Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 13, 1860, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 13, 1860 Page 8
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FINANCM.c and commercial. Fkioi*, Oct. 13 0 P M. The Coney marketgtows eauierfrom .lay lo day. frnltri'T an-i to >l.iy the brokers havo boon bor rowing nWM) at ai* p?f * out; to-day we hoar of ? largo line 01 P ?l?'r going the name figure, ilie quotable rat s for paper this afternoon were, tor short ttr?t da**, ? a P*r cent; for lour to -I* ?onthp, prime, 7 per com; for names low general ly known, 8 a 10 a 12. Tt.e course of the money market has Hi- nted tho-e who look for strin goncy even O they failed to Uko Into ac ?wuut the effort of our heavy exportation! of pro and of the large accumulation of wealth at Uim and "ther financial certrea. Die importation ?I dry poods for the week ending to day is heavier Uut ot the orresponding week last yar; but ??in|>ai.'d with othor weeks it Is not vory hoavy. Th?' foreign exchange market is rather steadier (ban it was for tho steamer of Wednesday. Rome ?f the bankers are potting 109 for their sterling bills and 5.15 f. r'their francs. The standard rates are for h inkers' hills, 10^4 a 109 for sterling, and fr.ld.1 f r fran for commercial bills, lO4^ a J. At then.* i ?t * of coarse no Bpccie can be shipped agam-t t> iN a# a commercial traut>aetion. A cer tain quantity of bullion and particular descriptions of eoms will, however, continae to go forward aa ?wal. The business at the sto;k board was ralier larger than usual to-day, and prices were better. Ah a general rule the public seem to be holding aloof for the present. The Rock dividend alf.iir, and the pendiog polP.ical controversies, ap pear to lnwe checked for the moment the ap petite for buying stocks; but prices are main sained )y the purchases of the bean, who feave been selling everything on the pn>-.(." t of a dissolution of the Union. Their dis appointment at the Amine.** ot ti.o market after fee elect i <>B in Pennsylvania, which seems tobe re garded a- sptthog the result in November, is lead tig a good many of them to cover their contract*, and we note accordingly an active inqnlry for all ?o speculative shares, and c-peeially Central, Brie, (ialena, It k I-dand and Toledo. New York Central -old at one time this morning at R"}, Itfi tell to t<!>4, and closed finally at 891 l?id; Eiie -old 'ip to 40j, fell back to 39, au.l eloseJ 394 b>?i B." K I- land wn* sold as high as 714 cash, was Bfwrward offered at 73 j , and closed that bid. commencement of the November traffic on the Western roads is not more en ouraging for the tear party than the effect of the Pennsylvania tlect'on. Missouri fitate sto<ks improved J per ?on' to .1 iy; Virginias aiul North Carolinas Br* firmly held at yesterday 's prices. The feet appears to indicate a want of con tklence in the schemes for dissolving the Union, whUh are so much talked of. In the afternoon the market was without mate rial cLaope, and stocks closed steady at the follow kig figures Virginia 6's, 90J a : Missouri t>'s, 79 1 a J; Canton, 20 a J: Cumberland Coal preferred, U a 14; Pacific Mall, 87 a 4". New York Central, ?9* a Erie, 394 a V. Hudson River, fitj a ); liar lass, 211 a do. preferred, 51 ] a V, Reading, 47 1 ? jj Mi< hlgan Central, 69 4 a Michigan Southern BBd Northern Indiana, 21| a 22; do. gaarantecd, 484 a J: Panama, 124 a 12-5} Illinois Central, 5ij ? 4; ?.alcn.? and Chii.igo, 774 a J; Cleveland and Toledo, 4?.Jj a Chicago and Iiock Island, 734 a I. The Illinois Central land office is doing a strong business this month. Upwards of >so,(HK) worth of Und sold and #61.000 cash collected np to the 9th toct. Large payments arc making of the arrears of Merest, and the Commissioner writes tho Bar.rd that the harv. t of 1?',0 will yield about ono mil lion of dollars for his depsrtmont. The following is a statement of freight forwarded over the lUinoia Central Railroad: - &pt , , 9 s ^U, 0 -n xM\? ISM. 1H*>. U69 ISQ0 winsi. iiiiiin nitm 7n?u ie?osis tw m Bye VMI 16 UVi ft 1*7 47 #01 Osra 13 11'i I'ii.SlO V* 4-1 S.Hdl .Wl Mi :* ?t-o to 7*8 stiou #:? ?i?? Iteifcy 16,7^1 IS 7SI 30 8 9 t7,6JB barrel* .. S7 h?0 39,734 74 US 7 14^310 Wo are requested to rail attention to the adver ttseMeat of tl:o Citizens' (lAslighl Company, pnb tblied in another column. Of the total capital, 11 .OlO.'wo, ?'.-,o,000 have b? en taken ns an Invest ment by o<>0 -.tockl. 'llcrs a ad the balance la now oQ< red to the public. It is expo -ted that 10 per ?cnt will be paid annually in divijends. Appli cations for sUnk to be oiade to James II. Stobbios, tJ William atrett. It will be ?-? en by an advertisement in another column that a meeting of the creditors of the houac ?f Messrs. I anes, loyce A Co. was held yesterday. The exhibition of the atlairs of the house proved quite satisfactory. T) e amount of th> ir assota were ?bown amount to ."?8,000, and th. r liabilities to 11,795,000, showing a balance In their favor of ?76." ,000. They propi ?cd to gl\ e their notes in pay- ; Bient of their debts, bearing Interest from the 1st of Octob< : in?t., snd payable In six, twelve an<l ?kghtcen mob iks, which, by rc- >lution, w^a r.naui Bomly adopted by tiieir creditor*. The earnings of tho hrie Railroad for the ?MBlhofSfpt mter, 1-eo, were 9(100 12104 Ka/Lirt' ^ept'mber. lli'J 442,797 45 Mereare ? ... $137 3 M 61 The I umii> -t of the Hu'j-Tt. ?i*ury to U.iy wiw: ? R(*ctr'? ?For . 6ft 000 00 Paj roemf 144 3A5 Nd Mm ISOMU IT The Mulef at lb'- Mininp Board today were : ? ICOrhaOoW Hill . 91. 1 0 alia kli-id i' '< ]re do ?. 100 An brio >1 M> < >a t r?l M0 H"? &0 <k> blO Ml , 100 laic Rafale .0 12 , The crini* In the ufUi: * of the (Iran ! Ti -ink I? ii! ?o?<l, It eppeara, cro<e? out of A jadtfment recover ?<1 against t!i<* company by the l.onJ 1 b*nk<-', <M eaar*. Dtrirg Br th n A C". and <>!jn, M.ll* k Co.) f<<r tl ? ?>um of eight kandMd thousand pound* Merlins, a# four million* of dollar*. B; i).* m r \ *1 of the Africa t' ? afternoon we have our I c?; the news wu 1 .bliahed two daya ?tare. The retnra from the 1ti?nk of Enj?Uad for the week endiujt th? Mth of September giv. t the fob lowing naulU when -oompared ?.tU pretioua week:? rabtw lap<?iW ' '< "> tn?*rev? HIT .2 1 "1 fHbcr depiatta I n>"? !*?-r?aar ....KMTIJ ?at a T?l, #18 Imtmn ... ft .a* On the oth<*r ?i !?> > f th aeeoant: - Borarnment aaearttiM ' ->i fcl 1 ir . ?o;M. Oibar aaenrtttea 1? 4?'< .???*. 7J# Roto naewpleyei 1,1.14 Mil Darroaae .... a Ma The amount of n'?* - in ri> calnMon U <30.911, 419, beinft 1 Jf' r.'ve of i * ? .010: nnl Hie ?to k of bub Hon In both dep irtment* i- flt,U5, *>1 . 'hiwt",- a decrease of jCl'.'t,?oT, wh*n ?>nptred with the prev ?-.ling return. With regard to the movement* ?f bullion Wiimer A Smith's T. ?*?** -.?v? - tm.-orU of bulls ?? It. ? wiW Ui i w e matte ?Me, inc'u.iiar a larf? q lani 'y of ? tear flr.m iti am? I rva rtxrf baa b~? a tair d? :iuiJ (<r lb ? i-.i- 0 1 Kj?io. bul it !? aoobUa! wbetser iM l?M*Uu .? lor tover ?an ba Supported ta Ue faoa of ao large a auf . . 1, ?B? aa?'*ci Tb? pr ijta, tbeeef**e, atwl be coos .t 'rM Bo An to th? moner market th* *?ra? paper ?ay: - Tb? 4wmaat m?'krt h%a bo?w ab? ftaatly aopp' ..! ?tl ???'T . bat U>? 