Newspaper of The New York Herald, 15 Ekim 1860, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 15 Ekim 1860 Page 11
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0mw C*t1b|Ub (V?.) C?rrup?a4?M. CoviMcrroM, Alleghany O*., Va., I Bept.16, 18?0. f The Emancipation AfocemerU in Western Virgi nia^- The Denelopements in the Herald in Rej'e mice to It ? Acctmion of a Large Fretu-h Colo ny to Give Additional Tone to the Movement? The Bordtr Counties of Virginia to be Fortified ?? View of Impending Emergencies? Proba? My of a Conflict in the Xe jU Legislature Be keeen Eastern end Western Virginian-Bad M tsue of Things in General, dtc. The emancipation movement in Western Virgi nia, to which I referred in my last letter from the White Sulphur Springs, maybe set down as a fixed Ami. The prevailing excitement growing ont of tke slavery question, in which the West is not materially interested, while from ita bor der position it is necessarily made to feel deep concern and apprehension in the mat ter, is furnishing even a stronger motive to get yid of slavery than the enormous pecuniary bur thens to which it is subjected to detrsfy the expense ?f Hs protecti )ti in the East. The people in this legion, and other points in the trans- Alleghany coma try through which 1 have travelled, openly admit that they are tired and weary of this con Hsu excitement growing out of the slavery ques ttaa. "No sooner have we been relieved," they ?heerve, "from the terrible excitement occasioned by the John Brown raid, than another firebrand is tkMwn in our midst in the shape of a disunion cry hi connection with Lincoln's election." "There is, to short," say they, "no respite from continual ex citement and apprehension in connection with the slavery question, and we must get lM of it. Our domestic peace is sacrificed by reason of the nominal existence of this huAitution in our midBt, and we must either abolish it, or remove to some point where we can enjoy peace and security." Such I know to be the sentiments of many leading men in West on Tirginia, and the? will soon find a more practi cal expression in the emancipation movement which is now determined upon. The developements relative to this scheme, made through the Hkrald, have taken many in this ?ogion by surprise -surprise because of the scheme coming to light despite the eflbrta made to keep it aeeret. The intention originally was to operate mi rosa during the interval between this and the aaoembling of the next State Reform Convention, when it w?s contemplated to bring to bear upon fee East such a pressure from the great and gruw a West as would compel them to yield to their ernes of emancipation. To proclaim their pur Ce at th s early stage would be to forfeit some e additional boons in the shape of additional Spropriationt for unfinished public works, which sy anticipated receiving from the Kast. It m?y be that these consiierations would now influence a disavowal of the purpose developed in the HnaLD; bnt whether that shall he so or not, can ?ot and will aot detract from the truth of my state Bent, for the information therein contained was derived from one prominently identified with, if aot the prime originator of. the movement. At all event*. I feel confident that future dcvclopementa will tally v indicate the truth of all 1 have said upon tain irahiect. The originators of tkis emancipation movement dfecsver an additional source of strength in the ac eeaeion of a colony of some forty or fifty thousand Frenchmen, who are to settle along the great coal fining regions of Kanawha, nnder the auspices of a JPreuch company thst have lately purchased the James River and Kanawha Canal from the State and stockholders. This company have recently iMMme proprietors ot some millions of acres of laad in the counties of Kanawha and Boone, em bracing the richest coal landB in the world. This land was lately recovered from the State under an ?14 title given by the original proprietor, a Mr. Bwann, who, after long service in the Revolutiona awar, emigrated to France, where he mortgaged estates to Virginia. The present proprietors, swing that this rich acquisition would be compara tively valueless without some transportion medium either to the Ohio or the Atlantic seaboard, immedi ately entered into negotiations for the purchase of that great State work . the James River and Kanaw ha Canal, the line of which lies directly through the keart of the Kanawha coal mining couutry. They laade the purchase upon terms entirely satisfactory to the stockholders and the Bute's agent, the Board Of Public Works; and it only now awaits the ratifi cation ef the Legislature to be perfected. That it will have the unanimous approval of that body no ?ae entertains the shadow of a doubt. This little history of the acquisition of this large tesritory, and of the purchase of the canal, I have deemed necessary to a proper understanding of the ??Ionization scheme which is looked to so hopefully kf the fritnds of emancipation to aid them iu car ryiag out that project. It is a feasible hope; for ?the accession of so large an amount of free labor ?nee, the death blow is given to slavery in that Mfttion - indeed in the whole trans -Alleghany re ?ten for the rich coal mines ol Kanawha offered Keenly Held west even of the Blue Ridge where ?lave labor could be profitable. As if to counteract the evil influences to which I have referred as operatingto produce diaaatisfac tton in reg?rd to slavery in Western Virginia, it is ?ew contemplated, I understand, to fortify the Vir border lying along the Ohio river and oppo 3le the State of that name. This may do very well so far as giving some aecurity to the inhabi tant*' of this region against raids and sorties from their abolition enemies of Ohio. But what of the