Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 15, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 15, 1860 Page 2
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NEW* FROM MEXICO. ; TX?rMTTAL NOT YET ATTACKED ?rmnoNs w both side*. ?FA2VZBB QVXISTZOXV. Befcet *r 0c*oU*d? fcy V*Mrrt He4Utleo OflclaBf Were J 80 J Accepted ky Uraaeo, Jfce~* fto., *?. W City off Mexico C?ctwpm4mc?. Cm or Km oo, Sept t, 1640. entry If Mobbt?lturquex't Appointmm's? i AwfecedeaU flaw Packet* Mek*tmr-r otUiim oj 9m frieral /braes The OUrff in Strain fvr Monty? Mm* Fbrcei Coant?ftakrmi (hterOlM?A Daring Aet, <fc. , 4c. 1?i?X we to ara the trtuaepfcal entry of Gen. Ro Ml, with the clergy foross from the I just. Tha occa ?MhM been ef.tended with almost u much eutbuilasra ?B to generally bestowed opoc a clergy viitory. Why It li aa ean anly be acoountad Tor on the sr ^position that 4tos clargy rejoice at the robbery of $1J 004 from the con. 6Mta by Robles. and that t.e baa arrived here safely i all their foroea from Jalapa, Ortetba, Parole ud Tbe arrival of Rabies glees about 2,600 mure i U> the garrison of tbia city, and melius our firoes r aoaae thing like 7,000 men the only additional l hoped for are thoac of Castillo, from Uiu lalajara; fca* aa day after day pMM, feara on the part of the cler gy laarease that Uastllla will not be able to wash this, HP Hal he has bean already beaten or bought over by B?. Ortega. Ma appointment of Marquee to tbe porikra of second to aa?wiid has been officially announced, and Marqasx Mlraoon have already had a striae of Interviews. Mi appointment of a man who Is a dlagraoe to human I lo rule orer the bite of tbls capital cannot be too b*% deprecated. It is only four months ago that Mar |M was denouncod as an outlaw by Miramoo. He was thrown Into prison, where he was kept until a few ear* HO, when he was let out to take the second o?m Msd sf the clergy army, ? to said Senor Pacheco has opened a correspondence ?Ml Can. Ortega, proposing a mediation. It is Impanel Ma to say anything for certain in Mexico, but it appears yvsMy sura that Gen. Ortega will not listen to tbe rar tolgBo f this Fjnalsb diplomat. ?? last reliable adv ces we bare from Gen Ortega M from (Jneretaro. under date of tbe 30th ult. He bad tots* ordered all of bisforcvs (15, OM men) to march for MktS capital. They are reported to be already at Arroyo ?m, but I tb.nk It Impossible that tha whole train cau ton yat come up to that point. Dou&tk-as before the wash is out we shall have tbe two armies face to face, ?ai tt is difficult to uJLke a conjecture as to ths result. At clergy are rery desperately off for money again, ^hssburcb plats of this city has been coined and spent, ?w plate of tbls city fell rery much abort of producing ?he sum that waa expected. Yesterday the advance of toaMsa same in with the nhurob plate or Puebla, whieU is atts reported to be considerably leaa than the army a ad anssted. it seama* that In carr>ing out the late aswrs to deliver up the plate of th? church, many re to ?sad IndiTldoals did not declitM heiping taemselree |pM after the constitutional fauilon; aritb gold aud sil aar aalnte, and even with fragments of the holy virgins ere broken up for the comer's melting pot Xats >le weakness on the part or tbe b?i) lathers re i the grand r. suits of the late demolltim or aaluts, JB, candlesticks, croaaes and ban latere at least rev S?r cent. To make up for the deficits caused by pti ln oertaln quarters, tbe clergy authorities have no anotlier heavy contribution or lor cod loan. Tnia *aw impost is tngeatooa, and whilst it escapes bring whaatfted with any of its predeoeaaors, It exceeds thona t* ?avasity by more than double Stare have bean a number ot slciralahea lately be twee* 4ha atergy for< ?a and tba constitutional guerillas stroll 'tag about the valley. Tbe guerillas bare b.o >ue very laaptidcnt, even to attacking tbe regular Uu ? r>rcta or fMm clergy A good thing happened on tbe day of the %a*lab recognition Wbllat Pacheco was holding forth hi hia addreas to Miramoo, about tbe glorl >us dcflttoT af Maaien. the proweaa of Miramou, the oauao o( reiigiou, to%, a band of rogues sailing Uiwnnelvea oonju'tuuonal toto canie op to one of the gates of tbe eity and a ua ly Married oC thirty of the police, horaes, arras and all. to* constitutional guerillas have cut all th? principal reads leading out of Mexico. Tfc's appeari to b? a very aSupM ptaaeof mia. hief, without mw|.-?tiogkany but thoac wba are ao untortuaate aa to be furoed to travel In tbr ae Msasa. The Vera Crux liae is a w foeo- d U ,*?* by the ?haes de Apam, in ooasequenca of a uumlx-r or djep cats ha tag made In tba road by Rio Frio Mould tbe libsra'a lay siefe lo tbe slty and be aliln to ?atotata tbelr grouad, 2 shall go out to their camp until the struggle Is orer. and will endeavor to give >>>u a f ir fast idea ?f tbe struggle. Million, Sept 8. It*). | Aw ? AStfod Cmi?U i'i- Dthy? Mxvy CrtSnj in tXe Ckf\'4j?Hr -t Lo*n Darted by Mira mm O-r 'tpvnd'n-.i Bti c -?n Oi-Vya and :i? t'+n/n JHfl am1 ?? urth n <.*>Ur?Kr-x *4 ?xin| Canxt faTi Kmj>> ?vment?EMmak of dtrgg and Liberti Mrrcj, tf ' , itc. Vm raink li\re frttfuW aM movement* o( h*ary i rnpoo the btgh r<*da, ul thereby re?-*r.?<-4 tua ad 0t the Mbaral foraaa opoo thla cap.tal .-war*! laat date*. ? u *ttll ?< (|rwum, *Hb the i body of hit fore.-*, r. briaj dlfll-ult U More forward I bla ^K?f art' aery !n tha preaant Buddy hi 1 broken MMIKtoo of UK bifb road* Atma of Uia aJtaacea are at MMu, QBlr MTCB loa*?w dtataat, bat the aula obje* to mcupt 'of tfci# advanced poattlaB M tbn Um M to oat ?fa*f?f>lt4* o.?alBC Into thl* elty. The unaruldable delay to Um advance of C.a liberal foroaa ha? aoabiod the clergy M ? r nitrate bore bt ar T.OOO mi; Ml tt will bow be Wrlaabie tor the libera.'* to draw at laaat a portion of tb? ferw from here before ? car lout attack apoa Mexico oan M attempted with aecurtty , woleaa ? lar** lib? ai force mm M ?eot op from Vera Gnu to menace tma ;>?c? fraai tfca ?aat and BorUi Tbe deity of (iaa iirtajt U bow opecai of ?arlnualy ?gnf~Tl tb? Ihlereato of the clergy la UM feat p a*, Ito; fare op all their church Jewel* , aarrsd rank, baa akWwr candlaatlcM, ta The money n erJ from th*?? ?apptk* waa quickly aquaadarad, aad tbt army aa deaU Mt aa av?r Tba clergy maaaged to raiaa mac ready aa* Thta la bow being aptat, aad STcamon la at pra aaat anyacd la try lag ta raiaa a ioaa of Moo 004 fro* Aa eapltollata. Tba work fan bard, aid b? baa already radaoed hi* deaaaad to $900 .000, aad baa taaned b.a tarl kallna* to pay op to tba prlac.lpaJ moneyed tnea of tola ptaea. (In far, bat few hava reapoaJad to Ma eall, aad it ia baltorcd ba win (lad II neneaaary to raaort to force to (a* what they art pleaaad to torn a " roloatary aad apoutaneou* gif*," It ia pro paaed to pat a saw forced leaa oa all elaaaaa, aad alao that the clergy ahall rata* MOO 000 la aaab. Uai of all Iktaaa aacaaurea to raltara U>? paaary of tba 0*erfj '# m Utory cheat, I do not believe tbay a III fat orer half a akUlloa, If M aicah Sat If they abouid raiaa a alllloa ??aa, tbe fairlaia will eery anaa eat ap all aad ba aa MkMarooa aa erar. Tba laettoa of Orteca ia letar ai, if praparly peraiatod la, nuat la tba aad cripple aad da ?kawy the aray of the ciarfy, aod. I be! la re, from pre ?awt ? icae . 1 >rtefa will adhere to thla p<an ralb r laaa rtt aa actio* before tbe walla of Meiioo wi.r>r? a failara M tofce lb# city by aaaauK wnaM be utii? mm ibaa a The foreiffa repreeeotaliree bare a'l had a t.ap at ortofa foe hla rlrcuiar aaau/iof U>??a .ai <?ery reapact wwatd he paid to foretpnara aad their r efiny la Um ?rent of a iKf? of Mellon Paobeer Uaa part arlyd-e Mafaiahed hinaatf la Una oariwpoodawre. }{? cam< oat with a leof Ihy ar(<.matit to Ortofa, ad? aa < ">rt <ar peace, aod flrln*. at the >a*e tlaa. I'ia )>*>i <aaad ' r lewdly ad t lea To tola Orwva baa (irrai acaj v*. re?