4eaaaa<i for aiaaaawolaitoo b?? b >? owl . ta l?wb?H atr~^ lb? b<*( bttM are frc?t ?afeM at *K pmr rial Ta# B?nb barmf aa jr< 1 ?? 1 voryfbw tlraaoaa ta aa( ftfulKm of ttw diTieeel'. Hi ??be? wbirb wiu be rrflnoa* br tbctr retoaa.1 aest m Lib will be tka mute auv^i The portion of the tuir'aet for American *ecuri ttta la thua noticed by li< a-ra. r> Bell . Son A Co.: ? la tka mark* tee American awurttU* there M ni par Mtar faatare I . a .1 ne ? t>. ? ? r ? . ni ? bflP.rv^a tf*aaara<?1 darta* ?V- pv.i wr^k.aat ilia art?t mntm.i<a ?rm. via at*.-, r t>" > ? ? CMtoit H*a?a? fl par oent aoadi, IM. v% % r> Do IpneM, IIT4 *1 a env ?wtarji* ? par oaut booda. laea 1171 .... wt , 91 4 Mar 1 *mi * r "'IT ' ? " a M IMlMbMaM I par oeat atari. ag bo?4a ...lou a 1M Mmaaylvaata ? p*r eeut a?.^k a? a at Pa I per Mat bond*. 1*77 aa a aa Vtrgfet. ? per oaot boo-l*. U?M ?l a at Do t per or% t rt*rlla? bocde, 1M? k*> a ">i ?".irtr tnm I T p-r eert b^eda, Ut m , fT8 19 a ?l Ml DO 33 93 ?0 ? k. 11 . . . iT rvi ? per 0?Bt do , 18T4 M a CO Michigan <?airaJ ? percent boa.ta, 1M9 S. w York Crulral b per ."cut bonus, 1W 3 Do. i per oet I bouo*, l<tiM New Ymk Bud Erie T [?' >i?l 1*t ra , 1*47 Ik). V per -Mil id io>rl*?*t) 1864 D?. *. per .vol 3d mortgage, 14oJ. Do do. , IMS Do 1 per cent do 1846 101 1't'L.naylraMa Central 4 per >MU, l&mj ... M The deliveries of grain at Chicago ?u the *)Ui iD-t-in! were as follow*: /loir, Wheat, 0>m, Oaf, Ayr, Bar'y l*u. biuh. hui\ Imuh Otu/i butk 14.000 34 Oil do.800 3 000 4*1 83.143 1.3)10 900 322 2 911 01 ? 90 a 9* ? 01 ? 90 a *0 a 60 ? 101 a 01 Canal ? ?;& I'd* 1 3!* c * r. 1 rr. tea M Cent HR 804 C , B 4 ti BR 813 C ,iN W RR 787 C,a UL.HK 100 c , i'. * r. w ? 3 1>0 27,7CO 24 460 16 540 SMI0 JO0 1 4(0 7 700 ? 6,681 ? ? 176 1,400 ? 1,160 1,600 129 3,701 ? 480 360 ? 1869 370 2t9 4 49ft 8?u 3365 319 oh 1.607 88. 7?7 134 219 1S40. 443 918 8 1 'J 1,8(12 li. 4U6 2 oo 845, 75? 72 029 129 746 Total 3 704 166 744 62 308 31,471 4.961 8 673 Pamew'k 69 0,311 98,824 11.804 11 872 4,231 8,081 The total receipt* of flour aud grain at Chicago wince the l?t of January, compared with 1869, aro follow-: ? / Rsuxfti , , 18W 1440. Flour, bbl* 45 3 MS 414 581 W h*at, b:ah 6 002 001 9 948 298 t"rn .4 191 910 14 271,032 *<ati 966,241 1,248 628 Rye 117 HO 207 4-22 Uarley 311.710 871 177 We read in the Boston IVooeflfr of Octoberfll: - An important QUf was reoenlly decided lo the United Ftalea Circuit Court, of ibe Naumkeag tMeam Onion Com pany, Mbellauu, again* I u>e barli BdVta and o?eera. II wan a ca*e Id which * lighter w*i erapoyod at Honlle to carry cotton u a ahtp. Tne boner or tho llgh'^ar burst, anu thereby 100 balea were loct. BUM of udiD* bar ing been aignbd by tbc >t>aa:cr of the *hlp, ihe Jistrkot Juilxe beld tli'- Hhip liable lor Ibe logs Tbe Ciicalt Court affirmed tbe decre* of Ibe District Court, deoi Iior tbst tbe contract wa* entire, tbat tie cotton wan on board tbe nblp tbe exp< obe ?l J r irk of tbo voe>ul, uij unJ-.r a contract made with tbemaatcr. Tbeabli>per bid parted with bn potaeaalon of tbe artlole and had no control over it. uud tbe cnip waa b' Id tor lb la portion of tbo article and tbta jart of tbe tranait $8000 Virginia 8'?... 90* 6000 N Carolina 4V. 48* 2000 Mleaourl 4'a.. . 7* * 11000 do 79 KC0 Frie RR 1 in b 114 aoco Eri*BR2 mbe 911* 600 Erie RK Sn). 2000 Erie RR cb, '71 1000 Erie RR <??, '62 2100 Buf, N Y fcnm 6000 Mich So 2 in b. 2000 Co 6000 do MOO do . ?JXU II I R RK 1 m 6000 Har'.em Kit 1 m 6000 Cbl & s Wlm 1000 Cbl & N W 2 Q) 'JO 00 N J Gen :mb 21 ?bs O..' au lla.ik . 17 Uotrop'n Bank. . 10 Penn Oaal Co ... , 116 I'ac Ma'l Sj Co. .. 100 do 26 do 4 S3 S V Ont RR . . . ?lock Kirhaag*. KmuaT, Out. 12, 1800. 6% Bha llarlem RK. . 22 138 do 100 do ... . blO 160 Harlem R K pref. loo do ... 335 do 200 Oct & ro'odo rr 100 do B00 100 do 1020 do 400 4? b40 bt o tflcb Central UK. 100 do 150 do bl6 100 do ..... bdO 100 Mizh S i S U KK 100 do b30 40 liicb s & N 1 R'Ura do bJO do. do ^30 do *40 do BlO KV) blO ti>0 100 .160 100 100 100 200 loo 100 100 450 100 Erie RR 200 do.. 10O do. 76 do. 100 do 360 no ?-00 UudtOD R KS. ... 100 do boo 100 Bariem RR 78 47 * 4",S? 82 83 ? 84 84 W 100 US f9 32 ?; 143 yj 112 '4 82 67 87'. ?9 60 200 60 800 460 ...b30 48 Clev \ Pitta Rll. 100'Wtl AC1URR bOO do. . do., do., do., do.. bSO b30 b40 bio 89', 89 89 8?r 89 u 8?, S 89', t'r. 89 H 40 i 40 40 89* 35^ 8? ? ?:? 22 ?? 100 760 60 509 AO 60 do .... blO do do *30 do ?30 do bao do. 420 Chi & Rk la RR. 390 100 100 400 160 400 300 do do. do. do. do. do do. .140 .9.10 .640 .030 i80 .'blO 100 Cb, B A. y JUl.aaO 60 do lou 4o..,,..b50 60 do t>30 10 HU & Ulra RR. . . 22* 22',' 60* 61 44* 44 44* 44* 47 49 4 49 49* 89* 21* 22 48 48* 44* 48* 48 * 44 16 77 77 77 "d* 77 77* 77* 74 7^* T4 74 * 71 73* 73* 78* 80* W* 89* 9#* u X licuo Mich 8 2d w b 40 10 Bha I'ac M Ci Go (.:* 60 do b30 87* 10 NT Can RR 89 ncoxB.Boivn, too 100 250 2eo 10V 100 uo. ..(80 . . .*4 b80 ? 810 no do do >10. do. do. lfOH .d lliTcr RR 60 do ... . b20 i -iv Qarlcra RR 100 do . b40 i 200 trie RR 300 do 60 do >00 U0 ilo bOO * 66 I'rVe KH u'.i ' loo M'.oli Un Rii .ilO 100 do 89* 89 * HP '4' K9* 69* 83*. 81 4 84', 2- * 21 * 39 89* nu '4 40 * Hu 4t* u?* t?;LaUlch<;enRR 60 88* 60 do blO MX 76 d 1 68* 100 Mich K & V In PI 22 100 a,i .VKa la KK-40 73* 80 CMcBurA')(UtbM 8J 60 Harlem RK pro'd 61 200 do ... b30 61* 100 Ulcb 3 \ N 1 K ?t 48 * 100 do '40 4H* SiHJ 111 C" a Hll acripi 8.'> gio i. nice* a. COic KR 77* 300 do 77 * 340 do *11 77* 260 40 b40 78 100 do 77* 2W CleT fc Tol KK040 47 100 do twO 44 i 100 b80 M CITY COflNKKCIAL HKPOHt. ftunAT, Oct. 12-4 P. M. A *ur* ?The market w*j quiet au 1 prlooa uocuaogcd. ? F*iur ? The market w? rtrm, fiat tints I' M Kiivr for oommno an I medium piloa of Ktate and , ... The aalei embraced about 16, l/CO bbU. , cl Mlag w ih in I bo 'ol: ??,?< raugc c i j now ? Hupetfioe "late '.....?. 4ft 35 a 8 4ft Kitra from old and new wheat ft ftft * 5 an S. |*ilii.i' Uriktli 6 :a a 6 Vi Common to cb >kx< Wetter a e*tra 6 JO a 6 76 ft l 'a ft?.' 6 *0 a 7 00 ?! ? I I l"iim ght .-"onthern ft NO a 6 14 ,<ir*i*M lc fud extra do fl 2<l a 7 ftO i extr* faml!) ami bakers' brand* 7 50 a b 7o ' Kye flour. 9 .V) a 4 M t ru meat, .lerfy arfl Braadywu* 3 .4 I 3 'M ? Caoadlaii brand* w or* firm, aod tbo decnan I c*r"?dnd tbe tapply. Tbe mtea embraced ab mi 400 M ? MM H a 17 S-- Southern floor war In ra b. r better demand, I and ttrme The ?*lee embraced about 8,000 bnla , rloalng *? ilb.u tt>c abe\c raLgc of p lcoe. Kye U >ur win at quo | tatkxtd, ?lt!i moderate tale Corn meal wat firm aaJ tin demand fair, white aai--? were llmlel Whsat ? Ttie market i?p?ned with OrmiiMt, but claed with leaa buoyaacy, tenure vo h-ibm extent were d.?|K?t?d to await the receipt of the Afrtja't mall before dolug much The ta'.ra f. r the 'lay Tooted up about 00.000 bwh. U at , $1 l b lor cbotce white Michigan, 41 43 a *1 40 for fair to good wnite l<hio act Indiana, 91 90 a 41 23 fur Uji ra*o tprlng, and II 90 a fl 28 tor Milwaukee e ub. tt>ru wan better and In food export d?man with tal?M of about 64,000 buthelt, loclui. log Weetcrn raited, at , ? T1 ,o a 72-. , aJ. ?l aail In ttoro, aad at 74c a T4S" for yellow Boatbem. Rye was t!.