, betug taken for three doFar* *r for nothing, as he cl.ooam. Tbe steamert barge nothing (Wire PI. Paul to fmnleitlr or to the other ratlrowd termla. r the r'vwr. lo aoch a nrbt a* tbla the lot I eat pine (??? rally w on b.t tbe vislsry, wfcii ga'std g- jera. y sbsts to ft .u*a i o mm U>,

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