enormous taxation to which the West is subjected Sir the protection of an institution in which they have but a nominal interest ? thousands of them ?one at all? And the proposed fortification scheme irfll but aggravate the evil by Increasing taxation. Ftem all I can aseertato, this remedy, so called, will not be satisfactory. The interest at stake, and tbnt which is the source of the evil? slavery? w?eld prove entirely inadequate to the costs ?f this fortification scheme, while it weald furnish nothing like a counter balance for the inconveniences and apprehensions Inseparable from the state of things contemplated by those who propose to extend this 'fortification boM. The remedy is found in abolishing (he noaree of the evil, and it is that conviction that leads to the emancipation movement to which I have referred. In rase an extra session of the Legislature of this Mete shouli be called, of which there is some pro bftbility, a conflict between Eastern aad Western Virginia will probably be precipitated in connec tion with the measure? to be adopted in view of Lincoln's election. The East, it is ssid. will fav^r an extreme policy, while the West will be opp?"?!l to it. The eagerness of the latter to ratify the Mrchase of the James River and Kanawha C taal, in which they feel a great Interest, may prevent tbem from offering any violent opposition to any ?assure that may be introduced; and the proba bility is, that both sections will compromise upon some class of measures somewhat reflective of the average sentiment of the East on the subject of itoeoin's election. This, however, will depend, h a grsftt measure, tu>on the order of business to be pursued by the legislature. If they should give precedence to the James river and Kanawha qosstion and ratify tha sale, the West, bsvinx ob toined their great desideratum , may fall back Xa their conservative policy aad defeat auy a scheme that may be propoeed. In that ?rent a conflict will arise which may precipitate the very issue which forms the leading subject of tbis communication. If such a state of thin** shall ?oenr. then, indeed, will there be an end to har mony In the Old Dominion. to' any aspsct we view the existing state of things Virginia nothing but confusion, conflict and ! hi foreboded. Mutual distrust seem* to per the inhsbiunts of the two m ttons. crowing Mt of the conflict of interests which characterizes the relations of both. There Is evidently a deep nested Jealousy existing among the people of this *i towards the Ka*t for their monopoly of most leading Mate ..fliers; and I, would infer that by and by, when the West increases in power and Whence, retaliation wiir*be thrtr war cry. The Old Dominion is undoubtedly in ? trsn-ition state, ?ad what the sequel will be no human being can foretell. . .. . . Covington is a small but growing town, situated to probably the only available site for building In the whole county 01 Alleghany. The county takes Ito name from the celebrated mountains of that aaaie, and it would not be very inappropriate If tbe county received the designation of the asoun taia range themselves, for here they attain their greatest height aad density. This town is to be the western terminus of the Central Railroad, which rasa from tide water, and the eastern terminus of the Covington and Ottfb R:?ilroi?d a rre;it State wsrk now In progress and intended to be cariied to the Ohio rtvsr. It lies alao en the line of the James Rher and Knnawha Canai; so that it la 4e*tiri?d to becomo a place of -ome importance in tbe fotare. ______ list Ocsr?ts t srnspmSsBM. Lawrbkci villi. Oa., Aug. S7, ISM, At (bniif AwMnM JHtoHi n ? Probable Men tf of in itis Stat>- -ShnB th>** ht a .%-para/ftm qf t),? fUnh*}? The PofMH'y of a 0 limit Outbreak mnd r,atrici<ial Wbr- fhM a Ad-ninMration, K-.jg observed do surmises in your psper m to tbe pribkMt actios of thh State in case of tbe elestion of Lincoln to the Presidency, I take the liberty of submitting a tow thought*. There is no doabt of Georgia being curried by a large majority for Breckinridge; but the question is, are all these Breckinridge democrats in favor of dissolution? My own opinion is that a great many, if the issue of Union or disunion were presented, would bo in fovor of Union almost at any hazard, or until an overt act should be committed. These, joined with the Union party and the Douglasites, would defeat the disunionista in this State. But it would not be such a Waterloo defeat as occurred in 1851. The ahifting of a straw would bring the masses up to the disunion mark. I do not believe that Georgia would accede for any existing cause, or on account of the mere election of Lincoln. But a calm reflection, uninfluenced either by our hopes or fears, leads to the inevitable conclusion that a dissolution must take place if a black republican President is forced upon the South. You know what the sen timent of South Carolina is; you know that there is no opposition to the disunion feeling there. With them it is a question of expediency whether they r hall act singly or in combination with other States. You are well aware that a few hundred de termined men can at any time resist the laws and pre;ipitato a revolution. The hopes of all those who desire a dissolution in cose Lincoln is elected are turned earnest ly to 8outh Carolina. They are contident that her people will take the initiatory step that will bring the matter to an issue. Wliat will be the conse quence if South CareMna should refuse to p*y her revenues, or to allow federal officers to be planted in her limits, or should secede? To coerce her, the President would first have to obtain a forco bill. With the present Congress can this he done ? I think uot. Bnt suppose it should. With the first breath of war the sympathizers from all