>iy. He draw* the atteotloa of the ambaaaad >-< to the h 4b aad erer h.mam conduct of the libera!* a Belt'nf al ?art) their prlaoaara take* .u batUe. whto Um e'orgy at *a vary iaae aoaaeat were Jinaff the pr^oM >f UiW aap-tai w tb iwiT. n?ire m* rely hananaa Utoaa par aa?a dar?d tn thick To tbia Tachaco baa jnat pa"> whod a re My, ?wn<led ia dee?(re rtrtefa by fiatl-ry aai ?e pe*?wra We bare aet jet bad time tn rere're Orl<'(i't ft Wf . Tkeeraapta aat Nyw,. e..f(, ? -r ? r- .1,, r( ^ br the "f% ^T^a^a^w^dy 'aiTvaUH hr'the "fane 1 Mary af the liberal parly e\ - ?. it the oouatry ia ereey direeakw tor oa .??* plat* N tbinf ?aw earftt>"a him H- 1* ?? ? r ? ? > ? ? rr h baa au'pped the chnrohee at.d teat off <b -i < tic ,n!r?e and fruu? be could eatrh Hie f ??n, r<i , , ? atty tn (1Ttr? up Vheir jewel* aM ptato to cnauaiio thla dkMMinrat c ? .1 war, win aaaaiMIr Dnat lu t .a eod Smr'r Tbey deaerra a *e??re and lanfat Aa 1 bare told yon already. the ftlerpr bare kM * -al v? ta c.r^n i.? alarm ta the net?uv.f a? t ia?f> a?atrtat UM rbe i?n iiil- ia, we bar* 'orty 10 arty Iteaaan 1 per?oaa mttr ia th ? city than tbe aalaral i?vn ?T. t Want ta alreaty begih-ti>? t.j ab- w tae f, aod tf a ^HMtoMMknoa ba eatabl.ahed the IB, aery b"e# HUH .?< r( alartn nf TTte h y ? ' ?'? t -t "f tbe atnptd pta^to who r?T* 0??kM Mr* ifcrwga IM tohUiiaM mm rnmm <"?*> w1" r>-^Mk to tbelr village* where, til UMvroaiof ??><??, UM> win he asooh mora happy and Trturt# are being, to raopSB the M?|? OOOMOUOOB w >U t'uebla ami tbe tui jrtor. For UMfMUn ta;i we b*Tfl l-ld l?o regular co-jM?ntoatloa with uj piao* out Btih' (If l#e*loo Tbe i?u<bi>iM? of Ik* (brow of lb* oontendtng partlea to at ?r?*>ui ?'*"<) *i m fortow? ? Oofcos, Marquee, Iflrs lu"" . Gutierrr? ini AiWn, with all their forces, 10 oocu pau >o of lb* cttf IM hoohivi. rueblu mwccuptsd ey oae OoIomI Fernandas. General '"neiiUo ta supposed to be aim In Guadalajara. aoaMe to *?ovw ft* wul of money, Mid a tea on account or the locreaaing liberal lb roe* Mu,? tic place. General Ortega. with ike bulk of his army (nay 8,000 men) te still at Qteretaro. Hie advance, under Pueblita oocuptol Cuatiuaa yeaterday. Hueria, Bemoiabel, Ar ramberri and a host of others are occupying the Tillage* m tbe B> jos, themstfvea in readiness to a;t upon tb? orders of Or toga Dego^ado a at Guanajuato, where the chiet headquar ters are now -established. Gen. Pens Is la poaaeaaloa or Tab no*. Ue? Moreno holda Tezyuca. Oarvaial la la fachura, AicreiiaBO.aaever, at 4au Augustin The bro ker* FandivnttioMt 'Stern avtoa for aooount of the liberal party , and ctoe east and north of this valley are under the direction of ueliar. Oen. 1* Mave was, at last dales, at Jalapa, forming plans to send a foroe In this directum. Be cau raise eonm five to s.i thousand men In thai reg-.on, and there Is atiil nothing to prevent an overwhelming force being tent upon th a i>laoe Vcu ?tll see by tbe above that the elegy only oocjpy three walled cities, whilst the liberals have all iheoountry. Tliere le some talk here of sending out M?rquez against < iiti'ga bM this of course Is for the present ouly a dev ice to raise money from tbe faithful to pay tbe (.-a-rison. Wo have just received the repirt that Pe?iuiera, with 1.M4 men from c*io?loa and donora, baa presented himself in front of Guadalajara. Msxioo, 3epl. 15, 1890. Ortega' I Flan qf Action? The Citiet which Remain to Jfinaawn ? Senor I'atKeco in a Huff? Out IHpiost allied by Ortega? Out of the Maria Conception, etc The only cities now remaining to the church faction are GuaJalijar?, Mexico and Puebla, and It la upon theae that mart necessarily fa. weight of continuing the oon test Already ruined by the various cruel and illegal ex actions levied, H la difficult to conoetve from whence any further resource can be obtained, so that If the liberal roreea can only manage to keep the Held, It would appear almost aa a matter of course that tbe present faction Boat fail or IU own weight. Guadalajara taken, Ortega will then b? able to direct the whole of his for jes against Mexico, when, it la to b# hoped, thta atrocious and ruinous contest will be brought to a close. The bsdueat of the roads will, In all probability, delay the ooncentra tlon of forces In ihe Valley of Mexico until the month Of November The entente cordial* hitherto existing between General Mtramoc and tbe Spanish Ambassador appears to have re ceives a shock. The 11th or this month, the anniversary ot some success obtained la bygone years by the Mexi cans over tbe Spaniards, wis noticed, contrary to usual custom, by the firing or cannon, hoisting or Sags, Ac. This noisy oelebratlon of an event relectlng to some ex tent upoii the valor of tbe Spanish arms appears to have been coasldf red by 9er?r Pacheco as rathor a scurvy re turn for bis acknowledgment of a faction at a moment when Ibetr cause seemed ail but desperate, anl when me rent at tb> mrpt diplomatique bad refused torecogulse tbe validity of General Miramon's election, by twenty throe creatures ot his own nomination, to the Presidential chair Spd tr Pacheco, In tbe correspondence which has paared between himself and General Ortega, has g >t much worse than a Rowland for his Oliver, and people begin to Ibtuk that the eminent diplomatist of byg me years tn'iU have subsides into a reepeclabic aged remi!e, or else bs never would have allowed the tables to be so completely turned upon him. The 8i<anu>?> sblpe which were to have insisted up in tbe snrreuder <>f tbe Rcbooner Concepci.-n, and upon tbe rati fication of the "Mon Almonte," treaty haTe suddeuly been recalled by l ho Qayitaln General of Cuba; at l*?iit, so it Is ailb mi'd. This has been a Severe blow to the church lac lion, wbo loudly expectel a powerful diversion at Vera Cn z In their favor. 1 understand people alVm that a wholesome dread nf the Onlted states, and an anxious J< sire to retain as long as possible their muob valued Island, have be. n the principal 11 not tbe sole reasons of this "clLtnmlng down." tlTT or Ubiico, Sept. % i, 1M0. JttsmtU at Mrdimtion?The Seuure of the On-J&ia ? Katt httim Ordered try the Jvurei Onxmrnenl?Wkal ike lnUrah U*vt to Fear Matt, <fc , rfc. Tbe lull which baa taken place in mil. (try operations appear* to btve afforded tbe diplomatic corps aa opportu nity of sgein trjtng th?lr handiwork, aud there is Utile donbt but that the Kngltab, Prussian end Spanish minis ten have one and all been engaged tu attempts to bring the conV-uliug partiti to an amicablc sitUemont. Tbe vast difference which hat always been auppoeed to exist bcta<ir. tbe views of these gentlemen woiid lead one to supp *e that ihire was as little cbaoco of an agNeamt betw<?n them as there la between tbe two parlies con ten ' ng r.