Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 13, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 13, 1860 Page 4
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tbe boat after he partook of tbe dtjomi , and j'> aed '.a | un re* trained oonveraatmn with the Hatch and th? guuata. At bull past two the carriages won- ordered, and the Prince, Id oompany with Mayor Wood, the Duke of Newcastle Mid U>rd Lyons, touk his seel and drove 1 >an the lawn Into lite road ud proceeded to the lieaf and Dumb Institution. The morning vlsltei* to the ? >otr?' t'uk formed an e*oort to the Prltoe <>n hit way to th* boise of our chief mig'strate. and nierxl'ius were they %o (ct another look at the IVlnce of Wales, that the car rlagca fv>nu<-d a luie and rcataltt'.l la t'j?t poeltlou uriill be too* bit d? parture, and, cot oouteul with rwktaig tilm aa be posse 1 through the fate, they folio *e-t iu lhJ royal train uctll lis arrival at the lval nod I'imb Usti tutioc THE VISIT TO TflK INhTITOTfO* KOG THE DEAF AND DUMB. IKTKM-IXV fKTKKMtlNO KJTKIH l-M i BV MM. rwr? o*AK*or*Kwric iv<*i'*,s,T,0Ni u* TUK FI tlLti Ul(< Ko\au UHillOKr.-l IS iiftt.ATLY . KMKHIAl.Mil' AM' UCWWHOl-lf MllOITIU>. I-erbapa the Bioat i?urt*liog I'Afl of yesterday's pro oeetlags ?"d, indeed, oonli*sedly me oC^lbe n> st lute rating vi*i? lUe J'riocc 11011 ?U|U? fcluoe llw''r l? this country, v?ua that made by tbe royal party to the iLdlii'ii o tor tbe Deaf and Dumb. U.i Royal H'.gbnea* and the of bit suite ex]>rtased tbtm*rlr?a al having bitu exceedingly delighted with their vi*it Tin ctercUca, waicb we rally chronicle boii/W, were of an iLliDtily IbW reeling character The elegant and *pactojH buildings of the Asylum are ?iiuaud in a beautiful potltloa oa Waabngton lie ghta, commanding a splendid view of the Hudson river. Fifty bcv. n acres of laud, form riy occupied by C <i >nel Monroe, nephew of I'residcnt Monroe, and des pasted 1- an wood, la honor uf bio daughter Faany, are Ult out la tbe m steel st> le of landscape garden it g. In th e? splen did ground*? worth half a million dollars? aud fronting oo the ilver, the buildings have been erected al a c?,t of bboul three hundred ibousa'/d doJ.a/s 1'hJ Asylum ll la every way admirably ade^t* 1 to the purpose f"r wtv. b it was iH-aigne>i Acc m modal ion* are provided for lira bun drtd pupiU, with every coin' >rl and convenient. Tuerj are In the Institution now ouly throe hundred p 'pi>, nale* and female*, who Arejarratiged in fltleen ditloreal ulaMe* for the purpoeo of instruction; bat In erectiug tb*se uj* atyium buiiJtDgs the director* were wisely govcrted tnore by anticipation* for the futuro than by .h<- present actual nearesilits The Asylum fir the Deaf and l)aoib is ooo+i the mutt w jrtby institutions in the land. TKcro are about twenty such aiylums le this country , and many more In Kurope, but the New YorW inatllution Is acknow ledged to be the flntsl of ibem all. The system of In struction adupt< d in the American inatltulions it ?uj?!rior to that ein ployed on the Continent, and the distinctive ? lacguago of t gta, csiioctal y to lis hi^b. t deveio( (tt uls ?as wbeu it lines into the r' g ion of abktractlout ? is here brought to a state of remarkable perfect ,"a. The good Abbe IV I.'kpee, who may t<e s*.J to b) tbe latter of the p gn language, and to have cl iS'dy oh served thr natural miain of conimuLicalH>n which thu deaf mutes whom be U ight un ler the >'d system em (iloyed umoLg lb?m?elvee to give cxprvulou t > Ibolr feelings and n. inmetni, by t. leciing the most sug gtsllve and beautiful eigne for dulrrtnt objects, and bjr careful tlioi.ghi and htudy, proce -<led to !evi lojie ooe of the m<?( exprtasive mtans of ccmmatiUkliou between kindred minds Hmco his day experleooe hat suggested, and led to hi adopted, a number of improvements These tbe pupil* of i Un intlllullon enj y to tbe fi.Iicst extent. From tbe lowest stages of comprehension they are con ducted through the various grai at loot to Un^higheet torms of enjotiocal expretsioo. Tee deaf ^nutes aro cordiady Invited to eaUr the aaybim, aid il ibeir partnts aro able and t. pay fur them, well nod good, hut in tbe absence of such a destrablu coDtmgttJcy, the State pays the instilutioo one bnndrod and 0 t> dollars per annum lor tbe maibltnanr? au I edn cation of ?ach ja-rn.n. This amount entitles eacb tj all ? tbe prlvllcgts ;f the Instltntloo. Tbe pupils are lett?uct td In tbe various branches of education? read. ng, writing, ariihn < lie, geoprtphy, butory, moral tcunoe and nalorsl philosophy, astroMnsy, Vrrnch. logic and rhet >rlc, ail Fogllsh e?mpoaitioti? In which same of llitm exhibit most ast<*ishii ptolcirncy. They are alen lnstrujtod Is tbe practical part of various industrial rrap'. .ymenti, ample lacililiia for which are furn'sh?d In Hi." lartltatlon, no that after a certain term nf j eat ihey are prepared to go oat into the woild lal?lllgeat citir.-ns, and capable of pvovMieg for tbelr own subsiste^oe. A few wetks ago Mr CyrutW l iatd, wlie Is on* jf tli ? directors, went w itb Mr Archibald, th? British C a*ul, to see the Institution, on whuh occMloo tbe aoiicipvt- d ?toll of the I'rinc* of Wales to tbe city ol Kew Vol a wa* mentlooed Several of the pupil* In the higher class?* were aske I If they would like to hare tlia I*rlnoe of Wales pay ? vwit U> the Asylum, ar 1 were rt<iai?te4 to write down their sent I menu oo the *t t>j set The toplie* were all unanimous for his oomlt g'ltd, through tho kLalaett of the manager-- of the lnatltullon, where copies w<?re kept, wr are roab ed Ui give the public the ten l: meet* rtptraard on that occasion Mr Vlilil Hubbar J, <?# of the pc jtlt, wmla ? I? aff?e<l? at odeaci >*?>!?? ptraeare t* * f ''fbtfijl ?rw a<v o lo wr'o roe to our l.e'iutio Uf. Cjrur W K sd, na* uf otir b lorad direct^'* arj ? ; J , tc m uiiM bp Mr. Arth.aW, lb* Lit l-?t U atu. at lUit pur t la I bad. do iocfee ?#o than U) ?* morattf. rea-l .a to f tae daily iwpert as a.-ci uct id tbt <1 "U of K- \rvt 'laoi ?oJ aeeeeai ptiier *r:lM rot ,?o*m la N?a Ym * to ? ttrcd to tb* Prico* .i t tt'aie* a tu.iabM r-oafllua oa b? arriral at the fifat Wer -rn a??tropoi;a, I waa r:rfri*tO to inert b <n asd J;inH wb? 3o *** ? ko I tint M> bit can** m aiion-d Ai w? ar<- in ! whether w* wou.d l>? pi ?*ed to hata tba Priaea v ?.i oa. I wtU t'jnply tta'.# tha. we a .*i.| be a. ?n>el ???r- ba,"'- i<* !a beboU'u * F-i? ac l t bop-; ' tbas bf at tibiae cite I In j* the ia;.-ecce p-tara* J by oar diatrnguahtt TUltar ? Hi b* tuccettfoHjr neiud <a tbtt ooraal iw It acaord an re w.tb our wither Mr r%*;d P. Tilllt.thapt, aaolber f"'ptl, I but ? tprtattd hit *ect>D>ecu ? W? foci b if h ty flatter* d br th* bouor wbiob Edaard M Archibald, ?>.] the llr ><?b Ox?ol lit tb i city, luu ooafrm<1 npoo u? id *'lll 1 1 aa intin?ll< a to wlitrh ??, ??e Ux>' (tit l.uia belli r Ibu Ui* bmut, owe ??? ?vcb for the abihtj to e?p?eta mi? pteaaore la m?u^| b in ai 1 bit wife. are ai?? flad pi m* Mr and Mr* Cjrua W Held, to wbrwe Ibiireat re arr prwid t> eat thai w* have a g<? <1 eU n> Mr C) rut W ? w 11 uH u? whatbar at with to bare lb# ITlno* i< Wal?a e<i(i?? b? r? H w with plraxira lilt *?wj >ra Wa l?f? vaat Mr Kt cfcibaJ.1 wilJ be ?lw?it M> aei?M*oa la our ean?ea? re qutal la bnt* iba Priua* hera, ?bl<-h be nan 4<> oa a c conat a f hia fatectioa ?tth the ltiit,?h gOTpraiaaot Mm F Ada M'?tfn*rry far* nprvaa ta ta be* f*a! (r*? oa I be ? ohjeet la tb? foUovIng bWut'fal m toner ? It t? a lib ar'elgtied p'.eaaue* Ihi' a* acala eltend ? ? t leu**, aa ?? atai aa the * isabioe ?hk V) <"%j eo! vea* Cbe rartb, to Mr aid M>* r>rua NT lielduid tbe tad/ aad (eatl<ai*u aho a?v? apaay Hi m, (If tbe latter, at arr informed that uoe tr tbe Fafltah C ? n?al, anJ alii. < ifb ?r rarnot freet b!ai vitb bit nali>c?l a'f i f "God ."jre ttet/ tiii." #?eb a aeleoae aa I* ta Ihf |>ia*r nf tit *rtoe)>?? u> fi*a a? nxat ranlitllf t?a :?f. Wa aea Otkrd abtl!i*r ?e ?b<ml4 Hkeu??ee Ihe Pr une ?l W-lea, <*?t aithrngb I aafcaaateac* aa a?Mlitf , ??