the South ern States would be under arms. In less than two months two hundred thousand volunteers, armed and supported by private contributions, would be on the march to assist South Carolina. The tiame wonld keep on burning till none could escape ita heat. Those who doubt now would hesitate then no longer. They must go with their breth ren and friends. States will then take action, and dissolution must take place, or the South be made a list of conquered provinces. But sup pose, on the other hand, the President shall not be able to obtain a force bill, or shall conclude to let South Carolina go her own way. Her example will be so contagious, and her well being out of the Union so apparent, that the fears of the timid will be allayed, and the hopes of the disuuionists will have a direct goal that that they can reach in safety. South Carolina will pave the way for Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, and the other cotton States, out of the Union to a Southern confederacy. There is a great quiet here at this time in regard to disunion. There is no bravado or blowing. But let it not be mistaken for the repose of indiffe rence. Men of all parties are rapidly coming to the conclusion that they must accept one of two al ternatives?either to submit wholly to the domina tion of an abolition power, striking with every op portunity at our vitals, or to resolve themselves be yond the reach of hostile laws and hostile rulers. The sentiment of disunion is more widely spread now than it was in 1*61 and 18)2, and Mr. Lincoln will And it so if he should have the misfortune to be sent to the Presidential chair. <4, L.OST AND FOl'ffD. 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PAPKR BAITGIROR, 60 centa per roll, usually aold at II a II 29, flne Sat'n Paper, 12 centa rer roll; alao, 1.000 pain ftr scold Window Hhadea. fl per pair; One gold and velvet shade*, S2 60 per pair, usually ?old at H\ alao, (lit Cortices, Rngs, Mala. Ac., at COATES', 314 U ilaun street, four doon above Hpriag. A T 108 AMD 110 SIXTH AVRJTDB, A. FROM Al'CTIOlf, FRERCH MEKIMOO, to; WORTH lto ?ARIOt'8 OTHER DRWM GOODS '"WRAP. AL8O RI.AN11T8, QUILTS, AO.. And all other Pail and Winter ? in, ?* Par below lbs soat of prndneiloa. a a. hook. Acrikkrk silk*. J'.iMt rrrrlred. p#r RTEJMER V AMDEKBILT, 9 CMM TUB LATKtl PARLS SOU V K Al'TBH, HOW OI'BN A. T. STEWART A CO. AT. SriWAHT A CO. ? bara iww npea'd Mr Nrw pall ani> wi* tir bttlmi or VELTBT, 8 ILK AND CLOTH OLOAKH, TBI LATEST PA SIS DEHIONk. gl.L AND KVEN1NO OEU-B, At LORD A TATLOH t, K* Ml 10 07 BEOADWAT. J ait VMtfM, A* MLMOANT ARftCSTMBNT 9* RICH BILKB AND~PAM?!AN PABBIOB, mtuu POM EVMMIN? DR1 ?*??. Mo*. HtmNI UBAND HTRBBT, Mm. 47 tod ?? OATH AH1NH Willi gRCHU LACMS ^ ??CBtacent aaaortmrat )o* riwIiU by MILLEM A OMANT, TOB flmad^ay. Appfleatlna Iiiim, RmI itkawla ft Oo Ajrulla Ueaa, I?1 Valla, Pl 4a Vaaiaa Imm, RmI niMt, OhaatfUr rionaoaa. H?al (W.t iraa, if U? ban buUm ud aalaclad tielualTtilf far lha kwt ratal M. t-AN*Mrf Pmhla OaBbria Matt. from II II to M. of ik? aoat approrad afcapaa. LACK LACK TULA, THREAP AMD FIBJi'h, at Tan low orteaa. E. WILLIAM# A CO >'aia PaMr Eo^arta), *M Broadway. Naw Tort. BjJMAiKI IK CLOAK R AW 0 RHAWUB. B. a MILL# A OO. ara bow raady to aakihtt tfeair aaw pattarna of ABlB. LOUAVfc, BBIXHJIM, PALMTOP, u? oUar raraot Mylaa of Otnala. Joal xMari to tkatr tortu U AMI) HQUAHH BBVHM8ABLB. Ml faosy wool Bkawta. at rraal bargain*. at Ml AMD 144 MMoXdWAT. (1LOAKR AND MAMTILLAR. ? MADAMM JAUBRRT, J for a loaf lima (np#rtntandcal of ih? ntoak ind unti'ia department of Oao'rn Baarn. t* Broadway, baa aaw opon-d brr Pall and Winter Paabloaa. Iu.i?a Opera Cloak*. ralrrt, tuk aad rkxft Cloak*. aim H road way, npportto MlwTorl Hotal. OHARLMR BTBMMT. 471 BROADWAY, Haa pnwlia atora ike LAlTtHT IMPORTED NOVKI.T1BR OP PALL AMD WIMTKB CLOAE* IN BVKMT MATCB1AL. AMO MBW ITTLER Or ARAHfl, PH1NCH BACQC18. OPKRA CLOAK*. Ac . Ad. All paraona akonld W?A at *ir tmmenax aaanrtaaar.t hafar* corrhMtng. TM entire of oar whnUaai* department at CLOAK* IH BOW OPKN AT RETAIL. AMD OPPBRED AT wflOLMR VLB PEiTHR. RROOHB LONO AND BU3ABB HIUWIA PTNK WOOLLEN AND OKHNAN RH AWLR OP OT? OWM IMPORTATION AMD PROM AUCTION, OHM AT. CHAHLM RTRKBT, 471 Br.*dway, Ba?wa? R'oota i?d qta?d wraaia. rfLOAIB AMD MA NT TL LAB. V cHAMLorra a. smith "*7a1l*amp wtntmb panbionm ItoUaa Opaia ("Viaka. ?alral, tm aad Cloth tnnaka, (IfeUdraa'a Qarmanta ta rrarr ayla l.M Broadway, eaa daor abora Tw*nty #rt? Ml aa?. f 1LOSIMU OCT BALI OP PALL IMroBTATlONR OP U CCBTAIN (lOODB AT RRDUCBD 1'iHt BR. PKBOCBOM BROTHER". Hi B?*dw*r. an aaw ofar l?f AT RETAIL (hair atook uf .... . bLxJATMUJM. BATIN DMLAINMB. LACS CUBTALBk %OTTIMOBAM LacScKTRTAtMR, RJDTI WIMDOW fBADm 1H*npW I HOLLANDS. Aa. A* A LAMOM BBPl <TION IN PRI?*n PBMUL'BOM BACTHBBR, m Broadway -TVAMAnBDBLAMKCTR, PLANMETA BROAD Pl/OTHK I ) Grmtmmm. PlaJda. F-pUoa, 'Irtaafi, ertsia. r*a T7KBR0IDKRrBB AMD LA(V, JL MEW BTTLMK oompbuino mi labobrt an cbeapbtt ahbortmbnt RTCB LA?B OOODO. PIMM PABUl'RMBMniDmER rraa upairu AT MMTAIU B. WtfJ.IAM* k 0*. Oaia Pttor Kobatto). til Brqadwar, If. T. (TMA RICH PA MB BIT. PR. Par itoaaar VaattrliOL LORD A TATLOM, Ml to W BROADWAT, Hara )aat unwt par Um a ban aaaair. diraai fraa r*rta. PITH CABHB OMLT, B11 BiCHHBT BILMB MTHH CKTOBTHD AT PBOM n TO HI PHB TAHD. THH A MOTH WHHH RPMCIALLT IMPO*PHD VO MBMT THH PRHRHNT DEMAND POH RICH OOOr* EHAAHiOM ABLB OjOAMM PAJU. WTTJi MOW BBADT. At LOBB A TATLOB'B. Maa- fl to 4C BMOAOWAT. ?HMtoMflBAMD VTBKMT. ABBMdA CtMB 0ATHAB1MB W I ND1A OAMHL R HA? RHAWtM. AT BTTLI, LO wA PRI%K W m Broadway. Cr MMCKITHD. UTDU OAMHL ?> HAIR ** * ******* fjrtu Md LONO SHAW1A oav eoona, m, jgouw ruM>'ivk.uia utxion A* UklHD * TATLOB* notTm to m bboabw ai. Uses Pu&Mka. Napkins, TowwUbbs, OoaaMrpaaw, at low fbicbb. No* MIoM as aid rub. Mm. a ud a o athabwb ururar. L ALIEN' FRENCH TRIBMINQB? 