-ept-elively for deapoliam and liberty ; yet, strange to aay, a rumor baa for tbo last two or three days per?e>led tbat a oolncileuce of opinion hat been arrived at. How and In what manner nobody knows, bat if re port la to be credited, one would Imagine that some of the musty pipers of Racta Anna hsd been raaaa^ke* tn ar rive at aeeheme which, wbilat nrcfeaalng to settle tbe country, would, aa tbe plana of that practised resolution ill ?nvarta !y did, have insured ua a repetition of tbe same TrlghUul d jo/.lers within Uie (pace of six months. That the chleb of tbe church factiaa wo ld glally avail Ifcasnsclvea of any pillow to break their fall is eae.iy to be Imagined; but tbat tbe Juarez govorniaeiti, in tbe .r b m of frieadatup, should iiaten to any terms abort cf the Sim establishment of thjae priaciplea for wbiob they bare for so long contended la not to be snp,vMC'l : and the last adviiea froa* Vera Cms clearly indicate tbat there la no intention on tbe part of the ("Mat'.tattonal auU orHtea to betray the aacred inter eats committed to tbeir rbarge. T).e aeiiure << the Guanajuato. Zacatecaa an 1 Sin l.uit coMbaeta, with 11 SU.OOO. waa plaone i and executed by Drtblfeto and r>e|ollado,wllh whoa tbe blame evnl-.tlvely rcaia. rheir'ncceasitlee may hare been great, tbo very suffers*' tbe coaatltationil rmse may bare depended upou this 4itpemte act; still, It la impossible to justify a proceeding which may involve la rala hundreda of luno cent persona, neutral by paaitlon. and In no way con netted with tbe civil strl fen of l ie country. t'nfor in nately lor ioreiguara, tbe dettnilloo between "msum" sTi'.t "tons ' haa never been pro;<?rly under*! >od by Mextrans; and tbe prcpoaitloa that "wbat la yocra in m'.ae at J what la kIm la m.aa own" ha a ret beta moat onoarietittmtaly acted spoo by tbe asi d.sant rbUIs. who, for the time be ng, hare #wsyeJ tha deati n<ea of IfcM wretobeti country. Pumsm a "one c?a paJ i'stc this IN ad* act, and It n Jw, ?uore tlian rrrr, b? bores toe gentleman of tbe lat?rl?r to ua* auc* v^.>rte aa wlU tpwi.Iy plaje iiem la a poaitiaB to refund the tumf tl?cy .are appropriate J No one will deny to Koblet aad Mufiuai tha proui pre eminence of having s< t tbis scandalous example. so l wbilat u Is to be regretted lb ,1 there tlmqld bare been r< und anwagil U>a liberal chiefb aay wUUui: to foliow in tbrtr *t?t?, it la re'reabing to know tbat tbe heals u Vara O u are g>iUUsaa of all partkc pntloa. and lb I Pre rtdewt J -aror waa no toober aware of tb* fact than be <e?i*trt ed an ort.-r for i-nmodlate reatit : Una. It .S more than dm.blfU whether lbs order will be obeyed, aad tbe last ace< unta tram tbe interior give ua to un ter stand i (tat upwards of >?? 000 bad already been appra priatrd. Tile ?< ?pe-*Wra nf pa) meata to tbe Kngl?en ooareotioa aad Ibraign b-^nUhotoets wsa a aserc act ?f eeif :>r<~*rva tioa, aad ? r.eder tbe cin nmat ?n?a e*e> sabw enoufn; it ? aa aa ap| ro?wtattoa tf fr.mta <-ntrust<?d to their ?? ire, but waa a mere pnetponement for a abort i-eriod of par inert* wbteb it waa not la their power t) mas* Sa far as tbe Kag.ish oanveatKin is < >n.<"ne<t tlie sjmpatu jts will be few Itidard. Tbe flmJ * eeaent.ali; *pam?h and Hex .ran. and la Itl pr eent shape waa never eat'tlwt to. and aegtt never to hire beaa admitteU under Br'tjib project ion. The rv'< arrival at Vera Ot a n: tbe laat oo'ui ;.:ta deepaleb' I by tbe M ram an . action *w oert* aly a trrai pMM ? gW I fortuae. ao I v* allribalal le diiedy to tbe fact that the remittance thereby made were prin clpaitr Spanish No sooner waa tbe aetanr? of tbo Hi* asiuato coBi'wta kn->wa than aa attempt waa mt to | obtain the authorisation ol her Majoety's Charge d'Afltirea | to tbe dejarltire of another oomlacto from Ui^ bat J after tbe exaia.-'e ae? bf Koblea and Msrquei, Mr Matb e- | very property .iec.laed to put tl>e honeety of I be pricat'y j fatiVw to m *' vere a !???? the mora aa at v?rr ngiy r?i mora tbe aafaty of a d m of *900, Out), be: >ogiag t? tbe bond ao'dera, bad tor ar?a t me prerf*?)y bene abat Ow tnt to a threatening saovemeat made aron Psebln, a h roe of two thouaaad.nten waa .It. patched, a few lays back. Ibr tbe rroteetv* of that oity It ts staiort impaaalb'e to aeotrtola w tb any degree of accuracy wbat la e*>',ng ta Ube inter, r. The ge%oral opinion appear* to be tbat Ortega hat deemtr>>el a non stderabte mrra to aid in Iba re Joe Woo of Uoalaia va, whiob strange to aay. atti: brfda out This a v ?n?lln?j nnd ibe roa-ia to a bettar state, It * aappaaad he w'ii r meeatrate bM Ibmea aad ma/< Ji upon Mexlex> The adWwad guar', of tbe ma.a body of llt<era'? Would apflmr ta be la Tepv- del nm, fr<s? whonoe to Haanalnato varMtia iletonbed part1** ant qiartered, ?immiWi !a tbf aggragato t? S.oxO An e>uano, with hbovii 1000 men, melntama bis pcwtMftn ?* Sin An . * sua, aVi'ii Are leagnaa ftom thia mty, and aii'ia-irb irnquewt a*4em( la have been made to <liet-?lge him they bare aii proved onaacMOafW It ia clear that wlta <odi riary energv nod VI vtty Ibe llbarai party nvatl , wiiliiu I a vary *?>ori i>ertod, onsrentrato * we W CM men mjnl ' tie city of >(.?*!??, whlrb, w tha garrtoott af tlgbt or ton tt outer J di'aflbri^J aad III paid trxp?, oao'd mi ? i.wg bold out. It u>, therefore, OMfldetUy I. Matf tbat we may ' shortly look ' rward to a JlfTmnl stale of tblar* the liberal parly, a* tba eleronth howr, bare aiweb more to f>ar from pre tended ft lewda and dip'" net!' nerl ' diing than from tha arms if tb'ir imiwetllL and It >t : agatnet the fklae advlaeof the one and Uietos. l'-v^snaro* of tbe atlM r ti at t jay ought to b? . aal. nai C>oeQ*)U?d , by compr^n- ta*t, Mfenitrel Iff Mw alrHi nf Ml aks 1 Kavefatiened "? revo .li' ne. ard Wb ?. fT ttK'r l^w^ sr. fieb ei->ta. have >v*r netraye.1 the b-^t IiiW ' ? j| of tbe * a^-Blry, el tio^n Hea..i'j y r . ? u.t 'falM .et even tea* of their way, iid Mextao ma? yM b? i frte ud country. Deviate bat ever to little to im right toft, and the mm mm wtatak for the to*.? tlf JMt have disgraced the hlilory of tbe country and ren dered, Mexico a byword amongst eat tons will continue to be eaaetod. A heavy reepoaatbtltty rsata upon those who bars undertaken the regeneration of UM country. May they prove equal to the task. Omr Oaaaajaato Carrwpeadace. UsaaaJCaTo, Sept. 20, 1M0. A Trip to Ou Liberal Cmmp from UU Capital? Bcrriotabal in Queretaro? Review qf hit Troop*- UUlity of a Sharp't Kifi*?Vi?U to Cttaya, *c?Ptrto of Vu Entd-An Etoort qf Briffand* Wrdekot Slate of the OmnOy?TU Sad SerultM of Civil War?DtQototdoarUUu Oonduata A Candid Admueum?Lut of Thou who flat* toftr*. and t he Amount*, 4c. , do. Tour correspondent left Mexloo oa the 11th lost, with a ?tow to visit the liberal foroee, then sappoaed in Mexloo to be at Queretaro. The polloe at the gate of the city told bold of me, and, after a delay of three hour*, permitted the diligence to proceed. At the termination of the first day '? Journey 1 learned that Gen. Ortega had left Querela ro to rail back upon Guadalajara. At the conclusion of the third day's travel we came op with the advances of the liberal! at Arroyozarco, some thirty Ore leagues from Mexico, the roads being *o bad It was Impossible to get ahead more rapidly. Your correspondent, being armed with rcoommendatlons from Vera Cruz, received every atten tion from the oommander at Arroyoiarco. The follow ing day ws got on to San Joan del Rio, and the next day to Queretaro from Arroyrzaroo, this way, the whole line Is dotted with small garrisons of liberal forces. Queretaro Is now held by Berrtozabal, who has a foroe of some 1 ,200 men In the place, and some 500 more under his orders In the vicinity. Being compelled to lay over one day in Queretaro, I visited an inspection of Berriozibal's forces, and wai pleased to see some TOO of them were well armed, clothed and disciplined. The rest were an undis ciplined set? mere guerillas. The country between Mexi co and Queretaro has received the attention of the planter, and (be harvests promise well. At Queretaro we learned tbat the road aheal of us was Infested with robbers, and 1 accordingly called on the military oommander, who promptly gave me orders to takeesoorts from the different small garrisons on the line of my travel to this place. However, finding two fellow travellers, who were coning witb me twelve leagues (to delays) disposed to carry arms, we procured arms and acted as our own escort to that place. Silting on the boa, with a Sharp's rifle in hsnd, 1 ha>l a fine view of the battle (toll of Kstancia de los Vscos ss the sun was rlslpg. At Celsya the military commander gave me a mounted escort, who accompanied us toSslamanoa, where we stopped for the night. The follow ng morning we came upon