-.n at HQ; a Sic. Bar ley waa ttrady. with talcs of about 7,000 buahelt fu:? at too. UaU wt re la good repeat aal pneea were Orm, with ta'ee at 37c a 3-? ^,c lor Wiwteea and CaaadHn (\ierw ?The aalra embraced 74 baga l/icuaya at IV , If * do. ft. Domingo at 13 ,0 a 13 '?c., 7|b baga Hio at l4\n . anl 2 CvO main Jara at 14 \a. a 10^.: ? irTToS ?The market waa Irm wtth aalea ?>( b-t irea S 000 a 4,000 bale*. part tor export and part t? tp nacra. Pr >oee elated aim, but wllbcul eaoubir r.haagn t rkj< na ?To l.lTi rp>,H.| about 44.000 a 50 C00 b i'helt of sci a and wb^at wi re rcgt^-i- l, In bu!t an I be^t, at 1U a ll .Sd ; U 0 bbi* f >ar at 3* 400 box-wch*'#e at 4ft? , lbO t.i roe* b?wf at fx 41 T 1/iodcm 900 halrt Itoj-s at \d. It. tila>t;ow 26 ha.|? tallow were engaged alp t. T<> It <rre cotton wan ;>t V' f?r t.juare bali-e ai-datli fur round. Ha. k and rice ware at 112, and arbot at f 10 H.'t aat In ttoailjr demand, a lib aa'ee of a'?out I .'.00 balee.clueiog it 7U; a 74c. for th.ppisg loU, aad at 40c. a 90e f"r Pit j- nte. ! ,*t wo n fair deir. and. a th tatet of omm >o at 90;., wb o lump wat qu t t an 1 uai hanged. Navav nraw ? S'lca of 300 bbJt No. 1 rutin were atfie at 4S 90 torpaat'.oe wta qutet but ttea 1/ , a Ui ' o.MM talet at 41 >?o a 48c. for ttraigLt and tbtp j?lng l<ita. Pbotmoi* ? l*orh? The mtrkrt ethlbltod mire ?t?a?tl neat, WB'.I' tte ta'< t enitnaced about 400 bblt , lo<-i i l : g | or* an? at 70 a Its M, and aew prime at 414 M a ?It V) Be^f waa firm, wttl. tal?a it ab-wt 300 bbia . Id rl Vi g couttry ?'??? at fft a $A. repanked Wet:ern at I * a ? ' St and extra at 111 a 111 40. Cut meatt and ha- >n ' werr nutet and uontinal 1 a -4 wa twa iy, with ta'ea of 140 bblt at 11 a 12\" for aew, and at a 13^9. for o| t Butter and rhare<- werr ttea iy. Hhw ? -<aut of 200 oaakt were ma it at 41 Ma 44 41 per 100 IM. Prtitk* wen Cp?er and mw artlre. TTie aa'"? ent braced aboct 2 *?0 hbdt C?\t?ae, ehle'ly w1thii\ the eanj* ot 4 s.- a?V for fair to good re lo ng go>di>, ana at ? V\ ? 'M? a '\r for gro r<<ry graded. WthkiT ? S?:<t of 300 bblf a.r ? nvorta.1 at 21 S" tt ri?? maibet hat boco u net t"^? wwt, and talea tlmlled Tt . repeat aucttoa tale la llilladelphta bat had t depre?ltt efle?t oa woo It g *i>< rally, but rat) re parti sn | larly on tkr flne qiiaJltita .if ?! rami. , whic.i wire eff?red ' at '< fl ratee The aalea tli t wrrk mmprtae 2*4 bale* tallforela at 24e lli bthtdo on prl-aU' term*. Ift.OuO iba. pilled at a 4tc , and 100 bale* letat, oa prirate tern t llreret art dull to fere' g*i we bear of to traa j tart Met. T matin ?g|| > ru ooatlcoe la gx>d lemaa I at drm pr;ppt The aairt ba*? b~-n ? in bh it May??l!lt | Kiatwliy at f) iWv.tMknlm lltrara at p * . kod .1", Vara tip I, aad 171 .ete* teed tnaf at 4: a JO' U na* ? The niuti I tbta area baa ?eao kw? aot rt; Ute ' ttnrb oti hatd tt rery ranch red ioed. an t ?r>mm>a <1* | ?erlpMoot of hide* trt verytca'* and aag< rty ? ug' I , af r The rettripia bare beon fair. The talea bare bp?n ? 4 OCO rtjeoot Ajree, 26" . 4 moothe, 4 400 tlMo<w | Ajn* Ktp, 24c a 24 .o., 4 mmtiM t f?0 onwvi, tt>4e , 4 fn *atbr, 1 400 ILai ara b?, 21 1,- ? miwUi* TJ0 **?tio wall, tin., e montbt I 000 Rh. Ilacbe ,loo Porto ikxlto, 21 \e., 4 Moatht. V0 f iric*>a: 400 Veeteni, IV., i ?ontft, M0 dry tailed Aaadwioai lalan t to arrlre, laj , ? mrntbt I *arw?s ? There bat beea an a-tlre taqalry for h-m I lock aote leather during the we?k, aad l*Hb r*?Uri dealera ted toanufk l irtra hart bought largely Pr -ee are Irmer. aad la torn* oatea tor a prime article b'ghee rate* bare been obtained Til K DRV OINIM TRtDK. Tte folltwlrg m ? comfwratlre ttaterarnt of the Import* of foreijr* dry good* at New Vor^. for Utc wgp#aad tieet Jaeuary ^ ^ PkrH,-n* I 14?? 1?4? 1M0 rrtere<! at the poet ?77? 41l I.0ll?70 1.4* 3*7 Tarawa la market .... 4J? TOO VM.4M J,fvi,4*l tmes Janutuy 1 ? lestrrd at lb.- porl . . Ilt.l'l.l#! 45 917.717 ?T V 4?1 j TTr-we on marV t . 47.14T 4*2 ?34)B,3H M 4S5 ?J? j By U? tb?r? iuterr*vl tt vlll bf Ptfr ?Nt *ry ? ods entered it th* port the past wwt, M wefl m the *uk. out thrown npoo tbe market, were la sxeeea of Ihnee for the same per led In the two preoaoedtng ;wrt The Mf rrpatft, itnr? the Ural or Jaaoary hvrt, exoted those for the *?me time to IMA, hoi felt below iboM of Uie same prrtod In 1H69. Tho gr?-ss ino'itl of eotrHS cim p?red with I boa. Url860 shown a dlflkrenee of $8,004 306, and as excess or $38 600,917, compared with thoae for the fame period In 1(68 Of the gooda entered for eon tumplon, woollens amounted to $408,119; ootton good* to $115 318, tl'k gcod?, $700,46$; Sax, $100 ,041, and ml? Oellancous goods, $183 600. Total, $1,110,47$. Attired for Ooruumptim. rift- Value. Picas. Foiu*. Wool ? Bilk? WoolleM... 107 $84,86T Bilk* 361 $290 395 CarprttDf.. 60 18 63$ Ctolbs 129 116,337 Worsteds... 124 63 360 Delalnea ... 4 $,928 0?lt ftwont 163 76 614 8ba? Is .... 24 16 090 Bralda ft b . 8 0 360 Il'ai.keU ... 30 8 26$ ll'? 113 13393 Worst, yarn 69 $0,687 Tola) *813 $408,119 Cotton ? Cottoua 36 $12 686 (oloed.... 31 Kmb raua.. 83 I'nnta Laces . RaodkiS. . Rinbons. .. 141 147 131 Oravata.... 37 Plosbee .... 13 Shawls.... Gl-re#.... I acre .... Volreta... ? ft worsted 63 8. ft lineo. . JO iftb. 14 38 308 10,349 08 $$,S07 771 19 667 19 16 989 48 m 10,247 10 991 Crapes. . 8. A cotton. 38 Raw 4 30 30,893 31,131 6 518 Total 71$ $700,168 4 10 22 11 876 axx.l 109 34.789 use 334 84 818 Total 678 $116,318 Flax? Linens 429 $67,698 HnidkfB . . . 82 19 952 Itmad 42 21.210 Lin. ft colt. 19 4 201 10 664 14 481 1 ?56 Misccilaneoua? 4.4IM 81 raw guodi 149 $37,619 MllllDcry .. 16 6.100 Feethfctlow 17 Okithtag. ... 16 l/m gloeep. 72 Kmbrold'e . 69 Kldglorea. 17 14 841 Ooraata 7 723 Sispenden. 9 1 9C4 Mailing.... 100 1 0J1 8,681 6.766 $7,016 64 970 Total 633 $103,061 HVAU/aitn from W our haute. s, lk? $4 906 S'lka 6 59$ Braids ft o. 7 C89 8?<rl dm 13 979 497 Total 401 $183,630 Wool? Woollens ... $ Carpeting.. 19 Cloths 13 Wortteda. . . 37 Delaines . . 3 Cot ft worst. 84 Shawls 19 Blankets ... 29 $7,687 940 126 Q>1 Ions . . Ootored. . . Spool Total 8 $8,736 *1.369 2 liii ThUl. . . 12 fx y Flax? 6>34 1 Ioods 64 $10,7(13 4C69 Hlkfs 1 1,117 Thread .... 2 417 Total 161 $63,677 Liu ftootlon 3 366 Cotton ? ? 17 $3,068 Total 69 $12,582 16 '8 317 Mn*l)aneoi,? ? 7 1,113 Straw goo da $ ? ? iunbroid'lea 13 40 87 486 , ? Total 1$ *t>red for Warrhnuimt. Silk? 8 $1 (80 Mtk ft worst 16 912 201 08 40 8i$ Braids ft b. 3 664 6 1.J78 ? $166 Total 31 $19 373 Blankets .. 68 11019 Flat? ? .. ?? I.'nena .... 16 To *1 10$ $60,840 Thread 10 Cotton? ? Cottons.... ?0 $14 021 'Olal,... 30 Colored ... 41 8,441 Mlwtilmeous? >Sn muallaa 13 8 691 Wt'awf*>da 33 Spool 7 1,661 E^broidas 4 ? . Corals ... 13 Total 110 127,714 Matting.... 131 "fcilks 3 $4,323 Total 171 $10,664 JteeapituUUwn. Entered ljpr consumption? rtys Manufactures of Tool 813 " eotloa 678 ?? illk 716 " la*- 533 Mtacellanoouf 461 Wool? carpet. ug?. Worsted! .. Cot ft wor . Shaw la .... IT $3,(98 $1 649 1 *92 $6,491 $4 308 1,628 8,443 1 286 ralw. . $408,119 I 116,818 | 700 468 , 108 /MI 183,520 ' 8,099 $1 ,610,470 Total Withdrawn from warehouse ?