8PBCI ALITB; DHEHtl Hd OkMfc Fancy Ornamenta J. UAETOIB, M dleeoker street. | A OH AMD BMBBOIDEBIBB. FALL AMD WINTER DBMONR, AW LiOBD A TATLOR-8, Km M to OT BBOADWAT. miCB LACKS AMD BBKkOIDERIBB. m tuiT Tiiun. ai ao, LCW PRICED KM HBO I DU IB, ans LACBB Or BTBRY DESCRIPTION. Amd kt More* N<* 256 to *1 OR AMD 8TRBBT, Has. 47 andtt CATHARINB 9TBBBT. LACES AND IVBBOIDBBIES. Real Cfcantllly, Font J'AJenoon, Point <3az?, And Prist d'Angleterre Lac*, In CotlAn And Bel*, FkmnOOi, >1 '.win. w.*?tnu? Veils, Ac. Also FINK FRENCH KMHR01DKR1RH, In every variety, style And urine KLEOANT BHIDAL TROCBHRlOa. A. T. 8TEWART * CO. Mr. toi.kdo a waeldb? fancy brkssbb to lbt for bill*, masquerAdrs or partiea. All these dreaaeo u* new and most elegant. A nv lady or gentleman wtahtnc to hire them will uleaae Apply At IT Delanoey street, New Tork. NBW CLOAKS, NTCW CLOAKS. A superb Murk 'if All THE LATB8T STYLES, fOr fill kfid winter wMtr. F INK FHEN4 n (7LOTH ARABIAN tf AXTL0, Is All enlura, at M, W 50. M. M 10 and *7 HFATT CAHTOH HEaVBR CLOAKS. NBW BTTLEB, IB ail oo'ors, at M And M 911. SCPKRFtNK FRENCH HKAVKR <V ?Ta CLOAKS, rery richly trimmed, At SR. W. $10 And $10 50. Ladles will find It to tbelr advantage to uall and eiamtno oar |AraaenU before u irchailng. Wa guarantee our prices to Ha At laAat thirty per cent lower IhAn Br' -iiwAy or ('Anal street, *a we ih?? tire thouiar.d d<4 lara a in run i aloue by beta* off either of '.1*jM (iraati *?<*, tkeref' re ear afford to aril lower. Fleam; note me and number. K. PEYTON, Cloak JfMMfastver, Mi Bowery, near ll int'm ?treet. Rh. xaoy ? Is l iw openln* his 'oil Imp-irtati-n'. of LADIES' KlNR FRENCH KID dlXJVKB, all sir* a, all oowrs; beet quality a cents a pair. FnM itork of pa Lw- and Bmbrxtderiea. Fi ?'.*? k of elegurt -tRlmns ai,<l lue French Fionur (. Fnll stock of FCi L'ettory and 'Jloira Full stock of Whi'e >??MA, Flannels. Ac, Full slock of I.hieu and Linen Cambric IlAndkerehlefa, F ill at<> k of Ladle*' I'nder ' '.owlc*. Vol! stnok of Yankee Notions. Ijulle* Are *Jw*j? certain to '1'. 1 witA .? A full AJkortmenl V the above good a at the lo?c*t price*. B H. MaCT, KM and 306 9l?th a?.t r*c. nd en tmaoe below F irteomh a. J^KAL INDIA CAMELS HAIR hlIAW!-?. As addliMoai .st wiU be 'offered at retail oo Monday, October 18, AKNOUJ, COMBTABLE A OO., Cars!, *oroer ef Meroar. PLAIN AND FANCT BILEB, to TuchMa, Mfeno" v 1 all tbo oi her nhadea. Received per Vaaderbi ' for sale b? ARNOLD, OO. tar ABLE A CO., i 'aoaI, corner of Weror r. SILK 8 I DRKBB OOOIMI HHAWLAI Croat the late ir?tl auction **.'?. tia hi off1?bd at abtail. On MONDAY. cv*vb?!? IS, rli - no R!< T1 SILK AND VEl.vHT ROHRfl. L.ATRHT ?rTL?, At hatf lh?.r artaaJ ra!'ie. BU? PTWK8 FARCY PR WW HUKrt. LATR8T HI YLR*. From S2 ?? cent* u> f I U p?r \ ?rd, worth >)? #> e?nto to UTS. FOl'l.INa, OTT?>M vN VKIAjURH. MRKIKOW* AO, O.-ei.tlj und?r w* of Importation. IUO NRW FAIL HI! AWI?S, Very <to*lr??> e etjlee. At !??* ih*n eo*t of Importation. STRANG, AltRlAN'TR A OW, No 1SJ Hroadw?y KT GOODS ? B1.4< I AND COISIMRD HILKR, OK lain**, t'ali -'lee. *<??!?? 1 l'lalda, Ik! to*' Vwrte rmtv whl'" ar (t ??ay H?ln? uad 0 rawer*. Ranked Kannel. Hhaei lnf.Mark (loth CaaaUr are Twerrt* Kr?nrh Merino, Ae For ? J* *ery tow, fjrcM*. bj JaVIK jbaMI'l-.B, 13 Catharine in*. ZRPHTR WORSTED, RK"fT QUA I. ITT. UWCRNTft-A lar|re aaaortmenl of Woollen tfuud*. Km\ll W \rtrn. Trim ?liifiud r.nrr Arttolea. at 1 llN H road way, between Tweo ty fouMh tad Twenty dfth atra?ta. utwoelte Madlaoo aotiare fumetlj kt OAS' Bwmdway. J. H. AHKf'UBRII, (Late Orr A Rhephnrd). w PLOOHCtU vwLv*T ROB**. AtlWrM-k. wm be o B"*4 00 ?t K WART A OO. 369 SOLO WOW A H ART, Ho. .MS UPHOIATKH11RM PaI'RA TIANOBRR, INTERIOR dbcoratorn. Are bow prenarrd to >kti from italr mi* kud el tonal r* M?k errrt (ft la of CURTAlJfH. flRAPUIRR, LAMURRQUINk. AN I) WINDOW Rn\Dtf>, AT I*RIiR8 THAT DEFY COHi'RTlTIOR Or will eat Md rami), u * nil hdrance from ??t. their ?I len'M ??aorueeut of BKOCATRIR. HAlINH, TAl'MTRIW, Pll'PHKR. DAEAHKH/UHIfmm A ad UOI J> And I'aiVtRD WINDOW IHADK Tker kin new nrndy for ?ihlvltlon la their Pa pkh iianoino drpartrkrt. In Addition to their large moet of Plato and ProuraMre rapar* srvbral i akh or caoBfl novrlti**. J oat rreelred irrm their hone# hi Parte. The eaeelal attenu -n ut f&aUiee tuien<ltn? to onuuaatit u>al> DKaWINU RO0RH,B0rDO!RR I.IIRARIK-. DIRINfi ROCMN. IIAIJ* AND OH AM HTM to railed to three beanurnl toodl. *. h k ihej oAertag al ?ODRBaTf PBUVBi ?OLOMO* A HART. No. mJ Broadway. NII.MHERY. piiKRin ard PAfiun-At m brlli, no. ? p < "athartoe etreeL A larva aeawiiinit of fail and wtotoi H dow ready. N B - New patlerne of .? Jaeftato, Raeoeea. Walaie, WaatUlaa, moraine ItoMO, Aprona Btoem and Overall* lor ladtoe oad ehltoren: l*mhin?, Rabrm derte*. and all klada af Maaptoc tor eabruUerlee Joue U order. nAROAINH RRVRR BRPOBB OTFRRRI) IN BROAD Ji war Nrlaadld Monrr-eal?7*n<1 *h w>,-iA$llenl ?IJ ) reach n< tir.eto al NO and $U. worth WO, etraw and allk K-?o i.?A, chtldrra'a Bale. < enade and Rs?Uah elyle. al L BINN 7 H i liber i I e I Itrandway. oppreito Hetnn??naa Hotel. ANTHOUkOT. Ah rnRFNouv.iaT am? m>trol ?n?r th *t brats ? 'be ?orl . ari wbo nu :.a er k arwD to felt In (I tot [entire aiUefart n to ker ila.ter< ee?>' era toe lore, marr a.-e, eenrtahip, laweuM*, ooma; *, ?'*. u! frtoaoa. tr-.rale, hlddei trraeur' a jflvtng larky n .mt er*. ar 1 re '* mine dru lfceo or aulaMhfnl hD- 'ande, t* Mtae WelllMle*. * h eae bee"- nlu-i peren.a'.Ij or by letter, ftoee who c.^neail thia aoat seatiii fol aa<I Woat Uabed ytrjnf tody, readily pereel** the differ e*oe )?lw*en her aeteadSr eak" latioea and the annue'ry of ?he lUHerale aa ! preunded rard e Here and fnrtn-.e te tor* Be not deneWed hr yrelender*, b'4 t.eow thai Mlae W. !? ;h ? >nl v pero* wlinla. r" ? H *r.n ? n-1 *r? .