dangerous ground, and In conse>iuenoe the military commander of Halamanoa sent after me six as desperate looking fellows as 1 have ever seen in my life, mounted on spirited little nags, and armed with carbiue, sword, and Jong lances decorated with red and white streamers. As they cune dash ng after tbo diligence, witb their jingling spurs and rattling swords, 1 could not help laugh ing at the thought of the figure tbe correspondent of the Nsw Tore Hxhauj was cutting. This importance was made tbo more apparent as we arrl 7#d at a stopping place, and tbe escort saluted me as I gov oat of the dill fcooe. My Fellow travellers, amongst whom was a Mexi can li? ucial, looked u)>on me with tbo utmost curios. ty and awe, and doubtless set me down as some wonderful character. I, of oourse, did not help them to a sola tiou. My orders for escort being of the moot positivs character, I made a formal demand at Salamanca for a competent force. Tbe commander replied ? "Bavenof>ar I'll give you six as good brigands ss ever robbed a diligence," and these were my men. tfutllue It to sav, they brought ths dili gence tu safety. The country b?tw?en this aud Queretaro, ons of tbe most fertile spots of the republic, la oompietely neglected. Few Mill are planted, and those that are are ruined for want of attention. Tbe revolution lias carried off tbs la borers, and tbe robbers have s'.olen uearly ail the cattle, burets and mules. Atl kinds of grain aud hone feed are already truce and Seliiug for high prices, witb UJ pros pect of crops. This region is principally under the do mutton of toe church fanatics of Queretaro, wb) hire stimulate! and are now stimulating tbe population to tli j ccmmiaoioe of all Manner of outragei. Toe pspulalioo la so demoralised that oue cannot travel in auy mrwtton with safety. Kobberics an J assassinations are of daily, I may ea j hourly, occurrence. Nothing will puni'y this re?noa but tbe extermination of a large portion of ita io ttaOitanU. ir the civ 11 war goes on anjtfeer yea.-, thi? will be brought about by afamtuo. In Ibis place, which is esseM'ally a mining town, many of the liea . mt miring opcrat.oua have aire*<ly been suspended on ttoconal of tbe high prices of f. id lor miut and beast, and all wora will bj closed la six months Iron cow If peace Is not established. lieu. Drgcu.ado, seeing the lmj?en<litig storm, hx. salted upon a convoy of gl.3M.000 of money belonging to Ibe r .TimtKS, with tbe view of precipilatlo ( the movements oi tltc libeial Torres and occluding ILa civ I war. Tuis seisure b?* rawed s loud cry from Uis tamo di iU iy in ??nttsd, wbi, sce ng nothing but their t an inti rests, are hurling curses upon the b?ats o( tne chiefs of tbo liberal party. The seizure assurodly H id be 'uugod severely by moet people: but If will, tbi# money the war can be concluded, tbe cooler hoale of those who will <'xam.t<e the mailer herea;Vor must decide toal G?n llegoiiado has taken a wtoe step la n mutifert) te hstgivtn Ut the public co Ibis subject he qualities bis aot a* a robbery, but say* tbat if the money c an carry the liberal orces to triumph bo is willing to retire into ob scurity w ith all the odium that attaches to elaitUr s;t< The tyau:? b Ambassador has sent s demand loeton Ortc ga to have the Spanish funds returned. Tms de maud unit be la- ^lie-l at by (<?n. Ortegt, who knows s? all tbe world knows, that Pach.^i has suit tloa?d th s ola*s of spoliation by tiia rscngutt on of Mirs nu n's govtt amen t, which uas repeatedly doas tbe saao thing. Of the 11 I'M.CCO appropriated, >U0.S72 '<elong to Ka<1is1i houses of wb'.sh IM tollowlag boussa, m thia place and Mexico, cou.s in thus ? t W. Barr.m Ill 10* 0* >rgn?b M.nt Con (-?uy 21,111 7 1 lirahsnt, Geavrs \ Co 51 00 Birton A Co 11 43'! 00 Alex IjOW .*'.lo S.MH 00 Cbatka Whitehead 3 -14 60 Total $211 m 22 1 aglirh boi^es in nui I.1.IS. . 130 000 tM Total 1 10 >72 21 Beside* lb A, other sums were enWred for rns' sh l-outea 'ii Zaaatosas, Biasing a total of ?ug>uih fi nds seized upwards of half a million Ttisro was vtry little AIM: caa money entered. The endue la business, like evsrytfctogelM in Mex'.oa, depends rpon n " s ureas of the libera! f >raaa now be ore Uitadala ara. Tbsy should baro arrived there to day, and ws rtauld be advised of their soocdaa. (Jai iUo, who de feat the | iars, is report H to have 7,0t* mea. Against tb?s are oppraed more than double the n mber Althragh the ' oe is strongly fortified, there ap^rs to be ao lull of t a result of ths liege. StlU, In Msxioo everything la ubc urn. Y< r rorrrspondoai reasmea b s lournsy ti morrow, and < res to be ia the baart of the meat ta three lays, from wheaeo yo may sipaci authectlc reports Our \ era Cms (arr<ipondciic?. Vrt? Csrt, 9?p* l$,1940 Qrw Cry liUU T ? IXe I'nitm I S<aif* H>ma- rM4Mt Fjej>mi .?TVKtrt it Mr. McLam '?TV tfwmfcord.-ie*' Po*fme&? Uraltk ^ ftr* frm, 4c. aj tbera la a bu.] about itarla?, I trail nrwlf of the op|*vttnlty (* letting yon know wtat bta not b?6s Jom bara Wij?t an csckmcni ul coafaalon tharo moat bara bfrn borne wbaa Up aewa of tba caalaatplalad ?r*n)?b brtabardmeot re ??<-,!> e : jya. A* yet tterythlag rum't ta nana'? not a brick dlatnrbed, ml nobody hart. Tbe j^n'.-b lore* Ucrc now coosisU of two Tea* eta, to watch \Ucm wt b*re three large frifataF . two taallar rcaaela. and w?? Ira or ttx mora o? the way. What as '.irsfDio eipaato for nothing? for aoUilaf fM S?t?n lad. ?pa'n ma'> carry oa a war ?o far away fro a borne. All tbw Iraki an atraa|?, wham bare ooa taca ererylhlaf, and kaows that ttata great fleet and large wnpa|?r bsad liift, a dctpatoh boat to New Orlnaoa. aad the alarm ta U>? Cab art. were bruu?ht aoout by tbe orer ttaUna gf a Um?i> bt charge of tu legation Bo aow la frtgnt*oad at the r*r tta of bla Belt, an t ? would ark why tbe U?c Robert yd am ta cot ba?e to ntaad to hit own ba?i aeaa. .aawaii of leavta U in tbo baa l* of a young tod inr?-*ri"W*>l mag T U? btri. lUt>a Coocptwo, about wbtrh to much bar beat ?a;d, h* Ixwa dtamaatiod aad bt .W"i cloee uadar the Ctaatle, to await tba itaniatoa Of Uta a on \ n>lt ao doubt wrld bar* Vwa mi la b?firt a>w bad It not i>aeu for tba Uiraat of tba ^Malaria N >w tliera l? * me aeflleulty ta tbair camp, tlia Minister ntiti tng that Uw commodore wta too batty. Ha rata Indigotot aa l HarU oil f<w Hat-ana with tbr?? <4 bla Tba op a Ion here la Dial nothing will be doaa uat I torn* m ?? favmlile opportunity wiura for Bp tin to aotUa tba ai-ir. ! wban J oarer la la tba tareadant. T? a health of tba city ibt* axirm-w Uaabaan reanarnabiy ro?<i? a little tiokacaa aimtg th? tinpptn*, howrrar. \bo city it quita fall of offuom ,'rjm the i altad&itaa tb. a. rtiey ail ripaaiad "Ki.wa f .a," but will y> borne tfa r w .lb but util<> m that. Tua bark ftapid art trad trie OB lb'' 14tb So otbor Vwrtcaa raaael ta port. So elite, aawa. [ Vtrt Car*. Sapt. IT. 1M0 IV ^atervaa Sy^aJrrm at frra Cm:?X? K i tat'y for a U try- /'.ft*? nWnlwt 9f M*ri m >ft. Tba t aitad 9UUM Mraat frtg?c? f dai iabannt la bara, at I infer tixd you, and lha Powhatan arrlrad tbtl anm af Tba fwrm<rr carae here it alaran dayt from New York, aad > Ibe latter ttaa^tar " rtaaa acid a half dayt from Pblla delpt la I am aulte at a kaa to uadarttaad tl a caaaa of at tMBbliaR an larjre a natal f >roa at tbia pFaca, wbaa oaa rataal w- uld b< faHa nuf.tiarl to ff!ra tba aaoaaaary pro tf-tMia to Atta' leant >a rata ?f any d!>' c-ltr by e'th^r laad or tea, ta all tl> .1 o?ald b > lafaliy dnaa w.iurut aath.*ity from Cwgrrta aw id Sa W> r? ?- eaati Aai^rl'aa Cltlaaoa ra board, of <*a^m t do n t tl. nl. ti?-ra ara a dotvai in tba wbota ilty n* Vara <Y*t tod / am carta a that flea utu ttan t ?!