*? >a?fe aa f? pa tfeaer t-.? rn wtat < i mrr !? Mie erima a !?'? nirreat < maiM at k? Ibrt. |b <>ar rei:>#. I rubeatltnaflf itn?'r,)ii '? r t ?ao bi? la ?b<>tn .i a'i p- '<?*t?ii tp. Will be ?Bt D?|e.| the *nf>e??e poaer, i.b W "Tee mill lot.* of >?..ila.a-id ib? (mnarvt n' iba sr<wi?at ? ?| rf u ? arlb, ac t li t Id H on l< ?!i tbw, tb- tnn rf n e to be ?b *e ?"a were %i> ne a paa>. ?<rt l ?> if b ki?, ?mM In Jee4 ht an tivOor au ! a happlbiwi lo aao't rr 1 1 ?? - 1 t. ? i i .? a ? ?'-> .>? ". t ? i a ' mat r ? ? iw? T? ia Ihe t ?? it of tl.a bate apparr t jf II. ? ttrltla'i tbroa* hi it ? oo'xiry mti.iu a i? >? ?>??. >? h, aa-t ai nil ?t (h a t- , ?! to dra? *llt1 < . i*er tl t i> hi1 l)Siall| aMib ainM rrrr eilet bet area p*op|e ?.i l . alj tiltel at ar? it' m nl >*( \ i an! taritt, tnl Utal U>? ta?e entreat Aaat :?$ at *t ? -bo ( i|d?a i j (rat , ??tn ? tb' e ??*. *) flu! wt*?e fl a we . ane e?W h?n4. ?t?r l> ?'irii|.tal,e? a t* nap irarop, ta oaf \tt ret Mope aad wiab. Tbta It ia i ??erred (hit the mmalea lictnaoltea e? pnaaed a dt*p dralre to tar hto Rvy?| || r?a * etalt to tbe ti.?tltattr?, boaarer, bad aur dj bras da?'?r~l aa a part of 'be pr t'aimoe of fctaarje?nt '* Sea Tor*. Alter rtatnaj Ihe I'altertUf ytntdap, tbe rrca fa , tbe Ca?l-al Park, wbrra be planted an tofi ah nak and an An eelear tl?, aal tbe ret of M?)ir Woo4, oa tbe Bnwwa.dal* road, ? her* be tWrVvA of aa ttejaet r> part It waa arr?Pfa4 that tb* I'rtjir* of M'alet aad ret lane w aid prmeed to tb? !?e*f aal (tab It} Inai Ilie aiatter bad beea ktpt o??n,w *t rtip tt; jet a larje bat eMtfedlafl/ teltct |?rtf of iadlra aad l.tiirmea met at tb* laatiUtioa to partkipat* ta tb* I teaturta of I be oroantoa At Uia iartltatlna erTf thlrj bad bora well ??raafed la fam? teaaoa, w'tbout any borry or buMia tt waa at prtel u,at ihe dwitayaiabad ttraa??ra would arr ire at tbrtaa'ntoek Half aa boar befara, tba ehlidrea wa*a aeaud to tba tpaeteoa rt apel oa tba aaaoad B-wr, wbara ?bay ar* ta tb* bab t <M ataeMhlinc dally, m >ralaf aad ?raalat, ftw prafera, aad wbrra recatar rellf'.ooa a?ar. olaaa art betd oa tbe febbatb Tba kp?etatara, who w*ra preaeat by apeeai iar\tati*a, a too ten red their aaata la fond teaaoa T*e dap. I, whwb aoon?m-lairt tboal ?i(bt btitt^rrd, waa niltd to lit utmwt <-apa ly. aad trt rytblrit waa Kr tbe app-?raaee rf vl,j yf!aee Wbil* be k ;tt abaebt, tt tt inWrrwt ?'aa?* found tb* roi ip At ihfa*i.n, . * i, VM, ( , i|fl % ptat/^etn arr la?fe tlatea tij t ?b n the paptir pi artta. Tba ttrmX ?r?i* *re reaerred fur t e pr ?? rdWti a tad tulle and raeh lr.?it?t fnetktM m?j ae-. m ftey tbe par ty Tbe p'.plM, rat g i g from Utt ?ge? o( te? to twenty year*, ar* seated Immediately behind? the mild on the one tide and the (ta?W on IM other Be hind Uim uc the spe ;lator* crowded oot to the aoor. T^iere in * Dumber of noticeable pwtwu prcMt P*r l.s(* the must important and inlereitiog Individual ta the r,, oj ,, Uie prli>ci)?l of the mtilituUou, Harvey P Poet, M f) Hs learned tbe art of t< *chirg deaf mute* from the Ri v Pr (Ja'laudet, ?ho *u tfco Ortt instructor of Ito larg i*f< of ( i-ns in Una country. Pr Gallaudet Ui';M In the American Asylum at Ilunford Dr. feet wit I'.rre to 1M2. newly tally year* ago, ud attained (! s i i tioo In the art of teaching. About ten years later he csne to the Asylum to Near York, which at that time bad few lo number and an Inferior system of instruction III* ubtfel labors In assisting materially to build up an 1 improve the Institution are w?U known, and need no tpecial mention. In the chapel are alto seen tits thr^v (? lb, who are all teachers In the Institution, the eldtst ^ whom, ltaac Lewis Paet, AM, is the Vtoe Principal. 7!-e ? fe of the gentleman la a Bc<mi mute, and a most gifted and estimable )? rsonsge She baa compoied some verve* giving a welcome lo the Prince, which will be Inter preted after his Kcjal Highness arrives and th? exercises bare commenced. Mias E Ida Montgomery, a member of the highest cists, Is a'su a highly gifted lady and one of tho farorltca In the institution. She b.ii a wonderful oon tnaiid of written language, and writes beautiful com I oslti ns, replete w ith eiqulilte sentiment. Another ex ceedingly talented young lady, one who bai been lo the tafvltiin for nearly a dozen years, Is Oertrule Walter, whose exquisite del cscy ol feeling snd unmrpaised al ignments iu the language of s'ens in Its highest forms have elicited the admiration i f all who know her Tlr?ro Is ?ifo sitting on oco of (lie srsts on the same side of the reman inlcrtslirg little crpban glr! who was picked up In one of the w< rat neighborhoods of the city, token to the Afyluni aid named Mary Fanwood ? after the title of the eatate upon which the aaylum Is situated Ote o I ihe yount met silling sear the pUtlorm la l>?vid R. Tilllngbast, a young gentleman of brilliant talents and eiieoslve acquirements. Other pupils icaroely less into rist;rg are In tbc rcont, bul we bave not opportunity to i)< scribe thenj , for there is an exilement anorg tbc volca ' li as, and in subdued tones those who are blessed cm the gift if speech murmur the aunoutctment that "the Princc Is <x nilng." Prtc'sely at thr<?e o'clock In the afternoon the party arrived ta (rent of the Institution. Tbpy I nmo-J lately alighted, were nut by the President and trustees, an>l es corted up to the chapel. Walking with Mr Winlbrop, the President, the Priuoe of Wales entered the etiapei, accompanied by the members or tne party sad fallowed by the trustees of the institution All the people rose | when he ent< red, and when lio ni proarh?d the platlorm returned their seaUi again. It was a beaut fut Si^ht lo witness the Joy of the pupils, which wan commuclcatel t" eaeh other in their own peenllar manner. The Prince sal betwwn the- l?rrsiilenl)aL3 Mayor Wood, on one of the : front seats Then Or. Harvey T. Peel rose and a Idrneno I Wis Koyai U'gbtxt* as follows ? B>aoa RaNntaw ? In behalf <?' the instt lt'ill?o which 1 , have the honor lo ri prcK-ut, 1 bi 4 leave 1 1 lender you a cordial wolcoo e, not the lees a'lieere, alihiugh of ne | eessity It must bo brief. In your lour throughout our extensive country you musl have teen every variety ol 1 alurai seeuery ? our lakes, our rivers, our niouutalus, our broad prairies, our municipal lot ligations ? and have everywhere, I trc-'t, received that r>?i>eit and considers lion due lo jour lordship's position and future pro* rxcts But this is the dm uslituluu of Ute kiud I be lle?e, th*l your luroahlp bae visited It was foun Jed In I ?