Manufactory of wool 161 ?? OMton 40 ?? Sik r... $ " $ut 59 Mlscellaaeoni 1$ Total 38$ Entered for warcbouf rg? Manufactures of wol 166 " cotton 110 " fcik 21 " las 24 Miscellaneous 171 Total 494 The export* of cotton doncatlc goods tbe p<ut.week wore light, and cbiefiy made lo Brazil, China and t\>a stantinople. The exports of collon domestic g ?4a from New York for the week ending Ucloker 13 were as follows ? Bole* China lit Brazil -.... 400 Vm?zuele 13 M-xloo 11 H??n 6 Uoiirtaul'nople 49 i'alermo 4 British Weft Indict 19 $61,577 1 7.498 < 8,734 . mn ! T598 | ? i $$6, W0 $40,849 27.714. 19 273' 6.491 10.614 8124.841 Ffilur. $6 H96 37.345 1,330 7?0 662 8 890 324 726 T.UI ei? 140,771 Pro-. ioi.jIjt reported 16,681 pinec January 1 .. 77 300 it a meMi; g if the creditor* of Ko?r* lane*, ftjcc Co , hi II yeaterday. I to I ,i?e ?n'mltuil ? rerldid ftate roent of it* affair*, r bowing that It* **???? am' Tinted t<>* COO, and it* lakbimtca to ?l 794,000, Ibiia exhlbl tlt( ? Mum IB lit far rof IT8B,K>& The ho,i#? pro to their wvdltorr to five ILtir note*. biarlag la j ttrfritroB 1ft lt?t. , and payabb In tlx, twelve, aut i e'Xbte"?i mrcthf A re?o!nt1oo wa? offered by on* of i their creditor*, In 'aror of axcil! the p:< ,>jsltk>r, *?i Ch W !i* ft topped VB*DlB?OW!f. The trade 111* pa*1 *eek bf^t tn" tcrate, and eh'^ ; from the Wflt Tfcli, be ?"vf?, <i appr<n \atlog I IU c'or? for lite ?oa?>n, Ihwgh ltk~ly to c^n I ttnu* to fair activity mi the r'-*e of the m*ith Tb* market for cot too domestic f<*xh eontio'ied *tealy , and with a fair butlnm loiag for lb* fean^a of th? year. Brown (beating* and ahlrttngt wer* tn Vr n-iu'*! and ?ncW? not large. We quota brown heavy li.ectiug* at 8\0 l ight grx'C* were unchanged bloartKj (OMU w. re <*tnp*rat rrly <|"lrt an 1 pr<v? m.?lvr*.l. Prill* were laaotlrr, owing t > th* red-j*?l eipor'. demand for Chtna. The chief point* for ax port were to California anl to South Aror rem p->rtt, and rtocka were arc jmulatlng. Print* were dull, exoept for mnc fancy and Mwoo.-iblo ?t' le* Otnaborg* were r oiely ?:U up to pro locum , and pilot* unchanged. Haitian were in gtxxl re qneat and *iipi'liea reduce 4 Cotton duo* wit ?teady and prir** unaltered IVwncrtic woo; lent and tnt*c?l goo-la war* li moVrate d*m%ni and | rrrt In wmr flue" Irregnlar The *n?pei.?iin of a large p'lnt* work coin; any, tt U.0 Kaftward, wai report el !? . ia re ?h*w * were doll. F. inrel* bare don ? well the *o?x>n, aoj thorgti noi ?- re the paat wank , prior* were luauuii d Karaey*, Uany* and jmi u wn< quiet. fn f. re gn goof* the b '*lnr*? w%l Mr, ar .1 prir* fur mot description* of new anddeairable MrlM were ??)? tamed. Milk* of *e**on*bl* and 4r?lraM? *tjle? w>r* Arm. Pre* go*?* wtr* In moderate demand, and *al?* making at ?teody prler*. Krgli-h fla? e! tin werr 1. m, white i-flw-e and hrary fi?>a* were dull, r.erman rl *1 ? were in eotoe bettor ri<;u<-?t, but without c;.jog> of ia portaooe la price* TTic auction ?*!<?? the pint week were f'wer, and of I*** magn.iud*. Ourlnir the wrrk only on* aal* of much oot-? , by auftion ?.irr. .1, wh .e oUwra were (federate, and t>r obtaim .1 >na*ewbat i riguter. The aetaon for auc , (lot aal<a of lmrortar,r? |* appeoartnng Ita el -ee The ltrgr?t importation la point of value tie pnet week oooeieteil of auk gotd?, aald u> t te been b >rr?4olT to a oonridrrabte extent from Trarre, la ard'<e t b* la U- eeeape the i>.*|? ni -o the '*? g-*- tixj pe^wln??? ?e a bounty on e*pi>rt? I*te adeloe* apeak favorably of lh? Mate of trade In ManrbiKtar, wluli in* of raw la I.lrerpoot or n tinned lo be well ?uMalnod, wlUi ? *U*lj from the tra la ? I m*? ? lr m Kiga??ki. T*par of Jnlr n. apoak of trade Itrif Tteg W? lat * the foil w lag e*'tra :t from thi G.m m< f %l < irtrta' of tie abore date ?American drl! * an I ?hr<-itri<. Ij'giirb ehlntrw. runlet* and T elotb*. haro been iftportrd oy owrb arrival from itiaLgbae. an I bar* been favorably dl*pn?r<| of to l? J?pw? for Wob.^ * and prodi re American drllbi have br H'fht Hexirll ft it to $.1 46 I^r I leee of foriy y?M?. Rol blanket cloth* ? li rewnfly at M a $4 60 per piew. ?IT lATItlll WAKTKD.VKM tl.K1. A^m t? W wBHtlJtMRRH Whnitll<0 AMO l*UWtJli4 OAlt ? be aea|l> .l >n? jr w<?M be wU;la? u> go a it u> tho 4if or w?ek fa" ?' jZ" y. av . tr,- ; .-r ' ??? ....n Ato"!"i lai>t winnr* a xttv atioj* to awkko a ?uce: bao ban **? 1"H4 to aWew*<"r a -rwif* ?<ae t) , |oui i eif *raa*> A t*i*a* K. L> . bm IM He- aid 'Ac*. Am ?pvrraTtit it rnrwo wont* WT?ur? to ot tal* a ??? a* cbaabartnatd nr a if*e. ?*ri ? ??? Ike rr*ll en*r<e of a l.aby trow tt* b<nk la t%\'J ?ii*|x>iaai to it > *v fw^aire -it v be Hot*, n b* **ru for two ?*f?. AH mrw trpilf.tffp T IHT OP RTPTA7MR -R ntlTRRS to *er^re a paa tin* *? bo-i*ekewo*r .leenperlatentent if a rrt?a" ? ruMl hi***. Pt'it el?** Mf*r**en> M h w ? W?i 'i.U.iiier >4 4Ut ar. Am iv rcTATtt.i Minni.K aoki> pkmai.1. iiatik* b?4 I n? eepeilenc* I* t**eMng. wl*he* totaberhirgo of i Mldren eapahk* of reoet m * lanrartkn. aadtodoftM I ?ewtwr. *heta(x taack eblKre* Prenr ti and mi?lc, <-%* arodi rm mtrm aatMfartnrr KwUwnuM* and r*f*r*n>-? 'r?* if l***i' atl a?. wvnte rmard (anrr a c ?m'on*->le bn*** Lb an ? w?r?? *oob -<<ton 10 the f?wry, bnt ltr*>*lr? prc.'ariwd t -afl at Bmxleiaaw * iot*lll*ev.-e o?a*. Win *Uwet. Ah laht will jSAUrn add AtxrArotiat) ro tbe naiw (rf ebtl.lron. a Ub?? in **?*?? In a faull; ?* * rwl in th* Rw?;wh hrai^Wa, aatarjr aot aa ohjort. bot an h?ie l?Witt <1.^ re'?e?we?* gira*. Addra** m. V , *t?i?na A Ak are.. Hew T.irk. AM *?*PRI*T tBI.? ORRWAR OIRt, WimtCt A ? IT 17 A i?m ?? Ivitea a*M Rbe baa e> -wivaai rwvHmai.<r.: [To m be i lae* where ?b* fca* N?w* Lb* um two i ?ar< i all jrM v<*?d?rt?o"'lr" ?? If M A OWART. TTTIT TOrA'l WOVtRWARTR t AfTl' A rt ? ? ? ? iH-'u'i :? - r . ? t?of raw aat it *?' rlJ ?.v o .*etVM (0 IB WMUlg " CW U SU Uti ft ? ?e*?:-r *?? 1 4 HTATIOJH WASTED-PKM ALK?. ACTUATION WANTKIi-HY A RBKl'IC r All ,K WO man. In ilo grneral bonaework or ehamhe'-worli , la a ?**?1 I plain eo k. wulkar lud Lncmr Go-id a ilv reierewoe ? Iter "l*i vln? Caubeaeeo at 61 Weal 18th at , between 51b and Kb avea ARFPB-T* TOUNG WOMAN WAITK ASITTA lion aa lanrdreae or oook. flood r-fervraoe . If rwi .ired. Itinera-*' aiiuation pre erred Apply at 73 (. liver aL ARIHPR TABLB WOMAN WISH 8K TO TAEB IN (?tiUrmra'a and ladles' washing, la willing to go for I imi bring thim. Oood nfeinut can be given. OalJ at ilfld , 7th ave. A' SITUATION WANTTO-BT A N1AT AND COMPB m t prraon, to oo"k, waah and tmo: aadentaads all k uda of tueuia aud poultry, and la a |ood baker; good at y 1 reference. fall at 11!) wast Mth at , near 7ih ave. , aeo-iod l uor, trust room. ARKRPRlTABLR YOUNG GIRL WIHIHW A ST tnauao aa chambermaid and waitreaa. or toarai%t with rui'dren, can ulre good city reference. Call ,u M Weal :Ah at. ABESPKCfABLB WOMAN WOULD LIKE CLAANIN3 by i!i? day rr week. Call for :wo days at 143 Mast ?