< ?fa ww.. I ' tiai iter/ catt t worth a< !?" . ?? |t f rty t~ -f t ? r *>MI p' V* I patriate, bow? -e? tfitt tfa tit tat written fcjr Mr Bgy (who is to o barge of Um iMtiuu Legation ta the anseoce of Minister MoLauj) to tta* Bute Department it* U? uum at thia saddaa Md ND?MMif Increase to our nnl firoa to thla port, tor there certainly ?u Dover leaa Mod of a fifth wheel to a ooacb than there la of mora tnaa ooo Called Stales mu> of war here; yet 1 learn from the offloara of the PowhaVaa that our government are under the tmpreaslon that atlll more ships are needed and that more will be ordered to tbia place, but I hope ere this reachee yon that they will hare received a true at alma eat of the caae. There are itattona where theaa ahlpa are more needed than thla. Yesterday we oeiebrated the thirty dfth anniversary of their national Independence. It iraa a regular New York Kourib of July ; the U sited Stales ahlpa Sasquohanna and liavannab dressed ship and Bred a aaluie of tsanly-oae (una each, with the Mexican flag at the main. Vnu Cacs, Oct. 1, 1860. tlu Spanuk Qiittticm iU Conduct* Bctbmy Pr*c*imt? DtyoUado't Blunder*? Mir mmom't Nmt Plan to JUue Money? Th* Jfyluk D&.?Juartt't Oabind A Sorry Set, dc ,4c. I am aorry that I cannot g We yoc aay good newa, bat thla ateamer will leave without report lnj aay Improve meat. The Bpanlsh question laaald to be only postponed, aad after what ha* happened, rtaUy somebody must Interfere at last; aad It Is only to be regretted, to every respect, if this task should fall to the Spaniards, who will make everything worse, and after the massacre of Spanish real dents, which uadoubtedly will take place, every foreigner will be compelled to leave the country, loetng the fruits of bis labor of many years, because the trade of all the Interior being to the has da of the Spaniards, all out standings will be lost. However, this has been explained to satiety, and if other foreign nations will not act upon it, wo may have scenes like those of Syria here. At I have always bees a staunch defender of the libe ral government, it la a very disagreeable task for me to state that a oonducta, travelling from Guanajuato to Tam plco, aad collided to the escort of Degollado and Doblado, baa beea appropriated entirely by those chief*, for the purpose or flnlahtog the revolution with this rainey. The Bum amounts to >1,300,000, of whioh about $800,000 or 19(0 (00 belong to two rich houses, aad the balance la divided amongat merchante of different nations, of which Tery little belongs to Vera Crux. This is the heaviest blow Degollado could have Inflicted upon his government, which of oourss sent an order for Ita reatltution, which, however, Is waste paper. We are accustomed to see these scandalous robberies oo mm It ted of late? a ease which, before this revolution, had not hap pened in thirty years. You have the robbery of Baa I u is, 8340 000, aad of Ortega, at Guanajuato, $88,000, both paid by the Coetom Bouse of this port; of Marquex, of Guadalajara, $$00,000, partly returned; or Roblee, at Jalaps, last year, $25,000, paid to Mexico; of Roblee, at Jalapa, ibis year, $33,000, not paid; and now thla master stroke of Degollado's. Thla government is oertamly to blame To r not having punished at that time Ortega, bat more than an> body, the foreign ministers, who, on the robb'ry of Marqurz, put op with the insult of receiving payment to a prr mlse to effect such by duties of the Cos torn Bouses, of which none was, nor has beea siaoe, in the l?ea> salon of the Mlramon government. The word la. that Degollado, having 16,000 men, toat bla precious lime at Queretaro, Instead ?( falling upon Um capital, where tbey bad ni liber trooi* nor money Op the contrary, be committed the great blunder of retracing his steps in order to take Guadalajara, wbereas ho ought to have left that enterprise for later times. Be could certainly have taken Mexioo, and might then have bad the chance of restoring the atolen money. Even as it Is, the capital la far from being able to de fend Itself, although some money has been furnished by some bankers, making about 300 per cmt on It. No djubt ibey will claim this amount ?r the liberal govtrnment when in power, sod cortainly they may dad cumbers to back them, such rascality being just in the line of some or them. Thank Got), there Is no American amongst them that I know of, as tbey- have !iad no chance or being encouraged In such things. There Is one Mexican banker, though, calling b mso'r a citizen or the United States, who claim* f*r furniture broken by the m >b under San.* Ana government, being an obnoxious character; and a. tb time General Gadsden replied to his demands, thai a cahallero or the ord<r of C.uadalupe, he could i ? t well consider blm a countryman or his Now. uf course the money so obtilood Is a trlSe, and will only last a few days, though other uicana are resorted to For Instance, the other day Miramon invite 1 some rich merchants to his house, and there n a friendly way asked tbem for 810,000 sal $20,000 each. Those who refused to pay were put in jail and red on bread and water, not aKoa'.nc their families to seud them s morsel to eat. until tbey could stand such treatment no looser, and pain up. What baa teoome or tne money of tho Koglisb debt In Vrxloo Is not known; and England m.y learn, wbea too late, what It is to send unprincipled men, and trust to tbe.r statements As tie liberal government, being I'trd Crcssed, has made use of aom* part or tbe English debt err, 1 should not wonder tr a Heel was to oome out and take possession of this chance. Such a thing, however, I tuppcte, would not be aitcwed by tbe American govern mrnt, because If all the duties luve to be appro priated? wliish besides w >uld give the victor* to tbe oburrh party? -In roth a case ib? United Fla'es ahou'.l get a sbaie, as none of her claims are paid, whereas more than half of ail duties are collected by Kaglaad Tbe sourts bcre had pinok enough to condemn tbe Spanish prise, and they did so wbeu the Spanish Heel held out all its threats of bombarding, A.:. This is the only proof of energy of ilr. J wt and hlscabioet. II i* greatest fault Is-lils want of > nergy. Be has tbe m.afor. tunc to bare for member* the worst oollecttou that could be found. All of tliam lack ability, and *ome of tfetm bare oo mornl worth nor character. Tho Impunity with which crimt* arc committed engender* new one* to an enarmou* extent. Tbe same evn pervades the army, Degolta 'o and alt tti* other* continuing t? give unconditional iberty to all pri soner* even when taken under arm* for ti e second or third time This of sou rae, as It prolongs the strife, has conv'.aced almost everybody that those chief* do not wish to put an end to the revolution, which is confirmed onos aga'n by their march to Cuadala. ara. Now, onos doubting their good r?ith, sll prestige is pm?, and tbe recent robbery Is s flagrant proof of tli.-.r want of onrtiai >a hon esty. It la aald, lb" ugh, that they will par after teklag the last named city, and God graat that it mxy be so. Mr. Dunbar's paper* bsrs bees translated here, sad ml general approbation. It is to b* hoped that other papers will follow his example, ealigbtenlsg the Am-ri can people ss to tbe tree state of Mexican aflatrs, which 1* all Hal Is wanted, as then tl ? people will ast for them selves It Is, however, s great pity tbat such oreir renots as tbe con I acta br.s ansa make It so difficult to de feed this government, though It is Innocent of that cr.nv and wo:ld desire to redress It at once. The Ipulih View. M1K AMON'S ?T?r;OTH~THE L1UKAUI KfTRI ATI NO ? DcrRA r or nstiOLLAiw ir vidacuu ? ravMitx MMttnON, WC. Traea'a'ed from tbe O>rrwpor>1eoce of the Dt?rto de la lUliu, Oct. T, for the York Hsbau* | fVn or Mu m, ft<nl 2*, 1M0 la my pracdlag letter I !? formed jreu* tbat la oonee mw M tke ustortanaU all air ai ?1 an, tb? opposite bad aaaamblcd tbe bulk o< ibc r foroea At i,";eretaro, ? here they had estalirabed the'r beadqaartera, wl threatened If marcli Iron thence os tha apltal Tb? !