< 1 7 tnd has ?t?art!lv increased trnm tune lu I'me as th? won us of the community demanled. Ha object is to re store lo the enndilioo 1 r social life lh ?e who are deprived of ll:f privilege* which we enj if, an l to impart Intel lecluil and tncral Hgnl 10 those who sit in darknim It numbers lbiceb<> Jdrtd pupils, divided into Ifleeu claaaus, hut only two of them cau bo extiblied on the proaeul oi easloo? those who have been here only four weeaa, and Ihoae who have been hero seven and eight year*. The Prtnce roae, and graotfully bowed hla aakaowledg mri.l*. Three boys and three girlafroaa dsaa which bad been in the Aaylum only four weeks were then brought upon the stags. It was explained that when they came they dli not know their own names, ooald neither read nor write; but they ha1 ainco learned to form let tor* with a pen, to distinguish between tbewri4enand printed characters, a_J had become familiar with about twenty worda. They tirst wrote their name*. Mr. ti? mage, ene of Ihe leasber*, then led them through several exercises, making the stgna tor "cat," " dog," "oow," "boraa" and "a blje bird"? the names of which they wrote upon their sialea. Theae tine aiuinmonla In so short a time elicited the admlralloa of all. They were Introduced fur the purpose of showing from bow low a point of lnlnllectoal comprehension the tnatructort were compelled to Mart. The next waa a selection of tbrse young lallea and throe youLg gnutlenon from the highest class. He in trodooed the visiters lo these pupils by the aid of signs. The i*rr*ldcnt suggested that some <,uostloas should be propounded to bring out the power* ol the pupils. The reply wsa thai ihs royal parly were delighted lo meet, and wiah, d the pupils to write on the slates what ever they chi?*e. Tbey turned to their slstes, aad while they ? er* busy writing the interim wss see ipted by one or them ? Mia* Walter? l* rendering into s'gus the fol lowing piece of poetry, which had been compise-1 for the occasion by Mrs. l^set ? WML4.VUM 10 TUX VMiNCB ? 8T KM. KUT TULIj rmarr. One* rvwt be; "ad Uw mot* e*a, There came tu vt a we oowe loae M"0 ?u*< <1 ui d the ir Mrlfe tr l lull . lb let ill* vukt imm aa Ja Utroce. Ao<l xouu in.iu out tbe oceoa'i d?VVhJ, Where kbirf ra'.B1'* a cSata bad bjucd, A ?tr<?g polaMVoa aboot Vhr land, And ii.uum b abed lb* New WerH'teouad. Huw l>r.?lhMwlj ni< o eUfPad U omul TtM Utrvba tbat name with mruuM be%t, TVl cor by ooe m\ih trembling fj n i*u the bi)buc bM eotapMe Thr rdtnf tr* Uir II ^e>1 fat I an-1 far Aid ?U>i$ /?f Urwipoui Uia laed, Win forVL Ux g'cetwg Kaglab* real, ?' We'll ?f? tuorr go hand is band OM irimi la hta wild <?aa;, Tltai a u f> ~m b'ui bli power had woa, T?l?n lU himm, real iMi boad, But kagiaou aawaa ua mom bar euu K?bt totally *? |mi htm, too, I ov ttitj hrari aboatd baad, 1 vera, la b??*ge *" Bath worth as Ikat WbicL Hla fuabr :u'd ta Kaglaad'a Uma And Itknovh ao purpiea hang above Tba brare y?ut.g Briloa hare, Yrt rMlr.of* of kindred haarta Bebd ap lo IIitTN tbla chea* ? " Ood car a the yneeo? (rod ear* the Frlae*' And blraatnge nc ibtm ? bo wit, And MrrufU" rrerjr rightful eaitaa That adds to KngUad * power " Tbear t>r*i * *r* rtpraaaed ta the language ?r *>7 V jj W*.l?r la a Iraly aad ? Secure tn iuit, Ibe eyre o f etcrj oae bli tba ah.W being rleitod, aot ap?? ti e Prlaea, hot i? Uie lady, Wh<a*li had talabad a general ivtllm rt of rt lire aailaiacl:. a aaa Uaetiuctly ! rtatbia ta the fa<r? of tba tiloatrtou* * wu Tlx cm ,<oain ?* ar re by thu t m<- 1 d. pit ted, at t tba V re PtUki;*! irrceeecd to read Ikn fr ,>n. tu? *.ai ?*. K Henry A Ramrill ? r lo aa fol.'cwf ? It la a bifh r^wiMlawnt ta U? nwiff, tb a loralj afV>?<?ai, a rail ft w I< td R t.ltew. the Ihtka of N-r <-a lie, ??)? ? *" '"4 aa-' a I ? ?f otb -r ?)' *?tefii#'i?d {? rtft *crf. and we a.-kiowt. >J,e It a dvllfbt ??< t*?k to ?< tut ? fbt< fc> bate the im of t<?a " Waa.n?si<"0 of V ?frtt" t<w or vnwtth h:i pnafoor Talt>pn b? *111 i l tod hta rail btra NWlMMrf/ l.> b maaif. We bare tot tba Km' b"j-- i-f b?'i.f ai.n la (tve bioi a atiltaMa ?iMo tr * , ?? we tear we are Lb Uru aa oni jivnl to bla i.'*h ?lac t og Vt Wllltt H l l>ard etpfraaart bla r?' ii#a iboa ? 11 >a ? lib u? tumadni iKa^ure we walo^tn* to our inati I it o ibe l*r 'B?-e o| Walea rt B*rmi Renfrew, t.odar ? hi. h herer liar jr tltt* be ? lratellla? lu tbtaoeuauy ? itbbats ta A'ourauibt kMifuei wtll not pwatt aa tmilf rtt'Bki ? haaltrf nail' naj air* , wa hope tbat u?r c * i | \aroi Rmlrrw a b?artf< li ??;,? >?e lo wrlliag aa treae a *V*?, ibe wiaieriaM of wb<rb earn* frt^n tba pro rtare of ?blrb be la ?l)kd ibe ftiaea^ill be auC *rat to etprtra oar tr ar fe? Mr DarM R T ltr|hart a tea.) aa rvlVim ? i 11 i? wltli a 'a'1 arpfclalu* of ihe grer t h.-uer whlab ?b. rrlao nf w,.,? |M roftrrel npoh oa wa . ???id antaiai ?rkwine to We teM Mat our ?|"-a>iaf u ? nn ?bo ba?? greaUvt bm la arar) pat of Ibie > t ry abirh b? 1 ,? pareed Ibtvvfb, ooai'l nH na wore rir Ita' Ihaa we t? ft| -rat'ag i?r plM?tira la aeriaf bla *. r?- ib th? li tire a future kit* id Ute It-it ?h eapira. ? ?. ? ii ar . It a iu)v mil.' of free and i r'rta?i??a K' r lurh a raat r?apiaa:bi ty tfea Prtare b?? N e prerar-l ^y a m iher ?ltnai I r?r?rd aa Ibe ?<?t fbrtatlan qieea 1 erer read ?f ,a btavory Ibea ane Iba Hit imu of tba two y .aMr UJl?? Mtaa r Ida Ur?t #aw>rry gar* ft. rat to bar tb-iufhM la tba Mlo?ta| mar r re ? ? Fro* the lergUt and breadth of ear tea* bw rotted aaa glad aortaia o( wrlooma ta Ibe betr of ra< aod. and Uia ?oa ?>f her ja er'?*a yiem and thaagb we atay no. tola i?r roleea ta U?e glad rail of Brand, ear pteaai.ra Ml aot lite 'eae he%rtf?lt, aor ottr watr?ia? the lee* w ira Vo biai to who* tbe world l.ob* *a tb ? futare ruler of it* Mighti 1 eat aallon, aaJ tba prv>?d re ta >a of Fiiglaad aod Aaerl ea'a aobieniea ?hi are -mpary bim hera to 'ar (iib?r* bare etpreaaed fhr belter tbaa it sagiren aa In do the ? te-t# of ceir lc*tltutl?a, aad tbe ilojere ?f ?a:>a? ? htr h ha* th ae w hi, ta irvtat >a of Utalr l> r'ne Waaler , bare bot gM k?g:ea ea * to th? d?af and dtiirh ab<) a tr>ngB? t >iba r?'treu.?? tnd th wtgt tia ip'UhoI* |'ii"?<ao If Iblaeooatry and a Rogltal n*? l>a nith rrt, iharp'rlt W IHr a?me. an.l when *fatn ih ? ?b!le el p? rf At btr?, a* tb"* Me* frost the ow%-'a h' ??. aa a<aar* that 4 a.e?rle F/itlim" la rear, and h? lifl "f r> r t ra? h?al* 1 U 1 w ih Ibe g Kl ? e. I. of hi* orn perp e, we w;Ajld wlau b m lo raatmf-er tbat tber? are a those among Uim wtto are silent because God hati seal MUM/ U|A Mlsa Augusta B. Lastmta's slate contained the fbUow lag ? The event which hM led to our li troductton to ths Stage tbis auspicious afternoon Is one which lilaads- ri valled in honor and (lory by none u> the umIi of ibis It ttltutlon, vi*, the call of hta Royal Highness "it- Prince of Wile*, with lonii or the mwl Oitilrguiabod Debility of England We hail 'or quit* a perloc look ed forward anxiously aod yet bone lull) lo the bour In which we sboull heboid tha aoa n( the unlvervaily boaorwl quern of one of U)? gn*te?it of m pins, to ({waking of the power of which it baa an Justty u hiaullliilly been remarked, " (he haa dotted th4 surface of the whole world with tie possessions aod mill laty i<et?, whose morn lag drum boat, lo lo clog tbt> I .a sua keeping company w uh the hours, clre.ies itio earth oaily with ote tout and unurukou strain of the martial airs of England." Tie freelest rstitfaclion was cxpreraed with these compositions Here Ihc Prince was requestedto Indl rale 11 a few subjicts for tbe pupils to write upon." Hi' Ho} al Bigbnets mggcsttd ?' Mualc," " The AUantlf ble," and the "Great Eastern;" and aomebody " Tbe llouda." Muilc waa tbc most difficult eubjec deaf mutes, wbo never trard a soul inspiring atraia, to write upon. Here Is whut M is Montgomery wrote about It ? 