*?. \ . ton tor lore, rood lara. and all b' elaee ? an %lr?, and are miar anteed for ?'*. Hlrklr raenertalile eHjr ref-ren--'-? e* ?* n at her ' al !'n ? ini H ,Ji ,?,am< ?i. i K'rl *-.r Owlai to the nnkrrrml aai afartl n Mtee W *l?e< Vi h r rt?i|. era, wie frela warraaU J to '^?iHu to d >ubt ' the rrward .f any one who can equal tar ia any braa 'i o < her ;> r<rf ??> i. BONA Fli'R ART HOUXHNT THAT BTRRT ON*!. AH Hk_ kn^WB. Mhe will torol rowete of tar woederf il aete-.iee. A depend am te Madame WILSOR. who toll* toe nbieot o( alt a. nr-o aa r'"i enter ber r '>m. Matan* W .? ? ^?rreaieet aati nkneW that ever w*a k ) >wa. She will mrate Hn??i* <>i Wr ? inderf f .<? an-t toll all tike e ?? ? rmt Wto4e tlfa Her vre<IMtone are *n true thai they MM* every eae Itat aoeen ?a her. Home ladtoa may ffto a Wklle uau l ttanch they eeed am fear, far ehe piactto** nuttaM bol what te reenerttobka to phikrnofitara. All taoohl aoaault ...u - ?? wowderfaJ and miekerkina tody. Bar kdrtee tad aerrr ?ea know* In fall, and the <4>r* twent- tb- oaanl rtoktare reward to *ey ana who ear en"*J her tn ahore wdeaaa. R. R. Medeeae Wtleoa la to poewetom 4 the eetobraled ??|tf rherme. whfat are erer rertatn to lhair e^eet. Tralr mar *'? " he nailed a mrm womtorf al mn* R? l-le? elH> Alen *ni?et.| vt**a Vov.w n, fall, far todiee A?d hiiiihh, reeto, nrer the bakery, fed te ? k WON1NHINO.? R aPAMB MORROW. HRTINTH A daaataer, horn with a r*al and gV% ? f jr?ai?to. telle hr?? IHHBBI marry, and many ereme-eren yrrv uaUl <-?h*ri mm eopyfec my ad aat. below li melon. Oeotlemae eons tad often yon wtlt mi very ihnodhto. Fee M em mtoiminto 1M Lwdlow Ml %dw' fJ. i^MRI)I?AI, i I U* MA PARR BTRON. THR ORRAT DOCTTRHH, WPfRI Mml'al and rkl enntofkjl of R irape. aan be emvniltod ae eeoal al her rnoma No ku Hr'aarr. near 'Irani l-a? a.roei Rntranee hi the er.a'eeMOM^y. V. H . Mil jr add-*H by oMer. MAPARB RAT IB THR BRNT (fl.A ik vny a NT AND A*tr?oetokta the Cnltod Naton. t?-r?e l.wky eTiher* wnaeaapwiy marrteeee. telle o< knet rro ??ly W *rrmd> arr*ae.**w Tweeky ?>eelk kiwi. Ladle* a make. saoMe MAPAMR LRANPRR IJRT. HRTRNTH PAUOHTIR >u be eonenlted ahoot Lee*. RarrWme, A beent rnende. all the eeeato nf kfe el U4 McM Mram. Ladten ? ewu. (wntlemea N Nek. Okaeee epeakr marriage aad Hofcy POLITICAL,. | ELBCTIoM PK1NTJ*'*. mtfmow pbiminq. By cHaibiopuB*, Mo?*a a MBirroH. *06 Kmw street. oaf kmm Eighth ward Dtwof ratio bpabt* tt.ob. or gauu*don Wednesday, v<e4iber 10. I860, wll meet at Uj?lr b??r ,u?rier? Jh Maroer etreet, on W?lue?1*y evoolng, October IT, at 7 o'clock. A full ,iU?id\nca la requeaied. A'll.UAM * ALLAOB, Chairman. BicnA?n Oksrr, Feeretary. J. W. Ms?P. fr.ak.cul. Grand union torchlight procbssiom. The T wanly ttral ward DemicraUe Want Ooaaslttee r? snectfully Invite kt>? presiding oflioers ar re^r^seo wall res of all clubs and sssootattuoa to the ward opposed to the election of Llnooln and Hamlin, to meat with the undersigned oommlttee at M. Cotter's corner *eooud avenue ami Thirty fourth street so Tuesday. 16th mat. al 8 o'clock P.M., to stake arraugr meats for all elube assoc'aUous. ke , la the ward to appear In the fraud .torohUgbi procession of ika 13d mat., la one solid body. AI.BX. BRANDON. TIIOH. 8. MURPHY. MH'UAKL OBHAGBN, MICHAB1, TIMMONK, HUGH BoCaBB. 'lominiusa. TY BAIMJU AKTBK8 OR AND MARHHAL UMwN XI lorcbMghl Pruoesston, No 514 Browdtvay. The delegai-s from tie t arlous Wards, l lube aod Trade As soolatloos who will bike psrl la the Union Torahlight Demon M/aUoo oa Tuesday the ZVl lust-, art requested to mtet at the time and plar* hereiunt'er uameo. for the purpose of reo .in mewttns a mianils person to be appointed by the Grand K tf ?hal as the head of the.'r organli alius, also to decide thrlr or der of position as Ward organ' nation*. The position in the general prooeaalun Of <"lulie. l.?ag'l? l and Independent Atsociaucns of this city aod elsewhere, will be announced by J>9 Orsco Marshal In a au se<i lent order The Urand Marshall aanouuoes (In pnreuan:o of resilutVm) the following local ties 'or Hie meeting uf Ward delegates on Moods/. Ulb u.t , at ?>i P. M: - Ward l?f litety three Urseuwleh street. S? Rainbow Hotel, Thirty one Beekmaa mrset. 5?1X7 U trty street, -otter of Ore wwlch 4? Thlrjy two Rose veil street, John Shells. 6? third's M'iseum HoUl. ?? lrjr Green. Rlra s'rtiet. 7 ? I'ortxr at Pike aiil Bast Brofelaay. 8? New World, Hnd?>n s.ree' 9? Adriatic Hotel, Hudson street. 10? Troth Ward Hotel, Broome street. 11? John Smith s, norner of * venue C aud Fourth street IS ? Corner One U m.lred and Twenty ttfth aud Third ave IS? William Hastings', corner of Pitt and Hroome 14? Hr-oki/. Br? me, between Kli??b?tb and Bowery. 14? Mc.P> ke's. comer of Greene and Bleecker. H? Union Houw. rner Bliteenth wreet and Klghth aye. 17? Mlohael Kuiiia'a comer Rlevenlh s'-reet aud Plrstar 18? Wm. O'Duuucli's, Third aa. and Seventeenth street. It-Vm McHpedon's. :oruor Seventieth at and fourth sr. SO? No 466 Kighth avsn ie. 21? Prt?r ll?L.der:>and's, No. 525 Seoond arenua. SS- John Wtls"o'a. >irty 1.-st street and Blgblh aver ne. Tba persons seledsil as awn are r?<iueated to report at headquarters on Tuemlay, IStb Instant, at 8 o'clock P. M. IHAIAH RYNDBRN. Grand MarshaL Geo. R Ball, iliairman ofJConualitee of Arrangcmenu. Ma chics Ottm, Secretary to Committee of Arrangement*. TTBADVUJARTBKH BRAND MAP.KUAU. XI VMIOK TORtlHT.IOHT PR0fR8H10W, TUBHDAY KVkNlNG, OCT. M, WW. The Ooanmlttee of Arrangements wrrald respactfnlly as nonnee to their fellow e'tl/^ns Lhat thxy will be In sasel x dally, between the hours of S and f o'clock P. M , at thti hea>lqnart,-r*. 