*reatdeat, who. la tba critical c'rctmstaaoea ta which to wa? nKn&entarlly pla-ed. spared M efforts to repair tbat adverse affair, dlreated the armi t > b* c ocea (rated, and in a very abort time found himself with more than 13,000 men and all tb? material aecaaaary , not aaly to rttMt aay attack wbi?u ibe enemy m'*hl attempt ng tba city, but arse In march out aa<t meat U>e?n la caw tbey rhonld carry out thoaa intent <mt But be waited tor then in vain, tocauac they relraatad la numerous frag ?nu to the interior, where at Ibe at ma tine appeared bol?e of g reraninal f *oas. Cotaaef Caj?o, arooenrt others, baa occupied /.n-Maou with ? 0M men tie?. UBalllW* divtak*, w^lch cooiirtia of 1 000, la la Oaartal^jara, ready eiUsr to onaa the campaign by march lag ta pursuit. or to defend that place saocasafuilr ta caaa aa attack should to atfrtitptad. This capital beiBg free from dagger, the Preaident Ua? organises the amy of sperail aa (a two divistoaa of la fan try and oae of cavalry the Brat under tb< comotad Of Oen Hublea, Um aaoaait uador <,?a Mai\ue>, and tbe third nadir Gea. Mejta . the froa ideal taklag cieaiDaad ta chief Ho, then, the aaeiny will hare la pursuit of them this rorpa, which, by la combustion with the forcea ot Caatiilo aad tia}eB, will form aa effective Core* of n 0C0 wa, righty plecea of artlllary, wlthjut In-ilodlag Uioaa la carrlaoa at varloai pjtnta, wbica (well the Bum b?rs to m. 640 Irerytluac ladusaa the belief that tba rtacll will to aa favorable to tha roreramsat caaae aa It will to diamtroua t? thaae who for a ei sec led to complete their triumph by BiaretlBr o? th<s capital, ? hlch, aa I bar* laid stove. it ar.w safe from all danger 1 am watiM to giv? yc* another mportaat HW of news. Mr Wuter, tha Pe. lent rruss'aa Minister, baa *!ly r"'n* Ibe m~l .n .f h<? . wrxrfot d r operaticf fbr the n ?e*abl!<ht?rat of peane la the re public, ta U?e lewgr'ty of h*r territory and lodrpead?Me. aad In oeatrlbut B( to her prosperity, this apnataaeoua Mhr hsa be?a aeoapte-t by the sapreme K tmm?i. which, aitb.< urh coaatouia^ the raerales .f try with Marry and eotataaey, M diraai at rmit'.ieg no Bneaaa U ?* a rraenaaMi uader * tend log which may put aa ead to this loaf and di*aa Uoua war. M is knowa tore moat poalUf lr that la r^Meq ieara of ttodiacord which haa spr ing np amooi tto rwrola I unary chiefs their fbrrea had so enoouater at Lull hwi, which rraultad la the route of DqptHada by fS lai.rri who, aa you wall know, has alrtaJy rapu^tiatad the Juarea gorerameat A cor.moia of specie of m->ra thao a icillloe of dollars the derartare nC which from < uaaajnato aad Zacatooat waa officially a thor I r*d by Dagniia lo and- Ttohtado ha boea si laed by the srpreas "rtl-r of lb m chiefs at I ignaa ?ana, Is thr nei*btorbo?>d n# Mm I,ul? Potost. fhla s'l re fleets greatly to th<- <Jiacre.i t of Ita a thors aad tba oaima 'hry snstala, taaamucb aa It i? a? " .tragaoai atta* oa tba properly plaoed under Ita protection The latrst news received hers acaoonosa that tto fsde raliats Lars jone with tto greatw pari of their foroea w sttai-k Gaa4a ajara; hot r.ea Out.llo, who daftada II Jots Bot to care for thia imaetloa of tto rerolulWHiihta, rmca he fcaa i n, irefo*.* army, warlike aad tathotlast ie, and am- ided with every ssaetaa o f rs racres, eras to S'lMala a rn 'orged urge. It la mora thaa probable, towsrer, teal no ?i^e will to sauhllahed, *i?(* the above" menu >?<? l i canrej a .'-term laed to aallr i<rth aad ofier hla earmtea battla la tha upaa field. >..,btlesB within a few lay* tto rsa?.lt will to kaows Jr. the ni?ar',fre a strorg erpecl tleaary foroa la tolim [?rfpare^ ?blrh win .ear* tola aa vital ns<|e? tha oom mud"' 'ian *a^".,?i| will ope'ata II nlM Wit ' * ?h b art c B a laa i -a. NEWS FROM THE WEST COAST OF MEXICO. On UPM Cofmfiwwi La Paz, Lower Chllforniv Aug. M, IMS. Unpopularity tf Amador, tX- Liberal Goixr or tfenseguaM lrxxMa ? Aran* Mardui om La Pat?far^ m MmUmU in ? JhMter?TKe United State Seamuhip Opt me 9mt for? Bar On* La. nded-Iigkt bdweem the Arm <f Art no and Ago? Victory far Aram, who Ocoupie* At lb**? Jhge m cht Ofame The 0\ fans'! Qfe *n, ?fe. For several month* peat pslitloal troubles similar to those which have agitated th? other provlnoee of lUxMo, ban disturbed the tranquillity of this amity quiet Mo tion of the country. The origin of these trouble* appear* to be aa follows ?Some time alnoe Juarez appointed a governor over Lower California, the people of which, at that time, affected to ha of the liberal party, and to recog nise hla authority aa President or Mexloo. By soms meana Amador, the Oovarasr appointed by Juarez, became unpopular, and whUat on * Tiait to Maaat lan the people or La Paa, aided and abetted (ltiaaaid) by one Bojo, the person appointed by tmarior to act tor htm in hla abaence, found meaaa to rererae matter* entirely, and Amador waa notified that the people of La Paa bad declared agalnat hla, In Ihvor of Rqjo, and that exceed ingly unpleaaant oon sequence* might ensue, should ha be to raah u to return there. Amador Immediately took measures for enforcing hla authority la Lower Ckl If orn inland several hunlred stand of arma were Bent In a email veaael fr ?n Mazatlan to San Jote del Cabo? a port aeveral degreea south ward at La Paz. Joae Arano? a partlaan leader of aome little no toriety in that section of the country? waa selected aa the man to command the enterprise and recto re Amador to hla former authority. Accordingly, raising a force of about 260 men, and hastily equipping then), he marched on La Paz, taking the various towns en route, and pro claiming the legal governor. Ob the 16th Inst. Rojo, then governor of La Paz, re ceived Information that Arano waa in full march. A petition waa aent off by the American residents of La Pas to the commander of the United Statea ship Cy ane, at that time anchored off Pichilingue bay, request ing him to protect the property and interests of the for eign residents of the town, In caae of an aaaault by Arano, whom they represented to be nothing more than a bandit, whose object was money and plunder. On the lTth the Cyane moored off La Pas. On the 19th Information reached Rojo that Arano had taken San Antonio?* Tillage eighteen leaguea to the touth ward. Many fugitive* from the neighboring village* be gan to make their appearance in L? Paz, aad confirmed thii news. Accordingly R?jo began to think It high time to caat about him for means of defence; the military force of the town was mustered? It consisted of 110 soldiers, many volunteers, among the citizens of Rojo'a party, and one brass field piece, a l me rounder. On the afternoon of the 20th Inst., while the seamen and marines from the Cyane were on shore, drilling with a mall arms, new* came In that Arano was ap proacblng. Shortly afterward governor Rojo sent a mes sage to lieutenant Parker, the pf?r?r commanding the Cy ace's landing party, requesting him to remove his men from the ground, aa be intended to give battle to the outsider* who were then about half a mile from La Pax and coming In ra|i Illy. For precaution the muskets of the Cyane's men were immediately loaded with ball cartridge, a round of canister was put in the howitzer, and they commenced marching off the plateau which over looks 1st Paz, and upon which Rojo's forces were draws up awaiting Arano'* approach. Be for a the Cyme's men had advanced twenty yaids toward the town the tight commenced, and a per'ftct shower of bulleia whlssed above aid asoun J the beads of the Americans, who, being placed In the dlaarreeable position of neutrals, oould assist neither party, though njs it were In the line of Are of both. It Is wonderful that