1 bare been a/ked to express my lie* of muele, that sll powerful influence which holds the hearts of men in aucb a mjsteiioua tbrall, which baa power lo disarm tbe ravage and cause the wild beast to forget Its flerceneas, creating while It lasts a Brief but ecstatic millenlu n? that inr* mprt b' ntnhje something which gushed irom trie overflowing heart of llavld, heralded the birth of the Savi' ur, and now lioals ?<nunil the tfcrooe of God Watt ? it ma) be lu its hooily tbape, If I may so express it, t kLow ict, t'ut I knn? Its spirit to be harmouy ; aad it U Am alone through the medium of music that ton dtvlue rpirlt can make its Influence felt, for we csu nee It In the m '>?? but of the (icean.tbe dark flow of the rllV, an) en u m ti c waving arms aud blended colors of ti>e tn <<? tt at crown our oarn Paliaadea. Nor Is music alone found In Inanimate nature. lo things p?rl?li*ble, fortliore aie thi'te w| ose lives are but one p rand peso . wb iob al la: t Lutrgts tu the perfect harmony of the perfected of j God. Mr Hubbard wrote about the Atlantic cable ? Hince Professor Morse applied eirctrlclty to wires, for tbe pu>i<*e uf conveying messages tr<im one placs to hi i ihi r with lightning rapidity, it baa lieen the object of n my scient'Oc gentlemen 1 1 tstahli b a cable acrua? Ibf Atant'c ocean, txtween toe I'nlted Slaves and tfreat Britain A trial was made, and message* were convey e<t ?<" c- i be wnle Atlantic Holidays weie givea lu b <nor j of the triumtib, aid nil the true clli/.^ui of Ki.g.aDil au I America njolied at tl.e new tie that bound ua to our mother country But all tlieae were riedtued to be dia*t> I in tec , lot alter uorkiug a few weeks the cable refused to carry in asa^ea acioaa tbu ocean. Mits hattmao wroto this paragraph upon tbs samo sub jeet ? (>re of the proodist aod noblest triumphs of tmerlcan genius we teteem tuat of the aubmarinn W l> p wbiob lorms one of the most important links in th<' gnwt cnaiu of national interests wbiuh connect this with tU> m >lher country, and though it tmivo a failure ? whicfi li is uni versally hoped tt will not ? tbe fame of its lovtntor will in t.o alse be din lushed, uor we believe, tb? ilmp aod mutual iLtctista ?bicb unite tbc two greateat la'.iona on the surfsci of the earth will be one atom lesseied. Mr. Ttlltogbaat thus brittly rpoke of tbe m?mnnth ? vessel ? The ar?st Kasterr. tt a grand spoelmen of wial Eogllsh J genius could achieve Tb'a ai-blevrm<-nt in roechtdija' ?etccce la ranktd among tbe proo test triumpt:.-' of ? bich | thn llritisb boast. Thia gre?t ship nuy be om of th<? sign* ! that "the k word will soon be turned into Uieplough ahare and tbe spear Into the pruning book." Miss Kaalman said only th's about tbeeloi Ja.? I liave been requested to give my Ideas n connection with clouds, tbe exact nature of wDlct) I dooot piofeu to b< anHHj laiuralist enough to cxpaln, ,a (know they are nni>d with that iu"lt[>eo*ah!4 beveiaai to o<Hti man and laturr. without wliiiO on amiunl ot g'id and jswela c<>u!d purchase Hie, and that they couatttiM one of the cbltf beauties of tbe drmaiuent. It la alnoct Impossible to give an adequtU Idea of the pleasure which tbe Prince and party felt at this interest ing entertainment, after those com{>oaltUna Bad been read, Mr. damage rendered In pantonine ths scene or Christ Stilling the temp st, which was tsoonled la a highly artistic manner. Tbe Prlnoe of Wi'oa aal bis suite then asoei.ded tbe platform, wbsa the President lo j traduced tliem lo tbe company. A shower of bouquets | a'mott aeluged bis Royal Highness, wbo soiled aod ap ; pearod partisularly pleased He gave bis tulograpb to Mr. Peet, tbe author the poem, to visa, together | wltb Miss Walter, be was porsooally presented. It wss expected that the visit would Im 11m ted to Qftaea minutes, but wbea that time had expired lbs Prlnoe ex pressed bis desire to remain longer, an] swordiAgly lbs | c*< raises were protracted for nearly an tour. Ue, to gel her wltb the Dulu of Nswcaatls and Us other mssi bers of the party repeated that they bad been gratifiod far beyond their expectations. At last Cbey proceeded . frusa llie ohapel, and, re entering their carriages, drove { off towards High Bridge. Tbe visit to the Deaf aod Dumb Arylum formed an Invert sling passage la tbe tour uf tbe ' Prinre, and tbe occasion will b? a memo-able ooe la the annals of Ibe Institution THE HALL. II1E DECORATIONS OF THi: AC ADCMY OF Ml" SIC. II waa generally anderalood lint the reporter* would be admitted at lis o'clock late the Aca>!<my of Mu?ic, ia accordance with Um Miowtag aotioe ? THI IULL IN HONOR Of TBI miNCt OP WALSi*. ui'in 01 m MmttuT, ???!*? ?*!?*?, ? Naw Vim, Oct 9, IMu ) Kit? On application to Mr Palmer, tt to* Academy of Mimic, od Fiiday Kit, it(l( o'clock f. II , Mm raporter* ? in b? ?bow* ?>i lite urM|cmtu bH ?? Um ball op-?u Yer y irepoeilully, M. ?? HEIO, Secretary. la MWordaara with thl* arrant ram t um riportarn at tecded, aad Um foilwtof la Um reanit of Um obearraUeoa MhiMlbe Raaaio li tNttneil ? Oalat le Umt? arc acaroely My rpeclalltwa to strike Um eye. la Fuurtrrnlk rtre.-t then> la ? pmac way of aome cm hundred ac ! Ifljr four foot la length aa l twenty feet la brtadili, wl tch eocroacl.aa ot the tide walk to the mm of acine *tt or MTta feet Beyood iliia, tod a Briiiab tad America* Lag htre and Ui're, liter* aero ao apectal dt. oratlooa. Tfcc llniuu) reporter, boweeer, la eptrially ladtbted to Mr. Jooaa M Miller, of No. M Ellaebetb Mml, for the tnfermallon bo i* able to flee oa thtt tubject. To bin, aad a<it to Mr. Ii(|iiai4 or Mr. Palmer, mart be ettrlboted the facctttaa gtvea to Um r<-portert la what la to Mk>? TUB BALL lUHtM. Thia mtf t ifietat a|artD?M ooaprlm Um per^ieU* of the Academy , aad rmbracce the IU|e Ii tr.aa arranged laal Bight, os? hundred tad thirty Ore feet la W*?th by atsty right fart la breadth The eod i< ??rd? the rtage la arranged to a fmfctrrular form ?bile toward* the oll.rr rod are placed three luperb | row bee The central ooe 1* Ibr Um Prlaoe Ulnar if, while Uioee on either aide are for hit mite. Fallowing out the |rs?? ral idea or'gia*! y agnrd oa, the d--irat!<>aa are :!j?nl thrmigboet the b*U rt? ra, rrtn'i dlng^ce, la their ! tropical character, of thcaa '.-eautlfM ItoM from MilWa ? O flowera Tbat eerer will la etbee rliaiat* few, larly Ttaiialwn and m) leet At ea'n, ?b.i b I bred bp ?lib leader band, f' n the Bre? "p.n!nj biid, as fare jt tiamre, i W bo now eta 1 1 eter je w. the tea, or ra k Vi i.r Iribi a, aad water fn>a> tb' atnbroaiai f uat lie folio a U g fioia M m Lanitm, war < q a ;y aj ; pr .lie mm Dr -t Rnwera t* are wa the ocp and lute, I'r i f. a ? r?, the br Hie Ir fte*r . B'li f #-"?eni l.i a< mo the cat tire'? oe 1, Hi i f llneera to aire w the bier. Ia lo.tltaf ar>.aad tbe r*.? and r ewlo* the ptaau f om all reuatrl*. trop'nal aod aorfberi, the fntlnwlag 'or guage of Uary Hewitt aeemt d l? be prcu'iarly eppr?' priate ? Uod r.t?ht haee made the earth brug fjrlh Kwmnh for (rrat aad iir>%lt, Tl?e tali trte and the re-'ar tree, Wliboot a B< ? er at all. He ri.yht bare made etangb? enoufb