614 Bn.adway, opposite St Nlrhobts Hotel A? slabs, associations Ac., who desire to take part lu the a emeu, straiico wll! addrsat their communications as abv>re. By nrdsr. IHAIAH BYNDBRH, Grand Marshal GBO. B. HAf.L, ( ha.rman ComatitiM of Arrangements Gaoiuia < Xacs k ut . Secretary. TAMMANV BALL BRGULAB DKMOCRATTO KOMI nai'.m ? At a meeting of the Assembly O'jn.enUon for the Tenth Assembly *ubri t. held at smith's Hall, corner nr Kleventh street and first avesue, ^icyr K. 1H6H, DAVID I'RAWPORD, Ks')., w*i< iioanlmously nominal- 1 as a eandl date for AsemMt, JON AH N. P 11 lLUU'b, Chairman. Hai?K? Wii.d? k Au i*. teoreury. ?JD WARD NATIONAL DEMOI RATIO I'NION CLrB.~ O Amretiigrf this club will be held at 127 U*iertf v.reet tbis iMonday; evt utng at S o'eN>eh. All citi/?us of ike ward who are ipp- ^ae.l ! > gridiron Legblatlon, 1' ibll ? Store o mtraol. political rail apll.etra u geoc'sl at. I L'nlnn arHtter* In Darilcu'ar, arc rrKpr ai illy Invited to auend and totu the roll, preparatory to the grand torch 'i. bt proe?aa.on on Ibc ild ln*>- I*. ItSKRiN, Preaideut, pro tem. B. B HrATH, ) Wm U lrnr, * "ecretarlea. frTH CONllRIHHION AL, DISTRICTS D 'JKANDMakw MKBTINli AT TUB OOOPBR [NH1I TL'TK, no MnulaT erenlna, < lot 15. m 7* o'clock, fur lb* par pnee of rallfrtCK 'Ae nomination ol It m. I oh a i!oehr%i?e. ih? nominee <if Mown HaU, ?irec*inrtd?B *nd !<um, kid Union Nomtnaung i' jn*fr.tlnrfl. The following cvnUenco bare keen tinted M<1 Will vWraae lh? meeting - Hob rernar lo W .?!, f.barle* O'Cooir Ian-, Jtnn W. 'ierard, K*|, i*e \ ti'net. K?i , Bon. Hiram Wal"-.-'.:*?. Iloti Jurist llmokt. Bob. Elijah Wiuv. Bon. Auffoklua ?>-hail, Jamm T. iiradv. John Daageil lluat. at).. CYil Henry W. Kicks. Co L ChrlaUaa -Vkwar. waeider, Boo <l?orj<r Hr up, Hon. Bernard K rlh. law la?m?, r.? i., Henry Arci.'arl :a. bei , P. Oozar'a, Bai, Paul b. Bri* .???. El'i , Klepb> n P. K vfH L? t., Hob. Jr>hn Murphy, 0. Bdwarde 1 Mttr . B?t THoMaH RKll.l.t. fba'.imwa- t Mozart HaUIY?k'"?*<??,k1 ObobcB c. ?>?!??>. < q?nruriia ^ OjbtbbUoo ^tSSSaS'I'VaM. 1-WmM. ) BrecklurtJ** Cbabum J ? Ktu.T, | Herratarloa. i alunal Oouveulfcm. 5iSfftB?uSiO<li, Ck air--. ? Ubton Oojjt clonal 0? & M.V?V?nfT'rS^ J Commits - A/ ?Turanraa Roiuma, LAfATETTB lllKAIV)*, (Co Bacrelarl**. t raacemeel*. 1 his call baa been *i?n*d by upwv^a of lbr*? kindred at the moel promlnel cilwena of Um dlstrlat. COPARTNERSHIP \OTlCE?. AooMNiHninif merchant, bhta m.iNiian in buaoiess. drairee a vpti ial or artivs I'.irtnrr, who ran fi.minb rapi al to make adrimi-we on coaairnmants aad loan '"ml lb' una. AUlrsas far three days Coaaixoae. boa UA llerald >?<?*. A PAKTNXR WABTKO ? lid A UUHf, OS XfKCf. ? : y1 ?*r|n? b'lafnes*. pajinf about Si.ikO par ana iin Only |?I?I in ft??i re imrrd to parrbaaa at > k on ban I . ao far Aer capital rr.,Ur*d Apply to fukTU A Co . Ail HmJ way, ror.m 17 VOTlLl.-Tir? PARTMKiniP HERBTOPOAC *V lelln* b'lw-eu lobu T *'na and Will ana II. Osborn, o lbs ale and apint biw.neaa. ? d isaolrad ty mutual rtmam* . AL' dabta Bill h? paid by W. C.itM'n. Par ra nm ag li-su 1 . Jm aforeaald Lra ara r?<, ifatrd to pit ib? nma ui w II t>i ?om. WI1.I.IAM IIKNRT OMliOKM. J ? I : t M TIMMH P ARTKCR WAKTBI>-W1T1I 11 tin CAftR, IN A X naa irartarh'r hnatBBM. Iks obit oa? n d 1Kb kind la tb<t UntUsl 8tat?a. Artirlri tBcnrat l<y loUara pal??Bl ?o l H.J raarUlT ? naak. Adere*. MB reai name. !?i Id Pjitk kaapda Poat o?cb. wTT. rBCmffBM MBV -WANTCO. AIT AOTIVR BUNINBH' a load nnaarier and pvreep'atda at, >o i ?b ? u, ) ta prnapcirJac lS? ? nluBaa of patrnt aadlrias i |? r?l SlTB paat Intaat M (I It aaa ba I neaa li pr?f>^rly maaa?eJ Salea r riactpaJl y t* riah or paper, but ItUla rlak aad pmm rary large tbe arttclaa Mas bntreewtly totrodne*!. b'lttM bnalueaa for tbe akowa ibu a mold fo-tnwa -ta ba aad* If Ik* boal iaaa?eJ ak aad p lwt> montha will abow wbat may be >kme la falora Ad Iraaa wltb name, Ar. Mrdiclnr. Lltrt'4 office. f;nn ? I' A RT.N ICR WABTK.'V, n A IMfcT AT f 4vUi inrUra aiblbl'Jia; Il iJnaa he Bade per wee*. Ok) required 10 te pakJ down to a^rt N. lb* ba'aaaa ran be i aid oiitnt tbe hi^neea. ata?!<> aaa preferred. Addraai Pro feaary, boi 1? Herald odea. -Til* 1I?VKRT!?1B WOLI.H IN VIST PROM 90UU. m-e basdreii to oa* Ibcinad dollan la aoae mar eaa?> or Buka-ifaeiMricf huAtseai eauxitabad and bU d( a mod !n?i for two pai n*. Mat* Ibe aatora ad lbs b'latasa aad addrere W L. L. UeraM ogjea. $2 000 WAJ!Tm- *?? >b?ra aaMMial, hi a eaab > <iaineaa already bb tabltebed ea> <n( a larc par Pull parWeulwe jleen na leterTiew by addn aatr( 0?ary boi 101 He raid odl ?. for hree daye No areata need aaewer. $8 3 000 ~*ANTIID' A rA%r*un *i'H itim *rr mi.t a a ?e: eatabllakBd on*J bueic-^a. ?itb e*< ry facility for ri. eee'ul trade, ruber art re or a >nt BkUWN A RUaK, U Naaea aireat n^AIICtAL. JLd BOU.JUT AND WLO, ?T T ATT/OH IBdTHtM, TV Wall atraat. New Tdrtk BPPIVH OP TUB CI TURNS' ft ANT.IOHT OOMPANT. of BraiblTB, No. I Pnat Uflos Baildtar Miaitacna atrast, oAJyw. fmnMr I IW OapMal. ?l J?u*J aharaa. |B aarb The I Itlren# <?aaUfbt ''naaikf, d? ikoafelyB. ndfar tr ?aitlalla'B. for la??lB<Mt. Af\y Bwaiiid dollan of ihatr aaal tal atoek, Mbb all thaU umalaa oaanbavlbad far htfa wtoAtuc i" loread will gall aMkar at the oAna ad Ibe enapaai, I* npoa Italia? It f. al tb* o*a of Blabh<as A Rloodfaod. Ho h wiuiaaa areet. New fart. BiktHlli? will ba r? satead WUha IMt laat aad a* la? g. Jaw B. Braaaina. Ttaadaia WI. P. UBBT, rrWl {UTTBRrRO, PORT WATNB A CniCAlO RAfl.RO AP Company Hnld'raaf trat and aannr 1 atnetffu' Vmli lb* Ohio an I Paanayleaada. tk* <nao aad Iadlaaaa The Port Waya* and ? biraeo, aad of Ik* PlUebmrg, Pnrt War we aad fniea?o Rail mad fWtr Mtma Ho "la are rei n*>W to aaax at iM od.e* of Neaara Wine low, I aalar A O*.. M Wail alraaL > a Batnr \i tbe lutb 'aakaat, at tw*te* VabM, for a*pr*ra} i f Ike plaa uf re-^fani/athwi. * I ' P D. LA ml ? MAX. HORA1 I. H. MBTBR, rs TJBWmANcp TO BNflUABR it TRBL.ANII, IUOTUIO AID WAlJBl M(bt Mil* oa the cnion bank or uowpoir. ? -? b?8K CNITBIMTT op inW fORK, BBOTCAt [TV PART oartaaat ? tVa la#ida*>ii I kairtnre In the aasm>.