none of the ofli aers and men were injured by this Ore, which, although certainly o>t Intended for them, almost amounted to the same thing. The bouaea in the vicinity were literally riddled with the bullets of the combatants. The American* behaved with Gcat coolness, and marched of! the ground with drums ?ting snd colors i.ying, as if nothing unusual waa going on around them, though * 1th the natural feeling of the Anglo Saxon :o have a light with somebody as long as a flxht was going on, many expressed a wish that the onra mandlng officer of the party would giv* an order to pitch into the "greasers" for having the audacity to fight m their presence. Tto fight, however, did not la*t long. Arano soon pos stated himself of tho bill on which the Oaartsl stands, with a Iocs of five k.lled, Including hi* third officer, and three severely wounilod. On the side of Royo It has be a impossible to ascertain the toe*, though It oould not have amounted to muoh, as forty five of hi* man broke and Bed at the first charge of the cm my, their worthy Gover nor netting them U" . example. Although tb'e affair was a smart skirmish, creditable to Arano, whoee mea were worn out by the fatigue* of a tons march, and anything but creditable to the other s'.le, who, bad tbey poesesajrt any courage at ail moat have repulsed the enemy, as tbey bad greatly the advantage of position, to say nothing of their field piece. The marinee of the Cyane and the bowltser'* crew re ma.ucc' ,n the town to ,wv< ,i AMSrlSSa property, s- 1! the remainder of the party returned on board My this time the ship was crowded with wumen aad children, the families of the foreign rcaidei.U, together with se vital refugees, including Royo, who, it la stated, was the flrrt man to learn the cambat It had been supposed by many that Arano would follow up hia victory by sa ving the town; bnt, contrary to al< expectation, he remained al! tight on tb? hill, overlook ing tbe place, aad did not march In until tho next morn- I tng. It Is now known that Arano and bis eitloer* wlibeJ to take immediate pcesrmlon, but that their men refused j tobiidge, giving as a rewoo that the North Amerljaut were there. The next day Arano took formal poowsaien 1 of the Government House, and issued bis pnmmciamiptto, , in which be asserted that be oam* in the name of Ant I dor, the legally appointed Governor. Hading that R<yo aud five of his aider* and abettor* were jo board of the i Cyane, be demanded Uie.r person*, ?> ,ch demand the rommander of tbe Cyane .nformed him would not be eu | ter talced lor a moment. At present affairs are qtrie*. Arano ha* foU *wl*g, an I about three hundred aoluu r?, with new levte* every lay. , In an interview between ban and the commander of 1 a* Cyane, be atated that he shoe id preeerv j law and order ? he same ae if nothing had taken place, and tha. the ; right* ot the foreign clttrecs would be moot fully re | sitetcd. The sail* to motrow for Aoapmao via Marat lan. At the latter place she will land Ho; o and j hla follen colleagues. Su traauil The following 1* a li-t of the Cyaue's oOlaars -~Jom man (for, Lockwood; IJeufnacts, Parker, Horns, gtiilwet! an I Meade: Sailing Master. I*w Jurgene , William* A* i Blatant 3nrg?*>o, Lining Purser, Murray -v-omd Ijc i ten - ant Marines, Uaxer: Boatswain, Briaco, Uunner. W.llet, Sail Maker, Bnutwell; Carptnter, Knight; Ctplaln's ( !erx, Porter; P-r*er'? Clerk, L?e Behreos, Master's Mate, Creea Held. I (??r Accptlro r?rrM|>Md?aM. | irirtun, Hepi- it, 1810. Arrinar / tU te Stilt Oot&nmr Awuvi | ly Or Govern n if Si^al't?Tronft Sent dftmti lM Pf,4t The I'slted f'.ii" ak'p Ojaoe at rived bar* u> day (root Ia r?i, Tower ( al.fornls, having touched St Masatlaa and San Dim on tb< pajeaff town At Manilas ?be landed ei Govenwr Rcjo and tb? refu gee* from La Pas. Voga, ih# ?o*ernor of Pinal'*, being or their i*rty , tu atx at 10 seise (ihea la Ma?*t lac) and, II .t "ml !, (u tboot bin, wlies ha rscaped and leak refuge on board <4 II, ? Cjane, whoae ooramand J afforded htm a puufc to this port, from whence he will probably proe-ed serosa the e jcatry and aee President Juarez touching tbe late rerotatloa In I-ower Ch.llora a. Uencral Vefa ? mottvta for bta c mm towards An. . ior are not known (he protease* to bo a liberal), but It to thought that he ;t<*ir.i to tosu' on - of fit* fri<* )? a > 6-> vernor of Lower Cai ?brnla, and hsr'tig the power, !ek>o ?a to tr* and exerOM It Independently of U>e Joarei gi.crn- . ?eat. At tbe lait ?-ooont? Couoel Araeu .Amaiorl deputy) waa d mil poaxwa oB o! La Pa \ an I prepsring biinm'f to hold II. He V* oooaMered to be a deltrtn n?i man, an J It j to be aaen whether the tr<*pa *ent there (r.nn Mizatlaa by Vega can w'lip bin o>rt Her Br twaV Ma -ety's ehlp r?;?d<*, of twenty guns, ra ?l Ma, tiiui on the J? lb to Mil next da; for La P*ju AH well oa board of tbe Oj-aee \EWS raot 10llTWFtt\ HCMfft. U?f Natamerai l'nmt|ieMeBr?. M atamoka*. Sept. 26, 1*00. (' O' ? Ji fht j JfbfwMCMwii | Ftnthj ll-i aucfl .1 .Ye"* 6Vwm?J it CbntNMMdl i </ UmtoL Fofvft Piftpytmnti <f i\? 0|. j finf Oiwf^yw tw. i\t,;-,yal V 'Or/K ntJmi. I Itittptrfitl ????( Dirt#' ./,?( Mail, ?* (f,4 1?4+ ! CM- I vMiHiri Otttl ' f Fv<*if n Mtf* I i hant* .V' 'I'ihxki* l ).,n > f Int i'ii at v ?. ?.f j Rtpori omi Fiwi't ,u, dro., Ar. ticn. Csrvsj.1! has just rrtnrncJ from the iate rior, and reports the condition of the two oo&und- ! Ing parties to >?? ai follow*:- - Got). Ortega, with J from ten to twelve thousand liberals, la eocaaap d near Guadalajara, whila Hlramon, with alx or seven thousand reactionsrlee, h sfsta ia the dt/ oJ Mexico, and Gen. Woll, with tbreo thousand trac tlonaries, la cloaelj boaleged by ?)rtcgn In the c "jr of Guadalajara. As you hara probably n!r.',?dj , heard, Gen. Coboa haa been driven from Oajsra, witli a losa ol si! bl* fotra sad artillery. It a?. j ported here that he had three thousand men and twenty-two pieces of ordnsn?e. Oil I at Oartsjal think* that Ortega will not msl ' sny advance movement upon th>v city of Mexico nntll he has isken l*na<l.>!itjara for lie diet not consider It at all proper to l?avc a stronf posJ. tioa garrisoned by hia en?mie* in the raar. And an Qenerai Woll has only t Lr#?? thoossnd m? r, , and Is Nfroaa-ied bf hn-ire U?g*ee4, Ae pr^'jstiiitics ?re that he will have to surrender ia the long rm, fo r Ortega does sot intend to huuA an MMMltj but prefers to win the place by flam<?f, General Ortega, who in a commander at tbtf liberal., M?m. t6 be a different man frem any officer whom Jnares kaa hitherto placed IB oO? mend of hla force?. Ortega ia altogether superior to DegoHado, and owes his command to the roicfl of the army and to the demand of the wealthy and powerful Bute of Zacatecaa, of which BUM Ortega ia Governor. It will be here remembered that the State of Zacatecaa haa ftirnlahed the greater portion of the aplendid armament which ii now commanded by Ortega, ror by loana and ad vances she has purchased a large train of artil lery and an extensive arsenal of Ore arms, suoh m llinie muskets and Colt'a revolvers. These eat' lays and the strength of her contingent in the field, gave her the right to assume the lead ia th< new campaign. Moreover, Gen. Ortega is entitled to the oom? mand from the prestige which attaches to hia name for having won the battle of Siloa, over Kiramon, on the 11th of August. That was the first fight it which Miramon had ever been overcome; and ii that instance Ortega outgeneraled him, and the? gave him a good thrashihg. It is well to recollect however, that Miramon'a forcea were much inferioi o those of Ortega; but he had the advantage 01 position, and stood solely on the defensive. Such i prestige aa this gave Ortega at once made hia the favorite of the army, and the result was that h< superseded Degollado, who