Foe trerj want ef ?-aea. f?W lultir) n?u'l <lr Bi>d toll, Aad jrt baee naade ao floei r*. (bi'atrd me rrfatrea tbria ant . Then wbere!<-re hare they birth' To wintrier drlifbt to aiaa. To beant'fy tbe earth Tr> e?w'o?t mea. to whirp^ hope, * beae'e* h'a 'a'th t? dia ; 1 .>r abtwo ran tb I f tbe fitwrrt * ill taoeh Bore rare tor Rim Hat the beet eetitinenl bf all aeena to be etpriatrd la Park Bar , am ta'a pltby liae ? . flow era are lore 'a trueet laefua** At the aad of the bajlroom, oppoalte to tbe atafe, aa addNM waa made of aararaJ Mat la teoglb, dooe ap la all the (lory of pick aad whit*. At the extreme ead a heaetlfal allegorical oil palntlog la worthy of aotMa It waa deatgtad aad fieroted by Mr. R. W Othryo The etatral Hgnre re pi am ate peace, no tbe left (Maabia ap|?ara la the garb ef a temale ladiaa. oeder the a-glt of the America? flag Oa her right la a tgnre of 9rl>aa ?'a, with the tradlticral tbleld, Una and onloa Jtih. Fbe la abating liaade win. Ootun bMb Ariow a>a the arireoTKrw Toak flty AVne, the pltru loftbePrlooa ol *'?lw The wh e, it la hard!/ aeedOtl to aay, repra rrs.te the a rJmk Wtwrco the ValuvJ nata* aad Great ?iitala The ligbtlag of thla part of Ihe halid*vg la paetict'arly worth) of aotH?, eepecM y la tfc nee part, rrj reaeut lag Ibe lent, opposite the stage, where the gas.iets were vary brilliant There wen a \ nat number of chandeliers 1 It ted up <spr<aely Car Ibe occasion, while towards Ibe otber end, c? er the stage, the usual arrangements of lights sbone brilliantly even during tbe day, lighting tbe twenty carprulcra who were engaged to pianlag thefljor, covering ibe wbole of the atage, par quelle and otber parts of tbe building, to Its furthest eitrtm t y. This part of the erring* ment waa particularly liberal ? tbe order brie g to (para no expenae. S mo idea of tbe uleut of tbe additional ligbU will be derWnd when It la nxntioncd that Ibror^bout tbe building no fewer tb*u tight hundred feet of gas plpea were laid on for the occasien, and that three hundred additional gas burn er! were placed on by ibe gaa Uttera employed for that iprrlal purpoaa. In tbla part of the decorations can It be considered pn fane to recall lb >?c* magcidcceat liuoa at the opening of the Third Book of our great poelf i Hall ! holy ltgbt, rffcprlng oT braven's first born, ** Or of tbe eternal ta>?tert>al beam, ? May 1 npres* tbee nbblamed ? since God la light, And nert r but in unapproecned light Pw? ll tr<'ffi eternity ? dwell then la Thee, Drigbt iillucnce of bright essrtice inernto. ? ? ? ? Before the suu? B-fi re the heaveni the: wert, and al the voioe Of God, aa with a mantle didst m???l Tbe rising world of wavera, dark and deep, Thou from tbe void and formless infinite. But what need Is there to d veil further on this subject? To describe It all In full la almply Imposiible. Among otber decorations, In tbo tent part of tbe ball room,* beautiful allegorical patuting In the cllmg waa particu larly noticeable. That, too, was done by tlr. Cabryo? j who, by tbe way. It Is juit as well to nam* as tbe artwt of tbe New Yolk Academy of Music, as well as of tbe Institution of tbe ssmo name uow m Ute oiurtw ol ercc Uon In Brooklyn. Several pboUgrsphera were on hand during th) day, b'it they had very little to do in tbe way of outside de lineations, and tbey were not admitted i untie, though it , If expected that there will be a perfect rush of the fra termty tomorrow. Among them will be a young and rislrg artist, Mr. George dticey, of No. 113 Mad i job street, a stereoacopist, whose views of the Prince's ro lc ,lton yesterday are likely to nnko a sensation TUB MAIN KNTRlhTB Was In Irvltg place, and r?allf Is not worth a line of Jercrtption. A abort p.azzt has been specially erected, and It ?us decorati d wltb a few American and British flays, and tbal is about al that can be nail about it. It waa arranged that Ibe Prince and the General JommUtee, wiili their guesta, should enter at this point. tbk FormKnrro btrkkt kntranc*. This was set a|>arl for tbe entrance of the Invited gueats, and waa decorated in pretty much tbe same man ner aa the mala entrance on Irving place. as already met-t'oned, thla entrance waa tbrougha king, 1 > <r pine building, overarching on ibe sidewalk for several feet. TIT* 8rPl?ER KOCH. Tb.s pert of tbe arrangement was a groat triumph. Tli? suppir rxim Mas especially eraclcd fir tbs occasion. It Is situate t in the space of ground between tbe Aca d?my and the Medical Colli ge. In length It is one hutdred and forty four feet by twenty eight ft el In b-eadtb. Connecting with the ball room and the i upper room la a paixage f?cmg on Fourteenth street, one hundred and fifty four feet In length acd twenty four feet In breadth. This passage Is floored with stout scarlet cloth, aa are other part a of the building, same as Uio ball and a ipper roogaa Tbe cloth furnished for the occasion Is Ave hundred yafds, and waa specially dyed lor tbe occasion, at tbe order of Msaara. Paton & Co , aa there waa not a sufficient ^uietity of (feat colored cloth la tbe city for the purpoae. Twenty brats chandeliers, <ach containing six burners, were sua peoded from tbe roof, oak log a brilliant display. Tbe building, which, though temporary, was constructed In such a manner as would have befitted tbe character of a more permanent edifice. The arrangements for vent Ha iti* were perfcct. la the centre was a tower, rising rose forty fret from tbe level of tbe strtet, while two donnar windows were placed at each ead. Tbe entire holldlag wsa drape<i In alternate atri^a of pink and while muslin, with large mirrors laterventag Thoee were twenty four la number, and made a splendid show. All along the aapper room were two tablea, from top to bol torn, at which the asaemblad party took aapper at a lale period of the evening. Tbey were brilliant la all Ute appointsMsta of gold, atlvar and china ware. A that upper end waa tbe Pr lace's table, raised on a data, ?e?i circular In form, at which the guest or the evening and bis immediate suite were placed. Back of the table were three magnlfloect mirrors, rtfloallng anJ Cubing the '%hta In a beaut. ful manner. Tbecentreglaaa In par ttcaar was very lofty and magattloenl. The fijorlng of thM room waa not carpeted In scarlet, hot la squares, la the centre of each a onrntioopla, with a red border. Tata had a very pleasing effect. All around tbe room were rags, arranged In graoeful festjocsof tbe red, whlta and bine, emblematic of America and Great Britain. rnou niM ball room to the sitter book. On leaving Um ball room for the supper room, a paaaage bu to bo trarrrad of eonaldcrable length, M already meatlMied, bat at ibc entrance from the aae to th* other ?(r? placed a cumber of figure* of aacirnt knights la tr teor, supposed to nprnl ali Um pr*rlo?i I'rlaoee of Wales AmoDg them waa tta celebrated Black Prince, wl.o dttplajed hta brnaery oa tb* bloody Acid* of PotaUra ?U Crmy, u>l entered London with two klaga u hia pcWonem, aaasaly the King of Pranoe and Um King of tSmtlafcd. It waa a atraa(0 thing, ta that tempi* of de aMcracy , to wilaaaa ?uch tbtrga aa knights and prtnoas, dime up in all the paaoply of Um Middle Agra; bat tt malt not beforgtwo tbat the guest, la who** honor all Ui?m ibocr attots war* gotten up, It bimnotf a representative of revolutionary idea, by the very r*cl of hia belrg Prince of Rale*. All around thlseauraece wore baag op saitla *!