* art* $600,000 MMpi* *Si r??l' mrrnrtf ^ anr aaaenrt to n4 Moaay Tnjiaad at ?gllflMf oa *k?t rat aoU**. (I lof'-B. vn Bwadwy, tmmm Pokwi wrwai. aWm^at la *W1 t* laifest > r aead'r# ;? note i f the earn# k tad of aerari'iea f ielred in, aan hare ibe ?a?ae ?re?aad no wbw lark, hrBBklTB. CMra?n. Ft T^-ia hrare and aw)rt?a??a, aarKb '? ?? ?ad oe ? ** f^V*? ?? *???! well eagnriJ wTt UOVB. AMormr anl Hrofcar, 107 liiwtah>. baaeaent HATRIIW^IAI.. HT HB.ri.tAW B TfKNJ ?.Ar>T.'or iNTB'e ft wfiul'l*!# if I ffl?'r?rf tfl rWV ?re ake baa aJw?t? raided, dealra* In opea a aor ? w*' b ? rwntieman win | lee 'o -r ? f, I . , r .? . ' f lAttaa IM* alea ? ? I Se plren In a e-?? nap )?> tee. e aartetry enefldaatul. Md-ea* Baa AJrtr* T T*r?gr. r? 0?CUO ACADKMBH. A i>0;iWU?Td'? <JaMC1NG ^ " 2? S ?"> Totk. 147 MoouMnwatm BraaklpL WBDNBHIUYH MdMATQRDATItalM taM. iuemhavh ud frida*?" b?2u^ In addition lo ik* Court Quadrille, Prince Imiiflin -- - (MMa. ?rup're and ?XJWr social daucaa, I MM *"<1 other educational dancea ..--TlTrvi? ifcjdaortk. a <ariety of nawar daneea will U biouSbnri lurir.f; the mwo, amou* wkiah UI be --^liiii'T; Siariat,," jnat receirtxl from full, and the QuaorUla' '?fcniE 10 E ? - ??? ? I a ? ir. u'ara erf terau. to., may ba bad at either > nail? J A ? NEW ri.AHM IB NOW FOBWINO AT ? I HILLHKt.VB'S DANCING ACADEMY, ? ? V.I .06 K Iijhth nvruao, Mar Twenty Orat (treat B ?AM or rOlTIuN MONDAY* AND TUOJDATS, /in. KIVEH'8 DANCING ACADBMT, 3M FULTOW V.'. atreet. Brooklyn.? All the modern danoa* tanxht in oo? mnraa nt leaeona. Claaaaa ara new forming. Ladle* oa Toae <??> and Friday afternoon* at I o'clock. Geatlemaa oa Taaa* d?v and Friday even in** at 8 o'clock. Mheea and nuMin an ||ta^^HHBM|M^HaftarB00aa at 8 o'atoafe. Bendfora AN'T.N'J- MORE KKW < LA8SE8.-BBOOKBM' ACA V-ny 1*1 Hrmf atreeL A new claaa for hegtanaf will w. n 'itw in Tuaaday. aM Ike fashionable daaoae taught !u |?Q#? C'iUIV of AK<'INO.-NF,W CI, Arts ES FORMING AT PBOP.' H Ai-arteirr, rrt HIif*jk?r atreeL Tka tarm 14 commence on enterlr.K the name. tftEBRMCVg DANCING ACADEMY, NO. ? VMf r Fourteenth atrnrt, wU open October 8, far mlmm ud HiaMer*. Md on Oetobcr 11 for cnntlamen. Bckool aad prtnla tadtTtke 07 ?at 01 ^ 0Uw*n ?? *? D' DJ HMKYJN'B DANCING AOAtllMT AT U? AND UN . new Canal, will >e open, October 17: at Brooklyn. iT<',h^r 18; W"1 ll> H.>bok?a. at Baamcr a Hi Octuber 19 For clrculara call at tka abova ara l^n a or at 82 While atrwit, *. T. "* TDIMAK, BALLET master op thk thbatkb ? Royal at Berlin and Hanover Danainc Academy. 16? Bowery. l?aaona 81 per montk, Monday a Thiradaya Wed. ntada) a aiid Katirdaya, and Tueedaj* and Kridaya, ? ~ \ ate .capkrina 8(1 cent*. Ladlaa' afternoon claaaee. Prt INSTHUCTIOtf. A 1' PAINK'H MKKt'A HTM,K C()LI.IC<?K8. tt BOWMKiT Jr. and 283 Fulton afreet, Brooklyn.? The extraordinary ami unparalleled amonnt of patronafe beatoirad anon tkeae tnaU tn'lona affonl rratlfylnic erldenoe thai the fadlltiee for a"*|nlr? Ire a lli'irouph buataeaa edunatlon li appreciated by a dJaoero laf .nil n.teUlgeol oommnnlty. Acatknt ow fbumanraip And bookkripino. ?U Broadway continued by W. O. HOO<)LAf D. for many )t'ara aaalatant of O'trer B. Onldamith. No claaaaa. In airnrtion prartloal and tborouch, and oareful atteaUon (i*an. V^ea day and CTevlng. Terms moderate ALADT, KKKIDING IN A VERY PLBARANT PAB* of the state of New York, aad who hta had experianna In teaehlnc, w abea to receive into her fanally all litUa (trla Id Hoard and Rdnrate. Termu KW per anmua. Pleaae addreaa lUiioatlon, Herald nflre ACAHD-TUR BUBW RIBIil WILL RRCRIYB NhW pciplla dally, ihla week, for Inatrurtlon to Pentaanaklp and Ponble Retry Hookkeepinit. kt a reduction of twenty per cent frotu hi* recnlar rhar^a. OLfVtR B. (K)I.DHM ITH.tW Broadway. AFRKffCII I.ADT WISHES TO FIND A PRIVATB American family whe>-e her tnltkm of tiro ht>an ea<m dar. In Prem'h. (iermaior Koclnh. will be "oiiatdnrad an etrtTa !e>it ; or h. r board. I'eat > f city reference. Addreta for tkreM dx > a Taa'iella, Herald oSce CONVENIENT VEDICM OF IMTBODCOTIoif aT +m. tlu- Nati mal Tearh?ra' Inatitut*. BS Br>ja<!way. X. V , for leather* wiahiDK en(a?ementa. i>rtncipala, uialena at M-hoola and olhera * nil riK |e?eb?m and MMMMttai u1 a< In t br m dint or { ay nikwl* for their rhtldren, in ibe city oe in any n?rt of the eountry. sc hool lioraitea a ipplied, aad ap prov.'d tail hi>,ka ai>paralna, Mr. , at low rat* a. Educational rofreapendeota wnntrd for evh MMtl 'u Ihe t'nlt^fl Htat*?a to cx mmiioloaU'. dlrwelly witk ibe lna?'tut? for tke above ob e. la. T'me required, about ere hour daily. ( V,apenaatfc)n about I1CU a rtar. heud for oir mlar*. eoel'iaiB* alamr KICK A aNDmRWH. A Business eixiiatior.-ikm, bears oommrbciau Aru-ltrtt/, U it ??' >*> alTurd* tuntaual faoUtUa* for ao 'f.litpr prae.teal buatneaa ao^mmllahtaeau Ht idaiita are trained Into mui.y b'latneaa hahim, and bocmna ^alck .a flcirra, rapid bua.aeaa (irnmen, ud good buukhaepara. Twa I 5dmk? vacant. BOOEKKKPINO, HIOK'IHAND WRITIKO, PR5V<N ?hip, Ac.? The aubacrtber wtuhea to inform he fri*n -M and the pit alio that he hu taken an oiHoeat IM Broa.!*-nr, riKim No. 8, where be will (Ira rp natal attention J3 lb* ia *ri?cli.>ii.of t>m eaaential branchea Period* w'thla* "> ao nulre l'h<>D?f rapbic Hhortkaud will hire tba advantage >f ac tual p raruc* at the uffloe. F. O'OOWD. n. II ? Marah i ay at* in of Hookkaapiaf Ua*ht. F RIRi IT AND (1KRMAR LAKtHTAU W.