was then en route tc assume the superior command. The force concentrated under General Ortega at present numbers between twelve and fourteen thousand men, with eighty pieces of artillery, and a sufficient train of munitions and proviaiona. It it intended to await In the camp near and about Guadalajara, first, the full surrender of General Woll, which is confidently looked for in a verj short time; and secondly, the enlistment of all th< contingents to be sent by the other States. Thes< reinforcements, which have been promised, wil swell the liberal force to the aggregate of eighteet thousand men and one hundred pieces of artillery In the month of November, therefore, about th< time of Abe Lincoln's defeat, hia prototype, tk< religious and fanatical leader of Mexico, will b< tottering to his fall, if the present aspect holds out At least so say the liberals in this city As for my own belief, I have too often ex pressed my respect for the ability an< capacity of Miramon to allow myset just now to eml>rse the sangain anticipation of the friends of Juarez, for there Is s< me* innate weakness about the liberals that thei best plans are liable to failure from want of cohel rence in the execution. 1 Gen. Caravajal went ont from this place aboq four months ago in charge of the eontingent ] men furnished by the htate of Tamaulipaa, anl gost-ip nays that ne entertained strong hopes <1 that time of being chosen as commander-in-chiJ of the liberalists, and of which portion he hope] to make himself I?resident. And it is said that diJ appointed ambition drove him back, for waen hi arrived in front of the national army, and fonnl himself only of third or fourth rate Importance, h resigned in disgust, making as his excuse there fJ that his private interest* were suffering material! from his continued absence. The novel feature I the transaction is that he brought back the detacM ment sent from this Htate, and thus left Tamanlipl without a repri mentation in the liberal camp. Tbea was no use in this, for it is not to be presuma that all the Tamauiipaa soldiers had important pfl vate interests that were suffering by their absent"! Gen. Caravajal has retired to his farm, near tlfl town of Victoria, and bas given out that he has pJ manently retired to private life. Some say thl that is ail gammon, and that Caravajal ia a huifl bug. But I dislike cotemporaneous judgment*, ail therefore suspend my opinion on the subjeot, will the General, like Mr. Bell, turns the public over "B his record'' an the best evidence of his sincerity al patriotism. \\ hat troublesome things to the pu'>l these "records" are, and how many meu aro thcl who caw do a.- Bell Lava dot', : I It is reported from the city of Mexico that M rl has det< mined to rais? the wina by d'*ba?i| the currency iu die following fashion:? He propo-B to is-sue two millions of dollars worth of coiiil money, iu three Instalment*, and in order la <n, I the copper hold out, he proposes to auuit'/.ue t| caliper with zinc. ? The Mote <>i Nueva l*on appear* to b<? enloyil a season of rest since Hie death of Ceneral Zua/iB tor Vidaurn is quietly renting in her capital a| I- M fugitive in the Htate of Taint I lipas. (Jeneral Vidaurri. whatever may be I aga.nst him. manage state in cM tinaucial cardition. The foreign merchants w| refused K> pay the last loan which he levied I Um in and who were then upon compelled to leal Monterey have compounded their differences | paying halt, and are nowagainin full blast, mak | money hand over lis*. This is literally true, fort/1 , toreign houses here that n reconducted with afar evil ?' 'CSS ar? ntna^-ii.g 'urKf> fortunes, first by bv'| mate ti.< l ?n i ? . e. jndly, by illegitimate trai: | tiocs and eti'tom house --up. And, let me h I I that much of the uitlerencts sbon* which they c<M plain, n ud with h , \ threaten to bring I upon Mexico, fcruw out of theao uncommer - 1 trawnrtiou*. ? IliC l.egi-latnre of the State of lamnuiipas ? I ordcii d to cufltene oa the lotli, bat owing to I it. ] il.le condition of the roads the day of | s? u bliug was prorogued uutil the 16th. We ht I had i.o news as yet whether the meeting has b- I perfected, but are looking very anxiously for I t?dint."? and for the proceedings. It is appreKem I U ? wperUnt complication will grow ou* of | action of the ensuing Uaislature, for It ia ?| known that the deputies from several of the < | tricta are much annoyed at the course of the J I rez govrrnimnt, and talk has been heard tha I strong memorial was to be sent to Vera Cr I The relation* of this Htate. too, with that of N'u I 1-eon. is not of the most friendly character, i ? Wcops will I# called into the field here at lea#* I protect the Htate Irom the invasions of tiover I VManrn, whose art- even now en ami I within our : mits. ? 'own of Coenllie is represented to hsve I fcred mc^t disastrously fcoru the evicting * ? At.out m\ month- ago,u Mm. Generals Vicario ? Gutierrez, of the fOaflL iarv force, atta< B and captured the town, since wnlch time 1.&Q0 H ??a hat * died froot variant causes ouperindn I by tM barbariHee o< the captors. Men, wor ? and i hildi n, old nnd young, have been a*?aesi ed and mhiecte.l to military execution for H complying with the ord<r? upon them for mone- H > bandit < ijen, who was a second Corti' ? nnd * ? ravaged the KuteofChil ? " .? " ^ rather on l.ii'l tflk- .iuA, witli 1 follower ? now making his way uero<w tha ( ouutry in the H rection of San Uls<. We sliall probably heai H him in the netghUoriiood of Woll, ifGuadala H does not < spiiuhrte be lore he > au roach that ? H bity. ? I'upor^ I'OiP San I.uis Pot<i*l represent that rlortion I r <!? putiea to 'he Lcpi-iatnre and Governor was ? ouducUU ia "uch a tumult f??hion that the remit ???'? denied by b'>th par timated that an aj.;> to arma will ua\ decide the dispute. The ( 'naioui Huu-e in Mnumoru seems to b a had way, having a Ml hanging o*er ?800,000 or more, tiio eri<lcnees of which now for fifty per rent discount. The ret?rns front port !? tlie i< !?? ? ? ?' ? 'w "Kf(? ? ?.?'? t&29,ft;2 from [moorland export duties, of w , I22J0S gee< to ti c city, aa hating o l n tfl fi ' > CTi . rfh . Ur ' .1 ' ?? 'tr < ten per cent of the *ntire aamnnt goe* t< s State. Tor the p?rn??e of proTiOin* for ito ?ik Tlii* Stat# i? p? tliariy fas ored by Uie nation, ? the toot that hta on tue frontier, and w thcr railed nnon to undergo extraordinary expei In thi? n?p t mipli' ii ' " 1 .t t.-.eriean goverr learn ?<*iiethinir to guide her in ecwduct tow inch states a* Oregon. California, Texas, Kh> Arkansas ai.d Uk . ! ' n r SUtea, whi;h lu pri'tcct th"tn?cl\e* on a nuddea against savag* other foe* ? Una matter of complaint in Matamoras ?he Pittnriae ( >n?rt of tin- Mate of Tttraaulipa* n 't held a term of tlic com t ?inc? January, 111 while thtre aro Mil important cane* to bod ed on tipiieaJ from the Court of First In?tan Fl JS afk4nm fV Amitat Frontrrat ia the i ' of a new paper iu-t < i -'i'n<,n':M ia tlila city n the nu-Picee of Mr. C. Caunotl. It hi to be i ?d in ftpani h n?d Kuglhh. and ttie de?fgn n.ake it the paper In Mexico. It is a* I aa the Baltimore '-hu. and contains a great an of original natter. 8en?r Pen*, formerly ?j of_/.V Jacri"r, ia the editor. /V .Arr.^v wa?V| t>ri?eed, and !?* editor impti?onad for nine m<|S t.y the snthorltif*. for a too free criticism upolN government nt?d eonie of th< Independence day was celebrated here <a , 16th, in the ni"-?t enthm?iv?ti ? manner. M xkKir llarirr ? <?;. | .ii. ,eaned), >4 aft/ per lb.; hMea. #.') a ? ?*; ' ?ep-ktna, I*'<\ p?f deer?kin*. 2"?c. per 1),.; kixi<i of Stf (ckanei), 17 a 2*c p. i Ie?.j, per Hoaata *KpCarrtF. fir ulniirea, fi' h# f?0a? 9: hor-eo (nntamed), ?'.0; per ' t-OO1 w ? y.-*n old, $2Q g

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