*b It , on (atbei me lfamea. I A OOTD WORKING, HON1HT WOMAN WANTS A il or, la a good plats cook, good baker, and goad 1 wuher and Irocer Kicellent reference Apply at the Broad way Employment Buahliabment, 421 11 road a ay, up etalrs. An bxpkribncmd houhkkbbfbr-for th? last four yeera c?nn?. -ed with one of th<* largsst aaUMiah Ircrla ?' Saratov* Hprl ir?, 'a deairouH of a like aitutUon In hew Yolk. Be?t of referenda Addrwss for flvs days llouatheeper, AS lib av. ABIH'B'TABLE GIRL WANTS A PLA< K TO DO tenrral hounairrrk In a rmall lamily, wouH ha willing to tn plain eonklng, waablng and Ironing in the hoiva w'-k aiothtr alrl. Beat ally re'eiences A<lvn-tlaea frxii her laet plare, where abe baa lived three yetra Apply at 4*7 I'acile I aL, between Powers at and 4th av , Brooklyn TO L'WYKRP AND OTHBRS.-A YOUN 1 LADY WHO * rtt'a a ulain bitalneta band, wlahee emplrjmeut aa a eo ?via', wb.cb may He djne at her owu reald'oce. Addreaa A m. O., llerald ??flioe WA>ytl' BY A RIHPMCrARLK fOUNG WOM AN, A at' nation aa plain cook; would do waahlng aud Inmlng In i a email private family Can be seen at her pree>-it place, 419 ! 4tli ave. TTTANTKD-BT A RBSPEfTABLB MARRIED WOMAN, Tf Willi a freih lireaat of milk, a child >o wet yurae, would take ;.o Infant t" bur own rrai-lenoe References required and ghen At>i ly at 577 B h ave. nrANTBD-A HTOAfM, by a young gbrma* i TT *iri to dobonaework or okatnherwork in a aaaali ame 1 r'<Min fmdly. Call at No. ltt West 21th it , between 7th and i #b av*. WANTBD-BY A RBXPBOTABLK MARAUD WOMAN, aaltuation aa wet nnrae; hae a freab bresxt of milk; can Cre (o?1 i'.y refi re nee r?n be aeen until eu?a|ed at U6 tat 10th at , near Brosdway. WANTRD-A 8ITOA1ION A8 WBT Nl'RSB, BY A mairled woman; fl rat o hi Id, the rhlid la deal, fall at | ibe corner of Tillary and Hajmusd eta., Urookl< n, at Mre. burke'n WANTK1) BY A RKriPKCTAULK MARRIKD wMlAN who hn Imt her o?n baby, alaM w?rk? ?1 1 ? -bud to | w.-t aurae hi her own reatden-re The beat of reference can I be givrn. Call at 47 Waat 42i It. WANTBD-A KITU ATTON, BY A LADY TBOBO0GH ly rompelint to take r barge of a work loom la a coraet [ eatabluhment. Addreaa G P. I.. Hrrald ofll e WAKTKD-A BITOATION BY A FIRST CLIR8 nurae; It oimpetent to take the entire rharge of an In far t from Ita blrUi. Uaa Id years' city refereuoe. Can be eeen at ber lan p ace 1? Kvd ill at WANTBD-A CrtCATION, BY A RKHPBi'TABLK vousg girl, aa o~ok, washer and Ironer, o ? to d > general hooaework In a amall family beat re'erroee frosa her Itat o'aee, whereihe baa lived aerea yewa. Call at SM lat at., bet vten IStb and I'.nb ata., up alalia WANTBD-A SITUATION, BY A R B8P ECTTA BLK young womin In a private family, a* good out, waaher | and ii oner. <^an bike all klnlaof paatry and tboron_-h!v un d rcUtnda ker builneea. Can mmc well recummendel. Ap ! ply to day and Monday at 121 Weat Mth at , near 7th av. YKT ANTED ? A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG WOMAN, Tf ai nnrae a?d ?eaoutTsi* or aa rhamb"rmald and ee\tn attraa. un<l> -ratonda ? ntlug and tilting iadlea' a<*l children a drtaae'. Ural etty reference. Call at ?3 Myrtle av., Beit d.ior o the tailor's atorr, Brooklyn. WANTKD? A CHILD TO NURSE. A niALTHY y nng woman, hsvleg luat ber bal>e, will take a ehlli of rest ecUble parents to nutse at bar home. Apply at 16] Jt h i gt , rp|Kitft? lbs Blbl* Bou??. ' ] 'u/ANTID-A SITUATION. BY A MIDDLfe AG BO 1 Tv American vrotsan. aa hoitaekesper Is a widower a faml'y, and la ibot oughly capable, or would not objex to a oook'a aun u<i o In a flr?tc!ae> gentleoian'a faaaily; beat of re'ereace jflj en i f required Oallat 133 K<b at , corner of Howard. WA ANTED- \ SITUATION. TO DO GENKR AL HOUHK work In a amall private family; ran do plain soaking wuhiug and Iruulng, la an American gtrl. t'all at 162 Van k at B'ANTRD-A SnUATION BY A TOt'NO OTBL. TO f> do c h tin ! v work. *a >> llilng to a>rl*t In waiting, g d rlly re i ere i re from laid u'a?e; M> objertion lo go to a prlvats boar 1 li.g bou-e. Cad at No. 3 olxlh av , fruol basameoi WA>TTP-A SITUATION BV A BFNPEi-TABLE TIDT girl. ui sr; as rlumtM rmaid and ne.?i ?e?rei ; bn a.) ob jrcik'n to he'p io wa!t on il* tal le. Uail at 136 ffM M.j at , leeosd ?!?* r. froit room. IIKL.P WANTKO? MALES. AriAT AND 11UY HOY WANfKU-lN A FHWf eiaaaKa'o n. to w ake kioiaell g?n? *ilr uaeful and to ejiener?t-r? one reald -g wtibkla parenu i r' Terrtsl. A^ply a. the Cenir il MM, m?. oib av. BOT WAMKD- -AT TI1K VAN^TOV H<'I>K 7" FRANK lin il . to ii.aAe ii.iaarll a< osralty (iuM-f uL M'.at bnug n If irrees. Bi.Y WAN1BD-UI A FANCY HToKK APPLY AT STO Broadway, not be I rr 10 o'akxk. / 'BRTl.BMRR'H KUMMMIINi). ? WANfM) A VOLT II, \T It or 1( ?"*ra of a. ? h- i - i l l ?* -i ilem-i "? rat.aral faratabkir >.nal>-?aa, city rrfrrroce ra-jnirad. An-o u> JtwA ra.t.a# i?: OhmI ?i. Hk*? waitkr WAWiitn-i* a hotri.; mi sr ur .taraiii.d CHJvlB* ?| <1 l>? caiiaHa ?( Ukmy i-hart* <>( 'Ua I ill, i <\t n>wn an* rairtanmnt Anplr tkU d -y at Ui" Hutel ft. Mai main. rornar o( 4Ui a> and I'Jd ?l *NTFRpntra;R w*irrtr?.- *nrr?Ttn t apt, 1 apaakmjt Knillak and iI??m an<l raaiinc karaali <- *bi<? arrta a? an tntarpratar. ran bnruf a .laairabla ?lew tk-n ?>y applytrc I'Kwrfo 9*1,1 12 A. * ,<>f Dr. Wie*cr*f 393 llr mc at., 0|i|>i?ne i eutie m \rk< t R. T. METHOmi.ITA* iRriu.i.tiiR*<-R aok.kt. Mi tnd UM MaM-u :?n?. Raw Tor* dfof H"m from 10 A M. to ? P. M. Parana tn mn-ii "f aarvai ?_?, alike r ui?l? or f amnio, apoo ?Ikw h marly lui in ?*rn*y they ran relr, whether Rnrltah PretiaL Herman or lr.ak. will e.w\a-ilt tbrlr nan i.iiaraat by eallln ; at our ?ft. ?w We ra?" niarial nana but tb?-?* who r.i"n? arall pwnwmj i-lad in >ia. and eAarxa nntAtng If the appliaaat la not a-uud <Jir? ua a trial. OY^TKRMAR WARTKD? ORB WUO OPtVt Of THK H?UIB plan Addiaaa II. P A . bria-loaioa. Alao a frw ? altera. UOftPK'MIORKR-' WANTED. A fMWMtl wko n,.ler?tv -1a the atai ufarinre of all Wo la o' , b -? lata MMfavUtaary In lb* nwat ,ral aaaaDnr. aad oka agrafes *u*l!ak. A4tlna i'b ?>'.aia. Uarald ofltaa. Tlr AMTBD? A MAX TO TAKK KTIO. CHARUK OP A TV *1? >)aaa> at i? r. tall Itqeor a'wa. aak .m I an ku em I plnrer ?MJP. fnr arktek union Me- 1 aeaarltr will i>a ?lren. w Ik i n??l *a la* / or an wfrrai In Ua h wine*. iW ?ngiMar li ol If leate t?a city fur aetarai mf?'.!.a Apply at Sy Pa--* ?Mr. for tkrta day* 1*TID-T<> Bm OP ?BHASID4 ? P >T AND flrl A?p!? l? Mai- P Plarbi* *4 11 r? kar at w r?fAprrr>-m hb* pob kteambr* a "lk?k pi>r ?l a ? ur vanii a airrk (or a jrooarr nora. a i-l?rk for a (*nt l*T a'n-a f or b?ikaa;'?r, I?II po?l?ra. <*n T?Ja?. oja oat ft iwo frit tn traral tn Rnr, f?. I ??> gti s to Irani to Oali/or iiia Atpij at .No. 7 i katlwue e-iiwr 11^ A ?ITI f>? A F?>*PM\7f POB A MVPR V ?T UILI ?? Kudha'taro* kov?iarf?a ?t aw.ina aud nr?l.a a (and fcmiti Addrraa Lirar , MaUa, cttoa. OT AMIP-tN AI-T1VF. I JfTKIXTOKXT T0l*Jf.J TT m?n f r an . f""* o? a farr? dry | ?t >r? ?'< ?aa'? nnawko haa lait nut rTpartraca aula i ftol ?tn?r: a> ?l baia Aral rata rr iiuuf ?!?: 'a>a, and I* isvin* <r! A Irn pa 'a'ta a? irr f: Hi t %t par aaak Ailitraaa, aUi'n?' bu? tiapUitad ?nk nii'riatM. hna It? Ilara. l oOira. Tl'^Ptn TWl) WAttBR*. *?HO ! WlifR-TAMt RK II (trlur/ li mlraa* uad a>a onrrart at rlianklnc- OandeSty rafartrc- Mqebrd. ArP'5 ?> Pranrft Beaal. \lr\RTBP ^ ' t l.K<? V II IJ* A RPPAT1. DRY OOOD.4 tt a rra. M?