-PROF. K. TRI.l KRIMi! mil Broadway, oomer of Twelfth airaat, (*atakll?b*d I85S) will raceire tf?w application* for private Inatruclkin and .viareriaUoa lu the aforaaatd and rltaali nl an ri.i gtm. and mak* iranaia|>ont of rorrrapondenaa, Ae. Lft: 0'R NEW AMD POPULAR MYHTIM, BY WHICH pT?)i,?i(f all ace* are taucbt In w rlta a anpartor baad with rr?edo? and elermo* la tw?i?e laaaont, errata or la ftaa? For U rma, x: , to Prof. LUHH, M Broadway, kitting claaeca. flTO COPBTRY HEXTDRNTH -A YOURO LADY WRLI. 1 'tna'ided la dealr.iu? of eni<a*ln* In a aeuUaaaan'b Tihere are joust -tilWren to take rbarje of and t m iba ?.i f tub branelu r and mtiale. woald a?l(t tf raiilrel In Jm ordinary kmachold dnbta. Addr-aa Kt?, Herald ift -a. for F IIOlNKfi, KOOMM, Jit"., WANTKI). IRN'ltllEP iiOI'HR M)K <tlX M01THR, by a Bin elaat truant with oaly a naaJl famt y. l-eia n Iifb'b >ud 1 but? a*on?d Areata. Ra*t aot to ex :*ed fl.w/. Adiir**! box 4 IM7 Poat fdtoe. WARTBD- RT A AWPORR1BLR TRBAWT, A TBREB atury fc'itb haaament lioaaa. la a fleet** UnaUor k> Wear York or Hnmfflyu, real MOU to B7CR. roaMm ts K( temw r nr Daei-iaber. ? arpeu, Ae. ta*?? If auilal-la. AAdrw gmm. at Uudfroj'a, ftl Bxadwar. tlTARTKJ*? II* A HOUHI WfTU NOIURK IMPRO^ ? TT men la the retire aeeood WUnr. ULf jrulabed a f.w a wall fkailr Addraaa, ataitac lonaJna, lrna$. Ac.. I. T. V.. aUUoa l> Poat ogoa. KWtfami *iren aad r^.itmt. WAJITRO? BY AW AVUIIAK FAMILY. A PAkT OF aa nef amtabed Hooae. oil below Hie-, ber or aft^r* Twenty tktrd atreot, aad Mar Hma<lwar. AdJrau| Mr Mailna 1) Pi at rilre. giiia* loeatk.ii aad a.'* c ^Tunia* a ?i tba rent p?r anjotA. n'AMIII TO RKMT, IK HJHtORI.TH OR IIOBOEK* - TV A booaa er aaMa(*, for a raape<.iab>a taaaily, aoBialniuK ant leaa Ibaa aerea namia. and plane 1 oxoraataaUy for one tayance to the e*y; mwhI n taken!) . aad rei I mod*) ate. Appty, fui; par J wUr?. to ?;. R , baaaaaa. / Hi f nUob Mxati A in ED.? A orsTir;KAK asp wifr ?bh to btre a ! rnl<t ?. ? ?? Irak ya HU<< ?r? ferrcd. nr w ' ltd take a fai'i > w ik) r b'.idr<-a t-j oarj. \ !? <TUa boa 3,ltt I'oat id. e. K. Y. w tl r A N f Rn BY A <.RS1|,R\tAR ASII 'v;' r T^O 0!t ?T IhfM <*.rp-t?d r MMta tu.uieaad. i?r ? i ta* kerp n^ wtrre it.ara '1 oi.r latally, > etween T: rt. aen.rl aad I arty nil. ?ue?u aa . >? mtd MM W'ba?? * (tela rt i^e it<na aad ?? il"?l. A Mr aa atat.nisar > tAixa, ??,? ha I1T tterald oll.rr. w AHTID? IMMIDI ATKLV. A H'Ucf. i'AUIAUT tori laheal ami ahera par' o. 'ka rm: w;U m 'jnen 'a bran' I' all. tataean i ouiih ann ?i ??HA arerora, aat ? ? km It.tauUiauort T> .? ta a ?? ry laMa ixratml len aat. KI^HtilMKK 4 ro . t .-i a?n.i.a. CLOTI MVO. \CARD. -tlKRTLKtlRIIK kE?r AND tJC' X OrW o,hiaf pmehaa"'t fi# the Waatam ia?r*et. . a?pe r ?aua.1 l>.ta t all at the ature, or - 'r??a tbootae D. I.V . r.i ?a I ealre a reel M. M -Mar. '.aM la fa ba\in? ai y u fcar.d will piaaaa addreaa aa atxira. A U RR AT qil ART ITT OF CAJtr OFF UU/THIRW FIR. altar*. Oaryeia. Jawalry. Ae . waaierf. u> aapt y iaa atera Biarket lAdlea or yeatMniea hartr* ary bi din wa ? will naeeite lb* klahaal naeb urioaa hi r tba aaiaa by 'afux* urjMdraadka a aou to A IX't'AJ ?? Meientb artav .a>fi wCJ b* pattgAHT bit?dad to. t?d>ra >it*adoil to by Mra. O dona b* mhar |r?d d fajae preieudr ra I'a.J vvl b? .?r.<!ar*d to jroar or Mir? Ham*. 1M fteT*??A areata. I I Ta lm atraab lAflti attaadad la by Hra. A ? itrrTRR niARctFOR r.AruRK ikiMinri.niK ? u. their r*a? ?? ' - t . eaab a larye the Punib '.e-t We.- ? .ranuw if.%i . | pay the fnflHKc prtaabi-Froni U to f*) for ROk f>raaaiia; i aabmaraa aad Rarej ea paM foe amor4ia<ly . fraa 11 Vo M fi? laa?a fraaa V tn Nl for Ooau. al?> < ar,.eu?, Fan tt tra, Jewelry, Ae. A aoba addi aaail bo R, IM AeeerAb a be twaan Nlnimaath aad Twentieth atraej. wtfl bapiaetaa. ? attaadal ta. LaAMM abaale' to by Mr* I. A MY 111. HRTTRR A*I? HIH RUT WAT FOR LATtlM ^ V and mmm to >an a fair prtaa far car. * OaiMMk mat pn!Ta. b ? wbteh *du b* pneet ally a'tandait in by 1. A .*11 ALT. iftiiM, Oarp?U aad Jewelry, bad aot ba 1 laa^nrred by t pan ? ? "* ? - ?? mt *r*at paffa, k ta arad a ant* by *nat to IM ????? a<e* a, ahteh a#U ba pneet ally atf aAal to by J. A ""' " " attaaded to by Hit A- lkt breath attima BllflR AMD mat WAT F?'R LA I aad aaatlniaa In rat a fair aaab r rte* for eae< 1 Fnrattnre, < arpeta aad Jewelry, aad aol tn ba taa arafa. la to aaad a aot* by p?at to tba ae* "*? i. LBTt, IM Rareatk araaaa, *nra*r <* will ba paaataaliy atta iW -o b? UM Mra l*n IK Aareatb arataa IB OHARtB tYTM* LAI rtj A*0 <*Rm.B A treat 4avaa.1 for aaarbet. ? Wanted, a larga <tnanu.y of Mat a# el.ah;?? 'ar peta. Jawalrr, Aa. Iriaraata* tn py_tha^CaW r*?e**Ja>y MV. A Mil iliTn nil lo * Abr^tmm *? bJwmm Twotyfifc Tun** ?b ????. wUi t? $%m tRAity mfdrl 1" UkiNe suwed iy M#s A. 4P~Kf.-$js2BSE5aR IIP ?n rvaaaea, froaa NteV* For i^LaAad wonll** I ?re?e* tb* wi:ib*p*Mbr ?TSm rm nr adraa^r/ A Bkrr%MR rtH leaaaa. LadMa H4M *&0ti io t?f Mft mrrlflk 1 WART TO ftr* ALL RIB^ OF Fr^OBD BAR II I ehibea aadtopa* tke heMprt-?a. MI< HA KL II A RR la. , ' Tkri ?r?an*. batwtaa FottT ent aad Farty aao*a4 Mr'? " T' to nnn srtls ??r b*rw* ??n JO.UWU l*rt * tloUi ?c WMted for MM W eater-. Mar ket Th* ktabeet aak pi-ina em (bid nan ba tttalaai ta s RPORTI II ?r ?HI IAO-A RIOHI.Y RRRH Minp BUTT, IK f feetiy Irate ed b7 nat nt the Beat tralaera ta Ik* *?tat*- ak? la k baaiitlftil rpaetaaaa nf tba br*Md. aaoat a* uMaaai . but a km rat* watrh. Adlreaa Juan hoi Ifti llera^.^oa. ar taa b? aeea at Bo I Wilk;w atrew Hol?*?a. R J. Fob iai.k araii.roay ? fbry i,ob j, .:at ru. Id taad order, at! I b* *ntd raaaaaabla. Apply vo JA-I. Wir.n fnot if ? ? art atra*l Rr.okiyn * I^tiaaar a-raet. r /wm orntttR t?| Mi/ilt* '* a v art "jt aibo a) UtMf a larre rarity -d rdbar ? id 'an-y H . , frn* all part* -.f the wr>r..l at wn abk aad eta? JS Cll A M.RH Kkl' "? A HR. >TH ER ? * ?l baa am m Bud AkUB4.i of Ai tjada l?atbt MTl

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