<*, spears, ibields and utfcer ImpiemeoU asggea.lve of tbf age of tte Cruaadara, la wliich Um Prtaos's aaaeators P* tred caaaptcaooaly. TBI miKCI> OWN ROOM. Tfc* Green Room ana specially fitted up for the Prlaca. Oa enwrlrg lb* eye waa atruck by a ma|ot&r?ot oil paint ingot the Queen, belonging to I he St. George's floe *ty, and ?ii rb waa specially hot for the ncoaaloa At the hotpot of thta gnat trtutbph of art waa the following W?tnd ? i ut unit aa ora aunr, up i i i Mini oca *nr raaa { Oa tbe le't of the patat .ng waa a beautiful eograrlag *f tbe tjuerr . by K'-nry Gravne 4c Go , and ta tb* right lb* cororaoon of bee M?J?ely. Tb* group sorroaadlag >b* throne, oa wi.icb Ibe guean baa tiat beca a*at*d. one ?ina many |i?<d )< 'rtralta. aaaorg whom Um Ir-a Doka ? OM,?pVcuc?a Other beautiful engravings daon rated tb* , galls, the wbol* of wh<cb were by the aam* firm. tnont at her mtirvebi* leatarea la tb* Ueonratioaa of tbia | re-en ??r< km aery large and auperh mirrors, ana# ***% tn-nt gold, silver, china and glassware, t a apH jiiM tn >.qaet oa a* table, furtiabeJ " Mr Bu. bat** A sot bar large bo. ri*t, by the ?n< i?at ew aa, waa I* a coraer of the rr? m In fart, ao I gt'i . jerlu nrd *?? tbia room that t? waa a complvt* ?'Wilderaeaa of i?*?a " Prrtn the reatte i f tta re m defended a iragaiVeat i-tiai reiu-r "f agmmnraU randies, roataialng taacty ?jihte Ibe Mrjatitf, like lit* giiteral arrangement* tfT>i,l.m>i 'aae tha diatinettoas alimdy meatioaed, was ? .( cvlmeto c'oth. run fRincR'R naraaiKo room. To tbe left of ibe ftreea R<> m waa ih* drevalag rma of the Prince, which WM flit* I op la a aty'e of almpii-ity nimoat arver*, and mora brr- r < t Iha awdler than tl>* froapettlee moaarch of tbf g-< ? < ?t blr|<t<-fn an earth It la naaaaawary to *ay farther tbaa tbat all the arraageneat* for Um toilet, thoagb plain . were perfect ina tmiarva iRiuNnnr>n. Tbe a b l* of the I tameat and lower apartmaata of the Merit**! t'. i.rf* wtr* U ndrred to tbe ?e?*ral Oom mittaa. atid tba apaeloua kite ben of tbe butidlag waa made r*e of foe eook ing purpoaea It waa aa aatnatehtog atght to wltseea that large array nf aooka, uadar tb* abte manageitaat of that prloaa of caterers, Oelmonlaa. All war* arrayed la whiu drsaasa, with nproaa aad oapa of ?aowy whit*, aad tb* naonUoa they did pat on* la mind of boaeat Pater Pladar, la deacriblag tba eullaary ar rargeateaM of a Wrslmlaater *l*aUoa foe that prIM* of radttafc, Joha Wllkaa ? Zoah t lay tag, Ixwd, mm aona to s gfet TV eorka aad b?oa In aurb a fright . < Twaa all iteeoar, 4e?our TW pig* aad poultry, lacks aa 1 geosa, Aad lark eye worth a croaa apiece, Cried murder seery bosr In fort tve a hole realm of nature aaevd tn bnea baea iai.?e< k"d to Turn lab tirth this great feast Thor* were ra'm?a fn tt ibe Krnribec, from the Tyae.aod other part* of Amenra aad Nrotlan I; wild fo?l fro-n tbe peal ri<* ? ' Bthwt; ??? f .ina* tongue* from prairie* stUI far ther Wstt. Bui a hf ti wail on Una d*|iartm*at? It wara simply Impossible to MutMraU all the good th.ugi to plentifully arrayed. Till *1*1 ROOM. Thin was the joUlast arrangement of Ike whole. got adrift, III IW ? nautical phraae, tha good liquor would bo sufficient to lloat ? tolerably sized achooaor. There were a^ fort* of wine*, " from humble port lo Imperial tokay," and, apeak leg of t?kay, w* are rtmitded of Uiat pa 'tag c id oui> of Pum %m' work* where the bulitr of the Martha) lMic de Klchellou paid ever so tunny huii (J red franc* for a bottle of tokay, which he had procured to be noire for the delectation of the King of beetlen, who was aa llimalty dttguiaod aa tbefrtneeof Walt ? onder the modest uame ol Riron Rocfr?w. If all rtporta be true, aa fabulous prlcua were paid for lorne of . the wine* on the I'rioce'a table aa for the ctlebrated 1 Ukay diank by the Klcg of Hwedea. It la aald i flat (here were not fewer than one hundred different aoUof wines, embracing the ctioioeat viaada of oham- ' pagna, sherry , claret, hoik, Ho. TBK COST. The supper room, tpccially erected for the occasion, ' ctsl from tl.&OOto 91 #00, and the expeiiae* of tabloa and dtcorations added will bring up the mid total to about 12 000, affording a tolerably good Idea of the atyta in which the great ball to the Prince of Wa'e* haa beon gotten up. THE LIGHTING UP OF THE ACADEMV. I.ike the world from chso*, Ilka a tur from Inoonaistent nebu'*>, tte Prince of Walt*' ball room rose from the fragment* of od<ta and end* of every ooacolvab'e aort and variety, which bewildered the rlsltcr to the Aealemy of Music yesterday afternoon, and appeared ?perfection, late In the afternoon the disorder and confusion were in Oescrtbable Here and tbere peeped ont bite of the Auademy; turn tbls way and suits of arinor, tied hastily up with corda, rrmludcd you of ricfint knights strung up fortreaa>n and n example* <f th-- effect* of evil course*. enter this room, and ym scemod to be In a drerslog roe m, with tbe toilet articles featured lo a<t- j mirable c mfuslon; look to?srd* the stag*, and a gtrlen *cet>e, all awry and one aided, appeared as I) It were de r.gncd to demonstrate the effect of a suspension of the law) of gravitation; long line* of plauks suggested supper and Detaonloo; saaduM aud shaviugs, b-ucbei and tools, banftiigs ai.d flowers, nx'D In shirt alo.'vei and a en In overalls, all were mingled In a chaos lode scribable, audit seemed that n> poirer short of magic co i; ill ca 1 from these element* tte Aladdin's palace whisk ; the ball rocm wa* deugned to be. tHiil more coofoundid grew the confusion as '.he day slowly waned and nlgbt settled upon the Acaiemy, thro w log tbu dark corn tn ac<> out of the way pan-age* Into the densest shadow, and gi ring to tbe whole Interior tlut weird, unnatrral, halt dreamy appearance which .leu j fogs give to the laodaca^e. Thtn, (liming lure and there, rathor nak lug tbe darknera visible than lighting up the room, a few gas jets biased. Still the e infusion. s* ill tbe noises Incident to rapid, active work by scores of hurried mto. Gradually the coufuslon became mlogVd with something like order, and the harry and bustle uciget Into something like design. Jet by jet the thoastn t? of light* which circle tbe room flamed oat, sn 1 at precisely six o clock the Academy was lighted up aud for the Urst time showed ltsolf s* the Prlico's bill room The dicoratlons of the room have bee* d.-acrlbod with minute particularity elsiwhere, but to describe the coup d'ail. The bail room at Moot eal waa a circle of ilght and beauty, clear and well dt fined; that at Tor ato va* In th? font of a cross, presenting from any ?taadpnlnt dlve-gitg line* of bright flumn and gay Saga; that at Cincinnati seemed an ordinary theatre brill 'antly lighted and otherwise und.