> a nir-tnan la a tt|ii-ir at ?i. *M a ynn* ii *i ' ir ?i .v ra Apply a' R-dpa|u'a< >ika' R??tatr. i* ? tin Mtaaj Siioarroa pror rTa,! Ro onnm mi-.n la ? <?' ? <-tO KaW( l.s< \1T AH TP TV- A Tnrtll IlKTll ATTBHU V UQCOIt tt a""* t n- ?kn na<1t,i?da t>- h , v i?aai app.y; i.o?l ralar. ;ioaa ra-,u iraA. Ai-pij at lliiOiaaa *uk ataiiM. w AJIfTO-A PTKMT (*1 A?R I>BT OOOtW" RAt.B'VAI. Art?!j t" Ili-rtflM k Mil, I7? PiiHuaai., Br ?*lya. f*r ARTKP? 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I'or i>ar - . ,n atMra ?? mat alt ( a ,Hifi?ca atami f rarapiy MarU- I Ur ja , Pkiiadal . b a. UTARTBP A lOM'l MIR, WHO C*r>*TlPTA<?DI TT ika oatatldry ?r,?la hu.ioaaa, |'r iHata*. R t (aiilra ?l Swr?i?'a Ui'tal, ( h?than airaa!* fr m 7 10 l! o cJ.*A A M. R HAT IB. TlfARTPP A MA*, WHO f*n*RRT UWS TUB Tf InHi'n* of koaiarj, aafrratnaa In aab p akara tkera ? a mabti of handa a?|i<y?d. Aildma A. I. T , llaral-l cdRw. WrARTKI' t TOrRfl HIV, WI'O n* -PIWTAR!'? i Mur o)?;a a and In aiier^ a loach oo.tlar (laU ?ll BmaBPk;. la Ika haaaanaat MTARTBO a POMITRfl ARB MAtl ITfl BOT. WHO TT KbT'idiaM t-> tka irwrt. Applr at Ro I On.ra at , anra?rT>yrm mm. aaa-m l koor, Maa-'ii M aa>l la'Ml< Alao a r??l arraad hoy-, UTARTtn-TWO OR TBR** TWOTHIRORR?, rf)r ' ff ?< .-I aaap. aaar- ? |f W. WUarc 1* Arn ft ??**? aaapi o mar; an I pay #T?ry lw? *rrka. Arp'y i> A IIFLP WA\TBD- MILEf. ami , 4 rot UVVIBR It AMD IS VK<hn >7 are U> ran of erranda and make bhneel. re*?r*llj n?ful Hi a lai'or'e all re. The beat o' references required UaJt ba lm 0? i 9 ig,d Ipo'eluch. ?t Nr. II Jthu at, to 1). N. Tucker. WANTED- H)H A PHIVaTK FAMILl IN BROOELTN, ? man or boy tu a-a'.n U the eareof boraeaand make htm >el' u-e al a*rui a placw. Those h*ftng reoummendat' m* m?y Ml) Hi M.1 Hnn-me it, thla mortiipg. WANTED- A BOY I* AM OFFICE UP TOWN. Salary il it je?r ISO. AildreM, tn handwriting of hppil PHDI, S. C., Herald 'illl.-e. WANTED? IN A OLA88 STORE. A TOUNU MAN wk o underetanda cutting, p.-ickiug, Ac. . naual be able to j wrtf a good hand, Ac. Apply at 78 Murray at ? C A DAT -WANTED, 10 000 NBWSROT8, TO SELL JI?J the (em Photograph at Ike Prlnoe of Walea. Apply to 0 D. T. I arte. Kl Hnwdaav from 9 lo 10 ibla A. M. A re ward (Ivan to the heat aaleeman. 1IKLP W A.\ TKD? KKn tLKI*. A hood. capaui.k wuman. with city refe "tic#, wauled? lor general bouaewurk In a -" famlH , at 13 Weal 2Mb at A LI, FAMILIES AND GOOD ? EH V A NTH WILL FIND tb* lar(eet and heat office lo the cl;y at 1 IS Ilth at, c >roer ef (lb ate. i>ood ettnalkni* Immediately Alao good, cifil, car able h-)p tn autt all who c ill OMa lately landed wanted, and amall xirk tn good reapectable femllira. MILLINER. TRIMMER AND AN APPRENTICE wa?.t?d 'IW. Broadway. 4 A IL RMPIOYERS AND PARTI RH WANTING RMPI/1Y. A m?it will had the beat aod miel witenatre office It t bie city at 378 Hub avenue ithf Empire l.'lty InatltuUi), *lz A? encen. Engi*ah Scotch, Wetah, Freneh, Oaruu ?nd co in ed alwaya <u> hand, fir every deacrlption a/ work iu city and eooutry. AGENTS WANTED- TO SBI.L A NEWLY INVENTED article Id whit h there I* ro competition, and ailm un limited. Actlee men nan ?lnar Trim $5 to St2 oer day. A.M. Foule A Co , iil Hi ad way, under Urn ttouai. (1LOAK Hands WAN! ED.? WANTED, FIRtTCLARS J cloak haoda. Nom other need apply lo Madame P. Pin brn, M FWcktnt F1BENHH NL'RFE- WANTED IMMEDIATELY, A French rnrae. to lake charge of two children Apply for two daya at 226 IJrlngaton at, Brooklyn. GOVERNESS WANTED-IW TIIK COUNTRY TO IN atrocta yoang lady la Encllah Prennh and muaic; oue of dutneetic habile ire > rrc l. lnqi.i/e at 336 Canal Birecl, be tween 10 A. M._and S P. M. Milmnrr wanted? one first class miluner; one capab'e of trtumtor: a"eady wo-k the whole year. I alao a *"od dreaamaker. Ap^ y at IL D. Eeliy'a aill nery i bow r.imi ?2? and 320 F ulton at , c n Mr of PUirrepoaL up 1 rtalra, Brook ly^ NURSB-WANTRD, A M'DOl-N A'IND ENaUHO WO man. aceuatoned to norelDr yon-i* children. t> *o to the i Stale of Maryland. For all pank-nKra apply at 48 Lalfht at, Sl Jehu a park, thladay fatarday), between 3 and A u'oloc* In the altcrnoin. Saleswoman wanted -a seart and ivpe rienred aa'eawoman wanted. Prat of reference required, flood waeoa nnd ?l"ad? emoloymmit will be rt?ea Apply at Mrs. Q. RcMnel'a mllllgery att're, No. tb)j Dlrlaloo at ANTED? A PROTESTANT TOUNO WOUAN. TO enoh and aaalat tn the waahlni; aad Irontmr of a aoaall famly Urlnx In the country a abort dlalanoe frxn the ctty A rid city referee o* required. Wuea <8 per month. Call at Beakmanat at 11 o'clnok. WANTED-A PROTESTANT TOUNO WOMAN, AS la and reel and chambermaid- nnnxeeptiontble reference required. Call until Tueaday, litb, at No. o Alblou place, Founh atreet WANTED-IN BROOKLYN. A NEAT TIDT OtrtL. WITH (nod ell* reference* to do (eneral tvinte work : Cssluih, , Scotch or Ueroaa preferred. Apply lmmedlat?ly at No. 40 I t'brtrer place. lirookJyn. WagM >7. WANTED-A NDB8I AND RBAMSTRU& UioUIRE at St. Jam-a', corner 14th it and lib m. WAMED-A GOOD PLAIN COO*, III A PRIVATE family. Meat alao be a od waaher and Irrmer. One ?b? la neat ildy, Ac., wUh cood ralerencea, can apply at Mo 14 I Wait Mth at WANTED? AT UNION ADAMS' ORNT.'R FURNISH lu( auire C3<" Hrou^way, a ladr aecoatumed to maklnc f nllemen'a tlea and aUicka of all devirlpttoe*. rot. I watel and ^eoMtAitl employmcut will b? siren to an experienced TIT ANTED? A TAILORUS. TO BUttUKL BV THE TT week. 1 r g uirt la >t jf 1 1!3 Broa^ ?*j. WAHTBD-A OIRL AS LAUNDRESS AND C1AMBER maid; one fully ruanprtent Apply from 10 A. M. lo IPJE at 48 loth al , b. lwwn Hh and Mb are. J ANTED? FANCY HAT TRIMMERS AND CAP makera, at Kellot; ?, ;>1 Canal ?! TV YE^ ANTED- A PROTESTANT OIRL TO DO OENKRAL Tf honeework; none but tboae who ran give the beat of refererce reed apply. CW1 at lj Waabiag' ? place, WlUUma bnr* w ANTED? A Ot.OK, WAHHIR AND IRONER. W1TU KOtid referencea. lit No 'J9 Amll> at , Rrouklyn. WANTED-A WOMAN WHO TIIOROUOHLY UNDER ? (taada work li? kMMffi hi ilM. Applv IIMN ^irett'i worknun, enrai-r of H.orme and I'raaby au WAMED-A OIHL TO LR ARK DBKS8. M A KINO; I MM but an Amerlaan reed epeh; the bent of ra Vr, r e? r'nnlred. ninat be a good plain aea er. Apply at No. 1CJ H eat 26ihat WANTED - 1MMKDIATBI.T. TWO FIRST CLASH I oper?l<>ra to Miuei a aewtpe machine At ply at Art old. CoaauMe A Co a workroum, I'.infiM eu-nnr of Uratd ami M*r^- r a'*. W^HANTEP? A TBOBOrflH CH .WKEKM \ 'D AND aeamiureaa. and 1 1 a?pl?t In the aare of u r h 1 between I two atid th"" learao'd. te?'-e ^nt neat and lidy ktrla ue?C ap ply; beat refereaee r ?inlied r>v>t eragea. Addreaa 3K Lex m^Uiu av , betK tea It J. and ink ate. WANTED-A fioon COOK WASHER AND IRONKR, I *i' ? to aaalat In gar eral ho>iee?<?k, I at ratr fauniy, tntiat wene * e i re /cmen lisl. Apply at :? I ial llfAKIKn? THEE* fl I IT bl. I.I. 1 1 arj r. !?* K**4 ialary 1 . tbr ?? tin i OOOO ?Al.R?WO?RR IN AM E? Ubna ai.ra, a i ?rtn at attuauoa a:iJ I ?i.!?ry U, lb r. ? m nnf riUml fialr \< taliaas ?* KlA/.fcY, fol Wi Av. Tt'Awrrn-A noon <vv)k. vadiir iro*eii and i i bakrr, *'ar> fn* ?? n?r?l * niawork, city ivl?r euee rr ? 'ad ? | [ < ' I tt . >t 1 t'h at tl'AKTBn-A kbat wuxmo <?ihu to ?-.jok, ff ?*?:. ..M .i?- A|f!r??U'?t rtfti . . ee at .'