-corated ex cej t by parterre* of Iluwer* ? combine theae three n^ms, In which the only gran! ball* given to Ibe Prince before tbi* were held, aad add to them beauties which are or) glnal with the Academy, and you can lorm some ilea of the appraraarc of the ball rooss when lighted up. The room was completely empty, with the ezr>epu>a of a few person*, potting the On'Shlng touches to decora lion* which already appeared perfi-et Before you stretched the floor , ao soon to be Mghtly pressed by trip plag feet. At the farther extremity, It* pure white re lieved by the crimson pruaotnium above Its entrance, was a magnificent tent, which Included the entire stage, aad beneath whlsh were the aoth* for the IVtnc* and hla auite. Towards the other eg tremlly ? If lucta a palaoe of llfbt ooolg be imagined to bare * limit ? circle upon cirale of gia JtU roee to the celling tec' culminated In a brilliant a'tnl circle of atar like fiatnee, * tied ting their part, pale light from ? height apparently immtaaarable. Tier after tier, relieved by Ite crlmeon eeate and oraameuted by figiree ta planter and chandelier ? of ga> Jeta, mpl the rye donrrward again t> the floor, and to the bed* and poll of fiowera, gloaming aofUy from tb'tr gioen bede, and (peeking In their fra grant, alient language their awiet welcomea Bote*, rlalrg with gilt pllaetera, agate attracted the gaaa Unwn wardf, and pointed out the rich frtacoea which ornament rd the brilliant room. Sweeping around the dreea ci-cie, by the beda of fi?w*n, patt the cntranae to the rrinoCa drew lag room, g.iarded lyr auite of mall, atlftly erect, aa tf tome ancient warriors were awaiting In atataly dlacomtort the arrival of their chiel, tbe eye oeoe more turoi to the touted ? age, aid looka back down the long riataofeool, green arbta, ?tretcblng to the ahuree ol a quiet lake, acroee which you Icok to a d la tenia limlUraa, and acem to get awaj from the brilliant and magntBoent room to softer and more tranced acenea. Oaljo baa not painted a " eeeue," but a pMve, ao exqu>?tte the pernpecttve that the arUora arem ratter a continuation than a decoration at tbo room, and, Ilka true pictnrea, lendi you out of your*, if Into the aoene which It deplete. The emip <1 tH ' Mj rl ada of llgbte, bewildering, aiperbl A taut expaaec of dancing fiuor, deeert like in ita c.>i<r anl extent I A frame of tleia, brilliantly light ed, rich in cr tin ton, goM and white ! B*i? of fiowera, tb< ducat and richest of decoration*, the fl iwer* 1 which nature hea exhauatcd betaell t> make mire cx qalaite. Tbla la the amp g".rfl ? light, Ho weft, o/.ot. ? TBI BiLL ROOM RUIN. Gradually the Academy gained the only eddltto:.>l at tract. .? which It needed? the attraction of a la**?, r ~hly dreaaed crowd. At baif paat a* ret o'clck the Irtt of th* company began to arrive, at flrtt alogly, then la groupe of four. Are and atx, and at laet in a oatiaaou* *traam o black conta and auperb dremea At Brat the 8 ->or, then the par juette. the drcaa circle, tbe upper tier*, the lobbiee tbe dreaalcg rooter. were completely lit ed Tbe fret arrlrala w ire the gentlem<a of the Committee of Arrange acuta Thro came tbe benda, la oalform, who to?lc their I'iwiw la the eocond tier. Then the poliocnen, at girt drawn up ?n ptatoone and afterwnr J* itatl'ined along Uie k'bblM and the aaveml <>otraa> w, where their ower < ii* *ere quktly hut eOW-vntly perrumi<-<l Tuen came tbe fuerta, winuertag finitely a ml tbo raat ?pw*. following the crtiraiB l^r.rd corn Jori with th<ur of armorial chioide and tuite o' armor, wbiah Ooadurtrd to tbe atirpiy but m*it;ttxatly fur. t?h?d dreeatag room* reserved for the Pr noa nod (lite, or into tbe loeg anpprr room, with Ita twin r*u*< ? of tabl?a Uaded with tbe ctuf it i ?mrt* of MaaMe ' Wriradtea of bla art, appealing alike to the eye aed tbe p?Ui* ? behind which, la doable rank*, and dtatin ivi ?Md by a tia.b* red bedgee, ttnod lb- eervaeU. Hooo the crowd be-*me too gr?nt 5 tbe dre^etn,. roomi were claaed. the pronnaidwt le.*v the aup^xir / m ai.d c roied the building, Uie band itrjc* up a fa.'orit* air, SlrtatHn and 00* recant Ian began mi acaniMT pTLttrn. The Ara 'rmy. at tea e'clnrk, wa* filled, and titoee wbt j arrived later aai.k unregarded lite tbe throng, Itke rata : ..rope IcUi tbe oc-an Tbe prlrate bjxee were full the tier* were ocri pled by tboee who preferred to overlook | the brilliant aaeemblage which mr'red reatl?Miy >o?.atb Tl>e Japei.eee ball waa crowded . l>?t there tbe sr?<rd wa< dirtied Into arctioai by the ran ui ro <au, but bare la one ra*t area waacoliccMd the HUt of New York ao iety, Beoratb tbe tt.ocaanda of ga* ?b'a the criwd awrged backward* and farwarda, abiftieg aad < like tbe flgurea Inn kata idcacope, or Ilk* the ocean rtpptlng l ength gentle wteda and bright aunabine There waa no jam, tor "a jam" aapreeaea a fixed, Immovable body of per acne thia wan rather a throng, a crewd? mobile, vart* 1 ble, veraatlle, Bck'e. quick, changing AaenaT bend*, bat bee idea a aaa of cotora, the light Aaabteg beck (torn the gnyrat and rl-beet of dreaeel, fro* pearly white ahooidora and brilliant completion*, fro* jewete irta hued and rlvmihag it brightnnaa the eyaa which naehed above them Tbe full dreaa black aonta abairbrt the aa perfloew light aad eoftened the blaaa of the Ihnaaaai lam re The rich military uniformn, ornamented with golden Ince and epaulet tea, relieved the uniformity of the gentlemen a t<><!<tt??. Tbe threbg ?r*med to dimlaieb the aiaa of the houee, and yet, by itwunw, but atanlar ; fnradoa, aldrd one ti ai preriak ita great extent FH'ed, but n<>t jammedj crowded, bat with plenty of ro-wti for Iall to n ov. com'nrtabtjr ai 4 ? itbont dlatu, Hnnce? f.?r aeparat* etl'ai c <a #eee reeerred foregrrai aad tvfr-it? the Acndemjr *u re?dy for the arrival of the P 'kc DEPARTURE OF THE PRINCE FROM THB FIFTH AVENUE HOTEL. Tbe excitement ironad lk? hotel was very grout, iaf ??* Mow Ihero were between lie and seven "? ? --- * pwfcoee oon|t(fMtd round ikott the nriwi ptrti of ikt building. a large Dumber of Ibuao | mw who m ailed to wiiMee the tntr,* of the Prince after be had ra uroed from visiting It* various instllu;ton*, lingered -uZ'Z:?!***004' bttpln* to to*** b<?"* forla?o " departure of the j oung gentleman tor the ball. Kclwithalandieg there were au ZTpT pie the crowd m.y be ..Id to b*. the ?oet rdSJ &uu q a lot one ever iMcabM. CH couree, .moo, ,?cb . nonnaw* <* ^ u.t orally be a few of thoae ?cUu.lMU? imtwtSI knuwn as u the "New York Boys." who ,r"~ selveo and the crowd by crlltciatug every one who peared at the door, or window* of the hotel. The tmt, polioeancn? No* 7(3 and 1 S?I ? who were placed aaaew. trie* on the top of the stop* of the Twenty third .treat entrance, cam* tn for a .hare of their rnmai >? so?e of which were favorable and some other* tie. am any of the gentlemen residing at the hotel would leava the building by that way , they would be greeted wktk "There he 1*," "That'* htm," ?' Hi, hi, hi," 4o. One geitleman with a very black beard seemed to be muafc ?coo> cd u be ran the gauntlet of those Juveniles, and did cot teem to like the doubtful compliment. Another geu tleman^ who bad a yourg lady with him, was sal. ted with " There1* the Prince, don't you see hi* queen?" ?' No," Bbouted another, " that'* only a prinucas " " Yea," ra d the first, " but she will be the queen some day/' winding up with a heart> laugh, in which bis neighbor* joitfd Two ooU<y old dual cart* passing along the stioot ( xcited their witty nature, and were set down at onoo a* tic carriages for the Prinoe mod suite. At about eight o'clock the crowd began to increase vi ry rapidly, and located themselves in every available location. The fctoope of the bouses on Twenty third ttreet, more c?pectal y the one faciug the lAtel doorway, wu crowded, in isct every elevation on both .ilea of the way on that street was taken up, and th* side wails were literally crowded befoto lb* hour of the Prince's departure arrived. The owner of the bouse before notlctd (opposite the hotel door), baa bad h's stoop swept down at least twenty times during the day in consequence of the accumulation of dirt arising from the crowds making use of tbe step* for lb* pur po*e of being able to see the sltfbla tho better; and when be told tboie a*?embled thereon of thai faot, one burly fellow said, "the more stoop Id (stupid) he." At half i?*t eight the crowd began to be t*> unruly tn their remarks, although they were only meant In fun, therefore It was decuied expedient to cause their partial removal, which waa dr>ne lo a vory eflVctual manner, a* follows The officers, about t went*, marched from th* ba te! door in close flic, two by two, headed by. Sergeant* Van Bsgeu and Matthews, and when the foremost two roasbed the curbstone, they (heed right and left, and ad ranted upon the people like a solid mass, compelling them to rs Irtat ?*>:<?. The two sent'le* then eash looks rope, wht3b they fastened Qrst to the railings, and (at retoh ed tightly) neat to the lamppoat on either aide, than effectually forming a barrier to their advance. Having stationed some of the men to guard thta rope, the remain der neat proceeded to force beck the others who were la the roadway near the curb. Thla move w?s also very j effectual, for in a few momenta there was plenty of roona for carriage* to drive up lo the door. One man took ay his position on the lamp po*i of the hovel, doubtless for i the purpr i* of being double posted, vi| .?with what I* | going on, and baring an elevated position. A* he waa I very quiet the police did not disturb him tn bla enjojr . met.t. One of the poiioe arrange meat* was, that all th* private carriage* should lake up their occupant* at th* I private ontrance of the hotel facing on the Firth avenue, i bat one joung lady, dreswd in pink, who had been wall ing tn the ball that runa from the stairoaae lo the door oa Twenty third street, "That If aha could not get oat of the same door aa the Prinoe abe should not go U tbe ball at all There " Aid, of course, the obliging sentry police officer, in tbe g-odn'se of bla bsart, had to allow tbe dear youcg lady that little pleasure for fear it might ead to serious consequence*. At quarter to nine o'cltck tbe black carriage of ex Oey. Fish drove up to tbe door of the hotel, for tbe purpooe of Ukti g tip tbe Prlaoe to the ball. The "darkey" driver certathly seemed proud, but tbe footman, also of tho same lasting hce, was prouder (till, for be strutted about from the a lei* to the carriage in a manner, daring th* interval of waiting, that would have auprloed lb* Prlaoa could be hare seen b'.m- Tf the Prinoe did not, th* uewd did, and made their remark* accordingly, such a* "Yon** be worth a thousand dollar, more In Savannah I > mor row if you were down there," bo. There were five car riage*, boioogtsg to th* hotel, devoted to th* frlncs dur ing hi* visli to the city, and these were brought tnto una for th* purpoae of conveying the suite lo the grand enter tainment at the Academy. The see tract* were attired tn black livery, great oo*ta and bata, with white nook* kerohkfo, bo. At (be polio* fount * mtle dlfflenlty la keeping the ? row* from U? bolt I tide of Twenty third street, tbop feit sotbewhat pleased wbm k long political torchlight pet* realon I'MH down tb? kireet, forcing a large num ber of tbe I'eoj'le to tUe opposite side of Ike way, whs*, after the procaMMI had passed, the i>olice delermlasd they should cot recroaa the road. One or tbe bj-tluden tcemtd la be very tattoos It koow * betber tbe boraca la tbe es Goreraor'* carrtaga were tbe property of the Prince or not. They were ti wf bamCtamt bom t, as it the manner they "champed their bttu" ck~.ttd them to throw tbe foam over every o*e aear tbe<n (toe man bad a lot of tbe aall ra thrown over bia coat, wh'ch he did aot aeeai to relUh at all, aad aa esprcteed htmntf, wb d oue of th? b)ata*ders suggested that be tbould not mind bit ooat being tilled by tba ijaa? from tbe mouth of the Truce's b or tea." ' Prlnoe's or President's hones be did not can ? bcut, bat be did not wlab to bare hta ck<th:s dtmaftd by either." Pwral ladles wh> war* totaled Lear the borte ? beads were afraid that "they would ttan.i a chance of being rut ortr If tbey did aot move away from there " But a eery gallant young mm t?i4 be Ww.ii! "risk his own life to save tbeira, especially aa tlie iai <~r ?t from the carriage occupied by a Priaaa of England." ? trgltkh or Dutch she said, "aba did not wlab to bare ber arm tm Leo la his hooor la sack a mraa way . but If tbe fet'i dowa with him at the ball, and so gut injured, she would like tbat macb better.'* 8be then inquired whether tbe Prince *a going to thn baU la aa open ferriage, and wbea abe found ha wm n<?t, 'he very lufckiy changed ber quarters for boat*, a a "the did not tee the fun of eta) lag there three boara aad not sto blm then ? belit" Several otlier ladtaa, a.tliO./li ehlvet iug wltboHI. stood their ground man fully uottl tbe last, d*t<-:irloe-' never to gtvo way. <>t* eaerget c frmale, who would aot to p la tba rank*. was r. mpellet to be removed by the t* the notes of tbn foli? ir log rbym , tctg loadty by Ik* *>?? ? One, two, three, Ana uul ?ute sbe. lis. ha' At the crowd would i>reea in tbe limits, tbe polio* w*ra rotitianally empWyed In puthlug tt<-m b*uk, m ?kmg ibeaa i way abtu t like a surging tea. A jouag woman, wbe Jld not l<ke the |x Hromaa polbleg bar with bin bank, far be u* It g hie baads was of very Utile effeot, began ?<? belabor blm with l?-r kaods to tbe beat of her ability, bat l be good W>?)>^d fellow merely smiled aad b?ah?d, ft.rhed aa<l tailed, aad, when be had got them beak, r* any took a > cb?w of tobaaoa" and put H la hH mojtk as a eolacy and f?yn>-ot fbr hia bard work*. IW girt brr-kr the ranks, aad aner rue a log fmm oae pntol k* eaotber. tad another, aad beitg turned back frmn eeab by tba poiM?aMa la r harg?, tba .mad birstlf, to ber to aoyance, nat< ad of )>elrg ta a betw* poeHbm, eight oat ?lde of tbe eallra cr ird, and " it of sight aad bearmg. ia>e maa waa rewai^'d fee aa aUca^t to * -p b/ Um i fncees wi b a vary nice tap ea bis heail.wbseb l?ter miaed blm aad others to keep la tbe raaks for tb? net af tbe even lag Wave oae epp?ar<-d to get t s?ver? sqoeeaa. If a load "oh h h b t" might be takr* la *?td?aaa af tb*s fact. rrom what tbe officer* said tU*? eeemed U have mora trouble with the gaeets las 1# the hotel tbaa with tb* erowd* oat ode ; for, though tb* former ka*w w?ll tksf meet not eeowd sp tb* bill ware, still sotblm wool 4 pav snade tbiw they wee* dotsg wrong, and If the palm* laid their hands ea them *?*r an lightly tba reply waa, "Tab* your hands tf of ma, you awty M!,*w," be. To make the yaqh look nbool be'ore time, tb* boys wnwtd raise tba cry of **tre," he. , and If any one lotted from a window tbe> were laei^l italy greeted with a hearty tb- 'A. (>r > maa rpek* oat l"ad e< "ugh for all {to b?er* "Tbter is a l<>t of df Diorrate here wnstlsg their tin" r<* rcfbNf;" when he wat aekrd, 1 fhen, why r. *e he tbert!" What tbe answer m g'll htes hern are knjw n't, bet at this snom^nt toe royal pe'ty dM-eal "<t the sValrt in fall teenicg, carry ing their opera hsts la their haela, an 4 m Im:J tbe r\rrlagr* ami>i ??o<l oheers The W