.u Madl ion at. ?a >irb tr i-aruma prafaried. WAM1BD-A WAfTftFSH AXO A '*?*>? BOTH HOW h# ti'at claw aa<< or I'rrnea Apply at > ii 21 W >?! it., bafura It o'plt-.-t. ii-mii- IB A MAU> rABLT. i H1RL Alt <X)OK " ?U'I 1 1 a.^ai ia ? wb!i r ?o<l lianlagj alan. a *trl M w?t I'M ant V> *r tba flna ? ?hla* ar I lanel-if , u! taalat lu Vtata aawlnt. drtk bum 1.1 irmwl iti?tr haair.-aa ar.| hrta? flrat r "iaa i afirr-iow A ppljr fi . m 10 to 1 at Uj Weal il. n , til ,!!ab baa*m*ut K.n#?. Tsr amtrp? a ooLomn w< mam. to ix> qbmcra;. IT b- Jtr *?rk. (or a ama ". f? iruM a * >* r *.k, waabar and tr^nar win -a ?r yar A alb. App y at ? Sul Ut aa at. \l-AKTKTV < OTHI. TO PO H-N'mi H'>" >1 a nil IC ?l ah. I? a" be a gt?>1 waabtr. U. ? au.t tuber. Call at 31.1 ICrat Xlb at. TirAMTKn-V) |. b ? ill: I. 75 A LlOinr. A<IIV* AMD II r, a|.?f*i.? ma. .raa ia wMnfc aana are elaar i ? rmai At 1 1 M par .lay Alan ?? oral erf la ? m raavaae 'or adrir t>?tr?B!? f-? a U4ta? auKleei >o. A,>p:jr, abb ivfcrraeca, at tl&aad 117 X <aa>n at . r*?mi .6 inn ruoAX iiawtw WAMtrb irmkhuik .r - J " * * " HoM I .. f ' Dl (?* <A? bMi arnrb i??< ap p > at 1 'rd A Taj lor a ?firl/.^taa, 4*8 ?r. 1 i.l Hrua) * \y MTCATIOBM wantko-num. \Tii"Rut<?m.Y coir fBr&RT dro'I oi tan or tanirare ajparl'-nr# ia f nt < aa Kri?, l?a? ?.*> lal B^cta. ?Wbra a alt .r?^tt.m?b'* trf. rvno-a ?HI 0?<jM!tt?l I'l *"> III M||- Howl.ri a or Vtt* rn City. Addiaaa I I . ggiai, liaraM tAea ATOtntO MAM, mrRTl.T ARRIVKD FROB ?i?* ???n; prurtM ? A a ??1 rrVratx-. ?, ?bo at ?*b? tbr I ?r??n. Pi<*iraai>d lia.t .r. iarcaaca. a ad 'imama*. a irw r*aiM?^rrw In <t*tman wteb?a a titiiattua aa olerk. Addrna A H , boa MJ Uorad ^a.?-r ARPI'KtAB'l WIT. 8IXTKK* TBARM Of lOR. ? l.i laxa Stru ia tba .:ru < h awaaa tb'*a yaara, and r*ia ?a.ina w?t: ffr?n?Tand?1 ff ta Ha p?*a?t roipVj-rr. * .h?? ? ?ttaaii ?' in a v H. ,*0*1* frtau drnf aini? or any rr> p?.-(atil#*' . ?>*?? Ar. iy 1 1 ur a i .rraa 11. H , A3 3d av. Miin ft I tab at. AMITTATIOB WaMI* :? RT A*I ? VIRTAR TOURO wan. aa a..:i?dnr. rp'i * 1- wb or p.?rt*r ta a ?Uo|a fa<* tw-r.,* :ba baa' o< r?'rr? ac* *' . ra Addrraa U F? Ul III l>ra!d tOto*. TO BOO! MIMprBR ?A THi>ROr<lH ItRRfl JOPRMRT. n-aa It .*?la>>r ?Ni ran prnrtrr aaUafafory rrfr^rat, a'U ?^t attb " *?.! a*r<. iigratriml and >pn wai^n avu U-iri in t ht Wiitrt, K ai,r"'"*tkTti V ma la to tba a1?art.*?r, Ai.y Tim* h?ltfMi t ?t>i" ItVorl, r. M . tula Ray, at felx>:4oa A t o a, Itf Maaaan atirrt. VJTTTJaTl?>M WAMT?n-nT A lorMO WA*. It TR\Rd < r *ra, <4 rioplrat moral fbar?~l? ' aithar ia a arb .|a?t.a n? hfikar'a iM-?. ml* rj no hla ofclaf drXpr t . ia* t<> ? vdr* a tfcnronrh bww'Maa nf tni>ln-aa i-*:i>fa< tory ralrraaa* glran Aitdrraa ben IIM llniUn n#t m RRfANTKD- MT A TOCBO BAB, 14 TBAR^ Of AIR, TT a aitnauc*. at'.bar is tha eftr or er Dfy, t> t>ad bt" or labaada r"ivp of iba an*. faal:a( r atAr""**! fr-n r- at ai . panatr-a to aat af y ar y gen raqatrlnf Mi arrtiraa. f>at>araetor7 r?f ?ra?iraa taa br ?1rni. Addraoa f. M , Hrrald n* A VOUBO mat. II TBARIOr AUR. A Tf aNiiAlVia al ab'i -^laf 1 r iflarttat Hark. >*?? farntab (aitaflvi.. ? ra^arauara a%la/y a<A ? > ?u?b an ot>j?et aa a par Biiifiit <ttu?v ?. Adir a< fx. B . linn 4 Bca ll'AMTItn-A TOCBO MAM WtRT* A ?ITCATIOM II u ary f ?l arlAbla ' i^tna*. n a ????! |-?.'i?mi an ! ctlak an' rrr-rrt at *tnrr% ? ar wbo ta not a-rtiJd.< kard wwk. a <? Brat r aw nir rai?r?t.oaa. Addraaa fraarla T. II %ia a * aa. Maw br,sk l'<*t o|| a* iirAMrRn rt a Bitnt hmar. or ?ortit amo im IT Watrlna a nna a Biaattoa a? li?bt ponar ot ia any ?'*ar < p .'?fa thra uiialttarna# and aa?. r? arr r?<tatr*l, b a ood ft 1*11. A . II rabliNt. w AMTm-HY A ? "I.ORtO HA Jf, A fQTl'ATIOB At V?a - mill Ra:?r? to 'aat rnapl yaa. App./ Bo. I 0" KRKRCM AOV RHTIRK.H KMTN. LB 1 r?.?. < 1 s? JBTMB TRABCAIBB, OAT A MI.B J 4 mr? !.?i 1. 1 prr?tw? prtti tr? MiapM pair pr'ndta anta da dau? anfaula II a'y a nnaradlaa ,nl p?a aant ar^d^ra |aa ?a?!'a-i-a? tt'trmrm ??>' d drant a'alra ?a? v la ..Vaatbr* *n l/Ttac M.aua aa a* da la Lbaaa ro?, da I bmraa a malL l?K \TI?TR V. ARTTTOlAl. RORR TOR ril.'IM'l AUD RRROtlBt. tour arblnr. da?aya,l m l.mbaa laatb put ta ai*v with "it aw aat pain, wdnr nf !? atli, aad mwraatad for Ufa. f. I) awTORII. IV ilat Ul xtitb aaaaua, baiaaaa rmrtaaatb aad finaaaib at aaia IkB. i. (I KBVBF0T, !?? miWIU THRRK IIO?id? f batnw Pr'B?? wraat, ? Inaartlai t.i Ul -. ar* kbi.i ./a atra?? at .ir wtaliT V?a pr< -a W' .la ?rta 1 ?'?r?r '? 1 ?R. ar <? ?n> l frnm %? 1'arUaJ aata oa ?t)rar frua >1 anyb lorAb, or ua rMIMPH TIMS FIRENKN N PARADE. BaHOM ??*o :XW.uN rata erer'ng Krata I1I.U1I, HI ft ?'? m Miner* the large* ID MM mnt Id New stole marble buUI'n* &S1 Broadway. *feM tulu'1 week, children's lists; F V3" ~ Arr,NT1?'*- OoMPANIBA? .* J. J . Pl??s. Knt-l?h riui iJesks en? *merl " ****? assorted lues at above supplied la any quan<it< . at low ralsa. by tb? m*nu farturers ??in w* I.Imhi k Y ton. M "nVijrlrnl L'lKtttik f I'&BaIiK - SKaih To I.KT, Oil A BAlyOO iM? ???.' in!i flrein?n ? pnoeaslnu no lb'* evening. App y at SIS Fourth avenue. third T?mlr fourth .t^wa ^ oetweea l?Mi Pbinob or w?iB.-rumw*Bi8 fibbmkn bx runton on Falurdty n.ght. lVh in* Windows la let. Apply at 'JU d roadway, between Twentieth tad Twenty first street*. moRciiuuBr pbocb?ion -bight windows to X 'el, on Broadway, between Bleacher (treat and Dnkn square. Keala froat twentv five to fifty oeala. Apply a| 47 Uortlaiidt street. from ten to two o'clock. Windows and skita in wiudowbtolbt? fob a >lew ot the Oreed T >rchH,<h> l'roce?sln? on Saturday evening, on first ?nd seeood flx>rs of tHU Broadway, Mar Broome street. Apply to Mr. WOOD, *80 Broadway, op stairs. Windows and bai/k>nt to lbt-wtth a splendid 1 tew of 1 be firemen's prooessku. Inquire at J. nOrKINN .82 Fou'th aver t?a nmr t??nli PKHNOXAI.. AX ? lUTNUAT BVBNINU; TIM* AND FLACa AB ? UkU Coma or auawtr. AT BKJHT P. M. TB08K JBT8 WILL BURN WHKBC last extinguished. Q*B nifUBIM. INFOBNATTON |W ANTI D? OF POLMOTB DONOVAN, a native of Queens ooantv. Ireland, whi arrived at New York In ?' u)y l*?t, per steamship Vigo, from Queeuslowu. by his saother, Hnsan Uonorap, at No. Wfi ?adlanp MrnK Mil. B. J-8KND A >OTB lO T1IB HAMS AD ? dreas u oa Thursday, aajl-g bow I oan trmmnslnsls with yon. 7 ILL KIND TWO U6TTBB> T'l ADDRIHfl OF B. A. and L. K , Brooklyn boat oflioe. "1 have got Ike Uoxa." (OX) TV 40 3D, U< Tub pasty who pound tub rm ill "i.aok and t;in IV>e ndvertlsed under Bewanla 1 1 another column, ie requested to write t > Mr Wood. ?K0 ({roadway, to lay for what mm the) will Nnm him. No questions asked I tOHT FOl'SD. DOO FOUND? A \olNj ? AHI IKr-r II K OWNR I ran haw him b > applying to P. O. Beefe, 290 Fowlaatb , at'cwt, ?ul payii g expenses. ' ljKIUND? ON THURSO* Y, TUB 4TB INRT., ONB MBTAL X* PoriemoenaJr, oooUOnlujr a -taall aioou .t <if money. 1 ht) OwDfi' can have the sums by applying to T. a. Haoknt, No S Cooper Institute. FOUND-OK THB STH I?BT? a PUR8B APPABBWTT.T dropped by a lac y In a Maelaon avenue suce. WiU bade Mrrr?*? U< lit owner oi applying In ro>><n M, east corner Pif I* enth street and Fourth avenue, and paylsg the eoat at this 1 advrrUsement. LOflTr-ON TCBRDAT AFTBKKOON. ON TUB BLOOM insdale roud. a mull, round gray (ThlcehiUa For. The finder will be mitably rewardnd l>y i?ia*ta( It at Mr. James FeUreteh's, BIT Aast Thirtieth street near Seonad aveaosw LOST? ON WBDNK8D4T BVBNINQ. BBTWBBM ? AMD ? o'clock, between Jersey a venae in Jersey OMy, and : ear oer ef Br<<arway and Barclay itreet. Mew York, a sold Bracelet with initla si J.F Th? lind?r will be loitably re warded by Icnving the same at the Baltimore aad Ohio MO road oflioe, 238 Broadway. Lost- ob tub hth init . dubiwo tbb pbimob'b process) o, in the vicinity ol ihs Wathlng'oa Hotel, a *ma!l Fot ketbook, enalalainr soma monsv, boatare -Snaipe. Ac Ihe talei way keep contents, if hear ah* wiiT planes ra turn a receipt to the amnnnt of a boa' $1 300 a-nontst the pa^arr. < Ad ireas A. LO. boi S 7?f Post oMce, New Ton. LOCT-DIBINO THB FBfXm84ION ON THUMBJ?AT sftercoon, In the lower part of the city, between Day aad Church rtrecU 01 Broadway and Vea ?y street, a Poahah oivk, rnnttinlng a lafgc amount or ptoevn and bank (tote*. By reium hit the papers to the owner, L M. Morrison. Ma M l'-T street, the bn k n^ws may be kejt aad a liberal reward given. No'iuaettocsaakel Loot? a lbitbr, pibktbd toaobmtlmman in San Frnncleco, Call omla 1<v roey ripreaa ) The finder w.ll eon'pr a favo. b\ leuvlag It with Mr. Iflaii, 17 r MrteC Lost-a rriM.n h pin* ? kbin > oapb, kbbboidbb ert with wh"e silk an t frl ,ig- d; Inst oe RrMwiy between K errn'h aad Ki .l-ee'h streets, abont 7 o"el oh r M., dw> lug the Prinze of Wales' pm< eas'on The finder will be anlta b v rewarded by returning it to Frank Baeder, No. M Fultod atieet. Loot, in broadwat-hkv wbbn fortt piibt amd flt.ets st-eets. o-.e gold Ixefcet, with t?o geld doDara a:tacbej. 1 be finder will be liberally rewarded by leavlag it at S7 West Fortr ? al s'reet STOLEN ? CERTIFICATE NO. 1I.94# OF 11 SBlBB' of R?(w Wk and trio Ht Ink d Htock, from the ponket of Hull B Be..*a. wtlla la the wo ?d jreleriay trumra bt Rioednay t-?ll *b*r,-e it-ol la the o*Tte 04 Cbarle* B. and the t-auafar l**t >)ped AN Den HiitaMlioiiM ataluel Detonating the ?*m?. lb* party who t<?>k Ihe pocket book In whleh Iba abo?e nimil eertl 1 atle no 1 other ptprt were eonleiued ?? they ?a? be do um hi him. will I'f n re turn ibmn 'rw.M to u B. Muw. Hrw Tori ihroaph ike Dan otlice. ki.d keep < be inrmey. New lorn. Oct 11 1MB. ST> I KN. OR RKEWVIP BT MI?T * KB WITHIN THE last four da' ? from lb? foot "? ,f Klghta *>reet, about h nr thournrd fret it (>ek I Wok * >n?Uei? reward will be 1 ,i'd for in' one* Ifc n lb tl ?il ei**i to Its rtcorsry hf 0. A B. Pol lee, i 24 roc.h arret. Ui B*Klt B^OE I.0RT. ON THB 8TI1 i.Lli), ifOdiber Id the fenaae li1Thnap*n?ra<t, All)' per** 'hat thai) Bed It erltl rx> tltnk'xl ? retarded. HGWAEM. H'lVK POLUM EEWARO -MlAlX TlmlKK u>*r. ? trey* 1, on I ur? ' ?v ennui rioae, 'rotn SM m t? rreet, W Brwlott ?e?t. a *111*11 l.mVe M*r? %i <1 Un lerrl e*; ??:?kt aboel .l? pa id?; ib" left ah hi iter erooked fro* * ttrn'n. lhe under alii c infer 1 great obligation by returning >? nbt;v*. Kit?**n,-?T>?,rK1 r?>ia thk prchireq J*1?"' of T W. II oanpklnn. a llgtt he? Cut, three itui . d 16 h-rvfe i tb, wt h ? few *hl.? Intra -m hi* hack wh-re the >*4<<ie wear* a few u-der bla ?houMfer nauand by the tU tg of hi* tilth, I^ua um boll na hi l>reael where the e-.Ilar alia. N N RuWi.aN D. Rruahttlle. EFWAED-LORT. MJ?I?? TBI PAWt.NB ON C ? tfce tir M".? "ft Ti ur?d?y a fold honUaw lever ?>!?!?. fo JJIi Tim above reward will be paB oa Atliw ? * it pkward.-lost, l?*?t rvMNm. *n open V ? ' ' ' .-e |f :j I \teut b rer W?"-h. No. I I 4.V1 Banufa? tnnr'l by Hj HeynoW* Ism tie. ljter* <o1. Th? 8?^*? will ret -IT* the a* -re ir war J by i*n< ia? U with John Cue, Na Ml Ecw?ry. #<t|l HKWARD.-TO PAWNREOKEEH AND JEW, let* Lor', <? N0.1 lay aieelB*. Oetrtmr A, 1 1 |olec #?!? Tnny *er ?w) -treet t ?, rr *t t?e I'ntoe m-etio( at Onoper It - it i*e, a ?ei i.fBu'* ?lo*l? h-u" Ditmnnd Me. Wkoeeer Wi:i !???? kn ?ua* al Wo 7 *eet r?vly ?er 1 id *U?et wW re celve the ab?tr reward, and 0.) , laaUoea awel. c "III KFWaRD -!!LA' E and TaN DOO UOXT, ?>?''/ trrm Kleecker atreet. near tho Bowery tm Turidny e'" 'of !ut iN?fn to Ifce ii?me of Billy not pare brad, hie b r?? h?i. ? dye* Irven Ha eir* ae wn>H aed hie wel?M I* from ? i to teren pnrnita Halae a fa*o?it? tbn at. ' rr wart, (wore than he <aiu#i will be pai'l fo- In* return fc) Mr. W.. t 4- llr a4??f or?r H- nnuir. Abv rnie da Ulaloff liw af!?r th!i d?I<^ will be proa?r.ii?d MIM( IPAi. AKKAIHM. PAI'KEH PKhDINil Hal'HI MM HONOE THE L>tw for *rpr.T?l t nim DOMlinN WlfNi'TU Eeer 'i'loe thai the ?a'.a?le* of u? a iiray a?l Aie?andar V I >??*"?"? ai I ant-li >n r?n >.tia?bea la tb? >4kce .if the 4"hlef ?t.tire-r of Me elre I e*a tmen be leerwwd fmr f ? 1 ><i t..f 1 ?W per lauaB, 1 uke tOert (rm the r ?t at the i*?? ln:l<? II *r< of <"? nnc'.inen. Kept*mlie^??, l-MO. On ?n* aaJ ?uee adopted. i?'?rd of Aide >Brn. Ortnher R, 1M) On aye* and aoa* ad.', led, A HILMARDE. r*Hr?T RlldJARU 1e4U.B e II IM'U 'HIOHR ... xRT** t ?lenl laaniie ernn* ?' ?bton* and RI!Ba?J Tat ? ? the twet ,a the wnrltf. I) ;rah e eorrer* aeH Brely be r,?d a.1 <A> er* the .MdeetramblwinnaeHa 1 ??? lea lam rartoey Tl Uol<1 atreet R T. BIII,*ARD TAftl E ? WtN'ND. A PULI. RI/*n. ?e-orrt hard ?)*!?. r T.*h"*?n) bed. wHh raek *?! etiee, t >t ?? e 'bar Ilia*- tale where it **.1 be ? a?. Addreae Anuktecr. but id Puai 1 Tire TARD<>-POE Rtl.F. A SPLENDID BTOCK or "I iit/ aew h.i 'irnd eeahl ma. at '??? mabl# ktmft far- mh* ( 11 ?u-rt hy nail attenlid tv II i.AirriTU. ltd K.Uh? atreeL B'il PIPTEEN BtM. POOL POE Rtt.E-ONB RET PIP. t*e? lM?l' po"), trat ni*:itt , prleidA Apply at Oyaier ?a> M ' Sria.1 way. AN* liaUAkO TAIt1.R0 kND On 4* : > A TI- 1* 1 I'MfTtOMR. N?'w twrro -e?e-!<? paler. 'e-i Pept M IMn Prleee re4t*w> tea par rent r* aeeh. _ PHRI.tN ? 'X>I.LR*HER r na AI to El i>*bf lire n N J, RNARP-R IE r ROVED Nil. I.I A RD TA RI.EP e"k lie ee?ly teeoiod ciaktan, >? Mealed Hnimliw IB l*? ai4 wf'l k"-wa ?n be BuperW k> aey esw la nee Baaafaeury lis Patw a ureal ? * III. TR % or *4 CA H I'lMIR WaniaD. B A K aR. fMI r H A tV? . 180 aad IB flWtre B. paw n A_ BLArERBim WANTED.-BT1T RE A PIE-?T R ATP borae ?bner and a aMedr, aoter Matt. Apply at 171 Waah leetoe *i , t.e?r ( <ifJ* adt Metal erTNUER" and riip lakteee baebv wir'r.1 -Apply at ttl W.'er fwd Oonr Naee hu* I<?d ertk.' ?n p*?d apply. T- IRaElTIT WANTRP AT Itl noeeet. no otheb lhao nj r^and *ie*d) hand aeed apply. r?n PEEH4EKN.- WANTED, A TOCNO MAB run a Ifc.rrea * fmnklln Prrta, b> *4?ai. To * e-md aaA re lab * >a?i tv ?r?: warra an ! a r?rm wn-y will (tea*, tare) * Maem I'r.oUac Dense. U?i ealkar at. Vl'ARTBD ?N ETTKR:**' RD II A*D, ON HOWEO fT p?0? ? rla.r and ( *<? *yr1r?e*. In , Dire at HevMA fo.. ( t'tletane. tt*> Rrmdaay. tn Jer l^arge Hneea 11* ANTIT> -TBO HOOD FILE I rTTBEA API'LT TO TT lltRRBT A .I Hilt Wewark WL'AfTRD-1?t<l TIN ROOTKIiit. A r Pl.t AT NO ?? TT Pji*t llo it'on ?t , of .'aro i bebitrrrer. UrANTEP TR A PI^THIRO "TORE A OOOD CTE to* r'tMer >?? ha- s: r'^id re'ai ma'i ??* J ?P?lT at 7tt%ub*m ?i , of B. Ul trefc. XJLTkmm WATtb CARE ?PETN9BER TT) WORE IN " iir>?f Ir?f| i?rt ai HI 117 It * rwm Po. A